Cheap Thrill: Cat USB Hub

Problems: No pets in the office. Too many things to plug into the one free USB port in your computer. Boring workspace devoid of knickknacks. Solution: Cat USB Hub ($5)... [More]


Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows

Trying to lay off the booze in 2013? Get your fix by munching on Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows ($7.50, box of 16) instead. These fluffy candies are made with the dark stout and then rolled in crushed pretzels. You won't get a buzz when you eat 'em, but you won't mind.... [More]


Hepper NomNom Dish

First and foremost, the name of this genius little pet food bowl is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Thankfully, the cleverness doesn't stop at "NomNom Dish" ($39) - it's designed with a drip-and-crumb-catching lip to make cleaning up after your favorite messy eater a breeze.... [More]


Karen London Brushed Rose Golden Cuff

Dear Santa: You apparently didn't get the memo that we wanted this Karen London Brushed Rose Golden Cuff ($173) for Christmas this year. We were ever so good, and really, this was your opportunity to make up for not getting us an Easy Bake Oven, a Barbie Dreamhouse, a puppy,... [More]



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Doubtblush: Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj Gift Set

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Gilded Cage Holiday Brush Set

Let's just go ahead and ignore the word holiday in the title of this product. Snowflakes and Santa or not, this six-piece Gilded Cage Holiday Brush Set ($25) is just the kind of glam and luxury we yearn for when we're on the road away from our fully-stocked makeup counter.... [More]


River Island Baroque Velvet Side Body-Conscious Dress

We think we'll look like works of art strolling around in this River Island Baroque Velvet Side Body-Conscious Dress ($49). Either that, or we'll blend beautifully into the wallpaper.... [More]


Belgian Eggwhite Facial Soap

It was the packaging on this Belgian Eggwhite Facial Soap ($19) that caught our attention first. It's so retro and adorable! Once we checked out the product itself, though, we found out that it's not just the outside of the box that's old-school - this cleansing beauty bar is made... [More]


Komono Ontour Fat Wizard Watch

Keep one eye on the Komono Ontour Fat Wizard Watch ($72) and still have both eyes on the day ahead of you. While we're not sure the eye on the face of this watch can bring you clarity and peace, we can say for certain that it adds a nice... [More]


Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

Who brought the party? We brought the party, thanks to this Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable ($99). Once we pack this piece of funky in the trunk with a few choice records, we'll be ready to turn any parking lot or street corner into a spontaneous YouTube-worthy dance-off. Anybody got "Gangnam... [More]


Hanro Pamina Batwing Lounge Top

The time you spend at work is split between faking nice to the bitch-ass girl in the cubicle next to yours and kissing your boss's butt. So by time you get home, you can't function past saying hello to your dog. You deserve to swim in the comfort that is... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Dual Platforms

And you thought that Jeffrey Campbell was only capable of creating spiked, tie-dyed juggernauts. While these Dual Platforms ($145) are still masterfully designed, they're more subdued and more generally wearable.... [More]


Hand Tossed Salad Servers

Aim for a literal, but more sanitary, take on the hand-tossed salad by serving it up with these Hand Tossed Salad Servers ($20). Guests will appreciate that you didn't stick your grubby digits in their greens before placing them on their plates.... [More]


Nine West OnHigh Flats

We can already imagine how we'll feel prancing through the rosebushes in these garden-print cuties come spring. Ow ow prickly ow! Nine West OnHigh Flats ($43)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray Trial Size

When you find something that works, you stick with it. And as with Reese's Pieces, you are going to finish every last microscopic bit. But sometimes, you really want to hedge for as long as possible before going out and committing yourself to an all-new bottle. So when you're traveling... [More]


Michael Kors Rose Gold Tone Pavé Buckle Bangle

We know he's a bit short on the cash he'd need to buy you that stunning diamond tennis bracelet he'd love to treat you to. Never fear. It might not be peppered with a girl's sparkling best friends, but we think this Michael Kors Rose Gold Tone Pavé Buckle Bangle... [More]



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The Sheila Maid Clothes Airer

When we went to college in Ireland, we lived in a decaying 19th-century house. We weren't so crazy about the unheated bathrooms or the drafty windows, but we absolutely loved having something very like this Sheila Maid Clothes Airer ($135) hanging in the high-ceilinged kitchen. It was a perfect way... [More]


Thanks a Bunch Notecards

Stoked about all the swag you got for Christmas? Make sure you gush about it in your thank-you cards! A sweet note to Grandma on one of the cards from the Thanks a Bunch Notecard Set ($6, set of 8) ought to secure your position as favorite grandchild. But to... [More]


Maxomorra Stars White Pants

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Do you know how loved you are? To the moon and back again, I will love you past The End. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Now go to sleep, our fashion czar. Maxomorra Stars White Pants ($16)... [More]


Kris Nations State Pendant Necklace

We're loving the notion of celebrating our state pride by way of these Kris Nations State Pendant Necklaces ($42). At lease, those of us who aren't from Alabama or any of the other twenty or so states Nordstrom doesn't seem to have in stock. Both Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.... [More]


First Vaid Box

No, that's not a typo. The "vaid" in the First Vaid Box ($24) refers to the Hindi word "vaidya." Now it all makes sense! Toss bandages, cream, and disinfectant into the box and you'll have an instant go-to kit. Stash it in the kitchen, the glove box, or your desk... [More]


Calm the Fuck Down Tee

Fashion + swearing makes our day. COMMES des FUCKDOWN Tee ($32)... [More]


Tru-Fit Smart Harness and Auto Zip Line

So your mom's dog likes riding in the car a little too much. In particular, he loves to climb out of his natural place in the backseat to attempt to squeeze himself through the steering wheel. It turns what should be an ordinary trip to the grocery store into a... [More]


Han Cholo Lioness Ring

Sorry, Gen-Y'ers, but Power Rangers sucked. Why do we say that? Well, lots of reasons, but the one that really gets our goat is how it blatantly ripped off an actually cool kids TV icon: Voltron.* To those of you nodding your heads right now, doesn't this Han Cholo Lioness... [More]


50 States Earrings

Need to show off a little home-state pride? Choose your native land from among the 50 States Earrings ($12 each). Or pick a pair representing another favorite part of the country. (The tiny price tag means you can do both and then some.)... [More]


Little Play Spaces French Cafe

Kids are gonna play with cardboard boxes anyway, so why not give them the charming Little Play Spaces French Cafe ($79) to help stimulate their imaginations? The cardboard cafe spares no detail. Once built, it's got a chalkboard out front for writing down specials and shelving inside to hold newspapers,... [More]



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Linus Zig Zag Shift Dress

Chevrons are no longer all the rage, but we're not ever gonna give them up, ever gonna let them down, ever gonna run around or desert them. So when this Linus Zig Zag Shift Dress ($48) came into our peripherals, we snagged it up, paired it with sparkly black tights,... [More]


Letters for Literacy Tote

Not only is the chic Letters for Literacy Tote ($130) by Jana Feifer an example of fashionable personalization (you can choose any of letter of the alphabet to grace your bag), it's also a feel-good purchase. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of these bags goes to aid... [More]


GaugeNYC Letter-Pendant Necklace

We are all still very much on the alphabet train, and this GaugeNYC Letter-Pendant Necklace ($75) is a refreshing take on the trend. Instead of an infinitesimal solid letter, this one is a delicate little outline that stands one-and-a-half inches tall. Large enough to get noticed, but not too big.... [More]


Annie Larson Fleur Hat

We've always shied away from hats with pom-poms on top, assuming that they look a little ridiculous on our heads. But we're prepared to finally take the pom plunge with the Annie Larson Fleur Hat ($48). The pom-pom isn't too large, and really, it compliments the whimsy of the knit... [More]


Missguided Elaina Premium Iridescent Sequin Dress

We admit it: the main reason we want this Missguided Elaina Premium Iridescent Sequin Dress ($104) is because our children-of-the-'80s minds screamed "YOU WILL LOOK LIKE ARIEL IN THIS DRESS AND FINALLY SNAG PRINCE ERIC! ZOMG SQUEE!" Now all we need to do is dye our hair red and perfect... [More]


Feathers Napkins Set

Forget the uppity look of starched linens on shmancy tablescapes. When your friends and family come a-callin', they're there to see you. Whether you cook a big meal or order takeout, let everyone wipe their fingers clean with the Feathers Napkins Set ($58). The red napkins will hide plenty of... [More]


Madewell Heartstripe Sweater

Now you can wear your heart on your sleeve without opening yourself up to emotional damage. Oprah would approve. Madewell Heartstripe Sweater ($88)... [More]


Teeda Sterling Silver Midi Ring

The holidays don't always bring out the best in people. Instead of verbally assaulting everyone within earshot this winter, just show them this beautiful Teeda Sterling Silver Midi Ring ($14) nestled sweetly just above the knuckle on your middle finger. Your message will be heard loud and clear.... [More]


Working Tiny Fountain Pen Necklace

We don't recommend you try to write your next epic novel using this Working Tiny Fountain Pen Necklace ($35), but we've got to admit it's pretty darned neat. It does actually work as an honest-to-goodness writing instrument, so long as you've got some ink handy to dip it in.... [More]


1/100 Architectural Model Savannah Coasters

Trying to stretch the last of your wine? When you set your glass down on one of these 1/100 Architectural Model Savannah Coasters ($12, for 4), it'll tower over a scale model of the African grasslands. When your drink is several times the size of a giraffe, you'll feel a... [More]


Mint k2o POP Ring

The woven Swarovski crystal ball on the Mint k2o POP Ring ($145) certainly does pop. Mint may have been the color of the summer, but we're digging the way small amounts of it pair with the darker tones of winter. Slide this onto your finger when you wear oxblood or... [More]


BLANKNYC Savor Destructed Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans

With all of that holiday shopping, turkey eating, manner minding, family avoiding, and last-minute-project finalizing, you didn't have time to wear new holes in your jeans. But BLANKNYC Savor Destructed Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans ($88) come pre-distressed. So mark that one off your to-do list.... [More]


Bridge & Burn Wixson Blue Dress

We're loving the totally 1950s feel of this Bridge & Burn Wixson Blue Dress ($110). And since it's not the 1950s, we can wear it and sip a martini after a long day of work while our husbands fix us up a nice meatloaf.... [More]


Glitter Pink Ballet Flats

Who says you have to be wearing heels to be fancy? These Glitter Pink Ballet Flats ($115) are just as glamorous as anything with a red sole - and more comfortable, too!... [More]


Pink Plaid Salad Servers

You've already resigned yourself to your New Year's resolution to cut out the fat and indulge in the greens. If your dinner salads are far from exciting, dish 'em up with the Pink Plaid Salad Servers ($15) from Darlybird. Maybe they'll help liven up your meal even as you forgo... [More]


Bench Hough Hat

Did you know you lose forty percent of your body heat through your head? Actually, we made that statistic up, but as any far-northerner will tell you, nothing brings home the cold quite like a winter wind drilling through your scalp. Keep that noggin toasty - and super cute -... [More]


Sprout Makeup Remover

When you're trying to take off a thick layer of holiday party makeup, the last thing you want is your makeup remover leaving behind a thin film of yuck. Go organic with a bottle of Sprout Makeup Remover ($12). The formula is gentle enough to not damage your skin or... [More]


Tea Hydrangea Romper

Let's face it: most adults can't pull off rompers, but we've yet to meet a baby who couldn't. Dress your sweet little girl up in this abstract print Hydrangea Romper ($36), and watch the compliments come flying from all the other parents at playgroup. Just don't be jealous that baby... [More]


Penny Candy Sailing Ship

You may already be marveling at the level of detail apparent in the Penny Candy Sailing Ship ($25, on sale) from Shane Confectionery, but we're going to blow your minds with its dimensions. The sugar ship is nearly six-and-a-half inches tall and seven inches wide. Unfortunately, we think that means... [More]


Flor de Sal Crystal and Seaweed Petals

Give your chow a unique flavor boost with this Flor de Sal Crystal and Seaweed Petals ($18) seasoning from Dean & DeLuca. Made with oceany goodness hand-harvested in Galicia, Spain, it lends a savory, salty edge to everything from pork chops to your morning omelet.... [More]


Cheek Frills Days of the Week Panties

These Cheek Frills Days of the Week Panties ($95) could be a total hoot - so long as we remember what day of the week it is. Throw on our Tuesdays when it's Thursday, and our SOs might get the wrong idea about our laundry habits.... [More]

utensil crate-s.jpg

10.4.2 Utensil Crate

The utensil canister is so 2012. Embrace the new way to store all of your kitchen spoons, tongs, and even knives: this warm walnut Utensil Crate ($180). Not only will your whisks and spatulas be ready to grab at a moment's notice, the slot along the back of this beauty... [More]


Le Parcel

Finally! A subscription box that comes when you need it most each month! We're completely digging the idea behind Le Parcel ($15 monthly). Pick what time of the month you'd like your box to arrive, fill it up with your preferred brand of tampons and/or pads, and never have to... [More]


Quilted Leather Shorts

Tumblr keeps telling us we should be down with wearing shorts in the winter, but somehow breaking out those tiny summer pants feels a bit odd in the middle of December or January. These Quilted Leather Shorts ($35), however, look like they were made for strolling around in colder weather.... [More]


Tool Logic Key Knife

We're not sure whether to keep this Tool Logic Key Knife ($10) or give it to our seriously paranoid best friend who carries her keys between her fingers like pointy brass knuckles everywhere "just in case". Might as well buy two.... [More]


CC Skye Lucky Horn Rosary Bracelet

We're aware that this pretty turquoise CC Skye Lucky Horn Rosary Bracelet ($59) isn't a proper set of prayer beads. We've done enough penances in our day. We deserved them.... [More]


Lavender Pillow Insert

In need of something to help you settle your brain for a long winter's nap? Put a Lavender Pillow Insert ($25) from elizabethW under your pillowcase and welcome a little shut-eye into your evening. The sweet-smelling French lavender will help soothe away the worries of the day so you can... [More]


Lloyd & Wold Phoebe Hobo

We've got such a crush on the badass Phoebe Hobo Purse ($595) from Lloyd & Wolf Couture. We're positive we'll feel ultraconfident as we walk down the street with it. Maybe the spike detailing will even deter purse snatchers.... [More]


Doubtblush: Federico Primiceri Pacman Earrings

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. At first glance, we thought... [More]


Thymes Goldleaf Home Fragrance Mist

It's time to take your air freshening to the next level. (You know, a step or two up from the Glade PlugIn.) A spritz of Thymes Goldleaf Home Fragrance Mist ($17) in your linen closet, laundry room, or wherever else you want a little burst of something smelly will lend... [More]


Cowl Collar Dress

Who needs pants when you can lounge around in this Cowl Collar Dress ($52)? Match it with a pair of colorful leggings and some nice boots, and you'll look so classy and sophisticated, no one will guess you chose your outfit based on your desire to let it all hang... [More]


You're My Type Typewriter Pendant

Everybody knows an aspiring writer. Where else would all those slush piles cluttering up editorial desks come from? Give yours a little support by treating her to this You're My Type Typewriter Pendant ($38). It'll be a great way for her to show off her literary tendencies until she's got... [More]


Lollia Breathe Bubble Bath

Though you may want to, uncorking a bottle of wine and pouring it into a hot bath will not make for a relaxing soak. Instead, you'll just emerge stained and irritated that you wasted all your wine. Pop open a bottle of Lollia Breathe Bubble Bath ($32) instead. The scents... [More]


Woodstock Kid's Accordion

Unless they've got a soundproof basement-playroom, don't buy your friends' offspring this Woodstock Kid's Accordion ($25). The only instrument we can think of which would be more irritating to hear being played poorly all hours of the day would be a pint-sized set of bagpipes. For children who do have... [More]


Take Me Home Hoodie

The days when this Take Me Home Hoodie ($97) would have served a practical purpose are - thankfully - long behind us. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the irony of this clever long-sleeve top, now that we're grown-ups who no longer want to trust ourselves to benevolence of... [More]


Fort Tray in Sky

At first glance, the Fort Tray ($48) looks like little more than another pretty plate. But the geometric pattern is inspired by the medieval castles of your favorite fairy tales. All that's missing is a row of pennants flapping in the wind. Of course, you can easily remedy that by... [More]


Dries van Noten Frisa Scarf

We know it's too much to spend on a scarf. But we looked for a cheaper version, trust us, and there's nothing out there that even comes close to the luxurious style of this Dries van Noten Frisa Scarf ($230). We're nuts for the perfect zigzag pattern, but what really... [More]


Palomarie Surya Silver Necklace

It may not be symbolic of the Deathly Hallows, but the Surya Silver Necklace ($75, on sale) from Palomarie is just as eye-catching. It probably brings a lot less bad mojo to its wearer, too. In fact, if you clasp it around your neck when you need to add a... [More]


Tweezerman Ultra Precision Tips Slant Tweezer

Not all tweezers are created equal. The wrong pair can leave you watery-eyed in front of the mirror, cursing violently at that stubborn eyebrow hair that refuses to let go. With these Tweezerman Ultra Precision Tips Slant Tweezers ($35), you'll win the argument.... [More]


AmiStud Jacket

A studded bracelet and booties aren't enough grr for you. Oh, no. You need more, but those spiked-shoulder sweaters always seem to get you in trouble when you bump into someone on the subway. Solution? Rock this AmiStud Jacket ($82) and look tough as nails without actually being, you know,... [More]


Titanium Drinking Straw

Who wants to sip out of some bendy piece of cheap plastic when you can down your beverages with this Titanium Drinking Straw ($21)? Virtually indestructible as well as tarnish- and rustproof, we figure it's sort of like the Maserati of margarita-suckers.... [More]


Duchess Marden Body Serum

Looking for a new post-shave body moisturizer? Duchess Marden Body Serum ($68) soaks into the skin, leaving every inch saturated and hydrated. Apricot kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and raspberry seed extract mix together to create a lasting scent. Made without artificial ingredients, parabens, or preservatives, this product... [More]


fail+CANOE Jessi Cuff

We're all about "go big or go home," but sometimes when it comes to jewelry, simplicity is the way to go. Just think how cool this fail+CANOE Jessi cuff ($68) will look paired with some of the more ludicrous bolder fashion choices you've made this season, where a flashier piece... [More]


Polka Dot Chambray Towels

We're psyched that our terry towels are starting to get a little threadbare. We can finally ditch them and move on to these more sophisticated Polka Dot Chambray Towels ($12-57). We don't know that "polka dots" and "sophisticated" often go together, but in this instance, they do. The raw cotton... [More]


Letterman's Jacket

We feel like we should do something bad when we're wearing this Letterman's Jacket ($51). You know, like buying soda in glass bottles and pretending it's beer, or hanging out in the parking lot after school hours. We're so naughty, we scare ourselves.... [More]


Beurre & Sel Cocoa Cayenne Cookies

The only negative thing we could possible have to say about the Cocoa Cayenne Cookies ($10) from Beurre & Sel is that we can't get our hands on enough of them. But we're fully prepared to admit that that may be mostly a comment on our own degree of self-control.... [More]


Gräf & Lantz Daily Bag

We've been looking for something bright and cheerful to hang on our arms as winter hits the it's-past-Christmas-is-spring-here-yet?! stage. Hopefully the Gräf & Lantz Daily Bag ($185) can chase away our blues and keep us feeling cheerful until the sun decides to shine again. We're pretty sure it will do... [More]


theBalm Cheater! Mascara

Ever think to rub hair conditioner on your lashes to get the same lustrous effect? We hope not. That's what theBalm Cheater! Mascara ($18) is for.... [More]


Be a Better Parent Tea

We realize that there is no such thing as an herbal supplement that will magically improve one's parenting skills (though that would be awesome). But that doesn't mean this Be a Better Parent Tea ($10) is a case of totally false advertising. Taking the time to sneak a cup of... [More]


Ladies & Gentlemen Chalk Bunny

We haven't the slightest idea what we would want to scribble onto the surface of this Ladies & Gentlemen Chalk Bunny ($90). "Try the carrots - they're delicious," perhaps? Not that it matters. Chalkboard everything is totally hip right now, and this sculpted critter is no exception.... [More]


Bianca Couture Cocoa

There isn't much that can top a warm mug of cocoa with marshmallows floating in it, but when you need to impress guests, pour them a heavenly cuppa Bianca Couture Cocoa ($17) from Vosges. It's made with white chocolate, lemon myrtle, and lavender - a combination as soothing to the... [More]


Sock It to Me Ninja Socks

Even if you can't get your legs to extend in perfect ninja kicks, you can keep them lookin' cute while you try! Plus, your new pair of Sock It to Me Ninja Socks ($9) will help you sneak to the fridge for the last piece of chocolate cake before anyone... [More]


Sabrina Dehoff Necklace with Fox Pendant

Who says bling can't have a sense of whimsy? This Sabrina Dehoff Necklace with Fox Pendant ($223) packs plenty of crystalline sparkle, but its playful arrangement keeps us from taking it (or ourselves) too seriously.... [More]


Bambú Pet Hammock

Your resident animal overlord taken to sleeping in some singularly inconvenient places? We know the feeling. Don't bother trying to train them out of it. Your only hope is to provide them with a spot that seems even more enticing than the top of the kitchen table or right in... [More]


Vintage Racing Cap & Goggles

How much more stinking cute will our little nieces and nephews look zipping around on their Big Wheels wearing Vintage Racing Caps & Goggles ($69 per set)? We figure these adorable kid accessories just might make them picturesque enough to make up for all the screeching and name-calling.... [More]


Gold Studded Chiffon Dress in Grey

You got yourself knocked up over the holidays, which means you should probably be spending your spare cash on oversized tops and pants with elastic waistbands. Instead, you're buying yourself this Gold Studded Chiffon Dress in Grey ($40), and are going to wear the heck out of it while you... [More]


DuWop Gray Eyes Palette

Really, the main reason that we bought this DuWop Gray Eyes Palette ($32) is so we could finally have a way to remember how to spell "gray". Editor's Note: Actually we spell it "grey" here. Also, I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory.... [More]


Cakewalk Style Shop Chanel Inspiration Bangle

"There are people who have money and people who are rich." - Coco Chanel That isn't to say, however, that rich people can't also be fabulously wealthy! Wouldn't you love to be the sort of person who could afford a mini giraffe? Cakewalk Style Shop Chanel Inspiration Bangle ($230)... [More]


Personal Shopper: Miss Mimi Masher's New Year's Ball

Miss Mimi Masher writes: "Attn Fashionable Shopper Friends:: I'm on the lookout for a sexy yet not slutty backless dress for New Years. Can you gals (& dudes) keep your eyes open for something??" Outblush heard your fashion distress call and hope that you consider this us coming to the... [More]


SoleWood Bamboo Headphones

Where are you stuck? In the office? At the gym? On the plane one row away from someone's screaming kid? These SoleWood Bamboo Headphones ($85) come with passive noise-canceling technology and some sweet natural acoustics, so next time you can sit back and relax (well, not at the gym, probably)... [More]


Wrapqarw Cord Wrap

We keep reading about how an organized workplace reduces stress and increases productivity. Maybe the fact that ours looks like a small tornado just passed through explains why we're always scrambling to catch up. If nothing else, using these Wrapqarw Cord Wraps ($20) to keep our cables tidy will make... [More]


Northmate Green Modern Interactive Dog Feeder

The term "chowhound" didn't just come out of thin air. Have you ever watched a pup scarf down a bowl of food in literally the blink of an eye? It happens, and it's not great for their tummies - imagine if you ate everything on your plate in less time... [More]


Murray's Cheesemonger's Choice Gift Set

We may have tricked you into thinking that we only enjoy booze and sweets 'round the Outblush office, but that's not entirely true. We're pretty partial to cheese, too. In fact, we're currently drooling over the Cheesemonger's Choice Gift Set ($65) from Murray's Cheese. It's stocked with over a pound... [More]


Bubble Gum Pop Candle

Tired of all the woodsy-winter-wonderland scents that have been flooding your nostrils since Turkey Day? Snag a Bubble Gum Pop Candle ($38) from Johnathan Adler to refresh your olfactory nerves. This'll banish your memories of pines needles and nutmeg and replace them with an urge to buy a pack of... [More]


Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation

Snow bunnies are cute and cuddly and normally very clumsy on the slopes. But they are also prone to sunburn. So as you hop-hop-hippity down the bunny trail this year, use Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation ($15) and other protective products. You'll be set for a day of bouncing... [More]


Rifle Paper Co. 2013 Cities Calendar

Rifle Paper Co. pretty much makes the cutest stuff on the planet. We've already flipped over their cards, shopping list pads, posters, and who-knows-what-else. Now we're gushing about this lovely 2013 Cities Calendar ($26). Each month features an illustration of one of the world's coolest metropolises, done in Rifle's whimsical... [More]


Mexican Coverlet

Embroidery is the best, especially when it's done by hand by expert artisans. This Mexican Coverlet ($345), for example, is just too gorgeous for words. We're already daydreaming about how perfect it will look covering a bed or draped elegantly over the sofa.... [More]


Jane Tran Multi Plaid Pony Box

Accessorizing to excess is big this year. Especially with cute bangles and bracelets. The goodies found in the Jane Tran Multi Plaid Pony Box ($27) are great for stacking, pairing, hair wrangling, and trend following. That's a lot for such a little box of elastic bands.... [More]


Heather Long Sleeve Rib Maxi Dress

If there is one thing we love about winter, it's the excuse to be cozy 24/7. This Heather Long Sleeve Rib Maxi Dress ($163) fits that comfy bill to a tee. Almost literally. The jersey fabric feels just like the warm sheets straight off your bed. Luckily, the buttons and... [More]


Neighborwoods Drink Coasters

When you're not out patronizing your favorite neighborhood haunts, propose a toast to them and set your beers down on these Neighborwoods Drink Coasters ($40 for a set of four). Each wooden coaster has a different local neighborhood printed on one side and your city's name and founding date on... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mixed Bangle Pack

Collections of perfect mismatched-yet-complementary accessories make a stellar fashion impact, but who can be bothered taking the time to assemble them? Especially when this Mixed Bangle Pack ($10) makes it so easy and affordable to let someone else do it for you. Just think of how much more time that... [More]


Korres Lip Butter in Peach

Now that the Christmas Survey prank has become such a big hit, you'll want to be prepared for all the copycats that will be lining the streets. Put on some Korres Lip Butter ($9), get ready to answer, and pucker up.... [More]


Brooklyn Round Toe Pump

It's cold outside and we need shoes that will keep our toes warm. It's a good thing that these beautiful heels ($50) will do the trick stylishly! We don't own any other leopard-print pumps, so these are a perfect addition to the wardrobe - jazzy, but not crazy. (If you're... [More]


Jellystones Jchew Smart Phone Teether

We know that handing the little guy this Jellystones Jchew Smart Phone Teether ($15) to distract him from trying to gnaw on the actual, expensive, extremely important communication device (aka lifeline) is wishful thinking. But a parent can dream, right?... [More]


Gianni Bini Wesley Oversize Jacquard Sweater

On the road again. You and your puppy and your boyfriend. And this sweater ($108).... [More]


Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème

Though it sounds good enough to eat, Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème ($55) isn't meant to be a snack. Its slightly sweet scent is noticeable, but not overpowering, and it'll make your skin soft and silky. It's pure luxury.... [More]


Imogene + Willie Gas Station Blend Coffee

When we were sixteen, we were Mobil Mart connoisseurs. It was the only place we could all get together and hang out without parental supervision, so we knew the neighborhood gas stations inside and out - especially which ones were home to the best coffee. Pick the wrong Mart, and... [More]


ROGZ Grinz Ball

While we're not especially impressed by all the z's in the name of the ROGZ Grinz Ball ($11), we can't help but laugh.... [More]


Spoonable Caramels

Spoonable Caramels ($13 each), available in Salty Caramel, Brooklyn Butterscotch, and Chewy Sesame, turn everything from pound cake to ice cream to cookies into a gooey explosion of deliciousness. Need we say more? We thought not.... [More]


Luxology Surplice Dress with Sequin Skirt

We don't need a disco ball now that we've got this Luxology Surplice Dress ($83). Just shine that spotlight on our heinies, and we'll scatter light all over the room just by shaking our stuff on the dance floor.... [More]


Penguin Hand Cream

The only way this Penguin Hand Cream ($14) could get any cuter would be if it came with a kitten. But then, of course, you'd end up with a surprise cat.... [More]


Fiesta Spoon Rest

We could be stand to be more sanitary when it comes to wiping our kitchen surfaces. After all, a trace of last night's pot roast gravy in tonight's curried chicken is not really the kind of "secret ingredient" we're proud of. It's time to scrub down our counters and to... [More]


Star Wars Yoda Bathrobe

Very comfortable you will be after shower you take. Nerdy boyfriend pleased too will be. Very pleased indeed. Star Wars Yoda Bathrobe ($80)... [More]


Joie Citrus Peeler

It's clementine season! We love those sweet little orange cuties, but we're less stoked about what peeling them does to our fingernails. Enter the Joie Citrus Peeler ($3 for two). It's perfectly designed for breaking into those fruity treats without embedding zest into your nail beds.... [More]


Philosophy Fresh Cream Body Lotion

Though our arteries beg to differ, cream just looks like it should be good for you somehow. Its naturally sweet scent is front and center in philosophy's fresh cream body lotion ($12), and it certainly doesn't hurt that this stuff will soothe our skin without giving us heart attacks.... [More]


Roku and Roku 2

Need some help managing your Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime streaming accounts? Allow the Roku or Roku 2 ($50-100) to help out. This handy-dandy box is the size of your palm, and once it's hooked up to your television, it'll act as a on-demand center for all... [More]


Dannijo Hixson iPhone 4 & 4S Case

Bedazzled iPhone cases are awesome, but in our experience, they tend to scratch any surface they rest on and leave little indentations in our hands if we hold them too long. Fortunately, jewelry designer Dannijo is satisfying our need for bling with this kaleidoscope-print Hixson iPhone 4 & 4S Case... [More]


Roost Striped Agate Coasters

Toss out the cork coasters your brother left behind seven years ago and update your decor with these Roost Striped Agate Coasters ($16). Don't want to ruin the plywood coffee table, now do you?... [More]


Happy Holiday Love Fest!

Unicorn Santa hopes that you have, and have been having, a very happy holiday season, and wishes you the most festive of new years. *Unicorn Santa is a ceramic tile and doesn't actually come with a Santa hat.... [More]


Antipast Deer Scarf

Winter is your season. Whether it's because you're a die-hard snow shredder or because you live for the quiet peace the short days bring, pay homage to the chill with the Antipast Deer Scarf ($145). The thick wool and muted colors make it a understated winter accessory, but that's okay.... [More]


Seed Ball Bird Ornament

Your feathered friends deserve a little holiday treat as well. Hang a few of these seed ball ornaments ($4) on one of your trees outside, and you can enjoy watching the birds happily peck them to pieces over the next few weeks.... [More]


Soapstone Karma Counter

Someone on your gift list been a little more naughty than nice this year? We've found the perfect stocking stuffer for them. This Soapstone Karma Counter ($60) is a chic little piece of decor that encourages the tracking of good and bad deeds. Maybe seeing where the stones are falling... [More]


Eva Franco La Luna Surprise Dress

Mystical superpower-granting abilities aside, we're admittedly and understandably skeptical of any wardrobe pieces with cloud-obscured moonrise prints, even if wolves aren't howling at them. But this Eva Franco La Luna Surprise Dress ($295) is going a good way towards redeeming lunar fashion. This perfectly feminine dress combines a fog-streaked print... [More]


Dylan's Candy Bar Signature Chocolate Wheel

We would have done much better in art class if we could have learned about color theory using a Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate Wheel ($42). Each delicious flavor comes in its own signature shade, from ruby-hued dark raspberry to sunny yellow almond. And just think how much nicer the serotonin... [More]


Ice Lantern Kit

Fancying up the house and yard doesn't have to be a Christmas-only affair. As far as we're concerned, Festivus lasts for as long as the snow keeps falling. After all, we've got to stave off that cabin-fever-induced depression somehow. So we'll be brightening up our walkways with the products of... [More]


Takeya Modern Glass Water Bottle

If you know us at all, you know that we're suckers for good-lookin' products. That's why we're coveting Takeya's Modern Glass Water Bottle ($18). Never mind that we have about eight other water bottles kicking around the house for the two times a week we make it to the gym.... [More]


Emergency Santa Kit

So far we've come up with four great uses for this Emergency Santa Kit ($12), but we're certain there are many more that come up during the ho-ho-holidays. Last minute SantaCon invite Baby too freaked out to sit on mall Santa's lap Themed pub crawl Office Christmas party invitation reads... [More]


KidKraft Wooden Toy Baking Set

In return for twenty-odd years of expenses, love, support, and general pain-in-the-rearness, we plan on asking just one thing of our children: take care of us when we're decrepit, and do it with plenty of baked goods. That's why we figure we'll get them trained up early with this Wooden... [More]


Arm Candy Wrap Bracelet

Looking for a cute extra to give away at your New Year's Eve party? Stock up on a few Arm Candy Wrap Bracelets ($7, on sale) from Kate Spade. They ship quickly, look adorable, and are a blast to whack onto your wrist like those snap bracelets of your middle... [More]


Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk

You mean we can indulge in our favorite Little Debbie and Pepperidge Farm treats without feeling gross for consuming preservatives, additives and dyes? Yes, please! While the recipes in Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk ($14) by Lara Ferroni are far from "healthy", they're loads... [More]


Chandelier Icon Candle

We'd love this Chandelier Icon Candle ($25) even more if it smelled like an actual luxury light fixture. You know - all silver polish and dust and Windex. (It actually perfumes your room with a fragrance the makers call "Sweet Spun Sugar.") Either way, this silver-toned, gem-encrusted candle will look... [More]


L'Epoque Dress

We'd expect a gown this elegant to cost a heck of a lot more, so we're guessing the bargain price tag on this L'Epoque Dress ($112) means it's cursed. But what the heck: we'll risk a little twist of fate for the chance to look this good without smashing open... [More]


Beard Scent

We appreciate the equal opportunity sentiment behind the labeling of this Beard Scent ($28) - "For Men & Women of Distinction". Yes, some of us ladies sport some pretty serious furry chin decor - but here's hoping we never let it get to the point where it could be scented.... [More]


Glacial Necklace

This delicate Glacial Necklace ($117) comes in a double rainbow of colors - but as far as we're concerned, crystal clear is the way to go. It makes the pendant look like a perfectly frozen drop of ice. How perfect is that for winter accessorizing?... [More]


Dorothy Ruby Slipper Socks

There's no place like home, fer sure! At the end of a long work day, all we wanna do is click our heels, skip the annoying commute home, and find ourselves slipping into a pair of Dorothy Ruby Slipper Socks ($12) while cracking open a new box of wine. Oh,... [More]


Great Nudes Mug

Nothing brightens up your morning routine like a little light nudity - so long as it doesn't come in the form of underclad roommates. We were thinking more along the lines of this Great Nudes Mug ($13). Its famous figures drop their colorful frocks and trousers with the addition of... [More]


Leather Ruffle Gloves

Most leather gloves can't keep your hands warm in cold winter temps, but these Leather Ruffle Gloves ($78) should do the trick. They're lined with a wool and cashmere blend, so you can enjoy the sleek, elegant look of a leather glove without losing any of your fingers to frostbite!... [More]


D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender

Practical tip of the day: invest in a D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender ($60). Because paying sixty bucks is cheaper than paying the ridiculous monthly fees your internet company dreams up just to surf the net in more than one room without interruptions from the spinning wheel of death every... [More]


Metal Gold Leaf Wall Sconce

How elegant is this Metal Gold Leaf Wall Sconce ($42)? Throw a few of these up on your walls to lend some subtle, old-world glamour to your space. Since they're sized for tealights, you won't even have to scrape wax off the hardwood floor the morning after you use them.... [More]


Sea Stones On The Rocks Set

Make the move from standard whiskey stones and instead chill your drinks with the Sea Stones On The Rocks Set ($32). These larger, round stones fit comfortably into the bottoms of your rocks glasses, and the wooden tray keeps them organized while they cool down in your freezer.... [More]


Good, Clean Fun Soap

Every bathroom needs some purely decorative soaps. You know, the kind that sit next to the tub in a pretty little basket with some ribbons and maybe a little raffia? We think this Good, Clean Fun Soap ($9) from Izola is a perfect way for us to start our collection.... [More]


Cindy Lace Dress

Who says a cute party dress can't be practical? True, most won't keep you warm and covered on chilly days, but the Cindy Lace Dress ($44) from Tobi does a fair job of both. What it lacks in substantial shoulders, it makes up for in sleeves. Toss on a cotton... [More]


Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy Dual Formula Eye Makeup Remover

You have been going to so many holiday parties lately that you're almost starting to consider not washing off your makeup, simply so you don't have to take the time to get clean and then apply another full face. Let this Dual Formula Eye Makeup Remover ($45) save you some... [More]


Japanese Enamel Kettle

Cut out the middleman with the Japanese Enamel Kettle ($125). This enamel-coated cast-iron kettle can go from the stovetop to the tabletop with no need to transfer hot water into a teapot. So long as you dry it out completely in between uses, your new kettle will last you a... [More]


Aerating Wine Glasses

We all love swishing our wine around in our glasses when we drink. For one thing, it makes us feel like professional, sophisticated wine drinkers. For another, it slows our drinking down a bit, which is probably a good thing. Now we can add another purpose to that list: ensuring... [More]


Michael Kors Pave Buckle Ring Set

Michael Kors has taken our love for gold jewelry to the next level with this gorgeous ring trio ($85) with three buckles and lots of sparkle. It'll be the perfect accessory for every outfit we have - whether we're going to work or spending the night with friends, we'll be... [More]


Decision-Making Paperweight

Life's little choices got you paralyzed? Make it easier on yourself and leave it up to fate. This Decision-Making Paperweight ($12) will help you figure out what to tackle today and what to cheerfully ignore 'til tomorrow. And it looks a bit classier on your desk than a Magic 8... [More]


Diamond Tiger Studs

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight! Rising up to the challenge of our ri-iii-ivaaaaaaaal! Declare yourself the champion (of what, we don't know) with these fierce black and white Diamond Tiger Studs ($18). Mrowrr.... [More]


Foot Cardigan Sock Subscription

You wear through them fast enough. Why not treat yourself to a new pair of socks every month? With the Foot Cardigan Sock Subscription ($9), cute new sets will be delivered right to your door just when you need them. Because getting mail is way more fun that dragging your... [More]


Frisky Charm Necklace

The only thing that would make us like this Frisky Charm Necklace ($60) more would be if its tiny handcuffs came with fuzzy Velcro covers. Ideally in leopard print.... [More]


Starburst Dress

Bring on the expedited shipping: come hell or high water, we're wearing this Starburst Dress ($49) for our New Year's party. It's got just the right amount of golden sparkle to keep us looking flirty and festive, and will stand out nicely against all those little black dresses.... [More]


Bobo Bandits

Dogs have feelings and are capable of being jealous. So next time you dress up for a walk around town, don't leave your fine K9 companion out of the closet. Bobo Bandits doggy bandanas, bow ties, and silk scarves ($varies) are made by hand. Yes, silk scarves. For your dog.... [More]


Malibu Making Water Well Set

Because you felt obliged love your family, you spent last weekend faking a smile in front of your crazy grandmother and borderline-unstable aunt. To top off the horribleness that is forced family fun, your grandmother's water is as hard as the fruitcake that was served. Reclaim your good hair with... [More]


Almost Famous Plaid Jean

Save the big bucks for the traditional blues and blacks you'll wear all the time. If you're going to pick up some wackier pants, keep them cheap, like these Almost Famous Plaid Jeans ($30). We'll have plenty of fun wearing these about once a month - and no more. Thanks... [More]


Paris Magnet Set

We love Paris in the springtime... and the summer, and the fall, and the winter. Heck, anytime anybody wants to whisk us off to the City of Light, we're game. In the meantime, we'll daydream every time we go for a bit of Brie or foie gras by decorating our... [More]


Compartés Holiday Truffles

While we're usually staunch in the belief that showing up to a holiday party with a bottle of wine is a surefire way to win over the other guests, we will concede that chocolate is just as much of a crowd-pleaser. Sub a box of Compartés Holiday Truffles ($50) for... [More]


Gypsy Junkies Blossom Velvet Berry Pink Tunic Top

The '90s child in us is, like, so totally freaking over this sheer burnout Gypsy Junkies Blossom Velvet Berry Pink Tunic Top ($78), man. All we need is a big ol' peace sign necklace, some leggings, and well-worn Doc Martens, and we're on our way to reliving our glory days.*... [More]


Build Your Own Snowman Kit

A snowman may be a temporary piece of yard decor, but does that mean we should settle for letting ours look shabby and poorly accessorized? We think not. That's why we'll be making our frosty friends this year using this Build Your Own Snowman Kit ($12) from Restoration Hardware. It... [More]


Miz Mooz Bloom Wide Calf Boots

We post a lot of black, brown, camel, and sand-colored boots. Well, you know what? Not today! Today, we're feeling green. Ish. And especially feeling these green(-ish) Miz Mooz Bloom Wide Calf Boots ($200). Buttoned to perfection with just a hint of heel, these induce the right kind of envy.... [More]


USB Squirming Tentacle

Some days we think our computers are full of pure evil. Files get deleted, websites freeze, and no matter how many times we try, we can't download Taylor Swift's new single. On days like those, this USB Squirming Tentacle ($25) - which does actually squirm - seems right at home.... [More]


Teas for the Heart

We're scared of flying and freak out over bear attacks every time we take a nature walk, but the thing that's going to do us in, most likely, is good old-fashioned heart disease. Not that this stops us from chowing down on the cheese and dumping salt on all of... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Flower Power Rose Moisturising Face & Body Wipes

Gearing up for holiday travel? Keep a pack of Rose Face & Body Wipes ($2.50) from Flower Power in your carry-on. You can't change the fact that you'll feel like a goat being herded into a gate at the airport, but these little rose-scented wipes will prevent you from smelling... [More]


Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash

Smelled a Bikram studio lately? Who the hell would want to bring that kind of stank home with them? Of course, we're pretty sure Bikram practitioners burn their mats between sessions, but after a few classes even traditional yogis can end up with some smelliness in the mat department. Keep... [More]


Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara

Guerlain claims that a "high-performance polymer trio" in Maxi Lash ($30) thickens, conditions, sculpts, and sets lashes into the perfect full, fluttery fringe we all dream of. Faux-scienctific advertising mumbo jumbo aside, it gives you Zooey Deschanel lashes without falsies - and isn't that what we all want?... [More]


Complete SushiQuik Starter Kit with Rice Cooker

Our sushi bill is going through the roof. Since that new place opened up around the corner, we're gorging ourselves on tuna and tempura every night. Something's gotta give, and unfortunately it can't be the rent. We'll just have to enjoy our raw fishiness at home a bit more often,... [More]


Katness Metallic Legging

Every once in a while, we like to pretend we're starring in a sci-fi thriller. To the uninformed observer, it might look like we're merely contemplating which variety of canned tuna to purchase at the grocery store. We're really focusing our mental energy on breaking through the psychic illusions holding... [More]


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Why stick our fingers into a light socket when all we have to do to get our hair to stand on end is run a brush through it? All right, that was a tad morbid, but we're tired of dry hair that sticks out everywhere. We've been using Oribe Dry... [More]


Tracing Stars Pouch

These larger-than-they-look Tracing Stars Pouches ($28 each) are a darling homage to the part of you that indulges in astrology. No matter whether you read your horoscope daily or just take a peek every so often, you can't argue that carrying your essentials around in a bag adorned with your... [More]


HomeMade Gin Kit

The HomeMade Gin Kit ($40) allows you to make your own gin without all of that pesky distillery nonsense. Just pick up a bottle of vodka and steep the enclosed juniper berries and other ingredients in it. Or you could just grab a bottle of gin when you run to... [More]


Ivory Scalloped Lace Trim Wrap

Yes, most days we prefer to slob around in our yoga pants and threadbare t-shirts. But every once in a while, the urge to be pretty overtakes us. This Ivory Scalloped Lace Trim Wrap ($165) gives an instant upgrade of feminine loveliness to our ensembles.... [More]


Leah Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit

We may be ridiculously envious of those of you who are booking tropical trips with your accrued vacation time, but to show you we harbor no lasting malice, we're bringing you the Leah Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit ($176) by Magicsuit. This ruffled ombré piece is feminine and flirty, while the Lycra... [More]


Tyrannosaurus Rex Necklace

No dino bones about it, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Necklace ($48) has made our day. T. rex's toothy grin is contagious, don't you think? If you wear him around your neck, maybe he'll charm everyone you meet. Including your boss, who will be so distracted by his cuteness that she won't... [More]


Kenneth Cole Melton Wool Bomber Jacket

What's cuter than a peacoat but just as cozy? This Kenneth Cole Melton Wool Bomber Jacket ($180), of course. We love the off-center buttons and the sexy, feminine cut.... [More]


ALDO Firolber Pump

When it comes to footwear, sometimes less is more. Just check out the elegant simplicity of these ALDO Firolber Pumps ($49). They pull off some serious sophistication with nothing more than a clever contrast between suede and synthetic python. Of course, the extra five-inch boost the spike heel and hidden... [More]


Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life

The simple life sure sounds great, especially when we're learning about it through Julia Rothman's playfully illustrated Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life ($12). Rothman's whimsical drawings guide us through a whole host of rural wonders, from building beehives to crop rotation. You know: all that... [More]


Willow & Clay Embellished Tank

We've seen art-deco inspired pieces like this Willow & Clay Embellished Tank ($98) adorning people's Polyvore collages for months - and every darned one of them has been sold out. Pick this one up while it's still hot, and become the envy of all your friends.... [More]


Forzieri Tan Perforated Fingerless Leather Gloves

We get hot. And then we get cold. And then we get hot. And then we get cold again. So the fact that these leather Forzieri gloves ($98) are fingerless makes our bipolar inner thermostats very happy and satisfied.... [More]


Valentino Two Handle Tote with Leather Bow

Peanut butter and jelly. Wine and cheese. Popcorn and Nutella. Some combinations are just too good to split up. And thank goodness the Valentino Two Handle Tote with Leather Bow ($2975) combines leopard print and bows.... [More]


Voyage! Travel Kit

Headed to the childhood homestead for Christmas? Mom's six-year-old tub of cold cream probably won't do your skin any favors. Take along the Voyage! Travel Kit ($45) from Earth tu Face. You'll have plenty of gentle, eco-friendly face wash, serum, and body butter to pamper yourself with for a few... [More]


Non Slip Hanger Grips

They looked kind of cheesy at first glance. Then we recalled how almost every time we go into our closets, we end up picking our shirts and dresses up off the ground. We're now convinced that these Non Slip Hanger Grips ($10) are a stroke of genius.... [More]


2-Tone Lace Peplum Top

We're crazy for layering this season. We've stocked up very nicely with a whole host of glittery and/or sequined tees and tanks, but we don't want our look to get repetitive. That's why we're also picking up this 2-Tone Lace Peplum Top ($20). It'll look good peeking out from under... [More]



You know any product that proudly labels itself "ridiculously awesome" is worth a second look, and that's exactly why Vool ($276) caught our eye. Turns out this beautiful wooden "laptop or whatever cool stuff you have stand" lives up to the claim. The website for the product is just as... [More]


Richer Poorer Women's Sun Socks

We'll be hand-drying these Richer Poorer Women's Sun Socks ($12). They're just too darned cute to risk losing one of them to the black hole that occasionally opens up inside our dryer. (Seriously: we've tested this extensively. CERN should open up a branch here.)... [More]


Tempaper TBY Wallpaper

Your kid has been whining for months about painting his own room, but you know full well he's got the attention span of a ferret and the artistic talent of - well, a seven-year-old. The idea of being forced to repaint the wall every three months is more than the... [More]


Red Open Knit Stud Embellished Cardigan

Fact: you can never have too many cardigans. You should see how many we've got packed into our closets, and we're still going to be picking ourselves up this Red Open Knit Stud Embellished Cardigan ($49). If we run out of room, we'll just build a special cardigan-holding wardrobe out... [More]


Aesop Kyoto Travel Kit

Treat the road warrior in your life to some much needed refreshment. This Aesop Kyoto Travel Kit ($73) is packed with some of the brand's sweetest treats for your skin and body, from geranium leaf cleanser to rosehip seed lip cream. Thanks to its gender-neutral packaging and contents, it's just... [More]


Charles Jourdan Susan Tassel Slouch Bag

You want your handbag to be as casual as you are. And what better way to describe your weekend style than with the word "slouchy"? Your cardigan slouches. Your boyfriend's oversized pants slouch on your slender frame slouch. Your cat is most definitely slouching on the couch. This Charles Jourdan... [More]


Chiffon Blouse with Star Print

The fetching black and white Chiffon Blouse with Star Print ($41) from Chicnova is calling to you. We know, we heard it. The billowy blouse is sassy and modern without giving up its classic shape. You can wear it tucked into slim-fit pants and under a velvet blazer for an... [More]


Matthew Williamson Embellished Lace Dress

Knock 'em dead in this Embellished Lace Dress ($1,396, on sale) from Matthew Williamson. That is, if the price tag doesn't knock you dead first! But hey, if you want to be a showstopper, slipping into a short silk-chiffon number adorned with crystals, sequins, and seed beads ought to help... [More]


Long Crystal Drop Earrings

Why drop a ton of dough on those New Year's Eve accessories? These Long Crystal Drop Earrings ($27) are stunningly sparkly, and will look absolutely flawless shimmering over the shoulders of our little black dresses. And with the money we save on them, we'll have plenty left over for our... [More]


Pig Candy

Bacon is delicious in all forms. Don't believe us? Try this Pig Candy ($14). A combination of bacon, cayenne pepper, mustard, and brown sugar might sound a touch gag-worthy, but we can guarantee it'll have you binge-snacking.... [More]


Kakudo Walnut Plate

We're considering this Kakudo Walnut Plate ($99) a hostess investment. Slap a slab of grocery-store mild cheddar and an artful arrangement of Saltines on here, and they'll look like top-notch gourmet goodness purely due to the loveliness of this richly finished, solid walnut piece.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Kingsley Star Fish Pumice Stone

After you use an oval pumice stone a few times, especially during the winter, things start to get a little built-up, making a firm grip close to impossible. Take hold of the Kingsley Star Fish Pumice Stone ($3) and buff away those winter woes and elbows. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


Dishes of Desire Bird Feeders

How will these elegantly designed Dishes of Desire Bird Feeders ($115 - $190) look with big, fat gray squirrels hanging off of them, spilling all that perfectly arranged bird fodder onto the ground? Inevitably, we'll find out.... [More]


The Home. T Shirts

Get your state pride on with The Home. T Shirts ($25), a simple and awesome way of announcing to the world where you're from. Unless you're from a lame state, in which case pick one you'd prefer and call it camouflage. They're still working on getting the whole range up... [More]


Golden Goose Running Sneakers

Do you think the cost of our running sneakers directly correlates to the distance we're able to jog? Probably not, but we can't help but covet the Golden Goose Running Sneakers ($400) anyway. We don't actually think they were constructed with runners in mind, so treat them with the same... [More]


ILIA Humble Me Lipstick

'Tis the season for making out under the mistletoe. But instead of leaving your signature merlot shade on the lips of men and/or women all over town, wear this ILIA Humble Me Lipstick ($24) and be a bit more covert. You can still have the luscious lips you're used to,... [More]


Patty Pants

We've always known what we wanted to be when we grew up: Newsies. We didn't care that we were girls. We'd cartwheel and call out headlines with the best of them. Now we can look the part with our very own stylishly turn-of-the-last-century Patty Pants ($90). Add a jaunty cap... [More]


Rosebud Sled

It isn't often that our ADD-addled families can look even vaguely like something out of a Currier & Ives print, but this Rosebud Sled ($112) just might do the trick. We'll run the kids around in circles for an hour or two, then set their exhausted little bodies into this... [More]


Rabbit Necklace

There's nothing adorable about our credit card bills, that mildew problem on our ceiling, or the fact that we grew out of our favorite jeans over the holidays. That's why we're going to put a little more cute back into our lives with this Rabbit Necklace ($60). Maybe wearing this... [More]


River Island Leather Look Drape Jacket

Okay, so the model isn't any indication of how sharp you'll look wearing the River Island Leather Look Drape Jacket ($106). But we think it's quite fabulous. Especially for women looking for a lapel as big as their personalities.... [More]


Essie Winter Collection 2012: Leading Lady

Your digits will dazzle in Leading Lady ($8). Flashed against your crushed black velvet cocktail dress, this shade will make you the belle of the ball.... [More]


Mysterio Infant T-Shirt

Can't wait until your kiddo is grown to learn what she'll do with her life? Have the Mysterio Infant T-Shirt ($13) predict her future for you! When you order a tee, you'll receive one of twelve designs, each one featuring a different vocation. While we wouldn't mind if the wee... [More]


Isabella Oliver Willow Maternity Dress

We can neither confirm nor deny that the woman modeling this Isabella Oliver Willow Maternity Dress ($230) is, in fact, pregnant. But if her slender frame is any indication of what a pregnant person will look like wearing it, it's worth every penny.... [More]


Scape Bakeware

We'd expect to pay a heck of a lot more for beautifully designed stoneware like this ($24 - $39). How stylish are the black-and-ivory color combination, the flat-lidded design, and the soft matte finish? And we can get the whole set for less than we'd pay for a single Le... [More]


Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream

Baby, it's cold outside. But that doesn't mean you aren't still getting pounded by the sun's harmful rays. Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream ($47) protects your skin from both drying winter winds and harmful sun. Put a little on after washing your face in the morning and pour... [More]


Spectacle Vest

Toss us a bowler hat and a cane, and we'll look downright dashing out on the town in this Spectacle Vest ($30). Its simple style is cheerfully stolen from the classic men's waistcoat, but with a flatteringly feminine fit we think will look rather jaunty under our ever-increasing collection of... [More]


Operation WANA 2.0

Operation WANA is here again, giving each of us the opportunity to help out another person/child/family in need. We may be snarky bitches here on a regular basis (and you probably are too), but that doesn't mean we don't have beating, bleeding hearts. And it's marvelous when the pennies we... [More]


White + Warren Cashmere Side Slit Duster

The length of this White + Warren Cashmere Side Slit Duster ($195) may seem a little excessive. But imagine being stranded in a remote log cabin with no firewood and no naked lumberjack to keep you toasty. You'll be glad you had enough cashmere to warm you and all the... [More]


InfoScan TS Elite

Chances are, there's some stubborn Luddite in your life who insists on reading books on (scoff!) paper. We're guessing that they also read the sorts of books that are chock-full of eight-syllable words nobody uses outside of a semantics conference. Encourage them to take a baby step into the wonders... [More]


Four-Moons Brass Chopstick Rests

January is going to be the Month of Sushi around here. For one thing, it's totally cheap to put together, which will help us recover from all that holiday financial splurging. And its lo-cal healthiness will go some way to make up for that other form of holiday splurging. With... [More]


Bernardo Mixed Media Packable Down Vest

You get up every. single. day. to work on your fitness and it is most definitely paying off. So treat yourself to something warm this winter season. The Bernardo Mixed Media Packable Down Vest ($88) will keep you toasty on those sunrise jogs without adding extra bulk to your newly... [More]


Flat Life Clock

This Flat Life Clock ($150) is downright trippy - a two-dimensional* image of a clock that actually works as an honest-to-god, fully functional time-telling device. It's totally freaky - and just think of the space you'll save on your desk or nightstand! *Okay, so it's a quarter of an inch... [More]


bareMinerals A Vision in Velvet Eyecolor Collection

A vision of sugarplums? No, no. We'd much rather have A Vision in Velvet ($79), Santa. And while you're at it, can you bring us an iPad, someone to come shovel our sidewalk, and a couple of those fancy little mason jars filled with brownie mix that people keep posting... [More]


American Wool Base Layer

Baby, it's cold outside. We're tired of pretending we're not freezing for the sake of our fashion sense. We're going to start throwing this American Wool Base Layer ($200) under all of our outfits. What we give up in terms of the ability to wear styles with low necklines, we'll... [More]


Farmhouse Wood Cutting Board

Made with timber salvaged from nineteenth-century European buildings, this Farmhouse Wood Cutting Board ($235) is finished with natural beeswax and mineral oil for a natural, timeless glow. We didn't think it was possible to lust over a kitchen accessory the way we do over designer shoes, but this has us... [More]


Soia & Kyo Alek Coat

A peacoat is a winter essential, be it for function or fashion. But these coats often look more like sleeping bags, adding bulk and extra everything everywhere. This Soia & Kyo Alek Coat ($350) is a form-fitting alternative. It pulls in just a bit at the waist, which is more... [More]


Traveler Vanity Case

If one more bottle of shampoo bursts all over your carry-on clothes, you are going to report Unilever to the bomb squad (dear heavens, don't actually do that). Get smart and pack all your toiletries in this Traveler Vanity Case ($78). It comes with two velcro-attachable compartments that makes unpacking... [More]


Coffee, Cupcakes, Wine Tee

Coffee Cupcakes Wine ($30). The recipe for a good time.... [More]


Classic Canadian Socks

If this pair of Classic Canadian Socks ($12) looks familiar, it's because you've seen them before. They were originally intended to keep feet dry and warm on frigid Canadian nights, and they continue to do so when, you know, they're not being sewn into affable monkey friends.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Folding Pocket Comb

Remember school photos, and how the picture company inevitably handed each student a cheap plastic comb before meeting the camera? That's because, however nice it looks when one leaves the house, hair very quickly turns into a stylistic train wreck. With this switchblade comb ($3) in your purse, you'll be... [More]


Kate Spade Glitterball Coin Purse

Goodness knows we don't have enough quarters and dimes to simulate a sparkly disco ball. So we'll just swing this Kate Spade Glitterball Coin Purse ($50) over our heads to create the same effect. Heck, maybe people will be so impressed with our lasso technique, they'll toss in a few... [More]


Cigar Box Speakers

You waffled about whether those sparkly glitter flats were worth the cash. Now they're gone. You hemmed and hawed over the value of that adorable pair of mittens, and when you finally made up your mind, they'd said hasta la vista. Don't make the same mistake with these super limited... [More]


Stephanie Cut Out Heel

Every woman needs a go-to pair of heels that she can rely upon for several outfits and occasions. These stunning sandals ($50) from Sole Society are just that pair! Whether you're heading to a party, hosting brunch, or running errands with friends, these shoes will bring style and flair to... [More]


Merry Bird Earrings

Who cares if the holidays are going to be over soon? These Merry Bird Earrings ($36) aren't December-only accessories, whatever the name might imply. We think the nested three-dimensional birds will look just as sweet throughout 2013.... [More]


LUSH Dreamtime Melt

Is the stress of the holidays wreaking a bit of havoc on your sleep patterns? Or is it the eggnog? Either way, light a few candles, run a bath, and relax before bed with a good soak. The Dreamtime Melt ($6) from LUSH ought to turn tub time into a... [More]


Rag & Bone Bronze Farah Scarf

Don't settle for a little sparkle when you can have a whole lot of shine. The brilliant metallic bronze of the Farah Scarf ($245) from Rag & Bone will give your lucky penny a run for its money. In fact, it'll replace your penny altogether. Who needs luck when you... [More]


Pendleton Shawl-Collar Pullover

We've been dying to get our hands on something from Pendelton Woolen Mills for ages. We just love their soft, super-cozy knits, whether they come as throws, scarves, or a classy Shawl-Collar Pullover ($128). We'll be wearing this one all winter.... [More]


Bakers Box Packaging Set

How much better will our cookies and cakes look when we wrap them up using this Bakers Box Packaging Set ($15)? With its pretty cardboard boxes and window-accented paper bags and lace doilies, it'll have our mediocre munchies looking just as lovely as the products of that fancy French patisserie... [More]


Home Alone Hooded Sweater

We admit it: there are days when the idea of our entire family accidentally abandoning us for the holidays sounds like a dream come true. Forget panic and dismay - we'd power up the Netflix, order ourselves up a pile of dumplings and lo mein, and put on something comfy,... [More]


Simpatico Fern Bubble Bath

The holidays - you love them and hate them. Sure, all that time celebrating with friends and family is great, but the hours of planning, cooking, decorating, cleaning, and shopping are more than a little taxing. Treat yourself to some much-deserved rest and relaxation come Boxing Day with a nice,... [More]


Fifth Avenue Girl Black and Cream Peplum Pencil Dress

Talk about vintage glamour - this Fifth Avenue Girl Black and Cream Peplum Pencil Dress ($68) could have popped out of Lois Lane's closet in 1962. It's got us wishing (futilely, we know) that the makers of next year's Man of Steel had set their flick back then, just so... [More]


Amsterdam Storage Cabinet

Build a city inside your home with Amsterdam Storage Cabinets ($2,199). Dutch company Kast van een Huis will customize them to your specifications, allowing you to choose from twelve different colors and three different gable styles. While it might be cheaper to fly yourself to Amsterdam to take in the... [More]


Dances with Wolves Bracelet

We fondly remember when Kevin Costner boasted more than enough heartthrob factor to set our hormonal teenage pulses all a-flutter. There was Field of Dreams for the philosophically-inclined, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the Ren-Faire types - and of course, Dances with Wolves, if period facial hair and a... [More]


Basket Tree Skirt

Between pets, kids, and visiting family members, our tree skirt manages to look elegant for approximately two minutes after we spread it out. We've decided to throw in the traditional-skirt towel, and opt instead for this charming Basket Tree Skirt ($44). It very nicely conceals the cheesiness of our tree... [More]


Camille Centerpiece Bowl

Sure the holiday ham is the centerpiece of the meal, but those poor vegetarians. They're making do with a side of cranberry sauce and a dinner roll. Toss them a bone salad in and serve it with this Camille Centerpiece Bowl ($70, on sale). It'll make them feel like you... [More]


Audrey in Denim Blue Necklace

How perfect will this Audrey in Denim Blue Necklace ($30) look accenting that white cashmere sweater we picked ourselves up as a personal "Christmas bonus" the other day? It'll be absolutely stunning, right up to the point where we spill a glass of wine all over it. Wearing white clothes... [More]


Faceted Magnets

Not only will these Faceted Magnets ($16) look like precious little porcelain jewels decorating your fridge, they're ferocious performers. Forget sliding shopping lists and drifting postcards with these puppies. Made with neodymium magnets - the strongest on the planet - they'll lock your fridge paraphernalia into place better than duct... [More]


One Bad Mother Tee

As women, we're sometimes faced with the expectation that we'll be nicer than a guy would be - know what we mean? People assume we're gonna dole out rainbows, smiles, and sunshine all the time. But we know you have a fierce side. Show it off by wearing the One... [More]


1889 Aromatic Bitters Kit

Mixing up a truly impressive cocktail these days requires a lot more than cheap gin and a soggy olive. The closer we can get to small-batch and custom-made, the more likely we are to drop the jaws of our dinner party guests. And what's smaller and more custom than stirring... [More]


Wildfox Running Sucks Baggy Beach Sweatshirt

Running sucks ($108). Which is precisely why you'll be wearing this super-cozy sweatshirt on your comfortable couch with a carton of Ben & Jerry's melting between you and your dog, Beaner.... [More]


Wine Dip Hem Belted Skirt

We already bought three almost-identical versions of this Wine Dip Hem Belted Skirt ($45) over the summer, in aqua, fuschia, and canary yellow. But who wants to wear canary yellow in December? We're all about earth tones right now, so we figure it's perfectly reasonable for us to pick up... [More]


KidKraft Ultimate Chef's Kitchen

Perusing KidKraft's line of play kitchens is making us hungry! Perhaps we can convince our favorite nieces and nephews to whip us up a faux feast in the Ultimate Chef's Kitchen ($194). It's sleek and comes stocked with play sink, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and oven. Come to think of it,... [More]


Lena Solid Star Pendant

The sweet little Lena Solid Star Pendant ($79-285) comes in two different sizes. The three-eights-inch pendant is teensy-tiny and makes an ideal small necklace to layer with other bits and baubles. The half-inch pendant makes a slightly larger statement. If we had more money and less self-restraint, we'd be buying... [More]


Reverie. Long Infinity Scarf

There's something so cozy about a good infinity scarf that we find ourselves compelled to invest in a whole collection of them. Our new favorite is the Reverie. Long Infinity Scarf ($79) from ash & anchor. It's simply romantic with its big, red roses and deep blues and greys. It'll... [More]


Makr Carry Goods Bottle Opener

Still sporting that freebie keychain bottle opener you got for sampling beer? Switch it out for an inconspicuous Key Bottle Opener ($15) by Makr Carry Goods. Your taste in brews has evolved, so your boozy paraphernalia should reflect your new maturity!... [More]


Your Inner Diva Fur Vest

Some throwbacks should stay in the past. Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, for example, probably should have gotten a little feedback from trusted friends and family before embarrassing themselves with their new Christmas album. At least the proceeds go to charity. This Your Inner Diva Fur Vest ($52), however, is... [More]


NW3 Ponti Pinafore Dress

Having a sleeveless dress that you can wear with your cardigan collection is essential. Especially when it gets so toasty in the office that you feel faint. Layer a large bib necklace on top of the the NW3 Ponti Pinafore Dress ($245) for a pulled-together ensemble that works well in... [More]



Snacks: they're the bane of our diets. We'll carefully weigh and plan our breakfast, lunch, and dinner... and then blow the whole thing to hell with one bag of Fritos. There's no point trying to go cold turkey. We need to replace those salty, fatty eats with healthy, natural substitutes.... [More]


Doubtblush: Pallet Table

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Spend about two minutes on... [More]


Squirrel Nutcracker

How come nutcrackers are always funky-looking little men in ballet costumes? Crack away this holiday with an animal who really knows its way around a nut. The Squirrel Nutcracker ($20) may not be traditionally Christmasy, but we'd like to think it's just as cute as its man-doll brethren.... [More]


Lattice Reversible Clutch

We can't think of a situation where getting a two-for-one deal is a bad idea! (Well, possibly bigamy. And infectious disease.) The Lattice Reversible Clutch ($199) from Hammocks & High Tea gives you two gorgeous clutch options: bright yellow lambskin leather and a lattice-patterned blue linen/cotton blend. Just dump your... [More]


MicaBeauty Clear Mascara

Christmas always turns us into crybabies. We watch one maudlin credit card commercial about long-distance families celebrating the season or someone finding their lost cat and we turn into blubbering messes. At least with this MicaBeauty Clear Mascara ($30), our squishy tendencies won't result in a constant battle against drippy... [More]


Gourmet Dog Treat Maker

Plug in the user-friendly Gourmet Dog Treat Maker ($88) from Sunbeam and bake up a batch of bone-shaped biscuits for your pup. The included recipe book gives you plenty of concoctions to test out on him, though we're pretty sure he'll scarf down anything you hand him before taking the... [More]


Artsy Grid Patterned Sweater

Show off your culture credentials by listening to the Kinks, weighing in on the Mondrian-vs.-Kandinsky debate, and donning this Artsy Grid Patterned Sweater ($18). Finish it off with a beret and some languidly superior looks.... [More]


Donna Wilson Squirrel Beaker

Squirrels: they're terrible. When we see them anywhere near our picnics or bird feeders, it's all we can do not to throw rocks at them. But Donna Wilson has managed to make them look pretty darned adorable in this Squirrel Beaker ($25). It makes us wonder if maybe all we... [More]


Zara Sequined Top

How seriously stunning is this art-deco-inspired Zara Sequined Top ($90)? We're going to have to think up elegant places to go just so we'll have excuses to wear it. (Does T.G.I. Friday's count?)... [More]


Susy Jack 2013 Wall Calendar

Brighten up your office space with a brand new Susy Jack 2013 Wall Calendar ($28), unmarred by appointments and meetings. The calendar pages are tied together at the top with a bit of twill, so you so can hang this on a nail in the traditional way or untie them... [More]


Mödernaked Pink Unicorn Ring

It's a unicorn ring. Made for grown-ups. Need we say more? Mödernaked Pink Unicorn Ring ($61)... [More]


ivee Digit Alarm Clock

Siri has spoiled us. We now expect all of our electronic devices to answer when we start chatting with them. We've tried shouting at the washing machine, gossiping with the toaster, and insulting the hair dryer, all to no avail. But this ivee Digit Alarm Clock ($40) will happily accommodate... [More]


Bryan Voltaggio's Favorite Spices

We'll believe anything the good-looking, talented Bryan Voltaggio, Top Chef season six runner-up, tells us. So if Williams-Sonoma is selling a collection of Bryan Voltaggio's Favorite Spices ($44), we're buying! We appreciate that the collection features spices not found in the average home cook's cupboard. We'll have to leave our... [More]


GypsyStix Hair Chalk Set

Yes, we know that we can just as easily give a temporary burst of color to our locks with good old-fashioned sidewalk chalk, rather than investing in this GypsyStix Hair Chalk Set ($45). But it wouldn't come in quite such fun and funky hues, and the kids would probably cry... [More]


Sobriety Test Game

We're going to put ourselves on the record as saying that drunk driving is always a bad idea, which is why we'll never be able to enjoy a real-life roadside bout of Backwards Alphabet. We'll just get our kicks the safe and responsible way - at home, with this Sobriety... [More]


Cape Coat with Fur Trimmed Hood

When you shut your childlike eyes and dream your fairy-tale dreams, you often find yourself in enchanted forests filled with spooky trees and friendly animals. Dress the part in this Cape Coat with Fur Trimmed Hood ($84). Dwarves and knights in shining armor alike will know that you are the... [More]


Six-Pack of Beer Ornament

What better way to commemorate another year of debauchery than with this Six-Pack of Beer Ornament ($17)? Once you're knocked up and saving all your pennies to buy diapers and invest in college savings accounts, you can take it from its box each year and be reminded of the good... [More]


NPR Station Locator Map

Got that friend? Make their day by gifting them this NPR Station Locator Map ($10). Sure, they could probably find the right frequency for their daily dose of This American Life by way of a quick smartphone search - but where's the fun in that? This map is made with... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: December 17, 2012

We're entranced by the pretties in this week's Lookalike poll on The Purse Page. They look good enough to eat! And since you can't vote on the dishes your coworkers bring to the office holiday party (Fruitcake again, Shirley?!), you better head over and vote for your favorite purse. The... [More]

Adena Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper: Adena Wants a Sparkly New Year's Eve Frock

Adena writes to us in search of the perfect New Year's Eve frock! 1. What size (shoe or dress) are you? Dress size 8 2. What is your maximum budget? $200 tops for a dress 3. If this is for a wedding or event (i.e. a party, a birthday), when... [More]


Tretorn Aspelina Winter Boots

You don't necessarily care for cold weather, but you do care for the super sexy seasonal ski instructors out West. So carefully walk around the streets of Park City in these Tretorn Aspelina Winter Boots ($120). With skinny jeans (layered on top of thick cotton long johns) tucked into the... [More]


Milly Sailor Stitch Sweater

Damn it, Milly! You've teased us with another gorgeous garment that won't fit into our budget. We don't know how we're going to resist the Sailor Stitch Sweater ($250). It has a darling vintage allure with its slim fit, boat neck, and cute stitching. On the Christmas list it goes!... [More]


ZoLO Chaos Creativity Set

Tired of watching the same three episodes of Sesame Street over and over? Help spark your kiddos' creativity sans TV with the Chaos Creativity Set ($30) from ZoLO. Using mixed plastic and foam pieces, they'll have to think outside the box to create complete the enclosed building challenges. Defying instructions... [More]


Shari Dixon Large Rectangular Thyme Shell Necklace

We've found the perfect treat for the most important people on our list this year: ourselves. We've seen plenty of botanical-in-resin jewelry before, but this Shari Dixon Large Rectangular Thyme Shell Necklace ($42) adds the additional stunning twist of an iridescent sliver of natural shell. We can't wait until we... [More]


Purple Squirrel Flannel Pajamas

Sure, the Purple Squirrel Flannel Pajamas ($68) from Munki Munki may not say, "I'm sexy and I know it," but they're certainly comfy-cozy! The cute squirrel pattern and loose boyfriend style make them the perfect pair to reach for on a cold winter's night.... [More]


Michelle Phan's Holiday Pick Guide at Coach

It's that time of the year again! The weather is colder, the holidays are upon us, and visions of gifts for ourselves, friends, and family members are running through our heads. If you haven't already finished all of your holiday shopping - and even if you have - you should... [More]


Perfect Pastry Board

We maintain that using the Pastry Board ($44) from Terrain isn't really cheating. After all, you've mixed, you've kneaded, and you're already poised to bake. Let this simple wooden board help you roll out your pie crusts to the right circumference, keeping wasted crust trimmings to a minimum and giving... [More]


Murchison-Hume Effortless Floor Splash

Effortless floor cleaning? Sounds like our kind of housework. That's why we'll be giving this Murchison-Hume Effortless Floor Splash ($10) a whirl. And if our mopping technique is so abysmally lazy that it fails anyway, at least our kitchens will smell refreshingly grapefruity.... [More]


Westchester Tech Gloves

Touchscreen-friendly accessories just keep getting better! We were thrilled to find the Westchester Tech Gloves ($65). In these bright, conductive cashmere-blend pretties, with their contrasting thumb and pointer finger caps, you can pinch and pull at your phone screen to your heart's content without having to compromise your warmth or... [More]


Berry Pearl Button Coat

Forget what everybody told you: it's not what's on the inside that counts. After all, when temperatures plummet to negative fifty or so, who's going to see it? That's why we'll be picking up this Berry Pearl Button Coat ($95). Everyone will think we look gorgeous - and will never... [More]


Faberge Aleks Hybrid Dish and Container

This Faberge Aleks Hybrid Dish and Container ($35) is so whimsical, we're half convinced that it might gallop away with the soap when we're not looking.... [More]


Owl Head Leaf Tassel Necklace

Your mom used to have a piece of jewelry almost identical to this Owl Head Leaf Tassel Necklace ($14). In the '90s, when you never wore anything that wasn't almost entirely black, you thought it was humiliatingly gaudy and were embarrassed to be seen in public with her when she... [More]


Disguise Magnet Set

Those Christmas cards covered in pictures of your friends and their brats adorable offspring will be so much more fun once you've augmented them with this Disguise Magnet Set ($12). It'll make those matched-sweater portraits even more fun than the time the little monsters poured Hawaiian Punch all over your... [More]


Tom Ford Fragrance Neroli Portofino Limited Eau de Parfum

During the summer, we wish for fall. During the winter, we wish for spring. And when we are landlocked without a warm-blooded man in sight, we dream Italian dreams of handsome guys with wooden spoons and pots and pans filled with pesto and homemade pasta. Or maybe that's just the... [More]


Japanese Higo Knife

He will probably never use it except to open boxes or maybe cut the odd loose thread from his trousers. But boy, will your dude feel manly once he's the owner of this Japanese Higo Knife ($60).... [More]


Krave Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky

Jerky: it's one of our dirty food secrets, right up there with late-night White Castle slider gorges and chili fries. As it turns out, we shouldn't have been hiding our shoe-leather teriyaki in shame at all. Jerky is actually pretty darned healthy when compared to other snacks, especially if it's... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Monkey Nail Polish Dryer

We're pretty sure that this adorbs Monkey Nail Polish Dryer ($6) won't get your newly-polished nails dry any quicker than you could by using your own breath. But as long as you're taking the time to pamper yourself, let him blow on your nails for you while you concentrate on... [More]


Hearth & Home Moccasins

So, the Hearth & Home Moccasins ($298). We mean, cute, right? But three hundo? You've got to be expecting a decent Christmas bonus to indulge in these slippers, no matter how good the leather or how cute the ribbon trim!... [More]


Heated Seat Cushion

It's always the hardcore fans who head to games in subzero temperatures. You, of course, are both hardcore and smart for parking your bum on a Heated Seat Cushion ($69) from VentureHeat. Sure, you probably spend half the game on your feet yelling at the refs, but when you plop... [More]


Kanaca's Secret Girly Skirt

The appeal of this Kanaca's Secret Girly Skirt ($25) is all in the details - particularly the lovely heart-shaped dip to the high waistline. Of course, the bargain-basement price doesn't hurt, either.... [More]


Gelsomina Wristwarmers Pattern

Project time! We're breaking out the needles and whipping ourselves up a pair of warm-and-fuzzies by way of this Gelsomina Wristwarmers Pattern ($7). So what if they don't cover our fingers? A little frostbite never killed anybody.... [More]


Oversized Plated Star Brooch

If you're shrugging into a basic wool coat this winter, make sure you accessorize it properly. Reach for a pair of boldly colored mittens and pin an Oversized Plated Star Brooch ($60) from The Second House onto your lapel. Its design is simple, but the bling-factor is high enough to... [More]



It's like wiping your nose on your sleeve: everybody does it. And nobody wants to get caught in the act. The truth is, we'll use whatever we've got handy to try to clean off the embarrassingly smudgy surfaces of our smartphones and tablets - and so, of course, will the... [More]


IMAX Edison Brights Watering Can

Even though the frozen ground and bare trees aren't exactly motivating, you can still plan your spring garden projects. Winter is the best time to gather all of your outdoor tools, including the IMAX Edison Brights Watering Can ($46, on sale). The prices and the demand will both drop, giving... [More]


ZenWheels Micro Car

Cool alert! We've always loved all things remote-controlled. How much more awesome is the idea of using our beloved iPhone as a controller? The ZenWheels Micro Car ($90) zips around the room based on our input into a simple app. Comes complete with its own set of tiny traffic cones... [More]


LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from LUSH ($33) has got to be the nicest-smelling body product ever welcomed into our bathroom. It is pungent, to say the least. But not the kind of pungent that punches you in the face, like when you walk past a candle store in the mall.... [More]


Tree Tops

These Tree Tops ($15 for a set of five) from arango may not glisten, but they do spin and twirl! At just three dollars each, you can probably afford to tie one onto each of your Christmas gifts. Your giftees will enjoy them and, at the same time, you'll be... [More]


Reclaimed Skateboard Top

What do you get for the former half-pipe champ who's now popping out tiny future skaters? This Reclaimed Skateboard Top ($9), of course. The little one will have a blast spinning this classic toy, while Mom or Dad will love the fact that these are constructed from retired decks.... [More]


Lace Suspender Skirt

While it isn't quite crop-top weather anymore, it is turtleneck season. Wearing this Lace Suspender Skirt ($20, on sale) with a black mock turtle and a pair of hunter green opaque tights would be super cute and totally '90s.... [More]


Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Drop Earrings

How cute are these Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Drop Earrings ($58)? With their tiny, dangling pearls and adorable crystal-accented ribbon bases, they're proof that "seasonally appropriate jewelry" doesn't have to be cringe-worthy.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Soy Fish

Fact: soy sauce makes everything more delicious. Make sure you've got it on hand to add a squirt of savory goodness to your snacks by packing one of these Soy Fish ($4) along with you everywhere. They also work great for other condiments. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless... [More]


DVF Ping Pong Set

Working on developing a mean backhand? Perfect it with the DVF Ping Pong Set ($95). Or, well, at least look good while you fumble through the motions. Maybe the cheerful red paddles will bolster your spirits and help you master an overhand serve.... [More]


Alpaca Scarves

We love wool for its natural look and cozy warmth, but we're less crazy about the mind-numbing itchiness. Solution? Replace those traditional sheep-based neck wrappers with these Alpaca Scarves ($48). Alpaca wool has a naturally soft, silky finish, which makes these pieces as comfy as they are elegant.... [More]


Grande Verona Pendant

Sometimes, less is more. But more of less - well, that's even better. This Grande Verona Pendant ($245) is simplicity itself, just a long gold chain with a stunning faceted pendant. But this isn't some diminutive little piece of jewelry. It's extra-long and super-sized, and there's nothing simple about its... [More]


Modern Bamboo Mortar and Pestle

Wonder why your cookies don't measure up to your friends'? They've got a secret: fresh ground whole spices. Smash up that cinnamon and clove yourself, and you'll get a richer, fuller flavor than you can hope to achieve with that powdered stuff. And what better way to do your pulverizing... [More]


Padua Clutch

Adorable cocktail party dresses require suitably adorable handbags to go with them. We've got loads of the dark and sexy variety to go with our little black dresses, but what about those lighter, flouncier frocks? We'll match them with this Padua Clutch ($40), of course. With its fluffy floral look... [More]


Lakeland Cotton Cable Throw

It's easy to envision yourself getting cozy under the Lakeland Cotton Cable Throw ($89) from Lands' End. The cotton cable-knit blanket will keep you feeling toasty warm while you doze off to Footloose on Netflix Instant on a lazy Sunday afternoon.... [More]


Olivia Moon Ruched Sleeve Jacket

You have this section of your closet affectionately labelled "You woke up late again, didn't you?" and it's full of easy-to-wear pieces that have become quite the support system. Hang the Olivia Moon Ruched Sleeve Jacket ($79) at the front of the pack next to your camis and "nice shirts"... [More]

Kate Spade New York Spotty Tech Earmuffs

Kate Spade New York Spotty Tech Earmuffs

Look fabulous and stay toasty warm while you rock out to your favorite tunes. These Kate Spade New York Spotty Tech Earmuffs ($66 on sale) have built-in speakers and are compatible with iPods, iPhones, and whatever else has a headphone jack.... [More]


A Cat's Life

Screw the stigma. Just because we love our cats doesn't mean we're gearing up for a guest spot on Confessions: Animal Hoarding. Kitties are hilarious, as Gemma Correll's A Cat's Life ($20) whimsically illustrates. This playful volume is packed with adorable comics displaying cat quirkiness at its finest.... [More]


Ippolita Rock Candy Large Rosé Teardrop Earrings

No, they're not heirloom diamonds. But we can pretend, can't we? These Ippolita Rock Candy Large Rosé Teardrop Earrings ($595) might be made of humble quartz, but thanks to the elegant setting and the expert faceting, they're certainly sparkly enough to spark some rock-envy from the women we bump into.... [More]


City Plates

We'd love to dine in Rome on Saturday, then jet off to Berlin for some Sunday brunch bratwurst. Unfortunately, that kind of city-hopping is a bit out of our price range. But we can enjoy a very classy approximation by eating off of these City Plates ($180 for 4). They... [More]


Pugs n Kisses Sweat

We understand that they're a crime against evolution - inbred, constantly short of breath, and underwhelming on the intelligence scale. But they're hilarious. So we'll continue to celebrate all that is pug with this Pugs n Kisses Sweat ($56).... [More]


KOBO Cultured Saké Candle

Sometimes our atmosphere requires some powerful weapons. That's when we light ourselves up some uber-fragrant spruce or vanilla. But for those days when we aren't trying to cover up for the fact that we forgot to take the trash out, there's this Cultured Saké Candle ($40). Instead of battering our... [More]


Blah Blah Blah... Notebook

When you're not in the mood to blab all over the Internet, turn to the Blah Blah Blah... Notebook ($80) from Smythson. Since it won't share your drivel with your Friends page, it'll help keep you safe from drama and snarky comments. How refreshing!... [More]


Coffee Cup Sleeve

Take your takeout to the next level with this Coffee Cup Sleeve ($12). Made from 100% wool, it will keep your caffeine fix nice and toasty for an extra-long time. It also looks a heck of a lot cooler than the logo of the local Kwik-Mart.... [More]


Fair Trade Hanging Cradle

Let's face it - babies are rarely elegant. It's hard for something to be elegant when it's vomiting or smearing food on itself. Just about the only time they get close to it is when they're sleeping. Make the most of that by putting them down for a nap in... [More]


Badgley Mischka Goodie Peep Toe Pumps

We'd like to think of ourselves as being fairly good at saving money; we wait for sales, search for coupon codes, and try not to buy things on impulse - which is exactly why we believe we deserve to splurge every once in a while. Take these Badgley Mischka pumps... [More]


BH Home Scent System

Some family member's wussy allergies mean you're stuck with a fake tree? At least you can still make your house smell like it's home to the real thing, thanks to this BH Home Scent System ($250). With a built-in motion detector, you can set this little piece of genius to... [More]


The Weather Channel Professional Forecast Station

In case you hadn't already figured it out, we're nerds. That's why our Christmas wish list is topped off by the Weather Channel Professional Forecast Station ($125). As you'd expect from the world's premiere meteorologists, this little baby is packed with everything from wind speed monitoring to displays for temperature,... [More]


...Hello? Hello? Helloooooo?

Our cat office bought an iPad on Cyber Monday. You're going to have to excuse us. (Actually, folks, we're doing some behind-the-scenes maintenance that requires us to go dark for a day. Fear not. Tomorrow will be back to normal. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite office... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fab Gatsby Frock for Angela

Angela writes: "Hi Dolls! Let me start by saying I absolutely love your site - been reading it for years now. I have a request! I've been looking for a roaring twenties, glam-ed out dress for the longest time now, and I can't seem to find that exact dress I... [More]


Ascot Bow Scarf

Don't worry: you won't have to retie this Ascot Bow Scarf ($78) and hope it comes out as elegantly as it did when the stylist at Anthropologie did it for you. We've long since given up on trying to one-up those pesky stylists. With this piece, the designers have done... [More]


becomb Infinity Piece

It may take a few glances, but sooner or later people will start noticing that you're not actually wearing a watch. The becomb Infinity Piece ($150) looks like one, but the face is blank, giving you leave to lose track of time and break free of the slave-to-the-clock cycle.... [More]


Hape Checkout Register

If current conditions are anything to judge by, our kids are destined for a life of obscene college debt and jobs in retail. We might as well get them dreaming young by buying them this Hape Checkout Register ($37). It even comes with a totally cutting-edge faux credit card processor.... [More]


Godiva Peppermint Mocha Limited Edition Coffee

We shouldn't be telling you about this Godiva Peppermint Mocha Limited Edition Coffee ($16). In fact, we've changed our minds. Um, we mean... peppermint coffee? Obviously disgusting, right? You should avoid this stuff like the plague. Leave all of it on the shelves where it belongs. We promise we'll get... [More]


Agent Provocateur Rizzo Suspender

You've grown out of that black-and-red lingerie phase. You're a grown woman and much prefer your naughty laundry in shades that extend past the predictable. Suit down in the Agent Provocateur Rizzo Suspender ($170), a yellow piece that exudes more personality than any pair of black lace boy shorts ever... [More]


Rowen Kacee Flats

Are these Rowen Kacee Flats ($50) good for winter? Probably not. Are they on sale and appropriately priced to buy now in anticipation of next spring? You betcha.... [More]


Dusen Dusen Long Velvet Skirt

Wearing too much velvet always makes us nervous that someone will think we made our own outfits out of the curtains. Then again, that worked out pretty well for Scarlett O'Hara - and we do love the look of this Dusen Dusen Long Velvet Skirt ($198). Maybe we'll give it... [More]


LA DIOSA Honey Moon Ring

The best part of being single? The honeymoon phase is never over and you never have to pick up after anyone else. Wear this LA DIOSA Ring ($510) to snap you out of those "man, I'm lonely and need a boyfriend" moments.... [More]


Baxter of California Daily Face Wash

While Baxter of California Daily Face Wash ($15) is marketed to men, we don't see why we can't also suds up our faces with the mild, coconut oil-based cleanser. And by "we don't see why," we mean that we already have, and have found it to be the ideal soap... [More]


Parrot Bottle Opener

The holidays are great and all, but in the midst of the Christmas madness, we find ourselves looking forward to a little spring breaking. And what better way will there be to do that than cracking into some bottles of cold, cheap beer with this tropical parrot bottle opener ($12)?... [More]


Small Bright Star Zip Pouch

We may be all grown-up, but that doesn't mean we aren't still drawn to bright and pretty things! Pass up a plain wallet in favor of the Small Bright Star Zip Pouch ($110) from Comme des Garçons. The pouch will marry your discerning adult tastes for luxurious products with your... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Starfish in Paradise Ring

Been spending most our lives living in a starfish paradise ($6)... What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]



There is only one thing on our wish list this year, and it's the HotTug ($14,875). It's a hot tub... that floats. Coolest. Idea. Ever.... [More]


A.J. Morgan Felix Sunglasses

We aren't completely comfortable with calling ourselves adults yet. But we do know that we are too old to raid Forever 21 for all their cheap sunglasses at this point. The A.J. Morgan Felix Sunglasses ($24) are a good introduction to the better accessories we are certain will fill our... [More]


Monster Match Stacks

While there are a million and one simple matching games to play on the web, we like to keep it old school. The Monster Match Stacks ($20) from Tree Hopper Toys feature funky, friendly-looking monsters on wooden disks. Turn them upside-down, give 'em a mix, and start matching. There are... [More]


Paige Novick Lapis Cuff

No need to walk like an Egyptian if you can look like one.* This Paige Novick Lapis Cuff ($297, on sale) is Cleopatra-chic in a modern way. Set off center and made in the USA, this bracelet is just the kind of thing a woman needs to run an empire.... [More]


Prospector Co. Shaving Gift Package

Shopping for men sucks. All they really want are new games for their Xboxes...and we don't feel like losing them to Halo 4 for the next three months. This Prospector Co. Shaving Gift Package ($60) is a happy alternative. It's stuffed with treats that will make their morning routine just... [More]


Vintage Ice-Cream Cup

Ice cream is a treat. Why shouldn't we enjoy it properly by scooping our favorite flavors into this Vintage Ice-Cream Cup ($10)? Not only will its traditional parlor look make the experience that much more aesthetically pleasing, the fact that we're not eating directly out of the Häagen-Dazs tub might... [More]


Rafe New York Maryanne Grey Shell & Metal Minaudiere

You are a gem. An individual masterpiece of wit, intelligence, good looks, and self-confidence. Stash all that ego in the equally fascinating Rafe New York Maryanne Grey Shell & Metal Minaudiere ($495).... [More]


DOSE Color Pills

Give your digits a dose of color by painting them one of the three bright tints from your DOSE Bright Future Color Pill Set ($20). Or you could go all nail art crazy, look up a tutorial, and paint on snowflakes or the Gryffindor crest. Whatever you choose, a little... [More]



This shoe harness from (IN)DECOROUS TASTE ($275) is probably not the best thing to wear when heading out anywhere crowded. Or in bed. Certainly not in bed. But if you are strutting with your gal pals, looking to make a statement and to defend yourself from all potential assailants, then... [More]


ARTDECO Dita Von Teese Long-Lasting Foundation

Dita Von Teese is one of the hardest-working ladies in show business, and if this is the makeup that she endorses, then we want it. Long-Lasting Foundation from ARTDECO ($34) keeps skin moisturized and supple, all while covering up blemishes and imperfections. It won't turn you into the world's best-known... [More]



Spandex athletic pants sure do make our asses look fabulous, but they don't do a damn thing for us if we need to carry anything. We've been working with a makeshift system that involves tucking our keys into either our sports bras (ow) or the sweaty armbands of our iPod... [More]


Zara Velvet Blazer

We're seriously considering wearing this Velvet Blazer ($169) to every holiday event between now and January 2nd. The velvet classes up even our favorite pair of everyday jeans, giving off a great eclectic-White-Elephant-party vibe. Of course, what we're really looking forward to is slipping it on over a flirty lace... [More]


Olive Oil Dipping Dishes

We don't care what the FDA says: oil is the best. Especially delicious, high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Give us a bowl of the good stuff and some hunks of bread to soak it up, and we'll call it dinner. These Olive Oil Dipping Dishes ($20) make for a prettily... [More]


You + Me Pendant

Let the world know that when the two of you are together, it's magic. Or at least it's a bright secondary color! The You + Me Pendant ($44) from Yellow Owl Workshop is a fresh take on "couples" jewelry. Certainly it's cuter than the miniscule diamond heart pendant that he'd... [More]


ASOS PU Biker Coat

Leather and lace may be the go-to combination, but we're loving the blend of wool and leather on the ASOS PU Biker Coat ($167). It's got badass written all over it. And thanks to the affordable price tag, you won't have to feel guilty for indulging in a trendy coat,... [More]


Woodsmoke & Amber Candle

You may not have a working fireplace in your abode, but light the double wicks on the Woodsmoke & Amber Candle ($28) from Syndey Hale Co., and it will certainly smell like you do! In fact, if you close your eyes and inhale deeply, you'll almost feel like you've been... [More]


Peace Wreath Cards

Some years, shopping for holiday cards is almost as time-consuming as shopping for gifts! You want them to show off your personality while being tasteful and beautiful. Never mind that they'll just be tossed out with the Christmas tree come January! The Peace Wreath Cards ($24 for six) from Sugar... [More]


Jo Malone London Cologne Collection

Want to play perfumer? You can with this Jo Malone London Cologne Collection ($95). Each of the included fragrances - Grapefruit, Pomegranate Noir, Wild Bluebell, Red Roses, and Vanilla & Anise - can be worn alone or mixed and combined to create your own luscious scent-of-the-day.... [More]


Personal Shopper: An Easy Access, Non-Mom Bag for Emily

Emily writes, "I'm on the hunt for the perfect everyday bag. With so many options out there, I thought it would be a breeze, but so far, everything is coming up short. I'm a new mom, but I don't want to haul a diaper bag around as my main bag... [More]


Pineider Two-Tone Brown Short Nappa Gloves

A woman needs gloves. They show that she invests time in herself and her appearance, helping her appear organized and composed. You may be a disheveled mess on the inside, but these Pineider Two-Tone Brown Short Nappa Gloves ($308) will help you seem otherwise.... [More]


Cinnamon Ceylon Sticks

Pshaw, we say! Pshaw to fancy Christmas candles and room sprays! You can fill your house with a warm holiday scent by using a few pantry items. Fill a small saucepan with an inch or two of water, add the peel of an orange, four or five cloves, and a... [More]


Tanno Magnetic Card Case

Your dad is a stylish guy. But he's all stocked up on ties and cuff links. This year, change it up with this Tanno Magnetic Card Case ($110). It's a classy way for him to up his networking ante.... [More]


Mai Couture St. Barts Highlighter Papier

During the winter, your complexion needs all the help it can get. There's nothing wrong with porcelain skin. But there's also nothing wrong with keeping a book of Mai Couture St. Barts Highlighter Papier ($28) in your bag either. Sweep some over your cheekbones, jawline, and collarbones for a perky... [More]


MUJI Striped T-Shirt Cube

We totally get that this MUJI Striped T-Shirt Cube ($16) is a total gimmick. Whoever we give it to will get a whopping thirty seconds of fun out of the fact that this striped top is packaged into a super fun experiment in geometry. But isn't that what Christmas is... [More]


Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates

Whatever will we stuff into these lovely Vintage Style Nesting Herb Crates ($40)? Will we use them as rustic planters? Store odd kitchen utensils? Hide our chocolate? Who cares! Whatever we do with them, they'll look fabulous.... [More]


Candle Adhesive

Nothing kills that elegant table decor like a drooping taper. Make sure your decorative accents stay where they're supposed to - and don't end up dripping wax all over everything - with this traditional Candle Adhesive ($7).... [More]


Doubtblush: 55DSL Harem Pants

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Miansai Brass Anchor Bracelet

On or off the yacht, this Brass Anchor bracelet from Miansai ($140) floats up to the style top. The double-wrapped chain, finished off with a lobster clasp, makes this a steady choice for any seafaring lass.... [More]

foxers-black boxers-small.jpg

Foxers Boxers

Sleeping in panties just isn't doing it for you anymore. Your lady parts need to breathe, and you want to be able to change sleep positions without waking up to pick your wedgie. These Foxers Boxers ($30) are the most comfortable thing to sleep in since the birthday suit. Made... [More]


Vera Bradley Lime's Up Travel Accessories

After a long flight into Delaware, you'll be glad that these travel accessories ($24-42) are packed snugly into your carry-on. When you unzip your luggage in the hotel room, you can set out a few pieces of this collection in an effort to warm up the place. Goodness knows the... [More]


Bierfilzl Coasters

When you're working your way through a pint, skip the cardboard and wooden coasters. Opt instead for felt. Bierfilzl Coasters ($19 for a pack of four) are like the ones found in old Bavarian alehouses. The thick felt absorbs spills and condensation, keeping your furniture protected. And with their bold... [More]


MAC Everything that Glitters Glamour Daze Nail Polish

Not everything that glitters is gold. In fact, we like our glitter multicolored. A little fuchsia, teal, cobalt, and silver never hurt anybody. Paint that all on a black backdrop and you've got some serious glamour happening. MAC Everything that Glitters Glamour Daze Nail Polish ($18)... [More]


Oroblu Calzerotto Fanette Over the Knee Socks

You've embraced wearing sheer tights with your boots and skirts this year, thanks to some seriously nippy morning walks to the subway. Take it to the next level with these Oroblu Calzerotto Fanette Over the Knee Socks ($48). They may offer a bigger boost in style points than in degrees... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Demerit Chocoholic Badge

There's certainly more than one Demerit Badge that we have rightfully earned, but this Chocoholic Badge ($4) is probably the only one we've been eligible for since the era when we were earning actual merit badges in Girl Scouts. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you... [More]


Beebee the Dreamlet

We're pretty partial to stuffies that resemble something other than your average teddy bear or puppy dog. When shopping for the kiddos for the holidays, consider Beebee the Dreamlet ($25), or one of her other friends. Each Dreamlet has a distinct look and personality, they say; Beebee is kind and... [More]


Faux Fur Pillbox Hat

We've seen fedoras, boaters and cloches make comebacks. It's long past time they were joined by another classic of vintage headgear. This Faux Fur Pillbox Hat ($49) could have been knocked off Jackie Kennedy's coiffure back in the day. We can't wait to see the upgrade it gives to our... [More]


Wooden Tree Ornaments

Need to baby (and furbaby!)-proof your tree this year? Glass and ceramic ornaments won't last thirty seconds if the tree is jostled. Replace the fragile balls with sleek, classy alternatives like this Wooden Tree Ornament ($20) from Off Cut Studio. You won't be compromising style for durability. You'll be getting... [More]


More Spies, Black Ties, and Mango Pies

We're not entirely sure how More Spies, Black Ties, and Mango Pies ($30) escaped our notice when it was released in 2009. Maybe we were too distracted by Cookin' With Coolio, which came out at the same time. We digress. The first cookbook is out of print, but you don't... [More]


LUSH Liquid Lipstick

Good things come in small packages. And in the case of Liquid Lipstick ($19) from LUSH, powerful punches of color do, too. Especially Ambition, the shade shown here. Talk about red! Your lips will never know what hit them. But that's okay. The organic jojoba oil will butter them up... [More]


Towel Warmer

Don't wait for someone else to do it for you - it's time to treat yourself right. Start by buying this Towel Warmer ($90), and stuffing it with one right before you pop into the shower. By the time you get out, that terrycloth will be a toasty warm piece... [More]


Back to Cool Push Pin Toy

The non-toxic rubber Back to Cool Push Pin Toy ($10) isn't exactly a conventional doggie toy. But it will give your pup hours of fun with its chewable edges and easy-to-carry shape. Not to mention the fact that he'll be the coolest dog at the dog park when he comes... [More]


Sadie Satin Stud Flat

We love super high heels as much as any other fashionista, but we'll admit that sometimes we need to give our feet a break and slip into something not so sky-high. Since we're not ones to sacrifice style for comfort, we're stoked that we've found these fabulous studded flats ($50)... [More]


NeuYear 2013 Calendar

On a scale of Oscar the Grouch to Martha Stewart when it comes to organization, we are scrapbooking bloggers. Literally. So when we saw the NeuYear 2013 Calendar ($30), our little modpodge hearts starting beating and our glitter-covered palms got sweaty. It isn't just gigantic, it's clean and crisp and... [More]


LivFit Scoop Top

You will not sacrifice looking cute in the gym. You are a hard-core, bike-riding, road-stomping, bar-lifting beast with style, and you aren't about to cover up with gigantic shirts from your brother's Donate To Charity box that you rifled through when he left for college. Hell no. You are going... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Finger Twister

Awkward conversations on the plane are no more! Bust this Finger Twister Game ($5) out from your carry-on and challenger your neighbor. Loser buys the next round of overpriced mini-bottle wine. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under... [More]


eBay Saves the Holiday

So, maybe you spent a little too much on Black Friday. And perhaps you went into a festive amount of debt on Cyber Monday. And then again on Green Monday. Turn to eBay to help you save every last penny on the rest of your holiday wish list. You'll find... [More]


Moonstruck Classic Hot Cocoa

The next time you need a hot chocolate fix, ditch the Swiss Miss and instead opt for a few heaping spoonfuls of Moonstruck's Classic Hot Cocoa ($12). It's as easy to prepare as the standard packaged varieties, but infinitely more rich and creamy, plus there's no gritty aftertaste. And let's... [More]


Rachel Duggar neck52

Be the girl that all your friends are jealous of. This Rachel Duggar necklace ($inquire) is beyond sensational. It's otherworldly, almost. Resting against a high black neckline, this necklace stands out in a sea of average and predictable. A nude lip and smoky eye are all you'll need to finish... [More]


Jonathan Adler Lust/Love Pouch

You were just looking for a new place to store your personal electronic device. This Jonathan Adler Pouch ($38) is the perfect pocket rocket locket.... [More]


Filson Wool Bomber Jacket

Comfy and quilted on the inside, structured and badass on the outside, this Filson Wool Bomber Jacket ($220) is topping our Christmas lists. It has a cropped look while still being comfortably long (you won't show your midriff when you reach for the top shelf) and the ribbed waistband keeps... [More]


Easy Rider Candle

We wouldn't usually consider a candle an ideal dad gift, but. The images on the Easy Rider Candle ($48) loosely depict a motorcycle ride up the California coast, and the scent is distinctly masculine, with notes of saddle leather, citron, and woodsmoke.... [More]


Blank NYC Vegan Leather Leggings

Vegan leather is sort of a loose term. These Blank NYC Vegan Leather Leggings ($88) aren't leather at all; they're just a cotton blend. But that works great for gals who stay away from the real deal or can't afford it. Wonder if they come with the same problems that... [More]


Personal Shopper: Adorably Sensible Winter Boots for Joy

Joy writes: "I've been on the hunt for a pair of stylish and functional winter boots that aren't Uggs or Ugg-like for years. I'm looking for something to keep my toes warm and dry. I want to stay under $200 but closer to $150. Thank you!" As a Mainer with... [More]


BodyHonee At-Home Waxing Kit

If you're anything like us, at-home body waxing isn't high on your to-do list. But sometimes, if a gentleman caller is heading into town sooner than you can reschedule your usual once-every-six-weeks appointment for, matters have to be dealt with personally. When the time comes, rely on the BodyHonee At-Home... [More]


Yellow Owl Workshop Conifer Stamp Set

Unless they're ugly, Christmas cards are freaking expensive. You know what's cheap? Blank paper and envelopes, embellished with this Yellow Owl Workshop Conifer Stamp Set ($13). If only we could find a way to save on stamps.... [More]


Under This Moon Necklace

Sentimental types, look away! The Under This Moon Necklace ($34), made by gemagenta, is the ultimate in personalized jewelry. These tiny sterling silver pendants feature the moon in the appropriate phase for your location on a particular date. What's more, the date can be engraved on the back. It makes... [More]


Giant Jackalope Sweater

If you've been adding animal sweaters to your winter wardrobe, make sure the Giant Jackalope Sweater ($88) is among the menagerie. The jackalope may be a mythical creature, but this patterned version will hop into your life forever, provided your credit card number goes through!... [More]


Avvento Candle Holders

A tree alone is not enough. We need more Christmas around the house. Our aunt has twelve crates full of holiday gear, after all, while we're working with a nutcracker or two. Well, we're grown-ups now, and it's high time we started building our own collection of paraphernalia. We'll start... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Nefertiti Nail Lacquer

Why settle for just the five golden rings that your true love offers? Saddle them up on top of a set of five golden nails. Opulence is nothing when it isn't overdone. Deborah Lippmann Nefertiti Nail Lacquer ($16)... [More]


Personalized Love Birch Cuff

Save the poor trees from your Swiss-Army-knife etchings and opt instead to declare your feelings with the Personalized Love Birch Cuff ($100). The brass band is made from a cast of real birch bark found along the shores of Lake Superior, so you're gonna get the same natural details and... [More]


Speciale Festa Biscotti Bags

Sure, you could pick up a bag or two of your giftee's favorite coffee and call it a day. Or you could put in a little extra effort and give her a whole new morning ritual. Add a selection of sweet biscotti from Biscotti di Vecchio, one of NYC's finest,... [More]


Cacao Prieto Bark Bar Sampler

'Tis the season for some of our favorite treats, with chocolate bark at the top of the list. This year, we're gonna pass on tempering our own chocolate and go gourmet. The Bark Bar Sampler ($45) from Cacao Prieto is to die for. They start their barks with chocolate grown... [More]


Guerlain Holiday Météorites Compact

'Tis the season for treating others. But don't forget yourself. This gorggggeous Météorites powder compact from Guerlain ($170) rounds out their holiday collection and puts a finishing touch on your personal collection of stocking stuffers. But no one will judge you if you open this gift early in order to... [More]


Linda & Harriett 2013 Letterpress Calendar

The whimsical spiral-bound Linda & Harriett 2013 Letterpress Calendar ($34) is going on both our "to give" and "must have" Christmas lists. Each month hosts a fun design, from June's sand shovels to December's golden snowflakes. Our favorite pattern is March's shiny shamrocks.... [More]


Cath Kidston Spot Saddle Bag

Who says we have to wait until summer to enjoy polka dots again? We think this Cath Kidston Spot Saddle Bag ($110) will look just as nice slung over our winter parkas as it will bouncing against our sundress-clad hips come June.... [More]


Beeswax Birthday Candles

It doesn't matter how much practice we've had - we still suck at blowing out birthday candles. At least with these Beeswax Birthday Candles ($7), we'll know that the wax dripping onto our dessert is natural.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Christmas Cheer Washi Tape

Our wrapping skills really haven't progressed much since we were twelve. In the past, gift bags have been our preferred workaround, but this year we're trying a new route by putting gifts in brown craft boxes and accenting them with Christmas Cheer Washi Tape ($9). Simple and classy, and no... [More]


Lovi Ball Postcard

What's way cooler than some boring old Christmas card? This Lovi Ball Postcard ($10). It provides recipients with a kit and instructions for making their own pretty birchwood ornament. How much better is that than a picture of your dog wearing antlers?... [More]


BCBGeneration Low V Striped Jumpsuit

At first glance, no, this BCBGeneration Low V Striped Jumpsuit ($47) isn't a winner. But when you add a wide belt and a bold fuchsia blazer, it can be. And around here, we're all about bringing out the best in things. Not so much people.... [More]


Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment

Ludacris, in his infinite wisdom, is on the record as preferring a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment ($16-37) polishes up your lady appeal with Moroccan argan oil and vitamin E, making getting freaky and dirty all that more fun.... [More]


Natalie Joy Aurora Borealis Necklace

The Northern Lights: they're upper Canada's favorite feature to tout to tourists, since "risk of getting eaten by a polar bear" didn't quite cut the mustard. They're also the inspiration behind this Natalie Joy Aurora Borealis Necklace ($100). And we can enjoy it in the comfort of our own non-bear-infested... [More]


b.o.c. by Børn Falins Boot

We love Børn shoes for their high quality and total comfort, but they haven't always been star performers when it comes to style - think along the lines of "Danish Granny". These b.o.c. by Børn Falins Boots ($150), however, are a very welcome evolution. They've got all the support and... [More]


Goodbye detergent! Kitchen Cleaning Pads

Buy the earth a Christmas present this year, and get yourself some of these Goodbye detergent! Kitchen Cleaning Pads ($7). The four available varieties are designed for specific types of cookware, and take care of the greater part of crud removal without any suds. And if you do need something... [More]


Acrylic Green Base Bench

If your remodel budget is sky-high, we're going to have to insist that you order the Acrylic Green Base Bench ($2,925) from the Laura U Collection as your pièce de résistance. Do up the room in soft neutrals and let the ottoman's limes, teals, and reds pop. It's a completely... [More]


Rose Lace Tunic Dress

We love everything about Hot Mama - a store specifically designed for busy, overwhelmed moms who still want to look and feel gorgeous. Take this Rose Lace Tunic Dress ($78), for example. It's perfectly flattering, with just the right amount of stretch, but doesn't require the abs of a sixteen-year-old.... [More]


The Montgomery Street Courier

Keep your camera protected from the cold air by carrying it in a thickly padded Montgomery Street Courier ($80) from Acme Made. It's designed to keep your camera and lenses safe within multiple, quilted compartments and pockets. When you're done lugging around the DSLR, this folds into a smaller pouch,... [More]


Dearfoams Pile Boots

Great Scott, those look cozy. And on a morning so cold even your tea kettle is having a hard time warming up, these Dearfoams Pile Boots ($20) will make the quick dash between the blanket-covered couch and the stove much more bearable.... [More]


9 Ft. Cable for iPad & iPhone

This cable ($16) doesn't look too distinctive, but we're coveting it because it's nine feet long, giving us plenty of slack when we hook our iPads and iPhones up to our laptops. Now we can transfer photos while watching Elf from our favorite comfy chair across the room.... [More]


Sherlock Cluedo

We already had kind of a thing for Sherlock, and that was before the lovely Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch had a go at the role. Now the mildly sociopathic sleuth has us quivering like schoolgirls at a Bieber concert. Playing Sherlock Cluedo ($39) is probably the closest we can get to... [More]


Heart Cuff Bracelet

The Heart Cuff Bracelet ($70, on sale!) from Tuleste Market is the cutest cuff we've seen all week. If we had hearts of gold, we'd buy one or two to give as gifts. But we don't. Yet, anyway. When we snag one of these for ourselves, we'll have several!... [More]


Ugly Sweater Bottle Cover

Ah, the honored Christmas tradition that is the Ugly Sweater Party. We've yet to find the perfect embroidered, bedazzled monstrosity for such occasions, but we usually just show up with a bottle of decent wine in one of these Ugly Sweater Bottle Covers ($12) and no one gives us a... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: December 10, 2012

Woo! The weekly poll over at The Purse Page is back after a short hiatus, and it looks like we're dealing with a battle of bows versus crystals. Vote for your favorite handbag to see its more affordable lookalikes featured in next week's shopping spree. We're just dying over that... [More]


Green Monday!

This year, Green Monday is projected to be huge for family-run, owner-operated businesses. Some of of these are lucky enough to have actual storefronts and retail space; others exist only in the electronic wilds. So today (and every day!), step into your local bakery, hometown boutique, and resident artist's gallery... [More]


Movico Vases

If you're going to bring your hostess a six-dollar bouquet from the grocery store around the corner from her house, the least you can do is put it in a vase that'll elevate those sad, slightly dehydrated daisies. Though we suppose, if you're buying flowers at the last minute, you... [More]


Sam's Natural Walnut Hand Scrub

Sometimes, we love getting dirty. But after a little fiddling with the furnace or messing around with caulk, our hands generally collect some serious filth - and that plumeria-scented frothy stuff we keep on the bathroom sink simply isn't going to accomplish much. Sam's Natural Walnut Hand Scrub ($10), on... [More]


Wrecking Ball Coffee Subscription

There are a million and three subscription-based gifts you can give this holiday season, so if you're thinking about about sending one to the Outblush headquarters, can we put in a request for the Wrecking Ball Coffee Subscription ($109)? Okay, joking aside, this sub is a coffee lover's dream. The... [More]


Walden Pond Handcrafted Bone Scissors

Every now and then, we have to treat ourselves to something utterly impractical simply because it's gorgeous. Most of the time, that happens in the form of a dead-end date. This time, we're picking up these Walden Pond Handcrafted Bone Scissors ($38). The idea of actually cutting anything with these... [More]


Miz Mooz Panther Flat

Somebody failed zoology. There's nothing feline about this chic Miz Mooz Panther Flat ($100). That textured sky blue upper is all python. (Well, faux python, anyway). At least they start with the same letter.... [More]


Ninjago Garmadon LEGO Flashlight

Know a kid who's afraid of the dark? Pick them up this Ninjago Garmadon LEGO Flashlight ($25), and tell them it has magic monster-removing powers. Think it'd be better to just inform them that bed goblins and closet trolls are mythical? We've only got one question for you: when's the... [More]


Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

Our roommates won't be scarfing down any of our personal stash of Christmas cookies this year. That's because we're going to shape them using this Dog Bone Cookie Cutter ($3). As tempted as they might get, they won't be willing to risk the chance that they're biting into a homemade... [More]


NARS Andy Warhol Self Portrait Eyeshadow Palette

We've been reading the buzz on the shadow-as-Warhol NARS Self Portrait Eyeshadow Palette ($55), and now that we've got a compact all to ourselves, we don't know what to do! Do we smear the likeness of Mr. Warhol's 1967 Self-Portrait just to glam up our eyes? The answer: yes. Yes,... [More]


Sequin Knit Touque

We know they're a winter necessity - nothing kills the winter fun like cold wind blowing into your eardrums. But hats are hell for our hair. Once we put one on, it's not coming off - so it might as well be something cute. This Sequin Knit Touque ($12) is... [More]


GAP Star Scarf

Snow clouds make for less than optimal views of the stars, but we definitely think you'll shine when you wrap the Star Scarf ($35) around your neck. The lightweight fabric is a rayon/wool blend, so while it won't win any awards for "warmest winterwear", it will keep you looking cute... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Constellation Matches

If you keep a box of Constellation Matches ($3.50) on the mantel, your cozy family room fires will all be born under lucky stars. How's that for Christmas magic? What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including... [More]


Wildcrafted Trail Crew Soap

We're already admitted fans of Juniper Ridge's fab forage-based goodies, from incense sticks to teas. These Wildcrafted Trail Crew Soaps ($36) are no exception. Infused with herbs and other botanicals hand-harvested in a variety of Western locations, they're full of a woodland freshness that we simply can't resist.... [More]


Scout Field Bed

Why does "roughing it" have to be so - well, rough? If we're going to sleep on the ground somewhere, we'd like to do it in style with this Scout Field Bed ($487). Made from organic Italian denim and luxurious Japanese chambray, this portable wonder sounds more posh than a... [More]


Gold Leaf Cup Ornament

This Gold Leaf Cup Ornament ($22) would look very pretty even without the adorable little Tillandsia air plant it houses. Which is a good thing, since even an air plant is unlikely to be able to survive the havoc our black thumbs are capable of wreaking.... [More]


Boden Sixties Jumper

Break out those go-go boots and get ready to shimmy - this Boden Sixties Jumper ($78) is a perfect throwback to the era of missile crises and Strawberry Alarm Clock. It even comes in the full range of psychedelic shades.... [More]


Pottery Barn Faux Fur Pillow Cover

We've always wanted a puppy for Christmas, but truthfully, we'd probably be placated with one of these Faux Fur Pillow Covers ($40). Sure, we can't play fetch with it, but it's just so darn cuddly - plus, no poop to scoop and no vet bills!... [More]


Too Young For You Bro Quote Top

We're not sure if this Too Young For You Bro Quote Top ($20) is a snarky affirmation of the appeal of mature ladies, or just makes us feel over-the-hill. What we do know is that it's got that song stuck in our heads.... [More]


Jonathan Adler Black Smartphone Dock

Sometimes, we get a touch nostalgic for the old landline phone, particularly the classic Bakelite variety. So, apparently, does Jonathan Adler, since he went ahead and created this smartphone dock ($48) as a way of bringing the old-school into quirky harmony with the high-tech.... [More]


Kombucha Brooklyn Kit

Nothing gives those holiday hangovers the boot quite like kombucha, a potent concoction of fermented tea. Now you can brew yourself up this wonder drink in the comfort of your kitchen, with this Kombucha Brooklyn Kit ($70). It comes with everything you need to concoct three one-gallon batches in an... [More]


Colorcycle Tote

Bicycle boys are the best. Just the thought of those well-muscled, thoroughly tattooed calves makes us blush. They've inspired us to get out of our spinning class and onto the asphalt, but we're still in need of the perfect accessories to complete our pedal-hither look. This Colorcycle Tote ($88) looks... [More]


Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town Collector's Set

The way we see it, you have two options. You can either give the whole Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town Collector's Set ($50) to a mani-obsessed girlfriend who you love to pieces, or you can split up the sixteen mini bottles into gift bags for a group of gal pals... [More]


Noir Jewelry Short Hacienda Necklace

Is it just us, or is this Noir Jewelry Short Hacienda Necklace ($69) projecting a total Modern Art vibe? We think the bright, abstractly patterned resin is totally an attempt to use economy of form to critique post-capitalist decadence.... [More]


Pepper Pikle

Who says only scouts can be prepared? This Pepper Pikle ($40) is more than the flirty handbag it appears to be. Pikles come kitted out with everything you might need to deal with life's little emergencies, from a mini-mirror and floss to a sewing kit, screwdrivers, bandages, and hair elastics.... [More]


The Escomb Mittens

We will not be doing any texting while wearing The Escomb Mittens ($40). Nor will we be buttoning any buttons, fiddling with radio dials, or fixing our hair. In fact, about the only thing we can do with these furry wonders on is keep our fingers adorably toasty. Works for... [More]


Star Home Metal and Enamel Cake Stand

We know we're not the only ones who've caught ourselves staring at those gorgeous serving dishes of Grandma's and wondering whether we'll end up with them. Guilt puts us off our dessert, so we're going to start stocking up on lovely pieces of our own, like this Star Home Metal... [More]


Claridge + King Belle

We do love a little bit of the beast in our men, and what better way to bring them to heel than in Claridge + King Belle ($140)? Whether we wear it as a tunic, dress, or top, its soft feel and feminine details (like the bow-accented bell sleeves) make... [More]


Blossom Cuticle Oil

Nothing screws up those painstaking Christmas manicures more than beat, flaking, hangnail-accented cuticles. Thanks, winter lack of humidity. We're finally fed up enough to do something about it, which is why we've picked up this Blossom Cuticle Oil ($8). Infused with flowery scents, this lovely stuff will help keep those... [More]


Goldy Oro Christmas Shot Glasses

Shots at Christmas? Granny would disapprove. However, "sipping" chilled vodka out of one of these Goldy Oro Christmas Shot Glasses ($7) is perfectly classy and has the same effect. Plus, these are much prettier than that Señor Frog shot glass you got on spring break in '09.... [More]


Toddland Santa Boxerbrief

We bet that if Santa were to come around this year wearing these Toddland Santa Boxerbriefs ($25), we wouldn't mind baking him some cookies.... [More]

don't forget-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Don't Forget Notes

Keep things top of mind by keeping them stuck on top of piles. Or on fridges, steering wheels, children's foreheads... Don't Forget Notes ($10)... [More]


Wild & Wolf Ridley's Jacks

Can you remember the last time you played jacks? Us neither, which is why we're really hoping Santa sticks one of these Wild & Wolf Ridley's Jacks sets ($6) in the stocking for us this year. The jacks will be great ornamental tchotchkes once we've lost interest the ball.... [More]


MOR Lip Macaron

As the holidays approach, we always stockpile a few items that work as last-minute hostess gifts or fillers for people who we didn't think to give a present to but who showed up with a lovely gift for us. This year, we snagged a bunch of these MOR Lip Macarons... [More]


Peppercotton Double Black Diamond Choker

We'll admit it: we've got a soft spot for sparkly things, which is why we're easy targets for Peppercotton. Their Double Black Diamond Choker ($300) brings sparkly to a whole new level, with ropes of tiny, perfect crystals in rainbow hues and a soft, sophisticated gray. So long, three hundred... [More]


Philip B Creme Of The Crop 'Lite' Hair Finishing Creme

After spending all of your money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you and your roommate have decided to team up and share the costs for nearly everything that gets used in the apartment. This Philip B Creme Of The Crop 'Lite' Hair Finishing Creme ($20) makes perfect sense. It... [More]


Victoria's Secret Fleece Cowl-Back Tunic

No, you won't look as cute as this chick does wearing her Victoria's Secret Fleece Cowl-Back Tunic ($58). She doesn't even look that cute. A software program helps her out. But rest assured that you will be just as cozy and probably much more comfortable. And isn't that what truly... [More]


Jimmy Crystal Ear Buds

You know we're always looking for new and different ways to get blinged out, and these Jimmy Crystal Ear Buds ($50) would definitely dress up our gym clothes. Besides, we find it a bit challenging to run on the treadmill while wearing our chandelier earrings.... [More]


Platinum Etched Champagne Glasses

We have to admit, we'll drink bubbly out of a coffee mug if that's what's available, but a beautiful vessel like one of these Platinum Etched Champagne Glasses ($24) certainly does make us feel classy. Lord knows we could stand to class it up when we're imbibing - we're usually... [More]


American Apparel Baby Thermal Leggings

Ditch your flimsy September-weather leggings and trade up for the American Apparel Baby Thermal Leggings ($5 on sale). They're thin enough to be worn under pants if necessary, but thick enough to keep you toasty when worn solo.... [More]


Stashing Through The Snow Ornament

The perfect ornament for that guy who refuses to give up his patchy, unevenly trimmed Movember mustache even though Movember is over. Stashing Through The Snow Ornament ($10) Editor's note:: Sadly, this ornament has already been 'stached in somebody's holiday stocking this year. But there are plenty of other handmade... [More]


Creatures of Comfort Washed Silk Pajamas

Your hubby wants you to get yourself some silky, luxurious pajamas. You know that means he's been reading the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog again, but you can always take his advice your own way and treat yourself to this set of Creatures of Comfort Washed Silk Pajamas ($275). We think... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Creative Comb-In Hair Colour

Wanna freak out the relatives this Christmas? Use a box of Creative Comb-In Hair Colour (Under $5) from NPW, wear all black, and perfect a petulant stare. The fam will avoid your gaze through dinner, leaving you free to snag the last of the sweet potatoes. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


Tretorn Highlander Boot Vinter

We don't just love this Tretorn Highlander Boot Vinter ($165) because it happens to have the same nickname as our favorite immortal swordsman. Though that is obviously very awesome. We also think it looks like a cozy, cute, and well-made piece of winter footwear.... [More]


ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hoses

Why should the world of garden hoses be limited to boring old black or green? We'd like to have a little fun with our watering, which is why we'll be opting for one of these rainbow-hued ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hoses ($60). Bonus? If we pick a nice bright yellow or... [More]


Fringe Fleur de Lys Foil Small Long Tray

You might not want to cover up this Fringe Fleur de Lys Foil Small Long Tray ($27) with anything as dull as candles or keys, but it would definitely be a nice complement to some of your favorite baubles. Or, better yet, set it out on a counter as an... [More]


Scarf Hanger

Yes, we know it seems like something you'd get from the Home Shopping Network with a bonus paint scraper, but we're all for this ultra-simple Scarf Hanger ($11). We've amassed a pretty respectable collection over the past few years, and are tired of having them fall off ordinary hooks and... [More]


Old Time Weather Stick

Where else but in Maine would you find a scrawny twig capable of predicting the weather? Down East wisdom says that when this Old Time Weather Stick ($8) is bending down, there are foul winds ahead. Curving up, and it might be a good day to go moose-hunting or show... [More]


Chia Gnome

It's truly bizarre, but it's so perfect for that white elephant gift exchange you have coming up. Though actually the other options linked on the same page are even weirder. Chia Gnome ($18)... [More]


Warehouse Paisley Trouser

These Warehouse Paisley Trousers ($88) are high-class. There'll be no gorging on cheese puffs and wiping our orange fingers on ourselves while we're wearing these puppies. It's going to be all champagne and caviar until our weensy food budget forces us back to ripped jeans and ramen.... [More]


Cantaloupe Bowls

A fruit bowl that looks like fruit? Our minds are blown. This is like, something out of Inception!! Okay, maybe we're a little too excited about these Cantaloupe Bowls ($44). We think they're pretty cool, but we also know we'll have to explicitly tell people not to throw them out... [More]


Words that make you go MMMM

Don't look too closely at this print ($20) from The Birds and the Beasts if you haven't had lunch yet. We can't be held responsible for the ravenous feelings that will overtake you and render you unable to function until you have a sandwich.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Open Skull Bangles

Skull sweaters. Skull scarves. Skull earrings. Skull necklaces. Skull everything is everywhere these days, and not just on Día de los Muertos. They're a little macabre, a little quirky, and a lot of fun. Want to add a little badass to your wardrobe? Try an open-ended skull bangle. To show... [More]


Maria Calendar

The husband wants the 2013 V-Twin Vixens. You want twelve months of Gerard Butler. But marriage is about compromise - and maintaining a certain level of classiness around the house is also probably a good idea. That's why we're suggesting this decidedly unobjectionable Maria Calendar ($25). Artist Maria Schoettler's illustrations... [More]


Clinique Complete Happiness Coffret Set

We've been wearing Clinique Happy since high school, and have tried out every iteration since the bright scent first hit shelves. We've got quite a few full-size bottles, but this Complete Happiness Coffret Set ($40) has definitely caught our eye. We'll be happy wherever we go with travel sizes of... [More]


Money When Famous Notebook

Warning: leaving this Money When Famous Notebook ($5) on the café table when you make a run for the restroom may result in having your mediocre musings stolen by some industrious entrepreneur. Won't they be disappointed when they Google you to discover that your only publishing credit is a Grumpy... [More]


Revolution Champagne Flute and Cordial Glass

Whether you're sipping a little (tequila!) or sipping a lot (champagne!) the Revolution Champagne Flute and Cordial Glass ($80 for 2) is the right vessel for you. The versatility could really complement a rager of a party where you start off classy with a flute of bubbly and end up... [More]


L.L.Bean Women's Waxed Cotton Down Vest

The country-chic trend is beyond hot right now. If it looks like we might have worn it into a duck blind with granddad's old twelve-gauge for an accessory, we're nuts for it. Hence our love for this L.L.Bean Women's Waxed Cotton Down Vest ($119). Add an Aran sweater and a... [More]


Fenix E05 LED Flashlight

Everyone assumes that, come the zombie apocalypse, the first thing you're gonna want to grab is a weapon. We maintain that you'll want to keep the lipstick-sized but powerful Fenix E05 LED Flashlight ($20, on sale) within arm's reach. You can't defend yourself if you can't see them coming at... [More]


Eco-Heather Slouchy Pullover

Looking effortlessly sexy takes - well, a whole lot of effort. We've spent hours carefully curating a collection of cozy loungewear that projects the illusion we didn't plan on leaving the house today while perfectly accenting our natural charms. This pullover ($40) is a fine example. Made with a soft,... [More]


Bicycle Skull & Bones Cards

And now, a more literal interpretation of the dead man's hand. Bicycle Skull & Bones Cards ($6)... [More]


Madewell Printed Sleep Shorts

Christmas morning means combining three things that were never meant to be put together: us, pajamas, and photography. The reject workout gear we usually wear to bed leaves us looking like underdressed homeless people in those holiday memories. It's time we invested in something a little cuter, like these Madewell... [More]


Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation Kit

Our feet are gross. It's the annual effect of taking those calluses we worked up running around in flip-flops all summer and shoving them into a moist, warm environment (aka socks). If we want to be able to show them in public again, we need to take extreme measures. Measures... [More]


Mismatched Socks

These Mismatched Socks ($22) just make sense. We're going to wear oddball pairs anyway, thanks to those pesky dryer gnomes who keep making off with our singles. Apparently they think it's a blast to wear mismatched socks too.... [More]


Deluxe Dot iPad Case

We suppose it's the shiny gold that makes the Deluxe Dot iPad Case ($35) so deluxe, and we have to agree with the assessment. It's clean and sophisticated while still being plenty of fun. It's important not to take yourself too seriously when you're playing the twenty-seventh new version of... [More]


USB Power Strip

We've been collecting electronic devices like our great-uncle picks up dates at the nursing home cocktail hour. It's getting hard to find a place to plug in our hair dryer. It's time to get efficient. This USB Power Strip ($6) makes it a breeze to charge up to four of... [More]


Rotating Frame Set

Feeling indecisive about your wall art? Have it all with this Rotating Frame Set ($58). Load it up with your ten favorite pieces, and you or your houseguests can flip them for an easy change of decor, or browse through a private gallery. The only things that would make us... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Maldon Travel Salt

Not particularly fond of shaking diner-quality salt onto your Michelin-starred meals? Carry a tin of Maldon Travel Salt ($2) with you and add a pinch to your food when necessary. A good salt will brighten your meal, while a poor one will just make it taste, well, salty. What's a... [More]


High Waisted Sequin Short

We may have to take up figure skating. How fabulous would we look pulling off a triple axel or two on the neighborhood rink wearing these High Waisted Sequin Shorts ($20)? Of course, our chances of doing that without breaking a nose or twisting an ankle are about nil, so... [More]


Crosley Ideco iPod Speaker Dock

Our old iPod speaker system is finally reaching the end of the line. No matter which way we spin the volume dial, it gets louder. It's nothing more than we should expect from something we bought in 2008 for $30, but the neighbors are starting to get pissed off. We're... [More]


Hello Red Champ Pullover

Why thank you, Hello Apparel, for helping us send out friendly, approachable vibes. When we wear the Hello Red Champ Pullover ($35, on sale), we find it easier to be a little more welcoming to strangers, even if it's just a matter of tossing a smile instead of pretending to... [More]


XXL Collective Cable

Why are we going supersized with this XXL Collective Cable ($23)? Because when our wires are this lovely, we're happy to have them dangling off our desks. Or, even better, coiled elegantly on top of them. Everybody knows we buy our Apple products mostly because they're so darned pretty -... [More]


Shorty Razor Box Set

Wanna make a good impression on your SO's family this Christmas? We say you can't go wrong with a silk infinity scarf for his mom, and the Shorty Razor Box Set ($118) from John Allan's for his dad. If you're, ehem, lucky enough to be hosting them for the holidays,... [More]


Santa Wine Toppers

Take that bottle of Boone's Farm up to the next festive level by finishing it with one of these Santa (gnome?) Wine Toppers ($28). It'll lend such an adorable holiday-appropriate air to that Mountain Berry, no one will notice that you've actually given a bottle of bum wine as a... [More]


One Year Of White Pages

NaNoWriMo is behind us, and we're betting that you came nowhere near close to finishing that epic historical fantasy you were working on. News flash: it generally takes longer than a month to write a novel (unless you're Nora Roberts). Quit beating yourself up, and give yourself a more realistic... [More]


Cole Haan Crosby Metallic Slim Wallet

Yes, the color is faboosh. And of course, that metallic sheen is goooorgeous. But you know what we love about this Crosby Metallic Slim Wallet ($98)? The card slots in this beauty are designed in such a way that we can easily slide out our Amex without having to smudge... [More]


Knits for Nerds

We never thought it would happen, but we're taking up crafting. Blame Knits for Nerds ($13). It's packed with patterns guaranteed to give us a geekgasm, from hobbit feet slippers to a sexy homemade version of Lieutenant Uhura's minidress.... [More]


Cat Nesting Tree

It's an unavoidable truth: kitties love to take naps in ridiculous places. Ours will butt open the door to the unheated guest room to catch a snooze on top of the dresser. And heaven help us if we leave a pile of clean and neatly folded laundry lying around. This... [More]


Tech Candy Barcelona Gold iPhone 4 Case

Your sister-in-law has decided to start carrying her iPhone around sans case. She says it looks cuter. You think it will be something less than stunning with a smashed-up screen and multiple dings and scratches. If she wants her iPhone to look pretty without shelling out a fat replacement fee... [More]


2-Piece Wine Chilling Carafe

Keep your dessert wine chilled and close at hand with this 2-Piece Wine Chilling Carafe ($40). Toss some ice into the center chamber and put the wine in the outer one, and your beverage will stay cool while you eat, even if you indulge in a second piece of chocolate... [More]


Red Zig Zag Vintage-Inspired Apron

If you're going to spend half the holiday season in the kitchen, you may as well look good while you're at it! Wear the cheerful Red Zig Zag Vintage-Inspired Apron ($35) to keep your Christmas spirit at a high and stains on your party clothes at a minimum. The cotton... [More]


Gold Knuckle Ring

If you show up at your boyfriend's flat wearing this Gold Knuckle Ring ($25), he might wonder what it is exactly that you're trying to say. Just tell him that you liked yourself enough to put a ring on it. Perhaps he should consider doing the same. And then turn... [More]


Doubtblush: Magic Choc

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Remember when your mom told... [More]


Zanmi x Silver Necklace

It's shocking how much we're digging this Zanmi x Silver Necklace ($70). Indeed, our love for it is almost as electrifying as our slick punning skills. (Put that one on your kite and fly it, suckers.)... [More]


Tom Ford Jardin Noir Nail Lacquer

It's not likely that many people would know that this shade of Tom Ford Jardin Noir Nail Lacquer ($30) is called Dominatrix, but that doesn't make us feel any less sexy and powerful when we rock this deep purple on our tips.... [More]


90+ Cellars Holiday Essentials Gift Set

We're a bit obsessed with 90+ Cellars. Turns out, top-tier winemakers don't actually bottle everything they produce, thanks to that whole supply-and-demand business. Where does the rest end up? Well, increasingly, under the 90+ Cellars label. The firm buys up and bottles surplus high-quality juice and sells it at jaw-droppingly... [More]


Rock and Republic Smoking Flats

Between velvet jackets and these Rock and Republic Smoking Flats ($26), puffing away on the old tobacco-horn would start looking like one seriously stylish activity, if not for that pesky lungs-covered-with-tar factor. We'll just have to toss authenticity to the hounds and rock the look without the cancer risk.... [More]


Arne Jacobsen Espresso Cups

We know that the modern Arne Jacobsen Espresso Cups ($55, set of 4) are paying homage to typography with their Bauhaus-inspired design. But all we can think is that it's a damn good thing these cups are numbered. Some days, it takes us about four shots of espresso just to... [More]


Wine Pairing Towel Set

If you ask us, the best wine to go with what we're serving for dinner is simply the closest bottle, but apparently some people are pretty particular. To please our snobby sophisticated guests, we picked up these wine pairing tea towels ($28) and have been referencing them on the regular.... [More]


Steven Alan Boyfriend Shirt

Think $168 would be a lot to spend for this Steven Alan Boyfriend Shirt? Just think of all the heartache and hassle the real thing cost you last time around. We'll take the wardrobe without the baggage, thanks.... [More]


Owl Clean Shower Curtain Rings

Why settle for boring old plastic or metal loops when you can gussy things up with these Owl Clean Shower Curtain Rings ($15)? They make showering so much fun, it might actually surpass snooze-button-hitting as our favorite morning activity.... [More]


Mushroom Mug

We can't be the only ones who pour ourselves a hot mug of coffee, get ready to savor it, and then get called away to concentrate on something else. Ugh. By the time we finish TCB, our hot java is lukewarm, at best. Maybe the Mushroom Mug ($20) will help.... [More]


Gap Baby Elbow-Patch Mockneck Sweater

Please tell us why this Gap Baby Elbow-Patch Mockneck Sweater ($40) is only available in toddler sizes. We would love to get our hands on a grown-up edition of this super cute piece, with its cozy details such as a fleece-lined neck and looped buttons. We suppose we'll just have... [More]


Beer Monster Bottle Opener

Even though it seems to be a pretty direct Mike Wazowski rip-off, the Beer Monster Bottle Opener ($10) is a fun addition to our bar. We suggest buying one before the Disney copyright infringement team pulls them off the market.... [More]


Transit Issue Key Chain

Your man climbs? Only into bed after a round of Halo and a few brewskis, so it's about time he give up the keys-clipped to-a-carabiner-look. Toss a Transit Issue Key Chain ($38) from Apolis into his Christmas stocking. The hand-stitched key fob is still a manly option, but it'll look,... [More]