All Heal Salve

This "in-between seasons" time is almost as bad on your skin as the middle of a frigid winter. Some days it's super chilly and dry out while you hustle from car to office and others, it warms up and you spend your extra time basking... [More]

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The Spoiled Mama Aloe & Cucumber Leg Gel

If you recently got a BFP (Big Fat Positive) on a pregnancy test, congrats! You're about to go on a very exciting journey. You're also about to be a pregnant woman during the summer, which is really not fun, except for the part where you... [More]

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Thayer's Witch Hazel

A lot of facial toners and cleansers use witch hazel as an ingredient, so why not just use the original, concentrated version? Original Thayer's Witch Hazel ($13), also available in cucumber and rose petal "flavors", is great for your skin as the plant is a... [More]

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Sexy Stems Firming Self Tanner

After one too many self-tanning mishaps, we've come to just deal with being pale - and we know better than to hit the tanning beds. But we were sent Sexy Stems Firming Self Tanner ($30) to try and we have to say, rubbing ourselves in... [More]

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Cosmetic Colour Pencils

If your first grade report card included the phrase, "colors outside of the lines", you're gonna flip for new Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Colour Pencils ($16). There's no binder, no fillers, just intense, vibrant mineral pigments. Use 'em on lips, eyes, cheeks, or any other part... [More]

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French Girl Organics Under Eye Elixir

We know how it goes: you get to bed two hours later than you planned to after scarfing down takeout leftovers and stressing over a Monday morning work meeting. By the time you rise out of restless sleep, you look like you haven't gotten shut-eye... [More]

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Pure Illumination Fierce Light Up Lip Gloss

When a friend whipped this out in a dark bar recently, everybody at the table (even the guys) swarmed like moths to a flame and begged for a look. The Pure Illumination Fierce Light Up Lip Gloss ($20) comes with an attached mirror and an... [More]

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Nubar Blackberry Nail Polish

Sometimes we feel like painting our nails something dark to represent our inner angst. Not quite black dark, just something that connotes rage without going full on emo. Nubar's Blackberry ($8) fulfills that brief with a harsh hue of brown. Admittedly, the fact that it's... [More]

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LuLu Organics Travel Size Hair Powder

Sometimes it's a little bit harder to anticipate when or where you're going to get your next shower when you're on an epic adventure, so be sure to pack LuLu Organics' Travel Size Hair Powder ($10) with you. If your hair feels clean, you can... [More]

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Herbivore Botanicals Beard Tonic

Ladies (and the three gentlemen who read this blog, hello to you, too), does your manly man have a beard? Whether it's a hipster lumberjack beard, Glamour Beard, or a full-on Brawny Paper Towel mustache, it needs the same love and conditioning that the hair... [More]

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Horny Cow Seductive Room Candle

Candles are always invitations for romance, but you can drop an even less subtle hint by lighting the Horny Cow Seductive Room Candle ($47), created with a blend of patchouli, cinnamon, and roses to get you in the moooooood.... [More]

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Is it a perfume or a nail polish? Both, sorta. This bottle of RICHLY PERVERSE Top Coat ($26) from STRANGEBEAUTIFUL is scented, but not in your average Claire's-fruiti-tutti kind of way. It has notes of violet and leather, and with one application, the rich aroma... [More]

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NARS Final Cut Illuminator

So we've raved about the NARS Orgasm Illuminator, now get pretty in pink with the Final Cut Illuminator in Adelaide ($30). It will add a rosy, dewy look to your skin with just a swipe across your cheeks or your décolletage. It's a much-needed hue... [More]

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Red Wine Exfoliating Mask

Pür Minerals's new Red Wine Exfoliating Mask ($39) proves that a little bit of wine is good for more than just gettin' tipsy. The grape seeds and wine extract, which hail from the Château des Tourtes vineyards, should help remove debris, smooth out your pores,... [More]

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Purifying White Waterful Toner

be the skin's Purifying White Waterful Toner ($29) uses witch hazel and green tea to help you remove those last lingering traces of makeup and give you a fresh face before bed. It's gentle, but not so gentle or inefficient that you wake with raccoon... [More]

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Lily Farm Fresh Skincare Kissable Lips

That groundhog wasn't kidding when he said winter wasn't over. No doubt your skin - and in particular your lips - are taking a beating. If you're tired of slathering your mouth with sweet glosses and minty chapstick, go natural! Lily Farm Fresh Skincare Kissable... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Leopard Brush Case

That's a steal of a sale price on the Leopard Brush Case ($5, on sale) from Pottery Barn. Snatch up a couple before they're out of stock and fill them with your collection of MAC brushes or favorite tubes of lipstick. You can even stash... [More]

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The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine

We already love Benefit's POREfessional cream primer - it's like spackling paste for your face. The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine ($30) is their powder version of the highly-rated product - no putty knife needed.... [More]

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Neuth Rendezvous: Organic Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum

Thinkin' you'll spend that tax refund on a spa day? Why not stretch your dollar and invest in something to treat your skin on a more regular basis? The Neuth Rendezvous ($99) is a two-step process that has been keeping our skin good and hydrated... [More]

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nerd xx Perfume

It sounds gimmicky, and it kinda is, but we're actually pretty besotted with our bottles of nerd xx Perfume ($31). If you're the type to wrinkle your nose in annoyance as you pass Macy's perfume counters, we bet you'll love this stuff just as much... [More]

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