Anastasia After Tweeze Cream

There are creams for post-waxing, post-threading and post-burning your eyebrows clear off your face. It would stand to reason that there would also be Anastasia After Tweeze Cream ($20). Chamomile heals and the green tint conceals the red that has replaced your once well fed... [More]

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Celebrate: Bellabe Facial Hair Removal

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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Sara Happ Peppermint Lip Scrub

We could try some DIY recipe for a lip scrub but we have a feeling that would go about as well as last season's dismal attempt at dying our hair a darker shade of "You Clearly Got That Out of the Box". Sara Happ Peppermint... [More]

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Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Kit

The first time we attempted to wax our unsuspecting fuzz we were in college. We started out by waxing our stashes with the wax and paper routine that made us look like Charlie Chaplin and was sketchy at best for removing our hair- especially the... [More]

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Marvis Whitening Toothpaste

Put a long lasting Italian in your mouth. Minty and flavorful, Marvis Whitening Toothpaste ($14) has a refreshing mouthfeel that will keep your teeth company all night long. That's what she said.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Sally Hansen Pumice Foot Polish

Some of us here at Outblush have real sensory phobias. Some of us can't touch rust without recoiling in disgust. Some of us can't touch coffee grinds without getting dry heaves. Some of us can't get near mayonnaise without checking around every corner to be... [More]

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Botot Toothpaste

One year before our great nation declared its independence, King Louis XV of France was brushing his teeth with the same Botot Toothpaste ($11) you see here. Well, maybe not the same exact tube (let's not be too literal, thank you very much), but the... [More]

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GoSmile Lip Treatment Tube

What good is spending scads and scads of money on whitening treatments if the frame for your teeth looks busted and all sorts of jacked up? Enhance your smile with GoSmile Lip Treatment Tube ($14). Vitamin E, shea and cocoa butter pepper your pucker with... [More]

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Shoba Ingrown Hair Relief

You know what is really nice in winter? Snuggling next to a warm fire with a sexy lump of man meat. You know what isn't nice ever? Ingrown hairs. Feel confident bearing your freshly trimmed Christmas tree with a generous application of Shoba Ingrown Hair... [More]

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H.Wood Beauty Hand and Body Scrub

We admit it, we totally watch Antiques Roadshow. Like, all the time. And we are horrified when we see people refinishing furniture. Don't Americans know that the history is in the patina?!?!??! Luckily, that same rule of value doesn't apply to skin. H.Wood Beauty Hand... [More]

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Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

Thanks to a small case of miscommunication at the salon, we've been growing our eyebrows out for the past two weeks. While it may look like two wookies dueling over a blow dryer somewhere above our eyes, we do have to maintain that upper lip... [More]

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Always Feminine Clean Wipes-To-Go

According to Emily Post 'a lady is always fresh and feminine and should never smell like a fish taco in July.'* When your lala is smelling less then magical, pick up some Always Feminine Clean Wipes-To-Go ($3). You never know when you'll need to freshen... [More]

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Klhip The Ultimate Clipper Nail Clippers

We love our men, we really do, but there is a limit to how many times we feel their scratchy toe nails rub our legs in one evening. Designed to cut smoothly, prevent nails from flying all over the place (gross!), and to look like... [More]

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Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths

Waterproof mascara has its place but at the end of the day that place is not our face. Our usual makeup remover does a fine job getting rid of the other thirty pounds of makeup we wear but that waterproof mascara just. does. not. budge.... [More]

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Tend Skin Purefection Deodorant

Y'all expressed your love and devotion for Tend Skin so we bring you another of their products, Purefection Deodorant ($14), an aluminum-free odor eliminator that also helps combat ingrown hairs. Considering how fantastic Tend Skin works on your delicate lady parts, we imagine it does... [More]

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Tend Skin

We are still waging war against our bikini line and the razor bumps that never seem to die. We've tried shaving in different directions, switching from shaving cream to soap to gels, even applied alcohol to our nether regions post-shave (which burns like the dickens)... [More]

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Skin & Bones Therapy Oil

Got a guy who can't be bothered to clean up his own mess let alone himself after an afternoon on the field? Just toss him a bottle of Skin & Bones Therapy Oil ($30) and he honestly can't go wrong. If he sprays it on... [More]

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Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Hard Wax

Next time your man piece suggests that maybe it is time to "call the gardener", gently suggest he take a look at this video, buy some Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Hard Wax ($10) or kindly shut the F up.... [More]

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Anastasia Pro Wax Kit

We spend good money waxing virtually all the hair off our faces. You'd think we'd spend more time in the salon ensuring all that hair was actually waxed off before we got in the car. But sometimes we are in too much pain to see... [More]

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Deborah Lippmann Did I Shave My Legs For This?

The one thing more obnoxious than prickly legs in bed is a new razor getting clogged with shave cream. Deborah Lippmann Did I Shave My Legs For This? ($24) allows for a comfortably close shave without gunking up your $13-a-cartridge razor*. *Anyone else perplexed as... [More]

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