Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: April 30, 2012

It's not just that we want these bags. It's that we want to live in the closet where these bags would be stored. You just know it's a gorgeous walk-in with softer carpet and better lighting and climate control than our bedrooms. And it's very possibly bigger. At any rate,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: River Soap Company Geranium Rose Body Bar

Our brother once had a lady friend who had real texture issues. She couldn't eat creamed corn (ew, who can?), couldn't touch wet coffee grounds, and couldn't use liquid bath soap. Instead, she bathed with a washcloth and a River Soap Company Geranium Rose Body Bar ($5). She said that... [More]


Butter Gordy Open-Toe Pump in Apricot

We could seriously eat up this pair of Gordy Open-Toe Pumps ($241). They're on the sweet side of a bright orange, hinting at pinkish undertones. The soft leather fits like these were made for just for us, and we can't wait to strut our stuff in them. Watch out, wedding... [More]


Turquoise Tealight Holders

What's not to love about these Turquoise Tealight Holders ($12)? The color is gorgeous, they're available in a cool variety of styles, and their facets reflect the light beautifully. We think we'll be hosting a dinner party for two, assisted by these.... [More]



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Kilauea Queen Hammock

We know where we'll be come May. Resting in our Kilauea Queen Hammock ($160). Made to hold up to 330 pounds, this hammock is sturdy enough to hold us, a friend, and a stack of magazines. That should tide us over until fall.... [More]


The Italian Slow Cooker

There are evenings when we can barely put together a salad and a main course is a far-off, laughable dream. For days when we just want to come home to a hearty dinner, The Italian Slow Cooker ($16) is the perfect remedy. It's nice to throw a meal together in... [More]


Antler Necklace

Wearing this cool Antler Necklace ($32) does not mean you're cuckolding your man or that you're a backwoods nature hippie (although there are days where we dream of screwing it all and living on the land Walden Pond-style). This rad necklace adds a whimsical flair to your favorite looks. From... [More]


Layered Earth Pot

The Layered Earth Pot ($16) makes us think of twirling in a ruffled skirt. While we don't advise spinning this pot around, we do advise filling it with bright flowers, or a nearly-impossible-to-kill Chinese evergreen.... [More]


Merrily We Stroll Along Stroller

We give our kids the best of everything (okay, we try to, at least) and that includes the best toys. We skip plastic as often as we can and opt for wood when possible, which is why we bought our young'uns the Merrily We Stroll Along ($49) stroller. When we... [More]


Scratch & Sniff Stickers

Did anyone else have books and books of stickers as a child? We almost squeed out loud when we saw these Scratch & Sniff Stickers ($3). Yes, they still exist. And yes, they're as awesome as ever. Enjoy your walk down memory lane!... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Dickinson's Witch Hazel Daily Facial Towelettes With Aloe

Without fail, anytime we wax, thread, balm, or wish the hair off our upper lip, we break out. And we don't know which is more embarrassing: Miss Mustache or the evidence she leaves behind when she goes down fighting. During some deep and meaningless conversation over some wine, one of... [More]


Sophia Embroidered Maxi Dress

We'll be ready for our Mamma Mia! cameos when we don this Sophia Embroidered Maxi Dress ($50). The bold blue hue, the buttons at the neckline, and the cute embroidered details on the sleeves all have us thinking Greek Island Getaway. We'll let Pierce Brosnan come with us so long... [More]


Ground Ghost Chili Pepper Powder

Remember that scene in Dumb and Dumber where they eat the atomic chili peppers? This Ground Ghost Chili Pepper Powder ($5) is like that. Only hotter. With a Scoville heat rating of 1,041,427, this pepper is meant to be used cautiously! Don't say we didn't warn you.... [More]


Sili Squeeze Combo Pack

For those parents who make their own baby food, BOOM! The Sili Squeeze Combo Pack ($22) just happened. We made our own baby food for our first child (now two), and will continue the tradition with our second child, who is just now starting to eat solids. We looked and... [More]


Ujala Dome Lamp

Okay, we totally want one of these Ujala Dome Lamps ($128) next to our bed so we can flick it on when we have an idea in the middle of the night. It would probably be funny to our husband the first few times, but seeing as he's a light... [More]


Mini-Crepes Filled With Cheddar

You had us at "filled with cheddar." Mini-Crepes Filled With Cheddar ($13).... [More]



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Benefit Snow White and the Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit

Growing up, we wanted nothing more than to be Snow White. We wanted a pony too, but we would have settled for being Snow White. Sure, she was a flimsy damsel in distress, she wasn't the brightest torch in the woods, and she was a tad bit gullible (much like... [More]



We know how to follow a recipe. And we've mastered altering meals by switching out ingredients. But we're (mostly) stuck following instructions when we want to bake or make something more complicated. Michael Ruhlman's Ratio ($18) will teach you a theory of ratios that will help you to create the... [More]

Kelsi Dagger Kira Stud Sandal

Kelsi Dagger Kira Stud Sandal

As much as we adore our sky-high platform pumps, we also love (and appreciate) the comfort of our flat gladiators. The Kelsi Dagger Kira Stud Sandal ($98) make our favorite denim shorts and ribbed tanks look a bit fancier when we feel like being comfortable as well as chic.... [More]


Forest City Models and Patterns Ltd. Tumbling Composter

Spring has fully sprung and we are champing at the bit to plant our vegetable garden. Thank goodness we've been churning up our organic waste in our Forest City Models and Patterns Ltd. Tumbling Composter ($100). It fits right next to our gardening shed makeshift potting table and is as... [More]


Matiette Top

We were looking for the perfect accompaniment our loved-to-pieces favorite pair of jean shorts this summer, and we think we've found it in the Matiette Top ($198). The rich red-orange hue, the relaxed artsy fit, and the embroidered ribbon detail have us salivating with visions of how utterly cute we'll... [More]


Knitted Midi Dress in Vintage Floral

Spring is the perfect time to stock up on knit dresses, since they're marked down so deliciously to make way for the summery stock in the warehouses. This Knitted Midi Dress in Vintage Floral ($42) is a perfect example of what we'll be wanting when autumn rolls back around again.... [More]


Multi-Tier Cake Pan

Convince your friends that you are a tiny-cake-making master with this Multi-Tier Cake Pan ($33). It eliminates the awkwardness of those tilting, uneven or poorly cut cake layers, resulting in a perfect confectionery tower every time. All we need now is for someone to invent spray-on frosting, and we'll be... [More]


Aurélie Bidermann Brass & Enamel Starfish Necklace

Those of us who are landlocked, beach-less, pool-dwelling fish with legs (link NSFW) probably won't see live sea creatures outside of the aquarium this summer. But we can swear we almost hear the waves crashing on the shore while we wear the Aurélie Bidermann Brass & Enamel Starfish Necklace ($895).... [More]


Dr.Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++

Everywhere we look, every website we browse, every beauty blog in our RSS feed. Everyone is yammering on about beauty balms. What the hell is a beauty balm, you ask? It is a "do everything, solve every problem" kind of product and Dr.Jart+ was one of the first brands to... [More]


One Badass Mother Card

You know it, so this Mother's Day, make sure she knows it! (Don't forget to dig out your old gel pens for sparkly message writing!) One Badass Mother Card ($5) by Brain Surgeons & Rocket Scientists... [More]



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Silk T-Shirt Dress

This classic t-shirt dress gets an elegant upgrade with this offering from Petiole. The Silk T-Shirt Dress ($460) keeps the traditional style of scoop neck and sleeves, but transforms them with soft, lightweight silk and a gorgeous layered hemline. We think it'll make us look stylish and stunning, instead of... [More]


Rutledge Jacket

We'd love to dress the man in our lives up in this super cozy-looking Rutledge Jacket ($395) from Billy Reid. Just think of how smart and dashing he'd look! And then think of how comfy and warm the Rutledge will be when we inevitably steal it from him...let's save the... [More]


Kate Spade New York Tabby Flats

We love sky-high heels as much as the next woman, but sometimes, we need to give our feet a rest and throw on something comfortable. In these cases, we turn to feet/life savers such as these beautiful Kate Spade New York Tabby Flats ($180). We love the combination of teal... [More]


Glass Jewelry Boxes

Some of our baubles are so lovely, we're sure they'd make glorious contributions to our home décor. What better way to show them off than with these elegant little Glass Jewelry Boxes ($30 - 50)? Available in a variety of sizes, the detail of the design makes them great accent... [More]


Cloudscape Armchair

How many evenings have we wished, after a long day of toil, that we could sink down into a nest of big, white, soft, fluffy pillows? Apparently, the brains over at Diesel and Italian furniture company Moroso were thinking the same thing, and created this Cloudscape Armchair ($3,191) to help... [More]


OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum Collagen Booster

If OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum Collagen Booster ($48-72) really told the truth, it'd be giving away our age in a way we are really uncomfortable with. Luckily this stuff is actually a big liar, liar, pants on fire. All sorts of vitamins and skin restoring extracts boost collagen production and protect... [More]


FluffyCo Two-Sided Heart Tote

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so 2011. This summer, wear it on the FluffyCo Two-Sided Heart Tote ($56). Feeling hopeful, romantic, and generally pleased with your love life? Face the red heart out. Feeling dejected and rejected? Wallow in your sorrows with the black heart. We'll send good... [More]


Passport Shower Curtain

It's been a fantasy of ours to travel the world at leisure. We want to mingle with locals, try new cuisine, buy clothes from Paris - but we don't have the means to do so just yet. Until we take a trip around the globe, we want this passport shower... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Avon Eye Brightening Pencil

We wear a number of hats, most of which require us to get up early and go to bed late. Unfortunately, we don't look good actually wearing headgear, so hiding our tired eyes isn't an option. We rely on an Avon Eye Brightening Pencil ($4) in place of the Mom... [More]


Bohemian Print Chiffon Cami

We could totally embrace our boho side in this Bohemian Print Chiffon Cami ($15). The light, casual style goes great with our chill, artsy, office-free philosophies. (Philosophies. Not lives.) It's also cheap, which is appropriate since we bohemian types are usually broke.... [More]


Generation T: 108 ways to transform a T-Shirt

How many t-shirts can you truly justify owning? The sky should be the limit when you can transform your Salvation Army hauls into tank tops, skirts, blankets, or even iPod cozies with the help of Generation T: 108 ways to transform a T-Shirt ($16). Best of all, many of the... [More]


Illuminating Coffee Table

We're tired of shabby chic. Today, we think we'd like our living rooms to look something like the interior of a hot Miami nightclub. That's why we're really digging this Illuminating Coffee Table ($3,160). It's equipped with lights for both the glass top and a Close Encounters-style glow from below.... [More]


Anthropologie Tarn Necklace

If it were socially acceptable, we'd be nomming on candy necklaces during every board meeting (if we had those) like elementary school children. But seeing how we graduated from college just a few years ago (okay, a decade ago), and how we have learned since then that edible accessories are... [More]


Aquage Straightening Ultragel

Untamed hair is one thing. But as our bestie bo-bestie would say, unruly curly hair is a whole other beast. She says that it is almost as unmanageable as a rogue two-year-old in a zoo without a leash. So we suggested Aquage Straightening Ultragel ($21) to solve her tresses' trouble.... [More]


Rogue Touch Pocket Watch

Who says pocket watches went out with Winston Churchill? This Rogue Touch Pocket Watch ($169) looks like just the thing for a gentleman to sport inside his pinstripe coat. The face boats both an ever-present LCD display and a disco awesome backlight in one of four different colors. Add some... [More]


Skunkfunk IRKUSNE-NCX Dress

If you've got legs and know how to use 'em, we fully support you slipping into the Skunkfunk IRKUSNE-NCX Dress ($155) for your next shindig. This mini-dress isn't exactly wedding-appropriate, but you do still need something to wear to all of those corresponding bachelorette parties, don't you? This chevron dress... [More]


FluffyCo Noir Cat Tote

It's true, so we may as well own up to it. Cats are awesome, and if that makes us seem like we could someday find ourselves as the crazy aunt who posts 1634 photos of her cats on Facebook, so be it. We'll get a head start on our new... [More]


Pink Love Salts

We thought "love salt" was something that happens after boom-boom time on a hot summer afternoon. But Fig + Yarrow's Pink Love Salts ($32) are altogether different, and certainly more hygienic. They're made with naturally pink Himalayan mineral salts infused with a blend of soothing essential oils - patchouli, ylang-ylang,... [More]


Bottega Veneta Silk-Blend Maxi Dress

We're officially in lust. Short of the sale of our firstborn or the death of a rich uncle we didn't know we had, we probably won't have a spare $4,900 on hand to splurge on this Bottega Veneta Silk-Blend Maxi Dress ($4,900) - but oh, are we wishing those scratch... [More]

Personal Shopper Robin Shoes

Personal Shopper: The Shoes that Robin Loved

So we recently featured the Milly Shell Print Mini Shorts, and yes, they're stunning, but the shoes were way cool as well. And one of our readers, Robin, commented on them: "What about those shoes!? They're gorgeous." Needless to say, we had to idenitfy them. 1. Alexander Wang Joan Pumps... [More]


Basic Sandal in Silver

We're loving the simple (yet silver) look of this Basic Sandal ($36) from Zara. The asymmetrical strap provides just a touch of space-age style, while the flat heel means we'll be far more likely to wear these all day, instead of giving up by lunchtime.... [More]


Serious Eats

Where there is crispy fried chicken, we'll be there. Where there is mouthwatering Mexican fare, we'll be there! Where there are decadent desserts, we're first in line. So it's no surprise we're obsessed with Serious Eats ($16). This book is filled with culinary guilty pleasures from pizza to doughnuts. Hungry?... [More]


Blooming Bath Baby Bath

Don't trust any ol' baby tub for bath time with your little one. Plastic tubs can be slippery and poorly designed for infant support. We'd rather rub-a-dub our kiddos in the Blooming Bath Baby Bath ($40). The soft, cushy flower bath sits in sinks of all sizes and and cradles... [More]


Seafolly Goddess Bikini Top

We suspect we'll feel divine indeed rising from the foamy waves in this Seafolly Goddess Bikini Top ($87). The clever twists to the fabric make it look almost like something we made out of scraps that washed up on the beach of our enchanted island home - though if we... [More]


Mustique Sedan Chair

Modernist wicker? There's something we weren't expecting to find while killing time online this morning. But the Mustique Sedan Chair manages to combine traditional materials with a space-age silhouette. Also, we're pretty sure a sedan chair is something you get carried around in by chiseled male servants. Maybe that's why... [More]


Denim Skirt with Tie Belt

This Denim Skirt with Tie Belt ($70) from Oasis gives the 1980s wardrobe staple a much appreciated update. We love how it ditches the boring (and unflattering) traditional jean skirt cut for a cute cinched waist with pleats for shape. The bold polka-dot belt is simply the icing on the... [More]


bliss 'tight' and day set

While some people shout with joy, we let out a major sigh when we hear the phrase "bikini season". There's something about our cellulite and ab flab that has us less than excited about two-piece swimsuits this year. After a major bitch session over a dressing-less, crouton-free Caesar salad sans... [More]


Ouidad Double Detangler

The only thing that hates the beach more than this big puppy is our belligerent hair. The moment our toes hit the sand, the frizz hits too. But one of the best things we have discovered is the Ouidad Double Detangler ($24). The long teeth get to the root of... [More]

DVF Loves Current Elliott Jeans

DVF Loves Current / Elliot Classic Skinny Jeans

Move over, colored denim...floral denim is here to stay. The DVF Loves Current / Elliot Classic Skinny Jeans ($258) are beauties that we'd like to have in our closet.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: ESCA 4-Compartment Square Box with Mirror

Before we go to bed at night, we take off our rings, remove our earrings, prepare our morning dose of birth control, and pull out the lip balm we will inevitably need after eight hours of intense dry mouth. We can't begin to tell you how many times we had... [More]


Too Faced Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Shadow Collection

After watching The Little Mermaid for the first time, we discovered two things about ourselves. 1) Someone clearly cut off our mermaid tail at birth. 2) We were going to do whatever it took to regain our Ocean Dweller ID card. So when we saw this Too Faced Summer Eye... [More]


Magician's Apprentice Tray

Your appetizers are so delectable they pull the "now you see them, now you don't" routine with no hiccups. It's not magic, it's skill. Magician's Apprentice Tray ($120).... [More]


LeSportsac Deluxe Everyday Radiance Cross Body

We like the bold floral and brown trim combo on the LeSportsac Deluxe Everyday Radiance Cross Body ($69, on sale). It takes a durable day purse and transforms it into something a little more special, and we'd gladly let this hold our valuables as we vacation. Now: should we take... [More]


Campo Marzio Japanese Document Holder

The leather Campo Marzio Japanese Document Holder ($25) is the kind of folio that any professional would love to use. We think it's perfect for young graduates who want to look established but don't have the budget for a spendy folder. Made from eco leather with a suede interior, this... [More]


Personal Shopper: An Unclaimed Lace Prom Dress for Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace writes: "Dear Outblush, I have prom coming up in June and I'm having issues finding a dress. See I'm a size 14-16 and the only dress I found has been claimed by another girl, and I don't want to be the girl wearing the same dress as someone... [More]


Sailors Knot Solid Collar

Doesn't this Sailors Knot Solid Collar ($38) remind you of the posh friendship bracelets that are everywhere at the moment? They always said dog is man's best friend. Now you can make it official.... [More]


Kate Spade Carousel Bangle Watch

Why thank you, we will make a day of it. We'll go shopping, we'll pick up a fabulous watch/bracelet hybrid like this Kate Spade Carousel Bangle Watch ($250), we'll have an overpriced lunch of salad and sparkling water, and then we'll eat ice cream while we watch the cute guys... [More]


Anastasia The Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes

What good are sculpted brows without a bright set of eyes to highlight? The Cooling Eye Brightener in the Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes from Anastasia ($75) starts things off right, giving your orbs a refreshed, invigorated appearance. We recommend watching the DVD once to understand how to use... [More]


Fanimation Arden Fan

Don't be fooled: this Fanimation Arden Fan ($329) is not a robot. It will not hobble over on its three peg legs to cool you off on hot summer days. As awesome as that would be, we'll settle for letting it lend some steampunk chic to our decor.... [More]


The Meat Free Monday Cookbook

All right, we're gonna do it. Now that we have our copy of The Meat Free Monday Cookbook: A Full Menu for Every Monday of the Year ($19) by The Meat Free Monday Campaign, we're going to nix the meat meals on Mondays. The campaign, started by Paul McCartney and... [More]


Old Navy French Terry Pullover

Go from beach to bonfire in the Old Navy French Terry Pullover ($20). The fit is casual with a wide neck, perfect for showing off a peek of the swimsuit that cost you 4553271 dollars. Save us a s'more!... [More]


Paper Pastries Classic Camera Stationery Pack

We see a classic camera about as often as we get a handwritten letter, so we're combining these two nearly extinct occurrences and sending our photo-loving friends letters on sheets from this Classic Camera Stationery Pack ($20). They'll be thrilled, if not a bit confused by our outdated communication.... [More]


Incase Hammered Snap Case

You guys, we can't help it. We have a serious crush on Incase. We feel about Incase the way some of our girlfriends feel about Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt, or Ryan Gosling. Well, okay, we feel that way about Ryan Gosling too. But also about Incase, because their products... [More]


Oakley Womens Comber Board-Shorts

We love bringing you adorable swimsuits, but we also know that not everyone goes to the beach to bake bikini-clad bodies in the sun. Those of you who prefer bodyboarding or bumping a volleyball should do so in the Oakley Womens Comber Board-Shorts ($36). They make beach time fun with... [More]


Clarins 'Enchanted Summer' Color Quartet & Liner Palette

Traveling to far-off lands is high on our to-do list for this summer but low on our realistic to-do list. It takes nearly an entire paycheck just to get off this rock, let alone visit exotic locations. But we can definitely afford the Clarins 'Enchanted Summer' Color Quartet & Liner... [More]


Country Fair Dress

We can already feel the wind come sweeping down the plain towards us as we don this Country Fair Dress ($54). And for the price tag, not only can't we say no - there's absolutely no reason for us to even try.... [More]


Eat Me Covered Cake Stand

Keep your baked delicacies safe and looking scrumptious under the Eat Me Covered Cake Stand ($50). Though it may be a good idea to take a lesson from Alice and exercise restraint when eating bossy sweets. Indulge too much and you grow larger!... [More]


Corleone Platform

There was always a little something off-center about the Corleones - all those veiled threats, the whole horse-head-for-a-pillow thing. That's why we think this Corleone Platform ($175) was very aptly named. The off-balance shape of the heel reminds us of one of those modern art sculptures we're sure should fall... [More]


21 drops Hangover Rollerball

We drink. Often. That's no secret. And any reasonable amount of thought on the subject would lead you to the conclusion that we're hungover. Often. So it's no surprise we carry around the 21 drops Hangover Rollerball ($29) in our purse just as frequently. The blend of oils from juniper... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Urban Decay Grind House

Not all eye pencil sharpeners are created equal. Once you've had your eyelids ripped open by a pencil's rough edges, you know the painful truth of that first statement. The Urban Decay Grind House ($10) sharpener creates smooth pencil tips for easy, pain-free application. It works with UD eye liners... [More]


Pretty Things & Clever Words Print Poster

Well, yeah. This is why you come to Outblush every day, right? Pretty Things & Clever Words Print Poster ($15) by [amanda catherine] designs... [More]


Nail Triangle Ring

Check out this super fun new way to wear rings: on top of your nails! The Nail Triangle Ring ($8) hangs out on the uppermost bit of your finger, lending a slightly goth air to your manicure. Bonus? You don't have to squeeze it past any fat knuckles!... [More]


Herve Leger Color-Block Bandage Dress

This Herve Leger Color-Block Bandage Dress ($1,905) looks a little like something The Mummy might wear, if The Mummy needed to attend a super classy Gotham cocktail party. We're a little short on cash at the moment, which means we'll probably be trying to recreate this look with ACE bandages... [More]


Desktop Flip Clock

We're loving the stripped-down sci-fi cool of this Desktop Flip Clock ($40), which we bet makes an awesome clicking sound when it counts off another minute by flipping around its durable acrylic tiles. Put it in an otherwise silent room and let it drive you slowly insane.... [More]


POPBeauty Lid Pastel

We may have gotten through Easter (and about fifteen chocolate bunnies), and some people may have already begun celebrating the impending summer season. But it is still spring in our eyes. Well, on our eyes thanks to the POPBeauty Lid Pastel set ($22). The six bright colors featured in this... [More]


Deep Water Bath Overflow Cover

At last there's a way to make your bathtub a comfortable soaking place for someone bigger than a five-year-old. Normally, pesky overflow drains scupper our bubble bath dreams, but with the Deep Water Bath Overflow Cover ($5), we can take Mr. Drain out of commission and fill our tubs right... [More]


Starry String Lights

Do we ever love twinkle lights! But we do not so much love the ugly cords that go with them. That's why these Starry String Lights ($13-$43) have us overjoyed. Battery-powered LED lights usually mean that unsettling hospital-purple glow, but these little cuties are wonderfully warm. They're strung on bendable... [More]


Talbots Floral Jacquard Skirt

We're psyched that the Talbots Floral Jacquard Skirt ($109) comes in every size under the rainbow, from petite to plus. Though it's no big to do a little tailoring here and there, we're fans of being able to wear something off the rack without having to have it fitted and... [More]


Conserve Socket Timer

You know the responsible thing to do: unplug your devices once you're done using or charging them. But how many of us actually remember to do it? Embrace your inherent laziness and let this Conserve Socket ($10) do the Earth-saving for you. Just set the timer for however long your... [More]


Priti NYC French Manicure Set

When governess Maria started waxing poetic on the hillsides of Austria about all of her favorite things, she simply must have been singing about the Priti NYC French Manicure Set ($38). What other brown paper package tied up with string could elicit such a grand gesture? We just don't know... [More]


Arrosa Bedding

Can't you just see yourself happily falling into a bed adorned with Arrosa Bedding ($58-248), especially at the end of a long day? We sure can. The super-soft cotton set marries polka dots and big, bold floral shapes in a simple and modern quilt that's feminine without the pastels or... [More]


Song Bird Stripe Dress

We've got two dresses in our closet with stains on opposite sides, and we won't say the idea of simply cutting them in half and sewing them together hasn't occurred to us before, as we were crying over empty bottles of OxiClean. But if we made the attempt, the result... [More]


Alasdair Glass Tea Kettle

Who ever thought watching water boil could be this much fun? The Alasdair Glass Tea Kettle ($40) gives us a super cool glimpse into the previously behind-the-scenes action of making a cup of Darjeeling. We also love breaking the old "don't put glass on the stovetop" rule - the special... [More]


Equipment 'Daddy' Print Blouse

We've seen so many floral prints this spring, it's making us sneeze. This Equipment 'Daddy' Print Blouse ($228) is a refreshing change, swapping the usual roses and violets for water plants and elegant birds. We also love the mental image of the sheer silk over our hot new camisole.... [More]


St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Mousse

We recently saw a little blurb on Pinterest about an unfortunate soul drunkenly using self-tanning towelettes to remove makeup. Imagine the horror of waking up in the morning to discover your face, which you expected to be bright and cheery, orange and streaky. ::shudder:: The St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday... [More]


Tungsten Carbide Laser Darth Vader Design Ring

Real men don't wear jewelry. Well, unless it's as awesome as the Tungsten Carbide Laser Darth Vader Design Ring ($49). Tungsten carbide is three times as stiffer than steel, making it the perfect material for men's jewelry. No matter how many times they bang it around or drop it, it... [More]


Lilu Perfume

We remember the year we turned sixteen and started to really get attention from the boys on the varsity soccer team. We purchased Lilu ($20) knowing that no senior hottie would ever want to date a sophomore who smelled like his own gym bag. As a fellow soccer player, we... [More]


The Alexandra Clutch

Planning a wedding? Make sure your bridesmaids are carrying The Alexandra Clutch ($25) by Vanijja on your big day. You can pick the clutch color to match your maids' dresses, or go modern and order a contrasting clutch for some colorblocking pizzazz. Just remember, you probably won't be carrying around... [More]


This Is Spinal Tape

Puns are great. They make us giggle for hours and hours. We're still giggling about This Is Spinal Tape ($8), which gives punny tribute to one of our favorite pointlessly hilarious mocumentaries as well as being actually, honest to god, spinal tape. As in tape with a spinal cord on... [More]


MINKPINK Scorpio Rising Mini Dress

Eyes blinded by all the brights being worn this spring? Take a break and rock a more restrained color palette in the Scorpio Rising Mini Dress ($115) by MINKPINK. In our opinion, a short black and red dress with a keyhole back still brings the fierce. No neon needed!... [More]


NARS Thakoon Nail Polish in Amchoor

Remember last year when the one yellow nail polish everybody was clamoring for sold out faster than iPhones in China? Well, go ahead and beat this year's rush by picking up at least three bottles of NARS Thakoon Nail Polish in Amchoor ($23). Seriously, go ahead and buy it from... [More]


Ashley Duncan Jewelry Heart Bangles

Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig made us all fans of enamel heart earrings. We're going to take our love a step further to include these Heart Bangles ($65-85) by Ashley Duncan Jewelry. Each bangle has contrasting enamel hearts on either end of an 18K-gold-plated brass rope. We're kinda hoping to collect... [More]


Eva B Platform

Egads! At first glance, this Eva B Platform ($175) looks like a form of torture instead of a stylish shoe. Wood straps? Hello, Blister City! Lucky for us, lovely Eva is simply pulling off a bit of fashion magic. She's actually made with printed leather, not the real splintery stuff.... [More]


Aspen Cream Bone Spreader

What does cheese mean to you? We know the answer: everything. So why would you spread the world's greatest edible onto a crisp, fresh cracker with some tawdry, everyday piece of cutlery? Treat it with the reverence it deserves with this Aspen Cream Bone Spreader ($18).... [More]


GLO Brilliant Mouthpiece and Case

You ordered the GLO when it first came out, wanting to give your teeth a brightening makeover, and quickly discovered that everyone in the house wanted to use it. Instead of sharing mouth germs with the whole family, just order a few extra GLO Brilliant Mouthpiece and Case sets ($79).... [More]


Mulholland Daybed

Next time we get put on time out, we'll take our punishment on the deck, where we'll contemplate our naughtiness while lounging on this glamorous Mulholland Daybed ($5,010). Umm - can we have a time out now, actually?... [More]


Chewbeads Hudson Necklace

You can fight the inevitable, or accept it and move on. In this case, the inevitable is the fact that your infant is going to gnaw on your jewelry, as he does with anything else that he can reach. Maintain your fashion sense without worrying about what chemicals your kid... [More]


dire warning #11: "Don't Bark if you Can't Bite" Print

People who only talk a big game piss us off. We never profess to be anything we're not, so it's especially annoying when we come across a topper who proclaims to be the best at everything. Thanks, Penelope. You think you can walk the walk? Prove it. dire warning #11:... [More]


Blue Sequin Collar Dress

Velvet? Sequined collar? Puffy sleeves? What the heck is going on with this Blue Sequin Collar Dress ($118)? There are so many things that could go wrong, wrong, wrong - but we have to admit that the end result is oddly attractive. Perhaps the sequins are hypnotizing us.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Julie Haus Novak Peplum Top

We had a neon pink bathing suit with a peplum ruffle when we were little (shut up, it was the '80s), and thought it was the HEIGHT of fashion. Who'da thunk it kinda is now? Peplum dresses and tops are everywhere, and they're a fun way to add a new... [More]


Haiku Siren Bra Cup Bikini

Skimpy bikinis and halter straps don't cut it for all body types. Those of us with more to secure on top need a suit that will hold the girls up and keep 'em in place. The Haiku Siren Bra Cup Bikini ($62) is almost as comfy as our favorite bra.... [More]


Pebble Watch

The wristwatch has officially stepped into the digital age - and no, we're not talking about LCDs. The Pebble Watch ($125) is a timepiece that wants to be best friends with your phone. Customize it to sync with your favorite apps, control music, and alert you with a silent vibration... [More]


High-Low Printed Skirt

This High-Low Print Skirt ($34) has all kinds of funky going on: the wildly asymmetrical hemline, the crazy zigzag pattern, and the super thick stretchy waistband. As if that wasn't enough, it can also double as a shirt - though wearing it that way would probably push it from "funky"... [More]


Edward Bess Black Sea Radiant Lift Serum

Whether you're an early-warning-wrinkle-phobe or a rocking old lady who clearly reads all the right websites (obviously, you're reading this one!), we recommend Edward Bess Black Sea Radiant Lift Serum ($68). Immediately after use, the skin is smoother and more taut. For really dramatic results, use this stuff nightly for... [More]


Scout's Honor Co. Custom Home Stamp

Feeling generous? Don't give the same ol' bottle of wine at your friend's housewarming, instead, give her the Scout's Honor Co. Custom Home Stamp ($100). Artist Annemarie Buckley will take a high res photo of a home and turn it into a gorgeously illustrated stamp, perfect for creating unique stationary... [More]


Bird Nest Egg Cup

The egg has finally been rescued from the dietary hell nutritionists condemned it to when it was blamed for high cholesterol. Yolks are packed full of vitamins and great-for-you fatty acids. Enjoy yours at breakfast from the convenience of this witty Bird Nest Egg Cup ($7), which is cleverly shaped... [More]


D&G Multicolor Sleeveless Silk Chiffon Gown

If Jack Sparrow were a woman...If Jack Sparrow ever wore a dress, we think he'd wear the D&G Multicolor Sleeveless Silk Chiffon Gown ($1,965). It's slick enough that any hardcore dress-wearing pirate badass could pull it off. And eccentric enough that, honestly, any woman could pull it off without a... [More]


Picnic at Ascot Dorset Basket for Four

Planning a quaint summer picnic? Do it right with this Picnic at Ascot Dorset Basket for Four ($238). The kit includes everything you'll need for a classy outdoor snack, from plates and cutlery to a cutting board and an insulated wine pouch. Just add Mr. Darcy.... [More]


Asbach Uralt Brandy Filled Squares

The Asbach Distillery is the only distillery in the world with a chocolate factory on the premises. We're not sure why. Chocolate and brandy were made to be paired with each other! Seriously, we can't stop eating these Asbach Uralt Brandy Filled Squares ($21). They've got a lightly sugared crust... [More]


Three Row Lucite Choker

Yes, Lucite is technically a fancy kind of plastic, which makes this Three Row Lucite Choker a $163 plastic necklace. But it's a really cool plastic necklace, and Taylor Momsen wore it on Gossip Girl, so can we have it anyway pleeeeease?... [More]


Carrot Cake Color Block Purse

Tangerine: check. Minty green: check. Colorblocking: check. Well, that does it. This Carrot Cake Color Block Purse ($43) passes our three-trend test (if it embodies three trends or more at once, buy it). AND it's cheap. AND it's made from vegan leather. Trendy, inexpensive, good for little fuzzy animals, and... [More]


O2M Breathable Nail Enamel

Help! Your nails are choking! Maybe you didn't know it, but your fingernails thrive on oxygen, just like the rest of you. Conventional nail polishes are pretty much impermeable - but Inglot's O2M Breathable Nail Enamel ($14) uses technology designed for contact lenses to let more oxygen through to your... [More]


I'm Magenta I'm Magenta, I'm Bill Murray Baby Onesie

Make sure your baby doesn't miss out on this I'm Magenta I'm Magenta, I'm Bill Murray Baby Onesie ($14) by TrulySanctuary! Funny man Murray's face fills out the whole onesie, so pants aren't required to complete the adorbs look. We mean, yes, your baby is adorable regardless of what she... [More]


Mini USB Locket

Can't decide whose picture to put in your locket? How about all of them? This lovely gold-plated Mini USB Locket ($198) contains a tiny USB flash drive, capable of holding up to 2GB of your most meaningful digital memories. Or you can use it for top secret spy missions.... [More]


Pippa Dress

Pippa might not be a princess, but we love her anyway (even though she gets to party with Prince Harry, lucky #$@%!). We also love this Pippa Dress ($128), which like the royal sis which shares its name balances femininity and class with laid-back style. If Harry ever answers our... [More]


Black Almoco Flatware

Throwing a vampire dinner party? You can't have the undead pretending to eat real food with just any old cutlery. Set your gothic table with this Black Almoco Flatware ($60 for a five-piece setting). No, these aren't iParty disposables - they're durable stainless steel in a lush, matte black finish,... [More]


Vera Wang Printed Satin Dress

We're not sure why, but this Vera Wang Printed Satin Dress ($1,095) reminds us just a little bit of body paint. Maybe it's the second-skin fit of the satin, or the funky, brightly-colored abstract print. We would never ever actually wear just body paint (no, not even at Burning Man... [More]


Unicorn Rainbow Righteous Van Art iPhone Hard Case

When it comes to fashion, it seems we're re-living the eighties. We've seen people in everything from stirrup pants to acid-washed jeans. It's only fair that our technology be decked out in a blast from the past "outfit," too! Unicorn Rainbow Righteous Van Art iPhone Hard Case ($18) by The... [More]


Light Paint Can

Keep your record clean and your photos cool with this Light Paint Can ($39). According to Photojojo, this photography accessory "sprays" a brilliant LED light that can be used to write graffiti or draw illustrations in your long-exposure pictures. Don't even pretend you don't want to buy it and do... [More]


Double Rainbow Maker

We've seen for ourselves how life-changing the experience of a double rainbow can be. Now we can manufacture profound bliss in the comfort of our homes, just about any time we like. The Double Rainbow Maker ($40) uses a solar-powered motor and light-refracting Swarovski crystals to create more double rainbows... [More]


KeratinPerfect 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Deluxe Edition

So, say we forgot our flat iron and all our styling products at a cheap hotel last week. And say we just happened to have come across this KeratinPerfect 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Deluxe Edition ($235) just hours before. And perhaps, we might even have a birthday coming up.... [More]


The Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone may have starred as Cher Horowitz, but there's nothing "clueless" about The Kind Diet ($12). From delicious recipes, to important information on why a plant-based diet is the key to being kind to ourselves, animals, and the environment, this book is a must-read for everyone interested in giving... [More]


Amour Vert Serena Peace Silk Dress

We think we'd feel very serene indeed, floating through our evenings in this Amour Vert Serena Peace Silk Dress ($169). And why not? We'd be cool and comfortable in Serena's soft "peace silk". It's produced without the cruel slaughter of those industrious little silkworms, who are instead allowed to cocoon,... [More]


The Perfect Start To Your Day

So, apparently, eating a Cadbury Creme Egg (snatched up after Easter) for breakfast is not the way to jump-start our day. It's an egg, right? The Perfect Start to Your Day ($13) offers ideas for better ways to keep our tummy happy in the morning. With recipes for breakfast and... [More]


Kitt-In Box

Ladies and gentlemen, did you know that a grave crisis faces the working people of this nation? We are apparently being struck by an epidemic of cats falling asleep on keyboards. There is only one hope for the productivity of America's home offices: the Kitt-In Box ($30). This handy cat... [More]


Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush

Need a little pick-me-up? Here's one you can put on your face! Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush ($10) isn't just a sweet blend of warm, upbeat tones. It also contains Physicians Formula's "Happy Boost Blend", a mix of plant extracts which supposedly mimics the effects of your endorphins.... [More]


Blackwing 602 Writing Pencil

Apparently, these Blackwing 602 Writing Pencils ($20 for 12) have quite the cult following. After they disappeared off the market for a while and pencil lovers went mad with grief, Charles Berolzheimer II, a sixth-generation pencil manufacturer, decided to reintroduce them. Aficionados love that even minimal pressure creates a dark,... [More]


Laced Tie Top

Every part of us has been recoiling over the tie waist trend. It's hard to get away with, it cuts us off at an awkward spot, and it has the dangerous habit of showing off our belly button. Not acceptable, in our opinion. But we can't help ourselves. We love... [More]


Vectorcloud Floppy Disk Coasters

Sure, you could just use the old floppy disks you have lying around as coasters, but these Floppy Disk Coasters ($37) by Vectorcloud are much more absorbent - and custom-engraved.... [More]

Personal Shopper Roselle Wedding Dress

Personal Shopper: A Dress for Roselle to wear to her cousin's Vegas wedding

Roselle writes: "Hi...I have been reading your blog and so far so good I like your site...sooo interesting..anyway...I am going to attend my cousin's wedding in June in Las Vegas,its gonna be a church wedding which starts at noon and followed by a reception at the hotel around 4:00pm....I am... [More]


Moon Shield Lapis & Red Coral Statement Necklace

If we were Cleopatra, we would totally pick James Purefoy over Richard Burton for our Mark Antony. We'd also express our royal fashion sense with this Moon Shield Lapis & Red Coral Statement Necklace ($395). Since we're not Cleopatra, we will settle for wearing it while we rock out to... [More]


Stila Stay All Day Lash Mascara

If we showed you, dear readers, the list of "must get done this instant"s handed to us by our boss this morning, you'd probably send us an entire pound of coffee and a few hypodermic needles. And while we would gladly accept that gift basket, we'll just ask you to... [More]


Cookie Collection

We've never said no to a butter or shortbread cookie. And we're not about to start now. This tasty Cookie Collection ($39) takes the effort out of preparing an after-dinner dessert or tea time snack. We think they're delicious on their own, but they'd also be divine sprinkled on a... [More]


Jewel Japan Owl Bowls

We happen to think these Jewel Japan Owl Bowls ($30, set of 3) are a hoot! Sure, we aren't going to be serving fancy dinner party food in them, but they'll certainly look charming filled with a few scoops of Cherry Garcia! They're dishwasher-safe, which is good, because we go... [More]


Gloria Buttermilk Luna Maxidress

Is it just us, or does this Gloria Buttermilk Luna Maxidress ($157) have a vaguely Downton Abbey-esque feel to it? Yes, the print is clearly post-war, but the high waistline and modest sleeves have us feeling like someone should be bringing us tea. And we can wear it without a... [More]


Avon TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad - 2012 Limited Edition

It takes us thirty-two seconds flat to whip out our wallets and enter our credit card information when we see a product like the 2012 Limited Edition Avon TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad ($6). It's the combination of the color selection, the reliable brand, the price (hello six dollars!) and the... [More]


Crossbody Saddle Bag

This fun Crossbody Saddle Bag ($124) gets even cuter when you find out that it's made with nontoxic inks, vegetable tanned leather, and other organic, earth-friendly materials. Designers Make Love Not Trash also donate part of the proceeds from every bag sold to charity. That's a fashion we'll happily get... [More]


Palmer's Nursing Butter

Thanks to some recent forward-thinking legislation in Seattle, we have a feeling more ladies are going to need the Palmer's Nursing Butter ($5) that some of us Outblush moms have come to know and love. For those with boob-sucking babies, this stuff will become just as essential as nursing pads... [More]


Big Apple Tunic Dress

We thought fruit prints on dresses went out with polyester disco pants, but this Big Apple Tunic Dress ($150) proves us happily wrong. We love the playful apple design adorning this flattering, comfortably cut summer frock. It's also a playful way to pay tribute to our favorite Eastern U.S. city.... [More]


Bandon Vale Irish Vintage Cheddar

We were dismayed to learn that we'd missed Grilled Cheese Day. Like really, really bummed. Luckily, to our delight, Gourmet.com declared it to be Grilled Cheese Month! And who are we to disagree? Make sure you treat yourself to some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches by splurging on the cheese and... [More]


Doubtblush: Cabela's Whitetail Ridge Sheet Set

There's nothing like a white-tailed buck to set the mood in the bedroom. Is the Cabela's Whitetail Ridge Sheet Set ($50 and up) the other non-sexy type of animal print? We're not going to lie, we're a little weirded out.... [More]


Christel's Long Gold Metal Spike Bracelet

We're tough girls. That's why we love this Christel's Long Gold Metal Spike Bracelet ($38), which firmly but femininely states, "I may be pretty, but I can hand out the beatdowns." Granted, it would probably collapse like tinfoil if we attempted to use it as a weapon - but maybe... [More]


ck one Pop Culture Color + Treat Lip Kit

There we are, sitting in our office, about to apply some lip stain when BAM! dry lips out of nowhere. Whatever is a girl to do? Pull out our ck one Pop Culture Color + Treat Lip Kit ($28), of course. It's a portable lip scrub plus a balm, a... [More]


Barky Turntable

Records are old school - and great! So are trees. It's about time somebody found a way to bring the two of them together. The Barky Turntable ($1300) sits on a thin-cut round of solid ash tree, and plays your classic vinyl in high style. John Denver's Greatest Hits never... [More]


Under Armour UA Great Escape Printed Running Shorts

Running is painful enough without adding in the extra issue of chafing. Yeah. We said it. Our thighs rub together when we run (which is why we run!). It took us forever to find a good pair of running shorts that prevent chafing and still look adorbs. (We're not about... [More]


Crushed Crinkle Cups + Glasses

Ceramic drinking cups and glasses made to look like the crumpled remains of a frat party: who would have thought these could ever be something we'd want in our cabinets? But we're pretty sure these Crushed Crinkle Cups + Glasses ($22) pull off cute and quirky instead of vaguely disturbing.... [More]


White Wedding Cake Topper

Hey little sister, check this out. Billy Idol fans and those opposed to kitschy cake toppers alike will fall hard for this 'It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding' Wedding Cake Topper ($21). What a nice way to start again.... [More]


Merchant & Mills Sewing Notions Set

Sure, seventy-five bucks might seem like a lot, but when was the last time you actually used that free sewing kit you got from your hotel room? Probably never. This Merchant & Mills Sewing Notions Set ($75) is on a completely different level. It's like comparing the Four Seasons to... [More]


Chevron B.F.F Bracelet

We've grown, our BFF has grown, and our friendship has grown. We're not the same twelve-year-old kids we were when we first exchanged friendship bracelets. Those are long gone (disintegrated in our summer camp swimming pool by the time we were thirteen-and-a-half), but it's time to revive the old sentiment.... [More]


Alexis Bittar Long Leaf Lapis Dust Pendant Necklace

Wearing this Alexis Bittar Long Leaf Lapis Dust Pendant Necklace ($195) would be like sporting a flake of the sky around our necks. That's much better than having a piece of it land on our heads, which we suspect is probably going to be one of the effects of global... [More]


Tanda Zap

Zits aren't caused by chocolate or hormones. The real culprit is P. acnes bacteria. Luckily for us, old P. acnes has a weakness: blue LED light. The Tanda Zap ($49) gently warms your skin to help open pores, exposing terrified P. acnes families in their favorite hiding places, then uses... [More]


Anti-Redness Serum

For those of us born with Victorian-style (read: pasty) complexions, warmer temperatures can mean an increase in beet-nose syndrome. Help fight the blotchy with this Anti-Redness Serum ($34), which uses caffeine to naturally shrink those angry, inflamed blood vessels while aloe and ginger soothe and calm your skin. It sounds... [More]


Concave Oil Lamp

Please note: rubbing this Concave Oil Lamp ($210) will not result in the appearance of a friendly genie. It will, however, make your coffee table look extra super pretty, lit by a flame that seems to magically hover above a smooth curve of brushed stainless steel. That almost makes up... [More]


Valedictorian Cropped Silk Blouse

Whether or not we were at the top of our classes, we're sure we can up our look-smart factor with this Valedictorian Cropped Silk Blouse ($198). The modest cut and collar give it a country-club-friendly feel, while the bold citron hue subtly invites onlookers to wonder if, after the big... [More]


Twill Roll Up Crop Pants

Easter may be over, but our love for covering our behinds in sweet pastel shades will never die. These Twill Roll Up Crop Pants ($52) come in lovely lilac or a succulent watermelon pink. They're such soft and pretty hues, we don't care that we have absolutely nothing in our... [More]


Out of Africa Lemon Verbena Shea Butter

When we're thirsty, we drink a tall glass of wine water. When our skin is parched, we let it suck down some Out of Africa Lemon Verbena Shea Butter ($9). It's about as hydrating as an afternoon shower in the hot summer month of June. We scoop some out with... [More]


Simply Wonderwoman

If you need a little help getting your life in order Simply Wonderwoman ($29) is an awesome reference book for balancing the craziness of work and family. Imagine having a little more me-time, or having quality playtime with your kids, or even having time to actually make some of the... [More]


I Will Kick You In The Balls If I Have To Necklace

We'll be honest. There are days when we feel like provoking strangers so we have a reason to kick someone in the balls (or lady-parts). Usually it's after we've come home from bathing suit shopping. This deceptively sweet-looking I Will Kick You In The Balls If I Have To Necklace... [More]


Making Mirrors

It's getting hard to hide our crush on Gotye. His music makes us feel like we're back in high school listening to Phantom Planet and dreaming about Alex Greenwald discovering us at one of his concerts. Lucky for us our husband digs Gotye's album Making Mirrors ($12), too. So far... [More]


Farm Animal Butt Magnets

We here at Outblush are having ourselves a classy day! Replicate it at home with these Farm Animal Butt Magnets ($12). Let the rear end of a cow secure your grocery lists, or the ugly side of a sheep hold up loving notes to members of the family.... [More]


California Smooth Smoothing Conditioner

We wish they all could be California We wish they all could be California We wish they all could be California Smooth Smoothing Conditioner ($24).... [More]


Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera

Even though we loved taking snapshots with the old Polaroid cameras, we can't pretend to miss the horror of wondering exactly how each mystery picture was going to turn out. We've had our fill of "Oh sweet merciful, nooo!" moments while thumbing through long-awaited printed rolls of film and instant-develop... [More]


Remodelista Birchwood Tool Carrier

Go ahead and take the word "tool" in Birchwood Tool Carrier ($51) and replace it with any of the following: Makeup Brush Condiment Art Supply Silverware Knitting Needle Flower Office Supply Tool (for that matter) Quite a versatile piece, no?... [More]


Neon Navette Necklace

Neon is everywhere, but we love it best when the vivid hues are contrasted with more vintage styles, like the ornate jewels on this Neon Navette Necklace from Lily Dawson Designs ($75). It's an easy way for a more classically styled gal to get in on this vibrant trend while... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: April 23, 2012

We wish we had half the poise that the bags in the new Shopping List poll at The Purse Page have. Such clean lines. Such dignity. And, in one case, such . . . transparency. Vote for the one you'd like most to carry, if it weren't so freaking expensive,... [More]

Personal Shopper Rustic Wedding Dress for Jess

Personal Shopper: A Rustic Vintage Lace Dress for Jess's October Wedding

Jess writes: "HELP! I am getting married in October, it is going to be an outdoor wedding on a ranch where my fiance and I live and work at. I plan on wearing cowboy boots, since its on a ranch, and the theme of the wedding is "rustic, vintage." I... [More]


Clarisonic Exclusive Butterfly Plus System

Spring is in full swing. We know this because our allergies told us so. Our suffering sinuses and this budding Clarisonic Exclusive Butterfly Plus System ($235) are clear indicators that everything should be coming up roses. And now that we've got this pulsating handheld device in our gardening mitts, our... [More]


ASOS Maternity Dress With Grecian Drape

People may say pregnancy is lovely, but when you can't tell where the girls end and your belly begins, you feel more like a giant, swollen balloon than a baby-making beauty. Take the edge off by wearing the ASOS Maternity Dress With Grecian Drape ($64) out and about this summer.... [More]


Infuser Ceramic Mug with Handle

You don't have to be at home to enjoy a fresh cup of loose leaf tea. The Infuser Ceramic Mug with Handle ($12) takes the trouble out of brewing on the go with its clever design. An integrated ceramic basket keeps the leaves contained while they steep, so you get... [More]


Magnetic Putty

Science is awesome. It also makes the best freaking toys. Take, for example, this Magnetic Putty ($15). Teeny weeny iron-based particles are dispersed through this gray globby mass, and animate it like alien nanobots when it comes into contact with the included Neodymium Iron Boron magnet. Get the magnet and... [More]


Feather Collection Tray

So what if the petit soufflés didn't rise, or the mini quiches are slightly burnt. No one will notice when you serve them on this Feather Collection Tray ($35). A super cool tray hides all hosting maladies. That's why we serve everything on them. Including cocktails. One can never be... [More]


Beatrix Shorts

We know it's a bit early for shorts, but we're so excited about the coming warm weather that we can't help ourselves from finding the newest pieces that will grace our wardrobe come summer. These Beatrix Shorts ($44) have all the elements we love: side slant pockets, button embellishments on... [More]


Origins Rich Rewards

We're wasting precious time shaving our legs which could otherwise be spent tea staining paper, sorting buttons, practicing our Miss America wave, or visiting local flea markets. In an attempt to make up all those lost minutes spent on hair removal, we now use Origins Rich Rewards ($19) during the... [More]


Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant

Spruce up your work space with the Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant ($19) from Boy-Girl Tees. The air plant doesn't require soil, so put it on the window ledge, water it twice weekly, and ta-da! You've got non-fussy greenery sprouting from the top of a Dilophosaurus. We suggest memorizing a... [More]


Medium Amber Maple Syrup

Apparently, spring is the season when maple syrup flows from maple trees like faux pas flow from the mouth of Kanye West. We love us some maple syrup. This Medium Amber Maple Syrup ($23) takes our oatmeal to new levels, our pancakes to near perfection, and our taste buds to... [More]


Super-Long Safety Pin Lapel Pin

Possible uses for this Super-Long Safety Pin Lapel Pin ($210)? To fasten a giant baby diaper costume (why you're wearing a giant diaper is none of our business), to wear in your ear as a huge and very painful punk statement, or to affix to a blazer as a trendy... [More]


Valentina Dress

Can we tell you a secret? We've been looking for the perfect white lace dress since practically forever. We have a slightly Goldilocks approach to finding it, though. This one's too short. That one's too fancy. But this Valentina Dress ($275) is just right. We're mildly obsessed with the floral... [More]


Essie Wedding Collection Set 2012

Here comes the bride, all dressed in the Essie Wedding Collection Set 2012 ($17). Or maybe it's the bridesmaids wearing one of these four super femme shades of marital bliss. Since the whole collection is so cheap, a bride could get away with gifting this to each gal in the... [More]


Doubtblush: Viktor & Rolf Loop Print Neck Tie Blouse

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We're firm believers that there's... [More]


Bliss Bag

The Bliss Bag ($128) certainly lives up to its name. It makes for the perfect universal bag. We've used it as a gym bag, an overnight bag, a diaper bag, and even a quick stand-in for our usual farmers' market tote. It's large, multi-pocketed, and has both handles and an... [More]


Inhabit Soak in Winter Sky Bedding

Your bedroom should be your oasis from the rest of the world: calming, cool, and full of soft textures and colors that invite you to sink into your mattress and stay awhile. Create a meditative environment with this chocolate, white, and pale blue Inhabit Soak in Winter Sky Collection Bedding... [More]


ULTA Dual Action Cleansing System

If you are anything like us, you simply haven't been able to justify the purchase of one of those $200 fancy schmancy battery-operated face scrubby thingies (technical term). Well, what have we here? An affordable alternative that does the job just as well? Sign us up. The ULTA Dual Action... [More]


High-Waisted Bandeau Bikini

This High-Waisted Bandeau Bikini ($525) from Yves Saint Laurent is getting the Outblush bathing suit gold star. It meets all our basic criteria: flattering waistline that doesn't find love handles we didn't know we had, full coverage bottom to keep our jigglier parts safely contained, and a top that doesn't... [More]


The Refined Canine Deluxe Igloo Cat Bed

There's nothing we wouldn't do to keep our cats healthy and happy - and this absolutely amazing bed ($225) should make them very happy! We thank our cats for being ridiculously cute and cuddling with us when it's cold (we know they want to steal our warmth, but we don't... [More]


Shark Paratrooper Racerback Tank

Did watching Jaws permanently scare you away from the beach? As this Shark Paratrooper Racerback Tank ($19) proves, you're not safe on land, either. If the shark wants you, he's going to get you one way or another.... [More]


Unicorn Peony Duvet Set

Are we too old to put this Unicorn Peony Duvet Set ($156 twin, $170 full) on our beds? We are? Damn. Kids get all the cool stuff.... [More]


Speedo Jersey Empire Dress

Sure, the Speedo Jersey Empire Dress ($42) isn't winning any awards for uniqueness, but it does take top marks in our books. The dress doubles as a swimsuit cover-up for easy beach wear. Speedo knows swimming, and this empire dress slips on over a suit for a comfortable, flattering fit... [More]


La Mer The Radiant Concealer SPF 25

Sure, it costs as much to fill our gas tank these days. But La Mer The Radiant Concealer SPF 25 ($70) is worth it, right? Seventy bones on makeup that protects your dark circles and blemishes from sunburn seems reasonable.... [More]


Jose & Maria Barrera Gold Filigree Chandelier Earrings

We've been in the mood for some new jewelry, so when we found these fabulous Jose & Maria Barrera stunners ($440), we knew they were keepers. They are fun, they are flirty, make us feel sexy, and they will match our colorful spring outfits. We can't wait to sweep our... [More]


"If I Had a British Accent I'd Never Shut Up" Vintage Book Page Art Print

We already talk too much. We imagine our husband would want to kill himself if we had a British accent. Cause just like this "If I Had a British Accent I'd Never Shut Up" Vintage Book Page Art Print ($9) says, we'd talk just to hear our cool Brit accent.... [More]


Presley Skye Snake Print Silk Crêpe de Chine Dress

We can't wait to look smokin' hot in the Presley Skye Snake Print Silk Crêpe de Chine Dress ($138). The forgiving wrap style flatters our figures and gives us the hourglass shape we're always looking to achieve (with minimum sweating at the gym). Plus, the snakeskin pattern in bold pinks... [More]

Maude and Tilda Will Fuck For Chanel Tote

Maude & Tilda Will Fuck For Chanel Tote

When it comes to handbags, we don't mess around...or maybe we do. Maude & Tilda Will Fuck For Chanel Tote ($45)... [More]


Peppermint Pattie Dress

As much as we love munching on York Peppermint Patties, we'll have to restrain ourselves to keep our figures looking good in the Peppermint Pattie Dress ($88). It's a fair trade; the cool mint-colored dress is the stuff of dreams, especially when we think about pairing it with a bright... [More]


Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Eau de Parfum Flowers Day Gift Set

Well here's a holiday we never heard of. Despite spending countless Sundays in the little rooms branching off from our parents' church, we never once heard of Flower's Day. It takes place the Sunday before Easter Sunday (making us late on the relevance of this product)...oh, we just finished reading... [More]


Fossil Bridgette Watch

Giada De Laurentiis has taught us that beauty can be found in a big face on a small body, and proving that point is this Bridgette Watch ($85) from Fossil.... [More]


Mongolian Ginger BBQ

BBQ is tops on our list of summer meals, since it's a snap to prepare and requires little cleanup. This Mongolian Ginger BBQ ($8) rub gets chicken, pork, or beef ready for grilling with a finger-licking blend of ginger, orange, and wasabi. Coat the meat evenly and let it marinate... [More]


twinkle, TWiNKLE LiTTLE Star Sign

We shouldn't be envious that the baby has a cooler room than we do. We surely didn't plan our bedroom with as much care as we did the nursery. (Ha!) We're always looking for sweet ways to update our little one's room and this twinkle, TWiNKLE LiTTLE Star sign ($48)... [More]


Tessellate Necklace

We admit the pattern of this Tessellate Necklace ($85) isn't technically a tessellation, so the math nerds in the classroom can turn their noses up at it if they want. We, however, will forgive it and wear it anyway, because it will look especially cute with a simple white blouse... [More]


BTC Dino Bow Tie

Macarons and lime green might be in for weddings this year, but we're crossing our fingers that the big bridal theme for 2013 will be dinosaurs. You heard it here first! Now snatch up a BTC Dino Bow Tie ($38) for your groom-to-be. Or just use it for Bill Nye... [More]


butter LONDON Slapper Nail Polish

slappered (adj.) - extremely intoxicated butter LONDON Slapper Nail Polish ($14) (noun) -an extreme shade of aquamarine We wear our Slapper while slappered. Every time.... [More]


Milly Shell Print Mini Shorts

Milly Shell Print Mini Shorts ($185): featuring a pattern you thought you'd only find on a Key West beach chair, now made fashionable for your derriere.... [More]


Bitch Slap those Germs!

Yes, Bitch Slap those Germs! ($5) is actually just a bottle of hand sanitizer with a ridiculously cool name, which may have you wondering why you should pay $5 for it instead of $0.99 at Dollar Central. The answer? Because you won't just be "sanitizing" - you'll be bitch slapping... [More]


Cast Succulent Paperweight

We have a succulent in our kitchen that is so dried out and withered it would make a terrible paperweight. Actually, it makes a terrible anything since we've neglected it so much. This pretty Cast Succulent Paperweight ($8 on sale!) looks lovely holding down the ever-growing stack of magazine cuttings... [More]


LAQA & CO. Lambchop Fat Lip Pencil

This is the color that never ends, yes it goes on and on, our friends. At first we started wearing it not knowing how it was, but we'll continue wearing it forever just because... LAQA & CO. Lambchop Fat Lip Pencil ($20). It just goes on and on and on... [More]


Bright Ikat Urn

We're lucky enough to have a fireplace in our home...not that we've ever lit a fire in it or anything. But we do love decorating the mantel! We've got our sights set on the Bright Ikat Urn ($125) at Furbish as our spring pièce de résistance. It's colorful, modern, and... [More]


NARS Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadow

The Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadow ($45) makes our knees weak. The Apricot and Icy Peach shades are damn near perfect. And not just for spring, but for summer, fall, and winter; prom, weddings, and bar mitzvahs; Monday, Tuesdays, and the rest of the days. Basically, if we're awake, we're wearing it.... [More]


Blossom iPad Clutch Case

There are at least a million and one iPad cases out there and we're pretty sure we've already brought you half of them. And we're going to add one more to that list with the Blossom iPad Clutch Case ($51). Technically, this case can carry your iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola... [More]


Ball and Chain Necklace

Now this is the kind of ball and chain we can get behind! We're gonna dress up date night looks with this adorable Ball and Chain Necklace ($25). We're thinking a lace dress to offset the tough chains... The ol' ball and chain will be impressed. Actually, he'd be impressed... [More]


Pink Pony Smoking Shoes

Why, hello there, little pink shoe. Would you like to come jazz up our casual closet? You would? Great! Bring along your friends Skinny Jeans and Striped Blazer and we'll have a party at our house. Pink Pony Smoking Shoes ($196).... [More]


Aqua Gold Oversize Vintage Watch

Increasing age and a job that requires gazing into the hypnotic portal of a computer monitor got you feeling a little nearsighted? Never fear! This Aqua Gold Oversize Vintage Watch ($88) has an extra-large face with extra-large numbers you'll be able to read without squinting. And everyone will think you... [More]


Persifor Gilpin Skirt

If we can't bring our weekend boating exploits to the office, we can at least think of them fondly while we type away in this Persifor Gilpin Skirt ($128). The preppy nautical pattern gets down to business as a pencil skirt, perfect for wearing with deep red heels and a... [More]


COVERGIRL Queen Collection Lash Fanatic Waterproof Mascara

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyelashes are like the fabulous fringed curtains you picked up at this cute little antique store run by a fabulous little man in Palm Springs. But we digress....Lashes are just made to flutter and flatter your gorgeous peepers, and... [More]


Angela Lace Dress

It's the Holy Grail of fashion: the dress that will look classy and chic at the office, then convert itself into a sultry soul-stealer for an evening out. This Angela Lace Dress ($188) may just hit that elusive mark. Wear it with a fitted black blazer and conservative pumps for... [More]


TOMS Wisett Desert Botas Chukka Boots

By our logic, if TOMS flats are comfy and stylish, then these TOMS Wisett Desert Botas Chukka Boots ($69) are, too. They aren't going to keep our feet dry on a six-mile hike through the Indonesian rainforest, but let's get real. Not many of us are tackling that this summer!... [More]


Personal Shopper: The Perfect White Wedding Wedge for Gwyn

Gwyn writes: "I have my wedding fitting in a short 6 weeks and despite months of searching can't find the right pair of shoes which of course I need to determine the dress length based on the heel height. I am getting married outside on the grass and am looking... [More]


Flipped Notecards

We get a bit giddy every time we think about summer and all of the flip-flops we'll be sporting. Maybe we're too casual, but we believe there is a perfect pair of flip-flops for every occasion. And these Flipped Notecards ($12 for 8) further prove that point! Jot a note... [More]


Butterfly Short Sleeve Dress

You know how they say if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane in another part of planet? If we wear this Butterfly Short Sleeve Dress ($279) will it cause a heat wave in India? We don't want to be responsible... [More]


PeachyApricot Lucille Bluth's Breakfast Mug

Take a little Kahlúa in your coffee, Frangelico in your tea? We think you'll enjoy your morning cup of whatever out of Lucille Bluth's Breakfast Mug ($15), which honors everyone's favorite lush grandma - or should we say gangy?... [More]


Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT Pencil

Well, here's something we don't come across too often. We see whole makeup collections specializing in shades for women of color. But a lot of the time, those collections lack any sort of spot corrector aside from concealer. The Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT Pencil ($22) is a dual-ended stick that addresses... [More]


A Field Guide To Fabric Design

We doubt we're the only ones who are incredibly particular about the fabric we purchase. Wouldn't it be cool to design your own fabric instead of wandering around Jo-Ann looking for the perfect floral for couch pillows? Don't bother looking. You won't find it. Make your own perfect prints once... [More]


Aqua Shirred Sleeves Blazer

There are plenty of reasons why we shouldn't like this Aqua blazer ($98). There's the Murphy-Brown-esque flat waistline, the generally blah shawl collar, and the fact that it's made from a fabric that always looks slightly wrinkly. But put all those things together and they work a sort of magic.... [More]


Carry On Sandal

There are a million ways to improve your attitude on a bad day. That classic "Hang In There!" poster with the picture of a kitten dangling from a tree branch, for example. This Carry On Sandal ($65) from Kenneth Cole's Unlisted is, we think, a slightly classier option. Strutting along... [More]


Achla Dainty Copper Watering Can

So what if a green plastic watering can costs five bucks and using a cup to water your plants is free... This Achla Dainty Copper Watering Can ($60) is about a thousand times more posh than a plastic watering vessel. Plus, plants that are loved grow better. It's true. We... [More]


Stella & Dot Jolie Cocktail Ring

Don't you just love jewelry that looks like it came from your crazy Aunt Millie's costume jewelry collection? Yeah, we do, too. Thank God it's in style again! Stella & Dot Jolie Cocktail Ring ($39 on sale)... [More]


Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Hair Brush

We always bring a brush with us to the beach, because our hair never gets the memo that salty ocean tresses are all the rage. Instead, it revolts big time. We tame the kraken with the Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Hair Brush ($13). It does all sorts of... [More]


Monrow Arrowhead Blouson Dress

The Monrow Arrowhead Blouson Dress ($140) is going to be the perfect no-hassle summer dress. We can wear it with a simple pair of leather sandals and a cute fedora for a versatile look that goes from the beach on our Florida vacation to the Starbucks around the corner from... [More]


Future-Planning Polka Dot Veil

It's been a while since we went hunting for veils, but seeing that it's wedding season again we thought we'd check out the pickings. Holy Hannah, veils can get spendy! We'd rather use the cash for a sweet honeymoon than for a veil that will stick to our eyelashes and... [More]


Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow

Ka-pow! For a serious punch of color that really does last all day, new Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow ($19) kicks other cream shadows to the curb and rubs their noses in it. Easily layered for soft or dramatic looks, the rich colors won't flake, cake or crease.... [More]


Leaning Man Side Table

We think this Leaning Man Side Table ($239) has had a few too many. He's having trouble keeping himself upright. Good thing he found a convenient wall to lean against until he sorts himself out. In the meantime, he looks like a great place to rest our gin and tonic.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Raw Materials Sport Fix Soap

We love our Husband dearly. But we swear to all things My Little Pony, if that man comes home from the gym one more time without showering with Raw Materials Sport Fix Soap ($10), we are going to tie him to the garden gate and hose him down like a... [More]


Cath Kidston Retro-Inspired Tent

So we did a little digging, and even though this Cath Kidston Retro-Inspired Tent ($120) looks AWESOME, it's not practical for an actual campout. We've read that it barely fits two people, and that it's not waterproof, which means dewy morning could find your stuff damp and smelly. Still, we... [More]


Tou Can Do It Triangle Bikini Top

Wondering what the heck Marc by Marc Jacobs execs were thinking when they named this Tou Can Do It Triangle Bikini Top ($60)? Look very closely at the funky pattern adorning the bosom-holders. Do you see it? They're tiny toucans! Now when people admire your cute bathing suit, you can... [More]


Medora Sweater

The Medora Sweater ($99) is everything we love about something we stole off our boyfriends, but it adds the perfect feminine twist: a lovely open cut to the back with a black silk bow. Best of all? You can actually wear it when you go out with your man instead... [More]


SpaRitual PIGMENT 4 Piece Mini Kit

We're looking around the office at all the stylish ladies prancing around in seasonal wear and we are blinded by all the color. Orange jumpers. Purple pumps. Teal bangles. Pink blush. We wanted to join in, but just weren't sure of the best way to do it at first. With... [More]


Tory Tunic

Strolling across the beach in Fiji for a visit to the tiki bar, covering up for a bit of church fresco-spotting in the Tuscan countryside - we can think of all sorts of wonderful places we'd look great sporting this Tory Tunic ($275) from Tory Burch. It will also look... [More]


Mountain Laurel Clutch Bag Crewel Kit

Next time someone says "Oh, I love your clutch!" (and believe us, someone will) you'll have the pleasure of saying, "Thanks! I made it." The Mountain Laurel Clutch Bag Crewel Kit ($25) comes with pre-printed linen, a purse frame, vibrant wool yarn, various needles, and of course, instructions. It's much... [More]


Summer Chevrons Romper

Now that the weather is heating up, we're psyched to continue our summertime love affair with rompers. This season's looks are promising, and our favorite is the Summer Chevrons Romper ($188) by Zinke. It's silky and slinky, so we're not sure we'd wear this one around town, but it might... [More]


Rebels Santiago Flat Shoe

We're not hitting the boardwalk this summer without wearing our new pair of Rebels Santiago Flat Shoes ($40). The canvas flats are perfect for easy strolling from hot dog cart to hot sand. And hey, the bright fabric matches our summer mood. We always get more energetic when faced with... [More]


This kitchen is for DANCING Sign

Well, yeah. Don't you? Those tile floors have the optimal stocking feet slickness for perfecting your dance moves! This kitchen is for DANCING sign ($45) by SpunkyFluff.... [More]


Rich Hippie Organic Eau de Parfum in Spring

Rich Hippie. Now that's a phrase you don't hear very often. Rich Hippie Organic Eau de Parfum in Spring ($30)... [More]


Aubin & Wills Buckley Nail Varnish

We don't do pastels. We do Aubin Black. The kind of Aubin Black that only this Aubin & Wills Buckley Nail Varnish ($19) can deliver. And on those days when we're feeling just an ounce cheery, we switch to Aubin Red. But that's rare. We don't do pleasant, either.... [More]


Romeo and Juliet Shorts

We didn't think it was possible for someone to take inspiration from funny Shakespearean puffy pants and make a garment that actually looks cool. We'd happily sport these soft, pretty Romeo and Juliet Shorts ($145) on or off the stage, even with the wide leg cut and elastic waistband.... [More]


Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

We've been reading Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things, for a while now. Her beautiful photography and heartwarming family stories never fail to give us warm fuzzies. Now her book, Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected, has hit the stores and we can't wait to snag ourselves a copy.... [More]


Kate Spade All Aboard Ship Clutch

Okay, we'll admit it. We went to see Titanic in 3D even though we've seen the flick a million times since it first hit theaters in 1997. Who doesn't have a soft spot for young Leo?! Luckily, the closest we'll ever come to being a passenger is carrying around the... [More]


Pure Vanilla Bean Powder

We doubt we're the only ones who wince when a recipe calls for a vanilla bean. Yes, yes, it adds flavor that can't be reached with plain ol' vanilla extract, and you can grind the pod and add it to sugar for another use, but still, that price makes us... [More]


Club Monaco Karolina Dress

It seems like every time the seasons change and we add a few new pieces to our wardrobe, one item becomes the standout. There's always one article we reach for over and over again, and as soon as we saw the chambray Karolina Dress ($180), we knew we'd be living... [More]


Personal Shopper: Sexy Eyelet Handkerchief Bikini for Jenn

Jenn writes: "My Lovely Outblushers, You helped me find a bracelet for my wedding & lookalike pucci's but now I have another request because you rock so hard. That, and I'm so tired of searching the blackhole that is the Internet for this bikini!!!! I'm sure you get these all... [More]


Neon My Mind Earrings

We are sorry to report that you cannot eat these Neon My Mind Earrings ($8). They are not, as some of us here assumed at first glance, delicious heart-shaped Skittles. (We were thinking maybe a kiwi-lime flavor. Yum.) They will, however, look very cute decorating your earlobes, which is almost... [More]


Shiseido BENEFIANCE WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream

We think we have wrinkles. Our boyfriend assures us we don't. But we're pretty sure he just says that so we stop bitchin' about how being in our late twenties means we might as well give up on life. He suggested ever so gingerly that we might want to try... [More]


Pantone Storage Tin

The color of the year for 2012 may be Tangerine Tango, but we've always been partial to a nice purple, haven't you? This Violet Pantone Storage Tin ($22) will keep those little odds and ends organized and add a vivid pop of color to our blah beige cubicle. (Side note:... [More]


Miss Fancy Dot Top

Rock Steady's Miss Fancy Dot Top ($28) combines two styles that should scream "good girl": the sweetheart neckline and the demure cap sleeve upper with Swiss dots. Yet somehow, Miss Fancy manages to take these prim and proper components and make them look just a little badass. Forget the ivory... [More]


Garden Flower Skirt

This Garden Flower Skirt ($350) from Rebecca Taylor reminds us of the perfect thrift store find, right down to the elastic waistband. If we spotted it on the rack at the Salvation Army, we'd elbow people out of the way to get to it and bless whatever granny cleaned out... [More]


Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

We may be long past our teenage years, but some of those acne scars just won't go away. After hearing good things from the beauty blogosphere about Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution ($50), we might give it a try. This targeted dark spot destroyer is powered by vitamin C,... [More]


Avid Reader Wall Clock

You're working too much. How do we know? Because our Avid Reader Wall Clock tells us, that's why. Forget work - and sleeping, while you're at it. What you should really be doing is re-reading The Lord of the Rings for the eighth time. Get this clock and help keep... [More]


Mythical Mermaid Ring

Can we tell you a secret? When we were kids, we collected snow globes. We had dozens of them (and may still have them, albeit packed away in the attic...mostly). We're kind of obsessed with all things globed, so the Mythical Mermaid Ring ($69) by HoKiou is right up our... [More]


Retro Gamer Leggings

Do polygons make your thighs look bigger? We hope not, because we're loving the Game Boy-era awesomeness of these Tetris-inspired Retro Gamer Leggings ($77). Now someone just needs to make us a Minesweeper t-shirt to go with them.... [More]


Marmont Lace Dress

This Marmont Lace Dress looks so indulgently comfortable, we could fall asleep in it. But wearing it to bed would be a waste when it could make us look so prettily bohemian during the day. It's unlined, so pay attention to your undergarments or bring a Photoshop filter with you.... [More]


Orly Cool Romance 6 Pix Kit

Romantic, but mature, the six polishes in the Orly Cool Romance 6 Pix Kit ($45) are the sort we're happy to put into our permanent lacquer collection. They're not so bold as to be immediately out of style, but not so timid as to blend into a sea of typical... [More]


ChickaDee Smoke Detector

Would you wear ugly shoes just because they were practical? Perish the thought. So why are you settling for boring, practical smoke alarms when instead you could have this pretty little ChickaDee Smoke Detector ($65)? We think it might be the world's cutest way of alerting you to the fact... [More]


You Tell Us: Forever Fancy Rosette Bolero

We're torn between whether the Forever Fancy Rosette Bolero ($77) is a sweet way to finish a wedding dress, or whether it looks like the bride fell into the cotton candy maker. What do you think?... [More]


Corbey Dress

Yes, $500-plus is a lot to pay for a beach cover-up. But this Corbey Dress ($564) is the ultimate beach cover-up. It's made with hand-dyed soft silk and linen with a comfy drawstring waistband and a flowing, feminine cut. Find a cute millionaire who wants to take you to Aruba... [More]


Nifty Non-Stick 3-Tier Cooling Rack

Every time we bake, we bemoan the fact that we have absolutely no counter space. We can barely mix up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, let alone spread them all out to cool. But look! We found the Nifty Non-Stick 3-Tier Cooling Rack ($20) as a partial answer to... [More]


Hamptons Weekend Legacy Stripe Mini Bucket Crossbody

Oh Coach, is there any purse you make that we don't love? We're hard-pressed to think of one. This Hamptons Weekend Legacy Stripe Mini Bucket Crossbody ($188) goes on our list of must-have items. We love the fresh colors and classic design, and we plan on wearing this with white... [More]


Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

Did you know you can cook hot dogs in a toaster? Neither did we! But this Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster ($20) is specially designed to accommodate your favorite franks while perfectly charring the buns to go with them. Giving in to your processed meat cravings just got a whole... [More]


Ambi Platform

High heels make our calves look fantastic, but they also contribute to our Aleve addiction. How many of us avoid turning to painkillers by stuffing a pair of flats into our purses? And this, of course, necessitates carrying around a gargantuan bag instead of that adorable jeweled clutch, which in... [More]


Decléor High Repair After-Sun Balm

So, you've purchased the tickets, bought a swimsuit, and even managed to book a hotel in preparation for your first vacation of the summer. But have you prepped your skincare routine for the aftermath? The Decléor High Repair After-Sun Balm ($50) calms the burning sensation caused by napping a touch... [More]


Nature Inspired Peach Spring Necklace

Turn your neck into an enchanted forest with this Nature Inspired Peach Spring Necklace ($145). Made with Czech glass, pearls, coral, and peach jade, it reminds us of background scenery from The Last Unicorn. Which is awesome.... [More]


Robin Ruffles Infinity Scarf

Oooh, ruffles without the escaped debutante look! Love. This Robin Ruffles Infinity Scarf ($22) adds a pop of red to one's chest (like a robin!) and a pop of whimsy to one's outfit. But please, refrain from also wearing a feather in one's hair. It's just too much.... [More]


Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

We have to admit we laughed when we saw a lady at the beach walking a dog dressed in pink boots and a polka dotted hair bow. WTF? But we stand a little corrected with these Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots ($37). Intended to keep your pooch's paws protected from... [More]


Studio Simic Pod End/Coffee Table

We're not sure what makes this Studio Simic Pod End/Coffee Table ($1055) a "pod". Does all that neat stainless steel tubing contain a herd of really tiny whales? Rhetorical misfires aside, we love the cool geometric style of this piece, and the fact that we'll have a coffee-resting spot at... [More]


Lancôme Color Design Pink Safari Palette

We couldn't decide which safari we wanted to go on this year. Should we go on an African photo safari? A Kakadu safari Down Under? Or a much more local, tame safari in Louisiana? While we're busy deciding, we'll also be playing with the Lancôme Color Design Pink Safari Palette... [More]


Gathered Waist Dip Hem Dress

This Gathered Waist Dip Hem Dress ($76) will transform us into a walking ray of sunshine, bringing joy and a really nice shade of orange into the lives of those around us. Isn't $76 a small price to pay to make the world a happier place? We thought so.... [More]


Paper Doll Kit

If you volunteered to babysit your sister's kids (what were you thinking?!) this cute little Paper Doll Kit ($20) is perfect for keeping the wee ones entertained. We can't imagine spending an afternoon without something to distract the small people. Grab one of these kits, some scissors, and a pencil.... [More]


Roberto Cavalli Cutout Headband

Dear Brides of Spring 2012, You're welcome. The Roberto Cavalli Cutout Headband ($875) is clearly the one piece you've been looking for to complete not just your wedding attire, but the entire wedding. So have at it, ladies. You deserve it for not 100% losing it on your future-mother-in-law when... [More]


Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Inner Glow Limited Edition Lipstick

We're all about this neon trend that's happening on every street corner, but we don't care for it on our faces. We like to keep our countenance timeless, which is why we're all about the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Inner Glow Limited Edition Lipstick ($24). Five classic lipstick shades have been... [More]



Want to uncover the truth about who's been eating all your Girl Scout Cookies? With the Dropcam ($149), you can spy on your Thin Mints day or night and have activity alerts sent straight to your iPhone or Android. You can even shout at the thief through the camera's two-way... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bridesmaid Attire for Marisa

Marisa writes, "HEEELLP. I'm in my brother's wedding this July and his marvelous fiance has chosen a color for the bridesmaids dresses and let us wear what we choose. That's all awesome, but the problem is that most of the girls have chosen to get bridesmaidy dresses at Davids anyway.... [More]


Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food Scented Soap

This Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food Scented Soap ($6) is supposed to help you win the love and attention of cats. Frankly, we don't need help with cats flocking to us whether we're on vacation, walking to the grocery store, or just sitting at our desk trying to type, but... [More]


totes Crimson & Black Bubble Umbrella

It rained buckets here yesterday! We kept wishing we had a cool umbrella that could handle crazy wind and torrents of rain, something like this classic totes Crimson & Black Bubble Umbrella ($21). The extra deep dome protects from wind and rain, and the clear PVC allows you to see... [More]


White Paper Egg Cartons

Package mini cupcakes, petits fours, or homemade chocolates in one of these White Paper Egg Cartons ($13 for ten). We think they're a cute, unconventional way to wrap and share your tasty treats with family and friends.... [More]


Cowshed Cow Pat Manicure Maintenance Kit

We love lounging on our porch to catch some rays, but we're horrible at just sitting there. We have to be doing something, whether it is eating (which we are usually doing regardless of where we lounge), sipping on a dainty beverage (again, probably doing that, too), or using our... [More]


Rose & Gold Slip Dress

Considering we're a month into spring, we think it's high time we broke out the feminine, floral pieces. Especially since the weather has been quite lovely these last few days! This Rose & Gold Slip Dress ($198) is tops on our list - we love the flirty ruffles, breezy fabric,... [More]


Leopard Print Yoga Mat

OMMM, OMMMM, OhMaGosh this Leopard Print Yoga Mat ($21) is our most favoritest yoga thing we've bought in a long time. We love the wild animal print! This is definitely coming to hot yoga.... [More]


Pat Sloan's Favorite Techniques: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Enhance Your Quilting

We've been telling ourselves for years we'll learn how to quilt. There is something so enviable about using a quilt someone made by hand. Pat Sloan's Favorite Techniques ($23) is a good source for getting started and offers plenty of patterns to follow. We appreciate the simple instructions, helpful pointers,... [More]


Russian Doll Ring

Embrace your adorable inner babushka with this Russian Doll Ring ($225), which opens up to reveal - can you guess? Another Russian doll! What a surprise!... [More]


Tweezerman for Benefit Pointed Slant Tweezer

No, we probably don't need another pair of tweezers. We know we have three in our drawer as we speak. But that isn't stopping us from buying the Tweezerman for Benefit Pointed Slant Tweezer ($30). We have pink tweezers, black tweezers, and silver tweezers. But we don't have yellow diamond... [More]


The Sun Also Rises Tee

Nerd Candy alert: Out of Print Clothing makes simply hot t-shirts emblazoned with the out-of-print covers of some of our favorite classic titles, like this The Sun Also Rises Tee ($28). It's a comfy, super-fashionable way to show off your literary chops. Even cooler? For every shirt you purchase, they'll... [More]


You Tell Us: 6 Shore Road Palma One Piece

Fabulously '80s? Or fashion faux pas? We're into this 6 Shore Road Palma One Piece ($138). We would totally pair it with a floppy sun hat and gold bangles. Or not... What say ye?... [More]



The lady with the smoked whiskey voice and killer guitar skills is back, baby, and better than ever. Bonnie Raitt's new album, Slipstream ($10) is bluesy country at its' best, perfect for lazy evenings spent languishing in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Her first studio album in... [More]


Lela Rose Clarendon Wedges

Spring has sprung! While we are so ready for pointy peep toes and high-heeled sandals, Mother Nature's still taunting us with the occasional patch of mud or soggy grass. So for now, we're sporting these colorful Clarendon Wedges ($50) that won't have us losing our footing or mucking up a... [More]


philosophy the color of grace art of blushing

We're about as graceful as on elephant on a tightrope. For instance, we once tripped over our own two feet while running in the gym, breaking our left arm in two places. So we need all the help we can get in the elegance department. The philosophy the color of... [More]


Prom 2012: Long Nights

Prom. That four-letter word that sends teen girls into swoons of ecstasy and prompts a round of terrifying, but crucial, questions: Who am I going to go with - date or group date or group of friends? How much can I spend without having my parents go into cardiac arrest?... [More]


Maze Cafe Set

Watch where you set your coffee down when you use this Maze Cafe Set ($15). It certainly won't be on the saucer, which serves as a maze for your tiny drops of latte. You'll be too busy tilting it around, trying to help your morning pick-me-up find its way to... [More]


Lord & Berry Skin Lipgloss

We have always thought that nail polish reigned supreme in the gloss world. So much so that we have been unimpressed with the lackluster shine lip glosses have tried to pass off as, well, gloss. The Lord & Berry Skin Lipgloss ($18) is the first lip product we've found that... [More]

Friedasophie Pink Sapphire Cluster Earrings

Friedasophie Pink Sapphire Cluster Earrings

Add a refreshing splash of color to your...ears! The Friedasophie Pink Sapphire Cluster Earrings ($69) are gorgeous bauble chandeliers that will hang and shine on your earlobes when you want to be pretty in pink.... [More]


State Skillets

You know what your life has been missing? Pancakes in the shape of Florida, obviously. Or maybe you've been dying to show your Hoosier pride in the form of Indiana-shaped cornbread? FeLion Studios is here to help with their "Made in America" State Skillets. They're available in the shapes of... [More]


Doubtblush: Lanvin Turban Headband

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Again we find ourselves Doubtblushing... [More]


The Gastrokid Cookbook

Are we the only ones who gag a little when we see parents settling for eating kid-food? Since when did kids call the shots? Growing up in a big family, we ate what we were served. And it wasn't hot dogs and mac 'n' cheese. The Gastrokid Cookbook ($16) helps... [More]


Danielle Stevens 10K Gold Plated Labradorite Necklace

Simple and stylish, this Danielle Stevens 10K Gold Plated Labradorite Necklace ($40) has a place around our neck all spring. Match it with a striped top, some rolled denims, and a straw fedora for a boho-chic look. Bring on the pendants!... [More]


Lyric Epiphanie Camera Bag

There is something so depressing about spending all that money buying a great SLR camera only to keep it hidden away in a boxy black nylon case. We want something that shouts "we're creative!" not "we like canned smiles and family portraits at the orchard." Reject boring black and grab... [More]


Gee Beauty Lotus Quartz Mineral Eye Shadow

Would you like a side order of attitude with your morning makeup routine? If so, spice things up with the Gee Beauty Lotus Quartz Mineral Eye Shadow ($22), an almost-too-hot-to-handle deep purple shadow that works well as an eyeliner, too. We've been using it to line our lower lashes with... [More]


Many Thanks Stamp Set

We're in love with the Many Thanks Stamp Set ($13) for so many reasons. One, because, honestly, who doesn't love ice cream? Two, because we're huge fans of making our own Thank-You/ Birthday/Get-Well cards. Homemade cards mean a lot more. And no one has to know that crafting an adorable... [More]


Stella Mini Leather Watch

We're in the market for a new watch, and what better time to sport the Stella Mini Leather Watch ($85) from Fossil than in the spring? The pearl pink band and stones on the watch face take a classic, unisex look and spruce it up into a perfectly feminine piece.... [More]


Lace Corset Dress

You know what sucks in the summer? Pants. You know what else? Sleeves. We're also not fussed on non-breathable fabrics that have us smelling like the men's locker room at the gym after an hour of wear. This Lace Corset Dress ($40) does not include pants, or sleeves, and is... [More]



Are your late nights and early mornings catching up with you? Get back on track with the WakeMate ($60). Slip on the wristband, set the application on your phone or iPad, and let it wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. You can track your sleep progress... [More]


How To Make Books

As kids we didn't need instructions to tell us how to make books. We just folded notebook paper in half, wrapped a piece of cardboard around the whole thing, and stapled along the spine. Although the vertical lines never bothered us then, these days we're pretty sure we want to... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Red Statement Necklace for Sarah's Black and White Dress

Sarah wrote: "I'm looking for a great red statement necklace to wear with a black and white dress to a wedding. I'm looking to keep it under a $100. I've been looking online but nothing is speaking to me, any ideas?" Hi Sarah! Not knowing much else about your dress,... [More]


Skate Notecards

Have you ever tried to help a teenage boy write a thank-you card? Writing about feelings comes as naturally to them as singing comes to Kim Kardashian. Which is to say, not naturally at all. Soothe some of the writing angst with these Skate Notecards ($12 for 8). They get... [More]


Doubtblush: Current/Elliot Floral Stilleto Jeans

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Fallyn Peep Pump

The Fallyn Peep Pump ($114) from Michael Kors looks like it should do something more than just be a shoe. Check out all those funky leather straps and buckles! Don't they seem like they're intended to harness you in for an exotic adventure, possibly involving some hot dude in a... [More]


Scotty Dog Magnetic Photo Rope

While the Scotty Dog Magnetic Photo Rope ($7) is definitely handy for displaying favorite photos, we think it might have helpful alternative uses, too. We plan to string one up as a revolving to-do list. Or hang one near the fridge with creepy candid pictures of our double chin or... [More]


Laidback Artist Short Sleeves

Last time we attempted a watercolor painting, it looked like something out of a kindergarten classroom. But that doesn't mean we can't slip into this Laidback Artist Short Sleeves ($40) and pretend that we're chill and talented. Maybe its loose, breezy fit will inspire us to attempt a macaroni collage... [More]



If you've ever stared at your living room wall for an hour wondering how to give your space a little pep, you are not alone! We're constantly updating and changing our apartment and usually we seek out advice from sources even cooler than ourselves (we know, it's hard to believe).... [More]


Kanebo Sensai Collection Radiance 3D Mask

Most of the masks we've seen on the market that are intended to improve your skin cover only your face. It's as if your neck doesn't count. Well, the Kanebo Sensai Collection Radiance 3D Mask ($165) disagrees with that. It covers the whole shebang, from forehead to Adam's apple. Though... [More]


Casina Rossa Truffle & Salt

Our favorite weekend morning indulgence is a pair of sunny-side up eggs sprinkled with Casina Rossa Truffle & Salt ($19) by Nicola de Laurentiis. OMG, it's to die for! The robust dried truffle pairs perfectly with the sea salt, and even the smallest pinch perks up our breakfast. We've read... [More]


Coincidence & Chance Elbow Patch Sweater

We're pleased as punch to be packing up our winter wardrobe for the next several months, but we will miss our chunky sweaters just a skosh. Conveniently, we've found a way to avoid giving up our smart and preppy look just because the temperature has risen. This Coincidence & Chance... [More]


Acapulco Chair

Does it feel late to you? Maybe it's time for a little siesta, and what better place to take one than in this classic Acapulco Chair ($475)? Before you mistake it for just another trendy piece of lawn furniture, know that the Acapulco utilizes Mayan hammock-weaving techniques to create an... [More]


Planet Earth Chalkboard

Mark all of the places you want to visit someday on this Planet Earth Chalkboard ($465). Then change your mind, erase them, and mark new ones. Isn't it fun to be indecisive?... [More]


Constellation Necklace

Sport a cute little piece of the sky around your neck with a Constellation Necklace ($340). Each one depicts the stars of a different zodiac sign in diamonds, set in a simple gold or silver disc. It might help you get a conversation started with that cute guy at the... [More]


Floris Madonna of the Almonds Eau de Parfum

Seeing the movie after finishing the book is so mainstream. Wearing the book is all the rage. Join this new craze by first reading Marina Fiorato's art history romance and then spritzing on a bit of Madonna of the Almonds eau de parfum ($157), a vanilla, citrus, and almond fragrance... [More]


Pigeon Toe Popsicle Sticks Set

True story: the summer between our junior and senior years of high school we lost a bunch of weight on The Popsicle Diet. It was hot and we were too lazy to cook, so we subsisted mostly on Welch's juice popsicles, with the occasional bag of Doritos for fiber. It... [More]


Singular Destiny Ivory Headband

If only we had a place to wear this Singular Destiny Ivory Headband ($43)! Since we're not attending any weddings across the pond, and wearing a giant hat-like headband is uncommon at our church, we'll have to settle for wearing it around our apartment and town. We're gonna look fabulous!... [More]


Butterfly Maxi Dress

We're fairly certain that wearing this soft, flowing Butterfly Maxi Dress ($117) from Warehouse would feel like riding a unicorn through a beautiful summer garden. Maybe unicorn riding and wearing chiffon butterflies aren't the hippest things to do as grown-ups this season - but who cares, when they make you... [More]


pürminerals Disappearing Act Concealer

One thing our college roommate was good at was disappearing for days at a time. She'd leave a note that would say something like "Heading to Chili's with Ben. See you in a few." We thought she meant a few hours, but then she wouldn't show up for a few... [More]


Cofanetto Starbucks Stitch Markers

It's unwise to keep your coffee by your knitting - we speak from experience on this one. If you've got to have your Starbucks fix while you work, use these Miniature Starbucks Stitch Markers ($15) to mark off your knits and purls and then head out for some java after... [More]


Prom 2012: The Short Shift

Prom. That four-letter word that sends teen girls into swoons of ecstasy and prompts a round of terrifying, but crucial, questions: Who am I going to go with - date or group date or group of friends? How much can I spend without having my parents go into cardiac arrest?... [More]


Frayed Blazer With Zip

How is it possible for an article of clothing to look simultaneously so chic and like you might have stolen it off a very pink hobo? The Frayed Blazer With Zip ($99) from Zara is intentionally beat-up, featuring classily worn-out details around its funky zippered pockets. It's the perfect piece... [More]


Fold Flat Grill

Oh no! The barbeque is about to be ruined because - yet again - someone forgot to bring the grill! Don't you hate it when that happens? Pick up this Fold Flat Grill ($80) and you can be everybody's hero. It conveniently folds up into a neat package less than... [More]


Maja Two Dress

Avert your eyes from the hefty price tag! This Maja Two Dress ($398) is one of those spendy items you buy and then wear to pieces over a decade. The classic shape and cool aqua color are as refreshing to your eyes as they are to your figure. We think... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara

There are a quite few things we like large quantities of. -Ribbon -Yarn -Cheesecake -Wine -Ryan Gosling So it's only natural that we'd like Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara ($12) as much as we do. It adds up to twelve times more va-va-va-volume (than bare lashes) thanks to its pumped-up... [More]


Wood Tie

Office dress code have the man in your life suffering from boring wardrobe blues? This Wood Tie ($36) ought to perk him up. It's made from salvaged wood formed into lightweight panels and held together with flexible elastic. We suspect it's just tielike enough to pass the boss's muster while... [More]


RE-MIX It Girl

We can't help but hum "Walkin' on Sunshine" when we're wearing the It Girl ($189) shoes by RE-MIX. We put together a playlist of other sunny day songs to put some pep in your step, which you can listen to even if you don't have fabulous yellow shoes. Walkin' On... [More]


Mr. Brown Galaxy Chandelier

Normally we can't see spending nearly two thousand bones on a chandelier, but the Mr. Brown Galaxy Chandelier ($1,738 on sale) has us figuring out ways to get our hands on this rad fixture. We love how unusual it is and that the finishes are hand-applied. If we don't eat... [More]


La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

Out with the old, in the with the new. That's how La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift ($500) sees it. Sure, this stuff may be expensive as all get out, but it truly backs up on its promise to do a total overhaul on your face. All the old problem... [More]


Ice Brewed Tea Pot

Using the Ice Brewed Tea Pot ($96) requires actually knowing what you want (and having the patience to wait for it). You won't get instant iced tea, but melting ice over tea leaves makes a sweeter brew with fewer tannins. Patience is a virtue, friends.... [More]


Desert Jacket

It can get chilly when we're enjoying a night on the town in our favorite pair of short-shorts. But it's a rare jacket that will actually look cute with them instead of giving us that unenviable olive-on-toothpick silhouette. This Desert Jacket ($598) combines military-chic with a feminine cut that will... [More]



OMG, it's like they wrote Quiet ($15) about Outblush. Kidding aside, Quiet is an interesting book about introverted types, the ways in which they're undervalued, their potential, and how we can tap into our positive introvertive qualities. This is a definite must-read!... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: April 16, 2012

This week's selections for the weekly poll at The Purse Page fit into a lovely spectrum of color that moves from black to white by way of purple, but the styles couldn't be more different. Go vote and tell the world whether you're feeling spiky or floral or glitzy or... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fantastic Fascinator-like Headbands for Simone's Sister

Simone writes: "Hi Outblush Lovelies, Love your site! Outblush is part of my daily web browsing routine. It's a must for me. I've bought products that you all have suggested, and I'm always repinning the stuff you guys feature on Pinterest ( Here is a link to the inspiration. XO,... [More]


Infant Troubleshooting Magnetic Flow Chart

Unfortunately, kids don't come with a set of instructions, so we're stuck interpreting their grunts, cries, and coos. Right now, we know that grunt means poo, cry means upset, and coo means happy. The Infant Troubleshooting Magnetic Flow Chart ($22) may help us fine-tune our parenting skills. The handy, if... [More]


Black Licorice Pipes

Looking classy is elementary, our dear Watsons. Black Licorice Pipes ($10) are perfect for your man's thirtieth birthday bash or a sleuth-themed party. Plus, once you've used up all your detective jokes, you can eat them. You can't do that with a bowler hat.... [More]


Ibiza Natural Slipper

With all the luxury yachting we're planning on doing this summer, we're going to need some comfortable yet fashionable shoes to wear while relaxing on the waves with our morning coffee. We're not exactly sure what the motif on these Ibiza Natural Slippers ($400) is supposed to be - maybe... [More]


Deluxe Floppy Disk Pillow

Do you want to know what saddens us? Kids these days don't even know what a floppy disk is. (Also, we're saddened by the fact that we just wrote "kids these days," but we digress!) Fortunately, the Deluxe Floppy Disk Pillow ($38) by mymimi will forever smile at us from... [More]



We have just a few more pounds to temporarily lose in the gym before we're comfortable donning a bikini this summer. So we're channeling all things skinny in order to trick our brains into thinking we are skinny too. The Eyeko SKINNY EYELINER ($14) is so super thin that you... [More]


Appliqué Your Way

Technically, if we appliquéd "our way" we'd be purchasing our knickknacks from Pier 1 instead of making them ourselves. Why? Cause we're not that handy. Or, we didn't think we were... Appliqué Your Way ($17) walks us through thirty-five different projects. That's thirty-five more ways to make our apartment/ wardrobe/... [More]


Kelsi Dagger Yellow Neon Linzy

They say you shouldn't wear black at night on account of visibility, but what to do about all of those adorable little black dresses you have stored up? Wear them with a pair of shoes as blindingly bright as the Kelsi Dagger Yellow Neon Linzy ($119) - but please, still... [More]


Invicta Women's Lady Russian Diver Skeleton Watch 1827

If Honey Ryder had worn a watch to match her awesome white bikini, she would have worn this Invicta Women's Lady Russian Diver Skeleton Watch 1827 ($173 on sale!). Mr. Bond, you're right on time...... [More]


Aldo Brosig Bag

Seriously, finding the perfect white handbag is like finding a pair of white pants that don't show off your panty line. Or in our case, cellulite (sob!). It's hard but doable. This gorgeous Aldo Brosig Bag ($48) has all the bells and whistles we've been looking for (multiple pockets, plenty... [More]


Passions Beer Journal

You know the saying "too much of a good thing"? The real trouble is one kind of too much of a good thing. Keep track of which beers you've been imbibing in in this Passions Beer Journal ($20). 'Cause there are too many good beers out there to limit yourself... [More]


No Drought Dry Shampoo

Whoops! No time for a shower? Maybe hitting that snooze button for the fifth time wasn't such a great idea. Lucky for you, you've got a bottle of Lush's No Drought Dry Shampoo ($13) on hand. Not only will this handily absorb the oil slick you accumulated on your scalp... [More]


Flower Stem Ruffled Tankini Top

It's really, really hard to find a tankini top that's long enough to cover "Le Muffin Top." This adorable Flower Stem Ruffled Tankini Top ($50) is on our must-have list this summer due to its perfect length (long torsoed and tall gals rejoice!) and bust-flattering ruffles. We plan on looking... [More]


Bubble Necklace

Remember struggling to catch that big, perfect bubble on your finger, only to have it burst into a depressing splatter of soap scum? This Bubble Necklace ($115) has all of the wonder and joy with none of the frustration. Made with lovely spheres of glass, it's a great way to... [More]


Team Magic Sweatshirt

Like anyone could ever compete against us while we were wearing the Team Magic Sweatshirt ($28) by The Bold Banana. It'd be no contest. We don't know what kind of contest we'd be competing in, but with a unicorn and a narwhal on our side, we know we'd have it... [More]


Gold Star Edible Glitter

Gold star stickers are nice and all, but we prefer our gold stars edible. And sprinkled on top of a dark chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Gold Star Edible Glitter ($8).... [More]


Mixtape Stamp Kit

We don't even have a tape player anymore, but we can't help but feel nostalgic for the good ol' mixtape. In the care packages we sent to our best friend (who moved out of state) there was always a tape with some horrible assortment of teen angst music. While those... [More]


Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Oxygen is good for you! And we're not just referring to your mood after a huff on Aunt Mabel's respirator. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow ($34) foundation from Benefit uses the brand's Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex to give your skin a boost of vitamins C & E and protect it from... [More]


Faux Wrap Backless Dress

We're loving the Maya-meets-Missoni flair of the print on this Faux Wrap Backless Dress ($485) from Mara Hoffman. Faux wrap also means we're protected from our own lousy bow-tying skills, which might otherwise result in a rather embarrassing party foul. Silk is slippery.... [More]


Taurus Birthday Card

Your favorite stubborn Taurus's birthday is coming up. Make sure she knows you appreciate her with this Taurus Birthday Card ($6).... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Clothespin Wedding Couple

There are lots of obnoxious wedding tchotchkes out there that make us wanna vom (see pretty much any "novelty cake topper"), but this Clothespin Wedding Kissing Couple ($10) is actually pretty darn cute. We'd much rather see that on top of a cake than a bride dragging a reluctant groom... [More]


ASOS LADYBUG Toe Cap Neon Ballet Shoes

So wearing neon to the office is a no-no. You can still sneak in your affinity for bold colors with these ASOS LADYBUG Toe Cap Neon Ballet Shoes ($45), whose classic stripes get a bold shot of hot pink over the toe. We love them for transforming traditional office looks... [More]


Wood's Boiled Cider

We're always on the hunt for new, exciting flavors, and Wood's Boiled Cider ($10) has rocked our world. Made from cider boiled down to one-seventh its original volume, this intensely apple-y syrup can be drizzled over desserts or brushed onto savory dishes. We think it would even make for some... [More]


Behind the Beautiful Forevers

If you're looking to read a book that will move you, Behind the Beautiful Forevers ($16) is it. Written about an undercity of Mumbai, Pulitzer Prize winner Katherine Boo's book follows multiple families who are hoping for a better life as India starts to become more prosperous. We see struggles,... [More]


clean + easy Soothe Aloe Vera Gel

We stay far, far away from waxing salons during the winter. There's simply no reason to maintain the bush when it never sees the light of day (or night) during months containing the letter "r". But now that April is here, that means May is just around the corner. So... [More]


Vince Camuto Sleeveless Colorblocked Blouson Halter Dress

Has colorblocking eclipsed the chevron trend? Never fear - you can have them both with the Vince Camuto Sleeveless Colorblocked Blouson Halter Dress ($138). This effortless dress is bold and hip while maintaining a lot of classic charm; we're seeing it paired with a blazer for an easy office look.... [More]


I Lied About Being The Outdoors Type Cushion Cover

We lied about being the outdoors type, which is why you'll find us lounging around on a pillow sporting this cushion cover. Most often, with a glass of wine in hand. I Lied About Being The Outdoors Type Cushion Cover ($52) by mybeardedpigeon.... [More]


Bvlgari Omnia Coral

Coral jewelry. Coral clothing. Coral scarves. Coral bags. Might as well add a coral bottle of perfume to the list. Bvlgari Omnia Coral ($64) is a cross between a gourmet fruit stand at a farmers' market and a floral arrangement at a royal wedding, layering skin in an ever-evolving summer... [More]


Hyacinth Peach Dress

You know that joke about shortening a bridesmaid dress to wear it again? No need. This Hyacinth Peach Dress ($65) works marvelously as a wedding party number and doubles as a date-night piece. Sure you could shorten it and wear it again, but we suggest leaving a little to the... [More]


E.V.A. Heat-Proof Straightener Holder

If we peered into the bathrooms of some of you Outblush readers, we bet we'd see a very familiar burnt v-shape on your countertops. We say familiar because we definitely have one (and have left a few more in college dorm bathrooms as well). That security-deposit-stealing mark comes from leaving... [More]


Mid Century Wine Rack

Show off your good taste with this Mid Century Wine Rack, a funky metal sculpture which looks its best when holding ten bottles of your favorite grape juice. Buy ten of them and you and your mates can feel justified in starting up a rousing chorus of "99 Bottles of... [More]


MM Couture Hawaiian Garden Dress

Aloha! A trip to the tropics may not be planned for our summer vacation, but we can certainly dress for one anyhow! We're dying to wear the MM Couture Hawaiian Garden Dress ($66) with a thick yellow belt, a pair of dangle feather earrings, and our favorite sunnies in an... [More]


I've Got Your Number: A Novel

Sure, we prefer Anna Karenina and War and Peace, but sometimes a light read is all our tuckered-out brains want to process, and we turn to books like I've Got Your Number ($17). Poppy is about to get married to her "perfect man" when a strange turn of events leads... [More]


Dansko Tory Shoe

We've been looking for a casual pair of shoes to wear with our denim shorts and tees this summer. Flip-flops are too casual, and flats are a little too dressy. We think we've settled on a pair of Dansko Tory Shoes ($130). They've got a cute little heel that gives... [More]


amika Cynthia Rowley Ceramic Styler

Why just style your hair when you can style your hair with help from über-fab designer Cynthia Rowley? The amika Cynthia Rowley Ceramic Styler ($115) is covered in the creative icon's Spring 2012 signature print, which makes this a runway piece we can actually afford! It comes with two styling... [More]


Crown Ceiling Light

This Crown Ceiling Light ($249) at Shades of Light really, really makes us want to be kids again! Seriously, can't you just see a room decked out in a Where the Wild Things Are theme with this chandelier as the pièce de résistance ? Man, we should have been recruited... [More]


Salt Water Cure Cards

We've been trying to convince our gal pals it's time to plan a getaway somewhere warm and beachy, and we've finally found the right tool. We're sending them each a Salt Water Cure Card ($12 for 3). The photo of the ocean and horizon is so zen and inviting, and... [More]


Marc Jacobs Duo Petite Flowers To Go

Are you a lover of Marc Jacobs fragrances but can't afford the space in your clutch to tote your signature scent with you? Problem solved. With the Duo Petite Flowers To Go ($59), you can choose between Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, both in mini 0.68oz. sizes, every morning... [More]


POP Beauty 'Butterfly' Bronzer & Blush Duo Compact

The POP Beauty 'Butterfly' Bronzer & Blush Duo Compact ($26) could sit on our vanity unused and we'd still be happy with the purchase. We'll buy anything this precious and whimsical, regardless of its purpose or performance. And even though this stuff does a bang-up job of keeping us beautiful... [More]


SmartWool Frilly Knee Highs

Your feet will love how these SmartWool Frilly Knee Highs ($15) keep them from getting too hot or too cold, and also wick away moisture, making it less likely you will clear out the room when you take your shoes off. Your legs will love how fabulous they look peeking... [More]


Opal Crisscross Burlap Sandals

We're not sure what we love more about these Opal Crisscross Burlap Sandals ($295): the funky, armadillo-style stacking to the wood heel, or the fact that they're actually a fashionable way to wear burlap. Either way, we want to thank Diane von Furstenberg for thinking them up. Gold star, Diane.... [More]


Stila Yumberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain

Sometimes, staining our lips leaves them dry and less kissable than they were when we first woke up in the morning. But with the Stila Yumberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain ($24), we can stain and gloss and replenish our pout just once a day without any need to reapply... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Gold Look Sundial Ring

When it comes to cheap-o costume jewelry, we say go drag queen big or go home. Apparently, Dorothy Perkins agrees. Well played, Ms. Perkins, well played. Dorothy Perkins Gold Look Sundial Ring ($11)... [More]


Kaleidoscope Necklace

Think the pendant on this necklace looks like a handy way to spot tiny pirates? It's not a telescope - it's a miniature fully functional kaleidoscope. Instead of the traditional beads you may remember gazing at when playing with one of these as a kid, the pendant of the Kaleidoscope... [More]


Donna Wilson Boat Mini Blanket

We've snuggled up under this Boat Mini Blanket ($96) while we wait for the warm weather to arrive. We're using our chilly downtime to come up with a Summer Sailin' Playlist and thought we'd share it with you. I'm On A Boat - The Lonely Island Orinoco Flow - Enya... [More]


Mystic Come Back to Me Sweetheart Dress

The aptly named Mystic Come Back to Me Sweetheart Dress ($32, on sale) is just begging for you to prance around in it in front of your ex. He'll eat his heart out over your gorgeous self in the sweetheart neckline and cut-out back. But hey, there's a reason he's... [More]


Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Some girls have all the luck. They have straight hair when they want straight hair, curly hair when they want curls, a bob when they want the sass, and can magically grow their hair a couple inches overnight. We are not, in fact, one of those girls. Damn it. But... [More]


Personal Shopper: Coming Up Roses with Sarah

Sarah writes: "Hey there, I need some help looking for bridesmaid dresses for my ladies. I am getting married July 14 of this year. The dresses don't have to match but I realize the search for you is easier if they do (5 total). The ladies range in size from... [More]


Double Watch Necklace

Yes, it's true that nobody needs a watch anymore, except possibly as a vehicle for more diamonds. And we also figure that if you did want to check the time on this Double Watch Necklace ($34), you'd be reading it upside down. But it sure is a pretty way to... [More]


Zumba Feelin' It Racerback Top

Not only has our Zumba class kept us active and fit, it's helped us perfect a few of our dance moves. Zumba may be an exercise fad, but we love it and are proud to feel the music in the Zumba Feelin' It Racerback Top ($27). Besides, our arms look... [More]


Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Oh look! More argan oil! Except this time it comes in a bottle and not in another beauty product, such as conditioner or foundation. The Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment ($25) gets straight to the point, without having to work through fillers and harsh chemicals, allowing it to envelop your... [More]


Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt

Mmmmmmm..... it's the first day of our diet and all we really want is to do is eat this Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt ($6). Not a piece. The whole thing. After all, dark chocolate is good for you...... [More]


Nishe Tie Neck Blouse

Ahoy, sailor! We've crafted a foolproof plan to nab a handsome man with a boat this summer. We're going to hang out at the marina, sipping on Bloody Marys and wearing nautically inspired attire like this Nishe Tie Neck Blouse in Anchor Embroidery ($72). We figure if we're dressed like... [More]


Carolinae Top

Sweet Carolinae, our shirts never looked so good. Carolinae Top ($98).... [More]


LATHER Hair Appoint-Mint Set

Remember "lather, rinse, repeat"? Turns out that's not such a good idea, as it'll strip your hair of essential oils and leave it dry and dull. Not attractive. Perk up your tresses with the LATHER Hair Appoint-Mint Set ($45), and soon you'll have locks rivaling Jennifer Aniston's. The set includes... [More]


Beach Necklace

The Beach Necklace ($38) incorporates two of our favorite colors for this spring. Contrast bright coral beads with a cool turquoise hoop, and you've got a necklace that refreshes any tired look. In our case, that would be the plain black tees we somehow find ourselves wearing three times a... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Medium Tate Tote

Sure, we could use the Pretty Nylon Medium Tate Tote ($198) from Marc by Marc Jacobs to carry our essentials to work or on weekend outings, but we've got a different task in mind for it. It's nylon, which means it's easily cleaned. We're going to use it as our... [More]


Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

Babies always get the coolest stuff! The Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System ($24) turns mealtime into a galaxy of fun thanks to motion-activated flashing lights and a spaceship spoon. Who needs to airplane pureed peas into baby's waiting gums when you can warp them?!... [More]


e.l.f. Studio 100-Piece Eyeshadow Palette

You get on Outbush and see all these gorgeous makeup palettes and wonder aloud "How on earth can I afford to eat, drink, and look good at the same time? All of this makeup costs more than my wine habit." Well, pour yourself a goblet and settle into the e.l.f.... [More]


Stepping Stone to Success Dress

Quick, you just landed your dream job! What do you wear to show the office you're both serious and stylish? The Stepping Stone to Success Dress ($149), of course. After all, they say dress for the job you want. And this dress has future CEO all over it.... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Palm Tree Print Espadrilles

Desperate for warmer weather? Spring technically on the calendar, but outside it's cold and gray? At least your feet can be on a tropical vacation. Dorothy Perkins Palm Tree Print Espadrilles ($22)... [More]


Sour Cream Coffee Cake

We're fairly certain that if our man brought us Sour Cream Coffee Cake ($15) in bed we'd be game to stay under the sheets for an extra two to five minutes.... [More]


The Baby Mama Saver

Second only to the stack of spring and summer wedding invites we have on our kitchen table are all the baby shower invites! We just must be at that age where friends and family are settling in for a little domesticity. While we love browsing for baby things, we always... [More]


Contrast Headwrap

For whatever reason, our poor tresses get neglected. Our nails get polished, our face gets bronzed, and our lips get lacquered, but our poor hair gets a wet bun hairdo every morning. No more! Our hair will now get a wet bun embellished with this gold and neon pink Contrast... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Maybelline SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss

Lip stains are our go-to lip product. Pair one with a sheer gloss and we've basically got one-quarter of our makeup regimen complete. Now, instead of us having to use two separate products for all-day lipwear, the Maybelline SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss ($9) simplifies the process down to one tube.... [More]


Proper Attire Rebecca Minkoff Collection

Proper attire is often requested though not always necessarily required... unless we're talking about safe sex. Which, coincidentally, we are. Proper Attire Condoms ($6) have a handful of well-known designers creating packaging for their prophylactics, and one of our faves, Rebecca Minkoff, happens to have a collection. Here's one situation... [More]


Face Bomb Deep Cleansing Mud

This deep cleansing mud is da bomb. The FACE BOMB ($21), that is...... [More]


Zig Zag Strapping Baskets

Color and pattern are the easiest ways to add some pop to your living spaces, and closeable containers are a great way to make a cluttered space appear clean. Stylish and functional perfection is achieved in these Zig Zag Strapping Baskets ($49) from The Land of Nod. We know they're... [More]


Team Teal Dress

Even though we kinda want to know if you're Team Peeta or if you're Team Gale, we're going to bring everyone together with the Team Teal Dress ($68). We're sure everyone can agree that the marriage between this teal print dress and yellow bow sash is one for the storybooks.... [More]


Bedhead Curlipops 1 Inch Reverse Conical Styling Iron

We've always taken issue with curling irons, seeing how we never actually attained the perfect curly mop. We couldn't get the curls to lie correctly at the scalp, since they were the same size from top to bottom. The Bedhead Curlipops 1 Inch Reverse Conical Styling Iron ($30) actually gives... [More]


eco eggs

With all of those plastic eggs and grass, Easter isn't exactly the most sustainable holiday. But next year, instead of turning a blind eye to all of that plastic waste while we cram Cadbury goodies down our throats, we're switching to eco eggs ($30). Available by the case, these extra... [More]


Switch Modular Pocket Knife

Who said Boy Scouts got to have a monopoly on being prepared? With the Switch Modular Pocket Knife ($80), you can carry a virtual toolbox in your pocket. The Switch comes with eighteen different attachments so that you can stock your pocket knife with whatever you think you're most likely... [More]


Epice Floral Print Scarf

We know it's ridiculous to wear scarves year-round. It's not like our necks need warming in eighty-degree weather! But all the same, we're slaves to fashion trends, and a gorgeous lightweight scarf, like this Epice Floral Print one ($139), will always be a favorite accessory. We'd like to think it... [More]


Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking

Creating lengthy lashes that attract quite a lot of attention, Yves Saint Laurent's Shocking mascara($30) takes it to the absolute limit in terms of volume. And just when you thought it was done showing off, it showed up with all of its friends, including Deep Black, Ashy Black, Bronze Black,... [More]


HABA Airy-Fairy Baby Swing

Get your kiddo prepped for a life of excitement with the HABA Airy-Fairy Baby Swing ($135). Plastic swings and chunky bouncy seats are for less adventurous babies. Yours will be parasailing in the living room one day, and hang gliding through the Grand Canyon the next! Don't worry, this swing... [More]


Viktor Gold Toothbrush Holders

We think of our traditional toothbrush holder as the Cup of Shame, thanks to the horrifying puddle of grime that always seems to accumulate inside of it. And no, that's not just because we don't clean it. We have conducted experiments and know that the scary grime puddle will appear... [More]


Navy Bird Tea Dress

This Navy Bird Tea Dress ($57) sings to us of lazy afternoons on the veranda of our estate, listening to the ice cubes clink against the glass as we sip our gin and tonic. We'll order the dress and we already have the gin. Now we just have to work... [More]


Personal Shopper: Sarah's Sweet Prom Dress

Sarah writes: "Hey Outblush! My sister loves outblush and told me about your site. I am looking for my dream prom dress but of course there was no link for where to purchase it. If you can't find this exact dress something similar would be perfect. I am willing to... [More]


J.Crew Boardwalk Tote

With all the pop and pizzazz packed into our summer gear, we like that the J.Crew Boardwalk Tote ($60) is on the subdued side. Because neon is trending, we bought into it with our swimsuit and cover-up. We'll end up purchasing new beachwear next summer anyway. We'd like to keep... [More]


Made With Love Fabric

This fabric is Made With Love ($14 per yard) and will be used with adoration. We're thinking of sewing pillows, fashioning curtains, or even making a funky quilt out of this whimsical textile. We love finding playful fabric prints!... [More]


Baby, You Spin Me Right Round Poster

Finally, someone captured our sentiments about our KitchenAid stand mixer in a cute and clever print! The Baby, You Spin Me Right Round Poster ($19) by Oh, Dear Molly deserves a spot on our kitchen wall so it can remind us to do a little singing and dancing while we... [More]


Edible Sugar Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. We think that's especially so when they are atop a decadent cupcake. Don't be alarmed if we bedazzle every baked good with these Edible Sugar Diamonds ($11). We're girly. And, like Lady Gaga, we were born that way.... [More]


Amazonite Bracelet

The Amazonite Bracelet ($26) by DeuceFashion appeals to us just as much as the current season of Mad Men. It's three parts groovy, two parts organic, and completely fashion fun. We fully expect to see it dangling off the wrist of the new Mrs. Don Draper. Zou Bisou Bisou indeed!... [More]


Knotty Bubbles Chandelier

So what if this Knotty Bubbles Chandelier ($15,000) falls in the "wildest dreams" realm? A girl can dream, right? Hung over a nautical chaise lounge, this cluster of lights would make our apartment look like a posh beach house. If only...... [More]


Castro Green Floral Sunglasses

Who says funky sunglass frames have to be limited to bright primary colors or tortoiseshell? These Castro Green Floral Sunglasses sport their classic shape in a fun gold-and-green floral. We think that makes them the face fashion equivalent of stirring a fresh caipirinha with a solid gold straw.... [More]


Eminence Citrus Exfoliating Wash

We have a mirror in our shower that helps to show us all the imperfections in our skin that we're too busy to notice when we aren't confined to a shower stall. Most of those imperfections can be placed in the Your Pores Are Showing category. So we picked up... [More]


Wendy Mink Blue Layered Necklace

We're blue, ba da ba dee da, ba die ba da ba dee da.... Earworm nineties Eurodance songs aside, we're blue over the fact that we don't have enough spare change at the moment to snap up this Wendy Mink Blue Layered Necklace ($245). Anyone got enough green to lend... [More]


Rainbow Chopsticks

You bought the Groupon for the sushi-making class and actually used it. Kudos! Now what? Test out your skills at home and invite a few friends over to sip on sake. Even if your rolls don't look as beautiful as they did during your highly supervised lesson, your colorful collection... [More]


Cheap Thrill: DHC Olive Soap Mini

Jet-setting for a weekend has its perks. Room service, spa days, a reason to sign up for Groupon, an excuse to buy a new bathing suit. But it also has its cons, starting with the separation from our favorite bottles of goop since FAA regulations tell us we can't love... [More]


King Kai Pool Float

Summer is coming, but this King Kai Pool Float ($250) is making us wish it would hurry the heck up. Think beanbag chair meets inner tube - a soft, floating cushion made of buoyant foam beads encased in breathable Sunbrella fabric. That's right, no plastic - which means you're less... [More]


Chainmail Sweater

You'll be the life of the Renaissance Faire party with this Chainmail Sweater ($120). Sure, some of the super nerds might give you trouble because it isn't made from actual chainmail, but rayon is much easier to wash and doesn't have to be oiled every two weeks. If we can't... [More]


Handyman In-Your-Pocket

Is that a Handyman In-Your-Pocket ($12), or are you just happy to be renovating your kitchen?... [More]


Big Pocket Shorts

High waistlines are coming back. We're sure of it. Actually, we're praying for it. Why? For one thing, unless you're a sixteen-year-old track and field champion, today's low-cut trends have a tendency to squeeze love handles out of places that looked perfectly svelte in the buff. These Big Pocket Shorts... [More]


Poppies Flower Kit

We loooove having fresh flowers in the house, but the cost of keeping a vase full of non-drooping, fragrant buds on our table is a tad too high. And last time we checked our husband only springs for them on birthdays, anniversaries, and special events (like really, really pissing us... [More]


Super Grippy Yoga Gloves

No longer will we worry about doing a face-plant while practicing the downward dog. These Super Grippy Yoga Gloves ($15) won't budge while you're in slippery positions. Now you can focus on your breathing instead of not making any other awkward moves or noises. Don't pretend you don't know what... [More]

Fat Daddios Adjustable Cake Leveler

Fat Daddio's Adjustable Cake Leveler

Love Cake Boss? We admit those bakers definitely have mad skills, but when you have all the right tools it's much much easier to roll out those gorgeous cakes. Fat Daddio's Adjustable Cake Leveler ($8) enables you to level your cake and then fill it with more deliciousness - strawberry... [More]


Topshop Secret Liasons Eye Palette

We bet if we set out the Topshop Secret Liasons Eye Palette ($25) in a hidden location somewhere in the depths of Asia, we could lure in Carmen Sandiego. Seriously. It is from the Smoke and Mirrors Collection, which Ms. Sandiego clearly has a master's in. It would fit into... [More]


Willemstad Necklace

Wow. The Willemstad Necklace ($58) is colorblocking done right! You've got your neutral (grey), pastel (pink), and neon (yellow), all strung up into the perfect beaded statement piece. We want this in our accessory artillery to break out when we need to feel confident, trendy, and feminine. We know it'll... [More]


ASOS CURVE Exclusive Coral Skinny Jeans #4

Blah blah blah plus-sized girls can't wear skinny jeans or colored denim blah blah blah... We happen to think your curvaceous ass will look even more fabu in a pair of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Coral Skinny Jeans #4 ($57). So. THERE.... [More]


Marshmallow Madness

Have you ever tasted a homemade marshmallow? Wow! Someone shared a batch with us and we seriously wanted to stuff 'em all in our mouths at once (a la "chubby bunny") and savor the sweet flavors forever. According to Marshmallow Madness ($17) by Shauna Sever, we're capable of making our... [More]


The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

We celebrated the return of Mad Men with a 1960s feast: a wedge salad, pot roast with potatoes, creamed spinach, and a pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. It was truly delicious, but made us understand why the life expectancy in 1965 was eight years lower than in 2010. While we... [More]


Nail Rock Toonland

We are precious-cats-on-YouTube watching, scarf-knitting, box-wine-drinking, Nintendo 3DS playing geeks. Dorks. Computer specialists. Cat ladies. Whatever you want to call us. And we're also wearing these Nail Rock Toonland ($12) wraps. All without shame. NO SHAME!!! You hear us? NO SHAME!... [More]


Cloth Extension Cord

There's almost no getting around wires peeping out from behind tables and dressers. We try not to cringe every time we see those ugly white (or, heaven forbid, orange) extension cords trailing along our baseboards, but we can't help hating their ugliness. But Hallelujah, Best Made Company finally tackled the... [More]


Bamboo Desktop Tablet

What, a white board that's not actually white? This Bamboo Desktop Tablet ($20) is a much cooler take on run-of-the-mill dry-erase boards. This just might be our new to-do list vehicle, weekly menu planner, or brainstorming pad.... [More]


Cavallini New York Postcards

We long for a trip to the Big Apple! Considering we're not hopping coasts for a while (sigh) we'll have to whet our appetite with these cool Cavallini New York Postcards ($14). They might not be as relaxing as walking through Central Park or exciting as catching a show on... [More]


Hanging Bird Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who has the cutest house of all? We do, thanks to this Hanging Bird Mirror ($40).... [More]


Vintage-Inspired Navy Blue Swimsuit

Get your Bettie Page on in this delightfully retro Vintage-Inspired Navy Blue Swimsuit ($75). The adorably skirted cut in the front means we won't have to skip a trip to the beach just because our bikini wax got canceled, and the gathered sides go some way towards concealing that extra... [More]


I Like Big Beaches Canvas Bag

Why? Why do we find the pun on this I Like Big Beaches Canvas Bag ($33) so hilarious? It's like we're a buncha teenage boys over here or something. But seriously, the "Baby Got Back" reference makes us snicker and then hop on over to YouTube and put on Sir... [More]

Personal Shopper Trench For Dana

Personal Shopper: A Black Trench for Dana's European Getaway

Says Dana: "1. What size (shoe or dress) are you? 4 2. What is your maximum budget? $800 3. If this is for a wedding or event (i.e. a party, a birthday), when IS the event? Trip to a wedding in a castle in Scotland & then a week in... [More]


Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack

You've seen us promote Bliss products on the site before but maybe you were never sure which you should buy. Well, wonder no more. The Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack ($25) covers all the bases, from Lemon+Sage Body Butter to Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. After indulging in all six Bliss-ful bursts of... [More]


D&G P Large Basic Glam Sunglasses

We're trading in our flattering cat-eye sunnies for these brightly colored D&G P Large Basic Glam Sunglasses ($135). We swore we'd never go back to buglike oversize shades, but we'll retract our promise in order to wear these lovelies. Besides, we've never seen a bug with orange eyes, so we're... [More]


Carmen Woven Boot

If we could put our ear to the tall boot trend, we're sure we'd hear it say, "I'm not dead yet!" Case in point: this Carmen Woven Boot ($498). Made with fabulously soft vintage leather, Carmen comes cleverly woven in a way that reminds us of the top of a... [More]


House Salt + Pepper Shakers

Super cute alert! We're fairly certain these House Salt + Pepper Shakers ($14) are the most adorable way to flavor your dinner, unless someone has invented a vinegar bottle shaped like the Travelocity gnome. In matte white, they'll go with whatever decor you're rocking in the kitchen. There's even a... [More]


Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence Hair Mask

We love us some Jenna Marbles. But despite how hilarious and educated she is, she still suffers from dry, damaged hair, as evinced by the picture she posted recently on Instagram. If we were real life best friends with her like we are in our heads, we'd suggest she try... [More]


Revlon Scented Nail Enamel

We love it in our lip gloss, so why the heck not add a little fruity fragrance to our manicure routine? Revlon Scented Nail Enamel ($5) comes in a grab bag of funky colors that are fun for our noses, too, from Cotton Candy to Mad About Mango. It's a... [More]


AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie Jeans

We're decidedly dotty over these AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie Jeans ($178)... True, nearly two Benjamins is a lot to pay for a pair of pants we couldn't pair with too many things in our closet, but look at them. Just LOOK. Maybe it's the pattern, but we're hypnotized into... [More]


Garmin GTU 10

You could use the Garmin GTU 10 ($177) for keeping track of your kids or finding your boyfriend who is supposedly going to "poker night" with the guys. But we think the Garmin would be priceless for keeping track of the teddy bear that Junior absolutely will not go to... [More]


Cake Pop Decorating Stand

Assuming any of the cake pops actually make it (we can't say no to cake on a stick) to the Cake Pop Decorating Stand ($5), this pedestal makes frosting and fancifying tasty cake lollies way easier. Simply set up the stand, add the pops as you decorate them, and wait... [More]


Zakaria Necklace

Adorable little skull accents and boldly spiked bead goodness are just two of the reasons we're loving the Day of the Dead-inspired Zakaria Necklace ($570). We also think it would look awesome against those tank tops we buy in six-packs from the men's department at Kmart. Five hundred plus bucks... [More]


Endorphin Choker Necklace

The funky squiggles of this Endorphin Choker Necklace ($640) aren't just a particularly cool design choice. They depict the thirty-one amino acids that make up what is probably your favorite compound: human beta-endorphin. Imagine what you'd feel like eating a big bar of chocolate while sitting in a Jacuzzi full... [More]


Cotton Candy Design Tin Holder

Admittedly we're not the most chipper in the morning, so anything that helps us add a little spring to our step and get our day going on the right track is a must. Obviously tea and coffee are near and dear to those objectives. We love these Cotton Candy Design... [More]


A Year of Fortunes

Fortune cookies are gross. They're usually stale, for one thing. And when they're not stale, they still taste like cardboard. Why should we have to get through this nasty excuse for a pastry just to find out what the Fates have in store for us? Are the gods that cruel?... [More]


T. LeClerc Transparent Lipstick in Tweed

Looking for a nude lipstick that isn't quite so nude? T. LeClerc Transparent Lipstick in Tweed ($25) is like wearing pasties underneath a sheer top. Just the right amount of coverage without having to sacrifice the whole ensemble by going sans bra. Nobody looks good sporting two dollops of daisy.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: I Love Not Camping Cosmetic Bag

The Great Outdoors is, you know, great and all, but wearing makeup and feeling pretty is better. Celebrate the fact that you are not currently in a hair-dryer-free wilderness with this I Love Not Camping Cosmetic Bag ($17). What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to... [More]


Judith Lieber Night Eau de Parfum Spray

Once upon a time, there was a designer who lived among mere mortals, creating and designing gorgeous clutches, ridiculous minaudières, and chic jewelry. One day, she simmered down just a bit and conceived her Judith Lieber Night Eau de Parfum Spray ($175). Inside this art-deco-inspired bottle is a scent both... [More]


Seychelles Mixed Emotions Heel

Call it what you will, but the Seychelles Mixed Emotions Heel ($80) does not, in fact, leave us with mixed emotions. We're quite steadfast in our love for this kitten-heeled peep toe. It comes in three different patterns and colors, but the peach polka dot pair is our favorite. We... [More]

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Sometimes we hate buying gifts from bridal registries because they're boring. How can a bride be excited when she opens four yellow towels and washcloths? Oooh ahhh. B-O-R-I-N-G...Give her something that will wow her like the Personalized Cutting Board ($35). Maybe even throw in a few awesome chopping knives as... [More]


The Belle Preppy Plaid Fabric Shoe Clip Bows

Don't have enough in the budget for new spring shoes? Give your old ones a little more life with The Belle Preppy Plaid Fabric Shoe Clip Bows ($20) by The Belle and the Beau. These cute bows take a plain pair of flats or heels and add a splash of... [More]


Urban Decay Brow Box

Tweezers? Check. Brow color? Double check. Wax to keep brows in place? Checkmate. Brush to apply said color and wax? Well, obviously. Mirror to see how jacked up our brows have gotten throughout the day? Sad face check. Urban Decay Brow Box ($29), keeping things real on-the-go or in the... [More]


B66 S Women's Comfort Bike Saddle

Those cruiser bikes look cute, but they sure do make your butt hurt after fifteen minutes of pedaling. Swap that standard seat out for the B66 S Women's Comfort Bike Saddle ($135) and give your backside a little shock absorption. It's either that or start gorging on Twinkies to build... [More]


philosophy love sweet love

Here at Outblush, we're well-acquainted with the awesomeness of philosophy products, so we did a little jig when we saw their new scent, love sweet love ($42, 2oz) go up on their homepage. We need a new warm weather scent! Just a quick spray or two, and we smell youthful... [More]


Moonlit Clearing Letterpress Print

Finally, we found a cool animal letterpress print that didn't include a cat, an elephant, or some combination of both! Those are a wee bit hipster for us, but this Moonlit Clearing Letterpress Print ($40) will add a whimsical appeal to any room. We like the earthy colors and simple... [More]


Snakeskin Glitter Heel

Are they kidding? Shoes as over the top shiny-fabulous as this Snakeskin Glitter Heel ($33) usually set us back a Benjamin plus. And they're giving these rainbow-hued beauties away for less than pair of Jacksons? Sold!... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Coral Damask Prom Dress

We don't know about you, but our prom dresses were nothing like this svelte Dorothy Perkins Coral Damask Prom Dress ($59, on sale)! Ours were more way more pastel-taffeta-to-our-ankles than mid-thigh-vintage. We think we prefer the latter. But hey, we wouldn't trade our prom night for anything! Plus, we're gonna... [More]


MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow

MAKE UP FOR EVER is a go-to brand for us. One of our all-time favorite products is their Microfinish HD Powder. And now we can add their Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow ($22) to our list of M.U.F.E. (no one actually uses that acronym) Favorites. Except we don't actually... [More]


Bad Ass Knee Socks

Pick your summertime sport poison. Are you planning on joining your watering hole's softball team? Have you been asked to play forward in an indoor soccer league? Even if you're just penciling in a few rounds of frisbee golf, please, please don't leave behind your pair of Bad Ass Knee... [More]


Goodly Whale Bottle Opener

Imagine how impressed your friends will be when they ask you for help opening a cold brew and you lend them a hand by way of this cute little whale paperweight? We're going to name our Goodly Whale Bottle Opener ($24) Moby, because he wants so badly to help us... [More]


Melissa Sandals

These Melissa Sandals ($98) are exactly what we've been looking for to polish our spring look. We plan on wearing them with fresh sundresses or with skinny jeans and a blazer. They've got so many rave reviews we're hoping for a few ourselves.... [More]

Personal Shopper Nikki Dress

Personal Shopper: A Dress for Nikki to Wear to an April Wedding

Nikki writes: "I'm attending a wedding in mid April and need something to wear. The invitation did not specify the type of event, however my husband is a friend to the groom and he said it's a "formal" wedding. I'm 5'2" and have tan skin and dark brown hair, so... [More]


Hamadi Shea Leave In

Does Hamadi actually make anything without shea as the featured ingredient? Probably. But they seem to do some great things with their star performer so we keep buying their shea-ness. Our newest acquisition is the Shea Leave In ($17), a multi-purpose product that can be used as a daily conditioner... [More]


Leather Pocket Belt

Yes, it fastens around your waist and conveniently holds all your stuff, but we very strongly insist that this totally hip and fashionable Leather Pocket Belt ($135) is not - we repeat, not - a fanny pack. (Please let it not be a fanny pack.)... [More]


Seaweed Friendship Bracelet

Remember friendship bracelets? Those hours spent painstakingly weaving together bits of thread into ambitious patterns as a way of showing your closest buds how much you care? Turns out, they're making a comeback. This Seaweed Friendship Bracelet ($42) gives the theme a twist with the addition of leather cord, gold... [More]


Downtown Knife Block

Knife blocks are boooor-ring - unless they're the Downtown Knife Block ($200), that is. A big hunk of wood just takes up an awkward rectangle of your already limited counter space, but the Downtown Block fits elegantly up against the wall or beside the fridge. The magic power of magnets... [More]


Carthusia 1681

It's not often we find a fragrance that reminds us both of ourselves and our significant male others, but Carthusia 1681 ($95-130) has us spellbound. The opening number is light and flirtatious, starting with mandarin, bergamot and rosemary. But when it dries, it calms down into a smooth cedar and... [More]


Rainbow Moon Boot

We don't care that it isn't winter anymore. We're buying these Rainbow Moon Boots ($150) anyway. Why? Because they look like Rainbow Brite would have worn them. What else do we need to say?... [More]


Kashmiri Curry by Maya Kaimal

Who wants curry tonight? We do! Who wants to spend a few hours making authentic curry? Not us, thankyouverymuch! Kashmiri Curry by Maya Kaimal ($10) gives us that we-just-slaved-away-in-the-kitchen result even though we spent more time watching Mob Wives (while the chicken simmered) than we spent in the actual kitchen.... [More]


Chanel Le Vernis Spring 2012 Collection

Don't mind us. We're just sitting here pining away over the new Chanel Le Vernis Spring 2012 Collection ($26 each). We don't think three expensive nail colors are in the budget, but we also can't decide on which one to get. Maybe we'll set aside the cash each month. April... [More]


The Original Mustache Sunglasses

Can't grow your own 'stache? Let The Original Mustache Sunglasses ($10) by Sun-Staches do the work for you! You can get these in classic black or go wild with your fake facial follicles and nab a pair in neon pink or green, or even animal print. We couldn't think of... [More]


Ikat Handbags

Yes, tiny bejeweled clutches are adorable. But how the heck are we supposed to cart our lives around in them? Our lives are big. They need space. That's why we're going to save the bejeweled clutches for daydreams of romantic dinners with Ryan Gosling, and opt for one of these... [More]


Pistachio Gingham Placemat Roll

Tear off placemats from this 70s-vibe Pistachio Gingham Placemat Roll ($38) to set a groovy picnic (or picnic-style) table. We love the fact that the roll contains twelve washable/disposable perforated placemats, because basically it's up to you how many you want to use and if you really want to try... [More]


Bergamot Grapefruit Soap with Lemon Peel and Earl Grey Tea

There isn't a whole lot that makes us want to get up in the morning. Especially when our bed is nice and toasty and our room is freaking frigid! However, this Bergamot Grapefruit Soap with Lemon Peel and Earl Grey Tea ($8) helps perk us up once we're actually in... [More]


Pointed Zebra Flat

We know we'll be lucky if these Pointed Zebra Flats ($17) last us a month before they fall apart. But we expect it will be a glorious month. Our reasons include: They're zebra print! They're cotton rather than vinyl, which makes it less likely the color will peel off and... [More]


Tajika Flower Shear

Why would you want to use an ordinary pair of kitchen scissors when snipping blossoms from your personal cutting garden (aka the neighbor's yard)? Just think of how picturesque you'll look using the Tajika Flower Shear ($70). The handcrafted shape is so unusual, your neighbor will likely ask you about... [More]


KNAPPA Pendant Lamp

We've been trying to figure out how to hang a lamp from our bedroom ceiling for much longer than we care to admit, but as soon as we find a way to do so, we will be showing off this beautiful KNAPPA pendant ($30). We are anti bright lights, so... [More]


Melissa Campana Zigzag Ballerina Flat

We used to beg for jelly shoes! Of course, about the time we finally had babysitting money to buy them ourselves, they all but disappeared! The cruelty! These rad Melissa Campana Zigzag Ballerina Flats ($80) satisfy our lust for jellies and anything glittery. Pair them with everything from work basics... [More]


Jurlique Purely Sun-Defying Moisturizer with SPF 15 Sunscreen

Ever use one of those daily moisturizers that require you to wait fifteen minutes before applying makeup? They just sit on the skin, making it impossible to put on foundation or blush. Not Jurlique Purely Sun-Defying Moisturizer with SPF 15 Sunscreen ($58). It soaks in almost as quickly as you... [More]


Lily Lace Dress

Salmon has quickly become our favorite spring color. It compliments just about every skin tone, and is the right blend of feminine and bold. Pair the pretty hue with lace, and you've got a winner! The Lily Lace Dress ($145) will be our go-to frock for spring parties and weddings.... [More]


Model Three Clock Radio

Thought video killed the radio star? Actually, it was the MP3. But we're willing to put on our necromancer hats and stage a resurrection just for the excuse to play with this retro-chic Model Three Clock Radio ($299) - even if it means we have to listen to "Friday" every... [More]


All In The Moment Dress

Why do we truly, madly, deeply love this All In The Moment Dress ($59)? Because it's brilliantly different without being unwearable. The asymmetric folding of the skirt, the innovative line, the adorable combination of peach and denim. It's sophisticated, unusual, and flirty. Just like us.... [More]


"Please Smell Us" Vase

You know what the rest of your vases are missing? Instructions. This super cute flower vase ($46) from Rob Ryan reminds us of one of the very important reasons we bring flowers home in the first place. After all, they're not just to make us feel better because we don't... [More]