Labeled Kitchen Storage Canisters

We appreciate that the cheeky Labeled Kitchen Storage Canisters ($19-39) from West Elm aren't as bossy as most. Instead, they tell us what they can do for us. They'll still contain, store, or keep all of our dry goods, but we get to decide what goes where without being boxed... [More]


iPhone Pocket Projector

No one likes huddling around a tiny iPhone screen to watch a video - it's just something we tolerate, like old people tolerated getting up to change the channel before remote controls. In both cases, technology = salvation. The iPhone Pocket Projector ($130) delivers exactly what its name promises and... [More]


I Am Only Pretending To Be Organized Pouch

It's true. The inside of our I Am Only Pretending To Be Organized Pouch ($17) is a jumble of makeup items, gum, latte change, and a few mystery items we can't remember putting in there.... [More]


Gray T-shirt With Retro Baroque Print

If you didn't identify as a wallflower before, you might when you wear this Retro Baroque Print tee ($38), which bears a design that might once have graced the walls of a European palace.... [More]



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Does This Make Us Look Cheap? August 30, 2013

Before you gear up for Labor Day weekend shopping, break out the champagne - it's the first installation of a new Outblush feature! Does This Make Us Look Cheap? gives you a weekly chance to snag a deal on the stuff you already come to Outblush for - fashion, beauty,... [More]


Julz Burnout Wrap

It's not fall yet, but when the sun sets and the temperature dips, our tank tops and tans aren't going to keep us warm. We just added the Julz Burnout Wrap ($65) into our transitional wardrobe, and we have to say it's the perfect piece. Light and airy with enough... [More]


Letter Organizer Bear

We love it when an item is designed with equal thought given to form and to function. The Letter Organizer Bear ($25) - look at those claws! - is built with sturdy enamel-coated steel and comes with mounting hardware, in case you want to hang him in the hall.... [More]


Capri Punta Carena Camera

Need a break from the digital life? You can shut down your computer, turn off your TV, and lock your phone in a drawer, but what are you going to use to take photos of your "off the grid" vacation? How about the Capri Punta Carena Camera ($109)? The striped... [More]


Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Sometimes we take a look at a beauty product and have no clue what it's for. We'll admit that was our first reaction to a bottle of Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($54) from Jurlique. The only way to find out what it does? Use it (well, and read the instructions)!... [More]


Full Moon Cylinder Cushion

Sometimes you just need something more than a regular decorative pillow. You need a decorative pillow that's shaped like a cylinder (or a log, if you prefer). It's just that much more substantial and satisfying, and this one has a beautiful hand-printed "full moon" pattern to boot. Full Moon Cylinder... [More]


Merry Products Night Stand Pet House

The question's not whether the Merry Products Night Stand Pet House ($92) is a good idea - we think it is. The question is whether your pet will actually stay in its cubby instead of taking that short walk to its preferred spot on your bed...... [More]


Decibullz Custom Earphones

We know it's tough to give up those iconic white buds, but if yours are falling out while you exercise, it may be time for an upgrade. The Decibullz Custom Earphones ($40) reach your door as a DIY kit, but no worries, you'll only need a few short minutes and... [More]


Nomad Bag

Toss the Nomad Bag ($119) into the why-didn't-we-think-of-that? pile! It's a large drawstring tote made from terry cloth. Beach days may be limited now that the end of summer is near, but this bag could revolutionize your gym experience. After a sweaty workout, stuff your dirty clothes into the bag,... [More]


150 Love Notes Notepad

Send your kiddo to school (or your significant other off to work!) with a sweet sentiment ripped from the 150 Love Notes pad ($16). Each note carries a different uplifting quote, idiom, or encouraging phrase. In fact, they're plenty positive enough to put in your own lunch. By noon, you'll... [More]


Frozzypack Lunchbox

We've never found ourselves facing the problem of how to keep leftover sushi cold before we can tackle it at lunch the next day, and not because we have the awesome Frozzypack Lunchbox ($25), which keeps foods fresh and cool for up to seven hours, but because we always finish... [More]


Falling Bookend

Tragedy's just around the corner at all times, so stop trying to enjoy your life and prepare for the worst! Like the poor man in this Falling Bookend ($24), we're perpetually in danger.... [More]



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Organizing your office has never been so much fun! We're even thinking of picking up a few extra to put in our kitchen, our bathroom, our garage...okay, you get the idea. Get a few for yourself and place them wherever your heart desires to make all your stuff more accessible.... [More]


Lunch Mail

Your kiddos may claim that the best part of lunch is the sandwich cookies/fruit leather/Dunkaroos (do they still make those?!), but we bet their grins get even bigger when they see notes from Mom tucked inside their boxes! Lunch Mail ($8) makes it easy to send cute, personalized lunch letters.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bow Print Headwrap

Even "Short Hair, Don't Care" girls like to indulge in hair doodads, but clips and barrettes usually don't stay put in short tresses. The solution? A funky wrap like this one ($6), which has an elasticized back for extra staying power. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]


Yellow Colourful Quotes Notebook

Is it time to find a new place to pen your prose? How about using the Yellow Colourful Quotes Notebook ($8) from ecojot? The Van Gogh sentiment on the front may provide you with the inspiration you'll need to fill pages with poetry, new recipes, or quick thoughts. The notebook... [More]


Cactus Knit Dress

We're having visions of the Road Runner, portable tunnel holes, and all sorts of overly complicated contraptions. In this Cactus Knit Dress ($495), you'd fit right into a cartoony version of the Mojave.... [More]


Tekno Bubbles

Fact: bubbles have a pleasing appearance. Fact: objects that glow in black light have a similarly pleasing appearance. Logical Conclusion: Tekno Bubbles ($4) are freaking sweet! Available in blue and gold.... [More]


UNIF Hotmēs Tank

"Hot mess" has been thrown around so much recently, it was just a matter of time before irony got its slimy hands on it. This UNIF Hotmēs Tank ($63) made us laugh, though - that picture is a horse-and-carriage wreck!... [More]


Jewelry Flacon

Jewelry box? Boring. Jewelry tree? Too 1996. Jewelry rack? No wall space. Jewelry flacon? Winner! Looking more like an objet d'art than a practical storage solution, the Jewelry Flacon ($60) holds your favorite baubles in and on its bulbous body. It's finally time to retire that jewelry tree you bought... [More]


Dig-Ins Dino Fossil Cookie Cutters

Frosting is what turns it from baking to an art form. Since we all can't be Michelangelo-level food designers, think of these Dig-Ins Dino Fossil Cookie Cutters ($15) as paint-by-number. The skeleton stamp makes it easy to fill in the colors.... [More]

Cat Eye SM.png

Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to cover the dark circles under your eyes with sunglasses than with makeup? Well we have, and with these Cat Eye Sunglasses ($365), no one will suspect the puffiness you're hiding. Just be sure to stay outside so you don't look... [More]



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LORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer

Reduce shine and get that soft, effortlessly blemish-free look by adding the POREfection Mattifying Face Primer ($32) from LORAC to your beauty routine. Sometimes we get lazy and skip using a primer, but we're always so much happier when we take the time to put it on under our foundation.... [More]


Bow Bin Half Weave Green

It's a Frankenbin! The Bow Bin ($45) is the brainchild of designer Cordula Kehrer, produced in the Philippines by the indigenous Aeta people. Made up of half reclaimed plastic basket, half sustainably harvested rattan, it's a whimsical combination and a great study in contrasts, sure to add interest to any... [More]

Compte SM.jpg

Courtly Check Compote

The MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Compote ($360) looks like something straight from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Handmade and -painted, this fabulous compote is sure to make fruit, or whatever you decide to put in it, much more appetizing.... [More]


"The Jessica" Black & White Bag

Hey, if this bag from My Jewel Candy ($40) (or a bag that looks remarkably like it) is good enough for Jessica Alba to be seen in public with, it's good enough for us. Well, no, we like it on its own merits. The geodesic stitching on the bag gives... [More]


Marius Fabre Household Soap with Brush

The two-in-one Household Soap with Brush ($38) from Marius Fabre isn't just for show - the old-fashioned soap is almost three-quarters olive oil and the brush bristles are sturdy and thick. This little duo can take a few beatings and then some. Use it to wash up after you've been... [More]


Shopaholic Mermaid Swimsuit Set

Swimsuit season may be wrapping up (cue: the sigh of relief and a reach for the cookies), but Halloween is also right around the corner, making this Mermaid Swimsuit ($70) an investment you'll still get plenty of use out of even if you're done with beach trips for the year.... [More]


Coca-Cola Can Glass

...but whatever you put in it, no Pepsi!!! Coca-Cola Can Glass ($4)... [More]


Fred and Friends The New Black Pencils

At this point in time, the consensus is that Orange Is the New Black. But of course, that hasn't always been the case. The new black has been pink, navy, grey, leopard print, and even black, for as much sense as that makes. Fred & Friends pokes fun (rightfully!) at... [More]

Laptop bags small.jpg

Personal Shopper: Lady Indiana Jones Bag for Morgan

Morgan writes: "I'm getting to the point in my career where the laptop-in-the-backpack strategy is totally embarrassing! I'm looking for a more mature, stylish leather satchel that says I'm confident and approachable. I was invited to speak at a conference in early October - would love to be sporting my... [More]


Unisex Courage Backpack

We are all for shared responsibilities, which is why this Unisex Courage Backpack ($215) is fantastic. There's no need to hand your hubs a lady-ish hybrid handbag when it's his turn to tote around all of Junior's three thousand extra things. Switch off as you see fit and feel secure... [More]


Knock Knock Crap Small Box

Moving? You know how you pack everything away in orderly boxes labeled with things like "kitchen utensils" and "winter accessories" - and then you get down to the last odds and ends that don't fit in any box, but you still want to keep them? That's what this Crap Box... [More]


Honey by Marc Jacobs

It's a darn good thing that Marc Jacobs's scents are so lovely, because his perfume bottles seem to fall short of sophisticated. His newest creation, Honey ($52-92) combines notes of sweet fruits, like pear and apricot, with golden vanilla and honey. It's a light and playful perfume, full of energy... [More]

Elsa SM.jpg

Elsa Top

Lilly Pulitzer's fabulous Elsa Top ($158) combines two things we just can't seem to get enough of: silk and bright colors! It's so comfy, you'll want to sleep in it. But don't.... [More]


Illusion D'Ombre

It's looking like the fall color trends are headed into neutral territory. We're seeing lots of matte makeup with subdued tones, but we really like the compromise of the Illusion D'Ombre shadow ($36) from Chanel. A good portion of the cream shadows are neutral, but they've got a little brightness... [More]

Elephant SM.jpg

Pack Your Trunks Earrings

Let's face it - a week ago, we thought we had just about every kind of animal motif in our closets. What were we missing? Elephants! Pack Your Trunks Earrings ($10).... [More]


Pelikan Duo Highlighter Fountain Pen

That glowing yellow highlighter ink is done playing backup and is ready to take center stage! Pelikan Duo Highlighter Fountain Pen ($175)... [More]


Laurel Dress

Sure, this Steven Alan dress ($385) may take up a good percentage of your yearly wardrobe budget, but you deserve something nice, don't you? You'll be able to wear this sandwashed silk dress in spring, fall, or winter, with sandals, boots, or even mukluks (don't quote us on that last... [More]


Slush Mug

Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean our frozen treat habit needs to dissipate with it. With the Slush Mug ($10), you can have your very own Slurpee without leaving home! What's the best part? You can have whatever flavor you want! Simply keep the mug... [More]


Eiffel Tower Scissors

Add a touch of Pair-ee to a mundane activity? You don't have to ask us twice. These Eiffel Tower Scissors ($8) look so natural, it's almost like they built the tower afterwards.... [More]


Green Cork Eco Watch

There's never a bad time for eco-friendliness, especially when it comes in such a stylish, minimalist package. Containing not one ounce of plastic, the Green Cork Eco Watch ($45) is constructed with cork (surprise) and corn resin, and contains a mercury-free battery.... [More]


New Kid Penny Teaser

Chelsea boots are a classic wardrobe staple that isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and we think it's worth the investment for a pair you'll be wearing every day come September. The ankle cut and low heels make the New Kid Penny Teasers ($188) easy to pull on and walk in... [More]


Caudalie Divine Scrub

We're not sure what we'd consider to be the most heavenly part of showering with the Caudalie Divine Scrub ($38). Perhaps it's the rich and inviting rose and cedarwood scent? Or maybe it's the way the brown sugar gently sloughs away at our dull skin? Oh! We know! It's gotta... [More]

Bird Foot SM.jpg

Pair of Pewter Bird Feet

With Halloween just around the corner, it's important that we start stepping up our creepy accessory game. Purchase #1: Pair of Pewter Bird Feet ($38). They look artsy, but also make us wonder... where's the rest of the bird?... [More]


Ketzali Xatbinik Scarf

This handmade Guatemalan Ketzali Xatbinik Scarf ($91, on sale) is plenty big, at over five feet long and three feet wide, so you can snuggle into the soft alpaca fiber all fall and winter long.... [More]


3D Space Cookie Cutters

When you've returned from your Jurassic adventures, dial the time machine ahead a couple thousand years. These 3D Space Cookie Cutters ($12, with $22 in shipping to the US, yikes!) will have you blasting off to uncharted galaxies and making contact with martians.... [More]


The Wealth of Nations Tee

This is for you econ nerds out there. What looks like a basic tee with a colorful geometric pattern is actually a design made out of the text of Adam Smith's magnum opus! The Wealth of Nations Tee ($34)... [More]


Hello Kitty Kiss Earbuds

Apparently, the cat has joined the KISS Army. Hello Kitty Kiss Earbuds ($14 on sale)... [More]


Hydra Life BB Eye Crème

When you oversleep/turn off your alarm three seperate times, your window for a proper beauty routine narrows considerably. We know, we've been there (almost daily!). Thankfully, a few dabs of Hydra Life BB Eye Crème ($45) from Dior covers up under-eye circles and brightens your face. If you have about... [More]


The Pattern Box

Traditionalists in the Digital Age rejoice! The Pattern Box ($20) holds a hundred postcards adorned with vibrant patterns curated by the Textile Arts Center in New York City. Dash off notes to friends and loved ones without worrying about whether the sentiment on the card is right. (Rest assured, a... [More]


Black Playing Cards

An all-black deck of playing cards? I guess the red suits finally got with the picture. These Black Playing Cards ($10) feature not only the world's most stylish color, but also some of that cool triangle art the kids are into these days.... [More]


Mini Pops Sampler Pack

If you're on a gluten-free diet, a bag of popcorn is definitely a no-no. Unless it's a bag of Mini Pops ($23)! Technically, the snack is air-popped sorghum grain, so it's completely corn- (and gluten-) free. The tiny grains pop similarly to corn, but don't contain any leftover kernel particles,... [More]


Cloud Corkboard

Forget bland, square corkboards. They're a bit on the boring side. And maybe you should also forget that the Cloud Corkboard ($20) is technically made for a kid's room. If you hang it above your desk it'll add a bit of fun and whimsy to your office, and when the... [More]


Knot Necklace

Unless you belong to the International Guild of Knot Tyers, make sure you always keep this Adia Kibur necklace ($50) clasped so as not to undo the intricate knots that are its centerpiece. We suppose that if the knots came undone there would still be visual interest in the shiny... [More]


OSEA Sea Minerals

We love that OSEA packs a ton of good stuff (like organic seaweed!) into their vegan skin care line, and we're completely addicted to spritzing Sea Minerals ($32) onto our faces. The toner can go on over or under your makeup - either way, you're left with softened skin that... [More]


Respect the Chemistry Beaker Mug

The final season of Breaking Bad is well underway, and we are (not so) patiently awaiting the series conclusion. Not yet addicted? Pour yourself a few cups of coffee, drink them from the Respect the Chemistry Beaker Mug ($27) and start from the beginning (it's currently streaming on Netflix). We... [More]


Wooden Eye Glasses Holder

You know, it's funny...sometimes we think they look better on him than on us. This Eye Glasses Holder ($18) is more than just functional decor - each one is handmade in India and sponsored by the HSSS, a nonprofit dedicated to helping artisans who suffer from disabilities, illiteracy, or poverty.... [More]


Le Kraft Refillable Leather Notebook

Carry it with you through thick and thin, through sleet and slush; this refillable notebook ($39) is bound in the most resilient of leather covers and tanned with water to keep your pages safe from accidents.... [More]


New York Times Stacked Tee Shirt

Whether or not you actually read the Times is irrelevant, because tossing on the this tee ($35) from ALTRU is all about looking smart. Just don't wear it on the first day back to classes - it might prompt a new prof to cold-call you!... [More]


Doubtblush: Rhinestone Horse Statement Necklace

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Ouidad Color Sense Collection

Whether you were going for a becoming brunette or a bright blue, chances are you've dyed your hair at some point in your life. And thus you know the number that all that dye can do on your hair. Combine that with a head of curly locks and you have... [More]


Philip Kingsley Handbag Brush and Case

We can sense your skepticism from here: who really needs a case for their hairbrush? But we can't be the only ones who've ever haphazardly packed our toiletries and jewelry in one bag only to reach our destination and find a favorite necklace tangled through all of those bristles. The... [More]


Thrill Murray Coloring Book

Remember when you were a kid and used to get lost in coloring books full of your favorite cartoon heroes? Nowadays, as adults who still use coloring books, your tastes have become more sophisticated and your subjects have shifted from ponies and princesses to iconic comedians. The Thrill Murray coloring... [More]


Alphabet Studs

Plenty of celebs have used name pendants as part of their signature look, but we're going to move ahead of the trend and wear a pair of Alphabet Studs ($98) from Maya Brenner. Grab your custom pair by picking a metal and your two letters. Go double on one letter,... [More]


Cupcake Good Lunch Snack Sacks

Ditch wasteful plastic baggies and pack lunch snacks in these reusable fabric Cupcake Good Lunch Snack Sacks ($14) from Oré. Each set includes three bags in different sizes for holding everything from fruits and veggies to almonds to a few handfuls of cereal. If cupcakes are too cutesy for you,... [More]


Lighten Up Poster

We could all use the reminder every now and again. It's much easier to hear coming from an artfully designed poster than from an abrasive coworker. Lighten Up Poster ($15)... [More]


Owl Shoulder Bag

We know the owl fad has really taken flight, but the Owl Shoulder Bag ($74) brings it to new heights! This handmade leather bag features a stylized owl design that we can't take our watchful, unblinking eyes off of! Available in several different colors.... [More]

Paris SM.jpg

Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague

This gorgeous Cartier ring looks like a beautiful explosion of gold. Unfortunately, if we tried to buy the Paris Nouvelle Vague ($9,600), our credit cards would also explode.... [More]


Milk Leg Lather

We have a little bit of an obsession with Archipelago's Milk line. The scent is subtle and clean; we don't feel like we're perfuming our parts with an overabundance of synthetic flowers, fruits, or foliage. Our favorite, the Milk Leg Lather ($22), delivers a sweet scent as you rub it... [More]


Cut Out Chiffon Mini Dress

If you find yourself unable to shake the feeling that you've acquired a new shadow over the course of the evening, it might be because you've caught something (or someone) in your web. Quite literally. And that may be the only downfall to this Cut Out Chiffon Mini Dress ($35).... [More]


Every Occasion Card

The truest sentiments are spoken from the heart...but you don't have a lot of time! Show that special someone that they're actually not all that special with The Every Occasion Card ($14 for eight).... [More]


Day Camp Camp Director Tote

Summer camp season may be over, but the Day Camp Camp Director Tote ($57) makes an even better school bag. It's large enough to hold a fifteen-inch laptop and all of your heavy school books or paper and art portfolios. The construction is solid, but it's that darling denim and... [More]


Shirley Bracelet Zip Around Wallet

Tuck the dotted Shirley Bracelet Zip Around Wallet ($95) into your handbag or carry it like a clutch. We don't have any strong opinions on how you choose to rock this little gem, so long as you do!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sun Bum Lip Balm

There are yummy lip balms and then there are lip balms that protect you from the sun. Rarely do you find a balm that can legitimately make both claims. These Sun Bum Lip Balms ($4 each), however, each pack a powerful punch of tropical flavor while also keeping your lips... [More]


Home Plate Doormat

For a die-hard baseball fan, there's no better welcome home than the Home Plate Doormat ($22)! It really punches up the feeling of comfort and security you get in your own home if you shout "SAFE!" every time you enter.... [More]


Oblique Wine Holder

Ah, saves lives, eases burdens - and even better, it makes our homes look cool! The most important component of the Oblique Wine Holder ($45) is the physics behind it!... [More]


Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

Just like the old adage says, you can't bring a plastic straw to a rubber band fight. The arms race of classroom tomfoolery has reached a point of no return with Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction ($17), an illustrated how-to manual on building bigger and better classroom weaponry than, say,... [More]


The Tailgater

"The Tailgater ($499) takes TV outside." Really? Is this what we need? Television out in nature? The ability to go camping with your friends and not miss the latest episode of True Blood? Opportunities to watch the pre-game show while tailgating outside the stadium? Some say "yes". We say "not... [More]


Simple Cat Ring

For the cat lady who doesn't feel comfortable shouting out her cat-lady-ness to the world, there's the sterling silver Simple Cat Ring ($54). It distills the essence of your feline friend into two inquisitive cat ears.... [More]


Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel

Pimple getting you down? Nix the idea of turning to a home remedy (has toothpaste or crushed-up aspirin actually ever worked miracles?) and grab yourself a bottle of Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel ($15) from Origins. For about the same cost of yesterday's lunchtime quesadilla and burrito combo, you... [More]


Lottie Pullover

The Lottie Pullover ($78): soft, but obviously a more fashionable choice than a Snuggie.... [More]


Style Wars: A Trump Card Game

If you've ever listened to a fashionista rattling off the contents of designers' seasonal collections by the year, you know they're not that far from Trekkies in their enthusiasm or their selective memory. It makes sense, then, to have a fashion card game! Style Wars ($10) has cards featuring men's... [More]


Vineyard Whale Wine Tote

If you showed up to your next party carrying two bottles of your hostess's favorite vino in the Vineyard Whale Wine Tote ($40) from Vineyard Vines, just imagine what could happen next. You could find yourself being served up the biggest rib rack or pie slice, you could be envied... [More]


Pikachu Inspired Hat

There're millions of cats and dogs in the world, but there's only one Pikachu*. This Pikachu Inspired Hat ($25) is the only thing cute enough to dethrone the other animal-ear products on the market today. *Well, technically, there are no Pikachus in the world.... [More]


Matinee Wallet

We're drawn to the colors first, of course - and you can take your pick from eight color combinations with names like Sweet Violet (pictured), Berry Blast, Seascape, and Sangria - but we also love how functional this Mywalit series is. The Matinee Wallet model ($119) features eleven card slots,... [More]


Too Faced Glitter Glaze Transforming Shadow Top Coat

Puttin' on the sparkles for a night out? Don't forget to add a pound or two of glitter to your eyelids! Or you could swipe the Glitter Glaze Transforming Shadow Top Coat ($21) from Too Faced over your already-shadowed eyes. It amps up the sparkle, but isn't nearly as messy... [More]


Panda Onigiri (Rice Mold) Set

You're not going to pass up any opportunity to put a panda face on something, are you? We thought not. Just don't get too attached to your creation - in the end, only one of you can survive. Panda Onigiri (Rice Mold) Set ($20)... [More]


Victorian Flowers 1460s

The dream of the '90s is alive, and not just in Portlandia. Just the other day, we saw a photo of Katy Perry rocking a long-sleeved velvet minidress with, you guessed it, a pair of Doc Martens. These 1460s ($130) would be a worthy update to your classic black stompers.... [More]


Loose Modal T-Shirt

Perfectionists need not apply, because the hem on this shirt ($20) will drive them crazy. For the rest of you, the uneven hem will make for some flattering drapery.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Bangin' Vegas Ensemble for Jennifer

Jennifer writes: "Lovely Outblushers, Longtime lover/reader/follower/budget blower on your site! You guys rock! I have a tough one for you guys! I am heading to Vegas for the FIRST TIME EVER in December with my best friend to celebrate her 30th birthday! We are going as a group of 4... [More]


Secret Message Writing Set

It's always embarrassing having your note read out loud to the entire class - especially if it's about someone in the class! The Secret Message Writing Set ($6) contains two pens with special ink that's only visible under black light. Where are you going to find black lights in class?... [More]

Mini Tote SM.jpg

Robinson Shrunken Square Tote

Normal things made mini are adorable: mini dogs, mini cars, mini clothing (children's clothing) get the point. Tory Burch has run with this idea, creating a line of mini bags. The Robinson Shrunken Square Tote ($250) is a purse with a classic silhouette, just...smaller. We love it!... [More]


Barbour Hartpury Jacket

Looking for the ideal transition coat for the fall - or next decade of fall seasons, if you factor in the price tag? You'll look positively fetching in the Barbour Hartpury Jacket ($499). The quilted cotton outer shell is waxed to keep out the wind and rain while the cotton... [More]


Verdant Bread Bin

Like some of the reviewers of the Verdant Bread Bin ($158), we'd have to advocate for filling yours with cookies instead of bread. Your breads will fit, for sure (unless you're all about baguettes like they've got in the picture for some reason), but cookies are so much yummier! Plus,... [More]


Saylor Sleeper

As any mom knows, middle-of-the-night diaper changes are kinda at the bottom of the list when it comes to other-ways-you'd-like-to-spend-your-time-when-you-should-actually-be-asleep. But, babies poo, so there's no way around the 2:00am butt wipe. At least it can be a quick affair, especially if your baby is wearing the Saylor sleeper ($36).... [More]


On Your Case Faux Wood Geometric iPhone Case

Our love for chevrons will never wane! This Faux Wood Geometric iPhone Case ($15) caught our eye with the pattern, and we like the homey texture, too. (It doesn't hurt that we always need an extra phone case on deck - we drop our phones regularly enough to destroy each... [More]


Milk Drunk Onesie

Breast milk or formula - whatever you're giving, your kiddo is loving! You know by that adorably blissed-out look on his face after he finishes a meal. Put him in the Milk Drunk Onesie ($26) and you've got a total photo op waiting to happen!... [More]


Menu Organization Chalk Decal

Sticking to a weekly meal plan is easier when it's staring you in the face from the wall (and giving you compliments, to boot!). The Menu Organization Chalk Decal ($30) grids out your week so you can write out your meals ahead of time. No need to stop at the... [More]


Chapter-30 Lace Ankle Boots

It's not too far away from leaf-crunching season - do you have the necessary equipment? These tan ankle boots ($30) will do a fine job while still looking perfectly pretty.... [More]


Long-Sleeved Sweater with Lace Applique

The shoulder pad trend has (thankfully?) come and gone once more, and we'd like to say that we much prefer lace appliqués when it comes to adding a little pizzazz to your shoulders. Long-Sleeved Sweater with Lace Applique ($105)... [More]


Corner Wall Mount Shelf

Like a well-played game of Snake, the Corner Wall Mount Shelf ($36) takes ninety-degree turns at all the right places.... [More]


Food Huggers

You better believe we'll be preordering a set of these Food Huggers ($19 for four)! Scheduled to ship in October, the silicone caps come in four sizes to fit all of your leftover fruits and veggies. Did you slice up half a cucumber and half a pepper for your salad?... [More]


The Birds of Australia Print

They may not be Australia's most popular forms of wildlife (koalas and kangaroos take the cake there), but the country has some fabulously strange birds, such as the emu, the kookaburra, and the lyrebird. Brighten up your home with some whimsical winged friends from down under. The Birds of Australia... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Be Optimistic Felt Badge

We bet you'll start the school year off on a high note when you add the Be Optimistic Felt Badge ($6) to your new backpack or fall jacket. Want an extra dose of warm fuzzies? The patch's sale proceeds are given to the It Gets Better Project. What's a Cheap... [More]


Ivory Floral Kimono

We don't usually support the idea of wearing robes out of the house (and don't get us started on sweatpants), but we'll make an exception for the Ivory Floral Kimono ($28). It's a lot less involved than its namesake (no complicated wrapping) and is covered in a beautiful crane and... [More]


Portofino Pavilion

Wowza, don't you just want to pitch the Portofino Pavilion ($699), a Z Gallerie exclusive, and throw a big classy bash? We could even see this serving as a small cocktail tent or a bridal dressing station for an outdoor wedding. Just think of the stunning photo ops!... [More]


MacBook Air Mirror

We never realized it until we saw the MacBook Air Mirror ($16), but laptops and handheld mirrors have a lot in common. They both flip open, they both have reflective surfaces, and they both shouldn't be stared into for too long.... [More]


Happy Lip Balm in Cotton Candy

If you can look past the strange grinning face on the outside of the tin, we swear the Happy Lip Balm in Cotton Candy ($7) will make you feel just as jovial as the name implies. It also happens to have way less calories than a bag full of the... [More]


Hold Cookbook Holder

We don't have the counter space for a cumbersome cookbook stand, but setting our heaviest coffee mug on a cookbook to keep it open isn't really the greatest solution. Thankfully, we just found the heavy, elegant, and compact Hold Cookbook Holder ($34). Sure, it's just a simple piece of brushed... [More]


Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal

You know cats - always cleaning! This Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal ($13) is the perfect car accessory to soften the opinions formed by the people you cut off.... [More]


Unicorn Hook

Hang your favorite chains off of the Unicorn Hook ($18) and maybe its hot pink horn will infuse your necklaces with a little bit of ancient magic. Okay, probably not, but it can't hurt to hope that it'll sweep you away to a magical land full of unicorn friends and... [More]


Crania Revolutis iPhone Case

There's no wrong way to design a skull...some ways are just more right than others. The Crania Revolutis iPhone Case ($50) gives your phone the same protection your skull gives your brain...just with a lot more pizzazz.... [More]


DIY Monogrammed Initial Planter Box

Boring rectangle planters no more! You request the letter and the Monogrammed Initial Planter Box ($47) arrives at your doorstep, ready for some artistic TLC. Hang it outside for a fun addition to your house number or use it inside as a unique and colorful centerpiece.... [More]

Stripe SM.jpg

Underline Stripe Skirt

The Underline Stripe Skirt ($29) is so much fun, you won't be able to stop twirling once you put it on. This bold skirt sits at your natural waist, so it's great for camouflaging food babies! We highly recommend it for Sunday brunch.... [More]


Terracotta Bookend Vase

Bookends on their own are quite useful, but the addition of a vase element makes the Terracotta Bookend Vase ($21) truly genius. The sweet design even works well on its own, and we can see one (or both) of these colorful bookends adorning our mantel without a real tome in... [More]


Star Wars Wampa Skin Rug

Bearskin rugs may be fine and good for normal couples in candlelit cabins, but Jedis need something a little more romantic. Give any room a little taste of Hoth with the Star Wars Wampa Skin Rug ($130).... [More]

Pink Pump SM.jpg

Jolene Heels

Kate Spade's Jolene Heels ($328) will brighten up even the most boring work clothes. Hot pink patent leather bows always add a little pep to our step.... [More]


Invisiplug Surge Protectors

Invisiplug Surge Protectors ($15) - because nothing goes together better than wood and electricity! Available in Dark Oak, Light Natural, or Medium Cherry.... [More]


Home Made Cookie Stamper

Nothing says "Home Made" like a seal designed for mass production! Home Made Cookie Stamper ($10).... [More]


Paper Mate Fall Flair Pens

We look forward to fall for so many of its seasonal products: riding boots and chunky sweaters, pumpkin lattes and gingerbread cookies...and autumnal pens? Seems like Paper Mate is capitalizing on the cooler weather with this set of Flair Pens ($9) in Cranberry, Pumpkin, Slate, and Mocha. Retire those neon... [More]


Personal Shopper: Yellow Desk Chairs for Amber's Surprise Office Makeover

Amber wrote: "Hi, I am Amber, looking for a yellow leather chair less than $125 (preferably within $100). I saw something like that on one of my visits to home goods but I could not find it on my next visit. Here is a picture of what I am looking... [More]


Platinum Rare Cellular Cream

Fancy a premium blended facial cream? The Platinum Rare Cellular Cream ($1,050) from La Prairie doesn't come cheap, but it does come infused with platinum. Apparently the precious metal gives the electrical currents under your skin a jump start, promoting the healthy growth of new skin and slowing down the... [More]


Floret Pillow

As much as we love the look of Granny's doilies, we don't have the right credenza to display them on in our cramped apartment. We're taking the same look and feel and tossing it on our couch with this Floret Pillow ($30). In fact, we might see if we can... [More]


Fournier Pirate Morgan Plush

There's something dashing about Pirate Morgan ($54), even if it does look like he'd have more of a waddle than a swagger! Maybe it's his stitched belt and shoe buckles, or his slightly off-center smile. Whatever it is, we can see him entertaining our guests if we were to use... [More]


Bike Chain Frame

The feel, the shape, and the flexibility - bike chains are too cool to be limited to use in bikes! This Bike Chain Frame ($36 -$38) takes that rugged mechanical aesthetic and lends it to any picture you want. (Hopefully, you can do better than a photo of a man... [More]


National Geographic Expedition Shoe Lights

Watching your step has never been easier! Slip the National Geographic Expedition Shoe Lights ($16) onto any shoes and let them light the way - whether you're searching tirelessly for the Seven Cities of Gold, or just searching tiredly for the bathroom in the middle of the night.... [More]


Orange Is the New Black Chicken Print

You totally devoured Orange Is the New Black in, like, three nights, right? Until the second season drops on Netflix next year, give yourself a reason to chuckle by hanging the Orange Is the New Black Chicken Print ($12-15) from Pop Art Press on your wall. And like Red, keep... [More]


Park Book Club Notepad

Scribble your literary thoughts onto the Park Book Club Notepad ($10) from Quill and Fox. We bet they'll be easier to shuffle through during your own book club meeting than your dogeared pages and your marginalia!... [More]


Fill-A-Lily Funnel

Just because the funnel is a mundane tool doesn't mean it has to look like one! Fun and flexible, the Fill-A-Lily Funnel ($9) gives you the edge-of-your-seat excitement that comes with pouring liquids into bottles!... [More]


Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel

Le Top Coat Gel ($23) from Guerlain is already half the price of a schmancy manicure. But we think it's worth it. The gel adds both an extra dose of thickness and a high-end shine to your nails. It'll look like you went to the salon, even if the truth... [More]


Octavia High Top Sneaker

While you may not be completely ready to trade in your summer sandals for a pair of fall boots, you've gotta admit that sifting through the new season's shoe selections is kind of exciting. Loeffler Randall's Octavia High Top Sneaker ($250), for example, is a bit of a hybrid shoe;... [More]


Back to the Future iPad Case

If you don't recognize this reference... then you need to develop an appreciation for the classics! This iPad case ($32) may be nothing special in the present, but take it back in time and suddenly it'll be more valuable than a winning lottery ticket! Just don't leave it anywhere near... [More]


Venus Fly Trap Kit

Gardening seem a little boring to you? Nothing a little bloodlust won't cure! Part plant, part flesh-eating monster, the Venus flytrap is the B-movie horror flick written, produced, and directed by Evolution! And with this Venus Fly Trap Kit ($13), you are the mad scientist who brings it into the... [More]


Bubble Lunch Tote

Who knew carrying your lunch in an organic cotton lunch bag was so badass? Rebel Green did! Their Bubble Lunch Tote ($24) features a bubble-gum-chewing vixen who will give you a daily reminder to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rebel. While the first three are self-explanatory, the last one is up... [More]


Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Out of Frequency

What would it sound like if you gave Taylor Swift a full orchestra and a buttload of acid? Once the screaming subsided, it might sound a little like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and their second album Out of Frequency ($10). The hot blonde weirdo lead singer (think a 21st-century Debbie... [More]


No Soliciting Sign

...because we hate needless interruptions, but Girl Scouts can do no wrong. No Soliciting Sign ($36)... [More]


The Original Chicken Handbag

Even Nostradamus would never have predicted that the Original Chicken Handbag ($40) would become a full-blown fashion trend. (We guess that's why Firebox added "Original" to the name). It's silly, it's rubber, and it's remarkably detailed. Stop having to decide between your sense of style and your sense of humor... [More]


Ball of Whacks

Toys...we don't grow out of them with age, we just get better ones. Make no mistake about it - this Ball of Whacks ($33) may be highly cerebral and involve intense critical thinking, but at the end of the day it's still a toy. What can you build with the... [More]


Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

We're not used to seeing such affordable price tags attached to high-quality beauty products, but the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant ($20) from Elizabeth Arden appeals to both our wallets and our skin. The cream is all-encompassing; slather some onto your sunburned shoulders, add a dab to your dry elbows,... [More]


It Was Always You Card

We can't predict the exact response of your partner after you hand over the It Was Always You Card ($6) from Sugar Paper, but we assume it'll be an audible "aww" (possibly followed by total heart melt). Extra points for not only remembering your anniversary, but totally rocking it with... [More]


Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils

The vivacious colors and cuddly texture of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils ($8) will bring you comfort when you need it most: while taking tedious history notes and writing out never-ending algebraic equations.... [More]


David Rasmussen WUD Martini Glass

Did you know the traditional fifth wedding anniversary gift is wood? If you're approaching that many years together (and you've already broken the cocktail glasses you registered for), consider the David Rasmussen WUD Martini Glass ($59).... [More]

Suspendar Tight Sm1.jpg

Super Suspender

These are not your grandfather's suspenders! They're sure to draw everyone's attention, and you don't have to run the risk of someone trying to suspender-snap them against your body. Super Suspender ($16)... [More]


Introductory Calculus For Infants

It's never too early to start learning advanced mathematics! ...Wait, is that right? Well, it's never too late to enjoy a children's book. Introductory Calculus For Infants ($10) is more-or-less as advertised - a kid's book following two friends as they explore the basics of calculus, explained in terms even... [More]



We're used to having to cajole, shape, pinch, and pull our LUSH bath products, but their line of FUN logs ($7) is a whole new ball bath game! Designed with kiddos in mind, the multipurpose substance is soap, shampoo, and bubble bath all rolled into one malleable log. Shape these... [More]


The Hungoevr Cookbook

What seems like a novelty gag gift is actually a pretty practical manual on helping to clean up the after-afterparty. The first part of the book contains a fun questionnaire with visuals to help diagnose which of the six hangover types you have, and the rest is recipes, organized to... [More]


Batman Deluxe Combination Booster Car Seat

Who better to protect your little sidekick than the Dark Knight himself? The Batman Deluxe Combination Booster Car Seat ($150) looks like so much fun, we can't wait until they make one for adults!... [More]


Celebrate Me Cake Server

You're the birthday girl! You'll do yourself no favors by being modest, so bust out the Celebrate Me Cake Server ($14) and have someone serve you the biggest slice of sprinkle-laden cake you can possibly devour in one sitting. Remember - sharing is optional!... [More]


Camera Ready CC Cream

After using the Camera Ready CC Cream ($42) from Smashbox for a few weeks, we're SOLD. How did the idea of combining makeup and skincare products into one, super product elude creators for so long? At any rate, a new standard has been set, and from here on out, we're... [More]


Rotary Phone Color Bobble Pouch

While actually using a rotary phone is behind the times, the print on this pouch ($32) is adorably modern in blue and peach.... [More]


Custom Hand-Painted Skeleton TOMS

It may be August, but we know we're not the only ones who are already prepping for Halloween! We can't wait to get our feet into a pair of Custom Hand-Painted Skeleton TOMS ($149), painted by Etsy seller BStreetShoes. The tops are replicas of real bones, and if you just... [More]


Nourish Organic Signature Value Set

We adore it when beauty products come bundled. The Signature Value Set ($30) from Nourish Organic is a quick and easy way to try four of their popular products all in one go. You get body wash, body lotion, body butter, and hand wash for twenty percent less than you... [More]


YogaForce A-Line Mat

Is your downward dog a little dumpy, your savasana a little sloppy?* If so, you might find the answer to your problems in the YogaForce A-Line Mat ($89). Not only does it have a sticky grip surface, it features an orange grid that helps you keep your body aligned, plus... [More]


Impaled Zombie Pen Holder

Let's get real for a second. Zombies are just downright creepy, which is why people in zombie movies get so amped up when they successfully fight off one of those monsters. Now we can feel that same excitement every day! The Impaled Zombie Pen Holder ($20) gives you the thrill... [More]


Poked To Death T-Shirt

Because when you're open about your geekiness, you don't want to leave any room for doubt. Yay, crossover references! Poked To Death T-Shirt ($24).... [More]


Ballerina Wall Clock

Why use the hands of a clock to tell time when you can use feet? The Ballerina Wall Clock ($16) shows just how flexible a trained dancer can be - we wince every time it's 12:30!... [More]


Skip Hop Mate Stay-Put Mat + Plate

Kids. Cute, but insanely messy, especially at mealtime. Keep your toddler (relatively) tidy with Skip Hop's Mate Stay-Put Mat + Plate ($20). (Try saying that ten times fast!) The all-in-one place setting has a mat for catching spatters and crumbs, a divided plate that can't be thrown, and detachable utensils.... [More]


Maple iPad/Tablet Cross Body Bag

While the new school year may see you lugging around a bag big enough to fit a laptop, keep one of these quilted Maple iPad/Tablet Cross Body bags ($100) from KNOMO around for the days you can travel light. The padded bag will hold your iPad, a smartphone, and the... [More]


Ulysses Pendant

As show-stopping as the Ulysses Pendant ($1,575) is when the light is off, it's even more dramatic when the is light on and it's casting a fractured glow around your room. Small beams sneak through the gaps between the gold disks and through the small holes in the bottom of... [More]


Spock Cookie Jar

Cookies before dinner? That's just not logical. Spock Cookie Jar ($35).... [More]


Pocket Microscope

And you thought looking at dead bugs was fun before! Pocket Microscope ($9).... [More]


Lumi Inkodye Starter Kit

Bear with us - the Lumi process is kind of involved, but if you can do it, it's a cheaper alternative to silk-screening. First, buy the Lumi Inkodye Starter Kit ($30) with the help of an awesome intermediary website - we suggest Outblush. Then, once you have it, roll the... [More]


Watermelon Oreos

Great...just when we figured out how to fight the temptation to eat regular Oreos, the diet-killers at Nabisco come out with Watermelon Oreos ($20). Maybe the fact that they're fruit-flavored makes them healthy?... [More]


Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

During the warm months, it's easy to rinse off at the gym and head back to the office with damp hair, but it may be time to find a compact hair dryer for the winter season. The Nano Titanium Travel Dryer ($26) folds up for easy gym bag storage. It'll... [More]


Po Campo Logan Trunk Bag

So you bike to work or school - does that mean you should be restricted to a dumpy and uncomfortable messenger bag? Hell no! The Po Campo Logan Trunk Bag ($85) clips onto your bicycle rack so you can ride in ease and style. The exterior is weather-resistant, and it's... [More]


Beaker Lapland Beanie

What can we say about the Beaker Lapland Beanie ($20) except meep, meep, meep, meep...... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Becky Top

It may be just us, but the model's expression, combined with the name of this Diane von Furstenberg Becky Top ($225) makes us think of Aunt Becky from Full House. Tell us Lori Loughlin's Rebecca Donaldson wouldn't wear this colorblocked silk shirt. Okay, so she'd probably wear it with shoulder... [More]


Din Din Smart Stainless Bus Platter

While it's kind of a pain to feed a picky foods-can't-touch toddler, we can't really blame them for their finicky eating habits. (We're not crazy about our yogurt running into our mac and cheese, either!) End the meltdowns by serving foods in the Din Din Smart Stainless Bus Platter ($20).... [More]


The Best Recipes in the World

Mark Bittman's The Best Recipes in the World ($21) brings the joys of global cuisine right into your own kitchen. Bittman's recipes, while decadent, are also perfectly manageable for the average home chef. You won't find yourself on a specialty store quest looking for hard-to-find brands of fig preserves; your... [More]


Dog Leash Plus

Leash, doggie treats, baggies, water bowl...sometimes we feel like our dogs need more things than our kids. That's where the Dog Leash Plus ($26) comes in handy. This Swiss Army-like leash includes an LED flashlight, a pop-up water bowl, a treat compartment, a baggie compartment, an LCD clock, an ergonomic... [More]


2 Week Skin Detox Kit

Got an important event on the horizon? Plan ahead for that wedding/high school reunion/date with an old flame and order the 2 Week Skin Detox Kit ($45) from root science. With daily use, the beauty bar, facial scrub, daily facial moisturizer, and weekly facial mask will rid your skin of... [More]


Barbie Catwoman Doll

We were totally about to pull the trigger and buy this Barbie Catwoman Doll ($42), but then we realized that we don't want to own the doll, we want to be her. Anyone have a good hair flip tutorial in their bookmarks?... [More]


Creepy Wrapping Paper Book

Sick of wrapping paper with boring old stripes or dots? Wouldn't you prefer something with insects going into ears? This Creepy Wrapping Paper Book ($16) will make the giftee question how much they want what's inside. Themes include dental work, scary clowns, worms, a smiling pig butchering itself, and surprisingly... [More]


Soap in Seaweed

We're going to have to let you know that, technically, this bar of Soap in Seaweed ($24) from Cousu De Fil Blanc isn't actually soap wrapped in seaweed. It's an organic vegetable-based soap (milled in France) with extracts of sea plants infused into it. We can overlook the misleading name,... [More]


Pure Transformation Night Treatment

We know it sounds a bit crazy to put on makeup on before you go to bed, but hear us out. bareMinerals markets their Pure Transformation Night Treatment ($60) as a dust-on before you hit the hay. Wash your face, moisturize, and use the included brush to dab the powder... [More]


Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank

What's this mysterious package, and what would happen if you put a coin on that strange button-looking thing? Yes, the Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank ($20) really is as cute as it looks. The box lid stays closed until you put a coin on the button, then a curious cat peeks... [More]


Fun Slides Carpet Skates

Fun Slides Carpet Skates ($20) allow you to zip, glide, skate, and slide on any carpet. Buy them "for your kids."... [More]


Conceal Floating Bookshelves

You've been looking your whole life for a clever and eye-catching bookshelf that displays not only your books, but your personality. As it turns out, the perfect bookshelf for you was no bookshelf at all - or at least it seems that way. Conceal Floating Bookshelves ($14).... [More]


Star Wars Chess Set

Hmm... Do you think the same people that like chess would also like Star Wars? We've seen novelty chess sets and we've seen Star Wars merchandise, and this Star Wars Chess Set ($70) just feels right. All of our favorites are there, including Queen Vader!... [More]


Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch

This eye-catching Lock Clutch ($395) is part of Loeffler Randall's new fall collection and it's making us drool a little. The reverse-dalmatian print gives it a bit of bad-girl-Cruella-de-Vil flair (minus the actual evil of skinning puppies), and it's offset by a dotted leather flap and a pushlock closure. Unfortunately,... [More]



Ack! The school year is starting in earnest and there're a thousand and one things on your to-do list. But school lunches? Pfft, it's in the bag. Or box, as the case may be. Boxtera ($35 per month) is a subscription service that sends a big box full of healthy... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Neon Landscape Notebook

Not only does the front of the Neon Landscape Notebook ($10) feature bright neon colors, the inner pages do, too. In fact, the pink, blue, orange, and yellow options are so much fun that we want to fill all fifty pages with doodles of unicorns and games of MASH. What's... [More]


H&M Linen Cushion Cover

H&M has finally brought their home line to the good ol' U-S-of-A. First up on our purchase list? These cute Linen Cushion Covers ($18), which are an adorbs way to update our throw pillows. The neutral colors will be perfect for fall, and the old-fashioned sugar sack print is totally... [More]


Kipik Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

At the kind of party we've been going to lately, you're lucky if you get food at all, let alone something as luxurious as a toothpick. But if you're going to offer toothpicks, you might as well go all out with it. The Kipik Hedgehog Toothpick Holder ($25) was designed... [More]


Bumble and bumble. Thickening Hairspray

We'd like to take a moment and send a sarcastic shout-out to the humidity for rendering our hair both limp and frizzy: gee, thanks! We'll save the real accolades for our Thickening Hairspray ($28). It can be used on wet or dry hair to thicken it and prevent flyaways, and... [More]


DV by Dolce Vita Langely Slip-On Loafers

Loving the loafer trend, but wary of looking like your great-uncle Gene? We hear ya. These DV by Dolce Vita Langely Slip-On Loafers ($79) give a fresh twist to the old-school style with popping polka dots. Despite the busy pattern, the sedate tones of these flats make them perfectly work-appropriate.... [More]


Little Devil Bloody Spice

That morning-after fog can make it a bit tough to find the perfect balance of spice and savory in your much-needed hair-of-the-dog hangover cure. Stop fiddling and let this Little Devil Bloody Mary spice mix ($15) come to your rescue. If you can manage to combine ice, tomato juice and... [More]


Stop The Water While Using Me! Mint Toothpaste

We've been told that water conservation begins at home about a bazillion times, and even though we're pretty good at remembering all the tips and tricks, a 6:00am wake-up call gives us the brain fuzzies. Thankfully, the Stop The Water While Using Me! Mint Toothpaste ($15) isn't shy about reminding... [More]


Ray-Ban CATS 1000 Sunglasses

It's mid-August, so we're pretty sure you've got a decent collection of sunglasses going. Have room for one more pair? These periwinkle-colored CATS 1000 Sunglasses ($102, on sale) from Ray-Ban are priced to sell. In fact, now's the perfect time to get a leg up on next summer.... [More]


Panoramic Rearview Mirror

When you're driving, do you ever feel like you're missing the big picture? The Panoramic Rearview Mirror ($60) eliminates blind spots and makes you part of the next evolutionary leap for drivers.... [More]


PBteen Speaker Lapdesk

While PBteen may be touting this Speaker Lapdesk ($140, on sale) as a back-to-school item, styling it with a notebook, textbook, and iPad each open to a scholarly page of text, we know the truth: this is the ultimate accessory for watching movies in bed while pretending to be productive.... [More]


Satya Jewelry Arm Yourself Wrist Wrap Bracelet

You probably have some meaningful jewelry in your collection - a grandmother's necklace, your engagement ring. Consider adding the Satya Jewelry Arm Yourself Wrist Wrap Bracelet ($48) to that list - the gold-plated serpent represents eternity and immortality. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet (which... [More]


Cat Playing Necklace

Usually you'd scold your cat for playing with your jewelry and getting the chains all up in knots, but that's the whole point of this necklace ($58), which just wouldn't be the same without that tangled "ball of wool."... [More]


Wall Socket Hidden Safe

It's not so much about what you're hiding as it is about how cleverly you can hide it. Every time you secretly open your Wall Socket Hidden Safe ($10), you'll get that smug sense of being smarter than your enemies...even though no one's trying to steal your Hayden Christensen autograph... [More]


Nihlist Toothpaste

Nihilists believe in nothing. Therefore, Nihilist Toothpaste ($5) is a physical representation of that nothingness. Hygiene...what's the point?... [More]


Notes For My Novel Moleskine

You're gonna do it, you swear. It's just that you're not quite ready to take the plunge and write your Great American Novel. Why don't you use this notebook ($32) from EmDashPaperCo to at least jump-start the process? You'll get to feel plenty smug about penning down your ideas. Someday... [More]


Compleat FoodSkin

Despite a terribly unappetizing name, the FoodSkin ($33) is actually quite an appealing product. It's almost like reusable plastic wrap, in a sense. Place the food you need to keep fresh on the base of this...envelope (for lack of a better description) and the stretchable top layer will fit snugly... [More]


Holker Tweed Fieldcoat

Fall might still be a month away, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start planning that cooler-weather wardrobe. Getting an early start might mean you're the first to snatch up choice items like this Holker Tweed Fieldcoat ($376). It's a new take on the still-popular equestrian style that... [More]


A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN - Win a 3 Month Subscription to Wantable

Never tried a subscription box? Today might be your chance to give it a go! Outblush has joined forces with Wantable to offer one lucky reader a free three-month makeup or accessory box subscription. Skeptical of how well these subscriptions can really be tailored to your personal style and makeup... [More]


Museum Regulation Sign

You know, this suggestive print ($85) may not come in handy with the kids until they're old enough to read (and maybe not even then). But sometimes friends bring friends that you've never met, and well, you don't know their lives, so this may come in useful after all.... [More]


Heather Soap In A Tin

We suppose you aren't browsing the Internet today with the intention of finding something that'll have you smelling like the moors of Scotland. Nevertheless, this Heather Soap In A Tin ($8) will do the trick. Think tiny purple flowers blowing in the afternoon breezes, softly floral and earthy. You could... [More]


Aqua Chill Cooling Pour Spout

While we don't often turn down a glass of wine, warm chardonnay just doesn't hold much appeal for us. So our go-to hostess gift is now the Aqua Chill Cooling Pour Spout ($20). Pop this magic wand into the freezer for a few hours and insert it into the vino... [More]


G.H. Bass & Co Gatsby Flat

Need to give yourself a reward for being so awesome? Forget the gold stars and give yourself a pair of Gatsby Flats ($91, on sale) from G.H. Bass & Co. Your feet will thank you for your impeccable taste!... [More]


Guard'N Fresh

Throwing out those tasty fruits and veggies because you failed to eat them before they went squishy is a depressing exercise. Cut back on your losses with Guard'N Fresh ($12). These clever little packets absorb the ethylene gas released by aging produce, giving those apples two to three times their... [More]


Solstice Aqua Sofa

Inner tubes are for people who aren't trying hard enough to relax. If you want to do nothing, but more so, pick up the Solstice Aqua Sofa ($141), a water-safe mini-couch. We're all just biding time until that waterproof plasma display comes out.... [More]


Portable Sun Dial

Keep track of the time when you're well outside of cell tower range with this Portable Sun Dial ($11). Just calibrate it with the built-in calendar, align it, and it'll help you determine whether you've got enough time to hit that next summit, or whether you ought to head back... [More]


Natural Gourd Bowl

We're not sure it gets any more renewable than these Natural Gourd Bowls ($9). After all, the vegetables used to make these rustic soup-holders sure grow a heck of a lot faster than trees, and require much less processing than paper, plastic, clay, or metal.... [More]


Pimp Your Door Decals

Your front door is quite literally the first thing people notice about your home (unless you have a yard) so make a good first impression with these decals ($10), which give your peephole the makeover it so desperately needs!... [More]


Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

The best cure for a stressful day at work? Coming home, kicking off your shoes, putting your feet up, and staring into your magical, color-changing cube of lights. The Hypnocube Animated LED Cube ($90) is like a three-dimensional light show in the palm of your hands - you can get... [More]


Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist

We're not sure what you can't spray with Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist ($18). A squirt in your locks gives them a tousled beachy texture. A dash on your body helps hydrate your skin. A mist around the room infuses your space with a refreshing fragrance. We figure pretty much anything... [More]


Retro Oven Cupcake Box

Download, print, and fold your own Retro Oven Cupcake Box ($4 for the PDF). The adorableness is almost overwhelming! The file also includes cupcake flag designs, ready for your own clever phrases or notes: thank guests for attending your party, cheer on the local ball team, or go oh-so-cute with... [More]


Emilia Cotton Tote

We bet you can still eke out a few more beach days before you start to feel the full force of fall. Pack up your surf and sand accessories in the Emilia Cotton Tote ($195) by Mercado Global and go soak up the late summer sun!... [More]


Emmi Jacket

We're sweating just looking at outerwear options! It seems too early to think about winter coats, but honestly, the warm days will be over before we know it. Picking up this two-toned, lined Emmi Jacket ($349) from Club Monaco now will ensure that you're prepared for the coming cold!... [More]


Doubtblush: Vegetable Candy

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Flair Watch

In this age of ever-present smartphones and digital devices, we certainly don't need a watch to tell the time. That leaves one reason for wearing one: to add a fun accent to our look. This Flair Watch ($21) does that nicely with a simple face and a brightly-colored strap that... [More]


ncLA So L.A. Nail Wraps

Summer might be winding down, but now you can have a beachy cool manicure any time of year with ncLA So L.A. Nail Wraps ($24 for two sheets and a nail file). They're totally tubular, dudes and dudettes. Gnarly, even.... [More]


Jakob Wagner & Menu's Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Does this wine rack ($59) make us as nervous as one of those magnetic knife racks? Yep! Do we still love its sleek modern design? Sure do! We'll just tread lightly around it and cross our fingers that there isn't an earthquake around the corner.... [More]


Vintage Sewing Patterns Tote Bag

You don't have to be a crafty type to appreciate these Vintage Sewing Patterns Tote Bags ($35). Printed with nostalgic images that look as though they were lifted straight from classic Simplicity patterns, they're a fun way to show off your fashion cred.... [More]


Sandwich Lunchbox Tin

Like a vase with a flower design or a suitcase with a folded clothes print, the Sandwich Lunchbox Tin ($9) is right on the nose when it comes to telling you what's inside. We love how the lid is the top slice of bread!... [More]


Crayon Bandolier Belt

Warning: No matter how cool her crayon organizer is, your child's still not going to clean them up on her own. Crayon Bandolier Belt ($25)... [More]


Scrubba Wash Bag

Fitting two weeks' worth of clothes into a carry-on is about as unrealistic as having a washing machine at your disposal whenever you're traveling... or is it? The Scrubba Wash Bag ($65) serves as a packable washing machine of sorts. Simply put your dirty garments in the bag with a... [More]


Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book

Finally, a book adaptation of the famous Harry Potter films! Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book ($29) gives you a 3-D look at the artwork of Andrew Williamson, the concept artist for the movies. The images really bring the Harry Potter universe to life - let's see your imagination do that!... [More]


Danby Tabletop Portable Dishwasher

You've found your dream apartment, but there's a problem: no dishwasher. Don't feel bad: it'd be a dealbreaker for us, too. But the Danby Tabletop Portable Dishwasher ($230) opens up a whole new world of residential possibilities. This compact unit fits on a table or countertop and washes up to... [More]


Detangling Hair Brush

Knots and tangles a problem? Trade in your everyday hairbrush for the Detangling Hair Brush ($10) from Tangle Teezer. It runs through snarled hair with ease, untangling strands without tugging out half of your scalp at the same time.... [More]


American Apparel Bow Hair Clip

Hair bows: helping you to be adorkable since the moment your mom found out she was having a girl. American Apparel Bow Hair Clip ($14).... [More]


Stripe Latern Dress

If you've ever looked at the iconic red and white stripes of the big top and thought, "Dang, I wish I could wear that", this Stripe Latern Dress ($50) is just for you, and it won't make you look like a tent.... [More]


CB2 3-Piece Amigos Vase Set

We're always striving for a perfectly curated collection of knickknacks objets d'art. But while we're out combing the antique malls and flea markets, we can never quite picture the exact shade from Granny's teapot that we're trying to match. CB2 took the guesswork out of color composition by bundling this... [More]


Candy Bacon Savory Lollipops

You'd have to try really, really hard to make bacon not delicious. Variety pack includes Maple, BBQ, and Honey. Candy Bacon Savory Lollipops ($14),... [More]

ps shack attack hair small outblush.jpg

Personal Shopper: DD's Shack Attack - Beauty on the Go

DD writes:" As of late, I seem to be the ultimate long term shacker. I'm also a pretty busy girl so what I need is the ultimate 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner because although I shack and I have a lot of fun, I can no longer afford to wander home... [More]


Down With Love

Ewan McGregor as a dashing ladies' man, Renée Zellweger as a sharp-witted feminist, and David Hyde Pierce as (yet another) effeminate male... Down With Love ($7) has some of our favorite actors in the roles they were born to play! A far cry from standard rom-com, this film is a... [More]


Sand Dollar Key Chain

It's just about time to pack it up and head inland for the rest of the (fleeting) summer, but before you do, make sure you add this Sand Dollar Key Chain ($20) to your car keys. The bronze sand dollar is plated in gold and silver and should serve as... [More]


OMG Spiderman iPhone Skin

What's gotten Spiderman's web in a tangle? Who knows. It's best not to overthink the OMG Spiderman iPhone Skin ($15). Just appreciate it for its senseless beauty.... [More]


Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors

The world's a scary place, and no one knows it better than Squee. Written by Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors ($13) follows an unlucky young boy who just can't seem to escape trauma and misfortune (think Meet the Parents,... [More]

Lip Serum SM.jpg

Lip Injection Duo

You know that feeling when you realize someone looks better than normal, but you don't know why? It may be because they're using Too Faced's Lip Injection Duo ($23 on sale). Use this tingly serum to give yourself a puffier pout, without drying out your lips.... [More]


Amco Serrated Ice Cream Scoop

When you want your ice cream, you want it fast. You don't want to have to wait for it to soften up on the counter or break a sweat trying to chip the solidly frozen stuff out of the carton. This Amco Serrated Ice Cream Scoop ($10) will put you... [More]


Chalk Board Label Set

Commitment is something that a lot of human beings have a hard time with, and committing to what we'll store in our various kitchen containers is no exception. With the help of this simple and ingenious Chalk Board Label Set ($4), we no longer have to use permanent labeling methods... [More]


Sweater with Embroidered Butterflies

Just call it the butterfly effect. We'd be fans of this simple cropped white sweater ($60) without the embroidery, but the subtle, almost abstract, black butterflies stitched into the body push it from the Want pile to the Must Have pile.... [More]


Brilliant Ideas Foil Notepad

Your most brilliant ideas happen in the most inconvenient of places. Keep a few Brilliant Ideas Foil Notepads ($24) stashed in your purse, your office, and each room of the house, so you'll always have somewhere to scratch out your thoughts (even if the "brilliance" of a grilled-cheese-sandwich-shop-slash-wine-bar turns out... [More]


Victoria Bar Cart

Bring cocktail hour with you wherever you go with this Victoria Bar Cart ($595). And in addition to its providing you with a handy place to whip up those afternoon martinis, its turn-of-the-century style will make it a lovely addition to whatever room you decide to wheel it into.... [More]


Pizza Compact Mirror

Junk food the source of your skin problems? Embrace it and check your face in the Pizza Compact Mirror ($5). What - did you really think we were going to suggest giving up pizza for the sake of your pores?... [More]


DIY Ukulele Kit

Painting and assembling a custom ukulele ($45) with your kid might be approaching a new record level of twee, but if you don't try out this DIY project together, you might never find out if you've got a little luthier or a Tinier Tim on your hands.... [More]


Feline Cozy Pillow

Cats, hearts, and minimalism? What more could we ask for, except maybe eyes? Feline Cozy Pillow ($45)... [More]


You Tell Us: ASOS Cord Patch Denim Overall Dress

You have no idea how close we were to straight up Doubtblushing the ASOS Cord Patch Denim Overall Dress ($64) - but we hesitated. Maybe this could look flattering if were styled correctly? But then again, the model looks like an adolescent, so it may be safe to put an... [More]


Spring Chicken Muscle Rub

We're not over the hill yet, but sometimes those aches and pains have us feeling like we're close. This Spring Chicken Muscle Rub ($10) uses a traditional recipe of cassia, peppermint and calendula to sooth those sore spots, helping get us back to our young, feisty selves.... [More]


Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow

The richly-colored Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadows ($33) from Giorgio Armani have us baffled. Are they a powder or are they a cream? They brush onto our lids like a powder, but they have the bold pigmentation and staying power of a cream (without giving us the dreaded center... [More]


William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Looking for a way to take your nerd credentials to the next level? Pick up William Shakespeare's Star Wars ($9), a reimagining of the George Lucas space epic in the language and style of the immortal Bard himself, right down to the use of iambic pentameter. Just be warned: it... [More]


Wisdom Dissolving Notes Set

We're not sure that what we'll be putting down on this Wisdom Dissolving Notes Set ($30) will be all that wise. But using them to jot down our daily gripes and complaints and then watching those fade away with a soft burst of lavender and citrus might make us a... [More]


Dot Print Foldover Frame Clutch

The Sonia Kashuk for Target line is full of amazeballs makeup, but we're really digging the vibrant and affordable Dot Print Foldover Frame Clutch ($17). It complements the rest of the Dot Print beauty bags, but it's totally ready to be taken out on the town. Just toss in your... [More]


Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics

Call us overly prepared, but we're already making our holiday shopping lists. And we foresee a few of these tubes of Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics ($7) stuffed in stockings this year. It's like giving your brother a nice bottle of liquor, without all of the judgmental stares from Mom and... [More]


Longline Rhombus Cardigan

This isn't your everyday sweater - in fact, it looks a little more like a mod housecoat, and that's why we love it. We can see throwing the Longline Rhombus Cardigan ($31) on in the morning with bright pink bunny slippers while going out to get the paper (or, uh,... [More]


Babycakes Pie Pop Maker

Own an Easy-Bake Oven when you were a kid? Then you probably remember itching for your mom to come home with more of those tiny mixes so you could bake up fresh batches of treats. We're guessing tying on that apron seems less fun now that you're using a real... [More]


My Half Your Half Pillow Cases

...There's one in every couple... My Half Your Half Pillow Cases ($25).... [More]


OUCH Aid Box

Decorative storage is great and all, but what about when you really need to find a tube of Neosporin and you can't distinguish one chevron-patterned tote from the other? That's why we're keeping bandages and the like in an OUCH Aid Box ($30).... [More]


KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

It's easy to start thinking of our KitchenAid mixer as "The Fatmaker". After all, it's a device that makes it a breeze to whip up fresh-baked, carbalicious loaves of bread. And if that wasn't enough, there's the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment ($80), which transforms your colorful kneader and stirrer... [More]


Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop

The Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop ($28) shows that it doesn't take much at all to kill a witch - just a briskly opened door.... [More]

Beveled watch SM.jpg

Michael Kors Oversize Rose Golden Stainless Steel Lexington Three-Hand Watch

We've been waiting for someone other than Rolex to create a sparkly watch with those beveled edges we love, and it's finally here. The Michael Kors Oversize Rose Golden Stainless Steel Lexington Three-Hand Watch ($275) may have a ridiculous name, but the price is much less complicated. The beveled face... [More]


Dulcie Collar Pullover

There're plenty of reasons to add the Dulcie Collar Pullover ($98) to your fall wardrobe. We'd be lying if we said we weren't charmed by the black and white polka dots, the rough-edged arm seams, and the robin's-egg-blue color, but it's the double collar with its pop of yellow that... [More]


Nostalgia Electrics Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Popcorn is a great healthy snack - or would be, if you didn't fry it up in oil or nuke it in a bag full of shady cheese-flavored chemicals. This Nostalgia Electrics Hot Air Popcorn Popper ($20) gets those kernels fluffed with nothing more than a bit of hot air,... [More]


Orange Ditsy Print Dress

The pattern is straight from the '50s, but the exaggerated silhouette of this print dress ($40) is entirely contemporary. We can see it all now: you lounging on a mid-century modern sofa, holding a classic cocktail in one hand and Instagramming with the other.... [More]


No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil

Switching up lip colors, balms, and brands is a great way to change your look, but it can leave your lips feeling a little dry and weathered. Take time out from experimenting and dab on a bit of No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil ($42) from Hourglass. After a few hours... [More]


Je T'aime Paris Wall Art

It's not exactly in our usual T.J.Maxx clearance rack price range, but that doesn't stop us staring wistfully at this Je T'aime Paris Wall Art ($999). A beautifully printed replica of a 17th century map of the City of Lights, this piece looks all the more stunning for being split... [More]


ESPEROS New Navy Classic Backpack

School is almost back in sesh, and while that may elicit groans from most schoolgoers, ESPEROS knows that some kids don't get the opportunity to attend. That's why each purchase of one of their bags or packs, like the New Navy Classic backpack ($75), funds an entire year of school... [More]


Farallon Dress

The Pacific Ocean is not known for safety, and the Farallon Islands are home base to a sizable population of great white sharks. Fun! And yet this silk dress ($124, on sale), featuring a slinky middle panel of gorgeous Pacific waves, will ensure smooth sailing ahead.... [More]


Glowing-Ghost Mushroom Kit

We know what you're thinking - there's a lot of room for misunderstanding when you tell people there's fungus growing at your place. But while there are a million other things you could grow at home, like spider plants and lichen, you need to ask yourself one question: do any... [More]


Active Moisture Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover

We're all for multitasking, especially when it comes to our beauty routines. A few pumps of Active Moisture Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover ($38) from One Love Organics will help you wipe your face clean of makeup and daily grime while simultaneously restoring natural oils that moisturize... [More]


Brass Socket String Lights

Check out the fanciest line of bulbs we've ever seen. These Brass Socket String Lights ($95-140) kick the boring green-wired standard to the curb with real metal sockets and a twisted black cloth cord.... [More]


Large Paddywax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Jar Candle

Miss making that trip to the seaside this summer? At least with this Large Paddywax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Jar Candle ($22), you can get a little whiff of that beachy breeze in the comfort of your own landlocked home. And we think the nostalgic blue mason-type jar looks... [More]


Dog Umbrella

What? It's okay for doggie to get drenched while you hide under your human-sized umbrella? This Dog Umbrella ($28) keeps your dog dry, and you don't have to do or hold anything you wouldn't normally do or hold on a walk. Plus maybe you guys can coordinate outfits!... [More]


Small Not Plastic Water Bottle

If even recycling those Poland Spring bottles has you feeling a twinge of earth-mama guilt, make the switch to this Small Not Plastic Water Bottle ($12). A perfect size for stashing in your purse or car, this glass alternative looks just enough like its disposable cousins to keep it fun,... [More]


O-Check Notebook

"I will write more if I have a cute notebook to write in!" We've heard that one before. O-Check makes beautiful paper products, like this charming journal ($8) inspired by vintage French cahiers (school notebooks), but sometimes we've found ourselves too afraid to write in them because they're so beautiful.... [More]


Rolling Storage Crates

Turn that clutter into an envy-worthy part of your decor with these Rolling Storage Crates ($88-118). Made to look perfectly vintage but without the risks of dry rot, funky smells, or collapsing hardware that come with actual antiques, they're a perfect way to store and easily maneuver everything from your... [More]


Brooks Brothers Geode Chain Necklace

Brooks Brothers is about the last place we would've expected to find this hippy-dippy Geode Chain Necklace ($39, on sale). It certainly doesn't seem to be the right accessory for crisp oxfords and pressed chinos - though it is quite polished. (Get it? Polished, like the rock is shiny? ::rimshot::)... [More]


Lunapads Cotton Pad and Liner Set

Trust us: reusable pads are way less icky than you think, and there's about a million good reasons to give them a try. They cut back on mountains of extra waste, save you serious money, and are soft and easy on tender lady places that might not respond so well... [More]


Velor Fringes Towels

Rubber Ducky isn't the only thing that makes bathtime much more fun. Knowing you'll be drying off with one of these colorful Velor Fringes Towels ($7 - $40) is another great way to perk up the fine art of getting clean.... [More]


Keep Going Paperweight

We won't admit it in public, but sometimes inspirational decorations really do remind us to be strong when times are tough...though we'd prefer something with a little more brass than an uncoordinated, tree-climbing cat telling us to hang in there. This Keep Going Paperweight ($38) helps us remember the importance... [More]


Fightin' Words Mitten Pattern

Better break out those needles now. You'll want to get stitching so that you'll have the results of this Fightin' Words mitten pattern ($4) ready to wear by the time cooler weather hits. Their comic-book-inspired design is sure to make you the envy of all your non-knitting friends.... [More]


Zoku Quick Pop Maker

We're betting this Zoku Quick Pop Maker ($51) will save your diet. It transforms fruit juices and purees into frozen treats in about seven minutes - a heck of a lot less time than it would take you to run to the store for that ice cream you're really craving.... [More]


McGraw-Hill SpeechPrep App

We don't think you need to be preparing your next TED Talk to appreciate this McGraw-Hill SpeechPrep App ($2). The timer and built-in organizer can help you practice any presentations you have to give, sure, but even better is that the Filler Counter is a nice tool for ensuring that... [More]


Ombre Sequin Kimono

We're total suckers for allover sequins anytime and anywhere, but rarely are sequins used in such a masterful manner as on this Ombre Sequin Kimono ($116). Say it out loud! Can you believe you've never said those three words together before? It's the perfect top for lounging in into the... [More]


Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream

With cool fall weather on the horizon, we assume that most of us will head back into a shaving-optional beauty routine. For the days when you take the extra ten minutes to smooth your legs, lather on a bit of Shave Crave Shaving Cream ($20) from Whish. It'll certainly give... [More]


Aerial Dress

A kimono with the Himalayas on it? It's not your typical daytime option, but maybe it's just cool-new-styles-we-wouldn't-normally-wear appreciation month? Maybe? Aerial Dress ($294).... [More]


CGear Sand-Free Rug

Sometimes sand is fun, but for the most part we prefer to appreciate it from a distance - which goes double when it's kicked onto our beach towels! The CGear Sand-Free Rug ($45-75) is an all-purpose mat with special materials designed to resist dirt, dust, and sand!... [More]


Bolga Shopping Basket

Woven by hand in Ghana, this sturdy Bolga Shopping Basket has an elephant grass body and a wrapped leather handle for extra durability. It'll hold your favorite farmers' market produce comfortably, or even double as storage for magazines, toys, or that blanket you've been knitting for two years.... [More]


Wavy Wool Hat

Turns out you can sport that sun hat look well past the end of summer. This Wavy Wool Hat ($30) features the same floppy shape you've been wearing since June, but in a warm black wool perfect for fall and winter.... [More]


Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium

Desktop essentials: pens, clock, Siamese fighting fish. The USB Desktop Aquarium ($30) has them all covered! Plug it into any USB port for a fully functional aquarium, complete with a water-circulation system and color-changing LED lights to give your goldfish a little showmanship. (Not a good idea if you turn... [More]


Lipstick Queen Chinatown Lip Pencil

We're all for hybrid makeup items, especially when they give us the exact look we want without our needing to use eighteen different products. Each Chinatown Lip Pencil ($22) from Lipstick Queen packs a bit of color and a bit of gloss into an easy applicator pencil. With one swipe,... [More]


The Big Bang Necklace

Yep. We can definitely see stars aligning and universes colliding when we look at The Big Bang Necklace ($462) from Lulu Frost. We bet even Sheldon would be impressed by its stunning design and glass and crystal details.... [More]


Ted Baker Typewriter Laptop Sleeve

With smudgy ribbons, sticky keys, and that whole lack of a Delete key thing, real typewriters are far more glamorous in theory than they are in real life. But if you still love their retro vibe, use this Ted Baker Typewriter Laptop Sleeve ($45) to carry around your less chic... [More]


Personal Shopper: A New Grandpa Cardigan for Rachel

Rachel writes: "I had this wool blend medium grey boyfriend/grandpa cardigan that I wore constantly, and it got all pilled and horrible and kind of smelly after three or four years and I had to let it go a couple months ago. I need a replacement, and fall is fast... [More]


A Hoot Place Card Holders

The next time you throw a fall shindig, bring out the A Hoot Place Card Holders ($20 for six). The little owls are festive without heading into over-the-top territory. Although they might look extra adorable alongside an elaborate centerpiece made from real leaves and pine cones collected from your backyard.... [More]

faux real barbie small.jpg

Faux Real Barbie Tank

We're not Barbie girls anymore! (The '90s are so over.) Besides, Barbie's beauty is faux real and we're so fo' real. Faux Real Barbie Tank ($17).... [More]


MCMC Fragrances Maine Perfume

They call it Vacationland - the northernmost state of the east, a land of towering pines and Moose Crossing warnings. Maine perfume ($45) captures a touch of that special corner of New England with a refreshing blend of rose, sage, myrrh and seaweed.... [More]


1969 Sexy Boyfriend Cords

Corduroy trousers come back every fall like squirrels and leaf-peeping tourists, but that doesn't mean these time-tested classics can't use the occasional update. The 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Cords ($60) combine the preppy staple with the oh-so-hot-right-now rolled and loose denim trend to particularly fetching effect. Use them to add both... [More]


Citron Pressé Set

Saying citron pressé is just French lemonade is like comparing Van Gogh to Bob Ross. The lusciously tart, made-to-order café staple packs a heck of a lot more class and flavor than its over-sweet stateside equivalent. This Citron Pressé Set ($55) will set you up to fresh press your own... [More]


Jane Eyre: A Counting Primer

Start the little girl in your life on the path of brooding romanticism early with Jane Eyre: A Counting Primer ($9). This prettily illustrated board book doesn't exactly capture the subtleties of Charlotte Brontë's classic tale of lust, madness, and house fires, but it does make for a fun way... [More]


Fire & Ice Bracelet

These Fire & Ice Bracelets ($45) totally remind us of the hair ties we're perennially strapping around our wrists, and we think that's actually pretty cool. Have fun watching your friends do a double take when they realize that that elastic is actually a row of faceted hematite beads with... [More]


Merican Dream Doormat

Welcome people to your humble abode with your Merican Dream doormat ($50), a sure sign that you're living it.... [More]


Splash Red Chopping Board

A cutting knife is a lot like an inkblot test... Some people see it as a useful kitchen utensil, others see it as an instrument for a gruesome murder - and whichever perspective you take says a lot about you. Thank you, Splash Red Chopping Board ($27), for blurring the... [More]



Tired of choosing between a sore back from drawn out sessions of plucking LEGO pieces off of the floor and sore feet from walking on tiny sharp plastic objects? Meet the Toydozer ($15). This dustpan-style device makes it simple to scoop up those odds and ends in a matter of... [More]


Alexis Russell Organic Chocolate Diamond Necklace

This Alexis Russell Organic Chocolate Diamond Necklace ($238) makes magic happen with its delicate centerpiece, a two-carat cognac diamond briolette. Throw in the cutting-edge asymmetrical setting and we'll even forgive it for not being edible.... [More]


On the Rocks Jug

Yes, we're suckers for puns, which is why we're already dreaming of using this On the Rocks Jug ($66) to hold a pitcher's worth of premixed martinis. But even if we were filling it with lemonade, designer Donna Wilson's playful pattern of sea-swept boulders would still have this piece looking... [More]


Zoku Quick Lolly Maker

Kiwi popsicle!? Why didn't we think of that? Maybe because we don't have the Zoku Quick Lolly Maker ($39). Yogurt, fruit, solid, striped... in the right hands, this could be like a paint kit to da Vinci, or a sheet of bubble wrap to Lady Gaga.... [More]


Doubtblush: Digital Cordless Jumping Rope

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Boba Fett Lamp

You know, if you take one of the most badass characters in the Star Wars universe and give him a lampshade head and a bowling pin body... it's going to make him seem slightly less intimidating. Where the real Boba Fett could outwit even the cunning Han Solo, the Boba... [More]


L'Absolu Rouge

Making the leap from colored lip glosses to real-deal tubes of lipstick? Hurrah! We think you ought to consider Lancôme's well-loved L'Absolu Rouge ($30). It comes in tons of different shades, so you can find the perfect hue for every occasion. And like your beloved lip glosses, it does an... [More]


Great American Root Beers Sampler Pack

You've done wine tastings. You've had beer flights. But when's the last time you properly compared root beers? The Great American Root Beers Sampler Pack ($16) invites you to give that a try with ten bottles of carbonated brew (two each of five varieties).... [More]


Kinetic Creatures

So what if they're made of cardboard - your kids love playing with boxes! The beauty of Kinetic Creatures ($40 - $50) is twofold: first, there's putting them together, which includes all the fun of LEGOs and model-building, plus the aromatic smell of cardboard, and second there's playing with them... [More]


Shiny Pointy Ballerina Flats

Rounded toe, pointed toe - we're never sure which we prefer, so we operate under the assumption that it's good to have a plethora of both at our disposal. At this precise second, we're feeling the points, since these Shiny Pointy Ballerina Flats ($100) are stop-in-your-tracks gorgeous from the tip... [More]


My Organiser

Just think of what you could do with the extra time you'll have on your hands once you get your act together with My Organiser ($149). This smart system helps keep your receipts, bills, and important documents easy and intuitive to stay on top of. With all those hours you... [More]


Catillac Cat Playhouse

Kitties love boxes. People love laughing at ridiculous-looking kitties. These two truths come together in a beautiful way with the Catillac Cat Playhouse ($28). Felines will love climbing into this cozy cardboard space, while the rest of us can enjoy a good laugh over the sight of them poking their... [More]


Arcoiris Cuckoo Clock

Who says a cuckoo clock has to mean pinecone pendants and tiny dancing wooden Black Foresters? This Arcoiris Cuckoo Clock ($350) thumbs its nose at those kitschy traditional accoutrements, opting instead for a smart, contemporary look in black and white or multicolored stripes.... [More]


Ilse Jacobsen Tall Rubber Boots

If we're going to shell out big bucks for a brand-name pair of wellies, we sure want them to look noticeably different than the sort we can pick up at Wal-Mart for $20. These Ilse Jacobsen Tall Rubber Boots ($199) happily qualify. Their lace-up detailing and stitched soles are daringly... [More]


The Scrambled Egg Spoon

Is it a spoon or a spatula? The Scrambled Egg ($98) covers both bases. The flat edge is ideal for scraping or chopping while the curved portion is just right for scooping and serving. Use it when whipping up those eggy breakfasts or any other soft sauté.... [More]


The New Black Mesh & Lace Color and Accessories Set

Wish your nails could evoke the spirit of Madonna's circa-Like a Virgin wardrobe? Well, aren't you lucky! The New Black Mesh & Lace Color and Accessories Set ($24) has all the glittery fishnet style they'll need.... [More]


First Response Bed Bug Monitor

Unless you like the idea of paying several hundred bucks to have your house baked like a loaf of bread, it's worth being paranoid about bedbugs. This First Response Bed Bug Monitor ($15) will help you discover if your home is on the brink of invasion. Or, even better, you... [More]


Drawing Daisy Wooden Pen and Pencil Holder

You've invested in a range of pencils in fancy colors or printed with clever slogans. Why hide them away in a drawer? This Drawing Daisy ($59) is a lovely way to show off your collection and keep it readily accessible on your desk.... [More]



There might be iPod radios out there that are more powerful, or that have bigger lists of features, but we feel pretty confident saying this iPAL ($220) tops the list for cuteness. And this compact, brightly colored box delivers top-notch sound in an ultraportable format with an additional radio tuner... [More]


Not Your Mom's Dinner Party Table Topics

News flash: though you probably remember them as nights of interminable boredom during which you were required to look well-behaved before being banished to your room, your mother's dinner parties were in actuality probably rowdy affairs. But if your own seem to be falling a touch flat, Not Your Mom's... [More]


Flash Bobbi Pin Set

Careful: once you order one set of these Flash Bobbi Pins ($12), we suspect you'll be coming back for more. After all, when you see how much fun the hot pink and gold add to your hair, you're sure to want to try out mint and silver or blush and... [More]


Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Grenadine

If you were raised in a bar, like some of us here at Outblush, then you'll have many fond memories of that quintessential kiddie cocktail, the Shirley Temple. Guess what? Even though you're now of an age where you can cheerfully toss back vodka shooters if you choose, that classic... [More]


Retro Arrow Shelf

The problem with buying those big vintage metal letters from antique stores is that they just sit there against the wall, doing nothing. Designed to address that problem is the Retro Arrow Shelf ($222), modeled after your favorite old sign in town but enhanced with shelves to hold some artfully... [More]


Bow Tie Dog Lamp

Meet your new best friend. It's a lamp. You're going to have friends over and nobody's going to be paying attention to the hors d'oeuvres you just spent four hours preparing because there's a dog with a bow tie in your living room and it's a lamp. And you're going... [More]


Apple Corer and Peeler

Pie-making season is almost upon us, and you'll be ready to whip those pastries up by the cartload with this apple corer, slicer, and peeler ($21). You'll never want to pick up a knife again.... [More]


Bluetit Intarsia Jumper

We like a classic striped crewneck as much as the next person, but we already have a dozen. So if we're to convince ourselves that we need another, there has to be some distinguishing characteristic. The little bird woven into the stripes of the Bluetit Intarsia Jumper ($120) will do... [More]


Tibetan Lamb Lumbar Pillow

If allergies have dashed your dreams of having something soft and furry to call your own, don't give up and start shopping for goldfish. This Tibetan Lamb Lumbar Pillow ($175) is both lower-maintenance and better for cuddling. And unlike an actual cat, it will give you support when you need... [More]


Talking Voice Module

A good photograph can really speak to you...but with the Talking Voice Module ($8), it can really really speak to you! Enhance a favorite photo with a recorded personalized message - the module attaches to the back of any frame to add a little audio to your visual.... [More]


Fancy Coffee Mug

It doesn't matter if the only person who's going to see you is the UPS man. Having the house to yourself doesn't mean you can't put your pretty on. This Fancy Coffee Mug ($23) reminds us that there's something to be said for looking and feeling your finest, even if... [More]


Ridley's Balloon Modeling Kit

No, this Ridley's Balloon Modeling Kit ($13) hasn't been lingering on a storeroom shelf for a few decades. The time-worn packaging is all part of the nostalgic fun, which means the animal-making balloons included in this kit won't explode from dry rot and scare the hell out of the little... [More]


Super National Hi-Fi Fleck Shirt Dress

Look cool, calm, and collected every time you put on this sophisticated minimal shirt dress ($75). Don't forget to iron and starch the collar for maximum minimal effect.... [More]


Verlaine Chair

Who wouldn't want their home to look like a French bistro? With their classic Parisian style, these Verlaine Chairs ($175) will get you close. And the range of bright, fun colors they're available in opens up a ton of design possibilities. Now, if only you could get one of those... [More]


Splash Dyed Racerback Tunic

Somewhere between the artfully subtle tie-dye that's back in style and the loud spiral tie-dye tees of years ago are items like this Splash Dyed Racerback Tunic ($62). We find the bright colors super charming and love the ombré effect that's happening.... [More]


Thomas Paul Florilegium Dinner Plates

You might have turned your nose up at your grandmother's penchant for hanging decorative plates on her walls, but we're betting you'll be tempted to jump on the bandwagon with these Thomas Paul Florilegium Dinner Plates ($44). With their luscious botanical prints on a sophisticated black background, they're almost too... [More]


Light Bulb Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers

These Light Bulb Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers ($41) might be marketed for kids' rooms, but we think they look totally sweet and chic on grown-up walls as well. Place them against a nicely contrasting paint color and let them add a whimsical accent both day and night.... [More]



For the dog lover who doesn't like dogs! This Port-a-Pug ($17) is a cardboard model that's way easier to assemble than the original! Whether you lack the space or the sinuses for actual pet, this cute cutout will help fill the void.... [More]


Plain Shark Tooth Ring

Shark Week may have receded to the depths of the cable TV abyss for another year, but we think you can still get away with sporting a few ferocious accessories. The Plain Shark Tooth Ring ($31) won't take too big a bite out of your fashion budget. It will, however,... [More]


Deluxe Tealight Candle Carver

Turn the produce aisle into a thrilling source of home decor possibilities with this Deluxe Tealight Candle Carver ($11). This handy gadget makes it a breeze to transform everything from kiwis to tiny pumpkins into glowing table centerpieces. Just make sure to toss them in the trash or store them... [More]



Sadly, PieBox isn't a new monthly subscription service that delivers a pie to your door every second Saturday - but that's a brilliant idea and one of you should steal it and get that company off the ground, pronto. A PieBox ($35) is actually a safe and sturdy way to... [More]


Tough It Out Knit

If you want something easy to grab from your closet that will immediately up the badass factor in your ensemble, you might want to acquire this Tough It Out Knit ($68). It's guaranteed to increase your outfit's edginess by 100% with its leather sleeves and detailing.... [More]


Millefiori Jounquille Scented Ironing Water

Ironing isn't an activity we would have thought could get glammed up, but this Millefiori Jounquille Scented Ironing Water ($14) might change our tune. Using a squirt or two of this before we press those pants infuses them with a refreshing essence of wood, iris, green apple, soap, and coffee.... [More]


Petit Jardin Dress

Well, somebody's done it. They've made the sweetest dress we've ever seen, with the sweetest name and in the sweetest colors. The Petit Jardin Dress ($74) comes in a variety of lovely muted hues and yes, we imagine you will be running through fields of daisies whenever you wear it.... [More]


Newgate Dome Alarm Clock

Every morning when it goes off, you're tempted to throw it out the window. At least if you pick out an alarm clock with some redeeming qualities, it'll be less likely to end up smashed on the pavement. The funky mod design of this Newgate Dome Alarm Clock ($50) might... [More]


Decorate-Your-Own Pet Figurines

You love your pets, it's just...did you ever think maybe you could have designed them better? These Decorate-Your-Own Pet Figurines ($8) allow you to recreate your four-legged friends - or create better versions and show genetics how it's done!... [More]


Cast Iron Match Striker

Whether you keep it by the fireplace, with your candle collection, or strategically placed on the bathroom counter, this Cast Iron Match Striker ($65) will make those lucifers as decorative as they are practical.... [More]


The Anselm Bookbinding Kit

Wondering what the heck you could possibly do with this Bookbinding Kit ($28)? How about preserving those adorable toddler scribblings, creating an old-school tribute to your most recent awesome vacation, or prettying up that poetry collection you're too shy to send to a publisher? 'Nuff said.... [More]


Building Brick Slippers

We don't know about you, but we'll take stepping into a pair of plush Building Brick Slippers ($25) over stepping onto a pair of left-out plastic LEGO blocks any day!... [More]


Malina Skirt

Descending from a lineage that includes Scarlett O'Hara's curtain dress and the Von Trapp children's drapery lederhosen, the Malina skirt ($99) is the latest in tapestry fashion. All kidding aside, we do love the rich color palette and traditional floral pattern found on this modern mini.... [More]


Adopt a Sea Turtle Gift Box

You know that check for $24.95 your grandma sent you? Before you head off to the mall to buy something you'll forget about in an hour, may we suggest this alternative: a year of life for a sea turtle? The Adopt a Sea Turtle Gift Box ($25) pays for twelve... [More]


Green Fox Printed Rain Boots

We know that when you're donning a pair of rain boots, it's probably not for an organized fox hunt in the English countryside involving hounds and horses. But you can get your aristocrat on with these fox-covered printed rain boots ($72).... [More]


Cup4Cup Gluten Free Pizza Flour

Giving up gluten is a big challenge for carboholics. Whether you're off the stuff yourself or trying to be a good hostess, pizza made with Cup4Cup gluten-free pizza flour ($25 for two bags) is really going to boost morale.... [More]


El Wire Lights

When it comes to wedding trends, a quick browse through magazines or The Knot will prove that today's hot nuptial decor is solidly of the Mumford & Sons burlap-and-barn-wood variety. But why roll with the crowd? We think freaky-rave-disco sounds like a pretty fabulous way to say "I do" as... [More]


Lettuce Knife

Brown-edged romaine got you down? The problem might be in your knife block, not your crisper drawer. Conventional metal knives can hasten the discoloration of cut lettuce. This Lettuce Knife ($18), on the other hand, is made with sturdy plastic. It handily cuts through even hefty heads of iceberg without... [More]


White Floral Chiffon Vest

The parrots are looking at the hummingbirds, the hummingbirds are looking at the parrots, and everything is right as rain in this easy-breezy tropical paradise of a shirt ($26). We love the illustrative style of the birds and flowers and the back is just as good, with its row of... [More]

Daisy Small Hook jpg.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Daisy Hook

The Daisy Hook ($6, on sale) by Urban Outfitters: an adorable way to stay organized. Whether you're the girl running around her apartment looking for her keys, or the woman with the perfect dressing area who needs a more charming way to hang her belts, here's your solution. On sale... [More]


Letterpress iPhone Love Card

We're pretty sure we'd rather jump in front of a train, or maybe saw off a few of our own limbs, than be separated from our digital best friends. If the same is true of you, that makes this card ($6) a powerful way to show how much you care.... [More]


Antique Brass Measuring Tape

Wonder about the real length of your insoles, the height of your ceiling, or the distance from your cat to the television? With this Antique Brass Measuring Tape ($18), we have no doubt you'll find out. This tool is so darned sharp-looking, you'll be searching for any excuse you can... [More]


Batman Fight Sounds Pencil Set

"BAM!" Sometimes coming up with a killer idea feels like you've just landed a personal best TKO. And sometimes when you're staring at a blank piece of paper it feels a little more like "OOOOFF". This set of pencils ($6) borrows some of the vocab from the kitschy 1960s Batman... [More]


Rollings of Cinnamon Apron

Is it kosher to wear your apron outside the kitchen? You'll be tempted to find out if you pick yourself up this Rollings of Cinnamon Apron ($85). With its sexy neckline and wide blue sash belt, this piece could make for one seriously cute cocktail dress if it weren't for... [More]


Retro Ponte Knit Dress

Dear Outblush, you're thinking, I have so many black pencil skirts and blouses. So many business casual slacks. Isn't there something else that's work-appropriate yet also interesting and easy to dress up? Our response? Yes there is! It's this Retro Ponte Knit Dress ($98), which comes in two beautiful jewel... [More]


Mates for Life Poster

No, they're not talking about British best friends... The Mates for Life Poster ($28) shows that lifelong love isn't a myth, but a proven biological fact. Let's hope one day to meet someone as romantic as a termite!... [More]


The Mindy Project: Season One

We have this recurring daydream in which we're palling around with Mindy Kaling like we're her BFFs. Sometimes we even daydream about small walk-on roles on The Mindy Project. Season one ($18) is now out on DVD, and we've heard that the second season's filming has already wrapped. That leaves... [More]


Gray Two-Faced Britches

These pants are like the opposite of mullets: party in the front, business in back. Maybe you're not quite ready to commit to an all-over pattern yet, so work your way up and shoot for fifty-fifty with these colorfully named Gray Two-Faced Britches ($98).... [More]


Decision Maker Desk Toy

Magic 8 Balls are just toys, and any advice they give is just a random roll of the dice... This Decision Maker Desk Toy ($40) is the real deal, though. Anything with black matte and engraving must be accurate!... [More]


Burst Ring

Subtlety is for foxes, poets, and secret agents, not our accessories. This Burst Ring ($22) is big and bold enough to take someone's eye out, and the perfect way to add a bit of Googie to your outfit.... [More]


Scuba Soup Bowl

What lurks at the bottom of that minestrone? In the case of this Scuba Soup Bowl ($14), it's a diver complete with a school of fishes. Let discovering him give you the extra motivation to slurp up that last spoonful.... [More]


Hangry Cushion

Clue your family, friends, or roommates into what might really be causing your crappy mood with this Hangry Cushion ($47). Hugging it while glaring at them from the couch might inspire them to hand you a sandwich before they send you into a maelstrom of rage by asking you whether... [More]


Bath & Body Works London Calling Candle

Save yourself the plane ticket (and an unfavorable exchange rate) and bring that English experience into your own apartment. This London Calling candle ($13) captures a touch of the UK's capital city with the scents of tea, lemon, and sugar. Not, sadly, notes of phony Beatlemania, wheat, or zombies of... [More]


Block Number Studs

Mix and match these gold-plated numerals for a personalized set of earrings ($98). How to choose? Perhaps you're a conspiracy theorist: What's the deal with the number 23? Or maybe you need some extra luck? We hear 7 and 8 are both good. Or maybe you want to remind everybody... [More]

Small Feather Gown.jpg

Alice + Olivia Jessica Beaded Feather-Peplum Gown

We think this should be called The Fabulous Evil Stepsister dress." Alice and Olivia decided to go with Jessica Beaded Feather-Peplum Gown ($1096) instead. Either way, we can't help but drool over this elegant piece, which looks like something a trendy, evil witch would wear to cook up a poison... [More]


Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation with SPF 15

Ever wish you could conjure up one of those gold leaf discs around your head like the Virgin Mary in a Giotto? Short of wearing a very weird hat, this Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation ($42) might be your closest bet.... [More]


Swedish Love Story Necklace

Two people meet, connect over a shared love of catchy pop music, and spend their long and happy lives together enjoying reindeer jerky and an excellent public health care system. This icy yet colorful Swedish Love Story Necklace ($45) seems like a fitting tribute to the power of romance in... [More]


Octavia High Top Sneaker

We haven't gone a day without a pair of Chuck Taylors in rotation since middle school; the iconic shoe is a wardrobe staple. But if you have the means for an upgrade, may we suggest the all-leather Octavia High Top Sneaker ($250)?... [More]



You could go buy tampons and pads at the drugstore. Or you could unexpectedly find yourself on the toilet and tamponless because you didn't stop by Target on the way home from work. What you should do is sign up for Juniper ($28 a month), a delivery service that makes... [More]


BB Dakota Rylan Dress

The Rylan Dress ($82) is everything an LBD should be: classy, flattering, and just the right amount of sexy as you walk away. Details include a soft pleated skirt and an elegant sheer keyhole back.... [More]


Diorskin Airflash Matte Touch

Diorskin's line of airbrushy-effect makeup (sans the actual airbrush) has been on our Love It List for a few years. We swear by the stuff and our current favorite is the Matte Touch spray ($49). You can doll up your face with the whole Diorskin line or cheat and use... [More]


Dunlin Antibes Collection

Been busy bookmarking all those fabulous farmhouse-inspired kitchen designs? All the reclaimed barn wood in the world won't look right if you don't have the tableware to match. Dunlin's Antibes Collection ($17-288) hits that rustic-chic mark right in its blue-and-white-enameled bull's-eye.... [More]


Combo Crew Neck Mini Dress

This adorable mini dress ($161) is a far cry from the '90s camo trend. Wipe away those memories of blue and pink fatigues with an inspired pairing of the classic print with black and white stripes on soft cotton.... [More]


Glimmer Pomade

We'd like to think that there's no such thing as too much glitter, but we learned otherwise by the time we left junior high, making us initially skeptical of Free Your Mane Glimmer Pomade ($35). This pomade, however, gives off just the right amount of glow. Rub a small bit... [More]


Frochicke Shorts

You probably have at least one leopard print item in your closet already (or two or three or ten). Is it possible that what you've been missing all your life is a pair of leopard print shorts ($37)? The answer for us is unequivocally "yes," and we will amend that... [More]


Gin & Juice Tote

The Gin & Juice Tote ($15): It's laid back for those days when you've got your mind on your money and your money on your mind.... [More]


The Menagerie Necklaces

If you were a wizard, what would your patronus be? A rabbit? A lion? Or maybe a brachiosaurus? Ariel Gordon's The Menagerie Necklaces ($99-315) give you a range of critters to choose from, each transformed into an adorable charm. Pick the one that comes closest to your animal guardian and... [More]


Audrey High-Waist Skinny Jeans

Want a pair of skinnies that will truly stand out? No, you don't have to go neon. Just pick up these Audrey High-Waist Skinny Jeans ($165). They thumb their nose at traditional denim with a sleek black twill construction subtly accented with touches of lambskin leather, while that bold-as-brass button... [More]


FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Number 164

We hadn't tried metallic nail polish in a while, but we must say, we're enamored with this enamel ($12). It's a shade of pewter that makes us feel like some sort of H. R. Giger creature - that's a normal style goal for fall, right? At any rate, it goes... [More]


Doubtblush: WineRack

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Don't Give Up T-Shirt

T-shirt slogans often refer to the wearer - "I" this, "I'm" that - so how about turning the tables and spreading a positive message to everybody who sees you throughout the day? (If you spend all your time looking in the mirror, our point about this screenprinted "Don't Give Up"... [More]


Steve Madden Defence Heels

We saw the phrase "rave-inspired" used non-ironically in a fashion magazine the other day, and thought to ourselves, "Really?" But it's true - the paradigm of '90s nostalgia fashion seems to have shifted from Brenda Walsh grunge to club kid glam. We're still a little gun-shy about the whole thing,... [More]


Iconic Bookmarks

Stop abusing your books by folding down page corners or shoving junk mail into them in order to mark your place. These Iconic Bookmarks ($5) are a much kinder way to keep track of where you left off, and also look a heck of a lot cuter poking out from... [More]


Backpack in Light & Dark

In the past few years, the "Canadian tuxedo" has become an acceptable, even stylish, outfit to wear outside of logging camps and horse barns. Why not emulate the light-denim-on-dark-denim scheme with your backpack ($105)?... [More]


Miike Snow - Happy to You

The British Invasion of the '60s has let's welcome the Swedish Invasion! The people behind Britney's "Toxic" join singer Andrew Wyatt (don't worry - lyrics are in English) to form Miike Snow, whose second album, Happy to You ($10), separates itself from other pop music in that it's actually... [More]


Kitty Cat Maxi Dress in Scarf

Remember when scarves were suddenly being worn as tube tops instead of being used for their normal around-the-neck-to-keep-warm routine? Instead of looking like you just rolled out of 2003, give this maxi dress ($104) a try. Get all of the scarf pattern you want, and save your scarves for winter... [More]


MAKE UP FOR EVER Camouflage Cream Palette

The colors might be deceptively woodsy, but this MAKE UP FOR EVER Camouflage Cream Palette ($38) isn't meant to disguise your face for a day of deer hunting. Instead, these five creamy tones can be used to balance out those dark or funky spots in your complexion.... [More]


Lékué Classic Cat Ice Cube Tray

Don't believe us when we tell you how much we're nuts for anything to do with kitties? We just went and bought ourselves this Lékué Classic Cat Ice Cube Tray ($10) so we can put feline-shaped chillers into our G&Ts.... [More]


Lobster Card

Phoebe was wrong on Friends when she infamously assured Ross that lobsters love and mate for life. Turns out, those wily crustaceans are actually masters of the one-night stand. But even if they're not a great analogy for soulmate-hood, chowing down on them is certainly one of life's greater pleasures.... [More]


Crystal Cult Gabby Sunglasses

Looking to spruce up your Instagram feed? The Crystal Cult Gabby Sunglasses ($78) will glamourize even the most mundane selfies - and they'll keep the sun out of your eyes too.... [More]


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Travel Duo

Ever since we spotted the Flowerbomb Travel Duo ($35), we've been wondering why more perfumes don't come packaged in dual at home/on the road bottles. Add more perfume to the travel bottle as needed via the included funnel. It'll slip right into your purse, pocketbook, or carry-on bag when you're... [More]


Custom Wedding Maps

You can't judge a book by its cover... but we find the inside maps to be a pretty good gauge of quality (just look at the detail of Middle-earth). By that logic, a vivacious custom wedding map ($225) is sure to get your wedding guests as enthusiastic as if they... [More]


Auto Vase with Daisy

With all the clothes on the floor and things that need repair, your car is just like your home! Why not add a nice homey touch with this Auto Vase ($12) - the vase clips on to your A/C vent and you can use the included artificial flower (several colors... [More]


Pizza Time Pennant

For us it's always pizza time, whether it's morning, evening, or one of those 1:00am binges (we've all been there). Make it official and declare your love for this food staple with this pizza-shaped felt pennant ($25).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Striped Rug for Stephanie

Stephanie writes: "Hi Outblushers! I watched the new show Celebrity Game Night last night and fell in love with the rug (and the show, it's awesome and funny!). I've been looking for a rug for over a year and have not found anything I love. Until now. Can you help?"... [More]


Pout Paint

What you see is what you get with Pout Paint ($6) from Sleek MakeUP. The glosses are super pigmented to give you as much color as possible. Use a lip brush and paint a thin coat onto your pucker for lipstick-consistency coverage, and if you're the daring type, add a... [More]


Samuji Green Wool Knit Jumper

Look to the Samuji Green Wool Knit Jumper ($370) as inspiration for your cold-weather palette. We've heard whispers that shades of green usually reserved for Christmas might be a little trendier for, you know, days this fall and winter that aren't Christmas. Combine it with over-the-knee boots (and your bottoms... [More]


Premium Ampersand Crewneck

We graduated from the University of Ampersand, our very favorite punctuation mark. Check out those killer curves! Show your support with this ridiculously cozy-looking pullover ($62), complete with felt ampersand appliqué, collegiate style.... [More]


Penguin Race

Before video games and in-your-face television riled up kids more than coffee-flavored cereal, children had to entertain themselves by watching a penguin go up, then down, then up again. The Penguin Race ($24) may not have unlockable levels or seizure-inducing color flashes, but you just can't beat those graphics -... [More]


FINIS Neptune MP3 Player

Treadmill-runners are no better than hamsters on a wheel... Now swimming laps, that's a civilized workout! What we need is a waterproof MP3 player so that while we swim we can listen to Mozart or Bach (or P!nk). Presenting the FINIS Neptune MP3 Player ($140), winner of a Red Dot... [More]


Bow Tie Cardigan

Why settle for one bow when you could wear a dozen? The Bow Tie Cardigan ($30) provides the sweet without too much sugar, confining the bows to a two-dimensional plane and a black and white palette.... [More]


Six Pack Plates

Bar food is our favorite food, and if you want to bring a little bit of the gastropub home too, check out these Six Pack Plates ($25). They'll look fabulous hosting your homemade truffle mac and cheese and sweet potato fries.... [More]


Neckline Cream

You take great care of your face, but what about your neck? It's one thing to rub on an extra dab of facial moisturizer, but it's certainly not akin to using the Neckline cream ($68) from Somme Institute. Formulated for the delicate skin on your neck, collarbone, and chest, the... [More]


NO, IT'S NOT YOURS! Luggage Tag

After an all-night flight and that line in customs, "etiquette" becomes an empty word. All things considered, the NO, IT'S NOT YOURS! Luggage Tag ($2) is a lot more polite than what you really want to say to that sketchy out-of-towner molesting your bag.... [More]


The Tencil Shirt

There are a lot of ways to dress up a classic denim shirt, and sometimes we want designers to just step back and let the shirt be. We like the classic cut on The Tencil Shirt ($88), however, enhanced with an organic allover tie-dye pattern and contrasting flower trim that... [More]


Cold Picnic Natural Leather Watch

Sometimes you want a watch and only a watch. You don't need an alarm or a timer or a calculator, just something to calmly tell you the time without any additional features. To fit the bill, we've found this minimal large-faced watch ($80), handcrafted with a natural leather strap and... [More]


J.Crew Gingham Stripe Popover

Huh. Who would have thought that the checkered squares of a gingham print could combine with stripes and end up looking so good? The J.Crew Gingham Stripe Popover ($88) defies fashion rules. The casual-cool top is done in a neutral indigo, so you can pull off wearing it with just... [More]


Wilton Colorblock Standard Baking Cups

We don't often see cupcake liners that will work as well at your kid's LEGO birthday party as they will at an art opening, so we suggest you jump on these Wilton Colorblock Standard Baking Cups ($2).... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Goodlife Key Tag

Inspired by a time when hotel keys were actually keys and not plastic advertisements for pizza delivery, this updated key tag ($6) is etched with a simple motto to help guide you through your day. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap... [More]


Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl

Marc Jacobs's new line of beauty products is full of gorgeously classic colors. We aim to get our hands on all of the neutrals and berries, but we're going to start by making the Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl ($28) our new go-to gloss. It glides on easily, stays put... [More]


The Dragonriders of Pern

Somewhere between Middle-earth and Westeros lies the world of Pern, a medieval society built on the heels of a collapsed futuristic civilization, and under threat from a deadly, naturally occurring "rainfall" that destroys everything organic that it touches. The hapless folk of Pern do what anyone in their situation would... [More]


Little Helpers Juicer

They're not just great for granting wishes and manufacturing shoes. Turns out gnomes are also handy as all heck for whipping up a really good tiki drink. This Little Helpers Juicer ($29) works like a champ for squeezing the goodness out of lemons, limes and oranges.... [More]


Pony Oxford Basic

Stay gold, pony oxfords, stay gold. Pony Oxford Basic ($40)... [More]


Endless Bummer Tote

Has your summer just been one big letdown? Let the world know with this jumbo-sized tote ($38), big enough to carry around all your essentials as well as your broken dreams.... [More]


Huset Feel Felt Runner

Unless you love the look of burnt circles or think refinishing furniture is a barrel of monkeys, trivets are a dining table necessity. But that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun with them. This Huset Feel Felt Runner ($86) lends such an appealing burst of color to... [More]


United States Chalkboard Map

Like an analog version of Google Maps, this jumbo wall hanging will help you plan a route for your road trip, study for the state capital test, or buff up for US geography trivia night. Even if you're not in the middle of some type of preparation, this homage to... [More]


Call On Me Strappy Chevron Dress

It's just cool. We love chevrons, we love black and white, and we love overly complicated straps that may cause seasonal tanline confusion. This sassy number ($42) has it all!... [More]


Rose Essence Mineral Sunscreen

The Rose Essence Mineral Sunscreen ($36) from COOLA may first and foremost protect your skin from sun damage, but its secondary uses are awesome, too. It's a CC cream, designed to brighten and even skin tone, and it's also a tinted moisturizer, so it'll keep your face hydrated and give... [More]


The Storymatic

The Storymatic ($30) is a game for creative people who aren't feeling that creative at the moment! Draw a character card (i.e., "oddities collector," "person with a devastating secret,"), draw a plot card ("nobody is watching," "at last, love"), and let your beautiful brain fill in the gaps! Great for... [More]


Royal Rose Organic Simple Syrups

They're the secret to elevating your cocktails or crafting uniquely mouthwatering homemade sodas and spritzers. Royal Rose Organic Simple Syrups ($11) save you the step of infusing your own sugary flavor-boosters and come in a range of flavors we think you'd have a tough time replicating, including Strawberry Fennel, Lavender... [More]


Words Brand Artsy Design Slogan in Tightly Kerned Helvetica iPhone Case

Be honest with yourself, an artsy design slogan in tightly kerned Helvetica ($35) is all you really wanted on your iPhone case - the message is secondary.... [More]


Sports Bottle Straw Washing Brush

How much do you trust your dishwasher? Enough not to wonder about what new life forms might be growing inside those sippy cup and sports bottle straws? We didn't think so. Consider this Sports Bottle Straw Washing Brush ($5) your bacterial insurance policy.... [More]


Original Buddha Board

The tagline for the Original Buddha Board ($35) mentions "the art of letting go." Why are all the most important life lessons the hardest? Luckily, the beauty of this board is its impermanence - the water you draw with evaporates, leaving a blank canvas time and time again. You may... [More]


Buckminster Earrings

Architecture nerds and biochemistry geeks alike will get a kick out of these Buckminster Earrings ($32). Sure, they're nothing at all like actual buckyballs, but we figure their quasi-geodesic look should be close enough to draw a few eyes at that next symposium.... [More]


A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN - Back to School Planner Giveaway with Blue Sky and Poketo

Like it or not, the back-to-school season is creeping up. And if you're like us, your planner from January is unkempt or has simply evaporated. But Blue Sky has joined forces with hip L.A. shop and gallery Poketo to put out a line of cheerful planners that run from July... [More]


Classic Cedar Tree Swing

Were you deprived of a backyard tree house when you were growing up? What's that?! Not even a tire swing? Take matters into your own hands with this free hanging cedar tree swing ($85). Attach it to any sturdy branch and finally make your childhood dreams come true.... [More]


Reveal Skirt

Biking in skirts. Sometimes it poses a problem. Too short and tight and you're going to spend the entire bike ride holding the skirt down. Too light a material and any gust of wind becomes your mortal enemy. The Reveal Skirt ($160) is constructed with a four-way stretch material and... [More]


Pencil Pet Goldfish Sharpener

Sure, they're probably at risk of extinction, but we can still think of a few reasons to keep some pencils around for a bit longer. Firstly, it's awfully nice to be able to rub away those mistakes. And secondly, it gives you an excuse to use this goldfish pencil sharpener... [More]


Midnight Goldstone Star Necklace

The shimmery Midnight Goldstone Star Necklace ($79) has sparkles to spare, and looking into it is mesmerizing. Be careful you don't get caught staring when you should be paying attention during the Monday morning meeting!... [More]


Studio Flats in Blush

Please don't shoot the messenger...but soon, in the not-too-distant future, it's going to be time to swap out your summer sandals and espadrilles for some autumn staples. (We saw our first red and gold leaves today.) But look on the bright side, fall fashion is generally awesome - look at... [More]


Contents: My Face Cosmetic Bag

You don't just use makeup, you create with it. Your cosmetic bag feels more like an art kit than a lumpy pouch. When makeup's your main artistic outlet, glam up with the Contents: My Face Cosmetic Bag ($14) - because you take the expression "putting my face on" very, very... [More]



Wouldn't it be nice if there were some sort of item that combined the two most important things you carry with you every day - your phone and your wallet - so you'd never be scrambling around looking for one or the other? Well, Red Cloud Collective has created this... [More]


Digital Destruction Watch

The revolution will be digitized! Don't blame the Digital Destruction Watch ($140) for rendering analog watches obsolete - that's just how technology works. It's not like you see accountants with abacuses in their briefcases.... [More]


Plug Out Plug Organizers

We used to have all our plugs jammed together into extensions upon extensions, but then we heard about these Plug Out Plug Organizers ($8) from the fire marshal when he dropped by.... [More]


Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

After a summer's worth of sun, your skin may be in serious need of some TLC - even if you slathered on the sunscreen each time you left the house. Spread on a bit of Vitamin C Serum ($34) from Mad Hippie each time you start your beauty routine. It... [More]


Bon Voyage Baby Tee

This comfy coral tee ($65) is going places! It has such big travel plans that its letters are changing up their latitudes and longitudes already.... [More]



We love what these ultramodern faux flowers will do for our outfits. And as cool as they look by day, blocky in a high-tech, honeycombed plastic, they're even wilder by night, when they catch and reflect any passing light. Just don't use the name out loud when people ask you... [More]


Hawaii 503 Silk Tanktop

This isn't your everyday palm-tree-and-hibiscus-covered Hawaiian shirt. Look a little closer and you'll see it's your everyday Douglas-fir-and-rhododendron covered Pacific Northwest shirt ($78)! Turn expectations upside down and head out in this fabulous collaboration between two Portland-based designers.... [More]


Herb Napkin Rings

Pretty alert! These Herb Napkin Rings ($62) are cast from real sprigs of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, and have a gold patina finish that highlights every exquisite detail. Use them to give your table a glamour we're sure Simon and Garfunkel would approve of.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Color Changing Balloons

For once, people are going to be fighting for the job of blowing up the balloons. Watch as these change their hues right in front of your very eyes - it's magic! (Or we're just full of hot air.) Color Changing Balloons ($12) What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless... [More]


How to Stay Alive in the Woods

If watching Into the Wild wasn't enough to deter you from wandering the wilderness, at least do us the favor of bringing along a copy of How to Stay Alive in the Woods ($12). This classic volume by survivalist Bradford Angier has been helping crazy types keep from becoming bear... [More]


Birch Whisk

Your wooden spoons are (we're betting) some of your most-beloved kitchen tools. But why should they be the only part of your utensil collection that gets to go green? This birch whisk ($11) makes for a light, fun way to beat those eggs or whip your cream.... [More]


Senegalese Storage Baskets

Despite your protests about gender conformity, your daughter still likes pink, and you prefer a more earthy style. Your compromise for room decor? These Senegalese Storage Baskets ($290 for the set). Not only will they jive better with your decor, we think they'll last longer in your daughter's life than... [More]


"Eat" Sign

Rusty Merv* wants you to chow down. That's why the Amish craftsman spends his days cutting pieces like this "Eat" Sign ($58) out of sheet metal for the likes of Sundance Catalog. Let Rusty be your guide - put this piece on your wall and have yourself a cupcake. *We... [More]


Rose Gold Geo Earrings

If these geo earrings ($24) were any other color - like a bright red or pink - they might be mistaken for rock candy. Luckily for anybody with a particularly vicious sweet tooth, this set is painted a beautiful rose gold color, bringing the confusion level down to zero and... [More]


Versacolor Ink Pads

After hours of Etsy shopping, you've amassed yourself quite a collection of adorable stamps for crafting those invitations, thank-you notes, and other paper projects. So doesn't it burn to be confined to boring blue or black? Break open a whole new world of design possibilities with these Versacolor Ink Pads... [More]


Goody Tanglefix Gentle Detangling Brush

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. At least that's how we felt about hairbrushes a few weeks ago. But upon discovering the Goody Tanglefix Gentle Detangling Brush ($8), we're singing a different tune. This unconventionally shaped brush has stood the tests of curly, air-dried, and early morning hair -... [More]


Bouncing Planet Maker

Want to play God? Pick yourself up this Bouncing Planet Maker ($12). It includes everything you need to create your very own colorful solar system. And best of all, unlike boring traditional solar systems that just spin around in circles, yours will be able to ricochet off the walls.... [More]


Felt Acorn Garland

Looking for a way to smoothly transition that seasonal decor from summer to fall? This Felt Acorn Garland ($20) should do the trick nicely. The walnut-shaped wool pendants bring just a touch of autumn, but ditching the traditional red-orange-yellow-brown palette in favor of a full rainbow keeps it festively appropriate... [More]


Arabella Dress in Deep Coral

To make this Arabella Dress in Deep Coral ($198, on sale) work to its full effect, you'll have to find something turquoise to stand in front of. We're not usually total suckers for marketing photos, but the gorgeous orange-red and aqua color contrast in this one has us hooked. Note:... [More]


Noritake Kona Wood Charger

Chargers: Martha Stewart loves them. The entire food styling industry loves them. And for good reason: they add instant class to your table settings. Just think how much more elegant your serving dishes will look when they're set on one of these Noritake Kona Wood Chargers ($18).... [More]


USB Message in a Bottle

Add a little romance to your file transferring with this USB Message in a Bottle ($33). Whether you're sending an SOS or hoping to attract the attention of your secret crush, this 4GB flash drive will give you plenty of room to get your point across. Just try to refrain... [More]


Tipsy Wine Glasses

"Me, I'm not tipsy... But I think my wine glass had a bit too much." When you're enjoying wine, you want others to enjoy it, too - even the inanimate objects around you! Tipsy Wine Glasses ($25 for two)... [More]


Wild Cat Black Monogram T-Shirt

We love the sketchy hand-drawn quality of this cropped black tee ($29) - it helps it stand out from all the other sugary sweet cat-themed apparel. Wild cats don't have time for rulers.... [More]


HIPPxRGB Nail Highlight

Want a nail polish that can do more? Pick up this HIPPxRGB Nail Highlight ($20). This soft, subtle iridescent pink makes for a gorgeous shade all by itself, and also works some magic when layered over your favorite colors.... [More]


Norm Fire Bucket

Bring that campfire along wherever your travels take you with this Norm Fire Bucket ($60). That is, as long as your travels don't take you someplace where carrying around a stainless steel bucket full of flammable oil will get you into trouble.... [More]


Bone Bow Playsuit

Didn't think it was possible for a romper to be elegant? Check out this Bone Bow Playsuit ($53). This piece combines a silky fabric in delicate ivory with stunning accents like slit sleeves and a sash-tie front. Wear it with your classiest shoes and a few pieces of delicate gold... [More]


Sugar (Might Be Salt) Tin

We're not mean-spirited or anything - but we always laugh when our guests accidentally put salt in the coffee. The Sugar (Might Be Salt) Tin ($13) will provide you with all the fun of the age-old sugar/salt confusion, but without ruining anything you might have to eat later. Of course,... [More]


Embroidered Paisley Jacket

At first we weren't sure whether or not this was too close to something you might wear to a Renaissance Fair, but then we realized that we actually loved it, paisley and all. With the unique embroidery and paneling, you've got yourself a stylish little number ($40) to pair with... [More]


Pirate Versus Ninja Sword Corn Skewers

When it comes to skewering, no one does it better than pirates...except maybe ninjas? The Pirate Versus Ninja Sword Corn Skewers ($11) bring the everlasting battle between sea dogs and cat-like assassins to a new arena - your backyard BBQ.... [More]


Bellocq Ultimate Year of Tea

Who's the tea junkie in your life? We've just found them the perfect gift: Bellocq's Ultimate Year of Tea ($229). The New York-based tea studio makes some truly phenomenal blends, and this collection includes twelve of their best, each matched to a different time of the year.... [More]


Vintage Bike Bell

Ah, the good old days, when bicycle helmets were optional and bicycle bells made that classic "ding-ding" sound. Adorn your bike with this Vintage Bike Bell ($14) for that old-fashioned sound your iPhone app just can't replicate!... [More]


Elephant Print Top

Elephants aren't exactly subtle. At up to thirteen feet tall and around fifteen thousand pounds, they're not the sort of pet you can hide from the landlord or sneak into a café in your purse. But their presence is a touch more delicate on this Elephant Print Top ($23), which... [More]


Little Face Photo Ring

Ever feel like you're being watched? It might be because you've slipped on this Little Face Photo Ring ($78). Or it could be your dog hoping you'll drop a nice, fat piece of that whatever it is you're eating.... [More]


Hedgehog Boot Cleaner

Cold, muddy days are coming, and your floors are probably already anticipating long months of getting muck tracked all over them. That is, unless you stick this Hedgehog Boot Cleaner ($59) by your door. This prickly, solid little fellow adorably invites your guests and tough-to-train family members to scrape that... [More]


LED Waterfall Faucet

Don't want to wait in line for hours to get into that ritzy new club? We know a sexy new hot spot with no wait - your bathroom! The LED Waterfall Faucet ($80) turns your bathtub into a nightclub and makes your sink chic!... [More]


I Do, Now What?

NBC's Ready for Love might be on the ropes, but host couple Guiliana and Bill Rancic's own love match is going strong. And in I Do, Now What? ($22) they share their inside tips on life after vows. It's a perfect read for the height of wedding season when worrying... [More]


philosophy Makeup Optional Skin Care Kit

Won't step out the door without it? This philosophy Makeup Optional Skin Care Kit ($50) might change your tune about the necessity of that foundation. This six-piece set turns around the usual paint-and-disguise approach to looking good, working instead to give you the healthiest and most luminous complexion you can... [More]


He/She 2 Mug Set

It's the height of wedding season, and it seems like the Internet is saturated with cutesy couple crap - most of which just makes us want to gag. But we have to admit, this He/She 2 Mug Set ($40) from k studio does tug just a little bit on our... [More]


Bison Jacquard Wool Throw

It's good sense to let a bison keep doing its bison thing if you see one in the wild, even if all you want to do is give it a big hug. Luckily, you can now snuggle up with this beautiful throw ($190). Go on, get closer! What looks like... [More]


On-the-Go Game Pad

You love playing hangman when you're waiting with friends, but drawing that noose is such a chore! This On-the-Go Game Pad ($9) contains all of your favorite childhood games like hangman, dots-and-boxes, and even tic-tac-toe. Because you can't personalize the hanging man on an app!... [More]


Pizza Party Bracelet

Some things are so silly, they pass right through Lame Central back into the Land of Awesome. Bobcat Goldthwait is one example. This Pizza Party Bracelet ($60) is another. With its neon palette and pepperoni-spiked charm, it reaches a level of ridiculousness bound to incite a little envy.... [More]


BBQ Branding Iron

Hey, barbequing isn't easy - you're right to be proud of your work! Mark your well-done grilling with any message you want with the BBQ Branding Iron ($23). Thanks to its set of interchangeable letters, you no longer have to rely on your cooking to speak for you!... [More]


Gold Wing Boots

Want to unleash your toddler's inner diva? Oh, wait - it already has been unleashed. In fact, it's probably unleashing itself all over your house at top volume as you read this. At least with these Gold Wing Boots ($100), your little prima donna can look her attention-craving part.... [More]


Mesa Sunset Canvas Lace-Up

The bright, abstract pattern of splashes on these casual kicks ($65) came directly from an artist's canvas. The color palette would fit in perfectly on the beach or in the desert, or let your feet have a little more fun on a day-to-day basis.... [More]


Taz Ah Mug

Are you burning with envy re: all those lucky saps who've been able to stage magnificent Dog Beard photos? Or maybe you dream of taking it to the next level with a Tiger or Monkey Beard? Don't let a lack of available dogs, tigers, or monkeys get in your way.... [More]


Tube Squeezer

What's the number one cause of divorce in America? Spouses not squeezing the toothpaste tube properly! The Tube Squeezer ($14) doesn't just save every last bit of toothpaste (or ointment, etc.), it also saves relationships!... [More]


Unzipped Glass Bag

Offering candy in a glass bowl is standard. Offering candy in a plastic bag is substandard. Offering candy in a glass bowl shaped like a plastic bag... maybe you're on to something, there. Unzipped Glass Bag ($22)... [More]


Coffee Drip Stand

Don't blame us if you wake up one day and suddenly see a bunch of arty types in your kitchen using your Wi-Fi while they nurse their single mugs of coffee for hours on end. This Coffee Drip Stand ($129) is so beautifully made, they must have seen it and... [More]


Doctor D. Schwab Get Me Started! Set

For a long time, we believed that once we became "adults," our skin would normalize, and that systematic skincare was for acne-prone teens. But listen, young people - it doesn't actually work like that. A skincare regimen is something you should get into sooner than later, and the Doctor D.... [More]


Decorative Literary Caricature Pillows

Rest your head on the greatest storytelling geniuses of history while your watch crap on TV! These Decorative Literary Caricature Pillows ($35 - $50) add both class and color to your couch! (Jane Austen's a cuddler, but Mary Shelley's just for show.)... [More]


Casual Knit Jacket with Bow Belt

Not looking forward to autumn? Feast your eyes on this Casual Knit Jacket with Bow Belt ($39). In a rich cherry hue with a wide, feminine sash, this piece is lovely enough to have you itching for those cool nights to come.... [More]



Unless you're one of those lucky nerd types who'd actually rather learn algebra than continue tanning and reading trashy novels, going back to school sucks. At least this ♥HOLEPUNCH ($10) makes getting those handouts into your binder a touch more fun.... [More]


Peplum Swivel Dress

Want to be a MILF? We've got a simple, three-step process for you. First, have a baby. Second, Jazzercise that bod back into something approximating pre-pregnancy splendor. Finally, slip into this Peplum Swivel Dress ($38). With its body-hugging fit and lined, structured flare, it's sure to have you looking sexy... [More]


It's OK Affirmation Banner

We're thinking of this It's OK Affirmation Banner ($68) as the home decor equivalent of putting Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" on repeat. It's an instant way to give your day a much-needed happiness upgrade.... [More]


Seven Generation Sunburst Family Tree

Check out a funky way to show the world where you come from. This Seven Generation Sunburst Family Tree ($130) eschews the usual top-down method of organizing genealogy, turning the branches of your family into slices of a clever genetic pie. Just make sure you've done your homework before you... [More]


Dotted Fabric Suitcase

One of the joys of parent or aunty-hood is introducing a precious little girl to some of life's most sublime joys, like really fabulous luggage. This Dotted Fabric Suitcase ($28) makes for an ideal first piece in her collection, and is just the right size for packing those favorite toys... [More]


Potato Baskets

Collect whatever needs gathering around your house in these Potato Baskets ($48). With their old-timey farmhouse style and range of colorful finishes, they're a great way to make your collections of miscellaneous crap look artfully intentional.... [More]


Rejected Sweatshirt

Who does that poodle in the Rejected Sweatshirt ($42) think she is?! One trip to the salon and now she treats everyone around her like dogs! Chin up, little guy, it's just a matter of time before you find someone to love that pug mug of yours! Also available in... [More]


Noble Verjus

We're already familiar with Noble's blended maple syrups, but this Noble Verjus ($28) opens a whole new page in their tasty book. Made of fresh, unripened grape juice, this golden liquid is an elegant way to add a touch of tartness to a wide variety of dishes without the in-your-face... [More]


Le Mans Pedal Car

To hell with Power Wheels. This Le Mans Pedal Car ($270) is way cooler than some pink plastic Jeep that putts along at a not-at-all thrilling speed of five miles per hour. We're pretty sure that with a slight incline and a bit of furious footwork, this nostalgic metal toy... [More]


Mucu Pen

It's probably the priciest ballpoint pen you'll ever buy, but it's also definitely the slickest. The body of this Mucu Pen ($98) is simplicity in stainless steel, and the virtually seamless screw-off cap means you won't have to worry about it exploding all over your bag. And yes, the black... [More]


Famille Summerbelle Morning in Manhattan Wallpaper

You might not be able to afford that pied-à-terre on Central Park just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't bring a bit of the spirit of the Big Apple into your decor. This Famille Summerbelle Morning in Manhattan Wallpaper ($72) features a nostalgic print of quintessentially New-Yorky images in... [More]


Ficus Tree

Do you reach out with the botanical touch of death instead of a green thumb? Maybe you should consider bypassing the greenhouse and ordering yourself this Ficus Tree from Stray Dog Designs ($550). You'll never have to worry about watering it, giving it sun, or fighting off mysterious plant ailments.... [More]


NYC Metro Cuff

The streets of Manhattan may be an easy-to-navigate numbered grid, but underground the borough has the organization of a Mississippi swamp! Not only is the NYC Metro Cuff ($30) a stylish accessory showcasing the American fashion capital, it makes navigating the subway system as easy as checking your watch!... [More]


simplehuman Sensor Pump Hand Soap Dispenser

Do we need it? Hell, no. Do we want it anyway? Obviously. That cheap pump-top bottle of store brand soap is way less cool than one that uses the magic of technology to sense the presence of our filthy hands and dollop a perfect squirt of suds into them. simplehuman... [More]