WMF Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

One of our aunts frequently says "easy peasy, lemon squeezy" and while it's endearing, we think squeezing lemons is kind of a pain in the ass. You can't control where the juice squirts, more often than not we drop the lemon, and don't even get us started on how lemon... [More]


Moji 360 Mini Massager

Finally, a personal massager we can show you on Outblush without the NSFW puppy! While this Moji 360 Mini Massager ($30) may not have the same results as the kind you keep in your bedside drawer, it's certain to make you feel good. Excellent for use on muscles that are... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Nylon Seamless Leggings

Make sure you invest in a few pairs of Nylon Seamless Leggings ($9) now that the weather is cooling off. They'll extend the usable life of your favorite short sundress, and pair perfectly with boots. We love it when staples are affordable! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way... [More]


Himalaya Dreamin' Lace-Up Boots

Just because our feet want to be fashionable during the colder months doesn't mean we're willing to risk frostbite of the toes. These Himalaya Dreamin' Lace-Up Boots ($64) are both cute and toasty, with their thick wooly lining. We wouldn't wear them to hike up any actual peaks, but they'll... [More]



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Yoda Terrarium Hanging Moss Zen Garden

Planet Dagobah inspired has this Yoda Terrarium Hanging Moss Zen Garden ($99). Love we do the subtle swamplike vibe. Glad we are that plants no watering require. Seek wisdom we will in contemplating it.... [More]


Electric Fly Swatter

There's a fly torturing us as we type this. He's been buzzing around our heads for the last half an hour. We've tried slapping him and snapping towels at him. We even whacked at him with a rolled-up issue of Cosmo. He continues to evade us, but his days are... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Metts Necklace

Rainbow-hued accessories gave us plenty of cheap thrills when we were younger (hello, Lisa Frank). Times have not changed. If we still lived with our parents, we'd stir up one serious whining storm to get our hands on this rainbowlicious Metts Necklace ($10). Happily, we're grown-ups now, which means we... [More]


Marty Hooded Jacket

We've found the perfect coat to go over those fall leggings: this Marty Hooded Jacket ($99). Not only does its earth-toned print go with just about every hue stuffing your hosiery drawer, it will look absolutely fabulous above the tops of those knee-high boots you've been itching all summer to... [More]


No Smoking Pencils

Trying to de-nicotine your life? Instead of letting that hand-to-mouth fixation drive you to doughnuts, pick up a pack of these No Smoking Pencils ($60). Then, rather than giving yourself lung cancer or an expanded waistline, you can write an epic novel or two.... [More]


Palace Battistero Coffee, Tea + Biscuit Set

We couldn't think of a more jaw-dropping presentation for our lattes and petits fours than the Palace Battistero Coffee, Tea + Biscuit Set ($529). Sure, jaw-dropping and scones don't usually belong in a sentence together, but place your baked goods in the top of the palace jar and we're pretty... [More]


Got 'Em In Your Pocket Flats

Furry corduroy moccasins - it's like someone peeked into our house-shoe-wearing dreams and made them a reality with these Got 'Em In Your Pocket Flats ($50). We're terribly pleased that they come in a choice of floral or floral, each with the signature moccasin leather strap. We're already thinking of... [More]


Georg Jensen INFINITY Bracelet

Forever and always, 'Til death do us part, We give you our friendship, And all of our heart. Through hard times and good times And bad judgement calls, We'll love you, dear, always. Until the sky falls. Georg Jensen INFINITY Bracelet ($140)... [More]


You*Nique Boutique Custom Cake Toppers

Yeah, yeah. You're getting married. So what. The ceremony is all about legalities and pleasing your parents. What you're really looking forward to is your raging reception. It has been designed and orchestrated by you and that future-spouse of yours, reeking of how awesome you two are as a couple.... [More]


The bluum box

Friend knocked-up and you're stumped for what to get her for a shower present? Skip the cutsie barf rags and subscribe her to The bluum box ($11 per month). It's a fab way to give her samples and treats that introduce her to a range of products for babies and... [More]


Bra Tree

If you're adamant about changing and cleaning your bra every day, then you need the Bra Tree ($25). It allows all your delicates to air-dry, eliminating the need to throw them in the dryer, aka the lingerie murderer. Hang it on the shower rod or in an open closet, and... [More]


Utatz Temporary Tattoo

Friends don't let friends get drunken tattoos. Curb your desire for a butterfly tramp stamp, an Chinese symbol you can't actually read, or an embarrassing cartoon character by using Utatz Temporary Tattoo ($25) spray. You'll enjoy that bridal shower so much more if you don't all wake up the next... [More]



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Reed Krakoff Boxer Leather Tote

You're not the kind of person who believes in love at first sight. And who's to blame you? With purse infidelity rampant in wardrobes across the world, is there such a thing as true love? Enter the Reed Krakoff Boxer Leather Tote ($1,090), the knight in leather armor here to... [More]


Personal Shopper: Alexa as The New Girl

Alexa writes: "You guys are awesome, but I totally need your help. I need a dress for my cousin's wedding in the middle of October in Virginia...but I have to buy said dress all on a college budget (I'm thinking $60 maximum). I have these Steve Madden shoes which I... [More]


Theory Sienna Tailor Pants

What are pants but backup dancers for your shoes? These Theory Sienna Tailor Pants ($255) act as exclamation points to your entire footwear collection. Tapering from the thigh and stopping right at the ankle, these wool-blend Italian works of art are great with pumps, booties, and even flats.... [More]


Wool Hand Duster

Make our cleaning implements cute home decor accents, and we'll put them where they'll be seen - which will make it much more likely that we'll think to use them. Perhaps hanging this Wool Hand Duster ($21) on the wall will keep us from ignoring the dust bunnies and cobwebs... [More]


Kaol Mints

Spark a spicy, herbal explosion in your mouth with these Kaol Mints ($14), tiny packages of pumped-up flavor, infused with licorice, cinnamon, clove, and - of course - mint. When you take them, everyone will assume you're swallowing tiny ball bearings, which will instantly up your badass quotient.... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Metro Flap Continental Wallet

Diane von Furstenberg is bringing classic to a handbag near you this fall with the Metro Flap Continental Wallet ($245). With fourteen card slots, one ID slot, and one zippered pocket, this could go from hiding inside your purse to being used as a clutch all by itself, no problem.... [More]


IDEA International Cubic Timer

Fingers gooey with dinner ingredients? The Cubic Timer ($34) from IDEA takes only one hand to operate. Time any meal perfectly by just turning the cube to the correct number: three, ten, thirty, or sixty minutes. We've even managed to turn the cube and spend a blissful ten minutes relaxing... [More]


Nobody Cult Skinny Jeans

High-waisted shorts translate into high-waisted pants this fall, as demonstrated by these Nobody Cult Skinny Jeans ($309). Their handsome sienna brown color and high waistline bump these up past casual, helping you to appear as though you know what you're doing with your wardrobe.... [More]


TYPE Parfume

We just got a whiff of Henrik Vibskov's unisex TYPE Parfume ($110) line. Type B, for Berlin, has a spicy top note that fades to an undertone of musky cedar. Type C, for Copenhagen, channels the fresh seaside with citrus, salt, and seaweed. Type D, for Damascus, warms from pink... [More]


Seychelles Jump At The Chance Sandals

We're already planning our next vacation. We're thinking the Maldives. Sure, we've currently got about $23 in our getaway fund - but if you don't dream big, you'll never get started. That's why we're already bookmarking our island wardrobe, and these Seychelles Jump At The Chance Sandals ($67) are topping... [More]



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Seal Touch Glow2 Keyboard

Eww! Apparently our keyboards are among the ten dirtiest items in our homes! (In the office too, we're sure). It's time to invest in a silicone Seal Touch Glow2 Keyboard ($150) from Seal Shield. You best believe we'll be sudsing it up on a regular basis. In fact, the keyboard... [More]


Gold Dinosaur Magnets

Empower your fridge with these Gold Dinosaur Magnets ($18), modeled after some of our favorite residents of the tar pits. Their lovely gold finish is hand-painted and nontoxic, but the Etsy-based maker cautions against letting the little people in your life treat them as chew toys.... [More]


Circo Pegasus Necklace

We know this gorgeous Circo Pegasus Necklace ($152) should remind us of the mythical horse. But this un-winged necklace version looks more like Starlite, Rainbow Brite's trusty steed, don't you think? We're cool with that, though. Starlite was awesome!... [More]


Boska Tapas Fondue Pot

Who says fondue is dead? It may have peaked in the era of polyester and Studio 54, but dipping everything we can get our hands on into cheese and calling it dinner is a trend we will happily revive. (As opposed to jumpsuits, which we would just as happily have... [More]


Free People Short-Sleeve High-Neck Collared Cutout Tee

A lot of people are asking about the best way to wear a Peter Pan collar. This Free People version ($45) is a pretty good place to start. There are no prints, patterns or bedazzling to confuse the concept. But it's cute enough to work on its own or even... [More]


Cheap Thrill: FX Keratin Oil Spray Strengthening Leave-In Mist

When you fail to check the heat settings before blasting your hair into what feels like the depths of the sun, you end up with split ends and strands that feel like dead grass. Recover from the trauma with FX Keratin Oil Spray Strengthening Leave-In Mist ($6). It addresses those... [More]


Women's Blizzard Hat

Face it - earmuffs are silly. But so is letting cold wind howl into your ears. Think chewing on a popsicle is a fast ticket to a headache? Try baring your eardrums into a freezing breeze sometime. This Women's Blizzard Hat ($39) will keep the cold at bay in classic... [More]


Typographic Maps

For the cartographically challenged among us, reading the microscopic text on a normal map is a challenge akin to tracking down that elusive bastard Waldo. Thankfully, these Typographic Maps ($30 and up) have managed to solve our problem by being nothing BUT text - so maybe now we can move... [More]


TRIWA Alabaster Nevil Watch

If you ever want to win our affections, this TRIWA Alabaster Nevil Watch ($285) would get you pretty far. You would instantly win the top spot on our "favorite fan" list. And you would make it clear that you are the sweetest, prettiest, most wonderfulest person on the planet. And... [More]


Lilly Pulitzer Home Yellow Barstools

There's no need to hide your bar in the wood-paneled basement if you've got a set of Lilly Pulitzer Home Yellow Barstools ($619-679) to show off. Set aside a corner of your living room for a small standing cart with a tabletop, accessorize with your favorite liquors, and sit in... [More]


Playdate Straight Jeans

Your kids' appearance directly reflects on your ability to get them awake, fed, changed, snacked, juiced, pottied, and changed again before leaving the house for the morning playgroup. Good thing these Playdate Straight Jeans ($35) look "pulled together" enough to fool even the other moms into believing you've got a... [More]


Crop It Tee

Just when you thought we couldn't get any nerdier, we got our hands on this Crop It Tee ($22). Oh, how easily we're diverted by jokes that combine image editing with mid-2000s classics.... [More]


Action Pad

What makes a note more than just a note? Jotting it down on one of the pages of this Action Pad ($8). The Action Pad is specially designed to encourage those brain cells of yours to start firing out some truly creative solutions, turning a to-do list into a done-and-done-brilliantly... [More]


Abbey Oxfords in Navy

We love our flats, pumps, and Mary Janes, but sometimes the look we're striving for calls for a different kind of classic, like these Abbey Oxfords in Navy ($115). We'll just steer clear of wearing them with jeans: that look would be a touch too close to Canadian tuxedo for... [More]


Lelo Smart Wand

When you've got an itch of a certain kind, might we suggest the Lelo Smart Wand ($189)? It packs more pleasure than any other rechargeable massager available on the market and can do so in the kitchen (what?), under the covers, and even in the shower. Yes, ladies. It's waterproof.... [More]


James Jacket

We're loving the vaguely denim-ish look of this James Jacket ($250), though there's not a thread of the real thing in here. This funky piece instead combines proper tweed and badass blue leather into a seriously eye-catching package.... [More]


Almond Oil Soap on a Rope

Go ahead. Chuckle if you must. Our shower is approximately one foot by one foot square, which means that dropping the soap requires us to execute advanced gymnastics maneuvers and risk tumbling through the curtain and giving ourselves a concussion on the toilet. With this Almond Oil Soap on a... [More]


Madura Neela Duvet

The mattress industry would have you think that they're the ones who control whether you have a good night's rest or not. But we say pshaw! Cuddle up under the luxurious Madura Neela Duvet ($360-495) and we guarantee your dreams will be sweet and your sleep will be deep.The navy,... [More]


The Future Perfect Heart Ring

A little askew and slightly off-center, this Heart Ring ($200, or $50 in silver) is exactly how you imagine your future love life. After going through the divorce wringer, you've realized that your fairytale ideal may not actually exist. But that doesn't mean you can't make a new, unconventional love... [More]


Comic Strip Toilet Paper

We're not sure we really need to liven up our bathroom time, but if we did, a few rolls of Comic Strip Toilet Paper ($6) would certainly do the trick. With word bubbles proclaiming, "Flush!" "Pop!" "Splash!" and "Parp!", our behinds will be clean and...entertained?... [More]


Vince Camuto Buenos Aires Ombre Panel Knit Underlay Maxi Skirt

We may not know anyone named Sebastian, but this Vince Camuto Buenos Aires Ombre Panel Knit Underlay Maxi Skirt ($88) is an under-the-sea kind of experience we could flip for. Semi-sheer with a rayon lining, this is the kind of skirt that can be part of any world (office, home,... [More]


Doubtblush: JuJu Roo

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We're all for open-minded parenting,... [More]


Orelia Wrap Leather Bracelet

It's a tiny little belt for our wrists! This Orelia Wrap Leather Bracelet ($11) might have raised an eyebrow or two at its original price of nearly forty fat ones - but for a mere $11, we'll happily bring it home with us.... [More]


DVF Ikat Blanket

With a throw this indulgent, you can skip the Ben & Jerry's the next time you get comfy on the couch! The DVF Ikat Blanket ($750) is one-hundred-percent cashmere, and we can't imagine wrapping ourselves in it without exclaiming "Cashmere? Oh, Georgie-Porgie!"... [More]


Gucci Printed Silk-Twill Scarf

You were just thinking about how your office needed some sprucing up. This Gucci Printed Silk-Twill Scarf ($395) multitasks, keeping your outfit fancy-schmancy, your neck warm, and your cubicle wall temporarily attractive. Thank goodness, because otherwise you couldn't justify that price...... [More]


Aztec God Sequined Dress

If someone transported us to ancient Mexico to keep the gods happy, we'd at least like to look snazzy on our way up the temple steps. This Aztec God Sequined Dress ($68) looks like it would fit the bill nicely.... [More]


Full Moon Party Copper Fire Dome

Our special mushroom-tea-drinking days may be long behind us, but we still like to try to get in touch with our psychedelic side every once in a while. We're pretty sure we could zone ourselves out to someplace interesting with nothing more than this Full Moon Party Copper Fire Dome... [More]


Split Front Skinny Trousers

Petite ladies know what we're talking about. On us, long pant legs end up resting in piles on top of boots and heels. These Split Front Skinny Trousers ($80) instead provide a place for your shoes to nestle, covering the heel of the foot but allowing the top, and most... [More]


Howard's End Tubed Table

In full disclosure, we've never read Howards End. We have, however, seen the movie and don't remember an ottoman/table hybrid playing an important role. Nevertheless, the Howard's End Tubed Table ($199-249) is on our must-have list. The multifunctional piece is available in several dozen fabrics and two different sizes, and... [More]


Peace Love Nature Baby Orange Peel Moisturizer

The humidity may be improving, but we can't say the same for our oily T-zones. They persist in making our lives miserable, even on the driest of days. To fight back, we've been turning to Peace Love Nature Baby Orange Peel Moisturizer ($48) from Nature Girl. The daily-use cream relies... [More]


Marchesa Sequined Strapless Silk Tulle Gown

Call up the chariot, ring the driver, invite all the bachelors, and remind all of our girls. Tonight, we're throwing a ball. And it's in honor of this Marchesa Sequined Strapless Silk Tulle Gown ($7,998). We won't be wearing it. Oh no. We would just ruin it with our average... [More]


Therasage Instant Calmer Heating Pads

Deep, penetrating heat stimulates muscles to relieve pain and relax you well into the night. And then there are the Therasage Instant Calmer Heating Pads ($140 and up) to go with him.... [More]


DV by Dolce Vita Mini Suede Oxfords

Screw wearing demure shoes to the office. These DV by Dolce Vita Oxfords ($79) may still be oxfords, but they are animal print oxfords with pink soles! So what if they don't match our high-necked blouses and wool blazers. They are animal print oxfords!... [More]


Lectro Kitty Window Sill Perch

We've given up fighting. No amount of spray-bottle-squirting or no-shouting is going to prevent our kitty from taking naps on the kitchen table. Our only hope is to provide the stubborn beast with a more attractive place to recline. That's why we're installing this Lectro Kitty Window Sill Perch ($36).... [More]


Bimba & Lola Necklace

Instead of wearing bright orange jack-o'-lanterns and ironically sparkly black cats around your neck this Halloween, go for something that isn't so much spooky as off-kilter. Like this Bimba & Lola Necklace ($53). It would work spectacularly if you were dressing as Timon or Pumbaa. Or a hoarder.... [More]


Snow Guard

Although you don't live anywhere that it snows, you do know that it would take only one frosted-over windshield to prevent you from ever leaving the house during the winter again. But luckily for your upcoming move to Wisconsin, this Snow Guard ($37) will keep your car's windshield and side... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Milani Jewel FX Nail Lacquer in Gold

It's the Goldschläger of polishes: Milani Jewel FX Nail Lacquer in Gold ($4). We're nuts for how fabulous these chunky flakes of glitter look atop our favorite colors - but for a slightly softer effect, you could use this to add a sassy sparkle to natural nails.... [More]


Thakoon Addition Seamed Shirt

We promoted the vibrant NARS Thakoon nail polishes like they were the greatest things we had ever seen. And in some respects, they were. And this Thakoon Addition Seamed Shirt ($390) would be a great foil for those shades. A full hand of Koliary with a statement nail in Lal... [More]


Lanvin Wool Dress

What to wear with all those neutrals this fall? What to pair with that black leather blazer or those chocolate-brown riding boots? And what in the world goes with camel hair coats and jewel tone accessories? Why, this Lanvin Wool Dress ($1,395), of course. Duh.... [More]


Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Powder

Our summer tans are already losing their luster! But we're going to nix the idea of a tanning bed in favor of brushing a few sweeps of Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Powder ($28) across our cheek- and browbones. Since we can cover up our arms and legs with sleeves and... [More]


Domingo II Backpack

With the Domingo II Backpack ($209) as our new laptop bag, we can finally dress for our dream job (Indiana Jones's sidekick on a quest for the Grail, obviously) - as opposed to our day job (searching for the Holy Grail combo of coffee, free WiFi, and available power outlets).... [More]


Broom Groomer

Nothing will cause us to toss our cookies faster than a dusty, dirty, grimy, oily hairball on the bottom of a broom. We honestly stopped sweeping just to avoid those. But with this Broom Groomer ($12), we no longer have to flail our brooms into the open air (outside, of... [More]


Haute Hippie Bang Bang Dress

We're pretty sure this Haute Hippie Bang Bang Dress ($202) was named for what it does: makes the wearer 100% bangable. Either that, or she'll be ready to try out for the world's first all-female solid gold basketball team. Which, given the way we heard our dude friends talking about... [More]


Ashish Holy Chic Beaded Tee

We don't usually consider t-shirts the epitome of chic, but we'll make an exception for the Ashish Holy Chic Beaded Tee ($224) from Lulu & Co. The soft cotton tee features a boxy fit and hand-embroidered beading. Pair it with black leather skinny pants and a boldly colored heel (we're... [More]


Fitbit Ultra

Are you getting serious about getting fit? Don't do it without the Fitbit Ultra ($100), a teensy wireless tracker that gives you accurate data on your daily routine. Keep tabs on your steps, your sleep patterns, your stair climbing, your distance traveled, your calories burned...the list goes on. You can... [More]


Coffee Bean Earrings

We're so devoted to the power of the coffee bean that we'd probably adorn ourselves with the real thing if it were feasible, but let's be honest - that would probably lead to us desperately gnawing on our jewelry to stave off a caffeine crash, and nobody wants to see... [More]


Sonia Rykiel Stripe Bow Wool Hat

The windblown look is only acceptable during vacation, on beach days, or when you roll around town with the top down on that sweet green convertible you bought yourself earlier this year. So this winter, when the blustery breezes come, protect your 'do with the Sonia Rykiel Stripe Bow Wool... [More]


Bad Girls Throughout History Postcards

Join the ranks of the baddest girls on the block by penning your notes on backs of the Bad Girls Throughout History Postcards ($8). Seriously, today's "bad girls" (Lindsay Lohan? please!) have nothing on the courageous thrill-seekers of the past who bucked society's rules and lived life on their own... [More]


Slinker Fleece

Just like Sriracha and a squeeze of lime can transform Cup-a-Soup into cuisine, herringbone prints are like instant classy when it comes to clothes. In the Slinker Fleece ($89), for example, the classic lazy-day sweatshirt is transformed into something downright hip.... [More]


Hydro-Therapy Foot Massager

We could care less about our toenails. Any cute paint we get on them just ends up being hidden in our socks or chipping away over the course of an afternoon in sandals. What we really love about pedicures is the pseudo-spa experience. That's why we're going to invest in... [More]


J.Crew Collection Sequin Bow Pant

The Collection Sequin Bow Pant ($495) from J.Crew is as close to gift wrap as pants get! Camel-colored Italian wool is spotted with hand-sewn sequined bows. Wear them with your favorite cashmere sweater for the ultimate luxurious - yet comfy! - outfit.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Winter Wonderland Coat for Rebecca

Rebecca writes: "Good morning, Outblush ladies! I need help again. It is almost winter time and I am on the hunt, but I seem to be having trouble this year. I would like an ivory (winter white, whatever you want to call it) wool coat. This I can find: The... [More]


Snail Hook

Snails are disgusting. We hate finding them in our garden, chewing holes through our tomatoes. We hate when we pop outside to get the mail and squish one underfoot. They're nasty, slimy creatures that, so far as we can tell, serve no useful purpose to anyone except the French and... [More]



If this ASARO earring ($40 on sale) from A PEACE TREATY makes us look half as cool as the chick modeling it in this picture, does that mean wearing two of them will make us just as cool? Because that shark tooth and blue gem are about as sick as... [More]


Sportmax Riviera Skirt

When the carnival rolls through town, you get inspired to twirl through the office like a human merry-go-round, leaving a mess of files and day-old bagels in your wake. Make up for your clumsiness by looking retro-cool in this Sportmax Riviera Skirt ($680). The print and the flare will distract... [More]


Gold Champagne Damask Italian Luxury Gift Wrap

There are two major schools of thought on gift wrap. The first states that a beautifully wrapped present adds pleasure to the whole experience; the second, that it is perfectly acceptable to slap some tape on a bunch of newspaper and call it a day (boyfriend, we are looking at... [More]


TARDIS Telephone

Think the landline is dead? You'll personally spearhead its resurrection regeneration, just so you'll have a way to put this police box phone($115) to use. It might not be bigger on the inside - but we still think it's pretty darned cool.... [More]


Gold Triangles Drinking Glasses

Did we ever just find a way to class up our table: these Gold Triangles Drinking Glasses ($63) will take our meals from dull to haute, even if we're serving up macaroni and cheese and Diet Coke. We like them best intermingling with their complementary Gold Ribbons cousins - if... [More]


Clover Cuff Bracelet

We spy at least one four-leafer on this Clover Cuff Bracelet ($78), and since it's cast from the real thing it's gotta count. No need to get up close and personal with strangers' lawns anymore - the luck of the Irish is now as simple as good accessorizing.... [More]


MM Couture Longsleeve Print Top

Your cool aunt probably wore something like this MM Couture Longsleeve Print Top ($68) at her engagement party. And by "engagement party", we mean the day she brought that guy she picked up at Woodstock home to meet the parents. Even without the psychedelic substances, we think it's still a... [More]


Dresden Pocket Pill Case

For the chronically medicated among us, containment options are limited. No one wants to go around pulling those hazard-orange prescription bottles out of a purse all the time, and the other options are either painfully unattractive or downright shady (Ziploc baggies, we're looking at you). Thank goodness we stumbled on... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Elliott Booties

Some people may see these Elliott Booties ($175) as bland, or possibly even unremarkable. What you should be thinking about is how many amazing outfits you could pair these with. Nothing says creative like wearing the same pair of shoes one thousand different ways.... [More]


Polder DUO Shower Curtain Rod & Towel Rack

If space is at a premium and roommates are everywhere, perhaps this Shower Curtain Rod & Towel Rack ($32) combo is right for your bathroom. It adds up to five feet of extra hanging space on the outside of the shower curtain, eliminating the need to stack wet towels on... [More]


Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform

Love the flavor of smoked meat, but can't be bothered with the vagaries of charcoal grilling? This Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform ($50) is just the lazy ticket. Fill the drawer with soaked wood chips and water, stock, or other flavorings, and it'll infuse your meat with that perfect campfire taste... [More]


Attic and Barn Erin Skirt

If we could go back and reclaim one single ounce of our innocence, we'd do so wearing this Attic and Barn Erin Skirt ($221). But then again, losing that innocence was more fun than holding onto it. So this skirt will just have to keep up with our antics. Cow... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Record Scratch Nail Buff

Did the daily soundtrack to your life come to a halt when you broke a hard-to-grow nail? No worries, just scratch out a new tune (and a smooth nail) with the Record Scratch Nail Buff ($3). It may take another few weeks to regrow your pinky nail, but for some... [More]


Dry-Erase Quote Pillow

Need to sneak off to work before your other half wakes up? Leave a few sweet nothings on the Dry-Erase Quote Pillow ($30) from Nicole Steward Designs. Or, if you're sans someone else snoozing in your bed, NBD. Toss a pillow or two in the guest room with a welcome... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Anglomania New Accident Checked Wool Skirt

Bust out the pumpkin spice lattes, haul out the Halloween decorations, and set fire to the gingerbread candles. It's FALL! With fall comes glorious plaid, and it doesn't get better than this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania New Accident Checked Wool Skirt ($325). Made of 100% virgin wool and fastened with a... [More]


Best Wishes Key

We can't decide if this is the kind of key you give to your late night booty call so you don't have to get out of bed when he's at the door, or if this is the kind of spare key you give to your friend for when you've lost... [More]


Makaela Blue Flower Printed Cuff

This Makaela Blue Flower Printed Cuff ($43) looks like it came straight from an archaeological dig. Maybe it's based on something once worn by Aphrodite, and will grant us magical powers of attraction. Or the combination of gold and blue will at least look pretty sharp on our wrists.... [More]


Sereno Rabbit Rabbit Bookends

The spines of your books are bright and colorful, so your bookends ought to be, too! Keep your room's eclectic vibe going strong by adding the Sereno Rabbit Rabbit Bookends ($62, each) to your shelves. Each rabbit is hand-printed to allow for slight variations in color. And if you name... [More]


Seqtea Dark Khaki Sequin Sleeve Jacket

A sequined anorak? Believe it, disco cadets. This Seqtea Dark Khaki Sequin Sleeve Jacket ($81) marries glitz and practicality (though we confess the sleeves themselves are hardly practical) with stylish flair. It's the perfect antidote to a plain ol' leather jacket or canvas anorak this fall.... [More]


Growler on Board BTU

Transporting precious cargo? No, we're not talking about infants. We're talking about that growler full of microbrewed gold you just got filled up. Do you really want that nectar getting tossed around in your trunk or backseat, taking the chance that it might smash against your tire iron, resulting in... [More]


Ninja Shuriken Magnets

How much more seriously will your roommates take your stop-leaving-nasty-dishes-piled-in-the-sink notes when they're attached to the fridge with Ninja Shuriken Magnets ($18)? They're playfully effective reminders that you know where they sleep.... [More]


Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts

We might look smashing in a little backless number, but that doesn't mean we can neglect the front. Keep the girls where they belong with Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts ($24), but don't reveal the secret of your powers of levitation - a little mystery never hurt.... [More]


Element Leggings

Ever been to Montreal in the winter? We have, and we're pretty sure we now know what Shackleton felt like when the firewood ran out. (Yes, yes, wrong hemisphere, we know.) Bone-chilling cold doesn't phase the fashion-forward locals, though. They simply don cuties like these Element Leggings ($41) under their... [More]


Rain Africa Back Scrubber

Clean and exfoliate those hard-to-reach places with this Rain Africa Back Scrubber ($24). It's handmade in South Africa by Rain - a craft workshop run on solid environmental and ethical principles. We're digging how the woven band of twine will help lift dead skin away from our backs and shoulders.... [More]


Amy Knitted Gilet

It was forty-two degrees when we woke up this morning. We'll repeat that: forty-two. Despite all our voodoo doll piercing and magic crystal worshipping, summer has deserted us to make way for the cold times. That's why we're picking up this Amy Knitted Gilet ($73). It's like a cozy hug... [More]


Air Heads Animal Balloon Set

What do the critters that make up this Air Heads Animal Balloon Set ($14) have over typical balloon animals? For one thing, they actually look like what they're supposed to be, instead of all being variations on "dog." We also love the bored, bewildered, and/or annoyed expressions on their little... [More]


Corner Store Leather Bags

Leftover plastic bags are super useful in a pinch. They're also hideously ugly and possess the remarkable ability to split open at the exact worst moment. These Corner Store Leather Bags ($180) don't really live up to the convenience of the original, but they're certainly hardier, and, darn it, they... [More]


Wagan Tech Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter

Road trips require a lot of gizmos and gadgets. (We can't imagine how our parents took car trips without going stark raving mad.) Rely on the Wagan Tech Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter ($15) to keep you sane and on the right path. You can plug in your GPS so... [More]


Istanbul Caftan

How cool is it that the J. Peterman Company is so confident in the loveliness of its wares, it doesn't even have to show us pictures of them? No, kids - these threads get illustrated. And they don't come with descriptions, either. They have whimsical fictions. It's enough for us... [More]


Not Your Everyday Accessories (with a Little Help from eBay)

Say bye-bye to boring accessories and hello to the funky and fun. Like most women, we have a closet full of pretty tops, cute bottoms, and popular shoes. But we also save room to really express ourselves with accents with unusual (even architectural) shapes. We've put together some of our... [More]


That's Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale

We all know it's coming. Do we really want our children to be unprepared for the zombie apocalypse? Get them on track for survival with That's Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale ($8), Matt Mogk's important guide to how compassion is a deadly weakness in times of crisis. They'll... [More]


Give Luck Fabric Wrap

We've been trying to be more eco-conscious as we shop for gifts this year. The holidays are still a ways off, but we're going to pick out a bunch of Give Luck Fabric Wraps ($14) now. Once they show up, we can practice our wrapping techniques so we'll have them... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel

There's combination skin, and then there's no-seriously-what-the-hell skin. Guess which one we have? Yes, apparently it's actually possible to hit the anti-jackpot with simultaneous acne and wrinkles, and congratulations are definitely not in order. Thankfully, Peter Thomas Roth's Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel ($34) multitasks like a champ with both glycolic acid... [More]


Disney Couture Oversized Castle Cocktail Ring

We won't be picking up a chateau in the Hamptons anytime soon, but we can daydream and accessorize in shamelessly gaudy fashion by wearing this Disney Couture Oversized Castle Cocktail Ring ($70). Bring on our Prince Charming, please.... [More]


Tartan Throw Blanket

Long before Christian Grey, there was Jamie Fraser - who as far as we're concerned was way higher on the sexy scale, and without all the obnoxious baggage. This Tartan Throw Blanket ($69 - $79) reminds us of our favorite imaginary highlander and will also keep us warm on those... [More]


Katy Wiggle Pencil Dress

As much as we love them, some of our retro-pinup fashions can be... well, a little over the top, which ends up relegating them to the Halloween bucket instead of our everyday closet where we'd hoped they'd find a home. But we won't have to worry about that fate befalling... [More]


Walls Notebook

We constantly scribble in the corners of our notes during meetings, or on the backs of junk mail envelopes when we talk on the phone. But for the next little while we're going to try and keep a Walls Notebook ($17) with us for those moments when we get the... [More]


Lace Blouse with Bow Neckline

Just like your tax returns, this Lace Blouse with Bow Neckline ($50) is all about the details. Specifically, we're talking about the embroidered flowers adorning the sheer collar of this top, which lend a playful accent to its otherwise elegant style.... [More]


Reusable Wood Six Pack Carrier

The homebrewers among us are admitted snobs. After all the work that goes into a batch of finely crafted ale, the last thing we want to do is show up to a party carrying it in the cardboard holder of a six pack of Coors. That's why we're going to... [More]


Petal Edge Cream Dress

Winter weddings are cheaper, easier to book, and what we ourselves prefer to participate in. It's no fun for anyone to be standing around in the humidity as the bridesmaids' faces full of makeup melt off onto the sleeves of their dates. So save yourself a few extra dollars (and... [More]


Gold Amp Studs

We'll tell you what's at our Conjunction Junction! A pair of Gold Amp Studs ($96) by Catbird, that's what! If the word "and" hooks up phrases and clauses, maybe a pair of ampersand-inspired earrings will hook us up with that hottie we always see on our morning latte run!... [More]


Sevylor Inflatable Canoe

You know what's really fun and relaxing? Canoeing. You know what's a gigantic pain in the ass? Transporting and storing a canoe. Guess what's a win-win? That's right, it's the Sevylor Inflatable Canoe ($550)! Spend a peaceful day cruising the currents, and when you're done, hell, you can toss this... [More]


Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Your hair hasn't been doing so great lately. Something about a summer spent floating in chlorinated water and experimenting with hydrogen peroxide. Do your tresses a favor and revivify them with the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner Duo ($34). When used together, they decrease the post-summer frizz that... [More]


Fabrix The Satchel Version 2.0

Not that you need a new computer case, but this Fabrix The Satchel Version 2.0 ($110) is made of 100% grey wool felt. And that is the fabric of winter. That's reason enough to get a new bag, right? We say yes. 100% yes.... [More]


Reusable Food Storage Wraps

Cling wrap addicts: you know who you are. That stuff might keep your leftovers moist and fresh, but it's also total landfill fodder. Your conscience will thank you for making the switch to these Reusable Food Storage Wraps ($11-$15), available in a variety of sizes for everything from wrapping sandwiches... [More]


Alexis Bittar 1880's Victorian 10K Gold Hair Buckle Ring

Before there were scrunchies and hair 'things', there were hair buckles. The Alexis Bittar 1880's 10K Gold Victorian Hair Buckle Ring ($600) is the perfect tool for pretending you're a historian. See?... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Formula 10.0.6 Over Night Success Spot Minimizing Patches

In anticipation of the winter holiday season, you've started scouting out some suitable men to take home on a tentative basis. And lo and behold, your online search has paid off. Mr. OkCupid could actually be okay in real life. You arrange a time to meet IRL - and OMG... [More]


Juniper Ridge Sachets

You have to smell the glorious woodland scents of the Juniper Ridge Sachets ($12 each). While the Siskiyou Cedar, Big Sur Sage, and Douglas Fir fragrances have subtle differences, they all make our fall sweaters smell like we've been spending our weekends in a forest cabin, doing...cabin-y things. You know,... [More]


Mani-Pedi Protection Kit

We just had our nails done - and promptly effed them up trying to pick up our keys. The sad truth is, our lifestyle simply doesn't leave us the time to sit around waiting for polish to dry. That's why we're honestly contemplating picking up this Mani-Pedi Protection Kit ($25).... [More]


J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Graphic Print

We aren't intentionally posting J.Crew items every thirty seconds this fall. But when they roll out gems like this No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Graphic Print ($158) we can't let it go unnoticed. They are killing the prints this year, and the geometric patterns are no exception. They have this... [More]


Davek MINI Umbrella

While we take issue with the claim that the Davek MINI Umbrella ($49) can fit in "literally any compartment" (coin purse? powder compact? empty Tic Tac box?), we must admit that it really is pretty teeny. We'll compromise and buy this to stash in our everyday bag if they promise... [More]


Hunter Original Tall Pearlescent Wellington Boots

In the name of all things unicorn and marshmallow cereal, these wellies ($150) are pearlescent! And when you walk through the dewy flower-filled meadows of happiness, they change from purple to green, illuminating your heart and feet with rainbows of glee. Oh to be a rainbow filled with glee!... [More]


Portable Magnetic Speaker

Need to rock out with big sound? The Portable Magnetic Speaker ($24) clips easily to fabric and brings the tunes with you where ever you need to go. No need to jury-rig your stereo system to play in the backyard. Attach it to your outdoor tablecloth, connect it to your... [More]


Coach Three Quarter Inch Hinged Zebra Bangle

Want to add a pop of print without looking like you took down every animal on the safari? Slide on the Coach Three Quarter Inch Hinged Zebra Bangle ($138). A gold-plated brass enclosure keeps this creature locked in place, giving your outfit a faux exotic feel without bloodshed. Or anyone... [More]


Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

You've heard the expression "squeaky clean"? You guys, this is what they were talking about. After we used Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser ($20), our faces sounded like wet sneakers on a basketball court - and while that's probably not so desirable in its own right, we'll bet it means that... [More]


The Cabin in the Woods

If you've seen The Cabin in the Woods, then you'll already be jonesing to get your hands on your own copy ($15) and once again enjoy its seemingly oxymoronic combination of intelligent storyline and gleefully schlocky thrills. Those of you who haven't seen it: you have no idea what you're... [More]


Evernote Smart Notebook

We swear, our minds were read this weekend while we lamented the fact that half of our shopping list was written on the back of a junk mail envelope and the other half was in a nice, orderly list in our Evernote app. The Evernote Smart Notebook ($25-30, preorder) from... [More]


Fitted Classic Motorcycle Jacket

We're pretty sure that this Fitted Classic Motorcycle Jacket ($422) could make literally anybody look like a total badass. Which is great news for us, because more often than not we're walking around with Cheerios in our hair.... [More]


L'Occitane Shea Butter Body Lotion

It's that time of year again - our chronically thirsty skin is starting to beg for better maintenance, but it's not yet the season for the really big guns. L'Occitane's Shea Butter Body Lotion ($30) is light enough to go on with the powdery freshness we still need for warm... [More]


Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Love Anklet

We can get on board with anklets when they're as delicately cute as the Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Love Anklet ($121). We can still wear this darling charm to the pool on sweltering warm weekends, and later on the adjustable length will go nicely with our fluctuating winter weight.... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: September 24, 2012

If we were betting types, we'd place ours on that gorgeous sparkly clutch in the middle. Wanna take that bet? Got a thing for lace? Houndstooth? Jacquard? Make sure you jump over to The Purse Page to peruse this week's Shopping List poll. Vote for your favorite bag and see... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Minty Marriage

Jenna writes: "Hi Outblushers! I visit your site daily and it has come down to a moment I need your help. I am a bridesmaid for my brother's wedding and the bride has a special request. She came across a picture on pinterest, of bridesmaids wearing unique gowns and cant... [More]


LoVDdesign Maternity Coat

Remember that horrifying baby-adult vest hybrid item we Doubtblushed last year? This isn't that. Thank god. The Maternity Coat ($157) from LoVDdesign is far superior. Instead of making it appear as if you've spawned a child of Satan, this coat keeps your baby angel snuggly and warm. It works great... [More]


Clare Vivier Shopping Tote

We're mesmerized by this Clare Vivier Shopping Tote ($207), and it's all thanks to the stunning iridescent finish to this piece's gorgeous leather. It's like a magical soap bubble from our childhood managed to take handbag form. We're going to go shopping right now, just so we have a reason... [More]


The Age of Miracles

Your turn to pick for book club? Make everyone read The Age of Miracles ($15) by Karen Thompson Walker. Though the doomsday premise may sound depressing, Walker's end-of-the-world plot unravels slowly, and as shown through the hopeful eyes of preteen Julia. Julia comes of age in a time of uncertainty... [More]


Ingrid Dress

Those of us with hourglass figures have some trouble when it comes to pencil skirts. When the waist fits, we can't get the rest over our hips; when the hips fit, we have room for a baby kangaroo in the waistband. So we can't wait to try the Ingrid Dress... [More]


MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

The teen years were not kind to our skin, and unfortunately we have the scars to prove it. And we don't want to prove it. On bad days we sort of wish it were acceptable to spackle ourselves like bad drywall, but since that probably won't fly, we reach for... [More]


truffle truffle Assorted Caramels

We can die happy now. Don't get us wrong, we're waiting for old age for sure, but we can cross the truffle truffle Assorted Caramels ($18) off our Must Eat Bucket List. These little bites of ooey-gooey caramel are made by candy geniuses. Each is different from the next, and... [More]


Vince Camuto Artisan Short Mesh Skirt

Carrie Bradshaw wore one in pink throughout her career in the City. Your little sister wore one during ballet recitals two decades ago. Your brother-in-law wore one in purple to the holiday greeting card photo shoot that his mother-in-law insisted he wear slacks to. There's no reason you shouldn't be... [More]


Universal Wrapping Paper

Meet the only wrapping paper you'll ever need. Instead of laziness and poor planning meaning you have to hand someone a wedding present covered in polar bears, you can now simply circle the occasion on this Universal Wrapping Paper ($25). Though you may have to allow yourself some extra time... [More]


Zahara Bib Necklace

Thank goodness you already used up your entire bead collection on that DIY mirror frame last week, because this Zahara Bib Necklace ($248) couldn't handle even one more. Overflowing with beads in aqua, blue, jade, coral, hematite, and gold, this necklace sports every shade of the seasonal rainbow.... [More]


Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo

We had to stop eating macadamia nuts the moment we found out how many calories a single serving contains. So instead of ingesting them, we smear them all over our hair in oil form. Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo ($16 on sale) revitalizes and moisturizes each and every strand. If... [More]


Brit Travel Bag

Your love affair with London didn't end with the Closing Ceremony. Keep the flame alive through all your adventures with the Brit Travel Bag ($879), and don't worry if it doesn't match your citizenship papers. Why? Because Britannia rules, that's why.... [More]


Carven Wide Leg Virgin Wool Trousers

Skinny jeans and leggings have no place in the office. We tried. But most wide-leg trousers cover up our very expensive, very attractive pumps. We didn't spend half a paycheck on shoes so that they could be shrouded under clothes. These Carven Wide Leg Virgin Wool Trousers ($450) accentuate our... [More]


Gem Underwired Bikini

Don't wait until spring to stock up on next season's suits. Honestly, how good will you feel trying them on when you're all pasty and puffed-up with those extra winter pounds? We're thinking ahead by buying this Gem Underwired Bikini ($90) now, while we're still looking our summer best.... [More]


Doubtblush: Fashion Cats

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


The New Black Walrus Ombré Nail Polish Set

It doesn't matter how easy they make it look on Pinterest - blending nail polishes to create a perfect ombré effect is a massive pain in the rear, and generally ends up leaving our nails looking like we let a kindergarten class go to town on them. That will all... [More]


UGG Australia Jamison Leather Ankle Boot

No, we don't generally advocate wearing UGG boots. But these aren't your typical UGG boots. These are Jamison Leather Ankle Boots ($250), infinitely cuter and cooler. Much like their cylindrical ancestors, these too can be worn with leggings and long, casual tops. But instead of looking like a shepherd, you'll... [More]


Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutter Collection

Sure, we may not pull off the perfect tree pose, but our sugar cookies can with the help of the Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutter Collection ($40). We can't wait to bake up a batch for our Thursday vinyasa class. Maybe we'll even whip up some vegan cookies with chia seeds... [More]


New York Public Library O.L. Cushman Dish Towel

A ham sandwich for a nickel? Plum Pudding in Wine Sauce for a whopping twenty-five cents? Lunch in New York has certainly gotten pricey since 1900. It makes us wish we could do a bit of time-traveling with our spare change jar. Imagine the feast we'd enjoy if we were... [More]


Ombre Tassel 20's Flapper Dress

Check it out! Ombré is so hot even Cousin Itt updated his look. Kidding. We're sure we won't look the least bit ambiguously creepy out on the town in this Ombre Tassel 20's Flapper Dress ($52).... [More]


Ramen to the Rescue Cookbook

On a shoestring budget? We've been there. Unfortunately for us, Jessica Harlan's Ramen to the Rescue Cookbook ($10) wasn't around during our college years to help us create gourmet meals out of one of the cheapest ingredients in the supermarket. We made do, but we bet you'll enjoy instant ramen... [More]



Give us a flat surface and we'll give you clutter. So we've found this Pockit ($15) most handy on our desks and on the shelves by our front doors. Anything we might need at a moment's notice, we just stick into this clip-on container, and it's there! There's even a... [More]


Lime Green Filigree Cuff

The faux leather beneath the elegant overlay on the Lime Green Filigree Cuff ($23) is pretty spot-on traffic safety green. If somebody starts veering towards us on our way home from the bar, we'll just flash our accessories at them.... [More]


WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain

We don't have a dog. So why are we contemplating investing in this WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain ($78)? Because we want to see if the neighborhood raccoons will learn how to use it as a sink, is why. This fun gadget automatically detects movement within a three foot radius,... [More]


Chantecaille Elephant Palette

We were sad to learn that this Chantecaille Elephant Palette ($82) wasn't a piece of pop art that we could hang on our walls. But you'll be happy to learn that five percent of all proceeds from it will be donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization working... [More]


Eva Franco Becca Skirt

When we were toddlers, our parents gave up on trying to get photos of us wearing cute skirts. We would inevitably try to pull them up over our heads. Even as grown-ups (sort of), we'd be tempted to do the same with this Eva Franco Becca Skirt ($220). The hypnotically... [More]


Magnetic Cellphone and Camera Lenses

If you're going to use your iPhone to take such an absurd number of pictures of your food, could you at least switch up the lens? Slide one of these magnetic lenses ($25-$35 each) on and suddenly that gourmet grilled cheese sandwich looks bigger! Or further away! Or like it's... [More]


Volcano Ice Pop Molds

We thought that at thirty we'd be homeowners, living off the royalties of a New York Times Best Seller or three. But at one month shy of the big 3-0 we'd be happy just to be a little svelter by the big day. Enter these Volcano Ice Pop Molds ($10).... [More]


Nora Kogan Matchstick Brooch

Others may have a lucky horseshoe pendant or four-leaf clover ring, but you like to stand out from the crowd. That's why you wear a Nora Kogan Matchstick Brooch ($210). It reminds you to strike, which will in turn provide you with all the luck you need.... [More]


Laura Vintage Bird Jumper

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Superman still a bird! Laura Vintage Bird Jumper ($50)... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Barnacle

Your iPhone has already pretty much obviated the need for human interaction in your life. The Barnacle ($5) completes the process. By making it easy to mount your device on the windshield of your car, on the wall next to your desk, or on the fridge while you make dinner,... [More]


Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper Set

The Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper Set ($25) looks good enough to eat. In fact, maybe we'll grill our dinner tonight. And while we chomp on our burgers, we'll ponder what to wrap in our new paper. We're thinking maybe a barbecue cookbook and a hickory grilling plank. And some other rectangular... [More]


Diesel LAVAN Leather Jacket

We are moving beyond unremarkable black and brown leather. By no means are we getting rid of our brown booties or black leather handbags, mind you, but we are introducing this lion-colored LAVAN Leather Jacket ($940) to our repertoire. Still neutral enough to go with literally everything we own, it... [More]


Scratch Cat Tights

These Scratch Cat Tights ($15) feature a playful illustration of pretty much exactly what we see hanging off our porch screen whenever our cat decides it's time to stare at the bird feeder again.... [More]


Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance Pure Vanilla Eau de Parfum

Don't even try to tell us you haven't been tempted to slather yourself with vanilla extract. Plain vanilla may be code for "boring" in some circles, but for a fragrance it just doesn't get any better - which is why we were ecstatic to find Lavanila's Pure Vanilla Eau de... [More]


Sejjadeh Purple Coasters

Not only is the tile pattern on the Sejjadeh Purple Coasters ($6, each) lovely, the coasters themselves are silicone. That means they're cute and easily washed. We can be drink-klutzes (why is it always a full glass of red wine?!), so anything we can rinse off with warm water is... [More]

Beauty Spoon

Beauty Spoon

If you're like us, you enjoy getting every little smidgen of your favorite (and very expensive) eye cream out of the jar. Hence the next best thing since sliced bread - the Beauty Spoon (2 for $10). This awesome little gadget enables you to scrape along the sides and bottom... [More]


Miss Selfridge Surely Black Heart Loafer Shoes

Oh man. Miss Selfridge outdid herself with these Surely Black Heart Loafer Shoes ($84). These sky-high stilettos sport a precious leather-and-gold bow that we'd probably give up the majority of our shoe wardrobe to own. Don't hold us to that verbatim; we have some nice shoes we could never part... [More]


LivingColors Gen 2 Table Lamp by Philips

Need an energy boost? Give your room a splash of red. What's that? Feeling a little overwhelmed? Skip the sedatives and remote control this LivingColors Gen 2 Table Lamp by Philips ($218) back to blue. With the touch of a button, this mod little number changes hue, making it easy... [More]


Fingerless Heart Gloves

We're not suggesting you go out and buy a whole winter ensemble, no. But we are hinting that it's time to think about how you're going to keep warm when the mornings are layered with frost and your lungs expel puffs of hot fog into the chill. A pair of... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Tanks Card

Give a Tanks Card ($4) when "Thanks" is too much, nothing is not enough, and a pun is just right. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Half & Half Harness Boot

We thought gaiters went out of style with big game hunting and the first Roosevelt administration, but this Half & Half Harness Boot ($55) pays super-cute tribute to a classic. Pair this leather-meets-suede style with a pith helmet for that dotty adventurer look we're sure will be coming in any... [More]


Tea Time Sweater in Mint

We're pretty sure if we showed up to tea wearing this Tea Time Sweater in Mint ($38), we'd give Her Majesty a bout of royal apoplexy and would be refused permission to continue dating Prince Harry. (Even after we were understanding enough to not dump him over the whole naked... [More]


butter LONDON Union Jack Black Lips and Tips Set

Don't be afraid of this butter LONDON Lips and Tips set ($19). There's a time and a place for black lip gloss and nail polish. Like Halloween in a graveyard. Or your sister's upcoming divorce party celebrating her split from that womanizing man-child she was married to.... [More]


Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Now look, we're not trying to imply that cold weather is in any way around the corner. But if, hypothetically, it were to be winter someday - and if that winter were to be cold enough to set Jack Frost nipping at our toes - then undoubtedly these Heated Indoor/Outdoor... [More]


Bazaar Reusable Wine Bag

Between book club meetings, Sunday football, and dinner parties, we're busy bees. So we've been stocking up on our favorite Pinot, and using Bazaar Reusable Wine Bags ($12 each) to bring a bottle with us each time we meet up with friends. Once the wine is gone, the bag stays... [More]


Dare You Dress

It's the math geek's favorite take on the LBD: the Dare You Dress ($170). This simple black frock takes a step up the chic ladder by way of a top that vaguely reminds us of a splayed-out rhombic triacontahedron. If we get bored while wearing it, we'll just find a... [More]


Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

They practically hand you a rocks glass full of Scotch when you purchase the Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair ($3,960). Okay, so we're not sure about that since the price tag is out of our budgets, but we're assuming. Available in your choice of fifteen finishes.... [More]


Jalapeño Corer

Inner nostril, eyelid, ear... those and a few unmentionable places are just some of the spots we've turned into infernos of agony after trying to get the better of a bunch of jalapeños. That's why we're going to find some room in our overcrowded kitchen gadget drawer for this Jalapeño... [More]


Walnut Wall Clock

We're going to take a guess and say that the Walnut Wall Clock ($40) is showing the time to be 10:07. Hmm. Maybe we should get it for its aesthetic and not for its time-telling capabilities. Oh, we believe that it tells the correct time - we just can't see... [More]


Personal Shopper: Accessories for Katie's Fab Green Frock

Katie writes: "You're the only people I know to turn to! I only have two weeks until one of my best friends weddings northern California. I've narrowed my dress down to the Addison Story Silk Chevron Dress in "tree". I think it's the perfect color for the time of year... [More]


Carried Away Robot Lunch Bag

Your favorite food truck just decided to decamp to the west side of town. And while that is all sunshine and profits for them, you are left staring at your boring old lunch box with no motivation to eat what's inside. Well, get hungry for the Carried Away Robot Lunch... [More]


Issa Printed Silk Crepe de Chine Shift Dress

How perfectly whimsical is this Issa Printed Silk Crepe de Chine Shift Dress ($345)? It looks like what we'd wear if we were a character in a children's book, walking through the streets of Paris on our way to a tea date with a talking bunny rabbit and a mouse.... [More]


Anna Kula Twist Front Turban

When a hat is too stuffy and earmuffs aren't stylish enough, the Anna Kula Twist Front Turban ($145) will keep you warm without compromising your dignity.... [More]


H2O Plus Spa Sea Salt Skin Smoother

Even though your legs are about to be covered up for the next six months, that doesn't mean you have an excuse to stop exfoliating and shaving them. (Well, yes it does, actually, but just go with it). If you take care of them all winter with products like H2O... [More]


Cole Haan Daelin Riding Boots

If the phrase "comfortable like a running shoe" were a real thing, then we would apply it to these Cole Haan Daelin Riding Boots ($498). Unfortunately, most boots cause your feet to cramp and crunch in the toe box. But these calfskin beauties feature concealed Nike Air technology, making them... [More]


Digits Glove Pins

Add a set of Digits Glove Pins ($12) to your favorite pair of winter gloves and you'll be operating your smartphone in cold weather with no problems. We've seen smart touch gloves before, but we're over the moon about the fact that Digits mean we can use any old pair... [More]


butter LONDON Rosie Lee Nail Polish

Never has a more holiday-appropriate shade of nail polish existed. This butter LONDON Rosie Lee Nail Polish ($14) is the cranberry to your sauce, the red nose to your Rudolph, the red back to your Louboutin-centric Christmas list. Layer it on top of a deeper shade of red for some... [More]


J.Crew Excursion Quilted Vest

Vests. When do you wear a vest? When it's too cold for just a blouse? When it's too warm for a jacket? Any time is a good time to wear this J.Crew Excursion Quilted Vest ($138), don'tcha think?... [More]


Suite 7 Pintuck Mesh Dress

How precious will we be, wearing this Suite 7 Pintuck Mesh Dress ($93)? The dotted overlay, elegant folds, and classic fit are so utterly adorable that we'll have to watch out for puppies and small children trying to follow us home.... [More]


Chewing the Cud Gift Buckets

Who'da thunk eco-friendly storage could be so effortlessly chic? We're digging these recycled cloth buckets from Chewing the Cud ($12-70). Available in an incredible variety of cheerful patterns printed using soy-based inks, they'll hold everything from toys to knitting gear to all that random detritus you can never find a... [More]


Miz Mooz Petal Pump

The Miz Mooz Petal Pump ($120) is so librarian chic! If that's a thing. That's a thing, right? It's (quietly!) demanding to be worn with a wool pencil skirt and a silk blouse. Toss a good book into your purse and pretend you're sitting amongst the stacks while you commute... [More]


Cuisine R-Evolution Pack Molecular Gastronomy Kit

We're tired of simply reading about the culinary miracles being performed by cutting-edge chefs at restaurants we will never be able to get a table at unless we get surgically enhanced to the point where we can pass for Cher. Lucky for us, we can now have the tools of... [More]


Guerlain Terra Soleia Bronzer

Don't lose your summer glow entirely. Keep your face luminous with Guerlain Terra Soleia Bronzer ($69). When applied to the hairline, the bridge of the nose, and the jawbone, it will give you the "I spend happy hour at the pool" glow without the bill or the margarita waistline.... [More]


Perplexus Epic

Our brains hurrrrrt. They've been working overtime trying to solve this Perplexus Epic ($30) 3-D puzzle, and our relative lack of fine motor skills isn't helping the situation. But at least focusing single-mindedly on getting that little metal ball past 125 different barriers means we're not doing something far sillier... [More]


Cheap Thrill: I'll Be Back Soon Sticky Notes

It seems like the moment we step away from our desks, the boss stops by. And it doesn't really matter if we're gone for lunch or just across the office talking to a coworker - we always feel like we're so busted. At least if we have one of these... [More]


Ice Jacket

Sure, booze is already the focal point of your party, but when chilled with the Ice Jacket ($40), it's the pièce de résistance. Slip a bottle into the jacket, fill the latter with water, freeze the whole thing, and marvel at the ice that forms around your beverage. It'll keep... [More]


Code Basket

The Code Basket ($615) features laser-cut (you guessed it) Morse code as a design element. It ought to hold up to anything you toss into it, from fluffy bath towels to firewood for the cabin. And boy, with that price tag, the code ought to point you to the location... [More]


Serotonin Greeting Card

We can't claim that chemistry was our best subject in school, but we enjoyed it enough to get a kick out of the Serotonin Greeting Card ($4.50) by Que Interesante. Your family and friends will certainly get an extra dose of the feel-good compound when they read your encouraging message... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Evalin Scarf

Most days, we shine and radiate awesome out of every orifice. But on those days that our demeanor is less than gracious and our appearance says a lot about what we drank last night, we put this Diane von Furstenberg Evalin Scarf ($207 on sale) on in the hopes that... [More]


Pasta Miracles Garland

Sure, you could set aside some time with a string, paint, and a box of farfalle, and possibly, after several hours of frustrating, messy labor, end up with something that looks a bit like this Pasta Miracles Garland ($31). The miracle is that instead, you can pay someone who's already... [More]


Mango Wooden Tea Drawer

We are tea girls, through and through. And what better container for our collection than this adorable Mango Wooden Tea Drawer ($60)? It will make for a lovely accent on our kitchen counter, and is self-explanatory enough that we'll never have to tell anyone where to find the oolong again.... [More]


Distressed Leather Jacket

Now that we've seen this jacket, we can't imagine life without it. Which is sort of a problem when we consider the price tag, but if we could have a Distressed Leather Jacket ($798) JUST THIS ONCE, we would never need another jacket again, we swear, and we would do... [More]


Organic Wear 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush

Summer is gone and so is your hot-weather glow. Put a little light back into your cheeks with Organic Wear 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush ($14). It doesn't layer so heavily that you look like Eva Mendes, but it does a good job of perking up pale complexions.... [More]


Past - Present - Future Watch

Who'd have thought one of our accessories could throw us into a state of existential crisis? This Past - Present - Future Watch ($115) cleverly reveals the time through a narrow window between the blank slates of "past" and "future". It's a stylish way of reminding ourselves to live in... [More]


C-Label Hudson 10 Flats

We're usually on the lookout for work shoes that fit the dress code without making us feel like we've completely sold our souls to the corporate man. These C-Label Hudson 10 Flats ($49) won't earn us any dirty looks from the receptionist, but stand out enough with their brass-hued studs... [More]


Lumen Oil Lamp

Cast a glow over the room with the Bloom Lumen Oil Lamp ($48), designed by Adam Frank. Instead of spooky horror-movie shadows, the light from the lamp will project a gently dancing silhouette. The further you place the lamp from the wall, the larger the shadow will grow. Pour yourself... [More]


PUUR Natuur Matatabi

Turn your cat into a blissful burnout with PUUR Natuur Matatabi ($4), a form of Japanese "catnip". Give some to your cat, pour yourself a beer, then sit back and enjoy the show.... [More]



The Wordclock ($344) won't display a simple 11:25. It'll read, "It is twenty five minutes past eleven," which seems so much more polite. We like to pretend it has a posh accent.... [More]


The Camden Tote

By decree of our wallets, any potential accessory should meet two basic criteria: versatility of style and everyday functionality. We, um, kind of suck at sticking to this rule, but fortunately The Camden Tote ($188) passes with absolutely flying colors. We're confident that this must be the world's most attractively... [More]


Personal Shopper: Peter Pan Tops with Sleeves for Carol

Carol writes, "I am dying over this Peter Pan collar trend and have been looking everywhere for one. Trick is, I want one that is short or three quarter length sleeves and that is solid with an alternate solid color collar. I was thinking mint or peach with white, something... [More]


E-go Trousers

At long last, we've found them: the E-go Trousers ($118), an absolutely perfect pair of casually slouchy, utterly chic pants. Their minimal weight and loose fit should make them the sort of thing we only wear when camping, but their perfect charcoal hue and surprisingly elegant look make them a... [More]


Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm

You never know when there might be some juicy happenings on your street, bringing in the news trucks in with anchors on the hunt for anxious-yet-attractive neighbors to interview. But with the advent of high-definition broadcasting, your every flaw and imperfection will be magnified by the cameras as you act... [More]


Zara Fox Print Top

Foxes are on trend for fall, and we couldn't be happier. The crafty creatures have been favorites of ours since our first reading of The Little Prince. We'd never wear a fox fur stole, but the Zara Fox Print Top ($36) will be marvelous with with a thick sweater and... [More]


Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice

As much as we want to, we can't start every day with a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks. Instead, we'll add a Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice ($8) packet to a cup of warm milk now and then. At 140 calories per mug (one packet plus eight ounces of skim milk),... [More]


Musée des Arts Décoratifs Skirt

Move over, Munch: we'll be the ones making a lasting impression in this Musée des Arts Décoratifs Skirt ($35). Thanks to its chic red hue and bold bow, we're positively Scream-ing to get our hands on it.... [More]


C-3PO 12 Inch Recycled Scrap Metal Sculpture

We are unabashed geeks. We are also interior design snobs, however, so as much as we'd love to surround ourselves with the cast of Star Wars, action figures just don't mesh with our decor. We've found a way to sneak an homage into the landscape, though: these ScrapSculptures. C-3PO ($95)... [More]


Cactus! Press Filter Coffee Infuser

If you've got a couple hundo to spare on a French press, let us point you in the direction of the Cactus! Press Filter Coffee Infuser ($217) by Alessi. The punched-out metal decoration will add plenty of pizzazz to your morning tablescape.... [More]


Felted Foliage Garland

Wedding shops have the cutest party decorations. Take this Felted Foliage Garland ($16), for example. We'd happily throw this up around the dining room for a classy dinner party. And since these earthy accents are made with felt, not paper, they should be durable enough to last us for several... [More]


Halle Sleeveless Top

Sheer as the winter is cold, the Halle Sleeveless Top ($196) is not meant to be worn solo. But it does make for a great layering piece under wool blazers or on top of equally sleeveless, opaque camis.... [More]


Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil

Blondes may have more fun, but they definitely have less eyebrow. Bring an end to your reign as the Browless Wonder and add a little definition with Dior's Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil ($29) - between the universal shade and the retractable extra-fine point, we've eliminated color confusion, pencil sharpeners, and... [More]


Blue Pinecone Necklace

Get into the cool-weather spirit with this Blue Pinecone Necklace ($72), a stunning little accessory cast from an honest-to-goodness piece of tree. We love the touch of weathered blue faux-patina that gives it a comfortably aged look. And unlike real pinecones, it won't make us sticky or incredibly flammable.... [More]


Thistle Street "Lights Out" Pillow

It's been a long day. We're ready to don our sleep masks, rest our heads on the Thistle Street "Lights Out" Pillow ($40) from Kate Spade, and drift off into dreamland. Though the sweet pink pillow just reminded us to turn off the bedside lamp. All right, now we're ready.... [More]


Alice + Olivia Dame Suede and Metallic Leather Ankle Boots

You layer your sweaters. You layer cakes. You layer it on every time you call up your ex. Why not layer your shoes while you're at it? These Alice + Olivia Dame Suede and Metallic Leather Ankle Boots ($395) layer on almost as much drama as your cell phone, a... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Pencil Cap Set

It's the little things that make life better. In this case, the little thing is a Pencil Cap Set ($3). For less than a latte would cost, you'll get eight caps that fit onto pencils to keep the tips from breaking and, possibly more exciting, to keep lead or colored... [More]


Back and Forth Bobbi Set

Forget sock buns and elaborate braided updos. Just run a brush through your hair and pin back the sides with the Back and Forth Bobbi Set ($25). You'll look just as cute and put together, minus all the hand cramps from trying to hold your hair in place as you... [More]


Marc Jacobs Metallic Wool-Blend Jacquard Jacket

Printed blazers represent a nice twist to a fairly constant garment. This Marc Jacobs Metallic Wool-Blend Jacquard Jacket ($2436) is, as is very characteristic of Marc-y Marc, a little over the top. But if you're going to go big, go huge. The green-and-metallic-pink pattern will take your neutral slacks to... [More]


Dale Keys for Society6 You Complete Me Print

It's too bad that your cat can't read. But, deep down, she knows what you mean. She knows how you feel. She knows that no matter how many times she yacks up on the kitchen floor, destroys the upholstery on the ottoman, or deletes an entire paragraph from your presentation... [More]


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil

Beautiful skin relies on two things: Vitamin D, and protection from our best natural source of vitamin D. If you're noticing an issue there, never fear - Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil ($42) is like sunshine in a bottle with none of the nasty side effects. Compromise-free... [More]


Heart Cutout Leather Gloves

You don't drive. It's dangerous and your mother never taught you. But thank goodness your humble town put in paved bike paths. Now you have an excuse to wear these Heart Cutout Leather Gloves ($45). You'll look simultaneously demure and serious as hell wearing these pink-piped hand warmers as you... [More]


Sails Hot Water Bottle

That heating bill won't be getting any lower this winter, which means we're contemplating finding boyfriends purely for bed-warming purposes. But this Sails Hot Water Bottle ($64) will keep things hot between the sheets with far fewer strings attached, and will go much more nicely with our home décor scheme.... [More]


Mahiki Dress

Face it: when it comes to the perfect look, designers know better than we do. For example, the genius behind this Mahiki Dress ($240) understood that this elegantly retro silhouette would be at its absolute best in a warm burnt umber. That's why they didn't even bother giving us the... [More]


Fowler's Sponge Candy

We may be jumping the gun here, but when the weather starts to cool, we immediately search the Fowler's website for their Sponge Candy ($20 per lb). A Buffalo, NY holiday favorite, sponge candy has been growing in popularity all over the country. We prefer the original, and are willing... [More]


Swedish Dishcloths

Washing dishes will never be the same now that we've got a pair of Swedish Dishcloths ($13 for two). No more stinky sponge and no more cheese-caked washcloth! The cellulose/cotton blend cloths combine the best of both worlds. They tackle dirty jobs with ease, and sop up spills quickly without... [More]


Deena & Ozzy Stud Tiger Backpack

When you need to reclaim a little bit of that middle-school angst, this Deena & Ozzy Stud Tiger Backpack ($99) is just big enough to hold all of your Nirvana tapes and spiral notebooks full of adolescent first-world problems. We feel a black polyester scrunchie coming on...... [More]


Trish McEvoy Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

You run out of mascara and jet to the nearest drugstore to make sure you have enough for your morning fix. After finding the exact shade you need, you scoot back home and open the packaging only to find out that you bought the waterproof version of your favorite brand.... [More]


Enzo Angiolini Savoye Pump

We've loving the color combination on this Enzo Angiolini Savoye Pump ($110). The naughty-meets-nice scheme is a perfect fit for its sweetly sexy retro style. Think of the pinup bow detail as the frosting on the ecstacy-laced cupcake.... [More]


TofuXpress Gourmet Food Press

Not a tofu fan? It's probably because you've been subjected to a few too many watery, squishy squares of the stuff, instead of the nice, firm, fried variety. The secret to enjoying this vegetarian delight is expelling as much water from it as possible before it hits the pan, and... [More]


Hot Air Balloon Clutch

Since we don't have an actual hot air balloon (and are pretty sure that if we did soar off in one, there'd be high tension wires and not an idyllic destination in our future), we'll simply have to settle for our dreams and this adorable Hot Air Balloon Clutch ($24).... [More]


BYografia BookBike

If your apartment is smaller than an overhead bin on a commercial airplane, you probably need the BookBike ($inquire) from BYografia. It combines transportation and organization in one seamlessly brilliant container (their word, not ours). The hook on which the bicycle hangs can be positioned according to the height of... [More]


I'd Rather Be: Grundgetta

While a Personal Shopper can give you what you need for real life, I'd Rather Be sets you up for fantasy lives you didn't even know you had. Because sometimes a new shampoo isn't enough for a whole new you. (Want us to outfit your alter ego or your alternate... [More]


Old Gringo Sora Brown Boots

Okay, so it probably defeats the purpose of cowboy boots to own a pair too pretty to track through the mud. And okay, anything draining our wallets this dramatically should probably be practical - but these Old Gringo Sora Brown Boots ($550) are so gorgeous that we just don't care.... [More]


Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy Tool

You were under the impression that your eyebrows had been shaped evenly and into equal lengths. That is, until you saw that picture your sorority sister uploaded onto Facebook last week. Turns out that the eight-dollar wax job was more like a cheap-ass hack job. Next time, measure things out... [More]


Black Tea Merlot

A cup of Black Tea Merlot ($16) from Vintage Tea Works does not, in fact, have any alcoholic properties. On the one hand, boo. On the other hand, we can't very well drink wine all the time, can we? (Don't answer that.) The tea does, however, have a fruity, robust... [More]


Charlotte Russe Naughty & Nice Belt Trio

Do you want to be Southern-belle chic with the braided brown leather belt? Rock a skull-embellished teal version? Or slip into something sexy, meaning the lace-covered option? Might you consider a ménage à trois? Charlotte Russe Naughty & Nice Belt Trio ($11)... [More]


Wood Trough

You don't have a horse. You don't have a cow. You do have a husband who eats you out of house and home, but he's not exactly the kind of animal who can use this Wood Trough ($149) as troughs are intended. But you can line it with some thin... [More]


LeSportsac Kitty Cross Body

Change, kitty. Lint, kitty. Stuff you 'til you purr! Gloss, kitty. Phone, kitty. Nylon fur!. LeSportsac Kitty Cross Body ($38)... [More]


Mussel Necklace

Mussels, cream, wine, and garlic = the tastiest five-minute dinner we can think of. Heck, a batch of these mouthwateringly yummy shellfish cooks up faster than a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. And trust us: it's a heck of a lot better for you. That's why we're going to... [More]


Bi-Color Pitcher

Before you reach for the hot cocoa, serve your end-of-summer Moscato Punch out of the Bi-Color Pitcher ($65). This cheerful purple and turquoise vessel will help you bid the warm weather a fond farewell, especially if you pour your boozy concoction into the matching Multicolor Goblets and propose a toast... [More]


Metallic-Blend Tulle Skirt

It's not quite the ballerina skirt we dreamed of when we were six, but we're about as close to being dancers as Shia LaBeouf is to winning an Oscar for his performance in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. So we're totally digging this Metallic-Blend Tulle Skirt ($20) - and will... [More]


Easy Grip Rolling Pin

Fall gets us itching to bake, and what better homage to our fav season than some leaf-shaped sugar cookies? Having the Easy Grip Rolling Pin ($21) from Core Bamboo in our baking arsenal will make the task easier, especially thanks to the silicone handles. We don't need dough flying across... [More]


Flouncing Orange Trench Coat

Don't fall victim to the predictable brown and black tones of fall. Buck the flow with a salmon trench coat ($176) that's sure to drop some jaws. Fitted at the waist and sporting an extra-wide lapel, this feisty fishy can swim upstream any season of the year.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Hottiedots!

Marilyn Monroe? More like Marilyn Mon-mole. Hottiedots! ($7) What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Yellow Lego Kitchen Canister

Go for kitsch in the kitchen by planning your decor around the Yellow Lego Kitchen Canister ($22) by LennyMud. The upcycled canister is the perfect size for holding tea bags, stevia packets, or any other miscellany you can think up. It may even be big enough to hold your waffles,... [More]


Roxy Pack Rat Bag

Whoa. Have we fallen asleep only to wake up in the past? We know '80s-inspired gear is en vogue, but Roxy's new line of backpacks, including the drawstring Pack Rat Bag ($32), looks like it came straight out of 1993. We're not sure how we feel about that yet, but... [More]


e.l.f. Mineral Revitalizing Mist

Cooler temperatures mean lower humidity, which is great for that mildew problem in the bathroom, but a little less awesome for our complexions. Help your skin make the transition with this e.l.f. Mineral Revitalizing Mist ($8). A midday squirt gives your face a much-needed boost of moisturizer in a light,... [More]


Cantaloupe Bowl

Martha Stewart is always telling us how adorable it will look if we serve our fruit salads in bowls made of scooped-out melons. And it does - on day one. But stick those leftovers in the fridge, and in a few days you've got a hell of a sloppy mess... [More]


Copper Pointed Flats

What's even cuter than a buckle on a shoe? Two buckles, of course. These Copper Pointed Flats ($183) double the buckling fun on an otherwise elegantly simple silhouette. Adorable at-work footwear option? We think so.... [More]


Cute As a Fox Print Tote

You sly dog fox, you! We see you slinking around with your Orla Kiely Cute As a Fox Print Tote ($326)! This Fall Collection bag has been hard to find, and we're envious. But we're sure your resourcefulness and cunning helped in procuring this playful print purse. Good thing we... [More]


Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Finish off your summer reading stack on a high note with Jenny Lawson's hilarious Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) ($16). If you've ever read The Bloggess, you already know how witty Lawson can be. Describing everything from a rural Texan upbringing as the daughter of a... [More]


Essie Mirror Metallics Collection

We wish we were X-Men. Just think how ferociously we could battle our nemeses with a set of adamantium fingernails. Of course, we don't have any nemeses that we know of, other than that guy in the Nissan Sentra who always seems to manage to get into the morning drive-through... [More]


The Garden of Earthly Delights Tee

Attention, Art History nerds: check out this classically gruesome Garden of Earthly Delights tee ($25), which is gleefully printed with Hieronymus Bosch's painstakingly detailed painting of the best party ever (so long as you don't mind the flaming hangover). Informal quiz: what do you think those guys in the tiny... [More]


Boon Whale Pod

Who knew how long it would take to pick all those bath toys out of the tub so that it would be possible to shower in the morning without stepping on a rubber duck? The Whale Pod ($35) is a cute and clever time-saver that'll help you enjoy your tot's... [More]


Rainbow Acrylic Tumblers

If we could get a sneak peek into Lisa Frank's kitchen, we're pretty sure we'd find a set or two of these Rainbow Acrylic Tumblers ($36 for 4). There'd also probably be unicorn steaks in the fridge.... [More]


Yanko Design Paper Pot

Tired of putting out box after box of Kleenex? The Paper Pot ($40), which houses a roll of toilet tissue, is an alternative solution to the endless booger barrage of fall. The cute bubbly shape makes it great for classrooms or the bathroom counter in a family home. Available in... [More]


Stella & Dot Geneve Lace Ring

Lace pants. Lace blouses. Lace handbags. Lace hair ornaments. Lace bathing suits. What are we missing here? Duh. Lace jewelry ($59).... [More]


got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder

got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder ($6) is a steal. Take that twenty you were going to spend on pricier powder and pick up an amazing lip gloss at the same time. The husband doesn't have to know...... [More]


Eberjey Delirious Triangle Bralet

Every once in a while we still feel cheated that, for us, puberty didn't involve breasts. Seriously? That was a letdown. Then we come across sweet little things like this Eberjey Delirious Triangle Bralet ($32). We feel good that our girls can breath in this sexy little number. Three cheers... [More]


The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

Finally, a place to wear all the sexy sarongs and breezy dresses we've been collecting! This is NO regular camping, folks. Stay at The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur (roughly $676 a night) in one of their luxury tents and you'll be surrounded by opulence, glamour, and the sense that you've stepped... [More]


Frye Miranda Lace Booties

Is there anything better than a lace-up bootie? (Okay, yes, a marshmallow.) We wish these were as inexpensive as summer sandals, or marshmallows, but the Frye Miranda Lace Booties ($198) are so delightful that we don't mind paying a little extra cash. Their toasty-graham-cracker appearance reminds us of all the... [More]


Biker Chic with a Little Help from eBay

Chai tea, scarves, boots: we have been counting down the days until fall and putting together new outfits, including a fabulous biker chic ensemble. We're ready to show the world that we can dress to impress in fancy dresses and tight pants. We've drawn inspiration from Nicole Richie, Audrina Patridge,... [More]


Color Petal Loafers

Forget oxfords - vintage-inspired loafers are hot for fall. The Color Petal Loafers ($55) from Le Bunny Bleu come in a few cool-weather tones, like orange, grey, and navy. We can't help but want to channel Rachel Berry and wear a pair with knee socks and a girlish dress. Something... [More]


Quantum Leap: The Complete First Season

Maybe it's his lush early-1990s hairstyle, or that sweet hapless-hero mentality, but Dr. Sam Beckett can Quantum Leap us anytime he likes. We don't even care that he ends up wearing women's clothing half the time. That's why we'll be reliving our adolescent time-travel fantasies with this DVD set ($34).... [More]


Trind Perfect System

Perfect hair knitting technique. Perfect wardrobe sci-fi DVD collection. Semi-perfect boyfriend bottle of wine. Don't kill the illusion that you've got it all together with jacked-up nails. Spend two weeks with the Trind Perfect System ($70) and you'll really have it all.... [More]


Mason Jar Tumblers Party Kit

Take your hipster cred to a whole new level with this Mason Jar Tumblers Party Kit ($48). You and your flannel-and-glasses-wearing crew will have a fabulous time taking Instagram photos of yourselves while sipping home-infused bitters from these rustic little glasses. Each jar sports a lid with a cut daisy... [More]


Siberian Pine Chewing Gum

Here's today's bit of historical trivia: early American colonists learned from native tribes to drink tea made from pine needles for a much-needed vitamin C boost. We're not sure if you get quite the same scurvy-fighting benefit from Siberian Pine Chewing Gum ($5), but this all-natural, sweetener-free product is supposed... [More]


Aqua Sequin Sweatshirt

Who says our lounge-around clothes can't be a bit fancy? This Aqua Sequin Sweatshirt ($68) has a comfy fit and totally casual vibe with a blitz of added sparkle. We think it's the perfect piece for those days at home when we're secretly hoping someone hot will swing by for... [More]


Hot-Pot Barbecue Grill

Stuffy landlord won't let you cook burgers out on the fire escape? What he doesn't know can't hurt him, and he'll never guess that this cute pot conceals a handy-dandy grill. Just make sure your Hot-Pot Barbecue Grill ($125) has cooled before you set the mini-planter top back onto it,... [More]


Sarah Storage Tower

We've determined that the Sarah Storage Tower ($599) must be named after Sarah Jessica Parker. Who else would inspire such a well-planned shoe and handbag tower? Though we're no SJP when it comes to shoes, we certainly have a lot, so we love standalone storage that looks good enough to... [More]


You're My Match Necklace

If you really want someone to know you're just gooey on the inside about him/her, share this gold necklace ($15) as a sign of your love. Nothing says "I love you" like a pack of matches, worn around your neck. Cheers to a hot new romance!... [More]


W3ll People Deluxe Set

Your makeup looks fresh for about three hours. That is, until you take off your sweater at work and half of your foundation comes off on the collar in the process. Touch up with the W3ll People Deluxe Set ($45), a speed stick of concealer with a brush included.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Corn Butter Spreader

How did we not know for over thirty years that this fantastic kitchen gadget existed? No longer will we have to choose between a frustrating, sloppy struggle to smear butter on our corn with a fork, or turning the whole stick into a hairy, unappetizing mess. With the Corn Butter... [More]


Piece Tote

While we're not seriously comparing global peace efforts to a pizza, we do think getting the world's leaders together over a hot, gooey New York thin crust might start treaty talks off on the right foot. Unless Iran favors deep dish. But we're willing to compromise. Piece Tote ($15) by... [More]


The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches ($19) offers ideas and recipes for a variety of sandwiches we've never even dreamed about. Does a pound cake sandwich count as a well-rounded meal? We say yes! Oh, lunch, you're about to get exciting again!... [More]


Porcelain Fortune Cookies

We have a feeling we're going to be buying a lot of these Porcelain Fortune Cookies ($16). Why? Because as adorable as they are as home decor accents, we're eventually going to be overwhelmed by our curiosity re: our fortunes, and will give in to the urge to smash them.... [More]


Peach Embellished Maxi Dress

This Peach Embellished Maxi Dress ($238) is so utterly poised and lovely, it reminds us of that popular girl in our sophomore English class - you know, the one who not only had the attention of all the boys, but also actually read A Tale of Two Cities in one... [More]


Where Ocean Meets Sky Sheet Set

We'd love to have a bedroom with an ocean view - you know, like those ones in Condé Nast Traveler with French doors looking out over crystalline Caribbean waters? Sadly, a beachside villa is slightly out of our current income bracket, so we'll just have to keep ourselves satisfied with... [More]


Miu Miu Culte Collection Sunglasses

Five points that we'd like to make about these particular Miu Miu Sunglasses ($390). They: 1. are handmade. 2. sport a brushed gold finish. 3. come with Carbon (shown), brown gradient, or Nacre lenses. 4. cost as much as a car payment. 5. are pentagons!... [More]


Miriam Bereson Yearly Planner 2013

The Miriam Bereson Yearly Planner for 2013 ($15, pre-order) is here! Well, almost here. It'll ship out on the 24th. The calendar packs all 365 days onto one long page, showing off each one in bright bubbles of pink, purple, and champagne. It's like staring at a wall full of... [More]


Acne Ace Brown Booties

Upon seeing these Ace Brown Booties ($750) from Acne, try not to shake your computer screen like we did ours. Otherwise you'll be buying these shoes and a new monitor. And let's be honest, you're going to buy the platform booties first.... [More]



Once the summer humidity dries up, so do our lips. And there's something about a cracked pucker that people don't find attractive. So we apply KAPLAN MD LIP 20 Mask ($48) while the coffee is brewing in the morning, wipe it off just before our first cup, and flaunt our... [More]


Pacman Crochet Table Mat

We are so chronologically confused by the Pacman Crochet Table Mat ($38)! Crocheted tableware reminds us of the '40s and '50s, but Pac-Man is '80s through and through. Maybe we'll stop trying to analyze our place mats, declare them awesome, and leave it at that!... [More]


The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash

Daylight Saving Time will end soon, and evening walks with the pup will be in the dark. We've already noticed that the nights are growing shorter. The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash ($25) has LED lights that are visible from a quarter of a mile away. Even while we're standing by... [More]


Matelot Trouser Shorts

These Matelot Trouser Shorts ($16) remind us of something Oliver Twist might have worn, with their double row of brass buttons and high waist. But we think they'll do just dandy showing off our twenty-first century gams. Please, sir, we want some more!... [More]


Black Chiffon Translucent Skirt

Here's the question that consumed us for the better part of a week: can we get away with not shaving our legs when wearing this Black Chiffon Translucent Skirt $44)? After all, it seems as though the sheer overlay might be just dark enough to cover up a three-to-four day... [More]


Jonathan Adler Brass Hippo

You know what your living room is missing? A hippo. Not a real one, of course. They make lousy pets, always trying to wallow on the furniture and charging aggressively at you when disturbed. We were thinking of something more like this clever Jonathan Adler Brass Hippo ($495), a whimsical... [More]


Tattoo Banner Necklace

We are far too commitment-phobic to get any real tattoos, but that doesn't stop us loving how they look. It would seem this Tattoo Banner Necklace ($168) was made just for squeamish types like us. We can get it engraved with whatever custom text we like ("Mother", anybody?) and -... [More]


Akito Square Plate

Don't think of how much of a pain in the rear it will be to scrub this Akito Square Plate ($12), with all of those textured ridges that seemed designed to help conceal the sorts of baddies you learned about in Biology 101. Think instead of how utterly gorgeous it... [More]


Jones New York High Neck Blouse

If you ran into your ex-boyfriend, the one who always insisted you never worked hard enough at your job, while wearing this Jones New York High Neck Blouse ($99), you could look him in the eye and say, "Oh hey, look at that. I just plain don't care what you... [More]


Ice Cream Scoop with Sprinkle Dispenser

This Ice Cream Scoop with Sprinkle Dispenser ($6) just made our weekly Häagen-Dazs binge that much more glorious. Use this wonderful little gadget to get your ice cream, then open the sprinkle-loaded handle to cover it in even more sugary deliciousness. Bonus? Maybe eating our White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle from... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: September 17, 2012

While all of the purses featured in the lookalike roundup polls over at The Purse Page are extravagant, this week's selections look almost worth the indulgence with their soft and rich suede and leathers. While we drool, go vote for your favorite bag to see more affordable lookalikes featured next... [More]


Bazsarozsa Scallop Mesh Lace Bra

Don't wear lingerie for other people. Wear something soft and frilly for yourself. After a long day of underwire, constricting panties, and waistlines that cut into your waist, the Bazsarozsa Scallop Mesh Lace Bra ($94) is the breath of fresh air that your breasts and well-being need. So pop in... [More]


Heather Moore Monogramed Cuff Links

No, these aren't sentimental tears that we are crying. We would never want to give these cufflinks ($625) to a theoretical fiance on the morning of our theoretical wedding in the hopes that they could one day be worn at our theoretical daughter's wedding. And, no, we don't need a... [More]


Bold Stripe Popover

When you were younger, your little sister had a shirt almost identical to this Bold Stripe Popover ($59). You made it a point to steal it from her closet every time her back was turned, until eventually she gave it away to someone else just so you couldn't get your... [More]


Wham-O SnowBall Blaster Solo

Maybe you didn't have a snow-filled adolescence and want to make this winter everything you craved back then. The Wham-O SnowBall Blaster Solo ($20) ought to fulfill those fantasies, sending ice-cold balls of fury hurtling as far as sixty feet through the air. You can practice your aim with the... [More]


Brooks Brothers BB#1 Stripe Fedora

Straw fedoras don't exactly go well with leather boots and trench coats. Switch out your summer chapeau for this Brooks Brothers BB#1 Stripe Fedora ($78), a wool felt alternative that will keep your bad hair days under wraps and your head warm and toasty when temperatures drop below fifty degrees.... [More]


Velvet Lace Flannel Pillowcases

Ever have those mornings when you just cannot get out of bed? What, every day? Yeah, us too. We promised ourselves that we would be better about avoiding the snooze button this year, but we suffered a massive setback when we purchased these luxurious Velvet Lace Flannel Pillowcases from The... [More]

Free People Vegan Leather Short

Free People Vegan Leather Shorts

We love the feel of supple leather, but some of us aren't crazy about rocking the real thing. With that said, we're always, always on the hunt for fabulous vegan leather merchandise. These Free People Vegan Leather Shorts ($98) are the bomb! We've seen these hot pants in person and... [More]


Super Star Treats

Your pooch deserves a treat. Better yet, give him a dozen! Err, not all at once. These Super Star Treats ($14 per dozen) from Jusani Culture should last you a few days, at least. Unless your pup is a Houdini and manages to wiggle his way into your treat cupboard... [More]


Finn Rocker

The Finn Rocker ($1,698) deserves a place in your home. We don't care whether you're rocking your little one to sleep or rocking off the spins after a particularly wine-heavy book club meeting. The chair is comfortable, gorgeous, and a potential heirloom piece (if and when you decide to get... [More]


Taki Olive Lowry Watch

The eye-catching Taki Olive Lowry Watch ($99) is just what we've been looking for. If we're going to be slaves to time, we might as well look good while we're at it! With its deep olive-colored leather band and sweet bubble-gum face, this watch takes the guesswork out of accessorizing... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Alufolie LOVE Earring

Wearing your heart on your sleeve exposes you to extreme emotional highs and lows. Whisper to yourself daily with these Alufolie LOVE Earrings ($11 per earring) and keep the love to yourself. Every time you peek in the mirror , you'll see again and again how much you mean to... [More]


Logona Blemish Concealer

You've planned months in advance, you've coordinated all twenty-seven family members' outfits, you've managed to stage the scene to make it appear as if you all get along, and BOOM. The hour before the photographer arrives to take holiday portraits, the zit from hell shows up. Take a deep breath... [More]


Sea Island Arrowhead Tunic

We've found the perfect frock to help us transition from flirty summer to warm, subdued fall: this Sea Island Arrowhead Tunic ($48). With its lightly puffed sleeves and hypnotically lovely print, it's a piece that looks just as nice with wool tights and a belted cardigan as it did with... [More]


Skeleton Bone Socks

Make no bones about it, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Our costumes are already eighty percent finished. And while we can't go to work in full getup on The Big Day, we can wear these Skeleton Bone Socks ($15) underneath our work pants. They've got our reflex points... [More]


Alejandro Ingelmo Open Toe Origami Shoe

It is as if Alejandro Ingelmo ripped your beating heart out of your chest, ran it through a deli meat slicer, and stuck a stiletto heel into its back. Good thing you're deeply in love with this Open Toe Origami shoe ($825) and are willing to spend the money to... [More]


Tree of Life Bed

We're crazy for this Tree of Life Bed ($2795). Not only is it a beautiful, sculptural ornament that will lend an artistic, sophisticated air to our bedroom, it also lends itself quite nicely to having silk ties laced through it, and looks sturdy enough to hold up to our newly-established... [More]


Infusion Coffee Maker

Need a quick midday pick-me-up? The portable Infusion Coffee Maker ($45) is a great addition to your cubicle. Keep a bag of your favorite blend in the office, add a few scoops to the center cylinder, and pour in hot water. In minutes, you'll have steaming coffee that hasn't been... [More]


The Foldaway Dog House

Traveling with a dog isn't always a picnic. But unfolding The Foldaway Dog House ($140-160) when we reach our destination is a cinch, and our furbaby enjoys having a little bit of home to retreat to in the midst of new surroundings. Only four inches wide when collapsed, it unfolds... [More]


Converse Funnel Hoodie Caplet

Dodge the big bad wolf by wearing the jet black version of Little Red Riding Hood's signature caplet ($78). Just be sure to steer clear of sketchy forests and muffin shops. Grandma can make her own baked goods.... [More]


Heritage Blazer

Release the hounds, Jeeves! We're ready for a weekend hunt, thanks to this aristocratic Heritage Blazer ($94). Then maybe we'll play a round of cricket on the lawn before retiring to the study for port and cigars.... [More]


Lauren Ralph Lauren Winslow Hobo

Getting ready in the morning takes more effort in fall than it does during warmer seasons. There are scarves, gloves, hats, and possible boot-sock combinations to consider. Keep the last part of the equation simple with the Lauren Ralph Lauren Winslow Hobo ($428), a leather bag that works with every... [More]


Madison Marcus Bell Sleeve Top with Neck Tie and Sequin Bib

Smoke and mirrors are key to a good illusion. Which is exactly why smaller-breasted divas should invest in the Madison Marcus Bell Sleeve Top with Neck Tie and Sequin Bib ($195). Also known as The Great Distraction. Instead of noticing your lack of cleavage, people will be entranced by your... [More]


Skunk Dog Halloween Costume

No one's supposed to, but everybody does: we're talking about letting your dog out the back door to do his business, of course. It's getting colder out there, and leashing up Cuddles to take him for a walk would mean losing precious TV-watching time. Suit him up in this Skunk... [More]


Pre-Lit Grapevine Pumpkins

We're totally feeling festive. Our fridge is full of apple cider. We've been making soups like they're going out of style. And we're happily festooning our homes with cute autumn decorations like these Pre-Lit Grapevine Pumpkins ($45), which we think go nicely with the equally festive if slightly less classy... [More]


Symbols Bookends

What could be more perfectly geeky than these Symbols Bookends ($29)? We're thinking maybe a pilcrow, a pair of guillemets, or - gasp! - a properly used semicolon. Pick up a set for the language lover in your life.... [More]


Novel Creations Purses

We haven't felt handbag lust like this since we laid eyes on the diamond-laced Hermes Birkin designed by Ginza Tanaka. Lucky for us, these Novel Creations Purses ($28 - $65) sit much more comfortably within our price range. Now we just have to decide which tomes we want to pick... [More]


Ava Dress

Forget gold and silver: when it comes to our shiny little sheath dresses, we're all about copper. This Ava Dress ($185) is a standout, warmly toned example. Please note: we're pretty sure the zipper around the middle does not mean this frock is wearable as a two-piece.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Lace Affair Back to the Future Belt

Marty may have had some kickass fashion sense back in 1985, but Mrs. McFly was rocking serious fashion prowess back in the '50s. And we think it's her style that inspired this minty-fresh belt ($10). Hints of flashy gold hardware and an elongated buckle prevent anybody wearing this from being... [More]


Mommy Tags Doodle Tag

Most of the time, you are a heartless biznatch who has no tolerance for office politics. But at the end of the day, when you return home to your wee baby and are handed something they drew at preschool that afternoon...you turn into a weeping little girl. We found these... [More]


Meteor Eyeshadow

Smudge on a little Meteor Eyeshadow ($34) to add slightly smokey oomph to your fringe. A swipe of this shadow creates a natural line that compliments any eye color. Why yes, our eyes do look gorgeous. Thanks for noticing.... [More]


Wet Seal Pop Sole Oxford

Autumn footwear tends to get so stuffy. Brighten things up with a pair of these Wet Seal Pop Sole Oxfords ($25). A pair of khakis with a mini-explosion of hot pink would certainly get the water cooler talking. And imagine the kerfuffle a pair of these electric blue oxfords would... [More]


New Slack Swing Pants

If your current wardrobe covers all the colors of the Crayola rainbow, tone it down with a healthy dose of vanilla. These New Slack Swing Pants ($38) are as neutral as it gets, making it easy to wear your chromatic tops and sweaters all season long. The pleated front and... [More]


Cooling Pet Bowl

Who wants to guzzle warm, stagnant water on a hot day? It doesn't sound too appetizing to us, so why should we expect our pets to feel any different? And we wonder why we keep catching them drinking out of the toilet. Treat them fairly with this Cooling Pet Bowl... [More]


Ellen Bra

Comfortable underthings are generally about as hot as Al Sharpton in a Speedo. But we usually find that sexy underthings have roughly the same comfort level as a night in an iron maiden. We knew there had to be a happy compromise somewhere in the world, and we've finally found... [More]


Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

It's true. We don't quite feel one hundred percent unless our mug is full of steaming, full-bodied, premium roast coffee. But we'll also take breakroom roast brewed three hours ago and warmed in the microwave. As long as it's caffeinated, we'll be mostly ready to tackle the day, or maybe... [More]


Skull Head Candles

Shiny skulls on fire: great for Halloween, but pretty badass for everyday decor as well. Skull Head Candles ($13)... [More]


Unforgettable Door Hanger

Attention, college freshmen: save yourselves time and the hassle of thinking before you've had a cup of mediocre cafeteria coffee in the morning, and invest in the Unforgettable Door Hanger ($10). Fifty pages of Do Not Forget notes allow you to hang important memos on the door so you're sure... [More]


Paint Chip Table Runner

Add a playful element to your next party with a Paint Chip Table Runner ($55) by Avril Loreti. The ombre effect brings elegance to the table, while the titles help with organization. Group all the salads on Spa Day, and all the grilled kebabs on Treat Yourself.... [More]


Sorry I'm Late Tee

We have a friend who is always, inevitably, two hours late for whatever we invite her to do. It's never her fault. It's just that the entire universe is constantly conspiring to put obstacles such as dead car batteries, traffic jams, or the inability to respond to an alarm clock... [More]


Pot Lid Stand

It's kind of embarrassing how long we looked for a spoon rest. It seemed like they were all either too kitschy or too plain. Yes, it's true, we put a lot of thought into the ideal spoon rest, and then one day, we came across this Pot Lid Stand ($15).... [More]


Nor-V-Gen Shoe Oil

It's about time to start thinking about waterproofing our leather shoes for the onslaught of cold, wet weather. Since we spent a fortune on our beloved thigh-high riding boots, we're going to entrust them to the best. Nor-V-Gen Shoe Oil ($12), made in small batches in Minnesota, is used by... [More]


Crate & Barrel Jewelry Box

While this little Jewelry Box ($10 on sale) may not be the best thing for keeping your necklaces untangled, the design is pretty great. We actually think we'd be more likely to stash our lipsticks in it. If we store them with the bottoms up, we can easily find whatever... [More]


The Bitch Pen

No, we did not commission this pen, but thanks for assuming that. The Bitch Pen ($13) is just a useful tool for writing all of our whiny diary entries, nasty sticky notes to our coworkers, and rent checks.... [More]


Charter Club Slim It Up Straight-Leg Corduroys

Corduroy gets a bad rap. We'd like to give it a second chance with these Charter Club Slim It Up Straight-Leg Corduroys ($42). We're introducing the acai berry and intrepid blue shades to our already-established fall wardrobe in order to bring in some fresh fabrics. Change is always a good... [More]


Rubbermaid Slide Out Lid & Pan Organizer

It used to sound like there was a four-year-old having a field day in our kitchen whenever we tried to get a pot or pan out of its precarious storage position. But we finally found a way to end the cacophony. This Rubbermaid Slide Out Lid & Pan Organizer ($35)... [More]


College Survival Kit

Surprisingly, the College Survival Kit ($49) isn't just aspirin, condoms, and a twenty-dollar bill. There are actually quite a few handy things in here, from earplugs to poster putty to a six-in-one screwdriver for any MacGyver moments. It's a toss-up whether the most valuable item is the set of laundry... [More]


Tory Burch Walter Logo Stud Earrings

You wear the logo on your feet, over your shoulder, and occasionally on your clothes. Why not add your ears to the equation? These Tory Burch Walter Logo Stud Earrings ($78) complete your collection. True fans would go ahead and buy all four color options as well.... [More]


Flower Mat with Amber Bottles

Move your flower garden indoors for the winter with the Flower Mat with Amber Bottles ($95). It'd be a stunner of a way to keep your herbs handy in the kitchen during the cold months. Set on a windowsill or a high shelf, water regularly, and enjoy flourishing flora all... [More]


Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

We know it's not good for us to inhale our lunch sitting at our desks, but as with many other things, we've ignored the warnings. And yes, maybe our waistlines and productivity are suffering, but the real bummer is that our keyboard now has a nice mélange of crumbs and... [More]


I Could Pee on This

We're certain our cat is not a poet. If she were to write anything, it would most likely to be a compilation of death threats. Obviously, Francesco Marciuliano's furballs are more literarily inclined, as demonstrated in I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats ($13).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Baby Gifts Sarah Can Give to Crunchy Mom Friends

Sarah writes, "My friends are starting to popp out babies, and I'm way behind on gifts. Most of my friends are whole-food, green-earth types, and want to provide their babies with that sort of lifestyle. Not being a momma myself, I'm not really sure what to give. I just want... [More]


adidas Running adiZero Adios 2 W Shoes

Better start running now. Otherwise, your summer beer weight is going to layer on top of your winter Festivus weight. And then you'll have twice the work to put into yourself next bikini season. Get a head start with these adidas Running adiZero Adios 2 W Shoes ($115), a bottle... [More]


Nick Von K Ghostship Necklace

Spoiler Alert: Remember the final scene in The Goonies? You know, the one where One-Eyed Willie's ship makes its triumphant appearance, sailing off into the next world and vindicating our heroes' far-fetched story? Yeah - that's exactly what this Nick Von K Ghostship Necklace ($163 - the site is priced... [More]


Eloquence Globe Chandelier

Overhead lights suck. It's as if some terrible person designed them specifically to cast dark shadows under our eyes. We're much fonder of gentler light sources like this Eloquence Globe Chandelier ($400). It casts a soft, sparkling glow through an orb of glittering glass crystals, which we suspect will have... [More]


Versace VE 4197 Sunglasses

Face it. We have. These Versace sunglasses ($149) have more style in a single hinge then we've got in our entire wardrobe. They're that gloriously hip. Here's to hoping some of that fabulousness rubs off on us when we wear them.... [More]


Couto Toothpaste

It's not that we don't like our regular tube o' toothpaste, it's that we're ready to try something new. Err, old, that is. Couto Toothpaste ($9), invented in Portugal in 1932, is still cleaning teeth today. The paste steers clear of sweetness, but packs a heavy wallop of menthol. We're... [More]


Alice + Olivia Darcy Lace Layover Dress

Whatever our sins (and trust us, we've got a few), we'll look like perfect angels when wearing this Alice + Olivia Darcy Lace Layover Dress ($238). With a layer of timelessly beautiful lace over a breathtakingly simple shift, it's perfectly sweet and universally flattering. Think of it as moral camouflage.... [More]


To Alcohol! Simpson Poster

Not exactly office-appropriate, or even formal-dining-room-appropriate, this Homer-inspired poster ($19) would be the perfect thing to line your liquor cabinets with. One of which you have in a filing drawer next to your work desk and the other of which you have placed in close proximity to your front door.... [More]


Rope Leash

Sure, you could just tie a rope to your dog's collar, but that doesn't seem like the safest plan. Attach a Rope Leash ($78) from Old Faithful Shop instead. This strong, reinforced rope-and-brass leash also has a lovely maritime aesthetic. You and pup will look good, and avoid losing each... [More]


Ultimate Beach Towel

Think terry is all you need in a beach towel? You obviously have not encountered the magnificent Ultimate Beach Towel ($45). What does this have that your current beach gear doesn't? How about a removable pillow and zippered, water-resistant pockets to safely stash your stuff? This massive, super-plush piece even... [More]


Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat ($249) is a smarty-pants device that takes a week to learn how you like your home, and then does the regulating for you. It's designed to turn the heat (or air conditioning) down when you leave the house or head to bed at night, and it'll... [More]


Vegass Multi Glitter Flat

We don't think the people at Steve Madden were intentionally trying to insult Nevada's desert jewel when they named this Vegass Multi Glitter Flat ($80). We figure they were just trying to pay tribute to that city's glitz and glamour. Will that stop us from giggling about it for the... [More]


Animal Printed Cardigan

Waffling between leopard print and zebra? Have yourself the whole darned zoo with this Animal Printed Cardigan ($49), which is kept from looking like an accident in the fabric department by way of some nicely contrasting red sleeves and teal trim.... [More]


Pig Scrubby Holder

Scrubbies are gross. As handy as they are for getting stubborn gunk off of our pots and pans, they also love to collect said gunk in their little plastic curls. Setting one out on the edge of your sink is sort of like taking the hair out of the drain... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Branch Earphone Splitter

Sitting on the airplane with your two best friends by your side is all fun and games until someone pulls out their iPhone to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love. And while you don't necessarily need to hear what's going on to appreciate shirtless Ryan Gosling, you'd still like to hear Emma... [More]


Motif 56 L-Ada Belt

If navy is this fall's hot color, then we are just going to go ahead and buy this Motif 56 L-Ada Belt ($67) to go with it. This mustard-and-chocolate combination will look great against a deep blue backdrop. And it's a cinch to match with other accessories. A pair of... [More]


Tisa Maxi Dress

We love this Tisa Maxi Dress ($42), but wearing it is going to require something of an upgrade to our usual lingerie standards.... [More]


Twig & Sparrow Efflorescence Flower Indie Necklace

Felt isn't generally a material we'd think to wear around our necks, but this Efflorescence Flower Indie Necklace ($45) by Twig & Sparrow has us feeling all sorts of artsy and craftsy. We're thinking a silky juxtaposition in the form of a camisole found underneath a corduroy jacket would be... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Colour Block Wallet

The mere existence of this Marc by Marc Jacobs Colour Block Wallet ($332) is a tell that your neon clutches of spring and summer have no place in an autumn wardrobe. And that's sad. Maybe you can carry this wallet in one hand and wear a few Aztec-neon bangles on... [More]



Still solidly a book reader? Holding real pages requires a little more than a quick tap of a finger, but you've got that covered thanks to the Bookmarker ($13). Featuring witty phrases like "to be continued" and "coming soon," these metal bookmarks beat out last week's Starbucks receipt as an... [More]


Kimchi Blue Toecap Platform Wedges

"Girl next door" meets "trendsetter in the Meatpacking District" in these Kimchi Blue Toecap Platform Wedges ($69). Modest in color and design, these leather-capped stunners are also treading dangerously close to clubland. Especially when you consider the black-and-silver colorway.... [More]


Sparkle & Fade Pleated Chiffon Midi Skirt

You dig through your grandmother's old jewelry in search of cocktail rings and statement necklaces that today's designers only wish they could recreate. And while your Mimi's skirts may not fit you as well as her vintage lace gloves, this Sparkle & Fade Pleated Chiffon Midi Skirt ($54) will match... [More]


Black+Blum Bento Boxes

Leave paper sacks and plastic bags to the elementary school crowd. These Black+Blum Bento Boxes ($18) validate your adult card as fast as a mortgage payment. And this variation is BPA-free and comes with a reusable fork. Last night's mac-n-cheese has never looked so grown-up.... [More]


Dior Golden Jungle Collection Vernis Duo

Crackle paint: when it comes to furniture, it's out like shag carpeting and faux wood paneling. Our nails are a whole different story. This Dior Golden Jungle Collection Vernis Duo ($38) creates a stunning crackle effect in two contrasting reptilian hues.... [More]


White Elephant Tea Towel

Need all the luck you can get in the kitchen? Clean up spills or wrap knife-nicked fingers with the White Elephant Tea Towel ($36) from Coral & Tusk. Then please, for the sake of all those who have to smell your burnt lasagna, order some takeout.... [More]


Isharya Single Druzy Wire Cuff

This Isharya Single Druzy Wire Cuff ($141) is simple, elegant, and utterly stylish, just like that snake the ex is currently dating. Though when the adjective "simple" is applied to her, it gets a slightly different emphasis than it does when applied to this gorgeous little accessory.... [More]


Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket

When wearing this Belstaff jacket ($850), you'll be more than just a Roadmaster. You'll be queen of the world. No one will want to mess with you, thanks to the intense air of badass that comes with this fiesty classic. Wear it with skinny jeans and combat boots to complete... [More]


DKNY Blueberry Pleated Silk Dress

The number of holiday parties you have on the books for the rest of the year is getting outrageous. Stay focused on ribbon-tying and package-wrapping by suiting up in this easy-to-wear DKNY Blueberry Pleated Silk Dress ($470). Or...snag one up now and wear it during wedding season next year. Or...wear... [More]


Sugarpova Spooky Sour Gummies

The only thing spooky about Sugarpova Spooky Sour Gummies ($6) is how quickly they disappear. Despite their tartness, we managed to take down an entire bag in record time. Though we imagine creator Maria Sharapova (yes, that one) exercises plenty of restraint when feasting on her own candy line. Quick... [More]


Duck Harry

Got a design-savvy momma-to-be on your to-buy-for list? She'll appreciate the modern Duck Harry ($29). The classic toy has been re-imagined and crafted into a minimalist silicone silhouette for display on a nursery shelf.... [More]


Serengeti Cuff

We know it's sooo 2010. We can't help it: we love safari-chic. Give us our khaki cargo pants and military-styled linen shirts any day of the week. We'll wear them along with this gorgeous Serengeti Cuff ($80), which pairs dark leather with hypnotic circles of blue-green jasper beads.... [More]


Starry Night Tank

All right, so it's not quite up to Van Gogh's standards - we still think this Starry Night Tank ($58) is a blast. Made with vegan leather embellished with fun star cutouts, it's a perfect piece for those sessions where we know we won't be making it home until the... [More]


Varsity Cardigan

We never actually wanted to date varsity boys. Sure, it would've jumped us about five rungs up the social ladder, and all those drills left them looking like chiseled Abercrombie models, but we knew the game would always come first. That didn't stop us being envious of the threads they... [More]


S'Muffins Dozen

So what if second-day shipping for a S'Muffins Dozen ($30) is almost as expensive as the s'muffins themselves? We'd do just about anything to nom on a s'more muffin-style. The graham cracker muffin is dipped in a base of chocolate and topped with a roasted marshmallow and chocolate piece. The... [More]


Kate Miss Asymmetrical Ballet Flats

When you find a flat that works, is comfortable, and is easy to pair with existing pieces in your wardrobe, you buy every variation on that theme available. Good thing these Kate Miss Asymmetrical Ballet Flats ($24) come in five different colorways (red and black not shown). Each features the... [More]


American Apparel Vintage Mid-Length Floral Print Silk Skirt

Perhaps with a more cheerful expression and a belted cardigan, this mid-length floral skirt ($52) might actually be cute. A smile goes a long way, pseudo-model lady.... [More]


Red Cats Short Sleeve Chiffon T-Shirt

This Crazy Cat Lady Hoodie has been making the rounds on Tumblr. We think it would be better for our dating prospects to advertise our love of felines in a slightly more subtle way. We can probably wear this Red Cats Short Sleeve Chiffon T-Shirt ($22), for example, without terrifying... [More]


Dottie Dress

This Dottie Dress ($167) should come with a brightly colored kerchief and a set of biceps hard-earned in a WWII-era munitions factory. Our much less impressive biceps were acquired doing arm curls with a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom during our daily dose of Storage Wars, but we still... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Cylinder Flute

The simplicity of the Cylinder Flute ($2) makes us feel like it doesn't need to be a special occasion to have a glass of bubbly. The mail came today? A perfect reason for a little sip! And the price makes us feel like it's perfectly acceptable to invite others over... [More]


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Cream Wash and Pink Grapefruit Body Clear Body Wash

Stress is the root of all evil. Or maybe evil is the root of all stress... and acne. At any rate, you can wash away evil, stress, and acne with Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Cream Wash ($7). While "Power-Cream" doesn't sound very Zen to us, this face wash is... [More]


Blunt Umbrella

Sometimes it seems like umbrellas are a cruel joke. Sure, they might keep you dry if you step outside in a light summer shower, but add any sort of truly inclement weather, and that piece of crap turns inside out on you faster you can say "freaking soaked". The Blunt... [More]


Aura Que Fair Trade Woven Neck Scarf

Dudes. Let's get with this scarf trend. We spent some time in Europe recently, and despite the sweat-inducing temperatures, people were still wearing scarves. And they looked cool as hell. This Aura Que Fair Trade Woven Neck Scarf ($78) is a good start in the too-cool-to-be-comfortable look that those Parisians... [More]


Soft Cities Candymap Blanket

Give a uniquely personalized wedding, shower, or any-other-occasion-you-can-think-of gift in the form of the Candymap Blanket ($175). Or hey, buy one for yourself! The soft pink fleece map is centered on a location of your choice. The possibilities are as endless as the world is wide!... [More]


Harlow Color-Blocked Envelope Clutch

Get out there and get noticed with this Harlow Color-Blocked Envelope Clutch ($118). Its pop of teal is contrasted with navy and accented with a sleek gold bar for good measure. Throw in your phone, toss in some gloss, call up the girls, and let the haters do what they... [More]


BDG Breezy Striped Dolman Shirt

Toss those bras, ladies! This BDG Breezy Striped Dolman Shirt ($29) is one of those pieces that demands to be worn sans-brassiere, preferably on the back porch on an Indian summer afternoon while you're playing hooky from work. Our favorite accessory for it is a cold glass of Chardonnay.... [More]


Mint Beaded Blue Stardust Bracelet

If we were crafty, we'd totally make all of our friends pieces like this Mint Beaded Blue Stardust Bracelet ($80) for their birthdays. We know they'd absolutely love the clever pattern of delicately hued beads. Since we're not crafty, they'll just have to settle for cards we forget to actually... [More]


Lucchese Floral Tooled Boots

You can now end your search for fall boots. Soft, supple leather? Check. Buckles? Check. Intricate floral detailing? An added bonus! The only thing less than perfect about these Lucchese Floral Tooled Boots ($900) is the price tag. But that's okay. You're cool with eating peanut butter and Cup Noodles... [More]


Ballard Bee Company Honey

Though we've always been a leetle nervous around large groups of bees, we can't help but appreciate the sweet, heavenly taste of Ballard Bee Company Honey ($14). Seriously, we just licked clean a huge spoonful. Ballard gathers pure honey from urban hives, often placed on rooftops, and the flavor varies... [More]


Black Jasmine Shower Cream

We don't have a compelling reason for you to lather up with a dollop of Black Jasmine Shower Cream ($22) from Compagnie de Provence except that it smells divine. It's exotic, musky, and completely different from our usual shower soaps. We look forward to shower time now almost as much... [More]

Manolo Blahnik and the Tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker

Manolo Blahnik and the Tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker: A Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir

Shoe princesses, you've got to check out Manolo Blahnik and the Tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker: A Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir ($14). The author, Camilla Morton, recreates a favorite fairy tale by incorporating events from the life of one of the most amazing shoe designers ever.... [More]


Coraile Split Placket Cardigan

Symmetry, schmymmetry. Who needs it? We much prefer pieces like this Split Placket Cardigan ($180). Quirks, "mistakes", and idiosyncrasies are truly what makes something/someone unique. Embrace them. Or in this case, wear them.... [More]


Long Gold Nuggets Necklace

Forget our necks: we're crazy about the notion of wearing this Long Gold Nuggets Necklace ($110) as a gorgeous wraparound bracelet. The shining, irregularly faceted, brass-dipped beads make it a totally eye-catching accessory.... [More]


Lighted Bocce Ball Set

Why should your bocce-tossing fun end just because the sun's gone down? Keep the game going into the wee hours of the morning with this Lighted Bocce Ball Set ($85). Each of these full-weight, super durable balls comes with a built-in LED light, making it easy to track them down... [More]


Fossil Delaney Leather Watch

Love the layered watch-bracelet look but too afraid that you'd catch yours on a toner cartridge in a freak office printer accident? Try the Fossil Delaney Leather Watch ($95). While it doesn't guarantee that your clumsiness won't eventually lead to a a doctor's visit, it does promise to make your... [More]


LouLou Violet Clutch

If you're the sort of girl who struts in pumps on weekdays, but happily spends the weekends bow hunting in flannel camo, we have finally found you the perfect handbag. This LouLou Violet Clutch ($416) is made of luxurious Tuscan leather, emblazoned with some seriously stunning Italian-made hardware in the... [More]


Type Selector

Attention, design nerds: we know you're entirely capable of scrolling through fonts on your computers, but how much more aesthetically pleasing is it to browse them by way of this lovely Type Selector ($50)? With 226 fonts, it gives you plenty of gorgeously kerned samples to choose from.... [More]


IdeaPaint Clear

We've gushed about the coolness of IdeaPaint before - that magical goodness that turns any paintable surface in your home into a creativity-sparking whiteboard. Well, now we're no longer limited to white and black. IdeaPaint Clear ($225) provides the same marker-friendly surface, but transparent. Layer it over your favorite shade... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Zombie Family Car Decals

When you see the nauseating cuteness of family car decals pass you on the highway, don't you just want to eat their brains right out of their skulls? We do. Which is exactly why we bought these Zombie Family Car Decals ($10). Even though we aren't married, have never owned... [More]


Elgin QA Twin Bell Alarm Clock

We love the look of the Elgin QA Twin Bell Alarm Clock ($13). It's simple, retro, and certainly looks nicer sitting on the nightstand than a smartphone does. Plus, the old-fashioned bell will be much better at jolting us out of bed than the little ditty we've picked for our... [More]


Mini Puddle Jumper Day Bag

What the Mini Puddle Jumper Day Bag ($62) from Lug lacks in stature (this bag is small enough for everyday use), it more than makes up for in pockets. Headed out on a weekend flight? Use this. It's easier to look after than a large hobo purse, and it'll loop... [More]


Bold-Pattern Twill Capris

You're planning a slew of holiday parties this year in an attempt to get on your mother-in-law's good side. (Good luck.) And you're going to need something to wear while prepping all those Pinterest-inspired appetizers. Goodness knows that sweats and a ponytail won't work. So slip into a pair of... [More]


Milly Ainsley Patterned Wool-Blend and Silk-Twill Dress

You could say the same things about this patterned Milly dress ($495) as you can say about Nutella. You could roll around in it, cover yourself in it, rub it all over yourself, and incorporate it into every moment of your life and be completely happy. Too bad you can't... [More]


Elgar Cowl Neck Pullover

It's the time of year when we begin seeking out the warmest, comfiest threads we can find, which is why we're currently lusting over the Elgar Cowl Neck Pullover ($130). This prize sports a gorgeously slouchy style in ultra-comfortable cotton - and in a thankfully more stylish form than our... [More]


Wilton Waffle Dipper Pan

Waffle press? More like waffle mess! (Haha, we slay ourselves!) Keep breakfast under control by pouring your waffle batter into the Wilton Waffle Dipper Pan ($15). Bake until golden brown, and ta-da! You've got bite-sized waffles ready for dipping in syrup, peanut butter, yogurt, or whatever you come up with.... [More]


Ryan Gosling Colour Me Good Book

Need a little motivation to spiff up those artistic skills? Pick up this Ryan Gosling Colour Me Good Book ($12), which is stuffed with pages of hotness ready and waiting for your crayons to complete them.... [More]


Joules Wellibobs

We don't go around puddles. We jump right into them, because we're wearing our Joules ankle wellies ($90). Their cheerful bright pink makes us excited to go out in rainy weather, instead of using it as an excuse to spend the day in our pajamas on the couch. And did... [More]


Diamond Dusted Cuff Bracelet

Why pine for big rocks when a little dusting will do? The Diamond Dusted Cuff Bracelet ($298) from Christina Kober Designs merges two sterling silver bangles - one bright and the other dark and oxidized. Both feature a textured pattern that looks, in the light, like thousands of tiny twinkling... [More]


butter LONDON British Racing Green

It's time to go in for a new pedi and switch up our summer pastels for fall jewel tones. We're going to start with a few coats of British Racing Green Nail Lacquer ($14). We've been a little obsessed with all things British since jamming out to the Spice Girls... [More]


Pink Cuckoo Clock

We know the Pink Cuckoo Clock ($35) is a little, erm, much. But nevertheless, we're kind of in love with it. Maybe it's the absurdity of a Black Forest clock done up in Pepto-pink plastic. Or possibly the sweet little birdy that peeps on the hour. We're not saying we're... [More]


The Camera Cooler Bag

You can't store your camera and a few brewskis in the The Camera Cooler Bag ($50) at the same time (that would just be asking for trouble!), but you can use it for either/or, depending on your needs. That's good enough for us! On weekdays, it's large and insulated enough... [More]


Heart Embellished Sweater

All right, fine - so our necklines were creeping a bit low this summer. We needed the ventilation to help beat the heat. We figure we'll let everybody's blood pressure drop back to normal for a while by indulging our modest side this fall. This Heart Embellished Sweater ($90) is... [More]


Rebelde Necklace

Not only is this Rebelde Necklace ($47) a stunningly colorful statement piece, it also comes with some nice eco-friendly cred. The bright beads of this lovely accessory are made from tagua, a sustainably-harvested Amazonian nut.... [More]


Brooklyn Brewery Beer Soap

Usually, smelling like beer is a bad thing for us. It means we've been sloppy little party animals. We think we'll feel a little differently when it comes by way of this Brooklyn Brewery Beer Soap ($10), rather than a knocked-over Solo cup of Pabst.... [More]


Color-Changing Umbrella

Feel like standing out in a crowd? It may not a be a yellow umbrella, but we're sure the Color-Changing Umbrella ($40) will add a little brightness to the black and grey of drizzling fall days. When the umbrella gets damp, splatters of blue, pink, orange, green, and yellow appear.... [More]



We've dug the wall clocks we've seen made from straight-up recycled vinyl, but this creation from Pavel Sidorenko takes the cake. The Estonian designer doesn't rest content with simply slapping a clock mechanism onto ABBA's Gold - he elegantly shapes old tunes into whimsical creations. This BIRD RE_VINYL Wall Clock... [More]


Grey Hooded Dress with Sheer Back

We're totally loving how this Grey Hooded Dress with Sheer Back ($69) pairs a classic hooded look in grey cotton with an alluring sheer cutout back. We used to think this kind of pairing of casual and sexy was only possible in the form of a Snuggie with Ryan Gosling's... [More]


Cheap Thrill: The Dipr

Okay, so it's not like dunking a sandwich cookie into a tall glass of milk is that hard. But we're investing a few bucks in The Dipr ($3) anyway. That way, we'll never lose half of a soggy cookie to the depths of a glass. Every last milk-soaked crumb will... [More]


Just in Case Magnetic Box

Keep your small miscellany handy in a Just in Case Magnetic Box ($9). Each box is the right size for the little things you can't afford to lose: spare keys, junk drive, teensy first aid kit, or broken jewelry in need of fixin'. Grab a few in different colors, stick... [More]


Tali Printed Shower Curtain

The cheerful Tali Printed Shower Curtain ($39) is the perfect accessory for the bathroom. The muted colors are calming and peaceful, while the ikat pattern adds a modern touch. Now if we could only keep the bathroom in spotless condition, we'd be all set. Even a shower curtain this lovely... [More]


Burgundy Fairisle Skirt

Didn't think a bodycon skirt could be fall-appropriate, did ya? Well, look again at this winter wonderland ($46). With a pattern usually found on thrift store sweaters, this updated cold-weather piece has our leggings all up in a twist. Black leggings, to be exact. With brown leather booties.... [More]


Gold Kai Cuff

We're totally nuts for the organic look of this intricately woven Gold Kai Cuff ($498), but are a bit short of the pure-gold price tag at the moment. We're thinking something in the $10 range would be about our speed. Alas.... [More]


Easy As Pie Tea Towel

Is pie really that easy? We wouldn't know, because we always just head to the store - which is certainly a snap - but making crust and all that jazz seems like a pain to us. Regardless of the validity of the statement, this Easy As Pie Tea Towel ($28)... [More]


Yard Sale Mapper

Summer may be over, but we've been driving by a lot of yard sale signs lately. We're not ones to turn down a deal, so we'll nab the free Yard Sale Mapper app and spend our Saturday mornings haggling. If we're lucky, we'll score some sweet stuff - a few... [More]


Wallis Mocha Contrast Trim Cardigan

It is going to get cold outside eventually. And your office building is not exempt from this inevitable temperature change. The Mocha Contrast Trim Cardigan ($61) from Wallis is, like, the perfect cubicle companion, always ready to keep you warm but never so rude as to contradict your ensemble. So... [More]


Reading Is Sexy Corn Mug

It doesn't even have to be Fifty Shades of Grey. Reading is sexy. We might as well celebrate that fact with this Reading is Sexy Corn Mug ($12), made from 100% biodegradable corn plastic. Because being earth-friendly is also pretty darned sexy.... [More]


Chip Ahko Blanket Boots

We always thought we'd be perfect for the part of the corpse in any movie involving a morgue scene. Throw a sheet over the rest of us, drop the temperature down to sixty-five degrees or lower, and our feet will turn a gruesome shade of purple without a touch of... [More]


Unicorn Coat Hook

No regular hook will be good enough for us now that we've seen the Unicorn Coat Hook ($56) by architecture jones. We've been unicorn-obsessed since the early '80s. Go ahead, test us. We could quote you whole passages from The Last Unicorn, but we digress. Do you think hanging our... [More]


Mini Express Stovetop Percolator

We're not exactly in an income bracket that allows us to gift ourselves a top-of-the-line espresso machine. This saddened us before we stumbled across the affordable Mini Express Stovetop Percolator ($26) by Bialetti. It may not be fancy, but it steams up two gorgeous cups of espresso using the heat... [More]


Mustache Push Pins

We thought we were getting over the mustache thing, and then we came across these Mustache Push Pins ($6). That picture of the baby with the mustache pushed us back into the facial hair fan club, and now we can't wait for our set of pins to arrive so we... [More]


Tory Burch Velvet Fox Loafers

If ever there was a shoe made for a Wes Anderson character, this is it. These Tory Burch Velvet Fox Loafers ($250) are just the right mix of Margot Tenenbaum and Mrs. Fox, and we really can't get enough of them.... [More]


mmiinn X Tape

Fancy up your packages by taping them in X Tape ($19, scroll down) by mmiinn - you can seal your brown box with brass hinges, o-rings, tower bolts, or leather straps. It certainly beats duct tape.... [More]


Doubtblush: Big Mouth Toilet Mug

We like novelty items. We have a tissue holder shaped like a whale and a TARDIS pencil case, and we covet a power strip shaped like a happy pink pig. But even we draw the line at this Big Mouth Toilet Mug ($11). We're sorry, but we just can't condone... [More]


Type n Walk App

We just drastically reduced our chances of taking a humiliating faceplant on the sidewalk on our way to work. The Type n Walk App ($1) uses your iPhone's camera to project what's before you onto our screen while you text incessantly. Bonus? You could totally use this to spy on... [More]


French Ribbon Bracelets

A few colorful French Ribbon Bracelets ($35) ought to add a sophisticated flair to your outfit. The rolled satin and brass bangles are easily stackable, so wear a few on each wrist.... [More]


Tibi Refined Crepe Top

You drink PBR out of the can. No koozie. You wear a ponytail to work. Gratuitous scrunchie. You unashamedly list Billy Ray Cyrus as your favorite artist. Current work. The least you could do is pretend to have a little class. Tibi Refined Crepe Top ($320)... [More]


Anniversary Wine Box

This Anniversary Wine Box ($130) is personal, thoughtful, and boozy, making it basically the best gift ever. Each box is engraved with the couple's initials and has slots for three bottles of wine, to be opened on the couple's first, third, and fifth anniversaries. Sure, it costs a little more... [More]


EcoQue Portable Grill

If you're painting your face with team colors and cracking open a few cold ones, make sure you're also flipping burgers on the EcoQue Portable Grill ($125). It's collapsible for easy transportation and requires seventy-five percent less fuel than your average on-the-go grill. You'll get more mileage out of your... [More]


Bottle Bouquet

Bringing flowers as a hostess gift is lovely. Bringing a Bottle Bouquet ($18) is even lovelier, because it means the hostess will have to make far fewer trips to ensure that all of her guests get wine. Keep it classy though - always show up with a bottle of wine... [More]


Late Night at the Library Sweater

Nothing makes us swoon over sweaters like elbow patches, and the simplicity of this Late Night at the Library Sweater ($70) really highlights that geek-chic feature. Smaller cables give texture to the deep grey pullover and provide coziness - perfect for a night spent reading our favorite new young adult... [More]


Flourish Storage Side Table

When we're short on space we like to make sure that our accent furniture is big on both color and functionality. This Flourish Side Table ($49) keeps our magazines corralled, comes in four vibrant hues, and squeaks in just under the fifty-dollar mark, making it perfect for our lives right... [More]


Lacey Schwimmer Sequin Capri Harem Pant

We were looking to find some non-tapered capris on end-of-summer clearance over the weekend, and and glory hallelujah, look what we found instead! These Sequin Capri Harem Pants ($43) are definitely going to be the anchor for a Halloween costume. We have no idea what it'll be, but right now,... [More]


Cake Divider

We usually feel a little bit bad when we serve cake to our guests, since our cake-cutting skills result in some seriously uneven pieces. The first few people usually get slices the size of their heads, before we realize that there won't be enough cake for everyone if we cut... [More]


Anthropologie Crackled Copper Heels

Metallics are our favorite neutrals, for the instant glam factor. Sure, you could wear a pair of black pumps with that pencil skirt and sweater, but with these Crackled Copper Heels ($148) your outfit gets elevated from average-office-employee to red-carpet-celeb-playing-an-average-office-employee.... [More]


Arne Jacobsen Vola HV1 Mixer

Do we really have to convince you of the Vola HV1 Mixer's ($1,275) awesomeness? It's a colored faucet ready to top off any kitchen or bath remodel you have planned. Sure, you could stick with a finished chrome or a stainless steel, but we recommend you go for it -... [More]


Encased Bicolor Brass Cuff

Aww, look! These brass cuff bracelets are wearing sweaters! At least, that's what it looks like to us. The Encased Bicolor Brass Cuffs ($120) will make perfect fall-weather accessories. We'll wear them with cable-knit tights and a denim jacket.... [More]


"Glam" Floor Mirror

Much like magpies, we are attracted to shiny objects. Put "glam" in the name of that shiny object and there's pretty much no resisting it. Surprisingly, it's not a glittery pair of shoes or sequined gown we're lusting after this time, though - it's actually the (mostly) practical "Glam" Floor... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Junk Drawer Pencil Case

Too many pens and pencils cluttering up your junk drawer? Let them clutter up the Junk Drawer Pencil Case ($6) instead. Then you can store the case in your junk drawer, thoroughly slipping down the rabbit hole of junk stored within junk stored within junk. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just... [More]


Holla Wood Sign

Make sure you place the Holla Wood Sign ($42) by Oh Dier on your front door. It's the perfect way to remind passersby, friends, and family to holla at ya.... [More]


Le Beanock

Le Beanock ($569) gets its name from the words "beanbag" and "hammock." Not that you cared about the origin of the name, because let's be real - the moment you saw this squishy suspended seating, you knew it was a necessity for your life. Who would've thought your beloved couch... [More]


Rick Owens Lilies Asymmetric Jersey Top

It's nearly legging-wearing time again, and what better way to sport them than under the designer folds of this Rick Owens Lilies Asymmetric Jersey Top ($202)? We're also loving the soft grey color, even if we're not so hot on what they're calling it. (Who wants to wear something called... [More]


Cosabella Soire New Low-Rise Thong

The weather is about to get chilly. And while most of you readers are aware of how we feel about wearing leggings as pants, we know that some of you are still going to commit the crime. And we do understand that extenuating circumstances may require a girl to do... [More]


Cargo Containers

We always wonder what came in those big metal shipping containers we see when we drive by the port. They're so massive, they could hold pretty much anything. As could these desktop Cargo Containers ($30), so long as it was small anything.... [More]


Artisan Leather iPhone Cover

At first sight, you might have thought this would make a great gift for a special man in your life. Screw that. You deserve sumptuous leather that isn't in the shape of a pair of pumps or a handbag for once. Artisan Leather iPhone Cover ($39)... [More]


Customizable Initial Embroidered Necklace

There's plenty of initial jewelry out there, but we're going to place a bet that none of the rest of it is as cheerful as the Customizable Initial Embroidered Necklace ($41) by the merriweather council. How cute would these be as bridesmaid gifts? Have your girls wear them on the... [More]


Sweet Seduction Bar Soap

Remind guests to wash their hands after they use your bathroom with Sweet Seduction Bar Soap ($8) by You Smell. Sure, it's not subtle, but it's effective. We doubt anyone likes being admonished by a bar of soap.... [More]


Welcome Gnome Lamp

Leaving the light on for a houseguest is even more thoughtful when the light is also a little buddy to keep them company in that repository for bad gifts and ill-fitting clothes that you call a guest room. Welcome Gnome Porcelain Lamp ($55)... [More]


Milly Spencer Printed Top

Milly: making it impossible for us to pay our rent one garment at a time. This Spencer Printed Top ($235) just got added to the short list of things we're going to buy with our next paycheck. And it's not even like we really want to. We simply feel like... [More]


Spaghetti Tower

Store and dispense your pasta with the Spaghetti Tower ($23) by OTOTO. The faux silo (complete with red rooster!) keeps your spaghetti noodles dry until you're ready for them to meet their doom in a pot of boiling water. The four differently sized openings in the cap dispense the correct... [More]


Chalkboard Mail Organizer

We are perpetually searching for the magic bullet to make our lives more organized, but it seems that much like the magic pill to make us skinny, it doesn't exist. But while it won't solve all of our problems, mounting this Chalkboard Mail Organizer ($230) by our front door is... [More]


Vintage Cocktails

What goes better with a scrumptious cocktail than sparkling wit? Not much! Vintage Cocktails: Retro Recipes for the Home Mixologist ($11), by Amanda Hallay, delivers both. Well, technically, Hallay delivers a healthy serving of humor alongside classic cocktail recipes that you can make at home. There's no alcohol included. You'll... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: September 10, 2012

What do you think? Does the cooler fall weather call for more subdued bags? Or should we be living up these last days of late-summer sun with something bright and cheerful? Head over to The Purse Page and vote in this week's poll. Maybe you'll have an easier time than... [More]


Doubtblush: Natural Stone Massage Shoes

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. It seems to us that... [More]


Champion Blanket Laceless Keds

Looking at all the colored pants you bought this summer without the slightest idea as to what you're going to wear them with this autumn? Ditch the sandals and don some Champion Blanket Laceless Keds ($50). Sporting a fresh Southwest-inspired print in two different colorways, these are great back-to-school sneaks... [More]


Miranda Cat Tape Dispenser

Ditch those flimsy plastic dispensers that come with your Scotch tape (or forty-nine-cent generic brand "adhesive"). Instead, use the sturdy, wooden Miranda Cat Tape Dispenser ($20) in your gift-wrapping and tear-mending. Not only is she cuter to look at, she stands upright properly. You'll be able to reach for a... [More]


Gather Log Tote

Technically, the Gather Log Tote ($78) is intended for carrying firewood and kindling, but we see no reason why we can't use it to pick up a few gallons of ice cream at the store. That's much more realistic for us. And it's still "gathering"...sort of.... [More]


Chino Pencil Skirt

You know the greatest difference between being a young, impressionable twentysomething and a confident, well-balanced twentyplussomething? Knowing how to dress yourself without trying so hard. And this pencil skirt ($60) helps to divide the girls from the women.... [More]


Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

We were surprised and delighted when we spritzed Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist ($31) on and realized we'd just met our newest beauty obsession. Besides making our faces smell delectable, it also helps to keep our skin soft and our makeup set. Where has this been all our lives?... [More]


Doctor Who Toile

To celebrate season seven of Doctor Who, sew yourself a simple skirt with Doctor Who Toile ($18 per yard). The pattern may look rather dull at first glance, but soon you'll be spotting Daleks and Weeping Angels peeking out from behind the bushes. Luckily, the TARDIS is also in attendance,... [More]


Caffeinated Maple Syrup

Need a jolt to fire up your synapses, and coffee just ain't cutting it? Whip up a batch of easy pancakes and pour on a few tablespoons of Caffeinated Maple Syrup ($13). The all-natural sweet stuff has eighty-four milligrams of caffeine per serving - more than your average energy drink.... [More]


Chevron Printed Dress

Chevrons are eh-vree-wherrrre these days, we know, we know. But we also know you'll have just as hard a time resisting this Chevron Printed Dress ($42.60, in rust/navy or black/cream) as we did. It's a classic-but-trendy transition piece for summer to fall, ideal for sandals now and tights + booties... [More]


Charm in Arm Mug

Teatime for us generally means putting the kettle on after dinner and drinking a few too many mugs so we end up needing to pee all night long. Maybe the Charm in Arm Mug ($18) is the answer. Instead of giant mugfuls, we'll take our tea in this smaller, floral... [More]


Art Deco Diamond Solitaire Ring

Baguette diamonds are underrated. Sure, they don't have the same bling impact as some other cuts do, but they still command attention. Take the Art Deco Diamond Solitaire Ring ($476) by Neta Jewelry, for example. This unique (really, the designer only created one!) piece boasts one small baguette and is... [More]


ADE Digital Measuring Cup Scale

Have you ever tried to measure loose grain on a food scale? Let us save you the hassle - that quinoa will NOT stay where you think it should. Instead of messing with containers and taring, consider this handy ADE Digital Measuring Cup Scale ($25). It keeps your ingredients weighed,... [More]


Loud Truck Energy Gummi Bears

We know it's wrong, but we're still giggling over the idea of handing packs of these Loud Truck Energy Gummi Bears ($24) to the children in our lives just before we drop them back off with their rightful owners. A few delicious treats later, they'd be rampaging around the house... [More]


Grid Coat Rack

This Grid Coat Rack ($80) looks just as good with nothing on it as it does holding your coat, purse and scarf. The same cannot be said for those Command Strip plastic hooks you're using by the front door. Time to class it up a bit.... [More]


Brenna Fall Colored Necklace

Our closet contains a truckload of duds in ochre, rust, mustard and chocolate just itching (literally, most of them are wool) for those colder days, so we'll give them a chance to get back onto our bodies. Accompanied by this Brenna Fall Colored Necklace ($15)? The simple chain of autumnally... [More]


Pumpkin & Vine Pot Mitt

We bake more often* in fall because we simply cannot wait to make any and all things pumpkin. Pies, muffins, scones, cookies, bread puddings, you name it, we make it with pumpkin. We're still gathering recipes and prepping for all the yummy things we'll create, but this Pumpkin & Vine... [More]


Wall Vase Sconce

If you're a pet owner, you know all too well that furbabies and vases don't mix. Keep your flora out of harm's way by tucking it into a Wall Vase Sconce ($25). Now you've got an unreachable bouquet and a safer animal. (Wouldn't hurt to look at this, though.)... [More]


Pink Pussybow Blouse

We won't tell you what we were Googling for when we stumbled across this Pink Pussybow Blouse ($45). Just note that we are adults of legal age, and that the old-fashioned Brazilian or landing strip gets a bit been-there, done-that after a while. We'll call the discovery of this vintage-styled... [More]


SlickBoil Collapsible Silicone Tea Kettle

While the SlickBoil Collapsible Silicone Tea Kettle ($35) by Cuissential may not be vintage-inspired, or sleek and modern, we do appreciate its design. In our tiny apartments, space savers take priority over expensive, showy pieces. The SlickBoil heats our water, cleans easily, and stores away perfectly in a drawer.... [More]


Chocolate Bacon Lollipops

We're not saying that a Chocolate Bacon Lollipop ($10 for 4), made by Lollyphile!, is good for you. But we are saying that it's probably better for you than a chocolate bar with a plate of bacon on the side. We're also saying that it tastes just as yummy. There... [More]


Lazy Oaf Pizza Necklace

Gather all your BFFs for a sleepover, order some 'zza, and hand out a few of these Lazy Oaf Pizza Necklaces ($15). Better than the jagged heart pendants of years past, pizza necklaces allow for a whole pie's worth of BFFs to declare their allegiance to one another. But promise... [More]


Happy Cat Farm Cold Weather Seed Collection

Fall may be creeping up, but that doesn't mean you have to stop eating garden-fresh veggies! With the Happy Cat Farm Cold Weather Seed Collection ($30), you can extend your gardening days through the cooler weather. Carrots, radishes, and plenty of leafy green vegetables grow well even as frost threatens.... [More]