Llama Del Rey T-Shirt

Sorry about that coffee you just snorted out of your nose all over your keyboard. We really should've warned you how ridiculous this Llama Del Rey T-Shirt ($29) is, but what fun would that be?... [More]


Purrfectly Honest Print

... wow, the Purrfectly Honest Print ($33) really voices that deep dark fear that we've been trying to silence (but can't because we know it's true).... [More]


Evercut Furtif Kitchen Knife

You want your knife to be pointy...but you also want it to be edgy. This Evercut Furtif Kitchen Knife ($125) has it all - a sharp stainless steel blade, and an even sharper modern design!... [More]



There are uniforms for work and school, but what about a party uniform? We nominate these borrowed-from-the-'80s PARTYSKIRTS ($195). They're jewel-toned silk taffeta confections of joy and if you own one, you'll never have to fret about what to wear to a party again.... [More]



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Tim Ryan Fine Fringed Knit Skirt

Do not buy this if you own cats. It's hardly their fault; who could resist the tiers of satin fringe on this Tim Ryan creation ($1000)? If we ever get this skirt into our grubby hands, we'd spend the entire day running our hands through it, no doubt about it.... [More]


Anki DRIVE Starter Kit

As it turns out, the next evolution of video games is heading back into the real world. Anki DRIVE ($200) is - no joke - a car racing game with video game weapons and AI drivers! So, you're sitting there, controlling your little car, and then another little car driven... [More]


Dirndl Love Cat Bow

The first thing you must do is view this bow tie as worn by a cat. Then we can get on to the text (if you still care): Did you love Oktoberfest and the beer steins, pretzels, and edelweiss that come along with it? Do you want to share the... [More]


Mondial Lus Classic Italian Pushpins

These pushpins ($5) are obviously better than other pushpins, because they are made in Italy. Not only will they brighten up the room, they also come in this beautifully designed and colorful box so you won't have to fumble around with one of those clear plastic cases that your normal... [More]


Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

Nothing says classy like eighteenth-century illustrations of dead flora and fauna, which is why we think this Cabinet of Natural Curiosities ($40) is possibly the world's most perfect coffee table book. Set it out and watch as your house guests browse delicately rendered fish skeletons and creepy bugs. It's the... [More]

Jewel SM.jpg

Vince Camuto Jeweled Necklace

We aren't waiting until Halloween to start wearing costume jewelry; we want the glitz and glamor of a pageant girl all year long. This necklace ($125) is so sparkly, you'll look like you belong on stage.... [More]


Heart of Gold Metallic Plush

OMG, we've been searching for this! We've been to Hollywood, we've been to Redwood - we even crossed the ocean for a Heart of Gold Metallic Plush ($41)! ...and we're getting old.... [More]


Memoir Diary Clutch

Keep your sleuthing close with this fierce clutch ($90). It's big enough for your trusty diary (or trusty if small tablet), so you can keep your Harriet the Spy observations with you at all times, but professional enough not to arouse any suspicions. You could be carrying a notebook full... [More]

Spike SM.jpg

Nour Hammour Studhead Leather Hoodie

The Nour Hammour Studhead Leather Hoodie ($1,995) is bad to the bone. The hood is removable, but we have no idea why. We'll need it to protect our hair when we're cruisin' around town on our motorcycles, smoking cigarettes, and listening to loud music.... [More]


Chinoiserie Placemats

These pretty-in-pink Chinoiserie Placemats ($30) from Plat Du Jour aren't what they seem. They're made from a glossy paper and come fifty per pad. That's right, they're disposable! You can instantly add class and color to your mealtime without the hassle of washing and ironing fabric mats. We love the... [More]


Squirrel Tissue Dispenser

We always envied Snow White's mind control over special connection with the woodland creatures - the way they'd sing with her, and help her find her way. But we never imagined their helpfulness extended to... the bathroom. We like the concept of animals helping us everywhere we go, but we'd... [More]


Maison Scotch You Are Like Printed Tee

You be the judge: is this Maison Scotch tee ($49) super sweet or super creepy? Is it Twilight levels of stalkerish or can you wear this and not freak people out? We're leaning towards the former...but we sure do love the hand-drawn type!... [More]



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Scrabble Fridge Tile Magnets

Those poetry magnets are for people who can't spell! Take your creativity to the next level with these Scrabble Fridge Tile Magnets ($11)! See if you can get the K on the Triple Letter Score (the stain near the handle).... [More]

Yellow SM.jpg

Silk Satin High Heel Court Shoe

This Silk Satin High Heel Court Shoe ($100) has a luxurious satin bow, exquisite silk, and a stunning shape. The only thing that would make it better is if Zara had chosen a normal color. How many times can we wear mustard shoes before people start to notice?... [More]


Vs. Journal

If you're the type that likes to ask who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman* then this Vs. Journal ($17) is just for you! What looks like a quick joke book is actually a fun psychology exercise, getting you to think critically on the merits of two... [More]


Glass Cluster Ring

The little bubbles on this ring ($42) look like they're made of crystallized sugar, but this is no Ring Pop and that's not rock candy. This unique piece of jewelry is actually made using a glassblowing technique involving a blowtorch, so try to remember not to lick it.... [More]


Comfort-U Body Pillow

Kitten pile for one? We all get lonely sometimes, and while money can't buy love, it can buy the Comfort-U Body Pillow ($100), which is made from synthetic love!... [More]


Ice Cream Mirror

When you hang the Ice Cream Mirror ($317) by Bride & Wolfe in your home, you'll find that taking a peek at your reflection will always be a treat. What a great way to give your self-esteem a little boost! (Warning: it may also make you crave a few spoonfuls... [More]


Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit

They never got around to making that snow globe for Albuquerque, did they*? No worries, because you can do it yourself with the Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit ($28). Finally natives of Death Valley, the Atacama Desert, and the Australian Outback can join in the fun, too! * Did... [More]


Day of the Dead Iron-On Transfer Patterns

You know what that throw pillow's missing? An elaborately decorated sugar skull. And you know what would look great on that shirt? An elaborately decorated sugar skull. What would jazz up this tablecloth? Hmm, my instinct is saying an elaborately decorated sugar skull. If we could, we'd put sugar skulls... [More]


Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Blush

Physicians Formula isn't beating around the bush with their Sexy Booster Blush ($9, on sale). If the fishnet-patterned packaging and pressed powder featuring a stiletto doesn't give it away, that name sure does. Brushing on the blush will give you an instant boost of sexiness. While you're doing up your... [More]


Cooper & Ella Forest Print Button-Up Blouse

We're totally comfortable with hugging trees when they've got all their leaves on them, but we're not so sure about the ones on this Cooper & Ella print blouse ($125). It's too easy to imagine those branches as long spindly arms, and we'd rather the trees not hug us back.... [More]



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Kate Spade Cat Mask

You always intend to start brainstorming Halloween costume ideas early, and then the last week of October hits and you find yourself still racking your brain while time runs out. We've been there, too. Skip difficult-to-execute-in-a-crunch costumes and find your favorite LBD to wear with the glittery Cat Mask ($12)... [More]


Chocolate Lover Tote Bag

The confession (or bragging right) emblazoned on this tote ($26) isn't going to be new information to anybody who knows you even a little bit. We know you can't help it, but it's hard to be subtle about this amazing ability of yours when your head involuntarily pops up like... [More]


Native Union MONOCLE Speaker

The MONOCLE ($49) is a speakerphone and handset, yes, but it's also a portable speaker you can carry around with you anywhere. Although it's a little small to hoist up on your shoulder like a boombox, you can use that nylon cord to strap it to your bag or backpack.... [More]


Chinese Takeout Box Candle Holders

"Yes, I'd like some romance... but to go, please." These Chinese Takeout Box Candle Holders ($8) keep the atmospheric lighting warm until you get home. Perfect for turning takeout night into a dazzling evening by candlelight.... [More]


SOREL Tofino Boot

Pfft, winter! We're ready and outfooted (ha!) with SOREL's Tofino Boot ($150). These guys aren't winning any sexy points, but we won't be wearing them with our favorite LBDs anyway. They're strictly for battling snowdrifts and icy sidewalks. The boots are lined with fleece and faux fur, sport a thick... [More]


Silk Cashmere Maxi Skirt

Channel your inner New York gallery girl with this Silk Cashmere Maxi Skirt ($225). Flowy and black, it's the de facto uniform for art world types. They'll wear this all year long - even in a humid east coast summer - to keep up appearances, but we understand if you... [More]


Black Embroidered Cat Sweater

Are you looking for a black cat for Halloween? Look no further - we've found an embroidered cat sweater ($25) for you. Not that we're superstitious or anything, but please look where you're stepping when wearing it, and maybe no gambling or cliff jumping either.... [More]


The Library: A World History

Who needs TV when you can stare into the pages of The Library: A World History ($48) and be whisked away to some of the most beautiful places in the world? Written by James W. P. Campbell and photographed by Will Pryce, the beautiful hardcover book is a bibliophile's dream... [More]


Ivory Whale Soap Dish

That Moby Dick's sure got a dirty mouth. Teach him a lesson and make him eat soap. Ivory Whale Soap Dish ($7)... [More]


Stendig Wall Calendar

How would you like to have a museum artifact in your home for less than $50? The Stendig Wall Calendar ($36), created by famed designer Massimo Vignelli in 1966, is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Unlike a one-of-a kind Picasso, however, these... [More]


Great Rose XL Wooden Clutch

We've read about wooden clutches in the history books, but we'd never thought we'd see one! The Great Rose XL Wooden Clutch ($680) is hand-carved from Brazilian rosewood, named for its sweet fragrance - so this bag looks, feels, and smells great! (Not very tasty, though, to be honest...)... [More]


Monsters Postcard Set

When you want to send a postcard but don't have any trips planned, you might as well go all out for your imaginary journey. Send your friends something from this Monsters Postcard Set ($14) and write about the difficulties of tracking Bigfoot, the mountains you had to traverse, the extreme... [More]


Brigitte Bailey Heart Sweater

We're told we should never wear our hearts on our sleeves, but what about wearing our hearts over our... erm... hearts? Brigitte Bailey Heart Sweater ($69)... [More]


OXO Mango Pitter

Why is the sweet, delicious mango meat also so impossible to separate from the pit? Well, the joke's on you, Mother Nature, because the OXO Mango Pitter ($15) takes care of the problem and saves us precious time for enjoying our snack!... [More]


Design Glut Needle & Thread Necklace

We've always been envious of our friends with mad seamstress skills. They'll show up to brunch all decked out in an adorable skirt and accept our compliments with a humble, "oh thanks, I just made it last night." We're in awe, and this Needle & Thread Necklace ($49) seems like... [More]


Ryder Fish Striped Dress

This simple striped knit dress ($144) is greatly enhanced by the presence of fish. And not just any fish, but masterfully illustrated and accurately shaded fish with tons of personality. Until this moment we thought fish motifs should maybe be left to the fisherman (just like camo and bucks should... [More]


Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box

"What did you get for Christmas?... Another kitchen appliance?... Me? I got a piece of property in Scotland and you must now address me as Lady!" With the Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box ($25) you can legally purchase a parcel of land attached to Dunans Castle in Scotland... [More]

Girl SM.jpg

Elisabetta Franchi Pump

This Elisabetta Franchi Pump ($317) has a cutesy, preppy look we love. Yes, we own pearls, polos, and tennis rackets. Yes, we only take them out for theme parties, but Halloween is coming, so we might as well be prepared.... [More]


Elephant Watering Can

It was between this cute little elephant, and this significantly less cute long-nosed monkey. We think the designers of the Elephant Watering Can ($3) made the right choice.... [More]


Incoco Fright Night Nail Appliqués

We love the new peel-and-paint nail trends and recently had an opportunity to try out a new brand, Incoco. They have a great assortment of patterns that are perfect for creating adorable Halloween-inspired nails, such as their Fright Night Nail Appliqués ($9). The peel-and-paint is great for ladies on the... [More]


Blooming Bath

Not to be confused with a Blooming Onion, the Blooming Bath ($42) is a plush, cuddly alternative to plastic tubs. Plop it in the sink, clean the stink off Junior, then throw the bath in the dryer for fifteen minutes.... [More]


Bride & Wolfe Heart Shelf

Keep the treasures and trinkets you hold in a special place in your heart in a special heart shelf that you place on your wall. Bride & Wolfe Heart Shelf ($256)... [More]


Rae Dunn Baguette Tray & Olive Bowl

Bread is awesome, and we're not sure there's a more delicious form of it than a fresh, hot Parisian-style baguette. It's a food that totally deserves its own special way of being served up. This Rae Dunn Baguette Tray & Olive Bowl ($52) does the job for both the loaf... [More]


Talk Radio Desk Lamp

And now the latest addition to our WTF category... take two outdated machines and put them together to make a third, still current machine! The Talk Radio Desk Lamp ($425) may be a Frankenstein's monster of old technology, but if you teach it our modern ways, it'll fit right in... [More]


Hidden Message Necklace

Think Twitter forces you to make your message succinct? One hundred and forty characters is downright luxurious compared to what you can squeeze into one of these Hidden Message Necklaces ($135 - $485). This clever accessory looks striking when hanging naturally around your neck, but hits a new level of... [More]


Jolby Evergreen Canvas Zip Wallet

They said there was supposed to be a forest on this wallet, but all we see are trees... Jolby Evergreen Canvas Zip Wallet ($28)... [More]


Joie Chione Feather Print Tank Dress

These aren't raven feathers, but in the spirit of Halloween, let's pretend they are. We like the idea of dressing up and hitting the party circuit in a subtle nod to Edgar Allan Poe's creepy classic. When the holiday has passed, this loosely cut and chic tank dress ($179, on... [More]


Pirate Skull Door Knocker

Combining skulls, pirates, and polite doorway etiquette, the Pirate Skull Door Knocker ($25) is the decoration we've been looking for! ... Er, Halloween decoration, we meant... And if after Halloween we "forget" to take it down for six or seven months, oh well...... [More]


Doubtblush: Blu Moon Cleo Tie Dye Wrap Dress

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The whole "haute hippie" expensive... [More]


Olivia Burton Woodland Hummingbird Motif Watch

A hummingbird's heart beats up to 1260 times a minute, while their wings flap up to 80 times a second. You won't be confirming those rates with this gold-banded watch ($100) (unless you have superpowers) but perhaps the lovely hummingbird illustration will remind you of how much one tiny creature... [More]


The Stella Dress

The Stella Dress ($88) is made specifically for moms and playdates (you can tell from the backpack of tissues the model is carrying), but we think this maxi is great for anybody who's got a busy schedule with lots of moving around to do. It's stretchy enough for jumping jacks,... [More]


Poor Man's Kitchen Simple Syrups

While you're busy stocking up on liquors and cordials for the holiday season, make sure you nab a few bottles of simple syrup ($18-20 each), too. Poor Man's Kitchen uses natural ingredients to make a ton of fun flavors, like root beer concentrate, vanilla almond grenadine, and pumpkin spice syrup.... [More]


thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle

What makes the Insulated Sports Bottle ($20) from thinksport different from every other sport bottle on the market? Probably the bottle's double-walled, medical-grade stainless steel construction. The tough-stuff bottle is BPA- and epoxy-free so you get to enjoy your water without any potentially harmful side effects. It'll keep your H2O... [More]


Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna Folding Herb Chopper

We felt very Martha Stewart* when we first used a mezzaluna to chop up herbs at our friend's apartment. It was effective and we didn't fear for our fingertips like we usually do when wielding a knife. When we came across Joseph Joseph's folding mezzaluna ($15), we knew it was... [More]


Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers

Jonathan Adler has been crafting whimsical home decor for ages, and each time we scroll through his cutesy woodland creature lamps and jungle animal throw pillows, we feel our disappointment rise...until now! Finally, the Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers ($48) will satisfy our need to add the horned horses to... [More]


3D Clue Luxury Edition

Wow, when did Clue get so deep? The 3D Clue Luxury Edition ($200) gives the staple board game a classy upgrade befitting of Mr. Boddy's mansion. The sunken, three-dimensional rooms really immerse you in the game - you'll swear Professor Plum is really coming at you with a candlestick!... [More]


Kikkerland Sliced Grandfather Clock

If we had all the time in the world, we wouldn't need the Kikkerland Sliced Grandfather Clock ($42), but with this workaday lifestyle we need to make the most out of the time we have! (Yes it's a wall mount! That would be dumb!)... [More]


Do Not Move This Pillow

Want a subtle way to give your houseguests a personality test? Stick the Do Not Move Pillow ($18) in an inconvenient spot on your couch and see what happens. It'll quickly separate the devil-may-care rulebreakers from the awkward conformists.... [More]


Homemade Vanilla Extract Infusion Kit

Everything is better when homemade. That goes even for brownie mixes where all you have to do is add an egg and throw the mess in the oven, so we figure it probably works for this Homemade Vanilla Extract Infusion Kit ($12). By "infusion kit", it turns out the makers... [More]


Piper Strand Hadley Earrings

If these Piper Strand Hadley Earrings ($65) were made from real diamonds and sapphires, we daresay Princess Shinylocks (Kate Middleton) would snap them up as the perfect earrings to match her famous engagement ring. Then, she'd wear them with a bespoke McQueen evening gown and a few strands of multi-carat... [More]


Compass Cufflinks

No, these Compass Cufflinks ($20) won't mean that your French-cuff-wearing significant other stops getting lost on his way home from the convenience store. They will, however, make for an affordable and adorable stocking stuffer for your hapless honey. Pair them with a GPS he'll insist he doesn't need to use.... [More]


Appliqué Quilted Dress

First of all, a quilted item of clothing doesn't sound all that fierce, we know. Usually it isn't. But make that quilted material black, structure it into a fitted bodice, and add some faux leather appliqués, and suddenly you've got a sharp and chic minidress ($80), ready to pair with... [More]


Viewfinder Frame

Had you found the perfect viewpoint with your hands before taking the picture, the Viewfinder Frame ($30) wouldn't be necessary... but those stylized hands do add a little something, don't they?... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Divvies Bag O' Bats

Save the Milk Duds and the Nerds candies for trick-or-treaters and give your favorite kiddos something with a little more pizzazz. We recommend Divvies Bag O' Bats ($5). The artisan chocolates are crafted from allergen-free ingredients and packaged as duos in cellophane bags. Make sure you grab an extra bag... [More]


Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

In the days of our youth, we often combined classic arcade games with cookies. After all, what complements an eight-hour Space Invaders marathon quite like a plate full of oatmeal raisin goodness? That's why we think these Pac-Man Cookie Cutters ($21) are highly appropriate. Let chocolate chip baked goods in... [More]


Imperial Crown Ring

While it may be a little uncouth to don a queen's crown while you go about your daily routine, you can get away with wearing Betsey Johnson's Imperial Crown Ring ($55). The purdy pink crown befits both royalty and the average, everyday gal who wants to occasionally look a little... [More]


Pink Romance Glitteratti Mix Eye Appliques

Forget standing in front of the bathroom mirror for forty minutes while trying to achieve a glam nightclub eye. With Pink Romance Glitteratti Mix Eye Appliques ($10) and small amount of work (along with some water, scissors, and a Q-tip) you'll find yourself rocking long-lasting pink-to-purple ombre glitter on your... [More]


Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist

At first, we thought this Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist ($12) actually smelled like cheese. We weren't actually sure that Eau de Limburger would be an improvement over those other unsavory aromas. Thankfully, this vintage-styled mist is much more nicely fragranced, with lavender and moss.... [More]


Clear Acrylic Trunk

It's what's on the inside that counts with this Clear Acrylic Trunk ($940), which means you probably can't use it to store the dog food. But what this piece sacrifices in terms of conveniently hiding ugly household necessities, it more than makes up for with its ghostly chic look.... [More]


Cole Haan Sophie Bootie

In an alternate universe - the one in which we make good life choices by pleasing our mothers and going off to law school - you'd most definitely see us stepping out in Cole Haan's Sophie Bootie ($478). But alas, we wanted to be writers, so here we are -... [More]


LET IT GO Wall Banner

Whatever "it" is, let it go. Your mother-in-law sent you a link to a sale on diet pills? Let it go. Your boss informed you that he's not letting anyone take time off over Christmas so he can take a three-week vacation in Aruba? Let it go. That Ed Hardy-clad... [More]


Dungeon Keytag

Various Projects makes a plethora of these great keytags, each one sporting a descriptive word or two, like liquor cabinet, new boyfriend, unknown, and adventure. Our absolute favorite, however, is the dungeon tag ($15). We don't have a dungeon, per se, but that doesn't mean we don't wish we did,... [More]


Alice Hannah Bow & Bead Detail Gloves

Oh, is somebody competing in the winter queen pageant? These embellished Alice Hannah gloves ($29) will go perfectly with your white faux fur shrug and your silver shoes (not to mention that tiara you're going to win). Make sure that when you wave, you do it slowly enough so that... [More]


Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo

We've reviewed a lot of hair and skincare products that are all natural, organic, vegan, and/or dye-free, but if you're looking for something that's even more gentle, check out Philip Kingsley's No Scent No Colour Shampoo ($25). It's formulated to be as delicate as it can possibly be, making it... [More]


Tumi Luggage Tag Box Set

We'd never admit to feeling old, but we've reached the point where our friends are already established enough that they don't need a decent knife set or a Dutch oven when they get married. In addition to dumping some cash in their HoneyFund, we've taken to also gifting this sweet... [More]


Ilse Jacobson Felt Rainboot

We're always on the lookout for stylish, waterproof boots, and this Ilse Jacobson pair ($269) fits the bill. Contrast, as we all know, is a powerful fashion ingredient and with these boots your feet will be ready for mud while your ankles will feel like they're wrapped in a blanket.... [More]


Barbed Wire Earrings

Nothing is more badass than sticking a few pieces of barbed wire into your earlobes and calling it fashion, but if you prefer a painless (and tetanus-free) facsimile of badass, you can clip on the Barbed Wire Earrings ($220) by Rodarte. The gold plating may give you away, but it's... [More]


Venetian Mask Necklace

Did you know that Venetian masks are actually used for more than just creepy rich-people orgies? It's true! They also come in lots of different styles - some of them even have normal-sized noses! This Venetian Mask Necklace ($120) celebrates the prettier side of the masks that you don't usually... [More]


Carolinna Espinosa Sylvie Pump

The eye-catching Carolinna Espinosa Sylvie Pump ($255) may not be a practical heel for those of you facing an oncoming winter full of ice and snow, but that doesn't make it any less desirable. The heeled slingback has a loafer-esque upper in a black and white chevron fabric, and it's... [More]


Flamingo Tea Set

Sometimes, a thing goes so far over the top of kitsch, it becomes downright irresistible. Think velvet Elvis paintings and sky-high floral print wedges. This Flamingo Tea Set ($30) sits solidly in the same category, so delightfully silly we'd find a reason to use it even if we couldn't stand... [More]


Orice Sofa

Who says staying home on the couch is boring!? The Orice Sofa ($3,500) is retribution for all those times you went to a museum and were told not to touch the art.... [More]


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Much like a good man or woman, a good primer is hard to find. Needless to say, we were skeptical about the "weightless" claims of the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($52). But as soon as we applied it, it blended seamlessly into our skin and helped to provide a smooth,... [More]


Bird Shaped Lemon Juicer

Cute animals... kitchenware to save us time... applied physics... The Bird Shaped Lemon Juicer ($7) has everything an Outblush girl could want!... [More]


RydeSafe Nautical Reflective Bike Decals Kit

It's getting darker earlier every night, which means those of us biking for our commute need to exercise a little extra caution. But who says you can't do that in a fun way? Adding these RydeSafe Nautical Reflective Bike Decals ($10) to your ride helps make you more visible to... [More]


Sterling Silver Mood Ring

Love the concept of mood rings but hate that they usually come in cardboard display boxes at drug store checkouts, the stone ensconced in the belly of a turtle or penguin or the center of the sun? No worries, we found this sterling silver mood ring ($30), so you can... [More]


Free People Over The Knee Socks

You just bought a kick-ass new pair of boots, so draw as much attention to them as you can by wearing them with the Over The Knee Socks ($24) from Free People. The sock length is perfect; scrunch 'em down a little if you're wearing them with calf-height boots and... [More]


Eat Local 2014 Calendar

Make this coming year one for eating well while giving back to your local community. This Eat Local 2014 Calendar ($30) is full of appetizing illustrations of yummy seasonal produce, intended to motivate you to skip that extra serving of chicken nuggets and help yourself to some delicious local veggies... [More]


10W NanoLeaf Lightbulb

The 10W NanoLeaf Lightbulb ($35, preorder) looks different from other lightbulbs for a good reason: it's a cost-effective and energy-efficient counterpart to everything else on the market. At just ten watts, the bulb will emit the same light as a 75W bulb, and it can last for up to thirty... [More]


MZ Wallace Baby Jane Bag

We're sending wistful glances towards the Baby Jane Bag in Currant Bedford ($345). The deep berry color sets it apart from all of the neutral browns and blacks we've been eyeing, and the medium-sized body will perfectly accommodate our daily clutter. This one's getting bookmarked as we cross our fingers... [More]


astrid & miyu All Eyes On Me Earrings

Finally, earrings that will go with every single party outfit we own! The astrid & miyu* cascading All Eyes On Me Earrings ($112, shipping from the UK) are just the things to elevate our holiday party ensembles from pretty to pizzazz-y. They're a little heavy, but sore earlobes are a... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Pie Coffee

Cut out the calorie-saturated middleman and opt to sip on a cuppa Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Pie Coffee ($7) instead of a dairy-based latte. You'll save a bunch of cash and still get to savor the pumpkin flavor you've been craving. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting... [More]


Aqua Plaid Blazer

Cher Horowitz would, like, totally approve of this Aqua plaid blazer ($83 on sale), and sometimes, Clueless is all the fashion justification you need for a purchase. As IF!... [More]


Rocking Alligator

Rocking horses are so yesteryear! Put your kiddo on the Rocking Alligator ($80) from Plain Toys and watch her wrangle the wooden gator as her imagination works overtime. It'll add plenty of color and whimsy to her room decor when she's not using it to ride forth into the swampland... [More]


FEZ Body Serum

Wishing you were anywhere other than your apartment with its leaky faucet and busted heat vents? We can't put you on a plane to paradise, but we can point you in the direction of the moisture-rich FEZ Body Serum ($98) from Kahina Giving Beauty. Named for the Moroccan city and... [More]


Magical Thinking Geo Shelf

Your stuff is just going to end up in a random chaotic pile anyway - why not get a shelf that does it on purpose! The Magical Thinking Geo Shelf ($89) both holds your stuff and makes a mess of it so you don't have to!... [More]


Reformation Zebra Dress

You don't need to wear a mini to reach the max heights of babedom. The Zebra Dress ($218) is a va-va-voom gown if ever we saw one, a study in contrasts complete with an open back that peeks round to the front just ever so slightly - like a wink... [More]


PigChum USB Hub

Feel like your coworkers are getting by on your hard work? The PigChum USB Hub ($33) is a perfect metaphor, then (until they invent a Leech USB Hub). This momma pig micro SD reader comes with 3 baby TF readers - so cute at that age!... [More]


Scoop - Stab - Spread

Fork, knife, spoon...our typical cutlery choices are darned uncreative. This Scoop - Stab - Spread ($58) appetizer set puts them to shame, with a range of innovative and practical tools that do a dandy job getting tasty things into your mouth.... [More]


Wearable Wood Clutch

Everybody on the block wearing Coach or Prada? Don't let that get you down. If you want a handbag that will continue to knock the socks off of your well-accessorized neighbors, pick up this Wearable Wood Clutch ($613). Handmade from rare emboya wood, this exotic piece features a striking geometric... [More]


Obiqo Refreshing Body Wash with Marine Extracts and Sea Lavender

Lavender body wash reminds us of one thing: having to take a shower at Grandma's house. But Sea Lavender? We'll try anything once, and so we did. Obiqo Refreshing Body Wash with Marine Extracts and Sea Lavender ($15 on sale), an import from New Zealand, is a crisp, clean-smelling soap... [More]


Owen Zip Pocket Hobo

It's impossible to not love a good hobo bag. Their depths are endless and their pockets are plentiful. And when you get a dream bag like the Owen Zip Pocket Hobo ($239, on sale) from Kooba on a deep discount, you practically have to do a happy dance. (After you... [More]


Coolness Graphed

Things to release at a wedding... very cool: butterflies... uncool: prisoners. Combining wordplay and bar graphs, Coolness Graphed ($12) by RC Jones is a blog-turned-book that's easy to read and easier to love.... [More]


Cavallini & Co. Vintage Maps Stickers

You know what that steamer trunk you're using for a coffee table is missing? These Cavallini & Co. Vintage Maps Stickers ($15), clearly. They'll help make it look like a truly well-traveled thrift store find instead of something you picked up at Walmart.... [More]


Modern Classic Thermal Carafe

Typical pitchers fall sadly short when you're looking to stop that iced coffee from turning into a watered-down mess or keep a perfect pot of tea piping hot. That's why we're digging this Modern Classic Thermal Carafe ($36). It insulates your beverages, keeping them the temperature you want for longer,... [More]


Pour La Victoire Shae Boots

Hello - is it a pair of perfect leather riding boots you're looking for? We can see it in your eyes: these Pour La Victoire beauties ($450) are all you've ever wanted. Perhaps we're projecting, but when you start to think that this amount of money for a pair of... [More]


Tom Ford Beauty Bronzing Powder

Keep your summer glow (or at least, the illusion of it) going strong for as long as you can. Tom Ford Beauty's Bronzing Powder ($95) will add a light, shimmery color to your jawline, cheeks, and collarbones. The hue is subtle, so you'll end up with a natural, healthy look.... [More]


Harry Josh Pro Dryer #

This Harry Josh Pro ($300) is a three hundred dollar hair dryer?!? Do you know what we could do with that money? We could get a killer new pair of winter boots! We could buy a plane ticket to surprise a friend! We could finally afford Justin Timberlake concert tickets!... [More]


Jane Austen Blend Tea

No one could turn an innocent cup of tea into a prelude to passionate romance quite like Jane Austen, which is why we love the notion of the mistress of Regency love having her very own blend ($8). This custom blend from British tea makers Gillards of Bath is inspired... [More]


Baby Owl Hat

You carried them for nine long, awkward months, put your body through a living hell giving birth to them, and then let them keep you up at night for months on end. The least they can do to make up for it is look goshdarned adorable. Put this Baby Owl... [More]


Blank Wall Clock

Time is truly on your side if you've got this Blank Wall Clock ($167) telling you the hour. You're free to scribble whatever indicators you like on its dry-erase backing for the times of day that matter. Instead of boring old numerals, how about snacks? We'd much rather know that... [More]


Flavors of Fall Truffles

Expand your fall flavor profile from pumpkin to include the Flavors of Fall Truffles ($14, 6 piece) from Moonstruck Chocolate Company. Each truffle is a combo of rich earthy flavors covered in yummy chocolate. If you can't give up your love for pumpkin, you can start with the pumpkin pie... [More]


Kelly Wearstler Carlton Cuff

Cupcake sprinkles in bracelet form! This Kelly Wearstler cuff ($325) brings the party with its colorful sparkles and jazzy cut-outs. If you're feeling low on energy, we bet you'll feel better as soon as you put this on.... [More]


Bear Puncher Baby Onesie

You're six months old and still wearing clothes with flowers and cartoon animals on them? Geez, grow up, kid! The Bear Puncher Baby Onesie ($18) has a machismo that's sure to put some hair on that chest!... [More]


Enamel Wall Sconces

We would be hard-pressed to choose just one or two of these Enamel Wall Sconces ($60) from onefortythree. After seeing them affixed to the wall all together, we're convinced we need to collect all six colors and create a rainbow with them. Who needs art prints when you can create... [More]


Hario Chaor 4-Cup Tea Maker

Tea: it's the cure for what ails you. Having a sluggish morning? Try some Ceylon. Need a little help getting to sleep? Chamomile will cure what ails you. And of course, if you want to channel your inner Captain Picard, there's always Earl Grey, hot. All of the above will... [More]


Small Tajine Basket

Use this pom-pom-adorned handmade tajine basket ($13) for your whozits and whatzits galore. It's sure to brighten up any room and best of all, remind you of delicious Moroccan stew. But wicker doesn't pair well with ovens, so get a real ceramic tajine if you want to get cooking.... [More]


Cat Hair Shirt

If you've got kitties, you're going to end up with a whole lot of extra fuzz on a better part of your wardrobe. Even if you manage to resist cuddling them before you head out the door, that fur is going to find its way onto your ensemble. Embrace the... [More]


Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara

Despite its name, volume isn't exactly what we got from the Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara ($26). Instead of turning our lashes into a thick clump of indistinguishable hairs, this mascara is great at defining individual lashes for a pair of peepers that even Twiggy might be jealous... [More]


Black Fire Compression Arm Sleeve

The concept behind the Black Fire Compression Arm Sleeve ($10) is that wearing something really, really tight will improve your circulation... If you say so, scientists. Still, athletes claim it actually improves their performance in sports and exercise, and there's nothing wrong with the fire design. (NOT sold in pairs.)... [More]

Va SM.jpg

Sasha Suede and Leather Peeptoe Shooties

Va va voom! These Sasha Suede and Leather Peeptoe Shooties ($130) have a deep Bordeaux color, a skinny heel, and splash of leather; the ad copy got it right when it said these shoes are fiercely fabulous.... [More]


Dog Walker Mug

One pooch not quite enough? Just imagine how much fun you'd have at the helm of a batch like the one illustrated on this Dog Walker Mug ($15). You'd just have to get yourself a whole lot of treats and a sturdy multi-dog leash to handle all of them.... [More]


Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip Cream

Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip Cream ($49) helps reduce the lines around your eyes and your lips, softening the skin and keeping it hydrated and looking youthful.... [More]


Maje Flash David Bowie-Print Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt

Pretty much every girl (and every other guy) we know has gone as Ziggy Stardust for Halloween at some point. It's fun, loud, and easy to put together - crazy lightning bolt makeup and all the neon spandex, shine, and sequins you can find. Pay tribute to Mister Bowie year-round... [More]


Ring My Neck Lovebird

Pregnancy, bloating, or that extra slice of cheesecake have your fingers feeling fat? You can still keep the symbol of your lifelong commitment handy with The Lovebird ($99). This clever design transforms your wedding or engagement ring into a charming necklace. And once your fingers have returned to their usual... [More]


Y'all Sweatshirt

There's a lot of debate on how to properly use "y'all" versus "y'alls" versus "all y'all", at least for people who didn't grow up in the South. You can find entire internet message boards about the distinctions, but we'll keep away from that and just focus on the inherent charm... [More]


Jouer Hydrating Lipstick

Glide on a shimmery coat of Jouer's Hydrating Lipstick ($22) to add effortless color to your pucker. The simply formulated lipstick comes in twenty-one shades, all designed to moisturize your lips each time you use them. We suggest trying a plum; it's the must-have shade of the fall season.... [More]


Silk Dot Nightshirt

Say goodbye to oversize tees and camisoles: it's the time of the year to invest in a perfect silk nightshirt ($65). We think this polka dot one fits the bill perfectly - plus, you might be able to get away with wearing it during the day as well.... [More]


Dransfield & Ross Laundry Totes

Who thought it was possible to make laundry chic? These Dransfield & Ross Laundry Totes ($80 each) are hampers we'd be happy to show off. Each one is labeled with the type of washing your clothing requires, making it that much more likely you'll actually take those delicates to the... [More]


The Fashionable Cocktail

Just like the fashion industry, the cocktail industry has its trends. Are you up-to-date with the latest of booze-filled concoctions? Jane Rocca's The Fashionable Cocktail: 200 Fabulous Drinks for the Fashion Set ($15) will keep you informed and tispy. She's got darling illustrations to go with her cocktail recipes, and... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? October 25, 2013

You may have heard that monochrome ensembles are in. And they are - but the bulk of the monochrome trend we've seen has involved black, grey, and white. Borrrringg. You can put together a monochrome outfit in any hue, and in this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? we... [More]



We've found the perfect way to store your Halloween costume: use Raven ($48) in its clothes hanger guise to give even your closet a nice touch of spookiness. Or if you'd rather keep it on display, this piece also makes for a delightfully dark bit of wall décor.... [More]


Four Seasons Spice Shakers

Okay, diorama lovers, here's one last chance to relive the glory days of constructing artificial environments. The Four Seasons Spice Shakers ($35) let you put your four favorite spices in your four favorite types of terrain! (They really want the "seasons" theme to work, but it's not happening. "Cactus" does... [More]


Models Own Moisturising Lip Balm

Models Own Moisturising Lip Balms ($7 each) boast fruity flavors (watermelon, coconut, and peach), moisturize while adding a little shine, and come stored in a compact with a mirror...what more could you possibly want in a balm?... [More]


Coast to Coaster Set

Represent your coast by setting your regional drink of choice on a wooden coaster from the Coast to Coaster Set ($36). Each set includes four flat surfaces that display your allegiance to the East Coast, Gulf Coast, or West Coast. We guess if you live in the Midwest, you're outta... [More]


BLK DNM Leather Jacket 8

It's easy to be a badass when you're wearing an (almost-) nine-hundred-dollar leather jacket ($895). Of course, it may not be as badass to sit and scrape bug guts off of your new leather coat, so you may wanna wear a knockoff when you're actually on your bike, and save... [More]


City Towels

We love a good snow globe, but after a while they just start taking up room on the shelf. An illustrated snow globe tea towel, however, serves some great purposes: drying dishes and instilling some hometown pride (or introducing new landmarks to souvenir recipients). This particular City Towel ($15) is... [More]


Utensil Rack

It doesn't really get much simpler than this hand-carved oak Utensil Rack ($34). But having those key tools right at hand makes whipping up dinner much more fun, and this warm, rustic piece looks lovely mounted on your kitchen wall.... [More]


Geometric Garden Stool

Side table? Spare stool for guests, indoors or out? You decide, but any way you use it, this Geometric Garden Stool ($149) will become one of your favorite, functional decor pieces. It's also available in white or silver, but c'mon, the gold is kind of fab.... [More]

pant SM.jpg

Legging Pants

We love showing off what our mamas gave us in these blue Legging Pants ($313). Seriously, they show off everything, so don't forget your Spanx!... [More]


Mixed Emotions Spike Bracelet

We're pretty steadfast in our love for the Mixed Emotions Spike Bracelet ($132) from Joomi Lim. The bracelet combines tri-colored metal spikes with a soft chocolate-colored chain for a look that's both edgy and feminine. It'll toughen up your look without making you look too unapproachable.... [More]


Coconut Citrus Body Scrub

Indie Lee keeps urging us to not sneak a taste of their Coconut Citrus Body Scrub ($38), but it's so hard to comply! The scrub smells like dessert, and we just can't get enough of its scent. As a sugar-based scrub, it performs its duties to the letter; riding our... [More]


Bon Voyage Journal

Planning an excursion? When it's done, all you'll have left is an empty bank account and your memories. Help make sure the latter are as lovely as possible by recording them in this Bon Voyage Journal ($15).... [More]


Pret-A-Partay Tee

This tee ($35) and its play on words offer up a simple and direct message as long as you know the most basic of fashion terms. And yes, we're always ready to partay.... [More]


Scottie Dog Key Finder

Wouldn't it be great if you could teach your actual dog to sniff out and fetch your keys? Sadly, that's only likely to work if you attach a piece of bacon to your key chain. Lucky for you, this Scottie dog key finder ($15) will lend a hand without involving... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Pistachio Nail Lacquer

Seriously, we can not stop buying green nail polishes. The shades are endless, and they're a happy reprieve from the always-popular pinks and reds. Our wallets are glad that Crabtree & Evelyn's Pistachio Nail Lacquer ($6) is so affordable. It means we can justify splurging on a bottle (and maybe... [More]


New Look Lips Print Onesie

We're still not a hundred percent sold on the idea of wearing one-piece pajamas, but there's no denying that the New Look Lips Print Onesie ($29) is pretty dang cute. The lip pattern is fun, the footless design makes us less worried that we'll look like oversized toddlers, and the... [More]


Desert Fold Over Clutch

Arizona certainly provides some beautiful colors and patterns for inspiration. If this clutch ($65) and its blue sky, red earth palette doesn't make you want to go out on adventures, then we don't know what will. The bag, large enough to pack travel essentials and then some, is handmade and... [More]


Ochre-Rose Trapper Hat

For the negligible price of over three hundred and fifty dollars, you can spend the cold months looking oh-so-mountain-man chic in the Ochre-Rose Trapper Hat ($358) by Yestadt Millinery. Sure, the wool and corduroy will keep your head warm, but it's the deep red color paired with the sophisticated floral... [More]


Black & Purple Pinwheel Umbrella

'Tis the season to channel a little Tim Burton into your wardrobe - but scissorhands can make things (like grocery shopping or sipping your tea) daunting. This Black & Purple Pinwheel Umbrella ($188), on the other hand, adds a delightfully gothic air to your look and helps keep you dry... [More]


Leather Bow Headband

Fall weather calls for knit beanies and hats, but if you're dreading all-day hat hair, you should don the Leather Bow Headband ($9). Okay, so it won't warm your ears or keep your head covered, but it will add a distinctive fall touch to your outfit. The rich leather will... [More]


twentysevennames Strawberry Fields Shirt

Strawberries are a welcome reminder of summer, and so is this Strawberry Fields Shirt ($153, on sale). This long-sleeved silk blouse will be a welcome layer in the cold temperatures, and the gently faded strawberry print only echoes your fading summer memories. Aww!... [More]

owl SM.jpg

Kate Spade Wise Owl Clutch

Not only is the Wise Owl Clutch ($378) a hoot and a half, it's also stylish enough to actually carry to parties. We love the plated hardware and feather details.... [More]


Miracle Peel Cloth

Skip the chemical warfare against your skin and get cozy with a Miracle Peel Cloth ($17) from Sheer Miracle. This spiffy cloth is made from waffled and woven microfiber, so it'll gently exfoliate your face as you wash with it, sucking up all the extra dirt and grime hanging out... [More]


Brightspot Avenue iPad Sleeve

Kate Spade is tops at reminding us to break out our glamorous side every now and then. Or, in the case of the Brightspot Avenue iPad Sleeve ($135), every time we break out our favorite tablet. We were going to use it to play a couple of Angry Birds Star... [More]

Shoe SM.jpg

Salvatorre Ferragamo T-Strap Pump

This pump ($795) is a shoe that we would love to run around town in. It mixes a delicate patent T-strap with contrasting leather ties, creating an aggressive, high-fashion look.... [More]


Barki Berry Scarf

This beautiful silk scarf ($160) is part of a collection (from artisanal accessory purveyors A Peace Treaty) inspired by architectural details from buildings built in Libya in the 1960s. The detailing is exquisite and the rich colors are sure to add a touch of elegance to any outfit.... [More]


Sunscreen Flask

The Sunscreen Flask ($15)... because a day at the beach is when you want to drink most!... [More]


Russbe Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag Set

Ditch disposable sandwich bags and opt for the Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag Set ($6) from Russbe. The durable plastic bags come in packs of four - two sandwich-sized bags and two snack packs - and are dishwasher-safe and ready for use and reuse.... [More]


Girl's Night In Kit

At first, the Girl's Night In Kit ($109) from Sunnie Brook sounds a bit costly. But when you consider the amount of cash you'd have to fork over for an on-the-town outfit, a couple of overpriced, watered-down drinks, and cab fare, staying in with a kit full of herbal facial... [More]


Sock Monkey Kama Sutra

The actual Kama Sutra too racy for your virgin eyes? The Sock Monkey Kama Sutra ($11) is highly erotic stuffed animal porn that's good for a laugh (and is surprisingly sexy... we heard from a friend).... [More]


Clouds Bedding

Wouldn't you love to drift off to sleep every night on a fluffy white cloud? Well, real clouds are cold and wet and - who knows? - might even be spiked with acid rain. We think this soft, pretty Clouds Bedding ($80 - $140) looks much more comfortable.... [More]


Jane Austen Wild Beast Print

Love her or hate her (the horror!), you gotta admit that Jane Austen penned some fine words in her day. Use the Jane Austen Wild Beast Print ($15) to remind you that even when ladies were expected to be seen and not heard, they were cultivating their inner fierceness!... [More]


Khaki Two-Tone Denim MIlitary Jacket

The military jacket trend has got legs (so to speak) so we've seen green canvas jackets of every shape and size. What we've seen less of are military jackets that pay homage to the European armies of yesteryear, whose uniforms had a few more decorative trimmings than those today. We're... [More]


Alexander McQueen Skull Temple Aviator Sunglasses

Do your shades have you feeling not-quite-badass enough? Perhaps it's time to upgrade to these Alexander McQueen Skull Temple Aviator Sunglasses ($375). With that classic Top Gun silhouette plus the nasty addition of a petite grinning skull, they'll have you looking like you're truly ready to ride the highway to... [More]


Black Walnut Butter Knife

Butter is special. Nothing ups the delicious factor of everything from ordinary bread to boring vegetables quite like it, which is probably why Nature went and made it bad for us. Otherwise we might skip the vegetables and just eat the butter. Since we've got to use it sparingly or... [More]


Breaking Bad: the Complete Series

Yeah... We miss it, too... Breaking Bad: the Complete Series ($202). Includes sixteen Blu-ray discs, digital copies, over fifty-five hours of special features, a new two-hour documentary, a commemorative challenge coin, and a Los Pollos Hermanos apron.... [More]


Sk8-Hi Wedge

Don't be shy. If you're going to wear sneakers with three-inch wedge heels, we guarantee people will notice. Why not go all out with these neon pink Sk8-Hi Wedges ($56)? Some shoe trends we can't get behind because of the discomfort level, but we've always been partial to wedges, especially... [More]


Cocktail Layering Tool

Anybody can pour out a glass of wine, but think how impressed your friends will be when you play expert mixologist with this Cocktail Layering Tool ($23). It makes it a breeze for you to craft eye-catching beverages from the basic Black and Tan to an exotic vodka rainbow.... [More]


Omnio WOWKeys iDevice Keyboard

That novel you're writing on your iPhone hurting your thumbs? (Or maybe just that eight-paragraph answer to the text "how's your day?") Everyone with broad fingertips has dreamed about something like the Omnio WOWKeys Keyboard ($40), and now it's here! Works with iPhones and iPads (and PCs and Macs if... [More]


Stem Cabinet Hooks

Kitchen towels too fat to fit through the handle of that oven rack? Does hanging them on your drawer pulls end up being a prelude to a plummet to the floor? Fear not: there's a handy way to hang up whatever gear you need close at hand while you're cooking.... [More]


Deadly Dames Kinky Box Skirt in Venus Fly Trap Print Sateen

Is this Deadly Dames Kinky Box Skirt ($84) the most practical print garment we've ever picked up? Of course not. But we can't ever resist a piece of clothing that's a nod to our favorite B-movie turned musical turned feature film. We're inclined to recommend it should any buxom blondes... [More]


Honestly Margo Lip Balm Trio

When we were in middle school, we were busy collecting Lisa Frank stickers, but talented twelve year-old Margo of Honestly Margo is way ahead of the curve! She's released a line of scrumptious lip balms. What's more, they're made from all-natural ingredients and smell so good. You can purchase each... [More]


Spaghetti Measure

We call it the Pasta Puzzle: the almost-daily struggle to figure out the right amount to throw in the pot. Too much, and we end up stretching our sauce or stuffing ourselves. Too little and we seriously compromise our ability to resist dessert. This Spaghetti Measure ($8) promises to take... [More]


Forest For Your Fridge Magnets

Maybe these aren't quite the same thing as keeping a perfectly arranged collection of thimble-sized succulents in your home, but not everybody has a green thumb, even when it comes to plants that only need a tablespoon of water a week. You can still bring some greenery into your home... [More]


Doubtblush: PetPaint

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

Some people put Tabasco on everything... and for that, we thank them. If you've never had spicy dark chocolate, Tabasco Spicy Chocolate ($9) will be a great surprise - officially licensed, so you know to have some water* ready. *(Actually, milk is better for counteracting too much spiciness.)... [More]


Birdie Print Pyjamas

The British may have a funny way of spelling "pajamas," but they certainly know how to craft a cozy pair! Once you slip into the pretty Birdie Print Pyjamas ($80), you won't want to leave 'em. The brushed cotton is soft and supple, and the boyfriend style has a comfy... [More]


Knitted Jewel Beanie

The Markus Lupfer Knitted Jewel Beanie ($196): because you weren't quite sure if you should opt for a winter hat or a tiara before leaving the house.... [More]

Peplum SM.jpg

Sollel Short Peplum Coat

The Sollel Short Peplum Coat ($395) is the perfect meet-the-parents coat. Nothing says, "I'm sweet, innocent, and great for your son," like a pale pink wool and cashmere and a peplum waist.... [More]


Custom Monopoly

There's a Monopoly for Star Wars. There's a Monopoly for Disney. There's even a Monopoly just for that one episode of Seinfeld where Kramer sees Elaine naked! But where's the Monopoly for you? With Custom Monopoly ($25), you get to decorate the board with pictures you choose - we're already... [More]


Salvador Dali Cosmic Eye Necklace

"Cosmic" is a nice way of describing the visions of out-there artist Salvador Dalí - nicer than "completely wacked-out", at any rate. Lobster telephone, anyone? Fans of the mustachioed madman's surreal visions will also probably dig the eccentric look of this Salvador Dali Cosmic Eye Necklace ($248).... [More]


10th Tribe Polka Top

Get in on a little updated '90s action. The cut of this 10th Tribe Polka Top ($70) reminds us of a combination of tops worn in elementary schools across the country during the time period...and we like that. You're already wearing flowered leggings, bodysuits, and flannel wrapped around your waist... [More]


Cigarette Lighter Ring

Ah, the unmistakable sight of the top of a lighter - it makes your nerves cheer and your lungs cower! Suitable for a fashion accessory, no? The Cigarette Lighter Ring ($22, size 7) may not light cigarettes, but with it on you'll be smoky enough as it is.... [More]


Chocolate Ghost Pops

If you're going to gorge yourself on fun-sized candy bars before, while, and after trick-or-treaters stop by, try not to fill up before you've eaten a Chocolate Ghost Pop ($3 each, $33 per dozen) from Tumbador Chocolates. Blissfully simple, the pops deliver a delish dose of the good stuff: milk... [More]


Karlsson Remote Discs Clock

Mad Men may be in its final throes, but the look is here to stay. This Karlsson Remote Discs Clock ($85) would be right at home in the Draper household.... [More]



Ever wish you had an extra hand while at work in the kitchen? Until your offspring grow tall enough to reach the counter, you can free things up with the Staybowlizer ($25). This silicone ring secures bowls while you whisk or mix, leaving a hand available for adding those tricky... [More]


Frankincense Intense

Frankincense: not just beneficial for babes wrapped in swaddling clothes! One application of Frankincense Intense ($90) from Neal's Yard Remedies will have you singing its praises. The hydrating cream contains a good amount of frankincense oil - along with organic baobab, myrrh, and gardenia - to refresh your skin's cells... [More]

Check LG.jpg

Courtly Check Enamel Tea Kettle

Tea tastes so much better when it's made in the Courtly Check Enamel Tea Kettle ($98) by MacKenzie-Childs. It's functional, and we don't have to feel guilty when we don't put it away, because it looks great sitting on the stove.... [More]


Birthstone Bullet Rings

Think birthstone jewelry is totally lame? These Birthstone Bullet Rings ($24) might change your tune, placing colorful crystal representations of your month's gem into the cores of .38 Special bullets. Best of all, they come with two stones, which means you can't get one for yourself without paying a little... [More]


Ted Baker Nitcha Bow Collar Dress

The first thing we thought when we saw Ted Baker's Nitcha Bow Collar Dress ($275) was that Wednesday Addams would totally dig it. The black and white dress calls on the classic schoolgirl shape, but matures it by adding a higher hem line and gorgeous scalloped detailing around the neckline... [More]


SOREL Joan of Arctic Wedge Boot

It's tough to be a stylish lady out in the tundra, we know. About midway through the first month of snow, it's no longer worth it to be tiptoeing (or duck walking) over the ice just to wear a pair of cute heels. But this winter you don't need the... [More]


Chevron Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

We know chevron has already infiltrated every facet of your life, from your socks to your pillow shams, but it's futile to resist purchasing the Chevron Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($30) from Williams-Sonoma. The chic duo is made from bone and aluminum for an eye-catching look, even if the... [More]

coats SM.jpg

Weekend By Max Mara Katana Coat

The weather may be getting cold, but the Weekend By Max Mara Katana Coat ($773) in blood orange is hot, hot, hot. It's sure to keep us warm and brighten up those grey days.... [More]


Natural Fascination Salad Plate

We've found the perfect way to serve up those Halloween party snacks. Set your candy eyeballs and skeleton cookies out on these Natural Fascination Salad Plates ($18). Their printed creepy-crawlies add just the right spooky spirit to your table.... [More]


Jane Iredale Artists' Eyes Eye Shadow Palette

You have an artistic vision. No, it's not for an epic sculpture or grand oil painting. It's of your face looking extra fabulous. But no artist can work without the right materials, whether they're watercolors, marble, or beans. When it comes to beauty, supply yourself with this Jane Iredale Artists'... [More]


Fair Isle Print Knit Leggings

You're going to need some cozy gear for upcoming cabin weekends that is also acceptable to wear around other people. Try these Fair Isle print knit leggings ($15): they're colorful, comfy, and thankfully much closer to real pants than sweatpants.... [More]

Tank SM.jpg

Kenneth Cole Cora Blouse

The Cora Blouse ($110) in gold is perfect for those nights when you want to go out with your girls, but don't feel the need to spend hours getting ready. It hangs loosely and is super comfy, but looks great paired with dark jeans and sky high heels.... [More]


Monster Mash Potato Masher

Add some Halloween spirit to your mashed potatoes. No, we don't mean mixing in candy corn, though we have to admit there's something intriguing about the idea. Just smash those spuds with this Godzilla-inspired Monster Mash Potato Masher ($14).... [More]


Trikona Ring

King me! This modern and minimalist gold-plated ring ($145) will look majestic by itself, but we're intrigued by its ability to interlock and stack with the other rings in the KRYSOS + CHANDI collection.... [More]


Kneipp Revive With 5 Bath Collection

Travel plans in your future? Shake off the jet lag with a refreshing bath. It won't be akin to sinking into your own tub, but with help from Kneipp's Revive With 5 Bath Collection ($22), you will start feeling a bit more human. There's enough of each herbal bath gel... [More]


Zebra Maze Short Sleeve Dress

This dress ($475) reminds us of a classic childhood toy, but in the chicest way possible, of course. Mentally, we're trying to rearrange the panels of this dress like one of those sliding block puzzles, but that's clearly unnecessary. We love the visual interest the "unsolved" pattern provides here, along... [More]


Love Letters Nail Wraps

We're twitterpated by the Love Letters Nail Wraps ($12) from One Nail To Rule Them All. Maybe it's the romantic hearts and L, O, V, E letters, but we have a feeling that it's more the Scrabble design. Love may not be a big scorer, but we'll take the twenty-seven... [More]


Tala Clutch

Sure, almost any old bag will hold your essentials, but some bags do the more important job of elevating an outfit to the next level. Made out of soft blue nubuck leather and constructed with rad geometric patchwork details, the Tala clutch ($95, on sale) is one of those bags.... [More]


Lucy Chalkboard Skull

Pay homage to Lucy, our favorite early ancestor, with this replica of the famous Australopithecus afarensis's skull ($42). Use its chalkboard surface to leave notes for yourself, relay messages to your family, or jot down what you might have liked to say to Lucy had you been around 3.2 million... [More]


Cheap Thrill: CustomEyes Rich Temptations Shadow Palette

We just impulse bought the Rich Temptations palette ($8) from Revlon's CustomEyes line and we're in love. The five cool shades complement each other and brush on smoothly to help us create simple, shimmery day looks to wear during the upcoming winter season. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless... [More]

Heel SM.jpg

Cutout Leather Ankle Boots

Sophia Webster's Cutout Leather Ankle Boots ($595) have a little bit of everything. Black patent leather straps, cream leather sides, a high heel, and even flowers for your toes. The only thing that could make these better is a giant bow. Or sequins. Yes, definitely sequins.... [More]


Kitchen Kong Whisk

Hide your virgins, and your egg yolks: this Kitchen Kong Whisk ($13) is ready to wreak havoc on your soufflés, beat your pancake batter into a pulp, or whip some serious cream. And don't worry about cleaning bits of meringue out of those gorilla crevices - he's dishwasher-safe.... [More]


Rejuvenation Sunset Pendant Light

For some, Halloween decor means throwing up a few cobwebs and calling it a day. For others, it involves dropping a a mortgage payment or two on a full-time fixture like the Rejuvenation Sunset pendant light ($2,215). Hang this in your entryway and even if you're not giving away full-size... [More]

Jean SM.jpg

Matchstick Jean in Classic Rinse Wash

J.Crew's Matchstick Jean in Classic Rinse Wash ($115) is the newest addition to our denim collection. They're flattering and go with everything, and we're planning on never taking them off. You don't really have to wash jeans, anyway, do you?... [More]


System Mechanic

Your computer might be a bit more reliable than that beat-up Honda Civic you've been driving, but that doesn't mean it can't use the occasional tune-up. Keep it running in top condition with System Mechanic ($50), a smart piece of software that helps increase program speed and prevent crashes and... [More]


Spitfire Girl Wood Cover Spiral Notepad

You won't want to waste this Spitfire Girl Wood Cover Spiral Notepad ($8) on grocery lists. This sassy bit of nautical stationery deserves nobler contents, like your favorite limericks.... [More]


Swoop Bag

The Swoop Bag ($48) has a great flat-to-full design that makes cleanup a cinch, and if you don't care about organization, you can throw ALL THE THINGS into it, secure the drawstring, and stash it under the bed, in the closet, or in an out-of-the-way corner. It's a lifesaver when... [More]


Happy Morning Breakfast Smoothies

We get your hesitations. Yogurt and smoothie packets are for picky-eater children, right? Usually, but Happy Morning breakfast pouches ($37 for sixteen) are definitely fit for adult consumption. Boasting organic ingredients, the pouches pack in a ton of nutrients in a yummy, smoothie-consistency puree. Grab one when you're running late... [More]

Target SM.jpg

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target® Dress with Faux Leather

We've been in love with Phillip Lim's amazing designs for quite a while, and it seems like he's finally realized what it will take to get us to rock his amazing creations: a lower price point. 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target® Dress with Faux Leather ($50)... [More]


Zinnia Stud Earrings

The first thing to love about these Zinnia Stud Earrings ($15) is the array of colors. The second thing to love is the fact that they're made out of cantaloupe seeds. Made by artisans working out of Medellín, Colombia, these earrings will provide that final whimsical touch.... [More]


Bumble and bumble. Prep

You don't neglect to study for that midterm exam. Why would you leave your hair unprepared for its own epic accomplishments? Before you tackle your style for that big night out, get things ready with a squirt or two of Bumble and bumble. Prep ($10). This treatment helps get rid... [More]


Cocktail Chemistry Set

What Halloween bash would be complete without a few spooky signature cocktails? And what more appropriate way is there to serve them than in this Cocktail Chemistry Set ($46)? If you don't have a Temple of Doom-style skull goblet kicking around, that is.... [More]


Hudson Grey Striped Shelby Moto Jeans

In case you're looking for some really expensive jeans, may we suggest this pair of Hudsons ($514)? With all those different decorative stitches at the knee and the four front pockets and artfully faded gold stripes, this pair is earning its keep.... [More]


The SSB-1

When a shelf is too formal and the floor is too pedestrian, try out the Slotted System Bookcase ($129) (aka the SSB-1). Your books will sit on a handcrafted, meticulously sanded throne a foot above the ground and they will feel much more dignified for it. Plus, they have a... [More]


DUO Small Item Laundry Drying Accessory

Getting tired of shrunken pants and battered bras? With DUO ($15), you can line-dry those delicate items in even the smallest spaces. This clever gizmo fits the carrying capacity of a clothesline into just about any place you can hook up a hanger.... [More]


Padintosh iPad 2 Case

There's retro, there's old school, and then there's the Padintosh iPad 2 Case ($35)! This case is a throwback to a time - the '80s - which we know almost nothing about because dinosaurs must have destroyed all the historical records or something.... [More]


Dachshund Slipper Loafers

Thanks to the darling dachshund stretching itself out across the toes of these loafers ($138), it will be extra impressive if you manage to leave the house with your shoes on the wrong feet.... [More]


Maison Martin Margiela Luminous Night-Light

We already knew about designer shoes, coats, bath towels and ottomans. But we never thought label-hunger could extend to seeing our way to those midnight fridge raids. This Maison Martin Margiela Luminous Night-Light ($65), however, boasts a seriously couture name and a stylish vintage-inspired look.... [More]


Cooks Herb Wreath

Forgot to pick up sage for that stuffing? No worries - there's some decorating your front door. Or at least there would be if you accented your entry with this Cooks Herb Wreath ($50). It adds a touch of seasonal festivity with a gorgeously arranged assortment of tasty edibles, from... [More]


Sophia Sweater

The Sophia Sweater ($96) is the princess dress of all cardigans: fanciful, fluffy, ruffled, and maybe just a tiny bit inconvenient. That inconvenience, though, is just part of the territory, and we'll gladly deal with the voluminous fabric anyway.... [More]


Cabina Peg Holder

The only thing less fun than doing laundry is making an emergency trip to the 24-hour Walmart to buy yourself more underwear. That's why anything that makes cleaning your clothes instead of replacing them a more enjoyable process gets a thumbs-up from us. This Cabina Peg Holder ($19) turns your... [More]


Splat Rebellious Colors Complete Lightening Bleach Kit

Disclosure: you should probably have a professional bleach your hair. But sometimes the spirit of spontaneity takes over, or you're too embarrassed to tell your regular colorist that you need to go blonde for your Marilyn Monroe costume this year (face it: wigs suck). If you're going to go DIY,... [More]


Driftwood Pillow

If we were shipwreck victims, exhaustion and dehydration might just permit us to find a real log as comfortable as we find this Driftwood Pillow ($40) here in real life. Heck, if we can end up making friends with a sporting good, anything is possible.... [More]


MZ Wallace Bedford Bea

The sophisticated Bedford Bea purse ($385) looks like it belongs inside the boudoir of the fanciest lady you know. The pleats would match the dressing room curtains and the inside of the massive jewelry drawers, and the deep Prussian blue color and contrasting magenta lining would complement the gold accents... [More]


Stump Cooler

Tired of fellow campers filching your beer? Pick up this Stump Cooler ($40). Its woodsy look makes it easy to hide in plain sight. Just make sure you don't conceal it so well that you're forced to spend the next few hours trying to pry the tops off of actual... [More]


Snowberry Everyday Broad Spectrum Medium Sun Protection

Even with shorter days and fewer rays, the sun can still getcha. Avoid the risk of skin damage by always wearing sun protection. Snowberry's Everyday sunscreen ($36) is a natural product with a gentle formula. You can wear it on your face under your makeup and smooth it onto your... [More]


Made By Hand

With great power comes great responsibility, and if you can make a birdhouse without it turning out to be your tenth ashtray this month, then you are powerful indeed and must exercise your gift. Best-selling author Lena Corwin's Made By Hand ($30) contains twenty-six craft projects tried and tested at... [More]


Day of the Dead Burlap Pillow Cover

If you break out this gorgeously striped Day of the Dead Burlap Pillow Cover ($50) by The Watson Shop as decor for Halloween and Día de los Muertos, we doubt you'll want to put it away afterward. That's all right. The pillow cover is neutral enough to display all year,... [More]


Tooth Toothbrush Holder

This Tooth Toothbrush Holder ($12) isn't just a thematically appropriate place to stash your Oral-B. With its silvery crown, it's also a reminder of what you'll have clamped onto your molars if you get lazy with your scrubbing.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bronte Flats

Do our eyes deceive us? Cute flats for only $5? It doesn't really matter if this pair doesn't hold up for life; these Bronte flats ($5, on sale) are functional, stylish (that's a better-than-average-looking bow), and come in a great mustard shade perfect for the season. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


Eton Boost Turbine Hand-Powered Backup Battery

Don't you just hate it when you want to order takeout from the top of a mountain, only to realize your smartphone battery has kicked the bucket? You'll never have to worry about running out of juice with this Eton Boost Turbine Hand-Powered Backup Battery ($60). With this handy gadget,... [More]


Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

You've had a few: teamergencies, those moments when nothing is going to make the world seem right again but a hot cuppa. When one strikes, the last thing you need to do is raise that stress level by fiddling with your stove or microwave. Get that relief quickly and with... [More]


Isaac Mizrahi New York Zarek Poodle Loafer

Forget dogs on sweaters! Why not wear your favorite pooch breed on your shoes?! We're partial to the Isaac Mizrahi Zarek poodle loafer ($91), what with those little fluff balls dotting the fabric upper. These make for a great way to add a little charm to your workday duds.... [More]


Paint+Cloth Young American Sweatshirt

Wear your membership in the Young Americans club proudly with this sweatshirt ($30). Join the ranks of the disillusioned, lost, and heartbroken. At least you can be comfortable while doing it.... [More]



Design nerd alert! This Tattone ($5) temporary tattoo transforms the body part of your choice into your very own Pantone swatch. Just don't ask us if it's in RGB or CMYK.... [More]


Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS

Mittens can be so frustrating - but that design idea is essentially the same one that's behind ninety percent of all shoes. Give your toes some breathing room with the Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS ($110). If you don't think these shoes will give you better control running, hiking, climbing,... [More]


Pie Timer

Sure, you could just use the one built into your microwave, but wouldn't it be much more fun to set the countdown to cookies with this Pie kitchen timer ($15)? Available in a range of fun colors, it sets with a simple twist and lets you know it's time for... [More]


Deer Print Hoodie

The Deer Print Hoodie ($28): because nothing says winter quite like a herd of faux-embroidered antlered types marching their way across your chest.... [More]


Bend Seating Long Horn

Sadly gone are the days when you could embellish the front of your all-steel, American-made automobile with a set of ferocious horns, but you can at least bring some of that oil-tycoon vibe into your home decor with this Bend Seating Long Horn ($225). This piece replaces that less-than-fashionable dead... [More]


BAGGU Dipped Tote

Buy new totes but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold. Usually this old adage is about friends, but we've adapted it to fit our feelings about this BAGGU Dipped Tote ($45). In this version, however, the silver and gold part applies to both of the new... [More]


Dexter Coasters

A little blood splatter here and there never hurt the hardwood table, but God forbid you get a ring of moisture on it! You don't need to be a fan of Dexter to enjoy these bloodsplatter coasters ($30) - they're just in time for Halloween!... [More]


Leigh Webber "Stems" Prints

Here's an inexpensive way to brighten up that beige room. Photographer Leigh Webber's series of nine macro flower shots (from $25) come in a range of sizes, prices, and flower varieties. No matter how grey it is outside, you'll always be reminded of springtime and perfect dappled sunlight.... [More]


Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick

Estée Lauder's got a whole line of metallic makeup products for the fall and winter seasons, and while we weren't shocked to see that said line contained a number of shadows and polishes, we were a little surprised by the Chrome Metal Effect lipsticks ($26). Metallic lips? Totally! The pink... [More]


Parisian Icons Kitchen Towel

Ah, France - land of cheese, wine, and amazing shoes. What more could a girl ask for? Bring a little of the refined air of its famed capital into your home with this Parisian Icons Kitchen Towel ($10). Not only does it feature whimsical illustrations of some of the main... [More]


Botkier Horizon Tote

Everybody needs a road bag. It should be stored pre-packed with everything you'd need for a last-minute adventure - cash, chargers, and a few changes of underwear. We figure it also should look the part, and what better fit could you find than this Botkier Horizon Tote ($395), printed with... [More]


LOL! Sucker Teether

Junior may still be working on the teeth he needs to eat a real lollipop, but you can placate him for the time being with this LOL! Sucker Teether ($10) from Little Toader. The food-grade silicone sucker has plenty of ridges for gumming. Toss it in the fridge or freezer... [More]


Chelsea Jewelry Armoire

My, what an innocent-looking, completely normal chest of drawers... Ha! That's just what the Chelsea Jewelry Armoire ($349) wants you to think! But when its top pops up and its sides unfold like bat wings, you'll know it's really a secret jewelry case!... [More]


Hinge Packing Tape

It's not necessary to be fashionable for something like moving - but going that extra mile is the difference between "goodness" and "greatness." Hinge Packing Tape ($18) is a nice reminder that even a packing a cardboard box can be an opportunity for style!... [More]


L. A. Burdick Chocolate Ghosts

We couldn't think of a cuter "spooky" snack if we tried. These chocolates shaped into ghosts ($18 for a pack of five) are nothing short of perfection. They start out as little balls of rich hazelnut and dark chocolate ganache and then get shaped and draped with a white chocolate... [More]


Addison Asymmetrical Pleat Dress

If you want a dress that feels and looks more like a sweatshirt than a complicated blouse but also looks like you're putting some effort in, try the Addison ($158). It's a study in contrasts: a soft, marled gray usually reserved for workout clothing mixed with a high fashion asymmetrical... [More]


Orange Plaid Baby Bow Tie

As much as we love a good heartthrob in a bow tie, we've gotta admit that they look much cuter on babies. This Orange Plaid Baby Bow Tie ($36) will spiffy up your little one for the fall season. Put him in jeans and an elbow patch cardi, clip on... [More]


Star Trek Bat'leth Letter Opener

The Klingons are masters of warfare...so you can expect their letter openers to be pretty badass. Star Trek fans all want to wield a full-size bat'leth like a Klingon warrior, but us Earthling office-workers should practice with something smaller and only dangerous to envelopes. Star Trek Bat'leth Letter Opener ($25)... [More]


L. Erickson Little Pearl Bobby Pin Pair

Class up any hairdo with a set of delicate bobby pins ($18) from L. Erickson. Each pin features a tiny, perfectly imperfect pearl at its base. Use a couple as a gentle way to finish off an updo, or use a range of colors to make a statement.... [More]

Lace SM.jpg

7 For All Mankind Lace Tee

Black lace is dramatic and sexy, and we can't seem to get enough of it. The exposed zipper on this Lace Tee ($218) is a great touch on a classic look we love. Note, though, that the opaque tank pictured here is a separate garment... Do with that what you... [More]


FIG+YARROW Oral Hygiene Rinse

Halitosis got you down? Give that dog breath the boot with this FIG+YARROW Oral Hygiene Rinse ($26). The peroxide-based formula is infused with healthy aloe and essential oils to help fight against those microscopic nasties that're making your exhalations reek of somebody's old gym shoe.... [More]


Bleeding Skull Candle

Melty wax, skulls, fire... what's not to love!? The Bleeding Skull Candle ($13) is pure genius - light the top of its head, and red wax pours out of the eye socket! Despite all of our modern gadgets, all it takes is one well-designed candle to properly set the Halloween... [More]


2013 Whisky Advent Calendar

You probably know someone who will be cool with getting their holiday gift a little early, especially if it's the 2013 Whisky Advent Calendar ($240). This badass calendar starts on December 1st and delivers a dram of whisky each day until Christmas. The recipient will get to sample old standbys... [More]


Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne

If you had to assign a numerical value to how much you love Game of Thrones, would it be higher than "30,000"? Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne ($30,000)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Night of the Living Dead

Zombie popularity is probably at an all-time high, but we're finding way too many zombie movie newbs out there who just don't know their history. Sure, George Romero's Night of the Living Dead ($5) is in the public domain so you can watch it any time for free, but at... [More]


Brass Orb Himmeli

Doesn't your companion Tillandsia (aka air plant) deserve a fancy airborne home? This Brass Himmeli ($83) (more vocabulary lessons) will house your Tilly and look really good while doing it. Don't have a green thumb? No worries, the orb will look great even without a resident.... [More]


Not Very Dangerous Tool Pen Set

Want to feel handy? Write down that to-do list with something from this Not Very Dangerous Tool Pen set ($20). Instructing someone else to get that dishwasher back up and running by way of a scribble from a faux pair of pliers will make you feel almost as useful as... [More]


USB 3.0 Super Mario Bros. Hard Drive

If you own an external hard drive to begin with, chances are you're already a nerd. (We're sorry to have to break it to you, but it's better you hear it from us than from the kids at school.) So why not go all out with it? The USB 3.0... [More]



Have you noticed how the 2-D (or 2-Der) things from our pasts are reappearing in 3-D? Well, those plastic ball bearing mazes are no exception. Addictaball ($13 small, $21 large) is just what it looks like - a plastic ball bearing maze set in an orb, not on a plane.... [More]


Blizzident 6-Second Toothbrush

They say you can't reinvent the wheel, but apparently you can reinvent the toothbrush! The Blizzident ($299) brings all the science and technology of the Information Age straight into your mouth! It's essentially a bristle-filled, custom-molded mouthpiece - but it beats pushing a tired old brush around your mouth. Expect... [More]


Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

Fun science fact: did you know that when we lie, our nasal tissue swells? This is also the reason we touch our noses more when we lie - they feel almost imperceptibly tingly. That's right, the story of Pinocchio is biologically accurate (except for the wooden boy stuff). Think about... [More]


Custom Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

Is someone else's dog always stealing your dog's treats at doggy day care? Are the dog park pups constantly cozying up to your pooch in hopes that she'll share her snacks? Pfft, not no more! Bake a batch of yummies with the Custom Dog Bone Cookie Cutter ($14) from Name... [More]


Desktop Punching Bag

Finally, a way to safely indulge your urge to punch something in the setting where it arises most often - the office! The Desktop Punching Bag ($20) securely attaches to any wooden or metal desktop, so you can use it for stress relief or, for more advanced business brawlers, as... [More]

eyes SM.jpg

Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Quad

We love Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Quad ($59). The colors are so perfectly matched that they've taken all of the guesswork out of it, which means no more crouching on the floor of CVS staring at shadows trying to pair them up.... [More]


Vermont Candlesticks

Once lit on fire, pine cones usually only last a minute or so, so we're glad to have these iron candlesticks ($64) to help quell the urges of the pyromaniac inside of us all.... [More]


Cleaver Ring

The fake arrow-through-the-head has been done to death, but the Cleaver Ring ($190), handmade with sterling silver and recycled wood, is a Halloween accessory you can wear all year! Fake blood not included (but highly recommended).... [More]


Pierre Balmain Brocade Blazer in Black

If you mean business, and you think you'll need to mean business a lot in the future, invest in this Pierre Balmain blazer ($1275). Nobody messes with an Italian-made, four-button, metallic brocade blazer. Nobody.... [More]


Desktop Jellyfish Tank

An aquarium of fish? There are millions of creatures that live in the ocean, and everyone picks the same ones to keep as pets! The Desktop Jellyfish Tank ($285 - $685) will give you a new and different creature to gaze at when you're bored. If you have a negative... [More]


Phantom Keystroker V2

Our lives rely on our computers, which is why seeing them act strange is downright terrifying - doubly so if you suspect poltergeist activity. While we wouldn't to put ourselves through heart-clenching panic, the new guy in accounting is a different story. This Phantom Keystroker V2 ($16) is great for... [More]


Otte Ellen Dress

We've seen the likes of this Otte Ellen Dress ($285) before, generally on the discount rack at the charity store. Seriously: didn't the vest dress go out with the Brat Pack? But this sleek, asymmetrical take on the look might just redeem the old trend.... [More]


Mama's Rose Linocut

Want to start collecting some non-IKEA art but don't have the funds for Sotheby's or Christie's? One of Jennifer Ament's linocuts (a linocut is a type of block print) might be a good start. Her delicate and intricate botanical designs, including "Mama's Rose" ($175), are printed in limited runs of... [More]


Saved by the Bell Guide to Life

Finally, the bulk of Zach Morris's wisdom is now written down so mankind no longer has to fear losing it! The Saved by the Bell Guide to Life ($2 - you get what you pay for) has hands down the best advice for how to handle forgetting to do your... [More]


ELF Grace Ballet Flats

These versatile leather Grace flats ($110) come in nine rich colors perfect for padding softly through the forest. With their adorable rounded toes, delicate stitches, and braided T-straps, we wouldn't be surprised if they were also crafted by little woodland creatures. Or elves.... [More]


Ceramic Pineapple Bunny Container

This makes no sense. We're racking our brains trying to figure out if this is some sort of reference or if pineapples and bunnies both have big "ears" (it'd make more sense if it was a ceramic corn container), but we think it's just meant to be a little weird.... [More]


Swimma Bath Plug

Ahoy, matey! How much more fun will bathtime be when you stop up that drain with this buoy-shaped Swimma Bath Plug ($23)? That, a glass of wine and a nice, juicy romance novel are together just the ticket to a perfect watery evening.... [More]


Porcelain Woodland Nightlight

What creatures of night lurk in the darkness of your room? If that question brings to mind a host of creepies likely to keep you from sleeping soundly, you might want to pick up one of these Woodland Nightlights ($10). It's a lot harder to imagine ax murderers hiding in... [More]


Foreign Film Wine Red Dress

This isn't a dress for wallflowers. With its lightly padded shoulders, this sleek red dress ($35) has that Dynasty feel to it, but trades in satin for stretch and sequins for princess seams.... [More]


Toast It Coasters

Ever noticed how much cork looks like perfectly browned toast? Well, somebody else has, and brought us this set of Toast It Coasters ($10), perfect for holding your hot plates, hot toast, or champagne flutes for toasting. Just don't leave these anywhere near the breadbox. We don't know if toasting... [More]


Little Green Radicals Sleep Balm

When reading to your kids doesn't ease them into shut-eye and they're popping up every third minute for another made-up reason (the "my socks are too tight" ploy doesn't fool you!), break out the Sleep Balm ($13) from Little Green Radicals. Sure, you could rub the gentle, organic formula into... [More]


weBite Celebrity Vampires Print

Between The Twilight Saga, True Blood, and (to a much lesser extent) The Vampire Diaries, vampires never had it this good outside of Transylvania! Celebrate vampire culture with the weBite Celebrity Vampires Print ($8). Which one do you want biting your neck?... [More]


I Like Bands Crop Top

Unless you're some sort of mega-poser, you're wearing that band T-shirt because you hope to catch the attention of other like-minded individuals and start a conversation. But if you're already good at breaking the ice, consider the I Like Bands Crop Top ($27); it might make your convos with other... [More]


Pavé Tip Pyramid Bracelet

We'd say this gold-plated, CZ-encrusted pyramid stud bracelet ($170) is a more than suitable replacement for all your old Hot Topic accessories from high school.... [More]


Antia Abby

Still searching for the perfect pair of shoes to wear this fall? Say hello to Abby ($120, on sale!) from Antia Shoes. The leather ankle boot sports a short heel, a fold-over cuff, and a darling bow accent. Wear 'em with tights and skirts or skinnies and expect a lot... [More]


The Naked Grape Chardonnay

Plan ahead and order several bottles of The Naked Grape's delish chardonnay ($8) to take to holiday shindigs. The paltry price tag is deceiving; the wine's notes of pineapple and peach are a match made in heaven, and partygoers will praise your impeccably good taste.... [More]


Boo the World's Cutest Dog Lunch Tin

We'll admit that Boo is an extremely cute dog, but cuter than ours? We didn't vote for him! Regardless, the Boo the World's Cutest Dog Lunch Tin ($13) is a tin lunchbox with a very cute dog on it - let's not quibble over titles.... [More]


Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask

Love her or hate her, Holly Golightly sure had cool stuff! Wear your own piece of Breakfast at Tiffany's with the Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask ($10)!... [More]


Candy Cane Spoons

Just because you finished your ice cream doesn't mean the fun has to stop! 'Tis the season for candy canes (you know, after Halloween season, Thanksgiving season, and shopping season), and what better way to enjoy this holiday treat than after eating another holiday treat!? Candy Cane Spoons ($7) are... [More]


AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

We love good deals, and we love 'em even more when they help us support our favorite causes. Through the month of October, AHAVA is offering a limited edition 5.1-ounce tube of their Mineral Hand Cream ($21). You get twice as much for half the price. They're also donating ten... [More]


Denim High Low Skirt

We don't know about yours, but our current denim collections combined still make less of a statement than this sexy Denim High Low Skirt ($30). The curve-hugging fit, dark stonewashed color, and dramatic, swooping hem will definitely get you noticed, especially if, like the model, you wear it with some... [More]


Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle Hairbrush

The Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle Hairbrush ($120) is a classic you can trust - it's been around since 1885, when hair was invented. It's not made of gold and it won't grant wishes or anything, but seeing as everyone who has one absolutely loves it, we think it's worth... [More]


YouBar Custom Energy & Protein Bars

You like things your way - that's why you forward Starbucks your coffee order ahead of time (it's just easier for everyone that way). Why then do you settle for the limited selection of foods in bar form at the store? YouBar Custom Energy & Protein Bars ($3 each) offer... [More]


Silver Double Cage Ring

Stacks on stacks on stacks! Get on trend with this pair of silver rings ($32), which, when worn on both knuckles, gives the illusion of your wearing four separate rings. Other than the bonus of looking rad, you also decrease your chances of losing a ring by fifty percent.... [More]


Insert Candy Here Shirt

All of this working out and eating healthy nonsense has just left us with a constant candy craving. (As well as nice bods, thank you very much.) It's Halloween now and we're ready for some candy. But when you're this sugar-deprived, it's hard to form words, let alone full sentences.... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? October 18, 2013

We're more than halfway through October - are you burned out on pumpkin-flavored everything yet? If not, this week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? presents five discounted items to help you celebrate this squash. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shower Gel ($9 with coupon code F139779 through 11/3) Desert Essence Organics... [More]


You Are Old Birthday Card

We're not saying that you're old... the card is. This You Are Old Birthday Card ($5) believes it's best to use positive imagery like balloons to say what everyone at the party is thinking.... [More]


Double Zipper Bag in Black

As far as we know, there's nothing this handmade leather Double Zipper Bag ($375) can't hold. We put our sunglasses and lip balm in the outer pockets, our laptop, notebook, keys, wallet, and phone in the inner pockets, and still had room for an entire encyclopedia set and a Great... [More]


Chilewich Ray Tray

Keeping fruits and veggies displayed prettily on the kitchen counter means we're much more likely to grab an apple for a snack, as opposed to a cookie - little lifestyle changes like that really add up over time, or so nutritionists and personal trainers are always telling us. The Ray... [More]


Marmara Coin Collar

This is a statement piece if ever we've seen one. Its weight is "substantial but not too heavy", but even if it was "too heavy," we might grin and bear it. We love all the details on the Marmara Coin Collar ($78), and the matte look of the oxidized metal... [More]

Game SM.jpg

Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up ($46) is the prettiest gameday outfit we've seen in quite a while. (Yep, that's how they classify it.) It's even practical: the loose front will camouflage even the biggest hot dog and chips food baby!... [More]

One Girl Cookies Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Box

One Girl Cookies Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Box

We're suckers for anything pumpkin, so this happens to be a favorite time of year. The One Girl Cookies Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Box ($50 for 18) looks way too good to be true. These sinful treats are handmade in Brooklyn from a family recipe, and we're dreaming about the goodness... [More]


Acoustic Guitar House Key

You know that music is the key to our hearts, but did you know that it's also the key to your house? The Acoustic Guitar House Key ($8) works with most Kwikset locks and can be cut on most machines!... [More]



The holidays are coming up, which means lots of us will be forced to travel with small children so that their grandparents can watch them rip into presents in person. Traveling with kids = one of the modern nine circles of hell, so any time we find something that might... [More]


Dolce Vita Badia Silk Dress

Black lace can be a bit of a downer, but this faux lace flower print steers clear of the dumps. Maybe it's the three-quarter-length sheer sleeves, the pockets, or perhaps even the hot pink silk. Anyway you look at it, the Badia Silk Dress ($230) is a great way to... [More]


Bananas Salt & Pepper Shakers

These ceramic salt and pepper shakers ($42) are meant to be, well, shaken, but make sure they don't get mixed up with the real bananas. It could be really bad news for both these breakable bananas and your teeth.... [More]

Autumn Cashmere Camo V-Neck

Autumn Cashmere Camo V-Neck

The Autumn Cashmere Camo V-Neck ($347) reminds us of this awesome cashmere cardigan that we saw coming down the Nicole Miller runway about a decade ago. We haven't forgotten about it; we've even searched on eBay for it... Needless to say, we're not missing out on this one.... [More]


Son of a Sailor Opinel Folding Knife

Looking to score that big raise? Sometimes what you need is a little intimidation. After the next lunch meeting, pick those stray bits of your Panera sandwich out of your teeth using this Son of a Sailor Opinel Folding Knife ($75). We bet no one present will dare put a... [More]


Constellation Pendant Lamp

Nothing says romance like a night under the stars - unless it's accompanied by either cold-numbed toes or warm-weather-loving mosquitos. With one of these Constellation Pendant Lamps ($119), however, you can create the atmosphere of a make-out-worthy night sky in the comfort of your living room.... [More]

panther SM.jpg

Cartier Panther And Butterfly Motif Scarf

Nothing says luxe like a Cartier scarf. Specifically, the Panther And Butterfly Motif scarf ($315). For only $315, this little piece of the good life can be ours. Only $315.... [More]


Kenneth Jay Lane Blue Agate Pendant Necklace

When you decide to make a necklace ($150) featuring a three-and-a-half-inch piece of deep blue agate, you'd better let that stone do the heavy lifting, at least in terms of the design. In terms of load-bearing, it's up to the wearer's neck and the gold-plated chain.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Glass Food Storage Bowl

Stop scouring those yard sales now. Scoring that perfectly retro piece of kitchenware just got as easy as the click of a mouse. This Glass Food Storage Bowl ($8) looks like just the thing you remember holding your mom's leftover tuna noodle casserole, and you won't have to make small... [More]


Vivid Sparrows Tank

Splashes of color in the forms of flighty little sparrows adorn this chic tank ($29), looking like they may have flown onto the shirt directly from some vintage wallpaper and are now trying to figure out how to get back to Grandma's house. But seriously, we love the style and... [More]


Leaf Pocket Cup

You don't know who smeared their lips all over the park water fountain while they were drinking from it...and that's if "drinking from it" is the worst that's happened. This Leaf Pocket Cup ($12) lies flat in your pocket or purse until you need a drink!... [More]


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Man by Man

Dark green nail polish may seem daring for some, but fall and winter 2013 are all about the emerald, baby. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics recently released their Man by Man Nail Lacquer ($10), and we think it's a pretty spectacular shade of glimmering green. Even if you can't imagine wearing it... [More]


USA License Plates Plaque

We get bored during "The Star-Spangled Banner," we root against the U.S. in the World Cup, and apple pie's fine, but not as good as cherry. Yet when we gaze upon this USA License Plates Plaque ($60), we feel that teary-eyed patriotism our history teachers talked about.... [More]


Fish in a Bag Necklace

It was the height of pimpin' style in the 1970s to rock fat platforms with honest-to-goodness live goldfish swimming around inside. We don't feel so hot about the idea of sacrificing a live critter to our sense of style, which is why we'd rather express our bad selves with this... [More]


BECCA Rose Gold Shimmering Skin Perfector

Rose gold jewelry looks good on anyone, ergo, rose gold powder will make anyone's complexion look like a million bucks. New, limited edition BECCA Rose Gold Shimmering Skin Perfector ($38) is a creamy powder highlighter and bronzer that adds a radiant glow to cheekbones, collarbones, and anything else you care... [More]

Freya Piper Long Line Padded Underwire Bra

Freya Piper Long Line Padded Underwire Bra

If you've ever wanted to feel girly and flirty underneath your cozy sweaters, you need to don the Freya Piper Long Line Padded Underwire Bra ($68). This is the ultimate way to make yourself feel sexy and irresistible in the middle of winter - a floral print trimmed with lace... [More]


Zombie Garden Stakes

The dead...they're aliiiivvve! Actually, they're steel stakes cut to real human appendage proportions in order to creep out the neighborhood kids. No one's stealing your pumpkins this year, thankyouverymuch! Zombie Garden Stakes ($36) from Dark Horse Garage... [More]


Disorderly Conduct Merit Badges

Let's see... would you rather show off a flag badge for helping the community, or a sugar skull badge for celebrating life? Depends on where your priorities lie, but we much prefer the Disorderly Conduct Merit Badges ($8 each, $115 for a set) - which have a serotonin molecule badge... [More]


Sapiosexual T-Shirt

The Sapiosexual T-Shirt ($20) not only displays your identity but helps you weed out prospects based on their comprehension of Latin roots.... [More]


Nima Tassel Necklace

Who said tassels are just for drapery and graduation caps? Adorn yourself with these simple ornaments by wearing the Nima Tassel Necklace ($128); its royal blue, cobalt, and gold tassels hang on a metallic ombré rope.... [More]


Custom Wearable Mask

What do you want to be for Halloween? Why would you want to be anything but yourself? The Custom Wearable Mask ($299) can turn your uniquely individual facial features into a costume novelty! A 3-D preview is sent for your approval before the printing begins, so you'll have a chance... [More]


MONVATOO Golden Unicorn Ring

You want your jewelry to make a statement. This Monvatoo Golden Unicorn Ring ($93) obliges, telling the world that you've got one funky sense of fashion. (Either that, or wearing it means you're a virgin.)... [More]



Nothing takes the fun out of that DIY project like a world class hand cramp. Save yourself the double dose of Aleve with the CAN-GUN ($6). This simple gadget fastens onto the spray paint you're using to revive that yard sale dresser, saving your limbs all that wear and tear.... [More]


One Dress, Three Ways - Picking a Versatile Party Frock from maurices

We don't want to scare you, but before you know it those holiday party invites are going to start rolling in! And no gal wants to wear the same dress to her office shindig as to her family get-together, but nobody wants a closet full of party dresses they can't... [More]

Leather Trench Coat for Megs small.jpg

Personal Shopper: Leather Trench Coat for Megs

Megs writes: "Love your site, I check it everyday! So, I am in L.O.V.E. with this coat, but check the price tag and...*gulp* What would I spend on something similar? Maybe dos hundos? Thanks!" Hey, Megs, that Burberry trench coat is to die for - but yeah, totally get the... [More]


Cardboard FM Radio/iPod Speaker

Wow. Thirty years ago, the only way you could turn a cardboard box into a radio was with your imagination. Cardboard FM Radio/iPod Speaker ($40)... [More]


The Executioner Guillotine Necklace

We've worn necklaces with daggers and revolvers, but if it's one thing that belongs around our necks, it's a guillotine! Promoting the idea that you really can turn any weapon into jewelry, the Executioner necklace ($128) is stylish, cute, and a bit dangerous!... [More]

Eliza J Stripe Dress

Eliza J Stripe Metallic Fit & Flare Dress

Thinking about the holidays already? Stop your search now and pick up a fabulous holiday dress that will shimmer all season. Eliza J Stripe Metallic Fit & Flare Dress ($158)... [More]


Clever Dripper

That morning cup of coffee is very possibly the highlight of the day, so how much does it suck when yours is ruined by sloppy bits of coffee grounds? Keep it clean with the Clever Dripper ($20), a smart one-cup brew method that gives you the same full flavor as... [More]


Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set

Who knows color better than a crayon company? The Crayola Mini Nail Polish set ($5) contains eight hues that look just as good on your nails as they did on your bedroom wall!... [More]


Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget

You all love Clinton Kelly as much as we do, right? The charming host of The Chew and What Not to Wear has been inspiring men and women to be their best selves for years, so don't you just wanna devour his new book, Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget ($16)?... [More]


Utopia Owl Bowl

Artistic and endearing, Jonathan Adler's Utopia Owl Bowl ($295) really revives the lost art of containing things. High-fired brown stoneware with a matte white glaze.... [More]


Hand-Painted Candles

These candles ($109 for twelve) are almost too pretty to light. But leaving them flame-free is like splurging on that fabulous pair of heels you then refuse to wear out of the house until you're going someplace "special." Wear those heels to the grocery store, damn it. And let these... [More]


Flavor Stripes Pen

Remember smelly markers? Who'd have thought enticing children to huff chemical fumes would be such a hit? This Flavor Stripes Pen ($25) reminds us of those good old brain-cell-killing days.... [More]


USB Airplane Mini Fan

It keeps you cool and entertained! We love toys disguised as tools, like the USB Airplane Mini Fan ($8) - don't be afraid to make engine noises as you adjust it!... [More]


Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Disney Edition

Think you know everything about the Disney universe? You don't know Jack Sparrow! (Or any of the other more recent additions.) While you've been dwelling on Mickey and Snow White, your children have been watching Phineas and Ferb and rewatching that one Pixar movie you fell asleep during. Trivial Pursuit's... [More]


Jewel of an Eye Palette

The affordable and versatile Jewel of an Eye palette ($20), a limited edition from Sonia Kashuk for Target, comes just in time for the holiday season. With its deep and pigmented metallic shades, the palette will help help you create a festive look without going over the top. Combine the... [More]


Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Shampoo

Pregnancy is full of crazy. You're constantly nauseous, always tired, and forever bloated. The upside is that the excess of hormones gives you great hair! Foster your hair growth by using Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Shampoo ($20) from Nine Naturals. It's as safe as can be for expecting moms... [More]


Floral Diamonds Scarf

What the heck, right? You might as well add another scarf to the collection. After all, the Floral Diamonds Scarf ($50, on sale) from J.Crew is as pretty as a picture thanks to the pink and peach geometric pattern and those tasseled ends. We bet it'll make its way into... [More]


Soap Rocks

This isn't a new idea, but these are some of the best looking Soap Rocks ($20 each) that we've seen on the market. Plus, they're huge! Choose between seriously realistic malachite, agate, quartz, jade, tourmaline, or marble; all great choices to add color and class to your bathroom.... [More]


Ribbon Cut Ring

The delicate cutouts on these ribbon-inspired gold rings ($68) make for a great optical illusion. Is it a cut ribbon wrapped almost all the way around your finger or a chevron-edged embellishment? Stack multiple rings for added interest or if you can't decide between the colors.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Haunting Sounds of Halloween CD

Your spooky Halloween ambience shouldn't end with your decor. Toss the Haunting Sounds CD ($3, on sale) into your laptop or CD player and crank it up loud enough for trick-or-treaters to hear as they head up your walk. It'll deliver a full hour of creepy sounds, from creaking floorboards... [More]


Pink Jacquard V Neck Skater Dress

Everyone needs a classic vintage-style party dress for the colder months, when a summer dress will get you a case of frostbite but a fleece onesie will get you understanding but ultimately disapproving looks. This knit jacquard print dress ($64) will fit the bill perfectly and go nicely with winter... [More]


Briggi Rouge Fleur Lunchbox

Back when we were in middle school, the "cool kids" brown-bagged their lunches, but these days, bento boxes and fabric containers are redefining the lunch hour. Set your sights on this Rouge Fleur Lunchbox ($28) from Briggi. The insulated nylon bag is adorned with a cheerful floral pattern that's bound... [More]


Manhattan Subway Tape

Why settle for ordinary tape when you can seal that special delivery with this Manhattan Subway Tape ($16)? It's an effortless way to give your shipment a little Big Apple flavor. And as a bonus, whoever is carrying it will have no problem finding their way around.... [More]


Bird Bottle Opener

We know Charles Darwin's thoughts on the different species of Galápagos finches, whose beaks, he hypothesized, evolved to adapt to their food sources, but we wonder what he would have to say about this bird, whose tail is clearly a tool adapted to opening bottles? Bird Bottle Opener ($10)... [More]


Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter

Need a way to share Beyoncé's newest with your BFF when it pops up on your Fierce playlist? Plug the Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter ($12) into your headphone jack and you'll both be able to listen to the diva in all of her glory. Lip-synching together while you're stuck on... [More]

Sorel Slimpack Riding Boots

SOREL Slimpack Riding Boots

As winter approaches, we start worrying about those blustery mornings when our cars and streets are blanketed in snow. As much as we'd love to cuddle up on the couch with hot cocoa, we still have to go to work and look great - so the SOREL Slimpack Riding Boots... [More]


Build Your Own Stonehenge Kit

And you thought analog clocks were hard to read - try using the stars and well-placed stones! Talk about old school. The Build Your Own Stonehenge kit ($7) solves the age-old mystery of why the druids originally built this mystical monument - just like you, they were bored at work!... [More]


Super Black Murdered Out Nail Lacquer

You want to get your nails into the spirit of the spooky season but lack the patience and the steady hands needed to recreate those fabulous spiderweb tutorials you found on Pinterest. Thankfully, there's an easy alternative. Just slap on a coat or two of this Super Black Murdered Out... [More]


Kozo Man Desk Lamp

Thank God he's on our side! Kozo Man ($500) has a Wall-E-esque charm, plus he's a great source of light. We're a little confused about that spigot between his legs, though...... [More]



Have selfies become your newest addiction? If so, make your life that much easier. The Keyprop ($13) positions your smartphone just the right way for a fab photo op...no more stretching your arm.... [More]


Leah Goren Strawberry Tank

Strawberries seem to find their way into so many of our favorite things, from shortcake to margaritas. Now we can also add this Leah Goren Strawberry Tank ($34) to the list, thanks to its loose, comfy fit and retro fruity print.... [More]


Glow-in-the-Dark White Rockets Flannel Bedding

Doesn't the Glow-in-the-Dark White Rockets Flannel Bedding ($15-83, on sale) make you wish you were an eight-year-old snuggling into a twin bed at night? Okay, maybe not, but you've gotta admit that glow-in-the-dark sheets are pretty damn cool, and we bet any eight-year-old kids in your life will think so,... [More]


Dylan Kendall Coffee Set

Boring old coffee sets - they're just inanimate objects, you can't relate to those! But the Dylan Kendall Coffee Set ($62) has feet - you know what that feels like! You understand how their feet must get tired after a long day, exactly like yours! And just like that, you've... [More]


Black Box Micro Hidden Camera

The nanny checking your stuffed animals? You need to take the lead in the arms race with the Black Box Micro Hidden Camera ($90), the perfect weapon - not in the war between you and the person you're spying on, but in the war between you and your paranoia!... [More]

Sam Edelman Kayla Over The Knee Boots

Sam Edelman Kayla Over the Knee Boots

A gal can never have too many boots in her closet, right? The velvety suede Sam Edelman Kayla Over the Knee Boots ($275) will make your legs look like they belong on a Radio City Rockette.... [More]


Woodland Park Zebra and Giraffe Salt & Pepper Set

So long, low blood pressure. With adorable accessories like this Woodland Park Zebra and Giraffe Salt & Pepper Set ($30) on our table, we're certain to start overseasoning our chow just to have an excuse to use them. Though we suppose we could always fill these whimsical containers with some... [More]


Screw Cuff Bracelet

We're fans of heavy metal, whether it comes in the form of Iron Maiden or accessories like this Screw Cuff bracelet ($185 - $365). With its solid construction in a choice of finishes, it's a perfect way to add some badass weight to your look.... [More]


Babylon Light

You can now channel one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World at home. The Babylon Light ($434) is a plantable powder-coated aluminum fixture ready to hold your very own hanging garden. Granted, it's going to take some effort on your part to get the right combination of plants... [More]


Sprayground X-Ray Bones Backpack

They say it's for boys, but can you really deny the allure of the Sprayground X-Ray Bones Backpack ($39, on sale)? The electric blue color and the skeletal design are a lot more fashionable than they're letting on.... [More]


Divano Tray Table

You never know when you might need a tiny table. Perhaps you find yourself short of a place to set down that afternoon glass of iced tea, or you need to keep that trashy romance novel within easy reach. This Divano Tray Table ($89) is small enough to fit into... [More]

Joie SM.jpg

Jaclyn Heels

Maybe if Dorothy had JOIE's Jaclyn Heels ($275) in ruby, she would have stayed in Oz a bit longer with her friends. These ruby heels mix embossed leather with suede, and look oh-so-good on our dancing feet!... [More]


No, YOU Hang Up First Card

We've all had conversations like the one on this card ($5). It's nice to hear that someone enjoys your company...but it's not as nice for the person who has to overhear such a lovey-dovey exchange.... [More]


Lunar Earrings

We love the texture on these sterling silver Lunar Earrings ($44), which look like the top layer of a core sample taken directly from the moon and shrunken down into a couple pieces of delicate jewelry. They're subtle enough to be a great everyday choice, but still with plenty of... [More]

Scarf shirt SM.jpg

MICHAEL Michael Kors Scarf-Front Cardigan

The MICHAEL Michael Kors Scarf-Front Cardigan ($120) is a great alternative to real clothing. We love silky scarves against our skin; Michael Kors basically added a belt to one and called it a shirt.... [More]


Verb Ghost Oil

No, it's not an extract of the restless dead. Verb Ghost Oil ($15) gets its name from its spookily light feel and texture. But don't be fooled - this infusion of argan and moringa oils packs a perfectly substantial nourishing punch.... [More]


Moscow Mule Mug

The Moscow Mule was introduced in the states in the 1940s and has gone through a bit of a revival this year. We're all for it, and now you can make this refreshing cocktail at home with your own copper mug ($15). For authenticity, be sure to chill it in... [More]


Re-Turned Penguin

Maybe you could buy something more practical than a wooden penguin... but do you want to? The Re-Turned Penguin ($90) is made entirely of reclaimed wood, mostly from old bowling pins by the look of it.... [More]


I'm a Love Pirate Pick Up Card

Arrgh, the datin' scene is a cutthroat business, so arm yourself with a few I'm a Love Pirate Cards ($1 each) by dirty bandits. You just may find yourself with the lion's share of the treasure!... [More]


Boyfriend or Fridge Tee

God, can anyone even tell the difference? Boyfriend or Fridge Tee ($25)... [More]


Maps Pint Glass - NYC

A beer glass with a map of New York? What a great idea! The Maps Pint Glass - NYC ($15) understands how much easier it is to get around when you're drunk - or at least not to mind being lost so much.... [More]


Low Expectations Bra Converters

Nothing kills the hot look of those low-backed shirts and dresses like an inconveniently positioned bra strap. Sure, you could shell out the cash for a few specially designed bras to fix the problem, but these Low Expectations Bra Converters ($9) do the job for a fraction of the price... [More]


Claus Porto Red Gift Box

We'd have a hard time bringing ourselves to unwrap the contents of this Claus Porto Red Gift Box ($60). The art deco-inspired packaging of these petite bars is just too lovely to consign to the trash bin. We'll just have to settle for lifting them to our noses and sniffing... [More]

Peacock SM.jpg

Peacock Feather Placemats

These Peacock Feather Placemats ($120 for four) have really kicked our dinner parties up a notch. The only problem is that we have no idea how to clean peacock feathers. So if you spill anything, we'll have to smack you.... [More]


Skull Planter

This charming Skull Planter ($42) brings a deeper poetic meaning to your houseolants, with a pretty versatile range. Plant something desolate like a cactus for that "life is death" look, or turn it around and plant daisies for a nice ironic joke.... [More]


Umbrella Crewneck Sweater

What better way to accessorize your sweet umbrella collection than with this sweater ($32)? With its comfy oversized fit and funky print, it will have you watching the forecasts for those rainy days.... [More]


Leah, Rachael & Julia City Scarf

Need to make your look a touch more cosmopolitan? Lose the flannel and pick yourself up this Leah, Rachael & Julia City Scarf ($185). The elegant watercolor print is a great way to infuse a bit of urban spirit into your style.... [More]


Anatomical Heart Grenade Pendant

Choose your metaphor: love is a battlefield, or my heart is blown to pieces! Anatomical Heart Grenade ($429)... [More]


Become A Scientist T-Shirt

Sexy librarians think they're all that - but all they do all day is push around books written by sexy scientists! The Become A Scientist T-Shirt ($15) takes an active approach to recruiting today's youth. How can the career of the Ghostbusters be bad?... [More]


You Smell Divine Paper Soap

We've all had them: stinky days. Those times when even though you changed absolutely nothing about your usual hygienic routine, you catch a whiff of yourself and realize there's a reason no one is taking the seat next to you on the train. This You Smell Divine Paper Soap ($9)... [More]


Stitch (The) Stars 2014 Calendar

Constellations are the stitch patterns designed by the universe, and you're settling for "Home Sweet Home"? The Stitch (The) Stars Calendar Kit ($25) comes with twelve constellation cards, an embroidery needle, and a skein of glow-in-the-dark floss!... [More]


New Medieval Palette

We're pretty sure the real color scheme of the medieval era was made up mostly of the colors of mud and dung, but it's nice to imagine that it looked more like the New Medieval Palette ($40). Use it to give yourself a chivalrous new look. (For extra authenticity, skip... [More]


Maijan Argan Oil Shimmer Shine Spray for Hair

We do our best to keep our hair healthy and happy, but some days we just can't hide our dull split ends and frizzy locks. For getting our hair up to shiny, lush standards, we've been spritzing on Maijan Argan Oil Shimmer Shine Spray for Hair ($25). Made with grapeseed... [More]


Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Jersey Lined Faux Fur Vest

Faux fur vests tend to be heavy and puffy, but this Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Jersey Lined Faux Fur Vest ($155) is lightweight and drapey. Define your waist by cinching it with a thick leather (or pleather, if you're committed to the faux look) belt, and pair it with... [More]


Personal Shopper: Blue Satin Jeweled Shoes for Lynett's Wedding... In 3 Weeks!

Lynett writes: "Hi! I really need your help! My wedding is in 3 weeks (!) and I still haven't found my shoes. I had to take my dress in for alterations and they had a 3" shoe for me to wear so I'm looking for a 3-3 1/2" shoe. The... [More]


JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

It's probably your favorite morning ritual: picking up that first cup of hot, delicious coffee. Why ruin it with a dash of guilt? Instead of clogging trash bins and landfills with disposable cups, bring along this JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup ($25). Not only does it save trees, it also... [More]

Burberry SM.jpg

House Check Detail Rain Boots

Inclement weather is coming, so we want to be prepared. We don't stop caring about how we look when it rains, so it's necessary that we find beautiful shoes that can stand up to the slush. We love Burberry's House Check Detail Rain Boots ($425). Hopefully, for that price, this... [More]


Delicate Skeleton Ring

Sometimes Halloween-themed clothing and decor is just so tacky. If you want to express your excitement for the witching season but don't want to stoop to light-up plastic skull accessories to do it, try this silver skull ring ($135). With its haunting visage and trendy thin band, it's a spooky... [More]


Sweet Tooth Sugar Bowl

The Sweet Tooth Sugar Bowl ($15) actually makes a lot of sense - a large amount of sugar sits inside the tooth in a giant hole - or cavity, if you will.... [More]


Lime Crime Velvetines

Shiny is great, but sometimes we want to give our lips a different look. Lime Crime Velvetines ($17) is a liquid lipstick that gives us a layer of bold color in a startling matte finish. And the long-lasting formula will stick around from that morning cup of coffee to your... [More]

Tote SM.jpg

Gucci Bright Bit Light Blue Leather Top Handle Tote

You know that girl with all of the amazing designer purses? Neither do we. If you'd like to become her, though, who better to start with than Gucci!? The Bright Bit Light Blue Leather Top Handle Tote ($1790) is an ideal starter purse.... [More]


Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us

Full of real-world parenting scenarios and their most favorable outcomes (for you), Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us ($15) is a hilarious read that lets you live vicariously through the same mothers you condemn! Buy it to make you feel good about yourself, or give it... [More]


YooHoo and Friends Lemmee Plush Lemur

Stuffed bears are great, but too many of them will upset the ecosystem and you'll find your stuffed salmon starting to disappear. Why not add stuffed diversity to your stuffed environment with the Lemmee Plush Lemur ($7)? How could you not love a stuffed animal whose first option is "Add... [More]


Equipment Riley Faded Python Print Silk Tee

We're willing to overlook the $168 price tag on the Equipment Riley Faded Python Print Silk Tee. Why? It's pretty much going to become our signature piece. Snake print + silk + emerald green + ombré = we are in triple-puffy-heart-LOVE.... [More]


Floral Measuring Cups

Real flowers wither. These Floral Measuring Cups ($20), however, help you make cupcakes - years and years of delicious frosted cupcakes. Which would you rather have?... [More]

Do these Sequence Beaded Bracelets ($99 each) remind anyone else of a certain 8-bit video game we all know and love? (If "we" are old enough to remember Atari, that is.)...

Sequence Beaded Bracelet

Do these Sequence Beaded Bracelets ($99 each) remind anyone else of a certain 8-bit video game we all know and love? (If "we" are old enough to remember Atari, that is.)... [More]

Lace Back SM.jpg

Violette Caged-Back Sheath Dress

BCBGMAXAZRIA's Violette Caged-Back Sheath Dress ($268) has amazing details that almost make us want to get in a fight. The back of this dress practically demands that we use the dramatic hair flip and storm away move.... [More]


Rainbow Magic Sculpture

We want this Rainbow Magic Sculpture ($1,500) built a thousand times bigger and mounted in every major city's harbor, Colossus-style!... [More]


Monki Almira Cats Tote Bag

Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could tote your actual cat in this Monki Almira Cats Tote Bag ($11)? After all, your pooch-owning friends get to carry their small four-legged friends around with them. They're even allowed to hang out at the café together. When's the last time you saw... [More]


M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual)

The market is flooded with millions of parenting guides from every imaginable angle... isn't it time for at least one guide to how children should treat their parents? Doreen Cronin and Laura Cornell's M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual) ($7) promotes an appreciation for motherhood amongst the people who need it most... [More]


Pop Art Comic Girl Costume Tattoo

Still trying to figure out what you're going to be for Halloween this year? We'd love to do something fancy, but we're pretty horrible at giving ourselves fantasy makeup looks. Plus, makeup doesn't always last through the night. That's why this Pop Art Comic Girl Costume Tattoo ($11, not including... [More]


Sandalwood Amber Hand Cream

The Sandalwood Amber Hand Cream ($15) from Olivina has a rich and spicy aroma, intermingled with a fresh pine scent. It's not particularly feminine or masculine, which makes it a pretty ideal hand cream to share. (Although we predict that it'll end up on your nightstand and you'll end up... [More]


Cuisipro Snap Fit Sailboat Pop Mold

You know that homemade popsicles are way better for you than the sugary, artificially-colored store-bought variety, but just can't bring yourself to go to the effort of making them. Well, maybe this Cuisipro Snap Fit Sailboat Pop Mold ($12) will help win you over. You just might opt for that... [More]


Ski Weekend Textured Cardigan

A glance at the calendar already has us listing things to look forward to about colder temperatures. Hot toddies, sledding, and getting to wear cozy items like this Ski Weekend Textured Cardigan ($60) might just keep us sane until summer rolls back around.... [More]


Ergonomic Beach Lounge Chair

We've all been there - that uncomfortable, nose-squishing face-plant into the beach chair that we endure in order to tan our backs. Finally, some NASA-level engineers figured out the solution - put a freaking hole in it! The Ergonomic Beach Lounge Chair ($120) has a face hole for your face... [More]


Brevity Horo 3 Necklace

Is it an illustrator's compass? Are those clock hands? The Brevity Horo 3 Necklace ($75 in stainless steel) is whatever you want it to be, as long as you want it to be either a compass or clock hands.... [More]


Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Wow. The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($52-150) from Jurlique isn't pulling any punches. The serum, infused with a plethora of skin-friendly botanical extracts and complex vitamins, is silky-smooth and glides easily onto your clean face. There's no greasy film or thick layer left behind, just a soft floral scent and... [More]


Cicada Attack Poster

They came. They saw. They ate everything in sight and left piles of corpses in their wake. If you made it through this summer's insect invasion with your sanity if not your garden intact, commemorate your success with this B-movie-style Cicada Attack Poster ($19).... [More]


Miss Scissorhands Halloween Costume

Wow, they can make a sexy costume out of anything these days - even one of the gloomiest characters in cinema history! With the leather, the buckles, and of course the slashes, this Miss Scissorhands Halloween Costume ($48 - $50) is more fashionable than we'd expect, so long as you... [More]


Understand Rap

So that's what "I got rubberband banks in my pocket" means! The appeal of William Buckholz's Understand Rap ($8) is layered: you have the absurdity of some rappers' lyrics (Lil Wayne really makes this book possible), you have the author's overly dry textbook explanations, and then you have the actual,... [More]


Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket for Dogs

You sneak him into restaurants, bring him along to girls' night out, and cuddle with him on overnights at the in-laws. Why should you leave your beloved furball at home when you go out for a pedal? This Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket for Dogs ($68) makes it possible for... [More]


Antique Copper Airplane Necklace

While the Antique Copper Airplane Necklace ($48) from Mitsymoto Designs may not glide across the room when you toss it, it is a beautiful replica of a paper plane. It's probably a better idea to wear it around your neck, anyway. Throwing it may result in your losing it, stepping... [More]

AG Adriano Goldschmied Metallic Gold Absolute Legging Jeans

AG Adriano Goldschmied Metallic Gold Absolute Legging Jeans

The holiday season is the time to turn on the glitz. The AG Adriano Goldschmied Metallic Gold Absolute Legging Jeans ($235) are coated in luscious metallic gold, so they'll look fabulous with a sumptuous cashmere sweater or with a rich velvet blazer.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Vince Camuto Tweed Moto Jacket

There's no denying that the Vince Camuto Tweed Moto Jacket ($299, #1 in picture) is smokin' hot - it's like biker babe meets English professor! - but three hundos is more than we want to spend for such a trendy piece. At a savings of 75%, we'd much rather purchase... [More]

Vince Camuto Floral Lace Sheath Dress

Vince Camuto Floral Lace Sheath Dress

Faux leather is all the rage this season, and the Vince Camuto Floral Lace Sheath Dress ($248) is on our "need now" list. We'd definitely pair this hot little number with red patent pumps for a rockstar look.... [More]


Library of Flowers Wildflower and Fern Parfum Crema

This Library of Flowers Wildflower and Fern Parfum Crema ($21) isn't just a pretty face - though its packaging along would be enough to lure us into a purchase. It also packs a punch of fragrance three times more intense than the brand's more traditional liquid perfumes. Plus, there's no... [More]


33 Books Co. Notebooks

Fancy yourself an aficionado of food, drink, and the finer things? Mark up a few notebooks from 33 Books Co. ($4-5 each) with your thoughts and experiences regarding everything from beer and wine to cheese and chocolate. Writing in a notebook may not be as high-tech as using an app... [More]


Sleeveless Skull Print Dress

Halloween is just around the corner and this Sleeveless Skull Print Dress ($32) is the perfect way to show your holiday spirit. Pair it with an edgy leather jacket, some combat boots, and a few spiked accessories for a cute, casual look, or throw on a fabulous pair of heels... [More]


Coiled Hose Garden Storage

You probably decided long ago that there is no nice way to store a garden hose. However neatly coiled it might be at the beginning of the summer, by the time autumn rolls around, it's kinked into an unsightly pile with dead grass and an insect nest or two underneath.... [More]

Gala SM.jpg

Ava Cutout Gown

Lea Black, we're officially ready for your next Gala! The Ava Cutout Gown ($448) is so fabulous, we all want to wear it. Okay, maybe we need a bit more time to find more dresses.... [More]


MUZ Acrylic State Necklaces

Yes, we know: we're superfans of state-inspired jewelry. But these MUZ State Necklaces ($39) are a new take on the trend, rendering our sea-to-shining-sea nation in gemlike clear acrylic.... [More]


Eminence Sun Defense Minerals

So you're lucky enough to live in a part of the country where you still have to worry about sun exposure without having to contemplate oil bills and remote car starters at the same time. We're envious. But check out Eminence Sun Defense Minerals ($58). This powder brushes on easily,... [More]

Paula Bianco Chunky Knit Wrap Scarf

Paula Bianco Chunky Knit Wrap Scarf

We love infinity scarves, so the Paula Bianco Chunky Knit Wrap Scarf ($85) is a no-brainer for winter. This luscious loose-knit scarf is available in three awesome neutrals: cream, black, and charcoal.... [More]


Cato Clutch

It doesn't take much to elevate a simple bag from nice-enough to holy-smoking-hot. Just take a peek at this Cato Clutch ($379). In white leather, this piece raises the temperature with its flame-shaped flap.... [More]


Brooklyn Gin Lamp with Copper Shade

Are you a gin-loving girl? Then why not incorporate the basis for your favorite cocktails into your home decor? This Brooklyn Gin Lamp with Copper Shade ($130) transforms a vintage-style bottle of small batch booze into a stylish accessory.... [More]


Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

Your best intentions aside, you know it's going to live out on your counter. So why not choose a French press that will look spiffier than those boring old glass models? This Le Creuset Stoneware French Press ($60) has a country vibe that would be right at home in a... [More]

Theia Guipure Lace Veil

Theia Guipure Lace Veil

You'll feel like a fairytale princess walking down the aisle in the Theia Guipure Lace Veil ($395), with its eyelash fringe and vintage feel.... [More]

Kiki SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Union Des Amants Panty

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Moravian Star Ceiling Mount Light

Want a ceiling lamp with some serious decorative oomph, but lack the space for a fancy chandelier? This fixture ($189) adds distinction to even lower-ceilinged spaces without giving you something you'll knock your head into.... [More]

Pump SM.jpg

Coach Landrie Heel

Oh, hello, perfection! Landrie Heel ($225)... [More]


simplehuman Odorsorb Charcoal Filter Kit

You know the smell: that stinky trash aroma you get when you walk into the kitchen that tells you it's time to pull your boots on over your sweatpants and hike the bag down to the Dumpster. Put off the effort for an extra day or two with the simplehuman... [More]


Cassette Tape Hook Pillow

Latch-hook crafting and cassette tapes: two things taking up residency in the chambers of our hearts reserved for nostalgia. But since we have no desire for a latch-hook wall hanging and no way to play tapes, this pillow ($48) seems like a better choice, combining the best of both worlds.... [More]


Tauntaun Talking Plush

We're probably just shooting in the dark here, but have any of you Outblush readers heard of a movie franchise called Star Wars? And - again, this may be a long shot - but would any of you be at least a little interested in a plush toy of a... [More]


Bernadine B Dress

We're pretty sure that slipping into the Bernadine B Dress ($278) from Joie will make us feel as fierce as a snow leopard, or maybe as sinuous as a snake? The double animal print gives us options, and we can't wait to dress it up with a colored bib necklace... [More]


4-Bowl Square Serving Platter

We've found the perfect excuse to start using some of that condiment collection cluttering up your fridge. This 4-Bowl Square Serving Platter ($30) is perfect for setting out an array of flavor enhancers, from good old ketchup and mustard to a selection of your favorite hot sauces.... [More]


October Playing Cards

The only thing scarier than holding a hand of these October Playing Cards ($8), designed by Brad Fulton, is holding a losing hand. You'll pack away the ghouls and goblins on November 1st, but a bad game of poker is likely to haunt you for months to come. Maybe you... [More]


Black Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

A scarf with buttons? We're really into this idea, as we're still mastering the art of scarf draping and find that throughout the day, our scarves have the tendency to unwrap, undoing all the effort we put into making our accessorizing look effortless. Play around with the buttons on this... [More]



You're driving a hybrid, shopping organic, and wearing shirts made out of recycled bamboo - but yes, there's a way you can make your lifestyle even greener. Start serving your kids and babies their pureed snacks in Squeez'Ems ($8). Not only are they reusable, they're so much fun to use... [More]

Fringe Booties SM.jpg

Knotted Fringe Bootie

When we put on these Knotted Fringe Booties ($128), we instantly feel cooler. We aren't sure whether it's the fringe, the suede, or the bohemian look, we just know they work.... [More]


Put an Egg on It

Forget birds! The new trend is to top your meals with an egg. Err, we guess the trend is hardly new, but Lara Ferroni makes it especially egg-cellent with her new cookbook, Put an Egg on It: 70 Delicious Dishes that Deserve a Sunny Topping ($13). She helps you get... [More]


Greet Your Guests Doormat

We can't decide if the vibe we're getting from the Greet Your Guests Doormat ($35) is psychedelic, artsy-fartsy, or even a little spooky, but we do know that it's a doormat we'd want gracing our stoop. The bright yellow contrasts nicely with the dark background, and the woven base is... [More]


Tauba Copper Mail Box

In the Digital Age, getting an actual, physical piece of mail that didn't come from a car dealership, credit card company, or grocery store is a real treat. Why not make it even more special by giving it a chic receptacle? This Tauba Copper Mail Box ($65) will make you... [More]


Versexy Hologram Dress

This song (with modified lyrics, of course) is in our heads and it won't leave: "Versexy, Versexy; Medusa head on me like I'm 'Luminati." Feel like you're walking down the catwalk every time you wear this sassy dress ($58).... [More]


1969 Coated Biker Legging Jeans

These jeans ($80) combine a few great trends into one rocking autumnal pair. Covered in a shiny finish, they exist somewhere between matte denim and shiny leather, classic skinny jeans and paneled biker leggings. Plus, they come in this gorgeous oxblood color.... [More]

Briefcase SM.jpg

The 1984

We love the posh details of The 1984 ($1,595). This piece is so beautiful and so much fun to carry, it almost makes us want to go to work. Almost.... [More]


Sequin Mirrored Skirt

This isn't just any old sequin skirt (though any old sequin skirt would be better in our book than most skirts). This one ($115) has a great allover diamond pattern, and lest you think the parts of the skirt without the pattern are too plain, look closely and you'll see... [More]


Khai Khai Question Mark? Ring

Have so much money you have to rack your brain to think of ways to spend it? Here's a grand one: the Question Mark? Ring ($910) from Khai Khai Jewelry. A glitzy ring made to look like one of our favorite punctuation marks is fun enough, but one crafted in... [More]


Force De Vie Lotion

Give your skin a refreshing break from dyes, preservatives, parabens, and sulfates by moisturizing it with Force De Vie Lotion ($80) from Luzern Laboratories. Your face won't just look moisturized - it'll look luminous and healthy.... [More]


Custom Movie Poster Prints

Who says you've got to have a box office hit to be a star? With $200 at your disposal, you can make yourself the hero of your very own cinematic adventure. ConsiderGraphics will create a Custom Movie Poster Print ($200) featuring you and up to seven other people, animals, places,... [More]


Large Tripot

Why sip your soup from some ordinary bowl when you can eat from one with adorable little legs? This Large Tripot ($60) looks like it could get up and sneak away from the table when you're not looking.... [More]


Dotted Suitcases

The accumulation of stuff is inevitable (after all, you are reading a shopping blog). When you find yourself staring at a massive collection of nail polish, or an endless pile of magazines, stash it all in a few Dotted Suitcases ($22) from The Land of Nod. Not only is a... [More]


Helicopter Classic Petra Dress

We love surprises! From the front, this dress is sleek and minimal, with hints of colorblocking. Turn around and it's another story, with sheer, yellow chevrons dramatically stretching across your entire back. The Classic Petra Dress ($160) is sure to make an impact, and we're excited about finding a great... [More]


Loren Hope Clara Bracelet

Want to feel like a true art deco princess? Perfectly curl that bob, slap on this Loren Hope Clara Bracelet ($65), and pour yourself a tall glass of gin. All you'll be missing are a bevy of white-suited gentlemen to wait on you hand and foot.... [More]


Doubtblush: Zara Striped Jumpsuit

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]



We know; how often is there actually leftover wine? But on the off chance you have a night when you don't feel like guzzling the whole bottle, the Capabunga ($8 for two) will help keep your grape juice fresh for the next evening's drinking. Best of all, it provides such... [More]

Beetle SM (2).jpg

Flora Lace Dress

We love lace, but we don't want our closet to look like a funeral home. Madewell's Flora Lace Dress ($168) in beetle green gives us the lace fix we love, but in a chipper way.... [More]


Bodum Pavina Glasses

Whether you're sipping an icy gin and tonic or a cozy mug of hot cider, these Bodum Pavina Glasses ($30) will keep your beverage at just the right temperature. And as a bonus, they look a heck of a lot sharper than most thermal drinking vessels, so you won't have... [More]


Privacy Pop Bed Tent

So, the Privacy Pop Bed Tent ($130-160) gives us the opportunity to relive the childhood fun of building pillow forts in a way that's still appropriate for adults and combines it with the privacy of camping, just without all the inconveniences? No thanks, we hate happiness.... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Krystle Loafers

Why should your jewelry be the only thing in your ensemble that sparkles? These Jeffrey Campbell Krystle Loafers ($196, on sale) will give your feet the chance to rock some serious bling. Use them to add a perfect touch of glamour to that daily jeans-and-a-T-shirt look.... [More]


Timbuk2 Scrunchie Tote

Anyone else remember the scrunchie? That oversized cloth ponytail holder that went so splendidly with our Aqua Net-infused superbangs back in the 1980s? We're not sure if those have anything to do with this Timbuk2 Scrunchie Tote ($89). But this handy carryall does make for a great place to stash... [More]


FlapFlap°10 Floor Lamp

When your life gets turned upside down, it's nice to have something anchored to the ground. And even if your life isn't turned upside down, the FlapFlap°10 Floor Lamp ($221) is still nice to have - like, just look at it!... [More]


Crayons for Grown Ups

Le Métier de Beauté is right: lip liners and eye pencils really are like crayons for grown-ups ($72)! Invest in their rose and nudite liners and you'll get a gorgeous pucker plus an extra eye pencil in noir - a smoky shade that's perfect for coloring in a classic cat... [More]


Pink Faux Fur Collar Double-Breasted Coat

A bubblegum pink winter coat sounds too precious in writing, but we can't help but love this piece ($130), which keeps us from getting a toothache with that sassy black faux fur collar. We're so used to seeing crowds of people wandering around in dark blue and black during the... [More]


Does This Make Us Look Cheap? October 11, 2013

Skulls have been in for a while now, but if there's any time to bring out the motif it's October. This week's Does This Make Us Look Cheap? gets you that Alexander McQueen look without the Alexander McQueen prices. Fashionology Skull Bangle in Silver ($29 on sale) Iron Fist Sugar... [More]


Lush Designs Vegetable Apron

They say one way to have a healthy diet is to eat the rainbow. We don't disagree that eating a colorful array of fruits and veggies is wise, but we also prefer to wear those colors while we're cooking. Surely there's a health benefit to donning this Vegetable Apron ($32)... [More]


The Jagger Ring

You for the next couple months: "No, I swear this is not about Miley. I'm a Stones fan! C'mon, you know that!" The Jagger Ring ($8)... [More]


Dino Snore Pyjama Set

We can't think of a reason why you shouldn't buy the Dino Snore Pyjama Set ($52). The punny name hooks ya while the cute and comfy design reels you in. In fact, maybe it's time to indulge in a personal day so you can lounge in your new jammies while... [More]


Constellation Wrapping Paper

We've found the perfect birthday gift wrap - classy, gender-neutral, and constantly seasonally appropriate. Stock up on this Constellation Wrapping Paper ($9) so that your present will always be the star of the party.... [More]


Moth Print Strappy Slip Dress

We've been seeing only butterfly motifs for way too long: let moths have their turn in the spotlight! (Because they love that.) They've got beautiful markings on their wings as well and it's time we acknowledged it. This slip dress ($84), with its simple lines and seams, is a perfect... [More]


Kate Spade Saturday I.D. Holder

There are lots of times when we want to be incognito: hangover breakfasts, late-night trips to the grocery store for brownies and wine, days when our hormonal acne flares up, and so on. On those days we turn to a cute baseball cap and oversize sunnies. However, when we need... [More]


Lékué Cooking Mesh

Hate washing extra pots? Indulge your lazy side with this Lékué Cooking Mesh ($15). These silicone bags help keep whatever things you're boiling separate, making it possible to cook up those spuds and carrots in the same pan. Just make sure you're not putting together two flavors you'd rather not... [More]


Bobbi Brown Smokey - Warm Eyeshadow Palette

While the Smokey - Warm Eyeshadow Palette ($49) doesn't contain pots of classic shades-of-grey colors, it does give you what you need to create a dramatic eye. The chocolate and coffee tones will warm up your face and give you a sexy smolder.... [More]


All the Cars in Los Angeles Tote

Artist James Gulliver Hancock set out to complete a seemingly impossible task - to illustrate all the cars in Los Angeles. We're not sure if he accomplished it or is still drawing cars at this very moment, but at least his valiant efforts mean we ended up with this great... [More]


Raffia Grasses Skinnies Bracelets

How do you make a flower crown or a bracelet woven out of grass last forever? Color by Amber has tackled that dilemma, using raffia and wild grasses encased in ecoresin to create this bracelet ($10).... [More]


RACHEL Rachel Roy Tiger Pullover

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight! Want to be responsible for planting that earworm in the brain of every person you see? Just don this tiger pullover ($99). The fact that you'll look super cute is just icing on the tiger-shaped cake.... [More]


Box Latches

Tired of cutting and re-taping those boxes in your basement or attic? These Box Latches ($8 each) are a handy alternative. Just slide them onto the flaps to keep them closed, and save yourself the trouble of scouring the house for a pair of scissors or gunking up your nails... [More]

Jackie SM.jpg

Pretty Woman Dress

We love Jackie O, and we can't help but get a little excited when we find fabulous retro dresses that look like something she would have worn. Shabby Apple's Pretty Woman ($88) dress just needs a pair of large sunglasses and a string of pearls to finish the look.... [More]


Emmet Sofa

Hold up, we know this looks like the world's least comfortable sofa, but the Emmet Sofa ($699) is intended for outdoor use. Now it looks pretty cushy compared to that splintery patio railing you've been leaning against, right?... [More]


ALL Knitwear Party Hat Yellow

"Party Hat" says it all. How can you have anything but a good time when you're wearing this joyful knit beanie ($60)? Each hat is topped off with a special final touch: no two pom-poms are exactly alike!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Marvy Transfer Pen

Turn any design you can get your copyright-infringing fingers on into a new addition to your wardrobe with the Marvy Transfer Pen ($2). Just copy the image that strikes your fancy onto tracing paper with this clever gizmo, then iron onto fabric. It's an easy (and cheap) way to get... [More]


Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower

There are a dozen different ways to brew coffee, and while purists can argue about which one produces the finest cup, we can't tell a damned bit of difference. But we do know what brewer looks the most impressive on our counter, and it's not Mr. Coffee. This Yama Cold... [More]


Love Star Queen of Hearts Vase

This Love Star Queen of Hearts vase ($65) forgoes that boring old cylinder shape and brings some extra romance and sweetness. Mount this one on the wall instead of putting it on the coffee table and it'll make for an even more creative way to display flowers!... [More]


Burt's Bees Carrot Nutritive Night Creme

You knew chomping on carrots was good for your eyesight, but did you know that applying carrot seed oil to your skin is supposed to help diminish wrinkles? That's not necessarily a scientific fact, but if you're willing to test out the theory, apply a little of Burt's Bees Carrot... [More]


Varsity Dot Tall Sock

Just like apple pie and pumpkin beer, these Varsity Dot Tall Socks ($24) are perfect for fall. The rust hue makes your look nicely autumnal while the length keeps those shins nice and cozy on crisp evenings.... [More]


Diana Coat

This ladylike wool coat brings to mind a certain English rose, and we're not just saying that because it's called the Diana Coat ($214). We were actually thinking the current Duchess of Cambridge, who favors this type of classic silhouette. Note the rounded collar, circular buttons, flattering A-line shape, and... [More]


Nibble Cake Pan

When we bake a cake, we find it exceedingly difficult not to immediately tear into that warm, delectable-smelling confection the second we remove it from the oven. Er, um, we mean, even with toothpicks, we find it difficult to judge the doneness of a cake without mangling it. Yeah, that's... [More]


Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer

It took you weeks to nail your signature smoky eye and barely-there blush. If you don't want it to fade or smudge while you go about your day, dab on a bit of Ben Nye's Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer ($6-18). The funky minty smell fades after a few minutes... [More]