Skin Balancing Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense

When your skin tends to gravitate toward the oily side of the spectrum, the last thing you wanna do is add another layer of pore-clogging cream to your face. On the flip side, sunscreen is super important and should be a part of your daily... [More]

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Philosophy 100x100.jpg

Philosophy Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Shower Gel

Okay, so philosophy is known for its delectable skincare and beauty products, but this one takes the cake - er, cookie. If you're already missing the sweet smell of Christmas cookies, you're in luck, because you can now enjoy it all year long. Spiced Gingerbread... [More]

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Healthy Feet Anti-Callus Salve

We're not going to tiptoe around it. Our dry, blistered, and callused feet need a date with the Healthy Feet Anti-Callus Salve ($25) from Kneipp. The rosemary oil and calendula extract soften skin so we're not giving everyone a glimpse of gross-looking tootsies every time... [More]

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Savannah Bee Beeswax Heel Balm

Hey, we don't mean to bug you, but it looks like you have some cracked, dry skin. While it's a normal occurrence for certain areas like your heels, elbows, and knees, that doesn't mean you have to put up with it. Savannah Bee Beeswax Heel... [More]

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Hutt's Heels Cracked Heel Repair

Our feet are in a state of disrepair; the San Andreas Fault has nothing on our heels. But we also don't have time to put on several steps of softening and loosening and smoothing foot repair creams. Luckily, Hutt's Heels Cracked Heel Repair ($20) is... [More]

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Nourishing Facial Cleanser

We are getting over the gnarliest of colds. And when we're feeling sick, our skincare regimen takes a hit. All that warm water and pressure on our already irritated sinuses? No thanks. But it just so happened that we tried Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care... [More]

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TOKYO FACTORY Natural Charcoal Mint Lip Butter

You read that right - charcoal! Don't worry about your lips smelling like a backyard BBQ, though, the charcoal referred to is bamboo charcoal powder, known for its beneficial detoxifying properties (it's used in Brita filters!). Here it's mixed with organic cocoa butter and peppermint... [More]

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All Heal Salve

This "in-between seasons" time is almost as bad on your skin as the middle of a frigid winter. Some days it's super chilly and dry out while you hustle from car to office and others, it warms up and you spend your extra time basking... [More]

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Thayer's Witch Hazel

A lot of facial toners and cleansers use witch hazel as an ingredient, so why not just use the original, concentrated version? Original Thayer's Witch Hazel ($13), also available in cucumber and rose petal "flavors", is great for your skin as the plant is a... [More]

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Sexy Stems Firming Self Tanner

After one too many self-tanning mishaps, we've come to just deal with being pale - and we know better than to hit the tanning beds. But we were sent Sexy Stems Firming Self Tanner ($30) to try and we have to say, rubbing ourselves in... [More]

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French Girl Organics Under Eye Elixir

We know how it goes: you get to bed two hours later than you planned to after scarfing down takeout leftovers and stressing over a Monday morning work meeting. By the time you rise out of restless sleep, you look like you haven't gotten shut-eye... [More]

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Red Wine Exfoliating Mask

Pür Minerals's new Red Wine Exfoliating Mask ($39) proves that a little bit of wine is good for more than just gettin' tipsy. The grape seeds and wine extract, which hail from the Château des Tourtes vineyards, should help remove debris, smooth out your pores,... [More]

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Purifying White Waterful Toner

be the skin's Purifying White Waterful Toner ($29) uses witch hazel and green tea to help you remove those last lingering traces of makeup and give you a fresh face before bed. It's gentle, but not so gentle or inefficient that you wake with raccoon... [More]

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Lily Farm Fresh Skincare Kissable Lips

That groundhog wasn't kidding when he said winter wasn't over. No doubt your skin - and in particular your lips - are taking a beating. If you're tired of slathering your mouth with sweet glosses and minty chapstick, go natural! Lily Farm Fresh Skincare Kissable... [More]

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Neuth Rendezvous: Organic Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum

Thinkin' you'll spend that tax refund on a spa day? Why not stretch your dollar and invest in something to treat your skin on a more regular basis? The Neuth Rendezvous ($99) is a two-step process that has been keeping our skin good and hydrated... [More]

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eraclea Ever-moist Lip Balm

Whether it's dry, frigid winter air or all that smooching with your V-day hookup, winter takes a serious toll on your lips. Add to that a beautiful albeit drying radiant orchid lip color that you've been wearing nonstop and your pout is in need of... [More]

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Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Patch

Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Patch

Say buh-bye to those dark circles and puffy morning eyes with a little miracle worker known as the Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Patch ($123). Use it just once and you'll wake up looking refreshed.... [More]

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Blend #55: Calm

Is it one of those days that seems determined to unravel your usually cool and collected attitude? Before you give in and fly off the handle at the lack of clean forks in the breakroom (seriously, it takes thirty seconds to wash them, people!), try... [More]

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Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream

We took a gamble by purchasing the Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream ($27). A few of the first ingredients listed were Persian rose and argan extract, so we figured the stuff could help alleviate our perpetually dry hands. Not only does the cream rub in... [More]

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TONYMOLY Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel

Can oil (and egg white extract) really remove our blackheads? It sounds counterintuitive, but how many times have you tried and failed to get gum out of your kid's hair with soap, only to find it wipes away like a dream with a little peanut... [More]

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