Personal Shopper: Summer Camp Basics for Ella

Ella writes, "Hi Outblush! I'm going to be a counselor at a camp in Wisconsin this summer and I need major wardrobe help. I'm from New York and I don't know anyone going to this camp so I need to look confident and cool. I'm looking for effortless basics like... [More]


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Fancy Ox

Go back to basics when it comes to footwear, and make the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Fancy Ox ($55) a summer staple. Chucks are always in style, and this pair is understated with detail only in the red and blue sole stripes and rough hem on the tongue. Slip... [More]


Iacoli & McAllister Mint Panca

This unassuming little piece of furniture (it stands eighteen inches high) can be the biggest workhorse in your home with a little creativity. Set it up next to a window and use it as a plant stand (and cat stand, we bet), or keep it in the kitchen as a... [More]


The Kaleidoscope II Locket

The Kaleidoscope II Locket ($68) is what happens when a vintage brass locket gets a modern makeover. A colorful, folk-inspired geometric illustration from artist Alyson Fox is shellacked on the outside, and inside, there is room for two circular photos of loved ones. You can also pay a little extra... [More]



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Magic Rose Otto Duo

To be honest, we're not a hundred percent sure about the differences in the bottles of Estelle & Thild's Magic Rose Otto Duo ($116). One's a serum, and one's an oil, that much we understand, and once combined and smoothed onto our faces, both work marvelously together to give us... [More]


rag & bone Division Dress

Please call for help if you find yourself stuck in this gorgeous rag & bone dress ($595). Do not attempt to pull or put any pressure whatsoever on those teeny tiny straps. They are what make the dress the impactful garment that it is - specifically, the tension the miniscule... [More]


Marimekko Picnic Blanket

Picnic in style atop the Marimekko Picnic Blanket ($215) by SewnNatural. The Unikko poppy print is plenty eye-catching, so feel free to pack up your Brie and head to "the rich park" where the kids on the playground get sand down their Gucci shorts and the purebred dogs wait until... [More]


Endless Love Bangle

Remember when you used to write your name followed by the last name of your beloved over and over again in your loopy, cursive, middle school handwriting? This Endless Love Bangle ($38) kind of reminds us of that sweeter, simpler time, when our severe crushes occupied our every thought and... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Lilly Pulitzer Drink Huggers

It's that time of year again! Bust out the foam cozies for your barbecues, or go designer and sink your drink into a Lilly Pulitzer Drink Hugger ($6 each). Each one features a different classic Pulitzer design. At six bucks a pop, you can probably go ahead and order all... [More]


DERMAdoctor DD Cream

BB Cream is so five minutes ago. Meet DD Cream, the latest color-correcting, anti-aging, hydrating, skin-protecting, beautifying, miracle-working everyday foundation. DERMAdoctor's DD Cream ($38) basically markets itself as a BB cream, but a "dermatalogically defining" one, and the end-all be-all of BB cream imitators. We love our BB and CC... [More]


lululemon Mula Bundle Wrap

Hey, do you think lulu named this the Mula Bundle Wrap ($59) because all their stuff costs a bundle of moolah? ::snort:: We crack ourselves up. Seriously though, we're digging this cute moto-esque jacket for the transition into spring - whenever that's gonna happen. It's mid-to-heavyweight and works well as... [More]


Chefmaster Edible Metallic Gold Spray

How do you make even the cheapest food look more expensive? Paint it gold, obviously. Chefmaster Edible Metallic Gold Spray ($12) allows you to spruce up your food with a shiny new coat, while still being able to eat it afterwards. Gold pretzels? Yum. Gold chocolate cake? Don't mind if... [More]


Tassel 5.3

You picked up a lovely leather handbag last week, and it's been doing a great job - as purses should. It's been carrying all your stuff, staying on your shoulder, and zipping and unzipping with ease. It's even garnered a few compliments - a bonus! But it's missing a certain... [More]


Soup and Crackers Bowl

How many times have you carefully carried your very full soup bowl and spoon all the way to the table, only to sit down and hear the crunch of the crackers you stuffed in your pocket turn into tiny little crumbs now either mashed into your pants or your sofa?... [More]


J.Crew Woven Canvas Espadrilles

Once the rainy season passes, you'll wanna put away your Hunters for next year and slip on something a little less bulky. Okay, a lot less bulky, and these Woven Canvas Espadrilles ($60) from J.Crew fit the bill. They're lightweight and casual and definitely ready you for a day in... [More]


Nordic Ware Mini Scone Pan

Everything is better when it's miniaturized (cupcakes and poodles come to mind). We're assuming that'll hold true when we try out our new Mini Scone and Biscuit Pan ($35, on sale) from Nordic Ware. Scones are delish as it is, but shrink 'em down to bite-sized snacks and om, nom!... [More]



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Summer Stamp Maxi

Sometimes you just need a maxi dress, a maxi dress that is easy to wear and pretty, that will let in the summer breeze and cool you off, and that you'd wear every single day if nobody else would notice. And - drum roll please - the Summer Stamp Maxi... [More]



Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, the two female vocalists in the band Lucius, sing every song on their debut album, Wildewoman ($12), in glorious unison and harmony from start to finish. To cement this true partnership, they also dress in uniform for all public appearances (and the three male backing... [More]


Deflect Fast-Dry Heat Protection

There's T-minus twenty minutes before your 8:00am meeting and you're still standing in front of your bathroom mirror with wet hair. Yep, we hear that. Towel off your locks and spray on a bit of Deflect Fast-Dry Heat Protection ($24) from AG Hair Cosmetics. It contains Abyssinian oil, which will... [More]


Bacchus Glass Lamp Bases

If the Roman god of wine were to behold the Bacchus Glass Lamp Bases ($130-$150) he might be moved to decree, "Loyal followers! Take these lamps and fill them in my name!" At least, that's what we'd imagine he would say. In reality, while it might be tempting to please... [More]


Icon Eiffel Tray & Soap Set

The Icon Eiffel Tray & Soap Set ($22) from FRINGE Studio is packaged so nicely that you'll immediately want to stock up on a few and give them away as gifts. That is, until you get a whiff of the rosewood and ginger scent, and then you'll be tempted to... [More]


HELLO PARRY Little Bird Ring

Spring is in the air and the birds are starting to chirp outside. In case you don't have the same animal whisperer qualities as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, you may need to borrow this HELLO PARRY bird ring ($9) if you want one to come and sit on your... [More]


Jayson Home Dome Paperweights

Jayson Home's Dome Paperweights ($16 each) come in five different design options. Or one design option if, like us, you can't see anything past the perfection of EVIL GENIUS. That one needs to be sitting atop our plans to take over the world, stat.... [More]


Fruit Glass Pitcher

It's almost summer, it's almost summer...if we keep repeating that mantra, it'll come true sooner or later! While we wait, we better whip up a batch of homemade lemonade and stir it in this Fruit Glass Pitcher ($50). A sweet, citrusy slug of the good stuff will help us fake... [More]


Essie Resort Fling Nail Color

Blush (the color, not the powder) is big for spring. We can't help but think that blush is a little bleh, but we also respect that not everyone is all about chartreuse nail polish. For those of you who prefer nude to neon, check out the Essie Resort Fling Nail... [More]

PINK Wear Everywhere Bra

PINK Wear Everywhere Multi-Way Bra

If you've been scouring the net for a great strapless bra, look no further. The PINK Wear Everywhere Multi-Way Bra ($30-32) is totally functional and has a fabulous fit in amazing prints. PINK Wear Everywhere Bras are specially priced at just 2 for $42 and for a limited time, you... [More]



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Victorias Secret Open Toe Mule

Victoria's Secret Open Toe Mule

Spring is here and we're super excited that we'll be able to wear open toe shoes and sandals. The Open Toe Mule ($98) from Victoria's Secret are at the top of our must-have list this year. For a limited time, you can save 20% on any single apparel item or... [More]


Veep: Season 2

If Seinfeld's Elaine Benes gave up writing catalogue copy for J. Peterman and became the Vice President of the United States, what would that look like? It would look a lot like Veep, the sharp comedy series starring the eternally hysterical Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Be sure to catch up on the... [More]


It's a Punderful Life

Whether you guffaw or groan, you've got to admit, a good pun is an excellent way to break the ice. We're going to go ahead and take it a step further. Company coming over? Keep Gemma Correll's new book, It's a Punderful Life ($12), sitting on your coffee table. We're... [More]


Albert Einstein Lego Print

You spent hours as a kid creating ingenious masterpieces out of Legos and now you're a totally awesome adult who's employing her creativity in the workplace. Coincidence? We think not! Albert Einstein Lego Print ($19) by Design Different... [More]


French Linen Striped Apron

This French Linen Striped Apron ($90) is pricier than a twelve-ounce porterhouse steak at your favorite neighborhood bistro, so you'll want it tie it on while you fire up the grill. You'll be dining in while you recoup the cost of your new fancy kitchen smock. (It was worth it,... [More]


The Beatles Authentic Shoe

Vans x Beatles is a limited edition collection of shoes, and we aim to make the most of the collaboration. This design ($65) is our pick; its colorful and groovy print displays our favorite Magical Mystery Tour sentiment: all you need is love. These would be the perfect pair of... [More]


Topshop Two Tone Bonded Skater Dress

We'll want this Topshop dress ($150) on hand once the moon is open for human settlement and they need mixologists at the very first space bar. And if this is what all futuristic lunar fashion looks like - all structural, iridescent, and angular - you can book us a one-way... [More]



Shakira is known for her truth-telling hips (they don't lie!) and small and humble breasts (they don't get confused with mountains!), but through it all, she's still best known for her powerful voice. The Colombian superstar features her internationally-recognized bleating on her newly released album, Shakira ($10). Yup, she waited... [More]


Sandless Beach Mat

It's not magic, but woven polyurethane that makes the Sandless Beach Mat ($60) an indispensable summer staple. Unfold it and set it down on the sand or dirt and soak up the sun, debris-free. Any sand that gets kicked up onto the mat will filter right through, keeping you and... [More]


Komorebi Umbrella

Rainy days will seem less dreary when you're staring at the sky through the faux foliage of the Komorebi Umbrella ($49, pre-order). You stay dry and your leaf-printed canopy keeps your spirits high.... [More]


Spitfire Trapeze

We would have absolutely no place in our tiny apartments to hang this Spitfire Trapeze ($460-550)...but, but...we want one! We've never quite given up the fantasy of becoming daredevil circus performers and what better way to practice than by swinging on our very own trapeze? Now, does anyone know a... [More]

PINK Sleep Legging

Victoria's Secret PINK Sleep Legging

Some days we can't wait to get home and slip into something a bit cozier! The Victoria's Secret PINK Sleep Leggings are perfect for those days. We can run out to the bank or pick up takeout sushi in them as well as have a pleasant slumber in them. Shop... [More]

PINK Yankees Crop Tank

Victoria's Secret PINK New York Yankees Bling Crop Tank

Opening day is upon us and we're super excited! We'll be rocking this adorable PINK New York Yankees Bling Crop Tank ($30) from the PINK MLB Collection. Shop for stylish tanks, tees, jersey, yoga leggings, hats and more from all your favorite MLB teams. Right now you'll score a free... [More]


Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes

If you can't figure out a way to use up that Nutella (as if), get a few ideas from Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes ($8). The recipes all skew towards the pastry and dessert side of things, so if you were thinking this was going to be adventures in cooking... [More]


Portofino Skirt

Even if you don't have a sailboat or a yacht (or even a friend with a boat), you'll appreciate the nautical stylings of the Portofino Skirt ($98), named for the picturesque Italian Riviera resort town where you'd be wearing this skirt every day this summer if life was anything like... [More]


Chabatree Enamel Storage Boxes

Say goodbye to all that mismatched, lidless Tupperware that's currently crowding up your kitchen drawers. You're never going to find the missing parts. Although we admit that having lightweight storage containers is super helpful when you're bringing lunch to work, why use that cheap material to store leftover food at... [More]


Emoji Pillows

If you're on your phone so much that you even dream about text messaging get help Emoji Pillows ($20). Rest your head on whichever pillow conveys your current mood. Feeling mischievous? Try the smirking pillow. Worried? The grinning pillow. Lovestruck? Clearly you need the pillow with hearts for eyes... We're... [More]


The Breadstick Holder by Seletti

If Olive Garden ever wanted to attempt to go more highbrow, first they'd make their food edible, and then they'd display the unlimited breadsticks in this porcelain Breadstick Holder ($43). That's what we'll be doing at Chez Outblush - and when we decide we've had enough carbs (ha ha), we'll... [More]


Le Poeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug

If you were hoping to get a bit of daily inspiration by reading the Le Poeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug ($49-639), you may be disappointed. It's in French, and it's not a complete poem*. Sorry. It is, however, a gorgeously lush rug with a unusual design. We're thinking this one would look... [More]


Mixed Metals Goddess Necklace

Athena, Aphrodite, Hera,! That's right, you can join the ranks of the world's famous goddesses when you wear Mr. Kate's Mixed Metals Goddess Necklace ($199). Considering that it bestows the gift of beauty and omnipotence, it's modestly priced, too. We'd suggest not smearing blue paint on your skin like... [More]


Cat Print Tights

Prove to everyone what good luck black cats can actually be in these Cat Print Tights($9). They're an endearing way to not only show off your legs, but also let everyone know that you're a cat lady at if the cat hair all over your sweater didn't already give... [More]


Roxy Arm Chair

You know you're getting old when you start falling in love with furniture. We were doomed the moment we spied the Roxy Arm Chair ($475), made by onefortythree. The clean lines, the mid-century-inspired design, the marriage of wood and fabric - it's all simply stunning, and we're tempted to sell... [More]


Barbeque Stone Cleaner

As much as we love throwing barbecues for our friends, the cleanup period that follows the mass cheeseburger coma is almost more trouble than it's worth. Recycling the empty bottles is the easy part, it's that burnt meat that clings to the grill rack that drives us up the wall.... [More]

Victorias Secret Add 2 Cups Halter Top

Victoria's Secret Add-2-Cups Halter Top

Who wouldn't want to pump up the volume up top? The Victoria's Secret Add-2-Cups Swim Halter Top ($47-65) does just that; it adds at least 2 cup sizes to your chest. Treat yourself to a great swimsuit that will turn all the boys heads and snag a freebie. With any... [More]

Prismatic Lip Gloss

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Prismatic Flavored Lip Gloss

Do you love flavored glosses? If so, you've got to try the Beauty Rush Prismatic Flavored Lip Gloss ($9). This amazing product makes your lips look simply irresistible. And right now you'll score free shipping on any Victoria's Secret Beauty purchase of $50 or more (code BEAUTY50VS). Clearance merchandise is... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? March 28, 2014

Do you still have a pair of creepers hiding out in your closet that haven't seen the light of day since 1998? Congratulations! The flatform is back. If you haven't been hoarding a pair of these clunky shoes for a decade and a half, don't worry - we found some... [More]


Corner Shelves

Corners are usually the most underutilized part of the room - after all, what can you fit there? A lot, it turns out, with the help of Corner Shelves ($30). This unique piece fits snugly where two walls meet to provide several storage options. Find a new punishment spot for... [More]


Eurosteam Split Board Ironing Board

When we need crisp, smooth pants, we take them to the dry cleaner. Despite attempts to have them look nice after ironing, we always seem to get the creases in the wrong place. The Eurosteam Split Board Ironing Board ($64) works just like a normal ironing board, but also can... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Hemmer Pant

The Rebecca Minkoff Hemmer Pant ($248) may have an elastic waist, but don't confuse it with the Hammer Pant. There are no baggy crotches here, just tapered bright white pants with floral cut-outs down by the ankles. Before we saw this pair of pants, we didn't think any item of... [More]


Sephora's Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Palette

After checking out the new film Divergent this week, we wish we could teleport into that world. Yeah, yeah, it's clearly a dystopian society that we should want nothing to do with, but we couldn't help but notice just how freaking sexy everyone looks. You can capture some of that... [More]


No.6 Two Tone Clog

The classic clog came back into fashion in recent years, but most styles stayed essentially the same. You had your old-school-closed-toe version, your radical open-toe version, and then some ankle boot and sandal versions. But the chunky straps on these No.6 Two Tone Clogs ($305) look like they belong on... [More]


Kate Quinn Aqua Water Hat Set

Few things are more precious than dressing an infant in a set of jammies. The Kate Quinn Aqua Water Hat Set ($44) elevates cute to "stop-it-you're-killing-me-with-cuteness" with that matching knot hat. With any luck, your little one will find this footie bodysuit to be so comfortable that he'll sleep straight... [More]


Pearlized Stone Statement Necklace

Ann Taylor: Taking the frustration of seeing all your necklaces tangled up in a drawer or on your jewelry tree and turning it into something desirable. We never thought a jumble of metals and pearl beads like on this Pearlized Stone Statement Necklace ($118) would make us anything but twitchy,... [More]


Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Jamming out in the shower just got easier thanks to the Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($60) from Boom Movement. The unique design lets you coil the speaker's silicone-coated "tail" around any pole or surface, even the slippery ones. Prefer to stick it straight to the wall? Unscrew the top from... [More]


Steven Alan Mei Top

Did you know that pastel colors are big for spring? Whoa, mind blown! That makes this colorblock Mei Top ($198) from the always classy Steven Alan right on trend. We are nuts about its slightly oversized boxy cut, but what we love most is its chalky color palette, and the... [More]


aquagear TRITAN Tap Filter Bottle

We've been doing a good job of cutting down on disposable plastic water bottles, but that means we're drinking a lot more tap water. Since we can't exactly filter tap water on the go, we've turned to the aquagear TRITAN Tap Filter Bottle ($30). After we add water from any... [More]


Paper Source Zebras Glasses

Do you think that drinking our sixty-four ounces of water a day will feel like less of a chore if we guzzle it down out of these Paper Source Zebras Glasses ($20 for four)? It's worth a shot, at least! (Besides, we're always looking for ways to justify our impulse... [More]


Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker

You could almost talk us into going to a carnival just for some fresh cotton candy...if it weren't for all of those scary clowns and even more frightening crowds. Thankfully, the Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker ($60) allows us to whip up some cotton candy in the comfort of our... [More]


Maxwell St. Polish Sausage Kit

The untrained stomach might say, "Ooh, hot dogs!", but no - those are not hot dogs. With a rich kielbasa taste, the Maxwell St. Polish Sausage Kit ($60) prides itself on being a step above your typical street vendor fare. Go ahead and slather them in mustard, but never ketchup... [More]


The Stand-In

If Taylor Swift is too, well, Taylor Swift-y for you, the rest of the twangy top country chart hits don't really resonate with any part of your life, and you'd rather spin Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris, have a listen to Caitlin Rose's third album, The Stand-In ($12). She's Nashville... [More]


Flourish Canvas Zip Wallet

With a price tag you can get behind and a print you can show off, the Flourish Canvas Zip Wallet ($20) should move directly to the top of your want list. It's roomy enough to hold all of your cash and cards, and zippers shut so nothing falls out and... [More]


Insect Push Pins

Unless you're an entomologist, you probably don't usually tack bugs to your wall, but with a set of Insect Push Pins ($8) you can use the creepy critters to hang memos in your office. Oh, who are we kidding? You're not going to put these on your own bulletin board...... [More]


Nasty Gal Electric Vision Top

Does this look like something that belongs to a performer in Cirque du Soleil? Maybe! But don't be afraid of that, and don't be afraid of bright neon fabric and volume up top. The Electric Vision Top ($68) is a verified showstopper. It's up to you if you want to... [More]


Palo Santo Bundle

There's spring cleaning and then there's spring cleansing. The bark of the palo santo (or "holy wood" tree) has been used in healing and folk medicine for hundreds of years. (Fun fact: it's from the same family as frankincense and myrrh, which we bet you didn't even know were trees.)... [More]


Scrabble Espresso Cup Set

While we're always for a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, our hearts still belong to Scrabble's little wooden tiles. We think it may be time to get the book club together, sip a bit of the strong stuff from this Scrabble Espresso Cup Set ($34) by Wild and Wolf,... [More]


Flounce Dress

Batman or cat fan? You don't have to choose with the Flounce Dress ($35). Its name, if you were wondering, refers to the large ruffle that graces the bottom of this sweet dress. It has nothing to do with the fact that cats like to "pounce" or that thousands of... [More]


The Pouch

Forget about getting your own spring wardrobe up to par - what about your bike's?! After treating it to a well-deserved and much needed spring tune-up, gift it with the Pouch ($36) by Linus. This perfectly sized bag attaches onto your bike's front handlebars or top tube and holds all... [More]


Circuit Electric Blue Coffee Table

We're big fans of CB2's Circuit Electric Blue Coffee Table ($249, on sale) because it's a simple - yet memorable - piece. It's not going to take over your entire living room, but it's certainly not going to go unnoticed, either! Top off the table with a vase full of... [More]


Argan Oil Shampoo Bar with Lemongrass Essential Oil

This argan oil shampoo bar ($6.25) initially caught our attention because it looks like fudge, but we overcame our disappointment when we read that it adds lustre and shine to our hair without using artificial cleansers. Other benefits include eco-friendly packaging, a lovely lemon verbena scent, and the fact that... [More]


Teakwood & Tobacco Candle

The Teakwood & Tobacco Candle ($16) - with notes of leather, spicy black pepper and tobacco - is musky and, we admit, a bit manly. Once this baby really gets a-burnin', you'll be treated to the scent of sweet pipe tobacco mingled with orange, berry, and a hint of patchouli.... [More]


Mini T Split Racer Back Tank

We know that ratty T-shirt from the summer camp you worked at in college has done a remarkable job at the gym throughout the years, but don't you think it's time you moved on from Camp Anawanna and holey armpits? Trina Turk's line of activewear includes this colorful Mini T... [More]


Mac Sports Portable Folding Hammock

Quick - name an occasion when you couldn't go for a nice nap in a hammock. ENNNH. Times up. Don't feel bad, though, that was a trick question. There isn't a wrong time for a hammock nap. The one problem is that hammocks aren't always readily available. That problem is... [More]


Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer

We're always on the lookout for a natural-looking bronzer, and Tarte's Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer ($29) allows us to achieve a sunkissed look without veering into Jersey Shore cast member territory. Bonus: It's all natural, and can also double as a contour powder.... [More]


Indoor Allotment

Your backyard may be too small to house a neatly fenced garden, but we bet you can find a sunny spot inside on which you can set the Indoor Allotment ($42). As an easy-to-tend herb patch, this kit will yield small and ongoing bunches of basil, coriander, and oregano. It's... [More]


The Book Thief

We understand if you can't emotionally handle another Holocaust film, but The Book Thief ($15) is the best movie we've seen about that tragic historical period in years. Talented young actress Sophie Nélisse stars as a child who struggles to determine her own moral compass in the face of the... [More]

You Be The Stylist How To Wear These Shorts

YOU Be The Stylist: What To Wear With These Floral Shorts

We love busy prints, but we have to admit...we find ourselves stumped. One of our favorite trends for the summer is whimsically printed shorts. While you can easily pair floral shorts with a simple white tee or blouse, it's so much more fun to create a funky ensemble. With that... [More]


Nite Coaster

How many times have you fumbled in the dark for that glass of water you left on your nightstand only to accidentally knock it over? Not only have you made a mess of everything, you're still thirsty. The motion-activated Nite Coaster ($20) gently illuminates your cup as you reach for... [More]


Wolfe Face Art & FX Hydrocolor Makeup

Not all makeup is about glamor - sometimes it's about making a fool of yourself. No, we're not talking runny mascara and lipstick on your teeth - we're actually thinking of something significantly more fun: Wolfe Face Art & FX Hydrocolor Makeup ($30). This kit features twelve vibrant colors with... [More]


Come Along Bird Carrier

When most birds fly south for the winter, it's called migration. When your pet Polly flies south for the winter, however, it's called economy class. If you travel everywhere with your chirpy companion, make sure she's riding in comfort in a Come Along Bird Carrier ($7-10). Featuring air vents and... [More]


Out of all the Moms Note Card

Plan ahead for Mother's Day and get Ma something nice. Hand it over with one of Lily & Val's Out of all the Moms Note Cards ($4) and she'll warmly thank you without having to pretend that she doesn't immediately know you phoned it in by going to Walgreens thirty... [More]


Straw Suede Banded Panama Hat

Say what you will about hipsters, their hat game is on point. Who knew that a centuries-old design from Ecuador could still look cute today? This Straw Suede Banded Panama Hat ($38) adds some subtle style to a classic design. We can't wait for the sun to start coming out... [More]


Dogtails Shampoo and Microfiber Towel Bundle

Luxury pet care can be obscenely expensive, so we're surprised that this Dogtails Bundle ($32) doesn't cost more. Because if you're the type of person who thinks its important that your pup's bath involves green tea extract and grapefruit and rosemary oil, and that he is toweled off with a... [More]


Hannah Pastel Bag

We're always startled when we realize the purse we're drooling over is another timi & leslie diaper bag. This time it's their limited edition Hannah Pastel bag ($165). It's ridiculously chic on the outside and outfitted with a zillion compartments on the inside. Baby or no baby, you're gonna want... [More]


Drawing Together! App

If you want to share more than a conversation with your loved ones on the phone, the Drawing Together! app ($2) is an artistic outlet that'll keep long-distance interactions more lively. With this app, callers can mutually doodle, color in pre-made illustrations, or even play tic-tac-toe while chatting normally on... [More]


M•A•C Mini Pro Eye Makeup Remover

We are bad enough about removing our eye makeup as is, but when we're on the go? We wake up looking like raccoons that got in a bar fight the night before (and sometimes, that bar fight involved glitter). Luckily M•A•C Mini Pro Eye Makeup Remover ($10) is wee enough... [More]


Leather-Latched Wall Planter

So what if you're out of shelf space and your living room already looks like the rainforest? That's no excuse not to try to squeeze a few more plants into your house. The Leather-Latched Wall Planter ($168) is an attractive way to both decorate your wall and make a home... [More]


Chuck Taylor Floral Shoreline

We like to check in with the latest Chuck Taylor offerings from time to time. Although we can always rely on the classic bright red high-top to be there, other patterns come and go. This year, we're big fans of the Floral Shoreline style ($50), made out of a lighter,... [More]


Geometric Cutting Board

If you're cultivating a retro vibe in your kitchen, or maybe are just looking to add some color to the room, this Geometric Cutting Board ($28) belongs in your kitchen. This glass board will make chopping vegetables seem like anything but a chore. It's not just all fun, though, it... [More]


Saving Mr. Banks

We've always thought of Mary Poppins as a happy story, but this behind-the-scenes tale of the making of the movie shows just how tense its creation was. Saving Mr. Banks ($23) stars the always fabulous Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers, the author who created the iconic nanny character. She struggles... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Really Useful Boxes

It's a good thing these Really Useful Boxes (Under $6, set of 5) are so affordable - we have a feeling we're going to need at least a dozen to help us clean up the clutter around our desks. (Seriously, our rubber bands are breeding when we're not looking!) We're... [More]


Rooster Egg Cups

We usually just grab a to-go cuppa coffee and a granola bar for breakfast, but these little Rooster Egg Cups ($16 for four) are making us rethink our mornings. We can have a warm, soft-boiled egg ready in less than ten minutes, ready for toast-dunking and devouring.... [More]


Wee Gallery Origami Tattoos

Wanna know how to make a kid happy? Okay, feeding them things with copious amounts of sugar and food dye probably tops the list, but giving them a set of temporary tattoos comes in a close second. Wanna know how to make a kid's parents less annoyed with you when... [More]


Neroli Daily Body Serum

Ditch the lotions - most of 'em are way too heavy and greasy for warm weather anyway. One Love Organics makes the Neroli Daily Body Serum ($39), and you can spray it on for even distribution and a lightweight finish. It adds just enough moisture to your skin to keep... [More]


Giraffe March Dress

Hello, can you say no to a dress with an illustrated giraffe print on it? Oh you can, can you? How about a dress with old-school charm, complete with cuffed long sleeves and a button up front? And a full pleated skirt and collar? If the Giraffe March Dress ($66)... [More]


Floral Crochet Waist Dress

We've noticed you eying those midriff-exposing outfits lately. It's nothing to be ashamed of - girl, you've been working hard on that stomach, you deserve to show it off. While many navel-baring dresses are inherently gaudy, the Floral Crochet Waist Dress ($34) shows that a visible waistline can be tasteful... [More]


Pie Chart Birthday Card

We can't lie; we're also hoping that the inclusion of a Starbucks gift card will yield a similar return come our birthday celebration in a few months! Pie Chart Birthday Card ($5)... [More]


TOMS Honduras Roast Coffee

You've probably got a few pairs of cute, comfy TOMS shoes in your closet, yes? Of course you do. Did you know you can also get your daily java fix from TOMS as well? Why, yes, yes you can! For just $13 for twelve ounces (we like the Honduras Roast),... [More]


Whale Tail Sculptures

Why yes, we are using these Whale Tail Sculptures ($39) as an excuse to write a few whale-y bad puns. Tail us, are you entertained, or are you starting to cringe and blubber at our antics? Okay, that last one could use a little work; we're floundering here.... [More]


Bora Bora Palm Pattern Shirt

Just a glimpse of this sepia-toned paradise is enough to put us in a vacation mood. Granted, it doesn't take much to start us daydreaming about how truly lovely the warm sand would feel under our toes while we're sipping piña colada from a pineapple...Huh? Oh, right. The Bora Bora... [More]



Create a visually stunning wall and clear up your clutter at the same time. The colorful Wallpockets ($20-25 for two) from Ampersand are tabbed for easy hanging, and can be clustered together to create storage options for your small stuff. We're thinking these will gussy up the home office and... [More]


Spice Bottle Carousel

You won't find any horses on this carousel. The Spice Bottle Carousel ($93) is a maple wood design that swivels to compactly store and showcase all of the flavorings that give your meals that essential kick. Anal organizers rejoice: the carousel comes with white-capped glass bottles so that all of... [More]


Little Matches Bobby Pins

This girl is on fi-yah! Light a spark under your everyday hairdo with the help of some clever hair accessories. Even though your mother told you not to, we encourage you to play with the Little Matches Bobby Pins ($8), which will surely inspire a hot new hairstyle.... [More]


Dynamite Protection Bracelet

A bracelet that's fetching and protects you against the evil eye? A double score, in our opinion. Dynamite Protection Bracelet by Marc by Marc Jacobs ($151)... [More]

Victorias Secret Crochet Trim Dress

Victoria's Secret Crochet Trim Dress

We can't wait until summer arrives so we can frolick in a frock. One of the dresses on our must-have list is the Victoria's Secret Crochet Trim Dress ($60). Treat yourself to something from Victoria's Secret and you can snag two free Secret Rewards cards (code SECRETEXTRA) with any $10... [More]


KidKraft Martial Arts Belt Holder

Hi-yah! As your karate-class-attending kid turns into the little ass-kicker you always knew she would be, it's time to recognize her accomplishments in a cool way. The KidKraft Martial Arts Belt Holder ($30) displays her belts as she rises through the ranks, while simultaneously incentivizing her to continue kicking and... [More]


Anna Sui Loose Powder

Modern makeup is great, sure. But don't you dream of sitting in an extravagant boudoir powdering your face with a fancy pouf that you store in an even fancier container? We thought so. Anna Sui Loose Powder ($45)... [More]

You Be The Stylist Elles Law School Ball

YOU Be The Stylist: Elle's Strutting Her Stuff At Her Law School Ball

Elle writes: "Hey ladies, You gave me some great advice on a pixie cut a couple of years back. Now I'm hoping you can help me find a dress to strut my stuff! I will be going to my first annual law school ball with a great group of friends.... [More]

hooray-tote-sm.jpg Hooray Canvas Tote knows that there's always something to celebrate, whether it's as simple as a sunny day or as special as a golden birthday. Reach for their Hooray Canvas Tote ($20), fill it with fun things (we're always advocates for chocolate bars and library books), and head out into the world... [More]


Big Picture Apples to Apples

Unless you're friendless and no one invites you anywhere, by now you've surely played the party game Apples to Apples. Well, Mattel has upped its game - literally - by putting out a new edition: Big Picture Apples to Apples ($25). Instead of matching words to words, players of this... [More]


Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock

While keeping yourself safe is no game, you can at least make personal security more fun with a Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock ($50). Not only will the maze hold back potential intruders, your houseguests will have to prove their their mental acuity before they can let them themselves out of... [More]


Helen Top

If you like the look of oversized tees as dresses, but are also kind of conservative and want to make sure people know that you're wearing shorts underneath, you need this Helen Top ($28).The tunic-length garment has slits up the side seams so you can show everybody that you are... [More]


Nailed It Mini Card

It doesn't require much to offer someone sincere congratulations. The Nailed It Mini Card ($5) takes an enjoyably simple approach: a lone nail graphic on the front with the words "NAILED IT" on the inside. Skip the sentimentality and let someone know how proud you are of their accomplishments with... [More]


Vio100 Family Countertop UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Your toothbrush is covered in germs. It's bad enough that it spends time in your mouth, but just think of all the bacteria it's exposed to by resting just five feet from the place you poop. Yuck. Since toothbrushes should promote good hygiene, the Vio100 Family Countertop UV Toothbrush Sanitizer... [More]


Kartell Fuchsia Frilly Chair

If we're being completely honest here, you can say the word "fuchsia" and we're in, no matter what follows. Luckily for us, the Kartell Fuchsia Frilly Chair ($310) is about as spectacular as fuchsia gets. It's made from transparent polycarbonate to give it both a sturdy structure and a glass-like... [More]


Sleep Genius App

Having trouble sleeping? Yup, there's even an app for that. The Sleep Genius app (free-$5) puts white noise apps to shame by using a specific pattern of sounds that has been scientifically proven to help listeners get to sleep. Whether you're ready for a long night of sleep or just... [More]


Leaning Tower of Pasta

Who doesn't love a good pun, especially when it involves noodles? This Leaning Tower of Pasta ($50) by black + blum will hold onto your favorite kitchen staple, and the cork lid will help you measure out the right pasta portions on the nights when you're tired of takeout. Bon... [More]


Out Among the Stars

New Johnny Cash music?! But... he's dead?! A couple of years ago, Cash's son, John Carter Cash, discovered an album Cash recorded in the early 1980s that was never released. Critics agree that Out Among the Stars ($12) is strong work, worthy of having an audience, which is why the... [More]


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen

Are you wearing enough sunscreen? Don't even answer that - you're probably not. Take spring head on and slather on Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen ($13) before you head out - your skin in thirty years will thank you.... [More]


Erin Tote

One of our favorite things about the Erin Tote ($198) is the wide range of colors it comes in, but saying that makes us feel bad about not choosing any of its other great features, like the dual outer zip pockets, its multiple strap configuration options, and its grand-ballroom-like roomy... [More]


Double Heart Rhinestone Cake Topper

Bride and groom cake toppers may be traditional, but there can be something unsettling about seeing a miniature version of yourself. The Double Heart Rhinestone Cake Topper ($33) keeps it classy by getting rid of the unnecessary bodies and simplifying its design to just the union of two hearts -... [More]


You Tell Us: Line & Dot Textiled Asymmetry Romper

Can you handle all of this? This romper ($133) is not just a romper (a concept by itself which, we realize, strikes fear into the hearts of many women for good reason); it's a romper that masquerades as a tee and a skirt. The skirt is also not what it... [More]


Sniffing Notebook

Interested in a nose job? Then you might enjoy the look of a Sniffing Notebook ($10) in front of your face... but only because it isn't actual rhinoplasty. Frequent writers who always have their noses in their notebooks already can amusingly transform into one of several animals: dog, cat, pig,... [More]


Zume Badminton Set

Given that we're more likely to feel like playing outdoor games while we're traveling, it only makes sense to have portable options. The Zume Badminton set ($60) is compact and easy to assemble, making it hassle-free to take to the beach, a camping site, or even a friend's barbecue. You're... [More]


North Coasters

Hey-o! It seems Midwesterners have somewhere to set their drinks after all. We previously mentioned that the Coast to Coaster Sets had one glaring omission: the North Coasters ($32 for four). While it's not technically a coastal region, we're glad to see that the lake dwellers are getting some love.... [More]


Fresh Prince Farewell Card

We're not that good at saying goodbyes, so we appreciate this assist from Will Smith. The Fresh Prince Farewell Card ($5) borrows from the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song for a send-off befitting a stinky taxi driver...or a friend moving out of town. If even this card... [More]


Taco Rack

If only we had more hands, we'd be able to eat, like, a dozen tacos in one sitting. Unfortunately, we can't manage more than two at a time, because as soon as we set a taco down, the meat, cheese, and tomatoes fall right out of the shell. With the... [More]


ASOS Mini Skirt In Pink Fluro Texture

The only downside we can see to taking this textured neon mini skirt ($47) to Easter brunch is standing up and trying to brush all the breadcrumbs off and out of it. It could be worse, we guess. We could be the kid in the pink fluffy bunny suit, trying... [More]


Light Up Chicks

In search of an Easter gift that won't send your niece into a diabetic coma? These Light Up Chicks ($3) are so silly and squishy that they're bound to be her favorite Easter basket treasure that isn't covered in chocolate. While these toys are already bright in color, they actually... [More]


Turquoise Seahorse Clay Necklace

Five Fun Facts about Seahorses: Seahorses navigate by flapping a fin on their back as many as thirty-five times per second. Food passes through seahorses so quickly that they have to eat constantly just to survive. Seahorses court by dancing around each other and changing colors, but once they mate,... [More]


TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust Invisible Micro-Texture Root Powder

When it comes to hair care, we've tried it all - which means we went through a period where we were dry shampooing our hair with cornstarch. TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust Invisible Micro-Texture Root Powder ($22) is a similar concept, but on top of absorbing oils it helps to... [More]


New York Jackie: Pictures from Her Life in the City

Though we might consider reading a biography of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, we consider her such a style icon that we'd probably prefer just looking at her clothes. Bridget Watson Payne's book New York Jackie: Pictures from Her Life in the City ($14) largely forgoes text to make room for exactly... [More]


It's a Hoot Reusable Cotton Gift Box

Even though we have, like, a dozen more baby showers to attend this spring, it would probably be uncouth to put a present in the It's a Hoot Reusable Cotton Gift Box ($12), give it to an expecting mom, and then snatch the box back once her shower winds down.... [More]


Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares: How to Avoid Unplanned and Unwanted Grammar Errors

Have you been known to splice a comma, split an infinitive, and atrophy apostrophes? Then it's time to brush up on your grammatical skills. Rather than turning to an old textbook, try Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares: How to Avoid Unplanned and Unwanted Grammar Errors by Jenny Baranick ($11).... [More]


Farberware Resin Watermelon Knife

Can you cut a watermelon with a normal knife? Sure, if you're boring and you want your friends to spit watermelon seeds at you because of how boring you are. Cutting a watermelon with a Farberware Resin Watermelon Knife ($7) - now that is living it up. Your friends will... [More]


Colorful Rubber Hoses

There's nothing wrong with the color green, but why does it have to be the only option for garden hoses? Colorful Rubber Hoses ($70) are available in every color of the rainbow. These hoses - which are durable, kink-less, and fifty feet long - won't get lost amongst your yard's... [More]


Raegan Silk Printed Tank Top

This spring, fashions featuring fruit are almost as trendy as florals, so you may want to line your wardrobe with a few sweet pieces. Equipment's Raegan Silk Printed Tank Top ($168) features an all-over strawberry print and a basic shape. Layer it under a lightweight jacket or wear it with... [More]


Whistle Activity Monitor

Overprotective dog owners take comfort - you're not alone in wanting to keep tabs on your pup even while away from the house. The Whistle Activity Monitor ($129) attaches to your dog's collar and charts when he's moving and when he's resting. From anywhere via your smartphone, you can check... [More]

Personal Shopper Wedding Shirt

Personal Shopper: Elizabeth Needs a Shirt for an ATV Ridin' and Hikin' Wedding

Elizabeth writes: "Hello! I'm hoping for some help finding the right outfit for my sister-in-law's wedding. Typically, I have no problem finding dresses for these types of events. In fact, I usually have two or three new dresses at any given time awaiting a purpose. This, though, is not a... [More]


Slices of Life: A Food Writer Cooks through Many a Conundrum

Not everyone has a book full of family recipes with a story to tell, but food columnist Leah Eskin does. Her collection Slices of Life: A Food Writer Cooks through Many a Conundrum ($20) features over two hundred recipes and accompanying quick-to-read true life stories and applications for each dish.... [More]


Gus Modern Wire Frame Coffee Table

We're always looking for smart storage ideas and the Gus Modern Wire Frame Coffee Table ($950) fits the bill. This walnut-finished table features a caged siding so that whatever we store inside will not be lost and gone forever. We're also excited about this table's potential to double as a... [More]


Tory Burch Lip Color

Sometimes we buy new lipstick because we want to try a new color. Sometimes we buy it because we're at Walgreens to buy tampons and what were we gonna do with that five bucks anyway? Sometimes we pick it up because the lady at the makeup counter said it looks... [More]


Sea Spray Antique Collection Butter Bell Crock

Sometimes we feel like we should be on one of those infomercials where an incompetent boob can't complete a seemingly easy task. Our challenge? Buttering bread in the morning. Sorry, but refrigerated butter can be so firm that it's hard to slice from the stick, and harder still to spread... [More]


Daphne Baby Booties

These Daphne Baby Booties ($29) by bink & boo seriously have to stop being so damn cute. We're in real danger of spending money on them and guess what? We don't even have an infant to put them on! Of course, we're pretty sure everyone else we know has wee... [More]


Ebony Creative Word Clock

Bad with numbers? There's no need for digits or arms on this clock - as time passes, the appropriate sets of words light up to reveal the time. The Ebony Creative Word Clock ($359) is a fantastic look for people who prefer the written word, or those who just appreciate... [More]


littleBits Synth Kit

Encourage the girls in your life to experiment in STEM with a littleBits kit - each one contains circuit modules that string together via magnets and produce lights, sound, pulses and more. We're big fans of their newest addition: the Synth Kit ($159), designed in collaboration with KORG. With pieces... [More]


Nerds Scented Nail Polish

With Easter around the corner, everyone's already got candy on the brain, but you can be one of the first to have it on your fingers, as well. Nerds Scented Polish ($4) features original colors - and smells - that we can just about guarantee don't already exist in your... [More]


muses & rebels Turquoise Fringe Top

It's a party in the front and the back when you wear this fringe-happy top ($128) from muses & rebels. We wouldn't call it reversible, since that blue ombré fringe continues to a very low-cut back, but hey, it's your shindig. We won't tell you how to run it.... [More]


Chisel iPad Dock

We've been searching for the perfect dock for our iPads ever since the kitchen incident (too horrible to repeat here, but it involved an iPad, a sticky spill, and a week's stay in a tub of rice). We're pretty sure iSkelter's Chisel iPad Dock ($70) is the one. It elevates... [More]


The Norbert Ear Cuff

Mix a splash of mid-century modern colors and textures with one of the hottest accessories and swirl gently. You'll get the Norbert Ear Cuff ($100), rendered in classy pearl and whiskey tones. Although the ear cuff has been around for awhile, it's been some time since it's been so trendy,... [More]


Say Yes to Love

Do you have a Perfect Pussy... album? Don't let the band's name deter you, this indie group out of Syracuse is one of the best female-led punk acts around. Critics are hailing Perfect Pussy's debut album, Say Yes to Love ($9), as one of 2014's early bests. If your radio... [More]


Doubtblush: Just Too Cute Bow Back Blouse

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The name says it all,... [More]


Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag

You've never met a pizza you didn't love, and that includes this bedding. With the Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag ($200), you'll not only be dreaming about pizza, you'll be dreaming in it, too. Snuggle up inside a big slice of cheese, or pay more for the extra "veggie pillow"... [More]


Crescent Hoops

Are these pillowy pockets of dough filled with chocolate or cheese? Oh, these are brass Crescent Hoops ($68), not croissant hoops? Bummer.... [More]


Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror

Beauty is in the eyewear of the beholder. You'll automatically look and feel cooler when you're checking yourself in a Sunglasses Mirror ($310). It has an ideal design for you and your significant other to ready yourselves simultaneously before going out for the night. Oh, and if you don't want... [More]


Octopus Ceramic Travel Mug

Step 1: Purchase Octopus Ceramic Travel Mug ($30). Step 2: Hand it over to your favorite barista and ask them to write "Kraken" on the order ticket for your latte. Step 3: When they call, "Double nonfat soy caramel latte for Kraken!" howl, "Release the Kraken!" Step 4: Giggle uncontrollably... [More]


Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray

Limp locks? Just spritz in a little bit o' volcano and you're good to go! No, really. The key ingredient in Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray ($25) is zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral that promotes volume and texture and removes toxins. Other ingredients - like hydrolyzed wheat and... [More]


Multi-Colored Piñata and Confetti Kit

For those who get more pleasure out of destroying something they've spent lots of time making (you may want to talk to somebody about this tendency), this Piñata and Confetti Kit ($38) is for you. It comes with instructions for creating a diamond-shaped party accessory with brightly colored tissue paper,... [More]


The Style Skirt with Mesh Insert

Is it time to start wearing white, yet? Technically, we could probably get away with it whenever we wanted, but our poor pasty legs have kept us hesitant. Once we've got a good faux tan base going, you better believe we'll be getting glam in The Style Skirt with Mesh... [More]


First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask

If you've left your teenage years behind, but your skin hasn't gotten the memo (hello, oil slicks and pimples!), we feel your pain. Using skin care aimed at One Direction's fan base, though, is not the solution to your problem. It's wayyyyyy too harsh! Check out First Aid Beauty's new... [More]


Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine

Home gym equipment is usually impractically large and wildly expensive, yet here's an item that's both cost- and space-efficient: the Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine ($169). This equipment works out most of your body's muscle groups and offers some low-impact but high-quality cardiovascular activity. Best of all, unlike real... [More]


Towelmate Beach Towel with Pockets

The number one excuse for not going into the ocean? "The water's too cold." Number two? "Someone's got to watch our stuff." Now, provided the temperature is pleasant enough, you have every reason to splash around guilt-free. The Towelmate Beach Towel with Pockets ($45) looks like a normal towel, but... [More]


Seamazz Premium Norwegian Salmon Burgers

Skipping the drive-thru is easier when you know you have the ingredients for a burger waiting back at home for you, so stock your freezer with Seamazz Premium Norwegian Salmon Burgers ($110). Containing forty four-ounce patties, this package of salmon burgers is a healthy, high-protein alternative to beef. You can... [More]


Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

What do Lime Crime Carousel Gloss ($18) and Red Vines have in common? More than just appearances - both are vegan-friendly. What's the difference between the two? We suspect you won't get any of this glittery lip gloss stuck in your molars.... [More]


Redneck Flathead Wine Stopper

Look, just because we drink a lot of wine doesn't make us classy broads; we're in it for the booze, not the prestige. If the Two-Buck Chuck weren't enough of a tipoff, this Redneck Flathead Wine Stopper ($11) should do the trick. This screwdriver design is an arrogance-free way of... [More]


A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends

Want a coffee table book that'll leave you blubbering like a baby? A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends ($21) is a compilation of notes to canine friends from their owners - celebs and ordinary people alike. Each letter is heartfelt and the accompanying photos are gorgeously... [More]


2750 COTU Shade Sneakers

Need some new summer kicks? Superga's 2750 COTU Shade Sneakers ($70) should be one of your top contenders. They're immediately comfortable to wear (which means you get to skip the breaking in, Band-Aids-on-your-ankles-for-a-week step), and the color change from yellow to pink* makes 'em stand out in a saturated market... [More]

Perricone MD Lip Plumper

Perricone MD Lip Plumper

Pucker up and plump it up in a much more natural way than a visit to the doctor for some Botox. The Perricone MD Lip Plumper ($30) is a great way to enhance your pretty pout.... [More]

PINK Rose Lace Plunge Bra

PINK Rose Lace Plunge Bra

Love PINK and need a new bra? We're in love with the PINK Rose Lace Plunge Bra ($25-27) shown here. It is simply gorgeous. Shop Victoria's Secret PINK and treat yourself to a new bra and score free shipping with any bra purchase (code SHIPBRA) as well as a free... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kicky Capris To Go With Paula's Fave Workout Shirt

Paula wrote: "Hello Ladies and Gentleman! My name is Paula and I am looking for colorful workout gear to go with this shirt. I've been trying to find Capri length workout pants that fall in between gets-in-the-way-baggy and was-this-painted-on-her-tight. That itself is hard to find, add that to my desire... [More]


Beer Poster

We're not particularly interested in fame, and we don't care if we ever see our names in lights. We just want to see what we hold the most dear to us get the spotlight every once in awhile. That includes beer. Beer Poster ($20)... [More]


Covered In Crochet Top

Something about this Covered In Crochet Top ($46) just screams "drinks on a patio" to us. (Is it the bell sleeves and the fringe that bring to mind the cliché of a lush seventies housewife?) If we showed up at a friend's house and she was wearing this top, we'd... [More]


Drop Stop Car Wedge

How often do you accidentally drop something down the side of your seat while driving? Go ahead and try to reach down to recover it, but your hand never fits - the recovery effort is futile. The Drop Stop ($20) fills the gap between your seat and the door so... [More]


iSkelter Beauty Station

Thank the sweet baby jebus for YouTube's 1.5 million+ beauty tutorials. We've learned many a valuable makeup skill from them, from cut crease eyeshadow looks to ombré lips to filling in overplucked brows. Keeping our iPads propped up against the mirror as we try to copy a perfect cat-eye flick... [More]


Trouvé Sheer Stripe Tee

Here's a way to look sharp and dressed for an occasion without having to deploy the pantyhose. The Trouvé Sheer Stripe Tee ($68) provides an aura of effortless cool chic even though it's just a t-shirt, though sharper and more futuristic than your everyday layering cotton version. Wear it with... [More]


Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

We know your smartphone gives you instant gratification when it comes to taking and posting photos to social media, but if you want hard copies of your handiwork, you have to wait for a third party to print 'em out and ship 'em to you. Or, you could switch to... [More]


Washing Machine Suitcase

Fellow travelers will be sure to do a double take when they notice you walking by with a Washing Machine suitcase ($192) in tow. No, it doesn't actually do laundry for you, but it looks convincing enough that a co-passenger might ask if she can throw just a couple of... [More]


Evolution Bookmarks

If reading is the sign of an evolved mind, it's only appropriate to complement this hobby with Evolution Bookmarks ($10). You don't have to be reading Darwin's The Origin of Species to chart your progress through the pages. Watch how a crouched primate advances into an upright human... and then... [More]


Still Life with Bread Crumbs: A Novel

Looking for a new read that'll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy? Try Anna Quindlen's latest, Still Life with Bread Crumbs ($16). Her protagonist, Rebecca Winter, is a sixty-year-old photographer in need of a fresh start. She moves from the bustle of NYC to a less-than-stellar rented cabin on an... [More]


Fishtail Braid Belt

Woven colored leather or deconstructed rubber band ball moonlighting as an accessory for pants? We're being silly; this Fishtail Braid Belt ($44) is obviously constructed with the former, which is a good thing for effectiveness and longevity, but do you think this rubber band idea could be a thing, like... [More]


Don Benito Burnt Orange Bitters

Bitters used to be all the rage in cocktails, but they all but disappeared for the latter half of the twentieth century. Fortunately, these powerful punches are back in vogue, making beverages extra flavorful a few drops at a time. Don Benito Burnt Orange Bitters ($12) provides a classic orange... [More]


Multicolored Striped Bedspread and Pillow Cover

Go bold or go in your home with one of Zara's most colorful bedroom collections. This blanket and pillow cover set ($36-169) will most definitely beautify your space with blue, teal, goldenrod, red, and fuchsia stripes. With that many colors, it's easy to accessorize; stick to the same color palette... [More]


Tales of Fold Lantern

Curl up in your favorite comfy chair, turn on the Tales of Fold Lantern ($110), cover up with a throw, and crack open a new novel. We couldn't imagine a happier weekend scenario if we tried!... [More]


You Tell Us: Diane von Furstenberg Danielle Blouse

On the surface, this Diane von Furstenberg Danielle Blouse ($345) looks like a fairly standard silk cargo blouse, great for tucking into a skirt or wearing loose over leggings or skinny jeans. But we just can't get over the rather unfortunate nipple-area placement of the brass D-rings on the chest... [More]


Positively Pretty Prep Makeup Bag

Every cloud has a silver lining, just like every makeup bag has a few pots of dried-out cream shadows and smashed-into-the-top-of-the-cap lipstick shades. No? Only ours? Ahh, well, we'll just shove it all into the Positively Pretty Prep Makeup Bag ($30) by Disaster Designs and pretend we never said that.... [More]


Pops! Soxfords

You can barely make out the images on this pair of Pops! Soxfords ($20, on sale), but that's kinda the point. A colorful sock from far away turns into a total treat on closer inspection. No, really, those are push-up pops! Wear these odes to your favorite childhood dessert under... [More]


Burberry Brit Brookesby Double Breasted Trench Coat

Generally when we think of trench coats, we picture shabby tan coats that flashers unfasten to show off things that no one wants to see. This Brookesby Double Breasted Trench Coat ($850), however, is changing our association completely. We love the color, we love the buttons, and we love that... [More]


Neon Pink Raffia Lamp

Switch up your bedroom aesthetic by ditching the nightstand lamp and hanging one of these Neon Pink Raffia Lamps ($84, plus $3 for an American plug adapter) instead. It's got a warm glow, a bright design, and a compact size. It'll free up some bedside space, too, so you have... [More]


Tray Kaksi Kuppia

If we have this cute Tray Kaksi Kuppia ($35) from the Tsai & Cafe collection by Polkka Jam sitting out in our kitchens, do you think it will encourage someone to bring us breakfast in bed? You're right, probably not. It could, however, encourage us to stock it with our... [More]


I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids

No matter how many times comedian Jen Kirkman says she never wants to have kids, there's always somebody who tries to guilt her into reproducing. Kirkman's literary response humorously makes the case for birth control. I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids ($16)... [More]


Spongeware Chip + Dip

No need to return the Spongeware Chip + Dip ($90) from canvas à la Pete Campbell in his infamous Mad Men scene. This one's too much of a beauty to pass up. The terracotta bowl is glazed in a white and blue polka dot pattern that's as modern as it... [More]


Profoot Flex-Tastic Gel Toe Relaxers

You'd probably throw up if we went into detail about our foot problems, but trust us when we say we've found a cost-effective way to tackle misaligned toes (gag) and bunions (blargh!) The Profoot Flex-Tastic Gel Toe Relaxers ($8) painlessly fit on your toes to straighten them out, relieve pain,... [More]


Printed Floral Trilby

Does your head feel naked when you're not wearing a hat, or are you just hoping to cover up a crappy hair day? (We're usually in the latter camp ourselves.) Leave the house wearing the Printed Floral Trilby ($28). You'll look trendy and confident, even after a rough morning struggling... [More]


Ultimate Belgian Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Does this post even need an explanation? They're graham crackers covered in creamy Belgian chocolate and then topped off with a smattering of indulgent embellishments, like mini peanut butter cups, nonpareils, pistachios, and mini rainbow chips. They're delicious. Ultimate Belgian Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers ($40) from The Chocolate Covered Company.... [More]


Geometric Print Weekender Handbag

Pack up a couple of essentials and get outta town for the weekend. This Geometric Print Weekender Handbag ($28, on sale) is large enough to hold a few outfits and pairs of shoes (in case you like options while you're on the go). Don't forget to double check that your... [More]


Cuddle Clones

Miss your deceased pet? Maybe you're just already dreading the day that your pet does pass on? Help relieve some of the grief and separation anxiety with a Cuddle Clone ($199). After you send in photos of your cat or dog, Cuddle Clones creates a stuffed animal custom designed to... [More]


Numa Applique Sweater Dress

If you outgrew your drum majorette uniform from high school (or had to give it back), and you still haven't gotten over the loss, try the Numa Applique Sweater Dress ($182, on sale). Find some batons and you'll be twirling down the street in no time.... [More]


Jesus Dyed for You! Easter Card

Some say that Christ is the "Reason for the Season", but we're usually too busy eating jelly beans and hunting for eggs to go to Mass. The Jesus Dyed for You! Easter Card ($5) appeals to both sides of the holiday by referencing religion and coloring eggs in one adorable... [More]


Serpui Marie Yellow Tucan Clutch

When a craft project involving woven straw and tropical birds crosses with a perfectly shaped and sized evening clutch, the high-low combination that results is irresistible. We've effectively defended that thesis on several different occasions, so we're ready to publish. Here is just another piece of supporting evidence: the Serpui... [More]

Victorias Secret Sexy Escape Breeze Fragrance Mist

Victoria's Secret Sexy Escape Breeze Fragrance Mist

Ever find yourself wishing you had a little spritzer to smell prettier? Now you can. The Victoria's Secret Sexy Escape Breeze Fragrance Mist smells exquisite and is small enough for you to stow one (or two) in your purse. Shop Victoria's Secret Beauty and you can score two fragrance mists... [More]

VS Beach Sexy Fabulous Push-Up Top

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Fabulous Push-Up Top

Look awesome on the beach this summer as your girls get a lift! The Beach Sexy Fabulous Push-Up Top provides ample coverage while making you look irresistible and voluptuous. Choose from tons of Victoria's Secret Swimsuits to suit every want and need. Plus you'll save 20% on all swimsuits (code... [More]

VS Lacie Demi Bra

Victoria's Secret Lacie Demi Bra

The Victoria's Secret Lacie Demi Bra ($38-40) is sexy and flirty. The fit is phenomenal while the print is cute and allows us to express our intimate fashion style. Treat yourself to any Victoria's Secret Bra and you'll receive free shipping with any bra purchase (code SHIPBRA) as well as... [More]

VS Aqua Kiss Body Wash

Victoria's Secret Fantasies Aqua Kiss Body Wash

The Victoria's Secret Fantasies Aqua Kiss Body Wash ($10) makes us feel like we're showering under a fresh waterfall on a tropical island. As much as we love fresh water rushing down on us, we're not huge fans of being stuck out in a thunderstorm. Visit Victoria's Secret and spend... [More]

Victorias Secret Graphic Fleece Pullover

Victoria's Secret Graphic Fleece Pullover

Love to be cozy on the weekends when you're just chilling? Do it in style with the Victoria's Secret Graphic Fleece Pullover ($40). This adorable sweatshirt can be yours for just $19.50. Choose from six graphic prints. This super deal ends Tuesday, March 25.... [More]


Fortune Cookie Locket

Not only will this Fortune Cookie Locket ($175) serve the function of being a rad piece of jewelry, it will also function as a small container for tiny things and words of advice and wisdom! When you purchase it, you can choose from a few fun, interesting tidbits of advice... [More]


Avarcas Pons

Done with your TOMS, your Birkenstocks, your Salt Water Sandals, and your Swedish Hasbeens? Enter the Avarcas Pons ($77) from Spain - they're the latest classic shoe to get hip again. They hail from Menorca, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, and in case you're confused, avarcas refers to the... [More]


Money Soap

You know you might have a gambling problem when even bathing is turned into a wager. Money Soap ($13) is a scented bar of glycerine soap with U.S. currency hidden in the center. Will it be a $1, a $5, a $10, a $20, or a $50 bill? You're going... [More]


Personalized Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

Friends ask you to be in their bridal party, but best friends spare you the hassle of having to go through that shit altogether. Still, if you insist on assigning your friend that role for tradition's sake, the least you can do is assure her that you won't be a... [More]


Channing In Action Leggings

Now that you've seen Magic Mike nearly a dozen times, it's time you admit that it has nothing to do with the plot. That "crush" you've developed is now a full-fledged obsession. No wonder we saw you ordering these Channing In Action Leggings ($70). He's hot, so we support it,... [More]


Carter Flats

With the first signs of life popping out of the ground any second now (or any week now, at least), it's the season to go bright and shiny. These lime green patent leather Carter Flats ($118) from Banana Republic are fitting accessories to your own stems.... [More]


Long Take Bamboo Chair

It's almost time to get your sit on while you gaze into the glowing embers of a campfire. Do so from the comfort of a Long Take Bamboo Chair ($216) by Snow Peak. The comfy canvas chair is reinforced with bamboo legs and an aluminum framework, so when you hop... [More]


La La La La La Daria Pullover

In that sick, sad world of television, there's one fictional character we relate to more than any other: Daria Morgendorffer. Accordingly, we're excited - well, as excited as apathetic, sarcastic women can be - to own this La La La La La Daria Pullover ($25). Even Quinn and the Fashion... [More]


Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel

Boy, Snow, Bird ($17) is one of those books you end up begging all of your friends to read (buying them copies if need be) just so you have someone to talk about it with. It's a breathtaking, unsettling interpretation of the classic Snow White fairy tale, mixed with themes... [More]


Draft Beer Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

While we appreciate the waxy chocolate bunny, if you're looking for a way to really spruce up Mommy's Easter basket , throw in some Draft Beer Jelly Belly Jelly Beans ($9). Since drinking before church is frowned upon, we want to at least pretend to have a beer, even if... [More]

Incredible by Victorias Secret Sports Bra

Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra

Have you seen the latest and greatest sports bra from Victoria's Secret. The Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra ($50-60) has padded straps and cushioned underwire! Our prayers have been answered for someone to create a great sports bra. Score free shipping on your purchase of $100 or more (code... [More]


Tina Cat Skirt

Who says "cat lady" has to conjure up images of a lonely soul knitting scarves and talking to her houseful of felines? Slip into the saucy Tina Cat Skirt ($533) by Elle Sasson and the only thing people will be thinking as you pass is meow!... [More]


Tetris Silicone Ice Cube Tray

The Tetris Silicone Ice Cube Tray ($23) gives new meaning to the terms "blocks of ice." If you were a Game Boy addict as a child like us, you can probably still picture the ways to line up the shapes for maximum points. Now you can drop the pieces in... [More]


Michelangelo's David Switch Plate

Check out the size of David's...switch. At the Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze, where this famous statue is on display, you can look but you can't touch. In your home, however, you can play with this Michelangelo's David Switch Plate ($10) all you want. Tacky? Sure. But it's also a turn-on.... [More]


Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious T-Rex Decal

We all know those parents who have nothing to talk about other than their kids. The worst offenders go so far as to put those dumb decals of their families on the backs of their vehicles so that even random motorists know all about their business; we get it, you... [More]


April Fool's Day: The Ultimate Jokes on You Prank Kit

Know a prank-playing kiddo who would love to get his or her hands on The Ultimate Jokes on You Prank Kit ($15, on sale) before April 1st? Hand one over and then duck for cover lest you become the recipient of a dribble glass gag or snake-in-the-can surprise!... [More]


Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers

Eggs are always better with a dash of salt and pepper, and now it seems like the reverse is true, too. Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers ($10) are an adorable way to store your essential seasonings in the kitchen. The stoneware pair even comes with a decorative crate so that... [More]


Personalized Playing Cards

Need fifty-two printed copies of your favorite photo? Snapfish's Personalized Playing Cards ($20) seem like an elaborate way to tackle that problem, but go for it. If nothing else, playing rummy with a deck composed of vacation photos will amp up interest in family game night. Plus, you'll have a... [More]


Rosehip & Argan Facial Oil

We're always a little apprehensive about moisturizing our faces with oil. Will it clog our pores? Are we gonna break out with unsightly pimples? Honestly, so far so good with the Rosehip & Argan Facial Oil ($38) from Summer Sky Organics. It's USDA-approved organic, and a small drop or two... [More]


Sasha Gold Pillow

Ostentatious? Are you really calling this pillow ostentatious? Why, just because it's gold? Or blindingly shiny? And is covered in sequins? Arranged in a zigzag pattern? Okay, so maybe the Sasha Gold Pillow ($65) is ostentatious. But that's precisely why we have to have it.... [More]


Vino de Milo Artichoke Fennel Pasta Sauce

Though we definitely respect Grandma for always making her own pasta sauce, it's only fair to point out that she has a lot of free time on her hands. Until retirement, we'll stick to buying sauce at the grocery store. Alas, one of the main downsides of the store-bought varieties... [More]

Victorias Secret PINK Boston Red Sox Mesh Jersey

Victoria's Secret PINK Boston Red Sox Mesh Jersey

The Victoria's Secret PINK Boston Red Sox Mesh Jersey ($50) is a flirty feminine spin on a classic sports style. No matter who your favorite team is you'll certainly look sexy on Opening Day thanks to the Victoria's Secret PINK MLB Collection. Score a free 2nd day shipping upgrade (code... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? March 21, 2014

One thing we're seeing on our travels around the Internet: patterned outerwear. Forget last year's bold florals, this season is just about bold, period. See what we did there? Cameo Organza Bomber ($76 on sale) Gap Floral Bomber Jacket ($66 on sale) BCBGMAXAZRIA Ash Printed Draped Jacket ($195 on sale)... [More]


Etch-i-Phone Case

Don't get us wrong, we're thrilled to be living in an age of technological innovation, but we do often miss simpler, vintage toys. We used to make some adorable pictures of puppies on our Etch-a-Sketches as children, and then raunchy pictures of unmentionable things on our Etch-a-Sketches as teenagers. This... [More]


Pretty Hole Collective Botanical Perfumes

These Pretty Hole Collective Botanical Perfumes ($44 each) are gorgeous...and we bet they smell good too. The all-natural fragrances - in earthy, sweet, spicy, and rosy blends - are made with aromatic ingredients such as fennel, flowers, rose petals, and various essential oils, but they also include a very special... [More]


Atelier Delphine Sunny Side Cardi

Throw open the French windows and let the fresh air in! We're ready for our close-up with nature in the Atelier Delphine Sunny Side Cardi ($188), made with a gorgeous Liberty print. If the first thing you do on any given morning is slip into this comfy kimono-inspired top, you've... [More]


The Pocket Spotlight

Now that smartphones have all but replaced digital cameras, it's time to improve their functionality. The Pocket Spotlight ($30) fits into the headphone jack and shines a steady bright light to illuminate your pictures, meaning no more blinding and unreliable iPhone flashes. Everyone will love how clear your photos come... [More]


The Laundry and Stain Removal Print Set

Not only is the Laundry and Stain Removal Print Set ($42+) by lettered & lined pretty to look at while we shove our dirties into the top loader, it's also a handy guide to how we should properly shove our dirties into the top loader. (The jury is still out... [More]


Frye Heather Huarache

We basically live in our Frye boots during most of the year, but despite our love for them, even we realize that wearing leather boots in the heat of summer is extremely uncomfortable (and kind of gross). But to make the parting less sorrowful, we'll just switch over to the... [More]


ASOS Prom Skirt With Bow Waist

Even if you're a few years removed from your prom days, we bet you can still get away with wearing this ASOS Prom Skirt With Bow Waist ($94). It'll look right at home at a garden wedding or a brunch with the new in-laws. We'll just caution you to avoid... [More]


No Mythologies to Follow - MØ

If the only "danish" you know is a pastry, then you're probably missing out on MØ, an up-and-coming young singer from Denmark. After releasing a string of singles with critical if not commercial acclaim, the pop/electronica artist has finally unveiled her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow ($12). Give her... [More]


Tiny Mermaid Boy Tee

Keep 'em guessing. Maybe you really do turn into a mythical creature when the sun sets over the sea! Tiny Mermaid Boy Tee ($77) by Wildfox.... [More]


Leaping Bunnies Planter

Add a touch of flora and fauna to your home with the Leaping Bunnies Planter ($40), handmade by Carol Ross. Each planter is a one-of-a-kind piece crafted out of porcelain. Tuck in a bit of clover and you might just catch a real rabbit braving your back deck for a... [More]


Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette

Naked3? Snooze. Some of us work from a spectrum that's based more on Monsters Inc. than human flesh tones, and we have no shame about it. For us, there's the Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette ($34), a wild shadow collection that comes in a mirrored case (because you never know when... [More]


Sweet Treats Microbead Pillow

Chances are we'll be dreaming of donuts anyway, so we might as well fall asleep on one! Sweet Treats Microbead Pillow ($23) by iscream... [More]


Washed Velvet Ruffle Drapery Panels

Even with a price reduction, the Washed Velvet Ruffle Drapery Panels ($109-139, on sale) are a little too expensive to grace our windows. (Insert sad face here.) But hey, they're so damn gorgeous that you may find them to be worth the moolah, especially if you're a nesting mom-to-be who... [More]


Doubtblush: Wildfox Cupid? Tank

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Goodnight Macaroon Floral Eyelet Crochet Shift Tunic

Mimosas! Patios! Brunch! Open-toed sandals! Flowers! Bikes! Kittens! Our longing for warm days and all things associated with them is so strong that when we see an item of clothing like the Goodnight Macaroon Floral Eyelet Crochet Shift Tunic ($75) that so perfectly encapsulates all that we have to look... [More]


CERA Wireless Portable Speakers

Don't underestimate the CERA Wireless Portable Speakers ($200 for three) by Tego Audio. Each little speaker packs a powerful sound and perfectly syncs with your favorite electronic device to play your favorite tunes. Place each speaker in a different corner of your room for a surround-sound effect, or plop 'em... [More]


How to Have a Very Bad Dog

Do you spoil your pup and let her get away with murder? Of course you do, she's your sweetheart! Rather than allowing your friends to shame you into signing her up for obedience school, embrace your flawed parenthood. How to Have a Very Bad Dog ($11) is a tongue-in-cheek look... [More]


Song in D Minor Perfume

With all due respect to Paul Laurence Dunbar's poem about freedom, we know why the caged bird really sings...and it's because you smell awful. The musically titled Song in D Minor Perfume ($30) has a full orchestra of fragrances - orange flower, white orchid, amber, and gardenia - that combine... [More]


Plum & Bow Oh No Handmade Rug

Hopefully, your visitors have a good sense of humor about wiping their shoes on your new Oh No Handmade Rug ($19) from Plum & Bow. You can laugh it off and tell them that it's just meant in jest (even as you silently simmer because your mom decided to "just... [More]


Life After Life - Kate Atkinson

Ever get tired of following just one character through a whole book? Then bestselling author Kate Atkinson may have a twist you'll enjoy: a single character reincarnated as several people over a long span of time. In the novel Life After Life ($28), protagonist Ursula Todd dies multiple times, but... [More]


Fortune Keeper Necklace

We've all come across fortunes worth keeping, whether they're inspirational, funny, or downright sassy. But what's a gal to do with those teensy strips of paper? Scrapbook them? Please. The Fortune Keeper Necklace ($29) is a whimsical, yet somewhat practical, way to keep the best of the best close at... [More]


Clé de Peau Beauté UV Protection Cream

We've never personally tried Clé de Peau Beauté UV Protection Cream ($120), but it comes at the high recommendation of figure skater turned fashionisto Johnny Weir. "This sunscreen has kept me looking like porcelain for the better part of my adult life," he said recently. Indeed, his skin is as... [More]


Marlena Tank in Watercolor

Never worry about sleepily putting on your top backwards again! (Making sure it's outside-out is still up to you.) The Marlena Tank in Watercolor ($138) was designed to be comfy, flattering, and worn with the scoop neck in front and the V-neck in back or with the V-neck in front... [More]


Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

Spare us the details of what your shoes smell like - but we're sure you can agree that they could use a good wash from time to time. Alas, the most obnoxious part of throwing shoes in the washer and dryer is having to hear them loudly clunk around for... [More]


Bissinger's French Macarons

Despite their funny colors, Bissinger's French Macarons ($35) look positively mouth-watering. The popular chocolate shop handcrafts these chocolate, raspberry, lemon, and pistachio treats from a recipe that dates back to eighteenth-century France. Perhaps if Marie Antoinette had said, "Let them eat macaroons!", the revolutionaries would have let her keep her... [More]


Bensimon Tennis Elastic Sneakers

"Draw me like one of your French girls - no, not the nudes, the ones wearing the Bensimon Tennis Elastic Sneakers ($55)." The classic Bensimons are to the French youth as the Chuck Taylors are to the Americans. We bet that most of you have had a pair of those... [More]


Big Hand Squeeze T-Shirt

This Big Hand Squeeze T-Shirt ($18) is kind of funny, but only kind of. Honestly, we're not even interested in it for the humor. We're more caught up in the fact that the shirt's optical illusion makes the wearer look much slimmer. It's all of the benefits of a corset... [More]

You Be Stylist Prom

YOU Be The Stylist: What To Wear To Prom

Prom night is something that girls dream of from the time they're in middle school. It can be a magical and memorable evening if you have the right date and of course...the perfect dress. This year we're seeing lots of frills - sequins, lace, chiffon and over the top girly... [More]


Zebra USB Flash Drive

You've probably lost many a flash drive over the years, but you're certainly not going to misplace a Zebra USB Flash Drive ($30). This beautiful striped animal looks good hanging off the side of your laptop and is worthy of storing your most precious digital information. If another animal is... [More]


Mara Hoffman Ananda Tanksuit

We'd hope that at a two-fifty-plus price point, this Mara Hoffman Ananda Tanksuit ($256) would be threaded with magic spandex fibers that help us quickly shed the extra five pounds (okay, fine, more like eight) we put on over the extended winter season. We know it isn't, of course, so... [More]



Nothing says "Alcoholics Anonymous" quite like drinking a beverage in a disguise. BeerMos ($12 for six) slide easily onto a bottle and make it look like you still have that upper lip hair that you've tried so hard to wax out of existence. It's a lot of fun, plus you'll... [More]


Skin Balancing Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense

When your skin tends to gravitate toward the oily side of the spectrum, the last thing you wanna do is add another layer of pore-clogging cream to your face. On the flip side, sunscreen is super important and should be a part of your daily makeup routine. Paula's Choice makes... [More]


d.RA Alexandra Dress

What do you see when you look at this print? (This isn't a psychological test, we promise.) We see birds at the beach at sunset, and if we're not totally alone in thinking that, what a perfect vibe that is for this sweet dress from d.RA ($123). Unless those birds... [More]


Home Sweet Home Linen Banner

Pass on the old-fashioned needlepoint and instead hang the fresh and modern Home Sweet Home Linen Banner ($85). The sentiment stays the same while the design adds a chic detail to your room decor. We bet it'll really stand out against a boldly painted accent wall.... [More]



Remember that peppy song "Pumped Up Kicks" from a few summers ago that you loved dancing to until you realized it was about a school shooter and then felt a little guilty about it? The band that brought you that song, Foster the People, is back with a second album,... [More]


Rainbow Duck Tape

Though nothing you own provides quite as many quick fixes as heavy duty duct tape, it's a shame that the adhesive is so gray and dreary. Thankfully, the folks at Duck Tape have created a product to brighten the storm: Rainbow Duck Tape ($5). The next time you stick this... [More]


Dior Vernis Trianon Edition Nail Enamel

Do you remember the last time pastels weren't in for spring? We didn't think so. So we're saying it's a safe bet to invest in a bottle of Dior Vernis Trianon Edition Nail Enamel ($24 each), available in perennially popular pastels peach and mint - excuse us, Blossom and Pampille.... [More]


Demeter Gin & Tonic Fragrance Spray

Walking around smelling like booze isn't usually a good thing, but we're willing to make an exception for the classiest drink around: the gin & tonic. Demeter's Gin & Tonic Fragrance Spray ($10) offers a distinct aroma of sweet juniper with a splash of citrus. It's also a subtle hint... [More]


The Landscape of Growing Up Print

We don't know about you, but we certainly spent plenty of time in the Vast Forest of I Can't Believe We're Not Dead, learned a few things at Camp Should've-Kept-My-Mouth-Shut, and really ought to frequent the Can't Please Everybody Ranch more often! The Landscape of Growing Up Print ($32) by... [More]


Mole Push Pins

Stuck in a windowless office staring at a computer screen all day? Not fun. Adding these cute Mole Push Pins ($12) to your cork board isn't going to instantly lift your spirits, but it's a start. At the very least, the little rodent will help you tack up papers and... [More]


Doubtblush: JOA Front Tie Skirt

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. It's hard to believe, but... [More]


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set

Forget baseball cards and Hummel figurines, we can't stop collecting OCC Lip Tar. If you haven't tried the liquid alternative to lipstick, the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set ($48) is the place to start. While the brand may be known for some of its more out-there colors,... [More]


Andi Teran Rock Monsters Prints

Seeing faces in inanimate objects is basic human nature. Anthropomorphism is an under-acknowledged part of our daily lives, so much so that it sometimes gets distracting and somebody starts a blog about it so all people seeing faces in places don't feel so alone. Andi Teran is part of that... [More]


Striped Placemats

After such a dreary winter season, it would seem that anything saturated with color is striking our fancy. We scored big with these Striped Placemats ($4, on sale), designed by Sandy Chilewich. They're half off, and while they may seem like nothing more than basic dining textiles, we bet dressing... [More]


Full Image Fleece Photo Blanket

An old photograph can warm your heart, but a lot of good that does you if the rest of your body is chilly. Now you can warm everything at once with a Full Image Fleece Photo Blanket ($36). Choose a snapshot of your kids, your pet, or even David Beckham.... [More]


Faux Chanel iPhone Case

The Faux Chanel iPhone Case ($10) tells onlookers that you're a total fashion aficionado, especially if your nails match your case. And yes, okay. We know that this is a total knockoff product, but it's better than a knockoff Chanel mani, no?... [More]


Astronaut Tea for Two Set

Tang may be the drink of choice in outer space, but even cosmonauts enjoy a spot of tea from time to time. The Astronaut Tea for Two Set ($48) has a cute design, and we like that both the head and helmet double as cups to drink the tea from.... [More]


Hello Kitty USB Handwarmers

Sometimes it gets so cold that you want to wear mittens indoors...if it weren't for the fact that they leave you unable to surf the internet. Well, here are two little kittens who lost their mittens and don't give a crap about trying to find them. These Hello Kitty USB... [More]


OXO Good Grips Bento Box

A traditional bento box this box is not. The OXO Good Grips Bento Box ($20) is more like a hi-tech food transportation system. The six-piece set is totally customizable, with stackable containers that you can remove as needed. Inside there are five individual compartments, each with a leakproof silicone seal,... [More]


Bicycle Taxidermy

More into biking than hunting as recreation? Yeah, us too. So although we appreciate the gorgeous antlers and horns of hoofed creatures, we like them more in their original context than mounted on a piece of wood. We also, however, like to take time to appreciate the form of the... [More]


Rainbow Stripe Nutcase Bike Helmet

We know how important it is to wear a helmet while bicycling, but would it kill helmet companies to make something a little less clunky and a little more attractive? The Rainbow Stripe Nutcase Bike Helmet ($45) is the stylish alternative we've been waiting for. The color makes it seem... [More]


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil

If you lived through the nineties, you probably associate lipliner with Baywatch and generally overamplified pouts. But a lined lip that's blended well takes your makeup game to a whole new level. Maybe it's time to give it another shot - and besides, you can pick up this one for... [More]


All Seeing Eye Hand Amulet

Based on the ancient khamsa symbol, this little ceramic All Seeing Eye Hand Amulet ($48) is meant to protect you and help ward off the evil eye. Keep it close - with this charm, your nightlight, your dream catcher, and the garlic hanging in your window combined, you're as safe... [More]


Splendid Lace Up Flat Sneakers

Just because we're way past the season of holiday glitter doesn't mean you have to stop wearing the sparkles. Add some well-deserved shimmer to your casual summer looks with the Splendid Lace Up Flat Sneakers ($55, on sale). And no, it's not too much for everyday wear. These shoes are... [More]


Engraved Wood Cutting Board

Like polka dots, stars never go out of fashion - at least we don't think so! We're coveting AHeirloom's Engraved Wood Cutting Board ($48-55) with its spattering of stars on the top. The cutting surface on the underside is free from engraving so we don't have to leave behind knife... [More]


Lana Dress

We're getting a major Jetsons vibe from this Lana Dress ($308) from Rosario. And although there's a hint of Judy and Jane, we're mostly thinking of Elroy's orbit hat and backpack. We've seen our fair share of skirts with sheer panels, but not too many dresses constructed with clear plastic... [More]

Philosophy 100x100.jpg

Philosophy Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Shower Gel

Okay, so philosophy is known for its delectable skincare and beauty products, but this one takes the cake - er, cookie. If you're already missing the sweet smell of Christmas cookies, you're in luck, because you can now enjoy it all year long. Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Shower Gel ($10, on... [More]

Victorias Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra

Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra

Wireless bras used to be something just our grandmothers wore. Now many of us wear these uber-comfortable bras daily or on weekends we're just chilling. The Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Wireless Bra ($30-33) is awesome because we don't have to contend with the discomfort of underwire, but we get just... [More]

PINK Flounce Crochet Tank

Victoria's Secret PINK Flounce Crochet Tank

We love to throw a cute shirt on over our favorite bikini when leaving the beach to grab some grub. The PINK Flounce Crochet Tank is definitely on our wish list. It's fun and flirty while covering up the appropriate place. Shop Victoria's Secret PINK and treat yourself to a... [More]

Victorias Secret Cheeky Panty

Victoria's Secret Cotton Lace Waist Cheeky Panty

Comfortable can be sexy especially when you wear the Victoria's Secret Cotton Lace Waist Cheeky Panty ($11). If you love Victoria's Secret Panties, you need to click over this weekend as you can snag 7 pair of incredible panties for just $26.50 (code PARTYON). Choose from lace waist cheeky panties,... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Foxy Gift for a Vixen and her Kit

Carol writes: "Hi Outblush! Love you guys. You were able to help me with some Peter Pan collar shirts a while ago. Now I need your help again. My friend from college is having a baby boy and the nursery is Fox themed....I am having such a hard time finding... [More]


Cold Picnic Cenotes Studs

Don't be fooled by these Cenotes Studs ($75) that we got, they just look like geodes from the rock. (That's what J. Lo would sing if she was into geology instead of bling.) They don't come from the earth but from the Brooklyn-based Cold Picnic studio, where Phoebe Sung and... [More]


Anfa Envelope Clutch in Pumpkin

We can't even name drop any of the fanciest country clubs in, say, the Hamptons, because we've never been (and never expect to go), but according to our serious research (Gossip Girl and Revenge), we bet you'd fit right in if you waltzed through the doors with the Anfa Envelope... [More]


Seafolly Summer Garden Boyleg Maillot

To all of you out there still wearing your pajamas inside out to make it snow, stop already! We're so over the whole polar vortex thing. Maybe, just maybe, if we start prancing around in festive floral-print bathing suits like the Seafolly Summer Garden Boyleg Maillot ($148) summer will get... [More]

Fish Tank Coffee Table 100x100.jpg

Aquarium Coffee Table

Time to decorate the new digs? How about an aquarium? Oh, you don't have room, you say? You do when you put a fish tank inside a coffee table. Say what? Yep, the Aquarium Coffee Table ($700) will turn your furniture into a conversation piece. You and your cats will... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Spring Reveries

It's time for opening the windows, getting out the duster, and doing a little bit of spring cleaning. That goes for the accessories drawer, too, and all its busted bobby pins, nearly frayed-through hair bands, and dried-up nail polish. All that purging will feel so good that you'll have room... [More]


Joie Hudette Dress

Although our least favorite part of summer picnics and lounging in parks is the feeling of bugs walking around on our skin, we can't help but love the Joie Hudette Dress ($348), despite its abundance of bees. It's also got plenty of flowers, and like it or not, they're what... [More]


Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde

Contrary to its title, we hope that Jennie Garth's Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde ($23) contains very little depth. Like, we're not exactly reading a memoir by a former 90210 star with the expectation of award-winning literature. Thankfully, reviewers have indicated that the book is full of gossip, like... [More]


Petrified Wood

If you recently looked around your living room and thought, man, this space is really lacking some gravitas, then fret no longer. Simply add a really heavy piece of Petrified Wood ($1495) from Jayson Home - you've got many choices of cut and pattern (and price). It's approximately twenty million... [More]


The Inspired Baker Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies

When the Inspired Baker offered to send us some cookie samples, it didn't take any convincing. Although we don't always eat vegan and gluten-free, we're certainly not opposed to introducing more of those things into our diet, particularly when they're in the form of a dessert. We sure tore through... [More]


I'm Not Here to Make Friends Tank

We doubt we'll ever get cast on reality television, at least not until The Real Cat Ladies of Los Angeles County becomes a show, but if it ever were to happen, we'd definitely be sure to shout the reality TV cliche, "I'm not here to make friends!" as many times... [More]


The Kumarte Throw

So, wait. Is this Kumarte Throw ($120) from Elephant Landing a light linen blanket or a tablecloth? We guess it can be whatever you'd like it to be. It's both big enough to toss 'round your shoulders on a cool summer night, and wide enough to hang off the sides... [More]


Orphan Black: Season 1

Blame Star Wars for that awful Attack of the Clones nonsense, because when we first heard that Orphan Black is a sci-fi series about clones, we wanted nothing to do with it. A persistent friend lent us Orphan Black: Season 1 on Blu-ray ($35), however, and now we're hooked. This... [More]


Potting Shed Creations Garden-in-a-Bag

We've heard all of your excuses for not growing plants: you don't have a garden, you lack a green thumb, you kill everything you come in contact with...whine, whine, whine! Well, now none of your justifications are valid. Gardens-in-a-Bag ($10) are self-contained packages for growing plants that make the whole... [More]


Seventeen Hip Pack

Despite the fact that designers keep flooding the market with fanny packs, we're still not sure we can get on board with the "trend." We haven't actually seen anyone wear one, ironically or otherwise. Herschel Supply Co.'s Seventeen Hip Pack ($25) comes in a ton of fun designs and colors,... [More]


Rabbit Tissue Holder

A stuffy nose twitches almost as much as a bunny's, so it's entirely appropriate to keep your Kleenex stocked in a Rabbit Tissue Holder ($40). This handcrafted box cleverly positions the tissues to come out the backside to look like a cotton tail. It'll definitely put a smile on your... [More]


Rockstar Earrings

Baby, you're a fiiiirework! The starburst design of these Rockstar Earrings ($75) totally reminds us of fireworks. And any mention of that particular f-word automatically results in a fist-pumping sing-along. Come on let your coooolors burst! Ahem. Anyway, don't let your neck have all the fun, pull your hair back... [More]


Thumb Thing Book Page Holders

If book readers are sooo smart, how come it took them so long to think of Thumb Thing Book Page Holders ($6)? Worn on your thumb, this simple contraption keeps the pages spread wide without you having to constantly wrestle them back open. Best of all, it allows you to... [More]


OPI Muppets Most Wanted Romancing The Frog Set

Are we entirely clear on what this OPI nail color set ($16) has to do with The Muppets, aside from matching one of Miss Piggy's gowns? No. Does it matter. Of course not! Nail polish is nail polish and we can definitely find a dark-blue-and-glitter-shaped hole in our collection.... [More]


Reebok Braided Resistance Cords

It's time for a First Lady upgrade. Reebok Braided Resistance Cords ($17) will help transform those gangly Nancy Reagan arms of yours into toned Michelle Obama guns. Not sure how to use the equipment? No problem - it comes with a DVD so you'll know how to maximize your strength... [More]


ASOS Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans

Somewhere between the lands of Ultra Ripped Extra Holes Jeans and Rickrack Bedazzled Back Pocket Jeans, there is a calm and peaceful land named for the ASOS Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans with Ripped Raw Hem ($60). The frayed cuff adds a little interest and street-cool cred... [More]


Skate Deck iPhone Case

Even if your balance is too horrible for you to stay atop a real skateboard, you can still pull off that punk rock vibe with a Skate Deck iPhone Case ($45). The case's wheels are legit, so you can roll your phone all over tabletops and pull off tricks that... [More]


Dinosaur Land Pillow

Sure, you usually spy Cretaceous-themed accessories in a little boy's bedroom, but this Dinosaur Land Pillow ($23) from Sweet Jojo Designs is neutral enough to toss just about anywhere in your house. It'll add a lighthearted element to your living room, or show off your playful style when you add... [More]


Faux-Fur Pouf

We know, the Faux-Fur Pouf ($250) is kinda a risky decor move, but we swear, it can work! Just make sure the rest of your room is subtle on the textures. Oh, and be very careful when you walk by it in the middle of the night while the lights... [More]


Cone Counter Stool

Lactose intolerant? Then you better find another chair. The Cone Counter Stool ($750) is fun seating for dairy lovers. We generally prefer a waffle cone to those kiddie cones that taste like cardboard, but we're a fan of any kind of ice cream that you can sit on without having... [More]


Agate Geode Halves Bookends

You're a book lover, so we're pretty sure you arrange your books neatly and in alphabetical order. We're right there with you. But when you want to showcase a few of your new purchases, set them in between the Agate Geode Halves Bookends ($25) from Crystal Allies Gallery. They'll stand... [More]


French Bull Floral Bowls

Sure, we got these French Bull Floral Bowls ($24 for four) because the patterns add a much needed pop of color to our everyday dishes. That's what we're telling everyone, anyway. Truthfully, we're hoping that the bright bowls will distract our better halves long enough that they'll forget to steal... [More]


Unas Ring

Unas was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, and, according to legend*, his pyramid was the smallest one built during the Old Kingdom. Sad for ol' Unas, perhaps, but good for us, because that means that his pyramid was small enough to fit on this handcrafted silver and gold ring ($65).... [More]

Victorias Secret Smoky Eye Kit

Victoria's Secret Sexy Smoky Eye Kit

Love to create that smoldering smoky eye? Now you can do it with just one palette. The Victoria's Secret Sexy Smoky Eye Kit ($18) has 6 amazing eyeshadows and 1 gel liner to create that coveted look. Pick this up and some other Victoria's Secret Beauty products totaling $50 and... [More]

PINK Essential Tank

Victoria's Secret PINK Essential Tank

We live in tanks and tees all spring so we love when we can stock up on one of our favorites! The Victoria's Secret PINK Essential Tank ($20) has a great neckline and hugs our curves just the way we like. Shop Victoria's Secret PINK and you can save on... [More]


Personal Shopper: Marilyn's Glittery Gold Dress Dupe

Anna writes, "Oh masters of internet shopping, I just saw Some Like it Hot and this dress that Marilyn Monroe wears in it is so scandalously to die for! I would love to own such a sexy dress to vamp up date night. I am a size 10 or 12... [More]


Reed Wilson Design Holla Doormat

"Holla!" may be as played out a greeting as "Sup?" or "What's happenin'?", but we can't resist the Reed Wilson Design Holla Doormat ($50). We'll just spray paint a mustache and a bird on it, to make sure we're extra dated.... [More]


Memphis Fringe Cross-Body

Knowing our tendency to live life in slightly less-than-graceful movements, wearing this Memphis Fringe bag ($271) will probably mean getting stuck in a lot of doors as they close behind us. Oh well, we'll just have to cry into our dozens upon dozens of pieces of beautiful leather fringe detailing.... [More]


Get Naked Vinyl Decal

Usually "bathroom humor" involves poop jokes, so we're in support of this feces-free laugh. The waterproof Get Naked vinyl decal ($6) sticks easily to the side of your bathtub. While it's probably more amusing than helpful, we suppose it could have instructional value to someone who forgets to take off... [More]


Sunvent PFG Boat Shoe

The gingham trim on the Sunvent PFG Boat Shoe ($80) from Columbia has us sold. You're guaranteed to look absolutely smashing in these this summer, whether you're spending the day at sea or sipping gin and tonic at the clubhouse.... [More]


DV by Dolce Vita Villa Sandals

These DV by Dolce Vita Villa Sandals ($59) are stylish retreads of your dad's fisherman sandals. (Yeah, the ones that he wears every weekend and sometimes with white socks.) The concept is still the same - woven leather - but done with much thinner straps for a more delicate, feminine... [More]


DANNIJO Giulia Bracelet

Time to break out the Bunny Mix M&M's and add the DANNIJO Giulia Bracelet ($130) to your shopping cart - it's nearly spring! The pastel Swarovski Elements used to line this tasteful piece of jewelry look like little seasonal candies themselves. Wear this item with other spring staples - eyelet... [More]


Tackle Box Pouch

No need to fill the Tackle Box Pouch ($48) by Pilcro with shiny fishing lures or bating baubles. If you toss in your favorite sparkly eye shadows, trusty eye liners, and brightly-hued lipsticks, you'll be well-equipped when it comes time to spend your weekend reeling in the fish man of... [More]


Mondo Mondo Doll Perfume

If you want to walk around smelling like a club at bar close, try the Mondo Mondo Doll Perfume ($65), which might as well just be called "eau de sex." It's made with saffron, musk, and roses for that spicy, sweaty...and romantic vibe.... [More]



This delightful children's book from McSweeney's ($15) has the protagonist, one blue tux-wearing Alfred Crabtree, searching through all his belongings for his lost set of fake teeth. Luckily for us, that quest leads us through delightful illustrations of all of Crabtree's possessions, including an entire spread of small yapping dogs,... [More]



Has a lull in conversation prompted your dinner party guests to start excusing themselves before dessert has even been served? Keep them entertained and in their seats with a hilarious party game. Telestrations ($23) combines two old favorites - Pictionary and Telephone - into one absurd game of miscommunication. You'll... [More]


Jaya Tank 2

Yoga is not a competition. You have to listen to your body and your prana and the sounds of your bones creaking and cracking and practice at your own pace. It's also not a fashion competition, but that doesn't mean you don't want to look good whenever you see your... [More]


Lift Your Spirit

Popular DJ Avicii may have gotten most of the credit for the hit song "Wake Me Up", but to our ears, the magic of that song is Aloe Blacc's soulful voice. That's why we're so excited about Lift Your Spirit ($10), a whole album full of Blacc's signature baritone. Blacc... [More]


Fox Decanter & Set of 4 Glasses

Sure, everyone's been pretty intent on finding out what a fox says, but more importantly, we want to know if a fox takes his favorite Scotch straight or on the rocks. Fox Decanter & Set of 4 Glasses ($68)... [More]


Doubtblush: Dr. Martens Bernadette Boots

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]



Hubman ($9) is the best assistant a multitasker could ask for. The little dude plugs into your computer to give you four additional USB ports. Instead of having to plug and unplug cords as you move between adding music to your iPod, backing up your external hard drive, and printing... [More]


Lumisource Element Touch LED Desk Lamp

We never appreciated Anchorman's "I love lamp" joke quite as much as we do now that we've discovered this Lumisource Element Touch LED Desk Lamp ($63). It's chrome, it's sexy, and it barely looks like a lamp. Fortunately, it hasn't sacrificed function for style: with just a tap, you'll be... [More]


Rattan Woven Picnic Basket

It's almost picnic weather out, right? Almost?! If we invest in this purdy Rattan Woven Picnic Basket ($100) from Willams-Sonoma and fill it with brioche and berries or wine and cheeses, maybe Mother Nature will take notice (or pity on us) and grace us with some sweet spring weather, finally.... [More]

Isabel Lace Dress

Isabel Lace Dress

The Isabel Lace Dress ($50) is a great frock for your bachelorette party or bridal shower; it's sweet yet sexy . This pretty slip dress features a beautiful, delicate lace on top.... [More]


Summer Bracelet

This minimal Summer Bracelet ($25) is aptly named, because it reminds us of our favorite summer activity: swimming. The round white "donut" bead is a lifesaver, obviously, and the bright blue and red triangles remind us of colorful lane markers and buoys. If you dislike the water, what can we... [More]

Crochet What Light Blue Crocheted Romper

Crochet What? Light Blue Crocheted Romper

The Crochet What? Light Blue Crocheted Romper ($53) was created for the more sophisticated gal. This darling light blue piece features crochet sleeves and a flattering V-neckline. Dress this sweet thing up with pumps or go more casual with metallic flat sandals.... [More]

Cat Butt Magnets 100x100.jpg

Cat Butts Magnets

Looking for something to add some personality to your bare refrigerator? Look no further than Cat Butts Magnets ($11). This set includes five cat breeds and works on all metal surfaces. You know your kids will be so thrilled to have a cat's rear end holding up their school pictures... [More]


Elephant Landing Chelli Pillow

Time to add a little of the sweetness of summer to your home decor with the Chelli Pillow ($60). Each and every geometric pear on this is block-printed by hand with eco-friendly dyes in India (the ninth largest producer of the fruit, by the way), and would look great on... [More]


Manfried Galactic Color Nail Enamel

We have a few bottles of nail polish that are accented with glitter, but none of them are obnoxious enough to go full-on sparkle-crazy. On those days when we're craving attention of any sort, we're happy to have some Manfried Galactic Color Nail Enamel ($7) at the ready. We weren't... [More]

OlloClip Telephoto Lens

OlloClip Telephoto Lens

Enhance the photos you take with your iPhone thanks to the OlloClip Telephoto Lens ($100). Now when your little ones are building sand castles on the beach, you'll be able to zoom in just like a professional photographer and capture those precious memories forever.... [More]


Alabaster Bottle Stopper

We must be getting old; we opened a bottle of wine last night and we didn't finish it. While we come to terms with the fact that we're turning into responsible adults, we'll top our half-empty bottle with one of these Alabaster Bottle Stoppers ($10). One good thing that comes... [More]


Voice Activated Shopping List Organizer

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store specifically to get butter, decided to pick up some other items while we were there, and then somehow managed to come home without ever getting the butter. The Voice Activated Shopping List Organizer ($150) keeps track of all of the items you need... [More]


Free Your Mane Baobab Brilliant Restorative Hair Oil

Considering how much good argan oil does for our hair by itself, we can only begin to imagine (and we have) how amazing our locks are going to look after we use this Free Your Mane miracle worker ($30). Along with the argan oil, this concoction also contains moisturizing baobab... [More]

Revlon ColorBurst Balm

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

Orange is making a big statement in cosmetics this spring and we're hearing that it is going to be the color for your lips! One of our favorites is the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm ($9) in Mischievous. This vibrant citrus shade will certainly make your lips burst with happiness.... [More]


Lump O' Coal Gum

When we were kids, we got real lumps of coal in our stockings. Kids these days have it so easy. Lump O' Coal Gum ($4)... [More]


Blue Claw Co. Catalina Weekender

There's a reason that 'retro' and 'vintage' styles are still around: hip, well-made products are just as relevant today as when your parents were enjoying them. Case in point: the Catalina Weekender ($225). The wide canvas straps and bright colors of vegetable tanned leather make us think about 1970s summer... [More]

Victorias Secret Sexy Little Things Garter Slip

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Lace Slip With Garters

Set the mood with some sexy lingerie that will have your lover panting like a puppy! The Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Lace Slip With Garters ($58) will surely heat things up for you. Spritz a little Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Fragrance on your neck and wrists and he'll be... [More]


YOU Be The Stylist: What to wear to a beach wedding

Wedding season is approaching and so the perennial question begins, "What should we wear to that romantic beach wedding?" Here are some suggestions - we want to know which you like best! Beach Bombshell Leifsdottir Shimmered Garden Dress ($168) Sofft Valeda Sandal ($73, on sale) Gueliz Clutch ($128) Nautical Babe... [More]


Lucido Wedge Derby

Don't you step on my blue patent shoe. That's right, we're not above using the most obvious reference to blue shoes in pop culture, but we really, really mean it. One of the reasons we love the Lucido Wedge Derby shoes ($165) is how shiny they are, but we're absolutely... [More]


Family Matters Complete Fourth Season

"Did I do thaaaaaaat?" Well, if by "I" you mean Warner Bros. and by "that" you mean "release the Family Matters Complete Fourth Season ($24) on DVD," then yes, yes you did. Devoted fans will recognize this as the season when young Judy Winslow makes her final appearance before being... [More]


Gwen for OPI App

Hey baby, hey baby, hey! You like nail art? You like it enough to want to create virtual nail art while on the bus, waiting in line, or at a boring dinner party? Then you should obviously download the Gwen for OPI app (free), with which you can design the... [More]

The Best Things In Life Wall Art

The Best Things in Life Wall Art

Sometimes we have to take a step back and remind ourselves that some of the best things around us aren't material items like handbags, shoes and jewelry. This piece would serve as a daily reminder of all that we have to be thankful for...even though we would still be buying... [More]


Montego Bean Bag Game Set

Let's go ahead and immediately establish that the "bean bag game" Montego speaks of as the name of their Bean Bag Game Set ($499) is called "Cornhole." Maaaybe "Corn Toss," which is acceptable, but not preferred. And why do we have such a strong stance on the non-issue? We only... [More]


Marshmallow Chicks Large Jar Candle

This Easter, instead of gorging on a whole package of Peeps, we're going to spare ourselves the sugar rush and purchase a Marshmallow Chicks Large Jar Candle ($28) by Yankee Candle. Let's face it - as good as those fluffy treats taste, it's going to be significantly healthier to just... [More]


Mustache Backpack

We're getting used to seeing cars with pink mustaches driving around town. That means they're part of the Lyft ride-sharing service, and that means that you can hail them through an app and get a ride. We wanted to make sure you're aware of that in case anybody asks you... [More]

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Crochet Overlay Bandeau Top

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Crochet Overlay Bandeau Top

We're daydreaming about the sunny days of summer that will soon be upon us! And we're totally going to need a ton of fabulous swimsuits. The Beach Sexy Crochet Overlay Bandeau Top ($43) is on the top our wish list. Treat yourself to this sexy suit and save big. Choose... [More]


Extended FlipOut Hidden Vision TV Mount

On days when you're feeling so lazy that even the thought of sitting up in bed to watch television is too much, the Extended FlipOut Hidden Vision TV Mount ($799) has got you covered. With this installation, you'll be able to remain horizontal with your head squarely on the pillow... [More]


United Nude Lo Res Lo Jelly Flats

Geometric rubber jelly flats ($119) that look like the creators of Minecraft launched a shoe line? If ever there was a time to click "BUY NOW DAMMIT", this is it.... [More]


Regent Street Lettersheet

Dear Tom, Don't you like this new Regent Street Lettersheet ($10) we just bought? It's got a cool pattern on the back, and the design around the border helps make this note seem extra fancy. Plus, it's made of recycled and bamboo paper, making it a totally environmentally-friendly purchase. Only... [More]


Healthy Feet Anti-Callus Salve

We're not going to tiptoe around it. Our dry, blistered, and callused feet need a date with the Healthy Feet Anti-Callus Salve ($25) from Kneipp. The rosemary oil and calendula extract soften skin so we're not giving everyone a glimpse of gross-looking tootsies every time we remove our shoes.... [More]


Formula X Superwatts Lightning Nail Polish

"Mega-glitter" and "macroglitter" are descriptors used in the copy for this Formula X Superwatts Lightning Nail Polish ($13) and we are all about that. If you're gonna go glitter, hit a home run. A big, sparkly, borderline tacky home run.... [More]


GummyGoods Nightlight

If visions of sugarplums (or other sweets that you've actually eaten before) dance through your head on a regular basis while you're snug in your bed, it may be because the last thing you see before you go to sleep is this GummyGoods Nightlight ($30). If you're a sleepwalker, you... [More]


Therapy Flashcards

Everyone can use a little therapy, but at hundreds of dollars a pop, professional sessions are only going to exacerbate your stress levels. Instead of giving up on your mental health altogether, try these Therapy Flashcards ($10) on for size. After reading through dozens of psychological terms and disorders, you'll... [More]


Braids, Buns, and Twists!

Not all of us were lucky enough to grow up with moms or sisters who patiently taught us the ins and outs of fishtail braids, French braids, and chignons. Pinterest has tons of great ideas, but we're a little sick of clicking on pins to find zero instructions - as... [More]


"Trip to Your Heart" Girly Tee

We may seem like glass-half-empty kind of gals, but you better believe we'll cling to however many ounces of optimism we can muster when life gets rough. This "Trip to Your Heart" Girly Tee ($20) is a fashionable way of reminding ourselves that there's a light at the end of... [More]


Tierra y Fuego Mozaik Mamounia Tiles

Want to give your space the feel of a luxurious Turkish bath? Enhance it with these warm, Mediterranean-hued Mozaik Mamounia Tiles ($26 for twelve). Use them to create a decorative panel on your bathroom wall and you'll feel like you've snuck into a palace. Just add a steam shower.... [More]


Savannah Bee Beeswax Heel Balm

Hey, we don't mean to bug you, but it looks like you have some cracked, dry skin. While it's a normal occurrence for certain areas like your heels, elbows, and knees, that doesn't mean you have to put up with it. Savannah Bee Beeswax Heel Balm ($15) uses a natural... [More]

Capistrano Chevron Blouse

Capistrano Chevron Blouse

The Capristrano Chevron Blouse ($36) is a fresh take on a classic silhouette we love for the spring season. The coral and white chevron print makes it look very modern and chic. Pair it with your skinny jeans and pumps for a night out or trousers and a blazer for... [More]


Day One Journaling App

If you dig social media aside from that whole social aspect, Day One ($5) may be right up your alley. The journaling app allows you to keep tabs on your day like you would on Facebook or Twitter without bothering your friends with incessant updates. Plus, there's no pressure to... [More]


Octopus-Shaped Vibrating Scalp Massager

You'd think work stress would stop by the time five o'clock rolls around, but some days we can't shake that post-work migraine. Do you also have the shrill voice of Patty from accounting playing on loop in your throbbing head? In that case, we recommend the magic fingers - or... [More]


The Ellsworth Leather Pant

Usually when you think leather pants, you're thinking tight, black, and shiny. And so although we will never own the Ellsworth Leather Pant ($950) because of its price tag, at least we know there are leather pants out there that we could totally pull off. On the other hand, we're... [More]


Seascape Maxi Skirt

We aren't often tempted to pay an such an outlandish price for a skirt, but the Seascape Maxi Skirt ($628) by Tsumori Chisato has been calling to us and we're not sure we can resist its sweet siren song. Okay, that's not true. There's no way we're paying that price... [More]


Sunkissed Kitty Embroidered Canvas Slippers

It looks like Charlotte Olympia's cutesy cat flats have a new, summer-lovin' cousin in town. The Sunkissed Kitty Embroidered Canvas Slippers ($695) have ditched the heavy velvet in favor of a lighter linen and donned a pair of embroidered sunnies. Unfortunately, that pesky price tag has stuck around, so we'll... [More]


Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets

We've never seen a squirrel dressed in a costume before, though come to think of it, we've rarely seen a squirrel not in the form of roadkill. At any rate, we can work at changing that perception with Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets ($10). These fridge decorations come with a variety of... [More]


"Original" Macintosh iPhone Case

Apple Macintosh recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and man have we come a long way since 1984! We remember crafting birthday banners on the 128K as kids and are currently feeling nostalgic enough to put this "Original" case ($37) on our iPhones. Can you believe that bulky processor had only... [More]


Native Youth Walk in the Park Tee

Add a little tomboy style to your wardrobe with the Native Youth Walk in the Park Tee ($48). It's perfect for Sunday brunches, running errands, lounging around your house while you read a magazine and cradle a cup of coffee, or even, as its name suggests, taking a walk in... [More]

Victorias Secret Fleece Off The Shoulder Tunic

Victoria's Secret Fleece Off-The-Shoulder Tunic

There's nothing sexier than style and comfort so we're in love with the Victoria's Secret Fleece Off-The-Shoulder Tunic ($40, on sale). The luscious fleece fabric paired with the casual style makes this a chic yet effortless look. Right now you can save 20% on all Victoria's Secret Fleece items. There... [More]


Salmon Quince Branches

In serious need of some springtime blossoms? If you've yet to see any blooming 'round the neighborhood, have Terrain ship you a bundle of Salmon Quince Branches ($58). The live branches will need a fresh trim when they reach you, but once you've got them in a vase of water,... [More]


Horticouture 1 Art Print

One of our favorite current trends is the reemergence of floral prints. Lush-looking blossoms are being printed on everything from short summer shorts to flowing maxi dresses. While you're bulking up your floral wardrobe, don't forget to add a few botanical pops to your abode, too. Go simple, with lush... [More]


The Beatles Classic Slip-Ons

Although the Beatles Classic Slip-Ons ($65) don't show the visages (or animated counterparts) of the Beatles themselves, any decent fan will recognize the iconic illustration style and colorful fish from The Yellow Submarine, the movie in which the Fab Four travel through the Sea of Time, Sea of Green, and... [More]


Tilo Dogs Wearing Ties Print Scarf

Have a yearning to dress your dog up in a tie but don't have a dog? Unless you have a very kind and patient friend (who has a patient dog), you're out of luck. But you can still show your enthusiasm for pet costumes with this cashmere blend Tilo scarf... [More]


Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair

While we seriously doubt that this Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair ($1,599) will be your go-to comfy chair for curling up in, it will lend a rich aesthetic to your room. Especially if you top it off with a faux fur throw blanket or a few brightly-colored Aztec print... [More]


D.L. & Co. Essence of Florets Candle

Ah, the scented candle. That timeless gift that says "I like you enough to spend more than five dollars on you, but I never know what to buy you." This year, skip Bath & Body Works and opt for a more luxurious take on the lovely but impersonal gift. D.L.... [More]


Arrow Sign

Tired of everyone coming in your front door even after you've repeatedly told them to just go 'round to the side? We'd like to think that this Arrow Sign ($26) will help you direct the flow of traffic toward your mudroom, but chances are it'll get ignored, too. Oh, well.... [More]


BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer

Think of AG Hair's new BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer ($26) as the ultimate in multipurpose hair care products. The super silky cream goes on when your hair is still damp and helps create both fullness and softness as your 'do dries. It'll also protect against heat damage and... [More]


The Cushy Cowl Pattern

Okay, so maybe scarf weather is coming to an end, but we still think you should grab the pattern for the Cushy Cowl (FREE) from Sheep & Stitch because, well, it's free. And because it's good practice for beginners and experts alike. If you've always got a project on your... [More]

Victorias Secret Sexy Tee Multi Way Bra

Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Multi-Way Bra

You can never have too many bras especially since you wear one every single day. The Victoria's Secret Sexy Tee Multi-Way Bra ($33-39) is a must-have style since you can rock it numerous ways - strapless, crossback, halter, one-strap and of course classic. Treat yourself and shop Victoria's Secret Bras... [More]

Victorias Secret Cheeky Bottom

Victoria's Secret Cheeky Bottom

The Cheeky Bottom ($19-25) is like a breath of fresh air in the swim world. This adorable bikini bottom hugs our curves and shapes our bum perfectly. We'll definitely be ordering a few of these with printed bikini tops from our friends at Victoria's Secret. Since we enjoy saving some... [More]

Victorias Secret Flirt Push Up Bra

Victoria's Secret Flirt Push-Up Bra

Add some oomph to your day with an awesome push-up bra. The Flirt Push-Up Bra enhances just enough without going over the top. If push-ups aren't your thing, you'll also be able to find t-shirt bras, racerback bras, wireless bras and more when you shop Victoria's Secret PINK Bras. And... [More]


American Afterlife

Feeling morbid? Maybe not spend an afternoon at The Museum of Death morbid, but take a stroll around the cemetery and read a couple of obituaries morbid? Then American Afterlife ($19) by Kate Sweeney is right up your alley; Sweeney explores the recent history of mourning in America, from hair... [More]


Hutt's Heels Cracked Heel Repair

Our feet are in a state of disrepair; the San Andreas Fault has nothing on our heels. But we also don't have time to put on several steps of softening and loosening and smoothing foot repair creams. Luckily, Hutt's Heels Cracked Heel Repair ($20) is only a two-step process, and... [More]


Safari Pocket Notebooks

We've been a big fan of Rifle Paper Co. for quite some time, but it's just not realistic for us to fill up an entire desk drawer with adorable greeting cards, as much as we might be tempted. We just don't know that many people. So we're so glad that... [More]


butter LONDON Cheeky Cream Blush

Tired? Wan? Pink up those peaked cheeks with a dab of new butter LONDON Cheeky Cream Blush ($20)! Available in four vibrant shades, it's silky, sheer, and has mango seed butter to moisturize and add a little sheen. As with all cream blushes, we'll caution you to start with just... [More]


angela adams Seagull Birch Veneer Tray

Use this gorgeous angela adams Birch Veneer Tray ($85) to transport food to and from the kitchen to the party, or to artfully display an array of hors d'oeuvres. The seagulls on this tray are the only seagulls you're ever going to see sitting so calmly so close to your... [More]


Uni Promark View Highlighter

Pardon us for getting all excited over a pack of highlighters, but seriously, why aren't they all designed like these Uni Promark Views ($15 for five)? The middle part of the tip is clear, letting you see exactly what you're highlighting as you drag the marker across your page.* The... [More]


Neneh Cherry: Blank Project

Did you recently muse, "Gee, I haven't heard anything new from Neneh Cherry in awhile, I wonder what she's been up to?" If so, you'll be pleased to know the answer is apparently taking eighteen years to meticulously craft her newest album, Blank Project ($10). With ten tracks, that's an... [More]


Sophia Towel

We need to make a permanent switch from our regular terrycloth towels to Turkish peshtemal towels like the Sophia ($30 each) from Findikli Design. Not only are they prettier with their tassels and stripes, they also dry us off quicker thanks to the bamboo/cotton blend. We just have to remember... [More]

Light Show 100x100.jpg

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Don't feel like going on that trip to Vegas? You can have a light show inside your home with the Light Show Fountain Speakers ($45). Just plug in your tunes to the USB adapter and watch the water inside these speakers light up and dance to the music. Turn off... [More]

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Mesh One Piece

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mesh Cutout One-Piece

Love the feel of a one-piece, but crave something a bit sexier? The Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mesh Cutout One-Piece ($129) is perfect for you. This stunning swimsuit has a monokini feel with its cutout and is trimmed with mesh as well. Treat yourself to any $10 swim purchase from... [More]

Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Eyeshadow Duo

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Shadow Duo

Applying eyeshadow is fun because you can use the same color combinations each day, but get a different result based on your application. Since we are self-professed beauty junkies, we're huge fans of the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Makeup, which is specially priced at 2 for $15 or 4 for... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? March 14, 2014

It's that time of year. The time of year where some a-hole at your office comes out of nowhere and pinches you for wearing blue-green. Of course, these items won't make it to you for St. Patty's, but we're all for you sporting green any time. Superga 2750 Cotu Classic... [More]


Wood Thumb Wooden Tie

Tying neckties can be a hassle, but the only knots you'll find on this Wood Thumb Wooden Tie ($37) are knotholes. Give the man in your life an alternative to all of those silk ties in his closet; it makes the perfect accessory for formal events that leave room for... [More]


Bandelier Circuit Necklace

When we first saw this Bandelier Circuit Necklace ($145), we thought it was great, a unique handmade and handstitched leather accessory. Our second thought was how much it looked like part of a driving harness for a horse. This didn't deter us, though, because a lot of girls grew up... [More]


Little Chandie Dress

This Little Chandie Dress ($78) is the ideal outfit for any young girl's favorite activity: twirling. This skirt - complete with an adorable spring-appropriate print and side pockets - will have her spinning like a ballerina for everyone she encounters.... [More]


Bedphones Sleep Headphones

Have a bed partner who needs complete silence in order to get to sleep? It can be a little frustrating when you prefer to fall asleep to soothing tunes or white noise, so the Bedphones Sleep Headphones ($55) make for an excellent compromise. The super flat, one quarter-inch headphones will... [More]


Proud Mary Raffia D'Orsay

These Proud Mary Raffia D'Orsay flats ($138) may look demure, but they are holding us hostage. We are helpless in the face of their beautiful craftsmanship and deep cobalt dye job, and therefore, we're just going to have to make this leftover pizza last a really, really long time.... [More]


Sandwich Sponge Set

"My favorite thing about eating lunch is washing the dishes afterwards," said no one ever. So why not introduce a little more of the best part, aka the food, into your otherwise mundane cleaning routine? The Sandwich Sponge ($12) may look like it's just meat and cheese on white bread,... [More]


Bandaid Ring

Over the years, drugstore bandages have gone down two separate paths: either they try to be clear and thus "invisible," or, for the kiddos, as bright and colorful and with as many TV and movie character tie-ins as possible. So while they've diverged from their standard tan color, we still... [More]


Outdoor Shower

One of the best things about vacationing at the shore was coming back from a day at the beach and rinsing all the sand off in an outdoor shower. With this Outdoor Shower ($325), you can easily add that luxury to your own home, even if you live nowhere near... [More]

Tresemme 100x100.jpg

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Shampoo

If you're tired of dry, damaged hair that feels like straw, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Shampoo ($6) is a quick and easy way to infuse some life into your tresses. This miracle worker of a shampoo will make your hair so soft, you'll want to touch it all day... [More]


Standing Knife

After you spread cream cheese on your bagel, there's always that moment of "Okay, now what do I do with the knife?" Setting it down flat means that the excess cream cheese winds up on the table, but if you put it in the sink, then it won't be there... [More]

Key Finder 100x100.jpg

Magnasonic Wireless Key Finder

Looking for the perfect gift for the forgetful man in your life? How about the Magnasonic Wireless Key Finder ($25)? This lifesaver of a device can help locate not only keys, but wallets, remotes, and even pets. (But what happens when you lose the transmitter?)... [More]


Panda Trolley

You may have trouble getting through customs with a Panda Trolley ($180), but it should be smooth sailing after you demonstrate that the inside contains more clothing than bamboo. The lightweight rolling luggage is a cute travel accessory. Be aware, however: with a great suitcase comes great responsibility. If you... [More]


Polka Dot Eggs

Cadbury, move over. Every molded and hand-painted Polka Dot Egg ($24) from L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates breaks open to reveal about fifteen tiny chocolate truffles nestled inside. Our only question? Does eating the whole thing count as one indulgent treat, or sixteen different treats? Because we're pretty sure we could... [More]


You Tell Us: Harajuku Kawaii Cat Hoodie

On the one hand, the Harajuku Kawaii Cat Hoodie ($28) is probably too much for most women to pull off. On the other hand, this hoodie might have nine lives since we can't help but keep clicking back on the link to give it one more moment of consideration. Where... [More]


Lipstick Prints Pillow Case

Remember when you and your bestest best friend would race home from school, slather on the bright red lipstick that she'd swiped from her mom and then spend all afternoon practice-kissing your pillows? Yep. You're not the only one. The Lipstick Prints Pillow Case ($20) is a subtle - and... [More]


R. Riveter Mrs. Lee USMA Blanket Purse

This R. Riveter purse ($420) is made out of a recycled wool USMA blanket, so it's warm enough to shelter both your pet chihuahua and your freshly baked goods on a blustery day (though maybe not at the same time). Why a USMA blanket? R. Riveter products are made with... [More]


One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

It should come as no surprise that B.J. Novak, former star of The Office and ongoing BFF of our beloved Mindy Kaling, is funny, yet we were still floored by just how hilarious his book One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories ($22) is. Novak crams sixty-four short (usually short... [More]


Casina Rossa Gourmet & Salts Gift Stack

Salt may be the world's most common seasoning, but even this standby could use a little extra kick from time to time. The Casina Rossa Gourmet & Salts Gift Stack ($35) features six jars of enhanced flavoring: Truffle & Salt, Fennel & Salt, Saffron & Salt, Fiori & Salt, Porcini... [More]


Love Letter Ring

The pen is, without a doubt, mightier than the smartphone. Heart-shaped emoticons be damned; there's nothing quite like seeing sentiments from your dearest one inscribed with an actual pen. The dainty Love Letter Ring ($179) by Phoebe Coleman makes us long for a handwritten love note. And we're not talking... [More]


Davis Basket Weave Side Table in Gold Leaf

Add a little bit of opulence to your living area by positioning the Davis Basket Weave Side Table in Gold Leaf ($598) by Worlds Away next to your favorite armchair. With its mirrored top, basket-wave construction, and golden finish, it'll draw plenty of attention while also maintaining its function as... [More]


Anorak Kissing Hedgehogs Bath Towel

Ready to add some serious cuteness to your bathroom? The only thing we'd want to do more than wrap ourselves in the Anorak Kissing Hedgehogs Bath Towel ($42) after a shower would be to wrap ourselves in aforementioned towel while snuggling our pet hedgehog. We don't have a pet hedgehog,... [More]


Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Nourishing Facial Cleanser

We are getting over the gnarliest of colds. And when we're feeling sick, our skincare regimen takes a hit. All that warm water and pressure on our already irritated sinuses? No thanks. But it just so happened that we tried Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Nourishing Facial Cleanser ($18) during... [More]


Stella Glitter Bow

Fashion is certainly in a quirky stage right now. That means you shouldn't make do with your everyday hair accessories, you should wear a giant black glitter bow ($51)! It might seem like a big step up from your regular headband, but wear this for a night out on the... [More]


Andy Warhol Soup Mug

What do you think? Would you be able to drink your morning cup(s) of coffee out of a mug that looks like a can of condensed soup? We'd like to think that we could use the Andy Warhol Soup Mug ($30) with no hesitations, but uh, maybe we ought to... [More]


Vintage Floral Print Sweatshirt

Take a walk in the rose garden with the Vintage Floral Print Sweatshirt ($27). You'll fit in amongst all the flowers as they bloom...even more than usual. Aw!... [More]


NYX Eye Shadow Base

Your eye shadow experiments have been a failure thus far. Before you blame your shadow or your skills, take a look at your tools. When you paint your bedroom or the Mona Lisa, you put down a primer. And beautiful lids are no different - well, at least not totally... [More]


The Dipr Cookie Dipper

It's been a conundrum since childhood - how do you fully submerge an Oreo without putting your fingers in the milk? Cookie dunkers rejoice: The Dipr ($3) is here! This compact, hooked tool grips the curves of a cookie so you can get it nice and soggy without getting your... [More]


DryBUDS SPORT Waterproof Earbuds

Ever wish you could listen to music while swimming? Make a phone call while in the shower? Enjoy a podcast outdoors during a downpour? Well, those are all pretty unusual requests. Nonetheless, DryBUDS SPORT Waterproof Earbuds ($40) can accommodate them! These headphones are ergonomic and fully submersible so that you... [More]

Victorias Secret Supermodel Short

Victoria's Secret Supermodel Short

We've gotten so accustomed to wearing our workout tights, but spring is here in just a few days so it is definitely time to break out some shorts. We're loving the Supermodel Shorts because they hug our curves like no other and the moisture wicking fabric is incredible. Plus you'll... [More]


Stella & Bow Karen Clip

We've been binge-watching our favorite high school movies on the weekends, which means we've also been finding ourselves quoting Mean Girls every chance we get. Fan of Lindsay's best work? Take your love a step further and add the Stella & Bow Karen Clip ($55) to your locks and laugh... [More]


3D Printed Diamond Cookie Cutter

How many blatant hints does one man need?! You'd think that by baking up a batch of cookies using the 3D Printed Diamond Cookie Cutter ($10-13, depending on size) from Printmeneer, handing a few to the bf, and exclaiming that they're "so cute, but not nearly as exciting as wearing... [More]

Victorias Secret Sexy Little Things Cheeky Panty

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Cheeky Panty

Spring cleaning usually meanswe raid our panty drawer and treat ourselves to some new ones. We especially love the Sexy Little Things Cheeky Panty ($15) from Victoria's Secret because they're comfortable yet very flirty. Plus you can snag a free Secret Rewards card with any purchase of $10 or more,... [More]

Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Polish

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Polish

As the harsh weather takes a toll on our precious skin, we really need to pamper it. The Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Polish ($14) is one way to rejuvenate and soften our skin. Right now VS Fantasies products are specially priced at just 7 for $35. Choose from body... [More]

Colored Denim Stylist

YOU Be The Stylist: How To Wear Colored Denim

Love colored denim, but often find yourself stumped on how to create a great ensemble? We're here to show you how. You can pair bright skinny jeans with a beautiful blouse, solid tee or printed tank. If you're not daring enough to try colored skinnies, we suggest a colored denim... [More]


Heather Grey Caped Tee

With select celebrity ladies bringing back the cape to the red carpet, we're all too happy to jump on the bandwagon. What makes it difficult for us, however, is the noticeable lack of red carpet invitations on our refrigerator doors (we're sure that's where celebrities keep them, right?) So we're... [More]


Myth Understood Mug

We knew it! Of course Nessie is real, even if it's just in her own mind. For the record, we feel the same way about unicorns, Bigfoot, leprechauns, and narwhals. Oh, wait, narwhals really are real. The Myth Understood Mug ($15) by David Olenick.... [More]


wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Is that a piece of modern art? No, it's the wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette ($9). Okay, maybe it's not that beautiful, but we can't help but be drawn to the bold colors on this palette - do we even spy a little radiant orchid?... [More]


Victoria Beckham Ponte Dress

Of course Victoria Beckham's Ponte Dress ($1,595) is posh! The black dress sports a classic shape, and a tasteful outside-the-box element in the shape of a long black and sliver zipper from neck to hem. Go for understated with your shoes and accessories if you wear this little number out... [More]



While we stopped watching Glee seasons ago - about the time the show did its third Journey cover - we can't deny that star Lea Michele has a phenomenal voice. Finally, the Broadway-trained actress has released her first solo album. Louder ($10) has all of the diva moments you'd expect... [More]


Chocolate Oreallyz

Need a chocolate fix? Try a few of Lilajay's Chocolate Oreallyz ($11 per 4-pack). Two thick chocolate cookies sandwich a creamy middle (think gourmet Oreo) and then the whole kaboodle of deliciousness is dipped in Guittard chocolate. The best part? The cookies are gluten-free (but definitely don't taste like it!).... [More]


Scotch & Soda Sweater with Printed Front

We love that casual comfy chic is coming back around because, uh, we can totally do that. Piece of cake. (And we can most definitely eat that because we're wearing slightly baggy sweatshirts all day long.) But there are only so many ways to make a pullover crew sweatshirt unique... [More]


Pinhole Press Coasters

As if your big day wasn't already all about you, the latest trend in weddings is adding personalized touches to the festivities. Rather than breaking the bank on ice sculpture replicas of you and your fiancé, take a simpler approach with Pinhole Press Coasters ($25). These double-sided coasters feature a... [More]


Confetti Days Watermelon Vase

We've already sung the praises of Lovestar's Queen of Hearts vase, but do you mind if we gush a little more? This Confetti Days Watermelon Vase ($90) is completely enchanting with its pop of color and confetti-esque seed detailing. Made by hand, the glass vase can be hung on a... [More]


Sur La Table Outdoor Wine Glasses

While these Outdoor Wine Glasses ($40 for six) don't look too different from the set you already have in your kitchen cupboard, they're actually made from a sturdy, BPA-free plastic. Break them out when you host your next patio party or backyard barbecue. After everyone's had their fill, you can... [More]


For the Record Books Dress

You may have been born in the era of cassette tapes, but records still hold a special place in your heart. This ode to vinyl is a groovy way to achieve a vintage look without having to wear someone's old clothes. In a For the Record Books Dress ($120), you're... [More]


T.Hanks Cards

We're sure that Tom Hanks knows a thing or two about saying "thank you", what with the two Academy Award acceptance speeches he's delivered. These clever T.Hanks Cards ($16) come in sets of six, so you'll have enough stationery to express gratitude to Bubba Gump for introducing you to the... [More]


Pewter Regency Headboard

If we had this Pewter Regency Headboard ($2500), we'd be sorely tempted to play Lady of the Manor, sitting up in bed in a lace bed jacket each morning, summoning our roommates with a filigreed bell and demanding (in our best Lady Violet voice) that they bring us breakfast on... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Oui Oui Pearl Ring

Shop Design Spark offers free jewelry shipping in the US, which means that this fabulous Oui Oui Pearl Ring ($16) meets our Cheap Thrill criteria. It may also leave a green hue around our fingers, but such a good-lookin' ring is worth it. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless... [More]


Young House Love Burger Drum Shade

If you've spent any time on the internet at all in the last few years, chances are you've heard of dynamic duo Sherry and John's immensely popular blog, Young House Love. Turns out, they've been working with Shades of Light to create a lovely collection of home goods. We've got... [More]


Car Headlight Lashes

If men are going to assert their manhood by putting fake testicles on the backs of their trucks, why can't women take a similar - though less vulgar - approach? Car Headlight Lashes ($27) are a flirty way to glam up your vehicle. Just make sure not to put them... [More]


Blooming Garden Comforter

Puberty's rough! Young girls who once adored all things bright suddenly can't stand anything with color. The Blooming Garden Comforter ($129-$159) is the perfect black-and-white bedding for your teenager to lay and brood on. We wouldn't recommend buying this for a young kid, though, as the temptation to color it... [More]


BAGGU Duffel Bag

We can't keep up with all the great offerings that BAGGU keeps introducing to its line. The latest and greatest is this Duffel Bag ($82), with its perfectly geometric cylindrical shape. It's also available in black, chestnut, and indigo, but our favorite is the graphic sailor stripe, for its playful... [More]


Bacon of the Month Club

What's better than having bacon every day? Having bacon every month! Wait, no... well anyway, the Bacon of the Month Club ($48/month) ships you two pounds of bacon every thirty days, allowing you to sample flavorful gourmet varieties from around the country. We probably already had you hooked at the... [More]


Robindira Unsworth Marquis Labradorite Stained Glass Earrings

You say stained glass, we say compound eye. One is a technique perfected by artisans over hundreds of years, the other is an incredible insect seeing device made out of thousands of photoreceptor units. But both come to mind when looking at these Robindira Unsworth earrings ($565), made of labradorite... [More]


Fatboy Point Cushion

We only recently found out about Chubby Bunny. You know, that interesting party game where participants stuff marshmallow after marshmallow into their mouths and try to say "chubby bunny" after each? What can we say, we lead rather sheltered lives. Shortly after receiving this knowledge, we encountered the Fatboy Point... [More]


Intervention-ware Mug

This Fishs Eddy Intervention-ware Mug ($13) doesn't mince words. In fact, it hits the nail on the head. We're all thinking the same thing when we're interacting with "morning people" before we've had a sufficient amount of caffeine.... [More]


Ping Pong Flask

Here's a toy that brings the phrase "drinking game" to the next level. The Ping Pong Flask ($17) is a discreet way to carry liquor and yes, it really can be used to play table tennis as well. We can't wait to take a few of these to the beach... [More]


G I R L - Pharrell Williams

After being featured on both of last summer's biggest hits ("Get Lucky" and "Blurred Lines"), Pharrell Williams is ready to make some noise with an album of his own, G I R L ($12). If you watched the Oscars, you're already seen him perform his infectious lead single "Happy". It's... [More]


Hello Floral T-Shirt

Well, this is just about the friendliest t-shirt we've ever seen. From its greeting to its middle-school-girl-love-note cursive to its pastel floral print, this is definitely a shirt to wear on the days when you feel like making new friends, and not for the ones where you just want to... [More]


BMW Wireless Car Mouse

It's easy to picture yourself driving a fancy long as you don't also imagine the price tag. Maybe it's time to settle for a miniature replica: the BMW Wireless Car Mouse ($50) helps you to control your computer in style. You'll probably never get to cruise down a real... [More]


Lauren Color Block Dress

Everyone we know is giving up winter for Lent this year - seriously, Polar Vortex, aren't you ready to throw in the towel yet? It might be tempting fate, but we're gonna go ahead and order this delightfully spring-y Lauren Color Block Dress ($84) and hope wearing it works sort... [More]


Callie Cutout Cami Jumpsuit

If you: Have a chest that needs little to no outside support (calling all itty bitty titty committee members!) or are okay with double-sided boob tape to keep the girls properly corralled, Are an overzealous applier of SPF 60 to avoid strange tan lines, Don't sweat like a beast when... [More]


Very Cinnamon Roll Necklace

We used to be ashamed of the fact that we can't pass through an airport without stopping at a Cinnabon, but now, fuck it, we'll literally wear that badge with pride. The Very Cinnamon Roll Necklace ($12) is an adorable tribute to our favorite sweet treat minus the unfortunate stickiness.... [More]

Victorias Secret Lace Racerback Bra

Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie Racerback Push-Up Bra

If you love rocking sexy tanks in the spring and summer, an awesome racerback bra is a must-have. The Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie Racerback Push-Up Bra ($33-37) is way sexy yet totally functional and helps you avoid those unsightly bra straps. All Victoria's Secret Bras are specially priced at just... [More]

Victorias Secret PINK Body Pillow

Victoria's Secret PINK Body Pillow

We're simple creatures and we love comfort. The weekend is almost here and we can't wait to snuggle up in bed with our fabulous PINK Body Pillow. Visit Victoria's Secret PINK to treat yourself to one and maybe a cozy blanket while you snag free shipping on your $50 purchase... [More]


You Tell Us: Beach Riot Ay Papi Cold Shoulder Bikini Top

At first we were kind of horrified when we saw this Beach Riot top ($86) - uh, no, we don't need a bikini with attached off-the-shoulder sleeves. We don't need anything with attached off-the-shoulder sleeves. Plus, we'd have to be convinced to wear even the most basic of bikini tops... [More]


Look and Feel Canadian Breath Spray

Hmm... we suppose that having fresh breath when talking with someone is the polite thing, eh? Still, we're going to go out on a (maple) limb here and guess that the Look and Feel Canadian Breath Spray ($6) promises more than it can deliver. There's only one way to find... [More]


Spy Deck Playing Cards

Do you think that one of the tips in the Spy Deck Playing Cards ($19) mentions how to nonchalantly look like you're playing a round of solitaire in a public place while you're actually brushing up on your spy know-how? If not, there probably should be one like that.... [More]


Drybar Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask

Sadly, this is not the kind of mudslide you can drink out of a novelty plastic cup on the Las Vegas Strip at two in the morning. We know, we know, we'll wait a minute while you cry a little. What Drybar Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask ($38) is, though, is... [More]


Dolce & Gabbana Cateye Sunglasses

While a good shape on a pair of sunnies is essential, we're really lusting after these Dolce & Gabbana Cateye Sunglasses ($216) because of that great color detail. Once we get our tan on (literally, we'll probably rub it on), the crisp white will stand out and show off those... [More]


Colada Cool Planter

Liven up your balcony or back deck with a bit of greenery potted in a few Colada Cool Planters ($15) from Crate & Barrel. If you've got some garden savvy, go ahead and plant your favorite foliage via seeds. Since we're a little less confident in our abilities, a trip... [More]


Constellations Enamel Mug

Up at the crack of dawn while it's still partially dark out, you swear you just saw the twinkling stars in Orion's belt, but no, it's just the picture on this Constellations Enamel Mug ($14). Better fill it up with hot coffee before you log into your inbox for the... [More]


L'eclisse Natural Lip Gloss

Free from all of the yucky synthetic stuff that makes your lips look and feel plastic, L'eclisse's Natural Lip Gloss ($19) gives your pucker a shimmery, soft boost. You can apply it alone for a little lip glow, or smooth it on over your lipstick to amplify your color. It's... [More]


Bernard Maisner Rorschach Umbrella

The easily identifiable ink blots of the Rorschach test already look like drawings that might have once been identifiable, but were then smeared and rendered abstract by the presence of a few drops of water. How fitting it is then, for this Bernard Maisner umbrella ($95) to be covered with... [More]


The Rose Cuff

Roses have always had a dark side, thanks to their thorns and their sometimes all-too-conspicuous absence on a certain day of the year that may or may not be in the middle of February. The Rose Cuff ($245) continues to give these flowers a serious edge by rendering them in... [More]


Flagstone Area Rug

We understand that zebra print isn't for everyone. We don't necessarily relate, but we understand. If your approach to decorating is more basic without being boring, this Flagstone Area Rug ($24) provides a happy medium. The colored square pattern is pleasant without being so busy that it creates a distraction.... [More]


C&C California Heather Grey Open Back Tank Dress

The cutout on this C&C California dress ($78) is very subtle and that's the way we like it. It keeps things classy, and we're nothing if we're not super classy ladies. It doesn't mean, however, that we don't want to show off all the angles of our basic-with-a-twist dress, so... [More]


Birds Swaddle Blanket and Burp Cloth Set

Are the pastels of traditional baby prints too boring for your tastes? Perhaps it's time to wrap and burp your little one with the Birds Swaddle Blanket and Burp Cloth set ($46) from Wren and Rumor. The super modern print is cool enough for even then hippest of babies. And... [More]


Corkatoo Wine Bottle Corkscrew

We featured a very similar product over a year ago, but we're going to give this new take on a bird-like corkscrew the edge. First, the colors are more vibrant. Second, the price is significantly cheaper. Finally - and frankly most importantly - the name, the Corkatoo ($16), is much... [More]


Doubtblush: Slate Plain Pockets Beading V-neck Sleeveless Knit Sweater

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Heard of the normcore trend?... [More]


twentysevennames Love Songs Till Midnight Dress

We didn't want you to spontaneously combust when faced with an obscene amount of cuteness contained in a single dress, so we're warning you now. Take a couple deep breaths, because along with its two-toned, vintage-inspired palette and smattering of polka dots, the back of the Love Songs Till Midnight... [More]


Susan Simonini Ceramics Small Serving Dish

We're not exactly sure what's gracing the center of this Small Serving Dish ($33) by Susan Simonini Ceramics. Are those flowers? Mushrooms? We digress. They're too cute for it to matter much, and we can't wait to use the dish to serve up a side of our famous pesto orzo... [More]


DIY Paper Heart

Do you consider yourself craft-impaired? Then a simple papercraft project may be just the thing for you. A few cuts, folds and some tape and you've got something beautiful and (technically) handmade. The bright and fun design of the DIY Paper Heart ($13) from artisan Ellen Giggenbach will not only... [More]


California Collection by McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

It's really cute when someone refers to ice cream as a "summer treat," because it implies that people are willing to wait until summer to indulge. We may have our spoons at the ready all year long, but at least we're not kidding ourselves about it. The California Collection by... [More]


Skinny T-Shirt Dress

We generally feature kids' clothing with - how shall we put this? - excessive character. You know, ridiculous items that we'd probably be too embarrassed to ever wear ourselves, but that our kids don't realize they should be self-conscious about yet. Occasionally, however, it's probably a good idea to send... [More]


Courtly Check Jewelry Box

We've used classy wooden jewelry boxes for years now, and while they're undoubtedly pretty, we can't help but feel they're better suited for more refined women with expensive pieces. Since we don't accessorize with diamonds and pearls too often, our jewelry collections consist of bright colors and funny shapes. Whimsical... [More]


Kiel Mead Lanyard Necklace

Make new friendship lanyard bracelets, but keep the old, because then you can cast them in bronze and get something like this Kiel Mead Lanyard Necklace ($75), which pays homage to the hard work and dedication you put into the crafts you made as a kid.... [More]


Torres Wool Kilim in Guava

Light and lovely, the Torres Wool Kilim in Guava ($559, on sale) will totally transform your room. Unroll it in the middle of your living room floor and start positioning your furniture around it. By the time you're done, the room will look modern, inviting, and oh-so-cozy.... [More]


Demi Chair

We're just going to ignore the ridiculous price tag for a moment so we can imagine where in our apartments we'd put this silver and pink Demi Chair ($1,957). We're leaning toward the walk-in closet, mmm, probably in front of the vanity that's next to the wall of shoes (yep,... [More]


Ariel True Love Tote

Look at this bag, isn't it neat? (Like you didn't see that coming.) The Little Mermaid was totally our jam when we were little, so from the moment we saw this Ariel True Love Tote ($60) our hearts thumped with nostalgic glee. On a good day, we'd be able to... [More]


Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

We've been shelling out the big bucks for eyebrow-setting goo - we're just so entranced by how nice our eyebrows look after going to the Benefit Brow Bar that we are pretty susceptible to the upsell. And it didn't really occur to us that such a product exists outside of... [More]


Quirky Bobble Brush Toothbrush Stand

All work and no play is a bad lifestyle, even for a toothbrush. Give your Oral-B some much-needed fun by mounting it in a Quirky Bobble Brush Toothbrush Stand ($13) and watching it weeble and wobble without ever touching your germy sink. Sure, the bobblehead craze is already long over,... [More]


ASOS Collection Crepe Satin Cami Maxi Dress

If you're going to a party with a guest list that includes everybody who's an anybody in your town or just simply have a hot date to the opera, this ASOS Collection Crepe Satin Cami Maxi Dress ($47, on sale) is your pick - especially if you don't have the... [More]


Hand Saw and Wood Mug

Whether you're currently dating a burly woodsman or just have an as yet unfulfilled lumberjack fetish, the Hand Saw and Wood Mug ($17) is an amusing way to serve coffee in the morning. Just be cautious not to get splinters in your mouth.... [More]


Roux Maison Essential Laundry Detergent in Ambrosia

Who knew? The nectar of the Olympian gods was apparently just this Roux Maison laundry detergent ($15)! (No wonder Zeus and company often made such awful decisions - it must have been from a few too many soap bubbles.) Like the mythical ambrosia that granted gods their immortality, this all-natural... [More]


Lime Crime Nail Polish

Ring in spring with a new manicure featuring Lime Crime Nail Polish ($8). We're kinda biased toward all things sporting a unicorn, but this polish is pretty impressive. It glides on smoothly and has yet to chip (we've been wearing it for a few days already). Its three different pastel... [More]