Dear Mr. Pig, We appreciate that you're adorable. But we can't overlook the fact that you're also delicious; and because of that, we will add bacon-y flavor to EVERYTHING we can! 1 - Bacon Scented Car Air Freshener ($5) 2 - Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon ($5) 3 - Bacon Jelly... [More]


Sales & Steals: 12/31/10

Whoa... How in the heck is 2010 OVER already? It feels like it just began - but hey, we're not complaining about all the amazing year-end clearance sales going on! Enjoy the very last of this year's Sales & Steals, thanks to our friends at The Bargainist, and have a... [More]


Happy New Year from Outblush!

Wheee! Can y'all believe 2010 is over already? We've thoroughly enjoyed this year, and can't wait to see what's gonna happen in 2011. So, from all of us at Outblush to all of you, have a healthy, happy New Year! See you on the flip side! *PSA Alert* Whether your... [More]



We adore that one of our favorite childhood movie obsessions, Star Wars, is being re-invented for a new generation. The force is strong with this 2010 trend... watch out 2011! 1 - A New Hope Poster ($21) 2 - Chewbacca Talking Plush ($25) 3 - LEGO Star Wars R2D2 Watch... [More]



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nobis fur hat-s.jpg

Nobis Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Get the all over furry look without hurting a living soul with the Nobis Faux Fur Trapper Hat ($85) ... Ok, yes, that vibrant feather accent is real, but the "leather" tie straps are polyester. Real or not, the bold statement of this hat would get us noticed at any... [More]


Brigada Creativa Life Calendar

It's a lot of work to keep a journal detailing how every day went, but the easy and adorable Life Calendar ($14) lets you keep track of your days with a simple smiley or sad face. There's a key at the bottom, but we also suggest adding one with Xs... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bold wedding shoes to go with Natasha's dip-dyed Wai Ching dress

Natasha R. wrote, "I am getting married in April and have an amazing dress by Wai-Ching, it's ivory with a dark red dip dye to the waist. How can I do this dress justice, shoe wise? I'm looking for some off the wall shoes in in turquoise or another bold... [More]


Petit Four Cupcake Mix for Dogs

We have a question, but we're working on the honor system here. Raise your hand if you feed your dog people food. Now, raise your hand if your dog is so spoiled that you actually feel guilty for eating in front of her. Finally, how many of you feel like... [More]


Matryoshka Madness Robots

Too Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. The Russian doll trend goes sci fi in the Matryoshka Madness Robots ($15). You might remember the Matryoshka Madness Monster Toy that we featured before Halloween - these are less scary. How cool would it be to use these nesting dolls as desk organizers at the office?... [More]


All Occasions Cards

Handle any and all manner of situations by simply presenting one of You and Me, the Royal We's All Occasions Cards ($36). Whether you need to give an apology, thanks, or a big F You, now you can do it without uttering a word.... [More]


Phenomenal Lashes by Givenchy

We are not at all sure why Givenchy called this set Phenomenal Lashes ($59) because it's so much more. It's the single kit that you can throw into your luggage and know that you've got all your beauty bases covered. You get Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Cream, Photo'Perfexion Fluid... [More]


A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend

This is the book, the one that will guide a guy through the step-by-step process of how to be an excellent boyfriend. A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend ($16) is full of easy to follow, important tips that are sure to mold a man into the kind of guy any... [More]


Culture Club: Wii Zumba Fitness

Our New Year's resolution: work that expanded ass off with the spicy moves on Wii Zumba Fitness ($65). Join the dance-exercise craze that ignites you fiery side in more ways that one. Yeah, you'll feel the burn after going through this high octane choreography, but you'll feel hot too. You're... [More]


Reindeer Threesome Sweater

If you're anything like us, procrastination is your middle name. That's why we're giving you, our fair readers, 10 months, to put the release of the Reindeer Threesome Sweater ($70) on your calendars; that's plenty of time to have it for next year's holiday fun! This delightful ode to tacky... [More]


Banana Republic Monogram Alicia Bow Tee

We think the Banana Republic Monogram Alicia Bow Tee ($60) makes a good under layer, perfect for peeking out of your blazers and cardis. The shoulder bow is plenty dramatic, meaning you don't have to spend a ton of time in the morning accessorizing. It comes in white with white... [More]


Complete Swiss Army Knife

Oh, we so want to show you this Complete Swiss Army Knife ($1,400) because, well, it makes us laugh. The fact is, this the largest Swiss Army knife in the world and the holder of the Guinness World Record for "Most Multifunctional Penknife," but have we mentioned that it makes... [More]



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rabbit table-s.jpg

Pan Pan Table

Wonderland just froze over in the Pan Pan Table ($Inquire). It's the shininess that makes it so stylish. Wish we could get our patent leather gloss lacquered too. Oh, tiny satin-finish rabbit, be our friend.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Ankle boots for Danielle D.

Danielle D. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I LOVE your site, I look at it multiple times a day (yes, I'm really that addicted). I always see how helpful you are with your Personal Shopper feature, and being that I am desperate, I thought I would give it a try. I am... [More]

quilted ipad bag-s.jpg

Metallic Quilted iPad Bag

Pssst... We're gunna pretend that our Metallic Quilted iPad Bag ($32) is thousands of dollars. They must've stolen that pale gold straight off a pixie's eyelids. And it has something called "leatherette". Sassy.... [More]


Mosh Potatoes by Steve Seabury

You don't have to be a member of a heavy metal band or have attended an upper-Midwest university to know what it feels like to want a bowl of something yummy at 3:00 a.m. Steve Seabury, a heavy metal industry veteran, was wise enough to cull this book of recipes... [More]


Bare Escentuals Brilliant Gold Beauty Duo

We know, we know...Bare Escentuals calls the Brilliant Gold Beauty Duo ($24) a finishing powder, but girlfriends, we're here to tell you that it's so much more! This product has become part of our everyday routine. Yes, it does provide a nice finish over a light coat of foundation, but... [More]

andy warhol clicks-s.jpg

Andy Warhol Clicks Magnet Set

Warhol fanatics, listen up. The Andy Warhol Clicks Magnet Set ($8) takes the idea of a photo-strip and cuts it up. We're always looking for artsy-fartsy refrigerator decorations for ya, OB readers.... [More]


Fox Run Egg Piercer

There are a million kitchen products out there, mostly gadgets and doodads that end up collecting dust and taking up valuable space. But we took a chance when we purchased the Egg Piercer ($5) from Fox Run. It's small, so the space thing isn't an issue. AND we use it...all... [More]


Modcloth Little Drops of Rainbows Gloves

Something about the Little Drops of Rainbows Gloves ($23) at Modcloth remind us of our middle school years. Maybe it's the tiny, sparkly seed beads in rainbow colors sewn into a black background. We swear we had a pair like them back in the early 90s. But we digress. They're... [More]


Down Ice Scraper Mitt

As ice and snow threatens us fine folks on the East coast, so does the thought of scrapping it off our cars. The Down Ice Scraper Mitt ($10) from Eddie Bauer will keep our paws toasty warm while we begrudgingly remove the white stuff from our car windows. This mitt... [More]


Women's Way to Slim Cardigan

Tis' the season to wear cardigans. The only problem with our warm, fuzzy standbys is that they can sometimes look boxy and less than flattering. The Women's Way to Slim Cardigan ($33/on sale) addresses that problem by making theirs extra-long (to visually extend our torso) and by adding ribbing (to... [More]



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LUSH The Olive Branch Shower Gel

By far our favorite surprise stocking stuffer this year was a bottle of The Olive Branch Shower Gel ($18 for 8oz) from LUSH. We're no strangers to LUSH products here, but this was our first time using this vegan mandarin peel and olive oil gel. A little goes a long... [More]


Remington Ceramic Curling Wand

Have a little more control over your curls with Remington's T-Studio Ceramic PEARL Professional Curling Wand ($30). With a graduated rod, you can make your curls large and loose (hello beachy waves!) or tight spirals, and because it's a rod without an additional piece to clamp your hair, you won't... [More]


Adele Rolling in the Deep MP3

We don't know about you, but here at Outblush, we're eagerly waiting for the release of Adele's new album, 21 (out February 22nd). In the meantime, we're listening the first album single, out as an MP3 download now. And when we say we're listening to Rolling in the Deep (just... [More]

commune totem lights-s.jpg

Robert Lewis Totem Lights

Inlaid brass on a cylindrical lamp base sure makes an impression. The Robert Lewis Totem Lights ($Inquire) are boldly neutral, with interchangeable bulbs and bases for endless configurations. If ya like to play with patten but stay subdued, these are right up your alley. Think of them as a contemporary... [More]


Satomi Kawakita Brown Diamond Circle Necklace

Whether or not you believe the old adage that diamonds are a girl's best friend, you've got to admit that the Brown Diamond Circle Necklace ($696) by Satomi Kawakita has plenty of charm. This delicate brown diamond pendant isn't something you see every day and you're guaranteed to get complimented... [More]



2010 had us on the edge of our movie going seats in anticipation of the release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1. While waiting, we brought you a lovely little countdown and put Potter on all that we fancied! 1 - Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book ($35)... [More]



Ladies, you don't need any extra help shining. Apparently, designers feel differently because they added sequins to everything that moves! We ain't complaining - we love glitter, we hope it rolls us into 2011! 1 - French Connection Morningstar Knits Dress ($298) 2 - Kate Spade "Sugar Coat" Crystal Bangle... [More]


Doubtblush: Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Grace Kelly-style colored wedding gown to end Stacey J.'s months-long search

Stacey J. wrote, "Dear Awesome Outblush Team, I am in serious need of assistance. I have been looking for a wedding dress for over 2 months. I've been to 7 bridal salons, several consignment shops and I've tried on over 100 dresses... I'm just tapped out and frustrated to tears.... [More]


Stila E! Live from the Red Carpet Palettes

Golden Globe nominations were recently announced, and Oscar nomination ballots were just mailed out to the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. What does that mean? Awards season, baby, aka crack for fashion & beauty addicts like us. Who will wear what? What kind of sparkly... [More]


Dylan's Candy Bar Double Shot Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

The holidays are ending, and it's back to the every day winter grind. We'd sigh and complain if it wasn't for our new awesome afternoon pick-me-up snack: Double Shot Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans ($10) from Dylan's Candy Bar. They're oh-so-scrumptious beans covered in milk, white, and dark chocolate. What's more,... [More]


Modcloth Smilin' with My 'Stache Pouch

Who's tired of us featuring mustache products? ...Err, don't answer that. Just admit that the Smilin' with My 'Stache Pouch ($20) was worth posting about. It's SMILING!... [More]


Butter Savor in Berry Kitten Heels

The super vintage chic Savor in Berry Kitten Heels ($278) from Butter are giving us heart palpitations. Why? They're Italian. They're tweed and leather. They have a bow. They have a manageable heel for work days. AND, they'll make the transition to date night or happy hour with ease. We... [More]


Yves Saint Laurent Creme De Blush

Remember those old ladies in your neighborhood or at church who wore that little circle of rouge on their cheeks? The rest of their face could be as pale as parchment paper, but those cheeks had been daubed and rubbed with vigor. We loved those old ladies, by the way,... [More]


Drinko Shots Game

What is the best game on "The Price Is Right"... Plinko! What's the only thing that would make Plinko better... drinking! The Drinko Shots Game ($15)... it's got it all.... [More]


Hermes Balcons du Guadalquivir Bangle

We're definitely coveting the Balcons du Guadalquivir Bangle ($460) by Hermes. It's classy, unique, and so European. And as far as we can tell, Balcons du Guadalquivir (which translates to Balconies of the Guadalquivir) may be a reference to the ancient city of Tartessos, which is said to have been... [More]


Hurricane Oil Lamp

The entire idea of bringing the outdoors into our home is made easy with this Hurricane Oil Lamp ($50). The heavy stone is perfectly cut to hold the delicate glass lantern, making it a fresh take on an old classic. Hey, did you know that Francois-Pierre Aime Argand is credited... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Convertible Wrap Cardigan for Sophie

International reader Sophie wrote: "Ok, it's really late here & I should be sleeping, but I drank a little too much caffeine & now I'm a bit wired. So I started searching for a Cardigan similar to the S.W.A.K one you posted a while back & now I am searingly,... [More]


Winerd Wine Tasting Game

Wine glasses, wine glasses drink all the way....Oh what fun it is to drink and play Winerd ($35)! This fun wine tasting game gets your favorite wine involved in the fun. All you need is three bottles of similar wine on hand. The winner has to answer the most wine... [More]


Boden Greenwich Reefer Coat

We're so in love with the Greenwich Reefer Coat ($138) at Boden. Though it comes in a few colors, the deep aqua is our favorite. It's like the color of sea glass on a cool winter day. Add in the fact that it's a pea coat mashed up with military... [More]


Too Legit to Quit Poster Print

Remind yourself (and the world around you) that you, like MC Hammer, are too legit to quit. The Too Legit to Quit Poster Print ($16) from William Dohman's etsy shop is sure to make you want to dance you dance very time you catch it hanging in your living room/office/etc.... [More]


Joey Roth Sorapot

Go ahead, guess what time of day it is around here. Yep, sitting here sipping afternoon tea, loving the look of the Joey Roth Sorapot ($200). This uber-modern teapot design features 304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and food-grade silicone and brews enough tea for two cups. Oh, while we're in... [More]


Check It Out: Season One

For a mere eleven dollars, you're about to bring maximum joy to that special someone in your life. Check It Out: Season One ($11) features John C. Reilly as the ridiculous Dr. Steve Brule. It parodies a local market's newsmagzine show, featuring local celebs, fun things to do around town,... [More]

black bubble ring-s.jpg

Black Bubble Ring

Being gothic and whimsical at the same time is an interesting combination. For under twenty bucks, the Black Bubble Ring ($12) makes a scene without being too tough. This resin ring looks heavy, but it won't weight down your hand.... [More]


St. Liberty Cool Hand Clarence Bottle Opener

Looking for a belated holiday gift for your guy? We bet he'd love to get the Cool Hand Clarence Bottle Opener ($21) by St. Liberty. It's rustic, leather and steel, and easy to keep tucked under his shirt for all of his bottle opening needs. What more can a man... [More]


Shabd Solaris Dress

Slip into this soft silk shift by Shabd. The Solaris Dress ($504) is 100 percent hand-dyed silk and features a lightly distressed pattern. It's a bit short, so wear it as a tunic with a pair of leggings or jeans and boots. The sash can be worn for a defined... [More]


Milk & Sugar Set

This sweet little Milk & Sugar Set ($16) means breakfast with a twist... literally! This ceramic set stacks for easy storage and cute presentation. No more spoiled cream for you, the red silicone lid keeps it nice and fresh. Just watch Grandma when she comes over, she might try to... [More]


Tattoos for the Elderly

If you've got a Nana with a sense of humor, she's certain to get a kick out of these temporary Tattoos for the Elderly ($5). They've got wicked old school style, just like your badass grandparents.... [More]


Blue Microphones Snowflake Portable USB Microphone

You know what's freaky about this Blue Microphones Snowflake Portable Microphone ($60)? Let us tell you what's freaky about this Blue Microphones Snowflake Portable Microphone. Its sound quality is amazing. You hit playback and you might hear such mundane things as your shopping list, story ideas, or homework assignments, but... [More]


A Beautiful Life Honey'Do Shampoo & Conditioner

Aren't these A Beautiful Life Hair's Honey'Do Shampoo & Conditioner ($16 each, $30 for set of 2) just unbearably cute? Twee packaging aside, this shampoo & conditioner duo is sulfate- and paraben-free, and contains organic honey to give your locks amazing shine, volume, and manageability. Sweet. We do have one... [More]


Personal Shopper: A leather bag to end all leather bags for Daniella

Daniella wrote, "I beseech you, those that reign on high who look favorably upon us mere mortals of finding our own wares and suffering through holiday sales and internet promo codes... Okay, so see that GORGEOUS leather bag the Victoria's Secret model is holding? Yeah, been lusting after that for... [More]


Fossil Leslie Hat

Sequins and scalloped edges make the Leslie Hat ($36) from Fossil a super fun and feminine winter hat. We already have a trillion in our coat closet, but one more never hurt, right?... [More]


Deer Ol' Chunk Antique Plate

May we interest you in a plate of Baby... Ruth, served on the lovely Deer Ol' Chunk Antique Plate ($49)? Yea... we thought you might bite!... [More]


Penhaligon's Travel Atomiser

Leave it to fragrance gurus Penhaligon's to come up with a simple way to bring your scents with you while you travel. The Travel Atomizer ($25) will hold a small amount of your favorite spray scent, perfect for vacations and weekends away from home. You only have to have a... [More]

nancy drew pc game-s.JPG

Nancy Drew Game Collector's Edition Fan Favorites

The Nancy Drew Game Collector's Edition Fan Favorites ($44) is so much more than a blast from the past. The PC game fans have spoken, and voted Treasure in a Royal Tower, The Secret of Shadow Ranch and Curse of Blackmoor Manor into this special collection game set. We're swooning... [More]


Origami Jewellery Pegasus Necklace

The Origami Jewellery Collection is gorgeous, plain and simple. The French designers, Claire and Arnaud, worked closely with Japanese folding masters to create a line of detailed and charming little pendants. Our favorite is the Pegasus Necklace ($183). But uh, the lion is pretty awesome, too. Rawr.... [More]


La Mer Treatment Powder Foundation

Here's the quandary we find ourselves in when it comes to foundation. We don't want to look like we just stepped off stage after performing A Street Car Named Desire, but we also don't want the makeup we're wearing to soak into our skin, leaving us with, well....nothing to show... [More]


Captain Sully Baby Spoon

You can try everything, even the "here comes the airplane" gag with this Captain Sully Baby Spoon ($250), but we say good luck getting your little one to eat those pureed brussels sprouts you made for your little one!... [More]


The Large Pocket Shirt

Normally, one glance at The Large Pocket Shirt ($30) would have us shipping this product immediately to Doubtblush. But for some reason, our reaction this time was fits of laughter! Seriously, how perfect would this be for the jokester or statement making guy in your life? Plus, it's a ridiculous... [More]

city lights-S.jpg

Dekoop City Lights Lamp

Urbanites without the luxury of a panoramic view can get the next best thing with the Dekoop City Lights Lamp ($32). It's our own little skyline that lights up on our command. Are we playing god? Nah, we don't things that seriously.... [More]


Apart Leather London Leggings

Channel your inner Joan Jett when you slip into these Leather London Leggings ($89) from Apart. But baby steps, ladies, baby steps. We're digging the band of leather across the knees for the subtle "rocker chick" look. Maybe someday we'll squeeze our thighs and butts into a pair of all-leather... [More]


In Treatment

Sometimes we just need to poke fun at our emotional selves; so the In Treatment ($34) tissue paper fixture is just right! This clever cover fits over a standard sized box and shows the silhouettes of a psychiatry session. Perfect for the patient, doctor, or person with a propensity for... [More]

beautyticketnewyearssale-100x100.jpg Year End Sale: 50% off sitewide

You love outlet malls for great deals on designer clothes, bags, and home decor, right? Well, how'd you like to get outlet-esque savings on high end makeup, skin care, fragrance, hair care, and more? That's the idea behind one of our fave websites,! They offer products from premium brands... [More]


Special Guest Post by Amysaurus: Vintage Glass Horse Head Bookends

We've told you before, we luuuuuuuv Amy Handley's blog: It's clean and sweet and interesting all at the same time. Amy's posts are the kind of thing that get us moving when we're feeling uninspired, make us laugh when we're down, and keep us excited enough to continue slogging along... [More]



The owl. We've gotten quite a hoot out of the second coming of this bird of the night. Previously seen on lapels of little old ladies, he now adorns everything we can think of - from coffee to condom cases. Fly Mr. Owl... fly! 1 - Owl-Accent Beanie ($55) 2... [More]


Personal Shopper: Size 16 tall skinny jeans for Jennifer

Jennifer wrote, "Hi Outblush! I'm always so impressed with the things you find on your personal shopper requests, I thought I'd give mine a shot. I'm looking for a pair of 'skinny' jeans that I can wear inside my knee high boots. The boots are awesome and I really want... [More]


You Bake 'Em Cat Treats

There's nothing we won't do for our furry, purring felines, and that includes whipping up a batch of munchies, thanks to the You Bake 'Em Cat Treats ($13) by Gabrielle Tolliver. Her kit includes 5 treat cutters, 6 gift bags, and a recipe book--including a section on food items your... [More]



Our favorite portable sugary snack isn't just for the break room anymore. Whatever you can wear, you can cupcake! 1 - Cupcake Sock (£2) 2 - Cupcake Boy Brief ($18) 3 - Cupcake Ornament ($7) 4 - Have Eyes for My iPhone Case in Cupcake ($15) 5 - 77 Kids... [More]


UGG Cozy Knit Hearts Slippers

Is it just us, or is the UGG boot trend finally on its way out? Maybe we're just getting hopeful? Though we'd gladly warm our toes in these ultra soft UGG Cozy Knit Hearts Slippers ($100). They're cute, durable, and actually look like slippers and not bulky, blah booties. And... [More]

organ tee.jpg

You Tell Us: Torso Tee

Is it ever acceptable to channel Slim Goodbody? We're thinking not unless it's for educational purposes. The Torso Tee ($51)... You tell us. poll by [More]


Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

Have you heard about the woman who sat in her work cubicle all day, obsessing over the small imperfections on her face? Seems years of sun and environmental damage had taken their toll. While it was true that no one else noticed the little spots that the woman fretted over,... [More]

mixed emo kimochis-s.jpg

Mixed Feelings Kimochis

Emotions are complicated, and kids need some help to interpret what's going on in there. The plush Mixed Feelings Kimochis ($14) assign characters to five feelings: loved, grateful, jealous, scared, and shy. Not that we need to control how the think about what they're feeling, but kids just need to... [More]


Toujours Toi Found At Sea Necklace

It's pretty clear why the Found At Sea Necklace ($76-89) is part of Toujours Toi's Old School Collection. The double stranded chain holds up an intricately detailed and antiqued ship pendant. Wear it when you're feeling adventurous or ready to daydream about swashbuckling your way through the seas.... [More]


Valentino Aphrodite Leather Tote

Aphrodite is right! As soon as we saw the Valentino Aphrodite Leather Tote ($1995), we fell head over heels in love. The soft, buttery leather paired with an over-sized bow and a roomy interior (It'll hold all our stuff!) kind of leaves us breathless. Now we're off to start scrapping... [More]


I Will Get It Done Soon Note Pad

Maybe not so much with the New Year's Resolutions this year. We're just gonna try and stay on top of the day to day instead of aiming for lofty goals. And of course, we always feel a wise purchase helps in every endeavor, so we picked up these adorably practical... [More]


Victoria's Secret Love Rocks Lip Gloss Ring

We saw the Love Rocks Lip Gloss Ring ($12) and immediately suffered from internal conflict due to a visceral love/hate reaction. Seriously, there was an entire conversation going on in our heads. It sounded something like this: Love It: Ah, we love Victoria Secret's lip gloss! Hate It: But that... [More]

the circle pot-s.jpg

Potted Circle Pot

We're mad about mod, so the Potted Circle Pot ($75) makes us excited. String it up with a strong as nails stainless steel cord or set on the table. Any way you play it, glossy 1960s chic is clear.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hats Galore for Caitlin

Caitlin writes: I hope you know your website is the first I visit every day, even before facebook. I'm a bit obsessed. But here's the deal: I'm always wanting to wear hats but I don't know how to pull them off or what kind of hat is in style at... [More]


J Crew Factory Scalloped Zipper Cardigan

We like the flirty, feminine details in the Scalloped Zipper Cardigan ($75) from the J Crew Factory Collection (in black, olive, grey, and pink). We could toss this cardi on and belt it over our work skirts on chilly days at the office, or wear it with jeans for a... [More]


Renaissance Shelf

We're not sure if the entire Renaissance look is right for our dwellings: but a touch from the Renaissance Shelf ($90) is just right. A metal bracket with 19-century ornamentation paired with a natural Mango wood shelf is fantastic for dining areas, kitchens or offices. We're feeling oh, so European... [More]


Fossil Turnlock Glazed Mini

A clutch is great, but you know what's better? A purse that you don't have to hold onto and remember to pick up after you've had a few cocktails. This sleek little Fossil Turnlock Glazed Mini ($55) is the perfect mini bag to sling over your shoulder and hold your... [More]

Anne Taintor Sayings Shot Glasses

Anne Taintor Sayings Shot Glasses

The Anne Taintor Sayings Shot Glasses ($20) are perfect if you plan to get your groove on with your girls this New Year's Eve! This set consists of 4 shot glasses; each features a fun saying with a retro pin-up gal.... [More]


Flying Pasties™

By now you've all seen videos of outraged people, claiming to be violated by security body scans at airports. Well dear readers, don't fear flying for modesty's sake - simply stick on your Flying Pasties™ ($45), and cover your precious bits from the cameras. According to the manufacturer, they have... [More]


Bare Escentuals Buxom Insider Eyeliner

We went all "butterflies in the stomach" when we found this Insider Eyeliner ($14) from Bare Escentuals. Just so you know, butterflies don't happen on a regular basis these days. We can go through entire weeks, looking at products, trying things on, talking to experts in the field, and feel... [More]


Open Wood Stool

Whether you see hallow bone, or ode to the forest, the Open Wood Stool ($329) is sure to have you seeing a sweet new addition to your living room. Hand carved from solid sustainably harvested hardwood, this gorgeous stool allows for stacking on and in. Its sculptural form is also... [More]


Fred and Friends Salty the Snowman

Salty the Snowman ($10) Was a jolly salty soul Full of salt crystals with a carrot nose He added season to our food! Ok, so maybe the last line doesn't rhyme, but you get the idea.... [More]

also booties-s.jpg

Aldo Merckling Wedge Booties

You better believe we want the Merckling Wedge Booties ($55) all to ourselves. These charcoal lace up booties are all our inner sexy librarian needs to go from day to evening out. Gray is the new black, right?... [More]


Maison Blanc Petite Candles

For tiny jar candles, the Maison Blanc Petite Candles ($9 each) pack a pretty powerful scent. But don't mistake us: powerful does not mean cloying. Your room will smell softly of good things (our favorite candle is macaron!) without being overbearingly perfume-y. 15 hours of burn time won't seem like... [More]


Christopher Drummond Mascara

We're serious mascara addicts, as there's no easier way to make your eyes pop than a quick swipe of mascara.... But not all of 'em are created equal. Some clump, some flake, some smudge, and some leave your lashes brittle and spiky. We recently received a sample of new Christopher... [More]


Personal Shopper: A swing coat for Jenny R

Jenny R. wrote, "Hi, I have been searching for the last two winter seasons for the perfect A-line swing coat, preferably in dark green and preferably with a hood. I had a coat like this in high school, and I miss it! To make matters more difficult, I probably need... [More]


Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Sling

It is completely acceptable to take the money you would have spent on a dress for New Year's Eve and throw it all towards the Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Sling ($895). With vehicles like this, you could be wearing a brown paper bag up top... no one would even notice!... [More]


Roma Sauce Maker

We've been watching a lot of Food TV lately. Oh sure, we may be noshing on PB&Js while we're watching, but we're aspiring to be better cooks. We've decided that we like the Roma Sauce Maker ($60) now that we have recipes to attempt. And someday, if we ever do... [More]


Blue Topaz and White Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Need to dress up that white sweater? This pretty little Blue Topaz and Freshwater Pearl Necklace would be just the thing! We love that it walks the narrow line between classic and clunk, and we love it even more for costing only $45.... [More]


Vessel Tea Botanical Tumbler

Perhaps not the best beverage holder for the clumsy, this Tea Botanical Tumbler ($22) is made of double walled glass (meaning, don't drop it!). Fill this beauty with hot or cold liquid, and choose to use the optional strainer included if you'd like to drink loose leaf tea or some... [More]


Burberry High Waisted Military Button Pencil Skirt

We would like to salute Burberry for designing this High Waisted Miltary Button Pencil Skirt ($495). It's impeccably tailored, really flattering, and as smart as any skirt we currently have hanging in our burgeoning closets. We adore the two rows of metallic snap buttons in front and the four snap... [More]


Heart Flour Scoop

Add some extra love to your morning coffee ritual with the Heart Flour Scoop ($45). Perfect for portioning out coffee, flour or rice, this 1/4 cup sized scoop is hand-cast in pewter and sure to be a kitchen staple for years - if only other loves had such longevity.... [More]


Krustbuster Sandwich Kit

Where, oh where was the Krustbuster Sandwich Kit ($19) when we were being subjected to bologna and mustard sandwiches in elementary school? The lack of crust and cute hearts and smiles might have helped them slide down easier!... [More]

reddish table-s.jpg

Reddish Dov Table

Adding an industrial piece like the Reddish Dov Table ($Inquire) to our living space is key in not overdosing on girly. We need something rough about the edges to balance out the frill, and the pocked texture of this aluminum table stands up to our tests. If you're thinking this... [More]


I Can't Sleep Journal

Insomnia, anyone? Join the club. There are so many of us who can't seem to figure out how to turn our minds off long enough to get a good night's sleep. We've read everything we can get our hands on and have learned all about "sleep hygiene. Don't do anything... [More]


SmartShopper Voice-Recognition Grocery-List Organizer

Honest to Pete, we cannot tell you how many times we've walked into the grocery store after a long day of writing our little fingers down to nubs, only to find ourselves wandering the aisles. We aimlessly search for those items we just know we need at home. It is... [More]



In 2010, no self-respecting hipster would be caught dead without a pant leg tucked into a sock and an ode to their favorite mode of eco-friendly transport. Here's to our favorite two wheeled friend, may we never tire of her. 1 - Bicycle Print Sweater ($23) 2 - Classic Bicycle... [More]



We love that our childhood friend, Hello Kitty, is pursuing a comeback at any cost. And it's with open paws that we welcome her into our adulthood! 1 - Hello Kitty Face White Plush Hat ($17) 2 - Hello Kitty by Kimora Lee Simmons "Simply Kitty" Tri-Colored Gold Pendant ($1450)... [More]


Yoda Baby Hat

Your daily dose of "awwwwwww," courtesy of Star Wars and a cute baby! Yoda Baby Hat ($18).... [More]


Ménage à trois: Proudly Posh Pumps

Rachel H., Outblush Operative, writes: We know exactly how it goes: you see an amazing sweater/headband/shoe on Outblush and something deep down inside you is drawn to it, but you scroll on past, thinking you'd have no idea how to rock it with what's in your closet. We've solved your... [More]


Tarte Ring It In Cheek Stain Set

You've heard us say it before, but we'll say it again: Blush is tricky. The color might look great right after it's been applied, then fade into nothing, or - worse yet - morph into some sickly shade of orange. The Tarte Ring It In Cheek Stain Set ($25) is... [More]


Livescribe Pulse Smartpen 4GB

Do you ever worry, whilst in the middle of taking wild notes, that you've missed something? The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen ($160) will put an end to those concerns. Not only does this instrument record everything you hear, but also everything you write, so that you don't miss a thing.... [More]


World's Smallest Corkscrew

We see much use for the World's Smallest Corkscrew (£5) in your immediate future! No we're not calling you a lush... New Year's Eve is just around the corner silly, and we don't want you without a way to open some vino!... [More]


Aqua One Shoulder Sequin Dress

Forget the disco ball on New Year's Eve - you in the Aqua One Shoulder Sequin Dress ($128) will substitute quite nicely. This ultra glam, shimmery, one-shoulder dress is sleek and stretchy - perfect for dancing the night away! *Editor's Note:* Dayyyyum, that's one popular dress - it already sold... [More]


Chalkboard Tap Handle

We love that we can now get our very own Chalkboard Tap Handle ($40), just like in those fabulous 300 beer bars! This handcrafted chalkboard handle is finished in Walnut and has an erasable surface. It'll be great for the first keg of homebrew we bust out after the New... [More]


Gel Water Bottle

Ease the pain of your monthly enemy "friend" with this simple Gel Water Bottle ($18). The gel insert heats up nice 'n quick in the microwave, and also cools easily in the refrigerator, and the plush, soft sweater knit cover provides extra insulation & comfort. We've found that it's also... [More]


Miu Miu Glitter and Crystal Brogues

Black tie NYE party? Kick up the menswear chic by finishing off your tuxedo pants with a pair of these nearly unbelievable Miu Miu Glitter and Crystal Brogues ($595). Sure, you'll wear them again...... [More]


Japanese Design Black Iron Chest

You know us here and you know how much we like any piece of furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. The Japanese Design Black Iron Chest ($399) is a stunning sample of richly grained Elmwood, crafted in a fine Japanese style. At 21" tall and 24" wide, it... [More]

pierce olive-s.jpg

Pierce Olive Darts Set

Our chances of hitting a bulls-eye with the Pierce Olive Darts Set ($13/set of four) by Jasco Chan are a lot higher than actually playing darts (what a confidence booster!). We're all set to turn up the kitsch at our next cocktail party with these little ceramic olive prongs in... [More]


Personal Shopper: A dress for Katie to wear to the PA Governor's inaugural ball on January 17

Katie H. wrote, "So I'm a senior in high school and a club I am president of is working the Pennsylvania Governor's Inaugural Ball so I need a formal gown to wear. I just went shopping today and couldn't find anything! I'm curvy and definitely have a bigger chest so... [More]


Kite Teapot

Which lucky tea lover is going to nab this beauty? The Kite Teapot ($89) is handmade, dishwasher-safe, absolutely beautiful, and one of a kind. A good cuppa can free the mind, and we think that this graceful, daring blue work of art can help.... [More]

crusahed flower soap-s.jpg

Savon de Marseille Crushed Flowers Soap

If you couldn't figure it out form the name, the Savon de Marseille Crushed Flowers Soap ($12) is straight from France. Packed with 72% pulverized local blooms, the scent of these suds must be divine. We have a whole garden of aromas to choose from: lavender (pictured), verbena, orange flower,... [More]


Rebecca Taylor Strapless Silk Bustier Dress

Still looking for the perfect New Year's Eve dress? You can't get much more perfect than the Strapless Silk Bustier Dress ($495) by Rebecca Taylor. It's a grey silk dress with plenty of sequin bling on the bust, a short, flowing skirt, and it's strapless to boot. It can be... [More]


Nesting Birds Necklace

If you think about it, every piece of jewelry tells a story. That story may involve who gave it to us, something special that was going on in our lives at the time, or who designed the piece for us...any number of tales. The Nesting Birds Necklace ($23) tells its... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Yummy Earth Pomegranate Pucker Drops

We can not stop sucking on these Yummy Earth Pomegranate Pucker Drops ($4). They're small, sweet, organic, and we can pop one in our mouths every time we need to hold our tongues in heated office meetings, around our mothers-in-law, and when we generally feel the urge to scream in... [More]


Silhouette Cafe Table

Is that a candle stick, or a profile in the leg of the Silhouette Cafe Table ($399)? Which ever your brain picks up, it's also pickin' up on the fabulousness of this little side table. Silvery hardwood with simple assembly lends a touch of sophistication to any room - and... [More]


Eyes by Design

We look at a lot of eye makeup around here. The variety we have to choose from can be staggering, so let us tell you what we like by Eyes by Design ($70). Each set is made specifically for one color of eyes. You brown eyed girls, for instance, won't... [More]


Pattern for Peephole

Decking the halls this year makes us want to deck out our entire house. Obviously, it's an ongoing project, but the Pattern for Peephole ($13) pretties up our door in a snap. Put a stylish cover-up on that unsightly peephole, and take it from drab to fab in five minutes... [More]


Rare Opulence Corset Ballet Net Dress

Make an entrance. Turn heads. Catch the eye of that guy we've been drooling over for months. Dance the night away in the Rare Opulence Corset Ballet Net Dress ($171). This ballerina-esque frock features a gorgeous tutu with layered ruffle net and a boned corset top with underwire cups. Oh,... [More]


Organic Freezer Bin

New Year's Resolution #45 - will start composting kitchen scraps. Help this little resolution along with the Organic Freezer Bin ($59). This silicone bin prevents organic scraps from decomposing on their journey to the outdoors. Eliminate the odor and fruit flies associated with traditional compost bins, completely. Just push the... [More]


Basq Fully Loaded Diaper Bag

It's really a little unfair when you think about it. Babies lull around in a warm environment for nine months, doing nothing but grow. The mother, on the other hand, has to watch what she eats, how much she sleeps and exercises...the list is endless. Expectant mom's work hard to... [More]


Personal Shopper: A bangle watch for Sonya

Sonya H. wrote, "Hi Outblush Staffers, I've been on a very unsuccessful search for a slim bangle watch for a birthday present for myself. I wear my watch face side to the bottom, so the back of the watch is what people see. Because of this, I'd like to have... [More]

Dylan's Candy Bar Lip Saver Stackable

Dylan's Candy Bar Lip Saver Stackable

Ohh the weather (and wind) outside is frightful! And unfortunately it leaves our lips stripped of any moisture, which is why the Dylan's Candy Bar Lip Saver Stackable ($8 on sale) is exactly what we need this winter. This set consists of four delicious lip moisturizers in tummy-growling flavors to... [More]


Craftsman 32 pc. General Purpose Tool Set

Why is it that so few of us ever receive a tool set as a gift? Don't we girls ever have to fix a leaky faucet or unscrew a switch plate? Does a man (complete with tools) suddenly appear every time our kitchen cabinet comes off its hinges? No, no... [More]


Kate Spade Randi Rainboot

It's never too early to start thinking about the spring, right? We certainly don't think so. That's why were dying for a pair of these Kate Spade Randi Rainboots ($99-125). We just know these will be darling with tights and a trench on a still cool, drizzly spring day. They're... [More]


Dior Hydra Life Eye Crème Kit

It doesn't matter what size those boobies are ladies, one of the first thing people notice about us are our eyes. People read a lot in those eyes; whether we're tired, sad,'s all there. So we say, let's do all we can to make the first thing people notice... [More]


Deni Cordless Electric Gravy Boat

You know what we think? We think that any list of "Top 10 Grossest Dinner Table Sights" includes congealed gravy. It simply grosses us out. The prd_id=845524892536766&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374752628318&searchTerm=Deni+Cordless+Electric+Gravy+Boa">Deni Cordless Electric Gravy Boat ($28) works well to keep our gravy, melted butter, warm dressings and other "pourable" foods warm and uncongealed. There's... [More]


Jarritos Lime Soda

Well, now we know where our lunch money will be going for a while. These are delicious. (Jarritos Lime Soda, made with real fruit and cane sugar. $36 per case of 24 bottles, in case no one near you sells them.)... [More]


Rupert Sanderson Dragoon Heels

You. Will buy the Rupert Sanderson Dragoon Heels (£375) immediately. You. Will be THE Dancing Queen come New Year's Eve!... [More]


Vange's Desile Folding Chairs

We don't know if we could afford enough of Vange's Desile Folding Chairs ($335) to supply seating for an entire party; but if we could... how cool would they be! The sustainability of its bamboo make-up and its pancake flat closed state makes this chair - an environmentalist's dream. We're... [More]


I Love Smurfette Coin Purse

So, there's a smurf movie coming out. This will, of course, mean a barrage of Smurf-tastic merchandise is about to hit the shelves. It's unlikely that most of it will make i into our lives, but this I Love Smurfette Coin Purse ($16) is a little nod to our childhood... [More]


2010 YEAR END EXTRAVAGANZA! Zombies & Vampires

This second installment of the 2010 YEAR END EXTRAVAGANZA! brings us Zombies and Vampires. What classic novel wasn't re-invented to include zombies? What TV show didn't have a sexy brooding blood sucker? What product didn't make us want Edward?! Here's to the supernatural... and the lover of the walking dead... [More]


2010 YEAR END EXTRAVAGANZA! The Mighty Mustache

Every year, certain products and trends emerge that take our interest, our time and our dollars. Through the thousands of products we've posted in 2010, we've come up with our top ten, and for the next week will inundate you with these tops. Stay with us, we'll even give you... [More]


Personal Shopper: Tall Girl Tips for C.J.

C.J. says, "I'm tall, like WNBA tall , 6'1", add to that I have big feet as well, size 13, ugh. Any tips for tall girls, or suggestions on where I can find smart, fashionable stuff that will actually fit me? I have comfy casual clothes up the wazoo, but... [More]

dressedup furniture-s.jpg

Kam Kam Dressed Up Collection

Since we don't have kids, we have to dress up something. The Kam Kam Dressed Up Collection ($Inquire) styles furniture in pretty pastel buttoned up upholstery. Felt belts take the place of hardware in these cutesy unorthodox seating and storage units. Cheers to these candy colors.... [More]


Homestar Spa Planetarium

What has been missing from your bath routine? The obvious answer... a planetarium of course! The Homestar Spa Planetarium ($138) not only paints the room with stars, but includes graphic domes for changing to different mood lighting. A relaxing atmosphere. Ambient lighting. Orion checking you out naked! Total relaxation.... [More]


Free People North Star Cardigan

Get cozy in the North Star Cardigan ($148) by Free People. The pink stripe detailing on the simple grey cardi make you trendy while you stay comfy. And though we're already at that point of winter where we spend most of our time daydreaming about sunshine and sundresses, we've got... [More]

douglas fir tea-s.jpg

Douglas Fir Tip Tea

When we think of lush evergreen trees, "yum" isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Turns out the aroma of the Douglas Fir Tip Tea ($8) is piny, but the flavor is lemony. Brewing 100% Douglas Fir spring tips gives us a taste of the forested Pacific Northwest without... [More]


Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Shea Butter Cream

Well, whoopie! Packaged in a quaint glass jar, smelling like vanilla-y cake batter heaven, and made from 99.6% natural ingredients, it's little wonder that beauty editors everywhere are flipping for Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie! Shea Butter Cream ($30). The formula contains rich shea butter, Vitamin E, and jojoba & soybean oils... [More]


J Crew Vintage Pajama Set.

Leave it to J Crew to make the perfect pair of men's pajamas in women's sizes. The Vintage Pajama Set ($70) has a classic men's styling and fit (which means it'll still be loose and slightly over-sized on you!). Our guys will be glad we stop swiping their tees to... [More]


Alphonse Mucha Iris Flower

We've taken to believing the Alphonse Mucha Iris Flower ($200) was commissioned for us - Parisian actresses, about to star in a fabulous play. With soft colors, curving lines and an ethereal woman, this print has been hand engraved and watercolor washed. It lies on a hand ruled French mat... [More]


Massager Push

Is it a video game creature? Is it a joystick? Is it a one-way ticket to pleasure town?! The Massager Push ($10) could probably be anything you want, but we suggest using it to get the kinks out. With a super strong motor, this little guy massages when pressed against... [More]


Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Maybe it's time to admit it: A lot of us wish we could go back in a Welles-like time machine and undo the damage we've done to our skin. We'd wear sunscreen when our friends were slathering on baby oil, we would have started with a skin care regime when... [More]


Personal Shopper: A size 18W wedding dress under $500 for Heather's beach wedding

Heather wrote, "Hi Outblush! I'm getting married in about a year's time and I need to find a super cute plus size wedding dress (18W) suitable for the beach. I want that day to be special and I don't want to be fidgeting with ruffles and lace while the wind... [More]

Gypsy05 Snowflake Gypsyz Knee High Boots

Gypsy05 Snowflake Gypsyz Knee High Boots

Let it snow, let it snow! We've got our Gypsy05 Snowflake Gypsyz Knee High Boots ($128) to keep us toasty warm in this frightful snow storm. These hand-made knit booties have a comfy knit sock with a biodegradable rubber sole, which means they're cool for indoor activities as well as... [More]


Bodum Latte Battery Operated Milk Frother

After months of trying to figure out why coffee shop lattes taste so much better than our home-made variety we've finally figured it out. It's the froth! "Duh," you might say, but it took some of us a bit of time to riddle this one out on our own. Here's... [More]


Sweet Talkin' Ken

We don't know why the Sweet Talkin' Ken ($31) doll is marketed to girls - cause it's totally up our alley! This hunky little man records up to 5 seconds of sound, and plays it back to our attentive ears. Just press the button on Ken's chest to record your... [More]



Here's the deal - we (or, at least one of us) are TERRIBLE with convertible pieces of clothing like this DKNY Cozy ($100 on sale), but they're so damn intriguing. So here's the deal, those of you who get how to do this are going to come to the Outblush... [More]


Doubtblush: Throw Down Bed

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Pink All-in-One Multi Tool

The Pink All-in-One Multi Tool ($22) is the perfect gadget for the do-it-yourself woman... that wants a little "lady" in her MacGyver! Fitting in your junk drawer, purse, or glove box, you'll never be without this convertible device. Ten separate tools like a hammer, nail remover, regular screwdriver, Philips head... [More]


Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation

If only we weren't so honest! How we'd love to say to someone, "Yes, we wake up looking like this in the morning." That would be a fib, though, and we really aren't comfortable with fibbing. The Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation ($56) makes it look like... [More]


INSOUND Basic Women's Hoody with Headphones

Not sure if any of you sit on your pretty asses as much as we do every day, but when it's time for us to get up and take a walk, it's really time to get up and take a walk! Seriously, who knew that a bum can only take... [More]


Silver Navajo Bracelet

We're getting tribal, literally, with the handmade Silver Navajo Bracelet by Mildred Parkhurst. Knotted lines of silver are anything but messy in this modern piece. It's definitely less tangled than our personal lives...... [More]


Alexander Wang : Proper Attire

There's no chance you'd go to a party without dressing properly, so you sure as hell shouldn't show up to some sexy time without the same. Alexander Wang : Proper Attire ($24) are a sure way to keep safe and in style. This set includes artwork by Opening Ceremony, Keith... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hermione's Boots For Shelly

Shelly writes, "I need your help finding Hermionie-esque boots. While watching the Deathly Hallows (I LOVED the countdown to Harry Potter btw) I couldn't help but want some brown buckle boots like she wore in most of the movie! Help Help Help! Accio Boots! Thank you!" Hey Shelly, MP here,... [More]


Berheim Wheat Whiskey

Want hints of caramel, roasted walnuts, baking spices and brioche in your whiskey? We sure do! The Bernheim Wheat Whiskey ($36) is a one-of-a-kind whiskey that is decadent, smooth, sweet and surprising. With each sip you'll discover a different complexity, a different flavor, and a different way to say you... [More]

brass doe-s.jpg

Large Brass Doe

Keep your mid-century Winter wonderland going all year long with the lovely Large Brass Doe ($39). Oh yeah, the embossed patina will stop any vintage lover in their tracks. These kind of adorable antique pieces fill us with joy.... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Knock Knock Crap Receiptable Organizer

So you've made your New Year's Resolution to streamline your life and be a generally all-round organized and together kind of person. We'll uh, wish you luck in that and point you in the direction of the Knock Knock Crap Receiptable Organizer ($6). It's a cheap way to keep track... [More]


ASOS Diamante Criss Cross Pattern Stretch Headband

Getting all dolled up for New Year's Eve? Add a bit of sparkle to your evening updo with the Diamante Criss Cross Pattern Stretch Headband ($26, on sale!) at ASOS. The shine of the diamante gives it elegance, while the geometric criss cross pattern keeps it from being too fancy-shmancy.... [More]


LunchBots Duo Stainless Steel Lunch Box

It's small, it's convenient, and it's environmentally friendly. The LunchBots Duo Stainless Steel Lunch Box ($11) is also perfect for packing those mid-day munchies that help get us over the hunger hump. We love 'em; kids think they're great; and the men in our lives like when we pack one... [More]


BoConcept Dining Table

With seating for 18, we can only imagine the kind of swanky dinner party you'll host with the BoConcept Dining Table ($2395) as your centerpiece. This gorgeous black-stained oak veneer table is as lust worthy as an invite to said dinner party; please don't forget ours!... [More]


Dior Skinflash Primer - Radiance Boosting Makeup Primer

We thought that Dior must have stumbled onto some magical elixir when they came out with this Radiance Boosting Makeup Primer ($40). Turns out, there's actually science behind it. They infuse the stuff with Photo-smart Pigments that attract light and create a cool glow. This product will prepare your skin... [More]


Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lotions

Little luxuries are our favorite thing to keep in our purse, and this coming year we're making the resolutino to never be without Tokyo Milk's Bon Bon Shea Butter Rich Lotions ($18). With scents ranging from sultry to sweet, we'll have lotion we love and luscious, hydrated hands.... [More]


LD Tuttle Bandage Boot

True Grit has gotten in us the Western wearing mood, but some of us can't quite commit to full-blown cowboy boots. The LD Tuttle Bandage Boot ($318) is a perfect alternative. This suede wrapped ankle bootie with 3.5 inch sculptured wood heel and brown patent hidden strap is just enough... [More]

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook

We usually think of hearty southern comfort foods being cooked in a slow cooker, right? Well Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook ($11) gives a whole new meaning to these scrumptious meals. Some recipes in this book include Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal, White Bean with Bacon Soup, "Senator Barry Goldwater's Arizona... [More]


Fitbook Fitness Nutrition Journal

Oh, how we adore resolutions around here. Recently, we've been reading about how people who write down everything they eat and record their exercise actually lose more weight. So, with a shrug and a sweet "What the hell?" we've decided to give it a shot. What's cool about the Fitbook... [More]


Personal Shopper: Matte eyeshadow for Nocona's mom

Nocona writes, "I'm requesting something for my mother. We have searched and searched for matte eyeshadow pallets to no avail. As you age your eyelids become less 'tight' and the frosty shades seem to accentuate the wrinkles she is trying to cover up. Please help us find a few shadow... [More]


Philosophy Eternal Grace Firming Body Emulsion

Have you ever, once, heard someone complain because she was "too firm?" Honestly. We think it would be grounds for assault. We're all looking for that magic elixir that firms our bodies while conditioning our skin. Right now, we're leaning on Philosophy Eternal Grace Firming Body Emulsion. It smells nice,... [More]

skitsch chair-s.jpg

Madeira Transparent Back Chair

We didn't think your basic stackable chair could be as elegant as the Madeira Transparent Back Chair ($209) by Marc Sadler. Looking over the plastic-recycled-wood fusion seat and transparent back, we admit defeat.... [More]


plenty Tangelo Plaid Princess Coat Dress

Who knew orange plaid could be so naughty and nice? The Tangelo Plaid Princess Coat Dress ($174, on sale) by plenty can be worn as a lightweight coat or a dress, depending on your tastes or needs. We're thinking it'd be best as a dress, but strategically planning our accessories... [More]

Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Beach Stones

Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Beach Stones

Who doesn't love chocolate or the beach? Ummm... we can't really think of anyone! The Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Beach Stones ($10) are a great treat for any beachcomber on a chilly winter day. It will conjure up sweet memories of seaside days. Each chocolate is disguised as a beautiful bluish... [More]


Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

There are several things that make our skin glow: a long, slow kiss, laughing with a good friend, a fabulous facial. We don't always have those things at our disposal, though (drat!). A good substitute for a natural glow is Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum ($79), an antioxidant-rich skin lightener that... [More]


Doubtblush: Electronic Yodelling Pickle

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Awkward Family Photos Book

The Awkward Family Photos Book ($9) made us laugh so hard we actually found ourselves in physical pain. Between tears of laughter we had to ask, "What in the hell were they thinking?" Any family who will actually take a photographer's advice to pile on top of one another for... [More]

marc jacobs laptop case-s.jpg

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leaf-print Laptop Case

At a cool benjamin, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Leaf-print Laptop Case ($100) hurts our wallet so good. The vivid colors and wild print on this multicolored nylon case is driving us nuts. Get close to this thing to see embroidered MARC lettering. We like subtle designer-dropping, thx.... [More]


Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT

Rumor has it that most of us have one thing in common (okay, more than one, but we'll cover some of the others later in health class). We're all exhausted, fatigued, spent. We burn the candle at both ends and then wonder why we feel burnt out. There are a... [More]


Tweet Towel

Why let your Twitter obsession end at the computer? Bring that little bird into your kitchen with the Tweet Towel (£10). This tea towel allows carries your personal message embroidered in 140 characters. If being "now" wasn't selling enough, all profits go to the We Are What We Do Charitable... [More]


Merry Christmas from the Outblush family!

We'd like to take a quick break from our families & all those Christmas cookies to wish you, our beloved readers, a very, very Merry Christmas! Without you, we wouldn't have such amazing jobs, and we're so lucky that we get to spend every day making you smile, laugh, and... [More]

Personal Shopper: Bridal Corset for vintage loving Nicole M

Personal Shopper: A Bridal corset for vintage loving Nicole M.

Nicole M. wrote, "I need some help with a very special item, for a very special day! I'm getting married next July and I have the dress but need a great corset to go underneath it. I've found the perfect one by Agent Provocateur BUT it will cost me more... [More]

maison ring-s.jpg

Maison Martin Margiela Top Ring

We happen to be in the mood to punch some people in the face right now. Good thing we found the Maison Martin Margiela Top Ring ($43). It's way cuter than brass knuckles.... [More]


Brief Print

We'll keep this brief... we heart this print. Brief Print ($460).... [More]


History's Greatest Lies Book

Do you wanna know the truth about Paul Revere, Jessie James, Wyatt Earp and John Dillinger? Have you ever wondered how much of the history we accept as the truth is actually a fictional version of events? Us too. That's why we really enjoyed History's Greatest Lies Book ($20). Did... [More]


Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Answer: We're girls and we're entitled to change our minds. Question: Why would Kat Von D, a woman known for her many tattoos, come out with a product designed to cover said tattoos? If you happen to have a job that calls for no visible tattoos or you're just going... [More]


Culture Club: Clear Bowl Radiometer

Ok, so your rich uncle has collected everything but the kookiest kitsch. Please him with the lovely handcrafted Clear Bowl Radiometer ($69). This thing turns in sunlight, and the stronger it is, the faster it goes. That's really something! People didn't always know about the wonders of solar power, ya... [More]


Coach Ribbon Button Gloves

As if the exquisite turquoise color wasn't enough, Coach had to go on and embellish these beautiful Ribbon Button Gloves ($128) for some extra oopmh. These will be the perfect thing to punch up our drab black coat!... [More]


Marco Low Table

Oh, how we love the Marco Low Table ($550) in all its studded glory. Available in white or black lacquered grass cloth, these lovely tables are perfect for holding duty next to your bed or sofa. And those shiny little polished nickel nail-heads - drawing us in like tractor beams!... [More]


Henckels Utility Knife Set

High five for great buys in bold colors. The Henckels Utility Knife Set ($28) makes all our kitchen tasks on point. Besides being good looking, the different colored handles remind us which knife to use the job at hand (.... like red for tomatoes?). This razor sharp, corrosion-resistant steel set... [More]


Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya

Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya ($15)... you killed my father, prepare to die. Proudly wear one of the greatest lines in movie history on your lovely lapel.... [More]


You Tell Us: What Did Santa Forget?

You've heard the horror stories of the worst and most outrageous presents we've ever gotten. But let's not forget another category of present - the ones on our lists that never found their way under our trees. Barbie Dream House. Castle Grey Skull. Power Wheels. The Starter Jacket. The New... [More]


Personal Shopper - Cute and affordable clothes to brighten Meghan's holiday

Meghan H. writes, "For the first time ever, I can buy cute clothes when I want to! I got a new job that allows me to pay my bills and have a little bit of fun (albeit somewhat affordable). I am coming out the other side of a bout of... [More]

Eau de gold set-s.jpg

Eau d'Hadrien Gold Gift Set

It's hard not to admire the Eau d'Hadrien Gold Gift Set ($80) in all it's glittering glory. Despite its gaudy appearance, this soft citrus scent complements ladies who prefer subtlety to brazen statements. Featuring a 50ml eau de toilette and a 100ml body cream, this gilded package packs a punch.... [More]


Geek Clock

We suspect you would have figured this out, even if we didn't offer this confession: We had no idea what the hell any of the symbols on the Geek Clock ($25) meant. Not a one. If it weren't the cheat sheet they provided, we'd never have known that the symbols... [More]

naughty nice journal-s.jpg

Naughty & Nice Journal

Usually being two-faced is not hot, but in the double-sided Naughty & Nice Journal ($38) we can keep our most salacious stories separate from our sweet sentiments. Trust us, we won't feel bad about documenting our drama on the wood-free lined paper in this beautiful embossed book. A black satin... [More]


Cozy Toes Heating Herbal Slippers

Imagine a pair of big, warm hands cradling your feet. Now, imagine that those hands smell like lilac, or sage, or some other magnificent aroma (we know...this is getting weird). If, like some of us, you can't find anyone with warm, aromatic hands large enough to cradle your cold feet... [More]


Coach Gathered Leather Wallet

It might just be because it makes it easier to find when we're digging around in a bottomless purse, but we always love a wallet with some nice texture to it. This Coach Madison Gathered Leather Accordion Zip ($248) definitely fits that bill! Available in this purple (which had us... [More]

alessi ash tray-s.jpg

Culture Club: Alessi Miniature Spirale Ashtray

The Alessi Miniature Spirale Ashtray ($32) is not kidding about its tininess. At just over 2" in diameter, this dainty piece pays homage to the original Spirale designed by Achille Castiglioni back in the 80s. It was three times bigger than this little guy. Good thing we're trying to cut... [More]

spike earring-s.jpg

Naked Label Spike Earrings

Well, we're embracing our weird side with the Naked Label Spike Earrings ($25). These clear resin drops wouldn't be that big of a deal without those huge silver spikes. They're kinda Thunderdome-y and we love it.... [More]


Doppio Coffee/Tea Service for 2

You know what's weird? We've discovered that the Doppio Coffee/Tea Service for 2 ($63) is the ideal item for any occasion that begins with the letter "P." Take it to the Park. Sip from it while watching a Parade. Use it to serve coffee on a Picnic. It comes with... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Weekend Tote for Lani

Lani wrote: "Hello! A friend of mine has this amazing weekender that's perfect for 2-3 day trips and she claims she got it 3 or 4 years ago at TJ Maxx. Well I've searched high and low for a weekender that's as perfect as hers, but I can't seem to... [More]

Tarina Tarantino Lip Gloss Ring

Tarina Tarantino Lip Gloss Ring

Cocktails, cocktails and lip gloss! The Tarina Tarantino Lip Gloss Ring ($35) is a very cool cocktail ring that serves a function. This pretty cameo ring stores a high-shine lip gloss available in cool unique flavors and colors - Cherry, Honeydew, Orange, Grape and Lemon.... [More]


Plastica Lift

Use the Plastica Lift ($18) by Steph Mantis as a soap dish, sponge rest or ring holder. Dip molded vinyl doesn't sound that chic, but this clean design is worth going on our wishlist for its versatility alone. It's even dishwasher safe and water and heat resistant, but we wouldn't... [More]

tug toy-s.jpg

TeeTugs Dog Toy

Aww watching our little buddy rip toys to shreds is always cute, but it's kinda wasteful. The eco-friendly TeeTugs Dog Toy ($8) is made from recycled cotton tee shirts. Sounds flimsy, but this series of hand knotted chains is pretty much unbreakable. Best of all, we can throw it in... [More]


The North Face Buster Knit Beanie

You know what we've decided? We've decided that it takes a confident man to wear a beanie. We think that any guy who sports the North Face Buster Knit Beanie ($25) says a lot about himself. We think a beanie like this says he's confident, that he cares about style... [More]


Southern Fete To Do Memo Pad

Admit it, just the thought of writing "To Do" on the top of a piece of paper makes you want to lay on the couch and watch Lifetime movies all day. Keep your final destination (Donesville!) in mind with Southern Fete's To Do Memo Pad ($14). Besides, trashy TV is... [More]


Doubtblush: Wreck the Halls - DeathGlam Coyote Fascinator

We've all got a horror story about the time our mom gave us a box filled with tampons and a training bra in front of our entire family that one Christmas, or the time our new boyfriend gave us a membership to an S&M club, or, worse still, diet pills.... [More]


Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler

Note to self: do NOT eat Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub ($33). Resist the yummy brown sugar and whiskey concoction. This gingersnap scented concoction is for exfoliating, not for ingesting! See more body scrubs.... [More]

clear sqaure bracelet-s.jpg

Clear Square Cut Out Bracelet

Fact: the Clear Square Cut Out Bracelet ($10) looks waaaay more expensive than ten bucks. Throw on these light weight geometric shapes to top off any outfit. Woohoo cheapo accessories are always a hit!... [More]


Office Spa: Stress Relief for the Working Week

As we've mentioned (incessantly), we have no stress working for Outblush. In fact, we consider our office hours meditation time. But for those of you who leave work each day feeling like you've been holding your butt cheeks together for nine hours (a true sign of stress) the Office Spa:... [More]


Hello Doormat

If you're a world traveler, or just wish you were, the Hello Doormat ($38) is a clever way to say "howdy" in a number of different languages. Look, we know people normally just wipe their dusty shoes on a doormat, but it's one of the first things they see when... [More]


Juicy Couture Wool Embellishment Laptop Sleeve

You paid an arm and a leg for that new laptop, so spend a teensy more and keep it safe, couture style. The Juicy Couture Wool Embellishment Laptop Sleeve ($98) will fit up to a 16 inch laptop, storing it snugly in between an inner wool lining. But really, it's... [More]


Personal Shopper - French Blue Heels for Stephanie's May Wedding

Stephanie B. writes, "Hi Outblush Staff, First off, I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your website. I check it out everyday to see the latest finds. l love the personal shopper feature and I was hoping you could help me out. I'm looking for French Blue heels... [More]


The Perfect Pasta Timer

Cooking the perfect pasta sounds easy, right? Please, do us a favor and don't ask how often we've ended up with pasta that is either slightly under-done or sticky enough to use as wallpaper paste. The Perfect Pasta Timer ($40) is easy to use and pretty darn effective. It allows... [More]


Voltaic Systems Solar Recycled Messenger Bag

Some of us are green, some of us are forgetful. Some of us are a little of both. We really like the idea of the Solar Recycled Messenger Bag ($229) because it will actually charge our cell phones, iPads, PDAs, GPSs, iPods, cameras, and other handheld electronics when we forget... [More]


Mad Men: The Illustrated World

Mad Men: The Illustrated World ($9) by Dyna Moe has been generating a good amount of Internet buzz. The perfect companion to the AMC show, this illustrated guide has fun with the 60s. It's got everything from Joan paper dolls and instructions on how to dance the Charleston, to a... [More]

Stonewall Kitchen Toasted Coconut Pancake & Waffle Mix

Stonewall Kitchen Toasted Coconut Pancake & Waffle Mix

You'll go nutty for the Stonewall Kitchen Toasted Coconut Pancake & Waffle Mix ($9)! This scrumptious mix is the perfect way to rise and shine on a lazy Sunday morning.....especially if you love coconuts.... [More]


Drew Plush Private Coat

We can't even tell you how much love we have for the gorgeous brass buttons on the Plush Private Coat ($248) by Drew. And you know what? The coat is velvet, too. Brass and velvet! It's ever so slightly steampunk, and 100 percent military-esque.... [More]


Dior Vernis Gold Revolution Nail Polish

We'll heave a big sigh to the prices we're willing to pay for beauty. Or at least, the prices we're willing to pay for an easy to apply, long lasting nail color. Dior Vernis Nail Polish in Gold Revolution ($21) is pricey for polish, but totally worth it. It's got... [More]


Cool-It Caddy Classic

Those of us living in Southern California would like to acknowledge the fact that it is currently pretty damn cold in other parts of the country, but we still wanted to show you this very nifty gizmo. It's called the Cool-It Caddy Classic ($40) and it's basically a cooler for... [More]


Squirrel Away Your Paper Clips

There's something about woodland creatures that just makes office work so much more enjoyable. Squirrel Away Your Paper Clips ($8)... [More]


Wendy Brandes Virginia Woolf Whistle

We love a good play on words, especially if they're accompanied by unique, awe-inspiring accessories. Such is the case with the Virginia Woolf Whistle ($inquire) by Wendy Brandes. 112 diamonds equaling over a carat dot the 18Kgold whistle (that really works!), and open the secret compartment to reveal a tiny... [More]


Kama Sutra Oil of Love

Let's talk oil. No, really. We believe it's about time. If you and your partner have not yet discovered the sensual pleasure of introducing the sensation of oil, we (well, some of us) suggest you do so. What we like about the Kama Sutra Oil of Love ($47) is that... [More]


Meatball Grill Basket

Cold weather is NO excuse for giving up the grill ladies. Throw on your heavy coat, a hat, some mittens and get your meat on with the Meatball Grill Basket ($50). Meatballs are no easy task and this little wonder makes perfectly shaped balls, a dozen at a time. There... [More]


Personal Shopper: A day & night wardrobe for Tara's company meeting in Miami

Tara wrote, "Hello Outblush Editors! I am hoping you can help me find some outfits for a Company Sales Meeting in Miami. I am a New Jersey girl, who has never made a January appearance in Florida! What to wear what to wear?!? 1. What size (shoe or dress) are... [More]


Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year: Honeysuckle Pink

"Think pink, think pink for the long, long road ahead! Think pink, think pink and the world is rosy red!" Each year, the hue geniuses at Pantone pick the color of the year. For 2010, it was turquoise, and for 2011? Honeysuckle pink: A bright, celebratory hue that "lifts spirits... [More]


Vandor The Beatles Coasters Set with Tin

Even if you're not Back In The USSR, but still love the Beatles Eight Days A Week, you'd be The Fool On The Hill if you didn't own this Beatles Coaster Set ($21). Surely, There's A Place in every John/Paul/George and Ringo loving home for these lovely coasters, so we... [More]


Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

A few of us around here consider ourselves bakers, rather than cooks. Some of us couldn't get a pot roast right if Gordan Ramsay stood over our shoulder shouting directions, but we can whip up a batch of sugar cookies using only our toes. Okay, that was kinda gross, but... [More]


Art Carafe with Glass Cork

Years ago, one of our brothers went into a chain pizza joint and asked for their "finest carafe of wine." The poor waitress looked so very confused that the memory still makes us smile. Well, that brother has grown up and we've all graduated to nicer bottles of wine. We've... [More]


Rectangular Haymarket Check Sunglasses

Burberry does a lot of things right, sunglasses being one of them. We were tickled pink by this pair of Rectangular Haymarket Check Sunglasses ($190) and love the idea of slipping them on before taking a long stroll on a cool afternoon. The Haymarket Check Pattern makes them a classic... [More]


Culture Club: Barbara Nanning Glass Sculpture

Oooo festive! The ruby red Barbara Nanning Glass Sculpture ($Inquire) would look great rolling out of Santa's gift bag, but please be gentle. Our favorite part is the mean gold spike piercing out of the bottom of the bowl. What an artsy bad attitude. Barbara Nanning blew the top off... [More]


Devine Playchest

So let's be straight with each other here. Our lady toys and other objects have thus far resided in the usual places: nightstands, underwear drawers, closets... But recently, we found the Devine Playchest ($105), a lockable, spacious chest designed to hold all of our fun time accessories. No more rooting... [More]


Birds + Bees Print

Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees And the flowers and the trees And the moon up above And a thing called "Love" Birds + Bees Print ($45) - it's cuter than the story we got.... [More]


Pattern Sage Body Wash

If the thought of bathing yourself with spices makes you worry that there's a wicked giant waiting for you with a boiling cauldron, relax. Far from doing any fee-fi-fo-fumming ourselves, we're currently enjoying (in a general sense, since we know the dangers of operating electric things in the tub) Pattern's... [More]

fringe ring-s.jpg

Silver Feather Ring

Get model style, literally, with the Silver Feather Ring ($63) from Low Luv by Erin Wasson. We've never even thought of metal fringe like this. Love.... [More]

kitchen towels-s.jpg

Diamond Kitchen Towels

Take someone's kitchen to the next level with the Diamond Kitchen Towels ($27) by Anne Lehmann. Inspired by the facets of a diamond, these towels give any counter-top a fashionable edge. Simply stunning.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Flat knee high boots under $150 for Amy

Amy C. wrote, "I have got one challenge for you guys. Basically I need this personal shopper on a budget. I'm looking for something closest to #2, I really don't care what color as long as it's a good neutral color, and I'm ok with it having a zipper. I... [More]


Boden Basket Weave Beret

Toss on the Basket Weave Beret ($16, in several great colors) at Boden for a quick dash of warmth, color, and style. Berets are versatile hats that can totally look great on everyone. Just choose an angle (we like a little jaunty side action with our berets, oui!), and head... [More]


NES Nintendo Controller Rug

Don't be fooled by the NES Nintendo Controller Rug ($60) - you can't step on it and expect your dance moves to register. This handcrafted rug made from soft yarn and plush fleece edging can however, register a perfect addition to your game room. Thanks Mr. Rug for getting falling... [More]


Personalized Flowering Teapot Gift Set

A couple of us are tea fanatics. Oh sure, we start the day off with java, but as the day proceeds, we graduate to great teas (as a reward for surviving another day, perhaps?). The Personalized Flowering Teapot Gift Set ($37) initially came onto our radar as a potential gift... [More]

frog light-s.jpg

Knog Frog Strobe Bike Light

Hi there, Knog Frog Strobe Bike Light ($18). You're positively the most precious bike light we've ever come across. Thank goodness you aren't set to strobe all the time though. You'd be one crazy frog if you were flashing all the time.... [More]


PJ Salvage Obsession Pajama Pants

Bunker down for the evening in these super cute Obsession Pajama Pants ($46) from PJ Salvage. While they're not particularly "holiday-ish," we'd be willing to bet visions of sugar plums will dance in your dreams while you wear these comfy jersey knit PJ pants. Or maybe visions of something else.... [More]


Sephora Collection Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil Pen

We like smooth cuticles and we like lavender, so what's not to love about the Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil Pen ($12) from Sephora. It's an easy way to condition our nails and hands and for those of us who hate waiting for anything, it works instantly. We all have cuticles... [More]


Reformed Rose Dress

So many of our holiday frocks are dark colored. The LBD is a staple, for sure, but we're thinking we want to stand out on New Year's Eve and start 2011 as a fearless, trend-setting leader. The Rose Dress ($79) has the WOW-factor we've been looking for. We can't wait... [More]


Kikki.K Wooden Greeting Stamp Set

So uhhh, the internet always seems so a-buzz with DIY projects, crafts, new recipes, and the likes. We can't say we're particularly craftsy (well, not all of us anyway!) but we do feel compelled to start making more homemade gifts. As beginners, the ease and durability of the Kikki.K Wooden... [More]


Deco Dot Audrey Apron

Thanks to a full EVA coating (kinda like laminate) messy broads can go crazy flinging batter and sauces around in the Deco Dot Audrey Apron ($32). 'Cuz no one wants to worry about laundry after cooking up a storm. Wipe these sassy polka dots clean and call it a day.... [More]


Chloé Marcie New Leather Tote

Someone here on the Outblush staff has been on a great game hunt for the perfect handbag. It is rare and elusive, you know....the purse that's perfect for everyday use, but looks sophisticated enough to carry into an important meeting. Today, she likes the New Leather Tote ($1,460) from Chloé... [More]


Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years At Warner Bros.

You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? We feel lucky to be spending over 100 hours with Mr. Dirty Harry and Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years At Warner Bros. ($119). In honor of his 35-year relationship with Warner Brothers, this definitive... [More]


Ménage à trois: Talbot's Silk Taffeta Skirt

Rachel H., Outblush Operative, writes: We know exactly how it goes: you see an amazing sweater/headband/shoe on Outblush and something deep down inside you is drawn to it, but you scroll on past, thinking you'd have no idea how to rock it with what's in your closet. We've solved your... [More]

Personal Shopper: Colorful shoes for bright purple graduation gown for Kathryn

Personal Shopper: Colorful shoes for bright purple graduation gown for Kathryn

Kathryn says: "I recently discovered Outblush and I have become instantly addicted, especially to the Personal Shopper feature. So I was hoping you could help me with my current search. I am graduating in May (yay!) and I am looking for a fabulous pair of shoes to go with my... [More]


Dude No. 1

Look babe, we love your beard. Really, we do. It's just the issue of, well... the smell. Don't get all bent outta shape - we've got the perfect fix. Dude No. 1 ($65) is an all-natural beard oil that is fresh, spicy, and woodsy, with Virginia cedarwood and green coriander.... [More]


Mother-Of-Pearl Sterling Silver Daisy Ring

This ring is pretty spectacular, but maybe not for the most obvious reasons. Sure, it's sterling silver, and sure the mother-of-pearl creates a lovely daisy pattern, but it's one of the few rings we've run across lately that looks really good on the gal with larger fingers. So, if you... [More]


TABASCO® Original Red Gallon

A last minute gift for the guy that has everything... the TABASCO® Original Red Gallon ($39) of course. Yep, that's a 14 pound jug of fully aged red peppers, Avery Island salt and distilled high-grain vinegar - all blended to perfection for that special man. We know a few guys... [More]


The Fashion File

How can you not love a fashion era where curves were simultaneously embraced and sensibly camouflaged to make everyone look their best? There's definitely a retro revival in fashion right now and if you want to do it right, take your cues from The Fashion File: Advice, Tips, and Inspiration... [More]


Swedish Hasbeens High Heeled Jodhpur

Now that we've got our sandals, we have our eyes on several pairs of Swedish Hasbeens boots. Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen wearing them, and you can't argue with SJP when it comes to shoes, now can you? We think we've finally narrowed our choices down to the High... [More]


Doubtblush: Sleeper Stocking Blanket

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]

metallic desert plates-s.jpg

Metallic Leaf Dessert Plates

Now's the time to dip all our decor in gold. The Metallic Leaf Dessert Plates ($20/set of four) work for holiday entertaining, but the botanical vibe saves these gilded pieces from being over the top. Dessert deserves to sit on something a little special - not something downright gaudy.... [More]


Calvin Klein Essentials Drawstring Pants

Oh, Calvin Klein, how we appreciate the fact that you call these Drawstring Pants ($49) "Essentials," because frankly, in our lives, "leisure" pants are essential. We come home after a ridiculously busy day, peel off whatever we're wearing, and slip into these super-soft, lightweight drawstring pants. Loungewear, pajamas...whatever you call... [More]


Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System

You can't imagine how excited we are about the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System ($245). Granted, the name is not very sexy, but let us tell you how this little gizmo works. You know how you normally apply cream to the area around your eyes using your finger? Well, as... [More]


A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks

Still looking for a gift for your young brainiac, and not quite comfortable with their request for Bunsen burners? A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks ($39) are a much safer and cooler alternative. These beautifully crafted American maple blocks feature original pen-and-ink drawings that have been laser engraved. Each... [More]


Econodriver Fuel Monitor

Look, we love gadgets and gizmos around here. What we don't love is the fact that you have to have a PhD in physics to figure many of them out. Not so with the Econodriver Fuel Monitor ($80). This one is actually useful and easy to use. All you do... [More]


Special Guest Post by The Grab: Mini Cupcake Maker

Since you're here, we know you love shopping, so we thought we'd give you a little holiday present and introduce you to another awesome shopping blog. Today's guest post is from our pal Melanie at The Grab, 'a shopping blog for the monetarily challenged' - and who doesn't love saving... [More]


Personal Shopper: Anorak Jackets for Chloe

Chloe wrote, "Hi, Outblush! Before requesting this I searched everywhere (and tried my best!) to look for an anorak jacket. I really love the military-esque trend going on right now. Besides it being hard to look for in the first place, I want a jacket that's not too long since... [More]


Doubtblush: Naughty Santa Ornament

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome like this. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... There is just... [More]


Thou Shall Not Talk Shit Necklace

Still looking for the ultimate gift for that extra special frenemy? We think the Thou Shall Not Talk Shit Necklace ($194) is perfection. Or as a not so subtle reminder to ourselves to keep our traps shut!... [More]


Arden Thermal

How nice to find a thermal tee that looks like it could be worn somewhere other than under a ski jacket! The Arden Thermal ($64) has all the classically warm properties of your average thermal with a stylish cowl neck to set you apart from the other ski bunnies.... [More]


Trophy Vase

You're a winner!! And for that, here's some flowers. Now... what to put them in? Trophy Vase ($65)... [More]


Boobie Beanie

How could we top the delight that is the Boob Scarf? With the Boobie Beanie ($15) of course! This hand crocheted hat looks like a breast and is worn by your child while you're nursing. Made of 100% organic cotton, it's super soft and will keep baby warm. You can... [More]


Redken Busy Scissors

Found: The perfect last-minute, inexpensive gift for tween girls that (Oh thank you God) doesn't involve Justin Beiber. Redken: Busy Scissors ($20) is a Wii game you won't mind playing with her. Featuring 30 different hairstyles to learn to execute, 20 mini-games and 6 careers from shampoo girl on up,... [More]


Stripe & Field Muslin Gift Pouches

Gift cards get a bad rep, even if they are a quick and easy purchase for those few people you forgot to put on your list. Or a picky teenager. Or the parent who has get our point. Gift cards can sometimes save our butts, even if they're not... [More]


Urban Outfitters Shetland Wool Crew-Neck Sweater

It would be patronizing to say that we have to dress him, and heaven knows we're not patronizing. It's just that we pretty much have to point him in the direction of the clothes he should wear, tell him which color works best with his gorgeous eyes, remind him what... [More]


Tiffany Notes I Love You Ring

Alright guys, you owe us big. If you're checking out the site in the hopes of finding a perfect Christmas gift THREE DAYS BEFORE the holiday (shame on you), here it is. The Tiffany Notes I Love You Ring ($100) says it all and will make her swoon without breaking... [More]


Personal Shopper: A warm winter hat for Emily L's Chicago commute

Emily L. wrote, "I have a round face and need a warm winter hat for my hour plus Chicago commute! I also don't want to spend a fortune. HELP!" 1. Raspberry Dazzle Hat ($38) 2. Aqua Jewel Cloche ($45) 3. Arden B Sequin Oversized Beret ($24, 2 colors) 4. Asymmetrical... [More]


The ELLEments of Personal Style

If someone asked you to define your personal style, would you be able to? We would probably say "uhh, sweatshirt chic?", which probably wouldn't fare to well with fashionistas. The ELLEments of Personal Style: 25 Modern Fashion Icons on How to Dress, Shop, and Live ($17) is a compilation by... [More]


Cookies And Cream Gourmet Popcorn

Step into the munchie light, girls. Cookies And Cream Gourmet Popcorn ($21-90) is like an Oreo® taste explosion! This sassy mix of cookies and sweet fluffy popcorn is all that you love about the ice cream, with just a tad less guilt. Don't let the chunks of Oreo® cookies throw... [More]

meow mitt-s.jpg

Meow Mitts Knitting Pattern

We're doubling the fun for our fave crazy cat lady/knitter-extraordinaire with the Meow Mitts Knitting Pattern ($6). Nix your shipping time worries with this crafty info transfer; the PDF pattern will be emailed within 24 hours. Perfect little something for out of state buds.... [More]


Mica Christmas Snow Ornament Box

We don't know about you, but every holiday season, we hope for snow. Nothing says Christmas quite like a good dusting of big ol' powdery snowflakes. Alas, weather is fickle and sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. This year, we'll hang a Mica Christmas Snow Ornament... [More]


Splendid Rugby Stripe Tote

We *try* hard to be organized and minimalistic, really we do! Which goes to say that we don't always succeed at either. So we sigh, accept it, and throw just toss everything into piles on our desk or in our purses. Which means our bags have been upgraded to one... [More]


Best Lyrics Ever Calendar

The music aficionado in your life will think fondly of you every month of 2011 as they turn to a new page in the Best Lyrics Ever Calendar ($30) from The Wild Unknown. Classic lyrics of favorite songs adorn each month with a tone fitting of that time of year.... [More]


Doubtblush: Wreck The Halls - It Was Nice Last Year, Too

We've all got a horror story about the time our mom gave us a box filled with tampons and a training bra in front of our entire family that one Christmas, or the time our new boyfriend gave us a membership to an S&M club, or, worse still, diet pills.... [More]


Fitter First Bongo Board

What is it with us and exercise equipment lately? Oh yeah, that's right, we've been trying on holiday clothes (don't even get us started on the lighting in dressing rooms). The Bongo Board ($100) is a little different, but can produce some pretty great results. Like yoga, it gives us... [More]

mini modern rock trio-s.jpg

Mini Modern Rock Trio

Stackable rings are taking gift lists by storm this season, and we can see why - versatility is king. Contrasting bands and metallic "gems" set the Mini Modern Rock Trio ($165 (size 7 only)) apart from the crowd. Mixing and matching 14k gold and sterling silver. What a delightful past... [More]


Personalized Lullaby CD

You don't have to be a huge fan of the show 16 and Pregnant to know that that those early days of a baby's life can be a challenge. Sometimes the baby (and new mom) need a little break. Whether you're preggers yourself or care about someone who is, we... [More]


Serve & Stack

Let's think of Serve & Stack ($25) as a way to promote healthy snacking, as opposed to what we really want to do with them... fill them with numerous combos of chips and dip! These double trays allow you to serve corresponding snacks, stack them and get creative with color... [More]


Personal Shopper: An Eskimo-level down coat for Kate B's first Michigan winter

Kate B. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I found out 3 days ago that I (a Southern girl!!) will be moving to Michigan on Jan. 1. I'm super excited about the move, but am in desperate need of an eskimo-quality coat. I want a chic, puffy parka in a dark charcoal-y gray... [More]


Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor-Made Bronzing Powder

Okay, none of us are 14, but we do know that vampires are all the rage. Pale, pale skin, oddly colored lips - we get it. And as much as we love romance (and we do love romance) we really don't want to be mistaken for a vampire because our... [More]


Steven Alan Holiday Pintuck Bra

Not in the holiday spirit? Toss on the Holiday Pintuck Bra ($68) by Steven Alan under your sweaters to feel festive and cute. This simple little bra comes in a new print for the holiday season. Plus, it's already charming with its vintage lines and style. Though, uh, there isn't... [More]


Kashmere Lace Print Cashmere Travel Ensemble

Traveling during the holidays is stressful so we'll take all the relaxation and comfort we can get by using the Cashmere Travel Ensemble ($180) by Kashmere. It's got everything we need to feel well-prepared, and even a little pampered as we mentally block out the smelly guy sitting next to... [More]


Bison Ginger Bread Ales

We aren't telling you to resort to getting sloshed in order to deal with the fam this holiday season. But a few festive Bison Ginger Bread Ales ($8 for a 4-pack) to take the edge off... why the heck not?... [More]


Frank Sinatra: Concert Collection

Still on the hunt for the perfect present for Grandma and Grandpa? The Frank Sinatra: Concert Collection ($48) might just do the trick. This amazing DVD box set contains over 14 hours of television and concert performances from the '50s to the '80s. It also includes a 44-page book with... [More]


Moss Mills Super Sly Bracelet

Be a vixen in this 14kt gold Super Sly Bracelet ($84) by Moss Mills. It unhinges in the back for easy wear-ability and adds a touch of playfulness to any outfit. Think of it as a trinket that represents your smarts, adaptability, and cunning. You sly fox, you!... [More]


Corner Ruffle Duvet Cover

Maybe it's all the holiday shopping, maybe it's the mid-afternoon crash, but bedding really appeals to us about this time of day. Please, for the love of all that's good, take a look at this Corner Ruffle Duvet Cover ($148) from Urban Outfitters. It has a design that inspires us... [More]


Outdoor Oriental Rug

Sure, it's kinda off-season now, but the Outdoor Oriental Rug ($39) is a must have for households with a knack for entertaining. Bring indoor bohemian schemes outdoors with this warm orange U.V. damage resistant polypropylene rug. It won't mildew or rot wood, and, oh yeah, it also comes in blue.... [More]


Weight To Go Pu-erh Diet Tea

Can we be honest here? We've tried "diet" teas before and they kinda make us throw up a little in our mouths. What's different about the Weight To Go Pu-erh Diet Tea ($10/2 ounces) is that it actually tastes good. Along with the Oolong and Pu-erh teas that help jump... [More]

shes all that-s.jpg

Mythlopedia: She's All That!

Giving Mythlopedia: She's All That! ($10) to a coming of age girl this season has feminist motivations. Hello - feminine mystique isn't all fainting and flowers; stories of goddesses teach impressionable girls that a woman's wrath is the most kick-ass super power of them all... And, duh, we'll have an... [More]


Arta Jigger

Awww, look at the cute little jigger-wigger! Sorry, items in wee form seem to elicit a strange response from us. The sweet little Arta Jigger ($10) is cute, functional, affordable and stocking-stuffer-rific. We'll take five!... [More]


Outblush Goes Altruistic

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the giving and getting of the holiday season... come on, we're a shopping site, for goodness sakes! But even we, mavens of consumerism, know the importance of giving time, talents, resources and moolah to those in need. It's... [More]


Enter the Tjoos OohILove giveaway for a shot at $500!

We love us our indie designers, but sometimes, a girl wants the classics: Gucci. Chanel. Tiffany's. Louis Vuitton. If you're like us, then you'll bookmark, STAT. It's a (yes, really) online designer fashion & beauty auction site that promises authentic, new purses, jewelry, gift cards, and more from top... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Fun 2011 Planner for Allison

Allison M writes, "It's that time of the year again: I need a new planner. Yes, I know there are these nifty little things called smartphones, but I can't seem to remember anything unless I use a pen and put it on paper. The thing is, I am the pickiest... [More]


Beaded Chain Link Necklace

Yes. We can wear big chunky chains without feeling like we're channeling Mr. T with the Beaded Chain Link Necklace by Sequin. Ya gotta get up close and personal to see the awesome beaded texture on this playful piece. Hopefully this will be our excuse to get that cutie to... [More]


Oh, Merry Merry Card

It's getting close to crunch time, but it's not too late to get the Oh, Merry Merry Card ($4) in the mail. Send this surly feathery duo to your friends and family - especially the cranky ones. Letter pressed and printed with hand-mixed ink, scored individually, folded by hand and... [More]


Modcloth Cousin Clothing Swap Top

Hmmm, we love our cousins, but we're not sure we'd accept a swap for the Cousin Clothing Swap Top ($50) from Modcloth. It just pairs too perfectly with all our winter staples: mini skirts, jeans and boots, dress pants and a fitted blazer...truly a piece we can wear for work... [More]


Serenity Aromatherapy Incense & Oil Set

Wouldn't it be nice, after all the hubbub of the holidays, to simply relax? Just dim the lights, turn on a little Nora Jones or Loreena McKennitt, light any one of the delicious products from this Serenity Aromatherapy Incense & Oil Set ($30), and lie back. All the stress, all... [More]


Sephora Sequined Lip Clutch

Pull your Sephora Sequined Lip Clutch ($15) out of your handbag and wow your gals! This glitzy little clutch is perfect for storing all of your lip glosses, mascara, bronzer, oil blotting pads and more. You can even use this fun little bag as a going out bag and pop... [More]


Mustache Set Macbook Vinyl Decals

Dear Santa, Please stuff our stockings with the Mustache Set Macbook Vinyl Decals ($10). With 5 mustaches and 4 extra apples - we're bound to be the coolest kids at the coffee shop. Much love Big Guy!... [More]


Armand Basi Raisa Beaded Chiffon Scarf

We already added the Armand Basi Raisa Beaded Chiffon Scarf ($46) to our cart and express shipped it for our holiday party. Once we got around to zooming in on the gorgeous beading we appreciated this intricate glam of this scarf a lot more. You can trust us on this... [More]


Krochet Kids Hand Knit Ear Flap Beanie

We believe each of these things to be true: Dork is the new cool. Quirky girls are actually really brainy. And any girl who is fearless in her fashion choices knows the taste of freedom. Oh, come on! We just want to see someone we like wearing this Krochet Kids... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Present For Jessie's Aunt

Jessie writes, "Love you guys and love compulsively checking your site every 5 minutes to find out what new goodies you'll post up next. I'm in the midst of holiday shopping, and have pretty much crossed off everyone on my list except for my hardest family member to shop for... [More]


Safavieh Soho Rug

We think rug shopping is very much like shopping for that perfect sweater or ideal pair of shoes. It seems as though any time we're actually serious about buying a rug, the perfect one eludes us. So, though none of us are actually in the market for a new area... [More]


Nami Oppai 3D Mouse Pad

Last minute gift for your Anime/computer obsessed little brother? Yep, the Nami Oppai 3D Mouse Pad ($27) is a no-brainer. And yep, those are 3D boobs for resting his wrist.... [More]

silk necklace-s.jpg

Silk Necklace

Think of the hand painted Silk Necklace ($85) by Claire Sagnier as an infinity scarf, and maybe you won't feel so bad about the price. Gosh, it's dry clean only, so every instinct in our body says it can't be jewelry. It is ... and unfortunately for us, it's too... [More]


Places to Go Tin Coasters

We find it helpful to keep reminders of our personal goals visible, which is why these Places to Go Tin Coasters ($11) are scattered about. Every time we set a drink down we think, "let's make plans to travel the world!" See more coasters.... [More]


Doubtblush: Wreck the Halls - Alien Vs. Predator Action Figure

We've all got a horror story about the time our mom gave us a box filled with tampons and a training bra in front of our entire family that one Christmas, or the time our new boyfriend gave us a membership to an S&M club, or, worse still, diet pills.... [More]


Love Sign Pillowcase Set

You really want a decorative change to your room, but are working with a tight budget. We've all been there. Changing your pillowcases is a simple (and inexpensive) change that can make a huge difference in your bedroom. The Love Sign Pillowcase Set ($34) spells out the word LOVE in... [More]


Dylan's Candy Bar Sweet Treat Tower - Gummy

It's totally cool with us if the Dylan's Candy Bar Sweet Treat Tower - Gummy ($40) finds its way under your tree... addressed to you, from Santa. With assorted mini gummy bears, strawberry licorice wheels, Swedish fish, and sour patch watermelons - we're pretty sure the big guy would want... [More]


Guess Leather Cuff

If you're anything like us, it can be a single piece of jewelry makes you feel "dressed." We can spend an hour choosing what we're going to wear, but still don't feel pulled together until we accessorize. We wouldn't wear it with just anything, but when we need a dramatic... [More]


L'Oreal Youth Code Skincare System

We may not be in the age-reversing skincare market juuuuust yet, but anti-aging? Preventative maintenance? Oh, hell yes! Anything to avoid the whole Botox/Juvederm/Restylane/facelift cycle, right, ladies? When L'Oreal sent us samples of their new L'Oreal Skin Expertise Youth Code Clinical Strength Starter System ($30, includes eye cream, SPF 30... [More]


Budweiser Sweater

Ladies, we don't have to tell you - you're catching more bees with honey. But it's with that adage in mind that we suggest the Budweiser Sweater ($79) for your man. Here's the plan - let him wear this ad nauseam for a week. Come New Years Eve, hang that... [More]

1000 garden-s.jpg

1000 Garden Ideas

Maybe picking up 1000 Garden Ideas: The Best of Everything in a Visual Sourcebook ($27) will stop our friends' landscaping horror stories (anything to shut up the complaining...). This is basically an inspirational garden picture book, so it's perfect for buddies going through a traumatic remodel or just people who... [More]


Burgundy Wedges

These Burgundy Wedges ($199) provide you with 4 kick-ass-inches of height and fierceness. They feature a wrap around strap with snap button and a 100% genuine leather upper. Pair these with some cropped jeans or a sweet little mini and you'll be turning heads left and right!... [More]

Personal Shopper: Invisible Line Panties for Silence Fragrance

Personal Shopper: Invisible Line Panties for Silence Fragrance

Silence Fragrance writes: "I'm in search of invisible line panties that are affordable and with real invisible lines. can you help me?" Of course we can help! As a matter of fact, we'd love to help you find invisible panty line intimates. We hate to see fellow gal pals with... [More]


Holiday Tree Whoopie Pies

Omm. Nom! Willams-Sonoma has combined whoopie pies, Christmas trees, and peppermint candies in their Holiday Tree Whoopie Pies ($50 per dozen). I guess we could make our own, but we know they wouldn't turn out so beautifully. It's almost a shame to eat them, but we're totally going to anyway.... [More]


Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse

For the geekette in your life, may we introduce the Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse ($45)? Whether she works on computers or with them, it's gonna be tough for her not to smile a little every time she sees this handbag made from recycled computer keyboards. It's environmentally friendly and pretty... [More]


24: The Complete Series

We'd be hard pressed to think of a man in our lives that wouldn't love the idea of snow days spent with 24: The Complete Series ($180). The heart pounding chases, the ridiculousness, the blood, the gore, the dialogue, the characters we get attached to who die in two eps...... [More]


Re-Surface Design A-light

Dang, the Re-Surface Design A-light ($75) got straight tagged, and it's not wack. Loving the leafy, spray painty goodness all across this accent lamp. The simple wooden base is a perfect complement to this street art. Calling all urban young professionals - we found your night light.... [More]


Giles and Brother Silver Wing Earrings

Trust us, these Giles and Brother Tiny Silver Wing Earrings ($70) give off that angelic vibe in a much more subtle fashion than a tinsel halo. We all know you've been good, no need to rub it in.... [More]


Tinsel Tales: Favorite Holiday Stories from NPR

Tired of the 24-hour Christmas music marathons but still looking to keep in the holiday spirit? Try Tinsel Tales: Favorite Holiday Stories from NPR ($16) on for size. In a modern version of the Christmas story, Jesus is born in an abandoned factory near Cleveland and the Three Wise Persons... [More]


Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone

If you really like your iPhone, and we mean really like your iPhone, you might want to take a look at the Michael Kors Wallet Clutch ($80). It's a hybrid - part wallet/part iPhone case. The soft leather will protect your beloved device from scratching, has cutouts that are just... [More]


Ladybug FunkyFonic Headphones

What little girl wouldn't love some sweet Ladybug FunkyFonic Headphones ($28) under the tree? More importantly, what parent wouldn't love some peace and quiet come road trip time courtesy of this fun and colorful foldable head piece? We know a few.... [More]


Guerlain Or Impérial Sublime Radiant Powder

Don't even think of leaving for that holiday party without a dash of Guerlain Or Impérial Sublime Radiant Powder ($85). Looking for that extra bounce or swagger in your step - this stuff is the key. Silky and light, this powder leaves a subtle luster that's like a halo! Perfumed... [More]

TGF-3 pencil case-s.jpg

The Good Flock Pencil Case

Eco-hipsters will go crazy for the sustainably crafted The Good Flock Pencil Case ($29). You bet the recycled virgin Pendleton wool, tagua nuts and vegetable dyed leather are ethically stitched together. Ooo and it's got those sunset-y Southwest color set going on. Nice.... [More]


Chuck Taylor® All Star® Grinch Sneaker

Wear some holiday cheer on your vehicles, courtesy of the Chuck Taylor® All Star® Grinch Sneaker ($40). These super cute pink Chucks feature a canvas upper with "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" logo along the sole. We know Cindy Lou Who would totally rock a pair!... [More]


Controlled Chaos Ring

From October Anniversary's Grafitti collecton, the Controlled Chaos Ring ($200) is anything but chaotic. Fluid, beautiful and created from recycled silver, we are over the moon for this large ring that covers three of your lovely digits.... [More]


L'Oreal Paris HIP Color Presso Lip Gloss

We'd like you to conduct this experiment: Sometime, late in the afternoon, after hours of doing whatever it is that you do during the day, stand in front of a mirror and see if you have any lipstick or lip gloss left on. Then, being totally honest about it, decide... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Melissa's Boyfriend

Says Melissa: "I need to get my boyfriend something really great, and I'm completely at a loss for what to get him. I was sure I'd be able to think of something, since I'm ordinarily good at this kind of thing, but he is a CHALLENGE. I would really appreciate... [More]


Guess Shoes, Obelize Faux Fur Boots

Answer honestly. How sexy would you feel wearing these Guess Obelize Faux Fur Boots ($157)? We just want to slip them on and give someone (okay, anyone) a come hither look. We want to slide into a pair of leggings, a super-soft sweater, an amazing wool hat, and go out... [More]


Personal Creations Canvas Bookcase

We don't know if you've been clued into this fact yet, but kids can be less than organized. No,'s true. We know, you'd think kids were born cleaning up after themselves, but that's not the way nature works. What we find so attractive about this Canvas Bookcase ($50) is... [More]


Voluspa Maison Noir Gift Set

Candles are always a lovely gift, but this year we're going a bit above and beyond by gifting Voluspa's Maison Noir Gift Set ($50). These 8 travel size candles all boast rich scents and a 15 hour burn time. They're perfect for giving any room a pleasant aroma and their... [More]


Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse

Okay, you girls with thick, luxurious hair, we love you....we really do. But if we hear you say one more time, "Oh, I just don't know what I'm going to do with my thick, luxurious hair," we are not going to be responsible for our own actions. You see, sisters... [More]


Mrs. Meyers Cranberry Scented Soy Candle

One of our favorite things about the holidays is how great everything smells! If you're looking for (sniffing for?) a departure from pine needles or the scent of baking pies but still want something festive, Mrs. Meyers Cranberry Scented Soy Candle ($7) is the perfect bright and cheerful seasonal scent!... [More]


Last-minute Gifts from Yoox with Free Express Shipping

Somehow, no matter how early we start, holiday shopping always seems to drag out to the last minute. Perhaps this has something to do with the gallons of mulled wine we tend to imbibe at this time of year. Regardless, we're sure you have a bestie or brother who remains... [More]

pocket tissue-s.jpg

Polopolo Pocket Tissue Holder

Stocking stuffer alert! Keep all yer toiletries and first aid supplies cute and contained in the Polopolo Pocket Tissue Holder ($13) by Yokomono Studio. At this handmade store, there's a fabric for every personality, so choose carefully.... [More]


Fossil 'Key-Per' Printed Coated Canvas Tote

We must have looked at the 'Key-Per' Printed Canvas Tote ($78) 100 times before we decided that we were intrigued. It's like that guy you keep running into, the one who's a little more attractive every time you see him. What finally sold us was seeing this tote paired with... [More]


Rosanna Boho Holiday Mugs

Outblush Spiked Hot Chocolate for Two 2 1/2 c skim milk 3 packets instant hot chocolate mix 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 2 oz espresso flavored vodka 2 handfuls of mini marshmallows Heat milk and spice in a saucepan on medium high heat, stirring frequently. When warmed, add hot... [More]


Pocketo! 3 Pearl Rings

Show off your classic yet minimal taste by wearing the 3 Pearl Rings ($89) at Pocketo! Wear just one, or wear all three. Either way, your ring finger will look elegant wrapped in sterling silver and natural pearl.... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Joel Sartore signed prints

Hey, hey, hey Outblushers, it's time once again for a word from our resident photo-know-it-all, Meggan Haller. Meggan and her husband Jeff, the owners of Keyhole Photo, serve up gorgeous wedding and documentary photography, and recently won the 2010 Bride's Choice Awards from Want more? Check out their blog,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Jess's Boyfriend's Sister and BIL

Says Jess: "My boyfriend and I are looking for the perfect gift for his sister and her husband . . . They are really family oriented, a lot of what they do involves the kids . . . Probably because of this they do a lot of hosting. Football games,... [More]


Rolleiflex Mini Digi AF 5.0 Camera

Oh sure, this 5 megapixel auto focus digital camera takes a good photo, but let's face it - what we really like about the Rolleiflex 24611 MiniDigi AF 5.0 Camera ($280) is how retro-looking it is. In a world of credit card-sized digital cameras, we just wanna be the one... [More]


Puma BodyTrain Mesh Toning Shoes

Some studies say toning shoes don't actually do anything for your figure, but we beg to differ: We got to try out a pair of Puma BodyTrain Mesh Training Shoes ($90) firsthand, and definitely noticed a difference. Using a higher heel angle and a special sole material called IdCell, it... [More]

triangle wood neckalce-s.jpg

Walnut Triangle Necklace

Certain OB Editors *cough*Cashmere*cough* are hardcore Zelda fanatics, so the triforce shaped Walnut Triangle Necklace ($36) makes our heart flutter. It's sprayed gold and everything! The looped chains add true fashion sense to something that could just be passed off as nerd-core. Well done.... [More]


How to Cook the Perfect Day

Admittedly, this might be a good one to dive into after you've had time to recover from all of the holiday baking and cooking, but once you're ready to don an apron again, Nikki McClure's How to Cook the Perfect Day ($11) is a great kitchen companion. Recipes for delectable... [More]


Kate Spade Cheeky Slippers

It really doesn't matter how old, and ratty your pajamas are if you're also sporting these uber-posh Kate Spade Cheeky Slippers ($75). Your tootsies will be the talk of the town (or at least the family room) come Christmas morning.... [More]


CLARINS Delectable Self Tanning Mousse

It may be winter, but we still want to rock a healthy glow for the holidays. We've been using CLARINS Delectable Self Tanning Mousse ($32) for a light all-over color (even on the face!) that looks natural and appropriate for the time of year. The mousse rubs in easily and... [More]


Bob Basics Keep Me for Bop Basics Gift Set

So uhh, we're not really sure we recommend purchasing the Keep Me for Bop Basics Gift Set ($165) as an actual gift for someone else. Awkward. But we definitely think you should nab a set for yourself. Keep the tank, bralette, and panties in the accompanying bag and toss it... [More]


Doubtblush: Wreck The Halls - Bride and Groom Bears Desk Clock

We've all got a horror story about the time our mom gave us a box filled with tampons and a training bra in front of our entire family that one Christmas, or the time our new boyfriend gave us a membership to an S&M club, or, worse still, diet pills.... [More]


Anthropologie Trousseau Apron

You know by now how fond we are here of awesome aprons. Our coveting of the Trousseau Apron ($38) at Anthropologie is no exception. In fact, it's definitely at the top of our "want" list. We're also pretty sure that wearing this swanky apron will make us masters of holiday... [More]


Bliss Power Up Your Pedi Set

Have you seen the Bliss Power Up Your Pedi Set ($54)? If not, please allow us to turn you onto it (pretty please). What we so completely love about it is the fact that it's a comfy, cozy way to soften our heels and soothe our tired feet. First of... [More]


shannon britt Jane Pump

Feast your eyes on the shannon britt Jane Pump ($351)! In aqua and gold or blue and gold, we're sure you can find something to pair with these unique heels. They're sure to glam up your wedding guest, or New Year's Eve attire!... [More]


Pottery Barn Vintage Clock Serving Platter

Count down to the new year while serving guests in style. The Vintage Clock Serving Platter ($39) from Pottery Barn adds perfect party detail any hostess would covet. The only downside? Having a tangible reminder that the time is ticking away toward the first of the year...and your inevitable post-holiday... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Chunky Watch For Ben's Wife

Ben writes, "I love all of the help you provide me to shop for my wife (year round but especially for Christmas). I was hoping you could help me out again with your Personal Shopper feature. I am looking for a watch for her. She doesn't want it super fancy... [More]


Cats Attack! Scratching Post

AAAAAHHHH! Beware of CATZILLA!! Give kitty a place to sharpen those claws (other than the couch arm, of course) with the Cats Attack! Scratching Post ($40). Tough corrugated cardboard comes complete with helicopter dangling from the highest skyscraper. You knew your cat could wreck havoc on your house, now let... [More]


Phoenix Work Table

The Phoenix Work Table ($1,299) makes us feel all Laura Ingalls Wilder-ish, like we could sit at this rough-hewn table and write a book about a huge blizzard where everyone gets stuck in their tiny cabins with only potatoes and brown bread to eat. We see modern and sleek furniture... [More]


iPod Classic Mini Amplifier

The iPod Classic Mini Amplifier ($26) at Pottery Barn is a clever little docking station that packs a great big punch. It's compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm jack and gets it's juice two ways: use AA batteries or plug it in via USB cord. We think it's... [More]


Splendid Very Light & Fashionable Top

How can you argue with Splendid for calling this shirt the Very Light & Fashionable Top ($61, on sale)? It's cotton jersey, so it is indeed lightweight. And as for the fashionable part, we're totally loving the ribbed cowl neck and asymmetrical panel seams. We'd say they hit the mark... [More]


The Instant Expert's Guide to Single Malt Scotch

Gone are the days when our men drank cans of Keystone or Busch Light taken from a bathtub full of ice in someone's dingy apartment. Well, mostly gone anyway. Their tastes have evolved to enjoy, shall we say, more refined spirits. Tuck the pocket-sized book, The Instant Expert's Guide to... [More]


Miss Dior Chérie for Women Perfume Collection

"I smell pretty, oh so pretty." You ever go around singing that song? Okay, maybe not, but allow us to tell you why Miss Dior Chérie ($75-$95) inspires us to break into song. Imagine the heat of your body working with a sultry combination of floral scents to create a... [More]


Artecnica Themis Mobile

Scrambling for a gift for that new mom in your life? Think about the bright Artecnica Themis Mobile ($27). Babies will love the vibrant spinning colors, and it's so attractive adults will appreciate the design sense. Way to not cramp a modern home's style.... [More]


Star Wars Rebel Alliance Wrapping Paper

Don't even think of wrapping presents for the Star Wars fan in your life without the Star Wars Rebel Alliance Wrapping Paper ($19)! Its spell binding affects might even turn someone from the Dark Side... or cause seizures. P.S. It looks like this awesome paper may have already sold out... [More]


Urban Outfitters Animal Shower Caps

We're all for showering every day. That's a given, right? But hair washing, especially in the dry winter months occasionally needs to be reduced to prevent the static stand on end look. So have some fun in those non-hair washing showers with an Animal Shower Cap ($8, in several colors... [More]


'Say Anything' Jewelry

Maybe it's the control freak in us, but we really like making choices about....well, pretty much everything. The Beautiful Baby Sterling Silver Necklace ($38) from 'Say Anything' Jewelery is a good example of how you can customize your order from their company. You choose the size, the jewels, what you... [More]

wreck this journal-S.jpg

Wreck This Journal

Leave it to bloggers to get your creative juices flowing *wink wink.* Gotta say, we love the destructive sentiment of Wreck This Journal ($8) by Keri Smith (the gal behind the ever popular blog, Wish Jar Journal). Smith's illustrations and annotations are just inflammatory enough to get us hot an... [More]


Personal Shopper: Cover Christina's Blooming Bump for New Year's Eve

Christina writes: Hi Outblush, can you help me? I will be just at 13 weeks pregnant for New Year's Eve. So I am not showing enough to be in maternity clothes, but I no longer have a flat pre-pregnant belly, and generally look all around fluffy. I need to find... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Jenna's Brother and his GF in their Teensy Apartment

Says Jenna: "I have NO idea what to get my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas. I get them gift cards every year (which they love) but I really want to think outside the box (or corny gift card holder) this year. I was thinking about clothes from the college... [More]

Gap Kids Sequin Denim Mini

Gap Kids Sequin Denim Mini

The Gap Kids Sequin Denim Mini ($30) gets a happy holiday festive makeover! This mighty mini is trimmed with pretty, sparkly sequins fit for your princess.... [More]


Kate Somerville Celebrate ExfoliKate Kit

It's a good thing no one told us when we were 13-years-old that fruit enzymes are great for eliminating dead skin cells. Some of us were just dorky enough to find the nearest fruit tree and go for it. Fortunately, now that we're adults we're aware of the great companies... [More]


Victoria Secret Quilted Puffer Jacket with Faux Fur Trim

This is a totally true story: We had a good friend asking for a "puffer" jacket this year for Christmas and thought she was mistaken. Maybe she meant to call it something else. When we thought of "puffer" we remembered those old, awful, shapeless coats that people wore out into... [More]

baby shoes-s.jpg

Zuzii Joli Petal Baby Shoe

Gah! We're getting cute over loaded on the Zuzii Joli Petal Baby Shoes ($27). Us wearing white shoes is kinda a disaster waiting to happen, so we'll leave it to the babes to rock these adorable kicks. Happy holidays little feet!... [More]


Doubtblush: Barry Manilow Collector Plate

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Kate Spade Jingle Bell Bobby Pins

Remember those big single jingle bell necklaces you used to wear when you were a kid (or that your coworker is still wearing, single handedly driving everyone in the office nuts)? Meet the sophisticated version of that oh-so-festive holiday adornment: Jingle Bell Bobby Pins ($45) from Kate Spade.... [More]


Video Spy Pen

We're not sure if this one fascinates or frightens us, so we thought we'd show you and let you make up your own mind. The Video Spy Pen ($80) is the size of a regular pen (in fact, it can be used as a regular pen), but look at the... [More]

jimmy jane-s.jpg

Jimmy Jane Little Afterglow Sampler

Obvi, the six all natural massage oil candles in the Jimmy Jane Little Afterglow Sampler ($58) are a gift to ourselves and our lover. These aphrodisiac scents (Cucumber Water, Grapefruit, Pink Lotus, Dark Vanilla, Bourcon, and Truffle + Gardenia) are just the prelude to an unforgettable massage and then some.... [More]


Pesto Cubes

It happens far too often - you spend all day slaving over a hot stove and at the end of your yummy meal, you realize you've made enough to feed an army. Don't let that deliciousness go to waste, the Pesto Cubes ($13) will keep your goods organized and prevent... [More]


Personal Shopper: Hassidic wedding guest attire for Sarah

Sarah writes: "Okay, So I admit it's another "Help-me-find-a-dress-to-wear-to-a-wedding request," but I think this might prove to be a challenge, even for you! I am attending a Hasidic wedding in January. Because I am a member of the groom's family, it is important that I adhere to the dress code.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Stuff $10 and under for Sam's Gift Exchange

Says Sam: "I need some help with my Christmas shopping! My boyfriend's family does a gift exchange every year, dividing into guys and girls. I need to find a great girl gift to give. The catch is, we can only spend $10, but the value should be more than that.... [More]


Junk Food Batman Bat Symbol Sweatshirt

Some days you just feel like calling in reinforcements. Though it's no bat signal perched atop a Gotham City rooftop, the Batman Bat Symbol Sweatshirt ($48) gets the job done. Either someone will come to your aid, or you'll muster up some inner super strength to deal with life's menacing... [More]


Lime Crime Eyedust in Medusa

Everyone knows the perfect accompaniment to a holiday dress is a great smoky eye. So put some sparkle in your smoky with a good dose of Eyedust in Medusa ($12) by Lime Crime. The little starbursts of sparkle really shine when you apply wet for a super bold Christmas party... [More]


Rachel Roy Distressed Crystal Hoops

After spending a buttload of cashola on our holiday party attire, we're in need of some reasonably priced accessories. The Rachel Roy Distressed Crystal Hoops ($65) look pretty bling-bling without the big-ticket price tag. We can get behind being both classy and sensible at the same time.... [More]


Santa's Reindeer Wooden Stir Sticks

Let your party go-er's stir their delicious mixed bevs with some help from Santa's Reindeer Wooden Stir Sticks ($10). These delightful little stirrers are reppin' Santa's reindeer, with an extra special shout-out to Rudolph. That little punk's always hogging the glory!... [More]


Doubtblush: Tour Table

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome like this. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... Imagine throwing a... [More]


Kiehl's Lip Balm Set

Kiehl's lip balm is deliciously decadent while still remaining a true lip conditioner. No frilly sparkles, pink tint, or cupcake scent here - just soothing, hydrating goodness. Your favorite lip balm addict with thank you profusely for the Lip Balm Set ($29) with four flavors of the best of all... [More]


Valentino Macrame Border Macintonsh Coat

It's so Italian it makes us crave pasta...or really great cheese...or vino. The Valentino Macrame Border Macintonsh Coat's ($3,690) macramé floral border injects flirty femininity into an article that is otherwise somewhat conservative. You should fully expect to hear the words, "Sei bellissima," any time you wear it.... [More]

Love Duct Tape Wallet

Love Duct Tape Wallet

Duct tape wallets are everywhere! We're loving the Love Duct Tape Wallet ($10), which is hand-made with premium duct tape, clear packing tape and construction paper. Inside there are numerous slots for your credit cards and I.D. as well as a bill slot for your dough. The funky love graphic... [More]


Yves Rocher Fruits De Noel Orange & Chocolat Soap and Hand Cream

Mad genius. If the rest of the holiday dinners and treats weren't enough, those chocolate oranges are enough to scuttle a healthy diet on their own. So why have we waited so long for this? The limited-edition Christmas offerings at Yves Rocher this year include this Orange & Chocolat moisturizing... [More]


Not Even If It's Christmas Eve & They're Out Of Shalimar: Doubtblush Fragrance Gifts

You may have been told, and rightfully so, that buying fragrance for someone else is risky unless you're just topping off their stash of something that they already wear. Olfactory preferences are pretty personal, after all, and they can be difficult to articulate, much less guess. But dear readers, when... [More]


Nifty Under $50: Miscellany

We're all on a tight budget this year, but don't want to sacrifice giving gifts to those we love! With that in mind, this week, we'll be bringing you gift guides to help you shop for some truly unique, thoughtful gifts that won't get re-gifted. The best part? They're all... [More]


Sales & Steals: 12/17/10

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen! In case you didn't know, today, December 17th, is National Free Shipping Day, aka pretty much the last possible day to ship gifts via standard shipping for on-time Christmas delivery. In honor of that, tons of online stores are offering free shipping, plus extra discounts... [More]


YOU Be the Stylist: What should K.B. wear with her red sequined dress for New Year's Eve?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Jamie's Med Student Friend

Says Jamie: "I'm hoping you can help me find the perfect Christmas gift for my friend! I always try to get her something fun and unique, but I haven't been inspired yet. She's in med school and spends 14 hours a night at the hospital then comes home and sleeps... [More]


Expensive Christmas Wine

Pretend you're a baller, even though you're on a budget, with Expensive Christmas Wine ($25). A luscious red with black cherry and raspberry aromas will convince the recipient it's like a bottle of Bordeaux in a nice Parisian bistro. Plus, the label is bound to insight some laughter.... [More]


Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Stripe Bombay

Okay, you know us well enough by now to know that we're all about being original, about splashing our lives with unexpected items and using them in unexpected ways. This funky, striped Courtly Stripe Bombay Chest of Drawers ($2,600) would be great in a bedroom of course, but how much... [More]


Embellished Cocktail Dress by French Connection

Given the number of people who want to wear this dress New Year's Eve, this could get ugly. The fact is, the French Connection Embellished Cocktail Dress ($268) is pretty perfect for most of us. Everything about this dress is eye-catching, from the sweetheart neckline, to the rhinestone beading, delicate... [More]


Ellipse Red Bowls

Let's face it: We're not our mothers. As much as we love them (and we do love our moms), we have a different style, a different flair, a more modern take on home décor. We ran across Crate & Barrel's Ellipse Red Bowls ($11-$27) and thought, "Hey, they get our... [More]


Tulle Hand Warmer/Purse

How great is the fashion and function in the Hand Warmer/Purse ($25) from Tulle? This faux fur bag is the right size to carry all of your necessities while leaving plenty of room for your hands. Tuck those frozen fingers into the pockets of this purse to utilize it as... [More]


Icelandic Dream Bedding Collection

Even with the amount of time we spend shopping (uh, researching), it's a little odd to run across bedding that first strikes us as one thing, and then another. Initially, we thought the Icelandic Dream Bedding Collection ($275 - $295) was the perfect shade of winter-blue for the cooler months... [More]


Leather Head Handmade Football

Still stumped on what to get your guy's guy for Christmas? Let him unwrap the Leather Head Handmade Football ($115) from Kaufmann Mercantile. It's gorgeously hand-crafted and designed to fit the hands of a regular man (as opposed to those big beefy paws of a pro player). But don't confuse... [More]


Tiffany Pocket Diary

Sure, it's not jewelry, but you can pull out this Tiffany & Co. Pocket Diary ($50) every day to check your appointments and write down important notes - like a wish list of all the beautiful baubles you'd like.... [More]


Mazel Tov Copper Canyon Necklace

We have a bit of a disclaimer here: We can't guarantee that wearing Mozel Tov Jewelry will actually bring you good luck, but we can guarantee that it will make you feel really good about the jewelry you're wearing (which, in turn, could cause you to do great things, essentially... [More]


Personal Shopper: Patterned Harem Pants for Jeanetta's Roommate

Jeanetta writes, "Hey Outblush staff!!! I got help from you guys back in August for some dorm bedding and I have another request if you could spare the time! As it turns out, I happen to have the best roommate ever and she really wants some of those slouchy pants... [More]


Stella McCartney Stephane PJs

Christmas morning requires fantastic pajamas. Make him the cutest cowboy in the West (or East, North or South, for that matter) in these Stella McCartney Stephane PJs ($47)... [More]

Aromapharmacy Coldex Candle

Aromapharmacy Coldex Candle

Banish those winter sniffles with the Aromapharmacy Coldex Candle ($15). The sweet eucalyptus / lemon scent and a bowl of chicken noodle soup will have you feeling better in time.... [More]


Courtly Campaign Club Chair

The Courtly Campaign Club Chair ($3,850) is so flamboyant, so over-the-top, that we half expect to hear someone yell, "Off with their heads!" Let's face it, any furniture that can inspire that kind of reaction is pretty fun. Some pretty clever design detail went into making this 100% wool club... [More]


Aqua Vitae: Egg Nog

Before the Christmas tree, before Santa, before a national holiday, this country celebrated the holidays with a little thing... called egg nog! Evidence of egg nog in Colonial America comes to you today courtesy of the Old Farmer's Almanac. And not just any old author, but our first Commander-In-Chief -... [More]


CRISLU Stackable Rings

We suppose you could stack these until they fit like a cast and you can't move your finger, but we probably would not recommend it. However, the CRISLU Stackable Rings ($120/each) are a great look and a fun way to determine your own style. The cubic zirconium give you sparkle... [More]


Sofia Cashmere Emilia Travel Set

Some of us have spent an inordinate amount of time in airports and on planes recently. Others are planning long train and car trips to visit relatives for the holidays. For all of us, there is the Sofia Cashmere Emilia Travel Set ($295), a ultra-yummy cashmere throw, pillow and eye... [More]


Doubtblush: Wreck the Halls - Sexytime FAIL

We've all got a horror story about the time our mom gave us a box filled with tampons and a training bra in front of our entire family that one Christmas, or the time our new boyfriend gave us a membership to an S&M club, or, worse still, diet pills.... [More]


Nautica Cover Up, Sleeveless Zip Hoodie

This is for our friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth is currently trying to decide which tropical island she's going to spend a fair part of the winter on. Poor Elizabeth. If (like us) you're not going away to a tropical island, but wouldn't mind having a new cover-up for water aerobics class,... [More]


Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

Isn't it ironic that one of the least glamorous parts of our beauty routine (cleaning our skin) makes the biggest impact? If you've been looking for a way to polish your skin and give it a brighter appearance, take a look at the Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel ($60). No,... [More]


Converse Stocking

An excellent piece of Christmas decor for your cynical younger brother a nontraditional family member. Converse Stocking ($17) from Creationz by Catherine See more Christmas stockings.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Christmas Gifts for Shannon's Mom

Says Shannon: "I was wondering if you had any ideas for Christmas gifts for my Mom. She is the hardest person to buy for. I always try to get something fun and she doesn't tell me she doesn't like it but I can always tell. I feel like I always... [More]


White House | Black Market Lace-Trim Evening Jacket

Keep warm while staying fancy-shmancy for your holiday parties in the Lace-Trim Evening Jacket ($148) from White House Black Market. Okay, so maybe it won't protect you from any harsh weather elements, but it will make a pretty addition to your dress wear and keep the goosebumps away while you're... [More]


Chocolat.Com Sapphire Collection

Sure, we can all go to the mall and pick up a box of perfectly respectable chocolate (which begs the question, "Is there such a thing as chocolate we don't respect?"). What sets the Chocolat.Com Sapphire Collection ($93) apart is the absolute world-class quality of the ingredients. Chocolatiers cull premium... [More]


Madewell Secret Symbols Scarf

We're not sure what kind of secrets are hidden in the Secret Symbols Scarf ($46, on sale) by Madewell, but it's clearly no secret that you'll look fab in it. The extra bright shapes stand out on the grey background, making it plenty fun to pair with your winter wear.... [More]


Giant Dwarf Starlette Sparklers

We're in love with these Starlette Sparklers ($15) by etsy seller Giant Dwarf. Each sparkler is two and a half inches and attached to a sturdy bobby pin to give your 'do some serious shimmer. They come in diamond, gold, ruby, or onyx and would make great New Year's Eve... [More]

star wars cookie cutters-s.jpg

Star Wars™ Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters

A Williams and Sonoma exclusive, the Star Wars™ Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters ($20) would make an excellent baking accessory for that Star Wars fanatic. You know the one. "Young Padawan bakers will have fun creating a fleet of cookies to re-enact their favorite galactic battles" with Darth Vader, Yoda,... [More]


Felix Doolittle Pocket Mirror

We're very picky about our pocket mirrors around here. It may sound silly, but we move the same mirror from purse to purse for years and we darn well better like it. What appeals to us about Felix Doolittle Pocket Mirrors ($12) are the whimsical designs. They're cute, without being... [More]


Whimsy and Spice Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwiches

We didn't think it was possible to love cookies or whisky any more than we already do, but then we found Whimsy & Spice's Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwiches ($9 for 6). We think we might've died and gone to some sort of drunken sugar-induced heaven.... [More]


Mou Summer Eskimo Canvas Boots

Welcome our anti-Uggs into the scroll: the Mou Summer Eskimo Canvas Boots ($59 on mega sale). These rubber soled boots give great coverage without sacrificing casual style. Contrasting white crocheted seams add a cute touch to these surprisingly elegant pull-ons. We can see California girls breaking a sweat for these.... [More]


Thomas Paul Matryoska Bridge Set

Not only will you have something to do with Grandma on Christmas, you'll have the most adorable storage box ever! Thomas Paul Matryoska Bridge Set ($60)... [More]


Muscat Jewelry Armoire

For us, right about now, the name of the game is organization. Some of our lives are really in need of sweet, sweet organizing and The Muscat Jewelry Armoire ($310) is there to give us what we so desperately crave. It comes with eight felt-lined drawers, 2 large side doors... [More]


TEMPTU Retouch Foundation

Do you ever buy something and love it so much that you're afraid it will be discontinued? If, like us, you've already fallen in love with Temptu's Retouch Foundation ($47), feel free to join us in this open plea to the company: Dear TEMPTU, we walked into Sephora not long... [More]


Special Guest Post by Fit Bottomed Girls: A Workout Detox?

Everyone, say a big, friendly Outblush welcome to Jennipher from Fit Bottomed Girls! If you've never been to this site, you're missing out on a wealth of great posts on exercise, nutrition, beauty products, and fitness industry news. Detoxes seem to be all the rage these days, but for the... [More]


If you like pina coladas...

...And gettin' caught in the rain. In order to truly personalize your Personal Shopper experience, we thought we'd indulge in a parody of The Dating Game and do a little tit-for-tat. All of us Outblush editors have written up little bios, so that you can peruse our specialties and maybe... [More]


Nifty Under $50: Dad & grandpa

We're all on a tight budget this year, but don't want to sacrifice giving gifts to those we love! With that in mind, this week, we'll be bringing you gift guides to help you shop for some truly unique, thoughtful gifts that won't get re-gifted. The best part? They're all... [More]


Personal Shopper: A J.Crew Glitz Stud Dress knockoff for Hana's office holiday party

Hana Y. wrote, "I have been a follower for quite some time now, and decided that maybe only you can help me out.... I am looking for an office holiday party dress. I like this one from jcrew. I love the studs and the exposed zipper on the back! And... [More]


Anastatia Beverly Hills Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes

Maybe it's because we work with these products, maybe it's because we can sometimes be "girlie girls," or maybe it's just damn fun to change our look, but we are currently drawn to the Anastatia Perfect Brows and Eyes Kit ($75). We get some pretty nifty beauty items geared to... [More]


Judith Lieber Satin Valeria Clutch

For those of you not familiar with the iconic style of Judith Lieber, allow us to introduce you. When one is looking for a classic, elegant and sophisticated piece, she will inevitably end up considering a Judith Leiber product. The designs are such an established symbol of style that samples... [More]


LuLu's Deck the Dolls Brown Dress

Brown is not the color we'd choose to describe the Deck the Dolls Brown Dress ($35) from LuLu's. We'd call it a heavenly mocha chocolate color. But we digress. It's lovely either way, and simple enough use as a bottom layer on chilly days.... [More]


The Lazy Intellectual: Maximum Knowledge, Minimal Effort

We're not going to come right out and admit that the title of this book accurately describes us, but we will say that we don't mind seeming smart without having to do much work. The Lazy Intellectual: Maximum Knowledge, Minimal Effort ($10) by Richard Wallace and James Wallace is like... [More]


Emma Kiss Tina Prints Louboutin Pair

You know what's hard about choosing a print from the Emma Kiss Tina collection? Choosing just one. Sure, it's a good problem to have because it means that the work is so engaging, the prints so captivating, but still....It took us a while to decide that the 8 x 10"... [More]


Juicy Couture Leather & Velvet Dog Collar

If your sweet little pooch isn't already the terror of the neighborhood, perhaps you should consider further spoiling her with this Juicy Couture Leather & Velvet Dog Collar ($45). Oh sure, we can picture a 10-pound lapdog sporting this leather beauty with fussy velvet trim, but what really makes us... [More]


CLARITY 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

CLARITY makes this cool 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker ($67) for those of us who are not always enthusiastic wakers. Think of it as a mini-earthquake in a box. Picture this: a crazy obnoxious alarm goes off, lights flash, and the bed shakes. It's enough to make... [More]


Warner This Is Not A Bra Underwire 1593

Have you ever wanted air-brushed boobs? To be more concise, have you ever wanted your breasts to feel like they're naturally perfect? Yeah, us too. No kidding here, girls, Warner's This Is Not A Bra Underwire 1593 ($34) supports and lifts them, while comfortably cradling them. Imagine the look of... [More]


Porcelan Ice Cream Container

"Honey, do you know where I put my gold hoop earrings?" "Didn't you toss them in the Ice Cream Container ($45)?" "Why would they be in the freezer?!" "No, silly, the one on your dresser." "....oh....thanks!"... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Liz's Male Colleagues at the College Paper

Says Liz: "I am an Editor-in-Chief at a college newspaper and every year we have a holiday party. I like to thank my staff with personal gifts and as a woman I often have a trouble finding general gifts to give men. The options are endless for ladies; scarves, perfume,... [More]


Mina Javid Olivia Headboard

Sure, a headboard might pull the room together or make your apartment seem more adult (so would getting rid of that Little Mermaid pillowcase, btw), but dang, those things are expensive. This incredibly affordable Olivia Headboard ($40) is a wall decal that looks just as classy -- as long as... [More]


Chloe Loves Charlie Sequin Rain Cardigan

There are party frocks a-plenty out there, but as much as we may like to, we can't really get that gussied up for our day to day. Taffeta in the conference room may get some strange looks. But we can keep our celebratory spirit by wearing the Sequin Rain Cardigan... [More]


USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner Scent 2.0

Just to make this perfectly clear: we're not saying that our office stinks. Ever. But we can tell you that there was a shout of joy when we discovered the USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner Scent 2.0 ($6) from Think Geek. You place a drop of essential oil on it, plug... [More]


Burberry Wool Voile

We think a lot about fashion around here (duh). And you know those few pieces that you have in your closet that you wear year after year, simply because you love the way they feel and they never seem to go out of style? We're thinking that the Burberry Wood... [More]

french bull plates-s.jpg

French Bull Isis Melamine Plates

There's no need to make a commitment to bright walls when we have the French Bull Isis Melamine Plates ($42 for four) in our arsenal. As a gift for that gal in her first place or for a lil' gift to ourselves, this vibrant set hits the spot. Inspired by... [More]

chloe mittens-s.jpg

See by Chloé Wool-blend Mittens

We're getting festive holiday cheer just looking at the See by Chloé Wool-blend Mittens ($45). These comfy red and white babies will keep our hands warm and our outfit casual chic. Can't wait to frolic in the show wearing these adorable knit mitts.... [More]


Trish McEvoy 'Ultimate Beauty' Organizer

Picture this: the radio-alarm goes off first thing in the morning (for the purposes of this exercise, we'll assume "Afternoon Delight" is playing). You realize that if you want to have time to drive through Jitters for your morning cup of joe and blueberry crumb muffin, you're going to... [More]


Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Lidded Brownie Pan

Lord, do we love our specialty pans. Let's take a step in the sweet direction and get our brownie on this time around. We're talkin' about the Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Lidded Brownie Pan ($30). Mmmmhhhmmm keeping our chocolate goodies sliced, airtight, fresh and ready to go sounds dangerous delicious.... [More]


someecards I Love Booze Can Insulator

So uh, we found the perfect gift for our best gal pal. You know, the one who is always just a text away from meeting you for a vent session and happy hour beer (or three). Sure, we could get her something sappy and sentimental but we figured we go... [More]


Crafting a Meaningful Home

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about hand made pieces that fill a home is the story or tradition behind them. In Crafting a Meaningful Home: 27 DIY Projects to Tell Stories, Hold Memories, and Celebrate Family Heritage ($17), projects are not only laid out with step-by-step instructions, but... [More]


RED Valentino Ruffle Tee

We're digging the cuteness of the RED Valentino Ruffle Tee ($195). It's all-over, asymmetrical ruffles are lovely enough to stand alone with a pair of jeans, or ready to take back seat as an inner layer when you inevitably need to dress warm for the weather. It is semi-sheer, so... [More]


Personal Shopper: Belts for Zachary's Girlfriend

Zachary writes, "My girlfriend has been looking for a belt for a long time. She wants a belt to wear jeans, so something simple, classic and leather. Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to buy one for her for Christmas." We've got ya covered, Zach... Do you mind if... [More]


Gaiam Yogacise Body Lift

Okay, who are we kidding here? We're less than a month away from making New Year's resolutions and those resolutions are likely going to sound a lot like this: "I'm going to begin making healthy food choices. I'm going to exercise every single day. I'm going to run the Boston... [More]

built hot mitt-s.jpg

Built Renzo Oven Mitt

Finally, a hot mitt that's not stuck in the past. We'd feel extra secure wielding hot pans with the textured neoprene grip on the Built Renzo Oven Mitt ($14). Stylish stripes are an added bonus on this stain resistant material. What's not to love about this attractive kitchen aid?... [More]

kimi heels-s.jpg

Kimi Platform Heels

Dayyyyyum, Dorothy, you sure as hell aren't in Kansas anymore. Spiky heels and glitter, glitter, glitter make the Kimi Platform Heels ($99) by Rachel Roy way more hardcore than your average ruby red slippers. Um. Want. Note: Too bad these won't be holiday party ready. Since they won't ship until... [More]

cat prize-s.jpg

SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

Yep, we see hours of kitty fun in the SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box ($21). It's kinda like Operation for cats, minus the annoying buzzing gag. Ok it's nothing like that, but whatever, our cat will love it!... [More]


Tulle Full Skirt

Slip into two of the season's hottest trends with the Full Skirt ($43) from Tulle. It's mini, which is everywhere and meant to be paired with tights, and its lace, which makes it super flirty and feminine. This skirt gets bonus points for also having an a-line silhouette, making our... [More]

Felix Rey Love Birds Mesh Clutch

Felix Rey Love Birds Mesh Clutch

The Felix Rey Love Birds Mesh Clutch ($150) is the perfect gift for you from your tweetheart. We love the shimmering love birds and inside is a fun leopard lining. Tweet tweet!... [More]


Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer

Ever try to slip your ass into a pair of jeans several sizes too small? That's very much what it's like to try to slip a healthy-sized bottle of your favorite perfume into a sexy, little clutch. We have what we think is a pretty good solution to this problem.... [More]

mr bird juicer-s.jpg

Dr. Bird Citrus Juicer

Not sure where this guy got his credentials, but the Dr. Bird Citrus Juicer ($28) is damn cute. Even our friends who own everything under the sun don't have this. Have you forgotten? It's gift time, people.... [More]


Playboy Cover to Cover Archive

Guys may *claim* they read Playboy just for the articles (And to be fair, there are some good ones), but let's get serious: It's all about the boobies. If you want to be the best girlfriend/wife/partner EVER, get him the Playboy Cover to Cover Digital Archive ($300) this year. Featuring... [More]


Anthropologie Lost Empire Loungers

Tackle far off places in your dreams when you snooze in the Lost Empire Loungers ($48) from Anthropologie. These soft, cotton PJ bottoms are comfy, roomy, and warm, which makes them the perfect pair of pants to slide into right after a long day at work. Come on, we know... [More]


A Peace Treaty Caral Shawl

Wrap yourself in the soft warmness that is the Caral Shawl ($276) by A Peace Treaty. It's over-sized and hand knit from alpaca in Peru. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase because the proceeds go toward supporting indigenous Peruvian communities and traditional artisans. Feel good? Check. Look good?... [More]

rado watch-s.jpg

Rado Cerix Watch

Gawd, the Rado Cerix Watch ($1002) is absolutely artful. This futuristic look goes way beyond the Starship Enterprise, and has the technology to match its good looks. We'd feel indestructible with this 100% scratch-proof sapphire crystal display and ceramic body on our wrist. A Swiss quartz movement keeps our time... [More]


Nifty Under $50: Teenaged Girls

We're all on a tight budget this year, but don't want to sacrifice giving gifts to those we love! With that in mind, this week, we'll be bringing you gift guides to help you shop for some truly unique, thoughtful gifts that won't get re-gifted. The best part? They're all... [More]


Nifty Under $50: Mom & Grandma

We're all on a tight budget this year, but don't want to sacrifice giving gifts to those we love! With that in mind, this week, we'll be bringing you gift guides to help you shop for some truly unique, thoughtful gifts that won't get re-gifted. The best part? They're all... [More]


Yves Saint Laurent Exclusive Holiday Set

Oh, how we love holiday sets. We just adore it when our favorite designers pull our favorite beauty products into one convenient kit. Here's what Yves Saint Laurent ($65) has done for us this year: they found a really cute black clutch and tucked a travel mirror, foundation, rouge, an... [More]


Amy Bahrt Animal Scarf

Not only will you be a great auntie for gifting a sweet Amy Bahrt Hand-Knit Animal Scarf ($75) to your favorite niece or nephew, you'll also be a star in their mom's eyes for giving them warm weather gear they're eager to put on. Available in bunny, dog, elephant and... [More]

hong kong whistle-S.jpg

Hong Kong Whistle Necklace

Get attention in a tight situation or just glorify noise with the Hong Kong Whistle Necklace ($16). Staying silent might be more stylish, but we crave attention; we'd probably try to signal a marching band astray with this guy. Gotta remind ourselves everyday - silence is golden.... [More]


Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

The ornately covered Encyclopedia of the Exquisite: An Anecdotal History of Elegant Delights ($17) is an excellent gift for the person who lives a life of luxury and wants for nothing. This book has brief descriptions of the origins and meanings of many of the finer things in life. With... [More]


Ruche On the Hunt for Love Toggle Coat

There is something so storybook about the Ruche On the Hunt for Love Toggle Coat ($63). We feel like we're meant wear it, go for a walk, and get lost in the woods (though how anyone gets lost in a bright yellow coat is beyond us). The getting lost part... [More]


Juicy Couture Couture Solid Perfume Ring

It's two, two, two gifts in one! Not only is this bling-tastic Couture Couture Solid Perfume Ring ($42) a beautiful bauble, it's also full of Juicy's sweet and sultry Couture Couture fragrance, with notes of orange, sandalwood and vanilla. We know you've got a girlfriend or two who will love... [More]


West Elm Penguin Friends Dessert Plates

Don't you want some little buddies to hang out with while you nosh on appetizers or sweets? These Penguin Friends Dessert Plates ($23 on sale) are basically begging to come home with you with all that adorableness. See more holiday plates.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A gray crossbody bag for Melissa

Melissa writes, "I love your site! I'm always finding new ideas or inspirations for myself or gifts for others. I need some help, please. I'm looking for a gray crossbody bag for winter. My main winter coat is plum, otherwise I'd find one of the nice purple bags. I would... [More]


Glint 'Josie' Bootie

Let's talk, ladies. There's been a little debate lately about how comfortable booties are. Some of us live in them, and some will only wear them in a pinch (pun intended). But we all agree on one thing; sometimes a pair of shoes is just so damn cute that comfort... [More]


Tulle Sexy Ruffle Pullover

Ruffles! The quickest and easiest way to add feminine detail to your outfit. The Sexy Ruffle Pullover ($53) from Tulle brings you both ruffles and a splash of gorgeous color (it comes in magenta and cyan), guaranteed to lift some of those mid-work week winter blues. Well maybe not guaranteed,... [More]


You Saw Mommy Kissing No One, Understand? Cards

You Saw Mommy Kissing No One, Understand? Cards ($25). Yeah, we get it buddy. Just leave the presents and the cookies and we'll keep our mouths shut!... [More]


Mahoohoo Wonderland Undies

Lest your eyes deceive you, allow us to point out that yes, these Women's Wonderland Undies ($38) from Mahoohoo are in fact made up of a delicate swirly pattern that boasts, front and center, our favorite: a moustache!... [More]


MARC BY MARC JACOBS Color Pop Headphones

Your music is varied, upbeat, and awesome, so your headphones should be, too! Check out the MARC BY MARC JACOBS Color Pop Headphones ($68), in plenty of bright colors. Tune out the world and tune into your jams. But you know, look good while you're doing so. And if you're... [More]


Milly 'Bow' Fingerless Gloves

Forget those ugly smart touch gloves - you need a glove that's both sassy and leaves your fingers free for texting. The Milly 'Bow' Fingerless Gloves ($100) is made of beautiful soft merino wool and gives you all the mobility you need. A silk drawstring bow sits atop a lovely... [More]


Madewell Silky Swing Dress

Go bohemo-chic in the Madewell Silky Swing Dress ($128). Yes, we made up the word "bohemo-chic," but really, we couldn't think of any better way to describe this little number. You can look totally put-together in it while maintaining a free-spirit vibe thanks to the baggy chiffon sleeves and smocked... [More]


Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright Print

Place the Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright Print ($20) in your room during the holiday season. Repeat your mantra daily, and remember - the in-laws only come once a year.... [More]


You Tell Us: Boob Scarf

Yep ladies, those are nipples! In your choice of four colors - pink, cream, tan and dark brown, the Boob Scarf ($33) is a fun, lightweight scarf that's sure to grab you some second looks and snickers. There's also an option for a nipple ring, if you're so inclined. And... [More]


MAC 5 Naughty Little Vices Nail Lacquer

When it comes to nail polish, it seems to us that woman fall into one of two distinct camps: Those who wear the same shade manicure after manicure; and those who shake it up, trying something new nearly every time she paints her nails. For you girls who enjoy trying... [More]


Pocketo! Bear Bookmark Tabs

Let an adorable little friend save your place when you set down your book for the night. The Bear Bookmark Tabs ($6) from Pocketo! will stick to your page until you can return. A pack of tabs includes 100 paper bears in 5 different designs. These sticky little guys would... [More]


Loomstate Ayaina Feather Back Cutout Top

If you're headed home for the holidays, we've got a little tip for you: maybe step it up beyond your normal jeans and varsity tee when you run to the grocery store. You never know who you'll run into, but chances are, the day you look like you rolled out... [More]


Personal Shopper: Letter-themed gifts for Mary and her man's X-mas gift X-change

Mary writes: "Ok Outblush, here's a challenge for ya!! My family does a themed gift exchange every year; this year we did the alphabet. Everyone picked a letter out of a bowl and our gift has to be associated with that letter. It could start with the letter, have the... [More]


Batucada Drops Necklace

Batucada Jewelry is a Parisian line (oohlala) of pliable plastic jewelry shaped into intricate designs that look a bit like tattoos against the skin. This Drops Necklace ($35) is comfy - much more so than a tattoo on your collarbone, yes? - chic, and best of all, removable!... [More]


St. Elmos Fire [Blu-ray]

Sweet grown-up Brat Pack action... St. Elmos Fire [Blu-ray] ($17) reunites us with recent college graduates, searching for their place in the real world. Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Mare Winningham, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore dazzle as youngsters fumbling their way around the land of adults.... [More]


Calvin Klein Level 3 Roses Bra

So you've got party frocks bursting out the seams of your closet now, but uh, need a little something pretty to wear underneath, right? Allow us to suggest the Calvin Klein Level 3 Roses Bra ($46). The level 3 line provides maximum support and full coverage, making it wearable all... [More]


Flying Dog 'The Hoodie That Says It All'

Still looking for the perfect "guy" present? Well look no further for the coolest sweatshirt in all the land. From the Mad Brewers of Fredrick, Maryland comes the Flying Dog 'The Hoodie That Says It All' ($44). A brief history lesson: Ralph Steadman, artist for small-time writer, Hunter S. Thompson,... [More]


Joby Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod

The Gorillapod is a genius little invention that is basically a customizable tripod. You can vary the leg heights by bending them or wrap them around objects for stability. Now Joby's upped the versatility factor with the Gorillapod Magnetic Flexible Tripod ($30), which can also attach solidly to any metal... [More]