Pamper Your Feet With The On The Hoof Pedicure Kit

The start of boot season may have moved pedicures to the back of your mind, but we think you still need to pamper your toes when people won't see them peeking out of sandals and open-toed wedges. Even if you decide to strip them of... [More]

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Versatile, Restorative, and Moisturizing -- The 'Everything Balm' is Truly, Well, Everything!

We know there's a part of you that wishes you could walk into Sephora once a week and buy all the things. Unfortunately, the more rational (and way less fun) part of you prevails and prevents you from blowing your entire paycheck on beauty products.Fill... [More]

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YSL Pop Water Nail Lacquer

With nail art becoming more and more popular, you need lots of options to choose from, and Yves Saint Laurent's new Pop Water Nail Lacquer will have you hooked. We were shocked at how much we loved it; it's not a long-lasting formula per se,... [More]

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Bridal Fashion for 2016: Be Beautifully Yourself

By Kirsten ClodfelterBridal trends for 2016 from top designers include sensual styles like plunging necklines and thigh-high slits, 3D floral embellishments and layered fabrics to create dresses with dimension, and delicate touches, such as feathers, that add fluidity to gorgeous gowns. But the best trend... [More]

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Rahua Finishing Treatment

Sure, nothing beats a salon blowout, but if you've been working on your mastery of the technique at home, then we salute you. It's cheaper, less time consuming, and you look amazing; we're jealous! Keep those silky, sleek locks looking healthy and full by rounding... [More]

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Urban Roots Pack

It's easy to get excited about the urban food revolution movement; fresh, local fruits and veggies taste so darn good. Show your support of wholesome, home-grown foods by slicking on a few tats from the Tater Tats Urban Roots Tattoo Pack. You can proudly wear... [More]

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Lip Insurance Lip Primer

When our always impeccable-looking friend mentioned that she primes her lips before smoothing on color, we simultaneously cheered and groaned. On one hand, it means that an all-day perfect pucker is obtainable, but on the other hand, it means adding one more step to our... [More]

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Which Beauty Box Subscription Is Right For You?

By Chantel DelulioThe beauty box is perhaps the perfect little indulgence. Once a month you come home to find a surprise on your doorstep chock full of fun new pretties. Beauty subscriptions are a great way to get products you might have bought anyway at... [More]


Drugstore Makeup Products: Can They Be Better Than Their High-End Counterparts?

By Angela GermanoAs an avid makeup wearer, I completely understand the appeal of expensive, high-end makeup. But just because I can understand them, doesn't mean that I can afford them, or, to a degree, understand actually using them, instead of sitting on top of them... [More]


Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

We know you claim to like autumn for its pumpkin-flavored beverages and sleek leather boots, but we've got your number. Cooler weather means a decrease in vigilant body odor maintenance. Don't get us wrong, bathing is essential no matter what season, but that sticky, pungent... [More]

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Forget The Smokey Eye: Turn Your Eyeshadow Into A Work of Art

By Kirsten ClodfelterThe number of tutorials on YouTube dedicated to applying eye makeup is seemingly limitless: Smokey eyes. Two-toned eyes. Ombre eyes. Champagne shimmer neutral daytime eyes. Edgy cat/wingtip eyes. Last year, even curiously adorable puppy eyes. And if you want to really get tricky, you can start combining them for the... [More]

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cho brow-s.jpg

Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker

My minimum makeup routine used to be just mascara and lip color, but a few years ago I started filling in my light brows and was amazed at how much more finished my face looked. I've experimented with pencils, gels, creams and and any other... [More]

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Paul & Joe Limited Edition Café Macchiato Eye Color

Coming in a beautiful, ornate container, this eye color is a creamy mixture of browns and golds that melt softly into your eyelids like creamer swirling into a cup of coffee. Paul & Joe's Café Macchiato Eye Color comes with an enclosed applicator chip that'll... [More]

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R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse

Ugh, these dog days of summer sure have us panting. They also have us -- and our coifs -- looking a little wilted. If flat hair is adding to your misery in the August swelter, too, you'll want to perk it up with a palmful... [More]

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Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm

Want a lip balm that won't make your lips look like a lacquered gym floor? Revlon's Colorburst Matte Lip Balm looks like a million bucks, comes in 10 beautiful colors, and keeps your lips from getting dry and cracked. It's infused with a Triple Butter... [More]

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If you're tired of shaving cream that leaves you feeling like raw sandpaper, give Lush's D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap a go. This sweet, fluffy shaving soap will leave you feeling smooth and delicious. It works equally well for both legs...

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

If you're tired of shaving cream that leaves you feeling like raw sandpaper, give Lush's D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap a go. This sweet, fluffy shaving soap will leave you feeling smooth and delicious. It works equally well for both legs and faces, and contains fresh... [More]

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Creator Crushes: Miss Pop Nails

By Rachael Levitt Who: Simcha Whitehill, NYC nail artist, whose childhood love of nail art (discouraged by the dress code during her school days) was rekindled by watching the makeover scene from Earth Girls Are Easy more than a decade later. She's created eye-popping nail... [More]

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Urban Decay Brow Tamer

If you think that your unruly brows make you look like an angry, woolly octogenarian, you need Urban Decay's Brow Tamer. I know what you're thinking: "I don't want to look like an otherworldly mannequin with plastic eyebrows," and I sympathize. But the Brow Tamer... [More]

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Hard Candy Anniversary Collection Nail Polish

You have probably overdosed on 90s nostalgia by now, but whatever. We're majorly stoked that 90s-tacular makeup brand Hard Candy has brought back some of its iconic colors for their 20th anniversary available exclusively at Walmart stores. Yes, it's true - 1995 was 20 years... [More]

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gLove Treat for Hands

From French manicures to gluing rhinestones and other accoutrements to your nails, you've almost taken the whole salon experience home. One thing we haven't ventured into ourselves though? Parrafin treatments. But gLove Treat for Hands ($40) is a one-month supply of DIY parrafin treatments that... [More]

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