Molton Brown Wilde Fairyfleur Body Lotion

When faced with a "limited edition" of anything, we vacillate between wanting to grab it that much faster and wanting to snub the whole routine of manufactured scarcity . . . but the grabbing usually wins. One of the latest who-knows-how-long-it'll-be-around products to grab our... [More]

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Diptyque Body Polish

Summer's around the corner, meaning it's time to show some skin! Doesn't yours deserve a little pampering before you put it on display? Rub yourself down with Diptyque's Smoothing Body Polish ($68). Sure, it's pricey, but this blend of peach butter, pomegranate seed oil and... [More]

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Hand Rejuvenating Remedy

An eye-catching color on your nails isn't going to do you any favors when you're sporting rough, dry hands. Keep your mitts marvelously smooth and hydrated with a daily dose of Crabtree & Evelyn's Lavender Hand Rejuvenating Remedy ($24). The soothing lavender scent will calm... [More]

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Love and Toast Hand Creme

After having enough hand lotions pop open in our purse, we know to only buy those with screw-on caps, which is just one of the reasons we swear by Love and Toast's Paper Flower Hand Creme ($9). The silky smooth lotion leaves our hands feeling... [More]

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Butter London Crème Trio

We admit it, we're suckers for lotions. We have entire cabinets devoted to our respective stashes, crammed full of eagerly purchased and discarded creams, unguents, and emollients. A few keep getting used again and again, though, and we count the three luscious lotions in the... [More]

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Kings & Queens Nefertiti Shower Gel & Body Milk

Nefertiti was one hell of a woman, and reputedly a great beauty who used honey to keep her skin smooth & glowing. After all, her name means, "the beautiful woman has arrived," so girl had a rep to maintain! Make like royalty & grab some... [More]

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OPI Pedicure Mask

Our feet take a lot of abuse. Whether we're pounding the pavement trying to get in shape for swimsuit season or strutting our stuff in stilettos, by the end of the day, our feet are fatigued. OPI Pedicure Mask ($28) saves us on the days... [More]

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tokyo milk bubble bath-s.jpg

TokyoMilk Bubble Bath No. 2

This is not the first time, nor the last, we rave about TokyoMilk, and their Bubble Bath No. 2 ($22) is heavenly. The dreamy Fish Bowl with Floral Background bottle is pictured, and we'll willingly jump through the looking glass. Special luxuries in this mix... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Just Soap Pedal Powered Soap Set

Soap is, well, soap, right? Nothing special. Except if it's Just Soap Pedal Powered Soap ($15-16). They actually power their soap blender with a bicycle to stick to their goal of "human scale, eco-friendly production" with less energy use. The soaps are pretty nice, too,... [More]

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Claus Porto Classico Soap Gift Box

Ever since Oprah, the Queen of All Media, anointed Claus Porto soaps as one of Her Favorite Things, they've been flying off store shelves. We'll grudgingly admit to having tried them on her recommendation, but now we can't thank Queen O enough. Pick up a... [More]

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Shea Terra Organics Coconut Milk Pineapple Shea Sugar Scrub

True, the product name, Shea Terra Organics Coconut Milk Pineapple Shea Sugar Scrub ($14), is a mouthful, but day-um does this stuff work! See, pineapple juice contains bromelain, a natural exfoliant that breaks down dead skin cells & supposedly improves new cell growth, revealing younger,... [More]

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Lush Naked Kit

To celebrate Earth Day's 40th anniversary, pick out your very own LUSH Naked Kit ($20). You get a total of six solid, earth-friendly products: a mini Squeaky Green shampoo bar, mini Buffy Body Butter bar, mini Therapy Massage Bar, a Sexy Peel Soap, and your... [More]

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Bath by Bettijo Foot Cream

As we gear up for sandal season, we realize a little TLC for our tootsies is in order. We're treating them right with Bath by Bettijo's CocoaMint Foot Cream ($32). It's full of luscious ingredients to hydrate, relax and rejuvenate our feet, including cocoa butter,... [More]

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Primavera Energizing Ginger Lime Body Lotion

Although it doesn't quite beat a strong cup of coffee, the vibrant fragrance of Primavera Energizing Ginger Lime Body Lotion ($30) will definitely help wake you up in the a.m. Made from 70% certified organic ingredients, it contains essential oils of ginger and lime to... [More]

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100% Pure Dark Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel

If we weren't such sharp cookies, we'd probably bust out a bowl of ice cream and start pouring the 100% Pure's Dark Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel ($15) all over it! 100% Pure's products are made with no chemicals or preservatives, and we were kind of... [More]

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aqua di parma-s.jpg

Colonia Intensa Deodorant

Colonia Intensa Deodorant ($34) by Acqua Di Parma really is "royal treatment for the pits." Because making our toiletry purchases out of pure necessity gets to be boring after a while, this crisp scent can spice up our bathroom cabinet for a change. We should... [More]

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Cake Beauty Refreshing Powder

We're no strangers to dry shampoo - it's a lifesaver when we hit snooze six times or squeeze in a lunchtime workout, but Cake Beauty's Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder ($16) made us look twice. This fresh-smelling powder has all of the benefits... [More]

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Pomegranate Dry Oil Spray

It seems like no matter how much lotion we slather on our legs these days, they still end up dry and scaly. Since reptilian is so not in this season, we're bringing out the big guns. A body oil applied directly post-shower will lock in... [More]

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Ahava Micro-Peeling Wash

We've all used skin exfoliaters that are about as enjoyable as grabbing playground sand and rubbing it over our limbs. If coarse granules leave you grimacing, check out Ahava's Mineral Botanic Micro-Peeling Cream Wash ($22) - the sloughing agent in this creamy potion is made... [More]

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Raspberry Mojito Soap

It's not quite close enough to summer to enjoy the refreshing kick of a minty Mojito, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the fresh scents of the hottest season with Raspberry Mojito Soap ($5). Lathering peppy peppermint and sweet raspberry aromas in our steamy... [More]

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