Nomaterra On-The-Go Fragrance Wipes

In a perfect world we'd never have to stop in at the grocery store on our way home from the gym, but in reality it winds up happening a couple times a week (and we always seem to run into someone we know). From now... [More]

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Leaves + Wood Botanical Perfume

You might not want to admit it, but we know you're secretly loving the vibrant foliage and smell of woodsmoke in the air. It's OK, you don't have to Instagram falling leaves to celebrate the season when you can just dab on a bit of... [More]

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Bath Eau de Parfum

Let's face it, sometimes the best part of your day is that moment you step out of the shower. You're feeling clean and smelling good, you haven't yet seen the number of new emails in your inbox, and you know there's a pot of coffee... [More]

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Olivine Atelier Full Regalia Eau de Parfum

Before you get too excited, know that this perfume ($80) doesn't come with the majestic rearing horse figurine. (We were disappointed, too.) But it was named after a racehorse, which is almost as cool, right? Sweet notes of vanilla and Egyptian jasmine mingle with patchouli... [More]

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Tocca Travel Fragrance Spray - Florence

Tocca's Travel Fragrance Spray ($34) is perfectly sized to be TSA-approved, so you can just throw it in your carry-on the next time you travel without having to worry about it. We love the Florence fragrance - it'll make you smell like an Italian supermodel,... [More]

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Comme des Garçons Wonderwood Eau de Parfume

While the woody, slightly smoky scent of Comme des Garçons Wonderwood Eau de Parfume ($103) skews toward masculine, we plan to wear it frequently this fall. After months of spritzing on fruity florals, the notes of pepper, nutmeg, and caraway in this fragrance are a... [More]

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WINTER Unisex Fragrance

What does winter smell like to you? For us, it's a combination of pine, eggnog, and drunk Uncle Donnie's putrid drugstore cologne. Dasein's WINTER Fragrance ($85) has got the pine covered, at least. Notes of black cardamom and French lavender keep you from smelling like... [More]

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Smart Eau de Parfum

If this Smart perfume ($135) actually had the ability to raise one's IQ, we know a few people we'd like to douse with it. Alas, all it does is make its wearer smell like jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk with leather notes thrown in for... [More]

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Bond No. 9 Mini Bon Bon Box

Doesn't this Bond No. 9 Mini Bon Bon Box ($155) look delicious? We'd almost wish those foil-wrapped cylinders were toffees - if we weren't so crazy for the brand's lovely fragrances, inspired by New York neighborhoods from Gramercy Park to Riverside Drive. This cleverly packaged... [More]

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Cactus Verde Demi Perfume

There's nothing prickly about the fresh, clean scent of this Cactus Verde Demi Perfume ($14). Inspired by desert landscapes, it combines aromas of blackcurrent and sea salt with aloe, dune grass, avocado, and musk. This pocketbook-friendly vial is perfectly sized to try it out.... [More]

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Not Soap, Radio "I'm not here, I'm really...vacationing in a quaint seaside village" Solid Parfum

It's Monday morning, and you'd rather be anywhere than stuck in your cubicle listening to Sally from human resources recount every detail of the Brazilian wax she got over the weekend. Reach into your bag, apply a few dabs of this solid perfume ($15) to... [More]

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Strange Invisible Perfumes Eau de Parfum Atlantic

The product description for this eau de parfum ($265) had us reaching for our wallets at "Jamaican bay rum." Not a big rum fan? Fear not - notes of frankincense, amber, sandalwood, and English peppermint add some spice and complexity (and keep you from smelling... [More]

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Lanvin 'ME L'Eau' Eau de Toilette

This flowery scent from Lanvin ($92) smells divine - like mandarin, magnolia, and peony - but what we're really concerned with is whether that sparkly gem around the neck of the bottle can be removed and worn as a necklace. What can we say, we're... [More]

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Jade Matcha Cologne

Don't be fooled! This bottle of Jade Matcha Cologne ($40) from Thymes is definitely not a manly scent... actually, we'd argue that it's pretty feminine. Its notes of tea and lemongrass give it a fresh start and then it settles into something with a little... [More]

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Nasomatto Black Afgano Perfume

And the award for Most Unique Perfume goes to ...Nasomatto's Black Afgano ($185). Formulated to "evoke the best quality of Hashish," this fragrance aims to make its wearer experience "temporary bliss." At the very least, it might help us shed a few pounds seeing as... [More]

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Moonshine Cologne

How do you get your boyfriend to branch out from his current fragrance arsenal consisting of whatever bar soap was cheapest the last time he went shopping? Buy him cologne named after mash liquor that comes in its very own flask. The packaging will no... [More]

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Pipe Solid Fragrance

Forget basic pumpkin and apple - this fall, reach for something unexpected, like this pipe-scented solid perfume ($22). With notes of vanilla, bourbon, cognac, and tobacco, it will evoke all those warm and fuzzy autumn feelings without making you smell like a pie.... [More]

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Coal Eau de Parfum

Ever been in art class doing a figure drawing and start thinking that the piece of charcoal you're using, while giving you grief, also kind of smells good? Okay, you were probably more worried about trying to salvage the model's nose into something that looked... [More]

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Jimmy Choo Man Eau de Toilette

Don't be fooled by the simple name of Jimmy Choo's first fragrance for guys. Man ($82) is surprisingly complex - notes of lavender and melon are combined with pink pepper, pineapple, suede, and patchouli to great effect. If you plan on giving it to him... [More]

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Spray the Bitch Away Perfume for PMS Symptoms

This aromatherapy spray ($18) combines rose geranium, clary sage, lavender, bergamot, and frankincense oils to help calm that monthly urge to punch everyone in the throat. And if it fails, you can always just throw the bottle at them.... [More]

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