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Dignified Abandon Extravagant Hair Clip

The Dignified Abandon Extravagant Hair Clip ($140) from the Oicho Collection by Little Von Loo lives up to its dramatic name by injecting hair accessories with vintage tea hat sensibility. With super-sized roost feathers in vibrant turquoise, we take cues from the Can Can costume,... [More]

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Anastasia Five Item Brow Kit

Alright ladies, it’s time to talk economics. We’ve been indulging in salon brow waxes to keep our faces looking flawless, but the $$ is adding up. It’s just hard to give up a sculpted brow when we know the best we can do at home... [More]

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PFB Numb It

Whoever said "beauty knows no pain" obviously wasn’t getting regular bikini waxes. Reduce your own beauty pains with PFB Numb It ($25) – a topical anesthetic that helps numb skin to make those waxing appointments less wince-worthy.... [More]

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Colgate Wisp

We are not condoning promiscuity or anything, but hey, sometimes a date goes really well and it’s been forever since you got laid and they’re really cute and… Well, all we’re saying is be prepared, mmkay? Your new “just in case” purse kit, IOHO, should... [More]

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Sally Hansen Waxing Strips for Little Places

We're going to gracefully deny that we've ever shaved our toes or or that little patch of hair under our belly button, so let's just say we use these Sally Hansen Naturally Bare Waxing Strips for Faces and Little Places ($6) for our eyebrows. They've... [More]

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Hot Sock Diffuser

One of the Outblush staffers actually hit herself in the head so hard with her full-size diffuser she nearly blacked out and gave herself a really impressive goose egg bruise. As a get-well-soon present, we got her the Hot Sock Diffuser ($6), a lightweight, flexible... [More]

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Tweezerman Lighted Slant Tweezer

How many times have you walked out of your house freshly tweezed and feeling great, only to notice that you missed like, four little blonde hairs invisible without sunlight? We feel your pain. But never again shall this common female plight plague you, thanks to... [More]

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The Art of Shaving for Women

Why should men get to shave in barbershops, complete with lather and hot towels, while we're forced to hack away in our bathrooms with dull razors and pithy, pink shaving cream? While we can't promise the hot towels, we can tell you that you'll never... [More]

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Schick Quattro Trimstyle

Until the day that certain, OK, all, guys accept that we'd really like our nether-regions to just do the damn thing and look like this, we're gonna have to keep grooming the old hedge. The good news is that the Schick Quattro Trimstyle ($13) makes... [More]

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Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave

There's no point in sugar coating what you already know, so here it is: Shaving sucks. And while there's nothing we can do to change that fact, the newly released Moisturizing Cream Shave ($4) from Skintimate does make the whole process smoother (see what we... [More]

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Tinge Razor

The latest in our "why didn't they think of this sooner" category: The Tinge Razor ($125). Sure, sure, it really is a water-resistant, triple blade razor, but the only reason that matters is to hide Tinge's more, ah-hem—intimate purpose—from your mom/airport security/your man (as needed).... [More]

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Shoba Sugaring Kit

We dig sugaring—namely because it takes an in incredibly painful process (ripping your hair out by its very roots) and makes it sound lovely. And we really dig the Shoba Sugaring Kit ($30)—namely because it makes that incredibly painful process a lot less so. The... [More]

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Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

There's no showering ritual less pampering than shaving, but we dare say that the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor ($13) is set to change that. The Embrace features five blades designed to hug your curves and grab every hair, while a protective moisture ribbon protects you... [More]

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Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

If you wake up doe-eyed, (you b*tch lucky girl), proceed to the next entry. But if you're like us and are looking for a little help in that arena, check out the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler ($12). This battery-operated gizmo uses a gently heated comb... [More]

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TRIA Personal Laser Hair Removal System

Say so long to shaving (no, we wouldn't joke about this), with the TRIA Personal Laser Hair Removal System ($995). Created by the same scientists who made professional laser hair removal possible, this system takes that technology, simplifies it, and brings it to the privacy... [More]

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MBeze Deodorettes

Who knew deodorant, of all things, could be so much fun? Mbeze Deodorettes ($10) weigh in at just .30 ounces, so they fit in any purse or pocket for on-the-go freshness. In ten fabulous scents and styles to keep you smelling and looking chic. (Tip:... [More]

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Rephresh Vaginal Gel

We've all been there: You're sitting in a work meeting practically hopping out of your chair as you try not to scratch. Or you're alone with him and suddenly aware of just. what. that. smell. is. Enter Rephresh Vaginal Gel ($16), the solution to pretty... [More]

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Tamz Your Flyaways

Groom thyself fabulous with ingenious Tamz Your Flyaways ($9). Utilizing a mascara-like applicator, this clear, gel-like product can be applied to crazy eyebrows, flyaway strands and baby cowlicks. Just a teeny application is seriously enough to "tamz" stray hairs for an entire day...but at this... [More]

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SweetSpot Labs Balancing Mist

Well ladies, we've all been there: You're sitting on the train, in a coffee shop, wherever, and suddenly you realize that that funky odor is uh, you. For those times when the sweet spot smells not so sweet, there's SweetSpot Labs Balancing Mist ($12). This... [More]

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Animal Print Slant Tweezers

Tweezing: Just one more example of the strange rituals our species is willing to endure for flawless beauty. Luckily, your most hated maintenance chore just got more interesting with these limited edition Animal Print Slant Tweezers ($25 each). Each features Tweezerman's ultra-effective slanted tip, renowned... [More]

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