Mondo Mondo Doll Perfume

If you want to walk around smelling like a club at bar close, try the Mondo Mondo Doll Perfume ($65), which might as well just be called "eau de sex." It's made with saffron, musk, and roses for that spicy, sweaty...and romantic vibe.... [More]

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nerd xx Perfume

It sounds gimmicky, and it kinda is, but we're actually pretty besotted with our bottles of nerd xx Perfume ($31). If you're the type to wrinkle your nose in annoyance as you pass Macy's perfume counters, we bet you'll love this stuff just as much... [More]

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D.S. & Durga Bowmakers

We used to really love the smell of gas stations, but quickly stopped telling people that since they looked at us kind of funny. But although our fancy for that petrol scent has passed, we still like smells that don't usually come in bottles, like... [More]

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The Body Shop Eau De Toilette

The Body Shop Coconut Eau de Toilette

Spritz this on your wrists and you'll find yourself daydreaming about a tropical vacation! Maybe even singing a little tune called "Kokomo"... The Body Shop Eau de Toilette ($14)... [More]

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Bobbi Brown Beach Eau de Parfum

You can almost feel the sand beneath your feet and a light ocean mist when applying Beach Eau de Parfum ($70). The fragrance is expertly crafted by the scent specialists at Bobbi Brown with sea spray, jasmine, and mandarin, which combine to evoke the smell... [More]

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Blend #55: Calm

Is it one of those days that seems determined to unravel your usually cool and collected attitude? Before you give in and fly off the handle at the lack of clean forks in the breakroom (seriously, it takes thirty seconds to wash them, people!), try... [More]

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Nevermore Witching Hour Spray

Think the witching hour ought to smell like eye of newt and toe of frog or - for those of us with infants - sour milk and inconsolable screaming? Turns out it can have a much nicer aroma. This Nevermore Witching Hour Spray ($24) scents... [More]

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Demeter Pizza Fragrance

A fragrance based on pizza sounds like kind of an awful idea, but the sweetness of tomato and herbaceous earthy oregano actually come together for a unique and somehow lovely aroma. Of course, we're hungry all the time, which is kind of the downside of... [More]

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Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll-On Fragrance Oil

Everything's coming up roses, or at least, they seem to be popping up as the scent of the upcoming spring season. We're cool with that. Roses are classic and feminine, and they smell divine when done right. Jurlique proves it with their Essence of Rose... [More]

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Clinique Happy in Bloom Fragrance

Clinique has been adding new fragrances to their Happy line faster than we can sample them. This version of Happy in Bloom ($48) is one of their newest, released for 2014. It's a limited edition scent, so try and get your hands on a bottle... [More]

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Tory Burch Eau de Parfum

Tory Burch's first fragrance, an eau de parfum ($110), is damn near perfect. We can't even decide if it smells more floral, earthy, or citrus-based because it blends all three into a beautifully complex scent. It's for sure going at the top of our birthday... [More]

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TOCCA Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection

Who do you want to be today? This TOCCA collection ($62) gives you ten different sample-size fragrances for all of your personas. Are you feeling like the powerful ruler of some ancient civilization? Try the bitter grapefruit-tinged Cleopatra. What about a sultry French sex kitten?... [More]

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Ghost Rose Solid Perfume

With season 4 of Downton Abbey in full swing, and the return of Sherlock brightening our lives, we're in heaven (if heaven is a place made for people who obsess over British dramas). So much so that we bought this Catbird Home & Lounge Exclusive... [More]

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Mon Cuir Eau de Parfum

Not your run-of-the-mill department store fragrance, Ramon Monegal's Mon Cuir Eau de Parfum ($185) boasts a pretty unique scent. It's a combination of Russian leather (yeah, we have no idea if Russian leather smells differently from any other kind of leather), orange flower, nutmeg, Indonesian... [More]

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Helvetica the Perfume

Helvetica: the typeface so ubiquitous that there was an entire movie about its rise to popularity. Now you can buy Helvetica the Perfume ($62), which gets its scent inspiration from the subdued, "neutral" Swiss typeface: the scent of nothing. It's a two-ounce bottle of distilled... [More]

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Nasomatto Hindu Grass Perfume

This Nasomatto Hindu Grass Perfume ($149) is meant to promote the belief in universal peace and love. That reminds us of another, less pleasantly fragranced grass we've heard of.... [More]

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Angels Heavenly Angel Mist small.jpg

Angels Heavenly Angel Mist

How do bad girls attract good boys? It's all in the scent. Victoria's Secret Angels Heavenly Angel Mist ($25) is an alluring mix of of white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. Spray all over for a long-lasting, intoxicating scent that'll make people think you... [More]

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Lightning Paw Perfume

We like putting on a little scent, but so many perfumes seem to imply that "feminine and alluring" means a sweet punch in the nostrils. This Lightning Paw Perfume ($45) strikes a more balanced note, with a floral hint of jasmine nicely complemented with bright... [More]

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La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Spray

LancĂ´me's La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Spray ($58-98) is in a class of its own. When other fragrances opt to distinguish themselves as floral, or woodsy, or confection-based, La Vie Est Belle seems to layer all three on your pulse points at once.... [More]

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Clean Baby Skin Cream

Always gushing to your friends about how there's no scent quite as lovely as the smell of a baby's bald head? Maybe you're just being supportive of their new endeavor, but if you really mean it, and wanna put your money where your mouth is,... [More]

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