Zac Posen x Illesteva III Safari Sunglasses

Average cat-eye shades not cutting it anymore? Behold the Zac Posen x Illesteva III Safari Sunglasses ($295)! They're here to save you from household definitions of "oversized." Somewhere out there, Eartha Kitt is proud of you for donning these stunners.... [More]


Giving Tree MacBook Decal

Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree taught us the importance of giving, sharing, and selflessness. We loved that book so much, as soon as we saw the Giving Tree MacBook Decal ($11), we just had to have it all to ourselves!... [More]


Tiki Pop Poppin' Cotton Candy

No one understands why we sugar addicts would eat something like Tiki Pop Poppin' Cotton Candy ($4) - that's cotton candy infused with Pop Rocks. What they might call "sugar-coated sugar that's too sweet to enjoy," we would call simply "breakfast." Available in Blue Raspberry, Grape, Pina Colada, and Strawberry.... [More]


Lion Hoop Earrings

Knock, knock! These Lion Hoop Earrings ($20) remind us of a time when guests had to physically lift chunks of metal and bang them against doors to announce their arrival.... [More]



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Cheap Thrill: Floral Hair Clip Set

Pin back pesky bangs and flyaway strands of hair with this Floral Hair Clip Set ($6). The mix-and-match clips add delicate detail to your 'do without your having to spend any extra time in front of the mirror. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to... [More]


Soji Solar String Lights

The outdoor ambiance provided by adorable string lights is pretty much unparalleled, but the logistics are tricky given that there's unlikely to be an outlet in the middle of your yard. These Soji Solar String Lights ($40) are perfect for summer soirees, since they rely on the sun's power. Four... [More]


Sincerely Jules Off Duty Sweatshirt

"Sorry, kids, I'm off duty. You're going to have to put that grease fire out yourselves." When quitting time is not well-defined, the Sincerely Jules Off Duty Sweatshirt ($53) makes it clear that you punched out.... [More]

Alice & Peter Fancy Choco Cupcake Perfume small.jpg

Alice & Peter Fancy Choco Cupcake Perfume

They say that the way through a man's heart is through his stomach. If that's the case, this Alice & Peter Fancy Choco Cupcake Perfume ($49) is your secret weapon. Boys, eat your hearts out.... [More]


Moto Sophie Crop Sleeveless Denim Shirt

Crop tops seem to be everywhere this summer. It's definitely a cute look if it's done right! We suggest starting with a versatile piece, like the Moto Sophie Crop Sleeveless Denim Shirt ($24 on sale). You can wear it with everything from pastel-colored skinny jeans to a pair of floral... [More]


Twig Keyring

Between all the keys and the scan tags for the billions of rewards programs and gyms we belong to, our key chains eventually run out of space for anything decorative. It's time to transfer the whole of the monstrosity over to the Twig Keyring ($16) by Layer X Layer Studio.... [More]


Mini Meow Ring

Seeing as June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, we're going to shamelessly play up to our fellow CCL*readers and write up this Mini Meow Ring ($32). It's just the thing to wear when you're scooping the litter box (perhaps not) or out shopping for a new laser pointer to tempt Meow Tse-tung... [More]


Frilly Hibiscus Dress

All the force of a hibiscus is yours to command! The Frilly Hibiscus Dress ($42) uses the flower's frill to skirt the line between casual and evening wear. But don't let the power fall into the wrong hands!... [More]


Latex Bat Panty

Holy Girl-in-the-Mood, Batman! The Latex Bat Panty ($80) from Abigail Greydanus is the perfect treat for your geeky boyfriend. (If he also has a latex fetish, expect a ring the next morning.)... [More]


Pattern State Arrow Dawn Duvet Cover

The best thing about a down comforter/duvet duo is that it's fairly easy to switch up the look. If it were up to us (as opposed to our wallets), we'd start a duvet collection and reimagine our bedroom palettes on a monthly basis. For now, we'll work on transforming our... [More]


Doubtblush: Faux Leather Keyhole Romper

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Paul Green Posh Lace Up Sneakers

It feels like we're prone to blowing our shoe budgets on heeled sandals and sexy pumps. But when we think about it, we spend just as much time in casual footwear, so maybe we should indulge our feet in Paul Green Posh Lace Up Sneakers ($299). They're pretty fantastic-looking with... [More]



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O-Mighty Kitty Kat Dress

Some people assume that cat ladies, by default, are unkempt - certainly not stylish. Challenge their expectations with this O-Mighty Kitty Kat Dress ($30).... [More]


Tetris Block Cookie Cutter Set

If we make sugar cookies with the Tetris Block Cookie Cutter Set ($25 for seven and we know there are eight in the picture) by WarpZone, there's a good chance we'll be too busy playing with our food to eat it, cutting down on the calories and sugar we consume.... [More]


Life In Progress Slim Fit Jeans

There are three reasons why you should snatch up a pair of Life In Progress Slim Fit Jeans ($25). The bold tomato-orange color will make you stand out from a crowd of pastels, the cropped length will adequately show off your favorite pair of boots or ankle-strap sandals, and the... [More]


Il Branco Dress

Nothing says "femininity" like a pack of hungry, snarling dogs! The form-fitting Il Branco Dress ($63) introduces your curvaceous figure to your shoe collection's worst nightmare.... [More]


Mad Men Kit Print

With the final season of Mad Men on the horizon, we're languishing between now and the premiere! Once the series wraps, what will happen to the vintage trend? Will is falter without Don and Co. to spearhead its popularity? We're going to guess not and invest in the Mad Men... [More]


Linen Bowtie Bib

This organic Linen Bowtie Bib ($14) by Lovely Home Idea appeals to moms who have vowed to keep their little ones styled to perfection, but who also want to avoid synthetic materials. Bookmark this one so you can click and ship each time a friend announces a pregnancy!... [More]


Slumberjack Big Timber 20

Get as comfy as you can while sleeping on the (uneven, hard-packed) ground by snuggling into a Big Timber 20 sleeping bag ($80). The three-season bag is the perfect companion for casual camping trips and outdoor evenings. And if you've mastered the art of rerolling, will you come pack up... [More]

Horn Charm Hairstick small.jpg

Horn Charm Hairstick

Having accessories that can be used for multiple purposes is always a good thing. This Horn Charm Hairstick ($28) is great for securing updos, yet can also be used to ward off personal space offenders.... [More]

GOLD CAT MASK small.jpg

Gold Cat Mask

If Lady Gaga can wear a disco ball on her face, you can totally rock this Gold Cat Mask ($22). As a matter of fact, let's start a new trend and make face jewelry everyday wear. Who's on board?... [More]


Emerald Contessa Necklace

Usually when we find an extravagant statement necklace that we really love, it's something that's gonna cost us in the triple digits. Not so the Emerald Contessa Necklace ($25), which, like everything at Jeweliq, clocks in at less than a movie date for two.... [More]



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Projecteo Instagram Projector

Sure, you can make stickers, magnets, or picture books out of your Instagram pictures, but why not put 'em up on a big screen? The teeny, tiny, matchbook-sized Projecteo Instagram Projector ($25) delivers in a big way. Snap in a wheel of images*, adjust the focus, and flick the button... [More]



Give your new ice cream maker a workout this summer by exploring the scrumptious recipes in this eBook ($8) by Nicole Rae and Jeffery Saddoris. After a quick download, you can view the recipes on your Mac, PC, or tablet, and start working on your flavor. We can't think of... [More]


Louise Shrunken Robe

Slip out of bed and into this cozy Louise Shrunken Robe ($154). It's a sexy little number with comfort at its core. Pair it with the matching Eve Woven Underwear.... [More]


Coach Tour Dress in Violet

What happens when you take a dress in an authoritative shade of violet and add an even more authoritative ascot-like collar? People pay attention when you talk! Which is just as well, since you'll look your best in the Coach Tour Dress in Violet ($48).... [More]


Love Is In the Air Mug Set

Out of the millions of coffee mugs to choose from, we keep coming back to the simple ones. This Love Is In the Air Mug Set ($104 for four) features teeny hearts in cheerful colors. We figure this is a little more grown-up than our snarky "Don't Talk to Me... [More]


Limited Polka Dot Ponte Pencil Skirt

We're so glad to be alive in a day and age where we can wear a Polka Dot Ponte Pencil Skirt ($60) to the office and no one will bat an eye. Snatch this one up before the trend reverts back to boring solids.... [More]


Disco Ball Combat Boots

Given the success of the disco ball in the '70s, we've been wondering why they don't make everything out of mirror fragments! These Disco Ball Combat Boots ($118) are just the beginning. We imagine a world of disco ball furniture, disco ball cars, and one day, disco ball cats and... [More]


All-Purpose Dirt

Buying a shaker tube of All-Purpose Dirt ($32) from Prospector Co. sounds like a ludicrous act, but hear us out. The "dirt" is actually a finely-ground mix of minerals and clay designed to remove impurities from your skin and leave you with a nearly flawless finish. Besides, celebs pay ten... [More]


Market Kitchen Candles

Having a hard time removing the stale smell of takeout from your kitchen? Throw open a window and light a few Market Kitchen Candles ($19). The breeze will eliminate the stench of three-day-old Chipotle while the herb-scented candles trick you into believing your kitchen window sits above a blooming garden... [More]


twenty Crochet Pants

Crochet pants sounded like a bad idea to us, but that was before we caught a glimpse of this pair ($168). They're comfy, flattering, and certainly an upgrade from a poncho, as crocheted apparel goes.... [More]


Seychelles Lost Control Wedge

When rope and a red-and-blue color scheme aren't nautical enough for you, you need the Seychelles Lost Control wedges ($65), which feature teeny tiny boats.... [More]


Pizza Party Road Trip Bag

"SWIM ALL DAY DANCE ALL NIGHT FALL IN LOVE PIZZA" Sounds like the checklist for a happy life! The Pizza Party Road Trip Bag ($110) is not just wise beyond its years - it's also useful: easy-to-carry with backpack shoulder straps, and easy-to-open with a drawstring closure!... [More]


Unimug by Kinto

We know, there're a million and one tea products out there and we've probably highlighted half of them. What can we say, we like our tea! The affordable Unimug ($17) by Kinto is currently topping our list of favorite tea accessories. And actually, it's an all-in-one device, so we can... [More]


Tie Dye Widebands

For some more than for others, it takes a little extra effort to achieve the just-back-from-the-beach hairstyle. When you finally get it right, call attention to your new 'do by wearing a Tie Dye Wideband ($18). Its vibrant color will help set you apart from the next gal on the... [More]


Tote + Able Portable Flask

Nothing says Happy 4th of July quite like toasting to the good ol' US of A out of a canvas flag flask (preferably while fireworks explode in the sky above you)! Tote + Able Portable Flask ($18)... [More]


Destroy the Weak Tee

Grow up, Jesus - the meek aren't inheriting anything anytime soon! This Destroy the Weak Tee ($30) fires aggression on all cylinders, meaning it's not so great for making new friends, but perfect for field hockey practice!... [More]


Dilli Luggage Tag

Standing out from the crowd at the luggage carousel doesn't have to mean buying a neon polka-dot suitcase. This Dilli Luggage Tag ($25) will do the job just fine, for a much more reasonable price, and without making you look like a clown while you're lugging your bag through the... [More]


Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Geometric Signature Earrings

Sure, they're a bit out of your usual budget, but can you really put a price on owning a piece of the Pleistocene? These Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Geometric Signature Earrings ($14,380) make honest-to-goodness pieces of prehistoric beast their focus. And though we'd hardly call mammoth "sustainable," the pieces in these... [More]


Floralia Fighter Kite

Last year we did a little drooling over the Morning Kite from Fredericks & Mae, but they've upped the ante with their Floralia line. The fighter style ($140) is a sight to behold, for sure, but it belongs on your wall and not in the air. It's am ornamental (they... [More]


Supreme Bitch Pink T-Shirt

Every diva claims to be the bitch in charge, but there can be only one who dons the Supreme Bitch tee ($38). Besides, only the baddest attitude can distract from a whirlwind of pink tie-dye.... [More]


The Spring Break Camera Strap

By now, we're well past spring break, but that isn't a reason to pass over the Spring Break Camera Strap ($26). Its boho charm and bright colors are definitely appropriate for the summer season. Take it for a test drive on your next road trip - there ought to be... [More]


My Favorite Party Skirt

This balloon pattern sure has put us in a celebratory mood. It's time to shop for party supplies, bust out the barbecue, and shmooze with scads of guests. Of course, we'll be flouncing about in this summery skirt the whole time! My Favorite Party Skirt ($28, on sale!)... [More]


Floral Minnie Lou Sunglasses

These Floral Minnie Lou Sunglasses ($12) combine the classic Wayfarer style with a modern floral design. And that super low price tag is all the more reason to invest in a few pairs as insurance. When you look this cool, someone's bound to "borrow" your sunnies and "forget" to return... [More]


Nail Art Brush Kit in Neon Pink

Oooh, so that's how it's done! When we try to spruce up our nails with a cute design, our cotton-ball-Q-tip-toothpick toolbox doesn't seem to cut it. This Nail Art Brush Kit in Neon Pink ($20), however, is an arsenal of awesome brushes, all designed to help recreate those incredibly fancy... [More]


Ox Earrings

Tell the world how tough you are with these Ox Earrings ($19). After all, what's tougher than a big, dumb, castrated beast used to haul heavy stuff around? Okay, possibly a wolverine, but they don't make for such cute accessories.... [More]


Kikkerland Roll A Coasters

Roll A Coasters ($8 for four) of looove. Roll A Coasters, woo woo woo! Your love is like a Roll A Coaster baby baby...... [More]


Qlarity Oxfords

Welcome to the future! Not the actual future, but rather an interpretation of the future from some hip Hollywood director. These space-age Qlarity oxfords ($60) will go great with your hoverboard, your jetpack, and all the other cool tech we were promised as children. (We guess the iPhone is a... [More]


Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo and Conditioner

We wish we had caught wind of this Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo ($16) and Conditioner ($21) before we took a trip to the hot and humid southern states. This duo of products is gentle, sulfate-free, and determined to keep your curls shiny and free of flyaways and frizz. We... [More]


FREEKey System

Nobody is debating it. Key rings suck. They're also your manicure's worst nightmare. Keep that hard-earned investment intact by switching to the FREEKey System ($7). This simple gizmo keeps your keys secured, but when you do need to remove one, opens at the touch of a button.... [More]


Kira Grace Warrior T-Back Yoga Tank and Tough Cut Yoga Leggings

We don't generally recommend not changing out of your yoga clothes, but these new styles from Kira Grace have us rethinking our policy. The Warrior T-Back Yoga Tank ($68) and Warrior Tough Cut Yoga Legging ($98) set us apart from everyone else in the yoga studio, plus anywhere else frequented... [More]


M LAB Anti-Aging Brightening Cleanser

In this case, the name says it all. This face wash contains micro-beads that slough off dead skin, revealing the brighter, healthier skin underneath. Of course, it won't actually stop you from aging, but with regular use, your skin may look like it's stopped aging. Help the cause by drinking... [More]


Zimmermann Runaway Scoop Back One-Piece

Sure, the Zimmermann Runaway Scoop Back one-piece ($310) might be a little more Holly Hobbie than you expected your new summer suit to be, but you'll thank us when your swimwear stands out in a sea of polka dot bikinis (not that we don't love those too).... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Lucky Charm Headpiece

Renaissance-fair-style braided hairdos and hair accessories are hot right now, thanks to shows like Game of Thrones (if you have nimble fingers, check out this GoT braid slideshow for inspiration). Get the Lannister look for less, no backstabbing or murder required, with hair jewelry like this Lucky Charm Headpiece ($6).... [More]


Threshold Solar Wire Flower String Lights

Because they're solar-powered, you can string these Solar Wire Flower String Lights ($23) up anywhere and not have to worry about extension cords. So long as they get a little sun during the day, they'll add some nice ambiance to your evening deck parties.... [More]


Boston Cocktail Shaker

This ain't your grandma's cocktail shaker. (We don't think your grandma made Appletinis or Pomegranate Margaritas, but prove us wrong.) And using this Boston Cocktail Shaker ($25) is easier than your favorite bartender makes it look; a rubber seal around the rim keeps you from spilling your liquor all over... [More]


Cheap Monday Rubber Lime Belt

Lime? Sometimes it seems like the people who name products get it wrong on purpose! Regardless, you'll love the semi-transparent lemon accent that is the Cheap Monday Rubber Lime Belt ($30).... [More]


Suitcase Stickers

Are you sick of being hassled by airport security for arbitrary reasons? Why don't you give them a reason with these darkly funny Suitcase Stickers ($8)? Available in Stacks of Cash, Kidnapped Stewardess, Cocaine Bundles, and... well, see for yourself...... [More]


Mysterious Face Earrings

We're not saying these Mysterious Face Earrings ($20) are something that every girl will want. To be honest, "mysterious" in this case just seems like a euphemism for "creepy." But there is something appealing about those blank white faces, and lovers of antique jewelry might be open to solving that... [More]


Gossamer Wings Door Valance

While no one is too keen on hosting a fleet of real insects inside the house, the Gossamer Wings Door Valance ($39) will add some whimsy to your decor without giving you the creeps. It also makes a pleasing clinking sound as you pass through and the metal dragonflies and... [More]


Scorpion Shape Wrap Ring

Aw...isn't it cute how he's trying to sting us and pinch our flesh? If all scorpions were as cute as this Scorpion Shape Wrap Ring ($13), we wouldn't mind finding them in our shoes so first.... [More]


Lace Oracle Lace Up Espadrilles

Keeping a pair of white tennies clean has never been one of our talents, but the Lace Oracle Lace Up Espadrille ($55) from Soludos is giving us plenty of incentive to get our act together. The raffia-trimmed sole and delicate lace upper are too pretty to muddy up. Maybe we'll... [More]


Ipanema Beach Towel

Would that we could lay the polka-dotted Ipanema Beach Towel ($88) out on the sandy beaches of Rio! Instead, we'll settle for spreading it on the sand at our local lake. The view may not be as tropical, but the water is cool and the sun is bright. We'll take... [More]


LOL Bangle Bracelet

Not every piece of jewelry you put on has to be super srs. Leave Grandma's pearls at home for the night and try this LOL Bangle Bracelet ($12). We think this irreverent bangle would be a great addition to your experiments in bracelet stacking.... [More]


Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil

If you don't go anywhere without your little bottle of Moroccanoil, rejoice! The company has added a ton of amazing products to their hair and body care line, all of them infused with the goodness of argan. We've been rubbing a fair amount of Shimmering Body Oil ($45) into our... [More]


A Clockwork Orange Book Cover Tee

You've read The Greaty Gatsby and bought the corresponding shirt - now let's get a little more (post)modern! The A Clockwork Orange Book Cover Tee ($28) is just the thing for that horrorshow look this season!... [More]


Swedish Demi-Lune Chair

Forget midcentury vintage, get back to the classic, turn-of-the-century look by sliding a few Swedish Demi-Lune Chairs ($209-249, on sale) around your dining table. Contrary to everything we know about that era, the padded chairs will feel downright soft and comfortable as you digest post-feast.... [More]


Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Tiger Sweater

We like how a tiger looks in trippy, LSD-inspired colors - but only on this Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Tiger Sweater ($65). In real life, seeing a tiger while tripping would be... problematic...... [More]


Garden Tassel Earrings in Peony

"Budding flowers grow while you listen to the enchanting harp play in the secret garden..." The description for these Garden Tassel Earrings in Peony ($35) is a touch on the abstract side, unless it's actually a code telling us that the fibers of these delicate rosy accessories are dusted with... [More]


Personal Shopper: Silicone-Free Hair Goop for Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn writes, "I need a fab new goop-spray-mousse for my hair, something that will give it texture and volume and general big-messy-hair awesomeness. The catch? It can't contain any sort of silicone. I have a ridiculous hippie hair regime and those won't wash out with my crunchy earth goddess shampoo.... [More]


Joseph Joseph Prep and Store Bowls

Eating healthy is a great way to prepare for bikini season, but cooking healthy meals can be a lot of work. If you've got these handy Joseph Joseph Prep and Store Bowls ($15), you can make your meals beforehand, then set them in the fridge to keep 'em fresh until... [More]


Black Bandana Skirt

It's time we take back the bandana fad - except this time, let's wear them on our butts instead of our heads! The Black Bandana Skirt ($41) is an elastic bodycon skirt with the classic bandana print.... [More]


MINKPINK Forget Me Not Shorts

High-waisted, orange, polka-dotted shorts? And they're half off? Is it our collective birthday? MINKPINK Forget Me Not Shorts ($37)... [More]


Printable BBQ & Beer Invitations

Start your party off right by sending out super sweet BBQ & Beer Invitations ($15) from Girl In Gear Studio. The downloadable PDF is the perfect mix of clever creativity and fill-in-the-blank DIY. Your guests will be expecting a Pinterest-worthy bash, though, so make sure you're prepared!... [More]


RumbaTime Orchard Gem Watch

Who needs some posh, diamond-encrusted timepiece strapped to their wrist? This RumbaTime Orchard Gem Watch ($45) will turn just as many heads with simple silicone and a cleverly faceted dial. Not that we'd turn down the diamonds, if someone's offering.... [More]


ASOS A Novel Clutch Bag

Har har! Puns abound with the ASOS A Novel Clutch Bag ($42). This floral purse is shaped like a book and trimmed with a tassel, along with an embroidered title on the front. We'd use it to carry credit cards or keys, but we suppose a small book might fit... [More]


Tri-Color Wedges

These Tri-Color Wedges ($465) go one step beyond boring old Bi-Color Wedges! With satin on the outside, a suede insert, and an ankle strap, these shoes are playing for keeps.... [More]


Sharkie Vibe iPhone Case

Before you start thinking that the best thing about the Sharkie Vibe iPhone Case ($48) is its kick-ass shark pattern, we need to inform you that the whole thing is designed to redirect and amplify your phone's speaker. This means that your new case has both a kick-ass shark pattern... [More]


Holden Dress in Black and Tan

This Holden Dress in Black and Tan ($50) doesn't get its name just from its palette - it packs an intoxicating punch!... [More]


Hillary Thomas Frenzy Finial

Don't go buying a whole new lamp to switch up the ambiance in a room! Screw on the Frenzy Finial ($95) from Hillary Thomas (in collaboration with Alexandra von Furstenberg) and ta-da! Both your lamp and your room have been updated.... [More]


Moulin Roty Parisian Tea Party Set

Let's see, the Parisian Tea Party Set ($74) from Moulin Roty is made from metal, just like the old vintage sets. It features the Eiffel Tower and darling illustrations of Parisian girls, and comes nestled in a pretty cardboard box. Yep, we're more besotted with the set than its age-appropriate... [More]


Pixel Heart Tee

Ah, love in the digital age. Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve. Wear a pixelated heart on your tee while you Skype that guy you've been Facebook flirting with for the last month. Pixel Heart Tee ($24) from Pixelivery... [More]


Continuous Knot Earrings

Where does it start? Where does it end? Try to answer those questions, and these Continuous Knot Earrings ($58) could eat up your mental processing power forever. Your brain would be like a hamster trying to get to the end of a wheel. Just put the existential pondering aside and... [More]


Webster Cheers Note Card Set

Meet the most versatile cards we've seen since somebody invented "blank." With their gold confetti print and cheery slogan, they're perfect for everything from thank-you notes to birthday invitations. Keep them on hand and never be caught cardless again. Webster Cheers Note Card Set ($14)... [More]


Old Navy Horses Lightweight Printed Shirt

We've got so many shirts with animals printed on them, our closets are starting to look like circus posters. The latest addition to our menagerie? This Horses Lightweight Printed Shirt ($25).... [More]


Lytro Camera

We're just as baffled by the technology behind the Lytro Camera ($399) as we imagine our ancestors were the first time they had their photographs taken with one of those under-the-blanket-blinding-flash-monstrosities. The mysterious voodoo of the Lytro lets you perform all kinds of magic on your photos. Did you take... [More]


Cabo Confetti Necklace

We're not sure it would be possible to jam another chunk of mineral into this Cabo Confetti Necklace ($249). If you tried, this colorful rope might just turn into a semiprecious gemstone bomb. Available in either gold or silver (not that you'll see much of either through all those rocks).... [More]


Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cube Molds

Watching your ice cubes melt just got a lot more depressing! The Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cube Molds ($23) create polar critters to live in the rapidly shrinking environment that is your drink.... [More]


Adventure Awaits Tee

We love mash-ups, especially when continuity permits: Doctor Who likes new worlds and Belle likes adventures! The Adventure Awaits Tee ($20) is great for the fan who refuses to be pigeonholed into one story.... [More]


Crosby Bucket Bag

Have you been eyeing a Cole Haan bag for ages? Now's the time to swoop in and nab it; everything is up to 50% off! We've got our sights set on the Crosby Bucket Bag ($200 on sale). It's just the right size to use every day and wears easily... [More]


Lily Pad Post Earrings

Who would've thought stagnant water could provide the inspiration for such a lovely piece of jewelry? Of course, these Lily Pad Post Earrings ($44) are modeled after one of the nicer-looking kinds of swampy plant life. Pick them up in vaguely true-to-life green or go wild with deep blue or... [More]


Tory Burch Ombré Clutch

It may be on the small side, but the Tory Burch Ombré Clutch ($250) packs a powerful punch. Its brightly-colored straw and leather shell is hard to miss, even from across the room. Fill it cash, gloss, keys, and your favorite pair of shades, and work the crowd!... [More]


Magic Lantern Kit

Slideshows are cool! Well, at least they can be, if you display them using this Magic Lantern Kit ($32). Modeled after the 17th century laterna magica, which dazzled peasants and aristocrats alike, this fun gadget applies the same basic principles to turn your pictures into meter-wide projections. (Note that you'll... [More]


Night Out Lace Detail Cropped Pants

We like the idea of racing stripes, but can't you dress it up a little? We don't want to tell you how to do your job, but some lace detailing might be nice. And while you're at it, crop the legs a little. Thanks, Night Out Pants ($58).... [More]


Balter Letterpress Broadsheet

Times have certainly changed since the Middle Ages, but the embarrassment of awkward dancing still rings true. We've baltered our way through many a school dance, wedding reception, and tango class. But you know what? We keep dancing because it's damn fun (and there's got to be someone out there... [More]


Blokket Cellular Signal Blocker

Sometimes it's hard to remember that what's happening in front of us is more interesting than what's happening on Facebook, reddit, and Tumblr. When it feels like your phone's screen is glued to your eyeballs, reach for the Blokket Cellular Signal Blocker ($38). The unique blend of of silver and... [More]


Elephant Print Tassel Hemline Tee

Talk about a cool mascot! The GEICO gecko has nothing on the Ceylon Tea elephant from the Elephant Print Tassel Hemline Tee ($24). (We haven't even said anything about the tassels.)... [More]


Barely Ring: Jaggered

True or False: rings are a necessary evil. If you answered true, first... why*? And second, maybe you'll like this Barely Ring: Jaggered ($5) - it's designed to be tiny and subtle! * "I am a Lantern" is a good answer.... [More]

MOR Marshmallow Tea Cup Candle

MOR Marshmallow Tea Cup Candle

Some of us love teacups and candles, so the MOR Marshmallow Tea Cup Candle ($34 on sale) is definitely on our wish list. This pretty pink tea cup is trimmed in glistening gold, and the candle's scent is a relaxing combination of vanilla, musk, and jasmine.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A New Fancy Water Bottle for Heather

Heather says: "I spend all day drinking water out of my Camelbak, but it's looking a little rough around the edges. I need to replace it, but am entertaining the idea of something different. Ideally, I'd like a water bottle that's glass or stainless steel and has a straw component.... [More]


The End is Near Tee

An ominous message written on the Hollywood hills? Sounds like a scene from a summer blockbuster! There's a chance this The End is Near Tee ($18) is making some wry commentary on La La Land - but that kind of stuff always sells anyway!... [More]


Eat Fit Cutlery

We've all felt that guilt of not exercising while shoveling food down our throats - it's almost like mealtime is when we're most inspired to work out! Well, maybe we can! Eat Fit Cutlery ($145) adds one kilo each to your knife and fork, and two to your dessert spoon!... [More]


Silver Burlesque Pumps Earrings

How much do you like shoes? Enough to wear them on your ears as well as your feet? For the girl who can never have enough footwear, there are these Silver Burlesque Pumps Earrings ($225). Made-to-order, these sterling silver beauties come in your choice of a bright polished finish or... [More]


Oriental Blossom Ditsy Seagrass Flip-Flops

If you're going to wear flip-flops, you might as well go all out - your footsteps are going to attract extra attention anyway! Oriental Blossom Ditsy Seagrass Flip-Flops ($23)... [More]


Tropical Leather Pouch

With its classic envelope shape, soft floral leather, and netted overlay, the Tropical Leather Pouch ($35) makes quite a statement. You know what else it makes? A minuscule dent in your next bank statement. It's more affordable than your last manicure.... [More]


Pink Doodle Tee

We know what boys like. Boys like nutcrackers, and everything the name implies, right? Right? That must be right. This Pink Doodle Tee ($27) features an eclectic cast of cutesy ballbusters.... [More]


The Baby Shusher

Ask parents what parenting books and techniques saved their sanity when they had newborn babies, and chances are a lot of them will point you toward Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block. In it, Dr. Karp recommends using rhythmic, loud SHHH-ing sounds to soothe your baby; it... [More]


Juicy Couture Stretch Lace Tuxedo Blazer

A black blazer always looks nice, but in some locales, seasons, and workplaces, it's a bit too professional. This Juicy Couture Stretch Lace Tuxedo Blazer ($178) puts a spin on the wardrobe staple that makes it a little more interesting: casual, but still work-appropriate.... [More]


Cap Zappa Bottle Opener

This Cap Zappa ($10) is about to ruin you. Once you've used it, you'll never be able to bring yourself to crack into a Coors with an ordinary bottle opener again. Why? Because ordinary bottle openers don't turn into cap-shooting weapons. The Cap Zappa is capable of launching that bottle... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Gatsby Oxford

Whether you're a fan of the movie (or the book) or not, we can all agree that these Gatsby Oxfords ($178) are certainly worth creating a new identity and throwing lavish parties over. Or at least they're a pretty wonderful summer shoe; combining the openness of a sandal with the... [More]


Metroid Pendant

Mario, Link, and the rest of that boys' club have warehouses full of merchandise, while poor Samus Aran is stuck on the wrong side of the glass ceiling! This Metroid Pendant ($30) is the first piece of jewelry we've seen from our favorite sci-fi gaming franchise, and you bet your... [More]


ANVE Envelope iPad Sleeve

Think envelopes are going the way of the dodo? This ANVE Envelope iPad Sleeve ($144) turns that classic design into an elegant sleeve for your tablet, made with fine leather in an appropriately traditional unbleached hue.... [More]


Rockin' Roller Desk Chair

While there's new research that suggests sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair yields no real advantage, we're not tossing ours out. And frankly, when they're covered in furry fabric and set on chrome-plated bases - like these Rockin' Roller Desk Chairs ($149) - they make for pretty... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: June 24, 2013

This week's Purse Page poll brings you four fantastic bags to choose from. It may not look like they have anything in common, but they do: steep price tags. Vote for your favorite purse, and if it wins the poll, it'll be featured in next week's lookalike shopping spree. The... [More]


Dog Print Ear Trucker Hat

Some people think hats with floppy animal ears - like this Dog Print Ear Trucker Hat ($30) - are silly or even childish. What joyless lives those people must lead...... [More]


King Hamster Sweater

Hail to the King, baby! We wouldn't mind living as feudal serfs if the monarch was the regal rodent on the King Hamster Sweater ($65)!... [More]


Spiked Crystal Ring

Just when you thought that everything you could do with spikes had been done. The Spiked Crystal Ring ($15) offers a rose gold finish on what looks like a fashionable version of a throwing star!... [More]


LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

While Silky Underwear Dusting Powder ($7) may not be something to discuss in polite company, Outblush has never been polite. In fact, we'd rather be a bit crass and tell you how awesome this powder is. Sprinkle a little onto your body on humid days, and you'll stay dry, fresh,... [More]


Anchor Scarf

Boats are great. They're also expensive. This Anchor Scarf ($28), on the other hand, is an affordable way to give yourself a jaunty nautical air. Squirt yourself with a little salt water while wearing it and fail to catch a fish, and you'll be getting essentially the same experience.... [More]


Scary Mommy Doorbell Sticker

The Scary Mommy Doorbell Sticker ($5) - because hell hath no fury like a mother whose baby was just woken by a ringing doorbell. Naptime is the most sacred time of the day. Protect it with threats of bodily harm!... [More]


Mini-Pineapple Underwire Tank Swimsuit

Nothing says "ready for the beach" quite like rows of teeny-tiny pineapples, and that's just what you'll get with this Mini-Pineapple Underwire Tank Swimsuit ($110). The traditional cut and structured bodice are flattering, while the fruity print evokes the spirit of white tropical sands...or possibly piña coladas.... [More]


Happy Jackson Random Crap Bag

C'mon, it's not like you're carrying around the crown jewels or a Fabergé egg collection. All you've got in your bag is random crap - there's no point in hiding it. Be honest with the world by toting the Random Crap Bag ($7).... [More]


Green Gables Circle Skirt

If Anne (never Ann) Shirley were alive today, she would definitely snap up this Green Gables Circle Skirt ($40). It'd be perfect for a day of teaching kids and then meeting her bosom friend, Diana, for a blackberry cordial cocktail.... [More]


Joe the Hippo Bath Plug

You know what's really relaxing? A nice hot bubble bath, a good glass of wine, and someone to share it with. Unfortunately things have been a little slow on the dating scene, so we're going to have to settle for romantic evenings with Joe the Hippo ($29) for now.... [More]


African Drop Stone Earrings

Think you can only stack vertically? Think again! The African Drop Stone Earrings ($11) deftly use chains and colorful stones to defy both gravity and expectations.... [More]


Replay Neon Bar Oversized Sunglasses

Those Wayfarers not quite retro enough for you? Get your glam little hands on these Replay Neon Bar Oversized Sunglasses ($26). They're twice the size of your face and more '80s-tastic than a flock of seagulls squawking at a deaf leopard.... [More]


Indie Fashion Wood Print Glasses

It's hard to be a nature-lover in today's society, because everything is manufactured. On the other hand, it's easy to manufacture nature-themed products! These Indie Fashion Wood Print Glasses ($10) aren't actually wood, but they look the part!... [More]


Chunky Enamel Necklace

What? The name "Chunky Enamel" didn't entice you to buy the Chunky Enamel Necklace ($13) right away? Maybe the sparkling green hue and gemstone cut will help convince you - or at least the price will!... [More]


Hello, IT... Tee

Thanks, Netflix, for getting us hooked on The IT Crowd (oh, yummy Chris O'Dowd!). And a double thanks to ThinkGeek for providing us with a licensed tee that marks us as fans - and reminds us to start with the most obvious of solutions! Hello, IT... Tee ($21)... [More]


Halo Nail Glitters

Need to give those nails a bit more glitz? Dust that polish up with one of these Halo Nail Glitters ($8). This affordable kit includes ptions that run the gamut from subtle sparkle to in-your-face bling.... [More]


Yurbuds Inspire Earbuds

If your run-of-the-mill earbuds have finally pinched or slipped their way into making you consider giving up on music and resigning yourself to watching crap TV at the gym, cease and desist. These Yurbuds Inspire earbuds ($30) might just save you from needless hours of infomercials. They twist comfortably and... [More]


Punk Style Silver Skull Ring

There's something about a festively decorated skull that always moves us. Is it the subconscious idea of celebrating life before death, or just our secret desire to be flamboyant pirates? This Punk Style Silver Skull Ring ($59) is great for lots of reasons!... [More]


Whale March Baby Bath Hammock

Sometimes baby items are so cute that they make our uteri tingle. We wouldn't consider the Whale March Baby Bath Hammock ($28) to be a traditionally reproductive-parts-melting item, but there is something about the thought of a teensy baby nestled in the whale hammock and soaking up some suds that... [More]


WAKA WAKA Shaped Bookends

They may be simple in design and color, but we think the Shaped Bookends ($160) from WAKA WAKA are your best option for keeping your book collection upright and organized. You wouldn't want to use overly ornate bookends, lest they end up stealing the limelight from your first editions.... [More]


Earth Paint Children's Paint Kit

It doesn't matter how closely you watch them. You know they're going to do it. Kids just love eating paint. At least if you're using this Earth Paint Children's Paint Kit ($30) for those arts and crafts projects, you can rest assured that they're not licking up anything toxic.... [More]


Caudalie Divine Legs

We're so pale. (How pale are we?) We're so pale that when we wear shorts for the first time in the summer, small children run away screaming, blinded. Now, we're happy to keep our actual skin pale - skin cancer ain't no joke, y'all - but a little faux glow... [More]


Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition

Forget the epic battle between black and white - that's nothing compared to the epically epic battle between Mario and Bowser! The Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition ($45) utilizes adorable statuettes for a board game that's almost as much fun as a video game!... [More]


Hawaiian Hipster Fedora

If this Hawaiian Hipster Fedora ($33) was going to be true to its name, it would have to come with a surfboard, a beard, and a collection of indie post-ironic surf rock* albums on vinyl. Honestly, we think we'd rather skip the facial hair and halfhearted music, and enjoy this... [More]


Giant Plush Microbes

What do you get the microbiologist that has everything? How about the Swine Flu? You don't need a microscope to see how cute the Giant Plush Microbes ($13) are! All your favorites are there: the Common Cold, Strep Throat - and who's this cute little guy? Why, it's Staphylococcus aureus!... [More]


Anna Sui La Vie De Bohème

The name of Anna Sui's newest fragrance, La Vie De Bohème ($65), has a tendency to get songs from Rent stuck in our heads. This scent is so good, though, that we're willing to overlook the earworm flashback. Notes of berries, peony, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla combine for a perfume... [More]


PMD Personal Microderm System

Microdermabrasion treatments can give some stellar results, but our loved ones balk at the notion of eating ramen for a month so we can pay for the sessions. With the PMD Personal Microderm System ($179), we can sandblast our faces at home for a far more moderate investment.... [More]


Pop Color Stretch Skinny Jeans

Cuffing your skinny jeans is already fun, but just imagine how much more of a good time you'll have if you're rolling up these Pop Color Stretch Skinny Jeans ($128). A simple fold reveals an eye-catching burst of coral that contrasts perfectly with their soft pink hue.... [More]


Two-Pie Basket with Tray

Why settle for one pie when you can have two? This Two-Pie Basket with Tray ($49) encourages - no, demands - that you double up your desserts. The woven ash basket is specially designed to fit those nine-inch plates, and the included tray makes certain that your cherry doesn't end... [More]


Bats All, Folks! Skirt

We know it's hard to believe, but bats have actually been around longer than Batman. While our favorite crime-fighting orphan may have dominated the market when it comes to anything bat-related, it's important to remember that bats can still be cool on their own - like on this Bats All,... [More]


Geek Battle

If it's one thing we geeks love, it's flaunting our superior knowledge of things people don't really need to know! Hence Geek Battle ($20), a Trivial Pursuit-type game that covers the four corners of dorkdom: sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and straight-up science. Okay, it might be good to know something about... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bright Shapes Melamine Salad Plates

Would you think less of us if we told you that we're ordering a bunch of Bright Shapes Melamine Salad Plates ($3!) from West Elm to use as dessert plates instead? We suppose we can top these pretties with some greens, but seriously, wouldn't a slice of chocolate silk pie... [More]


Nine Lives Clutch

Sigh... if only Fluffy were as calm and quiet as the Nine Lives Clutch ($45) - and as easy to get our wallets from.... [More]


Explosion Halter Dress

This Explosion Halter Dress ($35) really does remind us of a little nova going off, with its flame-hued panels and flowing fit. Wear it to make a Big Bang.... [More]


Bottle Garland

No, boozebags, this Bottle Garland ($34) isn't a DIY project for when you've polished off a case of Prosecco. These sweet blue bottles are a simple decoration that look lovely on their own, but also serve as a beautiful hanging collection of bud vases for a floral flourish.... [More]


I Still Live With My Parents Shirt

The I Still Live With My Parents Shirt ($22) can be either an ironically funny shirt for your toddler or a passive-aggressive message for your graduate. Or a cry for help for you.... [More]


Copihue Apron

The Copihue Apron ($28) by Karen Barbé almost looks too pretty to wear while mixing batters and grilling burgers. It's a good thing it's made from one-hundred-percent cotton. You can brush your floured hands all over its front with confidence - a quick wash and it'll be none the worse... [More]


Echo Side Table

While the violet-colored cut glass on the Echo Side Table ($2,200) is reminiscent of Granny's quilting squares, it definitely brings a modern edge to your living space. You won't have to stock up on mothballs to keep it in pristine condition, either (but watch out for water rings - use... [More]


Angels Tights

If it's one thing devilish people like to do, it's mask their true nature with the appearance of pure intentions. Clothes like these Angels Tights ($16) make it so easy! They go great with both Sunday shoes and steel-toed boots.... [More]


Metrokane Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker/Mixer

"Thrown in a weird contraption and spun around like a tornado - not stirred." Maybe it won't catch on as quickly as Bond's drink order, but cocktails mixed with the Metrokane Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker/Mixer ($25) will be more thoroughly blended than any that have been simply "shaken."... [More]


Forever Zig Zag Tank Shift in Blood Orange

There aren't many dresses that work as well for a retro costume party as for a chic summer soiree. Snag this Forever Zig Zag Tank Shift in Blood Orange ($51) while you can - you never know when you're going to get invited to a Mad Men engagement party.... [More]


Leva Cuff

Rock jewelry's fine for people who are stable and grounded, but what about those who are flexible and go with the flow? This Leva Cuff ($122) has a fluidity that goes with both your carefree personality and that dress you just bought!... [More]


The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves

Need to look like you've been relaxing on the beach when you've actually been frantically shopping for a new outfit? Sounds like plenty of our first dates. Treat your locks to a squirt or two of Beach Waves ($20). Its combination of sea salt, aloe, coconut oil, and grapefruit seed... [More]


Doubtblush: Bikestache

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


The Surf Café Cookbook

Jane and Myles Lamberth get to spend their days surfing and making tasty grub on Ireland's wild and beautiful west coast. They're living the sweet life, and they know it, which is probably why the Surf Café Cookbook ($15) gives as much space to alluring details about everything from navigating... [More]


Flag T-Shirt

Wait... wait a second... hold on, here... Maybe it's just our imagination, but is there something off about the flag on the Flag T-Shirt ($39)? Wrong colors - no, upside down? That's not it...... [More]


Sagaform Wasp Trap

Nothing ruins a lazy afternoon on the deck like having to flee in terror because some buzzing piece of nasty decides to have a look at your iced tea, but the usual insecticides are basically cancer in a can. What if you miss the wasp and hit the cat? Thankfully,... [More]


Happy Socks Big Dots Socks

We recently had the epiphany that it's a helluva lot quicker to find mates for our socks in the morning when our socks are easy to distinguish from one another. Indeed, there's no mistaking these Happy Socks Big Dots Socks ($12) for our dinosaur or cat socks.... [More]


Lillie's Q Barbeque Sauce Crate

Dry rubs are all well and good, but when it comes to barbeque, we say to hell with the purists and give us some sauce. Lillie's Q Barbeque Sauce Crate ($45) contains Memphis-inspired Smoky, tomato-based Carolina, and the totally tasty mayo-and-vinegar Ivory.... [More]


Age of the Giants iPhone Skin

It's a Wild Thing's world... we just live in it. Age of the Giants iPhone Skin ($15).... [More]


Grey Rabbit Print Pullover Sweatshirt

Why does the rabbit on the Grey Rabbit Print Pullover Sweatshirt ($37) look so grumpy? Anyone who's ever dressed their pet up in thick glasses and a bow tie knows the answer.... [More]


Woodland Square End Table

Bring a little piece of the wilderness into your backyard. No, we're not talking about adopting a bear. This Woodland Square End Table ($499) is far less likely to raid your trash or terrorize the neighbors.... [More]


Aksama Short Chain Earrings

Our first instinct after feasting our eyes on the Aksama Short Chain Earrings ($98) was to book a tropical vacation. The emerald and sapphire resin pieces (linked by rose gold chains) have a bit of a palm tree feel. While we suppose we could wear these to the office, we'd... [More]


Coastal Life Dessert Plates

We don't usually like there to be anything fishy about our desserts, but these Coastal Life Dessert Plates ($50 for four) are a happy exception. Their coral and sea critter pattern will make us feel like we're eating our cake in King Triton's palace.... [More]


Made By Unicorns Woven Labels

Give credit where it isn't due and add a little magic to your creations. Made By Unicorns Woven Labels ($5).... [More]


Honey Girl Organics Facial Scrub

When you first open a jar of Honey Girl Organics Facial Scrub ($26), which smells kind of like a homemade lemon pie, you might be compelled to eat it. But that's (theoretically) okay; all of Honey Girl's skincare products are made from things you might find in your pantry, like... [More]


Custom Venn Diagram Cutting Board

Still wracking your brain for wedding gift ideas? We're digging the personalized homeyness of the Custom Venn Diagram Cutting Board ($48) from Richwood Creations. It should appeal to just about anyone who's tying the knot and setting up a new home. The cutesy diagram will even win you extra points... [More]


Origami Parrot Necklace

This Origami Parrot Necklace ($156) is more clever than a library full of MIT grads. It captures all the ephemeral beauty of real origami but in a medium we won't squish when we accidentally sit on it.... [More]


Beach Candy Basic Turkish Bath Towels

We're having a crisis. We can't decide which of these Beach Candy Basic Turkish Bath Towels ($45) to buy. Should we opt for deep Blueberry, bright Orange Crush, or rosy Cinnamon Stick? Maybe we should just apply the same approach we use for actual candies and get all of them.... [More]


Zip Skorts in Navy

Much like us when we're lost trying to find that new club, the zippers on the Zip Skorts in Navy ($28) are all over the place and don't know which way to go...... [More]


Brolly Rain Umbrella

The Brolly Rain Umbrella ($20) - because even when it's pouring outside, we've still got to tweet about the mocha frap we just guzzled down. Seriously, the brass knuckle-looking handle is designed to give you both the perfect grip on your umbrella and your phone. (Although we caution you: walking,... [More]


Catit Design Senses Massage Center

You may not be aware of it, but it's actually your job to provide constant free massages. Just ask your cat. If petty concerns like work or a social life are causing you to neglect this all-important duty, you can at least purchase this Catit Design Senses Massage Center ($12)... [More]


Resvene Anti-Aging Supplement

Alice might have stumbled across snacks that made her smaller and taller, but we know what we'd rather find: one that will help combat those damned crow's-feet. This Resvene Anti-Aging Supplement ($36) might just be the ticket. It contains a potent dose of trans-resveratrol, a natural antioxidant compound believed to... [More]


Panda Bear and Leaf Pendant

What is this!? A baby panda? And what's on its head... No... It's an adorable fauxhawk! Unbelievable! This Panda Bear and Leaf Pendant ($10) is so cute, it's outrageous!... [More]


Puppy Cake Carob Cake Mix

You're not spoiling your dog enough. Oh, sure, you may have bought Ruffles that Swarovski crystal collar and a whole wardrobe of adorable jackets, but he'd give it all up for cake. With Puppy Cake Carob Cake Mix ($7), you can make him one of his very own, complete with... [More]


Owl Mug & Plate Set

Your morning cuppa could be cuter. How do we know? Because you're probably not drinking it using this Owl Mug & Plate Set ($20). Let these wide-eyed little birds help you start your day off more adorably. Unless Ryan Gosling pours your coffee for you, in which case you've officially... [More]


Vincent Dress

We weren't expecting to ever find ourselves enamored with anything described as "metallic paisley", but then we found the Vincent Dress ($108). It looks super-luxe, but still more comfy than confining for elegant evening events.... [More]


Corporate Eclipse Watch in Bronze

Solar eclipses are so primitive - in the Information Age, we have corporate eclipses! This Corporate Eclipse Watch in Bronze ($13) will inspire awe and worship in the other members of the board just as the disappearance of the sun did in cavemen.... [More]


Nike Print Knockout SJ Tank

Maybe all that's keeping us from getting into an exercise routine is boring workout clothes. The Nike Print Knockout SJ Tank ($42) definitely does not fall into that category; those perky polka dots put smiles on our faces, which are much needed when we're mustering the motivation go to to... [More]


My New Best Friend Skin Shammy

Forget washcloths and hand towels. When you're sudsing up your face, you'll want to do so with the My New Best Friend Skin Shammy ($12) from One Love Organics. The natural microfiber cloth absorbs makeup, oils, and dirt like nobody's business! We also suggest keeping one in your gym bag... [More]


NYC Taxi Espresso Beans

New York City cabbies certainly drive like they're hopped up on a quart or two of coffee, so it seems appropriate that the Superior Nut Store chose to use their signature colors to decorate these candied NYC Taxi Espresso Beans ($6). But be warned: these crunchy dark chocolate treats are... [More]


The Deer Hunter Pendant

We might not be able to hit the side of a house with a Marshmallow Bazooka, but we can still feel like masters of the wild with the Deer Hunter Pendant ($21).... [More]


Balinese Tie Dye Dress

Quick, name one thing you know about Balinese culture... Yeah, that's what we thought. It's time you educated yourself, starting with this ravishing Balinese Tie Dye Dress ($96).... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: June 19, 2013

This week's selection of bags in the Purse Page poll will have you covered for all of your summer activities, from fancying it up at a garden party to holing up in the library for research. Do you already know which purse you prefer? Go ahead and vote for it!... [More]


Les Eaux Eau Rose

Sometimes complex scents are, well, too complex. They're packed with so many different notes that you never know what's going to end up sticking around on your skin. Tone it down a little with a straight floral perfume, like Eau Rose ($98) from Diptyque's Les Eaux collection. But don't confuse... [More]


Takae Mizutani and Sons Hidden Message Mugs

We don't usually stand for our dinnerware getting cheeky, but we like these Hidden Message Mugs ($16). They come in blue or yellow, each with a playful message on the inside that's revealed as you lower the level of your beverage.... [More]


Cooltan Scoop Neck Shirt

Nobody wants T-shirt tan. And with this Cooltan Scoop Neck Shirt ($32), that worry will be a thing of the past. This piece is made from a special fabric that lets about half the sun's rays pass right on through. Just make sure you apply your sunblock accordingly, or risk... [More]


Lékué Ogya Microwave Pot

Think microwave cooking went out with fondue and aspic? The Lékué Ogya Microwave Pot ($40) will change your tune. It's cleverly designed to work with your microwave to produce perfect rice and pasta, great stews, and perfectly steamed delicacies. Since it's made with silicone, you won't have to worry about... [More]


Interlaced Belt

Anybody else think this Interlaced Belt ($13) looks just a smidge like AURYN from The NeverEnding Story? We only wish. We'd love to be able to use it to summon ourselves a luckdragon. Just think how badass that would make the morning commute.... [More]


Lehman's Poison Ivy/Oak Relief Soap

It doesn't matter how hard we try to avoid it. We could encase ourselves in a giant plastic bubble and somehow we'd still end up getting poison ivy. When that itchy misery kicks in, chill it out with Lehman's Poison Ivy/Oak Relief Soap ($6). It contains an all-natural blend of... [More]


Three Olives Dude Vodka

Have a Mountain Dew-loving man in your life? Or maybe you're the one who likes to spend your late night crushing cans of the neon yellow stuff while you play Halo. If that's the case, then Three Olives Dude Vodka ($59) is going to blow your freaking mind. It's like... [More]


I Heart BBQ Oven Mitt

Want your backyard barbecues to be as transparent as possible? Skip the cartoony images of steaks and ribs and stick on this I Heart BBQ Oven Mitt ($8). Warning: you may want to slip this one away into a kitchen drawer when vegetarian friends come over.... [More]


PetPeek Fence Window

If you spent ninety-five percent of your life on a single plot of land, you'd appreciate a window, too! This PetPeek Fence Window ($35) satisfies your dog's natural curiosity and sheds some light on the mystery of what's-that-thing-that-sounds-like-a-lawn-mower. (Spoiler Alert: It's a lawn mower!)... [More]


Tayrona Wooden Necklace

Forget all those acrylic statement necklaces. Where do you think they go when they die? Probably that giant plastic island gunking up the Pacific. We do like that this Tayrona Wooden Necklace ($48) creates a great look-at-me effect with a totally renewable resource.... [More]


Cleopatra Support Triangle Bikini Top

The blood of pharaohs might not be pumping through your veins, but you'll still feel like a queen of the Nile wearing this Cleopatra Support Triangle Bikini Top ($92). Its darkly jewel-like hue and hypnotic gold-embroidered detailing give it a royal allure. Just steer clear of snakes and sexy Roman... [More]


Not a Paper Plate Set

We know that faux disposable products are kinda gimmicky, but that knowledge never seems to stop us from impulse-purchasing ceramic milk cartons and reusable Solo-esque cups. Now we can add the Not a Paper Plate Set ($17) to our collection.... [More]


U Is Hot Heart Necklace

Me is hot? You is sweet! U Is Hot Heart Necklace ($35) is cute accessory, and help much with grammar!... [More]


Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze

This Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze ($18) isn't makeup. It's medicine. Time, sun, and general abuse are wasting your lips away into thin, wrinkly, dried-up husks of their former selves. Fight back with this nourishing formula, which delivers a wrinkle-beating burst of moisture while peptides help plump things back up.... [More]


Morgan Braided Rope Mat

Be warned: you may start randomly finding people standing on your doorstep if you purchase this Morgan Braided Rope Mat ($249). The traditional woven pattern is so hypnotic, your visitors might get lost contemplating it and forget to hit the doorbell.... [More]


The Perfect Sunscreen

We're balking at the price tag on The Perfect Sunscreen ($45) by Consonant. We're also thinking that it's a pretty big boast to claim perfection. But, we're willing to put a bottle to the test. After all, it's made with a mixture of natural ingredients designed to protect our sensitive... [More]


UNIQLO Lulu Guinness Sleeveless T-Shirt

Scaredy-cats, tiny mice, and a sweet Peter Pan collar - what's not to love about this UNIQLO Lulu Guinness Sleeveless T-Shirt ($20)? We think it'll look perfectly sweet with a pair of skinnies and some bright red accessories.... [More]


Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Edition

Talking: it's way more fun than typing - so just think how much more you'll enjoy working on your computer when you can yap at it instead of clicking away on a keyboard. Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Edition ($93) makes it possible for you to write documents, search online, and... [More]


Royal Highnies Ladies Gown

Those in the know already love Royal Highnies for their just-about-perfect boxer shorts, but now even us girls can get in on the fun. (Not that girls can't wear boxers, but you know.) This Royal Highnies Ladies Gown ($80) is made with the same four-hundred-thread-count Pima cotton in a classic... [More]


Granada Stripe Cotton Woven Tote Bag

Colors are great. How else would we know when to stop at intersections? And just look what they do for this Granada Stripe Cotton Woven Tote Bag ($60). An array of bright Mediterranean hues make this piece a total beach standout.... [More]


Dry Teasing Dust

Hair always seems to do one of two things during the height of the summer humidity: frizz up or go limp. (Well, actually, it seems to defy logic and do both at once.) It's time to give a few shakes of Oscar Blandi's Dry Teasing Dust ($23) a try. The... [More]


Custom Wax Seals

Give that classic note-on-real-paper an even more old-school vibe with one of these Custom Wax Seals ($200 for 100). They're a wonderfully medieval way to finish off those thank-you cards or invitations - though not too medieval, since they're prestamped and adhesive. Just peel the backs and stick them on... [More]


JANELLA Braided Bamboo Earrings

Big earrings don't have to mean dealing with sketchy elongated piercing holes in your ears. These JANELLA Braided Bamboo Earrings ($28) make a colorful impact, but their ultralight woven bamboo construction means you'll hardly know you're wearing them.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Tank Dresses for KC's High School Reunion

KC writes: "So my 15-year high school reunion is coming up, and I'm at a loss as to what to wear. It's being held at a private room ... in a bar. So, not fancy dress. But I like dresses, so I'm wearing one. I'm looking for a fitted tank... [More]


Bowery Lane Tandem Bicycle

As with Doc's DeLorean, a little speed on the vintage-inspired Bowery Lane Tandem Bicycle ($1,500) is sure to send you and your pedaling partner back in time. To be safe, you should tie up your hair into a bouncy ponytail and don a full skirt before you ride off into... [More]


Hide Your Crazy Tank

Maybe you're a Miranda Lambert fan, or maybe you just know yourself well enough that this Hide Your Crazy Tank ($30) is the perfect summer staple. Just, whatever you do, don't buy this tank as a gift for a friend, okay? Don't.... [More]


ASOS Skater Dress In Paisley Print With Lace Up Sleeve

The ASOS Skater Dress In Paisley Print With Lace Up Sleeve ($68) is begging to be worn with a pair of leather cowgirl boots. We'll have to dig ours out from the back of the closet; we don't get much chance to polish 'em up and put 'em on. Now... [More]


Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

Sure, Instagram instantly helps you show your filtered pic of mango salsa to millions (thanks to copious usage of the hashtag), but it doesn't give you an instant pic you can actually hold in your hand. The Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera ($72) by Fujifilm does! In the vein... [More]


Airplane Bib

The children, they are smarter than we give them credit for. Time for a new tactic. How hard would it be to mold this baby food into a passable lollipop? Airplane Bib ($9)... [More]


Campfire Incense

Apartment complex management always seems to frown upon campfires in the courtyard. They're no fun! But to play nice, invite friends over to hang out in your shoebox sans open fire. Or, if you've gotta defy the rules, close up the vents to the hallway and light a stick of... [More]


Strapless High Low Ruffle Top Dress

We were already digging the saucy tavern style of this Strapless High Low Ruffle Top Dress ($33). Then we learned that the snazzy braided belt is included in the package. As if we really needed another reason to buy ourselves this habanero-hot little number.... [More]


Southern Enterprises Gear Wall Art Clock

Did you ever wonder how clocks work? If so, the Southern Enterprises Gear Wall Art Clock ($85) will probably just confuse you. On the other hand (no pun intended), if you ever wanted to decorate your apartment in a steampunk theme, well...... [More]


Goody Goody Gumdrops T-Shirt

In addition to making us crave a few handfuls of gummy confections, the Goody Goody Gumdrops T-Shirt ($31) by Shackled is quickly becoming our favorite go-to weekend tee. It's as cheeky and fun as it is soft and comfy. And it adds a little quirk to our otherwise chill weekend... [More]


Julep All American Nail Polish Collection

Go ahead and be that girl pointing out all the amazing food at your 4th of July BBQ. Literally point to the potato salad, the hot dogs, and the beer cooler - because everything you point at gives you another chance to show off your patriotic mani. The Julep All... [More]


Rip Curl Senorita Booty Brief Bikini Bottoms

They say less is more, and when it comes to bikini bottoms, we'll agree up to a point. After that point, less is a recipe for getting sunburned in places you can't reach. These Rip Curl Senorita Booty Brief Bikini Bottoms ($46) strike just the right balance. A low rise... [More]


Silver Chained Ring

Chains... They're not just for necklaces anymore! Silver Chained Ring ($18).... [More]


Priscilla Mochila Suitcase

Carry the Priscilla Mochila Suitcase ($750) from Tory Burch on your next trip (it's the perfect carry-on size) and we promise you, you'll turn heads and raise approving eyebrows, even in the soulless place between an extended layover and $6.99 per hour airport internet access.... [More]


Doubtblush: Creep Up Flashing Platforms

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Cut Out Embroidered Belted Skirt

At first glance, this Cut Out Embroidered Belted Skirt ($32) looks like a sweetly demure piece of summer fashion. But a second glance might leave you wondering just how much of your inner thighs those lace details could give the world a glimpse of. The reassuring answer is not a... [More]


Personalized Bridesmaid Wine Glasses

No matter how gracious a bride you are and how little you ask of your bridal party, there's going to come a point where they want a drink or two. Embrace that fact early and give each of your girls a Personalized Bridesmaid Wine Glass ($114 for eight) before the... [More]


Galaxy Print Scarf

Is there anything more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the majesty of outer space? Of course there is - that same majesty wrapped around your neck and paired with an out-of-this-world outfit! Galaxy Print Scarf ($16).... [More]


Cheers Bitches Banner

Planning a girls' night in? Decorate appropriately with this Cheers Bitches Banner ($25).... [More]


KORRES Yoghurt Cooling Gel

Feelin' hot, sweaty, and sun sick after mowing the lawn? Take a lukewarm shower and rub a bit of Yoghurt Cooling Gel ($24) from KORRES onto your face and neck. The silky gel will cool you down and calm your stinging, itchy skin. Of course, major sunburns call for major... [More]


Michael Kors Logo-Plaque Hinge Bangle

If you're a self-proclaimed fashionista, then brand your wrist with this Michael Kors Logo-Plaque Hinge Bangle ($115). When you're draped in your favorite designer, there's no need to drop names - your accessories speak for themselves.... [More]


Seychelles Turning Point Sandal

Been looking for a shoe that will match your tennis balls? Your search is over. This Seychelles Turning Point Sandal ($85) comes in a spectacular Day-Glo suede with sky blue lining. We don't recommend wearing them when you actually hit the court, but they'll look pretty snazzy when you're heading... [More]


Back to Basics Egg N' Muffin Toaster

Toasters are so convenient. (And fun, when your food pops up!) It's a shame they only work on bread...or do they? The Back to Basics Egg N' Muffin Toaster ($54) redefines the limits of a toaster by incorporating eggs! The built-in side cooker can poach up to four eggs at... [More]


Lilly Pulitzer Winnie Maxi Dress

Who needs a waistline? Not us if we're wearing this Lilly Pulitzer Winnie Maxi Dress ($328). This drape of metallic-accented silk will look all that much more luxurious with no silly seams or cinches marring its flow. Slip it on and find yourself a becoming breeze to stand in.... [More]

Livia Bow Cat-Eye Sunglasses small.jpg

Livia Bow Cat-Eye Sunglasses

If you're going for a retro-inspired look, these Livia Bow Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($158) would pair nicely with a sleek pencil skirt and a colorful blouse. And if you're a huge fan of small details, note the delicate bow placed on the right brow.... [More]


Polka Dot Crop Cami

What do you think? Are you bold enough to wear this Polka Dot Crop Cami ($38) sans blazer or cardi? It's certainly a cute little number, but we think a few more workouts are in order before we bare our bellies!... [More]


Can You Imagine Melting Clock

Just look at the Can You Imagine Melting Clock ($13) - it's the perfect decor for any surrealist's dream apartment!... [More]


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Conceal

It's an ironic truth that the very spots on our faces we most want to forget about are the ones with the greatest need for a little TLC. Luckily, this Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Conceal ($20) delivers on both fronts. It provides fabulous coverage along with a healing dose of... [More]


Natural Kitchen Apron

When you're entering into battle with a stubbornly difficult recipe, it's important to arm yourself appropriately. Make sure you've got plenty of clean wooden spoons, keep that bottle of wine on hand for oft-needed relief, and gird yourself with this Natural Kitchen Apron ($68). Its capacious pockets give you plenty... [More]


House of Harlow 1960 Aly Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are a dime a dozen, so how do you make sure your retro look stands out from the crowd? Opt for these House of Harlow 1960 Aly Sunglasses ($138), that's how. Their not-quite cat-eye design keeps them from looking like party store props, while the dark tortoiseshell gives... [More]


Personal Shopper: A New Life for Johannah's Floral Doc Martens

Johannah writes: "I am a regular reader but have never turned to you for help until now. I recently decided to start going through everything in my closet to see if I can actually wear everything or if I can get rid of anything. I came across a pair of... [More]


Adopt-A-Cat Month

You know what the month of June is, right? Well, yes, the precursor to a fabulous summer - that's a given! But it's also Adopt-A-Cat Month! We've hinted and nudged you, our favorite readers, about this for a few years: if you're thinking about bringing a widdle cuddly home with... [More]


Atari Centipede Mushroom Tee

The fashion and gaming industries aren't so different. Both deal in elitism, both have fans with frighteningly encyclopedic knowledge - and both have a reverence for the vintage! The Atari Centipede Mushroom Tee ($22 - $23) uses the geek fashion trend to celebrate this arcade classic!... [More]


FroliCat DART

The FroliCat DART ($28) is nothing more than a rotating laser pointer, but it probably will entertain your cat for hours as advertised. Cats are kinda stupid, sometimes.... [More]


Big Top Circus Animal Candles

Make sure your kid has halfway decent lung capacity before putting these Big Top Circus Animal Candles ($4) on his cake. What starts out as totally adorable decoration will turn into a nightmare-inducing horror show if his inability to blow them out leads to extra minutes of melting.... [More]


EROS White Raw T-Shirt

If you don't know who Eros is, you obviously didn't spend prom night at home reading up on Greek mythology the way we did. Eros is the basis for our modern-day Cupid, and he must be a rotten shot if Derek asked that skank Becky to prom instead of you!... [More]


One Teaspoon Melrose Sirocco Dress

Not quite tie-dye, but with flared sleeves, the One Teaspoon Melrose Sirocco Dress ($165) is like the hippie who started working for the man - with a little structure, all that creativity can be put to good use! Note the skull buttons on the sleeves.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Houndstooth Cropped Top

The pattern might be traditional, but there's nothing Rule, Britannia about the cut of this Houndstooth Cropped Top ($13). We're guessing that much midriff might make the Queen spill her tea. But the old-world-meets-new vibe is just what we love about this flirty piece. Wear it with your favorite cutoffs... [More]


Olive & Oak Vegan Leather Sleeve Knit Top

Leather is awesome, except when it's a hundred degrees out and that badass jacket turns into wearable heatstroke. That's why we'll opt for using the not-so-breathable stuff as an accent during the warmer season. This Olive & Oak Vegan Leather Sleeve Knit Top ($39) has just the right touch of... [More]


French Script Ribbon

French makes everything classier. How does a plain old house stand up to a château? What's ordinary cheese compared to luscious fromage? This French Script Ribbon ($28) will work the same magic on your gifts. It's like having yourself a spool of je ne sais quoi.... [More]


Religious Clothing Skirt Hide

Whatever animal they took this extremely fashionable hide from was too cute for this world anyway. The Religious Clothing Skirt Hide ($29) offers an asymmetrical tiered structure and - if you look closely - a really nice pleat detail.... [More]


Ride the Dragon Harley Tee

What's the most badass form of transportation? If you said motorcycle, you're close. If you said Harley-Davidson mortorcycle, you're almost there. Give up? The most badass form of transportation is a Harley-Davidson brand dragon! You just can't beat the feel of scales between your legs - and here's an engine... [More]


Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Snow Cone Maker

Don't get blown away by how modern technology lets us make snow cones in our homes - all it does is shave frozen water. The appeal of the Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Snow Cone Maker ($35) isn't so much the flakes of ice as it is the fond childhood memories... [More]


Kiss Off Stud Earrings

Lips and earlobes just go well together - it's a basic move in any Casanova's repertoire. With any luck, you'll be removing the metal lips of the Kiss Off Stud Earrings ($12) to make way for the real thing!... [More]


Aida Coronado Mexican Embroidered Belt

We know: you already have ten million belts. You don't need any more. Except that we're pretty sure nothing in your collection is anything like this Aida Coronado Mexican Embroidered Belt ($38). This obi-style cloth sash is ornamented with a traditional stitched pattern in bold colors for a truly different... [More]


McQ Alexander McQueen Graffiti-Print Scarf

Geez, even McQueen's absent-minded scribblings were genius! We all miss him, but you can carry around an affordable memento of the departed designer with the McQ Alexander McQueen Graffiti-Print Scarf ($110).... [More]


Botao Stripe Armless Sectional Chair

Are you willing to go bold with your furniture? The sassy-looking Botao Stripe Armless Sectional Chair ($799) makes it easy for you. With one cushy piece, you get style, color, and impeccable design. Center it in your favorite neutrally colored room, add matching accents, and have a seat. Your work... [More]


Boat House Dress

Like The Lonely Island and T-Pain, we sure do wish we were on a boat. At least we can dress the part with this nautically-inspired Boat House Dress ($54). It's white with boat-appropriate navy accents in a totally boatalicious stripe pattern. Accessorize it with a 122' Oceanfast or your probably... [More]


Upvote Downvote Reddit Earrings

It doesn't matter what you think of the Upvote Downvote Reddit Earrings ($10) - what matters is what the public thinks! The more people that like them, the more people that will see them (y'know, because you'll wear them around more).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Blinging Feather Earrings for Denise

Denise writes: "I recently discovered your web site. Do you have anything resembling these gorgeous earrings? Thank you!" Love the earrings, Denise - but holy price tag! Forced to choose between them and putting a down payment on a house, I'd have to take the house. Luckily for both of... [More]


Bee Happy Notebook

Need a reminder to look on the bright side? This Bee Happy Notebook ($8) is just the ticket. Its sunny hue and cheerful slogan are just punny enough to help reset your outlook on life. Keep it handy for those mornings when you get up on the wrong side of... [More]

Crosby Pave Double Ring small.jpg

Crosby Pavé Double Ring

Two is better than one, and we really really like this Crosby Pavé Double Ring ($88). This is one of those items you could buy in multiples and just bling your whole hand out with. Sure, it's a bit excessive - but anytime you wear crystals, it's frowned upon if... [More]


Funny Ladies: A Colouring Book

We swear to God, as soon as Funny Ladies: A Colouring Book ($12) drops into our mailbox, our productivity will come to a grinding halt. We'll be too busy coloring in the likes of Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Rebel Wilson, and ten other ladies who make us laugh.... [More]


Botkier Wanderlust Shopper

We love shiny things. They don't even have to be mineral to catch our eye. This Wanderlust Shopper ($245) is made with vegan leather, and we still adore it for its glitzy metallic hues. Sure, it might not be forever, but it could certainly make the list of a girl's... [More]


Tory Burch Lillian Top

Trust Tory Burch to give us a whole new twist on the peasant shirt. This Lillian Top ($295) echoes many of the classic elements, like the loose, straight cut and lightweight fabric. But its details make all the difference, as geometric embroidery replaces traditional lace on the front and sleeves... [More]


White Barrel 3 Quart Ice Bucket

Need to put a bottle of bubbly on ice? Cool it to the optimal sipping temperature inside the White Barrel 3 Quart Ice Bucket ($50). The pretty-as-a-picture bucket is banded in gold and white and fitted with a double-insulated wall. Your champagne will look classy as it chills, even if... [More]


Sunglasses Women Vest

We like garments that tell a story, but it's rare when one does so with such skill! A closer look at the Sunglasses Women Vest ($28) reveals the reflection, in her shades, of her perfidious lover kissing someone else.... [More]


Blueberry and Vanilla Candle

It's starting to get too damn hot to turn on the oven, which means baking a blueberry pie for your family and friends is out of the question. Instead, buy one from the bakery down the street and light the Blueberry and Vanilla Candle ($28) from Sydney Hale Co. to... [More]


Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka

Meet the best thing to happen to marshmallows since graham crackers and chocolate: the Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka ($28). This ingenious gadget turns those innocuous puffs of spun sugar into weapons of mass backyard destruction. Features illuminated targeting crosshairs and a devastating thirty-foot range.... [More]


Wanderlust Cuff

As you trudge through another workday, sighing at the sunshine pouring in through your window the window across the office from you, give your new Wanderlust Cuff ($90) a squeeze. It'll remind you that your day job is what's supporting your travels. Then open an incognito window and price-check next... [More]


Shine On Jena Miraclesuit

Still feeling a little self-conscious about that beach body? Don't let it scare you off the sand. Just slide into this Shine On Jena Miraclesuit ($75). Eye-catching peekaboo mesh and a healthy dose of glitter aren't the only features that make this one-piece fabulous. It's also designed to keep those... [More]


Confetti Notepad

You know what? Today is awesome. So what if your alarm clock battery died or you found a puddle of cat puke on the kitchen floor? This Confetti Notepad ($10) reminds you to let those traffic jams, coffee stains, and broken elevators fade into the background as you relish the... [More]


Poise and Click Dress

We spend so much time trying to look good for the camera, we never stop to ask why cameras don't try to make us look good! The Poise and Click Dress ($100) features a pattern of cute and colorful cameras for that picture-perfect look.... [More]


Elephant Dot Bag

One of the best things about being a parent is the chance to introduce your little one to life's greater pleasures, like the ocean, sunsets, and collecting schmancy handbags. While she might still be a little young to appreciate the nuances of a Coach or a Gucci, we think she'll... [More]


Fashion Fox Print T-Shirt

What do you wear if you want a fur stole but you're an animal activist on a budget? The Fashion Fox Print T-Shirt ($28) features a badger that looks like a skunk and is called a fox.... [More]


Ballard Designs Dahlia Bike Rack

Lugging bikes into and out of the basement during the summer is a terrible pain. Literally - let us show you the bruises on our shins! We couldn't believe our luck when we found a pretty and practical storage solution: the Dahlia Bike Rack ($299). We're riding our bikes way... [More]


Julie Wide Leg Linen Blend Pants

Get a little wild below the belt with these Julie Wide Leg Linen Blend Pants ($70). Their slinky, sultry print makes them an instant center of attention while their loose fit is perfect for those oh-so-hot summer afternoons.... [More]


Painted Gartered Legs Prosthetics

These Painted Gartered Legs Prosthetics ($70) are not for every occasion (not great for first dates) but girls who appreciate gore and/or zombie lore will know when to wear them. Blood not included.... [More]

Women's Karamica White 341 Diamonds Pave Dial Cream Watch small.jpg

Swiss Legend Karamica Pavé Dial Watch

There's just something about being covered in diamonds that will never lose its wicked appeal. We're not suggesting you buy this for yourself, of course. This is the perfect "I'm sorry" gift to request from your naughty boyfriend. That'll show him. Swiss Legend Karamica Pavé Dial Watch ($1000)... [More]


Global Cooling Ice Molds

Tornadoes, tropical storms, droughts, record temperatures. How do you stop global warming? No, not with a PowerPoint, Mr. Gore. You simply go the opposite direction and employ Global Cooling* ($6). Duh. *Note: these ice molds aren't likely to do anything for the environment. Sorry to get your hopes up.... [More]


Curling Leaf Feather Earrings

Leaves, feathers. Metal, natural. Can't we all just get along? Curling Leaf Feather Earrings ($7). Also available in bluish-purple.... [More]


Maya Check Short Pajama Set

When you come downstairs for your coffee, do you look more like The Thing That Escaped From The Gym than a soft and sexy morning goddess? Maybe it's time to upgrade your sleepwear collection. This Maya Check Short Pajama Set ($105) is as stylish as it is comfortable. Use it... [More]


Delirium Maxi Skirt

delirium |diˈli(ə)rēəm| (n.): an excitable state of mind that arises when you see a totally cute skirt you just have to own, such as the Delirium Maxi Skirt ($62).... [More]


Cowboy Mustachifier

It's important to teach your infants today's trends so they'll be prepared when they come back as retro in twenty years. The Cowboy Mustachifier ($10) takes the mustache fad to new lengths - literally - with this long-sided Wild West cut.... [More]

Heart Shaped Sunglasses small.jpg

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

If these Heart Shaped Sunglasses ($12) had rose-tinted lenses, you could put them on and officially be turned into the mushiest girl in the world. Love is a beautiful thing, and when your world is outlined in the shape of a heart, you can only expect good things to happen.... [More]


Marc Jacobs Handcuff Necklace

We love the idea of a piece of jewelry you intentionally wear backwards. With this Marc Jacobs Handcuff Necklace ($16), the clasp is actually the main attraction. Wear the handcuff-shaped closure at the front and feel like a true iconoclast.... [More]


Ida Skimmer in Natural Straw Calf

The all-leather editions of this elegantly simple flat are certainly cute in their own right, but it's the Natural Straw take on this Ida Skimmer ($298) that has us salivating. In this luxe little flat, a traditional woven base meets a bright yellow toe cap for a totally modern look.... [More]



We're filing this one under Why Didn't We Think of That? STAYHOLD ($13) is a brilliant little barricade that grips the carpet in the trunk of your car to keep your items from flying around while your boyfriend drives like he's Jeff Gordon. Not that you ever do that yourself.... [More]


Casa de Perrin Goblet Collection

We can't decide which of Casa de Perrin's stunning colors we love most, and we certainly can't afford to buy whatever hues strike our fancy. This Goblet Collection ($162) is a happy compromise. We'll get a selection of four of the house's stunning heirloom vessels, each in a different hue,... [More]


Poppy For Your Thoughts Dress

Planning a trip to see the wizard? Forget the gingham and gear up with this Poppy For Your Thoughts Dress ($48). Also great for dates, trips to the beach, and melting witches.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Non-Frumpy Footwear for Gwyn

Gwyn writes, "Hello wonderful Outblushians. I am traveling to London the last week of June and am in search for a pair of fashionable travel shoes. I'm looking for something that is comfortable to walk around all day without looking like a frumpy tourist. Do you have any recommendations?" Hey,... [More]

wood grain .jpg

Arda Wood-Grain-Print Dress

Become one with nature in this Arda Wood-Grain-Print Dress ($165). This print has got to count as pretty darn vintage-inspired - because, as we recall, cavewomen wore plenty of bark. We're sure they weren't this chic, but that's the thing about fashion and the earth - they evolve.... [More]


Floral Blazer with Shorts

We match blazers to our pants all the time (we're pretty sure that's called a "suit"). So why haven't we ever thought of matching one to our shorts? Sure, it's not exactly office wear, but we think this Floral Blazer with Shorts ($108) makes for one pretty sharp ensemble. Wear... [More]


Zombie Gnomes: Lunch Break

When the zombie apocalypse hits, no one will be spared - not even the inanimate garden gnomes! Zombie Gnomes: Lunch Break ($74) is just one of many hilarious but gruesome lawn tableaux available from Chris and Jane's Place!... [More]


Upcycled GameCube Controller Desk-Mate

We here at Outblush care about recycling and crap almost as much as we care about vintage geek culture! The Upcycled GameCube Controller Desk-Mate ($20) offers pen slots in place of the primary buttons, an earth magnet for holding paper clips in place of the start button, and a USB... [More]



This simple gadget attaches to the back wheel of any bicycle, letting your little cyclists create colorful lines, circles or patterns. Or making it possible for you to hunt them down when they're late for their clarinet lessons. Chalktrail ($20)... [More]


Marbled Crystal Ring

Thank goodness they didn't go with crystallized marble - that would have looked hideous! We're just kidding. We have no idea how to marbleize crystal or crystallize marble... All we know is we would wear the Marbled Crystal Ring ($28).... [More]


Mega Chain Drape Necklace

Do you love chain necklaces? Does your neckline look better with a metallic shimmer? Do you prefer to jangle with each step you take? This Mega Chain Drape Necklace ($80) will be just the thing when one, five, or ten chain necklaces aren't enough.... [More]


Seersucker Napkins

It's an obscene amount of money to spend on something you're going to use to wipe barbecue sauce off your face, but we can't help ourselves. We love these Seersucker Napkins ($72) from Kim Seybert. It's their light, summery feel - or possibly their perfectly contrasting stitching. Maybe we'll just... [More]


Little Passports

Start your child's frustrated world travel ambitions young with Little Passports ($12/month). Every month, they'll receive a mailed package from their new imaginary friends Sam and Sofia, who apparently have wildly wealthy parents who can send them on adventures all over the world. They'll receive letters, souvenirs, photos, stickers and... [More]


100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

You drink coffee to wake up - why not give your skin a java jolt, too? 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream ($17) contains green tea and coffee extracts to de-puff your under-eye bags and brighten those dark circles, plus rose hip oil to soften and tone skin.... [More]


Ash "Virgin" Rose (Pink) Leather High Top Sneaker

These Ash "Virgin" Rose (Pink) Leather High Top Sneakers ($185) are an upgrade from the old kicks you rocked in grade school. They've got belts and buckles instead of laces, which give them an edge. But in rose pink, they're delightfully girly.... [More]


The Modern Gourmet Seasoning Rubs

The great barbecue debate of rubs vs. sauces will always be excellent fodder for backyard conversation, but no matter how you like your meat, it's always good to have some variety. The Modern Gourmet's Seasoning Rubs set ($8) contains four different rubs to try on your grill this summer. And... [More]


Happy Camper Long-Sleeved Tee

We love Honey Bee Tees and their cutely quirky graphics of vintage cameras, sea creatures, and sandcastles. Sadly, almost all of them are designed for people under four feet tall. But Honey Bee does throw us grown-up types at least one bone, and it's a fun one. This Happy Camper... [More]


One Lump or Two? Sugar Bowl

Don't you just love a good camel joke? Okay, so maybe this One Lump or Two? Sugar Bowl ($17) doesn't exactly constitute a good joke. We still think it's great.... [More]


Tuleste Market Rosette Bracelet

A bracelet of roses, made out of rose gold? How meta. Tuleste Market Rosette Bracelet ($195).... [More]


Deepa Gurnani Multi Gunmetal Ponette Hair Tie Set

The good old-fashioned ponytail just became one of your most fashionable hairstyles. How? With the addition of this Deepa Gurnani Multi Gunmetal Ponette Hair Tie Set ($32). Its colorful crystal accents transform that thirty-second standby 'do into something elegant enough for a black-tie party.... [More]


Lékué Ice Box

Summertime, and the living Chill your beverage of choice with some ice from this brilliant Lékué Ice Box ($35). The honeycomb-like ice tray serves as the lid to this container. Which is so - you knew this was coming - cool!... [More]


Charlie Chambray Dress

Looking for a dress with some detailing at the bottom other than a mud stain from puddle splashback? The high point of the Charlie Chambray Dress ($68) is its bottom, featuring floral embroidery and a scalloped hem.... [More]


Maritime Soap Set

Boats make everything better. Add one to your day to turn it instantly into a nautical adventure. Stick another on that trailer in your yard, and suddenly it's much more than a piece of rusty craigslist salvage. And put one on this Maritime Soap Set ($20), and its trio of... [More]


Kantha Quilt

Want something truly unique in your bed? On. We mean on. So yeah um, pick up one of these Kantha Quilts ($250). Each is handsewn from different pieces of beautifully printed vintage sari fabric, which means they're all totally one-of-a-kind.... [More]


Byzantium Rug

Alix Soubiran's creations aren't for the faint of wallet, but they're also some of the most stunning home decor pieces we've ever seen. Alix handpaints the originals for all her Versailles-worthy wallpaper designs. This Byzantium Rug ($207 - $1,078) is a slightly more affordable way to incorporate some of her... [More]


Cycloc Modern Wall Bike Rack

Wall-mounted bike racks are certainly space savers. They're also eyesores when they're not actually holding up bikes - unless, of course, you're using this Cycloc Modern Wall Bike Rack ($125). This simple, space-conscious design looks perfectly peachy on its lonesome when the cyclist in the family is on the road,... [More]


Star Wars Sunshade

There's no shame in admitting that we LOLed when we saw this Star Wars Sunshade. They did a great job cropping it to make it look like the young Jedi and company are actually sitting in your crappy car!... [More]


United States Cookie Cutters

What better way to show your state pride than to turn Texas into a gingersnap and eat it? These United States Cookie Cutters ($14) make it possible. Stamp yourself out a whole tray of chocolate chip Minnesotas, or buy an array to make your own delicious Rust Belt.... [More]


Gold Ethnic Linked Bracelet

We're all Renaissance women these days; masters of a range of skills and activities that would make da Vinci's head spin. We might as well start dressing the part. This Gold Ethnic Linked Bracelet ($69) looks like something you might spot in a Medici jewelry chest. Wear it while you're... [More]


925 Sterling Silver Bunny Ring

The 925 Sterling Silver Bunny Ring ($37) features a rabbit with its ears pulled back and a wide-eyed expression: the bunny equivalent of a flirty smile.... [More]


Why You All Up In My Grill Tee

Looking for that last-minute Father's Day present? Well, this Why You All Up In My Grill Tee ($5) probably won't ship in time for Sunday. But it's enough of a laugh riot that when it does arrive, your old man will probably forgive you for being a couple days late.... [More]


Double Happiness Coasters

Why settle for a coaster with an ordinary level of glee when you can set your beverage down on one of these Double Happiness Coasters ($14 for six)? Because a double-happy circle of cardboard is clearly superior to one stamped with the Miller Lite logo.... [More]


Ziggy Salad Servers

Salad: we know we should be eating it, but sometimes it's all too easy to give that green stuff the pass in favor of something loaded with carbs or chocolate. Anything we can do to make raw vegetables more fun is a good thing, which is why we're investing in... [More]


Ted Baker Pleated Midi Dress

At least once in her life, every girl should own a princessy dress with a skirt that twirls just so when she spins. If it happens to be a frock like this Ted Baker Pleated Midi Dress ($287) in a distinctly non-princessy mustard yellow, and one that she can wear... [More]


Shore-Line Natural Body Wash

A few loofah passes with a dollop of Shore-Line Natural Body Wash ($19) by k. hall designs and you'll be feeling ready to hit the beach. The natural ingredients polish and clean and the summery scent rivals that of a real beach. Err, the beautifully-tranquil kind, not the packed-with-sweaty-people kind!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Emoticon Keyboard Stickers

We don't know if these Emoticon Keyboard Stickers ($8) would really liven up the stultifying boredom that is a data entry job. But it couldn't hurt to try. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Catwalk Clips

We've seen this cute look before with birds. Now the same fun way to display your favorite snaps is available in feline form. Let these Catwalk clips ($15) prowl their way across your photos or mementos.... [More]


Ozark Float Trip Coffee

We want to go on a float trip. A few days spent on the water and off the grid with nothing to do but fail at catching bass sounds like paradise. Alas, our bosses, families, and mortgages won't let us slip away. We'll just have to make do with this... [More]


Green Noelle Espadrilles

Remember when "It looks like this was just thrown together" used to be a bad thing? That comfy patchwork quality isn't the only reason we like the Green Noelle Espadrilles ($44) - half the appeal is the Le Bunny Bleu logo! Also available in blue and pink.... [More]

Magenta Dinner Plates (Set of 4) Small.jpg

Magenta Dinner Plates

Fiesta, anyone? This set of Magenta Dinner Plates ($25 for four) would go perfectly with steaming hot enchiladas and cool margaritas.... [More]


Pink Glitter Bag

Going out to a fancy soiree? You can't do it with your Boring Old Purse. Leave the hobo at home and toss your essentials into this Pink Glitter Bag ($28). Sparkles make everything classier.... [More]


SnūzNLūz Wifi Donation Alarm Clock

Ready to get serious about your wake-up call? (And we mean serious. Those of you merely paying lip service to getting out of bed on time should stop reading and run away now.) This SnūzNLūz Wifi Donation Alarm Clock ($40) isn't screwing around. Connect it to your bank account and... [More]


Mouse Cheese Knife

Cheese is brilliant even if you're eating it off a paper towel, but we figure its status as Possibly The World's Most Perfect Food deems it worthy of a slightly fancier presentation. Set that Brie on some slate and serve it up with an adorable Mouse Cheese Knife ($18).... [More]


Savon de Marseille Liquid Soap

Why would you settle for scrubbing your hands with an ordinary bar of soap when you could be dousing them with this Savon de Marseille Liquid Soap ($23)? It's made with pure French vegetable oil infused with a range of luxurious fragrances, from delicate violet to refreshing Mediterranean Sea. The... [More]


Blooming Pop Garden Pencil Skirt

Combining a conservative length, a classic shape, and a bold floral print, the Blooming Pop Garden Pencil Skirt ($36) will really help you stand out from the crowd (especially if it's the business lunch crowd)! Tuck in a jewel-colored blouse and strut your stuff with confidence.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Wind & Willow Home Mini Treasure Pot

What will you keep in this brightly colored Mini Treasure Pot ($8)? Jewelry? Love notes? A secret stash of candy? Even if you leave it empty, the pop of neon orange against neutral makes it a great colorful knickknack to adorn a shelf with.... [More]


Rolee Cuff

The Rolee Cuff ($54) seems to be missing something, but we don't have the time to figure it out. With a face, this would just be another expensive watch - but without one, it becomes art!... [More]


Fauna Kitten Pillow

As if kittens could get any cuter! The Fauna Kitten Pillow ($18) adds a shade of turquoise to the hand-printed furball and is stuffed with soft cotton. If you're without the real thing, this is probably the cutest stand-in on the market!... [More]


Whale Mobile

Thar she blows! Infancy is probably a touch on the young side for an introduction to the adventures of Captain Ahab, but you can lay the groundwork for literature classes to come with this Whale Mobile ($66). Also works fine if you want your kid to think whales are neat... [More]


Pebble Tape Measure

We never would have thought a tape measure could be one of our neatest accessories before we knew about the Pebble Tape Measure ($17). This handy tool comes in a smooth wood case with a naturally curvy shape that will be sure to catch a few eyes when home improvement... [More]


Panama Jack Women's Bike

Summer weekends are made for cruising around on a bike like this one ($199, or $249 fully assembled). Tricked out with a leather seat, a handlebar bag, and a water bottle holder, it'll get you around town in eco-friendly style and comfort. Just don't forget to wear a helmet!... [More]


ASOS Supersoft Skinny Biker Jeans

Sometimes we don't care about the latest $300 pair of perfectly pre-distressed, embellished, printed jeans. Sometimes, we just want a pair of skinny jeans in a soft, stretchy fabric with a rise that doesn't end two inches above our lady parts. Sometimes, we just want to wear ASOS Supersoft Skinny... [More]


Air Vase

Don't try putting water into this Air Vase ($28). This clever gizmo isn't meant to hold flowers - but the flexible, open weave design is a great way to add color and vibrancy to just about any other non-liquid household item. Use them to accent centerpieces, gussy up gifts, or... [More]


Multi Basket Picnic Basket

We have big plans for alfresco dining this summer. Whether we're park lounging to amphitheater sitting, our food will look delish as it sits comfortably in the Multi Basket Picnic Basket ($150). This felt-lined treasure is tray-shaped and carries two airtight containers with bamboo tops that double as cutting boards.... [More]


Strip Tea Glass

Like your liquid refreshment au naturel? Sip it out of this Strip Tea Glass ($6). It's a great way to celebrate the theme of getting back to basics, whether that means drinking unsweetened tea or reducing your wardrobe to a thong and pasties.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: American Vintage Beer Biscuits

While the combo of a cold beer and a hot slice of 'za makes for the ultimate meal, occasionally you need to nom on something a little less full of carbs and fat. Sub in these American Vintage Beer Biscuits ($6). The crackers come in two flavors: pizza and beer... [More]


Monochrome Chiffon Blouse

You're a simple kind of girl. All you need are the basics: black and, if the situation calls for it, white. Red, green, and all those degenerate colors are just so garish! Monochrome Chiffon Blouse ($70)... [More]


Wooden Ice Cream Spoons

Whether you use them for ice cream or not, these Wooden Ice Cream Spoons ($8 for twenty) are the perfect summer utensil, thanks to their cheery pops of color. Which probably means that you should use them only for ice cream, since that's the perfect summer food. We see what... [More]


Bacon Bandages

No better cover-up for a flesh wound than something that looks like pig flesh! These Bacon Bandages ($6) will add some sizzle to your minor cuts and scrapes - though not in a painfully literal sense.... [More]

'Lots 'n' Lots of Time' Swirl Dial Watch small.jpg

Betsey Johnson Lots 'n' Lots of Time Swirl Dial Watch

If time flies when you're having fun, this Betsey Johnson Lots 'n' Lots of Time Swirl Dial Watch ($135) will officially make time travel possible. Can you really tell the time with its swirling face? After a couple of drinks, it's virtually impossible. But life's all about getting lost in... [More]


8-Bit iPad Sleeve

The icon from the 8-Bit iPad Sleeve ($39) makes us feel old - we remember that "retro" envelope like it was yesterday. Can't younger generations be more respectful of where the vintage cutoff lies?... [More]


Comic Print Mesh Inset Dress

This Comic Print Mesh Inset Dress ($20) lets your easygoing personality shine through. It's a little silly, with its colorful, animated faces, and a whole lot sexy with its mesh detail. We're thinking a rock concert would be the appropriate venue to sport this dress, for sure.... [More]


Go the F*ck to Sleep

Go the F*ck to Sleep ($12), the New York Times Best Seller by Adam Mansbach, isn't so much for children as it is for their frustrated, newly insomniac parents. Vent your sleepless desperation through laughter. Here's a passage: "All the kids from day care are in dreamland. The froggie has... [More]


Burcu Okut Bodrum Ring

This Bodrum Ring ($219) combines the creativity and aesthetics of conventional jewelry with the functionality of a mine cart. Much respect to Turkish designer Burcu Okut for thinking outside the box.... [More]


TIDE & POOL Slim Towel

At first, we were a bit taken aback by the price of this TIDE & POOL Slim Towel ($90). But as we took note of its generous size, reversibility, bright colors, and of course, that adorable flamingo, we started to think more clearly. It's been at least a decade since... [More]


Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

Whether you're 22 or 42, you want even, smooth skin that looks perfectly airbrushed, without that caked-on makeup feeling. Buff on some Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation ($48), and you'll look like you just had the world's best Photoshop artist go to work on you. It has a... [More]


Screwnicorn Corkscrew

C'mon - we couldn't not post about the Screwnicorn Corkscrew ($10)! It's the perfect use for a unicorn horn! And let's not forget the delightfully dirty name!... [More]


Cheap Monday Luminous Bracelet

Is your love of fashion that transparent? Dress like you've got nothing to hide with the Cheap Monday Luminous Bracelet ($40). Wear it alone, or over a sleeve!... [More]


Kerry Cassill Beach Umbrella

Not everyone's a sunseeker, but that doesn't mean your guests need to hang inside at your next patio party. Add one of these festive Kerry Cassill Beach Umbrellas ($210) to your backyard for a burst of color and some welcome relief from the rays. Bonus: the fun fringe feels tropical... [More]


You're Pretty and Skinny Box Set

We know you love your BFFs for more than just their good looks, but every once in a while, sending off a confidence-boosting note does wonders! Let the You're Pretty and Skinny Box Set ($17 for six cards) from Wednesday put smiles on your friends' lovely faces. Win bonus points... [More]


Coziest Wool Slippers

They're a real and dangerous threat: chilblains. No, Charles Dickens didn't invent them to make poor people sound even more wretched. They're a genuine medical condition that can turn up when you don't keep those toes toasty enough. Fight back by donning the Coziest Wool Slippers ($38) as soon as... [More]


Julie Vos Elephant Cuff

Double your good fortune with this pachyderm bangle bracelet: Elephants are traditional symbols of memory, luck, and wisdom, so this might be a good piece to wear on particularly stressful days. The textured band is capped with two carved elephants with sparkling amethyst eyes, giving it visual interest without being... [More]


Cartan Napkin Set

Chic doesn't always mean expensive. These bright Cartan Napkins ($8 for four) are so affordable, you can buy multiple sets and prepare for a whole dinner party. The napkins come in blue, red, teal, and rainbow, so mix and match if you're ordering several.... [More]


Monster Mouth Trucker Snap Back

If only the rims on all hats opened up to reveal cartoon monster mouths. That would have made film noir characters with their fedoras a lot less serious (and even more dangerous). Let's hope the Monster Mouth Trucker Snap Back ($17) starts a new trend...... [More]

brown pleated maxi dress-small.jpg

Elegant Brown Pleated Maxi Dress

Wowza! Such elegance! And those pleats! We had to double-check to make sure this Elegant Brown Pleated Maxi Dress ($39) wasn't missing another "0" at the end of the price tag!... [More]


Caloric Cuvee Stemless Glass

The key to a good diet is everything in moderation, and yes, we do mean everything. Who says you can't have a glass of wine and still fit into your skinny jeans? With this clever Caloric Cuvee stemless wine glass ($20), you'll know exactly how many calories of chardonnay you're... [More]


Talk Bubble Stickers

These Talk Bubble Stickers ($4) are a great way to turn anything from a photograph to a wine bottle into an engaging conversation partner. We also think they'd be a handy way to warn coworkers off of stealing your lunch. Just make that Tupperware full of pasta salad say "I... [More]


Beach Ball Maxi

Is it just us, or does the Beach Ball Maxi ($45) make you feel like salsa dancing, too? With its fiery color scheme, it deserves a better name than "beach ball."... [More]


Heroes and Villains Cushion

Hey, look! The Heroes and Villains Cushion ($54) features the entire cast from our fanfiction! It doesn't quite capture the nuances of our writing - like the witty repartee between Vader and Skeletor, or the subtle romance between Catwoman and the Green Ranger - but we'll let that slide.... [More]


Fred Flare 80s Music Trivia

We're a little embarrassed at how many eighties questions we miss when we're out at pub trivia, considering that we lived through that decade, acid wash, scrunchies, and all. It's time to brush up, so we've preordered this deck of 80s Music Trivia ($15). It won't ship until August, but... [More]


Boot Camp Scarf

Just because you're in camouflage doesn't mean you can't stand out, right? This Boot Camp Scarf ($18) offers a military print on a fashionable accessory that's appropriate for almost any occasion, except boot camp.... [More]


University Schoolhouse Chandelier

Our own school days took place long after the end of the era of slates and whippings, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the retro educational vibe. Just check out this University Schoolhouse Chandelier ($750). It looks like just the sort of thing you might have seen over the... [More]


Madame Mo City Tote

Add instant chic to those spontaneous shopping trips by keeping one of these Madame Mo City Totes ($28) on hand. Folded into their printed portable pockets, they're easy to keep stashed in your purse or glove box for those unanticipated moments when the sale bug bites. Available in Tokyo and... [More]


Essie Penny Talk

We still can't get over the awesomeness of metallic nail polish, but while chrome was sufficient for a winter look, we're in need of something a little warmer for the summertime. The perfect choice, then, is Essie's Penny Talk ($8), a seriously shiny copper. If we're slow to tan this... [More]


Ice Cream Cone Holder

What summer gathering would be complete without ice cream cones for dessert? This Ice Cream Cone Holder ($45) equips you to present them that much more spectacularly. Just load the slots with the cones of your choice, scoop, and serve.... [More]


PANTONE Universe Bath Towels

Design nerds: prepare to spend some cash. Once we tell you about these PANTONE Universe Bath Towels ($12), we doubt you'll be willing to dry yourself off with anything that doesn't come with a PMS number. Enjoy them until they start fading in the wash.... [More]

daisy-pin-sm.jpg Daisy Bobbi Pin

Daisy, Daisy, give us your answer, do! We're half-crazy, all for the love of you. Daisy Bobbi Pin ($18) from [More]


Johnny Heads

Creeptastic decaying doll pieces are all the rage right now when it comes to outdoor decor. Just check out the vibe they give this Mexican tourist hot spot. Capture a little of the same spirit in your own backyard with these Johnny Heads ($14). We highly recommend buying an array,... [More]


Kikkerland Ring Stylus

Ridiculously awesome, or just plain ridiculous? We like that with this Ring Stylus ($15), we'll always have a way to use our tablets handy (ha! handy!), but the implication that we're wed to our iPads might take it a bit far. Be warned: it only comes in a size 8.... [More]


Game of Thrones House Sigil Wine Charms

Throwing a party - or a wedding reception, perhaps? These Game of Thrones House Sigil Wine Charms ($25) will help guests differentiate both stemware and clan alliances. We'll caution you: beware the person who nabs the Lannister charm.... [More]


Go-Fish Chime

We love listening to the music of wind chimes, but aren't so crazy about the old-lady-trailer-park designs generally on offer. This Go-Fish Chime ($98) is a refreshing change. Its layers of ceramic "scales" make for a nice accent to your outdoor decor even when the breeze isn't blowing.... [More]


Nadri Cubic Zirconia Cluster Bangle

Forget your orderly rows of neat little sparklers. We want our bling big and wild, like in this Nadri Cubic Zirconia Cluster Bangle ($198). It makes traditional tennis bracelet designs look downright paltry with its bold collection of asymmetrical gems. Slip it on and watch rich ladies give you envious... [More]


S-Heart-S Scalp Brush

You know how when you go to a salon, the shampoo you get is ahhh-mazing, but when you're in your own shower, you just can't get that feeling? Girl, get yourself a Scalp Brush ($80, designed to be used while you shower) and prepare for an invigorating cleansing experience!... [More]


Week of Tea Towels

Guess what's gross? Probably your kitchen towel. Turns out that the very thing we use to "clean" our counters and dishes can be festering with bacterial goodies like staph and E. coli. If you still can't bring yourself to use wasteful paper, pick up this Week of Tea Towels set... [More]


Grumpy Cat as Grumpy Bowie Tee

Is the Grumpy Cat as Grumpy Bowie Tee ($22) what Mr. Stardust had in mind when he wrote "Cat People"? Based on the less-than-enthusiastic expression, "Queen Bitch" might also be appropriate.... [More]


Bugaboo Cameleon³ Viktor&Rolf Edition

It's no lie when we tell you that our first (obviously used) car cost less than the new limited edition Viktor&Rolf Bugaboo Cameleon³ ($1,600). But hey, if Junior has to have the best, we promise you that this is it. Not only is Bugaboo the swankiest of stroller brands, it's... [More]


Lands' End V-Neck Stripe Linen Dress

Check out the latest addition to our collection of backyard glam. This Lands' End V-Neck Stripe Linen Dress ($98) looks like it was made to be worn while handing out glasses of ice-cold lemonade. And since it's made with natural linen instead of a cheap and nasty synthetic, it'll stay... [More]


Death Star Ice Mould

We know, we know... we here at Outblush don't post nearly enough Star Wars stuff! We're going to correct that now with the Death Star Ice Mould ($16). Hoth-cold drinks with no Jedi tricks!... [More]


Florabunda Sleeping Bag

We're not exactly sure that the Florabunda Sleeping Bag ($188) is practical for hardcore camping, but if you're just snuggling up under it in the backyard for a night or two, you can't do much better! The reversible bag features a floral print on one side and a neutral solid... [More]


Architectural Glass Set

This Architectural Glass Set ($149) openly tempts you to do just what your mom always said not to: stack your drinkware up into a delightfully precarious tower. At least these pieces are specifically designed to fit together, forming a Renaissance-inspired design that reminds us of Pisa without the lean.... [More]


B.a.i.t. Donna Wedge

It's entirely possible that the print on this B.a.i.t. Donna Wedge ($48) closely resembles the yellow wallpaper that drove Charlotte Perkins Gilman's poor narrator out of her noggin. But put the same sort of hypnotically repetitive pattern onto a cute sandal instead of an attic prison, and it goes from... [More]


Jonathan Adler Ceramic Elephant

It's not a piece of jewelry. It's not a salt shaker. It doesn't do anything useful; and quite frankly, you don't need it. But the Jonathan Adler Ceramic Elephant ($148) is so cute and fun-looking, we won't blame you for not eating a few days to afford it.... [More]


Anuschka Hand-Painted Leather Shoulder Bag

While your brand-obsessed buds are busy trying to one-up each other with their Coaches and Louis Vuittons, you can prepare to blow them all out of the water with this Anuschka Hand-Painted Leather Shoulder Bag ($154). Instead of someone's overused logo, you'll be sporting a piece of wearable artwork, made... [More]


Lace Up Tank

All the sexuality of a lace-up corset without the squeezing pain! This Lace Up Tank ($32) may not slim your figure, but it's the lace-up top your internal organs prefer.... [More]


Fred and Friends Carrot Whisk

Why use a boring metal whisk when you can use this Carrot Whisk ($9) and bust out your spot-on Bugs Bunny impression at any moment? What's up, doc?... [More]


Game of Thrones POP! Figurines

You'd never guess that these adorable little guys would be involved in murder, incest, and torture. Get this six-pack of Game of Thrones POP! Figurines ($55) soon, before these characters die abruptly! Can't find your favorite? Check the other edition for six different figures.... [More]


Rainbow Highlighters

If you're having trouble getting motivated to hit the books, pick up these Rainbow Highlighters ($13). They make identifying those key passages a barrel of colorful fun. And once you're done studying, you can turn them into a cheery desk ornament.... [More]


Kate Spade Metro Watch

Ugh, numbers are so blasé! Kate Spade knows that solid black circles are the new Arabic numeral system - that's why she gives us the Metro Watch ($175).... [More]



Is it a scarf or a necklace? This Necklushie ($26) throws such petty distinctions out the window. Made with lightweight, handprinted fabric, it's a stylish accessory we think might just spark off a whole new trend.... [More]

Coincidence & Chance Knit Ruffle-Hem Stripe Dress Small.jpg

Coincidence & Chance Knit Ruffle-Hem Stripe Dress

This Coincidence & Chance Knit Ruffle-Hem Stripe Dress ($59) will definitely put a spell on your boyfriend, friends, and even your dog. It could be a little distracting, but that's the whole idea of mind control. Wait, is that the reason we love it so much!? Whoa. This dress is... [More]


Tee of Love

If we're sailing on the sea of love, we're gonna need a bigger boat! This Tee of Love ($30) addresses two summer staples: boating and romance!... [More]


Pyrrha Carpe Diem Cast Wax Seal Necklace

When we first watched Dead Poets Society, we loved the phrase "carpe diem" almost as much as we did Robert Sean Leonard's big brown eyes. Now we can celebrate the same antiestablishment spirit with this Pyrrha Carpe Diem Cast Wax Seal Necklace ($166). Wear it and get back to that... [More]


Pink Floyd Dress

Katys Perry (like Attorneys General) come and go, but the classics never go out of style. Celebrate the album that affects all that you touch and all that you see with the Pink Floyd Dress ($65)... [More]


Flurry Pouf

Want to make that big updo even more bold? Pin it with this Flurry Pouf ($35). After all, who hasn't dreamed of accenting their hair with a neon tribble?... [More]

Mixed Print Longline Bra Small.jpg

Mixed Print Longline Bra

There are bras that give you a little extra cleavage, bras that flatten you out, and some that do a combination of both (which is a scary sight). But this Mixed Print Longline Bra ($48-58) is absolutely amazing. It shapes rather nicely, and gives a little added support. And the... [More]


Rachel Rachel The Bucket List Dress

You've been told that your body is a work of art... and that was before you were wearing a frame! The Bucket List Dress ($138) lends your "temple walls" an artistic print, plus three-quarter sleeves and shoulder padding.... [More]


Numerology Cocktail Napkins

If your dislike of sharing napkins extends even to the ones you set your drink on, pick up these Numerology Cocktail Napkins ($18). Their boldly printed numbers will make it easy to remember which one is yours. And since they're cotton, you won't have to worry about them dissolving into... [More]


Evil Twin Truth Beanie

Well... no one's disproved the existence of aliens, either... The Evil Twin Truth Beanie ($29) tells us that the truth is out there - even if the truth is that you wasted hundreds of dollars on that telescope.... [More]


Duri Call Me Maybe Nail Polish

Let "Call Me Maybe" be your theme song this summer while you rock this Duri Call Me Maybe nail polish ($6). It's a fun, vibrant coral and the name just makes it that much better. Now, when you meet the boy of your dreams, you'll be fully prepared to give... [More]


Spray Away Animal Repellent

Critters got your garden down? If the notion of fighting back with an air gun or possibly a hand grenade makes you uncomfortable, let this Spray Away Animal Repellent ($100) come to your ethical rescue. Instead of deadly projectiles, it startles away deer, groundhogs, and your neighbor's pug with a... [More]


Ombre Fade Brass Dog Leash

The chic Ombre Fade Brass Dog Leash ($68) reminds us that anything on or around our persons may be considered an accessory, and should be accordingly stylish.... [More]


Chalkboard Shadow Boxes Set

Just think of the fashionably rustic fun you can have with this Chalkboard Shadow Boxes Set ($149). Use it to show off your favorite pieces of vintage ephemera. Or if you're short on ephemera, maybe use those calligraphy lessons to transcribe a few of Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts.... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: June 10, 2013

The Purse page is placing an emphasis this week on Victoria Beckham's line of designer handbags. What do you think? Will you side with the former Spice Girl, or give a different designer purse your vote? Make your opinion count by voting before the week is through, and next week,... [More]

outblush the little book of earrings small size.jpg

The Little Book Of Earrings

We're not suggesting that you shouldn't lug the next best seller around while you travel, but if you're caught in the struggle between packing light and preparing to look like a goddess on a daily basis, the Little Book Of Earrings ($29) holds up to forty-eight earrings, is available in... [More]


Power Leaf Battery

Why settle for an ordinary backup battery when you can have one that's downright adorable? This Power Leaf Battery ($38) features a pleasantly curvy design in a fun tangerine hue.... [More]


Lace Crochet Tank

How lovely is this Lace Crochet Tank ($20)? Thrown on over a cami or bralette, it would lend our ensemble a vintage vibe on par with a squirt of Arpege. And if we get tired of wearing it, we can always use it as a doily.... [More]


Hygge & West Daydream Wallpaper Tile

Who says you can't take it with you? These Hygge & West Daydream Wallpaper Tiles ($33 each) make it possible for you to indulge in those home improvement fantasies in your rental without feeling like you're putting your hard-earned cash into gussying up someone else's investment. The adhesive backing on... [More]


I Can See Clearly, WOW! Window Cleaner

Yes, Windex will probably clean your glass just as well. But is Windex witty? Hell, no. This I Can See Clearly, WOW! Window Cleaner ($7), on the other hand, is good for a chortle every time you pull it out of the cabinet. It's also better for the planet. What's... [More]


Mar Y Sol Havana Striped Tote

We'd already think this Mar Y Sol Havana Striped Tote ($120) was the bee's knees thanks to its rustic weave and bright striped pattern, but throw on those pom-poms and the thing hits a new level of adorable. Use it to tote your gear and to prove that you don't... [More]

outblush mrs feilds half-n-half cupcake pan correct size-small.jpg

Mrs. Fields Half-N-Half Cupcake Pan

We swear it's not because we can't make up our minds. It's because we can't stop eating cupcakes and this is a semidieter's fantasy. The Mrs. Fields Half-N-Half Cupcake Pan gives us a chance to sample all the cupcake flavors we can dream of and justify breaking our (pseudo-)diets because... [More]


Epcot Lens Necklace

This Epcot Lens Necklace ($34) makes us wonder: what if the actual Spaceship Earth at the Epcot Center was made of crystal instead of aluminum composite? It would probably turn into a conduit for galactic waves that would lift all of humanity to a higher level of consciousness. (Or start... [More]


Urbio Modular Garden and Wall Organizer

Small on space but big on green thumb ambitions? Get growing with this Urbio Modular Garden and Wall Organizer ($75-$175). Pack the included containers with whatever plants you like, then attach them to the magnetic backplates mounted on your wall. Removing them for watering or to dump out and replace... [More]


butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Keks

For most things, going on smooth as butter is a great thing. I mean, just imagine cold butter on toast - not a pretty sight. Just knowing this gorgeous butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Keks ($15) won't clump and make a disgusting mess of your nails is reason enough to... [More]


Smack Lips Chiffon Blouse

Need a little confidence boost when you're hitting the dating scene? Throw on this Smack Lips Chiffon Blouse ($44). Its playful print does half the flirting for you. An extra glass of wine will take care of the rest.... [More]


Concrete Hexi Fruit Bowl

Looking for something a little less bowl-shaped for your fruit storage? The Concrete Hexi Fruit Bowl ($95) is definitely off the beaten path. You may have a hard time fitting your bananas into the eggcrate-like grooves, but your apples, oranges, and other rounded fruits will look mighty impressive sitting out... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Julie Vos Elephant Scarf

We've had a jones for this Julie Vos Elephant Scarf since we first laid eyes on it; but $145 for a piece of fabric - however soft, silky, and adorably printed - is too rich for our blood. Luckily, we can get the same look for a fraction of the... [More]


Custom Small Weekender Bag

If you're going to pay a pretty penny for a designer bag, you might as well pick out your favorite combination of color and pattern. Introducing the fab Custom Small Weekender Bag ($280): designed by you and custom-built by Kate Spade Saturday. The bag is top-quality and will serve you... [More]


1940s Flying Bird with Valentine Pin

Before the Internet, we used to have reddish birds deliver all our mail. Celebrate the postal service's illustrious history with the 1940s Flying Bird with Valentine Pin ($26).... [More]


Turtle Shell Boombox

The aptly named Turtle Shell Boombox ($150) can take a beating. Wirelessly stream your tunes through it during all of your outdoor adventures. It's dustproof, water-resistant, and boasts a tough exterior that protects its delicate bits from breaking despite any rough handling and falls that may occur. It'll keep the... [More]


everpurse Aquamarine Fabric Clutch

Got a long, busy day ahead of you? Take the everpurse Aquamarine Fabric Clutch ($189, preorder) with you, and place your smartphone* in the charger pocket to keep it charged and ready for action. The clutch can charge up your phone twice over so you won't run out of juice,... [More]


Ugly Duckling Limited Edition T-Shirt

Most of us who were never prom queens or football captains found comfort in the story of the Ugly Duckling, but you know who else loves that tale? Hideous crocodile monsters! This Ugly Duckling Limited Edition T-Shirt ($23) makes us feel a little better about our own appearances..... [More]


Saturdays Blend No. 1

We may love Saturdays because they give us a break from the daily grind, but we really love Saturdays because they give us a chance to grind up the fragrant Blend No. 1 ($14) from Saturdays. We can sip the heavenly medium-dark roast in a leisurely fashion while we catch... [More]


Username Password Boy Brief Panties

Username Password Boy Brief Panties ($17). Because only approved users can get past this access point.... [More]


Build Your Own City

Sure, a cardboard set of houses, like this Build Your Own City Kit ($35), isn't going to last forever. In all honesty, it probably won't last for more than a few weeks or months before it gets smooshed underfoot. The upside, then? Your smooshing a cardboard box under your foot... [More]


Flowing Jumpsuit with Belt

When does a jumpsuit not make you look like an extra from Saturday Night Fever? When it's this Flowing Jumpsuit with Belt ($70). There's nothing flashback-worthy about this piece. With its cap sleeves, perfect cherry hue, and ribbon-tie belt, it's pure 21st century style. Wear it without fear of looking... [More]


Stay Puft Marshmallows

"I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!" These actual Stay Puft Marshmallows ($13) are a wholesome treat for any scientist. On the front of the box, Mr. Stay Puft looks so... [More]


GuavaKids Boots

Infants. We always assume they're helpless little creatures, but the second you turn around, they've manage to wiggle free of their socks. While the on/off sock battle will continue into toddlerdom, you can help your new kiddo kick the habit for the time being. A pair of GuavaKids Boots ($16)... [More]


On Par Grass Bangle

Don't be so modest, On Par Grass Bangle ($148) - you're totally above par! (Or under. If you're a golfer.) This Kate Spade treasure is the perfect accessory for any nature-themed outfit.... [More]


Rogue Ales Father's Day Gift Box

Mom has her "special juice boxes" and now dad's got the Father's Day Gift Box ($30). Each one, shipped lovingly from Rogue Ales, contains three bottles of Dad's Little Helper IPA and two pint glasses. After a long day of wrangling the kiddos, he can crack a bottle and savor... [More]


Doubtblush: Magical Unicorn Mask

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We didn't even think it... [More]


Zombie Foot Dog Toy

Has the zombie apocalypse finally started, or does Fido just want to play? With the Zombie Foot Dog Toy ($10), you can live the zombie movie cliche of the dog bringing home the first sign that something bad is "afoot."... [More]


White Metal Plate Embellished Strap Wedges

Chic wedges with chunky straps: you're ready for love. Chic wedges with chunky straps embellished with metal plates: you're ready for anything. Also available in black and red. White Metal Plate Embellished Strap Wedges ($110).... [More]


Funky Paper Bead Necklace

Who needs gems when you've got trash? This Funky Paper Bead Necklace ($30) uses recycled materials to create its brightly colorful rows. It's also made sustainably by the African Style collective in Uganda. Wear it and feel as good as you'll look.... [More]


Tusk Waist Pouch

Looking for something stylish to hold your buckshot? This 100% leather Tusk Waist Pouch ($68) features braided edges and a tusk closure.... [More]


White Whale House Guest Trio

The aptly named trio of cocktail mixes in the House Guest set ($45) from White Whale will keep you prepared for company. The mixes are far from your generic daiquiri or Bloody Mary supermarket brand. The Filthy Liar (our favorite!) is a blend of fresh lychee, rosemary, and clove while... [More]


Official High Times Pot Smoker's Activity Book

Has looking at your hands lost that special pop? The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Activity Book ($17) features lots of simple, minimal-thinking children's puzzles revamped for 420 culture. Also good for corrupting unsuspecting youths who just want to connect the dots.... [More]


Oversized Black T-Shirt with Saturn Print

Clearly Saturn is the most fashionable planet - it accessorizes like no other! This Oversized Black T-Shirt with Saturn Print ($22) features a shadowy depiction that will appeal to both sci-fi fans and people who can't even spell "sci-fi." (The least fashionable planet is Jupiter because it's always so gassy.)... [More]


Raccoon Faux Tail for iPhone

The Raccoon Faux Tail for iPhone ($10) proves - once again - that everything is cuter with a raccoon tail. Comes with downloadable matching wallpaper. Also available in Fox and Purple Cat.... [More]


F.U.N. Earrings

"Time to make some more earrings. What materials do we have?" "Just these pyramid studs and a few spikes. Should we get more supplies?" "No... I think I have an idea..." F.U.N. Earrings ($24)... [More]


All-over Silver Rivet Design Bra

It's the original booby trap! The All-over Silver Rivet Design Bra ($21) is one badass brassiere that looks great on its own or peeking out of an open-collared shirt.... [More]


The Petite Clarity

We're all for items that make our trip through security go as quickly as possible. Instead of stuffing all of our little bottles of liquids and creams in Ziploc baggies, we can toss them in the Petite Clarity ($32) from TRUFFLE. For such a small pouch, it holds a surprisingly... [More]


Wild Ride Tee

Showcasing the spirit of freedom that (some) people feel when they bike, this Wild Ride Tee ($25) depicts the rider as a literal flower child. In terms of people on wild rides, we much prefer her to the ugly Mr. Toad! (Though we'd probably wear that shirt, too.)... [More]


Antique Revival Boat Shaped Planter

Okay, Walmart - we'll admit that you've got it nailed when it comes to discount nail polish and cheap DVDs. But we don't expect much from you when it comes to stylish home decor. That's why this Antique Revival Boat Shaped Planter ($129) comes as such a pleasant surprise. This... [More]


Awesome Party Hats

Those conical party hats are kid stuff! These Awesome Party Hats ($10 for eight) are for mature, responsible, and awesome adults. They're miniature trucker hats that you can write your own messages (or names) on!... [More]


Moonchild Geometric Necklace

Halfway between a flowerchild and a starchild, you have a moonchild. And as we know from the extensive research done by Pink* Floyd, the moonchild loves prisms and tetrahedral shapes - hence the Moonchild Geometric Necklace ($15). *Yes, we know. King Crimson. Wrong color. Got it.... [More]


Personal Shopper: The Kinda Perfect Jacket for Kristy

Kristy writes: "I know I know, It's totally trendy, but I've been looking for the perfect army utility parka/jacket that isn't $500. Something that isn't too tailored that it screams MADE FOR WOMEN but not so bulky and structured that it makes me look like a linebacker. Basically, something that... [More]



Straight from last night's stress dream comes the squishable StressBerry ($10)! It's the cost-effective alternative to crushing your real phone after that particularly annoying conversation with your boss!... [More]


Kai-aakmann Chambray Playsuit

It's taken us a few summers to fully embrace the playsuit/romper look, but it's not going anywhere and we're finally giving in. This Chambray Sleeveless Playsuit ($137) is a nice way to try out the trend, since the pleated shorts read more like a skirt and the overall look is... [More]


Gianni Bini Melissa Satchel

This Gianni Bini Melissa Satchel ($99) wants us to Go Pink or Go Home. And why wouldn't we choose the former when it comes in the form of this fabulously in-your-face handbag? Its hue is just soft enough to avoid glaring Barbie associations without sacrificing an ounce of power.... [More]


Superhero Caped Socks

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a pair of well-toned calves! These Superhero Caped Socks ($8 - $10) give your gams the heroic recognition they deserve! Also available in Batman and Wonder Woman.... [More]


Heart.Beat Necklace

This Heart.Beat Necklace ($119) from Sarah Chloe is formed into the peaks and troughs of a classic EKG. Wear it as a tribute to the fact that your pumper is still pumping - and pass on that high-cholesterol burger in favor of a salad next time you're out for lunch.... [More]


Fill In The Blank Robot Journal

What do you think your mechanical friend should say to you? A few uplifting words of inspiration? A request for more WD-40? Or maybe just an endearing quote from Short Circuit. This this journal ($14) invites you to consider the possibilities.... [More]


Anarchy Star Racerback Tank

An anarchy symbol set against a subtly patriotic background? The Anarchy Star Racerback Tank ($52) may send a mixed message, but with the way you'll look while wearing it, you can get away with being dualistic.... [More]


Quilted Platform Pumps

Grandma never knit you anything this chic! (Wait, these aren't knitted.) These faux-leather Quilted Platform Pumps ($44) are a patchwork combination of style, originality, and awesomeness! (Wait, they're not patchwork either.)... [More]


Graffiti Tank Midi Dress

Finally - a dress with all the glamour and class of a New York subway station! The Graffiti Tank Midi Dress ($58) embodies grace, elegance, and bathroom wall reading material.... [More]


Lollia Wander Evening Bubble Bath

This Lollia Wander Evening Bubble Bath ($36) recognizes that getting sudsy is a special occasion. It comes in a suitably elegant dessert wine bottle instead of the usual squeeze-or-pump plastic. It also declares itself "evening" bubble bath, which is when we think baths should be enjoyed. After all, they're not... [More]


Crystal Spike Stud Earrings

If you are what you wear, then these Crystal Spike Stud Earrings ($48) are the perfect accessory to alert the world to your star quality. It's simply not enough to just believe it, so rock these earrings and let your dreams come true. (Even if that doesn't happen, you still... [More]


ASOS Leather Doctor's Bag

We may not be up on heart surgery, but we can dole out antacids and tend to nicks and slices with the best of them. We figure knowing that much at least earns us the right to carry this ASOS Leather Doctor's Bag ($128). Its traditional style will look just... [More]


Develop the Flavor Shaker Set

We're sure as heck not using it to take photographs anymore. Why not make it part of dinner? This Develop the Flavor Shaker Set ($14) is crafted in the style of a pair of film canisters, complete with nostalgic faux labels. And no, they were never used to hold actual... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Golden Triangle Pendant Necklace

This Golden Triangle Pendant Necklace ($10) is perfect for the girl trying to say "I like geometry" or "look at my cleavage". Though we suppose those aren't mutually exclusive. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including... [More]


Kiwi Anatomy Shirt

We knew their names weren't just a coincidence! This Kiwi Anatomy Shirt ($20) teaches us what biologists have known for years: those cute birds may have a soft, feathered exterior, but...... [More]


Børn Marnee Flat

Børn shoes are built for comfort, and for the sort of durability that lets you track a moose for miles through the countryside. They also tend to look like the sort of shoes a moose tracker might wear, which is why these Børn Marnee Flats ($91) are such a pleasant... [More]


EKG T-Shirt

What caused the heartbeat on this EKG T-shirt ($25) to flatline? Probably the super-sexy oversize armholes! (So avoid wearing this in any actual hospitals.)... [More]


Teak Croco Puzzle

This is one game you won't mind leaving out on the table. The Teak Croco Puzzle ($105) makes for a fun three-dimensional distraction and, once you're done, lends a folksy charm to your coffee table. It's certainly classier looking than a half-assembled replica of a cheesy Thomas Kinkade painting.... [More]


Lindsay Sunglasses

What's that? You're still wearing last season's shades? Stop that insanity this minute and restock for a new summer with these Lindsay Sunglasses ($40). Their modified cat-eye shape is totally 2013, while all those soft pinks give them a perfectly girlish quality.... [More]


Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial

We practically fall asleep every time we get a facial, so the thought of a nighttime facial mask makes perfect sense to us. Plus, putting those potent potions on your face before bed is a good plan, since your muscles are relaxed while you're asleep. We're stoked to slather on... [More]


Polar Seas Necklace

Need something blue for that big day? Screw the chintzy garter and treat yourself to this Polar Seas Necklace ($440) instead. This replica of a runway stunner might take a bigger bite out of your budget than that crappy piece of powder blue satin and elastic, but it'll also make... [More]


Neon Green Melting Tights

We have no idea where we'd wear them - if we had the cojones to wear them at all - but we do know that these Neon Green Melting Tights ($55) are seriously cool. This drippy hosiery makes it look like you somehow dipped your pelvis in Nickelodeon slime. (They're... [More]


Avant Garde Paris Star Arm Cuff

Orion's belt aside, stars look better scattered than in a straight line. The Avant Garde Paris Star Arm Cuff ($155) makes a great use of the band to connect the almost random pattern of stars, turning your forearm into a veritable night sky.... [More]


Candlestick Maker

Buy one, get a million - sound like a good deal? It's what you get by picking up this Candlestick Maker ($30). This cleverly designed gadget converts just about anything with a hole in it into an elegant taper holder. Think wine glasses, mason jars, vases, shoes...... [More]


Printable Retro Oven Cupcake Box

You put plenty of TLC into crafting those baked treats - or at the very least a box of Duncan Hines mix - so why flake out on proper packaging? This Printable Retro Oven Cupcake Box ($5) makes it easy to encase your pastries in freaking adorable style. And since... [More]


BCBGMAXAZRIA Double-Buckle Waist Belt

Nip in that flowy summer frock with this Double-Buckle Waist Belt ($68) and show off your killer curves. It's ideal for transitioning quickly from the family reunion to a night out on the town with your fun-loving cousins. Or we suppose you could just wear it at work to spice... [More]


Whale of a Time Earring Set

Why settle for one pair of whale-themed earrings when you can have three? Take turns wearing each style or mix and match if you're feeling wild. Whale of a Time earring set ($12)... [More]


Asparagus Produce Bag

The eco-friendly Asparagus Produce Bag ($9) may feature asparagus spears on its front, but you can fill it with whatever fresh produce you fancy. Nab a few and take them to the grocery store with you. You won't have to wrestle with the tiny plastic bags in the fresh produce... [More]


Bottle Top Clock

There's nothing like popping open the top of a cold bottle of pop on a hot summer day...except possibly guzzling a gin and tonic. But a gin and tonic wouldn't look nearly this cute as a time-telling device. These Bottle Top Clocks ($29) lend a refreshing air to your screened-in... [More]


I Love New Yoku Crown Frog Bath Light

You don't get to be king of the rubber bathtub frogs without earning it. The I Love New Yoku Crown Frog Bath Light ($14) is more than just a rubber bath toy; a water sensor on the bottom automatically activates an internal LED light!... [More]


Pixie Scalloped Shorts

All the pixies we know (personally) just wear leaves around their waists. These Pixie Scalloped Shorts ($38) are a step up, with their scalloped hemline and bow-belted waist.... [More]


Mt. Sapola Detoxifying Shampoo

It's not just your guts that need the occasional cleanse. Over time, your hair collects all sorts of undesirable gunk. Luckily, giving your locks a fresh start doesn't require living off juice for a week. This Mt. Sapola Detoxifying Shampoo ($19) gently removes pollutants, leaving your hair soft and refreshed.... [More]


Cookies & Corks Tasting Sampler

Cheese is great and all, but wouldn't you really like to accompany your wine with something a little sweeter? Cookies & Corks makes a range of treats specially designed to complement specific varietals. Think Espresso Chocolate with an earthy Cabernet, or Apricot Sage with chardonnay. This Tasting Sampler ($32) comes... [More]


PBteen Laundry Bags

In a perfect world, there would be no reason to ever have to make a trip to the laundromat. But when you have to schlep a pile of dirty clothes across town for a wash, make sure they're stuffed into these handy drawstring Laundry Bags ($49) from PBteen. They keep... [More]


Snake Charmer Dress

We'd like to test drive the Snake Charmer dress ($70) to see what kind of trouble it can get us out of. Taking the universally flattering skater dress and kicking it up a notch, this frock has a playful tribal print accentuated by fluorescent trim at the bust and an... [More]


Vinyasa To Vino Bag

Usually, we prefer skipping right to the vino part, but with the Vinyasa To Vino Bag ($128) from lululemon, we'll make a concentrated effort to show up to yoga class this week. The casual bag can carry it all: gym sneakers, laptop, change of clothes, and various small accessories and... [More]


Stripe Fender Set

Love PUBLIC's Euro-inspired, sleek, city-friendly bikes? We think they're well worth the splurge, and will look even more gorgeous when snazzified with this Stripe Fender Set ($30).We suspect that these accessories also fit non-PUBLIC bikes...and since they accept returns, why not find out?... [More]


Bamboo Picnic Boats

Got important guests coming over? Better break out the disposables. When they're as lovely as these Bamboo Picnic Boats ($20 for a set of twenty-five), they'll easily outshine that fancy china, while also making you look like one of those people who are so fabulous that they don't even have... [More]


J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Dotted Linen

J.Crew's Schoolboy Blazer ($168) is boyish in name only. The fitted cut is feminine and the navy blue polka dots are flirty. Make it a summer staple by reaching for it on chilly days, instead of your usual cardigan or sweatshirt.... [More]


Composition Notebook iPad Case

Short of a slate, the black and white composition notebook is the most classic writing surface we can think of - not that anyone's using them anymore. We're all doing our note-taking on our iPads or tablets, thank you very much. But that doesn't mean we can't embrace a bit... [More]


Loch Ness Monster Earrings

These Loch Ness Monster Earrings ($34) are made with limited-edition prints by artist Sarah-Lambert Cook - as if the notion of jewelry paying tribute to a prehistoric hanger-on wasn't enough on its own. Cryptozoology has never looked cuter.... [More]


Big Ben Moon Beam Alarm Clock

The Big Ben Moon Beam Alarm Clock ($34) by Westclox won't wake us with any more efficiency than the alarms on our phones do, but the retro design will remind us to get our butts out of bed so we can stop by the cute '50s-themed diner and order a... [More]


JĀSÖN Soothing Aloe Vera Moisturizing Crème

It's time to stock up on a few tubs of Soothing Aloe Vera Crème ($9) from JĀSÖN. The affordable goop will come in handy when you forget to reapply sunscreen and end up with tender, sunburned shoulders that need soothing. Ouch! (Go for something other than aloe if you've got... [More]


Bird Wine Markers

Forget dangles, rings and even chalkboard paint - this summer, we'll be staking out our boozy territory with these Bird Wine Markers ($6). Each colorful clip perches right on the side of the glass like some sort of super cute garnish for our Cabernet.... [More]


Hobbit Feet Socks

Forget firemen holding puppies - there's nothing sexier than a short, hairy hobbit! All those Middle-earthings need to do to turn our knobs is give us a glimpse of their naturally insulated feet! Sport the foot-tuft that makes everyone scream with the Hobbit Feet Socks ($10).... [More]