Bella Drape Skirt

When we first saw this Bella Drape Skirt ($200), we thought it looked a bit like a sewing project gone wrong. But the more we think about it, the more we love the cascade of colorful draped fabric decorating the front of this otherwise super simple design.... [More]


Sunbeam Cupcake Maker

Sure, you could just whip up a batch of cupcake batter and bake up your goodies in the oven, but the summer is hot enough without adding extra heat to your kitchen. The Sunbeam Cupcake Maker ($40) bakes six cupcakes at a time without warming the room - half a... [More]


Flower Market Tea Kettle

We take our tea habit seriously, and what better way to boil up the water than with the Flower Market Tea Kettle ($108) by MacKenzie-Childs? The vintage-inspired pot certainly looks lovely stored next to all of our collectible tea tins, and it's as sturdy as it is pretty, with a... [More]


Florence Peplum Dress

This Florence Peplum Dress ($130) reminds us of sipping tea in an English garden. Not that we've ever actually had genuine tea in a genuine garden in genuine England. We've read enough Jane Austen to use our imaginations. The nearest thing we've got going this summer is a cousin's wedding,... [More]



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Henri Bendel To Go Tech Set

After a long cross-country flight (or sometimes even just an in-state hop!), our brains are running on fumes. The printed gadget illustrations on the Henri Bendel To Go Tech Set ($68) may have been intended as a funky design feature, but we're thankful that they remind us where our iPad... [More]


Josie Maran Argan Balm

Has your hair been the softest it's ever been since you discovered argan oil? Same here! We ran across Josie Maran Argan Balm ($42) a few weeks ago, and it took our love of all things argan to a new level. The balm warms in our hands and glides onto... [More]


BCBGMAXAZRIA Pierce Cropped Color-Blocked Jacket

Take things a little less seriously in this BCBGMAXAZRIA Pierce Cropped Color-Blocked Jacket ($248). This is the kind of piece that we'd be more likely to wear with skinny jeans than with office attire. Not because it wouldn't be appropriate for the ole nine-to-five, but because we like it too... [More]


Industrial Pipe Shelf

Our place may not be the old-warehouse-turned-gorgeous-loft of our dreams, but we can certainly give it a bit of an urban lift by installing an Industrial Pipe Shelf ($179) from Stella Bleu Designs. Of course, the benefits of using piping as shelving aren't just cosmetic. We can display our heaviest... [More]


Banana Republic Reversible Leather Belt

We carry laptops, iPhones, Kindles, makeup, and extra pairs of shoes with us to work every day. We have zero room for accessories to slip on for the post-nine-to-five job we like to refer to as Beer/Wine Taste Testing. This Reversible Leather Belt ($50) is all the accessory we need,... [More]


Uzi Tank

We're pretty sure the pattern on this Uzi Tank ($84) is actually a punchcard computer program - possibly an extremely early form of Oregon Trail. We loved the geometric styling before, but the idea that it translates to "Jeb has died of cholera" makes it so much cooler.... [More]


Translucent Memo Pad

If you're one of those college students who happens to actually believe you'll get a good resale price for your textbooks* if you take good care of them, we have an invaluable tool for you. The Translucent Memo Pad ($9) is made up of sticky notes that you can see... [More]


Tom Binns Dot Dash Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

We spent an hour or so scouring Etsy for a fab knock-off of these Tom Binns Dot Dash Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings ($355), but to no avail. If we're going to rock these dangling rows of gorgeously hued crystal, it looks like we're going to have to money up -... [More]


Brick Clip

We love exposed brick walls. But trying to figure out how to fill the holes we drilled in them to hang our pictures so the landlords don't butcher our deposit checks was less than fun. Was? Well, we were grateful to discover the Brick Clip ($9 for 4). This clever... [More]


Burberry Bow Detail Skirt

The only thing this Burberry Bow Detail Skirt ($1,295) needs is a gift tag that reads "From: Sugar Daddy / To: Darling Dear / PS The matching shoes are in the closet". Sure, we love the color. And you bet your ass we are drooling over that bow. But until... [More]


Shoshanna Teal Paisley Triangle Halter Bikini Top

Our walls are wallpapered, our carpets are covered in decorative rugs, and our dinner plates have prints that aren't even close to matching. What we're trying to say is that we don't do solid colors. Ever. Well, except for our car, but that wasn't by choice. This Shoshanna Teal Paisley... [More]


Chalkboard Contact Paper

Remember contact paper? The key to instantly giving any surface in your home an obviously faux wood finish? Well, the manufacturers have officially left the '70s and are catching on to modern design trends. Chalkboards are hotter than house fires right now, and this Chalkboard Contact Paper ($18) is a... [More]



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Cheap Thrill: Dolce Leopard T-Strap Sandals

What's better than the darling little leopard spots and hints of flashy neon on these Dolce Leopard T-Strap Sandals ($10)? The price tag. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Ming Green Side Chair

We seriously wear our mint-colored jeans twice a week, but mint doesn't just make our butts look good! We think the color adds a certain je ne sais quoi to our humble abode, too. Originally we were thinking a light green tea set would be adorbs sitting on our kitchen... [More]


Blue Lotus Body Lotion

We have died and gone to lotus blossom heaven! The subtle and sweet scent of Blue Lotus body lotion ($25) from Roger & Gallet is just what we've been looking for. It's got a unique floral tone to it that we hadn't yet come across. It's hard to impress our... [More]


Pleated Pants

We remember getting pleated pants for Christmas. We said thank you, that they were wonderful, and kept to ourselves the fact that we planned on hiding them in the deepest, darkest corner of our wardrobes. If only they'd been taken to the next daring level. These Pleated Pants ($27), for... [More]


Kerry Canvas Satchel

This Kerry Canvas Satchel ($79) is a casual and funky way to tote around your necessaries. We're loving the contrast of olive drab with bright orange faux leather. Who cares if it doesn't go with anything? Squint, and you could almost convince yourself that it's an Oompa-Loompa wearing chaps.... [More]


You Tell Us: Omen Eye Mira Shorts

We're torn between loving these Omen Eye Mira Shorts ($88) and running away from them as fast as possible. At first glance, it appears as it our DivaCup overfloweth. But upon closer inspection, we see that the worn-down seams and nearly obliterated front panels fall in line with what is... [More]


Young, Fabulous & Broke Otti Dip Dyed Cape Minidress

There ain't nothing "broke" about this Young, Fabulous & Broke Otti Dip Dyed Cape Minidress ($111 on sale). We don't see our broke college selves paying over one hundred bucks for anything that wasn't a textbook. That being said, now that we aren't thousands of dollars in student loan debt,... [More]


Angry Birds and Slingshot Toy Action Set

It's a blast on your iPhone. Think of how much more fun you'll have playing it in real life! This Angry Birds and Slingshot Toy Action Set ($11) comes with everything you need to launch irritated fowl at the pigs in your life.... [More]


Octopus Cuff

Watching Prometheus has given us a new respect for creatures with long, squirmy arms. Our native Earth version is (thankfully) slightly smaller and shows little interest in implanting us with its monster DNA. We'll show our gratitude by way of this Octopus Cuff ($209), a beautifully crafted piece made from... [More]


deb Plus Size Tribal Sequin Tank

The deb Plus Size Tribal Sequin Tank ($16 on sale) is a helping of of tribal, with a hint of chevron, plus a tasteful dose of neon, all combined into an elegant summer top. Why aren't we wearing this? RIGHT NOW?... [More]



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Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Pancake Mix

Someone has been listening to our private thoughts. How else could anyone know that what we really want for breakfast is flapjacks made with chocolate chips and sour cream? We can't be bothered with making pancakes from scratch (we have stuff to do!) so we'll happily rely on the Chocolate... [More]


Little Navy Pinstripe Blazer Trench

Today's ninety-two-degree high makes it hard to imagine ever needing a coat again. But where we live, summer warmth is painfully temporary. That's why we're thinking ahead in our lust for this Little Navy Pinstripe Blazer Trench ($498). With its elongated cut, classic double-breasted design, and perfect pinstripe print, it's... [More]


Monopoly: The Godfather Edition

When we picked up this Monopoly: The Godfather Edition ($40) game, we thought play would include using brutal scare tactics and assassinations. Instead we found our standard Monopoly game with Godfather-themed locales. So we're just following in the Don's footsteps and making our own rules, like demanding the properties near... [More]


Rickety Rack Mint Garnish Dress

If we were real life Disney princesses (which we are), our fairytale finale would take place while we wore this Rickety Rack Mint Garnish Dress ($120). However, we'd skip on the charming prince and noble steed, opting for a gaggle of best friends and a legion of electric scooters. What... [More]


ISAK Fika Cups

Go handle-less with the ISAK Fika Cups ($34, set of 2). When your drinking vessels are on the small side, is there really a need for a teensy handle anyway? Use these adorable cups for your morning espresso or for small snacks. Mmm... we're thinking a chocolate ganache and berry... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Bubsy Day Scarf

The fastest way to appear as though you have your shit together is by wrapping a scarf, like this Diane von Furstenberg Bubsy Day Scarf ($195), around your neck. A yellow this bright isn't meant to coordinate with much else, but instead to stand out as the statement piece, giving... [More]


Zip Up Crochet Shorts in Lime Green

We're gobbling up the crochet look like a big ole' bowl of chocolate ice cream this summer, and these Zip Up Crochet Shorts in Lime Green ($33) are no exception. We'd better wear the heck out of them now, before the layers of bright green lace in a bootylicious cut... [More]


Reflect H2O Pre-Swim & Sun Protecting Gel

Until now, the only swim cap we've ever enjoyed putting on was one of those vintage ones like you can find on Etsy. Forget about the silicone things that pull your hair like a giant rubber band. Reflect H2O Pre-Swim & Sun Protecting Gel ($14) preps your hair for hours... [More]


Crocs Twentie Wedge

All right, so this Crocs Twentie Wedge ($120) isn't really a "full Croc". The upper is genuine leather rather than the brand's signature hose-it-down-and-go synthetic. But it does feature the same super comfortable Crocs footbed, which means it's probably one of the most wearable cute shoes on the market. Sounds... [More]


Personal Shopper: Anything But Black for Lynette

Lynette writes: "I have a unique-ish request. I'm looking for a dress to wear to a wedding in california next month. I LOVE everything about this dress (the sheer top, the sweetheart neckline, even the price!!) but I hate that it's in black. Can you find something similar in non-black... [More]


Jackalope Jewelry Holder

We've discovered our animal totem. Forget wolves and eagles: we've chosen the mythical jackalope for our spirit guide. Just like us, it's super adorable, but ferocious when crossed. We'll pay tribute to it by way of this Jackalope Jewelry Holder ($58), which keeps our rings and bangles organized while reminding... [More]


Milly Mabry Printed Strapless Dress

Why can't Milly make every piece in our wardrobe? Then we'd look as good as we do wearing this Mabry Printed Strapless Dress ($335) whenever we stepped outside of our closets. This dress gives us magic boobs, defying both gravity and our actual bra size. And that fitted bodice couldn't... [More]


Lipsy High Waist Button Shorts

Back in the '80s, denim shorts were the tattered remnants of our favorite pairs of worn-to-pieces jeans, which we lovingly paired with high top sneakers and "I ♥ Axl" t-shirts. Today's fashion calls for a somewhat more tailored look, like the double-breasted style of these Lipsy High Waist Button Shorts... [More]


Custom Family Glassware

Way cooler than those family stickers we see on the back of every SUV and minivan in our neighborhood, this Custom Family Glassware ($12 each) will not only help you keep track of whose glass is whose, but will also open the door for you to make all sorts of... [More]


Gabrielle Rocha Braidley

When we're traveling over the summer, we spend a vast majority of that time soaking up the sun from the comforts of a poolside lounge chair. And what we have learned over the years is that, regardless of how expensive the hotel may be, you never walk into the pool... [More]


Black Leather Feather Gilded Plume Necklace

There's a secret biker girl hiding inside of us. Not that we actually want to ride around on a motorcycle - we like to have a cage of metal around us if we're going to move faster than 25 mph. But wish we weren't such chickens, because we'd love an... [More]


Floralia Kite

We love flying kites. It's sort of like fishing - a task that requires you sit with a line in your hand and do essentially nothing else but toss back some wine coolers. Except fishing can turn scaly and gross, while the worst consequence of kite flying is ending up... [More]


Patagonia Lithia Skirt

Whether you're a mom of three, an assistant to a madwoman, or a lover of all things comfortable, this Patagonia Lithia Skirt ($49) is right up your alley. The pleasant blend of organic cotton and Lyocell makes this knee-length skirt easy to wear and almost impossible to live without. And... [More]


Original Australian Steak Sauce

Offer your guests some prize-winning Original Australian Steak Sauce ($7) to douse their porterhouse with and they won't even notice that their meat is a wee bit charcoaled overdone.... [More]


Naked Sports Bra

Let's face it - while we need the support of a properly designed sports bra when we're exercising outside, we could do without the awful tan lines. Finally, we can have both, thanks to the Naked Sports Bra ($42). This racerback piece keeps our girls where they should be, but... [More]


Amethyst Prism Necklace

It's hard for us to believe that this gorgeous amethyst necklace is only $38. We thought that such an amazing piece of jewelry would be priced in a range we can't afford, but we're not complaining. The soft purple color is just perfect for our summer outfits, and there'll be... [More]


Polka Dots Juice Glasses

Juice glasses, smoose glasses! We're going to use our set of Polka Dots Juice Glasses ($69, set of 2) by Avolie Glass for cocktails. In fact, we've been dying to try out the Cake Batter Martini recipe that's been floating around the Internet. Sure, we could use martini glasses, but... [More]


Blank Vegan Leather Buttondown Shirt

Leather jackets are awesome. Leather pants are even cooler. We haven't tried leather underwear, but we're pretty sure that's also amazing. Seems like just about anything leather is bound to make us happy, and this Blank Vegan Leather Buttondown Shirt ($118) is no exception. We're loving the biker chic look,... [More]


Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Successfully getting our butts out of bed and helping us achieve our toned bicep dreams? Talk about killing two birds with one stone. This Dumbbell Alarm Clock ($20) keeps on blaring until you've repeated enough reps to convince it to shut off. As long as we don't end up smacking... [More]


You Tell Us: *NYC Boutique The Iris Leggings

Just when you thought this season had hit its tribal threshold, these *NYC Boutique The Iris Leggings ($32) rode into town. There is nothing about these that is timid, which makes us wonder what exactly we'd wear with them. So we bring the question to you, dear readers... poll by... [More]


Giuseppe Zanotti Burgundy Suede Eva Booties

Well, slap us silly and call us a cab! We've got somewhere to be in these Giuseppe Zanotti Burgundy Suede Eva Booties ($795). Where, you ask? Who cares!? All we know is that the dress is formal and these booties fit that category, what with their discrete side zippers and... [More]


Rejina Pyo Midi Length Dress

Do you have a plethora of belts, but nothing to tie them around? This Rejina Pyo Midi Length Dress ($89) is just begging to be all wrapped up. It hangs beautifully off the shoulders when worn by itself, but it becomes a whole other piece as soon as you knot... [More]


Mustard WRAP Belt

Ninety bucks for a belt? Before your jaw hits the floor, let us rephrase that for you: $90 for a belt that will instantly make all your cheap-and-dirty sundresses, shirts, and sweaters look like designer-quality goods. This Mustard WRAP Belt ($90), made with supple Argentinean leather, is the perfect piece... [More]


Stacked Wines

Remember Little Hugs? Those kids' drinks that were basically melted Fla-Vor-Ice in a plastic barrel? In the '80s, we'd pull back those foil seals and suck down that sugar water like it was the nectar of the gods. We suspect they're the real inspiration behind Stacked Wines ($15). Only this... [More]


Angela Tote

There's definitely something heavenly about this Angela Tote ($128). For one thing, the cream and navy stripe pattern gives it a light, airy look, with the ivory bow adding the perfect note of sweetness. It's also a perfect size to stylishly haul around all our summer necessities. Last but far... [More]


French Connection Kaftan with Cut Work Spot

A day at the beach doesn't have to be all nip-slips and ass-revealing wedgies. It can also be cute and conservative in this French Connection Kaftan with Cut Work Spot ($112). It covers up what your momma gave you but doesn't necessarily want you showing off to all the world... [More]


Growing Jewelry Rings

Trust the Icelanders to come up with the idea of making jewelry out of handpicked bits of dried moss. These Growing Jewelry Rings ($179) give the pass to diamonds and doodads in favor of a bright green patch of flora. It's mod-couture-meets-salad.... [More]


Blushing Mesh & Lace Dress

Is this Blushing Mesh & Lace Dress ($28) a strapless gown we'll spend all night hiking back up over our bosoms? Indeed, no - but the blush mesh upper is so light and delicate, it might as well be invisible. We think that makes it a perfect summer party frock,... [More]


Haute Hippie Drawstring Shorts

Is that chevron? No, that's tribal. Wait, is that maybe a hint of ikat? Whatever hybrid print this may be, these Haute Hippie Drawstring Shorts ($225) can zigzag themselves onto our print-free booties any time. It's almost like this pair of shorts is some sort of bastard child of neon... [More]


Floating Wireless Speaker

Why settle for playing your tunes by the pool when you can play them in the pool with this Floating Wireless Speaker ($56)? Sure, it will probably make absolutely no difference in terms of sound quality - but things that float are inherently cooler than things that don't. Unless they're... [More]


Zara Twill Capri Trousers

Sure, these Zara Twill Capri Trousers ($40) cover our legs. But they serve a more important function than that of pants. They act as the stem to the exclamation point that is our shoe collection. Each and every pump, wedge, sandal, and bootie is shown off by these cuffed cotton... [More]


Custom Inspector Stamp

Want to leave your mark on the world? It'll be a breeze with your own Custom Inspector Stamp ($23). Get one designed with your own personal logo, and you can label your stuff, stamp your friends, or turn anything flat into an instant business card. Best of all? It works... [More]


Lilo in Light Blue

You know what's helpful when it comes to summer footwear? Ventilation. We admit it: we don't want to wear socks. Socks are for winter. But bare feet and adorable leather flats can lead to stinky consequences. This thoroughly perforated Lilo loafer ($125), however, is probably airy enough to keep smelliness... [More]


MCQ Alexander McQueen Houndstooth Riding Jacket

You must be asking yourself when an appropriate time to wear this MCQ Alexander McQueen Houndstooth Riding Jacket ($825) would be. And we answer that question with an enthusiastic "When the hell not?!" It will work fabulously with the riding boots you spent a fortune on last year. It could... [More]


Personal Shopper: Daring Dearwilliams Demands Duds

Dearwilliams writes: "Wear can I get the pink and black motorcycle outfit that Carly Foulke wore on the T-Mobile commercial. (The latest commerical). I would like to get one in red and black." Dearwilliams, if you happen to be heading to any rallies (cough cough STURGIS!) wearing any of these... [More]


Quiksilver Sometimes Sweet Beach Tote

Pack a picnic, follow the yellow brick road, and get out of Kansas with this Quiksilver Sometimes Sweet Beach Tote ($50)! Summer can be a real witch, and you ought to retreat somewhere cool. This raffia bag is big enough to carry a towel, a spray mister, a couple bottles... [More]


Christian Louboutin Corpus 100 Leather and Chain Pumps

Quick! Someone bring us an oxygen tank! These Christian Louboutin Corpus 100 Leather and Chain Pumps ($1,495) just took our breath and half our life savings away. They look like the kind of shoes that would make a woman say "beauty is pain", but these are worth suffering for. Both... [More]


iPhone Keyboard Case

Even though Auto Correct saves us from typos most of the time, there's certainly a good reason that DYAC is as popular as it is. We're trying to avoid further mistypes with an iPhone Keyboard Case ($29). We'll let you know how it golfs.... [More]


Lanvin Square Hardware Sunglasses

Honor and adorn your peepers with these Lanvin Square Hardware Sunglasses ($495). But before you do, do yourself a favor and zoom in on the hinges. These babies are crystallized, tonalized, stylized masterpieces, worthy of the high price tag. We don't spend half a grand on any one thing often,... [More]


Adrianna Papell Beaded Dress

There are some dresses that you buy after you've been invited to an event. But then there are dresses, like this Adrianna Papell Beaded Dress ($200), that you stage entire soirees around. This beaded beauty is the super hot cousin that all other party dresses aspire to be, and surprisingly... [More]


Cheap Monday Point Net Flat Shoes

Although we wish we could wear jelly sandals every day of the week, they just don't go with office slacks. But we'll sneak past our boss's door in these Cheap Monday Point Net Flat Shoes ($33 on sale) any day of the week. Available in auburn red (shown), ink, and... [More]


Infinity Aquarium

When is a goldfish more than a goldfish? When it's swimming through the existential wonderland that is the Infinity Aquarium. This piece looks like it was lifted straight out of an M.C. Escher drawing - in fact, we're not even sure if it's contained within a single dimension. Don't be... [More]


Free People Vintage Pounded Metal Cuff

Once you've got something borrowed and something blue, slip on this Free People Vintage Pounded Metal Cuff ($128) for something old and something new. Even though you may not know the history behind this hand-picked vintage bracelet, you'll be creating your own on your big, beautiful day. Geometric and graphic,... [More]


Incase Nylon Campus Backpack

The Incase Nylon Campus Backpack ($48) is so functional that we're surprised at how cute it is, too. Sure, we won't be pairing it with our Louboutins, but it'll get us to and from places and keep our things safe to boot. Our favorite part about the bag is its... [More]


Hive & Honey Chevron Stripe Maxi Skirt

Kids are active during the summer months, requiring us to drive them to soccer practice, play dates, zoo excursions, museum trips, and team car washes every weekend. And while time spent sitting in the backyard sipping on wine coolers is precious, we understand that being an involved parent is more... [More]


Airy Cloche Food Cover

This Airy Cloche Food Cover ($18) probably won't keep the cat out of the baked goods. He's got an insatiable hankering for banana bread and will probably just knock the whole thing off the counter to get to it. It will, however, probably be perfect for keeping flies and other... [More]


Antibes Scallop Bikini

This Antibes Scallop Bikini ($255) is about as sweet as a plateful of cupcakes. We're loving the flirty, feminine allure of the scalloped detailing both top and bottom. Of course, our summer skin tone is a bit on the "poached lobster" side, which might not make for such a sexy... [More]


Rocking Unicorn

You know that mom in your Tot Time class whose kid has everything? We're not saying you need to one-up her by getting your own kid the Rocking Unicorn ($70) by Little Sapling Toys. Buuuut, we are saying that we're pretty sure her kid isn't riding on a super sleek... [More]


Monsoon Nadu Top

Such pretty detailing you have, Monsoon Nadu Top ($38 on sale). The tuxedo pleating on your chest and back is dazzling. And those fringed tassels dangling from the strings that cinch your empire waist? Darling. Your color is sensational on any skin tone and your hemline is forgiving on even... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Need Supply Co. Silver Plated Ring

Extraordinary accents are what our wardrobe is built around. And this Silver Plated Ring ($9) is one of them. We wear it with the cutout facing up when we need a hint of the unexpected to complement an ensemble. And when we need to pretend we're married in hopes of... [More]


Brinno MAC100 HomeWatchCam

We've all had one: the phantom pooper. Our neighbor insists it's not her terrier who keeps making special deliveries in our backyard, but we're unconvinced. That's why we're investing in this Brinno MAC100 HomeWatchCam ($170). It's waterproof and motion-activated, so we can leave it outside to record the evidence we'll... [More]


Orla Kiely Color Block Mathilda Bag

There was so much colorblocking going on over the past year that it was practically impossible for brands to sell out of anything. Even the really good stuff like the Orla Kiely Color Block Mathilda Bag ($400), which is now on sale. And we're surprised. This handsome shoulder bag is... [More]


Antiqued Brass Bumble Bee Ring

It's easy to be as sweet as honey when you wear this Antiqued Brass Bumble Bee Ring ($20) by Phenomena Jewelry. Let's just hope it doesn't attract the real deal bumblebees that flit to and from your potted garden. We don't know about you, but we're all for keeping a... [More]


Teak Croquet Set

We'll confess, we don't know much about croquet except that it's generally better to not have the dopey flamingo as your mallet. Maybe the Teak Croquet Set ($735), designed by Hans Thyge and Akiko Kuwahata, will give us the push we need to learn the rules of the game. That,... [More]


Funktional Belted Utility Short

It's the simple things that make all the difference, like the squeeze of lime that finishes a mojito or the sprinkles on your ice cream sundae. With these Funktional Belted Utility Shorts ($96), it's the double set of belt loops on its higher-than-average waistline. We absolutely love how the included... [More]


Fiberstars Light Streams Star Floor Kit

We'll put this one on the "When We're Real Grown-Ups" wish list, because we're pretty sure the effect of this Fiberstars Light Streams Star Floor Kit ($686) would be somewhat less impressive in the eight-foot kiddie pool currently gracing our backyard. For those of you who've already graduated to an... [More]


L'Epicurien 3 Citrus Jam

This past weekend, we used an entire loaf of bread for nothing but toast. Usually we're in it for the carbs, but this time, the bread was just a vehicle for the delicious L'Epicurien 3 Citrus Jam ($13). If you ever wanted to experience summer in a jar, this is... [More]


Spitfire Anglo 2 Sunglasses

Sassy sun protection? Yes, please! These Spitfire Anglo 2 Sunglasses ($35) offer stylish protection for all ages. Vintage-inspired, yet suited to the modern girl's tastes, these shades are also available with flashy gold rims. Just looking at them is making us squint, they're so dazzling.... [More]


House Page Markers

We like office supplies that can also serve as desk decor, and these House Page Markers ($24 for 6) are our new favorites. They provide bright bursts of color for our desks and are quite helpful when we're coding our TPS reports.... [More]


Splendid Kane Wedge Sandals

We met these Splendid Kane Wedge Sandals ($138) last week, and we have to say that, after a few drinks and a round of appetizers, we're thinking we'll call them back. And we won't even wait three days to do it. There's a museum (with a café, too) down the... [More]


Walnut Wood Wallet

Yes, we're generally suckers for Prada and Coach, but there's also something to be said for taking the natural approach to card-and-cash-carrying accessories. This Walnut Wood Wallet ($45) is a beautifully earthy alternative to our usual faux ostrich leather favorites. Carved from a single piece of gorgeous hardwood, it's thin... [More]


Blue Cook's Books Set

We know it's the kosher thing to do: check the wedding registry, pick out a few things, and have them wrapped prettily and shipped. But we're utterly uninspired by our soon-to-be-hitched friends' taste in cutlery and duvet covers. That's why we'll be going rogue with our gift-giving, ordering them this... [More]

MeInMind Sneaker Socks

MeInMind Sneaker Socks

Okay, so the MeInMind Sneaker Socks ($26) are way cute and logical. And we have to admit that we love the fact that if one vanishes, we're not sh*t out of luck: lose one and they will send you a new match for free. MeInMind has finally outsmarted our silly... [More]


Too Close to Call Cutout Top

We spotted a top last week that had us drooling, but as with most street fashion stuff, tracking down where it had come from felt a bit like going on a dodo hunt. But we think we've found a match in this Too Close to Call Cutout Top ($27). We're... [More]


Suvana Beauty Paw Paw & Honey Organic Lip Balm

When you pick a pawpaw, you apparently get some luscious lip balm! Suvana Beauty Paw Paw & Honey Organic Lip Balm ($14) is made from 100% natural, organic ingredients like cocoa butter, carrot seed oil, and (duh), pawpaw and honey, both known for their skin-healing properties. It's the perfect lip... [More]


Personal Shopper: Beauty Balm for Bianca

Bianca writes, "Hello! I was just wondering if you know of a good all-round beauty balm product. Thanks!" Beauty balms are multipurpose creams that can be used as moisturizers, primers, skin repair aids, sunscreens, acne treatments, and pretty much everything else you might want to put on your face in... [More]


Kate Spade Spice Market Lacey

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, then this Kate Spade Spice Market Lacey ($228) could make open-heart surgery a breeze. It's so sweet! We included the impressive bottom portion of this image to showcase the Mary Poppins capabilities that this wallet possesses - it'll allow you... [More]


Emilio Pucci Short Dress

With personality like ours, there is no such thing as blending in with the crowd. It's not always a good thing. But we make up for it when we wear this Emilio Pucci Short Dress ($594 on sale). The asymmetrical cut matches our atypical attitude perfectly, and it's complemented by... [More]


Rirkrit Tiravanija Towel

Leave no room for interpretation when you sunbathe. Hopefully, the Rirkrit Tiravanija Towel ($95) will stave off would-be chatters, creepy dudes with tired pick-up lines, and dripping wet kids. That's totally worth the price tag!... [More]


Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium

We thought our baths couldn't get any more relaxing than they already are. (We take bathtime seriously - we're talking candles, wine, book, inflatable tub pillow...) Enter the Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium ($124) by Sega Toys. It floats in our tub and casts three different serene projections (planetarium, rose, and... [More]


Adina Reyter Large Teardrop Hoops

We're going to be crying a river every day until our Adina Reyter Large Teardrop Hoops ($98) show up in the mailbox. They're so simple and lovely that we can imagine wearing them all the time. We're picturing ourselves with messy updos, gentle tendrils cascading down the sides of our... [More]


Lotta Stensson Sarong Silk Poncho

Brace yourselves, ladies. Ponchos are happening this year. And if you're going to do it, do it big in this Lotta Stensson Sarong Silk Poncho ($195). The construction of this cape allows you to wear it draped over your head or slung seductively off one shoulder. It's also available in... [More]


Açai Clarifying Skincare Set

Either our skin is trying to guide us to previously undiscovered worlds via facial star charts, or we've been responding inadequately to our tendency towards acne. Whatever the reason, we're not having it. We'll leave the exploring to NASA and keep our skin looking lovely with this Açai Clarifying Skincare... [More]


dELiA*s Lace Romper

Nothing says sweet and innocent like this dELiA*s Lace Romper ($40). But if that's not necessarily the message you're trying to send out, then smoke out your eyes, strap on a pair of Jeffrey Campbells, tie on a studded leather belt, and start swearing like an Outblush editor a sailor.... [More]


Outdoor Cabana

Forget outhouses and strenuous uphill hikes - this Outdoor Cabana ($4,995) epitomizes the kind of camping we can get behind. Just give us a private beach we can have it set up on, and we'll happily give up our hair dryers to spend a long weekend reclining in our own... [More]


Etro Cap-Sleeve Sheath Dress

Uncork the Château Lafite Rothschild and pull out the foie gras! This Etro Cap-Sleeve Sheath Dress ($1,375) deserves only the best. We'll definitely be pulling out all the Spanxx on the nights we wear this violet vestment, because we'll have to pour ourselves into it. Along with a glass or... [More]


Tangerine Bow Clutch

Simple, cheap, and eye-catching... sounds like Dad's new girlfriend, right?. We're a little fonder of those qualities in this Tangerine Bow Clutch ($36). The straw-look material and cute bow detail make it a perfect casual summer accessory.... [More]


Further Hand Soap

Want the coolest, most eco-friendly hand soap around? Megan and Marshall Dostal's Further Hand Soap ($17) is made with glycerin processed from vegetable oil discarded by some of L.A.'s best eateries. But don't worry - this doesn't smell like the underside of a fryer! The extracted glycerin is mixed with... [More]


House of Harlow 1960 Two Tone Engraved Five Station Necklace

We weren't always the biggest fans of Nicole Richie. There was a reason that show was called The Simple Life. But ever since she started creating pieces like this House of Harlow 1960 Two Tone Engraved Five Station Necklace ($225), we've been warming up to her. It's graphic and bold,... [More]


Free Booze Wedding Card

Sure, you can't give the Free Booze Wedding Card ($4) to just any set of newlyweds. They have to be the type to appreciate your honesty, wit, and rockin' dance moves after one too many free drinks!... [More]


Love Moschino Blue and Cream Stripe Cotton Jersey Jacket

Pinstripes are for the tame. This Love Moschino Blue and Cream Stripe Cotton Jersey Jacket ($281) takes lines into a new realm of fashion. We're loving the ultra-feminine fit and the varied widths of its bold navy-and-white stripes. Talk about eye-catching officewear...... [More]


Cheap Thrill: SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Double-Ended Brow Sculpting Brush

Your momma's eyebrows are so bushy, Stephenie Meyer called them to fill the role of Jacob Black in Twilight. Twice. Maybe instead of taking your mom out for lunch on her birthday, you should consider giving her the SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Double-Ended Brow Sculpting Brush ($7) instead. Oh, who are... [More]


Heirloom Tomato and Basil Lasagnas

Some days the idea of making dinner is as appealing as the idea of a root canal. We don't want to stand in the kitchen, looking through the cupboards for twenty minutes, hoping we'll find something to eat. No thanks. On those days we turn to these ridiculously scrumptious Heirloom... [More]


Luxe Status Carina V Neck Cold Shoulder

Setting sail on a cruise this year, but can't seem to find anything to wear? While we would suggest that a bathing suit is all you need, the maître d' onboard may not agree. This Luxe Status Carina V Neck Cold Shoulder ($40) is a gorgeous top for evening dining.... [More]


Almost Famous Leopard Skinny Jeans

Who says jeans have to be a standard denim blue? Well, actually no one. But we're breaking that nonexistent rule with these Almost Famous Leopard Skinny Jeans ($37) from Charlotte Russe. These are anything but standard, and certainly not for those who color within the lines. Wear them with a... [More]


Essie Made to Honor

So tomorrow, your big brother's girlfriend will come to you with a request for bridal-party-appropriate nail polish that she can wear to multiple weddings this summer. Immediately, you'll think of Essie Made to Honor ($8). It will compliment her "bright ass purple princess gown", as she will put it, and... [More]


200 Series Wrist Watch

The 200 Series Wrist Watch ($390) is an ideal watch to give to the boyfriend for his birthday. It's not because of the timeless leather band, or the classic round face, or the fact that it's big enough to make a statement. It's the ideal watch to give to the... [More]

Love Ophelia Tulip Nightie

Tulip Nightie

At first glance, the Tulip Nightie ($42) may look like just another piece of lacy lingerie, but it's more - this milky-smooth nightie is actually trimmed with an intricate cutout design along the hem. It'd be the perfect gift for a bride or a welcome tribute to an otherworldly seductress.... [More]


Water Walker All-in-One Retractable Dog Leash

Walking your dog shouldn't be a juggling act involving the leash, the poop bags, the water, and the bowl, never mind whatever else you might be bringing along for yourself. With the Water Walker All-in-One Retractable Dog Leash ($40), you'll have all your pooch-related supplies in one handy unit, including... [More]


Emilio Cavallini Set of Three Tights

Summer may not seem like the best time to start investing in hosiery, but these Emilio Cavallini tights ($70) were too cool to risk missing out on. We don't even care if stripes or polka dots don't make it onto the runway this year. They can take up residence on... [More]


Emergency Bowtie

Be prepared: it's the Boy Scout motto. And you never know when the man in your life may need to crash a classy cocktail party or formal wedding. With this Emergency Bowtie ($7) stashed in the glove compartment, he'll never be caught with his proverbial pants down. Now we just... [More]


ASOS PASSION Platform Peep Toe Court Shoes

If we could cover our entire wardrobe with floral print, we'd be happy. In the meantime, we'll strut around in these ASOS PASSION Platform Peep Toe Court Shoes ($30). They are ladylike, but not at all demure. Comfortable to wear. Easy to accessorize. We feel our argument for total floral... [More]


east 5th A-Line Bias Skirt

As of late, our office wardrobe has been looking like it came from the throwaway pile on a fashion makeover show. So we're investing a little cash in ourselves, starting with the east 5th A-Line Bias Skirt ($20). The multitude of colors makes it easy to pair with some of... [More]


Binchotan Pumice Stone by Morihata

We bought new sandals, new wedges, and new backless pumps to wear all summer. If only we could buy new feet. The winter was not good to our piggies, and now they are dry and cracked, much like our humor. The only thing that can fix a problem of this... [More]


Sharktail Chiffon Tank Top

Racerback: it's not just for sports bras. This Sharktail Chiffon Tank Top ($22) takes that classically careless athletic cut and turns it into something soft, flowing and feminine. We also think the deep blue and sunny yellow color combination is a total win.... [More]


Bloom of the Loom Travel Mug

We get to wear high-waist bikinis and '50s-esque floral print capri pants. Why shouldn't our morning cup-to-go get to enjoy the same vintage styling as the rest of us? With this Bloom of the Loom Travel Mug ($25), our java can feel stylishly retro at last. The mug features a... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: June 25, 2012

The great thing about the bags in this week's poll from The Purse Page is that each and every one of them would provide the inspiration for some epic closet diving. The Miu Miu wants you to find that floppy summer hat you picked out before you decided you were... [More]


Personal Shopper: Brims for Brooke

Brooke writes: "I don't mean to bogart the Outblush, but you have helped me once before with my crack problem (plumber' in jeans) so I'm hoping you can help me again. I'm 36 and have two small children that I am constantly outside with during the summer going to the... [More]


DwellStudio Lion Tangerine Pillow

We initially hit up DwellStudio hoping for a throw pillow featuring a wolf so we could proclaim our home's allegiance to House Stark. But the more we thought about it, the more we like the idea of decorating our armchair with the DwellStudio Lion Tangerine Pillow* ($80). It's not that... [More]


ASP #10 Oval Precision Brush

Recently, as we clicked through all of those photos of all of those meticulous and ornate fingernail designs, it FINALLY dawned on us that perhaps those artists were using something other than the brush that came in the fingernail polish bottle. Duh. They were probably using the ASP #10 Oval... [More]


MANGO Tropical Mini Skirt

We may not condone drug use, but we do condone the acid trip that is the MANGO Tropical Mini Skirt ($60). It's as if someone took beachside motel bedding, washed it in absinthe, lit it on fire using magic mushrooms as kindling, and hung it on a hanger in the... [More]


Tiny Furniture

Saddened by the end of the first season of Girls? Us, too. We can't get enough of Lena Dunham's brilliant show. Luckily, we can watch Dunham in Tiny Furniture ($19), her 2010 debut. She plays Aura, a somewhat aimless recent college grad who tries to navigate life in New York... [More]


C9 by Champion Seamless Cami Bra

For some uncomfortable reason, it always seems to be hotter inside the apartment than outside of it when we return home from work at the end of the day. So instead of sitting in the insufferable sauna that is the living room, we slip on this C9 by Champion Seamless... [More]


By Terry Blush Terrybly

$75 for blush? For BLUSH? Yes, you read that right, and yes, we just about had a conniption fit when we read it, too. But. BUT. Terry de Gunzberg is the woman responsible for creating Yves Saint Laurent's cult favorite Touche Éclat, and her eponymous makeup line is beloved by... [More]


Let The Fin Begin Terry Shark Robe

We shelter them. We feed them. We'll eventually give up our dreams of yacht ownership to put them through college. If we want to dress our babies in ridiculous outfits like this Let The Fin Begin Terry Shark Robe ($31) and take adorably goofy pictures of them, we figure we've... [More]


Tai Pave Love Cord Bracelet

Whether she's a sister in need of some comfort, a bridesmaid you want to thank, a coworker who grew into a friend, or a wife who deserves something special, let her know how you feel. And say it with the Tai Pave Love Cord Bracelet ($70), a simple, sweet reminder... [More]


Fregin Floral Playsuit

The one drawback to easy-breezy-summery rompers like this Fregin Floral Playsuit ($33)? You have to get totally naked every time you pee. Which, if you wear this to brunch and down four mimosas like we did, will happen a lot. Oh well. At least we looked great while it wasn't... [More]


Sequin Small Crystal Detail Hinged Bracelets

Neutrals have not seen enough action in the accessory game this season, we feel; the neons have been winning out, beating nearly any other option straight into the ground. Well, we stand up and fight for taupes, creams, and blacks, our wrists jangling with these Sequin Small Crystal Detail Hinged... [More]


NEST Beach Liquid Hand Soap

We found the NEST Beach Classic Candle on the counter in someone else's bathroom, and instantly fell in love. We immediately made a note to look it up, and upon doing so, made the happy discovery that there was more to the NEST Beach collection than that. Our favorite find... [More]


Roxy Ocean Side Faded Pants

Cowabunga, dudes! Could these Roxy Ocean Side Faded Pants ($40) be any more comfortable? We tote these along every time we hit the shore to slide on after a major surf sesh. They're perfect for the drive home when your, well, creases, are swimming in sand. Or to lounge around... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Burt's Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss

Transitioning from work attire to happy hour is as easy as one, two, three! 1. Start your day with a cute skirt, a blouse, a cardigan, some simple makeup, and matte lipstick. 2. Try not to spill coffee and/or Diet Coke all over yourself throughout the day. 3. Take off... [More]


Dollhouse Color Block Jelly Sandals

Peanut butter and jelly come to mind as we look at these Dollhouse Color Block Jelly sandals ($20). Delicious and with just a hint of childhood whimsy, these skinny minis are a great weekend option when our feet are too tired to brave another pair of heels. We wear ours... [More]


Imagination Disney Store Candle

Leave it to Disney to capture the essence of imagination and sell it as a candle. But we're not knocking the Imagination Disney Store Candle ($6, on sale), oh no! This sucker actually smells incredible. It's clean and woodsy with just a hint of floral sweetness, and it's great to... [More]


Retro Aztec Pattern Frame Sunglasses

There's no sense in wearing black frames if the rest of your outfit has personality. These Retro Aztec Pattern Frame Sunglasses ($20) can be the cherry on top of your explosive style sundae. We're not sure if they offer any actual sun protection, but we don't see that as a... [More]


Beach Bunny We Found Love Triangle Bikini

Sexy sun hat? Check. Divine sarong? Done. Gorgeous bikini that tells him that not only do you NOT miss him, but you haven't bought yourself a drink in months? Double check. This breakup has been amazing for your bank account! Beach Bunny We Found Love Triangle Bikini Top ($88). Beach... [More]


Playful Pawing Black Cat Bookends

These Playful Pawing Black Cat Bookends ($65) will keep our cat-lady aunt's favorite knitting and cat-training books organized. They're the puuurrrrrfect gift for her upcoming birthday. They'd also be pretty great as Halloween decorations, too... Just saying...... [More]


Chain of Pace Shoulder Necklace

We can imagine that this Chain of Pace Shoulder Necklace ($30) isn't for everyone. But if you're drawn to this change-of-pace piece, prepare yourself for the secret admiration and the jealous stares that those who are too afraid are going to give. We know we'll be glaring from the sidelines.... [More]


P.J. Salvage Rainbow Leo Chemise

Normally, we wear college sweatshirts and lady boxers to sleep. But when it is an unholy ninety degrees outside at night, a sweatshirt is the last thing we want to wear to bed. This P.J. Salvage Rainbow Leo Chemise ($50) is a much more comfortable option. We slip this cotton-blend... [More]


NARS Diamond Life Nail Polish

You get into all the hot clubs downtown, you waltz into any party you want, you narrowly escaped that sorority that later got busted for some effed-up hazing rituals, you won four years of free box seats for your football team or ballet company of choice, and you met your... [More]


Cafe Chartres Flutter Sleeve Dress

This dress makes us want to travel back to the '20s and live in one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels. (Well, without the disillusionment.) We're totally digging the romantic flutter sleeves and the feminine crochet embellishments. Now we just need a flask of gin and a fabulous hat to finish... [More]


Group Therapy Wine Bottle Tag

Sure, the Group Therapy Wine Bottle Tag ($11) may be a bit on the kitschy side, but it speaks the truth! Whenever we get together with our friends around a bottle of red, we start detailing our latest dramas. We're sure it's a combo of the supportive company, the warming... [More]


June Lane Salt and Pepper Shakers

This summer, grace your picnic table with a pair of June Lane Salt and Pepper Shakers ($100) from Kate Spade. For that matter, grace all of your tables for years to come with this set. We're looking at the price tag and thinking these are investment pieces - heirloom shakers,... [More]


Madelyn Striped Maxi

We once babysat for a toddler named Madelyn. Her parents loved to dress her up in cute little dresses - one of which we remember looking remarkably like this Madelyn Striped Maxi ($70). We think it also makes for a great look for grown-ups. And while Madelyn would inevitably cover... [More]


MICHAEL Michael Kors Chronograph Bracelet Watch

Women's timepieces tend to be too flashy, too boring, or too over-designed for us to consider dropping our slap watches and upgrading to something more adult. This MICHAEL Michael Kors Chronograph Bracelet Watch ($225) is the exception. The tortoiseshell band is so chic that even we would take ourselves seriously... [More]


Filet Mignon

At a steak house, you can easily spend eighty bucks a person on a miniature filet, an average baked potato, and some sort of chopped salad. Or, you can order some super tender Filet Mignon ($80 for 4) to make a divine dinner at home. Even if you wimp out... [More]


BAGGU Sea Stripe Daypack

We've sung the praises of BAGGU before, but they continue to come out with new and inventive collections that make us swoon. Our current favorite is the BAGGU Sea Stripe Daypack ($24). It departs from the traditional two-handled style, so we can stash our library books, iPads, and miscellaneous purse... [More]


Guerlain Meteorites Perles D'Azur

We can't decide if it's the packaging, the coloring, or the product itself, but the Guerlain Meteorites Perles D'Azur ($59) is causing us to drool big time. We just want to dive into the beauty ball-pit and go for a swim. The blue and pink balls counteract the yellow undertones... [More]


Sugar Darlin Sandals

We take our coffee black, our magazine subscriptions are on auto-pay, and our assistant makes all of our appointments for us. Okay, that last one was wishful thinking, but what we're saying is that we like our lives to be as easy as possible. Which is why we give two... [More]


HugglePod Hanging Chair

It's impossible (we've tried) for adult butts to comfortably sit in the HugglePod Hanging Chair ($89), but it's a hip alternative to a hammock for a child, whether it's hung in the corner of the room or from a backyard tree.... [More]


dELiA*s High-Low Embroidered Skirt

Summer weekends in the countryside require a different wardrobe than does the ole nine-to-five that we're escaping from for a couple of days. This dELiA*s High-Low Embroidered Skirt ($35) goes great with those cowboy boots we bought specifically for this kind of occasion. We like it for the elastic waist,... [More]


J.Crew Tillary Purse

By far the most influential, groundbreaking, and provocative show of the late eighties and early nineties was, you guessed it, The Golden Girls. And when we're feeling particularly Blanche-y, we swing on this J.Crew Tillary Purse ($148) for some added flair. It fits our little black book, some cab money,... [More]


His & Hers Pillow Slips

We love him, but we don't really want to sleep on his pillow. We spend a lot of time on our nightly cleansing and hydrating routine and we'd rather not top off our costly face cream with crusty beer drool. We're passing the Dustys&Lulu His & Hers Pillow Slips ($58)... [More]


Love Birds Hair Comb

We were kind of surprised when our link hopping in search of an adorable comb led us to, of all places, Kohl's. We were almost sure we'd end up at someone's Etsy shop. Our beachy summer locks have been positively begging for some cute accessories to help sweep them up,... [More]


Turtle Box

Whether you're stashing jewelry, change, or chocolates in this little Turtle Box ($19), it's sure to be a safe spot for your treasures. When closed up, it simply looks like an average tchotchke, which means that the chances of your nosy houseguests finding your stash are slim,... [More]


Not Rated Pretty Bird Sandal

The morning of your big day should be as comfortable, yet stylish, as possible. The bride must appear to have it together at all times. No one needs to know that it's thanks to the Vicodin your future mother-in-law slipped you. Same as no one needs to know you that... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Tropical Skirt

Fashion this year has been all about detailing. And this Dorothy Perkins Tropical Skirt ($27 on sale) is nothing if not covered in detail. The cream-colored fabric is embroidered with orange, turquoise, pink, violet, and blue flowers, evoking all of the tropical destinations we can only dream of from our... [More]


Tiger Print Jumpsuit

Animal prints never seem to go out of style. Sometimes, we wish they would. But in the case of the Tiger Print Jumpsuit ($80), we're glad they're still around. A toned-down print makes this strapless number perfect for nearly any kind of summer fiesta: drinks at the country club, date... [More]


Laminated Heel Sandal

If we were old ladies living in a shoe, we'd let the bank take the nasty old boot and move ourselves into this Laminated Heel Sandal ($159). It's got plenty of deck space, nice elevation, and some seriously bold architectural lines. We imagine it also probably smells better and attracts... [More]


Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Clear Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen

Occasionally, we get to work from home. And by "home", we mean our back porch, in our bathing suit, with a Nalgene full of lemonade. And we'd be wrong if we didn't practice what we preach about sunscreen. So we slather on Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Clear Spray SPF 30... [More]


Full Blossom Aqua Boots

It's sad but true: at some point, those tall riding boots we've been collecting like fiends over the past couple of seasons are going to go hopelessly out of style. That's why we're casting an eye towards a boot trend that never went away: cowboy. These Full Blossom Aqua Boots... [More]


The Leftovers

One hundred citizens of suburban Mapleton have vanished, and The Leftovers ($10) are dealing with the aftermath. Some witnesses want to move forward, while others insist on honoring the lost with a vow of silence. Though the novel has its funny moments, it's a subdued book, with subtly flawed characters... [More]


JOU JOU Knit Boyfriend Blazer

We may have fewer notches on our bedposts and more frequent moral qualms, but we agree with Barney Stinson on one thing. Suiting up is always the best option. So whether we're in the office, visiting friends at the drop of a hat, or hitting a charity event on the... [More]


Anna & Boy Deep V One Piece

Let's just go ahead and get this out of the way. This Anna & Boy Deep V One Piece ($165 on sale) is not for girls like us. Girls who need support in the titty region, a personal trainer, and/or a bikini waxer on standby. But you girls who don't... [More]


Fondue au Chocolat

Fondue for one? Yes, please! The Fondue au Chocolat ($20) by Mignon Kitchen Co. is a seven-ounce ceramic pot of gourmet milk chocolate from Paris. If that doesn't make you salivate, then we're not sure what will! We intend to heat ours up in the microwave and gorge ourselves on... [More]


Free Bates Tee

Whether you be aristocrat or hired help, show your support for the downtrodden Mr. Bates by sporting a Free Bates Tee ($20). You'll be sure to get a nod of approval from other Downton Abbey fans, us included. Season 3, why are you so far off? 2013 can't come fast... [More]


Miss Selfridge Freya Gold Plait Sandals

Of the nine weddings we have to attend this summer, eight of them are outside. Thanks to our innate gifts of grace and coordination, that means leaving the stilettos at home and slipping into these Freya Gold Plait Sandals ($44) instead. Accented in turquoise and apricot, they match both our... [More]


Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Show off your carefully accumulated Sonoma Valley wine collection and add some charming wall decor to your home at the same time with the Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack ($30) by Cold Creek Brewing. It accommodates eight bottles and can be hung on either side of a standard doorway, making it... [More]


Vix Faux Leather-Trimmed Triangle Bikini Top

Some swimsuits are meant for swimming, while others are meant to show off what your mama gave you. The Vix Faux Leather-Trimmed Triangle Bikini Top ($96) definitely falls into the latter category. Leaving almost nothing to the imagination, this top comes with removable pads and adjustable straps to keep what... [More]

Personal Shopper Sara Wedding Dress

Personal Shopper: Shoes and Accessories for Sara's Wedding Dress

Sara writes: "Help! I'm challenged in the world of fashion and I'm getting married July 6, 2012. I know this is probably way late to ask for help, but it was a hurried engagement. My dress is here: # 4885. I'm requesting shoe and jewelry suggestions. My colors are pink... [More]


Solar-Powered Battery Pack

Our iPhone batteries always seem to send us that 10% warning at the worst of times. Most recently, when we were on an elevator and hoping to avoid creepy-guy-eye-contact by playing Draw Something. Fortunately for us, we just invested in a Solar-Powered Battery Pack ($39). Solar power isn't a new... [More]


Fossil Braided Waist

One of the easiest ways to give a neutral top some added life is with a waist-cinching belt, like the Fossil Braided Waist ($48). This stretchy accessory is buttoned in back, allowing you to move and shake all day in comfort. And as a neutral itself, this belt will ground... [More]


Charter Club Slim It Up Straight-Leg Capris

Occasionally, we'll get dressed, peer into the mirror, and realize that something is amiss. Sometimes, it's the jewelry. Other times, it's the shoes. And when things are totally and helplessly off, we realize it's just the whole outfit. If we had these Charter Club Slim It Up Straight-Leg Capris ($59),... [More]


Galvanized Oval Wash Tub

Okay, so a Galvanized Oval Wash Tub ($18) isn't exactly a trendy product. But we're posting about it anyway because once you have one, you'll wonder what you ever did without it! We bust ours out from storage every summer, since it makes the perfect beverage container for the shady... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Tanorexic Pouch

::insert obligatory Jersey Shore and/or Snooki joke here:: Rebecca Minkoff Tanorexic Pouch ($55)... [More]


Chloé Gold Scallop Edge One Piece Suit

We were gobsmacked by the gorgeous trim on the Scalloped Halterneck Bikini, but couldn't brave exposing our tummies to the summer sun and the gazes of strangers. Now that we have the Chloé Gold Scallop Edge One Piece Suit ($340), though, we can simultaneously display beautiful details and our somewhat... [More]


Moby Shams

Thar she blows! These Moby Shams ($100) will transform your bed into an epic sea story. We think we'll get them, then daydream about sharing our bunk with Horatio Hornblower. (Hello, Ioan Gruffudd...) Look, Ahab's not the kind of guy you bring home.... [More]


Sseko Wedding Sandals

We're bridesmaids in about ten weddings this summer, which would have meant a whole lot of shoe buying if we hadn't discovered these Sseko Wedding Sandals ($60). The straps on these pretty little things can be tied about forty different ways, giving us a host of unique looks to choose... [More]


Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi Storage

Our kitchen makes our high school locker look spacious. Every inch counts, which is why we were happy to find the Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi Storage unit ($69). Not only does it make a home for our paper towels, plastic wrap and tinfoil on the wall - just about the... [More]


Anchor Buckle Belt

We're all about the nautical this season. Maybe it's because we're dreaming of hot pirates. Or it could just be that accessories like this Anchor Buckle Belt ($50) are simply too darned cute to resist. This braided hip-hugger with gold anchor buckle comes in only one (admittedly appropriate) shade: navy!... [More]


Adopt-A-Cat Month

Spring doesn't just mean a sudden spurt in the number of lacy crop tops and espadrilles available; it also means that there are tons and tons of new cats and kittens in your local shelter come summer. June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, so why not add a new furry friend to... [More]


The Original 100 Calorie Wineglass

We're finally letting it sink in that wine is not a zero-calorie beverage. If we want to make sure our drinking habits don't completely throw our dieting efforts out of the window, we should probably start employing The Original 100 Calorie Wineglass ($10), which marks off a perfect one-hundred-calorie pour.... [More]


Contrast Waistband Netted Orange Skirt

Oh, we're sorry. What was that? You wanted more eye-burning neon in your wardrobe? Well, here's the Contrast Waistband Netted Orange Skirt ($35), the perfect piece to wear with all those half-shirts the mean old Internet coerced you to go out and buy this season. Bright-ass orange and neon green... [More]


Multi Flavor #10 Flavorlopes

Sure, we've been doing most of our correspondence and banking over the Internet, but maybe we ought to give the snail mail another go. Really, we just want to taste the sticky stuff on the Multi Flavor #10 Flavorlopes ($10). Fruity flavors like apple, orange, strawberry, grape, and cherry are... [More]


Pineapple Easy Slicer

You know what's delicious? Fresh pineapple. You know what's really a pain in the rear to get peeled, cored, and cut? Well, not pineapple, any longer. This Pineapple Easy Slicer ($20) makes the job a cinch instead of a process best described as "sticky". Whipping up at-home piña coladas just... [More]


Jimmy Choo Barb Lace Pointed-Toe Pumps

If we sell every other shoe we own, we might just be able to afford these Jimmy Choo Barb Lace Pointed-Toe Pumps ($695). And let us tell you - we're tempted. With their Maserati-level curves, ultra-thin heels, and sheer overlays of delicate lace, they're possibly perfection in shoe form.... [More]


Hot Spot Blouse

This Hot Spot Blouse ($38) is aptly named. It sports two of the season's hottest colors, an ever-hot pattern, sheer fabric - hello, careful bra selection - and the perfect sexy pleated detail at the shoulders. We're afraid to spend too much time looking at it, lest it burn itself... [More]


Claudia Pearson Dog Plates

You know what will make your summer party awesome? Serving mini cocktail weenies on colored toothpicks to guests. You know what will make it even more awesome? Serving them on Claudia Pearson Dog Plates ($16 each). We suppose you could serve regular-sized hotdogs on the plates, but why would you... [More]


Jules Smith Festive Fringe Earrings

These Jules Smith Festive Fringe Earrings ($95) were probably designed with a party in mind, but we see no reason they couldn't be worn for mundane events as well. We look at going to the grocery store, depositing checks at the bank, and picking up Chinese food for dinner as... [More]


Buffalo David Bitton Milena Chambray Shorts

Not every pair of shorts has to be neon or covered in flowers. No, really. Sometimes a simple neutral will suffice. These Buffalo David Bitton Milena Chambray Shorts ($69) come with the snazzy belt shown above, and also help to provide the confidence that comes with knowing you are dressed... [More]


Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds

Our summertime Dairy Queen indulgences are second only to our mocha latte consumption. Unfortunately, a diet of DQ Mini Blizzards and chocolate coffee drinks is bad for both our budgets and our waistlines. These Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds ($10, set of 4) should help us get started (small steps,... [More]


Monki Clara Waistcoat

Getting ready for an event being held indoors during the summer can be confusing. Do you bring a jacket? Do you face the cold? Do you bet on your boyfriend bringing a coat of some kind? Instead of wasting precious cocktail-hour time pondering, just cozy up to the Monki Clara... [More]


Monet Water Lilies Slim Fit Top

It looks seriously fabulous on a museum wall. We think it looks even more fantastic on our bosoms. This Monet Water Lilies Slim Fit Top ($50) is a perfect way for us to attract the attention of the cute art lovers in the room.... [More]


Star Trek Knitting Project Bag

By posting this Star Trek knitting bag ($21), we're not suggesting that all knitters are inherently nerdy people who like cult pop culture classics. We're suggesting that all COOL knitters are inherently nerdy people who like pop culture classics enough to show it off twice over as they knit Star... [More]


Topshop Hexagonal Print Playsuit

Jump around in this Hexagonal Print Playsuit ($68) from Topshop. Eye-catching and and easy to accessorize, this makes for simple Sunday-morning brunchwear. Pair it with a belt to accentuate your hips. Or wear it loose to hide a Gisele baby bump.... [More]


Neon Wooden Salad Bowl Set

Serve your summer salads in the Neon Wooden Salad Bowl Set ($149) by Wind & Willow Home. The bright pink brings a modern twist to the classic wooden bowls, and while we'd like to think that the color won't go out of vogue, if it does, we'll be rebels and... [More]


The Stronghold

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to survive the zombie apocalypse will be getting to the most remote location that you can and setting up camp. That's why we're putting our pennies in the jar for The Stronghold ($3,000). This is the Godzilla of tents - a double-walled... [More]


Big Buddha Clutch

Perfectly sized to hold our precious belongings, but not big enough to weigh us down when we want to spend a wild night out on the town with our fellow fashionistas, this clutch ($50) is what we'll be carrying to our favorite bars, museums, and restaurants this summer. Thanks, Big... [More]


Personal Shopper: New Summer Clothes for Mariah

Mariah writes: "I need new ideas for summer clothes and accessories, as well as new ideas for comfortable summer shoes! Can you guys help me out? I'm a fan of bright colors, but I tend to stay away from rompers and tube tops. Thanks so much!" Hey, Mariah - It... [More]


Large Bau Pendant Light in Nature

We're totally digging this Large Bau Pendant Light in Nature ($290), but we're also slightly terrified by the fact that it ships with "some assembly required". Knowing how we are with assembly, this might end up looking like an octopus or a model airplane by the time we get it... [More]


Groovy Cat Eye Sunglasses

Did we leave these Groovy Cat Eye Sunglasses ($12) on the dashboard too long? Or was there maybe a little more than Bacardi Limón in that last cocktail? No, we're not headed for bat country. These tortoise frames look funky even to sober eyes, which is probably why we love... [More]


Bridget Jumpsuit

This Bridget Jumpsuit ($132) covers all your one-piece bases. Leave the wide, side-slit legs long and it could easily pass for a maxi dress. Tie them up, and you'll be rocking what we like to call "The Princess Jasmine." That's a whole new world we can get behind.... [More]


Coral and Blue Split Hem Maxi

We're loving this sassy take on the season's ubiquitous high-low hem trend. The Coral Blue Split Hem Maxi ($39) combines two of our favorite shades and a translucent maxi overskirt with a clever open-front design. We're going to start wearing it before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.... [More]


Elm River Mirror

Will it make us seem fatter or skinnier? Honestly, even if it made us look ballooned like the "before" model in a diet pill advertisement, we'd still be in love with this Elm River Mirror ($1166). It's way out of our price range, but how ridiculously gorgeous is that flow... [More]


Jazzhands Glitter Peep Shoes

If these Jazzhands Glitter Peep Shoes ($120) came with tap soles, they would truly be the key to living out our musical theater dreams. Of course, our family members would also disown us, and give us that sad look they make when we're driving them slowly insane. We'll have to... [More]


Sparrow Keychain

Mount the Sparrow Keychain ($16) and its house on the wall by your front door for a cute and convenient place to store your keys. We actually use this to hang our spare keys (the main set can usually be found in the bottom of one purse or another). If... [More]


Lovely Lotus Porcelain Candle Holder

Personally, we think the Lovely Lotus Porcelain Candle Holder ($20) looks as much like a delicious artichoke as does like a a lotus. We want to dip it in butter and devour it. Set your table with flowers, white candles in a few of these, and a gorgeous selection of... [More]


Romeo & Juliet Colorblock Blouson Dress

The only things we love more than stripes? Colorblocked stripes. And this Romeo & Juliet Colorblock Blouson Dress ($69) gives us those along with a chunky pop of coral. Add slim sandals and acrylic bangles for a sweet summertime set.... [More]


Jonathan Adler Vespa Jute Pouch

Have you ever tried to ride a Vespa while draping your hobo or shoulder bag across your arm? We don't recommend it. Instead, ditch the excess items and stash your essentials in a Jonathan Adler Vespa Jute Pouch ($38). Then tuck it in your pants or coat pocket and zoom... [More]


J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt

Now THIS is a skirt. The J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt ($159) is popping with color and life, harking back to a more fashionable time when people wouldn't dare wear sweats or tees to the office. The skirt is as flattering as the print is intricate, and it pairs well with... [More]


Topshop Black Longline Bikini Top

Those flimsy little triangle bikini tops do absolutely nothing to wrangle our wild and free tit-tays. We need the support and structure of the Topshop Black Longline Bikini Top ($30). The wide back and underwire cups support our misses, so we're no longer nervous that Thing One and Thing Two... [More]


The Mark Brothers

Usually, when we try to figure out which plug goes to which piece of A/V equipment or which peripheral, we end up yanking something vital and blowing a fuse. It's time we called in some backup from our friends, The Mark Brothers ($16). These adorable little plastic acrobats cling to... [More]


Mixed Metal Collar Necklace

Metal collar necklaces are so hot right now, but we have a word to the wise: If you wear one without a shirt collar between the necklace and your skin out in the sun, say, to an outdoor music festival, don't be surprised if you get a mild burn when... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Puffer Spike Sandals

Oh, hey, look, our gladiator sandals, jelly shoes, and spike-emblazoned stilettos had a threesome in a darkened shoe factory, and this was the baby! We're a little grossed out by that description too, but these Jeffrey Campbell Puffer Spike Sandals ($125) are so cheekily fantabulous that we're willing to overlook... [More]


The 6 Packer

Let Dad be the cool guy at his next poker night by giving him the The 6 Packer ($30) for toting his microbrews. Sure, he could just carry his beer in the cardboard box provided, but where's the fun in that? The 6 Packer lets him see all the labels... [More]


Topshop Tall Lattice Sundress

Sweet and demure with a vintage twist, the Topshop Tall Lattice Sundress ($72) is a tall drink of water in an otherwise stale-beer kind of town. The woven back is enough to send a girl over the edge. But it's the knee-length femininity that reels us back in. If only... [More]


Cecil & Clyde Elephant Pillow

We need to get a few of these Cecil & Clyde Elephant Pillows ($57) to stand tall on our deck chairs, ASAP. They'll bring color, whimsy, and good taste to our outdoor space. That's originally what all of our flower pots were supposed to do, but we've managed to let... [More]


Somerville360° Face Self Tanning Pads

Big on protecting your skin from both sun damage and that ghastly orange glow most self tanners leave behind? Yeah, us too. Thankfully, we've successfully found a way to get a light, natural tan without any cringe-worthy side effects. The Somerville360° tanning pads ($45) are a little pricey, but we'd... [More]


ASOS Bright Zig Zag Weave Clutch

It isn't the bright and modern pattern that makes us love the ASOS Bright Zig Zag Weave Clutch ($46). It doesn't hurt, for sure, but we're really in love with the fact that this large clutch has a wrist strap attached to its side. So many of our clutches don't... [More]


Zombies Screw Mount Sign

We decided to make it perfectly clear to solicitors, jack-o'-lantern smashers, menacing robbers, and generally miscreant youth that no good will come from their trampling our lawns! Zombies Screw Mount Sign ($24) by Zed's Zombie Ranch... [More]


Blue Life Trasher Tee Dress

Why buy a whole dress when you can buy half of a dress? The Blue Life Trasher Tee Dress ($79) scantily clothes your shoulders and rump without the fuss of covering your back. So next time you think to yourself, "Man, I'd really like to go outside wearing next to... [More]


Alita Basketweave Lights

We were not yet skilled enough during our Underwater Basketweaving class in college to weave anything as elaborate as these Alita Basketweave Lights ($135-395). Thankfully, the designers must have taken the class for realsies and not as an easy-A-blow-off course. We kid. Our school didn't even offer Underwater Basketweaving. We... [More]


Bird and Lattice Bookends

Let a sweet bunch of chickadees hold on to your favorite books by slipping the volumes in between these iron Bird and Lattice Bookends ($39). These have a substantial heft to them, perfect for keeping even the most heavy-duty books in place. We're thinking they'll look lovely framing our hardcover... [More]

Gilt Elephant Belt

Gilt Elephant Belt

We definitely have some white elephants stowed away in our closets, but the Gilt Elephant Belt ($78) would never fall into that category.... [More]


Quilted Ironing Mat

We hate the ironing board. Somehow the prospect of pulling it out of the closet and unfolding it feels like an effort equivalent to climbing a mountain or discovering cold fusion. We'd rather just look like we slept in our clothes. This Quilted Ironing Mat ($15), however, is a breeze.... [More]


BP. Scoop Neck Print Dress

We are suckers for this colorful dress ($24) and can't imagine spending the summer without such a perfectly priced piece of clothing! We'll be channeling the '70s with this zigzag pattern, but we'll be comfortable and sexy while doing so. Beach parties, here we come!... [More]


SEaLAbox Waterproof Phone Case

Keep your phone safe from any hard knocks and mistreatment this summer by snapping it shut in the SEaLAbox Waterproof Phone Case ($79). Sure, it's not the prettiest thing, but it keeps sand, water, and spilled margaritas from seeping into your phone and ruining it. Plus, if you're like us... [More]


Evolution of Subtle Beauty Necklace

We're thinking of subletting our sofa for a month so we can come up with the cash for this Evolution of Subtle Beauty Necklace ($298). The stunning combination of semiprecious stones in an array of gorgeous shades has us twitching with statement-necklace lust. We'll just tell the roommates the temporary... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Stunner for Cecilie

Cecilie writes: "My boyfriend invited me to the annual ball at his university, and I want to look stunning!;) So I`ve been looking everywhere for the dress by Vivienne Westwood Lana del Rey wore at the 2012 Brit Awards. It`s just amazing! Can you please help me find a cheaper... [More]


Old Gringo GaylaRazz Boot

It's rare that we kick up our heels and say a hearty howdy to Western-inspired fashion, but that's exactly what we did when we saw the Old Gringo* GaylaRazz Boot ($550). The soft distressed leather hugs our calves while the embroidered flower detailing takes our favorite pair of jeans and... [More]


Bee Clutch

If Kate Spade or Disney made this Bee Clutch ($70), it would be shaped like an adorable giant yellow insect - not that we have any problem with that. But we're digging the more subtle tribute paid by this piece, which uses mustard, black, and gold beading to create a... [More]


Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection Creme Rouge

We really don't know what to do with ourselves on Sunday nights now that Mad Men's done for the season. Since we can no longer escape to the world of 1960s Madison Avenue through television, we're sneaking little parts of it into our everyday lives. We're keeping our whiskey in... [More]


It's A Colorful Life

Were you looking for a way to combine the Lisa Frank color palette of your past with your present body, hooters and hips and all? Then feast your neon-loving eyes on the It's A Colorful Life Dress ($80). This body con wonder is an acid trip of color. The mesh... [More]


Sea-Doo Mega Inflatable Island

Thought you couldn't afford your own private island? Boy, were you wrong! For less than a month's rent, you can be the proud owner of your very own Sea-Doo Mega Inflatable Island ($530). Think of it as a blow-up party for you and seven of your luckiest friends. Your new... [More]


Sequin Tunic with Heart Cutout Back

We're going to save ourselves the last-minute wardrobe scramble this year and pick up our New Year's Eve outfits well in advance. This Sequin Tunic with Heart Cutout Back ($99) is the perfect piece for sipping champagne and finding a cutie for a midnight make-out. Now we just need to... [More]


RSVP Cailyn Heel

We're buying this RSVP Cailyn Heel ($99) in red. Matched with a slinky black cocktail dress and a pearl-handled derringer, it'll complete our showing-that-good-for-nothing-so-and-so-what's-coming-to-him outfit. We're calling the look "femme fatale chic." Now we just need to find a rugged private investigator we can charm into helping us beat the... [More]


Illume Patio Pot Citronella Candle

There are only two things that can ruin a patio party: a swarm of mosquitoes and a shortage of booze. Fend off those little bloodsuckers with style using an Illume Patio Pot Citronella Candle ($25). It'll keep the bugs at bay and add to your ambiance. As for running our... [More]


Rebel Frill Bikini

All right, so this Rebel Frill Bikini ($185) isn't quite on the same level as smoking cigarettes or taking the neighbor's Camaro on a joyride. In fact, we're pretty sure our moms would wholeheartedly approve of its flattering, petal-like frill details and soft moss green hue. We'll have to satisfy... [More]


Colorblock Cotton Tank Maxi Dress

It's a possibility that we were first drawn to the Colorblock Cotton Tank Maxi Dress ($148) from French Connection because of the lovely photography. Maybe if we buy this dress we'll look gorgeous leaping through the air, too! Probs not (our hair would go wild and the little double chin... [More]


Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

They're the best friends and worst enemies of every PC user: three keys that can mean the difference between losing a document or two and getting hit by the Blue Screen of Death. This Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set ($6) is a magnificently geeky way to pay tribute to that infamous key... [More]


Michael Kors Jet Set Glamour Buckle Ring

This Michael Kors Jet Set Glamour Buckle Ring ($65) is as clever as a bagful of ferrets, without the unpleasant aroma. Who would have thought of creating a tiny, gold-hued metal "belt" for your finger? Well, Michael Kors, apparently. We're sure glad he did, because the result is a perfect... [More]


Dreamy Garden Dress

We like our florals to have a vintage vibe to them, and what's more vintage than big orange and yellow flowers? Happily, the Dreamy Garden Dress ($55) from Lace Affair combines the bold color combo with a modern pattern to create a pretty, knee-length summer frock. We'll wear ours with... [More]


Metallic Pink Cuisinart Coffee Maker

If this Metallic Pink Cuisinart Coffee Maker ($80 on sale) doesn't say "bachelorette pad," we don't know what does. We're also thinking the outrageous color might do more to wake you up in the morning than the coffee itself.... [More]


Washi Tape Zippered Pouch

We can never have too many tiny bags. There are tiny bags for parking meter change, tiny bags for makeup, tiny bags for emergency feminine hygiene products. This Washi Tape Zippered Pouch ($19) just became the latest addition to our collection, thanks to its darned cute tape-patterned fabric. We think... [More]


CHASER Love is a Battlefield Tee

Of all the decades that could have made a style comeback, the '80s weren't really what we were hoping for. However, we will make an exception for this CHASER Love is a Battlefield tee ($53). We spent countless days rocking out to Pat Benatar and this colorful, unfinished tee gives... [More]


Suction Soap Holder Magnet

How the heck did it take this long for someone to come up with a way to hold your bathroom soap that doesn't involve a slippery dish full of nasty water or a pool of scum on your sink or counter? This Suction Soap Holder Magnet ($10) uses a suction... [More]


Disney Couture Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace

What just looks like a tower wrapped in vines is actually a way to make sure you smell divine when your prince comes for his true love's kiss. After all, you don't want to smell like a damp dungeon, even if you've been locked away in one. Keep your favorite... [More]


Yellow Star Printed Turtleneck Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

When we were seven and wanted to wear our Rainbow Brite getup to school on picture day, we were told, "That's a bit too much." The same could probably be said about this Yellow Star Printed Turtleneck Sleeveless Chiffon Dress ($52). Luckily for us, we're paying our own rent these... [More]


Wine Barrel Ring Hanging Pendant Light

The rustic Wine Barrel Ring Hanging Pendant Light ($38) adds an industrial-but-inviting feel to the front foyer of our apartment. It's certainly much nicer to look at than the standard square-glass-bowl-over-a-bulb that our landlord tries to pass off as decor. We don't blame him for being cheap, but we'd rather... [More]


Natori Thien Sheared Print Beach Towel

We had to look twice to make sure the Natori Thien Sheared Print Beach Towel ($35 on sale) was actually a beach towel and not a piece of art. We suppose that technically the two aren't mutually exclusive. We're upping the level of sophistication on the sand with this beauty!... [More]


One Shoulder Asymmetrical Dress

Summer is here and we are ecstatic about all the fun, flirty, new dresses we'll be adding to our closets. Toss in some heels and this simple One Shoulder Asymmetrical Dress ($25) is perfect for a late night out with girlfriends. Dress it down with flats or low-heeled sandals and... [More]


Elie Tahari Gwen Ballet Flats

Sure, heels make us feel sexy, powerful, and glamorous, but damn if we can't wear them for more than two hours. As much as we love the way our gams look in four-inch stilettos, our whole body is much happier in flats, which is why we did a happy dance... [More]


Kasimir Cheese Grater

Made from BPA-free plastic and shaped into a prickly hedgehog, this Kasimir Cheese Grater ($14) makes one of our favorite activities - eating cheese - even more fun. As if we honestly needed an excuse to chow on more Gouda. Maybe we'll just buy one for the skinny chick in... [More]


Snow Owl Figurine Fan

We know it's kitschy as a glow-in-the-dark velvet Elvis, but we're still nuts for this Snow Owl Figurine Fan ($90). He's about the size of a paperweight, and we're looking forward to letting him provide a gentle breeze from our bedside tables. That, and creeping out anyone who sleeps over.... [More]


Collection Silk Cargo Pant

We've always dreamed of having shiny gold pants, but every pair we've found looks like it should come with a set of clear platform heels and a night job at the local shake-and-shimmy. These Collection Silk Cargo Pants ($228) look delightfully wearable in a way that won't get us mistaken... [More]


Beach Stone Buttons

A belt upgrade can take a simple dress from wearable to stunning. Guess what? The same goes for buttons. Ditch the ones that came with your frock or sweater and replace them with these adorable Beach Stone Buttons ($8) to lend a natural, earthy accent to your ensemble.... [More]


La Florentina Giraterra Soap

Looking for a way to get naughty in the bedroom without getting dirty? Ladies, I give to you La Florentina Giraterra Soap. Oh. Holy. Moses. This soap smells so damn good we have dubbed it, and we kid you not, "The Sex Soap". To start, the black-box packaging is regal... [More]


Freeform Diamond Ring

If we could pick our wedding rings all over again we'd either go totally minimalist (itty bitty band minimalist), or we'd go bohemian and get unfinished diamonds. This Freeform Diamond Ring ($11,565) is exactly what we dream about. We're digging the slightly rugged look of the diamond and the unique... [More]


Abundant Octagon Tourmilated Quartz Ring

Sure, diamonds are forever. Everybody's also already wearing them. Booooo-ring. We'll take this Abundant Octagon Tourmilated Quartz Ring ($200), which gives us about eight times the eye-catching awesome for a fraction of the price of a conventional sparkler. That, of course, is thanks to the gorgeous fractured spiderweb effect of... [More]


Draped Crossover Skirt

We've long known the Pyramid Collection for its tantric instructional videos and neo-Victorian goth wear - every girl should have a little of both hiding in her wardrobe. But this Draped Crossover Skirt ($50) looks downright fashionable in a way we'll happily wear outside the bedroom or the gamer convention.... [More]


iDuck Speaker

What makes a rubber duck more than just a retro bath toy? The ability to serenade you with a little Sade while you're soaking, of course. This iDuck Speaker ($39) plays your favorite tunes once your iPhone is hooked up to its egg-shaped transmitter. Leave it in the bath when... [More]


Zinnia Floral Rug

Squares, circles, rectangles - why do rug shapes have to be so boring? Think outside day one of geometry class, carpet designers! We're giving special props to the brain behind this Zinnia Floral Rug ($199). It doesn't just sport a gorgeously colored flower print - it's shaped like a fully... [More]


Automaton Solid Copper Cuff Bracelet

We've enjoy all things steampunk, but stop somewhat short of running around town wearing modified Victorian gowns and engineer boots. (We'll save that for our next RPG convention.) This Automaton Solid Copper Cuff Bracelet ($200), however, sports a fabulously vintage-nouveau vibe in a style we'll happily make part of our... [More]


Bird Salad Bowl and Servers Set

If salad were adorable, maybe we'd eat more of it. We think Swedish Fish are simply precious, and lord knows we pack away plenty of those. This Bird Salad Bowl and Servers Set ($47) makes our leafy greens look downright sweet, which should have us gobbling them up. We hope... [More]


Juicy Couture Tropical-Print Stretch-Cotton Piqué Tank

Who knew Miami motel was chic? We wouldn't normally be attracted to the, well, lush pattern on this Juicy Couture Tropical-Print Stretch-Cotton Piqué Tank ($88), but there's something about the pops of orange and the racerback style that entices us. Plus, wearing it would give us a great excuse to... [More]


Napa Valley Wine Tote

While we're not lucky enough to live in lush Napa Valley, we somehow find plenty of occasions for indulging in the region's wine. We'll have to start carrying our bottles and cheeseboards around in the Napa Valley Wine Tote ($14) so we can memorize the map. Err, at least, we'll... [More]


Spinning Record Oldies Wall Clock

Face it: you're never going to buy the parts you'd need to get that yard sale record player working. At this point, it's basically just a retro home accessory. Why not do the same with the vinyl? This Spinning Record Oldies Wall Clock ($90) features a faux record which actually... [More]


Stripe Belted Tunic Dress

To hell with conventional boundaries of "horizontal" and "vertical." This Stripe Belted Tunic Dress ($77) has convinced us that the most flattering direction for our stripes to go is "all over the damned place." It'll minimize the hips and maximize the bust at the same time - what's not to... [More]


CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand

We can use hand sanitizer until the skin on our palms dissolves and falls off - the world will still be full of nasty germs. But this CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand ($40) uses UV-C light to kill viruses, bacteria, and even some fungi. With it, we can give in to... [More]


French Kids Eat Everything

We admit it: we're terrified of having children. It's not the lack of sleep and the college tuitions that have us shaking in our boots: it's their eating habits. We actually like food. But when our nieces and nephews come over, they refuse to put anything into their mouths that... [More]


Evolution Necklace

Turn your neck into an adorable science lesson with this Evolution Necklace ($75). We love how the little brass charms depict the classic man-from-monkey procession, and how they're framed with what are, and always have been, two of the human race's most favorite things ever: sex and food. All we... [More]


Dachshund Mug

Need to add a light laugh to your morning routine? Sip your coffee from this Dachshund Mug ($25), which sports a cutesy decal of the world's second most hilarious canine. The first would be the pug, obviously. Watching our pug try furiously to sniff his own butt is more entertaining... [More]


Ciaté Paint Pots Nail Polish

Even though the Ciaté Caviar Manicure got mixed reviews from readers, we're still going to swear by the brand. We have a few bottles of Ciaté Paint Pots Nail Polish ($15) and love them to death. The colors are trendy and bold, and the polish itself is thick, glossy, and... [More]


Sophia Dress

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: a girl can never have too many little black dresses. That's why, even though the ones in our wardrobe already number in the double digits, we've got to get our hands on this Sophia Dress ($150). With its simple structure and luxurious lace detailing,... [More]


Natures Sway Organic Baby Hammock

For the money, this Natures Sway Organic Baby Hammock ($266) should feed our infants and start teaching them the alphabet. Oh, heck - who are we kidding? If it lulls them into taking their naps on time, we'll be happy. Hammocks are actually a natural fit for babies, making them... [More]


Rosé Nut and Bolt Earrings

The man in your life a sucker for good hardware? Try catching his eye with these Rosé Nut and Bolt Earrings ($51). No man in your life yet? Just wear them and roam the aisles of Home Depot - before long, one will probably start following you around. (But if... [More]


Two Girls Paper Design Cupcake Wrappers

We haven't actually volunteered to bake for any bridal or baby showers yet this summer, but we're going to purchase a stash of these Two Girls Paper Design Cupcake Wrappers ($10, set of 12) anyway. Even if we don't end up making pink lemonade cupcakes for our celebrating friends, we'll... [More]


Jamaica Cupped Sun Dress

We don't have a Jamaican vacation planned for this summer, but we do have plans to look adorable in the Jamaica Cupped Sun Dress ($72)! We like that the simple, strappy dress is cut from such a unique fabric. It's reminding us that we need to set aside some vacation... [More]


Diptyque Soothing Lip Balm

Anything that utilizes mango butter's restorative properties has the potential to become an instant favorite in our books. Diptyque Soothing Lip Balm ($35) does just that, and is also infused with cotton oil to protect lips from the inside out. Packaged in an easy-to-carry (also darling) container and lightly scented,... [More]


Emma Starburst Feather Fascinator

It may have been over a year since we woke up at five in the morning to guzzle Earl Grey tea and gush over the royal wedding, but we're still going crazy for exotic headwear. Though we're not quite daring enough to crown ourselves with pieces of sculpted-confectionary madness like... [More]


Two Tier Cube Drink Dispenser

White sangria or red sangria? It's an agonizing choice. Conveniently, however, there's the Two Tier Cube Drink Dispenser ($50). This handy unit allows us to cool and dispense two tasty cocktails for the price of one at our picnics, during our dinner parties, or straight out of the fridge. Now... [More]


Broken-In Straight Khakis

I'm sure all of you dear readers are aware of how much we love our pretty dresses. But sometimes we can't be bothered with everything that goes with them: shaving, wearing fancy shoes, looking like we care. For those days, we've got these Broken-In Straight Khakis ($50). Comfortable and casual... [More]


Thistle Coin Purse Crewel Embroidery Project

What happens when you put our accessory obsession and our sporadic-but-intense craft obsession together in a confined space? You get this Thistle Coin Purse Crewel Embroidery Project ($25). We're totally going to buy a few to craft and give as gifts for Christmas this year. They beat the iTunes gift... [More]


Minuet Champagne and Strawberries Dress

Some things are just meant to be together. Champagne and strawberries are one example. Our bods and this Minuet Champagne and Strawberries Dress ($39) are another. We're happily picturing how the gold-and-pearl python brocade on this frock will contrast with those summer tans we've been slaving away at.... [More]


Balloon Shakers

We can see any meal turning into a fiesta with these maraca-like Balloon Shakers ($68 for two). But if anyone dares to sings "La Cucaracha" in our kitchen we'll exterminate you. We run a clean ship!... [More]


Lapis Multi-Layer Necklace

History lesson for the day: in the Renaissance, lapis lazuli was a much sought-after stone, mostly for its use in making pigment for murals and paintings. So if this were 1423, this Lapis Multi-Layer Necklace ($85) would probably cost you a dozen of your best horses and a daughter or... [More]


Flying Apron's Gluten-Free & Vegan Baking Book

We don't all practice gluten-free or vegan eating, but we'll never say no to a delicious dish, whatever the ingredients! Flying Apron's Gluten-Free & Vegan Baking Book ($23) talks us through making tender breads, chewy cookies, and other goodies that can be tricky for vegans or those with gluten allergies.... [More]


Sunshine Shimmer Daydreamer Tote

Let's face it: we're occasionally jealous of those bright-and-shiny toddler accessories. Luckily for us, there's this Sunshine Shimmer Daydreamer Tote ($298). Not only does it sound as though it was named after a My Little Pony, it's a piece of glittery wonderful that we won't be embarrassed to carry around... [More]


Personal Shopper: Patriotic Swimwear for Kaitlin's Lakeside Fourth of July

Kaitlin writes: "My favorite holiday is coming up, 4th of July! I'm going to a lake house and I couldn't be more excited. But I need a cute American bathing suit and a good coverup or something equally as USA/Flag/Patriotic themed to wear the day of. I've been looking and... [More]


Choc-A-Lot: Gourmet Chocolate Pretzels

Enough grilling-related gifts for Father's Day. This year, tackle the grilling yourself (you've had the best teacher!) and let Dad put up his feet. He can munch on some pre-dinner Choc-A-Lot: Gourmet Chocolate Pretzels ($24) from Dylan's Candy Bar while we marinate the steaks. We know he'll love the toffee-covered... [More]


Coral Ruffled Collar Woven Top

This Coral Ruffled Collar Woven Top ($35) is office wear that doesn't make us feel like the corporate drones we are. It's got a tie - that's professional, right? - along with a feminine silhouette and that cute ruffled collar. And maybe, if we're wearing it, that UPS delivery cutie... [More]


Scrapwood Wallpaper

Shipping pallets have been hard to come by these days. We're blaming Pinterest, which is basically exploding with DIY projects using beat-up old wood. We'd love to cover our walls with a gorgeous assortment of weathered boards, but since the other scavengers have beaten us to every demolition site in... [More]


Marvel Universe The Avengers Tank Top

We've always had a soft spot for Marvel over DC, so we'll admit to being first in line at our local theater to see The Avengers. We liked it so much we may have watched it again the next day. And we'll proudly wear our Avengers Tank Top ($21-25) to... [More]


Ah! The Element of Surprise Mug

We love puns - and we particularly love puns that have anything to do with science. Take this Ah! The Element of Surprise Mug ($16), for instance. We've been giggling about it since we got up at 6:00am for our morning calisthenics. Hand us our pocket protectors and we'll call... [More]


Cream Colour Contrast Shoe

As far as we're concerned, cream and navy go together like butter and - well, butter goes with everything. But the color combination in this Cream Colour Contrast Shoe ($65) has us happier than a plateful of fat-smothered toast. It's a perfect choice for work - something elegant and professional... [More]


Belmondo Face Kit

We love the Belmondo Face Kit ($150) for the adorable little bottles with funky names and labels. The Rain Face Cleanser, The Dunes Face Scrub, and The Cloud Face Cream are going to look just precious sitting on our bathroom counter. And if they also leave our skin feeling like... [More]


3 Part Entertainment Board Set

There are so many ways you can use the 3 Part Entertainment Board Set ($60) for a party. Slice up freshly baked pita bread and serve three kinds of hummus. Mix up palate-pleasing dips and pile the tray with homemade potato chips. Or toast baguette slices and whip up some... [More]


Bohemia Pleated Round Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

Stripes! Pleats! Ribbons! This Bohemia Pleated Round Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Dress ($75) is so packed with fun, it's probably illegal in most states. Will that stop us from wearing it? Heck, no. We'll just pair it with sneakers, so we can run from the law if its representatives turn up.... [More]


Botticelli Birth of Venus Puzzle

Throughout the year we keep our eyes open for awesome puzzles that we can do over the holidays. This year we're keeping it classy with the Botticelli Birth of Venus Puzzle ($16), which is definitely not your typical sentimental winter scene. If you want to keep the puzzle PG for... [More]


Andean Collection Tagua Bib Necklace

Tagua seeds are one of the hottest new materials for eco-friendly jewelry, and this Andean Collection Tagua Bib Necklace ($77) is a stunning example of why designers are so excited to work with these things. These subtly marbled teal chips are gorgeous and don't weigh us down. (Hopefully the sustainability... [More]


Burberry Full Skirt Duffle Coat

You can't blame us for thinking ahead to cold weather when we see beauties like the Full Skirt Duffle Coat ($1,795) pop up in the Burberry Fall/Winter 2012 Collection! Besides, it'll take us at least six months of saving to afford one. This deep navy cotton and wool blend coat... [More]


Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom Kit

We just booked a round trip to Peru for under three hundred bucks per person (crazy!), which means that we've saved enough on airfare to buy as much alpaca yarn as our backpacks can carry. Now we just need a Knit & Weave Loom Kit ($40) to craft as many... [More]


Ice Cream Happy Hour

Summer's coming, which means that the kids are out of school, the days are longer, and the opportunities for the little ones to push your buttons are seemingly limitless. But the kids know that when you get out the pink container of mommy's ice cream, it's been a rough, is-it-bedtime-yet... [More]


Tribeca Collection Bar Chandelier

We can't decide whether we want our interior decor to be more modern/industrial or Victorian/elegant. Luckily, we can have both with one of these Tribeca Collection Bar Chandeliers ($696). They're stunning combinations of rough steel piping and sparkling crystal. We think ours will go perfectly with that canopy-bed-made-of-car-parts DIY project... [More]


Red Rose Cascade Dress

Love your ta-tas and score a classy new look with this Red Rose Cascade Dress ($43). We're digging how the embroidered flower details pop from this simple black frock, and we're also pretty happy that a portion of our purchase goes to provide free mammograms for women in need.... [More]


Seville Orange Book

If you're anything like us, you already possess a giant collection of notebooks, each of which is used only until you find the next must-have. Darn that journal section in Barnes & Noble! But we think you have room for one more. Although the other fifty notebooks on your bookshelf... [More]


Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows

Who you gonna call to brag about getting your hands on these Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows ($8)? (Not us. We screen.)... [More]


No Conquest Ring

Sure, it's been a while since 300 came out. But the image of those digitally enhanced man thighs brave warriors is still emblazoned in our memories. We'll happily celebrate their hotness resistance of tyranny with this No Conquest Ring ($12), which turns our finger into a miniature Greek hero. (No... [More]


Leg Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

We were looking for something that would give us a leg up on our beer consumption... Sorry, had to duck a couple of rotten tomatoes there. But not only is this leg bottle opener magnet ($21) a great way to celebrate our favorite torso supporters, it's an unimaginably classy way... [More]


Heart to Heart Scarf

Our two hearts are beating as one for this lovely Heart to Heart Scarf ($29). Or they would be if we were Time Lords. But even as members of the second coolest race in the universe, we're palpitating with affection for this sweetly playful accessory. P.S. - If any Time... [More]


Cold Beer Poster

Truer words were never spoken! Or, in this case, printed on glossy card stock, framed, and mounted on the wall of our kitchen. Cold Beer Poster ($12) by How Fabulous Designs... [More]


Oreo Brownie Cake

We're not making our own birthday cake. Not this year. We want this Oreo Brownie Cake ($40) to celebrate our 30th. It's a big year and it requires some serious comfort food. We can't think of anything more comforting than a giant brownie loaded with Oreos. Can you? And for... [More]


Kuku Love Shine Cocktail Dress

The strappy snakeskin-patterned upper of this Kuku Love Shine Cocktail Dress ($155) reminds us of something that might come with a leash, while the soft chiffon skirt and gold accents give it a diamonds-and-champagne glam. It's a little bondage with a lot of romance - think the Fifty Shades of... [More]


Pre Game Texturizing Spray

So she thinks she can steal your boyfriend by flipping her hair and twirling her tresses around her finger? Game on, biotch, game on. Pre Game Texturizing Spray ($22).... [More]


Architec Magnetic Recipe Rock

Not every recipe we use is on the Internet. For those of us who still like writing things down or clipping them from magazines, this Architec Recipe Rock ($10) is a funky way to keep those slips of paper handy while we're at work in the kitchen. Or we can... [More]


Must Have Stache Necklace

We've got a love-hate relationship with mustaches. Love them when they're adorning the faces of the men in our lives. Not so crazy about them when they're sprouting on our own upper lips. This Must Have Stache Necklace ($9) celebrates the cheerier side of face fur by way of a... [More]


Common Good Laundry Detergent

We've ridden enough public transportation to know that educating the fellow commuter next to us on the proper washing of clothes can sometimes be considered a public service. This Common Good Laundry Detergent ($24) benefits not only your clothes but the olfactory bulbs of anyone within a few feet. We... [More]


Allison Wonderland Klee Dress

We've been looking for the perfect dress that goes from browsing the local farmers' market to dinner with the hottie down the hall in five minutes flat. You never know when you'll make a connection over a ripped bag of produce! We're over the moon about the relaxed fit, slight... [More]


Minnow Bathers Black Floral Heart Two Piece

No matter what kind of shape we're in, we've never been much for sporting a lot of midriff. Needless to say, we're stoked that the high-waisted swimsuit is in! Designs like the Minnow Bathers Black Floral Heart Two Piece ($150) provide lots of coverage and shaping and mean that we're... [More]


Toysmith Root Viewer

Sure, school's (almost) out for the summer and all kids can think about is eating a dozen ice pops a day and running around with the best squirt gun in the neighborhood. But it won't be too harmful to sneak in a little summer learnin'. We like the idea of... [More]


Momofuku Cookbook

We all know the amazing awesomeness of Momofuku and their stuff-of-dreams delicacies. But as much as we'd love to enjoy their insane food three times a week, we can't figure out how to fit three weekly coast-to-coast flights into our budget. Super bummer. Thankfully David Chang didn't leave us hanging.... [More]


Lee Crochet Blouse

We compost religiously. We write poetry. We use salt water as a hair product. We're about as bohemian as it gets, but when we hit the town in faux snakeskin bandage dresses, everybody seems to think we're heartless fashion slaves. They'll pick up on our true nature when we're sporting... [More]


Large Rectangle Woven Tray

Every once in a while we like to turn our little beach apartment into a B&B. We fill our bathroom with sample-sized goodies, we create breakfasts (in individual ramekins) that can be popped into the oven with no prep in the morning, and we set out a tray filled with... [More]



We all know that one girl whose hair always looks amazingly shiny and smooth. We used to hate her until we found SACHAJUAN Shine Serum ($30). Now we know that the secret to healthy, gorgeous hair that everyone envies is a few drops of this magic-maker. Lovely!... [More]


Dean & DeLuca Maple Syrup

We'll be honest, most Saturdays we don't even wake up in time to call our first meal of the day "breakfast." Usually we end up in line at our favorite taquito joint. So when we actually make the time to whip up some tasty pancakes, we don't waste the momentous... [More]


Set of 4 Leather Rings

You know the song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"? We disagree. We'd pass on a classic band (crazy? maybe) in favor of this Set of 4 Leather Rings ($50). Made from smooth leather with bright crochet embellishment, these rings are the ultimate low-maintenance accessories. We say skip the ritzy... [More]


Finger Food Finger Spoons

We recommend these Finger Food Finger Spoons ($8) for everything but scalding hot soup. Do we really need to explain? Keep one of these funky little spoons in your desk, one in your car, and one in your purse. You never know when you'll be offered a spare pudding cup.... [More]


Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalps Shampoo

Picture this: your man is running his fingers through your long lady-locks when suddenly he notices a soft snowfall... on your shoulders. Not romantic. Kill dandruff with Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalps Shampoo ($36). It kicks the itch and the flakes without irritating your scalp or messing with the insanely expensive... [More]


Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey, Treats For Kids

Now hold up, we're calling foul on the title Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey, Treats For Kids ($14). We're not kids (according to our driver's licenses) but we still love us some sticky, chewy, messy, gooey treats! We're totally smitten with the idea of making our own pudding cups or banana... [More]


Drunken Monkey Jam

We've heard that the best way to cure a hangover is to drink more booze. That's so boring. We prefer to get our shot on a stack of waffles or a toasted slice of brioche. Drunken Monkey Jam ($10) is made with a generous splash of rum, sugar-smothered bananas, and... [More]


Fartless 16 Bean Soup Mix

We love bean soup, but we don't love the reminder. This Fartless 16 Bean Soup Mix ($9) claims to keep the trumpetry to a minimum. We'll believe it when we don't smell see it.... [More]


Sometimes Sweet Beach Tote

This Sometimes Sweet Beach Tote ($50) features plenty of room to carry all your beach essentials: a towel, an extra bikini top for that inevitable moment when you lose your itty bitty bandeau in the waves, extra sunscreen, and a book to pretend you're reading when the creepy guy next... [More]


Arcona Basic 5 Sensitive Skin Travel Kit

Half the fun of vacationing is buying those sweet little sample-sized goodies in the travel section. There's something so exciting about filling a train case with fresh products! We can go basic for our hairspray and Q-tips, but we love to splurge on skin care. This Arcona Basic 5 Sensitive... [More]


Persian Cat Mini Cushion

We're not quite sure why we're nuts for this Persian Cat Mini Cushion ($40). The image resolution looks deliberately terrible. The color makes it seem like it's been sitting in a shop window for too long. And we're pretty sure that Persian here is trying to hypnotize us. Maybe it's... [More]


Casa Embroidered Kurta

We, literally, would be completely happy living in this gorgeous Casa Embroidered Kurta ($99) all summer. We're skipping pants (but not some sort of bikini bottom, you dirty-minded minx), a bra, and socks in favor of this breezy little tunic. All we'll need to complete our beach-beauty look is a... [More]


Rad Nails Hot Man-icure

Now you can flip someone off with your Pharrell, point with your Joe Jonas, give a Ryan Gosling-up when you like something, and drink tea with your Zac Efron daintily extended. Confused? Let us explain: These Rad Nails Hot Man-icure Nail Wraps ($18 for a set of 20) feature drawings... [More]


Lemnos Peep Toes

With all the money you saved forgoing the reception and hitting City Hall with your honey, you can afford these vintage-inspired Lemnos Peep Toes ($325) and a killer two-month honeymoon! We suggest wearing them with a tea-length dress, a blusher, and a bright bouquet of peonies. We'll throw the birdseed!... [More]


Tasse Appetizer Set

When is an appetizer more than just a nibble? When you serve it up in this elegant Tasse Appetizer Set ($20). These silver-glazed ceramic cups lend a luxurious air to any snack or sweet. They might even make up for the fact that you can't cook.... [More]


Haydon Open Knit Sweater

Ugly sweaters: they're not just for Christmas anymore. But we feel like this Haydon Open Knit Sweater ($190) is something of a diamond in the rough. With its slouchy fit and mix of seventies-home-appliance shades, it could easily have ended up looking like a good fit for the yard sale... [More]


Leese Design iPhone 4 & 4S Cross Stitch Case

For those of us with a crafty sensibility, it's tough to just go with an unadorned store-bought phone case. But before you get out the hot glue gun and rhinestones, check out the Leese Design iPhone 4 & 4S Cross Stitch Case ($24). It comes in four different colors and... [More]


Small Turquoise Travel Jewelry Case

As charming as a tangled knot of beaded necklaces is, you can only pass it off as intentional so many times before people start to wonder about your strange jewelry collection. Keep your baubles in order with this Small Turquoise Travel Jewelry Case ($37). The last thing you want to... [More]


Letterpress Check It Off Foldover Cards

When a simple thank you won't do, we send out these Letterpress Check It Off Foldover Cards ($20). Sometimes "what a lovely gift" just doesn't cut it. We're sure to be over the moon, surprised and delighted, and thanking our lucky stars if we get a hand-crocheted dress from our... [More]


Audra Patent Sandals

No matter how fancy the flip flops, we always feel a bit like our fifteen-year-old selves at the beach when we wear them. This summer, we're sporting J.Crew's Audra Patent Sandals ($78 on sale) in the office, out to happy hour, on the boardwalk, at the grocery store... well, you... [More]


Free Your Mane Reviving Spray

No rain shall mar thy natural curl! No hot iron shall be used for naught. No ponytail holder will damage the blowout so laboriously achieved. No wind shall static-ify your hair. As long as Free Your Mane Reviving Spray ($15) freely reigns in your bathroom, great hair shall always be... [More]


Beach Umbrella

It's been so long since our Irish skin enjoyed the sun that the last time we tried to do a little sunbathing we only got in about thirty minutes (with sunscreen on!) before we started to sizzle. Seriously? That really puts a crimp in our plan to hang out at... [More]


JOE'S The Cigarette Straight Leg

These are the best damned pair of jeans we've ever owned. Why? Skinny jeans make our hips look about eight times wider than they actually are. And boot cuts might as well come with a stamp that says "Attended high school in the 1990s." Which means it's time to go... [More]


Jonathan Adler Prozac Canister

No need to wonder if your mother-in-law is rifling through your medicine cabinet; be completely transparent about your prescriptions by proudly displaying this Jonathan Adler Prozac Canister ($88). Also available in downers, Quaaludes, ganja, and whatever else gets you through the day; we're not here to judge.... [More]


My Food Passport

Just as with infectious diseases, you only have so long before kids develop immunity to antidotes for picky eating habits. Calling broccoli a miniature tree? So last year. Skewering chicken pieces with lollipop sticks? Old hat. The old, "If you don't eat it for dinner, you'll have it for breakfast"... [More]


Guilt Trip Nifty Note

We think it's time to pick up one of these Guilt Trip Nifty Note ($5) pads for our roommate, who's always kvetching about something or someone. For whatever reason, she thinks that there's no better way to bond with friends and family than by dispensing a healthy amount of guilt.... [More]


Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter

Our petunias are never the talk of the town. But our new Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter ($275) certainly is. This bad boy lights up the night in our backyard and all the way down the street. It doesn't exactly help our flowers grow, but the thought of it helps... [More]


Sparrow Dress

You know what they say. A Sparrow Dress ($165) in your hands is worth two in the back of your closet. This bird-speckled frock is the word on up-to-the-minute fashion. We suggest wearing it to knock the socks off the hot new barista at your favorite coffee shop.... [More]


How To Traumatize Your Children

Every good parent knows that the secret to raising amazing kids is to give them love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make them funny. Obviously Mom understood that when she delayed first-time bra shopping for so long that the coolest girl in school had to explain that it was... [More]


Moleskine Highlighter Pencils

Many beautiful quotes have disappeared back into the pages of our favorite books because we didn't want to ruin the pages with runny ink. These Moleskin Highlighter Pencils ($17) allow you to mark up your books like a pro without any ink leaking through to other pages. Plus, they're perfect... [More]


Industrial French Fry Cutter

We'd say our love for French fries qualifies as "industrial." That's why we'll be investing in this Industrial French Fry Cutter ($70). Coupled with our other favorite kitchen appliance - the FryDaddy - it will provide us with mounds of glorious, perfectly crisped potato goodness. Jamie Oliver says homemade food... [More]


Pareo Sarong

You can't go wrong with a great sarong! This Pareo Sarong ($55) has you covered for the beach - literally. We like it tied up like a flowy beach dress, but you can rock it wrapped around your waist to show off your killer abs (lucky!), or folded into a... [More]


Kikkerland Bear Rug Coaster

Husband keep dropping hints that he's going to bring home that dead creature from the downtown antique store and plunk it onto the floor without your consent? Beat him to the punch with these Kikkerland Bear Rug Coasters ($11). They prevent both coffee tables and relationships from staining.... [More]


Clara French Cake Stands

A Clara French Cake Stand ($198) is perfect for any special event. For example, we want to snatch the Flora in blue for a sailor-themed baby shower. We'll whip up some nautical cupcakes, fill vintage jars with Swedish fish, and make place settings out of origami boats. The moment someone... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Sugar Rush Nail Polish

We know we're guilty of talking with our hands too much. We just want to make sure they're not saying "this chick is a total skank" at our next work meeting. In some circles that might get us a promotion, but we prefer to get ahead with (slightly) more integrity!... [More]


Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles

You went to yoga three times this week and refused dessert on your dinner date? Girl, you deserve a little something special! These Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles ($20 on sale) are a rich treat you'll want to savor. We prefer to snack on them while... [More]


Lucie Veilleux 24 Petals Bracelet

Taking the traditionally delicate petal and transforming it into something geometric and industrial, Lucie Veilleux's 24 Petals Bracelet ($260) is one of those wear-everywhere pieces we can't live without. The oxidized and textured metal looks delicate and tough at the same time, while the simple silhouettes make it a timeless... [More]


Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilée Eau de Toilette Spray

Underneath the stars, lounging on a blanket, snuggled with Honey. There's no place we'd rather be. Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilée Eau de Toilette Spray ($85-120) enhances those suh-hum-mer nights with delightful notes of orange, peppermint, and pine. Grab a bottle of wine and a box of condoms a homemade dinner... [More]


Galvanized Plant Markers

Roses are red, Violets are blue, But we wouldn't know any of that had we not written it down with a paint pen on our Galvanized Plant Markers ($38). This set of six adorns our flowerbeds and herb garden with antique whimsy, making each salad and homemade dressing just a... [More]


The Cut Out Craft Book

The Cut Out Craft Book ($25) may be completely written in Japanese, but it's filled with projects and diagrams that even a non-Japanese speaker can follow. We're taking notes on making mini '"hotel staples" (like Q-tip boxes) for our guests so that a stay at our house will feel like... [More]


Personal Shopper: Naomi's BETSTRAVAGANZA!

Naomi writes: "I'm looking for an outfit on budget of less than $200 to wear to dinner with Betsey Johnson. I won a trip to have a girls' night out with 3 of my friends. I want something that is edgy and not tutu-frilly (which a lot of her current... [More]


Capri Villa Pencil Skirt

This is not your stuffy boardroom pencil skirt. This Capri Villa Pencil Skirt ($250) is what you wear when you're trying to seduce the ad exec in the next office over so he'll take you on his summer jaunt to Lake Como. More accurately, this is the skirt you wear... [More]


The Ultimate Fish Sauce: Lemon

We prefer to celebrate summer with a light spread of grilled fish, pasta salad, and fruit kabobs. The Ultimate Fish Sauce: Lemon($7) compliments grilled halibut with a bright lemon flavor and some of the sweetness of brown sugar. Even if you overcook the fish (for shame!) this sauce will impress... [More]


Anthropologie If By Sea Clutch

It can be hard to embrace the nautical trend if you're not feeling the horizontal stripes. We get it - they're not necessarily the most flattering look. We're adding some sailor sass to our style with the If By Sea Clutch ($148). All of the nautical charm, none of the... [More]


Douchebag Indelicate Doily Coasters

We might not pull these out when Mom and Grandma come to visit, but you can bet we'll be serving up martinis and manners with these Douchebag Indelicate Doily Coasters ($10) at our next ladies' night. It's all about keeping it classy, ladies. It's all about keeping it classy.... [More]


HerStyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner

Humidity can do to the hair what mothers-in-law can do to the nerves. When these two factors converge in the summer, both nerves and hair can become fried and totally shot. HerStyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner ($15) takes care of the hair problem, treating it from the scalp down. Frizz... [More]


Mona Mia Trinidad Woven Platform Heel

You know what goes with everything? Trees. That's why we think this Mona Mia Trinidad Woven Platform Heel ($46) is going to be our go-to shoe this summer. We're loving the woven raffia-look upper with its warm-hued vegan leather, but it's the wood platform that has us daydreaming about the... [More]


Crayon Ammo Belt

Anodyne? Hell, no. Awesome? Most certainly. This Crayon Ammo Belt ($15) is probably the most badass way we can think of to encourage the little future artists in our lives. It's available in a wide range of colors (though as far as we're concerned, it's black, camouflage, or bust). And... [More]


Rice dk Picnic Set

Now that the weather's warming up, we plan on eating most of our meals outside. This Rice dk Picnic Set ($20) packs a service for four. All you need to do is whip up some curried chicken salad, a plate of ginger cookies, and a bowl of new red potato... [More]


Real Simple Best Recipes

Unless we're mistaken, those Totino's pizza rolls you ate for lunch yesterday don't count as healthy food. Fight your way out of your unhealthy lunch routines with Real Simple Best Recipes ($18). This cookbook comes stuffed with nutritious recipes that will carry you through lunch (leftovers) to dinner with nary... [More]


Ecote Ikat Running Short

You didn't spend the last three months doing squats and lunges just to cover up those gorgeous gams, we hope! Replace your regular summer skirts with these Ecote Ikat Running Shorts ($39) and show off your sexy stems. Keep them laid-back with simple leather sandals, or dress them up with... [More]


Passion Fruit Tarts

You can scan the web for reasonably priced frozen passion fruit puree, wait five days for it to arrive, drive to your local market to pick up the remaining ingredients, make the crust, chill the crust, realize you don't have enough eggs, drive back to the store, prepare the tarts,... [More]


Smashbox 'Shades of Fame' Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set

How incredible are you? Let us count the ways. You faithfully read our website daily. You challenge us to bring new and unique products to the table. Your personal shopper requests are some of the best things about this job. You let us know when we've grown too big for... [More]

Cheese Sampler-small.jpg

Cheese Connoisseur Sampler

We recently attended a Cheese 101 class and discovered that making a platter goes beyond picking different colored cheeses. Amazing. Who knew? The only thing we actually learned is that there's yet another way to look like an idiot in front of our foodie friends. Awesome. Prevent embarrassing moments by... [More]


Leather Trim Tee

Lately, we've been especially taken with "mullet tees." We're digging the business-in-front-party-in-back look. This gorgeous Leather Trim Tee ($250) has a classic, dare we say elegant, front, and a back that features more playful design details. Meryl Streep would have worn this beautifully!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Salty Road Salt Water Taffy

It's not summer until we can treat ourselves to gooey, chewy taffy! We've always been mesmerized by the taffy pull at the county fair, but stocking up on the taffy bars is a big, fat fail. Two weeks later, they're always stale. That's when we turn to our bags of... [More]


Threaded Pearl Ring

We don't put a whole lot of stock in diamonds (we know, shocking!). We'd rather spend that pile of money on tons of unique statement pieces than on one average-sized bauble. Don't get us wrong, we love a giant unfinished diamond, but we're just as happy wearing a conversation piece... [More]


La Vie Sophia Market Bag

When we grocery shop we tend to suffer from eyes-bigger-than-stomach-syndrome or some delusion that we'll cook dinner every night of the week instead of picking up a pizza or stopping by our favorite Mexican joint. Farmers' markets are particularly dangerous. We usually come home with bags of veggies that turn... [More]


Citrus Burst Note Cards

This is your conscience. Write to your mother. Tell her you love her. Tell her she's awesome. Tell her she did a good job making sure you didn't look too goofy (there's only so much a mother can do) during middle school. She deserves a letter and you deserve to... [More]


Dynasty VII Chocolate Mill

Our house is starting to get overrun with mills. Pepper mills. Salt mills. Spice mills. Hayley Mills movies. The list could go on and on. However, we will gladly make room for this Dynasty VII Chocolate Mill ($35) at the table. We'd much rather ask our dining companions to pass... [More]


Luli Fama Isla Bonita Bandeau Bikini Top

Not only did this Luli Fama Isla Bonita Bandeau Bikini Top ($86) succeed in getting an outdated Madonna song stuck in our heads, it also made us desperate to go on a tropical vacation. We're thinking somewhere warm where the drinks are pink and the sunsets are pink and the... [More]


Retro Vintage Bride Homemaker Embroidery Transfer Pattern

We don't sweep every Friday. We don't iron if we can help it every Tuesday. And we don't take these illustrations too seriously. We'd totally stitch up these Retro Vintage Bride Homemaker Embroidery Patterns ($5) on tea towels to give as a bridal shower gift. They're sweet, and whimsical, and... [More]


Herschel Walton

Though it's not covered in sequins or made of patent leather, the Walton ($150) has become a summer staple. It's stylish enough for everyday use, and the functionality is off the charts. We've used it for picnics, for weekend getaways, as a baby bag, as a gym tote, and for... [More]


Italian Lip Balm

Wearing this Italian Lip Balm ($14) is like getting smooched by the soft lips of a sexy Roman god...only you don't have to deal with jealous girlfriends and garlic bread breath.... [More]


Wonder Woman Apron

Not that you need an apron to let people know that you're Wonder Woman in the kitchen (your bomb pies, delish stir-fries, and mouthwatering appetizers speak for themselves), but just as with any superhero, the real powers comes out when you slip into your uniform. This Wonder Woman Apron ($25)... [More]


Vintage Lingerie

Trying on cheaply made and ill-fitting lingerie is soul-sucking. It's already like pulling teeth to get us into those cold, badly lit dressing rooms; at least provide us with some damn-girl-you-so-sexy options! Vintage Lingerie ($21) is chock-full of elegant patterns and step-by-step instructions for making things like sexy bralettes, tap... [More]


Rome Marshmallow Tree

Why roast one marshmallow when you can roast ten? The Rome Marshmallow Tree ($10) allows you to singe a whole family's worth of s'mores goodness at a time. Or, in our case, a single person's single serving's worth.... [More]


Essential Crepe Chiffon Skirt

Do we need to buy this Essential Crepe Chiffon Skirt ($14) in all three available colors? Probably not. If we only get it in eye-catching turquoise, the sky will most likely not collapse on top of us. Picking up just the cheerful coral won't cause a major earthquake, and the... [More]


PHYTOSPECIFIC Ultra-Repair Night Treatment

After hours and hours of pleading, your girlfriends have finally gotten you to agree to a weekend in the city. They say that six weeks is too long to dwell on a guy you "only" dated for two months. And that it's time to move on from breakup hair. They... [More]


Lotus Tin Plates

Even though the guys like to rough it when we're camping, we've still managed to add a few girly touches to our campsite. We found a bohemian floral tablecloth to cover the dirty picnic table, we smuggle in down comforters to keep us extra toasty on cold nights, and now... [More]


The Flavor Bible

Thou shalt not eat bland food. Amen to that! We're believers in The Flavor Bible ($21). Focusing on the "four factors that make up flavor," Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg turn every meal that comes from this tome into a religious experience. We're converted.... [More]


Sticky Toffee Pudding

The boyfriend is behaving badly. The boss is breathing down your neck. And your sister is pregnant again and will not shut up about it. We totally support your holing up on the couch and watching Anne of Green Gables on repeat all weekend. It's no plum pudding, but this... [More]


Russian Roulette Water Balloon Game

"You've got to ask yourself one question: do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?" Russian Roulette Water Balloon Game ($15).... [More]


Thakoon Trapeze Floral-Print Dress

While other girls are rocking neon and short shorts this summer, a few of us are looking for something a little more delicate.The lightweight Thakoon Trapeze Floral-Print Dress ($402 on sale) will be just as cool and comfortable as a pair of shorts and tank, and while that hot pink... [More]


Coincidence & Chance Revel Dress

It's no secret that we all have a billion different weddings to go to this summer, but if your friends are anything like ours, they're throwing casual shindigs where wearing charmeuse and satin will have us way overdressed and uncomfortable. Instead, we're picking up a cute little number like the... [More]


Handmade Copper and Aquamarine Organic Ring

Not every day calls for neon green or electric blue. Sometimes, a delicate dose of sky blue is needed. The Handmade Copper and Aquamarine Organic Ring ($72) from Midwest Alchemy has an electroformed band and is finished in Renaissance Wax, making it one of a kind. Just like you.... [More]


Be&D Rasa

Generally, we look at our iPad case as something that exists to keep our shiny new toy from getting too scratched up in our work bag. However, Be&D's Rasa has opened our eyes to a whole new reality, one in which we carry our iPad outside of our bag no... [More]


Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp

We were going to try and scream up an excuse to bring this Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp ($40) home, but you know, we don't need one. Whenever we have an opportunity to buy over two feet of ice cream, we take it. It's available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry,... [More]


Samba Printed Skirt

You know what we love about this Samba Printed Skirt ($53)? That it has all the design of the cute itty bitty skirts we long to wear, but enough length that we won't pull a Basic Instinct when we cross our legs. There are a few areas in which we... [More]


Woodland Walk Embroidery Pattern

Wouldn't this Woodland Walk Embroidery Pattern ($8) make an awesome template for accenting baby bedding? We swooned when we saw it and knew we just had to have it for our (distant) future baby! We plan on satisfying our biological clock and baby shower duties by making a few of... [More]


Sexy Belly Moisturizing Butter

If the reviews are any indicator, Sexy Belly Moisturizing Butter ($22) will work magic on pregnancy (and non-pregnancy) stretch marks. Where was this stuff when we grew four inches (and miles of stretch marks on our hips and thighs) during the summer of seventh grade? Some report that this stuff... [More]


The Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook

Recently, we found The Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook ($16) at our local bookstore, and we were literally salivating over the delicious recipes we found inside. Who know you could make desserts with quinoa? We found all kinds of ideas for tasty side dishes and main meals - even some for picky... [More]


Neon Record Bead Necklace

For the cash we'd shell out for this Neon Record Bead Necklace ($150), we could buy a case or five of what it eerily reminds us of: good, old-fashioned candy necklaces. Of course, if we consumed five cases of candy necklaces, we'd be well on our way to becoming candidates... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Remedy Foaming Body Cleanser

Thanks to a real doofus move on our part, we recently spent a couple nights in the hospital. Let's just say that getting someone to hold the ladder is important. The one good thing that came out of the experience (it certainly wasn't the medical bill) was the discovery of... [More]


Terraza Drink Dispenser

We'd like to thank tequila, vodka, and/or wine for making this Terraza Drink Dispenser ($198) not just another punch-filled container, but the ultimate party necessity. We're totally going to fill it with fresh fruit, juice, and our choice of tasty, tasty liquor. Let's see our drunken uncle try to wear... [More]


Jo Malone London Limited-Edition Plum Blossom Cologne

Weddings are stressful events for nearly every person involved. But they are especially stressful for the bride. All that planning, organizing, mailing, and double-checking is exhausting. Brides with Jo Malone London Limited-Edition Plum Blossom Cologne ($110) are probably a lot better off. The scent of yellow plums paired with sandalwood... [More]


DVF Studio Graphic Chain Link Bedding

We found ourselves in Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago looking for skirt hangers, olive oil dispensers, Perfect Brownie pans, or something, and lo and behold we discovered affordable Diane von Furstenberg home goods. Of course everything was all fabulous, but the DVF Studio Graphic Chain Link bedding... [More]


99 Thank Yous

Feel free to hum "99 Red Balloons" while you're pouring out your gratitude in one of these 99 Thank Yous cards ($20 for ten). Or listen to "Anchor." We're currently playing it on repeat in our house.... [More]


Bow-Embellished Patent Leather Loafers

We consider these Bow-Embellished Patent Leather Loafers ($248 on sale!) to be our office power shoes. The gender-neutral silhouette shows that we're more than comfortable playing the bosswoman, while the feminine bow reminds our subordinates that we can bust balls while remaining thoroughly ladylike.... [More]


Affectionate Adieu Gloves

One of our favorite moments at a wedding reception is when the bride and groom feign sadness at having to leave the party. Please. They're off to some fabulous destination to get their nooky on. Us poor schmuck guests are left to contemplate whether or not we should have one... [More]


Banana Bag

Until we found this Banana Bag ($7) we'd only ever heard of a banana hammock, which, in our experience, is quite different. The banana bag claims to keep your Chiquitas fresh for up to two weeks. The good: fresh, healthy produce. The bad: Less banana bread that you "had to... [More]


Deck-stripe Loop-front Bandeau Bikini Top

Every girl needs a showstopping bikini that practically pays for itself with free drinks. (Whether or not you choose to accept them is another matter.) The Deck-Stripe Loop-Front Bandeau Bikini Top ($56) and matching hipster bottoms ($48) are our go-to getup for making a statement at the beach club. The... [More]


Dalmatia Fig Spread

You could spend all day in a hot kitchen peeling, steaming, boiling, stirring, and sweating to make a few jars of jam. Or you could just pick up some Dalmatia Fig Spread ($6) to smear on fresh buttermilk biscuits and soft cheeses. Not that we're knocking homemade jam. We'd just... [More]


Cricket Ultra Smooth Argan & Olive Oil Detangler Comb

Our hair still tangles up like a five-year-old's when we go swimming. But we're adult enough to brush our own hair now. (Owie!) And now, instead of a neon pink wide-toothed comb, we use the Cricket Ultra Smooth Argan & Olive Oil Detangler Comb ($7). It tackles the chlorinated mess... [More]


50 Things to Make and Do

You know how to make sure you remain the coolest aunt in the family when there are five other contenders? Bring 50 Things to Make and Do ($10) when you babysit. No watching movie after movie for you; you'll spend your afternoons making cool collages, funky finger puppets, and pretty... [More]


Sport Detergent

We'd rather clue people in that we're sporty with our toned muscles than with our stinky workout gear. This Sport Detergent ($17) takes care of the most musty of smells while protecting the quality of your apparel. Would it be inappropriate to pass some along to the stanky-arse man who... [More]


Phuket Yellow Flower Tunic

Phuket encapsulates just about everything we're looking for in a summer getaway: beaches, palm trees, and a "Forget about it and have a good time" ethos. We think this Phuket Yellow Flower Tunic ($20) captures that spirit beautifully, with its elegant yet comfortable style and a price tag that leaves... [More]


Bliss No 'Zit' Sherlock

If you had asked us two weeks ago if we had zits, our faces would have spoken for themselves. But now you'd never know that we'd been sporting middle-school-style-pepperoni-face, thanks to two weeks of Bliss No 'Zit' Sherlock ($32). This salicylic acid formula regulates sebum production - you know, that... [More]


Beaded Grip Floral Pouch

Alert! Cute overload! This Beaded Grip Floral Pouch ($17) may just make us fall over from sheer adorableness. With its beautiful rose-folded fabric layers and sparkling ring-shaped grip, it's sweeter than a rainbow basket full of sleeping kittens.... [More]


Micro-Green Spice Kit

It seems like every time we splurge on some fine dining lately, our entrées are topped with little sprinkles of microgreens. Apparently these tiny sprouts are the so-hot-right-now way to elevate dinner to haute cuisine. We think we'll bring the fancy right home to our own kitchens with this Micro-Green... [More]


TFNC Dress Cross Front in Sequin

Somebody throw a party, because we need a chance to glam it up in this TFNC Dress Cross Front in Sequin ($96). Either that, or we're going to say to hell with it and start wearing it to run errands or do yard work. We'll be the best dressed car-washers... [More]


Stop The Water While Using Me! Soap

Keep this bossy Stop The Water While Using Me! hand soap ($17) in your bathroom and we'll bet you'll save enough money on utilities to pay for the bottle before it's gone. So technically, this soap ends up costing nothing. Right? Right?... [More]


White Pearl Hair Pins

When Chanel sent models down the runway with etheral pearls dotting their tresses, we were reminded once again why we're smitten with The Little Mermaid and all things underwater. That was understated glamour at its finest. Whether you're rocking the look for everyday awesomeness, or you're dolling up for a... [More]


Fanny Raincoat

As much as we love the classic trench look, sometimes what we really want is a fanciful raincoat to brighten up a gloomy rainy day. Especially when it's been raining for a week straight and we're about to go stir-crazy in our apartment! This Fanny Raincoat ($350) combines all the... [More]


Blueberry Bourbon Balsamic Sauce

What's sweet, delicious, and blue (maybe kind of purple) all over? This Blueberry Bourbon Balsamic Sauce ($9). Drizzle it on bruschetta, use it for marinating chicken, or blend it into a vinaigrette. Whatever you dream up, anyone you want to impress will think you're a diva in the kitch.... [More]


Bloom Theory Washed Ashore

While we definitely like to snap photos of the events we attend, we're not those girls who always have cameras dangling around their necks. Until now. Now, we're going to get beautiful Bloom Theory camera straps - our fave is Washed Ashore ($120) - and wear our cameras with everything!... [More]


Charmer Skinny Colored Jean

What? These Charmer Skinny Colored Jeans ($156) make our butts look ah-mazing? You sweet talker you!... [More]


Metallic Accent Platform Heel

We've been avoiding going to the podiatrist. We're pretty sure he's going to tell us we have to stop wearing sky-high heels unless we stick special inserts into them or something like that. We can tell you right now, we're not putting any insert but a pedicure into these Metallic... [More]


Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers for Women Gift Set

We aren't the biggest fans of Ed Hardy's style, seeing as how we don't do tattoo-garish all that often. But when they use words like blood orange, violet leaf, and mango to describe the scent in the Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers for Women Gift Set ($75), we can put... [More]


Melinda's Black Pepper Ketchup

We don't want just any ketchup for our fancy homemade garlic potato fries. No, no. We want Melinda's Black Pepper Ketchup ($7 on sale). Maybe it's the bold punch of the pepper. Maybe it's the fresh tomato flavor (which is out of this world). Maybe the glass bottle makes us... [More]


Stella & Dot Carobella Hoops

Two things that we're seeing a lot of this summer: coral and rose gold. While we're all for trends, there are only so many that we can embrace fully, given that our sugar daddy hunt has yet to pan out. The Carobella Hoops ($39) are fashioned after both coral and... [More]


Kissing Rabbits Picnic Blanket

Pack a good enough lunch and kissing won't be the only activity you enjoy on this Kissing Rabbits Picnic Blanket ($46) might even sneak in a nap. What did you think we were talking about? Hmmm...?... [More]


Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

A few years ago we read in some swanky magazine about these fruits that could alter your tastebuds so sour and bitter things taste sweet. And then, just recently, we stumbled them again in the convenient form of these Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets ($15). We want 'em, either for throwing... [More]

bethenny cami-s.jpg

Skinnygirl Shaping Cami

They've been around long enough that most people are familiar with Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl cocktails. We're not copping to how many bottles we've personally consumed to help pave this Housewife's path to greatness, but we're certain we've helped. Now Bethenny's got something for those of you who might not be... [More]


The Colette Sewing Handbook

Any sewing diva who's stumbled upon Colette Patterns knows that their attention to detail and unique designs are a seamstress's dream come true. In The Colette Sewing Handbook ($28) you'll find beginners' tips, techniques that take basic designs to the next level, and five fabulous patterns to get you started... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Beautique Dual Point Eye / Lip Pencil Sharpener

Assembling gift bags for a bridal party? We think this extremely affordable Beautique Dual Point Eye / Lip Pencil Sharpener ($4) will be a fine addition to the collection, since it'll ensure that all the girls' makeup will be fierce and precise the morning of the big day. And since... [More]


Personalised Circus "Book Belongs To" Stamp

If there's one thing we love passing along, it's a healthy love of reading! We think this super cute Personalised Circus "Book Belongs To" Stamp ($50) paired with our favorite childhood book (Little Women) would be an awesome gift for a newly-chapter-book-reading niece. And because we're the best aunts around,... [More]


Leaf Garland Headband

The Greeks of old used to crown their victors with wreaths of laurel leaves. On days when we feel like champions just for getting out of bed, we like to slip on this Leaf Garland Headband ($10 on sale). Sometimes you've got to celebrate yourself for doing the difficult thing.... [More]


Cardinal Kerchief Bathing Suit

Our bikini waxer is going to be so disappointed. Thanks to this Cardinal Kerchief Bathing Suit ($82), we're going to be able to cut back on those agonizing appointments and spend the cash on sangria instead. This retro-style bandana-print one-piece features a clever and, we must say, rather sexy innovation:... [More]


Natural Purrz Cat Treats

You should know by now that your cat can't be talked into anything. That means that no amount of treats will make her do that hilarious backflip she does when she gets startled. You both know that the reason you give her these Zuke's Natural Purrz kitty treats ($4) is... [More]


Cupcake Decorating Set with Corer

The world let out a collective wail when Hostess announced that they were filing for bankruptcy. What will we all do without Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, and Twinkies? Eat better snacks, is what! Brush up your filled-cupcake skills with this Cupcake Decorating Set with Corer ($13). If Hostess goes down,... [More]


Baylee Canvas Wedges

You know you'll be attending endless backyard BBQs, graduations on the grass, and picnics this summer right? Make sure you have the perfect heels for every event. These Baylee Canvas Wedges ($57) won't pull the stiletto-in-the-dirt-spill-your-cocktail-on-your-shirt routine since they have a durable stacked wedge that can handle soft surfaces and... [More]


Carrera Forever Mine Sunglasses

If Barbie wore aviators (does she?) she would own these Carrera Forever Mine Sunglasses ($150). They look like they're made for a badass princess or a modern Charlie's Angel (not the kind that gets cancelled after four episodes). We plan on wearing them while we cruise down the beach on... [More]


Try New Things Tea Towel

The Try New Things Tea Towel ($18) spells out our motto for the kitchen. We're always looking for recipes with ingredients that intrigue us. Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes? Why not? Chicken with Olives and Capers? Let's do it. We keep this near our file of new recipes to... [More]


Mustela PhysiObébé No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid

You slather your babies in sunscreen the moment you leave the house. Especially when you go to the beach. But since Junior is going to zonk out the moment his precious curls hit the car seat on the way home, a hosing-down is imperative before he gets in the van... [More]


One Good Deed A Day Journal

Usually our good-deed meters don't start ticking until after 10:00am (or whenever the coffee happens to kick in). If we could start each day with a kind deed, we're willing to bet we'd be walking beacons of virtue. Or at least we wouldn't be such raunches in the morning. The... [More]


Supermaggie Elephant Top

Many people believe elephants to be a good luck symbol - and even if you don't fall into that camp, they're darn cute. We're digging the fresh colors and the precious pachyderm displayed on this Supermaggie Elephant Burnout Top ($42). We'll be wearing it a lot this summer, and we're... [More]


Pomegranate Blood Orange Syrup

Summer is approaching, which means we're setting aside our heavy winter favorites like hot chocolate and mulled cider for lighter fare. We're super into flavoring sparkling water with this Pomegranate Blood Orange Syrup ($18). Just a little goes a long way towards making delicious spritzers worthy of leisurely sipping in... [More]


Herringbone Curtain

The only thing that really sucks about living in an apartment is how Rear Window it all becomes. We can entertain other people with scandalous stories about our neighbors, but we don't care to have everyone else in our business. These Herringbone Curtains ($34) block out Peeping Toms while still... [More]

Jessica Notch Dress-small.jpg

Jessica Notch Dress

Demure pastels and grandmotherly florals need not apply. This Jessica Notch Dress ($365) is the garden-party essential! We love the vibrant hues and the flirty floral print. All you'll need to polish your look is a killer pair of shoes, a rockin' red lip, and a man in a well-cut... [More]


Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System in Graphite Gray

So your husband recently discovered the awesomeness that is your Clarisonic device and won't give it back? And you love your device and don't want to buy yourself a new one? But you also recognize how good he looks after spending a week with it? Buy him his own Clarisonic... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: June 11, 2012

Demure blue or blatant pink? Orderly bow or shiny butterfly? This week, The Purse Page wants you to think about things like this. Vote for the bag you like best and determine whether a valiant editor from our sister site will spend the week making orderly checklists or running around... [More]


Don't Be A Leopard Fieldcandy Tent

We don't expect to see any leopards (at least we hope we don't*) while we're camping in the California mountains, but we sure wouldn't mind sleeping under one! This Don't Be A Leopard Fieldcandy Tent ($766) is the cat's meow for camp essentials. We need. *Everyone knows that the real... [More]


myBrett Cutting Board

We most definitely can't afford an iPad, which means we don't have all those fancy cooking apps from the iTunes store, which means we won't be whipping up any masterful culinary creations on Father's Day. But that's okay. The myBrett Cutting Board ($19) is cooler than a glorified MP3 player... [More]


642 Things To Write About

Off the tops of our heads we can give you five things to write about: your obnoxiously beautiful sister. The neighbor who hones his wannabe DJ skills at 2:00am. Chocolate cake. What you'd be doing at this moment if you weren't reading Outblush. People who can't parallel park. 642 Things... [More]


Ouch Stuff Calendula 4 Cuts + Bruises

Check out our legs lately and you'll notice they're as colorful as a piece of Post-Impressionist art. Greens, blues, and yellows are cool on a canvas, but not on a pair of gams. Ouch Stuff Calendula 4 Cuts + Bruises ($16) claims to help bruises and scrapes heal faster, which... [More]


Hampton Bar Cart

Bar carts are having a big moment in the decorating scene. And we're not really surprised. Who doesn't like a portable bar? We'll have a mojito in the backyard, a margarita in the den, and a glass of port in the dining room. Now if only we could get the... [More]


Tiger Lily Earrings

We're pretty sure Tinkerbell would've rocked something like this if Peter Pan had ever figured out what was good for him and asked her on a date. These Tiger Lily Earrings ($33) (not that Tiger Lily, the skank) are made with honest-to-goodness petals of the Lily of the Incas, encased... [More]


Gascoigne & King Figue Candle

Lately, we cannot get enough of figs! We made a Figgy Barbecue Sauce that rocked our tastebuds. We nibble on dried figs instead of those yellow butterscotch things. And we love us our Burt's Bees Fig Lip Shimmer. It's only natural that we satisfy our penchant for nature's candy with... [More]


Miss Divine Halter One Piece

Does anyone else think Hollywood is filled with more silicone than talent these days? We do. Whatever happened to old Hollywood glamour? We're gonna channel Veronica Lake's va-va-voom factor and wear this Miss Divine Halter One Piece ($151) ro the hotel pool. That college-aged lifeguard doesn't stand a chance.... [More]


ACCA KAPPA Natural Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

Some guys have high standards for every aspect of life except personal hygiene. What they really need is ACCA KAPPA Natural Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste ($10), to match the really nice car, the beautiful flat overlooking the skyline, the impeccable wardrobe, and the obviously amazing girlfriend. It's infused with eucalyptus, which... [More]


Homeology Rosemary Mint Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Obviously we have better things to do (::ahem:: Facebook and Piperlime) than spend all day cleaning the house. That's why, when we actually do it, we make sure we're using something that gets the job done quick and that has the added perk of making our house smell like a... [More]


The World's Best Street Food

Our friends are always going on and on about the delicious street tacos they've devoured (without us, no less) all over Los Angeles. Gloat much? We're going to buy Lonely Planet's The World's Best Street Food ($15) so we can have our own culinary adventures to rave about. And it's... [More]


Ugglebo Rio Grande Wedges

These Ugglebo Rio Grande Wedges ($179) are the perfect marriage of hippie and sleek. The wedges themselves are made from Spanish pine, and the crimson leather will make a great non-neutral neutral to pair with tons of outfits. There's not a lot of embellishment, but none is needed: the simple... [More]


Mona Dress

Girl, you look like a slice of modern art! Wear this geometric-abstraction-style Mona Dress ($198) to your local museum or gallery and we'll bet you'll be attracting your own admirers. How Rothko of you!... [More]


Sardine Tin Puzzle

At first we couldn't believe all those puzzle pieces could fit into the tin, and then we realized it was was a sardine puzzle ($8). Oooooohhhhh. Grab it for the cousin who likes anything ironic.... [More]


Whiskey Sour Pickles

Literally everyone we know is having a baby in the next few months, meaning we have a lot of baby showers to attend. We're skipping the onesies and the bottles that look like boobs and giving a gift just for Mom. Whiskey Sour Pickles ($10). Finding the perfect flavor of... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Dr.Hauschka Radiant You Kit

Does your bestie have more than enough on her mind as she's getting ready for her wedding? Take matters into your own hands and arrange a spa day. The afternoon before the date of, arrange for two masseuses to come to the house, along with two manicurists. And order enough... [More]


Write-in Kid's Garment Labels

Anyone who's ever had a roommate knows that missing clothing is not solely a kid's dilemma. We had roommates lay claim to some of our favorite pieces during our college years. As if soiling or stretching out our favorite dresses wasn't enough! Though we don't share clothing with our current... [More]


Calvin Klein Sequin One Shoulder Dress

We know it's not nice to show up the bride on her big day, but she said black tie and you're just following the dress code. Make sure you get your pick of the groomsmen in this sexy Sequin One Shoulder Dress ($178) from Calvin Klein. We're sure you'll get... [More]


Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

If you had told us in high school (or even college) that we'd miss carrying around a backpack filled with a funky assortment of pens and notepads, we would have thought you were nuts. Yet here we are five years later, wishing we had a reason to buy this minimalist... [More]


Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

Come summer, the last thing we want to do is heat up our miniature apartment by using the stove. We start looking for simple, no/low-cook ways to feed our hungry bellies. And recently, we discovered the joys of the Benriner Slicer ($40) and all the quick dishes it can prep.... [More]


Tolani Gaucho Floral Pants

There is almost nothing more exciting to us than getting away with wearing glorified pajama pants as a summer fashion statement. These Tolani Gaucho Floral Pants ($151) are so comfy, we'd consider sleeping in them - though the price tag keeps the consideration from getting very serious. Instead, we toss... [More]


Magic Unicorn Mask

Well, obviously, you realize what your guy is going to be for Halloween. Now you just need to work on creating your own perfect wood nymph outfit (and on convincing him to be said unicorn, which might require magic of its own). Magic Unicorn Mask ($40).... [More]


Modern Patchwork

Gone are the days of granny-looking quilted projects and country-chic (isn't that an oxymoron?) accessories. Modern Patchwork ($15) actually features projects we'd want to display and give away (without having to worry about whether the recipients like them). We'll start with the cool laundry bag they're featuring and then move... [More]


OPI I Have a Herring Problem

We're not the biggest fans of pickled herring, smoked herring, or (especially) canned herring. But we are fans of the OPI I Have a Herring Problem ($9) polish from the summer 2012 Holland Collection. It's a subtly sparkly mix of grey, blue, and beautiful. This shade will stick out like... [More]


Pins & Needles Backless Lace Dress

We've been looking for a deep V-back dress to show off the hours we've spent toning our trapezii and the rest of those muscles in our backs. And we've found it in this Pins & Needles Backless Lace Dress ($69)! Crafted from delicate lace, this flirty frock complements our strong... [More]


Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2011

You might be surprised when you buy a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2011 ($14) and realize that there is no cork, but instead, a screw top. Don't let that give you pause. We can almost guarantee that you won't be re-screwing that top on at any time... [More]


Aspire Artisan Bead Necklace

They didn't give this Aspire Artisan Bead Necklace ($25) its name because they knew we'd be twitching to get our hands on it. Aspire is actually a charity that supports Rwandan women, providing them with counseling and helping them to acquire literacy and healthcare and business skills. That means that... [More]


Shade Star Beach Umbrella

We once visited the Beach Club in Santa Monica with someone's cousin who happened to be a member. Holy ritz-balls. We've been dreaming about lying on a private beach under a classic beach umbrella ever since. And while we can't afford a membership (puh-lease), we can make our beach experience... [More]


MMJ Sunglasses

There are several reasons why these giant MMJ Sunglasses ($60 on sale!) are a requirement at the beach. They keep the sun out of your eyes, obvs. They protect you from accidentally making eye contact with the skeevy dude sitting next to you who's been trying to get your attention.... [More]


Birds Nest Hanging Lamp

We have a major thing for woven lamps. Alas, our landlord thinks we already have too many and is making noises like "power bill." Crazy. We have to content ourselves by finding them for someone else. Won't someone please hang this Birds Nest Hanging Lamp ($245) up at home for... [More]


Macadamia Heat Setting Foam

We've been trying to achieve that wavy just-came-from-the-beach hair since we were in high school. But, living by the ocean, we know that real beach tresses consist of puffs of frizz and a matted blend of kinked waves and straight sections. Only a few girls come back from the shore... [More]


AFAR Magazine

The thing about travel is that it's addictive. One moment you're working away and the next you're lost in a daydream about hiking Machu Picchu or strolling the rain-dampened streets of Paris with a handsome stranger on your arm. The only way to cope is to grab your passport and... [More]

Infinity Neon Coat

Doubtblush: To Infinity and Neon Coat

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Buzz Lightyear may be able... [More]


Gaugain Sandals

These Gaugain sandals ($295) are as stylish as they are simple. Pair them with a breezy maxi dress to externalize your inner goddess, or with a short tunic to show off your mile-long legs (um, we're majorly jealous). They definitely have a place in our weekend getaway bags!... [More]


The Party Dress Book

You're working a room of eligible bachelors when a skank walks in wearing your exact dress. Biotch. Who does she think she is? Eliminate "who wore it best?" moments by snatching up The Party Dress Book ($17) and creating your own one-of-a-kind numbers. We've delved into the world of maxi(skirt)making,... [More]


Floral Stripe Printed Rug

Cover those vintage (i.e. broken) bathroom tiles your landlord's too cheap to replace with this Floral Stripe Printed Rug ($34) and transform boring flooring into bright floral stripes! We're willing to bet your bohemian bathroom will even inspire you to play with some brighter shades for your lips. Mwah!... [More]


Leather Dog Collar

We love bright, crazy printed collars for dogs, but we love the classic look of the Leather Dog Collar ($39) we found at Brook Farm General Store even more. Its clean leather and brass hardware make it the perfect gift for a friend who just adopted a rescue pup. Or... [More]


Coop's MicroCreamery Hot Fudge

We know it's summer and that people are back to only eating fruit and drinking green tea to get their warm-weather bodies back (sigh), but Coop's MicroCreamery Hot Fudge ($12) deserves a little attention, y'all. Since it's so rich, drizzle just a little over a bowl of fresh strawberries and... [More]


Seaside Shells Embroidered Dress

She wears a Seaside Shells Embroidered Dress ($45) by the seashore (say that three times fast) and she looks damn hot doing it! This gorgeous number is perfect for a wedding banquet, for impressing your blind date, or for wearing to grandma's for brunch. (Busy day.)... [More]