Outblush Sings (Not Really): Pumpkin Carols

So your local radio station thinks it's enough to play "Monster Mash" every hour on the hour? They are wrong. Put on your headphones at work like the subversive you are and enjoy this Outblush-curated collection of songs about zombies, werewolves, vampires, skeletons, ghosts, aliens, and all things creepy. Hear... [More]

Free People Crochet Slouch Boot

Free People Crochet Slouch Boots

All we had to see was the crochet portion of this boot to know we'd love it. And we were right. These Free People Crochet Slouch Boots ($178) are ahhhmazing! We heart the classic motorcycle style combined with delicate crochet. It's like a romantic biker boot.... [More]



We know e-readers are seemingly replacing books, but we're going to maintain that there are too many word nerds in the world to let the printed page go extinct. We'll safely invest in a few Zipmarks ($9 each) to show our solidarity with our fellow bibliophiles. Sure, we download to... [More]


SWASH Cushion

While we'll toss down four hundo plus for a whole couch, we wish we could afford a slew of SWASH Cushions ($440 each) to class up our outlet furniture. The swanky print features fancy clocks, reminding us that time is money. We'd better stop daydreaming over luxurious home goods and... [More]



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GUESS Daredevil Bootcut Jeans

Sometimes, your boots start disintegrating where they flop over at the ankle after sitting in your closet all summer. Sometimes you only want to show off the toe box. And sometimes, you need a pair of pants that doesn't block blood flow past your ankles. All the time, these GUESS... [More]


Chess Bottle Stops

We're so glad this set of Chess Bottle Stops ($20) comes with both a knight and a queen. The knight can accompany our bottom-shelf bottle of wine on a tipsy journey toward the queen, who's holding down the fort with our indulgent bottle of Cabernet. If we polish off both... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Rubber X-Bands

We love streamlining. Why use two rubber bands when you can use one? These Rubber X-Bands ($5) are perfect for keeping a stack of papers together, holding a box shut, or firing at your coworkers.... [More]


Lisa Frank Under The Sea Desk Set

If you've been reading Outblush for any amount of time, you know that we have an unparalleled love for all things Lisa Frank. You can imagine our unabashed glee at learning that Urban Outfitters is selling limited edition, vintage Lisa Frank goodies. Let's face it, we'll probably scoop up ALL... [More]


Sam & Libby SLAzeel Boots

While SLAzeel is a word that doesn't make sense in the least bit, these Sam & Libby Boots ($41) are stylish, classic, simple. Everything about them makes total sense.... [More]


The INTERNET College T-Shirt

Because you would never have learned all about the back stories on Revenge or why that cat has cheezburger at some snooty Ivy League university. The INTERNET College T-Shirt ($30)... [More]


Vote Cards

We won't tell you for who, or for what, but we will tell you that you should vote. And if you get a pack of these Vote Cards ($16), you can pass that message on in an unassuming way.... [More]


Little Pot Guard Critters

Even if it's just as easy to prop our pot lids open with spoons, we can't resist investing in one of these Little Pot Guard Critters ($7 each). Having a hedgie help us vent our steaming soups and simmering sauces is totally worth the tiny price tag!... [More]


Erin Fetherston Cowl Sleeve Dress

We need to find ourselves a super upscale party to crash. The shindigs our usual social circle throws tend to be of the Pabst-and-pork-rinds variety. If we're going to get something spilled on this Erin Fetherston Cowl Sleeve Dress ($395), it had better be champagne - preferably something with Dom... [More]


Mr. T In Your Pocket Key Chain

We pity the fool who can't see the fun in this Mr. T In Your Pocket Key Chain ($12). This handy gadget makes it a breeze to cleverly sound-bite everybody's favorite badass. Use it to impress your friends, deter clingy dudes in bars, or prevent the occasional mugging. Gratuitous gold... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Kiss Me Twice Armour Ring

Kiss me once. Shame on you. Kiss me twice. That's right, Vivienne told you to. Vivienne Westwood Kiss Me Twice Armour Ring ($295)... [More]


You Tell Us: The Pajancho

Um. We're seriously torn over this one. We own and love both a Snuggie and pajama jeans, but would never wear either out of the house. The way the Pajancho* ($120 on sale, on pre-order) is being marketed, you'd think it was a Snuggie you could wear to da club.... [More]



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Tomorrow's Headache Double Old-Fashioned

At least this glass speaks the truth. Now hit us up with another pour! Tomorrow's Headache Double Old-Fashioned ($4.50).... [More]


Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser

It feels like the air has dried up overnight! If you're waking in the morning with itchy skin and dry eyes, invest in a Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser ($150) from Broksonic. You'll add a little extra moisture to the air without adding a huge monstrosity to your room. It's... [More]


Rosette Knit Dress

It's all in the details with this Rosette Knit Dress ($138) - namely the perfectly ruched front and delicate little fabric roses decorating the bottom. Add a cozy cardigan and you'll have a perfectly sweet cool-weather look.... [More]


Paris Map Pillow

Class up your living room with an elegant little tribute to the City of Light. This Paris Map Pillow ($50) is covered in a map of the jewel of France, including whimsical illustrations of some of its most gorgeous attractions (besides Olivier Martinez)... [More]


Vans Suede 106 Hi Toddler Shoes

You're not a fan of hipsters, skinny jeans on men, ironic facial hair, or baristas on a mission to save the community. But you're not about to pass up the opportunity to dress your kiddo like one of the above, especially considering how sweet these Vans Suede 106 Hi Toddler... [More]


Bliss Aloe Leaf and Peppermint Foot Patrol

You know what we all love wearing in the winter? Boots. You know what makes your feet smell worse than a horse barn? Boots. So let's all do ourselves a favor and scrub our hooves with Bliss Aloe Leaf and Peppermint Foot Patrol ($18). It takes feet from cracked and... [More]


Custom Inspector Stamp

Off the tops of our heads, we could think of half a dozen uses for a tiny Custom Inspector Stamp ($23). Seal your wedding invites with your initials, share your business logo, brand your personal effects...shall we go on, or are the wheels in your head already turning with ideas?... [More]

Forever21 Ditsy Heart Raglan Sweater

Ditsy Heart Raglan Sweater

We found the perfect sweater for the sweetheart who wears her heart on her sleeve. Ditsy Heart Raglan Sweater ($28)... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hollywood-Chic Wedding Gown for Erin

Erin writes: "Hi Outblush! I absolutely love your blog and all the unique finds that you all post. I'm hoping that because of that you'll be able to help me with a predicament. I'm getting married in June, 2013, and have been pinning things like a crazy person. One of... [More]

Sam Edelman Park Boots

Sam Edelman Park Boots

Who knew equestrians and bikers mingled?! The Sam Edelman Park Boots ($300) feature loads of studs and a harness detail. The black-with-brown-trim color scheme makes them especially versatile.... [More]



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Assembly x Neji Commu Leather Wristwatch

Nothing is more classic than black, so what better way to adorn your wrist than with the Assembly x Neji Commu Leather Wristwatch ($374)? Sure, it may be a leetle tough to see the hour and minute hands, but watches are more or less decoration these days. Because soft, black... [More]


Wooden Gumball Machine

The amount of charm packed into the Wooden Gumball Machine ($59) probably surpasses the number of little wooden beads. We love back-to-basics toys. Kids get to use their imaginations when they play, and parents don't have to stare at garish plastic monstrosities all day long!... [More]


Red Distortion Candlesticks

We never know how to decorate our mantels. Do we go with a mirror and a few framed art pieces? A grouping of various bud vases? We're leaning towards a pair of these Red Distortion Candlesticks ($24 each). They're quirky and elegant ,and we think a set of robin's-egg-blue taper... [More]


Twig Barware Kit

Your gin martinis taste like juniper berries and pine anyway, so why not concoct them using the Twig Barware Kit ($39)? The small branch-shaped tools may look delicate, but they're made from silver-plated brass and able to hold up even on the nights you indulge in one too many!... [More]

SoleMates High Heelers

SoleMates High Heelers

We're gluttons for punishment when it comes to heels. We know we're going to have issues from the very first step we take in certain shoes, but we wear them anyway. How fabulous would it be to not sink down into the mud two inches when you're strutting past that... [More]


Sky Scraper Scarf

If you've got the Sky Scraper Scarf ($65) by Donna Wilson wrapped around your neck this winter, will its sturdy presence help you withstand gusty winds? Maybe not, but it will certainly add a fun touch to your outfit. And if you prefer your dwellings to be on the smaller... [More]


Tepper Jackson Jet Setter Luggage Tag

Hey lady! Yeah, you. Is that your bag? Can you read? That says "Ciao." As in, peace out. As in, get off our luggage. As in, if you don't let go off that duffel bag, prepare for me to go full arrivederci on your ass. Tepper Jackson Jet Setter Luggage... [More]


Fresh Supernova Mascara

When the occasion calls for a daring dress and the drinks will start flowing once the sun drops, pretty up your lashes with Supernova Mascara ($25). The lengthening, thickening, curling formula will razzle-dazzle 'em all night long. You'll be over the moon and they'll be seeing stars!... [More]


Wrong Day Art Poem Road Sign

There are a few different Art Poem Road Signs in the collection, but this Wrong Day Sign ($16) is our favorite. It's probably because as soon as our alarm starts beeping at us at 6:00am, we get that "Nooo! Go back to sleep, brain!" feeling. We're also pretty sure that... [More]

Chocolate Covered Banana Chunks

Ultimate Belgian Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites

Chunky monkeys won't be the only ones who go bananas for the Ultimate Belgian Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites ($50 for 12). These ripe banana chunks are dipped in sinfully delicious milk, dark, or white chocolate, and then decorated with further sweetness.... [More]


Horny Toad Heartfelt Sweater

We're feeling very genuine in our affection for this Horny Toad Heartfelt Sweater ($148), with its country-chic look in super cozy wool and angora. Maybe we'll slip it on, then write nice letters to our loved ones about our feelings.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Julie Ann Art HOLY SH!T you're getting married! Card

Your best friend is getting married. And this is huge. And you are over-the-moon happy for her. So don't settle on some crappy card from the grocery store to express your excitement. Shout it from the rooftops using the exact words you screamed when she told you that he finally... [More]


Geo Cutout Trash Can

You did not spend six consecutive weekends and every non-working hour remodeling your bathroom just to put a standard white plastic trash can next to the toilet. No. You are going to throw away tampon wrappers and used Q-tips in the Geo Cutout Trash Can ($29), a much more upscale... [More]


Markus Lupfer Merino Wool Knitted Wolf Sweater

We can't think of a better way to spend close to five hundred dollars. Because when a wolf this fierce and a sweater this warm ($461) combine in one warm winter-weather garment, you just have to take it by the sleeves and howl at the moon.... [More]


Silk Wide Leg Pants

Not pleased that the skinny jean trend is still going strong? They may be good for tucking into boots, but they're also good for showing off all of our bumps and lumps. Invest in a great pair of wide leg pants like these ($253) for those days when you want... [More]


Ethan Allen Mirrored Obelisk

There hasn't been an obelisk built in our vicinity lately, so we're erecting this Ethan Allen version ($159).... [More]


Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station

Has your furball been lazy (well, even lazier) of late? Stimulate his senses by filling the Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station ($25) with his Friskies. The idea is that your cat will have to fish out the food with his paws. It'll keep him stimulated, make him work for his... [More]


Marimekko Ujo Slippers

This bright red-and-fuchsia-striped pair of Marimekko Ujo Slippers ($49) may have a mouthful of a name, but our feet could care less. All they know is that the cotton feels soft and warm, and that the design makes for an easy on/off dynamic. We slip them on to get up... [More]


Houndstooth Monogram Plates

We're happy to have houndstooth on our clothing and accessories, but ecstatic to have it gracing our housewares. Pieces like these Houndstooth Monogram Plates ($68, set of four) are chic and classic. They'll also motivate us to make more aesthetically pleasing snacks.... [More]


Fisherman Headband

Hats are not for everyone. They especially aren't for people who style their hair every morning. But instead of skipping head-warming devices all together, opt for the Fisherman Headband ($42). It covers your ears, keeping them from turning painfully red and falling off, all without ruining your perfectly flat-ironed coif.... [More]


Bianca Jagger Muscle Tank

Where do you wear your heart if you don't have any sleeves? Why, on your chest! Bianca Jagger Muscle Tank ($176)... [More]


Chinoiserie Pillow

One of our favorite ways to update classic design features is to toss in a few bright colors. The Chinoiserie Pillow ($47) is the perfect example. The delicate and fanciful pattern looks fresh in teal, yellow, red, and black. Now we just have to decide which color will accent this... [More]


Mama Tried Onesie

The perfect onesie for days when all you can manage is to get one article of clothing onto your kid. Or for when you've been listening to a lot of Merle Haggard. Mama Tried Onesie ($13)... [More]


Gold Plated Hand Cuffed Bear Necklace

If we had the kind of money where we could spend weekends on Antigua and buy ourselves a pet condor, we would absolutely make the admittedly significant splurge and get ourselves this Gold Plated Hand Cuffed Bear Necklace ($521). Yes, it's outrageously expensive. It's just as outrageously fabulous. Time to... [More]


NARS Cosmetics Blade Runner Duo

Once the holly is hung, the mistletoe is tacked, and the eggnog is heated, deck your eyes with this festive combo from NARS Cosmetics ($34). While these colors may be a little over the top, they would work really well at an Ironically Bad Holiday Sweater Festivus.... [More]


Le Mystère No. 9 Lolita 7759 Convertible Strapless Underwire Bra

So much boob. Too much boob for most strapless bras. But we have it on good authority that even the most pregnant of boobs can be hoisted up with help from the Le Mystère No. 9 Lolita 7759 Convertible Strapless Underwire Bra ($76). And if you've ever had the privilege... [More]


Sisters of Los Angeles Beach Set Glasses

Those of us in cooler climes will soon be dreaming of the sun-soaked California beaches we will undoubtedly be unable to afford to visit this winter. Instead, we'll just mix ourselves up a tequila-spiked warm-weather cocktail in one of these Sisters of Los Angeles Beach Set Glasses ($40), and daydream... [More]


Monroe White Chiffon Wrap Dress

We miss having Marilyn Monroe as a role model. It's not so much for the drugs and the depression as for the curves. This Monroe White Chiffon Wrap Dress ($149) is not designed for rail-thin types - sorry, Keira Knightley - but will be hot enough to start a house... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: October 29, 2012

The new roundup of fab purses over at The Purse Page is almost as autumnal-looking as a neighborhood street filled with trick-or-treaters! We're digging the subdued colors as we hunker down and prepare for the cooler seasons. Pick your favorite from this week's shopping list to help secure its victory... [More]


Personal Shopper: Grown-Up Furnishings for a Childhood Bedroom

Kiera writes:"Ladies, you've helped me out a couple of times in the past and hit it out of the park every time. I'm hoping you can help me with my latest (and greatest) challenge. I've recently made the decision to go back to school, but living on Kraft Dinner and... [More]


James Anthony T-Shirt with Vertical Ringen Print

If someone took an x-ray at the exact moment that Andre the Giant tried to cop a feel of your chest, it might look a bit like this James Anthony T-Shirt with Vertical Ringen Print ($40). Personally, we think the skeletally spooky style of this piece makes it tops for... [More]


Citrus Colorblock Bracelet

Brights may be out to make way for fall's more subdued tones, but we've always made up our own fashion rules. The Citrus Colorblock Bracelet ($17) is too gorgeous to pass up just because the trend was put on the back burner. Besides, we think it'd be the perfect highlight... [More]


Bond Bar Table

We've had James Bond on the brain ever since seeing the previews for Skyfall and hearing Adele's theme song for it. If we could afford it, we'd purchase this Bond Bar Table ($1,100), stock it with cut glass barware and top shelf liquor, set it all up in the backyard,... [More]


HAVEN All Purpose Cleaner

We're always on the market for safe and natural cleaning supplies. Is it strange that we love testing out new brands by scrubbing down our kitchen counters? A few spritzes of HAVEN All Purpose Cleaner ($14 for 32 oz. bottle), a soft dishcloth, and some elbow grease had our faux... [More]


Doubtblush: Rose Red Plush Sweatshirt

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. If Elmo and Cookie Monster... [More]


iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

If you can keep those cheese puffs fresh and crisp, you'll be that much less likely to feel the need to devour the whole bag in one sitting. This iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer ($17) works far better than a slippery chip-clip to keep your snacks from going stale.... [More]


Arbour Cake Stand

Of course you want your fabulous baked goods to outshine everything else in the room. Display them on the un-fussy Arbour Cake Stand ($150) and they certainly will! The stand is quietly impressive in and of itself, but add your masterpiece and together they'll look like a match made in... [More]


Starry Night Brooch

Adorn your lapel with the stars by pinning on a handmade clay Starry Night Brooch ($15) from Sweet Bestiary. How cute would it be with a wool pencil skirt, heeled Mary Janes, and a cardi?... [More]


Color Burst Glass Magnets

Replace that cheap-o pizza place fridge magnet with something a little more sophisticated. These Color Burst Glass Magnets ($16 each) will make good replacements. Besides, you already have the delivery number in your phone. And maybe memorized.... [More]


Political Party Cotton Scarf

We're not going to hand out political advice or get in heated arguments re: candidates. We are, however, going to show you how you can support your party come November 6th. You'll look awesome sporting blue donkeys or red elephants as you step into that voting booth. You'll look even... [More]


Bliss Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper

On a first date, ladies are prone to pulling out all the stops. Fake eyelashes, water bra boobs, slimming jeans, good personalities. Keep up appearances with Bliss Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper ($22) well after the first date. It's great stuff to whip out in the bathroom while you refresh your... [More]


Bay Skidless Yoga Mat

It's tough to maintain a good downward dog when your towel or mat insists on sliding across the hardwood floor. This Bay Skidless Yoga Mat ($64) will stay right where you want it to, making you more likely to to get through that Vinyasa class without giving yourself a hernia.... [More]


THE WHITEPEPPER Transparent Rain Boots

When it rains outside, you see it not as a day to wear rain boots, but as a day to wear some outrageous socks. Show off those toestoppers with these Transparent Rain Boots ($68). And buy a few pairs of colorful laces to match to your socks when the rain... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Wind Chime Dangle Earrings

We're mad for all things art deco this year, and these Wind Chime Dangle Earrings ($5) fit the theme fabulously. And for a Prohibition-era price tag to boot. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Vers iPad 2 Bamboo Slimcase

When are we going to learn? Every time we finally invest the moolah in an Apple product, an even newer Apple product hits the market days later. Oh, well! iPad Mini be damned, we're happy with our iPad 2 and will show it off in this Vers iPad 2 Slimcase... [More]

Soprano Leopard Peplum Tank

Soprano Leopard Print Peplum Tank

Here kitty kitty...You'll get all the attention wearing the Soprano Leopard Print Peplum Tank ($30) with your favorite red skinny jeans and nude patent leather pumps.... [More]


Animal Farm Chip Clips

Whether it's chips, cookies, or granola you're eating, the Animal Farm Chip Clips ($9) will keep your goodies packaged neatly until you're ready to graze again. When you're not using them on your foodstuffs, they'll keep important papers and notes clipped to the fridge for easy viewing. Though we're sure... [More]


Way to Grow Long & Strong Shampoo

Long hair can be model-gorgeous.... or leave you looking like you're fresh out of the meth clinic. The difference is all in the health and strength of your locks. Keep them far from scraggly with this Way to Grow Long & Strong Shampoo ($6), which uses an array of vitamins... [More]


Webcaster Gun

Want the quick way to get your house decked out for Halloween? Pick up this Webcaster Gun ($56) and start squirting spooky webs wherever your heart desires. It's also a great way to satisfy your secret desire to be Spider-Man.... [More]


Northern Hemisphere Star Chart Print

What better way to bedeck our walls than with a piece of the sky? This Northern Hemisphere Star Chart Print ($45) maps out our corner of the universe in a stylishly vintage way. Maybe having it up will encourage us to spend a few more of our evenings outside, gazing... [More]


Trina Turk Ali Wrap Coat

Trina Turk, only you! Available in red or black, this fabulous Trina Turk Ali Wrap Coat ($545) will keep us warm and chic at the same time, a difficult combination. It's made from a super soft lambswool and cashmere blend that'll have all your friends asking if they can "pet... [More]


Shark Bite Remover

Attack stubborn staples with gusto and, of course, the Shark Bite Remover ($78). Mr. Great White will help keep your newly manicured nails lookin' good while also lookin' badass himself by eating your unwanted metal. Now if only he could take a bite out of the copy machine that always... [More]


Herschel Supply Company Market Tote

This generously sized Market Tote ($80) is plenty big enough for all of your market needs. For that matter, it's got enough room for any of your other needs, too. Now you just need to convince your old college suitemates that it's time to meet up for a ski weekend!... [More]


Engraved Vines Copper Pan

We're putting the Engraved Vines Copper Pan ($398) at the top of our Christmas list. Not only is copper cookware the best for uniform heat conductivity, it's also the prettiest. The vine etching on the side of this nine-inch frying pan just makes it all the more spectacular. We're contemplating... [More]


Black Brocade Mini Skirt

We're planning ahead. We know the run of work-related holiday parties will be kicking into gear as soon as Halloween is behind us, and we're going to be prepared. That's why we're ordering this Black Brocade Mini Skirt ($56) now, so it'll have plenty of time to get to us... [More]


Alice + Olivia Snake-Print Patent Leather Pumps

When you walk in wearing these Alice + Olivia Snake-Print Patent Leather Pumps ($325), everybody will know that you are about to throw down some major attitude. Hopefully, it will be a good attitude, and you will be nice to everyone who compliments you on your footwear. If not, we'll... [More]


Ferm Living Face Boxes

Service with a smile! That's the idea behind the Ferm Living Face Boxes ($310). Or, at least, we assume it is! The boxes seem excited to hold all of your stuff, from first aid supplies to old newspapers to winter sweaters. There's no need to pack them out of sight... [More]


Vignon Wine Thermometer

Nothing busts a hole in your sommelier credentials like serving your Malbec at the wrong temperature. Every self-respecting wino knows that even a few degrees can make a tremendous difference to the yumminess of your favorite varietals. With this Vignon Wine Thermometer ($30), you can make sure your pours are... [More]


Love Is Art Black & Gold Kit

Unleash your inner Jackson Pollock with this Love Is Art Black & Gold Kit ($110). It provides you with everything you need to make your own abstract body-painting. Yes, that's right - you're not supposed to use brushes to get this bold gold paint onto the included black canvas. You're... [More]


Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Jubilee Gift Set

Instead of buying some extravagant new piece of jewelry and spending a million dollars on a spa day every time we see fit, we put that money into our kids' college funds and opt for things like the Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Jubilee Gift Set ($32) instead. One refreshing spray of... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Harvest Spreader

Once you buy your own house, save for retirement, work out a schedule flexible enough to allow for golf twice a week, and have enough money to buy a lime juicer, a lemon juicer, an orange juicer, and the all important separate exotic citrus juicer, you can buy every piece... [More]


Books to Illustrate: Where Do Monsters and Spiders Hide When They're Afraid?

French designer Marie de Crecy teamed up with writer Sandra Lanilis to create Books to Illustrate, a set of simply bound books with quirky stories ready for imaginative illustrations. We're currently coveting Where Do Monsters and Spiders Hide When They're Afraid? ($14), and though we'd purchase it for a grade-school-aged... [More]


Frankenstein Monster T-Shirt

While we can't fully adopt the lifestyles of our fantasy alter egos, even this close to Halloween, we can celebrate the holiday in classic style with the Frankenstein Monster T-Shirt ($14) from The Bold Banana. It makes the perfect layering tee. We'll order it in a size larger than we... [More]


Feather Drop Earrings

What better way to accessorize that LBD than with these Feather Drop Earrings ($13)? We love the touch of art deco styling in the row of dancing, dangling crystals. We also love the under-$20 price tag, which will leave us with plenty of extra cash for our other favorite accessories:... [More]


Halloween with Matthew Mead

Buying Halloween with Matthew Mead: Style Made Shockingly Simple ($10) feels a little like we're cheating Martha, the queen of Halloween. But we need some new inspiration, and Matthew Mead's style is impeccable! We can't wait to test some of the drink recipes!... [More]


Rakku Shoe Wheel

There are few things in this world that excite us more than shoes. So it's easy to understand why this Rakku Shoe Wheel ($69) excites us thirtyfold. Because that's how many pairs of our treasured pumps, heels, flats, sandals, stilettos, clogs, and wedges we can get into this carousel of... [More]


Box O Zombies

Okay, so hordes of undead may not be roaming the earth yet, but that doesn't mean we can't be prepared! Anything's possible on Halloween, right? We'll plot our our future escape route using a Box O Zombies ($15). The six miniature statues included will help us in planning for attacks... [More]


Long Tortoiseshell Necklace

Tortoiseshell isn't just for cheap-and-fun hair accessories: we also think it looks downright snazzy in this Long Tortoiseshell Necklace ($45). It's a super simple piece that really will go with just about anything.... [More]


Jonathan Adler On-The-Go Mugs

We finally figured out why we love everything Jonathan Adler makes: he's basically Lisa Frank for the grown-ups who don't want to admit they'd love to have rainbow neon unicorns on everything they own. Now that we've come to that important realization, we'll happily continue snapping up items like these... [More]

NYX Roll On Shimmer

NYX Roll On Shimmer

Get gorgeous glowing eyes that sparkle BIG time! NYX Roll On Shimmer ($5) eyeshadows slide on smoothly and add loads of glimmer. And did we mention that there are sixteen breathtaking colors available, including Nude, Platinum, Almond, Onyx, Sea Foam, and Pink? We guarantee you that you won't be able... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Nylabone Mint Dental Knot

Things are about to get real cozy in your apartment. Your sister, her boyfriend, your parents, and two cousins are about to shack up in your place for a week straight. And for whatever uncomfortable reason, your two dogs think that will be a great opportunity to practice their all-up-in-your-face... [More]


Redecker Table Sweeping Set

What's the best way to ruin a classy dinner party? Passing out drunk before you get the food out is probably first, but having crumbs on your table is certainly on the list. This Redecker Table Sweeping Set ($75) helps you tidy things up between courses in a much more... [More]

Campus & Beyond Halloween Bash College Care Package

Campus & Beyond Halloween Bash College Care Package

We remember celebrating Halloween at college, and we must admit, that was way too much fun! However if we had had the Campus & Beyond Halloween Bash College Care Package ($40) delivered to our dorm rooms, it would have been even sweeter. This basket is loaded with treats including chocolates,... [More]


Metallic Zigzag Knit Sweater

How fabulously sophisticated is this Metallic Zigzag Knit Sweater ($85)? We're planning on wearing it to the bank next time we go to ask for a loan. It's so darned classy, we'll probably walk out of there with twice the cash we asked for. And maybe a date.... [More]


MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Wine Cooler

What good is a fancy bottle of wine if it isn't chilled in a fancy wine cooler? Well, it's probably still good, but the MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Wine Cooler ($75) will make you think it tastes better. Or maybe that's just the wine talking...... [More]


Bleeding Skull Candle

If your idea of a Halloween party is more creepy than cutesy, you can't pass up this Bleeding Skull Candle ($13). It's plenty creepy just sitting on your table, but once you light it, the melted red wax leaks out of the eye sockets of the skull. Gross, but pretty... [More]


Jessica Simpson Lovestory Scarf

Toss out the grey scale and bring in the turquoise. This winter is all about pops of color. This Jessica Simpson Lovestory Scarf ($38) boasts a refreshing teal-and-olive plaid that works well with brown and black alike. But don't be afraid to pair it with similarly vibrant shades, especially those... [More]

Ryu Meet In The Mezzanine Coat

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat

The Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat ($175) is truly fit for a princess. It may not be warm, but it is breathtaking. We love the vintage feel of it; to be honest, we love everything about it - tulle skirt, satin sash, beige rosettes and pearl beading on the... [More]


Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set

Drinking red wine is known for turning our lips and teeth shockingly purple, leading to plenty of morning-after Facebook photo detagging sessions. But it turns out, even if it might not look so hot when we're wearing it, that a nice glass of Bourdeaux is actually great for our lips.... [More]


Grey Bird Graphic T-Shirt Dress

We're pretty sure Great-Aunt Elsa had a decorative plate hanging on her wall featuring exactly the same design used on this Grey Bird Graphic T-Shirt Dress ($48). It was right between the one with a kitten sleeping in a teacup and another with a pair of puppies gamboling through a... [More]


Yves Saint Laurent Silver Mirrored Vanda Pump

Whoa. Hold the phone pumpkin. You thought you had planned your Halloween costume, but after seeing these Yves Saint Laurent Silver Mirrored Vanda Pumps ($1095), you're starting to rethink things. In fact, these would be the perfect shoes to wear with your David Bowie costume that you've been fantasizing over... [More]


Pearhead Wooden Elephant Bank

We, here in the office, have decided to boycott afternoon lattes and switch to bottles of water in an effort to get a jump on a New Year's resolution to lose weight. (What? We need all the help we can get.) The money that we save not buying coffee gets... [More]


ASOS LETTER Pointed Ballet Flats

If our lives were actually musical theatre, we'd definitely be dancing our way through them in these ASOS LETTER Pointed Ballet Flats ($50). We'd also probably be orphans.... [More]


Bond Street Chocolate Skulls

No parties to attend on Halloween? No big. We suggest turning down the lights after all the trick-or-treaters leave so you can pop in a creepy movie (have you seen The Descent?!), and polish off a tin of Bond Street Chocolate Skulls ($14). A holiday on which you're scared silly... [More]


Isa's Restoratives Sleep Well Tincture

Mama said knock you out...with something slightly more potent than Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime Herbal Tea. This Isa's Restoratives Sleep Well Tincture ($14) uses natural plant extracts to help bring on the zzzz, including soothing (and legal) California poppy.... [More]


Wool Dot Throw

Don't worry about trying to decode the Wool Dot Throw ($148) by RosenbergCPH. Those pretty pink dots aren't Morse code. They do, however, provide a gorgeous accent to the reversible merino blanket. Cuddle up under it with a mug of hot chocolate to end your evening on the right slipper-ed... [More]

Aqua Metallic Lace with Chiffon Trim Top

Aqua Metallic Lace with Chiffon Trim Top

We're all about lace, so we love the Aqua Metallic Lace with Chiffon Trim Top ($88). This gorgeous piece is an amazing combination of rich navy and sparkling silver. Pair it with your favorite skinny jeans or a black pencil skirt for a night out.... [More]


Death Wish Coffee

Your regular cup of joe failing to cut through the morning fog? Instead of turning to Adderall, try brewing yourself up some Death Wish Coffee ($20) - a dark, hefty roast with twice the normal punch of caffeine. Put it through the espresso maker and you'll probably end up on... [More]


3.1 Phillip Lim Fading Houndstooth Pullover

Just in case people far away might be confused as to what the pattern is on your sweater, this 3.1 Phillip Lim Fading Houndstooth Pullover ($375) boasts some gigantic blowups of its smaller pattern. But only on the front. People far away and behind you are just going to be... [More]


Brooks Brothers Waxed Cotton Canvas Bowler

When you've already got a solid winter wardrobe, it doesn't cost a lot to add extra knitted odds and ends over the years. So spend all that extra money you've got floating around in your boot sock drawer on this Brooks Brothers Waxed Cotton Canvas Bowler ($498). Official, sleek, and... [More]


Le Creuset Stonewear Pie Plate and Pie Bird

Thanks to a certain level of concern about maintaining our jean sizes, we don't often indulge in baking and eating pies. So when we do, they should look special. This Le Creuset Stonewear Pie Plate and Pie Bird ($40) make for a great presentation. The plate sports the classic French... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bicycle Silver Steampunk Playing Cards

Well, obviously. What else are you going to do when you're sitting around in a top hat and petticoat? Bicycle Silver Steampunk Playing Cards ($6)... [More]

DC America Kids Time Out Bench

DC America Kids Time Out Bench

We love our children more than life itself, but each and every child should come with an instruction manual and a Time Out Bench ($30).... [More]


Kendra Scott Ainsley Cuff

With a cuff this gorgeous, you might think to skip wearing anything sleeved in an effort to show it off. Don't do that. Hypothermia is not a good look on anyone. Instead, wear this Kendra Scott Ainsley Cuff ($150) over your sleeve. Especially if said sleeve is a solid color.... [More]


What A Knit Sweater

It took us a triple-take before we got the joke in the name of this What A Knit Sweater ($32). Pun fail, TOBI. But we'll give the brand a pass for style for this piece, which combines earthy rust and taupe with just the right amount of subtle sparkle.... [More]

Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin Caramel Sauce

Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin Caramel Sauce

Now is the time for everything pumpkin, and one creation we'd love to try on everything is this Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin Caramel Sauce ($6 on sale). Just imagine apple pie à la mode topped with a bit of this sinful sauce. We sure can...and we're sure your Thanksgiving guests would... [More]

Jessica Simpson Devin Pump

Jessica Simpson Devin Pump

Some of us here are all about the glitter, so of course we're loving the Jessica Simpson Devin pumps ($98). These attention-grabbers are covered in a happy rainbow of sequins. And the inch-and-a-half platforms are just what we're looking for to elongate our legs.... [More]


Patola Shawl

Fight those chill autumn breezes with this Patola Shawl ($45), which looks like a beautifully-printed hug around the neck. We're loving the soft colors and faux cross-stitch look.... [More]


Stainless Steel Pocket Hammer Pliers Multi Tool Combo

You're the kind of girl who can rely on herself for most things. Tightening pipes, hanging pictures correctly the first time, changing out a car battery without breaking a sweat or a nail. This Stainless Steel Pocket Hammer Pliers Multi Tool Combo ($47) is just the sort of thing to... [More]


Le Creuset Cherry Two-in-One Pan

While we adore our Le Creuset cookware, we don't has nearly as much of it as we'd like. With the Cherry Two-in-One Pan ($120), we can up our count by another two pans! The 2-quart sauce pan includes a lid for splatter-free simmering. But when it's time to saute the... [More]


Kate Spade New York Franca Printed Plastic Cat's-Eye Sunglasses

You have been living in a dark, shadowy cave for years, believing that only black and brown sunglasses were stylish. Step into the light wearing these Kate Spade New York Franca Printed Plastic Cat's-Eye Sunglasses ($128). Bright purple and fantastically dramatic, these are just the kind of statement shades to... [More]


Edward Lace-Up Bootie

We're calling them our "Steampunk Stompers" - these Edward Lace-Up Booties ($132) are a too-perfect blend of classic Victorian styling with a delicious grunge. Bust them out with those convention-day corsets and bustles, or stay on the subtle side with a little black dress or pleated skirt.... [More]


Constellation Tote Bag

Show off your eco-conscious shopping skills by putting new purchases in this Constellation Tote Bag ($14). Reusable shopping bags help to reserve Earth's resources for more important things. And the more we practice sustainable living, the less likely it is that we'll have to relocate to a distant star in... [More]

Swissmar 4 Person Raclette

Swissmar 4 Person Raclette

The Swissmar 4 Person Raclette ($100) brings fondue to your home for you and three friends. You can grill seafood, meats, and vegetables on the top while cheese melts in the trays below.... [More]


French Press Felted Slippers Pattern

We can't wait for a snow day. When the first one comes, we're going to stay home and make ourselves some adorable slippers. This French Press Felted Slippers Pattern ($7) should even ensure that we end up with something we can actually walk around in, instead of deformed mittens.... [More]


Carolee 16-Stone Necklace

While you're decking the halls with boughs of holly this season, deck yourself in the Carolee 16-Stone Necklace ($125). Jade and gold-plated brass serve as ornaments for a human Christmas tree. Wear it with a festive sweater and some brown leggings. (Bonus points if that sweater lights up and/or glitters.)... [More]


Distinct Patterned Glasses

Elegantly mismatched dinnerware is beyond hot right now. But when we tried to assemble our own rustic-chic collection, it looked more like somebody dumped a yard sale onto the table. We might as well admit that those magazine-perfect looks don't happen without hordes of interns scouring thrift stores, and buy... [More]

One Hundred 80 Degrees Newlydeads Salt and Pepper Set

One Hundred 80 Degrees Newlydeads Salt and Pepper Set

If you know anyone (anyone not too sensitive, that is) who's tying the knot around Halloween, the One Hundred 80 Degrees Newlydeads Salt and Pepper Set ($7 on sale) will be a fun item to add to their gift. These festive high-fired ceramic shakers are adorable - the bride is... [More]


Aunt Sadie's Vote Candles

Donkey, elephant, rooster, zebra... bring your politics to the voting booth on November 6th, and enjoy them at home with Aunt Sadie's Vote Candles ($17). They'll help you celebrate your favorite candidate while brightening up your inner air quality. All election candles come in the same scent - Sadie's spicy,... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Michael Kors Madison Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet

We've been in the market for a new everyday watch and have decided that rose gold will be our metal of choice for the year. This Michael Kors Madison Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet ($225) is beautiful, circled in diamonds and featuring a crisp white face. But seeing how... [More]


Diane von Furstenburg Jill Mirror Belt

When you're putting together the outfit of a lifetime and realize that you need one final touch, the Diane von Furstenberg Jill Mirror Belt ($185) will cinch things up. It will truly reflect your superior fashion know-how.... [More]


Hummingbird Party Forks

Why serve your canapés with ordinary toothpicks when you can spice them up with these Hummingbird Party Forks ($15)? As a bonus, their bright colors make it easier to remember whose is whose and avoid unintentional body fluid swapping.... [More]


Calvin Klein Sequin Knit Tank Top

Layering is your friend, especially when you start things off with something as classy as this Calvin Klein Sequin Knit Tank Top ($45). Peeking out from underneath our cardigans, blazers, or even a nice slouchy sweatshirt, this piece adds the perfect bit of sparkle.... [More]


Here Comes the Sun Necklace

Meet the happiest piece of jewelry on earth. This Here Comes the Sun Necklace ($30) is cheerier than a bottle full of Prozac. Its bright rainbow-and-peace-loving dove combination will help turn you into a ray of sunshine.... [More]

Luxury Rebel Vika

Luxury Rebel Vika Booties

Booties, booties, and more booties! These Luxury Rebel Vika Booties ($175) are gorgeous, and they'll coordinate with almost everything in your closet. You'll be able to get dressed in the dark and still look fabulous.... [More]


Outlast Blanket

A blanket that keeps you cool? Sounds loopy, but that's the word on the street about this Outlast Blanket ($100), which uses a NASA-developed fabric to absorb body heat when you're warm, then release it when things get chilly. Here's hoping they make one in Snuggie form sometime soon.... [More]


Jane Collar Dress in Maps

First of all - thumbs up on the stellar ink, Anonymous Model. We think that hint of rough-and-tumble is a pretty sweet style match with this Jane Collar Dress in Maps ($244). But even those of us without body art will look just dandy in this sweet little number.... [More]


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

We love all those fabulous nail-decor ideas we see on Pinterest. But however easy the instructions look, our attempts to imitate them always end up in the "abysmal fail" department. These Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips ($7) are our funky nail heroes: easy to apply, pre-decorated strips... [More]


Sudrishta Burgundy Handbag

Most of you lucky ducks are enjoying cool, crisp fall weather, but some of us are stuck in warmer climes, and the thought of donning a sweater makes us itchy and sweaty. Instead, we'll carry a sweater purse like this fun hand-knit Burgundy Handbag ($60) as a nod to all... [More]


City Lights Tie Dye Kaftan

Caftans: they're not just for Mama Cass. This City Lights Tie Dye Kaftan ($298) gives Woodstock Refugee the pass in favor of the kind of elegance we imagine Greta Garbo had when she was lounging around the dressing room.... [More]


Brush Embroidered Autumn Leaves Cookies

Buy yourself something truly gorgeous...and then eat it. These Brush Embroidered Autumn Leaves Cookies ($48) are like delectable works of art. But don't be tempted to leave them lying around - their orange-vanilla tastiness will not improve with age.... [More]

Echo Touch Screen Bow Gloves

Echo Touch-Screen Bow Gloves

When touch screen gloves first hit the stores, they were boring and very techy. They've gotten much better looking since then. These Echo Touch-Screen Bow Gloves ($42) are dainty and pretty, with that bow detail, yet super warm and functional.... [More]


Aqua Rhinestone Peep Toe Glamour Heels

Just the name of these shoes ($146) alone might be enough to get you to buy them. Even without the color, the bejeweled exterior, the style, the enchantment. To die buy for.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Benders Utensils

When a kid is learning to use utensils to eat soft foods like yogurt, mild salsa, and hummus, the whole hand-eye-spoon-coordination thing can be hard. That's why we're in capital-L Love with these Benders Utensils ($6). The sturdy BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free spoon and spork set can be bent to... [More]


dolma jewelry Style Profile Membership

We're suckers for any and every box-of-the-month club we can get our hands on: booze, makeup, kid stuff, etc. And dolma jewelry has a membership club ($30 per month) that has us reaching for our credit cards once again. After a filling out a quick style profile, we just have... [More]


Printing Pocket Long Sleeve Jumper

What's a whole sweater's worth of Nordic print? Probably overkill. This Printing Pocket Long Sleeve Jumper ($37) has just the right amount of traditional style without making you look like you're on your way to a cheesy family Christmas photo shoot.... [More]


Cap Logo Ballet Flats

We've had it wrong all these years! Tortoiseshell accessories may look darling in our hair, but slipping into a pair of Cap Logo Ballet Flats ($128) has turned us into true believers. Tortoiseshell looks just as awesome adorning our feet. These cuties are our go-to workday flats now!... [More]


Canned Air from New York City

Anyone else getting Spaceballs flashbacks? Granted, this Canned Air from New York City ($10) probably isn't quite as refreshing as the sweetly scented winds of Druidia, but those desperately nostalgic for the Big Apple might appreciate a whiff. That, or it'll make for a pretty funny paperweight.... [More]


Pointed Pendant Braided Necklace

We're in love with this Pointed Pendant Braided Necklace ($78), which means it's probably going to cost us a lot more than $78. After all, we'll need to buy the perfect shirt to show it off, acquire the just-right complementary earrings, and maybe get a new necklace-accenting haircut.... [More]


Oriental Print Trousers

Print pants aren't a new fad, but they've certainly been updated for the winter season. These Oriental Print Trousers ($60) are almost a work of art, despite the dopey name, boasting an iconic crane print. Cranes are a symbol of longevity - so do you think they'll help these pants... [More]


Haute House Bridgeport Settee

We'll give you a moment to pause and recover from the shock of seeing this decadent and over-the-top Bridgeport Settee from Haute House ($3,799). This isn't the kind of furniture you bring into a house. You build a house around it. With marble floors under it and fabric-lined walls behind... [More]


Batch of Butterscotch Scarf

We've found a new bright spot in our wardrobe. This Batch of Butterscotch Scarf ($20) comes in a warm-and-sunny hue perfect for complimenting all those lovely earth tones we break out when temperatures start dropping. Wear the heck out of it now - it'll look best with the remnants of... [More]

mg src="http://cdn.outblush.com/women/images/2012/10/juliet-romance-top-s.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="Juliet Romance Top" class="t" border="0" />

Juliet Romance Top

A gal can never have too many pairs of shoes, too many designer handbags, or too many lace tops. Right? Even if you disagree, there's no denying that the Juliet Romance Top ($48) is one of the most beautiful blouses you've seen in a while. The flowy bell sleeves and... [More]


eSutras Assorted Finishing Salts

Salt is our favorite food group - after candy, of course - and these eSutras Assorted Finishing Salts ($35) just gave us a fabulous new reason to dust another layer of sodium onto our treats and savories. The kit includes a range of mouthwatering flavor-boosters, from tart Citrus Salt to... [More]


Hatley Pull-On Splash Boots

You're usually not the kind of person to spend so much money on a pair of shoes that will get worn, at best, for six months. But you are all for spending the money if it helps your kid complete a tedious task solo. These Hatley Pull-On Splash Boots ($40,... [More]


Cheese Knife and Cutting Board Set

Cheese always makes us smile*, and this quirky Cheese Knife and Cutting Board Set ($46) will make our cheese grin, too. What Gruyère or cave-aged Stilton wouldn't love to be cut up with these beaming knives? *Other things that make us smile, no matter what kind of day we're having:... [More]


Alkemie Ginkgo Leaf Cuff

No better time to wear this Alkemie Ginkgo Leaf Cuff ($209) than during the best time of the year: the changing of the leaves. Or it is when the flowers start to sprout anew in the spring? Or maybe after everything has blossomed and the trees are ripe with fruit?... [More]


Swift & Cliff Hooded Knit Cape

Is it possible to wear this Swift & Cliff Hooded Knit Cape ($281) and maintain the hard lines shown here? Maybe with a shower curtain rod, some crinoline, and some spray starch. Those more home-ec inclined than us, please help.... [More]


Snowflake Dog Collar

Get your furbaby ready for the impending winter by switching to a cheerful Snowflake Dog Collar ($23). The red and turquoise add a modern holiday touch without being too Christmas-y. Considering that Target is already airing holiday commercials, the less Christmas-centric an item can be in October, the better!... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Flock of Shoes for Susan's Feathered Wedding

Susan writes: "I need your help Outblush! You previously helped me pick out a killer purse and now I'm in need of some shoes. I'm getting married in January and am having a very hard time finding the perfect shoe. I'm wearing this lovely dress and carrying peacock feathers instead... [More]


Leather Tack Belt

Who says the faux-equestrian trend is just for your feet? This Leather Tack Belt ($118) is a perfect riding-inspired accessory for fall, with a clever ring-and-prong "buckle." Use it to add some flattering cinch to those tunic sweaters and autumn dresses.... [More]


12-in-1 Survivor Tool

We'll admit this 12-in-1 Survivor Tool ($35) isn't quite as complete as we could have wished. There's no axe attachment, for example, for dispatching zombie hordes. But it does stuff a boatload of other potentially useful gadgets into one handy package. Our favorite feature? The motion-activated alarm. After all, we'll... [More]


Charlotte Russe Lace-Up Platform Heel Booties

First we saw the cobalt Lace-Up Platform Heel Booties ($49) and just knew we had to show you guys, too. But then we saw the leopard print. And then we saw the tiger stripe. And then we saw the glitter version. We just couldn't decide, so we're introducing all four!... [More]


Modern Welsh Lovespoon

It's a spoon... with a heart on the handle! All right, we know it's gimmicky, but the Modern Welsh Lovespoon ($16) is just cute enough to make the cut. Use it to put a little romance into your stirring.... [More]


Calvin Klein Green Collared Wool Coat

If purple is going to be the only option for tops and blouses this fall, then we are sticking with this Calvin Klein Green Collared Wool Coat ($150) for outerwear. It's warm and stylish, which are two requirements we won't waver on this time of year. But it also contrasts... [More]


Sandy Wilson Ikat Corner Storage Ottoman

That "pop of color" interior designers and bloggers are always blathering on about: Check. Fits neatly in small apartments: Check check. Doubles as seating and storage: Check check check. Really, other than the price, we can't find anything to complain about re: the Sandy Wilson Ikat Corner Storage Ottoman ($369).... [More]


Elizabeth Cole Scintillation Bracelet

Everyone is wearing bow ties (they're cool) and Peter Pan collar necklaces, but who is cool enough to wear a rhinestone bow tie bracelet? You are. If you are also cool (read: rich) enough to afford said bracelet, we are jealous. Elizabeth Cole Scintillation Bracelet ($348)... [More]


Charbonnel and Walker Bucks Fizz Truffles

Raise your hand if you know what a Buck's Fizz is. No, it's not a sparkling cocktail made with Jägermeister. These Charbonnel and Walker Bucks Fizz Truffles ($19) are made with milk chocolate, Marc de Champagne and orange. Sounds delish.... [More]


Topman Leopard Dip Dye Sweatshirt

If your boyfriend expects you to wear a skimpy thong and a braless bra in the bedroom, he better be willing to wear this Topman Leopard Dip Dye Sweatshirt ($60) outside of it.... [More]


Military Riding Boots

Not every boot needs a high heel. Some just need a buckle. Or three. These Military Riding Boots ($45) are really the perfect low option for autumn. Over jeans, under bootcut pants, or paired with a-line skirts, they are perfect.... [More]

UR Tech Earmuffs

U|R Tech Earmuffs

Fashion and technology have come a long way...a really long way. These U|R Tech Earmuffs ($30) enable you to communicate wirelessly, rock out to your favorite tunes, and keep your ears toasty warm. We're going on record and stating that these are awesome gifts for a fellow cube dwellers.... [More]


Cooperative Scalloped Peplum Dress

As if the sheer mesh top and scalloped edges weren't enough, the fabulous Cooperative Scalloped Peplum Dress ($69) comes in an electric blue, guaranteed to seal your place as the best-dressed in the room. We can't make any promises, but we might even go so far as to say you'll... [More]


Jean Paul Gaultier Guy de Jean Striped Long Umbrella

You may think an umbrella is just an umbrella. But only until you get the Jean Paul Gaultier Guy de Jean Striped Long Umbrella ($75) in the mail, open it, and look around you to see all the French boys eyeballing your je ne sais quoi. It's about to be... [More]


Glitter iPhone Case

Why yes, glitter is our favorite color! Sparkle trumps all. Glitter Is My Favorite Color II iPhone Case by Galaxy Eyes ($35)... [More]


Doubtblush: Coral Brass Wall Ornament

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Ants On My Plate Set

Who would have thought a plateload of bugs could be quite so appetizing? This Ants On My Plate set ($116 for 4) from Bailey Doesn't Bark features a hand-painted insect illustration just whimsical enough to be cute instead of creepy.... [More]


Alexander McQueen Fashions for Paper Dolls

It's about as close as we're likely to get to anything from the famous fashion house. These Alexander McQueen Fashions for Paper Dolls ($10) reproduce some of the designer's signature looks in two-dimensional format. At least someone around here will be able to look fabulous.... [More]


Boutique 9 Justine Patent Leather Pumps

You are pretty specific about the things that you like. Your chocolate has to be at least 70% cacao. Your wine must be from the Rhône Valley. Your sweaters have to be cashmere and your shoes have to be Boutique 9 Justine Patent Leather Pumps ($120). Never settle for less... [More]

Smooth Surf Scarf

Smooth Surf Scarf

On blustery cold days, we'll be thinking about eating rainbow sherbet as we wrap the Smooth Surf Scarf ($18) around our necks. This gorgeous and affordable zigzag stitch scarf features a tricolor wave of cool mint, cotton candy, and creamsicle orange.... [More]


Spice o' Life Bib Necklace

What do we need more of in our lives? Colors! This Spice o' Life Bib Necklace ($178) comes with plenty of them, by way of a bright array of beads arranged into an eye-catching statement piece.... [More]


Metropolitan Stainless Steel High Performance Hand Vac

We hate hauling out the vacuum. It's heavy and ungainly, and inevitably we end up banging it against our shins. This sad truth led us to avoid using it until it was absolutely, embarrassingly necessary. This Metropolitan Stainless Steel High Performance Hand Vac ($67) has thankfully changed all of that.... [More]


Inside Out Martini Glasses

Real martini glasses might look classy, but after you've polished off the contents once or twice, keeping them steady becomes a more challenging task. These Inside Out Martini Glasses ($60 for two) are solid and sturdy without losing any of the style of their traditional cousins. Sounds like "holiday party... [More]


Bow, How Wonderful Dress

Quick! Everyone go out and find a significant other to marry. This Bow, How Wonderful Dress ($50), although not so appropriate for a fall wedding, would be the cutest damn thing ever to wear to a springtime backyard ceremony. So, make those online profiles, set up those kissing booths, and... [More]

Hello Kitty Neon Wallet

Hello Kitty Neon Wallet

Perhaps you're drawn to this funky wallet because of the bright pink detail - or perhaps you just simply adore everything Hello Kitty. Either way, this black patent leatherette trifold wallet really stands out, thanks to the neon pink embroidery and that sweet little face. Hello Kitty Neon Wallet ($35)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Splicing Ethnic Style Pattern Pocket Hoodie

We would have never thought to pattern the hoodie portion of a pullover. Or even the pocket, for that matter. And this is precisely why we're writing about the Splicing Ethnic Style Pattern Pocket Hoodie ($12) and not designing clothing. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting... [More]


Ride On Cowboy Dog Costume

We're thinking of kidnapping someone's dog for Halloween, just so we can put it into this Ride On Cowboy Dog Costume ($20). Heck - who even needs the holiday as an excuse for this one? We'll slap that thing on our neighbor's pug, crack open a beer, and prepare for... [More]


Micro Tea Warmer

Nothing is sadder than a cold cup of tea. But how often do we go to the trouble of brewing some up for ourselves, only to neglect it as we're swept away by one distraction or another? This Micro Tea Warmer ($24) is coming to the rescue. Just place a... [More]


Fridge Locker

Got a roommate who keeps stealing your Chipotle leftovers? Lock up that cheesy bean goodness in the Fridge Locker ($32, pre-order). The combination lock will keep out food thieves while the bars provide ventilation. Your expensive jar of organic almond butter will stay safe from both stray finger swipes and... [More]


Rose Trio Necklace

When it comes to costume jewelry, we say go big or go home. Pair the pleasingly chunky Rose Trio Necklace ($28) with a silk blouse in a bright, contrasting hue like royal blue or emerald green, add skinny jeans and flats, and you've got an outfit perfect for date night... [More]


9SpotMonk New Baby Cards

You aren't alone: all of our friends are getting knocked up too. Those precious Welcome Baby cards at the Hallmark store are so sweet, they're triggering our gag reflex. These 9SpotMonk New Baby Cards ($4 each), on the other hand, are refreshingly snarky in a range of moods, from cheerful... [More]


Personal Shopper: Eye Boost for Monica

Monica writes: "I'm going through a bad break up and can't sleep very long at any given point plus I work night shift at the hospital so I'm sleep deprived already. I'm desperate for an eye cream that will get rid of the black bags under my eyes. I'd like... [More]


WOD Gear ButterFly Racerback

While you may be the type to wuss out on trapeze lessons, the ButterFly Racerback ($28) from WOD Gear can give you a bit of courage. Don't worry - if you're still balking at the idea of flying through the air with nothin' but a net underneath, that's okay. At... [More]


Eskayel Pillows

In an effort to practice honesty, we will admit that we like these lovely Eskayel Pillows ($140) not just for their funky inkblot designs. We're also fairly certain that they'll lend good camouflage to any of our spills and stains. We need to put the grey one on the end... [More]


Snake Hoop Earrings

You know what that Cleopatra costume is missing? (Besides a sexy Mark Antony on your arm, of course.) These Snake Hoop Earrings ($17), obviously! We like their bad-girl look so much, we'd happily wear them even when we're not in costume.... [More]

Jimmy Choo Reno Fabric Passport Holder

Jimmy Choo Reno Fabric Passport Holder

The Jimmy Choo Reno Fabric Passport Holder ($260) is the perfect gift for your highfalutin best gal pal. You know - the lady who lunches, carries her satchel on her forearm, transports her Yorkie in a designer pet carrier, and travels to exotic islands every month.... [More]


Square Rivets Detailed Jacket

Hello? Romwe? Lady Gaga called. She wants her Square Rivets Detailed Jacket ($133) back. (How amazing would this be for a Gaga Halloween costume? You'd win every contest, monster hands down.)... [More]


Pencil Knee Length Dress with Belt

Okay, so the full description of this Pencil Knee Length Dress with Belt ($40) on the website makes it sound sort of like something you'd wear to a sexy-secretary role-playing night with the hubby. We'd probably pass on bringing it to our actual place of employment, but we do think... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: October 23, 2012

We don't envy your having to pick just one favorite purse in this week's poll over at The Purse Page. Choosing will be no easy feat, what with all the bright colors, luxe fabrics, and darling details. Do you go spooky with the skull clutch? Boho with the hobo? Vote... [More]


Gun Egg Fryer

File this one under "Too Silly to Stop Ourselves Buying." This gun-shaped egg fryer ($8) makes it possible for you to go sunny-side-up in the shape of a pistol. Use it to treat yourself to a morning giggle, or to send a subtle message to unwelcome house guests.... [More]


Bloody Eyeball Lollipops

We don't actually know if we can bring ourselves to eat one of these Bloody Eyeball Lollipops ($10). Of course, we believe the seller when he/she/it says these are just sugary reproductions of a disgusting bloody eyeball. But somehow they're just realistic enough to make it hard to shake the... [More]


Mina Eye Mask

A catnap sounds like a luxurious thing, until you realize that the reason people need catnaps is because they're being worked to the bone, had a hellacious night, or are severely hungover. Glam up that necessary snooze (and make the most of those fifteen minutes in your car) with this... [More]

Kate Spade USB Ring

Kate Spade USB Ring

This is a great gift for the fancy IT (in both senses) girl! The Kate Spade USB Ring ($50) has 4 gigs of memory, and the ring silhouette is fun and feminine.... [More]

Adrianna Papell Beaded One Shoulder Gown

Adrianna Papell Beaded One Shoulder Gown

If we did have a black tie soiree to attend this fall, you can bet your bottom dollar we would show up in this Adrianna Papell Beaded One Shoulder Gown ($298). We love everything about this number - the single shoulder is sexy, the metallic sequins are breathtaking, and the... [More]


Diesel HIPE Socks

We've seen sexy raccoon, sexy fox, sexy skunk, and sexy squirrel. But this. This possible sexy zebra interpretation. This is a new one. If you pull it off, by all means, please, send us photographic evidence. Might work best with a mohawk. Diesel HIPE Socks ($48)... [More]


Black + Blanco Sandcastles

All right, so we know it's a stretch to act as if the delicious and crumbly Sandcastles ($6) by Black + Blanco are healthy cookies. Baked from an old Moroccan recipe, however, these are made from rye flour and coconut oil, so they're definitely better for us than your run-of-the-mill... [More]


Check Midi Skirt

Welcome to Clash of the Tartans! We're not sure which of these Check Midi Skirt ($88) patterns we love more: the classic red and black, or the sophisticated grey scale alternative. Either way, we love the vintage below-the-knee style and the warm wool fabric. Maybe we'll call a truce, and... [More]


Tie Tea Mug

Mmm. It's officially tea season! The leaves are falling, the sky is grey, and we are sipping cinnamon tea all day long and getting a lot of use out of this Tie Tea Mug ($20). Being able to wrap our tea bag string so it doesn't fall in has saved... [More]


Crown Vintage Tudor Rose Flat

If we click our heels together, will these ruby red Crown Vintage Tudor Rose Flats ($50) take us straight to foot-fashion heaven? Sure looks like it. We're loving the classy look of these cute little slippers so much we'd be willing to drop a house on someone to get a... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Burberry London Leather-Sleeved Cotton-Twill Trench Coat

We're all friends here and we have no qualms about telling you that there is no way in hell we can afford this Burberry London Leather-Sleeved Cotton-Twill Trench Coat ($1,995). But this relationship also provides us with a platform to dream big on a budget. These three very similar options... [More]


bareMinerals READY Foundation

For the love of Tammy Faye Bakker, bareMinerals has finally come out with a solid mineral powder foundation! Not that we're not fans of their classic loose powder version, but damned if it doesn't get eh-vuh-ree-where when we apply it - on the bathroom counter, on our shirts, on the... [More]


Cocoroni Anti Dust Plug

We've never actually worried about dust getting into the headphone jacks of our phones, but now that we think about it, there are certainly enough little particles floating around in our purses that it's a possibility. Thankfully, there's an adorable solution to this problem that we didn't know we had:... [More]


Tretorn Skerry Neo Boots

Fold-over boots are our guilty pleasure, and they're too much fun to pass up on the days that it rains. So we picked up a pair of these Tretorn Skerry Neo Boots ($65) to hold us over until we can wear our flannel editions in drier weather. Made of waterproof... [More]


Alice by Temperley Design Wonderland Charm Necklace

We love Temperley. We love everything they do, from their stunningly bejeweled gowns to their luxurious accessories. But the fact that they charge $395 for a scarf puts them soundly in fashion-daydream territory. This Alice by Temperley Design Wonderland Charm Necklace ($158), however, won't send our budgets down the rabbit... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Car Seat Infant Sun Shade

We all know what it's like to get into a car after it's been baking in the sun for even just thirty minutes. As soon as you sit in that seat, your ass burns faster than it would if you had just swandived straight into the sun. Now imagine how... [More]


GRAVITY High Vamp Shoe Boots

Q: If boots were made for walking, and the shoe that fits is meant to be purchased, where do these GRAVITY High Vamp Shoe Boots ($140) leave you? A: Walking away $140 in the hole.... [More]


Crayo Angles Watch

This Crayo Angles Watch ($125) reminds us of what telling time might be like after a nice glass of magic mushroom tea. With its cheerfully skewed angles and down-the-rabbit-hole look, it's got a totally Tim Burton vibe.... [More]


Ze Super Zeros Zonk The Monkey

You've got a best friend interviewing for a promotion in the next couple of weeks. And not only is she nervous, she's terrified. She's the kind of person who's afraid to fail. Give her a little extra boost: leave Zonk ($24) on her desk next time she steps out. While... [More]


Mount Hood Lodge Sweater

Adding new sweaters to an already well-thought-out winter wardrobe can be tough. Prints change, cuts vary, and colors transition, year after year. But this Mount Hood Lodge Sweater ($50) is an easy one to add to the mix. Neutrally balanced and cozy as a bear rug, this wool-blend wonder will... [More]


Gravy Warmer Bowl

What's one of our favorite foods ever? Gravy. One of the least appealing foods ever? Gravy when it's cold. We've seen all manner of contraptions designed to prevent your meat juice from congealing, using everything from batteries to tealights. This Gravy Warmer Bowl ($20) does the job far more simply... [More]


Arsenic Femme Fatale Collection

It's the right time of year to get in touch with your darker side, which is why we're very excited about this Arsenic Femme Fatale Collection ($65) from TokyoMilk. The fragrance is spiked with crushed fennel, vanilla, cut greens and - of course, absinthe. You'll get a lovely bottle of... [More]


Terrarium Heart Necklace

We're somewhat skeptical re: our ability to keep this Terrarium Heart Necklace ($45) alive and - well, green. But we love the look of the tiny garden inside this delicate heart-shaped glass bulb so much, we're willing to let even our night-black thumbs give caring for it a whirl. (Luckily,... [More]


Birch Bag

We love woodsy things, like Bambi, or dudes coated in flannel and sawdust. That's probably why we're also nuts for this Birch Bag ($38). Not that we'll be carrying it with us into any actual forests. We might get eaten by a bear.... [More]


Chevron Day Dress

There are those nights that you prepare for, plan for, go all out for. You buy out the whole liquor store and ask people to bring extra bottles "just in case." You put a deposit on a keg a month in advance and have it sitting in a bucket of... [More]


Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer

When we're really fed up with the daily work of keeping the house clean and preparing meals and generally being an adult, we find it best to work out our issues while still accomplishing some of those chores. We beat our rugs, we scrub with real fervor, and we plan... [More]


butter LONDON Dodgy Barnett Nail Lacquer

Fall wardrobes can be just as prismatic as spring and summer ones. But with all that color floating around, something neutral is needed. No, it isn't brown or black, but the the toned-down sparkle in this bottle of butter LONDON Dodgy Barnett Nail Lacquer ($14) can play up any jewel-toned... [More]


Stripes and Heart Print Sweater

Adding the colorful Stripes and Heart Print Sweater ($30) to your rotation is an easy-peasy way to look adorable for the fall. All you have to do is toss it on over a cami, slip into leggings and boots, and pull your hair into a messy pony.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Wrapping Things Up with Rebecca

Rebecca writes: "I am attending a wedding in mid-October. The wedding starts at 5:30 pm and I have chosen to wear this dress. I need your help accessorizing!! I'm looking for something to wear to cover my arms (as they are a sore spot for me and the ceremony will... [More]


Bamboo and Metal Box Grater

We're having a kitchen-gadget ERMAHGERD moment right now over this Bamboo and Metal Box Grater ($24). What do you mean, it'll easily shred our cheese without flaking it all over the counter? We would have loved it just for its rustic adorableness! Slap in our retainers and put us in... [More]


Zara Plush Drawstring Trousers

When you live alone, there is no one else to go out and fetch your snot meds from the drugstore. And you don't really want to be caught out wearing the same grey sweatpants that have been in your bottom dresser drawer for fifteen years now, oh no. But these... [More]


Witch City Wicks Haunted Attic Candle

Add that perfect bit of atmosphere to your Halloween bash by lighting up this Witch City Wicks Haunted Attic Candle ($10). It promises to have your place smelling of spider webs and old wedding dresses in a jiffy. It's nothing less than we'd expect of something made in Salem, MA.... [More]


RunSystem63 Herringbone Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf

Silk and cotton scarves are done with. We are moving on to the superior Herringbone Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf ($75) from RunSystem63, which is stylish, warm, and can be morphed into different shapes and styles. And don't worry if this particular scarf is sold out. This Etsy shop has plenty... [More]


Cheap Thrill: ASOS Bee Collar Brooches

So you've bought yourself a Peter-Pan-collared shirt. Now what? How to stand out from the crowd? Why, with these ASOS Bee Collar Brooches ($14), of course. These cute little critters will be buzzing your praises. Just hope that people passing by don't mistake them for the real thing. Instead of... [More]


Great Lakes Quilt

Celebrate your love of America's inland waters with this Great Lakes Quilt ($219). This map-in-blanket-form covers everything from Duluth to Rochester, and will also keep your tootsies cozy during those winter Mob Wives Chicago marathons.... [More]


Antracita Tablecloth

We don't think much about tablecloths until the holidays roll around - all of those big family meals somehow call for something nicer than the scratched top of our IKEA kitchen table. We're classing it up big time this year with this gorgeous Antracita Tablecloth ($249). And he open, lacy... [More]


Black Death Fly Earrings

Over-the-top seasonal accessories aren't just for elementary school teachers. We'll quite happily celebrate this month's gruesome holiday with these Black Death Fly Earrings ($40). Get 'em quick, though - these babies are a limited release, and are sure to go fast.... [More]


MUK LUKS Arm Warmers

As cool as these MUK LUKS Arm Warmers ($18) are, they are just as uncool. Literally. They keep you warm. Wear them under your sleeves for a pop of the unexpected at the wrist or over your sleeves for an overt declaration of how cool you are. Or uncool, that... [More]


Hip Peas Shampoo & Body Wash

There are plenty of natural hair care products out there aimed at parents who want the best for their kiddos. But we're going to go out on a limb and say none of them are as hip as Hip Peas! The earth-friendly company creates awesome products, like this Shampoo &... [More]


Vampire Forensics

Think vampires all look like the studs on True Blood? We wish. But the truth behind the now heavily-sexified myth is a bit more on the gruesome side. In Vampire Forensics ($15), Mark Collins Jenkins examines the real history behind the bloodsucking folklore, uncovering some seriously unsettling stories in the... [More]


Squeeze In Orange Squeezer

We really, really want a juicer, but have you seen the price tags on those bad boys? Yikes! For now, we're going to keep it old-school and use the Squeeze In Orange Squeezer ($89). Sure, we won't be squeezing any liquid out of kale or carrots, but there's something about... [More]


Horse Stud Earrings

You may be a little nervous about actually sitting atop an equine, but that doesn't mean you can't admire them from afar! These Horse Stud Earrings ($38) will help you achieve that classic been-riding-since-you-were-three look. Add riding boots and a polo shirt, and you'll look like a born horsewoman. Though... [More]


Doubtblush: Stinkin' Cute Skunk Adult Costume

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We get that Halloween is... [More]


Sharon Barber Basic Black Brendi Purse

We love the notion of convertible purses, but have to admit that those we've seen so far look - well, a lot like everything else. This Sharon Barber Basic Black Brendi Purse ($85) is eye-catchingly different, thanks to its natural red oak base. We already find the simple black starter... [More]


Jewel Cut Glass Cocktail Shaker

Sure, any ol' cocktail shaker will yield similar results: a tasty, lightly shaken drink for you to toss back. But a Jewel Cut Glass Cocktail Shaker ($40 each) will look mighty good performing the task. Add the Jewel Cut Martini Set or the Jewel Cut Double Old-Fashioned Glasses (order on... [More]


Bracelet Buddy

Trying to fasten a bracelet by yourself is pretty near impossible. In the past, the only two options seemed to be pinning our wrists to the dresser and writhing around like a snake on acid or picking ourselves up a boyfriend just for the extra pair of hands. Luckily, we... [More]


Welcome* Unless Doormat

Well, that's one way to keep grassroots solicitors from knocking on your door. But then again, it might lead to an uncomfortable conversation with your overly political in-laws. Welcome* Unless You're a Democrat Doormat ($20) Welcome* Unless You're a Republican Doormat ($20) Also, nothing says you can't buy both if... [More]


Slim Hooded Black Trench Coat

Things we never thought would go together: 1. Peanut butter and pickles 2. Russell Crowe and a musical 3. Trench coats and hoods We'll have to wait till December to find out about Russell Crowe, but we can clearly see the appeal of the last combination on our list in... [More]


Scout Ceramic Soap Dish

We totally get the idea that the Scout Ceramic Soap Dish ($20) from Izola should remind us to lead by example. Handwashing is a habit we're happy to pass on to others. But do we find it true and brave? Only when we're in the Target bathroom dodging small children,... [More]


Wanderlaust Lace Jacket

Oh my gawd, y'all! Did your dreams just come true, too? This Wanderlaust Lace Jacket ($125) looks like something we would dream up. It would be perfect to wear over a bridal gown once the reception started to cool down. Or over a suit on the walk to the local... [More]


Long and Short of It Notepad

Part wrist rest, part smiley office companion, the Long and Short of It Notepad ($12) is a desk accessory designed for jotting notes and making lists. Who says everything has to be recorded vertically?... [More]


Lulu Frost Fate Collar

Call it destiny. Call it happenstance. Or call it dumb luck. But the day you wore this Lulu Frost Fate Collar ($312), you got promoted, ran into your ex while looking totally hot and like you were the one who got away, managed to pull out of your parking spot... [More]


Cabela's Kamet Peak Sweater

We love men in Cabela's, particularly if they're smudged with grease, dusted with wood chips, and otherwise bedecked with power drill residue. But the maker of the ideal working man's wardrobe also puts out some nice items for the ladies. This Cabela's Kamet Peak Sweater ($50) is a sturdy, warm,... [More]


Dickensian Volume Nail Polish Set

This October, pay tribute to the writer of the world's best-known ghost story: A Christmas Carol. Seriously - have you actually read the darned thing? It's as creepy as all get-out. This Dickensian Volume Nail Polish Set ($85) celebrates the famous novelist's darker tendencies with an array of gothic hues.... [More]


Printed Robe

There are days when you don't want to get out of your warm, toasty bed to face the bitter, frigid cold of the outside world rest of your apartment. So we suggest sleeping with this Printed Robe ($37) tucked under the comforter at the foot of your bed. That way,... [More]


Personal Countdown Clock

While we've moved beyond counting the days 'til Christmas with glee*, we still like to keep track of how far away various momentous occasions are, and the Mr. Jones Personal Countdown Clock ($124) is an ideal tool for that. In addition to checking the time - so useful - we... [More]


Not Rated News Flash Booties

The old world meets a whole new one in these Not Rated News Flash Booties ($55). They would look whimsical and not-at-all dated if you wore them with opaque leggings and a long tunic-style cream tuxedo shirt belted at the waist. But we're more hoping someone wears these to a... [More]


Obey Women's Nevermore Necklace

Is anyone going to cut in front of us in line at the coffee place when we're sporting this Obey Women's Nevermore Necklace ($22)? Not unless they want a double-latte-mochaccino-ful of the evil eye.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mokuyobi Threads Temporary Tattoos

We're all about the cool, unusual, and temporary. We'd probably never sport real ink of a character wearing a robot costume, but we're willing to slap it on for a few days! The Temporary Tattoos set ($2) from Mokuyobi Threads gives us four funky tats to choose from. What's a... [More]


Sleeveless Boucle Utility Vest

How perfect is this Sleeveless Boucle Utility Vest ($125) for fall? Throw it over some warm knit leggings and a classic white oxford shirt, or finish it off with skinnies and a pea coat. The only thing we like better for layering right now is a cake.... [More]


Meltiar Hourglass

The golden sand in the Meltiar Hourglass ($36) isn't, you know, really gold. Nor does turning the hourglass actually give us an accurate idea of what time it is. But we don't mind on either account, because it's damn gorgeous and will bring a bit of glamour to our otherwise... [More]


Butterfly Tattoo Tights

We love the look of a bold, sexy leg tattoo. But we hate needles almost as much as we do commitment. That's why these Butterfly Tattoo Tights ($23) are a perfect solution. We'll pick some up in our personal shade and enjoy all the fun without the awkward explanations to... [More]


Grime Writer

We've been noticing some pretty clever 'reverse graffiti' around our city, where artists (or businesses) have taken a stencil to the filthy concrete and power washed an image (or ad*) onto the ground, making for a design that is lighter than the surrounding area. This Grime Writer ($13) works along... [More]


Itunube Bracelaces

These Itunube Bracelaces ($34) feel just a little bit risqué. After all, aren't our lacy delicates supposed to be worn beneath the rest of our wardrobe? At least in public? But these light, airy pieces look just right peeking from under our sleeves or cuffs.... [More]


Toilet Water Bowl

We'll admit that potty humor is pedestrian, but we got a kick out of this Toilet Water Bowl ($35). Besides, if your pooch is toilet-obsessed, wouldn't you rather set him up with clean water?... [More]


Rotten Luck Stationery

Time to send out those traditional Halloween cards! What's that? You didn't know about the tradition of mailing spooky messages to friends and loved ones every October? We guess now you know why you get dirty looks from your relatives on Thanksgiving. Get on the bandwagon by picking up this... [More]


Ideal Bookshelf Custom Painting

Paying someone to paint a picture of a bunch of books we already have: it sounds like madness when we spell it out. But these Ideal Bookshelf Custom Paintings ($310) are just too darned cool for us to resist. And after all, can we ever really have too many ways... [More]


Wolverine Seger Engineer Boots

If you could create the perfect man, he's be part rugged outdoors man, part romantic poetry-reading Renaissance man, and part sexual mastermind who enjoys a nightly cuddle, with Seger Engineer Boots ($180) from Wolverine on his well-manicured feet and a collection of Shakespeare's sonnets in his hand. Masculine perfection.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Ouchlet Outlet Covers

Trying to explain to little ones (or, uh, big and slightly drunk ones) that playing around with an outlet could result in badness can be a little challenging. These Ouchlet Outlet Covers ($6) keep curious hands holding small objects out while also giving a visual cue. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


Salt & Pepper Vest

"Waaarrggghhh" is Wookie for, "Darn, is that one seriously stylish faux-furry piece!" We highly doubt it'll do much to keep us warm, but who cares? This Salt & Pepper Vest ($30) looks as though it might have been salvaged off of one of Chewbacca's uncles, and we think that's swell.... [More]


Uplunge Backless Strapless Underwire Bra

You've always wanted to be that girl who can sport a backless dress with a plunging neckline. But your boobs have never been on board. They appreciate the supporting role that your bra has perfected. Thanks to the Uplunge Backless Strapless Underwire Bra ($36), you can finally wear those slinky... [More]


Portion Control Pasta Basket

Here's a lesson we've learned over the years: eating healthy food is well and good, but if you eat four servings of something, it doesn't matter how healthy it is - your skinny jeans will still be tight. We've been using this Portion Control Pasta Basket ($9) to make tortellini... [More]


7 For All Mankind Snake Print Chiffon Blouse

There is not enough snake-print chiffon on this planet. Seriously. There needs to be more of it. If all blouses were made to look like this 7 For All Mankind one ($198), this planet would be a little more "rodeo chic meets Rodeo Drive." And there wouldn't be nothing wrong... [More]


Skull Tray

Have you fallen yet into the rabbit hole that is Zara's home line? Don't say we didn't warn you! Our current favorite piece is the Skull Tray ($60), which is spooktacular enough for martinis on Halloween, and badass enough to display year-round.... [More]


Marni Platform Pumps

These Marni Platform Pumps ($448) have us simultaneously mooing, barking, and pulling out our wallets. We just can't figure out which language to use the operator will appreciate least while we're ordering these polka-dotted puppies over the phone.... [More]


Zombies Hate Stuff

We're going to start our own book club. We'll call it "State the Obvious Reads of the Month". This whimsically illustrated little number, Zombies Hate Stuff ($10), will be our first pick, followed afterwards by Oceans Are Wet and Rich People Think They're Better Than You.... [More]


R&J Handbags by Romeo & Juliet Couture Alisa Satchel Bag

Angry satchel is angry. The closed-tight eyes and zipped-shut mouth on this Alisa Satchel Bag ($85) make this handbag appear to be super upset. Upset about what, we don't know. But perhaps if we fill it with lip gloss, spare panties, and a wallet full of receipts, it will find... [More]


Grout-Aide Marker

Scrub that shower all you want: it's still going to look funktastic if your gleaming tiles are surrounded by lines of filthy, mildew-stained grout. Freshen it up with this Grout-Aide Marker ($7), which applies a coat of clean white over all that nasty.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Eric Rutberg Rolv Pumps for Megan

Megan writes: "Hi! Love this blog!! I am in love with the Eric Rutberg Rolv pumps--on Piperlime, but I'm not in love with the price. I'm hoping you could help me find a similar pair to wear with a fabulous Jay Godfrey dress that I just got for a wedding.... [More]


How to Look Expensive: A Beauty Editor's Secrets to Getting Gorgeous Without Breaking the Bank

Classy ladies: you know who they are. You can spot them from across a room. Their skin is flawless. Their makeup is elegant. Their hair is obviously not natural - because no one's real hair color could possibly look that good. We desperately want to be them when we grow... [More]


Balance Salt and Pepper Set

Have a bit of Zen with your supper with this Balance Salt and Pepper Set ($38). These three containers are shaped to resemble traditional Zen balancing stones - except, of course, that they're much easier to position on top of one another. The top two hold salt and pepper, while... [More]


Weird Old Snail iPad Organizer

If you don't have a purse large enough for your iPad, why not turn your iPad case into a purse? Okay, it's not a purse exactly, but this iPad Organizer ($38) will hold your tablet safe and snug in its felt folds, and the additional pockets are perfect for a... [More]


Snake Eyes Yard Dice

We all love lawn games, but after a few hours the bocce starts veering towards boring. That's when it's time to break out these Snake Eyes Yard Dice ($50) and up the stakes a bit. Not only will a bit of backyard gambling add some spice to your cookouts, you... [More]


Suvorov Sautoir Necklace

You deserve an award for putting up with your coworker's nonstop yammering about whatever infinitesimal thing is bothering her that day. Whether it be that the pest control guy was seven minutes late, her cat yacked up on her knitting project again, or the guy on OkCupid just won't respond... [More]


Acquaverde Zip Jeans

You can't think of a better place to put zippers than right on your hips. This way, at Thanksgiving, when you've stuffed yourself with turkey, cranberry sauce, biscuits, green beans, pineapple casserole, pecan pie, and cider, you can simply expand your pants at the waist and dig in for thirds.... [More]


Jeeves Pendant

Didn't think you could afford your very own valet? Think again! With the Jeeves Pendant ($280) by Innermost, you've got an affordable gentleman's gentleman. Flip the switch and he'll light the way for you, like any reliable secret superhero's billionaire's butler. Just be forewarned: you'll need to hire someone else... [More]


Rupert Sanderson Kibo

Oh, we know they're way outside our price range. We don't care. These Rupert Sanderson Kibo Shoes ($725) are just too gorgeous not to gush over. We love their perfect combination of complementary prints in rich earth tones with just the right touch of bold fuchsia.... [More]


Peanut Cocoa Butter

There are a million and one edibles that would benefit from a few tablespoons of Peanut Cocoa Butter ($11 for an eight-ounce jar). Made by Big Spoon Roasters in small batches, this peanut butter boasts of a heaping addition of stone-ground chocolate. We haven't yet tested the stuff out on... [More]


Black Spot Lace Hourglass Dress

We know it's pricey. This Black Spot Lace Hourglass Dress ($816) is also a flawless balance of vintage style with a totally wearable, modern look. Top it off with some black pumps and red lipstick for a timeless femme-fatale vibe.... [More]


Love Letter Napkins

Dine on the words of great writers - err, dine on roasted chicken, but pat your mouth clean on the words of the greats. These Love Letter Napkins ($48, set of 4) are printed with love letters written by Jack London, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, and D. H. Lawrence. If... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Shot Glass Card

When it's time to get the party started, we don't like to leave that task up to other people. Which is why, when we want the birthday boy or girl to have a really good time, we show up with this Shot Glass Card ($5) hanging off of a bottle... [More]


Custom Personalized State Heart Date Modern Art Print

The day your boyfriend became your fiancé. The day your fiancé became your husband. The day you learned you were pregnant. The day your little family grew by one more. They all started with the day you lost your virginity. Memorialize it. Custom Personalized State Heart Date Modern Art Print... [More]



Halloween is the perfect time to let your freak flag fly. And nothing says "I'll stab you over the last donut so don't test me" like these A PEACE TREATY SUTI Earrings ($165). So what if your freak flag says you'd murder for pastries. Fly it high and proud.... [More]


Abas Aniline Travel Accessories

Flying has gotten so impersonal lately. According to the airlines, you are just a seat-filler with baggage to lose. Since you know your next trip to Minnesota is going to be miserable, give yourself something to look forward to. Abas Aniline Travel Accessories ($35-140) can be monogrammed with one or... [More]


Custom Couple Portrait Handcarved Stamp

What's better for your carpal tunnel than signing piles of invitations and thank-you cards by hand? Stamping them with this Custom Couple Portrait Handcarved Stamp ($70). Not only is your own personal couple-stamp a super cute way to sign off on all those wedding-related missives, it also saves you piles... [More]


Vince Cowl Horizontal Rib Sweater

Inevitably, you're going to get sick this season. And it's going to get gross. Hunker down and cozy up with the entirety of Doctor Who while wearing this Vince Cowl Horizontal Rib Sweater ($320). Made of a merino wool-alpaca-nylon-camel blend, it's sort of like wrapping yourself up in the 11th... [More]


Disposable Sleeves for iPad

Our tablets spend plenty of time in the kitchen with us, whether we're watching Alton Brown bake salmon or following a step-by-step guide to preparing the perfect gin fizz. We've already had a few close calls, nearly killing ourselves in an attempt to clean up spilled milk (literally) before it... [More]


Spice Infuser

Cooler weather means it's time to crack open our Julia Child cookbooks, and get our French cuisine on. But it seems like every hearty winter-warming dish the culinary maven came up with requires a nice bouquet garni - and our little herb bundles have an annoying habit of collapsing into... [More]


Oxford Chestnut Satchel

We know school has been in session for a while now, but this Oxford Chestnut Satchel ($195) from The Leather Satchel Co. is just screaming "fall classroom accessory." At fourteen inches, it's small enough to not be cumbersome as you hightail it to group study at the library, but certainly... [More]


Vintage License Plates Clock

Bookmark this one for Dad's next birthday: this Vintage License Plates Clock ($185) looks like just the thing to spice up the decor in his workshop. Though we can already guess that he'll make his next project building one of his own from actual license plates, instead of easier-to-manage images... [More]


A.Friend by A.F. Vandevorst Petra Pants

Life is a circus and you'd like to think you've got some control of all the madness. So on Saturday morning, when the dog is all but roaring to go outside, the kids are bouncing on the furniture, your husband is asking for another turn on the sex trapeze, and... [More]


Lékué Bread Maker

Still on the quest for the perfect loaf? Give this Lékué Bread Maker ($45) a whirl. The foldable silicone mold helps shape your bread and provides the perfect conditions for a moist, full, crusty loaf. Now that's the kind of bun we want in our ovens.... [More]

Fossil Find Earrings

Fossil Find Earrings

These Fossil Find Earrings ($7) are stylish enough that you can wear them on days other than Halloween, but still perfect for that sassy pirate costume.... [More]


10% NovawhiteGO Kit

It was two days before a big job interview and one close look at your mouth whilst tending to your lip 'stache revealed some major wine teeth, corners tinged with coffee stains. It was as far from attractive as you've ever seen your teeth. In that exact moment, you went... [More]


Merkled Coat Hooks

Add the Merkled Coat Hooks ($95, set of 7) to your entryway wall for an eye-catching way to greet your guests. Hang them at uneven heights for maximum effect.... [More]


bebe Diamond Lace Bodycon Dress

Breast cancer awareness functions abound in the month of October. From marathons to benefits, there are countless opportunities to dress up in something pink! This bebe Diamond Lace Bodycon Dress ($69) is a great option for those evening auctions. Throw on a cropped black blazer wtih some red-hot heels and... [More]


Goorin Marcello Trilby Hat

You're not saying that your boyfriend is dumb (he is) or that he doesn't know how to dress himself (he doesn't), but you know that when it comes time to accessorize, he needs all the help he can get. So gently guide him in the direction of this Goorin Marcello... [More]


Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit

Think molecular gastronomy is just for show-offs? Think again! With the Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit ($60) you, too, can manipulate ordinary cocktail ingredients in enticing new ways, creating pomegranate froths and grenadine pearls. The included DVD should help guide you as you mix and pour. And hey, if your froth... [More]


Personal Shopper: Rachel and Sis Broke the Bank

Rachel writes: "Hi, you recently helped my roommate out with an awesome look for a wedding. I have one coming up at the end of November in Florida at the beach. My sister and I have no idea what to wear. We would like to spend under $60 between the... [More]


James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set

You're just as excited about the new Bond flick as your boyfriend is, but we know he'd be more excited to get this James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set ($60) than you would. The set features eight tiny die-cast replicas of vehicles featured in Bond films, ranging from the Aston... [More]


Rebecca Taylor Lil Bit Leather Gown

A little bit leather: it's a nice description of our bedroom philosophy. It also makes for one heck of a stylish evening dress. This Rebecca Taylor Lil Bit Leather Gown ($695) combines a classically elegant style with just the right touch of Sons of Anarchy edginess.... [More]


Mediterranean Coast Reed Diffuser

When we first opened the bottle for this diffuser ($52), we couldn't have imagined how strong the scent would be - powerful enough to make our living room smell amazing, but not too overwhelming. This product is pleasing to the nose and eyes, as it looks beautiful on our coffee... [More]


monkey + magoo Caveman Baby Halloween Costume

He drools, he farts, he poops when he pleases, he chases wild animals (read: the family cat) instinctively, and babbles incoherently as if you are somehow supposed to understand him. Might as well take Halloween as an opportunity to dress him like the caveman he really is. monkey + magoo... [More]


Express ReRock Boot Cut Jean

We recently went out looking for some new jeans. And do you know how frigging hard it is to find pants that aren't skinny cut-off-blood-circulation-to-your-ankles jeans? Why can't there be more options like this ReRock Boot Cut Jean ($98) from Express? These are comfortable and flattering (and y'all, super skinny... [More]


Design Your Own Superhero Cape

We're frankly jealous of this Design Your Own Superhero Cape ($40) kit. Someone bought it for one of our nephews, and we probably would have stolen it, except that it's sized for eight-year-olds. What's the kid going to do with it anyway? Run around pretending to be Superman? Capes should... [More]


RED Valentino Bicolor Patent Leather Bow Oxfords

Cotton candy, puppy dogs, and baby butts have nothing on how cute these RED Valentino Bicolor Patent Leather Bow Oxfords ($425) are. Contrasting pink tones are played up with a large bow, the tassel detailing is razor sharp, and all in all these would be the perfect accompaniment to a... [More]


A.J. Morgan Hearthrob Sunglasses

When you're hungover from an evening spent sipping spiked apple cider with your best gal pals, then you need these A.J. Morgan Hearthrob Sunglasses ($24). You're feeling like the bottom of a garbage dump on the inside, but look like a sweet, innocent goody two-shoes on the outside.... [More]


Lipstick Queen Saint 10 Percent Pigment

Election season has us feeling indecisive. Take cosmetics, for example. We just can't make up our minds whether we want to throw our support behind the full-coverage lipstick movement, or cast our vote for lighter-touch gloss. Lucky for us, in beauty there is actually a middle ground. This Lipstick Queen... [More]


Nice Jewish Guys 2013 Calendar

Tired of your mom harassing you about ditching that long line of sexy bad boys you've been dating for someone with a good job and excellent table manners? The powers-that-be are once again coming to your rescue, with the release of the Nice Jewish Guys 2013 Calendar ($16). Stick this... [More]


Red Dog Walker Necklace

Your apartment building forbids pets? Pfft. Walk a pair of dogs anyway with the Red Dog Walker Necklace ($59) by Liliana Design. It'll be a showstopping placeholder until you can bring home the real, furry thing!... [More]


Cosmo Notecard Set

Your grandma sent you a birthday card again, didn't she? And just like you have for the last thirty years, you totally ignored it. Make the old lady's day by writing her a nice, old-fashioned, snail mail reply on something from this lovely Cosmo Notecard Set ($13). You ingrate.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Owl Index Sticky Note

What are way more fun than typical index stickers? These Owl Index Sticky Notes ($3), obviously. They'll make marking your place so cute, you'll be bookmarking everything you can. That makes these much better for motivating your studies than your plan to reward yourself with a marshmallow after every chapter.... [More]


Hippie Cuff Thermal

When is a thermal more than just an undershirt? When it's spruced up with lovely little details, like those we see in this Hippie Cuff Thermal ($68). Cute buttons and boho patterning make it an ideal piece for layering under our favorite t-shirts and blazers.... [More]


Renew Booties

We've been feeling a little run-down by life lately, which means it's time to engage in one of our favorite pick-us-ups: shoe shopping. These Renew Booties ($79) look ideal for freshening up our outlook on life, with their dainty little wood-look heels and nice leather-wrapped ankle detailing. If they don't... [More]


Ana Striped Candles

How much more fun will the inevitable winter blackouts be when we weather them with these Ana Striped Candles ($24)? Not only do we love the earthy tones and fun stripes, we're also fans of the fact that they're both smokeless and drip free. That means much less mess to... [More]


Elysee YouthSpan Enviro-Shield Tinted Veil

Your skin has changed and foundation is no longer doing the trick. Might we suggest the magic powers of Elysee YouthSpan Enviro-Shield Tinted Veil ($22)? Formulated to keep skin young and reduce existing signs of aging, this is the kind of makeup you use when the crow's-feet start creeping in.... [More]


Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Stencil Supply Tee

Ever see a girl, like your hairdresser or barista, and think, "Either I'm going to make out with that chick, she's so damn hot, or I'm going to force my friendship on her"? That's how we feel about this chick modeling the Stencil Supply Tee ($40). Either we have to... [More]


Scrabble Typography Edition

Face it, if your Saturday night plans include a cutthroat game of Scrabble, chances are good that you're a full-blown nerd. And there's not a damn thing wrong with it. In fact, we think it's time to go one step further and get the Scrabble Typography Limited Edition ($199). The... [More]


Wine for a Wedding Classic Trio

It's the wedding gift that keeps on giving: this Wine for a Wedding Classic Trio ($79) is a stacked set of elegant wooden boxes housing three bottles (not included) meant to be aged and then lovingly consumed on key anniversaries. It'll be a riot when ten years roll by, and... [More]


Mokuyobi Threads Bedford Bag

One of the reasons we're so in love with the Bedford Bag ($99) from Mokuyobi Threads is its ability to stand out from the crowd. The all-in-one backpack, tote, and crossbody is easy to convert and wear however we feel most comfortable on a given day. It also cushions our... [More]


Button Front Wool Maternity Coat

You went and got yourself knocked up over the summer. Congratulations. You timed that well. Instead of carrying around an Easy-Bake Oven in your uterus all summer long, that bun will instead keep you toasty and warm throughout the winter. So show that little muffin-to-be some love by wrapping up... [More]


Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Sure, we cherish our bath bombs as much as the next gal, but sadly, we don't get nearly enough relaxing tub time. That's where the Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit ($45) comes in. It can be adjusted to hook onto any showerhead and extend over the water spray. Once that's done,... [More]


Rachel Zoe Karolina Haircalf T Strap Pumps

We had a feeling you ladies might be into the Rachel Zoe Karolina Haircalf T Strap Pumps ($207, on sale) that the model was wearing in our Rachel Zoe Abbey Wrap Maxi Skirt post. Lucky you, we were ready and waiting with the exact shoe standing by in case some... [More]


Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauce

Chilly evenings call for a big pot of our famous, well, chili! We've got a few secrets when it comes to our recipe, including a few dashes of Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauce ($9) toward the end of an all-day simmer. Made in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you know it's gonna be... [More]


Crosley Ranchero iPod Dock

We like to imagine that this Crosley Ranchero iPod Dock ($129) was born when a hapless warehouse employee stumbled across a long-forgotten, dusty box of vintage radios, and came up with the inspired idea of converting them into cute and functional decor for the modern era. We realize this is... [More]


Demeter Paperback Cologne

Tired of trying to win over that doctor? Aim for a sexy English professor instead by dousing yourself with a squirt or two of this Demeter Paperback Cologne ($20). It'll have you smelling like the pages of his favorite battered Hemingway in no time.... [More]


Oui Presse Original Bunny Slippers

Your childhood bunny slippers have been made over to appeal to your more adult sensibilities. The Oui Presse Original Bunny Slippers ($95) are felted from wool and mohair, so they're toasty warm. Gone are the plastic eyes and synthetic whiskers. Just the ears remain, but somehow, these slippers are just... [More]


Jay Ahr Metal Sequins Jumpsuit

You don't want to wear a dress to the holiday benefit. You want to wear the Jay Ahr Metal Sequins Jumpsuit ($3,130). In it, you can shake your booty faster and get drunk harder without fear of totally flashing the other guests as you stumble across the stage to be... [More]


Personal Shopper: The Long and Short of New Years for Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn writes: "Hi! I have a black tie wedding to attend this New Year's Eve. Any good dress suggestions that would be formal but still fun and sparkly to celebrate the holiday?" Such a broad topic with so many amazing options. Since it is black tie, I kept the palette... [More]


Ion Jukebox Dock iPad Speaker

When we were younger, we thought that owning a jukebox would be the coolest thing EVER. We loved it when we went to kitschy '50s restaurants and could pick out songs to play on that magical neon machine. Sure, we've mostly grown out of that desire, largely due to the... [More]


Syvlie Gold & Stone Statement Cuff

If Jabba the Hutt was going to bother dressing Princess Leia up in that gold-trimmed bikini, we'd think he'd invest a little more in the shackles. This Sylvie Gold & Stone Statement Cuff ($11), for example, would have gone much further towards complementing Leia's adolescent-fantasy-inducing look. We'll take ours without... [More]


Bonita Lolita Handbag with Macrame Handle

We love Frida Kahlo, even when she's not being played by the lovely Salma Hayek (though that was obviously the height of awesome). We could totally see her carrying her painting supplies around in something like this Bonita Lolita Handbag ($75), with its bright, bold embroidery.... [More]


Heathered Highland Boot Socks

Let's be honest, wool socks may be cozy as anything, but they're not the most attractive garments in the world, and that's a problem that often leads us to fashion-related frostbite. Free People's Heathered Highland Boot Socks ($14) have stepped in to rescue our poor toes from the burden of... [More]


Galloping Zebra Cart

Sure, all the latest plastic baby toys are laden with annoying sounds and lights bells and whistles, but if there's anything a mom values above everything else, it's the sweet sound of quiet. We love pursing Hape's line of brightly colored, wood-based toys for baby shower and birthday gifts. When... [More]


Arachnid Leggings

Spiders are the creepiest. One gets too close to us, and all our dginity goes out the window as we transform into screaming, frantically stomping hysterics. That's why we figure these Arachnid Leggings ($77) are a perfect look for Halloween, as long as we can wear them without scaring ourselves... [More]


Nunu Chocolates Beer Box

Second best to sitting at Nunu Chocolates in Brooklyn, sipping a craft brew and watching chocolatiers dip caramels in chocolate and whip up ganache, is ordering their Beer Box ($12, box of 6) online. Since we don't live close ehough to pop in for a gourmet treat, the fact that... [More]


Pine Leather Ankle Boots

There's something about the luxe wine-colored Pine Leather Ankle Boots ($350) by Elizabeth and James that reminds us of a grade-school pair of Mary Jane shoes. They're decidedly more grown-up, but the simple rounded toe, leather strap, and seamless shape are just as classic.... [More]


Superhero in Disguise Onesie

You don't have to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up your kiddo. The Superhero in Disguise onesie ($46) by Mini Shatsu will make her look like she has a secret superidentity any day of the year. The utility belt, mask, and faux costume under everyday clothes will have... [More]


Cord Chandelier

Who says a chandelier has to be ornate? The Cord Chandelier ($2,000) from Brendan Ravenhill defies that stereotype with its ultra-chic, minimalist approach. The fixture still has enoughpresence to be the focal point of any room - and think of how perfectly dramatic it will look juxtaposed with exposed brick... [More]


Violette Pencil Skirt

You could find a black pencil skirt, steal your grandmother's giant doily tablecloth, buy a sewing machine, enroll in sewing classes, fail miserably, work for two years to nail your technique, finally master the art of stitching lace to silk twill, and hope your skirt comes out looking less than... [More]


Insect Lollipops

Forget Milk Duds and mini Twix - we'll keep those for ourselves and hand out these Insect Lollipops ($11, for 6) by Vintage Confections to trick-or-treaters instead. Who better to appreciate the gross-out factor of bugs suspended in vanilla-flavored candy than the schoolkids who show up at our doorsteps covered... [More]


525 America Striped Infinity Scarf

So you went on a coral-and-turquoise buying spree this summer. Who can blame you. This 525 America Striped Infinity Scarf ($31) will blend quite nicely into an already established accessory rotation.... [More]


Great Job Card

Just a small list of occasions when we'd feel inclined to hand this clever and vastly useful Great Job Card ($15 for 3) to someone: Wing-girl took home that 10 from the bar Girlfriend had a baby Coworker aced the presentation Little brother graduated Roommate did the dishes Boyfriend put... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Dapper Hat

Well, Dapper Hat ($10), it looks to us like you are an exceptionally well-named piece of headgear. With your steep side angle and bow-tied ribbon accent, you are very dapper indeed - and we will be too, when we set you jauntily on our heads.... [More]


Paper Voodoo Pad

We're not crafty types. Ask us to knit a sweater, and you'll end up with a dish towel. Making a respectable voodoo doll is therefore well beyond our capabilities. But does that mean we're any less full of angsty rage at coworkers or total strangers? Hell, no. With this Paper... [More]


Grace in LA Rhinestone Skinny Stretch Jeans

These Grace in LA Rhinestone Skinny Stretch Jeans ($79) may seem like your ordinary jeans. But they have clearly been made with magic. We mean it when we say we've been through thick and thin with these. They have somehow managed to fit our size two butts and then, six... [More]


Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Impress your friends and get your daily caffeine fix all at once with this Tea Leaf Reading Kit ($12). It'll have you predicting job promotions and babies from piles of sodden Darjeeling before you can say "charlatan."... [More]


Soft Pleat Gloves

It's not quite so cold that you need to stuff your fingers into fleece-lined mittens, but all the same, how could you pass up a pair of Soft Pleat Gloves ($98) from Cole Haan? They'll have you covered for the in-between temps, when there's a little nip in the air.... [More]


Pi to 35 Decimals Necklace

You don't have a significant other's initial to wear around your neck. But you have math and science as reliable constants. The Pi to 35 Decimals Necklace ($19) is so lovely and unassuming that people won't think to make fun of your nerdy ways. They'll just think you've got a... [More]


Got You Hooked Maxi

Think staying warm and super comfortable means shuffling around the house in a Snuggie? Thankfully, there's another option. This Got You Hooked Maxi ($88) is soft, easy-wearing, cozy, and, with its two-tone look and flattering cut, totally wearable in public.... [More]


Ticking Stripes Shower Curtain

Dear Standard White Vinyl Shower Curtain, Let's cut to the chase. Clinginess is never a good sign in a relationship and lately you've gone over the top with it. We just want to be able to take a morning shower without the feeling of being slowly enveloped by seaweed; is... [More]


Coffee Scrub Soap

Need a little pick-me-up in the morning? Turns out that java isn't just good for keeping you from sleeping through your train stop. In this Coffee Scrub Soap ($6), everyone's favorite antemeridian beverage is also fabulous for your face. The coffee grounds act as a powerful exfoliator, while a burst... [More]


Pastry Sire Blocking Sneakers

When pumps are too formal and flats just aren't hitting the right levels of cool, these Pastry Sire Blocking Sneakers ($45) are right on the money. Tuck a sleek pair of skinny jeans, infused with glitter (because why the hell not), into the leopard-print interior of these sick kicks, throw... [More]


Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter

Why wait until Christmas to bake gingerbread men? With the Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter ($7), you can cut out their dead cookie relatives for Halloween. The cutter has a skeletal stamp for easy bone frosting. We suggest you also add little bows to half your cookies for easy gender differentiation... [More]


Fashion Forms Clear Back U Plunge Bra

Okay, so it admittedly isn't a take-your-clothes-off-with-the-lights-on sort of bra - but what this Fashion Forms Clear Back U Plunge Bra ($33) lacks in sex appeal, it more than makes up for by fully supporting our girls in whatever low-cut, plunge-back piece of flimsy we're wearing out for the night.... [More]


Kusmi Imperial Label Tea

Nobody knows winter like the Russians. That's why, since medieval times, they've been drinking warming, spicy concoctions to help beat the chill. It's a tradition that inspired this Kusmi Imperial Label Tea ($20), which combines leaves of fine sencha green with orange, cinnamon, liquorice root, and sea buckthorn. It's also... [More]


49 Square Miles Twain Hobo

Does everything silver have to be covered in sequins?!?! No, apparently. This 49 Square Miles Twain Hobo ($395) possesses all the fancy that comes with being silver, without all the trashy that comes with being covered in a bajillion sequins.... [More]


Pop Art Placemat

Junior a little messy during mealtime? Give him something else to focus on (besides flinging his grilled cheese!) with the Pop Art Placemat ($10) from Psychobaby. Easily personalized, these would make awesome gifts for the toddler superheroes in your life.... [More]


Southwest Sweater

Because nothing says "sweater weather" like the eighty-degree temperatures of Arizona in the fall. Southwest Sweater ($48)... [More]


Personal Shopper: Perfectly Elusive Boots for Katie

Katie writes: "Dear Fabulous Outblush Staffers, if there's anyone who can help me track down this mystery footwear, it's you! I spotted these boots on several of the models in the September 2012 Downeast Basics catalog and immediately fell in love with them ... but was then dismayed to see... [More]


Stila Snow Angel Color Palette

The best thing about the Stila Snow Angel Color Palette ($39), other than the gorgeous presentation, of course, is that it comes with a small tube of Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara. That means that with one compact and one tiny tube, you've got a full, on-the-go makeup kit.... [More]


MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela Bar Ring in Tar Plexi

If you have a touch of the OCD like we do, then this MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela Bar Ring in Tar Plexi ($125) will be a helpful tool for you. You can straighten items on your desk, measure in increments of three inches, or fiddle endlessly with the bar... [More]


Jimmy Buffett Album Coaster Set

Apparently, there are too many Jimmy Buffet albums in the world. That's the only explanation we can think of for why someone would decide to turn the darned things into drink coasters. This Jimmy Buffett Album Coaster Set ($50) is made from bits of bona fide Buffet-infused vinyl, and provides... [More]


Sam & Lavi Geniva Dress

The Sam & Lavi Geniva Dress ($182) couldn't be cuter. We won't even pretend to say that it'd be cuter if worn by Ryan Gosling, holding a baby goose while musing on feminist topics. It's just that cute. No, we don't have a fever. Why?... [More]


Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand

Thanks to all the awesome phone and tablet apps out there, we rarely crack open our cookbooks. What we need is the Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand ($30). It'll keep our iPad upright and accessible while our hands are busy chopping carrots. And when we get all gooey from spilled... [More]


BDG Baroque Side High-Rise Leggings

Baroque art ranks up there with some of the higher achievements of mankind, alongside space travel and keeping Madonna alive all this time. But it's the frames that hold those baroque pieces onto the wall that really deserve some recognition. Pay homage to those unsung heroes with these BDG Baroque... [More]


The Raven Printed Shoulder Clutch

Nevermore shall we lack for a perfectly literary and spookily gothic bag for the month of ghouls and horror. The Raven Printed Shoulder Clutch ($90) pays tribute to Edgar Allen Poe's classic story poem of grief and nightmare with its darkly playful print. Stuff it with a flask of nepenthe... [More]


Flo Oil + Vinegar Set

It doesn't matter how slick we think we are: no elegant twist of the wrist keeps our olive oil from dribbling down the side of the bottle, resulting in slippery hands and funky rings on the bottom of the cabinet. This Flo Oil + Vinegar Set ($40) makes the whole... [More]


FieldCandy What A Melon Tent

Summer may be officially over, but we're holding onto the last bits of warm weather and are spending as much time outside as we possibly can. We've set this What A Melon Tent ($796) up in the backyard, and just looking at it has us excited for next year's barbecues,... [More]


Taylor Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet

Yes, we know there are more wrap bracelets on the market this season than we can shake a stick at, but this Taylor Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet ($80) has still caught our eye. That's thanks to its clever hook-and-eye clasp, and the nice contrast between gold and royal blue leather.... [More]


Tiffany & Co. Manhattan Satchel

For the bride who wouldn't say yes until the ring came in a blue box. For the bride who insisted that all the bridemaids wear that familiar shade of teal on every square inch of their bodies for the big day. For the bride who would rather go naked than... [More]


Sleep Softly Maternity Tee

Pregnancy is hard. Your body aches all the time, you have to pee every 7 minutes, and you've got a little soccer player booting you in the ribs like he's the next Pelé. The Sleep Softly Maternity Tee ($24) by discobelly ought to help you quiet those kicks. It'll remind... [More]


Alternative Apparel Cherokee Rose Skirt

On winter weekends, it is almost impossible to get out of your nice warm bed. And you really can't be bothered to get dressed. That would mean taking off your flannel pajamas and accepting the real world outside of your blanket bubble. Extend that bubble as far as the Alternative... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sasquatch & Unicorn Pocketbooks

Has your muse been as hard to locate as a giant hairy man leading a horned horse? Chase her down again by writing in these Sasquatch & Unicorn Pocketbooks ($6). Maybe you'll uncover a few secret truths along the way! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting... [More]


Five Shelf Shoe Cabinet

If you have to tell your husband one more time to pick up his shoes from the front room, you may just have to toss the whole comic book collection onto the man cave floor every day for the next few weeks. That way he'll really understand what it's like... [More]


Freud Watch

We shouldn't giggle quite so much at this Freud Watch ($34). The legendary father of psychoanalysis might have seen his mother in everybody's dreams, but show us a Rorschach inkblot and we'll tell you "cupcake," every damned time.... [More]


American Eagle Plaid Flannel Western Shirt

Every so often, we here at Outblush commission a company to create a product inspired by our Outblush flag. The latest creation is this comfy Plaid Flannel Western Shirt ($40) from American Eagle. Sporting our resilient purple and pink stripes, this wearable symbol of our brand is both casual and... [More]


American Kitchen Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

We are passionate home chefs who covet full sets of stainless steel cookware, but we're not super on-board with selling our firstborns to afford them. Dilemma! But American Kitchen has come to our rescue with their Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set ($399), which is, on top of being well-made,... [More]


Working Pedal Powered Forklift

Forget music lessons and watercolors. We don't want our kids to grow up dreaming of being artists. If we want them to move out of the house before they're thirty, we know where their real future lies: with the Teamsters. That's why we're starting them off on the right foot... [More]


Shawl-Collar Sweater Coat

We got an oil delivery earlier this morning. We're only now beginning to recover from the horror. It looks like it's going to be another gin-or-heat winter, and we know where our priorities are. We'll crank down the thermostat, mix ourselves up some martinis, and keep warm with this Shawl-Collar... [More]


Made from Earth Vanilla Organic Lip Balm

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner, which makes the search for the perfect lip balm all the more important. Well, thanks to Made from Earth, we now have the perfect product to carry us through the cold weather sans chapped lips. This particular balm ($4) is... [More]


Cirque Small Bucket Bag

The adorbs Cirque Small Bucket Bag ($29, on sale) is a crossbody that slings over your chest and sits right at your hip. Its size may be unassuming, but the black-and-white-striped canvas and the bright pink, white, and tan pom-poms have plenty of personality. Stuff it with just the small... [More]


Tricked Out Wine Glass Bling

We may take a pass on bedazzled jeans, but we've got no shame in glamming up our wine glasses for our big Halloween bash. Tricked Out Wine Glass Bling ($11) will add spooky decoration to our rocks glasses, tumblers, and other booze holders. Once the poisoned punch has worked its... [More]


Volcom Pocket Block Tee

You have no affiliation to the NFL, NHL, MLB, or SEC. But you don't want to show up to the tailgate party dressed all wrong. So arrive looking vaguely sporty in this Volcom Pocket Block Tee ($27). As long as you cheer when everyone else cheers and drink when everyone... [More]


Drawer Dividers

If you were to rate the junk drawer in our kitchen on a scale of Oscar the Grouch to Martha Stewart, you'd rate it somewhere around hoarder. These Drawer Dividers ($18, for a set of two) address the jumble in an graceful way, compelling us to keep our mess in... [More]


Skeleton Bracelet

'Tis the season to be spooky, and we love to incorporate a subtle bit of the Halloween spirit into our everyday wear. This Skeleton Bracelet ($170) pays a playfully grotesque tribute to the holiday in a form we can easily wear to work.... [More]


Tea Lovers To Go Cup

Now if we could just get our hands on some fresh scones, we might be able to convince ourselves that our morning commute is actually a leisurely snack with the Queen. ...Okay, maybe the Tea Lovers To Go Cup ($18) doesn't have that kind of power. But it's still pretty... [More]


Muubaa Pink Leather Jacket

A black jacket on top of black skinny jeans on top of black booties is sexy and all. Sure. But it gets boring after a while. Next time you're dressing up for the evening, suit up in the Muubaa Pink Leather Jacket ($498), a pair of silver leggings, and knee-high,... [More]


Thought Bubble Pillowcases

Make sure your partner's dreams are filled with thoughts of your awesomeness by stacking the odds in your favor. The Thought Bubble Pillowcases ($35) by Oh! Susannah's ensure that you'll be the last thing he thinks about before bed. Or hey, vice versa, right? Creeped out by that dream featuring... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: October 15, 2012

Don't think of this week's hand-picked options for The Purse Page's weekly poll as being on the light side. Think of them as the crème de la crème, the prettiest picks. The Purse Page has done the hard work for you, and now all you have to decide is which... [More]


Personal Shopper: Mandy Meows in Leopard

Mandy writes: "Hi Ladies! I am in a pinch and desperately need your help! My boss is having a 60's themed wine party in two weeks. I've picked out this dress to wear. Now I have to tackle which shoes and jewelry to wear! I am willing to spend around... [More]


Merit Badges: For Excellence in Life

We're pretty hopeless at knots, so we're relieved to know that Merit Badges ($10) exist for things like this. Everyone has a talent, people.... [More]


Micah Cohen Shades of Grey Trench Coat

Maybe it's the cocky-ass smirk on his face, maybe it's the name of the coat, or maybe it's because you haven't been touched by a warm-blooded male in a few months, but this Shades of Grey Trench Coat ($115) by Micah Cohen is making you all tingly looks exactly like... [More]


Waldo in Space Tee

Your endearingly slow-on-the-uptake boyfriend assumes you bought him this shirt ($24) because of his love for NASA and all things space-related. But really, you bought it so you could stare at his hunky well-built chest for a few minutes each time he wears it, pretending to be searching for Waldo.... [More]


ASOS Blazer with All Over Sequins

There's plenty of sparkle all over this snazzy ASOS Blazer with All Over Sequins ($114). We think that makes it a great piece for going over our LBDs when we hit the town. Our usual coats would look frumpy as all get-out until we made it inside. With this one,... [More]


Witch Hazel Shower Gel

Don't take another shower without adding witch hazel to your routine! We prefer the Witch Hazel Shower Gel ($55) from Santa Maria Novella. As a powerful astringent, witch hazel naturally wards off swelling, redness, and potential acne and rashes. That's a pretty decent rap sheet. It'll leave your skin feeling... [More]


New York City Denim Tote

We're taking this New York City Denim Tote ($26) straight to the farmers' market. And once we're there, we're going to fill it with apples. Then we'll chuckle our oh-so-hilarious way home. Next on the agenda? We'll get the San Francisco version and stuff it with Rice-A-Roni.... [More]


Marley Thigh Highs

You want to wear socks with your knee-high boots. The look is widespread enough at this point that it's no longer synonymous with "hipster." But it's still too warm outside to layer boots over socks over jeans. Slip into a pair of these cotton Marley Thigh Highs ($18) so you... [More]


Dear Rae Silver/Brass Rings

In a sea of statement jewelry, bulky bib necklaces, and gargantuan geometric accessories, these toned-down Dear Rae Silver/Brass rings ($inquire) come off as mature and refined. The excellence is in the restraint. They're small enough to be stacked but beautiful enough to be worn alone.... [More]


Grown Facial Cleanser

We don't know about you, but when dry, cold weather hits, our skin takes a beating. We're talking ruddy cheeks and itchy patches. Ick! The best way to keep it looking gorgeous is by investing in a gentle, natural cleanser like Grown Facial Cleanser ($40). None of the ingredients are... [More]


Tracey Top

We're living on the fashion edge these days. Why? We're contemplating giving in to the urge to tuck in our shirts. We recognize this risks making us look like the actors who starred in the sex ed videos we were forced to watch in junior high, but there's just enough... [More]



A few weeks ago we found merlot tea, and today we came across Chocca-Roo-Brew ($6) from Joe's Tea Company. Chocca-Rew-Brew steeps into a beverage with a hint of chocolate, thanks to the addition of the, get this, chocolate chips. Yum! The chips combine with rooibos leaves and vanilla pods for... [More]


Sawako Furuno Sherlock Check Bike Helmet

We'll admit it: bike helmets make us look silly. Or at least, most of them do. Donning this Sawako Furuno Sherlock Check Bike Helmet ($198), on the other hand, makes us feel like genius private investigators pedaling our way to the latest crime scene, where we'll apply our savage observation... [More]


Khaki Round Neck Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater

You went to bed on Sunday night expecting the same lingering summer heat that has just been refusing to pack up and leave, only to be surprised by a sudden twenty-degree drop in temperature. Now you can finally pull on this snuggly knit sweater ($32) without sweating your cable-knit balls... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Little Bird Studs

The Portlandia-inspired "put a bird on it" thing seems to be dying down, so we're hoping we can go back to wearing our favorite avian items without randoms hollering "Hey! Put a bird on it!!" at us. We're starting small with these Little Bird Studs ($10) since you can't see... [More]


ASOS Top with Peplum and Bow Detail

The ASOS Top with Peplum and Bow Detail ($35) brings us retro glam and all the easy comfort of a t-shirt - what more could we ask for?* *Just an expression. We've got a list.... [More]


Black Pepper & Amber Candle

Our favorite freesia-scented candle is on its last dribbles of wax, and while we're kind of mourning the end, we also know we'll get to pick out a new one. Since we're headed into fall, we'll opt for the Black Pepper & Amber Candle ($37) from Fairfax & King. It... [More]


Aqua Felt Riding Cap

What better to accompany our collection of riding boots than this Aqua Felt Riding Cap ($48)? Throw in a tweed jacket and a pack of hounds, and our retro-aristocratic look will be complete. Now we just need to find ourselves a surly-yet-irresistible gamekeeper.... [More]


Lori's Shoes Five Tiered Chain and Metal Bar Necklace

Lori's Shoes is calling this a Five Tiered Chain and Metal Bar Necklace ($17)...but it has six tiers. Maybe that's why it's so cheap. Not everyone can afford to be right all the time.... [More]


Knock on Wood Woodpecker Clutch

Kate Spade has been indulging in a little Twin Peaks marathon recently, we think. The best inspiration we can think of for the creation of this Knock on Wood Woodpecker Clutch ($328) is Lynch's infamous Log Lady. Our ideal coordinating accessory? Kyle MacLachlan, please.... [More]


Cascade Hop Candy

Hops: they're what makes beer taste good. They're also pretty darned delicious when flavoring lumps of sugar. This Cascade Hop Candy ($5) captures all their floral, aromatic essence, but thankfully without the IPA-worthy bitterness.... [More]


Michael Antonio Bardot Glitter Boots

Thank goodness these Michael Antonio Bardot Glitter Boots ($70) only have a little bit of glitter. Otherwise, these slouchy platform boots would be over the top. And we just don't do over the top.* *Lies.... [More]


Pi Pint Glass

We are going to extend a giant kudos to anyone who memorizes pi off the Pi Pint Glass ($36, set of 2). When our glasses are full of beer, our math skills are nonexistent and the only thing we can ever manage to memorize is Samuel L. Jackson's latest tweet,... [More]


Llama Print Wool Scarf

There's just something about llamas that's especially lovable. We can't quite put our fingers on it, and we haven't exactly spent a lot of time with real llamas. Okay, so we'll rephrase our prior statement. There's something about llama prints that's especially lovable. You'll totally get what we mean when... [More]


Tovolo Bug Pop Molds

Popsicles have been popping up on our Pinterest feed for weeks now. Boozy popsicles, fruity popsicles, Nutella popsicles, you name it, it's been tried. We're going to get ourselves a set of Tovolo Bug Pop Molds ($14) so we can test all sorts of frozen recipes. If they're failures, hey,... [More]


High Neck Pleat Maxi by Rare

There are column dresses and then there is this High Neck Pleat Maxi by Rare ($92). Looking like it was pulled straight out of some convenient Roman ruins, this dress will flatter any wearer, taking her from mere siren to goddess status in a flash...of lightning.... [More]


Steve Madden Troopa Boot

"Vintage-inspired footwear" doesn't have to mean "riding boot" or "oxford." This Steve Madden Troopa Boot ($100) gives us a totally Teddy Roosevelt, just-above-the-ankle, quasi-military look. They're perfect for expeditions into the urban jungle.... [More]


Casio Ladies Wristwatch

You aren't usually an accessory person and we don't blame you. They get in the way, snag on door handles, and just generally cause chaos in your already disorganized world. But hear us out: simply wearing a watch, like this Casio Ladies Wristwatch ($48), says to other people, "I know... [More]


Nightingale Medium Lamb Skin Bag

Like milk does to a piping hot cup of coffee, this creamy Nightingale Medium Lamb Skin Bag ($1967) cools off a warm ensemble of browns and taupes. Sensual to touch and easy on the eyes, this top-zip satchel should be added to every breakfast menu.... [More]


Rejuvenating Rose Massage & Body Oil

We were sort of afraid that this Rejuvenating Rose Massage & Body Oil ($21) might be one of those regrettable impulse purchases. We like the packaging, okay? Fortunately the contents were just as charming. Sweet relief!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Casabella Premium Water Stop Gloves

Since discovering Casabella's Premium Water Stop Gloves ($5), we've determined that fully 95% of our former loathing for deep cleaning was based on the indignities of comically oversized rubber gloves. These fit our child-sized hands like - well, like a glove, and that's almost enough to make us want to... [More]


Anchor Hocking Triple Pour Measuring Cup

Baking is an exact science, which means it's pretty much a deal-breaker when we pull out our measuring cups and discover that all the markings have come off in the dishwasher. Anchor Hocking's Triple Pour Measuring Cup ($14), aside from being adorable, has raised glass markings that hold up forever... [More]


Sparkle & Fade Silky Printed Bomber Jacket

What would the fashionable future space pilot wear? Forget the silver jumpsuits; this Sparkle & Fade Silky Printed Bomber Jacket ($79) in a wild galactic print is just the ticket. Heck, it looks pretty darned slick even when you're solidly earthbound.... [More]


Daytrip Twisted Tank Top

Casual Friday does not mean you have permission to wear your boyfriend's Astros jersey and pajama bottoms. It means your can wear this Daytrip Twisted Tank Top ($17 on sale) under a bright blazer with a pair of skinny jeans and a flashier-than-usual pair of pumps. Casual Friday always leads... [More]


Dillon Rogers Wrap Around Leather Bracelets

Need a little mood boost? Pick up one of these Dillon Rogers Wrap Around Leather Bracelets ($48). They're fully customizable in terms of color, charms, and syrupy slogans, from "Peace Love Happiness" to the slightly more morbid "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."... [More]


Batman Fleece Onesie

Totally lock down the Girlfriend of the Year title once the next gift-giving occasion arises by getting your man this Batman Fleece Onesie with Cape ($35). Sure, you'll have to put up with him running down the hall like an idiot so his cape flaps in the imaginary wind, but... [More]


Ecote Double Slit Maxi Skirt

Normally, you'd look at a garment like this Ecote Double Slit Maxi Skirt ($69) and laugh at the girl dumb enough to wear it. But they may be on to something here. There are plenty of times during the day when you wish you could just lift up your skirt... [More]


Angela's Garden Gauntlet Gloves

We've harvested the last of our late summer veggies and even managed to grow a few decently sized pumpkins! Excuse us while we congratulate ourselves for successfully maintaining a garden this year! Now we've gotta spend one last day winterizing so we can replicate our success next spring. A pair... [More]


Hot Chocolate on a Stick Gift Tin

We grabbed a Hot Chocolate on a Stick Gift Tin ($25) from Dean & DeLuca to give to a friend with an end-of-autumn birthday, but we're just dying to crack it open ourselves! It smells rich and sweet, and that's through the package! We've thus far resisted the temptation to... [More]


Petit Tresor Chevron Wall Clock

You have almost finished the greyscale design concept in your bathroom. You've installed a new granite counter top, finally finished putting up the white subway tiles accented with silver flecks, and purchased super fluffy grey towels to hang on the brushed silver towel rods. The one thing that is missing... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Sometimes your cat gives you major attitude when you leave the house for a few hours and take your warm lap with you. She acts all sulky and won't cuddle when you come back. You can't even imagine the carnage that would befall your household if we tried to put... [More]


Joseph Joseph Scoop Colanders

Occasionally we find ourselves needing to fish dinner out of a hot pot of simmering liquid. Draining everything into a regular colander will waste those precious juices that are so great for sauces, so we'll just scoop out what we need with Joseph Joseph Scoop Colanders ($8).... [More]


Breweries of the United States Poster

If you've got a road trip planned for next spring or summer, you're going to want to brush up on the best places to get beer. We suggest studying the Breweries of the United States Poster ($32) from Pop Chart Lab. The poster features over one thousand breweries located all... [More]


Harvest 2013 Calendar

We know! It's not even Halloween and we're bringing you 2013 calendars! We just couldn't help ourselves. The Harvest 2013 Calendar ($20) from Darling Clementine Studio is super cute and bound to be popular. We wanted to let you know that you should snatch it up as soon as possible... [More]


Jonathan Adler Whale Bookends

You see that copy of Moby Dick up there on that shelf, flanked by our Jonathan Adler bookends ($150). It sure was a whale of a tale! (Ready, aim, fire. No blindfold. We know.)... [More]


British Tweed Shift

Pour us a cuppa and call us jolly for this classic British Tweed Shift ($218). This perfect fall frock is available in a choice of check patterns and is sure to look stunning with a few choice UK-style accessories: some wool tights, a black umbrella, and a hot guy with... [More]


Small Classic Briefcase - Collector's Edition

Saddleback Leather Co. makes gorgeous bags, but they left the ladies out in the cold when they discontinued their smallest briefcase - the standard sizes are practically bigger than we are. So we were thrilled to discover that the Small Classic Briefcase ($397) is back for a limited run, and... [More]


Cookies and Marshmallow Eye Balls

Biting into a pair of Cookies and Marshmallow Eye Balls ($12, for 4) from the geniuses at Tumbador Chocolate is like handing over a one-way ticket to the nostalgia train. Err, at least, for the thirty or so seconds it takes you to devour them! Each eyeball tastes like a... [More]


Christopher Kane Leather-Trimmed Flocked Tulle Pencil Skirt

Ripe for the picking, this plum tulle pencil skirt from Christopher Kane ($2,495) is outrageously gorgeous. While purple isn't a new color to the fall palette, this particular shade of aubergine is refreshing and bright. Trimmed in supple leather and adorned in larger-than-life florals, everything about this lovely lady is... [More]


Snake Hinge Cuff Bracelet

You know what we don't see enough of? Mixed media jewelry. Sure, we get stones and metals, or beads and leather. That's usually the extent of it. But there is something about the leather-and-gold mix on this Snake Hinge Cuff Bracelet ($38) that is mesmerizing and makes us want more.... [More]


Entertaining Beverage Server

The last party we served boozy punch at, we had to refill the punch bowl four times, and by the last batch we were just throwing whatever we could find into it to keep our guests happy. We're going to be prepared for our next rager with this appropriately named... [More]


I'd Rather Be: Bitter Orphan Annie

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Use these postcards from the edge to break up the work day, why don't you? Sun coming out tomorrow or no sun... [More]


Brains of Steel Necklace

We may have gotten our butts handed to us in gym class, but give us some advanced algebra and we'll show you what we're made of. That's why this Brains of Steel Necklace ($90) is totally for us. It's an anatomically correct little tribute to the power of mind over... [More]


Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara

Our eyelashes are pale as ghosts, so we can't do without a good mascara. And they're naturally long and thick, so we got lucky there, but that means standard lengthening-and-thickening formulas are serious overkill for daily wear. We like bareMinerals' Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara ($18) for everyday use because it... [More]


Recycled Mats

Go ahead and drop that bowl of spaghetti onto one of these Recycled Mats ($37). Though they sport a classic carpety-looking weave, they're actually made from recycled plastic, woven together by artisans in a Fair Trade workshop. That's great for the Earth - and for easy cleanup.... [More]


Rachel Zoe Abbey Wrap Maxi Skirt

What's even more classically elegant than that little black dress? This Rachel Zoe Abbey Wrap Maxi Skirt ($275). We're loving the long, Grecian lines of this piece.... [More]


Uniforma Collection Art Pouch

We've fallen in love with the simple design and bright colors of the Art Pouch ($190) from the Uniforma Collection by Little Paper Planes. It wears like a small messenger bag, but the triangle flaps make it stand out. Keep your valuables in the zippered pocket, and slide your little... [More]


Second String Waxed Round Shoe Laces

Still tying those sneakers with the dirty white laces? Time to think outside the box they came in. These Second String Waxed Round Shoe Laces ($8) come in an array of super fun colors, and are a great way to add a bit more funk to your look.... [More]


NextBolt NX4 Fingerprint Deadbolt

Forget fumbling with keys - this NextBolt NX4 Fingerprint Deadbolt ($230) opens with a touch. It also makes us feel much safer, knowing that only our own digits are capable of unlocking our front door. At least, until we start pondering how any would-be burglars would just kidnap us and... [More]


Woodland Park Elephant Bank

We completely adore elephants and would deny them nothing, so this Woodland Park Elephant Bank ($50) will be a perfect way to keep us diligent about depositing our spare change. We're not sure we'll be able to bring ourselves to take it back out again, though, but we'll cross that... [More]


Charlie Brogue

We've been searching for the perfect fall oxford for ages, and the Charlie Brogue ($110) is looking like a front-runner. The simple style is absolutely classic, and we already know we can count on Clarks for comfort. Thank goodness these will go with just about any outfit, because we can... [More]


Cozy Long Sleeve Dress in Heather Burgundy

We're getting our wardrobe of winter basics together, and this Cozy Long Sleeve Dress in Heather Burgundy ($29) is definitely going to be part of the collection. It's a perfect piece for layering with cute coats, boots, leggings, and all those colorful scarves we've got cluttering up the closet.... [More]


Travalo Refillable Fragrance Atomizer

Do you smell like you just walked out of a Yankee Candle outlet when you come to work in the morning? Keeping that signature scent going all day doesn't have to mean blitzing yourself with perfume before you leave the house. This Travalo Refillable Atomizer ($19) can easily be loaded... [More]


Clothing Labeler

When we were little, our moms used to sew labels into all of our clothes. At the time, we thought it was the height of dorkdom. Now, it sounds like a brilliant way to keep our roommates from permanently "borrowing" our favorite things. This Clothing Labeler ($20) even does the... [More]


You Tell Us: Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny Foil Houndstooth Jeans

Looking a bit dirty and not at all crisp or clean, these Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny Foil Houndstooth Jeans ($228) are bringing the grunge this fall. But the more we look at them, the more we can't quite tell if they're attractive or just reminiscent of our roadie days with No... [More]


Perfect Roll

Our budget for going out just can't keep up with our obsession with spicy tuna rolls. The solution would be to make sushi at home. The problem is that we suck at rolling maki. What should be nice, tight little morsels of seaweed goodness are instead sloppy messes that have... [More]


Bluewick Sweet Pumpkin Deco Cylinder

In seconds, this candle ($35) made a cold, empty apartment smell like someone had been baking pies in the kitchen all day. Short of it actually providing us with pies, we can't imagine a nicer way to begin the evening. We're stockpiling these so we have ready access to comforting... [More]


Ted Baker Dafine Washbag

We just adore the fact that Ted Baker and his team have dubbed this toiletry pouch the Dafine Washbag ($45). "Washbag" sounds so polite, don't you think? Call it what you will (we're going to go with "cosmetics case"), it's large enough to hold all of our beauty essentials, from... [More]


Double Breasted Blazer

Doesn't this Double Breasted Blazer ($100) look just the slightest bit Darcy-esque? But this piece is designed for ladies, not distant-and-misunderstood members of the landed gentry. Perhaps it's trying to tell us to be our own Darcy. How's that for empowerment?... [More]


Debbie Harry Eye And Cheek Palette

Oh, NARS - are we ever loving the whole concept behind this Debbie Harry Eye And Cheek Palette ($65). All the colors we need to have us looking like our favorite New Wave princess? Yes, please! And let's not stop there - we'd love palettes for other celeb looks we... [More]


Porcelain Facet Necklace

We're always on the hunt for unusual jewelry, so when we found the Porcelain Facet Necklace ($68), we were pleased as punch. No two are alike. The painted ceramic features multiple bright colors, so you never have to worry if your necklace has flipped over the wrong way. Any way... [More]


HandTrux Shovels

It's the closest your kid can come to feeling like a real Transformer: these HandTrux Shovels ($18) turn your little person's arms into bulldozers, making for some mean sand castle building action.... [More]


Seagrass Tote

Not everything in your house has to be seasonally coordinated. Orange/black and red/green combinations get old after, oh, two days. Keep things festive but exciting with this Seagrass Tote in Teal ($20). You can fill it with all the holiday paraphernalia you simply can't do without. Just don't fill it... [More]


Chooka Fab Plaid Boots

Your drab-weather duds don't have to mimic the skies. Slip into a pair of Chooka Fab Plaid Boots ($66, on sale) and splash away under the clouds! The teal and magenta plaid print is almost cheerful enough to chase off the bad-day blues. Throw in a brightly colored umbrella and... [More]


Monserat De Lucca Benecio

Don't gaze into the center of this Monserat De Lucca Benecio ($395) bag for long. The geometrically cut lambskin pattern is ever so slightly hypnotic. We've been staring at it for the last five minutes daydreaming about how fabulous it will look with our fall wardrobe, and now we're ready... [More]


Nike Pro Hyperwarm Engineered Shirt

We're tired of packing on those extra winter pounds just because we're afraid we'll freeze our butts off hitting the streets for a run. With this Nike Pro Hyperwarm Engineered Shirt ($65), that fear will be a thing of the past. This cute long-sleeve is made with a high-tech, heat-saving... [More]


The Limited Drew Pieced-Edge Bootcut Pants

You can only wear the same pair of black slacks so many times before you set yourself on fire out of sheer boredom. So you're always on the lookout for something to add just a hint of color to your bland office wardrobe. The herringbone weave on these pants ($90)... [More]


Tipped Trouser Socks

The last time we were this excited about a pair of socks, they had rainbows on them, and we were ten. The Tipped Trouser Socks ($17) from J.Crew don't look too special at first glance, but another look will reveal a little embroidered chicken wearing a beret. She's so cute... [More]


Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

Yum, sign us up for bringing dessert to the next potluck. We're going to roll out some sugar cookie dough and cut it up with these Pac-Man Cookie Cutters ($15). Our cookie-decorating skills are still a little on the preschool side, so these will give us the perfect opportunity to... [More]


Pottery Barn Whiskey Jug

Pick your poison and drink it out of one of these Pottery Barn Whiskey Jugs ($79). Okay, they're probably supposed to serve as Halloween decorations and not actual vessels for your bathtub gin, but we won't tell if you don't!... [More]


Christian Lacroix Vintage Colour Block Blazer

Don't even pretend like you wouldn't buy this Christian Lacroix Vintage Colour Block Blazer ($980) yesterday. The blazer alone is worth unlimited style points. When you pair it with black trousers and some sleek pumps, you not only look boss enough to start your own Fortune 500 business, you could... [More]



The Vino2Go ($16) is quite possible the best/worst thing anyone could have invented. On one hand, it makes it super easy to take wine to a tailgate party, preventing spills and dress-ruining stains. But on the other hand, it makes it super easy to take wine to a tailgate party,... [More]


I'd Rather Be: Trashy Romance Novel Cover Girl

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


lucy Studio Spirit Wrap

One of our best excuses to not work out is that it's hard to fit exercise into our days because we don't like to be out and about in our gym clothes. We have an image to maintain! However, we've taken to tossing this lucy Studio Spirit Wrap ($79) on... [More]


Joseph Intarsia Sweater

In the Outblush office, if you show up wearing leggings with a top that doesn't cover your spandex-clad rump, you get run out onto the street with a bullhorn, forced to announce to the world that you broke the cardinal rule of fashion. Next time Shannon perpetrators should just wear... [More]


Swedish Dala Horse Box

We love folk pieces, especially when they're as pretty as this Swedish Dala Horse Box ($50). Steeped deep in history, the Dalecarlian horse is a national symbol of Sweden, often surfacing as a children's toy. We'll use our handmade, hand-painted horse box to stash our favorite trinkets and make our... [More]


Sterling Silver Stacking Rings Set of 15

What's better than one handmade, uniquely detailed silver ring? Fifteen of them, obviously. We love the drama this Sterling Silver Stacking Rings set ($57) gives to our fingers. And since Etsy seller hannah naomi makes each one herself, they're each just a little bit different. Get them unpolished for even... [More]


Bigfoot Tape Dispenser

You're doing enough work as you wrestle to wrap your gifts. You may as well make the Bigfoot Tape Dispenser ($36) take on the simple task of keeping itself upright while you work. The suction cup feet give it a good grip on your work surface, so even a solid... [More]


Kitty Cat Loafers

What could be more perfect for Halloween footwear than these Kitty Cat Loafers ($52)? They're printed with the beady-eyed faces of a pair of classically spooky black cats. Just try not to cross your own path.... [More]


Anti-Fly Sphere

Things that are gross: flies. Something that is more gross: flypaper. We were sure there had to be a better way to keep fat, buzzing, winged annoyances away, and now we've found it. This Anti-Fly Sphere ($158) is a refined take on a folk solution often seen in Mexico. The... [More]


Music Hall Skirt

Time to sign up for those dance lessons. Once we get our hands on this Music Hall Skirt ($76), we know we're going to start spinning like tops. If we don't want to look like lunatics, we should make sure we know what the heck we're doing.... [More]


Doubtblush: The Sealpelt

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We haven't exactly attempted to... [More]


Twice the Vice Classic Cocktails Collection

It's a good thing Twice the Vice's company tag-line is "Enjoy irresponsibly." We aim to do just that with our box of boozy treats from the Classic Cocktails Collection ($28). It matters not whether we're scarfing down Mint Julep, White Russian, or Margarita dark chocolate squares, we're just blissfully happy.... [More]


Joe's Jeans Skinny Jeans in Black Storm

There are so many things wrong with tie-dye jeans. So why are we flipping out for these ($189)? It's got to be thanks to the high-contrast black and grey look, which we think gives them something of a seasonally-appropriate Halloween vibe. We're thinking of scrapping the whole dirty nurse look... [More]


Hand in Hand Orange Blossom Soap

Washing your hands is a good thing to do (or so our moms were always trying to tell us). We suppose that means scrubbing them with this Hand in Hand Orange Blossom Soap ($18 for 2) is a moral double-whammy. Not only does it get our grubby digits clean with... [More]


Friday Please Tee

We find ourselves silently praying for Friday on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and yes, Thursday, too. We don't mind the workweek, but by Friday, we are so ready to to unwind with a bottle of wine and a few hours of reality TV on our DVR! Friday Please Tee by Rebel... [More]


Buttons Military Blazer

How often can we afford to wear something we've seen on Kate Moss? Plenty, now that the supermodel has been donning threads like this Buttons Military Blazer ($40) from cheap-and-chic outlet MANGO. Of course, that's no guarantee we'll look anywhere near as good in them.... [More]


Screwdriver Set No: 3

With this Screwdriver Set No: 3 ($65), you'll be capable of tightening or loosening just about any screw out there. Will that stop you from knocking on the door of the hottie across the hall to ask for help when you're trying to put together that latest IKEA delivery? No.... [More]


Poppie Jones Space Dyed Stripe Legwarmers

Pinterest has all but ruined how people wear boots. Now, instead of just wearing boots, people have to wear knee-high socks with their boots. And possibly some sort of ruched sock on top of that sock. Complicated, we know. These Poppie Jones Space Dyed Stripe Legwarmers ($13) make it easy,... [More]


Glass Jar Pendants

These Glass Jar Pendants ($99) looks like something we should be able to duplicate for pennies on the dollar via a Pinterest tutorial. We're sure there's one out there, but we know exactly what would happen if we went that route. We'd pin it, save our dill pickle jars, and... [More]