I Know How To Cook

While the title ranks right up there with "Everybody Poops" as strangest book title ever, we are a little in love with idea of having 1400 french recipes at our fingertips. For the first time ever, I Know How To Cook ($45) has been translated into English for us hamburger... [More]


Owl Birthday Banner

So much cuter and re-usable than those foil 'Happy Birthday' banners you can pick up for 5 bucks at the local party warehouse, these Owl Birthday Banners ($24) make your birthday a special event. We hang it up the week of our birthday to let everyone know it's time to... [More]


Mount Olive Top

Doesn't this cool Mount Olive Top ($38) want to make you go on safari for spring break? We suggest pairing it with a crazy print skirt and tough booties for svelt-velt look.... [More]


Tiny Tarot Cards

We see a tiny hanged man in your future. Don't worry, it's no big deal. Actually, it's really quite small. Tiny Tarot Cards ($7).... [More]



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Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 11.11.35 PM.png

Halogen Kimono Sleeve Sequin Jacket

You don't have to save all your sequins for New Year's Eve and Las Vegas! Done right, they can actually look pretty down to earth, as evidenced by this Halogen Kimono Sleeve Sequin Jacket ($58, on sale). Something this sequin-y still might not work for daytime, but we could see... [More]

Stuffed Pepper Pan

Stuffed Pepper Pan

Our New Year's appetizers will be look oh so scrumptious thanks to the Stuffed Pepper Pan ($32). Pan is not limited to peppers; you can make stuffed tomatoes, artichokes, apples, zucchinis and other sinfully delicious treats.... [More]


DwellStudio Kids Sleep Sack in Transportation Multi

Your little bundle of chubby goodness is going places! That why he or she needs to learn about methods of transportation early. Get them started with this DwellStudio Kids Sleep Sack in Transportation Multi ($58), which has lovely illustrations of all the ways your little human can get where he... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 10.13.51 PM.png

Yochi Red and Black Flower Button Earrings

Sometimes you want your jewelry to make a statement, and sometimes you want to make that statement yourself, or maybe your dress wants to make it... no matter, these Yochi Red and Black Flower Button Earrings ($36) are understated and interesting at the same time. They're an excellent support piece... [More]


Cosabella Low-Rise Thong

You know what they say....wear red underwear on New Year's Eve and you'll be a lucky gal when it comes to love in the new year. So yeah we'll give it a shot this year. We'll take all the luck we can get. Cosabella Low-Rise Thong ($18)... [More]

leopard print yoga mat-s.jpg

Leopard Print Yoga Mat

Oh snap, not only is the premium foam Leopard Print Yoga Mat ($23) decked out in animal print, it's extra insulated. No cool, slick floors will hinder our practice when we're bending over backwards on this durable, no-slip design.... [More]


Doubtblush: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Darby Hiker Booties

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 10.57.54 PM.png

L. Erickson Woven Zag Headband

New Year's Resolution #43: Branch out from the two ways we wear our hair, which are "down" and "ponytail". This L. Erickson Woven Zag Headband ($38) would accent either of our fallback hairstyles quite nicely while adding a little pizazz so we can stick to our resolution. Now, if only... [More]

Pop Up Winter Skaters Cards

Pop-Up Winter Skaters Cards

Holiday card season may have just passed, but if you were a smart and very savvy shopper (which we know you are), you'd snatch the Pop-Up Winter Skaters Cards ($11 on sale) and put them away for next year. Fa-la-la-lalidays!... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 10.52.55 PM.png

Zara High Heel Court Shoe With Elastic

Before Zara mercifully rescued them, these shoes were just boring black or beige pumps. Now, they are the lovely and amazing Zara High Heel Court Shoe With Elastic ($50). It's incredible what a little color can do.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 10.05.13 PM.png

Rosie Hippo Toys Recycle Truck

Just in case your kid didn't get quite enough gifts this holiday season, get them this highly educational Rosie Hippo Toys Recycle Truck ($165). Maybe learning about recycling will help them realize how wasteful wrapping paper and toy packaging is, and they won't even want any gifts next year...... [More]

LED clock=-s.jpg


The more esoteric our time teller, the hipper we are. The TIX LED Clock ($40) is so flashy with its coded patterns, we can hardly call it a clock. A classy brushed metal body tones down the colorful LED sequences, and, hey, if our friends can't figure out the time,... [More]



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Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 10.34.07 PM.png

Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vachetta Leather Satchel

When we first started building our handbag collection, we stuck to neutrals to make sure our bags would go with everything. We're ready to branch out, and red is almost a neutral in that it plays well with so many other colors. We have some holiday cash gifts to burn,... [More]


Soraam Big Bow Pillow Cover

Did you miss someone on your gift list? If she happens to love black and white home decor, you're in luck. This Soraam Big Bow Pillow Cover ($32) pretty much wraps itself because it already has a big bow on it, so no extra paper or gift bag is required.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 10.29.55 PM.png

Tolani Bright Mosaic Silk Scarf

This Tolani Bright Mosaic Silk Scarf ($88) reminds us of those gigantic eyeshadow palettes we used to love to get as gifts when we were in High School. We felt our face painting options were limitless then, and this scarf gives us the same feeling about our accessorizing options. This... [More]

Remote Control Container

Remote Control Container

End your neverending remote search thanks to the Remote Control Container ($20). This rubber container can hold up to 4 remotes. Now you'll always be able to turn your TV on in a jiffy, light your electric fireplace in seconds and shut your holiday lights in a snap.... [More]

sara berman case-s.jpg

Sara Berman Rocco Rose iPad Case

Say it with us. Adorable. Yes, that's what we think of the oh-so-woven leather Sara Berman Rocco Rose iPad Case ($99). Throw in a pair of roses, and this the most darling case on the block.... [More]

Earonic iPhone Cover

Earonic iPhone Cover

Some of our friends are iPhone cover fanatics. They're always switching them up and love to receive new ones. If you're looking to get a second glance when you're on your phone, you surely will with the Earonic iPhone Cover ($24). Choose from 4 styles including unadorned ears as well... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bar Sets for Holiday Lush's Guy

Holiday Lush writes: Love your site and your sense of humor! Very refreshing. I'm writing because my guy was recently promoted and is in the office he's been working toward for several years. We are really into Madmen (who isn't I guess...) but he thinks it would be cool to... [More]

sequin coin purse-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Poppie Jones Beaded Coin Purse

Add some sparkle into your life. The Poppie Jones Beaded Coin Purse ($15) is a pretty golden home for your loose change and found buttons. We're slipping in sequins anywhere we can this time of year. Hint, so should you. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 8.46.58 AM.png

Hunter Regent Savoy Boot

We're getting bored with our plain black rain boots, but not so bored that we want to go totally crazy with pattern or color. We choose texture. These quilted Hunter Regent Savoy Boots ($175) take rain boot fashion to the next level without hurting anyone's eyes or clashing with our... [More]


Polonova Vines Velvet Gloves

Our hands are like little ice blocks right now, and no one really seems to know by what arcane process the landlord determines the settings on the thermostat. Some gloves wouldn't hurt. And it wouldn't hurt, either, if they looked as gorgeous as these velvet Vines gloves from Polonova. Our... [More]



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Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 8.51.14 AM.png

Bleu Lab Reversible Jeans

We don't actually like the weird shiny look of these Bleu Lab Reversible Jeans ($224) but we do like the idea of a reversible jean. It would take up less space in our dresser, and if we got a stain on one side, maybe we could just go into the... [More]


Traditional Socktopus from Friends of Socktopus

Sockmonkeys have become way too trendy for us, but we still think they're oh-so-cute! What to do? SOCKTOPUS ($25)! We're so into the four extra limbs of cuddly perfection.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 8.38.44 AM.png

Lauren G. Adams Big Strawberry Ring

Winter has barely begun, and we're dreaming of summer already. We're going to try hard not to take a big juicy bite out of this Lauren G. Adams Big Strawberry Ring ($50), but it's not going to be easy. That swirly red enamel is really drawing us in, and those... [More]

The Armor Aeon

The Armor Aeon

You either love it or hate it! We think this piece could look very sexy on the right person paired with the right ensemble (possibly a simple strapless top). The Armor Aeon ($399 on sale)... [More]

Skechers GOrun

Skechers GOrun

Could it really be true? SmartSneakers? If so, we want a pair....now! Maybe they'll help us stick to our workout resolution. The Skechers GOrun ($80) SKECHERS GOrun elevate the natural running experience and allow you to interact and respond to any surface. And did we mention you don't need to... [More]

lodis iphone case-s.jpg

Culture Club: Lodis Athena SmartPhone Case

Shimmering blues and a marbled pattern raise the Lodis Athena SmartPhone Case ($48) to a cut above the rest. The detachable wrist-let is a great on-the-go option for when we're running out the door. And, oh yes, snake printed leather - that's totally goddess worthy. Products named for the Greek... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-29 at 9.05.46 AM.png

Tiger Head Oversized Black T-shirt

This Tiger Head Oversized Black T-shirt ($46) from ROMWE has a fierce tiger face on it, and the tiger face is wearing some serious bling. We're pretty sure we're in love. It even has pink trim on the shoulders. Is it OK to wear a tiger tee with leopard print... [More]

around the world watch-s.jpg

Crispin Jones All Around the World Watch

Finally, a watch that can keep up with our jet-setting ... visually. The Crispin Jones All Around the World Watch ($232) is an art timepiece all its own. Tell time while admiring the iconic silhouettes of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, Utah's Salt Lake Temple, Chicago's Sears Tower, New York's... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-28 at 4.48.37 PM.png

Whirl Serving Platter

If you're bored with your regular old serving pieces, give this Whirl Serving Platter ($200) by Kim Westad a... whirl. Yeah, we just did that. What would you have said?... [More]

diamond lights-s.jpg

Eric Therner Diamond Lights

Our dreams have been answered by simple gem-shaped bulbs. Need we say more about the Eric Therner Diamond Lights ($52)? Sure, we do. We want romantic faceted light to cast down on our cocktail party. Girls' best friend, indeed.... [More]

dolly necklace-s.jpg

Fiona Paxton Dolly Necklace

The hand beaded Fiona Paxton Dolly Necklace ($263) has enough black and gold for any holiday end party we've ever been to. Pile these chain draped black gems over an LBD for a dramatic look in minutes, not hours. Bead on, friendles.... [More]


Kidsonroof Rocket Playhouse

We would've lost it over the Kidsonroof Rocket Playhouse ($62) if it were in our backyard as a kid. As you can see from the picture, the beach turns into a barren alien planet with this on the sand. A genius way to spur that imagination into bigger, brighter ideas.... [More]

Bebe Olivia Lace Booties

Bebe Olivia Lace Booties

Booties are still gracing our city streets. We'd like to rock the Bebe Olivia Lace Booties ($120) with white skinny jeans and a classic heather grey cashmere sweater.... [More]

baroque trivet-s.jpg

Philippe Tyberghien Hot Baroque Trivet

We're kind of obsessed with the gorgeous Philippe Tyberghien Hot Baroque Trivet ($23). Architectural throw backs really can keep your counter unscathed. This one happens to be a five piece silicone set. Ooo pretty leaf here, there, everywhere...... [More]

fashion trump cards-s.jpg

Fashion Face Off Trump Cards

Picture pulling out cards and playing War with your buddies as a kid. Now fast forward to now, and think about how that elastic waistband you were wearing during that card game (bleh). Yes, times have changed, and so have our card games of choice. The Fashion Face Off Trump... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-22 at 8.26.36 AM.png

Special Guest Post by Industrious Justice: One Minute Mug Brownie

Here is a very special guest post from one of our favorite bloggers, Emily Justice. At her blog, Industrious Justice, Emily posts her favorite recipes, home improvement projects, and her thoughts on being a wife, friend, government employee, volunteer, advocate, karaoke singer, amateur photographer... phew, are you tired yet? We... [More]

cheap monday bracelet-s.jpg

Cheap Monday Cepti Bracelet

Tough girls need jewelry too. Enlarge the scale of a nut in a mechanic shop and ya get the Cheap Monday Cepti Bracelet ($20). Go for a geometric shape and matte finish for a hard edge. Slip on a motorcycle jacket and, bam, that's a look.... [More]

Bobble Jug

Bobble Jug

Move over Brita....there's a new kid on the block. His name's Bobble Jug ($30 on sale); he's slimmer, sleeker and more functional. Oh yeah and he's available in 6 hip colors.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 9.45.56 PM.png

Sandy Hyun Wood and Green Lucite Post Earrings

We can appreciate the Bohemian look, but it can look overdone so easily. We're going to dip our toes into the trend by pairing these modern-hippie Sandy Hyun Wood and Green Lucite Post Earrings ($45) with a shimmery flowing top and some slim pants. The wood and lucite accents make... [More]

Native Union Gold POP

Native Union Gold POP

Whether you decide to have your agent (imaginary of course) hold your calls or decide to answer, you'll look like a mega celeb when you bust out your Native Union Gold POP ($60). We can see it already - you strutting down Fifth Avenue chatting it up with your flashy... [More]

Sober Is Sexy The Only Coke I Do Is Diet Sweatshirt

Sober Is Sexy The Only Coke I Do Is Diet Sweatshirt

Sober is totally sexy especially when last call is called and the lights start to go on....no one likes to see or be the trashed girl stumbling around the club looking for her friends. We admit...we've definitely been there at least once (well maybe a few more times than that),... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 9.41.18 PM.png

Red Valentino Bow Booties

We fall for girly-meets-tough clothing items every single time, and these Red Valentino Bow Booties ($495) fit the bill. That giant is bow is not to be messed with, but it's still a giant bow.... [More]

Snooze LetGive App

Snooze LetGive App

It's so easy to snuggle under the warm blankets and just hit snooze every time your alarm goes off, but we're giving you a little motivation to get your booty out of bed. Download the Snooze LetGive App ($FREE) and each time you hit snooze 25 cents will be reserved... [More]

hand job  coat rack-s.jpg

Hand Job Coat Hook

Calm down, squares, the name of the Hand Job Coat Hook ($160) is supposed to be provocative, but the design is clever. All the gestures of the rainbow (thumbs up, wave, shake, ok, up yours, and rock) are represented in this hilarious hook display. The up yours bird will tells... [More]

gojana purse-s.jpg

Gorjana Greenwich Cross-Body Bag

Sure, the Gorjana Greenwich Cross-Body Bag ($105) is more of a Spring gray than a Winter gray, but who holds themselves to seasonal fashion standards anymore? That's right, no one. It's 2011, people, let's just grab this cute leather purse and run.... [More]

Bicycle Decade Trivia 80s Playing Cards

Celebrate: Bicycle Decade Trivia 80's Playing Cards

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 9.54.32 PM.png

Vionnet Multistriped Bow Sash

Even on sale, this Outblush Stripe reminiscent Vionnet Multistriped Bow Sash ($195, on sale) is pretty pricey, but we can dream about owning it, right? In our dream, we're attending a dinner party at our friend's house, but we made all the food, and everyone is asking for all the... [More]

Nalgene Everyday Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle

Nalgene Everyday Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle

Trust us....we've tried lots and lots of sippy cups and big boy/girl cups. We think this is one of the best out there. The Nalgene Everyday Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle ($8) is completely BPA-free and dishwasher safe. It has a rubberized lid and smooth plastic mouthpiece. We also love the lid... [More]

jewelry cabinet-S.jpg

Wellspring Vanity Cabinet

All those jewelry gifts strewn across your desk are good for walk-by admiration, but c'mon, they need an equally cute storage container. We're liking the wood and ceramic Wellspring Vanity Cabinet ($100). The painted pulls and drawers give this a folksy feel that makes us wanna head straight to Color... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 9.34.46 PM.png

Bellissima Tomato Geometric Cuff Bracelet

If you're a color-phobe, one good way to start adding color into your wardrobe is with accessories. Smaller size means less commitment. This Bellissima Tomato Geometric Cuff Bracelet ($50) is much easier to pull off than a tomato colored dress or skinny jeans. Just pair it with your usual all... [More]

New York Style Pizza Man-Can

New York Style Pizza Man-Can

Once upon a time there was a little man with a big plan and some recycled cans. This is true story so sit tight. A 14 year-old-boy from Ohio created man-scented candles that only a man could love. However he does have one that tickles our fancy. The New York... [More]

Chive Wall Dot

Chive Wall Dot

Your walls are screaming for some happiness! Add a pop of color and some life to your naked walls thanks to the Chive Wall Dot ($17). Invoke even more happiness when you add a daisy, rose or sunflower.... [More]

Rebecca Minkoff Lovespell Crossbody Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Lovespell Crossbody Bag

Rich, buttery smooth creme soft grained leather with gorgeous gold studs.....what's not to love? We're starving for the Rebecca Minkoff Lovespell Crossbody Bag ($230 on sale). This fabulously functional (thanks to the crossbody silhouette) beauty would be a fabulous addition to any handbag collection.... [More]

rococo bed-s.jpg

Liv-Chic Rococo Noir Bed

There's gotta someone dramatic enough for the Liv-Chic Rococo Noir Bed ($2,515, queen size) out there. Yes, it looks like something straight out of a True Blood vampire lair set, and that's why we like it. Hopefully an OB reader has just the plot to go along with this theatricality.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 1.45.32 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Comfy Heels for Candice

Candice writes: "Hey Outblush! I've been addicted to this site for ... you know, I don't even know anymore. You've gotten me through a LOT of boring classes, and my friends are always curious as to what I'm looking at! I've gotten so many friends hooked, I've lost count. So... [More]


Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

We're finding ourselves taking unnecessarily long showers these days since it's the only way we can get any privacy in our home that's suddenly full of in-laws thanks to these blessed holidays. Since it's a little tricky to drink our morning coffee in the shower, we're lathering up with Shower... [More]


Dior Bois d'Argent

We've been raiding the men's colognes again, ladies, and we've found another captive. There's absolutely nothing specifically masculine about Bois d'Argent, from Dior's Collection Privée, and it represents an unusual take on the chic iris. Typically iris comes off as cool and melancholy, but here it moves out of the... [More]


You Tell Us: Gallus et Mulier Little Rooster

In lieu of the NSFW puppy, we present to you the packaging for the Little Rooster ($108). But even if we showed you the product itself, it probably wouldn't register as a sex toy - more like a kitchen timer with a handle. That's because the Little Rooster is an... [More]


Tarina Tarantino Iconic Lucite Skull Bead Bracelet

We might have abandoned our punk rawk tendencies for boring button ups, but we like to sneak something spooky into our office looks every now and then. The Tarina Tarantino Iconic Lucite Skull Bead Bracelet ($70) meets us halfway with an undeniably girly edge on a piece of jewelry that... [More]


Moss Mills You Do Necklace

If you have an anniversary coming up, it's time to start dropping hints about gift ideas. We're feeling this Moss Mills You Do Necklace ($136-176) for its sweet romanticism without excessive bling. Maybe you could "accidentally" leave this page open in your browser?... [More]


Swiss Measuring Spoons

Now this is our type of multi tool! It's not so likely that we're going to need to use a tiny screwdriver or a little pair of scissors in an emergency, but it seems totally plausible that we'll have to make chocolate chip cookies STAT! Thank goodness we'll have our... [More]


Colorblock Roller Skates

These Colorblock Roller Skates ($189) - or some variation thereof - have been on our Christmas list since roughly 1989. Santa just does not seem to be getting the memo, so this year we're buying ourselves a post-holiday present. It's completely justifiable since these are exercise equipment, natch.... [More]


Cuppa Wombat Tea Towel

We don't know when the last time was that you thought to yourself "I need a tea towel," but we know that the next time will be riiiiiiight . . . now. This totally darling printed cloth from artist Jane Burrell features a cute lil' wombat barging into a tea... [More]


Kikkerland Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

Oh my, what a large nose you have! We could certainly use that thing to get some work done, ifyaknowwhatwemean! Kikkerland Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener ($12)... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: December 26, 2011

This is how you know we love you: posting on Boxing Day! We may not entirely understand what Boxing Day is exactly about, but it's a holiday, darn it. At any rate, we've got another Shopping List poll from The Purse Page for you to vote in this week, and... [More]

personal shopper-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Lace Wedding Reception Dress for Abbie

Abbie writes, " I am looking for a short white lace dress to wear for my wedding reception and I can't seem to find one under $150. Here is a link to one that I like... I was wondering if you knew of any stores that carry reasonably priced lace... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 7.17.40 PM.png

Ribs Print Blue Jumper

Dear Ribs Print Blue Jumper ($40), Much like almost every boyfriend we had until we met our husbands, you're very cute, but your heart is not in the right place. Love, Outblush... [More]


Pablo Side Tables

We had to put all our vintage mid-century furniture in hiding when we decided to procreate. Our Eames Surfboard table and our Alvar Aalto stools were not exactly toddler friendly. We still love the look of modern furniture though, so until our sticky-handed, Hot Wheels wielding precious bundles grow up... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 5.39.01 PM.png

Kenneth Jay Lane Double Headed Ram Monocle Necklace

If you feel the need to take your "Sexy Yet Reserved English Gentleman" look (that's a thing, right?) to the next level, here's your big chance. This Kenneth Jay Lane Double Headed Ram Monocle Necklace ($90) is a great addition to your oxfords, argyle vests, or actually, pretty much anything.... [More]


Athleta PR Tank

Oh hey, January 1st. We didn't see you there, looming with your judgmental "you made a resolution!" scowl. Guess it's time to pick up some new workout wear to get us motivated. The Athleta PR Tank ($59) is a current favorite for its many colors, stunning support and the fact... [More]


Memo Mug

While we have to admit that the design aesthetic is slightly less than pleasing, the idea behind the Memo Mug ($17) is quite brilliant. We're frequently misplacing notes and to-do lists, but we always know where our coffee is!... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 5.17.46 PM.png

Gemologica Natural Leaf Pendant Necklace

To remind yourself that you're going to turn over a new leaf this year, hang this glowing, delicate Gemologica Natural Leaf Pendant Necklace ($43) around your lovely neck. It will swing forward when you tilt your head into the ice cream carton, reminding you of your resolution to lose weight,... [More]


Karen Akesson Sweet Dreams Pillow Cases

Sometimes, we lay our heads down on the pillow at night and think, really, we have to do this all again tomorrow? And on those nights, it's particularly comforting to have one of the little birdies from these Karen Akesson Sweet Dreams Pillow Cases ($39) reminding us that Tomorrow something... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 5.08.18 PM.png

You Tell Us: Lisa Frank Denim Rainbow Skirt

We love you, Lisa Frank, but we are going to have to question your judgement here. We can see this Denim Rainbow Skirt ($30) being a cute wardrobe addition for a little girl, but it's not for a little girl; it's for an adult woman. Not so cute. Disagree with... [More]


Letter Ball Candles

Our favorite part about these Letter Ball Candles ($36 each) from Perch is that while you can get them with just one letter, they're customizable with up to three letters on each ball, so we don't have to buy three in order to get a WTF candle set.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 5.10.16 PM.png

J Brand 801 Legging in Snow Leopard

More leopard! More leopard! More leopard! We don't have these J Brand 801 Leggings in Snow Leopard ($209) yet, which means we need them now now NOW! It would be easy for leopard leggings to look trashy if styled incorrectly, but we think the fact that they're in cool grey... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 6.53.20 PM.png

The Greens Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant

If you've ever been to Greens vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, CA, you know that they don't serve amazing vegetarian food. They serve amazing food. Period. You will not miss the meat at all. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to incorporate Meatless Monday into your meal plan,... [More]


Joule Evedon Wellies

Galoshes used to be an ugly, utilitarian article of footwear, but now they're coming in such fab colors and patterns that we're guilty of wearing them even if it's not raining - hey, grey sky means it *could* rain, right? When we came across these Evedon Wellies ($109) we could... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 7.03.16 PM.png

Lug Life Cartwheel Overnight/Gym Bag

One of our New Year's Resolutions is to go from only going to gym twice a week to take a spinning class with our friend, to going four times a week and incorporating some strength training. We're pretty sure we can't accomplish this unless we have a fabulous new gym... [More]


Old Navy Collarless Coat

Merry Day After Christmas to us! It's like a big ol' present when we find a piece as chic and timeless as this Collarless Wool-blend Coat ($49 on sale) at Old Navy. Available in a bright pink or pristine white, this coat adds a touch of class to any outfit... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 5.28.08 PM.png

Tarina Tarantino Gem Gloss

We've found exactly what we're looking for in a colored gloss. We can add a skimpy swipe to our pout for a little shine, or we can layer in on thick for more intense color and a patent leather finish. Brigitte Bardot has nothing on us when we've got this... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 4.59.49 PM.png

Kris Nations Silver Heart Cluster Cuff

When you're wearing something sleeveless, you can get around the problem of how to wear your heart on your sleeve by wearing your heart on your wrist. This Kris Nations Silver Heart Cluster Cuff ($75) has more than enough heart to go around.... [More]

house stocking hook-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: House Stocking Hook

The handcrafted House Stocking Hook ($10) is a toned down take on holiday decor that would suit a modern living space nicely. Basic black iron will ground the tree spectacle, tinseling, and whatever else you have going on. Don't know why--but the front steps kill us. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


You Tell Us: IXP3 Internet Message Clock

We're sure you all remember those clocks that have a bunch of little red lights on a moving wand that seem to show you the time, hovering in midair. But those don't have nearly the potential for abuse that this does! The IXP3 Internet Message Clock ($80) will not only... [More]

antler sconce-s.jpg

Superordinate Antler Sconce

Maybe all the other reindeer would let poor Rudolph join in reindeer games if his antlers glowed instead of his nose. That's what the Superordinate Antler Sconce ($360) has us thinking at first. Then we got to thinking about how a sleek ceramic rendition of this common rustic decor trope... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-22 at 4.48.53 PM.png

Special Guest Tutorial by Notes and Nails: How to Use the Splatter Technique to Create a Festive Holiday Manicure

Everyone say a warm Outblush welcome to our newest guest poster, lacquer lover Carolyn from Notes and Nails! From reviews of new polishes to awesome tutorials (like the one she created for us today), she keeps her fans up-to-date on the latest news in nail polish. Take it away, Carolyn!... [More]


Personal Shopper: Non-Cowl Neck Sweater Dresses for Brittany

Brittany commented on this post: "I've been looking everywhere for sweaters like this, and they ALL are cowl neck. Can we do a post with some others?" We sure can! 1 - ASOS Knitted Dress With Rose Jacquard Detail ($87) 2 - Something Else by Natalie Wood Ribbed Panel Dress... [More]


Max Brenner Bubble Bath

We're on a bubble bath kick lately! We've talked before about how much we love Max Brenner, but good old semi-imaginary Max has taken a brief detour from making delicious chocolate and delicious food to concoct a few spa products, such as this vanilla bourbon-scented cocoa butter and almond oil... [More]


Wooden Crepe Spreader

Since our trip to Paris we've had crepes on the brain, in a big way. We're gonna use this Wooden Crepe Spreader ($23 for 5) to get our fix of warm crepes smothered with Nutella and bananas (or strawberries) for those times when we're in need of a French fix.... [More]


Brunswick Cow Print Viz-a-Ball

It's really not like we go bowling all that often. In fact, almost never . . . but if for some reason we turn into real bowlers in the future, this is the ball we think our future selves need. Imagine it mooing menacingly as it rumbles down the lanes.... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Mouse Flats

Sure, if there were actually torrential rains pounding down, we'd get out the galoshes. But for a light drizzle, our rubber footwear of choice would be these impossibly cute and frivolous mouse flats ($122) from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Not only are the toes adorned with little mouse... [More]


Bodum Bistro Electric Citrus Juicer

Keep a fresh squeeze coming back for more with homemade juices. We're thinking o-jay outta the Bodum Bistro Electric Citrus Juicer ($40) will look good and taste better. Leave it up to Bodum to give us beautiful kitchen appliances that we don't really need but really want.... [More]

hardbody cd case-S.jpg

Slappa HardBody Pro Disc Case

If they're coming out with designs as cute as the flower print on the Slappa HardBody Pro Disc Case ($55), we might start making CD mixes for crushes again, since that seems charming and old timey now. Better yet, this is 360 disc capacity holder is perfect for our Euro... [More]


Fox Brooch

Look like one foxy momma when you're rocking this Fox Brooch ($115). Brooches are popping up everywhere this season, and we think this one is as clever as they come.... [More]


Bon Appetit

This year we swore we were going to eat less processed foods and more meals from scratch. And while we ate considerably more fruits and veggies, we also defaulted to eating out when the boxes of whole wheat couscous and raw chicken looked too daunting to conquer that evening. This... [More]


You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuits

We're pleased enough with ourselves when we manage to make cookies for our neighbors, we can't imagine how impressive we'd feel making our own pooch treats, too. This set comes with 5 cookie(?) cutters, a recipe book, and little gift bags for dispersing your wares. Who's awesome? You are. Take... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 9.07.09 AM.png

Personal Shopper: Onsies/Bodysuits for Katie

Katie writes: "As the cold weather is coming in quickly, too quickly up from where I'm from, I have been on the look out lately for a onesie! One with a cool pattern or colours would be awesome! Thanks so much Outblush! YOU MAKE EVERY DAY BETTER! -toesicles" Awww thanks... [More]

Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush

Conair Infinit Pro Spin Air Brush

Get gorgeous locks that flow freely and glow gloriously! Our new favorite tool is the Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush ($60). This awesome tool dries your hair while volumizing it and increasing shine faster than your old hair dryer.... [More]


Mayline's Vintage Style Synthetic Pearl Chandelier Earrings

We're big fans of chandelier earrings but we've seen (and been seen in) some unfortunate earrings in our day. These Mayline's Vintage Style Synthetic Pearl Chandelier Earrings ($29) add serious style to your outfit without your poor husband/boyfriend/roommate having to tell you that maybe, although your earrings look 'classy and... [More]

Steve Madden Banngg Boots

Steve Madden Banngg Platform Boots

You can bet your bottom dollar we'll be ringing in the New Year while we dance the night away in our Steve Madden Banngg Platform Boots ($230). These chunky platform boots are a blast from the disco days with a contemporary twist as they're covered in shiny crystals.... [More]

moo light-s.jpg

Northern Lighting Moo Light

Northern Lighting's Moo Light ($Inquire) by Trond Svendgård and Ove Rogne doesn't stray far from it's moose head inspiration. It's to scale and anatomically correct, but the poly-resin body gives it a soft transparent glow. No animals were harmed in the making of this awesome light.... [More]

Photo Cube iPhone Photo Printer

Photo Cube iPhone Photo Printer

We have so many awesome photos stored on our iPhones that sadly never make it anywhere except the album in our phone. How great would it be if we could plug our iPhone into a printer and print certain photos? Ummmm....terrific, right?! Photo Cube iPhone Photo Printer ($100)... [More]


Motel Anita Strapless Sweetheart Dress in Leopard Print

Accessories- check. Rockin' heels- check. Super sexy leopard print dress that will make your ex rue the day he ever said he needed to take it slow- check and check. Now all you need is a sassy red pout and you're ready to knock em' dead. You little vixen, you.... [More]


Northern Lights

Is there a correlation to the magical swirling northern lights and the magical flavors of burnt caramel swirled into Recchiuti's Northern Lights ($20) chocolates? Extra bitter dark chocolate ganache that's covered in rich bittersweet chocolate? We think so. Both are magical. Both happen only once a year. And both need... [More]


Judith Leiber Collector's Edition Crystal Mask Minaudière

If you're crazy, the Judith Leiber Collector's Edition Crystal Mask Minaudière ($5795) is a great choice for a New Year's accessory. Losing high-priced luxury items isn't high upon our to-do list, but the appeal of this sculptural Bal Masque clutch is obvious. Intricate beading goes beyond everyday shiny things -... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 2.33.33 PM.png

30 Years of Elf Handiwork - The Most Popular Holiday Toys since 1981 [Infographic]

We've noticed that every year, it seems like all of our kids/nieces/nephews are all clamoring for some very specific new toy. There's always that "it" toy, which got us wondering... what was the "it" toy when we were kids? What was it a decade ago? Last year? Then we found... [More]

Personal Shopper Vegas Skirt

Personal Shopper: Meaghan's Outfit For Her Vegas Vacation

Meaghan writes: I'm not sure if this is where I would ask you to maybe help me find an outfit to wear to an event or not, but I thought I wold give it a shot. I just purchased this skirt from ASOS. I am heading to Vegas early next... [More]

in the library perfume-s.jpg

CB I Hate Perfume Experience Collection

We're absolutely floored by the poetry of the CB I Hate Perfume Experience Collection ($75). The perfume pictured, In the Library, is a warm blend of one of perfumer Christopher Brosius' favorite English novels, Russian and Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish. It literally smells... [More]

marrieko bowl-s.jpg

Marimekko Bowl

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream ... in the Marimekko Bowl ($57). Pressed colored glass has never been more mesmerizing, This 40-yr old design has become a classic collector's item and an icon of Finnish decor. Too pretty to pass up.... [More]

Lilly Pulitzer Night Light

Lilly Pulitzer Night Light

Never has a night light lit up a room like the Lilly Pulitzer Night Light ($20). The Party School pattern is playful and sure to brighten the darkest rooms...and this pretty fishy will definitely keep the boogie man away all night.... [More]


Handmade Fine Silver State Necklaces

Infinitely cooler than necklaces or bracelets with your name on it, these Handmade Fine Silver State Necklaces ($60) are what customized jewelry is all about. Let the crafter know what city and state you reside in, and they'll send you a custom necklace of your state with a heart marking... [More]


Fat Toad Caramel Gift Crate

We love goat's milk cheese so we knew we'd adore this unique Fat Toad Caramel Gift Crate ($48). Made from goat's milk, Fat Toad Farms crafts four caramel flavors: original, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and coffee bean. That should satisfy the foodie within!... [More]


Better Each Day

Anything that can help us unplug from the internet (damn you Facebook and your addictive qualities!), stick to our good health diet, and teach us to relax is something we sit up and take notice of. We tend to shy away from books that make us feel like we're joining... [More]


Dear Leader Tongue Scraper

We're not really sure why this is even a thing, but we thought we'd show you the Dear Leader Tongue Scraper ($3) anyway in case you needed a really topical stocking stuffer. It's likely too late to order for Christmas, but if you live near Archie McPhee in Seattle, you'd... [More]


Yoda Navigation Voice Upgrade for TomTom

We know owning a navigator for your car is so 2010 (...) but this Yoda Navigation Voice Upgrade ($13) for TomTom makes us want to forego the confusing google maps app on our smart phone and go back to our old school navigator. Plus, it speaks to you in Yoda... [More]


Foodie Flashcards

It's always an awkward moment when someone says the recipe includes shallots and you respond with "Oh, I don't eat fish." Make sure you're free from food faux pas when you're armed with these Foodie Flashcards ($12). Stocked with tips and terms for social eating, never put your foot in... [More]

cart shelf-s.jpg

Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves

Happy holidays, kitty loves, the Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves ($125 for one, $350 for set of three) are your fun new perches. These laser cut steel shelves are more than strong enough to give our tabby a sturdy, high and mighty post, as if they needed to feel more above... [More]

spintable candleabra-s.jpg

Tom Dixon Spin Table Candelabra

Each joint on the Tom Dixon Spin Table Candelabra ($Inquire) spins like a friggin' merry-go-round. Inspired by connections on steam engines of the Victorian era, this rough iron art piece rides the line between antique charm and contemporary design like a pro. The idea is to spin it into the... [More]


Leopard Pencil Skirt

As if the leopard print wasn't sexy enough, they just had to go and add the faux-leather waistband. Our dreams of achieving the sexy-biker-chick-meets-Peggy-from-Married-With-Children look is complete. We see this Leopard Pencil Skirt ($41) getting some serious action in the future. Which might lead to us getting some serious action... [More]


Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows

Have you ever tried to make marshmallows? They're fussy and difficult and a super huge hassle. If they turn out they're marvelous. If they don't you have a bowl of super glue or puffy concrete. Skip the drama and grab some Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows ($8). Store bought marshmallows can't... [More]


Architectural Digest

Confession: We got a free subscription for Architectural Digest ($24) thinking we'd just enjoy looking at the gorgeous homes they featured inside. While we absolutely love seeing the homes of French aristocrats to Hollywood celebrities, we were totally sold on our first issue by the unique companies and drool worthy... [More]

gaia candelholder-s.jpg

Gaia & Gino Heliodor Candle Holder

We're going crystal crazy, we know. The indigo and mauve hues in the Gaia & Gino Heliodor Candle Holder ($321), designed by Arik Levy, happen to be our favorite colors. Want a killer chic look that's absolutely timeless? There ya go.... [More]



Users swear by Oscillococcinum ($23 for 30 doses) to kick their flu symptoms without going the traditional medicine route. Made with natural ingredients, we're gonna load up so our husband doesn't come down with another man cold this season. Oy vay!... [More]


WoolPets Needle Felting Kit

Make your own wool menagerie. These WoolPets Needle Felting Kits ($16) top our 'freaking adorable' list. Give the kit to friends or make the animals and give them as gifts. We're partial to the kangaroo, sock monkey, and elephant.... [More]


Brave Arrow Wrap Chain Bracelet

It's a jungle out there. Remind yourself you don't take crap from anyone with this Brave Arrow Wrap Chain Bracelet ($68). No, we will not fetch your coffee and we will not watch your kid while you go to lunch with the boys (yes, we actually had a co-worker ask... [More]

Dylans Candy Bar Placemat

Dylan's Candy Bar Die Cut Placemat

If you've never been, you're feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. All of the delicious candies to munch on....well we're big fans of Dylan's Candy Bar so we like to be reminded of this sweet place every time we eat. It would be rather appropriate to eat our sundaes,... [More]


Tomorrow Planners

For those days when we find ourselves saying "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow. " we bring you the Tomorrow Planners ($28). Cause we all have a little Scarlet O'Hara in us. Right?... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 5.23.18 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Everyday Shirts for Allison's Sister

Allison writes: "I'm looking for long sleeved shirts for my sister for her birthday/the holidays. She wants something that can be put on with jeans or cords for everyday wear but with a bit of style. A sweater gets too bulky/warm - especially chasing around kids, and you end up... [More]


Oxford Infrared Electric Fireplace

Most of the time we love living in our little beach town apartment in CA, but a few months of the year we wish we had a real house with a fire place to sit next to on cold winter nights (it gets cold here with no heater, you know!).... [More]


Snowflakes Cake Wraps

Add a festive kick to cakes with these Snowflakes Cake Wraps ($30). Have the snowflakes dripping down the cake stand for lacy looking icicles, or stand the wrap up to hide your cake baking drama (no one will know your toddler grabbed a chunk of frosting off the bottom). However... [More]


American Fashion Travel

We already had a bad case of wanderlust, but American Fashion Travel ($45) has got us itching to explore our planet even more thanks to its travel tips, hotel suggestions, and packing ideas. See how the designers we love travel, what inspires them, and where they go when they need... [More]

sequin coin purse-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: DCI Yummy Pocket Sushi Mini Purse

Yay, the DCI Yummy Pocket Sushi Mini Purse ($4) is another inexpensive reminder that we should have more fun rolling around in our purse. Really, if we have more fun, we're liable to explode or something, but that doesn't change the fact that we need this 3-d photo printed pouch.... [More]

wooden necklce with gold inlay-s.jpg

T Ross Wood Square Necklace

The T Ross Wood Square Necklace ($149) has something very special - 14k gold overlay. Yeah, this hammered "golden lasso" caught our eye in a split second. The handcrafted ebony wood was enough to get our heart pumping, and the delicate metal work just makes our day. And you thought... [More]


Six Pack Tote

Practice safe sacks when you carry your bottles in this Six Pack Tote ($19) from Built. Crafted from soft neoprene, this handy tote protects bottles from slight bumps and keeps drinks cold up to four hours. It doesn't get any better than that. Grab one for the beer/soda/fancy water drinker... [More]


Skin Tones Pencils

If you were anything like us as a kid, you were slightly confused about the color choices of Peach or Burnt Sienna to doodle a picture of you and your best friend. These Skin Tones Pencils ($16) are perfect for the little artists who like to draw as realistically as... [More]


Picnic Time Manhattan Bar Tool Kit

The Picnic Time Manhattan Bar Tool Kit ($96) is one of those secret on-hand items. You know the kind of things you keep stashed at your work desk, in case you have to take a particularly abrupt half day. OB readers, you know what we're saying, when times get tough,... [More]

sequin hat-s.jpg

S S/Sophia Sequin Wrap Cloche Hat

We had our ugly sweater party, our outlandish hat party is next in line. Glimmering gold sequins set the tone for the S S/Sophia Sequin Wrap Cloche Hat ($50), and it only makes sense that we take our off-the-wall cues from Victorian era styles. Yes, there are ribbon flowers and... [More]


Worther Woody Mechanical Pencil

Is that a Worther Woody Mechanical Pencil ($32) in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Oh, it's a pencil...... [More]


Cookie Monster Me So Thirsty Water Bottle

Letting Cookie Monster help you with that 2012 resolution to exercise more might or might not work out ('cause we can definitely see this being filled with milk and put on the table beside a plate of chocolate chip cookies just as easily as we can see it accompanying you... [More]

muuto pepper and sals-s.jpg

Plus Salt and Pepper Grinder

Loving the multicolored Plus Salt and Pepper Grinder ($77) by Norway Says for Muuto. It can't be just us that teleports back to kids' building blocks with this one. The design embraces primary colors, but is anything but basic; the stacked piecemeal design is strategically designed to feel natural in... [More]

peacock pillow-s.jpg

Plush Living Peacock Throw Pillow

Squealing over the Plush Living Peacock Throw Pillow ($70) is not a stretch for us. Our unhealthy obsession with peacocks coupled with our favorite shade of barely there blue green sets us off. Dupioni Thai silk on an 18" x18" scale means more soft things on more skin, so yeah... [More]


Winter Citrus Soap

Traditionally, we always got an orange in our stocking growing up, but we'd be thrilled if Santa snuck a Winter Citrus Soap ($10) in our stocking this year instead. With scents of blood orange, lavender, and fir needles, this yummy soap is a serious winter pick-me-up.... [More]


Iron Monkey Bottle Opener

The only monkeying around we do between 5 pm and our first cold one is with this Iron Monkey Bottle Opener ($36). And some days 5 pm can't come fast enough.... [More]


Official Maison Scotch Raincoat

We're use to seeing raincoats with stuffy classic fits and bland khaki colors, so we were a little jazzed when we stumbled across this Official Maison Scotch Raincoat (€50 on sale). At first we were all 'Oh cute, a sweater.' and then we were all 'Well hello there, it's a... [More]

light bulb-s.jpg

Orrefors Light Shadows Bulb

New Year's Eve party light suggestion: Don't turn the wattage down, just turn the effects up with the Orrefors Light Shadows Bulb ($45, Confetti and Swirl patterns pictured) by Ingegerd Råman. Sandblasted designs give us instant atmosphere.... [More]


Web Button Earrings

We're always on the hunt for the perfect statement earrings -not too much statement, not to demure, with a little vintage flair. We found it in these Web Button Earrings ($55). They're large enough to get some attention, but classic enough not to steal the show. Just how a good... [More]


The Happiness Diet

Maybe it's the way our skinny jeans have gotten so tight they threaten to cut our circulation when we sit down, or the fact we can sleep eight hours and still feel exhausted each morning, that we decide it was time to take a look at our diet. The Happiness... [More]


Crystal Package Pillbox

The Crystal Package Pillbox ($225) holds our favorite gift to ourselves - pills! This sweet box does more than join the ranks of our tiny container collection, it gives us license to start up that drug habit that we've always wanted (so glamorous .. kidding).... [More]


Gina Michele Smells Like Teen Spirit Dress

You don't have to display the same degree of teenage slouchiness and angst as the model wearing the Gina Michele Smells Like Teen Spirit Dress ($150). After you stand up straight, young lady, we think you'll enjoy the combination of playful ruffles and moody, masculine plaid. Combat boots optional.... [More]


Recipe Glass Cocktail Shaker

The "house special" isn't supposed to be a cover name for drunk mixing a strange concoction of liquors and mixers. If you can still read, you can still mix up tasty classic cocktails with this Recipe Glass Cocktail Shaker ($35). Inspired by 1940's style shakers, we're giving this to our... [More]


Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Liquid Multivitamin

Everyone is always telling us to take our vitamins, but somewhere in the last 15 years we forgot that taking our vitamins could make our hair and nails super gorgeous, too. Sold. Complete with Biotin (to help our hair and nails grow strong), Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Liquid Multivitamin... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 10.15.26 AM.png

Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Breaking Down America's Gift Card Craze (Infographic)

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of UltimateCoupons.com fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]


The Big Book Of Boy Stuff

While the title says boy, this book is actually cool for either gender. The Big Book Of Boy Stuff ($12) is filled with funny stories, facts (Did you know someone actually died from getting hit in the head by a turtle?), how-tos, and jokes that any audience will love. We... [More]


The New Yorker 2012 Desk Diary

Nobody does fabulous, articulate, and hilarious like 'The New Yorker' Magazine (aside from Outblush, obviously). We plan on attaching ourselves to this chic little The New Yorker 2012 Desk Diary ($25) in an attempt to keep ourselves organized and fabulous this year. Bellinis after work on Wednesday? Don't mind if... [More]

Goody Doublewear Elastics

Goody Doublewear Elastics

Do you constantly find yourself with a rubberband wrapped around your wrist so you abruptly whisk your hair off your face when it gets annoying midday? We do....just about every day. We love the thought of wearing an elastic band that actually looks like something more than a plain ol'... [More]


Mulino Bianco Pan Di Stelle

Star light, star bright, First star I eat tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, Eat a box or two tonight. Believe us, you'll want to... Mulino Bianco Pan Di Stelle ($5).... [More]

gift ring-s.jpg

Gift Ring

All this shopping for other people is exhausting. Good thing there's the Gift Ring ($129) to pick us up when we've shopped 'til we dropped. Never has a gift-to-self been so literal.... [More]


Motel Claudine Playsuit

There is a first for everything, and we never thought we'd say it, but ladies, a romper can actually look elegant. In a deep wine (which flatters so many skin tones), this Motel Claudine Playsuit ($69) will catch all the attention at your next holiday party. We love it paired... [More]


Dry Icing Instant Re-Styler

Run Dry Icing Instant Re-Styler ($10) through your hair for full, voluminous, texturized hair. Anything that promises flat to fabulous in seconds is approved by us. If only it worked in the breast department (hmm... kidding!).... [More]


What-Ever All Purpose Cleaner

Next time your bratty teen says "whatever" to you, grab the What-Ever All Purpose Cleaner ($7) and tell her thanks for volunteering. That way you get to multitask- childrearing and a bathroom that smells like clary sage and citrus. Well played, reader!... [More]

slamp light-s.jpg

Slamp Giafiore Floor Lamp

The simply stunning Slamp Giafiore Floor Lamp ($Inquire) has made its way into our most wanted list. Whatever opalflex is, it makes up the lovely transparent petal panels of the shade. Designer cream of the crop landing under the tree this year is a serious stretch, but a girl can... [More]


Baby Color Crayon

So what these stackable Baby Color Crayons ($22) are for kids, we totally want these rad crayons in our craft corner. If they didn't beckon us to draw with them, we'd almost want to keep them as a modern-chic decoration.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 9.40.39 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Denim Jackets for Carleigh

Carleigh writes: Hello Outblush staff Hey Carleigh, I'm Found of You. I hope one of these suits you denim jacket needs! A denim jacket is a really good basic piece to have in your casual wardrobe. 1 - Concise Denim Jacket ($128) 2 - Free People Classic Denim Jacket ($148)... [More]


Kiwi Pear Green Tea

Our New Year's resolution this year is to drink less Diet Coke. Apparently a big gulp a day isn't healthy, or something. We're gonna switch it up with some Kiwi Pear Green Tea ($10) from The Republic of Tea. Light and refreshing, it might actually help us kick this caffeine... [More]


Tiddly Winks

We admit it's been a real long time since we played Tiddly Winks ($13) but we couldn't resist reminding you, dear reader, of the fun to be had by a no holds barred game of Tiddly Winks. Set up obstacles, make bets or dares, and watch as your adult siblings... [More]


Dolce & Gabbana Star-Cutout Leather Clutch

If you're going all out glam this New Year's Eve, don't you dare leave the house without this Dolce & Gabbana Star-Cutout Leather Clutch ($812, on sale)! Doll yourself up in sleek silver sequins, add thigh high boots, and carry this super star clutch. You'll get noticed for sure--and disappoint... [More]


Ikat Cereal Bowl

Lucky Charms look almost posh in an Ikat Cereal Bowl ($8). Sure, it would be more ritzy to have a bowl full of fresh fruit or muesli, but ohhh, the Lucky Charms, the Lucky Charms. They're so addicting.... [More]


Harmonica Necklace

It's a toss up between those long shopping lines and the obnoxious conversations we're subjected to while waiting in those long shopping lines that make us feel the mean reds during the holidays (we literally heard some chick recount her first sexual experience into her cell phone last week. Seriously?).... [More]


Crimson King Star Wars Chewbacca LEGO Silver Toned Cuff Links

If your groom is the Han Solo to your Princess Leia, there's no better gift for the best man than these Star Wars Chewbacca LEGO Silver Toned Cuff Links ($25) by Etsy seller crimsonking. And (spoiler alert for a 30+ year old movie), you could always get these Darth Vader... [More]


Babouche Slippers

Even if you're not going anywhere foreign this holiday season, these rad Babouche Slippers (€ 75) will make it look like you just got back from a fabulous winter holiday in Ibiza. Each pair is hand crafted from leather and soft cotton velvet and is perfect for more than just... [More]


Reamde by Neal Stephenson

If you liked "Snow Crash" and "Cryptonomicon" you're going to love Reamde ($20) by Neal Stephenson. Consistent with his previous action-filled adventure thrillers, Reamde is one of those books you won't be able to set down. Save it for after Christmas (keep it under the tree), or you'll emerge 1056... [More]


Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Senorita

We couldn't think of a better way to say Feliz Navidad to your lover....we're sure he won't mind an early gift. Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Senorita ($90 on sale)... [More]


Two Little Babushkas Cross Stitch Pattern

We're seeing babushkas popping up all over our apartment and handmade Christmas gifts, thanks to this Two Little Babushkas Cross Stitch Pattern ($8). Hand towels, pillow cushions for little nieces bedrooms, and kitchen towels are looking extra cheerful this holiday season. Somebody's got to do it.... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: December 19, 2011

Neutrals on one side, intense colors on the other. Which side do you fall on - or do you just not feel the need to restrict yourself like that? Throw in a vote for your favorite of these bags, be it monochrome or Technicolor, in this week's Shopping List poll... [More]

Personal Shopper New Years Shoes for Kelly

Personal Shopper: Glam Shoes for Kelly's Gorgeous Green NYE Gown

Kelly writes: "Hello there I am looking for shoes to match this beautiful dress for NYE! Please help! Kelly" Dearest Kelly! Carlota here. I'd love to help you find gorgeous green shoes for that ultra glamorous dress you're donning this New Year's Eve. Happy holidays and enjoy ringing in the... [More]


Felicity Flats

Don't these Felicity Flats ($48 on sale) remind you of buying your first pair of toe shoes only to realize that standing on point hurt like a bitch and made your 5'10" frame look gigantic next to the petite ballerinas? We think we'll enjoy these equally sweet flats much better... [More]


Lil' Cupcake Felting Kit

Can you say stocking stuffer? Tuck a Lil' Cupcake Felting Kit ($3) into your own daughter's stocking and you're Santa's guaranteed to be the coolest gift giver on the block. Santa gets all the credit.... [More]


My Bench Necklace

There's a certain melancholy to this strange little necklace from Yael & Tal, but there's also an element of whimsy. If those two emotions combine to form a favorite cocktail of yours, don't miss out - there's only one My Bench ($86) in stock!... [More]


Medallion Notebook

Made from embossed leather, keep your mental treasures tucked away in a golden Medallion Notebook ($14). Your deep thoughts may not earn you a million bucks, but at least they'll look like they will.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.24.17 PM.png

2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Vanessa Moonie Big Barbie Stud Earrings

For the girl who has everything, here are some earrings that will go will everything. Even her Dream House and sparkly snap-on stilettos. Vanessa Moonie Big Barbie Stud Earrings ($29)... [More]


Check Minder

Organize your craft space with a restaurant Check Minder ($12). Simply tuck magazine pages, scraps of paper, pictures, and whatever else inspires you and get to crafting. Your craft area might be a mess (ours is) but at least your ideas are somewhat organized. Right?... [More]

hybrid plates-s.jpg

Seletti Hybrid Fruit Bowl

East meets West (literally) in the Seletti Hybrid Fruit Bowl ($Inquire). This delicate dinnerware compares and contrasts porcelain bone china with competing aesthetic halves. Love the colors and mix and match patterns. This is a win for us.... [More]


Sleek Flat Bronze Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

Keep those family jewels (or costume jewels) protected in this Sleek Flat Bronze Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box ($55). Made to hold 8 necklaces, multiple rings, bracelets a plenty, earrings galore, and a partridge in a pear tree (almost), you'll be plenty happy with this gift from your true love.... [More]


Baggu Elephant Bag

Somewhere between the 178 Target plastic bags and various paper sacks that have taken over under our kitchen sink we decided it was time to get our shopping bag collection under control. As much as we love having free plastic bags to line our bathroom trash bin, we'll never get... [More]


Tear-Off Cocktail Napkins

Whoever thought up Tear-Off Cocktail Napkins ($28) is genius. Seriously, throwing a last minute cocktail party will be a cinch when you have these on hand. Pull off as many napkins as needed, get out your eclectic assortment of canters and stemware, plate a few cheeses and crackers, and your... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 2.15.57 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Cool Brooches for Shannon's 93-year-old Nanna

Shannon writes: "I am on the lookout for something awesome for my 93 year old Nanna. Being 93 means that she's had a lot of Christmases and a lot of gifts. She still lives on her own and is pretty on the ball. I was thinking along the lines of... [More]


American Fashion Cookbook

It would seem that the American Fashion Cookbook ($45) would consist of low flavor carb chicken dishes and desserts consisting of paper thin apple slices and a glass of cold water (after all, those models and designers look like they don't eat like the rest of us). But, we were... [More]


Ben Amun Teal Resin Bangle

Retro inspired jewelry doesn't have to mean gigantic plastic flowers, cameos, or costume pieces covered in billions of baubles and rhinestones. We prefer the much more mod Ben Amun Teal Resin Bangle ($30), which is reminiscent of your grandma's funky old formica dining table.... [More]


Riley Roadster

Give your mini-me a Riley Roadster ($19) and you're guaranteed at least 45 minutes of silent free time (to watch Revenge or Modern Family, of course!). With magnetic wheels that click on and off, this adorable car is perfect for playing NASCAR and practicing pit stop skills. We like that... [More]


Lazy Oaf Somebody Loves You Card

Everyone needs to know someone is thinking about them. Pick up this Lazy Oaf Somebody Loves You Card (£3) to send to a homesick cousin at college or a friend who's going through a rough break-up. They'll appreciate it. And you'll win serious karma points. We love karma points.... [More]


Honey Dates

Hailed as nature's original candy, Honey Dates ($6) have been our recent obsession. Ever since our good friend introduced them to us we've been gobbling up a few every day and we can't get enough! We're happy to announce our transition to elderly person is nearly complete (according to our... [More]

sakura helmet-s.jpg

Sawako Furuko Sakura Bike Helmet

Cute cycling helmets are almost impossible to find. Our favorite designers apparently don't care that we want to ride safely and stylishly (hint, hint, designers), so we have to go the limited edition route. The Sakura Helmet ($93) by Sawako Furuko is one of our faves, but there are tons... [More]


Spaghetti Scrubs

Comfort food goes comfort cleaner? We like the sound of that. These cool corn cob Spaghetti Scrubs ($9) keep your dishes sparkling without the funky smell that comes with traditional dish sponges. Anything that keeps our hands from smelling like a skunk is fine by us.... [More]


Lace Skinny Pants

Skirts and dresses are so overdone at Christmas and New Year's parties, so we went looking for something a bit more edgy. These Lace Skinny Pants ($40) still rock the festive attitude, without going red velvet on us. Pair them with an emerald silk top or a sleek grey sweater... [More]


Millspun Woolen Yarns

What to give the crafter in your family.... Try some artisan woven yarns! Straight from a farm in New England, Millspun Woolen Yarns ($10) brings knitters gorgeous 100% wool yarns in colors of the British Isles. Craft soft beanies, sweaters, and gloves in tweeds, heathers, and fresh earth tones. She'll... [More]


Yiddish With Dick And Jane

You could say: 'That crazy lady was complaining on and on about her family and how they're all jerks. And I told her 'Relax and have something to eat.' Or you could say: 'That meshugana was kvetching on and on about her mishpocheh and how they're all schmucks. And I... [More]


Taste No. 5 Umami Paste

Admit it, at first you thought we were bringing you yet another awesome lip gloss that would knock your ex-boyfriends socks off or at least make your boss reconsider that raise she denied you (btw, you deserved it, and not just because you have awesome style). Taste No. 5 Umami... [More]


Asymmetrical Crochet Brass Earrings

At our very first glance we were smitten with these Asymmetrical Crochet Brass Earrings ($50) from Mary Grisey Jewelry (actually, we were smitten with the imagery of her entire line). With just the right balance of elegance and edge, these wispy brass earrings add major drama to any outfit. We... [More]


Holiday Gift Guide 2011: J Crew Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Need a slick holiday gift for someone who's used to the finer things in life? You can't go wrong with these Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves ($98) from J. Crew. We mean, really. They're cashmere on the inside, leather on the outside, and come in several hot colors (including a hot pink!).... [More]


Peacock Cards

We know our readers are the coolest, most organized readers on the web, but we just had to ask. Are you prepared for all those Christmas Thank You cards you're going to be writing? These cool Peacock Cards ($22 for 6) are a gorgeous way to say thank you for... [More]


Super 8

A mix of 'Goonies' and 'Jurassic Park' we were totally engrossed in Super 8 ($20) when we saw it in the theaters. We love the way JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg united to make this killer (literally?) movie. Ripe with humor, intensity, hilarious kids, and of course, a love story,... [More]


Cloudbirds Apron

Those little half aprons are cute and everything, but we've ruined many a light shirt by our over-confidence in the kitchen. If there is tomato sauce, grease, or mustard anywhere in the kitchen you'd better believe it will end up splattered or smeared across our favorite shirt. We're opting for... [More]

the best-teriyaki-small.jpg

The Best Teriyaki Sauce You'll Ever Taste

Really? It is really the best teriyaki sauce We'll ever taste? We guess their marketing works because we want to try and see how valid their claim really is. Lather it on chicken, pork, or beef for a lip smacking dish. The Best Teriyaki Sauce You'll Ever Taste ($6).... [More]


Waechtersbach Fun Factory Buttercup Tea Pot

Is there anything more cheerful than a bright yellow pot to hold your tea? Winter will be more bearable with this bright Waechtersbach Fun Factory Buttercup Tea Pot ($23) on our table. We suggest pairing it with a tasty green tea.... [More]


The Cycle Care Kit

You and your bike have put in a lot of miles together. Trips to the beach, morning rides of shame to get your daily Diet Coke/coffee/bear claw fix, and (in our case lame attempts at) mountain biking. It deserves a little TLC once in a while. The Cycle Care Kit... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Souldier Dresden Star Silver Guitar Strap

What to get that budding musician in the family? Encourage creative thought with a Souldier Dresden Star Silver Guitar Strap ($89)! Dreamed up by musician Jen Tabor, she utilizes seat belt straps, repurposed leather, and vintage fabrics to craft her uniquely cool guitar straps. We want one and we don't... [More]


Fresh Jumbo Sundried Tomato & Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli

For a pasta dinner faster than Tony at the Pizzeria can say "Badda Bing" we suggest picking up some Fresh Jumbo Sundried Tomato & Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli ($20). Toss a salad, open a bottle of red, and you're meal is ready in under 20. Fuhgettaboutit.... [More]


Catbird Heart Ring

You don't need a lot of bling to make a statement! This tiny Catbird Heart Ring ($88) says plenty about its wearer: she's down to earth, feminine, interested in the little details, and content with simplicity. We wish we could say that was us to a T, but we're a... [More]


Doggie Cigars

You know those dreams you have of dressing up your Jack Russell with a monocle and a cigar? Now you can, guilt free! We say, old chap. Doggie Cigars ($10).... [More]


Handmade Hellos

Last time we went to pick up a card at the store we turned it over and saw it cost five bucks. Five bucks for a piece of paper?! We'll spend an evening crafting cool cards and watching chick flicks rather than pony up serious cash (we have a HUGE... [More]


Nellie's Laundry Nuggets

We know we're not the only ones who despise having to heft a giant load of laundry, a bottle of detergent, stain spray, bleach (if necessary), and a heavy bag of quarters to the laundry room a few times a month. We will literally go until we've exhausted the last... [More]


Dueling Stylists: Ashley's College Graduation Dress

Sometimes, more than one editor wants to get their hands on an especially juicy Personal Shopper Request. Usually, the person who gets in their dibs first takes the cake, but this time it. is. ON! Carlota and Mitchy are battling it out to see who can dress Ashley the bestest.... [More]


Peugeot Lacquer Paris U'Select Salt & Pepper Mills

Ever since our friend told us he used his whisker shavings to fill his annoying roommate's pepper shaker (true story), we've been grossed out about pre-ground pepper. These chic Peugeot Lacquer Paris U'Select Salt & Pepper Mills ($58) pretty much ensure you're getting the real deal on your dinner. Plus,... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: The Lego Ideas Book

Ah, we remember when we were just little lasses playing with the buckets and buckets of Legos our older brothers had amassed. Where was The Lego Ideas Book ($15) back then? We settled for building houses, cities, and cars in mismatched color combinations, but we would have loved creating animals... [More]


Felt Doll Kits

Oh, how we wish we were seven again and we could have a brood of these sweet felt dolls to play with (seriously, why were Troll Dolls the thing back then?). Thank goodness we have a brood of nieces who would love these adorable fairies. We plan on picking up... [More]


Bird Etched Copper Leather Cuff

Add a little organic touch to your every day with the Bird Etched Copper Leather Cuff ($30) by Que Sarah Sera. The gorgeous copper plate is hand etched with a bird and floral pattern and attached to the leather cuff with gun metal rivets. Each piece is one of a... [More]


Baylor ID Bracelet

So what if we blow the majority of our food budget on a Baylor ID Bracelet ($220)...? We'd eat a little more ramen and beans to have this around our little malnourished (kidding!) wrist.... [More]


Apricot Syrup

Pancakes, crepes, and ice cream beware. There's a new syrup in town and he goes by the name Apricot Syrup ($8). Crafted by the folks atApricotKing Orchard, they've been perfecting their craft since 1947. Drizzle this dreamy syrup over Greek yogurt for a healthier alternative to flavored yogurt or even... [More]


Gingerhaus Ultimate Gingerbread House Kit

Somehow we got a mother who made gingerbread houses from scratch, mixed up globs of royal icing to cement it together, and bought unique candies to decorate the house into perfection. We did not inherit that gene, but we still love to decorate. That's why we won't judge ourselves too... [More]


Kate Spade Prize Ball Thermos

Stay cozy while you're out and about this winter by keeping a Kate Spade Prize Ball Thermos ($35) full of your favorite hot chocolate toddy. It's a perfect addition to your day, whether you're football tailgating, walking through a winter festival, or doing some community caroling. You've got all the... [More]


Jersey Granddad Sweater

Minus the 1940's fedora, this Jersey Granddad Sweater (€50) is waaaay cooler than anything we ever saw our Grandpa sporting. Crafted from soft 100% cotton, this bonded jersey sweater rocks a striped or solid exterior and whimsical lips print lining. Oh, love.... [More]


Rite In The Rain Journal Polydura

What looks like your everyday spiral notebook is actually one of the cooler paper products we've come across recently. Rite In The Rain's Journal Polydura ($15) is designed to hold up to inclement weather and torrential rain, which means you can pan that fabulous Haiku that popped into your head... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 8.59.11 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Orange Pants Tutorial for Katy and Tyler

Katy writes: "Outblush friends! I ask you this important question... to return or not to return? I bought these (awesome) reddish orange corduroy skinny pants from Banana Republic to wear casually and to work (I work in children's media so fun and color are encouraged ;). I loved them in... [More]


Squamscot Mistletoe Mist Soda

Mistletoe and holiday drinking tend to be a dangerous combination, but not so with these Squamscot Mistletoe Mist Sodas ($12 for 6). Enjoy a refreshing fizz without getting fizzy headed yourself. However, you'll have to come up with a new excuse for why you made out with the mail guy.... [More]


Travel Bag

Let's just pretend we have enough money to buy ourselves a travel bag for around 300 bucks. We'd most definitely wrap our little hands around this vintage-inspired Travel Bag ($290). Made from durable 100% wool, we love the tartan print, leather handles, and overall classic look. We're thinking a weekend... [More]


Hugg-A-Planet Earth and Hugg-A-Moon Set

Learn about geography aaaand decorate a room in one swoop when you snatch up this Hugg-A-Planet Earth and Hugg-A-Moon Set ($35). Though we're not sure how we feel about the whole literal planet hugging aspect encouraged by the website, we like the idea that our little ones can casually soak... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 10.09.02 PM.png

M Z Wallace Marlena Sequined Backpack

Want to really sparkle in class? Don't carry this sparkly M Z Wallace Marlena Sequined Backpack ($425). No one will take you seriously unless you're at Fairy School. If you're at Fairy School, we imagine they just give you this backpack as part of your admission packet. We love this... [More]


Teas From The Around The World

Perfect for that favorite tea-enthusiast aunt who loves a cozy cuppa in the afternoon, the Teas From The Around The World ($75) is a selection of twelve tasty teas that is sure to delight even the most refined palate. We love the bright packaging and awesome selection. She'll love the... [More]


Make Art Mistakes

Encourage your little Picasso to hone their art skills with the Make Art Mistakes ($17) sketchbook. Full of fun drawing exercises and entertaining quotes and graphics, this book is just what they need to get their creative juices flowing. Tuck it into a stocking or under the Christmas tree and... [More]


Collarbone Drop Earrings

The collarbone's connected to the earlobes. Only in the world of jewelry is correct anatomy flexible. Collarbone Drop Earrings ($54).... [More]


Great American Rootbeer Sampler

Go anywhere outside of the USA and most countries think that Rootbeer tastes like cough syrup. We think that's bananas. But hey, more for us. Pick one up for a rootbeer enthusiast or treat yourself to a little variety with the Great American Rootbeer Sampler ($20). Soda-licious!... [More]


TKO Orlogi Slapper Crystal Leather Watches

The slap watch (you know, a slap bracelet with a timepiece) doesn't have to be a crazy, neon rubber thing. For example, TKO Orlogi makes a line of Slapper Crystal Leather Watches ($75), which come with interchangeable bands and are studded with Swarovskis. They come in a variety of colored... [More]


Chevre Cheese Quartet By Cypress Grove

Here's the thing. We've never eaten a cheese we didn't love from Cypress Grove. So we're guessing this Chevre Cheese Quartet ($24) is the bee's knees. Sure, it won't sing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" like traditional quartets are prone to do. But one taste and you'll let it call... [More]


Clarisonic - Get a Powerful, yet Gentle Clean. Really!

Want cleaner, clearer skin? Soap and washcloths barely skim the surface, leaving oil, dirt, and other residue behind. To really wipe the slate clean, you'll need to use the most advanced technology around. If you're ready for a better way to clean, it's time to try the Clarisonic® Skin Cleansing... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 9.13.21 AM.png

Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: 10 Retailers Who Give Back During the Holidays

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of UltimateCoupons.com fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 5.05.25 PM.png

Personal Shopper: A Teacher Bag for Bonnie

Bonnie writes: "Hi Outblush, I teach third grade and lugging my planner, papers, and different supplies back and forth from school on public transport has been killing my shoulder and back. I have been scouring the web for more grown up, fashion forward "teacher bags". Needless to say, I am... [More]


Espresso Set

Totally unpretentious and modern-chic, invite your friends over for a little espresso and brunch party with this cool Espresso Set ($55). We're thinking Streusel Topped French Toast Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream and eggs benedict.... [More]


Honeycomb Dark Chocolate

Crunchy, chocolaty, and airy, you will not be disappointed with Snook's Honeycomb Dark Chocolate ($23)! These gobs of toffee-like goodness are like meatier versions of violet crumble. Gobble them up while escaping into a good book by a toasty fire.... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Happy Socks Patterned Socks

Three cheers for dudes who don't take their underwear too seriously! Keep his business attire a little more lighthearted by stuffing his stocking with a pair of Happy Socks Patterned Socks ($12). And if he turns his nose up, we suppose they could just be the stockings next year.... [More]


Hanako Clulow Mousepad

The first mousepad we found was too big. The second mousepad we found was too small. But the Hanako Clulow Mousepad ($15) was just right. Go figure.... [More]


Doubtblush: The Dogbrella

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 10.23.33 PM.png

Marc By Marc Jacobs Warp Ikat Scarf

Add a shot of color to your winter outfits with this Marc By Marc Jacobs Warp Ikat Scarf ($90). Then have a shot of whiskey and take a shot at that guy you've been eyeing across the bar for the last half hour.... [More]


Peas Jotter Notebook

Peas do not forget the milk. Keep your shopping organized (and extremely cute) with this Peas Jotter Notebook ($8) from Night Owl Paper Goods. We think it's so much more charming than the crumpled post-it we've been scrawling our grocery list all over.... [More]


Peppermint Pumice

The weather outside is frightful and our skin is showing that. We've been on a quest to find the perfect scrub to keep our skin healthy and happy and we came up with this tingly Peppermint Pumice ($10) bar from Saipua. Scrub away dull skin, boost circulation, and revitalize your... [More]


Moon and Lola Acrylic Monogram Necklace

If meek, cursive initial charms aren't up your alley, perhaps you'd prefer the bright and bold Moon and Lola Acrylic Monogram Necklace ($58-78). It's a choose your own adventure kind of necklace; the charm itself comes in three different sizes, can accommodate one to three initials, is available in twenty... [More]


MOTO Foil Star Hotpants

Did someone conk us in the head, because we're seeing stars everywhere this season. We're still debating whether or not we can pull off the short shorts (with a pair of black tights we're leaning towards yes), but we're admittedly crushing on these sweet MOTO Foil Star Hotpants ($70). From... [More]


Whiskey Pairing Box

Know someone who loves whiskey and chocolate? Treat them to a Whiskey Pairing Box ($25) from Recchiuti. With nine pieces of chocolate in three delectable flavors, each piece was crafted with a suggested whiskey to enhance its flavor. We suspect there will be a few sugar buzzed drunks in your... [More]


Personal Shopper: Professional but Cute Sweater Dresses for Amanda

Amanda wrote: "Hi guys! I've got a major conference coming up in early January. It's a big, three-day event where I'll not only meet new contacts and big names in my field, but also see lots of old friends, so it's a mixed bag of fun and professional elements. I'm... [More]


The Handbook Of Practical Spying

Small enough to tuck in a trench coat pocket, but detailed enough to cover all your spying needs, The Handbook Of Practical Spying ($10) is the perfect gift for your CIA aspiring younger brother or generally busybody uncle. With exercises to prepare you for covert missions, and useful tips for... [More]


Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters

If your idea of the perfect Sunday evening involves getting into your pajamas, turning on Showtime, and maybe a little key lime pie, you'll be interested in setting your drink on these Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters ($20). A great gift for any horror buff, this set of six acrylic coasters... [More]


The Snowball Slingshot

Surprise your husband with The Snowball Slingshot ($40) this Christmas and watch him revert back to a 15 year old boy, minus the acne and squeaky voice. This totally beats the Nerf dart gun he's been hinting about.... [More]


Optic Clock

We'd say something about the abyss staring back into you, but in some ways that is less frightening than this clock ($38).... [More]


Elloh's Julia Child Tea Towel

Never mind that this Elloh's Julia Child Tea Towel ($10) looks like a JibJab video, we want one in our kitchen. We've been obsessed with her since we saw Julie & Julia. Who wouldn't want Julia Child's vivacious spirit in their kitchen? Bon Appetit!... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 10.31.42 PM.png

Test Pattern Sweater Dress

Cozy and sexy at the same time is often an elusive goal, but we're getting there with this Test Pattern Sweater Dress ($148). It looks like it would hug our curves in just the right places, keep us warm, and layer excellently with all manner of cardis, coats, and tights.... [More]


Flexible Flyer Sled

Now that it's winter and the country is getting its share of snow, we think it's about time to go break some bones. L.L. Bean's Flexible Flyer Sled ($88 on sale) totally beats the trays we filched (and returned!) from our college cafeteria. Made to glide over snow, we're excited... [More]


Personal Library Kit

Nothing ticks us off more than lending a favorite book only to have it disappear into the great wide yonder. The Personal Library Kit ($16) helps you keep tabs on your favorite novels and non-fiction and also stands in as a great prop for that sexy librarian fantasy you've always... [More]


Berndes Crepe Pan

Don't let the words crepe pan dissuade you. This Berndes Crepe Pan ($25) is a champ at omelets, sautéing, and general kitchen handiwork. We've gone through two in the last eight years from using them so often (although we just noticed they have a lifetime guarantee, drat!). We think this... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 10.15.28 PM.png

Topshop Boxy Stripe Elbow Tee

We love our tweed and our loafers, and we love our elbow patches, and we all secretly want to dress like professors all the time. This Topshop Boxy Stripe Elbow Tee ($44) is a nice balance between our desire to look professorial and our desire to not be mistaken for... [More]


Holiday Flower Cupcake Wrapper

Considering poinsettas represent good cheer and success, we think it's only appropriate that you wrap your delicious holiday goodies in these adorable Holiday Flower Cupcake Wrappers ($25 for 25). Because obviously your cupcakes are a success (you made them, after all...) and everyone who eats them will feel a cheerful... [More]


Upcycled Leather Clutch

As much as we love seeing celebs turn up to parties wearing the same dress (The horror! The horror!), we're not too keen on showing up at an event only to spy someone rocking our accessories/dress/shoes better than us. That's why we dig this cool Upcycled Leather Clutch ($48). Since... [More]


Dining Table Ping Pong Set

Sort out disagreements about who is doing the dinner dishes before you leave the kitchen table with this Dining Table Ping Pong Set ($30). Whoever gets to 15 first is exempt from cheese encrusted casserole dishes and stacks of dirty bowls and will also enjoy at least a half hour... [More]


Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Williams-Sonoma Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate ($20) is made for days when you have no place to go and you want to sit by a fire and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Heaven.... [More]


About Color Wood Buckle Cuff

Last year our good friend surprised us with this About Color Wood Buckle Cuff ($18) for our birthday. Since then we've gotten tons of compliments on the chunky bead strands and unique wood buckle. We suggest pairing it with any outfit that needs a burst of color and visual texture.... [More]

holiday gift_s.jpg

Holiday Playlist: Muppets, Booze, Jazz, Lennon, and Bones

These days, we start hearing "Jingle Bells" around October 1st, and the holiday jingle onslaught continues 'til the post-Christmas clearance sales are over in mid-January. As much as we love classic songs like "Silent Night" and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", we thought we'd suggest some alternate tunage to you... [More]

Personal Shopper Jonathan

Personal Shopper: Jonathan and his wife take Manhattan...this weekend

Jonathan writes: "As a reader of Uncrate, I secretly follow your site to get the insight on things to get my wife. We are about to go to Manhattan, NY for the first time the 15-18th of December. Is there something every girl needs for New York that maybe we... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.47.29 PM.png

Hanna Skirt

We're leopard print obsessed here at Outblush HQ, so our closets are already full of the usual suspects. We're always on the prowl for something leopard-y that's out of the ordinary, and we've found it in this Hanna Skirt ($56). We'll wear it this winter just like the model with... [More]


Doctor Who Martha Jones Jacket Replica

Ready for a little more Doctor Who? The BBC has licensed this sharp Martha Jones replica red leather jacket ($250), in case you kinda wanted to be Martha when you grew up. (Hey, Mickey may not be the brightest star in that particular constellation, but he's adorable!) Now will they... [More]

Libbey Just Dessert 25-Piece Mini Parfait Set

Libbey Just Dessert 25-Piece Mini Parfait Set

Sample all your favorite parfaits - Peach Melba, Double Chocolate Pudding, Passion Fruit and Coconut Cream, Pumpkin Pie, Berry Cheesecake, Strawberry Mousse, Chocolate Mint, Maple Blueberry and so many others. Don't worry....you'll certainly have enough glasses with the Libbey Just Dessert 25-Piece Mini Parfait Set ($20).... [More]

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

We've stumbled upon the best stocking stuffer for those of us that love to have a few drinks at home and then continue hitting it hard when we visit the bar. The Beer Tracker Bottle Opener ($10) will certainly fill-in-the-blanks when we wake up the next morning not feeling so... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 10.11.44 PM.png

RD Style Belted Puffer Coat

It's hard to find an interesting, non-bulky puffer coat, so we're happy to have found this RD Style Belted Puffer Coat ($180). The sporty belt and funky collar are calling our chilly names! The other thing that intrigues us is how surgically sharp this model's hairline looks. We have all... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 10.29.55 PM.png

2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Rosie Hippo ABC Blocks

We're going to go ahead and admit right off the bat that the main reason we're posting these Rosie Hippo ABC Blocks ($52) is because we want to eat this kid's face. Look at him!!! Chomp, chomp, chomp. Also, they're a great classic toy that every kid should have, and... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.14.16 PM.png

Hansel from Basel Textile Tights

Your tights don't always need to be the boring, foundation part of your outfit. Have a fashion adventure by throwing on a pair of these Hansel from Basel Textile Tights ($42) with a solid color dress, or even a patterned frock if you're feeling even more adventurous! If you're not... [More]

Playing Cards Soap Set

Playing Cards Soap Set

Even the most fate-tempting gamblers would take a chance on the Playing Cards Soap Set ($10).... [More]

Mosaic Turbo Lighter

Mosaic Turbo Lighter

The Mosaic Turbo Lighter ($775) is the cigar afficionado's dream present! This turbo lighter does its job while sitting there and looking pretty thanks to the Mother of Pearl mosaic inlay.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.38.45 PM.png

Zutano Gown with Cap

If you're buying a gift for a baby, please consider going bright! It's good for baby's developing eyes to look at high contrast stuff, and it's easier for a bleary-eyed and sleep deprived Mama to find her baby when she's dressed in a bright color. We're only sort of kidding.... [More]

Grinch Upcycled Dress

Grinch Christmas Upcycled Toddler Dress

Your little Cindy Lou Who would look absolutely adorbs in the Grinch Christmas Upcycled Toddler Dress ($44). Even Santie Claus thinks so.... [More]

Personal Shopper Vintage Looking Shoes for Lisas sisters wedding day

Personal Shopper: Jaw-dropping shoes for Lisa's sister on her wedding day

Lovely sister Lisa writes: "Dear Outblush, My absolutely gorgeous sister is marrying prince charming this June. As her maid of honor, her Pippa, I am fulfilling a promise made when I was 16, that I would buy her Christian Louboutins for her wedding day. The time is here and the... [More]

Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker

Feel like you're at the Coney Island boardwalk snacking on pink and blue cotton candy! The Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker ($40) is an awesome gift for someone that craves the sweet taste of cotton candy in the middle of winter as well as anyone with a house full of... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 10.23.19 PM.png

KNOCKOUT by Lori's Shoes Capsule Collection

The only way to describe the way we feel about these KNOCKOUT by Lori's Shoes Capsule Collection platforms ($139) is to just parrot the name of them and just say that we're knocked out. This is like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy finally had a baby and it grew... [More]

Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick AStick

Pick your poison passion with the Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick A Stick ($16). This game consists of 50 sticks that allow you to either reveal a dirty truth or partake in a naughty dare. It's your choice.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.57.45 PM.png

Proper Pup Laptop Case

Just because you carry a laptop back and forth to work does not mean you have to fully succumb to grown-up status. Especially not with your accessories. If you loved your Scottie Dog cardigan in 4th grade, then you should have this Proper Pup Laptop Case ($45) right now.... [More]


Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale

Holiday baking just got so much easier! This Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale ($23) cuts down on the time-consuming process of weighing dry ingredients and eliminates the need for a scale. Counter space is at a premium when we're turning out dozens of cookies, so we're thrilled to have... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.01.08 PM.png

Lucky Clover Necklace

It's not St. Patty's Day yet, but it will be, and if you're an Irish lass, you might like to have this Lucky Clover Necklace ($120) from We Dream in Colour to spice up your green outfit. Actually, this necklace is so classy you could just wear it year round... [More]


Inflatable Fruitcake Tin

Call it a succession of Christmas miracles, but at least one of us Outblush ladies has never actually come across fruitcake at a holiday meal. If you were assigned the much maligned dish at potluck, may we suggest the Inflatable Fruitcake Tin ($12)? Instead of the elephant on the table,... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.06.50 PM.png

BB Dakota Marlene Dress

If you want to look festive for the holiday but you're not into wearing red, evergreen, or lots of sequins, you'll be hard pressed to find anything more suited to your needs than this BB Dakota Marlene Dress ($57, on sale). When we look at it, we feel like we're... [More]


Kurt Adler Star Wars Stormtrooper Nutcracker

Fangirling does not cease for the holidays. Our Christmas trees are covered in all things nerdy, and we're happy to expand that theme to non-arboreal winter decor. Kurt Adler has a variety of Star Wars nutcrackers, but we're leaning towards the Kurt Adler Star Wars Stormtrooper Nutcracker ($51) - he'll... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 10.07.34 PM.png

2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Green Lego USB Flash Drive

This Green Lego USB Flash Drive ($26) would be a cute stocking stuffer for pretty much anyone. Who didn't enjoy playing with Legos yesterday as a kid? Who doesn't need a USB stick on occasion? See? It's perfect.... [More]

Farts Around The World Book

Farts Around The World Book

Expand your horizons and learn about global flatulence. Do the French really fart? Oui oui Are Americans really proud of their obnoxious noxious farts? Yup Learn more and listen as this book comes equipped for a sound unit to convey those pleasant sounds. Farts Around The World Book ($17)... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.27.22 PM.png

Belle Noel By Kim Kardashian Swarovski Glamour Earrings

Not everyone can be good at everything. We mean, like... staying married is hard! Let's just stick to putting our name on sparkly stuff like these gorgeous shimmery and shapely 14k gold-plated Belle Noel By Kim Kardashian Swarovski Glamour Earrings ($85). But please, blow dry them for us first. We... [More]

Motorities Wood Steering Wheel Cufflinks

Motorities Wood Steering Wheel Cufflinks

That crazy car enthusiast on your list will love the Motorities Wood Steering Wheel Cufflinks ($295). These cufflinks were inspired by the wooden steering wheels on those gorgeous British cars that every guy loves and aspires to acquire.... [More]

Forever21 Fingerless Cupcake Gloves

Forever21 Fingerless Cupcake Gloves

For your sweetest gal pal on your holiday shopping list, we suggest the Forever21 Fingerless Cupcake Gloves ($6). They're a delicious ingredient for a sweet gift.... [More]

christmas playlist_100x100.jpg

Holiday Playlist: SheShells' (mostly) Old-Fashioned List

These days, we start hearing "Jingle Bells" around October 1st, and the holiday jingle onslaught continues 'til the post-Christmas clearance sales are over in mid-January. As much as we love classic songs like "Silent Night" and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", we thought we'd suggest some alternate tunage to you... [More]

Yellow Bridesmaids Shoes Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper: Bright yellow shoes for Courtney's bridesmaids

Hi there! I am engaged and planning my wedding on July 21, 2012 wedding in Estes Park, Colorado. I have five lovely ladies as my bridesmaids and we found some very unique and amazing dresses by Two Birds. The color is aubergine with the butterfly hem. I have had the... [More]


Creative Outlets Stickers

Give your wall sockets the Pixar treatment and anthropomorphize them with these Creative Outlets Stickers ($3). Daily activities like charging your phone and vacuuming (yeah right) will never be quite so innocent - you'd make that face too if somebody came at you with metal prongs intended for your eyes... [More]


Ben Amun Jet and Crystal Deco Pin

We're not entirely confident about wearing brooches. Do we pair them with other jewelry? Where should it go on our jacket? What if it makes a hole in our cardigan! But if we had the winning combination of chutzpah and clams, we'd be sporting this Swarovski covered Ben Amun Jet... [More]

Poetic Paws Puppy Crush Collar

Poetic Paws Puppy Crush Collar

Since our pooch tends to be our favorite person even when we're in the *worst* mood ever, we definitely need to treat her to a new collar. Molly would look so sweet sporting the Poetic Paws Puppy Crush Collar ($20 on sale).... [More]


Aqsa Christmas Light Necklace

This Aqsa Christmas Light Necklace ($10) reminds us a little bit of something our first grade teacher might have worn every year come December, but much classier than we remember. Instead of wearing it with your best denim vest, add a bit of whimsical cheer to your dressy holiday garb.... [More]


The Repurposed Library

Let's face it, with iPads, Kindles, nooks and the good ol' internet, books are slowly but surely becoming an afterthought for avid readers. Don't let those shelves full of 'relics' go to waste! The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life ($17) is full of clever... [More]


Kenana Handknit Penguin

How cute is this? We'll let the fact that we don't need a stuffed animal slide given that the Kenana Knitters' handknit penguin ($30) is from an Aid to Artisans project - and given how cute it is.... [More]

periodic table keds-s.jpg

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Periodic Table of Elements Lo-top Sneaker

Running out of options for that nerdy man in your life? Consider the Periodic Table of Elements Lo-top Sneaker ($67) a worthy choice, drawn from the most fundamental of geekdom references. As long as he's not afraid of color, these can't go wrong.... [More]

Biometric Wallet

Biometric Wallet

We love our Pops a lot, but we're not crazy about his younger girlfriends....because we know what they're all about. So we've decided we're going to splurge on the Biometric Wallet ($599) for him this year. This hard cased carbon fiber wallet requires a swipe of your fingerprint in order... [More]

DKNY Golden Delicious Golden Night Out Set

DKNY Golden Delicious Golden Night Out Set

Know anyone that that likes to glisten and glow like a golden girl? We sure do and we're pretty sure she'd love to receive the DKNY Golden Delicious Golden Night Out Set ($80). She'll receive a perfume spray to smell sweet, a shimmering body lotion to feel smooth, a luscious... [More]


Akira Small Sequin Miniskirt

You know it's little when they refer to a miniskirt as small. If you're looking to lengthen your legs at the holiday bash, you can't go wrong with this Small Sequin Miniskirt ($37). Well, actually, you can go wrong. We suggest wearing tights so you're not flashing anything other than... [More]

Tabbisocks Kawaii Crocheted Socks

Tabbisocks Kawaii Crocheted Socks

Knee socks are super sexy especially this time of year! Pair the Tabbisocks Kawaii Crocheted Socks ($19) with an itty bitty lace chemise and pretend to be Santa's helper.... [More]


Our Favorite Casual Professional Outfit

We all love to go out and enjoy the weekend, but we know that we have to be professional during the workweek. Still, who wants to sacrifice fashion for work? Not us. We love to accessorize and look our best, even when we're not at the hottest new restaurant or... [More]


The Bee's Knees Organic Soap - Merry Christmas!

A little while ago, we told you all about the world's largest Secret Santa swap, put on by reddit.com. And whaddya know, when we were assigned our gift recipient, we discovered that she has a lovely small business of her own called The Bee's Knees, making and selling organic soaps.... [More]

Personal Shopper Coattail for Michie

Personal Shopper: Knockoff Coattail Jacket for Michie

Michie writes: "Good Day Ladies, I've watched the movie "In Time" a couple weeks ago, and I've been trying to look for the jacket that Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) wore in the last scene when they were walking up the stairs into the building. It's short in the front and... [More]


Spin to See Who Pays Bottle Opener

At this point in our life, spin the bottle isn't doing much for us. We're either happily partnered or unwilling to kiss a total stranger. Spin the Bottle Opener however, is something we're very interested in. This Spin to See Who Pays Bottle Opener ($28) solves the problem of who... [More]


The First Real Kitchen Cookbook

Ah, one of the first true hurdles of adulthood: learning to make something other than pancakes and ramen in the kitchen. For those of you who've realized that woman cannot survive on froyo and pizza alone (and still fit into her jeans, at least), check out The First Real Kitchen... [More]


Blik Muppet Crew Decal

You guys, we gotta tell you, we have a Muppet decal in our office right now and it. is. awesome. Nothing makes work more cheerful than Animal, Miss Piggy, Kermit and the gang hanging out. In case you didn't happen to steal one from the movie theater obtain one through... [More]

diesel only the brave-s.jpg

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Diesel Only the Brave Eau de Toilette Spray

If cologne was on the wishlist, the masculine packaging of the Diesel Only the Brave Eau de Toilette Spray ($58) could be a winner. The scent is sexy too - overtones of violet, coriander, and amber mandarin orange balanced by lemon, leather, and cedar has a manly come hither written... [More]


Fred and Friends Tough Dish Kitchen Gloves

Those dishes don't stand a chance. We are one bad ass mofo when it comes to tackling a sink full of greasy grimy caked on crud. Those pots and pans will be sparkling in no time, but we still don't want to mess up our manis. Thanks to Fred and... [More]


Williams Sonoma Herbal Swag

Those of you with a true passion for cooking will certainly appreciate Williams Sonoma's Herbal Swag ($40) for its abundance of lavender, rosemary, oregano and sage to use in seasoning your dishes to perfection. The rest of us just think it's real pretty but wouldn't have the darndest idea about... [More]


Chinese Laundry Dirty Laundry Rain Check Boots

The first thing we look for when picking out a rainboot isn't usually a wedge heel that has the potential of making us even more unsteady on wet sidewalks. Nor do we seek out rainboots with laces that run the risk of becoming untied, wet, and muddy. But we do... [More]


Bagatelles and Co Lili Clutch

The plethora of beautiful colors in this Lili Clutch ($90) from Bagatelles and Co give us an abundance of reasons to buy this sweet handbag. Of course, it will go with everything. Pink angora sweaters, swingy yellow sundresses, a navy shift, and of course jeans and a plain white tee.... [More]


Wooden Gift Tags

There's no need for glitz and sparkle when wrapping gifts. Some brown craft paper or even newspaper can be dressed up for a pretty presentation. Instead of spending extra money on wrapping paper, we're getting more bang for our wrapping buck by topping gifts with one of these Wooden Gift... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: December 12, 2011

This week's selections for the Shopping List poll over at our sister site The Purse Page provide a number of interesting takes on maturity. Would you flout it with the big shiny pink bow? Embody it, with the white and black geometric number? Go either way with the turquoise? As... [More]


Holiday Party Looks Under $150: Holls of Dolls Swanky Homestyle Soiree

We all end up attending a frabjillion holiday parties, and want to look like the belle of the jingle ball at each one. We've also all got to-gift lists as long as our arm. Budget-wise, those two statements don't always go hand-in-hand, so each of us OB editors have come... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-04 at 2.15.21 PM.png

Personal Shopper: A Dupe of the Halston Heritage Short Ruched-Top Dress for T

T writes: "Hey Outblush, I've been following your blog for a long time now and I love your suggestions. I'm hoping you can help me out. I have a work holiday party on December 15th and I wanted to find a fun dress to wear. I'm looking for a red... [More]


Terrain Swedish Snowflake Lanterns

Garland decked with shiny globes and a tinsel covered tree might be eye-catching, but they're nothing if not overstated. Keep your holiday decor simple, subtle and classy with this Swedish Snowflake Lantern ($82) from Terrain. It won't immediately call attention to itself, but it says with understated elegance "Yes, I... [More]

screwdriver set-s.jpg

2011 Hoiday GIft Guide Cheap Thrill Edition: Kikkerland Grenade Screwdriver Set

The Kikkerland Grenade Screwdriver Set ($6) is a cheeky on-the-go tool kit accessory, and we know he'll love it. Maybe advise against keeping this thing in the glove compartment (might freak out cops), but this modern kit has the essentials. Including a driver and seven small, medium, and large Phillips... [More]


The Art of French Baking

The Art of French Baking ($45) is not something we would ever attempt to master. It is, however, something we know our bestie wants to learn to do like a pro. We're getting her this for Christmas because someone's going to have to help her eat all those eclairs, right?... [More]

plaid earrmuffs-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: D&Y Plaid Earmuff

Say whhaaaa? The preppy D&Y Plaid Earmuff ($15) is the best kind of patterned accessory. We can play it straight or ironic. Pair it with a cable knit sweater, and you're on the sweet side, but mix and match rockabilly styling and punk rock jewelry and you're taking style cues... [More]

perpara pop saver-s.jpg

Prepara Pop Savor

Ooo a food preserving container that kinda looks like an adorable alien creature. We're talking about the Prepara Pop Savor ($18). This award winning design holds one cup of our favorite fare, and in one pop, the lid turns in on itself to keep our goodies hygienically covered. Puts the... [More]

dont make me blog anout this mud-s.jpg

Don't Make Me Blog About This Mug

Shut the front door, he did not just say that. Don't make us break our mug out. From what we can tell, the Don't Make Me Blog About This Mug ($17 for two toned style pictured, other styles available) is what the wooden spoon threat was for 50s housewives. We... [More]


Corioliss Mini Floral Hair Dryer

A hair dryer isn't necessarily something that we buy based on style alone, but the sweet vintage look has us seriously considering this Corioliss Mini Blue Floral Hair Dryer ($49). Nevermind the fact that we don't travel that much, we're pretty sure that this will make us feel like a... [More]

enterprise wallet-s.jpg

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Star Trek Enterprise Tyvek Mighty Wallet

Everyone, including Alec Baldwin and our friggin' mother, is obsessed with Words with Friends right now. What about Wallets For Trekkies, OB readers? That's the game we're playing - and it consumes far less of our time. The Star Trek Enterprise Tyvek Mighty Wallet ($15) is our game well played.... [More]


Jetlag Alarm Clock

Frequent travelers know all too well the terrible nuisance that is the hotel alarm clock. A bright display keeps us up, a 3am alarm we didn't realize was set wakes us up, or worst of all, the time is incorrect and our entire day starts of rushed when we realize... [More]


Japonesque Touch Up Tube

It's easy enough to toss a compact in your purse to refresh your makeup, but you're never going to look perfectly polished if you're applying your cosmetics with your fingers. Sure, they work in a pinch, but this Japonesque Touch Up Tube ($19) takes up minimal space and has everything... [More]


Set Editions Tie Breakers

We have two options. We can talk in circles about this all day long since we both think we're right/we should pay/we should do it, or we can just let the Tie Breaker ($12) decide like civilized human beings who believe in fate and are willing to let this be... [More]


Personal Shopper: Brandy's NYE sans NYBaby

Brandy writes: I need help finding something to wear for NYE. See, I just had my first baby and nothing fits right. My pre-preggo clothes are tight @ maternity clothes, are well, maternity clothes. I'm looking for something semi-casual, it needs to be forgiving in the mid section, and I... [More]


L.A. Burdick Chocolate Snowmen

Sure, these Chocolate Snowmen ($33) are cute, but that ceased to matter once we heard that they're dark chocolate and clementine ganache. Not only do we no longer care what they look like, we're going to ruthlessly bite their cute little heads off with glee just to get a mouthful... [More]

ninja salt and pepper-s.jpg

Ninja Kids Salt & Pepper Shakers

Get ready to be floored by adorable martial arts pop culture. The Ninja Kids Salt & Pepper Shakers ($20) are perfect for the J-Pop contingent and pretty much anyone else who appreciates cartoon fodder. They made us awwww, so we share them with you, friendly readers.... [More]


Halter Edy Bra

There are ladies out there who would consider this Halter Edy Bra ($150) perfectly acceptable holiday party attire when topped with a blazer and paired with cigarette pants. It's not a look we could ever pull off, but damn are we amazed by those of you who can. Work it,... [More]


Sagaform Blossom Teapot

*Gasp* Let's say it all together, now ... Too cute. The Sagaform Blossom Teapot ($35) is just what the tea-enthusiast doctor ordered. Not only does the tulip pattern have retro charm, but it's ceramic and oak - that woodiness is outta left field and we're fans of surprises.... [More]

electric grill-s.jpg

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Pedestal Grill

It can't just be our dad who's on a health kick. The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Pedestal Grill ($147) suits his grilling needs without all that icky carbon emission. For someone who has it all, this is an elegant upgrade to the hibachi grill. And it's shiny. Sold.... [More]


Paperthinks Slim Leather Notebooks

This is where gift buying gets tough. We have the things for the people we love, but now we have to tackle that group of people we're obligated to buy for but don't know that well. We're talking mother-in-law, the aunt we only see twice a year, the cousin who's... [More]


Demeter Chrysanthemum

We've been wanting to show you this stuff for months. When two little bottles of Demeter's new Chysanthemum scent showed up in a store down the street, we fell head over heels for the contents instantly, acquired both, and checked the Demeter website so we could tell you all about... [More]


Choose Your Holiday Cards

In an effort at being both economical and PC this holiday season, we've picked up a box of these Choose Your Holiday Cards ($20). This way, we can simply circle the appropriate wish of holiday cheer and don't have to buy different cards for our various friends. Clever and just... [More]


Jayson Home Athena Tray

We've found that having little trays, bowls, and receptacles of the like helps us keep our life organized. A little dish for change, a tray to hold last night's jewelry until we put it away, and a dedicated box for our keys go a long way in keeping our sanity... [More]


Honeydew Polka-Dot Undies

Polkadots will always be fun, and we love a way to work that print into our sometimes less-than-exciting adult wardrobe. Chances are, not many people will get to see our new Honeydew Polka-Dot Undies ($16), but the lucky one who does will certainly also appreciate how fun our new undies... [More]

perpetual calender-s.jpg

2011 Hoiday GIft Guide: MoMA Perpetual Calender

Modern as hell and under $50? Whoa, the MoMA Perpetual Calender ($48) has made a serious appearance at our internet browsing party (it never stops). We would expect this wicked cool design to retail for waaaaay more than the asking price. Happy day - another deal in hand.... [More]


Animalia Manatee Tee

Ok, we don't really understand the Manatee in a Canoe Tee ($29), but we love it to pieces. We're just going to go with the explanation that it's wearable art, and you don't need to understand art to appreciate it. Our favorite part is the awkward way it's holding the... [More]


Partridge in a Pear Cookie Cutters

Sugar cookies are a Christmas tradition 'round here, but we've been making them in the shapes of stars, trees, and stockings for ages. It's time to step up our level of cookie sophistication and this year we're using the Partridge in a Pear Cookie Cutters ($20) to do just that.... [More]

faux fur scarf-s.jpg

Sofie Fox Pom Pom Scarf

For those luxury loving ladies who want to add a bit of fur to their lives without feeling ostentatious, try the subtle Sofie Fox Pom Pom Scarf ($123). It's pretty much the ultimate in softness. Supple cashmere comes to a fuzzy end that's all in all, not fussy. Like.... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips

Having to stuff a stocking for a tween/preteen/full blown teenager? Our condolences. It's not an easy age to buy gifts for, but even the most dreadful adolescent girl probably likes lip gloss. The Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips ($10 each) comes with six mango scented lip gloss colors and... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Zipped Up Earphones

We're hoping that the slick zipper action of these Rebecca Minkoff Zipped Up Earphones ($48) keeps them from becoming a tangled mess like all of our other sets. If they do become a crazy knot, at least we'll look pretty damn cool once we get them untangled and in thanks... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: The Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards

It's a little weird to give a guy nudie cards, especially if said guy is related to you, but there's no harm in a little sexy sci-fi action. We get it, every guy has had a crush on Leia ever since Jabba put her in that bronze bikini. Ladies of... [More]


Target Sea Going Solid Shade Ceramic Lamp

Putting the Tarjay back into Target is the Sea Going Solid Shade Ceramic Lamp ($20). You'll feel like you paid boutique prices for this clean modern lamp that adds a cheery burst of color into any room you'd like - and at twenty bucks, why not all of them?... [More]


Marimekko Pieni Unikko Black/Purple/Green Tote Bag

It's hard to find a nice wintery floral print, so we're pretty excited to find this Marimekko Pieni Unikko Tote Bag ($89). Marimekko ditches the bright white backgrounds of their usual fabrics for a cool, olive green that makes this bag surprisingly neutral. And at a generous twenty inches wide,... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 11.04.45 PM.png

Tibi Jumpsuit in Red Multi

Oh, how we would love to host a holiday party in our home whilst wearing this Tibi Jumpsuit in Red Multi ($448) and an armful of golden bangles. Sadly, we cannot spend almost five hundo on something that will probably get powdered sugar and cheese fondue all over its delicate... [More]


Tarina Tarantino Laser Holiday Blizzard Earrings

This year, it feels like non-traditional holiday colors are finally making it mainstream, and boy are we glad! No need to put away the pink for winter when you've got these Tarina Tarantino Laser Holiday Blizzard Earrings ($105). These laser cut snowflake earrings come in pink, turquoise, and white and... [More]


Shooping, Suits, and Sales

Like the spicy queens of old school hip hop sometimes we like to Shoop our way over to a man in a three piece suit. There's something debonair and wonderful about a gentleman all dudded out to impress (and if there are French cuffs involved... well hanky and or panky... [More]


Operation WANA - Help someone in need

Hey everyone! How's your holiday season going? Got your fingers crossed for that obnoxiously pink cocktail ring? Maybe you're hinting 'til it hurts for those must-have heels? ...or maybe all you want for Christmahanakwanzika is to be able to pay the rent. Buy propane to heat your home. Feed your... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-04 at 1.37.27 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Holiday Maternity Wear for Katy

Katy writes: "Hi folks! I know a few of your are or recently were pregnant, so I'm hoping one of you can point me in the right direction. My husband's work holiday party is coming up in mid-December, and I'll be about 5 months along by then - I'm already... [More]


J. Crew Mona Glitter Pumps

We'll be wearing these J. Crew Mona Glitter Pumps ($228) to every seasonal soiree, and while they may not be red, Dorothy's got nothin' on us. Our plan is to click our heels and go home... with the hottest guy in the room!... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 11.09.11 PM.png

Shadow Art Dress

If you're going somewhere where you might want to intimidate and/or impress people, take this Shadow Art Dress ($53) for a spin. Look at those shoulders, and that hemline, and that silvery lace pattern. We'd do an all black look with this dress and let it shine, but it wouldn't... [More]


Jessica Ricci Lace Coasters

It just seems wrong to put an artfully crafted cocktail on a paper coaster you stole from your college bar. Give your beverage the place of honor it deserves on one of these stunning Roman Lace Coasters ($30-45) from Jessica Ricci. Cast from actual lace found in Rome (hence the... [More]

Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau Swim Dress

Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau Swim Dress

H-E-L-L-O divine lady! We're loving the retro pin-up girl glam of the Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau Swim Dress ($151). This stunning tomato swimsuit is sure to turn heads; it's a little bit playful and a lot vintage sexy.... [More]


Soap and Glory: The Scrub Of Your Life

We're not talking about the time your friends dared you to slide down a rock face into the river... The Soap and Glory: The Scrub Of Your Life ($16) buffs rough spots and polishes skin, so you can wear that rosy glow 24/7.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.57.44 PM.png

Zeke Coat by BB Dakota

This cozy Zeke Coat by BB Dakota ($116) has many things going for it, much like us ourselves. It has a fabulously interesting collar situation and a big hood to hide under when it's cold, plus it uses the power of dark and light to slim our hips and draw... [More]


Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments

There must be hundreds of sets of ornaments that match that song, but we liked this one, with the happy dancing stick man and all. Though they're not cheap ($15 per) we think they'd fit in on all but the most aggressively-themed Christmas tree.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.34.28 PM.png

Vintage Havana Bold Printed Back Top

This Vintage Havana Bold Printed Back Top ($60) is like a mullet: Business in the front. Party in the back. Unlike a mullet, we think this shirt would be a flattering style choice.... [More]


Minimergency Kit for Moms

Most moms we know are always prepared for everything, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't appreciate a little help making sure they are. The Minimergency Kit for Moms ($16) has essentials for her like lip balm, a nail file, clear elastics, and earring backs as well as stuff that will... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.20.53 PM.png

Blu Bijoux Spikes and Chains Ring

We've got more badass in our little finger than most ladies have in their entire body. OK, that's not entirely accurate, but we're hoping our Blu Bijoux Spikes and Chains Ring ($38) might fool a few people.... [More]


Sparrow Nest Script Happy New Year Card

We've got a lot of little flaws (who doesn't?), and the one that nags at us this time of year is our inability to get our sh*t together and send out Christmas Cards. Every festive card that arrives in our mailbox wishing us Happy Holidays or Christmas Wishes has us... [More]

Hunter Watling Lace Up Boots

Hunter Watling Lace Up Boots

Ok so we thought we could splash around and frolic in the puddles with the Hunter Original Rain Boots, but surprise.....there's a new kid in town. His name is Watling and he means business. He's got a 15" shaft with an adjustable circumference. Get your mind out of the gutter,... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 4.13.48 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Gifts for Alyssa's Amazing Dad

Alyssa writes: "dearest, darlingest outblush staff, i have the best daddio in the whole world, but i always come up short on what to get him for the holidays. i'm the only child, so i feel a lot of pressure to make sure he knows what an absolutely amazing dad... [More]

Lionel Pennsylvania Railway Express Train Set

Lionel Pennsylvania Railway Express Train Set

Surprise the little conductor this Christmas season with something he will cherish forever. The Lionel Pennsylvania Railway Express Train Set ($120) is an awesome locomotive train set that features a working headlight and choo choo-rific train sounds.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.42.41 PM.png

Theodora and Callum Bordeaux Multi Border Leopard Wearable Art Gauze Scarf

Purple and leopard print in the same accessory? Yes, please! The name of this Theodora and Callum Bordeaux Multi Border Leopard Wearable Art Gauze Scarf ($155) is pretentious and has too many words in it, just like our bratty niece who has three middle names. Luckily, we don't have to... [More]


Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Kiehl's Ultimate Man Holiday Set

As much as we love Kiehl's products for ourselves, we love them even more for the men in our lives. They're simple, manly, and give our guys smooth, fresh smelling skin. That's why we're nabbing the Kiehl's Ultimate Man Holiday Set ($50) this year. It comes with Facial Fuel Energizing... [More]

Habitual Alice Skinny Coated Denim

Habitual Alice Skinny Coated Denim

Colored denim is still popping up everywhere. Sometimes we like to play it safe when we're shelling out a few Benjamins for a fly-by-night trend so we're totally digging the Habitual Alice Skinny Coated Denim ($232), which will have a longer life than those plum skinny jeans we want.... [More]


30 Rock Nothing's Impossible Magnet

We definitely snorted coffee out of our nose when we came across this Nothing's Impossible Magnet ($5) featuring our favorite 30 Rock page, Kenneth Parcell. We're always up for a little dose of jubilant clueless optimism, and until 30 Rock's back, we'll get ours every time we go to the... [More]

Sanctuary Sequin Sweater

Sanctuary Sequin Sweater

Sequins and chunky cables....normally we'd say no way, but we're totally digging the Sanctuary Sequin Sweater ($130), which has a feminine feel to a stylish fisherman sweater in a pretty fawn color (that goes with just about everything in our wardrobe).... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Skybar Chill Cubes

Whiskey stones are so 2010. Keep with the tradition of giving your favorite boozehound a enabling useful gift. These Skybar Chill Cubes ($40) are stainless steel and while keep your drink cold without watering it down. Because every girl likes a stiff... ... ... drink.... [More]

Big Buddha Courtney Bag

Big Buddha Courtney Bag

The Big Buddha Courtney Bag has it all - woven texture and metallic colorway combined with a slouchy shape that can be converted to a cross-body or satchel....depending on your mood that day. What's not to love? And didn't you know grey has become the new black?... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.26.18 PM.png

Spring Street Design Group Peacock Pendant Necklace

Look at those peacocks! They love each other! And judging by their colorful and fancy plumage, they're both male. It's nice to see jewelry that makes a statement for marriage equality (at least in our eyes; we have no idea what the jewelry makers were thinking about), however subtle it... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 11.22.04 PM.png

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Melange

Some of us obsessively apply lip gunk, and that's OK. There are plenty of other things we could be doing obsessively that would be much worse. We won't list those things, but we will enable our relatively harmless compulsion by using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Melange ($13). Also... [More]


Jellypop Burbank Black Loafer Heel

Burned out on dark winter wear yet? Black shoes can get so blah, so we're keeping things interesting by pumping up our loafers via the Jellypop Burbank ($30 on sale). Play up the menswear aspect by strutting your stuff in some wide leg dress pants, or get a little more... [More]

Pottery Barn Kids Firehouse Loft Bed

Pottery Barn Kids Firehouse Loft Bed

"Hurry hurry there's a four alarm fire" is what your little ones will be yelling when they set their eyes upon the totally cool Pottery Barn Kids Firehouse Loft Bed ($1,040). Underneath the bed there is enough room for hours and hours of creative play.... [More]

Eva Franco Viola Dress

Eva Franco Viola Dress

Whether you're attending a cocktail party, opera or winter wedding, the Eva Franco Viola Dress ($325) is totally appropriate and rather elegant in a demure way. The metallic jacquard pattern is stunning and this fabulous frock will whittle your waistline....(no need for Spanx here).... [More]

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Earmuff Speaker Headphones

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Earmuff Speaker Headphones

Ok so wait a second....you mean we can rock out to our favorite tunes on our iPhone while keeping our ass ears warm? This means we'll never miss a beat during those chilly January morning. We're definitely adding the Juicy Couture Faux Fur Earmuff Speaker Headphones ($164) to our holiday... [More]

holiday styling-s.jpg

Holiday Party Looks Under $150: Ugly Sweater Party

We all end up attending a frabjillion holiday parties, and want to look like the belle of the jingle ball at each one. We've also all got to-gift lists as long as our arm. Budget-wise, those two statements don't always go hand-in-hand, so each of us OB editors have come... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 3.28.57 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Gifts for Erin's Hip Mama Future Sister-in-Law

Erin writes: "Help! I'm getting married this year and my soon-to-be sister in-law is pregnant with her 3rd child. She is 28, so still hip and fun. What would be some good momma holiday presents?" Hey Erin! I'm Found of You! I'm 28, I'm pregnant with my 2nd boy, and... [More]


Lore Greiner Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer

We've been battling the jumbled mess that is our makeup drawer pretty much since we started wearing the stuff in our teens. We've decided it might be time to abandon the drawer altogether and adopt a counter top system like this Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer ($25). It should hold all... [More]


Wild Thing Max iPhone Case

If we play our cards right, every day can be a wild rumpus, as our Wild Thing Max iPhone Case ($35) reminds us.... [More]

faile book-s.jpg

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Culture Club Edition: Faile Prints + Original 1999-2009

That artsy sibling or yours got swept up in the street art craze too? Give them a gift this holiday season that can sit proudly on that overly modern modular coffee table of theirs. We recommend Faile Prints + Original 1999-2009 ($69), from the Brooklyn Museum. Just mention where it's... [More]


Current/Elliott Pull On Jeans

Remember Pajama Jeans? Well, these are the fashionable, wearable-in-public alternative. No, really, we're being serious. These Current/Elliott Pull On Jeans ($168) are the perfect yoga pant/denim hybrid. Because you know you're not actually supposed to wear your yoga pants like real pants when you go out, right? Right.... [More]


Seequin Laser Cut Chandelier

Electrical wiring is not on our list of skills we posses or, frankly, ever care to learn. This is why no matter how much we hate the light fixtures in our apartment, we're just not going to do a damn thing to change them. When we came across this sweet... [More]

chain gojane boots-s.jpg

You Tell Us: Draped Chain Rain Boot

The price is right on the Draped Chain Rain Boot ($18), but we're weary of the styling. Maybe this is too biker-ish, even for us. We have never said no to silver skulls before, but it's something about the hanging strands here that rubs us weird. You tell us -... [More]


Art & Soul of America Prints

We don't know about you, but we're itching to take a trip. Until we build up enough vacation days, we'll just have to think about getaways gone by with the Art & Soul of America Prints ($29+). These vintage inspired posters are designed by a variety of artists and feature... [More]


Kuat Bike Bottle Lock

You've already got a cup holder for your latte, a rack for your vino and a holster for your six pack. Are you telling us you really use the water bottle bracket? A Kuat Bike Bottle Lock ($34) will fit in there like a dream and give you an easy... [More]


Birds on a Wire Photo Clothesline

Is 'Put a Bird on It' still a thing? We say yes. However, if you don't want to adorn your life with birds, why not show off your favorite non-bird moments by displaying photos on this Birds on a Wire Photo Clothesline ($11)?... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 2.29.08 PM.png

Personal Shopper: An Affordable Black Tie Maternity Frock for Carlyn

Carlyn writes: "Hi - I need help! I am a horrible shopper. I am attending a black tie dinner on Dec. 24 and need to find a evening dress. I will be 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time. I am Halle Berry's complextion (maybe a shade lighter) with med... [More]


CB2 Elroy, Astro, and George Ornaments

With their funky, retro, Sputnik-esque shapes, it's no surprise that CB2 named the Elroy, Astro, and George Ornaments ($3 each) after members of the Jetsons family. These flocked Christmas ornaments would look fabulous on your tinsel covered tree, but their non traditional colors make them tempting to keep out on... [More]


Zara Peep-Toe with Flower

In the same way that once you've found your LBD you never have to think twice about what to wear to a cocktail party, the perfect pair of little black shoes (LBS, if you will) are going to stand you in good stead for plenty of parties through the years.... [More]


Current/Elliot The Stiletto in Grey Leopard

You all are probably imagining our closets being full of nothing but leopard right now. It's not true, we didn't have any leopard print jeans... until now! These Current/Elliot The Stiletto Jeans in Grey Leopard ($198) might seem a little too rock 'n' roll, but we're finding leopard pants to... [More]


Burlesque Russian Doll Set

These ain't your babushka's nesting dolls. The Burlesque Russian Doll Set ($36) includes seven painted, wooden dolls in various states of undress, so you can let her bare all or keep her bundled up. Personally, we're impressed with her ability to keep her cigarette holder firmly in place throughout the... [More]


Melina Sequin Pumps

We're not sure how much time you sit around thinking about sparkly things, but we devote quite a bit of our day to it, and we have a revelation to share with you. Glittery shoes are beautiful, but damn if we aren't finding glitter all of our lives for months... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Silicone Coin Purse

These silicone coin purses ($10 each) with their bold flat colors and oversized kisslocks barely look real - and that's what's so great about them. They're too pop art for words, like they were pulled straight out of an illustrated poster into our grubby 3D world. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]


MollaSpace Contour Canvas Bag

Feeling a little pudgy these days? Who isn't? We're blaming the influx of fudge and cookies and fruitcake in our office. Since the only exercise we're getting is walking to and from the sweets table, we've decided to start using this Mollaspace Contour Canvas Bag ($45) as our go-to tote... [More]


Twinkle Twinkle Little One Rocking Scooter

Too cool for a rocking horse but not quite old enough for their first set of wheels? This Rocking Vespa Scooter ($120) is the perfect first set of wheels for your very own Evil Kinevil.... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: CPToys Healthy Meals for Two

We don't know about you, but for us, playing with plastic food at the after school program when we were in the 1st grade was pretty much the most fun thing that's ever happened to us. Besides wine. There is no wine here, real or plastic. Anyway, share the joy... [More]


Kate Spade Gold Playing Cards

Even if your poor poker face always results in a loss at Ladies Poker Night, you'll still feel like Richie Rich playing with these Kate Spade Gold Playing Cards ($18).... [More]


Juicy Couture Velour Hoodie

Forget Christmas tunes and eggnog. Nothing says holidays to us like a new sweatshirt to spend Christmas day in. We're planning on having a true blue Christmas this year snuggling down in this blue Juicy Couture Velour Hoodie ($98). Soft and cozy, this hoodie's the ultimate simple luxury without any... [More]


2011 Play List: Holls of Dolls Christmas Classics

These days, we start hearing "Jingle Bells" around October 1st, and the holiday jingle onslaught continues 'til the post-Christmas clearance sales are over in mid-January. As much as we love classic songs like "Silent Night" and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", we thought we'd suggest some alternate tunage to you... [More]

Personal Shopper Dress for Lynett

Personal Shopper: The Dress for Lynett

Lynett writes: "Please please please help me find this dress!!!! I.Love.It! I'd prefer the black and silver one but I can't find out anymore info since it's a (private??) auction item. EE!! Also, in case the dress is a little too pricey (over $200) could you please find good alternatives?... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 6.11.30 PM.png

Book of Cake Stencils

We're getting bored with plain frosting or trying to scrawl various designs on our cake and making a huge mess. But, we still want it to look pretty! We were just sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves until we discovered this Book of Cake Stencils ($20). Now we simply lay... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 7.17.21 PM.png

J. Crew Paulina Ballet Flats in Nightfall Floral

We go out walkin'... after midnight... searchin' for shooooooooooes. OK, we don't do exactly that, because stores are not generally open, but if we did, we'd find these J. Crew Paulina Ballet Flats in Nightfall Floral ($130), which have a dark, dainty, fairy tale appeal.... [More]

Rebecca Taylor Jacquard Combo Dress

Rebecca Taylor Jacquard Combo Dress

Winter hasn't even officially started, but we're just realizing how much we can't wait for our Spring vacation. Hopefully we'll get a gift card or two so we can snag the Rebecca Taylor Jacquard Combo Dress ($325), which could be perfect for sipping fruity drinks on the beach in Barbados.... [More]


Pantone Christmas Baubles

Deck your halls with something other than 032 or 335 (that's red and green for those of you who aren't total geeks). These Pantone Christmas Baubles ($14 each) are the perfect decor item for any graphic design nerd in your life.... [More]


Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Dean & DeLuca Ultimate Deli Gift Set

If money were no object, you best believe we'd be buying good old Dad this Dean & DeLuca Ultimate Deli Gift Set ($1200) for Christmas. It comes with four salamis and a salami slicer. That doesn't sound like much to us, especially for the price. But then again, we're no... [More]


Escada Gift Set

Our first impulse with this one is to go into Muppet advertising agency territory: "It's just like taking an ocean cruise, only there's no boat, and you don't actually go anywhere!" Sure, it's more a summery fragrance than a wintery one, but sometimes you just need a little stress relief,... [More]


Body Wrap The Must Brief-It

We usually run in the opposite direction anytime someone mentions shapewear. However we weren't aware that some of it was so sexy and pretty. We (and we're sure you) would wear the Body Wrap The Must Brief-It ($34) if you knew it would tuck in your tummy even the slightest... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 7.32.19 PM.png

Ruche April Showers Rain Loafers

It's getting a little slushy outside, but some of us are pregnant and are having a hard time wrestling our galoshes on and off. Whether you have a developing human in between you and doing stuff with your feet or not, these Ruche April Showers Rain Loafers ($36) are a... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 5.40.06 PM.png

Gold and Diamond CZ Crown Ring

If you have a bestie who's a very pretty princess, get her this Gold and Diamond CZ Crown Ring ($45) for the holidays. If you are a very pretty princess and you must have this to express your royal sparkle, leave this ring up on your computer screen when you... [More]


Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit SLFT-IP4

Face it, using the Hipstamatic App is SO mainstream. You won't win any hipster brownie points unless you add some analog features onto your camera phone like the Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit SLFT-IP4 ($25). Based on the Holga line of lomography cameras, it comes with an array of actual... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 5.32.07 PM.png

Full Tilt Stripe & Animal Pattern Womens Top

This Full Tilt Stripe & Animal Pattern Womens Top ($12) isn't for the faint of heart, but we love it. It's an outfit all by itself. Just throw it on with some black jeans, get out there, and show the world how much you love animal prints and tie dyed... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Rifle Journals

We (and our pocketbooks!) love the idea of snagging this set of three Rifle Journals ($13) and using them as stocking stuffers or small "any woman" gifts for the holidays. They're small, chic, and we can personalize them by writing a sweet message to the recipient on the first page.... [More]

Fontana Gusto Wood Fired Outdoor Oven

Fontana Gusto Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven

Dear Santa, We've behaved ourselves as well as expected (or at least as well as could be). And we promise to save money by eating dinner home at least 4 nights a week. Won't you please surprise us with a Fontana Gusto Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven ($5,000) this Christmas? If you're... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 7.29.32 PM.png

Forzieri Women's Red Perforated Fingerless Leather Gloves

Fingerless gloves are practical, but can you make them sexy? Forzieri can, apparently. Check out these Women's Red Perforated Fingerless Leather Gloves ($84). Buttery soft leather, in red, and perforated so our hands don't get sweaty? We're sold.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 7.07.58 PM.png

Volcom 'One-Eyed Monster' Mask Hoodie

We have three questions: - Can we fit into the boys size XL? - Can we wear this to a black tie event? - If we wear this at work and zip the hood over our face, could we take naps without our boss noticing? No? No? NO?!! Fine. We'll... [More]


Personal Shopper: Accessories for Mackenzie's Vegas Trip

Mackenzie wrote: "I am going to Las Vegas next week to celebrate my 21st birthday! I am desperate for good accessory ideas! I have a hot pink strapless dress and a one shoulder black sequin dress that I am wearing...any ideas? HELP!" Hi Mackenzie! Rather than show you a gigantic... [More]


The Season's Coolest Apple Accessory: 3M Mobile Projector

The iPad® has a new BFF. Designed to work with Apple® gadgets, the 3M™ Mobile Projector ($299.99) helps bring back family movie night -- enjoy photos from your recent Atlantis vacation again and again. Not only does it have a clean, minimalist design, it's also user-friendly, small enough to stash... [More]

OPI Save Me Nail Polish

OPI Save Me Nail Polish

This time won't you save us? Save us by painting our digits with a glistening glitter polish - one that even Nikki Minaj would don....after all she did collaborate with OPI to create it. OPI Save Me Nail Polish ($8)... [More]

Smore Basket

S'more Basket

'Tis the season for comfort foods! We couldn't think of a better way to spend a chilly winter evening than cooking up some delicious hot S'mores in our S'more Basket ($7) and a bottle of our favorite red wine.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 7.51.51 PM.png

Hot Streak Clutch

This Hot Streak Clutch ($148) reminds us of the paper bags we used to tote our lunch in when we were young'ns, and in a good way. That soft brown makes us feel nostalgic, and the hot stripe of flaming coral (or electric blue, if you prefer) sets it off... [More]


Cats in Costumes Zine Comic

For whatever reason (probably the exponentially increasing number of cats in our house), we've been given tons of little books about cats, and this year we wouldn't be surprised to receive this Cats in Costumes Zine Comic ($4). It features 22 pages of, well, illustrated cats in costumes ranging from... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 6.25.11 PM.png

Jack by BB Dakota Marisa Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress Season is in full swing, and we're already getting bored with our collection from last year. We're getting ready to add this Jack by BB Dakota Marisa Sweater Dress ($64) to our wardrobe because we love the wide stripes and bold colors. The easiest thing would be be... [More]


Leif Gemstone Magnet Set

We don't often give our magnets a second thought until a friend dallying in our kitchen begins to peruse our collection. Viva Vegas 2004 and Big Bird aren't really complementing the chic adult look we're trying to convey. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to this Leif Gemstone Magnet Set ($36).... [More]

Showgirl Piggy Bank

Showgirl Piggy Bank

For the frugal fashionista that likes to bank every penny, we suggest the Showgirl Piggy Bank ($29 on sale). This pretty little lady gives Miss Piggy a run for her money. She's dressed to the nines dimes with beaded earrings, a tulle tutu and feather wings.... [More]


Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Fig & Olive Oils

Need a fitting holiday gift for your best foodie friend? These Fig & Olive Oils ($14-18) make an impressive presentation--they're good quality olive oils that won't break your bank. Even if you're not an oil connoisseur, you should be able to appreciate the subtle flavors. That is, you'll be able... [More]

Podium Cross Over Sandals

Podium Cross Over Platform Sandals

Yeah we agree...red is very festive for the holiday season, but it's overrated...green is waaaay better. Here's why: 1 - You don't see it plastered everywhere. 2 - You don't feel like a hooker wearing it. 3 - You don't get embarrassed when they play "The Lady In Red" at... [More]

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Let the games begin after dinner! This awesome Table Tennis ($40) set expands to 48 inches for maximum play and is guaranteed to offer hours of fun. Beer tennis, anyone?... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 6.45.13 PM.png

Free People 'New Romantics' Poncho

We're going for an ever-so-slightly more low key look for New Year's Eve this year, but we're not giving up the shiny stuff. We're trading in last year's sequins and out-all-night antics for the beautiful bronze beading on this Free People 'New Romantics' Poncho ($128) and an evening at home... [More]

Library Side Table

Library Side Table

We love books, books and more books! We're totally in love with the Library Side Table ($249), which would looks so appropriate in our mahogany wood trimmed study.... [More]

Artisan Snowman Birdhouse

Artisan Snowman Birdhouse

Your little bird friends are begging peeping for you to get festive with them this year! Provide a warm shelter for that gorgeous cardinal that sits outside your window. Artisan Snowman Birdhouse ($179)... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 5.37.28 PM.png

AKIRA Black Label Brown Faux Fur Collar in Leopard

If you own clothing that doesn't have any leopard print on it, and that makes you sad, you can stop being sad right now. We have a remedy for you. AKIRA Black Label Brown Faux Fur Collar in Leopard ($35)... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 7.02.15 PM.png

Nordstrom Baby Quilted Velour Bunting

Before you become a mother, your body temperature is only influenced by what temperature it actually is where you are and what clothing you are wearing. After you become a Mom, you can change your own body temperature by bundling or un-bundling your child. It's true, and it's why your... [More]


Holiday Party Looks Under $150: Chic Soiree

We all end up attending a frabjillion holiday parties, and want to look like the belle of the jingle ball at each one. We've also all got to-gift lists as long as our arm. Budget-wise, those two statements don't always go hand-in-hand, so each of us OB editors have come... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Black Hobo Bag for Lauren's Sister

Lauren wrote: "Hi everyone! I read your site every day and I know how amazing you are at helping people find gifts for loved ones, so I thought I'd reach out. I'm looking for a black purse for my sister for Christmas. She wants a hobo-style bag that she can... [More]


Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Frankie Magazine 2012 Journal

We have a few friends on our gift list this year who are boycotting social media. We'll miss their witty status updates, but know we'll knock their present out of the park with the Frankie Magazine 2012 Journal ($35). It's organized by days and gives the journaler a few lines... [More]


Golden Girls Stay Golden Tee

Hilarious gift for your wacky grandma. ($26) Hilarious gift for yourself. Hilarious gift for your hipster brother, but he can only have one if he's actually watched the show. We might even like this slogan better than "stay thirsty".... [More]


Paper Voo-Doo Pad

What's better than having a voo-doo doll of your idiot ex-boyfriend? Having 60 different voo-doo dolls on paper, of course! Thanks to the Paper Voo-Doo Pad ($7) you can draw pins in your boss, the neighbor with the constantly barking dog, your coworker who clips their nails at their desk,... [More]


Doubtblush: Harry Allen Banana Bowl

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. WTH? Is the gold-plated marble... [More]


KK Handset Dock Stand

If teenagers all have cell phones now, how are they supposed to lay on the bed mindlessly twirling the phone cord? It's a rite of passage, and The KK Handset Dock Stand ($24) makes it a possibility for today's tech-savvy teens.... [More]


Chocolate Invader

We've discovered the perfect treat for our retro video game lovin' guy! We should probably get a few of these Chocolate Invaders ($25), even though he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. At the very least, we'll have something to munch on while he shoots down those little invading... [More]

herro kitty-s.jpg

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Hello Kitty Cooking Pot

Have a girl in your life that's kawaii crazy? So do we. Her sauces will taste better when cooked in the Hello Kitty Cooking Pot ($40) because they'll be perceived as cuter (there's no way around it). And they won't taste burned at all thanks to enamel coated aluminum and... [More]


Stress-Less Labels

We usually try to have at least one cup of coffee before we attempt to dress ourselves in the morning, but during the hectic holiday season we're not sure there's enough coffee in the world to ensure we leave the house with an outfit that actually looks presentable. We've reverted... [More]


You Tell Us: Maison du Posh One Another Black Fur Teeth Clutch

We were visiting our friends over at ThePursePage when we saw this Maison du Posh One Another Black Fur Teeth Clutch ($1,134), and we wish we'd seen it first so we could take credit for discovering it. Just... look at it! We're pretty much farklempt. Do we love it? Are... [More]


State of Our Union Workbook

Hopefully you have a highly evolved partner who will actually enjoy filling out a State of Our Union Workbook ($19 for 2). The workbook is full of a variety of exercises to help you grow closer to your partner and learn more about each other. We think it sounds like... [More]


Fancy Brand Rings Arctic Fox

We're pretty sure it's not legal to keep a fox as a pet, but wouldn't it be cool? Except for that whole responsibility thing, of course. We're not ready to be tied down, even by something as cute as a fox, but we'll totally rock this Arctic Fox Wraparound Ring... [More]


Pillow Tie

Complete sloth and fashion come together in the innovative and quirky Pillow Tie ($20). We only have one question - why aren't ties a requisite part of our work wardrobe?! This accessory-turned-nap aid falls squarely in the category of "guys have all the fun."... [More]

zappos-weekend-party-girl- small.jpg

What to get that Weekend Party Girl!

The Weekend Party Girl is one hot mama! All business and schedules during the week, she's out singing karaoke, driving to Vegas, and hitting the hottest parties when the weekend comes. Give her something that sparkles and shines! But where to go to get the perfect present? We say Zappos.com.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 8.31.53 PM.png

Personal Shopper: A Zebra Print Tee for Ann's Daughter

Ann said: "I'm looking for a zebra print t-shirt to buy my daughter for Christmas." Hi Ann, I'm Found of You. It was nice to see you last week! We know each other, but I figured that other people might like to see girl-sized zebra stuff too. Here are some... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-01 at 3.20.55 PM.png

2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Truly Me Floral Henley

Pre-teen girls can be hard to shop for. They want to be grown up ladies, but they're still kids. This Truly Me Floral Henley ($36) perfectly straddles the fence between two worlds. It's comfortable for swinging from the monkey bars or playing four square on the playground, but the uneven... [More]


Urban Outfitters Dancing Pet Speaker

Remember how awesomely creepy Teddy Ruxpin was? Now you can relive that weird animatronic experience with a Dancing Pet Speaker ($40). Or better yet, share it with a young'n in your life - they'll either be totally freaked out or enthralled for hours. If nothing else, click through the link... [More]


Antico Frantoio Muraglia Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sure, sure, we believe that the Antico Frantoio Muraglia 'Intenso' Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($48) is truly excellent olive oil, but really we're just interested in this faboosh bottle! The catch here is that we'd have to actually cook in order to empty the bottle so we could use it... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Bandai Gun Oclock Alarm Clock

What do you buy the little brother-in-law who has every video game under the sun? How about a Bandai Gun Oclock Alarm Clock ($90)? It's a gift that says 'I recognize you're an incredible gamer but it's time you get up at a reasonable hour and get a job' in... [More]


Moss Mills Astrid Necklace

Don't forget to treat yourself this holiday season. While you could go blow your holiday bonus check at Tiffany's, we're feeling more like springing for something in the vein of the Moss Mills Astrid Necklace ($98-136). Is it especially grown up? Nah. But we're feeling whimsical, and maybe a little... [More]


Govino Champagne Glasses

We've never used our Govino wine glasses for any sort of on-the-go picnic boozin, but they are damn handy for when we have more girlfriends over than we do wine glasses. Since we're not quite fancy enough to have crystal champagne flutes for all of our friends, these Govino Champagne... [More]


Gingiber 2012 Owl Calendar

We're feeling sure that 2012 is going to be a hoot, and what better way to hold onto mentality than to keep the sweet owls in Gingibers 2012 Owl Calendar ($21) on display?... [More]


BCBG Generation The Moon and Back Bangle

Oh hello men who have come to Outblush in search of gift ideas for your sweetie! We know you're a keeper because you passed the first test: turning to us for help. We'll make it easy on you (and your wallet!). You can't get any sweeter than gifting your girl... [More]


Tory Burch Crystal Embellished Ballet Flats

Love it. A Tory Burch flat without that oversize T logo on the toe. The sparkly bow on the toe of these Crystal Embellished Ballet Flats ($250) is a welcome change and a beautiful accent. It's ok to look expensive without flaunting your brand name preferences.... [More]


Light Up Martini Glasses

You guys, getting drunk at home just got even more fun! No longer do we have to brave clubs and trendy bars for gimmicky glassware - we can use these Light Up Martini Glasses ($7 each on sale) in the comfort of our pajamas! Best of all, everyone can have... [More]


Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Where I've Been Scratch Map

The perfect gift for the globe-trotting friend you're secretly jealous of, the Where I've Been Scratch Map ($25) lets them scratch off all of their prior travels with a coin--just like a winning lotto ticket. Which, by the way, is what you'll need to ever come close to affording the... [More]


Spoon Sisters Magic 8 Ball Pen

Great, now we can finally take that Magic 8 Ball out of our purse. It was so damn cumbersome! But here's our question, how long before someone swipes our awesome Magic 8 Ball Pen ($7)? It's unclear, ask again.... [More]


Mosser Glass Ruby-Red Candlestick

Silver candlesticks aren't for every home. We can see these Mosser Glass Ruby-Red Candlestick ($40) as a permanent fixture in a cheery dining room, but they'd also be pretty fabulous on your Christmas table spread. Just spread around some fresh and festive foliage (we would have specified holly leaves or... [More]


Make + Model Seamless Fair Isle Leggings

Who says the ugly sweater you wear to that party has to be an actual sweater? Truthfully, we think these Make + Model Seamless Fair Isle Leggings ($34) are pretty darn cute. Pair 'em with booties or flats to show off your chill winter style, or if you're feeling more... [More]


Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: December 5, 2011

We're pretty sure that none of the bags in this week's Shopping List poll over at The Purse Page would be attending the same party, which begs the question: which of these parties are you going to? Go vote, and get a rundown of not-so-expensive lookalikes here in a week's... [More]


Holiday Playlist: Mitchy's Dreaming of a Weird Christmas

These days, we start hearing "Jingle Bells" around October 1st, and the holiday jingle onslaught continues 'til the post-Christmas clearance sales are over in mid-January. As much as we love classic songs like "Silent Night" and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", we thought we'd suggest some alternate tunage to... [More]

navy heels-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Navy Bridesmaid Pumps for Jeni

Jeni writes, "Absolutely in love with this site so when it came to searching for the perfect shoes for my sister's upcoming wedding in Seattle, I knew exactly where to turn. As one of the bridesmaids for her wedding, I am looking for the perfect navy blue pump/heel for her... [More]


GrigioPerla Eau de Toilette

Surprise your guy by telling him you're getting him something from La Perla. Something for him to wear, from La Perla. GrigioPerla is that pleasurable rarity in men's fragrance - it's neither heavy nor reminiscent of an air freshener. With spicy notes like coriander, basil, and rosemary on top of... [More]

snowflake hat-s.jpg

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Muk Luks Snowflake Trapper Hat

Adorable, but a bit juvenile for our taste, the Muk Luks Snowflake Trapper Hat ($29) would make our cutesy teenage cousin squee with delight. Let the kiddies rock those fuzzy pom poms and enjoy that furry lining. Winter accessories were (and are) always on the top of our lists, anyhow.... [More]


Egg Holder Tray

We're far too clumsy to ever use one of these porcelain Egg Holder Trays ($10), considering we thank our lucky stars every time we get an egg carton home in one piece, but if you've got a softer touch than us, it's a much chicer way to keep your eggs.... [More]


Wooden Ships Fair Isle Wrist-Warmers

Why is it that the cutest fashion is often the least practical? We love these Fair Isle Wrist-Warmers ($42) from Wooden Ships--the black and mustard is to die for. But do we really need another pair of fingerless gloves? Is there ever a time when we need palm and wrist... [More]


Crystal Light Mocktail Mixes

We're gonna be honest here. We're boozing a LOT this holiday season. Family, stress, open bars... they all contribute to more consumption than usual. Since we're certainly not putting extra workouts in (since we're drunk), we're trying to cut calories where we can. These Crystal Light Mocktail Mixes ($14 for... [More]


Clocky: The Rolling Alarm Clock

We're wavering on whether or not we should invest in one Clocky: The Rolling Alarm Clock ($50). On one hand, he's adorable and will force us to get our butts out of bed by rolling away from us as we attempt to hit the snooze button. On the other hand,... [More]


Deux Lux Felix Satchel

Glamming up an everyday staple makes something otherwise ordinary damn near irresistible to us. Doing it in five different color combos? Well that's just cruel. How are we supposed to pick which lovely Deux Lux Felix Satchel ($86) is right for us? Navy with graphite sequins? Olive with gold sequins?... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Pink Orchids Pillow Top Needlestitch

We love a good gift card as much as the next girl, but there's something exciting about unwrapping a present. There's something even more exciting when it didn't come from a detailed list with images. We suggest giving this Pink Orchids Pillow Top Needlestitch ($33) to your Etsy obsessed sis-in-law... [More]


Untamed Petals Glitter Flower Clip

You can skate by wearing whatever you damn please to your company Christmas party if you pop one of these Glitter Flower Clips ($42) in your hair. Everyone knows that sparkles = instant holiday cheer. The only thing that works better is eggnog. Really, really strong eggnog.... [More]


Doubtblush: Biggest Flare Pants EVER

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Lazerwood Loose Lips iPhone Case

We use our iPhone to gossip more than we probably should (but, c'mon, can you blame us? Walking in on the new intern and our nerdy IT guy mid-make out is TOTALLY text worthy!), so we're thinking about investing in this Loose Lips iPhone Case ($30) as part of our... [More]


Kevia Cluster Ring

They say good things come in threes and this Kevia Cluster Ring ($76) is proof! It's a great price at a 60% discount, so you might need to get one for you and one for your bestie... and heck, maybe a third just to really go with that multiples of... [More]


Douglas Fir Wildcrafted Sachet

Is a real tree out of the question this year? No worries, you can still make your place smell Christmas-y by covertly stashing one of these Douglas Fir Wildcrafted Sachet ($12) in the branches of your artificial tree. The Douglas Fir needles are harvested from the forest floor, so no... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Swell Bottle

Let a coworker know how swell you think they are by giving them a Swell Bottle ($35) this holiday season. Not only is the reusable bottle better for the environment than the disposable alternative, it also keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. There's nothing like returning... [More]


Dainty Champagne Flutes

We're making a New Years Resolution we can stick to. 2012 is the year of champagne! If we're going to be drinking as much of it as we plan to, it's worth our while to get something nice to drink it out of. So, if no one gets us these... [More]


Rare Device Narwhal Ornament

How can your Christmas tree possibly be complete without a Narwhal Ornament ($15) from Rare Device?! We'll answer that question for you: it can't! Sure, Narwhals have nothing to do with the holidays, but seriously, how can you say no to those cute little eyes and that big pointy horn?... [More]

Screen shot 2011-12-04 at 12.46.50 PM.png

Personal Shopper: An Old West Outfit for Lindsay

Lindsay writes: "My husband's office Christmas party is coming up on Dec 10th (yikes! not much notice here, I realize) and I just found out it's "old time western themed". Say what? At these parties, the guests tend to run the whole spectrum from super fancy down to jeans, so... [More]


Double Letterpress Necklace

These days, you can get your initials on almost any type of jewelry, from silver discs to pennies and everything in between. We think we're going to travel off the beaten path and order a Double Letterpress Necklace ($65) from jeweler Erica Weiner. Rescued from real obsolete printing presses, each... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Carcassonne Big Box 3

We don't know if your family is like ours, but we love having a game to play on Christmas. There's no better way to start the family fight than setting up a board game, right? When we stumbled across the Carcassonne Big Box 3 ($53) we were pretty stoked to... [More]


Urban Outfitters You Are Beautiful Mirror

We could all use some good old-fashioned adoration every now and then, and since our hunky crush at the office hasn't seemed to notice the extra effort we're putting in these days, it's nice that our You Are Beautiful Mirror ($99) does. Then again, it's also nice that it reminds... [More]


Batman Cozy Throw with Sleeves

Good lord, the Snuggies just keep a-comin'. Ok, technically this Batman Cozy Throw with Sleeves ($29) isn't a Snuggie brand item, but that's a moot point. We're pretty sure when Batman lounges around he doesn't do it in his suit, but who would buy a plainclothes Bruce Wayne Snuggie? Actually,... [More]


Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes

We've been collecting Keri Smith's books since she first came out with Wreck This Journal. Hey, it's cheaper than paying for a therapist! And therapy it is. In Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes ($11), Smith is at it again, asking us to put away our carefully constructed ideas... [More]


Valentino Tweed Pumps

We can't imagine ever having a profession where we'd wear a tweed jacket to the office*, but we could absolutely see ourselves adding a naughty secretary vibe to slacks and a blouse by donning these Valentino Bow Embellished Tweed Pumps ($197 on sale). Totally work appropriate, right? *Let's not talk... [More]


2011 Holiday Gift Idea: 100% Pure Yummy Vanilla Bubble Bath

Bath time is always a good time. But it gets even better with 100% Pure Yummy Vanilla Bubble Bath ($12). Imagine your niece or daughter on Christmas morning pulling this bottle-o-heaven out of her stocking with the look of sheer delight on her face. It will be then that you... [More]


Lilly Pulitzer Naughty or Nice Necklace

It's up to you, are you going to be naughty or nice this Christmas? We suggest taking the most tried and true female approach: dual personalities. Naughty first, then nice when you need forgiveness. Not that we'd ever admit to believing in some sort of girly stereotype like that! Lilly... [More]


Restoration Hardware Roll Up Travel Charger

Though it's clearly designed as an item for those regularly on the move, we think that this Roll Up Travel Charger ($49) is so effing brilliant that anyone who has more than one item to charge (so... everyone you know) needs to have one. Think of how great it would... [More]