Does This Make Us Look Cheap? February 28, 2014

Today marks the end of National Cherry Month. We may be a little late to the game, but we don't mind a little last-minute celebration if it involves chowing down. Or smelling fruity. Or apparel that sits delicately on the borderline of "way too juvenile" and "super cute". Bettie Page... [More]


Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses in Green Mirror

Classic with a little bit of an ombré twist, these Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses/a> ($160) are on our radar as one of the spring's must-haves. Seriously, we dare you to find a cooler pair of shades. Once you've got these on, you'll want to strut down the street. Do it.... [More]


Moonwalk Chocolate Bar

Have you ever had a Cocanú Moonwalk Chocolate Bar ($5)? We're not sure how it took us this long to bite into one. The small bar is made with a slightly bitter dark chocolate and topped off with cacao nibs from Madagascar and...Pop Rocks. Yep, when you scarf down a... [More]


MINKPINK Bold As Love Dress

We found your go-to dress for the upcoming season. Flirty and fun without being fussy, the MINKPINK Bold As Love Dress ($78) is easy to wear and can be paired with a wide variety of jackets, blazers, denim tops, and footwear. Look closely, and you'll see the dress is covered... [More]



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Lily Farm Fresh Skincare Kissable Lips

That groundhog wasn't kidding when he said winter wasn't over. No doubt your skin - and in particular your lips - are taking a beating. If you're tired of slathering your mouth with sweet glosses and minty chapstick, go natural! Lily Farm Fresh Skincare Kissable Lips ($5) is about as... [More]


This Has Been in My Ear Pencils

Having trouble stopping coworkers from walking away with your writing utensils at the office? Try a more proactive defense by purchasing a pack of This Has Been in My Ear Pencils ($9). It's just slightly unhygienic enough that people will second-guess pocketing your supplies without calling HR to complain. For... [More]


DORIT Candle Holder

PELLE takes small blocks of wood with unique flaws and transforms them into the lovely DORIT Candle Holders ($125). Each geometric piece sports a few painted facets and a spot for your favorite taper candles. No need for elaborate tablescapes when you've got these puppies casting a glow at the... [More]


The Matisse Chair

If you're going to have a fancy garden party à la Gwyneth Paltrow, you best better get the most meticulously crafted rattan chairs you know of, and that's these Matisse Chairs ($450 for two) from Society Social (the online shop that clearly caters mostly to people wanting to throw garden... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Leopard Brush Case

That's a steal of a sale price on the Leopard Brush Case ($5, on sale) from Pottery Barn. Snatch up a couple before they're out of stock and fill them with your collection of MAC brushes or favorite tubes of lipstick. You can even stash one in your purse with... [More]


Breakfast Board

Well, we'll just pin Herriott Grace's hand-carved and -finished Breakfast Board ($175 for small, $325 for large) to our Fantasy Life board. This gorgeous object, available in maple or oak would, in said fantasy life, bring us assorted fruits, cheeses, and breads, arranged immaculately, while we were either in bed... [More]


BabySteps Electric Food Mill

Honestly, what does Gerber have that your own kitchen doesn't? With a BabySteps Electric Food Mill ($26), you'll be able to conveniently blend up fruits, vegetables, and other foods into a mushy consistency for that little toothless person you look after. If your baby food creations don't come out great,... [More]


R. Mutt Toilet Sticker

When Marcel Duchamp submitted a porcelain urinal signed "R. Mutt" to a Society of Independent Artists exhibition in 1917, it was rejected. One of his many readymades, Fountain is now one of the icons of modern art, and authorized replicas are in the collections of a handful of art museums... [More]


Girls' Ostrich Tile Mini Dress

When we look back on our childhood wardrobes, the "best of" highlights are usually remembered as "that skirt with the green ruffles" or "that shirt with the dinosaur" or "that dress with the neon giraffes". Provide that fond memory for another child (your own or a friend's) with "that yellow... [More]


La Concha Motel Sign Key Tag

Before Las Vegas was known for monolithic hotels and margaritas by the yard, it was full of Googie-tacular architecture and neon signs (and the occasional mobster). Let the La Concha Motel Sign Key Tag ($5) be a reminder of Vegas you can take with you anywhere - we think it... [More]


The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine

We already love Benefit's POREfessional cream primer - it's like spackling paste for your face. The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine ($30) is their powder version of the highly-rated product - no putty knife needed.... [More]


Love Dart Banjo Bag

Everybody knows that the size of a standard banjo fits the most perfect instrument-to-human ratio - see how natural it looks. The Love Dart Banjo Bag ($160) is made with that aesthetic in mind, at roughly the size of the standard five-string folk instrument (think of how ridiculous a ukulele... [More]



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Magnetic Measuring Cups

We'll confess that our measuring cups are sorta half-nested, sorta just thrown into a drawer somewhere (we lost our 1/8th cup about three months ago), which means it's probably time to look for something new. The MoMA Store is selling these Magnetic Measuring Cups ($15). Not only do the handles... [More]


Splendid California Poppies Maxi Dress

Splendid is the name of the brand, but we feel it could be a descriptor for both California poppies (love those flowers) and this California Poppies Maxi Dress ($158). It's as simple a dress as a dress can be, but add a few significant details, like the delicate print and... [More]


Bones Fan Choker in Jade Pool

Looking to invest in a stunning statement necklace? Try on the Bones Fan Choker in Jade Pool ($345) from Dinosaur Designs. With its stunning aqua-colored resin pieces strung up on a thick cord, it will eliminate the need for flashy tops or bedazzled necklines. We be you can throw on... [More]


Back Wave II

When your job is literally backbreaking, you owe it to yourself to realign your spine. Rather than spending half of your paycheck on a chiropractor, kick him to the curb and give the Back Wave II ($50) a try. Lying down on the device - shaped to match the curvature... [More]


T-Rex vs. Triceratops Booties

It's important for your kiddo to have a definitive opinion from an early age: who would win in a fight between a Tyrannosaurus rex and a triceratops? The Vs.Stuff T-Rex vs. Triceratops Booties ($15) will help little ones act out possible dino scenarios and keep their toes toasty warm at... [More]


Satin Stripe A-Line Dress

We're digging the clean structure of this Satin Stripe A-Line Dress ($140) from Topshop. The combo of horizontal and vertical stripes flatters the waist and hips and the short hemline will certainly show off your long gams. Of course, if you want to dress it down a little, you can... [More]


Monogram Doorknocker

Don't let guests get all the way inside before they can catch a glimpse of your impeccable decorating style. Instead, greet them with the Monogram Doorknocker ($30 each). The iron letters swing in on themselves and give a sharp "tap, tap" when someone stops by. At over six inches in... [More]


Neuth Rendezvous: Organic Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum

Thinkin' you'll spend that tax refund on a spa day? Why not stretch your dollar and invest in something to treat your skin on a more regular basis? The Neuth Rendezvous ($99) is a two-step process that has been keeping our skin good and hydrated all day long. The Crème... [More]


PINK Lace Trim Mini Cheekster Panty

"You get a panty! And you get a panty!" Victoria's Secret is on some sort of Oprah kick, because all weekend long if you buy a bra you can get a free panty. Choose from the Flawless Hiphugger or Thong (code FLAWLESS) or a PINK Lace Trim Mini Cheekster Panty... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: The Vanessa Bruno Lin Stone Tote

Apparently, French people don't mind paying over $300 for a tote bag in which to bring their baguettes and brie home from le market. We know things are generally more expensive in France, but this Vanessa Bruno Lin Stone Tote ($337, left) is totes ridic. Are the sequins made from... [More]



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Wrap Around Baby Fox Ring

Be warned: Viewing this ring may cause involuntary fits of high-pitched squealing, accompanied by clapping, stamping or jumping up and down really, really fast. It's no joke. We literally almost died of cute when the Wrap Around Baby Fox Ring ($60) scrolled across our screen. You can't blame us, though.... [More]


Bird Short Sleeve Dress

If you happen to be attending a party that welcomes the beginning of spring - the Spring Fling Party, perhaps, or the Spring Forward Celebration - you've got until March 20th to find the perfect outfit. This retro-style dress ($30), covered in appropriate bird illustrations, would make a great impact... [More]


Woopsy Desk Lamp

It doesn't take an artist to see the beauty in this spilled paint. The cleverly designed Woopsy Desk Lamp ($30) will add both a light source and whimsy to your desk or night table. While the sight of this seeming mess would probably drive the neat freaks among us crazy,... [More]


Coral Porcelain Votives

During the day, these Coral Porcelain Votives ($145) will act as beautiful decorative items on your mantel or shelf. By night, they glow with soft, flickering candlelight and take on the aura of the mysterious undersea creations on which their forms are based.... [More]


Girl Scout Cookie Finder

Ack! Girl Scout cookie season is half over and we've only managed to score one box! (We were trying to practice self-control). The thought of all those cookies going back in the Girl Scout vault for a year has brought us to our senses. We need a stash, stat. That's... [More]


nerd xx Perfume

It sounds gimmicky, and it kinda is, but we're actually pretty besotted with our bottles of nerd xx Perfume ($31). If you're the type to wrinkle your nose in annoyance as you pass Macy's perfume counters, we bet you'll love this stuff just as much as we do. It's sweet... [More]


Long Lace Babydoll Dress

Ruby red and ravishing, the Long Lace Babydoll ($432) is a collaboration between ultra-chic designer Lindsey Thornburg and the boho gurus at Free People. It's both sexy and sweet with cap sleeves, a lace overlay, and a keyhole opening in the back. If you're more of a cool color gal,... [More]


Roscoe's Mac 'n Cheese

It might seem obvious to order chicken and waffles when you're at the famous Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, but not everyone realizes that a side dish of macaroni and cheese is just as essential. Now, even if you don't live in Los Angeles, you can have a big... [More]


Animal Jumpy Mugs

The bouncing and fluttering creatures adorning the Animal Jumpy Mugs ($16 each) from Reiko Kaneko all look like they've already had their morning coffee. Order your favorite design if you think you can stomach their perkiness before you've finished your own cup!... [More]


eraclea Ever-moist Lip Balm

Whether it's dry, frigid winter air or all that smooching with your V-day hookup, winter takes a serious toll on your lips. Add to that a beautiful albeit drying radiant orchid lip color that you've been wearing nonstop and your pout is in need of some serious TLC. Enter eraclea... [More]


Metropolitan Miss Coat in Cobalt

A trendy A-line trench with a ruffle? Yes, please! The Metropolitan Miss Coat in Cobalt ($125) breaks free of the taupe mold and instead opts for a rich blue that oughta flatter just about every skin tone. The icing on the cake, however, is that dainty ruffle lining the diagonal... [More]


Honeycomb Elk Wall Hook

After discovering this lifelike elk bust wall hook, we figured there had to be a better to way to commemorate one of our favorite animals than to literally hang our coats on its face. Fortunately, we later came across the Honeycomb Elk Wall Hook ($38), which we strongly prefer. Even... [More]


Twenty #TBT Tank

Pick up this Twenty #TBT Tank ($65) and take a photo of yourself in it and post it next Thursday. Then do that forever. We're getting more and more used to people using internet slang in real life ("hashtag such and such" and so on) but now it's making its... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Livework Mechanical Pencils

Sure, you can buy a whole pack of simple No. 2s for the same price as one Livework Mechanical Pencil ($4 each), but where's the fun in that?! These lovely-colored writing instruments will brighten up your desk space whether you use them to jot down notes or just let them... [More]


Llama Thank You Set

How can anyone doubt your sincerity when you're penning your gratitude inside of a card from this Llama Thank You Set ($18 for eight) by Cat Seto? The answer is, of course, that they can't. They'll be too busy admiring that cute llama.... [More]


White Fretwork Tray Table

We need to set up one of these White Fretwork Tray Tables ($425) in every room of the house. In the kitchen, one could function near the window as a potted herb stand, and in the living room, we could set one up as a wet bar. In our dreams,... [More]


Kenzie Exotic Leather Pumps

We looked around for the elusive Dalmatian snake that these Kenzie Exotic Leather Pumps ($138) must have taken their inspiration from, but we couldn't find such a species (and we don't really like Google image searching for snakes for too long). No problem! We like imaginary snakes even more.... [More]


Star Wars Origami Book

It's not every day that our nerdy and crafty sides get to collide, but leave it to that galaxy far, far away to provide us with the perfect combo: Star Wars Origami ($17). Follow the book's instructions and you'll be making mini paper Yodas and Princess Leiais in no time.... [More]


Lunch Greeting Cards

No wonder they're called starving artists - just one look at this diner image is making us hungry. Created by Leon Zernitsky, Lunch Greeting Cards ($33 for a set of ten) are appetizing enough to send to your friends for just about any occasion. Okay, maybe not as sympathy cards,... [More]


Bake Shapes Decorative Muffin Toppers

Want to add some character to your homemade muffins and cupcakes? Bake Shapes Decorative Muffin Toppers ($20) are molds that put unusual patterns directly on your treats. Not only do they provide some visual excitement, but they also create space for heaping on extra toppings. Our one fear is that... [More]


Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder

Normally, seeing a camera in the bathroom would freak us out, but the Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder ($27) is an appreciated touch of nostalgia. Rather than Polaroid photos, the contraption dispenses TP to adjacent potty squatters. Still, old habits die hard, so don't be surprised if you find yourself blowing... [More]


Grey Flowers Maternity/Nursing Top

This dual maternity/nursing Grey Flowers Top ($48) from Round Bellies is a breath of fresh air. Not literally, especially if you're several months pregnant (that shortness-of-breath feeling won't go away until the babe pops out), but it is lovely to look at. Most nursing tops are solid-colored and frumpy, but... [More]


Crea Asymmetrical Belted Zip Jacket

We're suckers for complicated jackets. Bring on the zippers, folds, asymmetrical hemlines, belts, and buttons - we view all these embellishments as a challenge. The Crea ($258, on sale) is the next project to tackle; there are so many ways to wear this warm wool beauty - as a snug... [More]


D.S. & Durga Bowmakers

We used to really love the smell of gas stations, but quickly stopped telling people that since they looked at us kind of funny. But although our fancy for that petrol scent has passed, we still like smells that don't usually come in bottles, like paper, leather, and freshly shaved... [More]


Lovebird Lariat Necklace

Keep the ultimate symbol of peace close to your heart with the Lovebird Lariat Necklace ($35). Although we think the olive branch is traditionally carried by the bird (and not the other way around), the meaning is all the same. Love, peace, and serenity to all!... [More]


Walnut Rope Box

We know that there are simple single wall shelves out there that are supposed to be incredibly easy to hang, but we really struggle with attempting to screw two level nails into the wall at the correct distance apart, not to mention trying to find wood beams into which to... [More]


Secretary Desk

When your space is as small as your budget, you need to get creative with your furniture. Find a sunny corner of your living room in which to stash the Secretary Desk ($200). It may not be the spacious home office you've always dreamed of having, but the desk has... [More]


Big Top Bookends

We always wanted to be skilled at the art of balloon animals, but that idea burst - just like each of our balloons. Fortunately, these sturdy Big Top Bookends ($39) are much less destructible. Kids will love placing their books between these familiar figures - and they won't even have... [More]


Kate Spade Saturday Weekender Tote

We think the Kate Spade Saturday Weekender Tote ($175) in Steel Blue/Lagoon has a rather ethereal quality to it. Just the word "lagoon" has us conjuring images of mermaids swimming near mist-laden islands far across the ocean, and our overnighter is transformed into an exotic voyage. The tote is also... [More]

Quilted Pocket Backpack

Doubtblush: Quilted Pocket Backpack

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Peanut Butter Maker

While we're a sucker for peanut butter, we're not a fan of the sugars and oils that the grocery store brands sneak in. The Peanut Butter Maker ($83) allows us to take ownership of our own batch. Just add nuts, hit the switch, and homemade peanut butter pours out in... [More]


Semicolon Antique Typewriter Oak Leaf Ring

If joining two independent clauses into a single sentence sounds hot to you, you're probably a big supporter of the semicolon. Now you can wear the fan-favorite punctuation mark on your finger with the Semicolon Antique Typewriter Oak Leaf Ring ($40). We suggest wearing it on your left ring finger... [More]


Ron Swanson Bust

While our favorite part about Parks and Recreation is its celebration of female friendships, we can't help but also admire the manliest of characters: Ron Swanson. Emotionless, principled, and an extreme carnivore...he's the kind of man who deserves to be commemorated, which is why we want to add this Ron... [More]



A contemporary take on the gong, the Gonger ($80) is one part unique conversation piece, one part loud instrument. As such, that makes it a nice gift for a friend whose decor skews ancient Asian, but an awful gift for a friend with rambunctious children. Plan accordingly.... [More]


Prince Charming Ring

You don't need a Prince Charming to whisk you away to his castle on a hill; you just need one who will go splitsies with you on a Thursday night pizza special. Likewise, you don't need to kiss a lot of frogs to find your pizza-loving prince, you just need... [More]


Purr-fect Timing Watch

"Oh, gee. We'd, uh, love to stay and prolong this great date, but look at the time! We've got to get home and feed the cat. Err, cats. Lots of cats. We have lots of cats at home because they don't spend several hours over dinner lecturing us about the... [More]


Hannahk Long Hans Pendant

If Studio 54 were still around, we'd reach for the Hannahk Long Hans Pendant ($204) - a gorgeous waterfall of shimmery shiny brass and silver - to go along with our deep V-neck top (which would be made of sequins) when we hit the famous nightclub. This is assuming that... [More]


N-Galaxy Infinity Scarf

Let us be the first of (at least) a dozen people to say this to you: Your scarf! It's out of this world! The N-Galaxy infinity scarf ($42) from Steve Madden.... [More]


Kate Spade Margie Top

Ah, Paris. The alluring "City of Love" is known for its quaint architecture. So, truthfully, what could be more romantic than dressing like a Parisian railing? The charming curlicue pattern of the Kate Spade Margie Top ($398) has us daydreaming of a leisurely brunch at a Parisian café. Although this... [More]


Epicurean Meat & Cheese Gift Basket

We doubt that we'd actually "weep tears of joy" for the Epicurean Meat & Cheese Gift Basket ($75) like its own description suggests, but with two kinds of salami, the meat sweats are a strong possibility. And with the brie, aged goat cheddar, sweet and spicy mustard, and water crackers,... [More]


Star Statement Necklace

The Star Statement Necklace ($54) by Sora Designs is our kind of accessory. The thirty-eight-inch brass chain is broken up by ten different star links, making it a pretty piece to wear over a casual fitted tee or even your favorite little black dress. Or your little red dress...or blue.... [More]


Foot Charm

Now to find out whether or not a human foot is as lucky as a rabbit's foot! (Plus, could we get some nail polish in that color?) Foot Charm ($20)... [More]


Print All Over Me

Print anything on a tote bag, scarf, pillow, work shirt, t-shirt, baseball cap, sweatpants, or, as pictured above, a sweatshirt. Anything. All you have to do is upload a large high-quality image and send it off - Print All Over Me (items ranging from $48 - $89) will turn your... [More]

Neiman Marcus Exclusive Monkey Bread

Neiman Marcus Exclusive Monkey Bread

If you've never lunched at the NM Cafe, you have no idea what you're missing out on. The bread they serve is sinfully delicious and now you can have it delivered to your doorstep. The Neiman Marcus Exclusive Monkey Bread ($62) is almost ready to serve; just thaw it and... [More]


Morning Phase

Hands in the air: who's had a big crush on Beck since "Loser" back in '93? Yep, guilty. (Are we showing our age here?) After a long hiatus, Beck's got a new album out, and Morning Phase ($10) is gonna make us fall in love with the quirky singer-songwriter all... [More]


Travelon Travel Steamer

After carefully selecting outfits for each day of our vacation, it's beyond frustrating to open up our luggage and discover that all of our clothing has gotten wrinkled while in transit. The Travelon Travel Steamer ($45) is a compact, lightweight device that requires nothing but tap water and an electrical... [More]


Dougray Cutout Slip-On Sneakers

The problem with purchasing great new spring items before the snow has melted is that it wears on our patience. We adore these Dougray Cutout Slip-On Sneakers ($100) from Jeffrey Campbell, but now that we've got 'em, they've gotta stay in their box until the weather warms and the sidewalks... [More]


Vintage Long & Lean Tee

It's about that time of year where we are awkwardly transitioning between thick sweaters and tees - so the Vintage Long & Lean Tee ($25) is just the ticket for layering conundrum. It and other select clothing items at Victoria's Secret are marked down to twenty-five bucks through the end... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Petite Fox Pendant Necklace

Much like the "Put A Bird On It" ubiquity of a couple years ago, "What Does the Fox Say" is fast reaching maximum pop culture saturation. We flat-out refuse to buy the official Ylvis What Does the Fox Say? children's book or the WDTFS? Three Fox Moon Shirt ($26), but... [More]


XXX Shine White Whiskey

For those who prefer to drink clear liquor, this beverage is definitely worth getting excited about. XXX Shine White Whiskey ($30) is brewed from thrice-distilled corn to create a potent beverage that's free of both color and sugar. Finally, a whiskey you can put in a water bottle without arousing... [More]


Farmer's Market Tote

If you're a by-the-book cook and you depend on recipes and their specific measurements and detailed instructions to get you from raw food to something edible, you might find yourself in a bit of a panic when it comes to choosing the right amount of veggies and fruits at the... [More]


Zara Coat With Pockets

We couldn't think of a better way to battle the in-between spring weather than by wearing this Zara Coat With Pockets ($159). All right, so it doesn't have a hood and it's not water-resistant, so you won't want to go wearing it during the drizzle, but it is a beautiful... [More]


Wish You Were Beer Pint Glass

Your friend passed on biweekly movie night with the gals to go out with her new man? You can't really blame her too much, especially since you've all seen Mermaids about a dozen times. What you can do, however, is show her how much fun she's missing. Raise a Wish... [More]


Wool and the Gang Ashleigh Sweater

Don't worry about the "Wool Me Tender" phrase. The beauty of the Wool and the Gang Ashleigh Sweater ($176) (other than its hip cropped cut and exaggerated sleeves) is that you can pick whatever phrase you want (up to twelve letters) to be embroidered on the front in large chunky... [More]


Currey & Company Safari Table Lamp

The Safari Table Lamp ($450) from Currey & Company will help you light up your room, and not just because it's a lamp. The bold patterning along the base is a guaranteed eye-catcher, so make it the focal point of your side table and accent it with a few books... [More]


Floral Eyeball Bow

If not for the ocular embellishment, this Floral Eyeball Bow ($8) would look like you dug it out of a box of your old hair accessories from your parents' basement. (We definitely had a dress made out of that floral fabric.) The strangely realistic eye (check out the detail in... [More]


Polite As Fuck Tank Top

There's no better way to announce to the world that you still mind your manners than with a Polite Tank ($24), available in both black and gray. After all, just because certain four-letter words typically color your vocabulary doesn't mean that you've forgotten about those other magic words: please and... [More]


Grab the Vodka Plaque

The Grab the Vodka Plaque ($14) pretty much sums up everything we already know about life and displays it in pink glitter. There isn't a single problem that can't be solved - or at least bitched about at length - with some good quality girl time.... [More]


Brehan Todd Lempicka Dangle Earrings

We're slowly coming down from our Olympics binge high, so excuse us if everything reminds us of a winter event. These Brehan Todd earrings ($30), for example, made us think of the highly specialized gloves those short-track speed skaters wear. (Minds are mysterious things.) When Olympic fever dies down and... [More]


How Should a Person Be?

Having an existential crisis? Perhaps a thought-provoking novel will provide some clarity. How Should a Person Be? ($13) is a fictional (though seemingly at least somewhat autobiographical) book by Sheila Heti that poses some complicated questions about life. Even if the protagonist doesn't find all of the answers, at least... [More]


Rockin' Bodysuit

Even though American Hustle wasn't nominated for an Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, it's obviously had the most impact of all the movies this season. At least the costumes were nominated, surely in part for Amy Adams' plunging '70s fashions. Try the deep V with this Rockin' Bodysuit ($38),... [More]


Doubtblush: Lucky Day Personalized Bikini Thong

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


ETCO Ginkgo Brass Leaf Earrings

The aesthetically-pleasing shape of the ginkgo leaf is a favorite for artists and designers alike. We've seen it all over prints and patterns, and honestly, we still can't get enough of it. So it's time to pick up some jewelry to match our surroundings, and these brass ETCO earrings ($16),... [More]


Jessica Simpson Jackie Tote

With a ton of different color combination options, Jessica Simpson's Jackie Tote ($68) is on our list of spring must-haves. We like this neutral grey with its light yellow underlayer, but if you prefer a little more wow-factor from your purses, you can pick from brighter corals or blues. No... [More]


Terrace Sheath

When an occasion calls for black, but you can't help but serve up a pop of color, Anthropologie's Terrace Sheath ($120) has you covered. The underlying floral print peeks out just enough to make a statement, yet it's the patterned sheath that does most of the talking.... [More]


Blaque Label Scalloped Skirt

For that scaled creature vibe you've been searching for (we're not sure if this skews more fish, dragon, or iguana), look no further than the Blaque Label Scalloped Skirt ($82). Its hot pink scales and mesh lining (not to mention its skintight fit) will have you feeling like the non-mammalian... [More]


Cast Iron Candlestick

Clutter getting you down? A more minimalist style may be just what you need to add some serenity to your life. Replace some of your knickknacks and doodads with functional pieces, like Folklore's Cast Iron Candlestick ($69). Add a few taper candles for a clean look and light them for... [More]

Projection Keyboard 100x100.jpg

Celluon Epic Laser Projection Keyboard

Tired of trying to email, text or do your online shopping with those wee little keys on your smartphone? We are too. That's why we're drooling over the Celluon Epic Laser Projection Keyboard ($130). It creates a virtual keyboard on any flat surface so you can actually type text messages... [More]


Portable Shredder

Yeah, you probably don't have a legitimate need to shred documents on the go too often, but when you carry this Portable Shredder ($40) around in your purse, you'll feel like a spy. If nothing else, you'll be able to make one hell of a statement when a persistent guy... [More]


Spitfire Anglo 2

There's no way to hide behind these glasses - the Spitfire Anglo 2 shades ($39) stand out in a sea of tortoiseshell and basic black, not to mention regular ol' tinted lenses. These gold metal frames and green lenses would fit into the decadent future and alien worlds of 1920s... [More]


Pinstripe Dress Pant Sweatpants

If you already thought that men had it easy, just wait until you see the latest advancement in men's fashion: Pinstripe Dress Pant Sweatpants ($115). That's right, guys can now look like they're sharp dressers while still having all the comfort of sweats. This is the ideal gift for the... [More]


Fleurs D'Oranger Room Spray

We adore candles for their ambiance and their lovely scents as they burn, but uh, sometimes a gal needs an immediate fix for a smelly room. That's where the Fleurs D'Oranger Room Spray ($48) from Côté Bastide comes in. It's fresh and crisp and evokes the feeling of a bright... [More]


Beetnik Foods Gluten Free Chocolate Chile Tarts

Sure, it's easier than ever to eat gluten-free now that grocers and restaurants have caught wind of the once-neglected dietary need. But baking without flour products is still tricky - and we say there's no shame in letting Beetnik Foods get their hands dirty in the kitchen. We had a... [More]


Sorel Conquest Carly Glow Boots

When we went looking for a new pair of rain boots, Sorel's Conquest Carly Glow Boots ($130) stood out from pack. Sorel has a great rep for making sturdy boots that can stand up to even the most ridiculous weather conditions, so when the rainy days come out in full... [More]

The Body Shop Eau De Toilette

The Body Shop Coconut Eau de Toilette

Spritz this on your wrists and you'll find yourself daydreaming about a tropical vacation! Maybe even singing a little tune called "Kokomo"... The Body Shop Eau de Toilette ($14)... [More]


Go Your Own Way Poster

If we hang this motivational Go Your Own Way Poster ($18) by Etsy shop owner kyd13 in our homes, we're pretty sure we'll start singing Fleetwood Mac every time we glance at it. We'd better keep Rumours queued up on our iPods because once we start singing, the dancing around... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Pink Bunny Coin Purse

Easter is kind of an awkward holiday for adults to celebrate. Egg hunts are kids-only events and microwaving Peeps seems a little too freshman year of college. But if you want to celebrate the day anyway, tuck your brunch mimosa money into a Pink Bunny Coin Purse ($4). Alternatively, you... [More]


Mountain Kaleidoscope Circle Cowl Scarf

Its almost time to make the switch from a neck-warming wool scarf to something lighter and more decorative. We're considering this Mountain Kaleidoscope Circle Cowl Scarf ($44) by Simka Sol. It's made of jersey, so it'll take the abuses of daily wear while we transition into the inconsistent spring weather.... [More]


IceMilk Pecan Orchard Pleasantries Apron

If you hear your doorbell ring, it's just us, delivering a plate of baked goods. We've tried it all - muffins, scones, cookies, cupcakes, bread - and this baking binge has been brought about simply by our new IceMilk Apron ($85, $100 with embroidered monogram), a kitchen accessory so stylish... [More]


Sprout Pencil: Herb Pack

Normally, it's a sad day when you've worked your pencil down to a stub and have to toss it out. With Sprout Pencils ($20), however, that's the point when the real fun begins. Each Sprout pencil contains an herb seed, so you can place the pencil carcass in soil, water... [More]


Selfie Tank

This tank top ($48) celebrates the Oxford Dictionaries 2013 Word of the Year. (Surely they made a tank for "GIF" in 2012 and "squeezed middle" for 2011.) Though perhaps it's not a trendy top, but a conceptual piece, commenting on the fact that every time you (and your shirt) are... [More]


Thelonious Monk Paris 1969

Need a new way to jazz up your evening? Turn off Netflix and pop in this CD/DVD combo ($13). The tunes span Thelonious Monk's career and the DVD shows footage from a live performance in Paris. By the time you reach for disc two, you'll feel pretty smug: you've been... [More]


Xyron 250 Sticker Machine

It's no exaggeration to say that your life will get at least twice as good after you buy a Xyron 250 Sticker Machine ($25). Got a photo of your friends? You can turn that into a sticker! How about a doodle your niece drew with crayons? That can be a... [More]


Chelsea Tech Wallet

We pack pretty lightly on an everyday basis, so this Chelsea Tech Wallet ($59) is perfect for us. With an easily accessible pocket for a phone, slots for credit cards, and space for all our dollar, dollar bills, y'all, this wristlet is compact and wastes no space - and spares... [More]


Matisse Balance Bootie

Time to start planning your warmer days wardrobe. In case you don't have a pair of workhorse slingback heels yet, may we suggest these Matisse Balance Booties ($90)? With a chunky, comfortable heel height, these shoes were made for walking (at least on city blocks), and they'll look good with... [More]


Jonathan Adler Smart Phone Dock

Rotary phones look pretty cool, but we haven't seen one used to make a phone call since the 1980s. At least the Jonathan Adler Smart Phone Dock ($48) has function as well as style. Set your newfangled voodoo phone on the dock and thread the cord through the bottom. Now... [More]


Good Luck Pasta

Looking for a themed dinner to eat on St. Patrick's Day? green and gold shamrock shaped pasta ($8) is an easy and tasty homage to the holiday. Granted, it's technically more Italian than Irish, but it certainly beats the alternative: corned beef and cabbage. Blech!... [More]


iTrackMyTime App

Oh, boy. We just spent a few days fiddling around with the iTrackMyTime App ($2). Simple in both design and function, it helps us track and record how we spend our time. We now know the exact breakdown of how we split our hours between working, surfing the web, preparing... [More]


Illamasqua Cream Pigment

Cream shadows are always a gamble, but we still throw down the cashola because when they're good, they're really good. Illamasqua's Cream Pigment ($26) delivers with an unrivaled fierceness. It's a long-lasting shadow that doesn't fade or feather, and the color is especially vivid when applied with a firm hand.... [More]


Smartphone Charging Wallet

You'd think by now we'd be better at remembering to charge our phones before leaving the house, but we don't even want to admit how often we've seen our battery inconveniently die in the past month alone. For those many times when you find yourself without your charger or an... [More]


Kate Spade New York Broome Street Polka Dot Jeans

Here's our dilemma: can we wear these Kate Spade New York jeans ($198) with a polka-dot top? Will we look like a fun fashion tribute to Yayoi Kusama or will we risk comparisons to big top performers? It's a terrifying possibility. They'd probably be okay with a dark top with... [More]


Long-Sleeve Embroidered Bambolina Dress

During today's segment of drop-dead-gorgeous-things-that-are-ridiculously-unaffordable, we bring you Valentino's Long-Sleeve Embroidered Bambolina Dress ($6,690). Swoon. The mesh skater dress is adorned with intricate embroidery in golds and peaches. We would Aspire/Acquire this if we could, but even after digging into the far reaches of the internet, we're left empty-handed. It's... [More]


Farfalloni Pot Grips

Farfalle is most definitely the best pasta shape (though we've always just called them bow ties), and we're not too mature to pass up these Farfalloni Pot Grips ($18). Cooking up a big plate of pasta is one of our favorite activities, and these clever silicone handles only make it... [More]


Bario Neal Stingray Hair Stick

Pointy hair accessories have always had a little bit of menace to them, thanks to the original "Snow White" fairytale in which our heroine is poisoned by a hair comb. But this Stingray Hair Stick ($62), cast from the creature's hidden and poisonous barb, really amps up the fear factor.... [More]


Paper Pouf Pom Pom Chandelier

We aren't planning a cutesy wedding and our home decorating goals are far from "ridiculous Anthropologie catalog", but dagnabbit we are itching to buy this Paper Pouf Pom Pom Chandelier ($150) and do something with it. Does anybody need an over-themed baby shower thrown for them? A background for a... [More]


Greetings From My City Custom Return Address Stamp

It's so rare to get a handwritten note from loved ones these days, why not go all out when you actually make the effort to send something via the USPS? This custom stamp ($50), hand-lettered by Erica Loesing of Yes Ma'am, gives anything you send that special feeling of receiving... [More]


Wildfox White Label Shell Bra Lost Sweater

Have unfulfilled childhood dreams of being a mermaid? The Shell Bra Lost Sweater ($242) will help you recognize some of those dreams with a sweater in which you will only look slightly less ridiculous than you would in those super expensive silicone mermaid tails. Why is it ripped? Your long... [More]


Salty Swizzler

Who wants some useless teeny straw when you can stir up that cocktail while adding a fab boost of flavor? This Salty Swizzler ($5) pumps up the savory factor of that Bloody Mary with just a couple of turns. Just make sure not to leave it in unless you're looking... [More]


Lady Tee

You may not always fit the standard definition of a lady, but when you do, you can do so in this casual Lady Tee ($39). A collaboration between Recycled Design and Bel & Beau, it proves that you can look comfortable, confident, and composed all at the same time. That... [More]


Tieks by Gavrieli

So, just like Louboutins are known for their iconic red soles, these Tieks by Gavrieli ($175) are trying to make the turquoise sole happen. We'll see if that works out for them. They're certainly luxurious, and their classic styles (like the ones pictured) come in a rainbow of colors in... [More]


Midnight Rider Palace of Sin Dress

The Midnight Rider Palace of Sin Dress ($136) is an unsettling tribute to one of rock's tragic geniuses. It's inspired by Gram Parsons' signature suit, emblazoned with images of the sins that contributed to his eventual downfall, making it like some kind of crazy fatal clothing horoscope. Borrow the look,... [More]


Lamu Duvet Cover & Sham

Now that the sun is rising earlier and setting later, throw open your curtains and let the light in. And don't stop there. Switch out your winter bedding for a new, brighter set, like the Lamu Duvet Cover & Sham ($78-280) at Serena & Lily. The white and coral pattern... [More]


Cat Eye Mask

Who's a tired kitty? This black satin Cat Eye Mask ($24) is a cute way to keep the light out of your eyes when the world seems to be conspiring against your getting any sleep. First one to make a "cat nap" joke loses!... [More]



Plug-in sandwich makers are too easy. If all that stands between us and a buttery, gooey grilled cheese is a turn of the dial, our diets are going to go seriously downhill. If, on the other hand, we've got to start up a fire, or at the very least spend... [More]


Sun and Moon Stone Crescent Ring

Okay, we know this ring is a pipe dream, so until we meet somebody with enough expendable income and who loves us enough to gift it, we're going to pin it, bookmark it, blog it, and e-mail it around until there is literally nowhere else for this image to go.... [More]


Freds at Barneys New York Peppered Peanuts

Why, exactly, would we buy a $38 jar of peanuts? Probably because it's the only thing we can afford from Barneys. We've got to start our luxury shopping life somewhere. Freds at Barneys New York Peppered Peanuts ($38)... [More]


Sunny Bang Private Label Probiotic Hot Sauce

Sunny Bang Private Label Probiotic Hot Sauce ($15) is made in Brooklyn (because of course it is) and has its own merchandising. But we can't be the only ones sick to death of getting our probiotics through yogurt; adding a little heat to get our digestion in gear is more... [More]


Merino Silk-Panel Sweater in Antique Floral

We are suffering symptoms of Spring Collection Overload. Everywhere we turn, we see gorgeous new pieces, like J.Crew's Merino Silk-Panel Sweater in Antique Floral ($118), and our fingers start itching to type in our (memorized) credit card numbers. We pale at the thought that it'll sell out in our sizes... [More]


Roma Norte Jeweled Necklace

In a world inundated with bejeweled floral neckwear, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Enter the Roma Norte Jeweled Necklace ($38), which boldly defies symmetry with its mismatched baubles and colors. We love its sparkle and randomness - it's like having a flower for every mood! Or more... [More]


Anchor Corkscrew

Yo ho ho and a bottle of... wine. You may never be able to afford to buy a yacht, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the nautical lifestyle. The Anchor Corkscrew ($32) is a cute way to pop a cork whether you're sailing the seven seas or just downing... [More]


Ladakh Woodstock Dress

Some black colorblocking adds edge to this sweet white lace frock ($94) by Australian label Ladakh. Rock it with bright tights and comfy, oversized sweaters until you can start wearing it with sandals and fruity summer drinks - but hopefully not literally. Don't spill.... [More]


Lunch Love Notes

When you break it down, sending out one of these Dempsey & Carroll Lunch Love Notes ($65 for ten) will cost you about the same as your noon-hour turkey wrap. On the upside, you'll have someone to dine with, and catching up with a favorite friend in the middle of... [More]


Retro Coin Bank Toaster

Piggy banks are nice and all, but sometimes you need some toast to go with that bacon. The Retro Coin Bank Toaster ($18) puts a different spin on change storage. Enjoy sliding your spare nickels and dimes into the slots as if they were slices of bread until you've saved... [More]


The Catalina Large Canvas Weekender

We're in love with weekender bags for many reasons. First of all, they're usually associated with sweet, quick getaways. They also fit an extraordinary amount of stuff; this makes us impressed with our own packing skills. This Lo & Sons Catalina Weekender ($120) fits the bill for a perfect weekender,... [More]


Clint Mini Task Lamp

The 1950s design of the Clint Mini Task Lamp ($99) is just the icing on the cake. The lamp is cute, but once you set one up on your nightstand, you'll be lauding its functionality over its aesthetic. The round head swivels with ease to shed light exactly where you... [More]


Tulip Teapot

If we're drooling over a tea set, does that mean we're officially old? Hmm, we say we're old enough to appreciate its aesthetic charms, but not old (nor financially secure) enough to buy the whole kit and caboodle outright. We'll start with the quintessential piece: the Tulip Teapot ($110). Maybe... [More]


Bobbi Brown Beach Eau de Parfum

You can almost feel the sand beneath your feet and a light ocean mist when applying Beach Eau de Parfum ($70). The fragrance is expertly crafted by the scent specialists at Bobbi Brown with sea spray, jasmine, and mandarin, which combine to evoke the smell of the beach - salty... [More]


Four Leaf Clover Expandable Wire Bracelet

Okay, so this Four Leaf Clover Expandable Wire Bracelet ($28) from Alex and Ani is a little less...uh, flashy...than most Saint Patrick's Day paraphernalia, but we're considering that a good thing. Wear it with a cute dress in a festive color, head to a quiet happy hour spot, and you'll... [More]


Antique Map of London

This printed Antique Map of London ($25-50) isn't just purdy to look at, it's also a fascinating peek into the past. The map shows the famed city's streets and landmarks as they existed in the 1750s. It'll look lovely lining one of your apartment's walls. Just don't hang it too... [More]


Blue Eagle Pottery Stoneware Bud Vase

Get ready for spring buds with this gorgeous handmade vase ($25) from Blue Eagle Pottery. The delicate, new baby greenery will look amazing with the Southwestern landscape-inspired colors and design on this glazed stoneware vessel. At such a good price, you have no excuse not to pick up one for... [More]


Color Block Dress in Navy

Would you like a dress with your neck ruffle? You're in luck, because this Devon Baer garment ($225) comes with one! Flip it up or flip it out, this ruffle is the belle of the ball. You'll make a great accessory when it takes you to the yacht party or... [More]


Glamour Magnets

The contents of your fridge may be less costly than lobster, caviar, or a gold bar, but that doesn't mean that they're any less indulgent. A carton of leftover takeout, a tube of cookie dough, and a half-full bottle of margarita mix can take a dull evening and turn it... [More]


Victoria's Secret Soft Nude Leather Moto Jacket

A leather jacket is eternally bad-ass, but maybe you want to ease yourself into such a high level of coolness. The Victoria's Secret Soft Nude Leather Moto Jacket ($298) is the ticket; this pale blush color integrates a little easier into a less rough-and-tumble wardrobe. It's 25% off with coupon... [More]


Beach Sexy Crop Top

Who made the rule that your swimsuit has to look like a bra? The Beach Sexy Crop Top ($29-33) from Victoria's Secret is a nice alternative if you're feeling modest - or you know, want to go in the ocean and not risk your ta-tas falling out of your bikini.... [More]


Gourmet Mint Flavored Coffee Spoons

On those days when we can't make it to Starbucks, we'd give anything to add a little bit of flavor to our home-brewed pot of joe. If cream and sugar just don't cut it, give these Gourmet Mint Flavored Coffee Spoons ($36) a whirl. Not only does the mint flavoring... [More]


Pearl Margo Maxi

So the Pearl Margo Maxi robe ($159) is being sold specifically to brides - but hey, we don't need a wedding as an excuse to rock this ethereal getup. All we need is a mimosa in hand or a field of wildflowers. Plus, it seems pretty useful for any future... [More]


Buffalo Plaid Circle Bed

Would that we could switch places with our pooches, settle into the center of this Buffalo Plaid Circle Bed ($98-168) from Waggo (which has been conveniently dragged next to a heading vent), and sleep the day away with nary a thought about the cold weather. Alas, it's our jobs as... [More]

Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Patch

Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Patch

Say buh-bye to those dark circles and puffy morning eyes with a little miracle worker known as the Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Patch ($123). Use it just once and you'll wake up looking refreshed.... [More]


Monogrammed Luxe Hooded Towel

Why do we live in a world with an overabundance of Snuggies and a complete lack of oversized hooded towels? Seriously, if Bespoke Custom Gifts made the Monogrammed Luxe Hooded Towel ($50) in larger sizes, we'd snatch one in a hurry. Alas, they're only big enough to wrap around babies... [More]


Flower Garland Wall Decals

Not everyone is enthusiastic about crafting, painting, and DIYing their home decor, and that's totally cool (even if Pinterest makes you feel ashamed of your lack of know-how). Jonathan Adler can do the work for you, saving you time, energy, and frustration. His Flower Garland Wall Decals ($43) are pretty... [More]


Daybreak Scuff Slippers

Are these the best-looking slippers in the world? No. Are they comfy, warm, and lined with fleece? You bet. Plus, you have a much better chance of getting Fido to fetch your slippers if they have his likeness on them. Daybreak Scuff Slippers ($50)... [More]


Whole-Grain Mornings: New Breakfast Recipes to Span the Seasons

We don't often find ourselves facing a lazy morning, but when we do, we reach for our new favorite cookbook, Whole-Grain Mornings: New Breakfast Recipes to Span the Seasons ($14) by Megan Gordon. It's full of luscious and indulgent breakfast recipes that also happen to be good for us. It's... [More]

The Body Shop Tickle Me Pink Hair Chalk

The Body Shop Tickle Me Pink Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is still happening. Throw some streaks of pink into your hair with The Body Shop Tickle Me Pink Hair Chalk ($12). When you're done with the look, simply wash it out with your regular shampoo.... [More]


Helen Levi Porcelain Fruit Necklace

We like to eat, eat, eat, pineapples and strawberries...and cantaloupe and watermelon. We also like to wear them, especially if they're rendered as adorable porcelain charms by artist Helen Levi. These summertime fruits conjure up dreams of backyard BBQs and beach picnics, and that's where you'll be wearing your new... [More]


Victoria's Secret T-Shirt Bra

A new T-shirt bra ($40-45) from Victoria's Secret? You may say why reinvent the wheel, but then again, why not. This soft demi bra is as basic as it gets, but sometimes you don't need frills and flowers. Spend $100 or more before 3/6/2014 and use code SHIP100 to get... [More]


Coffee Lip Balm

Each tube of all-natural Coffee Lip Balm ($5) from Little Flower Soap Co. is filled with lip-nourishing ingredients (including a coffee-scented oil, which makes the balm smell like the inside of your favorite café). But you know what they aren't full of? Sweeteners or sugars, which sure do taste good,... [More]


Writers Between the Covers

We love a good trashy romance novel as much as the next gal, but there's something extra titillating about real life sultry tales. Writers Between the Covers: The Scandalous Romantic Lives of Legendary Literary Casanovas, Coquettes, and Cads ($12) by Joni Rendon and Shannon McKenna Schmidt spares no sordid detail... [More]


Vintage Stamps Sets

Maybe your inner middle schooler will cringe at the thought of paying to collect the fifty stamps in the Vintage Stamps Set ($8), curated by Angela Liguori, but she's not as self-assured as you are. You know that you want those gorgeous things because each one comes with its own... [More]


Earring Chain

Getting a little tired of your perfectly ladylike and reserved post earrings? Spice 'em up with this fourteen-karat gold earring chain ($60) from Vale Jewelry. You'll turn those tasteful pearl earrings from Grandma into something that's closer to Rihanna than Rose Nylund.... [More]


Salmon Tiger Cushion Cover

Are woodland creatures a little too cutesy for your home decor needs? You should try out Alice Oehr's Tiger cushion cover ($70) on one of your throw pillows. We bet the big cat duo will add the right amount of fierceness to your space. Take that, squirrels and baby bunnies!... [More]


50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

We know "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" and "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", but here's something a little more upbeat: 50 Ways to Wear A Scarf ($11), the new book by Lauren Friedman of the blog My Closet in Sketches. Her charming fashion illustrations will take you through the... [More]


ASOS Rainbow Print Boyfriend T-Shirt

Don't wait until the storm passes to look for a rainbow - put on the Rainbow Print Boyfriend T-Shirt ($26) and be your own good luck charm. We doubt a big pot o' gold will appear at your feet, but maybe you'll spy a penny on the sidewalk (heads up,... [More]


Brighton Linen Wide-Legs

Stuck in a jeans rut? We know how that goes. They're comfy and versatile - what's not to love about pulling on a pair at every chance you get? But when you find yourself in need of a little change, give these Brighton Linen Wide-Legs ($118) a try. We bet... [More]


Teethin' Smart ez grip Orange Massaging Teether

There's a pretty small window of opportunity to influence your child's good eating habits. Start 'em young by giving them a citrus-shaped Teethin' Smart ez grip Orange Massaging Teether ($6) from Innobaby. While they drool and mow down on it, perhaps they'll also get accustomed to the look of an... [More]


Cynthia Steffe Romy Dress

From the front, the Romy Dress ($98) from Cynthia Steffe is great, no doubt. With a loose top and form-fitting bottom in a rad little black and white print, it's going to look good on a lot of ladies. The back is ruche central, where all the ruching has gathered... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? February 21, 2014

No, we're not getting you ready for St. Patty's already. We are cluing you in to the hot neutral for spring: hunter green. It looks sharp and modern paired with pastels, but isn't so floral and fresh that you can't get away with it while it's still snowing out. Seriously,... [More]


Krispy Kreme Dozen Giclée Print

Even if Krispy Kreme donuts aren't on your daily healthy eating plan, you can still make them part of your life with Joël Penkman's giclée print ($90). Perhaps just seeing a dozen, perfectly formed, glazed, sprinkled, and iced vessels of sugar in your kitchen every morning will give you a... [More]


Blend #55: Calm

Is it one of those days that seems determined to unravel your usually cool and collected attitude? Before you give in and fly off the handle at the lack of clean forks in the breakroom (seriously, it takes thirty seconds to wash them, people!), try dabbing on a bit of... [More]


Chevron Flora II Area Rug

The Chevron Flora II Area Rug ($88) is far more than an accent piece, it is the rug of infinite possibilities! This stylish floral-and-stripe combo would make the perfect bedroom landscape. Or living room landscape. Oo, maybe we could use that pop of color in our hallway. The nicest bathmat... [More]


Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream

We took a gamble by purchasing the Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream ($27). A few of the first ingredients listed were Persian rose and argan extract, so we figured the stuff could help alleviate our perpetually dry hands. Not only does the cream rub in quickly and soften up our... [More]


Silver DNA Ring

If you think dinosaurs never had any contact with Homo sapiens and your fish bumper sticker comes with legs, then we're betting this Silver DNA Ring ($85) is right up your alley. It's a great way to show off your appreciation for the role a quartet of impersonal molecules play... [More]

Vera Bradley Throw Blanket

Vera Bradley Throw Blanket in Marina Paisley

We love the funky prints from Vera Bradley. Usually we're drawn to her bags and wallets, but this Vera Bradley Throw Blanket ($49) is gorgeous, looks super comfy and adds the perfect pop to a solid white couch.... [More]


This Is the Town: A Tribute to Nilsson (Volume 1)

We hope you're already a fan of Harry Nilsson. The cheeky singer-songwriter (who was a favorite of John Lennon's) has been on rotation for most of our lives but doesn't get nearly enough appreciation, if you ask us. Twenty performers who share the love have recorded a track for This... [More]


Gemmy Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Going outside is nice in theory, but who has time for nature with a Netflix queue this long? Fortunately, the Gemmy Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen ($277) allows you to get some fresh air without sacrificing any TV time. At twelve feet wide, the self-inflating screen is big enough that you... [More]


Drake Crewneck Sweatshirt

We have Drake Weather set as our homepage, so why wouldn't we have this Drake Crewneck Sweatshirt ($60) as our uniform? We've been smitten with the strange painting of the rapper from his latest album since we first saw the artwork - and obviously wearing a larger-than-life version of it... [More]


Spicy Lover's Peanut Sampler

It's hard to avoid innuendo when discussing our love for hot nuts, but seriously: the spicier the better. The Spicy Lover's Peanut Sampler ($32 on sale) contains six cans of seasoned peanuts. With temperature-rising flavors including jalapeño, dill pickle, wasabi, and New Orleans Creole, our only dilemma will be deciding... [More]


Annie Williams Wool Clutch

Why should your accessories be off-season when you're bundled from head to toe in heavy knits? This Annie Williams clutch ($400) is a handcrafted purse that's built for cold snaps and chilly nights with its chunky wool base and tanned leather upper, so while you're keeping your toes and fingers... [More]


TONYMOLY Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel

Can oil (and egg white extract) really remove our blackheads? It sounds counterintuitive, but how many times have you tried and failed to get gum out of your kid's hair with soap, only to find it wipes away like a dream with a little peanut butter? We're not sure if... [More]


Inappropriate Thoughts Card

We don't get that many chances to use the amazing scratch-off "technology" anymore (we had to stop buying lottery tickets because it got out of hand) so it's an absolute delight when we get the rare opportunity. When you give a very special someone this Inappropriate Thoughts card ($5), not... [More]


Playlist Stacking Rings

These Playlist Stacking Rings ($28) are aptly named. Just like a song on a music mix, each ring is great on its own, but better surrounded by the others. Luckily, Madewell limited their playlist to five items; ours usually get out of control, and it'd be hard to fit twenty... [More]


Doubtblush: MYKITA Daisuke Sunglasses

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Buckler's Camp Blend Candle

Ah, the great outdoors - where the barriers between you and nature get broken down in the form of thorns, mosquito bites, and raccoons trying to force their way into your cooler. For those less rustic types who'd like to enjoy a whiff of wilderness without all the poison ivy,... [More]


Iron Fist Lamb Chop Heel

Want to embrace the oncoming Easter season with a little juvenile regression? Trot into church in your Sunday best and these delightfully saccharine Iron Fist Lamb Chop Shoes ($50). We hear a good pair of heels are a good offense while competing with the kiddos in the egg hunt.... [More]


Floral Eye Mask

We've posted about a lot of sleep masks in the past, but we've never actually worn one for more than a night or two before it went forgotten in a nightstand drawer somewhere. That is, until we slipped on this sweet-looking Floral Eye Mask ($22). We're not sure why the... [More]


Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year

If evolution had really been working the way it was supposed to, then the placenta would have doubled as an instruction manual for how to care for that new crusty, screaming, half-blind pile of need the nurses just dropped onto your chest. Sadly, we're left to our own devices, the... [More]


Johnny Loves Rosie Diamante Bun Surround

You're sitting at your desk in total schlub mode. The hot UPS delivery guy comes in. Lucky for you, throwing this Johnny Loves Rosie Diamante Bun Surround ($22) over your bun or ponytail gives you look an instant glamour upgrade. With enough luck, he won't even notice that you're wearing... [More]

Paradise Fringe Dress

Paradise Fringe Dress

The Paradise Fringe Dress ($30) has it goin' on! This vibrant dress is smooth knit in a pretty green Ikat print with flowy bell sleeves, which are trimmed with tonal fringe. We couldn't think of a better way to welcome spring.... [More]


Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm

This stick of Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm ($14) isn't going to win any awards in the most luscious lip balm category, but we're not too choked up about it. It does exactly what we want it to do: gives us a matte, scent-free coverage we can wear under our... [More]



We guarantee that our shrieks upon seeing the WELCOMECOMPANIONS Mouse Bag ($290) are filled purely with delight. And our couch-jumping is only out of excitement. And we're only getting out the wedges of cheese because we're hungry.... [More]


Lollipop Lantern

Well, we wouldn't say that this stunning Lollipop Lantern ($800), sold at Furbish, is a lollipop or a lantern, but the name is memorable. So is the hanging light fixture, with its bright red lacquer and gold leaf detailing. At thirty inches by fourteen, it's big enough to replace the... [More]


Coordinates Collection Legend Bracelet

Can you remember specifically, like degrees, minutes, and seconds specifically, where your first child was born? Or where you met your future life partner? Or where you got your cat? If you can't, do some research and pick up this Coordinates Collection Legend Bracelet ($204), which will etch your special... [More]


Boulangerie Jar Candle

This Boulangerie Jar ($16) should be named the Torture Candle. Available in a range of mouthwatering fragrances from Angel Food Cake to Pumpkin Souffle, lighting one up is almost guaranteed to have you craving some variety of baked good. So strike a match, grab a cookie (and lock the rest... [More]


RAW Lounge Chair

What's different about the RAW Lounge Chair ($1,695) by Jens Fager? Well, for one, It's a cheery green shade we can see livening up our living room the instant we find the perfect spot for it. But we're more astounded by the fact that each chair is completely hand-carved. That... [More]


Rue Stiic V Back Maxi Dress

For those upcoming summer days when you wish you could just walk around stark naked and the thought of having any material touching you at all might sound like the end of the world, try slipping into Rue Stiic's V Back Maxi Dress ($159). The super loose swing dress is... [More]


SerpentSea Bracelets

The color combos and intricate knots on these SerpentSea Bracelets ($65) are gorgeous, no doubt, and the story behind them makes them even better. Artist Sophie Aschauer started making these crafty accessories with old sailing ropes. That means that the bracelets show some wear and tear - or, as we... [More]


Herbal Rich Hair Tea

Formulated for your hair and not your taste buds, Brown Butter Beauty's Herbal Rich Hair Tea ($6) uses organic goodies like rosemary, nettle, lemongrass, and marshmallow to add smoothness and strength to your locks. Steep the herb packet in a bowl with boiling water for half an hour and then... [More]


Sweet Molly Miniature Music Box Heart Locket

This is no ordinary locket. You won't find pictures of smiling kids or photogenic kittens inside the Sweet Molly Miniature Music Box Heart Locket ($90). Instead, you'll find a sweet, encouraging message ("You are so loved" or "Never forget who you are") plus a tiny music box that plays one... [More]


Jolly Roger Needlepoint Coaster Set

Arrr, you may be inhabitin' a pirate ship, but that doesn't mean you're a complete savage! Protect your plank and other polished surfaces by insisting all your landlubber visitors set their grog atop the Jolly Roger Needlepoint Coaster Set ($75) from Smathers & Branson. We know you'd have liked to... [More]


Mighty Mite Pet Lover Vacuum Cleaner

Our dog has mastered fetching and rolling over, but despite our best efforts, no amount of training has managed to teach him how to clean up after himself. Alas, we suppose that frequent vacuuming is a small price to pay for his companionship. The Mighty Mite Pet Lover Vacuum Cleaner... [More]


Lumberjack Bottle Stopper

Did you spend another long day traipsing through the woods to fell another tree and cut it up into woodstove-sized chunks only to get home and realize your evening bottle of wine had soured because it wasn't plugged up with a wine stopper? Yeah,, too? Okay, no, but we're... [More]


Alder & Co. Jacquard Blanket

Well, sheesh! This handsome Alder & Co. Jacquard Blanket ($295) puts Snuggies to shame! Who would have thought that there'd be a - how should we put this? - self-respecting way to wear a blanket? We mean, you should probably still avoid wearing it outside of the house (unless you're... [More]


Atash Ring Set

How many rings can you cram on your fingers? Let's find out! This Atash Ring Set ($18) contains eight mixable, stackable pieces, perfect for layering up those digits. Who cares if it slows down your Swype speed by a word or two?... [More]

Fashion Forms Reusable Silicone Underwire Adhesive Bra

Fashion Forms Reusable Silicone Underwire Adhesive Bra

As the temperatures rise, we tend to show a bit more skin. With that being said, the Fashion Forms Reusable Silicone Underwire Adhesive Bra ($30) is definitely something you want to have in your intimates drawer this spring. This fabulous bra is the perfect solution when you need to go... [More]


Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

With all due respect to the Spice Girls, Pussy Riot is a real example of girl power. We love Pussy Riot for protesting for social change in Russia...and on a more superficial level, we kind of want some of those colorful knit hat masks for our own mischievous purposes. If... [More]


Museum Nails Paint Strokes with Gold Nail Wraps

At the speed this trend is still chugging along, it won't be long until there's a museum dedicated to nail art, right? When there is, these paint stroke nail wraps ($12) from - who else? - Museum Nails will be stuck under glass and admired for generations to come. Until... [More]


Watermelon Dot Napkin Set

A bit more subdued than most standard summertime picnic wares, Lief's Watermelon Dot Napkin Set ($36 for two) evokes the essence of warm weather and sweet fruit without assaulting your eyes with overly busy and bright patterns. And we may be getting waaay ahead of ourselves by daydreaming about al... [More]


Saint Laurent Fuchsia Leather Bowler Bag

Who cares if the closest you get to a strike is lighting a match? This Saint Laurent Fuchsia Leather Bowler Bag ($1,515) makes for a perfectly chic and retro way to carry around your necessaries. It might also be theft-proof. After all, who wants to run off with what might... [More]


Dusty Rose Place Cards

Curses, Pinterest! You are continually giving us a false sense of our own DIY talents (which hover right around zilch). Our latest botch-up? A few cutesy place cards to use at our next dinner party. By the time we f'ed up the third one, we scrapped the whole project and... [More]


Small Hibiscus Silicone Lid

This Hibiscus Silicone Lid ($10) is almost too pretty to smooth onto our leftover portion of tuna or bowl of diced bell peppers, almost. We'll still reach for it long before we resign ourselves to futzing with plastic wrap, because it forms an airtight seal and can be used in... [More]


Ten Cacti Screenprint

Those of us who live in Southern California get a lot of grief from out-of-towners about how there's no greenery. It's a shame they overlook the almighty cactus!* But haters gonna hate, and we will rep our local plant life outdoors and in with this Ten Cacti Screenprint ($48). *And... [More]


Front to Back Lighting Tank

Mix a little graphic interest with a daring, plunging V-neck and you get this Front to Back Lighting Tank ($32). The mesh material in the front keeps it from being too risqué, but we recognize the bra situation may be a...situation. Pair the top with a pretty bralette or bandeau... [More]


Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick

To hell with lip balm. Our lips are also parched for color - impenetrable, badass color. Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick ($18) kicks our natural hue to the curb, completely obscuring it with a choice of wild shades, from fierce pinks to a bewildering ice blue.... [More]


Clare Vivier Backgammon Set

It's time to upgrade your portable backgammon set! We know yours has just been ravaged by constant use, so better invest in Clare Vivier's durable leather version ($249), with a zipper purse for game pieces and a game board that can be simply rolled up, tied, and thrown in your... [More]


Heirloom Sweater Boots

Your boots are chilly! How do we know? Because you're not wearing these Heirloom Sweater Boots ($62), which come with their own cozy collars. They're the cutest thing we've seen with a built-in sweater since Alec Baldwin.... [More]


Lisa Freede Silver Crystal Pyramid Bracelet

How do you fit even more sparkle onto a blingin' bracelet? Make it three-dimensional. This Lisa Freede Silver Crystal Pyramid Bracelet ($65) packs so much glitz into one little accessory, wearing it at night might risk blinding the oncoming traffic.... [More]


The Great Northern Keyring

We aren't the only ones stuck in the 1990s - that's why we're buying a Great Northern Keyring ($6) for all of our friends who are Twin Peaks fans. We just hope that the key we get leads to a guest room where a young Kyle MacLachlan is exercising in... [More]


Mini Flowering Twig Bundles

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, then what do we call winter's malingering tail end? We can think of a few choice phrases. Beat those end-of-season blues with this Mini Flowering Twig Bundles ($15). They'll bring a touch of spring to your home, even if the... [More]


LEGO Gift Wrap

We made the mistake of agreeing to see a matinee of The Lego Movie this past week. We think the film was probably good, but it was sometimes hard to hear over the sound of screaming children. Judging by their enthusiasm, we can only assume that this LEGO Gift Wrap... [More]


Banana Juice Sweetening Hand Cream

We can't rub in a little bit of Perlier's Banana Juice Sweetening Hand Cream ($20) without thinking that, while yes, there is always money in the banana stand, the Bluths should have definitely branched out into the skin care industry.... [More]


Best Picture Cookie Gift Set

If brainstorming thematic treats for your upcoming Oscar party has led you no further than "Dallas Buyers Club Sandwiches", then Eleni's is here to help. The New York bakery is offering a creative Best Picture Cookie Gift Set ($49) with fifteen sugar cookies iced to pay homage to each of... [More]


French Connection Tech Affair Clutch

Contrasts. It's always about contrast in good design, and this French Connection Tech Affair Clutch ($68) follows that rule to a T. It combines an earthy wooden handle with a metallic textured leather for an eye-catching accessory that looks way more luxurious than its price tag suggests.... [More]


La Balmba Rosa Healing Rose Balm

We try hard to keep our lips looking luscious, but constantly reapplying lipstick throughout the day? A total pain. We give up after lunch and reach for our La Balmba Rosa Healing Rose Balm ($22). It won't add a ton of color to our puckers, but it will moisturize them... [More]


Mint Chocolate Trek Toothpaste

Have you tried Crest's new line of Be toothpastes? Boasting uncommon flavors, like Be Dynamic: Lime Spearmint Zest, Be Inspired: Vanilla Mint Spark, and (our favorite) Be Adventurous: Mint Chocolate Trek ($6), it's a refreshing new way to spend your two and a half minutes brushing. And when we say... [More]


Presto! Long Memo Pad

As much as it might let down Michele Weinberger, we don't find Post-its to be the end-all, be-all of memos. They clutter up our workspace, and after a while we just stop seeing them despite the fact that they frame our computer monitor. A more efficient way to keep our... [More]


Q Squared NYC Twisted Bowl

Fun and functional and affordable? Say it ain't so. Three of our favorite qualities are embodied by Q Squared NYC's Twisted Bowl ($13), a delicate and beautifully hued dish designed to hold anything from a trio of dips to keys and on-the-go accessories, from dainty appetizers to rings and earrings.... [More]


OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock and Nightlight

Train kids to stay in bed longer! The OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock and Nightlight ($30) lets them know when it's okay to leap out of bed and go bother their parents. At night, the clock emits a neutral glow to soothe bad dreams, but when it's time to... [More]


Very Sexy Strappy Halter Top

We've been wearing bikinis long enough now that we think we've seen it all. But the Very Sexy Strappy Halter Top ($128) is getting a little more creative. We gotta give Victoria's Secret some brownie points for making a sexy and unique swim top that doesn't involve epic levels of... [More]


Personal Shopper: Rachel is Sneakin' on the Weekend

Rachel writes: "Hi Outblush! Let me just start by saying that I love your blog so much, and I look forward to checking it every day! I've been reading it for years now, and you have made some pretty stellar additions to my wardrobe. I'm hoping you can help me... [More]


Clover Cushion

It may not have four leaves, but we still think the pink clover on this Clover Cushion ($80) by Tove Johansson can bring you good luck. Not the kind of gal who believes in luck? No problem. The throw will also bring you admiration from friends and family when they... [More]


Benefit Gimme Brow

We're willing to set down our pencils and give Benefit's Gimme Brow wand ($22) a try. The volumizing gel fills in sparse spots and darkens brows for natural-looking definition, but it's the applicator that does the heavy lifting. No, really, it lifts and separates brow hairs so you can coat... [More]


Mason Jar Stamp Kit

Do you have an annoying friend who brags that she's mastered just about every arts and crafts project on Pinterest? You complimented the way she used popsicle sticks to make an iPad case for herself, but secretly you wished she would shove that glue gun where the sun don't shine.... [More]


Self-tanning Tinted Spray

Baking in the sun isn't good for you, and face it - you don't have the time to lay around and get a tan anyway. Victoria's Secret Self-tanning Tinted Spray ($15) will get you to ghostly to sun-kissed in no time - plus if you spend $50 or more on... [More]


Cathrineholm Retro Kitchen Poster

You spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, and while plating up a good-lookin' pasta dish is super satisfying, washing the prep dishes is anything but. Hanging this Cathrineholm Retro Kitchen Poster ($17) above the sink won't help you finish cleaning up any quicker, but maybe it will... [More]


Red Big O Key Ring

Okay, so sixty-five big ones is a lot of money to drop on a key ring. On the other hand, losing your eighteen assorted keys (you know they're all important, but you just can't seem to remember what half of them open!) in the bottom of your purse is a... [More]


Salted Vanilla Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray

We're definitely suckers for beauty products that smell like food, and our noses have led us to our latest obsession: Treat's Salted Vanilla Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray ($16). The Tahitian vanilla smells super scrumptious even as the spray itself acts as a briny concoction that gives us gorgeous just-got-back-from-the-beach... [More]


Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit

Your iPhone is stifling under the restrictions of its boring daily routine, going from purse to pocket and back again with little more than a selfie or a silly picture of your cat in between. Let it take a walk on the wild side with the Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit... [More]


Cowgirl Chocolate Bars

Hands down, Fine & Raw makes some of the best chocolate we've ever had the pleasure of passing between our lips. Each time they do a new limited edition release, we pony up the cash and order it. We've already chowed down on two of their Cowgirl Chocolate Bars ($35... [More]


Bunny Cameo Ring

Carrying around a rabbit's foot is icky. Sporting this Bunny Cameo Ring ($82) from Marc by Marc Jacobs is a gentler, chic-er way of securing your good luck.... [More]


Indigo Wood & Bone Servers

Pick your poison, err, pattern (it's probably good practice to keep poison out of the kitchen), before you check out with a set of Indigo Wood & Bone Servers ($48). All three designs - the zigzag, the circle, and the diamond - will add a bit of ooh là là... [More]


Fierce Lipstick

The above photo doesn't do justice to Red Apple Lipstick's Fierce shade ($24). The color is a bold red with hints of deep wine and berry. It's simply perfect for ladies who want to jump on the bright lip trend without completely leaving behind the comfort of a natural-looking lipstick... [More]


Hourglass Cosmetics Illume Bronze Duo

Forget plastic surgery: highlighting and contouring is the hottest needle- and scalpel-free way to get a nose job, cheek implants, and chin tuck. Using a two-shade product like the Hourglass Cosmetics Illume Bronze Duo ($40, available in blush/bronzer or highlighter/bronzer compacts), you can create subtle shadows and add a radiant... [More]


Hansel Yellow Spectator Block Heel Pump

Gloomy weather gettin' you down? Cheer up by stepping into the Hansel Yellow Spectator Block Heel Pumps ($72) from B.A.I.T. Footwear. The smart-looking shoes boast a bright toe and heel that should lift your spirits. For now, you may have to wear them with a skinny black pant and a... [More]


Lovera Meat Marinade

Pfft, a little snow and a lotta cold isn't going to stop you from grilling out. You're made of tougher stuff than that! Of course, your steaks are anything but tough, especially when they've been marinated in the Lovera Meat Marinade ($5). Made with a family secret blend of herbs... [More]


COATT Your Name Here Silk Necklace

Sure, you've got names of loved ones and favorite words that you'd like to keep close to you, but you don't always feel like answering questions from inquiring minds like, "Who's Bubba?" "What does 'fromage' mean?" These custom COATT necklaces ($64) are a great way to keep the things that... [More]


PINK Sunglasses and Tumbler

You don't really need new sunglasses. But what if we told you they were free? And what if you also got a free tumbler? That's what we thought. Code VACAY will get you both for free with any PINK purchase at Victoria's Secret now through 2/24/2014.... [More]


Doubtblush: Urban Renewal Tulle-Skirt Overall Dress

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Say I Love You Pillowcases

Forget boring monograms, His and Hers pillows are now much livelier with these doodle-covered pillowcases. Ideally, your bed already sees plenty of romance, but adding the Say I Love You Pillowcases ($34), featuring a similarly happy couple, certainly couldn't hurt. Plus, you'll know it's true love if your partner agrees... [More]


Marzipan Rose Studs

These earrings look so good, we could just eat them! Of course, that's the point of the Marzipan Rose Studs ($14) - to make us all look like we're accessorizing with cake decorating products. These adorable pieces of jewelry are actually made of porcelain, so just make sure you don't... [More]


Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending System

Suck at mixing cocktails? With this Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending system ($70), all you'll need to give the ladies of Coyote Ugly a run for their money is a smartphone or tablet, some sick dance moves, and the abs of a teenage gymnast.... [More]


Sugarfina Chocolate Berry Basket

Berry season. It seems so far away, but we're not sure we can wait until the summer to enjoy that juicy sweetness. Okay, we could just buy off-season berries, or find them in the frozen section, but we've got a better idea. We'll nom on Sugarfina's Chocolate Berry Basket ($7... [More]


The Microchip Activated Pet Feeder

We may still be waiting for hoverboards, but for now, The Microchip Activated Pet Feeder ($80) has placated us. We truly feel like we're living in the future now that teeny microchips are being used for something as commonplace as feeding our pets. How does it work? Your kitty and/or... [More]


Sans pH Perfect Body Wash

Your body puts plenty of work into maintaining the right pH balance. So how do you think it feels when you go screw it up with the wrong soap? Be considerate, and clean up instead with this Sans pH Perfect Body Wash ($35), specially formulated to nourish and refresh your... [More]


Straight From The Fridge, Dad

Straight From The Fridge, Dad: A Dictionary of Hipster Slang ($29) won't help you pass undetected among the flannel-clad, Wayfarer-wearing modern brand of hipsters. But it might help you and your friends create your own secret language incomprehensible to anyone under the age of seventy.... [More]


TEATOX Skinny Detox Good Morning Tea

Will this TEATOX Skinny Detox Good Morning Tea ($20) cause you to miraculously shed pounds while pounding whoopie pies and avoiding the treadmill like a case of syphilis? Probably not. But it might provide a boost to your existing diet and fitness routine with a tasty blend of cleansing and... [More]


PINK Cheekster Panty

Free panties! Who can't get behind that? Right now at Victoria's Secret you can get a free pair of panties with any bra order, and you've never had so many options when it comes to your freebie. Choose from a Fabulous Hiphugger or Thong with code FABULOUS, a No-show Sport... [More]


Sockness Monster

Your jeans ride up a bit, and people start frantically taking pictures. You must've put on your Sockness Monster Socks ($12) this morning. They're bound to attract the eyes of cryptozoologists and Weekly World News readers where ever you happen to find yourself.... [More]


Prescriptives Smoky Eye Kit

You can't get much more classic than a smoky eye, so isn't it time you invested in a kit ($50) that helps you pull it off with ease? Prescriptives's Storm eye shadow color, lining brush, mascara, and pencil come packaged neatly in a cute clutch and included compact. Keep it... [More]


Palm Beach Shorts

What happens when you cross preppy chino shorts with running shorts and add in a dash of Florida? Why, you get these Palm Beach Shorts ($40) with embroidered flamingos, ready to accompany you on your workout - and to the brunch to follow.... [More]


WOW Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Sure, options for wireless speaker systems abound - but how many of them are quite as cute as this WOW Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($75)? And what's wrong with using cuteness as your deciding factor? It served you fine when picking your dog, your boyfriend, and your wardrobe.... [More]


State Quarter Rings

You probably started collecting the state quarters when they were first being issued, and what exactly are you doing with them now? Letting them linger in a box until you decide to sell them on eBay in a few decades, when they're worth a whole dollar apiece? The maker of... [More]


Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

Think powder foundations went out with corsets and bustles? This Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation ($36) might just change your tune. This airy goodness gives your face complete, flawless, waterproof coverage without caking into those pesky fine lines.... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Paris Travel Pouch

It doesn't matter if you've actually touched down in France for a few days or not; you can still look like a seasoned jet setter by carrying Rebecca Minkoff's Paris Travel Pouch ($95) as your wallet or coin purse. If you're really committed to showing off your (faux?) travel prowess,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Mid-Century Modernesque DVD Storage for Stephanie

Stephanie writes: "You've helped me in the past - you found me an alternative to the rug on Celebrity Game Night and we love it! Another thing I can't seem to find is a modern way to store DVDs that doesn't look like I bought it at WalMart. I'm open... [More]


Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub

What does Jo Malone's Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub ($90) have that other exfoliators don't? Probably not much in terms of ingredients, but it's leaps and bounds above the others when it comes to indulgence. The scent is sweet, the scrub is soft, and the results are immediate. You'll feel... [More]


Universal Expert Laundry Bin

This Universal Expert Laundry Bin ($120) is as practical as it is attractive, with a ventilated construction that helps keep your dirty stuff from growing new life forms while it waits to be cleaned. Just make sure to check before you toss the contents into your washing machine - this... [More]


Hand and Dish Towels

Icky things have a way of getting on your fingers. The same goes for your dishes. Do you really want to double up your bacteria? This set of Hand and Dish Towels ($25) will help you keep each nasty family to itself.... [More]


Electric Amphibious Vehicle

If only this Electric Amphibious Vehicle ($99) came with a minion. Then you'd have someone waiting by your fridge to restock it with beers before you navigate it back to your pool float. Of course, if you had a minion, you could just make him swim it out to you... [More]


Jardin Des Plantes Shower Curtain

We've seen shower curtains with California beach landscapes, mustaches, and foreign language tutorials. But how about one that sticks close to the theme at hand - namely, good old H2O? This shower curtain ($108) is as appropriate as it is beautifully designed, with an artistic falling water pattern in luxurious... [More]


Self Portrait Lace Illusion Flare Dress

Is this Self Portrait dress ($313), as Tim Gunn might say, a little overworked and overdesigned? Maybe! But who can resist a dress with a colorblocked skirt in three shades of blue lace with pockets, plus a crop top bodice covered in sheer black panels and topped off with an... [More]


Fendi Monster Saffiano Flat

Life and all it entails often calls for you to put on a brave, smiling face even though you're feeling less than cheery. So although you have to go through the motions, these Fendi Monster Saffiano Flats ($590) will give you some comfort on those days, knowing that they're expressing... [More]


Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup

When we say that you can brush on a bit of Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup ($36) and skip the rest of your foundation routine, we're not fibbing. You can use as much or as little as you want to find your perfect coverage balance. It flawlessly handles red spots... [More]


Amella Roasted Almond Caramels

How kind of Amella Caramels to bundle up their decadent Roasted Almond Caramels ($8, on sale) into single serving packages! Right? Six caramels is the ideal amount to stuff into your mouth on a Tuesday afternoon post-longest-meeting-ever? Oh, good. That's what we thought!... [More]


SmartWool Women's Rose Water Tights

If only your legs could be as cozy and warm as your feet in SmartWool socks. Oh wait, they can be. With these SmartWool tights ($28, on sale), you can still wear dresses and skirts in this weather without losing feeling in your legs. Spending the day outside? Layer these... [More]


Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit

It's juvenile, for sure, but we kinda really wanna replace our basement light switch with the Panic Button Light Switch ($25). We guess it speaks to the kid in us. Our hearts always did (okay, still do) little flip-flops at the top of the creaky basement stairs. Who knows what's... [More]


Hooded Pockets Cotton Vest

Ready for a little winter warfare? No, we're not talking about invading Canada. But this Hooded Pockets Cotton Vest ($61) would make for ideal camouflage while undertaking a different sort of mission - stalking hotties on the ski slopes. Wear it while you hang out in front of the lodge... [More]


Reminder Doormat

Perfect for those of us who forget at least one of these things on a daily basis. Seriously, every. damn. day. Reminder Doormat ($40) from Damn Good Doormats... [More]


Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Lip Cooler

Greek yogurt sure does a great job nourishing our gut bacteria. Turns out it also works wonders for our faces. This Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Lip Cooler ($19) combines that tangy dairy goodness with natural oils and plant butters to create a plumping, nourishing elixir with just the right dash... [More]


Jan Michaels Hidden Treasure Ring

Back in the day, they called these poison rings. We think you should probably avoid stocking this Jan Michaels Hidden Treasure Ring ($38) with arsenic. After all, it might be all too tempting to drop it into the coffee of that coworker who keeps stealing your lunch.... [More]


Boho Cuff

Adding just the right touch of awesome to your outfit, the Boho Cuff ($30 each) from StephieMc Designs doesn't need a lot of extras to make a statement. Wear it alone or pair it with a thin bangle or two to give off a relaxed vibe (even when you're staring... [More]


Kate Spade New York Rose Travel Umbrella

We're always a fan of stickin' it to bad weather, and carrying the Rose Travel Umbrella ($58) when spring starts to assault us with damp and drizzle is the perfect way to pretend we don't care. We'll just put our heads down, stay dry under our bright floral canopy, and... [More]


Caviar Dry Shampoo

Sure, baby powder works in a pinch, but if you want to skip trying to even out powder-white roots and avoid that tell-tale scent, you're gonna need to invest in a good dry shampoo. We keep a bottle of Caviar Dry Shampoo ($22) from Alterna Haircare on hand for our... [More]


This Bar Saves Lives

Granola bars are great. They taste almost like candy, but allow us to pretend that we're being healthy when we eat them instead of some boring old apple or a bunch of celery sticks. And snacking on This Bar Saves Lives ($20 for a box of 9) bars comes with... [More]

Juliette Bow Headband

Juliette Bow Headband

Headbands can totally make an outfit. The Juliette Bow Headband ($19) is simple yet bold enough to make a statement. It is structured so you won't ever have to worry about sporting a big ol' floppy bow.... [More]


Scrabble Mugs

It's not a morning coffee binge: it's a triple word score. Or at least, it might be if you toss back that java from these Scrabble Mugs ($11). Buy a bunch and have fun inventing new words until you can be bothered to do the dishes.... [More]


CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad

This CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad ($22) was very nearly Doubtblushed. After all, are we really looking for ways to get our kids to spend more time plugged into a tablet? Then again, if it gets them moving down that torturous path of potty training, can... [More]


Falksalt Wild Garlic Salt Flakes

No doubt about it, gourmet salts are a foodie's favorite dish finisher. Of course, the more pretentious the name of the salt, the higher the price climbs...unless you're working with Falksalt, a Swedish brand that pairs their sea salt flakes with delish umami flavors like mushroom, rosemary, and our favorite,... [More]


The Three-Martini Playdate: A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting

Anyone who coos at you that "parenthood is a magical journey" and tells you that you are "so very blessed" is either several decades past their child-rearing days or straight-up lying to your face. It's not that kids aren't great, it's that they're simultaneously great and insane little terrors. Author... [More]


Wrecking Ball Tee

As Outblush editors, we try to bring you things that are trendy, timely, and desirable... most of the time. We throw in a Doubtblush here and there when we find things too atrocious to keep to ourselves, and then there are items like this I Came In Like A Wrecking... [More]

Hue Pearlized Brocade Jean Leggings

Hue Pearlized Brocade Jean Leggings

We hate to admit, but there's nothing more comfortable than our leggings and we'd live in them if we could. However it's nice to dress it up a bit. The Hue Pearlized Brocade Jean Leggings ($44) combine comfort with fancy pants style. Pair these with your favorite oversized tee for... [More]


Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm Instant Solutions

Trish McEvoy's super luxe Beauty Balm Instant Solutions ($85) will cost ya, but it may end up replacing half of your daily beauty products. The cream moisturizes, primes, provides light coverage, and protects your face with SPF 35. If you bought them individually, all four items would set you back... [More]


Rabbit Storage Silicone Case for iPhone

It's not exactly a space-saver in your purse, but this Rabbit Storage Silicone Case for iPhone ($10) is cuter than a basket full of puppies. While it might suck at portability, it will sure look adorable decorating your desk.... [More]

Gucci Penelope Espadrille

Gucci Penelope Espadrilles

What's not to love about the Gucci Penelope Espadrilles ($425)? The classic signature logo make these stylish sandals a summer staple. They'll surely make your legs look long, lean and mean! Pair them with denim cutoffs and a tank or a strapless voile dress.... [More]

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder

The Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder ($8) is truly a dream for those of us that like to wear a simple layer, but want an au naturel look. This powder leaves a flawless finish and it feels like you're wearing nothing.... [More]


PINK Flounce Crop Top

Just say no to underboob! We're loving the Flounce Bikini Tops ($37) at Victoria's Secret; they're sexy and fun without being form-fitting and totally boobalicious.... [More]


St. Vincent

When Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) was on The Colbert Report recently to talk about her new self-titled album ($10), she described her music as being at the intersection of "accessibility and lunatic fringe", and also threw in "technoshamanism." We would have never been able to come up with such... [More]


RGB Nail Color in Tropic

We know current polish trends are moving past the deep blue and green tones, but we just can't quit them. Not when they're as lovely as this RGB Nail Color in Tropic ($18), anyway. We're going to slick on a few coats and enjoy before we move on to the... [More]


The Sensual Skin Enhancer

While the Sensual Skin Enhancer ($48) from the Kevyn Aucoin makeup line is kinda vague in its intended purposes, we've found that it works best as a concealer. It's a little too thick for all-over coverage, so use your fingers or a sponge to dab it onto your red spots... [More]


Habu Textiles Natural Cover Wrapped Cotton Yarn

Why settle for crocheting up an ordinary scarf when you can be creating your very own designer masterpiece? All it takes is a bit of luxury yarn. This Habu Textiles Natural Cover Wrapped Cotton Yarn ($10) is like the Jimmy Choo of knitting materials, instantly upgrading those socks and mittens... [More]


Fairmount Park Uptown/Downtown Salt & Pepper Set

Is it totally type A of us to get a map involved when setting Kate Spade's Fairmount Park Uptown/Downtown Salt & Pepper Set ($30) in the center of the dining table? We'd just really like to have each shaker accurately point in the direction of our city's uptown and downtown... [More]


The Four Seasons Aspen Forest Mug Collection

We know the onslaught of wedding season is still a few months away, but trust us, you're gonna want to stock up on thoughtful gifts in advance. We like the Four Seasons Aspen Forest Mug Collection ($110) from Mary Elizabeth Arts, and we bet your gettin'-hitched-in-a-field-shoes-optional BFF and her fiance... [More]


Keepsake the Label Check Point Print Dress

Kaleidoscopes are actually pretty simple to make. You just need a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll, something reflective, some plastic wrap, and some small odds 'n' ends. Even though it's easy to understand how they work, it doesn't make their visual effect any less amazing, which is why... [More]


Modern Stripe Bottle Vases

Pick your favorite colors and order up a bunch of these Modern Stripe Bottle Vases ($41), made by dahlhaus ceramics. We know you probably want to collect 'em all for yourself, but how sweet would it be to give one away each time you picked up a bouquet for an... [More]


Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit

A match made in heaven, Love Grace and TAY Organics have teamed up to give us a badass Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit ($198 for a three-day cleanse). We're hoping it'll totally overhaul our dry winter skin by working both from the inside and outside. The kit includes six juices per... [More]


The Honey Mud

If you're the kinda gal who passes on luxury beauty products, we're gonna urge you to change your mind. The Honey Mud ($80) from May Lindstorm Skin is certainly a splurge, but one that's a hundred percent, without-a-doubt worth it. A dual facial cleanser and mud mask, you can use... [More]


Three Stripe Canvas Dog Toy Bin

Your dog has more toys than your three-year-old niece and you've tripped over them for the last time. The smart lookin' Three Stripe Canvas Dog Toy Bin ($38) from Waggo ought to solve your problem. It's large enough to store several stuffing-shedding squeaky animals and KONG toys. Of course, as... [More]


Cap-sleeve Ponte Dress

Just because Valentine's Day has passed doesn't mean you should start phoning in your date night looks. Victoria's Secret has all of the underthings you'll need but plenty of sexy "outerwear" too, like this Cap-sleeve Ponte Dress ($88).... [More]


Pistil Avery Dot and Bird Infinity Scarf

Asking us which half of this Pistil Avery Dot and Bird Infinity Scarf ($38) we like better is like making us decide which side of a Kit Kat we'd rather devour. The answer is both, obviously. And with this piece artfully twisted around our necks, there's no reason we can't... [More]


Too Legit To Quit Pillow Cover

We'll take one of these Too Legit To Quit Pillow Covers ($38) from Michelle Dwight Design as long as it's referring to the fact that we're too legit to quit burying into our down comforter cave and hitting the snooze button.... [More]


Laser Cut Velvet Legging

Will your legs be a little drafty when wearing these Laser Cut Velvet Leggings ($22)? Yup. Will you care? Not a chance. These tights look far too elegant to let a few goosebumps get in the way of showing them off.... [More]


Land by Land Short Stella Barrette

We can't afford diamonds around our necks, never mind lavishing the damned things on our locks. Thank goodness some saint of fashion invented rhinestones! This Land by Land Short Stella Barrette ($35) features three bright, shiny faux gems that give you all the sparkle without the awkwardness of having to... [More]


Chia Seed Water 100 Cream

Apparently, chia seeds are good for more than adding a health boost to your daily smoothie. In the case of this Chia Seed Water 100 cream ($13) from The Face Shop, the seeds are added to the moisturizer once they're freshly germinated in water to give you optimal hydration results.... [More]


BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Those lip balms and ChapStick not cutting the mustard in the face of dry, harsh winter weather? Your poor, abused mouth needs something stronger, like this BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask ($26). This leave-on treatment intensively nourishes your lips, helping to restore moisture. Use it after skiing or an extended... [More]


Timmy Chew Heel

Can't afford those gorgeous designer shoes? Embrace your lousy budget with these Timmy Chew heels ($62). They might not have quite the same cred with your label-conscious friends, but who cares when they look like they could chomp through those Pradas for breakfast.... [More]


Ceylon Cinnamon RibbonWick Candle

We love the thick fabric wick of this Ceylon Cinnamon RibbonWick candle ($20) - it makes for a wide, flickering flame you can basically use as a mini firepit over which to warm your hands. Just be extra careful not to set this candle - which sits in a shallow... [More]


Beaded Evening Bag

This Beaded Evening Bag ($220) couldn't get more simple, but it's been ages since we've seen anything like it. It makes other fancy purses seem like Arch Deluxes, pretending to get all uppity on themselves, while this back-to-basics piece is a no-nonsense Big Mac of nighttime accessorizing.... [More]


St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Firming Lotion

Build up a natural-looking tan as the days ease their way into warmer temps. After a week or so of using the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Firming Lotion ($40), you'll be rocking a light tan* and supple skin. If you don't tell anyone that your color comes from a... [More]


Deer Beads Earrings

We admit it: we've gone bananas for antlers. We've put them on our mugs and our photo frames. Heck, we're even using them as bookshelves. So yeah, we think adding ears and antlers to a sparkling pink crystal makes these Deer Beads Earrings ($13) go from ordinary accessory quarry to... [More]


Ladybug Ponytail Holder

Ladybugs are adorable - until they're infesting your vinyl siding. Then they're like an eighth biblical plague clogging up your vacuum. This Ladybug Ponytail Holder ($6) thankfully reminds us of these insects in their more adorable, non-threatening moments.... [More]


Nevermore Witching Hour Spray

Think the witching hour ought to smell like eye of newt and toe of frog or - for those of us with infants - sour milk and inconsolable screaming? Turns out it can have a much nicer aroma. This Nevermore Witching Hour Spray ($24) scents your body, your room, or... [More]


The Flavor Thesaurus

Niki Segnit's book, The Flavor Thesaurus ($20), is not a cookbook. It's more like a cook guideline. She writes about intuition, flavor profiles, creative combinations, and exploration, and while there are a few recipes dotting the pages, the emphasis is on crafting meals that deviate from basic instructions. It's a... [More]


O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet Cream

Not to bring up a kinda gross subject, but our feet have certainly seen better days. This ridiculously cold winter has left them looking a little rough around the edges. Before we make our next pedi appointment, we're going to have a few dates with our tub of O'Keeffe's for... [More]


Vifah El Natural Hammock Bed Set

Tired of hammocks that turn into a mildewed, fraying mess after a season or two in the great outdoors? This Vifah El Natural Hammock Bed Set ($322) is built to outlast your pet parrot. It gives the usual rope or canvas a pass in favor of a surprisingly comfortable arrangement... [More]


Tori Praver Cactus One Piece Swimsuit

You wanna know why we think you'd look awesome wearing this Cactus One Piece ($90, on sale) from Tori Praver? Because the pastel pattern says you like to keep it simple and classy, and the cutout detail on the sides say you work hard for your beach bod. That's a... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? February 14, 2014

Treat yourself! Does the perhaps overused adage ever ring any truer than it does on Valentine's Day, single or not? No matter what you think of the Hallmark holiday, perhaps we can interest you in some pink and red sale wares. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Bralette ($28 on sale) Elaine... [More]


Homemade With Love Oven Mitts

Our only beef with the darling Homemade With Love Oven Mitts ($15 for two) is that they might get more compliments from dinner guests than the Baked Alaska we spent all day preparing. We'll get over it, though. They are super cute!... [More]


Joules Indigo Coat

Keep dry in the spring drizzle by zipping on the Joules Indigo Coat ($220). We figure if anyone knows how to keep the dampness at bay, it's gonna be a London-based clothing company. The coat's classic style and top-notch quality make it a piece you can utilize for years to... [More]


Plush Puffs MugToppers

Artisan marshmallows seem to be all the rage right now, and we're kind of over it. Don't get us wrong, we'll still eat your bourbon-infused, triple-whipped, cocoa-coated marshmallow, but we've seen that before. In fact, we thought we'd seen all the innovations possible in the world of marshmallows, but we... [More]


Ask Me About My Cat Raglan Pullover

We have so much to say about our cats and you are going to be so interested in everything - how Fluffy is extra cuddly when she knows we're sad, how Fluffy sits at the window and makes weird noises at squirrels, and how we think she is secretly a... [More]


"Paper" Towels

Next time a house guest asks for a paper towel to wipe up a spill, hand them one of these. Then laugh uproariously at your own clever sense of humor. "Paper" Towels ($44)... [More]


Custom Made Silhouette Charm

No more of those Birthstone Babies, please. Get mom something classy and thoughtful that she'll want to wear forever. Simply send in a clear photo of the side profile of one of her loved ones, and WSAKE will create a custom sterling silver charm ($129) in his or her likeness!... [More]


Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Paint Markers

We've all seen the tutorials on Pinterest. "Just draw on a white mug with a Sharpie and throw it in the oven," they promise us. But a run or two through the dishwasher reduces our art to a few dots and a blur. If you want your DIY mug designs... [More]


Talika Heated Eye Lash Curler

Sure, your lashes look fantastic...for the first ten minutes you're out of the house. After that, those perfect curls quickly collapse back to their depressingly flat natural state. With the Talika Heated Eye Lash Curler ($30), you'll get falsie-level curl that lasts all day long.... [More]


Cut-out Bohemian Dress

Sashay into spring wearing this vibrant, three-quarter-length sleeve Cut-out Bohemian Dress ($89). It's got a drawstring waist for quick cinching, or you can dress it up a bit by wearing a belt. Add your favorite pair of tights and booties for cold, drizzling days and break out a pair of... [More]


Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner

It's kinda ridiculous when you realize that it takes you longer to comb through your wet hair than it does to shower. Guess it's time to introduce a spray-on conditioner, like the Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner ($15), into your routine. Toss a few quick spritzes into your towel-dried locks... [More]


Common Good Kitchen Tote Set

Will it make you want to scrub down your kitchen every day? Well, probably not. But this Common Good Kitchen Tote Set ($39) will make you feel even better about those special times when you do roll up your sleeves and degrease. It includes a full array of plant-based, earth-friendly... [More]


Standout Striped Pumps

This pair of Standout Striped Pumps ($30) from Forever 21, however chic, probably won't make it through more than a season or two. You'd better wear them while you can! We're thinking they'll look most excellent when worn with bright, colorblocked tunic dresses, or floral-printed skinny jeans, ooh, or even... [More]


Bee's Wrap

It's just a little piece of plastic wrap, right? Until it finds its way to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and chokes an innocent jellyfish. Stop at least one of your regular contributions to the decay of the world's oceans by using Bee's Wrap ($18): waxed, reusable fabric squares that... [More]


Cholet Hollow Vase

When we first glanced at this twee bunny figurine, we wouldn't have guessed that it could've gotten any cuter. When we realized it was actually a vase ($24) and tried putting some blooms in it, we were both pleased with our new decor option and wondering if we could do... [More]


Sleep'n Round Marrakech Pajama Leggings

Don't have to get dressed today? You might as well look fabulous while being cozy and comfy. The colorful Sleep'n Round Marrakech Pajama Leggings ($32, on sale) are extremely soft, and trust us, you will never want to take them off. So if you were one of those people who... [More]


Dear Old Love: Anonymous Notes to Former Crushes, Sweethearts, Husbands, Wives, & Ones That Got Away

Our default may be snark, but that doesn't mean we don't have hearts that feel all the feels. And oh boy does this book of love letters ($9), compiled by Andy Selsberg, tug at every single one of our heartstrings. Each letter is written by a different anonymous author to... [More]


Wired Waffles Cinnamon Waffles

We were dubious about the idea that Wired Waffles could create a suitable alternative to sipping down our caffeine via a few hot cups of coffee, but hey, we don't mind being proven wrong, especially when the Cinnamon Waffles ($30 per dozen) taste so delish. Each two-hundred-calorie waffle packs in... [More]


Kandy Strap Buckle Shoe

We've crossed the line from boots with cutouts to this strange hybrid that we don't even have a name for. Are they still booties or have they shifted into flats with embellished ankles? Are they bats? Or are they flooties? With those chunky ankle straps, quite frankly, the Kandy Strap... [More]


Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair

Sometimes a medicated lip balm or stick doesn't quite cut it; you're still waking each morning with cracked lips. Break out the good stuff: Osmia Organics's Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair ($22). Packed full of healing lanolin, honey, myrrh, and vitamin E, this little tub will become your BFF. Don't be afraid... [More]


Wildsam Field Guide Collector's Set

The Wildsam Field Guides ($50 for three) are hybrids, containing travel tips, personal essays, interviews, illustrations, and lists written by residents about their cities. In this collector's set, you'll get the first three Wildsam books: Nashville, Austin, and San Francisco. Because these books dig a little deeper than the usual... [More]


His and Hers Key Holders

You've been dating the same person for months and now they want to take your relationship to the next level. In the past, those three little words ("let's live together") have always sent you into a panic. Mental images of your personal tastes melting together to form one bland couple... [More]


Zara Combination Quilted Jacket

A jacket that would feel as at home in the city as it would in the forest, the Zara Combination Quilted Jacket ($119) is a thing of versatile beauty. The quilted fabric and corduroy say boots and scarves 'round the fire pit, but its slim cut and slick hardware beg... [More]


Juliet & Company Runway Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet

The Juliet & Company Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet ($38) remixes (glass) pearls in a way we haven't seen before. We love a good pearl strand, but sometimes they're a little too formal for an outfit. This one feels a little more like us on an everyday basis - bold and... [More]


The Poisoner's Handbook

The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York ($10) is one of those fascinating reads that proves real life can be just as dramatic and entertaining as fiction. With chapters highlighting different types of toxic chemicals, from chloroform to arsenic, author Deborah Blum... [More]


The Boob Top

When an item of clothing gets called a "boob top", you probably picture something that's low-cut and shows a lot of cleavage, et cetera. However, this Boob Top ($79), hand printed with an all-over pattern painted by Cassie McGettigan, is exactly what it's called: a top covered with boobs of... [More]


You Are My Princess Mother Daughter Hair Pins

Prepare to have your heart dissolve into a steaming puddle of sappy joy. This You Are My Princess Mother Daughter Hair Pin Set ($22) is designed to make both mom and daughter look like adorably accessorized royalty, each with her own tiny clip-on crown. Use it to help show your... [More]


Yummy Thought Bubble Wall Decal

Turns out, men don't think about sex every seven seconds. But we ladies might be able to give that false statistic a run for its money when it comes to daydreaming about cupcakes and buffalo wings. This Yummy Thought Bubble Wall Decal ($35) whimsically illustrates where our thoughts tend to... [More]


Loom Beaded Landscape Earrings

These gorgeous beaded earrings ($52) are woven on a handmade loom, and even before we read that they were inspired by Montana, their colors reminded us of the red-orange loamy landscape of the American West. The brass hardware is also a perfect fit for the palette.... [More]


Itty Bracer

You've got tiny boobs. You'll never need to worry about them succumbing to the wiles of gravity... or will you? They might unpleasantly surprise you if you insist on bouncing on the treadmill without properly supporting them. Use the Itty Bracer ($68) when you work out to keep those A-cups... [More]

Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-Glow-Sion

Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-'Glow'-Sion

Your skin will be bursting with radiance! Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-Glow-Sion ($64) is packed with vitamin C and three forms of oxygen to deliver vibrant and more youthful skin upon application. Think we've found the fountain of youth right here.... [More]


Soludos x We Are Handsome Paradise Original

This winter is getting to us, in part because so many brands are already releasing their spring and summer lines - and we want to wear them now. We didn't realize how much we were looking forward to our annual pair of Soludos until we saw these special edition espadrilles... [More]


Intellitec Wash and Brush Timer

With a simple-to-understand system of buttons and lights, this Intellitec Wash and Brush Timer ($9) is a great way to remind small children, dirty roommates, or distracted spouses to spend the necessary time de-griming themselves when they visit the bathroom.... [More]


Scamp Medium Table

We never thought we'd want a marble table in the house - too heavy, too formal - until we saw the Scamp Medium Table ($399). Mixing the slab of stone with a funky yellow wire base gives the classic material a whole new vibe - slightly kitschy, but undeniably cool.... [More]


Pom Pom Shorts

Bring on the elastic waists and the craft store trim! We fully back these Pom Pom Shorts ($29) and their easy breezy playfulness. Picture them as swimsuit cover-ups: delightful! But really, you don't need to be on vacation to have a reason to rock these. Summer is a delightfully casual... [More]


Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

Still on the fence about using a lash growth serum? We found a safe way to start your foray into the world of enhanced lashes. LASHFOOD's Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer ($78) is formulated without harmful chemicals or dyes. It's both vegan and gluten-free, so it's gentle enough for everyday use. The... [More]


Soft Pink Stripes Hooded Adult Pajamas

When you're dressing your kid for bed, do you catch yourself enviously eyeing their cozy sleepwear? Well, stop staring. You're a grownup, which means you can take out your big girl credit card and order yourself up your very own pair of footed pajamas ($40). Just watch your liquids intake... [More]


Male & Female Bust Vases

Succulent hats! These his and hers busts/vases ($300) are way ahead of the fashion curve. If we can snag ourselves invites, it will be us and our amazing hats who will be the ones making news at the Kentucky Derby.... [More]


GaugeNYC Zodiac Necklace

We've seen enough zodiac-inspired jewelry to last a lifetime - or so we thought. We practically have a different astrological accessory for every day of the year. But we guess now we'll be all set for leap years - we absolutely need to add one of GaugeNYC's Zodiac Necklaces ($200)... [More]


Victoria's Secret St. Barth's Tote

Still haven't cleaned the sand out of last year's beach bag? No worries, we won't judge. We will suggest you get a new one - a free one even. Just spend $50 or more at Victoria's Secret (order must include one swim item) and use code SUNSHINE to get your... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Kiss Care Love Lipbalms

We're chronic lip balm losers which also means we're chronic buyers of essence's Kiss Care Love Lipbalms ($2). The balms themselves are as awesomesauce as the tiny price tag. They keep our puckers smooth, hydrated, and coated in a subtle color (which is great because heaven only knows where we... [More]


Jewels Scalloped Shorts

As to how long the beaded jewels and sequins are going to last on the posterior of these Jewels Scalloped Shorts ($42), your guess is as good as ours (one day for the first bead to go missing - one month for all of it to be gone?) We love... [More]


Potted Plant Print

Having plants in your living space is apparently "good for you" but we wouldn't know, since we can't keep a plant alive for more than a month. But maybe this Potted Plant print ($175) by Amy Blackwell will provide a fraction of that emotional wellness?... [More]


Demeter Pizza Fragrance

A fragrance based on pizza sounds like kind of an awful idea, but the sweetness of tomato and herbaceous earthy oregano actually come together for a unique and somehow lovely aroma. Of course, we're hungry all the time, which is kind of the downside of Demeter Pizza ($6 - $40).... [More]


Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn

Sayonara, New Year's resolutions! Hello Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn ($25 for a one-gallon tin)! There is no possible way we can resist a handful (or ten) of this stuff. Our only recourse is to put the tin in the breakroom and lock ourselves in our offices until it's emptied. That'll... [More]


Elizabeth and James Astral Pendant Necklace

Something to wish upon or a guiding light? This Elizabeth and James piece ($95) is a good necklace to keep close to you at all times, in case you ever need to find your way home. (Your smartphone can help with that too, but that's less poetic).... [More]


Whiskey Tasting Set

Q: Do you really need to consult the rule card of the Whiskey Tasting Set ($50) from Teroforma in order to learn how to play? A: Only while drinking drams one through three, and then anything goes!... [More]


Benefit That Gal Primer

It takes a few extra seconds each morning to prime our faces with Benefit's That Gal Primer ($29), but the results have been fabulous. The pink-ish primer gives our skin a silky smooth feel and adds a bit of staying power to our foundation. We haven't yet heard appreciative whispers... [More]


Splendid Cantina Flat Sandals

We think it's time for you to start your annual Summer Sandal shopping spreadsheet now, and these Splendid Cantina flat sandals ($80) can be your very first entry. They also come in a sparkly metallic bronze version if you have a separate column for Special Occasion Summer Sandals to take... [More]


POV Wall Candleholder

Watch your houseguests pause, frown, and shuffle from one side to the other of this POV Wall Candleholder ($50), which creates a three-dimensional illusion when viewed from the proper angle. Who cares what it looks like from anywhere else in the room?... [More]


Dolce & Gabbana DG4211 Sunglasses

Of course Dolce & Gabbana is going to be the label behind this glamorous pair of sunglasses ($295) that will make you feel like an Italian screen siren à la Sophia Loren. So go ahead and flip that hair and walk straight down the street with confidence - everybody looks... [More]


Pat Kim Soap Cones

Break out of the narrow confines of a world of sudsy bars! These Pat Kim Soap Cones ($25) bring new geometric possibilities to getting clean. Just don't be tempted to stick one in your ear.... [More]


Sperry Anchor Button Maillot

Trust the makers of the quintessential boat shoe to come up with the perfect bathing suit for a day at sea. This Anchor Button Maillot ($98) will have you looking right at home on everything from a mega-yacht to a dinghy.... [More]


Printcopia Canvas Prints

We miss printing photos - remember the joy of getting a roll of film back? Well, maybe some of you young ones don't, but we won't dwell on that scary reality. While most of our memory card is full of blurry cat photos and us testing how our makeup looks... [More]


Jardin Mystère Butterfly Cuff

This sparkly Alexis Bittar cuff ($345) is from the designer's Jardin de Mystère collection. It's a perfect name, since there's something a little off about this critter. As far as insects go, we're probably the most relaxed around butterflies, but this one's giving us the heebie jeebies. Harmless, flower-loving creature... [More]


Caldrea Tea Olive Lime Body Oil

We already love what Caldrea has done for cleaning the house. Heck, their products are so gorgeously scented, we look forward to scrubbing down our counters almost as much as we do a trip to Target. But now there's a blissfully unproductive way to experience their fragrances - by slathering... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Pop Wrap Limited Edition Dollar Chainlink Canvas Wristlet

Why beat around the bush? Everybody knows exactly what you're carrying in that Diane von Furstenberg wristlet ($85): cash money. And how perfect is it that it's Andy Warhol's well-known dollar sign print - he of the Factory, which married mass production and high art - that graces this waxed... [More]


Pirate Captain Pillowcase

We like pirates... or at least, we like The Dread Pirate Roberts. As you wish, Cary-hottie-Elwes. Real pirates were probably less dashing and more hairy and unwashed. Plus, scurvy does a number on your teeth. We're not sure which type of buccaneer this Pirate Captain Pillowcase ($30) will inspire us... [More]


Julie Vos Anna Clutch

This Julie Vos Anna Clutch ($145) is basically a wonderfully shiny beaded taco that is the perfect size in which to carry around an actual edible taco. It would also be great for carrying around more quotidian items like your phone and your favorite lipstick.... [More]


Sam & Lavi Trina Floral Lace Dress

It's not easy bein' green, nor is it easy trying to be a ray of sunlight all the time, either. Perhaps this Sam & Lavi floral lace dress ($59) is a solution. It's available in one color only: sunshine.... [More]


Howsar Portable Door Lock

Staying at a hotel? Visiting your nana? Keep would-be thieves and snoops at bay with this Howsar Portable Door Lock ($13), usable with just about any ordinary door. To have an extra good time, put this in place and then sneak out the window.... [More]


Earth tu Face Body Butter

Cardamom is one of our favorite spices, and so we were automatically excited for Earth tu Face's Body Butter ($42), which is made up the spice plus pure coconut oil and cinnamon. Earth tu Face's tagline is "put in your body what you would put in your mouth" and that's... [More]


Cat Lady for Life Temporary Tattoos

If you have accepted the label of "cat lady" into your life, embrace it fully with Emily McDowell's adorable temporary tattoos ($5 for two), and make sure to stock up on extras for all the members of your cat lady gang.... [More]


Square Color Chip Box

We've always loved the color chips you can collect from the paint store, but we've also always just ended up with a stack of paper that we throw away after a couple months. Together, these Square Color Chip Boxes ($56 each) have a similar aesthetic appeal, except they're useful for... [More]


Lace-trim Mini Cheekster PINK Panties

We feel a little hypocritical telling you to wear matching bras and panties since at any given time ours are about as mismatched as you can get. But when Victoria's Secret is offering a free pair of panties with a bra purchase, you really have no excuse. Use code CUPID... [More]


DKNY Strapless Dress with Flare Skirt

For a second, let's ignore the fact that this new DKNY dress ($395) is rendered in an amazing bold orange color, and give our full attention to the awe-inspiring construction of that flare skirt. We're so used to seeing neoprene, the It Material of the moment, used in the construction... [More]


Bee Happy Smoking Slippers

There's not one stitch on these Bee Happy Smoking Slippers ($138) from C. Wonder that we don't absolutely adore. From the tips of their canvas toes to the metallic shine of their piping, they've got us buzzing. We probably won't be smoking any cigars while we wear them, but we... [More]


BackJoy Comfort Kneeler

Face it: unless you start dating Superman and convince him to spin the world around backwards a couple of rotations, time marches in only one depressing direction - the one that puts additional wear and tear on your joints. Reduce the impact with this BackJoy Comfort Kneeler ($20). It's made... [More]


"Blah Blah" Linen Tee

J.Crew has teamed up with Hugo Guinness, pal of Wes Anderson and illustrator to the stars, to give a voice to their super comfy linen tees ($50) - tees that are, apparently, very, very talkative.... [More]


R13 Zip Pull On Leather Leggings

At first glance, we dismissed these R13 Zip Pull On Leather Leggings ($468) as way too ambitious. Maybe we could have pulled them on if we greased ourselves up like pigs at a fair. Thankfully, they were designed with a set of sexy side zippers and a nice elastic waistband,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: NYX Sex Bomb Shadow Palette

Oh là là, the NYX Sex Bomb Shadow Palette ($8) is an excellent combination of colors to achieve a perfect pinup look. Watch a few tutorials, invest in a bright red lipstick (NYX sells this budget-friendy sultry shade), and get out there and make 'em do a double-take! What's a... [More]


Todd Thrasher's Artisan Cocktail Mixes

Problem: you've got a cabinet full of bottom-shelf booze you stocked up with back in your poor-as-dirt days. The stuff just doesn't hold up when combined with your usual cola or ginger ale, but you can't bring yourself to throw perfectly good alcohol (or even perfectly mediocre alcohol) down the... [More]


Yumi Forest Dress

We love clothes that tell a story, and this Yumi dress ($79) does it in spades. What kind of tale will unfold? The setting: a forest at night. The cast of characters: a doe and a fawn, an owl keeping watch, a disproportionately large bunny, a wolf, and some other... [More]

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

As we get older, we start to realize that we must take excellent care of our skin. One of our favorite products is the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II ($62). It makes our skin look flawless while reducing lines and wrinkles. Move over, Angelina...we're lookin' better... [More]


Sleek Slingback Booties

Don't feel bad about rocking Forever 21 even though you just turned thir-taaay. Nobody will ever guess that you got these genuine leather and pony hair Sleek Slingback Booties ($60) from the mall superstore. We can imagine a wide range of ladies rocking these kicks as a perfect and stylish... [More]


J.Crew Vintage Denim Jacket

Go classic this spring in a new J.Crew Vintage Denim Jacket ($128). The best thing about it is that it doesn't look new, and instead comes with that worn-in-back-of-the-closet-reliving-your-mom's-groovy-college-days feel. It may not be authentically vintage, but you're the only one who has to know that.... [More]


Bunny Chair

In what room would this extremely expensive Bunny Chair ($4000) fit in? It looks like it should do something other than just support your body - like it should be a control center unto itself, or at least give you a back massage. It's described as a "soft, inviting, and... [More]


Ceramic Megaphone Sound Amplifier

The technology is as old as the tuba - but it still works. This Ceramic Megaphone Sound Amplifier ($400) pumps up the volume on your iPhone or iPod the old-fashioned way. The wooden base helps optimize vibrations, getting you a louder, clearer sound, and we think it looks a heck... [More]


Purple Velvet Pavèd & Spiked Heart Necklace

Keeping your feelings well-guarded these days? Just make sure you warn any and all suitors that they've gotta prove themselves worthy before you'll retract the spikes, let alone move your heart to your sleeve. The Purple Velvet Pavèd & Spiked Heart Necklace ($55) by Bunny Page... [More]


Pretty & Polished Tomboyish Nail Color

We firmly believe that you can never get too old to wear color-changing accessories, whether they be mood rings or nail polish shades. Lucky for us, Pretty & Polished agrees, which means we get to indulge our fingernails in a few coats of their Tomboyish nail color ($9). We love... [More]


Maje Rebel David Bowie T-Shirt

Is there any musician out there who's been plastered on tops from higher end fashion lines as much or more than David Bowie? We can't think of one. It's probably because the man is such a fashion icon himself - so much so that he's got his own touring exhibition,... [More]


Peanut Butter and a Spoon Print

Ain't that the truth! (Also, this print makes us feel a little better about having a special spoon we use for just peanut butter eatin'. Surely we're not the only ones!) Peanut Butter and a Spoon Print ($15) by Amanda Catherine Designs... [More]

MOLTON BROWN Eucalyptus Body Wash

Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash

Everyone longs for a fresh spring scent when they shower! We're huge fans of the Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash ($35). We'll just say it leaves our skin feeling refreshed and happy.... [More]


Hunter Tour Packable Rain Boots

You adore your Hunter boots, and we get it. You can traipse through mud, muck, snow, and rain in them and feel invincible. But after a while, they start to get a teeny bit cumbersome and heavy. Maybe it's time to make the switch to these Tour Packable Rain Boots... [More]


Scotch & Soda Coated Skinny Pants

Inject some drama into your everyday look with these Coated Skinny Pants ($59, on sale). The all-over paisley on a pair of tight pants might skew a little costume-y if executed in velvet and gold brocade, perhaps, but with the subtle print here, we think they're a great way to... [More]


Flappy Bird iPhone Case

Have you fallen prey to Flappy Bird? Hurry and jump on the I'd Tap That iPhone Case ($40) before its creator too decides to pull it for some sort of vague moral reason (and before this topic becomes totally irrelevant in the fast-paced world of web trends).... [More]


Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra

If you'll be out on the prowl on Valentine's Day, make sure you're dressed for the occasion. Stylish bras from Victoria's Secret will ensure no one will ever mistaken your underwear drawer for your mother's. Use the coupon code ANGELFEB to receive $15 off any Very Sexy Bra when you... [More]


Fleece Crop Pant

Stop stealing your boyfriend's baggy lounge wear and pick up some casual clothes that actually fit you at Victoria's Secret. Get 20% off a single clothing or shoe item when you use the coupon code SP1440849, like this comfy Fleece Crop Pant ($40). Your boyfriend will appreciate being able to... [More]


Doubtblush: Johnny Loves Rosie Pink Gorgeous Garland

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Diamantini & Domeniconi Ettore Clock

Diamantini & Domeniconi's Ettore Clock ($240) is such a fashionably modern take on the traditional cuckoo clock style, we practically expect its little red bird to sound the hours with clips from classic Duran Duran tracks.... [More]


Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque

Mud-based masks are nothing new, but there's something to be said for tried-and-true applications. This Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque ($29) from Pür makes it easy to apply the usually messy mask at home. It's thick enough to not drip off of your face while you smooth it onto your... [More]


Christina Jervey Stick Pendant

For the minimalist in you: the Christina Jervey Stick Pendant ($125) is a gorgeous piece of fourteen-karat-gold-plated jewelry that provides the perfect accent for an outfit that needs just a touch of glamour without overwhelming it. In times of need, you can also use the stick to stir your coffee... [More]


The Rings Nail Color Set

The Olympics are in full swing, so while Gracie Gold is outshining everyone on the ice, you can outshine everyone at the office with your new manicure. Julep's The Rings Set ($25, on sale) is made up of all five ring colors and gives you bold nails that match the... [More]


Lonely Sabel Cut Out Bra

Oh là là. The Sabel Cut Out Bra ($81) from New Zealand-based* designers Lonely, will certainly get approval from your main squeeze. But that's neither here nor there. We say you should wear this lace and mesh bra whenever you want to feel sexy, even if no one else sees... [More]


Mini Rodini Panda Snow Suit

Here's a good reason to have a child: dressing them up in this Mini Rodini Panda Snow Suit ($245). And just so you can get your money's worth, make sure you stress the importance of outside playtime - yes, even in the winter. It builds character!* *Unless you live in... [More]


Lotus Belle Tent

Want to glamp in a giant dumpling? Today's your lucky day, because the Lotus Belle tent ($1,650) looks exactly like one. These spacious tents are weatherproof and portable (though probably too heavy for backcountry camping) and stand over ten feet tall for those of you who hate the part of... [More]


Skin Perfecting Body Scrub

Combining the super exfoliating power of salt and the skin-softening power of sugar, the Skin Perfecting Body Scrub ($30) from Consonant Bodycare will feel ridiculously indulgent when you shower with it. It's got a fair amount of good-for-you oils mixed in, including coconut and jojoba. By the time you towel... [More]


RuPaul for President Tee

It may seem a little early to be campaigning for the 2016 presidential race, but before you can put your fake eyelashes on you know you're going to be suffering through political commercials during Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. And with a new season of the only reality show that... [More]


River Island Double Lock Satchel

You're ready for Miami Beach with this River Island Double Lock Satchel ($80). The coral and blue accent colors will fit right in with the unique architectural styles of the Art Deco District. Even though most of the pastel-hued buildings there were built in the 1920s and 1930s, this purse... [More]


Oh My Cat Pair Mug Set

Cats obviously don't like to share their, you know, feelings and stuff, so they have to do it in more subtle ways, like maybe sitting in the same room as you're in or occasionally glancing at you. This Oh My Cat Pair Mug Set ($30) is perfect for the cat... [More]


Heart-Shaped Hanging Chalkboard

When you're in a long-term relationship, chances are you look for opportunities to add some romance back into your life. Thankfully, this Heart-Shaped Hanging Chalkboard ($15) will make even the most mundane message read like poetry. Now when you write a note to your sweetheart asking them to get off... [More]


Horse Cushion

This Horse Cushion ($69) is technically in the "Kids" section of the Ferm Living site, but we don't want to share! (Do as we say, not as we do, children.) Not only is this horse, with its round rim spectacles, ridiculously cute and a fine cuddle pillow to have around... [More]


Bombshell Add-2-Cups Push-Up Bra

Victoria's Secret clearly understands the power of a fashionably sexy bra, which is why they're having a promotion just in time for V-Day. For a limited time, receive $10 off any full-priced bra when you use the code SP1439709. That means you can buy the Bombshell Add-2-Cups Push-Up Bra ($50)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mineral Correcting Concealer Trio

The trick to getting an even skin tone isn't a super 'spensy foundation. Instead, it's knowing how and wear to use your concealer. Pick up Physicians Formula's Mineral Correcting Concealer Trio ($9) and get three correction sticks for under ten bucks. They'll help you cover redness and acne, smooth lines... [More]


Mini Face Maker Block Set

Sure, you like to play with some of your kids' toys, but are any of them actually challenging for you? The Mini Face Maker Block Set ($45) is a set of twenty-five hardwood blocks printed with bright abstract shapes that, when combined, create a whole cast of characters. The designated... [More]


Sprinkle Dot Baking Dish

There's no reason your cookware has to sacrifice good looks for functionality. This ceramic Sprinkle Dot Baking Dish ($49) is both lovely to look at, and a breeze to use in the kitchen. At nine by fourteen inches, it's large enough to cook up everything from casseroles to chicken parm.... [More]


Faith Stitch Detail Striped Wrap Dress

What's the number one rule of buying figure-flattering clothing? Avoid horizontal stripes. What's the second? Buy yourself a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. They look good on everybody. This puts us in a conundrum regarding this stripey version of the Faith Stitch Detail Wrap Dress ($375), but if anyone... [More]


Fitbit One

I know you've already abandoned your New Year's resolution of going to the gym three times a week, but that doesn't mean you should give up entirely on getting healthy in 2014. So put down the fifth slice of pizza and instead check out the teeny tiny Fitbit One ($100).... [More]


Kenneth Jay Lane Gold-Plated Seashell Necklace

It's kind of driving us crazy that we can't see whether or not this Kenneth Jay Lane necklace ($85) is hollow or not. We'd like to know whether or not we can test to see if you can hear the ocean in a gold-plated shell, or if you'll simply hear... [More]


Orbit Chandelier

For a truly showstopping centerpiece to any room, look no further than the structurally impressive Orbit Chandelier ($600), which uses the same engineering principles as suspension bridges to maintain its impressive shape. With forty bulbs of different shapes and sizes illuminating the space in every direction, it'll brighten those dark... [More]


BIA Cordon Bleu White Soup Bowls

Want to take your soups to the next level? Elevate them... above the table. These BIA Cordon Bleu White Soup Bowls ($30) will raise up your liquid culinary achievements a good inch or two.... [More]


Collette by Collette Dinnigan Hippie-Print Silk Dress

Hippie, indeed! We love the psychedelic colors of this silk Collette by Collette Dinnigan dress ($436), as well as its cozy, loose fit. It's all the better for lounging around our apartment with our plants, drinking kombucha, and listening to our vintage record player.... [More]


JOE'S Erika Patent Leather Heels

It's easy to go gaga over shoes with all the bells and whistles because, well, they have all the bells and whistles. But sometimes our fancy shoes just don't jibe with enough things in our wardrobe and we find ourselves wanting a shoe that will simply complement an outfit and... [More]


Wild Horses Calligraphy Original

We've recently decided that it's time to add more original artwork to our humble abodes. We've got prints and posters coming out of our ears, but uh, our budgets have put a damper on our acquisition of original works. Lucky for us, Stephanie Fishwick's fantastic Wild Horses Calligraphy Original ($150)... [More]


Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer

Our usual low-maintenance look involves yoga pants and a ponytail. This Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer ($48) takes our appearance up a much-needed notch with hardly more presence of mind than it takes to remember to put on deodorant. Even if we're wearing clothes someone else would be embarrassed... [More]


onefortythree Color Pendant Lamp

The problem with these amazing minimal light fixtures that come in a range of awesomely bright colors is the fact that you have to pick one - unless you're a whiz at wiring and can somehow MacGyver up your own chandelier of hanging Color Pendant Lamps ($45 each). If you're... [More]


Tori Praver Kalani Bikini Bottoms

Are you having a hard time finding a little black bikini bottom that provides the perfect amount of coverage - that is, barely any? Tired of options that are way too modest? Let us introduce you to the Kalani Bikini Bottoms ($93). Yes, you'll have to pay more for less... [More]


Cuisine Dishtowel

When it comes to the kitchen (and probably a few other things), the French just do it better. So we're going to take their word for it that these linen Cuisine Dishtowels ($20), manufactured along the France-Belgium border for over one hundred years by Charvet Editions, are far superior to... [More]


Lace-trim Cheeky Panty

If the contents of your underwear drawer embarrass you, maybe it's time throw away those grandma panties and replace them with goodies from Victoria's Secret. Right now you can get $15 off on orders of $100, $300 off on orders of $150, and $75 off on orders of $250 or... [More]


Corgi Cookie Cutter

Centuries of painstaking breeding helped generations of determined Welshmen carefully select for a combination of traits in their dogs - namely stumpy legs and an awkwardly elongated torso. The results are hilarious, especially when they're dancing. We bet the same look works great in oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip. Corgi... [More]


Crochet Back Tank

Time to break out the sticky bra! Nothing else will look quite right with this stunning Crochet Back Tank ($30). But rocking this sweet-yet-sexy look is worth having linty boobs for a while.... [More]


Surround Air Fabric Shaver

Gee, didn't that sweater look great when you first brought it home? Then it hit the laundry and went from lovely to lint-fest. Let this Surround Air Fabric Shaver ($20) return it to its prior pill-free glory.... [More]


Old Navy Microfiber Tights

Honesty time! We own several pairs of Old Navy Microfiber Tights ($8-13) - at least one in each color they offer. It could be that we have a thing for tights in general, but it's probably more that these puppies are vibrant, durable, and versatile. They're gonna come in handy... [More]


George Nelson Net Light

Check out the Google image results for "George Nelson furniture". We guarantee you'll recognize a good portion of what shows up - from his bubble lamps to his marshmallow sofas to his ball clock - all still highly desirable mid-century modern icons. This George Nelson Net Light ($525), however, is... [More]


Red Rocker Candy Rocking Chair Mix

It might look like polar bear kibble, but don't be fooled: you'd be willing to take on a large Arctic predator to get your hands on this Red Rocker Candy Rocking Chair Mix ($6). An assortment of savory nibbles carefully coated with lush white chocolate, it's well worth the splurge.... [More]


CeramicaBotanica Turquoise Triangle Vase

We keep a CeramicaBotanica Turquoise Triangle Vase ($40) displayed out in the open whether we have fresh flowers in it or not. Admittedly, it usually sits empty because we're big failures at remembering to buy bouquets. No big, though, the geometric pattern and happy color brighten up the room even... [More]


Goodnight Macaroon Layered Color Block Sweater

When one sweater isn't enough, you put on the Goodnight Macaroon Layered Color Block Sweater ($65). We're noticing a lot of two-in-one tops out there that do the layering for you and to that we say great - the fewer decisions we have to make first thing out of bed,... [More]


Murad Refreshing Cleanser

We'll admit that we gave the Murad Refreshing Cleanser ($32) a trial run because we liked the way it smelled when we sniffed the sample tube at our local Sephora (how very calculating and scientific of us, no?). Luckily for us, the cleanser is a keeper. It manages to erase... [More]


Brass Bullet Pen

Most bullets live lives like teenage love affairs. One quick, wild burst of energy and - if you're lucky - maybe penetration, and then it's all over. The cartridge that found its way into this Brass Bullet Pen ($33) might be deprived of a bit of excitement, but at least... [More]


CDG x The Beatles T-Shirt

For some reason, avant-garde Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons - led by designer Rei Kawakubo and famous for the "lumps and bumps" runway show - decided to release a capsule collection of clothing with some band called the Beatles. Much of the iconic Beatles imagery can be found in... [More]


Shredding Scissors

You might not be shredding national secrets like Oliver North, but that doesn't mean you don't occasionally have a document on hand you'd rather didn't fall into the wrong hands. If your dirty laundry doesn't quite justify investing in a paper shredder, get the job done with these handy Shredding... [More]


Starry Light

Imagine studying the constellations from the warmth and comfort of your own home, and with a fixture that looks good even in the daylight. (Sorry, Star Planetarium.) The Starry Light by Anagraphic ($1228-$1407) is a pendant lamp drilled with holes based on different celestial constellations - you can choose from... [More]


Premium Textured Wrap Dress

Maybe after a hundred visits to various thrift stores week after week, you might find a frock pretty similar to this vintage-inspired Premium Textured Wrap Dress ($120) from Topshop. That's letting odds and luck dictate, however, and who says that you'll be able to find a dress like this just... [More]


Diptyque Feu de Bois Scented Candle

It's not easy to justify dropping a ton of money on a candle, but we promise you, the Diptyque Feu de Bois Scented Candle ($60) is worth every penny. Light it in the center of your room, settle in with an afghan and a glass of wine, and soon you'll... [More]


Dog & Cat Treat Containers

A word of caution before you add the adorable Dog & Cat Treat Containers ($18-28) to the storage collection on your kitchen counter top: make sure the words face out. You don't want anyone mistakenly chomping on a homemade dog biscuit instead of one of your famous oatmeal chocolate chip... [More]


With Love Tape

It doesn't matter if you're attaching a bit of this With Love Tape ($6) to a fancy box holding an even fancier candle, or to a plate of homemade cookies. The sentiment is the same: you love your recipient and you thought you'd remind them!... [More]


Brighten Up 2-Minute Teeth Whitener

Who has time to sit around the house with plastic strips full of gel shoved into their mouths? Not us. But just because we're busy modern ladies doesn't mean we want to walk around with sketchy brown teeth. Thankfully, this Brighten Up 2-Minute Teeth Whitener ($15) gets those chompers back... [More]

Love 21 Chevron Cutout Romper

Love 21 Cutout Chevron Romper

Rompers are still popping up everywhere this spring. We're loving the royal blue and black color combination and print of the Love 21 Cutout Chevron Romper ($20). This stylish lil' number is comfortable and cool yet sexy with the cutout back.... [More]


Nikita & Vesper Iris Garden Bag

Everything's coming up irises! The bright purple flowers are some of the first to bloom in spring, which always brings great joy to our cold, winter hearts. The roomy Nikita and Vesper Bag ($60) is screenprinted with gorgeous illustrations of these harbingers of warm days ahead.... [More]


Marie Study Planner

Do your "study plans" usually consist of a series of exhausting last-minute all-nighters? Maybe it'd be worth investing in this Marie Study Planner ($21). Not only will it look cute in your backpack, it'll also help motivate you to get some of that work done over the course of months... [More]


Lace Dress

We're getting closer to the end of winter (but not close enough) and if you're like us, that means you've worn every seasonal item in your closet at least a hundred times. It's time to restock, and H&M's Lace Dress ($50) is a great piece to round out your wardrobe.... [More]


Thumb Sumo

Why settle for an ordinary thumb war when you can bout it out in the style of an ancient Japanese tradition? Thumb Sumo ($9) comes with two rotund digit-topping figures and a mini-book of potential moves. It's all the fun of a round in the dohyō without the pesky weight... [More]


PackIt Personal Coolers

We would never encourage you to give up your favorite lunch truck entirely, but fusion tacos every day isn't good for your waistline or your wallet. Head to work equipped with a PackIt Personal Cooler ($20) full of homemade lunch and maybe your resolutions will see the unheard-of month of... [More]

The Limited Horizons Pintucked Blouse

Horizons Pintucked Blouse

The Horizons Pintucked Blouse ($60) leaves us longing for warm spring weather. This vibrant blouse can transition from the office to a night out very easily. Pair it with skinny pants and pumps for the office or denim cutoffs and metallic flip-flops for a casual night out.... [More]


Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll-On Fragrance Oil

Everything's coming up roses, or at least, they seem to be popping up as the scent of the upcoming spring season. We're cool with that. Roses are classic and feminine, and they smell divine when done right. Jurlique proves it with their Essence of Rose Roll-On Fragrance Oil ($22). You'd... [More]


Cool Waters: 50 Refreshing, Healthy, Homemade Thirst Quenchers

It's a hot summer afternoon. Where do your thoughts turn when it comes to liquid refreshment? Probably a cool gin and tonic or a frosty beer. But the recipes in Cool Waters: 50 Refreshing, Healthy, Homemade Thirst Quenchers ($12) sound so appealing, they might just turn cocktail hour into "delicious... [More]


Posy Henley Top

If we're going to spend a fair amount on a top - designer or not - we want to make sure we're getting our money's worth. That's why we're psyched about this Ella Moss Posy Henley Top ($178). Sure, it's not the most showy shirt on the market, but the... [More]


T. Tahari Persia A-Line Dress

Shopping for business casual gear is never going to be as much fun as shopping for a tropical vacation, but at least this boldly colored T. Tahari dress ($51, on sale) makes it easy. Not only is it on major clearance, we also love the stylish elements that help it... [More]


Lace-waist Hiphugger Panty

As Valentine's Day approaches, are you more aware of the sorry state of your underwear drawer? Replace those worn-out panties while select clearance is marked down at Victoria's Secret. Use code VS20EXTRA to get an extra 20% off select clearance items like the Lace-waist Hiphugger Panty, which are just over... [More]


Tacey Peep Toe Booties

It may be a little too early to wear open-toed boots, but we're definitely psyched to see them being sold. And anyway, by the time we can afford the Tacey Peep Toe Booties ($310) from Paul Green, it'll be spring and they'll be on sale. (At least, we're hoping they'll... [More]


Library of Flowers Wildflower & Fern Bubble Bath

Mr. Bubble just ain't gonna cut it anymore. Despite the fact that we're still excited about bubble baths, we're grown women now, and we have to take care of our skin because we're not getting any younger. So we're super excited to use this Library of Flowers bubble bath ($36),... [More]


Blue Rabbit Print Scarf

Usher in spring, also known as bunny multiplication season, with this adorable Blue Rabbit Print Scarf ($39). And just like your yard, this scarf magically fills up with more and more critters each day!... [More]


Perrocaliente Cutlery Set

It's time to break out of the flatware box. Who ever said that our eating utensils should be confined to boring solids? This Perrocaliente flatware ($70) comes in a choice of funky patterns, from polka dot to checkerboard. Use them to spice up your table setting.... [More]

Victorias Secret Forever Sexy One-Shoulder Monokini

Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy One-Shoulder Monokini

Sometimes simple is the way to go...especially when it's fitted and shows a little skin. The Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy One-Shoulder Monokini ($73) is a must-have for every bombshell as she jets off to a tropical island.... [More]


3AM Notepad

Transform those middle-of-the-night wakeups from a form of subtle torture to a perfect opportunity to get creative. This 3AM Notepad ($13) invites you to spend those ungodly hours writing epic poetry, solving Fermat's last theorem, or doodling pictures of Miniature Schnauzers. Who needs sleep?... [More]


Beer/Food Prints

With the popularity of microbrews on the rise, it may be a good time to start learning their perfect pairings. These Beer/Food Prints ($48 for six) from redcruiser can act as your cheat sheets. Hang 'em, study 'em, and never lose face in front of your little sister's bearded brewmaster... [More]


Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel

Feeling a little annoyed with life? A hot shower and a lather with Cowshed's Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel ($25) probably won't remove your woes all together, but it will give you a ten-minute break from from the onslaught of awful. The bright citrus scent may fortify you... [More]


Michael Kors Two-Tone Baguette Bangle

Who would've thought that crystal and tortoiseshell would go so well together? Well, Audrey Hepburn, for one. Michael Kors also does a pretty sharp job putting those two trends together in this Two-Tone Baguette Bangle ($165). Wear it while munching pastries and window-shopping.... [More]


Black Leather Bustier High Low Chiffon Dress

High-low hems, or "mullet hems" as they're affectionately known, are here to stay - at least for another season or two. Get on the bandwagon with this lovely Black Leather Bustier Dress ($48) to show off your best assets - the fronts of the bottom halves of your legs.... [More]


Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Ring

You want him to celebrate Valentine's Day with a big question and a sparkly diamond ring. He's hoping to get by with a box of chocolates. If there's common ground between the two that won't lead to gut-twisting anxiety or tears and disappointment, it's probably this Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle... [More]


Baby Alpaca Empire State Building with King Kong

Does your infant seem indifferent to fluffy bunny rabbits and cuddly teddy bears? Maybe the little mite will be happier cozying up to a skyscraper. This Baby Alpaca Empire State Building with King Kong ($108) is a plush, soft, hypoallergenic alternative to traditional stuffed toys.... [More]


Mighty Stripey Os

There's a sailor stripe shirt and then there's a shirt that actually looks like a sailor might have worn it - especially if that sailor's name was Mr. Smee. Mighty Stripey Os ($5)... [More]


Mio Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak

Mio's Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak ($40) isn't going to replace your Saturday morning yoga class but if you "accidentally" hit snooze one too many times and wake up feeling guilty, it'll help dissolve that guilt. Err, that's probably the Epsom salts dissolving. You'll still feel a pang of shame... [More]


Share the Love Chocopod Gift Sets

This Valentine's Day, melt the hearts of even your most aloof coworkers by bringing in one of these Share the Love Chocopod Gift Sets ($25, on sale) from Chuao Chocolatier. Sharing the thirty-six-piece chocolate set will seem like an act of kindness (and it totally is!), but maybe it'll also... [More]


Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay

We're not above lounging around with a gooey mask gracing our faces if it means we'll peel it away twenty minutes later and find better-looking skin underneath. What that should really say is that we're not above accepting a package from the mailman/running to the laundry room with more quarters/drinking... [More]


U Wish iPhone Case

Just not in the mood? Save yourself the hassle of giving out a fake number and let this iPhone case ($16) do the work for you.... [More]


Love What You Brew Coffeegram

Send your sweetie a Love What You Brew Coffeegram ($19) from Tonx for Valentine's Day. Actually, send a coffeegram to your sweetie and to four other besties, because you get five separate bags of coffee when you order. Each bag contains two ounces of beans and is packaged smartly with... [More]


Meow Meow Tweet Repair Balm

Dang polar vortex. We're dipping into our savings to deal with higher heat bills and battling some seriously dry skin. Meow Meow Tweet's Repair Balm ($18) isn't going to help us reason with the electric company, but it will salvage our parched and cracked skin. The vegan balm contains myrrh... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? February 7, 2014

Do holographic prints remind us a little too much of mid-1990s trips to Claire's? Yes. But maybe you missed out on these shiny accessories the first time around. Or maybe your mom wouldn't let you buy that holographic tee when you were twelve and you're now living your dream. You... [More]


Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs

We're not saying that eleven-dollar mimosas during Sunday breakfast out are a bad idea. We're more specifically saying that four-dollar orange juices covertly filled with champagne from these portable Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs Cans ($18 for four) will save you a few bucks and get you just as buzzed.... [More]


Dolce & Gabbana The Foundation

It's pretty gutsy of Dolce & Gabbana to label their luminous liquid foundation as The Foundation ($59). It's almost like they're claiming to be the best. Of course, they're not getting any arguments from us. The silky, lightweight formula blends in flawlessly and gives us even-toned, glowing complexions, making it... [More]


Adventurous Women Muscle Tank

Inspired by a first season episode of Girls, Gypsy Warrior's Adventurous Women Muscle Tank ($20) isn't the most fashionable top to rock, but it far surpasses some of Hannah's outfit choices. Besides, we're pretty fond of the Girls train wreck, and we can always wear this top under a blazer... [More]


The Ludlow

There was a resurgence in the popularity of fanny packs in the last several years, but only with a certain crowd (let's just say the thrift stores couldn't keep 'em in stock in Portland). The thing is, though, fanny packs make a lot of sense! If you only need to... [More]



Sick of seeing smudged liner staring back at you from the bathroom mirror by midday? Invest in some MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liners ($23). They'll cost ya a decent amount, but the stellar quality more than makes up for the price. This stuff stays put no matter what you... [More]


Florabella Nimes Tote

It may be a few weeks (okay, months) before it's finally time to hit the beach, but can you blame us for spending our downtime window shopping for fun-in-the-sun accessories? We can hypothetically stash them all in the large Florabella Nimes Tote ($144). The lace and seagrass bag can hold... [More]