4 Easy Yoga Poses To Master For Glowing Skin

By Meagan MorrisPeople who regularly practice yoga have a self-assured glow about them that's contagious. There's a reason for that: Keeping up any regular exercise routine will help pump mood-boosting endorphins throughout your body.But that's not the only benefit of yoga. The poses actually promote... [More]

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Boo Berry Lip Balm

We're a long way away from Halloween - it'll be many moons until they once again make your favorite weird monster-themed breakfast cereal commercially available. This Boo Berry Lip Balm tastes like the best of all the monster-pun Halloween cereals (although if you're into one... [More]

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Is Body Wash Actually The Devil

By Ryan Boyd It's 2016, and it feels almost anachronistic to still be using bar soap and a washcloth, like one assumes our ancestors used while using those soap-making things you'd see as a kid on field trips to old-timey pioneer reconstructions. I've used the... [More]


Bumble & Bumble Bb. Curl (Care) Custom Conditioner

There are two things I absolutely refuse to be a cheapskate about: breakfast cereal and conditioner. If either one of those are cut-rate and unsatisfying, you feel like your whole life's falling apart. Bb Curl (Care) Custom Conditioner from Bumble & Bumble will keep your... [More]

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9 Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

By Samantha ArroyoYou've been doing your own makeup for as long as you can remember--so why pay to outsource the task just because it's your wedding? But before you take on the job of doing your own bridal makeup make sure you've taken a few... [More]

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Get Adventurous with The Experimenter from Lush

Grab The Experimenter, a technicolor bath bomb from Lush that will turn your bath into a mosaic of colors and delicious fragrances. It uses fair trade vanilla absolute, vetivert oil, and tonka absolute to wrap you in a cartoonish blanket that you'll have a hard... [More]

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The Nail Art From Nailed It Really -- Well -- You Know

By Chantel DelulioWhoOn the about section of Nailed It self taught nail-technician Katy Parsons notes that she owns over 800 bottles of nail polish. And, given the plethora of whimsical, delicately detailed, and beautiful nail art on her blog, she's clearly put all 800 bottles to good... [More]

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This $16 Tool Will Help You Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner Every Time

By Meagan Morris BeautyBlender, the brains behind some of the most useful makeup blending sponges out there, is branching out to your eyes with the Liner Designer, a tiny tool that'll help you achieve the perfect eyeliner.Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look seems so easy,... [More]

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Why Ignoring The Labels On Your Beauty Products Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

By Meagan MorrisRaise your hand if you've ever bought a beauty product and used it without reading the label? We all have--after all, companies wouldn't be able to sell products with possible side effects, right?The answer, unfortunately, is no.... [More]

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Strike It Rich With Topshop's Smoke Stick In Fools Gold

A sucker for inexpensive beauty items, I've tried my fair share of cheap duds--you know, chalky powders, waxy lipsticks, and low-pigmented shadows that wear off in about 20 minutes. But there's always a diamond in the rough and I feel duty bound to find it.Contrary... [More]

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Twist Me Pretty's Creative Hair Tutorials Are Exactly The Thing To Shake Up Your Hairstyle Routine

By Chantel DelulioWhoHave you fallen into a hairstyle rut--stuck cycling between the same lackluster 'dos? Twist Me Pretty has just what you need to give your tresses and inspired (and surprisingly easy!) makeover.What... [More]

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Be a Man - Wear Some Makeup

By Ryan Boyd Put down your Axe Shower Tool and Powerful Yogurt and listen to me, bud -- it's time for you to buy some makeup. There's room in your medicine cabinet next to the dozens of tiny, half-full Listerine bottles and clumps of hair... [More]


Smith & Cult's Filth Noir Nail Lacquer is Ten Pounds of Trouble in a Five-Pound Sack

If you can look at a product line called Filth Noir and not immediately want to buy it, you have more willpower (and probably stronger moral fortitude) than I do. This Opaque Dark Burgundy Plum nail lacquer is ideal for ruining a private detective's life... [More]

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Lighten Up With Lush Love And Light Hand Cream

This winter has been so hostile and brutal, I'm tempted to think that it's all been a promotional tactic from the makers of Star Wars to boost ticket sales, and we're all living on ice planet Hoth. When the weather turns mean, this frequently translates... [More]

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Close The Blinds, Drink Some Water And Help Your Skin Bounce Back With The X-Treme Hangover Mask

You pride yourself on your good decisions after a night of drinking; you used Uber to get home, preemptively placed a big glass of water by your bedside, and managed to avoid drunk texting an ex before bed. Keep the responsible streak going and rehydrate... [More]

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Can Supplements Really Give Your Beauty a Boost?

By Meagan MorrisGlance down the vitamin aisle of any supplement store and you'll likely find rows and rows of products promising to do everything from grow your nails to eliminate cellulite. Can these products really do what they claim?Yes and no.... [More]

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Treat Your Skin To The Hydrating Hibiscus Face Mask

We all know that one of the best things we can do for our skin is drink our 8 glasses of water a day. That's a cinch in theory, but not always in execution, especially on busy days when you can barely stop moving long... [More]

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5 Indie Cosmetic Brands Worth Trying Out

By Meagan MorrisQuick: Name some of your favorite makeup brands. Chances are pretty good you'll say something like MAC, Benefit, Too Faced, Urban Decay and NARS, among countless others. We obsess over these products--and for good reason, 'cause they're amazing--but for every successful brand is... [More]

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How Face Mapping Can Help You Figure Out Your Skin Problems

By Meagan MorrisI'm one of those lucky people that don't experience a whole lot of breakouts until it's about that time of the month. I don't even have to count the days of my cycle, because I know I'll be starting my period a few... [More]

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How To Rock Wearing Colored Mascara

By Meagan Morris Black and brown mascaras can give you killer lashes, but after awhile it feels kind of, well, boring--especially if you're used to wearing bold color on your eyelids, lips, cheeks and nails. Try some colored mascara! The colored versions of your favorite... [More]

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