Come Clean Yummy Nom Nom Cheeseburger Soap

Forgive us for sounding like a Carl's Jr. commercial, but if your face and hands aren't covered in bacon grease and special sauce when you're done with a cheeseburger, you're doing it wrong. And if you clean up afterward with a bar of soap that... [More]

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Pumpkin Renew Cream

We generally prefer our pumpkin to be sandwiched between a buttery crust and gobs of whipped cream, but we have to say we're pretty excited about this pumpkin face cream ($27). It uses a blend of pumpkin seed oil and peptides to facilitate cell renewal... [More]

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NuMe 25mm Magic Wand

We've tried lots of curling wands and many have been duds until now. The NuMe 25mm Magic Wand ($169) is a dream come true. It leaves you with the most gorgeous locks in town. It uses an advanced infrared heat technology to create the curls... [More]

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Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask

You're constantly sipping on water and green juice (OK, Diet Coke and mochas), but that doesn't mean your skin isn't parched. Combat that dry, tight feeling you get when your skin is thirsty by applying this 10 minute mask ($25) a couple times per week.... [More]

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WaterColors Nail Enamel

These pretty polishes ($13 each), in addition to being water-based and free of toxic chemical fragrances, are so easy to take off that you don't even need polish remover. Just soak a cotton ball in rubbing or grain alcohol, give your nails a swipe, and... [More]

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R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse

Pro tip: your curls shouldn't make a crackling sound when you bend them. Thanks to infusions of Abyssinian oil, silk amino acids, and black Polynesian volcanic sand, R+Co's Chiffon Styling Mousse ($27) ensures that you'll never again fall victim to crunchy curls, even if you... [More]

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Nasomatto Black Afgano Perfume

And the award for Most Unique Perfume goes to ...Nasomatto's Black Afgano ($185). Formulated to "evoke the best quality of Hashish," this fragrance aims to make its wearer experience "temporary bliss." At the very least, it might help us shed a few pounds seeing as... [More]

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Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder

This Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder ($20) is a chemical peel and smoothing powder scrub in one that can instantly transform problem skin into a radiant complexion. That's a bold claim, but they've got data to back it up: When tested by 30 women (50% of whom... [More]

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Flirty and Dessert-y Nail Stickers

Remember scratch and sniff stickers? We'd get so excited when we got a spelling test back with one of those bad boys stuck to the top. Thanks to these Flirty and Dessert-y Nail Stickers ($5), we now have a slightly more grown-up* way to enjoy... [More]

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Living proof. Control Hairspray

We suffer from Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to hairspray - they're either too stiff or too wimpy to hold our style. However: This stuff ($24), as our trespassing friend would say, is just right. It somehow manages to hold our style all day without... [More]

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Band-Aid Designer Adhesive Bandages

Forget those ugly nude, cloth-covered bandages - turn your paper cuts and skinned knees into a fashion statement with these Band-Aids designed by Isaac Mizrahi ($5). The assortment of girly patterns, including flowers, hearts, and stripes, are so cute that we kind of can't wait... [More]

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Moonshine Cologne

How do you get your boyfriend to branch out from his current fragrance arsenal consisting of whatever bar soap was cheapest the last time he went shopping? Buy him cologne named after mash liquor that comes in its very own flask. The packaging will no... [More]

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Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Dry Shampoo

Does your dry shampoo make your hair smell like chemicals? Throw it out stat and replace it with this rose-scented formula ($6) - you won't be sorry. We haven't been this excited about Herbal Essences since we first saw an ad for it in BOP... [More]

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Aerin Weekend Lip Gloss

What's the secret to looking pulled together when you're running errands in boyfriend jeans and a slouchy tee on a Saturday afternoon? Lip gloss. A swipe of this shimmery, peachy-nude gloss ($30) on your lips adds the right amount of polish to your casual duds... [More]

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Hair Food Thickening Hair Treatment

Quench your locks with something they truly crave. Give the Hair Food Hair Thickening Treatment ($10) a try and you'll be so pleased with the results. This fabulous product is paraben- and mineral oil-free with no preservatives. Plus the amazing kiwi and citrus scent leaves... [More]

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Coffee Body Polish

Need to save time in the morning? Wake up both your brain and your skin by exfoliating with a bit of Coffee Body Polish ($16) from The Moody Sisters. Okay, so smelling that rich coffee aroma isn't the same as guzzling caffeine, so you may... [More]

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Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

We read in a magazine recently that clumpy lashes are predicted to be one of the hottest beauty trends this fall... if it's true, that's one fad we definitely plan to skip. While everyone else is running round with spider leg lashes, ours will be... [More]

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Creative Growth Hair Pick by Stephanie Hill

This blinged out hair pick ($35) isn't the most practical beauty tool we'll ever own (in fact, we can practically feel our hair getting caught in the jewels as we type this). However, that won't stop us from ordering one - we think it'd look... [More]

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Pipe Solid Fragrance

Forget basic pumpkin and apple - this fall, reach for something unexpected, like this pipe-scented solid perfume ($22). With notes of vanilla, bourbon, cognac, and tobacco, it will evoke all those warm and fuzzy autumn feelings without making you smell like a pie.... [More]

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Six Month Soap of the Month Club Subscription

Featuring a different gift wrapped, handmade bar of soap every month for six months, this Soap of the Month Club Subscription ($48) is our new go-to gift for hostesses, new moms, and birthday girls. It lasts longer than a bottle of wine, and you don't... [More]

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