Personal Shopper: Jenn's Parisian Honeymoon Raincoat

Jenn wrote: "Hello, I am going to Paris on my honeymoon in May and would like to find a cute and chic rain jacket or anarak to wear. The average weather in Paris in the month of May calls for rainy days about 40% of the time, and I don't... [More]


Dabbawalla Flower Lunch Purse

We're hoping that the darling Dabbawalla Flower Lunch Purse ($25) will deter office lunch theft. How? It stands out amidst the average brown-bagged lunches, making it tough for someone to feel like they're swiping an anonymous tuna sandwich. Nor can they claim it was an honest mistake. We win this... [More]


Valentine's Day Vintage Trio Gift Set

Forget handing out little paper cards for Valentine's Day. Pass out bundles of these Valentine's Day Vintage Trio Gift Sets ($24) from Maison Bouche and have your friends fight over who gets to be your favorite valentine. Each bar is beautifully packaged in a wrapper featuring cherubic lovers. But the... [More]


Armour Cladded LED Watch

Fashion designers are always trying to reinvent the watch, but leave it to the nerds to actually succeed! This amazing Armour Cladded LED Watch ($24) tells the time with LED lights hidden within the band. The shiny black isn't bad either... you know, for a group of scientists.... [More]



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Victoria's Secret Wool Blanket Wrap Coat

Less of a coat and more of a blanket, the Victoria's Secret Wool Blanket Wrap Coat ($120) embodies one of those rare moments in fashion when what looks good is also comfortable. Walk around a snowy street as warm as you would be on your living room couch. And your... [More]


Rope Ribbon Ring

When normal people would tie some string around a finger to remember something, the fashionista just slips on her Rope Ribbon Ring ($23).... [More]


Crab Boxes

What cuter place could there be to store your odds and ends than one of these Crab Boxes ($40)? Well, we suppose an actual, live bunny with a cute little fanny pack attached to it would technically beat out the crabs, but it'd also make your things a lot harder... [More]


Fool For You Harem Pants

We know: harem pants are evil. Saying a pair of them might be worth wearing is like telling someone a Sith Lord is actually an okay guy to have a beer with every once in a while. But we can't help ourselves. Something about these Fool For You Harem Pants... [More]


Cheap Thrill: LUSH Magic Mushroom

Doing actual mushrooms for Valentine's Day doesn't sound all that romantic to us. Doing Magic Mushrooms ($6) in conjunction with a nice hot bath and bottle of white wine sounds much more like it. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill... [More]


Blue Triangle Sequin Embellished Bikini Top

Wearing actual mermaid outfits to the beach would make us look like freaks*. But this Blue Triangle Sequin Embellished Bikini Top ($28) might just be a perfect compromise. It's got a total sea goddess vibe, but sits happily within the realm of social acceptability. *Albeit playful and confident freaks.... [More]


Kate Spade USB Ring

You have an important file to transfer, so why not be classy about it? The Kate Spade USB Ring ($50) is the perfect accessory for the chic techie. Plus, the big red cover means this flash drive won't get lost as easily as the others all did.... [More]


The Cats Meow Top

We'd be preaching to the converted if we started listing off all the reasons why we think kitties are fantastic, so we'll cut right to the chase: The Cats Meow Top ($33). Not only does its playful pattern celebrate our favorite four-legged roommates, we're also loving the flirty, feminine cut... [More]


Wildhorse Press Tooth Fairy Mail

If there's one thing kids are good at, it's spotting a fake. Don't get caught fudging the details when it comes to the beloved tooth fairy. Investing in Wildhorse Press Tooth Fairy Mail ($9) will give you a bit of insurance and your kiddo a special place to stash each... [More]


Falling Spikes Bracelet

Take your spikes further... literally. The Falling Spikes Bracelet ($12) is really stepping it up for other spiked accessories. The alternating large-and-small pattern catches the eye and suggests just the right amount of danger.... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Woven Lovin Ankle Strap Flats

We don't actually need all of our toes, do we? We only ask because we're pretty sure we're going to slap these Jeffrey Campbell Woven Lovin Ankle Strap Flats ($107) onto our feet the minute they arrive, whether our yards are still covered in eight inches of snow or not.... [More]



Despite the fact that the name "Lockitron" would seem to suggest that the device belongs on the set of Transformers 4 (Why?), it's actually a genius gadget ($179, preorder). The small box is installed over your door's lock and requires only a quick sync and setup via your mobile device.... [More]



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Black Envelope Clutch with Skull Detail

What's in the envelope? Is it good news? It looks like good news... Nope! It's always bad news with the Black Envelope Clutch with Skull Detail ($35). This fold-over carrying case is perfect for holding your important documents, like work papers or soul contracts. Bring sexy back to being the... [More]


CB2 Hour Glass

We spend half of the workday looking at our phones. It's under the guise of "just checking the time", but let's be honest. We're checking everything but. In an effort to be more productive, we're going to stash our phones in our purses and then hang our purses on the... [More]


Show Your Work Babydoll Tee

For those who don't believe in love, here's mathematical proof. The Show Your Work Babydoll Tee ($22) makes arithmetic romantic. But alas, it's just theoretical. Real romance requires a lot more steps.... [More]


Pyramid Earrings

Man, if Rubik's Cubes came in pyramids, they'd be so easy! These Pyramid Earrings ($12) are only one color and don't move, but at least they look good! And the funny thing is, they're actually flat - it's hard to tell in the pictures, but that 3-D look is just... [More]


Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste

Want something a little different in your mouth at the start of the day? No, we're not talking about sushi for breakfast (though that is an intriguing idea). Try this Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste ($12). It combines bright, fresh, traditional mint with something a touch more exotic.... [More]


Shuglove Georgia Peach Gummy Bears

Cheerful-looking, Georgia peach-flavored Gummy Bears ($9) packaged neatly in a reusable glass jar? Thanks, Shuglove! Don't mind if we do!... [More]


Wall Mount Book Shelf

With all the toys and ride-ons and dolls and trucks and dress-up clothes and crap that the kids leave everywhere, do yourself a favor and at least get the books off the floor. The Wall Mount Book Shelf ($143) frees up some space for more activities to take place in... [More]


Contrast Collar Shift Dress

Simple, stylish, and authoritative. Schoolchildren will do everything you say, as long as you're wearing this Contrast Collar Shift Dress ($92). But get used to shushing people, that's part of the dress.... [More]


Doubtblush: Porcelain Sugar Cone

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. At first, we thought that... [More]


Doctor Who TARDIS Ornament

We admit it: we want this Doctor Who TARDIS Ornament ($20) because we are nerds. We want TARDISes on our t-shirts. We want them on our bumper stickers, on our coffee mugs, and in 1:1 scale on the front lawn. We are certainly not going to leave our Christmas trees... [More]



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Diana E. Kelly Elizabeth Pump

If there's a sexier pair of sky-high leather snakeskin pumps out there, we can safely say we've haven't yet found them. The Elizabeth Pump ($198) from Diana E. Kelly is it, folks. We're talking va-va-voom in the board room, a little sassy mixed with classy, a pair of power heels... [More]


Brittany Red Mini Combo Bib Apron

The kitchen is hardly the place for frills and lace. Seriously, have you ever tried to get hollandaise out of delicate material? Skip the feminine "for show" aprons (or better yet, save them for a bit of role-playing after your homemade meal, if you know what we mean...) and tie... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Mini Blake Bag

Professional and adorable is a hard combination to come by, but Rebecca Minkoff pulls it off with her Mini Blake Bag ($295). This two-toned leather piece can be used as either a bag or a clutch. Perfect for tiny lawyers.... [More]


Fly Away With Me Earrings

You're sick of skulls and spikes and you're ready to switch to the side of good. Show off your divine transformation with these Fly Away With Me Earrings ($104) by Phoebe Coleman. Pay attention to the hammered texture, a rough look that contrasts with the angelic theme.... [More]


Seriously Sophisticated Herringbone Moto Jacket

We've all been known to suck in our tummies now and then. But we can't help but think that this Seriously Sophisticated Herringbone Moto Jacket ($39) will eliminate any temptation to do so. Our waists will look thin enough already. It cuts in severely, making it look like we actually... [More]


Please Don't Leave Rug

Some of us are crotchety enough to not want people to enter our apartment hidey-holes, especially on nights when we're ready to settle in with popcorn and Downton. But we do acknowledge that there are those of you who love company, even enough to put down the Please Don't Leave... [More]


Bobbi Brown Burnt Red Lip Color

You normally save your pennies and dimes for ladies' nights out and spoiling your boyfriend with all of the gizmos and gadgets his little Amazon Wish List desires. So treat yourself to the Burnt Red shade from Bobbi Brown ($24). For realz. It will work on girls' night when you're... [More]


Zevro Wall Mount Spice Rack

Rosemary, dill, basil, oregano, thyme, cumin, and suddenly, there's no cabinet space for cupcake sprinkles and birthday candles. Free up some room with the Zevro Wall Mount Spice Rack ($22). It comes with six see-through canisters that can hold all your spices off the counter and your shelves. You can... [More]


Redrum Sweatshirt

Who can forget "redrum," the hilarious catch phrase from everyone's favorite feel-good movie? Show your enthusiasm for fine cinema with this Redrum Sweatshirt ($35). It won't make you a dull boy!... [More]


Danish Modern Lounge Chair

There is literally no place in our cubicle or home office for this Danish Modern Lounge Chair ($inquire). But that is not going to stop us from begging and pleading with the boss. It is absolutely divine in the most Mad Men of ways.... [More]


Kate Spade Navy New York Watch

The Kate Spade Navy New York Watch ($225) is essentially a beautifully designed bangle, but with a useful watch face built right in. The rich navy enamel pairs with the goldtoned stainless steel to create an exceptional accessory for the right outfit. Because you deserve a special treat, the inside... [More]


Cheap Thrill: One-Trip Grip

What is it about carrying all the shopping bags into the house in one trip that makes us feel so damn accomplished? After a particularly bountiful visit to Nordstrom the grocery store, we employ the ">One-Trip Grip ($6) to help us tote everything without cutting off circulation to our fingers.... [More]


I Will Survive Plant Pot

A positive attitude is the first step towards success. That's what your green thing of choice will be expressing when it begins its life in this I Will Survive Plant Pot ($27). And who knows? Maybe that'll go some way towards compensating when you inevitably forget to water it for... [More]


Urban Decay Glinda and Theodora Palettes

Whether you wake up on the right or wrong side of the bed, your mood-of-the-day witch can come out to play with the Urban Decay Glinda and Theodora Palettes ($49 each). Inspired by the new Disney flick Oz The Great and Powerful, which was inspired by the actual book by... [More]


Chocolate Editions Neapolitan Bar

We're dead. We've died. Seriously, who knew that death by chocolate was a real thing? The murderer: the Neapolitan Bar ($10) from Mary and Matt's Chocolate Editions. Just look at it. It's a thing of beauty - dark chocolate paired with white chocolate and finished off with a side of... [More]


Sweater Knit Clogs

Okay, we know. These Dearfoams Sweater Knit Clogs ($26) aren't exactly a sexy addition to our wardrobes. But it's winter. And it's damn cold outside. The first thing our feet want to do when we get home from work is slip into these cushioned slippers. Who are we to deny... [More]


Photo Frame Clock

Who needs boring old numbers to tell time? With this Photo Frame Clock ($30), you choose what twelve images the hands point to. Maybe have a family member for every hour, maybe put twelve funny faces of your pet. Or you can just photograph the numbers one through twelve.... [More]


Question Mark Ring

Life can be confusing, and we all feel "???" at some points. What better tool for expressing your bewilderment than this bright red Question Mark Ring ($5)? Perfect for people who forget easily, people who ask a lot of questions, and people who forget easily.... [More]


Alabu Natural Facial Moisturizer

Ever notice your makeup practically shedding around your eyes during winter? Or, now that you are over the thirty mark, notice that it's happening on other parts of your face? Dry skin, bro. (Bra? Ob-la-di?) Combat the problem with Alabu Natural Facial Moisturizer ($8), a roll-on application formulated with squalane... [More]


J. Jill Wearever Cascade Vest

You know, the dance between "okay, now I'm too hot" and "well, crap, now I'm too cold" is getting really old. And this temperature confusion doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. Have you seen the weather reports? Hopefully, this J. Jill Wearever Cascade Vest ($25) will help... [More]


Thought Bubble Stationery

Skip the fancy paper and jot down your thoughts on personalized Thought Bubble Stationery ($2.50 each) from Paper Culture. Even better, pick out a bunch for yourself and a bunch for a friend. It makes a thoughtful gift, especially if you promise to pen pal with it!... [More]


SuperBreak Backpack

There's a little bit of magic in a backpack full of doodles, but who has the time these days? Thankfully, the good people at JanSport took care of the problem with the pre-decorated SuperBreak Backpack ($35). Because shouldn't you be using your study hall for more worthwhile pursuits, like graph... [More]


Cozy Heatable Plush Polar Bear

Stuffed animals bring warmth, that's the idea, isn't it? Now, the masters of plush at Intelex are taking that to the next level. The Cozy Heatable Plush Polar Bear ($15) contains a lavender-scented millet bag that retains heat for up to two hours. Just stick it in the microwave for... [More]


Savora Rotary Grater

When you throw a party in your new apartment, the last thing your guests need to see is your collection of ancient kitchen gadgets. And we don't say ancient meaning vintage. We mean old as shit. Modernize your pantry with the Savora Rotary Grater ($30). The whole collection of Savora... [More]


Cute as F#%k Crop Tank

Let's quit beating around the bush here: we all know you're cute, so just say it! Say it, and say it to be heard! This Cute as F#%k Crop Tank ($39) really lives up to its name. The kicker? That background is a pastel collage of ickle kittens!... [More]


U-Boat Automatic Beige Dial Black Leather Strap Watch 339

Since money isn't a factor in your daydreams, this U-Boat watch ($1,095) seems like a sensible purchase. It is going to last you (or your husband) a lifetime. Waterproof (up to fifty meters), tricked out with a date display, and completed by a black leather strap, this masculine timepiece is... [More]


Beer Bites Snack Bowl

Ravens fan? Rooting for San Fran? Either way, make sure you've got your beer nuts stashed in the Beer Bites Snack Bowl ($13) on Sunday. It'll keep them easily accessible for when you need a protein pick-me-up or a handful of tiny grenades to throw at the TV screen.... [More]


Verhoeven Cheek Candy Silky Creme Blush

Candy is dandy, especially when it comes from Verhoeven. But for those with sensitive skin that breaks out under creme blushes, this kind of product can be a scary one. Fear not. Their Silky Creme Blush ($16) is divine and goes on like a dream. And as if the beautiful,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Leslie Launches Down the Aisle

Leslie writes: "Hi! I could use your help. I visit your site daily. It is the first website I go to once I get home and can relax after work. I know you occasionally help people out when they are looking for different things. I'm hoping you'd be willing to... [More]


Iron Fist Pink-Black Kitty Kat Faux Fur Jacket

We all can't be rock stars, but it's surprisingly easy to look like one. The Iron Fist Pink-Black Kitty Kat Faux Fur Jacket ($186) features the regality of a standard fur coat with the added rebelliousness oh the pink-and-black color scheme. For when you don't just want attention, you demand... [More]


Barbed Wire Knuckle Ring

Protect yourself with the smallest barbed-wire fence in history! The Barbed Wire Knuckle Ring ($12) adds a little twist to your ring collection. It looks great when coupled with other potentially dangerous jewelry, and it keeps intruders away...from your finger, anyway.... [More]


Reed Krakoff Atlantique Mini Tote Bag

Landlocked living lacks a certain underwater allure. So fake it with the Reed Krakoff Atlantique Mini Tote Bag ($1290) until you make it to the coast this summer. With deep ocean tones and a hint of sun-kissed orange, it's almost like you're already there, minus the sand and sunburn.... [More]


Laurie Top

Got a first date to impress? A parent-teacher conference to show up to? A family function that's more than likely going to end at a bar? Laurie ($33) covers all the bases. Just make sure that you wear a cami under this backless top for occasions that call for some... [More]


Beauty For Real Light Up Nail Polish

When you're huddled under your desk, stealing a minute away from your cube neighbor and his banal complaints about the temperature of the water that comes out of the hot water dispenser nowhere near hot enough to brew his afternoon Earl Grey, pull out Beauty For Real Light Up Nail... [More]


Tetris Light

We can't tell if this Tetris Light ($42) is more useful as a light or as a toy! After plugging in the blue base plate, you decide which pieces go where - and they light up as you connect them! Once stacked, it provides soft - dare we say romantic?... [More]


Music Note Smile Print Skirt

For the happy-go-lucky musician, there's the Music Note Smile Print Skirt ($25). A closer look reveals that the pattern is not-quite-smiley faces, with eyes made from music notes. Perfect for band practice or sneaking backstage after the show.... [More]



On the one hand, this SunnySide Egg Shaper ($12) is a-freaking-dorable. On the other, that's way too much work before we're feeling the caffeine from our first few slugs of coffee.... [More]



How did your pet make such a big mess for something so small? All those unsolved mysteries that every pet owner faces can now be answered! The PetCam ($150) attaches to your pet's collar and records two and a half hours of quality video and sound - all from their... [More]


Gold Owl Necklace

While owl necklaces are becoming more and more common, owls with the bodies of fish are still quite rare. But it's the body that makes us love this Gold Owl Necklace ($11). The flexible segments allow your feathered familiar to move right along with you. And look at those big... [More]


Retro Teapot

We're quite taken by the strong shape and vintage print of the Retro Teapot ($42) from Sagaform. It doesn't exactly go with our current tea set, which is all curved edges and girly designs, but that's okay. It just means we get to do more shopping. After all, it's good... [More]


Square Clamp Hand Cuff Bracelet

Square is the new circle, this season. The Square Clamp Hand Cuff Bracelet ($11) features a simple but superb design. Wear it alone or stack a few for a jagged, spiky look. Since they come in three different colors, you can wear one with any outfit.... [More]


Kissing Boston Terrier Salt and Pepper Shakers

These Kissing Boston Terrier Salt and Pepper Shakers ($12) are completely, utterly kitsch. We could scour shady thrift stores for weeks and not find anything quite as perfectly ridiculous. In fact, they're so ridiculous, we think they actually cross that dark, mysterious line back over into fabulous again, alongside leg... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturizer

When you skin flares up and no amount of doctor-prescribed medicine can calm things down, take a chill pill, load up on water, and apply Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturizer ($6) until things settle. This unscented, hypoallergenic formula is great for those of us who still suffer from adult acne... [More]


Canvas Storage Bins

We're definitely the tidy ones in our households, while it seems like the other members of our families get their kicks by leaving random belongings all over the damned place. That's why we'll be picking up a few of these Canvas Storage Bins ($36). They're perfect for stuffing full of... [More]


Striped Sweater Dress

Sleeveless sweater dresses are like scarves in the summer: adorbs, but not particularly practical. It's a good thing we don't always listen to reason! The Striped Sweater Dress ($71) from a-thread is too pretty to pass on, what with its bold pink and navy stripes and fitted bodice. Besides, a... [More]


Drifted Bobby Pin Set

Our first save the date card arrived in the mail today. And so it begins: wedding season! Prepare for the onslaught of ceremonies and buffet food upcoming joyous occasions with the Drifted Bobby Pin Set ($24). You're going to want to pin up your hair during the spring and summer... [More]


Goldfish Aqua Throw Pillow

Real fish make crappy pets. They're not furry. You can't pet them. In fact, they're pretty much indifferent to your presence unless you're depositing smelly flakes into their tanks. And if you do that too often, you end up with fat, dead fish. On the other hand, you can totally... [More]


ASOS Rain Trench With Ears

Brace yourself for the upcoming spring showers by picking up an ASOS Rain Trench With Ears ($88). The sunshiny yellow coat will chase away any lingering blahs and, when worn with a pair of midcalf rain boots, will be a formidable source of protection against the wet weather. Also: ears.... [More]


You Auto-Complete Me Letterpress Card

You can't get any more romantic than this ($6.50)! Crafted by Paperwheel, this card is designed to appeal to the geek in all of us, but most notably, in your loved one. After all, part of the reason you adore each other is a mutual understanding that nerd humor is... [More]


Sprinkles Cupcake Scented Candle

Do you think that inhaling the sweet scent of a Sprinkles Cupcake Scented Candle ($20) will lead to inhaling the last two cupcakes left in the breakroom? We thought as much, but we're willing to take that chance. After all, if the worst that can happen is cupcakes, we can... [More]


Hirotaka Vanite Earrings

You want to like skulls, but they're just too scary! If only there were some kooky interpretation that still looked stylish. Well, check out these Hirotaka Vanite Earrings ($372), with their truly artistic renditions of the face of death. These earrings are tiny and subtle - but that just means... [More]


Lemon Soap on a Rope

It'll take more than just any novelty soap to wake us from our early morning stupor. Thankfully, we've got this Lemon Soap on a Rope ($25) to clear the head fuzzies as we shower each morning. The scent invigorates, and the shape helps us start the day off on a... [More]


Cupcake Pillow

We're wavering between being upset or being psyched that the above is not, in fact, a giant cupcake. It's a Cupcake Pillow ($25)! Its true-to-life confection-y goodness is making us want a bite of creamy frosting and crumbly chocolate cake, but it looks like we'll just have to settle for... [More]


Intergalactic Leggings

Warning: putting on these Intergalactic Leggings ($22, on sale) may result in socially backward geek types* stooping to ascertain whether the collage of images actually contains any scenes from Blade Runner. If this should occur, removing a copy of OK! Magazine from your purse should prove an effective deterrent. *Because... [More]


Zip-it-Up Zipper Headphones

Ever go for a ten-minute walk, and spend nine of those minutes untangling your headphones? The beautiful minds of XSories created a novel solution with their Zip-it-Up Zipper Headphones ($30). Just zip them up when you're done, and they'll be ready to go when you need them.... [More]


Salt Cellar

We've always thought salt cellars were nifty - in theory. But in practice, we're way too prone to dropping or spilling things into them for those cute little bowls or boxes to be of much use. But this Salt Cellar ($24) solves that problem with a stunning innovation: a lid.... [More]


Jersey Wide Shoulder Dress

Did they make this dress too long? That's fine, you can just fold the top down at the shoulders. The Jersey Wide Shoulder Dress ($46) from MINUSEY will stun men with its provocativeness and women with its stylish design. The ruching at the sides means those wrinkles are no accident.... [More]


Krakatoa Print

Looking for a bit of bright decor that erupts with charm? The Krakatoa Print ($54) ought to do it for you. Put it in an oversize frame and make it the focal point of your room.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Perfectly Plain Chocolate Brown Cardi for Kayla

Kayla writes: "Dearest Outblush Ladies, You have helped me before and I am once again calling on you in my time of need. Several years ago I purchased the most wonderful chocolate brown cardigan. It was long-sleeved, hit just below the hip, was boyfriend-ish, and the most perfect basic. Alas,... [More]


Feather Button Earrings

Our DIY-loving friends will flip when we turn up wearing these Feather Button Earrings ($8). They look like just the thing we might have stolen off some clever crafter's blog. Little will anyone know that these adorable accessories were far too affordable to bother making for ourselves.... [More]


Roberta Chiarella Emerald Envy Earrings

We just found our green for St. Patrick's Day... Pinch-proof, here we come! March 17th aside, wearing these Roberta Chiarella Emerald Envy Earrings ($48) is a surefire way to add some vibrant, verdant green to your end-of-winter-oh-God-I-give-up black sweater and jeans outfit, or to make even the simplest LBD something... [More]


Cecilia Stripe Dress

Are you looking for a simple blue dress? Well, too bad, because you're getting this exquisite monster! To put it simply, the Cecilia Stripe Dress ($235) eats simple blue dresses for breakfast. The contrasting stripe pattern will be sure to turn some heads, as if the form-fitting cut couldn't do... [More]


Montale Chocolate Greedy EDP

With notes of deep, dark chocolate, hazelnuts, and vanilla and tonka beans, you might think Montale Chocolate Greedy ($160) would be overly sweet and cloying. Nope. It's sweet and rich, but has bitter orange and coffee tones to balance it out. Think of a dark chocolate orange ganache tarte garnished... [More]


Alice + Olivia Dina Patent Pumps

Who doesn't go weak in the knees at the sight of a sexy pair of four-inch heels? We certainly got a little unsteady when we tried on the Dina Patent Pumps ($295) from Alice + Olivia. Okay, so the lack of muscle control was probably caused by our poor four-inch-heel... [More]


London Sorcery Black Pullover

What? Was "Hogwarts" trademarked or something? Regardless, everyone knows what the shirt's talking about when they see the London Sorcery Black Pullover ($30) from those loveable Brits at The Orphan's Arms. With a print that includes ravens, owls, and bats, you can show off your fantastic side without looking like... [More]


Serenity Now Ring

In this age of fringes, spikes, and studs, it's hard to remember that less can sometimes be more. But with the Serenity Now Ring ($386), Nallik reminds us that the most beautiful things are often the most simple. With just one small variation, this went from a boring old ring... [More]


Graf & Lantz iPad Sleeve with Leather Flap

The super low temps this winter have got us thinking. If we need to bundle up in leather and wool, should we be protecting our gadgets the same way? While we don't have any scientific proof that the Graf & Lantz iPad Sleeve with Leather Flap ($54) will keep an... [More]


Oh Wow Lovely Beanie

You want to show the world how sarcastic and blasé you are, but expressing yourself through talking is so uncool. That's why you need this Oh Wow Lovely Beanie ($15) from Hype/Nosis. The subdued expression with the low-key font communicates to everyone that you're totally over this - whatever this... [More]


FIG+YARROW Tooth Powder

Tooth powder is just a fancy term for toothpaste that isn't wet yet, which makes this FIG+YARROW Tooth Powder ($16) just a super-nice bottle of toothpaste. But that's fine by us. We figure our choppers work hard enough to deserve a treat every now and then, and a scrub with... [More]


Studded Circle Skirt

Any novice designer with steady hands can put studs on a skirt, but what we love about the Studded Circle Skirt ($35) is the design. The cross pattern and square studs really set this apart from all the other pieces we've been seeing. And it's made from vegan leather, so... [More]


Addendum Ring

We're pretty sure this Addendum Ring ($186) is making some sort of profound postmodern commentary on our consumerist culture. It's an elegant and fairly pricey ring with a beautiful setting holding... another beautiful setting. Use it to throw your philosophical friends into fits of existentialism.... [More]


Cry-ceratops Mug

Awe! The poor Cry-ceratops on this mug ($17) reminds us that even when we think we're having a bad day, it could be worse. Much worse. An Ice Age, worldwide, species-tail-side-up-extinction kind of worse!... [More]


Bauhaus Ottoman

At first glace, the Bauhaus Ottoman ($250) looks like the sort of thing you'd see in a high-end, too-expensive-to-even-walk-into type of store. But it's not! It's affordable, attractive, chic, and exactly the kind of thing that would work well in any home. Sturdy enough to serve as an actual seat,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Microegg

In the morning, when you're focused on pulling an outfit together, making sure the Keurig is brewing, and feeding the dog, breakfast falls by the wayside. And that's no way to keep up a diet or rev up your metabolism. So pop an English muffin in the toaster and crack... [More]


Geo Drusy Rings

OMG, SPARKLES. That's pretty much all our brains allowed us to think when we caught sight of the Geo Drusy Rings ($76 each). Now we're stuck with the important decision of which color to purchase first. We say "first" because they're stackable, and we certainly aim to collect all three.... [More]


Fitbit Zip

The team over at Fitbit keeps pumping out awesome new gadgets to aid us lazybones in getting serious about our health. The latest on our wishlist? The Fitbit Zip ($60). Smaller and simpler than the Fitbit One, it still delivers valuable info to the wearer, including steps walked, calories burned,... [More]


Portland General Store Professor After-Shave Balm

With a subtle scent reminiscent of pipe tobacco, leather, tweed, and orange, this is one guy grooming product that's masculine without treading into Rico Suave or caveman territory. Portland General Store Professor After-Shave Balm ($29) contains glycerin, vitamins, antioxidants, and essential oils to moisturize man skin post-shave. We've actually been... [More]


B.T. McElrath Dark Chocolate Truffles

Men? Can we tell you something? Valentine's Day is fast approaching and the one thing your ladies can spot a mile away is a box of chocolates chosen off of the shelf of your local Walgreens. A little forethought can go a long way. Order a box of B.T. McElrath... [More]


Livework Colour Pop Point Pen

Forget fancy fountain types. Our writing instrument ambitions are focused squarely on these Livework Colour Pop Point Pens ($4). Sure, they're nothing more than your average ballpoint on the inside. But it's the outside that counts, and these pretty little numbers rock that department with some playfully contrasting color combinations.... [More]


Mociun Triangle Pillows

You're telling us that you still decorate your furniture with square throw pillows? Before all the cool kids pick up on the trend, replace them all with a few Triangle Pillows ($60-100, in sets of three to five) by Mociun. The thin, batting-filled pillows are shipped to you as a... [More]


Fairy Tale Necklace

Deep down you know you're a princess in a fairy tale - you can't help it that you were born a few centuries too late in a land that's not far, far away. But with this Fairy Tale Necklace ($18) from TeaCup Castle, you can show the world that you... [More]


Houbigant Paris Fougere Royale 1882

You know that sweatshirt of your boyfriend's that you steal over and over again because it smells so good and is so comfortable to wear? That's what wearing Houbigant Paris Fougere Royale 1882 ($170) is like: meant for a man but nice enough for a woman. Refined mossy notes make... [More]


Pixelated Logo Tee

Ever wonder where people from music videos get those cool T-shirts with the brand logos blurred out? We mean, we've looked everywhere for them but haven't found one... until now! Brooklyn-based Whatever 21 presents the Pixelated Logo Tee ($25), that's definitely not an adidas shirt. If not-adidas isn't your favorite... [More]


Herban Garden

We love growing fresh, tasty herbs on our windowsills. We're even more crazy about the notion of doing so in a set of totally adorable little pots, like those included with this Herban Garden ($28). If parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are all beyond the capabilities of your not-so-green thumb,... [More]


Bamboo Revolution Watches

"In 2012, a group of students in Capetown, South Africa, studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurship were charged with developing a sustainable product, creating a business and giving back to the community. Bamboo Revolution was born." Right there, we were already sold. How can you say no... [More]


Senna Face Sculpting Kit

After watching a tutorial recently on how to contour the face with bronzer and blush, we immediately went out and bought the Senna Face Sculpting Kit ($48) to recreate the magic. Cheekbones abound! It's almost mind-boggling how effective properly applying bronzer can be for a person. Way more effective than... [More]


Moon Phases Shorts

Put the "moon" back in "mooning" with these scientifically accurate Moon Phases Shorts ($70) from Melacine Moon. The designer hand-paints nine transitional moons against a black denim sky. The frayed bottoms also provide a nice creatures-of-the-night touch.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Rainbow Novelty Stud

Okay, a pair of cheapo Rainbow Novelty Studs ($4) isn't going to last you forever. But they're the ideal impulse purchase. They're tiny, brightly colored, and a total throwback to 1986. What more can you ask for in an accessory that costs less than your lunchtime lettuce wrap? What's a... [More]


Agate Shower Curtain

The colorful Agate Shower Curtain ($40) is not, in fact, carved from stone. But we assume you knew that already. We'll just point out that it's earthy and modern at the same time, recreating the ribbon bands of agate in bright, feminine colors. If you're in the market for a... [More]


Zebra Printed Leather Belt

Few animals are as flamboyant as the zebra - they always have to be the center of attention! But what if you want to be just a little flashy without decking yourself in full-body zebra print? This skinny Printed Leather Belt ($15) will do the trick. Add a hint of... [More]


Question of Issues Tee

Oh, snap! You just got put in your place by a T-shirt! This Question of Issues Tee ($71) has certainly got a sharp tongue, for a piece of clothing. Show off your penchant for wit and send everyone you pass on an emergency trip to the burn! ward!... [More]


Illamasqua Gamma Nail Polish

Come on, sun! You've been hiding behind snowstorms and winter blahs for long enough. We are going to summon you forth with Gamma power ($14). Perhaps then, you will be compelled to come out and play. Bring the blooms and rainbows while you're at it.... [More]


Cute and Astute Necklace

Why does "Nerd Alert!" have to be a bad thing? Why can't it be like "Ice Cream Alert!" Stop hiding your advanced degree in mathematics and start wearing it proudly around your neck! The Cute and Astute Necklace ($100) from Monserat De Lucca makes it okay to admit that you... [More]


Minnie Bow Clutch

The biggest fashion icons of the 20th century: Coco Chanel. Jackie O. Minnie Mouse? (Well, she did date one of the most recognizable celebrities in history.) Her fashion legacy lives on with the Minnie Bow Clutch ($38). Aside from the delightful polka dots and bow, this white patent clutch shares... [More]


Wiggly Eye Dice

Is one pair of eyes on your opponent not enough? Keep several on him with the Wiggly Eye Dice ($16). You know he's cheating - one simply doesn't obtain that much Monopoly money so early in the game. Don't let him strong-arm you out of Boardwalk!... [More]


Big Mouth Sweatshirt

Are you a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan? A Stones fan? Maybe you're just an incurable gossip? This Big Mouth Sweatshirt ($68) appeals to different tastes for different reasons. The suggestive, slightly parted lips give it a seductive quality, which is heightened further by the raw edges and revealing slashed... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Why Yes Pumps

Jeffrey Campbell revives the pop art fad with his Why Yes Pumps ($130). The gorgeous structure of these platform heels is only the canvas for a fun and colorful print that any fangirl would love. The printed bow also provides a good focal point for these beauties.... [More]


Whirlpool Countertop Microwave Oven

Whoa. Game changer! The compact size and rounded shape of theWhirlpool Countertop Microwave Oven ($165) helps it fit snugly into the corner of a minuscule kitchen counter, saving both valuable meal-cooking time and even more valuable counter space. It fits most dinner plates, so you won't have to replace your... [More]


Running Horse Enamel Bangle

A horse running alone can symbolize a lot of things. Freedom. Power. An irresponsible cowboy. It's because the idea is so iconic that it works so well on this Running Horse Enamel Bangle ($35). Show off your wild spirit or your inner wrangler. And if you spin it around really... [More]


Blackbird Veggie Patch Seed Collection

This is it. This year you're going to commit to growing an abundant garden, complete with exuberant greens, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy carrots. Get a head start by ordering the Veggie Patch Seed Collection ($39) by Blackbird Naturals. It contains eight different varieties of organic, heirloom seeds. Do just a... [More]


QSW Nouveau Deco Dress

This QSW Nouveau Deco Dress ($55) looks like just the thing to toss on for a lazy day at the beach. It's lightweight, comfortable, and diminutive enough to guarantee we'll get plenty of sun. Those of us in northern climes will just have to wear it with leggings and a... [More]


theBalm Hot Mama! Shadow/Blush

We'll admit it: theBalm Hot Mama! Shadow/Blush ($20) could leave us looking like Tammy Faye Bakker on a bad day, and we'd still think it was pretty darned fabulous. The cute mirror compact with its classic pin-up illustration is fabulous enough on its own to earn a place in our... [More]


Peach Fizz Stockings

We have no idea what the heck we can wear these Peach Fizz Stockings ($36) with. Our skirts and dresses are either too short or too long for these knee-high beauties. We'll just have to single-handedly bring clamdiggers back into the fashion spotlight.... [More]


Stacking Rings

"Yeah, your one crystal ring is cute, I guess - but not as cute as my crystal-ring stack!" Show the world there's power in numbers with Vince Camuto's Stacking Rings ($20). The octagonal shape and varying crystal accents give this little ring family its charm.... [More]


The Honest Co. 4-in-1 Laundry Pods

Jessica Alba's new(ish) green venture, The Honest Company, started out making just baby goods like diapers and wipes, but the brand's expanding. Now you can shop for eco-smart cleaning products and bath and body products, too! We're digging the convenience of the 4-in-1 Laundry Pods ($16 for a bag of... [More]


After Party Top

Our real "after party" tops are red-wine-stained sweatshirts with frayed sleeves we toss on when we know we're going to be spending the day on the couch guzzling Gatorade and watching infomercials. This After Party Top ($37), on the other hand, demands to be worn only when we're operating at... [More]


Crazy Sh*t Presidents Said

Feel like you're suffering from a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease? At least you're not alone. As this book ($11) makes clear, even the highest authorities in the land aren't immune to making incomprehensible or embarrassingly stupid comments every now and then.... [More]


Good Shape Earrings

These are the Good Shape Earrings ($10), and after one look, you'll realize that the name hits the nail right on the head! They really and truly have a good shape! Throw on these silver and geometrically-sound earrings to add a dash of culture to your outfit.... [More]


Silverridge Studio Print of Watercolour Fashion Illustration

At least Rosa ($200) here gets to dye her hair however she pleases. You, on the other hand, get to stare at all the ombre-tastic masterpieces filling up your Dare to Dream board on Pinterest.... [More]


Stoll Matchsafe

We don't smoke. We also have no desire to catch the eye of any cute smoker dudes, since ashtray-flavored kisses aren't at the top of our list. Which means that we're probably going to have to take up camping to get ourselves an excuse to buy this snazzy looking Stoll... [More]


Xingu Cat Ring

Ever had one of those days where you couldn't decide between a cat and a skull motif, and so you just begged off work? Do what's best for your career and get this Xingu Cat Ring ($68)! Equal parts gloomy and adorable, this ring has a lot of character. With... [More]


Salt and Pepper Bowls

Okay, so you may be feeling a little skeptical about moving your seasonings to pinch bowls. After all, passing them from person to person at the table is the quickest way to share germs. But the Salt and Pepper Bowls ($38) by Paulova are ideal for keeping next to the... [More]


Alfie Blouse in Pink Stripes

What says "good girl ready to go bad" quite like the candy striper look? We think this Alfie Blouse in Pink Stripes ($35) suggests that very nicely without looking like something you got out of a plastic bag at iParty.... [More]


Wooden Tape Measure

Dudes love tools. And guess what? So do we. We'd be psyched it if our stuff was as elegant as it was functional, like this Wooden Tape Measure ($12). But sadly, whoever designs the darned things rarely does so with aesthetics in mind. Just think how much prettier the garage... [More]


Play the Angles Post Earrings

These Play the Angles Post Earrings ($58) are chic and different, but muted enough that they won't steal too much attention. When you have a good potential outfit that's not quite finished, these half-inch treasures might be that little something that's missing. The gold band along the left side adds... [More]


Arctic Fox Necklace

You're playful, clever, and a little mischievous - but you're not as flamboyant as those dirty orange forest foxes. Release your inner arctic fox and let it hop around a bit with the Arctic Fox Necklace ($9). Just don't drop it in the snow, or you'll lose it forever!... [More]


Sweet Spot to Sit Stool

The Sweet Spot to Sit Stool ($45) lends a fun and folksy touch to your sitting situation. Use it as an ottoman, a small table, or a seat for the last person to arrive on game night. For the first time, the fungus in your living room is intentional!... [More]


Robot DJ Necklace

Who's this little guy and how is he playing such sick beats? Why, it's the Robot DJ Necklace ($5) from Owl Monkeys. He's got the glassy-eyed stare of a DJ, and moveable arms and legs - because what kind of DJ doesn't dance?... [More]


Call Your Mother Pillow

We have mixed emotions about bringing the Call Your Mother Pillow ($120) into our homes. On one hand, when life gets busy and stressful, a reminder to call home and chat with mom may be just what we need to feel better. On the other hand, we're worried we'll continuously... [More]


Gold Flake Resin Bangle

Sometimes less is more. Take this Gold Flake Resin Bangle ($40), for example. An ordinary gold (or, more likely, gold-plated) bracelet would look dandy enough. But how much more eye-catching is this funky accessory, with its delicately suspended shavings of the shiny stuff?... [More]


Sea Star Earrings

We've been spending a lot of time lately looking at pictures of stunning tropical beaches. It helps distract us from the thermometer on our wall which insists on informing us that it is eight degrees outside. Hopefully wearing these Sea Star Earrings ($20) will help us channel a little of... [More]


Madewell Sweatshirt Dress

Sweatshirts are the best. The only downside? Throwing one on just brings home how much less comfy our jeans are. But running around in full-on sweatsuit mode is a recipe for fashion disaster. Thankfully this Madewell Sweatshirt Dress ($118) offers full-body fleecy comfort in a solidly cute style.... [More]


Happy Trails Giraffe Plush Rocking Animal

Any old aunt or uncle can get a kid a rocking horse for their birthday. But the most funnest, coolest godmother gets a kid a Happy Trails Giraffe Plush Rocking Animal ($73). How else is the kid going to escape a pack of stampeding elephants, charging rhinos, and belligerent baboons,... [More]


Silly Buddy Classic Blue Seersucker Bowtie Dog Collar

The only thing cuter than a baby in a peacoat? A dog wearing a seersucker bow tie ($43).... [More]


House of Harlow Dreamer Shades

We're so over shades with the frames on top. The revolution of bottom-heavy sunglasses begins with the House of Harlow Dreamer Shades ($158). The gold rim detailing along the top adds finesse, while the circular lenses hark back to John Lennon. If only someone could perfect no-lens technology...... [More]


Homestead Candlesticks

Our moms love folk art. We're less crazy about rustic hand-painted signs with pithy sayings or creepy wooden dolls. But we can totally get behind these Homestead Candlesticks ($48). They'll lend a whimsical country vibe to our decor without making us feel like we're being chastised or stared at when... [More]


Composition Notebook iPhone 4 Case

You can't be a beatnik writer without a roughed-up notebook, but who writes freehand in the age of laptops and smartphones? Damn this modern technology that enhances our lives! Still, that same modern technology gives us ironic throwbacks to the obsolete: hence, the Composition Notebook iPhone 4 Case ($40). There's... [More]


Faux Fur Headphone Earmuffs

Headphones alone... pretty standard. Headphones inside earmuffs... okay, now you're getting somewhere. Headphones inside Juicy Couture earmuffs... bull's-eye! These Faux Fur Headphone Earmuffs ($69) are fashionable, warm, and provide the background music to the movie of your life!... [More]



Wine for two? If you're getting romantic this Valentine's day, prepare your romance juice ahead of time. The VinoCaddy ($20) is a simple wooden block with holes for two glasses and a bottle. Balance the trio in the caddy before dinner so that when your mind is on...ehem...other things...afterwards, you... [More]


Pyramid Cuff

Some kind of educational toy? A gorgeous new accessory? Both! This Pyramid Cuff ($18) uses advanced geometrical formulas to make you look, like, totally hot! The hidden stretch band makes it easier to slip on and off than it seems, though you'll probably want to keep it on. Wear it... [More]


Misha Tail Dress

Somewhere between a toga and a superhero cape, you'll find the Misha Tail Dress ($58). This dazzling number features a gorgeous cream color and a high-low cut. And don't forget about the rope lace-up in the midsection - that's something you don't usually see in images of Ancient Greece.... [More]


George Industrial Single-Pole Pendant Lamp

Put this one on the dream kitchen list. Three or four of these George Industrial Single-Pole Pendant Lamps ($258) would look simply gorgeous suspended over our granite kitchen island from the cathedral ceiling. When we're fifty and can finally afford to buy something with cathedral ceilings and a granite kitchen... [More]


UK News Multi Womens Shoes

Are you an Anglophile? Does your music collection revolve around the British Invasion? When people discuss the American Revolution, do you say things like, "King George was just trying to help"? Then the UK News Multi Womens Shoes ($48) from Legend Footwear are right up your alley! Plastered with the... [More]


Moonstone Square Studs

Moonstone is totally underappreciated. It doesn't dazzle with blinding look-at-me sparkle the minute you see it. The gems in these Moonstone Square Studs ($100) reveal their subtle splendor in ways much easier to overlook, with shifting, ephemeral flashes of iridescence hiding under a calm exterior. Think of them as the... [More]


Tori Praver Swimwear Jasmine Top

So what if it looks likely to give us the tan lines from hell? We're not supposed to be getting our sun from the outdoors anyway. That's what bottles are for. Buy one, rent a beach umbrella, and get back to looking fabulous in this Tori Praver Swimwear Jasmine Top... [More]


beurre Shea Butter Cream

Bathe your moisture-sapped skin in a healthy handful of beurre Shea Butter Cream ($20 for four ounces). These creams are over eighty percent natural shea butter and are blended with essential oils like lavender and vanilla. You can't get much more basic than that. Why add in extra, unpronounceable ingredients... [More]


PHYTO Phytodéfrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm

Frizzy hair is friend to no one. Give it the cold shoulder with PHYTO Phytodéfrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm ($26), eliminating any bad attitude on the spot. It hydrates and fortifies hair, giving it body but not fuzz and leaving you with tresses, not messes.... [More]


Conversation Heart Rings

Valentine's Day conversation heart candies can be a lot of fun, but you never seem to get the one you want. You reach into the bowl for a "Be Mine," but all you get is an "I'll Say I'll Call But Never Do." However, thanks to TeaCup Castle, you can... [More]


Wire Vegetable Basket

We might actually start eating vegetables if it means we get to display them in this super rustic Wire Vegetable Basket ($49). Just think how fabulous those spuds and onions will look in this straight-from-the-farm piece. Both our decor and our eating habits will improve. Win-win.... [More]


Belle Flats

While leather and studs aren't usually appropriate for the office, this darling pair of Belle Flats ($195)) by Sigerson Morrison is. Sure, you're not going to earn yourself a rough-and-tumble reputation by wearing them, but you're also going to avoid blending in with the crowd of conservative footwear owners.... [More]


Pantone Stationery Set

These days, it seems Pantone makes the world go 'round. Their research on color trends influences what we wear, how we decorate, and even how we drink our coffee. Maybe that means the Pantone Stationery Set ($15) will help revive the written word. With stationery this darling, everyone will want... [More]


Stripe Linger Variegated Dress

No, it's not a mirage - this dress is just that sexy! The Stripe Linger Variegated Dress ($47) from Sanctuary is like a playground for the eyes. The varying designs and midsection overlap succeed in both mystifying and enticing. And don't forget about the toffee backdrop.... [More]


Black Rose Stud Earrings

Black is the new black, and it's time roses got the memo. From Maddy & Co. come these delightful Black Rose Stud Earrings ($10). These petite charms will be a cute addition to any ensemble, black or otherwise.... [More]


The Gift Set by Sara Happ

Valentine's Day is on the horizon, and if our beaux are thinking of showing their affections with a gift or two, we're hoping they'll give flowers and chocolates the pass. We'd far rather be treated to a Red Velvet Sara Happ gift set ($80). This lovely package includes two of... [More]


Parisienne Lace Top

We were all about it at age seven, and nothing has changed: we still love to dress up and pretend we're princesses. This Parisienne Lace Top ($158) might not be full-on Sleeping Beauty, but we think it's got the whole peasant-girl-about-to-get-noticed-by-a-hot-prince vibe down pat.... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Selina d'Orsay Pump

We love d'Orsay shoes. Whether heeled or flat, their asymmetrical silhouette is uniformly feminine and sexy, and this Rebecca Minkoff Selina Pump ($148) is no exception. We think it rocks the d'Orsay style particularly fabulously with its rose suede upper and slightly bad-girl metallic accent on the heel.... [More]


Cat Nap Pillowcase Set

While our era of midday catnaps is long gone, that doesn't mean we don't still daydream about them at 2:00pm on sluggish days at the office. If you'd gladly risk the wrath of your superiors by skipping out early and heading home, rest your head on plush pillows encased in... [More]


Mikia Dress

It wasn't until about thirty seconds ago that we realized what the pattern on the Mikia Dress ($227) really is. Those big coral-colored diamonds are sand scarabs! Neat! We've never seen bugs look so casual and breezy. Wear this asymmetrical dress on your beach vacation or hoard it in your... [More]


Spike Metal Chain Neck Cuff Necklace

This Spike Metal Chain Neck Cuff Necklace ($15) raises an interesting philosophical question: how much can you remove from a necklace before it stops being a necklace? Back Stage removed a good amount from this necklace to give it a wholly original and memorable look.... [More]


Hellebore Paper Flowers

Outfitting your mantel with off-season flowers is pricey! We wouldn't blame you if you skipped the florist and ordered a bundle of Hellebore Paper Flowers ($30 for six) instead. They still bring cheer to your space without breaking the bank like the real deal, or looking pathetically synthetic like craft-store-clearance-rack... [More]


Sunrise Stroke Print Dress

Sometimes that black tattered dress with the flaming skull on it is just too in-your-face, you know? It's times like those that you wish you had something like Catherine Malandrino's Sunrise Stroke Print Dress ($265). With soft colors and a pleasant aesthetic, this extra formfitting dress has all the beauty... [More]


Pavé Arrow Ring

There're lots of reasons to love the Pavé Arrow Ring ($42) from Juicy Couture. Maybe you're a romantic, and this gold-plated, crystal-detailed icon represents the mythological Cupid's arrow, a playful but meaningful symbol of true love. Or maybe you just like The Hunger Games.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Avon NAIL EXPERTS 4-in-1 Salon Manicure Kit

Ever leave polish on your nails for so long so that, once you do actually take it off, said nails are no longer a natural color? We've all been there. The Avon NAIL EXPERTS 4-in-1 Salon Manicure Kit ($10) takes care of that, buffing off the stains of laziness. What's... [More]


Fossil Minnie Flat

Nude flats will literally work with everything in your wardrobe. Sadly, nude flats can also be a bit yawn-worthy. Luckily for you, Fossil's Minnie Flats ($79) lend a breath of fresh air to the staple. Fossil calls them "quirky", but we can't describe anything that way unless it's Zooey Deschanel.... [More]


MANGO Colour Block Dress

Skip the big pink heart earrings this V-Day, and wear something a little more sophisticated to the office. The Colour Block Dress ($80) will pair smartly with a tailored black blazer during the workday. But make sure to leave the blazer in the car when you head to dinner. Bare... [More]


Twisted Leather Cuff

Bring on that no-sleeve weather. This Twisted Leather Cuff ($65) is way too snazzy to hide. It's simply begging for bare arms, preferably with a bit of a tan. Time to book that Southern getaway, perhaps?... [More]


Destroyed Tee

You know what the problem with most shirts is? They're way too intact! No holes, no tears - they're like, brand new, and who wants that? Thankfully there's the Destroyed Tee ($24), for those of us who can appreciate the sheer perfection of imperfection. With slashes in all the right... [More]


Simba Blazer

We can never have too many classic blazers, especially when they clock in at less than dinner and dessert at Applebee's. Like this Simba Blazer ($35). We think it packs a heck of a lot of sophisticated style punch for a fab price. Our favorite detail? The navy contrast lining.... [More]


Black Geode Slice Earrings

Nature is awesome. Honestly - what else but Nature could've come up with something as badass as geodes? They're like little rock-eggs hiding a spunky crystal secret. Celebrate the wonder with these Black Geode Slice Earrings ($89).... [More]


Flowing Orchids Tunic

Embrace your inner flower-power type with this Flowing Orchids Tunic ($221). Just refrain from playing bongos or smoking weed in the park while you're wearing it.... [More]


Flat Lace Up Cut Out

Oh no! Someone forget to finish this shoe! Wait, no, it's just Minimarket being clever. Their Flat Lace Up Cut Out ($280) blurs the lines between shoe, sandal, and art. Too bad they don't cost only as much as half-a-shoe.... [More]


FreshPaper Value Bundle

Let's face it: despite our better-laid plans, we're not always so speedy with devouring those leafy green things we pick up from the grocery store. All too often, when we finally schedule ourselves a "salad day", we're left with a pile of brown mush in the crisper drawer. This FreshPaper... [More]


Military-Inspired Parka

The military has inspired lots of trends in the fashion industry over the years. Camo prints. Shoulder pads. Epaulets. (Perhaps not.) And also, apparently, parkas. Just take a look at MANGO's new Military-Inspired Parka ($90). How it was inspired by the military is not so obvious, but it does look... [More]


Shabby Apple Adelaide Skirt

We have a feeling the chic and feminine Adelaide Skirt ($47) will be making a regular appearance in our workday wardrobes. In fact, we'd wear it every week if we thought we could get away with it. The 1940s-inspired skirt has a sky-high waistline, ideal for those who love to... [More]


Schiphol Utility Bag

The rustic Schiphol Utility Bag ($285) looks like a cross between a weekender and a briefcase. However, we hope that if you're in the market for this bag, it's not because you're regularly holing up someplace to work all weekend long. We prefer to think that you'd be using it... [More]


The Vapor Pump

Wow. I mean, just look at it. How can you not fall in love with The Vapor Pump ($235)? Does the 100% genuine suede bother you? Are the 6" heel and 3" platform too sexy? No, it must be the black-to-clear gradient heel - it's just too fabulous!... [More]


Serious Serum

We admit it: if we'd been orphaned a hundred years ago, we probably would have joined the circus as bearded or mustachioed ladies. These days, our measly beauty budgets mean that waxing has to be an at-home exercise. And without expert hands on the job, we're often plagued by irritating... [More]


Slayer Scratchy Logo Tee

For people who listen to metal music non-ironically, this rock band T-shirt trend is a godsend. But while everyone else and their sisters are wearing the same old AC/DC shirts, you can show a little genre-expertise with your Slayer Scratchy Logo Tee ($20).... [More]


Fairy Jar

Did you know that, before electricity was invented, people used to light their homes using magical fairies? Nowadays, you can get a taste of that old-fashioned lifestyle with your very own Fairy Jar ($29). This novelty night-light comes with a handle for hanging, and will light when it's shaken. How... [More]


Black/Mint Vertical Striped Top

We've been seeing what we might affectionately call "Beetlejuice pants" on many a gal around town, and while we admire anyone who has the guts to wear them, we much prefer the slimming stripe on this Black/Mint Vertical Striped Top ($33).... [More]


Versatile Lifestyle Dress

With winter giving a sallow hue to our complexions, we can say with certainty that green is not our color at the moment. But we'll start slapping on the self-tanner pronto, because there's no way we're waiting until summer to slip into this Versatile Lifestyle Dress ($48). We're loving the... [More]


Horchow Jewelry Case

Look, we don't want to get your hopes up, but if you think your beau might be surprising you with either some new bling or a romantic getaway (or even both), you'll definitely want to have this sleek little Jewelry Case ($50) ready. And you might want to let him... [More]


LED Light Tweezers

Plucking hairs is harder than it looks, especially small hairs, and especially in poorly lit rooms. But there's hope yet with these LED Light Tweezers ($4). Thanks to the tiny LED light built right in, never again will grooming be a dark night of the soul. Though, no matter what... [More]


Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch

Okay, we'll admit it's a little confusing for a watch to have a "Drink Me" tag, but don't let that cloud your judgement of this piece. This Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch ($18) still looks pretty cool, and the nod to Alice is appreciated. Push the top to open it... [More]


Hello Kitty Mirror iPhone Case

How do we put this gently? It's come to our attention that maybe - just maybe - your iPhone doesn't sparkle enough. And, to be frank, it could use more Hello Kitty. Luckily, you can fix both these problems with the Hello Kitty Mirror iPhone Case ($79). Made from Swarovski... [More]


Tory Burch Andie Dress

O dear, lovable Tory Burch. You've made it so easy for us drool over your navy and berry-colored Andie Dress ($375). Thank you for complimenting its faux wrap shape with a contrasting stripe pattern and smooth, curve-grazing silk. Thank you doubly for adding horizontal stripes on the top in order... [More]


Steve Madden S5326 Sunglasses

These Steve Madden S5326 Sunglasses ($34) have an exceptionally boring name, but the glasses themselves are anything but. We're glad we won't be forced to choose between cat-eye frames and polka dots - that's like having to pick a favorite child.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: LAVANILA Healthy Lip Shine in Vanilla Coconut

Gloss doesn't have to be all about the shade. Sometimes, all you want is the shimmer. LAVANILA Healthy Lip Shine in Vanilla Coconut ($5, on sale) imparts a kiss of sunshine and a heavy dose of vitamins and nutrients, giving your pucker a healthy glow from the inside out. What's... [More]


Copper Pencil Holder

"Pencil Holder" ($100) is far too pedestrian a name for this copper beauty. Sure, you could set it on your desk as an objet d'art that also happens to hold writing implements, but we can see it working as a glamorous makeup brush holder, or the prettiest craft-supply station you've... [More]


Farah Fringe Clutch

Is it abstract art or a chic new clutch? Can't it be both? The Farah Fringe Clutch ($40) not only looks amazing, but features genuine suede fringes and goldtone hardware. With a fully lined interior that includes zipper and cell pockets, this bag is more than just a pretty face... [More]


Everyday Socks

Remember the good old days, when you wore a uniform to school and didn't have to put a single thought into what you would wear? Revisit those simpler times by starting each day with one less decision to make, thanks to this colorful set of Boden's Everyday Socks ($38). Seven... [More]


Leopard Pony Hair Crossbody

Compact, sexy, and quite possibly deadly. This Leopard Pony Hair Crossbody ($78) has all the power of a crouching tiger, except smaller, so maybe a crouching kitten. Made from pony hair and vegan leather (tasty!), this bag features interior and back zip pockets, plus a magnetic closure on the flap.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Keep Calm Desk Notes

We know the whole Keep Calm and Carry On thing is everywhere (and a bit played out), but where do we need that soothing adage if not at our desks? Somehow a memo that reads "Deadline changed to Friday, not Monday!" is more palatable when presented in conjunction with the... [More]


Skeleton Hand Cuff

As zombie movies have taught us, the dead have strong grips! But now you can use their infernal clutches to your advantage. The stylish Skeleton Hand Cuff ($62) is a great, albeit dark, accessory for adding a little dire to your attire.... [More]


Plaid Food Storage Containers

What leftovers wouldn't taste better from these melamine Plaid Food Storage Containers ($34)? These freezer- and heat-safe (though not microwaveable) dishes make the bland white interior of your fridge look peppy and colorful. Cah-uuuuute!... [More]


Butter Pistol Sandals

On a day as chilly as today, we like to daydream about the weather thawing enough for us to slip our feet into some Butter Pistol Sandals ($310). There's no way we could bust out these open-toed suede heels with ice and snow still clinging to the ground. But just... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: January 21, 2013

We couldn't be more enamored with this week's shopping list over at The Purse Page. Of course, our bank account disagrees. But why fork over gobs of cash when you can fork over just a wee fraction for an uncanny lookalike version? Vote for your favorite over-budget purse and the... [More]


TANDA Pearl Kit

Pinterest lied. Scrubbing our teeth with a combination of strawberries, baking soda, good intentions, and lemon juice did not, in fact, whiten them. But the TANDA Pearl Kit ($195) did. The kits uses science, magic, and oxygenated gel to beak down stains. During the five minutes per session it takes... [More]


Belted Button Front Coat

Those buttons! That belt! The color! This Belted Button Front Coat ($105) has it all! (And for an extra $50, you can get it in black.) Pay attention to the band collar and the pleats running down the front. With such sophistication, it's impossible to look like a slacker in... [More]


Scorpion Earrings

If you think multilegged critters that crawl into your shoe without you knowing it are cute, then you'll find these Scorpion Earrings ($24) adorable! The tail goes through your ear while the body hangs down... waiting. Perfect for Scorpios, creature-lovers, and girls who devour their boyfriends when they're done with... [More]


Poppy Drops Glitter Collection

Be the. coolest. auntie. ever. and show up for pampering day with pocketfuls of Poppy Drops. Poppy Drops are the ideal compromise. Mom won't let her pierce her ears yet, and stick on earrings never, well, stick. Glitter Collection Poppy Drops ($8) are temporary tattoo earrings overlaid with glitter. With... [More]


Merdolino Toilet Brush

Toilet bowl brushes aren't exactly a polite-company conversation topic. But then again, Outblush isn't what we'd call "polite company". Besides, the Merdolino Toilet Brush ($55) is prettier than your run-of-the-mill toilet scrubber. When you don't have the cupboard space to stash your brush, this sproutling-inspired scrubber will look nicer peeking... [More]


Candy Stripe Sequin Skirt

Just looking at this skirt rouses our sweet tooth! (Teeth?) This Candy Stripe Sequin Skirt ($38) mixes alluringly sweet colors with sparkling sequins to create a look that can't be ignored. Match it with some whites or blacks to really emphasize the brilliant colors.... [More]


Lips in Sartorial

What do all fashion bloggers have in common? A lot, as it turns out. Let's add a coral-red lip to that list. Sport your own J.Crew-model-inspired pout with a few swipes of Lips in Sartorial ($16). The next thing you know, you'll be pausing in the middle of the street... [More]


West Elm Heart Mugs

Show your sweetie that you love him a latte by handing him his morning cuppa in one of these sweet West Elm Heart Mugs ($8 each). No sweetie? No problem! That means more coffee for you, right? Plus, you'll probably appreciate them much more than a bleary-eyed, before-breakfast man ever... [More]


Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect

Guilty of expecting a product to work the day you bring it home, only to be left disappointed with another full container finding its way into the rubbish bin? Then feast your impatient fingers on Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect ($55). It works on impact, shrinking pores, eliminating... [More]


Shadowy Heart Posts

How cutesy are these Shadowy Heart Posts ($28)? They add the right touch when you pair them with a big, colorful bib necklace, but they'll do just fine on their own, too, if you're keeping things simple and classic.... [More]


Eight Sixty Alice Floral Vegan Leather Dress

We can't help but think that if Angela Chase were a) real, and b) around today, she'd totally, like, be into this Eight Sixty Alice Floral Vegan Leather Dress ($99). It's vegan, but has a '90s goth-meets-girly vibe to it that Jordan Catalano would, like, like. Yeah.... [More]


Stella & Dot Belissimo Angelo Necklace

At first glance, we thought, "Oh, a mini Peter Pan collar necklace, how cute!" Then, we realized that the Stella & Dot Bellissimo Angelo Necklace ($69) was actually a set of delicate angel wings trimmed in CZ pavé. It's just the thing to wear with all those floaty dresses we've... [More]


Benefit The Bronze of Champions

Bronze usually means you finished in third place, but when you doll up that mug with all the products in the new Benefit The Bronze of Champions Set ($32), you'll be a first-place winner! It's got everything a pasty winter-skinned gal needs to get tanned and glowing, no SPF or... [More]


Henley Mesh Contrast Leather Pump

Remember those Easy Spirit ads back in the '90s that showed a bunch of women playing basketball in their high heels? We think we would have found the whole concept more plausible if the shoes in question had looked more like this Henley Mesh Contrast Leather Pump ($149). This sexy... [More]



Sick of sending already-dead flowers and out-of-season fruit to those you love? Toss them a ball. Literally. Much more fun than lobbing around a bucket full of past-date daisies. With SENDaBALL ($16), you can literally mail a ball. No box. No blowing it up. A ball. With a message of... [More]


Oversized Bow Chiffon Dress

Skip the presents on Valentine's Day. You already are a catch. Hang some streamers, turn on some raunchy tunes, slip that garter high, and cinch the bow on this ruby red beauty ($40) tight. Baby's about to unwrap a true gift.... [More]


Frankentoile Cushion

Textile guru Richard Saja uses spliced and sewn fabric to make his Frankentoile Cushions ($160). Each one is whimsical and unique, sporting a colorful and lively print - though they're certainly more refined than their name suggests. We're thinking about suggesting to him that he use the Doctor Who Toile... [More]


Printed Bear Comfort Toy

While we always coo over cutesy boutique stuffed animals, they ultimately confuse us. Do parents really pay fifty-plus dollars to give their kiddo a toy that will most likely end up mauled and stained? We're partial to the Printed Bear Comfort Toy ($20) by Moon! and Sparrow. The cuddly bears... [More]


Studded Corduroy Shorts

Sure, everything is better with studs, but let's not overdo it. We like these Studded Corduroy Shorts ($39) because they have a reasonable amount of studs. Just a dash on the right leg and a pinch on the left pocket. Yeah, they're edgy, but they're not grabbing you by the... [More]


Giorgio Armani Coral Bliss Face & Eye Palette

It's here! The spring collections are starting to appear, and this Giorgio Armani Coral Bliss Face & Eye Palette ($88) is a great way to start things off. The top layer of the compact holds a peachy-coral blush that glides on beautifully, prepping your face for sundress season, while the... [More]


Berg Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go-Kart

Santa failed to deliver the Berg Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go-Kart ($899). But that's cool. We have a birthday coming up and we know words like "competition" and "would have kicked your ass anyway" are pretty much sealing the deal on the main squeeze buying not just one, but two,... [More]


RAYGUN Midwest Map Tee

Midwesterners are totally misunderstood, right? Everyone assumes it's all frigid temps and fridges full of cheese. Get cheeky by wearing the Midwest Map Tee ($20) from RAYGUN, which puts those prejudices front and center.... [More]


Bunches & Bunches Cloud Cookies

Oh my. We're thinking we could eat our weight in these Bunches & Bunches Cloud Cookies ($25), which would be quite the accomplishment because they're, well, almost as light as clouds. The meringue gives a slight crunch when you bite into it, and the macaroon completes the experience with a... [More]


Leopard Zip Jacket

Leopards aren't the only ones who can enjoy a gorgeous spotted coat. The Leopard Zip Jacket ($82) lets you sport the same alluring patterns as the supermodels of the animal kingdom. This comfy synthetic-fur piece features a zipper and a hood for convenience and style, and is recommended for autumn... [More]


Julie Vos Gold Lion Ring

Why wear a lion ring? Well, why not? With his wise, sparkling amethyst eyes winking at you with every wave of your hand, this fierce little fellow could be a great confidence booster on days when you need a little rawr in your step. You know the days we're talking... [More]


Colette Malouf Crystal Swag Snap Clip

We tend to steer clear of the word swag. So we're telling ourselves that in this instance, it was a typo. And this is really the Colette Malouf Crystal Sway Snap Clip ($56). Suddenly, it's wearable!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

You got one of these little nubby face-cleansing pads ages ago when they came as a combo with some new face wash in the drugstore. And, as he is prone to do, your dog ate it. All of it. And you weren't too sure it existed outside of the combo... [More]


Madewell Mackenzie Shirred Dress

Give us this Madewell Mackenzie Shirred Dress ($158) and a well-worn pair of cowboy boots, and we'll be ready to catch the eye of anything sexy in a ten-gallon hat who should happen to cross our path. If only someone would tell us where all the cowboys have gone...... [More]


Twisted Nail Bangle

Whether you're a fashion victim or a subpar carpenter, you'll find something to love in the Twisted Nail Bangle ($18). The design gives it a gritty appeal, while the gold finish makes it wearable in public. And the website says it's "lead-free." How can that be bad?... [More]


Cardboard iPod Boom Box

Way easier than carrying around a real ghetto blaster (and yes, the sound quality is actually quite good). Cardboard iPod Boom Box ($40)... [More]


Evenagamba Beach Babe Knit Top

We have a serious crush on hoodies with oversize features this season. It doesn't hurt that this Evenagamba Beach Babe Knit Top ($154) is a foxy shade of mauve. It's like a sleeping bag for your head, but cooler than that sounds.... [More]


Delaney Wellness Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Your mother likes to hang your high school graduation photo over your head, as if college, a career, two kids, a divorce, and real life don't take a toll on a person. Yes, Mother! People get older! Perhaps there is some truth to the bit about having more crow's feet... [More]


V in Between Necklace

You don't need to be a Veronica, Victoria, or Vanessa to wear the V in Between Necklace ($13). The sleek and sexy design of this two-inch pendant looks like an arrowhead in art deco. Also comes in baby blue, if you're looking for something softer on the eyes.... [More]


Snow White Pendant

While we here at Outblush don't necessarily recommend eating apples given to you by creepy old women, we do like Merrin & Gussy's Snow White Pendant ($14). The beauty of this piece is that it's at the same time unassuming and memorable. And you don't need to be a princess... [More]



Holy Bathing Suit, Batman. You're telling us that we can customize every aspect of our bikinis this season, skip the dressing rooms, refuse to be forced into a bathing suit that was made for someone with no sense of adventure, pick out the cut, print, and fit for both bottom... [More]


In Treatment Tissue Box Cover

You have issues. It's okay, we all do. But therapy is expensive and tissues are cheap. Toss the In Treatment Tissue Box Cover ($35) onto your current box, dish out a huge bowl of ice cream, click on Sleepless in Seattle, and bawl your eyes out. We're pretty positive you'll... [More]


Bouquet Tablecloth

Adding fresh flowers to your tablescape really elevates that Fiestaware you've been using since college, but in the dead of winter, bright blooms aren't always easy to come by. Dress up your table with this beautiful Bouquet Tablecloth ($36) and light a few candles for ambiance, and no one will... [More]


I.D. Sarrieri Jade Blossom Triangle Bra

Who says sexy lingerie has to be black or red? And there's no reason you need to get something in the candy heart color family just because Valentine's Day is coming. Truthfully, you don't need to buy new lingerie at all, but if you're looking for something less saccharine or... [More]


Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Mist

You recently discovered the joy of volumizing shampoo and have been tossing your hair left and right ever since. Kill two birds with one stone and spritz in some Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Mist ($33) after blow-drying. So while you Marcia Brady your head off, you can also fill... [More]


A'N'D 3 Belt Belt

This A'N'D 3 Belt Belt ($194) is a belt with two other belts worked into it! How much does that kick the crap out of any twisty-knotty buckling technique you might pick up on Pinterest? We know we are not alone in thinking that it's just about the funkiest thing... [More]


Cheap Thrill: The Body Shop LOVE ETC... Body Butter

Love yourself with LOVE ETC... Body Butter from The Body Shop ($8, on sale). Once it hits your skin, it melts into jasmine and vanilla goodness. Leave it on your nightstand as a reminder to give your elbows and toes a little TLC before bed every night, and you'll be... [More]


Metal Fringe Necklace

Can't get enough fringe, can you? This Metal Fringe Necklace ($39) is one of the best of its kind. Made from fine metallic filaments that move like strands of hair, this glittering necklace will add elegance and sophistication to your outfits without subtracting much from your bank account.... [More]


Forplay Long Sleeve Mini Dress

You've got a springtime wedding planned and you're pretty sure you'll be freezing your ass off come the reception. So slip out of that slinky gown and change into a long-sleeve number ($64). Cold arms are so much worse than cold legs. Hell, throw on a pair of sparkly tights... [More]


Norpro Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grill Press

Sear your tasty bacon slices under the Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grill Press ($12) from Norpro. Because nothing could be yummier than a little pig meat cooked with a pig-shaped press. Unless your bacon is dredged in brown sugar first. OMG, yum.... [More]


Hardware Clutch

For the girl who has nothing to hide! Korean designers 202FACTORY bring us this See-through Hardware Clutch ($78), made from sturdy plastic and completely transparent. Sure to set you apart, this clutch is only as interesting as the things you put into it. Just, you know, don't carry everything in... [More]


New York City Subway Map Printed Tights

These tights ($44) are really amazing, but we fear they could lead to some pretty awful pick-up lines involving tunnels and double entendre. Wear at your own risk.... [More]


Kuro Shampoo

Get your hair super clean with this Kuro Shampoo ($35). The secret ingredient? Dirt! Well, white charcoal, to be more precise. But what we'd cheerfully scrub off of our hands and clothes is actually beneficial when it comes to our hair, helping to remove impurities and excess oil.... [More]


Rodez Color-Block Bandeau Swimsuit

Ugh. Do we have to go swimsuit shopping? We're not ready to bare all, but swimsuit sales are underway and we don't want to miss them. Maybe we'll look for a one-piece this season, preferably one as cute as the Rodez Color-Block Bandeau Swimsuit ($480) from Roksanda Ilincic. The price... [More]


Infuse Your Mood Tea

We know it's hard to believe, but red wine is not actually the best way to boost your mood. The feeling of that glass in your hand might be divine, but alcohol is a depressant, ladies. On the other hand, this Infuse Your Mood Tea ($8) is packed with high... [More]


Gold & Silver Caviar Studs Nail Art

Our obsession with studs goes beyond just our clothes - we want studs on us! Let's all take advantage of the Gold & Silver Caviar Studs Nail Art package from Hailthenails. For five dollars, you'll get a thousand gold beads and a thousand silver. Just add your favorite varnish and... [More]


Mirrored Candle Sconce

We'd really love to have a romantic Valentine's Day with dozens of candles filling our apartments, but the reality is, we don't have much free space for candles and we're kind of terrified we might burn something down. This Mirrored Candle Sconce ($85) turns the glow of one candle into... [More]


Lace Dress with Hook & Eye Detail

The intended purpose of hook-and-eye clasps is simply to fasten your clothes, but there's something about them in excess that's so sexy (perhaps its because it's easy to imagine unhooking them...) If you feel the same way, then you'll love the Lace Dress with Hook & Eye Detail ($88). The... [More]


Hillier London Blue Stripe Bunny Clip

It's a hare clip. Ha! Hillier London Blue Stripe Bunny Clip ($80)... [More]


The Onion Book of Known Knowledge

You were in grade school the last time you referred to a book for an answer instead of asking the All Knowing Internet, but now that you have a copy of The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia Of Existing Information ($18), you'll be turning to the bookshelf... [More]


Natassja Cotton Striped Kandi Top

Children of the '80s (like us) know that H-to-T neon is not a good idea unless you're, say, working road construction at night. But once again, neon is "in" for spring, so what's a fluorescent-shy fashionista to do? Add just a little touch of the stuff with pieces like this... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sephora Deco Daze Glitter Eyeliner Applique

You were not gifted with a steady hand, and that deficiency renders your own makeup application skills utterly disastrous. Sure, blush and foundation are no problem. But the moment you get an eyeliner wand in your hand, suddenly you're looking like an Amy Winehouse documentary. Avoid the unintentional messy look... [More]


Fringe Belt

Ever want to wear just half of a dress? Not like a skirt, but half of a full-length dress? Well, here's your chance. The Fringe Belt ($50) from Timeless Boutique looks like a dress-and-shredder accident that went horribly right! Show off your shorts but keep the attention-grabbing flow of a... [More]


Pink Birds Toddler Backpack

It's always right about now that kids' backpacks bite the dust. After several months of abuse, they end up dirty, full of holes, or worse, cursed with broken zippers. So replace the latest casualty with the cutest backpack ever: the Pink Birds Toddler Backpack ($65), which is a two-in-one bag... [More]


Marcia Fully Loaded Cross Necklace

The Marcia Fully Loaded Cross Necklace ($20) really raises the bar. Show those girls with only one cross just who owns the look. (Well, maybe nuns do. But besides them.) So much blasphemy, it would make even '80s Madonna blush!... [More]


Tweezerman Hot Pink Skin Care Tool

Our mothers told us to never let a man see us wax our moustaches. Let's add attacking our blackheads and other grossocities with the Tweezerman Hot Pink Skin Care Tool ($18) to that list.... [More]


People's Liberation Denim Vest

We don't need no education - not if we're sporting this People's Liberation Denim Vest ($59). It's the perfect piece for our inner rebel, particularly when matched with a white tank and big, fat bicep tattoo. The tattoo will be fake, of course. As awesome as it might be with... [More]


Before Leaving Checklist Sticker

If you find yourself doing some version of the Macarena in public on a regular basis because you're trying to touch each pocket to ensure you have your phone, keys, and glasses, you might consider this handy Before Leaving Checklist Sticker ($21). It'll give you a visual cue to grab... [More]


Japanese Cypress Wood Soap Dish

We know that using this Japanese Cypress Wood Soap Dish ($14) might mean that we'll need to pick up a dish for our dish. After all, we're likely to get some sudsy drips through the pretty wood slats. But it will effectively combat the whole soggy soap problem, and since... [More]


Lace Deluxe Exquisite Dress

What makes a lace dress both deluxe and exquisite? Just look at the picture! The black-and-white contrast and the airy design make the Lace Deluxe Exquisite Dress ($55) - and the wearer - stand out in any crowd. The sleeveless cut shows off your arms, while the cinched waist shows... [More]


Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

A long, long time ago, during an age when we still read Cosmo, a blurb was published that touted the beauty of a flushed cheek. As in, you just ran up fourteen flights of stairs because the elevator was broken and your meeting starts in six minutes and somehow that... [More]


Tie-Dyed Velvet Blue Tights

Sorry. These aren't actually Tie-Dyed Velvet Blue Tights ($13). They're ombre, thank god. If they were tie-dyed, there would be no way we'd slip them on under our cute sweater dresses, lest we risk looking like burnt-out Deadheads desperately clinging to our glory days.... [More]


Make Pie Not War Be You Necklace

New Year's resolutions are always the same: lose weight, quit smoking, save money - and by...hmm, around this time actually...those resolutions have always been dropped like the ball on New Year's Eve. This Be You Necklace ($37) by Make Pie Not War, however, offers a resolution that is simple and... [More]

bdg - vegan - leather - bomber - jacket - small.jpg

BDG Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket

If you're looking for the quintessential black leather jacket, but don't have the big bucks to spend on a real one, then this BDG Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket ($69 on sale) is the perfect answer. The jacket is super comfortable, has deep pockets, and is just as warm as a... [More]


Mistral Edition Boheme Floral Soap Collection

The packaging on this Mistral Edition Boheme Floral Soap Collection ($28) is so pretty, it feels like a crime to undo it. But the soft, floral scents are too lovely to leave languishing in a basket, even an artfully arranged basket. We'll just have to buy two: one to use,... [More]


Skull and Dots Cardigan

Most graphic sweaters are so sickeningly sweet they give us toothaches. But Romwe has the cure in the form of the Skull and Dots Cardigan ($51). Knitted in a pattern typical of Christmas outerwear, this cardigan artfully replaces tired old snowflakes with skulls. Here's a fun tip: get this for... [More]


Silk Dwell in Hope Necklace

Most inspirational necklaces are kinda cheesy, but we're digging the Silk Dwell in Hope Necklace ($63) by laureldenise. It's much less hackneyed than a typical dance-among-the-stars piece. Hammered into recycled silver and hung on a silk threaded chain, it'll give the wearer a chic reminder to look on the bright... [More]


Cheap Thrill: NOW Foods Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum

We have tried and tested a lot of products that boast hyaluronic acid as a main ingredient. And while we do know that the stuff works, we also know that the price tag that comes with it has very little to do with how effective it is. So even though... [More]


Absinthe Green Eyelash Lace Soft Cup Bra

Playful Promises's almost see-through Absinthe Green Eyelash Lace Soft Cup Bra ($33) leaves nothing to the imagination - but we live in the age of Internet and cable TV, so who needs imagination anyway? The lace panels blend with the gorgeous green mesh to create an unforgettable image for whoever... [More]


Biker Wrap Buckle Boots

There's something about this boot that grabs your eye and doesn't let go, like that metal ring is some kind of black hole. Pixie Market's Biker Wrap Buckle Boots ($158) are stunning to behold if you like leather, straps, and metal (and who doesn't?). They run one size too small,... [More]


Sunglasses Sequin-Embellished Sweater

If it's not sunny enough for hater-blockers, keep a pair around your neck by wearing the Sunglasses Sequin-Embellished Sweater ($385) from Markus Lupfer. The sweater may not make it safe for you to stare at passersby unaware, but they will make passersby stop to give an appreciative glance to your... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue

We've got dark circles so bad that strangers have actually asked when we last slept. Gee, thanks, you look swell too, buddy. So, we're on a mission to brighten and tighten our under-eye area, and we've heard good things about Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue ($100). It lightens... [More]


The Tudors Mug Collection

There's a Tudor for every occasion. Feeling amorous? Throw a little Henry VIII into the mix. Artistic? How about some theater-loving Elizabeth I? Short lived? There's always good old Edward VI. The Tudors Mug Collection ($78) includes the whole lot complete with names, dates, and quirky illustrations.... [More]


Low Waist Black Shorts

If you're like us, you always forget where your pockets are. Never again, with these Low Waist Black Shorts ($80). The white flower trim stands in appealing contrast to the black underneath. If you like lacework and short shorts, this pair will be a fine addition to your closet.... [More]


Bowknot Camel Trilby

Hats are cute. Little bows are cute. Wearing something called a "camel trilby"... not so much. But you don't have to tell people the name of this Bowknot Camel Trilby ($36). This comfortable wool hat lets the world know that you don't just throw any old thing onto your head.... [More]


Laura Mercier Signature Brush Collection

Opening up the Laura Mercier Signature Brush Collection ($375) is the opposite of opening Pandora's box. Instead of all hell breaking loose, you will be breaking hearts* thanks to flawless makeup application. (If only it were that easy...)... [More]


i'm Watch

If your phone rings, you have to pull it out of your purse to use it. And that works for normal people. But what about us lazy people? Well, thanks to the new, futuristic i'm Watch ($390), your days of rummaging for your phone are over! This cutting edge gadget... [More]


Compartés Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles

It's looking increasingly likely that February 14th will involve us hanging out with our best girlfriends, telling awful ex stories and getting a touch sloshed. Chocolate will be a required component of the evening, of course, but we're not about to stoop to the level of a cheap drugstore box!... [More]


Meghna Designs Pink Textured Druzy Ring

This is one time when the phrase "pleasingly chunky" won't get met with a slap upside the head. Especially since, if you performed a backhanded slap while wearing this Meghna Designs Pink Textured Druzy Ring ($132), you could take someone's eye out.... [More]


Studded Platform Sandal

To the girl who can never have enough spikes, we present the Studded Platform Sandal ($100). The gold-on-black scheme of these severe heels offers a classic appeal, while the elaborate studding will still set you apart from everyone else in the room. Sure, you may look a little like a... [More]


Meal Planner DIY Gift Set

Even though the Meal Planner DIY Gift Set ($21) is marketed as a gift (perfect for new moms!), we need to get our hands on one. It's got a fity-two-week meal planner guide and a plethora of bookmarks for placing between our favorite pages of Gourmet. It's time to get... [More]


Knots & Anchors Enamel & Pavé Bracelet

Subtly nautical is a perfect description for this Knots & Anchors Enamel & Pavé Bracelet ($78). The links of gold-accented white enamel bars are suggestive of a bit of sailorish rope wizardry, but the theme is nicely counterbalanced by the sparkling crystal accents. We think it's appropriate, since we're subtly... [More]


Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder

There is so much that can go wrong with airbrush makeup. The one time we attempted the process, we got quite a lot in our hair and substantially more onto the wall behind us. So when you're looking for the airbrush finish without the potentially blinding side effects, try Youngblood... [More]


Vintage Food Storage Canisters

Each of the Vintage Food Storage Canisters ($15 each) from the Martha Stewart Collection holds a different kitchen essential: sugar, flour, coffee, cookies. Honestly, we could probably just live off of the coffee and the cookies, but we suppose we wouldn't have a use for the cookie jar if we... [More]


Calendar Skirt

Remember when the world almost ended in 2012!? I don't know how we all survived that! To commemorate our victory over that thing we've practically forgotten about by now, there's this Calendar Skirt ($46), based on the circular calendars of the Mayans and Aztecs. The intricate designs give this skirt... [More]


Hanging Spike Belt

Dangling, jangling, sparkling, and shining. River Island's Hanging Spike Belt ($25) can add that much needed spice to your outfit. Thanks to its black faux leather and gold finish, this belt goes with almost everything! Just be careful not to hurt anyone if you're out dancing.... [More]


"Quiet Please Sleeping Baby" Enamel Sign

Dear annoying neighbor across the hall, Yes, we work from home. Yes, we have a toddler who takes two naps per day (when the gods are kind). Yes, we're happy to receive signature-required packages from FedEx for you when you're out. But, seriously, you can't see the handwritten Post-it note... [More]


BACK by Ann-Sofie Back Layered Dress

Classic beauty, a stylized twist, and a taste of originality - that's why we love the Back Layered Dress ($301). Made of lightweight chiffon, this stark black dress will be sure to turn heads and mark you as the most stylish woman in the room. Transparent shoulder straps support the... [More]


Better Single than Sorry : A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling

Your Valentine's Day plans aren't exactly coming together. And there's really no chance in hell your OkCupid inbox is going to produce solid gold by that time. Who cares? You are your own person and can do whatever the hell you please the night of the 14th without needing someone... [More]


OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel

Sure, it's winter and the air is bitter and sucks the life out of anything that breathes. But your skin still somehow manages to get oily and shiny by the end of the day. OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel ($25) will eliminate all midday shine, keeping your complexion matte and... [More]


Lace Super High Heels

What doesn't lace go with? If you guessed "platform heels," you're wrong! These Lace Super High Heels ($65) may seem bulky, but the lacework design allows you to retain your dainty femininity. Be prepared to turn heads...upward.... [More]


Black+Blum Thermo-Pot

With a million and one recipes for slow-cooker soups floating around the blogosphere, our winter lunches have been hearty, slurpy leftovers. Yum. We can zap a frozen portion in the morning, pour it into our Thermo-Pot ($42), and have it warm and comforting by lunchtime. The stainless steel vacuum flood... [More]


Halston Heritage Racerback Sweater Tank

It's hard to look sexy in the winter, with bulky sweaters leaving ninety percent of your body to the imagination. It's a good thing that Halston solved this with their Racerback Sweater Tank ($225). The color is sure to attract attention - not that you'll need it, since your exposed... [More]


Treasure Trove Bracelet

Enamel is awesome, and we haven't been seeing all that much of it lately. And that's especially true of the lovely Edwardian style that inspired this Treasure Trove Bracelet ($16). It's a perfect piece to accompany all of those black lace tops and dresses we've been collecting.... [More]


Cat and Crow Paper Towel Holder

We'd love to have our paper towels hidden in some custom cabinet with a built-in dispenser, so that no one ever has to look at them except when they're needed. But let's face it: custom is out of our kitchen budget, and we can't afford to hide them anywhere more... [More]


A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN! Operation: Organize Life Giveaway with BlueSkyImg and Egg Press

We could all use a little help organizing and scheduling our lives. Whether you're juggling projects and deadlines for work or keeping track of multiple domestic schedules, BlueSkyImg Planners and Calendars designed by Egg Press will only make all of that easier. So we here at Outblush would like to... [More]


Leggings with Bondage Straps

Plain black leggings are fine, but sometimes you want something a little extra... maybe with a fetishistic edge. Thankfully, these Leggings with Bondage Straps ($44) exist. Jersey covers the waist, upper thighs, and backs of the legs, while the fronts feature a sexy sheer mesh accented with suggestive, bondage-themed straps.... [More]


Less is More Lindengloss Conditioner

Our pen pal over in Paris has more money than Cher, and spends Wednesdays trying out different salons. It is both infuriating and inspiring to hear all about her adventures in Hairdo Heaven. The upside to suffering through her weekly updates is the occasional product box that comes in the... [More]


Wild Orchid Dress

Flowers are like nature's fashion - which makes orchids designer! It should be no surprise then that Nasty Gal's Wild Orchid Dress ($48) looks so good! The mirrored orchid print, with tones of violet, ivory, and gold, is as beautiful as the tropical weed itself. But the flowers won't be... [More]


Love Birds Cake and Coffee Stencil

Going for überromantic on Valentine's Day this year? Serve your sweetie a breakfast latte and use the Love Birds Cake and Coffee Stencil ($20) from Cosmic Emotions to sprinkle cinnamon on top of the froth. You could also show Snookums how twitterpated you feel by dusting powdered sugar onto a... [More]


Dorus Mhor Liberty Silk Gold Bracelet

When it comes to Liberty of London fabrics, who can pick just one? Luckily, the Dorus Mhor Liberty Silk Gold Bracelet ($60) lets you wear all of the patterns - or at least a handful of them.... [More]


Bloom and Blossom Congratulations Gift Set

There's not much that will turn the head of a new mom other than her teeny bundle, but an indulgent shower after the birth is one of them. When you head over to the hospital, skip the flowers and give momma the Bloom and Blossom Congratulations Gift Set ($82). It... [More]


Seletti Hot Kettle

While we're usually with-it enough to know that when we put the kettle on, it's gonna be hot, we're okay with being reminded by the Seletti Hot Kettle ($85). Occasionally, we leave our brains in bed as we prep our water for the French press. It hasn't yet resulted in... [More]


Happy/Unhappy Knee Opaque Tights

How are you doing today? Good? Bad? What about your knees? For the first time in history, your knees have a voice with ASOS's Happy/Unhappy Knee Opaque Tights ($15). It doesn't matter what kind of mood they're in, everyone you pass will think these tights are cute as a button!... [More]


Pineapple Pete Kids Baby Valentine Onesie

Even since the baby was born, you've been unabashedly saving all your love for her little face and tummy and toes and fingers and tiny little baby butt. Makes sense. You did grow that perfect little person for nine months. You can't help but make sure she still feels close... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Tweezerman BrowMousse Styling Gel

Full brows are "in," but that doesn't mean they have to be like this. Keep yours in place with just a dab or two of Tweezerman BrowMousse Styling Gel ($9). It's made from natural ingredients, and it's clear, not sticky or stiff. If your brows are on the sparse side,... [More]


Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush

When you find a blush that is equal parts shimmery and flattering, you tend to buy it in bulk. Give Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush ($43) just a day's wear and you'll be hooked. An informed suggestion for once the addiction starts: contour your cheekbones with Rose Bronze and layer... [More]


Test Tube Vase

We'd love to be mad scientists, but dabbling in chemistry would be far more likely to result in our giving ourselves some kind of skin-melting issue than it would in granting us cool Mr. Jekyll-like powers. (If anger issues are cool. We hear some people think they are.) We'll stick... [More]


Karen Walker Super Duper Critter Sunglasses

We thought maybe the Karen Walker Super Duper Critter Sunglasses ($314) were called that because the cutouts sported some sort of furry mammal theme, but alas, they do not. But we're already over our disappointment. The vintage lace detailing is fresh and sexy, and we'd love to sport them if... [More]


HAPPINESS in a box.

We thought HAPPINESS in a box. ($30) would have "Lindt" or "Tiffany" stamped on the lid. But this little package might just come up to the same standard. It gives chocolates and sparkly things the pass for guides and gear to help you determine your goals and dreams, increase your... [More]


Butterfly Magnets

Do you think these colorful Butterfly Magnets ($12 for a pack of ten) will stand guard on our fridges? They probably won't remind us to stay away from a second - okay, third - pudding cup unless we use them to hold up a big ol' note to ourselves: back... [More]


Boots Rose & Lavender Bath Oil

Spending a date walking downtown, battling the blustery winter winds, leaves you both excited and itchy. That dry air does nothing for your sex drive, however. So invite your bedfellow home for a nice bath. Drop in a healthy dose of Boots Bath Oil ($10), dip a toe in the... [More]


Vanna Shearling Lace Up Sneakers

Finally, someone put the earflaps from a winter hat on a sneaker! If you like to bundle up in cold weather (or are a lumberjack), these Ash Vanna Shearling Lace Up Sneakers ($230) are meant for you. The oh-so-snuggly sheepskin shearling will protect your toes from frostbite, while the rubber... [More]


Bowling Candles

Does the would-be Lebowski in your life have a birthday coming up? Celebrate it in an appropriate fashion by topping his cake with these Bowling Candles ($5). And buying him a new rug.... [More]


Mysticism Corner Chair

Okay, hear us out. The Mysticism Corner Chair ($2,695) may look like repurposed acid-washed denim, but this indigo jacquard seat is versatile . Put it in a bright and minimalist living space so it can act as a focal point, or center it in a reading nook with plush red... [More]


Dot Haircalf Skinny Belt

If there's one thing that makes us want to give up our title of "Leopard Lady," it's definitely the potential to embrace our inner Cruella and become something more along the lines of the "Dotty Dame." But if head to toe spot print isn't something you see in your future,... [More]


Oiseau The Charmer Eau De Toilette

The heavy weight of the holiday season is finally passing us by, and we are all looking forward to the gaiety of Valentine's, Easter, and spring in general. Ushering in warmer weather this year is The Charmer Eau De Toilette ($28). A blend of coconut and vanilla is topped with... [More]


Prism Pendant

Make a pretty, pointed statement by wearing the Prism Pendant ($64), handmade by Julie Moon. It says, "I have excellent taste and love to keep things colorful." Don't quote us on that. But do wear your new necklace with confidence. You look gorgeous, dahling!... [More]


Platinum Pebble Dish

You can never have too many cute little dishes. This Platinum Pebble Dish ($20), for example, would be perfect for holding the pickled ginger at our next sushi party, a splash of single-orchard olive oil, or our chewed-to-death gum when we don't feel like getting up from the table to... [More]


Joules Lynette Dress

Derby-bound this spring? No? Even if you just like to put a buck down at the local track, do so in your best frock. The Joules Lynette Dress ($138) celebrates prancing stallions in a classic silhouette complete with a pointed collar and banded waist. It may not be a lucky... [More]


Dermablend Brushes

Makeup is meant to enhance an already exquisite canvas, not totally ruin it with excessive foundation and blush. Dermablend Brushes ($22-40) do a great job at the former. They pick up just the right amount of foundation or powder and apply it to your face effortlessly. They're made without animal... [More]


Savannah Bee Company Tupelo Honey

Are we ordering Savannah Bee Company's Tupelo Honey ($17) solely because we love the Van Morrison tune of the same name? Yup.... [More]


Pleated Blocks Dress

There's something about the Ark & Co. Pleated Blocks Dress ($80) that will leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet while wearing it. Inspired by the works of painter Piet Mondrian (but with more stylish color choices), this sophisticated dress shows that you're artistic, but still anchored. And the... [More]


Messerblock Wood Knife Block

You paid a pretty penny for those gleaming butcher's knives. House them in a deserving home, like the Messerblock Wood Knife Block ($60). Each block, made from German lumber and partially whitewashed, has space for two knives, so if you managed to afford only one five-hundred-dollar Korin blade, you'll have... [More]


Best Friends Necklaces

Is there a secret link between whales and friendship we don't know about? We tried to look it up, but came up with nothin'. At any rate, the Best Friends Necklaces ($40) by I Adorn U are quirky in a good way. You and your pal will have a whale... [More]


Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmin

When it comes to first impressions, nothing says "I have my shit together" like a crisp white shirt that has yet to be ruined with errant ketchup and merlot stains. Also, nice hair. Nice hair says a lot about a gal. So give them something to talk about by using... [More]


When Parents Text

We should giggle while we can at When Parents Text ($9). As hilarious as these snippets of old-folk touchscreen mishaps are, we'll undoubtedly be doing things even more stupid ten years from now, when the kids are hot for portable holograph machines. Just imagine what we could end up inadvertently... [More]


Fox Convertor Gloves

Let's not pretend these gloves aren't the most adorable things you've seen today! ASOS brings us these Fox Convertor Gloves ($18), so named because they convert your ordinary hand into something irresistibly cute! Incidentally, these mittens also convert to fingerless gloves when you pull back the tops. Keep your fingers... [More]


Linnea's Lights Belgian Linen Candle

Yikes. Our apartments are starting to suffer from the dreaded stale midwinter smell. We can't crack the windows in ten-degree weather, and rather than cover up the slightly-burned-mac-and-cheese-casserole-mixed-with-two-weeks-of-unwashed-laundry aroma with a faux floral, we'll cover it with a freshly-scented Linnea's Lights Belgian Linen Candle ($20, on sale). Then maybe we... [More]


Peas in a Pod Tote

Get old-timey with this Peas in a Pod Tote ($44) from John Derian. Its illustration says less to us about a perfect romantic match than it does about Victorian people being weird, but we still think it's a hoot.... [More]


Star Crossed Lovers Tee

Romeo and Juliet sure were least up to a point. The Shakespeare reference on the Star Crossed Lovers tee ($64) makes a great icebreaker, and also weeds out who paid attention in English class and who didn't. The distressed hems give the tee a worn-in look, as if you've... [More]


Fishs Eddy Bar Recipe Glasses

We've never had any of the cocktails listed on these adorably retro Fishs Eddy Bar Recipe Glasses ($6 each), but we'll try anything once. And then we'll revert back to old and easy favorites like Bulliet on the rocks.... [More]


Nostalgia Organics Mud Pie Bath Soap

Warning: do not eat this Nostalgia Organics Mud Pie Bath Soap ($9). We've got to put in the disclaimer because this mint-and-chocolate-scented suds-maker has such a delicious aroma, you'll almost certainly be tempted to lick your hands after using it.... [More]


The Storymatic

Who needs actual creative genius when you've got The Storymatic ($30)? This set of color-coded cards helps you put together the lead players and plot of your very own magnum opus. We suspect it might be how Michael Bay comes up with his movies.... [More]


The Sound Duvet Cover

Ahhh. What could be more relaxing than nodding off under the whimsical The Sound Duvet Cover ($159-212) from DENY Designs? The watercolor-esque duvet may sport cool colors, but its microfiber surface will keep you warm all night long. Psst, college ladies! The duvet comes in an extra-long twin size, perfect... [More]


Purple Stone Encrusted Cuff

Do you like your wristwear to carry a little extra weight? This Purple Stone Encrusted Cuff ($20) makes an eye-catching accessory, and it won't let you down in a fight, either! The mesmerizing purple stones grab all the attention and won't let go, while the gold finish gives this piece... [More]


theBalm Cosmetics Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette

If this is as close as we're ever going to get to having Bon Jovi in or around our faces, we'll take it. theBalm Cosmetics Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette ($40)... [More]


50 State Animals Tea Towel

Live in Florida? You get the super cool Florida panther as your state animal. From Rhode Island? You get a chicken for state bird. But whether your state picked something awesome or something vaguely ridiculous as their official mammal, insect, fish or bird, you'll find it playfully represented on this... [More]


Kiri Wood Rice Bin

Our rice is currently sitting in an ugly bag that got slightly sticky somehow in the cabinet. It's a mystery since so far as we can see, there's nothing sticky anywhere near it. How much nicer would it be to store the stuff in this Kiri Wood Rice Bin ($89)?... [More]


Crystal Jewel Ring

There's a thin line between glamorous and gaudy, and that's where this ring built its house! Part disco ball and part medieval weapon, this Crystal Jewel Ring ($5) makes dinky, one-jeweled rings weep with envy. It's not an accessory for the bashful, but if you can pull it off, it'll... [More]


Artisan Crafted Weekender Bag

We'd love to be weekenders. Being a "weekender" would imply that we've got somewhere fabulous that we jet off to each Friday-through-Sunday, to enjoy some fresh mountain air, a sunny stretch of beach, or maybe a few evenings of delight with Pablo the Pool Boy. We'd happily pack what we... [More]


Kebnekaise Pouf

So he wants a bean bag chair. The notion of having some saggy, blobby piece of furniture playing ugly in your otherwise nicely decorated living room makes you cringe. That's why you'll be picking up this Kebnekaise Pouf ($233). It's got all the frat-boy comfort he's looking for, but with... [More]


Snow White iPad 3 Case

Everyone already knows there's an apple on the back of your iPad. What most people don't know is that you love all things Disney, and that Snow White is your favorite princess. This Snow White iPad 3 Case ($30) pays homage to the fairest of them all with a little... [More]


Flawed Gold-Plated Wide Bowl

This Flawed Gold-Plated Wide Bowl ($68) looks as though it's defying gravity, with its upward drips of gilded edging. Thanks to a certain blue police box and its dashing inhabitant, we've become big fans of anything that reinvents the laws of physics.... [More]


Magnetic Veil Weights

You just shelled out twenty percent of your wedding budget to hire the best photog in the city, so the last thing you want to do is wrestle with an uncooperative veil as she snaps pictures. While you're outside for posed shots, add a set of Save the Veil magnetic... [More]


Petite Marisa Ankle Pants in Mini Jewel Print

With these Petite Marisa Ankle Pants in Mini Jewel Print ($70), you can give the skinny trend the pass in favor of a classic slim trouser-cut style. The result is flattering, versatile, and just the right degree of retro.... [More]


Religion Defence Cross Body Bag

You like flat-topped pyramids. You like studs. You want your handbag to be seen as an extra layer of defense. Religion gets it, which is why they created the Defence Cross Body Bag ($50). (Don't mind the spelling of "defense" - they're British, so we'll forgive them.) This heavy-duty faux... [More]


Shamanuti Seaweed Toner

Go all mermaid on your parched winter skin and try Shamanuti Seaweed Toner ($28 for four ounces). All of the ocean goodies - Dead Sea salt, kelp, algae (okay, we know, kelp is algae) - will gently clean up any traces of dirt and makeup without further drying out your... [More]


Croc Pile

Facebook is the devil. Just a browse through the news feed drags us into a host of breakups, illnesses, injuries, and - perhaps worst of all - political debates. We need a less stressful way to procrastinate, and think we've found it in this Croc Pile ($35). Figuring out new... [More]


Got Wood?

We have a little secret to share: we love wearing men's clothing. Maybe it's because no matter how thin our guys may be, their shirts are always three sizes too big on us - making them perfect for us to wear while we lounge around the house, sleep, run errands,... [More]


Nature's Gate Hand Creams

Wintertime is good for some things, like providing an excuse to constantly wear boots and drink hot chocolate hourly daily. But it is not great for the skin. Nature's Gate Hand Cream ($7) is like anti-winter in a tube. Made with safflower, soybean, sunflower seed, and sweet almond oils, it... [More]


Doubtblush: Mint Multicolor Carnation Dress

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


L:a Bruket Liquid Soap & Salt Scrub

Forget Chanel No. 5 - we want to scent ourselves with something like the woodsy, herbal aroma of this L:a Bruket Liquid Soap & Salt Scrub ($51). Made in a workshop located next door to a castle in Sweden, their blend of cedar, orange, rosemary, sage and lavender is the... [More]


Accordion Sconces

When you come home after a hard day at the office, it's time to mix up a dry martini and relax in the recliner with the evening newspaper. What better way to light your reading than with these Accordion Sconces ($179)? They're as old-school as the expectation that you'll have... [More]


Sequined Floral Platform Pumps

These Sequined Floral Platform Pumps ($28) are serving some serious Brenda Walsh realness. Yes, that is to say we can imagine a drag queen doing a wonderful tribute to our favorite after-school-special-that-went-six-years-too-long in these, but we refuse to believe that that also means they might be in bad taste. Life... [More]


Jade Facial Roller

Did you know that jade is said to have cleansing powers? Yeah, we didn't either, until now. Apparently, you can use the Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller ($45) to roll out wrinkles on your face and neck like lumps in dough! Additionally, it's said to increase blood flow, help expel... [More]


Wisdom Tooth Magnets

Real teeth are gross. If the tooth fairy wants them, she can have them for whatever disgusting use she puts them to. Fake teeth, on the other hand, are adorable. Just take look at these cute Wisdom Tooth Magnets ($4), which even come with a single gold-colored pirate molar.... [More]


DermOrganic Hair Essentials Bag

DermOrganic hair care products are vegan, organic, gluten-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free, and artificial-preservative-free. Whew, that's quite the crunchy mouthful! But it's not just all talk - these argan-based products will give you the shampoo model locks of your dreams. Try their Hair Essentials Bag ($50), which includes full-size bottles of Daily... [More]


Donna Wilson Circus Arm Warmers

Sure, a long pair of gloves or a decent coat would probably keep our forearms toasty, but how much less cool are either of those than these Donna Wilson Circus Arm Warmers ($68)? We'll happily let them add a bright, cheerful burst of color to our outdoor ensembles.... [More]


Pu Pu Platter with Hibachi

Pu pu platters are possibly the world's most fun method of eating. Not only do they eliminate the need for you to decide which fatty, delicious appetizers you'd like to indulge in, they've got their very own pit of flames that you can put pointless but extremely cool grill marks... [More]


Molton Brown Aludra Gift Set

Nobody would ever refer to you as "decisive." So the cornucopia of product that comes in the Molton Brown Aludra Gift Set ($50) appeals to your deepest nature. Five different body washes will keep your decision-making skills (or lack thereof) honed and ready for the next big choice. Doctor Who... [More]


FLO Atomizer

WHAT?!?! How are we just now hearing about this? The FLO Atomizer ($10) couldn't possibly be more suited to our perfume-loving needs. We are constantly stealing fragrance samples that come into the office and stashing them in our desk drawers for a midday spritz. More often than not, however, those... [More]


Chilewich Pressed Vinyl Dahlia Tablemats

We went to a dinner party last month where round placemats were used in full force. Admittedly, we used to think placemats were fussy and unnecessary, but these were downright elegant. We're upgrading and setting our plates on these Chilewich Pressed Vinyl Dahlia Tablemats ($10 each) from now on.... [More]


Sydney Hale Co. Woodsmoke and Amber Candle

Vanilla makes us hungry. Light up a bean-scented candle, and we start craving cookies. It's death to our diet, which is why we're going to try out this Sydney Hale Co. Woodsmoke and Amber Candle ($28) instead. Hopefully it won't have us dreaming of barbecue.... [More]


AG Frizzproof Anti-Humidity Spray

We may still be in the icy grip of winter, but we're glad to know AG Hair Cosmetics is thinking ahead. They've just released their new Frizzproof Anti-Humidity Spray ($26) so you can stock up before the snow melts. The lightweight formula coats hair and protects it against soupy air... [More]


Nostalgia Shop Embroidered Skirt

We'd all love to find that lacy, beautiful antique fashion piece. You know - something perfectly vintage and elegant that we could dress up with kid boots, blazers and pretty little gloves. The problem is that actual vintage lace pieces are inevitably yellow and tattered, and might have been worn... [More]


Ice Ice Baby Ice Cube Tray

Make sure you've got the Ice Ice Baby Ice Cube Tray ($20) on hand when you kick your juice. It's good to keep it on ice while you're cookin' MCs like a pound of bacon. Word to your mother.... [More]


Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eye Shadow

We love cosmetics. Obviously. But we tend to stick to simple steps that can be done with our eyes closed (get it?!?!). It's easy to get out of practice on the more advanced techniques when you don't, well, practice. So when the New Year rolled around, we made the decision... [More]


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Snappy Sorbet Nail Color

We know dropping eight bucks on nail polish is all the rage these days, but we still love us some Sally Hansen. Especially when it dries as quickly as her Insta-Dri Nail Color ($4) does; we can put a coat on one minute and then go back to writing you... [More]


Belize Memory Foam Bath Rug

We spend 99.9% of the day rushing around like crazy people, which is why it's important to make those tiny moments when we slow down all the more indulgent. Our morning shower is one of those moments. How much more lovely will it be when we step from that steaming... [More]


Paper Wallet

You've become a pro at Girl's Night Out. You have even mastered the art of the quick change, eliminating the need to go back home after work. So it's no wonder the Paper Wallet ($varies) appeals to you. It is sleek, chic, and oh-so-slim. So slim, in fact, that it... [More]


Wei To Go Ideal Skin Perfect Finish

SURPRISE! The CEO of your company is coming in to review your performance for this quarter. Fortunately, they gave you three hours to prep your projects and presentations. Unfortunately, this same three-hour window will be spent sweating your face off thanks to a serious case of the nerves. Just before... [More]


3/4-Sleeve Kanga Pocket Hoodie

Sometimes it's good to put away the flashy designs and get back to basics. The 3/4-Sleeve Kanga Pocket Hoodie ($13) will suit any occasion, from casual Friday to a softball game to a night at the movies with the boy next door. While it may seem simple, the sleeves, the... [More]


ghd Professional Miracle Mist

There is no way in hell you are going out in this winter weather with wet hair. So blow-drying and brushing afterwards are essential steps in your morning routine. Unfortunately, static seems to be equally inevitable. Tame the electric dragon with ghd Professional Miracle Mist ($23). It beats back the... [More]


Detox Pamper Pack

Ever since that last forty-eight-hour marathon party-fest you can only sort of remember, you've vowed to take it easy on the weekends. But trust us, we know how quickly that resolve can crumble in the face of a margarita happy hour and a good hair day. Prepare ahead of time... [More]


Rosa Collar Necklace

The collar necklace has been our go-to accessory whenever we've needed a little more glamour of late. Strap one of these babies on and it's frump to friggin' fabulous in a matter of seconds, even when all we can muster to put on under it is a worn out old... [More]


Urban Decay Naked Nail Set

Sometimes, when you take a classic in a totally new direction (warning: language) it almost becomes better than the original. Case in point? The new Urban Decay Naked Nail Set ($26). Urban Decay took six of the most popular shadow colors in their cult classic Naked Palette and transmogrified 'em... [More]


Tortoise Patent Leather Pointed Toe Flats

You've got tortoiseshell barrettes, bangles, glasses and handbags - why not shoes? These deliciously shiny Tortoise Patent Leather Pointed Toe Flats ($128) are the ultimate in preppy goodness, perfect for pairing with a pearl necklace and a collared blouse.... [More]


bliss Trim and Bare It

You took a nod from the men during Movember and just decided to let your "beard" grow out as well. And, well, you just let it keep growing. And now you've got a bush the size of the White House Christmas tree. You need to set a date with the... [More]


Rosamosario Principessa Flirts Embroidered Tulle and Lace Corset

Trimmed in gold lace from top to bottom, the Rosamosario Principessa Flirts Embroidered Tulle and Lace Corset ($565) is about as feminine as it gets. Which makes it even more fun to do unladylike like things in. Sow your oats, ladies.... [More]


Olive Essence Organic Body Butter

Occasionally, you go to a spa and, instead of wanting to take home your masseuse, you actually want to steal all the lotion that she used. Enter Olive Essence Organic Body Butter ($23), a delightful blend of everything you love about the spa experience. But you can bring it home... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Classic Dress Pant for Katy

Katy writes, "So I have been a long time follower of outblush and in need of some help finding a particular dress pant. I am looking for something high-waisted along maybe the button up sailor flap? I am in my early 20' so I don't want it to be too... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: January 14, 2013

Got a fancy-shmancy Valentine's dinner date on your horizon? Or are you in need of a new market tote to hang off your arm? This week's poll has you covered, no matter what's penciled in to your day planner. Take a moment to consult it and then head over to... [More]


Chantecaille Kabuki Brush

You take a lot of time getting yourself presentable in the morning. Not because you need to, but because you enjoy the process. This Chantecaille Kabuki Brush ($69) will make the powder-application step that much more luxurious. The zebra-stripe goat hairs feel like heaven on your skin, giving you a... [More]


butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat

You love the matte finish that became popular last year. But you also love the three hundred shades of polish you already own that sit, well-organized, in your vanity drawers. butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat ($18) is a good middle ground, allowing you to keep your plethora of... [More]


Popcorn Maker

Air-popped popcorn is way fresher, healthier, and tastier than the preservative-laden microwave stuff. So if you're going to make some, why not do it in this cheerful air Popcorn Maker ($29) designed to look like an old-fashioned red-and-white-striped popcorn bag? Once you've got a bowl of airy, crunchy goodness, top... [More]


Jouer Lip Enhancer

After brushing your teeth at night, you moisturize your face, your toes, your knees, and your elbows. But why not your lips? Slide a tube of Jouer Lip Enhancer ($14) into your bedtime routine for a month and enjoy dramatically softer, healthier, smoother lips.... [More]

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 3.22.20 PM.png

We Are Handsome Blue Jellyfish Backless Poison One Piece Swimsuit

If you've ever seen jellyfish in an aquarium, you know that they are extremely soothing to watch. They pulsate and float up and down and swirl around, and we could watch them for hours, but instead our kids want to go watch people feed the otters, and we have to... [More]


Emotions in Green by Julian Kadosh

How are you feeling today? Red? Purple? Wouldn't Green be a nice change of pace? Emotions in Green ($35) is a thoughtful gift that smells of a snow-covered forest, brisk and woodsy. Even if you're not the outdoorsy type, you'll appreciate the hint of mint - which we think is... [More]


MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator ($28) uses a blend of sugar crystals and actual volcanic ash to clean and exfoliate skin without drying it out. Use it every couple of days this winter to banish that yucky, tight, itchy winter complexion.... [More]


Burberry Swiss Chronograph Nova Check Fabric Strap Watch

Every style-conscious plaid lover goes for the signature Burberry pattern. And this Nova Check Watch ($595) is actually attainable. It's no trench coat, but after a few months of skimping on happy hour and Chinese takeout, you might possibly be able to afford this beauty and keep it locked away... [More]


Kiss My Face Cold & Flu Shower & Bath Gel

With the family visits are over and done with, you've managed to bring back every version of the bubonic plague currently available. Wash away the snot and sorrows with Kiss My Face Cold & Flu Shower & Bath Gel ($11). At first, you'll want to bathe in a hot tub... [More]


Espresso Field Guide

We keep this Espresso Field Guide ($69) hanging around just to make ourselves feel more prepared should we ever figure out how to work something aside from the Keurig in the office.... [More]


Haute Polish Monarch Purple Gel Nail Polish

We aren't nearly as excited about the royal baby as we are about this Monarch shade from Haute Polish ($16). It's really quite friendly and approachable, unlike some of the more foreboding, austere shades. Like the difference between Kate Middleton and the Queen. Nobody wants to be friends with Queen... [More]


Carvela Kurt Geiger Amount Heels

Not every shoe we post here has to be a bedazzled, sky-high stiletto. Mostly because we don't all wear those every day. (If you do, God bless.) And a little bit because we like to remind ourselves that we live on a budget and you do too. These Amount heels... [More]


Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console

By the time you shell out the moola for a gym membership and a Zumba class or two, you've all but broken the bank. But for the same price, you can grab yourself a Wii U 8GB Basic Set Console ($300). The sleek new Nintendo addition does everything. Okay. It... [More]


New York Doughnut Map

When we're visiting the Big Apple, we'll obviously want to see all the sights: the Statue of Liberty, the giant piano-floor at FAO Schwarz. But what better to break up the tourist routine than deep-fried cake? This NYC doughnut map ($10) will help us find choice belly-bombers no matter where... [More]


Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

We haven't set foot onto a roller rink since junior high, but we've been streaming a lot of Wonder Years episodes lately. Winnie looks so cute on her skates in season 4 that we had to find ourselves a pair, too, and these Moxi Lolly Roller Skates ($299) are the... [More]


Cheap Thrill: SARAHPOTEMPA The Wrap Up

So you tried the famous Pinterest Sock Bun and the results were... not worth repinning. You just couldn't get it to freaking stay PUT. Us either. Enter the genius SARAHPOTEMPA The Wrap Up ($12, available in three colors). It makes updos, topknots, messy buns, and all kinds of other hairdos... [More]


Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

We're sure there's a lot of science involved, but we're not going to bore you. Perfect spheres of ice melt at a slower rate than their traditional cube cousins. Investing in a few stackable Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds ($11) means you'll only need one sphere per drink, cutting down on... [More]


Silkeborg Plaids Ida Blanket

There's nothing worse than buying a lovely blanket only to get home and snuggle up on the couch to find that your new purchase doesn't actually do much to keep you warm. We looked twice at this Ida Blanket ($149), because the pattern is so lovely we immediately wanted it,... [More]


lululemon Pace Setter Skirt

The freedom that comes from running in a skirt is unparallelled. There's no fabric bunching up between our legs, we can't get tripped up on a too-long hem, and, best of all, we actually feel a bit feminine while we're huffing and puffing. The only downside is that short running... [More]


Under Cabinet K-Cup® Holder

As if you needed one more Keurig product ($30) to spend money on. Gosh. At least you can tell your roommate you purchased this one for the sake of saving precious counter space.... [More]


MixedMetals Sterling Silver Love Ring

There's no SO in your life, and that suits you just fine. But you do have a best friend who remains close to your heart. And you have no shame wearing your initials together on this MixedMetals Sterling Silver Love Ring ($18). And when people ask whose monogrammed heart you... [More]


Bron Yr Aur Candle

Have you been on a classic rock kick lately? Turn up your Led Zeppelin station on Spotify, light the Bron Yr Aur Candle ($15) and rock out. Each candle in the Tisane collection evokes the feel of a different place and time, but Bron Yr Aur is our favorite. It... [More]


Stila Color Balm Lipstick

Any new Stila product is cause for celebration at OB HQ, and their Color Balm Lipstick ($22) has us busting out the champagne and dark chocolate. Formulated with tingly, cool peppermint oil, it plumps, hydrates like a balm, and gives a punch of rich color payoff to your pout. Bada... [More]


Madewell Silk Popover

It's at this point in winter that we feel like spring is nevuh gonna get here. Then we see something like this dreamy Creamsicle-hued silk blouse and know that somehow, someday, we'll be wearing it with skinny ankle-length jeans and sandals on a warm, sunny spring weekend afternoon, and then... [More]


Wine Words Party Pack

Get the girls to bring along bottles of their favorite vintages to a night in, and you're almost ready to host your own low-key wine party. Add the Wine Words Party Pack ($15) from MIXT Studio and you're in business. The kit provides you with place mats, coasters, and glass... [More]


Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe

Our instep suddenly feels a little chilly. It must be because we're wearing the Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe ($220), which does not have one. It's made of a single piece that wraps around our foot and somehow keeps us aloft. This shoe is pretty crazy, so we're going to run... [More]


Joseph Joseph Cut & Collect

The brilliance of Joseph Joseph kitchenware seems to know no bounds. We're slowly building a collection, and the next item we're eying is this Cut & Collect ($25). A small drawer pulls out from underneath this cutting board to hold chopped items or waste for easy transport to a pot... [More]


H2O+ Night Oasis Oxygenating Rejuvenator

Biology may not have been our best subject in high school, but even we know the importance of oxygen for all most living things - and that includes our complexions. H2O+ Night Oasis Oxygenating Rejuvenator ($38) uses oxygen-rich sea fennel to help boost the cell repair cycle, revealing brighter, smoother... [More]


Sorry I'm Not Sorry Cards

We're not sorry for farting. We're not sorry for wanting to sleep with at least three people in the bar last night. We're not sorry for getting a promotion before the girl who has worked here longer than us. We're not sorry that we forgot to take out the trash... [More]


Personal Shopper: Red Bow Heels for Liana

Liana writes: "I am in dire need of some Outblush help. I have been searching the web and store for months for a pair of red stappy heels with a bow tie in back, but to absolutely no avail. They are amazing Valentine's day heels, as well as bridesmaids' heels.... [More]


Knitted Genius Jumper

We're not entirely sure how we feel about bragging. But the cheeky appeal of this Knitted Genius Jumper ($72) is starting to convince us it might be cool. Hopefully we don't run into someone wearing a "Bully" sweater who thinks they need to take us down a peg or two.... [More]


Piece of Cake

If you didn't get your fill of baked goods during the holidays, never fear! The hundred and twenty treats in Piece of Cake: Home Baking Made Simple ($30) by David Muniz and David Lesniak will give you plenty of ways to placate your sweet tooth. The book has recipes for... [More]


Tea Shop Bookshelf Necklace

We already think the adorable lit-nerd necklaces from Etsy seller Coryographies are completely fabulous. She only upped the ante with this Tea Shop Bookshelf Necklace ($50). After all, what could be better together than a cup of Earl Grey and a good read?... [More]


Merchant & Mills Oilskin Sewing Kit

Come storm or shine, we'll be ready to snip stray threads or secure buttons with our Merchant & Mills Oilskin Sewing Kit ($75). And with its classic 19th-century style, we really will look like hero-tailors out of a storybook.... [More]


Bubble Bath Dough

Yes, it's a bit more of a pain to use than typical bubble baths are. But we kind of like that about this Bubble Bath Dough ($14). After all, what about a bath is supposed to be quick and convenient? We'll take ours slow, thank you very much.... [More]


Nesting Cloud Plates

We already have our heads in the clouds, so we might as well stash our clutter in them, too. While our set of Nesting Cloud Plates ($42) by jd wolfe pottery will, in all likelihood, become home to credit card receipts and paper clips, we hope you do yours better... [More]


Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure

Nail art blogs like Miss Ladyfinger, Chalkboard Nails, and Polish Art Addiction are great time sinks. Unfortunately, they also make us feel like total eejits for barely even being able to do solid color paint jobs on our own digits without making a huge mess. We're thinking maybe we could... [More]


Sophie & Kate Vision in Denim Shirt Dress

While this Sophie & Kate Vision in Denim Shirt Dress ($54) is perhaps a wee bit short in the front for work (even in casual offices), it's perfect for weekends. A cognac-colored, studded skinny belt is included, but we can already see ourselves having some fun experimenting with more colorful... [More]


Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo

Tell us we're not the only ones suffering winter breakage! Our hair is dry, fragile, and starting to sprout split ends like nobody's business. Samesies? Try washing with a dollop of Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo ($22). The vegan and paraben-free formula is gentle and nourishing. Full of seed... [More]


Colour Plaid Throw

What we don't know: why the gorgeous Colour Plaid Throw ($595) is considered a plaid. Those look like stripes to us. What we do know: if we could find our way around the price tag, we'd snuggle under this lovely for days!... [More]


Ancient Roman Necklace

Obviously this isn't an actual Ancient Roman Necklace. We'd expect that to run us a bit more than $225, and would probably have to buy it in either Sotheby's or a shady alley somewhere. But this modern piece certainly captures the antique spirit, and we're happy to report that acquiring... [More]


Fresh Neck Subscription

Frustratingly, your other half refuses to retire his favorite blue tie with the ketchup stain on the tip. Ahh, well. If you can't banish it forever, you can at least redirect his attention to new, shiny ties! A subscription to Fresh Neck ($15-55/mo.) lets him test drive three new ties... [More]


Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa Midnight Crunch

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa Midnight Crunch ($4) sounds so healthy, we figure we can get away with eating it for dinner. After all, quinoa is packed with protein. And dark chocolate has, y'know, stuff in it that's healthy.... Oh, who are we kidding? Even if the nutritional label on... [More]


Doubtblush: MICHAEL Michael Kors Belt Bag

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Make it out of leather.... [More]


Nine West Ferdinand Heel

When is the time to start stocking up on adorable summer footwear? Now, obviously, starting with this Nine West Ferdinand Heel ($89). The palette of this funky item makes us think Key-West-tour-bus. And what's more summery than that?... [More]


Tory Burch Lola Metallic Pant

Not all gold pants are created equal. Just compare these Tory Burch Lola Metallic Pants ($295) with the cheap and nasty competition. What's chintzy gold weave against a stunning seafoam-green-accented jacquard that looks like it could have been stolen from Versailles? Add to that a slender - not skinny -... [More]


Dram Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic

We don't do it nearly as much as we used to, but every once in a while, we end up killing one glass of Merlot too many and wake up the next day wishing we could cut off our own heads. The best cure we've found for the ill effects... [More]


Ceramic Chihuahua Stamper

If you had asked us yesterday if we thought we'd have a use for a Ceramic Chihuahua Stamper ($24), we would have looked at you funny and replied with a no. That was before we actually laid eyes on the cutest ceramic pup we've ever seen. Suddenly, we have plans... [More]


Bellocq Gypsy Caravan Tea

Smoky, spicy and floral, Bellocq's Gypsy Caravan Tea ($17) tastes like something straight out of that finely crafted piece of literature we just finished reading. All right, so the only finely crafted things in it were the hero's rippling biceps. It still beat Fifty Shades of Grey.... [More]


Chambray Scribble Border Rug

Nothing says "I Furnished My Apartment at Big Lots" like shabby, nasty throw rugs. Class things up with this Chambray Scribble Border Rug ($195 - $895) from Serena & Lily. With its soft blue palette in foot-friendly, luxurious wool, it's sure to take your decor to the next level.... [More]


hellomellow Joy Body Oil

Sure, the holidays are behind us, but we still feel funny switching our smelly stuff back to fresh and floral. We want to envelop our dry skin in moisturizing ingredients and rich scents. Hellomellow's Joy line has it right. The eco-friendly products are packed full of moisture-rich essential oils and... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Opaque Rhinestone Necklace

We dreamed of owning a necklace like this...when we were seven. But why should we let the whole "being a grown-up" thing ruin the fun now? Especially when this Opaque Rhinestone Necklace ($13) in unapologetic pink can be delivered to our front doors for virtually pennies. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


Chile Crunch

TTFN, Tabasco. So long, salsa! There's a new spicy sauce in town, and it goes by the name of Chile Crunch ($9). A tongue-searing blend of garlic, onions, herbs, spices, and chilies are sautéed in canola oil for an oh-my-GOD-that's-amazing addition to anything you spread it on. We should let... [More]


Moroccan Hanging Lamps

Our number one resolution for 2013 is more travel. And though we know we won't hit all of the places we'd like to visit, we're making a concerted effort to expand our horizons with both our destinations and our decor. These Moroccan Hanging Lamps ($198-$498) are just the beginning.... [More]


Log Head Rest

Boyfriend calling you a wimp because you don't feel like spending your vacation carting dead weight up the side of a mountain? Show him your tougher side by sleeping on this Log Head Rest ($20). It looks so much like a real hunk of birch, he'll never guess you're actually... [More]


Dead Sea Elements Make Up Remover Towelettes

When your skin is as sensitive as a fourteen-year-old's, you have to be careful what you put on it. This includes makeup removers. They are not all created equal, and can in fact raise more hell than they take off. Dead Sea Elements towelettes ($6) work well for those of... [More]


Altuzarra Shaker

The best part about the holiday season? The post-holiday-season clearance events. This Altuzarra Shaker ($15) is marked down from fifty smackers. We're not the kind to wait until holidays to make fancy drinks, and we're betting you aren't either. So this purchase is an easy, sober decision.... [More]


StickerBrand Tentacle Wall Decal

Turn bathtime into storytime. Regale your pirates with tales of the fabled great octopus ($43) and his eight tentacled arms, ready to capture little boys and girls who refuse to wash behind their ears. And on nights when your parents take the kids for the weekend, you and your SO... [More]

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 9.42.19 AM.png

A-Thread Zig Zag Maxi

You know those annoying people who always complain about the weather in a grass-is-greener type of way? Here they are: "Wahhh. We wish it was fall so we could make pumpkin bread. It's fall now? Wahhh, no snow yet. We want to go skiiing so bad! Snow on the ground?... [More]


Tobacco, Black Tea & Vanilla Candle

While it's been a while since we patronized a "sinister-looking bookstore" à la Funny Face, we're pretty sure the Tobacco, Black Tea & Vanilla Candle ($22) from Paulova Ceramics perfectly captures the sweet and smoky smell. We can't wait to light it up and settle into our favorite armchairs with... [More]


The Boudoir Bible

Feeling like a novice when it comes to naughtiness? Or maybe you just subscribe to the idea that you can always learn something new, no matter how many times you've been around the block? Crack open The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today ($20, preorder), by Betony Vernon,... [More]


Doubtblush: Hunter Men's Footless Tights

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The buzz on meggings had... [More]


What? Card Game

Thinking about introducing your new boyfriend to your parents? Well, before you do, do a trial run of sorts amongst a group of friends by playing What? ($20). That way, you'll know his answers to all the insane questions your dad is surely going to ask. And you can explain... [More]


Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Sure, yachts are nice enough. But what happens when you want to hit the store to replenish your beef jerky supply? Walking, that's what. And who needs that when we're enjoying a little R&R? That's why we're big fans of the Terra Wind Amphibious RV. Land, sea, overlarge puddles -... [More]


Amy Stand Collar Fred Perry Shirt

With this Amy Stand Collar Fred Perry Shirt ($95), the brand melds rock-star design with a do-good ethic. The "Amy" in question is dearly departed songstress Amy Winehouse, whose signature style inspired the look, and whose legacy - the Amy Winehouse Foundation - receives a portion of the proceeds. The... [More]


Endless Skies Sweatshirt

When is a sweatshirt more than something you wear under your Snuggie on a sick day? When it's this Endless Skies Sweatshirt ($88), which makes the traditional slouchy staple super-cool with a clever woven-back design. The fact that it vaguely reminds us of the top of a cherry pie is... [More]


Sterling Silver Honey Amber Filigree Classic Tie Pin

It is perfectly acceptable to pick our your boyfriend's outfit if you are the one who's invited him to a public function, such as a charity event or office gathering. And should you pick out a new suit for him to wear, finish off the ensemble with this Sterling Silver... [More]


Infantino Stretch

If you're about to have/thinking about having a kid, take our advice and just go buy this Infantino Stretch ($15) organizer now. Because you will get to a point in your parenting that will cause you to hurl your gigantic stroller over a bridge somewhere and opt for the smaller... [More]


Somersets Shaving Oil

Let's take a trip down Personal Avenue. We've got some serious hair down there. Thick as a bear's back hair - either kind. And when we embark on a mission to groom that hair, it takes some serious effort, a little blood, a lot of cursing, and a bottle of... [More]


Sorel Joplin Boot

Who says winter boots can't be as cute as they are practical? This Sorel Joplin Boot ($125) features a sporty, '70s-inspired style we think will look just peachy at the bottom of our leggings or skinnies, but that also packs plenty of well-soled, properly-insulated punch.... [More]


Titan Boards Limited Edition Free People Printed Skateboard

You're not the skateboarding type. In fact, you don't ride anything that makes you any more likely to fall on your face than walking already does. But you're not above hanging this Titan Boards Limited Edition Free People Printed Skateboard ($98) on the wall. You're not a poser. You're just... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Umami Master Sauce

While we grimace when we flip by Food Network and hear Bobby Flay use the word for the millionth time, we still want our food to have the kind of balanced, rich taste that makes us salivate. Use a dash or two of Umami Master Sauce ($8) on your meats... [More]


Dream Walking Dress

When we're having our nightly prance through Sandman-land, we're generally wearing much less fabric than this Dream Walking Dress ($48) involves. That's particularly true if we've got a test the next day and are having a touch of subconscious anxiety about showing up without our notes, our pencils, or our... [More]


Books Not Boys Tote

If only we could've got the message behind this Books Not Boys Tote ($16) into our heads at an early age. Just think of how much smarter, happier, and less jaded we would be today. But when it comes to making a change, they say there's no time like the... [More]


Clinique Lash Building Primer

Clinique Lash Building Primer ($15) isn't quite like other lash primers you've read about. It doesn't grow or lengthen lashes, but instead acts like foundation for your mascara to stick to. Your lashes remain coated for much longer, preventing flaking and under-eye darkening from loose makeup. Basically, if your eyes... [More]


Essential Patch Cough & Cold

If you're not one to skimp on medicating a winter cold, toss back another dose of acetaminophen to combat your headache, and don't forget to smooth on a Cough & Cold patch ($13 for twelve) from Essential Patch. Each contains several essential oils, like eucalyptus and lemon, that help reduce... [More]


Semikolon Accordion File

Ugh. Tax season. Could there be a more annoying time of year? Luckily, the darling Semikolon Accordion File ($18 each) will keep all your important info safe. As soon as you get your all of your forms, separate and stash them in the brightly-colored folders so you know right where... [More]


S.W. Basics Lip Balm Flights

While we're pretty sure that the four different sticks included in S.W. Basics Lip Balm Flights ($18) are meant to be worn to correspond with one's moods and the weather, we're just glad to have a whole tin of balms to use. Our purses like to eat lip balm. We... [More]


Eco Nuts Soap Nuts

C'mon. We can't be the only ones who get a little snicker out of the phrase "soap nuts"! There's something about it that's just so...snicker-worthy! But we're still willing to give a box of Eco Nuts Soap Nuts ($12) a try. We've been thinking about going more green in 2013,... [More]


Sock It To Me Bad Ass Knee High Socks

We have a certain boss in our office who is a complete and total badass. And not just in the office either. On the rink. She pounds lesser women into the ground by just giving them her evil eye. So when she showed up to work wearing these Sock It... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Baby Hugo Naturals Calming Baby Mist

There are a lot of baby elixirs on the market that claim to calm baby, sooth baby, relax baby, get baby to shut the hell up. And frankly, for just ten bucks, we're willing to try the lavender-and-chamomile potion that is Baby Hugo Naturals Calming Baby Mist ($10). What's a... [More]


TOOOL Emergency Lockpick Card

We got into some wild times at the karaoke bar recently, and on returning home couldn't for the life of us figure out where our keys were. We ended up climbing in through a window, which we admit could have ended up going 9-1-1-level-badly. How much better would it have... [More]


Hibernate Pillow

Don't mind if we do! Wake us in April! Hibernate Pillow ($50) by The Winter Cabin Collection... [More]


Sonny Bench

We're not entirely on board with that whole bench-as-dining-seating thing we see on Pinterest and in Better Homes and Gardens - we like having our own chair, dammit. But we can get on board with sticking this Sonny Bench ($499) in our entry, or maybe using it as seating in... [More]


Reversible Polka Dot Apron

Spend more time in your sunny kitchen! At least, we hope it's sunny. If it isn't, whip up a batch of sun-themed cupcakes to brighten the day. As you bustle around in your trusty Reversible Polka Dot Apron ($57) by redstitch, you just may find that you want to decorate... [More]


I Heart Guts Gutzilla Gigantic Guts Set

Is anyone still collecting Beanie Babies? We sure hope not. But if we did find any holdouts, we'd work on convincing them to making a switch in their stuffed toy fetish by picking up this I Heart Guts Gutzilla Gigantic Guts Set ($199). How much cooler is it to play... [More]


iPhone Photo Printer

Let's face it. Your digital camera was rendered useless the day you brought home an iPhone. Hell, even your Christmas card photos were taken with an iPhone. So it stands to reason that you need an iPhone Photo Printer ($160) sitting around in order to actually print out photos. That... [More]


Savon de Brooklyn Soap

This Savon de Brooklyn Soap ($3) is so French it ought to be wearing a beret and insulting us. Modeled after the famous Savon de Marseille soap, it's made with pure sea salt, French green clay, and a hint of lavender. The only un-French thing about it is that it's... [More]


Two-Piece Enamelware Lunch Pail

Keep your lunch safe and sound until the noon hour by packing it in the Two-Piece Enamelware Lunch Pail ($69). The steel-coated porcelain is no joke. It can take a beating and come out no worse for wear. If you were to wrestle an alligator while balancing it, it would... [More]


Jenny Krauss Embroidered Belt

Outside of the rodeo and motorcycle scenes, belts don't get enough attention, even though they have the potential to guide your outfits in new directions. And this Jenny Krauss Embroidered Belt ($75) has the potential to take a weekend outfit to an entirely different geographic location. We're thinking the Swiss... [More]


Mosaic Coasters

We're going to have to raise our beer budget. It just doesn't look right, setting a can of Natty Ice down onto one of these pretty Mosaic Coasters ($15). They beg to be complemented with a bottle of something upscale, like maybe a Mich Ultra.... [More]


Jules Smith Nature's Heart Ring

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and for guys and gals looking for a unique gift on a serious budget, may we suggest this Jules Smith Nature's Heart Ring ($49)? This delicate gold band with a natural wooden heart threaded onto it makes the perfect simple I ♥ you present... [More]


Socks Rolled Down Dessert Bowl

What delicious treat will we use to fill up this Socks Rolled Down Dessert Bowl ($49)? Will we let its blue-and-red-tinted glass complement a traditional trifle or tiramisu? Or will we go healthy with a deluxe fruit salad? Who are we kidding - it's probably going to end up full... [More]


SEED Sign Triple Birdhouse

Would you set up camp in a run-down prefab just because someone stuck it in your yard? We didn't think so. Birds have taste, too, which is why we'll be offering them deluxe accommodations in the form of this SEED Sign Triple Birdhouse ($250). It's got a totally hip vintage... [More]


Lux De Ville Getaway Retro Purse

Hot mama! This Lux De Ville Getaway Retro Purse ($71) is a must-have for any of you looking to get your rockabilly freak on this year. Ideal complementary accessories? Roller skates, a vintage Chevy, and a stud muffin in leather with greased-back hair.... [More]


Moustache Door Mat

Is the current moustache obsession a form of sympathetic magic? Think of Halloween, when everybody dresses up like demons to keep actual demons from showing up. If you keep enough moustache paraphernalia around the house, like this Moustache Door Mat ($39), perhaps it will help prevent the real thing from... [More]


Stella McCartney Fiona Popping Shorts

We're done relying on our guys to buy us sexy lingerie. They inevitably pick out something that's either crotchless or has a bunny tail attached to it. If we want something that's actually going to make us feel gorgeously seductive, we'd best select it for ourselves. Take these Stella McCartney... [More]


Kai Body Polish

Thanks to this winter air, your skin is starting to look a little scaly. And in the hopes of speeding up the arrival of summer, you're ready to start prepping for bikini season. (Hey, we can all dream.) Kai Body Polish ($40) will strip off dead skin and reveal a... [More]


Ducky Fishing Game

Your kid wants nothing to do with baths. You're worried the other parents are going to start thinking of Junior as the local Pig-Pen. Before you resort to hosing him down in the front yard, try a little strategy. Introduce him to this Ducky Fishing Game ($20). While he's engrossed... [More]


Click & Grow Starter Kit with Chili Pepper

Wouldn't it be great if plants could talk? Just imagine how much better that whole tomato-growing exercise would have gone this summer if the plants could have screamed at you that they were dying of thirst or being devoured by hornworms whenever you stepped outside. But no: they withered and... [More]


Supersoft High Waisted Ultra Skinny Jeans

We totally called it. High waistlines are coming back with a vengeance. And you know what? We're psyched. The low-waist trend might look fabulous if you've got the midsection of a sixteen-year-old volleyball player, but for the rest of us it's a recipe for a muffin top. Jeans that sit... [More]


Fir Needle Beer Soap

We weren't crazy about the idea of trying out Fir Needle Beer Soap ($8). At first, we thought it would smell a little like our last camping trip, heavy on the brewskis and conifers. But that trip also included a fair amount of campfire smoke and sweat-soaked hiking gear, so... [More]


Black Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses

Want to out-vixen all the rest of the rockabilly girls? Don these Black Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses ($23) next time you're hitting the drive-in. These super-sharp babies make traditional cat eyes look about as hip as a pair of BluBlockers, so who cares if wearing them means you can't see... [More]


Bone Collection Flash Drives

Sometimes life really can seem like a long, mind-numbingly dull march to the grave. Luckily, it doesn't take much to infuse a touch of excitement into our boring daily existence. Take these Bone Collection Flash Drives ($14 each), for example. How much more fun will transferring those files be, when... [More]