Motel Basic Rainbow Shiva T-Shirt

Yeah, get your spiritual well-being on before doing shots at the club! The Motel Basic Rainbow Shiva tee ($50) is a nice reminder of the metaphysical undercurrent behind everything we do - especially online shopping!... [More]


Doubtblush: ManHands Urinal Mint Scented Soap

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... So we Doubtblush 'em. We... [More]


The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2

No more freezing up when people ask what superpower you'd choose to have! The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2 ($27) is a meticulously organized flowchart categorizing all known superpowers. Perfect for fangirls, comic book writers, and clumsy scientists working with radioactive mystery rocks.... [More]



What's the point of decking yourself out in swag if no one knows it? Be clear that you're better than everyone with the MINKPINK SWAG Tank Top ($47).... [More]



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Little Pink Book of Addresses

Where are we to keep all of our phone numbers? (You know, besides the contacts list in our phones... this is the 21st century, after all.) The Little Pink Book of Addresses ($9) is perfect for keeping your secrets.... [More]


Rabbit Wine Trek

Come summer, trying to bring a nice pinot grigio to that deck party inevitably results in lukewarm disappointment and/or diluting your drink with a whole bunch of ice cubes. This Rabbit Wine Trek ($60) seems like an ideal solution. It's perfectly designed to fit that prechilled bottle, keeping it nice... [More]


Fragrance Memories Incense

Any armchair psychologist will tell you about scent's power to trigger memories, and we're all for the sorts of reminiscences Fragrance Memories Incense ($7) looks likely to evoke. We'll pick Happy Valley to bring ourselves back to warm days in dandelion-speckled fields, or opt for Tequila Sunrise for a refreshing... [More]


Ink Cut In Neck Midi Dress

The Ink Cut In Neck Midi Dress ($40) combines a sexy cut with a pattern part Rorschach and part trustafarian.... [More]


Aqua Zepher Necklace

Part necklace, part plate armor, the Aqua Zepher Necklace ($24) is a blue collar classy enough to be white-collar!... [More]


Tassel Embellished Camel Print Tee

In their own special ways, all animals are cute - even the hideously ugly ones! The Tassel Embellished Camel Print Tee ($21) may not feature a kitten eating an ice cream cone, but it does have an elaborate illustration different from what everyone else is wearing, plus real hanging tassels!... [More]


la case de cousin paul Tao Tong Ball Lights

No, they're not just for weddings. These Ball Lights ($39) are also a perfectly lovely way to brighten up your home. Use them to add a taste of spring to your mantel, or hang them garland-style for color on your walls.... [More]


Baseball Jacket with Patch

Baseball jackets can be a good look, but what if the kid you're shopping for hasn't been forced to love chosen a team yet? thing Zara offers the plain, unbiased Baseball Jacket with Patch ($40).... [More]


Rose Mesh Watch

Choosing a watch is sort of like picking a crush. We can moon over the timepiece equivalent of Ryan Gosling (some gazillion-dollar blinged-out affair with Cartier stamped on it). Or we can choose to give our affections to a simpler, attainable, next-door type, like this Rose Mesh Watch ($28). It's... [More]



We have a friend - a younger friend - who has been getting Botox. Setting aside our innate opposition to wrinkle treatments that can paralyze your eyebrows, what we're more concerned with is that the damned girl is going to make us look even older than we do already at... [More]


Seychelles Do What Ya Like Sandal

Not only is it a catchy saying by way of Rabelais and Aleister Crowley, it's the name of a darned cute pair of shoes. These Seychelles Do What Ya Like Sandals ($79) sport a catchy combination of blue seersucker-style fabric with light tan leather and a fun chartreuse lining. And... [More]


Skywriting Journal

What's with this illogical attachment to blank white pages when it comes to notebooks? Is there a law against jotting down our thoughts and musings on a more inspiring surface? Fear not - you're welcome to use the colorful, soothing pages of this Skywriting Journal ($17) to take your inspiration... [More]



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Kanye Tenenbaum II Tee

In the world of mashups, Kanye Wes is at the top of our list. Up until recently, we were content with simply checking the site regularly and sending the combinations of Wes Anderson movies and Kanye West lyrics to our friends or setting them as desktop backgrounds, but now we... [More]


eZen Tea Matcha Loose Tea

We've always been told that green tea works miracles, and powdered Matcha Loose Tea ($20) from eZen Tea packs in ten times the antioxidants of the standard beverage. Bottoms up!... [More]


Handy Suspenders Leggings

Need a hand keeping your socks up? The Handy Suspenders Leggings ($65) use strategically placed sheer mesh panels to give the appearance that a familiar cartoon hand is holding them up (or pushing them down!).... [More]


Double Pigeon Yoga Tank

This Double Pigeon Yoga Tank ($35) is playing to the best of both worlds. With its built-in sports bra and stretch waistband, it's designed to stay put whether we're in Warrior III or Bird of Paradise. But the flowing fit to the outer layer also means that we won't have... [More]


105-Piece Ladies Tool Kit

This 105-Piece Ladies Tool Kit ($20) has everything a DIY girl needs to keep her home from falling apart: five precision screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, needle-nose pliers, one Phillips and one slotted screwdriver, a breakaway knife and replacement blades, scissors, a claw hammer, a measuring tape, a roll of electrician's... [More]


Secret Pouch

We went to an all-girls high school, so there was never any shame (well, or pride) in walking through the halls wildly gesticulating whilst holding a tampon. However, we hear that there are people don't like to show off their feminine hygiene products as they chat with others, and if... [More]


Chinese New Year Chuck Taylors

We've got plenty of snake-print accessories, but Chucks? Don't have those! We aim to remedy that by grabbing a pair of Chinese New Year Chuck Taylors ($55) now that they're on sale. The shoes are a celebration of the Year of the Snake, which officially began back on February 10th.... [More]


The Skinny Rules

We know everyone's all, "Jillian Michaels! She's the best!" We've always been Team Bob. He'd tough, but kind. We like that. We like his book, too. The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to THIN ($16) gives us plenty of tips to remember while we drink and dine.... [More]


Doubtblush: Lighted Bocce Ball Set DELUXE Glow

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Candy 100s and 1000s Rainbow Resin Bangle

Candy necklaces were always a super cute fashion statement - until we ate them and ended up with moist, limp string hanging around our necks. This Rainbow Resin Bangle ($39) won't meet the same fate. Thanks to the fact that its sprinkle insides are safely encased in inedible resin, it'll... [More]



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Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Nesting Trays

You can never have too much surface space in your house for bric-a-brac - at least we know we can't. Keys and lip gloss get lost on a daily basis. Maybe stashing them on one or more of these Happy Chic Nesting Trays ($95) will curb their disappearing acts.... [More]


Neon Argyle Socks

Argyle doesn't have to be boring. Toss in a pop of color and you're in nerd-pattern heaven. (Okay, so these Neon Argyle Socks ($7-8) are far from nerdy. Slip them on before you reach for your oxfords for a Magnitude-inspired ensemble!... [More]


DHC Mild Soap

This bar of DHC Mild Soap ($14, on sale) contains enough sudsy goodness to wash away impurities and grossness, but is balanced out by a supple dose of olive oil to keep your skin succulent and moisturized. No need to add a second layer of goop post-cleanse. And it's very... [More]


Dotted Garden Stake Set

Hurrah! Your seedlings are flourishing! The next step is to transfer them out of their starter pots and into the ground. Once you've got them in place, use the Dotted Garden Stake Set ($26) to label them. (The stakes are unglazed on their backs so you can pencil in the... [More]


The City That Never Sleeps Tee

New York is both colorful and artistic - which is why those "I ♥ NY" shirts really don't do it justice. The City That Never Sleeps Tee ($20) really captures the liveliness and excitement of Times Square, without all the annoying crowds!... [More]


Merona Zig Zag Phone Wristlet

Target, you always come through for us. The Merona Zig Zag Phone Case Wristlet ($10): affordable, good-looking, and minty fresh. Actually, that's a pretty versatile laundry list, now that we think about it.... [More]


Bud Vase Garland

Everyone knows flowers are a great way to liven up a room - but can't you do better than a bouquet on a table? The Bud Vase Garland ($24) takes the decorative superpower of flowers and applies it to wall decorations! And can you really say "no" to those itty-bitty... [More]


Mother's Day Stone Coasters

If your mom isn't much into birthstone jewelry, consider getting her a set of Mother's Day Stone Coasters ($30 for a set of four), custom-made by The Ends. You can order them with any type of Mother's Day message on them, but the kids' birthdays make a great touch. This... [More]


Sugar Spike Necklace

Is it just us, or does the combination of shapes and colors in this Sugar Spike Necklace ($25) bring to mind minty ice cream cones? (To be fair, most things we look at make us think of ice cream.)... [More]


Footloose Purple Pleat Leather Shorts

These Footloose Purple Pleat Leather Shorts ($83) are different from all those other leather shorts with pleat details in deep, rich purple that you see everywhere!... [More]


Knight Ring

Turn your finger into a fairy tale villain with this Knight Ring ($36)! If its nefarious expression is too terrifying for you, just bend your knuckle!... [More]


Lovers' Yoga: Soothing Stretches for Two

Is the Kama Sutra too racy for you? Try Lovers' Yoga: Soothing Stretches for Two ($4)! It's the PG-13 version of the old Indian classic!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bicycle Star Stickers

No need to spend a buttload on a custom paint job for your bike. With a box of Bicycle Star Stickers ($6), you can spruce up your frame for mere dollars. Just peel off the backing, arrange to your liking, and pedal away. Stars not your thang? Choose a floral... [More]


Sexy Terry Color Block Peep Toe High Heels

There's a reason it's called "electric pink" and not "dull and unimpressive pink." These Sexy Terry Color Block Peep Toe High Heels ($26) make great use of color and design and add a little spark to your outfit.... [More]


Nolan Shooting Stars Cuff

Need to wish on a shooting star? Just flail your arm over your head while wearing the Nolan Shooting Stars Cuff ($185) and you'll find yourself with plenty of accumulated wishes. Just remember to use your first wish to erase onlookers' memories of your arm-waving lunacy.... [More]


Bluelounge Messenger Bag

There's something so satisfying about getting back to the basics. When you leave out all the unnecessary extras, you're left with a classic that will last you for ages. That's the vibe we're getting from the Bluelounge Messenger Bag ($139). It's made from recycled PET fabric that's been finished with... [More]


Swarovski Crystalline USB Pen

Honestly, without the USB drive, the Swarovski Crystalline USB Pen ($80) would be a totally frivolous purchase. That drive is the only way we can justify spending top dollar on a pink crystal-covered pen (even if signing our names with it makes us feel just a little bit like Elle... [More]


Khaleesi Gotta Hatch 'Em All Shirt

What's your favorite thing about this Khaleesi shirt ($20)? Is it the Game of Thrones reference? The Pokémon reference? Daenerys drawn anime-style? We like how her ridiculous title looks in that ridiculous font!... [More]


Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Okay, we're suckers for a good gimmick. Each pot of Egyptian Magic Skin Cream ($38) says that its formula comes from "The Ancient Egyptians' Secret, Magical Cream." Said cream is a blend of ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis extract. For all the gimmicky... [More]


Matthew Williamson Digital Blossom Printed Triangle Bikini

Are you ready to sizzle in the sand this summer? Of course you are! What better way to turn heads than in a smokin' hot fuchsia two-piece, like the Digital Blossom Printed Triangle Bikini ($285)? This teeny bikini requires plenty of cash and plenty of confidence, so if you've got... [More]


Taste of Taza

Forget the potted tulips and the mediocre buffet lunch. Give mom what she really wants for Mother's Day: chocolate. (Okay, and sixty hours of uninterrupted sleep.) The Taste of Taza ($50) gift box will work for the chocolate part. It's full of stone-ground dark chocolate nibs, bars, and discs. The... [More]


Magic Eye Cross Body Bag

The Magic Eye Cross Body Bag ($60) makes us wonder: what is it about things with eyes on them that's so appealing? If we had to guess, we'd say that eyes personify inanimate objects and makes us feel like we're living in a cartoon!... [More]


Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles

Okay, so it's a random weekday and nothing special is on the horizon. Doesn't that mean it's time to indulge in a little something for yourself? We think so! But make sure you don't have the Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles ($24) from Charbonnel et Walker mailed to your work... [More]


Kate Spade New York Kick

Comfy kicks with a designer flair? The Kate Spade New York Kick ($75) is the result of a collaboration between Keds and Kate Spade, clearly a match made in shoe heaven. We're already mentally choosing outfits from our closet to pair with them, and wondering whether we should switch out... [More]


Cream Embroidered Tassel Kimono

To heck with bringing a jacket out with you. Layer this Cream Embroidered Tassel Kimono ($70) over your tee or cami instead. It'll provide that extra bit of coverage in a much prettier way. The only downside is that you'll love wearing this vintage-inspired piece so much, we suspect you'll... [More]


Grandma Heart Card

Wanna retain your status as top kid in the family? On Mother's Day, make sure you take a few minutes to drop off a pie and a card, like this cute one ($6) from Sugar Paper, at Gram's place. You'll have successfully melted her heart and probably won a bit... [More]


Talulah Top

Who says you've got to retire that beloved elbow-patch look just because it's summer? This Talulah Top ($59) is light enough to toss on over your tees on those cooler evenings. It'll let the preppy style keep rolling all through the season.... [More]


butter LONDON Pitter Patter Nail Lacquer

We're not going to get all into the royal family hoopla, but there's something awesome about butter LONDON Pitter Patter Nail Lacquer ($15), appropriately inspired by the soon-to-arrive royal baby (rumored to be a boy!). Boy or girl, we'll be rocking this polish.... [More]


Rodial Facial On the Go

You're not afraid of growing older, no matter how often society tries to scare you. You just prefer to do it gracefully. So opt for the knife-free alternative. The Rodial Facial On the Go ($156) comes with three bestsellers that provide the most effective anti-aging benefits you can buy without... [More]


Zibra OpenIt!

It's always annoying when you buy something new that you're really excited about and you can't get it out of the box! The Zibra OpenIt! features steel clippers, a miniature screwdriver, and a retractable box cutter in the handle so that you can open any package, no Wile E. Coyote... [More]


Well-Behaved Women Tank Top

The Well-Behaved Women Tank Top ($41) doesn't lie - the women in history books tend to be rebels, troublemakers, and free thinkers. (Note: the quotation may often be misattributed to Marilyn Monroe, but you can probably find a better way to make history than sex and drugs.)... [More]


The Hayworth Bar Cart

We cannot wait to set up the chic, midcentury-inspired Hayworth Bar Cart ($515) in the corner of the living room and stock it full of liquor bottles and imported olives. We're hoping that it'll help us channel a little bit of Rita every time we pour ourselves a martini. Because... [More]


Marigold Siesta Tote

Can someone please remind us why we don't live at the beach?! When the Marigold Siesta Tote ($87) from Tulisan showed up on our doorstep, it took every ounce of self-control we had to not pack it up with an entire summer's worth of sunscreen and hightail it to the... [More]


Lace Rabbit Ears Headband

It's just like Batman's mask...just a little frillier, maybe, and with a "cute bunny" theme instead of "terrifying bat"... but other than that, just like Batman's mask! There's got to be some occasions perfectly suited for the Lace Rabbit Ears Headband ($23)... Easter-themed funerals, for example.... [More]


Hat Earrings

Sometimes a top hat is inappropriate, or, according to your friends, "embarrassing." For those times, try these top hat earrings ($8) - their cute, miniature design won't call your sanity into question!... [More]


Large Beach Basket Tote

It's clear from just looking at it that the Large Beach Basket Tote ($143) from JADEtribe belongs at the beach. The straw bag with its colorful pom-poms was definitely constructed to hold your Kate Spade sunnies, beach towel, and summer read. Of course, if you ended up using it to... [More]


Stylish Letter Music T-Shirt

"Wow, you like music?! I like music, too! What are the odds of two people who like music ever meeting each other!" Show that you have two ears (maybe one) and a heart with the Stylish Letter Music shirt ($7).... [More]


Salut! Travel Cup

We don't often find ourselves in situations where we regret not bringing our own cups, but all the same, we can't say it hasn't happened. It's always best to be prepared, right? Especially when the stainless steel Salut! Travel Cup ($18) is super compact (about the size of a pocket... [More]


Acid Pink 1461 Dr. Martens

Black is now the old black! These Acid Pink 1461 Dr. Martens ($100) remind us why the legendary shoes are so legendary.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bee & Flower Soap

Rose-scented bars of Bee & Flower Soap (under $2) are total proof that a product doesn't need to cost a fortune to perform its job properly. The soap doesn't move mountains, but if you're looking for something that smells fresh and floral and washes your skin squeaky clean without drying... [More]


Birdie Sequin Clutch

Sometimes we have to be tempted into exercising a little self-discipline. Dreams of that body-hugging dress we've fallen in love with are currently keeping us away from the snack cabinet. And this beautifully embroidered Birdie Sequin Clutch ($88) might just get us to pare down what we're lugging around in... [More]


Tiny Splash Alarm Clock

The Tiny Splash Alarm Clock ($20), because a big splash is far too much to deal with at six o'clock in the morning!... [More]


Bang Brooch

Add a bit of excitement to your day by pinning on a Bang Brooch ($12). It has an old-school Batman vibe, so wear it when you need to channel your inner superhero and kick ass during your budget presentation or Zumba class.... [More]


DeLonghi kMix 10-Cup Coffee Maker

DeLonghi proves that appliances don't have to sacrifice design for function. Their kMix 10-Cup Coffee Maker ($150) comes in a bazillion colors (okay, nine) so you can coordinate it with the rest of your kitchen decor. And as awesome as that is, it's even more awesome that it quickly and... [More]


Sugar Flower Dress

Something about this Sugar Flower Dress ($76) just doesn't make sense. How can it be part of a "wedding collection" and cost so little? We usually figure that anything we might be forced to purchase for the ceremonies we're roped into will set us back at least a couple hundred... [More]


Leather Triangle Studs

At first glance, the handpainted Leather Triangle Studs ($20) from We See Stars look like they're ceramic. But they're not! The lightweight earrings are, as their name implies, leather. They won't weigh down your lobes, but they will make you look effortlessly invested in the little details. Carry over the... [More]


Bicycle Desk Lamp

The steampunks among our readers will flip their clockwork-loving lids for this Bicycle Desk Lamp ($399), but we're pretty sure they're not the only ones about to start calculating how to scrape together an extra four hundred bucks. This piece uses reclaimed bicycle parts in an actual working mechanism that... [More]


Horse Print Sweatshirt

We here at Outblush can't pass up a unicorn shirt - especially one in pastels! Reawaken your inner child with the inaccurately named Horse Print Sweatshirt ($37). And if it's too cheesy for you, you can wear it ironically! It's nice when things are versatile like that.... [More]

flash-bobbi-set-small.jpg Flash Bobbi Set

Add a little pizzazz to your look quickly and easily with this Flash Bobbi Set ($10). Its full array of sparkly and enameled pins gives you plenty of options to mix and match. Go pale blue and silver for a subtle shimmer, or mix gold, glitzy black, and fuchsia for... [More]


Hermes Steeple Handbag

Got a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Why not buy a tote bag? The Hermes Steeple Handbag ($3,275) separates itself from other canvas tote bags in two ways: its fascinating print and its frustrating price!... [More]


Skull + Crossbones Icon Whisky Stones

We've seen plenty of whiskey stones that cool off our golden nectar without watering it down, but this is the first time we've seen them come with a warning! The Skull + Crossbones Icon Whisky Stones ($14) by Teroforma remind us to go easy on the booze lest it turn... [More]


UNIF Downer Button Up

The UNIF Downer Button Up ($66) must have been a nice shirt before it got dirty - and now it's a fabulous shirt! This oversized red plaid top features buttons and a peekaboo shoulder.... [More]


Ikat Hard Shell iPad Case

Given the seemingly endless array of iPad cases, we've been surprised to discover that not many of them are solid shells. At least, not many of the pretty-to-look-at ones are designed to protect our hardware. That's why we need this Ikat Hard Shell iPad Case ($65) from Pencil Shavings Studio.... [More]


Zombie Love Knee Socks

Is your love of knee socks bested only by your love of the undead? Sock It To Me brings us the Zombie Love Knee Socks ($8), with a print that looks like it's straight out of an 8-bit video game!... [More]


Bear Bracelet on Polished Cotton Cord

They say the animal on this bracelet ($20) is a bear, but really it could be anything from a dog to a badger to a turtle! Whatever four-legged creature you want it to be.... [More]


Bees Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

We love puns. We love puns even more when we're, well, buzzed! Bees Embroidered Cocktail Napkins ($32, set of 4)... [More]


Cream Delight Top

You don't need to be a master martial artist to embody the spirit of this Cream Delight Top ($30) - but it helps! Note the studs on the low armholes.... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Saratoga Acid Tweed Shorts

Don't sell short shorts short! With their tweed fabric and plaid pattern, these Saratoga Acid Tweed Shorts ($248) are a step ahead of most other shorts we'll see this summer.... [More]


MULTI Opal Clutch

Well, hello there lovely! Mar Y Sol's spring line of clutches features brightly colored raffia and cotton threaded through with gold. While we like the bold solid-colored purses in the collection, it's the MULTI Opal Clutch ($73) that's on our radar. The sunburst pattern in its summery colors will most... [More]


Because Cats iPhone & iPod Skin

Why are we here? What's the point of it all? The Because Cats iPhone & iPod Skin ($15) has the answers to all of life's deep questions - including "Why do we need upholstery?"... [More]


Yin Yang Shredded Knit

Ah, nothing quite enhances the tranquility of a yin-yang symbol like shredded detailing. This Yin Yang Shredded Knit ($100) features a ribbed hemline, shreds, and an asymmetrical hem.... [More]


Magical Thinking Constellation Globe

Globes are for small-minded people - think about it, it's just one measly planet! But the Magical Thinking Constellation Globe ($39) is for big thinkers! Because even Asia seems small compared to Sagittarius!... [More]


Front Tie Swim Bottoms

Sometimes the little things make a heck of a big difference, like a tiny pinch of cayenne in hot chocolate. These Front Tie Bottoms ($100) are another fine example. The addition of a basic knot elevates this piece way above its almost-there competitors.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Handcuffed Friendship Bracelet

There are times we've felt that some of our friendships are less about voluntary accord and more like being locked up with pushy therapists. That's why this Handcuffed Friendship Bracelet ($8) seems like a totally appropriate way to pay tribute to those special, occasionally obnoxious someones in our lives. What's... [More]


Misfits Fiend Club T-Shirt

A far cry from the Baby-Sitters Club, the Misfits Fiend Club is far more exclusive and less concerned with things like "friendship." (Fiendship, maybe). Show the world how good it feels to be accepted with the Misfits Fiend Club tee ($20).... [More]


Edible Violas

These perfectly picked and pressed Edible Violas ($12) are dried flowers you can eat. We don't necessarily recommend munching on them straight out of the bag, but adding a few to your summer salad or glass of lemonade will make for a gorgeous presentation. We're going to use ours as... [More]


FIG+YARROW Foot Treatment

While you're buffing your bod in preparation for skin-baring weather, make sure you don't neglect your feet! In between pedicures, scrub your rough spots with a handful of Alpine Pumice Foot Treatment ($28) from FIG+YARROW. It'll keep dry, cracked skin at bay, soften your heels, and deodorize after a long... [More]


Holy Cats Sweater

Well, this Holy Cats Sweater ($46) destroys shirts with cute cats on them for us. But on the other hand, to not quote Abraham Lincoln, "People who like this sort of thing will find that this is the sort of thing they like."... [More]


bkr Bottle

Glass water bottles are all the rage, but with good reason! They keep your water clean, and help keep plastic bottles out of landfills. The bkr bottle ($28) (pronounced "beaker") is one of our new favs. Each one comes wrapped in a dishwasher-safe silicone sleeve, and your color options are... [More]


Missoni Rainbow Crochet-Knit Headband

Add a bit of Missoni glamour to your everyday wardrobe by holding back your hair with a Rainbow Crochet-Knit Headband ($120). The rainbow-dyed knit should bring the wow factor on otherwise average days. Let your tresses hang down around it, or toss 'em up in a messy bun for a... [More]


Floral Scene Blouse

With a few more weeks of in-between weather on the horizon, we're thinking this Floral Scene Blouse ($57) will turn out to be a solid investment. It's sheer, so we'll have to layer, but it'll keep our arms covered while the breezes are still chilly. It'll also serve us well... [More]


$10,000 a Day Pillow

Don't mind us, but we're headed back to bed now! $10,000 a Day Pillow ($165) by Jonathan Adler... [More]


Gilda Tie Dye Pumps

Tie-dye. Leather. Pumps. Love. Gilda Tie Dye Pumps ($250).... [More]


Bouquet of Hankies

In this day and age, you may not have much occasion to grab for a handkerchief as you sway and swoon or contend with a bout of hysteria, but they are handy to have around. This bouquet ($28) includes eight twelve-inch square hankies in vintage floral prints. Tie one around... [More]


The Snugg iPad 2 Case and Flip Stand

When the iPad first came out, there were some that thought it might have been some sort of phase society was going to go through and get over shortly thereafter. We were wrong. So very wrong. And now we people everywhere are attached to their tablets as if they are... [More]


Rabbit Ear Hair Tie

Now that Easter's behind us, you can wear the Rabbit Ear Hair Tie ($12) without fear of being appropriate! Stand out in a crowd like a bunny peering out of its hole!... [More]


Apivita Summer Line Up

We have mentioned Apivita a few times in the past. But we just need to say it again. We love this company. They put honest work and effort into their products. And it shows. This summer, we will be clinging desperately to their Lip Care with Pomegranate ($7), made without... [More]


Rain Rain Go Away Umbrella

Not only will the Rain Rain Go Away Umbrella ($65) from Felix Rey keep you dry during a soggy spring day, it'll make your feelings clear to the rain gods. Maybe they'll take your plea seriously and permit the sun to peek out from behind the clouds by the time... [More]


Brynn Floral Dress

We like our hippie-inspired looks big on earthy beauty and comfort but low on the crunchy. As many the unfortunate kaftan-wearer can probably tell us, it's not an easy balance to strike, but this Brynn Floral Dress ($83) does it perfectly. The flowing fit and self-tie belt make for an... [More]


Depth of Drama Maxi Dress

Grey's Anatomy is the actual depth of drama. This Depth of Drama Maxi Dress ($57) involves less crying, a smaller number of broken relationships, and far fewer brushes with death, but we think it's just about as pretty.... [More]


Halsea Aqua Collection Roller Suitcase

It's hard to imagine a carry-on suitcase better suited for your warm-weather vacation. With its sea-blue background and crustacean print, the Roller Suitcase ($385) from Halsea will mellow you out before you even take off! It's designed to fit into the overhead bins on most commercial airliners, so you won't... [More]


Agrarian Tool Basket

Trips back and forth to the toolshed are as outdated as hunting and gathering! We are an agrarian people and so we deserve the Agrarian Tool Basket ($40). Carry all your gardening supplies in the durable canvas pocket, while collecting the fruits of your labor in the handwoven basket itself!... [More]


Geo Straw Floppy Hat

New swimsuit? Check. Beach bag full of summer reading material and sunscreen? Check. Flip-flops, towel, water bottle? Check, check, check. The only thing missing is the Geo Straw Floppy Hat ($48) from Echo. It'll keep your face shaded and the burn at bay while you soak up the warm sun.... [More]


Adorable Hedge Hog Ring

Wow, look at how insanely adorable the Adorable Hedge Hog Ring ($48) is! We haven't seen the Erinaceinae misrepresented so badly since Sonic.... [More]


Wood Wood Acidmaus T-Shirt

Good idea: bonding with the family by going to Disney World. Bad idea: bonding with the family by going to Disney World and dropping acid. Family vacations are traumatic enough as it is; don't add to your problems with visions like the one on the Wood Wood Acidmaus T-Shirt ($67).... [More]


Floats My Boat Buoy Toy

Finally, the weather is starting to warm up enough for you to take the pup to the lake and wear him out with a (seemingly endless) game of fetch. Take along a Floats My Boat Buoy Toy ($14-29) from Waggo. The sturdy rubber-and-rope toy floats, so you can enjoy flinging... [More]


Mera Harbour Bikini

Are you further from that beach bod than you'd like to be, but still comfortable showing off your toned Pilates assets? You go! The Mera Harbour Bikini ($98) has a youthful teeny-bikini vibe but keeps you covered and lifted in all the right spots. It tastefully tells onlookers that you're... [More]


Crystal Cross Statement Earrings

These days it doesn't matter what you say, so long as you make a statement! These Crystal Cross Statement Earrings ($99) say everything for you, and with lots of colors to chose from, you don't have to repeat what everyone else is saying!... [More]


GREVBÄCK Shoe Cabinet

Keeping our shoes organized sucks. We've tried funky closet hangers, wire racks, and under-bed containers. They're all either ugly or impractical, and inevitably our heels end up in a jumbled mess on the bedroom floor again. At least, they did until we discovered this GREVBÄCK Shoe Cabinet ($80). Rustically styled... [More]


Club Monaco Rose Trench

You'd think the Club Monaco Rose Trench ($249) would come in some sort of pink-ish shade given its name, but nope. No pink here! The stylish polyester coat instead comes in seafoam, blue, yellow, orange, and an alluring black-and-kinda-white combo. Pick your favorite and then do a little rain dance!... [More]


Topo Designs Rover Pack

It doesn't matter if you're trekking across the city to meet a colleague for a working latte or trekking through the wild on your weekends off. The Rover Pack ($139) from Topo Designs should keep your essentials unscathed through it all. The pack is water-resistant and features a padded inner... [More]


Floral Paper Straws

We've managed to accumulate an entire collection of darling paper straws in differing colors and patterns, but this is the first time we've laid eyes on a set of floral paper straws ($6 for twenty-five)! So cute! It looks like we'll be mixing up a few gallons of lemonade this... [More]


Fragonard Billet Doux Perfume

At first we couldn't decide if the packaging for Billet Doux ($65) was stuffy or charming. We decided to make peace with the dated look because, after all, the scent is a recreation of a old French classic. Crafted to be light and feminine, Billet Doux boasts notes of carnation,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Peacock Matchbook

With The Great Gatsby primed to hit theaters in just a few short weeks, we're all about finding little ways to add the splendor of the roaring '20s to our all-too-modern lives. The darling Peacock Matchbook ($5) certainly seems like something Daisy would carry in a beaded clutch as she... [More]


Dark Camo Stud Shirt

Roaming around the jungle at night and don't want to be seen? Featuring studs on the breast pockets, this Dark Camo Stud Shirt ($28) is a shade or two gloomier than normal camo prints.... [More]


BellaVita iPhone 4 Leather Wristlet

Taking a clutch or small handbag to the club is hardly fashionable. And frankly, taking a purse to a farmers' market isn't even practical. Strap your phone and essentials to your arm with the BellaVita iPhone 4 Leather Wristlet ($65) and leave your hands free to double-fist drinks or cucumbers.... [More]


Keratin Repair Reconstruct Mask

Have you yet discovered the miracle of keratin-inhanced products? AG Hair Cosmetics has released a whole new line of goodies concocted from the good stuff: natural oils, butters, proteins and yes, keratin. Use the Keratin Repair Reconstruct Mask ($30) once a week to strengthen your locks. Full disclosure: Outblush received... [More]


For Love Ring Volume II

Turn your fingers into a miniature sculpture garden! The For Love Ring Volume II ($195) is actually two statuette rings intertwined in some kind of artistic love dance. That's one position the Kama Sutra forgot to mention...... [More]


mod. Straps

Amateur and professional photographers alike understand how obnoxious factory camera straps can be. They are made out of the kind of material we can only assume the military invented for use in interrogations. mod. Straps ($49 for Premium and $36 for Classic) are comfortable, fashionable alternatives to the boring, painful... [More]


Watermelon Stars Clutch

We admit it. We purchase clutches with a certain amount of trepidation. We're paranoid about setting them down and forgetting to pick them back up. But there's no denying the pull of this Watermelon Stars Clutch ($72). The dark leather bottom complements the bright pink stars and gold zipper. There's... [More]


Metalized Friendship Bracelet

What do friendship bracelets made of fragile string say about your relationship? Just that one small incendiary spark could send the whole thing up in flames! What do friendship bracelets made of metal say? Probably some crap about being resilient and able to withstand hardships, but more than that, they... [More]


Lilac Kimono Robe

Now that the days are starting out all sunshiny and beautiful, we think you should, too! Wrap yourself in this knee-length lilac robe ($65) and you'll find yourself ready to smell the bloomin' buds in no time (perhaps even before you've had your coffee?). The cotton robe has wide, kimono-style... [More]


T-Rex Wall Sculpture

What's that, Mr. Nineteenth-Century Hunter? You're so proud of the above-average gazelle you killed that you mounted his head on the wall? If you like that, then you're going to love this... (Don't worry: no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of the T-Rex Wall Sculpture ($98).)... [More]


Will's Presentation Skulls Mug

You've just finished your morning cup of coffee, and with a brand new day ahead of you, you're ready to contemplate your own mortality and inevitable demise. Will's Presentation Skulls Mug ($18) is designed to remind you (or Will) to be aggressive during public presentations, but we like it because... [More]


UNIF Psych Out Dress

We're not sure who the UNIF Psych Out Dress ($135) is psyching out, the wearer or everyone who has to look at it. The contrast between the bright rainbow colors gives us a headache...but in that good way, y'know?... [More]


Paper Doll Lace Socks

Need something to complete your good girl outfit, but your doll's socks are too small? These scalloped Paper Doll Lace Socks ($8) are just what you need - they were made for a doll just your size!... [More]


Steel Life Matchstick Planters

These large Steel Life Matchstick Planters ($158-178) are just what your deck needs to complete its transformation into a oasis. Pot a few trailing plants so that they spill over the edges. It'll look nice and fancy and require minimal effort.... [More]


iPhone 5 Doodle Case

Don't like our iPhone skin suggestions? If you think you could do better, be our guest! The iPhone 5 Doodle Case ($18) is exactly what it sounds like - an iPhone case you can draw on, erase, and draw on again!... [More]


Cheap Monday Twist Bangle

Like every other iridescent bangle... but with a twist! The Cheap Monday Twist Bangle ($35) is an antiqued and alluring Möbius strip.... [More]


Lover Black Blazer

What in blazers!? The Lover Black Blazer ($89) from LOVERBIRD is two jackets in one: you can wear it as a normal blazer, or unzip and remove the bottom for a cropped jacket!... [More]


Land of Nod Charming Baskets

To be clear, The Land of Nod's adorbs Charming Baskets ($45-89) do not come with deadly snakes curled up inside of them (there aren't any non-deadly snakes present, either!). They do, however, feature ample storage space for all the extra stuff that needs to be hidden ten minutes before company... [More]


Let's Get This Straight Striped Pants

These Let's Get This Straight Striped Pants ($38) look an awful lot like pajamas. They've got a drawstring waist. They're striped. They sport a long, loose, comfortable fit. In fact, we're pretty sure we've seen family members wear almost identical garments to bed. But La Posh Style has filed them... [More]


Cat Necktie Collar

We give it five minutes before our beloved pet manages to drag this Cat Necktie Collar ($10) through food, water, or litter. But how freaking adorable will those five minutes be? Just make sure you've got your phone ready to snap some heart-meltingly cute pictures before your kitty manages to... [More]


Junk Food Yo! MTV Raps Tee

Relive a simpler time with the Junk Food Yo! MTV Raps Tee ($15). This retro shirt has a certain nostalgic allure - just be careful you don't give away your real age!... [More]


Studiopatró First Ten Towel

Cutting a check for the wedding card box is totally acceptable, but you probably want to show up at the bridal shower with something a little more personal. If you fail to find someone who wants to chip in for a registered espresso maker, wrap up a few kitchen essentials... [More]


Hexagon Bangles

The angles on these Hexagon Bangles ($16) might make them a touch uncomfortable to wear, particularly when we're trying to rest our wrists on flat surfaces such as desks or tables. But as waxing has taught us, sometimes beauty is worth a little pain.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Spornette Little Wonder

We've done the hard work of messing around with every teasing comb and brush available to us and because we like you, we're going to save you the trouble - the Little Wonder ($6) is where it's at! A few quick swipes and you'll have killer volume for an everyday... [More]


Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener

Are dull pencils driving you nuts like a steering wheel on your groin? The Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener ($6) is a adorable office toy that'll help you stay sharp!... [More]


Resurrection Cross Chain Earrings

Virgins, Saints, & Angels created the Resurrection Cross Chain Earrings ($103) for saints and sinners alike. You don't need good intentions in your heart to sport these square crosses with denim crystals and fuchsia beads. Just don't use your new powers of seduction for evil!... [More]


Rose Cross Shirt

Like if Easter and Valentine's Day teamed up! The Rose Cross Shirt ($25) could have many meanings, but aesthetically, the shapes complement each other well - especially with the paint splatter background.... [More]


Pajama Paste Mask

The kids are at Grandma's. The husband is out with the boys. It's time to queue up a Sex and the City marathon while you turn yourself into a creature out of a horror movie in the name of beauty. This Pajama Paste Mask ($20) is made to be slathered... [More]


Kate Spade New York Scene Pumps

Obviously we covet Kate Spade footwear, but we've accepted that it's out of reach. But all hope isn't lost - these Kate Spade New York Scene Pumps ($209) are marked down 30%. Maybe if we cross our fingers long enough they'll drop even further in price. Whether or not we... [More]


Geometric Stone Collar Necklace

At $16, it's highly unlikely that this Geometric Stone Collar Necklace ($16) contains anything genuinely mineral. That's all right. The colorful, faceted "stones" that make up this intriguing piece still look pretty even if they're plastic.... [More]


Gypsy Junkies Virginia Poncho

The bandita look is coming back with a vengeance this year, which is why you should hurry up and buy yourself this Gypsy Junkies Virginia Poncho ($94). With its neon-accented print and supersized fringe, it's the perfect piece to wear the day you finally double-cross that corrupt sheriff.... [More]


Straw Cloche Cap

A girl needs more than beanies and baseball caps - and people look at you strangely when you wear your princess tiara on the street. So why not add the Straw Cloche Cap ($16) to your headgear lineup?... [More]


Home Made Summer

Following the successes of Home Made and Home Made Winter, author Yvette van Boven has added Home Made Summer ($20) to the mix just in time for, well, summer. Apart from rounding out the collection, the book sports gorgeous photography and new recipes featuring yummy seasonal ingredients. If you're gardening... [More]


Desire Dress

We're not sure it gets any simpler than this Desire Dress ($30). The black sheath lacks sleeves, trim, heck, even a waistband. In fact, the only embellishment this piece is sporting is the elegant cutout back.... [More]


Nom Nom Lunch Bag

Pass on the lunch hour brown bag in favor of the Nom Nom Lunch Bag ($16) by Snowdon. Okay, so it's still technically brown in color, but the easy-wipe lined burlap will definitely hold up longer than a paper sack would. And certainly the hand-printed "Nom Nom" circle on the... [More]


Le Métier de Beauté Soft Touch Tinted Moisturizer

Don't settle for things or people that can only manage one task.* Le Métier de Beauté Soft Touch Tinted Moisturizer ($75) is able to protect and beautify in one step. Providing the SPF is the most important part of the process here. But this product takes it a simple step... [More]


Stolen Girlfriends Club Keyhole Ring

What's the key to unlocking a girl's ring finger? It's a question would-be fiancés have been asking themselves for centuries. And nothing symbolizes that struggle better than the Stolen Girlfriends Club Keyhole Ring ($212). Made from sterling silver, this ring is heavy in both weight and meaning.... [More]


J.Crew Clip Dot Top

While we could comfortably live in our worn tees and jean shorts all summer, we're trying to branch out a little. On the days when we choose not to don a sloppy outfit, we'll keep it classy and slip into the J.Crew Clip Dot Top ($135). It's still casual and... [More]


Balmy Days & Sundays Perfume

We've discovered our new favorite scent just in time for summer! Ineke's Balmy Days & Sundays ($95) is an amalgamation of sunny warmth and lazy afternoons. A light musky note is complimented by the breezy scent of summer flowers, like honeysuckle and rose, and leafy garden greens. It's both soft... [More]


Flora Baby Blanket

It seems like a crime to give this Flora Baby Blanket ($110) to an actual infant. This colorful handstitched piece is far too pretty to get repeatedly puked on (or worse). Maybe you can keep it someplace safe until said baby is old enough not to use it as a... [More]


Clover Canyon Woven Pesos Dress

"Slouchy" isn't usually a quality we're looking for in a summer frock, but the Clover Canyon Woven Pesos Dress ($246) is a notable exception. Its loose drop-waist cut is definitely headed for the deep end of casual, but this piece transforms that fashion danger zone into an enviable style thanks... [More]


Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Bare it all with Full Exposure Mascara ($20). Although the name is misleading, this mascara covers and coats your lashes, building them up with a flake-free formula that lasts all day. This stuff works wonders for everyday looks but also provides an ample amount of drama for nighttime mystique.... [More]


Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote

It may not be able to open any door in the universe, but this Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote ($90) will help you swap channels, at least. A few simple maneuvers are all you'll need to change volume, navigate your program guide, and even eject the tray of your Blu-ray player.... [More]


Bolivian Alpaca Sunset Scarf

We gotta respect longevity in fashion. South American ladies have been rocking pieces like this Bolivian Alpaca Sunset Scarf ($36) for centuries, and the look is still hot today. Maybe it's the comfort and warmth of soft alpaca wool, or the timelessly flattering traditional colors. Either way, this accessory is... [More]



Why settle for ordinary blocks or LEGO when you can get your kids exercising their creative juices with freaking robot pieces? This littleBits Starter Kit ($99) contains an array of modules that easily snap together to create electronic monstrosities projects. Start your evil genius on her path to world domination... [More]


Elaine Back Pack in Black

It's a backpack! It's a purse! It's a cleverly disguised panda! The Elaine Back Pack in Black ($33) is a lot of things, including cute as a button!... [More]


Fuuvi Charly Spoke Reflector

It's time to deck out your bike for the summer. If you'll be riding well into the evening, put a few Fuuvi Charly Spoke Reflectors ($10) onto your wheels. Not only will they add visibility as you zip along, they'll add personality to your ride. We're pretty partial to the... [More]


Full Speed Ahead Necklace

Ahoy there, mateys. 'Tis time to celebrate our affection for things nautical by purchasing this Full Speed Ahead Necklace ($14). Its gilded galleon* pendant is sure to shiver your timbers. *Look, we know, but "gilded galleon" sounded better than "darling dinghy."... [More]


Kate Spade Picnic Blanket

Summer is almost upon us! Dust off your picnic stuff, grab a Kate Spade Picnic Blanket ($28), and head to the park. Chances are you're one of many with the same alfresco idea. Smartie that you are, you'll make your blanket keep your spot staked out for you. Go throw... [More]


TShirt & Jeans Girl Wendy Tee

We all want a cozy fat man to cuddle. Hard bodies need not apply. And while we search, we'll just hug ourselves into this Wendy tee ($26).... [More]


Flip Alarm Clock

The only thing worse than waking up to an annoying alarm is not being able to shut the darn thing off! This Flip Alarm Clock ($45) simplifies everything without buttons or confusing settings - you just flip it over! Comes in lime, blue, purple, and red.... [More]


Pen Pal Clutch

Don't you absolutely love it when stuff looks like other stuff!?!? The Pen Pal Clutch ($26) isn't an envelope at all - it's actually a stitched vegan leather purse with a magnetic closure.... [More]


Alexis Bittar New Wave Lightning Cuff

Unleash you inner She-Ra with this Alexis Bittar New Wave Lightning Cuff ($195). The way its swirling bands of gold end in crystal-embellished bolts, this looks like just the sort of thing the Princess of Power would rock. Wear it for the honor of Grayskull!... [More]


Apivita Propoline Shampoo for Oily Roots and Dry Ends

Hair comes in three varieties: oily, dry, and "fickle pain in the ass." For those of us intimately familiar with that last one, this Apivita Propoline Shampoo for Oily Roots and Dry Ends ($20) might be just the ticket. It treats the scalp to help regulate oiliness while delivering much-needed... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Luminarc Conique Juice Glass Set

You could drink your apple or orange juice out of a glass from the Conique Juice Glass Set ($10 for six), or you could fill the seven-ounce cups with a mix of half beer and half fizzy lemonade and serve your perfect summer shandy to friends. You pick! What's a... [More]


Crochet Belt Twill Short

We'd pay $27 for the belt alone in this Crochet Belt Twill Short combo. The fact that it comes with a pretty darned cute pair of faded, rolled-hem thigh-revealers makes it a total steal.... [More]


Sock-It-Away Baby Sock Coin Purse

Good thing these Sock Coin Purses ($4) are made from cute little socks - no one wants to reach around in an adult's sweaty gym sock for a quarter. (Fifty cents, maybe.) Available in many styles.... [More]


This is How I Roll Maternity Tee

Pregnancy has plenty of ups and downs, which means it's important to try and keep a sense of humor. Show the world that you've embraced the body changes, mood swings, and soon-to-be sleepless nights by squeezing your belly into the This is How I Roll Maternity Tee ($38). Because trust... [More]


DreamBaby Stay-Put Cutlery Set

At least one person in your family thinks it's the most fun game ever: Toss the Spoon and Watch Mommy Fetch It. If you're having significantly less fun with it, set this DreamBaby Stay-Put Cutlery Set ($15) down in front of your little sadist at his next meal. He can... [More]


Daum Ginkgo Perfume Bottle

When it comes to perfume, you like the expensive stuff...and the cheap stuff. And you see nothing wrong with spending a little extra cash on something to help the cheap stuff look expensive. So put your drugstore perfume on display after pouring it into the Daum Ginkgo Perfume Bottle ($345).... [More]


Gilded Reeds Hinged Statement Collar

This Gilded Reeds Hinged Statement Collar is going to cost us more than $128. That's because we already know we'll be wearing this piece until the plating rubs off. We figure we might as well grab the regilding kit right off.... [More]


Flame Flare Tank

With its ruched neckline, silky feel, and orange-and-poppy ombré design, the Flame Flare Tank ($38) just might be better than an actual flare gun for drawing attention to campers in distress! (At least, it would be less likely to burn down a national park.)... [More]


Oh Pen!

We've seen multipurpose pens before. There are pens that double as highlighters and others that contain nail files and screwdrivers. There's even a pen that works as a self-defense aid. But this Oh Pen! ($10) has a power we'd actually make use of. Use the Oh Pen! to scribble down... [More]


Twisted Iron Hand Crafted Cuff

The Twisted Iron Hand Crafted Cuff ($18) looks like how we feel on the inside: twisted, chaotic, yet still resilient and at times beautiful. Hey, it beats feeling like a pair of hoop earrings - empty on the inside.... [More]


Snakeskin Print Flip Flops

Hey, it works for boots. Why not all footwear? The Snakeskin Print Flip Flops ($39) are actually rubber, but the idea is clear.... [More]


Secretly In Love Throw Pillow

Talk about a modern classic - if you like The Royal Tenenbaums as much as we do, you'll appreciate the Secretly In Love Throw Pillow ($20).... [More]


Bad Intentions Necklace

A flask with a skull on it seems appropriate - like a surgeon general's warning on cigarettes. The Bad Intentions Necklace ($44) offers a good mix of some of our favorite dark elements, whatever your intentions may be.... [More]


Mineral Fusion Naturally Radiant Kit

Bride, bridesmaids, groom, mothers-in-law. Everyone is FREAKING THE EFF OUT! So just stash these Mineral Fusion Naturally Radiant Kits ($25) in the bridal party's dressing room and cross that to-do off the list. It's simple enough that even the most cosmetically-challenged girl can still figure it out on the day... [More]


Cross Flock Muscle

Ah, burgundy...we love you because you remind us of wine, flowers, and the movie Anchorman. Make no mistake about it, as cool as the cross design is, the real star of the Cross Flock Muscle ($72) is the color.... [More]


Sobremesa Multicolor Handwoven Chef Apron

Bacon spatters never wash out. Trust us, we've tried everything from dish soap to vinegar to hair spray. Once they've landed, there's no dislodging them. Our best line of defense is to protect our favorite frocks and pants with this Sobremesa Multicolor Handwoven Chef Apron ($36). Because we're sure as... [More]


Aztec Print Scarf

We're pretty sure you'll find yourself with an extra spring to your step after you knot the Aztec Print Scarf ($26) around your neck. The gauzy fabric and the warm-weather pattern will have you greeting spring with a cheerful attitude and an even more cheerful look. It'll top off your... [More]


Ultra CHI Red Ceramic Flat Iron

Why can't your beauty tools be beautiful, too? With the Ultra CHI Red Ceramic Flat Iron ($100), you can straighten your hair, reduce frizz, and add shine - plus look good doing it! The 1-inch tourmaline ceramic plates work instantly to create silky, shiny hair. But dress accordingly while doing... [More]


Boon Snack Box

The day you receive a divided plate for your firstborn, you're forced to evaluate what it is that you're feeding them and how many food groups you're actually relying on. Applesauce and Goldfish are not cutting it. This Boon Snack Box ($15) actually makes you fill all the compartments, challenging... [More]


Dos Riberas Carnaval Fabric Necklace

Brighten up your look with this Dos Riberas Carnaval Fabric Necklace ($130). The designer gave precious gems and metals the pass, opting instead to use tiny flags of multicolored cloth to create this artsy, eye-catching piece... [More]


Cats with Umbrellas Walking Stick Umbrella

Who are the makers of this Cats with Umbrellas Walking Stick Umbrella ($40) trying to kid? Any self-respecting cat owner knows that no feline in its right mind is going to prance around outside when it's raining, umbrella or no umbrella. For cats, rainy days mean extended napping. (We envy... [More]


Coletta Bow Blouse

If your better assets are in back, then wearing this Coletta Bow Blouse ($33) won't feel like much of a revelation. But for the rest of us, this striped piece with its big bow embellishment is sure to draw more than our usual quota of admiring eyes.... [More]


Zip Back Open Stitch Sweater

This Zip Back Open Stitch Sweater ($40) is breaking all the sweater rules. Sweaters are supposed to be for keeping you warm and cozy through the winter, but with its lightweight open weave, this looks downright breezy. What can we say? We've always had a thing for rebels.... [More]


Emily Dickinson Candle

Want to know what reclusion smells like? We always thought it'd combine dust and body odor with mothballs, but Paddywax begs to differ. Their Emily Dickinson candle ($24) pays tribute to the queen hermit herself with a gentle blend of lavender and cassis.... [More]


Lola Pastel Tassels and Brass Necklace

Wearing this Lola Pastel Tassels and Brass Necklace ($36) is like having a party on your collarbones. The soft pastel palette of the tassels in this piece totally reminds us of classic birthday decorations, and its look is as much fun as an afternoon full of cake and presents.... [More]


Keep Calm And Call Batman Socks

Well, it's not bad advice... Keep Calm And Call Batman Socks ($5)... [More]


Burning Fire Leggings

Someone call a botanist, 'cause these stems are on fire! The Burning Fire Leggings ($27) don't just have a sizzling fire print - there's that cool rising flame effect that makes it look like things are just starting to heat up!... [More]


Mixed Beaded Bracelet Set

Don't be a one-bead kind of girl! Diversity is the spice of life! This Mixed Beaded Bracelet Set ($65) gives you not one but two beaded bracelets, each with their own stunning designs. Just look - they even have Ming-vase-themed beads!... [More]


Flat Enamel Pendant Light

Need to wring the truth out of a dodgy roommate about the fate of that leftover pizza you were saving for dinner? Sit 'em down under this Flat Enamel Pendant Light ($159), call 'em a dirty rat, and thump the table a couple times, and you'll have 'em feeling like... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Ruby Wing Gypsy Nail Polish

You are never too old for color-changing nail polish. In fact, the older you get, the more appropriate it becomes. We promise. Ruby Wing Gypsy Nail Polish ($10) What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Ferris Bueller's Day Off Cross Stitch Pattern

Life moves pretty fast. You might as well stop and cross-stitch it! At least, that's the idea behind the Ferris Bueller's Day Off Cross Stitch Pattern ($6) by weelittlestitches. The iconic design is part of a whole pop culture series called Pixel People. If Ferris and gang aren't your favorite... [More]


Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadows

Ready to get a little bolder with your makeup? A dramatic eye is a good place to start and these Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadows ($16) will have you looking all Jennifer Lawrence a la the Golden Globes in no time. Err, minus the confusing acceptance speech.... [More]


Gold Digger Clutch

Show your sugar daddy that you're worth every penny by carrying the Gold Digger Clutch ($48)! With an alternating spike/stud design, it's perfect for holding everything except your wallet - because what do you need that for?... [More]


OnGARD Door Brace

We're not ones to get all crazy up in here, but we do like to keep the crazy out there. The OnGARD Door Brace ($129) does just that, keeping creeps on the other side of the door. It works with solid steel or solid wood doors, giving you an added... [More]


Bone High Heels

These Bone High Heels ($118) aren't just for Halloween parties and Cure tribute concerts! You have plenty of bone-themed accessories and shirts, but what about shoes?... [More]


Maroon Gypsy Turban

This Maroon Gypsy Turban ($22) has an exotic look, while the brilliant color gives it a fashionable sensibility. Those pleats are no accident, either.... [More]


Raw Wallet

Not every piece of your wardrobe has to be about pomp and circumstance. Understated pieces can allow other more exaggerated items to pop. For example: when you set this Raw Wallet ($140), subtle and toned down, next to your extravagant neon monstrosity purse left over from last summer, both will... [More]


Plane and Simple Dress

What's black and white and red all over? You, wearing the Plane and Simple Dress ($45), and blushing from all the compliments you'll receive!... [More]


Customized Pop Art

We all love Andy Warhol's classic take on Marilyn Monroe, but don't you think it's missing something... like you? Be your own pop art icon with Images-n-Stuff's Customized Pop Art ($40 - $200). Choose any picture you want, and have it delivered in various formats, from a framed poster to... [More]


Alice Mosaic Dress

What'd you say? We couldn't hear you because this pattern is so loud! No one is accusing the Alice Mosaic Dress ($320) of being too subtle. If you like designs that are so complex they're dizzying, this is right up your alley.... [More]


i picked this for you Folded Card

Want to send someone a card that won't just get tossed into the recycling bin? We'd like to see anyone be so callous with this i picked this for you Folded Card ($16). It's embellished not with another pithy phrase or sparkly watercolor flower, but with an honest-to-goodness handstitched felt-and-wool... [More]


Little Guy Rough Rider

Take a walk with us down fantasy lane... We dream of the day when a Ryan-Gosling-type lumberjack takes us and the dog for a road trip, towing the Little Guy Rough Rider ($inquire) behind the Jeep Wrangler, doors off and top down, of course. We'll attach two kayaks on top,... [More]


YSL Golden Gloss

For the people who poop into diamond-encrusted toilets and drive around in leather-wrapped Ferraris, Golden Gloss ($30) would be a purchase for continuity's sake. Made with gold, actual gold, this luscious formula coats lips in a nourishing shine that reflects light and glimmers like, well, gold.... [More]


cabin & moss Geometric Wooden Blocks

We're always at a loss for what to get our hip girlfriends who've taken the plunge and are having kids. Their homes always look like something out of a design blog, and the nurseries don't contain a single item that isn't midcentury modern. But now we think we've finally found... [More]


Ark n Co Twist Chiffon Dress

Lacking some volume in the sweetheart department? Fake it with the Ark n Co Twist Chiffon Dress ($52). (Though once the dress comes off, you're on your own, ladies.)... [More]


Wings Tardis in Time Pendant Necklace

Who's that British TV character who flies through space in the Tardis? Doctor who? That's what I'm asking, what's his name? Yes, but doctor who?! What's his name?! Show your support for your favorite sci-fi character with the Wings Tardis in Time Pendant Necklace ($10) by Riverwalk Designs.... [More]


Boy and Girl Earrings

Who needs human friends when you can have two tiny bejeweled children whispering in your ear all day!? These Boy and Girl Earrings ($6) from House of Mima are speckled with zircon... at least we think it's zircon - our Polish is a little... nonexistent.... [More]


Roaring Twenties Necklace

The 1920s weren't considered a golden age because the jewelry sucked! Just look at this Roaring Twenties Necklace ($19) and you'll see what we mean. This art deco oiece features gold-plated brass and black-and-white enamel and should make you look like the bee's knees!... [More]


Nutty Steph's Magic Chunks

Not that we're complaining, but as good as granola is, it can always be made better with the addition of chocolate! We're grateful that the people at Nutty Steph's agree with us. They take yummy oat-and-nut-laden granola, roast it with pure Vermont maple syrup, dip it in chocolate, and bring... [More]


Flashman Hudson Bay Axe

This Hudson Bay Axe ($255) by Best Made is a versatile, everyday axe, so long as your idea of "everyday" differs from ours. Still, you'll be glad you invested in it. Its longer-than-average handle will come in handy in the event that you've got to swing it at zombies. The... [More]


Scarf Print Wide Leg Capris

We're certainly not knocking the appeal of traditional pin-thin varieties of summery short pants, but we're loving the alternative presented by these Scarf Print Wide Leg Capris ($20). Not only do they come in a rocking blue print with elegant black trim and a drawstring waist, their loose fit makes... [More]


Smile Makers

Ramblin' Brands's set of Smile Makers ($54 each) will certainly give you something to grin about! The cheeky vibrators come in fireman, millionaire, tennis coach, and Frenchman. Each boasts a different area of expertise, but all come with the right shape and speed to stimulate both internal and external "O"... [More]

bow-clips-sm.jpg Petite Bow Bobbi

No need to tie a bow into your tresses. Clipping them back with a Petite Bow Bobbi ($25) is way easier. The crystal-accented pins come in candy pink and blue and are just big enough to help keep bangs swept aside, or to add a little sparkle to a... [More]


Seagrass Tumblers and Carafe Set

What could be more summery than sipping homemade lemonade out of this Seagrass Tumblers and Carafe Set ($54)? These vintage-styled cups aren't just lovely to look at: their removable seagrass sleeves also keep those pesky condensation rings at bay.... [More]


GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter

You went Paleo for about two seconds, only to realize that a six-pack stomach wasn't nearly as important as that six-pack of Greek yogurt you go through twice a week. You did, however, find extreme joy in veggie pasta. But stringing zucchini through the mandolin resulted in too many ripped... [More]


Shirttail Skirt in Pick-Up Sticks

Our love for this Shirttail Skirt in Pick-Up Sticks ($85) is all about the print. How could we not flip our lids for this ultracolorful blitz of tumbled sticks and stripes? We'd be nuts for it on anything from shirts to sneakers, but this high-waisted mini is just about perfect.... [More]



We're surprised our iPhones function as anything more than a paperweight considering how often we send them plummeting to the ground in an attempt to silence that godawful alarm. Our motor skills are just not on point when we're jolted from slumber, so grabbing a slippery glass rectangle and hitting... [More]


Red Bird Salt & Pepper Shaker Set in Stand

The Red Bird Salt & Pepper Shaker Set in Stand ($18) looks like something we'd expect to see next to a tabletop jukebox at someplace called "Betty's." It's a much better way to bring that diner feeling home than inviting the short order cook over for breakfast. Lou's a nice... [More]


Mood Cushion

Finally! Upholstery wizards have extracted the magical essence of mood rings and put it into a cushion! This plush Mood Cushion ($29) is white when it's off, but turn it on and it will shift between pink, purple, yellow, and green! And just like with mood rings, the color has... [More]


Wee Ones Knot Teeny Genie Detangling Brush

We really wish the Wee Ones Knot Teeny Genie Detangling Brush ($15, in pink or teal) had existed back in the 1980s. Then we wouldn't have had the world's least flattering hairdos, or been mistaken for little boys more times than we could count, and maybe we could have had... [More]


Make Amends Striped Sweater

We like the message behind the Make Amends Striped Sweater ($58): if mohair and wool can put aside their differences and make amends, why can't we? See how happy these fibers are now that they've put the past behind them? They look so great together!... [More]


Model Co Lip Luxe Set Duo

A good two-in-one product is hard to pass up. Especially when it's being sold at what basically amounts to half off. The products in the Model Co Lip Luxe Set Duo ($69), available in three shades, can be worn together or separately as two different lip treatments. Sort of Jekyll... [More]


Asparagus Produce Bag

This Asparagus Produce Bag ($12) hits a genuine double. The reusable pouch is both durable and easily washable, and features a cool produce-themed print. Not only will it help you make your shopping more eco-friendly, it'll make you one of the hippest kids at the farmers' market or grocery store.... [More]


DKNY Crepe de Chine Blouse

This Crepe de Chine Blouse ($110) is woven in a traditional style that eschews bright colors and tacky designs and instead celebrates the simple, natural beauty of flowers.... [More]


Hedgehogs A2 Stationery

Occasionally we find something, such as this Hedgehogs A2 Stationery ($13), that is so cute we start mentally planning a "write to" list before we even finish checking out. What do you think? Do you know at least ten people who could benefit from reading a cheerful little note from... [More]


CREED Acqua Fiorentina Deodorant

Acqua Fiorentina Deodorant ($65) emulates the fragrance of the same name, but in a stick form. Rose, lemon, plum, white carnation, and apple scents combine to create the loveliest-smelling deodorant to ever grace your pits.... [More]


You Tell Us: Cigarette Necklace

We're guessing there might be a bit of debate over where we should categorize this Cigarette Necklace ($120). Clever couture or fashion faux pas?... [More]


Sam Edelman Leighton Flats

Remember a couple of years ago when the fashion gods decided to come out with adult jelly shoes? And you got really excited and bought some and promptly uncovered repressed childhood memories of the awful blisters they cause? Try these Sam Edelman Leighton Flats ($70) instead. They're available in a... [More]


Gardener's Seed Saving Kit

Saving your own seeds for next year's garden is a cool and economical way to keep those flowers and veggies coming, but if you're going to do it right, you've got to start planning early. Some of those favorite plants have to be specially cared for from the minute they... [More]


Flamingo Midi Dress

Nothing says "I'm ready for my cocktail on the patio now" quite like a frock full of flamingos. This Midi Dress ($92) pairs that retro-summer print and a stylish cut with a loose cowl neckline and pleated skirt. Just add the margarita.... [More]


Momiji Message Doll - Vixen

Just when you thought your life couldn't get any cuter, Momiji goes and invents a new way to communicate! The Momiji Message Dolls ($24) - like Vixen here - each have a hidden compartment for messages on the bottom. There are lots of styles to choose from, including London guard,... [More]


Chain-Link Print Goldtone Hardware Top

We expect great hardware on our handbags, but never thought to look for it on our shirts. But this Chain-Link Print Goldtone Hardware Top ($20) turns a little heavy metal into a perfect accent. Just make sure to follow that order to "Hand Wash Only", or your washer will end... [More]


Lover Fuschia Knit Halter 50s Bikini

There's a reason those curvy pinups of the Golden Age wore high-waisted styles when showing their stuff. Sitting the top of your bottoms at your actual waist makes for a far more body-friendly look than today's bum-skimmers have. Thankfully, we've discovered this Lover Fuschia Knit Halter 50s Bikini ($265), which... [More]


Fairiche Vivid Radiance Day Moisturizer

Finding a good daily moisturizer is a epic journey. You pour an excessive amount of money into each new bottle and hope you emerge on the other side with decent-looking skin. The Vivid Radiance Day Moisturizer ($55) from Fairiche is in the mid-to-high price range, but completely worth it. The... [More]



Broken dish racks, frayed cables, or busted boots got you down? sugru ($18) can cure what ails you. This high-tech miracle goop sticks to just about anything, from aluminum to glass, wood, or ceramic. Just mold it into place and let it cure overnight into a tough but flexible patch... [More]


Daphne Leather Double Wrap Bracelet

Like those baking soda and vinegar volcanoes we made in elementary school, some jewelry pieces are more than the mere sum of their parts. We think this Daphne Leather Double Wrap Bracelet ($115) is a prime example. Just look at the impact its richly hued leather has when paired with... [More]


Kate Spade's Manners

We could readily name some specific people who would benefit from a book on manners, but they're the same people who would never read one. Still, Kate Spade's Manners ($14) is full of thoughtful solutions to life's little conundrums, and some plain old good advice.... [More]


Moroccan Top

We admit it: we're suckers for pretty, and we're not sure it gets any lovelier than the delicate lace and crochet of this Moroccan Top ($145). It's ideal for tossing on after a trip to the beach or for wearing over a cami or bralette for a trip to town.... [More]


Guitar Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board

Cooking and playing music aren't so different: both require timing, nimble fingers, and an understanding of measures! The Guitar Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board ($28) marries the two arts in one practical kitchen tool!... [More]


Silver Zip Tie Bracelet

Fastening an actual zip tie around your wrist would make it look like you seriously screwed up a DIY project. Put on this Silver Zip Tie Bracelet ($165), and the shape turns ironically stylish. And no, it doesn't get tighter if you pull on it.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Lace Trim Tube Top

It's time to stock your wardrobe with those summer essentials, and this Lace Trim Tube Top ($6) is a great way to start. It's an ideal piece for summer layering that will barely make a dent in your wallet, and you can also wear it solo as a simple backdrop... [More]


Hand Painted Enamel Floral Tumblers

Think how much cooler those refreshing summer beverages will look and taste coming from these recycled aluminum Hand Painted Enamel Floral Tumblers ($40)? They're a sure way to add some summery color to your table.... [More]


Bend Dining Chair

It might be a bit beyond our usual craigslist-level budget for backyard furniture, but this Bend Dining Chair ($211) has totally caught our attention. The elegant pattern to the powder-coated steel frame of this piece would give our deck decor an instant museum-quality upgrade.... [More]


Maya Mini Dress

What if our childhood pal Strawberry Shortcake (the original, not the remake) grew up to be a fashionable young woman? Then she would be all about the Maya Mini Dress ($115), a loose-fitting summer dress with a familiar color scheme.... [More]


LEGO Cufflinks

Is your man complaining about wearing a suit to that wedding you got invited to? With these LEGO Cufflinks ($6) you should be able to convince him that dressing up isn't all that bad. However, you may want to make sure he doesn't start trying to build an airplane underneath... [More]


Mango Wood Bath Rack

Baths are not meant to be quick. You're supposed to drink, read, and relax in the darned thing till the water turns cold. And with this Mango Wood Bath Rack ($70), you won't even have to lean over to pick up that glass of wine or trashy magazine.... [More]


Black Milk AT-AT Swimsuit

We didn't have any doubts about Black Milk being the place to go for nerdy swimwear, but this AT-AT Swimsuit ($105) has definitely cemented their superiority. While we don't recommend this suit for use on Hoth, we do recommend it if teeny-weeny floral bikinis aren't your scene.... [More]


Neon Wood Serving Spoons

They're probably the most common kitchen implement, but who says that means they have to be boring? These Neon Wood Serving Spoons ($8) are much more fun than their traditional neutral-toned cousins. Isn't that worth spending an extra buck or two?... [More]


The Spider Ring

There's a little dark-and-twisty in all of us, and we're betting yours is going into paroxysms of Gothic delight at the sight of The Spider Ring ($139). This unapologetically massive piece looks like just the thing to wear while giving people the evil eye or dropping poison into someone's absinthe.... [More]


Hanging Nest Planter

On one hand, the Hanging Nest Planter ($34) ought to prevent your kitties from climbing the shelves and furniture to knock over your newly planted indoor ivy. On the other, if they do manage to get near this sweet little planter as it hangs from the ceiling, we can't claim... [More]


70's Shorts

There's no ironic twist here: these 70's Shorts ($49) are pitch-perfect tributes to the style we grew up admiring on episodes of Charlie's Angels. Match them with roller skates, a feathered hairdo, and some ninja moves for a truly authentic look.... [More]


Chalkboard Pad

Seriously. Forget handing your kid your iPad (correction: your second iPad, because said kid threw your first onto the tile floor when an Elmo app took too long to load). The Chalkboard Pad ($50) from Peg and Awl should be entertainment enough. It's free of bells, whistles, and even bright... [More]


Face & Body Polisher

Buff away the blandness of winter skin with RG Apothecary's natural Face & Body Polisher ($38). Just slather it on before you wash your face or hop into the shower. Once the water rinses you clean, you'll find your skin feels fresh and healthy. Keep a tub on hand to... [More]


KORS Michael Kors Odell

The super simple Odell flat ($130, on sale) may not sport sequins or embroidery, but it does deserve a place in your summer wardrobe. The supple leather and suede will mold to your feet so when you slip these on, so you won't suffer from smooshed toes or chafed ankles.... [More]


Beeswax Gnome Candle

It's cool if gardening isn't your thing. You can still stash a few gnomes around the house for good luck. The four-inch Beeswax Gnome Candles ($16 each) will keep well on your mantel, bookshelf, or tabletop. At least, until you light the tips of their pointy little hats. Then they'll... [More]


Hatchet In A Bottle Necklace

The Hatchet In A Bottle Necklace ($49): Because you never know when you might need to take down a tiny tree.... [More]


Personal Shopper: An Under-$1000, All-Over-Lace Wedding Gown for Briana

Briana F. wrote: "After dating the perfect guy, we are finally engaged! I had bookmarked the perfect dress years ago and when I emailed a dress shop to get more information, I found out it was WAY too expensive.I love everything about this dress, except the price. I would like... [More]


Kate Spade Play The Field Terry

We're sassy. Why shouldn't our tote bags be? This Kate Spade Play The Field Terry ($248) certainly gets the job done. It's not just a clever reminder to keep our options open - it's a pun in bag form. And how many giggle-worthy lines are capable of holding all our... [More]


Mother's Day Tattoo Card

Is your badass mom less the breakfast-in-bed-and-flowers sort and more the let's-get-matching-tattoos kind? Before committing to new permanent ink, give her the Mother's Day Tattoo Card ($3.50). She'll get to walk around for a few days with a reminder of her awesomeness and you get to avoid making any hasty... [More]


Fragment Silver Necklace

Let's be honest with ourselves: a piece of silver jewelry is just a chunk of rock. The Fragment Silver Necklace ($131) is true to itself - it doesn't tolerate nonessentials like Euclidean shapes or jewels.... [More]


Ikat Pom Pom Pillow

Pom-poms make everything more charming. They're sweet on winter hats, adorable on sweaters, and cuter than buttons on this Ikat Pom Pom Pillow ($85).... [More]


Painters Button Up Blouse

Sure, it's already been hot for years, but like cowboy boots and the Ford Mustang, ombré is here to stay. Just see how fab it looks in this Painters Button Up Blouse ($35). If it keeps getting used in styles this eye-catching, it might even outlast denim and Chuck Taylors.... [More]


Huit Equivoque Brazilian Brief

While your drawers are undoubtedly full of pretty, lacy, barely-there underwear, some days you just need more coverage, you know? Enter the Equivoque Brazilian Brief ($38) from Huit. It has plenty of classy sex appeal and style, but it also does what no thong can ever truly do: give you... [More]


Art of Instruction Botanical Journals

It'd be awfully clever of us to use these Art of Instruction Botanical Journals ($13) to keep records of our gardening efforts. But how much easier is it to just ignore the fact that hornworms turn up every year and devour all of the tomatoes? We'll use the books to... [More]


Bain de Soleil Orange Gelée Sunscreen

We know, SPF 4 might as well be SPF not-gonna-cut-it. You won't find yourself completely shielded from the evils of the sun after slathering on a palmful of Bain de Soleil Orange Gelée Sunscreen ($10). But it'll help you get a bit of color while keeping the harshest of rays... [More]


Aura Lights

Want to look a little saintly? Position yourself at just the right angle in front of one of these Aura Lights ($345 and up). The simple arrangement of opaque bulb and glimmering brass ring should seem downright holy with your head smack-dab in front of it.... [More]


Bandolino Tortolla Wedge

We dare you to find a more perfect summer palette than the one we see in this Bandolino Tortolla Wedge ($55), where cool aqua mingles with spicy coral and sultry magenta. We're already daydreaming about how fabulous these will look with a pair of capris at the cabana bar happy... [More]


TABASCO Gallon Jugs

Imagine the look on your dinner guest's face when he asks for a little Tabasco and you slam this baby down on the table! If you like to spice up everything you eat, this TABASCO Gallon Jug ($39) is the next best thing after a running faucet of hot sauce!... [More]


Zombie Bootcamp Experience for Two

Looking for the perfect romantic getaway? The Zombie Bootcamp Experience for Two ($243) combines the fun of war games with zombie fantasy, complete with weapons training and exercise missions. The "camp" is held in Worcestershire, England, so if you're Stateside, be prepared to tack on some plane tickets.... [More]


Fresh As Flowers Top

What better look could there be for spring than this Fresh As Flowers Top ($50)? It covers all our bases for celebrating the arrival of warmer weather - a pretty floral pattern, a lacy and feminine style, and a sleeveless cut to help us start building that tan back up.... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: April 15, 2013

When your purse options are as lovely as the ones in this week's poll over at The Purse Page, it's impossible to make a wrong decision. Just make sure you don't forget to decide which pretty has caught your eye! By voting for your favorite handbag or clutch, you increase... [More]


Magnetic Photo Ropes

Frames are overrated. Either that, or we're just lazy. But seriously, we're all for tacking up our snapshots on a series of Magnetic Photo Ropes ($12 each). They give us instant wall collages without making us worry about things like matting or making sure everything is level.... [More]


Golden Wrench Ring

Having trouble finding the right accessory to complete your outfit? Throw a wrench in it! The Golden Wrench Ring ($6) incorporates that twisted hardware motif we love so much in jewelry! Also available in silver and black.... [More]


Table Manners Dinner Napkins

Sure, the embroidered Table Manners Dinner Napkins ($66 for a set of six) may be marketed toward parents with young kids, but we're hoping the matter-of-fact stitching gets the point across to everyone: we cooked all day so we expect good manners from all who dig in!... [More]


Crazy Sexy Cool Beanie

Why pick just one when you can be all three? The Crazy Sexy Cool Beanie ($36) may or may not be a reference to the '90s band TLC, but since the hit album came out almost two decades ago, kids today won't know the difference!... [More]


Galapagos Pillows

Really, now. We don't know anyone who readily drops this kinda moola on throw pillows! But there has to be a market for The Galapagos Pillow ($198-228) or else it wouldn't be for sale, right? To be fair, the pillows are completely charming, what with their embroidered sea life. We'd... [More]


bliss A Tan For All Seasons

Springing for a weekly spray tan is definitely the fastest way to deplete your summer margarita savings. Keep your hard-earned boozing money by going the DIY route instead. With a bottle of A Tan For All Seasons ($36) from bliss, you'll get the same results for half the moola. Spray,... [More]


Tori Praver Marilyn One Piece

The one-piece swimsuit is making a comeback. We've seen so many sexy and flattering versions this season that we may give our bikinis a break and invest in something like the Tori Praver Marilyn One Piece ($149). With tummy-flattening ruching, a pretty pink print, removable halter straps, and a small... [More]


Gal About Town Wedges

We'd better stock up on denim, solid shorts, and capris, because we seem to be nuts for brightly-colored shoes this season. These Gal About Town Wedges ($65) are a perfect example, with their woven pattern of green, gold, blue, orange, and pink leather straps.... [More]


Cracked Up Mug

Wow, this store-bought version of a Cracked Up Mug ($16) looks a lot better - and safer - than the one we made ourselves with the help of a clumsy dinner guest.... [More]


Jessica Dress from Kate Spade

We may not know who "Jessica" is, but we know she's got style! The Jessica Dress from Kate Spade ($328) features masterful use of color, pattern, and cut, meaning it's a solid dress for lots of girls besides Jessica.... [More]


Valley of the Sun Necklace

This Valley of the Sun Necklace ($42) isn't going to play second fiddle to some wacky print or embellished neckline. This stunning piece demands center stage. Give it what it deserves by pairing it with a simple white blouse or tee.... [More]


The Accursed

We don't mind reading stories about things that go bump in the night so long as the sun is shining, and now that the days are longer, we've cracked open The Accursed ($19). Joyce Carol Oates tampers with history and creates a completely Gothic world full of mystery, devilish shape-shifters,... [More]


Lost Highway Moto Vest

Need something to accent your Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt? The Lost Highway Moto Vest ($68) features vegan leather, a zip closure, and asymmetrical pockets, to bring out a responsible amount of your wild side.... [More]


JUMP FROM PAPER Bonjour 3D Handbag

Anyone's who ever fallen in love with Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been dreaming of something like this for decades! The JUMP FROM PAPER Bonjour 3D Handbag ($99) is a flat but functional handbag with a cool visual effect that would make even A-ha doubt what they see.... [More]


Le Cadeaux Rooster Food Storage Bowls

Why settle for boring old Tupperware when you can keep your leftovers in these Le Cadeaux Rooster food storage bowls ($35). Their folk-art-inspired pattern is so pretty, you won't mind using them to take your chow straight from fridge to table.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Tiffany Blue Wedding Shoes for Jessica

Jessica writes: "Hello! I am a big fan. I've found a lot of cool interesting stuff here. That is why I am asking for your help. I am getting married in July and I can't find the right shoes. I am looking for some light blue shoes, and I can... [More]


Kikkerland Bird Paper Clips

The paper there no better symbol for boredom and tedium? Spice up your paper-pushing with these Kikkerland Bird Paper Clips ($4) - each pack of six will remind you and your coworkers of what's beyond your cubicle walls!... [More]


Rainbow Druzy Casing Ring

This is what happens when rainbows are left out past their expiration date. Rainbow Druzy Casing Ring ($82)... [More]


Fried Chicken & Champagne

The Fried Chicken & Champagne cookbook ($25) by Lisa Dupar initially sparked our interest because we're forever splurging on champagne despite our fried chicken budget. Also, noshing on a fried chicken leg whilst sipping champagne sounds like a fantastic way to spend an evening. We haven't been disappointed. Not only... [More]


Shooting Star Lennon Sweater

Why do we love the Shooting Star Lennon Sweater ($218)? You have a sweet-and-innocent star design with an extra sugary rainbow trail, but before it gets too cutesy, you notice the destroyed detailing!... [More]


Leisure Skeleton Print T-Shirt

The market is flooded with skeleton prints for formal wear - isn't it time for a skeleton shirt you can wear around the house? Presenting the Leisure Skeleton Print T-Shirt ($33) - the perfect alternative to the Skeleton Print Evening Gown!... [More]


Cross Print Ripped Knitted Pullover

Every now and then, goth culture comes out with something everyone can wear. This Cross Print Ripped Knitted Pullover ($32) suits fashionistas and aspiring vampires alike! Also available in white.... [More]


Leatherette Trim Pleated Chiffon Dress

Will it make it look like we're auditioning to be extras on the set of Spartacus? Perhaps. Do we care? Not a fig. This Leatherette Trim Pleated Chiffon Dress ($44) is too cute and flattering to resist. Just avoid accessorizing it with goldtone hair accessories and gladiator sandals if you'd... [More]


Otter Wax Leather Care Sampler

Before you pack up your thigh-high leather boots for the summer, give them a little TLC. They'll store better after you've brushed them down and coated them with wax. The Otter Wax Leather Care Sampler ($30) will provide you with everything you need to banish salt stains and to seal... [More]


Champagne Bottle Bangles

When we think of wearing our wine, we're usually remembering a drunken splash of merlot landing on our white patio pants. These Champagne Bottle Bangles ($20) sound much less embarrassing.... [More]


Third Dimension Cap

Fashionistas will appreciate the Third Dimension Cap ($25) for the eye-catching black/white design, while classic arcade-goers will immediately grow nostalgic for Q*bert!... [More]


Secret Club Tags

Spice up your keychain with one of these Secret Club Tags ($6). Inspired by the plastic plates used in hotels that stubbornly stick to having actual keys for their room doors, these bobs pay playful tribute to a range of imaginary (but seriously cool-sounding) societies.... [More]


Motel Gabby Dress in Iridescent Sequin

Kermit may say it's not easy being green, but we disagree. Slip into the formfitting Gabby Dress ($96) and you'll change your tune, too. It sparkles with a million aqua-jade sequins, helping you to make a stunning entrance.... [More]


Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder

Rubber band balls are for children and Pee-wee Herman. As a mature adult with the responsibilities of a desk job, you need something more sophisticated to play with instead of doing work. That's where the Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder ($7) can help!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Birch Bark Ring

It might not be the most comfortable piece of jewelry to wear, but since when did comfort enter into our accessory-purchasing decisions? This Birch Bark Ring ($4) looks darned cute, in a traditional sort of way. Each one is handpainted, so you're getting something truly unique. And how often is... [More]


Blu Mare Dinnerware

If only we had a beach house! We'd stock its cabinets with pieces from the Blu Mare dinnerware collection ($27 - $151). The bold, ocean-inspired blue and white pattern would be perfect for those meals on our seaside balcony. But we suppose it'll also look pretty sharp in our entirely... [More]


Vanities Bandana Fabric and Bone Skull Tie Bracelet

Warning: you may be asked to join a biker gang when out on the town wearing this Vanities Bandana Fabric and Bone Skull Tie Bracelet ($55). This piece is so rough-and-tumble, it looks like it's meant to be worn while you're gripping the throttle of a Harley or riding bitch... [More]


Modern Geisha Floral Kimono Top

We positively adore pieces like this Modern Geisha Floral Kimono Top ($55), because they always make us look like we put WAY more thought into our outfit than we did. Just tie this on over a cami (or not, if you're on a date!) and skinny jeans, add sandals or... [More]


Insta-Luck Authentic Four Leaf Clover

Does it seem like the whole world is against you? Turn things around with this Insta-Luck Authentic Four Leaf Clover ($13). The botanical charm inside this little bottle has been carefully preserved, so you won't have to worry about your Insta-Luck going brown and shrively. Disclaimer: Outblush does not recommend... [More]


Eddie Borgo Bear Trap Ring

No, these aren't dentures (unless you're a goon in a James Bond film). The Eddie Borgo Bear Trap Ring ($235) is a sterling silver accessory that can capture a miniature bear or the attention of more desirable mammals.... [More]


The Lord of Fashion T-Shirt

Anyone who wears as much black as Vader must know a thing a two about fashion! This Lord of Fashion T-Shirt ($18) allows the debonair dark lord to express his style views the only way he knows how: through menace and intimidation. Available in lots of colors.... [More]


Cluster Beads Braid Bracelet

Going far beyond typical beadwork, the Cluster Beads Braid Bracelet ($6) looks like something made at summer camp by Leonardo da Vinci.... [More]


Seaside-Colored Bulb String Lights

If we can't make it to the shore this summer, we're going to do our damnedest to bring the beach to us. We'll start with these Seaside-Colored Bulb String Lights ($17). Their mix of green, white, and aquamarine bulbs will be perfect for casting an oceanic glow over our evening... [More]


Give Me A Reason Tassel Dress

Um...because we love tassels, fringe, crochet details, and scoop necks. What other reasons do you need for the Give Me A Reason Tassel Dress ($104)?... [More]


Prepara Dressing Whiz

We're sure we should be capable of whisking ourselves up a perfect emulsion. But gosh darn it, we're too busy to stand over a bowl slowly drizzling in oil and dealing with the inevitable chemical breakdown that happens when we pour a little too fast. This Prepara Dressing Whiz ($28)... [More]


Seagull Necklace

We have definitely never thought of seagulls as pretty, but have to admit that the inspiration they provided for the palette of this Seagull Necklace ($187) is both subtle and elegant. If only we could apply either of those adjectives to seagulls themselves, instead of "filthy" and "obnoxious".... [More]


My Favorite Sweater Baggy Beach Jumper

Aside from the ultra-comfy material, the appeal of the My Favorite Sweater Baggy Beach Jumper ($100) is the text. There's no clever wordplay or double entendre, but there is something laughably funny about such an enthusiastic statement written in such plain and unassuming text. We can see how, after putting... [More]


Bad Dog Fire & Damnation Bitters

Momma always told us that the Devil's brew would send us straight to hell. Bad Dog Fire & Damnation Bitters ($22) sounds like it's gearing up to make good on her promise. Its potent blend of pepper and other spices is designed to make your mouth feel like it's already... [More]


Off The Hook Top

If we can be honest with you, we always secretly thought your left shoulder and arm were, like, way sexier than your right. If you're looking for something wild, unhinged, and out-of-the-ordinary, try the Off The Hook Top ($39) - it certainly lives up to its name!... [More]


Cathedral Leggings

Your body's a temple, so decorate it like a cathedral! From Black Milk, the Australian masters of spandex, come these gorgeous Cathedral Leggings ($78). If stained glass can jazz up an old, crumbling stone building, imagine what it can do for the right pair of legs!... [More]

Personal Shopper Blue Flats for Ashleys Prom

Personal Shopper: Royal Blue Flats for Ashley's Prom

Ashley writes: "Hello! I was hoping that you could help me find some prom shoes. I'm going with someone the same height as me, so I don't want to wear heels, but I'm having trouble finding any flats that I like. I'm open to either flats or sandals, whichever, in... [More]


Marine Pendant

You have the miniature ship's wheel necklace. You have the miniature compass, too. Now all you need is a miniature lantern and you're ready for a miniature whaling voyage! The Marine Pendant ($27) is an adorable little lantern in the antiquated style we all love so much. Miniature whale oil... [More]


Dig In Salad Server

Salad comes from the farm, so why not serve it up with utensils that look like they belong in a barn? This Dig In Salad Server Set ($50) might not be much use in an actual garden, but its aluminum and acacia wood shovel and fork make for an awfully... [More]


Zara Velour Sweater with Star

You must have really impressed your kindergarten teacher to get a gold star that big! (Technically it's lime, but c'mon.) The Zara Velour Sweater with Star ($40) is an ordinary shirt with an ordinary design, but the black hem, cuffs, and collar work to make it extraordinary.... [More]


Karma Embroidered Tote

We love the bright, cheery look of Central American-style embroidery, and this colorful Karma Embroidered Tote ($68) is a charming example. We're digging the bold palette and traditional look almost as much as the fact that it'll hold a small boatload of our crap.... [More]

Oyster Shell Wall Sconce

Oyster Shell Wall Sconce

Add that beachy feel to your home with this gorgeous Oyster Shell Wall Sconce ($129), which is made from natural oyster shells. You'll feel as if you're spending the night in a romantic seaside resort when you walk down your hallway into your boudoir.... [More]


Lovers + Friends Kitty Cat Dress

There's nothing subtle about the wild pattern and bold palette of this Lovers + Friends Kitty Cat Dress ($206). But who cares? There's a time for fitting in, and a time for saying to hell with it and earning a few stares. This brassy piece looks like a great way... [More]


Hincky 8 Eye Boots

After looking at the beat-up, down-and-out expression on the Hincky 8 Eye Boots ($130) you're going to think twice about stepping on other people's toes.... [More]


iittala Aarne Champagne Glasses

We may be long past toasting the new year, but that doesn't mean you can't find a few good reasons to use these gorgeous iittala Aarne Champagne Glasses ($48, set of 2). After all, we're sure you have at least a dozen weddings to attend this year! No? No problem!... [More]


Kelly Moore 2 Sues Bag

You know what's awesome? A gorgeous, functional bag. Take Kelly Moore's indigo 2 Sues Bag ($199), for example. It's designed to retain that soft, supple feel while also boasting a structured bottom (with removable basket) to cradle your important items. It transitions from a camera bag to an everyday bag... [More]


It's Hip Maxi Skirt

The designers named this the It's Hip Maxi Skirt ($34) for a reason (and we're inclined to agree). It's not like they called it the It's Pretty Average Maxi Skirt...... [More]


Williams-Sonoma Pure & Simple Collection

Soothe both your senses and your conscience with the Williams-Sonoma Pure & Simple Collection ($13 - $50) of household products. This range of soaps, lotions, and home fragrances is made with natural, botanically-derived ingredients, and their bright grapefruit and lavender scent is both energizing and calming. We even love the... [More]


It's Magic Muscle Tank

From David Copperfield to Harry Potter - after a while, you get sick of repeating yourself. The It's Magic Muscle Tank ($32) answers questions before they're asked. It doesn't matter if you're a stage performer, a wizard, or just someone with a personal mystique to maintain - a true magician... [More]


Tufted Tiger Rug

Trust us, the Tufted Tiger Rug ($44) is a much better alternative to the real thing. For starters, it's a lot more humane...and what people with real tiger rugs don't tell you is how often you get a foot stuck in its mouth! (Fun possibly-not-a-fact: a tiger in a dream... [More]

Topshop Moto Embellished Denim Hot Pants

Doubtblush: Topshop Moto Embellished Denim Hot Pants

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Frumpy mom denim shorts meet... [More]


Jantzen Bohemian Blooms Bandeau

Common wisdom says that ruffles belong in front or behind, covering our more vulnerable bulges. But we can't help but think that the frills lining the sides of this Jantzen Bohemian Blooms Bandeau ($106) are pretty darned adorable. We figure people will be far too busy admiring our cuteness when... [More]


The Truth About Style

While we've been hooked on TLC's What Not to Wear for years, it wasn't until recently that we picked up Stacy London's The Truth About Style ($20). We are so glad we did! The tell-all memoir and style-shoot is just as heart-warming as WNTW. Alternating between her own personal struggles... [More]


Flower Earring Set

We love the playful styling and bright colors of this Flower Earring Set ($12). These are a great way to bring a breath of spring air into your wardrobe.... [More]


8-Bit Sunglasses

If it weren't for geek chic, there'd only be two Outblush posts a week! In that spirit we present the 8-Bit Sunglasses ($10), a real treat for those who prefer a pixelated lifestyle!... [More]


Brrrrr Polar Bear Ice Tray

This Brrrrr Polar Bear Ice Tray ($20) isn't just another cutesy mold for your freezer. In fact, the ice cubes it forms look like boring old blocks, not clever animals or sinking ships. What it does do is make it easy as pie to squeeze and shake the darned things... [More]


Wrong Is Right Tote Bag

You have to admit, this bag is right about wrong being right... unless of course they're wrong, in which case they're totally right! Confusion is the name of the game with the Wrong Is Right Tote Bag ($9)! Just look at that optical illusion print: it's not clearing anything up!... [More]


Metallic Crochet Sleeveless Top

Digging the antique vibe of this Metallic Crochet Sleeveless Top ($33)? We think it'd look fab tossed over a simple black cami and paired with a pair of skinnies. And if you get tired of it down the road, you could probably make it into a curtain or a set... [More]


Croissant Hair Clips

It's not as though we need to put faux baked goods in our 'dos. In fact, these Croissant Hair Clips ($18) might be entirely silly. But they're also hypnotically fun, which is probably why they've ended up in our shopping basket.... [More]


Custom Address Stamp

Are you finally setting down some roots after seeing the world? It's time to invest in a Custom Address Stamp ($75) by Lina Carta. Give the designer your name and address, buy a few colored ink pads, and wait eagerly by the door for your custom stamp to arrive. It... [More]


Color Block Chiffon Top

With its magnificent color scheme and lightweight, semi-sheer chiffon, this Color Block Chiffon Top ($33) is the perfect piece of clothing for that draping look - won't your windows be jealous!... [More]


Qualy Sparrow Server Set

We've got to reach our virtual tentacles all the way to jolly old England to get hold of this Qualy Sparrow Server Set ($59). That's the only place we've managed to find this collection of utensils still in stock. But the bright green bird-shaped handles and adorable tree-like stand are... [More]


theBalm Instain Staining Powder

Say wha? Powdered cheek stain? What is this new devilry? Why, 'tis no trickery, 'tis new theBalm Instain Staining Powder ($22), dear friends! We don't know how they did it, but theBalm combined the blendability (is that a word? well, it is now) of powder blush with the pigment and... [More]


Zodiac Constellation Lockets

You may not be a horoscope reader or believer, but there's no denying that zodiac-themed items are popular. It must be the mystical pull of the twinkling stars! Our new obsession is with these tiny Zodiac Constellation Lockets ($25) by Victoria Camp Designs. The upcycled vintage lockets are handpainted with... [More]


Chalkboard iPad Case

Maybe you're plagued with indecision about what to use for a tablet case. Or perhaps you'd just find it super handy to be able to jot down the odd note or reminder on that ever-present iPad. Either way, the Chalkboard iPad Case ($49) might be a bright idea. This vinyl... [More]


Familiar Hat

Yay! Another hat with animal ears - just when our other eight thousand were starting to lose their relevancy! So what separates this Familiar Hat ($60) from its lesser kindred? Two words: real leather.... [More]

Pointy Wedding Flats for Amy

Personal Shopper: Pointy-Toed Flats for Amy's Walk Down The Aisle

Amy writes: "Hello Outblush! Avid reader here...I can't go a day without checking the blog! So, I recently got engaged and am getting married this December. I already have my dress and now I'm just looking for the shoes! I don't want to wear heels; instead, I'm looking for pointy-toed... [More]


Intelligent Nutrients Innercalm Mist

We all know someone who could use a little more chilling and a little less neurosis. Suggesting therapy or meditation can easily set them off on a tirade you'd rather not listen to. Instead, make them a gift of Intelligent Nutrients Innercalm ($68). Its combination of citrus and floral fragrances... [More]


Royal Doulton 1815 Collection Bowls

These Royal Doulton 1815 Collection Bowls ($40 for eight) might be named for the legendary brand's founding year, but we think these pieces, with their dip-dyed, artisan appeal, have a totally modern look. They're ideal for serving up smaller snacks or tapas and lending a bright, artsy vibe to your... [More]



It's settled. Once you have possession of your very own raw pine PieBox ($35), your summer potluck fate is sealed. The upside? Hurrah! You get to show up to parties and barbecues with pie! The handcrafted PieBox accommodates just about any pie you can dream up, even those deep-dish creations... [More]


Lulwa Al Amin Hearts Top

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve (or at least close to your shoulder)? Try the Lulwa Al Amin Hearts Top ($254), featuring pure silk and very heartfelt designs.... [More]


Lamp-Post Lavender Sachet

We're really, really hoping that if we put a Lamp-Post Lavender Sachet ($15) by Gardenmis into the back of our closet among the old fur coats (okay, skinny jeans that we're trying to fit back into), it'll magically transport us to Narnia. But, you know, post-witch Narnia. We can't handle... [More]


Bossanova Shorts

Crochet shorts were hotter than a plateful of peppers last summer, so we figure the trend will hold for at least the beginning of this season. Keep ahead of the game by ordering yourself these Bossanova Shorts ($48), which combine layers of lace with a cute bow detail.... [More]


Dania Candlestick

If Colonel Mustard was going to do Professor Plum in over brandy in the Billiard Room, he could do worse than to grab hold of this Dania Candlestick ($105). With its heavy, tapered construction in solid, sturdy teak and steel, it's far more likely to get the job done than... [More]


Like a Pixie Headband

The makers invite you to "[d]ance around the fairy ring to the rhythm of your wild heart beat" when wearing this Like a Pixie Headband ($90). It's a federal offense to possess the sort of stuff that'd actually get us unleashing our inner pixies like that, but this fey accessory... [More]


Maya Wool Woven Watch

We thought this Maya Wool Woven Watch ($168) was just another trinket until we scrolled down. How many watches have you seen sporting tassels? We think their inclusion in this piece totally takes it to another level.... [More]


DFC Baby Unicorn Figurines

If money were no object, you better believe that we'd be outfitting our mantels with a few of these DFC Baby Unicorn Figurines ($218). We say mantels with an -s because as long as we're daydreaming about our future homes, we may as well assume they'll have fireplaces in every... [More]


Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print

We're not entirely sure what this Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print ($18) has to do with anything the jazz legend said or sang, except maybe that the world looks extra-wonderful as depicted in this pretty patchwork-quilt-inspired piece.... [More]


Bart Jailbreak T-Shirt

Fine, we'll post something with Bart on it. Bart Jailbreak T-Shirt ($28)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Ship in a Bottle Earrings

Even with international shipping costs, these teeny little Ship in a Bottle Earrings ($6), handmade by Layla Amber Handmade Creations, come in well under our Cheap Thrill cutoff. And while the hand-drawn ships will probably flying in from the UK, you better believe that we'll be wearing them the next... [More]


Diptyque Tam Dao Shower Gel

It might not get you any cleaner than a bar of Ivory, but this Diptyque Tam Dao Shower Gel ($44) will sure make for a more enjoyable addition to your morning routine. Its blend of sandalwood and cypress sounds like just the thing we'd like to wake up to (besides... [More]


100 Zombie Films Poster

Zombie film buff? Show off your cinematic knowledge by hanging the 100 Zombie Films Poster ($30) in your living room (or den, or wherever you settle in to watch Night of the Living Dead). The poster pinpoints the release date of a hundred top zombie films on a circular graph.... [More]


Contents: My Face Cosmetics Bag

File this one under Blunt Honesty. This Contents: My Face Cosmetics Bag ($15) is designed to hold everything we won't be seen in public without. Use it to keep everything you need for those midday touch-ups close at hand.... [More]


Cotton Candy Skinny Jeans

If you're looking for candy-colored, acid-washed skinny jeans, we recommend these Cotton Candy Skinny Jeans ($22). While it's a little cruel to name skinny jeans after a tempting sweet, we'll overlook it (just like we overlook the cotton candy stand in order to fit into the jeans).... [More]


Full Circle Globe

Buy that antique globe to decorate your office or living room, and down the road your kids will be asking you when the family can pay a visit to Yugoslavia or the U.S.S.R. This Full Circle Globe ($195) has a map which is nicely up-to-date, with cartography based on contemporary... [More]


Ibiza Top

Sometimes, embellishment is bad. Think Christmas sweaters or anything accented with puff paint. Other times, it takes a look to the next cheery level. This Ibiza Top ($78) is a perfect example of the latter phenomenon. The contrasting orange and turquoise beading definitely bumps up the appeal of this simple,... [More]


Sniff Pet Candles

Weird, right? Your dog won't care two shakes about sniffing a scented Sniff Pet Candle ($28). He voluntarily smells his own butt! But the fine print reveals that the candles are infused with natural aromatherapy oils that promote good health in canines. The scents are for your benefit. Light a... [More]


Pick a Jewel Earrings

How many jewelry purchases open up the doors to limitless accessorizing? We're not sure we know of any that do that job quite as well as these Pick a Jewel Earrings ($59). The silver alligator clip bases can be attached to just about anything that strikes your fancy - a... [More]


Our Night Sky Constellation Coasters

They shape your personality and guide all your major life decisions. Now the stars can also keep you from getting those pesky rings on your coffee table. These Constellation Coasters ($28) are etched with the outlines of four of our favorite random arrangements of celestial bodies.... [More]


Grey Sleeveless Bandeau Dress

Some people (like us!) may say that this Grey Sleeveless Bandeau Dress ($45) looks like an up-close impressionist painting in black-and-white. What's it a painting of? Why, a gorgeous girl in a beautiful dress!... [More]


Cellular Pendant

Love science? Who wouldn't? How else do you think the world got combustion engines, solar power, and toasters? This Cellular Pendant ($45) is a catchy way to show off your biology-loving street cred. It's inspired by the forms of radiolaria - protozoa that produce some seriously funky skeletons.... [More]


Friendship Sloths Hoop

Take a cue from the baddass sloth in the Friendship Sloths Hoop ($60) by What Party and befriend yourself. Make yourself things. Buy yourself things. Treat yourself to yummy food things. Trust us, you're totally worth it.... [More]


Edith A. Miller Sleeveless Metallic Stripe Tee

Been working on those biceps in preparation for sleeve-free weather? Well, neither have we. But with a bit of firming cream and a layer of fake tanner, we still figure our arms will look entirely respectable when complemented by the rosy hue of this Edith A. Miller Sleeveless Metallic Stripe... [More]


Rocket Espresso Cup

Is your kitchen blessed with an espresso machine? We're jelly! When you have us over for a shot of the good stuff, can we please sip it out of a Rocket Espresso Cup ($40)? We're assuming that after our second shot, we'll be fueled up enough to launch ourselves into... [More]


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow

It's not often we find a makeup shade with a properly long and storied history, but this is one of the legends: Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow ($9). This luscious color made its debut in the early fifties, and sits smack-dab between in-your-face pink and naughty... [More]


Doubtblush: Easy Pickup "Shirt"

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Studiopatró Café Apron

There is almost nothing sexier than a man who cooks. Wait, scratch that. There's almost nothing sexier than a man who cooks for you. If you're the lucky duck recipient of delicious meals, make sure you're outfitting your chef properly. The Café Apron ($68) from Studiopatró works perfectly. It's neutral... [More]


Salinger Journal

This Salinger Journal ($20) should come with a fireproof vault to store it in, so that everybody can spend a few decades wondering what work of genius you're hiding away from the world. We recommend faking your own death, then letting your fans crack into it. That way you can... [More]


Farrow Sock

You don't eat simply for sustenance. Why should you choose your socks simply for their ability to cover your feet? Pieces like these Farrow Socks ($12) get the job done just as well and have fun doing it. Think of them as gourmet treats for your tootsies.... [More]


kelvin.23 All In One Tool

This kelvin.23 All In One Tool ($30) is the perfect gift for the girl or guy who does not have everything. You know: that friend or roommate who's always asking to borrow your screwdriver, level, or tape measure. This handy gadget includes a whole host of handy tools for taking... [More]


Status Medallion Dress

It's a dress with printed images of belts in two places you'd never wear an actual, honest-to-goodness belt. Which makes no flipping sense, but that doesn't stop this Status Medallion Dress ($70) from catching our attention. The bold, funky print and summery tangerine-based palette must make up for any faux-belt... [More]


Where Chefs Eat

Who do you trust to tell you where to find the best food in the world? The people who make it, obviously. Where Chefs Eat ($14) is a restaurant guide written by the real experts: over four hundred of the greatest chefs on the planet. Covering everything from food carts... [More]


Metallic Yarn Ear Phones

Why settle for boring old cord when you can have something sparkly? These Metallic Yarn Ear Phones ($48) come in a choice of three glittery shades, ideal for adding an extra bit of fabulousness to your look when you're rocking to your favorite tunes.... [More]


Geometric Print Halter Dress

Found: That mythical "Wear Everywhere" dress fashion magazines are always blathering on about! You really can wear this crepe de chine Geometric Print Halter Dress ($69 on sale) to work with a lightweight blazer or cardigan, or to a wedding with strappy heels and gold jewelry. Either way, you're sure... [More]


Natalie B Harlot Necklace

This Natalie B Harlot Necklace ($49) looks much more like something we'd see on a statue of Ishtar at the Met than something we'd see on Crystal Lynn down at the Golden Banana Club. Not to knock Crystal - we may not buy the whole story about her being a... [More]


Star Marquee Wall Light

We're all entitled to feel like celebrities every once in a while. With this Star Marquee Wall Light ($179), you can at least give your space the atmosphere of a Hollywood dressing room. Just add a silk bathrobe, a dozen roses, and an attitude problem.... [More]


Shakuhachi Tie Dye Sports Cap

The Shakuhachi Tie Dye Sports Cap ($149) is so fashionable, it makes Louboutin pumps look like socks with sandals! Seriously, a leather baseball cap with white tie-dye stripes is a stylish accessory to even a birthday suit!... [More]


Library Drawer

It may not be the most efficient way for us to organize our workspace, but this Library Drawer ($178) is definitely one of the most stylish. We'll happily put up with a bit less convenience for the sake of the aesthetic this old-fashioned piece will add to the office.... [More]


Shakespeare in Love Solid Perfume

This Shakespeare in Love Solid Perfume ($18) comes in an alcohol-free formula that gives your skin a moisturizing bonus. But what's really caught our attention is the convenient, lip-balm style tin. It makes for a safe way to carry your perfume with you and touch it up throughout the day... [More]


Piggy Steamer

We have never wanted to steam a batch of vegetables so badly. Encouragement to eat healthier just so we can watch the steam rise out of the nostrils of this cute Piggy Steamer ($19)? Yes please!... [More]


Charles Philip Moccasins

If we're on the same mental wavelength, then you're probably thinking you should reach for your magic marker collection and start filling in the shapes and swirls on these Charles Philip Moccasins. But at $252, replacing them if you slip outside the lines is a mighty pricey enterprise. Buy yourself... [More]


BAGGU Wedge Keychain Zip-Pouch

After a lifetime of seeing quadrilateral wallets, the designer of the BAGGU Wedge Keychain Zip-Pouch ($16) finally looked inward and asked..."Why?"... [More]


Eloquii Split Sleeve Easy Dress

We usually hate super busy prints on plus-size clothing, as it always feels like some crappy magician's trick - Look at this incredibly gargantuan neon pink and yellow zebra print, it totally disguises her belly! - but somehow the soft blues and greens on this Eloquii Split Sleeve Easy Dress... [More]


Megan's Sweet William Blouse

Buying Megan's Sweet William Blouse ($128) would be like adding a little ray of sunshine to your wardrobe. Just think of how cheery you'll feel spotting the soft yellow floral print when you open your closet in the morning. It'll have the same effect on everybody you bump into while... [More]


Youth Boosting Facial in-a-Box

In need of a facial but lacking the time and/or cash for a trip to the spa? Go the DIY route with this Youth Boosting Facial in-a-Box ($39). It includes a complete set of products for treating yourself to a rejuvenating skin treatment session right in the comfort of your... [More]


Doubtblush: Love Culture Leopard Garter Leggings

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there that leave us scratching our... [More]


Dr. Robin SPF 30+ Sunscreen

Though Dr. Robin sunscreen ($24) may be meant for slathering onto wiggly children, we'll be using it on our own burn-prone skin. There's nothing wrong with babying your skin a little, especially when it comes to the prevention of skin cancer! Dr. Robin's relies on the potency of natural extracts... [More]


Typewriter Key Wall Art

Pick a favorite letter for a playful accent, or buy a range to spell out a favorite word and give your whole wall a literary vibe. Either way, we think this Typewriter Key Wall Art ($24 per letter) looks pretty darned sharp.... [More]


Faux Leather Overall Shorts

Denim overall shorts a little too country for you? Are you tired of having to change outfits after milking the cow and before you go out with your biker gang? These Faux Leather Overall Shorts ($46) can solve all your problems - including not wanting to hurt animals in order... [More]


Lost in LaLa Land Tee

Whether you lack direction in life or just liked the show, the Lost in LaLa Land Tee ($25) is a great way to express your confusion over day-to-day existence or just confusion over that weird finale.... [More]


African Botanics Pure Marula Oil

We don't usually go for smearing our faces with oil unless someone is putting on a fried chicken dinner. But we might make an exception for this African Botanics Pure Marula Oil ($80). Marula oil is the product of a fruit native to Southern Africa and Madagascar naturally rich in... [More]


Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener

We don't know about you, but when we grab a six-pack of beer that requires a bottle opener, we immediately think it's "fancy" beer. "Fancy" beer requires fancy equipment, so when you spring for the good stuff, use this cast iron Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener ($14). Then pour into... [More]


Disc Chimes

These porcelain Disc Chimes ($44-70) don't chime in the breeze so much as clink together pleasantly. The subdued sound and minimalist design make them an ideal option for those of us who have nearby neighbors. No one can complain about the gaudy wind chimes making a racket. They'll be too... [More]


Cobalt Blue Bib Necklace

Gifted with a pair of baby blue eyes? Set them off to best advantage with this Cobalt Blue Bib Necklace ($28). The vibrant hue of this budget-friendly acrylic beaded piece seems made for those pretty tones. Eyes some other color? You could always give dodgy colored contacts a whirl.... [More]


Large Random Crap Treasure Tin

Everybody needs one: a storage space for everything they can't be bothered to organize and file away properly. This Large Random Crap Treasure Tin ($19) is a perfect solution. It'll hold a respectable amount of your junk, and looks pretty enough to be left out on a counter or table.... [More]


DIY T-Shirt Kit

The DIY T-Shirt Kit ($250) from DIY Print Shop ain't no puffy-paint-and-fabric-marker affair. The kit contains everything you need to create quality tees...nay, works of art! Use the press, water-based ink, screen, halogen exposure light, and all those other tools to create a set of awesome bachelorette tees or help... [More]


Swann Wireless MP3 Doorbell System

We're paralyzed with indecision. How can we possibly select which jam this Swann Wireless MP3 Doorbell System ($50) will blast whenever we get a visitor? It's like having a ringtone for the whole darned house. But do we go Pachelbel-classy or Taio-Cruz-funky? What about greeting our nerd buddies with a... [More]


Mara Hoffman Feather-Print Bikini

Damn you, Mara Hoffman: how is it that you continue to put out fabulous prints and styles? We've already got about ten of your swimsuits on on our wish list, and now we have to add this elegant Feather-Print Bikini ($230). We could hit the Keno jackpot and still only... [More]


Hedonist Perfume by Viktoria Minya

Our nostrils have never experienced a fragrance more appropriately named than Hedonist ($170). If you happen to be someone constantly in pursuit of pleasure, look no further. As if the strong scent of orange blossom blended with the dark intensity of rum and the world's finest woods wasn't pleasurable enough,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Java Jr. Coffee Creamer

It seems like the only time we use creamer is to mellow the harsh, acidic coffee served at mediocre greasy spoons and roadside diners, so it's only fitting that we pay homage to restaurants that offer blue plate specials and tractor-trailer parking with this Java Jr. Coffee Creamer ($10).... [More]


Shimmer Stone Earrings

Shimmer Stone Earrings ($15) Bring the spring cherry blossoms To our round earlobes... [More]


Baby Bee Necklace

Real live bees might make us a little nervous, but we've got a soft spot for falsies like this silver Baby Bee Necklace ($114). Just look how precious the painstaking details are in this delicate pendant! Plus: no risk of anaphylactic shock.... [More]


Musee des Arts Decoratifs Skirt

When you're already bright red, what accent can you add but a bow? The linen-blend Musee des Arts Decoratifs Skirt ($35) has an exuberance and stylishness that most monochromatic clothes can't offer.... [More]


R. Nichols BLOOM Candle

Love the idea of gardening, but lack the space and/or motivation? Bring just a whiff of it into your home with this R. Nichols BLOOM Candle ($45). It'll infuse your space with an outdoorsy blend of rose, dew, and freshly turned earth.... [More]

Waring Popcorn Machine and Trolley

Waring Popcorn Machine & Trolley

The warmer weather means lots of parties in our future. We especially love going to carnival-themed parties for little kids, because they usually mean lots of junk food and fun! That being said, we can have our own party with the Waring Popcorn Machine & Trolley ($199).... [More]


I Do Nothing Every Day iPhone Case

Lovable buffoon or philosophical genius... it doesn't matter why you love Winnie-the-Pooh. It's just so hard not to! The I Do Nothing Every Day iPhone Case ($35) encapsulates the simple wisdom that runners-up like Yogi Bear just couldn't match.... [More]


Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

Pool season is just around the corner, which means we'll soon be subjecting our winter-pampered locks to regular dips in chemical soup. Good old Neutrogena will clear out the harsh compounds but does nothing to heal and restore our hair. Enter Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask ($58). This powerful (and... [More]


Lands' End Lighter Footprint Shirt

Here's a basic wardrobe piece you can feel good about: the Lands' End Lighter Footprint Shirt ($35) comes in an eco-friendly fabric partially made from recycled materials. Pick one up to offset that karmic imbalance you triggered by turning the air conditioner on early.... [More]


Wine Soaps

There have been moments when we've daydreamed about taking a nice glass of chardonnay into the shower. We figure using these Wine Soaps ($28) is the nearest alternative that isn't kind of pathetic. The four bars in this pretty boxed kit are made with actual wines, then scented with complementary... [More]


Feather Scarf with Tassels

We're painfully short on cash this month, which means the last thing we should be doing is dropping much-needed gas and food money on a cute accessory. Yet somehow, this Feather Scarf with Tassels ($29) found its way into our shopping cart. Then got checked out. We guess it's Ramen... [More]


You Anchor Me Decanter Set

Who's that one person in your life that you can always, always count on? Dad? Best friend? Mom? Husband? Whoever it is, if they love whiskey, the You Anchor Me Decanter Set ($65) is the perfect "thank you for being there through all my 3:00am craziness" gift. Bonus points if... [More]


Vera Wang Katida Sunglasses

Rose-colored glasses? Would you wear them? We would! Especially if they're as purdy as the Katida Sunglasses ($135, on sale) from Vera Wang. The frosted pink frames will lighten your face (and hopefully your mood) when you wear them out and about this summer. They won't make looming project deadlines... [More]


2 Layer Food Storage Container

This tiffin carrier ($27) isn't just a pretty face. Sure, it'll catch the envious eyes of just about everybody in your lunchroom. But its durable stainless steel construction also helps keep your food hot or cold for hours.... [More]


Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack

Take a deep look at yourself. (Not that deep. We're just a style blog, for goodness' sake.) We're talking surface level, here. Blackheads, whiteheads, impurities that muck up your skin. Get rid of those and any self-doubt with the Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack ($35). This charcoal-based mask heats on... [More]


Personalized Canvas with Leather Tote

When is a natural canvas-and-brown-leather tote more than a road-trippin' classic? When it's got your initials on it, of course. This Canvas with Leather Tote ($149) comes with free personalization.... [More]


Doubtblush: Belly Chime

Bells, bells, bells - in the clamor and the clanging of the bells! They were enough to drive Edgar Allan Poe over the edge, so what effect do you think constant jingling is going to have on your vulnerable unborn offspring? The makers of this Belly Chime ($25) insist that... [More]


DIDD Peter Rabbit Denim Overalls

That was so mean that someone drew glasses on the rabbit in your clothes! The Peter Rabbit Denim Overalls ($24) are a nice throwback to the '90s trend, but with the modern addition of bunnies.... [More]


Television Pendant Necklace

Could we consider this Television Pendant Necklace ($15) "vintage" since it's not flat? In any case, this adorable little TV charm comes with an amber glass screen. It may not actually work, but it's just as well - there's never anything good on, anyway.... [More]


50 Jobs Worse Than Yours

Just in time for Administrative Professionals' Day... 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours ($12). Feel better about your station in life by reading about those less fortunate.... [More]


Nancybird Dana Bag

Rich midnight blue hues and a modern art vibe set this Nancybird Dana Bag ($395) apart from your average carryall. Soft dove grey leather pieces provide a perfect accent, and the illustrated inset has a lovely watercolor feel.... [More]


Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter

When you're short on acreage for a garden, grow one on your walls, deck rail, or fence. Each Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter ($72) has enough space for herbs, edible greens, annuals, or other small to medium-sized greenery. Attaching a few colored pots filled with flora adds dimension and color to... [More]


Today I'm Wearing This Tank

Solve the problem of what to wear as soon as you open your closet! The Today I'm Wearing This Tank ($31) has that stating-the-obvious wit we love so much in an edgy font that's technically still fashionable!... [More]


Endurance Wine Glasses

Tired of breaking one of your wineglasses every two weeks? Here's a way out of the buying cycle that doesn't mean resorting to plastic Solo cups. Endurance Wine Glasses ($27 for two) are a perfectly classy choice made with stainless steel. Toss them in the dishwasher, let the cat knock... [More]


Iris Placement T-Shirt

Who would've thought the upholstery pattern in Grandma's beach house would look so cool in this Iris Placement T-Shirt ($62)? We guess it's a bit more fetching when it's not covering the cushions of a saggy faux-wicker loveseat.... [More]


StudioPatro Café Apron Set

Got friends taking advantage of today's exciting low interest rates with a foray into the world of home ownership? This StudioPatro Café Apron Set ($88) would make them a mighty fine housewarming present. a self-respecting kitchen owner can never have enough aprons or tea towels, and the packaging alone on... [More]


Burkina Faso Bangle Set

Stylish. Eco-friendly. Fair trade. That's a pretty sick résumé for an accessory! But this Burkina Faso Bangle Set ($24 for two pieces) hits all three marks nicely. These tribal-chic bracelets are hand made by Burkinabé women from grass and recycled plastic.... [More]


Jonathan Adler Devil Match Strike

Whether you keep it next to the fireplace or near your collection of smelly candles, this Jonathan Adler Devil Match Strike ($42) makes sparking one up a heck of a lot more fun. Our favorite spot for it? The bathroom, where maybe its eye-catching style will help remind family members... [More]


Cheap Thrill: DermOrganic Try-Me Sampler

Your bridesmaids cannot possibly be expected to look their best on your big day if they are left to rely on hotel-provided shampoo and conditioner. Gross. Stuff their in-room gift baskets with this DermOrganic Try-Me Sampler ($10) to ensure they look top-notch. They'll appreciate the kind gesture and you'll appreciate... [More]


Mizon Hyaluronic Acid 100

A little goes a long way when it comes to the Hyaluronic Acid 100 ($55) treatment from Mizon. Users in Japan and Korea already know about its amazing hydrating properties. It's about time America (plus Canada and the UK) caught on. If you have dry skin, then two drops almost... [More]


Brasserie Plate

Why is it that everything looks more fabulous in French? This Brasserie Plate ($18) is a perfect example. If its menu-themed pattern was printed in English, we doubt we'd find it nearly as chic. But put that à la carte in Français, and the whole thing goes from blah to... [More]


Miista Zoe Hologram Shoes

Straight from Elton John's closet come the Miista Zoe Hologram Shoes ($186)! Made from leather with rubber shoes, these flashy brogues are fit for a rock star. As Sir Elton himself will tell you, it takes more than talent to make it in showbiz - you need pizzazz!... [More]


Ceramic Bird Bowl

Everybody tells us we should be turning to nuts, seeds, and berries when we're having ourselves a snack craving. Why not serve them up on this Ceramic Bird Bowl ($24)? It'll help remind us that if it's not part of the diet of a Cyanocitta cristata, we probably shouldn't be... [More]


Paloma Dress

This Paloma Dress ($114) looks as though it was made to be worn while passing the hours sipping latte in some chic European sidewalk café. Accessorize it with a pair of big designer shades and a vintage Hemingway paperback.... [More]


Suns Out Guns Out Kit

This Suns Out Guns Out kit ($45) might not contain everything we need to feel ready for summer - it would have to come with a personal trainer and a bunch of extra beer money for that - but it comes pretty darned close.... [More]


Golden Plume Charm Necklace

We're all for the look of antique store and flea market finds, but less crazy about spending hours shifting through junk to discover them. And then there's the impact of all that dust on our allergies. It's much nicer to find affordable pieces with a cool vintage vibe online, where... [More]


Kiss Tornado 360 Hair Dryer

Up until now we thought a tornado was just some crazy storm that brought you to a magical land filled with Munchkins, witches and shiny red shoes. This Kiss Tornado 360 Hair Dryer ($25) may not take you to the Land of Oz, but it will definitely give you one... [More]


Sirayuki Mizore Anime Cosplay Costume

Say what you want about those bug-eyed anime girls, but some of them can really pull an outfit together. You can enjoy this costume ($37) even if you don't know who Sirayuki Mizore is (we don't either, but Rosario + Vampire appears on a Google search). If no one knows... [More]


Beulah Rocking Chair

Nothing helps you embrace the spring season quite like breaking in new outdoor furniture. You've potted herbs, staked out the shady spot of the porch, and mixed a pitcher of vodka and lemonade. Sit down on a Beulah Rocking Chair ($169 on sale) and enjoy the slow pace. (It's also... [More]


Gold Cutout Wrap

This Gold Cutout Wrap ($165) begs to be worn with white: white blazer, white trousers, shiny white loafers, and maybe even a dashing white fedora. We're pretty sure the combination would make us look like gangsters. The well-dressed variety.... [More]


The Little White Company Small Baby Bathtime Gift Set

Seem like everyone around you has started breeding? If you're getting tired of slogging through Babies"R"Us with a registry list of boring onesies and diaper rash cream, pick up this Baby Bathtime Gift Set ($30) from The Little White Company instead. It comes with a range of gentle, soothing, baby-friendly... [More]


Bouclé Zipped Jacket

Maybe it's due to the fact that we keep our fridges stocked with Miller Lite and boxed pinot grigio, or it could be because of our love for chili dogs and inflatable pools, but it can be a bit of a challenge for us to feel sophisticated. We think tossing... [More]


St. John's Wood Tisane Candle

This St. John's Wood Tisane Candle ($15) is part of a collection with fragrances meant to evoke the memory of specific places. In this case, we're guessing the St. John's Wood in question refers to the tony London area. Light it up to get a whiff of what money smells... [More]


Super Sit Tight Intense XS Body Firming Serum

Swimsuit season approacheth, and after a winter of playing cube dweller, our rears are feeling something less than rock-hard. We'll be keeping the jiggling to a minimum when we break out the bikinis thanks to this Super Sit Tight serum ($38). It contains powerful compounds designed to boost circulation, even... [More]


TokyoMilk Skinny Dip Cosmetic Bag

We'll admit it: half* of our love for TokyoMilk's products comes down to their retro-inspired packaging. Just take a look at this Skinny Dip Cosmetic Bag ($14). With its lovely graphic of jolly Edwardian lads gamboling and frisking around their dinghy, it seems perfect for toting around our favorite cosmetics... [More]


I Sleep With Strangers Eye Mask

On one hand, the I Sleep With Strangers Eye Mask ($22) may make your seatmates stay as far away from you as they can, leaving you with extra room to get some shut-eye on your flight. On the other hand, it may make make the creepy guy across the aisle... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hostess Gifts for Valerie's Shower-Throwing Besties

Valerie writes, "Hey, Outblush! You haven't failed me yet when it comes to great and stylish suggestions. A few years ago you helped out with some necklace options for my bridesmaids. Now I'm looking for some inexpensive, unique gifts to give my three amazing girlfriends who are hosting my baby... [More]


Queen of Heartz Olivia Swing Dress

Swing your way into spring wearing this Queen of Heartz Olivia Swing Dress ($170). Available in sizes small to 3X, this is an equal opportunity dress that flatters every form. Frankly, the model was styled in this dress perfectly, so follow suit. Some red heels, a proper updo, and some... [More]


Rexxy Pendant

Ah, gentle triceratops, with the horns of a fighter and the compassion of an herbivore. The Rexxy Pendant ($39) honors your legacy by capturing your exquisite form in a brass replica of a kid's toy. (By the way, isn't Rex, well, somebody else?)... [More]


Julep for HelloGiggles Mani A-Cute Triangle Besties Kit

Annoying name aside, we can't help but give a thumbs-up to the idea behind this Julep for HelloGiggles Mani A-Cute Triangle Besties Kit ($36). It includes six fun shades of Julep polishes meant to be swapped and shared between you and your BFF. It's a way more wearable tribute to... [More]


Chili Ristra Lights

You can spend hours of frustrating home decorating time trying to make that back porch look like something out of Coastal Living, or you can give in and embrace the kitsch. Admit it: your table is probably going to be set with bottles of Corona and a bag of Tostitos.... [More]


Bordeaux Mixed Color Retro Handbag

C'est magnifique! The Bordeaux Mixed Color Retro Handbag ($50) has that special elusive quality that the French call I don't know what... That is, we don't know what they call it because we don't speak French.... [More]


Old Salt Merchants Jamaican Ginger Sugar

Forget what the Starks tell us: winter is on the out, and that means Dark and Stormy season is just around the bend. And what better way to enjoy our favorite summer tipple than in a frosty glass seasoned with a nice rim of Old Salt Merchants Jamaican Ginger Sugar... [More]


Kate Spade Wedding Belles Airline Cosmetic Case

If you've got a bridezilla on your hands, then she's probably already calling herself by her new married name. And you know better than to correct her on the fact that she still has a little ways to go before she gets the official "Mrs." title. Cut the girl some... [More]


A.J. Morgan Cupcake Sunglasses

Did we see Lana Del Rey sporting these shades? Well, even if not, A.J. Morgan's Cupcake Sunglasses ($24) look like just the kind of thing the vintage glam-loving chanteuse would fall for. Whether in sky blue or soft and subtle cream, these frames evoke the era of Cadillac curves and... [More]


I Work Out. Just Kidding. I Take Naps. Tank

That listing finally paying off with a potential date? Cut to the chase by wearing this I tank ($30) when you head to Starbucks to meet the new guy. Honestly - do you want him to find out the truth about your fitness habits three months from now when... [More]


Quite Wonderfully Wavy Texturising Spray

We know you can get those beachy locks with a quick dip in the salty blue sea. But how many people want to skip the shower after they hit the beach? We say go ahead and rinse the sand and seaweed bits away, and keep the look with a squirt... [More]


PF Waterworks DrainEASY Stopper

Bathroom sink clogged again? You could keep nagging your love muffin to stop buzzing his beard into the drain, or you could save yourself the futile effort and just shell out the cash for this PF Waterworks DrainEASY Stopper ($12). This handy little device traps and chops up hair and... [More]


Adrianna Papell Pink and Gold Polka Dot One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Who needs black when you've got bright and bubbly prints like the one in this Adrianna Papell Pink and Gold Polka Dot One Shoulder Cocktail Dress ($130) on offer? We'll happily leave the LBD in the back of the closet this spring to take this frock out on the town.... [More]


Loren Hope Leda Bracelet

Thinking of rewarding yourself for surviving winter with a new piece of bling? We say go big or go home, and it doesn't really get any bolder than this Loren Hope Leda Bracelet ($115). Great big fuchsia crystals? Check. Fabulous fifties-style sparkly embellishments? Double check. The whole package adds up... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Cath Kidston Rose Lip Gloss

You're not about to wait until your roses bloom to get a full whiff of their glorious scent. You're the kind of girl who goes out and gets what she needs. So, clearly, you need this Cath Kidston Rose Lip Gloss ($10). A hint of vintage, a touch of gloss,... [More]


Side Print Tank Top

We wish we had the cojones to get killer floral tattoos up and down our flanks. We're way too commitment-phobic to make that particular leap, but this Side Print Tank Top ($26) creates a similar effect. And when we get tired of it, we'll just yank it off. No laser... [More]


Sela Silver Donut Earrings

While not what you'd expect from the phrase "silver donuts," the Sela Silver Donut Earrings ($84) make better accessories than food. These O-shaped adornments will appeal to those who like rock jewelry, hoop earrings, and asymmetry.... [More]

Turtle Stool

Turtle Stool

Take a break and have a seat on this adorable Turtle Stool ($49). This sweet little guy is hand carved from acacia wood, so he's tough enough to hold your stuff and then some.... [More]


Full Tilt Floral Peplum Tube Top

There might be a million ways to wear this Full Tilt Floral Peplum Tube Top ($20), but it demands the right accompaniments to maximize its fun, retro appeal. We're thinking white skinny capris, sky-high wedges, and a fruity cocktail (preferably with an umbrella in it). Lawn flamingos optional.... [More]


St. Germaine Leather Backpack

Now this is what we're talking about! All the ease and convenience of a backpack, but with a professional sensibility! With the St. Germaine Leather Backpack ($189), you'll either be the most sophisticated person in the classroom or the most casual person in the board meeting.... [More]


Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Lola Owl Vase

Jonathan Adler has a new line at JCPenney, and while we're sad to report that it's a bit tame - no boob vases - it's still chock full of great Adler pieces boasting clean lines, bright colors and the perfect modern touch. We're particularly smitten with this Lola Owl Vase... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: April 8, 2013

While all of the purses in The Purse Page's lookalike poll are pretty fabulous, we're having a hard time peeling our eyes away from that shiny gold croissant clutch! We're pretty sure our lust stems from the rumble in our stomachs and the fact that it's almost lunchtime. Will your... [More]


Up to Barcode Ring

It may seem inhumane to assign humans a bar code, but any reader of bleak sci-fi knows that in fifty years, these will be standard. Avoid the rush by getting your Up to Barcode Ring ($12) a few decades early.... [More]


Antigua Outdoor Bar

Time to train the kids to shake up a good mojito. Somebody's going to have to play mixologist behind this Antigua Outdoor Bar ($400), and you'll be too busy contemplating your next cocktail order from the comfort of your chaise longue to take on the job yourself.... [More]


Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick

It's good for your lips, smoothly fills in lines and cracks, and lasts beautifully all day. In fact, this Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick ($28) sounds so perfect, we're figuring it's got to come with a curse on your firstborn child. But this is one seriously fabulous cosmetic, and anyway,... [More]


Pistil Clementine Scarf

We love the painterly vibe of this Pistil Clementine Scarf ($38). With its watercolor-daubed print in an array of complementary hues, it looks like just the thing we'd wear if we were sensitive artistic types. Maybe it will help us disguise ourselves when we crash that male nude figure drawing... [More]



You love the environment and are especially in love with your pets. In an effort to give them the world and protect Mother Nature the best way you know how, order a few of these Moochews ($15-17). While the name sounds like some sort of pet-friendly beef jerky, it's actually... [More]


She Wood Perfume

Does the phrase "Canadian fragrance" make you think of chainsaw oil and mooseburgers? This DSQUARED2 She Wood Perfume ($35) will change your tune. Its freshly woodsy, feminine aroma combines lemon and jasmine with cedar, amber, violet, and musk for a strong and sexy impact.... [More]


Golden Owl Watch Necklace

Half of the fun of a pocket watch is in pushing the button so that it snaps open! The Golden Owl Watch Necklace ($13) takes that a step further - push the button and it spreads its wings! Add some excitement to checking the time when you're bored!... [More]


Tilkkutäkki Apron

This Tilkkutäkki Apron ($69) looks like it should be hanging on a wall in The Met, not getting itself smeared with flour or tomato sauce in someone's kitchen. But the notion of looking this funky while we're whipping up some biscuits is just too enticing to resist.... [More]


ROMINA Alloy Cube Cut Out Bracelet

Sexy, sleek, and sci-fi! The ROMINA Alloy Cube Cut Out Bracelet ($25) makes a great accessory outside of Comic-Con, too!... [More]


Clio Eyeguard Waterproof

Not known for your steady hands? Then you probably aren't known for your impeccable liner application, either. Fake some stability with Clio's ergonomically-built Eyeguard Waterproof Liner ($23). The wide grip and sleek design make applying liner infinitely easier. Now you can get your cat eye right on the first try,... [More]


Babell Tiered Serving Tray

Bright turquoise is a welcome addition to any tablescape. Seriously, even slightly flat cookies or overripe pineapple rings will look more appetizing if they're displayed on the Babell Tiered Serving Tray ($39 for the large one) by Koziol. Presenting only a small sampling of perfect petit fours? The Babell comes... [More]


Copper, Silver, and Brass Ponytail Holders

Wrap your summer pony in something a little fancier than your average hairband. A set of Copper, Silver, and Brass Ponytail Holders ($33) by Pins with Personality will make it look like you've put a good amount of effort into your hair, even if you know you just sloppily gathered... [More]


PU Spiky Hedgehog Backpack

You can't show us plush spikes without us imagining a pillow-fight-esque scenario. The PU Spiky Hedgehog Backpack ($50) looks like fun, and won't poke anyone's eye out, either. Available in pink, orange, green, yellow or gray leopard, and matte or glossy black.... [More]


Bite Me/I'm Hot! Toaster

You know you're too cool for school if even your toast is sarcastic. The Bite Me/I'm Hot! Toaster ($25) has all the features of a normal toaster, but with a Shakespearean wit.... [More]