Lobster Shipwrecked One Piece Swimsuit

Normally, you only see a lobster print on a person's frontside when they're eating at a seafood restaurant. The Lobster Shipwrecked One Piece Swimsuit ($138) is like a lobster bib except that it covers slightly more skin. Really, though, it's the men at the beach who will wish they had... [More]


To Rise Again at a Decent Hour - Joshua Ferris

You have to hand it to author Joshua Ferris: he never stops challenging himself creatively. Unlike the shelves full of contemporary books that are derivative of one another, his novels stand out as unique. Ferris's latest book, To Rise Again at a Decent Hour ($13), follows a dentist who not... [More]


Cover App

Have trouble figuring out how to split a bill between large groups of people? Cover App (Free) automatically does the math for you (a blessing if you've already had a cocktail or three with your meal) and takes the money automatically out of each diner's bank account. With Cover, there's... [More]


Mosaic Mirror Bowl

Disco dancing is an example of something that rightfully went out of style, but disco snacking? That's a trend we'll support indefinitely. The Mosaic Mirror Bowl ($30) turns a disco ball into a flashy serving dish. Your friends will do the hustle around this dish full of Doritos until their... [More]



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Ylang Ylang Spa Wash

If you're like us, you took one look at this product and thought, "What the hell is ylang ylang?" Turns out, it's actually a type of custard apple tree whose flowers yield a highly fragrant essential oil. This spa wash ($16) is infused with both ylang ylang and rose, so... [More]


Father's Day BBQ Gift Box with Leather Brag Book

If you're looking for the perfect Father's Day gift, look no further than this Pinhole Press gift box ($65) that combines two of your dad's most favorite things: photos of you and barbecue sauce. Just follow the simple instructions to upload your photos and within minutes you'll have a totally... [More]


Sarah Angold Studio Sirata Bracelet

It takes a lot of money to look like a total badass. The Sarah Angold Studio Sirata Bracelet ($1,413) may be expensive, but can you really put a price on brass spikes? Pitbulls and Pitbull alike will envy the fancy dog collar around your wrist.... [More]


VIVA Brass Bicycle Bell

Ring ring! Ring ring! Outta our way! We've got a VIVA Brass Bicycle Bell ($20) strapped to our handlebars and we know how to clang it. Why should kids have all the fun? This attractive bell is just a sweet way of drawing attention to yourself while riding in the... [More]


Express Polish Remover Pot

Nail polish removal doesn't get much easier than this: just dip your nails inside the Express Polish Remover Pot ($11) and twist. The pre-soaked sponge inside removes the enamel without any scrubbing. Other benefits: it's perfect for traveling since it won't spill in your bag and the remover is vanilla... [More]


Joe-2-Go Handlebar Mounted Cup Holder

Gas prices tempting you to trade out your SUV for a beach cruiser? Thanks to this Handlebar Mounted Cup Holder ($14) at least you won't have to give up coffee during your morning commute.... [More]


Mother of Pearl Vida Silk Skirt

So we know that the Vida Silk Skirt ($392) by Mother of Pearl is technically an orange camo print, but all we can see are the swirling gasses of the planet Jupiter. Go ahead, take a minute to Google image Jupiter (or click this pic) for comparison. We'll wait. Jupiter,... [More]


Chalk It Up Glass Mason Jar Sippers

Ah, summer evenings: there's nothing like sitting in rocking chairs with friends and sipping mint juleps from mason jars. With all of the mosquito swatting you have to do, however, you're liable to mix up which beverage belongs to which person. While the alcohol is probably strong enough to kill... [More]


Beecology Beessential Java Soappuccino Mechanic & Gardener Soap

One more reason to love coffee: it's a natural deodorant. If you're trying to wash a lingering aroma off your hands (or if, like us, you just love the smell of coffee), we recommend picking up a bar of Beecology's Java Soappuccino ($6). The combination of essential coffee oil, cocoa,... [More]


Stop Bugging Me: Girly Baby Rib Pullover

Wear your beetle-mania on your sleeve with the Stop Bugging Me: Girly Baby Rib Pullover ($30) from Threadless. This shirt features an artful pattern of a variety of beetles printed on a comfy, three-quarter length sleeved top with ribbed collar and cuffs. Who knew insects could be so cute?... [More]


All Fresh Seafood's Combo Package

Eager to invite your friends over for a seafood buffet this summer? Skip the trip to the market and have fresh (honestly - it's not frozen!) seafood delivered directly to your home. All Fresh Seafood's Combo Package ($80) includes salmon fillet, swordfish steaks, and ahi tuna steaks, plus gourmet breadcrumbs... [More]


Name Tag Coaster Pads

Cleaning up a sea of half-empty beer bottles is one of the worst parts of hosting a summer barbecue. If you set out Name Tag Coaster Pads ($12) for your guests, they'll be more likely to finish their beverages before reaching for a new one. This means less cleanup for... [More]



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Safechew Gnawligator

You like to boast that your dog is the toughest canine in the neighborhood, but do you reckon he could handle an alligator? Feed those delusions - and your dog's mouth - with the Safechew Gnawligator ($10). In addition to looking more ferocious, your dog will gain a winning smile... [More]



Need even more music for the hazy, lazy days ahead? Welcome SACCO's debut album ($10), full of psychedelic indie rock, to your rotation. They'd be happy to know that their fuzzy guitars, washed out vocals, and pulsating drum and bass lines were providing the soundtrack to your ocean drive since... [More]


Doubtblush: Milana Dress

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Well, this is new. Usually... [More]


I Like You So Much I Went to the Post Office Card

Want to show your friends you really care? Instead of a text, send them a note in one of these cards ($19). They come in packs of eight, but we're not sure we have eight friends we like enough to brave the line at the post office.... [More]


Wooden Rocking Horse

Despite all of the newfangled toys that have been created over the years, there's a reason that this old standby is still a favorite source of diversion to this day. Your child is still several years away from whining about how she wants a "real" pony, so now's the time... [More]


Kate Spade Dear Pet Sitter Notepad

If you tend to leave long-winded instructions detailing Spot's allergies and treat preferences for your pet sitter, you may as well start writing them down on this chic notepad ($10). Your sitter will probably still think you're crazy, but they will at least know you have good taste.... [More]


Leather Audrey Dress

Somewhere in Palm Springs, an old queen is selling his soul to the devil for cash to buy the Leather Audrey Dress ($3,350). We have to admit that it could very well be worth eternal damnation to own this piece by French designer Jean-Claude Jitrois. Soft pink leather is juxtaposed... [More]


Electric Neoprene Slippers

You've probably officially put away your fleece-lined bedroom slippers for the season, but that doesn't mean your tootsies should go without a bit of cushion while you relax at home. French Bull's Electric Neoprene Slippers ($30) keep your feet feelin' fine as you putz around your place. They're lightweight and... [More]


Leather Effect Nail Polish

If Friends taught us anything, it's to avoid leather pants in sweaty situations. While we wouldn't suggest wearing leather in the summer months, we do love the idea of Leather Effect Nail Polish ($11). It'll add a bit of toughness to your flirty sundresses and won't have you hiding from... [More]


RockMyRun App

Trust us, your daily run is about to get way more bearable. We've been using the RockMyRun App (Free) for a few weeks and it's honestly made us excited to get out and get moving. The app's designers worked with a plethora of talented DJs to create the perfect mixes... [More]



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Market Weave Shoulder Tote

Roomy enough to hold a 17-inch laptop, this Market Weave Shoulder Tote ($125) from Year Round Co. should accompany you on all of your outings. Pack it up and take it to a coffee shop to work for the day, stuff it with your beach accessories and hit the sand,... [More]


Adam & Eve Desk Set

When you think of Adam and Eve, surely you think of a gilded naked hug. No? Well that's how the Michael Aram designed Adam & Eve Desk Set ($195) portrays them. Maybe don't even tell your religious friends that the figures are supposed to represent the Bible's first duo. Just... [More]


Esley Collections Contrast Yoke Print Dress

Got an island hopping trip through the Greek Isles planned? No, neither do we, but if we did, we'd be wearing this Contrast Yoke Print Dress ($72). Although no part of it is explicitly Grecian, it reminds us of the country's national colors, gorgeous mosaic tiles, and penchant for togas,... [More]


Hunter Hunted EP

The rich harmonies of Los Angeles band Hunter Hunted are perfect for those windows-down, long summer drives. With their self-titled EP, Hunter Hunted ($3), the band demonstrates its high replay value with this catchy five-track effort. Just finishing their tour as twenty one pilots' opening band, we predict standout track... [More]


Garden Perfume Oil

Not your average floral perfume, the Garden Perfume Oil ($45) from MCMC Fragrances is actually inspired by the Ananda Harvest, a community of people who take a break from their urban settings to grow and care for a garden (and colony of bees!). The perfume oil's notes are a combination... [More]


Mary Tyler Moore Coffee Mug

We never understood how Mary Tyler Moore managed to be so perky all the time. In retrospect, it must have been the coffee. With this Mary Tyler Moore Coffee Mug ($18), babe, you're gonna make it after all.... [More]


"Distant Memory" Floating Art

Yeah, we thought this "floating art" was a single panel curtain too, but that shows how much we know! We suppose that curtains do have the ability to really make or break a room, but calling them art may be a stretch. We kid, because we really do think this... [More]


One Good Deed Felt Pennant

Hurrah! You kept your voice even and pleasant when you were on the phone with a customer service rep (even after he told you that you'd have to head to your internet provider's main office forty minutes away to resolve your issue). We say that counts as your one good... [More]


The Cure 24/7

We'd be lying if we said the name of this leave-in hair treatment didn't bring back memories of when we turned fifteen, discovered black lipstick, and listened to "Lovesong" on repeat. If we had known about this product back then, it probably would have relieved a bit of our teen... [More]


Pia Dress

Sure, we could have patched together a dress from our old ringer tees from various intramural sports teams, but we guarantee it would have looked more pathetically stitched together than a reanimated ragdoll's dress. This multicolor jersey fabric Pia Dress ($251) is a much better and more sophisticated option.... [More]


Specs Shot Glasses

Let these Umbra Specs Shot Glasses ($14, set of 6) act as a reminder: keep drinking shots of tequila and tomorrow morning you're gonna need to wear an oversized pair of sunglasses to keep the sun from aggravating your wicked hangover. Of course, if that's the price you're willing to... [More]


Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

Tired of paying outrageous electricity bills? It's time to keep better tabs on electronics. Plug your electronics into a Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor ($25) and the device will tell you just how much energy is being sucked up by each individual device. From there, you'll be able to... [More]


Bamboo Tapioca Beads

When it comes to pudding, we are Team Chocolate for life, but if we're talking beauty products, tapioca might actually be the front-runner. This cleansing/exfoliating powder ($30) contains tapioca beads that can be activated using water as well as a variety of other liquids depending on your skin's needs. The... [More]


Soothing Face Wash

Using a gentle facial cleanser is always important, but even more so during the summer months. You're exposed to the elements daily: sun, campfire, dust, pollen, etc. When your skin starts feeling irritated, reach for a tube of Soothing Face Wash ($40) from Beautycounter. It's free of toxic preservatives that... [More]


Aspire Ankle Pants

The Aspire Ankle Pants ($69) lie somewhere in the middle ground between yoga pants and hiking cargo pants. They're too loose for downward facing dogs, but not sturdy enough for the rocks you may encounter while on the trail. So what are they for? They're for a walk around the... [More]


I Love You

It's nearly June and we're still singing along to The Neighbourhood's catchy hit song, "Sweater Weather." Their debut album, I Love You ($10), is an eleven track anthem for the brokenhearted (despite the misleading album title). Atmospheric and moody, these songs are for anyone who declared their love despite getting... [More]


Hairfinity Natural Vitamins

Ever had a haircut so awful that you wished there was a pill you could take to make your hair grow out faster? Well, you may be in luck - these Hairfinity Vitamins ($24) claim to help you grow longer, stronger strands, no matter what your hair type. Take two... [More]


No Pressure Graduation Card

If you really want to freak out the graduate, remind her that most student loan lenders require repayment to kick in within six months of graduation (and then go cry in your slice of cake because you're still neck deep in loans and you've been out of school for years).... [More]


Lightstitch Tunic Dress

There's something very Wednesday Addams about the Lightstitch Tunic Dress ($148) from Madewell. It doesn't have the signature peter pan collar, but it still has a bit of a schoolgirl design to it. You can wear it with pigtail braids and an ankle sock/flats combo if you really want to... [More]


Blue Chair Fruit Company Marmalades

When your friend first called you "Lady Marmalade," you understandably took it as an insult - that's a song about a prostitute! Upon further reflection, you realized that the nickname was much more innocent: you just really really love marmalade. All the more reason for you to try Blue Chair... [More]


Molded Plywood Magazine Rack

This beautiful made-to-order magazine rack ($110) just might be the nudge that finally gets you to stop piling magazines under the coffee table. Available in natural cherry, oak, walnut, and teak, it will add a touch of sophistication to your living space while helping you conquer clutter.... [More]


Small Bird Rubber Stamp

Not sure what to write in that thank you card? Just sign your name and put a bird on it! Small Bird Rubber Stamp ($4).... [More]


Personalized Leather Bracelet

Personalized jewelry is always a little hit or miss. Miss, and it looks a little too middle-school-art-class, hit, and it looks as lovely as these Personalized Leather Bracelets ($38) from Sweet Auburn Studio. The perforated leather bands are saturated with color and then connected with a brass plate featuring a... [More]


Seaweed Powder Cellulite Treatment

Who knew that getting rid of cellulite is as easy as turning yourself into a human sushi roll? Apparently, concentrated seaweed powder ($18) can make bumpy skin appear smoother after just one application. Mix with water to create a mask that can be applied alone, or smooth it onto your... [More]


Jelly Sandal

Once you pick yourself up a pair of these Jelly Sandals ($147) from Marais USA, there's one fashion decision you'll never have to agonize over again: what to wear to a picnic or a barbecue. The answer will always be these shoes with an outfit to match them.... [More]


Air Balloon Bag

Who wouldn't love a hot air balloon of her very own? While you can't just hop aboard the Air Balloon Bag ($175), any outing becomes an adventure! with it slung over your shoulder. Each bag is custom-made (in your choice of colors) by krukrustudio in Moscow, Russia.... [More]


The Fiancé Bicycle

We are in love with the magenta-rimmed wheels of the Fiancé bicycle ($399), so named because it's a "keeper." We're inclined to agree. If you want a bike to cruise around the neighborhood on gorgeous summer days, we think this lightweight single-speed or fixed gear bike will make you very... [More]


Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

If you haven't yet put Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore ($10) by Robin Sloan on your summer reading list, we'll wait while you tab over to Evernote and add it to the top. It's a quick and easy read; you're immediately swept up into the plot as you follow the protagonist,... [More]


Rayne Necklace in Violet

We love that Kendra Scott's Rayne Necklace in Violet ($80) is just one of the many, many stone color options we can choose from. All the same, the purple-hued necklace is our fav, if only because it's perfectly aligned with the Pantone trend this season. Since the Rayne Necklace is... [More]


Cloe Skirt and Emele Blouse Set

Being able to masterfully pair mismatched prints without looking like you got dressed in the dark is still a desirable skill these days, but matching sets are the thing that's all the rage. This Cloe Skirt and Emele Blouse Set ($99) combines the best of both worlds. It's part of... [More]


Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

Take note, fellas: until somebody invents a variety of rose that can actually make us look hotter, we'll take this rose-scented lip balm ($27) over a bouquet any day. It simultaneously plumps up our lips and keeps them smooth, soft, and hydrated. All the better to kiss you with.... [More]


Nikki Island Love Clutch

Orange is such an underrated color, but looking at the Nikki Island Love Clutch ($194) by Linell Ellis, we have no idea why. It's bold and sultry, fun and confident. Okay, sure, wearing orange from head-to-toe is still unadvised (unless you're Taylor Schilling!), but bolstering an outfit with orange accessories... [More]


Wondermade Lavender Marshmallows

We're no strangers to the deliciousness of Wondermade's gourmet marshmallows, so we knew our foray into the lavender flavor ($8, box of 16) wouldn't disappoint. It didn't, and they're quite possibly our new favorite. The folks at Wondermade suggest melting them into your morning cup of tea to add a... [More]


Xscape - Michael Jackson

Though it hasn't received a whole lot of buzz, Xscape ($10) is an album with all new Michael Jackson music. Timbaland and a team of notable producers took eight previously unreleased songs recorded at various points in the King of Pop's career and re-worked the tracks into music that should... [More]


Metal Cats

If tattooed guys and adorable kitties make you squee with joy, Metal Cats ($11) by Alexandra Crockett is a must for your coffee table. There's something about seeing a scruffy, tattooed hottie cuddling an orange tabby that makes us weak in the knees. This book features members of actual heavy... [More]


Pom Pom Throws

Made with a lightweight cotton voile, these Pom Pom Throws ($29) from West Elm will quickly become a summer go-to staple. They'll look good while keeping you comfy on those cooler summer nights when you need to curl up with a good book, and they pack easily in case you... [More]


Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Between work, kids, and the wide selection of trashy reality shows on Netflix, it can be difficult to get to bed at an acceptable hour. When you wake up bleary-eyed and desperate for just ten more minutes of sleep, try using this Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller ($11). It contains... [More]

VS Very Sexy Flyaway Babydoll

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Flyaway Babydoll

The Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Flyaway Babydoll ($25, on sale) will leave your lover panting! Plus the gorgeous shade of blue will look phenomenal on you. Visit Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you can save 20% on any one item (code ITEM20). Exclusions include Hunter®, Frye®, Sorel® and... [More]

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.57.24 PM.png

You Tell Us: Easy Butter

Easy Butter ($39) promises to "easily turn a hard stick of butter into soft, spreadable strings of butter!" What do you think? Would you try Easy Butter? I like my cheese in string form, why not butter? It's not aesthetically pleasing, but I'll give it a try if it means... [More]


Nerd XY

Nerd cologne ($31) - because it's important to smell woodsy while playing World of Warcraft for two days straight. Also available for nerdettes.... [More]


Fuuvi Charly Bicycle Smart Mirror

Look, we're already wearing these helmets that are not, in any way, shape, or form, helping out with our hairdos, so we're going to do everything else in our power to make our bike trips stylish (as well as safe!) The Fuuvi Charly Bicycle Smart Mirror ($26) attaches to your... [More]


Sea Life Charm Necklace

Seeing as most shells and sand dollars don't survive the trip home from the beach (unless you brought along some bubble wrap for the express purpose of transporting delicate ocean treasures), there's no way they could ever last as a piece of jewelry, as much as you want to wear... [More]

take ten square_ B.jpg

Take Ten Foot Soak

Give your feet a much needed rest. Comprised of salt from the Atlantic Ocean and the Dead Sea, Take Ten Foot Soak ($11) is a blend that will refresh your toes after a long day of standing at work. Warm, tingly, and soothing, Take Ten elevates a foot bath from... [More]


J. Crew Printed Playing Cards

Who says poker night has to be a guy thing? Swap the cigars for cocktails, break out these Printed Playing Cards ($13), and start a new girls' night tradition.... [More]


Acid Tropics Cave Scarf

We're pretty sure a cave is the last place we'd want to go if we were tripping (we'd probably never get out) but the colors, Duke, the colors! They look fairly magical from where we're standing - which is drooling over this gorgeous painted crepe de chine scarf ($119), and... [More]

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.57.30 PM.png

4 Piece Black Dot Fox Luggage Set

Not everyone can stomach having luggage with a loud, colorful floral pattern, but going standard black is a recipe for mixing up your bags with another traveler. The 4 Piece Black Dot Fox Luggage Set ($200) takes the standard black aesthetic and enhances the exterior with a distinct polka dot... [More]


Waterproof Solar Flashlight

"Wahhh, my flashlight isn't bright enough." "Wahhh, my flashlight's batteries ran out." "Wahhh, I dropped my flashlight in the river." First, quit your complaining. Second, you clearly need to upgrade to L.L.Bean's Waterproof Solar Flashlight ($25). With a new brighter design, the spiffy flashlight holds up to sixteen hours of... [More]


SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins

What if we told you we found a gummy candy that actually makes you healthier? SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins ($30) aren't technically candy, but they taste like it. The gluten-free drops come in orange, lemon, and strawberry banana flavors, and they're made with all-natural organic sweeteners. Chew six each day for... [More]


Handmade Moroccan Tote

You've got canvas tote bags up the wazoo - businesses seem to really like to hand them out as freebies or as part of a special offer. And while they do a good job carrying groceries, when you set out for a day at the beach you want something that... [More]


Sweet Macaroon Card

Know someone who's sweeter than a plate full of macaroons? Let her know via a little note inside the Sweet Macaroon Card ($5) by Danielle Kroll. Better yet, use it to invite her out for a weekend brunch full of bubbly mimosas and delicate bakery-made macaroons!... [More]


Fast Food Nail Decals

While we love us some fast food french fries, we also love having functioning arteries - which means we don't eat them as often as we'd like to. We're still holding out hope that scientists will discover a fat-free way to fry foods, but until then we'll settle for getting... [More]

New Cotton ON.thumb.jpg

Cotton On Cuban Strappy Playsuit

If you've ever felt silly for shelling out good money on a simple cotton dress or a plain white v-neck, then ditch American Apparel and start ordering from Cotton On. The Australian retailer, who so far has only 121 stores in the United States, offers way more bang for your... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Triangle Ring

We may love to collect designer fashion accessories, but our wallets prefer we stock up on items like this Triangle Ring ($5, on sale). We're cool with compromising this time. The ring is cute and trendy, and while it's not going to become an heirloom piece, it'll certainly help us... [More]


Hugs Indigo Card

When you can't give your loved ones big hugs in person, just send them big H-U-G-S through the USPS instead. This set of hand drawn cards ($18 for 8) by artist Eva Jorgensen does about as well as expressing the sentiment of an embrace than any other stand-in.... [More]


Nexxus Treatment Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir

Just in case you didn't have enough anxiety over making sure your skin ages well, there's now a slew of anti-aging hair products hitting the shelves. We're not super concerned about whether our hair looks old, but we have to admit we're intrigued by this Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir ($11).... [More]


Qupid Carol Floral Flat

If you heard us try to describe the Qupid Carol Floral Flat ($30), you might not think the casual summer shoe would be anything you wanted near your closet. We'd paint it as part espadrille, part slingback, and part peep toe, all rendered in a canvas floral pattern that wouldn't... [More]


Striped Linen Pillowcases

You already eat biscuits and drink coffee in bed, and the evidence is in the crumbs in the sheets and the rings on the bedside table. If you want to bring even more of the kitchen into the bedroom, you can pick up one of these Striped Linen Pillowcases ($55... [More]


Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise

Honestly, the idea of hair mayonnaise kind of freaked us out at first - "potato salad" isn't high on the list of things we want our hair to smell like. However, this conditioning treatment ($4) is said to be great for moisturizing and repairing damaged strands. Massage into wet hair... [More]


Mini Strawberry Print Leather Zipper Pouch

Floral be damned, our print of choice this season is berries: bright, ripe, cheery ones! The Mini Strawberry Print Leather Zipper Pouch ($122) certainly applies. It's designed by Kindah Khalidy on a BAGGU coin purse and we'd love to spend the summer using it to store our loose change (that... [More]


Atom Ukulele

You've been discussing starting a nerdy Maroon 5 parody band for years now, and here's your opportunity to make that fantasy a legitimate act. With the handmade maple Atom Ukulele ($770), you can adopt the stage name Atom Levine and perform science-infused songs like "Makes Me Hypothesize," "Perpetual Motion Like... [More]


Clover Canyon Floral Discs Dress

We love this season's trend of mashed-up patterns, which is wonderfully captured by Clover Canyon's Floral Discs Dress ($264). Bright flowers overlay perpendicular black and white stripes on a classic sheath profile, exemplifying Southern California's cultural eclecticism and casual elegance. Even if you're trapped in a cubicle in Cleveland, wearing... [More]


Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream

After a winter of phoning it in with a few quick passes of a razor over the gams, it's probably time to buckle down and get the legs lookin' smooth and sexy. LUSH's Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream ($14-26) is their most luxe cream, full of natural, skin-soothing ingredients... [More]


Zebra Dipped Flats

We understand why these are called the Zebra Dipped Flats ($62), but we think that calling them "okapi flats" would have been slightly more accurate?... [More]


The 1975

The 1975 is a four-piece British rock band fronted by the crush-worthy Matthew Healy (his long, wavy locks and sensitive eyes give us Jordan Catalano flashbacks like you wouldn't believe). Their debut album, The 1975 ($10), is a polished compilation of their earlier EPs with hit singles like "Chocolate" and... [More]


SPRZ NY Jack Pierson Tank

SPRZ NY ("short" for Surprise New York) is a collaboration between Uniqlo and MoMA, comprised of limited edition apparel featuring artwork from modern and contemporary artists. That was reason enough for us to check out the line, and it's better than expected. It was hard for us to pick out... [More]


Good Luck Porcelain Horseshoe with Stars

We're not the overly superstitious sort, or the types to be devoted to our horoscopes, but it seems silly to completely write off the influence of unseen forces. Who knows? Maybe hanging a Good Luck Porcelain Horseshoe with Stars ($32) by Red Raven Studios in your home will increase your... [More]


Vintage Inspired Coffee Mill

Feed your caffeine addiction in style with the Vintage Inspired Coffee Mill ($65) from Meriwether of Montana. This coffee mill has a sturdy, rustic design that is as functional as it is sure to make you the envy of every hipster on the block. Your morning cup of joe will... [More]


Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Hair Mousse

Herbal Essences has come a long way since those cringe-worthy orgasmic commercials of the '90s. In fact, their Tousle Me Softly Mousse ($4) works just as well as many luxury brands we've tried, but for a fraction of the price. Apply to damp hair, scrunch, and dry with a diffuser... [More]

VS Sequin Bandeau Top

Victoria's Secret Sequin Bandeau Top

The Victoria's Secret Sequin Bandeau Top ($89) is perfect if you're attending a fancy schmancy pool party. It will take you from poolside princess to after dark diva. Cruise over to Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you can buy one swimsuit and save a whopping 50% on your... [More]

PINK Body Pillow

PINK Gimme More Body Pillow

Comfort is something we crave so we fell in love with the PINK Gimme More Body Pillow ($25, on sale). It's large enough for us to cuddle with; it almost replaces our cuddle buddy. Click over to Victoria's Secret PINK to save as much as 50% on PINK dorm essentials.... [More]

VS PINK Boyfriend Pant

Victoria's Secret PINK Boyfriend Pant

We love chilling on the beach on those overcast days when it allows us to truly relax. And we'd love to have the Victoria's Secret PINK Boyfriend Pant ($30, on sale) in our beach bag just in case we got cold. Head over to Victoria's Secret PINK and for a... [More]

Victorias Secret Bronzing Powder

Victoria's Secret Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder

Craving a sun-kissed glow on your face? Try the Victoria's Secret Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder ($11, on sale). All you have to do to look like a bronze bombshell is sweep the bronzer over your forehead, cheeks and nose. This bronzer is available in 3 colors to enhance most complexions.... [More]

VS Boyfriend Sweater

Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Sweater

The month of May usually brings gorgeous weather, but every now and then we have some days that leave us chilled to the bone and not sure what to wear. That's where the Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Sweater ($30, on sale) comes into play. This adorable sweater is great to pair... [More]

Aspire Acquire White Booties

Aspire/Acquire: Gianvito Rossi Leather Peep-Toe Bootie

One of our avid readers loved the booties from one of our recent YOU Be The Stylist posts, so we felt compelled to help her out. Melanie wrote: "I LOOOOOVE the booties. Can you make a new post to help me find a more reasonably priced one?" While the Gianvito... [More]


Fresh Feet Wipes

Flat sandals are definitely one of our warm weather staples, but the ring of dirt that builds up on our feet throughout the day is nothing short of disturbing. This summer, we plan to keep a few packs of Fresh Feet Wipes ($6) in our bags to ensure that our... [More]


Plants by Tinybop

If you have to hand over the iPad to the kids in order to create some semblance of peace and quiet for even half an hour, give them an option for an activity that doesn't involve mindlessly clicking on random things that pop up. Instead, introduce them to Tinybop's new... [More]


SuperSmile Crystal Collection Toothbrush

These SuperSmile toothbrushes ($15) are ergonomically shaped to guide your hands to the ADA-recommended 45-degree brushing angle, and their five rows of bristles are nice and gentle on your gums. But more importantly, look how pretty! We love the look of the slender Lucite handle so much that we'd consider... [More]


Fruit Hand Cream

Here's some insight into our maturity level: at first glance, we totally thought this peach hand cream ($8) was a butt. And that kind of makes us want it even more.... [More]


Hardshell Case for MacBooks

If you think dropping your phone is a disaster, just wait until the inevitable day when your laptop slips from your hands. Preemptively protect your computer, klutz, with a Hardshell Case for MacBooks ($50). The case snaps on simply and features thermal vents to prevent your laptop from overheating. The... [More]


Dogs: Best in Show Trump Card Game

In the Best in Show ($9) game, you pit carefully bred canine against carefully bred canine in the nail biting, high stakes categories of grooming, trainability, possession of a "keen nose", exercise, noise making ability, and top speed. While you'll surely learn a lot about the massive grooming requirements of... [More]


Marry, F*ck, Kill Wedding Card

Everyone's favorite "would you rather" game might not seem wedding appropriate, but to hell with it. This Marry, F*ck, Kill Wedding Card ($5) is a cheeky way of congratulating your friend on making the kind of commitment that others will only agree to after first (pretend) murdering someone even worse... [More]


Estée Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum

We always thought acne was supposed to clear up after the teen years, so what's the deal with all the breakouts we deal with as adults? Is it workplace stress? Bad genes? Our addiction to delicious, greasy pizza? In lieu of quitting our jobs and/or giving up our late-night Pizza... [More]


Verismo White Peppermint Mocha Kit

It's not likely that you can't make it to Starbucks each morning - they're literally on every block, after all - but on the chance you happen to be one of four Americans over a mile from the nearest coffee shop, you can still brew your favorite beverage at home.... [More]


Shu Uemera Lightbulb Foundation and Sponge Set

Don't call the KONG-like sponge just any old sponge. Oh no, this is a glow enhancer and controller, designed especially to help you apply your Shu Uemera Lightbulb Foundation ($55). We joke about the lingo, but this set really is amazing. The foundation provides full coverage plus an extra dose... [More]


Tell Me a Story Activity Set

Here's a game that's sure to kickstart creativity: the Tell Me a Story Activity Set ($35). Shake a trio of stamped dice and use the graphics to craft a fictional tale. Sometimes the imagination just needs a little inspiration to get rolling. The game comes with a customized pad so... [More]


TPS Pink 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

The TPS Pink 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet ($129, on sale) from CB2 proves that even room eyesores like filing cabinets can get a design overhaul. A matte pink finish adds a bit of pretty to your document holder and the wheels make it easy to move from one area of your... [More]


Boogie Bites Party Picks

Boogie Bites ($14) are toothpicks with personalities. These people-shaped picks have points jutting from their torsos to impale appetizers. With a quick jab, olives, meatballs, and cheese become the hilarious heads on the Boogie Bites. Your party guests will get a kick out of these clever utensils, so long as... [More]


Doubtblush: Acne Cruise White Trousers

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


All Love Needs is You Print

The All Love Needs is You Print ($12-88) by Christopher David Ryan turns one of the most iconic Beatles tunes on its head and reminds you to spread around some of the good stuff. We're no experts, but we're pretty sure love is cyclical: the more you give, the more... [More]


Gold Geometry Thought for the Day

"Quotations inspire great people to be even better." - Anonymous* "All you need to get through the day is a cup of coffee and words of wisdom from a dead philosopher." - Anonymous* "If your heart isn't so crippled with cynicism that you can still draw daily affirmation from a... [More]


Edge of Urge's Surprise of the Month Club: A Missing Pieces Care Package

Do you like surprises? Do you like trinkets? Is your shopping compulsion so strong that you find yourself shouting things like, "I"ll pay for it now, tell me what it is later!"? Answering yes to any of these questions makes you a great candidate for Edge of Urge's Surprise of... [More]


Letter Mail Holder

If you've got more bills, bills, bills than Destiny's Child, you need a specific spot in your home to store them all. The Letter Mail Holder ($44) holds all those envelopes that you're just not ready to open - or pay for - yet. It's cute, but why does a... [More]


M·A·C Proenza Schouler Bougainvillea Nail Lacquer

Having a yard full of bougainvilleas is one of our dreams, as is having a closet full of Proenza Schouler's savvy pieces. Although the first dream could be within reach, the second is probably not. While we're awake, at least we have this consolation prize: the gorgeous bright orange coral... [More]


Ric Rac Row

These casual slip-ons from Sanuk ($60) are decorated with essentially the same exact rickrack that we used to decorate the pockets of our jeans and overalls in elementary school, and yet we don't have a problem with that. What's going on? Maybe we're just far enough removed from those times... [More]


Mossimo Supply Co. Printed Tank Top

This limited edition top ($15) from Tarjay features a maritime signal flag design by illustrator and sign painter Jeff Canham. It's a nice break from the ubiquitous nautical blue and white stripes of summer (not that we'd ever turn those away). And, yes, of course we've translated it for you:... [More]


Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil

When it comes to post-pregnancy stretch marks, we say rock them - after all, they're a testament to the life you grew! However, if reducing their appearance would make you feel more comfortable, try rubbing Mama Mio's Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil ($36) on your belly twice a day. It... [More]


Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

As if wine aficionados couldn't get any more snobby, the Wall-Mounted Wine Rack ($23) allows lushes to hang bottles directly to the wall as if they were works of art. Holding up to nine bottles simultaneously, the vertical rack preserves precious counter space so that you can store your whiskey... [More]


RossLab Ceramic Birds

If succulents and herbs aren't enough lovely to decorate your home and garden, maybe it's time to nestle a few RossLab Ceramic Birds ($38, set of 3) under their leaves. The birds are hand-shaped, so no two are the same, and they'll add a little bit of charm and whimsy... [More]


Megumi Ochi Ligno Sandals

Somehow designer Megumi Ochi makes minimalistic sandals look even simpler than similar cheaper counterparts. Perhaps it's because of her careful construction choices; the Ligno Sandals ($289) use one continuous line as both a toe strap and ankle buckle with loops to hold it all in place. That sort of thing... [More]


Misty Missy Dress

We've got our fair share of chambray button-downs and chambray tunics and even chambray dresses, but what we didn't realize was that our closets were missing a chambray maxi dress. We think we'll add this fun and flirty Misty Missy Dress ($178) to the collection... just to be thorough. We're... [More]


Spirits Infused Salt Trio

While we haven't officially decided how we're going to use the Spirits Infused Salt Trio ($18) from Frankie & Coco, we do know that we're plenty happy to experiment. The three salt flavors include Tequila Chili Lime, Chipotle Bourbon, and Vodka Lemon, and we bet we can use their boozy... [More]


Grad Cap Money Card Holder

Happy Graduation! Now's your chance to get out there and make money. No, not by getting a job (haha, like anyone can find a job anymore), but by collecting monetary gifts from people who feel obligated to acknowledge your graduation. The Grad Cap Money Card Holder ($7) has a slot... [More]


Madison Reed Hair Color

Home hair coloring is a vicious cycle. It's messy and takes forever to apply, looks lovely for about 3.2 days, and then fades into some sort of blah in-between non-color. Enter Madison Reed Hair Color ($30). Each shade is vibrant, full of nuanced tones, and perfectly tailored to your needs... [More]

VS Very Sexy Push Up Bra

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra

The weather is finally getting warmer. That usually means things will also heat up in the boudoir. We're slipping into the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra ($36-44, on sale) to guarantee ourselves some luck. Visit Victoria's Secret to shop their Semi-Annual Sale to stock up on sexy and flirty... [More]

VS Beach Sexy Fringe One Piece

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Fringe One-Piece

Fringe trim is all the rage this summer so be a trendsetter as you hit the beach. Rock the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Fringe One-Piece ($51) and you'll make all their heads turn. Shop Victoria's Secret and you'll score a free Angel tote with any purchase of $65 or more... [More]


Neal's Yard Remedies Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Lotion

In a perfect world, we'd concoct our own all-natural bath products using fresh herbs from the garden. In reality we can barely keep succulents alive, so we're going to stick to purchasing our organic beauty products. This Neal's Yard hand lotion ($19) is infused with shea nut butter, jojoba and... [More]


Hawaiian Aloha Salt Collection

Want to sprinkle a little island flavor on your next seafood dish? The Hawaiian Aloha Salt Collection ($60) is seasoning that will provide you with some of the fine tastes that rarely make it off the Hawaiian islands. Including distinct sea salts like Black Lava, Bamboo Jade, Balsamic, and Koloa... [More]


The Lampshade Top in Cotton Dots

We'd never have been inspired to make a top based on a lampshade, but that's why we leave the fashion designing up to others. Despite the ridiculousness of the mental image of somebody wearing a lampshade as a shirt, this AYR top ($150) is really working for us. It's not... [More]


Multi-Function USB Charger Cable Adapter

Like the Swiss Army knife of chargers, the USB Charger Cable Adapter ($21) from Xoopar is small in size but versatile in its uses. The universal charger keeps four different connectors in its silicone case so you can quickly and easily charge up your electronics on-the-go. Make sure to always... [More]


Cassandra Zig Zag Jewelry Sack

What you can't see in the photo above is the fact that the inside of the colorful Cassandra Zig Zag Jewelry Sack ($24) from HADAKI is full of small pockets for quick and efficient organizing. Store and access your most used jewelry items - from necklaces to earrings - without... [More]


L'Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer Face Lotion SPF 30

Sure, you could spread regular old sunblock on your face and call it a day, but your pores will not be happy. When it comes to your face, it's best to reach for a lighter formula, such as this Silky Sheer Face Lotion with SPF 30 ($9). It's absorbed instantly... [More]


Philip B. Oud Royal Perfect Finish Shaping Fiber

No matter what hairstyle you're currently rocking, this shaping fiber ($29) can make it look better. Add a bit to long, layered strands to make them shiny and smooth, or use it to add texture to an edgy bob. If volume's what you're after, massage some into damp roots and... [More]


Standing Elation Flats

Even though we can't seem to get Miranda Priestly's sarcasm out of our heads when we spy floral accessories, we also can't stop buying them. They're a classic choice, and our latest acquisition is a pair of Standing Elation Flats ($155). They also feature another one of our favorite fair... [More]


Cooking with Flowers

Flowers: Lovely to look at, but yummy to eat? We never really considered using petals and stems in our dishes until we laid eyes on Cooking with Flowers: Sweet and Savory Recipes with Rose Petals, Lilacs, Lavender, and Other Edible Flowers ($17) by Miche Bacher. Surprisingly, they're not just good... [More]


Hot Tools Deep Waver

Don't be alarmed by the fact that this looks like a glorified crimping iron - it won't make you look like vintage Michael Bolton. No, the Deep Waver ($48, on sale) creates bigger, softer waves than the crimpers of yesteryear. We suggest leaving the ends of your hair straight, and... [More]

VS Cami Crossback Sport Bra

Victoria's Secret Cami Crossback Sport Bra

Look beautiful and buff during your morning workout. Rock the Victoria's Secret Cami Crossback Sport Bra ($43) for fabulous lift and support with high style. Sprint over to Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you'll receive a free sport tote with a $50 sport purchase (code SPORT50). Order must... [More]

VS Beach Pant

Victoria's Secret Beach Pant

Now that Memorial Day weekend is over, we're welcome to wear pretty much anything we want including flowy linen pants. The Victoria's Secret Beach Pant ($28, on sale) is a must-have if you enjoy relaxing seaside. Visit Victoria's Secret to save an extra 30% on clearance clothing and shoes (code... [More]


Mason Jar Cookie Mix

We've always wanted to make one of those pretty-looking cookie mix jars, but our time (and patience!) for cute crafts hovers around zilch. Good thing we can grab a few Mason Jar Cookie Mixes ($18 each) to take to housewarmings and backyard parties this summer. They make for most excellent... [More]


La LOOP Sport Eyeglass Holder

Hmm. Our practical sides are ready to purchase the La Loop Sport Eyeglass Holder ($25) because our sunnies were expensive and the last thing we want is to lose them, or worse, to accidentally sit on them! And the silicone loop isn't too terrible-looking. We actually kind of like its... [More]


Esprit Color Block Sweater Dress

When you want to take your beach style to the streets, try out this Esprit Color Block Sweater Dress ($112). It doesn't always fly to wear a spandex rash guard to dinner (plus, you need room for dessert!), but we think this cashmere-enhanced dress, with its surf-inspired colorblocking, will be... [More]


"The Older I Get, The Wiser I Get" Father's Day Card

When you were a teenager, you would have sworn your dad was the dumbest man alive. Not ten years later, however, you've realized just how smart he actually is. "The Older I Get, The Wiser I Get" Father's Day Card ($4) coyly references those tense teenage years. Your dad will... [More]


Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library

Feeling blue? Try putting on some rose-colored glosses. With shades ranging from light pinks to corals to full-on reds, Bite Beauty's Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library ($49) contains a color to fit your every mood.... [More]


Intimately Giselle Wrap

Despite the, uh, less-than-skilled dancing on display in the video for Free People's line of dance/yoga wear, we're still into this Intimately Giselle Wrap ($53) as a stylish warm up option. The semi-sheer cardigan is basically a crop top with super long ties that you can use to wrap around... [More]


Lush Big Shampoo

Think of this body-building shampoo ($27) as Hans and Franz for your hair - it will pump it up big time. In addition to creating serious volume, the formula uses sea salt and other minerals to remove grease and strip dirt, leaving your hair super clean and soft. Plus, it... [More]


Nigella Lawson Rosebud Butter Dish

Maybe we're gullible, but we assume that anything bearing Nigella Lawson's name is pure gold. The enchanting chef's classic kitchen line is full of lovely ceramic bowls and wooden tools, and we want 'em all. We'll start with the modest Rosebud Butter Dish ($25). It's simple, pleasing to look at,... [More]


WSAKE Hair Combs

Hair combs have never been a super popular accessory the same way butterfly clips or brightly patterned scrunchies were, and never as immune to trends as decorative bobby pins. And yet, the awesome brass Hair Combs by WSAKE ($130-$219) - in tulip, "looking guy", lace, and square designs - make... [More]


Palm Tree Lurex Skirt

The two suns on this Palm Tree Lurex Skirt ($76) make us think it's Tatooine-inspired, but we know that's not the case, since obviously that hostile desert planet can't support plant life of any kind. (Rodarte, on the other hand? Definitely Star Wars fans.) Nevertheless, whatever strange world this skirt... [More]

VS Pencil Jean

Victoria's Secret Pencil Straight Crop Jean

The Victoria's Secret Pencil Straight Crop Jean ($55, on sale) have become a fast favorite among us! Visit Victoria's Secret to save 25% on denim and pants (code STYLE25) or 30% on denim and pants when you use your Angel Card (code STYLE30). Choose from skinny jeans, crop pants, capris,... [More]

VS Beach Sexy Strapless Romper

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Strapless Ruffle Romper

The Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Strapless Ruffle Romper ($45) is absolutely adorable to throw on over your favorite bikini! HIt the beach in style this summer when you shop at Victoria's Secret. For a limited time, you can snag free shipping and free returns on a swimwear or cover-up purchase... [More]


F1 Spacepak Lingerie in Purple

When you travel, organization is key, and the F1 Spacepak Lingerie in Purple ($42) from Flight 001 will help you organize the important stuff: your unmentionables. The double zip bag keeps your clean bras and underwear separated from your worn ones. There's also a mesh bag included so you can... [More]


adidas Techfit Bra

There are tons of options out there when it comes to sports bras, but all you really need is something that'll hold the gals in place with a decent amount of comfort, right? Enter the Techfit Bra ($25) from adidas. It offers moderate support (think: enough to help things stay... [More]


Lauren B #IMSOLA Nail Couture

Imsola? Let us give you a clue to decrypting this hashtag hue: Some of the other polishes in Lauren B's line are named Rodeo Drive, Where's My Oscar?, and Paparazzi. It's "I'm So L.A.", of course, but you can't really use punctuation in hashtags, which makes the name of this... [More]


Block Eye Cropped Tee

Before you say anything, we'll admit that this cubist style">Block Eye Cropped Tee ($18) is an odd one; as far as we're concerned, any top that features a giant eye over the chest region is something to be considered carefully. But overall, we're charmed by this Cubist-style crop top for... [More]


Sephora Collection Pull It Together Travel Bag

When we travel, our makeup cases always seem to morph into Mary Poppins' magic bag - they look small from the outside, but the inside feels like a cavernous abyss as we paw around looking for our damn lipstick that's nowhere to be found. We obviously need to pick up... [More]


DeWit Tulip Trowel

You may be getting down and dirty as you dig in your garden, but that doesn't mean your tools have to look a fright. Even covered in muck, this DeWit Tulip Trowel ($42) retains its classy appearance. Having trouble getting your buds to bloom? Buy a bouquet, toss it in... [More]


Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

Every once in a while we come across a product that makes us feel like idiots for not knowing it existed. Like, for instance, liquid cuticle remover ($4). If we had known there was a cuticle removing option besides hacking at them with tiny scissors, we would have taken advantage... [More]


The T.V. Eye

We're intrigued by these seafoam green sunnies. We love the ocean-inspired color and chunky frame for sure, but why are they called The T.V. Eye ($58)? Do they unlock special content that only the wearers of the glasses can see? Do they reveal hidden secrets placed in the background of... [More]


WHY? Father's Day Card

As a kid, you asked "why" to understand the world around you; as a teen, you asked "why" to complain about the world around you, and as an adult, you ask "why"... okay, to still complain about the world around you (or at least about your boss and her stay-late-until-it's-done... [More]


Handmade Gold Polka Dot Cup and Saucer Set

What's better than a fresh, made-to-order cappuccino? How about a made-to-order porcelain cup ($48) to drink it from? These cups and saucers are hand-painted and wheel-thrown, meaning that each set is truly unique. Sure, they're a little pricier than the mugs at your local big-box store, but we think it's... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? May 23, 2014

Like it or not, it's swimsuit season! One way to make it less painful - shopping on sale. Despite the start of the season, there are tons of cute suits on sale today - but we've only got time to show you five. Mossimo Stripe Bandeau Swim Top ($16 on... [More]


Lollipop Tree Address Book

Lollipop trees may not actually exist in nature, but we're thankful that the Lollipop Tree Address Book ($9) exists to keep our lives organized. How many licks does it take to get to the center of your address book?The world may never know. (And if you literally try to lick... [More]


bareMinerals Faux Tan Sunless Body Tanner

We've been asking around about this year's top sunless tanners and the same one seems to be on everyone's list: the Faux Tan Sunless Body Tanner ($26) from bareMinerals. The lotion is tinted to give you an immediate glow upon application. After a few hours, your color will gradually darken... [More]


KMS California Hair Play Messing Creme

It seems counterintuitive, but messy hair is actually one of the hardest looks to pull off. Not enough mess and you look lazy. Too much, and you look homeless. That's where KMS' California Hair Play Messing Creme ($15) comes in. Just work a dab through dry hair to achieve that... [More]


Pink Peony Découpage Glass Tray

We're about 900 percent sure that any and all attempts on our part to grow delicate flowers like peonies will be met with disaster, or at least, just...nothing. To spare ourselves the disappointment of staring at dirt where blooms should be growing, we'll go ahead and order a Pink Peony... [More]


Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen with Cellular Response Technology

What elevates regular old goop to "super" goop status? Well for one thing, Supergoop's Everyday Sunscreen ($19-$48) never leaves white residue behind, and it actually moisturizes while it protects your skin from the sun. Plus, it's full of rich antioxidants to keep your skin looking young. Sounds pretty super to... [More]


Stella McCartney Bandeau Swimsuit

You'll be the sweetest thing at the beach in this Stella McCartney Bandeau Swimsuit ($370) - at least until the ice cream truck shows up. It features a red papercut heart pattern on front, with flattering black pattern inserts on the sides and back. The details are perfection - but... [More]


Zelzah Console

The Zelzah Console ($308). Is it a rolling bookshelf or a wet bar on wheels? The easiest answer is that it's both! In fact, you can use it for just about anything you'd like and automatically have a portable, swoon-worthy shelving system. It makes us wonder why more furniture doesn't... [More]



Traveling this summer? These SuperSmartTags ($20+) aren't pretty, but they'll be an invaluable tool as you pass through airports. Each tag carries with it a unique code that you can register at supersmarttag.com. Once registered, the site will link the tag with your e-mail address (and phone number if you'd... [More]


Edible Flowers Gift Set

Hint to your significant other that chocolate and flowers are better given as one sweet treat, à la the Edible Flowers Gift Set ($30) from mali b sweets. Each of the five included chocolate bars features a different edible flower and complementary flavor - like hibiscus raspberry and lavender mango... [More]


Factory Gilded Jacquard Top

If you wear this Rococo-inspired patterned Factory Gilded Jacquard Top ($49) and stand really still next to the curtains at Versailles, or lie on the carpet, or drape yourself over a chair, you may make it through Kimye's wedding undetected - that is, if you can get in past the... [More]


Bear Naked Nail Wipes

While we certainly recommend using a few Bear Naked Nail Wipes ($9) from Josie Maran because they're a mess-free way to take off your polish, we're actually more impressed by their ability to smell so good. The grapefruit scent is effervescent and a far cry from the acidic smell of... [More]


Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

A few years back, we featured a Williams-Sonoma Outdoor Pizza Oven that cost $5,000. It gave us dreams of having pizza cookouts in our yard, but at that price, we were going to have to stick to calling Papa John's. Now Williams-Sonoma is offering a Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Be Amaze-y Patch

Featuring an awesome summer mantra, this Be Amaze-y Patch ($5) from the University of Brooklyn Shop is perfectly suited for the front pocket of your adventure backpack. Don't have an adventure backpack? That's easy to remedy. Nab a plain bag, decorate it with patches like the one above, and fill... [More]


Black Ombre Pet Leash

You wouldn't walk out the door sporting less than fabulous accessories, so why should you expect Fido to tolerate an old, dirty leash? This beautiful ombre rope version ($62) is hand-dyed and crafted in Brooklyn, and is hand-spliced for maximum durability. Thanks to adjustable o-rings and clips, this leash can... [More]


Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40

MDSolarSciences isn't kidding around with its Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40 ($19). The affordable sunscreen sprays on evenly and protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays for up to an hour and twenty minutes (in and out of water) before you should apply a second coat. While that's pretty typical... [More]


Carme Light Switch Plate

We couldn't think of a better way to add rich detailing to your space than swapping out a plain, plastic light switch plate for one of these Carme Light Switch Plates ($108) from Canoe. Made of hand-tooled leather, it's soft and supple, but affixed to a sturdy metal backing to... [More]


Multicolored Straw Mini Pouch

Here's a way to strategically pair your accessories without going the whole Barbie shoes route (matching the color of your pumps and purse to your dress). While your oversized straw hat is protecting your face from UV rays, this Multicolored Straw Mini Pouch ($20) can protect your phone and cash... [More]


Pamela's Pinwheel Parasol

The summer heatwave is upon us, scorching the Sunbelt from Miami to Malibu. We've found the fashionable quick fix to the effects of global warming, which allows you to walk in the shade wherever you go. Bold and elegant, the floral design of the Pinwheel Parasol ($148) makes it the... [More]


100 Questions: A Toolkit for Conversations

Now that we're slowly adding outings to our calendars after a long winter of being hermits, we're gonna need something to help us jump start our social skills. We bet keeping 100 Questions: A Toolkit for Conversations ($34) in our beach bags will work well. The box is full of... [More]


Lacepane Blouse

The Lacepane Blouse ($40, on sale) is sugary sweet in all the right ways, from the vibrant zesty orange dot candy embellishments to the scalloped peplum. It could easily veer into toothache territory if you're not careful, so pair it with some edgy denim or a leather jacket to keep... [More]


Zara Home Blue Bottle

Damn, is that a lotta pretty in the Blue Bottle ($50) from Zara Home! Even prettier? The affordable price tag. It easily looks like we paid three times the amount for it, even more when we fill it with our favorite brand of whiskey and set it next to a... [More]


Caramel & Finishing Salt Duo

We're all about artisan goods, especially when it means we get to sample super indulgent food, like the Caramel & Finishing Salt Duo ($17). Fat Toad Farm's rich goat's milk caramel is packaged with Jacobsen Salt Co.'s Oregon-harvested sea salt. Together, they'll give your ice cream/cheesecake/warm apple pie the perfect... [More]


Nike Vapor Cyclone Packable Jacket

A rain jacket: To bring or not to bring, that is the question. Because we are not big fans of being inconvenienced, we'll often chance being cold and possibly wet instead of having to carry a rain jacket around. But with this Nike Vapor Cyclone Packable Jacket ($135) we might... [More]


Gwee Button

Nothing's worse than hanging up your phone and seeing all your dirty face oils clouding the screen... gross. We're glad the Gwee Button ($9, 2-pack) can remedy that. Press the button onto the back center of your phone and then pull off the removable tab. It's got a microfiber cloth... [More]


Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

The colors in this Urban Decay pigment palette ($49) are a bit more Jem and the Holograms than serious businesswoman, but what's life without a little fun, right? Paired with a neutral lip and sleek chignon, we're confident that you call pull these shades off at the office as well... [More]


Wooly Cacti

If watering a cactus plant once a week is too high maintenance for you, consider investing in this set of five wool cacti ($148). Handmade and nestled into terra cotta pots, they'll add a touch of southwestern flair to your apartment or office and you'll never again need to lift... [More]


Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Christophe Robin? Is he that boy who plays with Winni the Pooh and Tigge? Christophe may have no connection to the residents of Hundred Acre Wood, but he does know how to manage oily scalps. The Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt ($49) is an increasingly popular shampoo... [More]


Doubtblush: L'AMERICA Sheea Long Sleeve Romper

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We're not anti-romper - far... [More]


Geranium Shape Cushion

We know that you're super proud of your plants and flowers that have all made it past the six month mark (high five!) - so much so that you spend more time fretting over them than your cat (who is cool with it). There's just one major difference between your... [More]


Cobalt Crinkle Midi Skirt

You might think that miniskirts are the best way to keep cool in warm weather, but we'd argue that a lightweight midi is probably your best option. Not only do they minimize the risk of an embarrassing undies-flashing incident when exiting vehicles, they protect you from the dreaded back-of-the-thigh-sweat that... [More]


Chameleon Scotch Tape Dispenser

We've seen a lot of animal-themed office supplies, but not all of them made us exclaim, "That's so cute!" like this Chameleon Scotch Tape Dispenser ($12). How can you resist that clever adhesive tongue? Don't worry about it being a boring shade of gray. Like the real reptile it's modeled... [More]


JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch

For the days when your outfit skews more hippie chic than super glam, go for your JORD watch ($129) over your blingy metal Rolex (or similar cheap knockoff). This simple, elegant watch is made of lightweight cherry wood, but the face is plenty sturdy and made with scratch-proof glass.... [More]


M·A·C Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

Good news for all of us children of the '90s who would pretend to be Ariel every time we went swimming: thanks to M·A·C's new Alluring Aquatic line, we can finally realize our childhood dream of looking like a glamorous mermaid. We love the Extra Dimension Eye Shadow ($20), which... [More]


Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

According to Intelligentsia, Certified Coffee Experts*, this Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper ($25) is the best single cup coffee maker that they've ever tried. We'll take their word for it that the angle of the walls and the ridges on the side help extract the best possible coffee taste. We just... [More]


White Peach & Raspberry Extra Jam

We're not sure about the "extra" part in Simon Johnson's White Peach & Raspberry Extra Jam ($16). Maybe it refers to the fact that the jar is packed with over eighty percent handpicked fruits (from Italian orchards, no less!). The price is a bit on the steep side, but we... [More]


Pink Stitch Lili Playsuit

Pink Stitch's Lili Playsuit ($132) is proof that rompers aren't just for casual weekends. It's totally chic, and when worn with a simple black blazer and some shiny gold accessories, it'll work nicely for the office. (Unless, of course, you have legs like a model, and then the inseam may... [More]


Fred Manatea Tea Infuser

Infuse a little fun into teatime with this cute "manatea" ($10). Fill him with your favorite loose leaf flavor and hang him from the edge of your cup for the perfect cup of tea with a side of whimsy.... [More]


Cats Eyes Umbrella

We may or may not have taken to starting each day with a rain dance just so we can bust out the awesome Cats Eyes Umbrella ($32). Come on, spring thunderstorms!... [More]


iFrogz Tadpole Bluetooth Speaker

Proving that small stature and big sound aren't mutually exclusive, the iFrogz Tadpole Bluetooth Speaker ($20) clocks in at under three inches in height and two inches in width while still delivering a loud enough sound to fill a room. It's completely portable; clip it to your keys, coat, purse,... [More]



We've always been jealous of people patient enough to create beautiful objects by meticulously folding paper. While we may suck at origami, we have a feeling we'll be naturals at the art of Hairagami. This fun little tool ($7) makes updos a snap; you can wrap your hair around it... [More]


There Will Be Alcohol Card

We love weddings as much as the next gal, but when we say that, what we really mean is that we love weddings that guarantee an open bar at the reception. When you're choosing bridesmaids for your own big hurrah, make sure to lead with the fact that you're not... [More]


Super Pet Silent Spinner Wheel

Look, gerbil: We're really happy that you're having a good time and getting lots of exercise, but could you keep it down?! Don't resent your pet for playing in the middle of the night, give her a Super Pet Silent Spinner Wheel ($12-14). Now she can run in circles for... [More]


Traffic People Flamingo Print Maxi Dress

Flamingos! They're everywhere! At least, they're showing up on all sorts of fun and flirty summer staples (remember this dream of a skirt?). Now we've got our sights set on Traffic People's Flamingo Print Maxi Dress ($86, on sale). It's more boho chic than Miami heat and its long length... [More]


Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon

Have you ever arrived home after a long day of work to find that your eyeliner is making a break for your cheekbones? Don't worry - Marc Jacobs totally has your back. This Highliner Crayon ($25) offers the staying power of a gel formula with the precise application of a... [More]


Safari Playsuit

Though far from high fashion, the Safari Playsuit ($96) is a casual and playful outfit for days that exceed one hundred degrees. Nothing says, "F*ck it - it's hot and I'm on vacation," quite like a colorful animal print. The fabric is thin and light, too, meaning that if things... [More]


Summer Plunge Bra

Ooh la la, not only is Gossard's Summer Plunge Bra ($52) a gorgeous specimen of lingerie, it's also all but guaranteed to come in your size. That's right, the Gossard line ranges from A cups to G cups, carrying everything in between. Your ladies will get the coverage they need... [More]


Steel Chair

Well, here's a new way to use old mops, brooms, rakes, and various assorted long-handled tools that are way past their prime. The generically-named Steel Chair ($497) is anything but. It uses these old household staples as its frame (steel handles) and seat (wood handles). Now, you may be doing... [More]


A4 Basic Wallet

The A4 Basic Wallet ($78) by Frrry is simplicity at its finest. With two snap closures and an accordion style opening, this purple piece will organize your change, bills, cards, and extras with ease. Its size is compact, too, leaving you with plenty of room in your purse for your... [More]


Shiseido UV Protective Stick Foundation

This UV Protective Stick Foundation ($28) is the perfect accessory to throw in your beach bag this summer. The creamy formula spreads evenly and protects against sun damage, making it the best solution for touch-ups when you're spending the day outdoors.... [More]


City Candle

Proud of your 'hood? Represent with a striped City Candle ($15). Once you've burned it all, wash the glass with warm, soapy water and re-use it as a vase. Or better yet, a really tall shot glass.... [More]


Youngs Farm Rosemary Jam

You guys, seriously. This Youngs Farm Rosemary Jam ($12) is herbalicious. We were skeptical to try a savory-flavored jam, but spread on a thick slick of crusty bread and topped with crumbled goat cheese? OMG, it's so good. So much so that we're making little rosemary jam crostinis for our... [More]


I Am Your Worst Nightmare Tee

It's like Subversive Cross Stitch in clothing form! This tee from LOCHER'S ($49) may look sweet, with its floral embroidery and harmless looking cross stitched letters, but it will teach people not to be fooled by outward appearances - and, while you're wearing it, as a warning not to mess... [More]


Whistle Activity Monitor

You can't sit down and have a conversation about your respective days over dinner with your dog, but with the Whistle Activity Monitor ($130), you can track your pup's daily activity. Working kind of like a Fitbit for canines, this monitor clips onto your dog's collar and reports playtime, exercise,... [More]


"I Run Because I Really Like Dessert" Water Bottle

Diet and exercise? Yeah right. More like "choose one to make up for the lack of doing the other." The "I Run Because I Really Like Dessert" Water Bottle ($17) makes that position clear. This environmentally-friendly reusable beverage holder will keep you hydrated on your jogs... and if you want... [More]


Noodle Head Curl Boosting Glaze

The word "glaze" rarely interests us if it's not preceded by "chocolate," but this Noodle Head Curl Boost Glaze ($6) makes us almost as giddy as a sugary dessert. Not only does it help define your hair's natural texture, it makes your curls and waves shiny and bouncy without weighing... [More]


Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow

Bump Nest's Pregnancy Pillow ($99) may seem like a slightly expensive item to purchase right before you're about to pop out a money-sapping newborn, but trust us, it's well worth the hundo. By the time you're in your third trimester, your sleep quality will plummet thanks to an active kiddo... [More]


Friendship Star Earring Set

The real world: It's a far cry from middle school and yet... hanging out with your BFF is timeless. You've just traded sleepovers and microwavable mini pizzas for manicure dates and martinis. It's time to update your accessories, too, so ditch the halved-heart necklaces and share the Friendship Star Earring... [More]


Kaleidolight Palette

The best thing about AERIN Beauty's Kaleidolight Palette ($70) is that there's no wrong way to use it. Sweep any of the five pretty shades onto your cheeks and eyes, or layer colors on top of each other for a completely custom look. The formula contains just the right amount... [More]

VS PINK Ruched Bandeau Top

Victoria's Secret PINK Ruched Bandeau Top

Sizzle this summer in the sexy Victoria's Secret PINK Ruched Bandeau Top ($22-24). This adorable swimsuit is a great combination of comfort and flirty style. Shop Victoria's Secret PINK and you'll save 25% on all PINK swimwear. Choose from bandeau tops, flounce crop tops, cheeky bikinis, hipsters and more. Sale... [More]


Personal Shopper: Golden Wedding Flats for a Bride-to-Be

"I have a shopping hunt request for you. I love, love, love these Loeffler Randall shoes but do not love their price tag. I've scoured the internet looking for a dressy flat/sandal hybrid that is elegant enough to wear at my wedding, but sturdy enough to handle the terrain (lake... [More]


The Easy Shirt in Weightless Cotton

Keep the Easy Shirt ($165) in your tote bag at all times as a lightweight coverup for cool evenings ahead. The slightly oversized top features a gorgeous minimalist print by Brooklyn artist Martin Davis, whose bands of color remind us of ocean horizons in tropical locales.... [More]


Travel HoodiePillow

Our biggest gripe about neck pillows is that they tend to wear you rather than you wearing them. Here's a product that rights that wrong. The Travel HoodiePillow ($25) is more than a matching hood - the adjustable drawstrings allow you to close the hood low enough that it covers... [More]


Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette

Cutting back on sugar to prepare for beach season? We have good news: You can indulge in some calorie-free sweetness thanks to Bobbi Brown's new Raw Sugar makeup collection. We especially love the Shimmer Brick Eye Palette ($49), which includes ten warm hues that finish with a subtle shimmer. It's... [More]

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.15.10 PM.png

Custom Gift Wrap

How do you make it clear who a gift is intended for? You could put one of those gift tags on it. Or you could hand it to someone and say, "This is gift is for you." No, no, both of those ideas are rubbish! The best way to demonstrate... [More]


Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate

Good hot chocolate - like Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate ($18) - uses actual chocolate rather than cocoa powder to create a flavorful, creamy beverage. Still, it's the "wicked" part that really sets this drink apart. What makes it wicked? Cinnamon and ground ancho and chipotle chili peppers. It adds... [More]


Pearl-Handled Small Bar Pitcher

You don't have to be shocked or scared to clutch your pearls... just thirsty. This Pearl-Handled Small Bar Pitcher ($98) has fancy written all over it. Use this classy aluminum pitcher to pour your friends margaritas from a pre-made mix and you just might be able to fool them into... [More]


Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick

The next time you're at Walmart, you may as well maneuver around the sweatpants-clad masses and into the cosmetics aisle to buy yourself something pretty. We suggest Maybelline's Master Glaze Blush Sticks ($8) - they come in several pretty colors, and the sheer formula results in a soft, dewy glow.... [More]


How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

We appreciate that you took time away from your regular cat meme browsing routine to visit Outblush today. Now if you want to actually be able to afford all of the awesome things featured on this site, here's a get-rich-quick scheme that can help: How to Make Your Cat an... [More]


Mosely Box

Craps? This Mosely Box ($28) is far from crap, though it does resemble one of the six-sided dice required to play the game. Though the box has a working hinged lid, its size makes it more decorative than functional. Measuring in at a mere two-and-a-half inches wide, just about the... [More]


Puff CB Anklet

We know, we're kinda nearing the end of sock weather for the time being, but we think you'll still find a few good reasons to wear the Puff CB Anklet ($17) from hansel from basel. Let the sassy polka dot socks peek out of the top of your favorite pair... [More]


Demeter Vanilla Ice Cream Fragrance

We scream, you scream, we all scream for ... perfume that makes us smell like ice cream? Honestly, we're not sure how we feel about this sugary scent from Demeter ($19). On one hand, who doesn't want to smell delicious vanilla ice cream all day? But we also know that... [More]


Notorious R.B.G. Tee

We are immensely conflicted by the Notorious R.B.G. Tee ($28) from Human. On one hand, it's possibly the best thing we've seen on the internet all day - hell, all week. On the other hand, is it kinda disrespectful? After all, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is an honorable Supreme Court judge... [More]


Color My Life Eye & Lip Makeup Tablet

Move over Candy Crush, we've found a new tablet obsession - the Color My Life Eye & Lip Makeup Tablet from Sephora ($34). Prop it up on its built-in mirror stand and spend your next flight experimenting with the tablet's thirty-six eye shadows and six lip glosses instead of trying... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Party Plate Wine Glass Clips

Give your party guests a way to stand, schmooze, eat, and drink all at the same time. The simple Party Plate Wine Glass Clips ($7) from True Fabrications make it easy to keep track of your rosé and head back to the buffet for more fruit salad at the same... [More]


Noam Chomsky Finger Puppet

Short of a flashy engagement ring, we can't think of anything sexier that you could wear on your hand than a Noam Chomsky Finger Puppet ($6). Wag the renowned linguist, philosopher, and activist around on your index finger while you speak and you're bound to sound more intelligent! Granted, you'll... [More]


Tsu.ya Reese Wrap

Kristi Yamaguchi will always be our very first figure skating favorite, and if the 1992 Olympic champion wants to sell us this Reese Wrap ($88), a convertible top that either hangs open or wraps around and buttons in the back, we will buy it. The only thing we wish for... [More]


Mission Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel

We see you lying on the ground panting following an intense workout - you've certainly earned a reward. Since a cheeseburger would kind of defeat the purpose of exercising, treat yourself to a Mission Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel ($15). Providing chilly relief to your sweaty face, the machine washable towel... [More]


Kinky-Curly Knot Today Conditioner

Combing out knots is more than just annoying - if you're not gentle, it can majorly damage your hair. If you struggle with tangles on a daily basis, give Kinky-Curly's Knot Today Conditioner ($12) a try. It's designed to remove snarls while smoothing the cuticle, and it works especially well... [More]


Rachel Zoe Braided Waist Wide Leg Jeans

Those of us who long for the days when fashionable jeans didn't require strict diets and tight squeezes are in for a treat with the reemergence of wide legs. Harkening back to an innocent time before social media and skinny styles, the Rachel Zoe Braided Waist Wide Leg Jeans ($129,... [More]


Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

It's hard to decide which is more refreshing on a hot day: an ice cream treat or a dip in the pool. Then again, who says you have to choose? The Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float ($40) will fulfill all of your desires this summer. There's a cute "bite" taken... [More]


Color Lens and Flash Filters

By now, you've tried every Instagram filter there is and you're ready for some new excitement in your life. Brighten up your photos with Color Lens and Flash Filters ($15). Hold one of the pocket-sized blocks of color in front of your flash and your photo will be tinted with... [More]


Nintendo Controller Dog Bow Tie

Most dogs considered "gamers" can't do much more than play fetch, but your dog would totally be a master of video games if it weren't for his pesky paws. When your dog sports a Nintendo Controller Dog Bow Tie ($9-26), though, passersby will assume he knows all of The Legend... [More]


Taco Cat Tank

Prepare to have your mind seriously blown: Taco cat spelled backwards is ... taco cat! Now that you know about the world's greatest palindrome, go ahead and celebrate by ordering this tank ($29).... [More]


Glow Pore Minimizing Blush

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then this Glow Pore Minimizing Blush ($15) is a girl's best beauty buy. The formula actually contains diamond powder to bounce the light off of your cheeks and give you a luminous glow. Plus, it minimizes your pores and uses an exclusive Power... [More]


Is It Friday Yet? Mug

The Is It Friday Yet? Mug ($10) by Indigo reassures us that we can't be the only people who start longing for Friday by 8:47 on a Monday morning. There are only about ninety-six more hours and eight to ten more cups of coffee to go from there. We can... [More]


iZZi Slim iPhone Case

Fancy yourself an iPhone photog pro? Switch up your current case and lens system for the iZZi Slim iPhone Case ($100). The case has four different lenses directly attached to it - easily rotate between a telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens (this one... [More]


Gamma Ray Glasses

Thanks to our online shopping addiction, we spend a good amount of time staring at a computer screen. While our closets are filled with cute clothes, our eyes sometimes feel fatigued at the end of the day. Needless to say, we're excited to try out these Gamma Ray Glasses ($30)... [More]


Nike Pro Sparkling Sunburst Tights

Perhaps wearing these neon hippie psychedelic Sparkling Sunburst Tights ($130) while exercising will help connect us with our seven chakras and give us the strength and energy to get through our grueling, self-inflicted workout. If not, at least we'll have some inner comfort knowing that our workout gear is the,... [More]


Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate

We hate to sound greedy, but double is almost always better - especially when we're talking about martinis or cheeseburgers. It's also true in the case of this Age Control Concentrate ($85), which uses a dual chamber system to deliver a double dose of anti-aging serums. Warm a few drops... [More]

PINK Allover Lace Thong

Victoria's Secret PINK Allover Lace Thong

Ok so the Victoria's Secret PINK Allover Lace Thong ($10) is pretty and fun with the vibrant pop of colors. It's almost like a party in your pants. Shop Victoria's Secret PINK and you can score 7 panties for just $26.50 (code PARTYON). Choose from thongs, v-kinis, boyshorts, bikinis, hipsters,... [More]

Colin Stuart Glitter Wedge Flip Flop

Victoria's Secret Colin Stuart Glitter Wedge Flip-Flop

The Colin Stuart Glitter Wedge Flip-Flop ($25) is stylish and comfortable. Stock up on your favorite flip flops, bikinis, cover-ups, intimates and more from Victoria's Secret. For a limited time, you can snag free shipping on a purchase of $100 or more (code FREESHIP100). Take advantage of this offer soon... [More]

Victorias Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra

Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra

Even when we're just running errands on the weekends, we still want the lift and support our girls need, but we're not willing to sacrifice our comfort. That's why we're introducing you to the Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra ($30-33). This bra has it all. Head over to Victoria's... [More]

Caftan Stylist

YOU Be The Stylist: The Cool Way To Wear A Caftan

Caftans can be a fashion statement or a tragedy. We certainly aren't ok with looking like Mrs. Roper! However, we'd wear a caftan with any of the ensembles pictured here, but you tell us...which one would you rock? Orange You Glad I Wore This Tara Matthews Capo Embellished Bikini ($310)... [More]


Pimp My Pool at PoolSupplyWorld

No, it's not a new reality show (though we wouldn't be surprised if it gets picked up), it's time to gear up your pool for summer! If you think pimping your pool ends at a couple of tiki torches and a donut-shaped inflatable, think again. PoolSupplyWorld has a vast selection... [More]


Gracee Knotted Suede Sandal

Hey, it's not like these Gracee Knotted Suede Sandals ($65) are on the cutting edge of fashion, but you don't always need to be balancing on that very precarious line between amazing success and incredible failure. Sometimes you just need a gorgeous cobalt sandal in your life to set off... [More]


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

We love all of the shades included in Too Faced's Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection ($49), but we kind of wish they hadn't made them actually smell like chocolate. Resisting our 24/7 sugar craving is hard enough without breathing in the smell of a candy shop first thing in the... [More]


Donate Fruit's Savory Celebration

Mother's Day may be over, but don't get too comfortable. Father's Day is already on the horizon. (It's June 15th.) A safe gift bet? Food, of course! We're partial to this Savory Celebration box ($63) from Donate Fruit. It's got a few scrumptious appetizers for dad to munch on: pretzels... [More]

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.48.18 PM.png

Kroozie Stainless Steel Bicycle Cup Holder

The Kroozie Stainless Steel Bicycle Cup Holder ($25) looks kind of like a can of soup with the label peeled off, but it does so much more: it carries your beverage as you cycle through town. You may already have a water bottle holder, but that's not going to hold... [More]


Modster Light-Catching Eye Powder

You don't necessarily need to reach for a crazy color to make your eyes pop - a little iridescence does the trick just fine. This shimmery eye powder ($32) uses mineral pearl pigments to catch the light, and can be worn alone or layered over your favorite colors to add... [More]


Haute Habitat Doormat

Maybe the Haute Habitat Doormat ($35) is less impressive than its real life counterparts, but that makes it waaay less dangerous to encounter, too. We can't say the same thing for the inside of your apartment, though. The I've-been-so-busy-I've-had-no-time-to-clean mess is starting to become a real hazard. Who knows what... [More]


Lobster Giant Necklace

Consider this lobster, if you will: This massive lasercut perspex crustacean is called the Lobster Giant Necklace ($252) for a reason: it's about a foot long, big enough to stand in as your lobster bib - that is, if you don't mind getting bits of seafood all over your Swarovski... [More]


Wunderextensions Lash Extension Stain Mascara

When the temperature hits "eggs fry on the sidewalk" levels, no one wants to wear makeup. What's the point, when it'll just end up in a puddle on the floor within five minutes? It's kind of fun, though, to look so good in the heat that people will wonder if... [More]


Kisa by PyroPet

This awesome candle by PyroPet ($34, preorder for late May release) was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year, and we can't wait to finally own our own little Kisas. It may look like a perfectly normal pink cat candle that melts into a puddle of wax as it burns, but... [More]


Matt Bernson Gimlet Perforated Oxford

There's perforation - the kind that helps you rip off just the right amount of paper towel and the kind that helps you open FedEx envelopes - and then there's perforation, as found on these Matt Bernson oxfords ($198). These chevron-shaped laser cutouts belong to the most highly advanced and... [More]


Makeup Eraser

There are many things in life we wish we could easily erase - the memory of most first dates and every picture of ourselves from the early aughts come to mind. The Makeup Eraser ($20) can't do any of that, but it can wipe away all traces of your makeup... [More]


Watermelon Pendant

Ahh, summer. If it was feasible, we'd probably sustain ourselves on nothing but lemonade and watermelon slices. It's not, so we guess we'll gobble down a few ears of summer corn and grilled burgers, too! All while wearing a Watermelon Pendant ($44) from Yellow Owl Workshop, of course. We have... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Best Made Bandana

Need a quick, cute, and versatile look for the upcoming patriotically-themed holidays? A Best Made Bandana ($8) will do the trick. The red bandana features little white stars and will give you an easy, not-trying-too-hard look for all your barbecues and beach parties. Need a little inspiration? YouTube is full... [More]


M·A·C Lash Comb Brow Brush

Just because you're on vacation, it doesn't mean you should take time off from your grooming routine. This combination Lash Comb Brow Brush ($20) fits easily into your travel makeup case and will ensure that you look fabulous in all those trip photos you'll be Instagramming.... [More]


Golden Palm Leather Clutch

Now you know what to take with you to the lounge at any one of the many "The Palms" hotels, from Las Vegas to Miami. The hand-painted Golden Palm Leather Clutch ($68) will make a stylish, eye-catching accessory to your LBD and can be easily held under your arm as... [More]


Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

The Infiniti Pro Curl Secret ($100) is so strange, we're not even going to try and describe it - just watch the commercial. Even though it seems like it would be somewhat disconcerting to watch your hair get sucked out of sight into a steaming hot curl chamber, we are... [More]


Sumbody Exfoliating Bonbons

There's pretty much no way your day can suck if it starts out with unwrapping a giant bonbon, which is why we'll be ordering a slew of these foil-wrapped shower treats ($14). They may not be edible, but they smell delicious and make your skin incredibly soft and smooth. Just... [More]


Shabby Apple Striped Saffron Dress

Your friends will be positively buzzing about this new Shabby Apple Striped Saffron Dress ($88). For once, you won't mind when a strange man calls you "honey"; you already know that you look like the Queen Bee in this radiant yellow and black outfit.... [More]

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 7.10.58 PM.png

Make Your Own Soda

With the DIY craze in full effect, nothing is impossible to make at this point, including soda. You'd be surprised how easy it is to make your favorite fizzy drinks on your own. Whether you want to concoct unusual flavors like hibiscus or make a traditional flavor like cola without... [More]


Binchotan Charcoal Cleansing Mask

Top knots and over-the-knee socks? All cool in Japan before they made it stateside. Get a leg up on the newest imported trend - the Binchotan Charcoal Cleansing Mask ($48) is a gentle makeup remover, cleanser and mask all in one product. Paraben-, alcohol-, oil-, and fragrance-free, it left our... [More]


Mint Embellished Clutch

Girl, you need a mint stat! Ok, maybe you don't, but your wardrobe certainly does. Summer's almost here, time to freshen up your dressin'-up repertoire with this glittery clutch ($61). The minty hue is perfect for just about any warm-weather soiree, and all those candy-like baubles and beads look good... [More]


Fluoro Green iPad Cover

Any iPad user knows that one of its lesser-known, and most annoying, features is its ability to randomly teleport to strange - and often dark - locations in the blink of an eye. (Ever notice how your iPad is in your hand one minute and behind the couch the next?... [More]


Friendly Floral Frames ##

These Friendly Floral Frames ($28 each) hold 8x10s, so we may skip filling ours with a photo in favor of one of our favorite artsy prints. We're thinking we'll go with one of Ez Pudewa's darling watercolor animals and hang it up where we can stare at its adorableness all... [More]


FLOWER Color Play Creme Eyeshadow

Almost everything is better when it's creamy - cheese and chocolate come to mind, but we also like a smooth texture when it comes to our eyeshadow. FLOWER's Color Play Creme Eyeshadow ($8) comes in a variety of pretty hues, and the weightless formula is both buildable and blendable without... [More]


Polka Dot Balloons

We don't even bother getting balloons for parties anymore, since if you've seen one balloon, you've seen 'em all. That said, we're changing our minds after discovering these Polka Dot Balloons ($8). Measuring three feet around, these giant spotted balloons add an unexpected touch to a celebration. Plus, they're completely... [More]


Line Up Sandal

We like the Line Up Sandal's ($40) MO. Keep the construction simple with a single pop of color - no fumbling over buckles or tying up miles of laces - and then bling the hell out of what you've got with pyramid studs and tiny little crystals.... [More]


L'Oreal Paris Elnett Extra StrongHold Hairspray

All hairspray is definitely not created equal, and this classic formula from L'Oreal Paris ($13) is one of the best around. What makes Elnett so great? A special micro-diffuser dispenses the spray in a super-fine mist that offers all-day hold without feeling sticky. If you decide to make a midday... [More]


Eat Sh*t and Die Dolman

It takes some serious ovarian fortitude to tell someone to "Eat sh*t and die," but it takes even more to wear it on a shirt all day long, in public, in front of people. Yeah, we're going to buy this Eat Sh*t and Die Dolman ($38) and then wear it... [More]


Sup Doormat

Call us antisocial, but our first reaction to hearing the doorbell ring is to pretend we're not home. We may not be willing to put on pants and answer the door, but we will set out this friendly doormat ($58) so our unexpected visitors don't feel totally dissed.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Sunshiny Shoes for Kelly

Kelly wrote: "Hi! I'm hunting for a pair of yellow flats or low wedges to go with my spring/ summer work wardrobe. I love options with cutouts and need to keep it closed toe or peep toe. I'm a size 6 shoe and would like to keep it under $150.... [More]


Blue Dots Watercolor Tea Towel

We've always kind of gravitated toward neutrals in the kitchen: a nice olive green or warm latte looks totally chic, but when we spotted the Blue Dots Watercolor Tea Towel ($13), it made us rethink our decor strategy. Maybe it's time to branch out a little and liven the joint... [More]


Acqua di Rose

Fact: Italian apothecary products totally work the best. Okay, we made that up, but it's hard to argue with a few swipes of Acqua di Rose ($32) from Santa Maria Novella. The Italian-concocted rose water is alcohol-free, pleasantly scented, and ultra-gentle on our faces. Maybe we could find similar astringents... [More]


Loren Waistcoat Pattern

Like this vest? The bad news is that you can't buy it. The good news is that you can make it! With the Loren Waistcoat Pattern ($6), you can knit your own button-down vest. Pick out your favorite yarn and get crafting to create an outfit that's stylishly DIY. Don't... [More]


Yellow Dot Print Train Case

Not in the habit of traveling by train? That's okay - you can still carry your beauty essentials in the Yellow Dot Print Train Case ($92) from BURU on a plane or in a car. (Or hey, even in a hot air balloon if you'd like!) It'll keep everything safe,... [More]


Cousteau T-Shirt

Summer is nearly here! That means the nautical trend is in full swing, but maybe you just ain't a boat shoes and bikinis kind of gal. The Cousteau T-Shirt ($25) may not keep you especially cool in the summer heat, but it's a welcome alternative to twee anchor patterns and... [More]


BITE Beauty Cinnamon Plumping Lip Oil

A product that tastes like candy and makes our lips look fuller? Yes, please. This plumping oil ($22) uses cinnamon bark and pink pepper to increase lip circulation, which in turn pumps up the volume of your pout. If it tastes at all similar to cinnamon bears, we're going to... [More]


Danby Compact Built-In Dishwasher

Not all of us are lucky to live in a home with a luxury dishwasher... or extra kitchen space... or silverware that was purchased rather than stolen from Denny's. The good news is that even someone with limited means can have a place to wash their dishes - including those... [More]


Pink Cross Over Peplum Dress

If you haven't yet shimmied yourself into a curve-hugging peplum dress, this one ($69, on sale) from Dorothy Perkins is louder than all of your excuses. It's fabulous with its fuchsia hue and knee-length skirt: it says you're fun-loving while still being completely office-appropriate. Add a neon yellow skinny belt... [More]


Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother

Back away from the blur tool, Instagrammers: This instant skin smoother ($25) magically erases lines, wrinkles, and pores so you look as good in real life as you do in your filtered photos. Apply after moisturizing and before putting on foundation for a smooth, soft finish. Users have reported seeing... [More]


Bruce Pillow

We're going to go ahead and assume that the hip grizzly on the Bruce Pillow ($35) designed by Matthew Lew is rocking out to ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down." If he's not, he should be (even though "Bruce" is a mondegreen...mind blown, right?).... [More]


Hansel from Basel Polka Dot Shopper Bag

You're well acquainted with Hansel from Basel's intricately patterned tights and socks, but did you know they could also knit up a good tote bag? The Polka Dot Shopper Bag ($45) will help keep your precious purchases - eggs and peaches, crystal glasses and ceramic bowls - wrapped up and... [More]


Hello Typewriter Notecard

The Hello Typewriter Notecard ($7) from Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake is so darling that it should be sold in packs. We have a feeling you're going to want to pen a lot of notes inside its cute old-fashioned typewriter shape. Perhaps to invite your girl friends over to watch... [More]


Squirrel Lip Balm

What do you get for that beauty junkie friend who has everything? How about a lip balm-filled squirrel ($10)? We're pretty sure she won't have one of these in her collection yet.... [More]


You Tell Us: The 69 Sunblock Hat

The 69 Sunblock Hat ($320). We just... We don't.... Who designed... Why...? Okay, we need your help on this one, folks. poll by twiigs.com... [More]


Côte d'Azur Rocks Glass

Alright, we know that a melamine cup isn't very fancy, and your good scotch deserves an elegant vessel to reside in (before you sip it all down, of course), but when you're out on the deck and simultaneously manning the grill and keeping up a polite conversation with your in-laws,... [More]


TopStyler Heated Ceramic Hair Styling Shells

Thanks to the TopStyler ($46), there's a new way for you to achieve bouncy waves without having to pick up a curling iron. The secret weapon? Patent-pending ceramic-lined "shells" that set the hair using gentle, even heat. Click here to see how-to videos for a number of looks.... [More]


Charlotte Stone Dot Sandals

Are we a little jaded when it comes to summer sandals? Sure. Straps here, toes there, whatever. But these Charlotte Stone Dot Sandals ($128) have perked us up; instead of a thong strap, they're held on your feet by a minimal post with a circle on top. On top of... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Couture Shower Cap

It's about time somebody created a shower cap that doesn't make you feel like a frumptastic lunch lady the entire time you're in the tub. Thanks to its chic black exterior and soft terrycloth lining, this shiny black Sonia Kashuk Couture Shower Cap ($4) is both stylish and comfortable.... [More]


Janie One Piece

Will the fin-like flaps on the sides of the Janie One Piece ($121) help you swim more effectively - perhaps more like a fish, for example? Otherwise we can see no use for these decorative half peplums except for, well, decoration.... [More]


Honeycomb Field Kit

The best way to sample a scent from Library of Flowers? Invest a negligible amount in a field kit. Our favorite, Honeycomb, ($27) comes with small bottles of hand cream, shower gel, and body scrub, as well as a bar of soap and a tube of lip nectar. It won't... [More]


Watercolor Set iPhone Case

If you struggle with bouts of OCD, a smartphone case this messy (even if just visually) will probably drive you crazy. On the flip side, creative souls will love the vibrant colors and almost 3-D texture of the Watercolor Set iPhone Case ($24). For artists who feel conflicted about giving... [More]


Julep Plié Wand

If you're a Julep Maven, then chances are you've already salivated over (and maybe even received your) Julep Plié Wand ($25, order now and ships in June). If you're scratching your head, let us enlighten you! Julep has completely transformed the self-manicure. Instead of holding onto a thick, stumpy polish... [More]


Disney The Lion King Simba and Rafiki Girls Tank Top

MAAAHHHHHHHHH TABENYA MODO VICHIMAMOOOOO! We're not sure whether we're spelling the chanting from "The Circle of Life" correctly, but our spellcheck sure doesn't like it. Whatever, though, because we can't help but sing those Zulu lyrics (though from our lips, it probably sounds more like gibberish) triumphantly upon seeing the... [More]


I Am Not A Paper Cup - Thermal Chalkboard Edition

How do some baristas get Tanya when you tell them your name is Danielle? Or Lindsay out of Lisa? It's mind-boggling sometimes, but we suppose the constant noise of coffee being ground can do a number on the hard-working coffee slingers' ears. Assure that your name is never butchered again... [More]


Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection

We're already a sucker for chocolate truffles, so exotic truffles?... you know we're purchasing that immediately. Featuring sixteen unique tastes, the Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection ($40) contains diverse ingredients like wasabi, pumpkin seeds, Indian curry powder, Hungarian paprika, and New Mexican pecans. They may come from exotic locations, but there's... [More]


All Natural Facial Toner

Our undying love of cheese pretty much guarantees we'll never have super-toned abs, but thanks to this All Natural Facial Toner ($16), at least our faces can be taut and smooth. Just apply to clean skin with a cotton ball and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. And a wheel... [More]


Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

Little known fact: unicorns are real. Littler known fact: they shit sprinkles. Ice cream is about to get that much more exciting with a Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker ($10). So long as the idea of a unicorn pooping out toppings onto your sundae doesn't totally repulse you, you're going to love... [More]


Vans x Madewell Paisley Slip-Ons

We'd still take the standard white Vans slip-on sneakers any day of the week, but we're not going to say no to this stylish collaboration between the classic sneaker company and Madewell. These Paisley Slip-Ons ($55) add a little casual minimalist style - Madewell's default mode - with a stripped... [More]


Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator

There's an awkward moment at the beginning of every manicure when we wonder if the tech is going to shame us for our thin nails. We're hoping this Natural Nail Growth Stimulator ($12) will solve that particular problem; the formula contains amino acids and proteins that bond together to form... [More]

PINK Beach Tote

Victoria's Secret PINK Beach Tote

The Victoria's Secret PINK Beach Tote is the perfect bag for us to grab as we head out for a beach getaway. This stylish tote can fit everything we need including our sunscreens, straw hat, gossip mags and Kindle. Visit Victoria's Secret PINK and order yours for just $20 (reg.... [More]


Afternoon Tea Toast Rack

The Afternoon Tea Toast Rack ($33) advertises itself as "the chicest way to serve toast," and it's hard to disagree. Before you get too embarrassed about previous occasions when you've served your guests toast unglamorously on a boring plate, resolve to serve your crispy bread more excitingly moving forward. The... [More]


Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Colour with Lycra

Lycra isn't just for bike shorts anymore - this Rimmel nail color ($3) uses the synthetic fiber to give it a gel manicure-like finish at a drugstore price. It's available in a variety of shades, but our favorite is Simply Sizzling, pictured above.... [More]


Stuff Done Mug

Maybe the Stuff Done Mug ($16) from Click&Blossom will work as a good morning motivator. Once you see the bottom of your cup, you know it's time to refill and actually do something of value with your day (browsing yesterday's headlines on The Onion or refreshing your Instagram feed doesn't... [More]


Gingham Linen Dress

We shouldn't have even looked at Ralph Lauren's summer Blue Label, but we did, and now we want to own every piece and have the cash for exactly none of them. So while we usually wouldn't try and convince our engaged friends to demand we make such expensive purchases, wouldn't... [More]


"Keep Calm and Read a Book" Kindle Cover

Assuming that you're not yet completely over the "Keep Calm" phenomenon, here's a sentiment that's easy to get behind. The "Keep Calm and Read a Book" Kindle Cover ($48) protects your reading device from scratches and water damage, thus enabling you to be especially calm. Just try to continue maintaining... [More]


bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF 20

This brand new serum foundation ($29) is getting rave reviews, and we can see why. The formula is super lightweight, and 100% of the participants in an independent eight-week clinical study reported seeing more even-toned skin after application. For best results, use it with the Perfecting Face Brush - just... [More]


Church Street Envelope

Look, we're not going to claim that the carefully placed row of studs on this Church Street Envelope purse ($188) from Joy Gryson is going to deter any would-be purse snatchers because of the possible pain associated with the spikes, but perhaps the confidence you have while strutting down the... [More]


Green Tomato Chutney

Since everything "tastes like chicken" anyway, the real trick to making dinner exciting is to have a variety of condiments on hand. Try working Green Tomato Chutney ($7), aka white meat's perfect companion, into your rotation. This tart sauce includes green apples, ginger, and brown sugar to give the tomato... [More]


Burberry iPhone 5/5s Case

Let's face it. This Burberry iPhone 5/5s Case ($365) is so far out of our price range for phone accessories that it's laughable. But we can dream, and tonight our dreams will be peppered with pretty vinyl flowers and super soft pink leather.... [More]


Dreaming of You Couple Pillowcases

When you spend every waking moment with your significant other, you really ought to take a break and dream about someone else for a change. However, if your codependence extends even to your unconscious thoughts, then these Dreaming of You Couple Pillowcases ($36) are probably right up your alley. We'd... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Turbo Face Serum

This Turbo Face Serum ($150) fights wrinkles from all angles, decreasing their depth, length, and width for smoother-looking skin. Use it all over to erase facial expression lines, forehead wrinkles, nose "scrunch" creases, parentheses, pout lines, and marionette lines. Who even knew there could be so much "wrong" with your... [More]

VS Embellished V Neck Blouse

Victoria's Secret Embellished V-Neck Blouse

The Victoria's Secret Embellished V-Neck Blouse is exactly the flirty feminine blouse we've been looking for! This pretty coral blouse would look incredible paired with denim cutoffs and luggage colored wedges. Head over to Victoria's Secret and for four days, you can save 25% on tops and tees (code TOPS25VS).... [More]

VS Beach Sexy Fabulous Push Up Top

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Fabulous Push-Up Top

We've definitely found the perfect bikini top...you know one that adds some oomph. The Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Fabulous Push-Up Top ($33-49, on sale) looks amazing on and can be mixed and matched with separate bottoms like hipsters, skirted bottoms, boyshorts and more. Visit Victoria's Secret and for a limited... [More]


Farmhouse Compost Pail

We've been wanting to start composting in a theoretical sense, but the practicality of hoarding food scraps in our homes - and worse still, the stench - has stopped us from moving forward with this eco-friendly practice. Now we're more inspired than ever to actually give it a try after... [More]


Zeup Grass Leaf Pen

This Zeup Grass Leaf Pen ($5) sways back and forth while you write, making it feel like there's a breeze gently wafting about you as you compose your latest poem/letter/to-do list. But wait, what happens if you're actually writing outside and there's more than a gentle breeze? You best have... [More]


Dolce Eau de Parfum Spray

The Dolce Eau de Parfum Spray ($90) by Dolce&Gabbana has the privilege of boasting that it's the first to use the South African white amaryllis in a scent. Finally! We actually hadn't been waiting on pins and needles for a fragrance to use it, but now that they have, we... [More]


Circle Anklet

If you're like us, when you hear the word "anklet" you probably picture the summer camp embroidery floss creations of your youth. We may have outgrown the multicolored braided look, but we love the idea of accessorizing our ankles with a dainty chain this summer. Available in both gold and... [More]


Black Crane Gather Dress in Marble Dye

You'll look as cool as a cucumber - or at least a majestic marble column - in this Black Crane dress ($134). This lightweight cotton, marble-dyed piece is cut basically like your regular tank dress, but accented with a gathered scoop back with pleated detail for further textural interest.... [More]


Bricks and Mortar Tent

You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl. Before your next outdoor adventure, get this Bricks and Mortar Tent ($600) to liven up your camping experience. It's a cool design and, heck, it worked for the smartest of the... [More]


Victory Wall Banner

We all need a little motivation now and then - or on a day-to-day basis. But mounting a "Hang in There" cat poster is perhaps less than ideal from an aesthetic point of view. Luckily, you can still get that boost of encouragement (without it clashing with your decor) from... [More]


Magritte Plate Set

You're an artist and a scholar, or at least, a lover of tasty food and an appreciator of surrealist art. That's why you're serving up slices of chocolate cake to your friends and family on the Magritte Plate Set ($96, set of 6). Sporting reproductions of René Magritte's famous works,... [More]


Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray

We won't be trading in our bacon for Tofurky anytime soon, but we're all about incorporating soy-based products into our beauty routine. This beach spray ($20) nourishes and protects hair while creating a sexy, tousled look. Spray it on damp hair and let it air dry for a hassle-free weekend... [More]


Pendleton Cherry Wood iPhone 5 Case

First, Pendleton invaded your living rooms and bedrooms; then they invaded your wardrobe with collaborations with hip designer lines. Now they're invading your tech accessories, and what's frustrating is that they're doing it all so well. This iPhone 5 case ($50) is gorgeous, featuring one of the company's classic Native... [More]

Fabulous by Victorias Secret Demi Bra

Fabulous by Victoria's Secret Demi Bra

On the hunt for a new bra that gives your girls a much needed lift? Try the Fabulous by Victoria's Secret Demi Bra ($48-58). This bra offers the perfect amount of coverage with ample lift. You can even have this amazing bra packed for your Memorial Day weekend getaway. Spend... [More]

VS Ombre Muscle Tank

Victoria's Secret Ombre Muscle Tank

The Victoria's Secret Ombre Muscle Tank ($40) is just what we need to spice up our workout gear! This adorable tank adds the perfect pop to our black gym uniform. Visit Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you'll snag free shipping on an order of $50 or more (code... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? May 16, 2014

Speaking of 90s trends that just won't quit, it looks like chambray is gonna stay for at least another season. That's good news for you though - it's an easy way to wear denim into the warmer months and its popularity means you can snag it for cheap. Lucky Brand... [More]


Organic Truffle Face Cream

Any time we hear the word "truffle" our interest is immediately piqued. Of course, that's because we're assuming chocolate is involved. This time, however, the truffle in each tub of Organic Truffle Face Cream ($72) from Om Aroma & Co. refers to a white truffle extract. It's a mushroom variety... [More]


A Mouthful of Stars

Filled with eighty global-inspired recipes, Kim Sunée's cookbook, A Mouthful of Stars: A Constellation of Favorite Recipes from My World Travels ($18), offers readers ways to create and prepare mouthwatering meals, even if you're not cooking in a tiny Provence kitchen or an eatery in Seoul. Sunée draws on her... [More]


Brights Reusable Food Pouches

Toddlers, right? The fixate on something and then the next thing you know, they're refusing to eat anything that they can't slurp out of a pouch. Remedy the sitch without breaking the bank (those disposable prune purees are expensive!) by throwing fruits and veggies in a blender and then storing... [More]


Hot Air Balloon Print

This colorful Hot Air Balloon Print ($28) comes from Australia and makes us yearn for the opportunity to ride in a real hot air balloon over the outback. We're pretty sure that costs several thousand more dollars (US or Australian!) than we currently have in our savings, so we'll stick... [More]


Kardashian Kids 2-Piece Butterfly Set

We had heard rumors that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe would be releasing an exclusive baby clothing line through Babies"R"Us, and it looks like it came to fruition this spring. The outfits, which are currently designed for infant and toddler girls, are pretty adorable. We like this sweet-as-can-be 2-Piece Butterfly Set... [More]


Handmade Felted Cat Cave

He'll probably still choose to sleep on your pillow, but we're sure that deep down your cat will appreciate the gesture if you buy him his very own cat cave ($84-114). They're available in four sizes to accommodate even the fattest of felines, and you can choose from a variety... [More]


ASOS Shorts in Linen with Scallop Hem

The Kentucky Derby - the first event of the year for which many Americans will dust off their linen and seersucker - has passed, but don't you worry. Memorial Day weekend, with its promises of outdoor BBQs and day drinking, is right around the corner. You still have time to... [More]


Cannabis Scented Candle

Trying to lock down that cute neighbor guy with the Phish bumper sticker on his car? Invite him over for (organic, fair trade) coffee and have this candle ($55) burning in the background. With the scent of patchouli, chocolate, and cannabis hanging in the air, he won't be able to... [More]


Harriet Gray Cat Temporary Tattoos

Can't decide whether getting a tattoo of your cat is cool or creepy? Maybe playing around with these temporary cat tattoos ($12) will help you decide. We think cat tats are kind of awesome, but we've also written a glowing review of Pajama Jeans, so what do we know?... [More]


Jack Rogers Lauren Sandals

When it's time to leave the house and hit the beach, you don't want to be the last one out the door struggling to reach around your ankle and buckle the tiny little straps on your sandals, or worse, wrapping the laces of your intricate gladiator shoes up your legs... [More]


Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke

Is someone calling our names? Oh, nope, it's just Off Track Planet's Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke ($17) reminding us that we are all three of those things. (Fine, minus the young.) We're also sadly lacking in the vacation plans department, so hopefully a flip through this... [More]


nails inc. Angel & Upper Street Double-Ended Pop Art

Turn your nails into tiny works of art with this 2-in-1 polish from nails inc. ($14). Just paint 1-2 coats of the glittery Pop Art over the coordinating pink shade (or any other color in your collection, really) for nails that are anything but boring.... [More]


Romance Was Born Delinquent Cut Out Dress

We know that not everyone can pull off this Delinquent Cut Out Dress ($450) - not only do you need the je ne sais quoi that is necessary for wearing a loud, brightly colored frock like this, but you also need to like it, and find the fun in the... [More]


Penguin Press

It's a pun! As a product! If you like the iconic orange paperbacks of Penguin Press, or heck, if you just like penguins and coffee, you should invest in these vinyl decals ($7) by designer Andrew Neyer. They will turn your French press, already a beloved household item, into an... [More]


Vintage Style Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle

Thanks to this refillable perfume bottle ($16), you no longer have to hide that vial of Paris Hilton's Can Can whenever you have company. Just fill the vintage-style bottle with your favorite embarrassing scent and let your guests admire your refined taste in fragrance.... [More]


tarte cosmetics Collector's-Edition Cheek Stain Vault

We love tarte's makeup, but we're really into this limited edition Cheek Stain Vault ($150) for the packaging. Yes, it houses eight pretty shades of cheek color, but it is also filled with hooks and drawers so you can reuse it as a jewelry box long after the makeup is... [More]


Kemble Silk Flowers Clutch

Lush silk flowers, snakeskin leather...we can pretend that all it'd take to replicate KOTUR's Kemble Silk Flowers Clutch ($850) is a trip to Michaels and an afternoon with a glue gun, but we'd be kidding ourselves. It'd be a shoddy imitation at best. Unfortunately, we're thinking that's our only recourse.... [More]


Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish

This Color Changing Nail Polish ($10) is like the grown-up version of a mood ring. Apply two coats, and then watch as your nails shift colors when you step outside. The polish has a light floral scent when it dries, and it's available in a bunch of different color combos.... [More]


Marimekko Nanuk Mouse Pad

Are we still the only people who still use mouse pads? We mean, they keep making them, so there must be a market, right? If you're searching for somewhere nice to set your mouse when you're not giving your fingers a workout on your touch pad, the Marimekko Nanuk Mouse... [More]


Enamelware Storage Bowls

Keep your snack hour FRITOS fresh by scooping them into one of these Enamelware Storage Bowls ($29 for three) and snapping on the airtight lid. Not sure you can eat just a bowl of corn chips for a snack? Use bowls two and three to house salsa and sour cream.... [More]


Embroidered Narwhal Hanky

Hankies may be old-fashioned but we've started keeping one in our purses anyway. It's been a killer allergy season and we swear, we haven't stopped sneezing since March. This Embroidered Narwhal Hanky by wrenbirdarts ($25) might as well keep us company while we're achooing three dozen times a day!... [More]


Solar System Mini Art Print

We could spend all day on Society6 flipping through the lovely and clever art, but it's time to make up our minds and grab a favorite to hang on an office wall. Jazzberry Blue's Solar System Mini Art Print ($19 for 8" x 10") is pretty perfect: it's colorful, retro,... [More]


Ruth Embroidered Cotton Gauze Drawstring Dress

The last thing you want to do when the temp hits three digits is wear clothing. But sometimes you must if you want to go out in public, so you might as well wear the lightest weight frock you can find that still covers up everything that needs to be... [More]


NARS Adult Swim Collection Duo Eyeshadow

We've been shocked more than a few times while watching the Adult Swim lineup, but this new collection from NARS has us reaching for our wallets instead of clutching our pearls. We especially love the Duo Eyeshadows ($35), which contain bright pairs of colors that can be applied wet or... [More]


Hand Stop Book Ends

The sorta kitschy but totally awesome Hand Stop Book Ends ($20) by DaynaB are clever little figurines any way you look at 'em. Sure they can hold up a grouping of your favorite reads, but they can also high-five each other or say a quick prayer. They can also bring... [More]


SURESHOP Reusable Shopping Bag

Shopping with kids is hard enough - their arms suddenly grow just long enough to reach out and knock over eighteen cans of peaches when your back is turned. Add in the juggling of plastic bags on the walk back home and it's all you can do to not stop... [More]


Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet

Thanks to Pinterest, you probably know that chia seeds can add a hearty dose of omega-3s to your mason jar overnight oats. But did you know that the ancient Aztec superfood is also good for your skin? We're far too lazy to concoct our own chia seed masks, so instead... [More]


300 Days at Sea

Our Liz Phair Pandora station (oh, yes) kept playing tunes that sounded familiar, yet...not. Turns out, one of our other nineties indie artist obsessions released an album in 2012. 300 Days at Sea ($14) is Heather Nova's latest and it's full of nostalgia-inducing sound. Don't get us wrong - it's... [More]


Marysia Maui Shark Attack Strapless Maillot Swimsuit

There's only one certain way to keep sharks away while swimming in the ocean - look like you've already been bitten. The Marysia Maui Shark Attack Strapless Maillot Swimsuit ($368) has a teeth mark design that playfully pays homage to Jaws while still accentuating your figure. Since the gray suit... [More]


Doubtblush: One Posh Kid Sweet Pink Ruffle Pants Set

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Grown-Ass Lady Print

All we have to say is: A-MEN! We're hanging Emily McDowell's Grown-Ass Lady Print ($20) where we can see its mantra as often as possible. (Probably next to the fridge so it can give us the excuse we need to break into a tube of cookie dough or grab ourselves... [More]


Paper Crown Bow Dress

No, this Paper Crown Bow Dress ($179, on sale) isn't the most exciting or flashy dress we've ever seen, but it is a gorgeous blank canvas with which to start. The silk frock is easy to dress up with heels and an updo and even easier to wear to brunch... [More]


Patisserie De Bain Sugar Mice Guest Soaps

Of course we're going to click on an item that contains the word "pâtisserie" (mmm, baked goods). They may not be edible, but we still want a pack of these Sugar Mice Guest Soaps ($15) to sweeten up our homes.... [More]


LiftFusion Triple Threat Intense Target Magic Wand

This Triple Threat Intense Target Magic Wand ($10, on sale) isn't technically magical, but that won't stop us from pretending to be Hermione Granger while we use it to prevent premature aging. Accio youthful glow!... [More]


Ampersand Cheese and Crackers Serving Board

Arranging a cheese platter can be intimidating, but this serving board ($48) pretty much ensures that you'll wind up with a beautiful presentation no matter what. Now your biggest problem will be trying not to eat all the gouda before your guests arrive.... [More]


Jardin Majorelle Chandelier Earrings

It would be pretty much impossible to be a wallflower while wearing these flower-happy Jardin Majorelle Chandelier Earrings ($68), but it's not like you're going to try. Toss that hair on your head and let these earrings speak loud and clear for you - otherwise, what's the point of wearing... [More]


Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lipstick

Thanks to this hydrating lipstick ($28), now you really can get a kiss from a rose. (Anyone else just have a flashback to awkward junior high dances?) Available in four rose-inspired shades, this special formula from Bite Beauty contains a distilled essential oil called rose otto, which has "potent antiaging... [More]


"POW!" Cartoon Woven Duvet Cover

Holy bug juice, Batman! This KESS Original "POW!" Cartoon Woven Duvet Cover ($239 for a queen) oughta help you ZAP your bedroom set and THWAK some awesome into it. All old school fight words aside, we're betting it really will make you wanna hop out of bed at the start... [More]


Anthea Measuring Cups

With these pretty painted measuring cups ($32) in your kitchen, you'll be looking for any excuse to bake. Your waistline might suffer, but your coworkers will sure enjoy that four-tier cake you made in honor of Flag Day.... [More]


ck one Color Gloss Eyecolor

Harsh eyeliner is flattering on nobody, which is why we love these super blendable gloss eye pencils ($17). They can be used either as liner or all-over eye color - just glide across your lid and blend, blend, blend.... [More]


Drifter Sunny Day Pack

You're not in high school anymore, so there's no need to worry about the current backpack trends, which surely do not include tropical bamboo and pineapple-laced prints. This classic Drifter backpack ($98) branches out from the brand's standard saturated colors and camo for a little fun in the sun -... [More]


Plum Pretty Sugar Shortie Set

Adorably feminine and ridiculously comfy, Plum Pretty Sugar's Shortie Sets ($45) are gonna become your favorite staple summer jammies. They're cut to look like a boyfriend set, but trim enough to flatter all of your curves. Wanna really indulge? Order a matching robe and/or eye mask, too.... [More]


Gloss Ink Lip Stain

Tired of your hair getting stuck to your lips whenever the wind picks up? Toss the gloss and pick up some of this high shine lip stain ($16). It gives you the shiny finish of a liquid lip color without all the stickiness. Also: We like the packaging.... [More]


Deluxe Remastered Edition of Little House on the Prairie: Season One

If you've always wanted to see every single pore on mean Nellie Oleson's face, you're finally in luck. The Deluxe Remastered Edition of Little House on the Prairie: Season One ($19) is now available on Blu-ray. Previous owners of the series may want to upgrade as this version advertises "better... [More]


Schutz Frederica Espadrilles

Go with a pop of color and a trendy neutral with these Schutz Frederica Espadrilles ($130). It's like a backwards mullet - a party in the front and business in the back. We wouldn't even mind if these were entirely covered with embroidery; you know that we like a good... [More]


Under Sun Melamine Dinner Plate

We don't need to be holding a party as an excuse to take out the special festive plates, but we might throw one just so we can show off these Under Sun Melamine Dinner Plates ($10 each), featuring colorful paintings by Ashley Longshore. We'll show off our cheese and fruit... [More]


Kérastase Spray À Porter

'Tis the season for wavy beach hair! You need a product to keep those tousled locks set, but so many curl-preserving products leave you with a wet look. We gave Kérastase Spray À Porter ($35) a shot and are pleased with the results - this lightweight spray locked in our... [More]


Diesel D-THARA Dress

This Diesel D-THARA Dress ($458) is perfect for the patriotic holidays coming up - Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day - that fall on days that are usually warm and temperate, if not downright hot (that'd be the one in July, of course). It's on theme, with its blue stars... [More]


Civil Clothing No Scrubs Muscle Tee

TLC's "No Scrubs" was released in 1999 and somehow we still know all the words to this killer track. Maybe it's because it's our default end-of-the-night karaoke pick? Yet we're still always surprised how many times we're supposed to sing "No scrub, no, no" at the end of the song.... [More]


Hefeweizen Goat Milk & Beer Soap

Goat milk and beer doesn't sound like a great combination to ingest by mouth, but use it to confect a bar of soap and we'll start listening. This Hefeweizen Beer Soap ($9) uses Chivas Skin Care's signature blend of goat milk, shea butter, and essential oils and adds one more... [More]


Caudalie Premier Cru La Crème Riche

If there was a beauty product overachiever award, this luxury face cream ($158) would win it for sure. For starters, it contains resveratrol to lift and firm, viniferine to reduce dark spots, and polyphenols for their antioxidant powers. It also uses high concentrations of ten different anti-aging molecules to smooth... [More]


FELICITY & COCO Stripe Stretch Cotton Fit & Flare Dress

As far as we're concerned, you can't ever have too many striped dresses in your closet. This is a good thing, because every time we see one as cute as this FELICITY & COCO dress ($98), we can't say no. There are a million and one ways to configure stripes... [More]


EYK Clay Ceramic Spoon Rest

These EYK Clay Ceramic Spoon Rests ($40) look so good together, but obviously you don't need seven by your stovetop. There's just not room for that, and besides, one might question the need for even one spoon rest. We think it's nice having a designated place to always put your... [More]


Kate Spade Saturday On Purpose Fabric Necklace

Kate Spade Saturday recently revealed their new project, On Purpose, which has the brand teaming up with female artisans from Rwanda to create a limited-edition, handmade line of accessories. The summer line is out, and includes bright and personality-filled pieces such as this Fabric Necklace ($50), which will be an... [More]


Pure + Good Lined Lace Jacket

When you're exercising, your number one concern is how stylish you look, right? Wrong. You're worried about not running out of breath, cramping up, or getting a massive sideache. So although we do realize the difference, mentally, between wearing grody old oversized tees and a brightly colored, form-fitting top to... [More]


Nail Polish Wall Rack

One of the best parts of a manicure is getting to pick your polish from a wall full of colors. Thanks to this nail polish wall rack ($34) that holds up to 102 bottles, you can replicate the experience at home. Sure, you may have to make a trip to... [More]


Inside Out Bowls

These porcelain Inside Out Bowls ($8 each) are almost too delicate and pretty to use for scarfing down cornflakes. Best save them for a more refined treat, like gelato or a chocolate-cardamom mousse. Meh, scratch that. They're microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so use them for whatever you want; they'll clean quickly... [More]


Public Police Call Box Leggings

And you thought you had every piece of Doctor Who paraphernalia on the market! This pair of American Apparel leggings ($65-95) is screen-printed with the TARDIS on each leg - or, more specifically, a police box, ordinary in time and relative dimension in space. What's that? You're a super duper... [More]


Davines Momo Fluid

Not only does Davines Momo Fluid ($23) smooth frizzy hair, the company donates one percent of each purchase to environmental charities so you can feel as good as you look. Just comb it through wet hair from the ends up and heat style as normal.... [More]

VS PINK Fringe One Piece

Victoria's Secret PINK Fringe One-Piece

Memorial Day is only a week away and we're stoked, but are we prepared? Umm...not really! We've been on the hunt for the sexiest swimsuit out there and think we just stumbled upon it. The PINK Fringe One-Piece ($37, on sale) will certainly make all the boys heads spin. This... [More]

Victorias Secret Sleeveless Fit-And-Flare Dress

Victoria's Secret Sleeveless Fit-And-Flare Dress

Fit and flare dresses are a must-have for the spring season! The Victoria's Secret Sleeveless Fit-And-Flare Dress ($50-60, on sale) is adorable. The blue dot and striped print of this dress is darling and would look phenomenal paired with red sandals for a festive 4th of July look. Head over... [More]

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Cutout Bikini Top

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Cutout Triangle Top

Turn the heat up before you even hit the pool this summer! Rock the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Cutout Triangle Top ($47, on sale) and the matching bottom for a spectacular look. This flirty set has cutouts in all the right places and reveals just enough. Shop the Annual Swim... [More]


Hand Blown Watercolor Vase

We wish we were the kind of people who could fill the Hand Blown Watercolor Vase ($225) by Carrie and Patrick Frost with bright blooms and settle it on our mantels or dining room tables, but somewhere along the way, we'd probably drop it, knock it over, or bump into... [More]


Giejo Mixed Boy Brief

It was pretty much an unspoken rule that you could mix exactly two prints when wearing a bikini - one on the top and one for the bottom - but no more. So our minds got pretty blown when we saw these Giejo Mixed Boy Briefs ($98). But now that... [More]


The Brush Guard Sleeves

Have you ever pulled out your makeup brushes after traveling to find that the bristles resemble Troll hair? If so, you may want to look into Brush Guard Sleeves ($9), which slip onto the ends of your brushes to keep them from getting bent out of shape. They can also... [More]


Lancôme Lip Lover

We don't care how stuffed your beauty bag is, you need to make room for a tube or two of Lancôme's Lip Lover ($23). The three-in-one elixir formula provides long-lasting color and shine while keeping your lips hydrated and soft. Choose the subtle pink Rose Ballet (pictured) for daytime, or... [More]


Unplug Every Day: 365 Ways to Log Off and Live Better

How long can you go without checking your email? How about sending a text message? If your answer to that question is, "I did both of those things before even finishing this paragraph," it's time to take a step back from the computer. Unplug Every Day: 365 Ways to Log... [More]


C&C California Tie-Front Top

In case you hadn't noticed yet, somehow it became trendy again to knot the front of your shirt, and not just your denim button-down. So you don't have to get your shirt all wrinkly, brands such as C&C California are now selling tops with extra material added in the front... [More]


Illamasqua Fundamental Palette

The Illamasqua Fundamental Palette ($47) certainly puts the "fun" back in fundamental. We know you don't see the practicality of a nearly fifty-dollar eyeshadow palette in rather alien colors, but what is it that the kids say these days? Oh yeah, YOLO.... [More]


Room Service Print

Little sis crashing at your pad...again? It's not easy to give the boot to a family member, even if she does leave her wet towels on the floor and cereal bowls in the sink. You could try the passive-aggressive approach and hang a Room Service print ($56) from One Must... [More]


Cosmic Galaxy Authentic Lo Pro Vans

Ready for some out-of-this-world shoes? The Cosmic Galaxy Authentic Lo Pro Vans ($55) are decorated to look like they came straight from outer space. These are so attention-grabbing that they're sure to eclipse even your cutest pair of sneakers. The only downside is that you may have to fight the... [More]


Stitch Fix

Hopeless at shopping online and in stores? Never fear, Stitch Fix ($20 styling fee; item prices vary) is here. It's an online styling service, which means that you get professional wardrobe help but get to try on all the clothing your virtual stylist picks out for you in the comfort... [More]


Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths

No time for a shower? No soap for a face wash? Keep these Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths ($3) on your person at all times for the moments when you feel absolutely disgusting and still have to be seen in public. We're talking those post-gym, post-fast food lunch, mid-camping... [More]


Succulent Magnets

If you still haven't been able to keep a succulent alive for more than a few months, even after a handful of tries and cactus carcasses, you can still add a pop of greenery and plant life to your home. These six Succulent Magnets ($12) are super hardy in both... [More]


AERIN Beauty Garden Bloom Face Palette

Sure, the soft neutral eye shadows and blush in this Garden Bloom Face Palette ($70) are pretty and flattering, but we really love the floral zip-up case. Why can't all makeup come in such pretty packages?... [More]


Zara Neoprene Dress

Is it slightly pathetic that we're drooling over this Zara Neoprene Dress ($60) because we assume wearing it will turn us into total tennis champs? Don't answer that! Ehh, even if our backhand doesn't improve, our look will. A few bright accessories and a pair of heeled sandals will have... [More]


Berry Colander

There's not too much difference between this Berry Colander ($14) and your regular all-purpose colander. But...it's smaller and cuter, thus, it's a necessity, right?. Besides, you probably don't want to be rinsing your delicate raspberries in the same colander you use to drain your oiled pasta noodles. Washed or not,... [More]


SARAHPOTEMPA Jet Setter Cordless Travel Iron

Who says your hair has to resemble Sasquatch when you're camping? Thanks to this Jet Setter Cordless Travel Iron ($99) you can remain perfectly coiffed in the middle of the woods. Just make sure you use it fast - the battery lasts about thirty minutes before needing to be re-charged.... [More]


Silver Kitten Mitten

These don't look like the Kitten Mittens we know and love! If you tried to put this sterling silver hand chain ($56) on a cat, you wouldn't get nearly as hilarious a result. Instead of slip sliding across a coffee table, the cat, wearing a thin chain draped around its... [More]


nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish

We won't go so far as to say that this Kenyan Coffee Face Polish ($34) is better than our morning mocha (blasphemy!), but it is a great way to wake up your face. Bonus: It's gentler than most exfoliators, and it contains neroli, lemongrass, and macadamia oils to leave your... [More]


Hatch + Marysia SWIM Maillot

This special swimwear collaboration ($249) between the HATCH collection and Marysia is made with expectant mamas in mind. The halter and side bows are easily adjustable in order to accommodate that growing belly, but as soon as baby arrives, pop this swimsuit back on. It's so cute that ladies will... [More]



Delightful indie band Wye Oak has returned with a new album, Shriek ($11). This time around, the band has dropped its signature guitar-led tracks, instead opting for a new synthesizer sound. While it's a solid and thoughtful album, longtime fans may miss the kind of tunes that helped them to... [More]


Bistro Short

When you wear the striped Bistro Shorts ($68) from Boden, you'll fit right in with the warm weather landscape - no, not the ocean or the flowers, the beach or the pool, but the striped umbrellas, beach towels, and boardwalk awnings that also pepper your summer surroundings.... [More]


Deborah Lippmann The Stripper Nail Lacquer Remover Duo

Every busy woman needs a stripper. (Not that kind of stripper. Stop thinking about Channing Tatum's abs.) No, we're talking about Deborah Lippmann's The Stripper Nail Lacquer ($60). Unfortunately it can't pick up a dollar bill with its butt cheeks, but it will remove your nail polish in mere seconds... [More]


Cyber Clean: The High-Tech Cleaning Compound

Dirt in your keyboard, dust on your smartphone...there are several products on the market that take care of that problem, but none are as fun as Cyber Clean: The High-Tech Cleaning Compound ($5). The biodegradable gel snatches unwanted flakes in the crevices of your electronics to freshen them up. It'll... [More]

Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

We crave the smell of coconut once summer rolls around. There's something about the sweet smell that we love. However we don't want to apply suntan lotion to get that smell so we've stumbled up on the Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist ($14). Head over to Victoria's Secret to... [More]


Muuto & David Geckeler Nerd Chair

We'll confess. We're not totally sure why Muuto & David Geckeler's design is called the Nerd Chair ($499). Maybe because each chair looks like something you'd sit in at a school desk? Except that they're much more modern and sleek than their grade school predecessors. We're sure we'll still get... [More]


The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel

Filled with the usual dose of magic and mayhem, Neil Gaiman's newest novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane ($15), may just be his best one yet (and we thought nothing could top American Gods!). Its protagonist and narrator, an unnamed seven-year-old boy, traipses through the Sussex countryside... [More]


Hale Midlength Puff Skirt

Alice + Olivia's Hale Midlength Puff Skirt ($297)? OMG, genius. It proves that gaudy pink flamingos aren't just good for lining residential gardens in southern Florida. They're very clearly also perfect for giving you a reason to twirl in the park, on the boardwalk, at your BFF's bridal shower, and... [More]


M·A·C Pink Freeze Eye Shadow Quad

Petal pink eyeshadow is one of the hottest trends this spring, but it can be difficult to find a shade that doesn't make us look like we're suffering from a nasty bout of conjunctivitis. M·A·C's Pink Freeze Eye Shadow Quad ($40) contains four colors ranging from pale pink to deep... [More]


Pool Party Checklist with PoolSupplyWorld

Unless you want your Memorial Day pool party to consist of a half-empty bag of potato chips, a few cans of soda, and deflated rubber ball you found in your garage, make sure to follow PoolSupplyWorld's Pool Party Checklist so your next event is a splash! Guest List - Put... [More]


Bear Return Address Custom Stamp

These days every time you receive a friendly handwritten note in the mail it feels like a special occasion. But how can you make it the most special? Sycamore Street Press will help your letters stand out with this awesome custom bear return address stamp ($65). We bet the prospect... [More]


Wall Mounted Soap Dish

Still using a cheap plastic soap dish? Elevate your bathroom decor with this beautiful wall-mounted cedar version ($17). While you're at it, you may want to go ahead and buy towels that match and chisel off the toothpaste build-up around the sink drain.... [More]


Sprite Lip Balm

We love us some lemon-lime soda, but can't get past the whole "it will rot your teeth out of your head" thing. Instead, we'll settle for a tube of this Sprite-flavored lip balm ($6). All the refreshing citrus flavor, none of the cavities.... [More]


Kotur #getsmartbag

Your life is built around your phone (we hope not, but play along here). It's got all your contacts, photos, and passwords stored in it, and you'd be lost most of the time without Google Maps. So why not build your purse around your phone as well? Snap your iPhone... [More]


Bob Tee

We told ourselves we were well past the age of buying musician and band t-shirts, but damn if we're not tempted by this Bob Tee ($107), which features a striking painting of our beloved Robert Zimmerman by French artist GKero.... [More]



Remember that day when you thought your top was super fly, but it turned out all those people were staring because they could see your nipples through that tank? Don't throw out the top - get Nipplomats ($11). The "reusable satin nipple concealers" keep you from revealing more than you... [More]


Jonathan Adler Champagne Pop Candle

You love candles. You love champagne. You clearly need this Jonathan Adler Champagne Pop Candle ($42) in your life. Not only does it smell as divine as your favorite bubbly, the rose gold vessel adds a touch of modern elegance to your living room.... [More]


Kenroy Home Spot Light Accent Table Lamp

A diva like you deserves to have proper lighting. Stand in front of a Kenroy Home Spot Light Accent Table Lamp ($31) and you're bound to start reciting a monologue. In reality, the lighting is significantly less blinding than spotlights on a Broadway stage, but that shouldn't make you feel... [More]


Chill Pill Bath Bombs

We're pretty sure nobody has told us to take a chill pill since the '90s, but we were still tickled by these handmade bath bombs ($6). They'll make a perfect passive-aggressive gift for that friend who's always complaining on Facebook about how stressed she is.... [More]


RVCA Mode Archaic Tank Top

If you find that this loose-fitting, scoop-back chiffon tank isn't giving your skin enough breathing room on a humid summer's day, you're in luck! Simply loosen the ties that run down the sides of the marbled RVCA Mode Archaic Tank Top ($40) for maximum 360-degree cross breeze.... [More]


Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy

Just when we thought a bath couldn't get any more relaxing, we found this tub caddy ($50) featuring a built-in book holder and a secure slot for your wine glass. We suggest bringing the entire bottle of vino into the bathroom so you don't have to leave your oasis for... [More]


Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray

Forget headbands and clips, the best way to accessorize your head suit is by making it shine. Don't worry if you suffer from dull strands - you can add instant luster to your hair with Oribe's Shine Light Reflecting Spray ($38). It enhances your color and highlights, and contains a... [More]



It's confusing to be an ambitious lady these days. Are we supposed to lean in, #banbossy, or be a #GIRLBOSS? The latest empowering hashtag phrase comes from Sophia Amoruso, the founder, CEO, and creative director of Nasty Gal, one of our favorite fashion retailers. In her new book ($20) aimed... [More]


Midi Bandeau Sundress In Check Print

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to own the Midi Bandeau Sundress In Check Print ($47) from ASOS. Call us nostalgic, but it gives us the chance to wear something akin to our high school thift-store mens' flannels without looking like sullen teenagers in over-sized clothing. We call that a... [More]


Diaper Bouquet

Sending flowers to celebrate the birth of a new baby is a nice thought, but what is a baby going to do with flowers? Newborns don't really do much other than pooping. With that in mind, reconsider your gift and give it a new twist: a diaper bouquet ($75). Moms... [More]


Ain't No Party Like a Gatsby Party

Because there's no better way to simultaneously advertise your street cred and the fact that you're, like, well-read and sh*t. Ain't No Party Like a Gatsby Party shirt ($26).... [More]



If you didn't hop on the clog bandwagon several years ago with the Swedish Hasbeens craze, it's not too late! The clog train is still chugging along, and brands like NINA Z are making beautifully crafted wood and leather shoes such as the IDA clog ($170). The colors are perfect... [More]


Höganäs Jug

This gorgeous stoneware jug ($34) is, unsurprisingly, Scandinavian, and specifically, from Sweden's hundred-year-old Höganäs Keramik company. Use this simple yet impeccably designed half-liter vessel to hold hot coffee or ice-cold orange juice, or simply to stand in as a gorgeous flower vase.... [More]


Fern and Moss Wall Art

2-D wall art: it's so...flat. Invest in a totally unique piece that'll bring your place to life. The Fern and Moss Wall Art ($135-998) from VivaTerra comes in several sizes and shapes (not to mention price points!), so you can tailor it to your apartment's needs. An added bonus for... [More]


sugar Addict Roll-On Loose Eye Shimmer

Finally, a loose eye powder that won't wind up all over your shirt, sink, and bathroom floor in addition to your eyelids. This roll-on loose powder ($10) comes in gold and silver, and glides on easily for a no-mess application every time. Any product that reduces the amount of time... [More]


Cat Cuddle Card

Nothing is sweeter than the sight of two cats curled up together because they love each other so, so much (or because they need some body heat because you've locked the door to your bedroom because you don't want a an alarm clock that doesn't have a snooze button). Assuming... [More]


Hanging Egg Chair

There's something enticing about Cost Plus World Market's Hanging Egg Chair ($450). Combining the gentle swinging sensation with the comforting feeling being of being enclosed, this wicker chair makes for a magical seating experience. It holds up to three hundred pounds, too, so feel free to snack in it!... [More]

VS PINK Storage Bins

PINK Storage Bins

We'd love to hide all of our junk in these pretty PINK Storage Bins ($25, on sale). They're large enough to store our old textbooks as well as favorite flip flops. Get organized and visit Victoria's Secret PINK to save 25% on PINK bedding and bath items. No coupon is... [More]

VS Embellished Knife Pleat Dress

Victoria's Secret Embellished Knife Pleat Dress

We love to rock frocks all summer! We're in love with the Victoria's Secret Embellished Knife Pleat Dress ($55, on sale). This pretty dress has it all - spaghetti straps, blouson top and knife pleat skirt...and it's available in five gorgeous colors. Head over to Victoria's Secret and for a... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Harvey Faircloth Striped Tulip Skirt

In a recent YOU Be the Stylist, we asked you how you would style the Harvey Faircloth Striped Tulip Skirt ($375). Maybe it was a tad unfair of us, because its premium price tag makes it a pretty elusive piece to own. Reader Erin asked if we could find a... [More]


Harry Wire Chair in Lilac

Even if you no one ever sits in this chair except for when you have dinner parties with more people than dining table chairs, you'll still find that once you introduce it to your home, it will quickly become essential. Whether you use it for filling up an empty corner... [More]


Home Embroidery Hoop

We've gotta thank Sarah K. Benning. We've always wanted to pick up needlepoint or embroidery, but we've been too busy checking Facebook 342567 times a day. That's where her Home Embroidery Hoop ($20) comes in. We can buy it, hang it on a wall, and stand back to admire the... [More]


Mask of Magnaminty

Yes, we would love to learn how to be a little less petty and be mature in the face of letdowns and setbacks, and if it takes putting on a deep cleansing mask that will rid our skin of excess oils while still instilling some moisturizing minty freshness... oh. This... [More]


Yellow Glass Vase

Bright, affordable, and plenty large enough to hold most of our favorite Trader Joe's bouquet impulse purchases, the Yellow Glass Vase ($20) from allen + roth has quickly become our favorite decor staple. It looks simply stunning housing a bunch of vivid purple stock.... [More]


True Utility CashStash

You probably carry around dollar bills and not British pounds, but the idea is still the same. The little CashStash Keychain ($11) will house your moolah for you. It's the perfect solution for stashing that extra money you'll need to cab it home at the end of the night, or... [More]


Tocca Laundry Travel Set

Tuck this Laundry Travel Set ($22) inside your luggage and you'll never have to call the hotel concierge in a panic because you've just spilled wine on the only white blouse you packed for your business trip. (Not that we speak from experience or anything.) The set comes with four... [More]


Prismatic Appeal Dress

Oooh, shimmery! The outer layer of Tracy Reese's Prismatic Appeal Dress ($400) is made with a shiny silk/cotton blend fabric and underneath, you'll find a petticoat. Combined, the dress gives the wearer a classic small-waist-full-skirt silhouette. And you in those dazzling shades of blue, green, and white? Can we say... [More]


Aqua Maize Crown Cachepot

This Aqua Maize Crown Cachepot ($31) is a medium-sized metal pot with endless possibilities. Use it as a pencil/pen holder on your office desk, fill it with your spare quarters and set it by the door so you always have meter money, or get your green thumb dirty and use... [More]


Red Wine Lollipops

When you can't pour yourself a healthy dose of your favorite Cabernet, reach for one of Mihow's Red Wine Lollipops ($10 for 6) to cure your craving. They're made with real red wine and reduced down with sugar to create a full-bodied, sweet treat. How great would these look standing... [More]


Anthelios 30 Cooling Water-Lotion Sunscreen

You were so excited to hit the beach on your first day of vacation that you forgot to put on sunscreen, and now you're rocking the lobster-chic look. Now what? Grab some of this La Roche-Posay sunscreen ($36), which contains menthol to soothe skin and provide an immediate cooling effect... [More]


Flower Muse Subscription

Fresh flowers every month? Sign us up! A Flower Muse Subscription ($150+) is pretty versatile - choose from a specific kind of flower or a variety of flowers to have delivered directly from Flower Muse's farms to your door. Do a trial run of three months, or go for the... [More]


Cushion with Studs

This cushion from H&M ($20) is really going to add a stylish punch to your sofa game, just don't fall asleep on it...at least not if you have to run out the door afterward. You'll need time for those indentations on your cheeks to even out again.... [More]


The Beat of Your Art Dress

With its bright geometric print, lightweight jersey knit fabric, and easy-to-wear sheath silhouette, the Beat of Your Art Dress ($50) will serve you well while you gallivant around town. We're also of the mind that it can moonlight as a coverup should you find yourself poolside and under the gaze... [More]


Restore Hot & Cold Foot Roller

High heels make your feet look great, but feel awful. Since you're not likely to give up the shoes, ease those achy toes with the Restore Hot & Cold Foot Roller ($15). Built to fit the arch of your foot, the roller provides additional relief with a bumpy surface that... [More]


Bolero Jacket with Sequin Embroidery

This Zara bolero jacket ($80) isn't exactly cheap, but we don't think it's a bad deal for a sassy little piece with beading covering every single square inch of it. And, for something this sparkly, it has the remarkable ability to go casual, but don't count it out as a... [More]


The Art of the Disney Golden Books

If the last trip to your childhood home left you in tears because you realized your parents had thrown out all of the Disney Golden Books - you know, the ones with the golden spines - perhaps this new book can be of some help. Author Charles Solomon has collected... [More]


Micro Perfect Egg Cooker

Eggs in the microwave. Why did the chicken cross the road? Surprisingly, only one of those is a joke. Yes, you can actually cook eggs in the microwave, especially with some assistance from the Micro Perfect Egg Cooker ($10). Put them in this giant plastic egg container (so meta!),... [More]


Kérastase Lift Vertige

A little height at the roots is a good thing, but go too crazy with the teasing and it's easy to wind up looking more "Peg Bundy trapped in a wind tunnel" than "babe with bombshell hair." We suggest reaching for a root booster like Kérastase Lift Vertige ($36), which... [More]


Lion Mane Wig for Cats

Though your cat may generally act indifferent to the world around him, a simple costume change can make him look positively furr-ocious. The Lion Mane Wig for Cats ($15) transforms your pet from King of the Living Room to King of the Jungle. Wearing this, he'll finally have the courage... [More]


Bracelet Assistant

Nothing solidifies one's "single" status quite like owning a Bracelet Assistant ($25). You may cry every time you have to use it, but look on the bright side: It's a lot easier than training your cat to work a clasp.... [More]


I Never Learn

Lykke Li's new album, I Never Learn ($10), is a bummer, in that every single song is about heartbreak. But although none of the songs are particularly danceable, not all of them are down-in-the-dumps ballads, either. Li's piercing voice, predilection for layers of instruments and pounding drums, and ear for... [More]


Sliced Perfection Plate Set

You could probably eat pizza every day if "good health" and "common decency" weren't so overvalued in society. Since you can't eat pizza constantly, at least you can eat all of your more nutritious meals off of pizza. The Sliced Perfection Plate Set ($25) resembles pieces of your favorite food... [More]


Banjanan Red Poppy Sofia Maxi Dress

One could say that a maxi dress is a maxi dress is a maxi dress, and that all maxi dresses are created equal, since they all are wonderfully simple, loose-fitting garments to wear when it's hot outside and you want to get comfy. But one might be oversimplifying things. This... [More]


Best of Hourglass Set

It seems like everyone we know is singing the praises of Hourglass Cosmetics. If you haven't tried any of their products yet, we suggest starting with this Best of Hourglass Set ($59), which contains Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara (full-size), Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Ignite (full-size), Veil... [More]


My Biotiful Bag Leopard Mini Messenger

We're not kidding when we say we don't need another purse. And you know who else doesn't need another purse? Mother Earth. Fashion is super disposable these days, but My Biotiful Bag is combating that by creating cool bags from recycled materials. The Leopard Mini Messenger ($40) is made from... [More]


Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer

After dabbling in juicing, we're ready to up our game with a top-of-the-line device. The Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer ($190) can pulverize heartier produce than most machines, thereby allowing you to expand the variety of fruits and vegetables you drink. Unlike most competitors' models, the Lexen also helps to preserve... [More]


Vintage Slip 'N Slide

Yay! This summer, set up the Vintage Slip 'N Slide ($15). You know, just in case you feel like tearing off the skin from all of your appendages and inducing internal bleeding when your kidney area connects with a sharp rock you failed to see before rolling out the plastic... [More]


Agave Healing Vapor Iron

Gone are the days of coating your hair with protective spray before heat styling - the Agave Healing Vapor Iron ($149) actually treats your hair while straightening, waving, and curling. Just fill the vapor cartridge with the included serum, heat up the iron, and press the vapor button while holding... [More]


B R Z Sheet Set

We're digging the grey and white pattern on this B R Z Sheet Set ($100-119). Who wouldn't want to sleep on sheets loosely inspired by hieroglyphics? Egyptians used to hook their pharaohs up with elaborate pyramids, so we can only imagine that spending a night on these sheets would be... [More]

VS Glitter Wedge Flip Flops

Victoria's Secret Glitter Wedge Flip Flops

Love flip flops with a little height? If so, you must try the Victoria's Secret Glitter Wedge Flip Flops ($25). They look stylish enough to wear with a cute sundress as well as denim cutoffs and a tee. Head over to Victoria's Secret and you can snag a free beach... [More]

VS Beach Sexy One Piece

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Tie-Accent One-Piece

Look like a siren as you step out from the sea in the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Tie-Accent One-Piece ($38, on sale). This gorgeous one-piece swimsuit hugs your curves and shows off your hot little body. Visit Victoria's Secret and for a limited time, you'll receive free shipping and free... [More]


CARGO Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara has its benefits, but sometimes we question if it's worth the effort it takes to remove it. CARGO's Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara ($20) takes care of this problem - it stays put during your aquatic activities, yet it comes off easily with a little warm water and light pressure. We're... [More]


Hobo Lauren Wallet

Hobo Bags's lovely Lauren Wallet ($110) is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Luckily for all of us, that means it's being released in new, gorgeous shades (like spring's staple, orchid) and lined in a celebratory confetti-patterned print. The rest is the same, from the sturdy metal frame to the generous inner... [More]


Align Detachable Base Stapler

The entire point of a stapler is to attach things, yet ironically, a stapler that is unattached itself works best. By allowing its top to separate completely from its base, the Align ($10) enables you to tackle bulletin boards and large papers. Then when you're back to standard, unchallenging paperwork,... [More]


Milano Plate and Bowl Collection

Rethink your dull daily dinnerware and drool over the Milano plate and bowl collection ($6 each), sold at Serena & Lily. The vibrant pieces are affordable and crazy durable. They're made from enameled steel, so while you wouldn't want to throw them at the wall in a fit of passion,... [More]


Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series

If you're a fan of police television dramas, you owe it to yourself to purchase Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series ($124). Created by Steven Bochco, the same man who went on to develop TV classics like NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, and Doogie Howser, M.D., Hill Street Blues helped to... [More]


Darling Gracie Dress

Hitting up an outdoor shindig? Close your eyes and feel around for a dress with a pleated skirt - in most cases, you won't go wrong, especially if you have this Darling Gracie Dress ($96) in your closet. Thanks to its cream, coral, and light blue palette, you'll always be... [More]


We'd Both Be Wrong Makeup Pouch

It's our opinion that your makeup container should be as sassy as your style. The We'd Both Be Wrong Makeup Pouch ($15) designed by Jim Spinx really sticks it to men with the zinger inscribed on the cover. Yes, you may be putting on that lipstick for his benefit, but... [More]


Vintage Seed Packets Stamps

For the most part, we're content to just stop by the post office and nab whatever booklet of stamps they hand us, but occasionally, the USPS comes out with some gorgeous sets and we stock up. We're currently enamored with these Vintage Seed Packets Stamps ($10 for a book of... [More]


Royal Jelly Lip Serum

Perk up your pucker! The Royal Jelly Lip Serum ($5) revitalizes parched lips with a dose of African coffee tree oil. The paraben-free formula also includes vitamin E, ginseng root extract and mango butter to help rehydrate and soothe. Mmmmm, we definitely need to buy more than one of these... [More]

VS Lingerie Bag

Victoria's Secret Lingerie Bag

Now that you've had a serious bra intervention and splurged on fab fitting bras, you need to take extra special care of them. The next time you wash them make sure you place them in the Victoria's Secret Lingerie Bag ($10), which will preserve their life. You can fit up... [More]

VS Beach Sexy Triangle Bikini Set

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Triangle Bikini Set

Simple is always the way to go! The Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Triangle Bikini ($24-29) is a timeless staple that every gal needs to have in her swimwear drawer. Visit Victoria's Secret and you can snag the Beach Sexy Triangle Bikini Set for just $15 (code 15BIKINI) Offer ends Monday,... [More]