Come Clean Yummy Nom Nom Cheeseburger Soap

Forgive us for sounding like a Carl's Jr. commercial, but if your face and hands aren't covered in bacon grease and special sauce when you're done with a cheeseburger, you're doing it wrong. And if you clean up afterward with a bar of soap that... [More]

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Coffee Body Polish

Need to save time in the morning? Wake up both your brain and your skin by exfoliating with a bit of Coffee Body Polish ($16) from The Moody Sisters. Okay, so smelling that rich coffee aroma isn't the same as guzzling caffeine, so you may... [More]

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Six Month Soap of the Month Club Subscription

Featuring a different gift wrapped, handmade bar of soap every month for six months, this Soap of the Month Club Subscription ($48) is our new go-to gift for hostesses, new moms, and birthday girls. It lasts longer than a bottle of wine, and you don't... [More]

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Tasty Face Organics Peppermint White Chocolate Shave Cream

The slogan of this natural beauty company is, "Skincare clean enough to eat," and with flavors like peppermint white chocolate, we're tempted to take them up on that. This shave cream ($15) not only smells like Christmas-y baked goods, it helps eliminate razor burn and... [More]

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Bronze Buffer Self Tan Remover

You took a chance on a new self tanner, and now your skin tone is pumpkin adjacent. (At least it's seasonally appropriate, right?) Thanks to these sponges ($15), you're not stuck looking like a human jack-o'-lantern for days - just wet the sponge and gently... [More]

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Old Fashioned Lip Balm

We want to like Old Fashioneds, but they're so high maintenance. In the time it takes to muddle the sugar, stir in the bitters, and garnish with fruit, we could have taken, like, three tequila shots. If you want to enjoy the taste of Don... [More]

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Meow Meow Tweet Relief Balm

This Relief Balm ($18) is the duct tape of the beauty world - you can use it on anything! Got a headache? Rub some on your temples. Quads on fire after deciding you could totally run a 10k with zero training? Balm it up! Stuffed... [More]

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Facial Detox Kit

Every time we plan a pampering evening at home, we wind up making dinner, checking our email, and tidying up the bathroom while waiting for our mask to dry. Not exactly a relaxing experience. This Facial Detox Kit ($25) forces us to decompress for at... [More]

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Clementine and Clove Organic Body Scrub

We don't care if it makes us basic, our houses currently smell like a mashup of pumpkin pie, mulled cider, and cinnamon. When we want a break from smelling like baked goods, we scrub up with this fruity Clementine and Clove Organic Body Scrub ($26).... [More]

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e.l.f. professional Lip Exfoliator

For years we exfoliated our lips using a soft toothbrush, but when a friend turned us on to e.l.f professional's Lip Exfoliator ($3), we converted immediately. Not only does it slough off dead, dry skin, it pumps your lips full of vitamin E, shea butter,... [More]

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Parsley Porridge

Don't worry, parsley porridge isn't the next big healthy breakfast trend (although to be honest, it looks more appetizing than some of the mason jar monstrosities we've seen on Pinterest). Containing a bunch of natural good-for-your-skin ingredients like ground oatmeal, thyme, tea tree oil, and... [More]

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Thymes Lavender Sink Set

You knew you were in for a lot of work when you decided to have kids, but nobody told you how many dishes they generate once they switch to solid foods - every time you turn your back, the sink magically fills with dirty bowls,... [More]

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Hello Kitty Loofah Sponge

The news that Hello Kitty is not, in fact, a cat made us question whether our entire childhood was a lie. It also made us really want to buy some Hello Kitty sh*t, even though we're about 20 years older than Sanrio's intended demographic. Solution?... [More]

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kai Deodorant

This kai Deodorant ($24) is basically the Cadillac of antiperspirants: it contains vitamin E, chamomile, and natural plant extracts to keep sweating and odor at bay, while an infusion of skin conditioning sugars pampers your underarms. Plus, it goes on clear so you don't have... [More]

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Calm Down Soy Wax Candle

We were vacuuming the floors recently and realized the path from the front door to the bar cart is significantly more worn than the rest of the carpet. Clearly we need to find a stress reliever that doesn't involve tequila - we'll start with this... [More]

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Surf & Sand Olive Oil Soap

Home just seems so ... depressing after you've spent a week playing at the beach. Combat those post-vacation blues by mixing yourself a Mai Tai and relaxing in the bath with this handmade Surf & Sand Olive Oil Soap ($8). It looks like a little... [More]

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Bubbles, not carbs

You've been eating well all week, but now it's Friday and you'd commit felonies for a cold beer and juicy cheeseburger. This bubble bath ($16) was created for such occasions: the tangerine fragrance is designed to curb cravings, and it contains horse chestnut extract to... [More]

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Dead Sea Salts

We love it when two beloved brands get together to make magic. Hippie chic Free People combined forces with the earthy apothecaries over at Herbivore Botanicals to create these signature Dead Sea Salts ($18). Soothingly scented with bergamot and (you guessed it) patchouli, these turn... [More]

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Bonne Fête Birthday Set

Getting older doesn't stress you out (age really is just a number!), but every year you spend your best friend's birthday talking her through an existential crisis. This year, be sure to have this Bonne Fête Birthday Set ($27) on hand for her special day.... [More]

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Cocoa Glow Sunless Tanning Cream

We're the people at the beach who spend the day huddled under an umbrella covered in SPF 50+, thanks to our fair skin (and fear of melanoma). We're not rookies when it comes to sunless tanners, and this Cocoa Glow Cream ($40) is one of... [More]

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