Personal Shopper: Vintage Style Dresses for Krissa's Birthday at the Races

Krissa wrote: "I am turning 27 this March and I am celebrating with a Day at the Races at the Santa Anita Park! I am obsessed with all things 1950s! What vintage looking dresses and hats would you recommend for me that won't break my budget! Ya know, so I'll... [More]


Ann Taylor Teardrop Sequin Mini Skirt

Somewhere between mermaid and mod we find the Ann Taylor Teardrop Sequin Mini Skirt ($275). We haven't quite figured out when we'll have the chance to wear it, but we know that when the time comes, we'll get our shimmy on to make all of those mirrored bits swish and... [More]


Botkier Eden Satchel

Talk about the ultimate in modern sophistication! The Botkier Eden Satchel ($595) is all we could ever want in a handbag. The cowhide top zip satchel comes in a few different color options, but we're feeling the blue and lavender colorblock. It's got spring written all over it. Now we... [More]


Dove Grey Elephants Scarf

Put your grey elephants on parade. This Dove Grey Elephants Scarf ($36) adds a whimsical feel to winter wear. And we need some of that whimsy, cause this cold weather is not funny (or fun) anymore, dammit!... [More]



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The Perfectly Imperfect Home

The Perfectly Imperfect Home ($30) sounds like our house. Except with more emphasis on the imperfect aspect of it. Deborah Needleman teaches through her book how to create a home that combines personal style with essential elements like lighting, comfort, and design. We need this book stat!... [More]


mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow Violet Femme Shades

If you've been lucky enough to pick up on the I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow movement from Avon, then you know how sweet these Violet Femme Shades ($6 each) really are. You can customize your palette for the occasion, for the season, or for whatever suits your fancy. Our fancy... [More]


Pet Peek

Hey. Hey you. Hey you watcha got? Is that bacon? Did I smell bacon? Dog. More dogs. I smell four dogs. I smell girl dog. Girl dog. Girl. Bacon. Bacon girl. SQUIRREL! Pet Peek ($35)... [More]


Yellow Teacup Ring

We feel so delightfully English wearing our Yellow Teacup Ring ($12). Enjoy a cuppa all day long with this bitty teacup-embellished bauble. An adjustable band makes sure it fits just right. This is definitely our cup of tea.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Family Friendly Beach Wedding Guest Dress for Claire

Claire wrote: "I am going to my boyfriend's uncle's wedding in Puerto Rico in early June. It's going to be a beach wedding, and I've been told that anything more than sandals and a sundress will be, well, overdressed. That said, I'm meeting a lot of his extended family, and... [More]


Red Plaid Changing Mat Set

Who knew changing a diaper could look so high-class? Apparently Ralph Lauren. Red Plaid Changing Mat Set ($35).... [More]


Triangle Tote Bag

We foresee many trips to the library and farmers' market in our future thanks to this Triangle Tote Bag ($85). We love the solid and print contrast fabrics and leather straps. We also love the fact that it's big enough to hold all the books and DVDs (including the Road... [More]

Moonstruck Chocolate Milk Chocolate Spring Fling Truffles

Moonstruck Milk Chocolate Spring Fling Truffles

If you love truffles a fraction as much as we do, you'll be over the moon for these. Creamy milk chocolate hugs sinfully delicious chocolate ganache inside this pretty treat. Moonstruck Milk Chocolate Spring Fling Truffles ($45 for 20 pieces)... [More]


Round Cotton Placemat

Most of the time we just push aside the stacks of magazines and paper clippings on our table to make room for the meal we slapped together. But every once in a while it's important to sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal. Okay, it's important to sit down and... [More]


Skeleton Pterodactyl Necklace

Get prehistoric with your geek chic accessories by wearing the Skeleton Pterodactyl Necklace ($32) by Designosaur. We're of the opinion that the pterodactyl is one of the coolest dinos (after the stegosaurus, of course), so we're psyched to clasp the image of one around our necks. Now, to get uber... [More]


Honey Jar and Stick

When you're rumbly in your tumbly and it's time for something sweet, look to this Honey Jar and Stick ($38) set. It doesn't come with honey, but it keeps your honey contained and ready to smear on biscuits and to stir into tea. No bother.... [More]


Lollipop Splash The Remix Vision of Love Eau de Parfum

Sometimes we want some high art and some drama in our fragrances. And other times we want something something cute and pink and fuzzy. And while Vision of Love is technically purple, it still does the job. Our hands-down favorite from the second trio of Mariah Carey fragrances (we liked... [More]



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Dooney & Bourke Florentine Domed Buckle Satchel

We love just about anything Dooney & Bourke, but their Florentine Domed Buckle Satchel ($398) just gave us a huge new reason to love this brand. Not to mention the nine colors not shown, giving us another nine excuses to stay D&B loyal. With internal pockets galore, this could either... [More]



JELL-O has gotten a big makeover since wiggly lime salads studded with shredded carrots, pineapple, and marshmallows were all the rage. Victoria Belanger's HELLO, JELL-O! ($12) is full of fifty tasty recipes that go above and beyond JELL-O jigglers and cubes. Try your hand at Pear and Lychee Martinis, Chai... [More]


Sagaform All Purpose Glasses

Our pants were getting a bit tight, so we're on the no booze bandwagon for a few weeks while things work themselves out. (We love the buzz, but hate the empty calories!) In order to still feel festive, we've taken to drinking our sparkling water out of these colorful Sagaform... [More]


Jubjub Bird Skirt

Will we be wearing this Jubjub Bird Skirt ($58) every chance we can get this spring? Is Ryan Gosling one of the sexiest men on the planet? Um, yes. We can't get enough of the stained glass-inspired print and on-seam pockets (how handy is that!). We're gonna wear it with... [More]


Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Mascara

Va-va-va-voom without the ka-ka-ka-boom. Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Mascara ($23) pumps up your lashes without any animal ingredients and without ever having been tested on animals. Guilt-free beauty without a guilty price. This classic mascara is smudge-resistant, fragrance-free, and perfect for sensitive eyes. And animal-loving hearts, for that matter.... [More]


Attic Floral Decorative Packing Tape

We know we're not the only ones who have been ashamed at our lack of floppy curly cutesy bow skills at birthday parties and baby showers. We like the idea of forgetting ribbons and competitive wrapping and simply dressing up gifts with some stylish tape. This Attic Floral Decorative Packing... [More]


Bauer Cookie Jar

The idea of a cookie jar has always appealed to us, but a gaudy ceramic [insert-cute-chubby-animal-here] sitting on our counter just wouldn't fit with the chic vibe of our kitchen. Unfortunately, standing at the cabinet shoving Oreos into our mouths out of a plastic tray doesn't have a chic vibe... [More]


Best Bitches Necklace

Because Best Friends necklaces are so middle school. Best Bitches Necklace ($38) (Got more than one bestie? shama also makes a Best Bitches necklace for three!)... [More]


Trend Alert: Sheer Apparel Under $50

They're here, they're sheer - get used to seeing this sexy trend everywhere this spring. 1 - Castles in the Sky Neon Pink Tank Top ($27) 2 - Hummingbird Coral Pink Dress ($36) 3 - West Coast Wardrobe Sheer Chiffon Maxi Skirt ($22 on sale) 4 - American Apparel Chiffon... [More]


ASA Memo Mug

We've all been to those parties where everyone takes a cup, leaves it somewhere, takes a cup, leaves it somewhere, and repeats the process until the event looks like a college frat party. Not classy. We're not keen on reenacting that with our morning coffee, either. Keep dibs on your... [More]



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Antique Silver Finish Candle Sticks

We're not gonna lie, a lot of nights are spent eating dinner while watching episodes from The Wonder Years (Netflix has the whole series on watch instantly!!). Every once in a while, however, we bust out the fancy dinnerware and have a romantic dinner with eye contact and conversation with... [More]


American Apparel Sheer Luxe Punctuation Pantyhose

We know American Apparel is a pretty polarizing company, but we can't help but be enamored with their Sheer Luxe Punctuation Pantyhose ($25). We've seen them popping up on celebs, in fashion photography, and on the hippest street style blogs. They're a bold statement, but we hope to work 'em... [More]


Yarka St. Petersburg Watercolor Set

This year we were thinking of filling our apartment with hand-painted art. We are definitely NOT artists, but we think it would be fun to create some of our own pieces. We plan on grabbing our husband, packing up the Yarka St. Petersburg Watercolor Set ($50), bringing some brushes and... [More]


Gold Piñata

Make your fiesta extra fabulous with this Gold Piñata ($140). Handmade and filled with hand-cut confetti, this piñata adds major glamour to your event. We think a posh Cinco de Mayo party is in order. Load up on custom sangria, a tasty taco bar, and playful variations on traditional flan.... [More]


Mara Hoffman Totem Violet Bikini

The Mara Hoffman Totem Violet Bikini ($200) is not for timid girls, that's for sure. There's all sorts of "Hey! Look at my tits! Check out my crotch!" detailing going on. But we actually think it is very cute. The colors, design and double back clasps make this a fun,... [More]


French Ceramic Salt Cellar

The sad little Tupperware container that's been holding our salt is about to get the boot. This French Ceramic Salt Cellar ($9) is a chic way to get your sodium in. We'll be lining it up with our little bottles of balsamic and olive oil for a properly European table.... [More]


J.Crew Viv Stripe Flat

Perfect spring flat? We think so. The J.Crew Viv Stripe Flat ($198) is pointedly perfect with jeans, leggings, dresses, and even office attire. We want to buy a boat just to wear these little darlings out to sea. But since we've just spent $200 on a pair of shoes, we'll... [More]


Kartell Stone Stool

Add some sparkle to your living room with one of these Kartell Stone Stools ($245). Made from polycarbonate, it features a cool faceted pattern that really catches the light. We can see this making an awesome beside table, stool, or glitzy side table.... [More]


Broad-Winged Dove Clips

Totally romantic, these Broad-Winged Dove Clips ($128 for 5) are perfect for hanging over the dessert table at a bridal shower. Have guests write marriage tips and good wishes for a personalized touch. Or bypass a mobile and cluster them in a baby's room with wishes for sweet dreams.... [More]


Amy Butler Sunblooms Stationery Box

Oh, how we love Amy Butler's cheerful fabrics, fun crafts, and chipper stationary. We're certain we need this Amy Butler Sunblooms Stationery Box ($15) for our birthday thank-you notes. We're digging the cool vintage-inspired floral print that reminds us of a tropical resort. Wish we were there.... [More]


Preserved Lemons

We've been on somewhat of a Moroccan bender lately. Between the colorful tableware and the delicious cuisine we can't see our obsession ending anytime soon. We came across these Preserved Lemons ($8) and knew we had to try them. The website says they're meant to be sliced thinly and used... [More]


Breakups & Rejections

Our college years were a long streak of serial dating (We liked to keep our options open. And the free dinners didn't hurt, thank you very much.), but the one time we considered making a go of it we got the greatest rejection of all time. After one month of... [More]


CamelBak Ice Queen

It's the holy grail of outdoor gear: something that's functional and actually pretty. The CamelBak Ice Queen Hydration Pack ($60 on sale) will hold your necessities for a daytime hike (or a really strenuous trip to that megasize outlet mall) as well as two liters of water to keep you... [More]


Christina Beauty Globes

We're not gonna lie, we think these Christina Beauty Globes ($88) look like the gardening water globes you stick in your potted plants. But apparently rolling them over your face reduces puffiness, builds collagen to firm skin, and minimizes pores. So, essentially they're kinda like blue, oddly shaped magic wands.... [More]


Chococo Chocolate Cookbook

No matter how full our bookshelves get, there is ALWAYS room for a chocolate cookbook. The Chococo Chocolate Cookbook ($17) features recipes for cakes, cookies, brownies, desserts, and truffles, to mention a few. We really can't see the need to own any other dessert book...... [More]


Madewell Skinny Skinny Colorpop Jeans

Colored denim, neon, and skinny jeans are three trendy waters that many people fear to wade into. We suggest the more timid among you shield your eyes from these Madewell Skinny Skinny Colorpop Jeans ($110). It takes a brave soul to sport so jarring a hue, but those willing to... [More]


M Brace Planter Box Brace

When we were living with our in-laws we built some amazing raised planter boxes, and although they looked impressive and were super durable, they were pretty intense to assemble. Pretty intense as in "It's hot as hell and I want to die - are we almost done yet?" We're gonna... [More]


Alterna Winter Hair Anti Static Spray

We wish we had owned this Alterna Winter Hair Anti-Static Spray ($20) during our college years. That cold mountain air gave us some wild (and unwanted) hairdos. Ban static stick by spritzing this over your strands. The delicious smell is nothing to sniff at either. Wait...scratch that, it's totally worth... [More]


New York Subways Decorative Wrap

We've been noticing a trend toward wrapping presents in old maps for a vintage appeal. We love that idea. And we love that Paper Presentation went a step further and created this cool New York Subways Decorative Wrap ($5). We think it might be a cool personal touch to embellish... [More]


Royal Post Bed

Give your pup the royal treatment with this Royal Post Bed ($115 and up). We actually think this cool hand-appliquéd pillow will add to our apartment's appeal rather than just scream 'dog owner.'... [More]


Decorative Shower Curtain

Need a change in your boring bathroom? Switch things up with this Decorative Shower Curtain ($32). Made from a breathable material called Ty, this shower curtain resists mildew and is ready for you to draw on. The set comes with a blue or black magic marker, but you can use... [More]


L*Space Dolly Citrus Fringe Bandeau & Foxy Tab Bottom

Gosh darn it. Somebody accepted our challenge to create something with fringe we'd actually wear. Now we have to buy the L*Space Dolly Citrus Fringe Bandeau & Foxy Tab Bottom ($153). We're a little afraid of the price tag. But winning beach volleyball by distracting the other team with our... [More]


Seagull Doormat

We want to make this Seagull Doormat ($45) "mine".... [More]


Quips and Queries Cards

These Quips and Queries Cards ($28) come in five different sets, but our favorite is absolutely the 8-ball themed set, with each card sporting one of five different cryptic phrases that take us back to our youth. We're saving the ones that have "without a doubt" printed on top for... [More]


Jadeite Cake Stand

From displaying desserts to decorations, cake stands have been getting a lot of love lately. We've been on the hunt for a non-white, vintage-feeling stand, and we think we found it in this Jadeite Cake Stand ($54). We think its pale green color would look gorgeous showcasing a dark chocolate... [More]


Anthropologie Brighton Oxfords

We've been to Brighton and had we been wearing Anthropologie Brighton Oxfords ($148), we would have had a much better time. Don't get us wrong. The lunch we had at Crepes & Co was delicious. The rides on the Brighton Pier were exciting. Even the tour of the Royal Pavilion... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: February 27, 2012

That bag you never knew you needed? The Purse Page has it for you today in the Shopping List poll. Of course, if it's in the poll, it costs a small fortune, so unless you're expecting one jubilation of a tax refund you might be better off voting for your... [More]

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray

For us curly-haired chicks, John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray ($10) is like a slice of heaven. This amazing product keeps our curly (sometimes frizzy) fro perfectly straight for three days...and it doesn't require an expensive visit to the salon for a mediocre blowout.... [More]


L. Erickson Color Block Wide Tige Boule Barrettes

For those demure divas who want to try a on-trend look without going extreme, these sweet L. Erickson Color Block Wide Tige Boule Barrettes ($16) add a stylish bit of color blocking to your look. Start small and work your way up.... [More]

GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate

GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrat

We're always up for trying new beauty products, especially when they help those unsightly sun spots fade. GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate ($40) attacks those stubborn sun and age spots by reducing their size and lightening their color.... [More]


Reshape Studio Kissing Creamer and Sugar

We remember making our Barbies and G.I. Joes kiss over afternoon apple juice as kids. Now, our Kissing Creamer and Sugar ($70) are lip locking over morning coffee.... [More]

Carrot Tracker

Carrot Tracker

Are your employees stuck in a rut? Do they blankly stare at you every time you call a group meeting? Learn how to become a better motivator and leader with the Carrot Tracker ($17). Your worth will skyrocket like 24 karat gold!... [More]


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

Since college, our skin has changed significantly. During high school we ran with the T-Zones. Now that we've hit legitimate adulthood, the skin under our chin is more sensitive than a drunken sorority girl. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 ($38) is the coffee and greasy burger... [More]


Opening Ceremony X Back Dress

We have a slew of spring/summer concerts lined up but nothing to wear to a single show. The Opening Ceremony X Back Dress ($300) solved that problem the moment it was available for purchase. In order to get the best mileage out of this dress, we'll spruce it up with... [More]


Global Sun Oven

We were never Boy Scouts (or Girl Scouts), but we believe in the "Be Prepared" motto. We never leave our apartment without lip balm, a tampon, and at least ten bucks. This Global Sun Oven ($271) takes preparation to the next level. Take it on camping trips, keep it with... [More]


Anthropologie Bubo Cookie Jar

Whoooo. Whoooo stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Bubo Cookie Jar ($68)... [More]

West Elm Deconstructed Rose Pillow Cover

West Elm Deconstructed Rose Pillow Cover

In our opinion, you can never have too many shoes, handbags, or throw pillows! We definitely think we need to add the West Elm Deconstructed Rose Pillow Cover ($59) to our collection of beautiful pillows for the bed.... [More]


Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette Spray

It isn't new but it is a classic. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette Spray ($48) should be in every husband/boyfriend/lover/Barney Stinson impersonator's repertoire. There's a reason this fragrance still gets the ladies' engines revving. The top notes of bergamot, mint, and orange flower aren't overly aggressive but... [More]


Dog Doormat

Come in. Sit. Stay. Dog Doormat ($90).... [More]

Hippo Memo Holder

Hippo Memo Holder

We adore the Hippo Memo Holder ($16) because it reminds us of one of our favorite childhood games: Hungry Hungry Hippos. The only difference is this little hippo is hungry for our notes.... [More]


Leather Key Cover

Simple, stylish, and much cooler than the piece of duct tape that currently marks our house key, we would love to have this Leather Key Cover ($5) to help keep our keys organized. Of course, finding our keys in our purse is another issue...... [More]


Vasanti Professional Blush Brush

Our everyday makeup is simple and pretty laid-back. We don't smoke out our eyes or even wear nail polish a lot of the time. So brushes meant for sculpting chiseled cheeks need not apply on an average Tuesday. Instead, we reach for the Vasanti Professional Blush Brush ($29) to add... [More]


Square Scrabble Coasters

We think these Scrabble Coasters ($30) would be the perfect gift for the Scrabble enthusiast in your family. Or you could trot them out when you host a game night with a Scrabble theme. We'll be over with our extensive knowledge of words that contain the letter Q.... [More]


Thomas Paul Laptop Sleeve

We actually had to use an outdated typewriter occasionally for one of our college jobs (seven years ago) and though we'd never want to use one again, we love the vintage look of them. This Thomas Paul Laptop Sleeve ($66) pays homage to yesteryear while holding the modern computer we... [More]


Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

Find yourself rushing around the house cleaning, sorting, organizing, and occasionally stopping to eat, but never finding the time to take care of your skin? Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial ($48) works overnight to brighten and even skin tone without you needing to lift a... [More]


Distressed Finished Accent Table Lamp & Bird Appliqued Fabric Shade

We're going to spruce it up. Put birds on things. Make it pretty. PUT A BIRD ON IT! Distressed Finished Accent Table Lamp & Bird Appliqued Fabric Shade ($195)... [More]


Blue Bunny Infant Costume

If you'll be celebrating Easter this year, you might want to buy an adorable bunny costume ($30) for your baby boy or girl (costumes are available in blue and pink). Add more fun to the Easter egg hunt, or show off your cute bunny in church. Either way, we've never... [More]


Leopard Food Bowl

Add some sass to your feline's meal time with this Leopard Food Bowl ($8). We love that it adds flair to our kitchen without making us look like a crazy cat lady.... [More]


Aida Kibur Multi-Strand Neon Necklace

We've moved beyond dipping our toe into the neon trend and are now into it enough to be about knee-deep. We're not ready to don an entire neon outfit, but we know this trend is hot and here to stay, so we're finding some pieces to mix into our wardrobe.... [More]

Krooom Dollhouse Bookcase

Krooom Dollhouse Bookcase

Storybook storage just got a whole lot prettier thanks to the Krooom Dollhouse Bookcase ($60). The princess stories can go in the bedroom, number books in the bathroom, and alphabet books in the kitchen. Plus, this bookcase doubles as a toy.... [More]


Surface Push Styling Powder

So, you're saying we can skip out on washing our hair every day and STILL have awesome body and style? Sold. This Surface Push Styling Powder ($24) helps keep our hair static- and oil-free, while added organic ingredients give volume to our tresses. Sweet!... [More]

Rossi Pasta Chocolato Cabernet Tagliarini

Rossi Pasta Chocolato Cabernet Tagliarini

We usually sprinkle fresh chocolate over our scrumptious braised short ribs and pasta dish, but next time we're nixing the whole wheat pasta and incorporating Rossi Pasta Chocolato Cabernet Tagliarini ($7) into our recipe.... [More]

Skyline Furniture Velvet Tufted Fainting Sofa

Skyline Furniture Velvet Tufted Fainting Sofa

The Skyline Furniture Velvet Tufted Fainting Sofa is so stunningly beautiful that you'll simply want to faint when you set your eyes on it. This vintage-looking couch screams luxury and would be the perfect piece to add to our romantic boudoir for a little hanky panky.... [More]


Deux Lux Felix Weekender

As if going away for the weekend isn't already exciting enough, now we can pack our clothes in a smart, sturdy bag with added sparkle! The Felix Weekender Duffle ($137) has plenty of room for everything we'd pack for a weekend getaway with our man - especially since we spend... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Sunmate Lotion Applicator

Gosh, this seems like such a trivial product to endorse. But frankly, the Sunmate Lotion Applicator ($6) makes a lot of sense to a lot of different people. Those with arthritis, those with only one functioning arm, those with no roommates, and those with a strong aversion to the feeling... [More]


Easy Knotter

Has anyone else ever wondered how jewelry makers get their knots so perfectly spaced and even? We do. When we try to make homemade jewelry it tends to look, well, homemade. The Easy Knotter ($22) may seem like a brainless idea (duh, it's just tying knots), but it will give... [More]

Burger Bites Grill Pan

Burger Bites Grill Pan

Making weeknight burgers just got a whole lot easier! The Burger Bites Grill Pan ($20 on sale) grills up to seven burgers at one time so that the kids and their friends can sink their teeth into juicy burgers all together. The slider press also allows you to make uniform... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Crossover Dress

A fluid pattern, flattering lines, and a fabulous purple patent belt with a bow make this Multi Print Crossover Dress ($89) our go-to frock as we wait for the seasons to change. Right now it works well with tights and a coat, but in a few months we'll be able... [More]


Tarte Natural Cheek Stain

We once read in Cosmopolitan magazine that the best cheek is a flushed cheek. And since we won't be running around our office a few times a day to achieve that fresh-off-the-treadmill color, we use Tarte Natural Cheek Stain ($30) for naturally just-pinched pink cheeks. Just make sure you apply... [More]


Artograph Tracer Projector

Paint murals on walls, portraits on canvases, or cool cameos with the help of the Artograph Tracer Projector ($64). We want to take it to our kitchen cabinets and give them a custom facelift. We also think it would help make a cool craft at a kid's party. Trace each... [More]

Dylans Smelly Jelly Gel Pens

Dylan's Smelly Jelly Gel Pens

We have so many great memories of writing notes to our boyfriend of the week and we remember always using these funky glitter pens. Now that we're older, we still get the same feeling when use Dylan's Smelly Jelly Gel Pens. The only difference is now we write to-do lists... [More]


Happy Jeweled Headband

We admit we're late to the Gossip Girl bandwagon, but since we've been watching we've been noticing headbands everywhere. We totally want this Happy Jeweled Headband ($55) to show everyone at work that we're Queen H. Unfortunately, everyone at work is just us and our computer. This will not stop... [More]


Speck and Spot Confetti Poppers

Stock up on these Speck and Spot Confetti Poppers ($14 for 20) to celebrate a momentous birthday or anniversary. We love that they shoot a colorful blend of confetti and are affordable enough for you to grab some for all of your guests.... [More]


Buxom - Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish

Looking for a reason to shop at JCPenney now that they've hired Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson? Some actually have Sephora stores inside their doors. And Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish ($18) is the perfect excuse to check one out. The lip polish plumps, shines, and softens your pout... [More]


Planet Dog Wood Chuck

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? None, silly. The Planet Dog Wood Chuck ($25) is just supposed to chuck the included Orbee-Tuff RecycleBall. Designed to throw further without causing pain for the user, the Wood Chuck is ideal for taking along to the... [More]


Tinley Road Micro Pleat Blouse

Attention Universe! Here are our demands: 1. Make the weather warmer. 2. Leave a $20 bill on the sidewalk so we can find it and buy this One Shoulder Micro Pleat Blouse ($20 on sale) guiltlessly. 3. Give us a back like this model. If you can only make one... [More]


Amazon Beauty Rahua Voluminous Conditioner

Some people might think that creating volume and body for the hair starts at the shaft. Wrong. It all begins at the root. Amazon Beauty Rahua Voluminous Conditioner ($34) uses green tea and lemongrass to remove excess oil from the scalp and root of the hair allowing each individual strand... [More]


Polka Dot Chocolate Gift Box

We suppose we ought to be grateful to some people in the office who walked off with our box of yummy chocolate lollipops from Simply Sweet Arrangements, because swimsuit season is coming up, but given that we got to taste how yummy they were before that happened, we're not super... [More]


Forever 21 Dotted Hole Cardigan Sweater

Oversized and slouchy? Check. Delectable mustard yellow? Check. Under $25? We're definitely checking out with this Forever 21 Dotted Hole Cardigan Sweater ($25) in our shopping carts. It's the perfect go-to cardigan for those transitional late winter days, and spring mornings, and summer evenings - you get the idea.... [More]


Proenza Schouler PS1 iPad Case

If you're the kind of gal who loves her iPad so much that she'd consider paying more to dress it up than she did to own it, hey, more power to you! Consider the Proenza Schouler PS1 iPad Case ($685). That gorgeous grape leather is to die for. The kind... [More]


Resurf.a.stic by Blinc

As a gift to our husband we decided to wax our junk down south. Worst. Decision. Ever. We're pretty sure we got more ingrown hairs than we had actual hair. We didn't take off our panties in front of him for about ten days. After learning that extremely painful and... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Jurlique Rose Love Balm

It may not be as hot as Ryan Gosling outside, but that doesn't mean that your skin isn't dehydrated. Get wet with Jurlique Rose Love Balm ($7). Olive oil, safflower seed oil and beeswax keep your skin smooth and silky all winter long. Use it on cracked elbows, chapped lips... [More]


Beleza Bra Case

Not only will this Beleza Bra Case ($38) keep your spendy skivvies from getting squished, it'll also keep that lacy number out of sight of nosy TSA agents. We dread the thought of a complete stranger poking at our panties!... [More]


First Aid Beauty 5 In 1 Face Cream SPF 30

Do you have one cream for moisturizing, another for getting rid of wrinkles, a separate sunscreen, and another to protect your skin from free radicals? If so, you have a lot of space in your bathroom and should consider renting it out. But you should also get First Aid Beauty... [More]


Mr. T Tea Travel Mug

We pity the fool who doesn't find the Mr T. Tea Travel Mug ($20) totally awesome. If we're going to skip our morning coffee in favor of Earl Grey, we're gonna need a little extra kick from the A-Team hero himself. We suppose we could cheat and fill this porcelain... [More]


Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils

This set of Nest Utensils ($25) certainly looks a lot sleeker than our jumbled drawer of kitchen tools, and the utensils themselves are much more colorful than our current set. We're just wondering if we can convince our man that it'll take less time to sort through the neatly stacked... [More]


Keston Long Lash Mascara

If you care more about packaging than you do performance (hello, America's obsession with Lindsay Lohan), Keston Long Lash Mascara ($12 on sale) is right up your alley. It works just fine as a mascara but it works even better as an adorable addition to your makeup kit. Those sugary... [More]


Slice of Cake Pouch

Finally, a solution for my over-cluttered monster purse! Ever since we started putting our lipstick, bobby pins and extra earrings in this Slice of Cake Pouch ($14), finding them has been, well.... you know.... a piece of cake! Grooooan. (Like you didn't know it was coming.)... [More]


Best Eye Cream by Michelle

We wouldn't call a tube of Best Eye Cream by Michelle ($32) a miracle worker, but then again, neither would they. The BEC people are all about good products and honest marketing. This stuff won't change your life, but it will make the skin around your eyes feel smoother and... [More]


Sorbet Dessert Tube Dress In Lemon

Is it summer yet? Drooling over the Sorbet Dessert Tube Dress In Lemon ($53) makes us pine for the days when the sun beats down at a balmy eighty degrees. Then we can wear vibrantly colored strapless sundresses with sweetheart necklines and pretty sashes. We suppose we could wear them... [More]


TokyoMilk Clove Cigarette Lip Balm

We'll admit that lip balm is addictive - we can hardly go an hour without reapplying - but at least it's not as harmful as other addictions. Lucky for us, we found something for those times when we're craving one of our more shameful vices (i.e. standing outside the bar... [More]


Mr. Right/Mr. Wrong Pillowcase

The Mr. Right side is reserved for: Mr. Darcy, Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm, and whoever else you'd bring home to meet Mama. Just don't make the mistake of putting the Mr. Right side facing outward when that amazing guy you've only had three dates with comes over to your place... [More]

Cape for Kelly

Personal Shopper: The Perfect Cape for Kelly

Kelly writes: "Hi Outblush! I'm a huge fan!! And I have a desperate request... I fell in love with this cape from American Apparel, but I'm not sure I can justify $200 for a non-jacket! Here's the tough part, I live in Canada (brrrr) and I wear a size 14.... [More]


Effortless Extensions

So you cut your hair and you hate it. We have all been there. We cut our waist-length hair into a chin-length bob in fifth grade and have yet to recover from the emotional wounds. Effortless Extensions ($80) are synthetic hair pieces that wear like headbands. No glue, no tape,... [More]


Doubtblush: Marc by Marc Jacobs Havana Floral Romper Cover Up

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Tea Forté Kati Tea Brewing System

When we first moved off to college, our dad bought us the Tea Forté Kati Tea Brewing System ($15) in the hopes that we'd stay out of the coffee shops and brew our own single serving. And gosh darn it, it worked. To this day we still drink our nightly... [More]


C.O. Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Shampoo

Spontaneous weekend trips into the city with our besties are such fun. We jaunt around in taxis, eat at top-rated restaurants, and stay in the swankiest of hotels. It is all fun and games until we discover a hotel shampoo that blows our minds. We can almost hear our hair... [More]


Chandra Numbers Rug

Raising the next supergenius? Of course you are. And since you obviously want the best for your little drooling, teething future Steve Jobs, you're determined to create a visually stimulating nursery full of educational toys and decor. Why not start with a great focal point, like this whimsical Chandra rug... [More]


AEO Lace-Up Moto Boot

If there's one thing we know about you readers, it's that you're always keeping your eyes out for a great boot. We've got a springtime contender for you with the AEO Lace-Up Moto Boot ($50, on sale). The low-calf length helps show off leggings and dresses while still giving us... [More]


Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Soap-Free Gel Cleanser

Our skin is as hormonally indecisive as our mother's menopause. One day it wants to be oily and the next day it dries up like our mother's...well. Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Soap-Free Gel Cleanser ($18) makes the extra effort to balance our skin's pH levels, preventing any monthly hormone spikes... [More]


Penfield Idlewood Day Pack

Day-tripping around Europe isn't nearly as adventurous without the Penfield Idlewood Day Pack ($75). Toss in a blanket, a jacket, a notepad, a sandwich, and a bottle of wine, find yourself on the train to nowhere in particular, and strike up a conversation with an approachable young bloke. This leather-trimmed... [More]


31 Dates in 31 Days

Valentine's Day is over, but that does not mean that we have had our fill of romance, bad dates, amazing dates, and everything in between. Join us as we follow Tamara Duricka Johnson on her quest to find true love. On her 31st birthday, Tamara decided that she was the... [More]


Benefit Rich Beach Eyeshadow

We're always looking for an eyeshadow that grabs attention without making it too obvious that we're wearing makeup. We think we found it in Benefit Rich Beach Eyeshadow ($18). Subtle and natural, it gives off a slight shimmer and works perfectly to add highlights and brighten eyes. And even if... [More]


Tiffany & Co. Flutter Stripe Scarf

Don't let your dresses have all the fun this spring. Spruce up your accessory stash with this Tiffany & Co. Flutter Stripe Scarf ($275). Tie it to a handbag, toss it around your neck or even drape it over your shoulders. This scarf is so eye-catching and popping with color,... [More]


The Book of Tapas

Appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, pupus, or tapas, we love us some mini bites. The smaller the food the less guilt we have for hovering over the buffet table. The Book of Tapas ($26) offers 432 pages of Spanish culinary delights, with recipes for seafood, Spanish tortillas (we can't begin to number... [More]


Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Our grandma has a coveted pillow on her couch that reminds us of this awesome Needlepoint Pillow Kit ($85 on sale). We like it for the vintage floral print and classic color combination. Why spend two hundred bucks on a pillow from Anthro when you can make this for less... [More]


Personal Shopper: Black Buckle Boots for Allyson

Allyson writes: "I have been looking for months for the perfect pair of black boots that I can wear with jeans to work, or with tights and a dress for a night out. These MUST be flat (I'm a weanie when it comes to heels), black, leather, and on the... [More]

Colored Denim

Trend Alert: Colored Denim Under $50

Of course we're on this trend like white on rice...rather color on denim. Without much further ado, we have the best colored denim styles for under $50. 1 - Forever21 Vibrant Skinny Jeans $25 available in 7 colors 2 - Forever21 Colored Denim Capris $30 available in 3 colors 3... [More]


Juicy Couture Hummingbird Bracelet

Oh, hummingbirds, how we love watching you flutter around our backyards. Let us count the ways. Since we can't actually sit and stare at hummingbirds eating fruit off our trees all the time, we'll have to show our love for these adorable birds by wearing this multicolored Juicy Couture Hummingbird... [More]


Alchimie Forever Kantic Mask

Just in time to meet the tulips creeping out from underneath the last fall of snow is Alchimie Forever Kantic Mask ($60). It brightens dull winter skin with a formula packed with blueberries, wild pansies, oats, grapes, and vitamin E, giving your skin a summer glow that could melt ice.... [More]


Lacie USB 2.0 A to B Flat Cable

When you need to hook up one doohickey to another, do it with some flavor. The Lacie USB 2.0 A to B Flat Cable ($10) is a bright, zesty thingamabob connecter that will stick out in your otherwise neutral office space offering your sense of sight something other than the... [More]


Casa Sanchez Fresh Roasted Salsa

We believe in loading up our plates with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. But sometimes all we want for lunch is a gigantic tub of Casa Sanchez Fresh Roasted Salsa ($4). We can assure you that this is no ordinary salsa; the fresh ingredients come together to create a delicious,... [More]


Young Frankk Hammered Collar Necklace

Give your casual attire a touch of business class with the Young Frankk Hammered Collar Necklace ($92). One part antiquarian, one part hipster, two parts hammered brass. Slip it on with a cardigan or even a strapless dress to be one-of-a-kind neat chic.... [More]



Yes, we love dresses and makeup and gaudy necklaces. But we also love hiking and kayaking and rock climbing. And when we are out in the wild soaking up all Mother Nature has to offer we feel inspired to record it all. But not with a camera or an iPhone... [More]


Agadir Daily Conditioner

Argan oil is this season's peptide complex; you can find it in nearly every type of beauty product, from hair care to anti-aging creams. Agadir Daily Conditioner ($53) utilizes 100% pure, natural argan oil for its moisturizing and smoothing properties, giving your hair a glorious shine. It works on straight... [More]


All-Natural Peanut Butter & Blueberry Dog Treat

So much less cruel than sticking peanut butter to the top of your dog's mouth, these All-Natural Peanut Butter & Blueberry Dog Treats ($10) are perfect for your peanut butter-loving pooch. Packed with fats and proteins to keep your dog's energy up, they're great for taking along on hikes... [More]


Seventy Tree Triangles Tape

Regardless of who we offend by saying this, we'll still say it. WE HATE SCRAPBOOKING. We tried. We really gave it an earnest effort but frankly we have better things to do with our time. Like watch Downton Abbey. In order to make up for our lack of creativity in... [More]


Betsey Johnson 'Pinwheel' Bikini

Spring is almost here and we are on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. We adore this Betsey Johnson 'Pinwheel' Bikini ($132 for the top and $78 for the bottoms) and are excited to strut our stuff on the beach in this all too cute two-piece. We are especially loving... [More]


Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow

Only Bobbi Brown, doyenne of tasteful maquillage, could make sparkly eyeshadow dignified and flattering on just about anyone. New Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow ($28, in 4 colors) is redolent with - and here's the key - finely milled pearl and glitter pigments that ensure a soft texture, great color payoff,... [More]


The Apothecary

Set in the 1950s, The Apothecary ($12) tells the story of Janie Scott, who has moved with her family to London from Los Angeles. There she befriends Benjamin Burrows, the son of an apothecary. As the story unfolds, Benjamin's father is kidnapped, leaving Janie and Benjamin to figure out what... [More]


Mr. Button

Button, button, who's got the button? Express your mood with these rad Mr. Button ($8), um.... buttons. These can be stitched through the holes to make cross-looking eyebrows, funny constable mustaches, tragic unibrows, and other amusing expressions. Then attach them to clothes or crafts for a whimsical touch.... [More]


BENTA BERRY Exfoliating Body Cleanser for Girls

Good stuff in. Bad skin off. Good stuff in. Bad skin off. That is the approach BENTA BERRY Exfoliating Body Cleanser for Girls ($27) takes in the dojo bathroom. Ground apricot seeds exfoliate the body, ridding it of impurities and dead skin cells. But then it packs your hide with... [More]


Personal Shopper: Flower Flats for Blushing Bride Stefanie

Stefanie writes: "Help! I'm getting married to the love-of-my-life in 2 short months! While we have been together for *almost* 12 years (and engaged for 2 years), I have just *finally* been bitten by the bride-bug and am now frantically trying to get all the details together! While I have... [More]


Balmshell Gossip Greta Lip & Cheek Tint

We love makeup that takes a "two to tango" approach to our skin. Why tote around a product that does one thing when you can carry one that works double duty? The Balmshell Gossip Greta Lip & Cheek Tint ($20) packs a powerful 1-2 punch of peachy color right on... [More]


Dr. Renaud SeboBalance Skin Moisturizing Repair

Dr. Renaud SeboBalance Skin Moisturizing Repair ($45) is good for all skin types but it is especially good for those with acne-prone skin. Think of it as chemical warfare on zits. It calms inflammation, promotes healing, and fights against surface aging, making your skin touchably soft but never oily. Use... [More]


Mama Mio Boob Tube

Boobs are incredible. They hold the fascination of men and women, they sustain life, and they look awesome in bathing suits. But it is the sustaining life characteristic that can also make boobs suck. Some women gladly wear their post-pregnancy bodies well. Others (right here people!), not so much. We'll... [More]


Stila Striking in South Beach Palette

Somewhere between Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive in Miami, we discovered our passion for fashion. Maybe it was the high-end stores we'd never heard of or trying on our first pair of stilettos at sixteen, but South Beach will always hold a place in our well-dressed hearts. Stila Striking in... [More]


Elephant Double Ring

We have yet to wear an elephant ring and we think now is the right time to purchase this one ($55); leave it to Betsey Johnson to find an elephant small (and adorable) enough to fit on our fingers.... [More]



Who cares if it's not Valentine's anymore? Anytime is a good time to show your skin a little tenderness. Valentine STEAMCREAM ($18) is a lighter-than-air, super moisturizing cream that peppers your face in sweet kisses of softness and love. Be careful with this stuff though; you may feel inclined to... [More]


Lise Watier Eyebrow Essentials

Some of us work from our in-home offices and we don't often wear a lot of makeup because of that. So when we do have the chance to go out into the world, we take the time to apply our second skin. It is when we rub our eyes in... [More]


Gingher Dressmaker's Shears

We're not the best seamstresses (so far we're stuck on our current obsession of making maxi skirts) but one thing we do know is that having a great pair of scissors makes sewing a dream. Anything by Gingher is guaranteed to be awesome. These Gingher Dressmaker's Shears ($30) offer super... [More]


Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Gift Set

That artistically famous scene in Ghost is sexy and all but who has a pottery wheel in the basement? Seriously. What most people do have is a bathtub which can be equally as romantic with the Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Gift Set ($35). Complete with Pomegranate Hand Creme, soap, a soy... [More]


Personal Shopper: Last Minute Anniversary Gifts for Mr. MODG

MODG from, well, MODG wrote: "my 5th anniversary is Friday. I need a gift idea and it's on a BIG fat budget. We're talking more creative less rolex" Well, MODG, you didn't give me many leads here, so I had to scour your blog for info about your husband, and... [More]


Doubtblush: Christian Louboutin Lady Fur 150 Pumps

We've been scrimping and saving our pennies to finally buy ourselves a REAL pair of Christian Louboutins, with the signature lipstick red sole, impeccable craftsmanship, and timeless style. Finally, we had enough money to buy a pair (on sale), so off to Bluefly we merrily went. Apparently, these days Mr.... [More]


Clark's Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash

We're bracing ourselves for spring, the season of bad skin. The change in humidity destroys our skin much like Adele destroyed everyone at the Grammys. There's simply no hope in competing with either. But Clark's Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash ($46) gives us a fighting chance in this... [More]

Girl From Ipanema Teal Color Block Dress

Girl From Ipanema Teal Color Block Dress

We wish we were flying out to New Orleans to partake in a little Mardi Gras festivity, but we're not. However, we can still pretend, right? With that being said, we're slipping into this Girl From Ipanema Teal Color Block Dress ($36) and piling on as many colored beads as... [More]


Fruits & Passion Cucina Coriander and Olive Tree Regenerating Hand Cream

Fruits & Passion Cucina Regenerating Hand Cream ($24) invokes the Mediterranean summer we spent on the shores of Italy cooking with our distant Aunt Arabella. Her cucina was exquisitely old-world and her style of cooking was undoubtedly Italian. This woman grew her own tomatoes and basil which she then turned... [More]


Per-fékt Brow Perfection Gel

Who doesn't want to be perfect? We're not talking about turning everyone into Barbies or anything, but isn't it a good day when you feel like you got your makeup on juuuust right? Per-fékt Brow Perfection Gel ($22) has a hint of tint to fill in your brows while it... [More]


ban.dō Mini Pom Pom Set

Oh the possibilities of the ban.dō mini pom pom set ($25). The two color-coordinated silk flower pom poms come with both a hair clip and brooch backing. But they can go so much further. We pin them on ballet flats, tote bags, exposed cummerbunds, our dog Fiona, and sometimes even... [More]


Thierry Mugler's Alien Metamorphosis Collector Bottle

First impressions: Thierry Mugler's Alien Metamorphosis Collector Bottle ($117) is a fragrance masterpiece and a design triumph. The bottle is refillable, the fragrance is original and the price is affordable. Second impression: oh. em. eff. gee. The sleek gold design around the bottle is a bracelet that I can wear... [More]


J.Crew Dorrie Skirt

We haven't seen a denim skirt this cute since the last time we sat down with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and watched Dazed and Confused. The J.Crew Dorrie Skirt ($45) channels that cute seventies vibe we're always looking to replicate. It's got a high waist and cute little... [More]


Pure Fiji Coconut Conditioner

While we were stranded on a deserted island a few years ago (long story, we'll tell you about it over coffee sometime) we discovered the power of washing our hair in coconut milk. Ever since we returned to civilization, we've longed for a conditioner that reminded us of our soft,... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Alex & Isabelle The Double Headband

We are headband masters. It comes with the territory when you cut your hair off in a fit of pregnancy rage. The Double Headband from Alex & Isabelle ($4) keeps our tiny fairy bangs plastered back without giving up an ounce of style. We wear the knot on top around... [More]


Cane+Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads

It's no secret we here at Outblush are afraid of chemical peels. But we're people too and we age and require beauty maintenance despite our fear of the peel. Cane+Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads ($60) do a fine job keeping us out of the dermatologist's office. The 10% glycolic acid formula... [More]


Lancaster County Butters Box

For rainy weekends when all you want to do is bake scones and lounge around in your pajamas watching season after season of Gossip Girl, we suggest rounding out the experience with the Lancaster County Butters Box ($17). The Apple, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Butter, and Peanut Butter Schmier flavors add... [More]


RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up

Ever find a concealer that does more highlighting than covering? You know the stuff. It covers your zits and dark circles in conspicuous makeup that cakes even underneath powder. Gross. RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up ($36) is a hydrating concealer that won't call attention to the problem area by screaming "HEY... [More]


Sleep Deprived Daddy and Baby Gift Set

Usually it's the mommas who get all the attention and gifts when a new baby is on the way. But we want to give due recognition to dads, too. Our 21st century men are stepping up to the plate: changing diapers with the best of them, and most importantly, groggily... [More]


Pür Minerals Wakeup Call Depuffing Eye Pen

We have traded ladies' night out with one little boy's very late night in. Babies seem to sleep less during the night than they do during the day. And you know what that means? We just don't ever get to sleep. You try napping during the day while a toddler... [More]


Joseph Joseph Grip-Tray

How on Earth did the accident-prone hostess survive prior to the invention of the Grip-Tray ($20-25)? Conveniently, as accident-prone hostesses ourselves, we know: lots of black clothes, spot cleaner, and a Rug Doctor rental on speed dial. Life is so much easier with this slip-proof tray, trust us!... [More]


Rose Heart Bracelet

Maybe we're a little obsessed with jewelry, but when it's this beautiful, how can we resist? We adore everything about this Betsey Johnson Rose Heart Bracelet ($145) (the bright flowers, the adorable frog, the goldtone metal) - let's just say we're willing to splurge a little (or a lot) for... [More]


Kneipp Valerian & Hops Sleep Well Herbal Bath

We gave up drinking at home three years ago in order to save some dough so we could drink more when we went out. Without a couple glasses of relaxation juice to help put us to sleep, we started using Kneipp Valerian & Hops Sleep Well Herbal Bath ($20). It's... [More]


Monogrammed Cookie Stamp

That's right, every once in a while we have the urge to bust out our mixing bowls and create fabulous homemade cookies. And just to make sure no one thinks our random jaunt of domestic bliss is store-bought, we're going to stamp shortbread and sugar cookies with a Monogrammed Cookie... [More]


simplehuman Pet Food Can

Sure sure, we're happy that this simplehuman Pet Food Can ($100 for a medium) is keeping us from having bags of kibble topple over in our pantry, but here's our big question. We know simplehuman has awesome technology that keeps these cans magically fingerprint-free, but what about wet puppy nose... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lori Flies Away!

Lori writes: Hi OutBlush! I can't have been the only one watching the Grammy's and was mesmerized by Kimberly Perry's necklace (from The Band Perry). I was able to find this amazing piece online for a measly $880!!! Do you think you ladies could track down a more affordable option?... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Professional Makeup Cosmetic Brush Set

Beauty on a budget is your best bet for spring. You'll probably be spending far too much on all the hot new fashion trends to set aside any extra cash for a new set of big-ticket brushes. The Professional Makeup Cosmetic Brush Set ($14) is a great way restock your... [More]


Organic Raw Coconut Butter

We've been hearing a lot of praise for coconut butter, especially from a girl at the gym who swears by it. Apparently it helps to reduce cholesterol and heart disease, slows down aging, boosts immunity, promotes calcium absorption, promotes skin elasticity, and helps you find a boyfriend. Okay, we made... [More]


Zara Asymmetrical Hem Dress

We've been in the market for a sexy sheath dress for a while now. We like the Zara Asymmetrical Hem Dress ($60) because it's got a loose fit but flatters our figures by cinching in our waists with the wraparound leather belt. The dress also has a cute hemline, showing... [More]


Elizabeth Grant The Socializer

We have a problem with limits. We always drink more than we should, party more than we should, and sleep less than we should (well, when we actually have time to do any of that). Elizabeth Grant's The Socializer ($40) eye treatments allow us to get out of hand every... [More]


Bjorg After Eden Spin Cuff

Fancy yourself a daring fashionista? Suit up with the Bjorg After Eden Spin Cuff ($622) for full impact. Without needing to say a word, this cuff speaks for itself. And if you listen hard enough, you'll hear the distant cries of all those in the past who have been brought... [More]


Cheeky Monkey Virginal Pink Nail Polish

For when you need to fib a little... Cheeky Monkey Virginal Pink Nail Polish ($15)... [More]

DVF Studio Heart Swirl Bath Rug

DVF Studio Heart Swirl Bath Rug

We usually hate to set foot out of the shower in the morning, but if we had the DVF Studio Heart Swirl Bath Rug ($30) we might think otherwise. This pretty, whimsically printed heart bath rug reminds us of a blue Easter egg we couldn't wait to peel open when... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Commando Low Beams

We love going bra-less with a good backless tank or dress. But we don't love when our nipples say hello to all of 42nd Street. Commando Low Beams ($10) help keep the ladies' top hats from making an appearance in the chilly office. They silence your radio tuners. Dull your... [More]


Jellypop Ballet Flat

We're ready to switch out our winter boots for some cute flats now that the snow is melting. But we think we'll play it safe and stick with a darker, sturdy flat, like the Jellypop Ballet Flat ($20). The grey will hide any dirt stains and the material will be... [More]


Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

STOP THE PRESSES!! No, don't actually do that. We'd be out of a job. But LOOK! It's here. The Urban Decay Naked2 Palette ($50) finally came!! Everyone and their sister loved loved loved the original Naked Palette. And now the five new shades in this set have us wondering how... [More]


Wake Up Crabby Bloody Mary Mix

We're adults now, so we're no longer in the habit of replacing meals with a big ol' Bloody Mary. Instead, we eat our food and drink our Bloody Mary on the side. We like to start our Sundays with pastries and a cocktail made with Wake Up Crabby Bloody Mary... [More]


Ann Taylor Multicolored Stripe Tunic

We've been living in this Ann Taylor Multicolored Stripe Tunic ($78) on the weekends. After a week full of business casual, we're ready to slip into something a little more forgiving. This tunic looks great with a pair of jeans; it's not too tight and the horizontal stripes don't make... [More]


Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Hand Soap

One of us here at Outblush is obsessed with ginger. Ginger candy, pickled ginger, crystallized ginger, cooking with ginger, smelling like ginger. Now we can clean with ginger by using Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Hand Soap ($13). We like it so much that we buy the refill container (a full 32... [More]


PurseN Tiara Jewelry Case

Eat your heart out, Mary Poppins. The PurseN Tiara Jewelry Case ($52) just took the bottomless bag to a whole other level. No more earrings snagging on lace bras, no more necklaces getting tangled with other necklaces, no more rings banging around in film canisters. Every piece of jewelry gets... [More]

Love A Little Leash

Celebrate: Love A Little Leash

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached Hallmark calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Personal Shopper: Maureen's Fancy Dress!

Maureen writes: I'm an avid follower and am not too proud to admit that one of the highlights of my day is receiving the Outblush email in my inbox. I'd like to ask for your help with styling my outfit for my older brother's wedding. He's getting married this March... [More]


Slim Pot

We hear drinking tea can help you stay slim. It seems to be working for this Slim Pot ($60)...... [More]


Wooden Bead Loom

We can't tell you how many hours we spent making rad jewelry on a bead loom as a kid. Somehow between high school and now we lost our cheap metal loom, and we're in the market for a better one. This Wooden Bead Loom ($27) will help us make the... [More]


Hamadi Shea Spray

Our toes may still be in the remnants of winter snow but our minds are already on the beaches of summer! Hamadi Shea Spray ($16) is a beach bag must-have; it defends hair with the natural sun protection of organic shea and eliminates dry, salty tresses before we even leave... [More]


Organic Catnip Camera Cat Toy

If only the Organic Catnip Camera Cat Toy ($9) could take real pictures. You'd have whole albums of Mr. Whiskers looking high as a kite... which would remind us of Lindsay Lohan...... [More]

Theia Chantilly Lace Gown

Theia Chantilly Lace Gown

If we were tying the knot (again), we would totally go this route - classic and lots of lace! The Theia Chantilly Lace Gown ($2,495) whispers romance with subtle details like crystals and seed pearls.... [More]


Love Pinch Cake Topper

Show him who's boss before the honeymoon even starts. Love Pinch Cake Topper ($34)... [More]

River City Cuckoo Clock

River City Cuckoo Clock

Imagine how much fun you could have when visitors come to your home and don't realize you have a cuckoo clock. The River City Cuckoo Clock ($313) is certainly on our "want now" list. When the clock strikes every hour, a little bird pops out of the swinging door and... [More]


Principessa Notte Breeze Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is happening whether we understand its appeal or not. Personally, we like to shower. To each their own. For those girls who appreciate a bath in a bottle but find white dry shampoos to be a bit conspicuous in their darker hair, try fudsing (faux sudsing) with Principessa... [More]


Jedidiah Clothing Always Jade T-Shirt

For their Spring 2012 collection, Jedidiah Clothing Co. teamed up with Nika Water to create a line of adorable tees, like the Always Jade T-Shirt ($26) that also has a conscience. With your purchase, you'll help ensure that Nika can continue bringing clean water to those who need it. With... [More]


Hello Friend Stationery Set

We love the simple idea behind the Hello Friend Stationery Set ($18, set of 5) from Sparrownestscript. Our days may be busy, but we need to slow down and remind the friends in our lives how much we appreciate them. We'll take a few minutes each day to pen a... [More]


Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel

Best things about freshly shaved legs: -they're fun to touch -they're fun for our boyfriend to touch -they're fun Worst thing about freshly shaved legs: -the hair that grows back as soon as we step out of the shower Beat the stubble back with Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel... [More]


Harry & David Original Dark Chocolate Moose Munch

We were picking up a few household essentials at the nearby discount store last week when our innocent little two-year-old picked up a bag of Harry & David Original Dark Chocolate Moose Munch ($25 for six) from the basket near the register. Considering he'd been so sweet and well-behaved during... [More]


J.Crew Bubble Necklace

The J.Crew Bubble Necklace ($150) has been one of their most popular statement necklaces for a while now. Unfortunately,the last time we gave in and decided to spend the cash on one, it sold out. Curse our indecisiveness! This time we're not going to waver. But we do have to... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: February 21, 2012

Could you tell that the girls at The Purse Page are getting impatient for spring? Because we couldn't tell. Not at all. Indulge your own vernal dreams cheaply by voting in this week's Shopping List poll. The style that receives the most love will receive a roundup of lookalikes here... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-15 at 10.15.54 AM.png

Dueling Stylists: Katie's Material Girl Dress is Feeling Lonely

Sometimes, more than one editor wants to get their hands on an especially juicy Personal Shopper Request. Usually, the person who gets in their dibs first takes the cake, but this time it. is. ON! Found of You and Mitchy are battling it out to see who can dress Katie... [More]


2 Tier Sushi Box

We're assuming you want to eat your sushi ASAP (stale fish=not so delicious) or at least keep it in the fridge, but it will be hard not to keep this 2 Tier Sushi Box ($15) on display on your desk. What's not to love about the cool shape and stacked... [More]


Mary Ellen's I Hate Ironing

Um, aside from Clinton Kelly, pretty much everyone we know hates (with a passion) to iron, which is why we all bow down to Mary Ellen's I Hate Ironing! ($8) spray. Spray it on and try to contain your excitement while watching wrinkles disappear. But don't get any ideas about... [More]


Peace: 100 Ideas

Did anyone else have a chuckle at Madonna finishing her halftime show with the words "World Peace" lighting the stage? Maybe we're just cynics. We believe in world peace, we'd love it, but we think it starts with the individual. Peace: 100 Ideas ($30) won't cause peace on its own,... [More]


Elegantly Waisted Snake Cummerbund Belt

Weren't we just laughing at the ridiculous cummerbunds our poor prom dates had to wear? How did the trend of cummerbund belts sneak back in? And the ultimate question of all: how is it that we're so quick to forgive and want/need one of these fabulous belts? We guess fashion... [More]


New Classic Chinese Cookbook

The New Classic Chinese Cookbook ($10) helps us turn our sad little mini apartment kitchen into an authentic Chinese restaurant. With recipes from stir-fry to dim sum, this book gives a clear answer to what-to-make-for-dinner drama.... [More]


Talbots Eva Satin Dress

There's something so romantic about satin. Probably because we associate it with luscious satin bedsheets, but we digress. We totally need the Eva Satin Dress ($169) from Talbots for our next date night. The pleats are flattering on our figures and we can dress it up with some bling: a... [More]

Sam Edelman Mabel Sandals

Sam Edelman Mabel Sandals

The preppy and classic fashionista embarks upon a sailing adventure this spring with her Sam Edelman Mabel Sandals ($140) in tow. The jute-wrapped peg heel really sets these apart from all the others in the sea of sandals.... [More]


Spice Island Sugarcane Face Wash

Our morning veggie smoothie isn't complete without sugarcane juice. We thought it tasted better than straight crystallized sugar; we had no idea of its health benefits. Sugarcane juice is filled with antioxidants that help slow the aging process, relieves dysuria (that burning sensation that comes with a UTI) and helps... [More]


Market Backpack

We've been reaping the benefits of our local farmers' market for the last few Saturdays, but the single small reusable grocery bag we bring isn't cutting it anymore. There's room for one giant bunch of Swiss chard, some Gold Nugget mandarins, a few heirloom tomatoes, and some fresh herbs. But... [More]


Logan Mat Cutter

Our recent obsession is finding frames at thrift stores and painting them cool colors or upholstering them with fabric so they're totally unique. The next step is figuring out how to create our own custom matting. This Logan Mat Cutter ($24) costs about the same as ordering a single mat... [More]


Eve Lom Travel Essentials

We travel once a month to go visit our long-distance boyfriend Down South. It's tough but it is definitely worth it, especially when he cooks all weekend and offers to bring breakfast in bed on Sundays. Because we go so often, we've got our packing routine down to a science.... [More]


Duchess & Duchess Blushing In Pink Thong

Sometimes we're so turned off by those itty-bitty thongs that look like dental floss. And we've come to realize that even a large in those styles couldn't fit us. We've stumbled upon the Duchess & Duchess Blushing In Pink Thong ($13), which is the most awesome (and most comfortable) thong... [More]


Paw Balm

Your hands and heels aren't the only ones that get cracked and dried out during the winter. Keep your pooch's paws moisturized and comfy with this Paw Balm ($10). Rub it into pads, between toes, and all over paws for healing relief.... [More]


Braun Satin Hair Brush

After waking up every morning, we look into the mirror to discover we've been attacked by the Static Monster overnight. It's like Groundhog Day. Morning after morning our hair reaches impressive new heights. It's as if each strand is doing everything it can to leap off our head. The Braun... [More]

Milly For Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoe

Milly for Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Boat Shoe

For all of our friends that love Top-Siders, we have a surprise! Coveted contemporary brand Milly has partnered with Sperry to create a very hipster style for you to rock at the yacht club this summer. Milly for Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Boat Shoe ($125)... [More]

Personal Shopper Ring for Deela

Personal Shopper: Bubble Knockoff Ring for Deela

Deela wrote: "This might be an odd request, but you're my first choice for finding the fabulous and sometimes obscure. I am looking for a copy of this ring that will not break the bank (holy $12K price tag). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!" Dearest Deela! Carlota here.... [More]

baublebox bib necklace.jpeg

Baublebox Bib Necklace

This shiny baublebox bib necklace ($278) is for people who want to make a statement - a big, pink statement to be exact. Although we do love our simple jewelry, we will undoubtedly be wearing this not-so-subtle necklace to our cousin's wedding this spring. (If we can't be the bride,... [More]


Sili Gourmet Coffee Break

We like picking up a coffee once in a while, but when we want a pure delicious brew (that won't rob our pockets or take us on a wild-goose chase for the closest Starbucks) we go straight to the Sili Gourmet Coffee Break ($15). This cool gadget uses just gravity... [More]


NARS Wicked Attraction Set

Winter is almost over which means spring is nearly here which means summer is just around the corner which means we have to get the NARS Wicked Attraction Set ($49) pronto. If you don't already own their blush in Orgasm, now's the time to snag some. It comes in a... [More]


Colorful Suzani Pillow Cover

Cheer up your abode and ready your rooms for spring by tossing a few of these Colorful Suzani Pillow Covers ($35) over your current throw pillows. Each 16"x16" cover has an organic texture in a drapery weight, meaning they'll not only look great on your bed and couch, but they'll... [More]

Jeffrey Campbell Darian Sandals

Doubtblush: Jeffrey Campbell Darian Sandal

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Zimmermann Divided Tapestry Bikini

We usually dread this time of year. It's time to start skipping second helpings, upping our weekly workout routine, and checking out the season's swimsuit options. We've really got to kick it into high gear now that we've found the Zimmermann Divided Tapestry Bikini ($118). It figures that the easiest... [More]


Easter Linen Hand Towels

We know Easter seems like a long way off, but we're pretty sure it's going to end up sneaking up on us. We've agreed to host a small get together and these Easter Linen Hand Towels ($15) from The Mississippi Gift Company are too irresistible to pass up. Sure, no... [More]


Jessica Simpson Calie Pump

Oh Jessica. We're so glad you found your fashion groove. What would we do without your gorgeous line of shoes? (We like your dresses, too, but the shoes? They're our favs!) The Jessica Simpson Calie Pump ($79) is on top of our list this week. We're looking forward to building... [More]


Talbots Brushstroke Rose Pencil Skirt

Show off the gams in the Brushstroke Rose Pencil Skirt ($90) from Talbots. Sure, it's no miniskirt, so when we say "Show off the gams" we mean "Discreetly show off those awesome calves you've been sculpting in Zumba class twice a week." As much as we love our tights, we're... [More]


Oscar de la Renta Activée Body Bath

Love the expensive smell of Oscar de la Renta fragrances but prefer to pay the rent? Lather up in Oscar de la Renta Activée Body Bath ($37) instead. As soon as you pop the lid on the bottle, you'll recognize the floral and woody scents of the brand's signature perfume.... [More]

pavé chandelier earringssmall.jpeg

Pavé Chandelier Earrings

These Pavé Chandelier Earrings ($128) are the perfect way to complete an elegant outfit (we can't resist a stunning pair of earrings). We'll be throwing our hair up, putting on our favorite dresses, and showing off these gorgeous, sparkly, crystal earrings.... [More]


Pommery Gingerbread French Mustard

The idea of adding the essence of gingerbread to mustard intrigues us. We can see it tasting amazing on a ham or turkey sandwich, giving a unique flavor to Chicken Cordon Bleu, or boosting a vinaigrette. Described as being hot, spicy, and a tad sweet in the aftertaste, Pommery Gingerbread... [More]


Chinese Laundry Hotline

There's a special place in our closets for these Chinese Laundry Hotline ($70) pumps. What with the pretty lace and bows, we're surprised we didn't buy these sooner. Luckily, they're available in black, ivory, and nude, so there's something for every shoe lover here.... [More]


Bathhouse Blends Pomegranate Soy Candle

If you can believe it, we've burned through all of our holiday scented candles already. What can we say, we love that chai spice smell! It's time to look for something new, and we're zeroing in on the Bathhouse Blends Pomegranate Soy Candle ($15). We prefer soy candles because they... [More]


Indoor Spring Jeans from Levi's®

We're especially excited for spring now that we've found the perfect pair of jeans for an indoor spring activity, thanks to Levi's®. These Modern Demi Curve Skinny Jeans ($68) are designed to flatter your waist and smooth your shape, all without drawing attention to unwanted areas. Visions of ourselves at... [More]


Fossil Camera Ruby Tab Clutch

Fossil always comes out with the cutest accessories! The Camera Ruby Tab Clutch ($60) is as playful in design as it is generous with credit card pockets - ten slots! As amateur photographers, we're all about showing off our love for the hobby, especially when we're shelling out the big... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Andrea LashFree Adhesive Lash Remover

Goodness knows we love ourselves some fake lashes. But we don't love the pain and torture involved in taking them off. Andrea LashFree Adhesive Lash Remover ($4) saves us the trouble of ripping our eyelids off by breaking down the glue used to attach them in the first place. Now... [More]


Tarah Smith The Jet Setter Duffle Bag

You'll never guess what we have packed inside our Tarah Smith The Jet Setter Duffle Bag ($708). What? You don't know? Let us tell you: leopard print pants, leopard print flats, a leopard print maxi dress, a leopard print hair dryer, this leopard print yoga mat, and maybe even these... [More]


American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

The perfect birthday gift or reference book for the gardener, the American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants ($51) offers an abundance of knowledge on growing a getaway in your back yard. We're totally inspired by the gardens we see in Better Homes and Gardens and Martha... [More]


The Terrorist Tea Pot

What if your tea pot was not out to offer you Earl Grey, but to assassinate the Earl of Grey? And you thought afternoon tea was boring... The Terrorist Tea Pot ($50).... [More]


NARS Trio Eyeshadow - Douce France

The right eye shadow can do for your eyes what a good bra does for your can-cans. It enhances them without totally over-exaggerating them. NARS Trio Eyeshadow in Douce France ($45) is the right amount of pushup for your green eyes without sending them over into quadraboob-esque too-bad-to-look-at land. (And... [More]


Horchow Moroccan Tea Glasses

We sorta feel like we're stepping into a Moroccan tea house with these rad Horchow Moroccan Tea Glasses ($60). Don't they make you want to host a fabulous party like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills engagement party? (Yes, we're a little embarrassed we watch Real Housewives... Don't judge.)... [More]


Pink Cake Ruffle

Does anyone else totally want to throw a Cyndi Lauper birthday party and have this rad Pink Cake Ruffle ($2 per yard) on the cake? We do! We'd Aqua Net the shiz out of our hair and bust out our most fabulous eighties B.U.M. equipment sweatshirt in its honor.... [More]

Personal Shopper Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Personal Shopper: Grey Frocks for Our October Bride's Bridesmaids

October Bride writes: "Hi Outblush Personal Shopper Staff! I know ya'll get swamped with shopping requests, but I'd loooove some help with my bridesmaid dress dilemma. I'm getting married in October and would love my lovely ladies to have a dress that they can wear again (I know, common issue,... [More]


Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps

We hardly have to be given a reason to bust out homemade cookies, but the upcoming holidays are a good excuse to go a little extra Holly Homemaker. These Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps ($19) come with interchangeable silicon stamps in cute flower, bunny, and clover patterns. We're tempted to... [More]


Doubtblush: Wearable Planter Bike Planter

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash money for it when they could instead spend that on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... We are fully aware... [More]


Crêpe de Chine Keyhole Dress

Stumbling across this Crêpe de Chine Keyhole Dress ($128) was like discovering someone else shared our secret desire to dress boho-chic all spring and summer. Bless them! We can't wait to throw it on for beach days and Sunday brunches. Loooove.... [More]


Taza Mexicano Discs

We like our hot chocolate just like we like our men: dark, spicy, and hot. That's why we buy Taza Mexicano Discs ($5). Just grate the chocolate disk, heat some milk (or water) and whisk until blended. Andalé!... [More]


You Tell Us: Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Rejuvenation Titanium Dermaroller

We don't mind a little pain for beauty every now and then. Moustaches need to be waxed and bikini lines need to be tended to. But the Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Rejuvenation Titanium Dermaroller ($50) might be taking it too far. What looks like a million needles are rolled over the skin... [More]


Lychee Candy

We love all things lychee so we were pretty jazzed when we stumbled across these Lychee Candies ($3). We'd found them once at an Asian market near our house and we've been jonesing for them ever since. These tasty hard candies have a juicy lychee flavor and are perfect for... [More]


Pet Rock Star Dog Collar

Now she can look like the diva you always knew she was... Pet Rock Star Dog Collar ($15).... [More]


Italian Olive Tree Adoption

We've heard of adopting pandas and buying stars, but adopting an olive tree? Really? That just seems silly... Wait, you say we get free olive oil and a funny-in-an-ironic-way adoption certificate? Well, why didn't you say so! We'll totally adopt a poor, um, orphaned Italian olive tree if it means... [More]


Track Cleaning Brush

Have you ever tried to clean the insides of your window and sliding door tracks? It's scarring and totally gross and sometimes a little bit frightening. The Track Cleaning Brush ($8) helps keep those crevices tidy without us having to resort to bottles of 409, rolls of paper towels, and... [More]


Honeybee Cargo Shorts

It's time for us to start working on our tans so our pasty legs don't get lost under the Honeybee Cargo Shorts ($78). We're hoping to sport a nice honey color to carry on the beehive theme of the shorts. That's a safe way to do it, we figure. The... [More]


Sofia Mini 4-Pack

This Sofia Mini 4-Pack ($20) looks like soda but actually contains a single serving of sparking blanc wine in each can. Named for a lady named Sofia, they remind us of Sophia on The Golden Girls: they're small, pack a punch, and too much can cause trouble...... [More]


Dwell Studio Elephant Bookshelf

Brighten up baby's room with the Dwell Studio Elephant Bookshelf ($124). Not only does it add a pop of color, perfect for babies who are learning to focus their sight, but it holds a library of books destined to become favorites. A hundred and twenty-four dollars is a lot to... [More]


Dori Csengeri Portofino Earrings

We are drooling, drooling!, over these Dori Csengeri Portofino Earrings ($401). Truthfully, all of Israeli designer Dori Csengeri's work makes us drool. It's colorful, visually stunning, and usually way out of our budget. The Portofino earrings are no exception. We don't have several hundo to spend on these beauties, but... [More]

Tech Candy iPhone Case Set

Tech Candy Bordeaux iPhone Case Set

We're into changing our iPhone case to coordinate with our daily ensembles, so we're loving the Tech Candy Bordeaux iPhone Case Set ($33). Buy and you'll receive two inner wraps and one hard shell to place over those wraps. Switch from platinum to papaya once the weather breaks and you're... [More]

Body Balance System Leather Harmonic Massage Dual Chaise

Body Balance System Leather Harmonic Massage Dual Chaise

How perfect would it be to come home after a long day at work and chill out with a little massage from the Body Balance System Leather Harmonic Massage Dual Chaise ($2,350) with your love? Ummm...yeah, it would be pretty awesome. We'd love to add this rich brown leather chair... [More]


Finders Keepers Magic Dance Body Dress

Has someone been reading our minds again? We've been wishing for a Mad Men-inspired dress (without the housewife vibe - no puffy skirts for us) and we've totally found it in this Finders Keepers Magic Dance Body Dress ($150). What's not to love about the cut-away design with a lace... [More]

Essie Spring Collection 2012 Mini Cube

Essie Spring Collection 2012 Mega Mini Color Cube 4-Pack

Spring is on the horizon, and that means weekly manicures and pedicures, so we're starting our quest for the best nail polish colors of the season. We're tempted to buy the limited edition Essie Spring Collection 2012 Mega Mini Color Cube 4-Pack ($17). Inside there are four stunning colors: Navigate... [More]


Food Rules: An Eater's Manual

We love Michael Pollan and pretty much anything he writes we're fans of. His book Food Rules: An Eater's Manual ($7) provides an easy-to-follow set of rules to keep in mind while you're nourishing your body. Using tips and tricks passed down from many cultures and ethnicities, Food Rules is... [More]


Cream Floral Belted Party Dress

We're getting ready to stock up on sundresses, and the Cream Floral Belted Party Dress ($69) from Torrid is on our list of must haves. It's breezy and flirty, perfect for warm spring and summer days when we need to look our best without trying too hard. The braided belt... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 9.02.20 AM.png

YOU Be The Stylist: What Should Lindsey Wear at the Wedding?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]


Movie Ticket Rubber Stamp

Our sister has a system with her kids whereby they can earn a movie night (with a projector set up in their bedroom and everything!) and every chore or good deed earns them points for the "concession stand." We think this Movie Ticket Rubber Stamp ($9) would make cool movie... [More]


You Tell Us: Tibi Floral Print Dress

We were intrigued by the bold red and the unique design of this Tibi Floral Print Dress ($570) when we laid eyes on it. We knew it would turn heads, but we couldn't decide if the pattern looked too much like a Rorschach test. So, readers, you tell us... is... [More]


Heirloom Seed Collection

We know you're thinking 'keep your mittens on, crazy lady' but it's almost time to trade in your winter mitts for gardening gloves. (yeay!) By the looks of the poor confused blossoming trees on our street it's time to think about your spring and summer garden. We plan on filling... [More]


Kung Fu Fido Fortune Cookies

Your butt will soon be sniffed by a tall, dark, and handsome hound.... Kung Fu Fido Fortune Cookies ($7).... [More]


Sateen Sleeveless Dress

Military-inspired cargo pockets, a double-breasted bodice, and a full skirt that falls below the knee make up this gorgeous Sateen Sleeveless Dress ($80 on sale!) that we're OB-sessed with. We're loving the vintage pattern and belted waist, too!... [More]


Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks

Sadly, we did not inherit our mom's gift for art, but we did inherit the love of buying art supplies... Aside from looking awesome, these Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks ($25) are ideal for artsy-fartsy folks who love to illustrate, practice calligraphy, design, and create unique art. We think they'd... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Foot Petals Strappy Strips Thin Strips

Some of us are short. And by short we mean 5'2'' on a good day. We require the lift of heels to be part of society. But we also require Foot Petals Strappy Strips Thin Strips ($7) to assist us with our lofty desires. Heels are tough to march in... [More]


The Brix Collection

If we can't get the brick of gold for our anniversary, we'll take a few bricks of chocolate. We're easy. The Brix Collection ($26).... [More]


Deluxe Light Push Reel Mower

If we ever get into a house in California we have a feeling we'll end up with a 10'x10' backyard. There's no sense in spending the big bucks on a fancy lawn mower. We're gonna pick up one of these awesome Deluxe Light Push Reel Mowers ($120) and spend the... [More]


YSL Beauty Rock Candy Eye Shadow Palette

Our original post for the YSL Beauty Rock Candy Eye Shadow Palette ($68) had us comparing these YSL shades to a box of Good & Plenty. And then we read that the reddish candy shell on a Good & Plenty candy gets its color from the crushed exoskeletons of the... [More]


Thank You Garden-in-a-Bag

So, the Thank You Garden-in-a-Bag ($7) can function in two ways. One, as a unique way to say thank you. Or two, as a way to say I'm not sure if I want to thank you so I'll just give you this and if the flowers bloom in a few... [More]


Wet Bottom Shoo-Fly Pie

Shoo fly, don't bother us... unless, of course, you're a Wet Bottom Shoo-Fly Pie ($25) from Kitchen Kettle Village. Then feel free to hang out in our kitchen, our dining room, and even sneak up to our bedroom for a midnight snack. Shhh... don't tell.... [More]

Coachella Hat Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper: Haute Hats for K's Palm Springs Coachella Trip

K. writes: "Hi Ladies! I am addicted to reading outblush every day, and you guys helped me pick out some great shirts for my conservative office job last year, so I'm hoping you might be able to help me again! I'm SO excited to be going to Palm Springs in... [More]


Rifle Paper Co. Cowboy Party Invitations

These Rifle Paper Co. Cowboy Party Invitations ($20) are so vintage cool we kinda want to send them for our own birthday party. We think we could arrange for some sexy cowboys to attend. And we have a cowboy hat and plaid shirt we've been dying to wear. We're thinking... [More]


Dogeared Loved Mantra Necklace

Close your eyes for just a second. Take a deep breath in and whisper to yourself "You are loved. I love you." At least once a day, reaffirm how important you are to you by tugging on the Dogeared Loved Mantra Necklace ($68). Or give it to your daughter before... [More]


Net Bag

We are too lazy to make multiple trips to our car, so anything that comes home with us from the store gets carried to our second floor apartment in one shot. Sometimes at the risk of pinching off a finger. We were looking for a bag that could carry our... [More]


Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry Cream

Whether you are trying to achieve sleek straight hair or impeccably tight curls, Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry Cream ($22) will help you reach that goal. Cacao extracts smooth hair cuticles while vegetable proteins rebuild the shaft of the hair, creating all-around healthier, softer tresses. As soon as your... [More]


Aromatherapy Candle Making Kit

Ooommm, Ooommmm, oooommmm, OMG your apartment smells heavenly. Keep your apartment's feng shui in balance with relaxing aromatherapy. Use the Aromatherapy Candle Making Kit ($22) to craft candles for yourself, or invite the girls over for a yoga night and give (or make) candles as party gifts.... [More]


Flipp Walnut Coffee Table

Hidden storage is our friend. Hidden storage allows us to keep our place looking tidy when in reality, we're just shoving stuff in drawers, cubbies and closets when people come to visit. The only thing that makes hidden storage even more exciting to us is when it's accompanied by good... [More]


Mossimo Supply Co. Sleeveless Floral Dress

Floral print is one of our favorite projected spring trends, so we're trying to scoop up a few good pieces to get a head start. The Mossimo Supply Co. Sleeveless Floral Dress ($25) is a great casual option that leaves plenty of room in our budgets for other pieces. We... [More]


Pop Daisy Dinner Plates

We think the phrase "nothing is certain but death and taxes" should be modified to include doing dishes. We thank our lucky stars that our husband is willing to do them often, but when we have a chance (and a reason) to dress our table in cute paper plates, we... [More]


Bubblegum Heart Lollipop

We already have a soft spot for giant lollipops. But lollipops in the shape of a heart? And bubblegum flavor, too? Did we win the lottery? We'd rather have a bouquet of Bubblegum Heart Lollipops ($4 each) than stuffy roses any day.... [More]


bareMinerals Prime Time Shadow Primer

We fall in that category of people with annoyingly oily skin. Forget T-zones, every inch of our face is a problem area. That includes our eyelids, of all places. We'll apply eyeshadow and by the end of the work day the color has collected into pools of sadness near the... [More]


Boy Blue Crystal Bow Earrings

Bows and bling? Sign us up! The Boy Blue Crystal Bow Earrings ($20) from the Elessa Jade Collection are right up our alley. They're not too flashy, but they have enough of a wow factor that we know we'll get a few compliments each time we wear them out. Maybe... [More]


Bobbi Brown Neon Lip Gloss

Neons are in. You know it, we know it, and Bobbi Brown knows it. Obvi, the thought of neon makeup is a bit intimidating, but our girl Bobbi nails it as usual with her new Neon Lip Glosses ($23 each) which are perfectly sheer. They add just the right amount... [More]


Hippie Neptune Hook

Our dream house has a huge backyard with a pool, patio, and outdoor shower. We'd totally hang these Hippie Neptune Hooks ($10) near the shower to keep our towels from getting soaked. We think they'd also make cool coat hangers for a beach house or whimsical additions to your bathroom.... [More]


Fringe Benefits Scissors

We didn't even know such a craft wonder existed until ten minutes ago when we came across this pair of Fringe Benefits Scissors ($24). Seriously? All that time we spent snipping fabric and paper to get a funky fringe for cards and crafts. We feel silly. And we also feel... [More]


Goldenberry Jam

How can you not love a jam that lists love as an ingredient? Any company with enough chutzpah to put 'love' without an 'oh my gosh, we're totally kidding' asterisk attached makes us want to try it. It doesn't help that Goldenberry Jam ($18) also includes tasty mulberries, goldenberries, agave... [More]


Anchor Wrap

Of the oceans of wrapping paper on the market, we think this Anchor Wrap ($8) is the most swell of all. Ooooh, we kill ourselves.... [More]


Clé de Peau Beauté Restorative Body Cream

The keys to beautiful skin are drinking loads of water, getting an ample amount of rest every night, exercising regularly and Clé de Peau Beauté Restorative Body Cream ($138). Okay, maybe you don't have to have this stuff but it certainly helps. Use it in the morning on your neck... [More]


Gentle Complexion Correction Pads

It hurts us to say it, but between the late nights, the crazy dry weather, and the junk food we've been consuming since the holiday season, our skin is looking a little worse for wear. We've only got one face, and we're not ready to throw in the towel just... [More]


Metal and Leather Aviator Sunglasses

Ladies, bust out your leather driving gloves, perfect chiffon scarf, and red lipstick. Vince Camuto has just released the crowning accessory to your driving diva look: Metal and Leather Aviator Sunglasses ($75). We can't imagine any aviator glasses being cooler than this leather-trimmed, metal-framed pair. These are definitely on our... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Barry M Lip Gloss Wands

If you get bogged down sorting through four hundred colors of one brand of lipstick, simplify your life by taking a peek at the four shades of Barry M Lip Gloss Wands ($8). Never sticky yet super saturated, Barry M Lip Gloss lives up to the Barry M name. There's... [More]


Deep Blue Radial Kitchen Mat

That whole 'barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen' thing would be much more comfortable if we had a cushy Deep Blue Radial Kitchen Mat ($38) to stand on while we cook. Except we're not pregnant, or barefoot, and our husband helps us make dinner. So we guess we just want... [More]


Chocolate Mice

We'd be completely overjoyed if some of these Chocolate Mice ($32) stowed away in our luggage. L.A. Burdick's whimsical mice come in dark chocolate with an orange interior, milk chocolate with a mocha interior, and white chocolate with a cinnamon interior, and are all finished off with almond ears and... [More]


Koh Gen Do Body Milk

Our skin is in need of some serious resurfacing. The dry winter weather has done everything it could to sap it of any moisture, any vibrancy, and basically any health it gained over the rest of the year. In an attempt to drag ourselves out of this pit of despair,... [More]


Fuse Smash Dress

We're not sure whether the 'Smash' in the Fuse Smash Dress ($110) is for how smashing you'll look while you're creaming your tennis opponent, or how hard you'll be smashing those fuzzy, yellow tennis balls over the net. We do know that you will look positively smashing while impressing your... [More]

Peach Champagne Sapphire Ring

Peach Champagne Sapphire Ring

If your Valentine didn't deliver a fabulous gift this year, we suggest you send a few hints. One way for him to make up would be with this stunning Peach Champagne Sapphire Ring ($1,238). A gorgeous 1.18 carat peachy champagne sapphire is set in rose gold and trimmed with sparkly... [More]


Marblex Modeling Clay

We can think of so many ways to use this paintable, self-hardening Marblex Modeling Clay ($10). Make holiday decorations, quirky place card holders, beads, candleholders, vases for fake flowers (this stuff is not waterproof), and pretty much anything else you can think of.... [More]


LASplash Diamond Dust Body & Face Glitter

We're not saying we want to shimmer like Edward, but a little sparkle never killed anyone. Well, unless you're Bella Swan, but she was literally asking for it. LASplash Diamond Dust Body & Face Glitter ($7) imparts just a touch of glitter where you apply it. We like to highlight... [More]


Rails Olivia Skirt in Blue Chambray

To say that we want this Rails Olivia Skirt in Blue Chambray ($118) is a major, major understatement! Our skinny jeans can expect a little less love while we're working our shiz in this gorgeous lightweight skirt. We plan on contrasting it with chunky knit sweaters while the weather stays... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bekah's Bell Bonanza

Bekah writes: I am looking for a lacy long sleeved white dress for my upcoming birthday and I absolutely fell in love with the Dolce Vita Starling Bell Sleeve Lace Dress featured in this piece. Could y'all possibly point me in the direction of a less expensive version of this... [More]


Niman Ranch Fearless Franks

Normally we don't go in for hot dogs (we love them, but.. you know...), but we had to do a little shout out for these Niman Ranch Fearless Franks ($40 for 12). Made from pasture-raised beef, these nitrate-free, gluten-free, and super tasty beef franks will actually make it to our... [More]


Lancome Doll Lash Edition Eye Palette

We have a number of single pots of makeup floating around, but sometimes it's nice just to pull out a quad and be good to go. The Lancome Doll Lash Edition Eye Palette ($48) makes the morning simpler and our makeup routine so much faster. It contains shimmer, sheen, metallic,... [More]


Brighton Beach UK Tote Bag

Maybe you're nowhere near the beach and you need a little pick-me-up. Maybe you need a treat for all the extra Zumba classes you've been attending in an effort to get into that gorgeous black bikini you picked up at an end of summer clearance. Whatever your reason, this Brighton... [More]

Where Will You Make Your Mark Phone Case

Where Will You Make Your Mark Phone Case

Where in the world is Waldo our iPhone? You'll find yours much more easily if you put it in a groovy Where Will You Make Your Mark Phone Case ($35), which is covered in a map made from passport stamps.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: e.l.f. Brightening Eye Liner

Like most frugalistas, we love coming across a Cheap Thrill. And we're not implying anything bad about e.l.f. by saying that they have a multitude of Cheap Thrills. They just sell remarkably good beauty products for astoundingly low prices. Their e.l.f. Brightening Eye Liner ($2) is this close to being... [More]


French Terrine

A few months ago we saw the greatest use for these French Terrine ($6) jars. Bake cheesecake filling inside them, sprinkle them with a graham cracker crust crumble, and spoon on the raspberry topping. Perfect hostess gift or party favor. Look who's Little Miss Martha Stewart!... [More]


Dermablend Leg and Body Tattoo Primer

Yes, the Dermablend Leg and Body Tattoo Primer ($25) will prep your skin for ultimate coverage of that really bad idea that seemed like a great one during Spring Break 2002. But it will also help cover up varicose veins, those giant blue veins on the backs of your knees... [More]


Found My Animal Collar

Started by two designers who met while doing animal rescue work, Found My Animal focuses on making cool collars and leashes for dogs. We love this Found My Animal Collar ($48) and think it would look cute on any adopted pup. Made from durable rope, reclaimed leather, and embellished with... [More]


3 Piece Modern Cutlery Set

Forget about placemats and napkins adding color to your table setting. These 3 Piece Modern Cutlery Sets ($9) are the perfect way to add a pop of whimsy to your dinner party. Get them in matching colors, or mix them up for a total boho-inspired table. Or channel your inner... [More]

AG Go Red Tunneled Dress

AG Go Red Tunneled Asymmetric Dress

We're always game for supporting a great cause...especially when we can treat ourselves to a chic dress. The AG Go Red Tunneled Asymmetric Dress ($120) is a slinky slub jersey dress that gives back and looks sexy. AG has partnered with the American Heart Association this month to encourage women... [More]


Breakers Thank You Card Set

Simple and stylish, this beach-chic Breakers Thank You Card Set ($12) is top on the list for our next set of thank-you notes. We think they would make an awesome set for after your luau-licious birthday bash.... [More]


Darphin Vitalbalm

We have one last ski trip planned at the end of the month and we know that our lips have about had it with this butt-cold weather. To placate our sassy mouth, we picked up Darphin Vitalbalm ($25) to soothe our soon-to-be chapped lips. It contains the moisturizing power of... [More]


Pink Roses/Pink Waves Crib Bedding

We don't have a baby and we probably won't have one for a long time, but we can't help but want to buy (and hide so our husband doesn't think we've gone totally nuts) this adorable Pink Roses/Pink Waves Crib Bedding Set ($335). We love that it's totally girly and... [More]


Window Screen Brush

Spring cleaning is almost upon us (barf), and while we love a clean home, we hate the scrubbing and the scouring that go along with it. One area we love maintaining about as much as we love getting our bikini line waxed is our windows. This Window Screen Brush ($7)... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 7.48.03 AM.png

Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: What Your Valentine's Day Gift Says About Your Relationship (Infographic)

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-12 at 12.42.59 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Jordan Makes a Statement on a Budget

Jordan writes: "Dear Outblush Staff, I need your all's expert fashion sense in helping me to find a necklace. I am attending a rather swanky wine tasting fundraiser and have attached a photo of the dress I will be wearing (which I found through one of your other personal shopper... [More]


Essie Set In Stones Nail Polish

Tickle us pink? That's not it. Green with envy? Getting closer. Red carpet treatment? Almost there. Bedazzle us brazen? Bingo. Essie Set In Stones Nail Polish ($8)... [More]


Jagger Edge Andy Warhol iPhone Case

Carry an iPhone case so cool everyone will be asking about it. The Jagger Edge Andy Warhol iPhone Case ($125) comes in 100% leather and rocks a sterling silver plate that reads "Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." But we have a feeling you'll get more than fifteen minutes... [More]


Bee's Knees Organic Java Bar Soap

Since our surprise holiday post, we've begun a lovely little friendship with Miss KellyKat over at The Bee's Knees Organic Soaps. And of course, we just had to try some of her sweet things once we got to know her. We picked out a few fantastic-sounding soaps to try and... [More]


Chevron Gold Metallic Drawer Liners

Just because our bathroom drawers are littered with multiple blushes, five kinds of eyeliner, various brushes, and a few fabulous shades of lipstick, it doesn't mean we don't want them to look fabulous. These Chevron Gold Metallic Drawer Liners ($25 for 6) keep our bathroom looking lovely no matter how... [More]


Fox Earrings

You're one foxy lady. No, literally, you're looking foxy in those Fox Earrings ($22). As if anyone had to tell you, though!... [More]


Hausfire Indoor Fireplace

We've been lamenting our freezing heater-less apartment all winter. As much as we love wearing thick socks and our toasty bathrobe well past the acceptable morning hours of pajama wear, we wish we had something to up the heat in our apartment. Behold, the Hausfire Indoor Fireplace ($2,250). Look away... [More]


VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

Some of us used to be smokers and we have the ugly battle wounds to show for it. The little lines around our lips are less than attractive. VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment ($85) decreases the appearance of vertical wrinkles around the mouth and then helps to prevent new ones from... [More]


One Teaspoon Captain Hooker Bikini

Recipe for looking totally haute on your spring break: 1 (8 oz.) can sunless tanning spray. 1 lb. moxie. One Teaspoon Captain Hooker Bikini ($99). 1 pair of fabulous sunglasses.... [More]


Sunja's Medium Spicy Cabbage Kimchi

Did you know that kimchi was voted one of the top five healthiest things you can eat by Health magazine? Are you still trudging along on your New Year's resolutions to eat better and sweat it out more? Here you go: Sunja's Medium Spicy Cabbage Kimchi ($4) is a tasty... [More]


Design By Humans Vita ChicoBag

Sure, we love our Baggu bags, but we're willing to branch out, especially if we can take home a Vita ChicoBag ($10) by Design By Humans. Their bags are big and sturdy, which means they'll hold all of our groceries, including a bottle of wine or two (or three). But... [More]


Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Stretch Lengthening Mascara

Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Stretch Lengthening Mascara ($30) will most definitely be this year's Must Have Mascara. While taking your lashes to new lengths, this mascara defines and curls just as well as it separates and amplifies. Complete your face with a red lip and a sleek cat eye... [More]


Baseboard Buddy

Get a jump on spring cleaning with the Baseboard Buddy ($19). Not that we're looking forward to doing a deep clean of our apartment (kill us now, please), but we love us a clean space. Anything that helps us get our apartment spick-and-span without keeping us on our hands and... [More]


Upper Metal Class Control Earrings

We're having a lot of fun with these Control Earrings ($90) from Upper Metal Class. On days that we know are going to be dull, we put in the fast forward arrows. When we're off for a spa day with girlfriends, we wear the pause button. Sure, most people only... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-11 at 2.12.30 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Neon Stuff for Under $50 for Laura

Laura writes: I am obsessed with neons for spring.. could you give me some hot neons for spring under $50? specifically looking for a hot pink blazer.. but I'm all about most neon pieces!! thank you!! :) Laura! I am Found of You and I love neon. I wish I... [More]


Origins Super Spot Remover

Zits were supposed to be history when we hit our late 20's, or so we'd been told. Whoever told us is a dirty, stinkin', mean LIAR. Stress, too much junk food, period hormones, and not washing our faces as often as we should all lead to spots aplenty, but we... [More]


See by Chloe Pump

Every time we slip our feet into the See by Chloe Pumps ($355), we hum the lyrics to I Feel Pretty from West Side Story. (Actually, we only know about three and a half lines from the song, so we just hum them over and over.) Our point is, these... [More]


Large Circle Scallop Hole Punch

We pretty much use our Large Circle Scallop Hole Punch ($11) every time we want to add a little tag to homemade gifts, bags of handmade caramels, and cellophane-wrapped plates of cookies. We've used it for quirky paper garlands, crafting cards, and funky gift wrapping. If it were sharp enough... [More]


Karen Barbe Textileria Zigzag Bag

The Karen Barbe Textileria Zigzag Bag ($32) always brings a smile to our lips. It's so simple, and perfectly fits in with our casual weekend "quirky girl" wardrobes. Truthfully, we also cram our gym clothes into this cotton tote on days when we're running late to work and foolishly think... [More]


Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Powder - As If It Were Still Summer...

We're still wishing it was summer but we're transitioning into being glad it is almost spring. Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Powder - As If It Were Still Summer... ($65) will get us over this slump into the warmth of next season by giving us a subtle yet powerful glow.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Bow Tie Bag Clips

Our shoes are girly. Our dresses are girly. Our entire lifestyle reeks of girly. Shouldn't our kitchen doodads and thingamabobs be just as ladylike? Bow Tie Bag Clips ($3 on sale) dress up any old bag of snacks with the same style and flair that we'd expect from our own... [More]

Nicole Lee Cosmetic Luggage

Nicole Lee Cosmetic Luggage

Your luggage will surely stand out when you're at the airport and we're pretty sure it will be a conversation starter between you and hopefully a really cute guy. The Nicole Lee Cosmetic Luggage ($80 on sale) has a hard body trunk with an extended handle and sound-reducing rubber wheels.... [More]


Charlie Jade April Pleated Surplice Colorblock Silk Dress

Spring foliage may not yet be in bloom, but you can be in the April Pleated Surplice Colorblock Silk Dress ($145) by Charlie Jade. This is colorblocking at its finest--pairing two complimentary colors in one chic and show-stopping silk dress. Wear it with a pair of nude pumps and you'll... [More]


Aramis Body Shampoo on a Rope

You're asking yourself what's good about soap on a rope. We'll tell you. It's soap. On a rope. You can rhyme in the shower cleansing with the power Of Aramis Body Shampoo ($14). Always at hand, You can rely on this brand To be that one that stops people from... [More]


Write Everyday Agenda

We know that some of you like to store everything on your phone - important meetings, upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, etc. but some of us still like jotting things down on pen and paper. If you're like us, you'll love this Write Everyday Agenda ($18). Full of address pages, checklists,... [More]


Rain Cosmetics Blood, Sweat & Tears Set

You hear the phrase, "Adorn your lips with Blood, Sweat and Tears!", and you probably think, "Um, that already happens every time I go to CrossFit class, why would I want reminders of all that pain in my makeup case?" Hear us out: Rain Cosmetics combined three of their hottest... [More]


Toasted Coasters

We're much too sophisticated to buy these Toasted Coasters ($14 for set of 8) for our own homes, but our kid brother will LOVE them. Okay, so we love them, too. We'd just be too embarrassed to have them sitting on the coffee table next to the current issue of... [More]


Zara Printed Shorts

Since our pasty legs are still bundled up under jeans, leggings, sweatpants and the like, we're happy to fantasize about the shorts we'll wear once summer comes around. We're currently captivated by these Printed Shorts ($60) from Zara, but check back in with us in August to see if we've... [More]


Chantecaille The Coral Reefs Palette

Look at this trove! Treasures untold! How many wonders can one palette hold? The Chantecaille The Coral Reefs Palette ($79) has us wishing we lived under the sea with Sebastian and Flounder, swimming around while we wait for our true land-dwelling love. The refillable palette contains three eyeshadow shades and... [More]


Winter Lipcare: How to Avoid the Curse of Chapping

Baby, it's cold out there, and we all know what frigid air does: Dries you out faster than a visit to the Sahara. Hair, skin, eyes, lips.... Dry, cracked, and lifeless, aka not fun and not attractive. Especially winter-chapped lips. Ow! Today, we've teamed up with the beautistas at Walgreens... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lauren's Evening of Impeccable Style

Lauren writes: I'm attending a ball in a few months with this handsome fella and need to look like I know what I'm doing. My best friend who just happens to be the coolest person on the planet introduced me to where I got this fantastic Badgley Mischka dress.... [More]


Steel Petal Press Like Woah Card

A card to say congrats is a sweet gesture after a girlfriend gets engaged, even if your heart blackens a little since you've been with your man for three times as long as those two... uhhh, we got a little off track. Let's try again: If you've got a friend... [More]


H&M Polish Me Happy Nail Varnish

Part peacock, part St. Patrick's Day and part Emerald City. H&M Polish Me Happy Nail Varnish ($5) is all we have ever wanted to wear while downing Car Bombs with our tail feathers held high somewhere over the rainbow.... [More]


Madewell Llama Love Necklace

What's not to llike about this LLama Love Necklace ($35)? We'll llikely wear ours with a llace top and lleggings. We just really llove llamas with their lluscious fur and llittle faces - there's even a song about 'em!... [More]


Single Stone Studios Fairest of Them All Decal

A little vanity never hurt anyone. Except the evil queen, we suppose... she died because she was so concerned with her appearance. So, view this Fairest of Them All Wall Decal ($24) as a cautionary tale in addition to a cute fairytale reference, mkay?... [More]


Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum

We wear lace skirts to the office. We curl our hair every morning. When writing sweet love notes to our hubby, we occasionally dot our i's with hearts. We are girly girls and we're proud to show it. And Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum ($69) helps us smell the part.... [More]


Seven Dwarves Ring

Why have just one man wrapped around your finger when you can have seven? Admittedly, they're smaller than your average man, but what they lack in size they make up for in number. Disney Couture Seven Dwarves Double Finger Ring ($55)... [More]


Marich English Toffee Caramels

We loooove toffee and we love caramel, so we're willing to bet that these Marich English Toffee Caramels ($10) will rock our world. Crafted from the finest ingredients, these soft toffee-flavored caramels are coated with luscious milk chocolate, making them a truly indulgent treat. We can't see these lasting more... [More]


Tom Ford Beauty Nude Vanille Lip Color

Spring fashion is showing an incredible range at New York Fashion Week this February. Exuberant florals (doesn't that make sense?), bright prints, and a mix of neutrals all in one garment. Instead of restocking your entire makeup cabinet to keep up with the changing fashions, order Tom Ford Beauty Nude... [More]


Child's Name Copper Rings

Even though these Child's Name Copper Rings ($52 for a set of three) by Monkeys Always Look seem to be jewelry just for mommas, they aren't. You can personalize each ring in the stack with whatever you want, even if you're kid-free. We've been thinking about using all three to... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Kikkerland Mondrian Magnetic Wipe Board

Add some De Stijl to your office or kitchen with a Kikkerland Mondrian Magnetic Wipe Board ($10). It'll make even the most mundane to-do list or menu plan totally cube-ular. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20,... [More]


Whish Almond Body Wash

If we were stranded on a deserted island and discovered Robin Williams' magic genie lamp, we'd ask for the following three things: - off the island (duh.) - a date with Ryan Gosling on which we will wear the most incredible outfit tailored to our personality and body type -... [More]


Alexander McQueen De Manta Studded Tote

If we were to handpick the next President of the United States, it would be Alexander McQueen with the De Manta Studded Tote ($1,595) as his running mate. One touch of the soft sheep leather would end any argument between countries. A simple glance at the stud embellishments would inspire... [More]


Galileo Valentine

Who knew Galileo was such a romantic? Galileo Valentine ($6).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Keeping It All in for Colleen

Colleen writes: Hello, My friend Katie is getting married on March 17th. I am looking for a dress to wear to the wedding. I am busty, so I'd like something that covers up on top. Too often, dresses I find that fit are a little too revealing in that area...which... [More]


theBalm Hot Mama Blush and Shadow Palette

We've been feeling a little plain and ordinary lately. We really hunkered down on our budgets after gift-giving season but now it's time to emerge with the flowers of spring. This kind of thinking gives us an excellent excuse to buy a few new MUST HAVE NOW!! products, starting with... [More]

Sperry Top Sider Pelican Boots

Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Boots

It's not even spring yet, but we can't help it. We can't wait to bust out our favorite rain boots and frolic in the puddles on our way to work. Even though we already have two pairs of rain boots, we still want more. We'd love to add the Sperry... [More]


Pink Guava Wool Batt

Whether you're spinning your own yarn, or using the Pink Guava Wool Batt ($8) for a felting project, you'll be smitten with the bright color and soft feel of this merino wool. Try your hand at making cool felted Valentine's hearts or a felted bead necklace.... [More]


Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

How many times do you rush to pack for a weekend trip only to spend nearly an hour trying to navigate all the FAA regulations for carry-on toiletries? Skip the hassle and the super awkward pat down by tossing in Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes ($6). They remove... [More]


Sarcastic Printable Valentines

Holy sh*t! It's Valentine's Day? We were too busy mourning Whitney, celebrating gay marriage, and re-watching Super Bowl commercials to plan a single thing! Thank goodness for Britney Brown's Sarcastic Printable Valentines ($8), which are not only helping us save face with our loved ones, but also keeping us out... [More]


MasterLock Portable Personal Safe

Imagine all the uses for the MasterLock Portable Personal Safe ($19). Seriously, this thing would be perfect in nearly every situation. -Going to the gym but don't want to pay for a locker? MasterLock it up to the StairMaster. -Going on a cruise and don't want to leave your passport... [More]

Lionel Catolina Handbag

Lionel Catolina Handbag

There's something about a clutch that's covered in studs. The Lionel Catolina Handbag ($58) is one bad*ss bag that we'd like to rock with a strapless chiffon dress to our best friend's garden party bridal shower.... [More]


Figs & Rouge Organic Everywhere Balm Must-Haves Set

We love all things British (Benedict Cumberbatch, scones, etc.) and heart us some multitasking products, so when we heard about the UK bath & body brand Figs & Rouge's Everywhere Balms, we were intrigued. Packaged in darling art nouveau tins perfect for stashing in your purse or desk, these organic... [More]


Letter In A Bottle

The only thing more romantic than receiving a Letter In A Bottle ($16) is catching yourself a husband who still thinks you're still a piece even after you've been married eight years and gained thirty pounds... Since we already have the husband, we figure we'll share the romance and send... [More]


Steve Madden Sparrkk Bootie

We wanted sparkle but we don't know if we can handle this much sparkle. Steve Madden Sparrkk Booties ($250) are blindingly hot and almost too much for one pair of shoes to contain. One shoe by itself is maybe manageable but to wear both shoes would simply stop the rotation... [More]


Vintage Valentines

There are a few things we miss about being a kid: field trips, summer vacation, and those packs of valentines. We might be a little old for Barbie valentines (we say might because we secretly don't believe it), and we're not even a little interested in giving out Dora the... [More]


CoverGirl Blast Flipstick

A sweet subtle pucker is a great accessory to any springtime face. Apply the darkest shade of the CoverGirl Blast Flipstick ($8) to both lips. Take the lighter shade and apply on top of the first shade to the very middle of your upper and lower lips. Blend the shades... [More]


JC de CASTELBAJAC Sweater Dress

Super Nintendo nostalgia washes over us looking at the wacky JC de CASTELBAJAC Sweater Dress ($190). The zany upside down castle on a bright green dress is just the thing to tickle our fashion funny bone. The cut is simple enough that the entire look isn't a joke, it's a... [More]


Hail Merry Tarts

Raw. Vegan. Gluten-free. These Hail Merry Tarts ($4) have made their way into our hearts, but first, they made a welcome stop in our mouths. These tasty tarts are sure to please every dessert indulger (vegans and non-vegans alike) including chocoholics, lemon and lime lovers, chocolate mint cravers, and chocolate... [More]


Sea Salt Soap

Wondering what to get your man for Valentine's Day? How about some Sea Salt Soap ($8)? Following a traditional Swedish recipe, this fresh soap makes a pro lather for shaving and smells like brisk sea air. Go get your clean-shaven sailor!... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: February 13, 2012

The colors of the bags in the Shopping List poll for this week from The Purse Page remind us of macaroons. Yum. We love macaroons. But yeah, go vote for your favorite, and come back here in a week to see some bags that look like the winner that normal... [More]


Personal Shopper: OMG BOWS for Courtney

Courtney writes: "I found these on pinterest without a link to where they came from. It is imperative that I find them. I feel as though my life will never be complete unless I own these. Size 7.5. Please help!" I always get really excited to go on these treasure... [More]


Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

Every so often we come across a product in the beauty atmosphere that contains an ingredient we honestly have never heard of. Today, Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash ($17) is the newest product in question. Turns out sea-buckthorn is incredibly high in vitamin C, plus it contains loads of... [More]


Wonderfully Wearable One-Shoulder Bra

We've got a whole lot of boob action going on, and we've never met a strapless bra that could harness the ladies, which made wearing formal dresses nearly impossible. Now that we've got the Wonderfully Wearable One-Shoulder Bra ($15) we can actually go out in public without having to worry... [More]


Shape Symmetry Melamine Plates

Ostensibly, British designers Zoe Miller and David Goodman designed these Shape Symmetry Melamine Plates ($12 each) for a children's collection for the Tate Museum in London. We, however, think they'd be perfect little additions to our own kitchen cupboards for adult dining: They're nigh-on unbreakable, are a modest eight inches... [More]


Happy Valentine's Garland

At the moment we have approximately two Valentine's decorations in our apartment. We're thinking it's time to up the holiday cheer, especially since our husband has been asking (in sad tones) why we don't decorate anymore. This cute Happy Valentine's Garland ($10) would look adorable strung along a wall, or... [More]

Milk Bottle and Glasses Set

Milk Bottle and Glasses Set

Remember when the milkman used to deliver fresh milk to your doorstep? Those were the days. We love to gulp down a big glass of milk with our homemade mint chocolate chip cookies. The Milk Bottle and Glasses Set ($40) would make that glass of milk seem much more delicious... [More]

Ice Cream Parlor Clock

Ice Cream Parlor Clock

We're gonna rock around the clock tonight, We're gonna rock, rock, rock, 'til broad daylight We get that song stuck in our heads every time we look at the Ice Cream Parlor Clock ($98), which we think would be the perfect nostalgic piece for our retro basement kitchen.... [More]


Bee My Lovebug Truffles

There are times when we are all about the schmoopy - and this is one of those times. These cool Bee My Lovebug Truffles ($32) are the perfect Valentine's chocolate box. Not intense enough to scare away a budding romance, but unique enough to let that someone know they're special,... [More]


Badger SPF 30+ Unscented Natural Sunscreen

When the weather starts to warm up, we're normally excited to pull out sundresses and bathing suits. But now we're just super jazzed to offer everyone a sample of our Badger. Badger SPF 30+ Unscented Natural Sunscreen ($16) that is. Virtually free of anything except the stuff that blocks UVA... [More]

Spirited Safari Jacket

Spirited Safari Jacket

The groundhog may have seen his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter, but we've got spring fever. The Spirited Safari Jacket ($168) is exactly what we've been searching for - neutral color with lots of ruching detail and feminine design. It's the perfect addition to our spring wardrobe and... [More]


Needlepoint Valentine

Here's the thing. We kind of like how our apartment looks without holiday decorations. We like everything in its place and the Anthro vibe we've been creating. So if we're gonna add decorations to the mix, they need to be things that fit the vibe of our apartment and that... [More]


Greer Shaggy Jacket

We've been incredibly fond of the vast collection of feminine, chic, vintage-inspired items at Ruche for some time now. When we found this Greer Shaggy Jacket ($49) we were giddy. This soft-to-the-touch jacket will be the perfect coverup for our spring dresses. We're confident it will give our outfits an... [More]


Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser

Using Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser ($22) is like going grocery shopping at Whole Foods for your skin. Made with coconut, aloe, sweet cherries, red grapes, lemons, dandelions, lemon balm, and sage, and topped off with vitamins A and E, this cleanser is healthier than the entire produce aisle. It... [More]

Fairy Garden Accessory Set

Fairy Garden Accessory Set

We're already dreaming up ways we can make our garden a little more enchanting with some imagination and a sprinkle of pixie dust. The Fairy Garden Accessory Set ($30) could definitely be the solution; this seven-piece set includes a sprightly fairy figurine, a wire arbor, a roll of picket fencing,... [More]


Ostrich Feather Duster

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this Ostrich Feather Duster ($58) is the perfect addition to your dinner 'after-party' wear. And after the magic is over, you're good to keep your house dust free. Win, win!... [More]


Downeast Basics Happy Thoughts Dress

Let's see... Easy, breezy jersey dress made unique with a ruched, pleated bodice we could swear was done by Rami from Project Runway, for just $40? Um. Yes, please? In both colors? Thanks - our spring and summer weekend wardrobe is now DONE! Downeast Basics Happy Thoughts Dress ($40)... [More]


Wilton Heart Cookie Treats Pan

We love it when two things we adore (cookies and lollipops) join forces. We plan on making heart cookie pops for all our friends this Valentine's Day in lieu of flowers or envelopes full of conversation hearts. Now we just need to find a huge assortment of edible glitter, festive... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Fresh Eye Lash-Loving Duo

Weddings are the perfect opportunities to splurge on some new makeup. And this doesn't just apply to the bride. We are taking part in our BFF's wedding as a bridesmaid in June, and we've been collecting our travel makeup ahead of time. The Fresh Eye Lash-Loving Duo ($10) has two... [More]


J. Press Skull Tie Bar

Sometimes we sit around fantasizing about our husband (psh, if you saw him you would too). And more often than not he is fully clothed in a Hugo Boss suit with an emerald green suit vest to set off his ice blue eyes, wrapped up like a gift in a... [More]


Jumbo Red Heart Sprinkles

We're just a bit smitten with anything heart at the moment and these Jumbo Red Heart Sprinkles ($3) are tickling our fancy. Large enough to decorate one mini cupcake apiece, or perfect for clustering on sugar cookies, these sprinkles are ideal for any Valentine's treat you can think up.... [More]

industrial storage-s.jpg

Retro Industrial Storage Units

How the Retro Industrial Storage Units ($98 for short, $198 for tall) manage to make locker doors cute, we're not sure. We do know the wooden tops and shelves add some warmth to all that metal, and the soft white and baby blue color choices are a nice detour from... [More]


La Caravelle Rose Champagne

Maybe it's a bit passé to have everything pink and red for Valentine's Day, but considering that it's all about love, hearts, and cupids shooting love arrows at people, we'll sneak this La Caravelle Rose Champagne ($40) in. Featuring a pretty pink hue, this delicate champagne will pair excellently with... [More]


TOMS Crochet Classics

TOMS. Can they ever do wrong? We know that not everyone is a huge fan of TOMS, but in this office we are. We're big on charity and just as big on great footwear. And when we can combine the two, we simply have to talk about it with you... [More]


Little Miss Austen: Pride and Prejudice

It's never too early to indoctrinate teach children about Jane Austen, right? Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver's clever Little Miss Austen: Pride and Prejudice ($9) helps wee 'uns up to age three learn to count using "1 English village", "2 rich gentlemen", "5 sisters", and more, all the way up... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Retexturizer

We're hoping this Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Retexturizer ($38) will get our pooped winter skin looking lovely in time to remind our dear husband that what we really want for Valentine's Day is a gift card to Sephora. Roses are nice and all, but makeup to enhance our fabulous face... [More]

coins of passion-S.jpg

Coins of Passion Bracelets

The crocheted wristbands on the Coins of Passion Bracelets ($22) by Tiraphan Hasub look comfy. A chunky bracelet covered with Chinese coin replicas appeals to us from an aesthetic standpoint. We love the brass, but aren't sure about the Feng Shui feel. Jury's still out on how we feel about... [More]

Coastal Caliente Smoked Jalapeno Bacon

Coastal Caliente Smoked Jalapeno Bacon

Just when you thought your Saturday morning hangover cure couldn't taste any better....Mix some Coastal Caliente Smoked Jalapeno Bacon ($20) into your next egg burrito and don't forget to add a dash of Dave's hot sauce too.... [More]


African Print Shower Curtain

Totally "happening" avocado green and harvest gold seventies bathroom? No prob. Plain, boring white? It'll go with that, too. No matter what kind of tile color scheme you got stuck with in your current apartment's bathroom, this vibrant, exuberant* African Print Shower Curtain ($79 on sale) will go with it.... [More]


American Mortals Champo Shampoo

Having guests in the house is great and all until they steal your good shampoo. Now you have to use the renegade bottle of dime store "shampoo" your dad left last time he came to visit, leaving your hair and scalp dryer than the punch bowl is after Uncle Larry... [More]

calipriai bag-s.jpg

Coccinelle Fabric Bag

The textile pattern on the Coccinelle Fabric Bag ($315) hypnotized us immediately. Like a modernized Celtic design, it's mysterious with a contemporary sensibility. This 15" messenger could fit a netbook and our creativity folders. It's a great working-from-the-coffee-shop bag.... [More]


Garden Cookies Kit

How cute is this Garden Cookies Kit ($38)? Instead of passing out mass sugar cookies for Valentine's Day, why not hand out wildflower seed cookies for your friends to plant? They'll last a lot longer and will remind your friends how awesome you are (and that they still owe you... [More]

george foreman waffle maker-s.jpg

Heart-Shaped Waffle George Foreman Grill Plates

Say it with us. Genius. It doesn't make sense to get a heart-shaped waffle maker unless you're insanely cutesy 365 days of the year. It does, however, make sense to pick up the Heart-Shaped Waffle George Foreman Grill Plates ($32). Everyone has a George Foreman left over from their college... [More]


Oribe Ultra Rich Shampoo

If our hair could talk, in the winter it would tell us that it felt like a lonely little girl nobody wants to take to the party because she's too tired and thirsty. Oribe Ultra Rich Shampoo ($25) would be that nice guy who comes along and offers her a... [More]


Kate Spade Japanese Floral Daycation Coin Purse

We work hard for our money, so not only are we smitten with the design of the Kate Spade Japanese Floral Daycation Coin Purse ($50), we're also fans of the concept. The next time we plan a girls' day, we'll leave our wallets at home and pack a pre-allotted amount... [More]

Elizabeth Showers Simone Ring

Elizabeth Showers Simone Stack Ring

Coral enrobed in yellow gold seems like a fabulous accessory choice for spring. We'd love to put the Elizabeth Showers Simone Stack Ring ($965 on sale) on a finger, so...Valentine, if you're listening, surprise us!... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Valentine for Caitlin's Manly Man

Caitlin writes: Love you guys! HELP HELP HELP - what do i get my awesome boyfriend of 5 years for Valentines day. I am kinda over chocolates, lingerie and all that cliche nonsense. He's a guy's guys so I was thinking whiskey, a cool pair of shoes...I don't know HELP!... [More]


La Fresh Eco-Beauty Makeup Remover Home & Away Set

Whether you are headed to the gym, the beach, your parents' for the weekend, or a dinner cruise unexpectedly turned skinny-dipping party, the La Fresh Eco-Beauty Makeup Remover Home & Away Set ($25) can tackle the makeup that a busy life requires. Pack one of the two pouches in your... [More]


Romantic Meals Anyone Can Make

Valentine's Day is upon us, but that three-course gourmet meal you planned on making sat on the back burner while you concentrated on finding the perfect lingerie to serve it in. So now you're drawing a blank. Author Haley Jones comes to the rescue with her e-cookbook Romantic Meals Anyone... [More]

La Marelle Couture bag-s.jpg

La Marelle Couture OOAK Handbag

The La Marelle Couture OOAK Handbag ($307) is complicated in a Victorian kind of way. It's a treasure trove of fancy. We would understand if the trappings on this vintage purse felt like a little much to tote around. But, hey, maybe all the attachments would save us time.... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For - The Mascara

If boots were made for walking then eyelashes were made for battin'. Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For - The Mascara ($22) is like knee-high black leather stiletto boots for our lashes making them appear longer and so ooh-la-la! This mascara is smudge-proof, water-resistant, clump-free drama in a tube.... [More]

Kelly Wearstler Perforated Ring-s.jpg

Kelly Wearstler Perforated Ring

Love that the holey Kelly Wearstler Perforated Ring ($125) is a complete surprise. On paper, it doesn't sound cute, but there's a certain industrial chicness about it that we dig. Sassy brass, we like.... [More]


Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator

Of all the seasons, winter is our least favorite. Thanks to this sulky weather, our skin had totally lost all the spring in its step. It had been sapped of all vitality and vibrancy. But Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator ($36) restores our skin with a healthy dose... [More]


Fendi Mini Baguette Bag

The beautiful beige leather and silver hardware on this Fendi bag ($1,191) make this a must-have for luxury purse lovers, like ourselves. Though it may be small, it houses all of our essentials: credit cards, driver's license, lipstick, keys, and perhaps a tiny mirror. We know we'll have to take... [More]


Personal Shopper: Simone's Long-Sleeved Lace Somethin'-Somethin' Dress

Simone wrote: "The girl in this engamement session is wearing a beautiful cream long sleeve lace dress with a scoop back! It is so pretty and I cannot find anything close to that dress. Help?" Hi Simone! I hunted. And hunted. And hunted. AND there are plenty of similar dresses,... [More]


Stila In The Garden Eye Shadow Palette

During the winter we look like ice queens. But come spring we look fresh-faced and fabulous. The Stila In The Garden Eye Shadow Palette ($39) will be this year's bouquet of fierceness. Ten invigorating shades will have us looking like the inside of a florist's shop in no time. The... [More]

Boyfriend Belted Shirt Dress-s.jpg

Lush Boyfriend Belted Shirt Dress

There's nothing boyish about the Lush Boyfriend Belted Shirt Dress ($61). Slightly sheer fabric, electric blue, and bare shoulders can take a gal a long way. Just the suggestion of a lady in a man-sized button-up will probably trigger memories of sexy mornings after. Use those feminine wiles.... [More]

Retreat Sandals class=

Retreat Sandals

You can bet your bottom dollar you'll find the Retreat Sandals($55) packed in our carry-on as we ship out on our Caribbean cruise this Presidents' Day weekend. These thong sandals have a bohemian appeal that we simply can't resist. They'd look awesome with our denim cutoffs and a white tank,... [More]


The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo

As winter winds down, we're preparing to store our sweaters and cardigans until (hopefully) next October. And the first step in caring for our prized garments is hand-washing them with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo ($19). It safely and effectively removes dirt you didn't even know was taking up... [More]

Bagatelle Designs Spring Drop Necklace

Bagatelle Designs Spring Drop Necklace

We love the simplicity of the Bagatelle Designs Spring Drop Necklace ($23). The Swarovski crystals and bohemian faceted glass beads give it such an ethereal feel. Since spring and summer are by far our favorite seasons, we're already shopping around for accessories that we WANT NEED and we've decided this... [More]


Dior Pure Poison Eau de Parfum

Cleopatra had her power, Marilyn had her fame, and sirens had their song. You have Dior Pure Poison Eau de Parfum ($80). Accentuate your natural allure with the scents of orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia, amber, and sandalwood. This fragrance wears so well that your victims won't even know what hit... [More]


Nightcap One Sleeve Victorian Dress

We're not sure there could be a more fabulous lace dress than the Nightcap One Sleeve Victorian Dress ($368). Though admirers may not be staring at it so much as at how it hugs our curves! We've been working hard to shed those holiday pounds and we're ready to show... [More]


What Happened? Bandages

Not only is it annoying to be asked over and over why you're wearing a bandage, it's embarrassing to answer "I cut myself opening a banana." Solve both problems with these What Happened? Bandages ($7) which offer an outrageous answer to keep your nosy coworkers at bay.... [More]


Cheap Thrill Valentines Day Edition: FORNARINA Heart Belt

Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore. Red glitter anything beams us straight into fantasy fashion land, and the FORNARINA Heart Belt ($10) is no exception. A great choice if we're feeling cutesy on V Day. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap... [More]


Gourmet Chocolate Cherries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are so overrated! Treat yourself and your sweetie to a twist on the tried and true with some scrumptious organic cherries hand-dipped twice in dark Belgian chocolate and then drizzled with white chocolate. You may want to do what we did, though, and order an extra dozen or... [More]


Mineralogie Natural Cream Concealer

The thing that gives away a fun weekend faster than sunglasses and a ginormous cup of coffee on Monday morning are the bags under our eyes. Because oh my gracious they look like lumps of coal. Who knew 27 was the new 50. Mineralogie Natural Cream Concealer ($18) is an... [More]

florence mirror-s.jpg

Frontgate Florence Mirror

Fans of ornate architecture will love the flowing rococo motifs in the Frontgate Florence Mirror ($240). We want our reflections framed by swimming hand-carved leaves and shells - over the top powder rooms are kind of our specialty.... [More]

Stones 2 Heel Rings

Stones 2 Heel Rings

Every girl loves a little sparkle, right? Dress up your favorite black pumps in mere seconds. The Stones 2 Heel Rings ($20 for one) take your heels from basic and safe to wowzaaaa! Your black patent platform peep-toes would look uhhh-mazing embellished with these.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Wedges for a Wedding

Kristen writes: "Hi there, I would love some help finding shoes for my wedding dress. I wear about a size 5-6.5 and am looking for dressy wedges to wear since our wedding is out side. I bought my dress from Jcrew item 86454: It is beautiful, and our wedding is... [More]

Giant Chocolate Cupcake

Giant Chocolate Cupcake

Devil's food cake, creamy filling and a dark chocolate glaze....what else can we say about the Giant Chocolate Cupcake ($35) except that we totally want one. This is definitely a must-have for your next girls' night in, since it's big enough to feed five or so.... [More]


Charlotte Ronson 2 X A Charm Blush/Bronzer

Things that work well together: Abbott and Costello Pork and beans Batman and Robin Blush and bronzer And that last one is the reason why we love Charlotte Ronson 2 X A Charm Blush/Bronzer ($26) so very much. We're all about working relationships and few things top a creamy blush... [More]

Bridal Veil Blouse

Bridal Veil Blouse

Here comes the....most beautiful shirt we've stumbled upon in a really long time! The Bridal Veil Blouse ($128) is breathtaking! This sheer mesh blouse is embellished with chiffon flowers, ribbon beading, lace and embroidery. It also has flounced sleeves, which dress up a blouse instantly; for us, it's the equivalent... [More]

Squirrel Nutcracker

Squirrel Nutcracker

We get by with a little help from our friends...especially when it comes to munching on nuts. Doesn't it just seem appropriate that we have a Squirrel Nutcracker ($17 on sale) to do all the work for us? We love our pecans, but hate all the work we have to... [More]


Avene Body Oil

When your skin is so dry and dehydrated that no lotion on the market can make a difference, try a bottle of Avene Body Oil ($20). Loaded with vitamins A and E, it leaves your skin moisturized and luminous. Give your body the full monty by soaking in a tub... [More]


Celebrate: Color Changing Umbrella

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached Hallmark calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Moose Stud Earrings

Let's face it, the chances of you ever seeing a moose in the wild are pretty low. (We would get the internet involved to give you an exact percentage, but we're way too lazy for that.) On the other hand, the chances that you'd look awesome wearing these Moose Stud... [More]


Lavanila Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Shower and Shave

Suds up. Shave off. Suds up. Shave off. Lavanila Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Shower and Shave ($14) lathers up for a whole body clean plus works as a shaving gel to keep those stems free of thorns - and it's made without the yucky chemicals that can clog pores and... [More]

Atlas 150 Chrome Pasta Maker

Atlas 150 Chrome Pasta Maker

Who knew Mom's Sunday dinner could taste better than it already did! Make your very own spaghetti, penne or rigatoni with the Atlas 150 Chrome Pasta Maker ($65).... [More]


Chuao Chocolates Non-Dairy Tease

Everyone loves chocolate, but not everyone gets along with dairy. If you feel out of step with this cheese- and yogurt- driven world, feast your taste buds on a Chuao Chocolates Non-Dairy Tease ($18). We don't say this often out of fear of being the butt of a "That's what... [More]


Sephora Pore Perfection Kit

We have a real complex about our pore size. And we have a feeling we aren't the only ones. Luckily, The Sephora Pore Perfection Kit ($18) is just the thing for gals like us. The silicone precision pore cleansing pad is great for everyday cleansing and the face complexion brush... [More]


Downton Abbey Seasons 1 & 2 (on sale!!)

Scandal! Unrequited love! Family honor! They're all themes that make the work of the Brontës and Jane Austen great, but this is no 19th-century novel. It's Downton Abbey, the smash-hit British show that has wormed its glorious way into the hearts of viewers all over the world. Now you can... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-08 at 11.51.47 AM.png

Personal Shopper: Cute and Comfy Flats for Lisa

Lisa writes: Dear Outblush----Conundrum-----indeed!!!! I had partially successful ankle surgery in August. I'm finally out of the boot but was told by the surgeon that I can not wear heels (gasp!) for the rest of my life. (double gasp!!) Am I destined for a life of Easy Spirits and Birkenstocks... [More]

Nail Art Pen

Nail Art Pen

Remember in the nineties when nail art was the craze? We do, and we're usually not into flowers or stars on our digits, but the Nail Art Pen ($12) makes it easy (and fun) for us to put them on ourselves. Valentine's Day is around the you can paint... [More]

chic alorsi necklace-s.jpg

Chic Alors! Necklace

The Chic Alors! Necklace ($118) balances between being futuristic and being tribal. The geometric pattern on brass could go either way, depending on our styling. We would pair it with our Tron catsuit. You might decide to let it be a boho statement piece.... [More]


Coach Poppy Flower Set

Finding a new favorite fragrance is the highlight of our year. That and when the new Top Chef season starts. Coach Poppy Flower is the peas to our carrots; the chocolate to our strawberry; the milk to our Oreo. Which makes the Coach Poppy Flower Gift Set ($90) the crème... [More]


Born Ibis

Is it still a thing to go all Rachel Zoe and exclaim "We die!" when we come across stuff? Because that's exactly what happened when we saw these Born Panna Cotta Ibis Oxfords ($95). We can't get over the color - that metallic that's somewhere between copper and pewter with... [More]

Batter Dispenser

Batter Dispenser

Say hello to evenly sized pancakes and muffins! The Batter Dispenser ($15) enables you to make those chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes all exactly the same size.... [More]


Sparkly Soul Wide Headband

We find that on days when we're looking a little less than our best, a headband polishes our look and a sparkly accessory makes us appear and feel more pulled-together. You can see why we're liking the Sparkly Wide Headbands ($17) from Sparkle Soul. They don't slip off or snag,... [More]


T3 Straight Laced SinglePass Styling Set

Take a look at our site and you'll notice two things: -Recently there has been a lace explosion. -We like it like that. The T3 Straight Laced SinglePass Styling Set ($160) is joining the party. Capitalizing on the lace movement of 2012, this whole collection is one big big beautiful... [More]


PB Teen Furlicious Beanbags

Some of our fondest memories of our Grandma's house involve curling up on the sheepskin rug at the foot of her bed. We were instantly transported back there when we saw the Furlicious Beanbags ($54-$159 on sale) from PB Teen. We're seriously considering getting one... you know, for the kids.... [More]


Seltzer Goods Birds Unplugged Card

Sure, the message behind this Seltzer Goods Birds Unplugged Card ($4) is very Valentine's-appropriate for that boyfriend of yours who's plugged into every social media outlet possible while you go out for dinner (no, we don't really need to see an Instagram of your bibimbap). But it's also a cute... [More]


Longcils Boncza Matic Mascara

Waterproof mascara that also has real silk proteins to lengthen our lashes? SOLD! It's hard to find a mascara that we can take to the gym and the office. Yes, we wear makeup to the gym; we look like trolls otherwise. Longcils Boncza Matic Mascara ($24) is a quick-drying cream... [More]


Fantastic Toys Alice and Wonderland Kawaii Papercraft Playset

Kawaii indeed, this Fantastic Toys Alice and Wonderland Kawaii Papercraft Playset ($4) makes us want to form our fingers into V's, firmly place them on either side of our cheeks, and exclaim, "SUPER CUTE!!!". This playset comes as an eight page PDF file that's instantly downloadable - perfect for emergency... [More]


French Assorted Macarons

These French Assorted Macarons ($22+) may actually be made in the good ol' U.S. of A., but we think you wouldn't mind if they came from Mars once you get them in your mouth. We especially love how the colors have really been punched up from pretty pastels to highly... [More]


Knitted Scallop Block Top

We've always wanted to be the kind of women who don slightly obscure fashion accessories with reckless abandon. The capelet, for example, has tempted us in the past. We're starting small with this Knitted Scallop Block Top ($76), which has the illusion of a little cape covering our shoulders, but... [More]


StriVectin Get Even Brightening Serum

We've never personally known anyone who went in for chemical peels, but the "during" process that takes place a couple days after a peel scares us enough to ensure we'll never get one. We prefer StriVectin Get Even Brightening Serum ($67 on sale). It may take a lot longer to... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Purple and Teal Living Room for Molly

Molly wrote: "I found this picture of my dream room, but I don't know where to find the items. Can you help me recreate it? I don't really have a specific budget but please no crazy designer prices!" 1 - Canvas Rectangular Velvet Pillow in Elizabethan Red ($90) 2 -... [More]


ASOS Floral Suit Separates

Outblush Operative Natasha writes: It is no secret that bold prints and crazy florals were big time in the Spring and Summer fashion shows (like J.Crew)...but for the most part these gorgeous florals could only be coveted by the masses because of their four-figure price tags. Well ladies, Christmas has... [More]


Mamma Chia

Mamma Mia, Mamma Chia ($3) certainly does feed (or should we say seed?) our souls. Thanks to Mamma Chia, we can enjoy the benefits of chia seeds in a delicious drink. We can hardly believe that this tasty stuff contains a whopping 2500 mg of Omega-3s per bottle. Wow! And... [More]


Buxom True Hue Blush

Customize your everyday makeup with Buxom True Hue Blush ($24). Sweep it across your cheeks once for a subtle glow or pile it on a few more times for a daring shine. But be careful with this stuff, 'cause it's addictive (and so is the attention you'll be getting with... [More]

Forever21 Paris Heart Compact

Cheap Thrill: Forever21 Paris Heart Compact

She's got the whole world in her hands...or at least Paris for less than $3. Forever21 Paris Heart Compact. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]


Jessica Simpson Waleo Pumps

These Jessica Simpson Waleo Pumps ($89) are almost too hot to handle - almost. We absolutely love these sky-high heels and the bright colors they're available in (including coral, aqua, bermuda pink, blue violet, and more). These are a welcome addition to our ever-growing shoe collection.... [More]


Billionaire Boyfriend

Turns out Timothy Olyphant isn't a billionaire. Nor is he single. But a girl can dream. We've decided to keep searching for our Mr. Right On The Money with the help of Billionaire Boyfriend ($75), a fragrance from Kate Walsh's Boyfriend line. It starts out flirty with scents of jasmine,... [More]

Love Note Conversation Heart Dipped Oreo Cookies

Love Note Conversation Heart Dipped Oreo Cookies

These are a few of our favorite things: conversation hearts and Oreo cookies! Needless to say, Oreo cookies dipped in confection are high on our priority list for our Valentine. Plus the little messages on each are so cute. Love Note Conversation Heart Dipped Oreo Cookies ($25)... [More]


Madewell Beach Blanket Tanksuit

We're so glad the one piece has made its way back into vogue. Whether you're past your teeny weeny bikini stage in life, never had one, or are just sick of having to buy swimwear separates, the Madewell Beach Blanket Tanksuit ($90) is a vivacious way to take on the... [More]


iNuovi Metallogy Eye Shadow

We have a lot of things to worry about throughout the day: is there enough gas in the car to get us to work; how many calories are in these four brownies we're about to eat; did we actually proofread the thirty posts we wrote last night for the site... [More]

OXO Triple Timer

OXO Triple Timer

We like to get things cookin' in the kitchen, but sometimes we forget how long the chicken has been in the oven, how long the biscuits have also been in the oven, and how long the rice has been in the pot, so we're thrilled that we can time all... [More]

heart ring-s.jpg

Much Love Heart Ring

Maybe you're not ready to get married, but you're ready to declare your love. May we suggest the adorable Much Love Heart Ring ($73)? This gold-plated ring is handmade from a chain of ten hearts in various sizes. Too sweet.... [More]

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

Slather it on and don't worry if you overdo it! The cocoa-licious smell is reminiscent of strolling into an old-fashioned candy shoppe serving ice cream sodas, root beer floats and hot fudge sundaes. The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter ($18)... [More]


Cloud Key Holder

These days, we keep our important documents (and the occasional episode of 30 Rock) in the cloud so we always know where they are. Conveniently, there's now a Cloud Key Holder ($30) for another important item that we occasionally lose track of. If only someone could invent a cloud to... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-08 at 11.13.25 AM.png

Personal Shopper: Renae Needs a Post-Birth Dress For Her Sister's Wedding

Renae writes: "Hello. I am 37 weeks pregnant. I just found out that my big sister got engaged and they are planning a wedding for two weeks after my delivery! We are looking at early March here! I am excited but know that I will still look pregnant at the... [More]


Make Up For Ever La Bohème Rouge Artist Natural

For the girls who prefer to be subtly made-up, there's Make Up For Ever La Bohème Rouge Artist Natural ($19). It's light enough that it won't weigh you down, but has just enough color to make you look your absolute best. So rich and creamy, this pretty little miss acts... [More]

Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 11.48.09 AM.png

You Tell Us: Type Z Trina Snake Print Legging

We love leggings, and we've recently ventured into patterned territory. We've got leopard print of course, and some lace print leggings in black, but then we saw these Type Z Trina Snake Print Leggings ($32). Do we dare? You Tell Us.... [More]


Z Gallerie Slant Glasses

These Z Gallerie Slant Glasses ($28) are unusual and beautiful to look at, but be forewarned: they can be slightly challenging to drink out of after you're two bottles in. Not that we know because we ended up pouring a half a glass of red down our shirt last night... [More]


Ferm Living Tower of Rings

So, what is this mysterious Tower of Rings ($82)? Is it a child's toy? A personal massager? A decorative tchotchke for your mantle? None of the above! This is the most artistic pepper grinder we've ever seen. In fact, we might just keep it on our mantle, because it's way... [More]


Date Night Kit

This Date Night Kit ($15) might be a touch on the cutesy side for our dudes, who generally prefer the eat-lo-mein-out-of-the-takeout-box while watching Bourne flicks sort of night in. But it would make a sweet-as-pie way to show some love to one of our much-adored lady friends.... [More]

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Treatment

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment

One of our 2012 resolutions was to be more kind to our hair! With that being said, we tried numerous keratin treatments and Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment ($25) was hands down our favorite. We now have such gorgeous, luscious locks that we should be in a... [More]


Loft Stripe Trench Coat

Kick khaki to the curb and branch out from a traditional trench with the colorful Stripe Lined Trench Coat ($146) from Loft. You'll get a whole new outlook on grey and drizzly days, since they'll give you a reason to don your upbeat new outerwear!... [More]

fallon earrings-S.jpg

Fallon Earrings

If you're a hard living badass like some of us, Valentine's Day feels like a real crock. Thanks to the edgy Fallon Earrings ($221), we can sport hearts and not feel like sentimental teenagers again. These spiked silver earrings emulate armor and bladed weaponry. We wouldn't have it any other... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Milani Brow Tint Pen

If your eyebrows are as evil as ours, they grow a little something like this, with gaps and holes that need filling in. For just a handful of chump change, the Milani Brow Tint Pen ($6) allows for precise brow filling with an easy-to-control pen. The tint is buildable, allowing... [More]


Current/Elliott Ankle Jeans

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but we don't mind. It gives us plenty of time to build up our new spring wardrobes. We're going to start with the Current/Elliott Ankle Jeans ($198) because we love the cropped length and the contrasting zippers at the ankles.... [More]

nesting lotus bowl-s.jpg

Nesting Lotus Bowls

Whitney Smith simplifies organic forms into pure elegance. Her Nesting Lotus Bowls ($225, set of five) look like botanical love to us. Cuddled up together, they're an art piece. Separately, they're super functional.... [More]


Penhaligon's Bluebell Eau de Toilette

Looking for a new springtime scent to wear? We love - no, LOVE - Penhaligon's Bluebell ($120). It's soft and fluttery on the top with notes of hyacinth and citrus and then settles into a surprisingly spicy scent involving rose and clove. The composition is deep and complex and every... [More]


GapFit gFast Colorblock Pants

We're pretty sure that the orange stripes along the legs of these GapFit gFast Colorblock Pants ($55) will create an optical illusion making us look both slimmer and faster as we jog at a snail's pace. Right? Right!... [More]

White House Black Market Strapless Ruffle Jumpsuit

White House Black Market Strapless Ruffle Jumpsuit

Who knew you could look fantabulous and be super comfy while you run your Saturday morning errands? The guys at the grocery store, liquor store, and car dealership won't be able to take their eyes off you when you're in the White House Black Market Strapless Ruffle Jumpsuit ($138). Let... [More]


The Land of Nod Green Magic Carpet

The Land of Nod wants you to believe that their Green Magic Carpet ($99-299) is a kids' rug, but we have to disagree. Available in five different colors and three different sizes, it's exactly what we envision for our imaginary Palm Springs winter home... or just the dining room in... [More]


Nadia Stackable Druzy Ring

We're secretly hoping for a big ol' rock on our fingers this V Day, though not the kind you might be thinking of. We don't want an engagement ring (we hear planning a wedding is quite a bit of work) but we have our eye on this Nadia Stackable Druzy... [More]


Tarah Smith The Wino Purse

It's no secret that we love leopard 'round these parts. But that's not to say we don't love all of the prints the animal kingdom has to offer! The slouchy and feisty Tarah Smith The Wino Purse ($483) features tiger print pony hair and touts plenty of storage space and... [More]


Kimchi Blue Floral Loafers

Granny's couch meets Grandpa's loafers and somehow the result is a pair of super cute and stylish shoes. These Kimchi Blue Floral Tapestry Loafers ($39) are more hip than hip replacement, and we plan on wearing them with skinny black pants and a sweet blouse.... [More]


Heart Nail Wraps by Nail Rock

Valentine's Day is seeming a little bleak this year. Thus, our hearts are a little darker than usual. And instead of wearing our emotions on our sleeves, we prefer to wrap our nails in them. Heart Nail Wraps by Nail Rock ($14) are a good balance between showing off our... [More]


Beba Squeaker and Treat Dispensing Toy

Say what? We can give our pup endless hours of fun with the Beba Squeaker and Treat Dispensing Toy ($14) and help fund a cause we believe in at the same time? Sign us up! We're having a hard time choosing the right toy because each color represents company Dura... [More]

ASOS Mex Tex Embroidery Playsuit

ASOS Mex Tex Embroidery Playsuit

We would definitely love to wear the ASOS Mex Tex Embroidery Playsuit ($81) for GNO when we hit the city next weekend. The fitted high waist makes our middle look tiny and the short length makes our legs look lean and mean - especially if paired with platform pumps.... [More]


Nail Bottle Opener

The casualties left in the wake of a house party often include houseplants, glassware, and porcelain figurines, plus shoes without owners and a vast wasteland of beer bottle caps littering the floor. Temper the damage of the latter with the ingenious Areaware Nail Bottle Opener ($18), which uses the power... [More]


Claudio Riaz Lip and Cheek

We're sort of terrified of fire engine red lips. If you haven't got the right outfit to go with such intense makeup, it just looks like a little girl playing dress up. Claudio Riaz Lip and Cheek (Shade 10 shown) ($38) gives us the red lip we've always wanted to... [More]

Libman Big Twist Wonder Mop

Libman Big Twist Wonder Mop

We're a little OCD when it comes to germs and dirt, especially in our homes. Even with that said, you're probably thinking what could be so exciting about this boring ol' mop, but we've tried it and think you'll be as pleased as we were. The Libman Big Twist Wonder... [More]


You Tell Us: Magzilla's 'Welcome Home Hubby' Attire

Magzilla writes: Alright gals. The time has finally come that a certain Outblush husband returns home from his "year long business trip". When I pick him up at the air field, I want to look my hottest. And in this relationship, that means comfortable and accessible. Yeah, I said it:... [More]