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Dream Angel's Multi-Way Bra

These days, a girl's gotta have options - not just with her love life with but her bra, too. The Dream Angel's Multi-Way Bra ($58) by Victoria's Secret gives your boobs the most bang for your buck with five different options to wear. Simply adjust the removable straps to achieve... [More]


Plane Cat Playhouse

The Red Baron had his day - now is the time for the Calico Baron! You may not be able to justify spending extra money on your cat, but you can justify buying the Plane Cat Playhouse ($30) for your own personal enjoyment of watching your cat look even sillier.... [More]


Crystal Nameplate Bracelet

We're not sure how this Crystal Nameplate Bracelet ($132) draws its inspiration from - as designer Stephanie Owen claims - ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages. It looks far more like something she ripped off of Lil Jon. But that's fine with us. We love the idea of having... [More]


Fresh Seaberry Exfoliating Soap

Buh-bye body washes. We're making Fresh's Seaberry Exfoliating Soap ($17) our exclusive shower soap. It's triple-milled so it lathers like a dream; it's full of natural exfoliants like cranberry and bamboo, and it soothes dry skin with the addition of shea butter. It takes up less room on the shower... [More]



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Stelton Pure Black Knife Set

You may be "just an at-home chef", but that shouldn't stop you from using the best tools available. Drool over these sleek Stelton Pure Black Knives ($392 for a set of three knives and a magnetic strip). Don't you want them gracing the wall in your kitchen? Better yet, don't... [More]


Growing Ring

It's alive! If you want some jewelry that's a little more natural, try this Growing Ring ($239) - but remember that it is a living thing, so if you don't water it, you're going to get just another lifeless silver ring.... [More]


Kashmir Body Wash

We're tempted to take a second shower today just so we can uncap our bottles of Kashmir Body Wash ($16) from mōksa organics. The ylang-ylang- and grapefruit-scented stuff is bright, refreshing and super concentrated. The whole bathroom smells good, and because the wash is formulated with high quality essential oils,... [More]


Orange Nyx Hidden Heel Sneakers

It's a sneaker! No, it's a boot! These Orange Nyx Hidden Heel Sneakers ($105) combine the best of both in a crazy looking piece of brightly colored footwear. These kicks are lightweight and easy to wear with plenty of cozy warmth. There's even a secret built-in height boost for the... [More]


Cool Gel Eyeliner in Gilt

Ditch the dark pencils and instead use this Cool Gel Eyeliner in Gilt ($28) from Aerin to line your eyes. The metallic gold shade will widen your baby blues (or beautiful browns!) and add an extra dimension to your eye makeup. It's a fantastic way to add a lightness to... [More]


Doubtblush: FlipShotz

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Etta + Billie Spiked Egg Nog Soap

'Tis the season for all things nog-flavored, but who would have though one of our favorite places to enjoy that nutmeg-dusted cheer would be the bathroom? This Etta + Billie Spiked Egg Nog Soap ($11) combines egg yolks and milk to help hydrate and pamper your skin. We're not sure... [More]


Bauhaus Seamless Long Sleeve Ski Top

Are you waking up while it's still pitch black outside, slipping into ski gear like this super cute Bauhaus Seamless Long Sleeve Ski Top ($95), and heading to the slopes, coffee in hand? Kudos! Enjoy the serenity of a quiet mountain and the swoosh of your skis. We'll keep snuggling... [More]


Barnaby Black Earl Grey Imperial Lip Balm

Tired of girly rose or dull old vanilla? Protect your lips this winter with something different: this Earl Grey Imperial Lip Balm ($8). Accented with a touch of lemon and anise, this bergamot-spiked formula nourishes and moisturizes your lips without smelling like something from a kindergartner's scented marker collection.... [More]

scarf SM.jpg

Salvatore Ferragamo Sprawled Leopard Print Scarf

Salvatore Ferragamo's Sprawled Leopard Print Scarf ($350) is so beautiful it's basically art. Or at least that's how we're justifying spending $350 on a scarf to ourselves. When it's not around our necks, this baby's going up over the fireplace.... [More]


Poem Cup and Saucer

Nothing goes with a round of emo journaling quite like a cup of tea. This Poem Cup and Saucer ($36) invites you to spill out your angst while you consume your Earl Grey. And since the included pen is attached to this set bank-teller-style, you won't have to lose the... [More]


Stiletto Tape Dispenser

We all know that shoes can tie an outfit together, but did you know the effect extends to ripped documents and even wrapping paper? This Stiletto Tape Dispenser ($8) makes a great office accessory for the fashionista disguised as a working girl from nine to five. Available in several different... [More]



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Clip Timer

Honestly, how necessary is this Clip Timer ($12)? It's not as if we put something in the oven and then wander off to some distant part of the house to do laundry, settle a screaming toddler, or get sucked into watching Animal Planet. Except that we do - all the... [More]


Chianti Pleated Back Belted Jacket

Sleek and sophisticated, the Chianti Pleated Back Belted Jacket ($425) from Reiss isn't the type of coat you don for a jaunt to a hockey game or wear to your local dive bar. Reserve it for special occasions when others can raise an appreciative eyebrow at the wool-and-cashmere blend, formfitting... [More]


I have a dream Gift Set

We have a dream, too - or would, if we could get any damned sleep. (It involves us and a couple of the more recent Doctors.) But thanks to recent bouts of insomnia, we've been denied the joy of our nighttime adventures through space and time. Hopefully the contents of... [More]


Wellness Tea of the Month

Part of the reason resolutions fall to the wayside by February is that they're always too lofty. Sure, you can keep on spending thirty minutes a day on the treadmill, but why not also try a resolution that's fun to keep? The Republic of Tea will send you six or... [More]


Northern Sky Map

We love the idea of lying outside on a clear, cold winter's night studying the heavens...while sitting in a hot tub. Otherwise, the whole "outside" and "cold" business sounds way less fun. Since we're sadly lacking in the Jacuzzi department, we'll have to make do with this Northern Sky map... [More]


Personalized Children's Clothes Hanger

Perhaps if you hang the outfit you pick out for your little girl on this Personalized Children's Clothes Hanger ($28), she might actually wear it instead of demanding to be sent to school in her usual tutu and superhero cape combination. Then again, maybe not.... [More]


Firefly String Lights

Add a bit of twinkle and whimsy to your space by stringing up the Firefly String Lights ($28). We're big fans because the tiny lights shine from their spots on a copper wire, and we think copper is far preferable to green plastic. It can become part of the decor,... [More]


You Are Loved Mug

Got a gal pal who seems down in the dumps? While you can't literally bottle up the sunshine in an attempt to help her battle the winter blues, you can give her the You Are Loved Mug ($16). Toss in a jar of homemade hot cocoa mix and maybe a... [More]


Letterpressed Witty Wine Tags

If you're the type that picks out wines based on how pretty the labels are, don't feel ashamed. Class up your ignorance by way of these Letterpressed Witty Wine Tags ($20). With clever phrases like "It's a red - that's all that I know," they turn the fact that you... [More]


Syncro iPhone 5 Wallet

Efficiency is the name of the game... in theory. We know we should simplify our lives by trimming some of the fat, but the fat's been there for so long, and we've grown fond of it. Baby steps, though. This Syncro iPhone 5 Wallet ($70) replaces your wallet and gives... [More]



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Lid Sid

Yeah, you could use pretty much anything to prop open the pot lid... but Lid Sid ($17 for two) is the only way that also lets you explore your dark sense of humor (without anyone getting hurt).... [More]


The Palindromes Tank Top

Get to work on decoding the mysteriously named The Palindromes Tank Top ($26); it looks like it must contain some sort of secret message. The hourglass of the double triangles is so mystical; the symmetry of the shirt is too suspicious. The background pattern was made using thousands of individual... [More]


Barbour Cavalry Polarquilt Jacket

Who says staying warm means you have to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? This Barbour Cavalry Polarquilt Jacket ($279) has a sleek look with a secret fleece lining for extra coziness. We love the quilted detailing and ultra-feminine silhouette.... [More]


Baha Weekender

The Baha Weekender ($155) from Deux Lux is misnamed*. If we're going to use it, it's going to be because we're packing up and running away to the Baja coast for the weekend. Ahh, sweet respite, warm temps, and glorious sunshine. Maybe we'll extend our stay for say...the rest of... [More]



Sure, we'd love to take our pets with us when we travel, but taking a dog on an airplane? We'll pass. Thankfully, PetChatz ($349) is the perfect thing for stay-at-home pets, and it's more reliable than your neighbor's daughter. Plug it in and you'll be able to see and talk... [More]


Jingle All The Way Palette

As if we needed another reason to add more Too Faced makeup to our collections! We're gonna, because the Jingle All The Way Palette ($19, on sale) is a steal. For under twenty bucks, the palette give you eleven shimmery shadows, a bronzer and a blush. Best part? The palette... [More]



Handmade romantic coupons are more or less a cop-out gift, usually made and given about five minutes after realizing it's your anniversary. But these professionally made LoveCoups ($25) are a different story. The fully customizable book lets you choose which coupons to include, personalize the message, and even design your... [More]


Dior Limited Edition Face Palette

We adore our new Dior Limited Edition Face Palette ($77). In one small zip case, it packs everything we need to add a little color and shimmer to our faces. Seriously, it's got a pressed powder for smoothing out our lines and wrinkles, four different tinted lip glosses, a small... [More]


Brown Wool Cape Coat

When you want to make a dramatic entrance, go with this Brown Wool Cape Coat ($536) from In God We Trust NYC. Not only does the classic tweed already make you look like an ace crime fighter, the cape is detachable, so you can emphatically remove it from your shoulders... [More]


Kate Spade Scallop Front Tights

We think the Kate Spade Scallop Front Tights ($30) evoke the same classy feel as the stockings of yesteryear. They're kind of an updated version of silk seamed stockings, minus the hassle of a garter belt. Pull them on, slip into your favorite pair of Kate Spade heels, and get... [More]


Super Awesome Postcard Book

Why would you settle for some boring beach shot or city skyline when you can let those friends know you're thinking of them with one of these Super Awesome Postcards ($8)? A collection of images straight out of someone's mushroom tea dreams in college, they're bound to earn themselves a... [More]


New Year Necklace

We've seen more than our fair share of "creative" ways to use zippers, but we can still get behind the way they're used in the appropriately named New Year Necklace ($65). The effect of each zipper tightly coiled into a circle and joined with others creates a night sky full... [More]


Cardboard Rocket

Well, kids have been known to play with the boxes instead of the toys. We wonder if this Cardboard Rocket ($66) comes in a wrapper of plastic toys.... [More]


Borrower's Reminder

We hate to be those people, but when a friend borrows our first three seasons of Lost and still has them a year and a half later, it's time to remind them (again) that we're gonna need them back. After a few friendly verbal prompts, we're moving on to a... [More]


Doubtblush: Fortune Telling Beans

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


doodle by Stitch Apron and Pen Set

Wish you had an apron appropriate for every culinary occasion? Save yourself the cash and the closet space and invest instead in this doodle by Stitch Apron and Pen Set ($27). Just use the included washable markers to draw whatever seems appropriate for that day's kitchen business. Our personal favorites... [More]

no pants SM.jpg

Coach Cotton Voile Boy Shirt

The Cotton Voile Boy Shirt ($298) by Coach is perfect for No-Pants Monday. Throw it on with a pair of dark leggings for a preppy, put-together look when really, you just can't muster up the energy to wear "real pants."... [More]


Coffee Cups of the Future

We didn't know the coffee cup could be improved, but lock a bunch of nerds in a room with only coffee and the instruments from which to drink it, and you get the Coffee Cups of the Future ($18 - $20 each). The shape has been refined to create a... [More]


Unicorn Magic Stationery Card Set

At first glance, the Unicorn Magic Stationery Card Set ($20 for ten) by Harry Martin looks innocent enough. The cute little uni is flying through the sky, spurred on by a rainbow. But no. That unicorn is actually farting the rainbow, so you know, only send out correspondence on these... [More]


Star Wars Dark Side Roast Coffee

Don't judge the Star Wars Dark Side Roast Coffee ($15) until after you've finished an entire cup... Only then will you know the power of the Dark Side.... [More]


Nasomatto Hindu Grass Perfume

This Nasomatto Hindu Grass Perfume ($149) is meant to promote the belief in universal peace and love. That reminds us of another, less pleasantly fragranced grass we've heard of.... [More]


L'Wren Scott Collection Beaded Lip Clutch

Put your money where your mouth is - err, in this case, it's more apropos to say to put your mouth where your money is. Okay, no. That doesn't work either (money is full of germs!). Suffice it to say that the L'Wren Scott Collection Beaded Lip Clutch ($120) is... [More]


LazyBonezz Pet Toy Box

People come into your house and ask where the kids are - and you don't have any kids. If your pet has enough toys to keep a preschool busy, maybe it's time to invest in this LazyBonezz pet toy box ($20). Then all you'll have to do is teach that... [More]


Floriculture Earrings

These sparkly and generously sized Floriculture Earrings ($60) come at a much lower price tag than one might imagine just looking at them. The mix of multifaceted colored and clear crystals paired with the gilded leaf makes for a seriously stunning pair of earrings for a special occasion.... [More]

B154 SM.jpg

Nicholas Kirkwood 13S0275BN7

We love Nicholas Kirkwood's 13S0275BN7 ($839 on sale) because they look like jellies for adults. Yes, "13S0275BN7" is the new "Jelly Sandal." And yes, the designer that came up with micro-glitter piping chose to call their shoe 13S0275BN7.... [More]


Pop Love I Necklace

Valentine's Day may seem like a distant holiday on the horizon, but it'll be here before you know it. Because these gorgeous Pop Love I Necklaces ($100) from k2o are limited editions, you should start dropping hints ASAP. In fact, maybe you should start dropping hints that a "just because"... [More]


Cupcake Bouquet Rack

We have nothing against receiving flowers, it's just that... well... this Cupcake Bouquet Rack ($28) makes flowers seem kind of second-rate. We need to get this link to our would-be suitors.... [More]


Lux Fur Mittens

The color on Topshop's Lux Fur Mittens ($36) is touted as "mustard," but the sheen on them gives them a golden hue. They'll keep your hands warm and looking lovely, but if you're hoping to toss a few snowballs, we suggest you opt for a less fluffy pair.... [More]


Bang Plates

Whap! Pow! Let your canapés pack even more of a punch by serving them on these Bang Plates ($80 - $160). Once you're done handing around snacks, use a dry-erase marker to turn them into sound effects for comic-book-style Instagram fun.... [More]


Clear Creek Bartlett Pear Brandy

Baby, it's cold outside, so you'll need something to warm you up as quickly as possible. What's in your drink? A few ounces of Clear Creek Bartlett Pear Brandy ($25). You'll feel it all the way in your toes - sweet, warm, and worth the pour of half a glass... [More]


Chalkboard Paper Table Runner

Keep your dinner party guests occupied with arts and crafts while you scurry around the kitchen putting the finishing touches on your sure-to-be-incredible meal. They won't care how long they have to wait to eat as long as you provide them with chalk and this interactive table runner ($34), a... [More]


Gold Hamsa Tote

The Gold Hamsa Tote ($45) from totescool may ward off the evil eye, but all other eyes are free to check out your awesome new bag.... [More]


Sokeri Blue Apron

Sometimes you can just tell when a pattern is Nordic-made, as with the one on the Sokeri Blue Apron ($47). (Say what you want about IKEA - their textiles are distinctive.) The designer of this fabric has no association with the store that we know of, but the pattern has... [More]


Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

We've heard legends of training cats to use the toilet and flush, but our cat wears the pants at home... and it's training us to not bother training it. But if you can't train the cat, you can at least "train" the litter box. The Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box ($259)... [More]


Seltzer-Print Keds

Whatever your opinion of the always lovelorn Taylor Swift, you gotta admit that her collaboration with Keds has resulted in some pretty spectacular footwear. We're not saying that these Seltzer-Print Keds ($30) don't have their faults (we're not particularly fond of the heart-shaped charm featuring Tay's signature*), but the dotted... [More]



This little girl's enthusiasm is contagious! The 9" x 12" HELLZ YEAH Print ($16) is done in... some kind of style... modern, but not... stop trying to pigeon-hole art!... [More]



Boldly hang baubles where no baubles have been hung before. These Pinhooks ($8) make it easy, with a simple design someone probably should have thought of decades ago. Use them to explore brave new worlds of home decorating.... [More]


Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer

Perfecting your own blowouts? With the money you're saving by doing it at home and not at the salon, invest in a top-of-the-line hair dryer, like the Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer ($250) from T3. Yep, it's pricey. But flyaways? A nuisance of the past. You'll get fabulous results: quick and... [More]


Bop Basics Thick Knit Headband

Are you a band under the hair kind of gal, or band over the hair wearer? We tend to go over, if only because it's the quicker option, and the Thick Knit Headband ($42) from Bop Basics is wide enough to not give us the funny-looking mushroom cap effect. Our... [More]


Carl Mertens Gido Wahrmann Paraffin Tabletop Fireplace

The wood fire is practically as old as the human race, which is why it's such a surprise to see it with a modern makeover. Carl Merten's Carl Mertens Gido Wahrmann Paraffin Tabletop Fireplace ($629) gives the wooden logs a sleek metal design and burns on oil...so maybe it's not... [More]


Metallic Stripes & Dots Sweatshirt

When you think about it, adding a wide silver metallic band to the bust area of a top seems like a pretty big gamble, and yet GAP manages to pull it off with the Metallic Stripes & Dots Sweatshirt ($40, on sale). The sweatshirt has a casually loose fit, which... [More]


Haba Coliseum Blocks

Rome wasn't built in a day. But with these Haba Coliseum blocks ($43), your five-year-old can construct at least one immortal monument in an hour or so. Just add tiny slaves, lions, and a bunch of fake blood.... [More]


2014 is my Bitch Weekly Planner

2013 is coming to a close, and that means it's time to lock horns with another young upstart year trying to make a name for itself. They never learn, do they? 2014 is my Bitch Weekly Planner ($30)... [More]



Who are you going to remember, the professional who hands you a business card, or the professional who hands you a stick of gum with a personalized message, contact information, and interesting design? The new gagaSTICK ($24) is an innovative reinterpretation of the business card - each stick comes with... [More]


Sebago Claremont Boot

What do we love most about this Sebago Claremont Boot ($165)? Okay, it's those fabulous ribbon laces, which we can probably buy elsewhere for a tenth of the price and string onto whatever shoes we like. But these classic leather ankle-high boots do make for a very nice accompaniment.... [More]


The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems

Late in her life, Emily Dickinson wrote a small collection of fifty-two poems using the backs, flaps, and insides of used envelopes. All of them are collected in The Gorgeous Nothings ($26), a hardcover book which reproduces the poems in their original context - as life-sized color facsimiles. In the... [More]


Verloop Rothko Touchscreen Gloves

Honest question: what do you need your middle finger for when using a touchscreen? Most people seem to work their smartphones pretty well just using their thumb and index fingers, but we're happy that these minty fresh Verloop gloves ($29) are available for the percentage of the population that likes... [More]


Kisai Rorschach ePaper Watch

Checking the time shouldn't be a dry exchange of information; it should be an experience. "Remember the time we figured out it was 8:34?" "I laughed so hard when 12:59 become 1:00!" This is what you and your friends will be saying after you buy the Kisai Rorschach ePaper Watch... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? December 27, 2013

It's the last Does This Make Us Look Cheap? of 2013! To celebrate, we're looking at some of this year's trends, like oversized florals, intarsia sweaters, cat eyes (in the form of both eyeliner and sunglasses), over-the-knee socks, cutouts, and ankle boots. We think these styles will make the jump... [More]


Tulip Print Sweatshirt

Casual meets ultra feminine in the threads of the Tulip Print Sweatshirt ($260) from Leon & Harper. We're all about wearing this oatmeal-colored slouchy sweatshirt with a pair of leggings and booties with a lace panel to keep the romantic vibe going strong.... [More]



Hipsters have many uses, including keeping local record stores and liberal arts colleges in business. These Hipstirs ($25), on the other hand, make us giggle and keep our beverages from separating. Guess which one we'd rather have on hand during cocktail hour?... [More]


Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée

We swear, you'll love Josie Maran's Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée ($22)! The gel is silky to the touch and spreads easily over your cheeks or lips. Once it dries, you're left with a soft, natural flush to your face that's both dewy and youthful. You'll appreciate that it adds extra... [More]


Adventure of the Month Calendar

Every January 1 it's the same, an optimistic list of new adventures to try and skills to learn in the upcoming year. But you haven't ever quite gotten around to learning the rules and intricacies of birding, and balancing on a bike has completely eluded you each and every passing... [More]


Starry Night Women's Knee Socks

Make your legs as pretty as a painting! Maybe it's just us, but looking at the Starry Night Women's Knee Socks ($11) makes us think Van Gogh's style better suits calves than canvas.... [More]


Talbots Cozy Fair Isle Scarf

If we learned one thing from the legacy of the Wu-Tang Clan, it's that you must protect your neck! (We're a little fuzzy on the lyrics, but we're pretty sure they made an entire song about the importance of bundling up in the winter.) This Talbots Cozy Fair Isle Scarf... [More]


Great Nudes Mug

The greatest artistic geniuses in history, or common smut peddlers? Call us prudes, but anything showing skin above the ankle should be illegal! But we respect differing opinions, and if you're a filthy pervert you might enjoy this Great Nudes Mug ($12) - add a hot drink and these masterpieces... [More]


Hair Color Chalk Royal Sweetie Salon Kit

Live on the cutting edge of style, taking wild chances with your look. Then go home and safely wash it all out again. This Hair Color Chalk Royal Sweetie Salon Kit ($99) will let you go totally bold, adding streaks of Crayola-bright hues to your coiffure without all that scary... [More]


Magic Whisk

You never realized your dreams of being a beauty pageant winner, fairy princess, or wizard? What was standing in your way wasn't something as simple as a lack of dedication or even reality... you just needed the wand/scepter! Well, since you did manage to realize your dream of cooking for... [More]


Au Lait Milk Bath Powder

We'd buy it just for the adorable tin, but it turns out this Au Lait Milk Bath Powder ($23) does more than just add to our vintage-themed bathroom décor. The milk-based formula softens and pampers our skin while a dose of chamomile works to make our bath even more soothing.... [More]


Rothko Nail Decals

What's one advantage of abstract modern art? It can be conveniently reproduced in a teeny-tiny format. Just take a look at these Rothko Nail Decals ($7). They capture some of the famous hues of the artist's works very nicely, turning your hands into two miniature art galleries.... [More]


Sadie Leatherette & Stud Dress

If you really want to knock 'em out when you hit the town, wear the Sadie Leatherette & Stud Dress ($50). The waves of this op-art pattern mixed with those curves are going to create a seriously mind-bending illusion.... [More]


Happy Socks Black Dot Leather Wallet

You trust Happy Socks to keep your toes safe and warm, so why not trust them to keep your change safe and...okay, the Black Dot Leather Wallet ($50) isn't going to keep your quarters warm, but unlike feet, coins don't need warmth. They just need a cute place to reside... [More]


Horchow Napoleon Flatware

Looking to add a little color to your meals? You could top everything with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, or you could set the dinner table with the Napoleon Flatware ($85 per twelve pieces) from Horchow. Obviously, the flatware is the pricier option, but when you think of all the... [More]


Sparkle Plenty Necklace

Do you think that this gold glitter Sparkle Plenty Necklace ($48) is telling us to go all out with the shimmer and shine? Or is it saying that one glittery necklace is plenty, and that we shouldn't wear it with our glitter-coated oxfords, glitter flower hair clips, and glittery tote... [More]


Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living

Ahh, winter vacation: a time to wear fleece PJs 24/7, eat cereal straight from the box, and catch up on our pleasure reading. First up is Nick Offerman's recent release, Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living ($16). We hear it's a clever compilation of stories from... [More]


Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Necklace

The next best thing to scarfing down a few shortcake heart cookies? Wearing one around your neck, of course. The Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Necklace ($23) by Tiny Hands Food Jewelry doesn't just look like a miniature replica of a delish baked good, it smells like one, too: sugary sweet... [More]


Music Activated LED Car Sticker

We want the world to appreciate the music we listen to while we're driving, but we don't really have the sound system to blast tunes at the stoplight. But with the Music Activated LED Car Sticker ($19), pedestrians and other drivers can follow along to the Little Mermaid soundtrack. This... [More]


Salted Caramel Biscotti

Used to brushing off biscotti? We get it. It's kinda dry and crumbly, and often stale-tasting. But don't banish it all together. There's a biscotti revival going on, and gourmet bake shops, like Bella's, are revamping the treat. You'll enter heaven the moment you bite into a Salted Caramel Biscotti... [More]


Bejeweled Pave Ornament

Your party hostess BFF has been gifted so many bottles of wine, she'll be emptying them clear into 2015. We're not saying that's a bad thing, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider taking her a Bejeweled Pave Ornament ($37, on sale) from Kate Spade. It'll... [More]


Cosmetic Glitters

We're of the notion that allover body glitter is always a big no-no over the age of twelve, but a few strategic swipes of Bellápierre Cosmetics Glitters ($15) are perfectly acceptable. Awesome, even, when you consider how the shimmer will look brushed over your collarbone and brightening your updo as... [More]


Weather Forecast Ear Studs

Turn your earlobes into a weatherman's map, but without the blue screen! These sterling silver Weather Forecast Ear Studs ($84) come in six unique symbols that can represent either the weather or your mood! Get them in gold for a few (hundred) dollars extra!... [More]


Siri's Couch

Everyone likes to unwind after a busy day - and who works harder than your iPhone? Siri's Couch ($21) gives your phone a comfy place to rest while tilting it at an angle catered to your line of sight.... [More]

Pedigreed Bulldog Cookie Jar

Pedigreed Bulldog Cookie Jar

How could you possibly steal scrumptious chocolate chip cookies from this sweet little face? As adorbs as he is, we think we'd be able to find a way. Pedigreed Bulldog Cookie Jar ($98)... [More]


Lomography Diana Mini Double Rainbow

Isn't it time your camera looked pretty-as-a-picture? The Lomography Diana Mini Double Rainbow ($109) is inspired by the art of Tara McPherson, a New York City-based pop artist known for her poster work. This little baby 35mm camera lets you change exposures for more options to be creative!... [More]


Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Simple times call for simple measures. From the genius mind of Amy Sedaris, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People ($20) is full of crafts and activities for the financially challenged. From salvaging materials to entertaining yourself cheaply, Sedaris reminds you that "inside your featureless well-worn husk is a creative you."... [More]


Tattoo Wine Glasses

A rose tattoo hanging out at the top of your cleavage, or paired with a faded Looney Tunes character? Not so classy. A pair of rose tattoos etched into Kosta Boda's crystal wine glasses ($100 for two)? Surprisingly lovely, especially when the glasses are also outfitted with a generous pour.... [More]

Dress SM.jpg

Cutout Single-Sleeve Gown

Sometimes it's difficult to look tough in a dress. The Michael Kors Cutout Single-Sleeve Gown ($3,695) solves this problem. It makes us look beautiful and feminine, but also like we can beat up mean girls in the parking lot if necessary.... [More]



So it's come to this, you think to yourself as you ask your guests, "So how's the weather there?" Thankfully, these TableTopics ($25) cards always know what to say to ward off that awful, awful silence. Each edition is full of interesting questions to jump-start a dialogue and shock some... [More]


Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Writers and lovers of literature have never needed an excuse to drink, but that doesn't mean they won't take one. Enter Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist ($14) by Tim Federle. It's home to over sixty-five punny drink recipes based on the classic works you love (or slogged through... [More]


Dark Chocolate Shot Glasses

If all shots were of chocolate vodka, these dark chocolate shot glasses ($8) wouldn't be necessary; but alas, most don't taste as smooth. At the very least, the thought of a chocolate chaser gives us extra incentive to choke down the liquor.... [More]


Emergency Mascara Pouch

You can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself. That goes for parenting, air travel, and - as this Emergency Mascara Pouch ($15) reminds us - makeup. Use it to store your personal beauty preparedness kit.... [More]


StretchMate Back Stretcher

Who needs yoga when you have shopping money? Using the StretchMate Back Stretcher ($40) once a day will help cure backaches, correct your posture, and make you feel relaxed. Caution: Not recommended for pregnant women or those with osteoporosis or fused vertebrae.... [More]


Woven Photographic Throw

You know that really embarrassing picture you have of your friend and how they hate when you show it to people? Well, if you still haven't quite settled on what to get them for their birthday, order the Woven Photographic Throw ($100) for a kit detailing the requirements for which... [More]


Space Cat Laser Cat Toy

All laser cat toys are pretty much just standard laser pointers, and we're not saying the Space Cat Laser Cat Toy ($10) is any different. What we are saying is that this laser is the only one that shoots out of the one good eye of an alien cat pirate!... [More]


Walnut Bread Board

This is such a seemingly obvious idea for a cutting board that we can't believe nobody's thought of it before: it's the greatest thing since sliced bread! Walnut Bread Board ($95)... [More]


Fornasetti Architettura Room Spray

If we squirt our squalid lodgings with a bit of this Fornasetti Architettura Room Spray and close our eyes, will we be able to convince ourselves that we're actually sitting in the parlor of a luxurious neoclassical mansion? Because that would totally be worth the $135.... [More]


Leaf Thermometer

The beauty of nature is its simplicity. You don't need two sets of numbers to know if you should put on a sweater - the Leaf Thermometer ($16) is green at room temperature, yellow when it's hotter, and brown when it's colder.... [More]


Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky

We're already fans of that stuff you buy at the truck stop, so how much more crazy will we be for this Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky ($16)? Infused in Bulleit Bourbon before being smoked over pecan wood in a traditional Tennessee smokehouse, this savory snack makes its gas station cousins... [More]


Himalayan Wool Cardigan

We bet badass nineteenth-century Sherpas scaled Everest in something very like this Himalayan Wool Cardigan ($190). Of course, the only thing we'll be climbing while wearing it will be that snow drift on the edge of the sidewalk so we can get from our cars to the coffee shop, but... [More]


Crosley Songbird Portable Radio

Where can you bring this Crosley Songbird Portable Radio ($40)? Stick it in your cart at the grocery store, rest it on that surfboard while you're pretending to look athletic at the beach, or hide it somewhere in the library to transform your study group into a spontaneous dance party.... [More]

E A SM.jpg

Emporio Armani Skirt in Velvet and Neoprene

According to HR, it's inappropriate to wear your Snuggie to work. Yes, even the deluxe version with quality fabric. As an alternative, we found the Emporio Armani Skirt in Velvet and Neoprene ($255 on sale). It's so comfortable, you may just fall asleep at your desk.... [More]


Modern Homestead

Homesteading: it's not just for smelly hippies and paranoid survivalists. Renee Wilkinson's Modern Homestead ($22) reveals raising your own livestock and veggies, preserving, canning, and generally being self-sufficient, as hip lifestyle choices for everyone from suburban moms to urban apartment-dwellers.... [More]


Parrot MINIKIT Neo

Need to keep connected even when you're busy navigating traffic? Sure, you can make do with a simple Bluetooth earpiece, or you can get tech-savvy with the Parrot MINIKIT Neo ($100). Clip the MINIKIT Neo to your visor and sync it up to your phone (or two of your phones!).... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Origami Birds Set

Feeling brokety-broke-pants this holiday season? Take care of everybody on your list with one super affordable swoop by way of this Origami Birds Set ($5). It contains everything you'll need to make elegant traditional decorations for all hundred and twenty of your best friends and family. Just add steady hands... [More]


Boy Meets World: Complete Collection

Are you counting down the hours to 2014 and the premiere of Disney's Girl Meets World? We're, uh, not unaffected by all the buzz, and in preparation for the spin-off, you'll find us camped out on the couch in front of Boy Meets World: The Complete Collection ($92). Ahh, Cory... [More]


Rafael Rubber Band Holder

What makes this Rafael Rubber Band Holder ($15) more practical than any dish or object on your desk you could potentially toss bands around? Absolutely nothing. But we bet none of those other pieces of desk furniture are quite so friendly-looking.... [More]


Alessi Diva Watering Can

Hydrate your plants with attitude. The Alessi Diva Watering Can ($50) has a curvy silhouette so attention-grabbing, it'll probably demand to be filled with Evian.... [More]


Raspberry & Orange Spatula Set

A novelty item through and through, the Raspberry & Orange Spatula Set ($16) from GAMA-GO does what it's supposed to do: help you mix up your batters while looking cute and colorful. They don't go with your kitchen theme? Gift a pair to a hostessing friend, or add 'em to... [More]


Cuddle O'Clock Print

Hints don't always work, so when you're in the mood for a few sweet nuzzles, point directly to the Cuddle O'Clock Print ($15) from Stephanie Sterjovski. You can't change the hands on the print's clock, but you can increase your chances for some snuggles on the couch by saying, "Hey!... [More]


The Quiet Book

As The Quiet Book ($13) beautifully illustrates, there are many different kinds of quiet. There are hushes of anticipation, peaceful sleepy silences, or contemplative pauses. Frankly, we don't care which kind of quiet our kids pick as long as they practice one of them for even five minutes.... [More]


Take A Deep Breath

You know it's funny - we spend most of our lives being stressed, and as it turns out, the secret to serenity is just breathing! We do that all the time...literally. Matthew Hoffman's art piece, Take A Deep Breath ($300), is not only a decorative mirror, it's a much-needed reminder... [More]


Sweet Cheeks Bleacher Tooshie Cushy

You may be watching the game, but the people behind you are enjoying a different view! The Sweet Cheeks Bleacher Tooshie Cushy ($23) keeps you warm and comfortable, even on cold steel. The tramp stamp is a nice touch!... [More]


Sushi Lapel Pin

Funny how sushi looks so cute, considering that it's primarily raw fish and seaweed. Throw a smiley face on it and it's ready to be worn! This Sushi Lapel Pin ($10) is the perfect accessory for chefs, seafood lovers, and predatory fish.... [More]


Flower Power Healing Bath Salts

Hey, man. Forget war, capitalist oppression and other such non-groovy activities. What the world needs now are baths, sweet baths. These Flower Power Healing Bath Salts ($24) will make that peaceful soak more relaxing than a puff on your psychedelic hookah.... [More]


Bliss Softening Socks

Ick. Our feet in this chilly weather? Not a pretty sight. We'll have to rid them of their dryness with a pair of Bliss Softening Socks ($52). The inner layer contains a lining with olive and grapeseed oil and vitamin E. You can wear 'em for about twenty minutes for... [More]


Roberta's Cookbook

Who's Roberta and what makes her cookbook so special? Turns out, Roberta's Cookbook ($21), by chef Carlo Mirarchi, is special because the Roberta's in question is the famed Bushwick pizza-turned-high-end-foodie place. We've yet to patronize the restaurant and nom on some wood-fired pizza, but we'll certainly try our hand at... [More]


Faux Textured-Leather Case and Travel Adapter

Jet-setting in the new year? Color us jealous! We'll be cool about it, though, and tip you off to the Faux Textured-Leather Case and Travel Adapter ($95) from Diane von Furstenberg. The cute little case contains an international adapter so you can plug in your laptop and other electronics, take... [More]


BackBeat GO 2 Wireless Earbuds

Update your generic pair of earbuds with something sleek, wireless, and expertly crafted to fit flawlessly. The BackBeat GO 2 Wireless Earbuds ($80) from Plantronics are the Cadillac of buds, bringing you a durable, tangle-free cord, four-and-a-half hours of Bluetooth-enabled listening time (before you need to recharge), and a sweat... [More]


Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle

We've suffered through enough dry events to not know that not all parties are full of free-flowing booze and conversation. And we can't be the only ones who've stepped into the coat room to chug back a mini bottle of liquor, right? If we were, then Cynthia Rowley probably wouldn't... [More]

Angels Heavenly Angel Mist small.jpg

Angels Heavenly Angel Mist

How do bad girls attract good boys? It's all in the scent. Victoria's Secret Angels Heavenly Angel Mist ($25) is an alluring mix of of white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. Spray all over for a long-lasting, intoxicating scent that'll make people think you descended from the clouds (and... [More]

Stripe Push-Up Babydoll small.jpg

Stripe Push-Up Babydoll

If this Stripe Push-Up Babydoll ($50) by Victoria's Secret were under your tree for Christmas, you wouldn't be the only one thanking Santa. Replace your shabby nightgown with this sexy little number to heat up your holiday cuddling. The striped ruffle trim is delicate and flirty, with just the right... [More]

High-Slit Maxi Dress small.jpg

High-Slit Maxi Dress

What's the best revenge after a bad break-up? Showing up to your ex-bf's holiday party in this High-Slit Maxi Dress ($138) by Victoria's Secret. This faux-wrap dress features a deep v-neck, open back and revealing side split. Let's see if he still wants to be "just friends" after he gets... [More]


Zoli DASH Bottle

You're totally Super Mom, but if you want your kid to exclaim it to her BFFs at the lunch table, send her to school with a warm mug of hot chocolate in the Zoli DASH Bottle ($26). Double insulated in stainless steel, the bottle will stay cool to the touch... [More]


Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit

The Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit ($25) from Chocolution claims to be idiot-proof, all-natural (no refined sugars), and ready to yield delish chocolate in just fifteen minutes. You can add your own extras, like peppermint oil, chopped nuts, or a pinch of chipotle powder, and then chill it in the fridge... [More]


Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch

Tough fiscal times might threaten government funding for the development of alternative modes of bipedal locomotion, but at least we'll always have the classics. This Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch ($45) commemorates one of the greatest. Wear it until the day politicians remember that funny ways of stepping... [More]


Oscar de la Renta Long Cinnabar Embroidered Caftan

You know what we don't have in our closet? A Long Cinnabar Embroidered Caftan ($2,034). Sure, maybe that price tag is why we don't have an embroidered caftan, but it is on sale!... [More]


Brown Butter Almond Brittle Pint

You'd think the cold would lessen cravings for ice cream, but it just isn't so (at least in our case!). Good thing Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams carries delicious flavors like Brown Butter Almond Brittle ($12 per pint). The creamy, caramelized butter ice cream is full of small slivers of salted... [More]


Tigist Kaleidoscope Necklace

Believe it or not, the gold (or silver) beads of the Tigist Kaleidoscope Necklace ($146) are actually made from recycled metals, including melted bullet casings. How's that for turning violence into beauty? This piece is handmade by Ethiopian artisans, so you're also helping to provide sustainable economic opportunities for women... [More]


Anastasia Lash Genius

Don't get caught off guard by a stray air travel commercial. The minute you feel those tears starting to jerk, slap on a quick coat of this Anastasia Lash Genius ($21). This clear, lightweight formula makes any mascara waterproof, protecting you from the raccoon-eyed aftereffects of sudden bouts of over-emotionalism.... [More]


Glitter Lip Coin Purse

Your change is pretty easy come, easy go, but while you're hanging onto it, it may as well sit pretty in the Glitter Lip Coin Purse ($102) from Lulu Guinness. The red glitter and leather pucker couldn't get any cuter, unless of course, you're more partial to gold.... [More]

Sequin SM.jpg

J.Crew Collection Cate Cami In Sequin

This post is for the gals who insist on hitting the gym even though we are far, far away from bikini season. We know you want to show off those arm muscles without looking crazy, so pair the J.Crew Collection Cate Cami In Sequin ($425) with a tight pair of... [More]


Chocolate Millennium Falcons

What gift do you give the person who has everything? Why, the Millennium Falcon, of course. Or, at least, the edible version of it. These scrumptious Chocolate Millennium Falcons ($8 for four) come in a plethora of flavors, from a classic dark or milk chocolate to coconut or raspberry. If... [More]


Cheers Bottle Bag

You've got your fancy, sparkly party dress, a pair of great heels, a beau to kiss at midnight, and a New Year's resolution you're definitely going to keep in 2014. What's missing before you head out the door for your New Year's Eve party? How 'bout a gift for the... [More]


Libbey Mojito Cocktail Set

If only mojitos were as simple and easy to make as they are to drink! We're intimidated by any drink that utilizes tools other than a glass (and sometimes even a glass is asking too much). But the Libbey Mojito Cocktail Set ($20) gives us everything we need to practice... [More]


Star Sugars

Cubes?! Something as fun as sugar shouldn't come in such a boring and basic shape. These Star Sugars ($3) have the right idea. Now there's a shape that prepares you to get hyper!... [More]


Wheel Ceramic Company Incense Hut

When you burn incense in the Wheel Ceramic Company's glazed ceramic hut ($56), you can pretend that there's a family inside warming themselves around a fire or cooking and sharing a meal together. Having a little home within your home will make the good smells emanating from the hut feel... [More]


Bling Wipes

The drippings from that cocktail meatball got your diamonds looking dull? Never fear. With Bling Wipes ($12), you can brighten up your gems on the go. These pre-moistened towelettes make it a breeze to bring that sparkle back into your accessories.... [More]


Raising Unicorns

We're intrigued. Is it really possible to start our own unicorn farm? Jessica S. Marquis tells us it is! Her book, Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful - and Magical! - Unicorn Farm ($12), gives us the nitty-gritty details about how to be successful in... [More]


Villain Chair

It's time to practice your laugh and buy a fluffier cat...you'll want to fit in on your first day as a supervillain! With its cocoon feel, swivel base, and leather upholstery, this Villain Chair ($9,500) will make you a lot more secure than the would-be hero in your torture chamber...don't... [More]


Kapital Pierrot Pants

We never thought we'd be lusting after a fashion item that can fairly be described as "clown pants." But these Kapital Pierrot Pants ($228) are a notable exception, with a striking design that harks back to nineteenth-century looks in almost every detail. Just make sure not to wear them with... [More]


Gili Cigar Band Ring

Like your rings so fat, you have trouble bending your fingers? This Gili Cigar Band Ring ($204) should be right up your alley. Made with gold-plated sterling silver, it makes a statement as big and bold as a Cuban Churchill.... [More]


Bobbi Brown Everyday Pretty Lip & Eye Palette

Keep your face tucked in your purse with the Everyday Pretty Lip & Eye Palette ($30) from Bobbi Brown. The teeny compact holds enough lip color, gloss, and eye shadow to help you touch up or change your look while you're on the go. It's impossible to avoid those sunup-to-sundown... [More]


Cataction Magneticat Cat Toy

That catnip high is here and gone, but this Cataction Magneticat Cat Toy ($15) is that cat crack fix that keeps on giving. Your feline friend will get hours of obsessive, frantic fun out of this simple, battery-free device, which means that much more you'll be able to get done... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Cloud or Olympic Rings Cookie Cutter

As you get ready to tune into the 2014 Winter Olympics and watch the bobsled competition or play armchair judge (that triple lutz was a tad crooked), plate up a few themed sugar cookies. The Cloud or Olympic Rings Cookie Cutter (under $3) will give you the outline of the... [More]


The Davis Jr. Hat

There's no way that The Davis Jr. Hat ($18) from Krochet Kids will fit onto our heads. It's made for kids, and we grew out of kid-sized hats quite some time ago. We're still coveting it, but we'll have to settle for plopping it on a cute niece's noggin instead.... [More]


Tiny But Deadly Chainsaw Necklace

Everything looks cuter shrunk down, even tools for lumberjacks and supernatural slashers. The Tiny But Deadly Chainsaw Necklace ($53) suits you - don't let people confuse you being petite with you being harmless.... [More]


Peppermint Patty Snowflake

You'd be hard-pressed to find us reluctant to bite into chocolate, but Moonstruck's Peppermint Patty Snowflake ($8) is so purdy that we're not sure we can ruin it. Pfft, who are we kidding? That thing's a goner!... [More]


Blackcreek Knife & Blade Oil

Prep those ingredients like Davy Crockett used to do: with a carbon steel blade protected with the likes of this Blackcreek Knife & Blade Oil ($30). Though to be fair, Davy Crockett was probably more often skinning raccoons than preparing a healthy minestrone.... [More]


Lush Snowcake Soap

You might be tempted to take a big fat bite out of this Lush Snowcake soap ($8), which looks like a soft, gold-accented treat and smells even better. Don't. We're pretty sure its flavor is a far cry from "sugar plum," but it will give your skin a fragrant pampering... [More]


I Am Happiness Zip-Up Hoodie

Maybe if you wear it loud, proud, and written on your hoodie in yellow, you'll believe it. Put on the I Am Happiness Zip-Up Hoodie ($136) from peace love world on the days you need a little boost to your spirits. Even if the mantra doesn't improve your disposition, the... [More]


Juniper Books Jane Austen Set

Do we really need our collection of Jane Austen novels to be bound in custom-printed pink dust jackets? You may assume we're going to say no, but you'd be wrong. Juniper Books Jane Austen Set ($199)... [More]

3.1 SM.jpg

3.1 Phillip Lim Peplum Flare Skirt With Raw Edge

The Peplum Flare Skirt With Raw Edge ($895) by 3.1 Phillip Lim has everything we want in a skirt. It's flattering, sexy, leather; the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, it also comes with a 3.1 Phillip Lim price tag, so it won't be seeing the inside of our closets... [More]


Lightning Paw Perfume

We like putting on a little scent, but so many perfumes seem to imply that "feminine and alluring" means a sweet punch in the nostrils. This Lightning Paw Perfume ($45) strikes a more balanced note, with a floral hint of jasmine nicely complemented with bright bergamot and calming vetiver.... [More]


Moulin Roty Explorer Case

Need a new "it toy" for your kids so you can sneak away their Rainbow Loom and hide it in the garbage can forever? (Nevermind that you'll still be finding those blasted bands all over the house for several months to come.) Let 'em enjoy the Moulin Roty Explorer Case... [More]


Copper Cook's Tools

Won't those thieves be in for a surprise when they run off with the better part of your plumbing and these Copper Cook's Tools ($12)? Their rich, metallic hue is just plating over sturdy stainless steel, with a tough titanium coating to help keep that luxury look from wearing off.... [More]


Chicken Wing Tote Bag

With a clever bag like the Chicken Wing Tote Bag ($14) tucked under your arm, you'll look mighty awesome browsing the latest wares at the farmer's market. If a few of the vendors get a chuckle out of it, maybe they'll add extra root veggies to your order, free of... [More]


The Fireside Long Jane Pajama

Our lingerie is staying in the back of our closets until the snow melts. We've traded silk for cotton thermal with The Fireside Long Jane Pajama ($40 on sale) from Victoria's Secret. The only thing missing is a fire to sit by.... [More]


Instagram Necklaces: #selfie, #nofilter and Like

A collaboration between our favorite photo site, Photojojo, and the clever etsy store, plastique*, these Instagram Necklaces ($25) are the ultimate in self-indulgence. Grab all three, wear 'em at once, and go selfie crazy. If you caption each new photo with a bazillion hashtags, you'll up your chances for extra... [More]

Plaid SM.jpg

Free People Lou Buttondown Dress

We love themes and this Lou Buttondown Dress ($168) from Free People screams lumberjack! We're going to wear it Christmas tree shopping, and any other day that we just don't feel like putting on pants.... [More]


Secret Garden Bubble Bath

There's a hidden place in your home, an enchanted hideaway to which only you possess the key... because you took it in there with you. We're talking about the bathroom, of course, the one place you can escape to without kids howling for you to decide who gets to play... [More]


Market Printed Grooowwler

We love a good pun! We also happen to understand this grizzly. We feel the same way he does when we accidentally leave our growler sitting on the kitchen counter before we leave the house. Damn it! We were going to fill that after work and have ourselves a few... [More]


Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition

Does anybody do portmanteaus quite like the Germans? If schadenfreude got too mainstream for you, check out Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition ($10), Ben Schott's collection of German words that ought to exist to help illustrate specific instances succinctly - or in the case of wintersturmwonnemondwende (the joy... [More]


Your Gift Isn't Good Enough: Books & DVDs

It's not the gift, but the thought that counts...and your thought sucks! Outblush presents Your Gift Isn't Good Enough, a list of the most common gift-giving faux pas so you can avoid being the one Secret Santa everyone fears. Just because you love a book or movie, doesn't mean your... [More]


Oyster Books Subscription

You know what make the best gifts? The things that the recipient can to tailor to his/her own preferences. We wouldn't say no to an Oyster Books Subscription ($10/mo), and we suspect your coworkers, siblings, etc. wouldn't be able to, either. You give them a subscription for ten bucks a... [More]


14-Karat White Gold Droid Ring

White gold, diamonds, sapphires... Forget circuitry, the 14-Karat White Gold Droid Ring ($1,895) knows all the necessary parts for building a droid. R2 never looked better!... [More]


Mini Cashmere Hand Warmers

Cold snap comin' through? Keep a pair of Mini Cashmere Hand Warmers ($13, on sale) from Restoration Hardware on hand - literally. Underneath the plush cashmere linings are removable gel packs that heat up after a few minutes of soaking in a hot water bath. They're reusable, so you'll be... [More]


Gaiam Toeless Grippy Yoga Socks

Don't let that Downward Dog turn into a pulled groin muscle. These Gaiam Toeless Grippy Yoga Socks ($10) give you the grip you need to hold those positions without compromising your flexibility. And as a bonus, they reduce the amount of your skin that has to get in contact with... [More]


maurices Lacey Glitter Shootie

New Year's Eve is around the corner - aka your last chance to go full glitz before we trudge into the less glittery territory of 2014. Make sure you're wearing sparkle from head to toe; these maurices Lacey Glitter Shooties ($44) are just the thing to go with your LBD... [More]

Ring SM.jpg

Diamond Crossover Band

At some point in our lives, every gal has to ask herself, "Do I really want to get married for the rest of my life, or do I just want diamonds?" For those of us not ready to pull the trigger on the whole wedding thing, we suggest the Diamond... [More]



We have plenty of action figures of our heroes, but we're missing the ones we like most - us! Foldable.Me ($12) lets you design and customize a paper doll in your own likeness and sends you the sheet so you can put yourself together. Just don't get bent out of... [More]


Samantha Pleet Bonny Boot

Still can't choose between a black or a brown boot? Wolverine's 1000 Mile Collection solves your dilemma with the Samantha Pleet Bonny Boot ($320). The sleek bootie will wear beautifully with everything you can throw at it, and probably even steal the show. The only problem now? Coming up with... [More]


ELUCX Spa Gift Set

Doin' the whole Secret Santa thing at the office? Finding great on-budget gifts is always a challenge, so this tip is on us. The ELUCX Spa Gift Set ($17) comes in under twenty bucks, but looks far from cheap. The set includes a full-size all-natural soap bar and a lip... [More]


Shocking Autopsy

The board game Operation is kid's stuff... now an autopsy, that sounds a little more mature. Children wouldn't like Shocking Autopsy ($18) much, since it's not the red-nosed hypochondriac that gets the shock if you touch the sides - it's you! On the bright side, everything psychology taught us suggests... [More]


MOGA ACE POWER iPhone Controller

You're not fooling anybody. They call that device in your pocket a phone, but we know what it really is: your personal distraction center. Stop pretending otherwise and embrace the fun with this MOGA ACE POWER iPhone Controller ($100). It'll take your smartphone gaming to an Xbox-worthy level.... [More]


Palomarie Cina Handpiece

Will this Palomarie Cina Handpiece ($62) get tangled on our sunglasses when we go fishing through our purses? Probably. We might also end up catching it on loose socks in the laundry or hooking it on the shower caddy. But this piece is such a striking accent, we think it's... [More]


La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Spray

Lancôme's La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum Spray ($58-98) is in a class of its own. When other fragrances opt to distinguish themselves as floral, or woodsy, or confection-based, La Vie Est Belle seems to layer all three on your pulse points at once. The notes are iris, patchouli,... [More]


Energizing Citrus Mist

At first it feels kinda strange to point the nozzle of the Energizing Citrus Mist ($44) from KORA Organics directly at your face and spritz, but then you get used to it, and you learn the right distance and angle you need for optimal misting. Or, you know, you could... [More]


Bad Girls Print

Nothing against the Bat, but it's the Baddies of Gotham City that we love. From Mimi Yoon, "known for her sensual portrayal of women," this Bad Girls Print ($275 - $899) makes us understand why Batman got into crime-fighting in the first place.... [More]


4D Cityscape Game of Thrones Westeros Puzzle

Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time... what do they all have in common? No, not captivating characters and engaging plots - it's the maps! They all have cool maps! And what better way to get the lay of the land of Westeros than with the 4D... [More]


Astronaut USB Light

Your computer is your world, so it makes sense that an astronaut would be orbiting it. This Astronaut USB Light ($25) is fully adjustable, giving you light wherever you need it, even the dark side of the room.... [More]


Alessi Big Love Bowl

Got big love for a creamy bowl of ice cream? Is it big enough to fill the Alessi Big Love bowl ($53)? We're sure you know the best way to find out: by scooping your favorite flavor into one of these suckers and eating until you're full. If you've gotta... [More]


.50 Caliber Bottle Opener

Nothing says "badass" like helping out wounded veterans, but cracking open your brews with this .50 Caliber Bottle Opener ($15) is a close second. Luckily for you, buying this tough-guy drinking accessory also helps fund the Travis Manion Foundation, which lends assistance to soldiers and their families. We say that... [More]


Long Handle Tasting Spoons

Remember those mashed potatoes you put out on the table last Christmas? The ones that tasted like a pile of mushy white cardboard? Maybe if you'd stopped to take a bite before you served them up, you would have noticed you forgot to add flavor. Having these Long Handle Tasting... [More]


Ugly Tie Coffee

It's the first coffee we've seen that actually encourages you to dribble it on your attire. Ugly Tie: Spill Your Coffee On It ($7) comes in a rich medium roast we're sure will look fabulous splattered over those dancing snowmen or glowing-nosed reindeer.... [More]


Bibty Burpety Boo Bib + Burp Cloth

Just because it's going to be covered with drool and puke within five minutes of putting it on doesn't mean you can't make that baby's bib a style statement. This Bibty Burpety Boo Bib + Burp Cloth ($22) looks extra adorable with its sweet baby fox print. Enjoy it until... [More]


hellyeah Necklace

You're determined to become a yes (wo)man and tackle new endeavors with gusto. We think you ought to take yes a step further and make it a hell yeah. Why? Because then you can wear the hellyeah Necklace ($32) from plastique* around your neck to remind you of your new... [More]

Luli Fama Burbujas de Amor Bikini Top

Luli Fama Burbujas de Amor Push-Up Bikini Top

The Luli Fama Burbujas de Amor Push-Up Bikini Top ($112) is super sexy and leaves us craving warm, tropical weather! This aqua top is breathtaking with its metallic straps and crochet ruffle.... [More]


Uncle Goose Stack and Scare

Why should your kid settle for ordinary building blocks when they can be creating their very own army of nightmares? This Uncle Goose Stack and Scare block set ($40) can be arranged into a practically endless array of delightfully monstrous creations complete with glowering eyeballs and creepy robot legs.... [More]


To/From Gift Strips

Nothing ruins a perfect wrapping job like a crappy gift tag - or worse, forgetting that finishing touch altogether and resorting to scribbling on your perfect packages with a marker. Don't get caught short this year. Order up a set of these To/From Gift Strips ($10), personalized with adorable holiday... [More]


Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum

It may not seem like it when the wind is blowing, the snow is snowing, and the power lines are collapsing, but Mother Nature loves you. How do we know this? Just look at what her bounty does for your face when it's refined into this Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum... [More]


Aztec Aphrodisiac Chocolate Bar

This Aztec Aphrodisiac bar ($6) brings our favorite treat together with our favorite recreational activity by way of an enticing, energizing blend of chili and spices. So much for getting anything done this weekend.... [More]


Swedish Pearl Sugar

Need something to set your sweets apart from everyone else's at the holiday potluck? Add Swedish Pearl Sugar ($7) to your cookies. Sold by the baking gurus at King Arthur Flour, the little dots of sugar won't melt when they're sprinkled onto still-warm baked goods. Traditionally, they're used for topping... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sedgwick Emery Boards

You've vowed to stop stocking up on expensive nail polishes until you've at least tried all the bottles in your current collection, but that doesn't mean that these cute Sedgwick Emery Boards ($5) from Wooster & Prince are off limits. In fact, they're a good consolation prize: pretty in color... [More]


Literary London Map

Do all the best stories take place in London? Maybe not, but it's close. Britain's capital city collects great characters like Liz Taylor accumulated ex-husbands. From Sherlock Holmes to Bridget Jones, this Literary London Map ($147) uses tales from both banks of the Thames to create a colorful tribute to... [More]


Saint Laurent Swarovski Tights

We can only drool over Saint Laurent's Swarovski Tights ($1,120) from afar. It's not the price tag that's deterring us from buying them (okay, maybe a little lot), but rather, the universe's wicked sense of humor. We'd get them home, unroll them, and start slipping them on only to find... [More]


The Weekender

Packing up and heading out for the weekend? Stash all your stuff inside The Weekender ($95) from Everlane. It's sturdy and roomy so you can shove everything you could possibly need inside of it, and if you're flying, it'll still fit into the plane's overhead compartment. The bag's color schemes... [More]


Clip-On Personal Alarm

Looking for an extra level of security during that morning run or late-night commute? If you don't trust yourself with a taser, check out this Clip-On Personal Alarm ($15). All you have to do is yank this colorful clip off your jacket or belt to start it giving off an... [More]


Tom Ford Beauty 4 Piece Lip & Nail Gift Box

Looking to gift your favorite friend something luxe for the holidays? How about wrapping up the 4 Piece Lip & Nail Gift Box ($162) from Tom Ford Beauty? Actually, scratch that. The two nail colors and two lipsticks don't need wrapping because they come packaged in a gorgeous reusable box.... [More]


Tree Saver Towels

There are some things we probably won't pick up with these Tree Saver Towels ($52), no matter how much we love their colorful look and eco-friendly cred. Spilled milk or the odd bit of batter? No problem. Cat vomit? We'll probably go disposable. But these snap-together reusable towels will be... [More]


Color Me Holiday

Thank god for the Internet, right? Instead of spending hours planning the perfect way to package up your edible gifts, you can pay a nominal fee and have digital files of Color Me Holiday ($5) from Fifth & Hazel sent to you electronically. With little effort, you can then print... [More]


Sagaform Pasta Server with Cheese Grater and Measurer

This Sagaform Pasta Server ($15) is an enabler. A single device that makes it possible to measure pasta, serve it up, and cover it in a delicious dusting of grated parmesan, it practically begs us to load up on carbs. Especially if we skip that whole "measuring" business.... [More]


12 Days of Christmas Ornament Set

It's everybody's least favorite carol. By the time you get to day nine, if you have to hear about five overly drawn-out golden rings one more time, you're liable to slap twelve drumming drummers in the face. Skip the repetitive singing and embrace that partridge in a pear tree tradition... [More]


Secret Passage Floor Decal

Always wanted a basement but live in a one-bedroom apartment? We've got good news for you (if you're a gamer)! This Secret Passage Floor Decal ($29) brings the impossible staircase from popular video games to right inside your dungeon home! Where does it go? You'll need to beat the miniboss... [More]


Shu Uemura Shape Paste

Get a grip on a good lookin' hairstyle by molding strands with the Shu Uemura Shape Paste ($38). It'll tame your locks into place or help you get them standing on end - whatever style suits your fancy. What it won't do, however, is turn you into a grease ball,... [More]


Zara Checked Coat

Scan the room at any bar in the Midwest and you'll see a sea of flannel. This winter, fit in at any drinking hole you find yourself in, but still stand out, in this beautiful wool blend coat ($239) - the plaid you'll see around you isn't usually this sophisticated.... [More]


Guggenheim Circle Square Mobile

Why hang an ordinary mobile over your child's crib? Do you want your four-month-old to miss out on the chance to get ahead in his study of modern art movements, destining him to a life of meaningless drudgery and the ridicule of his future kindergarten classmates? We didn't think so.... [More]


Lanvin Happy Holidays Notecards

Not about to send your friends and family a cheesy Christmas card featuring a photo of you and your dog/cat/kid wearing matching Santa hats? Need something a little more...sophisticated? Try sending out holiday greetings on fashion house Lanvin's Happy Holidays notecards ($90 for ten). The illustrated set features glamorously dressed... [More]


Galvanized Zinc Stand

Want to elevate your baking this holiday season? You could invest in a copy of Modernist Cuisine and start sous-viding your fillings, or just plop that pie onto this Galvanized Zinc Stand ($35). It'll add an impressive bit of altitude to even your usual mediocre apple mess.... [More]


Cthulhu Christmas Ornament

For lo, it is written in the Book of Lovecraft, that long ago, in the underwater city of R'lyeh, a monster savior was born, and a star rose in the North to announce the joyous occasion. Cthulhu Christmas Ornament ($9). May the Cthulhu bless you and spare your family.... [More]


Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Daily horoscope not filling your deep need to peer into the mists of the future? Fortune cookies failing to cut the occult mustard? Give these Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards ($6) a try. They come complete with no-brainer instructions, so you can make sure they're actually predicting your first run-in... [More]


La Prairie Extrait of Skin Caviar

A little short on cash for that nip-and-tuck vacation? Fear not. For far less than the price of a facelift in a third-world country, this La Prairie Extrait of Skin Caviar ($150) will give you a much appreciated boost. And you won't have to worry about ending up with Lil'... [More]


GAP Plaid Flannel Shirtdress

GAP's lovely Plaid Flannel Shirtdress ($50, on sale) gives shape and modern details, like side pockets and a sash, to an old, comfy standby. And unlike its nineties button-down predecessors, we bet you can get away with wearing this to your holiday dinner without evoking dirty looks and whispered demands... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? December 20, 2013

Forget Christmas in July - this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? is bringing July into Christmas! The off-season is a great time to pick up summery items for less. Gap Sunkissed Shorts ($23 on sale) Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Plunge Twist Front One-Piece ($80 on sale) JASON Mineral... [More]

Eyedoll Panthere Dress

Eyedoll Panthere Dress

Unleash your inner kitty when you rock the Eyedoll Panthere Dress ($178). This black frock features sleek metallic panthers, and it's edgy enough to wear with motorcycle boots and a denim jacket yet still sweet enough to wear with your favorite black patent peep-toes and a cashmere shawl.... [More]


On the Grid Personalized Wrapping Paper

Look at you. You sent all your friends and family Christmas cards personalized with a picture of your cute kid dressed up as an elf...just like everybody else. It's time to take it to the next level. Use those holiday family portraits to make this On the Grid Personalized Wrapping... [More]


Cory A-Z Leather Pouch

There's something about initialed or monogrammed items that sets them miles apart from their plain Jane competition. Even the basic Cory A-Z Leather Pouch ($33) from Rebecca Minkoff carries a personal touch thanks to the simple printed letter. It makes an easy and thoughtful gift to give, especially if you're... [More]


Frends Ella Gold-Tone Earphones

In our wildest dreams, we have $100 to spend on gold-trimmed earbuds that we wouldn't need to swap out for a cheap, tougher pair when we went to work out. In our wildest dreams, we also have a cabana boy-slash-masseur who follows us around when we work out to hold... [More]


Triple C Walnut Security Tag

We're certainly not new to the concept of tagging our most important possessions to make them easier to find when we're leaving the house in a blind, rushed panic. But we've never found a method of getting that job done that looked quite as stylish as this Triple C Walnut... [More]


Margaret Elizabeth Ruby Rounds

Maybe it's just all those holiday treats we've been stuffing our faces with, but these Margaret Elizabeth Ruby Rounds ($52) look good enough to eat. It's probably for the best that they're wearable rather than edible - we've already had enough sugar to last us till 2015.... [More]


Sauipe Swimwear Louise Two Piece

When it's a frajillion* degrees below zero outside like it is right now, we start dreaming of tropical vacations where all we have to wear is a sexy retro swimsuit like this Sauipe Swimwear Louise Two Piece ($231), SPF 50, and sunglasses. How many months 'til summer, again? *artistic license... [More]


Dictionary Bookmark

What do you do when you're reading and come across a word you don't know? ... Uh-huh... And what should you do? ... Uh-huh... Dictionary Bookmark ($45)... [More]


Large Star Ornament

A trinket you can keep out after Christmas, this Large Star Ornament ($22) from Bethany Lowe Designs doesn't need a lot of glitz to set it apart from the other baubles on your tree. Of course, if glitz is what you're after, it's worth mentioning that the silver star is... [More]


Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers

No, that shade of blue isn't a coincidence. Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers ($16) is written by Walter Hoving, former chairman of Tiffany & Co. in New York. Turns out the master of drool-worthy jewelry is also quite the expert on etiquette, and in this slim volume he aims his... [More]

Etta SM.jpg

Marc Jacobs Etta Print Turtleneck Dress

Unlike the model in this photo, we think the Etta Print Turtleneck Dress ($548) by Marc Jacobs is super snazzy. If Santa brings us this for Christmas, we're going to be running all around town with a big-ass grin because of how fabulous we'll look.... [More]


Submarino Bathroom Accessory Set

Our toothbrushes live in a yellow submarine...a yellow submarine...a yellow submarine. So does our hand soap and a handful of other bathroom necessities. And yes, this Submarino Bathroom Accessory Set ($70) does come in colors other than yellow, but why would you want it in any other hue?... [More]


French Deluxe Vanilla Powder

Fancy up your morning coffee by keeping the French Deluxe Vanilla Powder ($12) from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on hand. The powder mixed with milk or water makes a delish fat- and sugar-free drink on its own, but adding java gives it a fancy, overpriced coffeehouse flavor that's... [More]


The Lakehouse Quilt

Gingham and geometry combine to make this a classic quilt with a contemporary edge. We love the craftsmanship that goes into quilting, but sometimes the results can be a little too busy and precious. (It doesn't go with our stark Scandinavian decor, you see.) This HOPEWELL Lakehouse Quilt ($365), however,... [More]

santa SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Women's Jerry Jumpsuit

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Wool and the Gang Tie Me Up

This Wool and the Gang Tie Me Up ($30) doesn't just include a subtle reference to Fifty Shades of Grey. It also comes complete with everything you need to craft your man a colorful and fashionable restraint accessory. You haven't had this much fun with a homemade gift since you... [More]


Creative Outlet Stickers (Series 1)

Yes, electrical outlets are designed to look like faces, and don't let anyone tell you differently. But instead of that open-mouthed surprised expression all the time, these Creative Outlet Stickers ($5) let you spice it up - for example, you could do a surprised man with a beard, a surprised... [More]


Belcampo Meat Co. 40/40 Steer

Got a guy who insists on grilling on the deck, even in twenty-degree weather? Make his Christmas a happy one by signing him up for the Belcampo Meat Co. 40/40 Steer ($1,000). Sure, it's expensive, but a purchase will yield over forty pounds of premium cut beef bits, from ribeye... [More]


V Neck Leather Elbow Patch Pullover

Nothing makes us look like smarty-pants types quite like elbow patches. Those little pieces of leather state loud and clear that we must spend much of our time with our arms resting on desks in libraries, studying up on symbology, Byzantine history, or something equally irrelevant to the rest of... [More]


Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit

Uh-oh. It's almost time for that annual kitschy-themed holiday party, and all the ugly sweaters have vanished from the thrift store shelves! What's a crafty girl to do? Make her own, obviously. This Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit ($30) comes with a blank-slate red jumper and all the felt, glue, ornaments... [More]


Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Polish

It sounds like manicure heaven: long-lasting, tough gel nail color you can apply anywhere in just five minutes and get rid of even more easily. Nutra Nail Gel Perfect polish ($12) is a UV-free formula that you can slap on during your lunch break, and is so quick and easy... [More]


Christmas Spirit Decanter

During huge holiday family gatherings, we sometimes need some spirits before we can fully relax into the Christmas spirit, y'know? Use this festive decanter ($25) to keep the necessary cheer close at hand.... [More]


The Gentleman's Shower Curtain

What's your favorite flavor? Are you a Mutton Chops gal, or do you prefer the suave sophistication of the Van Dyke? You'll have plenty of time to ponder if you add The Gentleman's Shower Curtain ($16) to your bathroom décor. It illustrates an impressive array of facial hair stylings, including... [More]

Dylans Candy Bar Chocolate-Dipped Cake Pops and Peppermint Oreos

Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate-Dipped Holiday Cake Pops & Peppermint Oreos

How much would you love to receive Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate-Dipped Holiday Cake Pops & Peppermint Oreos ($45) as a holiday gift from that coworker that you don't really know too well? It's okay to admit it because he told us he wasn't sure what to get you. Maybe you... [More]

hat SM.jpg

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Herringbone Driving Cap

We love the Ralph Lauren Blue Label Herringbone Driving Cap ($185) because it looks good on literally everyone. Christmas is coming, so we went ahead and got one for each of our sisters and our grandpas. The family picture's going to look great this year!... [More]


Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection

There is probably someone in your life who does not yet own the entire Harry Potter film canon. Perhaps they were living in a cave for the last decade, or they may not have been born yet. Either way, it's a situation that begs to be remedied, and luckily for... [More]


Navy Keep Warm Jumper

The meaning of the phrase stitched onto this textured knit sweater ($25, on sale) obviously depends on context. As an item of clothing hanging in your closet, it makes a great argument to be chosen on a chilly winter's day. As soon as you put it on, however, it takes... [More]


SOREL Scotia Boot

It's always useful to have a pair of heavy-duty snow boots for when the going gets real tough, but sometimes you just need a pair of waterproof boots that don't also double as heaters for your feet. SOREL, known for such heaters, has been coming out with some stylish options,... [More]


Die-Cut New Year Stars Cards

Want to send Christmas cards? Fine, put your stamps on something with Santa Claus or a Christmas tree... if you want to be one of the sheep. Or you could dare to be different by sending out these Die-Cut New Year Stars Cards ($35). As a bonus, you won't have... [More]


Kate Spade Lilo Pump

Glitter pumps, yawn. They're a dime a dozen these days, so you'll have to wear something with a little more pizzazz if you want to get noticed. Fortunately, Kate Spade comes to the rescue yet again. Her sparkly Lilo Pumps ($350) don't stop with a coat of rose gold glitter,... [More]


Your Gift Isn't Good Enough: "Funny" T-Shirts

It's not the gift, but the thought that counts...and your thought sucks! Outblush presents Your Gift Isn't Good Enough, a list of the most common gift-giving faux pas so you can avoid being the one Secret Santa everyone fears. So, if that shirt's so funny, why don't you wear it... [More]


maurices Belted Tweed High Collar Coat

We think this winter coat ($149) should always be worn with the collar buttoned up to the top. It may be a little time-consuming, but the tweed and buckle details really shine when you're bundled up all prim and proper. Keep it classy with some riding boots and you'll look... [More]


Coal Air Purifier

You'll hope you get a lump of coal these holidays. While those socks will quickly acquire holes, and the chocolates in your stocking will disappear into your gullet within a day, the sadly misunderstood coal is the gift that really keeps on giving. That is, if it's in the form... [More]


Indego Africa Pink Tie Head Wrap

Bad hair day? Never fear. Even the tangled remnants of yesterday's Aqua Net 'do will look chic if you encompass them with this Indego Africa Pink Tie Head Wrap ($30). It's wide enough to hide the worst of the damage, while its bright colors help draw eyes away from dull... [More]


Bad Religion Christmas Songs

That's right, we did a double take, too. But your eyes are not deceiving you, L.A.-based punk rock band Bad Religion did indeed record and release an album of traditional Christmas songs ($7). Turns out lead singer Greg Graffin used to be a choir boy, so the idea isn't as... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Diamond Tote

Okay, so it's not the flashiest purse on the market, nor is it sporting any bling like its name implies. In fact, the Diamond Tote ($200, on sale) is a bit understated. With that said, Rebecca Minkoff has never done us wrong and we think this gal is worth every... [More]


Tea Collection Marled Cardigan

It's, like, ten degrees outside your front door. The last thing you want to do is squeeze into a trendy silk shirt or a form-fitting top, but you do it because fashion requires a certain amount of suffering. At least you can layer the Tea Collection Marled Cardigan ($158) on... [More]


Tartan Mugs

We're sitting in slightly chilly office chairs just wishing we were lounging by a warm fire with family and reaching for the Tartan Mugs set ($58) from Pendelton. We'd steep a cinnamon-laced tea and sip away without a care in the world... It's crunch time. We'll put our heads down,... [More]


Fire & Earth Body Ritual

Bad news first: using the oils of the Fire & Earth Body Ritual ($90) from Elemental Herbology won't turn you into Captain Planet (we're told you need special rings and a team of misfit kids for that). The silver lining? It may help you restore balance to your skin and... [More]


Lovely Package Stamp

Just because you're wrapping all those presents in a blind panic at two a.m. on Christmas morning doesn't mean you can't make them special. Using this Lovely Package stamp ($26) takes little more time than your standby scribble with a Sharpie, but will help boost the illusion that your gifts... [More]


Cape Cod Metal Polish

It's the perfect time of year to get your shiny on, whether that means that sparkly little body-hugger you're planning on wearing to the office holiday party or the family silverware. This Cape Cod Metal Polish ($18) will help with making the latter look its best. For the former, we... [More]


All Hands Infinite Bag

When we first saw this All Hands Infinite Bag ($290), we were hoping it was something by the same designer who accessorized Mary Poppins. We would happily shell out a couple hundred bucks for a purse that could hold everything we could ever dream of possibly needing in one tidy,... [More]

Coat SM.jpg

Book Tour Bliss Coat

Let's face it; now that winter is in full bloom, or whatever, we need another coat. There are certain winter activities that require us to be outside, so we wanted to find a coat as pretty as the dress underneath. The Book Tour Bliss Coat ($216) is fitted at the... [More]


TabletTail MonkeyTail Tablet Holder

The TabletTail MonkeyTail Tablet Holder ($70) is a little intimidating at first. The name sounds cute, but it's really a huge black hefty thing you could probably use to bludgeon an intruder and doesn't remind us of a cute lil' monkey at all. Luckily, bludgeoning an intruder would be the... [More]

Super SM.jpg

Mannin Fine Jewelry Square Monogram Ring

You don't have to win the Super Bowl to get this big-ass ring, but be sure your nails aren't chipped. The Mannin Fine Jewelry Square Monogram Ring ($445 for gold) shows the world you mean business.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Unicorn Farts Lip Balm

What does a unicorn fart smell like, you ask? If the Unicorn Farts Lip Balm ($4) from the Long Winter Soap Co. is an accurate facsimile, then the answer is spearmint and pink cotton candy. We'll take it, and we'll also take several tubes of this all-natural balm and keep... [More]


J.Crew Mini-Bows Sweatshirt

You haven't looked this cute in bows since your third grade Pee Wee cheerleading photo. And actually, with that perm and wearing those school colors, the jury's out on the amount of adorableness you actually achieved, no matter what Mom says. J.Crew Mini-Bows Sweatshirt ($80)... [More]


Melodic Suspensions Wind Chime

Graduate from wind chime kitsch with this Melodic Suspensions offering ($180). The hanging sculpture, made from salvaged stained glass and a mix of metals in primary colors and basic shapes, will be a beautiful addition to your front porch, even if the wind never blows.... [More]


Cooking Slow

All our foodie magazines are chock full of meal ideas we can throw together in four minutes with three ingredients or less. But what about those days when we actually want to spend a long time in the kitchen? Cooking Slow ($23) is packed with recipes that take all day... [More]


Melody Ehsani Pineapples! Earrings

We swore we weren't going to buy ourselves any more Christmas presents, but then we stumbled into Melody Ehsani's flagship store and became enamored with the designer's cheerful accessories line. Before we knew it, we were wearing these Pineapples! Earrings ($46-48) like some sort of twenty-first-century Carmen Miranda.... [More]


ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick Trio

If you like the idea of leaving smears of Russian Red on the faces of your evening conquests like a graffiti artist tagging walls in her 'hood, then sure - pick any old lipstick to wear out. But if stealth is more your style (or you'd just prefer not to... [More]


Money in the Banana Stand Clip

There's always money in the banana stand, or so says George Sr. So while you try your damnedest to hold together your crazy family, let the Money in the Banana Stand Clip ($15) hold together your credit cards and cash.... [More]


Signature Black Skeleton Keys Print Shirt

The Signature Black Skeleton Keys Print ($258) can totally open doors for you. Okay, not literally, but figuratively, for sure. When you wear lively and interesting prints, you feel more confident about yourself (truth!) and can use that confidence to your advantage. Who knows? Next time you wear this top,... [More]


Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit

Don't just wear them this Christmas: devour them. This Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit ($8) invites you to create your very own abominable jumpers without so much as a drive to the local Salvation Army store. And instead of the scent of someone's grandma's closet, they'll fill your house with the... [More]


Pirate Ship

Forget socks and underwear. Give that special someone in your life something they'll really appreciate: their very own Pirate Ship ($750,000). Modeled after the infamous Black Pearl, this fine vessel will shiver your timbers with a seventy-person capacity, public restrooms, crew quarters and a full kitchen. Just add your own... [More]


Herb Infuser

Stop frantically fishing for that bouquet garni before you set your boeuf bourguignon down on the table. This Herb Infuser ($14) will give you all of the flavor without the fuss. Just stuff those stems and leaves into this food-safe, heat-resistant case, plop it in your pot, then pull it... [More]


Mignon Goodies Box

You deserve a surprise gift this holiday, too, but leaving it up to your significant other to pick out a gift is a sure way to end up with something scratchy and unwearable from the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. They need guidance, which is why you generally know exactly what... [More]

Glove SM.jpg

Emporio Armani Nappa Leather Gloves With Bow

We love wearing the Nappa Leather Gloves With Bow ($295) from Emporio Armani. These gorgeous gloves make our outfits look complete. Little do people know, they're also hiding our extremely chipped nails. We skipped getting mani/pedis for three and a half months to save up for the gloves; totally worth... [More]


Tasha Hot Lips Scarf

Mustaches on everything are funny, but a pair of big, juicy lips is better. We'll take the Tasha "Hot Lips" Scarf ($31, on sale) over an accessory covered with facial hair any day of the week.... [More]


My Mother's Clothes

Squeeze a couple of tears out of your old lady's eye with My Mother's Clothes ($18), photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron's loving tribute to her late mother and her struggle against Alzheimer's. This gorgeous book combines the power of Barron's lens with the memories embodied in her mother's wardrobe in a... [More]


HO! Holiday Card

Your man insists she's just extra friendly. You know better. Let her know you've got her in your sights while simultaneously spreading some holiday cheer with this conveniently ambiguous HO! Holiday Card ($5)... [More]


Carry Me Om Tote

Ugh. There's nothing worse than sitting in an airport looking at a "DELAYED" message due to inclement weather. Cross your fingers for good flight conditions during Christmas and pack up all of your travel essentials in the Lululemon Carry Me Om Tote ($128). It may not be a traditional carry-on... [More]


Clean Baby Skin Cream

Always gushing to your friends about how there's no scent quite as lovely as the smell of a baby's bald head? Maybe you're just being supportive of their new endeavor, but if you really mean it, and wanna put your money where your mouth is, rub on a bit of... [More]


Heathered and Leathered Sweater

A sweater ($34) with a texture like a plush bathroom rug is elevated to much higher fashion heights with the addition of some strategically placed faux leather insets. Just remember to use the top of your sleeve (more absorbent) for runny noses and wiping up messes, and the underside for... [More]


Spoiler Alert

Storms are coming, and that means power outages. And what's the worst part of a power outage? The lack of hot showers, obviously. But second on the list is not knowing if all that tasty stuff you've got stashed in your freezer is going to be edible once you've got... [More]


Maijan Clarify Healing Herbal Facial Steam for Acne Prone Skin

We're all for trying something different, and the Maijan Clarify Healing Herbal Facial Steam for Acne Prone Skin ($17) is a non-traditional way of clearing up skin - and it smells way better than the usual facial washes we pick up at the drugstore. We tried it ourselves; all it... [More]


LC Lauren Conrad Tulle Maxi Skirt

Oh, Lauren Conrad. Before we spied your Tulle Maxi Skirt ($38, on sale), we had no idea we needed to wear a floor-length black tulle skirt with a sparkly gold waistband. We are now enlightened, and frantically working out excuses to wear one as often as possible.... [More]


Deborah Lippman Rich Girl Hand Cream

It's a bitch, girl - the wear and tear dry winter weather puts on your hands, that is. So why not keep them hydrated and healthy with this Deborah Lippman Rich Girl Hand Cream ($28)? It'll make those mitts look like they just spent the weekend at Clinique La Prairie.... [More]


Rebecca Taylor Sequin Jacket

We could see this Sequin Jacket ($550) showing up at a retirement community's holiday party or the swankiest nightclub in town. How often does a piece of clothing show that much range? It's worth every penny if you can wear it for the next fifty years.... [More]


Downton Abbey Gift Set

Touché, Republic of Tea, you've hit us right where it hurts: our penchant for PBS dramas about turn-of-the-twentieth-century British aristocrats (and their help, of course). We've already put in an order for your Downton Abbey Gift Set ($27) because we're suckers for the packaging. Now how would the Dowager Countess... [More]


Dog Printed Studded Shirt

Celebrate the winner of the 2013 National Dog Show - Jewel the American Foxhound - with this patterned blouse ($19). It certainly looks like Jewel's silhouette, though obviously no human hand or computer graphics program can adequately capture the exquisiteness of her form.... [More]

MICHAEL sm.jpg

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sinclair Glittered Cap-Toe Pump

Too lazy to try on dresses for this year's holiday party? We like to call that being responsible and saving money. This year, we're wearing our go-to little black dress and spicing it up with the MICHAEL Michael Kors Sinclair Glittered Cap-Toe Pump ($145).... [More]


The ICEbOX Makeup Organizer

So, bear with us here: We saw Kanye's new disasterpiece of a music video for "Bound 2", featuring Kim Kardashian. Girlfriend looked pretty damn good, especially with the more subtle makeup job than her usual gobs o' products. That reminded us of the time we were home sick and ended... [More]

Leo SM.jpg

Sister by Sibling Short Dress

We love the Sister by Sibling Short Dress ($278 on sale). It's great for those of us who want to be festive for the holidays, but just can't let go of leopard print. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like bright red leopard print.... [More]


Hammond's Christmas Mix

If the treats you have on hand are an assortment of finely crafted sweets with a longstanding history and tradition, then gorging yourself on them is sort of like doing homework, right? Pick up this Hammond's Christmas Mix ($13) and find out.... [More]


Rocket Tea Infuser

Captain Picard knew how well a nice cup of Earl Grey went with interstellar travel. Why not try the combination yourself? Just stuff those leaves into this Rocket Tea Infuser ($13) and boldly go where generations of tea-lovers have happily gone before.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Striped Cosmetic Brush Set

The Striped Cosmetic Brush Set ($5) from Forever 21 isn't going to win any awards for top-notch quality, but with that said, we were actually surprised at how durable these dudettes are. They're worth keeping on hand as a backup to your favorite brush brand, or storing in your travel... [More]


Prosperity Candle Year of Inspiration Candle Subscription

Prosperity Candles do more good than simply helping to cover up the smell of that trash you forgot to take out last night. Purchasing from Prosperity also helps support disadvantaged women from Iraq, Haiti, and Burma. This Year of Inspiration Candle Subscription ($28) is a perfect way to treat someone... [More]


Prescriptives Virtual Skin Super Natural Finish

Ever wish you could steal somebody else's face? We'd go for Elizabeth Taylor's circa 1963. But sadly, we're a long way off from swapping mugs Face/Off style, which means we'll have to settle for the next best thing: Prescriptives Virtual Skin Super Natural Finish ($37). It'll cover up those fat... [More]


Unicorn Trophy Head

The only thing that could possibly be disappointing about DFC's Unicorn Trophy Head ($750) is the fact that if you want your unicorn to be coated in glitter like in the above photo, it's going to set you back an additional $150. On the other hand, you can choose from... [More]


Ivana Helsinki Knit Oversized Coat

This handknit coat ($490) doesn't look unlike something you would see your mom wearing in faded family photos. If you have seen something like this in your family album, by all means, phone your mother immediately and ask if she happened to keep that classic striped duster that made her... [More]


Floating Wish Papers

Playing with fire doesn't usually make your wishes come true, unless you've got a hankering for a smoke-damaged wardrobe. But these Floating Wish Papers ($8) are a fun exception. Write down your dream on one of these pretty pink slips, carefully ignite them, and watch them take flight before spiraling... [More]


CooCoo Cleaner

Getting hard to tell if those are angry birds or zombie-fighing plants on your iPad screen? Maybe it's time to clean up your greasy fingerprints. Keeping this CooCoo Cleaner ($14) handy will make that a simple task. Just swipe this adorable microfiber bird over your screen to leave it sparkling,... [More]


Antipast Mane Fluffy Stripe Socks

With their stripes and fluffy "mane", these fashion socks ($30) are right out of Cats, don't you think?... [More]

vintage SM.jpg

J.Crew Lulu Frost Solar Bracelet

We love vintage jewelry, but feel weird borrowing it from Grandma. So we'll stick to buying our own, starting with the Lulu Frost Solar Bracelet ($288) from J.Crew. This new jewelry has an old feel, but lacks the musty smell of something that's been hanging out in a box at... [More]


Have A Killer Christmas Card

They do tricks, make friends with small children... and slaughter cute seals. Still, we figure the first two attributes make orcas a fine subject for this Have A Killer Christmas Card ($5).... [More]


Theo Holiday Chocolate Bars

Our chocolate consumption doesn't always increase around the holidays, but when it does it's because we're biting into a few Theo Holiday Chocolate Bars ($4 each). The milk chocolate bar features gingerbread spices and the dark chocolate bar features toffee and nuts. We're not too terribly picky, and chomp on... [More]



Going to the grocery store sucks. You have to share the aisles with plodding old ladies and screaming toddlers, and when you finally make it outside, you'll most likely discover a new dent in your car. Planning meals is slightly more fun, but also likely to result in your spending... [More]


Enamel Letter Charm Necklace

There are enough different styles of initial necklaces in the world for almost everybody to have a unique one, but we're still charmed by these vintage letter shield necklaces ($36), which might be the next best thing to a family crest if you don't have one. The colors and script... [More]


Per-fékt Cheek Perfection Gel

Stains and cream blushes can be a messy business, especially when you apply them early in the morning. By noon, you're staring aghast at the streaks on your face while frantically trying to even them out in the bathroom at the office. Per-fékt's Cheek Perfection Gel ($28) is our favorite... [More]


Perrault Collar

We rarely have reason to dress in crystals and fur, but you bet your butts that when we do, we'll be ready with the Perrault Collar ($288) from Eugenia Kim. It's so Hollywood classic that we can't wait to wear it with sleek leather gloves and a wide-skirt wool coat.... [More]



It may not be the best season for boating, but are you really planning on wearing the ASOS DOCKLAND Sneakers ($33) out on the water? We usually just wear ours while we're running around town doing errands. In fact, the salesperson at Zara complimented them last Satuday. It made our... [More]


Your Gift Isn't Good Enough: Trends

It's not the gift, but the thought that counts...and your thought sucks! Outblush presents Your Gift Isn't Good Enough, a list of the most common gift-giving faux pas so you can avoid being the one Secret Santa everyone fears. Yes, we all love bacon. Bacon was designed in a lab... [More]


Deck the Hall and Oates T-Shirt

They weren't just the masters of soulful pop hits. Daryl Hall and John Oates also loved to get their Yuletide cheer on. That's why we're putting this Deck the Hall and Oates T-Shirt ($28) on our list this year.... [More]



The design minds at Pantone might have pulled the notion of your "birthday color" out of their proverbial rears, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun reading up on our Colorstrology ($20). Find out if you're a striking and appealing Apricot Nectar type, or Nile Green verbal traveler. Your... [More]


Vasanti Flash Effect Loose Powder Radiance

We have to say, the name of this Vasanti Flash Effect Loose Powder Radiance ($24) isn't really selling it. Nobody puts their best face forward in the harsh light of a camera flash unless you dig that red-eyed, washed-out, shiny-in-the-wrong-places look. Luckily, this powder brightens and illuminates skin rather than... [More]


French Connection Wynonna Clutch

Why settle for ordinary sequins when you can carry a bag embellished with gargantuan shiny pieces that are out of this world? It's like fishing for minnows when you could be catching sharks. Think of this French Connection Wynonna Clutch ($110 on sale) as the hammerhead of sparkly handbags.... [More]


Terracotta Water Carafe

Turns out terra-cotta isn't just great for making cheap plant pots and life-size Chinese warriors. It's also a handy way to keep your drinks cold. This self-cooling carafe ($30) keeps liquids refreshingly cool through a natural process of evaporation. You'll like this vessel so much, you may want an army... [More]


Sherpa Collar Moto Zip-Up Sweatshirt

The oversized fleece collar on this moto-style sweatshirt ($80) will make you want to constantly nuzzle into it, so friends and family should be prepared to say goodbye to the lower half of your face. While the neckline of this top is total luxury, the bottom is streamlined and sporty,... [More]


Hematite-Tone Regal Jewel Necklace

Clasping on the Hematite-Tone Regal Jewel Necklace ($150) from A.B.S. By Allen Schwartz is one mighty elegant way to hop on the emerald color trend. It'll add a bit of subdued bling to your LBD on New Year's Eve. What it lacks in sparkle it more than makes up for... [More]

Betsey SM.jpg

Betsey Johnson Dotted Ruched Party Dress

The Dotted Ruched Party Dress ($198) by Betsey Johnson is perfect for running around singing and dancing to classic hits by Madonna. It's not as ideal for Christmas carols, but really, what is?... [More]


Huberd's Shoe Grease

"Grease" has become a dirty word; just think of all the things you'd rather not have greasy, like countertops and your face. But sometimes a little slather of the shiny stuff can be a good thing. Just see what wonders Huberd's Shoe Grease ($8) works on those leather boots. This... [More]


Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You

Eating vegan takes a lot of hard work and determination, especially when the world around you keeps trying to shove meat lover's pizzas and milkshakes down your gullet. Arm yourself for battle with your trusty slow cooker and Kathy Hester's Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You ($15).... [More]


Smell Bent Holiday 2013 Scents

Our obsession with Smell Bent's holiday collections continues! This year, they're bringing us five limited edition scents ($4-49) that'll be around until February. Each scent is different, but all of 'em smell of hearth and wood and all things homey. Spritz on Winter Vixen for a foodie scent (hazelnuts, cocoa,... [More]


Homeys Ruby Slippers

This festive pair of Ruby Slippers ($49) from Homeys may not send you home with a click of the heels, but it will keep your feet toasty warm both as you lounge around the homestead and as you brave the cold for a run to the mailbox and back. The... [More]


NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Those smoky, shimmery eyes look great when you leave the house. And a couple hours later, your carefully applied colors drift south in a remarkably good approximation of a three-day bender. Keep your eye makeup where it belongs with this NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base ($24).... [More]


Norma Necklace

Perform incredibly simple calculations with the Norma Necklace ($60) from Abacus Row. You can do addition problems with sums up to eight with the beautiful gold-plated beads and maybe work on a few items from your multiplication tables and practice dividing by two.... [More]


Fuuvi Charly Kotori Bicycle Lock

So it probably won't do more than make a bikejacker stop and say "Awww!" before they slice it with a pair of hedge clippers and run off with your Huffy. But what this Fuuvi Charly Kotori Bicycle Lock ($30) lacks in steel, it more than makes up for with style.... [More]


Get it Girl Pillow Cover

Start - or end - your day with some words of encouragement from a pillow, the inanimate object most of us gals share our feelings with, hug when we're lonely, and get our most motivational pep talks from. Get It Girl Pillow Cover ($38)... [More]


Kindle Paperwhite

Feeling conflicted about picking an e-reader? Maybe you like to squeeze in an extra chapter after the spouse has turned out the lights but hate the glare of a glowing screen the rest of the time. Thankfully, there's a better solution than reading with a flashlight stuck between your teeth.... [More]


Society Social Signature Hostess Gown

We dream of a world where hostess gowns are a thing again, and that every time you show up to a house party the hostess will open the door and reveal a glorious caftan in a new hue. The basic component of the gowns will always remain the same -... [More]


Lavender Chamomile Moisturizing Oil

You get a double whammy of skin care when you order a bottle of Indie Lee's Lavender Chamomile Moisturizing Oil ($36). The all-over oil hydrates your hair, face, and body when you rub it in and it releases a soothing nighttime scent. You'll climb into bed with soft skin and... [More]


Amaretto Egg Nog Jar Candle

While it may be tempting to get through the holidays with a boozy drink in your hands at all times (à la Lily Aldrin), it may not be the best idea. Guzzling down cordial-laced eggnog will result in an expanded waistline, slurred speech, and disapproving scowls from family. Light the... [More]


Mudpie Moose + Deer Flour Sack Towel Set

Bring that rustic, cabin-like feel to your own home without having to mount a giant pair of antlers above your fireplace. Besides, they look much better attached to their original owners. In the case of this Mudpie Moose + Deer Flour Sack Towel Set ($38), that would be a moose... [More]


Geometric Cross Stitch Necklace

For anyone who thought cross-stitch was never going to be their cup of tea, just unwanted holiday decor and novelty wall hangings - think again. These Zelma Rose pendants ($75) take the craft form to new territory, with modern geometric designs that you'll want to take out in public.... [More]

Shirt SM.jpg

Tory Burch Estelle Tee

We'd go crazy if we didn't have a good number of dressy, comfortable shirts. The Estelle Tee ($150) by Tory Burch is sophisticated enough to wear to work, and cozy enough for us to take a nap in the car during lunch.... [More]


UFO Lumiere Lamp

This space-age-inspired UFO Lumiere Lamp ($99) by AlessiLux is as versatile as it is bright. The long-lasting LED lights can shine at the highest setting for up to five hours on a full charge. You can dim the lamp too, to conserve energy (or set the mood!). It runs on... [More]


Pieces Emolda Beanie With Bobble

We assume that the pom-pom on the Pieces Emolda Beanie With Bobble ($22) was so big that it migrated from its pom status into bobble territory. It is large, but surprisingly, not so much so that it looks funny. We think the black and pink pattern helps balance it out... [More]


Hangin' With The Homies Gin & Juice Air Freshener

Feeling laid back? Have your mind on your money and your money on your mind? We can't recommend rolling down the street while smoking illegal herbs or sipping your favorite cocktail, but you can augment your ride with this Hangin' With The Homies Gin & Juice Air Freshener ($5).... [More]

Madison Harding Vigneto Velvet Booties

Madison Harding Vigneto Velvet Booties

There's something about these velvet booties that we love. The Madison Harding Vigneto Velvet Booties ($248) are a luscious pale blue color that would look phenomenal with skinny denim and a sumptuous cashmere V-neck. These booties are also super comfortable thanks to the stacked wedge heel.... [More]


Fred Perry Fair Isle Mitten

Think only kindergarteners lose their mittens? As that extensive collection of single gloves in your closet reminds you, they're just as easy to misplace when we're grown-ups. That's why these Fred Perry Fair Isle Mittens ($70) come complete with a security cord. Having your mittens hanging from your sleeves might... [More]


Gun Mug

Don't want to be bothered until you finish your coffee? Nothing says "Leave me alone!" better than a gun! Dark, biting, and fun to hold, the Gun Mug ($12) is strictly for self-defense.... [More]


Your Gift Isn't Good Enough: Christmas-Themed Gifts

It's not the gift, but the thought that counts...and your thought sucks! Outblush presents Your Gift Isn't Good Enough, a list of the most common gift-giving faux pas so you can avoid being the one Secret Santa everyone fears. It's only Christmas once a year! ...But on the other hand,... [More]


VENIN ROYALE Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum

When it comes to reparative skincare products, we are totes skeptical. Yes, totes. But we were given a sneak peek of VENIN ROYALE Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum ($150) and despite our suspicions, our skin really is looking and feeling better since we started using it a couple of months ago.... [More]


Fenella Smith Pug Little Jug

The fact that "pug" rhymes with "jug" makes this ceramic piece ($29) extra adorable. Fenella Smith imbues her canine drawings with such warmth and personality that it's useless to resist. Every Halloween we're reminded that pugs are continually the best canvases for great costumes, and we're reminded again now with... [More]


Philips Docking System for Apple iPod and iPhone

Sure, you can project tunes from your iPhone with little more than this morning's emptied coffee cup, but if you're looking for a slightly more stylish way to get your dance party on, we recommend this Philips radio/iPod docking system ($80).... [More]


Stance Margaritas Dryarn Socks

Think socks make for the lamest gift ever? Then you clearly haven't heard of these Stance Margaritas Dryarn Socks ($25). They might not look like anything special, but within those unassuming stripes lie powerhouse foot-loving features. Their high-tech fabric helps wick away moisture, while compression helps keep your blood moving... [More]


Hug Salt and Pepper Set

Never misplace your salt or pepper shaker again. Doing so would mean separating these two blobs who clearly love each other very much, and having a one-sided hug floating around the house would be much too sad. Hug Salt and Pepper Set ($32)... [More]


FluffyCo Owl Line Up Tee

Better know your owls just in case you ever get to identify one in the wild. We suppose your chances are slim unless you're an insomniac with night vision goggles, but you could still use the knowledge from your new t-shirt ($35) when viewing wildlife photos or other owl artwork.... [More]


Assorted Queen Card Set

Elevate your handwritten correspondence to a level fit for royalty. In fact, we think the Assorted Queen Set ($18) from Rifle Paper Co. is so aristocratic that even the Queen of England would be impressed. Pen her a note and maybe she'll introduce you to Prince Harry. Can't hurt to... [More]


Mosaic Triangles Jewelry Box

Don't all of your bangles and baubles deserve a better place to reside than a cracked ceramic plate on the top of your dresser? Storing your jewelry in the Mosaic Triangles Jewelry Box ($49 for a small box and $79 for a large) may not be the cheapest solution, but... [More]


Clinique Chubby Treats

Dear Clinique: there has to be a better name for your new lip pencil duo. Chubby Treats ($20) is just...not conjuring up images of plumped and beautified puckers. Regardless, we've nabbed ourselves a pair and we're pretty pleased with the colors. They add a light berry shade and a soft... [More]


CAPITOL COUTURE Laser-Cut Patent-Leather Dress

Whaaaaaat?!! We can dress like Katniss? For real? Yup. NET-A-PORTER has an exclusive CAPITOL COUTURE by Trish Summerville line that emulates both Capitol chic fashions, like the Ruched Stretch-Silk Chiffon Dress, and district tribute athletic wear, like the Honeycomb-Print Stretch-Jersey Jacket. The prices are all way over a normal person's... [More]


Beats Pill Wireless Speakers

The Beats Pill ($200) may be the smallest speaker system in the Beats by Dre line, but it still produces some mighty big sound. Wireless and tiny, the Pill is Bluetooth-compatible so you can switch up your tracks through whatever Bluetooth-enabled device you have on hand. We usually move ours... [More]


Squaredancer Necklace

Is this a necklace or wearable art? Both, obviously. If we didn't know this pendant was only three inches tall, we'd think it belonged on our biggest and best wall. Squaredancer Necklace ($248)... [More]

S SM.jpg

Zara Pointed Brogue Blucher

Whoever decided that women should wear high heels on the reg was crazy, or at least more pain-tolerant than us. We love Zara's Pointed Brogue Blucher ($90). These shoes are comfy, dressy, and trendy.... [More]


Merkur Heavy Classic Double-Edged Safety Razor

Novembeard is over, thank god! There are usually a few days in which dudes rock dashing beards, but then they start getting a little too shaggy. Nudge your guy into cleaning it up by gifting him a Heavy Classic Double-Edged Safety Razor ($48) from Merkur. It mimics razors of years... [More]


A Man's Gift Guide to Men: The Party Animal Male

Sun Tzu summed up gift-giving best when he said, "Know your enemy." But how are you supposed to know what secrets lurk in the dark alleyways of the male psyche? Read our Man's Gift Guide to Men. Thankfully Outblush found one such male and took it back to the lab,... [More]


Burlap Brrr Christmas Pillow

Agreed, Burlap Brrr Christmas Pillow ($32). It's too damn cold outside. That's why we're staying in, snuggling you and sipping hot toddies. There's no need to shiver our butts off out in the snow!... [More]


Alpine Beanie

Confession: we're kinda in love with this Alpine Beanie ($22) because it has a bit of a handknit vibe to it. Unfortunately, knitting isn't in our arsenal of talents, even though we try, and try often. Oh well, you know what they say, right? Fake it until you can make... [More]


Gizmon ICA Remote Shutter

Take your selfies to the next level with this Gizmon ICA Remote Shutter ($25). Adorably shaped like a vintage film canister (yes, we suppose film qualifies as vintage now), it plugs into your headphone jack and, without the addition of any extra app or software, gives you a longer lead... [More]


Forest Friends Growth Chart Wall Sticker

Never mind that you start out as a deer and grow up to be the size of a sparrow... The Forest Friends Growth Chart ($82) gives your child some extra incentive to try harder when growing. Comes with leaf notes to mark date and height.... [More]



It happens to the best of us. We have every intention of finding an awesome gift for one of our nearest and dearest, but when the deadline strikes we're left with some combination of a journal, a scented candle and a bottle of wine. Thankfully, we've found a way to... [More]


The O.M.G. Bag

Wanna know what the OMG in the The O.M.G. Bag ($275) from Lo & Sons stands for? Technically, Overnight & Medium Gym Bag, but maybe more appropriately, "OMG, there's still room in this bag for more?!" It can stash away your laptop, keys, wallet, and doodads, a pair of shoes,... [More]


24K Gold Mousse Perfecting Foundation

'Tis the season to indulge, and what better way than to pat a little 24K Gold Mousse Perfecting Foundation ($98) onto your skin? Seriously, the Orogold Cosmetics foundation is made with 24-karat gold and titanium dioxide. We can't think of a better way to add a warm glow to your... [More]


Lavender Quartz Lamp

Keep this magic crystal charging with mystical energy (or electricity) all day. At night, this sizable stained glass Lavender Quartz Lamp ($425) lights up from within for some seriously powerful mood lighting.... [More]


The Soldier Sweater

As far as most people know, the soldiers of the Queen's Guard are used solely for formal ceremonies and decorative reasons (though they are ready to guard at a moment's notice), so why not use them and their bright red coats and famously tall black hats to adorn a cute... [More]


German Kerosene Lantern

This lantern ($40) is definitely not just a glorified tealight holder. The lacquered beauty has been made in Germany for over a hundred years and runs with a warm, steady light for twenty hours on kerosene fuel. It's weatherproof and engineered for wear and tear, so it's great for anything... [More]


All Over Hair & Body Shampoo

Stuck with sensitive winter skin? Get rid of the itchy, splotchy spots with Paula's Choice All Over Hair & Body Shampoo ($15). It's free of irritants like dyes and fragrances and safe for all sorts of sensitive skin types, from babies' bums to eczema patches. Even if you're not suffering... [More]


Trousse Club Sandwich

We love the humble sandwich - such a simple concept, so many ways to execute it. Handmade in Paris, this detailed felt sandwich case ($50) will hold pencils, pens, and makeup items like a champ and look delicious while doing so.... [More]


Matt Bernson Gauloise Flat

This Gauloise Flat ($198) from Matt Bernson has it all: good looks, a sturdy sole, our hearts, and a sizable portion of our next paycheck. Kudos, new favorite pair of shoes, kudos.... [More]


Sleep Therapy Mask

A sleep mask with a light inside? Sounds about as useful as a sleep sound machine that plays heavy metal. But does it change anything if the light is blue? It should...this Sleep Therapy Mask ($40) uses a soft blue light to help lull you into sleep - fix your... [More]


Cooking Comically: Recipes So Easy You'll Actually Make Them

Finally, a Festivus for the rest of us! Err, technically, Cooking Comically: Recipes So Easy You'll Actually Make Them ($12) by Tyler Capps is more like a cookbook for the layman. You'd probably benefit from taking a peek at it if your eyes usually start to glaze over halfway through... [More]


Dancing Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

On one hand, when you're headed to an ugly sweater party, buying a sweater that was specifically designed to be ugly seems like cheating. On the other hand: dancing lady reindeer with good-lookin' gams equals pure gold. The Dancing Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater ($29) from Isabella's Closet.... [More]


Obsidian Arrowhead Earrings

We're betting these Obsidian Arrowhead Earrings ($60) would have been the sizzle of the runway back in 10,000 BC, along with mammoth pelt boots. Thanks to the artistry of Ke$ha, we can now show them off with style today (and with much less stink than the mammoth products).... [More]


Anastasia Beverly Hills Flawless Tinted Moisturizer

We can't rave enough about multipurpose creams like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Flawless Tinted Moisturizer ($30). The lightweight moisture-rich formula keeps your skin hydrated, adds a layer of coverage to even out skin tone, and even gives you a little bit of sun protection with the inclusion of an SPF.... [More]


Toasts Cocktail Shaker

This stainless steel beauty ($36) will not only mix and make sophisticated drinks to which the only limit is your imagination, it will also be a teaching tool - a guide to prepare all your guests to be good social drinkers all over the world.... [More]


Miriam Mirri To Mug

Will drinking hot chocolate out of a heart-shaped mug ($28) make it taste sweeter? You bet. Will the novelty of drinking hot chocolate out of a heart-shaped mug make you spill it on your sweater? The first few times you drink out of it, maybe.... [More]


Bento Bags

Don't let your yarn get tangled up with all the pens, keys, knitting needles and other gadgets and doodads in your bag - keep the balls and in-progress projects in this snag-free cloth bento bag ($16). Because it's just an ingeniously designed piece of material without any bulky handles or... [More]


The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey

Watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire lately, huh? By the founders of the Kings County Distillery (the first New York City distillery since Prohibition), the Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey ($17) is part history book, part how-to manual, and part recipe book! Just don't let... [More]

Cape SM.jpg

Coach Asymmetric Double Face Wool Wrap Cape

We love the Asymmetric Double Face Wool Wrap Cape ($698) from Coach. When we wear it, we feel like trendy leprechauns. Yes, we consider that a good thing.... [More]


Glitterdust Ballet Slippers

No way! We're not already projecting our failed attempts at dance recital stardom onto our future children! Just because third-grader Jennifer Jones got the solo in "When You Wish Upon A Star" doesn't mean that we're still dwelling on it. And hey, it's not like we've bought the Glitterdust Ballet... [More]


Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

Preschool admissions are just around the corner...is your kid going to be the only one that doesn't speak Mandarin? Aside from English, these masterfully decorated Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks ($36) come in Chinese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. Your child will thank you, but probably not in a... [More]


iSlice Opener

Stuff those stockings with a gift you know they'll use the minute it's received: this iSlice Opener ($7) is handy as all get-out for slicing through those ribbons and tape, thanks to its ever-sharp ceramic blade. The only other thing you'll need to make Christmas a breeze is a pile... [More]


Semi-Circle Tote

Once upon a time, we would have known off the tops of our heads how to find the surface area of this Semi-Circle Tote ($100)*. We've since sacrificed that place in our brain to more useful things, like Jaws quotes and the best places to get discount shoes. At least... [More]


Topshop Monster Fluffy Crop Sweater

We're getting a nineties-era Liv Tyler vibe from this cropped sweater ($68) - apparently the photo stylist did too. Damn the man, save the Empire!... [More]


Bare Escentuals On The Spot Eye Makeup Remover

You never know when the combination of overactive hormones and an ill-timed sappy commercial is going to send tears cascading down your face. For those days when you've forgotten to wear waterproof mascara, simply touch things up post-sobfest with Bare Escentuals On The Spot Eye Makeup Remover ($5).... [More]

D&G SM.jpg

Dolce & Gabbana Bow and Peplum Charmeuse Blouse

We want to be adopted by Dolce & Gabbana so we can get their amazing clothes free. It's the only way we're ever going to be able to afford them. Still, we see no reason to ignore beautiful things, so we've got to mention the Bow and Peplum Charmeuse Blouse... [More]


Snuggle Up Nordic Fleece Bunting

Fact: baby pajamas are always going to be cute. But baby PJs with a stegosaurus mohawk ($48 on sale)? They make even the most crotchety DINKs squeal with delight.... [More]


NEST Luxury Hand Cream Gift Set

Find your trademark scent with this set of five plant-inspired hand creams ($38). It's a great way to try out what works for you without breaking the bank, but to be completely honest, we're mostly enamored with the beautiful botanical artwork. Make room on your dressing tables, ladies.... [More]


Happy Latte Cup

Don't you wish your dishes were actually cursed former indentured servants? It'd be great if they'd come alive, make you dinner, and clean up your house while singing songs and solving your romantic problems. This Fiftyeight Latte Cup with Facial Motif ($20) could almost make us believe in the magical... [More]


Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock

Yes, we love the Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock ($59), but we're not sure which part we like best, the vintage style or the bunny ears. That's a lie. We definitely like the bunny ears best.... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? December 13, 2013

Everybody's all about the ugly sweater this time of year, but how 'bout a sweater that actually looks good? This week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? features five festive sweaters on sale that you can wear more than once a year. Okay, so maybe the reindeer one is a... [More]


Cross-Stitch Stationery Set

Get sassy and crafty at the same time with this Cross-Stitch Stationery Set ($20). Its collection of six clever designs all invite you to add your own hand-stitched accents. They're a great way of showing someone you cared enough to take the time to add that personal touch (or to... [More]


Black Embroidered Pants

The website calls these Black Embroidered Pants ($42), although they look suspiciously leggings-like. There is no way that those sizable floral embroidery designs are meant to be hidden under tunics, so we're going to say that even though material-wise these may be more closely related to leggings, this time around... [More]


Yellow Star Stocking

Fireplace mantel or not, you gotta make sure you hang a stocking for Christmas. That's where Santa leaves you lip glosses (or charcoal facial cleansers?)! This handmade stocking ($26) from Farm House Fare will do the trick. It's upcycled from durable wool and the atypical yellow and houndstooth pattern will... [More]


purely elizabeth Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

How would you like those Christmas baked goods without the New Year's gift of additional cellulite ripples? This purely elizabeth Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($9) might just make that impossible dream come true. It exchanges the usual sugary, buttery, refined flour recipe for a concoction of healthy flours such as... [More]


The Married Kama Sutra: The World's Least Erotic Sex Manual

We hate to admit it, but we definitely had a little chuckle over some of the "positions" depicted in the Married Kama Sutra ($13) by Simon Rich and Farley Katz. Not your typical naughty hanky-panky manual, The Married Kama Sutra humorously describes marital interactions like the "Shifting of the Standards",... [More]


Masquerade Envelope Clutch

We can't think of much else that says "classy holiday style" quite like red velvet. Unless, of course, it's red velvet trimmed with a bit of snow-white fur (faux fur, because cruelty-free is always classy) or crystal beading. We digress. We'll take a luxurious-looking Masquerade Envelope Clutch ($148) from Cole... [More]


Hooded Peplum Puffer Vest

Are puffer vests a little too utilitarian for you? If you're willing to spend a small fortune, Moncler will ease you into the Hooded Peplum Puffer Vest ($895). The addition of the ruffled waist adds a more feminine vibe to the traditionally unisex piece. In our not-so-humble opinion, you could... [More]


Mittens And Hat Wine Bottle Clothes

It's cold outside, so everyone bundle up - that goes for you too, pinot noir! Forget awkwardly wrapping a bottle in paper, the Mittens And Hat Wine Bottle Clothes ($15) are the perfect gift wrap for your liquid present.... [More]


Felt Ornament Set

This holiday season, get this Felt Ornament Set ($20) for your tree...and for your cats. They're irresistible, and the furballs will love terrorizing these felt balls. If you would like the set to avoid destruction, however, they'll look great up on the higher branches.... [More]

Kat SM.jpg

SOREL Women's Conquest™ Carly Boots

If SOREL's Women's Conquest™ Carly Boots ($220) are good enough for Katniss Everdeen, they're good enough for us too. They'll definitely hold up against the weather and look great doing so.... [More]


Takeout Menu Organizer

What do we need the Takeout Menu Organizer ($20) for? The utensil drawer, under-the-sink cabinet, kitchen counter, and coffee table in the living room - when used collectively - are just as good!... [More]


ASOS Cat Knit Beanie

Forget animal faces on sweaters. Wearing one on your hat, à la the Cat Knit Beanie ($22) from ASOS, is a way easier option. This way, if you show up to an event and there's someone with the same animal gracing her winterwear, you can just ditch the hat and... [More]


Coconut Breeze Sugar

We have big plans this winter to crank up the heat one night and host a "beach party." How great would it be to dance around to the Beach Boys in summer attire while drinking piña coladas rimmed with some Coconut Breeze Sugar ($10) from Old Salt Merchants and adorned... [More]


K.slademade Heather Crossbody

We're almost as much suckers for neon as we are for shiny things. The K.slademade Heather Crossbody ($168) - a great purse choice for fans of the fun but not fussy - comes in a wide array of beautiful colors, but the "jade jewel" color is the only one that... [More]


Mr. Romano Bearded Cheese Grater

Wouldn't it be grand if all beards were as useful as the one belonging to this Mr. Romano Cheese Grater ($17)? Most of them just collect icky crumbs or give us rashes during heavy makeout sessions. Mr. Romano's, on the other hand, helps us to cover our meals in a... [More]


A Man's Gift Guide to Men: The Mr. Fix-It Male

Sun Tzu summed up gift-giving best when he said, "Know your enemy." But how are you supposed to know what secrets lurk in the dark alleyways of the male psyche? Read our Man's Gift Guide to Men. Thankfully Outblush found one such male and took it back to the lab,... [More]


Rainbow Mugs

We are dying to get our hands on these bright Rainbow Mugs ($60 for six), mostly for nostalgia's sake. We're pretty sure we drank everything from hot chocolate to hot soup out of mugs just like them when we were kids. It's possible since the design was used for durable... [More]


Tiny Baguette Ring

We love this delicate Baguette Ring ($64) for superior stacking purposes, but we're a little put off by the name, as there are no carbs nor cheeses anywhere in sight.... [More]


Nu-Flame La Strada Freestanding Fireplace

Why light dozens of individual candles when you could simply bring your own sleek and modern portable fireplace ($300) into the room for a cozy bath experience? That is luxury. Bring on the red wine and the slow jams.... [More]


Booze Hats

Hey, it's a crazy party, so everyone should be wearing a funny hat, especially the guests of honor! Cap off your bottles with these festive Booze Hats ($7), available in Sombrero or Carmen.... [More]


Heart Pocket Dress

We believe the heart-shaped pockets on this casual cotton dress ($60) will keep your hands warmer and cozier than regular square-shaped pockets would. That is great news for your hands, but not for the chocolates you usually keep in your pockets.... [More]


Noodle & Boo The Balm

Even though Noodle & Boo makes products that are marketed toward new moms and babies, we think The Balm ($18) is one of those creams everyone can benefit from using. It's a bit of a cure-all - thick and ready to ease the itchiness of dry skin. Use it on... [More]

Frends Layla On Ear Headphones

Frends Layla On-Ear Headphones

It seems like everyone we speak to has a funky pair of headphones on their holiday wish list. The Frends Layla On-Ear Headphones ($150) are funky yet delicate enough for even the girliest girl to rock. Plus, the white and gold color combination is spectacularly stylish.... [More]


Heart Shaped Plantable Confetti

It's time to litter! That is, if the trash you're tossing is anything like this Heart Shaped Plantable Confetti ($10). Who could possibly want to fine you for scattering their property with adorable paper hearts which, come springtime, will give rise to a host of lovely wildflowers? Great big jerks,... [More]


Nervous System Algal Bloom Pendant

It's alive! Okay, it's not, but we can see how people would think this stainless steel necklace ($40), with its organic design based on microscopic plant growth patterns, might have a little biological matter in it.... [More]


Vintage Faucet Soapdish

Need a charming soap dish to go next to your bathroom faucet? How about another faucet - no one will see that coming! This soap dish ($18) will make whatever model of sink you have seem new and modern by comparison.... [More]


Topshop Metallic Pattern Tulle Midi Skirt

This seasonal cocktail skirt ($64) does all the texture and pattern mixing you were too scared to try yourself. Printed metallic tulle, botanical illustrations, and bold black-and-white stripes combine to create this showstopper, which requires only minimal accessorizing for a complete festive look. (It is, however, begging for a shiny... [More]


Bar10der Tool Set

Why suffer through an inferior martini just because you happen to be away from home? This Bar10der Tool Set ($40) has everything you need to play mixologist in one tidy, pocket-sized package. Combine it with that hotel minibar to bring road boozin' to a new level of refinement.... [More]


Makedo Freeplay Kit For One

We hate to sound old and out of touch, but man, kids are so plugged in these days! Having a good handle on technology isn't a bad thing (it's not like it's gonna go away any time soon!), but it's also nice for kids to have the opportunity to get... [More]


OFRA Semi-Permanent Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

Have you mastered the eyebrow pencil? Yes? Then it's time to switch it out for a brush and a pot of Semi-Permanent Waterproof Eyebrow Gel ($25) from OFRA. The long-lasting, totally unique gel will help you fill in your ideal eyebrow shape and make sure it lasts all day -... [More]


Your Gift Isn't Good Enough: Toiletries

It's not the gift, but the thought that counts...and your thought sucks! Outblush presents Your Gift Isn't Good Enough, a list of the most common gift-giving faux pas so you can avoid being the one Secret Santa everyone fears. Have you ever gotten a hygiene product as a gift? It's... [More]


Toboggan Coat

A truly vintage-inspired piece of outerwear, the Toboggan Coat ($498) is based on one of the first jackets Pendleton ever produced for women, back in the 1920s, several years after the birth of the National Park Service. We mention that milestone only because we've drifted off into a wonderful daydream... [More]


Boxing Glove Oven Mitts

Muhammad Ali might have been one of the toughest fighters ever to enter the ring, but did he have what it takes to cook a turkey for a half-dozen nitpicky in-laws? The Boxing Glove Oven Mitts ($18) are fit for the heavyweights of the kitchen: "Fry like a butterfly and... [More]


Multi Color Cat Camera Strap

Kitty cats. It's not enough to own a few, or to even wear a few on a t-shirt. You gotta show your love for your favorite felines by using the Multi Color Cat Camera Strap ($34) from Couch when you snap your photos. At the very least, wearing them around... [More]


Jo Malone Holiday Cologne Collection

The small bottles of fragrance in the Jo Malone Holiday Cologne Collection ($100) are the ideal size for travel. They clock in at .03 ounces each, so you can even toss 'em in your carry-on. The floral and fruity scents are all pretty soft and sweet, so spritz on your... [More]


Nothing (For The Person Who Has Everything)

Wow, we guess "making something out of nothing" is no longer just a phrase. Whether you're clueless about what to get them, or you just hate their guts, Nothing (For The Person Who Has Everything) ($6) will be a memorable gag gift and maybe even a keepsake. Nothing is simple,... [More]


Sophia Webster Nina T-Strap Flat

These Sophia Webster flats ($595) look like they were created in the crazy whimsical space between Mary Engelbreit's flower- and polka-dot-enhanced illustrations and any version of Alice in Wonderland - but we like them anyway. Be sure to wear them while you're serving tea out of your toothache-inducing Engelbreit teapot.... [More]


Funktional Discovery Top

At least you know, when you put on this embellished top ($125), that the answer to the question of which accessory to add is always a bracelet, a ring, or a pair of subdued earrings, but never a necklace. We love when one fashion choice immediately informs the others and... [More]


Violight UV Cellphone Sanitizer

You don't know where your cell phone's been... Or rather, you know exactly where it's been, and that's the problem. Studies say your cell phone is dirtier than the bottom of your shoe, but luckily the Violight UV Cellphone Sanitizer ($35) destroys 99.9% of germs with just UV rays. This... [More]


Little Miss Mugs

Move along, Little Miss Cynic, there's no irony in these Little Miss Mugs ($17 each). The super cute cartoons make us aspire to be Little Miss Sunshine, but we'll have to get Little Miss Busy on not being so Little Miss Princess all the time.... [More]


Plywerk Ornament

Once you have kids, getting your own parents holiday gifts is easy-peasy. Slap their grandbabies' faces on just about anything and it'll make their hearts melt. We're partial to the Plywerk Ornament ($26), which puts the digital photo of your choice onto a solid bamboo backing and adds an organza... [More]


Bear on a Bike T-Shirt

This bear looks more badass on a mountain bike than we ever will, since giant kneepads and elbow pads would surely be involved. You wouldn't think the bear's center of balance would be a great fit for a bike of any type, but let's not look for problems where there... [More]


Rose & Fitzgerald Arrow Lamp

The Arrow Lamp ($300), handmade in Uganda with beautiful and locally sourced mugavu and Elgon teak wood, will really light up a room. We mean that literally and figuratively. Consider using it as the main inspiration for your interior design mood board, as we doubt a lamp this bold will... [More]


Grip Power Pads

Bulking up your arms doesn't mean you also have to bulk up the rough calluses on your palms! These Grip Power Pads ($8) give you a more reliable grasp and make sure you don't develop working man's hands.... [More]


The Mason Shaker

Now the bartenders at your dream farm wedding/barn dance party can keep every single aspect of the bar thematic with the Mason Shaker ($29). Phew, that stainless steel cocktail shaker was really making our eyes twitch. Mason jars for everyone!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: The Loop Bracelet

Too many blacks and greys this winter? Add some color with these completely affordable bracelets ($5), made of the brightest of jersey fabrics and bound with some shiny rings. Twenty colors available! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are... [More]


Nomadic Cuff

Three guesses as to what the Nomadic Cuff ($55) is made out of: Wood? Bone? Did you guess a discarded water pipe? Yep, it's a pipe, upcycled and hand-carved into intricate nature- and tribal-inspired designs by Namibian artisans and colored by the sun and soil.... [More]


Drunk Brunch Hair, There, Every-Wear Mist

Missin' the girls? We feel ya. When you're scattered all over the country, it's hard to get together and dish the way you used to. While it's no substitute for good times, keep the Drunk Brunch Hair, There, Every-Wear Mist ($16) from RickyHome on hand and spray some in your... [More]


Solitary Diamond Earrings

Who needs real gems when we can have an abstract geometric representation of them? Well - we do, actually. But until we score that jackpot scratch ticket, these Solitary Diamond Earrings ($70) make for a nifty and affordable stand-in.... [More]


Oil Can Oil And Vinegar Dispenser

It's just the thing for "watering" your garden salad: the Oil Can Oil And Vinegar Dispenser ($13) satisfies our agricultural urge to pour liquids on greens.... [More]


Cut-Out Jeweled Top

You are a special flower, which is why you need this Jeweled Top ($35). You'll look the part with your embellished petal collar, leaving the world a lingering trail of your special flowery fragrance wherever you go.... [More]


Secret Santa Bathroom Spray

It's another kind of gift that keeps on giving: that less-than-savory aroma that lingers behind certain visitors to your bathroom. To help make sure you don't end up catching a whiff of the aftermath of someone's holiday overindulgence, put this Secret Santa Bathroom Spray ($15) someplace clearly visible and accessible.... [More]


Erik & Mike Abstract Oval Bracelet

This beaded bracelet ($43) is unexpected and musical, with funky ovals leaning and riffing off one another like musicians in a jazz band - a style of music which, if imagined as colors, is surely as bright and diverse as the ones here.... [More]


Missing Unicorn Print

Just for kicks, hang the Missing Unicorn Print ($7) on a light post next to the other missing pet posters and see how people react...... [More]


Ridges Wool Throw Blanket

Wool blankets like this are perfect for cozying up by a wood-burning stove in your rustic mountain cabin. The lines on the felted throw ($200) mimic the ridges of the mountain ranges outside your window that you can see so clearly at sunrise. Oh, you don't have a mountain cabin?... [More]


Cable Twisters

If you love giving your cat plenty of cords to bat at, then you should probably avoid these Cable Twisters ($10). Instead of an enticing tangle of cables just begging to be pounced on, your desk will have only a single tidy bundle at which no self-respecting kitty would bother... [More]


Agate Soap Gift Set

Man, every time you see a jagged piece of agate, you just want to rub it all over your body, right? Beautiful and hygienic, the handmade Agate Soap Gift Set ($30) includes eight fragrant soap rocks that look as at-home in a bathroom as they would in a cave wall.... [More]


Retro Arcade Space Alien Alarm Clock

We always thought it was weird the way the Space Invaders aliens only moved from side to side, but after seeing the motion in real life...well, it's still pretty weird. The Retro Arcade Space Alien Alarm Clock ($28) mimics that side-to-side movement when the alarm goes off, so remember: don't... [More]



Want to heat things up in the bedroom with Charmander? Maybe reignite some sparks with Pikachu? Perhaps Squirtle could help make things steamy? Or maybe you could use Bulbasaur to... um... you know...do something else sexy...? Pokepanties ($20; note that there's a waiting list)... [More]


Angie Geometric Fuzzy Sweater

Usually art deco patterns are rendered in metals and other shiny materials that mimic the original architectural details. A sweater made of steel wouldn't be too comfortable, however, so we're happy to see that 1920s-reminiscent artwork looks just as rad as a fuzzy sweater ($47).... [More]


Quote Ring

"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds." Shakespeare's line on the Quote Ring ($13) really is a beautiful and poetic description of love...we realized, after twenty minutes of trying to piece together what the hell he was babbling about. Scroll down to find selection. Order form email... [More]


Fox Door Knocker Bracelet

Keep the rest of your outfit simple when you don this bold and decorative bracelet ($115). You won't want anything to compete for attention (and lose) against the two gold fox heads and the door knocker that unites them on this vintage-inspired piece of jewelry. If you have to take... [More]

Personal Shopper Katie Plunge Bra

Personal Shopper - A Little Holiday Support for Katie and her Girls

Katie writes: "Hey ladies! So, I have a problem that I didn't realize would be a problem until now. I just bought a fantastic dress from Asos for the company Christmas party and it's wonderful and I look like I still know how to pull it together even if on... [More]


For Love & Lemons On Pointe Maxi Dress

If you're not into all-over sequins, voluminous tulle, decorative sweaters, and other holiday wardrobe staples, go for something just as appropriate for the season but dialed way back. This slinky metallic silver dress ($168) is so smooth and sleek, you'll blend in seamlessly with winter surroundings.... [More]


maurices High-low Sequin Tee

Sparkles are great for the holidays, but we're all guilty of having sequined items that hang out in the backs of our closets waiting for New Year's to roll around. The maurices High-low Sequin Tee ($29), on the other hand, is festive enough for holiday parties, but not so over... [More]


Petite Odette Clutch in Wildcat Calf Hair

Get a little wild with the Petite Odette Clutch in Wildcat Calf Hair ($68) from MATINE. We say "a little wild" because this purse is on the mini side. It'll fit in your bigger purses as a wallet or look fab when you carry it alone for a night out.... [More]


Sunflower & Grape Revitalizing Cleanser with Shea Butter

You probably shouldn't skip the essential moisturizing part of your daily skin care routine, but we bet that when you finish washing up with the Sunflower & Grape Revitalizing Cleanser with Shea Butter ($) from TAY, you'll feel like you don't need to bust out the moisturizer. It's probably because... [More]


Houndstooth Print Leggings

Pair these Houndstooth Print Leggings ($30) with a red power suit jacket complete with posture-enhancing shoulder pads and a can of hairspray for a trip back into the '80s. For those not committed to looking like they stepped out of MTV in its heyday, please ignore suggested pairings and turn... [More]


Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

The real beauty of beauty masks is that while they add loads of good stuff to our skin to keep it healthy, they also give us the opportunity to relax and pamper ourselves. Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask ($55) is a once-a-week treatment, so you might as well get used to... [More]

Dolan Nova Pants

Dolan Nova Pants

Usually we haven't associated sparkles with comfort, but now we do! The Dolan Nova Pants ($348) look like our favorite pajama pants covered in bronze sequins. You'll definitely light up the room as you walk into your holiday party in these.... [More]


Geodesic Dome Gingerbread House

Teach your kids about noted architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller while enjoying a hands-on family activity. This very special gingerbread house ($25) comes with a set of pentagon- and hexagon-shaped cookies for the creation of an abode that will outshine and outlast the other boring cottage-shaped gingerbread houses on the... [More]

Annie Boots

Annie Boots

For those of you who love cowboy boots that don't look like they stepped off a ranch, you need to check out the Annie Boots ($198). These combine classic styling with fashion thanks to pre-scuffed leather or colorful suede and a fringed tassel. Rock these with your favorite cashmere sweater... [More]


Goodbye Card

If there ever was a card that truly reflects your feelings that your office BFF took another job, it has to be this Goodbye Card ($6) from sew dandee. Now who's going to violate company policy to send you snarky personal emails about Jeff from Analytics's popcorn-burning microwave abuse? Every... [More]


Rise & Shine Sippy Cup

They've got a lot to do before naptime, and not a lot of time to do it in. If you think you can drool on the carpet more efficiently than they can... well... let's just say there's a reason you bring them their lunch and schedule their appointments and not... [More]


Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

This small tube of Jurlique Rose Hand Cream ($25) is on the expensive side, but we think it's a case of "you get what you pay for." The first time you rub this silky cream onto your hands, your dry skin will thank you. The floral extracts increase the moisture... [More]


Hey Kitty Tights

They've been with you through thick and thin, ignoring you during your times of woe and jumping on your face when you're just about to start dreaming of a romantic weekend on a yacht with Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. Why not pay tribute to your cats by donning... [More]


BODUM Bistro Stand Mixer

On your wedding day, you started a long and beautiful commitment you'd been waiting for almost your whole life: becoming the owner of your very own colorful name-brand stand mixer. But now a hot new product has caught your eye. You find yourself dreaming of neglecting that traditional silhouette in... [More]


Blanche in the Brambles Cream Faux Fur Collar

Throw this faux fur collar($144) over just about anything to seriously up the cute quotient. It's a great way to add a little vintage flair without going over the top. The gorgeous blue and green lining is there for your own pleasure (or a dramatic reveal), and the bow can... [More]


Askinosie Chocolate Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Bar

Gingerbread? Chocolate? A wrapper that comes with crayons and a fill-'er-in holiday scene? The Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Bar ($13) from Askinosie Chocolate is setting the bar pretty darn high. Never again will we be satisfied with munching on a Hershey's Kiss or settling for a Dove square. Bring us the... [More]

Holiday-Post Percale Comforter Cover

Holiday-Post Percale Comforter Cover

'Tis the season for festive bedding and decor around the house! Wake up with a case of the holiday sillies, bundled up under the Holiday-Post Percale Comforter Cover ($39-49, on sale). You'll love the vintage feel of this holiday bedding set.... [More]


Tuned-In Knit Hat

Product designers are ridding the world of tiny annoying problems one at a time so quickly that you you don't always even know you had a problem to begin with. Until we saw the Tuned-In Knit Hat ($28) with built-in earbuds, we didn't know we needed it. But now our... [More]


Big Hearts Wool-Silk Scarf

It may not be cashmere, but the Big Hearts Wool-Silk Scarf ($120) is still oh so soft and warm. The Danish-designed scarf would make for an excellent indulgent piece - after all, you should get yourself a holiday gift, too. Especially when you know your mom's getting you a new... [More]


Turquoise Tassel Earrings

These Turquoise Tassel Earrings ($98) give off a vaguely gelatinous marine invertebrate vibe. We looked closely, and we're pretty sure the dangly bits are just strings of beads and not stinging tentacles. If you can get over your fear of jellyfish (and we should all be fearful), these earrings are... [More]


Galaxy Brass Trivet

When you pull your successfully executed beef roast out of the oven, do its presentation some justice. A towel or felt trivet will do in a pinch, but placing your meal on the Galaxy Brass Trivet ($105) by Oji Masanori and Futagami should elicit a few oohs and ahhs from... [More]


Fresh Cedar Alphabet Wreath

Honestly, we were getting tired of families whose last names start with 'O' getting all the attention from wreath-makers. Now we can all finally monogram our doorways with our family's initial(s), thanks to Ballard Designs, makers of the Fresh Cedar Alphabet Wreath ($39).... [More]

Big Paw Bottle Opener

Big Paw Bottle Opener

We've found the perfect gift for your dog-lovin' guy! The Big Paw Bottle Opener ($15) is just the right gadget for the guy that has everything...including man's best friend.... [More]


Fiore Del Melo Pouch

Gift suggestion: use a colorful Fiore Del Melo Pouch ($21) as a gift bag that is also a gift. Throw in jewelry, candy, and other personal touches (like seashells or rocks) for a present that's fun to unpack and use down the line for whatever the recipient desires - from... [More]


Lena Corwin's Made By Hand

Making DIY gifts for the holidays is a win for everyone. Your friends and family get handy homemade goodies while you get an excuse to park your butt in front of the TV for hours and still feel productive. Lena Corwin's Made By Hand ($21) is packed with cool projects... [More]


skyn ICELAND Pure Cloud Cream

You know what happens when you get super stressed (thanks holidaysmothers-in-lawTPSreports!)? Your skin gets stressed, too. Keep a jar of skyn ICELAND's Pure Cloud Cream ($65) on hand for those intense weeks. It'll baby your skin, soothe it, and calm it into a nice blissful state of relaxation. We suggest... [More]


RunPhones Winter

Running in cold weather is both a blessing and a curse. It's far better than sweating buckets in sweltering heat, but the plummeting temps wreak havoc on your headphones. Use a fleece RunPhones headband ($40) when you're out and about during the winter. The band will keep your ears warm... [More]


Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry cleaning has come a long way from scrubbing your rock with a toothbrush. The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner ($70) uses soundwaves in water to remove dirt, makeup, and oils without damaging the piece's structure... that's a tad more advanced than bristles glued to a plastic stick. Works with regular tap... [More]


Hooray Sports Tank

Basketball, hockey, Quidditch...the rules are all the same: get the smaller ball/puck thing into the bigger goal thing and then celebrate with the players wearing the same colors as you. Sure, there are nuances, but if you don't want to take the time to learn them, then maybe sporting the... [More]


Parker Kate Embellished Dress

We briefly wondered if the Parker Kate Embellished Dress ($396) had been named after England's fair Duchess of Cambridge, but...nah. The royal couple may be a little less stuffy than their predecessors, but Kate still sports a somewhat conservative trendy style. This beaded and bedazzled slip dress would look more... [More]


A Man's Gift Guide to Men: The Artsy Male

Sun Tzu summed up gift-giving best when he said, "Know your enemy." But how are you supposed to know what secrets lurk in the dark alleyways of the male psyche? Read our Man's Gift Guide to Men. Thankfully Outblush found one such male and took it back to the lab,... [More]


Rodial Glamstick Set

The best part about the holidays? All of our favorite beauty brands start releasing cost-effective kits and sets. They group together some of their beloved products and slash the prices. Stock up, and start with Rodial's Glamstick Set ($32). Glamsticks are uber-moisturizing lip butters that boast long-lasting colors and a... [More]


Dolfin Carnet de Voyage Minibar Set

If we can't travel the world in the flesh, we suppose this Dolfin Carnet de Voyage Minibar Set ($12) lets us do it in the next best way imaginable: by gorging ourselves on chocolate. Each of these six snack-sized bars is spiked with exotic flavors from around the globe. Let... [More]


Ali Golden Reversible Bag

So often when accessories are labeled as reversible, it's a no-brainer as to which side is going to get more love. With Ali Golden's tote bags ($185), however, it's a harder decision. How do you choose between the raw, textural beauty of waxed cotton canvas and classic navy and white... [More]


em Waterliner

We've always relied on our trusty eyeliners to help us darken the inner area on our bottom lash line, or the waterline. It rarely stays, so we thought we'd give em's Waterliner ($20) a shot. Honestly, you can use it just like you would a regular eyeliner, but when you... [More]



Counting those calories? Well, one slather of spreadable goodness is not equal to another. Make sure you're not adding unneeded heft to that bagel or sandwich (or skimping out on a few ounces of well-earned splurging) by using Scoop ($7). This clever gadget works as a measuring spoon, then folds... [More]


Faux Fur Mini Skirt

We've seen it mostly on vests, but also on jackets, scarves, hats, and a few mittens. This might be the first time we've seen faux fur on a skirt - or rather, as a miniskirt ($50). This winter, borrow your style from the polar bears - the minimalist white fur... [More]


Adriano Goldschmied Velvet Legging

Our house is already covered in velvet paintings from thrift stores (friends call it "full of personality" and "interesting"), so now we need to move onto the next palette: our bodies. These midnight blue velvet leggings ($188) go perfectly with the cluster of solar system and night sky velvet paintings... [More]


B. TeePee Tent

Okay, it's official. We're gonna name the B. toys B. TeePee Tent ($40) the best children's gift of the season. Why? Because as soon as your kiddo spies the tent under the tree, she'll want to spend all of her free time lounging under the shinning moon and stars light... [More]