Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patches

Wearing the Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patches ($50) from G.M. Collin won't turn you into a pirate, but if you'd like, you can smooth them on and walk around talking like a pirate for the twenty minutes it takes for them to work their anti-aging... [More]

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Ultimate Aqua Blanc Tonic

Racinne's Ultimate Aqua Blanc Tonic ($30) takes a minimalist approach to skin health - even the packaging is devoid of bells and whistles. The toner itself uses natural ingredients, like snow lotus callus and aloe vera extract, to reinvigorate dull skin. But there's nothing understated... [More]

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Whoopie Cream

Be warned: desserts are coming. However determined you think you are, the ready availability of all those sweets is sure to end in more than a few caloric indulgences. Will wearing this treat-scented Whoopie hand cream ($14) help you resist the temptation? Probably not, but... [More]

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FEZ Body Serum

Wishing you were anywhere other than your apartment with its leaky faucet and busted heat vents? We can't put you on a plane to paradise, but we can point you in the direction of the moisture-rich FEZ Body Serum ($98) from Kahina Giving Beauty. Named... [More]

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Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip Cream

Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip Cream ($49) helps reduce the lines around your eyes and your lips, softening the skin and keeping it hydrated and looking youthful.... [More]

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Models Own Moisturising Lip Balm

Models Own Moisturising Lip Balms ($7 each) boast fruity flavors (watermelon, coconut, and peach), moisturize while adding a little shine, and come stored in a compact with a mirror...what more could you possibly want in a balm?... [More]

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Coconut Citrus Body Scrub

Indie Lee keeps urging us to not sneak a taste of their Coconut Citrus Body Scrub ($38), but it's so hard to comply! The scrub smells like dessert, and we just can't get enough of its scent. As a sugar-based scrub, it performs its duties... [More]

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Miracle Peel Cloth

Skip the chemical warfare against your skin and get cozy with a Miracle Peel Cloth ($17) from Sheer Miracle. This spiffy cloth is made from waffled and woven microfiber, so it'll gently exfoliate your face as you wash with it, sucking up all the extra... [More]

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Girl's Night In Kit

At first, the Girl's Night In Kit ($109) from Sunnie Brook sounds a bit costly. But when you consider the amount of cash you'd have to fork over for an on-the-town outfit, a couple of overpriced, watered-down drinks, and cab fare, staying in with a... [More]

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Honestly Margo Lip Balm Trio

When we were in middle school, we were busy collecting Lisa Frank stickers, but talented twelve year-old Margo of Honestly Margo is way ahead of the curve! She's released a line of scrumptious lip balms. What's more, they're made from all-natural ingredients and smell so... [More]

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Frankincense Intense

Frankincense: not just beneficial for babes wrapped in swaddling clothes! One application of Frankincense Intense ($90) from Neal's Yard Remedies will have you singing its praises. The hydrating cream contains a good amount of frankincense oil - along with organic baobab, myrrh, and gardenia -... [More]

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Snowberry Everyday Broad Spectrum Medium Sun Protection

Even with shorter days and fewer rays, the sun can still getcha. Avoid the risk of skin damage by always wearing sun protection. Snowberry's Everyday sunscreen ($36) is a natural product with a gentle formula. You can wear it on your face under your makeup... [More]

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AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

We love good deals, and we love 'em even more when they help us support our favorite causes. Through the month of October, AHAVA is offering a limited edition 5.1-ounce tube of their Mineral Hand Cream ($21). You get twice as much for half the... [More]

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Sandalwood Amber Hand Cream

The Sandalwood Amber Hand Cream ($15) from Olivina has a rich and spicy aroma, intermingled with a fresh pine scent. It's not particularly feminine or masculine, which makes it a pretty ideal hand cream to share. (Although we predict that it'll end up on your... [More]

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Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Wow. The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($52-150) from Jurlique isn't pulling any punches. The serum, infused with a plethora of skin-friendly botanical extracts and complex vitamins, is silky-smooth and glides easily onto your clean face. There's no greasy film or thick layer left behind, just... [More]

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Eminence Sun Defense Minerals

So you're lucky enough to live in a part of the country where you still have to worry about sun exposure without having to contemplate oil bills and remote car starters at the same time. We're envious. But check out Eminence Sun Defense Minerals ($58).... [More]

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Force De Vie Lotion

Give your skin a refreshing break from dyes, preservatives, parabens, and sulfates by moisturizing it with Force De Vie Lotion ($80) from Luzern Laboratories. Your face won't just look moisturized - it'll look luminous and healthy.... [More]

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Burt's Bees Carrot Nutritive Night Creme

You knew chomping on carrots was good for your eyesight, but did you know that applying carrot seed oil to your skin is supposed to help diminish wrinkles? That's not necessarily a scientific fact, but if you're willing to test out the theory, apply a... [More]

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Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

It's not just a handy platform for Buddha to sit on: the lotus is also, as it turns out, a powerhouse source of antioxidants. Fresh's Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream ($42) harnesses that potential along with other potent ingredients to create a light daily moisturizer... [More]

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Alpha Beta Glow Pad

Keep your summer glow going strong through the fall by using a few Alpha Beta Glow Pads ($32 for twenty). The odorless wipes (yes, really!) are marketed to add color to your face and neck, but they do work all over if you need it.... [More]

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