Outback Mate

Lush has a bevy of new soaps out, and I gotta admit that after scanning the page of fresh releases, Outback Mate grabbed my eye the most. Largely because it makes me think of Point Break, but that's neither here nor there. It's infused with... [More]

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7 Beauty Trends You Should Try This Summer

By Cailyn CoxWhen the weather changes, so too does your makeup, and it always helps to keep up with the hottest beauty trends for the season. Luckily the beauty world has given us some fuss-free styles to copy this summer.From blue eyes and bold lips... [More]

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Goof Proof Brow Pencil

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit Cosmetics is the answer to all of your eyebrow-related prayers (and muttered curses) while attempting get your look locked in without screwing it up. It's a filling and shaping pencil that glides on soft and easy, and it... [More]

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4 Beauty Treatments That Should Always Be Left To The Pros

By Meagan MorrisMagazines and celebrities make it seem like all the new beauty and cosmetic treatments are so easy and simple to get. And they are, once you get over the sticker shock that comes when you find out the price. Few of us have... [More]

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Why Skincare Addicts Are Obsessed With The Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

There's a reason skincare addicts love Tonymoly's Tomatox Magic Massage Pack. It's a highly moisturizing mask that leaves instantly leaves skin soft, healthy, and bright. (Plus, we're suckers for super cute packaging!) And in case you're worried your face will smell like you slathered it... [More]

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Mirage Lip Stilo

Kiko Lipstick is hard to refuse. They make good stuff, and this Mirage Lip Stylo combines the best of both worlds: It has the bold color of a lipstick and the soft shine of a gloss, and the texture is so smooth and soft, it's... [More]

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5 Waterproof Products You Need to Stock Up On, Now

By Meagan Morris Everything's funner in the summer.Everything is also wetter, thanks to all the swimming and sweating we do while out in the sweltering heat. It's a makeup lover's nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. We've rounded up the best of the best... [More]

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4 Blogger-Approved Beauty Tricks You Need To Try

By Meagan Morris The web is bursting with DIY beauty tricks using common household goods. Some of these hacks are good, others ... not so much. It's almost impossible to dig through the DIY mud to find the beauty jewels, so we're taking care of... [More]

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4 Hair Oils Every Naturally Curly Girl Needs In Her Arsenal

By Meagan Morris Curly hair. Almost every woman wants it, but only the girls with the natural curls understand the blessing and the curse. Natural ringlets are, naturally, weaker and drier than their straight counterparts. The reason: Curly hair is more porous, so moisture is... [More]

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The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara

Runway makeup artist Yadim produced a striking doll-like mascara look on the runway using The Colossal Spider Effect from Maybelline, and it's perfect for experimentation with chunky, unique eyelash looks. It uses a liquid latex formula that'll help keep your lashes in position all day,... [More]

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Farewell, Jet Lag: Beauty Tips To Combat Exhaustion

By Tanya Sharma There's nothing like the joy of travel, what with its endless adventures and eye-opening experiences. But as any worldly soul will tell you, there's also nothing quite like jet lag. Make quick work of its visible symptoms with these easy beauty and... [More]


Time-Saving Beauty Products That'll Cut Your Morning Routine In Half

By Tanya Sharma No one has time to contour and buff their complexions to perfection every morning (and chances are you don't need it anyway). Skip the complex AM beauty routines and splurge on the extra sleep instead.Here are 10 time-saving beauty productsthat will make... [More]

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Sunsheen Bronzing Trio Has You Looking Summer Ready

You're humming along enjoying your spring--pulling on lightweight sweaters and cute galoshes--when all of a sudden you notice that the daily temps are spiking and summer is all but officially here. As you scramble to buff and bronze your skin so you can shimmy into... [More]

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The Lazy Woman's Guide To Great Skin

By Tanya Sharma You don't have to spend hours creating a supermodel-worthy skin care routine in order to achieve a flawless complexion. And while "flawless" may seem a bit of a tall order, what with the myriad acne, dryness, oil slicks, and other woes that... [More]

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Rosé Baked Blush Illumine

It can be really hard to pull of that Healthy Glow look, especially if your face is naturally a little washed-out due to late nights and/or not drinking enough water. (Go drink some water right now or I'm telling your mom.) This Rosé Baked Blush... [More]

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Kelly Rowland Is Launching A Makeup Line For Women Of Color

By Cailyn Cox Kelly Rowland has conquered the music world and now she's testing the waters of the beauty world: and her latest announcement is very exciting. Rowland is in the process of creating a makeup line for women of color, which is fantastic news... [More]

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Colour Pop's Matte Lippie Stix Welcomes You To Lipstick Heaven

It's like the beauty gods heard the prayers of broke girls everywhere the day Colour Pop Lippie Stix came onto the scene. Colour Pop's Matte Lippie Stix. Like the rest of Colour Pop's offerings their Lippie Stix offer an ultra matte finish you'd typically think... [More]

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5 Reasons Why Honey Is Sweet For Your Skin And Hair

By Meagan Morris Honey might be the sweet stuff you put on oatmeal and in your tea to amp up the taste, but did you know it's also good for your skin? Brands are increasingly putting honey--and a related substance, bee venom--in beauty products."Honey is... [More]

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Spring Trend Alert: Neon Makeup

By Meagan MorrisThe year: 1988. Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth was the perfume of choice and fashion was decidedly all about neon--clothing and makeup.Now, it's 2016 and though we're more into perfume by Rihanna than Debbie G, one thing is the same: Neon makeup is back.You'll... [More]

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Liven Up You Summer Scent With Distillery General's Eau De Parfums

Distillery General's little bottles of Eau De Parfum come in three different ideal-for-summer scents. Sea Salt is fresh and crisp, like a morning jog on the sand. Dandelion has a light floral notes--not overpowering, but not weedy or weak, either. And the third, Smokewood, smells... [More]

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