Does This Make Us Look Cheap? January 31, 2014

Welcome to year 4712! It's the first day of the Lunar New Year, and you'll never guess what this year's animal is. Hint: paying even minimal attention to this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? will put you in the loop. Canvas Zoology Poster ($99 on sale) O'Neill Blakely... [More]


Poler Napsack

It's not the most stylish thing we've ever posted, but we really dig the functionality of a sleeping bag you can wear. The Poler Napsack ($130) is a perfectly nice place to sleep, yes, but it seals the deal with its armholes, pockets, hood, and drawstring opening at the feet.... [More]

Tory Burch Nori Platform Wedge Sandals

Tory Burch Nori Platform Wedge Sandals

As cold as this winter has been, we can't help but daydream about summer dresses and sandals! The Tory Burch Nori Platform Wedge Sandals ($325) are on our list of "must-haves" for this summer. These laser-cut leather wedges offer a bit of light shimmer with a natural look, so they'll... [More]


The Voyager Set

We'll confess that we've never actually dined at NYC's Le Bernardin, nor have we stopped in at La Boîte to sample the famed biscuits. We, um, usually opt for more budget-friendly foods. But hey, if ordering their collaborative Voyager Set ($45) will help us season our home-cooked meals like pros,... [More]



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Jack by BB Dakota Colista Sweater

This Westie must fancy itself as ferocious as the Lion Rampant, as it assumes the position of the emblem of the King of Scots on this Jack by BB Dakota Colista Sweater ($60). It probably is - though it be but little, it is fierce!... [More]


PBteen Love Shelf

Should we be concerned about the fact that we're grown women who own several items from PBteen (and not in the way that we just have stuff left over from our teen years floating around the apartment, but in the way that we actively purchase new things from PBteen...often)? Mmm,... [More]


The Singing Machine iPad Karaoke System

Love singing? Fear humiliation? Break yourself in easy with The Singing Machine iPad Karaoke System ($130). This compact unit transforms your tablet into the engine of your very own faux rock-star experience. Use it to perfect your Meatloaf or Bonnie Tyler before you end up on the American Idol outtakes... [More]


Zinkē Olivia Tank and Oli Shorts

You don't have to squeeze into something see-through and skimpy in order to look sexy. We bet your Valentine's Day date will adore you in the silk Olivia Tank ($92) and Oli Shorts ($81). They'll show off all of your assets and keep you comfy (while you've still got them... [More]


Lambswool Birdie

The cuteness. It's too much. Please, take away this Lambswool Birdie ($59), handmade by Sally Nencini, before we snuggle it to death.... [More]

Maizie Mini Bowler Bag

Maizie Mini Bowler Bag

This fabulous little handbag costs less than a night out on the town! The Maizie Mini Bowler Bag ($29) is very stylish and looks much more expensive that it actually is. The black, white and red colorblock combination is super chic and the bowler silhouette is right on trend for... [More]

Heart Bandit Card

Heart Bandit Card

Surprise your Valentine with a fun card! The Heart Bandit Card ($6) is short and sweet; it really says it all. He's stolen your heart forever.... [More]


Nesting Chicken Cookbook Stand

Sure, most nights we call up our recipes on our trusty iPads, but when we feel like breaking out the big culinary guns, nothing beats sourcing our brilliance from an honest-to-goodness, sauce-stained, flour-dusted book. And what better way to display it than with this Nesting Chicken Cookbook Stand ($175)? This... [More]


Cabela's Adam & Eve 20°F Sleeping Bag

What could be more romantic than camping? It's just you and your honey in the wilderness with nothing between you... except for several layers of insulation. Let this Cabela's Adam & Eve 20°F Sleeping Bag ($181) get you back in the game. This cozy sleeping bag is specially built for... [More]

TOMS Personalized Classic Canvas Slip-On

TOMS Personalized Classic Canvas Slip-On

How cool would you feel rockin' the TOMS Personalized Classic Canvas Slip-On ($63) with your name plastered along the side? These uber-comfy slip-ons are super cute when they're plain; monogram them and they're that much more adorable. As you probably already know, TOMS will donate a pair of shoes to... [More]


Red Hearts Zipper Case

Someone stop us. We now own about four thousand accessories sporting hearts of some sort. Of course, that doesn't mean we regret adding the Red Hearts Zipper Case ($25) from Fluffy Co. to the collection. We figure that it'll be a valuable contribution to our heart clutter: it can hold... [More]


Closet Wrap Front Tulip Dress

If "polka dots" are wimpy little pinpricks of color, then what would we call the big, bold circles on this Closet Wrap Front Tulip Dress ($26)? We're thinking they deserve something far more badass than polka. How about Thrash Metal Spots?... [More]



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Orb Copper Shaker

Is it just us, or does shaking up a Tom Collins in a shiny copper shaker, like this one ($22), feel way more chic than it does when we shake with a run-of-the-mill plastic or stainless steel shaker? We know it's all in our heads, but we swear our drinks... [More]


Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun

"We're bored." Your kids whine this like members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness chant the Hare Krishna mantra. You can waste hours trying to give them ideas for something to do that they don't reject with scorn, or simply hand them Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious... [More]



Franky, it scares you: that jar of funky-smelling liquid stewing on your hippie friend's counter, complete with something that looks freakishly like an Alien hatchling growing on the inside. But Kombucha! The Amazing Probiotic Tea That Cleanses, Heals, Energizes, and Detoxifies ($18) sure makes it sound a whole lot better... [More]


Pretty Vacant Reindeer Sweater

The rest of your Christmas sweaters have been retired to their dusty corner of the closet to await next year's round of ugly jumper parties, but we've found one that will happily survive the holidays. This Pretty Vacant Reindeer Sweater ($41) boasts a chic pattern you can fashionably wear straight... [More]


Allergic to BS Tee

We'd hope those jerks would think twice about catcalling you if you were wearing the Allergic to BS Tee ($28). That would assume some sort of self-awareness on their part, however - connecting what it says on your shirt to their actions - so maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves.... [More]


Flying Spaghetti Monster Car Decal

For those on the road familiar with the Flying Spaghetti Monster (the deity of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster of course), seeing this decal ($2) on your car will be like recognizing a secret highway Pastafarian handshake. For everyone else, it will be a good way to kill... [More]


OshKosh B'gosh East Coast T-Shirt

It's a rivalry as old as time: Atlantic vs. Pacific, New York vs. L.A. From gangland affiliations to swing dance styles, the conflict between the East and West continues to rage. So why not get your kid in on the fun from the get-go? This OshKosh B'gosh East Coast T-Shirt... [More]


Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift

Instant attitude: it's what you get every time your spouse questions your makeup budget. Doesn't he understand the meaning of "essential household expense"? Just grab a little cash from the grocery account for this Instant Attitude Brow Lift ($20). We bet he won't even notice eating mac 'n' cheese three... [More]


Pretty Polly Hearts Back Tights

Wearing head-to-toe pink on Valentine's Day may be a bit too nauseating, even when you're in a twitterpated state of mind. Stick with a subtle nod to the holiday by wearing a pair of Pretty Polly's Hearts Back Tights ($25). They'll look playful when worn under your work wear and... [More]


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush

Face it: it's only a matter of time before Science weighs in and informs us that anything that didn't come off of a tree or out of the ground probably causes cancer. Thankfully, playing it safe doesn't have to mean giving up that illustrious glow. These Fruit Pigmented Blushes ($23)... [More]



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Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water

Don't be fooled! The Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water ($32) from Dr. Brandt isn't an ultra-overpriced bottle of plain old H20. It's actually a triple threat against dull and dirty skin, with tiny particles that cleanse, tone, and replenish by ridding your face of makeup and grime.... [More]


I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face Note Cards

Feeling lovey-dovey toward your honey doesn't stop once Valentine's Day ends, right? Of course not! Keep the I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face Note Cards ($15, set of 12) from Chronicle Books on hand and send your favorite person sweet nothings whenever it strikes your fancy.... [More]


Crystal Wings Pendant

People in your vicinity might start wearing sunglasses if you keep sporting this Crystal Wings Pendant ($36). This piece boasts an ultra-sparkly arrangement of marquise-cut stones for a dazzling impact that could give Lil Jon bling envy.... [More]


V-Day: Cat Love Pendant

Is your cat your valentine this year? Show the love you have for ol' Fluffy - and that Fluffy has for you - with Yellow Owl Workshop's Cat Love Pendant ($44), which will make a wonderful gift to give yourself. Try to resist the temptation to get a matching one... [More]


Long Shaggy Faux Fur Throw

You've got to stay warm during those long winter True Blood marathons. If you can't get Alexander Skarsgård to cuddle you on the sofa, we suppose wrapping yourself up in this Long Shaggy Faux Fur Throw ($109) is the next best thing. Though wrapping both you and Alexander Skarsgård up... [More]


Éminence Rose Collection Tube

Scrub, wax, lotion, potion, and powder yourself silly with the contents of the Rose Collection Tube ($69) from Éminence. It doesn't matter if Valentine's Day dinner includes a three-course meal at a hard-to-get romantic table for two or a heart-shaped pizza ordered from your favorite delivery place. By the end... [More]


ROCKI Free Your Music

Let's face it: wireless speakers kind of suck. They're either way expensive, or rely on low-quality Bluetooth technology. It's a combination that leaves many of us forced (gasp!) to cross entire rooms to skip tracks or change playlists - but no longer. ROCKI Free Your Music ($50) is a brilliantly... [More]


Zara Leather Ballerina Flats with Studs

We know the world of ballet isn't as sickly sweet as we were led to believe as little girls - all pink tutus and swans - so we're all over these studded Zara flats ($100) for showing a little edge.... [More]


The Vintage Tea Party Book

Throwing a tea party is so easy, any lunatic could do it - right? False. Only a particular sort of lunatic can pull it off properly, the sort of person who will follow the guidelines of The Vintage Tea Party Book ($30) to the letter. Party mistress extraordinaire Angel Adoree... [More]


Dead Fly Charm

We almost Doubtblushed this Dead Fly Charm ($220) - after all, who wants to pay a couple hundred bucks to wear the sterling silver model of something we usually pick up with a tissue? But its creepy-grossness has actually won us over. We still wish it were a little bit... [More]


bareMinerals Degrees Of Dazzling Eyeshadow Set

The bareMinerals Degrees Of Dazzling Eyeshadow Set ($79) is a makeup lover's wet dream. Twenty full-size loose eye shadows ranging from pale to dark, matte to glitter, at a 65% savings over buying each individually? Oh, baby! Loose eyeshadows do take a bit of practice to apply properly, as there... [More]


Thinx Performance Underwear

Nobody wants to admit it. Hell, nobody even wants to think about it - but leaks happen. Instead of consigning your favorite knickers to the trash or wasting time and OxiClean trying to set them right, why not wear a pair designed to take a bit of monthly abuse? Thinx... [More]


Therias & L'Econome Paring Knife and Peeler Set

Face it: when it comes to cooking, the French do everything better. After all, where would potatoes be without frites? What's a humble cake next to a luxurious gâteau? And they manage it all without turning into a nation of fatties. It's no wonder this French-made Therias & L'Econome Paring... [More]


Joseph Joseph Nest 100

You're not even going to know what to do with all the extra cabinet space this Joseph Joseph Nest 100 ($100) buys you. A complete, perfectly stacked set of mixing bowls, sifter, measuring cups and spoons, it'll let you kick that kitchen clutter to the curb in favor of an... [More]


Facial Cleansing Sponge with Aloe Vera

Ouch! A day on the slopes yielded both a stiff lower back and a wind-burned face*. Dr. Sponge's Facial Cleansing Sponge ($9) isn't going to help you book an appointment with your chiropractor, but it will soothe your poor cheeks. Wet it down and gently buff your skin with small,... [More]


Remee Lucid Dreaming Sleep Mask

Christian Bale. A bottle of Dom Perignon. A bathtub full of chocolate. Don't you wish you could repeat that little escapade every night? This Remee Lucid Dreaming Sleep Mask ($95) promises to help. A distinct pattern of lights built into the mask gives your brain a chance to realize it's... [More]


Curves Digital Jump Rope

Diet not quite cutting the mustard? Or maybe the mustard is the problem, and how deliciously it goes onto not-so-diet friendly hot dogs. With this Curves Digital Jump Rope ($10), you can have the diet and maybe a couple hot dogs too. Jumping rope is one of the most intensive... [More]


Olivia Burton Paisley Design Watch

Olivia Burton's Paisley Design watch ($88) boasts a shiny leather band, gold hardware, Roman numerals, and a soft and vintage-designed face. When time looks this classy, we don't mind being slaves to it.... [More]


La'Mir Naked Nude Lip Gloss

If you're looking for a completely matte nude lip, a tube of La'Mir's Naked Nude Lip Gloss ($13, on sale) won't help in your endeavor. Instead, it'll add a flirty, cotton candy sheen to your pucker (which is fresh and fun in its own right). We assume they call it... [More]


Ice Cream Spades

We're always happy to engage in the great cone versus cup debate, but we've also accepted that the choice is purely personal. We can't say we'd be able to accept that so easily in a discussion pitting these Ice Cream Spades ($12) against a regular old spoon. The blunt ends... [More]



We're not sure what you'll actually receive in the mail when you order a garment from Hipknoties ($60-75). We're guessing it's some sort of giant fabric tube, but we can't find any clarifying photos. The creators claim that you can fashion each Hipknoties (in mini, midi, or maxi sizes) in... [More]


Pushin' Against a Stone

If you want some music to warm up your winter blues, look no further than Valerie June's Pushin' Against A Stone ($14). We imagine you'll be hearing more of the Tennessee-bred musician's name around soon, as she's heading out on tour next month with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Her... [More]


Blueprint Paper Placemats

Flunk out of butler school? Never fear. Setting a proper table is a breeze if you start with these Blueprint Paper Placemats ($29). They make it perfectly clear which side the forks and spoons should go on (and look pretty sharp in the process).... [More]


Downton Abbey Lip Gloss Trio

Use this Downton Abbey Lip Gloss Trio ($12) to give your look an air of merciless backstabbing and convoluted family loyalties. Just be sure to watch out for a painfully forced plot twist while wearing it.... [More]


We Are Handsome Playground One Piece Tank

Bring memories of the boardwalk with you - its excited screams, suntan lotion smells, excitable seagulls, sticky sidewalks and rows of surfers - wherever you go with We Are Handsome's impressive photoreal print. It takes center stage on this simple and impactful swimsuit ($297), so we imagine the real thing... [More]


Sagaform Season Serving Dish with Lid

Dishes suck. The less of them we have to deal with, the happier we are. That's why we love this Sagaform Season Serving Dish with Lid ($90). This oven-safe casserole is great for cooking, but with its delightfully decorated lid, also looks totally sharp on the table even on fancy... [More]


Giving Tree Sticky Notes

Shel Silverstein's timeless classic The Giving Tree chronicles the lifelong story of a generous tree that gives every piece of its essence to the boy it loves. And just like Silverstein's creation, some far distant tree really did provide body and soul to create the paper for these Giving Tree... [More]


Limited Edition Charity Soma Water Filter

This Limited Edition Soma Water Filter ($49 - $159) turns the world's most boring beverage into something worth raising an eyebrow over. Made with natural silk and coconut, the filter fits into an elegant glass carafe. And with every purchase of one of these packages, Soma will make a donation... [More]


Boston Warehouse Oven Mitts

It's not the most practical option - silicone mitts are certainly easier to clean - but how much more fun is it to pull casseroles out of the oven with a freaking shark? These Boston Warehouse Oven Mitts ($9) come in an assortment of ridiculous shapes, from lobster claws to... [More]


Personal Shopper: Tall Girl Jeans for Whitney

Whitney writes: "Coming in at almost 6'2", I have long legs - 36 or 37 inch inseam long legs. You'd think that I would be able to buy jeans labeled "long inseam", but for some reason retailers seem to think that "long" means 33 inches. While I can pull off... [More]


Bübi Bottle

It's been a while since a water bottle has impressed us, but the Bübi Bottle ($17-25) stands out from the crowd. It's mold-resistant and BPA-free, malleable for rolling and storing, and you can stick it in the freezer, dishwasher, or microwave. The site recommends that you think outside the box... [More]


Amazon White Clay Thickening Hair Spray

We'll be the first to admit we're not always the perfectly coiffed types, but even when a messy ponytail is our 'do of choice, we spray our locks in place with a bit of Amazon White Clay Thickening Hair Spray ($24) from Taya. It smooths down our flyaways and adds... [More]


Luxury Cat Dish

Your cat believes it deserves the best - the sunniest spot on the couch, the exact center of your bed, and endless mountains of Fancy Feast. If you're short on Limoges porcelain to serve up your feline overlord's dinner, this Luxury Cat Dish ($17) should make for an acceptable substitute.... [More]


Printed Silk Crepe de Chine Shorts

Naked leg season may still be a few months down the line, but that doesn't mean you should dilly-dally on building your warm weather wardrobe. Spring collections are out in full force and presenting some pretty fabulous pieces. See by Chloé's Printed Silk Crepe de Chine Shorts ($355) are sadly... [More]


Fern Terrarium DIY Kit

Sure, you can buy them ready-made, but isn't it so much more fun to do it yourself? After all, your home-baked muffins might come out like blueberry hockey pucks, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you made them yourself. And the results of this Fern Terrarium DIY... [More]


Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

Sure, the market is packed with products that promise to help us reduce our fine lines and wrinkles, instantly making us look like the hot twenty-nine-year-olds we still pretend to be in low-lit situations. But who wants to wait weeks or even days for results? In this fast-paced modern world,... [More]


BAGGU 3D Zip Cases

There's no denying that BAGGU's new flat-to-full 3D Zip Cases ($8-12) have infinite usage possibilities, and for those prices, we're going to grab one in each size (small, medium, and large). We've got enough bric-a-brac, makeup, and extras to fill 'em all. In fact, the largest bag is big enough... [More]


Rhiannon Necklace

Put that jam on your car stereo, and you're instantly transformed from sane driver to earthy front seat diva. You should probably pull over. If this Rhiannon Necklace ($65) creates a fraction of the same impact as Stevie Nicks's iconic raspy vocals, it ought to come with a warning.... [More]


Feather Trim Embellished Skirt

You win, Feather Trim Embellished Skirt ($65). Our usual policy for dry-clean-only clothing is to toss it in the wash anyway and cross our fingers - but with your glittering rhinestones, delicate lace, and soft feather trim, we know that would end in disaster. Guess you'll be getting the tender,... [More]


Perfect Manicure Nail Protector

We call it "The Sloppy Bitch Manicure" - the one you slap on with fast-dry polish minutes before you have to dash out the door. But while your nails might be dry, you've probably managed to slather your cuticles with color. Get the job done quick without looking like you... [More]


Big Love Heart-Shaped Blanket

Know a new squishy who needs snuggling? Wrap up the lovey in the Big Love blanket ($63) from belle&beanzer and cuddle to your heart's content. The blanket has open pockets around the curves of the heart for easy swaddling, nursing, or even draping over a bassinet, stroller, or infant seat.... [More]


Whiskey Beeswax Candle

Never thought you'd want your house to smell like a bar, did you? But that was before you lit this Whiskey Beeswax Candle ($45). Thankfully, it comes without the usual companion odors of cigarettes, stale peanuts, and Axe body spray.... [More]


PINK Lace Trim Thong Panty

None of us are getting younger. But that doesn't mean your underwear drawer has to be bland. This PINK Lace Trim Thong Panty ($10) puts a little pep in your panty drawer, and right now it's free with any bra purchase with coupon code ROSELACE. After something a tad more... [More]


The Soup & Bread Cookbook

The only sensible thing to do when it's minus-one-freaking-billion-degrees outside? Hibernate on the couch under a pile of blankets with a warm bowl of homemade soup, a hunk of fresh-baked bread, and a season of your favorite TV show* on Netflix Instant. Duh. The Soup & Bread Cookbook: More Than... [More]


Dusen Dusen Denim Pullover

Can something made out of denim be a casual, comfortable lounging top? Yup, with Dusen Dusen's light, playful touch. The designer's Denim Pullover ($153) also helpfully includes two buttons at the wrists that act as training wheels, so to speak, so you can master that carefree cuffed sleeve with only... [More]


Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

We might all wish we had someone to airbrush every single photo of us in existence, but that would be unrealistic, not to mention expensive. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup ($39) is a much better solution. The airy, light formula covers imperfections (read: all those pimples... [More]


Nico Sushi Memo Blocks

How many times during a typical work day do you catch yourself wishing you were eating sushi? After all, doesn't stuffing your face with tuna maki sound much more enjoyable than filing and writing emails? Exacerbate the problem with these Sushi Memo Blocks ($19), which are sure to have you... [More]


Faux Leather Running Shorts

We now know that it was Kanye who came up with the idea for leather jogging pants (which are totally a thing), even though he's not getting the credit. So I guess we have him to thank as well for these slightly more functional faux leather running shorts ($25)?... [More]


Wavy Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Want to turn a boring crystal bangle into something worth wearing? Make it wavy! A few extra curves are all it takes to put this Wavy Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver ($185) light years beyond its straight-laced cousins.... [More]


Lime + Coconut with Strawberry Everyone Hand Soap

EO says they created their Lime + Coconut with Strawberry Everyone Hand Soap ($5) to smell just like a tall glass of strawberry lemonade. Well kudos, EO, mission accomplished! We may be a long way from actual lemonade season, but washing our hands with this all-natural soap just may tide... [More]


Ellena Fur Slipper Boot

These Ellena Fur Slipper Boots ($38) look a little like they might turn into razor-toothed monsters if you feed them after midnight. Thankfully, the only threat posed by these cuddly accessories is that they might make your feet so warm, you won't want to take them off to leave the... [More]


Beard Buddy Dog Tag Comb Necklace

We love beards - in theory. The reality of an untrimmed, tangled face-forest can be somewhat less appealing, especially if it has little pieces of food trapped somewhere in its depths. This Beard Buddy Dog Tag Comb Necklace ($110) makes it more convenient than ever for your hirsute friend or... [More]


Cash Ruler Earrings

Believe in sympathetic magic? Of course not. You're a modern, rational human being. That's why you won't be wearing these Cash Ruler Earrings ($10) to try to create good money mojo. You're just buying those extra scratch tickets because you like supporting your state government.... [More]


Electric Fireplace

Nothing would take off that winter chill quite like warming yourself up by a cozy fire... which is why it's depressing as hell that your landlord or insurance company won't let you have one that works. Stop shivering and fake it with this Electric Fireplace ($200). It look so much... [More]


Tahir Mahmood Mortar & Pestle

Even if the closest you get to home cooking is adding a little extra pepperoni to your DiGiorno, this Tahir Mahmood Mortar & Pestle ($125) is worth a look just for the colorful impact it will make on your counter. And for those who actually do crush their own cumin,... [More]


Sephora Collection 5 Shade Tinted Balm Wand

Sephora has an uncanny knack for creating exactly the types of beauty supplies we totally didn't know we needed. Case in point? Their 5 Shade Tinted Balm Wand ($12). Not only does it give us five on-trend, lip-enhancing colors, but it also gives us a fair amount of nostalgia for... [More]


Grand Plan Pad

How many times have you started making a "little note" on an average Post-it, only to have your quick idea turn into an elaborate work of genius? And how often is said work of genius stymied when you run out of space? We thought so. Give yourself space for bigger... [More]


Plodes Barnacles

The Plodes Barnacles ($240) are an easy way to give a room a small dose of major character. They install directly onto your wall, giving off the vibe of, well, barnacles growing on the surface of a rock. Use them as unique cubbies for everyday items like toiletries or car... [More]

Cosabella Never Say Never Bootie 30-Piece Thong Set

Cosabella Never Say Never Bootie 30-Piece Thong Set

Nothing says he loves wants you like a month's worth of sexy thongs! The Cosabella Never Say Never Bootie 30-Piece Thong Set ($500) is a perfect little heart box packed with thirty colorful lace thongs...and did we happen to mention very sexy? Well, they are!... [More]


Fantasy Body Care

Valentine's Day doesn't have to just be for lovers - show you care for your gal pals with a little gift. One easy way to knock them all off your shopping list at once? The Fantasy Body Care line at Victoria's Secret is mix-and-match five for $30 right now, so... [More]


Victoria's Secret Lattice High-Waist Bottom

Are we excited to see high-waisted bikini bottoms back at Victoria's Secret? You betcha. We love this trend of more coverage down below - not only is it nice to get our bellies a little more secured in there, it also makes hunting down retro-inspired swimwear a hell of a... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: THE ROW Stretch Leather Skinny Pants

Who would've thought that two girls best known for saying, "Uh-oh!" to John Stamos would become high-end fashion powerhouses? We love the sleek pieces in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's line, THE ROW, but the prices make us do a quadruple spit take. These THE ROW Stretch Leather Skinny Pants (#1)... [More]


Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons

When your kitchen utensils have as sweet a presentation as the Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons ($25) from One Hundred 80 Degrees, do you even need to bother with baking and decorating cakes and cookies? We mean, of course you do, because there's no replacing double fudge cupcakes with peanut... [More]


Carrot Pin

Someone we greatly admire made a profound fashion statement by using a piece of celery as a boutonnière. It was a daring move that paid off (at least until that unfortunate incident on Androzani Minor). Make the vegetable-as-accessory theme your own with this Carrot Pin ($24). You won't even have... [More]


Rowley Eyewear No. 62

Warby Parker has been the go-to eyeglasses brand for modern, stylish gals for some time, but we recently became aware of Cynthia Rowley's eyewear line. At roughly the same price point, there are a load of great options for those who have already run through the Warby Parker line or... [More]


Maria Malta High-Rise Jeans

If someone took a typical pair of jeans and moved them up a couple of inches, the result could look something like these Maria Malta High-Rise Jeans ($222). Did they just hack the extra fabric off the legs to give these their bellybutton-climbing height without going over budget? Who knows.... [More]


Create Your Own Monster Kit

You've already created a monster or two. You did it with ten minutes of bliss, nine months of gestation, and years of feeding, soothing, and making sure they didn't stick bobby pins in the outlets. Now your little terrors can be blissfully distracted by inventing nightmares of their own, by... [More]


Euro Cuisine Prep Machine

Peeling, whisking, and brushing are all things you can do by hand - but why should you, when the touch of a button can do it all for you? That'd be like getting up off the couch to swap channels when there's a remote control and a bag of Hershey's... [More]


Hilary Heart d'Orsay Flats

The Hilary Heart d'Orsay Flats ($240) from Alice + Olivia initially caught our attention because we thought they'd make the perfect pair of flats to flaunt on Valentine's Day. They most definitely will, but we think they'll also have staying power as we move into the spring season. They'll look... [More]


J.R. Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment

It's an ache-beating blast from the past: J. R. Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment ($13), based on the brand's original formula from 1868. This blend of camphor, red pepper and spruce oil still helps relieve sore, stiff muscles - and don't you just love the vintage-style bottle? Rub it on your... [More]


Destiny Candle

Need an extra push to get you through your resolutions? Destiny Candle ($30) is a line of candles that are designed to help you with stress relief, love, energy, and even weight loss. Even if you're a skeptic of aromatherapy, there are tons of other reasons to get behind these... [More]


Mark & Graham Copper Mug

We've sipped on a few Moscow Mules in our day, but sadly, none have been from a traditional copper mug. This one ($30), from Mark & Graham, looks like it ought to help us fancy up our vodka and ginger beer concoctions. We can get it personalized at no extra... [More]


CMYK Enamel Necklace + Ear Stud Set

Design geeks, prepare to be parted from $55. This CMYK Enamel Necklace + Ear Stud Set is an Adobe-lover's dream come true, with pendant and studs in colorful representation of everybody's favorite print-friendly color model.... [More]


Touche Colorblocked Maillot

No doubt you're looking forward to your midwinter vacation to the balmy beachfront, but baring your February bod in a swimsuit? You'd rather hightail it to Siberia. Fear not and compromise by wearing the Touche Colorblocked Maillot ($140). It's modern and sexy but still keeps your midsection covered and your... [More]


Steiff Starly Riding Unicorn

Honestly, what little girl is going to settle for riding an ordinary pony when she can saddle up on a freaking unicorn? And that's why buying this Starly Riding Unicorn might save you money - because $527 is still a heck of a lot cheaper than years of horseback riding... [More]

Diane von Furstenberg 3D Lips iPhone Case

Diane von Furstenberg 3D Lips iPhone Case

The Diane von Furstenberg 3D Lips iPhone Case ($48) is a simple reminder of how much you're loved on Valentine's Day and every other day.... [More]


Liddabit Sweets Tallyhos!

Oh my. It's a damn good thing that Liddabit Sweets sells their Tallyhos! ($9) in boxes of two. One just wouldn't be enough, and if there were more than two, we would just keep eating until we had inhaled every last iota. The chocolate cake-like cookies are buffered by vanilla... [More]


Leah Duncan Meadow Brass Cuff

The hills are alive with the sound of...okay, so maybe great accessorizing doesn't make a sound, but this Leah Duncan Meadow Brass Cuff ($195) certainly plays the right notes when it comes to impact. We think a simple brass cuff and a whimsical rendering of a pristine mountain landscape make... [More]


Clinique Happy in Bloom Fragrance

Clinique has been adding new fragrances to their Happy line faster than we can sample them. This version of Happy in Bloom ($48) is one of their newest, released for 2014. It's a limited edition scent, so try and get your hands on a bottle before it fades back into... [More]


Chloé Metallic Suede Scalloped Ballet Flats

You've got a weakness for sparkly shoes, but most of those disco-ready kicks are sadly on the cheap side when it comes to materials. Not so these Chloé flats ($550). Their rich, glittery finish is on genuine Italian leather, which means these lovely little shoes might even outlive your cable... [More]


Kari Gran Tinted Lip Whip

This is the first time we've tried a lip moisturizer in such an intriguing flavor. Our new pot of Kari Gran's Tinted Lip Whip ($15) is in cinnamon-pimenta berry and it has a warm, spiced berry scent to it that lingers as we spread the whip over our lips. The... [More]


Frends Layla Headphones

Your taste in music is anything but boring and ordinary, so why should your ear buds or headphones lack pizzazz? They shouldn't, and they won't if you replace them with the Frends Layla Headphones ($150)! With four different metal finishes, the headphones are ultra polished and leagues above the hum-drum... [More]


John Varvatos Wool Lined Fingerless Gloves

Stylish and warm, the Wool Lined Fingerless Gloves ($71, on sale) from John Varvatos will keep your hands (mostly) covered during inclement weather. You'll also be free to putter around on your smartphone while you run your errands or wait in lines. With no need to pull off your gloves,... [More]


Lucien Stripe Jumper

As if you didn't already spend enough money on fabulous J.Crew styles for yourself - now you've got kids to clothe, too. The entirety of their baby line is adorable, and you can dress your little ones in preppy wares as soon as they exit the womb. This soft-as-can-be Lucien... [More]


Three Potato Four Paper Pack

Do vintage ephemera set your feathers fluttering? Then you'll flip for this Three Potato Four Paper Pack ($24). The masters of the perfect flea market finds have assembled these bundles of honest-to-goodness antique notes, stamps, maps, and other paper goodies. Every pack is different, so you'll be tempted to stock... [More]


Kat Von D Everlasting Blush

We love how we look after brushing that perfect rosy accent onto our cheeks, but a stiff breeze seems to be all it takes to leave us looking pale and wan once more. This Kat Von D Everlasting Blush ($25) is designed to stand up to a heck of a... [More]


Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie Mix

A cookie mix that creates a scrumptious sweet treat with minimal effort on our part? Yes, please! We'll take a few tins of Momofuku Milk Bar's awesome Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie Mix ($16). All we need from the fridge is butter and eggs. The mix comes equipped with cornflakes (!), chocolate chips... [More]


Elie Tahari Nadja Faux-Fur Cape

We're not sure the Nadja Faux-Fur Cape ($97, on sale) will keep you toasty warm if you're going to wear it as a replacement for your coat, but we also doubt you'd be buying it for its warmth. You'd buy it because it's luxurious, lovely, and trimmed in faux fur.... [More]


There Is Nobody Else Valentine Card

Yep, the honeymoon phase is long gone, but that doesn't mean you can't still find happiness and humor in your current bedtime routine. Of course, we do suggest that after you both get a chuckle out of the There Is Nobody Else Valentine Card ($5), illustrated by Emily McDowell, you... [More]


Alba Snake & Agate Earrings

A slice of agate and python scales? Nature sure knows that beauty is in the details! Adorn your lobes with these Dara Ettinger earrings ($150) and make a striking statement. The one-and-a-half inch teardrop earrings are large enough to get you noticed, but not so big that they'll outshine your... [More]


Poetry Silk and Cashmere Sweater

It's all in the name: this Poetry sweater ($129) is made out of two of the most luxurious materials around and cut like a dream, meaning that it would be great to fall asleep in. Plus, we're fans of the two front pockets as useful things for keeping hands toasty.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Pretty Little Liars Purse for Julie

Julie wrote: "Hello! I've been watching Pretty Little Liars a lot lately and Emily always has the Quinn bucket bag by Rebecca Minkoff which seems to be discontinued. Can you help me find a similar bag preferably for under $150? Thank you!" Bucket bags aren't as common as they were... [More]


Brew It Yourself Root Beer Kit

Not willing to take on the task of brewing your own beer at home? Yeah, us either. That fermented yeast smell is one we can stand to not have stinking up our living spaces. Alternatively, the Brew It Yourself Root Beer kit ($14, on sale) is gonna help us mix... [More]


Erbaviva Awaken Body Lotion

Trying to cut back on your coffee intake during the day? Keep a pump bottle of Erbaviva's Awaken Body Lotion ($18) on your office desk and use it each time you feel the urge to refill your mug with tepid break room fuel. You'll still probably crave your caffeine pick-me-up,... [More]


Urbanears Humlan Headphones

It's something close to your body that you wear while you sweat. You stick it on your head even on greasy hair days... and you never, ever clean it. That's why the average pair of headphones is probably far grosser than you suspected. At last, there's a pair that won't... [More]


Zoya Naturel Collection Sampler

Naked: it's bold, it's daring... and sometime it's disastrous. Looking your best sans wardrobe works much better with a healthy dose of self-tanner and a good Photoshop filter. The same principle applies to your nails. Going nude is great, but the gorgeously neutral hues of this Zoya Naturel Collection Sampler... [More]


Eyeball Print Wallet Pouch

Ever seen Attack of the Eye Creatures? If not, you're missing out on a piece of American film history on par with the stunning genius of Robot Holocaust and - our personal favorite - Dinosaurus!. This Eyeball Print Wallet Pouch ($48) looks like it could have been a snazzy piece... [More]


Wings Scarf

Be careful when wearing this Wings Scarf ($60). This piece looks so perfectly feathery, we could almost believe that the addition of a few happy thoughts and some pixie dust could make us take flight. Put on some emo tunes while wearing it to prevent inadvertent liftoff.... [More]


Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Mattifying Fluid Texture Lotion

We can't say this about many of the moisturizers we've used over the years, but the Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Mattifying Fluid Texture Lotion* ($50) from Korres is the complete package. The creamy lotion goes on smoothly and clears up our dry patches without increasing the oiliness of... [More]


Contrast Panel Double Breasted Coat

We love it when retailers start discounting winter duds in January and February. They're making way for a new season of goods, and we're making out like bandits on cold weather clothes that'll last us another few months. Case in point, the Contrast Panel Double Breasted Coat ($84, on sale).... [More]


Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker

Homemade yogurt is delicious. Stanky homemade yogurt that got forgotten on the counter? Somewhat less so. This Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker ($235) automatically switches over to cooling mode once your healthy snack is fermented to perfection, saving you from having to worry about getting it into the fridge.... [More]


Aerie Silky Boxer

You've secretly wished you could steal a pair of your man's shorts for sleeping. They just look so light, soft, and comfortable! But between that inconvenient opening and the whole grossness of wearing someone else's underwear, you've resisted the temptation. Well, now you can enjoy all the comfort without the... [More]


When 10:00 PM Essence Mask

While the price tag on the When 10:00 PM Essence Mask ($28) is a bit high for a single-use product, it's still cheaper than hightailing it to your esthetician every time your skin has a freak-out. Keep one or two on hand to use at the end of those long... [More]


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat

Is your pout looking a bit crooked? Or perhaps that duck face is too small to spot in the Facebook feed. Just think of the social networking opportunities you might be missing out on thanks to your underwhelming mouth. Don't panic: there's a fix that doesn't involve collagen injections. This... [More]


Boombox Lunchbox

The only thing that would make this Boombox Lunchbox ($13) even cooler is if it actually had a built-in cassette tape, so that we could blast our ancient collection of Def Leppard jams during that walk to work. Of course, that would mean there wouldn't be room for our B.L.T's... [More]

Hound SM.jpg

Captain Coat in Jeweled Houndstooth

We love J.Crew's Captain Coat ($495). The collar is covered in enameled black rhinestones, the body is made of multi-colored houndstooth wool, and doesn't look insane! We can wear it anywhere, anytime; what's not to love?... [More]


Bamboo Print Paper Straws

Want to know how to make those Mai Tais even more fun? Drink them in Hawaii. But if you can't afford the plane ticket, you can still up the enjoyment a little by sipping through one of these fun bamboo print paper straws ($7).... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Olive Cameo Necklace

It's hard to tell when it has a crystal for an eye, but is this Boston Terrier experiencing something terrifying (like a cat) or is it just one in a long line of animals being dramatic? Marc by Marc Jacobs Olive Cameo Necklace ($80)... [More]

We Take The Cake Rose Cake

We Take The Cake Rose Chocolate Cake

Chocolates and sweets definitely take the cake on Valentine's Day and the We Take The Cake Rose Chocolate Cake ($40) is certainly no exception. This sinfully rich chocolate cake is topped with beautiful pink vanilla buttercream roses. We'll definitely take this over a dozen roses!... [More]


Effing Weather App

You know what we want from our weather app? A little commiseration, excuses to stay home, and a chuckle that doesn't stem from a glimpse at our meteorologist's slightly askew toupee. Effing Weather App (FREE)... [More]


Aarrghhhh Necklace

Having that kind of day? Tell the world. This Aarrghhhh Necklace ($99) warns everyone you approach that they'd better not get in between you and your coffee, your beer, or your bed.... [More]


Calvin Klein Long Sleeve Belted Colorblock Sheath Dress

This chic Calvin Klein dress ($134) reminds us of that age-old debate about zebras: Are they black with white stripes?* Or white with black stripes? Is this a white dress with dramatic diagonal black colorblocking? Or is it a black dress with white accents at its corners? We may never... [More]

Bracelet SM.jpg

Light Gray Pearl And Braided Silk Cord Bracelet

Karen Egren's Light Gray Pearl And Braided Silk Cord Bracelet ($188) is a unique piece of jewelry that's casual and luxe at the same time, with its beautiful combination of silk, pearls, and intricate silver beads. Surround it with skinny silver bangles to up the drama on your wrist without... [More]

Valentines Day Caramel Apple

Valentine's Day Caramel Apple with Candies

As much as we enjoy receiving flowers on Valentine's Day, we'd much rather be surprised with something to please our palate. The Valentine's Day Caramel Apple with Candies ($17) is just that. This decadent apple is covered in caramel and dipped in milk chocolate candies. Talk about a sweet Valentine!... [More]


Quakehold Museum Putty

You love to keep your precious knickknacks on display. Your cat loves to perform feats of daring acrobatics onto the shelves and tables. Happily, there's a compromise that doesn't involve sacrificing either the porcelain or the animal. Just stick those fragile baubles in place with this Quakehold Museum Putty ($15).... [More]


Zip Front Colorblock Dress

We love bebe's Zip Front Colorblock Dress ($139). Its futuristic vibe makes it look like it could have come right out of the Tron universe. If only Garrett Hedlund would come save us. Or Bruce Boxleitner.... [More]


Bang Gun Necklace

Classic toy guns, which pair playfulness with an element of danger, make striking and effective pieces of jewelry, as evidenced by this Bang Gun Necklace ($26). In an actual gunfight, though, not quite as effective...... [More]

lancome SM.jpg

Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Nobody wants to look into a cosmetic mirror and freak themselves out with the crags and uneven surfaces they encounter (except maybe at Halloween). Smooth out those scales with the Visionnaire ($69) serum from Lancôme. It leaves skin softer and refreshed (and less scary even at 7x magnification).... [More]


Charles Darwin Ornament

A lot of people enjoy hanging Santa and reindeer ornaments on the tree, but your tastes are more, ahem, evolved. The Charles Darwin Ornament ($16) will let you show your appreciation for a man in a substantial white beard, yes, but not that mythical jolly man with a predilection for... [More]


Moritz Glik Round Diamond Shaker Ring

This many diamonds wouldn't fit around the band of a single ring, so designer Moritz Glik had to encase them in yet more gems - a pair of white sapphires - for this Round Diamond Shaker Ring ($4,240). So now you can own the world's most expensive rattle*. *Probably not.... [More]

LEGO Batman Dress

LEGO Batman Dress

Kids around the country are stoked about The LEGO Movie, which hits theaters in early February. With that being said, we have a feeling that little girls will be wanting this adorable Lego Batman Dress ($36).... [More]


Victoria's Secret Lace Halter Babydoll

We suggest getting something practical when it comes to Valentine's Day lingerie, but if you must get flirty with it, maybe you should pick something you could conceivably sleep in like this Lace Halter Babydoll ($30 on sale). Pick it up in an order of $75 or more before 1/29/2014... [More]


Hexagon Hoop Earrings

Six sides are better than none. We like this hexagonal alternative ($20) to the classic circular hoop earrings. They're a great choice for lovers of snowflakes, honeycombs, and No. 2 pencils.... [More]

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip

It's wonderful to come home to a fresh pot of chili made by that special someone, but the mess left behind almost ruins it....until now. The Trudeau Flex Pot Clip ($10) will keep the countertop squeaky clean, so be prepared to say goodbye to those sauce marks and splatters from... [More]


Bear Naked Wipes

For bearers of sensitive skin, changing up a beauty routine can be disastrous. Your skin gets all freaked out and starts to hide behind breakouts and rashes. Ease the redness by using a few Bear Naked Wipes ($12) from Josie Maran to clean your face when you're on the go.... [More]


Miu Miu Two-Tone Sequined Shoulder Bag

We can't decide what our favorite thing is about the Miu Miu Two-Tone Sequined Shoulder Bag ($1,195): how shiny it is, the fact that we can brush our purse (so the sequins shine either pink or silver), or the added bonus of the Swarovski crystal strap that can be detached... [More]


New Year's Resolution Cuff

It doesn't matter if you've faltered in your resolutions, we know you're gonna make 2014 a good year. Wear a New Year's Resolution Cuff ($98-115) from Soft Gold Studio to remind you of your potential in 2014 (and beyond!), or, if you're looking to commemorate a specific date, you can... [More]


Blue Chamomile Botanical Body Wash

A steamy shower paired with the calming scent of this Blue Chamomile Botanical Body Wash ($35) from Nature Girl? Ahhh, all the stresses of the day are washed right down the drain. Relax with a hot cup of chamomile tea when you're done, and hit the hay for a sleep... [More]


Rhino Shaped Wooden Trivets

These Rhino Shaped Wooden Trivets ($32 each) are just so, so cute. The thing about cute trivets, though, is that you put stuff on top of them and no one ever sees how cute your trivets are. But you'll know. You'll know.... [More]


BACK by Ann-Sofie Back Clear Strap Bandeau Skirt/Dress

Leopard and zebra tend to be our go-tos when we're in the mood for wearing animal print, but this adorable and convertible dress/skirt ($205) just added cow print to that list.... [More]


U.S. Polo Assn. Gingham Shirt

We know some of you are too busy shoveling snow to think about spring, but if you're dreaming of greener (or at least less snowy) pastures why not do a little pre-season shopping? Comfy button-ups like this Gingham Shirt ($22 on sale) by U.S. Polo Assn. are a great layering... [More]


A Field Guide to American Houses

You love the landmarks, monuments, and museums of each new city you explore, but sometimes the slightly less grand details of a city can be the most interesting. Take delight in how different the pastel-hued stucco houses of Los Angeles feel from the brownstones of Washington, D.C.! A Field Guide... [More]


Navy Snowflake Pom Pom Mittens

Did you lose another pair of mittens? Replace them with the Navy Snowflake Pom Pom Mittens ($23, on sale) from Plush. The string keeps them attached to each other and safely tucked into the arms of your coat so you should be able to keep track of them. Childish? Yep.... [More]


Alessi La Rosa Bowl

This Alessi La Rosa Bowl ($85) could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Whatever you put in this stunning piece is sure to immediately catch your eye. Stock it full of mini chocolate bars and wave goodbye to your feeble dieting ambitions. Load it up with a whole... [More]


La Crème Superior Organic Bee Venom Overnight Mask

That pesky needle phobia make Botox a no-go for you? Never fear: this La Crème Superior Organic Bee Venom Overnight Mask ($195) is a natural alternative. The genuine bee venom in this formula penetrates your skin to create a tightening, collagen-boosting effect without the use of a single painful pointy... [More]


Gandalf Women's Shirt

Girls wearing shirts with the visages of their pop star crushes is nothing new...but think One Direction could take down the Balrog? Those runts would be lucky to draw against a hobbit! Show your support for a true rock star with the Gandalf Women's Shirt ($25).... [More]


Wrapped in Romance Teal Maxi Dress

Wrapped in romance is right! This lovely maxi dress ($49) serves you up with a side of sexy thanks to both the low V-neck and the high leg slit. Dress up the frock with some gold jewelry, or down with a braided belt. Either way, you're gonna dazzle your main... [More]


iLL Fortune Cookies

It's been fifteen years, fortune-cookie-I-ate-in-high-school - where's that "true love" you promised? These iLL Fortune Cookies ($15 for 20) don't tell you the lies you want to hear, they tell you the truth that you don't! (Plus they're a good way to shut up those people who inevitably add "in... [More]


The Invention of Animals

Gen-Xers may know him from cult show Fishing with John, young whippersnappers might know him as one of those quirky old dudes on Twitter, or maybe you just know him for playing the saxophone. Whatever the case, John Lurie has a new record: The John Lurie National Orchestra's The Invention... [More]


Pigalle Spikes Flat

How thoughtful! Christian Louboutin has made a flats version ($1,095) of his amazing spiked Pigalle shoes, so even the woman who isn't a huge fan of heels can know what it's like to wear the red sole badge of honor. Unfortunately, M. Louboutin seems to have forgotten the version that's... [More]


Mercury Glass Votives

Where mercury glass was once the cheap-and-nasty alternative to real silver, it's now taken on a chicness of its very own, thanks to our current love for all things that look slightly decayed. These Mercury Glass Votives ($20) are a great example. Just make sure not to lick them if... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? January 24, 2014

You're a modern woman. You love football. You love fashion. How do you express both of those interests at once? By shopping for designer items in Seahawks and Broncos colors, duh. This week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? features a neutral navy blue plus accessories that make it clear... [More]


Grey Perforated Jacket

Cropped jackets have been cropping up (you know we had to go there) in preparation for the spring season and we couldn't be more excited. How good will it feel to shed your heavy, cold-weather coat and shrug into something less cumbersome? Our pick? This Grey Perforated Jacket ($40) sold... [More]


Angelberry Organics Heavenly Pressed Blush

Rosy up your cheekbones with a bit of Heavenly Pressed Blush ($32) from Angelberry Organics. The blusher is orchid-inspired and channels the deep color of the tropical plant. We don't know about you, but it may be the closest we get to island vacationing this year. If we put it... [More]


How to Talk Like a Southern Belle Print

Fixin' to gussy up the homestead? Lighten your pocketbook and purchase the How to Talk Like a Southern Belle Print ($39) from Anderson Design Group. It'll look precious hanging by your vanity. Now ain't that the berries!... [More]


Pocket Knife Necklace

Did someone discover a loose thread? Maybe they're having trouble opening a well-taped package. Or perhaps there's a chia seed deeply embedded between their teeth. Whatever the crisis, you'll be the hero of the day with this Pocket Knife Necklace ($68), which features the world's itty-bittiest knife as its pendant.... [More]


Give The People What They Want

We've been waiting for the drop of Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings's new album, Give The People What They Want ($10), for ages! Okay, maybe not ages, but at least since August of last year which was the CD's originally scheduled release date. It was postponed so that Sharon Jones... [More]


Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Punky Blues

Okay, before you scoff at the fact that this Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio ($42) contains some highly-pigmented blue eye shadows, hear us out! Blue is making a comeback and it's more sophisticated than its '80s predecessors. Gone is the shimmery, Malibu Barbie beach effect and in its place... [More]


Maelsah Tweed Block Shift Dress

We're used to seeing dresses like this cost well over a hundred bucks. The Maelsah Tweed Block Shift Dress ($24) captures the minimal style of independent designer frocks - but what is it about it, exactly? We think it's the limited color palette, the loosely fitted shape, and the pairing... [More]


Sanford Oxford

It's the pop of color that totally has us sighing over these Sanford Oxfords ($98). That taupe and cobalt blue combo is just too fabulous to resist. Grab them for a perfect upgrade of a time-tested look.... [More]


Grammar Grumble Mugs

Presenting these Grammar Grumble Mugs ($65 for six) to your hawkeyed grammarian friend may put you back in her good graces after she spotted your misuse of an em dash. But then again, it may also prompt her to spend ten minutes pontificating on the necessity of the Oxford comma*,... [More]


Suck UK Bunny Lamp

You know where you really need light the most? Where the sun don't shine. The Suck UK Bunny Lamp ($89) has got it right.... [More]


JĀSÖN Natural Restorative Biotin Shampoo

Waking up to an itchy scalp and crunchy, dry hair is hardly a happy way to start the day. Solve the problem before you tackle anything else. A good lather with JĀSÖN Natural Restorative Biotin Shampoo ($11) oughta soothe your dry skin and add a bit of shine back into... [More]


Pandeia Compass Sundial Watch

If you've got plenty of time and money to spare, we've got the perfect piece that'll show off your excess of both. The Pandeia Compass Sundial Watch in Surf Wahine ($295) gives you a good indication of the hour, but only if the conditions are favorable (say, if you spend... [More]


Willow & Company Baroque iPhone Wristlet

If you are particularly adept at dropping or losing your iPhone, please direct your attention to the Willow & Company Baroque iPhone Wristlet ($38). These colorful felt cases will provide a soft and scratch-free environment for your iPhone to rest in while you complete tasks that really do require both... [More]


Flying Carpet Rug

You may not have three wishes, but you can relax like a pauper-turned-prince with Flying Carpet Rug ($2,077). Those waves make it pretty useless as a throw carpet, but try it as a recliner, sofa, bed, or desk and you'll see the appeal.... [More]


Trina Turk Lysett Dress

It's impossible not to have a great day when you drape yourself in obnoxiously bright hues. Trina Turk's Lysett Dress ($268) in coral is no exception to the rule. The warm color and forgiving cut are sure to help us start the day with our best foot forward.... [More]


Custom Family Portrait Dolls

Why settle for a two-dimensional way of showing off your family? This set of Custom Family Portrait Dolls ($130 - $220) transforms you and your loved ones into a super cute set of carved wooden sculptures. Display them with pride or let the kids go crazy with them - it's... [More]


Crosley Cruiser Printed Briefcase Record Player

You've cultivated an epic vinyl collection by scouring the dusty sections of hipster-run music shops and the black hole of eBay, so make sure you're putting it to good use. Sure, your new-to-you Etta Jones LP looks great on your shelf, but it sounds even better when you play it... [More]


Estée Lauder Zodiac Compact

Don't just read that horoscope; embellish your face with it. These Estée Lauder Zodiac Compacts ($50 each) capture the spirit of each sign, from Aquarius to Capricorn, in a shiny faux-gold disc packed with the brand's reliable Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder.... [More]


Nicole Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans

We assume that these Nicole Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans ($178) do their magic posterior enhancement with some sophisticated denim engineering tricks. It's possible, however, that their trick is making you feel an invisible force constantly pulling up the back of your jeans, giving you a major wedgie that automatically lifts your... [More]


A Lot of Cats Mug

Admit it: when you watch an episode of Animal Hoarders, your reaction is part horror, and part pure envy. Don't you wish your landlord would let you get away with filling your house with purring, cozy kitties? Opening the door at the end of the workday would reveal a scene... [More]


Bon Appetit Recipe Box

Yes, you can simply slap them onto your Pinterest board or add them to your bookmarks, but there's something special about jotting those favorite recipes down onto honest-to-goodness paper. This Bon Appetit Recipe Box ($20) makes for such an attractive way to store those favorites, it might even entice you... [More]


Binary Box Banksy Balloon Girl Wall Sticker

Considering the latest Banksy mural up for auction sold for over $200,000 (and it's literally a chunk of brick wall from a gas station), this decorative sticker ($41) is definitely the more affordable (and less intrusive) way to get a work by the infamous street artist in your house.... [More]


Honeycomb Ring Mirror

Forget fat mirrors and skinny mirrors. What you really need is a mirror that gives you an idea of what you'd look like to a fly. Use this Honeycomb Ring Mirror ($248) to find out what those annoying critters see just before you squish them.... [More]


The Invention of Wings: A Novel

We haven't yet read Sue Monk Kidd's new novel, The Invention of Wings ($17), but it's at the top of our list. Oprah has already endorsed it, and we loved Kidd's first book, The Secret Life of Bees. We're pretty sure the novel will be both heartwarming and heart-wrenching, because... [More]


Marva Cobalt Leaf

You thought that the last time you'd ever have colored glasses frames (and not just chrome or basic black) was the second grade, but that was before you saw the Marva Cobalt Leaf frames ($145), a collaboration between popular glasses brand Warby Parker and fashion editor Leith Clark. Perhaps because... [More]


Star Wars Aurebesh Card

Geek out on Valentine's Day with a cuddle on the couch and a Star Wars marathon for two. You can start the day off right by giving your sweetie the Star Wars Aurebesh Card ($4) from The Wallaroo. The outside translates to, you guessed it, "I love you" and the... [More]


Gucci Broadway Satin Evening Clutch

At night we dream of handbags, and one in particular keeps cropping up: Gucci's Broadway Satin Evening Clutch ($2,495). The dream always starts off wonderful, filled with black satin and crystal embroidery, but quickly turns into a nightmare when we realize that because we bought this purse we can't pay... [More]


Thorn Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring

The point on the Thorn Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring ($35) is pretty subtle, but it should be obvious enough to anybody who's paying attention. That means you can totally use it for secret messages - each letter can be based on both the direction of the point and the finger... [More]


Alpha & Ruby's Heart Healthy Cookies

If you're headed out for the weekend and leaving your furry friend behind, make sure the dog sitter is equipped with a stack of Heart Healthy Cookies ($4), baked by Alpha & Ruby's. The gourmet dog biscuits are made from the good stuff, from real tuna to gluten-free flour. He'll... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Gatsby-themed Wedding Guest Maternity Outfit for Lauren

Lauren wrote: "Hi Ladies! So, I'm pregnant with my first baby. Just found out a couple of days ago! After throwing up several times yesterday morning, I checked my mail and there was a "Save the Date" for the wedding of my husband's good friend - they are having a... [More]


Paris Sticky NoteTin

You wouldn't wear that yellow if it was the last thing in your closet, so why do you settle for it when it comes to your sticky notes? Especially when you could be marking your pages with the lovely contents of this Paris Sticky Note Tin ($15). This pretty set... [More]


Tory Burch Eau de Parfum

Tory Burch's first fragrance, an eau de parfum ($110), is damn near perfect. We can't even decide if it smells more floral, earthy, or citrus-based because it blends all three into a beautifully complex scent. It's for sure going at the top of our birthday wish list unless, of course,... [More]


Brass Pyramid Pencil Sharpener

Using the Brass Pyramid Pencil Sharpener ($11) won't teleport you to Egypt so you can get out of doing the day's work, but it will keep your writing utensils in tip-top shape. That is, if your writing utensils include pencils. Does anyone use pencils anymore? Meh, even if you don't... [More]


Rotato Express

Sure, it's gimmicky. Yes, it's one more thing you have to try to fit into your already crowded kitchen. But when it comes time to prep those side dishes, you'll be glad you're the proud owner of a Rotato Express ($30), which does all that annoying peeling for you with... [More]


Floral Embroidered Dress

So the only Oscar party you'll be going to is the one you're hosting. That doesn't mean you can't look like you're ready to walk the red carpet. Wow the fashion police with this embroidered dress ($90), adorned with the black tulle, illusion netting, and dramatic gold embroidery that have... [More]


Filomena Baking Collection

Battered steel pans, stained pins and chipped bowls - how can a true genius be expected to work under these conditions? For you to create truly exceptional baked goods, you need to start off on the right aesthetic foot. This Filomena Baking Collection ($18 - $36) adds lovely vintage style... [More]


Maury Plaid Skort

We love the convenience of the skort - windy day, anyone? And how nice is it to be prepared for those spontaneous tennis matches? But we haven't always loved the look. This Maury Plaid Skort ($33) is a refreshingly different take on the theme, heavy on the short with just... [More]


Unicorn on the Cob Shaker Set

Why settle for boring old salt and pepper when you're choosing what to stuff in this Unicorn on the Cob Shaker Set ($17)? We think these whimsical creatures would be better utilized as a way to add a dash of something sweeter, like cinnamon or powdered sugar or rainbow crystal... [More]


CURB Minimal Laptop Stand

Does your favorite coffee shop have a chair-to-table height ratio that's just ever so slightly off? If so, not all the baked goods and amazing lattes in the world will move you to bring your laptop there to try to get work done, because within fifteen minutes, your back is... [More]


Rae Dunn Small Fruit Colander

You know you should be washing your fruit before you eat it - after all, who knows what was sprayed on it when it was out in the field, from pesticides to pee. But it's easy to ignore the total grossness of that when faced with the extra effort needed... [More]


Chanel Éclat Lumiere Highlighter Face Pen

The Éclat Lumiere Highlighter Face Pen ($40) from Chanel is one of those beauty items that you didn't know you needed, use, and then can't quite figure out how you've lived without it. Drink the Kool-Aid with us and order one for yourself. It's a multi-purpose tool that helps you... [More]


Cutting Edge Stilettos

Every once in a while, even Forever 21 strikes fashion gold; these Cutting Edge Stilettos ($37) are their latest success. This cheap find looks like it came from the window of Bloomie's, not a yellow bargain bin at Forever 21.... [More]


Girl Talk Bobbi Set

We're choosing to think of the Girl Talk Bobbi Set ($15) from as an updated mood ring. Instead of using it to tell you how you're feeling, you can slip a bobbi pin into your hair to tell the world how you're feeling. We're anticipating that we'll get the... [More]

wedding SM.jpg

BCBGMAXAZRIA Morgane Embellished-Yoke Dress

BCBGMAXAZRIA's Morgane Embellished-Yoke Dress ($199, on sale) is the very best choice for that frenemy wedding we feel obligated to attend. It's a gorgeous dress - therefore we are likely to look better than the bride. And it's champagne, not white, so she can't complain about us trying to steal... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Ceramic Donut Coin Bank

We've been handing over our change to the corner bakery more often than we'd like to admit. Do you think tossing our spare coin into the Ceramic Donut Coin Bank ($7) will curb our breakfast treat spending? Not likely, but we're still going to order it with optimism! What's a... [More]


Flavored Popcorn Spice Sampler

Have you jumped onto the air-popped popcorn bandwagon, yet? We started making our own in an attempt to shed both the extra calories and the chemicals found in microwaveable brands. While our healthier bowls are tasty, they definitely need a little kick in the tush when it comes to flavor.... [More]


Schutz Slate Lace Up Booties

You'll feel like the cat's meow when you slip on the Schutz Slate Lace Up Booties ($220). These sun-kissed leather heels are the ultimate in sexy shoes, from their open toes all the way up to the tops of their lace-up closures.... [More]


ILIA Balmy Days Lip Balm

It doesn't matter if it tastes like grapefruit or Fruity Pebbles. If that ordinary lip balm you're carrying around doesn't keep your lips moist and conditioned, it needs to get kicked to the curb. This ILIA Balmy Days Lip Balm ($26) doesn't taste like candy, but it will help keep... [More]

Show Wine Bottle Holder

Shoe Wine Bottle Holders

Celebrate whether it's a birthday, bachelorette party or just a GNO! These Shoe Wine Bottle Holders ($10) are a fun and special way to secure your favorite Pinot Noir. There are four styles to choose from - black, red, white and animal print.... [More]


Farm Animals Gift Wrap

If this Farm Animals Gift Wrap ($12) came in bigger rolls, we might consider papering our bathroom with it. That's how much we love the warm peach print with its sweet vintage style. Bunnies wearing necklaces! Donkeys with crocheted afghans on their backs! And that weird squirrel-fox thing with the... [More]


Nooka ZIRC Watch

Face it: nobody wears a watch to tell time anymore. We're looking for a funky piece of arm candy, and this Nooka ZIRC Watch ($320) fits the bill nicely. Its innovative "dial" gives it a slick, futuristic look sure to draw a few eyes.... [More]

Lights SM.jpg

Solar Firefly Jar Decorative Outdoor Light

Don't know how to attract fireflies to your porch? (Hint: it involves a light. Just kidding, there are other factors to consider.) Can't figure out how to capture them in your own mason jar? The Solar Firefly Jar Decorative Outdoor Light ($30) is a perfect alternative for those who want... [More]


TOCCA Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection

Who do you want to be today? This TOCCA collection ($62) gives you ten different sample-size fragrances for all of your personas. Are you feeling like the powerful ruler of some ancient civilization? Try the bitter grapefruit-tinged Cleopatra. What about a sultry French sex kitten? Use the ginger-spiced Brigitte.... [More]


Fatboy H2O Pool Bed

A bed is right. Once folded out, the Fatboy H2O Pool Bed ($169) is as big as a full-sized mattress. If the idea of sleeping on something smaller than a king, in any format, has you twitching, don't worry - one of the features of these luxury loungers is the... [More]


Whimsy Milieu Animal Rings

Turn your fingers into your own tiny zoo with these Animal Rings ($20). Just make sure to take them off before you try to wash your hands, or you might end up with a drippy, waterlogged piece of wood instead of an adorable, wearable penguin or octopus.... [More]


Tuck Aways Purse Organizer

You finally scored that delicious designer purse you've been lusting after...only to find that it's sadly deficient in the pocket department. Thankfully, sporting some Louis Vuitton doesn't have to mean spending twenty minutes fishing around for your car keys. This Tuck Aways Purse Organizer ($29) gives any bag interior a... [More]


Sauna Boy Portable Mini Humidifier

We could tell you how this portable humidifier improves the air you breathe, how quiet and out-of-the-way it is, and how convenient its USB power source is...but really, we think one look at the face of the Sauna Boy Portable Mini Humidifier ($28) is all the incentive you need to... [More]


Bruce Lee "Gung Fu Scratch"

He could rearrange your face, but did you know he could also rearrange dance tunes? The Bruce Lee "Gung Fu Scratch" tee ($32) "remixes" a photo of the Jeet Kune Do master into a record-scratching DJ. If you thought his footwork in a street fight was impressive, you should have... [More]



Being the designated driver is a pretty thankless job - unless you consider your pals managing to puke in a bag as opposed to on your leather interior thanks enough. And if you've been DD, you've probably figured out that you don't get charged for your Diet Coke. But now... [More]


Finders Keepers The Departed Dress

In the case of the Departed Dress ($210), the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and its parts are already pretty great. Pairing a pleated leopard print skirt with a sporty racerback sounds like a gamble (and that's even before the jeweled neckline and colorblocking), but the... [More]


BERG Little Printer

Still prefer to read your news on paper, even if you don't have a subscription? Refuse to be one of the dozens of figures hunched over their smartphones on the bus? Or simply like something new to read every morning in the bathroom after that first mug of coffee? The... [More]


Celine Shoe Clips

A little short on the cash you'd need for those Manolos or Louboutins? Just fake it! These Celine Shoe Clips ($20) give ordinary heels and flats an instant upgrade. They're a great way to make your Target clearance rack finds look like Prada.... [More]


ferm LIVING Mini Triangle Wall Sticker

We're glad ferm LIVING has thought of the minimalist home decorators. As cute as the designs are for those nature and bird wall stickers, the idea of having those stuck on the wall even semi-permanently...we could never go through with it. What we can imagine is these Mini Triangle Wall... [More]


Alfie Nine iPhone Case

Save your iPhone from the accumulation of unnecessary nicks and scratches obtained by being thrown in your purse day after day with all the other stuff you schlep around. The Alfie Nine iPhone Case ($41) is a gorgeous, no-nonsense hand-stitched leather case that you can keep your phone in, safe... [More]


krē•āt beauty 24 Karat Gold Lashes

Oh girl, you don't own these yet? If you've never put on a pair of lashes coated in 24-karat gold, you haven't truly lived. krē•āt beauty 24 Karat Gold Lashes ($295)... [More]


Monster Mitts

Do your kids like to remove and conceal accessories like drug runners hiding a heroin shipment? Try kitting them out with these Monster Mitts ($30). With their cute felt and button eyes and soft, toothy fringe, they're fun enough that your own little monsters might actually keep them on.... [More]


Classic Valentine Petit Fours

We're still recovering from the bender that is the holiday season too, but it's our duty to remind you that Valentine's Day is going to be here sooner than you'd like to acknowledge. If you want to kick up the color in this year's truffles, try these Classic Valentine Petit... [More]


Levi's Bobble Pointelle Sweater

We like the Levi's Bobble Pointelle Sweater ($40, on sale) for its deep forest green color, yes, but mostly because of its architectural darts and seams, reminiscent of that classic gothic style, and complete with severe arches, flying buttresses, and, of course, the telltale "bobbles" that adorned so many cathedrals... [More]


Detox Indulgent Soaking Salts

Busy and boozy weekend? We've had a few of those, too. If you need to restore a little balance to your body, draw a bath doctored up with a handful of Detox Indulgent Soaking Salts ($12) from Soapwalla. The organic salt and essential oil blend should help soften your skin,... [More]


Core Bamboo Round Entertainment Set

What will we keep in the adorable eggs of this Core Bamboo Round Entertainment Set ($50)? An assortment of sweets? Savory nibbles? Or maybe the full spectrum of over-the-counter painkillers? With the number of ailments you and your friends are complaining about, that last choice would probably get the most... [More]


Color Pop Large Notebook

The problem with beautiful goods that come in a rainbow of hues is that it's impossible to pick just one. They're almost always going to look better together than separately, right? Luckily, there's a way for you to choose between these Color Pop Notebooks ($15 each) if you find it... [More]


Victoria's Secret Mix and Match Bras

We love getting stuff for free. Free shipping at Victoria's Secret is great, sure; but getting a physical freebie can't be beat. You can get both this weekend - buy a bra and your order will ship free with coupon code SHIPBRA and you'll get a free pair of panties... [More]


Katharine Watson Block-Printed Heart Cards

Do you miss the taste of envelope glue? Long to get out your IRL address book? Or maybe you totally forgot to send out Christmas cards this year and are looking to make it up to your nagging mother-in-law. Why not send out Valentine's Day cards? Your recipients will be... [More]


Lilly Pulitzer Thompson Shift

From a distance, the Thompson Shift ($198) looks like any other resort dress, complete with lace trim and tassels and a bold, graphic floral print of some sort. Except then you zoom in and you realize that those generic flowers are actually zebras! Dang, those guys are good at camouflage.... [More]


Doubtblush: Nasty Gal Oil Slick Skirt

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Fletcher Backpack in Dino

Dinosaurs! They just never stop being cool, and not just because of all those hilarious T-Rex tiny arms jokes. We loved sporting prehistoric-print gear when we were kids, and this Fletcher Backpack in Dino ($29) makes the theme hip again for us grown-ups.... [More]


Set Sail Napkin Holder

"Gather round, dinner guests! Tonight we set sail for the land of ribs! It won't always be smooth sailing, and you'll definitely need somewhere to wipe your hands (or your brow), so please take hold of our makeshift sails (as many as you need), and enjoy your journey!" Set Sail... [More]


Cree Ring

Pick your power crystal (or gem) - be it amethyst, lapis lazuli, moonstone, or chrysoprase - and keep it close to you throughout the day. The eighteen-karat gold vermeil band on the Cree Ring ($175) isn't too shabby either, and serves as a fitting accent to keep your power source... [More]


Herbivore Botanicals Lip Butters

It's good to have options, especially when it comes to lip balm flavors, and while we could point you in the direction of our personal favorite, we're instead going to highlight the fact that Herbivore Botanicals sells a trio of lip butters ($28). You can indulge in rose, mint, and... [More]



These Babushkups ($24) won't demand to know when you're going to get around to finding a husband or cranking out some great-grandchildren for them like a real granny might, but they will save you precious cabinet space.... [More]


Striped Floral Print Short with Pom Pom

Are these Striped Floral Print Shorts with Pom Poms ($12) a little silly? Probably, but so are many of our favorite things, like carnivals, pugs, and Nathan Fillion. We're sure these inimitable hot pants will quickly win their way to our hearts as well.... [More]


Jumbo Papel Picado

There's no denying that DIY is the preferred trend for weddings these days. But you've got shit to do - you don't have time to fold cranes and emboss place cards when you're busy with a nine-to-five job and restraining yourself from putting your future mother-in-law in a camel clutch.... [More]


VS Sport Cami Sport Bra

We're almost through January - if you've still kept with your exercise plans for the new year, treat yourself to something from Victoria's Secret! Their sport line will give you just a little more motivation to get up and out to the gym. We like their Cami Sport Bra (2... [More]


unHoly unBasket

What's tastier than sacrilege!? The unHoly unBasket ($49) is a collection of the best religious parody items, including a bouncy Dashboard Jesus, a finger puppet of the Hindu god Shiva, and a dreidel with Santa on it. Whether you're in the market for a new religion or just window shopping,... [More]


Jose Eber Infrared Hair Dryer

It's the age-old dilemma. Style your hair, and you fry it. Let it air-dry, and you end up looking like you're having one of those "sweatpants days". This Jose Eber Infrared Hair Dryer ($149) is a sane compromise. Far infrared light sends heat deep into your hair, drying it faster... [More]


Schutz Fiza Fringe Sandals

We have a challenge for you: try to stand still when you're wearing these Schutz Fiza Fringe Sandals ($240). Do not skip, dance, or twist to see what that fringe does. We think it might be impossible, and that's okay. Just try not to run into any walls when you're... [More]


Intelligent Nutrients Uneasy Feeling Remedy

Man, can we ever use this Intelligent Nutrients Uneasy Feeling Remedy ($36). We feel uneasy all the freaking time - when we attempt to bake a loaf of bread from scratch, try to clip the claws on our cat, or wake up and remember who we were texting after we... [More]


Ladybug Print Dress

For those of you who, as children, could think of no activity that would make you happier than running outside to play in the dirt, find bugs, and create little bug kingdoms in the mud with sticks and leaves, this Ladybug Print Dress ($33) is calling your name. The bright... [More]


Toyno Donko

Don't stack your magazines and books on the floor - load 'em up on the friendly Donko ($54), your portable new best friend. Donko is made with strong, reinforced double cardboard (and a noble and loyal heart) and will help you keep the things you need close at hand wherever... [More]


Fresh Mint Natural Hand Soap

From decades of teeth brushing, we're all pretty hard-wired to think that minty fresh equals clean. It doesn't always hold true, of course, but the Fresh Mint Natural Hand Soap ($20) from Field Aesthetic delivers on both a crisp scent and a squeaky clean feeling. We're not just covering our... [More]


Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker

Is your fridge full of torments? You open the door and think of how easy it would be to grab that can of Coke or glass of wine. Goodbye thirst, hello new pants size. This Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker ($60) might just save you. It makes creating a bottle... [More]


Victoria's Secret Candy Hearts Push-Up Bra

Even if you don't have a Valentine this year, Victoria's Secret is looking to give you a little love. Sign up for their Angel Card and you'll get $15 off your next order of sweet or sultry underwear like this Candy Hearts Push-Up Bra ($50 for 2).... [More]


PINK Cheekster Panty

Some people think the only way around a visible panty line is a butt-baring thong, but we find wide, lace band panties like the PINK Cheekster Panty ($10) give us that smooth behind with just a touch more coverage. Right now you can mix and match 'em; twenty-six bucks will... [More]


Victoria's Secret Lacie Bralette

We're already seeing loose, open-sleeved tanks again for spring, but we're not much for showing our underwire or our underboob. To the rescue? A cute Lacie Bralette ($30) looks sweet - not saucy - when you let it peek out. And they're $49.50 for two right now at Victoria's Secret... [More]


best sunday dress Top with Chest Strip

And now for something a little different. This white top ($25) by Portugal's best sunday dress is certainly minimal, but it's not your everyday white tank, due to the futuristic padded and gridded bandeau running along the chest. This little bit of visual interest will make it look great underneath... [More]


Kate Spade Saturday Drawstring Pouch Bag

Let this unique drawstring pouch ($95) take you into spring. Obviously it's made by the team at Kate Spade Saturday - who else would think of making such an adorable bag in this beautiful smoky lavender color? Plus, no detail is overlooked; the inside is lined with a great star... [More]


Bright Life Blouse

Wait, what, we're going to encourage you to wear bell sleeves? We would've reacted that way as well to a description of the Bright Life Blouse ($46), but only before seeing the visual. Despite our strong conviction that voluminous sleeves belong only on fancy dressing gowns and costumes at Medieval... [More]



We're not going to say that this fun app, CHIC-Finder (free), promotes your covert operation to snap a photo of your coworker's to-die-for snakeskin heels so you can find a similar pair for yourself, but it does help you reach your goal faster. Once you've uploaded the photo to the... [More]


Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter

Haven't you always wanted a container for your beloved plants that would glow softly at the flick of a switch? It wasn't on our list of must-haves either, especially since we didn't know such an invention existed, until we laid our eyes on the Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter ($170).... [More]


Wasabi Earrings

You've seen them if you've been near any body of water or hiked a trail without an obvious path - they're cairns, rocks stacked up and balanced by visitors leaving their temporary marks on the landscape or by trail makers helping people find their way. These Wasabi Earrings ($34) are... [More]


Carta d'Armenia

That Poo-Pourri not quite cutting the mustard when it comes to hiding less-than-savory odors? Help it out with a truly time-tested solution. These Carta d'Armenia ($28) incense papers have been covering up unwholesome stenches since the sixteenth century. Just fold, light, and set on a glass or ceramic surface.... [More]


GANT The Manhattan Dress

There's no doubt as to why GANT named this the Manhattan Dress ($288, on sale). The rust contrast panels on the front of the dress are clearly a nod to the iconic silhouette of the Empire State Building, but not so detailed that people will notice you're wearing a dress... [More]


Breville Juice Fountain Crush

You've made the plunge. You're going to give up that filthy morning breakfast sandwich in favor of a low-calorie blend of health-boosting juice. That's a depressing enough scenario as it is, but gets even worse if you figure your juicer is only getting you a fraction of all that fruit... [More]


Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray

It's not in the budget to visit drybar every time we want to rock a blowout. Hoarding all of their fabulous products, however, may help us achieve similar results at home. Once we perfect the look we want, the Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray ($25) will set it, but not... [More]


Valentine's Heart Cake Stand

Planning on putting on the apron and making a batch of Valentine's cupcakes? Or maybe you've got your eye on that elaborate cake at your local indie bakery. You can put whatever you want on this Valentine's Heart Cake Stand ($20), just remember: it's a holiday, not a competition. Whoever... [More]


Mine Passport Case

While the statement on Jonathan Adler Mine Passport Case ($38) is open to interpretation, the travel docs inside will confirm you as the rightful owner. Have fun in Paris/Antwerp/Bali and send us a postcard! Actually, scratch that last part. It'll just make us feel even more jealous of your globe-trotting... [More]


Doubtblush: Ego and Greed Victory Studs Platforms

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Pijama iPad Case

Admit it: it's basically your best friend. So don't you think your tablet deserves something more comfortable to slip into when it's done with a long, hard day of helping you battle zombies and catch up on inane status posts? Treat it right and pick up this cozy Pijama iPad... [More]


Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler

Just because the season's not quite right for that kickoff BBQ, it doesn't mean that you can't have the sweet summer flavors in your house right now. Inspired by our favorite fair-weather tradition, the Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler ($35) offers gourmet popcorn in nine right-off-the-grill flavors: Honey Mustard, Bacon Cheddar,... [More]


Clinique City Block Sheer Face Protector SPF 25

Ah, city living. A world where designer shoes are available around every corner, where we can choose a different restaurant to eat at every night, and where parking spaces cost more than our annual income. But our wallets aren't the only things assaulted by urban life. Our skin also takes... [More]


Anna Viktorsson New York Small Tray

Tchotchkes with little tiny cartoon images of things and places, like this New York Small Tray ($32), are definitely one of our weaknesses. We think city dwellers will love repping New York with this tray, but we also suggest that tourists to The Big Apple hold off on picking up... [More]


Heart Pinky Ring

First your niece will make you promise that you will put the picture she drew of you on Facebook. Then she'll make you handshake, then pinky swear, then cross your heart. Combine steps three and four with the Heart Pinky Ring ($40), which will let you perform both actions at... [More]


American Apparel Velvet Twist Scarf

Banish bad hair days by gathering up your locks in the American Apparel Velvet Twist Scarf ($14). The bendable band will fold exactly how you want it to, giving you a platform on which you can create endless styles, from braided updos to faux bobs to backswept bangs. We like... [More]


Feather + Heart Sequins Hairband

We're pretty sure this Feather + Heart Sequins Hairband ($40) is designed for the tiny heads of small children, but we'd be tempted to find a way to extend the reach of this glittery, glam accessory. Either that or put up with a serious headache. It wouldn't be the first... [More]


Thunder Missile Launcher

It's a war out there. A war to preserve your precious supply of K-Cups. Fight back against coffee attrition by guarding your supply with the strategic placement of this Thunder Missile Launcher ($35), powered by your computer's USB port. Getting pinged in the eye by a foam dart while reaching... [More]


Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner

Guerlain's limited edition Liquid Eyeliner ($37) has us conflicted. On one hand, we don't trust, well, our hands, to be steady enough to draw on our liner without making a total mess. On the other hand, this liquid liner has a long, thin applicator that's being hailed by customers and... [More]


The Myth Zippered Clutch

We're digging the trippy fox-head print of The Myth Zippered Clutch ($26), but it does have us pondering, which myth? Maybe it's the fairy tale that we'll actually remember to stock this cute pouch with everything we need for a night out. Lipstick? Check. Wallet? Whoops.... [More]


Ghost Rose Solid Perfume

With season 4 of Downton Abbey in full swing, and the return of Sherlock brightening our lives, we're in heaven (if heaven is a place made for people who obsess over British dramas). So much so that we bought this Catbird Home & Lounge Exclusive Ghost Rose Solid Perfume ($34)... [More]


Outline Vase

Your flower arrangements just got postmodern. This Outline Vase ($50) is a vase shaped like the open outline...of a vase. It's a meta-vase. Stick a bud in it and let your mind be blown.... [More]


Ozeri Fresko Salt & Pepper Mill and Grinder

Salt and pepper...must they always be separated? All either of them wants to do is make your food taste delicious; why can't they put their differences aside? Hopefully being placed a little closer together in the Ozeri Fresko Salt & Pepper Mill and Grinder ($25) will help these granulated seasonings... [More]


Løv is Pure Tea

Yes, it's often messy, depressing, excruciating and potentially bankrupting - but as the makers of this Løv is Pure Tea ($15) remind us, it can also be something pretty special. I mean, just think about how you feel about that new pair of Manolos. We'll bet this blend of green... [More]


Victoria's Secret Mint Aztec Duvet Cover

Did you know that Victoria's Secret has bedding? We didn't either until today, but it's a welcome discovery. This Mint Aztec Duvet Cover ($79-99) may not actually make spring come quicker, but its cheery color scheme will help drag us out of our winter blues.... [More]


Sweet Heat Salted Caramel Corn

When you go to place an order for some Sweet Heat Salted Caramel Corn ($5) from Sauce Goddess, don't fool yourself into thinking just one bag will be sufficient. It won't be, and when you reach the bottom of the bag, you'll curse yourself for not buying more. We speak... [More]


La Boîte Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection

We all know there are countless ways to take your Bloody, but the intense flavors in this La Boîte Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection ($45) go far beyond the question of pickles or celery. These innovative blends help you create a truly extraordinary cocktail. Think spicy Mexican chile and chipotle,... [More]


Channel 4 News Team Mug

Did you know that Will Ferrell shot over seventy of those Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy commercials? You know we'll be filling our Channel 4 News Team Mug ($10) with scotchy scotch scotch to settle in for a marathon as soon as we receive it.... [More]


Body by Victoria Seamless Little Lace Thong Panty

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, and take our advice - it's time to clean out that panty drawer! We don't need to tell you that replacing them is fun - get 'er done at Victoria's Secret where you can get four pairs for $28. So please, let go... [More]


Personal Shopper: Sparkly Winged Earrings for Caroline

Caroline writes: "I am completely in love with Ana Khouri's wing ear cuffs but can't seem to find anything comparable within my price range, as I don't exactly have a semester of college's money to spend on earrings. Have you come across anything similar? Thank you!" Thanks, Caroline. I'm now... [More]


Mon Cuir Eau de Parfum

Not your run-of-the-mill department store fragrance, Ramon Monegal's Mon Cuir Eau de Parfum ($185) boasts a pretty unique scent. It's a combination of Russian leather (yeah, we have no idea if Russian leather smells differently from any other kind of leather), orange flower, nutmeg, Indonesian patchouli, and Australian sandalwood among... [More]


Areaware Sphere Bottle Opener

This Areaware Sphere Bottle Opener ($18) boasts an easy-grip, ergonomic design. Though if you're opening enough beers to risk carpal tunnel, it's probably time for an intervention.... [More]


Le Creuset Revolution Saute Spoon

Is it a spoon, or a spatula? Prepare yourselves, ladies: this Le Creuset Revolution Saute Spoon ($15) is both. With one sturdy tool you can stir, scoop, scrape, stab, and separate, and all without scratching your pans. Think of it as the Holy Grail of kitchen implements.... [More]


Not a Knot Conditioner

Not to sound like total wimps, but combing through tangled, wet hair sucks, even if you're an adult, which is why we sneak-use the Not a Knot Conditioner ($16) from Kidscounter (Beautycounter's kids-friendly line). It smells like a creamsicle, moisturizes just as well as our pricey salon-brand conditioners, and leaves... [More]


Victoria's Secret Party Dots Demi Bra

You have to be buttoned-up and boring at work, but that doesn't mean your underwear has to be! Head over to the Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria's Secret before it ends to pick up panties with some pizzazz or a bra with some.. brizzazz. We're going with it. We like the... [More]


Under the Weather Organic Tea Remedy Pack

This time of year, germs get shared faster than a YouTube video of a Scandinavian making bizarre noises while wearing an animal onesie. If you can't stay at home and play hermit, fight those inevitable colds with this Under the Weather Organic Tea Remedy Pack ($25). It contains an assortment... [More]


Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

We've found a much more fun way to measure our booze intake. Forget boring old shot glasses: this Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser ($27) has a built-in millimeter scale, so you can see just how much you're pouring into you glass. Just be warned: this gadget is such a hoot to... [More]


Virginia Johnson Sumo Intarsia Sweater

We feel a bit like the chubby duo on this Virginia Johnson Sumo Intarsia Sweater ($138) are judging us. Then again, maybe after all that holiday weight we've gained, they're sizing us up as potential competition.... [More]


Great Outdoors Button Set

Life outside is great. There are trees, furry little animals, mountains, beer tents (that's what that orange thing is, right?)... the list is endless. If you're also a fan of life under the big blue sky, show it off by adding flair to your wardrobe with this Great Outdoors Button... [More]


Frostbeard Studio Book Lover's Candles

The creators of Frostbeard Studio clearly share our taste in entertainment. Forget Tale of Two Cities: the works they've drawn upon to create their Book Lover's Candles ($15) are a regular pantheon of high geekerie, from Harry Potter to Princess Bride and Lord of the Rings. They even cheat a... [More]


Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret

Technically, this awesome Voyeur Mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Coffret ($49) from NARS is supposed to be a gift set. But the holidays are over, so we can go back to indulging ourselves in little gifts, right? And while NARS makes a killer eyeliner, we're really in this for the... [More]


Dick Taylor Chocolate Gift Set

Just what we needed - more rich, delicious hand-crafted chocolate bars to throw on top of everything we gobbled up over the holidays. Actually, that is exactly what we needed. Dick Taylor Chocolate Gift Set ($27)... [More]


LiveRider Cycling Computer

How do you measure the success of your bike ride? If it's enough for you that you made it back from the store with eggs, milk, and/or six-pack intact, then this LiveRider Cycling Computer ($79) probably isn't for you. But for those who like to rack up miles and push... [More]


Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Top Coat

This Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Top Coat ($13) is seriously a miracle in a bottle. We've tried other quick-drying top coats before, but they've never quite lived up to their promise. Either our nails end up smudged and messy, or the stuff chips off within a day or two. And... [More]

scallop SM.jpg

Banana Republic Scalloped Parisian Jacket

We're wearing Banana Republic's Scalloped Parisian Jacket ($130) while drinking wine, eating cheese, and online shopping with Midnight in Paris playing in the background. The right outfit can make any night of the week seem romantic.... [More]

Pilgrim SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Billy Reid Maxi Shirt Dress

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Dandelion Wishes Necklace

Be careful when you unleash the power of this Dandelion Wishes Necklace ($23). What happens if it wins you that date with Robert Downey Jr., only for you to discover that Ironman chews with his mouth open or smells like an overdose of AXE? Imagine your disappointment.... [More]


Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

Essence of rose, orange blossom and lavender sounds much nicer than the unpronounceable chemicals derived from god-only-knows-what that we've been using to preserve our youthful looks. That's why we're thinking of tossing out the old and giving this Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence ($65) a try. This hydrating toner helps... [More]


Candy Wrapper Pouch

This Candy Wrapper Pouch ($28) poses a very important question: where did all those empty wrappers come from? Is it someone's job, in some far distant place, to eat candy all day so that we can get chic, eco-friendly purses? Because if so, we're going to get working on our... [More]


Sprinkle Mini Casserole

Just because you're single doesn't mean you have to choose between giving up on a tuna bake or committing to eating it for the next five days straight. This Sprinkle mini casserole dish ($6) is perfectly sized for one. All you need now are some easy-to-reduce recipes.... [More]

Louis SM.jpg

Louis Vuitton Rossmore PM

There are a few men in our lives that we'll always love: Dad, George Clooney, and Louis Vuitton. Sadly, only our fathers know that we even exist. Until we become rich and famous, George and the Rossmore PM ($1,320) will have to stay right where they are - probably on... [More]


Anti Dust Shoe Plug Stands for iPhone

Are you really worried about dust in your iPhone? Not particularly. Do you absolutely love the idea of giving your phone little feet? Obviously. That these Anti Dust Shoe Plug Stands for iPhone ($14) might also extend the life of your device is just a nice bonus.... [More]


Compact Oil Burner

Sure, any diffuser will probably do the same thing as this Compact Oil Burner ($99) - but will it look like something you stole out of a mad scientist's laboratory? We didn't think so.... [More]


Aree Ring in Black Pony

Pony leather: it looks super chic on shoe and handbags, but how would it look on a piece of jewelry? Pretty darned good, as it turns out. This Aree Ring in Black Pony ($155) just scratches the surface of the furry possibilities.... [More]


Essex Waxed Twill Weekend Duffel

It doesn't have wheels. It's short on the carbon fiber and the titanium casing. But what it lacks in imperviousness to rough handling, it more than makes up for with classic style. Just skip the airport and bring this Essex Waxed Twill Weekend Duffel ($132) when you're taking the train.... [More]


Purr Your Heart Into It Cat Pajamas

We should Doubtblush these Purr Your Heart Into It Cat Pajamas ($24), but we just...can't. If you can manage to wrestle your kitty into a pair of long john-inspired pet pajamas, then kudos. You either have an extremely patient furbaby, or you better watch your back (and your clean laundry... [More]


Sephora Collection Smart Liner

You aimed for sultry cat-eye. You ended up with smudgy goth horror show. What went wrong? Blame your eyeliner. With a high-precision brush and ergonomically designed applicator, this Sephora Collection Smart Liner ($14) makes executing those dramatic looks practically fail-safe.... [More]


Novogratz Dinnerware Collection

If you had asked us yesterday if we thought a popcorn bucket should be an essential part of our casual dinnerware, we would have given you a funny look. Today, however, we've fallen head over heels for the Novogratz Dinnerware Collection ($9-29, depending on pieces) which includes colorful plates, bold... [More]

Arden SM.jpg

Embellished Cuffs Chiffon Blouse

We love this Embellished Cuffs Chiffon Blouse ($49) because it costs less than fifty dollars and makes us look like we're on Real Housewives of Orange County. Huh, suddenly we feel like going to go to a bottomless mimosa brunch and yelling at our friends...... [More]



Much in the same way that it's not ideal for our bodies when we inhale a cheeseburger in thirty-seven seconds flat, it's not good for our pups when they hoover their whole bowl of food in less time than it takes us to say "good boy!" A Slo-Bowl ($25) will... [More]


Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh Gift Set

Hey, Christmas is the time for tradition, and you can't get more traditional than the first Christmas gift ever. With its ornately decorated boxes, the Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh Gift Set ($61) finally answers the question, "What the hell is myrrh?"... [More]


How Not to Be a Dick

We're pretty sure you can think of a few people who could do with reading How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide ($13). This handy volume breaks the secrets of not being a big fat jerk down to the basics. There are even pictures for those stubborn... [More]

sill SM.jpg

Brooks Brothers Silk Long-Sleeve Dress

Brooks Brothers isn't normally a place we find ourselves, but while we were looking for Christmas presents for our fathers, we discovered this hidden gem has a lot to offer. Turns out the dads were holding out on us, and neglected to mention the Silk Long-Sleeve Dress ($99 on sale).... [More]


She-She Shoe Bag

Call us squeamish, but the idea of our shoes and our underwear canoodling in our luggage? Gross. We've taken to keeping our shoes in plastic bags while we travel, but with those becoming harder to come by, we need an alternative. The She-She Shoe Bag ($24) fills the niche quite... [More]


Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Hands weathered, cracked, and generally looking like you've just spent the last hundred years living in the Witch's Narnia? Yep, we hear ya. Give the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm ($27) from Aēsop a try. The gentle moisturizer can be used frequently, so feel free to apply it several times a... [More]


Element Chart Coasters

Oxygen, Nitrogen... and Gin. Sounds like the essential elements that keep us functioning most days. These Element Chart coasters ($48) invite you to get back to the basics of boozing.... [More]


Herbalosophy Zen Oil

Herbalosophy's got a great line of hair care products that are designed to restore balance and health to your locks. You can try out their shampoo and conditioner duo, or the hair masque, but we recommend starting with a bottle of Zen Oil ($33). You rub a small amount of... [More]


Boomf Instagram Marshmallows

This Twitter testimonial got it right - what were we doing before we were able to eat tiny, sugary images of sunsets and cats and unflattering selfies? Boomf ($20) is a service that will turn nine (or more, should your budget allow such a thing) of your Instagram photos into... [More]


Nailhead Cami

How elegant is this Nailhead Cami ($295)? It combines breezy silk in a seductive hue with tasteful crystal accents for a look that is so darned perfect, we might actually bother taking it to the dry cleaners.... [More]


Lexon Buro Desk Accessories

Who would have thought that your desk accessories would look good in ombré? This Lexon Buro desk accessory set ($175) does a better job with that trend than your last hairdresser, from the classic stapler and hole punch to a modern USB hub.... [More]


Unicorn Love Card

Because we know that, occasionally, you can't quite believe that you've found a magical beast who loves and respects you so much. It's like you stumbled across the unicorn of partners, you lucky lady, you. Unicorn Love card ($5) by Hello!Lucky... [More]


High Line Body Wash

Even if you've never been to NYC's beautiful High Line park, we think you'll appreciate the sweet and floral scent of Bond No. 9's High Line Body Wash ($75). With notes of bergamot, oak, hyacinth, and rose, it sure beats the perception that all of New York smells of damp... [More]

Sash SM.jpg

J.Crew Collection Rhinestone-Encrusted Sash

We've noticed that it's not a good idea to wear a tiara on a regular basis if we want to be taken seriously. It's not that we think we're superior to everyone else; we just love shiny things. Luckily, J.Crew seems to have replaced the tiara with the Rhinestone-Encrusted Sash... [More]


Quirky Wink Nimbus Customizable Dashboard

What's important to you? The current commute time, the countdown to your next appointment, or the weather? Maybe it's the number of Facebook notifications waiting for you to get work out of the way so you can get back to the important stuff. This Quirky Wink Nimbus Customizable Dashboard ($89)... [More]


Farmhouse Maine Salt & Beehive Cellar

We can just imagine the tall, rugged sons-of-sailors who worked the icy coastlines to bring us this Farmhouse Maine Salt & Beehive Cellar ($85), the frost sticking to their manly three-day stubble. And that's why we're now going to buy tickets to Maine.... [More]


JINsoon Nostalgia Nail Lacquer

Now that we've taken off our flashy holiday nail colors and stored away our greens and golds, we're all about keeping things simple. Nude nails are refreshingly pretty, adding just a barely-there hint of color. JIN Soon's Nostalgia Nail Lacquer ($18) tops our favorites list. It's got a pinkish undertone... [More]


X5 LED Flashlight

Sure, you've got an app for that - but does your smartphone really provide the illumination you need when you're trying to de-ice that lock or figure out where your cat has concealed himself? We don't think so. This X5 LED Flashlight ($25) is powerful, durable, and small enough to... [More]


Apocalyptic Musings Moleskine Notebook

Do you stockpile canned goods? Read up on homesteading? Figure it might be time to invest in some livestock and a whole lot of ammunition? This Apocalyptic Musings Notebook ($15) will give you a place to jot down all your personal paranoid predictions about comets or the collapse of the... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? January 17, 2014

January 14 was Dress Up Your Pet Day. Yes, we're a little late on that, but we thought we'd spare your iguana the humiliation of wearing a sweater. Instead, this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? presents five items to dress yourself in a way that honors instead of... [More]


Flowers Garden Print Tights

We're still knee-deep in winter but we sure are getting sick of pants. That's why we're turning to thick-knit tights like these Flowers Garden Print Tights ($36) to get us through the season more fashionably. Paired with shorts or layered with a little black dress, these 120-denier tights offer up... [More]


Robert Burns Whisky Assortment

We rarely need an occasion to indulge in chocolate truffles, but truffles laced with Scotch whisky are a different story. The Robert Burns Whisky Assortment ($34) from L.A. Burdick is a limited edition chocolate collection and ships for Robert Burns Day at the end of the month. You can't get... [More]

mocs SM.jpg

Coach Nadia Moccasin

Driving mocs never go out of style, so we jump for joy whenever last season's pair hits the sale rack. Coach's Nadia Moccasin ($99, on sale) is a classic shoe that dresses up our everyday jeans.... [More]

earmuffs SM.jpg

Ralph Lauren Tartan Headphone Earmuffs

The Ralph Lauren Tartan Headphone Earmuffs ($50, on sale) serve the obvious purposes of looking good, keeping your ears warm, and playing music. They also have another purpose; they're ideal for situations when you want to be left alone. When you wear them, people will just assume you're oblivious to... [More]


Gingerbread Carousel Kit

Your real estate empire of gingerbread houses is doing well, so now it's time to expand into some more lucrative purchases. Savvy investors will want to check out this Gingerbread Carousel ($3) .... [More]


Mondrian Tumbler

You'd almost wish Piet Mondrian had been broke and unrecognized during his lifetime, so that he might have been forced to work in kitchenware design instead of fine art. After all, his signature style looks too damn sharp on these Mondrian Tumblers ($10 each). Just imagine what he might have... [More]


Classic Hollywood Themed Storage Bin

If you're looking for a covert place to hide your clutter and increase your book lover cred, the Classic Hollywood Themed Storage Bin ($73) from Able + Baker has you covered. The old titles, with a heyday of Hollywood themes, have been re-purposed and used as a front to hide... [More]

Vince SM.jpg

Vince Shadow Stripe Boatneck Sweater

We love Vince's effortlessly beautiful, versatile pieces. We're wearing the Shadow Stripe Boatneck Sweater ($295) with a tank under it to get coffee during the day, and then losing the tank for ladies' night out. Boom, whole new look!... [More]


Opal Sonic Skin Infusion System

Kick your Clarisonic routine up a notch with their Opal Sonic Skin Infusion System ($185). The Opal Sonic is designed to improve the elasticity and overall appearance of your under-eye area. It comes ready to use with a vibrating sonic brush, extra tips, and a mineral-infused serum. Not in the... [More]


Dock Tray

Your iPad is usually with you, but when it's not, you always have a hard time determining the best place to set it. We think we might've found the perfect home for it with this clever Dock Tray ($136). This simple rectangle serves as a stand for your iPad as... [More]


Pai Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Facial Oil

Blargh! It's halfway through winter and our skin is not happy with the cold, dry weather. But all hope is not lost. The price tag may be on the high end, but we think it's time to invest in the Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Facial Oil ($90) from Pai.... [More]


Threshold Windham 2 Door Cabinet with Center Shelves

You know how it goes: you wander over to to look for a cute and inexpensive pair of faux suede booties, and before you know it, you're tossing the Threshold Windham 2 Door Cabinet with Center Shelves ($160, on sale) into your shopping cart. We can't blame you. The... [More]


Wilfred Fabre T-Shirt

The print on the Wilfred Fabre T-Shirt ($45) is pretty wild, and we like it for punching up such a simple top. Is this an X-ray or sonogram image? Or perhaps some abstracted cow spots? Whatever your interpretation is, we think you'll agree it's a step in the right direction... [More]



Here's a DIY lamp you can create at no risk of electrocuting yourself. Just buy Drawlamp ($69) and draw a lamp*! Or don't. You can draw anything you want; the lightbulb rests in the center of an erasable blank canvas so you can always change your mind. * Please be... [More]


Carat Coffee Dripper & Pot

Out of coffee filters? Who cares! With this Carat Coffee Dripper & Pot ($70), you'll never have to fuss with some flimsy piece of paper again. No filters also mean the richly flavored coffee oil is extracted from your grounds, giving you an even stronger, more delicious brew.... [More]

MSwim SM.jpg

Michael Kors Plunging Twisted Halter Maillot

It's never a bad time to buy a swimsuit, and we've decided on the impractical Michael Kors Plunging Twisted Halter Maillot ($248). It probably won't hold up if we do laps, and the goods are definitely coming out if we attempt a flip turn. It's not even ideal for lying... [More]


Star Trek Fine Art Prints

Star Trek as fine art? We guess they didn't see the episode where Spock's brain got stolen... or the one where the Enterprise got taken over by space hippies and a folk music sing-along. Star Trek Fine Art Prints ($25 each)... [More]


Cafe Time Incense in Lotus & Wine

For the most part, incense is kinda one of those items you stop buying after your formative years. College ends and you start lusting after soy candles that smell like the inside of a Parisian bake shop. But don't write off incense all together. Instead, trade in your patchouli sticks... [More]


Deer Head Golden Necklace

Is it a little over the top? Yes. Will the plating wear off within a week? Probably. Do we care? Heck, no. This Deer Head Golden Necklace ($19) is so much fun, we'll happily throw class and durability to the wind to wear it.... [More]


The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

Keeping the Mobile Foodie Survival Kit ($26) from Plant in your purse may be a bit on the pretentious side (futzing with the curry seasoning on your meal is probably frowned upon in most establishments), but we do advocate that you keep one of these in your arsenal. Grab it... [More]


Shellista Lace Luxe Boot

Fashion boots not cutting it now that we're into the cold and snowy new year? It's time to pony up some cash and invest in these Shellista Lace Luxe Boots ($160) from The North Face. With a trusted snow gear label behind them, you know they'll keep your feet toasty... [More]


Lékué Large Muffin Cups

It's a serious morning buzzkill. You get ambitious enough to whip yourself up a batch of muffins, only to find that when you take them out of the oven, you lose half that blueberry-studded goodness to sticky trays or paper wrappers. Keep those pastries perfect with these silicone muffin cups... [More]


Beautycounter Glow Sugar Scrub

We're super big fans of the Glow Sugar Scrub ($38) from Beautycounter because it's gentle enough to use everyday. The bright lemongrass scent lifts us out of our sleepy state and the brown sugar granules buff away dull skin and leftover dirt and debris from the day before. (And by... [More]


Snow Queen Hooded Scarf

Our winter accessory world just got rocked. This Snow Queen Hooded Scarf ($50) combines neck warmer and cozy headgear in one timelessly elegant package. It's like finding a chocolate bar that also gives back massages.... [More]


Sweet n' Sour Card

Do two wrongs make a right? Do two negatives make a positive? Then, sure! Two sours can make something sweet. Sweet n' Sour card ($4)... [More]



The Kendama ($20) is one of those newfangled wooden, no-electricity-required toys... that's actually based on a traditional toy introduced in Japan sometime in the eighteenth century. Similar to a paddle ball, the kendama tests your hand-eye coordination as you try to balance the ball in one of the three cups... [More]


arquitectura en vidrio Square Ring

The designer of the arquitectura en vidrio ring ($30), Gabriel González Doric, is also an architect. That shouldn't be a huge surprise - it's made of steel and glass, materials also used in architecture and interior design. Furthermore, the lines etched into the iridescent black glass were inspired by the... [More]


Three Amigos Jumper

A mite more fashionable that the getup Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short wore in ¡Three Amigos!, this Three Amigos Jumper ($64) from MINKPINK draws on a relaxed fit and an Aztec design to keep you both comfy and on-trend. We're bigger fans of the comfy part - January... [More]


The Little Yoga Mat

It's a new year and a new you, right? When you sign up for a yoga class at the local Y, consider signing up your kiddo(s) for one, too. Yoga increases concentration, coordination, and promotes confidence and healthy living skills. Plus, your little ones can use The Little Yoga Mat... [More]


No Bad Dance Moves Card

It's the truth, but maybe the inside of the card should include your solemn promise to not record said dance moves and leak the video on the internet for all to see. That'd be a classy move on your part! No Bad Dance Moves Card ($6) from Farewell Paperie... [More]


Tiny Nameplate Ring

Name jewelry is still awesome, right? We think it is, especially if it's as classy as these Tiny Nameplate Rings ($48-128) from Julian & Co. Pick out your metal (sterling silver or yellow, white, or rose gold), choose your words (you can have them imprinted on both the outside and... [More]


VW Campervan Toaster

Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time something got toasted in a VW van... VW Campervan Toaster ($57)... [More]


Confetti Bomb

Ain't no party little a glitter party, and this Confetti Bomb ($10) adds an explosion of sparkle to any event. The only thing harder than choosing the perfect moment to set this off will be vacuuming up the debris afterwards.... [More]


Mighty Purse

They're the two things we never leave home without: our handbags and our smartphones. Heck, we'd forget our pants before we'd leave either of those behind. Why not make them work together for a change? This Mighty Purse ($100) looks like a chic little wristlet, but hides a clever secret... [More]


Victoria's Secret Leather Moto Jacket

Every closet needs a little black moto jacket and now through 1/19/2014 at Victoria's Secret you can get one - or any other clothing or shoe item - at 20% off with coupon code 20SAVINGS. Their Leather Moto Jacket ($298) will fit seamlessly into your winter wardrobe, but makes a... [More]


Makana Bamboo Daydream Blanket

If you've got a babe at home, you're probably well aware of the stellar quality of aden + anais blankets - they hold up against all kinds of abuse, from spit-up and diaper leaks to thousands of washes. Recently aden + anais added larger blankets to their collection so you... [More]


Serefina Feather Bib Necklace

When trying to attract a mate, the North American female homo sapiens has been known to prominently display its plumage in the form of smart accessories like this Serefina Feather Bib Necklace ($95). She then decapitates her mate and devours his head. Oh, wait. That's praying mantises.... [More]


Heads Up! Party Game

Is it kinda twisted that the Heads Up! Party Game ($14) was an app first, then adapted as a guest game by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and then bundled up in a board game form for mass consumerism? Usually the technology comes after the hands-on version is lauded by a... [More]


Studio Sequin Dress

It's the party dress to end all party dresses! Of course, that's what we said about the twenty other party dresses in our closets... Studio Sequin Dress ($64)... [More]


Garmin Head Up Display for Smartphone

What good is a GPS if you miss your turn while checking it? This Garmin Head Up Display for Smartphone ($145) displays everything you need to know on the windshield - where your eyes should be anyway. No confusion, no distractions, and no passive-aggressive computerized voices!... [More]


Ginkgo Spot Granny Sheers

We'll admit it: when we're picking out tights, we have a tendency to go to extremes. It's either solid, practical, and not the least bit sexy, or lacy with a touch of skank. These Ginkgo Spot Granny Sheers ($27) strike a perfect balance between classy and flirtatious. Isn't that worth... [More]


The Goldfinch

We heard that The Goldfinch ($15), by Donna Tartt, was a good novel to pick up, but we didn't realize that it was so fascinatingly rich in plot and prose that we'd end up reading it as quickly as we could. You have to read this book. It's almost eight... [More]


Adjustable Clampersand

You spend plenty of time reading about home improvement projects. Why not bring a little of the literary into those rare and precious moments when you actually get around to making something? This Adjustable Clampersand ($40) lets you geek out and get crafty all at the same time.... [More]


Stardust Pendant Necklace

You know what we love more than a fabulous art deco Lulu Frost necklace? Snatching up a fabulous art deco Lulu Frost necklace for half off! Finding the Stardust Pendant Necklace ($144, on sale) has definitely made our day.... [More]


Antler Slate Serving Tray

Your man wants a big pair of antlers to mount on your wall, preferably on top of the head of a stuffed buck. But until his aim gets a little better, you can thankfully avoid that particular decor debate. This Antler Slate Serving Tray ($56) is a much more tasteful... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sno-Marker

Things you can do with a Sno-Marker ($6 each): bundle up the kids and banish them out into the great white world to add color for an hour (during which you get to sit and relax do the dishes unencumbered), write messages of love or encouragement on your friends' and... [More]


Prefresh Wolf T-Shirt

If you want to give your kid stunna shades but have an inkling that doing so might be too affected and possibly land your tot in time-out, why don't you send him or her off to school in this wolf t-shirt ($36) instead? It's impossibly cute, and very fitting for... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

It's impossible to resist the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC ($195). It comes in five fab colors, from electric blue to neon pink and it fits a day's worth of miscellany inside. It's our go-to when we're not lugging around tech extras like tablets and laptops. Keep your eyes peeled, too,... [More]


Once Upon A Time Bookmark

The Once Upon A Time Bookmark ($5 each) works in two ways: clip the bird, hook, wand, apple, magnifying glass, or witch's shoes inward to mark the exact line you stopped on, or clip them facing out so it looks like you slammed the book on a literary character as... [More]


Book of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Grammar mistakes involving quotation marks are always especially funny, since they often make the quoted word essentially mean the opposite of its intention, e.g., the "Fun Ship" Carnival Fantasy or a "fresh" fruit cup. The Book of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks ($15) collects real world examples of the "unique" and "amazing"... [More]


Rare Elements Marula Hair Cocktail

You're not the only one who can use a stiff drink at the end of a tough day. Your locks need a little refreshment, too. This Rare Elements Marula Hair Cocktail ($33) is the equivalent of a cool gin and tonic for your head, providing a generous pour of hydration... [More]


My Little Monkey Ring

Say hello to my little friend! The My Little Monkey Ring ($68) by Me & Zena is great at snuggling, but sometimes it can be a little clingy.... [More]


Feed the World Cookie Cutter Set

Please note: these Feed the World Cookie Cutters ($12) are not an invitation to send your baked goods to Africa. UNICEF does not want your shortbread. But a portion of profits from sales of these continent-shaped tools does go to supporting efforts to fight world hunger, so you can feel... [More]


Luella Metallic Heart Pump

Perfection in a pump, that's what these Luella Metallic Heart Pumps ($420) from Sophia Webster are. The silver metallic leather uppers are dotted with perky pink hearts for the ultimate in feminine footwear. If you can afford the steep price tag, get 'em before they're gone and plan your Valentine's... [More]


"This Bag Should Have Been Larger" Toiletry Bag

...but they made a mistake at the factory? "Larger Bag" Toiletry Bag ($15) (For shipping outside the UK, the retailer asks that you message them directly.)... [More]


World Tube Map Print

Michael Tompsett's World Tube Map Print ($33) imagines what the layout of a worldwide subway map might look like, dividing the cross-continental system into eighteen separate lines, including the Balkan, Northern Lakes, Med-Siberian, and Tropical. Obviously, this is not quite possible yet for a few reasons, but we can't wait... [More]


Thunderbolt Stretch-Cady Gown

Superhero (or villain?) in disguise? Don the Thunderbolt Stretch-Cady Gown ($575, on sale) from Alessandra Rich in a flimsy attempt to conceal your super-ness. You know, as if your everyday alter-ego would go around wearing couture dresses with side slits and racy red lace lightening bolts splashed across the bodice.... [More]


Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art

It's a beautiful thing when a piece of pop culture captures the imagination of so many people that they start making their own art inspired by their appreciation of someone else's creation. Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art ($24) is a collection of fan art inspired by the likes of... [More]


Put-Downs & Zingers

We've all been in situations where we needed a snappy retort, but instead of being quick-witted and articulate, we were like... um... we were like, you know... not either of those things. If we had this Put-Downs & Zingers collection ($9), organized into categories of awful types of people who... [More]


Gold Crosshatch Cone Decanter

Class up your minibar by pouring that bottle of Wild Turkey into this Gold Crosshatch Cone Decanter ($149). You might even be able to pass it off to your friends as a fine craft-batch liquor...if they're already a few shots deep.... [More]


Get Fresh Look Better Naked Lemongrass Body Treatment Set

Did you resolve this year to look better naked via diet and exercise? That's all fine and dandy, but don't forget to reward yourself with a little at-home luxury that won't ruin all your effort. The Get Fresh Look Better Naked Lemongrass Body Treatment Set ($30) does something the gym... [More]


All-Purpose Arrow Spoon

So maybe we don't have to hunt our meals down in the wilderness like Katniss Everdeen. We still think that archery business is pretty badass. At least we can bring a touch of it to our own foraging activities by stirring up our chocolate brownies with this All-Purpose Arrow Spoon... [More]


Soap & Paper Factory Tuberose Hand Cream

Lush and floral, the Tuberose Hand Cream ($18) from Soap & Paper Factory is just the tube to keep tucked into your purse during the winter months. Break it out when your hands start feeling dry and itchy for a bit of quick relief. It's full of shea butter to... [More]


Aberdeen Plaid Leggings

Ooh, lassie. You couldna find a more fashionable way to keep yer legs warm this winter than by donning the bonnie Aberdeen Plaid Leggings ($19). Accompany them with a set of pipes and a steaming pile o' haggis.... [More]


3.1 Phillip Lim Embellished Sweatshirt Skirt

If we hadn't run into the 3.1 Phillip Lim Embellished Sweatshirt Skirt ($550), we would never have thought that sweats could look so... classy. We'd probably still avoid wearing this to a cocktail party, but as far as leaving the house in a comfy skirt with a forgiving waistband, you... [More]


Bottleneck Apothecary Jars

We love the look of storage containers from back in the era when arsenic was a beauty product and laudanum a recreational activity. Bottleneck Apothecary Jars ($65)... [More]


Boska Tapas Fondue Set

It's not as if we really need another reason to eat more cheese, but when it comes to this Boska Tapas Fondue Set ($40), we can't resist. This pretty little set heats with a tealight candle and is perfectly sized for a personal indulgence or a snack for two. So... [More]


Button Push Pins

Technically speaking, you could easily accomplish the same end result with some thumbtacks, craft store bargain bin buttons, and glue. If you're anywhere near as crafty as we are, though, your end result would be more Pinstrosity than Pin Win. Just give in, fork over the dough, and pretend you... [More]


Olive Oil Massage Oil

Oh là là, your main squeeze stuffed your Christmas stocking with homemade good-for-one-free-massage tickets and now it's time to cash in. Hand over a bottle of Olive Oil Massage Oil ($50) from Norma Kamali Wellness and settle in for a relaxing, muscle-soothing massage. Okay, it'll probably be more along the... [More]


Lulu Frost Code Ring

If you have a lucky number and you believe in its power, by all means, buy this gold Code Ring ($440) if you think it's going to help you out. Just don't use these rings to help you remember your PIN - you'll be out the cost of four of... [More]


Wommelsdorff Bicolor Zuma Beanie

If you need a several-hundred-dollar winter hat, you could do much worse than this Wommelsdorff Bicolor Zuma Beanie ($255). Yeah, it's a lot of money for anything, especially a knit cap that you could simply request from Mom, but this is what you'll get for your hard-earned bucks: virgin wool.... [More]


Don'ts for Husbands

When it comes to the secrets to a successful relationship, not much has changed in the last hundred years. This list of Don'ts for Husbands ($7) is still (mostly) as relevant now as it was when it was written back in 1913. Flirting with other women, refusing to accompany your... [More]


Fruitwood Measuring Spoons

We're not sure these Fruitwood Measuring Spoons ($35) are the most accurate on the market, but they sure are tops on the list for good looks. And who cares if our biscuits come out a little flat, if we get to display these lovely hand-carved utensils in our kitchen?... [More]


Pitch Perfect Ring

The only key you can carry is the one to your Honda Civic. And you're the not-so-proud owner of a couple of Nickelback albums. You can still show the world your appreciation for harmony by wearing this Pitch Perfect Ring ($13).... [More]


Copper Etched Leather Pouch

This beautiful Copper Etched Leather Pouch ($48) is big enough to hold your essentials for a night out, but small enough to fit in your back pocket - and shaped for it, too! We're always wary of putting our wallets in our back pockets for fear of them falling out... [More]


Market Tote Bag

You're hip. You're edgy. You're on the cutting edge of the lingo...with the farmers' market crowd. That's why you're sporting this Market Tote Bag ($18). Use it to up your street cred with the leafy-green-eating gang.... [More]


Stir Kinetic Desk

We all know sitting on our butts isn't exactly a boon for our health. But while that knowledge might (just possibly) entice us to swap some of our sofa time for a round of jumping jacks at home, we've got far less flexibility when it comes to work. Enter the... [More]


Botanical Garden Recycled Glass Tumbler Candle

Sure, having a beautiful flower garden sounds theory. But you're far more likely to spend your hours there dirty and sweaty than soothed and relaxed. Lighting this Botanical Garden Recycled Glass Tumbler Candle ($37) might seem like a pale substitute for an actual landscape of fragrant blooms and fluttering... [More]


Patched Brocade Sweatshirt

We need cozy clothing options in the dead of winter, but also need to keep ourselves feeling like human beings (and not feral creatures). So even if we're not leaving the house, we're going to peel ourselves out of our scuzzy sweatpants and old alma mater hoodies and put on... [More]


Rosemary Dress

One of the many nice things about the Rosemary Dress ($78) - and, we think, its main selling point - is how adaptable it is. It's a (very pretty) blank canvas that lends itself to whatever you want to do to it: give it some edge, make it casual, or... [More]


Natural European Wrapping Paper Book

They say 'tis better to give than to receive, and you might actually start believing it once you're the proud possessor of this Natural European Wrapping Paper Book ($19). It contains twenty sheets of gift wrap, each in a unique, vintage-inspired pattern. You'll have so much fun picking out which... [More]


I'm As Big As... Height Chart

Shorties and ogres alike will stop complaining about the difficulties of finding jeans that fit and start embracing their stature when they encounter this I'm As Big As... height chart ($18). After all, isn't it much more fun to think of yourself as Chinese Terracotta Army Soldier or Giant African... [More]


Boulevard Elizabeth Jewelry Case

Tangled chains no more! The Boulevard Elizabeth Jewelry Case ($125) is an antidote to all your nightmares relating to jewelry (the ones that don't involve rings falling down the sink, at least). Now it's much easier to take all your favorite bling with you on vacation - this case comes... [More]


Monogrammed Earrings

Something about these Monogrammed Earrings ($130) says "rich bitch" to us. What could it be? Oh yeah, they're custom gold-plated monogrammed earrings. When you order, remember that your middle initial goes last or you'll get laughed right out of the Real Housewives club.... [More]


LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub

LUSH rarely disappoints us with their ridiculously delicious-smelling products, and their new Popcorn Lip Scrub ($10) is no exception. In fact, we have a hard time resisting our inclination to eat the scrub when we unscrew the lid and get a whiff of the buttery scent. When we apply it... [More]


Little Red Riding Hood Tea For One Set

Your personal bad wolf is that afternoon slump. Perk yourself through it with a perfectly-sized pot of tea, prepared in this adorable Little Red Riding Hood Tea For One Set ($38). Goes great with a side of murdered grandma.... [More]


Wildfox Let's Get Away from It All Tee

We know the feeling. And we love the retro vibe of this Wildfox tee ($64), which says what we're all thinking in the dead of winter. The throwback type also reminds us of travel posters from back in the day when people went to agents to book their dream vacations:... [More]


Vintage Havana Mesh-Panel Cross-Back Sweater

Usually turning your back to somebody is considered rude, but not when you have this Vintage Havana sweater ($64) on. Instead of getting the cold shoulder, witnesses will be seeing mesh-covered shoulders, artfully framing a funky keyhole cutout. They'll be so charmed by your top, they'll forget they ever thought... [More]


Cleo Shoulder Chain

They just keep coming up with new ways to expand on the simple, modest necklace, don't they? From earrings, headbands, and shirt collar fasteners, there seems to be no limit to the ways you can accessorize with chains. This Cleo Shoulder Chain ($40) covers your neck and shoulders and drapes... [More]


Monopoly City Edition

Just when you thought industrialism was getting old, a fun game breathes new life into it! Monopoly City Edition ($40) is a variant version of the capitalist classic that replaces property deeds with zoning permits and incorporates new 3-D structures, including schools, industrial complexes, stadiums, and skyscrapers.... [More]


James the Bookend

James the Bookend ($22) doesn't need steel-toed boots; he's got a steel toe plate. That plate is going to be integral for the heavy lifting and manual labor James is going to be doing around the house. Thank you, James, for being such a gentleman.... [More]


Signature Umbrella Ankle Jeans

We've found the perfect pants for a rainy day! Not only do these Umbrella Ankle Jeans ($90) come with a weather-appropriate print, but their flood-friendly length means you won't end up swamping your shins if you have to do a little puddle-hopping to get around.... [More]


Chilote Feet

Are they the cutest slippers we've ever seen? You know, in the way that some people love naked mole rats because they're so odd-looking, sure. But once you put the Chilote Feet ($40) on, any hangups about their appearance are sure to dissipate. These babies are handmade in Patagonia with... [More]


Black Sea Salt with Muscat Wine

We know we should be cutting back, but how can we say goodbye to sweet, sweet sodium when it comes in such delicious forms? This Black Sea Salt with Muscat Wine ($19) combines an earthy savor with rich boozy sweetness for a perfect finishing touch we have a hard time... [More]


Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

The main reason you want to figure out what's on those old rolls of film lying around the house is so you can share them online, right? The Lomography Smartphone Scanner ($59) is a nifty gadget that cuts out the middlemen (a desktop scanner and your computer) and lets you... [More]


MirrorMan Robot 4GB Flash Drive

MirrorMan ($25) is like a LEGO man fully equipped for the Digital Age, complete with bendy legs, claw-like hands, and 4GB of built-in storage. It's only one step from here to a tiny plastic army capable of taking over the world.... [More]


TWO By Vince Chiffon Shirt Tail Sweatshirt

No need to worry about perfecting the slouchy/casual look with this TWO By Vince sweatshirt ($69) - it does it all for you! A piece of flowing black chiffon is attached to the bottom hem of the rhinestone-encrusted sweatshirt, so you can layer underneath however you want - you could... [More]


Anchor Set

We know what we like, okay? Anchors. It's anchors. We love all things nautical, so we're going to save some money and time and just get this matching jewelry set ($38) from OK1984. Once we've got our anchor ring, necklace, and earrings, we'll be satiated for awhile until we can... [More]


Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder

Whether you're trying to tell him to take out the trash, to pick up more wine, or just that you love him, a vocal reminder recorded into this handy Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder ($22) might up the chances of him actually getting the message. It's amazing how male eyes seem... [More]


Furniture Makeovers

Got Pottery Barn taste but a thrift store budget? Don't sink into a well of decor-inspired despair. With Furniture Makeovers ($22), you can transform cheap finds into Pinterest-worthy pieces with little more than some artfully applied paint and a few new knobs.... [More]


Sequin & Pont_ Moto Jacket

Pretty sequined moto jacket is pretty! The high season of sparkles, glitter, and sequins may be behind us, but don't worry about that - you can still find an occasion to make this Chaser jacket ($396) shine.... [More]


Gold Donut Earrings

If nobody's willing to front the cash to erect a giant pure gold donut statue (the only material worthy of the great confection other than fried dough) today, that's okay. We'll just do our own subtle campaigning with these Gold Donut Earrings ($18) until some famous artist or billionaire decides... [More]


Blabla Hand-Knit Dolls

A child's toy that's not plastic or electronic?! That must be a first in history! These Blabla Hand-Knit Dolls ($25) are individually made by Peruvian artists, and are a wholesome change of pace from the other...promiscuous...dolls out there.... [More]


New Moon Spandex Dress

If you find yourself in the mood for high drama, you could do much worse than the New Moon Spandex Dress ($175). The entire left side features a photo of the moon taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, so you'll be spending the night thinking of reasons to casually lift... [More]


pürminerals Show Off Collection

Quickly! Hide the Show Off Collection ($28) from the kiddos before they think that these are new markers for their coloring books. They'd probably do a nice job, and we encourage the youth to think outside the box (or lines), but maybe not with your new toys. With three lip... [More]


Neff Cone Beanie

Now looking like you've been given a swirly doesn't have to mean that you were bullied into putting your head in the toilet while somebody flushed. Instead, it can mean that you were given this awesome swirly ice-cream-cone-inspired beanie ($28), complete with a cherry pom-pom on top!... [More]

lulu SM.jpg

lululemon Pace Setter Skirt

Every year in January, we hit the gym once or twice looking for men who have made New Year's resolutions. We're happy with our bods so we don't need to break a sweat, but we might as well look the part. That's why we've purchased lululemon's Pace Setter Skirt ($58).... [More]


Dolce & Gabbana The Lipstick Shine Lipstick

The "it" color of the spring is a orchid/violet/plum-inspired purple, which is gorgeous on, say, a pair of suede pumps or crystal earrings. Our lips, on the other hand? We're not yet convinced that we can pull it off, but if we're gonna try, it's going to be with Dolce... [More]


"Dance In The Rain" Print

The message of the "Dance In The Rain" Print ($24) seems inspirational and courageous, but honestly, we're just concerned about getting sick from being out in the rain too long... Perhaps that's just the "waiting for the storm to pass" part of us talking, though.... [More]


Modern Art Desserts

The Piet Mondrian cake is this cookbook's pièce de résistance, and it can be yours too, once you know the secrets behind it. Modern Art Desserts ($16) will teach them to you, as well as how to make artist-inspired treats such as Wayne Thiebaud cakes, Roy Lichtenstein cakes, and things... [More]


Nike Colorblocked Windrunner Jacket

We swear we'll run outside more (instead of seeking the wind shelter of the gym) if we get our hands on this Nike Windrunner Jacket ($85). At least that's how we'll justify the purchase, because there's just a certain je ne sais quoi about these color combos (check the link... [More]


Dogeared Karma Bracelet

What goes around comes around, just like the Karma Bracelet ($74). Remind yourself of that well-known adage throughout the day when you're wearing this bracelet (itself a circle) and the gold-dipped ring - it's double the karma!... [More]


Fatboy Headdemock

The only family memories you're going to make on a regular-sized hammock are fixing each others' injuries after everyone falls out. A hammock is a great place to relax with loved ones, as long as it's big enough, like the Fatboy Headdemock ($489). Anything else is like trying to have... [More]


Victoria's Secret Bikini Mixer

We know swimwear isn't what you're thinking about while you're bundling up every morning and having to discuss the Polar Vortex at work, but we couldn't not tell you that you can get $10 off swimwear orders of $40 or more right now at Victoria's Secret. It's the perfect opportunity... [More]


GOgroove Panda Pal

The GOgroove Panda Pal speaker ($20) has surprisingly high quality sound considering it's coming out of a little panda head. It looks like a toy, so it would be great for a kid, but don't discount it for your own use, either. Just be sure to return it to its... [More]


CHI Shine Infusion Thermal Polishing Spray

Are you a CHI flat iron convert? We don't blame you. The price tag probably made you grumble for about thirty seconds, and then your CHI was hot enough to run through your locks and give you the best 'do you've rocked in months. Take it a step further by... [More]


Dinosaur Bone/Meteorite Ring

It seems we've found something we want in our rings more than diamonds: meteorites and dinosaur bones, of course! They really add some gravitas to this 14-karat gold inlay ring ($1,849), even if you never would have guessed what the materials were if we hadn't told you. Now, if only... [More]


Halogen Novelty Wool & Cashmere Crewneck Pullover

Don't play coy - we can see you've got a big heart. For those who don't want to be too obvious about their affections, this Halogen Wool & Cashmere pullover ($98) has a playful, optical inlaid heart - it's the fashion equivalent of passing a note to your crush in... [More]


New York New York Newsprint Typographic Tank Top

Is your homepage set to the New York Times? Do you read the New Yorker cover to cover week in and week out? Is New York Magazine the most accessed app on your iPad? Whether or not you've actually set foot in New York City, we think you've earned every... [More]


Legless Corkscrew

"Avast, landlubber! Let me aid ye in yer quest for grog to quench yer thirst!" Legless Corkscrew ($15)... [More]


Unicorn Clutch Bag

Aside from Abraham Lincoln, unicorns have the most easily recognizable silhouette. Although we think that real-life unicorns probably have longer horns, surely nobody will mistake your Unicorn Clutch Bag ($66) for any other magical creature.... [More]


Serious Business Tie Necklace

It's no secret that you get taken more seriously in a tie, but you get taken the most seriously with a killer ensemble. So leave hubby's closet alone - this necklace ($85) gives you all the power of a tie without having to knot a thing.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Accessorizing a Tadashi Shoji Dress for a Military Ball

"Dear Outblush, I have a personal shopper request. I have a military ball coming up in 7 weeks (Feb 22nd) and while I've already purchased the perfect gown, I for the life of me cannot figure out what type of accessories to wear with it! I have bought a Tadashi... [More]

bebe SM.jpg

bebe Leatherette Maxi Dress

We're channeling our inner Angelina Jolie with the Leatherette Maxi Dress ($119) from bebe. We're hoping a hot guy is also channeling his inner Brad Pitt so we can meet, fall in love, and adopt a horde of children together. Or at least a puppy.... [More]


Waxing Kara Wildflower Honey

Honey is one of the few foods that doesn't spoil, and that, combined with its subtle nuances in flavor (based on harvesting region), makes it an excellent hostess or housewarming gift. Add lovely packaging, like the great label on Waxing Kara's Wildflower Honey ($18), and you've hit a home run.... [More]


Gold Nest Ring

What looks like some sort of dangerous finger trap at first glance is really just a relatively simple piece of jewelry once you put it on. The Gold Nest Ring ($50) is artfully twisted to create a delicate crisscrossed design, so we don't know why we panicked. It can't be... [More]

sequin SM.jpg

Burberry Sequin Stripe Shift Dress

We don't know what it is about sequins that has us hooked, but we'll never get tired of them. When we wear Burberry's Sequin Stripe Shift Dress ($1395) we get a glimpse of our future retirement. We plan to be on a cruise ship, cocktail in hand, dress sparkling like... [More]


Modern Red Rabbit LED Night Light

What exactly makes this Modern Red Rabbit LED Night Light ($15) so modern? ...Must be the eyes, or the fact that unlike night lights of yesteryear, it doesn't need to be plugged into an outlet.... [More]


Belle Silk Short Pajamas

We would so be wearing the Belle Silk Short Pajamas ($220) from Three J New York if it wasn't twenty-six degrees outside and we weren't currently engaged in a passive-aggressive heat war with our housemate. You're with us though, right? We'll gladly pay a little extra to not have our... [More]


Yarn Zombies

Who would have thought that a knitted doll could be so terrifying! Seriously, Garbage Pail Kids of the past have nothing on Yarn Zombies ($11 each). We're creeped out by the undead eyes and deranged back stories, from cheerleader Muffy's aversion for facial acne to Brad & Angie's dedication to... [More]


SkidStop Slow Feed Pet Bowl

Dogs can be such pigs, right? And while it can be fun to watch your pet go to town on its food like it's its last meal, the laughter subsides when the choking begins. This SkidStop Slow Feed Pet Bowl ($3) comes with treads and a unique design to improve... [More]


White Hunter Ring

George Lucas has created some of the most memorable visuals in American culture, and among them is Boba Fett's trademark visor, which lends itself to KitchenAid mixers, lunch boxes, and now, jewelry. No need for diamonds; this White Hunter ring ($275 - $1,200) is a girl's best friend!... [More]


Rose Quartz Agate Bookends

Sure, you could use any heavy rock you pick up on a hike to hold up your books, but could you drill down to the beautiful agate that hides within? Maybe. In that case, go do that. But if you don't have the tools or skills to make your own... [More]


GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment

You've already experienced what GlamGlow does for faces. It was gritty. It was dirty. You try not to remember the sight of your nose covered in oozing black filthy extracted from your own naughty pores - but oh, the results! You skin was clearer than it had been since you... [More]


MILLY Edith Pencil Skirt

It takes a certain kind of lady to wear a leather skirt. It takes an even more certain kind of lady to wear a metallic silver leather skirt. And yes, it takes the most certain, adventurous, and confident kind of lady to wear a studded metallic silver leather skirt. And... [More]


The Manta Resort Underwater Room

Most resort hotels say they offer a one-of-a-kind experience, but the Manta Resort Underwater Room ($1,500) in Zanzibar really delivers. Stay in the underwater room and watch fish dance by your window, or go upstairs to enjoy a romantic deserted island experience.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Rock Punk Dragon King Alloy Ear Cuff

If you don't yet have the power to tame a small dragon and make it sit on your shoulder (this is our Game of Thrones reference), perhaps this tiny one is more your speed. The Rock Punk Dragon King Alloy Ear Cuff ($3) will make you feel like the Mother... [More]


Book of Secrets

It's like finding the diary of the human race! The Book of Secrets ($4) contains all the factoids that the Earth doesn't want you to read, from the shocking (secret government testing in airports and subways), to the helpful (secrets of public speaking), and even some ancient, unspeakable horrors (Colonel... [More]


Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper

Every time we try to shape our eggs ourselves, they always end up scrambled by the end! The Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper ($10) takes your boring breakfast and makes it into fun edible art.... [More]


FairEnds Polka Dot Ball Cap

It's such a bother when a baseball cap looks good on your head and yet you care nothing for the sport. What's a girl to do? Try on the FairEnds cap ($48) - an allegiance-free cap that's beautifully crafted and hand dyed with Japanese indigo, elevating ballpark style to much... [More]


Faceted Eyewear Chain

Still using a dirty piece of string you found in the garage to hold your glasses around your neck? Name one person who isn't! Maybe it's time to upgrade with the Faceted Eyewear Chain ($30) - this shiny, silver-beaded accessory is just slightly more elegant than your current food-stained one.... [More]


Boskke Ceramic Sky Planter

Running out of floor space for a new plant? There's plenty of room on the wall! The innovative and somewhat mind-boggling Boskke Ceramic Sky Planter ($20) will have you rushing to add to your hanging plant collection, stat.... [More]


Red Fluffy Polar Bear Ankle Socks

The holidays may be behind us, but that shouldn't mean it's time to put away the winter-themed novelty socks! Honestly, they help us stay cheerful during the midwinter slump, especially when they're sporting cute mammals like these Red Fluffy Polar Bear Ankle Socks ($6). If polar bears can power through... [More]


I Heart SF Slouchy Pullover

We know this is called the I Heart SF Slouchy Pullover ($38), and we do love the Golden Gate Bridge, but do you know what we heart even more? Symmetry!... [More]


Aquitaine Sundial Ring

We gotta admit, it's admirable the way outdated technologies still find a way to make it in this modern world. It may take you a lot longer to process the time with the Sundial Ring ($34) than, say, looking at a watch on your wrist... but it's worth it to... [More]


Hooray Sports Do The Thing Win The Points T-Shirt

We hate to perpetuate stereotypes about women not being into sports, but some of us just can't muster up a single you-know-what to give when it comes to football, or whatever athletic topic is clogging up our Twitter feeds at the moment. Embrace your inner Daria and wear this Hooray... [More]


Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer

Ever since levers, pulleys, and screws were invented, machines have been helping mankind out with its more tedious chores. And aside from Skynet inventing killer Terminator robots, we're thankful for them. That's why we were happy to find the Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer ($69); just affix it to your pot... [More]


Yoga Cats Poster

It shouldn't surprise you that cats are naturals at yoga, what with all their back twisting and butt lifting. What is surprising is that this Yoga Cats Poster ($9) had to resort to Photoshop.... [More]


Polkadot Britches

What up, britches! These Polkadot Britches ($36) are the mash-up between underwear and shorts that you never knew you wanted! Are they supposed to be worn over or under or just as they are? We think we'd stay in the house with these, but at least if somebody sees you... [More]


Giant Earbud Desktop Speakers

We've learned that bigger isn't always better, but we'll consider changing our tune for these giant earbud desktop speakers ($26), which show us by contrast how boring and dull normal-sized things really are. They almost have us wishing that we had a pair of giant ears to go with them.... [More]


Rebecca Taylor Merino Pullover Sweater

We wouldn't be surprised if the Rebecca Taylor Merino Pullover Sweater ($350) began with a mistake in the knitting and construction room. That double-notched front hem is unique, to say the least. Still, sometimes taking the wrong turn will get you to where you didn't know you belonged, and we're... [More]


New York Coffee Cup

Not much says New York like the iconic Anthora cup, designed by Leslie Buck and introduced in the 1960s. Now that it's a little rarer to find these cups in coffee joints around the city, you can invest in this ceramic version ($15) to make sure you always have a... [More]


Sriracha Tee

So you love your Sriracha, eh? Enough to get a tattoo of the wildly popular hot sauce's avian mascot? No? Okay, well, while you bite your nails waiting for that little factory dispute to blow over, show your healthy level of adoration by wearing this Sriracha Tee ($28).... [More]


Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister

Every Game of Thrones fan knows that inside the dragon egg lies a sleeping source of great power... but now that we know "cookies" are an option, seeing a dragon pop out seems kind of disappointing. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister ($30)... [More]


Camper Himalayan Shoe

Have you graduated from the regular old wedge sneakers that were so popular back in 2013? Move on to the next level with these Camper Himalayan Shoes ($275). Not only do they have that interior wedge heel, they're also finished off with a zigzag platform sole like you've never seen... [More]


Believe In Your Fucking Self. T-Shirt

This t-shirt ($25) will be especially relevant when people start to lose sight of their New Year's resolutions in mid-January. Wear it proudly when you're out and about to instill a little willpower in the people you pass and take another second to let it sink in when you look... [More]


8-Bit Treasure Chest LED Music Box

All jewelry boxes are treasure chests - even if the trinkets inside are valuable only to you. Our favorite part about the 8-Bit Treasure Chest LED Music Box ($30) is that it lights up and plays music when you open it! It makes it seem like you discovered some great... [More]


Sparkling Wine Making Kit

You rang in this year with a $4 bottle of André. Next year, why not class things up a bit? This Sparkling Wine Making Kit ($80) will help you create your very own bubbly tipple out of your favorite wine in just four to eight weeks.... [More]


Petitgrain Facial Milk Cleanser

Sounds like our entire breakfast is in this Petitgrain Facial Milk Cleanser ($26): sugar cane, maple sugar, orange, lemon, cranberry, and, of course, milk. We could have just stuck our faces into our oatmeal.... [More]


PINK San Diego Chargers Slouchy Crew

Who can't use another pair of socks, especially when they're free? Right now you can get free socks with a PINK purchase at Victoria's Secret. So what to buy to get your freebie? Check out PINK's line of NFL apparel like this San Diego Chargers Slouchy Crew ($41) - they're... [More]