Personal Shopper: Vintage-y Hipster Bridesmaids Dresses for Hannah's Farm Nuptials

Hannah wrote: "My wedding is in April. I am having trouble finding bridesmaid dresses. They have a choice of light grey, champagne or beige and light blue or mint (depending on what is out there). The dresses need to be knee length. Any texture, any style. They could even wear... [More]


Hala Monolith Wine Rack

You may have a Pinterest board dedicated to your ideal wine cellar, but we're fairly certain it's still in the dream stage. Until you win the lotto and build a winding staircase into the humidity-controlled underbelly of your new mansion, store your midshelf varieties on the Hala Monolith Wine Rack... [More]


Blinding Light Necklace

No, this Blinding Light Necklace ($15) doesn't glow. That would admittedly be completely awesome. But even if it doesn't have a built-in LED, we still think this svelte teal pendant would make a particularly lovely addition to your jewelry collection.... [More]


Gecko Bangle

The bright and spotted design on the Gecko Bangle ($25) is the perfect pick-me-up when your outfit needs a bit of extra flair. It packs a prettier punch than the thirty-seven-pieces alternative!... [More]



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B. The Product Gel Hair Volumizer

Hair flat as the plains of Kansas is out this year. O-U-T, out. Instead, hair that reaches volcanic heights is totally in. Achieve the look with the Gel Hair Volumizer from B. The Product ($20). Apply just before you blow-dry, and the overall look will be totally Eyjafjallajökull.... [More]


Seablue Puffin Jumper

What is it about wee puffins that makes us love them so? We're up for paying homage to the bright-beaked birds by snuggling into the Seablue Puffin Jumper ($138). After all, it's probably the closest we'll get to actually snuggling a puffin. We hear they have nasty tempers.... [More]


Grumpy Garden Gnomes

We've always just assumed that garden gnomes were a touch on the grumpy side. Now we know for sure. The sourpuss Grumpy Garden Gnomes ($28 each) hold rude signs and are ready to populate your garden come spring. They may keep nosy neighbor kids out of your strawberry patch, but... [More]


Mona Leia iPhone Case

Long ago, one particular woman captured the hearts of all who saw her, intriguing and mystifying the world. And then there was the Mona Lisa. This iPhone case ($35) combines both those leading ladies in one format.... [More]


Sunset Landscape Tee

Color psychology is a powerful thing. That's why we recommend putting this Sunset Landscape Tee ($39) on if you're heading into a potentially tense situation, like explaining to your roommate that you used her cable bill money to buy shoes. The soothing peach, gold, and blue hues of this impressionistic... [More]


Hot Fuse Backpack

Watch your back! This Hot Fuse Backpack ($110) may look dangerous, but luckily it only eats your books! The top flap opens all the way back, allowing access to a two-chambered interior and a front pocket. Also available in black with red maw.... [More]


Wine Pearls

We've been using whiskey stones in our rocks glasses for ages, but this is the first time we've seen a set of Wine Pearls ($27 for four)! The pearls are stainless steel capsules with freezing gel centers. Outside the freezer (and inside your wine or champagne glasses), they stay frozen... [More]


Kyoto Fan Stretch Bracelet

This Kyoto Fan Stretch Bracelet ($26) was supposedly inspired by Japan, but it feels art deco to us - and that's enough to make us start fangirling for The Great Gatsby.... [More]


Motel Demi Dungaree Playsuit

That cute boy from coloring class invited you over for juice and playtime, but you have nothing to wear!!! Try the Motel Demi Dungaree Playsuit ($95)! This cute and innocent piece features strap fastenings and a timeless blue paisley print. Ah, youth is wasted on the young.... [More]


Whiskey Creek Sweater

This Whiskey Creek Sweater ($82) looks like the perfect cover-up to wear while we sip our coffee on those cool spring mornings, reclining on the porch of a lodge in Montana. With its classic style and rustic palette, it's simply begging to be matched with other Montana porch staples like... [More]


Tala Cook's Measure

This Tala Cook's Measure ($26) isn't just a fabulously retro accent for you to shelve next to your collection of rusty baking soda tins. It's just as practical a kitchen gadget now as it was several decades ago. Use it to quickly weigh or measure a wide range of dry... [More]


2-Carat Cup

Every would-be bride has her own strategy to get that ring onto her finger - but it's just so much easier when you take the man out of the equation! With the 2-Carat Cup ($18), getting that proposal is as easy as pouring a cup of coffee! Comes with a... [More]



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Strike Gold Sweatshirt

What do rock stars wear on their days off? Probably this Strike Gold Sweatshirt ($68). Thanks to its melding of classic gray fleece with sparkling sequins, it's casual but still screams "I am probably more famous than you are."... [More]


Long Sleeve Irregular T-Shirt

Shirts with regular bottoms are for lawyers, engineers, and other people who are stable and functional. But what about people like us, who eat cereal from coffee mugs because morning is "too early to do the dishes"? This Long Sleeve Irregular T-Shirt ($23) celebrates imbalance! Available in both black and... [More]


Wooly Media Console

How can a console look so modern, yet so corner-of-your-uncle's-bachelor-pad-circa-1974 at the same time? Pure, glorious magic. The Wooly Media Console ($2,195) marries earth-friendly design with earthy greens. Hang your flat screen over it and use the surface to display a large vase of wildflowers and a few vintage prints.... [More]


Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Technology can be scary, and sometimes it's best to introduce it in small doses. This Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse ($98) takes the newness out of computing and replaces it with something Grandpa could have whittled! Made from real bamboo, this keyboard and wireless mouse work with both Macs and Windows... [More]


Pillowcase Studies

If you're a believer in learning by osmosis, we expect you'll be ordering the whole set of these Pillowcase Studies ($20). They're printed with concise introductions to a wide range of subjects, from music theory to corporate finance. Even if the osmosis thing turns out to be a wash, they'll... [More]


Solstice Shorts

"Dress shorts" seems like it should be an oxymoron, but these Solstice Shorts ($32) are so classy, we're almost tempted to try wearing them to the office. Almost. We will, however, feel entirely comfortable donning them with a sharp blazer and heels for a night out on the town.... [More]


Lumimarja Celery Duvet

While we crave color in our wardrobes, we're thinking about taking a neutral, minimalist turn with our bedroom decor. We're hoping it'll help us sleep better. The Lumimarja Celery Duvet ($129, full/queen) ought to help the cause. Its serene, nature-inspired design and tiny pop of green give off a calming... [More]


Bathing Bad Body Scrub

If you've been bad lately, here's the perfect product to clean you right up. This Bathing Bad Body Scrub ($13) may look very similar to that blue meth we see in Breaking Bad, but it is for external use only. No pipes needed.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Candi Is A Wedding Guest

Candi writes: "Hi, I'm in need of some serious help. I am attending a wedding at the end of March and I have no idea what to wear. I want to go for a very elegant look but not to dressy. Also, this is my boyfriend's cousin's wedding and I... [More]


Aqua Painted Stool

Wondering what style of furniture will best complement your beloved string of chili pepper mini lights? We recommend starting with this Aqua Painted Stool ($199).... [More]



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Pleated Sheer Blouse

We're not usually jumping to purchase anything that looks as though it could have been worn by a supporting member of the cast of 9 to 5. This Pleated Sheer Blouse ($37) is a notable exception. The pleated front and waistline might give this piece a circa-1980 vibe, but the... [More]


Big Life Square Tray

Your mushroom-and-salmon canapés may be on the small side, but once they're all gobbled up, Dickinson's words may inspire you and your party guests to live large. You know, after you digest your food. There's no need to rush, especially when you're lounging around with a full stomach! Big Life... [More]


Adderbite Two Finger Snake Ring

You've seen snake rings that wrap around your finger. You may even have seen snake rings that bite your finger. But have you ever seen one that does both!? The Adderbite Two Finger Snake Ring ($50) is a magnum opus of the snake ring world! Add a little bite to... [More]


Forest Toothpick Dispenser

Toothpicks are already fun. Just think: they're either suspending tasty fruit bits in your cocktail or providing a quick way to get cubes of cheese into your mouth. What's not to love? And think how much more of a good time they'll be when you're shaking them out of this... [More]


Seea Hermosa One Piece

You go to the beach for one reason and one reason only: to slay some waves. But there is really only way to do that, and that's fully clothed. In the Hermosa One Piece from Seea ($135), there is no risk of losing your bottoms in the washing machine near... [More]


Silver Anatomical Heart Locket

Finally, heart jewelry for the literalists! The Silver Anatomical Heart Locket ($302) makes traditional heart-shaped pendants seem just plain juvenile! This polished silver locket is anatomically accurate, and each one is handmade. And what do you think the inside of the locket looks like? That's right, all four chambers!... [More]


Jubilant Day Polka Dot Dress

This Jubilant Day Polka Dot Dress ($40) has totally caught our eye with its soft pastel print and light-as-air look. In fact, we think it's so sweet, we might as well sprinkle it with sugar and call it dessert.... [More]


Eva Hand-Painted Cups

If we're going to consent to wash something by hand, you know it's gotta be good. The stainless steel Eva Hand-Painted Cups ($12 each) are worth the extra effort, thanks to those purdy birdies gracing the outsides. Though we will admit that we save them for special occasions, so the... [More]


Hope Avenue Jesslyn Clutch

It's a humble material for such a sophisticated handbag: good, old fashioned straw. But delicately woven into this cream-hued Hope Avenue Jesslyn Clutch ($258) and twisted into a feminine bow accent, that stuff we feed to horses takes on a startling level of class. That's especially true when it's topped... [More]


Stila Snowflake Snow Angel Color Palette

It's not just the pretty-but-gimmicky case that has us digging this Stila Snowflake Snow Angel Color Palette ($39). As lovely as it is, we honestly think it'll be a royal pain getting our brushes into those tiny nooks and crevices. But we'll put in the effort because we're really loving... [More]


Thank You Leather Bag

Let's stop fighting against our consumer culture, and start celebrating it!* This Thank You Leather Bag ($198) takes a design you throw away every day and turns into into fashion! Made from black calfskin, this bag is perfect for trips to the bodega! *Editor's Note: Wait, what have we been... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Gold Infinity Ring

When we first took a peek at this Gold Infinity Ring ($3), we thought it was just okay. Then we realized it was only three bucks, and gave it an instant awesomeness upgrade. Sure, sales are final - but for this price, it wouldn't be worth paying the return postage... [More]


Glass Lined Wood Candle Holder Set

Want to bring a little of the great outdoors into your home decor? No, we don't recommend luring raccoons inside with a trail of cat food. Opt instead for this Glass Lined Wood Candle Holder Set ($48). The glass linings make them safe to use and easy to clean, while... [More]


Sleeveless A-Line Lace Overlay Dress

You might be going to the chapel this summer. And maybe you're gonna get married. And you're probably eyeballin' this Sleeveless A-Line Lace Overlay Dress ($40), thinking that it might be a viable down-the-aisle option. And, as your soon-to-be-husband will learn shortly after the nuptials, you are absolutely right in... [More]


Skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Pen

We never realize we're having a haggard day while we're still at home. We'll be halfway to work when we catch sight of our hollow eyes in the rearview mirror, or we'll see those bags when we make a quick trip to the restroom before that big meeting. That's why... [More]


Majorca Stripe Placemats

Dressing up your tablescape doesn't mean you have to go all Martha Stewart (or worse, Sandra Lee). All you need is a few key pieces that provide color and style. The Majorca Stripe Placemats ($8 each) are a simple way to add both. And they're sturdy indoor/outdoor mats, so you... [More]


Pencil Me In Necklace

Are you a writer? A sketch artist? An SAT administrator? If so, you'll love the Pencil Me In Necklace ($15). While the goldtone prevents this pencil from actually writing, the image will still get your point across.... [More]


Tiki Talisman

We can't remember if this Tiki Talisman ($18) brings good luck or bad luck, so you'll just have to place an order and see for yourself.... [More]


Tippi Sweater

It's one of those wardrobe pieces you can't get enough of: this Tippi Sweater ($40), in a classic crew-style cut. It's made with ultrasoft merino wool for a perfect, warm, comfortable fit. And since it comes in a wide array of alluring colors, we're tempted to stock up on a... [More]


Tocca Mini Eau de Parfum Sampler Set

Indulge your tendency towards multiple personality disorder with this Tocca Mini Eau de Parfum sampler ($18). Each of the six pocket-sized fragrances evokes a unique spirit and personality, making it easy to switch up your olfactory aura throughout the day.... [More]


3 Prong White Coat Rack

This 3 Prong White Coat Rack ($70) may look like three simple metal poles. But that is precisely why we love it. There are no wooden animals, no faux foliage, no extravagance. A coat rack that holds coats and claims to do or be nothing more. If only other items... [More]


Suno Fluro Skirt

The more we see spring beauties like the Suno Fluro Skirt ($350), the more anxious we get for fair weather. This full-volume, midcalf skirt can be paired with a trim blouse and strappy sandals for a Roman Holiday look. Gregory Peck accessory optional, but recommended.... [More]


Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Say what you want about fur trappers, they knew how to stay warm! With the Faux Fur Trapper Hat ($31), you get all the advantages of a warm fur-covered hat, without all the annoying cruelty to animals!... [More]


Kiki Doll Lacey 3/4 Sleeved Crop Top

The practical applications for this Lacey 3/4 Sleeved Crop Top ($70) are limited. The fashionable implications, however, are endless.... [More]


Ruffle Bath Towels

You can't possibly start your day off on the wrong foot if you step out of the shower and into a Ruffle Bath Towel ($20 each) from Echo. Pick your favorite color or nab one of each. They're feminine, fun, and sure to make you hum your favorite guilty pleasure... [More]


Trampled by Turtles Stars And Satellites

If you haven't yet taken a moment to listen to the talents of Trampled by Turtles, stop reading this post now and do so! Back? Good! The bluegrass band hails from Bob Dylan country in Minnesota and their current album, Stars And Satellites ($7 for digital, $10 for disc), plays... [More]


Crisps Print Melamine Bowl

Oh cruel Crisps Print Melamine Bowl ($16)! You mock our self-control, and yet, we're still hoping you'll work with us and not against us. Will your chip print fool our eyes into thinking we're eating more than we are, or are we doomed to always be gazing longingly at our... [More]


Ombre Button Down Shirt

Please, please, please tell us you're not tired of this look yet? We get the feeling that the fence sitters are teetering toward the "trend over" side and we're definitely not ready to let go. Seriously, how could you say no to the Ombre Button Down Shirt ($118) from Free... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: February 25, 2013

This week's picks for the Lookalike Shopping Spree on The Purse Page should, between them, appeal to every facet of your personality. Feeling romantic? How can you possibly choose between the gold butterfly and the pink rose clutches? Prefer something with an edge? Can't go wrong with the bold sheen... [More]


Personal Shopper: Jenni Does the Bridesmaid Shuffle

Jenni writes: "Hi there! Long-time reader, second-time requester. I'm in my friend's wedding in September and she's on a quest to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses in either peach or mint green. Her wedding has a simple, vintage-y vibe and her own dress will be lace (and gorgeous!). She really... [More]


McSteven's Irish Cream Coffee Mix

Prepare for Saint Patty's Day in the best way possible: by consuming several mugs of Irish coffee! While we've heard complicated recipes and tricks of the trade that include simple syrups and pudding mixes, we're going for quick and easy. Scoop a few tablespoons of McSteven's Irish Cream Coffee Mix... [More]


Havana D-Frame Mirrored Sunglasses

What better way to spend a gloomy February afternoon than shopping online for a new pair of sunnies? We're drooling over the Havana D-Frame Mirrored Sunglasses ($480) from Prism and wishing our paychecks allowed us to budget for them. Mirrored lenses are popping up everywhere, and it's definitely time to... [More]


Juice Box Cameras

Suspect some shenanigans are afoot in your cafeteria? Go undercover and collect the evidence to nail that JELL-O-stealing perp with one of these Juice Box Cameras ($15). The world might think you're sipping lemonade, but you'll really be stealing secret snaps of suspicious-looking characters. We like the idea so much,... [More]


Madewell Bright Hyacinth Denim Cutoff Shorts

We go back and forth on how we prefer to wear our shorts. Thankfully, both cuffed and cutoff are going to be in style this summer, so we don't need to make up our minds. These Bright Hyacinth Denim Cutoff Shorts ($59) are a spot-on example: they sport the frayed... [More]


Nature in the Nude Butter Me Up

During the cold season, you exfoliate and scrub away all the dead skin that dry winter winds create. Restore yourself with Butter Me Up by Nature in the Nude ($25). This sumptuous lotion provides healing goodness that not even Nemo the Blizzard can ruin. Full disclosure: Outblush received a free... [More]


Elixir Frill Tankini

Want proof that wearing a tankini isn't incompatible with looking sexy on the beach? Check out this Elixir Frill Tankini ($285). Don't let the soft peach hue and demure flower print fool you - with its strongly structured plunge neckline and bare-minimum bottom coverage, this piece is hotter than a... [More]


Spice Mill

It's not just pepper that can benefit from a fresh grind. A whole host of herbs and spices benefit from being kept whole until use. This Spice Mill ($20) makes it easy to add them to your culinary creations, and with a design that makes it far less messy than... [More]


Kenneth Jay Lane Starfish Ring

Starfish are cool... but they're a lot cooler in black! Thanks, Kenneth Jay Lane, for seeing that the only thing starfish need is a new paint job. This Starfish Ring ($40) is plated in gunmetal, giving a sleek and shiny gloss to the distinctive starfish shape.... [More]


Cloche Table Lamp

Sure, you can DIY a vintage-esque mason jar lamp if you really want to. At least, that's what Pinterest keeps telling us. But we know our limits and electrical is definitely beyond them. The Cloche Table Lamp ($70) is way nicer than anything we could rig up and surprisingly affordable,... [More]


KD Kanopy EZ Up Tent

When you are on the sidelines of your son's T-ball game and the clouds start moving in, there are about thirty seconds of difference between saving the day and watching every little athlete present become a muddy, minivan-ruining monster. Be the change you wish to see in the world by... [More]


Rose Flower Hair Pin Set

It doesn't take a lot of fussing to sweep your hair into a romantic updo. Use a beach wave cream or spray to get tousled locks, and then pin them up into a messy bun. Tuck in the Rose Flower Hair Pin Set ($15) by Iluxo and you've got the... [More]


Love Don't Pay the Bills Tee

It's funny... AT&T tells us the same thing every month. Be the voice of reason everywhere you go when you wear the Love Don't Pay the Bills Tee ($40). This blunt eye-opener lets those around you know that somehow, somewhere down the line, you lost your innocence.... [More]


Giant Gummi Bear

If you're a fan of Gummi bears, you know that they're way too small and there aren't enough in a pack! Luckily, scientists with nothing better to do invented this Giant Gummi Bear ($55)! Just check out the stats: 9.5 inches tall! 4.5 pounds! The equivalent of 1,400 regular Gummi... [More]


ASOS Leather Heart Cut Out Gloves

It may not yet be warm enough to drive with the top down, but when it is, make sure you look the part! Tie on a scarf over your coiffure and slip your hands into these ASOS Leather Heart Cut Out Gloves ($24). The black says you're not above a... [More]


Mantel Dome Clock

Please don't touch the clock - that's why it's behind glass! This Mantel Dome Clock ($170) is so modern it hasn't even happened yet. With an original, artistic design and a black-and-white color scheme spiked with a red second hand, this clock will turn your living room into an art... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Corrine Peplum Top

It's impossible to look at this pastel silk Corrine Peplum Top ($268) from Rebecca Minkoff and not feel a pang in your heart for both want of it and want of warm weather in which to wear it. Come on, spring! You're taking too long to get here. We need... [More]


Kitchen Grip Oven Mitt

Your oven, while a friend to casseroles and baked potatoes, has a dangerous streak. Mess with it without the proper equipment, and you're gonna get burned (pun definitely intended). Keep your fingers well-protected with the Kitchen Grip Oven Mitt ($22). It's heat resistant to five hundred degrees, so you're not... [More]


Camper Holly Shoe

You'd think we'd had a falling out with laces. Our feet have been solely clad in rubber boots, strappy sandals and sweet flats for the last few years. But this Camper Holly Shoe ($125) might just entice us to put in the extra effort of tying the occasional bow. It's... [More]


IKABAGS Waterproof Pleated Messenger Diaper Bag

When you become a parent, the term waterproof takes on a whole new level of importance. You have to protect yourself and your children from errant pee streams, random rain showers, and questionable puddles on public transportation. IKABAGS Waterproof Pleated Messenger Diaper Bags ($99) keep all the essentials dry inside,... [More]


Jumbo Navy Stone Ring

The Jumbo Navy Stone Ring ($25) offers a fun take on traditional rings. Instead of those boring old complete circles, this one is a wraparound with an enlarged end to mimic the conventional design. Let's hear it for reinventing an old standard!... [More]


Bric Pininfarina Hardside Luggage

Good luggage is an investment. It'll set you back, but the alternative is to have all of your possessions threatening to bust out of cheap zippered suitcase sides or holey pockets. Not a pretty sight after a long flight. The Pininfarina Hardside Luggage ($295-395) by Bric will take a few... [More]


Champion Double Dry Workout Pants

Workout pants are wasted on workouts! How can they expect us to wear something so comfortable only at the gym, where no one goes feel comfortable? We say, wear these Champion Double Dry Workout Pants ($20) anywhere you want! Wear them at the bar! Wear them at work! Wear them... [More]


Floral Print Jacket

We've been living in dark blazers this winter. They makes us look put-together and feel comfy. But as we approach spring, we know we'll need to trade them in for a warm weather alternative. This Floral Print Jacket ($128) from Free People will do nicely. The patterned print is refreshing... [More]


Lawson-Fenning Rectangular Corkboard

Is your home office wall still sporting the same ol' corkboard you bought for your first college apartment? Toss it! The Lawson-Fenning Rectangular Corkboard ($56) is worth the upgrade. It still displays your photos and documents with ease, but it adds a classy, grown-up aesthetic to the room thanks to... [More]


Sayami Sequin Trim Scarf

The Sayami Sequin Trim Scarf ($25). For when a sequin-covered bodysuit is much too much and no sequins is far too few.... [More]


Kitty Hepburn iPhone Case

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most revered actresses in American cinema, but can she do a standing jump to the top of the refrigerator? Kitty Hepburn can! The Kitty Hepburn iPhone Case ($26) for iPhone 5 improves on an icon. Though can we just point out how eerily similar... [More]


Bygone Days Mint Green Top

We admit it: when it comes to summery tanks, we often look for pieces that reveal a bit more of our lady assets than this Bygone Days Mint Green Top ($44) does. But the lovely lace detail of this lime-sorbet-hued piece is so pretty, we might just be able to... [More]


Acne Studios Stace Jacket

Do we even have to convince you that you need a fitted denim ombré jacket gracing your coat closet? No? Good. Let's move on. Who wants to help us brainstorm ways to pay for the Acne Studios Stace Jacket ($370)? We could do a sisterhood of the traveling outerwear. (Ooh,... [More]


Vintage Inspired Pet Tags

While the Vintage Inspired Pet Tags ($12 each) by Sycamore Hill don't hold any practical info on them (you know, like your pet's name and your phone number), they do add a touch of cool to your pup's collar. It's a good compromise if you're not the type to dress... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Lucky Green Engagement Party Frock for EB

EB wrote: "Greetings Fabulous Outblush Staff! My fiancé and I are hosting a St. Patrick's Day Engagement soiree for our families and close friends to meet. As the Bride-to-Be I want to be looking festive yet stylish. What I have in mind, is a 3/4 sleeve, short, Irish/Emerald green dress.... [More]


100% Pure Cranberry Glow Lip & Cheek Tint

While we love that our new favorite wine gives us a bright and fruity stained lip, we can't very well carry a bottle of vino with us at all times (would that we could!). Thankfully, a small stick of 100% Pure Cranberry Glow Lip & Cheek Tint ($15) works just... [More]


Tiffany Reversible Tote

Justify the steep price tag on the Tiffany Reversible Tote ($675) by telling yourself that you're really paying for two bags. The coral side looks lovely when paired with a sweet sunny spring day and a floral sundress. But be sure to reverse it to the gold side when your... [More]


Mini Patent Flap Shoulder Bag

You're a low-maintenance girl; you don't require much. Let your purse reflect that with the Mini Patent Flap Shoulder Bag ($20)! With room only for the essentials, this bag doesn't tolerate clutter!... [More]


Epic Letterpress Combo Kit

Feeling witty? Turn that into some cold hard cash with this Epic Combo Kit ($170). Sure, it's an investment, but when you create your own successful Etsy business churning out cards emblazoned with your clever witticisms, you'll be sure to rake it in.... [More]


brinware Garden Party and It's a Hoot Dishes

We know why plastic baby dishes are so cheap. They're not exactly built to last. These darling tempered glass dishes ($20 for two) from brinware are, though. If the cutesy designs and durable silicone covers don't convince you to switch, their BPA- and phthalate-free makeup should. All junior will be... [More]


Call of the Wild Bar

Yes, please! If we could take a ten-minute break from life every day to scarf down a Call of the Wild Bar ($6), we'd be happy campers. The bars are a combination of creamy dark chocolate and a rich port wine filling. Chocolate and wine in one sweet little bar?... [More]


2020 Ave Leathered Chiffon Skirt

Skirt-themed outfits can be a lot of fun, but only if you have the right skirt. You need something eye-catching, something unique - something like the 2020 Ave Leathered Chiffon Skirt ($26). This dazzling design is the perfect centerpiece for a well-executed ensemble.... [More]


HandyMaiden Barn Owl Necklace

The more popular owl necklaces become, the more creative designers have to be in coming out with new ones. It's that arms-race mentality that helped HandyMaiden to design this unique and utterly charming Barn Owl Necklace ($35). What is it about critters in egg shapes that's so cute?... [More]


Pink Skullhead Bracelet

No, those aren't pieces of Franken Berry... that's the Pink Skullhead Bracelet ($10)! Fashionable and edgy, this cute bracelet looks like something worn by someone in a hip Saturday morning cartoon.... [More]


Sent Sofia Pouf

We've been taking chances on lots of bright colors lately, so it's time to up the ante. Our living spaces could use a little more pizzazz, and what better way to bring it than with a big pink ottoman? The Sent Sofia Pouf ($2,895) is about forty inches by forty... [More]


Silly Socks Baseball Boots

Yeah, that's right. These Silly Socks Baseball Boots ($11) are just socks that look like shoes. But won't the design be covered by actual shoes? What's the point of these things? Simple - they're fun!... [More]


Mala Poncho

No matter how chilly things get, do not - we repeat, do not - resort to wearing a Snuggie. If you want an extra level of coziness, opt instead for this Mala Poncho ($288), made from beautiful Merino wool. Yes, it's a touch more expensive. But the extra cost is... [More]


Lunus Kovrikus Doormat

Though Sting suggests giant steps for walking on the moon, you might want to take smaller ones on this Lunus Kovrikus Doormat ($41) - that'll clean the dirt off your shoes better.... [More]


Palo Santo Wood

The sellers of this Palo Santo Wood ($15) are making promises about the magic powers of incense that would do a snake oil salesman proud. But still... a stick that can get rid of both hangovers and mosquitos? If it even makes either of them a little easier to bear,... [More]


Snowflake and Deer Detail Leggings

Just in time for spring: winter-themed leggings! You've got a good few weeks left to enjoy the Snowflake and Deer Detail Leggings ($25).... [More]


Motel Multiple Roses iPad Case

The Motel Multiple Roses iPad Case ($19) is what grandma puts her iPad in when she's not FaceTiming with her boyfriend. With cushioned embroidery and a silk lining, this old-fashioned holder can also double as an oven mitt! (No, it can't.)... [More]


Haines Chair in Supernova Teal

The Haines Chair in Supernova Teal ($1,495) by Jonathan Adler makes us want to call in sick to work. Just look at it. The generously sized wingback is plush, cushy and just begging us to park in it as we marathon Bones on Netflix. All that's missing is a cat... [More]


Ombre Gina Shift Dress

Dress? Um, not unless we wanted to pull a Britney every time we did anything other than stand stock still with our legs pressed together. But a tunic, worn loose or belted over some leggings or skinny jeans? Now that we can get behind. Ombre Gina Shift Dress ($39 on... [More]


Bsclly Ouija Board

Aren't you sick of Ouija boards being so sweet and cutesy? Is Hello Kitty not an appropriate theme for channeling the dead? Well, this Bsclly Ouija Board ($61) has skulls and ravens! You're just a scary attic and a few candles away from a night of guessing who's actually moving... [More]


Whale Power D-Ring Belt

Yosemitebear got understandably worked up about sighting a double rainbow. We're feeling pretty darned delighted ourselves at discovering the existence of this Whale Power D-Ring Belt ($60), which sports an unmistakable whale-on-whale print. Squint and it almost starts to look like a triple whale print. So intense.... [More]


Brooks Brothers Medium Straw Top Handle Bag

Ugh, we have been put to sleep by the name of the Brooks Brothers Medium Straw Top Handle Bag ($498). Seriously, this classy, vintage-style purse deserves a better moniker. How about the Totally Worth The Price Thanks to the Brass Latch Bag? Or the Calfskin Trim Goes with Everything Bag?... [More]


Enclave99 Pretty In Peach Dress

Style need not be expensive to be fashionable. For instance, this Pretty in Peach dress ($25) costs less than a lunch date with your girls. Which is nice, because now you can wear this springy sensation on said lunch date with all that money you saved not buying a similarly... [More]


Black is Blue Bowls

These Black is Blue Bowls admittedly come with a deeper-message price tag ($25-$83). And sure enough, it turns out that designer Anne Black inverted their design, painting inside instead of out, to remind us that "beauty comes from within". Whatever. We just think it'll be fun to see the playful... [More]


Word. Notebooks

We get it. Because you write words in them. These Word. Notebooks ($10) come in packs of three, so be ready to write a large collection of words. And okay, you could probably draw, too, if you're one to buck convention.... [More]


Gold BOY Cap

Talk about false advertising! Lately, the only people we've seen wearing BOY London products are girls, and not the boyish kind. But that's the fashion industry, and right now this Gold BOY Cap ($54) is the "it" thing for women. You figure out the psychological aspects of that on your... [More]


Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee

Your cat in need of a little past life regression therapy? We expect that's just what it will find when it starts napping inside of this Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee ($32). Just don't expect the process to make it any more well-adjusted.... [More]


Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard

Moonstruck-era shag or Matchstick Men thinning on the top? Be prepared to argue your preference with your coworkers or roommates when you hang the Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard ($20) on your door. We're pretty big fans of Raising Arizona's sideburns and matching mustache. Also, please send pics of your best... [More]


Tarte The Bright Side Double-Ended Brightener

T.S. Eliot was a lying scumbag. April isn't the cruelest month. It's February, when forced hibernation leaves us looking like extras in the cast of Les Misérables. Luckily for us, Tarte is coming to our rescue, saving us from another two months of sallowness and dark circles. The Bright Side... [More]


Eco-Eggs Egg Coloring Kit

Ack! Apparently we gave up telling time for Lent, because we failed to realize how close we are to Easter! We'd better order the Eco-Eggs Egg Coloring Kit ($20) before March 31st creeps any closer. If, like us, you're prepping for an egg hunt, these dyes are great. They're all... [More]


On The Road Again Earrings

We've found something awesome to do with old tires besides burning them. All right, so technically these On The Road Again Earrings ($20) are made with bike inner tubes, not Goodyears. We still think they're rather striking.... [More]


Deer and Birdhouse Candle Holder

We swear: we will not stuff our shelves and counters with tchotchkes like the last four generations of women in our family. We're just going to buy this gateway drug Deer and Birdhouse Candle Holder ($36) to add an adorable wintry note to our room.... [More]


Carina Small Cosmetic/Toiletry Case

You'll rarely go wrong with simple solutions. Take the Carina Small Cosmetic/Toiletry Case ($37), for instance. It's got a straightforward design, a no-frills colorblock scheme, two sturdy inner pockets, and a basic not-too-big-not-too-small size. It'll hold your makeup and look good while it's at it. What more do you need... [More]


Purple Louvre Resin Bangle

We're totally digging the funky geometry of this Purple Louvre Resin Bangle ($158), which draws inspiration from the glass and steel elegance of France's premiere art palace. In warm purple and bright gold plate, it makes a good attention-grabber wherever you decide to wear it.... [More]


Seychelles Freesia Sandals

We're going to urge you to arrange your whole warm-weather wardrobe to coordinate with these Seychelles Freesia Sandals ($60). They're definitely going to be your go-to shoes for the next few months. If you can swing it, order them in both the burgundy and navy colorways to expand your options.... [More]


Sundown Daisy Knit

Isn't it time you introduced your sunny day side to your adventurous night side? The Sundown Daisy knit top ($58) combines a happy and optimistic daisy print with a sleek and sexy black background for the best of both worlds!... [More]


Homebrew Pint Glasses

We currently know, like, eight dudes who have decided to try their hands at brewing. We don't mind being their taste testers, but we're thinking maybe it's our turn. We'll nab a kit, ferment away, and then pour our concoctions into these Homebrew Pint Glasses ($42 for a set of... [More]


Lanvin Elaphe Clutch

Snakeskin meets neon? You'd think it'd be a bit much, but this Lanvin Elaphe Clutch ($990) manages to perfect the combination in a non-awful-'80s-throwback kinda way. It's plenty modern, with its size (it can easily hold your iPad mini or Kindle Fire) and sleek design.... [More]


Una Maternity Shirt Dress

We're pretty sure there's a conspiracy to make women who aren't pregnant yet think that having your abdomen swell up like a beach ball while your hormones go insane is a fabulous experience. Personally, we find it leaves us feeling bloated, worn-out, and far, far from glowingly attractive. That's why... [More]


DoubleKick Hot Sauce

When your average hot sauce only gives a single kick, turn to a splash of this ($15). It'll boot you twice: once with the burning heat of hot pepper and again with a dose of caffeine from a potent coffee bean extract. Your mouth will be on fire and you'll... [More]


Life Is A Highway Fringed Cotton Maxi Dress

It's not about whether the dress should be see-through or not, it's about how much of it is see-through! The Life Is A Highway Fringed Cotton Maxi Dress ($220) gets it just right: you want to show off your legs and shoulders, but leave the rest to the imagination.... [More]


Nairobi Leggings

There are leggings that stand out, and there are leggings that sucker punch onlookers in the eye! These Nairobi Leggings ($83) feature a one-of-a-kind print that's shiny, gold, and ambiguously exotic.... [More]


Teal Mini Hanging Pot

We haven't started any indoor planting yet, but when we do, we have half a mind to grow our little seedlings in a few of these Teal Mini Hanging Pots ($55). If we fill them with catnip seeds, we can rehang them out on the deck come sunny weather. Catnip... [More]


Ginny's Toasters

None of us will argue with the appeal of a pretty face, even if there's not a whole lot going on behind the scenes (Keanu Reeves, anyone?) . But Ginny's Toasters ($50) are more than just colorful, gorgeously vintage-styled accents for your kitchen counter. They're also a light-year or so... [More]


Alphabet & Numbers Stamp Set

We couldn't care less whether we actually use the contents of this Alphabet & Numbers stamp set ($23) as stamps. With the aged look and antique-style carrying case, the collection itself makes for one seriously lovely piece of home ornamentation. If we do find ourselves needing to compose a ransom... [More]


Brashy Couture Polite T-Shirt

At a time when girls are wearing clothes displaying rabid animals and profane insults, it's nice to see someone so well-mannered. This Brashy Couture Polite T-Shirt ($43) tells the world that you're civilized - whether it's true or not!... [More]


Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer

A big shout-out to reader Elly who recently left a comment about the fabulous Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer ($55). We got our hands on a bottle and our lives changed! Okay, that's a little dramatic. But our skin looks and feels better than it did a few weeks ago, so... [More]


Country Scene Print Maxi Skirt

Escape to a serene country fantasy just by looking down! This Country Scene Print Maxi Skirt ($54) paints a picture of what people see when they meditate. Relaxing, original, and still stylish!... [More]


In Gratitude Necklace

We admit it: we'd splurge on cute jewelry whether it made the world a better place or not. But the fact that this In Gratitude Necklace ($50) helps create new opportunities for women in Uganda certainly makes us feel better about where our cash is going. It's also made by... [More]


Calligraphy Address Stamp with Typewriter Text

Wedding, party, or shower - whatever occasion you have to organize this year, we bet your fingers are already cramping at the notion of writing out your return address on all those fancy little envelopes. But try suggesting the sensible option of just printing the darn things out on computer... [More]


Boyfriend Body Creme

You don't need a boyfriend to get yourself a free massage! Just rub in a few palmfuls of Boyfriend Body Creme ($45) and soak in that pampered feeling. The cologne-mixed-with-perfume scent will gently waft through the room as you snuggle into bed with your body pillow, which thankfully, won't steal... [More]


DIY Female Terrarium

Hey, some of us really liked making dioramas in school! And now that we're grown, we have to settle for terraria. No problem, as long as they look as good as this DIY Female Terrarium ($40). This kit comes with the recycled glass bottle, a topper, stones, moss, and a... [More]


Batman Sweatshirt with Tooth Hemline

Aww! Look at the adorable little Batman logo! Who's the big, tough crime-fighter? Who is? You are! Forget the dark and realistic (well, kinda) Batman from modern times - bring back the campy sixties version with this Batman Sweatshirt with Tooth Hemline ($20).... [More]


Doubtblush: Giant White Fox Creature

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... So we Doubtblush 'em.... [More]


Game of Love Cardigan

Think the wearing of adorable heart-shaped buttons was a fashion choice lost to you in third grade? Well, guess what: this Game of Love Cardigan ($35) makes it a perfectly cute statement for grown-ups. Just be warned: add whipped cream and a cherry, and you might go into a sweet... [More]


Chalk with the Animals Dinosaur Chalkboard

Dinosaurs make everything cooler. That includes less-than-awesome reminders like "Do Your Homework" and "Get Flu Shot Today". Maybe if we jot them down on this stegosaurus-shaped dinosaur chalkboard ($25), we'll be less likely to have to drag the kids out from under the bed to get things done.... [More]


Falcon Enamelware Bake Set

We're pretty sure Falcon Enamelware hasn't changed their designs since 1920, and that's just fine with us. The timeless appeal of this Bake Set ($85) makes us quiver with delight at the prospect of filling these classically styled blue-accented pieces with pies, cakes, and casseroles.... [More]


Dazed & Confused Socks

Here's one pair of socks we wouldn't mind going to a Phish show with. These Dazed & Confused Socks ($6) sure know how to party! The ultracolorful tie-dye only makes your monochromatic clothing stand out more!... [More]


Stellen Straw Wreath

That dry, brown Christmas wreath still "decorating" your door? First step: toss it, along with any squirrels which have taken up residence inside. Next, order this Stellen Straw Wreath ($30). That way, when you inevitably leave it up until snowdrops start sprouting next spring, it'll look like an appropriate piece... [More]


Epiphanie Charlotte Camera Bag

Why, yes, our cameras deserve to be housed in the Charlotte Camera Bag ($155)! We baby our expensive cameras, so toting them around in silver envelope-style bags completely caters to their diva sensibilities. Okay, our diva sensibilities. We're really just using our cameras as excuses to buy this.... [More]


Fat Cat Measuring Cups

As YouTube has proven beyond any doubt, there is absolutely no end to how much cats can make us giggle. These Fat Cat Measuring Cups ($25) are merely another example. Scooping up our ingredients with these adorable ceramic kitties makes cooking that much more hilarious.... [More]


Haven Lemon Scrub Powder

Think lemon-based, not lemon-scented. This Haven Lemon Scrub Powder ($12) uses natural fruit acids to clean everything from bathrooms to brass candlesticks. And yes, it's totally free of harsh chemicals that would make it shady to use on anything you plan to eat with - they even suggest using it... [More]


CVO Laceless Sneakers

Update your look by slipping on the CVO Laceless Sneakers ($100) by Milly, in a collaboration with Sperry Top-Sider. The colorful splotches add a touch of fun without heading into full-on paint splatter territory. They'll make a darling complement to the casual summer dresses that are starting to fill your... [More]


The Little Things Shorts

After spending a bit of time sitting in these The Little Things Shorts ($42), we might find a very interesting pattern on our derrieres. Who cares? These pearl-encrusted fuchsia beauties are far too cute for a temporary case of bumpy bottom syndrome to stop us from enjoying them.... [More]


Optimist Tumbler

Need a little pick-me-up in the morning? Sip your java from this Optimist Tumbler ($48). It cheerfully reminds you to look on the bright side of life.... [More]


Horse Ring

Just think of the fun you can have when people ask you where you got this Horse Ring ($80). Tell them it was a gift from the sexy cowboy who carried off your grandmother, or that your great-uncle dug it up as part of a hoard of ancient gold. No... [More]


Riiviva Microderm

Ugh, we know. That price! But when you consider that the Riiviva Microderm ($299) is a one-time purchase, it's a pretty big savings. Most microdermabrasion appointments will set you back around $150. You'll have gotten your money's worth after just two uses with the Riiviva. The high-quality diamond tip will... [More]


Lazare Dress

We need a fashion rescue. Lumping ourselves in cold weather layers has got us feeling like bag ladies. There's not much we can do to save ourselves from the probably-homeless look now, but as soon as warmer temperatures come around, we'll make up for it by wearing this Lazare Dress... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: February 18, 2013

The Purse Page has rounded up some real lookers for the lookalike poll this week! We're talking lace and laser-cut leather, not to mention little gold hearts, orange quilting, and geometric suede flaps. There's something for everyone, but only the fan fav will be subject to next week's roundup, in... [More]


Half Spoon

We're going to give this Half Spoon ($6) props for good intentions. The idea that we might just forget we're only getting half the sugar when we use it is a noble one. Obviously we'll just end up dipping the thing into the bowl twice, but still: points for effort.... [More]


Black Colour Block Low Back Maxi Dress

With a strappy back, long skirt, and spellbinding color scheme, the Black Colour Block Low Back Maxi Dress ($35) is a dress for all seasons! This gorgeous garment would look just as good on a beach as it would at a winter party.... [More]


Needlepoint Kindle Case

Have you given up actual ink and paper for the push-button convenience of the e-reader world? At least recapture a touch of that old-school spirit by wrapping your tech in this Needlepoint Kindle Case ($40). It looks just like something Grandma might have embroidered to decorate your mom's circa-1972 college... [More]


Serpui Marie High Society Minaudière

You know it's high society when they call a hard clutch a "minaudière." Can you blame them, though? The Serpui Marie High Society Minaudière ($63) is so classy, it could run its own country club! This two-tone bag has a sophisticated look that's perfect for caviar luncheons and regattas.... [More]


Art Print Memory Board

Take some of the doing out of a seriously cool DIY project with this Art Print Memory Board ($250). Sugarboo Designs has already taken care of the annoying work of rustic-wooden-box-sourcing, chalkboard-painting, and wire-stringing, and has even included the adorable little clothespins you'll need to customize this piece with your... [More]


The Brain Tickler

When we think of using a tickler, it's not generally our brains we're considering toying with. But The Brain Tickler ($15) can be just as much of a stress reliever. Our overworked minds need a break every now and then, and this funny-looking gadget gently massages some of our key... [More]


Victorian Governess Cuff

Crafty types will love the thread-snipping theme of this Victorian Governess Cuff ($130), modeled after tiny pairs of antique scissors. If you agree, don't hesitate to pull that add-to-cart trigger. With only forty in existence, this piece will soon be as lost as the era of leg-of-mutton sleeves and hair... [More]


Belted Lace Overlay Hi-Low Dress

If you don't already own a pair of classic cowboy boots, this Belted Lace Overlay Hi-Low Dress is going to cost you significantly more than $35. We figure there's only one right way to wear this piece, and that's with a pair of westerns and a denim jacket. If your... [More]


Le Theatre d'Ombres

Your husband wants to buy your kid a super-cool remote control flashy-lighted rocket ship. You're entirely aware that said rocket ship will hold your kid's attention for approximately ten minutes. Providing young'uns with a genuine distraction means finding them something that sparks their imaginations, like Le Theatre d'Ombres ($40). This... [More]


Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash

Battling acne at this stage of the game is both frustrating and embarrassing. We're all adults here, so why do some of us still break out like prom-bound high schoolers? Formulated to balance pH levels, Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash ($13) is one product that seems to give us... [More]


FOX Knitted Jersey

Those limeys at The Orphan's Arms can do no wrong! Their FOX Knitted Jersey ($102) embodies the same bloody brilliance we've come to expect from them. This knitted jersey offers a ribbed hem, turned-back cuffs, and that utterly delightful fox print.... [More]


Roost Golden Berry Champagne Glasses

Champagne is the best. It also goes straight to our heads, bubbling up our senses of both decency and coordination. That's why we're digging these Roost Golden Berry Champagne Glasses ($98). Their stemless style means they'll be a bit more sturdy than the traditional variety, and their cheerful, celebratory look... [More]


Adeen TRCRTP Snapback Hat

You've seen hats with spikes. You've seen hats with animal ears. But have you ever seen a hat with spike horns!? Feast your eyes on the Adeen TRCRTP Snapback Hat ($189)! If you thought spikes were intimidating before, you're going to want to find a good place to hide. (By... [More]


Julie Hewett Camellia Balm Stick

Not all lip products are created equal. And this Julie Hewett Camellia Balm Stick ($16) steps up the game. It combines a lightly pigmented shade with luxurious amounts of camellia, rose, and orange oils, and it's a natural sunscreen that also comes packed with antioxidants. Use it alone as a... [More]


Nature in the Nude Scrub-a-dub-dub

During Spa Saturday, the only day we actually turn off the phone, we indulge in all the beauty practices that take just a little too long to be part of the weekday routine. This Nature in the Nude Scrub-a-dub-dub ($25) is first on our list. Made with raw cacao powder,... [More]


Chicago Candle Co. Man Candles

Some men like to take the occasional bubble bath, and there is nothing wrong with that. One way to make your bathing experience a little manlier is with these Chicago Candle Co. Man Candles ($28). Let the sweet aroma of bourbon linger as you soak up all the suds you... [More]


ALEX AND CHLOE Mixtape Earrings

Oh no! There's an '80s party coming up, and you don't have any accessories! Good thing you check Outblush, or you might never have seen the ALEX AND CHLOE Mixtape Earrings ($50)! At only two inches long, these bite-sized cassette tapes add a subtle but memorable flair. Nostalgic for some,... [More]


Bonnie Long Sleeve Crop Top with Sequin POW!

POW! That's the sound people's eyeballs make when they see this fabulous Bonnie Long Sleeve Crop Top with Sequin POW! ($80)! Also available in ZAP!, because - let's face it - some people just aren't POW! people.... [More]


Busy Bee Ring

The honeybee: nature's version of the unappreciated workaholic. Show the world that you don't get paid enough for the work you do with this Busy Bee Ring ($4)! The shiny black-and-yellow enamel and crystal wings make it sweet.... [More]


Recipe Writing Rubber Stamps

Sure, it'll take up more space, but just think how much more fun jotting down those favorite cake and casserole recipes will be with these Recipe Writing Rubber Stamps ($25)? This simple set packs a nicely versatile punch in a playful hand-drawn style.... [More]


Fitted Boyfriend Teacup Print Shirt

Our love for this Fitted Boyfriend Teacup Print Shirt ($55) is all about those rows of adorable white-on-red cups. This print could probably be on a muumuu and we'd still pick one up. The fact that it's available on this blouse just saves our friends having to throw a fashion... [More]


Dermablend SkinPerfector Blemish and Oil Clearing Primer

When you spend a bajillion dollars on makeup every year, you need to invest in a good primer. Luckily, the Dermablend SkinPerfector Blemish and Oil Clearing Primer ($45) is affordable and does more than just prime your skin. It actually improves it! All those blackheads that took up residence on... [More]


Short Polka Dot Trench

Is it time to shed our bulky winter coats yet? We were so in love with the warm, woolen things a few short months ago. Now we're drooling over lighter styles, like the Short Polka Dot Trench ($530) from Thakoon Addition. It's made with a thick cotton, so it'll keep... [More]


Modernist Bowls

On a ramen noodle budget? No problem! You can still slurp up their salty goodness out of badass vessels. We promise, trading in your hand-me-down CorningWare for a few Modernist Bowls ($8 each) will have you feeling like a Real Adult in no time.... [More]


London Life Utensil Set

There are hobo kits, and then there are picnic sets for true outdoor eating connoisseurs. This London Life Utensil Set ($42) falls into the latter category. It includes seven pieces in luscious teak, accompanied by a travel-friendly rustic felt roll. We may not be at a table, but that doesn't... [More]


Mark's Camera Photo Album

Like the old-timey camera this book is designed to look like, physical photographs are becoming outdated. But now you can cling to the past with Mark's Camera Photo Album ($17)! This album holds thirty-six photos and has a ribbon handle. (NOTE: Book not formatted to accept JPEGs.)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Hampton Sun SPF 30 Lip Balm

Protecting your skin doesn't stop at your bod. It's just as important to protect your face and lips, too, so stock up on Hampton Sun SPF 30 Lip Balm ($12). Not only does it prevent sunburn, it also packs your pout full of pomegranate, aloe vera, grapefruit, cucumber, and green... [More]


Clam Birdfeeder

All right, so this Clam Birdfeeder ($65) is far more likely to provide sustenance to squirrels than finches. We'll forgive it. Its lack of self-defense is more than made up for by the bit of seaside charm it will bring to our backyards.... [More]


Lightning Leggings

Every step you take is earth-shattering and every look you give is electric! Now you just need the pants to match. Try these Lightning Leggings ($26). Perfect for days when you're in a terrible mood!... [More]


Amazing Indoor Remote Control Airplane

Take your cat-teasing tactics to the next level with this Amazing Indoor Remote Control Airplane ($159). Made with carbon fiber for an ultralight construction, this gadget will whiz around your living room at lightning speed while your cat tries desperately and futilely to catch it. And it's sturdy enough to... [More]


Of Courage Necklace

Cut gemstones are overrated! The agates in the Of Courage Necklace ($135) look like they came straight from the mine. The stylized ball-bead chain beautifully contrasts with the jagged roughness of the stones, making this necklace suitable for both formal and casual settings.... [More]


Made From Earth Vitamin E + Citrus Body Gel

Your daily orange at breakfast needs to watch out. There's a new citrus in town. The Vitamin E + Citrus Body Gel ($10) from Made from Earth is packing some serious health. It doesn't provide the super sudsy experience you have come to expect from shower gels, but don't think... [More]


Insight Geo Stripe Shirt

There's something of the Old West about this Insight Geo Stripe Shirt ($74). And by "old" we mean the era of neon-lit saloons and El Caminos. We're digging the combination of the menswear-inspired look and feminine details like the cutout panel in the back. It also gets points for the... [More]


Kate Spade Saturday Weekend Calendar

It's Friday! It's Friday! We all love to finally be able to say TGIF after a long workweek. Now the real question is this: what are you doing this weekend? Use this Kate Spade Saturday Weekend Calendar ($25) to keep track of your plans - because, let's face it, the... [More]


Girls: The Complete First Season

What is it about Girls that's so riveting? Maybe it's the train wreck effect; we can't look away from all the awkward moments, vulnerable outbursts, and dysfunctional relationships. And haven't we all been in Hannah's shoes? The girl has a knack for impossible situations and shaky communication, but we're certainly... [More]


The Stick Shift Jeans

Every fashionable short person knows the power of vertical stripes! That means there must be some ankle-biters working at [BLANKNYC]. The Stick Shift Jeans ($88).... [More]


Guy De On Clarifying Aloe Vera & Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

After a winter of binge eating (you know you're guilty), stressful family events, and overall skin-destroying habits, it's time for an evening with the Guy De On Clarifying Aloe Vera & Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask ($35). It sucks up any excess oil and grossness that accumulates in your pores,... [More]


Sheer Back Cardigan

Cardigans: not known for their sex appeal. In fact, we usually reserve them for days when the heat isn't working right or we're feeling bloaty. But we figure pairing this Sheer Back Cardigan ($35) with a suitably sultry cami will take the old schoolmarm staple to a whole new level.... [More]


Joie Mushroom Brush

Mushrooms are a pain in the ass. Washing them turns them into soggy sponges, but we can see the little bits of black dirt clinging to their gills, which leads us to wonder exactly which sort of crap we'll be ingesting if we don't manage to pick all of them... [More]


Red, Coral, and Gold Pinwheel Earrings

Finally, we have discovered a use for origami. Don't get us wrong: we love the stuff. We just inevitably leave it sitting on a side table until it gathers enough dust to get tossed in the trash. These Red, Coral, and Gold Pinwheel Earrings ($23), however, turn a little clever... [More]


Constellation Lamp

Need a serene night's sleep? Turn on the Urban Outfitters Constellation Lamp ($49, ships 2/18), open your white noise app, and drift off feeling like you're floating through the stars. Unless, of course, you prefer to sleep in complete and total darkness. Then switch on the Constellation Lamp for mood... [More]


philosophy help me

We subscribe to the notion that you can never wear enough sunscreen. So let's all liberally apply philosophy's help me ($47). Not only does it protect our skin from harmful sun damage, but it also provides a healthy dose of retinol to help address our wrinkle worries. Apply in the... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lindsay Goes Old School Cool

Lindsay writes: "I am attending a gala/party put on by a really cool art foundation and the theme of the party is to be "in the spirit" of a famous criminal. My boyfriend and I have decided to go as Bonnie and Clyde. I have found two dresses that I... [More]


Han Shot First T-Shirt

Han Shot First T-Shirt ($23). If you have to ask, you'll never know.... [More]


Whish Three Whishes Sugar Scrub

The quickest way to ruin a new skirt or dress is with dry skin peeking out from below that delicate hemline. So try Whish Three Whishes Sugar Scrub ($38). Natural and so delicious that you'll want to eat it with a spoon (don't do that), this gentle-but-effective scrub buffs away... [More]


Little Canoe Narwhal Mug

They're nature's coolest animal after the honey badger. We're talking about narwhals, the unicorns of the sea. Let them add a touch of whimsy to your morning with this Little Canoe Narwhal Mug ($17).... [More]


SPANX Slimplicity Booty Booster Shorts

Some of you are undoubtedly scoffing. But there are those of us who are better endowed upstairs than down, which can lead to feeling a touch lop-sided when we're donning certain body- or bottom-hugging styles. SPANX feels our pain, which is why they've created these Slimplicity Booty Booster Shorts ($68).... [More]


Leopard Square Earrings

Usually it turns out badly when you combine things that work best individually, like when we tried to make pizza soup. But these Leopard Square Earrings ($7) succeed where the pizza oven failed! They combine trendy leopard print with classic design, and throw in an artistic triangle top for a... [More]


Nikki's Magic Wand

As much as you love your Pink Pop or Peach Petal lip gloss, there comes a time when you realize there is no salvaging what is left in the bottom of that tube. Until now. Pucker up, because with Nikki's Magic Wand ($10), you will never have to throw away... [More]



Highlighting is great, but how much better would it be if you could toss the textbook and focus entirely on those key excerpts? That's exactly what you get with the Scanmarker ($80), which easily transfers the important stuff from your homework assignments into a single, easy-to-manage document. Just think of... [More]


Minimarket Pleated Suede Ballet Flats

A pair of compact ballerina slippers in your purse can save your feet from long walks in heels, but most of them look about as classy as... well, slippers. Thankfully, the Minimarket Pleated Suede Ballet Flats ($105) solve that problem. Wear these trendy things en route to wherever the party... [More]


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer

Not many products on the market today pull their weight quite as effectively as Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer from Nuxe ($41). Use it on your face for shimmer and shine. Add a few drops to your hair for added health and vibrancy. Dot your lips to boost... [More]


A-Z World Canvas Wall Art

Want your little munchkin to become a seasoned world traveler? Whet their appetite for exploration when you hang this A-Z World Canvas Wall Art ($139 unframed, $209 framed) in their nursery. From Agra, India to Zurich, Switzerland, each letter features a different city and accompanying colorful drawing. Who knows? Their... [More]


Deco Heist Ring

We can't say for sure why we like the Deco Heist Ring ($10), but we can say for sure that we do like it! Is it the unique color scheme, or maybe the chaotic mosaic design? Maybe it's best not to question it. Also available in skin tones.... [More]


Rat Crown Tee

Is this a political message or just a quirky design? No matter the angle, there's something cute about the Rat Crown Tee ($83), even though there's nothing inherently cute about either rats* or crowns on their own. But hey, that's fashion! *Editor's Note: Bite your tongue.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Jane Austen Bandages

We might be self-supporting adults at this point, but that does not change the fact that boo-boos still suck. We make our kids feel better about them with colorful SpongeBob plasters, and we figure the same principles might apply to us if we cover our ouches with these Jane Austen... [More]


Khaki Check Knit Fingerless Gloves with Faux Fur

Just when you thought there was nothing more you could do with fingerless gloves, the Khaki Check Knit Fingerless Gloves ($18) reinvent the form (so to speak). These gloves are adorable, posh, and let's not forget warm!... [More]


Sustainable Shanti Warrior's Razorburn Relief

There may be a dude on the label of the Warrior's Razorburn Relief tin ($15), but this stuff totally works on your lady business. If you are in the habit of shaving your junk, add this salve to your routine. Once you get out the tub, lightly towel dry your... [More]


Kikkerland Deep Tea Diver Infuser

Add some adventure to your tea with this Kikkerland Deep Tea Diver Infuser ($15). This daring diver will discover depths of flavor and infuse your tea with the joy of exploration. Plus, it is so much cuter than your average tea ball!... [More]


Warm-Up Boots

We will not be wearing these in public. In fact, if someone knocks on our door - even the FedEx guy - we'll yank them off and hide them under the sofa next to the Snuggie. But like that other piece of embarrassingly unfashionable coziness, these Warm-Up Boots ($23) get... [More]


breathe brushes Essentials Kit

What a difference a quality brush makes. The Essentials Kit from breathe brushes ($99) applies makeup like a dream! Powder sits longer, blush blends better, eyeshadow covers faster, and concealer camouflages cleaner. Er, more cleanly. All around, these professional-quality brushes provide a superior application experience. With them, faces aren't just... [More]


Kate Middleton Paper Doll

No word yet on whether or not an "expecting" version is in the works. For now, we'll have to be content with dressing the Duchess's svelte figure in gorgeous recreations of her most famous fashions. Kate Middleton Paper Doll ($13)... [More]


Tangerine Dream Sweater with Sequin Elbow Patches

Tangerine is not our color, especially this time of year. It tends to bring out the underlying greenish hue of our pasty winter complexions. But this Tangerine Dream Sweater with Sequin Elbow Patches ($38) has us tempted to give it another whirl. We just can't resist the slouchy style of... [More]


MD Solar Sciences Daily Eye Repair Emulsion

Eyes are the window to the soul. Sure. But wrinkles are the birthday candles on your face cake. And lately, they've been telling some serious stories about your age. Blow out those pesky flames with Daily Eye Repair Emulsion from MD Solar Sciences ($82). Lecithin and mushroom extract plump up... [More]


Garden Salad Toy

Does trying to get your kids to eat something green remind you of force-feeding an angry badger? Perhaps it's time to try a new tactic. The wooden pieces that make up this Garden Salad Toy ($25) might be completely lacking in nutritional value, but if your children warm to it,... [More]


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Ever wish you could bring a Photoshop filter around with you? Well, meet the next best thing. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ($12) gives your limbs that instant Victoria's Secret photo shoot glow, and without any permanent staining. It's just good old-fashioned makeup, removable with soap and water.... [More]


Neon Round Toe Ballet Flat

Make stumbling home in the dark a little bit safer with these Neon Round Toe Ballet Flats ($19). They're available in highlighter yellow, glow-stick green and überpink. Also great for hunting season.... [More]


Vintage Paris Briefcase

To heck with that boring old laptop bag. We're going to fit this Vintage Paris Briefcase ($56) with some straps and padding and use it as a far more stylish way to tote around our goods. We figure being able to swap dull black neoprene for this funky print and... [More]


Almond Biscotti Cupcake Bath Bomb

Despite appearances, this Almond Biscotti Cupcake Bath Bomb ($8) does not belong in your face. It goes in the tub, where it will dissolve into a fizzing, sweetly scented explosion of bubbly indulgence. But since looking at this confection is likely to get your taste buds jonesing, we recommend picking... [More]


Saint James Mousse Sweater

Isn't the extra dollar in the price of this Mousse Sweater ($301) kinda odd? Maybe it's for the pretty pompom brooch on the chest. Whatever the reason, we'll say this: we have the dollar ready, but the three hundred may take a while. You don't suppose they'll hand over the... [More]


Dominic Fiorello Wooden Plant Pod

Not all planters are created equal. Some are mere root buckets, while others cross the line to become sublime works of art. Just take a peek at this Dominic Fiorello Wooden Plant Pod ($100). It's elegant enough to deserve a place on our walls even if all it's holding is... [More]


Jessica Cosmetics Frost Nail Polish

It has become increasingly difficult to find good true white nail polish. Everything contains shimmer or sparkle or glitter. (Admittedly we love glitter.) This shade from Jessica Cosmetics ($8) is white. Plain and simple. It works magic for French tips or as a nice base for impeccable nail art that... [More]


I'd Rather Be: An Eccentric Floridian Grandma

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


Hipfit This Is Why I Squat Tank

We won't wear this tank from Hipfit ($25) until we actually start doing squats. Otherwise, we'd open ourselves up to some serious criticism.... [More]


Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak

The Dead Sea is on to something and Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak ($40) has managed to bottle it up. Packed with over sixty minerals and trace elements, this container will get you as close to the body of water itself as you can get without ever stepping on a... [More]


Screw Ring

What can we say about the Screw Ring ($15) that won't sound like innuendo? Well, it looks cool, so there's that. This metal ring has a unique design that tells the world you don't need a man to fix the kitchen sink when it breaks.... [More]


Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo

Not all dry shampoos are created equal. Some are made to soak up oil while others are meant to impart volume and shine. The Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo ($28) takes the best of both those worlds and combines it into one universe of splendor. Also serving as... [More]


Heart Beat Hat Rack

We're hesitant to put this Heart Beat Hat Rack ($22) to use. It just looks too darned fun as is, decorating our hallway wall. Of course, the pile of scarves and hats lying on the floor underneath it do take a bit away from the overall aesthetic.... [More]


PLUIE Starfish Barrette

Usually when people have starfish in their hair, they've just emerged from a cartoon ocean. That's not normally a look you'd want to copy, unless you have the PLUIE Starfish Barrette ($125). This hair accessory is the perfect accompaniment to any beachy outfit.... [More]


Baby Quasar Clear Rayz Acne System

Anybody who has sensitive skin knows the trials and tribulations associated with settling on a beauty regimen. You never know if you'll break out until you sample a new lotion or face wash. The Baby Quasar Clear Rayz Acne System (199, on sale) gives you peace of mind without the... [More]


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf No Sugar Added Special Dutch Chocolate Powder

News flash: going out for coffee is a budget-sucker. But with this No Sugar Added Special Dutch Chocolate Powder ($12), you can make those mochas at home - and with a few less calories than at the café. With all the cash you save, you'll be able to start up... [More]


Submarine Camcorder

Anyone got a spare six grand lying around? We think we've found the coolest way on the planet for you to spend it (besides taking a Dom Pérignon bath, of course): this Submarine Camcorder ($6,300). This baby will explore watery depths of up to a hundred feet, controlled with ease... [More]


Nombre Cadmium Tank

Slip into something a little more comfortable, like this Nombre Cadmium Tank ($49). Made with pure silk, it's lightweight and sultry-soft, and the loose fit means wearing it will make you feel like the walking embodiment of a summer breeze.... [More]


Håkansson The Oil

Just when we thought things might be warming up, BAM! Nemo swept through like a freaking snow queen on the rag. And that bitch was pissed. So now we're left with parched skin and dry cuticle beds. The Oil ($51), packed with the goodness of primrose, olive, tomato seed, and... [More]


Navy Riviera Armchair

The Navy Riviera Armchair ($245) deserves to be settled into a cozy, sunny corner of your favorite room. Add a few more of its friends to the mix and you've got an ideal grouping for seating around a patio table. Throw in a pitcher of John Daly, and you've got... [More]


Teacup with Wood Saucer

Tea that's gone cold sits near the top of the list of things that suck. Slightly lower down but still miserable? Tea that's been reheated in the microwave. Avoid both with this Teacup with Wood Saucer ($28). This piece of Scandinavian ingenuity doesn't just provide a surface-saving spot for your... [More]


Cheap Thrill: AVON Solutions Total Radiance Day & Night Duo

A product that actually works in conjunction with the sun, boosting our skin's radiance with exposure to light? Well, AVON Solutions Total Radiance Day & Night Duo ($10), you have us sold. Maybe now we won't have to feel so bad about spending an extra thirty minutes gardening outside with... [More]


Teavana Tea Voyager Travel Kit

Make suffering through mediocre tea a thing of the past. With this Tea Voyager Travel Kit ($25), you can bring your favorite infusions with you on the road. Skip the Lipton in the Best Western breakfast line and make yourself a cup of your own Earl Grey or fine Ceylon.... [More]


Lighthouse Oil Lamps

We've just found a far cuter way to keep mosquitoes at bay than the traditional weather-beaten, scraggly tiki torch. We'll simply fill these Lighthouse Oil Lamps ($89) with citronella fuel, then sit back and enjoy the bugless ambiance.... [More]


Everearth Activity Walker

We can see why most parents turn into hermits. When we bring our offspring over to a friend's house for a much-needed mommy cocktail hour, we're either besieged with a running commentary about how bored they are, or else have to stop them from sticking forks into uncovered outlets. The... [More]


Biella Tassel Loafers

Why yes, J.Crew, the classic loafer could use an update! Thank you for finishing off the navy-and-sand-colored leather Biella Tassel Loafers ($248) with pops of neon. They're enough to draw the eye, but not so much that the eye then tells the onlooker's brain, "YIKES, look at those terrifying shoes!"... [More]



We've figured out how to remove a big source of stress from marriage. We're going to buy our in-laws Stick-N-Find ($70). With one for the car keys, another for the laptop, and a third for the remote, we'll save ourselves hours of standing around waiting for them to remember where... [More]


Laura Mercier Brow Definer

You only make the mistake of waxing your own eyebrows once. And after that painful life lesson, you solicit the assistance of Laura Mercier and her Brow Definer ($20) to help facilitate the healing process.... [More]


Hearts Aflutter Cuff Bracelet

While it takes a lot to make our hearts skip a beat (like this photo of Ewan McGregor and his puppy!), we will admit to feeling a little flutter when we spotted the Hearts Aflutter Cuff Bracelet ($58). So while our chances of meeting Ewan face-to-face are mighty slim, the... [More]


diptyque Ofrésia Eau de Toilette

Fantasies of spring have been creeping into our daydreams lately. And we finally figured out why. It's the Ofrésia ($88) our boss has been wearing. Notes of freesia and black pepper have our noses on full alert, seeking out any hints of warmer weather. We're feeling very April-showers-and-May-flowers all of... [More]


Free People Bun Wraps

While we do miss scrunchies, we welcome these Bun Wraps ($14) with open arms. Far superior to plain elastics, these braided doodads add much more than style. They add character and pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary sock bun. And how far does ordinary get you? Not far.... [More]


Ancient Moonlight White Bud Bar Tea

Yes, it's a novelty, but we don't mind. We think the notion of a tea bar is pretty darned neat. And the leaves that were pressed into this Ancient Moonlight White Bud Bar Tea ($24) aren't your run of the mill teabag crumbles. Think tender, early buds hand-picked under the... [More]


Songbird Embroidered T-Straps

If the Von Trapp girls had ever hit the runway, they probably would have strutted their way down it in something like these Songbird Embroidered T-Straps ($148). With their bright blue suede and folksy, colorful embroidery, they look like the perfect shoes to sexify a dirndl. We'll probably use them... [More]


Principessa Lip Gloss Trio

You have three best friends, all of whom have dear and important places in your heart. So why should your lip gloss be any different? With the Principessa Lip Gloss Trio ($29), three pals are ready and waiting.... [More]


Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle and Tea Infuser

Brewing a decent cup of tea is a science. Variations in water temperature can make the difference between that perfect, aromatic treat and a bitter cup of nasty. Make sure you get things right by using the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle and Tea Infuser ($129). It comes with preset temperatures... [More]


The $5 a Meal College Cookbook

It's been a few years since we were in college, but that hasn't stopped us from being hungry and broke most of the time. That's why we figure the $5 A Meal College Cookbook ($9) is probably a sound purchase. It's packed with easy, wallet-friendly ways to keep ourselves off... [More]


Nude Purifying Toning Water

If you've never added a toner to your skin care routine, you are seriously missing out. Even after you scrub your face, a product like Nude Purifying Toning Water ($26) can pull the remaining crud out from your pores. Use it with a cotton ball before applying any moisturizer. And... [More]


Personal Shopper: Maternity Bridesmaid Dress for Pia

Pia writes, "Hello Outblush!! Hoping that you can help me! I am looking for a bridesmaid dress for my sister in law's wedding at the end of April with the following criteria from the bride: Color: Blush (I prefer a pinky or peachy blush color as opposed to nude since... [More]


Somme Institute Mobile Travel Kit

Between now and summer, you have some time to prep your skin for even more sun damage. And thanks to the wild and crazy wedding season you have up ahead, you'll need a skin care system that can travel with you. The Somme Institute Mobile Travel Kit ($85) already comes... [More]


Apple Pie Romper

Sure, you could get all patriotic by putting your baby in red, white, and blue, but we think there's something to be said for subtlety. The Apple Pie Romper ($58) by bobo choses says, "I'm as homemade as it gets, and too sweet to resist." Just watch out for cheek-pinching... [More]


Custom Wood Recipe Box

Sure, an iPad is great for testing out a new recipe you found on your favorite blog. Or you could go old school and print the darn thing out from the website. But those special recipes that have become favorites for your family and the precious ones handed down from... [More]


Traditions by Nick Chavez Prickly Pear Restoring Mist

With spring and summer come humidity. And with humidity comes a need to straighten your hair until it is pin-straight. Prep your coif for the damage about to be done by starting with a regimen of Prickly Pear Restoring Mist ($24). It packs hair full of proteins, essential in the... [More]


UNIF Hellbound Platform Shoes

Black/white contrast is great - no one's complaining about black/white contrast - but how can it compete with black/tie-dyed rainbow? Nothing can. These UNIF Hellbound Platform Shoes ($250) boast soft matte leather, monster heels, and no arch. And they come with matching laces in rainbow, black, and white.... [More]


Green Lace Skater Dress

The world doesn't need love, sweet love, it needs more green dresses! SheInside answers the call with this Green Lace Skater Dress ($31). Lace dresses are great, but hard to find in green. You're welcome.... [More]


Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil

Your hair needs oil. Between dry winter air and the war raging between static electricity and your straightener, your hair is probably a dry, frizzled mess. Throw it a bone with a squirt or two of Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil ($35). The lightweight formula helps protect and heal damaged... [More]


MANGO Op-Art Print Blouse

With a boxy (but not baggy) fit and slimming stripes, this MANGO Op-Art Print Blouse ($50) is just what we need. Not to complete our work wardrobes, oh, no - rather, to disguise the fact that our New Year's resolution to get Gwen Stefani's abs turned into seeing how many... [More]


Eye Candy Clock

Googly eyes are fun, but they have one problem: they're utterly useless. But not anymore, thanks to this Eye Candy Clock ($20). One eye shows the hour and the other shows the minute, so they're almost always looking in different directions (which is why we love googly eyes)! Anything this... [More]


Bare Escentuals Trophy Wife Eyecolor

Looking to add a little pep to your step? Bare Escentuals Trophy Wife Eyecolor ($14) can be worn alone as a shimmering shade of gold or added to other colors to enhance their glow. This simple step can bring out the emerald tones in green eyes and the sapphire shine... [More]


DavidsTea The Chocolate Box

Attention dudes: if you buy us chocolates, we will undoubtedly scarf them like kids hitting the drive-through on the way home from fat camp. But please do us a favor: opt instead for this DavidsTea The Chocolate Box ($30). It's stuffed with sample-size portions of chocolate-flavored goodness, from Red Velvet... [More]


Reindeer Pattern Tee

You want one of those tough animal shirts, but nothing as extreme as rabid dogs or angry eyes. This Reindeer Pattern tee ($15) is a happy middle ground - the silhouette of the reindeer is a strong image, whether it's an herbivore or not. And this shirt might just keep... [More]


Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade

You may be an adult, but your baby hairs would like to say otherwise. Your salon girl is baffled, and your friends aren't shy about mentioning it when your mane is otherwise perfectly styled. Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade ($16) tucks those little punks back into line. Your locks are... [More]


Doubtblush: Artisan de Luxe + Free People Head over Heels Denim Jacket

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. If we were planning a... [More]



The nude lip is still in full force and you shouldn't expect it to go away before spring. The BY TERRY CRAYON LÈVRES TERRYBLY ($33) in Perfectly Nude is the perfect way to prep your pout for that naked look. It lines lips without feathering or bleeding, accentuating the natural... [More]


Michael Aram Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Shakers

We just can't get enough of Michael Aram's botanically-inspired creations, and these Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Shakers ($99) are no exception. We figure we could be seasoning a tuna casserole with these babies, and they'd make it feel like an elegant gourmet dinner.... [More]


Jonathan Product Awake Color Root Touch Up

With all the weddings that you have been cordially invited to this spring, there is no way you can make it to the salon before every joyous occasion. Maintain your look with Jonathan Product Awake Color Root Touch Up ($19). Available in four different shades, this is exactly the kind... [More]


Paris Poster Art Coasters

Bring a little joie de vivre into your pad with these Paris Poster Art Coasters ($12). Each one features a print from the lively commercial art of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, celebrating everything from literature to cancan girls. Just add absinthe and a bit of bohemian spirit.... [More]


Lace Date Dress

We're pretty cheap dates, so long as our beaux don't sink to the level of White Castle and a bottle of MD 20/20. So why should we shell out big bucks for our sexy date wear? This Lace Date Dress ($29) is a perfectly flirty and flattering number, and leaves... [More]


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never

Some people hate the winter. Well, you know what? We don't all look forward to sweaty leather seats and melting makeup. So while the rest of you prep for bright colors and bikini season, we'll be holding onto cold weather and darker shades with Never Say Never ($25). The purply... [More]


Bourbon Smoked Sugar

Put the finishing touches on your sweet stuff by adding a few spoonfuls of Bourbon Smoked Sugar ($11) from Bourbon Barrel Foods. With a sweet caramel and smoky oak flavor, it adds a depth to your crumbles and brûlées that regular granulated sugar can't. We're dying to rim our glasses... [More]


Bird Cage Necklace

Birds in cages are pretty, but who needs the noise? This necklace ($6) features a beautifully crafted cage with a white bird inside, without the hassle of keeping something alive!... [More]


Sultra Heat Guard Protective Spray

Riddle me this, readers: why is it that once the weather heats up, the hair straighteners and blow-dryers come out in full force? Is it not hot enough out there? Whatever the reason, protect yourself with Sultra Heat Guard ($24). It's activated upon contact with heat, repairing and strengthening hair... [More]


You Got Your New Dog Kit

Aww, it's hard not to be envious when your friend brings home a new pup! (The envy dulls considerably after the six-hundredth Instagram photo she posts, but we digress.) The next time you visit, take over a You Got Your New Dog Kit ($25). Stocked with treats, a lovie, a... [More]


Daisy Ankh Muscle Tee

We don't know exactly what the message of the Daisy Ankh Muscle Tee ($25) is, but it looks pretty deep. I guess it doesn't matter: you don't need to know what it means to look good in it. Besides, only the Creator knows for sure (and by that, we mean... [More]


Benefit Primping With The Stars

Celebrities fake it all the time. We should be allowed to as well. The Benefit Primping With The Stars ($32) kit supplies you with the means to achieve the best simulated beauty you can find outside of an animation studio. Stocked with primer, foundation, lip-and-cheek stain, mascara, liquid pearl, and... [More]


Wine Tasting Party Kit

We know it sounds counterintuitive, but we think buying this Wine Tasting Party Kit ($25) might actually be a great way to sober up our weekend fun. After all, just about all of our parties tend to involve consuming massive quantities of wine. At least with this fun package, we'll... [More]


RED Valentino Glitter-Finish Lace-Ups

Are gold glitter pumps a little too diva for you? Honestly, these Glitter-Finish Lace-Ups ($395) might also be too glam for your modest sensibilities, but they're certainly easier to walk in. Slip your feet into the leather and sparkle, tie the grosgrain laces, and try to resist the pull of... [More]


Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil

The entire day is spent layering product after product onto your skin, filling it with crap and nonsense that does more damage than good. So after you've washed your face late at night, removing all the crud that piles up during the day, treat yourself to Illumino Face Oil ($125)... [More]


Rehab Serum for Pregnancy Acne

When you're expecting, everyone's favorite question to ask is whether you're spending your mornings vomiting. We'd almost prefer that to another actual pregnancy symptom: chronic, massive zits. At least you can hide the puking with a discreet trip to the ladies' room. There's no concealing those pus volcanoes, and thanks... [More]


KUNI KUNI Knit Gilet

Vests are for the commoners; if you want real class, you go gilet. And on that note, take a look at the KUNI KUNI Knit Gilet ($123). Use the drawstrings to adjust the silhouette, then let the draping fabric compliment your shape.... [More]


Heart Tree Valentine's Pendant

What if Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss farmed an orchard together in Equestria? The view would look a little like this Heart Tree Valentine's Pendant ($10) from Riverwalk Designs. Available in copper, brass, black, and either shiny or antiqued silver.... [More]


Double Weave Belted Shift Dress

As our snow-hammered front yard is currently reminding us rather forcefully, warmer weather is a long way off. So when it comes to gussying ourselves up, we might as well opt for something on the cozy side. This Double Weave Belted Shift Dress ($120) is made in a warm knit... [More]


LorAnn Oils Princess Cake & Cookie Bakery Emulsion

We're not cannibals, but if we did chow down on an actual princess, we suspect she'd taste like a combination of bacon and pearls. This LorAnn Oils Princess Cake & Cookie Bakery Emulsion ($4) sounds slightly more appealing, with hints of vanilla, citrus, and almond. Use it to take those... [More]


Stila Rose-Gold Glow Eye Shadow Trio

The New Year's party wrapped up a long time ago, but with the Stila Rose-Gold Glow Eye Shadow Trio ($28), it appears that the champagne is still popping. These shades are bubbly and bright, lending some healthy party-glow to your lids. Applied wet or dry, these colors will also be... [More]


Mosaik Smart Tiles

We're nuts for the mosaic look when it comes to our kitchens and bathrooms, but are less crazy about the sky-high price tags and mind-numblingly fussy installation requirements. These Mosaik Smart Tiles ($11) are a brilliant alternative. They're far more affordable than their glass cousins, and putting them up is... [More]


Artoo 2.0 Swimsuit

Never before has a trash-can-like robot from outer space looked so dang sexy! This Artoo 2.0 Swimsuit ($124) is an homage to everyone's favorite droid war hero! (Who knew that arrangement of buttons and vents would line up so well on a woman's body?)... [More]


Bird Cage Planter

Bird cages are lovely, except when they're holding actual birds. Then they're poop- and seed-spattered messes that smell kind of funny, and from which you get squawked at alarmingly when you walk by. We think using this Bird Cage Planter ($98) to grow something pretty and flowering is a much... [More]


Divine Brine Wasabi Dills

Get your pickles with a nostril-clearing kick. These Divine Brine Wasabi Dills ($9) are perfectly packed with a burst of the same green stuff you use to dress up your peas and your tuna maki. We think it lends these tasty cucumbers just the right amount of heat.... [More]


Long Winter Farm Bibliophile Perfume Oil

Unlike some library-themed fragrances, this Long Winter Farm Bibliophile Perfume Oil ($9) isn't meant to smell like books. Not that we mind the smell of books. A book-inspired combination of violet, musk, amber, and black tea sounds nice too, though.... [More]


Monsoon Cassie Tunic

In the right hands, this Monsoon Cassie Tunic ($262) can be a dangerous weapon. If you like black dresses (like everyone ever) and contrast, this one's a clear winner. Take a look at the sheer sleeves!... [More]


Pink Apollo Garden Tool Set

Why settle for boring old spades and trimmers when we can work our outdoor skills with this lovely Pink Apollo Garden Tool Set ($96)? It includes a full range of forks, trowels, and shears, all in perfectly girly pink. And the handy carrying case makes it that much more likely... [More]


Griz Coat

We don't know why we'd need a Griz Coat ($249), but we know we want one! We thought maybe we could justify its purchase for an amazing Halloween costume, but then we noticed their tagline is "It's not a costume, it's a lifestyle." So we suppose that's out the window.... [More]


Bite Beauty Colour + Shine To Go

Your purse already holds the contents of your life. What difference is adding three little tubes of lip color going to make? A lot, actually. The Bite Beauty Colour + Shine To Go kit ($15) packs a lot of punch without taking up too much space. Two lipsticks and one... [More]


Joel Dewberry Sparrows Pillow

Need to liven up a bland space? This Joel Dewberry Sparrows Pillow ($23) is sure to jazz up any room you put it in. What are those sparrows doing up so late at night? Only Joel Dewberry knows for sure.... [More]


Toothpick Stripe Maxi Skirt

When it comes to longevity and versatility, nothing beats classic black on white. Take this Toothpick Stripe Maxi Skirt ($42), for example. We could pair it with everything from orange chiffon to beat-up blue cotton, and it'd still look fabulous. And the side slits ensure that it will also nicely... [More]


Wool Felt Animal Bookends

How utterly adorable are these Wool Felt Animal Bookends ($99)? We'll just have to be careful where in Junior's room we decide to situate them. They look so perfectly cuddly and cute, the little squirt is likely to try to pull one of the well-weighted critters down onto his toddler... [More]


Whale Clock

Alarm clocks are such an invasive way to tell time. How much more soothing would it be to check the hours on this whimsical Whale Clock ($68)? It doesn't glare at you with an evil red light when you wake up at three in the morning, and will never, ever... [More]


Perricone MD Health & Beauty Supplement Set

You take your birth control every day to keep things as not-pregnant as possible. Why not go ahead and add the Perricone MD Health & Beauty Supplement Set ($145) to the routine? It keeps your body in tip-top shape, strengthening hair and fortifying nails. Granted, possible impregnators might then become... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: February 11, 2013

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey - we're too busy lusting after the five shades of blue bags over at The Purse Page! Even the Gucci Flora purse is sporting a little blue in the depths of its botanical motif . It'll be hard to choose a favorite in the poll,... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Gatsby Inspired Top for Amy

Amy writes: "Hoping you can help me out. I was browsing Pinterest and saw the cutest top! It's fun and makes me think of the gorgeous dresses in the Gatsby trailer... the only problem is it's a little (A LOT) out of my price range. Hopefully you guys can help... [More]


Cleopatra Print T-Shirt

Screw Holly Golightly! Cleopatra's the real fashion icon (and by that, we mean non-fictional). This Cleopatra Print T-Shirt ($43) is a simple, long-sleeved, loose-necked tee emblazoned with the iconic image of the good Liz Taylor.... [More]


LED Digit Magnets

No, they're not actual LEDs. In fact, they don't even glow in the dark. But we still think these LED Digit Magnets ($13) have their fair share of nerd cred. Use them to geek up your fridge, desk, or dishwasher.... [More]


Red Coral Knob

We're painting our cabinets white. They suck anyway (hello, cracked and fading '70s faux-walnut), and we've just fallen in love with this Red Coral Knob ($12). We're filled with fancies about how utterly lovely these vivid accents will look brightening up our kitchens.... [More]


Floppy Disk Earrings

What are we going to enjoy most about wearing these Floppy Disk Earrings ($12)? Probably how people under the age of twenty-five stare at them in confusion, wondering what bizarre and obscure symbol we're using to decorate our ears.... [More]


Benefit Fine One One

We are all about taking the guesswork out of makeup. Where does the highlighter go? How much powder should we have on our brush? What's the right shade of blush? It's not really an emergency, but it's enough to make us call 9-1-1 Fine One One ($30). A sweet smile... [More]


NibMor Daily Dose of Dark

Everyone gets to that point in the middle of that day where, if you don't take a moment to yourself, you going to end up taking something else. Like vengeance. Skip the rage and put a hurting on some NibMor chocolate ($37) instead. We could suggest that you pick up... [More]


Alien Abduction Lamp

Our style-conscious roommates are going to hate us, because we are ordering this Alien Abduction Lamp ($95). And then we're going to put it someplace really, really prominent, and make it a point to show it off to everyone who comes to visit our apartment. And no, we're not doing... [More]


Atari Arcade for iPad

Prepare to get hot and bothered, retro game-loving ladies. You can bring back your 8-bit glory days in style with this Atari Arcade for iPad ($60). It transforms your tablet into a classic button-and-joystick-driven gaming experience, and with the Atari's Greatest Hits app, you'll be able to load it up... [More]


Perfumeries Bosslady Solid Perfume Stick

Once you get past all the high-res model shots associated with this product, the Bosslady Solid Perfume Stick ($7) is actually a great idea. Unlike glass vials floating around in a purse already packed to the brim with who-knows-what, this twist stick isn't going to shatter or spill. Melt in... [More]


Content-rich Semi Sheer Tights

Have you ever drawn on your own legs? If you have, then you know the importance of getting an actual artist to do anything like that that people might actually see. That's where the Content-rich Semi Sheer Tights ($19) come in! These come with pre-drawn designs including stars, flowers, and... [More]



If you can effectively master combing out your hair with the "Prep It" Comb ($25) with one hand and straightening it immediately thereafter with the other hand, please, by all means, film a video tutorial. We'd love to see how it's done.... [More]


Faux Leather Sleeve Knit Top

Want to know how to turn a sweatshirt sophisticated? Throw on a bit of sweet detailing like we see in this Faux Leather Sleeve Knit Top ($49). The black-on-grey shiny sleeves and the back stripe take this piece from the slouchy-top category into the realms of the totally stylish.... [More]


Best Squeak Ever Cheese Knife

Do you like cheese? Do you like hosting parties where you offer cheese? Do you like impressing your friends with your cool stuff while hosting cheese parties? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this Best Squeak Ever Cheese Knife ($13) is the greatest thing to ever happen... [More]


Lollia In Love Shower Gel

We're longstanding fans of Lollia's feminine, luxuriously fragranced body products, which is why we're very happy to make them a part of one of our favorite daily activities: a nice hot shower. Lollia's In Love Shower Gel ($22) will infuse our beloved morning ritual with lush scents of apple blossom,... [More]


Fold Me A Paper Crane Necklace

Origami cranes are always so much cuter than real cranes (and a lot less bitey, too). That's why we adore the Fold Me A Paper Crane Necklace ($16)! It's like having a (very small) flock of paper cranes flying around your neck all day!... [More]


Essential Stress Relief Patch

The people at Essential Patch create wearable patches infused with essential oils to help soothe what ails ya. We're desperately in need of their Stress Relief Patches ($15) right now. Each pack contains two happy body stickers that last for up to twenty-four hours, and the stress relief ones contain... [More]


Watters Heather Bridesmaid Dress

Got a close girlfriend who's started pinning cakes and bunting? Be warned: an engagement is probably imminent. That means it's time to send her a pic of this Watters Heather Bridesmaid Dress ($360), and hope she falls in love. After all, if you're going to be forced to shell out... [More]


Vintage Industrial Style Hardware Bin

Lazy Susans are awesome. Need to grab that ground parmesan? No need to reach. Just spin Susan, and it's at your fingertips. And how much more fabulous is it when this retro kitchen must-have has a totally hip, rustic look? This spinning Vintage Industrial Style Hardware Bin ($70) is right... [More]


Baroque Luxury Printed Pants

Sure, the Baroque period did a lot for architecture, but its real contribution to humanity is these pants! The Baroque Luxury Printed Pants ($48) feature a shimmering charcoal gray print against a black background. Remember: when you have nothing to lose, go for Baroque!... [More]


Edward Bess Baby Pink Lip Palette

We hear you like pink. So we got some pink with more pink so you can pink, while you pink. Edward Bess Baby Pink Lip Palette ($75)... [More]


Shortstacks Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancake Mix

Is it the weekend yet? No, we're not asking merely because we're sick of working. We're wondering how long we'll have to wait before we can spend our morning cooking up this Shortstacks Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancake Mix ($6). We weren't sure pancakes could get any more awesome, but this... [More]


Mariposas Lampshade

Those of us old enough to fondly remember Joe Versus the Volcano will recall how our miserable hero soothed his at-work soul by way of an extremely awesome musical lamp. We're thinking this Mariposas Lampshade ($80) might have a similar effect. Turn it on when you're getting the blues, and... [More]


Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil

Resist the urge to guzzle your yummily scented bottle of Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil ($28, on sale)! It smells like an exotically fruity drink, but that's just not what it's for. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly once or twice a week right after you exfoliate.... [More]


Neon Lights Necklace

Don't eat the jewelry! The charms on the Neon Lights Necklace ($16) may look like sugary candy, but that's just their sweet design. The gleaming goldtone chain really complements the fluorescent pink enamel and makes it looks so... tasty! Well, we suppose it wouldn't hurt if we took a small... [More]


Queezy Juicer

We like to do a little juicing when we're feeling queasy. Bloody Marys aside, the best cure for a rough morning after is far and away a big glass of fresh squeezed OJ. This Queezy Juicer ($19) understands that, which is why it's designed to be super simple to firmly... [More]


W Hotels Famous Cloud Pillow

We will probably never be able to afford to stay in an actual W Hotel. But we can capture a key part of the experience for a fraction of the cost of an actual room - and for more than one night - by treating ourselves to a W Hotels... [More]


By Malene Birger Angulina Dress

This By Malene Birger Angulina Dress ($375) is obviously way too classy to even be mentioned in the same breath as a mullet, but we're going for it (who said we have to be classy?). The best part is, this dress isn't just business in the front, party in the... [More]


Whiskey After Shave Splash

We're a little torn. We could buy this Whiskey After Shave Splash ($16) for the dudes in our lives. But we're sort of tempted to use it on ourselves. After all, we shave far more square footage than the gents do, and that razor-scraped skin needs a little TLC once... [More]


Outblush Sings (Not Really): Valentine's Mix Tape

Ah, Valentine's Day. Whether you're single or not, it's a great, big, red-and-pink, chocolate-covered, rose-scented, foil-wrapped excuse for you to be a self-indulgent ball of emotions for whatever portion of twenty-four hours you're not spending asleep. And there's no better tool for keeping that mushygushiness going than a good playlist.... [More]


Phoenix Jacquard Purse

They just don't make 'em like they used to. This Phoenix Jacquard Purse ($18) has a classic, almost "artifact" look, but that embroidery is why we love it! Who knew phoenixes playing together could be so cute?... [More]


Herb Measuring Spoons

Using a measuring spoon that looks like a basil leaf to measure out your basil? That's so meta. Don't think too hard about it or you might let your marinara boil over. Herb Measuring Spoons ($14)... [More]


Quinna Faux Leather Skirt

Feeling saucy? Toss on this Quinna Faux Leather Skirt ($42). Not only will its combination of classic black with lacy gold have you looking fun and flirtatious, if you actually do get some sauce on yourself, it'll be a breeze to clean up.... [More]


Leopard Print LED Dog Leash

That neighbor of yours think her Chihuahua is hot stuff with its puffy pink winter jackets and fancy little boots? Well, wait 'til she gets a load of you and your bichon with this Leopard Print LED Dog Leash ($30). By day, it's a stylish, faux-animal pooch accessory. But by... [More]


Balenciaga Florabotanica Eau de Parfum

The problem with floral scents is that they can be too, well, flowery. We want to smell sophisticated and sweet, but not like we've rolled around in a rosebush.* We took a whiff of Balenciaga Florabotanica Eau de Parfum ($95) and yay! It was exactly what we were looking for.... [More]


Punk Skull Poker Vest

Oh yeah! This top has it all: four aces, old gothic text, and a skull with a gold tooth. This Punk Skull Poker Vest ($30) is not welcome at church picnics!... [More]


Sputnik Filament Table Lamp

Bad idea: lighting fireworks in your apartment to create a celebratory atmosphere.* Good idea: finding a lamp that looks like a firework to create a celebratory atmosphere. Sputnik Filament Table Lamp ($495) *Editor's Note: You know who you are. Yes, you.... [More]


Zombigami: Paper Folding for the Living Dead

Do your interests include both braaaaains and origami? Then you're going to love Zombigami: Paper Folding for the Living Dead ($10). Zombies are totes the new vampires (if we never hear about another baby girl named Renesmee, we will be happy), and this ghoulish book helps you construct your own... [More]


Kerfluffles Classics Mallow Club

We know that artisan marshmallows are a thing these days - we're hesitant to call them "the new cupcake", but they're certainly headed in that direction. Or, wait, are whoopie pies the new cupcake so that makes marshmallows the new whoopie pie? Dang, now we're hungry. Good thing we signed... [More]


Tais Passoa Bra

Think the price on this Tais Passoa Bra ($73) is a lot to spend for a single piece of underwear? Well, how about it if also doubles as a super cute bikini top? The stretch polyester blend used in this quirky quilted piece works fabulously for both land and sea.... [More]


Bookworm Throw Pillow Cover

When it comes to home decor, we'll pretty much always opt for the variety made from words on paper. Books are an awesome way to add color, interest, and some serious intellectual cred to your space. And we figure that kind of holds even if they're appearing only in photographic... [More]


Levi's Laundry Bag

Remember when you used to think that your $40 jeans were just fine and that you'd never dream of spending $200 on jeans? And then you tried on a pair of jeans that made your ass look like you'd undergone thousands of dollars of lifting and tucking and decided they... [More]


Wella Velvet Amplifier Styling Primer

Getting bored with the same old 'do you've been sporting for a few months now? Don't chop it. Volumize it with Wella Velvet Amplifier Styling Primer ($16). Unlike an extreme cut, this stuff washes out at the end of the day. But before that, it holds up, adding great body... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Luxe Faux Fur Wine Bag

This Luxe Faux Fur Wine Bag ($5) walks a fine line between classy and tacky, but can't that be said of all things furry? It really depends on the amount of swagger you exhibit when wearing it, or, in this case, presenting it to your favorite hostess. Hey, the financial... [More]

elf studio eye refresh

e.l.f. Studio Eye Refresh

Banish dark circles and soothe puffiness with this little rollerball! e.l.f. Studio Eye Refresh ($6) is going to be your best friend. Who knew pomegranate, rosemary, green tea, cucumber, and grape could be such a powerful combination? Sounds kind of tasty, though.... [More]


California Tablecloth

Celebrate the Golden State in vintage travel style with this California Tablecloth ($37). It's emblazoned with a perfectly kitschy print of an old-school tourist map depicting some of the West Coast's coolest attractions as they were in the gilded days before tax hikes and gridlock.... [More]


Eiffel Tower Ring Dish

We adore the practicality of a ring dish, but so often they're tacky cut crystal that just feel a bit too much like something an well-meaning but hopelessly-out-of-touch aunt would give us. This Eiffel Tower Ring Dish ($12) is actually quite chic and seems appropriate for our jet-setting (fantasy) lifestyle... [More]


Original Rootcup Set

Share the plant wealth with the Original Rootcup Set ($30), which makes it a breeze to proliferate your favorite succulents, airplants, bulbs or herbs. The Rootcup's design makes it easy to check the root growth of your little green projects. Once they're well-enough established, swap them into soil as gifts... [More]


Dessous French Lace Lingerie Set

We've loved Etsy for cute jewelry, hand-decorated shoes and maybe the occasional hilarious magnet, but we never thought of turning to it for our more intimate shopping needs. But holy hot cow, is this Dessous French Lace Lingerie Set ($97) seriously sexy. Maker Fransik Zuber uses hand-dyed fine laces in... [More]


FACE atelier Face Finish

All the face-palming and eye-rubbing that comes with seasonal experimentation in fashion trends is doing a number on our makeup throughout the day. Thankfully, a couple sprays of FACE atelier Face Finish ($24) prevents us from looking as dumbfounded as we really are. No lace Day-Glo leggings or whatever this... [More]


Seize the Year Calendar

We're one month in, but there's still plenty of 2013 available for big plans and grand designs. If paging through a little calendar isn't quite big-picture enough for you, the Seize the Year Calendar ($30) may be just what you need. Check out all of 2013 in one glance -... [More]


WoodCurve Teacup Bookshelf

Alice and the Mad Hatter have nothing on this handmade stacked teacup bookshelf ($675). Deck out your little one's wonderland with this whimsical piece, filling it with books and fairytales that will dazzle her mind and spark her imagination. Just skip the magical potions. Her tantrums can be big enough,... [More]


Paper Flower Wreath

Trust us, we are happy to have the holidays behind us. No more family tension, no more crazy food binges, no more budgetary stress...but we do miss the decorations. We're just not the kind of people who do it up for every holiday - you won't find paper heart garlands... [More]


Cole Haan Crosby Colorblock Canteen Crossbody

This is what people drink water from in the future! The Cole Haan Crosby Colorblock Canteen Crossbody ($198) is so modern, it hasn't even happened yet. This pebbled leather bag features a magnetic snap closure and pockets within pockets.... [More]


Zombie Brains Love Card

Send a different sort of valentine this February with this card ($4). It's a sweetly effed-up way to let your someone know just how special they really are.... [More]


Forest Essentials Ultra-Rich Body Lotion in Indian Rose Absolute

Our neighbor growing up had the most exquisite and regal woman for a mother. Whenever we came over, she always smelled of roses, and her kitchen always smelled of Indian espresso coffee. Discovering this Forest Essentials Ultra-Rich Body Lotion in Indian Rose Absolute ($15) was like running through her front... [More]


Floral Print Open Back Maxi Dress

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and we have nothing to wear! Luckily, this Floral Print Open Back Maxi Dress ($28) arrived just in time. With its deep V and halter straps, this dress epitomizes that feeling of freedom the hippies wouldn't shut up about.... [More]


Tree Owl Clock

HOOOO knows what time it is? Your little buddy in the Tree Owl Clock ($46), that's HOOOO!... [More]


DIY Not? Necklace

Captivating and clever, the DIY Not? Necklace ($20) has a lot of character. Express your interest in pattern-making, crafting, or creativity in general. Or be kind of creepy.... [More]


Personal Shopper: BFFs and Proud

BFF writes: "I have the absolute best friend a girl could ask for! She recently found out she is pregnant. I would like to find some kind of friendship jewelry that is - well let's face it - NOT CHEESY! I have found a few necklaces with things like a... [More]


House of Harlow Gypsy Shades

Only Nicole Richie could somehow turn a butterfly-shaped pair of sunglasses from something that belongs on a six-year-old girl into something you're sure to see on every celeb and fashionista this spring and summer. House of Harlow Gypsy Shades ($158)... [More]


Rocq Macarons Sweetheart Collection

We didn't think desserts could get more elegant than a delicate French macaroon. But then we opened a box from the Rocq Macarons Sweetheart Collection ($65) - they're heart-shaped! Rocq ships each box of delights in a temperature-regulated fortress, so they'll reach you and your sweetheart in pristine condition. Share... [More]


Valentine's Day Bummer Basket

Ugh. Valentine's Day. Wanna drown out your disgust with all of the extra PDA and lovey-dovey cooing you've been forced to witness? Grab a bottle of wine, some General Tso's, and a Valentine's Day Bummer Basket ($20). Once you've stuffed yourself with takeout using the oversize chopsticks, crack open the... [More]


Dave's Coffee Syrup

Coffee martinis: they're like the classy version of Red Bull and vodka. We drink 'em when we want to be awake but not completely lucid. This Cold-Brewed Coffee Syrup ($11) makes the absolute best base for our caffeinated cocktail, but old coffee from this morning will do in a pinch.... [More]


Brass xoxo Bracelet

Say "I love you" like it's a birthday card from Grandma! The Brass xoxo Bracelet ($7) turns a brass wire into a cursive message that's timeless. With your choice of cord, you can customize this accessory to match any outfit. (Does it remind anyone else of Gossip Girl?)... [More]


Diner-saurs Tea Towel

When you think of a nice, calming cup of tea, of course the first thing that comes to your mind is a Tyrannosaurus rex. A little over two and a half feet long, this Diner-saurs Tea Towel ($13) is sure to get a laugh, no matter how cold-blooded you are.... [More]


Carmakoma Sandpiper Dress

This Sandpiper Dress ($213) has us wondering if Carmakoma has been raiding the costume archives from Blade Runner. Just look at those gorgeously structured shoulders and that fashionably dystopian cut. This piece would look its best accompanied by a flying car or two, but we'll settle for sleek black pumps... [More]


Sephora + Pantone Universe Foiled Waterproof Eyeliner Set

Once you master the art of applying eyeliner, please host a class. The rest of us are still trying to catch up with you. We'd even be willing to supply this Foiled Waterproof Eyeliner Set ($30) for you to use as a teaching tool. We'd let you keep all six... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Valentine Kiss Stud Earrings

Why Vivienne Westwood Valentine Kiss Stud Earrings ($65 on sale)? A classic red lip never goes out of style, and sometimes your date needs a few hints. Okay, more than a few.... [More]


Fringe Benefits Bikini

We don't even care that this Fringe Benefits Bikini ($16) is labeled as "new without tags". Let's not even mention the questions that come with that description. We just care that it is adorable and affordable. We might as well buy all four colors to wear on our vacation to... [More]


Richard Velloso Coffee Table

They say a good man is hard to find. We say a good coffee table is hard to find. We've spent a long time looking for one that is strong, sturdy, and dependable, with a clean style that isn't too distracting. We think we found The One in this Richard... [More]


LiSi Cosmetics Perfect Brows Brow Gel & Brow Powder

If only everything could fit into our back pocket the way that this LiSi Cosmetics Perfect Brows Brow Gel & Brow Powder compact ($9) can. Not that we walk around with eyebrow powder in our pants, but we're just saying that it would be terribly convenient if all things as... [More]


Pleasure State Gilded Genie Teddy Suit

True, it's too late to order this Pleasure State Gilded Genie Teddy Suit ($132) in time for Valentine's Day shenanigans. there ever a BAD time of year to surprise your lover by wearing nothing but this silky, lacy little number and a come-hither smile? We thought not.... [More]


Authentic Models Cabin Porthole Mirror

Make any room look like a ship's cabin, but without the annoying seasickness! The Authentic Models Cabin Porthole Mirror ($150) is a fun and stylish tool for self-admiration. Made of aluminum and finished in bronze, this mirror's high level of detail gives it an authentic look.... [More]


Gift Box of Nut Bowls

Sure, you could use this set of eight colorful ceramic Nut Bowls ($23) for nuts... but that's really unimaginative. You could measure out all of your herbs and spices like the fancy chefs on the cooking shows before you prepare your meal! You could make XXL Jello shots! You could... [More]


My Beautiful Life

Whether you're a wordsmith or an artist, My Beautiful Life ($17) offers blank pages with simple prompts to help you capture moments in your life. The lack of lines makes this journal ideal for those who lean more towards drawing, but there aren't any rules here*... just how it should... [More]


Pottery Barn Nesting Heart Bowls

These Nesting Heart Bowls ($19) reminded us of "i carry your heart with me." Wouldn't they make a great Valentine's gift accompanied by a copy of the poem?... [More]


Dog Walker Canvas Pencil Case

New rule! Everyone needs to consult with us before naming their products. Why, you ask? Because instead of calling this a "Dog Walker Canvas Pencil Case" ($18), we would have gone with "Puppy Pencil Pocket" or "Pooch Pen Pouch" or "Canine Crayon Case" or "Hound Highlighter Holder" or "Barking Ballpoint... [More]


Hot Tip Pointed Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Kids today, with their rock 'n' roll and their crazy sunglasses. Remember a simpler time with the Hot Tip Pointed Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($10). They update the cat-eye style popular in the '50s so that it looks "chic" instead of "nifty."... [More]


Slim & Sage Pacific Light Set

While we know in the backs of our minds that we should always be taking palm-sized portions of meat, gobs of veggies, and the only skinniest of cake slices, we can't help but pile our plates sky-high with our favorite foods. Enter Slim & Sage. Their gorgeous place settings, like... [More]


Soup & Cracker Mug

The dual compartments of this Soup & Cracker Mug ($12 for two) are obviously ideal for, well, soup and crackers, but we're thinking about other delightful combinations. Here's what we've got so far: Ice cream and waffle cone pieces, chili and cornbread, banana pudding and Nilla Wafers, hot tea and... [More]


White Squirrel Earrings

Squirrels are not adorable. They're noisy, nasty, attic-chewing, birdseed-stealing tree rats. But Toronto artist Hoi-An Tang has done the seemingly impossible, and made them look downright precious in these White Squirrel Earrings ($32). We figure that alone makes them worth a buy.... [More]


Stash iPad Sleeve

Sure, it was cool to whip out an iPad back in 2010 when about eight people actually had the things. But these days, you're not going to strike tech envy into the hearts of many with your fancy brushed-aluminum toy. You might, however, get them feeling accessory inadequacy if you... [More]


Green Leather Jacket

While it's not a style that's necessarily new, this is the first time we've seen it in green. This Green Leather Jacket ($48) is a colorful reinvention of an old classic. The faux-leather jacket still has all the zippers and flaps we've come to love, but in a deep forest... [More]


Absolis Patyka Precious Woods Body Wash

Does elegance work by osmosis? We sure hope so, because there's no question this Absolis Patyka Precious Woods Body Wash ($30) is seriously classy. Like most other classy stuff, it's made in Paris. It's also delicately scented with vetiver and tonka bean. Maybe if we use it often enough, it'll... [More]


Valentine's Day Stamp Set

Remember grade school, when Valentine's Day meant getting a cute card from just about everybody in your classroom, along with a boatload of sugary treats? We think that sounds like a lot more fun than a crowded, overpriced dinner on the town with a mediocre date. With this Valentine's Day... [More]


Sierra Footed Bowl

We had a party a few weeks ago and haven't yet put our cake stand away. It's on our kitchen counter, and we love the way it looks, but we have yet to figure out what fits best on it. Mostly, we just want to make a new cake every... [More]


Archer Adams Serpent Umbrella

Are you an aspiring ne'er-do-well or wannabe evil villain? Why not look the part with the Archer Adams Serpent Umbrella ($287)? Also available with an eagle's or a jaguar's head.... [More]


Frederick's Scuba Dress

Valentine's Day is approaching fast, and if we're shopping for something that's a little bit above our normal level of sexiness, a place that sells crotchless panties doesn't seem too far afield. We're planning on wearing this Strapless Scuba Dress ($54) from Frederick's of Hollywood on the 14th, but we'll... [More]


Jonathan Adler Futura Salt & Pepper Shakers

These Jonathan Adler Futura Salt & Pepper Shakers ($34) look like spacecraft for tiny alien visitors - but in a totally classy way. And they actually are quite posh, made from glossy porcelain with real gold detailing.... [More]


Denise Richards Volume Extend Volumizing Spray

You stopped caring about Denise Richards the moment her reality TV show contract was signed. But her Volume Extend ($18) is righteous and actually does a good job adding dimension and shine to your coiffure. Just saying.... [More]

PS-Elizabeth-Metallic_Nude Shoes-small.jpg

Personal Shopper: Kitten Heel Wedding Shoes for Elizabeth

Elizabeth writes: "Hi there, I am 6'2"... about a size 4. I hate wearing heels (quite obviously ;)) and am getting married this May. I've started to look for dresses for showers, etc... and am already starting on the shoe hunt since the last couple years have been particularly hard!... [More]


Champagne Gummy Bears

When we were in college, we soaked gummy bears in alcohol for a a delightful boozy treat. Now that we're sophisticated, mature, worldly ladies, we don't get drunk in such a juvenile way. Instead, we simply enjoy the taste of our current favorite beverage in the form of these Champagne... [More]


Arta Tea Leaf Infuser

Teatime is already a blast. But just think how much more fun it'll be when you do your whole-leaf brewing with this Arta Tea Leaf Infuser ($13). It makes for a playfully cute place to pack your Earl Grey, and the green bud detail is also perfect for removing it... [More]


The Land of Nod Circulation Chest

Some of our fondest memories involve thumbing through our grade school libraries' card catalogs, and it kind of bums us out that they've been replaced with more sophisticated technology. So we're pretty stoked that The Land of Nod has reimagined the card catalog in the form of their Circulation Chest... [More]



Set up a handy-dandy side table anywhere you park your lawn chair. Available in five colors, the Pintable ($150) is basically a giant pushpin, and we can't figure out why no one's ever thought of this before. Now, your box bottle of wine and Solo cup wineglass won't tip over... [More]


Issey Miyake Pleats Please Eau de Toilette

It's a new year. You are newly single. You are newly revived. And you are in search of something new to add to your morning routine that will serve as a reminder of how exquisite and vivacious you are. Issey Miyake Pleats Please Eau de Toilette ($66) is a breath... [More]


iCat Earphone Jack Cover

Don't be distracted by the anatomical correctness of the iCat ($23). Instead, by distracted by how cute and adorable these are sitting atop your iPhone. While it may be okay to share a secret or two with your phone kitty, don't introduce your coworkers to Sir Meowsalot. They may get... [More]


Curly Faux Fur Throw

Doing it on a bearskin rug is definitely on our hot and steamy to-do list, but owning a bearskin rug doesn't really appeal to us outside of our romance novel fantasies. We thought about going to a cabin, but we know we wouldn't be the first ones in our romantic... [More]


Colorful Chevron Cake Plate Cling

Want an easy way to gussy up your cakes? While you could invest in several different cake stands, a more economical option would be to use cake clings! This Colorful Chevron Cake Plate Cling ($15) is our favorite. It fits a standard ten-inch stand or plate and smooths on easily.... [More]


MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion Starter Kit

Even if you don't have plans to be filmed in HD anytime soon, you can't be too careful. When you use the HD Complexion Starter Kit ($79) to set your face, you can feel pretty confident that if a news crew happens by asking for your opinion on the nation's... [More]


Gatsby Bar Tools with Ice Bucket

What's the Valentine's Day guy-gift equivalent to chocolates and flowers? Well sure, sexy lingerie comes to mind, but it should already be part of your romantic evening, right? If you want to hand over a classy gift in an actual box, consider the vintage-inspired, stainless steel Gatsby Bar Tools with... [More]


Punk Pavé Short Safety Pin Earrings

In high school, we knew this girl who was soo badass that she wore safety pins in her ears. We're sure you knew her, too. Or at least, someone like her. Apparently she grew up and gave away her secrets to designer Tom Binns. The Punk Pavé Short Safety Pin... [More]


Poppin Aqua Stapler

Staplers don't need to be boring. Nor do they need to represent our war against The Man. They do, however, need to adequately fasten our papers together with staples, and it helps if they look good while doing so. Poppin's Aqua Stapler ($14) has the right idea. It even comes... [More]


Empire Spike Backpack

The Empire Spike Backpack? Best one in the trilogy...oh, sorry, thought you were talking about something else. Still, the second Star Wars and the Empire Spike Backpack ($138) do have one thing in common: they're both dark. This vegan leather bag features a fully-lined interior and drawstring closure - not... [More]


Personalized Tree Initials Throw Pillow Cover

Flowers rot and chocolates make you fat, and neither of those sound as appealing as this Personalized Tree Initials Throw Pillow Cover ($60). This Valentine's Day, make your hubby really show his commitment to you with a pillow cover that will last a lifetime!... [More]


Animal Pendant

We love elephants. When we visit the zoo, we'll sit and gaze at the elephant compound for several morally conflicted hours. Someday, maybe, we'll go to Africa. In the meantime, we'll show off our affection by wearing the pachyderm edition of this charming Animal Pendant ($85).... [More]


Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

We're usually at a bit of a loss for what to get our men for V-Day. Flowers and chocolate aren't necessarily the appropriate default gifts in this situation. So we're pretty pleased that we came across this Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife ($54) this year. Not only is it awesome... [More]


IT Cosmetics Pretty in Amber Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Trio

Emerald is in, and one of the best ways to bring that shamrock shade out in your eyes is with the IT Cosmetics Pretty in Amber Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Trio ($24). The brown tones highlight the gold flecks that naturally occur in the iris, showcasing green hues and making your... [More]


Say the Word Word Search Dish

While we acknowledge that your yummy food will be covering the cheeky design on Kate Spade's Say the Word Word Search Dish ($50), we think you ought to consider using it anyway. It's a break from the monotony of boring, basic pieces. Sure, you may not find it classy enough... [More]


Bar Games Drink Mats

As if drinking a few brews with friends wasn't entertaining enough! Pack a box of Bar Games Drink Mats ($12) into your purse before you head out for a night in your favorite corner booth, order a round, and then get crackin'! There's a particularly hilarious game of bar-themed I... [More]


Sugar Fox Tassel Kimono

We're really not sure where we can get away with wearing this Sugar Fox Tassel Kimono ($220). Can we sport it in the grocery store without looking like wealthy, half-crazed recluses? Do we actually mind looking like wealthy, half-crazed recluses? These are the vital questions we'll be asking ourselves as... [More]


Woodland Gift Tags

We've got a full year's worth of birthday, wedding, shower and housewarming gifts ahead of us. We'll need to get cracking on saving up that present-giving budget, but we're also going to invest in these Woodland Gift Tags ($6). They'll make for a perfectly playful finish to our wrapping efforts,... [More]


Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie Mix

Momofuku is always on our list when we make it to New York, but we're not able to jet set every time we want a compost cookie*. And somehow, we've never been able to recreate the flavors and textures of our favorite Milk Bar treats - but now we can... [More]


Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

You're in the habit of applying a dark shade of lipstick and layering a lighter shade of balm on top to achieve the ultimate balance of color and finish. Cut the process in half with Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm ($16). With one application, it covers your... [More]


Grey Wool Cat iPhone Case

We're pretty sure that, short of training a puppy to carry it around for you, there is no cuter way to sport your smartphone than with this Grey Wool Cat iPhone Case ($19). And the combination of soft wool and a nylon zipper means your phone will stay safe and... [More]


Sweet Tooth Box

Teeth are frankly disgusting. But we'd hate to deprive our youngsters of a prize in return for dropping one of their molars. Solution: this Sweet Tooth Box ($4). The little germ-lovers can put their own choppers into this cute little tin. All we'll have to do is sneak it out... [More]


Middle Earth Map Leggings

Nerds can totally be hot stuff. Don't believe us? Just see what we look like when we don these Middle Earth Map Leggings ($88). We challenge even the world's biggest jock not to turn his head when we've got the rolling plains of Rohan decorating our derrieres.... [More]


Apple & Bee Eco Lunch Satchel

We really ought to be bringing lunch to work with us more often. In this Apple & Bee Eco Lunch Satchel. ($25) It'll be better for our budgets, and probably a huge help to our health. After all, when faced with the choice between salad and a bacon cheeseburger in... [More]


Lancôme Baume in Love

"In love" doesn't begin to describe how we feel about these new Baumes ($26) from Lancôme. Available in four lovely shades that will elevate your look, each tube is a small investment that promises a positive return.... [More]


Hot Chocolate on a Stick Variety Box

A few weeks back, we tried to make our own hot chocolate melts. Disaster. Learn from our mistakes and leave the chocolate tempering to the pros. Turn to a Hot Chocolate on a Stick Variety Box ($18) from popbar for all of your yummy drink needs. The box comes equipped... [More]


SHE Sweatshirt

Girl Division may spell the word "she" funny, but we still love the funky design of this SHE Sweatshirt ($51). It's interesting, it's exotic, and it just works.... [More]


Personal Shopper: V-Day Vestments for Bree

Bree writes: I'm a big fan of your site and would love your suggestions for fun lingerie I could wear to surprise my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. I am typically more of a boxer shorts & tank-to bed kind of girl, but I'm hoping to rev things up this year.... [More]


Cuban Paradise Asymmetrical Maxi Dress

Yes, it's fitting that "paradise" is part of the name. The Cuban Paradise Asymmetrical Maxi Dress ($70) makes you a walking Garden of Eden! The high cut in the front swoops to floor-length in the back, making this a dynamic summer dress.... [More]


My Voice Audio CD Vocal Removal Software

We're closet karaoke superstars. Get us into a car, shower, or other secluded spot, and we're more than likely going to burst out into our best Celine Dion* impression. And with this My Voice Audio CD Vocal Removal Software ($30), we can take our American Idol fantasies to the next... [More]


Kasta Snake Hoops

Looking for a unique, possibly venomous, take on classic hoop earrings? These Kasta Snake Hoops ($300) fulfill your quotas for both hoops and animal accessories! It's not just that they're snakes - they're also hammered and crooked for a gothic look that retains some elegance.... [More]


Collarless Neon Zip Coat

We know that you don't ever want to think about buying another coat again, and have instead moved on to daydreaming about your new swimsuit, but consider this Collarless Neon Zip Coat ($95, on sale) from Miss Selfridge. It's what you could call a transitional piece, as useful in winter... [More]


Pratima Love Oil

We know: it sounds dirty. But Pratima's Love Oil ($26) isn't anything like that stuff you'll find shelved at Good Vibrations between the mocha-flavored condoms and thirty variations on the Rabbit. This lush, luxurious body oil loves up your bod in a different way, by providing important nutrients to your... [More]


Check Yourself Bomber

Ah, black-and-white checks: the pinnacle of color contrast, the racer's symbol of victory! This Check Yourself Bomber ($58) certainly lives up to its checkered legacy! This polyester jacket features side pockets and a zipper closure, and is fully lined in more ways than one!... [More]


Kurgo Skybox Pet Booster Seat

That tiny dog of yours keep trying to climb onto your face in order to get a better view out the window? While that's all well and good when you're riding shotgun, it can be a touch on the life-threatening side if you're behind the wheel. But tying the little... [More]


Hallowmas Red Blood Necklace

Bones and skulls are good, but where's the blood? Why, it's dripping down your chest when you wear this Hallowmas Red Blood Necklace ($12). The red metal shows you have a dark side without being over-the-top, so you can wear it outside of your vampire book club meetings, too.... [More]


Standard Baking Co. Pastries

If you haven't yet had the chance to stop by Portland, Maine's Standard Baking Co., don't fret! It's true that goodies made by someone else seem to taste better, but busting out the Standard Baking Co. Pastries ($20) book and getting your own hands dirty may just yield a damn... [More]


Renouve Anti-Aging Hand Sanitizer

Kill two birds with one luxurious stone with this Renouve Anti-Aging Hand Sanitizer ($29). Not only does it help wipe out all those nasties we come into contact with when grocery shopping or touching the handle on the office bathroom door, it does so without many of the skin-destroying ingredients... [More]


NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor

How's that New Year's diet working for you? If our own experience is any way to gauge, not particularly well. Instead of giving up, we're going to push things up a notch and go the homemade smoothie route. But we'll be investing in some special equipment. When it comes to... [More]


Live Kenyan Wrap Skirt

We love the idea of starting off the spring in one of these Live Kenyan Wrap Skirts ($27, on sale). They come in a variety of patterns and colors, which is why we're glad they're on sale. We aim to purchase more than one, especially since they're crafted in partnership... [More]


Woven Top Print Pants

Toss them on with a loose tank or tee for a day of filing nails and reading back issues of InStyle, or pop on a long tuxedo blazer and some strappy heels for a slick, modern look. Either way, these Woven Top Print Pants ($50) are going to shine.... [More]


Hot Toddy Sorbet

We love the idea of a hot toddy: a warm, boozy concoction that we're allowed to guzzle when sick because - hey! - it's supposed to be good for us. The problem is that most hot toddies we've tried to whip up for ourselves ended up tasting like burping the... [More]


SOMEDAYS Villain Crop Top

There are two types of people in the world: the good guys, and you. Display your disdain for do-gooders with the SOMEDAYS Villain Crop Top ($39). Who wants to be a hero, anyway? The villains are the ones who have more fun!... [More]


Nike All Time Swoosh Out Hoodie

It's hard to look good while you're sweating and gasping for breath...but not impossible. The Nike All Time Swoosh Out Hoodie ($55) is built for exercise, but doesn't sacrifice style. The insulation will keep you warm on those wintry jogs, while the mesh lining in the hood will mitigate the... [More]


Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops

We suck at doing our nails. It doesn't matter how determined we are to let them set properly. We'll throw on some silly cat YouTube videos to pass the time, and before we know it, we're digging our phones out of our purses or picking lint balls off our sweaters.... [More]


Dark Green Cross Velvet Skirt

Dark green and velvet! What could possibly make this skirt even better? Shiny gold crosses! This Dark Green Cross Velvet Skirt ($40) really does have it all! Just the thing for that esoteric ritual in the forest that you had nothing to wear to!... [More]


Korean Cartoon Hoodie

We don't know whether to snuggle this Korean Cartoon Hoodie ($50) or flee in terror. If you think it's too much, you can just zip up the mouth, turning him from downright menacing to merely annoyed. Take a look at the tiny ears on the shoulders.... [More]


Grow Your Own Drugs

Don't be disappointed: James Wong's Grow Your Own Drugs ($11) isn't quite as much fun as it sounds. But even though it won't help us start our own psychedelics farm, it will guide us through growing our own remedies to a host of ills and ailments, which we have to... [More]


Whimsy Floral Thermos

Usually, we'd insist that there's nothing better than a cup of coffee sipped from our favorite mug. But we're changing our tune because our breakfast blend tastes mighty good after being poured from the Whimsy Floral Thermos ($19). The vintage print makes us feel like we've got it all together... [More]


Like a Prosecco Wedge

Bold metallic pink weave and soft faux suede - it's a killer combo that makes these Like a Prosecco Wedges ($45) total standouts. Our favorite detail? The tiny wood-look heel, which gives the perfect amount of earthy grounding to this otherwise light-as-cotton-candy design.... [More]


Nike Swim Shorts

Wondering how to wear a butt-concealing swimsuit without looking like you're desperately trying to hide some cellulite? Check out these Nike Swim Shorts ($42). They offer more coverage than those awful little skirt-bottoms could hope to, and with an athletic cut that makes us feel sporty instead of chunky.... [More]


Gola Two-Tone Sneakers

Trade in your usual ballet flats for a brightly colored pair of tennies this spring. These Gola Two-Tone Sneakers ($58) will look darling with everything from basic jeans to lace skirts. You'll look - and feel - playful and youthful. Toss a Frisbee in your bag and introduce yourself to... [More]


Tecnica Vinyl Moon Boots

Neil Armstrong was an inspirational astronaut, but he could never have pulled off these Tecnica Vinyl Moon Boots ($85 - $88)... not with his chicken legs. The soft textile lining keeps your feet toasty, even in the freezing nether regions of outer space! Available in purple, black, white, violet, and... [More]


Intarsia Chevron Sweater

While this simple Intarsia Chevron Sweater ($55) might not initially seem like the sexiest V-Day date garment, we encourage you to look a little closer. Sure, the color scheme is right, ho hum, but those chevrons are sending a subliminal message too - they're pretty much arrows.... [More]


Pino the Cork Voodoo Doll

Step one: Tape picture of ex-boyfriend onto this Pino the Cork Voodoo Doll ($44). Step two: Stab repeatedly throughout work day. Result: Lowered therapy bill.... [More]


1001 Wines You Must Taste Before You Die

Let's face it: as much as we can daydream, we're probably not going to spend our lives jet-setting around to every UNESCO World Heritage Site or award-winning secluded beach cabana. What we may very well do plenty of, however, is drinking. So why not set our sights on the life-changing... [More]


Crop Tiger Lattice Suntop

Break out the big shoes, bigger hair, and tiny capris: there's only one way to rock this Crop Tiger Lattice Suntop ($52), and it's full-on Peg Bundy style. We're thinking we'll finish the look with a pair of giant bug-eye sunglasses and some blinging bangles.... [More]


Mint Cinderella Watch

Don't worry: when this Mint Cinderella Watch ($58) hits midnight, it does not transform back into a centipede or giant string bean. It keeps on looking feminine and fashionable right through the night. And best of all? At this price, you won't need to marry yourself a Prince Charming to... [More]


Rhubarb Pie Cardigan

We're loving the dusky rose hue and peekaboo cutout detailing on this Rhubarb Pie Cardigan ($37). And for the price, we could drop a whole damn slice of pie on it, and not fret excessively about whether the stain will come out. A girl needs a few good pieces of... [More]


Beatrice Blouse

So, who decided that "professional" = "tailored"? Oh, men in suits back in the fifties? Well, we call BS on that, largely because we want to be both comfortable and taken seriously. This Beatrice Blouse ($108) is the first step we're taking into a wardrobe that doesn't include boob-squashing, neck-strangling... [More]


The Jane Austen Handbook

Looking to score your own Mr. Darcy? You won't get far pouring him a cocktail and asking him where he works out. Scoring a hot Regency man means thinking like a savvy Regency lady, which is where The Jane Austen Handbook ($14) comes in. It will walk you through all... [More]


Denim Dress Overalls

Farm chores are the most important part of everyone's day, but they make it so hard to look your best! The designers at Venus understand this, which is why they came up with these Denim Dress Overalls ($34). The straps of this sexy dress adjust for the perfect fit, so... [More]


Citizens of Humanity Dylan in Drama Jean

Don't make the mistake of stealing your boyfriend's denim and thinking it'll look anywhere near as cute as these Citizens of Humanity Dylan in Drama Jeans ($218). We're pretty sure the better part of that price tag goes to pay a secret cabal of denim-cutting geniuses who alone know how... [More]


Valentina Stud Skinny Belt

A good belt can keep your outfit together in more ways than one. This Valentina Stud Skinny Belt ($12) adds that touch of extravagance you need to save otherwise bland ensembles. The black vegan suede really makes the dual lines of studs and the outlined buckle shine!... [More]


Merlot Grapeseed Oil

Does squeezing your oil from a single variety of grapeseed make a scrap of difference? Damned if we know. But we gotta admit, our inner food nerds are having themselves a shiver of delight over the idea of drizzling this Merlot Grapeseed Oil ($25) onto our salads or slices of... [More]


Multi Fleck Lace Sweat

This Multi Fleck Lace Sweat ($46) is the top that does everything. It'll slide on after an hour at the gym and look just peachy when you run into that hottie at the counter on your way out the door. It goes as beautifully with a Sunday afternoon on the... [More]


Wooden Sushi Set

Forget plush sets of fruits and veggies - introduce your littles to the fun of maki and nigiri with the Wooden Sushi Set ($50). Just don't be surprised if you start hearing them cry "Irasshaimase!" when you come home from work.... [More]


Elli Sorrento Wedges

Oof. We're so done with grey sweaters, black boots, and the general blah feeling that comes with the end of winter. It's too cold to bust out our bright sandals and vibrant pedicures, but we need something to liven up our look! These Elli Sorrento Wedges ($168) should do nicely... [More]


Vegan Leather Patch Rider Jacket

Some women wear pantsuits, but when you run for president, you'll be rocking the Vegan Leather Patch Rider Jacket ($125). Your stance on fiscal matters and animal rights will be glaringly obvious. You're a tough girl on a budget with a soft heart for animals, big and small. Other candidates... [More]


Citizen Watch Drive POV 2.0

The Drive POV 2.0 watch ($188) from Citizen's new Drive collection is exactly the kind of piece that can last you from morning until night. It works for the office, brunch with clients, dinner with your husband, and drinks with the girls. The grey strap and rose-gold stainless steel give... [More]


MAC Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder

It's the age old question: are you a Betty or a Veronica? MAC's new Archie's Girls line has us scrambling to answer. Do we want to wear sweet berries and blushes? Or do we want sultry violets and velvet reds? With the Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me ($30), we... [More]


INHABIT Folded Cotton Drapefront

As much as we wish we were spending our days in glamorous dresses and smart suits, you're more likely to find us in T-shirts and worn-in jeans (or, on a rough day, yoga pants). But! We try and show a modicum of style, so lots of our tees are fancy.... [More]


Eugenia Kim Lula 2

Eugenia Kim presents the Lula 2 ($71), presumably because the original Lula 1 was such a hit. This knitted headband has a twist in the front, giving it a unique turban style. And doesn't it look warm? Your ears will never stop thanking you!... [More]


J.Crew Merino Colorblock Cardigan

We know, we know, it's hard to look at this Colorblock Cardigan ($90) and not think anything other than "how can anyone pull off the looks that these J.Crew models rock so effortlessly?" But strip away the jacquard shorts and hipster shades and what you've got is a lovely sweater... [More]


Love Tree Necklace

Be warned: wearing this Love Tree Necklace ($110) may lead to strangers staring at your bosom. But don't worry, they're not checking out your cleavage. They're just trying to decipher the message hidden under the cutwork overlay of this eye-catching piece.... [More]


Ksubi Cross Over Palm Tee

We're all familiar with floral prints, but what about arboreal prints? The Ksubi Cross Over Palm Tee ($104) is not your typical Hawaiian party shirt. For starters, there's something more somber - yet still calming - about the print of palms swaying. But the best part is the back detail!... [More]


Boden Short Rainy Day Mac

It may be raining cats and dogs outside, but at least you won't look like one. The Short Rainy Day Mac from Boden ($104) is cuter than cute, offering lightweight protection for those April showers and May monsoons. Stand by; we are on the hunt for equally precious wellies to... [More]


Air-O-Swiss Humidifier

Traveling the world is a wonderful thing, but airplanes and hotel rooms are so darn dry that prolonged travel can take a toll on your system - not to mention the additional stress of the external environment, if you're visiting a desert. This little Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier ($40) uses... [More]


Vintage Fox Design Ring

Now here's something everyone can enjoy! This Vintage Fox Design Ring ($10) features only the best parts of a fox: the head and the tail! And the design of the face is so original, not to mention loveable!... [More]


SurfacePad for iPhone

It's highly unlikely that you're walking around without a case on your iPhone, since there are enough options out there that you could use a different fig leaf for your gadget every day of the year. However, if you're still searching for the right one, consider the SurfacePad ($35). This... [More]


Premium Pettiskirts

When we were kids, playing dress-up was third only to fort-building and freaking Mom out by pretending to stick things in the outlets on our list of Awesome Things to Do. That's why we'll be passing the joy onto the little girl in our lives by picking her up one... [More]


U Shaped Cuff Knee Socks

With the U Shaped Cuff Knee Socks ($12), it's like your legs are wearing their own multipiece outfit! The black leggings have a jewel-entrusted cuff that's topped off with a ribbon tie that can go in the front or back. Just be careful your legs don't out-dress you!... [More]


Oeuf Alpaca Heart Hat

The überadorableness of this Alpaca Heart Hat ($48) has us pondering two things very deeply: why designers don't make all of this adorable kid stuff in adult sizes, and whether or not we could hone our knitting skills enough to make these for ourselves before it's too warm out. Now,... [More]


TB Stripe Cotton Hooded Detachable Vest

No matter how many times your boyfriend insists that his cutoff collegiate sweatshirt makes a great vest, it doesn't. But the TB Stripe Cotton Hooded Detachable Vest ($90) does. Still sporty in that varsity kind of way, it is far superior to the heather grey, oversize, decade-old version he's been... [More]



It's time we got to know each other better. So, it might be TMI, but we wanted to tell you that we sleep naked. (Hold on, we're going somewhere with this.) And because we sleep naked, we regularly forget to pack pajamas when we're traveling with other people who, presumably,... [More]


Moving Comfort Urban Gym Tight

Does a couch count as "Urban Gym Equipment"? If so, we are definitely putting these Urban Gym Tights ($69) to their intended purpose. What? We're supposed to don these flattering, chafe-resistant, breathable leggings for exercise?! Well, okay, we can probably walk down to Starbucks later...... [More]


Lena Wald Diamond Alligator Earring

Sometimes something is so ridiculous, it crosses the line right back over into fantastic again. Case in point: this Lena Wald Diamond Alligator Earring ($100-200). Yes, this thing is made with honest-to-goodness diamonds set into a gold reptile. And do note that the listing is for an earring - singular.... [More]


Oakley Heli Jacket

If your idea of the perfect ski vacation is to spend all day cozied up next to a roaring fire in the lodge sipping hot toddies and making eyes at snowboarders, we only have two things to say: 1. Let's hang out together more often. 2. We totally need to... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Desert Essence Spearmint Mouthwash with Organic Tea Tree Oil

Your dental hygiene is not nearly as important as your comfort level. And no amount of scolding by your dentist is going to convince you to rinse with liquid magma after brushing. You can assuage him by subbing in some Desert Essence Spearmint Mouthwash with Organic Tea Tree Oil ($7).... [More]


Imoshion Tribeca Satchel

Glitter and ombré? This Imoshion Tribeca Satchel ($108) is hitting fashion bull's-eyes like a dart shark. Forget the other options: this piece works best in nicely contrasting gold and chocolate, with the vegan leather tassel detail adding just the right accent.... [More]


XOXO Sticky Notes

These XOXO Sticky Notes ($3) are perfect for leaving sweet nothings around for your special someone, but they're even better to use for honeydos. A memo that says "take out the trash" is likely to be better received when sent with love. At least that's what we tell ourselves.... [More]


basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter

As it turns out, pregnant women are not the only people who get stretch marks. Unpregnant people, men and women alike, also collect growth evidence. Stop the process with Advanced Stretch Mark Butter ($35).... [More]


Valentina Illusion Dress

We figure we'd better bring along our smelling salts when we hit the town in this Valentina Illusion Dress ($118). This sexy lace-accented number does such a fabulous job of showing off our assets, we'd better be prepared when we knock out a few innocent bystanders.... [More]


Z Gallerie Votive Cup Set

We love the look of mercury glass, but after countless attempts to make sweet little votives ourselves (curse you, Pinterest, for once again tricking us into trying an "easy" craft project), we're caving in. C'mon, a dozen Votive Cups ($20) for just twenty bucks? That's enough to practically fill the... [More]


Bike Brooch

We love to ride our bicycles, especially when we can do so while showing off some whimsical, thematically-appropriate accessories, such as this sunny Bike Brooch ($39). Use it to brighten up a blazer or add a funky detail to your messenger bag.... [More]


AGAIN RUE Double Slit Maxi Dress

Is it spring yet? How about now? What about now? Because as soon as warm weather hits, you'll want to be prepared with this AGAIN RUE Double Slit Maxi Dress ($150). The gold is a step above the white-sheet toga you wore in college. But the effortless grace and appeal... [More]


Multi-Color Float-Rope Doormat

Want a doormat that will stand up to all the mud you can throw at it and come back shining after little more than a perfunctory hose-down? Buy this Multi-Color Float-Rope Doormat ($95). We have personally seen how the tough-as-nails ropes these are made of keep looking colorful and clean... [More]


Scout Books Numbered Notebooks

Planning to make 2013 the year you finally write that brilliant memoir? Then you'll need to get your hands on these Scout Books Numbered Notebooks ($23). They'll make keeping things in order a breeze, and writing your words with good, old-fashioned pen and paper has the added benefit of taking... [More]


Grey Batman Graphic Print T-Shirt

Yeah, sure, this Grey Batman Graphic Print T-Shirt ($29) is just a grey shirt with a picture of Batman on it. But you're forgetting the most important part: it's got a picture of Batman on it! With rolled-up sleeves and a worn-out print, this top is equal parts chic and... [More]


Bing Bang Silver Eternity Skull Ring

We love statement jewelry, and the Bing Bang Silver Eternity Skull Ring ($68) definitely fits the bill. We're not sure if it says "I'm trendy," "I'm tough," or "I like forensic anthropology," but we're sure Morticia Addams would approve.... [More]


Minimalist Parenting

Every parent parents differently, but in a day and age when there's always more stuff to buy, more theories to practice, and more activities to participate in, a little less parenting clutter feels like a breath of fresh air. Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest, authors of Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern... [More]


Color Therapy Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell glasses will never get old, but changing it up once in a while can be a good thing. The price tag on these Color Therapy Sunglasses ($20) means that we'll be buying all four different really, it's like color therapy and retail therapy wrapped into one.... [More]