Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: May 31, 2011

HelLO, ladies. The Purse Page . . . people? princesses? proletariat? have met your demands for an affordable, vividly-blue tote and are more than ready to see what designer look you'd like at a somewhat - ahem - lower price point this week. Citrus fruit? Little gold beads? A sleek,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Father's Day Gifts for Tony Soprano

Meadow writes, "My father is, well, difficult. When he is around he has a bit of a temper and tends to lose his cool. He also seems to have a real problem with stains, and smells, which is understandable since he works in waste management. He loves good food and... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 3.53.25 PM.png

Suit Up: Tummy Time

It's almost summertime! That means sunshine, fruity drinks, exposed feet, getting into various bodies of water, camping, BBQing, vacationing, and sweating. Oh yeah... and wearing a bathing suit. Some of us don't really look forward to shopping for a suit, because we all have at least one body part we... [More]


Heidi Merrick Franklin Denim Dress

The Heidi Merrick Franklin Denim Dress ($160, on sale) is another lovely take on the denim trend. We're all for sweetheart necklines, which elongate our necks and define our busts. Plus, it's a super feminine cut which makes us want to toughen up this dress. We could add a leather... [More]



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ITALMODERN Sophia Barstool

Belly up to the bar on the fantastic ITALMODERN Sophia Barstool ($344). This stool has everything we crave in good design - chrome, a comfortably padded seat, decorative laser wood back, and an adjustable height. It's great for a bar or counter.... [More]


Philosophy Be Somebody Green Tea Hot Salt Scrub

First step toward flawlessly gorgeous summer skin? Exfoliate and moisturize. Do both at once with the Be Somebody Green Tea Hot Salt Scrub ($25) from Philosophy. Then slather on some sunscreen and go show off, hot stuff!... [More]


Shmancy HOWL-O Postcard

What can we say? We love a clever pun! Better nab a HOWL-O Postcard ($3) by Shmancy before we buy them out!... [More]


Personal Shopper: Movie Opening Ensemble for Maya

Maya's sartorial quagmire: Hi there! I've been a big fan of your blog for the past few years. I'm hoping you can help me with this request on such short notice. I will be attending a screening of an independent film I co-produced in 2 weeks. There will be a... [More]

Jimmy Choo Private Suede Sandals

Jimmy Choo Private Suede Sandals

There are many things we'd like to do in private in the Jimmy Choo Private Suede Sandals ($950)! These gorgeous magenta suede sandals are breathtaking with sexxxay 5 inch heels and a platform.... [More]


Dinner Party Coaster Fill-ins

On more than one occasion, we've hosted parties where all the guests have inadvertently brought the same thing to share. And while there's nothing wrong with eating seven different desserts after your main course, it's nice to get some appetizers, sides and drinks going too. So next time, we're using... [More]


Non-Conformist Gnome

The Non-Conformist Gnome ($55). He doesn't work for Travelocity. He doesn't give a sh&t about your garden. His favorite song is "Killing In The Name Of." And he rocks!... [More]


Doubtblush: Notte by Marchesa Leopard Printed Chiffon Feather Hem Dress

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror,... [More]


Fits the Billiard Tea Set

This Fits the Billiard Tea Set ($45) looks like it jumped right out of Alice's Wonderland. We love the bold colors, the cute, stacking carrying caddy, and the fact that it'll serve 6 of our closest friends. It'll look great on our counter top and even better on on our... [More]


BCBGGeneration Short-Sleeve Romper

We've seen (and bought!) our share of rompers this season. But, as the name implies, most of them tend to be pretty casual--you know, made for romping about (or something like that, right?). That's why we love the Short-Sleeve Romper ($108) from BCBGGeneration. It's a tad less casual than most... [More]


Sephora Starter Kit Brush Set

Sometimes, no amount of baby soap can clean a brush. You just have to let it go. No worries, our Beauty Babies. The Sephora Starter Kit Brush Set ($25) will set you straight. For starters, this should be costing you $70. But Sephora loves you and originally charged $35. But... [More]


Ulinx Magnetic Bracelets

When we think about magnetic jewelry, we picture an aging, clean cut hippie at a music festival or county fair hocking shiny pewter beads that may or may not have healing or energy-balancing powers. We do not picture stylish, customizable pieces with bright pops of color and interesting shapes. But... [More]



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Citrus Blaster Lime Injector

Corona. One of summer's most simple pleasures. So why is getting that lime in so damn tricky? The Citrus Blaster Lime Injector ($5) squeezes your lime and plunges it into your favorite beer. Use the blaster to squeeze juice onto fish, seafood, salad and meat. Yeah, you could use your... [More]


The Two Beans Copper Washer Pet Tag

Make sure your pets are stylish and safe this summer by investing in a new tag. We like the simplicity in this Copper Washer Pet Tag ($20) from The Two Beans. If Spot gets lost, the person who finds him will need only his name and your number to send... [More]


Knock Knock Takeout Menu Organizer

It's time for us to face the sad truth. The Takeout Menu Organizer ($15) from Knock Knock is a complete necessity in our lives. We try--oh, we try--but we seem to have more takeout menus floating around our kitchen than we do cookbooks. There's only one thing to do in... [More]


Shell We? Shoulder Bag

Just because we're no longer six doesn't mean we don't still have dreams of being a mermaid when we grow up. But since our older wiser selves have realized that being a mermaid is pretty unlikely, we've decided to just incorporate undersea accessories into our wardrobe as an homage to... [More]


Personal Shopper: Boho-style bridesmaid's dresses for Heather K's fiesta-themed wedding in October

Heather K. wrote: "Hi there, Because this seems to be Janetor's area of specialty I am dedicating this question to her. I am getting married in Palm Springs on Oct. 1st. This is a very low-key wedding around 40 people with a fiesta theme. I would like to find bridesmaid... [More]


Lillybee Leslie Ballet Flat

We have plenty of shoes with bows and knots on them, but we never thought we'd be reaching for a pair with hearts. That is, until we saw the Leslie Ballet Flat ($168) by Lillybee. Far from childish, these flats have plenty of sophistication while still adding a bit of... [More]


Crate and Barrel Chill Salad Bowl

One of our best diet tips is to show up to events with food that we know we'll feel good eating. As a result, we've shown up at more than one BBQ with salad fixins only to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen cutting up tomatoes and cucumbers all alone... [More]


Eucalyptus Hyrdating Body Wash

Some days we sit on our high horse at our desks looking for products we can feel good about. Eucalyptus Hydrating Body Wash ($15) is an all around good-for-you product, what with its cleansing, anti-bacterial, muscle pain relieving properties. But most importantly, it reminds us of those nights when our... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Philosophy on Tap: Pint-Sized Puzzles for the Pub Philosopher

Maybe Pops never got to take that "Intro to Philosophy" that you used to skipped on a regular basis. Hook him up with a winning combo of beer and philosophy with Philosophy on Tap: Pint-Sized Puzzles for the Pub Philosopher ($19). Forty-eight unique, and interesting philosophical puzzles from famous philosophers,... [More]


I (thou) Ring

I (thou) Ring ($150) is seriously one of the coolest pieces of jewelry. Guys, pay attention. Give the ultimate romantic gesture with a ring that holds your love letter or vows. Great for anniversaries, weddings, or "just cause", once you purchase, the seller contacts you about the material you'd like... [More]



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Steele Canvas Laundry Cart

We admit it, sometimes we like being lazy, but at least we like being lazy in style. Take that mound of clothes dirtying up your floor, and toss them into the super fab Steele Canvas Laundry Cart ($185). This no frills, industrial wonder is perfect for the his/hers bedroom situation.... [More]


Fornash Starfish Headbands

Add a little hair sparkle to your beach weekend wardrobe with these Starfish Headbands ($38) by Fornash. Cute starfish bling or not, you'll need something to keep your hair out of your eyes as seaside winds are not generally favorable to perfectly coiffed hairdos. Trust us, toss your tresses back... [More]

extra virgin olive oil-s.jpg

Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Today's lesson: olive oil. Yes, pretty herb arrangements in a clear oilve oil bottle are pretty, but sun exposure can actually cause olive oil to go rancid. The best way to store olive oil is sealed tight in dark pantries, away from degrading sun light. Or, hey, buy a pretty... [More]


Trashy Diva 1940's Dress

The cut on the Trashy Diva 1940's Dress ($121) is one of those universal styles that makes every shape look lovely in all the right places. It defines the smallest part of your waist, flares out at the knee-length hem, and dips low enough to add a little modest cleavage... [More]


butter LONDON 3 Free Nail Lacquer The Old Bill

First, we love the butter LONDON 3 Free Nail Lacquer line since it contains no formaldehyde, no toluene, and no thalates. Second, we are drooling over their metallic The Old Bill ($14) shade. Don't believe your monitors when they tell you this color is a dark, almost coppery color. It... [More]


Personal Shopper: Belted Trench for Serena

Serena writes, "I need help finding the perfect belted trench. I have red hair and am a size 10. I would love to find something under $100.00 but I can go as high as $150.00." Hey Serena, MP here, have rounded up a ton of great trenches for your viewing... [More]


Foot Traffic Spring Rainbow Knee High Socks

As any avid biker knows, it can be dangerous to pedal with loose pant legs in case they get caught, make you loose your footing, and veer off the bike path into less desirable situations. With that said, there's no rule against revealing a pair of funky Spring Rainbow Knee... [More]


Barrel Stave Hammock

Oh, upcycling... you win again! The Barrel Stave Hammock ($499) is a super cool reinvention for old wine barrels. This hammock is beyond comfortable, using the natural curve of the barrel to cradle your curves. An afternoon nap, curling up with a magazine, or cuddling up with an ode to... [More]


You Tell Us: Bango Hair

Bango Hair ($15) purports to be the at-home trimming tool that allows you the cut the perfect bang - without a stylist. Trim bangs, split ends, and top layers at home, with a calibrated three comb tension, that holds hair tightly. Straight and arched cutting edges allow for texturized ends.... [More]


Banquet Atelier & Workshop Heart Poster

Sometimes, a simple heart says it all. We'd like to think this one says that our homes are full of love. Banquet Atelier & Workshop Heart Poster ($50)... [More]


Spanx Retro Skirt/Dress Beach Coverup

Two beach coverups for the price of one? Okay, so it's a bit of a hefty price, but still, the Spanx Retro Skirt/Dress Beach Coverup ($111, on sale) is worth it. We prefer it in its dress form with the sash tied around our waists, but you can also wear... [More]



We don't imagine your Mirage ($45) would ever be in the fully collapsed state, but it's nice to know it's a function of the set. The expandable wine rack holds just the right amount of wine for your drinking or storing needs. It holds up to eight bottles, and features... [More]


Blutsgeschwister All A-boat You Bag

Does anyone speak German? Do you want to translate the writing on this adorable All A-boat You Bag ($78) by German brand Blutsgeschwister for us? Nevermind. We love it even without knowing what it says. We'll just revert to our limited French and say, "bon voyage!" as we tote this... [More]


NARS Lose Yourself Set

The nearly neon shade of pink that's gracing lips this summer has us inspired, but a little bit nervous. After testing out the shade ourselves, we have to say that though it may be bright in the tube, a screaming pink is actually pretty flattering and fresh. Nars Angelika Lip... [More]


Kate Spade 'Stand Tall' Bangle

Animal print can be a polarizing fashion choice. Some women believe themselves to be fierce enough to pull it off whenever they fancy. Others tend to shy away, but we've got something for those of you a little skeptical of animal prints. Not only is this Kate Spade "Stand Tall"... [More]


Director's Cut - Deluxe Edition

One of the original ladies of rock, paving the way for the Toris and Gagas of the music world, Kate Bush is back at it with DIrector's Cut - Deluxe Edition ($33). Reworking elements of songs from "The Sensual World" and "The Red Shoes," she aimed at making the album... [More]


Born In Sweden Watering Can

Born In Sweden Watering Can ($65) is just what every modern home needs. Minimal and functional, this innovative design is pure aesthetic gold. Made of stainless steel with a flexible silicone hose, which has a built-in magnet, allowing it to be attached to the can's body when not in use.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Armor Ring for Jessica

Jessica writes:LOVE the blog. Hoping you can help me out-- I fell in love with the ring Gia Allemand wore on the tell all show after bachelor pad (can't find a pic)-- it was a full finger ring that kind of looked like armor, similar to this one I found... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Father's Day Camper Card

As soon as we saw the Father's Day Camper Card ($3), we knew it was perfect. We've got those kind of dads who like to tinker and putz (preferably on something with wheels). They seem to get all misty-eyed when they talk about retiring and roaming the country in a... [More]


Banana Republic Heritage Silk Lace-Trim Dropwaist Dress

We're used to dropping by Banana Republic when we need some work basics. They've got great professional attire that keeps us looking smart and savvy in the boardroom. But this summer, BR's limited-edition Heritage Collection has a ton of great casual wear to check out. Our favorite is the Heritage... [More]


Flexitable Balcony Table

Don't let the fact that you're limited in outdoor real estate get you down this heated season. The Flexitable Balcony Table ($278) is the answer for you urbanistas with no place to rest your beers and burgers. This Swedish designed balcony table can be adjusted according to your height needs.... [More]


WallCandy Night Lights

We have to take just a moment to brag. It's supposed to be summer, but it's not. We want to be outside, but it's too damn cold. (We know, this sounds like whining, bear with us.) So, we turned our living room into a patio. Moved a little furniture, grabbed... [More]


1001 Lashes Mascara

Pictures are worth 1,000 words but now your lashes can be worth 1,001. How it's possible one eye lid could hold 1,001 lashes, we don't know. But 1001 Lashes Mascara ($17) sounds dramatic and we're pretty dramatic people. Ask our therapist. She says it has something to do with feigning... [More]


J Crew Boho Embroidered Top

The light, cottony feel of the J Crew Boho Embroidered Top ($88) is only one reason why we've got to have it. Add in the loose fit and the gorgeous embroidery on the shoulders, and we're completely in love. We could pair this gem with most of our skirts and... [More]


Star Wars Pillowcases

Think of how easy it will be for you (or your kids, whatever) to dream of a galaxy far, far away while snoozing on the Star Wars Pillowcases ($34, set of 2) at Urban Outfitters.We swear we had a set of these when we were kids...... [More]


Gucci Kelis High Heel Platform Sandal

We know we have nothing in our closets that would come close to perfectly accenting the Gucci Kelis High Heel Platform Sandal ($399, on sale). Which means we'd have to buy something new to go with these sky high (4.3in), gold python and turquoise leather stilettos, but it would be... [More]


Farmer's Market Bowls

"My potato salad kicks your pasta salad's ass!" " "Well, my lemon blueberry cupcakes take the cake!" "You ladies are crazy, my roasted corn is the jam!" Duke it out amongst yourselves, but make sure the container matches the love inside with the Farmer's Market Bowls ($9-13). These sweet little... [More]


Shop Mamie Southern Belle Belt

The Southern Belle Belt ($16) from Shop Mamie is at the top of our favorite accessories list. It's stretchy, so it fits our waists when we've been sticking to our healthy eating plan and when we've deviated (but really, crab legs and drawn butter...can you blame us?!). It's also the... [More]


Guerlain 'Precious Light' Rejuvenating Illuminator Brush

A lot of great works of art started with a canvas and a paint brush. Be your own Rubens with Guerlain 'Precious Light' Rejuvenating Illuminator Brush ($48). Paint the iridescent opaque formula across wrinkles, fine lines and pores to hide imperfections. Glow from the outside with the flip side of... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fashionable but Comfortable shoes for Maggie's Trip to China

Maggie writes: "Hi there Outblush! I've been a loyal reader for almost half a decade, and I love what you guys keep on churning out. Keep it up! My request is this: I'm going to travel around Hong Kong and mainland China for three weeks, and I'm stuck on the... [More]


Holy Matrimony! Card

Getting married is definitely a heroic feat, and the happy couple deserves a card that celebrates their commitment in an appropriate way. We think this Holy Matrimony! Card ($5) from a. favorite design does the trick. Plus, you get bonus points if either of them are comic book nerds.... [More]


Ruby Boutique Raccoon Tee

Show your love for all the Rocky Raccoons out there by wearing this ultra casual Raccoon Tee ($169) from the Ruby Boutique. We like the idea of tucking it into a high-waisted, cotton skirt and strapping on a pair of espadrilles for an simple weekend look.... [More]


Jokari Water Infuser

Who needs a special pitcher for some fancy infused waters and teas, when you can simply pop in the Jokari Water Infuser ($8), and make magic? Fitting inside most pitchers, this ball keeps pulp out of your drinks, while infusing them with tons of flavor. A healthy alternative to nasty,... [More]


One Fine Dae I Heart Pencils

We know we live in a world where writing has turned into typing and pencils are reserved for elementary school children. But maybe we can change that? Maybe we can put down our smartphones and whip out a mini-notebook and a few I Heart Pencils ($8 for 6) by One... [More]


Beet the System Tote Bag

Need a new canvas bag for your trips to the Farmer's Market? Show your support of local produce with the Beet the System Tote Bag ($20). What system are you "beeting?" The system that brings us overripe and bruised fruits, pesticide-ridden veggies, and tasteless foods stripped of their vitamins. One... [More]


Fantastic Man

They can't all be crème de la crème, but at least one of them can be a Fantastic Man ($210).... [More]


Snow White Sweet Cupcake Stands

Every cupcake is a masterpiece, so show off each one on these individual Snow White Sweet Cupcake Stands ($11 for 6). They're made from recycled paper and are sturdy enough to hold even the most heavily frosted of sweet treat confections. Place one at each guest's seat and just wait... [More]


Girls from Savoy Lapel Skirt

Not only is the pattern on the Girls from Savoy Lapel Skirt ($88) lovely, but so is the waistline. The button down waist does indeed look like a pretty shirt lapel, a detail you won't want to cover up with a long cami or blouse. We say tuck in a... [More]


Land's End Anchor Necklace

We feel like nautical has been "in" since last summer, but we're not complaining. In an alternate life, we're living on a sail boat and look like a styled J. Crew ad. In real life, we can't pull off high waisted sailor shorts and anytime we wear a navy striped... [More]


Inoshishi Hibachi Grill

Chances of you being the coolest girl on the picnic yard when you bust out the Inoshishi Hibachi Grill ($468)? We'd say... extremely high! This adorable Hibachi swine is made of aluminum and wood, and will infuse your foods with some serious flavor and whimsy. What's more ironic than cooking... [More]


Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust - Million Dollar Mermaid

We'd like to think we are worth a lot to people and the Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in Million Dollar Mermaid ($25) reinforces that delusion. While we maybe would price ourselves around a quarter of a million on a weekday and half a mil on a Saturday, Million Dollar... [More]


Personal Shopper: An English Wardrobe for Casey

Casey writes: "Hi Outblush! I read your blog daily, and have purchased numerous goodies that you posted! You have a knack for finding the perfect items so that is why I turn to you. I will be in England from late June to early September working at a camp and... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 11.20.53 PM.png

Zoa Clothing Vintage Flower Tank

This billowy floral tank ($99) is definitely going to be our go-to topper for summer BBQs. We'll stuff our faces with all manner of meats and mustards and macaroni salad and no one will be able to witness the rapid growth of our food baby. Also, we're pretty sure no... [More]


Justin Bieber Someday

We may be too old to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend (not that we are into that doe-eyed pre-pubescent tween dream thing anyway) but at least we can smell like his potential lovemate with his first higher-end fragrance, Someday ($45). In our wildest fantasies, we want it to smell like endorphins,... [More]


Commando Underwear

We go commando. Every so often, you just need to feel the breeze. But there is another "every so often" we have to respect and it is during those times we resort to Commando Underwear ($20). It's as close to the real thing as we can get.... [More]


Rosalie Handpainted Necklace

Woah, if we only had this much talent... The Rosalie Handpainted Necklace ($58) by Eva Thissen is so delicate, so lovely, and so very unique. Ms. Thissen hand paints her polymer clay pendants with the smallest of brushes. Each pendant, of course, is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Stunning!... [More]


French Tips and Toes Manicure Pen

We just started growing our nails out again after three months of nail-biting deadlines and unpleasant road trips with the "other" side of the family. We haven't hit "trailer park" long status like we're growing for. But we are at "French manicure" length which brings us to the French Tips... [More]


Kate Spade Royal Plantation Elephant Basket

Holy, amazing handbag! How friggin' cool is the Kate Spade Royal Plantation Elephant Basket ($325)? A gorgeous wicker with natural cowhide trim, it also features a custom woven safari print lining, an interior zip pocket, a basket top closure, and 14-karat light gold plated hardware. The Kate Spade New York... [More]


Golden Corn Salt & Pepper

A cheeky poke at those little plastic corn holders from the good old days, Golden Corn Salt & Pepper ($99) takes your picnicing to a whole new level. A luxurious duo that screams retro and camp, these salt and pepper shakers are simple, nostalgic, and just what our picnic tables... [More]



When you are on the hunt for man meat, there is absolutely no reason to be shy about it. Turn on your mighty Prrrowl ($28) with blue lashes and pearly pink lips. You'll bet everyone will want to come to your yard. For your milk shake. No? Has it been... [More]


Oscar Blandi Hair Lift

We all need a pick me up from time to time. Let's include our hair in this. Oscar Blandi Hair Lift ($28) is the perfect pick me up for your luscious, or not so luscious, locks. Absorb oil, stiffen the shaft and revive each individual hair giving them the attention... [More]


Olivia-2 Sandals

We won't personally do the Jesus sandal but we will do a roped snake skin sandal, like this Oliva-2 Sandal ($25). While they may have the thinnest sole we have ever seen on a flat, they still look cute as hell. We're thinking a safari summer chic look. Or perhaps... [More]


Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

You're in the shower lathering up with Philosophy 'Microdelivery' Exfoliating Wash ($25). Songbirds wash your hair while you scrub-a-dub-dub. A baby deer is waiting outside the door with a fresh, warm towel recently brought over from Egypt (why not?). Ten mice powder your toes while an owl squeegees the mirror... [More]


Astrid Doormat

Warmly welcome your guests into your casa with the Astrid Doormat ($31). Astrid is covered in a posh pattern that is almost too pretty for wiping your shoes. Made of natural coir fibers, it also features a rubber backing for no-slip foot wiping. Let your guests know that your sweet... [More]


Kate Spade Primrose Top

We're always looking for ways to spruce up our office wardrobes for spring and summer. Those tailored suits and pencils skirts cost us plenty of dough so we try and wear them as often as possible. That means we look to blouses and accessories to alter our looks. The Kate... [More]


Spa Rituals - Enlightened Soul

You wanted yellow nail polish? How about some Enlightened Soul($10)? Yellow enough? Now you can even have sunshine on a cloudy day. (singing to your nails) You are my sunshine, all ten of you are my sunshines... (We couldn't pick which one liner was best so we went with all... [More]


Small Bubble Machine

This bubble machine, currently on sale for $15, is being sold as wedding decor/hardware/whatever, but we feel there's no need to limit it like that. After all, it's a little machine that's only 4.5" by 3.75" by 7", and you put soap and batteries in it and it makes bubbles.... [More]


Dozi Magnetic Paperclip Holder

We can't have pets at work, and while we understand, it kind of bums us out. Which, we suppose, explains the kitten calendar, squirrel paperclips, turtle mouse and the newest edition to our desk menagerie, the Dozi Magnetic Paperclip Holder ($25). This lil hedgehog keeps our paperclips handy while adding... [More]


Double Booked Full Face Collection

Double Booked ($75) is an understatement. Try overworked (some of us have more than one job, people), exhausted, mother-of-many, girlfriend-of-too-many, scheduled-to-no-end uptown girl. That sounds more accurate.... [More]


Sales & Steals: 5/27/11

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Outblushers! We hope you all have some fun plans for the three day weekend - or at least plans to catch up on sleep - but don't forget to take advantage of the fabulous sales & coupons going on this weekend. Here's a roundup of some... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 8.23.25 AM.png

Personal Shopper: Father's Day gifts for Jack Bauer

Kim B. writes: "Hi Outblush! I am having a really hard time figuring out what to get my Dad, Jack Bauer, for Father's Day. I've calmed down a lot, but I used to be a total pain in the ass and I really want to show him how much I... [More]


Free People Voile Dancing Queen Dress

We're pretty hesitant when it comes to purchasing white clothing. Mostly because we know we're the type to sit down on a dirty bench, or get jostled on the bus right when we're about to sip our lattes. But it's hard to resist the Free People Voile Dancing Queen Dress... [More]


My B*tches Party Pack

Reasons to bust out the My B*tches Party Pack ($2, on sale!) with a bunch of friends on a Friday night: You got dumped. Your friend got dumped. You got canned. Your friend got canned. Your boss is a jerk. Your friend's boss is a jerk. The list goes on.... [More]


Kiehl's Essence Oils with Roller Ball Applicator - Original Musk

Portability is the secret weapon of any true beauty guru's makeup bag. Kiehl's Essence Oils with Roller Ball Applicator - Original Musk ($26) keeps us our freshest in on-the-go situations. We heart a roller ball applicator reducing the risk of rogue blinding incidences in public. In private, it's only painful.... [More]


Shop Kempt Cherry Jubilee Ruched Cardigan

Keep covered this summer when the sun goes down in the Cherry Jubilee Ruched Cardigan ($40) at Shop Kempt. It's not your average cardi, though we're not sure why it's called the "Cherry Jubilee" cardigan. It's purple with ruffles and a teensy flower pattern. Does anyone else see cherries? Or... [More]


The More the Merrier Candelabrum

Normally we find candelabras a bit too formal for our everyday life, but The More the Merrier Candelabrum ($129) has us reconsidering. Perhaps the fact that there's no precarious stem makes it seem more approachable. We like the thought that it'll be harder to accidentally knock this over and set... [More]


Goldenrod Goddess Beach Towel

You've spent weeks torturing yourself by trying on every swimsuit in sight. Finally, you've got one that makes your behind look killer. Complete your beach package by packing the Goldenrod Goddess Beach Towel ($12, on sale) into your beach bag. Sure, it may not be as white and fluffy as... [More]


Nicole by OPI Have a Heart

We are beyond obsessive-compulsive about certain things. And because we are sick and twisted, we sometimes seek out ways to exercise our compulsiveness. Nicole by OPI Have a Heart ($8) makes us sweat with sweet anxiety. All those tiny hearts swimming around waiting to be placed haphazardly on our nails.... [More]


United/World of Love Necklaces

Recently, a blog post popped up on our radar featuring these adorable United/World Of Love Necklaces ($55). The amazing little store, Truche, on Etsy hand makes these incredibly simple but beautifully crafted necklaces that display your beloved state or the whole of USA or some other choice countries. Undeniably, these... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Porsche USB Stick

You may not be able to afford that Porsche that Dad has always wanted, but he'll feel pretty cool saving his spreadsheets on this Porsche USB Stick ($73). Designed to look like the key to the Porsche Panamera, this USB will hold up to 4G of documents and unlimited cool... [More]


You Tell Us: English Muffin Splitter

The English Muffin Splitter ($13) seems to be up there with the Tuna Press Box, in that it begs the question? What exactly is the point? While we admit that we've ruined a few English Muffins in our day, it's usually because we're too lazy to grab a knife and... [More]


The Bianca Bag by Marc B

We've been collecting any and all envelope and box purses this season--they're just so cute! The Bianca Bag ($84) by Marc B is on our list of must-haves. It's affordable and adorable. The dusty pink and lace trim give off a demure vintage vibe while the leopard print lining adds... [More]


Look In A Box: A Very Stylish Girl

We can be suave and fashionable but not without a little help from our more savvy friends. MAC Look in a Box: A Very Stylish Girl ($60) is a masterful combination of eye shadows, lip glass, zoom lash mascara and bronzer. And if the suggestive model on the box is... [More]


Personal Shopper: A brightly colored, vintage-y high school graduation party frock for Katie H.

Katie H. wrote: "Hi outblush! Since I love your blog and you always do a fabulous job with the personal shopper requests I thought I'd send one in. I am graduating from high school next month so I'm going to need an outfit to wear to my graduation party on... [More]


Rusk Deep Shine Sea Kelp Conditioner

Dory can talk to whales and we can talk to sea otters. They told us that Rusk Deep Shine Sea Kelp Conditioner ($28) is what they use to make their hair so shiny. They use it as a leave-in conditioner once a week and find their hair revitalized and stronger.... [More]


String Pocket

Two sides. Three shelves. Hot red. What else do you need? The String Pocket ($120) shelf is the perfect house for displaying your Pez dispenser, Chalkware, and Cheetos that look like the Virgin Mary collections. Great modern look and fantastic splash of color for your wall - we loves!... [More]


Gardener's Mojitos Gift Set

Sure, summer means swimsuits and sundresses, but we'll tell you a little secret. We're in it for the drinks. That's right, it's time for fruity, fresh, frothing glasses of the good stuff. And what better way to enjoy a drink on a deck than growing it yourself? Well, not the... [More]


Girls from Savoy Beau Ideal Dress

It's easy to look summery and charming in the Beau Ideal Dress ($158) by Girls from Savoy. Just add a pair of baby blue flats to this ruffled frock and you'll be ready for a twilight walk along the waterfront or an afternoon clam bake on the pier. OOh, add... [More]


Comme des Garcons Series 3: Incense

Can't afford that slow-paced global grand tour just yet? Transport yourself with these remarkable scents instead! Comme des Garçons devoted their third fragrance series (look into the others, they're all interesting) to different forms of incense from around the world, and the results are incredible: dignified, moody, sexy, exotic, and... [More]


Zumreed Square Headphones

With his limitless wisdom, Huey Lewis taught us that it's hip to be square. Even after all these years, he's still right - check out these Zumreed Square Headphones ($54). Listen to your favorite tunes while drowning out the noise around you and, of course, looking hip.... [More]


Wisteria Tribal Beaded Necklaces

Have you ever been to an antique flea market where there's a man selling loads of bunches of beautiful beads and there's just so many in so many colors but ohhh what will you ever do with them all? Just us? Even so, we think you'll look ravishing in this... [More]


Amazon's 1500 5 Dollar Albums

There are only 5 days left in May, which means you only have 5 more days to take advantage of Amazon's amazing 5 dollar Mp3 Albums deal! Usually, Amazon posts 100 new 5 dollar albums a month, but for May, they brought us 1500 albums--too many to browse in just... [More]


Camo Paper Baking Mould

"Honey, I baked you a delicious treat. And to show you how much I love you, I even skipped the frilly cupcake liners and pink frosting! You're welcome." Camo Paper Baking Mould ($9) - they're less threatening... or more.... [More]


Sephora Set for Summer

We just went through our makeup kit to realize we've had the same eye shadow since college graduation. Seven Two years ago. Who knows what else in that bag is that ancient? So while we save up enough cash money to replenish our entire collection, we'll manage with Sephora Set... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kristen Wiig's Earrings in Bridesmaids for Sarah

Sarah T. writes, "Hi Outblush! Just saw the movie "Bridesmaids" this weekend and while the movie was hysterical and left me with a lot of laughs, what really stuck with me was Kristen Wiig's adorable heart earrings! She wears them throughout the movie, in different colors, so cute! I know... [More]


Little Leaf Placeholders

Wedding. Engagement party. Fancy dinner. Just 'cause. Steer your guests to their seats with the Little Leaf Placeholders ($38). These lovely little elm leaves are handmade and dipper in silver. We can only hope the rest of the evening will be as civilized and refined.... [More]


Trend Lab Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go! Clock

This adorable Oh the Places You'll Go! clock ($25) is meant for a baby's nursery, but in your hormonal haze, it might too existential and heavy to think about how you birthed something that's going to grow up and do grown-ass things one day every time you're changing diapers. Instead,... [More]


Dinosaur Soup

Ah, kids. You can always count on them to have exactly the right answer, which is why it's so much fun to ask them questions. Dinosaur Soup ($) is a 'cookbook' that's compiled of childrens favorite recipes, as explained by the young'ns themselves. If you don't think you need the... [More]


Palm Beach Jewelry American Flag Crystal Ring

Want to sport stars and stripes for these upcoming holidays, but have found that patriotic-wear is often a little too, shall we say, craft-store-chic? We think this flag ring ($100) is a little more Jasper Johns than Jo-Ann's.... [More]

white picket fence cupcake wrappers-s.jpg

White Picket Fence Cupcake Wrapper

The girl next door is getting married. She'll need the White Picket Fence Cupcake Wrapper ($37 for 50) to complete the theme.... [More]


Josie Maran Agan Beautiful Lips Collection

As kids, we had to learn to color within the lines. With Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Lips Collection ($42), we have to learn to apply within our lip lines. Prep your lips with Argan Oil, a moisturizing first step to kissable lips. The two Magic Markers yield precision color topped... [More]


Eva Solo Silicone Potholders

Ohhhh, a potholder that doesn't look like it was made in Home Ec, or knitted by Gram. The Eva Solo Silicone Potholders ($40) are super cool, able to handle a ridiculous amount of heat, and look fabulous in the backdrop of our modern kitchens. An aluminum hook allows you to... [More]


Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Jell-ing Classic Cocktails-One Drink at a Time

If the title of our new favorite book, Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Jell-ing Classic Cocktails-One Drink at a Time ($12), has you reminiscing of Frat parties gone by, you're not alone; but those treats from the Lambda Chi house are all grown up. With a sophisticated new look, these are... [More]


Middle Colors Aroma Diffuser

Sure it costs more than candles or a plug in, but in addition to making your home smell better, the Middle Colors Aroma Diffuser ($120) can almost pass as a piece of art, or at the very least, a nightlight. Plus, you have your choice of your own essential oils... [More]


Philosophy Spring Has Sprung Set

Finally getting over your Easter candy high? Get your next fix from the Philosophy Spring Has Spring Set ($25). Sickly sweet Sugar Chick, Chocolate Bunny Marshmallow and Orange Jelly Bean shampoos and bath soaps will attract the ants spring time gentleman callers.... [More]


Dear Outblush: B's Sweetie's Cuh-ray-cray Ex

B writes: "Heyyyyyyy! So, here's my question: I have the most awesomely wonderful man in the world. We're talking the type of guy who melts when I burp (errr, other things) because he feels that it's a sign of how open we are with each other. The hang-up is that... [More]


Personal Shopper: Father's Day Gifts for Gomez Addams

Dear Outblush: My father is a bit of a challenge to shop for. First of all he is magnificently wealthy so he tends to buy himself whatever he thinks he may want. For example last week he bought a tiny baby gryffin to keep as a watch-chimera for our lagoon.... [More]


Bliss Blush: To Have and to Hold

Wedding season is right around the corner, and we're looking out for our engaged girls. You have more important things to do than look for toasting flutes or find the perfect pair of backup flats for dancing the night away. Let us round up some detail pieces for your big... [More]


Decléor 'Aroma Confort' Post Wax Double Action Gel

You know what really chaps our upper lip? After-wax burn. You know, those little white bumps that are more telling of a lady mustache than the hair itself. Decléor 'Aroma Confort' Post Wax Double Action Gel ($27) softens the hair re-growth preventing those pesky bumps leaving your face baby butt... [More]


Hammocks and High Tea Namad Pillow

Did you see this post and think, "Ugh, I'm so sick of the Native American trend!"? Well get your cultural anthropology books out, because the Namad Pillow ($90) is actually inspired by Turkish Kilim rug patterns. The more you know!... [More]


Olivia Moon Angled Layer Tank

Wheeee! It's the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale! We're throwing caution to the wind and spending a day shopping the great deals to be had. Sure, we might be lusting after that half off Michael Kors watch or the plethora of discounted designer handbags, but if we're being good and sticking to... [More]


Dr. Sebagh High Maintenance Firming and Hydrating Body Cream

Dr. Sebagh is the man responsible for Cindy Crawford's face. And by the looks of it, he's doing everything right. His High Maintenance Firming and Hydrating Body Cream ($230) tightens and tones all those areas that are especially telling of our age. So when you walk in on us in... [More]


Odell's Owl Cocktail Ring

If you've heard that the owls are not what they seem, it's probably because sometimes, they're rings. Or mobiles. Or lockets. Anyway, this owl cocktail ring ($280) is like the magnum opus of unnecessary owl things, but we can't help but love it, in all its gaudy glory.... [More]

souk bowls-s.jpg

Le Souk Sabrine Bowls

Surely, we're not the only ones stocking up for summer dinner parties. Our gazpacho is gunna look extra delicious served in the Le Souk Sabrine Bowls ($32 / set of four). Add some color to black on black on stainless steel schemes, for pete's sake.... [More]


Culture Club: Perfect Imperfect Dinner Plate

The porcelain Perfect Imperfect Dinner Plate ($109) is far from the pristine associations china brings to mind. We like when our expectations get shattered, and the artistic asymmetry of these plates isn't even over the top. Quiet style. That's refreshing. Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic, wabi-sabi, these plates are irregular... [More]


BCBGMAXAZRIA Chiffon Blouson Dress

Two things about this BCBGMAXAZRIA Strapless Chiffon Blouson Dress ($238) appeal to us. First, obviously, is the fabulous colorful print. We can't think of a summer occasion when vibrant jewel tones wouldn't be perfect. Second, we like that this piece has the look of the oh-so-trendy romper, but still allows... [More]


Cabela's Outfitter's Canvas Wall Tents

Large, beautiful, structurally sound, no we're not talking about about your mother-in-law - we're talking about our latest love in outdoor gear. Cabela's Outfitter's Canvas Wall Tents ($790-1140) is the Benz of camping gear. Fire-retardant, water and mildew resistant, a door on each end, and a cut to accommodate a... [More]

Essie Nice is Nice Nail Polish

Essie Nice is Nice Nail Polish

We love a fresh look for your fingers and toes! We're loving the Essie Nice is Nice Nail Polish ($4 on sale). We just tried it and it's such a refreshing look as it brings a clean burst of color to our digits. Kinda reminds us of Easter egg lilac.... [More]


Dolly Salt and Pepper

We have to be honest with you. The Dolly Salt and Pepper ($35) looks way too much like a sex toy for us to be comfortable setting it on our kitchen table. But, if your mind does not dwell in the gutter as ours does, it's a nice sleek look,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Maternity wedding guest dresses under $60 for Diana

Diana wrote: "I'm going to my fiancee's best friends wedding this June and his old flame will be there. I'm not jealous of her,but I wanna show off a bit. I'm also pregnant and 4' 11" and I can't seem to find a cute dress to wear that's under $60.... [More]


Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit

Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit ($28) Or as we like to call it, The United States of Tara Makeup Set: - Goodnight Dreams: Buck - Grape Juice: T - Chocolate Milk: Dr. Shoshanna - Happy Cloud: Alice - Blueberry: Chicken playing dress up - Bicycle: Tara herself - Blue Sky: Someone... [More]


Dovetusai Asymmetric Cocktail Glass

How posh are you gonna look, sippin' some swanky suds out of the Dovetusai Asymmetric Cocktail Glass? This clear asymmetric glass features a larger overhang on one side of the stem than the other; it's almost too pretty to use. Oh, who are we kidding? We're gonna drink the crap... [More]


Samsonite Fashionaire Umbrella

We know it's almost unofficially summer, but the Samsonite Fashionaire Umbrella ($125) is way too delightful to ignore and merits getting love all year long. Whether you take it to the beach to read a book under, or carry it around like a satanist, you'll be the moddest gal in... [More]


Adventure Mushroom Knife

Looking for a new outdoor hobby? = How 'bout mushrooms? With the Adventure Mushroom Knife ($12) - simply cut the stalk, dust it off, and forage ahead. Brilliant. Hey, it's better than sitting in the house all day and staring at this computer screen!... [More]


Dirty Body Spray

For the brother/cousin/in-law/team mate/boyfriend who doesn't think they smell horrifically after two days in the gym without showering, a gift of Dirty Body Spray ($20) will hopefully tell them otherwise. It's like Febreze for the bod. The really smelly, stinky, man-odor bod.... [More]



If there's a closet in your house that includes nothing but plastic bags, it's time to re-think their purpose, and that pricey real estate. Use Portotrash ($20) to turn those grocery bags into trash cans, and save your floor from any unnecessary messes. This portable clip-on wireframe lets you clamp... [More]

zipper braccelet-s.jpg

Stripes Zipper Cuff Braclet

Zipper detailing, zipper flowers, zipper patterns - we've seen it all ... or so we thought. The Stripes Zipper Cuff Braclet ($85) surprised us. Turns out, lining up strips of colorful zippered fabric can shape up to be a pretty cute bracelet. We can wear this one two ways too.... [More]


Porcelain Berry Basket

Take home a bit of the farmer's market with the Porcelain Berry Basket ($14). Now we can have those cute little cases for keeps. Of course, most small snacks would look more delicious in this crisp white container - let's not limit ourselves to berries.... [More]


LeSportsac Snack Sac

We dare you to say Snack Sac ($20) ten times fast. Or try to type it without typing "Snac Sack Snac Sac Snack Sack." Anyway, you've been buying lunch at work for far too long, and your checking account is sick of it. Invest in a stylin' reusable lunchbag and... [More]


Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips

Bah bah Black Strips ($15), do you really work? Yes ma'am, yes ma'am. Six strips worth. One for your forehead, two for your nose, one for your chin area and the last for your cheeks. Bah bah, Black Strips, have you any oil? Yes ma'am, yes ma'am. Your whole face... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kate Middleton's green Zara dress for Madeleine's July engagement party

Madeleine M. wrote: "Hello! I have been searching everywhere for either the exact dress Kate Middleton wore last summer (2010) at a polo match: Or a very similar dress: I want the mint/sage green color and light tuxedo ruffles. I would like wear the dress to my engagement party in... [More]


Lab Series Power Wash

We love have warm feelings for our occasional boyfriend for everything that he does for us. He cooks, he cleans, he brings over good beer and most importantly he gives a good back rub. However, he also puts his shoes on the couch, leaves cigar butts in the planter and... [More]


Denim Skirt by Lexm

Hot cakes in July! Check out this Denim Skirt ($78) custom made to fit your waist size. Lex, the owner and creator of the Lexm Etsy shop, not only makes some sweet clothes for any style (like this bombass Walking on Water Maxi Skirt), she also does hacks of needlessly... [More]



So if you really truly were never the kind of kid who played computer games until too late at night, you can skip this post. But if you were, and you didn't know about GOG.com (short for Good Old Games), prepare yourself for a week, at least, of almost no... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN

We can't claim to be sports experts, but if the buzz around Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN ($15) is worth listening to, it's bound to be a read our dads will enjoy. It follows the ESPN empire from its start as a low-budget sports... [More]


Cross Two Finger Ring

While we love the look of the two finger ring, it's not the most comfortable of trends. Seriously, it's like a new form of body modification. The Cross Two Finger Ring ($148) is sweet, simple, and allows for maximum finger mobility. Plus, it's kind of an understated ode to "Judas,"... [More]


Tweezerman Facial Scissors

Why is it that men are afraid of tweezers but will shove a nose hair trimmer so far up their nose that they have to be severing the brain stem in some way? We tested that nose hair trimmer the other day and promptly threw that piece of shit across... [More]


Arbor Coasters

We'll admit it, coasters aren't necessarily the coolest thing out there, but can you blame us for getting excited about these leafy Arbor Coasters ($9/2)? These felt beauties comes in eight different colorways, so if you got them all you would have sixteen colorful leaves to help keep track of... [More]


Milly Eva Dress

Va-va voom. We're featuring the back of the Eva Dress by Milly ($350), but we promise you'll look good coming or going in this little number. Wear it to a retro cocktail party, or throw on a sweater to take it to the office, or just lay around your apartment... [More]

birdcage placeholders-s.jpg

Love Songs Birdcage Tea Light/Place Card Holder

If you're putting a bird on the wedding party, consider the Love Songs Birdcage Tea Light/Place Card Holder ($4). These Victorian-inspired birdcages will spruce up the table in no time.... [More]


Giorgio Armani Summer Lipstick Set

We are brand whores. So what. You probably are too. Admit it. We're both probably really excited about this Giorgio Armani Summer Lipstick Set ($59) because not only are we getting Armani makeup but also an Armani clutch. What of it? We are nice people who deserve nice things. And... [More]


Giveaway: Win a Total Home Canvas Art Makeover from CanvasPop!

Tired of the same ol', same ol' posters & prints you see in everyone's home? (We're personally sick and tired of The Kiss, how 'bout you?) Then mix it up....Create unique full-color, art gallery-worthy canvas prints of your favorite photos & digital images with CanvasPop! And, because CanvasPop loves all... [More]

Cliff Huxtable Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper: A Father's Day gift for know-it-all Dad Cliff Huxtable

The Huxtable clan writes: "Dear Outblush, What do you get the man that knows it all? We're totally stumped! Mom thinks we should just spend the day with him, but we still want to surprise him with a little something. Possibly something to show him how much we appreciate him,... [More]

unearthen watch-s.jpg

Unearthen Pyramid Watch

Wowza, the watch face on the Unearthen Pyramid Watch ($378) is literally spiked. Yeah, we're lovin' this 14k gold-plated vintage band, quad-display, and dangerous looking quartz pyramid at the dial. Pretty bad-ass.... [More]

salt n pepa-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: KitchenArt Dual Ended Salt and Pepper Grinders

Fact: the KitchenArt Dual Ended Salt and Pepper Grinders ($11) is a first for us. Love to browse stylish shakers, but this modern space saver is super cool. Talk about two for the price of one. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Bridal Nail Set

We used to be the bridesmaid but this year, we're the bride! Deborah Lippmann Bridal Nail Color Set ($26) has us super excited for our in-house wedding this season. Next thing you know, we'll be adopting more cats, making banana pancakes on the weekends and Groupon-ing all of our shower/gift... [More]

walnut bowl-s.jpg

Eclipe Nut Bowl with Nutcracker

Ooo we love two-in-ones, and we have something special in mind for the Eclipe Nut Bowl with Nutcracker ($75). If our man doesn't figure out he's in the doghouse, we'll just make this the centerpiece at the dinner table and violently crack nuts open all night. At the end of... [More]


Aspire/Acquire with a little Ménage à Trois for Franny in the Red Shorts

Francesca appreciated our Memorial Day-a-Palooza post and really loved the Jacquard Pants we showed. However, for $215 she wasn't feeling very inclined to strut her stuff in those hot red high-waisted button-front sailor shorts. So because we were feeling charitable, we found her some super affordable options and threw a... [More]

chloe soverigny-s.jpg

Half Moon Mini Bag

Our seemingly endless search for the poifect tiny cross body may just end with the Half Moon Mini Bag ($51) by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. A dark mesh overlay adds fantastic texture to the tried and true leopard print. Chloe really knows how to work it.... [More]

red top-s.jpg

Splendid Floral Slub Ombre Tank

As a girl that's one of the guys and a girly-girl at times, mixing sporty and sweet is kind of our thing. The Splendid Floral Slub Ombre Tank ($28) is picture perfect pretty on a casual day. A 50-50 modal-cotton blend makes this stylish dip-dye piece super soft.... [More]


Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow Palette

It's nice when something does what it's told. Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow Palette ($42) comes in four shades that do exactly that (stay there, that is) and won't budge for as long as you'd like. Three of these beauties are new to the brand: Whippet, Mutt and Terrier (aka the first... [More]

pilo pilo-s.jpg

Pilo-Pilo Ring

Redefine passing out at work. Clearly, with the Pilo-Pilo Ring ($25), what used to embarrassing is now a power nap. And, NO, nosy cubicle neighbor, we weren't resting our eyes, we were straight up sleeping. So there.... [More]


Warm Tea and Coffee Pot

The chic Warm Tea and Coffee Pot ($85, available in walnut or oak) by Elsa+Sam will keep us from dripping tea everywhere. It's lifted and poured like a bottle, and the cork-lid seals the top shut. Buh-bye tea pot dribbles, hello perfect tea hostess persona.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Buttery soft metallic tall tote for Heather K.

Heather K writes: "Dear Outblush Shopping Goddesses, Who knows where I get these fixations?? But I am currently obsessed with a gorgeous $2,000 Ralph Lauren purse. This bag is perfect for me - but not my poor, poor bank account. I would be topping out at $350ish and that's only... [More]


DS Labs Revita Eyelash Growth Stimulator

Pinocchio had all the fun with that nose growing trick. Well, we can top that. DS Laboratories Revita Eyelash Growth Stimulator ($50) helps lashes grow 25% in four weeks. Ok, maybe not "top that" per say but at least participate in the competition. After all, the tortoise taught us that... [More]


Double Sided Leather Luggage Tag

Hand crafted and hand stitched, the Double Sided Leather Luggage Tag ($35) is the perfect way to mark your bags. Made of genuine cow skin, this feminine nude tag with gold buckle is adjustable for your suitcase's handle. Personalize it with your name, contact info, initials, or snarky way of... [More]


Heidi Klein Formentara Crinkled-Cotton Dress

Go simple and sweet in this Heidi Klein Formentara Crinkled-Cotton Dress ($96, on sale). You could wear it as a cover up on the beach or cinch the waist with your favorite belt, add a pair of nude heels, and take it for a spin on the town. Oh, but... [More]

floral pendant light-s.jpg

Floral Pendant Light

We're building our own wonderland around the hot red Floral Pendant Light ($121). A classic chandelier frame isn't enough for us, we need floral vines clinging to our light fixtures. Yes, we do know how to put on a show.... [More]

vogue stitching-s.jpg

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One

People say crafting comes into fashion during economic downturns. Yeah, it makes sense. Wanna join the knitter's brigade? The Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One ($20) is a great all-inclusive reference on all the stitches under the rainbow. Learn basic, traveling, and unusual stitches with this unique how-to text.... [More]

heart sweater-s.jpg

Heart Tipped Cardigan

No black and white ensemble looks too severe with the Heart Tipped Cardigan ($15) to brighten the mood. This light sweater is downright adorable.... [More]

Missing Children Awareness Mouse Pad

Celebrate: Missing Children Awareness Ribbon Mouse Pad

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


La Perla Icon Lace Suspender Short Briefs

Oooh lala! The La Perla Icon Lace Suspender Short Briefs ($230) give sexy a whole new meaning! These luxurious briefs have adjustable nude suspender straps so you can wear your favorite fishnet thigh highs with them. And did we mention the black lace and nude mesh combo is stunning? Well... [More]


Wooden Pennant

The Wooden Pennant ($75) is perfect for fans of the Windy City, or simply great design. A contemporary twist on the vintage felt pennant, it features original screenprints on wood panels. These limited edition panels are ready to hang, as they come with three drilled holes. They are also available... [More]

iso skull ring-s.jpg

Iosselliani Skull and Mixed Pearl Stack Ring

Days when we feel deadly fierce call for fearsome accessories. The Iosselliani Skull and Mixed Pearl Stack Ring ($199) is bold enough to make a rockin' statement and buxom enough to give a nice big black eye. Just what the doctor ordered.... [More]


NARS 'Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself'

There have been so many sets this season that are truly "YESSSSSSSSSS" worthy, NARS 'Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself' ($65) included. How great is this collection? Each piece compliments the other and the how-to guide means never messing up your face with unskilled application (totally pointing a finger at ourselves... [More]


New Feature at Purse Page!

Attention, ladies! Our friends over at The Purse Page have just launched a new feature that we thought you'd appreciate. Every Monday, they'll put up a poll featuring some of the gorgeous (but pricey) bags from the prior week. The winning bag will then be the subject of a personal-shopper-esque... [More]


Personal Shopper: Maternity Coat for Metmet

Metmet writes: "Hey Outblush! I just found out that I'm pregnant with our first. I have loved all of your maternity wardrobe posts, so I thought I'd ask this one: I am looking for a great maternity coat. I am due the end of January and live in the chilly... [More]

sangria pitcher-s.jpg

Hand Painted Ceramic Sangria Pitcher

Let's embrace traditional wares without turning our kitchen into a folk art nightmare. The vibrant Hand Painted Ceramic Sangria Pitcher ($34) is full of character, not crazy. Throw it in with contemporary serving dishes for a liberated, eclectic feel.... [More]

Grosgrain Floppy Hat

Forever21 Grosgrain Floppy Hat

We love that Diet Pepsi commercial with Sofia Vergara sitting on the beach under a big floppy hat; she looks super sexy and sophisticated. And this summer, you'll find us at the beach under the Forever21 Grosgrain Floppy Hat ($13). It's black so it will surely look fantastic with that... [More]


bareMinerals Candy Cocktail

Ever tried a martini rimmed in peppermint candy? Or made yourself a mojito rimmed in Pop Rocks? The color alone is reason enough to drink it. The alcohol and taste are just added bonuses. You'll love bareMinerals Candy Cocktail ($14). We had to do a double-take on the price because... [More]


Elm Drop Leaf Desk and File Cabinet

Can't fit a real desk in your tiny apartment too well? Here's an option for you! This pretty file cabinet ($600) does have six drawers, two big and four small, but the middle section is actually a drop leaf desk with more storage space behind. If you basically need a... [More]


Tibi Marble-Print Silk Dress

The pattern on this Tibi Marble-Print Silk Dress ($345) is pretty captivating. But then again, the eye is usually drawn to shades of blue and green--this one just happens to be a lovely seafoam that reminds us of elegant dinners seaside. We're uh, going to go drop hints near our... [More]


Loyal Luxe Faux Bearskin

Thoughts upon viewing the Faux Bearskin for Fluffy Little Creatures ($36): OMG kitteh! Whoa! That kitteh is on an eeny weeny bearskin rug...Awesome. How did they find a kitteh to match that rug so perfectly? Cute overload, time to get a kitteh. And a bearskin rug for it. ::FIN::... [More]


Yayoi Kusama for Juicy Tubes

We all know how easy is to pick up a $2 gloss at the drugstore, swipe, and go. And we're perfectly content with this cheap pout pick-me-up, but sometimes our lips deserve just a little more, and we'd have nothing but Juicy Tubes! Yayoi Kusama for Juicy Tubes ($15) feature... [More]

pearl bracelet-s.jpg

Gold Twiggy Bracelet

Wearing a pearl bracelet sounds pretty boring. Good thing for us, the Gold Twiggy Bracelet ($15) has more sparkle than a toddler in a tiara. Hot damn, rhinestones and teardrop pearls make this fancy thing interesting.... [More]


Cupcake Memopad

Ohh, we're so torn! The Cupcake Memopad ($6) would be such an adorable and useful desk accessory, but we're also pretty certain it'll entice us to visit the coffee shop for sweet treats more often than we should. We don't need anything - even office supplies - causing additional temptation... [More]


Souchi Norma Superfine Cashmere Dress

We're bringing you the Souchi Norma Superfine Cashmere Dress ($662) with just a hint of longing in our typing. First, it's totally out of our summer wardrobe budgets. And second, there is NO WAY we could pull off wearing a delicate cashmere frock without totally ruining it (unless we sit... [More]


Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Lipstick

The true test of a good product (according to Alton Brown at least [LOVE him]) is the ability of that one thing to do many tasks. We apply this to our beauty selections. What good is a lipstick if it doesn't shine like a gloss? Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Lipstick ($27),... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 9.20.52 PM.png

Dear Outblush: K's Friendship Fiasco

K writes: "We are friends with an absolutely wonderful couple. My husband and I normally spend several nights a week with them, and are very close. They recently asked us to go on a trip to Europe with them. We declined many times, not because we didn't want to, but... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Single Dad Danny Tanner

Stephanie T writes, "Hey Outblush! This year my sisters voted to put me in charge of a Father's Day gift for our dad. (Well, really my older sister forced me into it since my younger sister just sits there looking cute. How RUDE!) Anyway, our father is a single guy... [More]


Swim & Sun Daily Hydrating Conditioner

Some of you lucky readers are about to embark on what you call "three months of vacation time". Others simply call it summer. But those lucky few will undoubtedly spend hour upon hour feasting their bods on the radiating goodness of the summer sun by the pool. While we envy... [More]


French Connection Cleos Dream Tunic Dress

What's not to love about the Cleos Dream Tunic ($268)? It has dazzling neckline details that mean you can forgo jewelry, is loose-fitting and therefore more forgiving, and makes for a no-fuss outfit when you just don't have the time. Throw this baby on with a pair of leggings and... [More]


Two Tone Chest Of Drawers

Mid-Century meets modern color and design. Hells to the yeah! The Two Tone Chest Of Drawers ($INQUIRE) is just the piece to hold our beloved wardrobe. Hand carved and hand painted, it sits pretty on solid wood legs and frame, and makes us feel a little like 50s house wives...... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Celeb Set

Deborah Lippmann Celeb Set ($70) is like a Who's Who in Hollywood. SJP, Cher, Pat Benatar and Renee Zellweger came together to create this collection exclusively for Space.NK. Now can you imagine those four ladies on set together? We imagine the conversation would go something like this: Cher: Sarah, I... [More]

Best Dad Penny Key Chain

Best Dad Penny Key Chain

Get Dad something that he'll truly cherish this year! The Best Dad Penny Key Chain ($13) features 5 pennies customized with names as well as "Best Dad." Best of all, it's a key chain so we're sure he'll definitely use this personalized gift.... [More]


Doubtblush: Jason of Beverly Hills Syringe Ring

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


Pocketo Pastel Dreams Scarves

Cotton and linen scarves. Is there really, truly a need for them? Are our necks so cold even when it's 85 degrees out that we'll don scarves with our shorts and tank tops? But then again, we do plenty of other crazy things in the name of fashion... Whatever your... [More]


Bliss The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion

We've been searching for a few weeks now for a good summer moisturizer that will keep our skin safe and sound as we start to soak up the sun. Of course, we turned to Bliss. Their new The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion ($79) may be pricey,... [More]


InCase iPad Lounge Case

Turns out, the iPad likes to lounge around just as much as you do. It's not always a jet-setters companion - sometimes this slim shiny device just hangs out on the kitchen table or next to the couch. For times like that, the Lounge Case ($60) keeps it perfectly propped... [More]

Fest Quest Feather Headband

Fest Quest Feather Headband

We're not usually fans of feather items, but we would totally rock the Fest Quest Feather Headband ($18). This haute hair accessory would look fab with jeans, a tank and flats.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 9.03.04 PM.png

Personal Shopper: 70s Wedding Attire for Vanessa

Vanessa writes: "Hi Outblush, Love, love, love your site! I'll be feeling the groove and celebrating the cosmic union of two dear friends. They're throwing a 70's theme wedding party at the end of July. The groom's ready to boogie down in his blue lapel suit. I need some help... [More]


Flying Sheep Bottle Freakers™

A koozie that fits any sized bottle? Get out! The Flying Sheep Bottle Freakers™ ($8) are a perfect fit for beer, wine, soda, and water bottles. And who better to protect your hands from cold and your bottles from heat than some flying sheep?!... [More]


J Crew Finespun Tie Tee

As fond as we are of dressing up, sometimes it just feels so good to dress down. We've got a soft spot for understated clothing, especially during the hot months. Nothing says comfort like a breezy cotton tee-shirt. The J. Crew Finespun Tie Tee ($44) fits the bill with its... [More]

Stars & Stripes Chocolate Strawberries

Stars & Stripes Chocolate Strawberries

We couldn't think of a better way to show our patriotism this Memorial Day weekend! The Stars & Stripes Chocolate Strawberries ($45) are succulent strawberries dipped in chocolate and decorate in red, white and blue. 6 are covered in candy stars and the other 6 are striped with confection drizzle.... [More]


Sue Devitt Golden Triangle

A dab on the Cupid's bow of your lip. A highlight on the apple of your cheek. A swath of shimmer on your collar bone. Sue Devitt Golden Triangle ($22) goes a long way just about anywhere.... [More]


Foley + Corinna Disco City Mini Bag

The Foley + Corinna Disco City Mini Bag ($198) is quickly becoming our go-to summer purse. It's small enough to not overwhelm us and our cute short skirts and sundresses, it's versatile (featuring a fold-over design and attachable strap if you want to wear it crossbody), and it comes in... [More]


Turtleneck & Chain [CD/DVD]

"I'm On A Boat." "Dick In A Box." If these perennial hits left you craving more from The Lonely Island, you're in luck! Turtleneck & Chain [CD/DVD] ($12) is the sophomore album from the comedy troupe of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. Back with their sweet beats and... [More]

ASOS Floral Dress with Cape Back class

ASOS Floral Dress with Cape Back

Floral frocks rank high very high on our summer wardrobe list! One of our faves is the ASOS Floral Dress with Cape Back ($83). The gorgeous yellow background is covered with a pastel palette of flowers. And the cape back is stunning.... [More]


PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser

This may very well be the beauty Holy Grail, gals. The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser ($499) is the first FDA-approved at-home laser system that will blast away fine lines and wrinkles. Reviewers have been gabbing on and on about how great and successful their experiences have been, even claiming it... [More]


Shop Sweet Lulu Paper Straw Party Pack

If you're anything like most of us, you plan your parties with spread sheets and you color-code your recipes. You want things to look good, smell good, and taste good...down to the last detail. We think that last detail can be found in the Paper Straw Party Pack ($12 for... [More]


Plasticland Swirly Snail Tape Dispenser

We know we've featured a snail tape dispenser before, but isn't yours lonely? Get him a new pal like this one ($15) from Plasticland, and just cross your fingers they won't plot some sort of slimey, sticky mutiny over you.... [More]


Indah Long Wrap Skirt

Look beach glamorous in this lovely Long Wrap Skirt ($128). The designer, Indah--Indonesian for "beautiful"--is centered on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i, so we're pretty confident they know the ins and outs of looking fabulous beach-side! Now, to work on our tans...... [More]


Carmex Fishbowl

Know a Northerner who Carmexes obsessively? Gift them the Carmex Fishbowl ($60) and you'll be their bestie for life. Or until they go through all 48 tubes. In which case, they can stop by the nearest convenience store and curb their own damn fix. We are not enablers, people.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Petite Business Casual Bottoms for Michelle

Michelle writes: "Hi Outbush! Like everyone else, I'm a big fan and I need some advice. I just started my first internship last week and am in desperate need of some new business casual clothes. I'm pretty much good on tops but I definitely need help with bottoms! I'm interested... [More]


YSL Mascara Singulier Set

YSL Singulier Mascara is a high quality product that honestly lives up to its price. But toss in an eye makeup remover without bumping up the cost and it sweetens the deal a bit. The old-school brush in the Mascara Singulier Set ($30) has a little spin to it removing... [More]

Elaine Turner Croc Embossed Hobo

Elaine Turner Croc-Embossed Hobo

We love crocodile leather, but we're not fans of the high prices. We're in love with the Elaine Turner Croc-Embossed Hobo ($147 on sale), which is a steal. It looks very expensive, but is actually pretty affordable. This luscious yellow croc-embossed leather bag has tassels and bamboo details, which are... [More]

Miette Gingersnap Cookies

Miette Gingersnap Cookies

We'd love to snap our fingers and have some Miette Gingersnap Cookies ($7) appear on a plate in front of us! These sweet treats consist of three kinds of ginger and Straus butter. And each scrumptious cookie is hand cut.... [More]


dancewithsilver Tie Pendant and Chain

This tie pendant ($88) makes us go "Ooh! Fathers Day!", but then we remember our dads are maybe too macho for necklaces. But then we think, dads don't always fit into a manly-man mold, or even a man-mold at all; why not honor single mothers or same-sex parents for Fathers... [More]


Priti Soy Nail Polish Remover

We get it. Nail polish remover is just about as pleasant to smell as your brother's morning farts (we're at the tail end of spending a week with ours so sorry for that reference). Priti Soy Nail Polish Remover ($28) is less aggressive on your olfactory senses and skin. It... [More]


Depression Green Decagon Teardrop Glass Knob

You know that old dresser you found on the side of the road that's been sitting in your garage or closet, waiting to be restored to some level of its former glory? Yeah, that one. Why don't you take the long weekend to give it a new paint job, and... [More]


PhotoJojo USB Film Roll

We love it when creative people make old things new. Boomboxes that play MP3s, more energy efficient old-timey appliances - but it's even better when they repurpose things that would just get thrown away, like these thumbdrives made from old film canisters ($20). What used to hold 24 to 36... [More]


Anthropologie Spectrum Caftan

Sure, $300 is a lot to pay for a summer frock, but how much would you pay to be a walking rainbow? 'Cause that's pretty much what this Spectrum Caftan ($298) will turn you into. People will ooh and ahh when they spot you, you'll bring cheer to any room... [More]


Proenza Schouler Silk-Chiffon Triangle Bra

This is one of those circumstances where less is more. The Proenza Schouler Silk-Chiffon Triangle Bra ($395) is oh so girly and pretty. We love the chartreuse color and sheer silk-chiffon fabric. The black trim adds a sexy touch. We're sure any guy that sees you rocking this will start... [More]


Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face

Face pearls! The Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face ($57) uses all kinds of fun words to describe those pretty little balls of makeup that are supposed to illuminate our faces. But we don't care too much about the buzz words because we're too busy loving this stuff. Swirl your... [More]


Personal Shopper: Father's Day Gifts for Red Forman

Eric writes: "Dear Outblush, I saw you in some magazine my sister Laurie had on her bed. Farrah Fawcett was on the cover so I figured it must have the good stuff inside. You guys offered to help kids like me find Father's Day gifts. Well, Red, my dad, is... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 3.39.15 PM.png

Suit Up: The Plus Side

It's almost summertime! That means sunshine, fruity drinks, exposed feet, getting into various bodies of water, camping, BBQing, vacationing, and sweating. Oh yeah... and wearing a bathing suit. Some of us don't really look forward to shopping for a suit, because we all have at least one body part we... [More]


You Tell Us: Ultraflesh Flash Face

We just can't decide how we feel about Ultraflesh Flash Face ($48). Is it awesome? Is it totally asinine? Is it the coolest thing since quality self-tanner or the most ridiculous thing since getting unicornified? Thoughts, dear readers. What do you think?... [More]


Chloe Slingback Sandals

There is nothing worse that those first few weeks of walking around in new sandals that pinch your toes and blister your heels. Nothing, we tell you! If you're babies like us and have a threshold for pain around the "blubbering over a paper cut" level, then it could be... [More]


Kai Body Lotion

Apparently, our office desk needs to take a note from Kai Body Lotion ($38): think minimalist. Our boss keeps eyeing the Eiffel Tower replica, assortment of coffee mugs, sunglasses, three different pen holders, picture frames of our cats and iPad, iPod and shuffle as if there is a problem here.... [More]


West Elm Sea Measuring Cups

It seems like every time we're in the kitchen we need measuring cups, and that usually ends with a handful of muttered profanities while we dig through the drawer of spatulas, teaspoons, can openers and other kitchen accessories. The smart thing would be to get some measuring cups like these... [More]


Blanca Monros Gomez Dainty Stacking Pavé Ring

Even though the price tag means we can't really afford to do any stacking, we still have our eyes on the Dainty Stacking Pavé Ring ($340) by Blanca Monros Gomez. We think it's the lovely combination of metals. The band is 14k rose gold and the bar (inlaid with diamonds--which... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Zig Zag Bobby Pins

Either they've been stuck in an electrical outlet or transported from the crimping 80's but these Zig Zag Bobby Pins ($2) are rocking! Perfect for summer parties and late night clubbing, these hot rods are just the kind of pizazz we've been looking for. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our... [More]


Dolce Vita Melita Dress

We know you've been working hard to get that sweet summer body, just ready for showing off. (We say as we casually drop by the break room for a second morning danish...) If you're psyched to rock some cute clothing, may we suggest the Dolce Vita Melita Dress ($67, on... [More]


Callus Blaster

The jury is out on Callus Blaster ($10) but for ten bucks it can't be too bad. Or actually, we guess it can be horrible. One reviewer said it ruined her nail polish but that seems like a no-brainer considering it removes dead skin with a quickness. Another reviewer said... [More]


Celebrate: Born This Way - Lady Gaga

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]

Beer Opener Ring

Beer Opener Ring

We love rings and we're so in L-O-V-E with this one (for functionality reasons)! The Beer Opener Ring ($20) is a must-have for any gal heading out to any BBQs and picnics this summer. The Memorial Day countdown is on! We're only a few days away (and the movement of... [More]


Ikea Cushion Covers

One of the easiest (and least expensive!) ways to switch up your home decor is to alter accent pieces. We're all about giving our places some springtime flair, but we're really not looking for a big overhaul. Enter our favorite simple change: swapping out our accent pillow covers. The Ikea... [More]


J Crew Boy Shirt in Ikat Madras

Want to know a secret? The J Crew Boy Shirts are awesome! And by "boy shirts" we don't mean shirts from the little boy's section. No, J Crew has re-imagined the boyfriend shirt, giving us ladies gorgeous color and pattern options, like this Boy Shirt in Ikat Madras ($80). It's... [More]


Burberry Lip Gloss Key Chain

We are feeling so 6th grade with the Burberry Lip Gloss Key Chain ($85). Granted, we didn't spend $85 on lip gloss when we were twelve but we were totally rocking lip gloss as key chains, rings, pencil toppers, Trapper Keeper additions. Oh yeah. Lisa Frank was were it was... [More]


Personal Shopper: White Dresses for Allison

Allison writes, Well, we're down to the wire and in need of some help! I'm looking to find 3 white dresses for our female models who will be handing out samples at a work event to wear(I work at a marketing company). You'd think this would be a pretty simple... [More]

Adia Kibur Tribal Bead Necklace

Adia Kibur Tribal Bead Necklace

Bib necklaces are popping up everywhere this season! One of our favorites is the Adia Kibur Tribal Bead Necklace ($68). This necklace has gorgeous colored resin beads and teardrop charms. It would look incredible paired with our chambray shirtdress and metallic flats.... [More]


Elk Accessories Kiel Tote

Trust us, we've got plenty of flashy handbags and totes in our closets! But for one reason or another, we keep returning to view this simple, unfussy Kiel Tote ($259) by Elk Accessories. It's plenty large enough to stash library books and a laptop, it can be carried by the... [More]


Conroy and Wilcox Fern Head Pin

It's official. We're deeming the hair pin the most underrated of all accessories. It adds so much to a messy bun or a simple chignon, yet how many of us actually own one, let alone put it to good use regularly? Let's change that. We're sticking this abstractly lovely Fern... [More]


Nads Hair Removal Essentials Kit

When we aren't threading, you'll often find us Nads-ing. They really do have a great product. We have noticed that we don't break out using Nads like we do with other salon wax which is why we buy the Hair Removal Essentials Kit ($33) in bulk. There's enough here to... [More]


LED Pushpins

So, basically, these LED Pushpins ($8 each) will turn our bulletin board into a giant Lite Brite. Awesome!... [More]


Mint by Goorin Nubby Panama Hat

Keeping your head covered this summer will keep you from getting the dreaded sunburned scalp and peel (painful and embarrassing when it gets to that dandruff-looking stage!). We're pretty fond of the Mint by Goorin Nubby Panama Hat ($34). It's already been packed and unpacked in our suitcases and we've... [More]

Baby Doll Cotton Skirt

Baby Doll Cotton Skirt

Tanks, skirts and flip flops - these are a few of our favorite things! The Baby Doll Cotton Skirt ($41) is on our "want" list. The dark brown color is rich and looks great with all color tanks and tees as well as neutral and bright colored sandals. Did we... [More]


Russell+Hazel Leather Portfolio

After all the pomp and circumstance fades, the graduate in your life is left with, well, searching for a job in a pretty crappy economy. Give her some confidence with the Russell+Hazel Leather Portfolio ($50). We love the showy look of the gold, but you can opt for more subtle... [More]


Natura Bisse Honey Scrub

Oh honey, with Natura Bisse Honey Scrub ($105), you can rub us in all the right ways.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dresses to go with Eve's new YSL Palais peep-toe slingbacks

Eve wrote: "Heloooo Outblush geniuses! So, obviously I'm obsessed with your site. I just got these amazing YSL pink sling backs that I've been drooling over for months. I have 2 events coming up, a formalish book launch/tea party and a Sunday afternoon formalish Birthday party. Clearly I will be... [More]


Jadeite 10-Inch Glass Cake Stand

Serve that sweet confection you spent hours baking on this Jadeite 10-Inch Glass Cake Stand ($60) from Shop Sweet Lulu. We love the vintage jade color and can't wait to see all of our cakes, tarts, and pies perched on top like we're regular Martha Stewarts...even if we are running... [More]


Baggu Shabd Tide Tote

While we're no strangers to using Baggu nylon shopping totes, we're pleased to be bringing home the Shabd Tide Tote ($48) made from a heavy weight cotton duck canvas. Each tote is hand-dyed by artist Alexander Shabd so there is variation from one bag to another. But the same great... [More]


Treatzone A-Z Icon Notebook

A is for Audrey, Z is for Zorro and this A-Z Icon Notebook ($8) is for keeping track of everything in between. Like grocery lists, phone numbers, and schemes to become as famous and sexy as Audrey and Zorro.... [More]


Nail Bliss French Wrap

Love the French tip look but can't manage to wield the paint pen with ease? Nail Bliss French Wrap ($35) is all about the look without the effort. According to the video however, this is not a one woman job. So buy a bottle of wine and invite your best... [More]


By Paige Horse Needlepoint Loafers

So these Horse Needlepoint Loafers ($150) from By Page won't go with everything in our closets, but we're sure we could find something cute to wear with them. Perhaps a denim sundress and some vintage gold jewelry? We're sure we could find something. It's just too hard for us to... [More]


Kate Spade Heirloom Roses Bedding

Usually we're on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website to shop for things like a new pizza stone, or a garlic press. But we just got word that they're selling a line of Kate Spade bedding. *glee!* She's got a few lovely looks and patterns that we just love, including... [More]


Marbella Floral Two Tone Sundress

We like that the Marbella Floral Two Tone Sundress ($245) has a little bit of a bohemian vibe without going full-blown dreadlocks and bare feet. (Which is cool, we guess, if that's your thing. We're just not fond of dirty feet). This cute floral sundress is feminine and flirty. Plus,... [More]


Everything is Going to Be OK

Coffee table books don't usually hold a lot of appeal for us, but if you're going to leave a book lying around for the occasional flip-through, it should be this one. Everything is Going to Be OK ($10) is full of photos, drawings, prints, products and even graffiti with positive,... [More]


Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel

Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel ($58) isn't quite a tinted moisturizer. Nor is it a foundation. Nor is it a primer. What is it, precisely? A bit of a hybrid of all three. Available in four graduated tinted formulas to suit a variety of complexions, plus one translucent shade to suit... [More]


One Garnet Girl StarBerry Post Earrings

We're not exactly sure what a starberry is, but that's cool, because we love it. These StarBerry Post Earrings ($75) by One Garnet Girl feature a raspberry-colored rhodolite garnet centered in a silver starburst patterned base. Well, now we get it: starburst plus raspberry equals starberry!... [More]


Personal Shopper: Tod's Knock-Offs for Samantha

Samantha writes, "Hi Outblush! since you were so much help with my first personal shopping request I wanted to see if you could help me out again! I love the Tod's Gommino Loafers and would love it if you could find me something similar but more in my price range... [More]


Boo-Boo Cover-Up for the Body

You wake up at zero effing-o'clock in the morning and stumble down the hall in the dark to the bathroom. In your sleepy haze, you manage to run, shin-first, into your radiator. "$#*@!!!!! *%#*!!!!" Not only did you fully wake yourself up, but you just know come morning, you're gonna... [More]

Cast Iron Fish Wall Hook

Cast Iron Fish Wall Hook

This Father's Day give the gift everyone will appreciate. Dad will love the Cast Iron Fish Wall Hook ($28) and Mom will too. It will provide a place for Dad to hang his jacket and keys. Mom will thank you for helping clear the clutter!... [More]


Sisley Paris Gentle Eye and Makeup Remover

Help your makeup do a disappearing act by waving the magic Sisley Paris Gentle Eye and Makeup Remover ($72) wand. This gentle lotion works hard so your cotton ball doesn't have to.... [More]


Claudio Riaz Collection Set

Holy vacation in Montauk! The Claudio Riaz Collection Set ($1525) will make you cough up some serious dough. But, honestly, having Mr. Riaz do your makeup would be like taking a hide-and-seek lesson from Big Foot; there is no one better. Which is why we don't feel so bad about... [More]


Snap 'N Store™ Letter File Box

If knowing is half the battle, the organizing is the key to the war! Get your office in order with a small step, and the Snap 'N Store™ Letter File Box ($12). This innovative storage box is decorative and functional with leather-like finish and chrome accents. The box features heavy-duty... [More]


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique

Well that's just vulgar. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique ($64)... [More]


Guerlain l'Or Makeup Base

Diamonds are a girl's best friend but gold is your skin's new beauty consultant. Guerlain l'Or Makeup Base ($71) is 24-karat gold infused primer that fills in the fine lines and wrinkles that the bitchtastic evil lady Time has caused. So show her what your working with and turn out... [More]


No Brainer Tube Dress

Summer requires a lot of short term planning with a good deal of it on the go. Whether you are headed to the beach, a day date, shopping with the ladies or chauffeuring the family around town, the No Brainer Tube Dress ($42) applies. No-fuss, light-weight and simple, we really... [More]


Kiehl's Intensive Treatment and Moisturizer

Did you just say that our feet felt like sand paper? And our elbows look more like elephants? What you're trying to say is that we need some Kiehl's Intensive Treatment and Moisturizer ($47)? ...Yeah, you're probably right.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Long White Cardi for Amanda

Amanda writes, "Well hello there, If anybody can help me out, it's you guys. I'm going to give myself a stroke looking for an article of clothing. I've spent hours online and at the mall, to no avail. What is this crazy item, you may ask? I'm looking for a... [More]


Philosophy 'Happy Honeysuckle' Duo

Remember walking along the edges of the playground fences where the honeysuckle grew trying to delicately pluck the flower from the bush to lightly pull the pistil from the back of the flower just to get a taste of the honeysuckle's sweet, summery nectar? Philosophy 'Happy Honeysuckle' Duo ($25) reminds... [More]


You Tell Us: Missoni Two Banded Slides

You tell us ladies. There is something both alluring and hideous about these Missoni Two Banded Slides ($450). Luckily, this particular vendor only seems to have them in a size 6 so we can't exactly buy them. But we also don't know if we should exactly endorse them. poll by... [More]


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for Body

Reviews for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for Body Set ($115) speak toward its ability to bring out your skin's best in any light, no matter how fair or dark you are. And a girl should accept help when offered. For instance: "Lady Person, may I help you with your... [More]


Bedford Ave Bike Rack

The Bedford Ave Bike Rack ($INQUIRE) is so slick and classic, we can hardly stand it. Custom made to fit your bike frame, this rack is made of birch ply and veneer. Custom colors or veneers are also available to suit your bike and wall. Made with lots of love... [More]


HelloCrafty Milk and Honey Button Soap

Soap that's way too pretty to be used is just so impractical, but we can't help but love this button soap ($6) from Etsy seller HelloCrafty. Put one in your soap dish and see if anybody can bear to use the thing.... [More]


Kio Kio Body Lotion

New Zealand has a certain allure that causes people to return to the island nation again and again. We have to fantasize about the whole country, the people, all the scents and tastes of the culture because the husband has put his foot down we have never been. Kio Kio... [More]


Napkin Ties

We get food on our clothes, oh, at least once during every meal; so we're super pumped for a cheeky way to protect them during our next outdoor picnic. Napkin Ties ($40) are hand-sewn ties that come in a classic tablecloth print, and provide protection from our clumsiness. Clean your... [More]


Silva Custom Bamboo Macbook Case

The Silva Custom Bamboo Macbook Case ($180) is so much more than a carrying case for our precious - it's a beautiful, hand-crafted, sustainable protector. Made of 100% solid caramel bamboo, it features a hand-crafted leather strap, a wool felt lined interior, and a hand rubbed, glass-like finish. Available in... [More]


Buxom Travel in Style Lip Duo

Summer is almost here and mini-vacations are lined up all season long. Wine Country. Juvenile Reclamation Weekend at Disney with the man piece. Visiting the fam in Connecticut. Try as we might, we can't always pack the whole makeup kit in the carry-on bag. So we settle for a few... [More]


Sales & Steals: 5/20/11

High five, everyone, we survived another week! And NEXT weekend is a three-day weekend, holla! Prep your wardrobe for Memorial Day Weekend parties & BBQs with a little online shopping - our pals at The Bargainist have rounded up the best sales & coupons of this week. Have fun, and... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Baking for Good Father's Day Gift Boxes

Usually, moms are the ones famous for having a killer sweet tooth... But we know lots of dads who can't pass up a tasty fresh-baked cookie or brownie any more than they could pass up a burger hot off the BBQ. And if you're the type (you know who you... [More]


Personal Shopper: Summer blouses for Sarah B.

Sarah B. wrote: "Hi Outblush ladies! I am looking for shirts that I can wear to work without a cardigan in the heat of summer! My workplace is on the more casual side of business casual, but I definitely want to look like like I belong in a workplace and... [More]

ASOS Maternity Printed Kimono

ASOS Maternity Printed Kimono

Pregnancy has a whole new look! The ASOS Maternity Printed Kimono ($74) is a pretty green and pink floral print with wide cape sleeves. It is a must-have for every haute mama to throw on over her fave maternity tee.... [More]


Stanley Kubrick: Limited Edition Collection [Blu-ray]

Nine movies that changed the face of cinema. Ten discs. A revolutionary filmmaker. The Stanley Kubrick: Limited Edition Collection [Blu-ray] ($105) is the ultimate collection for any Kubrick fan, or diehard cinema fan. All movies have been remastered in high definition and also include a 40 page hardcover book. Spartacus,... [More]


Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush

Ever get the feeling that your cleanser isn't really doing all that much, just sitting on top of your skin only superficially cleaning your face? Give it a little push with the Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush ($25). Bristles and silicone rods work together to open the pores allowing your foaming... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Happy Day Party Bunting Frame

Just in from the way-too-cute-department, this bunting frame ($14) is the perfect way to display your favorite birthday party memories. It would look adorable framing your baby's first birthday photo, or way-too-tipsy snapshots from the sixth time you celebrated your 25th. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]


Mary Green Breathless Garter

The Mary Green Breathless Garter ($32) will certainly leave your guy breathless....groom or not! This sexy silk garter is adorned with ostrich feathers and faux pearls. It is the perfect gift for that picky bride-to-be.... [More]


Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lip Color

We have to admit: we tend to gravitate toward products that ultimately describe who we are on the inside. Sometimes, that means bacon covered donuts. Other times that means Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lip Color ($16). Because, let's face it, we are all pretty amazing. Unless we are being pretty... [More]



Sometimes, all you can do is sigh and mumble Whatever ($10). Oftentimes, that feeling comes at work. We recommend using these pushpin letters to decorate your cube. If you shoot them a withering glance, they'll understand.... [More]


Nana de Bary Pink Eau de Parfume

Graceful, we are not. We could never figure out how far to hold the perfume atomizer away from our skin without completely blinding ourselves in the process. Luckily, Nana de Bary Pink Eau de Parfume ($160) smells like the real, vintage deal without the horrifying side effects that come with... [More]


Fire & Flavor Burger Grilling Planks

If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying a burger grilled on wood planks, you are in for a treat! The Fire & Flavor Burger Grilling Planks ($19) are made of all natural oak. Simply soak the planks for at least one hour, preheat the grill, flip the plank, add... [More]


Neivs Sunset Glasses Necklace

It's not quite warm enough for our liking yet, but we're creating our own summer vibe by dangling Neivs Sunset Glasses ($26) around our necks. Is that Don Henley we hear?... [More]


Personal Shopper: Elastic ballet flats for Deela

Deela R. wrote: "Hello Ladies! Each and everyday I pore over your latest posts...love the delicious finds of the day! I live in Alaska and we don't always have access to such things. I am hoping you can help me find some shoes. I bought some uber comfy Yosi Samra... [More]


Jane Iredale My Steppes

Some of us need to take baby steps to look good. Jane Iredale My Steppes (Warm) ($58) contains two lip glosses, a bronzer and a blush for coordinated, majestic beauty you can ease into. Just walk up the staircase a little at a time to achieve a warm look for... [More]


Ben Harper: Give Till It's Gone

Releasing his first solo album in five years, Ben Harper: Give Till It's Gone ($8) is a solid return from one of our favorite rockin' singer/songwriters. With inspiration from Neil Young on "Rock 'N Roll Is Free," and guest appearances by Ringo Starr and Jackson Browne, it's just the kind... [More]


Melissa Joy Manning Letter Stud Earrings

Oh hey look! We can spell our name. And we even did it with Melissa Joy Manning Letter Stud Earrings ($75 a letter). Our moms have to be so proud. Tomfoolery aside, these adorable adornments would be beautiful weddings presents for the bride with a new last name, Mother's Day... [More]


Small Object Meal Planning Set

Problem: You're sick of foraging for dinner. Black beans, dry cereal and carrots does not a complete meal make. Solution: The Small Object Meal Planning Gift Set ($22) Simply write your proposed meal plan and (this is truly brilliant) the source of the meals in the planning book with the... [More]


Kiki de Montparnasse Ingenue Bow Thong

The Kiki de Montparnasse Ingenue Bow Thong ($175) enhances your best assets - that's if you consider your derierre to be just that! This thong is breathtaking with its detachable and very oversized satin bow. Obviously these panties are for playtime primarily.... [More]


Babycakes Whoopie Pie Maker

Cupcakes were the new cookies, then cake pops were the new cupcakes and now it seems like whoopie pies are the dessert du jour. Don't get us wrong, we love all these tasty trends, but we're running out of space for new gizmos like this Whoopie Pie Maker ($40) in... [More]


Joyful Bath Co. Bath Salt Six Pack

We love a good party favor. And a good bath. Combine the two with Joyful Bath Co. Bath Salt Six Pack ($25). Perfect for spa parties, bridal showers or tossing into the crowd from a parade float, all six sample packs are best sellers. It's like speed dating with bath... [More]

ASOS Color Block Wide Ties Obi Belt

ASOS Color Block Wide Ties Obi Belt

The ASOS Color Block Wide Ties Obi Belt ($22) would look awesome wrapped around your waist when you rock that fabulous shirtdress you spent a fortune on this Spring. Best of all, it will also look amazing with cardigans, tanks and blouses paired with your fave jeans.... [More]


Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher

It completely takes all the fun out of flinging bottlecaps all over your apartment in a celebratory manner every time you open a beer, but the Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher ($10) is a practical tool if you don't want to act like a frat boy.... [More]


Shady Day Sunscreen Stick

Does this sound familiar: the whole family loads up in the car ready for a water park extravaganza complete with towels, cooler, hats, umbrella, extra seats because the water park is always busier than the Jersey Shore during filming season, bags of toys and a million different kinds of sunscreen... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Florence's Future Teacher Friends

Says Florence: "It's graduation season, and two of my favorite girlfriends are graduating. Both are becoming teachers, so I'm thinking along the lines of items for their professional wardrobes or something to help them let loose from the stress of KIDS. My budget for these gifts is around $30 each.... [More]


Ann Taylor Breezy Dot Ruffle Shell

Add some sass to your summer office attire with the Breezy Dot Ruffle Shell ($78) from Ann Taylor. Sure, you'll probably need to wear a blazer over it, but anyone who sees those lovely polka dots peeking though will know you've got excellent taste. Plus, we think you can get... [More]


Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty

So uh, we were looking at our dingy keyboards...and then we rummaged around for some q-tips and began the tedious process of trying to clean out all the gook and crumbs stuck to and under our keys. But we're sure you know how this story ends: we gave up after... [More]


Doubtblush: Violent Lips - Lip Tattoos

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Elsa Peretti Scorpion Necklace

Some women call themselves heart breakers. We prefer to label ourselves as man eaters. And when we are on the prowl, we affix this Elsa Peretti Scorpion Necklace ($1800) square on our bosom so our victims know exactly what they are getting themselves into. And they like it.... [More]


GUESS Seductive Summer Set

Strawberries and champagne. The Black Keys. Alcohol-infused whip cream. GUESS Seductive Summer ($52). Lover boys. Plural. Yup, it's gonna be a great summer.... [More]


Chance Recycled Denim Handbag

You know those really fugly tote bags made out of the top of an old pair of jeans? The ones that really only serve a purpose as a beginners sewing project, but are generally too ugly to be taken out of the house? Well this is what they dream of... [More]



Font nerds and rummy addicts unite! Sure, they look so stylish, but the best part of Helveticards ($10) is that they eliminate the slightly creepy images of royalty on traditional playing cards. Is it just us, or do the King's eyes always seem to be piercing your soul?... [More]


MAC Fashionflower Lipgelle

Eek! The 10-year-old lip gloss obsessed little princess inside of us just squealed at the site of these new MAC Fashionflower Lipgelles ($15). The full length shot you see up there is the actual shade Fashionflower; no other product in the line has that name so you know it must... [More]


Pencil Shavings Paper Custom iPhone Case

There's nothing worse than leaving the table to drunkenly text your ex, only to realize you grabbed the wrong phone! Stylishly stop confusion over which of the six iPhones on the dinner table is yours with a Whimsical Scallop Custom Case ($40) from Pencil Shavings Paper. Choose your color and... [More]


Forever21 Flora Scalloped Thong

A gal can never have too many thongs in her panty drawer! For our everyday use, we don't bother coordinating bra and panties (at least not every day), which is why we stock up on the Forever21 Flora Scalloped Thong ($3). This lace thong is similar to a very famous... [More]


Davines Glorifying Shampoo

We bleach it, burn it, color it and highlight the hell out of it. The least we can do is love our hair with a daily dose of Davines Glorifying Shampoo ($25). Rich and creamy, it boosts hair luminous shine in turn helping your very expensive highlights look better for... [More]

Personal Shopper Kara O

Personal Shopper: Chic and affordable summer dresses for Kara O.

Kara O. writes: "So, maybe this is a Carlota question? I am searching for an effortless and chic summer dress that's not a bank-breaker, so under $150. I keep seeing super cute dresses with slouchy sleeveless tops and draw-string or elastic waists. Perfect! However, I'm 5'8", high-waisted, and over mini... [More]


Bliss Blush: Something Blue Under the Dress

Wedding season is right around the corner, and we're looking out for our engaged girls. You have more important things to do than look for toasting flutes or find the perfect pair of backup flats for dancing the night away. Let us round up some detail pieces for your big... [More]


Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

So is it a blush, a makeup base or a veil of shimmer? Actually, it's all three. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer ($59) racks up the brownie points for being a versatile product that won't break the piggy bank. Using the words "brownie" and "piggy" in the same sentence is starting... [More]


Coterie Maple Muddler

If you're the kind of woman who has need of a muddler, chances are your bar is well stocked and your cocktails are killer. Time to up the ante. Ditch that $8 hunk of plastic you've been using and treat yourself (and your beverages) to true muddling luxury with a... [More]


Bronze Chameleon Doorbell

Whether you attach him to your vacation house in the desert, or that house behind your grandma's where you're living, this chameleon doorbell ($60) is sure to delight your visitors. We hope he doesn't mind getting poked in the eye every time the UPS man comes, though. Such is the... [More]


Juicy Couture Faded Oasis Washed Silk Top

The ruffles on the Faded Oasis Washed Silk Top ($50, on sale) by Juicy Couture are just the start of what makes this top ultra feminine. The floating washed silk feels cool and soft against our skin and the china-colored hydrangea pattern reminds us of pretty things like vintage weddings... [More]


Ouidad Clear Control Pomade

We have the hardest time scooping pomade out from that tiny tin jar. We're thankful for Ouidad Clear Control Pomade ($26). Lately, with more control literally at our fingertips, les cheveaux has been looking significantly less "There's Something About Mary" and more "Keri Russell after the hair cut" because of... [More]


Doubtblush: Smoke Fine Art Print

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The clean lines and sparing... [More]

feather ring-s.jpg

House of Harlow Feather Row Ring

So much tiny feather love is packed into the House of Harlow Feather Row Ring ($31), we can't stand it. Nicole Richie, you sly bird.... [More]



It's possible that the only thing more annoying than a tangled mess of cords is the effort it takes to untangle and organize said mess of cords. Call us lazy if you want, but we just refuse to bother with that knotty nest of cables under our desk. However, upon... [More]


Trish McEvoy Mobile Beauty Emergency Card

Fiddlesticks! The new intern selections are way hotter than we anticipated and our boyfriend just got the prefix "Ex" added to his name during last month's "misplaced" anniversary. Good thing our desk drawer comes complete with a Trish McEvoy Mobile Beauty Emergency Card ($68). The aromatic chicken wings and beer... [More]


South Print Kimono Jacket

Cheap? Check. Flattering on pretty much any gal? Check check. Cool flower print & color combo that'll go with half the stuff in your closet? Check, check, check. Dear UK readers: Would any of you like to purchase this South Print Kimono Jacket from Very.co.uk (₤28) and ship it to... [More]

Personal Shopper Lola Moisturizer

Personal Shopper: Perfect Moisturizer with SPF for Lola

Lola writes: "Hi, Outblush! First, I HAVE to say that I love your site! I've found really amazing gifts for my mom and friends from your site, and I know you ladies will be able to help me find something amazing for myself this time! I'm looking for a good... [More]


Butter Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

We can't get the image of our fingers melting off at the cuticle out of our heads. One quick swipe of Butter Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator ($20) and we are left with a lifetime of doing simple math on our toes. Conceptually, this sounds like a great idea. But they... [More]

Pattern magic-s.jpg

Pattern Magic

An adventurous seamstress would love tackling some of the avant-garde projects in Tomoko Nakamichi's Pattern Magic ($16). Taking cues from architecture and nature, this book teaches techniques that merge sculpture and fashion design. Adornment is built into the structure of these frocks, which is pretty sweet.... [More]


Mr. Mario Mario Print

Nerdy. Hilarious. Profound. Mr. Mario Mario Print ($15)... [More]

White House Black Market Soft Dot-Print Dress

White House Black Market Soft Dot-Print Dress

Sometimes we just want a dress that is pretty and flirty without being too over the top! We adore the White House Black Market Soft Dot-Print Dress ($158). The white/black dot print is innocent and the silhouette is very flattering with the blouson top. We also love the smocked waist... [More]


Notable Dates

Lots of big things happen in life. While you'd like to think you'll always remember the date you were proposed to, or when you hit your major weight loss goal, or that one time your husband actually admitted he was wrong, there just isn't space in your brain to retain... [More]


Le Metier de Beaute Blushing Bronzed Duet

Blush meets bronze (in the Le Metier de Beaute Blushing Bronzed Duet [shown in Romeo and Juliet] ($65). Blushing Bronzed Duet meets girl. Girl falls in love with Duet. Duet professes undying devotion to Girl. Girl uses Duet for all it is good for. Duet dwindles and disappears slowly day... [More]


Kuhn Rikon Watermelon Knife

A beautiful slice of watermelon, and a fun knife for cutting... smiles for miles. The Kuhn Rikon Watermelon Knife ($25) makes this summer magic happen. This specially designed knife has an extra-long blade to cut through the thickest and toughest of watermelon rinds - thick juicy slices of watermelon are... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Wet Seal Polka Dot Basic Cami

We know you probably read that title and thought, "Seriously, Outblush? Wet Seal? I haven't shopped there since they stocked stuff that Cher, Dionne and Tai would wear." But you have to admit, this tank ($8 or 5 for $20) would still make for some pretty cute layering for those... [More]


Oeuf Animal Hat and Booties

We know it's getting warmer, so it's not the best time to stock up on snuggly winter-ish items for your little one, but these Oeuf Animal Hat and Matching Booties ($68) are too irresistible. Besides, it gets chilly at night, right? We're certain your little dragon, bear or wolf will... [More]


Origami Napkins

These napkins are perfect for dinner parties with less than scintillating guests. You can hone your origami skills while that d-list guy talks your ear off about how his stocks are doing. Let's hope your parties are never dull enough that your guests have need of these Origami Napkins ($9)... [More]


Bite SPF 15 Sheer Balm Lipstick

Lip balm. Yup. SPF protection. Got it. Beautiful color. Affirmative. Free from synthetics and sulfates. You know it. Actually good for your health. Sure is. Bite SPF 15 Sheer Balm Lipstick ($19). Yes please.... [More]

door knocker-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Vintage Door Knocker for Samantha

This one made us LOL. Samantha writes, "On April 28, 2011, escrow closes and I take possession of my very first house. It's an exciting time - chaotic and messy and full of tiny details to chase down, one of which is the non-urgent but unignorable need to replace the... [More]

Forever21 Floral Butterflies Halter Dress

Forever21 Floral Butterflies Halter Dress

We're cheap fashion junkies at heart! And we love a good deal especially when it costs less than a night out with the girls. The Forever21 Floral Butterflies Halter Dress ($25) is sweet and oh so pretty. We're loving the cream background and colorful butterflies floating throughout.... [More]


Lullaby Baby

Despite the fact that you can sing every single word of the number one pop hit the year you graduated from high school, you'd be surprised how hard it is to recall the tune of the simple songs you sang as a child. This is a minor problem if you're... [More]


Vaska Herbatergent Light Lavender

Sick of using harsh, nasty chemicals to get your clothes clean? The Vaska Herbatergent Light Lavender ($12) delivers powerful, but gentle care for your laundry. Using natural herbal antibacterials to fight germs and remove soap residue, your laundry will stay brighter and feel softer. Its gentleness is also great for... [More]


ASOS Dainty Rosebud Ring

Rosebud! We doubt this ring ($7) is what Charles Foster Kane was lamenting, but if he had super awesome time travel powers (and you know, wasn't a fictional character), he might dig it. That aside, we appreciate this little ring for its understated simplicity - often a rarity in floral,... [More]


Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile Body Cream

Gentile, romantic and familiar, Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile Body Cream ($80) has us yearning for our grandmothers something fierce. Someone get us some cinnamon buns STAT!... [More]


Four Eyes USB Drive

We have one small concern with this Four Eyes USB Drive ($32). The only thing harder to find in our giant purse than our glasses and our flash drive is our keys. The odds do not look good once we drop this baby in our black hole of a satchel.... [More]

crochet ring-s.jpg

Crochet en Soie Necklace

Another must-have accessory for spring and summer: the Crochet en Soie Necklace ($66) by Juliet & Company. Delicate silk threads spell out a row of daisies, and paired up with two-toned gold-plated chains, this sweet look needs to be taken seriously.... [More]


A5 Brown Leather Notebook

Precious and few are the brilliant ideas that flow from your head. We kid, we kid. But still your thoughts should be housed and protected in something beautiful. We suggest the A5 Brown Leather Notebook ($40). Fabulous, collegiate, classic and leather! We can't wait to get crackin' on that screenplay... [More]

Matthew Williamson Gown

Matthew Williamson Printed Silk-Chiffon Gown

You'll surely turn heads if you strut your stuff in the Matthew Williamson Printed Silk-Chiffon Gown ($1,995)! This pretty gown has a draped V-neck and back with pleated panels, folded pleats and self ties. You'll look like an angel floating in this ethereal looking gown.... [More]


Sisley Paris Phyto-Poudre Compact

Because Bloomingdale's is the bomb diggity, a purchase of the Sisley Paris Phyto-Poudre Compact ($109) comes with two free gifts: All Day, All Year and three vials of Eau de Sisley Paris totaling $164 worth of Sisley Paris products for only $109 dollars. The Beauty and Budget Goddess shine on... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kelly Green Flats

October's plea: I need your help! I am looking for a kelly green no lime or pastelly green flat shoe in size 11. Please HELP! Desperately seeking shoes, October Well October, this was a toughie! Here are 4 options, hopefully one of them works for your green shoe needs. If... [More]


Natura Bisse Diamond Body Cream

Who cares if Natura Bisse Diamond Body Cream ($210) isn't really made from diamonds? Any product that promises to rage war against our flabby office chair ass can hop right into our shopping cart and call us Mama.... [More]


Libbey Moderno Cheese Dome Set

"Voila, ze cheese is here," said the hottie with the holding the Libbey Moderno Cheese Dome Set ($23). Bringing us cheesy goodness on a platter. Can't get much cuter than that.... [More]


Kachi Design 6012 Dress

Ladies, LOOK! A super cute dress we can all afford! By a budding young designer! We love budding young designers! And we love this Kachi Design 6012 Dress ($80) more than we love drinking on Wednesdays. Which we do every Wednesday. Which is why we call it Why Not Wednesdays.... [More]


Bobbi Brown Exclusive Eye Couture Collection

Eeny meeny miny moe. Catch an eye shadow by the toe. If she hollers, let her go. And then go back into your Bobbi Brown Exclusive Eye Couture Collection ($220) and grab another shade.... [More]


Coink Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are great and all, but we're more prone to the junk drawer as a change receptacle, because who has the patience to stuff all those coins in that little slot? Not us. (Perhaps this is why piggy banks are good for kids - keep those little hands occupied!)... [More]

recycled silver pendant-s.jpg

Hijua Dua Silver Necklace

John Hardy's Hijua Dua Collection uses recycled metals and 100% eco friendly production practices. We guess it's the super special green techniques that make the Hijua Dua Silver Necklace ($795) so friggin' expensive. Pretty, but seriously, green editions can't be affordable? Oh yeah, that's how designers play the game. Whatever.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-17 at 4.54.13 PM.png

Zoa Boyfriend Shirt

Everything about this Zoa Rollup Sleeve Boyfriend Shirt ($75, in four colors) is perfect for this summer. It's the perfect color. It's got the perfect amount of slouch. The perfect length of perfectly rolled sleeve. It would be perfect as a cover-up for a bikini or with white shorts at... [More]

joseph joseph-s.jpg

Joseph Joseph Double Dish

We like to keep unsightly things to a minimum at our parties. Hide away those nasty pits and empty shells with the cute Joseph Joseph Double Dish ($18). This bright idea saves table space and makes our guests feel a lot cleaner. Yay.... [More]


Doubtblush: Betsey Johnson Posy Crinkle Chiffon Mixup Flounce Legging

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


Hide and Peek Underwire Bra

There's nothing that irks us more than putting on a v-neck top in the morning and realizing that by the time we get to work, it's settled comfortably on our body 2 inches lower than it was when we put it on. No amount of tugging at the shoulders will... [More]


Deborah Lippmann Get Nailed

Deborah Lippmann is demanding that we Get Nailed ($49). We think we should all be good little Outblushers and listen.... [More]

leather bracelet-s.jpg

Chan Luu Feather Leather Wrap Bracelet

The gorgeous Chan Luu Feather Leather Wrap Bracelet ($195) makes us feel foot loose and fancy free.The rose gold-plated charm lends some lightness to the rustic mood. To add a bit of boho beauty to our eclectic ensembles, this is the one.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A strapless DD bikini for Michelle S.

Michelle S. wrote: "I saw your post today about the itty bitty committee bathing suit suggestions and read with envy. You know what they say, "the grass is always greener on the otherside". I live in the Virginia Beach area and often go to the beach on the weekends (assuming... [More]


Look In A Box: Girl Next Door

MAC Look in a Box: Girl Next Door ($60) won't make you look like a porn star (will it, Elisha Cuthbert?) but instead a dewy, neighborhood fantasy factory. That's how we prefer it on our block anyway: clean and porn star free. Really, it's the competition that worries us but... [More]


Poetic License Eyeconic Shoes

It's pretty impossible to look down at your feet in these Poetic License Eyeconic Shoes ($94) and not feel overwhelmed with joy. They look like Bambi and Tinkerbell had a baby and moved to Candyland to live in the Gingerbread House with Katy Perry and a talking cupcake named McNommers.... [More]


Pinup Couture Evelyn Dress in Red and Blue Rose Print

Here's another dress ready for Memorial Day: the Evelyn Dress ($118) makes us feel all sorts of post-war patriotic. We promise you'll be the belle of the barbecue if you show up in this lil' retro number, which comes with a reversible shrug.... [More]

Animal Face Cookies

Celebrate: Animal Face Cookies

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Knock Knock TMI Stamp

Dear coworker, You know that memo about how you're not going to be in the office on Friday because you're having some minor foot surgery - specifically, for your ingrown toenail? Yeah, we didn't need to know that. Thank goodness for our handy TMI Stamp ($10).... [More]


Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol ($50) has us a little confused. Is it an oil spill? Is it melted ice cream? Is it a blush + bronzer? Is it an excuse to buy new makeup under the guise of "But honey, look how preeeeetty!"? That last one sounds about right.... [More]

kikkerland shower curtain-s.jpg

Kikkerland 20000 Leagues Shower Curtain

The theme of the Kikkerland 20000 Leagues Shower Curtain ($15) by the always fun Jan Habraken suits baths better than showers. But, hey, we'll imagine showering as an escape under the sea with this thing. The bright green might help us wake up too.... [More]


Peacock Perfection Kindle Keeper

We never would've guessed that this chic accessory is designed to fit a piece of technology! Go ahead and carry your e-reader in this Peacock Perfection Kindle Keeper ($35), but don't be afraid to let this bag do double duty for a hot night out! It's far too pretty to... [More]


Fusion Beauty LiftFusion

There is something about the promise of an eyelift in a bottle of Fusion Beauty LiftFusion ($89) that has our interest piqued. Not that we need an eyelift, it would still be nice to put in our emergency "Oh Holy Moses, We Just Got Engaged and Have To Take 400... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 9.55.21 AM.png

Personal Shopper: Pantsuits for AL the Buttoned Up Working Lady

In response to a recent Personal Shopper post, AL wrote, among other things: "On a side note, a post about fab pantsuits for us buttoned up working ladies would be welcome!" Hello AL, I am Found of You, and I found lots of pantsuits in colors and styles to suit... [More]


Q&A A Day

Despite the fact that we write for a living, we find it hard to keep a journal going for five weeks, let alone five years. However, we're great at answering prompts, so Q&A A Day ($10) is the perfect solution. With questions ranging from silly to scintillating, we're sure to... [More]


Newly Maid Nicole Dress

So you're probably thinking, that's nice, a black dress. But this isn't just any black dress; it's one of many from Newly Maid, a company that will give you a discount on one of their dresses, like Nicole ($110-165), when you send in one of your old bridesmaid dresses. The... [More]

cocktail shaker-s.jpg

Nambé Twist Cocktail Shaker

Everything about the Nambé Twist Cocktail Shaker ($145) says something naughty to us. Contrary to what people might imagine, this ten inch shaker is just a shiny bar tool. People already think our electric wine opener is a sex toy, so might as well keep their minds in the gutter... [More]

Sweet Tooth Ring

Sweet Tooth Ring

Go ahead and indulge! This is one sweet treat that won't leave you feeling guilty. You won't break the bank and you also won't exceed your daily caloric intake. Sweet Tooth Ring ($2)... [More]


Pink Sugar Mother's Day Set

We may have missed the Mother's Day boat on this one, but the Pink Sugar Mother's Day Set ($84) is still totally worth it simply for the hair perfume. We imagine whipping our hair around like Willow Smith infusing the air with the delicious aroma of Pink Sugar. But don't... [More]


Topshop Red Scallop Hem Shorts

Frankly, we're thrilled that scallop shorts are everywhere this season. They're flattering--giving us a slim waist and flaring out slightly at the thighs for an a-line hem--and they're easily dressed up and down. We love these Red Scallop Hem Shorts ($70) at Topshop. The color is bold and rich, and... [More]

White House Black Market Lace Bolero

White House Black Market Lace Bolero

We love how so many retailers are expanding their assortment to include bridal items. One that we've fallen in love with is the White House Black Market Lace Bolero ($128). The scalloped edges and wispy eyelash fringe set this shrug apart from the others we've seen. This fun accessory is... [More]


CB2 Chandelier Rug

Deviating from the norm is always a good idea when it comes to decorating, and what's more unusual than a chandelier on your floor? This Chandelier Rug ($329-$699) from CB2 is a subtle design that'll add an unexpected pop to your room. See more rugs.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Multi Color Flower Cluster Cuff Bracelet

We're not exactly sure how this cuff bracelet ($17) is worn (okay, fine, there's a picture of it on an arm on their website, but still, does not compute), but those vintage-style, technicolor flowers sure cheer us up on a dreary day. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way... [More]

Victorias Secret Miraculous Push-Up Bra Top Dress

Victoria's Secret Miraculous Push-Up Ruched Bra Top Dress

Have a cocktail party you need to attend? Or a date night with that hottie from last weekend? We suggest you check out the Victoria's Secret Miraculous Push-Up Bra Top Dress ($88). The all-over ruching is very flattering and the dress offers maximum lift and cleavage. It instantly adds two... [More]

Shopping for Searching Learn how to hit the virtual shopping aisles at http://www.bing.com/rewards/signup/segetstarted. Remember those old cartoons that depicted a character facing a dilemma with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? If you enjoy...

Bing: Shopping for Searching

Shopping for Searching Learn how to hit the virtual shopping aisles at http://www.bing.com/rewards/signup/segetstarted. Remember those old cartoons that depicted a character facing a dilemma with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? If you enjoy shopping, here's how the dialogue goes for you: One tells... [More]


Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Collector

A hint of blush, a suggestion of berry, a smattering of shimmer. Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Collector ($170) is a bee-autiful compact inside and out. We are all a buzz with anticipation. It sure does look sweet as honey. We should be shot sometimes. Today, we're just asking for it.... [More]


Introducing.... Dear Outblush

You already come to us for help in finding the perfect chandelier earrings to go with your wedding gown, a gift for your BFF, or a truly long-wearing lipstick that won't taste like chalk.... But we're so much more than shopping. The ladies of the Outblush editorial family are all... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 8.13.04 AM.png

YOU Be the Stylist: What colorful shoes and jewelry should Kari wear with her Modcloth LBD?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]

Personal Shopper Jennie

Personal Shopper: Shoes for Jennie to rock at the wedding this weekend

Jennie writes: "Help Outblush!! I have a wedding to go to THIS weekend and I'm between these two dresses that I absolutely love - Who Wants to Be a Frillionaire Dress and There's Something About Dress in Navy. But I can't find shoes that match either anywhere!! Its hard to... [More]

Velvet Ori Top

Velvet Ori Top

The Velvet Ori Top ($78) is on our list of must-have tanks for our lazy days of summer. This gathered crossover and shirred front tank is perfect for dressing up those Daisy Dukes when we set out to run errands.... [More]


Padina Eyelash Conditioner

Ever listen to the commercial for that prescription-strength eyelash growth stimulator that a certain girl from our so called youth endorses? That stuff turns your eyes brown...irreversibly! Skip that bizarre-oh side effect and check out Padina Eyelash Conditioner ($120). We'd like to keep our hazel honeys, thank you very much.... [More]


Celebrate: Beverly Hills 90210: The Complete Series

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Roberta Chairella Ferris Wheel Hoop Earrings

Not only are these hoop earrings a stunning piece to top any outfit, the name of them alone makes us want to wear them every day to jazz up an outfit: Ferris Wheel Hoop Earrings ($88). Of course we're going to feel fun and fabulous when we toss on an... [More]


Doubtblush: Strapless Tulle Ball Gown with Print Bodice

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


Fail Whale Wall Decal

Some companies like to call out employees when they do a good job with some sort of meaningless tchotchke or award. Here's what we're going to start at Outblush HQ. When somebody effs something up, we're going to take this 3 foot wide Fail Whale Wall Graphic ($50) and stick... [More]


KeratinPerfect - Perfect Treatment Smoothing Duo

We lurve Japanese Hair Straightening but aren't so enamored with the cost. Instead, we opt for KeratinPerfect Perfect Treatment Smoothing Duo ($65). This pair takes a more South American approach to the straight hair dilemma by utilizing Brazilian Hair Smoothing techniques that will keep your tresses sleek and shiny for... [More]


Joe's Jeans Belted Bag Pant

We've been seeing a lot of paper bag waists on our bottoms this spring. And while it's not always a flattering look (umm, hello--that's a lot of fabric to be sitting at our stomachs, right?), we aren't giving up on mastering it. Thankfully the Joe's Jeans Belted Bag Pant ($63)... [More]

How To Be A Man Book

How To Be A Man Book

This should be a must-have for every guy! The How To Be A Man Book ($42) is a guide that explains everything from how to be stylish to packing your suitcase for a last-minute getaway. And most important of all, all of this handy advice comes GQ's Style Guy, Glenn... [More]


Flair New York Crane Buffet Bowl

The Flair New York Crane Buffet Bowl ($250) is one of those pieces you purchase for its beauty and not its functionality. Well, we suppose you could put food in it, but wouldn't you rather find the perfect spot in your dining room for displaying? Or better yet, use it... [More]

Personal Shopper Rosie

Personal Shopper: Vintage-looking clothing for Rosie to go with her boyfriend's muscle car

Rosie writes: "Hi! I need help finding fun, flirtly outfits to go with my boyfriend's new (old) car. He's getting a vintage muscle car, and I'm scouting cute little outfits to go with it. It's a early 70's sports car, and I'm 99% sure it's blue. I'm thinking vintage-y dresses,... [More]


'Youth' Can Do It

When you get to the point when high school reunion invitations start hitting your mail box, stock up on the 'Youth' Can Do It Set ($80) from Bliss. It takes your skin from "Oh, it really has been 20 years" to "Man, I should have totally punched your v-card in... [More]


Open/Closed Necklace

For those of you rocking the world's oldest profession, perhaps you could use this Open/Closed Necklace ($60) to indicate whether or not you're on duty. Clarification: this is also a cute necklace for those of you who aren't prostitutes. It just won't serve the same kind of purpose.... [More]


Williams Sonoma Jalapeno Pepper Roaster

Here's the thing: we have kind of a beef with kitchen gadgets that really only have one use. (Case in point.) However, the onslaught of saliva when we saw this Jalapeno Pepper Roaster ($20) was enough to convince us that we might just need to buy one of these babies.... [More]


Belabumbum Copacabana Lace Bandeau Bra

Summer calls for strapless bras! We're loving the comfortable feel of the Copacabana Lace Bandeau Bra ($34), which is lined with 100% cotton. When you throw on your favorite tube top, this is the bra you'll want underneath. Did we mention its available in a load of colors? 13 in... [More]


Leifsdottir Twisted Stripe Halter Dress

Can anyone tell us how to pronounce "Leifsdottir?" We love this Leifsdottir Twisted Stripe Halter Dress ($179), and would like to be able to, you know, not totally chop the Scandinavian designer's name to pieces. We feel compelled to master the pronunciation before we buy (in case someone asks us... [More]

Nautilus Shell Ring Bearer Pillow

Nautilus Shell Ring Bearer Pillow

For those of you planning a seaside ceremony this summer, you've got to take a look at the Nautilus Shell Ring Bearer Pillow ($38). This beautiful ring bearer pillow is made with a brown and white nautilus shell, which can be customized with whatever color ribbon you like.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: SuperMagnify Mascara

We would pay a lot for decent mascara but now we don't have to. In the Outlet department, Avon is nearly throwing away their SuperMagnify Mascara ($3). With a 5-to-1 bristle-to-lash ratio, your eyes don't stand a chance. It's like the Battle of Troy on your face. What's a Cheap... [More]


Kate Spade Westwind Drive Felice Satchel

You're fabulous, and in need of a summer tote. Raffia is a bit gauche, no? Get a woven look worthy of your striking self with the Kate Spade Westwind Drive Felice Satchel ($295). It's also available in white, but we're guessing that gets a bit too close to wicker for... [More]


McBitterson's The Beave

Look at this sweet, loving card featuring an adorable woodland creature! And on the inside it says "Some beaver loves you." Whaaaat? So, we like a good double entendre. Calm down. McBitterson's The Beave Card ($4)... [More]


Jane Iredale Starter Kit

The Jane Iredale Starter Kit ($81) works a number of ways. 1. Jump-start your makeup kit with all the essentials. 2. Pack your suitcase and toss in the box set to round out your toiletry kit. 3. Gift it to the friend in turquoise tights and rainbow platforms who doesn't... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 12.04.14 PM.png

Ice Cream Cone Chalkboard Wall Decal

"How could anyone get upset about anything when they have an Ice Cream Cone Chalkboard Wall Decal ($56) in their bedroom? Especially one that comes with sprinkle and star decals to place as they please?" ...is what you'll say next time your kid is throwing a tantrum about cheese puffs,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lime green, black, and/or white bridesmaid's shoes for Krista's brother's July wedding

Krista A. wrote: "Hi Ladies, I have a request that requires your expertise. I am a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding in July. The bridesmaids and bride-to-be went shopping for shoes this weekend, and I learned we have very different preferences when it comes to shoes. The bride would like... [More]


Land's End Swim Essentials Bandeau Bikini

Since we can't help ourselves when it comes to purchasing several swimsuits a season (hey, we like options!), we've set up some simple guidelines to follow. Does it have good reviews? Can we buy the tops and bottoms separately for a perfect fit? Is it affordable? Is it a classic... [More]


Zoya Sunshine Collection

The Zoya Sunshine Collection ($45) features six new rich and elegant shades. They are so fabulous and shimmery - they've incited song! The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine Jason Mraz - Sunshine Song Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows Cream - Sunshine of Your Love... [More]


Anne Klein 7HappyGirl Heels

We're pretty sure the reason these Anne Klein 7HappyGirl Heels ($40) have "happy girl" in their name is because they make us ladies pretty darn happy. The sexy kitten-heeled slingbacks come in black or taupe and both colors feature a subtle lizard print bow and heel. Because sometimes, a little... [More]


Animi Causa Pretzel Keyring

Because, you know, there aren't enough moments in the day when we think "hmmm, we could really go for something salty and delicious right now." This Pretzel Keyring ($15) may be the bane of our diet, but it's so much cuter than a normal carabiner, we couldn't resist. See more... [More]


My Heart Belongs To You Pillowcases

When we miss our loves, we miss them terribly. And we want them to know it even when their eyes are shut (cue creepy Sting music). My Heart Belongs to You Pillowcase ($36) say so much with very little effort. Just the way love should be.... [More]


Good Clean Love Love Oils

Spice up the bedroom/living room/kitchen/public park with these Good Clean Love Love Oils ($22). While you probably shouldn't go adding this oil to any cake batter, you should definitely mix the flavors and turn yourself into a human snack machine.... [More]


Clean Coast Wine

When things go bad for ourselves, we want to drink. When things go bad for other people, we want to help. It's the best outcome of a bad situation when we can help by drinking, which is exactly the case with Clean Coast Wine ($15). $4 from every bottle sold... [More]


Oliphant Turquoise Bauble Necklace

Forget Bootylicious. (Oh, you already did? Well, play along anyway.) We're all about baublelicious. We're sharing this new catch phrase when friends comment on the incredible awesomeness of our new Turquoise Bauble Necklace ($125) from Oliphant. It's gonna be a thing.... [More]


Floreat Eyeleted Corset Top

We're dying to get our hands on this Floreat Eyeleted Corset Top ($98). How cute and sassy will it look paired with flat leather sandals and a pair of white shorts? It's dressy enough that we can get away with wearing it to nicer summer shindigs, like grad parties, bridal... [More]


Korres Antiageing Eye Primer

We see you under eye circles, trying to ruin the hard work we put into covering you up this morning. Well in just a few shakes of a lamb's tail, we'll be able to buy the new Korres Antiageing Eye Primer ($21) and kiss your witchy ways good bye forever.... [More]


The First Annual Memorial Day-a-Palooza

Here at Outblush, we support all our troops: Men, women, deployed, garrison, gay, straight, purple, dinosaur. And we support fashion. This May, we present to you a combination of the two: Our first ever Memorial Day-a-Palooza. Below, we showcase some beautiful Memorial Day parade/party options with an accompanying charity that... [More]


Personal Shopper: Maxi Dress for Angie

Allison writes: Dearest Outblush Beauties, Love the blog, ladies...love you, actually. I'm a daily reader, and I can't thank you enough. Being a medical student means early mornings, late nights, little makeup and daily scrubs. Thanks for keeping me feeling like a girl...against all odds. Every now and then I... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 9.04.01 PM.png

Suit Up: Cheap Chic

It's almost summertime! That means sunshine, fruity drinks, exposed feet, getting into various bodies of water, camping, BBQing, vacationing, and sweating. Oh yeah... and wearing a bathing suit. Some of us don't really look forward to shopping for a suit, because we all have at least one body part we... [More]


Kissable Couture Lip Gloss

If you could have a re-do of your first kiss, how would it go? Possibly a little less chewing gum. A lot less tongue. Less tree house. Less awkward spin-the-bottle peer pressure. Maybe some more planning on both parts. A little more finesse. Probably a lot more Kissable Couture Lip... [More]


Sveika Essentials Herringbone Clutch

Show off your impeccably good taste by carrying the Sveika Essentials Herringbone Clutch ($57) wherever you go. We love the casually elegant combination of chocolate and orange peeking through the herringbone pattern. It'll look darling with a summer sundress on a weekend brunch date!... [More]


Shanna Murray Spring Sprigs & Grow Strong Tiding

Could there be a simpler and more heartfelt message to send to a little one than this Spring Sprigs & Grow Strong Tiding ($10) by Shanna Murray Illustrated Decals? It would look perfect placed above a crib, or even on the bathroom mirror for your older kiddo to see every... [More]


Go Jane Pocketed Belted Collared Romper

While the name on this Pocketed Belted Collared Romper ($41) from Go Jane isn't imaginative or clever, at least it's descriptive, right? It's also an cute, go-to summer piece, giving you an easy option for those days when you just don't feel like tearing apart your entire closet looking for... [More]


Doubtblush: Clé de Peau Beauté 'La Crème' Night Cream

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... So we Doubtblush 'em. Holy... [More]


Karen Millen Draped Mini Dress

Wowza, sexy lady! We can't wait to get this hot little Karen Millen Draped Mini Dress ($250) out on the dance floor (or at a cocktail party, dinner cruise, or to the theatre!). The draped fabric does a fantastic job at concealing some of our less desirable lumps while still... [More]


"Phillips" King Poster Bed

The "Phillips" King Poster Bed ($5599) needs a serious name overhaul - it should be QUEEN poster bed, thank you! This ornate poster bed is handcrafted of mango wood, with a bold black finish and brass accents. If the look is a bit "too much" for you - the spiral-turned... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Leather Bird of Prey Hair Pin Set

Add some whimsy to your updo with the Leather Bird of Prey Hair Pin Set ($12). These handmade leather pins feature a majestic bird and feather duo, lovely for the days when you're on the hunt (for a good bargain, for a second date, for the perfect slice of cherry... [More]


Juicy Couture Sparrow Ring

Give yourself a sweet reminder of the lesson of the sparrow with the Juicy Couture Sparrow Ring ($65). We do not have to be big to accomplish great things, nor do we have to have the loudest voice to be heard. Our greatest strength lies in numbers, so consider nabbing... [More]


Clarins Self Tanning Collection

Here at Outblush, we have an all inclusive ticket to every band wagon possible. This includes self-tanning and today we are riding into town with Clarins Self Tanning Collection ($30-42). But get your ticket fast; one piece in the collection has already sold out and another is already on back... [More]


Personal Shopper: A wedding guest dress to coordinate with Jordyn's date's dress blues

Jordyn G. wrote: "I'm attending a family wedding in June and I need help finding a dress to wear. My date will be wearing his dress blues so I would like to try to find a shade of blue similar. My search is limited due to the color and my... [More]


Sophie Theallet for Nine West Pila Flat

Oh la la! The Sophie Theallet for Nine West Pila Flat ($79) is a Parisan-inspired shoe with details to die for. Bows: always a plus. Colorfully striped fabric: unique and adventurous. Pair these babies with a simple sundress and a weekend limoncello!... [More]


Craftsman Key Plate Light

Light is the key to - the universe, good pictures, getting ready in the morning, our sanity! The Craftsman Key Plate Light ($399-599) combines keys, light, and fantastic style. Made of antique key plates and door hinges, they were rescued from old buildings and range in texture, color, and patina.... [More]


John Robshaw Textiles Madder Travel Wallet

Travel light with the Madder Travel Wallet ($40) from John Robshaw Textiles. Lugging around a big purse on vacation is a) a pain in the ass, and b) more likely to make you a target of theft. Keep the essentials in this small travel clutch (it's just perfect for some... [More]


Star Wars Zombie Glasses Set

We've totally been slacking on giving you the latest and greatest in Star Wars finds; and for that, we are deeply apologetic! We're back on our game, and give you the Star Wars Zombie Glasses Set ($27). Each of these fab four tumblers features one of your favorite Star Wars... [More]


Beauty is Life - Perfect Shine Eyes

The runway was full of bright colors, both in the clothes and on the faces, for Spring/Summer 2011. Hop on the catwalk wearing Beauty is Life Perfect Shine Eyes ($25 apiece) and you'll fit right in. And you might fit in with the town Renaissance Fair. Or Fairy Fest. Or... [More]

Vava by Joy Han June Dress

Celebrate: Vava by Joy Han June Dress

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Banchetto Handblown Glass Drink Dispenser

The Banchetto Handblown Glass Drink Dispenser ($329) takes the dispenser look to a whole new level. With a touch of decanter, and a touch of Napa, this broad, big dispenser makes the visual part of your libations just as important as their flavor. A thick recycled glass is mouth-blown without... [More]


Unisa Jemmy Sandals

Wear summer's cutest trend uniquely: on your feet. The Unisa Jemmy Sandals ($49) feature two denim roses on each sandal, which means they go with everything in your closet. Seriously, when has denim and leather (err, even faux leather) been a bad combination? Okay, we'll give you denim dress shirts... [More]


Ann Taylor Loft Pintuck Hem Cotton Voile Skirt

Every time we see a cute skirt like this Pintuck Hem Cotton Voile Skirt ($40) from Ann Taylor Loft, we wrestle with our decision to buy it. Why? On one hand, we look good and feel comfy. On the other hand: wrinkles. It's the nature of the beast. But this... [More]


Topshop Leather Flower and Bangle Set

The thing about bangle sets is that they remove all the guess work out of accessorizing. Take the Leather Flower and Bangle Set ($30) at Topshop for example. You've got several pieces with different colors, textures, and styles that can be worn separately, a few at a time, or all... [More]


POP Beauty Lid Neon

Looking for a quick way to stand out? Let your eyes do the shouting with POP Beauty Lid Neon ($15). There is no way you'll be missed with colors like lemon yellow, sweet turquoise and apple green. You'll look like a delicious rainbow sherbet that everyone will want to lick.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-03 at 11.11.23 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Prednisone Chic for Amanda

Amanda writes: "So I had to go on Prednisone for a medical condition, unfortunately one of the side effects is acne, on my chest! Gross! Could you help me find some cute summer tank tops and tees that are crew neck and high in the back that I can wear... [More]


LuLu's Daffodil Darling Yellow Top

Seriously, how reminiscent of a real flower is this Daffodil Darling Yellow Top ($41) at LuLu's? It's got lightly billowing sleeves, a pintuck bodice, and a flowing hemline. Well, all that and it's the perfect yellow daffodil color. We think we'll wear this on those cooler spring days when we're... [More]


GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

Need something to sit on your vanity stand that looks simultaneously like an mp3 player and a portable pleasure pod combined with a varsity running back's mouth guard? Check out the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device ($275). It will get that obscure and awkward job done.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 1.47.28 PM.png

You Tell Us: Luxury Silver Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes

One girl's perfect amount of bling is another girl's BO-ring is another girl's No. Effing. Way. These Luxury Silver Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes ($2000) would be just the right touch on one woman, and such a bad touch on another. We're curious about the statistical essences of your preferences, so... [More]


Hey Jute Stripe Tote

The Hey Jute Stripe Tote ($85) at Nine West screams summer to us. It's flirty and fun, bright and striped. Plus, the price is right and the bag holds all of our stuff with ease in multiple pockets. This one is just calling our names!... [More]


Golden Rules Letterpress Poster

While we've all heard that the golden rule starts with, "Do unto others...," we're going to add a little to our list of words to live by. The Golden Rules Letterpress Poster ($34) has compiled our favorites in one lovely poster. If we can master all of them, we're sure... [More]


Essie Braziliant Summer 2011

Essie had it right when they named their Summer 2011 collection Braziliant ($8 each) 'cause it rhymes with brilliant! We love, love, love bold summer colors and Braziliant (first orange shown with a touch of shimmer) is quite the hottie. Super Bossa Nova, Absolutely Shore, Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Too Too... [More]


Betsey Johnson Splash Floral Fit N Flare Dress

Have you seen Betsey Johnson's summer Fit N Flare dresses? They're adorable with their sweetheart necks, boned a-line bodices, and full skirts. And by adorable, we mean super flattering. We like the Splash Floral Fit N Flare Dress ($168, on sale). It's lightly retro with its bold turquoise and purple... [More]


How Does Your Garden Grow Enamel Flower Pots

Sooo, we cheat. If our green thumbs were...green enough, we'd have started our little gardens a few weeks ago: dealing with soil and seeds and the like. But we're going to admit that we'd rather just go to a nursery and pay a few extra dollars to take home seedlings.... [More]


Third Couture Jewelry Altea Necklace

This gorgeous Altea Necklace ($225) by Third Couture Jewelry caught our eyes immediately, thanks to the five large lapis lazuli stones, prized throughout history for their deep color and regarded as holy stones, representing truth and openness. (Yay for mini lessons on gemstones!). With a whole necklace full of lapis... [More]


Fusion Beauty Lip+Lash XL

When you need a good drag queen/Dolly Parton/bee sting victim face, Fusion Beauty Lip+Lash XL ($15) is the ticket. Sadly, the Lip Fusion is just a lip tease coming in at only .05 oz but it is enough to have you (and your make out partner[s]) coming back for more.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-02 at 1.29.31 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Maternity and Beyond Clothing for Rosalund

Rosalund writes: "Hello Outblush, Let's chat. Currently, I am: Pregnant; temporary single-mom of a toddler (husband away on a year long business trip); never really go out unless it involves zoos, parks and getting covered in rogue juice; work from home but hate wearing Soffe shorts and tanktops to drop... [More]


Henri Bendel Disturbed Stripe XL East-West Tote

Maybe "disturbed" refers to us more than anything else, but we'd like to carry this big Disturbed Stripe tote from Henri Bendel ($298). But what we'd like even more is to see if we can use the outside pattern and the foil lining to hypnotize people into breaking into song.... [More]


Dalmatian Dog Double Hook

Your pup has his own doggie door, his own doggie toys, bed, and treats, so why not give him his own Dalmatian Dog Double Hook ($66) from Bombay Duck? Hang all his favorite things there: leash, collar, and doggie bags (no one's favorite thing, but a necessary evil nonetheless!). Just... [More]


Folklore Measuring Cup Set

The Folklore Measuring Cup Set ($19) beats the heck out of those steel numbers you've been using for ages. Step up the style with these four adorable cups, each in a different color. With 60s folk-art inspired flowers and volume printed handles, they're just what the kitchen doctor ordered!... [More]


Nail Cuticle Pusher

Pet Peeves in no particular order: mysterious liquids in public transportation seats long nose hairs on any person regardless of gender crinkling plastic app running on our cell phones all night draining the battery before we even get to work long cuticle beds The Avon Nail Cuticle Pusher ($4) is... [More]

Cookie Wich Sampler Pack

Celebrate: Cookie-Wich Lovers Sampler Pack

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Heidi Merrick Odette Dress

We're not the only ones who spent our childhood assuming we'd grow up into prima ballerinas, right? And with the exception of a few weeks post Black Swan viewing, we still kinda wish we were dancers. But, there's that whole hard work and graceful part we just haven't mastered. So... [More]


Amika True Tattoo Ceramic Styler

Love the head-to-toe tattooed look but aren't committed to a lifetime of being confused with a toddler's coloring book? Amika True Tattoo Ceramic Stylers ($125 a piece) go where we are too afraid to go. Shown in Red and Yellow Tattoo, this tattooed lady sports old school style with new... [More]


Hand-Carved Pirate Rubber Stamps

Wait, what? Your arts and crafts bin doesn't yet contain Hand-Carved Pirate Rubber Stamps ($22, set of 5) by Memi the Rainbow? It should! There are so many awesome pirate possibilities. It's never too early to start planning your Talk Like a Pirate Day party. And think of how loved... [More]


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

Here we were, at last year's birthday, blowing out the candles wishing someone would invent a lip plumper for our entire face. Bobbi Brown heard our cries and offered us the Hydrating Face Cream ($50) we've been begging for. When used in the morning, it acts as a moisturizing base... [More]

Screen shot 2011-05-13 at 12.29.16 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Outfits for Kristin's Photoshoot

Kristin writes: "Hello!!! I love, love, your site. I have a bit of a pickle and was hoping you could help. I am in the process of starting my own company and am going to be having some professional photography completed (of yours truly) for my website (coming soon). I... [More]


Julie Hewett Cheekie Brush

Oh snapdragon. We were just talking about needing some new brushes. Julie Hewett Cheekie Brush ($28) is a fun alternative to the kabuki brush. Not that we don't love the all over flush look, we just sometimes prefer the precision application the Cheekie Brush gives us. In fact, this would... [More]


Dieppa Restrepo Cali Crater Oxfords

We know, we know. We've brought you plenty of oxford shoes to last you a lifetime, but you'll have to forgive us another. The Dieppa Restrepo Cali Crater Oxfords ($239) are made of supple crackle leather. Crackle, ladies, crackle! We mean, they don't make any fun noises, but they do... [More]


Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel

This Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel ($355) can be found in the Men's section of Need Supply Co., but we all know us working gals need a gorgeous office/laptop satchel, too. We don't always gravitate toward bright colors or florals! Sometimes a girl just lusts after a well-made leather bag, don't you... [More]

Chicken Dance Tee

Celebrate: Chicken Dance Tee

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Hampton Summer Sun Duo

Sunscreen can be so suffocating. Try Hampton Summer Sun Duo ($59) instead. Packaged with Continuous Mist Sunscreen SPF 35 and After Sun Moisture, you can float around the pool without the heavy weight of regular sunscreen. And we are all for skipping the weight, especially in our bathing suits. Ain't... [More]


BBQ Condiment Tray

No doubt, by now you've had a chance to dust off that grill and try your hand at a few burgers this season. It's also no doubt that you've noticed a severe lack of the necessary accoutrements. The BBQ Condiment Tray ($15) helps with this problem, keeping eight essential condiments... [More]


Portland Red Chicks Crossfront Dress

You're not your average gal, right? You dress to stand out, make great fashion statements, and break free of cookie-cutter style. Bravo! We thought of you when we saw the Portland Red Chicks Crossfront Dress ($422). It's a faux wrap dress with a head-turning pattern. And though we're weary of... [More]


Kate Spade Daycation Giraffe Cosmetic Case

Squirrels. Llamas. Giraffes. Oh my! Kate Spade Daycation Giraffe Cosmetic Case ($70)... [More]


Burt's Bees Rose Water and Glycerin Toner

Smoother, tighter and more refreshed skin? Yes please! Burt's Bees Rose Water and Glycerin Toner ($12) is gentle, light, great for sensitive skin, and smells a-mazing! After a good cleanse, simply moisten a cotton ball with toner and go to town. With roseweater, aloe vera and glycerin, gentle purification is... [More]


Sales & Steals: 5/13/11

Dun, dun, dunnnnn.... Oh, noes, it's Friday the 13th! Run for your lives, run for your - aw, okay, it's bupkus, and we know it, but it's still kind of fun to freak people out by mentioning you have a black cat or intentionally walking under a ladder on Friday... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Erin's Graduate Friends

Says Erin: "I have a question that will (hopefully!) apply to a lot of your readers for this time of year - graduation gifts! I have two of my best girlfriends graduating from Master's/Doctorate programs this spring - one is getting an MBA in Marketing, the other is now a... [More]


Antipast Sparkle Cardigan

Add a little lightweight, feminine sparkle to your summer with the Sparkle Cardigan ($320) by Japanese designers Antipast. How lovely will this look over some of your favorite sundresses? It has a sheer bodice with traditional knit sleeves and hemline, great for covering up without, well covering everything up!... [More]


Chalkboard Matryoshkas

The possibilities for these Chalkboard Matryoshkas ($16) are limitless. You could write a message with each word on one doll, draw clues to what secret treasure is hidden inside, or just make each one look like someone special in your life. Stay away from drawing people with eerily open eyes... [More]


The Vamoose Marble and Brass Necklace

It may not be marble columns, but the Marble and Brass Necklace (£39) by The Vamoose Jewellery sure gets our attention. This handmade piece features unique squares of marble offset by small brass beads. We knew marble made great countertops, floors (and columns!), but we're tickled by how lovely it... [More]

New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez T-Shirt

Celebrate: New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez T-Shirt

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


ASOS Heart Knitted Skirt

You're no off-with-her-head, off-your-rocker Queen of Hearts, but you can still look like you stepped out of Wonderland (in a good way!) in the Heart Knitted Skirt ($54) from ASOS. But uh, if you play croquet in this little number, please stay clear of flamingos and sleepy hedgehogs!... [More]


Design House Stockholm Cobalt Large Jug

Keep calm and cool in the heat of the summer by hostessing with the Cobalt Large Jug ($59) by Design House Stockholm. Imagine how much sweeter lemonade tastes when it's poured from this slightly nautical, ultra understated, totally sleek pitcher. Yeah, that's right, we bet we've got you craving lemonade... [More]


Badger Sleep Balm

So many things keep us up at night: neighbors, stress, boyfriends who poke incessantly, stress. Badger Sleep Balm ($10) entices you to sleep with the scents of rosemary, lavender and bergamot causing you to forget all about your obnoxious neighbors who go hump in the night.... [More]

Pottery Barn Margarita Stand

Pottery Barn Margarita Entertaining 2-Tier Stand

We're definitely kicking off our Memorial Day weekend with a delicious salty margarita! The Pottery Barn Margarita Entertaining 2-Tier Stand ($89) is perfect for our outdoor summer soirees. We can snack on chips with salsa while sipping our favorite margaritas.... [More]


GAP Bow Fedora

Just because you've put away your knit beanies for the season doesn't mean you can't don a cute hat! There's a ton of summertime head gear to choose from: cloches and fedoras are our favs. The Bow Fedora ($30) from GAP is a contender, thanks to the cute bow on... [More]


Personal Shopper: Zumba Gear and a Gym Bag

Outblush, I love you and you are the only one that can help me! At the cusp of the new year I vowed to take a stance towards a new me. One that involved living a healthier lifestyle, staying upbeat, and most of all keeping positive. I have taken up... [More]


Amour Necklace

What's more beautiful than love? Well, nothing. But the Amour Necklace ($1150) comes pretty darn close. This gorgeous 14k gold & pavé diamond necklace features a hand-drawn script, and hangs from a 16" chain. Sadly, it might last longer than that love.... [More]


Zombie Cupcakes: From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake Corpses

What happens when of the two biggest trends to hit our streets collide? Our heads explode! Well, not quite. But the super cool book, Zombie Cupcakes: From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake Corpses ($10) happens. Craft a legion of edible undead with detailed instructions for 16 cupcake... [More]


Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits

And a lovestruck Romeo sings the streets a serenade, Laying everybody low with a love song that he made, Finds a convenient streetlight, steps out of the shade, says something like "You and me babe, how 'bout it?" Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits ($12)... [More]


L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow just got a zillion times easier! The L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow ($10) is a necessity for the cosmetically challenged divas. This pretty eyeshadow palette is equipped with a unique applicator that defines and highlights your peepers in a single sweep - you may need to do a little... [More]

Lobster Roll Shorts

Lobster Roll Shorts

Summer is upon us and we can't wait to frolick in the sand! The Lobster Roll Shorts ($98) are on our must-have list. These classic five-pocket denim shorts are adorned with an adorable embroidered lobster. You'll find us sitting on the dock of the bay waiting for our lobster and... [More]


Doubtblush: Chinese Laundry Bright-Multi Real Pumps

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We almost like these Chinese... [More]


Bayan Hippo Sailor Tote Bag

Just picture how cute this Sailor Tote Bag ($33) by Bayan Hippo will look on your arm at the beach. Especially if you've got one of those adorable vintage polka dot swimsuits we're seeing everywhere! This bag is pure nautical-themed, right down to the stripes and rope handles. But it... [More]