Cheap Thrill: Bath and Body Works Blue Hand Sanitizing 5-Pack

Let's get our patriotic spirits going! Show your pride with Bath and Body Works Blue Hand Sanitizing 5-Pack ($5). While you're saving major dough with this great deal, hop on over to the Wounded Warrior Project, donate another $5, and show some real support this... [More]

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Product Body Pineapple Icee Everyday Soap

We've been slowly trying to replace all of our bottled soaps with chemical-free bars that will really do our skin some good. One of our go-to scents is the Pineapple Icee Everyday Soap ($5) from Product Body. Every time we wash up, it's like we're... [More]

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Philosophy Be Somebody Green Tea Hot Salt Scrub

First step toward flawlessly gorgeous summer skin? Exfoliate and moisturize. Do both at once with the Be Somebody Green Tea Hot Salt Scrub ($25) from Philosophy. Then slather on some sunscreen and go show off, hot stuff!... [More]

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Eucalyptus Hyrdating Body Wash

Some days we sit on our high horse at our desks looking for products we can feel good about. Eucalyptus Hydrating Body Wash ($15) is an all around good-for-you product, what with its cleansing, anti-bacterial, muscle pain relieving properties. But most importantly, it reminds us... [More]

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Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

You're in the shower lathering up with Philosophy 'Microdelivery' Exfoliating Wash ($25). Songbirds wash your hair while you scrub-a-dub-dub. A baby deer is waiting outside the door with a fresh, warm towel recently brought over from Egypt (why not?). Ten mice powder your toes while... [More]

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Philosophy Spring Has Sprung Set

Finally getting over your Easter candy high? Get your next fix from the Philosophy Spring Has Spring Set ($25). Sickly sweet Sugar Chick, Chocolate Bunny Marshmallow and Orange Jelly Bean shampoos and bath soaps will attract the ants spring time gentleman callers.... [More]

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Carmex Fishbowl

Know a Northerner who Carmexes obsessively? Gift them the Carmex Fishbowl ($60) and you'll be their bestie for life. Or until they go through all 48 tubes. In which case, they can stop by the nearest convenience store and curb their own damn fix. We... [More]

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Kai Body Lotion

Apparently, our office desk needs to take a note from Kai Body Lotion ($38): think minimalist. Our boss keeps eyeing the Eiffel Tower replica, assortment of coffee mugs, sunglasses, three different pen holders, picture frames of our cats and iPad, iPod and shuffle as if... [More]

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Boo-Boo Cover-Up for the Body

You wake up at zero effing-o'clock in the morning and stumble down the hall in the dark to the bathroom. In your sleepy haze, you manage to run, shin-first, into your radiator. "$#*@!!!!! *%#*!!!!" Not only did you fully wake yourself up, but you just... [More]

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Philosophy 'Happy Honeysuckle' Duo

Remember walking along the edges of the playground fences where the honeysuckle grew trying to delicately pluck the flower from the bush to lightly pull the pistil from the back of the flower just to get a taste of the honeysuckle's sweet, summery nectar? Philosophy... [More]

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HelloCrafty Milk and Honey Button Soap

Soap that's way too pretty to be used is just so impractical, but we can't help but love this button soap ($6) from Etsy seller HelloCrafty. Put one in your soap dish and see if anybody can bear to use the thing.... [More]

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Kio Kio Body Lotion

New Zealand has a certain allure that causes people to return to the island nation again and again. We have to fantasize about the whole country, the people, all the scents and tastes of the culture because the husband has put his foot down we... [More]

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Joyful Bath Co. Bath Salt Six Pack

We love a good party favor. And a good bath. Combine the two with Joyful Bath Co. Bath Salt Six Pack ($25). Perfect for spa parties, bridal showers or tossing into the crowd from a parade float, all six sample packs are best sellers. It's... [More]

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Good Clean Love Love Oils

Spice up the bedroom/living room/kitchen/public park with these Good Clean Love Love Oils ($22). While you probably shouldn't go adding this oil to any cake batter, you should definitely mix the flavors and turn yourself into a human snack machine.... [More]

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Clarins Self Tanning Collection

Here at Outblush, we have an all inclusive ticket to every band wagon possible. This includes self-tanning and today we are riding into town with Clarins Self Tanning Collection ($30-42). But get your ticket fast; one piece in the collection has already sold out and... [More]

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Badger Sleep Balm

So many things keep us up at night: neighbors, stress, boyfriends who poke incessantly, stress. Badger Sleep Balm ($10) entices you to sleep with the scents of rosemary, lavender and bergamot causing you to forget all about your obnoxious neighbors who go hump in the... [More]

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Lily of the Valley Milled Soap

Your guests will appreciate the upgrade from the dime store bar soap when you switch to Lily of the Valley Milled Soap ($23). Super rich and creamy, it is like washing your hands in a cloud of lily and jasmine. With Sade playing through the... [More]

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Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Lotion

Rosewater is extremely versatile. Used in ice creams, cooking, beauty products and herbal remedies, it is hard to believe it doesn't come up more often on the Outblush Radar. The Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Lotion ($22) is a light, moisturizing lotion that smells of roses,... [More]

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One Night Tan

Men are often pegged as being giant commita-phobes but women need to own their place in that category as well. Hence, One Night Tan ($29). It doesn't give you an instant "I just spent three weeks in the Bahamas" tan but it will give you... [More]

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Philosophy Aloha Girl Set

Philosophy has been getting awfully tropical lately and we like it. The Aloha Girl Set ($25) contains their shampoo/body wash/bubble bath combo, body lotion and lip gloss all scented with the Hawaiian islands' signature coconut and vanilla essences. Did you know that Hawaiian Vanilla is... [More]

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