POW! Comic Book Soap

You'll try anything to shake off the sleep on those weekday mornings when the alarm goes off (seemingly) waaay too early. Washing up with a bar of POW! Comic Book Soap ($6) from GEEKSOAP can't hurt the cause. It packs a powerful punch of cedarwood... [More]

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e.l.f. Essential Brights Nail Cube

Enough nail colors to wear a different shade every day for two weeks, all for the cost of lunch at the fancy bistro with the overpriced chicken salad sandwich? You know which one we're picking. And if for some reason you don't know, just look... [More]

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Smoky Extravagant Mascara

Forget "extreme" or "voluminous": "extravagant" sounds like the adjective we'd like associated with our lashes. This Smoky Extravagant Mascara ($24) makes good on its promises with a luxuriously over-the-top impact on your lash length, color, thickness and curl. Throwing on a coat is the cosmetic... [More]

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15 Shades Of Sephora

Gloss lovers, rejoice! And then go purchase the 15 Shades Of Sephora ($48), a collection of lip shades from BITE Beauty. The gorgeously pigmented glosses, representing the most iconic lip color trends of the last fifteen years, are recreated with natural, fruit-based ingredients. Once your... [More]

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Davines OI / OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion

Frizzled hair have you at loose ends? Bring that mane back in line with Davines OI / OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion ($41). With a formula based on antioxidant rich roucou oil, it'll tame that frizz while making a longer-term impact on your hair's strength and... [More]

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Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

You've been there before: you manage to whip your hair into a Pinterest-worthy 'do, only to have an array of frizzy ends slip themselves loose of your braids and pins. It's those broken-off strands that are the culprits. Keep them intact longer with Redken Extreme... [More]

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Anna Sui Lipgloss R

We admit it, we're total suckers for cute packaging, which is why we bought Anna Sui Lipgloss R ($22, shown in #450, Anna Red). The formula, however, won us over; and it earned the move from the "pretty products" display on our dresser to the... [More]

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lay-n-go cosmo small outblush.jpg

Lay-n-Go COSMO

The Lay-n-Go COSMO isn't what it sounds like. Nope. We're not talking about new cocktails, ways to stay single, or anyone's last late-night mistake. The Lay-n-Go COSMO is a makeup bag that unfolds into a flat surface, letting you see everything you've got. Pull the... [More]

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What is it about mascara that makes cosmetic companies feel they have to use such crazy names? they're Real!, lashGASM, What's Your Type, Lash Domination...we could go on. And now, Too Faced Cosmetics is at it again with Better Than Sex Mascara ($23). But does... [More]

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Mermaid Perfume

We expected Mermaid Perfume ($50) would smell a bit like a blend of seaweed and walrus. Imagine our delight when we discovered this luscious orange blossom fragrance instead. Is it realistic? Do oranges grow under water? Probably not, but who cares about realism when we're... [More]

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Disney Collection Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette

Your life changed when Disney's The Little Mermaid hit movie theaters - more specifically, the second you saw the gorgeous, hair-flipping, shell-bikini-wearing Ariel. You spent the next several years swimming with your legs together to mimic her tail, trying to recreate that perfect swoopy bang... [More]

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GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

Go ahead, go check out the images of real people wearing GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment ($69). It's like witnessing a public breakup, or looking at those awful zit picking videos on YouTube. You just. Can't. Look. Away. As the dark gray mud mask dries, it... [More]

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Mercola Facial Kit for Sensitive Skin

Is your skin more touchy than a menopausal badger in a heat wave? Give this Mercola Facial Kit for Sensitive Skin ($90) a try. These products are all USDA-certified organic, and the toner, cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment are specially formulated to soothe and cleanse... [More]

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Cath Kidston Guards Pocket Mirror

Keep close watch over your appearance with this Cath Kidston Guards Pocket Mirror ($5). A must-have for your purse, its row of adorable cartoon soldiers reminds you to stay vigilant against smeared eyeliner or bad lipstick application.... [More]

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Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover

Even if you haven't converted to the nontoxic joys of water-based nail polish, you'll still dig this Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover ($12). The soy-based formula takes off even solvent-based polishes without that sinus-clearing burst of acetone we've come to tolerate. It's also better for... [More]

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Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss

Looking to sport a a full, glossed lip without absorbing a myriad of chemicals and silicone particles? Who isn't? Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss ($22) from Vapour Organic Beauty gets the job done in sixteen different shades. Order Honor (a golden pink) to send one hundred... [More]

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Taylor Eau de Parfum

We don't typically go for celebrity fragrances, but this was one of those cases where a saleslady thrust a white paper tester under our noses without telling us what it was and we went, "OOOH! Me likey! Me buy now!" Yes, we purchased Taylor by... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer Spray

Tip of the day: keep Burt's Bees Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer Spray ($5) in your purse. Not only will it clean your hands naturally while you're out and about, it'll also act as quick itch relief when you spritz it onto mosquito bites... [More]

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Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint

Forget brown, black, or why-bother blonde: what your lashes need is a nice burst of fuchsia. Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint ($22) gives your look the sort of wild color we haven't seen since George Michael was jamming with Wham! We love the idea of... [More]

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Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream

Stop fighting that summer frizz with sad attempts to keep your locks sleek and straight in the ninety-percent humidity. Instead, embrace those natural waves with Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream ($6). This silky formula gives your locks a bit of much-needed... [More]

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