CosmoCube Luxury Bling Edition

We thought we knew the meaning of lust (we're looking at you, Jon Hamm), but then we saw this acrylic makeup organizer ($305). To say we're in love is an understatement. It's big enough to hold 24 lipsticks, along with all of our brushes, palettes,... [More]

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Freckle Pencil in Forever Young

As a kid you hated your smattering of freckles, but now you get to have the last laugh - women are so enamored of the little sun kisses that they're actually buying freckle pencils ($7) to fake them. Who knew that years of enduring jokes... [More]

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Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream in Vanilla Apricot

Josie Maran's Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream in Vanilla Apricot ($22) sounds good enough to eat. In addition to making us crave fruit pie topped with fresh whipped cream, this stuff makes our hands feel soft and lovely, especially after doing the dishes or... [More]

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Bliss Semester Stock Up Bundle

Your daughter just started college, and by now she's probably come to the sad realization that her new life involves grody dorm showers and no money. Take pity on her and include the Bliss Semester Stock Up Bundle ($246, on sale) in her next care... [More]

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Anna Sui Lipstick V

Is this lipstick in the shape of a star ($30) the most practical beauty product in our makeup bag? Well, no, and we're reminded of it every time we have to go back and touch up our our Cupid's Bow. Luckily, the pretty colors and... [More]

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Marcelle Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat

We don't always need our mascara to be waterproof, and we hate having to buy a whole tube of the stuff every time we plan to attend a wedding or watch Steel Magnolias. This Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat ($17) is a must-buy for ladies who rarely... [More]

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Julep Nail Mask 5 Pack

The idea of applying tiny little masks to each of our nails kind of cracked us up at first, but we're not ones to shy away from new beauty trends. After trying them, we decided that they're actually pretty cool - our cuticles have never... [More]

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The Brushegg ($8) is much more appealing than other egg-shaped beauty products we've seen at the drugstore (we're looking at you, PedEgg). These cute little pastel-colored contraptions were created to help clean your makeup brushes - the little knobs up top get the soap nice... [More]

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Lab Series Active Body Wash

This Active Body Wash ($28) may be made for men (which is why it doesn't come in a pretty bottle or smell like fresh-picked flowers), but boy does it leave our skin feeling fresh and clean, especially after a sweaty workout. It uses electrolytes to... [More]

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Hemergency Kit

Thanks to your trusty Shemergency Kit, you never look anything less than impeccable when you're out in public. Your boyfriend, on the other hand? He rarely makes it home from date night without some sort of sauce stain on his shirt. (And let's not even... [More]

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Kelly & Jones Set of Wine Country Rollettes

Did you get a lot of dirty looks on your last jaunt to Napa? It was probably that Chanel N°5. Wearing perfume in the tasting room is apparently a faux pas on par with sporting a VPL at the Oscars, unless you're doused with one... [More]

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Shaving Pedestal

Summer's almost over, and you know what that means... pants season! That time of the year when regular shaving schedule delightfully decreases to a less regular leg shaving schedule. On the rare occasion when you will cut down the stubble on your gams, make the... [More]

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Aerin Weekday Palette

We know you're probably busy charging up your credit cards with boots and sweaters in anticipation of fall, but save some room in your budget for Aerin's new Weekday Palette ($70). You'll need to make sure your makeup game is as sophisticated as your new... [More]

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Tory Burch Bath Soaps

That $800 Tory Burch satchel you've been stalking online is way out of your price range, but if you're just dying to add a little designer luxury to your life, these bath soaps ($48) are a more budget-friendly way to do so. They smell great,... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Hair Energizer with Carrot Oil

Contrary to what the beauty industry insists, sometimes you don't need to spend a bajillion dollars to look good. This cheap-o tub of Hair Energizer with Carrot Oil ($5) by Murray's Pomade has a drugstore price tag and gives you high end salon results. Rub... [More]

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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaning System

Ever since reading this article about the havoc dirty makeup brushes can wreak on your face, we've become pretty obsessive about keeping them clean. (Let's just say herpes is on the list of possible ramifications of dirty tools. HERPES.) Parian Spirit's Brush Cleaning System ($23)... [More]

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Living Proof Prime Style Extender Spray

It seems like every awesome hair day we have is followed at least three crappy ones. What's the deal with that? The only thing that might be able to make our perfect waves, incredible volume, and dazzling shine last longer (other than taking a picture)... [More]

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The Container Store StickOnPods

Between your jumbo hairspray bottles, argan oil collection, and decorative hand soaps, you're running out of bathroom counter space. No worries - start storing things on the walls with these StickOnPods ($10). They're the perfect size for lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, and blush sticks. (If... [More]

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Triple Lighting Foundation with Compact

There's no self-esteem crusher quite like seeing a photo of yourself taken under fluorescent lighting. If you can't get your boss to switch to a softer lighting system, try changing your makeup routine. This Triple Lighting Foundation ($78) is miraculously able to flatter your skin... [More]

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Black Charcoal Blotting Linens

Shine is a great thing when it comes to hair and jewelry, but your face? Not so much. Keep things dry and flawless by using these blotting linens ($10) that harness the power of black bamboo charcoal to absorb oil, sweat, and other pore-clogging impurities.... [More]

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