Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum

"Ow! Ow. Ow, ow, OW. F***!" This, dear readers, is the expurgated transcript of the average woman trying to remove ingrown hairs and bumps post-wax. Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum ($23) uses a complex of wheat germ, yeast, and willow bark extract to fight inflammation,... [More]

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Breath Palette Toothpastes

For those of you who can't stand another day brushing with minty toothpaste, we present Breath Palette Toothpastes. ($5) Made in Japan, each is made from mostly natural ingredients and cleans your teeth with ultrafine microbeads and helps prevent plaque buildup with Xylitol. The best... [More]

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Code.ai Brow Boosting Shaper B-216

We've all been there: in a quest for perfectly arched eyebrows, you got a little overzealous. And eyebrows, once plucked too often, don't grow back very evenly, if at all. Instead of snitching your dad's Rogaine and praying it works on brows (Don't!! It's dangerous!),... [More]

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Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight

Of course we're fans of this fabulous product - how could we not love something called Kiss Me Tonight ($20)? Not only is the name great, but this intense lip treatment will ensure your kisses are more enjoyable because your lips will be super hydrated... [More]

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Freshlook Colored Contacts

Sometimes you just wanna go green, no, not with recycling, we mean with your eyes. Freshlook Colored Contact Lenses ($18) are a cheap and easy way to try a different look for a few days. Created with different color hues, these lenses will cover even... [More]

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Perlier Dark Chocolate Liquid Soap

Cleanliness really is next to godliness if we can smell like dark chocolate all day. We don't know if Perlier Dark Chocolate Liquid Soap ($20) will combat our cravings, but it'll certainly enliven our hand washing regimen. The duo cleanses and moisturizes to set us... [More]

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Senna Brow Tweezing Toner

Plucking *ow* your *ow* brows *ow* or *ow* upper *ow* lip *ow* ain't exactly a walk in the park. Soothe that angry skin with Senna Cosmetics Black Tea Tonic Brow Tweezing Toner. ($24) Natural black tea and cucumber extracts calm skin and reduce redness, swelling,... [More]

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Bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Spa Edition

We know, bikini season is officially over, but there's no reason to let personal grooming fall by the wayside. Plus, maybe someone will whisk you off on a fabulous tropical getaway at a moment's notice - you'll want to be prepared. The Bliss Bikini Perfect... [More]

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Peeka-Bu Intimate Grooming Mirror

You're cutting back on salon visits, doing your own pedicures and facials; good for you! But we bet you haven't tackled the last DIY frontier. Down there. The Peeka-Bu Intimate Grooming Mirror ($29-32) is specially designed to help you see what's up in the nether... [More]

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SweetSpot On-The-Go Wipettes

Hey, you. Yes, you, over there, with the computer. Yer hoo-ha needs cleaning. Or at least, we assume it does. We can't smell you from here, nor do we want to. SweetSpot Labs On-the-Go Wipettes are designed to help you stay fresh as a daisy... [More]

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Supersmile Whitening Flouride Toothpaste

Ah, Diet Coke, coffee, and red wine. Saviors of the working woman (at appropriate times of day, of course). Not so great for a nice white smile. Combat the dulling effects of your daily indulgences with Supersmile Whitening Flouride Toothpaste. ($21) It combines Calprox and... [More]

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Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick

As a former fashion model, six-time Glamour cover girl, and face of both Guess? and Maybelline Cosmetics, Josie Maran knows makeup. Her line of organic cosmetics and skincare has been a hit with beauty bloggers and makeup artists since its' launch in 2007, and this... [More]

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Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm

G.F. Smith's original Rosebud Salve has been a cult beauty favorite for over a century for use on everything from lips to cuticles to cracked heels. We tried one of the latest incarnations, Minted Rose Balm, ($7) and will be surprised if this formula doesn't... [More]

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Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle

Oops! It's so easy for us to forget about maintaining our feet when our work starts to pile up! We need to wear flip flips or other sandals to beat this heat but often times other things (see: life) take priority over a little mani-pedi... [More]

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Ocean Mist Shaving Oil

They say that oil and water don't mix, but we'd like to disprove that statement with Ocean Mist Shaving Oil ($13). Step in the shower (or the tub!) and smooth this over your legs for a close shave and silky skin courtesy of this combo... [More]

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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Seriously, why are we still getting pimples? Wasn't that supposed to stop once we quit ditching classes and having a curfew? Thank goodness for Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion ($17). Where was this stuff in high school? A little dab before bed and we wake up... [More]

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Cleanup Soap

Hooray for beauty products for a cause! Allowing us to indulge our obsession while helping others - it's a wonderful thing. 25% of the proceeds of each bar of this Cleanup Soap ($8) goes to non profit organizations working for landmine removal and survivor assistance.... [More]

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Anastasia Gel Brow Pen

The true authority on eyebrows, Anastasia has a great line for shaping and grooming eyebrows to make sure that we are always looking polished. One of our favorite items is the Gel Brow Pen ($21). We love it for its ease of use: the pen... [More]

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Phyto Phytobrush Special Smoothing Shampoo for Blow-Drying

Phyto Phytobrush Special Smoothing Shampoo for Blow-Drying

If you're a slave to a daily blowdry-and-flatiron routine, you'll want to give Phyto Phytobrush Special Smoothing Shampoo for Blow-Drying ($24) a try. Specially created with intense moisturizers and honey to protect hair from heat damage, it contains natural thermoprotective agents to keep hair happy.... [More]

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Tom's of Maine Natural Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash

Tom's of Maine Natural Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash

Longtime fans of Tom's of Maine's all-natural toothpastes & deodorants will be chomping at the bit (ha) to try their new Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash. ($7) Available in lemon-lime and spearmint flavors, it's concocted with naturally sourced fluoride to protect & strengthen teeth, while green tea,... [More]

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