Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream

With cool fall weather on the horizon, we assume that most of us will head back into a shaving-optional beauty routine. For the days when you take the extra ten minutes to smooth your legs, lather on a bit of Shave Crave Shaving Cream ($20)... [More]

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Paradise Misplaced Whipped!

Maybe Paradise Misplaced Whipped! ($11) from Villainess Soaps is so named because we all know you can't bottle up paradise, no matter how hard you try. If you could, it'd smell like coconuts and mango and be lightweight enough to slather all over your body.... [More]

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Thymes Classics Sleep Well Mist

No, it's not a huffable form of Ambien. This Sleep Well Mist ($60) is a calming blend of herbal fragrances designed to help lull you into dreamland. Use a squirt on your pillow to settle you down on restless nights, or dose yourself before the... [More]

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Geysers Valley Detox Soap

Been a little hard on your poor liver this summer? Your skin is probably feeling the toxic burn as well. Help get it over that gin-sweats hump with this Geysers Valley Detox Soap ($13). It boots circulation and removes impurities with clay and activated charcoal... [More]

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Stone Soaps

You'd probably have to get mono in order to actually use these Stone Soaps ($30). We're betting you'll find these gorgeously shaped and colored bars are far too pretty to sacrifice to the shower until you're completely out of alternatives and too sick to drag... [More]

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Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel

The only "downside" to using the Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel ($19) from fresh is that you may find yourself craving a huge slice of lemon meringue pie. The gel's citrus scent is cut with a sweetness that practically turns the shower into a... [More]

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ACEQUIA Granada Luxe Body Wash

Maybe you're just not a floral scent kind of gal. Or maybe you want to cut down on shower clutter and need a body wash you and your more masculine half can both get behind. You want ACEQUIA Luxe Body Wash ($24) in Granada, a... [More]

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Your Exfoliating Gloves

Simple in design, Your Exfoliating Gloves ($16) from Daily Concepts take up little space and easily slide on over your hands to aid you in sloughing off dead skin and rough patches during your daily shower. What sets them apart from the competition is the... [More]

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LUSH Beach Box

Heading to the shore? What better way to travel than with this LUSH Beach Box ($30) in hand? This limited edition collection is packed with the brand's ocean-inspired favorites, from their refreshing Sea Vegetable soap to a salty Sea Spray hair mist. Use them to... [More]

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POW! Comic Book Soap

You'll try anything to shake off the sleep on those weekday mornings when the alarm goes off (seemingly) waaay too early. Washing up with a bar of POW! Comic Book Soap ($6) from GEEKSOAP can't hurt the cause. It packs a powerful punch of cedarwood... [More]

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Rose Apothecary Set

Treat both your insides and outsides right with this Rose Apothecary Set ($48) from Marble & Milkweed. Its collection of rosy treats includes a soothing lip balm, a nourishing body oil, and a tasty tea blend. Sip, soak, and gloss in a dreamy floral daze.... [More]

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Blue Cow Beauty Soap

Keep your skin looking soft and fresh by rubbing it with an aged dairy product. No, we're not recommending cheese facials. Cow Beauty Soap ($6) has been helping Japanese ladies maintain that youthful glow for over a hundred years now with a formula made mainly... [More]

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LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

While Silky Underwear Dusting Powder ($7) may not be something to discuss in polite company, Outblush has never been polite. In fact, we'd rather be a bit crass and tell you how awesome this powder is. Sprinkle a little onto your body on humid days,... [More]

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Caudalie Divine Legs

We're so pale. (How pale are we?) We're so pale that when we wear shorts for the first time in the summer, small children run away screaming, blinded. Now, we're happy to keep our actual skin pale - skin cancer ain't no joke, y'all -... [More]

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Lehman's Poison Ivy/Oak Relief Soap

It doesn't matter how hard we try to avoid it. We could encase ourselves in a giant plastic bubble and somehow we'd still end up getting poison ivy. When that itchy misery kicks in, chill it out with Lehman's Poison Ivy/Oak Relief Soap ($6). It... [More]

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Maritime Soap Set

Boats make everything better. Add one to your day to turn it instantly into a nautical adventure. Stick another on that trailer in your yard, and suddenly it's much more than a piece of rusty craigslist salvage. And put one on this Maritime Soap Set... [More]

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Shore-Line Natural Body Wash

A few loofah passes with a dollop of Shore-Line Natural Body Wash ($19) by k. hall designs and you'll be feeling ready to hit the beach. The natural ingredients polish and clean and the summery scent rivals that of a real beach. Err, the beautifully-tranquil... [More]

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Savon de Marseille Liquid Soap

Why would you settle for scrubbing your hands with an ordinary bar of soap when you could be dousing them with this Savon de Marseille Liquid Soap ($23)? It's made with pure French vegetable oil infused with a range of luxurious fragrances, from delicate violet... [More]

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Lollia Wander Evening Bubble Bath

This Lollia Wander Evening Bubble Bath ($36) recognizes that getting sudsy is a special occasion. It comes in a suitably elegant dessert wine bottle instead of the usual squeeze-or-pump plastic. It also declares itself "evening" bubble bath, which is when we think baths should be... [More]

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I Love New Yoku Crown Frog Bath Light

You don't get to be king of the rubber bathtub frogs without earning it. The I Love New Yoku Crown Frog Bath Light ($14) is more than just a rubber bath toy; a water sensor on the bottom automatically activates an internal LED light!... [More]

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