Dolce & Gabbana The Foundation

It's pretty gutsy of Dolce & Gabbana to label their luminous liquid foundation as The Foundation ($59). It's almost like they're claiming to be the best. Of course, they're not getting any arguments from us. The silky, lightweight formula blends in flawlessly and gives us... [More]

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Sick of seeing smudged liner staring back at you from the bathroom mirror by midday? Invest in some MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liners ($23). They'll cost ya a decent amount, but the stellar quality more than makes up for the price. This stuff stays... [More]

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Herbalosophy Nourish Masque

Limp locks and dry 'do? Or are you rocking a stand-on-end static-filled style? We've dealt with all three, and that's just this week. But we're telling ya, the Herbalosophy Nourish Masque ($29) is helping us make a full recovery. After we shampoo, we smooth in... [More]

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De-Stress Muscle Gel

Grueling workout? We applaud you! Now give your sore muscles a bit of relief by spreading on some De-Stress Muscle Gel ($37) from Aromatherapy Associates. Unlike its synthetic competitors, the gel is made with natural extracts from black pepper, rosemary, lavender, and ginger. It smells... [More]

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Indie Lee Hydrating Body Balm

You can trust us when we say that we've tried just about every moisturizer and balm on the market in our quest to ward off itchy, scaly, winter skin. And while there are plenty of products we like, we keep reaching for our tub of... [More]

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Lemon Rosemary Salt Scrub

We've cleaned out our stash of sugar scrubs and think it's time to move on up to the next level in exfoliation: salt. It may be a bit more abrasive than sugar (scrub gently!), but this Lemon Rosemary Salt Scrub ($7) from Purple Mache also... [More]

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Osmia Organics Night Body Oil

There's no better feeling than slipping into clean sheets before bed, unless you're slipping into clean sheets after showering and slathering on some Night Body Oil ($20 for two ounces) by Osmia Organics. The oil combines lavender, chamomile, and cedar to create a super treat... [More]

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Cacao Antioxidant Mask

Want a natural way to brighten up your skin? Try chocolate! Okay, so the Cacao Antioxidant Mask ($60) from Josh Rosebrook isn't exactly chocolate as we know (and devour) it. Instead, it's a highly-effective hardening cream that contains cocoa powder, along with other skin-friendly ingredients,... [More]

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ncla Heart Attack Polish

We're pretty sure everything looks better with a sprinkling of hearts and ncla's Heart Attack Polish ($16) proves us right. The top coat is thick with pink and red heart-shaped glitter and it elevates our manicures to something special. (Plus, it helps hide the chip... [More]

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High & Dry Matte Volume & Finish Spray

It took a few applications to figure out how to best use AG Hair Cosmetics's new High & Dry Matte Volume & Finish Spray ($24), but we got it. It's not supposed to be sprayed over your whole head, nor is it supposed to provide... [More]

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Love Thighself Thigh Toning Cellulite Cream

We know. Cellulite creams aren't a cure-all for dimpled skin. But you know what? While we're working hard at the gym and in the kitchen to take care of ourselves, the Love Thighself Thigh Toning Cellulite Cream ($42) from Booty Parlor is working hard on... [More]

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LUSH Stepping Stone

If our feet could speak they would rat us out in a second. Sure, we do the odd loofah-ing, but the majority of the time we basically border between yeti and hobbit in terms of foot condition. The LUSH Stepping Stone ($5) is a great... [More]

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Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette

It's unsurprising that Kat Von D knows a thing or two about bold makeup - we hardly know what she looks like underneath all of it. So we really like her new Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette ($36). We're looking forward to wearing the shimmery Dog Roses... [More]

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Sun Bum Cool Down After Sun Lotion

Sun Bum Cool Down Lotion

Say buh-bye to sunburned skin with Sun Bum Cool Down ($12). And remember to always be careful when one (and we mean no one) wants to look like Magda or Tan Mom.... [More]

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Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face

We've rubbed oatmeal on our faces. We've also rubbed cranberry seeds, papaya enzymes, brown sugar, and coffee grounds on our faces in hopes of effectively removing dead skin cells to make way for beautiful complexions. Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face ($42) has its own... [More]

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Kjaer Weis Foundation

A compact of Kjaer Weis Foundation ($68) may not come cheap, but that's because it doesn't skimp on the quality. Made with natural and organic ingredients like almond seed and coconut oils, you can rest easy knowing you're dabbing the good stuff onto your skin.... [More]

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24-Karat Gold Dust

Middle school years long gone? It's probably no longer appropriate to spray yourself liberally with a body glitter, so swap it out for jane iredale's versatile 24-Karat Gold Dust ($14). It comes in five different shimmery colors and each one adds a subtle shine to... [More]

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Printed Heart Brigitte Cosmetic Case

Isn't this Printed Heart Brigitte Cosmetic Case ($95) from Tory Burch super cute? Yeah, we think so, too! You know what else we think? It's gonna go fast, and not to toot our own horns (too much!), but we've got pretty good intuition when it... [More]

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Hops Mint Lip Balm

They're what sets that craft-brewed IPA apart from a bottle of Olde English 800. A strong, citrusy blend of those aromatic buds is also what lends this Hops Mint Lip Balm ($7) its distinct aroma and texture. It will make other lip balms look like... [More]

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Bliss FatGirlSixPack

Bliss FatGirlSixPack

Rock a bikini this summer and show off your newly toned six pack! Yes of course exercise and diet are the main ingredients to achieving this, but Bliss FatGirlSixPack ($38) definitely helps. This unique gel will tone your tummy with six active key ingredients and... [More]

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