Personal Shopper: A May Graduation Ensemble for Brianna N.

Brianna writes: "Hi Outblush staff! I love checking your blog and looking at all the wonderful things you guys dig up from the web. I am graduating from SDSU in May and finally getting my Bachelors degree, and want to look fabulous for the occasion. I Would love a brightly... [More]


Bliss Blush: Non-traditional Veil Alternatives

Wedding season is right around the corner, and we're looking out for our engaged girls. You have more important things to do than look for toasting flutes or find the perfect pair of backup flats for dancing the night away. Let us round up some detail pieces for your big... [More]


Disney Black & White Medium Boat Tote

Our readers are the best, and it's at the request of two lovely readers, Dixie and Alice, that we share with you the delightful Harveys Seatbelt Bags. Problem is ladies, how in the world could we pick just one? With the Lola Ruffle in all its pomp and glam, the... [More]

Gourmet Seafood Lobster Clambake

Celebrate: Gourmet Seafood Lobster Clambake

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]



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J. Crew Ruched and Knotted Twist-Front Tank

J. Crew Ruched and Knotted Twist-Front Tank

Look like a pin-up girl when you hit the beach this summer! We are digging the J. Crew Ruched and Knotted Twist-Front Tank ($88). This glam-girl swimsuit will flatter your figure with its ruching, lightly padded cups, removable halter straps and boning. This hot little number is available in available... [More]


Flourish Chalkboard Decal

We love this whole chalkboard phenomena for random post-its around the house, but it reminds us a little too much of our less-than-stellar school years. The Flourish Chalkboard Decal ($38) is a far enough departure from the traditional chalkboards (that insight nightmares), and offers a jazzed up way to remember... [More]


Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Crème

While this may sound like a delicious way to cap off a Sunday brunch with the girls, Laura Mercier's Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Crème ($55) is actually a luscious treat for your skin. Light and fluffy, the soufflé doesn't coat your skin in grease. It absorbs quickly but leaves... [More]


Suede Roll Up Backgammon

A roll and go game for your picnic or lazy Saturdays, the Suede Roll Up Backgammon (£50) is perfect for the impending warmer months. Two snaps provide secure closure, and a soft suede body allows the set to be rolled for easy storage. The board features leather points in alternating... [More]


Personal Shopper: Ethnic Necklace worn by Yaya Dacosta for Liz

Liz writes: "Hello Outblush! Your site is a godsend! Truly it has been monumentally helpful to me and all my friends! Hoping you can help me out with a personal shopper request? I recently watched the movie "The Kids are Alright" and ever since have been searching high and low... [More]

BB Dakota Geraldine Dress

BB Dakota Geraldine Bustier Mist Dress

If you're like us, we adore flirty little frocks. We're loving the BB Dakota Geraldine Bustier Mist Dress ($87). The tiered layer skirt and fitted bustier top make this dress that much more feminine. This is definitely a contender for Easter.... [More]


Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later

Be still, our high school beating hearts... Jessica and Elizabeth... ALL GROWN UP! Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later ($12) takes us back to SV, and all the juicy complications that come with adulthood. Love, loss, betrayal, divorce, careers... we can't believe Francine Pascal has sucked us in again... and... [More]


iSlice Stainless Steel Flat Scissors

For those of you that appreciate the finer tools in life, may we suggest the iSlice Stainless Steel Flat Scissors ($30). Made of Japanese stainless steel, these high quality, ultra sharp scissors, will last for many, many years. These guys are made for lefties and righties, and great for your... [More]


Good Genes

"How do you stay so thin? Do you work out?" "Nope." "How is your skin so fabulous, you must use a million products." "Nope. Guess it's just good genes." Oh how we envy those kinds of gals, but the Good Genes ($105) treatment is the answer for the rest of... [More]


Pulp Pillow

Vincent: And you know what they call a... a... a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? Jules: They don't call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese? Vincent: No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn't know what the f$%K a Quarter Pounder is. Jules: Then what do they call... [More]


Punch Label Custom Name Necklace

A customizable necklace for under $20, get outta here! We're for serious. The Punch Label Custom Name Necklace ($13) is a super cute vintage-inspired necklace on a brass backed charm. It hangs from a long thin silver-toned chain, and is perfect for everyday wear. Heck, get tons and have whatever... [More]

dorothy perkins dress-s.jpg

Dorothy Perkins Black Pleat Rose Dress

The Dorothy Perkins Black Pleat Rose Dress ($62) is potentially the sweetest LBD we've ever seen. The tightly pleated bodice, rose corsage skirt, and waist bow make it feel so light, lovely, and luxurious. Love it!... [More]



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Campfire Incense Burner

Let's face it, a smell other than trash, kitty litter, or other assorted nonsense, would do your pad some good. Stoke the flames, and take a trip back to your high school years of patchouli, with the Campfire Incense Burner ($39). A little plot ringed with stones - you can... [More]


Personal Shopper: Size 11 flats for Kiki's friend's wedding

Kiki wrote, "Personal Shopper: Outblush, Outblush, Outblush! What would we do without you? One of my very good friends is getting married and we are on the hunt for shoes in a size 11. She needs to wear flats - no heel at all. We like the pair that I... [More]



Ohhh, kitchen gadgets melt our butter, or in this case, juice our lemons. No wait, that's not right. Anywho, Citrange (€15) is a double sided hand juicer that you place directly on your glass. The rounded side is for big oranges and grapefruits and the pointy side is for lemons... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 3.16.05 PM.png

Cheap Thrill: Graphic Design iPhone 4 Case

If you're the kind of gal who likes to match, match, match, you'll need new cell phone cases to match all your spring outfits. The Graphic Design Case for Apple iPhone 4 ($1, in multiple styles) is only a buck, and it has pretty springtime flowers on it. You're welcome.... [More]


Irreverent Beer Pints

Once in our blue moon or wishes becomes the world's command. Such is the case with the Irreverent Beer Pints ($7). One of our favorite some e-cards has been turned into a functional piece, for our drinking pleasure. "I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios" is printed... [More]

rose skirt fall-s.jpg

Rose Border Print Skirt

We're booking the bold floral on the Rose Border Print Skirt ($25) for Fall (even though Spring just started!). The print is so rich, we thought it was fully embroidered at first. The lux old lady look gets a slap in the face with a zany asymmetrical zebra panel. Usually... [More]


Big Girl Underpants

We all have those days where we need a little more pep in our step, some fire under our butts, to put on our big girl panties and conquer the world. Well looky what we've found - real deal Big Girl Underpants ($13)! Made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex,... [More]


Block Lumin LED Lamps

Make your house ready for a landing, or just light the path to your door with the Block Lumin LED Lamps (£36). Brushed aluminum with colored acrylic tops make these lights look other worldly. Place them anywhere you need some illumination - next to tables, in gardens, or even in... [More]


Roost Puzzle Serving Board

Puzzling, how we seem to be the only ones running around like chickens with our heads cut off when it comes to company and entertaining. Put the troops to work, have them distribute your tasty treats on the Roost Puzzle Serving Board ($54). This fun server with interlocking pieces is... [More]

carabola earrings-s.jpg

Carambola Earrings

For gals carrying the safari style torch, try on the Carambola Earrings ($59-79). You KNOW they look perfect with your animal prints AND your tan shirt dresses. Shut up, these are great.... [More]



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starlight clutch-s.jpg

Silk Starlight Clutch

Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. Our wish? Snag the glittering Silk Starlight Clutch ($135).... [More]


Urban Decay Naked Palette

If you haven't read all about it, the color story's been nude for a while now. Donning taupe, tan, and sand gets boring, but being scantily clad is the best kind of scandalous. It works both ways; the warmer it get's the lighter our makeup should be. We dare you... [More]


Personal Shopper: April Fool's Day Birthday Gifts for Brittney's Mom

Says Brittney: "I know i'm kinda late but my mom's birthday is on April Fools Day. I normally would have a gift for her by now but i feel like i've gottten her every gift on this planet from jewelry to gag gifts. I want something unique but just cant... [More]

everyday minerals-s.jpg

Everyday Minerals Cascading Metallic Eye Shadow Kit

For non-rocker chicks, pulling off hardcore smoky eyes is tough. Have your glam cake and eat it too with the shimmery gradients in the Everyday Minerals Cascading Metallic Eye Shadow Kit ($28). Not only does this pack a sparkly punch, but it gives us all the tools we need, including... [More]

Magdid Madison Doctor Satchel

Celebrate: Magdid Madison Doctor Satchel

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]

vintage sweater-s.jpg

80s Native Print Jacket

Ladies, if you don't pair the 80s Native Print Jacket ($25) with a sateen bustier and terrible pleather shorts, it would be cute. We'd suggest slim fitting cargoes and a deep-v tee for a sportier look. Throw some ankle booties into the mix, and sound the cute outfit alert.... [More]


Primo Oval Junior Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Modeled after the Japanese Kamado grills, the Primo Oval Junior Ceramic Charcoal Grill ($699) is a wonder. With the ability to maintain a wide range of temperatures, an efficient user of charcoal and wood, heavy insulation to capture heat and maintain moisture, this grill is a dream. It features a... [More]


Ojon Restorative Smoothing Glaze

Full of Ojon oil ("nature's golden elixir"), Macadamia nut oil and Murumuru butter, Ojon Restorative Smoothing Glaze ($26) promises to detangle and increase shine by 98%. It is a shine-booster, leave-in-moisturizer and hair smoother all in one. It's the personal assistant you have always wanted but she is only available... [More]


Baldan Ankle Strap Pump

If we were from Paris, we would say, "Oooh la la la la lala." Yeah, the Baldan Ankle Strap Pump ($450) are that cute. These gorgeous pointed gray pumps with leather sole and suede, and wrap around leather ankle straps are divine. Our only worry, we might slip out the... [More]


MZ Wallace Natural Canvas Ava

A disco diva and a sailor walk into a bar... 9 months later, this shiny striped MZ Wallace Natural Canvas Ava ($175) hits the shelves, just in time for spring.... [More]


The Atlas Giant Floor Lamp

The Atlas Giant Floor Lamp (£145) is the Godfather of reading lamps, although we're a little afraid of its power. The giant lamp has adjustable height and will make a hell of a statement in your living room. Heck, you could probably throw it in the garage for a work... [More]


Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush

From the Summer 2011 Bronze Goddess Collection, Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush ($34) is winning! Worn as bronzer or blush, your bound to maintain that sunkissed appearance all year long. Paired with their blush brush , you will be bi-winning!... [More]

organix hoop earring-s.jpg

Organic Hoop Earrings

Meander off the beaten path with the Organic Hoop Earrings ($29) by JLC. Heavy round hoops are so done for! Step in to the modern age with the soft silver curve of these brushed silver earrings.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Outfits to go with Fern's new skirt

Fern writes: "I have this skirt from Promod, that I absolutely adore, but am having problems finding a top to match it. Please help me?" Fern, here are three outfits with your lovely and lacy new skirt! Fern's Guipure trim skirt from Promod- No longer available #1 Bow Tie Sweater... [More]


Personal Shopper: A dress for Kristie to wear to her friend's April bridal shower at the LA Biltmore Hotel

Kristie wrote, "Hey Outblush! I've been following you guys for at least 3 years now and you guys always have the best cutesy/awesome/pretty things a girl could ever want! I need your help in picking a pretty dress to wear to my roommate's bridal shower in April! It's going to... [More]


The Original Mane 'n Tail Shampoo

This is not a joke and we're absolutely serious. This is some of the best shampoo we have used in our lives. As kids, we remember bathing our much-too-long locks with The Original Mane 'n Tail Shampoo ($4). It cleans so completley without leaving any residue behind but manages to... [More]

wall mirror set-s.jpg

Elements Tree Mirror Hooks

Delicate branches in the corners of the Elements Tree Mirror Hooks ($16 for three) give these simple square mirrors some character. If you're still searching for that perfect statement necklace display piece, these are great. Mixing mini mirrors in with your bedroom decor is just a good idea all around.... [More]


Charles Bradley: No Time For Dreaming

If you haven't had the privilege of hearing Charles Bradley: No Time For Dreaming ($5), you're in for a treat ladies. His bio reads like a heart-wrenching tale of a man who has been through hell, but always had music. After seeing James Brown at The Apollo when he was... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Clutch

Not only is this beautiful leather bag an instant mood lifter with its red hue, you can feel good about your purchase in that warm fuzzy way. $100 of the purchase of Rebecca Minkoff's M.A.C. Clutch ($295) will be donated to the Red Cross to aid in continued relief efforts... [More]


Spacejunk Shelf Unit

The Spacejunk Shelf Unit ($859) is the perfect ode to the Death Star, without being too obvious. This massive sculptural wall unit is available in Plywood or composite wood panel. The unit can be hung on the wall using keyhole fittings and screws. CDs, DVDs, books, tchotchkes - now all... [More]


Wine Tote Sling

We have the perfect formula for an afternoon hike - you, a friend, and a bottle of wine, slung across your shoulder in the Wine Tote Sling ($16). This insulated wine tote features an adjustable strap, to set just the right length. Perfect for reds or whites, the back unzips... [More]


Doubtblush: Litter 3-Tier Garter

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Dior - Dior Addict Lipstick

Contestant: Alex, I'll take Exquisite Lip Color for $400. Alex Trebec: Released for Spring 2011, this lipstick line of 44 new shades has less wax, more color and floats like a pink, feminine cloud of luxury on your lips. Contestant: What is Dior's new Dior Addict Lipstick lineup ($28)? Alex... [More]

Custom Crystal Bra

Custom Crystal Bra

For the glitter goddess that has it all and loves to be noticed....we bring you the bombshell of all bras. The Custom Crystal Bra ($460) is bedazzled with loads of authentic Swarovski crystals. The bra itself is a Victoria's Secret Very Sexy bra, which is available in A to DD... [More]


Photographic Memory Print

If given our choices of super-powers, photographic memory might be close to the top. Seriously, how much time do we waste trying to find things we've lost, remember things we've forgotten, or trying to place where we've seen a hunky actor before? We love the interpretation of our wicked new... [More]


Elk Cornflower Blue Plate Necklace

We can always justify a new bauble that won't break the bank. This Cornflower Blue Plate Necklace ($30) will breathe some new life into our wardrobe for spring. That same white tank and black cardigan will barely be recognizable when we top them with beautiful blue bubbles!... [More]

Psych Out Thigh High Leggings

Psych Out Thigh High Leggings

Love the look of sexy thigh highs, but hate the way they slither down your gams as the day goes on? We stumbled upon the Psych Out Thigh High Leggings ($69), which offer the sexiness of thigh highs combined with the comfort of leggings.... [More]


Pink Chrome Tufted Chairs

Holy Barbie-Girl! True or false, our favorite blonde, plastic would sooo have a pair of these Pink Chrome Tufted Chairs ($1400) in her dream house. This retro chic chair features a rounded back, half moon base and hand tufted seat and back. The base is original, and the seat has... [More]


Dwell Studio Hedgerow Persimmon Duvet Set

Pull off those flannel sheets, open the curtains, and lighten the mood in your bedroom with a new summer duvet. We like the Hedgerow Persimmon Duvet Set ($98, on sale!) by Dwell Studio. It's soft and light with a good dose of color--that burnt orange isn't something we'd normally settle... [More]


Anthropologie Plunging Halter Maillot

When we were young and foolish, we thought skimpy bikinis were the only sexy swimwear. Now that we're no longer rocking the bod of an 18 year old older and wiser, we know that a suit like this Plunging Halter Maillot ($178) will drop just as many jaws as many... [More]


Betsey Johnson Vintage Fragrance Spray

If you're in need of an effortless perfume that doesn't run co-workers or small children off, then feast your nose on Betsey Johnson's Vintage Fragrance Spray ($55). Classic but bright, the mandarin and freesia notes don't overpower your day with headache inducing aromas. Sadly, it only comes in 50mL but... [More]

funky bird house-s.jpg

Funky Bird House

Spring out with the Funky Bird House ($40) in the garden. This sturdy bird shaped wooded house will keep cute feathered friends dry in light seasonal showers. Love the colors - we should probably get a feeder to match.... [More]


Lemlem Afar Beach Bag

Big enough for all the beach essentials: suit, towel, sunblock, guilty pleasure novel, bottle of wine(?), the Afar Beach Bag ($188) at Lemlem does its job in style. Plus, we're all about bright colors at the beach, especially since they help us find our way back to our spot amongst... [More]


Aurora Necklace

If you've never been fond of the whole "granola earth mother vibe", but still consider yourself a nature lover, show your refined style with the Aurora Necklace ($92). Featuring a stunning amethyst stalactite slice, edged in 24 k gold, and hanging from 18 inches of gold filled chain - it's... [More]


NobleTonic 01

A big stack of pancakes is so fabulous after a night of serious drinking. If you're a believer in the 'hair of the dog' philosophy, Tonic 01: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup ($25) might appeal to you. High quality maple syrup is matured in bourbon barrels with just a... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish

Love the look of Katy Perry's Black Shatter Polish? We do too! But it's spring, darn it, and we want some light, fun nails! Enter the Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish ($4, shown in sky). Crackle your polish away in a spectrum of colors, from blues to greens to pinks.... [More]


F**k Death Pennant

This Outblush editor spit coffee out of her mouth while reading the description of the F**k Death Pennant ($65), so we thought we'd share. "Hi! Roberta? I think we went to University together. Good to see you. How have you been? Oh, me? I'm just fighting the Reaper and working... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses

Hey, hey, hey Outblushers, it's time once again for a word from our resident photo-know-it-all, Meggan Haller. Meggan and her husband Jeff, the owners of Keyhole Photo, serve up gorgeous wedding and documentary photography, and recently won the 2010 Bride's Choice Awards from WeddingWire.com. Want more? Check out their blog,... [More]


Personal Shopper: A 34DDD swimsuit for Leigh F.

Leigh F. wrote, "I have a small (large) problem with my summer wardrobe. It comes in the form of a nonexistent bathing-suit. I have a 34DDD bra size and cannot find anything that will fit. I would love to be able to actually go to pool this summer. It would... [More]

Mandalay Illusion Dress

Celebrate: Mandalay Illusion Dress

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]

J. Crew Mini Mesh Supernova Necklace

J. Crew Mini Mesh Supernova Necklace

The J. Crew Mini Mesh Supernova Necklace ($45) has a retro disco feel that we adore. Pair the antique gold mesh chain bib necklace with a white tank and crisp white jeans for a chic look .... [More]


Sseko Starboard Sandal

Sseko isn't just a brand; they are an organization with a mission to help Ugandan women make a life for themselves. They employ women during their 9-month break between secondary school and university allowing them to earn tuition money so they can later become doctors, teachers and lawyers. The organization... [More]


ASOS Galactic Rainbow Smudge Print Dress

It's not often that an item makes us stop dead in our internet tracks. But that's exactly what happened when we saw the Galactic Rainbow Smudge Print Dress ($99) by ASOS. First of all, it's actually in our budget. That's one giant bonus right there! Second, it's breathtaking. And though... [More]


Man Saver App

We can't help but laugh at the Man Saver App ($FREE). Designed to protect men from O.F.I.R.D.S., Often Forgotten Important Relational Dates Syndrome. Your man simply enters the beginning date of your dating, or marriage, and every relational dates comes to his phone with push notifications 5 days before, as... [More]

Crocus Petite Vase

Crocus Petite Vase

The Crocus Petite Vase ($18) is the perfect little vase for your nightstand. Plus it will serve as more incentive for your guy to surprise you with flowers every now and then.... [More]


FRED Humidifier

Unless the FRED Humidifier ($100) says, "Take me to your leader," don't be afraid, just embrace him. This cool little alien humidifier offers sweet design with hot and clean steam to help during the dry air seasons. With two power settings and a quiet operation, Fred goes to work in... [More]


Josie Maran Blemishes R Gone Acne Clearing Pads

Ditch those face cleansing pads you bought in high school and move it on up to Josie Maran Blemishes R Gone Acne Clearing Pads ($28). Made without harsh drying chemicals, Josie Maran products are infused with argan oil, a tree oil found in Morocco proven to naturally balance your skin's... [More]


Bertie Kazbek Heavy Jewelled Sandals

We love the funky elegance of these leather Bertie Kazbek Heavy Jewelled Sandals ($135). Though the name is kind of deceptive. We're not seeing any jewels adorning these lovelies, but rather seed and stone beads, and sequins. They're just as pretty as any jewel, but in a more organic way.... [More]


Eat Good Food, Drink Good Beer

Eat Good Food, Drink Good Beer ($22). Shoot. You ain't gotta tell us twice!... [More]


Alexander Wang Cotton Mesh Tank Dress

At first, we thought maybe this was a little much for our tastes. And then we viewed it in alternate views, enlarged the detailing and realized how flattering this slinky number is and all agreed: Alexander Wang's Cotton Mesh Tank Dress ($450) is the "Bitch, Can't Handle This" dress of... [More]


Vintage Box Camera Clock

Photo gals. Vintage gals. Antique gals. The Vintage Box Camera Clock ($145) works on so many levels. Created by Minnesota artist Debra Dresler, this fun clock gives new life to an old clock, as functional art. We'll blame her for not being able to get "Sure Shot" out of our... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Po-om-po Strawberry Mini Envelopes

Hand-written correspondence never looked so sweet! If the Po-om-po Strawberry Mini Envelopes ($4 for set of five) won't get you searching for a snail mail pen pal, then we don't know what will! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items... [More]


Personal Shopper: A teal, purple, or green gown for Joanna's godmother to wear to her niece's wedding

Joanna wrote, "Hello, Outblush! I am relatively new to your blog, and LOVE it! I see you help ladies every day find what they are looking for, so I hope you can help my god mother out because I write to you on her behalf! She is an adorable and... [More]


Zoya Nail Polish in Natalie

We've always been big fans of Zoya Nail Polish, and our new obsession is one of their best selling colors, Natalie ($8). Its a warm tone that works well with neutral colors and browns. It has a bit of an orange undertone, which is one of this spring's trendy accent... [More]


Toddy Smart Cloth

That shiny touch screen device you have is great until you can't read an e-mail on it because it's so covered in fingerprints and smudges. Instead of scratching the surface by cleaning it with whatever's handy (we're betting 99% of the time that's your shirt or a tissue), keep a... [More]


Doubtblush: Beyond the Valley 3D Bird Print Dress

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We can't help but thinking... [More]


Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner

Normally, we run screaming from our vacuum cleaner. We simply can't figure out why it only works on days we aren't in the house. But this vacuum could change things. Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner ($45) loosens blackheads while removing oil from your pores, allowing them to shrink... [More]


Dizzy Cute Sandal

Our yearly trip to Old Navy to stock up on flip-flops, come the first sign of Spring, might be put on hold this year. With the finding of the Dizzy Cute Sandal ($35) we might replace our old stand-bys. These thong sandals with oversized side bow are just right for... [More]


Laga Percaya Embroidered Handbag

If you need a handbag for spring that's a little livelier than the black tote that saw you through the winter, but you want it to actually not clash with the colors in your awesome new wardrobe, you ought to consider the Percaya handbag from Laga ($137). It's available in... [More]


Star Wars Marshmallow Lollipops

Sugar shocked from eating my head, you'll be. Thanks Yoda. We can always count on you for words of wisdom... And now, a sugar high, too. Star Wars Marshmallow Lollipops ($3).... [More]


Me & Arrow Beach Bag

No frills. No fuss. Just good old design and function. The Me & Arrow Beach Bag ($142) is made of 100% natural cotton with cotton rope straps. We can picture ourselves biking to the beach for years to come with this bag slung over our shoulder, only getting better with... [More]


Woof Woof Water Bottle

The Woof Woof Water Bottle ($20) is a multi-tasker extraordinaire. Hold water in the top, and whatever you don't want to carry in the bottom. Not using the bottom? Turn it into a drinking cup for your pup. Lightweight and made of stainless steel, this double duty pro is also... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-29 at 8.38.08 AM.png

Personal Shopper: Waterproof Flats for Chelsea

Chelsea writes: "Hi there! I'm on the hunt for a pair of shoes I'm not sure exisits... waterproof flats. I'd like to avoid the rain boot booties/sneakers look and find something more in the "jelly flats" category, but that are made for rainy weather. I usually wear a steady size... [More]


Mac Os X Shortcuts Poster

So that's what the command button is for?! Force quit... there you are! The Mac Os X Shortcuts Poster ($20) is a life saver. Where was this when we were in college?... [More]


Siggi's Fat-Free Icelandic Skyr Yogurt

When we first dipped our spoons into Siggi's Fat-Free Icelandic Skyr Yogurt ($2), we knew we had to tell you about it. But we bought it at our local grocery mart, and couldn't find it being sold on the internets anywhere! THEN, we learned about Amazon Fresh, an easy way... [More]


Fatboy Knapsack Brabants Bont

Like we need a reason to go on a picnic, but if we did, purchasing the Fatboy Knapsack Brabants Bont ($149), would be a pretty darn good one. From the über cool kids at Fatboy, comes the ultimate in picnic gear. Picture a magical knapsack from which you can retrieve... [More]

coty powder-s.jpg

Emeraude By Coty Dusting Powder

We're hearing about 1920s parties from so many OB readers, we figured, let's help 'em go all out with this flapper thing. Emeraude Dusting Powder ($15) was launched by Coty in 1921. Dust on an exotic bouquet of flowery citrus and spicy sandalwood and revive a roaring good time.... [More]


Christy Honeymoon Set

Not sure what to pack for your honeymoon? We're sure your soon-to-be hubby wouldn't mind if you only packed the Christy Honeymoon Set ($109 on sale).... [More]

Hanro Draped Tank Gown

Hanro Draped Tank Gown

Hanro is known for their luxurious fabrics and simple silhouettes. The Hanro Draped Tank Gown ($132) may be simple, but its a piece of sleepwear that you won't want to take off in the morning. Best of all, you can run outside and grab the morning newspaper without the neighbors... [More]


Suck UK Touch Wood

In our modern, techno, futuristic world it's becoming increasingly more challenging to find things made of actual wood. It's an aesthetic issue, but beyond that, we're having a hard time being our superstitious selves when we say "knock on wood" - there simply isn't any to be found! Touch Wood... [More]


Restoration Hardware Vintage Vine 6-Arm Chandelier

It may be meant for baby or child but what snot-nosed, demon-faced second-grader deserves such a beautiful, elegant, glittery masterpiece? Restoration Hardware makes us swoon with this Vintage Vine 6-Arm Chandelier ($229). This would work beautifully over our imaginary vanity, dangled above our make-believe eight seat dining room table or... [More]

Hype Mandin Shoulder Bag

Hype Mandin Shoulder Bag

You either love or hate snakeskin, right? Well we're actually liking the Hype Mandin Shoulder Bag ($265 on sale), which features a snake-print leather. This exotic shoulder bag has a pleated body and silver hardware. We personally love the way the top of this bag dips, which offers very easy... [More]


Morrison Coco Dress

This light and fresh frock is going to be a go-to in our summer wardrobe, but in the mean time, we're pairing the Morrison Coco Dress ($119, on sale) with leggings and a cardi until the temp gets above 65. If you're in the market for something with a little... [More]


Hard Candy Glow All the Way Instant Bronzer and Gradual Self-Tanner

Face it. Some of us are pale as alabaster. This winter has been particularly brutal and the recession hasn't made it easy to fake bake at the salon. Hard Candy has stepped in to save the day with their Glow All the Way - Instant Bronzer and Gradual Self-Tanner ($8).... [More]

Personal Shopper Stephanie  Honeymoon

Personal Shopper: Chic Ensembles for Stephanie's Thai Dream Honeymoon

Stephanie writes: "Hello Lovely Ladies, I've been reading your blog for about three years now and I check it daily. I love love love all you gals do and I'm in need of some help for my upcoming honeymoon. I read through the bios and I was hoping Carlota could... [More]


Outblush Book Club: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

On a winter night in 1964, a blizzard forces Dr. David Henry, an orthopedist, to deliver his own twins with only the aid of a nurse. The first twin, a boy, is born healthy, but he knows immediately that something isn't right with the second; a little girl with eyes... [More]

All Good in the Flavor-hood Tote

All Good in the Flavor-hood Tote

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood rather flavor-hood. Pack the All Good in the Flavor-hood Tote ($13) with all of your favorite snacks - croissants, chocolate chip cookies, bubble gum and Arnold Palmer tee.... [More]


EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone 5 Brush Set

EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone 5 Brush Set ($22) is a good way to accomplish a lot of things at once: save the planet by endorsing a product that is made of earth friendly elements, support the 1% For The Planet organization and get a rocking new set of brushes plus... [More]


Ark & Co Pretty Pink Jumpsuit

The Ark & Co Pretty Pink Jumpsuit ($53) is one of the main reasons we can't wait for spring to hurry up and, well, spring on us! We need some soft, green grass, a shining sun, and little flower buds around us as we debut this cute little romper. Even... [More]


J. Fold Business Card Holder

Ohhh, how we love funky twists on professional town! The J. Fold Business Card Holder (£35) is a fun way to showcase your calling cards, as you whip them out for potential clients and contacts. This horizontal flip top card holder case is made of 100% top grain leather and... [More]


Decoy Lab Maple Cutout Coasters

You know the old adage, "True beauty lies in simplicity?" Who thought it'd apply to coasters? These Maple Cutout Coasters ($24, set of 4) by Decoy Lab are the picture of simple beauty. No flashy monograms, no bold colors. Just rounded edges, maple veneer, and cutout patterns adorned with tiny... [More]

Jakuo Ring-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: JanKuo Cocktail Ring

Texture addicts will flip for the JanKuo Cocktail Ring ($10). It's like a pile of antique silver twigs stuffed onto a ring. Whaddaya get? A big silver statement. Love. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including... [More]


Seychelles Point of No Return Heels

Swathe your feet in springtime fabric with the Seychelles Point of No Return Heels ($110). Not for the conservative shoe wearer, these heels are a definite statement piece. And that statement is, "Spring has sprung!" Just don't wear them during all those April showers or these fabric May flowers may... [More]


Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D may not have the best taste all the time (read: Jesse James, Alex Orbison, Nikki Sixx) but she got the True Romance Eyeshadow Palette ($34) right. Shown here in Truth, it features peaches, plums and limes. Other palettes like Ludwig showcase neutral browns while Metal Orchestra contains... [More]

Fantasia Asscher-Cut Ring

Fantasia Asscher-Cut Ring

Even if this beauty is a faux....we're still in love! There is no other word for the Fantasia Asscher-Cut Ring ($275 on sale) than exquisite. This beautiful ring is set in 18-karat gold vermeil. It will surely turn heads the next time you rock this rock.... [More]


Teen Wolf Blu-ray

Just say the words "Young Michael J. Fox," and we're sooo there. Like, totally! B-movie wonder, cult classic, whatever you call it, Teen Wolf Blu-ray ($14) is movie magic. The struggles of a young teen are compounded as he realizes he's victim of a semi-generational wolf curse. It's cheesy and... [More]


Campo Marzio Measuring Tapes

Who knew getting your measure on could be so pretty? With the Campo Marzio Measuring Tapes ($10) you'll no longer have to guess at your eBay measurements. These handy measuring tapes feature a retractable tape that extends to a maximum of 60 inches. The little round case fits easily into... [More]


Personal Shopper: Perfect Ballet Flats for Laura

Laura writes: Another dedicated fan with a personal shopper request. So I'm in search of the perfect pair of ballet flats. My absolute max budget would be $150, but I'm pretty cheap so preferably under $100 for one pair. I love bows on the front, and colors that match with... [More]


Pearls Trivet

It's not often we use a trivet, but you know that if we were going to bust one out, of course we'd want it to look like jewelry! This Pearls Trivet ($90) makes us wonder if Wilma Flintstone had a secondary use for that chunky necklace.... [More]


West Elm Woven Drink Bucket

Ugly plastic coolers are so yesteryear! Get a little beach fancy with the Woven Drink Bucket ($59) from West Elm. The woven seagrass exterior houses a removable galvanized iron insert that keeps your drinks chilled (with the addition of ice, of course!). Large enough for chilling a few bottles of... [More]


Nixon The Scarlet Leather Watch

The Scarlet Leather Watch ($130) in gold and white by Nixon is the picture of femininity. It's dainty, always on time (HA!), and wears well with just about everything. It's also strong enough to stand up to a little bit of rain or water splashes, so long as you don't... [More]

Magnum Double Caramel Bar

Celebrate: Magnum Double Caramel Bar

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Kor Hydration Vessels

The Kor Hydration Vessel ($30) is beautiful to look at, helps you save the planet, and hydrates you while you work out or while you're at work. Blah, blah, blah. Seriously, we love this because "hydration vessel" sounds way more high tech than "water bottle", like we're on BSG or... [More]


Barefoot Venus Sugar Scrub

Barefoot Venus Sugar Scrub ($21) is just what the doctor ordered this spring. Exfoliate away winter's death grip on your skin with sugar crystals, healing oils and the delicious scent of honeydew. Perfect for your toesies or the whole bod, this scrub is sure to revive you.... [More]


The Tilde Bag

Seat belts. They protect us from danger on the road. Seat belts. They protect our phone, wallet, keys, makeup, etc., from our clumsy ways. The Tilde Bag ($70) is a unique bag fashioned from seatbelt webbing. Super strong and sure to make a statement, it's fully lined, has a zip... [More]

Heart Tenor Ukelele

Heart Tenor Ukelele

It doesn't get any more romantic than the Heart Tenor Ukelele ($520). Any guy would love to have his lady serenade him with a sweet ballad strumming her unique ukelele.... [More]

If You Cant Stand the Heat Tray

If You Can't Stand The Heat Tray

If you can't stand the heat, you know what they say....get out of the kitchen! This melamine tray is a very cool housewarming gift for the nervous cooker in your life. If You Can't Stand The Heat Tray ($16).... [More]


Thierry Mugler Womanity

Opening with tangy citrus and sweet fig notes with a lingering woodsy mystery, Thierry Mugler Womanity ($58) makes us feel raw as a summer campground. Savory caviar finishes beneath fruity clouds express a provocative femininity that's best compared to the wild outdoors. This one hits like a warm lakeside breeze.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 1.19.24 PM.png

Personal Shopper: Melissa's Middle Eastern Adventure

Melissa writes: "Dear Outblush, you helped me a ton last summer, when I visited London & Paris in complete style (thank you!) and now I need your help again. I'm headed on Dubai and Abu Dhabi in early April. I've visited a few travel websites, which suggest that women to... [More]


You're More Awesome Than Inbox Zero Letterpress Card

We're not sure there's a better compliment out there. Use this on someone you really like! You're More Awesome Than Inbox Zero Letterpress Card ($6)... [More]


Compact Backpack

Part of the Alloy collection from InCase, the Compact Backpack ($100) is tailored, ergonomic and sweet industrial packing for your electronic and mobile needs. Featuring a plush faux-fur lined notebook compartment with breathable side panels, it fits up to a 15" laptop. An interior slip pocket for an iPad and... [More]


J. Crew Gingham Mini Skirt

Greet the spring sunshine in the J. Crew Gingham Mini Skirt ($60). How cute would this be with contrasting color, tucked in tee, a jean jacket, ankle socks, and wedges? Add in a pair of oversized sunglasses and take yourself to one of the thousands of spring festivals happening in... [More]

sea glass ring-s.jpg

Vaka Maine Seaglass Ring

The Vaka Maine Seaglass Ring ($300) draws our mind to the sea. We'll feel that gentle ebb and flow of ocean tides below our beds tonight. Y'all that have never spent a day at the seashore won't know the drifting sensation we're talkin' about ... sorry.... [More]


Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes 4-in-1 Natural Waterproof Mascara

You had us at packaging, Tarte. This truly is the best of both worlds for us here at Outblush. We heart packaging but we especially love really good product inside really good packaging. Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes 4-in-1 Natural Waterpoof Mascara ($19) is all the things we love about their... [More]


Babys Breath Painted Ceramic Travel Mug

Eco-friendly coffee drinking? That's almost the best of all worlds. The Babys Breath Painted Ceramic Travel Mug ($45) is a reusable double walled cup with silicon lid. The simplicity of the beautiful baby's breath pattern, coupled with the subtle colors and delicate flowers, might add some calm to your normally... [More]


Vasia by Ulla Johnson Halter Dress

Look cool and sleek this summer in the Vasia by Ulla Johnson Halter Dress ($79). Independent designer Ulla Johnson has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to bring us her ultra awesome Vasia line. This dress is one our favorites. Wear it with a pair of brown oxfords and wrist bangles.... [More]


Left Handed Wild Cherry Spoons

Poor lefties, they get left out of everything. Hee,hee, we kid. But seriously, how many utensils and tools are designed with the South Paw in mind? Not many. The Left Handed Wild Cherry Spoons ($19-39) are wild and wonderful, and thoughtfully designed for lefties. Made of gorgeous clear Pennsylvania cherry,... [More]


Helvetica Necklace

Helvetica, which means "Swiss" and was invented in Switzerland in 1957, is believed by many to be the world's most perfectly readable font. It inspired a documentary, and is widely used on most of the signage we see every day. If you're super shy and your crush is into graphic... [More]


Smashbox O-Gloss Gold

If you go ga-ga over anything gilded, your new fave lip gloss is gonna be Smashbox O-Gloss Gold ($22). With the same unique-to-the-wearer color changing properties as the original Smashbox O-Gloss, this gold-flecked goop turns lips a glimmer peach color - so in for Spring/Summer 2011. It's even good for... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Tuxedo Vest A La Maggie Gyllenhaal for Meghan

Meghan D writes, "Hi, Outblush! I love your site and I'm wondering if you can help me. I'm an intern at a law firm, and I'm interested in rocking a tailored menswear vest to wear to work over a blouse and wide-legged pants (classic like a blazer, but a lot... [More]


Shark Bite Oven Mitt

Some of you seasoned cooks may have arms that resemble that of a shark attack. Friendly reminder - yes, you need to protect your hand when pulling things out of a hot oven. It's at these moments that it may be safer to have your hands between the jaws of... [More]


Leverage: The First Season

If you haven't seen it: you know how everybody loves those heist movies with the snappy one-liners and ridiculous stunts and really evil bad guys getting their comeupppance? Leverage is a whole show where every episode is one of those movies. If you have: We just totally have a crush... [More]


Frederic Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Condition

Straight hair is sleek, sexy and oh-so-retro. Straight hair that has been burned to death by the Flat Iron from Hell is not so hot. Frederic Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Condition ($24) should help out in that department. Not only does it fix the damage from the flat iron, it... [More]


The Rosegold 42-20 Chrono Watch by Nixon

We're not suggesting you'll become a slave to time by wearing the The Rosegold 42-20 Chrono Watch ($450) by Nixon, but we are predicting you will want to glance at this beauty several times an hour. It's just so lovely with its classic daintiness (it has a 3 quarter inch... [More]


The Beauty of Different

Celebrating differences through beautifully styled photographs, essays and commentary, Karen Walrond takes us on a journey we could all stand to go on in The Beauty of Different: Observations of a Confident Misfit ($17). The reminder that what sets us apart is beautiful and unique as opposed to an obstacle... [More]

Juicy Couture Chiffon Pouchette

Juicy Couture Chiffon Pouchette

Pretty in purple! The Juicy Couture Chiffon Pouchette ($120 on sale) is a rich deep aubergine color covered in chiffon blooms. The buckled shoulder strap has golden chain insets that accent the plum purple color so nicely.... [More]

Forever21 Joe Cool Top

Celebrate: Forever21 Joe Cool Top

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools

From the fabulous folks that brought us The Very Many Varieties of Beer, comes The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools ($25). Featuring over 100 tools used in cooking, it's printed with copper ink - an ode to cookware. Each poster is hand-signed by the artist and numbered. Those that manipulate,... [More]


Darphin INTRAL Cleansing Milk

Year after year, Darphin INTRAL Cleansing Milk ($40) is a top seller for the brand. Good for all skin types, it is especially wonderful for those with skin problems like rosacea and acne. It removes makeup and impurities gently leaving your skin smooth and soft. Really, it's a beauty over-achiever.... [More]

Gap Japan Relief Heart Tee

Gap Japan Relief Heart Tee

Many retailers are pitching in and offering aid to Japan due to recent tragedy, which we're so sad about. One of the retailers making a huge contribution on all of their sites is Gap. They've partnered with Global Giving and have a direct link so you can make a donation... [More]


Marinade Injector

If you're chomping at the bit to get your grill on, may we suggest getting prepared as you wait for the warm weather to arrive. The stainless steel Marinade Injector ($25) puts 2 ounces of juicy marinade into your meat with a commercial grade syringe. Looking more like a hospital... [More]

sweet sultan-s.jpg

Priti Sweet Sultan Nail Polish

If anyone wants to haul the taupe polish trend into the sunny seasons, we choose the Priti Sweet Sultan Nail Polish ($12). Pair with something pastel, and you won't be sorry.... [More]


Own: Natural Acne Treatment System

Let's face it: acne is the bitch our of existence. Even into our adult years, it plagues us. Plagues. But the Own: Natural Acne Treatment System ($40) is the solution we have all been dreaming about. Skip the skin ruining Benzoyl Peroxide and substitute it for natural ingredients like Bitter... [More]


Early Edibles

So you're more of a brown thumb than a green thumb, but want to give the appearance of knowing your way around some soil? No problem. Early Edibles ($130) from Jayson Home and Garden is the solution. This small gorgeous Sheffield window box comes with all you need to get... [More]


Rory Beca Fold Dress with Obi Belt

Quick, someone give us suggestions on where to wear this Fold Dress with Obi Belt ($208) by Rory Beca! We're loving the soft, neutral color, the way the cotton-silk blend billows just slightly at the bust and hemline, and the big, oversized Obi belt. But where or where to wear... [More]


Giles and Brother Tiny Luck, Love and Hope Necklace

You can't go wrong when you've got luck, love and hope... especially in the form of a fab accessory! Giles & Brother Tiny Luck, Love and Hope Necklace ($125)... [More]

Jennifer Aniston Perfume

Jennifer Aniston Perfume

Ok Jennifer Aniston truly has it all - beauty, body, brains and now a perfume! We're loving the casual sexy smell of Jennifer Aniston Perfume ($39). This fragrance is exactly like her - casual, cool, sweet and very sexy.... [More]


GorillaMobile Ori for iPad

We've looked at a lot of iPad covers that also convert to stands, but this is the first truly useful stand for the iPad we've seen if you're looking to do more than use the device while seated. The Ori for iPad ($80) has an adjustable display height so you... [More]

Give Me Some Lash

Give Me Some Lash

Give it to me....give me those beautiful big lashes! We all crave larger than life luxe lashes, right? Well now you can try a bunch of the best mascaras thanks to Give Me Some Lash ($30). This kit is packed with 7 incredible mascaras including Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!, Bare... [More]


Frederick's of Hollywood Sitewide Sale: 20% off

Do an inventory of your lingerie drawer, get your credit card ready, and prepare to vixenify yourself! Frederick's of Hollywood is holding a sitewide 20% sale that starts at 12:00am today, March 26th and runs through the weekend (ends March 28, 2011), and we wouldn't want you, lovely readers, to... [More]


Sales & Steals: 3/25/11

Spring is here, and that means it's time to update your wardrobe and start putting away the mukluks & wool sweaters. Wahoo! Shop it up with this week's Sales & Steals, courtesy of our pals over at The Bargainist, and have a fabulous weekend! 1. Avon - Shop their 125th... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Casual 30th Birthday Outfit for Nicole

Nicole P. wrote: Hellooooo! As much as I have been trying to forget it, put it off, time travel back a year (or 3), my 30th birthday is looming. April 15th to be exact. My husband and I are having a little family and friends BBQ to celebrate the next... [More]


Fontana Gusto Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven

When you've mastered the art of interior design, as we're sure you gals have, the next logical step is to tackle your great outdoors. The Fontana Gusto Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven ($4999) is the coolest of the cool for wood-fired outdoor ovens! It features three wire racks and a thermometer that... [More]


LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag

We admit it: some of us mothers have been using the same diaper bag since we came home from the hospital. Well not no mo'! The LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag ($128) is about as adorable as a diaper bag can get. It has pockets for changing pads, bottles and miscellaneous... [More]


Miniature Vase in Aqua and White

If this is what Alice sees when she eats the cake and becomes a giant, then "WAITER Fetch me a slice!" This Miniature Vase in Aqua and White ($30) from the Etsy shop, Kiva Ford kills us. It's so adorable we just want to smash it.... [More]


TEMPTU Holiday Adorn Temporary Tattoos

Sometimes, commitment just isn't our thing. That's why TEMPTU Holiday Adorn Temporary Tattoos ($25) appeal to us so much. It's like a one night stand: you try it out, see if you like it, then decide in the morning whether or not it should stay. It may not be the... [More]


Martha Stewart Collection Butterfly and Flower Pancake Molds

Make your mornings a little bit cheerier with the Martha Stewart Collection Butterfly and Flower Pancake Molds ($10). Now that Spring is in bloom, it's time to add that brightness to your breakfast table, with perfect pancakes in the shape of butterflies and flowers. Simply place the molds on a... [More]

Butter Pecan Pops

Celebrate: Butter Pecan Pops

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]

too faced leopard bronzwer-s.jpg

Too Faced Mini Pink Leopard Bronzer

Pack some raawwrrr in your purse with the Too Faced Mini Pink Leopard Bronzer ($13). Before the sun's made its full debut this season, we might as well get a head start. Get sun kissed without the damage - just a dust of mocha, fawn and dark pink on those... [More]


Dear Movie Watcher Card

Will there ever be a point in life where anything involving sex and our parents isn't super awkward? . . . Nope. Sapling Press Dear Movie Watcher Card ($5)... [More]


Quote Hook Coat Hook

We can always use a little inspiration before stepping out the door (or upon getting home, for that matter). The Quote Hook Coat Hook ($55) offers a positive phrase while helping hold our belongings. We suppose we're so fond of it because it keeps our sh*t together, both literally and... [More]


Anthropologie Balloon Drop Earrings

We suppose these Balloon Drop Earrings ($20, on sale) from Anthropologie won't lift your house in the air and take you on a fantastic adventure a la Disney-Pixar's UP, but maybe they'll lighten your step a little. With great spring colors and a whimsical cluster of beads, you can't go... [More]

personal shopper - mara-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Mantle Tchotchkes for Gin

Gin's mom gave her the Ballard Designs Charleston Mirror (#1), and she writes, "It looks great propped up on on my mantle (which is narrow--only about 6" wide), but I can't seem to find the right accessories to finish the look...I've tried candles, vases, random knickknacks, but nothing seems to... [More]


Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

We're not proud of it, but sometimes baked goods make us hyperventilate. Someone actually asked if we were ok when they heard the panting and wheezing coming from our cube after we found this Babycakes Cake Pop Maker ($25). You guys, do you even understand what this means? Now we... [More]


Office Bowl

It's Friday! Time to slack off and wait til 5 pm let off a little steam. Take a quick break from work and bust out Office Bowl ($28). After a quick assembly of the cardboard pins and ball, you and your coworkers can play a round - or beat each... [More]


China Glaze Island Escape 6-pack

Raise your manicured hand (and pedicured foot, if ya want) if you love bright nail polishes, no matter what time of year it is. *raises both hands and feet* Technicolor nail lacquer is such a fun, cheap pick-me-up that we've found ourselves with embarrassingly large polish stashes, but can't seem... [More]


You're a Marilyn or a Jackie

1. DURING TIMES OF STRESS, YOU ... a) go for a walk on the beach. b) meditate. c) pour gin in your tea. 2. FOR YOU, SEX IS ... a) uncomplicated and fun! b) a way of saying, "Thank you." c) a means to an end. 3. BEFORE YOU MEET... [More]


Alex Monroe Bicycle Necklace

The weather's not nice enough yet to ride our bike to work every day, so in the mean time, we're sporting this Alex Monroe Gold-Plated Bicycle Necklace ($245) to display our love of two-wheeled transportation while we wait for the warmer months.... [More]


You Tell Us: Cornelia Webb Draped Chain Bolero

We love it when a single item inspires an entire afternoon of wisecracks here at OB HQ. Case in point? This Cornelia Webb Draped Chain Bolero ($1,235): "It's the mullet of bad, overpriced jewelry: Quasi-bidness in the front, tacky party in the back." "I'm a renaissance fair steampunk faery, able... [More]


Olian Dania V-Neck Dress

We're so tired of maternity clothes that doom pregnant women to 9 months of blah and booooooooooo. This delightful little number does more than make you look gorgeous. The Olian Dania V-Neck Dress ($149) screams "I AM PREGNANT AND I LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!" Those moments can be few and far between... [More]


iStuck Phone Stand

There's nothing more annoying that getting gum stuck on your shoe, in your hair, or on your phone, unless of course it's there to help. For easy viewing and holding, the iStuck Phone Stand ($7) is a stretched out piece of gum that gives you a helping hand. A functional... [More]


Korres Lip Butter Glaze

We're long time fans of Korres Lip Butters, but there are certain times when sticking our fingers in a pot of color and then dabbing our lips is less than desirable. Usually when we've been riding the bus or just after eating Cheetohs. Which is why we were thrilled to... [More]


Ordinal Dresser

The Ordinal Dresser ($998) is versatile, stylish, functional, and offers tons of space for storage. Whether you use it in your kitchen, for storing toys, or in your bedroom, this artfully distressed piece is metal-topped, and features three numbered drawers for ranking your wares. The drawers have a slow self... [More]


Conroy & Wilcox Thorn Cuff

We are totally in love with Conroy & Wilcox. But their Thorn Cuff ($2750) has our panties all in a twist. While it costs the budget of our next vacation to Saint Tropez, we're starting to think it would be worth skipping that holiday for the chance to rock this... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Maternity Starter Wardrobe for Tamara

Tamara writes: "I wish I could hire Outblush to be my personal shoppers for everything! Alas, I have to stick to this one major request *smile*. I found out a couple weeks ago that I'm pregnant (insert hoops and hollers, and daydreams of cute baby clothes here)! Unfortunately, at only... [More]


Grace Design Butterfly Bag

Spring has sprung! Psssh, who cares if it's still raining, snowing, sleeting, and generally gross outside? We're embracing this happy season by carrying the Butterfly Bag ($35) by Grace Design. Sure, it might have to stay inside of our black, boring, weatherproof tote until we get inside, but dammit, we're... [More]


Pale Blue and Cream Hair Pins

Hair accessories seem to be getting bigger and bigger. It's time to take it down a notch with these Pale Blue and Cream Hair Pins ($10) from the etsy shop, Dianah's Projects. Delicate, simple and classy, there is no way to over-do it with this two-some.... [More]


Sigma Make Me Classy Brush Kit

If we were a super hero, we'd be Beauty Girl. No, Super Fashionista. No. The Lovely Wonder! Regardless of our cheesy name, we'd need a go-to super tool. Look no further than the Sigma Make Me Classy Brush Kit ($99). It would fit perfectly in our Wonder Bag. It also... [More]


Wannabe Table

We are not going to tell you how long ago we moved. We are also not going to cop to using a cardboard box as a coffee table, because our moms read this blog and they taught us better. What we're saying is, we definitely have no need for the... [More]


Dickins & Jones Wool A-Line Skirt

Wool in spring? Well, absolutely, if it's as cheerful and cute (yet still perfectly professional) as this darling turquoise a-line skirt from Dickins & Jones (~$75 with the exchange rate). Dress up with this and an offbeat necklace to revitalize your most conservative blouses!... [More]


Mango Necklace Guisante C

Hear that sound? That's the sound of our jaws hitting the ground in awe. Honestly, this Mango Necklace Guisante C ($35) is everything that is right about daily wear jewelry. It even reminds us of jewelry we found in our grandmother's closet; she was super trendy in her old age.... [More]


Tonfisk Netwon Milk and Sugar Set

The design of this compact Newton Milk and Sugar Set ($70) is definitely noteworthy, but the part that really has us interested is that the spout is supposedly dribble proof. Though honestly, our problem is usually spilling the coffee, not the milk.... [More]


Juicy Couture Check and Dot Top

Light blue and white gingham prints will always conjure up images of warm, soft summer days. Look the part in this Juicy Couture Check and Dot Top ($128). In our imaginations, we're going blueberry picking in this ruffled halter tank, but we suppose in real life, we'll be sitting outside... [More]


Gnome Candle Set

We don't know if we'd ever be able to light the two little guys that make up the Gnome Candle Set ($40) - it just seems cruel. We think we'll just set them out for fancy occasions, like our mom does with those foiled taper candles she never lights.... [More]


Tweezerman Sole Mate Foot File and Smoother

Let's be honest: the reason we go out and get pedicures isn't to have someone paint our nails, it's to have someone file off our dead foot skin. It's gross but it has to be done, people! Tweezerman Sole Mate Foot File and Smoother ($20) is a good go-to grooming... [More]


Personal Shopper: A size 18 cocktail dress for Tania

Tania C. wrote, "I desperately need your help to find a stylish, classy cocktail dress for me to wear to a May wedding where I feel young, classy and glamourous! I'm looking for a size 18 cocktail length dress with sleeves (3/4 length). Doesn't matter what material. The length of... [More]


Bliss Blush: Veil Alternatives

Wedding season is right around the corner, and we're looking out for our engaged girls. You have more important things to do than look for toasting flutes or find the perfect pair of backup flats for dancing the night away. Let us round up some detail pieces for your big... [More]


Make Up Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

We have all been there. And sometimes, it isn't even our fault. Our eyebrows get over plucked, waxed completely off or threaded into oblivion. Make Up Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector ($19) can be our little secret. It looks more natural than a penciled in brow (or missing eyebrows) and stays... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 4.10.36 PM.png

Red Ladybug Hamper Storage Bin

Is it just us, or are ladybugs the only bug that can really be considered "cute"? We don't get all excited when we find an earwig in the bathroom (QUITE the opposite) but when we see a ladybug inside our homes we're all, "Oh my Gaaaawwwwd! Look at the pretty... [More]


Rogan Slim Jean in Turquoise

We weren't kidding when we said that spring's hottest trends are going to feature bright, bold colors! Just take a look at these Rogan Slim Jean in Turquoise ($118, on sale). We would really, really love to pull this look off, but we're not 100 percent sure we can. What... [More]


The Get Cutie Co. Aviary Enthusiast Dress

You know what they say: birds of a feather flock together! And these cute little spring birds all flocked to the Aviary Enthusiast Dress ($160) at Modcloth. Handmade in England by The Get Cutie Co., this dress is, simply put, the perfect spring time frock.... [More]


Doubtblush: HAI Hot Tunes MP3 Styling Iron

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 1.53.02 PM.png

Skateboard Earrings

Hey sk8r grrl! These Skateboard Earrings ($42) are made from recycled skateboards. Skateboards are made from seven layers of maple wood. The earrings are rounded off to shows the layers of maple on one side, and the other side displays the roughed up and super cool deck artwork. Each pair... [More]


ASOS Punchout Satchel

Can we tell you how much we adore this new trend of leather (and faux-leather!) satchel purses? Sure, we've been doing just fine carrying our purses at the crook of our arms, but having the option to sling our bags cross body is always preferred! The ASOS Punchout Satchel ($43,... [More]


Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century

Long before Brad and Angelina, there was Liz and Dick. Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century ($16) takes readers deep into their world of pain and love. During the making of Cleopatra, Taylor and Burton met and began a romance, receiving much attention, as... [More]


Prints by Yuki Kokubo

So here's the deal. New York City grad student Yuki Kokubo's parents lost their livelihood after the triple disaster in Japan, and she's not able to support them herself. But the girl's a talented, talented photographer, and she's now selling prints ($50-$200) to raise some money to send home. Go... [More]


O.P.I. The 'It' Color

As much as we fought it in the past few years, orange is slowly becoming our new favorite color. O.P.I. recognized the switch being flipped in all our brains, hence The "It" Color ($6). It looks good on any skin tone but not necessarily with every outfit. Use it sparingly.... [More]


Talbots Jardin Floral Dress

This is the kind of dress that makes us want to call up the landlord and let her know rent is going to be a little late this month. Look at how darling this Talbots Jardin Floral dress ($189) truly is! The neckline, the pleating, the spring inspired pastels! Le... [More]

Personal Shopper Alyssa

Personal Shopper: Stylish Carry-It-All Bag for Alyssa

Alyssa writes: "I need help! Based on your bios I think Carlota may be just the buttery-soft satchel loving lady to help. I loved this bag you posted, but alas the reviews said it was sort of flimsy and I'm looking for an everyday, beat the crap out of me... [More]


Animal Wine Stopper

This way, when the wine is all gone, you can blame that lush of a giraffe you've seen hanging around! (It's ok if your scapegoat isn't actually a goat, even though it could be.) Animal Wine Stopper ($24)... [More]


Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Can You Help Me Now? Verizon Aids Japan

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of UltimateCoupons.com fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]

italbrass vanity setup-L.jpg italbrass vanity setup-s.jpg

Aspire/Aquire: Classy Damask Vanity

Decked out is an understatement for the Italbrass TanteAnte Vanity ($9298). Too often, damask patterns looks like our mother's shopping totes, but this clean bathroom setup has Italian style on its side. Unfortunately we don't have that much change in the piggy bank. Try going DIY on this front; start... [More]


Fresh Sugar Lemon

If we could create a perfume with all our favorite notes in it, it would contain lemon, ginger flower and orange blossom. Well luck be a lady tonight, look at this! Fresh Sugar Lemon ($75) contains all that and more! Subtle hints of citrus, ginger, caramel and lychee flower are... [More]


Nasty Gal Button Up Maxi Dress

Oooh, mashups. We love hearing two favorite songs effortlessly combined into one rockin' tune. We like finding real life mashups even better, like this Mink Pink Black Maxi Dress ($110). It's taken the structure of a shirt dress and the flowy length of a maxi to make the most comfortable,... [More]

juicy bracelet-s.jpg

War of Love Ribbon & Chain Bracelet

Geez, with all the crazy news these days, the War of Love Ribbon & Chain Bracelet ($60) by Juicy Couture sounds fit for the times. Chain up, but keep glimmering gems and satin ribbons in mix - everything's hard enough as it is. Wear it with a button down for... [More]


Crossword Puzzle Tote Bag

So, technically this tote has a giant search-a-word on it, despite the fact that it's named "Crossword Puzzle Tote Bag" ($50). Semantics aside, we think this would be a fun purse to stash in the back of your closet and pull out every once in a while when it's time... [More]


Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff Red Matilda Saddle Shoe

We hated saddle shoes as a kid, especially since everyone else was wearing jelly shoes. But someone better be prepared to catch us as we swoon over these Red Matilda Saddle Shoes ($109) from Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff. They're just the right amount of sassy and sweet and we will... [More]


Eyeko Fat Balm

We've talked about the Eyeko Makeup Line here on Outblush before. We love it and will always love it. But what we especially love is that they recently re-released their Fat Balms in Limited Editions ($10). Shown here in Frosting, it also comes in delicious shades of Minty, Raspberry, Cherry,... [More]


BHLDN Foreign Affirmation Ring

Getting hitched? Did he propose in Paris? As if one ring wasn't enough! Add the Foreign Affirmation Ring ($80)--handmade in France by Eric Et Lydie for BHLDN--to your collection of wedding trinkets. OR, for those of us not tying the knot (or long tethered to our partner!), toss on this... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Chic Winter Coat for Emily

Emily writes, Hi Outblush, I've been a reader for years, and have always enjoyed finding great gifts (and, I'll admit it, items for myself) on your website. I'm always so impressed by the amazing finds you guys make, and am in particular need of your help. I just found out... [More]


Little Nest Giddy Up

Mommy, if you really loved me, you would get me the Little Nest Giddy Up ($695, in six colors). And a lollipop. And I want that necklace in every color. I'm pretty sure I'm worth it. This whimsical piece of furniture is a child size replica of Eero Aarnio's famous... [More]


MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder

It may surprise you, but we don't just roll outta bed looking this divine.* All this amazingness takes work, honey, but on days when we hit the snooze alarm five too many times, we've developed a quick n' dirty beauty routine to fake at least some semblance of fabulous. First... [More]


Jessica Simpson Collection Floral Sundress

We're pretty sure that we haven't yet come across a Jessica Simpson Collection frock that we didn't immediately covet. Her designs are always feminine, stylish, and brightly-colored. We're adding this Floral Sundress ($98) to our list of items to purchase before our summer vacation! We're not sure yet if we're... [More]

chantilly lace votive-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Chantilly Lace Votive Cup

For our seduction efforts, the Chantilly Lace Votive Cup ($13) would match our lingerie ... Not that we recommend being matchy-matchy, but throwing more lace into the equation never hurts. Pretty fancy, eh? What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items... [More]


Steel Toe Studios Cog Opener Buckle

So yeah... we've got this really bad problem where our pants keep falling down, and we can't open any of these tasty beers. Oh hey, look at that! The Steel Toe Studios Cog Opener Buckle ($45, belt sold separately) is made of recycled bike gears, and it totally solves our... [More]


Jo Malone Assam & Grapefruit

Fans of tea fragrances (say, from Bvlgari or Kenzo or Elizabeth Arden) will know a few things about them: they're tasteful, professional, refreshing, and not really very much like tea. And that's fine. But if you want the literal experience of smelling like a nice cuppa, you owe it to... [More]


Garden Gypsy Floral Scarf

Ahhh, it's about time to pack up our knit scarves and break out our soft, gauzy ones, perfect for pairing with trenches and spring dresses. We adore the Garden Gypsy Floral Scarf ($14) at Lulu's. It's got a classic floral print, and drapes nicely around our necks. And since navy... [More]


Pinhole Press Photo Pads

If you're still trying to take the title of "favorite daughter" away from your sister, Mother's Day can be a make-or-break event. We've got a gift that'll allow you to rest easy the next few months knowing that your victory is in the bag. Give your mom a Photo Notepad... [More]


William Fitzsimmons: Gold in the Shadow

Working as a mental health therapist, William Fitzsimmons began recording his songs during grad school breaks. William Fitzsimmons: Gold in the Shadow ($19) is a reflection of the detailed and agonizing events that transpired during that time. This music is simply honest and beautiful - you'll immediately be sucked in... [More]


White House | Black Market Contrast Tank Sundress

Look lovely and totally put together in the neutral colorblock shades of the Contrast Tank Sundress ($148) from White House | Black Market. The cinched waist will give you a tiny waist, and the fun neckline give this simple frock some classy detail. We think it will pair well with... [More]


Trends 101: How to Safely Do Spring & Summer 2011 Fashion Trends at Work

Bright pink, orange & yellow. All-white outfits. Lace. Super-structured clothes. Military details. Platforms. We all love drooling over the latest trends in our fave fashion mags, but let's face it: The bulk of your clothing & beauty budget ends up going towards work attire, yes? After all, you're there at... [More]


Special Guest Post by Industrious Justice: Cake in a Cup in 30-60 seconds

Here is a very special guest post that you are going to be extremely excited about. Seriously, it will change your life. At her blog, Industrious Justice, Emily Justice posts her favorite recipes, home de-cluttering projects, and her thoughts on being a wife, friend, non-profit employee, volunteer, advocate, karaoke singer,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Anna Paquin's dress from 'The Romantics' for Anna M.

Anna M. wrote, "Hi All! You beautys are always so good to help me - I have a work event in May for which I need cocktail attire - but absolutely nothing strapless. I saw the movie The Romantics last weekend, and while the movie was okay, the dress Anna... [More]


Halogen Ferris Flat

Things we can't resist: metallic gold, soft leather, adorable budding flowers. We mean, there's not much that can go wrong when those things combine, as is demonstrated by the Halogen Ferris Flat ($50, on sale!). We've got so many shoes on our spring wish list, but we're going to have... [More]

20 hangers wardrobe-s.jpg

Alice Rosignoli 20 Hangers Wardrobe

Alice Rosignoli's 20 Hangers Wardrobe ($199) is a great a idea, and it's cheaper than a new dresser. Hanging up clothes has a whole new meaning with this wooden hanger and rope rig. Since it can be installed almost anywhere, we can't think of anything better for teensy weensy living... [More]


You Tell Us: Tummy Tatts

We appreciate the beauty that is a pregnant belly; we'd never want a Momma to be ashamed of her baby bump. On the other hand, we're not sure Tummy Tatts ($5) are the right sentiment for "baby on board." Perhaps if they came in options other than tribal, "One Hot... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 4.53.08 PM.png

Addison Story Triangle Print Top

Sometimes, you don't want to have to think about your outfit. Enter the Addison Story Triangle Print Top ($130) Just throw it on with some jeans and black pumps, and you're done. You'll look effortlessly chic, effortlessly.... [More]


OCD Chef Cutting Board

The recipe says the potatoes need to be cut in a ¾ inch dice: Most people will just guesstimate it and figure it's all gonna taste the same, but you? You simply. Must. Cut. Each. Potato. Cube. Into. Precisely. ¾. Inches. Rather than whipping out a ruler after each slice... [More]


Stila Garden Bliss Set

We're all about emerging from the depths of winter looking fierce and fresh. If you have never introduced yourself to Stila's awesome product line, then Stila's Garden Bliss Set ($32) will be a great chance to kill two birds with one stone. With four different shimmery eye shadow shades, a... [More]


Kate Spade Essex Small Scout

While the shape of this Kate Spade Essex Small Scout ($295) makes us think of a bag that's good for nature walks, the fabulous hot pink shade is much more Troop Beverly Hills. The only walks we'll be going on will be down Rodeo Drive, thankyouverymuch!... [More]


Tibi Trench Bow Coat

Sweet meets classic chic with the Trench Bow Coat ($561) by Tibi. Though we'd normally consider a trench coat to have a tie waist, we're tickled by the idea that this one has a bow-tied neckline, especially since the pin-tuck pleats down the front and back of this coat still... [More]


Free People Floral Roll Top Tall Sock

Oh, favorite pair of Floral Roll Top Tall Socks ($25), we will miss wearing you this summer! But we promise to keep you poised and ready for wet, rainy days when we need something cute to peek out of our rainboots!... [More]


Last Night Never Happened App

As much as we really enjoy reading Texts from Last Night, we're less than happy to wake up realizing we've sent our incriminating text messages. And since we've been known to throw a few back and be unable to put our phone down, we're investing two dollars in trying to... [More]


Rest In Fabulous Peace, Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a legend - an iconic beauty, an aromatic impresario, and a rare talent. If you only know her as from perfume commercials and tabloid breakups spend some time and get to know her on screen. She smolders in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, will make you... [More]

Personal Shopper Theresa

Personal Shopper: Stylish and dressy apparel for soon-to-be lawyer Theresa

Theresa R. writes "Dear Outblush, I recently found your website and love the suggestions you've offered to others. I really hoping you can help me. I graduated from college about 2 years ago and currently work full time but I'm also going to law school part time. The dress at... [More]


NYX HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush

One of the quickest ways to put your best face forward is with some kickass blush. NYX has recently released their HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush ($17). The grinding ensures fresh product every time; no need to worry about dipping your brush into the same germy blusher pot over and... [More]


Doubtblush: Yeohlee Gray Lamé Top

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


Kamal White Rangoli Coasters

We're a little hesitant to rest our drinks on the Kamal White Rangoli Coasters ($16), they're just so darn pretty! These eco-friendly and adorable coasters are letterpressed and fused in a rich black and opaque white. This set of eight is printed in oil based ink to prevent bleeding, so... [More]


Oly Studio Arthur Bench

Haha, we guess the Oly Studio Arthur Bench ($Inquire) is some kind of joke about claw foot furniture. We hope hilarious paw footed/animal legged furniture becomes the norm - it's just too funny.... [More]


Nanette Lepore Tornado Top

Oh la la! Add the Nanette Lepore Tornado Top ($248) to your collection of sexy summer numbers. It's great when a piece and be loose and feminine while still showing off your sexy parts. You know, your great tan, those rockin upper arms, and a hint of cleavage! Sounds good... [More]


Aldo Speirs Heeled Loafers

Maybe these were inspired by her, but the Aldo Speirs Heeled Loafers ($70) are definitely not your grandma's shoes! They're sophisticated with a touch of vintage class that will have everyone at the office envying your great taste. Pair with a simple silhouetted pant or pencil skirt and a breezy... [More]


Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

If you're anything like us, when you heard about the upcoming Royal Wedding, you thought, OMG, I must knit this! Ok, maybe not, but the Knit Your Own Royal Wedding ($11) book is definitely worth checking out, if for no other reason that curiosity. This is the ultimate tribute to... [More]


Juicy Couture Beaded Coral Ring

Every time we think we're getting just a bit too mature for Juicy Couture, they give us gorgeous accessories like this Beaded Coral Ring ($88). Maybe we won't be coveting pizza box charms any time soon, but we won't mind showing off our mani with this ring gracing our fingers!... [More]


Monif C. Monaco Swimsuit

Once you look past the fact that the model spend waaay too much time in hair and makeup, you'll notice she's got a smokin' hot suit on and she's not a size 0! Monif C. has great swimsuits for curvier girls, but this Monaco Fuchsia Swimsuit ($130) has some serious... [More]

dance floor mat-s.jpg

Dance Step Doormat

Teach your hubby to dance without forcing him to watch Dancing with the Stars. The Dance Step Doormat ($28) will do just fine for now. A box step's better than nothing.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Chic Navy Bridesmaid dress for Kate

Kate writes: Hi Outblush! You always do such a fabulous job with your findings. I hope you will help me! I am in my brother's wedding in August. My future sister-in-law is AMAZING and is allowing us 3 bridesmaids to pick out our own short navy blue dresses (this is... [More]


Velvet Laptop Sleeve

It's so tough finding a laptop sleeve that isn't industrial, geeky or just plain ugly. The Velvet Laptop Sleeve (£17) is all we could hope for in a cover and more. This sleeve fits laptops up to 15 inches with soft velvet cotton and is lightly padded for protection. Protective... [More]


Stella & Dot Revival Tassel Necklace

Tassel jewelry is huge right now (thank Natalie Portman's Oscar look for this), so why not add some fun fringe to your jewelry box? This Stella & Dot Revival Tassel Necklace ($79) is perfect for jazzing up everything from your LBD to a blouse & trousers for work. The 30"... [More]


Twin Copy Paste Onesie Set

We're just going to chalk up our googling baby things to spring fever. That, and everywhere we look, our friends, co-workers, and family members are sporting baby bumps. If you get what we're saying, or are cruising Outblush with one hand on your expanding belly, check out the cuteness of... [More]


Williams-Sonoma Gourmet Cheese Collections

You know what we don't talk about nearly enough here at Outblush? CHEESE! Liz Lemon must be sorely disappointed in us. We mean, everyone loves cheese, right? And we'll let you in on a little secret. Want to indulge in a little cheese action? Williams-Sonoma has some ahhh-mah-zing Gourmet Cheese... [More]


Free People Wisteria and Lattice Dress

You don't have to live on Wisteria Lane to look smoking hot in this Wisteria and Lattice Dress ($128) from Free People. Though we're going to have to nicely ask you to NOT wear it with a floppy garden hat. Kind of kills the sex appeal, don't you think?... [More]


In God We Trust Skillionaire Case

We wanna be a billionaire, so f*cking bad... What? Huh? You're telling us we actually have to have some sort of marketable talent to make money? Hmmmm. Let us amend our tune. We wanna be a Skillionaire... In God We Trust Skillionaire Engraved Card Case ($60)... [More]


Smashbox Violet Vixen Kit

We've always been big fans of Smashbox's makeup kits. They're an entire face in one purchase. The Violet Vixen Kit ($42) is no exception. It comes with coordinating waterproof eye liner, an eye shadow quad in shades of violet and purple, lip gloss, and a deluxe sample of Lash DNA... [More]


ROMYGOLD Biker Slash Wood Handle Tote

A little biker chic, a little sassy and a whole lotta rad - the ROMYGOLD Biker Slash Wood Handle Tote ($585) is the perfect bag for Spring. Made from smooth leather with cutout detailing, wooden top handles are great for toting, and the long adjustable shoulder strap is perfect for... [More]

cappelini mickey chair-s.jpg

Cappellini Mickey Rive Droite

Wow, given the Disney inspiration of the Cappellini Mickey Rive Droite ($4222), it's not childish at all. In this limited edition piece, Mickey's head's been turned into an a eye-catching pattern. Vivid hues from the vaults of Walt Disney come back to bring us a modern color story.... [More]


San Diego Hat Co. Clara Bow Raffia Hat

Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan this season with the Clara Bow Raffia Hat ($45) from San Diego Hat Co. It's perfect for attending extravagant parties at nearby mansions, but uh, also probably useful for keeping the sun out of your eyes as you ride your bike to your cousin's backyard... [More]


Sephora Collection Tropical Blue Duo Eye Shadow

Call us nostalgia freaks for 70's and 80's cartoons if you must, but we're pretty darn excited for the new Smurfs movie to come out in August. Of course, we'll be taking our nieces & nephews to see it and using the excuse of being awesome aunts to cover our... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Juicy Couture Knock-off Bag for Michelle

Michelle writes: "Hey guys! I was late night online shopping the other day and I stumbled on this Juicy Couture bag, I think this is beautiful! If you could find one similar, possibly under $100? Thanks :)" 1 - ALDO Dejong ($45) 2 - Nine West Vegas Signs Medium Shopper... [More]

straw hat-s.jpg

Hat Attack Flower Straw Hat

Use the frizzled flower on the Hat Attack Straw Hat ($75) to distract from frizzy hair. Bad hair day or no, this Spring accessory is fresh as cut grass. Add a breezy dress and you've got the daytime garden party look down pat.... [More]


US States Plyboo Cutting Boards

We can all use a bit of novelty in our lives. Let's start with our kitchens! The US States Plyboo Cutting Boards ($40) bring out the patriots in us. Show off your pride in your home state by serving up some fruits and cheese to guests--or feed fuel to your... [More]


Kittypod Mini Face Plate

If you remember the Kittypod, you might consider a smaller, cheaper alternative: the Kittypod Mini Face Plate ($27), also made by Elizabeth Paige Smith. Maybe getting our cat inside a cat head will help us get in their heads. Fat chance of that happening, but if we choose to get... [More]

crazy shoes-s.jpg

You Tell Us: Benoit Méléard Nothing Shoe Collection

Benoit Méléard, shoe designer for the likes of Helmut Lang, Charles Jourdan, Jeremy Scott and Alexander McQueen, has worked with fashion royalty, so he has a reputation to uphold. We looked over his new line of shoes, the Nothing Collection ($Inquire) and our jaws dropped for new imaginings of T-Straps.... [More]


Hoss Intropia Laser Cut Ballet Flats

Wow! The Hoss Intropia Laser Cut Ballet Flats ($245) make us wonder why all our shoes don't have intricate laser cut detailing on them! Then we remember that weather like rain and snow would probably ruin them all. So we'll just stick with these flats and slip into them on... [More]


Demel Dobos Torte

$80 for a cake? Yes, it's steep, we admit that, but listen to the description: Almond sponge cake soaked in rum syrup, frosted with chocolate buttercream & crushed almonds, and a crispy caramel-covered cake topper. *drool* Worth the calories AND the cost, particularly if you go in on it with... [More]


Fred Wine Lines Wine Tags

There are plenty of wine charms and tags out there, but we like these Wine Lines Wine Tags ($12) by Fred. Each tag has a descriptive word on it, hopefully prompting guests to pick their favorite and prompting you to initiate an ice breaker by asking the reason behind each... [More]


Hold Me Makeup Bag

Mary Poppins did more than inspire us to speak with a faux British accent well into adulthood. She showed us the value of a bottomless bag. The Hold Me Makeup Bag ($55 on sale) allows you to keep all of your essential beauty gear in one place, from brushes to... [More]


J. Crew Jersey Lomellina Ruched Tank

God bless you, J. Crew, for understanding the benefit of ruching on a bathing suit. This Jersey Lomellina One-shoulder Ruched Tank ($150) is a bathing suit that is modest yet sexy in a vintage way and it's figure flattering on those of us looking to camouflage the fact that we... [More]

dining chairs-s.jpg

Intricate Acrylic Accent Chairs

What a deal! The Intricate Acrylic Accent Chairs ($179 / pair) are like two for the price of one. Getting the elegance of white birch trees without the risk of rustic splinters for less than two hundred bucks is worth writing home about.... [More]


Love Ring

It seems really wrong that this Love Ring ($79) makes us want to punch people in the face, right? But think of the impression it would make! Though we suppose the letters would be backwards, and that's less fun. So, we'll just say we want this bauble because we're hopeless... [More]

Personal Shopper Gym Gear for Megan C

Personal Shopper: Stylish Gym Gear for Megan C.

Megan C. writes: "Hey Outblush! Can I start by saying how I read this blog religiously?! I love you guys! Well, I made a new years resolution to start running at the gym at least 3 times a week. That hasn't been happening... but better late than never right? I'm... [More]


Starfish Cuff

A real starfish wrapped around our wrist would make us freak out a bit, but the vaguely realistic look of the Starfish Cuff ($198) from Anthropologie is a unique look we're happy to rock. It reminds us of trips to the aquarium we took as a kid and is a... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Powerstone Cutlery

Hey, who knew? Recently Diane von Furstenberg unveiled a line of home furnishings for Bloomingdales. It includes bedding, dinnerware, stemware, and more. We're quite smitten with her Powerstone Cutlery ($60 for a five-piece place setting). It comes in great bold colors and stunning angles that play with tradition. Made with... [More]


Yogamatic Custom Yoga Mat

When we found out we get a Customized Yoga Mat ($85) through Yogamatic, we immediately started a list of pics we would put on a mat of our own. We're sharing it with you on the condition that you share yours too! - Beach scene: cool and calming, and a... [More]

boon stash-s.jpg

Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer

Moms, park the Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer ($25) on top of your storage island, and maybe you won't misplace that pacifier anymore. De-clutter the toys, bottles, and whatever else while looking stylish. Better instill that chic instinct in 'em early.... [More]


Boutique 9 Beldina Oxfords

The peekaboo sides of these Boutique 9 Beldina Oxfords ($130) gives this style of shoe a whole new feel. Suddenly they're more spring appropriate (or a fun way to show off your funkiest winter socks) and even a little sexy. A word of warning to wide footed women, though -... [More]


Lilly Pulitzer Teresa Eyelet Dress

We can hardly wait to put on the Lilly Pulitzer Teresa Eyelet Dress ($398) and step properly into Spring. This rich colorful dress with allover silk eyelet is to-die-for! With its one shoulder, figure-flattering shape, bold color and classic look - it'll be in our repertoire for years to come.... [More]


Golden Girl: The Sandlot Blu-ray

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to get a little. With this... [More]


Madewell The Bike Bag

Attention all fellow bike riders! Madewell has seemlessly designed The Bike Bag (98), a purse that doubles as a crossbody and a pouch for the front of your bike. The bag has two buckled loops that attach to your handlebars for hands free biking. Once you arrive at your destination,... [More]


Home Dairy

You consider yourself a cheese connoisseur because you eat the stuff by the pound, but have you ever tried to make it? It can be surprisingly simple. Go beyond simply consuming and create with tips and recipes from Home Dairy with Ashley English: All You Need to Know to Make... [More]

betty lou lamp-s.jpg

mmckenna Betty Lou Table Lamp

Household items fuse into something different in the mmckenna Betty Lou Table Lamp ($119). Duh, it's a wine glass and an inverted bundt cake pan glassed out and stuck together. This lamp says "make your own cake, men, we're taking a reading break, thank you very much."... [More]


Tasteful Bites Cake Pops & Cake Truffles

Thanks to bloggers like Bakerella, cake pops are a part of our national dessert lexicon. Thankfully, though, specialty companies like Tasteful Bites ($12-36) are elevating these bite-sized sweets beyond über-saccharine Duncan Hines & Betty Crocker territory. We received a generous package of their Cake Pops this past Monday, and don't... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bridesmaid Dresses For Kay

Kay wrote, "Hello. First off I wanted to say that I LOVE your blog...it is the highlight of my day...everyday. My sister is getting married at the end of July, and I am her maid of honour and my younger sister is the other bridesmaid. There is only one problem...... [More]

golden garden stool-s.jpg

Opulence Garden Stool

Hold on. Since when does Sears have cool stuff? Our minds just got blown by the Opulence Garden Stool ($248). Gilded garden party is scheduled for the first major blooms. Now where's that friggin' agricultural calender?... [More]


Kamilla Antonio Liberty Friendship Bracelets

Remember those grade school days of swearing your undying friendship to your BFF? We don't know about you, but not much has changed since we've grown up. We'd still do anything for our friends, and we rely on them through the good and bad. Remind your girl friends of how... [More]

darwin mirror-s.jpg

Darwin Wall Hanging Mirror

Morocco, here we come. We mean, our decor route's headed to exotica with the Darwin Wall Hanging Mirror ($350). The antique gold leaf hardware and multiplied medallion set up give this net of mirrors undeniable charm. It's too good for a high-end spa - it must be ours.... [More]


Betsey Johnson Flower Stripe Sateen Queen Dress

You don't get much more girlish than the Flower Stripe Sateen Queen Dress ($298) from Betsey Johnson. The perfect frock for those summer days when you just need to be sweet and sassy. We can see it turning heads at spring weddings-especially those daytime, high tea types which are all... [More]

pineapple coin purse-s.jpg

Kate Spade Pineapple Coin Purse

Tiki bar, we're ready for you with the Kate Spade Pineapple Coin Purse ($95) as our clutch. Yeah, the green top is zany and the sequins are fit for a vegas showgirl, but this purse keeps it classy with 14-karat light gold plated hardware. The pop of color in the... [More]


Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers

Spring is here, which means summer is coming, which means parties on the patio! Keep the tunes cranked whether indoors or out with can't-miss-em pink Audio Unlimited Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers ($115). These wireless speakers can be moved to wherever your guests mingle and a remote means you can quickly skip... [More]


Erth's Organic Berry Mask and Scrub

At the end of the day, one step makeup removal doesn't always feel clean enough. Erth's Organic Berry Mask and Scrub is sure to exfoliate away all the excess build-up our skin suffers from day after day. Plus, the naturally occurring acid in the cranberries and blueberries promotes collagen production.... [More]


Kenneth Cole New York Sateen Stud Trench

Adorable trench for Spring? Check the Kenneth Cole New York Sateen Stud Trench ($138) off the list. Spring showers, you ain't got nothin' on this lightly embellished classic coat.... [More]

venice desk clock-s.jpg

Recollection About Venice Table Top Clock

The name of the Recollection About Venice Table Top Clock ($50) reminds us that we need an effing vacation. Dreaming aside, we can't get enough of this gold leaf art glass. It's unusual, and with that nice punch of green, it's not stuffy at all.... [More]


Richie Design Letterpressed Birthday Card

Better people than us consider time with friends and loved ones the high point of a birthday. Not us. We're in it for the 3 key elements described in this Letterpressed Birthday Card ($5) from Richie Design: booze, free stuff and a flaming dessert. Another year older doesn't seem so... [More]

Personal Shopper Rebecca shower dress

Personal Shopper: A Season Appropriate Dress for Rebecca's April shower

Rebecca D. writes: "Outblush - Help! My bridal shower is April 3 in Pennsylvania. I need a fun, sophisticated dress to wear. It's not quite warm enough for my summery dresses, and not cold enough for my winter dresses! What falls in between?" Dear Rebecca, Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!... [More]


Aqua Vitae: Aperol Spritz

Our fearless leader, EB, shared she was making the delightful Aperol Spritz for an upcoming desert camping trip. So, a. we need to find out which desert and meet her there, and b. you need to make these delicious cocktails at home, asap. Aperol is a brilliant Italian aperitif that... [More]


Madewell Island Punch Plaid Bikini

Sometimes simple is better, especially when it comes to swimwear. We love the no ruffles, no frills look of the Island Punch Plaid Bikini ($92) from Madewell. It's got a cute, summery plaid pattern that's modern and young. Plus, the almost boyshort bikini bottoms work well for those of us... [More]


Chic Wheatgrass Soil-less Grow Kit

Have a novice green thumb? Get your gardening feet wet with the Chic Wheatgrass Soil-less Grow Kit ($59) by Plantology. It's a simple kit that needs minimal know-how to grow. Simply wet the water gems in the glass bowl provided, add the seeds, and watch your wheatgrass grow! Keep it... [More]


Doubtblush: Alberto Guardiani Court Shoes

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]

NSFW Puppy

Chantelle Pure T-Shirt Memory Foam Underwire Bra

There's a new kid in town and we're loving her! The Chantelle Pure T-Shirt Memory Foam Underwire Bra ($68) is truly one of our new favorite bras. It offers the perfect coverage for a fuller bust with just the right amount of lift to offer ample oomph without overdoing it.... [More]


Funktional Stardust Shorts

If we were fooled by these Stardust Shorts ($90) by Funktional, chances are everyone else will be, too. They drape so effortlessly like a skirt, but keep you covered and fashionable like a great pair of shorts should. Perfect for those summer days when you want to look ladylike, but... [More]


Confetti System Blindfold

How often are you really going to use a Confetti Blindfold ($110)? Not very often. Is every single one of those times going to be made even more awesome by wearing a fringey, shimmery blindfold? Oh. Hell. Yes.... [More]


Pashley Poppy Hybrid Bike

This bike trend has sure sparked a ton of designers interest in creating everything from baskets to Old Fashioned glasses. But what about the actual bike? If you're in the market for a new set of wheels, the Pashley Poppy Hybrid Bike ($606) is just perfect! It's got a great... [More]


The Hungry Pig

Sometimes we get lost in our morning latte fog and ponder things that don't matter. For example, why on earth do people keep change in banks shaped like pigs, and why do they fill the bank through a slot in the pig's back? Before we Googled around for the answer,... [More]


Locher's Duh, Winning Necklace

The always cheeky Locher's has us laughing again. Who isn't making fun of Charlie Sheen these days? But really, the only winner here is you once you slip on the Duh, Winning Necklace ($69). So come on, go for it. Win already!... [More]


Personal Shopper: Funky Rihanna-inspired Prom Dresses for Monica

Monica wrote: Hi Outblush!I need help looking for a prom dress my budget is upto $200. I want a short funky dress,one that Rihanna would be proud to wear..........Please help! Hey Monica, Robin here with some good news. A $200 budget and a desire for a short dress gives you... [More]


Quote Crescent Moon Leather 'n Canvas Bag

We've been looking for the perfect summer day purse and we think we've found it in the Crescent Moon Leather 'n Canvas Bag ($88) by Quote. It can be worn cross body as a messenger bag, on your arm or shoulder for easy content access. The blue striped pattern and... [More]


Old Man Drinks: Recipes, Advice, and Barstool Wisdom

Thanks to Mad Men, the resurgence of old, classic cocktails are back in style. Brush up on your bar-tending skills by flipping through Old Man Drinks: Recipes, Advice, and Barstool Wisdom ($10) by Robert Schnakenberg. Impress dinner guests by serving them perfect Sidecars and Rusty Nails. Then regale them with... [More]


ZOUBABY Monogrammed Galoshes

You know you've really made it when you're rocking your very own monogrammed galoshes. Bougie as it may be, these ZOUBABY Boots ($89) are seriously stylish. Four different text varieties allow your monogram to be as ornate or minimalistic as your own style. If you're not into high-falootin' monograms, why... [More]


Mum Dish Scrubbers

Doing a bit of spring cleaning? Whistle while you work and scrub away with these adorable Mum Dish Scrubbers ($10), sold at Patina. Besides, if you're like us, these are the only flowers you'll have no trouble growing this summer. Come on green thumb, this is our year for beautiful... [More]


vKnit Lambswool English Rose Fingerless Gloves

According to our calendars, it may finally be spring, but some days it still feels like this dreary, cold winter will never end! Keep your hands warm while giving the universe a subtle hint that we'd like a little sunshine by wearing the Lambswool English Rose Fingerless Gloves ($55) by... [More]


Booze Cakes

Sugar & alcohol: The two most essential food groups, yes? If you're vigorously nodding your head at that question, then you need to look into buying Booze Cakes: Confections Spiked With Spirits, Wine, and Beer ($11), STAT. Authors Krystina Castella and Terry Lee Stone have taken classic drink recipes like... [More]


Darling Clementine Woodland Tray

We never realized how useful trays were until we got a few (don't mock us). Sure, they've enabled the bad habit of eating in front of the TV more than we'd care to admit, but various trays scattered around our house are also keeping our kitchen and bedroom a bit... [More]


White House | Black Market Flounced Chiffon Coverup

Oh la la! Beach coverups aren't what they used to be! Go for a dip, dry off, and toss on this Flounced Chiffon Coverup ($78) from White House | Black Market for a sexy seaside look. You could get away with heading right from the beach to a casual cafe... [More]


Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation

Whether you're on vacation or just headed to the beach on the weekend, the last thing you want to do is spend time worrying about a flawless face. A quick swipe with Shiseido's Sun Protection Stick Foundation ($27) evens out your skin and has you covered with SPF 35, getting... [More]


Express Feather Fringe Necklace

Make a dramatic spring statement by wearing the Feather Fringe Necklace ($40) at Express. Wear it with some of your more basic workday pieces: a neutral pencil skirt, heels, and blouse. Toss your hair up, and feel professional, yet fashionably gorgeous!... [More]


Buck Stacking Game

If you're going to keep parlor games around, it might be time to make a step up from the Jenga you've been toting around since college. (You know the one - with mild to moderately obscene dares written on the pieces.) The Buck Stacking Game ($34) adds a bit of... [More]


Personal Shopper: Under-$100 college graduation dresses for Alana and Janelle

Alana wrote, "Hey Outblush! You guys are amazing and I was hoping you could help me find a dress for my graduation. So, my cousin and I are graduating from Northeastern University in May, yay! We would love it if you could suggest some dresses for us. I am 5'7"... [More]


ban.do Gold Bow Bobbi

We covet bows on everything else we own: our flats, sweaters, jewelry, purses...we might as well clip our hair back with one, too! ban.do Gold Bow Bobbi ($25)... [More]


The Sak Artist Circle iPad Case

Sure iPads are sleek, shiny and sophisticated, but where does your personality show through? The Sak Artist Circle iPad Case ($21 on sale) has a lovely floral pattern that's femenine without being juvenile. If you're someone who uses your iPad for work, there'd be no shame in pulling this out... [More]


Sakura Petals Bone China Tea Set

Though we're more inclined to reach for a pot of coffee than we are to reach for a pot of tea, we can't help but covet this Sakura Petals Bone China Tea Set ($100). Everyone should have a gorgeous tea set on hand, even if you only break it out... [More]


Camille One-Shoulder Top

Oh, how our shoulders long for the touch of a cool breeze and the warmth of some sunshine. Camille One-Shoulder Top ($35) is a gorgeous printed top with belt, that just screams "Spring." In a fluttery chiffon and light colors - it's just the way to bring your shoulder out... [More]


Animal Clock Square

Feel free to get this Animal Clock Square ($130) if you live alone, but we think it'd be so much greater if you've got roommates or a partner under your roof. That way, you could totally say "I'll be back at squirrel o'clock" and they'd get it.... [More]


Wren Mitsuko Bare Long Dress

Things draped on hangers rarely look as gorgeous as they do draped on models. So don't let the Mitsuko Bare Long Dress ($251) by Wren fool you. This jersey knit maxi dress hugs your curves in all the right places, and the print is exotic without going overboard. Pair this... [More]


Foodzie Tasting Box

We told you about Foodzie a while back, but now there's an even better way to experience this handmade gourmet site. Sure, you can still sit at your desk and drool over the yumtastic offerings, or you can be proactive and sign up for The Tasting Box ($20/month). Once a... [More]


The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert

So you've committed to lugging around your latest DSLR virtually everywhere you go. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to carry that ugly camera bag with it? Use the The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert ($60) to safely store your camera and attachments, while keeping it slid into the... [More]


Chloé Leather Ballerina Flats

We just can't get enough of dainty leather ballet flats this season! But you can't blame us when we stumble upon beauties like these Chloé Leather Ballerina Flats ($425). The nude leather makes them wearable with everything in our wardrobe, and the scalloped edges give them a subtle femininity that... [More]


Get-Ready Stand

The pedestal sink in our bathroom is just lovely, but the fact that we had to line up our makeup on the edge of the tub while we're beautifying was getting old fast. The Get-Ready Stand ($149) has made our morning routine a million times easier by offering plenty of... [More]


Personal Shopper: Travel Wardrobe & Versatile Wedding Guest Dress

Bee Writes: Firstly, I love your site what a find it was i managed to populate my Christmas wish list entirely from items i found on it. I have a challenge for you, i am currently based in Australia but am packing up shop for 6 months and heading around... [More]

doilie poncho-s.jpg

Doubtblush: 59th Street Crochet-Trim Lace Cape

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... So we Doubtblush 'em. On... [More]


River Island Pleat Front Denim Western Jacket

A girl can never go wrong by walking out her front door on a sunny spring day in a great denim jacket. They're constantly streamlined and redesigned for each new year, but still seem to keep that old classic feel we know and love. The River Island Pleat Front Denim... [More]


Elizabeth and James Two Tone Open Feather Ring

There are tons of awesome-looking, unique rings in the world of fashion, and here at Outblush, we've prided ourselves on bringing you some of the cutest styles. But would you wear them? We're never sure if we would...we like statement peices, but a Gotham City Ring gracing our fingers? Ehhh...... [More]


Beauty and the Beach Halter Monokini

We're so torn! This crocheted Halter Monokini ($103) is a unique and beautiful suit, but think of the tan lines! (Then again... who would really see them, hmm?)... [More]


Victorian Hand Jewelry Holder

How very handy! (Ow! Stop hitting us!) Victorian Hand Jewelry Holder ($20)... [More]


Don't Forget to Be Awesome Digital Print

Just here bringing you your daily reminder! Don't Forget to Be Awesome Digital Print ($6)... [More]


Pinball Magic

Clearly, we have a thing for making iWhatevers look like games. Remember when we got duped by the April Fools joke that was the iCade? Thankfully, Pinball Magic ($20) is the real deal. It allows you to play pinball on your iPhone or iPod like you're at a real (tiny)... [More]


Oatmeal Cookies Beanpod Candle

We've been working on denying ourselves copious amounts of sugar these days. It's hard. We may or may not be currently eating chocolate cake for breakfast (Bill Cosby would be proud!). We digress. Instead of ingesting all that sugar and spice, we're letting it waft through our apartments thanks to... [More]


Bagonia Johanna Tan Suede Shoulderbag

Pair your more colorful spring outfits with the Johanna Tan Suede Shoulderbag ($160) by Bagonia. You won't detract from your great duds, but you'll carry your stellar fashion sense over to your accessories. The scalloped pockets are just too lovely!... [More]

Personal Shopper Bora

Personal Shopper: Knockoff Vera Wang Wedding Dress for Bora's October Wedding

Bora writes: "First of all, I love your site. I've been following it for years and I can't even begin to count the number of clothes, foods, and gift items I've ended up buying after my daily perusing of your posts. Thanks again for culling so many fabulous things for... [More]

Children by the Sea Quilt

Celebrate: Children by the Sea Quilt

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Pottery Barn Wooden Garden Stand

We're fast approaching gardening season, and some of you are already potting your seeds indoors! Keep everything in one place with the Wooden Garden Stand ($46, on sale) from Pottery Barn. Once the weather turns and it's time to get those seedlings in the ground, just bring the stand with... [More]


Bear-y Your Sadness Magnet Set

With artwork by Andrea Kang, the Bear-y Your Sadness Magnet Set ($11) is a welcome whimsical addition to your fridge or filing cabinet. We're leaning toward putting ours on the fridge because those sad little bear faces mimic our own when we open the freezer door and realize we're out... [More]


Smythson Jade Collection Nancy Pouch

Excuse us while we pause to pine away over here. . . . The Nancy Pouch ($610) from the Smythson's Spring Jade Collection is perfection in a little leather clutch. The gorgeous shade of leather, the lovely quilted gathering, the petite size--Rreally, we're planning an entire outfit, nay, an entire... [More]

Golfer Doormat

Golfer Doormat

The Golfer Doormat ($18) is so appropriate for many of our homes. It states "A Golfer and a Normal Person Live Here". If you live with a golf fanatic, you can empathize with us as they live, eat and sleep golf. Yawwwnn!... [More]


TOUS Tul Ring

When you mix cute and tough, it's very rare for the result to be elegant. But somehow, oddball as it is, that's the word that comes to mind when we see the Tul ring ($105). The band is made of slinky stainless steel mesh, crimped together on the top by... [More]


The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade

You may only think of George Carlin as the surly, colorful and crass comedian that never shied away from commenting on religion, politics and everything in between. The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade ($15) is about to put a spin on everything you believe about this... [More]


Blue Barnhouse Letterpressed Card

Take note: a fiercely sassy lady who's well versed in paper printing techniques is simply irresistible. Blue Barnhouse 'Go Ahead, I'm Letterpressed' Card ($5)... [More]


Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil

We'll have to admit to our utter lack of expertise when it comes to eyebrow grooming. We pluck, draw, squint, smooth, and hope for the best. Occasionally we splurge and let someone else do the shaping. But the one thing we do know is that a full, high arched brow... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dress To Wear To L.A. Wedding for CK

CK wrote, "I'm headed to Los Angeles for my Sister-In-Law's wedding in July. I'm not sure if cute summer dresses for a wedding are readily available now, or I should wait a month or two. If now is the time, what suggestions do you have? I'm 5' 8", thin, small... [More]


Sales & Steals: 3/18/11

Happy Friday, everyone! Hopefully you aren't too hung over at work today after yesterday's green beer & whiskey-soaked festivities, and have some fun plans for the weekend. Enjoy this week's Sales & Steals, courtesy as always from our pals at The Bargainist, and have a fabulous weekend! 1. ASOS -... [More]

Juno Fertility Bracelet

Celebrate: Juno Fertility Bracelet

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Aspire/Acquire Spring Spectacular: Purple-Sparkle Flats

Punxsutawney Phil, you stinkin' liar. 'no six weeks of winter', our sweet ass. We love hot chocolate and warm sweaters and curling up by the fire with our honey as much as the next girl, but it's getting old FAST. We are so ready for spring! With that in... [More]


Heirloom Recipe Card Box

Made by craftsmen in Florida, the Heirloom Recipe Card Box ($130) is also made from locally salvaged hardwood. All boxes are unique and take approximately 3 months from start to finish. After an extensive process that results in these lovely boxes, the lids are screen printed with your choice of... [More]


The Itinerant Chrysanthemum

We can never find a ruler when we need one, usually because they're stuck in the back of junk drawers or hiding under a stack of desk detritus. However, if we were so lucky as to have The Itinerant Chrysanthemum ($28), we're certain we'd never misplace it. This laser cut... [More]

Hairball Pin

Doubtblush: Hairball Pin

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The Hairball Pin ($5) seriously... [More]


Keen Coronado Rain Boots

Secret confession: we love our Keens. No, really! Though we can't fancy ourselves part of the hardcore hiking group, we do get out here and there and can be rough on our shoes. We've had a pair of Keen hiking boots for ages, and they definitely stand the test of... [More]


Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub

There's plenty of sugar that passes our lips on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we're not really seeing any beauty benefits from it (except for some damn fine curves!). Twist our arms, we'll have to try something else: Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub ($15) is a gentle, sugar based exfoliator for... [More]


Jar Tile

Heads up to anyone doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel! We beg of you, please use this amazing Jar Tile ($30) somewhere on a wall. We'd get it ourselves, but don't think our landlords would approve of us DIYing a tile job without a clue what we're doing just so... [More]


Boden Maternity Double Layer Dress

There's nothing better than being able to throw on one piece and be ready for the day, and that becomes even more true when you're also dealing with a baby bump. Boden's Double Layer Dress ($98) is a blessing to expectant mothers everywhere. Not only is it long enough to... [More]


Sass and Peril Red Fox Pillow

Bad idea: Keeping a real fox as a pet. Good idea: Getting one of these cute Red Fox Screen Printed Pillows ($28) to add a pop of color and a little woodland wonder to your apartment.... [More]


Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Facial Towlettes

Occasionally, we get too lazy to wash our faces before bed (laziness=been drinking too much). But we have no excuses now that we've got a pack of Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Facial Towlettes ($8 for 30-pack). Not only do they wipe away all traces of makeup, dirt, and daily... [More]


J. Crew Merino Confetti Stripe Sweater

As much as we've been pining away for warmer weather, we have to admit to ourselves that it's still a bit nippy outside. The Merino Confetti Stripe Sweater ($148) at J. Crew is not only gorgeously designed with all those stripes and sequins, it's also perfect for the ever-changing spring... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Kentucky Derby Hat for Laura

Laura writes: "Hi! I know you all did a Kentucky Derby post not that long ago, but I am having a VERY hard time finding a great hat to wear. Any recommendations on fabulous hats for a fabulous Kentucky Derby party? Thanks! :)" Laura, Found of You here. The reason... [More]


The Hill-Side Cherry Blossom Pocket Square

Chances are, your guy could use a little spring kick to his wardrobe. The Cherry Blossom Pocket Square ($39) by The Hill-Side will liven up even his every-day work suits, or the sports coat he'll wear to all the upcoming weddings you drag take him to. Awe! He's going to... [More]


Anastasia High Gloss Lip Gloss

We love the light, natural pink colors in these Anastasia High Gloss Lip Glosses ($22). They produce a great spring-time shine on our pucker without the added stickiness or gooey feeling. Plus, the jojoba oil and shea butter smooth and heal our lips, making them pretty damn irresistible, if we... [More]


Shower Squid

It'd probably be easier to get away with keeping this Shower Squid ($35) in your shower if you a) live alone or b) have children, but it's pretty damn cute. And honestly, how often do you see a new way to store stuff in your shower? We think it'd be... [More]

red pom pom earrings yaar-s.jpg

Culture Club: Red Pompom Earring

Yara Jewelry takes asymmetry to the limit, but that makes us like it even more. All we need is a common teardrop shape in the Red Pompom Earrings ($24) to know they match. With pearls, puffballs and brushed silver, we express our dualities ... or just make a killer statement.... [More]


Ellington Lindsay Tote

We really can't think of anything sexy about going to the gym. Tight clothes, excessive sweating, occasional grunting. Actually, now that we mention it, those three things in combination could also be used to describe a much more desirable situation... but we digress. We're not saying it's going to make... [More]


Beau Bra Satin Trousers

We may have just found the most luxurious lounge pants ever! Imagine feeling like you're in sweats, but having some serious sex appeal. Pair these Beau Bra Satin Trousers ($91 on sale) with a sweet cami or even just a bra and you'll be comfortable and irresistible. Win win!... [More]


Gnome Sweet Gnome Whale Tissue Holder

Disclaimer: The cheezeball level of this post is nearly inexcusable, but we just. couldn't. resist. THAR SHE BLOWS!!! Whale Tissue Holder ($40)... [More]


Origins No Puffery

Cool. Soothing. Refreshing. The Origins No Puffery ($20) is one of those rare products that does what it says. Whether you've partied a little too hard, stayed up late working, or just haven't slept a wink, this fabulous gel will de-pouf, and brighten and lighten your dark circles and bags.... [More]


Paul & Joe Lola Dress

Going tropical over spring break? Headed off to an island paradise this summer? First, know we're jealous and second, know that we were seriously conflicted on whether or not to bring your attention to the gorgeous Lola Dress ($320) by Paul & Joe. You clearly already have a great trip... [More]


Microdry® Memory Foam Bath Mat

Step out of your shower and onto luxury with the Microdry® Memory Foam Bath Mat ($20-30). This special mat is designed with fabric super soft, and absorbent. Filled with memory foam, it cushions your feet and makes you linger perhaps longer than you should. The base is slip-resistant to grip... [More]


Jonathan Adler Peacock Lollipop Holder

We're not fools. We know this Peacock Lollipop Holder ($98) is pretty much the least practical thing we could ever spend a hundred bucks on. But can you really blame us for wanting it? We can't even remember the last time we had 22 lollipops on hand, let alone a... [More]


Personal Shopper: A simply elegant navy dress for Jordan's senior prom

Jordan P. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I just recently discovered your site and I think you may be able to help me with this. I've been actively searching for the perfect prom dress for at least the last two months and thought I found it only to find that it's backordered... [More]

memories of flora fauna earrings-s.jpg

Hirotaka Flora Exotica Earrings

Hats off to jewelry designer Hirotaka for donating a portion of his sales to aid the aftermath of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami. Think the Hirotaka Flora Exotica Earrings ($1100) are octopus tentacles? Think again. It's a mismatched jasmine and a diamond studded orchid.... [More]


Threads for Thought Slub Jacket

The comfy casual yet tailored look of this Slub Jacket ($88) isn't lost on us, but our favorite feature by far is the zip closure behind the button placket. We can get this topper on and zipped in no time and worry about the buttons while we're on the bus.... [More]


Tamar Little Color Wheel Necklace

We agree that resin chrysanthemums are a little TOO ubiquitous on Etsy these days, but we'll happily make an exception for this charming Little Color Wheel Necklace ($42). Ten resin flower cabochons are set into an antiqued brass chain, making for the perfect bright, spring-y accent to your favorite warm... [More]


Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Wash & Lotion

Normally, we wouldn't dream of blowing $55 on shower gel and body lotion, but that's because we'd never tried Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Shower Gel ($25) and Lotion ($30). If there were a better way to pamper yourself every morning, we haven't found it. The sharp, peppery scent... [More]


Roll and Tumble Press Eat and Drink Posters

If you had a little too much Guinness and Jameson last night you might not be too keen on the "drink" half of these Eat and Drink Letterpress Posters ($35) from Roll and Tumble Press, but we know that feeling will pass (thankfully!). In the mean time, think about how... [More]


House of Harlow 1960 Sasha Sunglasses

Oversized. Hollywood. Glam. Tortoise. Tassels!!! Need we say more? House of Harlow 1960 Sasha Sunglasses ($143).... [More]


Drinking at the Movies by Julia Wertz

Julia Wertz of Fart Party fame depicts the often hilarious, sometimes lonely and pathetic, always self-deprecating events of her move from San Fransisco to New York City in her new collection of comics, Drinking at the Movies ($10). Even if you're not a comic-reading kind of gal, we're pretty sure... [More]


Blue Life Long Sleeve Drape with Lace Insert

Baby got back, and baby wants to show it off! If sneaky sexiness is your thing, this Long Sleeve Drape with Lace Insert ($100) has seriously surprising wow factor. From the front it's a simple, slightly sheer, loosely draped long sleeve top, but turn around and you're giving the world... [More]

latice lamp-s.jpg

ET2 Lattice Lamp

The ET2 Lattice Lamp ($160) looks like lace, but it's a little more heavy duty than that. The deceptively delicate shade is actually polished chrome (amazing!). Finally, chrome doesn't fit in so well with bathroom hardware. What an achievement.... [More]

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stone&honey Echo Necklace

This stone&honey Echo Necklace ($110) looks the way we want to look on a Saturday afternoon stroll with our new lover: natural, but polished, with a little something interesting going on. A slice of luscious purple geode adorned with "crystals" hangs from a dainty silver chain. And now for a... [More]

sorority formal.png

Personal Shopper: A Funky Sorority Formal for Amy

Amy writes: "Hey Outblush, big fan here with a personal shopper request! I have my sorority's formal coming up soon and I've been looking for a great dress. I was thinking something knee-length or above (but not too short) and with a bold, graphic pattern. I'm 5'6 and 135 lb,... [More]


Aspire/Acquire Spring Spectacular: Boat Shoes

Punxsutawney Phil, you stinkin' liar. 'no six weeks of winter', our sweet ass. We love hot chocolate and warm sweaters and curling up by the fire with our honey as much as the next girl, but it's getting old FAST. We are so ready for spring! With that in mind,... [More]



Green novelty hats? Come on. Put on something genuinely Irish - like a gorgeous heavy sweater or a few spritzes of Inis ($35). This herbal, oceanic (even slightly salty) scent is fresh, complex, and like nothing else you've smelled before. It's not our number one marine scent - we covered... [More]


Celebrate: Drink Til Yer Green Beer Boot

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss

Oh, frabjous day, they listened! Outblush staff favorite Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment has been turned into.... Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss ($18)!!! Available in 12 rich shades, it contains the same fab lip treatment ingredients as the balm, like sugar, SPF 15 vitamin E and grapeseed oil. The new formulation, however,... [More]


Noon Design German Leaf Earrings

Lush and lightweight, these German Leaf Earrings ($32) from Noon Design are the perfect accessory for a girl who's more into trees than Tiffany (we hear they're out there). Available with 5 different shades of crystal, these green beauties give a nod to nature while still being elegant and unique.... [More]



True story: during a particularly trying bout of apartment hunting, we found a charming little apartment with one glaring flaw - the toilet was in a room all its own, and in order to access the second bathroom which held the sink and shower, you had to walk down a... [More]


Celeb Style: Emma Watson's Burberry Trench

There's a good chance you've seen pictures of Emma Watson out and about with this incredible Burberry Bespoke Trench. It's a fresh, welcome twist on the traditional trench that just screams "fashion forward." Of course, the Burberry version will set you back a body part you probably need (or are... [More]


Alanna Bess Mother of Pearl Clover

We're wearing the Alanna Bess Mother of Pearl Clover ($58) today, and if someone pinches us for having no green on, they get a punch in the face. Shoulda whipped out your magnifying glass, 'cuz there's an ever-so-slight shimmery green in this mother of pearl clover. And we seemed so... [More]


Fred the Triceratops

It's amazing how much less menacing dinosaurs become when they're a ridiculous color and filled with plants - especially flowers! The timid name helps too. Fred the Triceratops ($18)... [More]


Makeup Forever Lab Shine Lip Gloss

Every once in a while we have one of those "oooh, shiny" moments where we lose track of what we were doing because some glimmering object caught our eye. Today's shiny distraction was brought to us by Makeup Forver's Lab Shine Lip Gloss ($18). Not only does this uber shiny... [More]

leaisurely driving gloves-s.jpg

Leisurely Drive Glovelettes

Oh shit, we're not a gangster (too dainty), but we sure are driving like one. Need to get a grip, and put a bow on this road rage. Complete the commuter look with the Leisurely Drive Glovelettes ($50).... [More]


Personal Shopper: An under-$50 Anthropologie necklace knockoff for Emily

Hi ladies, I've fallen in love with a necklace from Anthropologie. It's not on their website, but I found a picture of it online. Sadly, it's $298, and while I do love it, I can't afford it at that price. So, I'm wondering if you could find me something similar... [More]


Rustic Romp Taper Holder

We all know it's good to be on top, and this little rabbit demonstrates that in the Rustic Romp Taper Holder ($598). Sure, it's not your traditional candelabra, but this pile of woodland creatures is so bizarre it somehow becomes cute. Yep, even when you light them all on fire.... [More]


Golden Girl: Nike Hair-itage T-shirts

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to get a little. With this... [More]


ALDO Scharer

Romantic and just a tad vintage-y, these ALDO Scharer ($80) have become our favorite shoe for all of the weddings and parties the spring and summer hold. The neutral tone complements so many of our flirty floral frocks, yet there's so much more detail to these peep toes than a... [More]


ABS One Shoulder Peplum Dress

Oh my goddess! This ABS One Shoulder Peplum Dress ($355) takes the Grecian look at makes it hotter than flaming cheese. Wear it for a white-hot night out on the town and maybe if you're lucky you'll end the night with a few shirtless guys fanning you with palm fronds... [More]

cup ring-ss.jpg

Miss Tea Cup and Saucer Ring

The minty Miss Tea Cup and Saucer Ring ($56) would be cheesy, except it's so weird, it took us a sec to notice it was a tea cup at all. We thought it was just a really cool vintage bead ring at first. Nah, it's got so much whimsy, we... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Girls Point Index Stickers

Something specific in that textbook (or, let's be honest, magazine) you want to remember? The adorable ladies of the Girls Point Index Stickers ($4) are here to help! Just place them in your reading material with their kerchief pointing to that special tidbit you'd like to remember and you're good... [More]


The Knot Irish Whiskey

Need an alternative to your traditional Irish Whiskey this St. Patty's Day? We've got the solution. The Knot Irish Whiskey ($22) is sweet, caramel, honeyed, herbal and butterscotchy - it's downright delicious. But be careful, it's 100 proof, so please don't pair it with too many car bombs today -... [More]


Gap Cropped Legging Jeans

We're so not gonna say anything about a 'new black', but we do really like switching up our darker wardrobe come springtime and sunny days, and these Gap Cropped Legging Jeans ($60) are a great way to do that. Plus, if grey is to drab for you, you've got your... [More]


Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré

A longtime cult fave of the European fashion & beauty industry (we first heard about it through our fave British makeup artists, Pixiwoo), Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré ($25) is finally available stateside. This rich, thick cream can be used as a moisturizer, makeup primer, cleanser, aftershave, and even as a... [More]


Emma Stine Blush Butterfly Earrings

Looks like someone's ready for spring! Fluttering butterflies and a bright pop of coral on these Emma Stine Blush Crystal Butterfly Earrings ($46) welcome the season of flowers and bird songs with style. Best of all, the delicate crystals on the dangling beauties will shimmer in the sun that's been... [More]


Jonathan Adler Banana Bud Vase

It appears that banana is happy to see us. It brought flowers! Banana Bud Vase ($48)... [More]


Personal Shopper: An aqua day dress for Amy C.

Amy C. wrote: "Outblush- You've done great for me in the past, so I have another request for you. Even though everyone's kind of caught up in coral/honeysuckle colors this spring, I've become completely obsessed with bright aqua blue. I found this nail color (It dries significantly darker) and last... [More]


Splendid Pin

Splendid, stupendous, fantabulous, splendiferous, magnificent, excellent, resplendent, first-class, glorious, brilliant - we need more of these words in our days! Get people, and yourself, on board with the idea of goodness synonyms with the Splendid Pin ($12). This black and white laser cut acrylic pin - just what the logophile... [More]

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Chroma Lab Yellow Spectrum Clock

What's that you're complaining about? Your living space is dark and drab? It needs some sunshine? A spot of color? Go ahead and get the Yellow Spectrum Clock from Chroma Lab ($49) and then try to complain about those same things. We won't be listening anymore.... [More]


Ballard Designs Cattails

Predictable is boring. Go anti-bloom this Spring with some Ballard Designs Cattails ($25 for 12) in a pastel floor vase. They're way classier than fake flowers, and unlike pussy willows, they have that certain Southern straight-from-the-bayou-flavor that we so love ... Ok, this could be a side effect of being... [More]


Laser Guided Scissors

There are some of us who can't even walk in a straight line, and we're not talking about after happy hour. Give us something to cut, and we're even more at a loss. Sure, the idea of a straight line is a simple one, but somehow all of our slices... [More]

Blue Margarita Bangle Set

Blue Margarita Bangle Set

The countdown to Spring is on! And we can't wait to rock this adorable bangle set - the Blue Margarita Bangle Set ($18) is simple yet stylish. This set consists of golden bangles detailed with gold, copper and a frosty turq blue. They will liven up that crisp white blouse... [More]


Monster Pops

Ostensibly, you'd buy Monster Pops ($13 for set of 4) to make silly homemade popsicles for kids. But c'mon, admit it.... You want to buy 'em and hog 'em all to yourself. It's okay, we do too.... [More]


Estee Lauder Pure Red Nail Lacquer

It's happened to us countless times - we head out to get a pedi, pick what seems to be the 'perfect' red, only to have it show up on our toes as too orangey, too sparkly, or too pink! It looks like Estee Lauder may have finally gotten it right... [More]

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Celine Chiffon Plus Size Maxi Dress

The Celine Chiffon Plus Size Maxi Dress ($128), has really got it all going on. It comes in a powerhouse purple shade that will go through all seasons, it shows off the girls, and it manages to cover the upper arms (not the best area on some of us) while... [More]


Perfect Tea Timer

If it were only for timing how long your tea should steep, we wouldn't find the Perfect Tea Timer ($17) so interesting. But with three hourglasses that run for three, four, and five minutes, we figure that you could use this for all kinds of household tasks in and out... [More]

mulberry tea shorts-s.jpg

Mulberry Tea Shorts

Raise your hand if you wanna be a tart with a sweet side in the Mulberry Tea Shorts ($55). Gotta love dangerously short shorts and that 90s-inspired print revamped in fresh Spring colors. We die.... [More]

green bracelet-s.jpg

Sequin Faceted Bracelet Set

For your favorite shopping gurus, St. Patty's one more buffet to feed our endless appetite for baubles and beads (so much better than that hunger for popping pills). Granted, the borderline gaudy Sequin Faceted Bracelet Set ($60) is more than something green. It's something stupendous.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A black tea-length bridesmaids dress for Miranda

Miranda H. wrote: "Hi Outblush! I love you guys so much! I'm hoping you can help me find the perfect bridesmaid dress for my friends wedding this July. We can all choose our own dresses with the guidelines that they are black, matte, and tea length. I have been looking... [More]


Aspire/Acquire Spring Spectacular: Bronzer

Punxsutawney Phil, you stinkin' liar. 'no six weeks of winter', our sweet ass. We love hot chocolate and warm sweaters and curling up by the fire with our honey as much as the next girl, but it's getting old FAST. We are so ready for spring! With that in... [More]


Doubtblush: Charmed & Lucky Leprechaun Costume

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]

Claire Fong Turquoise Earrings

Claire Fong Magician's Secret Turquoise Earrings

Throw on your favorite tee and jeans with the Claire Fong Magician's Secret Turquoise Earrings ($39) to make a statement when you run errands around town. These suede fringed earrings are sure to catch the eye of that cute barista you flirt with every morning.... [More]


The Zhip

Finally, the dream of watching all those episodes of The Hills that you've loaded on your phone while sweatin' away on the treadmill is a reality. The Zhip ($15) works like a regular iPod or iPhone stand, but what sets it apart is a unique clip and cord feature allowing... [More]


Zuny Animal Bookends

Until recently, we were satisfied with our nondescript L-shaped bookends. But then we saw cute, in the form of these animal bookends by Zuny ($48 each). We're in love with these sand-filled critters like we can't even articulate. Is an abstract L-shape as good as a fuzzy sheepie or a... [More]

eames blocks-s.jpg

Culture Club: Eames Blocks

If you haven't figured out we're Eames fans, or that mid-century everything is a hot commodity right now, welcome to the know. Rich Kids can get their design education while they're still growing with Eames Blocks ($140) This fun teaching tool brings hours of fun ... just don't throw 'em... [More]


Seychelles Woodpecker Pump

We've always been big fans of Seychelles shoes thanks to their great marriage of comfort and fashion. The Woodpecker Pump ($85), shown here in mustard, also comes in a bright pink, so you can choose which color suits your needs best (it comes in black too, for those of you... [More]


Use Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination ($5) card. "I wanna verb your noun." Oh, how fabulous are the subtleties/not-so-subtleties of the English language?... [More]


Hanky Panky Black Widow Briefs

The Hanky Panky Black Widow Briefs ($32) give sexy a whole new meaning! These black lace briefs are sizzling hot with a chic cutout back and thin lace strap details. They'll show off your booty and its peak, perky condition!... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-15 at 4.37.49 PM.png

Blue Squirrel Scrabble Tile Pendant

Here on Outblush, we've been lovin' us some owls, as evidenced by all the owl adorned things we've posted, but Owls are so 2010. It's time for a change. Show everyone you know what's up by wearing the Blue Squirrel Scrabble Tile Pendant by HomeStudio ($9). That's right. Squirrels are... [More]

cherry blossom.png

Personal Shopper: A Dress for Ashlee's Pink Tie Event

Ashlee writes: "Hey guys! So I have this small problem that I was hoping you guys could help with. The cherry blossom festival is coming up and my fiance and I are attending the pink tie event. I was looking for a super cute pink, not hot pink, dress to... [More]


Fur Butter (Or Fur Worse)

Fur Butter (Or Fur Worse) Ultra-Rich Deep Conditioning Treatment ($19) from HappyTails Canine Spa Line is a perfect way to pamper your pup. We can't resist anything with a hilarious name, especially when it leaves our dogs' coats silky, soft, and smelling of rosemary and peppermint. As if we needed... [More]

toto pedastal sink-s.jpg

Toto Pine Tree Pedestal Sink

The Toto Pine Tree Pedestal Sink ($2820) would be pretty without hand painted art on it, but you know us, we like added bonuses. Probably our favorite piece from the Waza Miyabi Collection, this delicate basin pictures pine trees reaching across the bowl and blossoming plum branches climbing up the... [More]

Turkish Delight Golden Yellow Dress

Turkish Delight Golden Yellow Dress

We love afternoon delights and we're so loving the Turkish Delight Golden Yellow Dress ($51). You'll have an instant glow when you don this golden yellow frock. This trapeze dress is trimmed with bubbly layers of ruffles and has a sexy open back. It's perfect for that tropical getaway.... [More]


Team Toronto Hockey Tote

Showing some love to our neighbors to the North, the Team Toronto Hockey Tote ($25) is the perfect bag for groceries, errands and noise makers for hockey games. For all you hockey fans, and Canucks, this delightful tote features table hockey men from the 1950s. Well worn, by plenty of... [More]

Jay Strongwater Pig Figurine

Jay Strongwater Susanna Pig Figurine

The Jay Strongwater Susanna Pig Figurine ($995) will be cherished by Jay Strongwater lovers all over. This beautiful pig is encrusted in hand-enameled and hand-crystaled flowers. And the sweet little bee on the piggy's back is oh so sweet.... [More]

Screen shot 2011-03-15 at 4.09.02 PM.png

Grey Cosmos Solar Shirt

We know it's wayyy more fun to shop for little girls' clothing. The colors! The animals with eyelashes! The butt ruffles! But, please remember that the little guys in your life need clothes too. Help your favorite mini-man reach for the stars in this Grey Cosmos Solar Shirt ($40). We... [More]

the standard umbrella-s.jpg

The Standard Hotel Umbrella

Will keeping dry with the The Standard Hotel Umbrella ($20) make us that much closer to partying, celeb style? Nah, it won't. We have to make The Standard our stomping grounds first, which isn't happening anytime soon. Ah well, this is just an Aspire / Acquire situation for now. As... [More]


The Hostess Apron

While the The Hostess Apron ($72) is designed to take the spills and spatters associated with cooking, we're afraid to get anything on it as well! This delightful full-coverage apron is one-of-a-kind and features an adjustable neck. Composed of vintage linen, hemp and cotton, it's machine washable and oh, so... [More]


Chunky Red Pear Cocktail Ring

Get your "bold" on with the Chunky Red Pear Cocktail Ring ($43). With an antique gold finish, tons of Lucite and red stones, a large teardrop stone and inlaid setting, it's everything you want in your Estate/costume jewelry, without the price. Slip this bad boy on whenever you're in need... [More]


GAMA-GO Screwnicorn Wine Opener

We've featured plenty of corkscrews on Outblush, but we gotta say, this one has to be one of our top favs. The Screwnicorn Wine Opener ($10) is so totally ridiculous that we find it kind of awesome. It combines our love from the past (mythical creatures!) with our love of... [More]


Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter

We can all use a reminder about the basics of navigating life every once in a while. Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter ($10) is a sweet and concise reminder of the principles and practices that help us stand out like shining examples of an upstanding woman in polite... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dream Pedestal Table for Heather

Heather writes, "So I hear you will help avid shoppers find the best deal out there?? This [Casper Acrylic Table at Wisteria ($699)] is the item I am in search of. Not sure how all of this works... Will you please try to find it more affordably? Help I love... [More]


aeiou Brooch

Whether to curry favor with your kid's teacher, or a sweet gift for the English language lover in your life - the aeiou Brooch ($32) is perfection. As much as we'd love to forget all those vowel lessons in grade school, or being subjected to Wheel of Fortune by Gram,... [More]


Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Collection

The idea of an urban ballerina has us picturing pirouettes on manhole covers and plies on the subway, but the colors in the collection by the same name - available in the SEPHORA by OPI Urban Ballerina Mini Collection ($18) or on their own - are quite fabulous. The soft,... [More]


Steve Madden Haylow

The bright floral pop of color on the Steve Madden Haylow ($70) isn't for the timid, but it's such a small strip of that pattern, even those of us who prefer solids could be persuaded to try this on for spring. The four inch heel, on the other hand, might... [More]


Elmira Northstar 1957 Dishwasher Panel

A tiny kitchen is no excuse for a less than awesome kitchen. Help get yours together with the Elmira Northstar 1957 Dishwasher Panel ($480). This panel is available to fit a variety of full-sized dishwashers that accept 3/4" panels, but will also fit dishwashers with slightly smaller doors; you know,... [More]


Long Nosed Animals Onesies

We are totally crushing on the Long Nosed Animals Onesies ($25), but not nearly as much as the newborn they'll go on. Three cute little tagless Gerber onesies, made of 100% cotton, feature long nosed animals including: 1 anteater, 1 elephant and 1 tapir. A screenprinted animal illustration adorns the... [More]


Akira Silk Blend Lace Sleeve Dress

When you're wearing something like this Akira Silk Blend Lace Sleeve Dress ($40), you really don't need any other accessories. A pair of flat gladiator sandals or chunky wedges, a lightweight leather bag, and presto! Instant hippie chic (just don't forget nude boy short undies underneath, or you could end... [More]


All-Weather Double Porch Swing

Who wouldn't love the timeless elegance and comfort of the All-Weather Double Porch Swing ($149), for warm Spring nights spent outside? This wicker swing offers a classic look, with a sturdy resin and hand-woven wicker that will hold up to UV rays, rain, sand and dirt. Not only is the... [More]


Aeroplane Bracelet

We immediately thought that the Louise Wade Aeroplane Bracelet would be the perfect gift for the jet-setter in our lives. And then we thought, wait a minute, that girl's on a plane almost as much as she's at home, does she really want to wear a reminder of cramped seats... [More]


Google Before You Tweet

Google Before You Tweet ($15) Is The New Think Before You Speak. WE LOVES IT!... [More]

sailboat tealight votives-s.jpg

Glass Sailboat Tealight Holders

Sally sold seashells down by the seashore. What if she also sold Glass Sailboat Tealight Holders ($72 / set of 6)? Then you'd really be ready for your beachy wedding this summer.... [More]


Yarn Bowl

Say goodbye to the constant hassle of untangling your yarn, and treat your knitting to a seamless stream with help from this beautiful Yarn Bowl ($42). Keep those needles hard at work, and your yarn in one spot. White stoneware is hand thrown and each bowl is made to order.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Ballet Flats for Laura

Laura writes, "Hi Outblush! Another dedicated fan and this is actually my second personal shopper request (please don't block me, it's only 'cause you guys are so amazing). So now I'm in search of the perfect pair of ballet flats. I love bows on the front, and colors that match... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Diana Camera Messenger Bag

Hey, hey, hey Outblushers, it's time once again for a word from our resident photo-know-it-all, Meggan Haller. Meggan and her husband Jeff, the owners of Keyhole Photo, serve up gorgeous wedding and documentary photography, and recently won the 2010 Bride's Choice Awards from WeddingWire.com. Want more? Check out their blog,... [More]


Personal Shopper: An under-$50 wedding guest dress for Dana L.

Dana L. wrote, "Hi there! I hate to admit defeat, but I'm really struggling with this (super picky) shopping challenge. My boyfriend and I will be attending three weddings in four weeks this August--all for couples in the same group of friends, so the same people will be at every... [More]


Aspire/Acquire Spring Spectacular: Yellow Handbags

Punxsutawney Phil, you stinkin' liar. 'no six weeks of winter', our sweet ass. We love hot chocolate and warm sweaters and curling up by the fire with our honey as much as the next girl, but it's getting old FAST. We are so ready for spring! With that in... [More]


Athleta Swagger Skort

The appearance of running skirts on the athletic apparel scene has made us feel so much more flirty and feminine when we're pounding the pavement - not to mention how infinitely more flattering they are than short shorts. The Swagger Skort ($49) adds to the basic skirt design some layers... [More]


Origins Brighter by Nature Makeup

We multitask all the freakin' time - letting conditioner soak into our hair while we shave our legs, writing eight different emails at once, etc - so why shouldn't our beauty products do the same? New Origins Brighter by Nature SPF 30 Skin Tone Correcting Makeup ($28) promises to brighten... [More]


Birch Headphones with Fabric

Who woulda thought that listening to digital music that comes out of a palm sized electronic rectangle could look so handmade and natural? These Birch Headphones with Fabric ($85) give a whole new look to being plugged in. Best of all, beyond the available fabric options, you can send in... [More]

Alejandro Ingelmo Sophia Woven Platform Pumps

Alejandro Ingelmo Sophia Woven Platform Pumps

The Alejandro Ingelmo Sophia Woven Platform Pumps ($575) are made of all the things we LOVE! These beautiful nude pumps feature woven leather stacked atop a sky-high platform to show off our chiseled calf muscles.... [More]


Bird Alarm Clock

While there's nothing wrong with a black plastic digital clock radio with the big red numbers per se, you can do better. This bird alarm clock from &design ($54ish right now, varies with the exchange rate) does have a digital time and date display, as well as controls, but they're... [More]


Mega Antler Hook

A little bit Folk Art and a little bit quirky, the Mega Antler Hook ($220) is a fun and functional piece for your home. Made from solid steel, six prongs are for hanging jackets, purses, hats, groceries, scarfs, jewelry and the like. Easily mounted to the wall, it looks great... [More]



Checking the weather outside your window is all well and good, but more times than we care to admit we've been dressed completely wrong for what we thought the weather was. Sure, the sun was shining, but it was 58 degrees out and that sundress did us no favors! Wearcast... [More]


Beklina French Enamel Lockets

We have a long standing love affair with lockets, and it seems like there are always interesting variations to be found. Our latest discovery is the beautifully smooth and shiny French Enamel Lockets ($98). Currently available in five shades, these colorful ovals are a sophisticated addition to any outfit and... [More]


Personal Shopper: Shoes to go with Kira's AllSaints 'Julia' dress

Kira S. wrote, "I love you guys! I found the most amazing dress and need help finding stylish yet (somewhat) comfortable shoes to go with it - as well as accessories. I usually wear wedged heels because I feel more confident and stable in them but I also want to... [More]


Beyond Vintage Day Dress

We're pretty sure we could spend our entire summer tucked into this Beyond Vintage Day Dress ($203). It's flirty and feminine, gorgeously detailed, and comfy to boot (It's made of 100 percent cotton). And since it's so simple, it can be paired with plenty of your favorite shoes and accessories.... [More]


Six Pack Frame Cinch

Just because you're committed to a greener work commute - that's no reason you shouldn't treat yourself to a 6-pack for an after work wind-down. The Six Pack Frame Cinch ($22) secures just about anything to your bike's top tube and is adjustable. We love useful!... [More]


Palette Coasters

We think the Palette Coasters ($21) are the perfect gift for "The Office" lover in your life. Forget the Conference Room, we're all about the warehouse! No piling them with heavy boxes and leaving them out in the rain, they're now living in the lap of luxury. These palettes are... [More]


Beer Lovers Towel Set

It's a crying shame to spill even a drop of beer, but if it happens, at least have the dignity to wipe it up with the proper selection from the Beer Lovers Towel Set ($21).... [More]

FAO Schwarz Big Piano

Celebrate: FAO Schwarz Big Piano

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and deserve to be recognized. Preferably... [More]


Versus Suede Platforms

What better way to reveal your no-longer-hibernating-toes, than with the Versus Suede Platforms (£315)? These gorgeous, red suede, 5-inch platforms feature red coated chains draping over a large cut-out panel, running up the front of the foot. A sexy zip fastening runs the back of the ankle, and a suede... [More]


Akiko Pastel Leopard Printed Dress

Even when leopard print looks fabulous on a woman, a tiny part of our brain goes meeow! and snickers a bit. (We're just being honest!) However, we're certain the cattiness (HA!) would subside if we saw a girl struttin' her stuff in this Akiko Pastel Leopard Printed Dress ($175). The... [More]


iPhone 4 Chrome Case-Mate

The website might use the futuristic look of the iPhone 4 Chrome Case -Mate with Mirrored Screen Protector ($30) as a selling point, but we all know why it's worth its weight in gold...er...chrome. It's never been easier to apply lipstick on the go - and check to make sure... [More]


Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Cream

At first daub, Kieh's Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream ($60) seems like it'd be too thick and rich for warm weather, but we swear it's not. Rub this silky cream between your fingers to emulsify it, then treat your face to a twice-daily facial. Supposedly, it contains a rare "resurrection... [More]


Home from the Hardware Store

Finding new ways to decorate our home is always a fun task, especially when it involves more than just strolling the aisles at Target to find a mass produced yet adorable accent piece. Home from the Hardware Store: Transform Everyday Materials into Fabulous Home Furnishings ($16) is full of inspired... [More]


Elizabeth Gillett Carline Scarf

It's not going to keep you warm, but the extraordinary elegance provided by the Carline Scarf ($45) will class up any outfit in an instant.... [More]


Outblush Gift Guide: Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Being a bus driver is a pretty thankless job: Driving all day, traffic, cranky passengers.... We could go on, but we won't. Suffice it to say that these brave, hardy men and women deserve a break, and a thank-you gift from their regular passengers! Here are a few ideas in... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Ceiling Fan for Abby

Abby writes, "Outblush please help! I am trying to update my kitchen on the cheap but this is proving far more difficult than I had expected due to the monstrosity hanging from my ceiling claiming to be a ceiling fan. Unlike the other moderately outdated fans in the house, a... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Pixie Market Teal Curved Sunglasses

Have some fun in the sun this spring by tossing on these Teal Curved Sunglasses ($12) at Pixie Market. They're inexpensive, boldly colored, and way trendy. Keep a pair in your purse, in your dashboard, and your bike basket! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you... [More]



We don't know about you, but for us, a warm blanket, some stars overhead, someone to cuddle with - that's the good stuff. Shared ($20) - so simple, so perfect.... [More]


tokidoki Cromatico Bastardino Palette

Once we stopped giggling about the color name, we realized that the tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette in Bastardino ($25) is the perfect combo to pick up for St. Patty's Day. Three of the shades are neutral enough for everyday wear and flattering on a range of skin tones, and the... [More]


Parker Batwing Gold Sequin Dress

Why the hell don't we have more reasons to wear sequins in our day to day life? We're starting a Sequins Required Girls Night Out and for the first one, we're wearing this o-m-g faboosh Parker Batwing Gold Sequin Dress ($268). Tight and sparkly on the bottom, flirty and flowy... [More]


The Artful Bird

Before you put a bird on it, why don't you try making a freestanding feathered friend? The Artful Bird ($14) has technique to make a variety of hand sewn birds that would be a sweet addition to any home, or a great gift for friends.... [More]


Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Anklet

Are you just loving the fall chunky-socks-with-heels trend? Are you trembling in fear at its gradual retreat as spring begins to bloom? Well, stop it! Take a deep breath and swap those warm-and-woolies for the Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Anklet ($10). Now, stride into spring with a brave look on... [More]


Horace the Pig Cutting Board

Can you blame us for buying kitchen tools just because they're adorable? We hope not, since that's why we snagged Horace the Pig ($40). Truth be told, we didn't need another cutting board, so maybe we'll just keep Horace on display until one of our old ones wears out. See... [More]

Yummie Tummie Lindsday Tank

Yummie Tummie Lindsay Tank

The Yummie Tummie Lindsay Tank ($48) is a must-have if you're a fan of layering and wearing alone. This awesome cami has a firm control microfiber panel to smooth your tummy area. It looks so good on, you may not want to cover it up.... [More]


Old Navy Faux-Leather T-Strap Sandals

We're not usually ones to promote any kind of fake leather. The real thing is just sooo much better. But we recently picked up a pair of Faux-Leather T-Strap Sandals ($20) from Old Navy on a whim, and man are we glad we did! They're freakin adorable (the coral is... [More]


Orla Kiely Eau de Parfum

It only makes sense that a fragrance from a woman known for bright, fresh, fun patterns would smell just as cheerful as her textiles look. Orla Kiely Eau de Parfum ($67) is fruity and floral, with notes of peach, bergamot, white florals, chocolate and sandalwood. The scent is just right... [More]


Opening Ceremony Playbutton Love Button

How cool is this Playbutton Love Button ($25) by Opening Ceremony? It's a pin that doubles as an Mp3 player! The back of the pin has three buttons: Play/pause, skip, and volume control. They playlist (unchangeable) features tracks by Björk, Vampire Weekend, and more. And if you're a bit grumpy... [More]


Tulle Oceanside Bouquet Corset Back Dress

Whether or not you're headed to the seashore this summer, you can look like you are in the Oceanside Bouquet Corset Back Dress ($63) by Tulle. Strap on some neutral-colored strappy sandals, don a straw hat, and you'll feel ready to go antiquing in a sweet ocean-aired, sleepy town in... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hot Pink Pumps for Linda

Linda writes: I'm hoping one of you could help me. I thought I had found my perfect pair of shoes for my wedding in May when I found these hot pink Fendi Deco Suede Pumps. But alas, the picture from on website is not a correct depiction of the product.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire Spring Spectacular: Floral Scarves

Punxsutawney Phil, you stinkin' liar. 'no six weeks of winter', our sweet ass. We love hot chocolate and warm sweaters and curling up by the fire with our honey as much as the next girl, but it's getting old FAST. We are so ready for spring! With that in... [More]


A Pi Day Recipe

Happy Pi Day! Sure, sure, it's a math related 'holiday', but we're totally using it as an excuse to shove something delicious in our mouths. In case you've also decided you'd like to whip up something sweet tonight, we thought we'd share the easiest pie recipe we've ever found with... [More]


Doubtblush: Maison Michel Chainmail Headpiece

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Kris Nations Key Silver Hoop Earrings

The key to a good look? Accessorizing, of course! Key Silver Hoop Earrings ($60)... [More]


ASOS Leather Saddle Bag

Heidi-ho partner! Take a look at the ASOS Leather Saddle Bag ($54). This small crossbody bag isn't really fit for draping over a horse's back, but we do like that the aesthetic hasn't changed much. Expect of course, for that gorgeous electric blue color that brings it out of the... [More]