Trifecta Of All That Is Awesome Knee Socks

Unicorns, robots, and cupcakes...the keys to some amiable state that's akin to enlightenment in some ways...and probably the direct opposite in others. Trifecta Of All That Is Awesome Knee Socks ($11).... [More]


Wow Dreamcatcher

Even though the handmade Wow Dreamcatcher ($188) has a premium price tag, we're still picturing it hanging serenely over our beds. Let's hope that it does its job of filtering out the nightmares (specifically any that include our current credit card balance).... [More]


Centaur of Attention Greeting Card

There's one at every party. You're chatting with a nice young man (who's okay, maybe a bit of a narcissist), when you hear that clomp-clomp-clomp and an obnoxious voice saying far too loudly, "I don't need someone to steer me - I'm half-horse and half-man. Did you know that about... [More]


Gimme a Hand Wall Hook Set

You've got to hand it to the Gimme a Hand Wall Hook Set ($35). This is hands-down the handiest wall hook for those needing a hand with hand hand hand hand...... [More]



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Lotto Ticket Nail Buff

Just how clever is the Lotto Ticket Nail Buff ($3)? Judge for yourself when you hear the laughs (or groans).... [More]


Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

It kills 99.99% of germs, just like every other hand sanitizer. But come on, that name is priceless. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer ($6).... [More]


Recycled Book Alphabet Garland

You won't be pulling this down and tossing it with the rest of those cheap children's party decorations! Each letter of the Recycled Book Alphabet Garland ($20) is punched out of a repurposed board book.... [More]


DJ Pusheen Crew Neck T-Shirt

Who's that pumping out those groovy tunes? Why, it's DJ Pusheen, the big-boned feline from the famous online comic. The DJ Pusheen Crew Neck T-shirt ($24) has everything we want in a t-shirt - and by that we mean it has a cat on it! (We're fairly easy to please... [More]


Watercolor Quilt

When you're in the middle of pregnant mom nesting mode, you'll stop at nothing to make sure your unborn babe's nursery looks catalog-worthy. That's you right now? Center your decor around the gorgeous Watercolor Quilt ($150) from Hopewell.... [More]


Panasonic Breakfast Collection Electric Kettle

This ain't your granny's tea kettle. That bulbous steel whistler that takes eight minutes to boil enough water for a cuppa has been replaced by the Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kettle ($180). This beauty not only has a sleek exterior, it'll remain cool to the touch even when it's full of... [More]


Ruperta Throw Pillow

When you're forever changing the color schemes of your rooms, it helps to have pieces that can function with each new strip of wallpaper you hang. The Ruperta Throw Pillow ($69) is a pretty solid decor investment. In fact, we think it'll accent just about any pattern you pair it... [More]


Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Cameo Bracelet

What happens when you combine Victorian cameo jewelry with that Che Guevara style? You get the Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Cameo Bracelet ($280)!... [More]


Personalized Zombie Wedding Cake Toppers

Here comes the bride...everybody run! What could be better than a zombie-themed wedding? (Besides a regular wedding?) These personalized Zombie Wedding Cake Toppers ($150), customized to look like you and your beau, really take the romance out of "'til death do us part."... [More]


Carnaby Calories Canister

You may as well call a spade a spade. The Carnaby Calories Canister ($12) from Jonathan Adler will store your sweets and possibly prevent you from indulging in too many at a time.... [More]


Tribeca Maxi Dress

Bright colors with polka dots on top. Geometric shapes and black/white contrast on the bottom. (Ground-level retail and lofts above? Is that the connection?) Tribeca Maxi Dress ($49)... [More]


Waxed Canvas & White Ash Travel Chair

Forget sitting on a partially flat rock or a decomposing log bench as you gobble down campfire s'mores. Reclining in this Waxed Canvas & White Ash Travel Chair ($98) will feel downright luxurious after a long day's hike. Not the roughing-it type? Tote the chair with you to lawn concerts,... [More]



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Book Cat Print

You may be interested in owning the wooden Book Cat Print ($25 for matted 11"x14") if you: a) routinely browse antique stores for restorable furniture. b) mark the library book sale on your calendar six months ahead of time. c) can't pass an animal shelter without calculating the total cost... [More]


Eye Brightening Cream

When you trade staying out all night partying for staying in all night caring for a kiddo, some things don't change as much as you'd think. We wager you'll still need to make it through the daylight hours without looking like a zombie. The Eye Brightening Cream ($37) from Belli... [More]


Original Scandinavian Recipes

It's not all pickled herring: Julia Peterson Tufford's classic Original Scandinavian Recipes ($13) is packed with tasty dishes from the land of reindeer and excellent public health care. Use it to make sure your next smorgasbord is memorable for more than just oily fish.... [More]


Rocky Balboa American Flag Shorts

Like parading around in your boyfriend's boxers? Too bad your boyfriend wouldn't last five minutes against Ivan Drago! Get in the pants of a real winner with the Rocky Balboa American Flag Shorts ($18).... [More]


Death Star Birdhouse

"Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station... er...ceramic birdhouse!" Give your feathered friends the power to terrorize a garden far, far, away (your backyard) with the Death Star Birdhouse ($39).... [More]


Ms Moxie Cheeky Panties

It's not exactly PC to talk about monthly overflows or pregnancy incontinence, but that doesn't mean they don't happen! Dear Kate sells specially-lined, modern-looking undergarments, like these Ms Moxie Cheeky Panties ($36), that keep you dry by wicking away liquid while also preventing it from seeping through to your pants.... [More]


Ultimate Deck

It's like playing Go Fish with Edgar Allan Poe! Dave and Dan's deck of playing cards is the Ultimate Deck ($25) for anyone who enjoys card games, art, and the macabre!... [More]


Fred Flare Egg Poncho

Ponchos may be shapeless and awkward, but hey, they're ideal for unexpected torrential rainstorms at music festivals, theme parks and the like. Who cares what you look like as long as you're dry? Well, now you can look like a giant fried breakfast item in this Egg Poncho ($9), which... [More]


ACEQUIA Granada Luxe Body Wash

Maybe you're just not a floral scent kind of gal. Or maybe you want to cut down on shower clutter and need a body wash you and your more masculine half can both get behind. You want ACEQUIA Luxe Body Wash ($24) in Granada, a mysterious, woody fragrance that's plenty... [More]


Erin Don't Judge Pouch

The Erin Don't Judge Pouch ($50, on sale) from Rebecca Minkoff is just big enough to hold a few tampons, some aspirin, a mini notebook full of mediocre poetry, and a small stash of Dairy Queen Blizzard coupons.... [More]



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Favorite Things Pendant Lamp

We all have special objects near and dear to our hearts: bronzed baby shoes, the ring box he used for the proposal, a brooch from Granny Jane.... These items have places of honor in our homes just as special as the items themselves, but if you're still searching for the... [More]


Tiara Ring

Would that we could don a tiara and prance around in it every. Single. Day. Alas, we'll have to settle for the Tiara Ring ($28). We'll wear it to remind ourselves that while Prince William may be taken, Harry is still up for grabs. And he's the cuter one, anyway.... [More]


Chromat Pentagram Suit II

No, the Chromat Pentagram Suit II ($288) isn't exactly practical for sunbathing, but at least you don't run the risk of showing up to the pool party with the same suit as your archnemesis.... [More]


Salad Zinger

While we've made peace with the idea that we'll be munching on rabbit food regularly for the rest of our lives (apparently a diet of tacos and ice cream isn't too nutritionally sound), we'll always be looking for new ways to spruce up lettuce. Much like its brother the Aqua... [More]


Made In Hell-A Praduh Tee

What do you get when Valley girl vocabulary meets antiestablishment sensibility? The Made In Hell-A Praduh tee ($50), obvs. Though it's a little hard to say "eff overpriced fashion" when you're spending fifty bucks on this.... [More]


Sweet Nothing Necklace

Not from New England? Then the message on this Sweet Nothing Necklace ($40) probably just confuses you. But for those Northeastern types who drop the adjective into every other sentence, this delicate accessory is a wicked sweet way to show off your regional dialect.... [More]


Sugar Paper Bubbly Cheers Coasters

Even if you're just sipping a glass of lemonade after work, it'll feel more celebratory on one of these Bubbly Cheers Coasters ($30 for fifteen). What are you celebrating? The fact that you're no longer at work, the realization that you won't have to clean rings from your glass off... [More]


The Square Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

Wowza! The Square Stainless-Steel Water Bottle ($45) from Clean Bottle certainly comes at a premium price! But if you're rough on your water bottles and need one that'll take your abuse, you can't get much better than this. The squared shape prevents it from rolling away from you if you... [More]


Work Hard & Be Nice To People Print

Even if you think the sentiment might be better directed at your coworkers and your mother-in-law, the message of this Work Hard & Be Nice To People print ($99) bears repeating in your own life. What goes around comes around!... [More]


PaleoBarefoots PRONATIV

Medieval knights may have severed each other's limbs on a daily basis - but they were still big babies about stepping on sharp pebbles! This is the perfect footwear for the au naturel hiker with sensitive little piggies. Plus, let's not forget, it's freaking chain mail for your feet! How... [More]


Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray

Dry shampoos are everywhere right now, but raise your hand if you'd never heard of dry conditioner until right this moment. That was us! Think of Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray like leave-in conditioner you can apply to dry hair. It contains a cocktail of hydrating, strengthening, and softening oils,... [More]


Chomp & Stomp Shark Bib and Booties Gift Set

They'll exhaust you, empty your bank account, destroy your sex life, and turn you into a puke-spotted, track-suit wearing mess with epic under-eye circles. And what thanks will you get for raising those babies? It probably won't be getting taken care of through your retirement. The least you can do... [More]

Faherty Brand Geometric Floral Convertible Bikini Top

Faherty Brand Geometric Floral Convertible Bra Top

What happens when twin Jersey Shore hunks join fashion forces? They create a classic lifestyle brand with just the right amount of casual sexiness. We would personally love to spend the day chilling out on the beach and frolicking in the waves as we rock the Faherty Brand Geometric Floral... [More]


Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Cherries

A classic Manhattan cocktail is made from nothing but booze, except for that pesky cherry - until now. Plop one of these whiskey-soaked Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Cherries ($6) into your next cocktail, or use them to top a delightfully adult ice cream sundae.... [More]


Grey Ribcage Maxi Dress

You don't need rock-hard abs to rock this Grey Ribcage Maxi Dress ($20). No cutouts, embellishments, or fashion tricks - just a really funky dress option for those lazy summer days.... [More]


Seedling Doormat

Wipe off your garden shoes on the Seedling Doormat ($29) before stepping into your abode. It'll keep your floors free of mud while adding a little color and style to your utilitarian entryway.... [More]

Tidbit Plates small.jpg

Tidbit Plates

It's hard to stick to your diet when everyone around you is eating junk food. We're not suggesting you give up, but if you must eat cake, have it on these Tidbit Plates ($50) from Kate Spade.... [More]


Pineapple Printed Socks

We know we could wear these Pineapple Printed Socks ($37) from Strathcona Stockings underneath our work pants, but we're kind of thinking we should make them the star of the show. Now all we have to figure out is how to perfectly incorporate them into our outfits without crossing the... [More]


DSLR Wheel of Filters

Wish you could have some of that Instagram-style fun with a camera not part of your phone? Give this DSLR Wheel of Filters ($40) a whirl. This lo-fi solution includes eighteen distinct filters and prisms, from color gels to kaleidoscope effects. Add a whole new level of fun to your... [More]


Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream

While we love the idea of sulfate-free hair care in theory, it's tough to find products that don't leave our locks looking a bit the lifeless side. But a palmful of Daily Cleansing Cream ($12 for eight ounces) from Hair Rules makes good on the promise to deliver clean and... [More]


HIPPxRGB Nail Sheers

Even with so many bright neon nail colors lining the shelves, it's easy to find yourself drawn to the classics. These HIPPxRGB Nail Sheers ($18 each) from RGB Cosmetics may not be your top picks for a wild night on the town, but the subtle shades will certainly complement your... [More]


Kinetic Sand

It sucks when your sand castle dreams are constantly thwarted by the beach's being either too dry and crumbly or too wet and sloppy. Turns out sand castles are one of those things which Man does a bit better than Nature. This Kinetic Sand ($15) might look like the same... [More]


Spotted Cocktail Napkins

It's no sacrifice to go earth-friendlier and exchange paper goods for linens when they're as chic as these Spotted Cocktail Napkins ($24 for four). They'll look mighty stylish under a few tall glasses of sangria!... [More]


Olive Fur Spritzer

It never fails. As soon as your bring your pup home from being shampooed, he finds ways to undo all of that hard work. Spray the troublemaker with Olive Fur Spritzer ($13). It'll freshen him back up more quickly than a bath and more cheaply than a second trip to... [More]


Shera Tunic

Anyone else think this Shera Tunic ($95) is missing a hyphen? A gold breastplate and a broadsword wouldn't go amiss, either.... [More]


Slingshot + Seed Bomb Kit

Take your guerilla gardening to a whole new level... one with weapons. This Slingshot + Seed Bomb Kit ($16) makes it possible for you to launch fertilizer-spiked rounds of colorful flower seeds into vacant lots, meadows, and sadly empty window boxes. Consider it a weapon of mass germination.... [More]


Vintage Wooden Hotel Key Rack

Make that two-bedroom bungalow feel like a palace with this Vintage Wooden Hotel Key Rack ($72). Just think how much more fun overnight guests will be when you "check them in" and hand them their keys down from this. When they ask where all the other rooms are hidden, just... [More]


Pin Table

Dining on the beach or the grass is a summertime joy, and it's all well and good until you realize there's nowhere stable to set your drink. This Pin Table ($150) is easily jammed into the ground and holds your food, beverages, card games, et cetera, all so you can... [More]


Tattly Nautical Temporary Tattoo Set

Pfft, shoes with sailboats on them? Cute. You took the nautical trend to heart and got an anchor inked onto your upper arm. (Okay, so it's soy-based and temporary, but we promise not to give you away!) Tattly Nautical Temporary Tattoo Set ($15 for eight).... [More]


Google Chromecast

Move over, Apple TV, Google Chromecast ($35) just hit the market! The small device plugs into your HDTV, syncs with your WiFi, and effortlessly streams videos, TV shows, movies, and music from your laptop, tablet, or phone. No need for a remote; the Chromecast uses your smartphone or tablet to... [More]


Horizontal Stripe Giclee Paley White Table Lamp

It's isn't hard to see why the Horizontal Stripe Giclee Paley White Table Lamp ($100) caught our attention. The classic candlestick base is topped off with a bright turquoise-striped lampshade. Accent your room in red to really make it pop!... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Base and Topcoat

We love the longevity of gel manicures, but have been pretty disappointed with the lack of variety, shade-wise. However, thanks to the new Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Base and Topcoat set ($45), we can turn any of the five-hundred-some (what? We have a lot of nail polish, it's cheaper than... [More]


Adia Kibur Thick Statement Necklace

What are most thick chain necklaces missing? More chains! The designers of the Adia Kibur Thick Statement Necklace ($45) took one look at the prototype and were like, "Wait, why aren't there more chains around those chains!?"... [More]


Color Play Knit Throw

The chunky Color Play Knit Throw ($52, on sale) is the epitome of a classic couch blanket. It'll keep you warm and comfy as the evenings start to cool, and the thick tassels are ready to be absentmindedly twisted together as you forsake bedtime to watch another classic episode of... [More]


Kate Spade Treat Flats

Forget Dorothy's ruby slippers - we're going to opt for the golden Kate Spade Treat flats ($198)! These shiny shoes ought to help perk up the dull black-and-white (pink-and-pink) of our daily routine. Not to mention that they come sans the baggage of a wicked witch and her flying monkey... [More]


Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set

It pays to be prepared, and while we're not sure how often we'll need to whip out a spare set of cutlery, packing our purses with the Out N About Bamboo Utensil Travel Set ($15) seems like a good way to never go hungry. The reusable fork, spoon, and knife... [More]


Roots Rose Radish Solid Perfumes

We'll admit it: we're suckers for good packaging. These Roots Rose Radish Solid Perfumes ($45 - $65) could actually smell like radishes, and we'd still love them just for being contained in stunning cases made from genuine seashells. Luckily for us, there are no dubious vegetable aromas here - just... [More]


Drop-Waist Dress in Lotus Leaf

While drop-waist dresses hide the rounder parts of your midsection - especially if they're in a busy print like this one - they can also leave you feeling a little boxy. To avoid a frumpy figure, toss on a fitted blazer or belt a cardigan across your natural waistline. Drop-Waist... [More]


Solow Sport Foldover Frill Leggings

We can't be the only people who work out more, and harder, when we have cute workout apparel. It's just easier to focus on Pilates or pounding out an extra mile on the treadmill when we know we're not clad in our oldest, grungiest, most perforated sweats. Available in six... [More]


Cicada Earrings

We're not so crazy about these oversized insects when they're in hordes covering our front lawns, but they're fabulous when they're dangling from our ears. We think these earrings ($30) are a much better way to enjoy cicadas than pizza is.... [More]


Dorm Tape

It doesn't suck nearly as much as your first student loan payment, but losing a chunk of that dorm deposit thanks to peeled paint on your cinder block walls is no treat. Get more of that cash back in your pocket (where you'll desperately need it) by using Dorm Tape... [More]


Ugly Vegetable Plant Kits

"Cutest" does not always equal "best." The cutest guy is probably the one who still lives with his mom. The cutest puppy might pee all over your Louboutins. And the cutest vegetables don't always pack the most punch when it comes to flavor and nutrition. These Ugly Vegetable Plant Kits... [More]


Funston To-Go Bowl

Easy to pack and less embarrassing to carry around than doggie doo bags, the Funston To-Go Bowl ($14) from Wildebeest makes traveling with your pooch a cinch. The flat bowl pinches together at the corners to make a water-resistant container for pup's food and water while you're out and about.... [More]


Lobster Dayboat Shorts

Tourists from the far corners of the globe cross continents and oceans every summer to make their way to the shores of Maine - and it's not for the scenery. They're after that mouthwatering, frustratingly tough-to-transport delicacy of the sea: live 'n' kicking lobsters. Whether you live in a seabug-friendly... [More]


Advice to Little Girls

Who knew Mark Twain was going to be your new parenting BFF? And yet, here he is, backin' up mom and dad (well, sorta): "You should ever bear in mind that it is to your kind parents that you are indebted for your food, and for the privilege of staying... [More]


Splendid Underwire T-Shirt Bra

It makes sense that the folks behind some of our favorite basic tees would make a cute bra that's perfect for wearing under them. The Splendid Underwire T-Shirt Bra ($48, in three prints) has seamless molded cups and no-show straps to keep the gals perfectly lifted and separated beneath even... [More]


Kiri Wood Window Box

You need more green in your decor, same as you do in your pockets. Sadly, this Kiri Wood Window Box ($55) won't grow cash. But it does make a lovely spot for decorative houseplants, from wheatgrass to geraniums. Use it to liven up a sunny countertop or add a little... [More]


KORRES Mango Butter Lipstick

We wouldn't term KORRES Mango Butter Lipstick ($18) lipstick, actually; it's more a lip butter with oomph. The tint is subtle, but buildable, and the mango butter in the formula both moisturizes and adds a glossy sheen. It's that much-vaunted MLBB (my lips but better) formula that's so hard to... [More]


Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Ice Cream Pumps

May we present the mullet of shoes: Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Ice Cream Pumps ($175).... [More]


Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Five Piece Cookware Set

There's a reason they've been hot since the nineteenth century: copper and stainless steel are pretty much the ultimate in cookware combos, and nobody crafts them quite like Mauviel. The French brand has been around since 1830, and this M'Heritage Copper Five-Piece Cookware Set ($675) is a perfect way to... [More]


Rumors Dress

Throw on a pair of white go-go boots and this Rumors Dress ($63) and you'll look like you just time-warped here from 1969. Of course, if you'd rather not be mistaken for an extra from Austin Powers, this colorful shift will also look fine with a big belt and a... [More]


Ribbon With Ruler

This Ribbon With Ruler ($22) is a great way to add a rustic touch to your gift wrap, your centerpiece, or almost anything else crafty. It'll also come in handy if you find yourself with a sudden, desperate need to measure something.... [More]


Your Exfoliating Gloves

Simple in design, Your Exfoliating Gloves ($16) from Daily Concepts take up little space and easily slide on over your hands to aid you in sloughing off dead skin and rough patches during your daily shower. What sets them apart from the competition is the fading label, which tells you... [More]


Pineapple Door Knocker

Doorbell, shmoorbell. What people really want is to knock on your door with a pineapple (and then make SpongeBob SquarePants jokes as you welcome them inside). Yes, it's a symbol of hospitality, we know. Pineapple Door Knocker ($115) by Michael Healy Designs... [More]


Red Colourblock Swimsuit

Face it, it's still hot as balls out there, and one of the best ways to cool down is to dive face-first into a swimming pool full of margaritas cold water. Slip on this Red Colourblock Swimsuit ($68), slather on some SPF 50, and go lounge in the nearest body... [More]


Origami Wine Tote

True to its name, the Origami Wine Tote ($25) stores flat thanks to notched stitching in the fabric. Transporting your vino? Pop open the tote and nestle your bottle safely inside. It comes with a gift tag in case you want to gift both the bottle and the tote to... [More]


Constellation Card Set

We couldn't think of a better set of cards to use for all of your midnight correspondence. Send along sweet nothings to your love (G-rated or otherwise!), write wistful thoughts to your crush (that you'll never send!), or jot down a birthday note to your nana (thank heavens you sat... [More]


Roberta Chiarella Purple Parfait Necklace

Indulge in a parfait without the pesky calories as you drape the Roberta Chiarella Purple Parfait Necklace ($38) around your neck. Graduated shades of grape, strawberry, raspberry, and coral resin squares are framed in gold for an extra hit of bling. It would look great with a black or white... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Nektar Honey Crystals

Keeping a bottle of honey in your office desk drawer is a gamble. Knock it over when the cap is loose and you'll be feeling the sticky consequences for days. Stashing a box of Nektar Honey Crystals ($7 for forty packets), on the other hand, will let you sweeten your... [More]


Origins Modern Friction Scrub

We're no strangers to pampering our skin (who doesn't love a girls' night in?), but pampering it with Modern Friction ($39) definitely takes the cake. Or, more accurately, takes away your skin's dullness after you indulge in one too many slices of cake. The natural dermabrasion cream uses rice starch... [More]


Hadley Cuff

You don't have to be a horse nut to appreciate this Hadley Cuff ($40). The contrast between light aqua enamel and bronze embossing makes this piece cool enough even for those who'd only get into a saddle by way of some buff cowboy tossing them across his lap. Hey, it's... [More]


Diamanté Satin Heels

More care went into the design of these heels ($250) than into the upbringing of most children! Grab them now while they're half-off!... [More]


Farm to Table Cabbage Dipping Bowl

Think the only good use for cabbage is feeding the pigs? Even if you can't stand to get near the stuff, we think you'll appreciate the role it played in crafting this Farm to Table Cabbage Dipping Bowl ($25). This ceramic cutie is cast using a mold made by hand... [More]


Knitted Textured Crop Top and Skirt

While we're always bemoaning the fact that yellow is a hard color to wear, we also seem to find it downright beguiling when someone else is wearing it. Maybe it's time to take the plunge and slip into the Knitted Textured Crop Top and Skirt ($140) from Topshop. The brightly... [More]


Bugs Away Yellow Globe String Lights

However key they are to our ecosystem, we do not love bugs when we're relaxing outside at night. These Bugs Away Yellow Globe String Lights ($25, on sale) are a more humane and less icky solution than a zapper. The soft golden hue doesn't attract flying things like standard white... [More]


Cereal Marshmallows

Remember eating cereal as kids and avoiding the grainy bits in favor of the delicious sugary marshmallows? Oh, how we'd shake our undeveloped fists at the heavens and lament "Why, oh why, can't they make a cereal that's just marshmallows!?" (That's actually how a lot of us became atheists.) Well,... [More]


Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set

You outgrew those half-heart necklace pairs when you were in third grade, but that doesn't mean you're too grown-up to appreciate a nice way to pay tribute to your bestie. This Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set ($84) is a more adult, wearable take on the theme, with two... [More]


Sports Turf Coasters

No, they aren't places for chihuahuas to pee when you don't feel like taking them outside. These Sports Turf Coasters ($15) are for your game-time brews. And what more appropriate thing could you find for your seventh-inning beer to sit on than a square of ballpark-worthy artificial turf?... [More]


Safari Wall Hook

At least half of our expecting friends are opting not to find out the baby's sex until it's born. Luckily for them (and for all of us shower attendees), gender-neutral baby items are getting easier to find. How sweet is this Safari Wall Hook ($35)? It's safely in the neutral... [More]


Go Green Stamps

Every so often, the USPS comes out with super cool commemorative stamps. This summer, replace your usual Liberty Bells with sheets of Go Green Stamps ($7). Each of the sixteen designs in the collection shares a short tip for reducing waste and keeping the planet green. Okay, so they may... [More]


Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System

Sounds that are not helpful when you're trying to sleep: 1. Children screaming 2. Partner snoring 3. Bulldozers If one of the above has you staring at the ceiling through the wee hours, or if you simply need a little extra help letting consciousness go, this Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound... [More]


Brooklyn Bridge Cuff Bracelet

They don't build them like they used to. Today's bridges are dryly functional and sadly budget-conscious, which is what makes the water-spanning monuments of yesteryear all the more impressive. This Brooklyn Bridge Cuff Bracelet ($74) celebrates one of those marvels of engineering, translating its distinct look into a subtly clever... [More]


Fisher-Price Classic Toy Keychains

They provided us with hours of entertainment when we were kids, and guess what? They're still a blast today. Excuse these fully functional Fisher-Price Classic Toy Keychains ($4-8) as a bit of kitschy nostalgia. Then, when no one else is looking, go ahead and play.... [More]


LUSH Beach Box

Heading to the shore? What better way to travel than with this LUSH Beach Box ($30) in hand? This limited edition collection is packed with the brand's ocean-inspired favorites, from their refreshing Sea Vegetable soap to a salty Sea Spray hair mist. Use them to give yourself that fresh-out-of-the-water look... [More]


Laughing Man Dukale's Dream Espresso

We admit it. Hugh Jackman could be selling vacuum cleaner attachments, and we'd suddenly develop a passion for clean carpets. But instead, the singing studmuffin has put his seal of approval onto something we're already nuts for: caffeine. Laughing Man Dukale's Dream Espresso ($14) is an organic, fair-trade brew inspired... [More]


Onyx Talisman

"Onyx" is just a fancy name for a black rock. "Talisman" is just a fancy name for any piece of trash superstitiously credited with mysterious powers. Put them together, though, and you have a necklace worthy of its fancy name. Onyx Talisman ($16).... [More]


Apple&Bee Weekender Tote

We hear Sunday evening is the best time to meet people at the grocery store - apparently that's when all the singletons shop. So we've started stepping up our weekend wardrobes when we head to the store, and we're using this Weekend Tote ($90) so that even our frozen dinners... [More]


Print Smitten I'm Sorry Card

It doesn't matter how old we get: we're really not too different from toddlers. When we get ourselves worked into a tizzy of pissed-offedness, what we're most likely in need of is either a good snack or a nap. This Print Smitten I'm Sorry Card ($5) recognizes that truth. Keep... [More]


Royal Baby Biscuit Tin

Currently, people the world over seem to be divided into two different camps: those of us who are eagerly gobbling up news about the new royal offspring, and those of us who just want the gawking to stop. Can we offer a peace token? Let's all munch on the cookies... [More]

ASOS crop tee small.jpg

ASOS Crop Top with I Love/Hate You Print

When your Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce are in conflict, just slip on the ASOS Crop Top with I Love/Hate You Print ($16), and people will understand your ever-changing moods.... [More]


Ranger Doug's National Parks Posters

Even if your idea of camping means staying in a plush B&B someplace with trees nearby, we're still betting you'll love Ranger Doug's National Parks Posters ($40). These images of our nation's great parks and monuments are either careful replicas of or contemporary tributes to the classic art of the... [More]


Nail #7 Nail Shield

Been staring enviously at all those Tumblr and Pinterest pictures of super creative manicures? Don't worry: we've found an easy way for you to blow all of them out of the water. Just have your salon throw on your favorite shade of polish, then top off your ring finger with... [More]


Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

When it came to skincare, our mothers told us about the dangers of sun exposure and the importance of moisturizing. But nobody ever warned us that once we hit a certain age, sleeping with our faces smashed into our pillows was going to leave all sorts of weird wrinkles. The... [More]


Winifred Grace Constellation Cuff

Pick up one of these Winifred Grace Constellation Cuffs ($143), and the next time some idiot in a bar asks you what your sign is, you can show him. While giving him the finger.... [More]


Pink Leopard Tube Skirt

Every now and then mankind makes an undeniable improvement on nature. The Pink Leopard Tube Skirt ($45) is just putting this out there...what if leopards were pink?... [More]


Anchorage Necklace

Who says statement necklaces have to be enameled baubles or elaborate strings of beads? In fact, those are getting so commonplace that this Anchorage Necklace ($70) from Shokay packs a wallop of a statement just by being different. The double-braided necklace is made from a yak and bamboo yarn blend.... [More]


Moravian Star Mini Pendant Light

Stargaze even on cloudy nights by hanging the Moravian Star Mini Pendant ($195-259) in your favorite room. The 3-D star is an ideal size for an entry hall, nursery, or book nook. It gives off a nice, soft glow - mood lighting at its finest!... [More]


Judith March Festival Of Color Shorts

Decorate your derriere with rows of colorful art deco skyscrapers in these Judith March Festival Of Color Shorts ($74). Their perfect combination of peach, orange, lavender, and turquoise stands out brilliantly against a solid black background, making them easily the most attention-grabbing part of any outfit.... [More]

brushed nickel ferris wheel cupcake holder 100 small.jpg

Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

We've got our reasons for liking this Brushed Nickel Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder ($65). For one, it's more original than a cupcake tree. Two, it reminds us of the uncomfortable Ferris wheel scene from The Notebook. Three, we like to play with food. Four, we think you'll like it too.... [More]


Black NASCAR Tread Ring

Some gals just have that need for speed. Others have the exact opposite - the need for traction. Either way, the Black NASCAR Tread Ring ($325) has got you covered.... [More]


The Bolt

It hit us like a bolt out of the blue: we need to own this O2 Designs The Bolt Necklace ($70 - $80). It's petite and powerful, and available in gold, rose gold and silver. We've been struck (stricken?) by all three!... [More]


POW! Comic Book Soap

You'll try anything to shake off the sleep on those weekday mornings when the alarm goes off (seemingly) waaay too early. Washing up with a bar of POW! Comic Book Soap ($6) from GEEKSOAP can't hurt the cause. It packs a powerful punch of cedarwood and musk, and readies you... [More]


Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer

Okay, so we're a little late to the juicing party. But we're not too broken up about it, especially since our new Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer ($335) is ahhh-mazing! It also comes with a cookbook that will give you all sorts of yummy juice ideas - so come back and... [More]


Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style

Want to know how to look fabulous? Forget the fashion blogs and kneel at the feet of a true master. Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style ($68) is a tribute to Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel, possibly the twentieth century's greatest fashion genius. This coffee-table-worthy book chronicles her work through the eyes... [More]


Wishful Thinking Bracelet

You know full well that every good thing that's happened to you this year can be traced to one simple event: pulling off the winning half of that wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner. Well, that and fortune cookies. Pay tribute to your luck by going out for crab rangoon while wearing... [More]


Chesapeake Storage Coffee Table

We can't all have summer homes in the Hamptons, but we can certainly decorate like we do! This Chesapeake Storage Coffee Table ($499) falls squarely (ha! squarely) between chic and shabby and will store your lightweight blankets, for when the sea breezes blow. Or for when the stale city air... [More]


Love Print Pom Pom Scarf

Sometimes LOVE is printed so big, we only realize that it's LOVE when we take a step back and look at it from a new perspective. And with all the twists, sometimes we don't even recognize LOVE when it's right under our noses. Love Print Pom Pom Scarf ($39).... [More]


O'2ND Charmant Sweater

You don't have to wait until the season changes to pull on the O'2ND Charmant Sweater ($295). Wool is a body temperature regulator; it can both warm you up and cool you down as your body shivers or sweats. We don't recommend wearing this on a ninety-degree day, but it... [More]


Tap That To-Go Sipper Cup

The Tap That To-Go Sipper Cup ($12) from Urban Outfitters: now you can drink your tap water and make puns about it, too!... [More]


Marie Antoinette Salt & Pepper Shakers

Love antique-styled dinnerware? Have a sick sense of humor? Then you're sure to flip for this Marie Antoinette salt and pepper shaker set ($23). At first glance, this looks like a lovely rococo Marie rendered in classic ceramic. But that pompadoured head neatly separates from her torso to provide you... [More]


Cord And Chain Knot Head Band

The simple Cord And Chain Knot Head Band ($59) by Made is a bit shmancier than your run-of-the-mill hair accessory. We could even see it gracing the updo of a down-to-earth beach bride. Nuptials not on your agenda? Wear it with tousled waves and a light swipe of makeup to... [More]


Handbook for the Recently Deceased Journal

Back in the (pre-Dark Shadows) day, Tim Burton created some of Hollywood's darkest, funniest, and most iconic films, like Beetlejuice. Fans will appreciate this Handbook for the Recently Deceased Journal ($30) - either it's full of blank pages, or the writing's just not visible to the living.... [More]


Irene Lace Booties

Not only do the Irene Lace Booties ($130) make our hearts beat a little faster (thanks to that antiqued lace upper), they also make our feet dance a little jig. They even have a little extra room inside for housing feet wrapped in thick (and hopefully attractive) socks - so... [More]


e.l.f. Essential Brights Nail Cube

Enough nail colors to wear a different shade every day for two weeks, all for the cost of lunch at the fancy bistro with the overpriced chicken salad sandwich? You know which one we're picking. And if for some reason you don't know, just look at our digits tomorrow. e.l.f.... [More]


What "I Love You" Feels Like Card

From our experience, hearing "I love you" feels like receiving a surprise box of doughnuts, watching someone lug all the trash out to the curb even though it's raining, and a few other things all at once that we probably can't describe in detail on this blog without getting into... [More]



We used to keep a big jar of jelly beans on the conference table with a label that said "Uppers" on it, but the boss didn't take too kindly to that. Now we've got a jar of Vitapens Highlighters ($11) which is still cheeky and colorful, but apparently much more... [More]


Féline Sweatshirt

With the the Brian Lichtenberg Féline sweatshirt ($98), we have no doubts that your wardrobe transition from summer to fall will be a graceful one. You get cool cat bonus points if you wear it with the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears!... [More]

Multi-Max Air Chair small.jpg

Multi-Max Air Chair

Invite your best buddies to come lounge around and relax in a Multi-Max Air Chair ($24). It'll double as an air bed should the gathering turn into a sleepover.... [More]


Don't break the Bottle Wine Puzzler

You know those gifts where you have to solve the puzzle before you get the prize? The Don't break the Bottle Wine Puzzler ($28) gives you an extra incentive to sharpen your wits - lest you face the rest of the night sober!... [More]


Anthropologie Porcelain Flower Vase

Vases without flowers are just hollow, empty shells - longing for color, nothing without their the natural beauty they are intended to hold. (We're going to start writing emo poetry soon, whaddya think?) Anthropologie solved that problem for us by combining the flower and the vase in the shape of... [More]


NoseFrida: The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

It sounds like the title to a straight-to-DVD horror flick, but NoseFrida: The Snotsucker ($15) is actually a doctor recommended tool for clearing out your baby's itty-bitty nostrils. It's your own straw-sucking power that makes the whole thing work, but fear not - a disposable filter keeps you from ending... [More]


The Warhol Necklace

See the necklace inspired by the lamest game of Othello ever! The Warhol Necklace ($25) works great as a statement necklace, not so much as a strategy for tabletop games.... [More]


Kii Charger Connector

It's barely post-lunchtime on a workday and you're realizing that your awesome Candy Crush Saga streak has cost you most of your phone's juice. Charge up your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod) with the Kii Charger Connector ($20-40) from Bluelounge. The small charger clips onto your key ring for easy... [More]


Posters for Girls

Parent or not, it's pretty easy to recognize that the majority of kids' items are full of gender stereotypes. We always shout a little hurrah when we see awesome things like this set of Posters for Girls ($100 for all four) by artist Amanda Visell. The pink is minimal, the... [More]


Rocking Pony Cookie Cutter

We wouldn't say baking is child's play, but when you have a rocking horse as a kitchen tool, it certainly adds an element of youthfulness. Simply rocking this cookie cutter ($10) along your dough yields long biscuits with little hearts in the middle. Sweet!... [More]


Lapel Sleeveless Floral Dress

Ah, fashion...turning confusion into art since before Dadaism. We can't explain the print on the Lapel Sleeveless Floral Dress ($35), nor can we explain our need to own it.... [More]


SteakStones Sizzling Steak Set

If you flip your lid when you order fajitas at Chili's and they show up at your table sizzling on a slab of cast iron, then just wait until you experience the SteakStones Sizzling Steak Set ($113). This isn't just a snazzy way of presenting a mediocre entrée. SteakStones make... [More]


Mr. T

He's not draped in gold chains, and so far as we know he pities no fools, but this Mr. T ($31) is certainly as strong as his A-Team namesake. Just look at him, pumping iron, er, Cottonelle, like a champ!... [More]


USB Polygraph

Why should police have all the fun? Finally, a lie detector test for the home, where you need it most! Plug the USB Polygraph ($100) into your computer, attach the the gadgetry to your husband whoever you think is lying, and get ready to serve up a hot plate of... [More]


Tory Burch Pierson Backpack

Part backpack, part handbag, all awesome! Anything as turquoise as the Tory Burch Pierson Backpack ($365) must be worthwhile.... [More]


METROPARK Fringe Fest Dress

Fringe Fest - now there's a holiday we can get behind! Let's get the ball rolling on this by picking up the METROPARK Fringe Fest Dress ($86).... [More]


Mixtape Stamp Activity Kit

We get it - sharing a Spotify playlist is way easier than burning a CD for your friend, but at least the CD still hearkens back to its predecessor - the beloved mix tape. Plus, this way you have something to embellish with this awesome Mixtape Stamp Activity Kit ($20).... [More]

polluted glass 100 x 100.jpg

Polluted Glasses

Hopelessly trying to encourage recycling? When no one seems to grasp the importance of environmentalism the way you do, give them a good scare! Start serving up your fruity teas or juices (we're thinking brightly colored drinks) in these Polluted Glasses($16 for two) to help make your point.... [More]


Bitter Tears Kiki Cocktail Bitters

Spending a lot of time lately crying into your drink? We've all been there. Just think of how much more poetically appropriate that depressive concoction would be with a dash of these Bitter Tears Kiki Cocktail Bitters ($22). Spiked with lavender, elderberry and ginger, they'll at least ensure that your... [More]


Sharkini Shark Bite Onesie

What are your favorite beach activities to think about? Relaxing? Having fun with friends? Snoozeville! How about shark attacks? The Sharkini Shark Bite Onesie ($100) combines both of our favorite beach activities: showing off our bodies and keeping our eyes peeled for fins!... [More]


Geometric Print Tablecloth

Zara Home has a multitude of prettily patterned table linens on sale. Having spent plenty of time wavering, we think we'll go with the Geometric Print Tablecloth ($40-46, on sale). It's got the perfect look to dress up a summer party, don't you think? If you're not a fan of... [More]


Burstday Baby Tee

Humans have birthdays...aliens have burstdays! But are we so different? The Burstday Baby Tee ($22) points out that we all celebrate the special day when we emerged into the world.... [More]


Best Lunch Box Ever

The clever and nutritious recipes in Best Lunch Box Ever: Ideas and Recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love ($17) may have been created with kids in mind, but they're pretty scrumptiously perfect for lunch-eaters of all ages. Sure, it takes a little extra thought to plan ahead, but come... [More]


Shamboo Shower Caddy

You won't find flakes of rust dirtying up your bath with this Shamboo Shower Caddy ($50). This soap and shampoo carrier is made from natural, renewable bamboo, and we think it looks a heck of a lot better than those (temporarily) shiny ones.... [More]


Set of Temporary Eye Tattoos

Why put on plain shadow when you can put on a lacy thing with an artistic tail? This Set of Temporary Eye Tattoos ($20) reminds us that eye makeup has been around since before Cleopatra - so let's spice it up a little bit!... [More]


Blue Metal Outdoor Chair

If your patio set is anything like ours, it's not so much a "set." More like "random outdoor furniture we found at the side of the road and repainted." If it's time to upgrade, pick up a few of these Blue Metal Outdoor Chairs ($100 each); the classic design dates... [More]


Bloody Splashes Wall Mural

Calm down, Dexter, it's not real. This Bloody Splashes Wall Mural ($52 for 39"x39") is the perfect wall decor for your zombie enthusiasts, your splatter film buffs, and your unsqueamish fans of Jackson Pollock.... [More]


Rory Beca Hess Drape Wrap Gown in Lava

Holy Pele - there's nothing tepid about the hue of this Rory Beca Hess Drap Wrap Gown in Lava ($229). The casually elegant cut of this piece was already enough to get our attention, but throw in that volcanic orange color and it goes from pretty to full-on fashion eruption.... [More]


Storage Cutting Board

We always think we're being so clever when we walk a cutting board full of vegetable debris over to the trash can to scrape off the unwanted remnants. It's only five steps, but somehow we always manage to make an obscene mess, whether it's tomato juice running onto the floor... [More]


Smoky Extravagant Mascara

Forget "extreme" or "voluminous": "extravagant" sounds like the adjective we'd like associated with our lashes. This Smoky Extravagant Mascara ($24) makes good on its promises with a luxuriously over-the-top impact on your lash length, color, thickness and curl. Throwing on a coat is the cosmetic equivalent of wearing your diamonds... [More]


Cosmic Wayfarer Glasses

They might not do a darned thing to block UV rays, but these Cosmic Wayfarer Glasses ($6) will certainly up your hip quotient. We think their pixelated print makes them look like wardrobe pieces from the "Take on Me" video. Wear them to give the impression that you're about to... [More]


Save The Bees Garden Box

The honeybee population is on the decline, and it's time to help out in any way we can. We're going to use the Save The Bees Garden Box ($12) from The Giggling Garden to plant some bee-friendly flower seeds. Our track record with plants is about fifty-fifty, but aster, hyssop,... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Harmony Paneled Lace Ankle Pants

These Diane von Furstenberg Harmony Paneled Lace Ankle Pants ($345) might scream "Party in the front, business in the back", but even if they do cause us to think about mullets, we think they're sophisticated from any angle.... [More]


15 Shades Of Sephora

Gloss lovers, rejoice! And then go purchase the 15 Shades Of Sephora ($48), a collection of lip shades from BITE Beauty. The gorgeously pigmented glosses, representing the most iconic lip color trends of the last fifteen years, are recreated with natural, fruit-based ingredients. Once your box reaches your doorstep, cancel... [More]


Jawbone UP

There are new activity trackers hitting the market daily, but with hefty price tags attached to them, making a new purchase is a bit of a gamble. We took a shot with the Jawbone UP system ($130) and we're so glad we did! The small, flexible band is worn casually,... [More]


Custom Map Wine Bottle Stoppers

Put that bottle down! There's no need to guzzle the whole thing if you can keep it fresh with one of these Custom Map Wine Bottle Stoppers ($32). Just think of how much you'll enjoy seeing that map snippet of your favorite city or town when you go for that... [More]


Cuyana Fringe Dress

Headed on a hot vacation? Here's the one dress you need to bring with you. Wear the Cuyana Fringe Dress ($110) with leggings on the plane for comfy travel, use it as a cover-up when you head to the pool, and pair it with strappy heels and a statement necklace... [More]


Minam Minnow Board

The small Minam Minnow Board ($122) isn't going to help you get much kitchen prep done before a big party, but it is going to make snacking on your favorite cheeses and crackers a bit more fun. Slice the smoked Gouda, cube the cheddar, and share with guests to keep... [More]


Tutti Frutti Notecards

Send off sweet thank-yous and juicy gossip on these Tutti Frutti Notecards ($46 for twelve). A card will definitely brighten up someone's day, and maybe even remind them to munch on an extra piece of fruit. Look at you, writing notes and promoting a healthy diet all at once!... [More]


Rainbow Crystal Knuckle Ring

We'd like to offer props to the brainiacs who figured out how to mold sparkly things out of plastic. Without them, we'd be forced to save up painful amounts of money to afford a collection of colorful gems for a stunning cocktail ring. (Or to buy glass ones.) Thanks to... [More]


Davines OI / OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion

Frizzled hair have you at loose ends? Bring that mane back in line with Davines OI / OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion ($41). With a formula based on antioxidant rich roucou oil, it'll tame that frizz while making a longer-term impact on your hair's strength and youthful texture.... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: July 22, 2013

There are four good-lookin' purses to choose from in this week's lookalike poll at The Purse Page. Do you have an immediate favorite, or do you need to sleep on it? Either way, cast your vote before the week is up! The winner will be revealed next week and featured... [More]


Hotrod Honey Dress

"A hotrod race? Over me? No, stop, it's dangerous... but let me drop the handkerchief." The Hotrod Honey Dress ($126) represents a time when dating was so much simpler.... [More]


Bone Feather Black & White Stripe 1-Piece

We were already loving how the classic print of this Bone Feather Black & White Stripe suit ($205) set off the sculpted cut of its bodice. Then we spotted that adorable striped bow on the back. As if this swimsuit really needed to get any more cute - adding that... [More]


Custom Remington Model 3 Typewriter

While there may not be a need for you to sit down and type office copy or coded war correspondence, it's nice to know that the Custom Remington Model 3 Typewriter ($500) is the real deal. The 1920s turquoise piece has been restored down to the tiniest detail (check out... [More]


Malibu Barbie by Trina Turk

This ain't your kid sister's Malibu Barbie ($50). This updated version of the classic doll is all swagged out in designer duds by Trina Turk. You might feel a little silly picking up a Barbie doll at your age, but we can spare you at least a little embarassment: the... [More]


Budget Cuts Piggy Bank

Finances in dire straights? Feed your change to the Budget Cuts Piggy Bank ($24) to fatten him up. Once your piggy is full, indulge yourself with something new and shiny (we vote for shoes). In the meantime, he'll hang out and remind you of all the things you're giving up... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Botanical Print Long-Sleeved Shirt

Digging the soft, feminine look of this botanical print long-sleeved shirt? At $10 with free shipping, this piece has "impulse buy" stamped all over it. Even better, Ahai Shopping's website posts pics of its pieces submitted by users wearing them in the real world instead of a photography studio, so... [More]


Samsung Galaxy Camera

While our phones do an adequate job of snapping quick pictures, they lack the bells and whistles a real camera can offer. The Samsung Galaxy Camera ($449 for Wi-Fi only*), however, seems to bridge the growing gap between photo-taking and media-sharing. The hybrid camera runs on the Android platform and... [More]


Tinsel Town Sunglasses

Like to be able to blend in with the crowd? Then you'd better not buy yourself these Tinsel Town Sunglasses ($12). There's nothing incognito about their combination of a classic cat-eye lens with blinging sparkly gold accents. Heck, wear them and you might even find yourself getting trailed by paparazzi.... [More]


Chill Baby Volume Pacifier

If only this Chill Baby Volume Pacifier ($11) actually worked. We'd love to be able to lower the decibel level on ticked-off infants every now and again. It'd be even more awesome if they could make a baby-quieter that worked by remote control, like our iPod dock or the TV.... [More]


Vintage American Flag Infinity Scarf

Why should Old Glory-themed fashion be limited to the Fourth of July? You'll be happy to show your patriotism year-round with this lightweight Vintage American Flag Infinity Scarf ($28).... [More]


Shagreen Envelope

The trendy colors and texture of the Shagreen Envelope clutch ($120, on sale) make it a "wish list" piece, but the sale price makes owning it an attainable goal. Almost. We'll just pack our lunches and forgo afternoon lattes this week to save for it!... [More]


Tower Blocks Paper Notes

Haven't you always wanted your own little Post-it skyscraper collection? At last, your dream can become a reality with these Tower Blocks Paper Notes ($30 - $45). Yes, they're about ten times more expensive than your usual note blocks, but can you really put a price on desk ornament perfection?... [More]


Abracadabra Bracelet

Maybe you're not superstitious. You might have no problem walking under a ladder. Perhaps it's been years since you read your horoscope. Heck, you could even own a black cat. So of course, you wouldn't be buying this Abracadabra Bracelet ($48) in the hope that its magic phrase might open... [More]

Bombshell small.jpg


We know crime shows can become addictive, but we don't want the literacy rate to fall much further. Trade in a night of CSI: Miami for Bombshell, by Catherine Coulter ($16). You get all of the mystery of an acclaimed crime drama, plus a gold star for using your own... [More]


Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

You've been there before: you manage to whip your hair into a Pinterest-worthy 'do, only to have an array of frizzy ends slip themselves loose of your braids and pins. It's those broken-off strands that are the culprits. Keep them intact longer with Redken Extreme Anti-Snap ($19), a leave-in treatment... [More]


Canning Tag Paint Kit

Canning is hard work, so once you've got your jams and jellies ready for gift-giving, spruce them up with the Canning Tag Paint Kit ($16) from Glob Colors. You'll want to use the wooden tags and eco-friendly paints to make a good impression, especially if your seal is a little... [More]


Free People Tie-Dye Scrunch Skirt

We love tie-dye, but we never thought to combine it with scrunch! The Free People Tie-Dye Scrunch Skirt ($58) makes ruche work for youche!... [More]

motown small.jpg

Motown: The Musical Original Broadway Cast Recording

Admit it, you'e been caught singing in the shower, attempting to harmonize with Diana Ross or the Temptations. They say "Ain't no Mountain High Enough", but that note you're missing sure is. Save your voice and pop in Motown: The Musical ($10).... [More]


FEED for Target Large Navy Tote

We've written before about the awesomeness of FEED, Lauren Bush's program to provide meals to hungry kids and families across the globe. Now Target has hopped on the bandwagon with a special line of FEED USA products. Purchasing this totally cute FEED for Target Large Navy Tote ($35) will not... [More]


Custom Skinny Bar Bracelet

Personalize a Custom Skinny Bar Bracelet ($47) with up to sixteen numbers or letters. Use your favorite phrase, important dates, names of loved ones, or whatever your imagination can think up. The price is right to collect a few of 'em and stack, so order one each time you have... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Couch for Alexa's New Loft

Alexa writes, "Hi! I love the stuff you guys find and have no idea how you always know where to go. I have a bit of a different request for you all... I will be moving into a lovely extremely tiny apartment but need help with a couch. The apartment... [More]


Besotted Silver Rustic Cuff

For the armored knight who cares about protection and appearance... The Besotted Silver Rustic Cuff ($15) has a design that both draws attention to your slender wrist and protects it from sword attacks.... [More]


Botanical Press

Summer won't stick around forever, no matter how much we wish it were so. At least you can preserve some of your pretty garden flowers! This scientific-grade Botanical Press ($58) will dry and store your blossoms between its twelve layers. Once pressed, your summertime mementos will be ready for framing... [More]


EYE SEE Sweater

Do you like nonsensical abuse of the English language? Of course you do. That's why you read Outblush. This EYE SEE Sweater ($13) is like a verbal Rubik's cube - you can keep spinning it around in your mind for hours, but it'll still just be a jumbled mess when... [More]


Wendy Darling Sailing Ship Kite

We would already have loved this Wendy Darling Sailing Ship Kite ($40) as a purely decorative mobile. But guess what? This ship actually flies if let loose in a brisk wind. No fairy dust required.... [More]


Fish Haute of Water Earrings

Look at how adorable the little fish in that little basket is. Not so adorable is what comes next, which involves a little bowl and a little gutting knife. Fish Haute of Water Earrings ($12).... [More]


White Dream Clutch

Once upon a million years ago, we thought Rainbow Brite was the bomb. Now that we're all grown up, and she's become the stuff of overpriced eBay auctions, we still think the blonde moon-booted minx had something going on when it came to accessorizing. This White Dream Clutch ($110) looks... [More]


Shiny Black Tusk Bangle

Isn't it great we live in an age when we can buy "tusk" jewelry and it's not made from real elephant? The Shiny Black Tusk Bangle ($160) is an adjustable brass bangle that's inspired by - not carved from - the majestic elephant.... [More]


Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse

Think the avian attack in The Birds was just mindless malevolence? It was revenge for our slumlord bird-housing habits. Stop forcing your feathered tenants to reside in trashy nests of twigs and straw, and give them someplace fashionable to call home with this Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse ($60).... [More]


All Edges Nonstick Brownie Pan

It's hard to be someone who likes the edges of brownies...always fighting for your piece of the's enough to make you hardened, just like the crust of your favorite dessert! For people like you, the All Edges Nonstick Brownie Pan ($35) marks the end of a lifelong struggle. (Not... [More]


Crystal Turtle Stud Earrings

All animals with predominantly round shapes really should be made into stud earrings. The Crystal Turtle Stud Earrings ($8) work...the Anteater Stud Earrings were kind of a dud. Also available in gold crystal.... [More]


Soapbox Long Leg Table

While we may never be able to quit IKEA (thanks to their easy prices and easy assembly), it is nice to own furniture that's got a little more in the way of sturdiness and longevity. The Long Leg Table ($190) from Soapbox is a step up, though you still assemble... [More]


Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll

Barbies got a lot of flak for promoting unhealthy body ideals for women, so Mattel came out with alternatives - like this Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll ($20), which makes Barbie's figure look like Adele's. But remember what it's like to be a little girl with a new doll?... [More]


Isabel Harvey Peas & Carrots Scarf

The orange and green combination looked fun enough on your plate as a kid to trick you into eating two otherwise loathed vegetables, and it's also pretty spiffy in this Isabel Harvey Peas & Carrots Scarf ($78). Wear it as a reminder that seemingly "icky" things can turn downright delish... [More]


Hotrod Rocks Piston Earrings

If you're looking for a suggestive sex metaphor, you won't find a better one than the piston! These Hotrod Rocks Piston Earrings ($40) are all about thrusting, pulling out, then thrusting again, and then... whew, did it just get hot in here?... [More]


Multi Gemstone Gold Splice Necklace

It's like one of those dazzling, brilliantly colored statement necklaces, but for a '50s television set. Multi Gemstone Gold Splice Necklace ($9).... [More]


Inflight Comfort Kit

With no in-flight meals and seats that pack in passengers like sardines in a can, air travel is getting less comfortable than ever. But until someone invents the transporter beam (come on, MIT!), it's still the best way to cover a long distance. With this Inflight Comfort Kit ($12), at... [More]


Koopa Shell Plush Backpack

The Koopa Shell Plush Backpack ($50) is cute, fashionable, and just the right degree of geeky - and if you suffer from road rage, it's the perfect thing to throw at other cars!... [More]


Sportline HydraCoach

Staying hydrated has never been so easy. This Sportline HydraCoach ($30) will calculate your personal hydration needs throughout the day based on your weight, tracking how much water you've had and motivating you to drink more. Warning: carrying one of these means you can no longer fake a heatstroke to... [More]


The Grigri Growlette

The downside to craft beers is that you occasionally order one that's not really your cuppa tea beer. That's where the Grigri Growlette ($32) from Portland Growler Co. comes in. This ceramic beauty holds thirty-two ounces, or two pints, and allows you to stop by your favorite microbrewery and sample... [More]


Crossroads Ring

Like the paneling at your grandparents' house so much, you want to wear it around? This Crossroads Ring ($427) features solid, old-world craftsmanship that'll stand the test of time.... [More]

Simone 1 small.jpg

Personal Shopper: Daytime Wedding Reception Dresses for Simone

Simone writes: "My fiancé and I were invited to a wedding reception that is being held at a banquet hall. The wedding was a destination wedding and this reception is for everyone that could not make it. It will be in the afternoon from 1-5. What is something appropriate to... [More]


The Mel Brooks Collection Blu-ray

The invention of Blu-ray has made it a true movie buff's duty to collect the classics in their new, high-definition form and, no film lover's shelves are complete without the gorgeously remastered discs for films like The Seventh Seal, Casablaca, and... Spaceballs? No, they're not high art, but even after... [More]


Main Event Leather Look Skirt

Ladies and gentlemen, our main event: your legs! The Main Event Leather Look Skirt ($51) really showcases your gams - but make sure you choose the right shoes to warm up the crowd.... [More]


Anna Sui Lipgloss R

We admit it, we're total suckers for cute packaging, which is why we bought Anna Sui Lipgloss R ($22, shown in #450, Anna Red). The formula, however, won us over; and it earned the move from the "pretty products" display on our dresser to the "actually used" tray we reach... [More]

lay-n-go cosmo small outblush.jpg

Lay-n-Go COSMO

The Lay-n-Go COSMO isn't what it sounds like. Nope. We're not talking about new cocktails, ways to stay single, or anyone's last late-night mistake. The Lay-n-Go COSMO is a makeup bag that unfolds into a flat surface, letting you see everything you've got. Pull the drawstring when you're done beautifying... [More]


Bird Bottle Stopper Candleholder

So you can't afford a proper vase or even a candlestick? Wine bottles are more stylish, anyway. This Bird Bottle Stopper Candleholder ($18) makes a perfect centerpiece, and as a bonus, you get to get drunk in order to use it!... [More]


Envelope Skort

If we dared to wear white on the lower halves of our bodies, we'd totally grab this Envelope Skort ($22). The clever fold of this piece makes it a total eye-catcher, and just think how perfectly that ivory tone would complement a nice summer tan. Too bad we'd inevitably sit... [More]


Tiger Print Leaf Drop Earrings

They said it couldn't be done, but the Tiger Print Leaf Drop Earrings ($5) are proof that geneticists have successfully crossed a tiger with a birch tree. Expect the B-movie about it this summer. (It's called Grrch.)... [More]


Seea Riviera One-Piece Swimsuit

Wearing extra large t-shirts with pictures of bikini-clad bodies doesn't make anyone look thinner. This Seea Riviera One-Piece Swimsuit ($140), however, might just do the trick. The clever arrangement of a bright striped center between slimming side panels of cool ocean blue works a bit of visual magic that will... [More]


Rad Dog Release N Run Leash

Dogs love it when that leash comes off so they can finally chase after that tennis ball. This Rad Dog Release N Run Leash ($38) saves you the trouble of calming Fido down enough to unhook the leash from his collar. Simply let go of the handle and the leash... [More]


The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

"I don't care if it takes me all right...size..." The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($25).... [More]


Quay Oh Mi Sunnies

It's hard not to like the color scheme of the Quay Oh Mi Sunnies ($42). We applaud Quay for deviating from the standard sunglasses coloring of black on black with black detailing.... [More]


Cigarette-Shaped Butane Lighter

Dude, that's so meta... Out-ironic your hipster friends with this Cigarette-Shaped Butane Lighter ($2).... [More]


Rustic Deco Silver Collar Necklace

Yeah, we can't tie knots properly either... If you like knot necklaces, this Rustic Deco Silver Collar Necklace ($15) meets the minimum requirement with the most basic knot in existence: two strings touching. (Does that even count?)... [More]


Chevron Chiffon Maternity Dress

You feel huge, swollen, hot-as-hell, and miserable, and to make matters worse, the world expects you to get up out of bed and face the day with that mysterious "pregnancy glow" people keep on insisting you have. It's probably the Chevron Chiffon Maternity Dress ($22, on sale) that's fooling them.... [More]


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What is it about mascara that makes cosmetic companies feel they have to use such crazy names? they're Real!, lashGASM, What's Your Type, Lash Domination...we could go on. And now, Too Faced Cosmetics is at it again with Better Than Sex Mascara ($23). But does it live up to the... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Butter Savers

After you've sliced off a slab of butter to melt onto your meal, cap that open stick with one of these genius little silicone Butter Savers ($5 each). It'll keep the exposed end from absorbing fridge odors or falling into a general state of eww. Bonus: the cap equals exactly... [More]


Pinata Snow Globe

Snow globe aficionado or not, you've gotta admit that the Pinata Snow Globe ($32) shakes up the dullness of everyday decor. And unlike snowmen and Santa Claus globes that get packed away after the holidays, this little guy can sit out and party with you all year.... [More]


Charm School Vintage Jellies

Plastic has never been more fun, before or since, than it was in the 1980s, before greater knowledge of how lousy it is for the planet went and ruined the fun with a hefty dose of environmental guilt. That's why we're loving the look of these Charm School Vintage Jellies... [More]


Flavored Simple Syrups

It doesn't matter if you're honing your shaved ice craft or just looking for a little boost to your summer booze - the collection of flavored simple syrups ($19 each) from The Bang Candy Company will add a gourmet twist to your refreshments. Each syrup is just a leetle bit... [More]


Free Spirit Speckled Grey Tee

Those with their lives on a set trajectory should shop elsewhere... The Free Spirit Speckled Grey Tee ($42) has the same message as an entire rock concert crowd screaming "Freebird!" If they're not doing it to be jerks.... [More]


Mermaid Perfume

We expected Mermaid Perfume ($50) would smell a bit like a blend of seaweed and walrus. Imagine our delight when we discovered this luscious orange blossom fragrance instead. Is it realistic? Do oranges grow under water? Probably not, but who cares about realism when we're talking about a mythical creature?... [More]


Black and Gold Spike Ring

The Black and Gold Spike Ring ($22) is a solid accessory for a variety of different looks. It could also double as a meat tenderizer. Go figure.... [More]


Rockin' Veggie Peeler

Your boring old peeler not fitting into your rock-and-roll lifestyle? You need a little metal to get that groovy shave! The Rockin' Veggie Peeler ($8) is perfect for the chef who's also a rocker (or a Texas Longhorns fan).... [More]


Hello Cthulhu Kitty

Cthulhu is a being of unimaginable age and unspeakable horror. But who knew it was also capable of uninhibited cuteness? Courtesy of The All-Seeing Cat, the Hello Cthulhu Kitty ($75) gives the Great Old One an up-to-date makeover!... [More]


Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet

No, it's not half of a yo mama joke - that's just the name of the product! Hover the Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet ($14) over your hot food and it collects loose fat and grease! It's like culinary liposuction!... [More]


Craft Cocktails

We're usually pretty content to just pour a bit of booze into a cup with a carbonated mixer, but maybe it's time we class it up a little. Craft Cocktails ($50), by mixologist Brian Van Flandern, is a gorgeous recipe book full of fresh drink ideas. Except, before we get... [More]


Half Nautic Dress

Thinking about going nautical but still a little apprehensive? Curious but not ready for a complete crossover? Why not dip your toe in with the Half Nautic Dress ($36)?... [More]


Sunglasses Bag Clips

Wow, potato chip bag, did you lose weight or something? You look different... Put the "fresh" back in "keeping food fresh" with these Sunglasses Bag Clips ($8).... [More]


Alodia 70 Barstool

Maximizing space with minimalist furniture is a smart way to go. The Alodia 70 Barstool ($356) is as sleek and skinny as a supermodel, but without the "look at me!" demands of a 5'11 beauty in stilettos strutting down a runway. It's stackable, so you can tuck a few away... [More]


Disney Collection Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette

Your life changed when Disney's The Little Mermaid hit movie theaters - more specifically, the second you saw the gorgeous, hair-flipping, shell-bikini-wearing Ariel. You spent the next several years swimming with your legs together to mimic her tail, trying to recreate that perfect swoopy bang thing she had going on,... [More]


Love You Nightlight

Is there a sweeter way to say goodnight than by plugging in the Love You Nightlight ($25) at bedtime? It ought to help your kiddo drift off into dreamland with ease, so you can go flip on some TV that doesn't feature singing puppets or cartoon animals!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Heart of Glass Sunglasses

Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass Seemed like the real thing, only to find Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind Heart of Glass Sunglasses ($13) What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]


Diamond Double Side Cut Out Dress

What is that design on Donna Mizani's Diamond Double Side Cut Out Dress ($255)? Brush strokes? Tree branches? A lock of hair under a microscope? It's so adorable we don't even care.... [More]


South Of The Border Top

This South Of The Border Top ($40) is a perfect hot weather wardrobe piece. The loose fit and light fabric make it comfortable and breathable while the embroidered detailing gives it a classic look.... [More]


Ice Speed Chess Set

Regular speed chess not fast enough? Do you thrive under pressure and work better with... well... a fire under your ass? This Ice Speed Chess Set ($10) is two ice cube trays of chess pieces (use juice for the second color), which means you can also make trendy drinks afterwards.... [More]


Ombré Sequined Sweater

Summer temperatures might still be raging hot, but you still need something to toss on when you step into the grocery store. This Ombré Sequined Sweater ($89) will have you looking downright snazzy while you browse the freezer section in lightly insulated comfort.... [More]


Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

We've always known that our favorite writers and artists were a little on the odd side. That's part of the makeup of a genius, right? Flipping through Daily Rituals: How Artists Work ($19), edited by Mason Currey, we're starting to realize just how neurotic, wacky, and off-kilter they really were!... [More]


Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

Never thought you'd be caught dead wearing an animal ear headband as a grown adult? Well, you just hadn't seen these Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears ($106). These aren't just a Hello Kitty-style piece of Japanese kitsch. They're a high-tech wonder. A sensor attached to these furry accessories reads your brainwaves... [More]


The Wanderlust Watch

While we wish we didn't have to keep track of the minutes during the summer months, it's probably best to make our appointments and show up to work on time almost every day. At least this floral Wanderlust wrap watch ($40) reflects our would-that-we-could-be-carefree attitudes. If floral is a little... [More]


Modern Flower Double Hair Sticks

In this heat, how many times a day do you contemplate hacking off all your hair? Before you take the plunge, try twisting it up off of your neck and securing it with these Modern Flower Double Hair Sticks ($27) by The Ancient Muse. The simple style looks polished and... [More]


Lotus Nursing Chemise

Just because you're a sleep-deprived, baby-feeding mess doesn't mean you can't look good. This Lotus Nursing Chemise ($68) is made with an easy-access drop down nursing cut and bra-style support, but in a sexy, lace-edged style that'll have you looking fabulous as you drag yourself out of bed for the... [More]


GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

Go ahead, go check out the images of real people wearing GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment ($69). It's like witnessing a public breakup, or looking at those awful zit picking videos on YouTube. You just. Can't. Look. Away. As the dark gray mud mask dries, it turns a lighter color, all... [More]


Rifle Paper Co. Botanicals Labels & Stickers

Love Rifle's elegant turn-of-the-century-styled prints and notecards? Now you can work that look into every room of your home. Just use these Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Labels and Stickers ($11) wherever you find yourself in need of a little extra ornamentation.... [More]


Converse Oxford Unikko

How adorbs is this vivid Marimekko pattern? We suppose these shoes won't complement everything in your wardrobe, but they'll certainly give your basics a boost. If you're the adventurous type, try wearing these with stripes to really kick up the fun a notch! Converse Oxford Unikko ($75)?... [More]


Zhu II Vest

Is a panda wearing a bow tie something that would interest you? We might as well ask if breathing is something that would interest you. Zhu II Vest ($34).... [More]


Camp Brand Happy Camper Slouchy Pullover

Splashing in lakes and soaking up rays, eating s'mores and smooching under the stars...of course we sport this Happy Camper Slouchy Pullover ($60) when we're calling a tent our home. How could we be anything but?... [More]


Elephant Bag Charm

To heck with shelling out a bajillion bucks for that sweet designer tote. There's a much more affordable way to make your carryall stand out. Just pick up something basic and decorate it with this Elephant Bag Charm ($15). It adds a burst of color and character that will have... [More]


Page Turner Runner

We don't know about yours, but our book club is more of an eating-and-drinking-with-a-side-of-books club. That means the Page Turner Runner ($32) will make a fabulous addition to meetings. Everyone can grab a few appetizers, marvel at the runner, mix up a drink, and get down to business. (Of course,... [More]


Beast of Bourbon Tee

According to legend, Samuel Johnson, hounded by an aristocratic woman about how much of a "beast" he was when he was drunk, replied: "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." Beast of Bourbon Tee ($30).... [More]


Sweet Soiree Ice Cream Bowls

We know it's easy to eat your ice cream straight from the carton, but resist the urge (at the very least when company is over) and dish out a few scoops into some Sweet Soiree Ice Cream Bowls ($39 for four). They may prevent you from experiencing that awkward moment... [More]


Drivemocion EX SERIES

This is the 21st century - hand gestures are a little old-fashioned. If you want to communicate something to your fellow drivers, why not say it with an emoticon? The Drivemocion EX SERIES ($57 - $99) is an LED light mounted in the back of your car that displays one... [More]


Personal Shopper: High School Reunion Ensemble for Brittany

Brittany writes, "1. What size (shoe or dress) are you? Shoe size is a 9. Dress size is a large or 8-10. Blouse size is a medium/large, depending. 2. What is your maximum budget? 100ish for the skirt/top, 200 for shoes/necklace 3. If this is for a wedding or event... [More]


Checkers Game Table

How can you embrace the true spirit of summer lethargy with some ordinary end table by your side? Swap it out for this Checkers Game Table ($169) and not only will you have a convenient place to rest your drink, playing a round or two will give you a great... [More]


La Cucina Cookbook

Ever wish you'd married into the mob just so you could have an Italian granny of your own to teach you the secrets to perfect sauces and perfect pasta? Turns out you can get the inside scoop on all those delicacies without risking an unmarked grave somewhere upstate. La Cucina... [More]


Crystal Rock Square Votives

If Neanderthals had had interior decorators, we suspect they would have flipped for these Crystal Rock Square Votives ($120). Just think how gorgeous they would have looked shining their glittering light over the saber-toothed carpet and the mammoth skull collection. We figure they'll look just as lovely today adding their... [More]


Mercola Facial Kit for Sensitive Skin

Is your skin more touchy than a menopausal badger in a heat wave? Give this Mercola Facial Kit for Sensitive Skin ($90) a try. These products are all USDA-certified organic, and the toner, cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment are specially formulated to soothe and cleanse your skin like never before.... [More]


Toddler Water Bottle Cap Adapter

We can't guarantee it's BPA-free, but the benefits of being able to instantly transform just about any ordinary water bottle into a kid-friendly drinking vessel make this Toddler Water Bottle Cap Adapter ($4) a must-have in your diaper bag. Use it to save your friends and family members from getting... [More]


French Periodic Table

Admit it: you're not interested in putting up this French Periodic Table ($295) to help improve your science skills. You want it because this print will add a funky mad scientist vibe to your decor. So who cares that it's written in a language in which you can only say... [More]


Gingham Rope Knot Necklace

Tone down your favorite neon top by pairing it with the preppy Gingham Rope Knot Necklace ($45) designed by Yoko Minemura. It'll add texture to your outfit and confirm your reputation as a total trendsetter.... [More]


Every Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

If you feel like you'd love to keep a journal but find yourself consistently falling down on the job when you try, this Every Day memory book ($17) might be for you. For one thing, its whimsical design makes it the sort of thing you're happy to leave in view.... [More]


Sweet Valley High: The Complete First Season

Please tell us we aren't the only ones who've been indulging in old-school TV favorites?! The Baby-Sitters Club is streaming on Netflix and Are You Afraid of the Dark? is free to view with an Amazon Prime membership. In order to complete the trifecta of nineties awesome, we're going to... [More]


mimish Storage Beanbag

Nearly opping the list of things parents want (just under using the bathroom without interruption) are products that serve more than one purpose. The poofy Storage Beanbag ($149-169) from mimish design is an excellent example. It cuts down on clutter by storing off-season clothes, extra blankets, or whatever you can... [More]


Acrylic Brockton Block Bracelet

If you're chronically indecisive, stop reading right now. The endless possibilities you can have engraved into this Acrylic Brockton Block Bracelet ($48) will leave you paralyzed. Will you commemorate your anniversary? Inscribe the name of your beloved? Or play suck up with "I... [More]


Alice in Wonderland Book Safe

Nothing says "please break into me" like a big steel box with a combination lock. You're much better off keeping your valuables someplace no one will bother to look. Just place them in this Alice in Wonderland Book Safe ($27), then slip it onto your bookshelf. Worried a piece of... [More]


Skull Cross Single Wing Ring

It used to be that we wore skulls to set ourselves apart from the mainstream crowd - but now the mainstream crowd is wearing them! What's a counter-cultural girl to do? Add a bat wing, a bone cross, and a cranial crack. Skull Cross Single Wing Ring ($9).... [More]


Garden Chalkboard Markers Stake Set

Worried about how you'll distinguish those Brandywines from your Cherokee Purples? Just label them with these chalkboard garden stakes ($20). They're a cute, rustic way to keep your herbs and veggies organized, and since they're made of washable black stoneware, you can reuse them season after season. We're just not... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mini Notebook Heart Earrings

Pop in the Mini Notebook Heart Earrings ($8) when you're feeling especially bookish...err, notebook-ish? The little hearts sport loose-leaf lines, just like the paper you used during grade school to doodle your crush's name. Caution: wearing them may give you the urge to sharpen a whole pack of no. 2... [More]


Pink & Green Floral Belted Bathing Suit

We know! Summer is already half over (the horror!), but we keep finding to-die-for swimsuits. If you scoop it up now, you'll still have plenty of time to sit poolside in this Pink & Green Floral Belted Bathing Suit ($97). The ultrafeminine suit features a sweetheart neckline, a belted waist,... [More]


Stick-Up Weekly Calendar

Planning ahead is good for you. It keeps you from scrambling to meet deadlines, saves you money on groceries, and protects you from having to wear the same pair of socks two days in a row because you've once again forgotten to do the laundry. Use the pages of this... [More]


Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn

A big tin of Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn ($35 a gallon), the collaboration between Populence and Kim Crawford Wines, is the first ingredient of the recipe for a lazy night in. The rest? Stop at the liquor store and buy a bottle, click on Season 1 of New Girl, and... [More]


Woodstock Hanging Lampshade

We know that bare bulbs are trending in the world of lighting, but if you're looking for a more polished look, the Woodstock Hanging Lampshade ($174) from Zappriani fits the bill. Er, light fixture. The Austrian-crafted shade features a retro print that may not be as industrial as a couple... [More]


Feather Bottle Opener

No matter how many bottle openers you have, they're all mysteriously absent when you need to crack open a cold one. But this Feather Bottle Opener ($8) is pretty enough to keep out in the open - perhaps attach a magnet and affix it to the fridge? - so you'll... [More]


Stand by Me

Everyone agrees that Stand by Me ($8) is a solid movie, but looking back on it now, it's got such a weird cast and crew! It's a coming-of-age story written by horror-master Stephen King, with incredibly dramatic scenes directed by This Is Spinal Tap's Rob Reiner, and a cast of... [More]


Memory Foam Wedge Incliner

It's not fun. It certainly isn't sexy. But whether you're pregnant, old, or just had a large late night snack, digestive issues are a fact of life. Instead of getting up every three hours to chew Tums like candy, try propping yourself up on this Memory Foam Wedge Incliner ($65).... [More]


Customizable Rolling Pin

Everybody knows newlyweds love getting stuff with their names on it. Why should kitchen implements be any exception? Add this Customizable Rolling Pin ($45) to that wedding gift and watch how the lovebirds light up at the idea of rolling out personalized pie crusts. How romantic!... [More]


Odyssey Ring

Some people like to wear bright and flashy jewelry with tons of ornaments to "make a statement." What statement is the Odyssey Ring ($16) making? Either "Cut the crap" or "Tell me, Muse, of the man of many ways."... [More]



Sure, a nice floppy hat will keep your face protected from the hot sun, but the Sport-Brella ($60) will keep you (and several of your friends or family members) safe from just about anything Mother Nature decides to dish out. It may be touted as an umbrella, but at eight... [More]


Cookeys Key Caps

Do our keys really need to be capped with the Cookeys Key Caps ($5) from Fred? No. Are we going to buy them anyway because there's no resisting a good pun? You betcha!... [More]


Papier Mache Brown Springbok

Dig the look of classic taxidermy, but get less excited about the notion of an actual dead animal head on your wall? Pick up this Papier Mache Brown Springbok ($119). It's a light, durable way to enjoy the same kind of decor without worrying about icky bug infestations or outraged... [More]


Shit Could Be Worse Beer Koldie

Sometimes great truths come from unexpected sources: the innocently wise words of a child, the immortal lines of a poem - or your frosty afternoon beverage. This Shit Could Be Worse Beer Koldie ($10) keeps your brew chilled while reminding you to let go of all that negative baggage and... [More]


Tango Dance Card

Who'll you be sending this Tango Dance Card ($5) to? A relative with an imminent birthday? That coworker who sent you a late shower present? Or maybe that cutie you're looking to get down and Argentinean with. Whoever you choose, they're sure to be charmed by this smooth-moving missive.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Oxfords for Christina's Size 12 Feet

Christina wrote: "I am a women's size 12 shoe. As such, I am an expert at finding big ol' shoes for myself, but I haven't been able to find myself a cute pair of casual, low profile oxfords. I'm open to a men's shoe - which is workable given the... [More]


Le Poussin Mélomane T-Shirt

The Le Poussin Mélomane T-Shirt ($22) perfectly depicts both our love of music and how we feel when we wear oversize studio headphones.... [More]


Heart & Star Ring

We've loved hearts and stars ever since we were three, while basic shapes like squares and circles just seem childish. This Heart & Star Ring ($14) will go great with your clover, horseshoe, or red balloon necklace.... [More]


Cath Kidston Guards Pocket Mirror

Keep close watch over your appearance with this Cath Kidston Guards Pocket Mirror ($5). A must-have for your purse, its row of adorable cartoon soldiers reminds you to stay vigilant against smeared eyeliner or bad lipstick application.... [More]


Zodiac Baby Shampoo and Wash

Get your child started down the path of superstition early with this Zodiac Baby Shampoo and Wash ($18). All of their astrologically themed formulas are free of sulfates and parabens, packed instead with natural ingredients like aloe and coconut. What better way to brighten up bath time than with a... [More]


Milk Blue Delphite Glass Drawer Pull

Finally got the cash together to transform that kitchen into a glowing, white, Martha-worthy piece of farmhouse-inspired splendor? Finish off those drawers and cabinets with these Milk Blue Delphite Glass Drawer Pulls ($7). They'll make that renovation look like something you inherited from your incredibly stylish grandma.... [More]


Beauty on the Shore One Piece

Ah, the style of the '50s...This Beauty on the Shore One Piece ($150) has a vintage feel, with a sculpted bust and peplum. Perfect for good, clean fun in the sun!... [More]


Petite Bixby Bar Gift Crate

However much we'd love to believe otherwise, chocolate isn't always good for you, especially when it's packed with corn syrup, and other icky additives. You won't find any of that in this Petite Bixby Bar Gift Crate ($26). These tasty treats are made with organic chocolate spiked with delicious dried... [More]


Army Men Candles

These Army Men Candles ($10) are the perfect birthday cake decoration for your boy - the little one or the big one. Though let's be honest, lighting miniature army men on fire is nothing new.... [More]


Bronze Double Bone Bracelet

Who would have thought the remnants of a good meal could also be a fashion accessory? The Bronze Double Bone Bracelet ($152) has a chic dark appeal along with its always-appropriate color and texture.... [More]


Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover

Even if you haven't converted to the nontoxic joys of water-based nail polish, you'll still dig this Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover ($12). The soy-based formula takes off even solvent-based polishes without that sinus-clearing burst of acetone we've come to tolerate. It's also better for your nails, helping to nourish... [More]


Madden Girl Navy Floral Backpack

Why, hello, 1994, nice to see you again. We fully expect this backpack to come already stuffed with a lumberjack plaid shirt, an issue of YM, some watermelon-flavored Now & Laters, and all the other detritus of our middle school years. Madden Girl Navy Floral Backpack ($55)... [More]


Kaleidoscope Dreams Jacket

Add some trippy color to your ensemble with this Kaleidoscope Dreams Jacket ($60). It moves the funky element of your look from its usual place as the innermost layer to the in-your-face outside.... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: July 17, 2013

There're a couple of stunners for you to choose from in this week's lookalike poll, or at least, we think so! You can let us know what you think by voting for your favorite featured bag. Next week, The Purse Page will reveal the winner, along with a few suitable... [More]


Wild Galaxy Cat Tank Top

And people wonder about the mysteries of the universe - but cat lovers knew the answer all along! This Wild Galaxy Cat Tank Top ($39) applies advanced astrophysics to the unquantifiable world of kittycats.... [More]


World's Greatest Laundry Bag

Men do not have a monopoly on treating laundry like it's a venereal disease. We ladies need a reminder to get washing as much as the next dirty bachelor. That's where the World's Greatest Laundry Bag ($49) comes in. It's clear and cheerful message helps remind us that an evening... [More]


Water in a Whale

Need something new to listen to? Check out Jillette Johnson's Water in a Whale ($6/MP3 album). It's full of polished piano playing and powerhouse vocals. The songs are pop-infused melodies with haunting lyrics, so save this one for the nights you need a bit of company while you wallow over... [More]


Dancing Zebra Silk Shirt

The Dancing Zebra Silk Shirt ($128) is our kind of zebra print! The prancing mammals pop on the orange silk (though the shirt comes in olive and white for those who prefer neutral over bold). Top off your outfit with a straw fedora and head out on an adventure, even... [More]


Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss

Looking to sport a a full, glossed lip without absorbing a myriad of chemicals and silicone particles? Who isn't? Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss ($22) from Vapour Organic Beauty gets the job done in sixteen different shades. Order Honor (a golden pink) to send one hundred percent of the proceeds to... [More]


Classier Than Email Note Card

These days, it seems like the mailbox has become nothing more than a depository for grocery store circulars and credit card offers. That's why it's so special when something turns up that was stamped and addressed by an honest-to-goodness person you know. This Classier Than Email Note Card ($4) helps... [More]


Oxygen Bedding Duvet Cover and Sham

With its collection of coffee mugs, dirty laundry piles, and pesky walls, your bedroom is probably a far cry from an open-air piece of tropical paradise. But while you might be short on funds for a timeshare in the Virgin Islands, we're betting you can totally afford to experience the... [More]


Love Books Earrings

Is "love" a little too general for your taste? Narrow it down by wearing the Love Books Earrings ($23). When you love a good book, you're bound to have a pretty good appreciation for the other soul-nurturing things in your life anyway, right?... [More]


Madewell Cami Dress

We thought chevrons were played out, but we can resist them just as much as an icy cold mojito, which is to say, we can't. We'll just give in and build an entire chevron-print wardrobe, starting with this cool cotton Madewell Cami Dress ($160). The beginning of the end of... [More]


Bowser Beer

Does your cute wittle puppy have a dark and haunted past it longs to forget? (We're thinking love lost and poor decisions made, but we're not ruling out murder.) If so, give man's best friend man's other best friend: booze! Bowser Beer ($20) is beer made just for dogs, without... [More]


Southern Living Beverage Tags

When you throw a summer shindig, you want to spend the party relaxing, not telling your guests for the eighteenth time which pitcher is full of sweet tea and which one has the Long Island Iced. Save your breath with this Southern Living Beverage Tag set ($10). Not only will... [More]


Vanessa Mooney Capulet Ring

You may think the Capulets are a no-good family of thumb-biters, but you have to admit, the Vanessa Mooney Capulet Ring ($63) has a classic, antique style that could win any Romeo's heart.... [More]


Game of Thrones Scarves

Why are we posting about scarves in the middle of summer? Because winter is coming. Game of Thrones Scarves ($25). Available in House Stark or House Targaryen.... [More]


Eiffel Tower Vase

Brides take note - this Eiffel Tower Vase ($11) is your centerpiece lifesaver. Its narrow silhouette and mouth mean your florist can only pack it lightly, so it'll save you big bucks while still looking showy. And your guests will love how it lets them actually see each other across... [More]


Tallow Buhala Jumpsuit

Buhala? Oh là là! The Tallow Buhala Jumpsuit ($86) stands heads and shoulders above all other summertime getup.... [More]


Taylor Eau de Parfum

We don't typically go for celebrity fragrances, but this was one of those cases where a saleslady thrust a white paper tester under our noses without telling us what it was and we went, "OOOH! Me likey! Me buy now!" Yes, we purchased Taylor by Taylor Swift ($50), and we... [More]

margarita small 1.jpg

Personal Shopper: Margarita Machine for Rachel

Rachel writes: "I have a request. I am pregnant and my husband is buying me a margarita machine as a "push present". I'd like it to be less than $200 and be fun at parties and also be used to make virgin slushy drinks for my THREE children. I need... [More]


Parenting Flashcards

Need to brush up on parentspeak before you find yourself out to lunch with your suddenly procreating girlfriends? Use the Parenting Flashcards ($10) from Knock Knock. They'll help decode mom-talk by defining words and phrases like poo finger, blowout, co-sleeping, and droopy-drawers, But wait, who are we kidding? Parents don't... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer Spray

Tip of the day: keep Burt's Bees Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer Spray ($5) in your purse. Not only will it clean your hands naturally while you're out and about, it'll also act as quick itch relief when you spritz it onto mosquito bites (Man, are they nasty this... [More]


Below the Boat Wood Charts

Add a little depth to your wall decor with one of these Below the Boat Wood Charts ($128 - $358). Each one is made with laser-cut layers of beautifully pigmented birch depicting all the peaks and troughs of your favorite lake, bay, or island coastlines. Pick one up for that... [More]


Coach Poppy Flight Bag

We know it's been the "it" metallic for a while, but we're still smitten with rose gold. Despite its popularity, it still doesn't seem to have flooded the market, which is why we're snatching up this beee-yooo-tee-ful Poppy Flight Bag in Mirror Metallic Leather ($228). The tan leather strap and... [More]


Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint

Forget brown, black, or why-bother blonde: what your lashes need is a nice burst of fuchsia. Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint ($22) gives your look the sort of wild color we haven't seen since George Michael was jamming with Wham! We love the idea of bringing it back for lashes,... [More]


The Jack BB Dakota Elina PU and Chiffon Dress

In our dreams, we'd totally wear this ($48) while riding a Harley with some leather-clad hottie à la Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's "Amazing" video. Of course, in real life, our terror of violent death would keep us from going skirted while motorcycling, even if we were riding on the back... [More]


Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream

Stop fighting that summer frizz with sad attempts to keep your locks sleek and straight in the ninety-percent humidity. Instead, embrace those natural waves with Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream ($6). This silky formula gives your locks a bit of much-needed hold and bounce while toning... [More]


Kate Spade Cinema City Gia Pouch

Still waiting to be discovered? In the meantime, taste the Hollywood lifestyle with this Kate Spade Cinema City Gia Pouch ($78). This cute little bag is modeled after a classic slate clapperboard. It's perfect for transporting whatever you need to touch up your look while you're (temporarily) waiting tables.... [More]


Boon Clutch Dishwasher Basket

Tired of picking pieces of melted bottle nipples off the heating element of your dishwasher while trying not to choke on the stench of burning plastic? Get yourself this Boon Clutch Dishwasher Basket ($11). It'll hold those peskily small bits of baby feeding paraphernalia securely in place while they wash.... [More]


Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen

We're not going to fault Kiehl's for naming this stuff Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen ($37) when they could have just called it "BB Cream, SPF 50." They get a pass because this substance is a total dream. Use it regularly and it'll do exactly what it... [More]


Recycled Tin Frame

Make those vintage family photos look even more old-timey with this Recycled Tin Frame ($34). Short on black and white snapshots of your great-grandparents? Just steal someone else's off the Internet. Who'll know the difference?... [More]


Big Cats: Stories

You don't always have the time or patience to sit down with a full novel, so a collection of short stories can make the transition to bed after a long day a relaxing one. We're besotted with Big Cats: Stories ($14) by Holiday Reinhorn. We gobbled up the collection in... [More]


Hi Lo Ruffle Dress

Planning on wearing this ridiculously flirty Hi Lo Ruffle Dress ($85 on sale)? You'd better learn the sexy art of flamenco first! There's no way you'll be able to resist swishing that skirt around as you strut onto the dance floor!... [More]


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Blu-ray

Forget nature documentaries or big-budget digital special effects. You want to know what really looks that much better in high definition? Paul Newman, especially at his sexy, young, charming outlaw prime in the Blu-ray release of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ($8). And circa-1969 Robert Redford isn't exactly charting... [More]


Tartar Mould and Pusher Set

It's too hot to even look at the stove, so why not go raw? This Tartar Mould and Pusher Set ($23) makes it easy for you to imitate those posh-looking appetizers and cold entrées from your favorite restaurants, from classic beef or tuna to clever layers of crunchy marinated veggies.... [More]


Bumble and bumble. Surf Set

Who needs the beach? With this Bumble and bumble. Surf Set ($28) and a bottle of fake tanner, you can get that same salt- and sun-stained look without the traffic jams or cancer. The kit includes shampoo, conditioner, and B&B's fab Surf Spray, ideal for giving your locks that matted... [More]


Dream Big Word Bookends

What you read in a book doesn't have to remain fiction. Use these Dream Big Word Bookends ($49) to remind yourself that anything is possible. That's right: a love triangle involving a beastly werewolf and a mysterious vampire might just be in your future if you dream big enough.... [More]


ORGO Completely Weightless SPF 29 Face Spray

Ever tried using standard spray-on sunblock on your face? It's a quick ticket to burning eyes and a chemically induced sneezing fit. For those who'd rather pass on the pain but would still like a form of quick sun protection that doesn't smear makeup, try ORGO Completely Weightless SPF 29... [More]


Obvious State T. S. Eliot Poster

Just staring at the collection of illustrated quote posters from Obvious State is making our book nerd hearts beat faster. Alas, buying ALL THE THINGS is not currently in the budget, so we'll start with just one, like this one ($24) featuring the Prufrock cri de coeur, "I have measured... [More]


Easy Slip Midi Skirt

This Easy Slip Midi Skirt ($24) is the piece that grows with you. When all those ice-cream binges meld with your total neglect of your summer workout ambitions to add a little extra voluptuousness to your waistline, this comfortable, easy-wearing piece won't judge. Just loosen up that drawstring and you're... [More]


Dri Cat Neck It Waterproof Case and Lanyard

Okay, so the Dri Cat Neck It Waterproof Case and Lanyard ($60) from iCat definitely has a freshman-year-of-college vibe (tell us we weren't the only ones who wore our ID cards around our necks for a semester. Okay, two semesters.) All the same, this heavy-duty shell offers hardcore protection from... [More]


Seven Year Whale Pen

Love the Seven Year Pen? It's now available with a range of adorable decals. After all, if you're going to be stuck with the same writing instrument for the better part of a decade, you might as well pick up one you won't get bored with. Our personal favorite is... [More]


Messy Clutch Bag

Lugging a toddler and a diaper bag into a public bathroom is an Olympic-level challenge, and that's before you even get Junior onto the germ-ridden changing table. Downsize from the massive bag and stash the Messy Clutch Bag ($23) in your purse. When you've got to make a bathroom run,... [More]


J.Crew Milo Mary Janes

J.Crew amps up the classic design with a few extra straps to make these Milo Mary Janes ($185). You can still keep it subtle by opting for black or nude, but we like the fire engine version. It says "I appreciate tradition, but I push the limits." This shoe is... [More]


Inglot AMC Lip Paint

We like the sound of Inglot's AMC Lip Paint ($12). "Paint" just seems so much more hardcore than a silly "stick" or even more wimpy "gloss", and the formula Inglot puts in these compact little pots packs an extra punch of pigment, as well as a lip-soothing dose of vitamin... [More]


Hero Till the End of the Pint Glasses

You're not just chugging down that crisp summer ale like a champ, you're employing superhero strength to slam it as quick as happy hour allows you to! By the time you take the party back to your place, you're going to want to bust out these Hero Till the End... [More]


Beer Sleeve

Bet you didn't know that bum chic was the in look this summer. Just wait until you see your friends' displays of envy as you cradle the beverage of your choice in this Beer Sleeve ($3). Printed with black ink on honest-to-goodness brown paper, it will lend your drinking habits... [More]


North Star Earrings

We've been bombarded with nautical fashions this summer, but we can safely say that the North Star Earrings ($330) by Erica Weiner are at the top of our list. While the diamonds add to the wow factor, we're most taken with the simple star design. If we fall asleep with... [More]


Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker

The Dippin' Dots Frozen Dot Maker ($20) is definitely marketed towards kids, but there's nothing pretend about our desire to pump out a few bowls of Dippin' Dots! And even if the plastic contraption fails in its attempts to recreate the Dippin' Dots we know and love, we won't be... [More]


Okay Hand Necklace

As Bob Marley said, every little thing is going to be all right. That's especially true if you're sporting this Okay Hand Necklace ($74). Its cheerful gold charm gives the seal of approval to your whole day.... [More]


All The Time Watch

Love the look of a multidial watch face but could care less what the weather is in Dubai when you're chilling (literally) in Minnesota? This All The Time Watch ($28) features seven dials in a stylish arrangement with alternating Arabic and Roman numerals all marking out the same hour. We... [More]


Boom URCHIN Wireless Speaker

Takin' your party to the beach or bonfire? Don't forget the tunes! The portable URCHIN Wireless Speaker ($150) from Boom gives you great options for outdoor jams. Wirelessly sync your iPhone or iPod to access web stations or your personal collection. The small speaker delivers a big sound and comes... [More]


Red Earth Prime Perfection Hydrating Makeup Base

Any artist will tell you to start with a clean canvas. Why would the rules be different for applying your daily look? This Red Earth Prime Perfection Hydrating Makeup Base ($22) counters redness and evens skin tone to create an ideal surface for your cosmetics. Because nothing ruins a good... [More]


Melody Ehsani x Reebok Sneaker

When it comes to sports, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, so long as you look good. The Melody Ehsani x Reebok Sneaker ($150) features metallic python-print leather, spikes, and the word "Love" scrawled across both toes - everything an athlete requires.... [More]


Chocolate Rum

Man, the first rum-guzzling pirates who stumbled upon a cacao tree must have been happy. What else do we need to say to entice you to buy this authentic Chocolate Rum ($31) - it's chocolate, it's rum! (You kind of have to click through, if only to read the merchant's... [More]


Gwyneth Necklace

The brass and glass-crystal Gwyneth Necklace ($165) from Loren Hope is about as art deco as it gets. In fact, those five pendant charms have a similar feel to the top of the Chrysler Building.... [More]


Utterly Scrumptious Cake Plate Set

We've got big plans for the Utterly Scrumptious Cake Plate Set ($11 for twelve). Once the grill cools and the burgers have all been scarfed down, we'll break them out along with our pretty-as-a-picture strawberry cupcakes. The pink cake and soft cream cheese frosting will perfectly complement the scalloped edges... [More]


Hologram Triangle Clutch

Remember those origami pirate hats we made as children? Well, the Rule of Retro states that they should be getting fashionable right about... now! The Hologram Triangle Clutch ($80) reminds us that geometry is more fun with colors.... [More]


Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

What's the problem with most oven mitts? They don't last long or prosper... This Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt ($15) is a great way to serve dishes that aren't best served cold.... [More]


EMT Transplant Cooler Bag

Tired of your coworkers stealing from your lunch? This organ transplant lunch cooler ($20) ensures that no one will even want to know what's in your lunch bag (except that shifty-eyed zombie who just got hired in Accounting).... [More]


Tatty Devine Small Dinosaur Necklace

You know the person we're talking about: that friend or family member who can't get enough of anything to do with dinosaurs. Their Facebook page is plastered with T. rex "Oh, Look! My Arms Are Tiny!" memes. They sleep between sheets emblazoned with cartoon triceratopses. And they'll completely flip their... [More]


My Scratch Map

Do you like to travel almost as much as you like to brag? The My Scratch Map ($20) lets you scratch off Lotto-style the places you've been to - the perfect visual representation of how close you are to world domination being a seasoned traveler!... [More]


Little Devil Stud Earrings

Big devils are scary and, quite frankly, not great fashion icons. Yet the itty-bitty cuties on these Little Devil Stud Earrings ($6) seem harmless enough. We do, however, recommend caution when wearing them - who knows what they'll whisper in your ear.... [More]


Italian Travel & Outdoor Silverware

If you're going for a picnic in the Tuscan countryside, you'll need the right tools to chow down on all those carbs. This Italian Travel & Outdoor Silverware set ($79) comes with a sleekly designed fork, spoon and knife. There's even a built-in bottle opener for popping the top off... [More]


Retro-Inspired Geo Dress

There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep things simple while other ladies are sporting big polka dots and even bigger floral prints. This Retro-Inspired Geo Dress ($28) is dark but summer-appropriate, so you'll be able to use it as a layering piece come fall and winter.... [More]


Burt's Bees Radiance SPF 7 Day Lotion

All the hydrating and cell stimulating in the world won't help your skin if you keep taking it out for a daily roast in those UVA and UVB rays. Keep it nourished and protected with products like Burt's Bees Radiance SPF 7 Day Lotion ($16), which combines sun protection with... [More]



No, it's not just clever advertising... SEXCEREAL ($16) is chock-full of vitamins and minerals - but not for lame stuff like sports or growing up big and strong. This cereal's department is bumping uglies! With ingredients like goji berries, chia seeds, and maca powder, this breakfast is bound to put... [More]

Keep Calm and Move Along T-shirt small.jpg

Keep Calm and Move Along T-Shirt

People and situations will test your patience, but don't be alarmed. Just glance down at your Keep Calm and Move Along shirt ($24) and all will be right in the world. If that doesn't help, you can always try anger management.... [More]


Hand Thrown Yarn Bowl

Keep your knitting materials safe from tangles and bored cats in this Hand Thrown Yarn Bowl ($23). Its playful cutout letters are ideal for threading and organizing projects requiring more than one ball of fuzzy stuff. We just wish it came with the tiny sheep in the photo.... [More]


Air Curler

If you're forced to watch boring TV while hitting the treadmill at your gym, you may have already heard about the Air Curler ($15). For those of us lucky enough to be able to change channels, and those of us too lazy to go to the gym, though, this gadget... [More]


Mixed Messages Tie-Dye Tank Dress

We don't know what the mixed messages us, the Mixed Messages Tie-Dye Tank Dress ($45) has only one message, and says it loudly: "I look gooooooooooood!"... [More]


Don't Squeal Unless It's a BIG Deal

Tired of being asked to mediate conflicts over who gets to use the Electric Lime crayon? Get your kids Don't Squeal Unless It's a BIG Deal ($9). The book makes a valiant attempt to help your youngsters understand when it's worth complaining to a parent, and when they're best off... [More]


Ether Essential Oil Blend

Ever wonder what ether smells like? If you found out, you'd probably forget. We recommend you settle instead for this fragrant approximation. This Ether Essential Oil Blend ($42) melds lavender, bitter orange, ylang ylang, and amber for an impact that is intoxicating but happily not a literal knockout.... [More]


Gossard Ego Boost Strapless Bra

It sounds too good to be true: a strapless, deep plunge bra that actually pumps up your cup size instead of (quite literally) dragging it down. But the Gossard Ego Boost Strapless Bra ($61) promises to do just that. Removable straps make it totally versatile, while Gossard's silky-soft wearable fabric... [More]


Smile Back Cutoff Shorts

Add some cheerful flair to your derriere! Smile Back Cutoff Shorts ($110)... [More]


South Park Dress

The South Park Dress ($50) features friendly faces everywhere - humble folks without temptation!... [More]


Ice Anello

We know, we know...a raw, brown rock is a far cry from a diamond. But we still like the Ice Anello ($280) - there's something about the design and the shape of the rock that makes us forget how pebbly it is.... [More]

small exerpt for steam punk ps small.jpg

Personal Shopper: A Modern Steampunk Dress for a Themed Wedding

Michelle writes "My close friend is getting married this summer and her wedding is victorian/steampunk themed. The bridge and groom will both be wearing custom made victorian clothing. I'm looking for a dress/gown that fits in the theme, but is more modern and subtle, so it doesn't look more... [More]


USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner

Go ahead - look down. Unless you're a bona fide Type A, we're guessing the keyboard you're sitting over as you read this is fairly filthy. Whether it's dust, pollen, cat hair, or crumbs from your last snack break, keyboards are a perfect place for dirt to collect. Make it... [More]


Susty Compostable Party Cups

You're not a college slacker anymore. It's time to play that beer pong responsibly. And by that, we mean using Susty Compostable Party Cups ($5-130). That way, when you're done getting shmammered on Natty Ice, you can return your party vessels to nature instead of hucking them at the trash... [More]


BAGGU Medium Zipper Bags

We nabbed a set of Medium Zipper Bags ($12 for three) from BAGGU for our sunglasses , but have found them to be indispensable, helping us organize everything from road trip snacks to makeup to cords and chargers. The awesome animal prints are vibrant and fun, so we're always looking... [More]


Mossed Schnauzer Topiary

Have you been looking for an opportunity to put a life-sized schnauzer molded from moss ($100) in your yard as an ode to your favorite breed of pup? This topiary ships ready to stand guard by your front door or next to your azaleas. The natural moss will stay hearty... [More]


allen + roth Chrome Ceiling Flush Mount Light

What goes around, comes around. It's true of karma and also of light fixtures. This allen + roth Chrome Ceiling Flush Mount Light ($90) might have looked outré in your aunt's kitchen, accented with smoke stains and a dead moth collection, but it will give your space a polished, retro... [More]


Enamel Cocktail Ring

The term "fishy" usually makes us think of past-date cans of tuna or strangers in trench coats, but this Enamel Cocktail Ring ($60) gives the adjective a much nicer spin. The scale-inspired pattern decorating its colorful enameled surface is both fishy and seriously cute.... [More]


The Starlet Short

You'd think that the best things about midsummer would be the high temps, cheerful sun, and swingin' social life. You'd be mostly right, but we really get excited for the sales! It's only July, but we're already seeing reduced prices on our favorite summer styles as stores make way for... [More]


Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream

With the notable exception of Pert Plus, we love one-step solutions. After all, why should we clutter up our counters with jars and bottles when this Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream ($16) will do multiple jobs all by itself? This citrus-infused stuff moisturizes and nourishes your skin, provides SPF protection,... [More]


Tom Daxon Cologne Absolute

We don't usually highlight men's cologne on Outblush, but we recently took a whiff of Cologne Absolute ($185) by Tom Daxon and thought it was too scrumptious to keep to ourselves. It's a sexy, man's man scent; think Don Draper. It opens with citrus and then settles onto your guy's... [More]


Bird Foot Jewelry Holder

This Bird Foot Jewelry Holder ($37) is just a little bit creepy. But, given our past taste in boyfriends, that might be exactly why we love it. At least when you use this accessory to display your rings and bracelets, you won't have to worry about it hacking your Facebook... [More]


Chomp Knit

Ah, crocodiles...nature's alligators. This Chomp Knit ($68) features our favorite (from afar) reptiles with a metallic gold scale detail on one sleeve.... [More]


Le Bunny Bleu Mint Bunny Motive Ballet Flats

Goofy slippers aren't the only way for you to wear rabbits on your feet. These Le Bunny Bleu Mint Bunny Motive Ballet Flats ($49) incorporate the traditional bunny-head motif in a much less embarrassing way. Their adorable ear-accented toes are totally kosher for public appearances.... [More]



Of all the school subjects, you just gotta love science made possible the AquaFarm ($60), a self-sufficient herb garden/aquarium. Fish waste feeds the plants, plants clean the water. Let's see something like that come from that career planning class they made you take between driver's ed and health.... [More]


PF Wild Bananza Big Julius Tee

The PF Wild Bananza Big Julius Tee ($12) has that cutesy, innocent look - which will make your campaign of seduction that much more unexpected!... [More]


The House at Riverton: A Novel

Bemoaning the fact that there are over a hundred and seventy days until Downton Abbey resumes? Get your fix of the wealthy and their help with a flip through The House at Riverton ($12), in which a young housemaid is privy to a life-altering secret involving the two gorgeous Hartford... [More]


Doubtblush: Gold-Plated Agate Ring

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Red Cup Shot Glass Set

There's something about drinking from red plastic cups that just makes us happy! This Red Cup Shot Glass Set ($12 for four) lends the fun of beer pong to a game of quarters!... [More]


Lycra Spandex Ruched Stripe Bikini

It's like someone captured the sunset and tired it into a knot! The Lycra Spandex Ruched Stripe Bikini ($15) makes you the most scenic attraction of any beach you're visiting at the time. Also available in blue.... [More]


Marna Bottle Cleansing Bean Sponge

Are the insides of those vases and decanters starting to look skanky? Brighten them up with these Marna Bottle Cleansing Bean Sponges ($7). The cute, peapod-shaped scrubbers each hold a couple of hefty ceramic balls that help them make a substantial impact when shaken around inside your bottles.... [More]


Elizabethan Cat T-Shirt with Bowknot Back

Wow. This shirt ($80) is an indicator that we live in an age when having a smiling cat on your shirt isn't whimsical enough on its own... (Not that we're complaining.)... [More]


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book and Plush

Even though we can't remember many significant details from Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, every time we see that iconic green worm our collective inner child wants to hug us. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book and Plush ($14).... [More]


J.Crew Tiki Shorts

Still pining for a spot on the next season of Survivor? Head to that open casting call with confidence. Your darling J.Crew Tiki Shorts ($65) ought to give you the edge over the competition. But If you make it onto the show, we suggest leaving them at home. You may... [More]


Philip Kingsley Curl Activator

We've recently started to embrace our curls - in part because they're pretty cute, but also because the thought of using a straightening iron or hair dryer in the summer heat is pretty gross, while it's easy to just put on some Philip Kingsley Curl Activator ($34) and let our... [More]


Star Wars Talking Plush Cantina Band Member

Look at this Talking Plush Cantina Band Member ($15). It's hard to believe that when the movies first came out, this guy was the pinnacle of special effects! (Although, to be fair, he still looks better than the computer-animated aliens from the prequels...)... [More]


Arrow Magnetic Bookends

The Arrow Magnetic Bookends ($35) hold your collection of tomes together with metal brackets (slipped inside the cover of each end book) and the arrows attach via magnets. The effect is a bit gimmicky, but we're digging the pop art aesthetic!... [More]


Eye of JA Moon Boot Chain

Not to be confused with a chain for moon boots, the Eye of JA Moon Boot Chain ($58) is a fun brass boot charm that'll turn your small step into a giant leap!... [More]


Freezer Burn Muscle Tunic

Who would have thought that freezer burn could be sexy? The Freezer Burn Muscle Tunic ($69) uses blue flames to decorate your hot bod like a hot rod!... [More]


Impress Coffee Brewer

French press for one...on the go? Sign us up! The clever Impress Coffee Brewer ($40) from Gamila makes it oh-so-easy to indulge in the rich taste of pressed coffee on a daily basis. Add both your coffee and hot water, wait for three minutes, press the inner tube slowly down... [More]


Sephora Lash Stash To Go

Most of us here at Outblush are pretty into mascara, which is exactly why this Sephora Lash Stash To Go ($25) kit is utterly awesome. You have to admit, twenty-five bucks is a pretty good price for getting to try out five, yes five, high-end mascaras. You even get a... [More]


Charlotte Olympia Luna Majestic Moon Pumps

Everyone sees a slightly different face when they look at the moon...Charlotte Olympia's interpretation is just a lot more marketable than ours! Her Luna Majestic Moon Pumps ($249) - handmade from yellow satin and silver leather - tell the story of the woman in the moon.... [More]


Technicolor Floral Necklace

Ack! Hurry! The drop-dead-gorgeous Technicolor Floral Necklace ($165) at J.Crew won't last long. Scoop up the vintage-inspired beauty before someone like Selena Gomez is spotted sporting it and the masses gobble it up. You just know the supply won't be able to keep up with the demand!... [More]


Delman Nifty Sandals

Sure, they're a bit pricey, but that doesn't stop us from daydreaming about these Delman Nifty Sandals ($378). Their simple combination of leather and silvery raffia is as classic as caviar or Katherine Hepburn. We'll just add them to our once-we-have-a-yacht-budget wish list.... [More]


Natural Leather Cat Coasters

It's time to think outside the box-or-circle when it comes to table protectors. These Natural Leather Cat Coasters ($24) give basic geometry the pass in favor of a cute feline shape, and will darken and develop a unique character with time and use.... [More]


Goody Ouchless Elastics

We don't know about you, but we can never find our basic black hair bands when we need them. These Goody Ouchless Elastics ($4-5) on the other hand? Easy to find, and easy to pull out of hair, due to their lack of tangle-prone metal parts. They come in nine... [More]


Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly Pendant

Do you like insect jewelry, but wish it was a little more true-to-life? This Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly Pendant ($150) goes above and beyond for that authentic "firefly" experience. Charge it under a light and it glows in the dark in the color of your choice!... [More]


Wet 'n Wild Fastdry Nail Color

With all of the lighthearted decals, glitter, patterns, and crazy colors, it's apparent that current nail trends are all about nostalgia. And is there anything more nostalgic than picking up a bottle of Wet 'n Wild from the drugstore? We think not. Their new Fastdry Nail Color ($2) goes on... [More]


Tahiti Bra

You'll want to wear your inside clothes on the outside with this Tahiti Bra ($30). The funky tropical print, bold contrast piping, and retro bikini-style cut are too cute to hide. Take it out for a spin under a mesh or crochet top.... [More]


Poketo Tomorrow Planner II

The Poketo Tomorrow Planner II ($32) may be on the pricey side, but it's totally worth it. Open it up and you'll find plenty of space for all of your notes and doodles. You can scribble down your schedule on the open-dated planner pages, write yourself reminders on the lined... [More]


Kaweco Aluminum Sport Fountain Pen

If your active lifestyle keeps leading to ballpoint explosions in your bag, it might be time to switch to this Kaweco Aluminum Sport Fountain Pen ($75). Wonder how a fountain pen can possibly be tidier than that BIC? This compact, portable model features a screw-on cap that keeps ink where... [More]


Know Your Rodent

Think rodents are just horrors your cat drags in? Thibaud Herem's whimsically illustrated Know Your Rodent ($11) might change your mind. It might even have you going in for a closer look instead of leaping onto the nearest chair next time you see a mouse.... [More]

don't get on my nerves spike shirt small.jpg

Moody Diva Top

What's the real message you send when you wear something bedazzled with spikes? This Moody Diva Top ($20) says it perfectly.... [More]


Doubtblush: Anti-Zombie Machete

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Beolit 12 AirPlay Wireless Speaker

Who says you can't take it with you? This Beolit 12 AirPlay Wireless Speaker ($800) is as cute as it is easily portable. And since it's made by the audio gurus at Bang & Olufsen, you know it'll project your tunes with the highest of fidelity. Bring it to the... [More]


Monster Eye Crop Tank

We love Monsters University just as much as anyone, but... this Monster Eye Crop Tank ($29) looks like promo art done by R. Crumb.... [More]


Eva Solo Tea Maker with Tumblers

Think of it as the French press's sexy, curvy girlfriend: this Eva Solo Tea Maker with Tumblers ($125) has a built-in plunger and filter system very similar to those in our favorite quick-fix coffee maker, but also boasts a much more voluptuous silhouette. Throw in your favorite leaves, let them... [More]


Life Is Very Short Wooden Sign

"Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend." Words to live by, scrawled every which way on a wooden hand. The Life Is Very Short sign ($30) sends a message you should remember in a way that's hard to forget!... [More]


Ball Pearl Stud Earrings

A hip new style or just someone overprotective of their pearls? Whatever the case may be, the Ball Pearl Stud Earrings ($10) highlight the exciting new union of gold, pearls (think they're fake, maybe?), and you!... [More]


Octohug Shirt

Starved for affection? You'll feel the love all day long in this Octohug shirt ($23), which snugly wraps you up in a colorful tentacle. We figure a giant octopus is probably less slimy than at least one or two of your exes.... [More]


Herb Measuring Cups

Basil makes everything better. We love it in all sorts of treats, from Caprese salads to cocktails. The shape of those aromatic leaves also adds a great summery touch to these Herb Measuring Cups ($19). And even if your idea of cooking is to order takeout, these will still look... [More]


Health and Mana Potion Earrings

Don't you hate it when you're on a date with someone new and you run out of MP? Talk about making a bad first impression! These Health and Mana Potion Earrings ($16) are an adorable geek chic touch that may also save your life if the miniboss shows up before... [More]

Personal Shopper Tropical Dress for Holly

Personal Shopper: Holly's Hunting for a Flirty Tropical Print Dress

Holly writes: "Hey ladies,You are truly the best at clothing search requests, I was wondering if you could help me find a reasonably priced, tropical print dress (that isn't ugly,) for a bachelorette party? I am a size 4. I have searched high and low, and have only been able... [More]


Beaded Sequin Striped Belt

Forget searching for looks that downsize that midsection. Why hide it when you can flaunt it? This Beaded Sequin Striped Belt ($29) is like putting a neon sign over your waistline that says, "See how great I look?" - so wear it with pride!... [More]


WallPops Oh Pear Green Dry-Erase Dots

Put important notes and reminders where you need them with these WallPops Oh Pear Green Dry-Erase Dots ($20 for six). This set of colorful circles sticks easily to almost any wall. And once you get tired of looking at them, they can be peeled off and moved without leaving any... [More]


Karen Walker Northern Lights Sunglasses

We once overheard someone snarkily say, as we donned our biggest, brightest shades, that it looked like we forgot to take our 3-D glasses off. Well, haters gonna hate - we're gonna keep wearing spectacular specs like these Karen Walker Northern Lights Sunglasses ($250). Like RuPaul once said, what other... [More]


Bobby Pins and Hairbrush Prints

Created from original paintings by artist Anna Bond, these Bobby Pins ($24) and Hairbrush ($24) prints are a graphic, modern way to add a feminine touch to your bathroom. Frame them in classic black frames, or go crazy with baroque frames in a bright color. Either way, they'll groom (ha... [More]


Falling Flowers Playsuit

We didn't have anything this cute when we were in preschool. Falling Flowers Playsuit ($61).... [More]


C. Howard's Violet Mints

When we're picking a flavor to satisfy our candy craving, we don't usually think floral. But C. Howard's Violet Mints ($1) have a sweet, delicate flavor we suspect you'll come to crave. And just imagine how great your breath will smell after you've eaten them!... [More]


Virginia Johnson for J.Crew Tote

We get the whole woodland creatures trend. They're furry and cutesy and very Zooey Deschanel. All the same, when we saw the Virginia Johnson for J.Crew Tote ($148), we went completely giddy over the shark print. Carry it to the beach with you if you prefer an edge to your... [More]


Animals with Sharpies

Ever wonder what your ferret would say if he could talk? Apparently he would complain about his relationship status or misquote poetry. At least, that's if Animals with Sharpies ($17) is to be believed. This collection of gleefully weird illustrations guesses at what might happen if our pets or pests... [More]

Mock-Sock Rubber Wellies small.jpg

Mock-Sock Rubber Wellies

Rain ruining your day? Slip on these Mock-Sock Rubber Wellies ($33) to brighten things up. The soft brim makes them comfortable to wear, even during a storm, and they'll keep your toes snug.... [More]


Sensu Brush

The days of the artist's palette are coming to an end, but just wait a few years and there'll be an iPalette. In the interim, get the best of both worlds with the Sensu Brush ($40) - a multipurpose stylus with capacitive brush bristles designed for touch screens.... [More]


Prickly Pair Mug Set

Go ahead, drink a few John Dalys out of the Prickly Pair Mug Set ($25), but please, please, make them with prickly pear lemonade.... [More]


8 GB Cork USB Drive

There isn't anything the 8 GB Cork USB Drive ($17) can do that a regular USB drive can't. But it's fun! We'll gladly take this wine cork replica over some plain-Jane plastic version!... [More]

TS VINTAGE Lace Swing Dress small.jpg

TS VINTAGE Lace Swing Dress

It's always a good idea to have a cute dress on standby. This TS VINTAGE Lace Swing Dress ($55) is the perfect go-to for dinners, birthday parties, or weddings.... [More]


Heartbelt Bracelet

Is this meant for a waist size -20? No, the Heartbelt Bracelet ($15) is just your average, run-of-the-mill bracelet themed after a heart-themed belt.... [More]


Dotted Napkins

We're just going to go ahead and assume that by purchasing these Dotted Napkins ($16 each), we're ensuring our own safety from potato salad and ketchup stains.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Herringbone Vanity Accessories

We love the look of this set of Herringbone Vanity Accessories ($190 - $675), but aren't so crazy about the sky-high price tag. Why would we spend more on a tissue box cover than we do on a car payment? Thankfully, we can get the same look for a much... [More]


Linen Chiffon Moto Jacket

The Linen Chiffon Moto Jacket ($37) is so promising, we actually wish summer would hurry up and end so we can wear it.... [More]


DormVault DV450 Steel Safe

Heading off to college this fall? Before long, we're sure you'll get to enjoy that rite of passage where your roommate "borrows" your favorite top and spills Midori all over it. Or you could skip that one by locking your precious wardrobe pieces and valuables in this DormVault DV450 Steel... [More]



We love that wild hair color is more socially acceptable than it was when we were experimental teenagers, but at this point in our lives, we're not able to commit to a full head of permanent purple hair. Luckily, we can have a nostalgic fling with those unnatural hues again... [More]


Izola Powder Room Shower Curtain

What would we do without our numerous beauty tools? (Look a hell of a lot more haggard, we suspect.) This Izola Powder Room Shower Curtain ($48) is playfully printed with colorful images of the Victorian counterparts of today's CC creams and straighteners.... [More]


Zoo Party Necklace

As if going out with a koala, an elephant, and a giraffe weren't enough to make our friends jealous, look at their adorable little faces and moveable legs! A Zoo Party Necklace ($26) is our kind of party. Each sold separately.... [More]


Therapy Flashcards

There are more than a few people in our lives we wish would spend some time reclining in the psychotherapist's office. Tying them up and dragging them there could result in legal complications, though, so we'll have to settle for picking up these Therapy Flashcards ($10). They'll help us finally... [More]


Apple Of My Eye Bag

You love your iPhone, your iPad, and your MacBook. You cried when Steve Jobs died. Your friends know not to mention Linux around you unless they want a long-winded diatribe. Why bother carrying around your bushel of Apples in anything except the Apple Of My Eye Bag ($18)?... [More]


Pleasure and Pearls Sunglasses

There's something very Blanche Devereaux about these Pleasure and Pearls Sunglasses ($14 on sale). They're big, they're gaudy, they're bejeweled, they're a little off-kilter, and they don't care what anyone else thinks.... [More]


Anja Kaftan Top in Hot Poppy

Imitating the look of this Anja Kaftan Top in Hot Poppy ($129) might actually be within reach of even our mediocre sewing skills. After all, it looks a bit like a pillowcase with neck and armholes cut into it. But will our DIY pillowcase project come in the same lushly... [More]


World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

What do you want to do for the next twenty years? How about the World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle ($300)! Featuring the work of pop artist Keith Haring, this six-foot-wide puzzle will look great unfinished on your basement floor!... [More]


Punny Food Letterpress Greeting Cards

We love a good pun, even moreso when it's about food! These Punny Food Letterpress Greeting Cards ($65 for twelve) from Paperwheel kill two birds with one scone! Each of the twelve cards features a different pun, from "Lettuce celebrate!" to "Can we taco 'bout it?"... [More]


Mystic Necklace

We might not be healing the sick or raising the dead, but we can confidently say we're accessorization gurus. That's why we can recognize the style potential of this Mystic Necklace ($38). Use it to add an uplifting vibe to a simple black tee or tank.... [More]


Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher

We've all got that one friend with the good skin. We don't know about how yours does it, but ours uses one of those electronic skin care systems every day (at least we think that's what that buzzing in the bathroom was). We were envious but hesitant about the cost;... [More]


Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers

If you love tweed and taxidermy, then we expect you'll flip for these Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers ($99). They're a great way to lend a Victorian big game hunting quality to your scotch-quaffing sessions. Since these are made from ethically sourced horn, you can enjoy the atmosphere without all that... [More]


Bamboo Earrings

You can turn it into T-shirts, chopsticks, or really nice flooring. Bamboo is versatile stuff. Even the shape of its elegant stalks inspires stylish jewelry. Just take a peek at these simple, elegant Bamboo Earrings ($42)!... [More]

Personal Shopper Little Black Bag Danae

Personal Shopper: A Little Black Bag for Danae's Nights on the Town

Danae writes: "The bag I currently use when I go out to the bars has a clasp that is about to break any second. I'm looking for a new one and haven't had any luck. That might be because I'm being a little picky about it. Oops! What can I... [More]


Drink This Wine Gift Tags

The next time you take a bottle of wine over to a house party, spend an extra five seconds to toss on a Drink This Wine Gift Tag ($8 for eight). It's a super easy way to add a cute and personal touch to the vino you hand over to... [More]


SACHAJUAN Dry Hair Shampoo

Is your hair getting destroyed by sun, wind, and pool chemicals? Revive it with SACHAJUAN Dry Hair Shampoo ($24). Sachajuan calls the active ingredients "Ocean Silk Technology," which doesn't mean much to us, but they seem to work miracles! After a few washes, your hair will play nice again while... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Ynez Wedge

Let's see, a low, two-tone wedge topped off with a spiffy ribbon bow at the upper arch? We definitely think the Jeffrey Campbell Ynez Wedge ($130) makes an impressive summer-to-fall transition shoe! These'll complement everything from pencil skirts to skinny jeans and boho tops.... [More]


Soleil Organique 100% Mineral Sunblock Mist

The dilemma: you need to give your face some protection from the sun, but don't want to mess up that carefully applied makeup. The solution: this Soleil Organique 100% Mineral Sunblock Mist ($42). It squirts on, providing SPF 45 without smearing that blush. Best of all? The formula also includes... [More]


Rebellious Nature Ring

We don't know where the Rebellious Nature Ring ($10) got its name. With its symmetry, structure, and classic style, the only thing rebellious about it is that it calls itself rebellious! (Although the Safe Bet Ring doesn't sound as enticing...)... [More]


iPhone and Android Film Scanner

Tired of taking photos of photos for your #throwbackthursday pics on Instagram? Find the original 35mm negatives (probably stored in your parents' attic next to a bunch of undeveloped disposable cameras) and slip them through the iPhone and Android Film Scanner ($59). This device scans your negatives and uploads the... [More]


Rhinestone Embellished Tights

These Rhinestone Embellished Tights ($32) add a little deco glam to your look with landing strips of sparkly gems running down your calves. We think they'd be a great way to add an extra level of party-readiness to that little black dress.... [More]


Rose Apothecary Set

Treat both your insides and outsides right with this Rose Apothecary Set ($48) from Marble & Milkweed. Its collection of rosy treats includes a soothing lip balm, a nourishing body oil, and a tasty tea blend. Sip, soak, and gloss in a dreamy floral daze.... [More]


Maptote One-Piece

Skip the pastels when you go shopping for baby stuff. Instead, let your littlest one rep their 'hood in the hippest way possible with a Maptote One-Piece ($26). Take your pick of California, Manhattan, Seattle, or Chicago. We think this onesie would make a great shower gift.... [More]


Veranda Loveseat Glider

Call it a moral dilemma. We love the look of this Veranda Loveseat Glider ($350), but can already imagine what an hour or so of attempting to relax on its hard metal surface would do to our backs and butts. Thankfully, we have a solution: pick up a cheap cushion... [More]


Frost River Caribou Trail Bike Bag

Keep essential gear close at hand on your two-wheel adventures with this Frost River Caribou Trail Bike Bag ($130). It attaches securely either under your seat or to your handlebars. The waxed canvas fabric helps keep that tool kit, bike lock, and quick hair repair kit safe and dry. Yes,... [More]


California Muscle Tee

Ah, California... creating and destroying thousands of dreams everyday. This California Muscle Tee ($42) reminds us of the Golden State's warm, sunny side.... [More]


Skin Relaxer Brush

We're pretty sure we've seen the likes of this Skin Relaxer Brush ($20) before in the same locally-owned retail outlet where we picked up The Rabbit and a few of the DVDs we keep stashed in our underwear drawers. We also know that using it does precisely the opposite of... [More]


Free People Galloon Lace Bralette

How do you get that layered look during summer without sweating up a storm? A bralette! This Free People Galloon Lace Bralette ($38) has wide straps that help it pass for a full-fledged tank and extended coverage in the torso so you can wear a top with big ol' armholes... [More]


Aura Dual Ring Wind Chime

To hell with seashells. We're going to accent our patios with this futuristic Aura Dual Ring Wind Chime ($210). The elegant arrangement of brass rings, metal tubes and rustic ceramic pieces emits that soothing, delicate tinkling we're looking for when the breeze blows, but with a decidedly different look than... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bird BottleClip

Stash a few BottleClips ($7) in your purse or your office drawer for an easy way to top your water and take it with you. It'll clip right to your backpack or purse as you commute to work during the week or prepare for a hike on the weekend. Choose... [More]


"Always Late..." Cinderella T-Shirt

"Always late but worth the wait..." Geez, Cinderella used to be so girl-next-door, but all of a sudden she's acting like such a princess! "Always Late..." Cinderella T-Shirt ($28).... [More]


Strapped Peeptoe Heeled Sandals

Straps, pointy heels, open toes, and black all over... If the Strapped Peeptoe Heeled Sandals ($55) got any more fashionable, they'd have a fake mustache on them.... [More]


Sand-Free Rug

It sounds too good to be true: a beach mat that resists picking up sand. But this Sand-Free Rug ($45) uses technology originally developed to keep military helicopters grit-free to provide a sunning surface that won't drag half the beach back to your car with you.... [More]


Fresh Menthe Dress

On a hot summer day, there's nothing quite like fresh meth... Menthe! We meant menthe! Sophisticated, sleeveless, and greener than Al Gore, the Fresh Menthe Dress ($41) is as refreshing as its minty namesake.... [More]


Mini Record Earrings

Whether you love vinyl or just want to add a nostalgic touch to your look, you'll dig these groovy Mini Record Earrings ($12). Wear them with one of those retro updos you've been practicing.... [More]


The Original RedNek Wine Glass

Drinking wine from a mason jar - that's pretty lowbrow. Drinking wine from the Original RedNek Wine Glass ($15) - now that's f*cking classy as sh*t!... [More]


VERAMEAT Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Ring

Cat ladies: we've found a way for you to show off your love of kitties that doesn't involve letting twelve of them live hoarders-style in your house. Just decorate one of your digits with this VERAMEAT Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Ring ($48). Its tiny brass feline will add... [More]


Mini Elephant Fan

It doesn't look anything like an elephant, but who cares? We love that this Mini Elephant Fan ($75) makes it possible to direct a refreshing breeze right where you need it, without scattering Post-its and papers all over your cubicle.... [More]


Dark Grey Wings T-Shirt

How do you get a pair of angel wings? Well, we can't all save Jimmy Stewart from jumping off a bridge, so the easiest way is to just buy the Dark Grey Wings T-shirt ($29). Don't be surprised if you hear a bell ring when you place your order.... [More]

Phat Boys Hair Rollers small.jpg

Phat Boys Hair Rollers

Aren't rollers usually meant to add, you know, curls? If you want full, straight, and smooth hair, ditch your iron and pop in a few of these Phat Boys Hair Rollers ($16) before your night out on the town.... [More]


Blue Cow Beauty Soap

Keep your skin looking soft and fresh by rubbing it with an aged dairy product. No, we're not recommending cheese facials. Cow Beauty Soap ($6) has been helping Japanese ladies maintain that youthful glow for over a hundred years now with a formula made mainly from milk and milk fat.... [More]


8-Bit Fireplace Art

Real fires in real fireplaces provide real warmth on nights when you feel too cold. But this 8-Bit Fireplace Art ($85) provides the warmth of childhood nostalgia on nights when you feel too much like an adult.... [More]


Pastel Halter Dress

Is it just us, or does the Pastel Halter Dress ($35) make you hungry for taffy? The colors, the stripes - even the fold at the collar reminds us of the stretchy-pully machine (its technical name).... [More]


Triple Skull Ring

If we were to try to identify the most fashionable movie characters of all time, of course the person on everyone's list would be the cult leader from Temple of Doom. Dress like the man who inspired a generation of fashionistas with the Triple Skull Ring ($45).... [More]


Seychelles Secret Society Wedge

We're secretly hoping that the Seychelles Secret Society Wedge ($70) from Seychelles comes with admittance into a real secret society. We're picturing one in which everyone wears fabulous footwear, eats shrimp cocktail, and drinks champagne. Probably on a sailboat like the ones dotting these fab wedges.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Black Tie Dress on the Cheap for Karen

Karen wrote:"Hi There, I am looking for a gorgeous gown for a black tie wedding I have to go to next month. It's hard to find something that's not so expensive. All the dresses I've been looking at are well above $1,000. Can you help me find something just... [More]


Aqua Stripey Egg Cosy

Chalk up the Aqua Stripey Egg Cosy ($9) as a completely frivolous item! All the same, it's making us want to indulge in breakfasts of soft-boiled eggs and toast with homemade jam. Boil your egg and let it sit under the cosy while you butter your bread. It'll stay nice... [More]


Engineer Striped Canvas Backpack

This Engineer Striped Canvas Backpack ($38) is durable and roomy, with classic railroad-inspired blue stripes. And you won't have to worry about it going out of style. After all, that print has been hot since the Gold Rush.... [More]


Earphone Necklace

Wearing a pair of earbuds around your neck while you're out of an evening might leave you looking just a bit like a tool. Wearing this Earphone Necklace ($18), on the other hand, makes you look like a cleverly stylish gal. Why? We don't know. Fashion is full of mysteries.... [More]


Dr. Martens Auburn Crib Lace Bootie

Is that bun in your oven already too cool for crocheted slippers? Request a pair of Dr. Martens Auburn Crib Lace Booties ($50) to ensure your new baby is set up for a truly rockin' lifestyle.... [More]