Kids Leather Bedroom Set

Who knew? Who knew that a kid's bedroom set could be so cool? Start 'em early, we say; teach your kids to appreciate good design. This Leather Bedroom Set ($1,295) is an excellent first step.... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Geometric

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $100-or-less versions of some of this fall's hottest styles! Today's... [More]


Personal Shopper: Weekend Bags for Ruth's Sister

Ruth E. wrote: My sister has a big birthday coming up (not going to say which one, for my own good as much as hers!) and she rarely actually asks for anything for her birthday. This year is different though - she has asked for a weekend bag. She's an... [More]


Miriah Jewelry Holder

So, are you always misplacing your jewelry? No? Well, this is awkward...Let's pretend you are one of those people who continually misplace your items. How great would it be for you to have the Miriah Jewelry Holder ($25) and to be able to remember where you last saw the little... [More]



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Personalized Cutting Board

Ah, the lovebirds are tying the knot and you're looking for the perfect gift. Well, what about this Personalized Cutting Board ($57)? Afterall, they'll need a cutting board anyway. Might as well receive one that reminds them of the special day. And if they should happen to name their firstborn... [More]


Sweet Grass Farmhouse All Purpose Cleanser

We're all for "all-natural" home cleansers, but a lot of 'em either smell like a dirty hippie and/or just don't work. Available in lavender, fresh white lilac, lemon verbena, or herb blossom scents, Sweet Grass Farmhouse All Purpose Spray Cleaners ($7 for a 26oz. bottle) are the best of all... [More]


Laura Lombardi Scale Earrings

Laura Lombardi works primarily with vintage metals and creates pieces that are somehow delicate and edgy. We're kind of in awe of how awesome her stuff is, and had a hard time selecting a piece to show you (let alone what we would purchase for our own collection!). After much... [More]


Fekkai Advanced Essential Shea Pot de Creme

Hair dried out, tired out, frizzled out, and just plain worn out? Give it a spa treatment with Fekkai Advanced Essential Shea Pot de Creme ($35). This deeply moisturizing styling lotion transforms hair into soft, sleek, shiny tresses with just a tiny dab.... [More]


Geisha Grellow Table Lamp

This Geisha Grellow Table Lamp ($60) may be a somewhat strange sight, but it gets mad props for creative combining of yellow + green to come up with a name for that color we can never seem to label. It's also great for casting a soft glow in your pad,... [More]

military bandage-s.jpg

Doublush: Military Bandage Dress

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome like this. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... There's definitely a... [More]


AE Sweatshirt Dress

Mmmmk, yeah. We're going to have to go ahead and grab ourselves an AE Sweatshirt Dress ($30, on sale!). It's got all the comfort of wearing an over-sized sweatshirt with all the glory of being fashionable. Though, we think it should be paired with leggings and ankle boots: That chiffon... [More]


St. Lucia Bracelet

Homespun one-of-a-kind friendship bracelets by Frieda and Nellie are like an amalgam of our past and present. The Nellie bracelet collection threads vintage bells and whistles into colorful woven wristbands for something totally electric. We're digging the unusual green flower and bitchin' diamond pattern of the St. Lucia Bracelet ($135),... [More]


Please Sit Sign

Everyone has seen those gawdawful, chintzy "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie!" signs ... right? Well, we doubt they're actually all that effective with the male of the species, so we'll hedge our bets and hang up a Blomus Please Sit Signo Restroom Door... [More]


Personal Shopper: Jennifer's Cute Nebraska Cornhuskers Outfit

Jennifer wrote, "Hey Outblush! My husband and I have been invited to a Nebraska Cornhuskers football game this November. It's been 10 years and two kids ago since I attended a college football game. So, here is the dilemma. I need a cute outfit suitable for a woman over 30... [More]


Recycled Bottle Votive Holder

These have to be some of the coolest votive holders we've ever seen. These Recycled Bottle Votive Holders ($24) are made out of, well, recycled bottles. They look pretty awesome when in use, and you can feel good about your purchase, because you're using recycled products. That sounds pretty win-win... [More]


C3 Collection Fat Bird Crewneck Sweater

Okay. When we think of cashmere, we think of soft, sweet sweaters in solids that we guiltily indulge in a few times a year. Cashmere is delicate and expensive and we treat it with the utmost care. But along comes the C3 Collection Fat Bird Crewneck Sweater ($149) and we've... [More]



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Sharice Lace Scarf

You don't have to forgo elegance just because you're cold. Wrap up with this Sharice Lace Scarf ($25) when you're chilly. Warm as it may be, that bulky wool scarf your roommate knit you should not be worn with a cocktail dress.... [More]


Karuna Treatment Masks

Each box of Karuna Facial Treatment Masks ($28) contains four individual fiber cloth masks infused with spa-quality ingredients. Available in exfoliating, hydrating, brightening, antioxidant, anti-blemish, and anti-aging versions, plus a variety "karma kit" box, they're far easier to use than some of their drippy, goopy counterparts. Just smooth onto your... [More]


Nambe Ravine Salt & Pepper Set

So, out the other day looking for a new set of salt and pepper shakers and stumbled across these. Cool, huh? Certainly a new look for us. The Nambe Ravine Salt and Pepper Set ($100) will not only season our food, but will do so with attitude. Interested in seeing... [More]


Archie Grand Journals

Whether you're keeping track of writers, lovers, fashionable friends, or shopaholics like you, there's an Archie Grand Journal ($10) for your list-making needs. If you're not a list kind of girl, that's ok. It's still fun to write down your notes in a book labeled "Secret Agents I Met and... [More]

Hue Equestrian Leggings

Hue Equestrian Leggings

Yeee-haw! The Hue Equestrian Leggings are the perfect pants to pair with those killer riding boots you've had your eye on for some time now. These comfortable stretch cotton leggings have a super stylish suede riding patch on inner legs and they're available in chestnut or black. Ride on into... [More]


Gold Ribbon Headband

We never quite outgrow the need to put bows in our hair, do we? Okay, maybe that's just us. But we think you'll agree that the Gold Ribbon Headband ($50) is a great way to get our bow fix and still manage to look like fashionable adults. Plus, a gold... [More]


Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Outblush is reviewing another men's cologne? Well. Yeah! Paco Rabanne's new 1 Million ($53 for the small bottle, $70 for the big one) runs with the mint trend, blending the note with warmer ingredients like amber and cinnamon to make something distinctive and almost candied. (This is by no means... [More]


Sir Kensington's Scooping Ketchup

Pardon me, good chaps, but have you any Sir Kensington's Scooping Ketchup ($9)? If mustard can go gourmet, so can ketchup, and this delectable condiment is proof. Available in classic or spicy flavors, and made from all natural ingredients you can actually pronounce, it adds a decidedly refined note to... [More]


Karen Walker Dylan Frock

Isn't this Karen Walker Dylan Frock ($384 AUD) a great, feminine everyday dress? It looks like a modern version of something you would find on the set of Mad Men. The only thing is, unless you've got self-esteem the size of Mt. Everest, you might want to layer this with... [More]


Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Shampoo

Made from ingredients that don't require a PhD in chemistry to understand, let alone pronounce, Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Shampoo with Natural Rice Bran ($33) is pretty much the best thing to come out of Japan since sushi and Shiseido. It's super gentle, pH-balanced, and safe for any kind of... [More]



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Hulu Pas de Deux Oil & Vinegar Set

This Hulu Oil & Vinegar Set ($69) would make a perfect gift for any engaged couple. Why? With a sinuous, intertwined shape designed to be reminiscent of both a romantic ballet pas de deux and the Chinese symbol for double happiness, it's sentimental without being cheesy. Everybody say, "Awwwww"! See... [More]

prana bag-s.jpg

PrAna Love Satchel Bag

We need a large tote replacement, and with the PrAna Love Satchel Bag ($30) we can get our boho groove on. Straight from the Nepal, hopefully this multi-pocket bag can help ease our mind and save us from the age-old lost-my-shit-in-my-big-bag syndrome. Perfect as a yoga bag, shopping bag, or... [More]


Baymont Wide-Screen TV Cabinet

One of our husbands is looking to buy a new plasma television. As much as the idea thrills us, we're really not into those Plain Jane units built to support the DVD player and such. The Baymont Wide-Screen TV Cabinet ($499) caught our attention simply because it looks like an... [More]


Milan Metal and Wood Serving Cart

We're fine with small spaces, really we are. And we don't miss having a coffee table, most of the time. But when we do miss that table is when we're entertaining. That's why we so adore this Milan Metal and Wood Serving Cart ($149).... [More]


Galiza Wall Hooks

Isn't it strange how it's the smallest touches that create a home? Consider, for example, how fabulous these Tuscan-inspired Galiza Wall Hooks ($9) would look hanging in your mud room or foyer.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Appropriate Hindu wedding guest attire for Casey

Casey P. wrote, "My friends and I are going to attend a hindu wedding in november. We are not indian or Hindu and will not be wearing a sari. Can you help us find an appropriate formal dress to wear to a Hindu wedding? Help?" Hi, Casey! According to our... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Embellished Box Clutches

This Mary Frances Accessories Pick Up the Pieces Clutch ($257, #1 in pic) is very magpie, but in a good way - it's as though some fabulously fashionable grandmother gifted a designer with her vintage jewelry collection, and said designer went to town on a basic box clutch. But $257... [More]


Personal Shopper: Grey and white gender-neutral bedding for Stephanie and her S.O.

Stephanie M. wrote, "Hey Outblush ladies! I am a HUGE fan of your blog, and although I have great research skills myself, I haven't been able to track down an item that I'd like. I saw a comforter or duvet cover on TV that had the male and female symbols... [More]

pyramid ring-s.jpg

Three Finger Pyramid Ring

Who needs brass knuckles when we have a chic alternative in the Three Finger Pyramid Ring ($120)? Ancient architecture gives our accessories an intimidating mystique. Talk about empowering - we wouldn't be scared to bring it wearing this.... [More]


Pelle Filigree Cuff

How charming is the Pelle Filigree Cuff ($20)? The slightly tarnished look of the gold will have everyone thinking you swiped this piece from your grandmother's jewelry box. And you could tell them you picked it up online, but really, isn't it sometimes nice to give people the impression that... [More]


S'More To Love S'More Maker

Weekends spent sleeping under the stars and cooking over an open flame - not always possible. Modern conveniences and five minutes - not a problem! Perfect for use indoors or on the grill, the S'More To Love S'More Maker ($20) is your ticket to portable dessert bliss. Stack six S'Mores... [More]


Fidelity Plaid Short Cape

We're in love with the Fidelity Plaid Sort Cape ($268). It makes us feel like a grown-up Little Red Riding Hood with its woodsy whimsy charm. We plan on picking out pumpkins and drinking hot apple cider in this lovely number!... [More]


Mango Balm Bow Gloves

Even though we'd rather not think about the cold that's sure to head our way soon, we know it's time to prepare. Luckily, there are a ton of great winter accessories ripe for the picking. One of our favorites are the Mango Balm Bow Gloves ($64). Soft leather, a single... [More]


Cheap Thrill: MCS Mini Picture Frames

Stuck in the world's tiniest cubicle? Have one of those weird tiny shelves that seems to have no actual purpose? Want to keep a picture of your pet at your desk without getting branded as the Insane Cat/Dog Lady? Here you go. These teeny, tiny, miniscule frames from MCS hold... [More]


Silver Loop Candelabra

So, you're having a great guy over for dinner and you want candles. But you don't want it to look like you're trying too hard, or that you borrowed your grandmother's set. The Silver Loop Candelabra ($96) puts a twisty spin on your everyday, run-of-the-mill candelabra.... [More]


Anew Luminosity Ultra

Isn't it funny how we think of our mothers when we hear the name "Avon?" Some of us remember all those little samples Mom's Avon representative would leave with her and how we would sneak into her bedroom to try them on. Oh, the joy of smelling like 12 different... [More]


Mike Gonzales Luc 3-in-1 Coat

How many times have you gone shopping for a jacket and couldn't decide between a trendy crop, a polished trench and a stylish new design? Now you don't have to choose, thanks to the Mike Gonzales Luc 3-in-1 Coat ($370). That's right -- this coat can be worn three different... [More]


Halloween Bat Brooch

If the idea of a non-costume Halloween outfit doesn't appeal to your fashion senses, turn to accessories to help get you into the spirit without making you feel like a walking billboard for a party store. This super cute Halloween Bat Brooch ($8) might do the trick. Wear it on... [More]


George Lee A Date With Wine Stopper

Maybe a bottle of wine never lasts longer than an evening for you, but sometimes, we just can't finish that last glass or three of Two Buck Chuck. We don't, however, want our bargain bin Chardonnay investment to go to waste in the back of the fridge. Solution? Set the... [More]


Scroll Print Skirt

Be bold and look like a million bucks in the Scroll Print Skirt ($70). Easily paired with tights and any number of cardigan options, it's versatile without being boring. Plus, since it's a blend of cotton and silk, you'll feel as great in it as you look!... [More]

wide formate pinhole camera-s.jpg

Wide Format Pinhole Camera

Just ask any big screen-obsessed dude and find out that wide-screen is where it's at. Capture the big picture of a serene scene with the easily assembled Wide Format Pinhole Camera ($29). Pretty soon, our portfolio will be chock full of sweeping panoramic photographs, and we'll be gallery ready. Includes... [More]


Dream Tweed Cardigan

In an updated version of the classic cardigan, Dream Tweed ($138) rocks the cashmere blend like nobody's business. Soft, casual and sweetly detailed, we really like this look.... [More]

cozy cuff-s.jpg

Felt Snap Cozy Cuff

However we want to rock the Felt Snap Cozy Cuff ($32) is up to us. Option A: it protects our delicate hands from hot morning beverages in to-go cups, and we save some cardboard; option B: it's a killer cool bracelet. Whatever we choose, it still makes way more sense... [More]


Personal Shopper: An outfit fit for Amanda's golden birthday

Amanda G. wrote, "My 'Golden Birthday' is approaching and I really would love to spoil myself a little and wear gold... without looking over done or trying too hard. Something simple and classic, yet sexy and daring (hard combo, I know). My budget is a little tight with the holidays... [More]


3 Custom Color Perfectly Pink Lip Palette

The makers of our favorite red lipstick palette have done it again, this time creating our dream pink gloss set. Featuring 10 richly pigmented glosses, the 3 Custom Color Perfectly Pink Lip Palette ($54) will become a go-to for petal-tinted lip looks. Includes a mirrored compact and a professional quality... [More]


She-Ra: Season One, Vol. 1

Stupid boys and their stupid Saturday morning cartoons! They had it all! Thundarr, G.I. Joe, Johnny Quest, Transformers, Voltron, ThunderCats, Teen Wolf! And while we had our Fragglerock, Rainbow Brite, Pound Puppies, Snorks, Shirt Tales, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony - we wanted some ass kicking too!... [More]

jade ring-s.jpg

Jade Braided Ring

It's easy to get sick of silver and gold tone fashion jewelry. Try natural stones on for size, like the lovely Jade Braided Ring ($40). The cool pistachio green looks good with almost anything, and the sculptural look is kinda artsy.... [More]


Rory Beca Bustier Dress

Just look at this lovely, lovely Rory Beca Bustier Dress ($278). The gold makes it dressier than it should be, and for sure this looks like it would be better suited to the rapidly leaving summer than the fall and winter ahead of us. But fear not, faithful Outblush readers,... [More]


Acase Pleather Flip Book iPad Jacket

Yo, fancy schmancy iPad owners - the cherry red Acase Pleather Flip Book iPad Jacket ($21) is on sale. Create a comfy upright workspace with this all-in-one case and fold-up stand. Interior faux-suede lining protects from scratches, and custom cutouts make room for all yer plug-ins. Yay.... [More]


Immix Weave Chaotic Bracelet

There are two things that immediately come to mind when we look at this Immix Weave Chaotic Bracelet ($120). First, wow, this is an awesome bracelet, and we'd love to have it. Second, I wonder how often all those little flanges snag on clothing?... [More]


Elizabeth Rose Dress

Where could you wear the Elizabeth Rose Dress ($198)? Other than a fancy-schmancy party, we're not sure, but that's not stopping us from wishing it were in our closet. This brocade beauty deserves to be shown off, though, so if you don't have any holiday parties on the horizon, help... [More]


Zuo Modern Accent Table

We see this Zuo Modern Accent Table ($118) in an uncluttered space, just begging for a bit of design detail. It's the kind of modern whimsy that adds character to a room, very much like most of us.... [More]


Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser

You take a decongestant when your nose is plugged up, to clear out the crud so you can breathe... Why not apply the same principle to your complexion? Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser ($28) offers gentle spa-quality cleansing at home. This oil-free, natural gel cleanser lathers into a luxurious foam that "decongests"... [More]


Gears Stud Earrings

Replicated from authentic clock gears, these Gear Stud Earrings ($132) definitely make a cool fashion statement. They almost look like little metallic flowers, and if you wanted them to go unnoticed, they could. Put them with a rocker-girl outfit though, and watch out! These cute studs quickly become more spike-like.... [More]


I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions

Don't beat yourselves up over it ladies - even the spiciest of relationships can fall into a sexual lull - that's where I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions ($11) comes in. This set includes 30 seductive prompts and dares sealed in separate envelopes, ready for your interpretations. Unlike most sex... [More]

creep shelf-s.jpg

Rose Creep Shelf

Designer Susan Bradley literally cuts up the idea of a simple silhouette. Exhibit A: the totally awesome Rose Creep Shelf ($135). Way to bring garden shadows inside with steel, not a sketchbook.... [More]


Athleta Geothermal Half Zip

Brrr. Our daily morning run (Okay, okay, our "when we can rouse ourselves once a week" morning run) is failing to warm us up as quickly as it did over the summer. We think it's time to replenish our fall athletic gear and the Althleta Geothermal Half Zip ($79) is... [More]


Ann Taylor Pencil Skirt

There are a number of lessons we're taught as we become ladies. You remember them: Never chew gum in public; watch your language; wear panties to public gatherings...those sorts of things. Well ladies, add one more to your list. Every well-equipped closet should include at least one really nice Pencil... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Fall Florals

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $100-or-less versions of some of this fall's hottest styles! Today's... [More]


Birchbox Giveaway: WINNERS!

We had literally hundreds of entries for our giveaway this past week - hip, hip, hurray! But, there can only be three winners. So, drumroll please.... The winners are: 1) @smittenbeauty, who tweeted: "I would choose a sample of a makeup artist's cult favorite =)" 2) Amanda P., who... [More]


Personal Shopper: Colorful Clocks for Kat H.

Kat H. writes: Hello Outblushers! I've been in desperate need of a kitchen wall clock for quite a while now. My poor iPhone has come dangerously close to the oven too many times. Many of the styles of kitchen clock I've seen have been too formal, too country or too... [More]


Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color

Calling all fellow palefaces! If you could use a little - okay, a lot - of color, but don't like the clown blush effect, give Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color ($32) a shot. Not quite a blush, not quite a highlighter, not quite a foundation, you can use it to... [More]


Celeb Style: Kristen Cavallari's Shashi Petite Golden Nugget Bracelet

If you've seen these pics of Kristen Cavallari, you may have noticed the red bracelet around her wrist. No, surprisingly it's not Kabbalah related. It's actually the double version of the popular Shashi Petite Golden Nugget Bracelet ($27). We've been thinking fabric bracelets were on their way back in, and... [More]


Dino Land Wall Sticker

We know, we know - wall stickers have been done to death - but we can't help ourselves. How else can you continually reinvent spaces and rooms with little commitment, minimal effort and a small price tag? Yeah, we don't know either. With that in mind, we're super smitten with... [More]


Victoria's Secret Bombshell Perfume

You'd think we didn't mind overwhelming amounts of pink (see: site design), but occasionally, the frenetic PINKPINKPINK of Victoria's Secret stores gets us a little woozy. On a recent trip to stock up on our fave no-VPL underwear, we got accosted by a salesgirl and misted with Victoria's Secret Bombshell... [More]


Vs. Mittens

You loved National Geographic as a kid. You have an active imagination. Your hands are cold. Here's what you do: get yourself some Predator vs. Prey Mittens ($26) and reenact the struggle for life on the Serengeti. Bonus points if you can work this into an educational and entertaining moment... [More]


Isabella Rosebud Headband

Okay, not every outfit will call for it, but on that occasion when you're looking for a sweet and funky headband to wear, the Isabella Rosebud ($28) would make a fine option. It's fun and flirty and all the things we really do celebrate.... [More]


Bed of Roses Crops

Gone are the nights of sleeping in little cotton shorts or slinky chemises. Well, we suppose we still could catch our Zzz's in skin-bearing PJs, but maybe it's time to add a little warmth to bedtime. We'll compromise with the Bed of Roses Crops ($48). Comfy, cropped, and cinched with... [More]


The Snuggie Sutra

The Snuggie. You own one - admit it. Whether you purchased it at CVS (along with a $5 Harlequin bodice-ripper novel, 2 bags of Fun Size Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and a gallon jug of Chardonnay) after a breakup, or just because the heat in your apartment is notoriously spotty,... [More]


White Gold Concave Diamond Ring

Screw everything princess inspired, pear shaped, and trillion cut. We want the super modern lines of the White Gold Concave Diamond Ring ($890). Keep it linear and make it timeless - simple glimmer from three textured 18ct white gold shine against a curved, matte finish ring. A gift from OB... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Knockoff Geren Ford Bianca Pumps

So, a couple'a astute fashionista commenters asked us to find the heels the model is wearing in our Geren Ford Liam Jeans post, and find we did. They're the Bianca Pumps, from Ford's own shoe line, and they're a)out of stock, and b)$398. Ow on both counts! So, we took... [More]


Teal Slub Knit One-Sleeve Dress

True story: one year for a holiday party, a co-worker walked in wearing a dress strikingly similar to this Teal Slub Knit One-Sleeve Dress ($119). Everyone (and we mean everyone) commented on how awesome she looked. And she truly did. Because somehow dresses like this manage to strike the perfect... [More]


Studio Fractal Duvet Set

We like the modern simplicity of the Fractal Duvet Set ($100-$120). The cool tones work perfectly with the contemporary styling to create a warm, inviting bed.... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Natasha Bag

We're dying to tote around the Petal to the Metal Natasha Bag ($428) by Marc by Marc Jacobs. A cross-body bag designed with tons of little inside pockets for easy storage, this bag exceeds our expectations when it comes to utility. And the gold birds add just the right amount... [More]


Nick Chavez Diva Xxtreme Body Styling Glaze

Pop quiz: How many hair products do you end up using each morning? Mousse, texturizing paste, shine serum, finishing spray... The list goes on and on, right? Cut the clutter and turn to Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Diva Xxtreme Body Styling Glaze ($20), everything you need in one bottle. It... [More]


Personal Shopper: Cute Shower Ensemble for Amanda

So here's the deal. I'm pregnant but like in denial. Yeah I'm like 7 months too. I know I had plenty of time to let this sink in. But I'm still buying regular non maternity clothes. I got this dress for my shower. It's an outdoor co-ed fall BBQ. The... [More]


Sport Dog First Aid Kit

Yes, this is marketed to "sporting dogs" (although we believe all dogs are rather sporting), but we like the idea of bringing the Sporting Dog First Aid Kit ($80) along on our hikes with the pooch. Really, the idea of not being able to help her if she was injured... [More]


TokyoMilk I Made You A Mixtape Petit Parfum Solide

Do any of you young'ns know what a mix tape is? We suspect that these days, it's all about custom MP3 playlists, so we'll just tell you that's the same - only it's not, 'cause it so doesn't take the same dedication to sit by a double-tape boombox for hours,... [More]


Leather Trim Riding Jacket by 525 America

Camel is the must-have color of the season and we've been seeing plenty of wool winter coats to choose from. But we're itching to wear camel now and think the Leather Trim Riding Jacket ($150) by 525 America is our solution. It's an extra layer to keep away the chill... [More]


Taschen's New York

If you want to know what to see and do in New York, Angelika Taschen is the person to ask. We're not talking about all that normal sightseeing stuff. We're talking about the real goods, like where to eat, shop, and soak up some local color. Now you can benefit... [More]

New Orleans Bourbon Pecan Cake

New Orleans Bourbon Pecan Cake much would we love to sink our teeth into the New Orleans Bourbon Pecan Cake ($40)? Well let us just count the ways - 1. It's as moist and dreamy as a night in the Big Easy and 2. It's three layers packed with chocolate ganache baked in a... [More]

Bellisimo Handmade Clutch

Bellisimo Handmade Clutch

The Bellisimo Handmade Clutch ($38) is a gorgeous handmade fabric wallet. The print is so pretty and unique with a golden brown background and beautiful blue flower centerpiece. It's lined with gold cotton and a contrasting zipper in blue. Inside you will find six credit card slots and two pockets... [More]


Bedhead Sateen Classic Pajamas

We're always on the lookout for comfy and cute when it comes to sleepwear. The Bedhead Sateen Classic Pajamas ($124) have both in spades. The vintage roses and classic cut just put us at ease.... [More]

knit kit-s.jpg

Knit Kit

Knitters on the go unite against waiting room tedium. Including a durable locking row counter, smooth retracting 5' tape measure, removable crochet hook, folding thread cutter, collapsible scissors, point protectors and three different sized stitch markers, the Knit Kit ($20) can easily keep us occupied on the bus, in a... [More]


B.B. Dakota Classic Beauty Dress

How many times have you had one of those tricky-to-dress-for parties scheduled in your planner and had absolutely no idea what to wear. This B.B. Dakota Classic Beauty Dress ($110) is perfect for those occasions. It's dressy enough to get you noticed without making you look like a Cinderella who... [More]

baby rattle-s.jpg

SCP Baby Rattle

If moms feel the impractical need to pay for baby luxury items, the price of the SCP Baby Rattle ($73) could get you at least two family meals. We guess since it's hand-tuned with a whopping sixteen tones it's super fancy. No baby is this fancy, but it is beautiful... [More]

lip tease cup and saucer-s.jpg

Lip Tease Teacup and Saucer

When we're feeling not-so-sexy in the morning, pulling the Lip Tease Teacup and Saucer ($44) out of the cabinet might lighten our sour mood. Honestly, the thing is, we just can't resist a gold rim, and this one is extra provocative. Sipping tea just got a little hotter.... [More]


Inflatable Serving Bar

Okay, who knew that the guy in college who dragged the blow-up pool out to keep beer cold at a party was a genius? Certainly not us. Yet, we were pretty impressed with the Inflatable Serving Bar ($20) as an easy way to serve cold drinks (or even salads) at... [More]


Michael Kors Button Scarf

A scarf that looks good, keeps us toasty warm, and stores our phone or iPod safely within reach? We're on board! The Michael Kors Button Scarf ($58) is like having warm, accessible pockets when you're bundled up in several layers against the elements. And being able to listen to our... [More]


Rock & Republic Lip Gloss

Want designer lipstick to tuck into the pockets of your designer jeans? Check out Rock & Republic's eponymous new makeup line for some high-color excitement. We're enamored of the line (but wish the prices were lower), and especially love their Rock & Republic Lip Gloss ($26). The formula isn't sticky... [More]


Wave Abstract Wall Art

Here's what we like about the Wave Abstract Wall Art ($129-$139): It adds definition, color and architectural detail to an otherwise "ho-hum" room. You can, literally, pull any color from it to accentuate in the rest of the space. Sweet.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Alana's Bon Ami

Alana wrote to the Bargainist, saying: "I am finding myself a bit in a situation - I am headed to France in a week to visit a friend and I need to bring her a birthday gift - she is very preppy and loves the nautical look. Do you have... [More]


Special Guest Post by 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: DuWop Private Plum & Private Nude Lipsticks

Everybody, say a warm welcome to one of our favorite beauty products, 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic! Dr. Christine M. is a PICU doctor who knows a thing or two about chemistry and biology, and puts that knowledge to good use telling us why certain products work, and why the ingredients... [More]


YOU Be the Stylist: What should Martika wear with her Modcloth Touch of Vanilla dress?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]


Personal Shopper: Saints Attire for Marie

Marie O wrote, "Hey Outblush!
I'm originally from New Orleans but somewhat recently transplanted to Florida. I'd been feeling a bit homesick, so my super sweet boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a New Orleans Saints (WHO DAT??) game! It's my very first Saints game, though I've been a longtime fan,... [More]


Lace Overlay Kisslock Clutch

It's a good thing lace is so in for this season, because we're jonesin' for this Lace Overlay Kisslock Clutch ($48) big time. It's also a good thing you can pick your own colors, because we're of the "gotta have 'em all" mindset. But really, flowers and lace on a... [More]


SWAK Boot-Cut Jeans

Anyone else ever noticed how craptacular the selection is when it comes to plus-sized jeans? On top of the already limited options out there? The choices are pretty much these: Bedazzled within an inch of sanity, elastic waist country chic, or just plain bad. Fellow curvy glamazons, we may have... [More]


Madsen Cargo Carrying Cycle

If you like the idea of being eco-friendly enough to forgo the old automobile every once in awhile when you run errands, but you aren't sure how you would cart the kids to the store and still manage to bring home groceries, this is your lucky day! Take a look... [More]


Modern Bed

We'll admit it; we're into beds. But really, take a look at the low profile Modern Bed ($2,450). How much does this make you want to cover up with your favorite comfy throw and take a nap?... [More]


Honeymoon Fragrance by Stephanie Simek

There is something so pleasurable about indulging in simplicity. The Honeymoon Fragrance ($65) by Stephanie Simek is one of our favorite new pleasures. With a fresh all-natural scent boasting of grapefruit and basil, we can wear this daily but still hold on to that honeymoon feeling: every time we catch... [More]


Repetto Mila Open Toe Heels

Do we need a pair of Repetto Mila Open-Toe Heels ($375)? No. Can we afford them? Aw, hell no. Would we get Violet Beauregarde cracks from friends every time we wore them? Yes. Do we still want them with an unquenchable fire? YES. Send help. Hungering for more peep-toe heels?... [More]

tiger tile-s.jpg

Tiger Pebble Tile

If we had a nickle for every gray river stone theme we spotted lately, we could go on a fancy coffee run for our uppity-ass manager. Like, super fancy. The Tiger Pebble Tile ($12 / sq ft) at least mixes it up a little bit. Those carmel tones are a... [More]


Balenciaga Black Sunglasses

Although the time for sunny days is almost behind us (well, most of us. . .we're looking at you, California, Florida and Hawaii!), that hasn't stopped our yearning for these stylish Balenciaga Black Sunglasses ($189). They're the perfect kind of effortless street chic Balenciaga is known for. We'll take a... [More]


Wide Collar Sweater Coat

Oh, Outblush readers, do you know how hard it is to find a cool sweater coat or cardigan in this shade of orange? We've been searching in vain for years (years, we tell ya!) for something to fit the bill. We may have finally found it in this Wide Collar... [More]


Dermalogica UltraCalming Treatment Kit

Had it up to here with your skin breaking out over every. Little. Thing. Imaginable? Yeah, we know how you feel. We test a lot of products, so our sensitive skin gets irritated very easily. One thing we always switch back to? The Dermalogica UltraCalming Treatment Kit ($40). The set... [More]


Bunnies & Squirrels Recipe Cards

These days it's relatively easy to whip up a culinary feast by getting fab recipes off of the Internet. But sometimes it's nice to save those recipes somewhere other than your favorites folder and preferably closer to the kitchen. We're going to use our neatest handwriting to fill out the... [More]


Celeb Style: Taylor Swift's Wildfox Couture Love Potion Sweater

What does Taylor Swift's Wildfox Couture Love Potion Sweater ($179) make you think of? Is it the cheesy-but-cute film from 1992 with Tate Donovan and Sandra Bullock? Or is it the oldies song by The Clovers? Maybe it makes you think of nothing at all but how cute Swifty looks... [More]


Antique Lace Bangle Set by 24Karas

It's hard to believe that the Antique Lace Bangle Set ($325) isn't made of lace. The three bangles are handmade, carefully using recycled metals to replicate the delicate intricacies of lace. The bangles are made to order, insuring you get a perfect fit. 24Karas can also set the bangles with... [More]


Personal Shopper: A leather sectional sofa under $1200 for Frannie... Can it be done?

Frannie H. wrote, "Hi Outblush! Frannie here. You guys ROCK my world and I'm certain you can help me with this! I'm in love with this sectional, but it's gonna be like at least $4k for all 3 pieces. I need to find a sectional similar to it (or similarly... [More]


Paul & Joe Lipstick C

Will you forgive us if we gush about how purrr-fect Paul & Joe's Lipstick C Collection ($25 each) looks, both in its tube and on our lips? Because we just can't help ourselves (that goes for the pun-making and the gushing). We're cat-lovers here at Outblush, but even if you're... [More]


O'Clock Silicone Watch

We've had our eyes on the O'Clock Silicone Watch ($36) for weeks. Each of the 15 colors has been so popular, O'Clock has had a hard time keeping up with the demand. This means we've got to stop wavering over color choices and make a purchase asap! Each O'Clock watch... [More]


Galleria Sammie Dress

A little black dress with a touch of our favorite fall trend? Get us into the Galleria Sammie Dress ($475) by Kate Spade pronto! The Spanish double wool animal print bow at the waist is just the right amount of wild to dress down for the work day, or accentuate... [More]


Chocolate Rose Tea

Possibly the girliest tea you'll ever drink. And there's nothing wrong with that. This offering from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ($8 for a tin of 20 bags) is a blend of black tea, heather, rose petals, and milk chocolate. It's practically a perfume! More importantly, a portion of... [More]

pyrite ring-s.jpg

Bandada Pyrite Ring

It's kinda funny the Bandada Pyrite Ring ($110) is sterling silver (Geology 101: pyrite is what most people call fool's gold), but funny or not, it's still totally rad. Earth's minerals inspired the strong square shapes of this statement ring, but somehow it reads as man made and totally urban.... [More]

Canned Bench-Small.jpg

Judson Beaumont Canned Bench

Like any good piece of art, you'll want to look at this bench from several different angles. At first glance it's just....well, weird. But, it's a really ingenious take on your average coffee table. See where the Canned Bench ($Inquire) is peeled back? Now, look where Beaumont added a small... [More]


Family Series Wall Art

Do you ever feel like your family is a living cartoon? Now it really can be with this cool Family Series Wall Art ($160 base). Just choose your characters, and in a few weeks, you can proudly display the hipster cartoon version of la familia.... [More]

Pumpkin Belly Maternity Tee

Pumpkin Belly Maternity Tee

The Pumpkin Belly Maternity Tee ($23) is a super sweet way to show off your lil' pumpkin while she's still in utero! The pumpkin design is available in orange or silver. We personally think the orange is too cute and honestly adorably festive.... [More]


Faux Suede Monokini

This Faux Suede Monokini ($80) has us all sorts of confused. Is it cool? Does it look cheap? Would it make us look cheap? Can we answer yes to all of the above? The design looks pretty neat, although it would probably be annoying during bathroom breaks, and the tan... [More]

bread boxes-s.jpg

Asst Brabantia Bread Boxes

The Asst Brabantia Bread Boxes ($35) are way more than a visual aid for a game of twenty questions ("Is it bigger than a bread box?"). Hey, they would be great as a desk catch all - perfect for those piles of bills we don't want to think about. They've... [More]


Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color

Love that "I've just been thoroughly rumpled and had, baby, and aren't you jealous?" glow? Don't we all! Short of a morning quickie (Mmm...) or pinching your cheeks all day long (Ow!), what can you do? Dab on some Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color ($16). This cream-stain blush hybrid contains... [More]


Pop Garden iPod Case

Thank goodness for individual sellers! Without them, super cute pieces like this Pop Garden iPod Case ($24) would be wasting away in big box stores for major bucks. Lucky for us, we can score fashionable carrying cases for our iPods, iPads and Kindles at prices that make our wallets very... [More]


Origami Owl Porcelain Table Lamp

How wise would we be if we nabbed the Origami Owl Porcelain Table Lamp ($52) to illuminate our late night tendencies? If we're going to be burning the midnight oil, we might as well have company! Made of delicate porcelain in eggshell, this lamp doubles as a great tabletop piece... [More]


Pink Quartz Mineral Eyeshadow

What is a Glamour Girl Vegan to do? Why, buy her Eye Shadow ($14) from a company like Pink Quartz Minerals, of course. PQM's makeup is made using 100 percent vegan products. Somewhere in Kansas a cow and a rabbit have stopped for a moment of thanks.... [More]


Old Navy Leather Jacket

Another whisper from Fashion Week concerns the popularity of leather jackets. A reasonably priced one comes to us from Old Navy. It's unbelievably soft, but it's the details that set this Leather Jacket ($199) apart. Take a look at those buckles near the collar - great design comes from the... [More]


Purifan Lighting

It's a blessing and a curse -- this ability some of us have to smell the slightest aroma, the knowledge that we could at any time be recruited by the F.B.I. to work as an airport sniffer. Not much that can be done in public to make aromas a little... [More]


Vampire Beverage Labels

If you're having a Halloween party, you've got to check out these Vampire Beverage Labels ($18 for a pack of 18). They'll turn all your refreshments into something a little more sinister. Your lemonade will magically become "Full Moon Brew," while your punch will transform into "Fright Night Tonic." And... [More]


Cherry Blossom Bridal Comb

Have you ever dreamed of walking down the aisle with flowers in your hair? You can be one step closer to that dream with this gorgeous Cherry Blossom Bridal Comb ($25). It's also a great compromise for our girls who just gotta slip some pink into their otherwise-white wedding days.... [More]


Jessica Lee Bracelet

Totally digging this. Take a look at the symbol for recycling, surrounded by sea glass on the Jessica Lee Bracelet ($64). It makes a simple statement, politically and stylistically.... [More]


Cat Feeding Mat

Ever have a problem with your fluffy little mouse chaser tossing his food all around his bowl, rather than eating it? Does he slurp his water like a basset hound on a summer day? Our's either, but if we did have a sloppy kitty we'd make sure and use this... [More]


Apartment Size Sofa

Ever lived in a space small enough to make you feel like Alice in Wonderland? Well, for those of us who have attempted to make just such a space feel a little roomier, there is this sweet Apartment Size Sofa ($729) . It has two distinct purposes: to give you... [More]


Sales & Steals: 9/24/10

It may not feel like fall quite yet in some parts of the country, but it is officially autumn on the calendar - hip, hip, hurray! As per usual, enjoy this week's sales & steals below, courtesy of our deal-erious pals (groooooan, sorry...) over at The Bargainist. Have a fabulous... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fun, inexpensive hats and scarves for Darcy's celebratory post-surgery trip to Scotland

Darcy R. wrote, "Hi there! I recently had brain surgery to correct a birth defect called Arnold-Chiari Malformation. It went really well, and so my mother and I are taking a celebratory trip to Scotland this December! I'm writing because I need some suggestions for (relatively cheap) scarves and hats.... [More]


Tulle Clothing Side Tab Skirt

Plaid and corduroy? In one skirt? Who knew it could be so fab? The Tulle Clothing Side Tab Skirt ($48) is so wonderfully collegiate, we're pawing through our cardis to find a perfect pairing. But we don't want something that will cover up the double side tab detailing. It's our... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Lace

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $50-or-less* versions (See? We DO listen to your comments!) of... [More]


You Tell Us: Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation

We can't quite decide whether spending $52 on foundation is a worthwhile splurge (Great looking skin negates the need for wearing a ton of makeup), or a complete waste of our hard-earned blogging paychecks. True, Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation ($52) has gotten nearly universally rave reviews, and the brand... [More]


Cheap Thrill: Double-Folded Paper Hook Earrings

Diamonds, girl's best friend, sure, but we can't be best friends with everybody. If your collection of baubles could use a new casual elevator acquaintance instead, we're happy to recommend these double-folded paper hook earrings from Chile. They're glossy, swingy, and made from recycled magazines! Get a pair for only... [More]


Water Pebble

The Water Pebble ($10) falls into the kinda genius category. Eco freaks rejoice, this palm-sized device hangs out by our shower drain, sizes up our water usage, and whips our conservation skills into shape. Smartypants inventor Paul Priestman programmed flashing lights to let us know when we should be half... [More]


Barefoot Roses Mommy and Me Aprons

Is there anything cuter than this set of Barefoot Roses Mommy and Me Aprons ($67)? We think not! Not only do these shabby chic aprons keep you stylish in the kitchen while preserving your clothes, but they might also encourage your mini-mes to help you out with the small stuff.... [More]


Being Nice Laptop Skin

Share a good message while you're studying at the library - maybe it'll even help you meet a nice guy (or gal!)... Being Nice Makes You Cool Laptop Skin ($30)... [More]


Sedona Glycerin Soap

Personally, we don't get soap fanatics, but the Sedona Glycerin Soap ($5) looks like a pretty jewelry box or something, so we can't hep but like it. Opening up with planty mandarin leaf and orange blossom, floral mid-notes carry us to a sweet smoky sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, amber, labdanum and... [More]


Sombra Conference Chairs

Perfect for those of us with a home office, the Sombra Conference Chairs ($340/set of 2) scream "contemporary." Cool chrome and orange microfiber fabric (better to sweep the cat hair off before anyone visits) reminds us that an office does not have to be a stuffy place.... [More]


Doubtblush: Leopard Harem Pants

Dear Fashion Designers of the World, Please stop with the baggy pants, especially if they look remotely like these Leopard Harem Pants ($89). We get that you're trying to be avant-garde, and believe us, we're trying to appreciate your avant-gardism, but now that these pants are actually starting to show... [More]


Celeb Style: Katy Perry's Rock & Republic Celina Shoes

Is 2010 the year of Katy Perry or what? Just like when the pop songstress's debut single "I Kissed a Girl" was released in 2008, it seems like Katy Perry is EVERYWHERE this year. And looking mighty stylish, we might add! Just check out these gorgeous Rock & Republic Celina... [More]


Personal Shopper: Supportive-but-cute flats for Kayla's permanently busted feet

Kayla B. wrote, "Hello Outblush Lovelies! I have a major shoe crisis occurring. I am 21 years old and just found out that I have been walking with a non-fixable broken bone in the bottom of my foot for a year. Ouch! I am getting custom orthopedic inserts made to... [More]


Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish

Love doing mani-pedis with your kids, but aren't so keen on the scents and chemicals they might be getting exposed to? Give Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish ($10/bottle) a try! Free of scary-sounding stuff like acetone, phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde, it's made from natural ingredients and dries to a hard,... [More]


Grandmax Mini Boom Speakers

Someone's husband fell in love with these Mini Boom Speakers ($38). In fact, the poor guy practically had tears in his eyes as he described how perfect they would be in the office, how very little space they'd take on his desk. We thought the least we could do for... [More]


Ruffle Front Swing Jacket

The Ruffle Front Swing Jacket ($308) is our new favorite "go-to" piece. Easy to dress up for work, or dress down for weekends, the swing-style of the jacket is forgiving on our figures and adds a little vintage-chic to our wardrobes. And you know, we really can't resist ruffles!... [More]


ModelCo Beauty Fix Airbrush Face

Primer is great, but you have to wait awhile after applying moisturizer to apply it, then wait awhile to put on makeup after you smooth on the primer... Some days, we just don't have the time! On those days, we prefer to spritz on ModelCo Beauty Fix Airbrush Face ($30),... [More]


Blossom Mouse

Sometimes a girl just wants something pretty at her fingertips. This Mouse with Blossoms ($40) offers a feminine touch with a Japanese flair. Hijō ni kirei na ("Very pretty" in Japanese).... [More]


Kanupriya Amazon Rain Earrings

The pre-teen in us did a little squealing when we first stumbled on the Kanupriya Amazon Rain Earrings ($163). Reminiscent of a convenient store mood ring, but decidedly more elegant, these earrings change color according to the light and your mood. Occasionally a stormy grey, sometimes a a deep blue,... [More]

maple leaf mask-s.jpg

Maple Leaf Mask

We're anticipating a lot of Personal Shopper requests for Halloween, so before you get your panties in a twist, think about the Maple Leaf Mask ($39). Now all you need is a green, brown, or gold dress, and you can be King Midas' backyard or something. We all have enough... [More]


Temple Tulips Wallpaper

We think it's time for a home improvement project. The weather is cooling off and we're going to be spending more time indoors. First on our to-do list? Find the perfect room for our rolls of Temple Tulips Wallpaper ($80 per roll) by Amy Butler. We just can't get over... [More]


Vintage Inkwell and Trinket Dish

If we were the proud owners of this Vintage Inkwell and Trinket Dish ($80), we'd like to think it would give us an air of sophistication as we sat at our writing desk and fired off important letters (written with our feather-topped pen, naturally). And just think of how neat... [More]

penelope phone-s.jpg

Penelope Phone

God, the kids today probably don't even recognize the *bring bring* of an actual telephone, but we're nostalgic for it. Our old-timey cell ring isn't enough - we need the Penelope Phone ($40) for the full effect. We're lovin' the 30s elegance of this, and the optional base really tops... [More]


Personal Shopper: A classic blazer for Stephanie

Stephanie writes: Hi Outblush! I've run into a bit of a mystery and of course I thought of you! I am really loving this jacket from some set photos of Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy...problem is, I haven't been able to find anything close to this that's reasonable. I found... [More]


Flower Leg Warmers

To be fair, the idea of leg warmers still makes us cringe (we locked away our pics from the 80s, but we bet you have some of your own in case you need a reminder), but when we saw these Crochet Flower Leg Warmers ($15), all we could picture was... [More]


Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask

Made from 100% organic brown rice flour, ground hibiscus flower, and rose geranium essential oil, Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask ($12) is perfect for sensitive combination skin. You'll get a fresh masque every time you use it, since you mix a palmful with water whenever you want to apply. It... [More]


Minori Takagi Ladybug Pin

Need to send a friend a cute little something? This tiny ladybug pin ($9), made of soft Satake glass and measuring just half an inch in diameter, could cheer anyone up! (Anyone who appreciates cute things, anyway.) Ladybugs have long been a symbol of good luck - and how great... [More]


Kent Sofa

Those of us who ever dated a complete horse's ass named Kent kinda hate the name of this sofa, but damned if we don't like the contemporary styling. The (ugh!) Kent Sofa ($1,030) would add a little spunk to any living room, don't ya' think?... [More]


Steampunk Dragon Ring

Our very own baby dragon! We will love him, and feed him, and let him circle our ring finger as often as he wants. The Steampunk Dragon Ring ($59) is made from brass stampings and finished in an antique gold tone. He's adjustable, and will comfortably fit finger sizes 5-9.... [More]


Personalized Name Frame

What caught our attention about this frame is how contemporary the lettering is. The Personalized Family Name Frame ($25) would actually be a great gift for anyone who likes the look of their own name (or can't always remember it).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Valentino D'Orsay knockoffs for Julia's wedding

Julia B. wrote, "Hi! Hopefully you can help me! I absolutely LOVE these Valentino Bow Trim D'Orsay Pumps ($645, #1 in picture). I really want these for my wedding shoes... but they are kinda out of my price range. I am a size 39, or 8.5 to a 9. I... [More]

rolando shirt dress-s.jpg

Rolando Santana Shirt Dress

Button up an ill-fitting shirt dress, and you'll run the risk of looking shapeless. A tie belt and pleated skirt give the Rolando Santana Shirt Dress ($126) some feminine flair. Oh, chocolaty goodness, thanks for making us the envy of the office this Fall.... [More]


Caribbean Paradise Tub

We would gladly check into a resort (or your home) to spend a little time in this Caribbean Paradise Tub (Inquire). Get this: Caribbean Paradise features 3 waterfalls, a television with DVR, CD-player, a 2HP blower with heated air, and an aroma therapy system! For real. (Anyone wanna buy us... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Plaid

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $50-or-less versions (See? We DO listen to your comments!) of... [More]


Urban Decay Temporary Tattoos

Maybe Urban Decay tore a page out of Chanel's temp tattoo playbook, but we don't mind much. Especially with such posh temporary tattoos ($25) at an affordable price. Sure, it's not a 50 cent gumball machine tattoo, but we'll save those for the kiddos and put on something with a... [More]


Madewell Gatsby Cuff

We could all use a little throwback style, and the large gold bow on Madewell's Gatsby Cuff ($34) is a nod to the 1920s, or, if you see it like we do, our girlie childhood -- though we're not going to give you the decade lest you do the math!... [More]


Lotus Nesting Bowl Set

This has to be one of the coolest (and prettiest) nesting bowl sets we've ever seen. The Lotus Nesting Bowl Set from Koo-De-Kir ($98) comes with 8 stackable lotus-shaped bowls for you to fill with snacks, treats, potpourri, keys, or whatever strikes your fancy. The coolest part about this set... [More]


Plush Cthulhu

Maybe we're a little too geeky at times, but we don't see why kids can only have the standard teddy bear/stuffed rabbit collection... Why not get your little dweeb-in-training a Cthulhu Plush Toy ($20)? Just think of how cute it will be when Junior starts creating imaginary worlds with their... [More]


Personal Shopper: iPhone 4 Case for Ahn

Ahn said: I need your help. I've noticed lately that you've had adorable cases for the iPhone 3G, which is great...if you have an iPhone 3G. Well I'm one of those people that got the 4G and I need a cute case now. Too many of the cases our there... [More]


Molly Mutt Clean-Up Kit

"Ah, fall... The crisp, clean scent of it permeates the - DAMMIT, Fido, what did you roll in? Wet leaves and skunk?" With wet fall weather comes eau de wet, dirty pooch, and we're going on the smell offensive with the Molly Mutt Clean Up Kit ($35). It includes full-size... [More]


Philosophy Eye Hope Concealer

We're young(ish), but we're starting to see the ravages of time a lot earlier than we'd like. Rather than springing for a full-on anti-aging skincare regimen or expensive dermatological procedures, though, we'll opt for good-for-us makeup. Stuff that does more than just add color and flair to our visages, ya... [More]


Geren Ford Liam Jeans

Jeggings and every other super skinny in the book burnt us out on the too tapered cut real fast, but the "slouchy" version of slender pants is a vision in black. See: the Geren Ford Liam Jeans ($59). Forgiving lightweight stretch denim will slide on no matter what time of... [More]


Celeb Style: Rihanna's Jennifer Behr Headband

Sometimes Rihanna wears things that leave us both scratching our heads and saying, "You go, girl!" Other times, she wears things that are so cute, we just have to track them down for ourselves. Things like this Jennifer Behr headband ($473 for a similar style). Still, even though this is... [More]


Baby Washcloth Cupcakes

If you know someone who's expecting, you've got to check out these Wash Cloth Cupcakes ($15). For the price, you get four "cupcakes" (the pink shown is for girls, but there are also ones for baby boys and gender-neutral showers), each one with two washcloths. What a cute way to... [More]


Flash Drive by Elizabeth Rose

Are you kidding with this Flash Drive Décor ($48)? We're always looking for a way to differentiate our "regular" flash drives from the special stuff (you know, where we keep copies of that first romance novel we wrote). Looking for a new Flash Drive?... [More]


Chantilly Handmade Decanter

The angular profile of this hand blown Chantilly Decanter ($110) caught our attention. How great would this look on your dining table or serving vino to guests?... [More]


Antique-Silver Cheese Knives

Yes, grandma had cheese knives and mom had cheese knives, and we've suddenly realized that we have none (gasp!). Pottery Barn offers this set of Antique-Silver Cheese Knives ($39) that makes us think we might just be ready to take the plunge.... [More]


Tweed Military Blazer

Military fever is still raging on in fashion, but we've noticed most of the options are black with brass buttons. That's great and all, but what if you want an even more polished look? How about this snazzy Tweed Military Blazer ($39.50, on sale)? Bonus points go to the sweet... [More]


Rachel Leigh Keepsake Hoops

We certainly don't need another pair of hoops, but these Rachel Leigh Stella Keepsake Hoops ($98) are different from all of our other pairs, so we just might cave. The rose gold and itty bitty rhinestones allow these hoops to work flawlessly with a feminine, lacy look, but the tiny... [More]


Personal Shopper: Skincare help for Fiona

Fiona R. wrote, "Hello Outblush! I have been a huge fan for a long time now and I am coming you to for help. For years I have been testing different skin care products without much success. I'm 25 with combination skin that is very prone to breakouts. I would... [More]


Too Faced Lashgasm

We met a gal pal for brunch this past weekend, and in a very When Harry Met Sally moment, thought, "I'll have what she's having," when we got a glance at her lashes. Luckily, she didn't hold out on us: The secret? Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara ($21). It's got a... [More]


Travel Addicts: Vancouver BC

Do you love traveling? Do you love making money? Do you hate spending that love money on overly expensive hotels and sightseeing tours? Fear not fellow Outblushers, there is a new travel sheriff in town! Ashley, Outblush Operative, will be helping those bitten by the wanderlust bug plan their upcoming... [More]


Welcome Back Dress

In the Welcome Back Dress ($50), with its itty-bitty red and white flowers complimenting ruffles and a gathered waist, we have no doubt you'll be warmly welcomed wherever you go. We suggest taking this dress for a test drive on a girls' night out. It's so flirty, it'll practically buy... [More]



The Maze Box Wood Cabinets ($400) are the perfect marriage of art and function. They're stunningly simple design and richly-hued red or maple fronts are dramatic enough to build a room around. The fact that they also store those items you may not always want on display is an added... [More]


Rounded Wood Leather Cabinet

Here's the deal with leather furniture: It looks as though it's going to be around for centuries. It's classic, eye-catching and seriously grown up. We were taken with this Rounded Wood Leather Cabinet ($436) because it's graceful enough for the foyer and sturdy enough for the bathroom.... [More]


Roll-Out Cabinet Drawers

Enough already with tiny kitchens! What was once quaint is now just a butt in the pain for those of us who've collected enough kitchenwares to start our own cooking show. Anything, and we mean anything, that can help us optimize our kitchen cabinet space is a miracle product. Today... [More]


New York Times Crossword Puzzle

What's an 11 letter word for memorialize? That's right... commemorate (very good, btw). And if you're looking for the perfect commemorative gift, look no further than this very cool idea. Choose any date from the past 60 years and the New York Times will provide you with the Times Crossword... [More]


YOU Be the Stylist: What accessories should Kristen F wear on her wedding day?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]


Dinosaur Earring Set

Okay. We need this Dinosaur Earring Set ($14 for 3 mix and match) pronto! You never know when the next ice age will hit. Having these cuties whispering the secrets of the past into our ears may very well save our skins... Ok, maybe they'll just make us look nerd-chic.... [More]


Beatles Lamp

We've always dreamed that one day we'll have a room devoted entirely to music. The walls will be papered with concert posters, set lists, ticket stubs and other ephemera, and we'll use road cases as our coffee tables. Certainly, this Beatles Covers Lamp ($59) would fit perfectly in our shrine... [More]


BlackRapid RS-WS-1 Strap

It's always an amazing thing to us when a company takes an item women have been using for-ev-er and actually designs it to work for a woman's body, as opposed to just hoping women will adjust to what works for a man. Feminist soapbox aside, we were thrilled to discover... [More]


Sonia Kashuk Circle Around A Cause Brush Set

October is almost here, and that means National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is fast approaching. Show your support for the pink ribbon cause, and buy the limited-edition Sonia Kashuk's "Circle Around A Cause" 6 Piece Brush Set ($22). You get six high quality, pink-tipped brushes (okay, so the lash/brow groomer... [More]


Bleecker Street Tunic

Plaid and flannel are hot this season, and we're loving all of the flattering, feminine options. One of our favorites is the Bleecker Street Soft Open Collar Tunic ($40). The wide open collar adds a relaxed look to an already understated shirt. That's a good thing since it will pair... [More]


Doubtblush: Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet

Bwa? We love bright colors and festivity. Honestly we do. But this rainbow rose bouquet ($63 and up) is lurid and artificial in a way that puts popsicles to shame. It takes the romance right out of roses, in our opinion. poll by [More]


Personal Shopper: Saints game attire for Marie

Marie O. wrote, "Hey Outblush! I'm originally from New Orleans but somewhat recently transplanted to Florida. I'd been feeling a bit homesick, so my super sweet boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a New Orleans Saints (WHO DAT??) game! It's my very first Saints game, though I've been a longtime... [More]


Upside-Down Patio Garden

As sophisticated as we are, as much as we like our life in the city, sometimes we just wanna get back to our roots and do a little gardening. The Patio Garden ($57) makes it possible to grow our own veggies, even if our balcony is about the size of... [More]


Caroline Geys Custom Tights

Artist Caroline Geys has worked with We Love Colors to design several great leg wear looks, like the Metro Custom Tights ($45). Have your pick of microfiber tights or footless tights, choose your favorite color--there are over 50!--and style (metro, abstract, organic, and, dwell) and let the artist do the... [More]


Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: McDonald's - Exception to the Rule in Fast-Food Sales

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]


MAC SuperSlick Liquid Eye Liner

Boasting a special "magic tip" applicator that's flexible to allow you complete control, and a seriously no-smudge formula, new MAC Superslick Liquid Liner ($18) might just be one of the best liquid liners we've come across. Available in 9 shades (some are currently out of stock), it dries in about... [More]


Pottery Barn Monogrammed Soap Set

We consider this a somewhat passive-aggressive gift. A Pottery Barn Monogrammed Soap Set ($29) is pretty, but almost too pretty, you know? It's the kind of thing you give someone you're not sure how you feel about. See, it works like this: They walk into the bathroom, want to wash... [More]

willow and clay top-s.jpg

Willow & Clay Sweetheart Blouse

The neckline of the Willow & Clay Sweetheart Blouse ($41) feels fit for a princess, but the heather gray cotton-silk makes this elegant top a little more casual. Luckily, the artsy painted ink pattern can look luxurious streamlined by pumps and a blazer. Have your cake and eat it too... [More]


Viking Ship Row Boat

If news of Viking artifacts exposed by melting ice in Norway has you racking your brain for ancestral memories of singing loudly, pillaging, and hunting reindeer, we're pleased to provide you with something more socially acceptable than a battleaxe, and just as much fun! These folks, who would seem to... [More]


The Pushkar Chair

Yep, this is another piece you'd have to build a room around, but we wanted you to see it. This chair is from Couch, a company formed by designer Deborah Swift. Couch takes pieces of furniture from around the world and refurbishes them in these distinctive, vibrant fabrics. The Pushkar... [More]


Old Navy Cropped Capes

Like the look of capes, but not quite ready to commit to a full-drama, looking like Count von Count going to the opera vibe? We're thinking of Old Navy's Cropped Toggle Capes (on sale for $20) as training capes. A little flowy, a little structured, they're helping us get the... [More]


Personal Shopper: Comfortable flats for Michelle to teach in

Michelle F. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I am in desperate need of some shopping help! I'm a new teacher and I LOVE cute shoes, but none of them are ever comfortable enough to make it through being on my feet ALL day long. Every pair I've bought that have seemed comfortable... [More]


Puppy Tooth Jersey Jacket

The TopShop Puppy Tooth Jersey Jacket ($110) makes us want to get out our riding crop and helmet and practice our genteel English countryside accents. But since we're neither British, nor thoroughbred owners, we'll just be content to pair this smart jacket with a cigarette pant and call ourselves fashion-forward.... [More]


The Stunning Ring

At first, we weren't sure what to make of The Stunning Ring ($28), a ring designed to allow us to spray an attacker in the face with pepper spray. Then we got to thinking: What about those late nights coming out of the office or pulling into the parking garage... [More]


Chocolate Satin and Velvet Bedding

We love chocolate (Oh, man, don't get us started). We love our naps. We love other people who love their naps. And we love anyone who appreciates really luxurious bedding. The colors are rich and the fabric buttery in this Chocolate Satin and Velvet Bedding Set ($453)... If only it... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: NARS Daphne Eyeshadow

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow ($23, #1 in picture) is the hottest makeup color amongst the Fall 2010 lines. Inspired by socialite and fashionista, Daphne Guinness, this vivid royal purple shade is simply divoon. But... $23, plus tax, and shipping if you order it online? That's a lot for one single eyeshadow... [More]


Joseph Joseph Folding Colander

We spent a good amount of time in our kitchens, whether it be to whip up culinary masterpieces, or to reach for the takeout menus tacked to the fridge. No matter what your preference, we think we can all agree that kitchen space is valuable. Enter the Joseph Joseph Folding... [More]


Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin

It's pretty obvious to anyone who's heard The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson is no slouch when it comes to song-writing. So who better to be given the keys to 102 unfinished Gershwin piano parts and be left to his own devices? Brian Wilson: Reimagines Gershwin ($13) features classic Gershwin covers... [More]


Gone with the Wind Wall Art

We like movie posters, we really do. But what appealed to us about this Gone with the Wind ($199) piece is how you kinda have to look at it twice to realize that it references a movie. The oil on canvas is really just a romanticized version of the old-school... [More]


Tarte Passport to the Amazon Kit

Available exclusively at QVC, the new limited-editon Tarte Amazonian Clay 6pc Passport to the Amazon Kit ($48) is one of those rare kits that truly is flattering to all skin tones. Available in 3 color depth levels to suit all complexions, the base colors are natural peachy pinks, browns, and... [More]


Celeb Style: Jessica Lowndes' Denim Dress

Even celebrities love a great bargain, and 90210's Jessica Lowndes is no exception. Here she is decked out in an adorable denim dress from none other than bargain line Charlotte Russe ($28)! Personally, we think she's rocking this dress to the point where it looks like it's worth far more.... [More]


Antoinette Shower Curtain Rings

Like the perfect pair of earrings take an outfit to the next level (a term that reminds us of high school football coaches everywhere), the perfect set of shower curtain rings can pull the décor of our bathroom together. It's the details that express the design style, and spectacular Shower... [More]


Hint Mint Cinnamon

If you've never spent time with a guy who is in serious need of breath camouflage you're.... well, lucky. There's an art to offering a breath aid to Mr. Stinky Mouth. Here's how it works: A)You pull the cute little tin out, careful that he doesn't see what it's called;... [More]


Personal Shopper: A 40's style cocktail dress for Elissa

Elissa K. wrote, "I have to go to a gala event where the dress code is 1940s cocktail dresses. HELP! How or where can you even find retro cocktail dresses, and especially on a budget? Not costume-y stuff, Any direction would be appreciated!" Elissa, according to our resident vintage fiend,... [More]


Special Guest Post by Natasha at Glo: Ask Natasha

Today's guest post is brought to you by dating, sex and relationships enthusiast (read: obsessive ponderer) Natasha Burton, the Relationships Editor at Glo, a recently-launched lifestyle e-magazine for women. She'll be bringing you her picks of the best products, accessories and books for your love life, or lack thereof. Today?... [More]


Yuko Japanese Tree Pillow Cover

We all want our homes to be unique, so why not start with textile designs created by unknown artists from around the world? Envelop is a great place to get one-of-a-kind designs at prices that are surprisingly reasonable. Take this gorgeous Yuko Japanese Tree Pillow Cover ($26-32). This would go... [More]


Aqua Shearling Motorcycle Jacket

We picture ourselves hopping off the back of a motorcycle, sweeping our hair out of our face with our aviators and strutting our stuff as we turn heads in this badass Aqua Faux Shearling Motorcycle Jacket ($198). The vintage styling has us (and all those guys checking us out) swooning,... [More]


Triple Oxygen + C Enegrizing Cream

It seems we're always on a hunt for the perfect moisturizer. What works in the summer is too light for the winter. But the heavier options always seem to make us break out. Do we really need six different kinds of moisturizer to keep our skin looking its best? No... [More]


Trigger Moto Convertible Bag

Okay. Say what you will about girls and purses. For that matter, say what you will about girls and the color pink. We aren't going to lie, we're suckers for both. Especially when the combination leads to pretties like the Trigger Moto Convertible Bag ($208 on sale). The studded cross... [More]


Doubtblush: Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume

Except if it's not a perfume, why are they charging for it like it is? For better (this office has an open floor plan) and for worse (these flowers have anemia) light scents are extremely popular right now. But light doesn't have to mean lazy. Much-loved fragrance house Juliette Has... [More]

tv stand-s.jpg

Breakfast Tray Stand

We know shabby chic isn't for everyone, but the Breakfast Tray Stand ($23) is too cute to just ignore. Have a leisurely meal in front of the television without spilling stuff on your outfit. And hey, they're even drawers built in for some light storage, so this portable fold-up table... [More]


J. Crew Glimmer Sash

Add a touch of glam to your day with the J. Crew Glimmer Sash ($20, on sale). We love it in the dusky rose, but are considering buying more in black and olive. That way, we've got the option to add sequins to any outfit. Though sashes are meant for... [More]


Hipster Storage Unit by Zuomod

There are a bunch of ways we can think of putting these Hipster Storage Units ($285-$346) together. In fact, once we get bored of looking at one configuration, we can switch it up! How's that for people with short attention spans? Sweet, right?... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Rocker Chic

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $100-or-less versions of some of this fall's hottest styles! Today's... [More]


Three Petals Band Ring

If dainty and delicate ain't your thing, but you still want to add to your jewelry collection, might we suggest the Three Petals Band Ring ($65). The oxidized silver gives this ring a bold look, but the flower still keeps it feminine.... [More]


Birds on Branches Wallpaper

Please, before you say this belongs in Doubtblush (we know it's wallpaper), hear us out: We think Birds on Branches ($110/roll) is subtle enough, delicate enough, to be considered art. Why not just frame a single piece, line drawers for an extra designer touch, or paper the inserts of your... [More]


Mortimer Bust Candle

Whether you really get into Halloween or just have a penchant for the darker side of decor, the Mortimer Bust Candle ($18 for white, $33 for black) is sure to be a classy yet creepy addition to your abode.... [More]


Dior Libertine Hobo Purse

So, Dior came out with this Libertine Hobo Purse ($2,300). We can see this casual bag working with almost everything in our wardrobe, which is a plus. We're kinda thinking at this price, though, we'll want to insure it (wonder if you can insure a purse)?... [More]


Color Club Untamed Luxury Nail Polish Collection

So what if the new Untamed Luxury collection of polishes ($3 each) from Color Club is a little schizoid? Unless you don't get more daring than nude or pink, there's a shade in it for you. Most of the shades are fairly neutral, running from pearl gray (Pretty in Platinum)... [More]


Jessica Simpson Dany

It's great that women come in all shapes and sizes...and heights. We know we've got shopping sisters out there who love to rock it out in sky-scraping heels, and for you ladies, we bring you Jessica Simpson's Dany ($99). Yep, that's a 5.5" inch heel on these funky retro heels.... [More]


French Macaroon-Inspired Soap

Now this is a soap set we would proudly display in the bathroom, although we might be worried that the realistic crafting and the heavenly smells might entice some of our visitors to mistake our cleanser for a treat. Even so, this French Macaron Collection ($20, set of 5) would... [More]


Silver Fiddlehead Napkin Ring Set

There are, of course, other milestones that tell us we're officially grown up. Some of us, though, remember the first time we gave a dinner party and realized that we needed the perfect set of napkin rings for our cloth napkins. It was like being hit by lightning -- we're... [More]


Personal Shopper: Shell blouses to go with Alex's interview skirt suit

Alex wrote, "Hi Outblush! I just started my senior year at college and am starting the whole interview process. I have a really nice navy blue skirt suit, but I can't seem to find any shirts to wear with it! I've been trying to find some nice silk shells to... [More]


Icarus Pendant Light

Designed to look likes a bird's wing, we had to look at the Icarus Pendant Light ($84) a few times before deciding that we like it. Really like it. In the right space, the Icarus would make a dramatic design statement and really, it casts a totally cool silhouette.... [More]


Refined Cord Shirtdress

We really don't see how you can go wrong with a shirtdress in thin wale corduroy! The classic cut of the Refined Cord Shirtdress ($128) will be in style year after year, and the corduroy makes us feel as comfy as if we were in pjs. Accessories can take this... [More]


Tiffany Reversible Tote

Tiffany has just released a new leather collection and it is, as most of their baubles, gorgeous if not a tad overpriced. Take a look at all of the bags - many of which come in Tiffany blue, of course - as there's everything from clutches and wallets to structured... [More]


Football: A Woman's Guide

At first, you were just humoring him; the really cute guy who loves to watch college ball on Saturday afternoons with his friends. Now, you're sick of hearing them talk about which first down went through the uprights to fumble into a safety. Or, whatever...Football: A Woman's Guide ($12) is... [More]


Brocade Military Short Coat

The Brocade Military Short Coat ($169) by bebe offers us the best of both worlds: a sharp military look softened by the intricate detailing of brocade fabric. Who would have thought the pairing of polished buttons and the sheen of brocade would look so stylish? We're loving the double-breast and... [More]


Circlet Decorative Stands

Check out these awesome handwrought circlet stands ($50-70). You might be asking yourself, "WHY do I need iron circles in my home?" Because they're cool! Especially when you buy them in various sizes and stick them up on your mantle haphazardly interior-designer style. But even if you only get just... [More]


Glass Link Chandelier

Look, at some point you're going to need a chandelier. You don't want to need a chandelier. In fact, you can think of a thousand other light fixtures that you would prefer, but you'll have this particular space and it will SCREAM for a chandelier. We think you ought to... [More]


Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Sometimes simplicity is the perfect accessory. The Freshwater Pearl Bracelet ($35) is covered in 18k gold plate and holds a single freshwater pearl in its center. The adjustable chain gives us the freedom to decide if we want the pearl to do a little dangling, or fit daintily across the... [More]


Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette

Passionate about purple? Pining for plum? Please pardon our pervasive purple puns, but we're positively panting over the gorgeous shadows in the Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette in Surreal Violet ($42). Included 5 high-pigment, silky shades of grey, lavender, plum, and bluish purple in a luxurious gold... [More]


Gone! Print

Ahhh, the universal feeling of heading off to college. Enjoy watching your hometown shrink in the rear view. Gone! ($30) by Uberkraaft... [More]


Leggings With Ankle Snaps

We've been all about leggings lately, but seem to utilize them most often as an accessory to a bolder top and/or shoes. We'll happily give these Leggings with Ankle Snaps ($198) center stage thanks to the great charcoal color and row of snaps gracing the ankles. Snapped shut, or left... [More]


Make Your Own Monster Kit

Got some bottled up creativity that's threatening to burst out of you? Put it to good use with this Make Your Own Monster Kit ($26). When you're finished with your mini-Frankenstein, you can proudly display it where everyone can question. . .ahem. . .admire your mad skillz.... [More]


Nicola Yoon Moonstone Earrings

We're totally in awe of the work coming out of Nicola Yoon Design. Each piece is a masterful combination of colors, with necklaces that cascade beautifully and earrings that dangle like colorful candy. We definitely spent way too much time browsing, but that's the best kind of time waster if... [More]


Jericho Glass Beverage Dispenser

You know how Mom (and Dr. Oz and The Doctors and Oprah and her good friend Gayle) all say we're supposed to drink plenty of water? Turns out, our bodies really do need the stuff to function properly. We think the Jericho Beverage Dispenser ($147) is a pretty way to... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: The Ona Nevis Camera Bag

Hey, hey, hey Outblushers, it's time once again for a word from our resident photo-know-it-all, Meggan Haller. Meggan and her husband Jeff, the owners of Keyhole Photo, serve up gorgeous wedding and documentary photography, and recently won the 2010 Bride's Choice Awards from Want more? Check out their blog,... [More]


Who wants makeup? A giveaway!

*** 9/27/2010 12:00pm PST UPDATE: The Birchbox giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered - keep an eye out for the winners announcement post! *** Hmmm. Reasons for a giveaway.... 1) It's Monday, and therefore, we all need a little pick-me-up. 2) It's September, and the beastly hot,... [More]


Baton Calfskin Knee Boots

When we want a boot to wear with our riding pants (or skinny jeans), but are not in the mood for heels, these Baton Calfskin Knee Boots ($495) are a simple alternative with some thoughtful detailing.... [More]


Fleur De Lis Diamond Stud Earrings

Okay, picture this: an entirely black ensemble, a great pair of shoes, and these classic Fleur De Lis Diamond Stud Earrings ($42). Allow us to tell you in advance, you look fabulous.... [More]


Nebula Console

The Nebula Console ($4,169) is so modern, so slick, we can imagine about a dozen places in our homes we would use it. It's marketed as a buffet for a dining area, but can't you just see that algorithmically inspired pattern in your entryway or bedroom?... [More]

castle necklace-s.jpg

Tower Fairytale Locket

Here's a twist on a traditional locket for ya ... Based on the Rumpelstiltskin story, the Tower Fairytale Locket ($38) has a little surprise inside. The tiny spinner inside won't spin any gold, but it's an unexpected treat. We all need a little fantasy in our lives, especially when it... [More]


Date Ruler

We're always looking for new tools to help us figure out what the hell is going on. Life's so crazy, we often forget what day it is, but this handy Date Ruler ($30) has us covered. And of course, it solves the problem of drawing straight lines or figuring out... [More]


Tasha Python Embossed Jeweled Headband

Oh, the frustration of try to grow hair long, or just really wanting to do something different with very short hair. It doesn't matter how long (or short) your hair is, the Tasha Python Embossed Jeweled Headband ($38) will help it look its best. It's one of the new, much-cooler-than-usual... [More]

birds clock-s.jpg

Birds and Branches Clock

Get ornate without going straight up frilly with the Birds and Branches Clock ($68). We don't need metallic glitz or wall decals to decorate - clean cut-outs on eco-chic bamboo will do just fine. This dash of whimsy really sets the scene.... [More]


Sugar Plum Let It Glow Set

Maybe it's a little early to be thinking holidays, but this is an act now or never opportunity! The Sugar Plum Let It Glow Set ($28) is a limited edition set by Fresh. It includes everything you need to get gorgeous for party-time: mascara, plum-tinted lip treatment, freshface glow cream,... [More]


Cherry Cordial Coat

The Cherry Cordial Coat ($70) is sure to be as delicious as it sounds. Sweet cherry red color? Check. Fitted waist? Check. Ruffles down the front? Check. Large lacquered buttons? Check. Yep, this is one yummy coat!... [More]


TV Room Divider

Those of us who have ever lived in an urban loft understand the importance of a sturdy room divider. That need to separate the sleeping area from the living area was enough to make us sigh when we saw the TV Room Divider ($4,500). It's large enough to create the... [More]


Personal Shopper: Drew Barrymore's tan bag from 'Going the Distance' for Catherine

Catherine D. wrote, "Hi Oh Great Outblushers! Please help me discover the maker of the large brown leather bag that Drew Barrymore carries in Going the Distance. Thank you! Catherine" Catherine, this was nigh-on impossible: Scuttlebut 'round the interwebs is that it's either a vintage bag, or by Chloe or... [More]


Moonstone and Amethyst Bangle Bracelets

Indulge us for a second as we tell you about these totally fine bracelets. Designer Jenny Setiawan tickled our fancy by putting together these Five Bangles ($290/set), each in varying widths of sterling silver and deeply textured. In one she placed a garnet, amethyst, peridot and moonstone. Sweet, right?... [More]


Pearl Embroidered Sheet Set

Sheet sets don't normally make our hearts go pitty-pat, but these are pretty sweet. The satin-stitched pearls along the hem and neat monograms make the Pearl Embroidered Sheet Set ($15-$99) a current fav.... [More]


Hot Buttered Rum Wedge

Hot buttered rum running down the back of our throats on a cold autumn day... we love! Hot Buttered Rum Wedge ($142) on the back of our feet on a cold autumn day... we die!... [More]


Vino Birthday Card

It's no secret that we're fans of quirky greeting cards here at Outblush. Among our favorites is this Vino Birthday Card ($4) by Fomato. We're impressed that the Fomato staff figured out the perfect formula to equate wine drinking with treadmill running. And if it's one of our gal pal's... [More]


Alaska Glacial Mud Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bars

Turn a ten-minute shower into a trip to the Alaskan wilderness (No moose encounters required) when you scrub up with Alaska Glacial Mud Co.'s Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bars ($9 each). The special (what else?) Alaskan glacial mud they use is rich in minerals and elements that have anti-aging properties, helping... [More]


Sunbeam Waffle and Sandwich Maker

Oh dang, let's make animal shaped waffles, regular waffles OR a panini with the Sunbeam Waffle and Sandwich Maker ($32). Three interchangeable hot plates make plug-in cooking a lot more fun. We can stay safe too thanks to a cool-touch locking handle and an auto safety shut-off. No burning the... [More]

Lo pocket-s.jpg


We seriously don't have penis envy or anything, but we would like some effin' pockets that actually work (wallets popping out of our jeans gets old fast). Play up sexy boots and carry your cell or other knick knacks at the ready with LoPockets ($30). So much better than cargo... [More]


10 Minute Solution: Pilates for Beginners

Look, we all know how intimidating it can be to join an exercise class, particularly if you're not familiar with the moves. Not kidding about this kids...10 Minute Solution: Pilates for Beginners ($11) is a great place to begin learning the basics of Pilates. It's especially effective for those of... [More]


Ruffle-Skirted Shirtdress

Shirtdresses are a fall fashion favorite, and we've had a hard time picking out just one or two for our own closets. We're pretty sure the Ruffle-Skirted Shirtdress ($268) by BCBG Max Azria will be making the cut. It's an irresistible combination of military-inspired design and feminine flounce. The pleated... [More]


Personal Shopper: Student-of-the-Day chairs to brighten up Julia's classroom

Julia W. wrote, "HELP! I am a high school teacher and teach foods and life skills classes (housing, interior design, clothing construction, child development and parenting, foods and nutrition, personal finance). I am living on a lowly teacher's paycheck and am in desperate need of inexpensive, cute, cozy things to... [More]


Chromeo: Business Casual

We're willing to overlook the fact that they called us "Needy Girls" since it was followed by some "Fancy Footwork," and dive headlong into Chromeo: Business Casual ($8). The perfect album for your mid-afternoon energy slump - these ten tracks will have you dancing around your office and back in... [More]


Umbra FishHotel

Your fish are far too posh for that silly old round bowl - now, the Umbra FishHotel ($22), that's right up their stream. A modern and sleek design provides the perfect condo living for your finned friends. Asymmetrical windows with a removable glass bowl - your Nemo deserves nothing less.... [More]


Amazon Beauty Rahua Conditioner

Although there's surprisingly little information about the Rahua Nut online, we've got a feeling it's going to be the next açaí berry of the beauty world. Supposedly, this rare Amazonian nut has a special molecular structure that allows Rahua oil to deeply penetrate, bond, and mend broken, damaged hair, leaving... [More]


Cabled Thoughts Tunic

It's time to start stocking up on sweaters as the cooler weather creeps in. We like the Cabled Thoughts Tunic ($128), available in grey and black. Cozy and cabled, it's easily layered and paired with jeans and boots. We're digging the slightly bohemian vibe and casually flared hemline. Now, which... [More]

Dish Soap-Small.jpg

Amphora Style Liquid Soap Dispensers

Don't these Retro Amphora Soap Dispensers ($20) look like something you'd find in a chemist's lab? Imagine how quirky they would look next to your kitchen sink, holding dish soap and hand lotion. It makes us feel good to do our part in stamping out the "ordinary" kitchen.... [More]


Black Currents Earrings

With deep black glass beads, twisted plum copper wires, and a leaf-like inspired design, these Black Currents Earrings ($20) by etsy seller Sutsukesu will add effortless statement to any outfit. They're a one-of-a-kind pair, but check out the rest of Sutsukesu's Suitcase Studio for more fabulous pieces.... [More]


Framed Silhouette

Wow, it's not his birthday or anything, but for some reason we keep finding stuff for our guy's place. Hard to believe we want to replace the velvet "Dogs Playing Poker" that hangs in his living room. We're hoping he likes this modern Framed Silhouette ($79), a quick snapshot of... [More]

chaise lounge-s.jpg

Soho Rana Chaise

Our Hollywood Regency home makeover is a work in progress, but thanks to the Soho Rana Chaise ($369-$469) we just cleared our seating hurdle. Super affordable and undeniably striking, this throw back has staying power. We're ready to play the faint damsel in distress on this plush lounge.... [More]

Hallway Runner-Small.jpg

Indiana Rug Company Hallway Runner

We call it "No Man's Land," that area in our entry hall that just looks....blah. We like hallway runners, like this number from Indian Rug Company (Inquire) and think it would add a touch of class to a sometimes forgotten area of the home.... [More]


Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Daybed

Some of us live in postage-stamp-size apartments in the city, so maybe it's natural that we fantasize about having an outdoor area where we can rock the Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Daybed ($1,999). It brings to mind cool summer breezes and afternoons of doing nothing but daydreaming.... [More]


Modular Wall Storage

This may sound odd, but good bathroom storage like this Modular Wall Storage ($99-$149) makes us smile. A medicine cabinet, wood shelves, glass shelves, hooks and a mirror work together in perfect harmony (and that makes us very, very happy).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Size 9 white low-heeled peep-toe bridal shoes for Jodi C's pal

Jodi wrote, "Hi Outblush! I have another favor. A friend of mine is getting married, and she needs help finding her bridal shoes! She's looking for a white, peep toe flat ( or something that's not too high). Maybe something with a cute design? She's a size 9, can you... [More]


Candy Zip Clutch

Fly to us, little birdie! Keep our valuables safe with your pretty zippered pouch. The Candy Zip Clutch ($45) is small enough to fit securely into most of our purses, but large enough to store the necessities. And by that, we mean, it has 8 credit card slots. That should... [More]


Carrot Car

We wanted you to take a look at the Carrot Car (Inquire), created by the amazing artist Judson Beaumont. We're not sure we actually want to know how much the thing cost, but wouldn't it be the perfect gift for the kid who has everything? Looking for a more traditional... [More]


Jao Hand Refresher

Cold & flu season is right 'round the corner: Germophobes of the world, break out the hand sanitizer! Drugstore-variety sanitizers can dry your skin over time, though, so we'd recommend tucking a bottle of Jao Hand Refresher ($7) in your pocket. Made with ethyl alcohol, which is less drying, it... [More]


Funky Blue Fish Drain Decor

It's those details in our homes that make us smile, the tiny touches that remind us that we're home. The Blue Fish Kitchen Sink Drain Décor ($10) won't make a huge impact in your interior design, but the tiny touch of whimsy just might bring a grin to your face.... [More]


Massea Bar Stool

In the event you need bar stools (and who doesn't?) we like the contemporary scroll work of the Massea ($219). Look, there is rarely anything earth shattering about bar stools, but it is nice to run across a style that doesn't look like it belongs in a sticky-floored saloon.... [More]


Goes Well With Food Wall Art

Kinda fell a little in love with this modern take on dining room wall art. Goes Well With Food ($360) is strictly contemporary in style and color. For those of us always on the lookout for a new way to make an old statement, this piece was a winner.... [More]


Cleo Daybed

Granted, the Cleo Daybed ($2,900) would look great just about anywhere you put it, but we really like the idea of the Cleo being used in the those situations where space is at a premium - like a studio apartment. Wouldn't you rather have a few, well-chosen pieces of furniture... [More]


LA Rug Funky Boys Quilt Rug

Has it ever struck you how much a lot of little boy's room look alike, sort of like they all came from the same mold? We really liked this LA Rug ($68) as a floor cover. Not only does it introduce some great graphics and colors, but we think it... [More]


Rock Chair with Ottoman

Okay, we all have to get past the idea that this looks a lot like a dentist chair. On closer inspection, The Rock Chair ($595) is a really cool, contemporary twist on the old school recliner. We can just picture ourselves stretching out on it after a long day of....well,... [More]


Womb Chair

The Womb Chair ($795) is so simple, so sweet, and so comfy looking it sort of makes us tear up a little. Okay, that's not true, but we do like this piece a whole lot. What's so great about it is that it's small enough for the spacially-challenged and comes... [More]


Financial Planning for Women

Think of us as older sisters here. We know you're busy. We know you're balancing work and home. We know how tight money can be. But for the love of all that's good, take a little time to learn about finances. Learn how to take care of yourself financially, and... [More]


Personal Shopper: A fuller-coverage bikini to hide Jenny J's tattoo from her family

Jenny J. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I'm an avid follower and I'm kind of in a dilemma so I was wondering if you could help! My parents recently booked a cruise around the Caribbean for the entire family in December and now that bikini season is almost over, it's almost impossible... [More]

orange slice earrings-s.jpg

Orange Slice Earrings

Refresh your accessory collection with the sweet and sour Orange Slice Earrings ($12). Hey, flowers usually turn into fruits, so we're touching on the floral trend (kinda). Ok that's a stretch; just consider this a fun new slice on life.... [More]


Stone Rug

What's earth shattering about this design is that it's so not earth shattering. It's a simple, slightly crooked circle on a plain background - and yet, it would make an interesting area rug. The Stone Rug ($279-$399) deserves to be surrounded by equally pedestrian, but interesting, designs.... [More]


Dior Libertine Hobo Purse

So, Dior came out with this Libertine Hobo Purse ($2,300). We can see this casual bag working with almost everything in our wardrobe, which is a plus. We're kinda thinking at this price, though, we'll want to insure it (wonder if you can insure a purse)?... [More]


Sketch Duvet Cover & Shams

Brightly colored and graphically interesting, the Sketch Duvet Cover and Shams ($16-$79) have it all. We know we've been thinking about rental spaces a lot lately, but it seems that some people become discouraged by trying to make a cookie-cutter unit feel like their own private paradise. We say that... [More]


YOU Be the Stylist: What should Zara accessorize her brown bridesmaids dress with?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]


Tangent Table

The molded fiberglass base and glass tabletop are what gives the Tangent Table ($219) its umph! We think it would look just as great as a night stand in a contemporary-styled bedroom as it would an end table.... [More]


Siena Love Seat

We look at a lot of love seats (really, we do), and out of the hundreds we see each week, very few blow our skirts up. We like this one a lot. The soft curve of the Siena Love Seat ($1,020) and its simple nod toward mid-century modernism pleases us.... [More]


Sales & Steals: 9/17/10

Can y'all believe that next Wednesday, 9/22, is the official first day of fall? Where the [expletive deleted] did summer go? Eh, whatevs, fall's our fave season anyways! Enjoy this week's sales and steals below, and, of course, we here at OB HQ hope you have a great weekend! 1.... [More]


You Tell Us: Diptyque Essence of John Galliano Candle

A candle that smells like John Galliano? Apparently, the Diptyque Essence of John Galliano Candle ($68) has notes of Russian leather, mellow musks, dried herbs, and smoky bark. We haven't yet gone nose-to-wick with this $68 candle (yow), and aren't sure we want to. But, half the fun is in... [More]


Tommy Hilfiger Classic Cape

Capes are big this fall and while we're not usually into super-hero chic, there are some version cropping up that we find rather appealing. One such lovely item is this Tommy Hilfiger Classic Cape ($298). It has the simple appeal of a pea coat with a touch of added flare... [More]


HC Cosmetics Instant Puffiness & Dark Circle Reducer

Been burning the midnight oil at work, and your face has rewarded you with grocery bag-sized undereye bags? Us, too (Hey, this job is hard!). We recently got hooked on HC Cosmetics Instant Puffiness + Dark Circle Reducer ($55), and while nothing will ever completely rid us of blueberry-tinted Sta-Puft... [More]


Modern Iko Chair

Think of the Modern Iko ($2,000) as a metal bean bag for grownups, a one-of-a-kind chair, or a cool piece of art. Envision it in a contemporary room, surrounded by a few well-chosen items of interest. Imagine the look your parent's faces as you admit how much you paid for... [More]


Sequin Blouson Dress

As we wrap up our weddings for the season and look ahead to holiday parties, we're growing a little weary of all the effort of getting dressed up. Sure, it's fun, but there's only so many times you can squeeze yourself in some Spanx and try on every piece of... [More]


Poka Floral Chainguard

Nothing irks us more than going for a nice little bike ride and winding up with chain grease on our pants. Finally, a solution that lets us wear what we want and ups our bike's style too: Poka's Floral Chainguard ($150) is a delicate, detailed piece that'll keep our pants... [More]


Leica M9 iPhone Skin

Will you be voted coolest kid on hipster island for your Leica M9 iPhone Skin ($10)? Yes. Should we get some love for helping you rack up cool points? Yes.... [More]

marcasite ring-s.jpg

Marcasite Ivy Leaf Ring

Get your leaf on with the silvery Marcasite Ivy Leaf Ring ($19). Perfect for a garden party or everyday, we'd feel like a nymph with these vines. It's definitely sparkly enough for our high standards.... [More]


Polished Pine Beetle Cabinet

They look like rocks, don't they? But that's a Polished Pine Beetle Cabinet ($Inquire), and it's just a little different than anything we've seen in a while. We think it would look great as part of a contemporary décor.... [More]


Gingham Stretch Skirt

It must be the gingham in this Gingham Stretch A-Line Skirt ($36) that's making us channel our inner Dorothy. While we prefer she leave the puffy sleeves and hair bow back in Oz, we'll swipe this skirt, pair it with flats, and go looking for our own yellow brick roads.... [More]


Vine Slate Rug

We (well, some of us ) have a sudden-rush crush on the Vine Slate Rug ($238-$2,195). Its vibrant shades are in such direct contrast with the deep, dark colors that have dotted our flooring landscapes of late that we (well, most of us) are slightly giddy.... [More]

apollo garden kit-s.jpg

7-Piece Garden Kit

Mmm, yes. We could warm up to gardening with the 7-Piece Garden Kit ($28) by Apollo. Don't step foot in a Home Depot for tools - a mini trowel, regular trowel, rake, gloves, shears and even knee pads are included (bruises = not cute). Help fund breast cancer awareness initiatives... [More]


Valentino Floral Leather Bag

Sometimes we like to indulge ourselves. But more often than not, we just like to envision ourselves indulging (we find we have to show less restraint this way). Nevertheless, at the top of our indulgence list is the Valentino Floral Leather Bag ($2875). With leather soft as a dream and... [More]


Personal Shopper - Anne Hathaway's blue halter dress & black-and-white slingbacks for Stella

Stella wrote, " Hi Outblush, Thank you so much for your personal shopper section! I saw this picture of Anne Hathaway (attached) in a stunning blue halter dress and I was wondering if there were any dresses that were similar to it (preferably $150 or less). If you could help... [More]


Stussy Kostas Necklace

For their Fall collection, Stussy collaborated with artist Kostas Seremetis to create a style full of cryptic word tags and hip comic book designs. We think the best of the bunch is showcased in the Kostas Neckace ($16). We love the crossed lightening bolts and hope wearing this pendent will... [More]


Duo Glass Shelf

It's utilitarian, but the modern design of the Duo Glass Wall Mounted Shelf ($77) caught our attention. The industrial styling appealed to those of us who prefer to stay away from the country kitsch that often dominates shelving designs.... [More]


Ojon Volumizing 2 Minute Hair Mask

A volumizing... Hair mask? Yep! Although a thick masque isn't what you'd normally turn to for bouncy, soft Breck Girl hair, Ojon Volumizing 2-Minute Hair Mask ($34) does just that. A complex cocktail of essential oils and seed butters help fortify and condition fine hair, adding lots of body and... [More]


Havana Love Seat

Some of us never thought it would happen, but we're experiencing a deep appreciation for the simple design style of the 1960s. The Havana Love Seat (Inquire) can be used as a room divider and seating area; simplicity at its best. Have your eye out for a Loveseat of another... [More]

lace cup-s.jpg

Porcelain Lace Candle Holder

Throw the Porcelain Lace Candle Holder ($29) into the mix on a romantic night with your you-know-who and you're on the fast track to seduction. No rose petals needed here - these paper thin cups are perfectly coy and just suggestive enough. They don't have to be sexy if you're... [More]


Doubtblush: Real Butterfly-Wing Earrings

Found something we really dislike here -- Butterfly Earrings ($59), made out of real butterfly wings. Remember the sadistic kid in the neighborhood who used to take the wings off of fireflies and kill other pretty things for fun? We suspect he grew up to design earrings made of butterfly... [More]


Notre Dame Crows Oval Pendant

If you've ever been known to stare at birds out your office window or stalk around in a flappy black coat or sweater, you should appreciate the Notre Dame crows pendant ($50 CAD, so about $48 in the States) from artist June Hunter. Hunter uses her own lovely, chilly photographs... [More]

camel sandal-s.jpg

Pour La Victoire Gala Sliver Wedge Sandal

Hop on the camel train in style with the Pour La Victoire Gala Sliver Wedge Sandal ($116). Offering fuller coverage than a gladiator or standard strappy choice, we could wear these into cooler seasons and not feel out of place. Inspired by French resort pieces, these cut-outs topped with silver... [More]


Bilou Bulb Floor Lamp

Okay, kids, let's get this out of the way: It does look like a 5-foot tall, bamboo bong. But really, do you know anyone with a Floor Lamp ($299) that looks like this? It certainly makes a statement (even if there's not a genie living inside).... [More]


Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

Skincare that's good for you, the environment, and charity? Yep. Right now, when you purchase a bottle of Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub ($15) from Spirit Beauty Lounge, Acure will donate $1 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Spirit Beauty Lounge will match the donations dollar for dollar! The... [More]


Alpaca Beehive Knit Fingerless Gloves

We're not quite ready to keep our hands cooped up in mittens and gloves, but we can't help lusting over these Knit Fingerless Gloves ($24) knit in a beehive pattern with oh-so-soft alpaca wool. We think maybe we'll get a pair to keep the majority of our hands warm. Because... [More]


Felt Jet Airplane Passport Cover

Cause we're leavin' on a jet plane. Don't know when we'll be back again. We do, however, know that our travel documents will be safe, secure and super cute in the Felt Jet Airplane Passport Cover ($25).... [More]


Pottery Barn Square Upholstered Armchair

Remember how your dad had "his" chair. You'd be squashed down into it, watching something insipid on television, and he'd come into the room and you just knew that you had to get up? Well, now, sister, you have your own chair. The Pottery Barn Square Upholstered Armchair ($800-$1,700) has... [More]


Arbour Shirt

Today's daily dose of "Awwwwww," is brought to you by the fabulous folks at Rover. Peacoats, trench coats, bathing suits and bow ties - all without a single bit of pink, glitter, frill, ruffle or humiliation. Crafted from high quality fabrics and finished with exceptional details and trimmings, these classically... [More]


Felicity Chandeliers

We see a lot of earrings. You see a lot of earrings. Let us tell you what we like about the Felicity Chandeliers ($28) then. We can see them working as well with our little black dress as with jeans and a sweater. Sometimes you just have to give a... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Leopard Print

Rachel H., Outblush Operative, writes: We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $100-or-less versions of some of... [More]


Personal Shopper: Plus-sized shapewear for Amanda

Amanda W. wrote, "I'm a larger girl and I'm looking for a good "fat sucker" I'd like a body suit that will suck me in at all the right places. Mainly something to help control my tummy and my back. I'm a 42DD and currently have a waist of 53".... [More]


Celeb Style: Anna Paquin's Idol Union Jake Rose Top

Newlywed Anna Paquin recently stepped out in this super-cool Union Jake Rose top (£20, approximately $31) from Idol. The only place you can score one of these babies is from New Look in the UK, but the website is sold out. If you're craving a cool Union Jack look like... [More]

father arm warmers-s.jpg

Fathers Sunday Sweater Arm Warmers

We've seen enough lacy fingerless gloves to make us gag at this point, so to see something playing up the masculine side of things is refreshing. Enter, Fathers Sunday Sweater Arm Warmers ($26). We choose you for fall, patterns mix and match, and overall warmth. We don't care what people... [More]


Petal Drops

You care about the earth. You care about the plants on your patio. Why not combine the two ecological interests by collecting rainwater (thereby conserving potable water) to keep your lovely plants (those fabulous little oxygen-makers) hydrated? Adding Petal Drops ($6) to the top of a used bottle is a... [More]


TINte Painted Lady Kit

*ahem* Attention, ladies! We'd like to call this meeting of Lip Goop Addicts Anonymous to order! We know where you're coming from - the inescapable need to snap up every balm, gloss, stain, and stick that comes your way, until every pocket is stuffed full, every drawer crammed to bursting... [More]


Charlie Mac Dennis & Dee Tote Bag

We're not obsessing much over the return of our favorite Philadelphians - we simply snagged the DVD earlier this week, set our clocks to 10PM EST for their return on FX, and just purchased the Charlie Mac Dennis & Dee Tote Bag ($20). OK, maybe a little obsessed. But hey,... [More]


Stop Eating Side Plate

There's nothing like a healthy dose of guilty to go with your extra helping of pasta or trip to the dessert table. The Stop Eating Side Plate ($10) features the words "Big mistake." Guerrilla weight loss, a reminder of your mother's nagging voice at dinner-time, masochism - whatever you call... [More]


Martingale Boots

Oh, these boots make us smile. How great would they look with a short skirt, jacket and super-comfy scarf? We'd find a fall festival or football game to go to just so we could find a reason to flash these great Martingale Boots ($238).... [More]


Birthday Candelabra Candles

Birthdays are already awesome, but how much more awesome can they get after using the Birthday Candelabra Candles ($6) as the piece de resistance? Regular candles just seem so juvenile next to the stateliness of these silver-coated wax candelabras. Celebrate in style this year, and hey, with three wicks in... [More]


Violin Bookend Set

Honestly, we don't have a thing for bookends, but we do have a thing for small accent pieces that make a big statement. The Violin Bookend Set ($56) is perfect for the music lover in all of us.... [More]


Frangos Three-Layer Cocktail Ring

Pink, to match our site theme? Check. Girly? Check check. Glitz-ified? Check check check. Slip on this Swarovski crystal studded, brass Frangos Three-Layer Cocktail Ring ($51 on sale), and you won't even need any other jewelry. Gorgeous! See more pink crystal rings.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Matching coffee table, end tables, and a TV stand for Brittney

Brittney left a comment on our Rustic Coffee Table post, saying, "Outblush, I am having the WORST time looking for a coffee table, end tables AND a TV stand that match my couch. I didn't realize how hard it was to find all 3 matching until i started looking... My... [More]


Zaragoza Ceiling Medallion

Here's another idea for the renters among us. Personalize your space by adding a Ceiling Medallion to a hanging light fixture or ceiling fan. The great thing about the Zaragoza Golden Bronze Ceiling Medallion ($172) - other than the way it looks - is that you can easily remove it... [More]


Yes, No, Maybe So Earrings

Let's face it, we all have days where we can't seem to make up our minds. Do we wear a coat, or do we chance the weather? Do we dutifully work until quitting time, or do we chance boss wrath and skip out a little early? So many decisions! The... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Coats

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $100-or-less versions of some of this fall's hottest styles! Today's... [More]


Silver-Plated Engravable Luggage Tag

We really dug these Silver-Plated Engravable Luggage Tags ($12). Their classic appearance appealed to our sense of travel style. One caveat: Word on the street is that the tags scratch easily, so make sure you slip them into a luggage tag holder. But wait, there are other Luggage Tag options....... [More]


Bobbi Brown: Beauty Rules Book & Palette

Dear teenage Outblush readers: We've been there. Your teenage years are both awesome (Hello, driver's license!) and terrible (That chick in your homeroom class is such a [expletive deleted]!). You're becoming a woman now - okay, you can hit us for that - and that means learning all about beauty.... [More]

merritt sweater-s.jpg

BB Dakota Merritt Sweater

Pair the BB Dakota Merritt Sweater ($58) with equestrian pants and slim boots for an effortless Fall ensemble. Right now, heather gray can do no wrong, and the twist drape is chic chic chic. Swing around the city in this, but if you're goin' out be sure to pile on... [More]


Grizzly Bear Hug Card

Who better to send a note, picture, cash or some affection than the lovely Grizzly Bear Hug Card ($6)? This beautiful lady isn't ferocious - just misunderstood. Sound like anyone you know?... [More]


Pirate Chic: Sartorial inspiration for International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast, ye scurvy landlubbin' wenches, ye'd better have International Talk Like A Pirate Day marked on yer ship's calendars, 'coz it be this Sunday, September 19, 2010! In honor of this most pirate-iest of days, we've done pillaged a selection of the finest pirate-inspired rags fashions for yer wearin' pleasure.... [More]

forest animal ring-s.jpg

No Animals Grow in the Forest Ring

Pastels get playful in the No Animals Grow in the Forest Ring collection ($360) by Petra Mandal. There's nothing literal about this whimsical jewelry, and we dig the abstract sophistication. A single jewel adds some shimmer to these pale amorphous forms. Totally dazzling.... [More]


LED Stackable Cubes

Look, we recognize that these LED Stackable Cubes ($750/each) are expensive, but we wanted to show them to you because.....well, because they're cool and we wanted to say, "Hey, aren't these cool?" They're stunning when stacked as a room divider, but imagine how great even one would look with a... [More]

diesel skirt-s.jpg

Diesel Omky Skirt

Frothy skirts are great and all, but they get scandalous in windy weather, so we're looking for something that'll hold up to gusts. The drip pattern on the Diesel Omky Skirt ($110) is a welcome departure from the tired tie dye trend. A ruffled tier lightens up the heavy color... [More]


Peas in a Pod Shakers

Can we say, "Awww?" The Peas in a Pod Salt & Pepper Shakers ($14) may be a little kitschy, but we don't care--they are for the kitchen after all! Nested in a pod bowl, these little peas will add plenty of fun and flavor to your cooking.... [More]


Monogrammed Toilet Paper

Looking for a housewarming gift for a couple who has been together forever and have everything? How much fun is the Monogrammed Toilet Paper ($19 for 2 rolls)? It's totally without purpose (okay, not totally), but is a fun way to say, "Congrats on the new place!" Look for other... [More]

moonlight necklace-s.jpg

Crystal Moon Necklace

Inspired by "day turning into night" (we would call that twilight, but we don't what to trigger a frenzy), the Crystal Moon Necklace ($131) is dark with just a hint of glimmer. In line with the rest of the Moon Lights Collection by AA Kinal, this crystal clear quartz, silver,... [More]


Givenchy Play For Her

A lush, bold floral, new Givenchy Play For Her ($48-80) is not for the perfume timid. Earthy, warm amyris wood base notes ground the almost overpowering floral notes of tiare flower, sweet pea, and bergamot. The scent isn't one we'd recommend for day wear, but it will definitely help you... [More]


Sullivan Clock

Judson Beaumont is a new favorite. We'll openly admit that we're a little in love with his design sense. Everything about the style of the Sullivan Clock (Inquire) makes us want sing our praises. How much fun would this be in your home?... [More]


Peter Pan Collar Coat

There's something whimsical about this tba Peter Pan Collar Coat ($300). Perhaps it's--well--the storybook-inspired collar. But we think the velvet-trimmed pockets and shiny golden buttons have much to do with it, too. This coat was just made to be paired with a soft winter scarf and knit hat. Now if... [More]

diamond mug-s.jpg

Diamond Ring Mug

Oh, Canada, you're cracking us up with the Diamond Ring Mug ($17). This seems to scream "Yeah, fat chance the real thing ever comes along," and for us jaded, we can't help but smile. It can even be customized, with a space to mark who it's to and from.... [More]


Twisted Washbasin Faucet

Don't ya just love it when there's a tiny tweak to a design style we've seen all our lives? What we like about this Faucet ($Inquire) is that unlike some of the super-eclectic styles flooding the market right now, this one isn't some passing fad. There's nothing funky about it,... [More]


Blue Lotus Necklace

Yes, at times, we are extremely selfish. But we're working on it dammit! Take the insanely beautiful Blue Lotus Necklace ($45) for instance. We saw it, we loved it, we placed it in our basket and thought, "No, No. This would look fabulous on the neck of one lucky Outblush... [More]


Cozy Cabin Pajama Pants

Fall is such a great time of year. The air is crisp, the holidays are around the corner, and we finally get to pull out the fleece jammies. The Flyshacker Cozy Cabin Pajama Pants ($13) can be paired with long underwear or a simple tee. Yay, we say!... [More]


Ritter Furniture Writing Desk

Oh, to walk into the office each morning and find this desk waiting for us. The Ritter Furniture Writing Desk (Inquire) is just so stylist it may inspire us to buy p.j. bottoms.... [More]


Touch of Blue Lamp

Are you kidding with this lamp for a child's room? Our moms just picked up some utilitarian model for our rooms at JCPenney. Not that there's anything wrong with JCP. In fact, we LOVE JCP, but our point is that mom never spent time looking for a lamp as perfect... [More]


Classic Dog Bed

If you have an old dog who just can't make the leap into the "big bed" anymore, or a new husband who really doesn't like sharing his side of the bed with the pooch, this Classic Dog Bed ($995) may be just the ticket. It's possible that the truth of... [More]


Habana Canvas

You know how tough it be to find simple, masculine art for your guy's favorite room? We like the Habana Canvas ($98). At 16 x 20 inches it's substantial enough to help create a "manly" ambiance.... [More]


Iron French Shelf

Narrow is smart. It's not like most of us have an entire wall we can dedicate to shelving. The Iron French Shelf ($788) is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, where space is at a premium.... [More]


Yellow Birdcage Canvas Reproduction

The Yellow Birdcage Canvas ($59) is being marketed as a painting for a child's room, to which we reply, "Pashaw!" We can see it in any room of our home, serving as a whimsical reminder of those sweeter moments in life.... [More]


Lucy Sofa in Lagoon Blue

We can practically smell the ocean from the soft surface of the Lucy Sofa ($2,960). It's clean, fresh, and oh such a pretty place to curl up with a good book.... [More]


Toaster and Egg Poacher

It's morning. You're bleary eyed, not yet aware that you have one black and one navy blue shoe on. You know that you need nourishment to get through the harried day ahead. Suddenly, you remember your Toaster and Egg Poacher ($31). Ah, one less step to take in your grueling... [More]


Rondell 3 Piece Leather Sofa Set

You'd need a bit of an edge to opt for furniture like this, but really, how great looking is the 3 Piece Leather Sofa Set ($1,795)? The graphically appealing white and black combo, sexy modern lines, flirty curves and durable leather combine for a knockout design.... [More]


Personal Shopper: Joan Holloway style on a budget for Sam

Sam J. wrote, "Hi Outblush! I've just recently been introduced to your site and I just love it! I think the Personal Shopper may be able to help me out with something. I'm looking for a modern spin (on a budget) on the fabulous wardrobe of Joan from Mad Men.... [More]


Oxford Peeptoe Booties

Those of us who only put heels on to go out in public would gladly wear these Oxford Peeptoe Booties ($130) around the house. Yep, we'd rock 'em with our sweat pants and the tee we bought first week of freshman year; we'd wear them with our flannel pajamas; we'd... [More]


You Tell Us: Stirrup Pants

At first we weren't convinced. Then we thought that with the right pair of shoes...then we shook our indecisive heads and figured we'd let you tell us. Stirrup pants, like the Michael Kors Ponte pair ($70) are lining boutique shelves this season. They've been updated and modernized, with sleek lines... [More]


Athenian Bronze Series

Oh, we love it. You don't date a piece of art like this, you marry it. You purchase it and know that it's going to have a place in every home in which you ever reside. You plan to pass it on to your heirs (or at the very least,... [More]


Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf

We can certainly face the impending drop in temperature with bravado if we snag ourselves a Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf ($83, in 9 colors). Gracing the necks of our favorite celebs, like Jessical Alba and Kate Beckinsale, the Infinity Scarf is a must-have this winter. Our only dilemma is figuring... [More]


Victoria's Secret Luminous Cheek & Face Highlighter

Despite being known primarily for thongs and push-up bras, Victoria's Secret's makeup line is not to be ignored, dear readers. Priced midway between drugstore & department store brands, they often mimic popular products from higher-end brands for less. Case in point? VS Makeup Limited-Edition Luminous Cheek & Face Highlighter ($10... [More]


Doubtblush: Winkers Decorated Pants

This is one of those products that makes you stop and say, "This HAS to be a joke." But alas, dear friends, it's not. Introducing Winkers Decorated Pants ($169-579). Here's how it works: you send in a pair of your old jeans to Winkers, and for between an arm and... [More]


Vanity TV Mirror

Ah, the perfect gift for the dual-tasker. A mirror that allows your guy to shave or you to apply your makeup, all while watching some insipid reality show on television. Are you kidding? We'd love to say we're disgusted by the entire set-up of the Vanity TV Mirror ($2,600-$3,500), but... [More]


Personal Shopper: Egyptian attire for Samantha

Samantha writes: "Hi Outblush! I absolutely love your site and as soon as I realized I faced a fashion dilemma I knew I had to ask for your assistance. In March I will be traveling to Egypt for a couple of weeks and I have no idea what to wear.... [More]


Viola Seed Flats

Okay ladies. We know it's the season for boots of all kind: ankle, motorcycle, fur-lined, and heeled alike. But sometimes, we have to give our poor feet a break from the heights, the squeezing, the covering up. Enter the Viola Seed Flats ($81). In a muted grey perfect for Fall,... [More]

cole han cases-s.jpg

Cole Haan Patent Leather Kindle Cover

We're wild about hand woven stuff, and the Cole Haan Patent Leather Kindle Cover ($60) is an oo-la-la designer name too. Shiny patent leather is a good choice as long as it's tasteful, and this suede lined case is downright classy. Make sure you have the second generation Kindle before... [More]


Ubuntu Leather Bracelets

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing you're making a difference. Except looking great while doing so! When you purchase an item from the Project Migration store, like these Ubuntu Leather Bracelets ($44), you are contributing to the sustainability of an East African community. Each bracelet purchase provides a single mother... [More]


Purple Reef Glass Dishes

Okay, a show of hands if you're really, really picky about your serving dishes. You too? Well, you just might appreciate these sweet Purple Reef Glass Dishes ($10-$13), new to World Market. How can appetizers served on dishes like these not taste a little yummier?... [More]


Glee: The Complete First Season

We've pulled out our best boas, glitter, fake eyelashes, and are prepping our singing voices for the release of Glee: The Complete First Season ($35). We don't know why it took TV so damned long to give us a musical show - but we're thrilled it's arrived in the perfect... [More]


It's Toile About You

Toile. It isn't just for ceramic pitchers and grandma's china. The It's Toile About You tee ($20) has an all-over pattern that deserves a closer look. A vintage design with cheeky drawings (our fav? Maypole dancers declaring "This is awesome!"), we can't wait to add this one to our wardrobes.... [More]


Floating Square Table Lamp

We know it's just a lamp, but it's a nice lamp -- oh so modern and sleek. Imagine it in a minimalist-style room. The Floating Square Table Lamp ($80) is just rock star enough to make a room.... [More]


Lancome Color Design Lipstick

Glosses, balms, liquid lipsticks, and stains are all well and good, but sometimes you just want honest-to-God lipstick, the stuff with the creamy finish and long-lasting pigment. Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor ($22) comes in 41 rich shades, and the product features a specially designed sharper-edged tip. What's so... [More]


Personal Shopper: Shoes to go with Dalilah's Silver Screen Goddess dress

Dalilah S. wrote, "Hi! I just purchased this dress on sale last Friday for a wedding I'm attending in 2 weeks. I love it but I have no idea what shoes match it. Any suggestions? Thanks! Dalilah" Dalilah, we'd steer clear of silver or white shoes with that dress -... [More]

aroma therapy lamp-s.jpg

Aromatherapy Salt Lamp

Remember the Himalayan Salt Lamp we featured a while back? Well here's a subtly scented spin on the idea: The Aromatherapy Salt Lamp ($43) naturally filters pollutants and allergens out of the air and burns safely for however long we want. Lavender essential oil brings an added twist. so we... [More]


Electro Pin-Up Babydoll

Despite the va-va-voom name of the Electro Pin-Up Babydoll ($115) by Dolce & Gabbana, we think this piece of lingerie has a lovely subtle sophistication thanks to the nude coloring and the contrasting lace on the bustline. It's the perfect little number to add some heat to a chilly Fall... [More]


Plexiglass Chandelier Earrings

Because Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, we've been brainstorming costume ideas and orange-colored cocktails for weeks (Okay, maybe months). Though delightfully spooky, Halloween tends to be also atrociously tacky with all those cheap plastic masks and ghost embroidered sweaters. In our quest to add a little class to... [More]


Doggie RV

This Doggie RV ($Inquire) made us laugh and we thought you might get a kick out of it too. How happy does that dog look, hanging in his own crib-on-wheels? And look, his dog bowls are attached to the unit. Truly a home away from home. Its hard to believe... [More]



It'd be fun to hold up our iPad, iPhone, iPod, camera, or other tech device with the hilarious Spiderpodium ($23), but we might freak friends with arachnophobia. Whatever, we're not scared of spiders, especially useful ones. We can arrange the sturdy legs in any position to fit almost any gear,... [More]


Two Color Leather Satchel

Just tooling around, looking for a great new bag for fall and found this Two Color Satchel ($100). 100% leather, it's a classic piece that works beautifully with our autumn wardrobe.... [More]


Judson Beaumont Little Black Dresser

What is more classic than the little black dress? What is less conventional than a dresser that can hang in your closet? Judson Beaumont created the Little Black Dresser ($Inquire) to confound us, we suspect. While it is one great looking piece of art/furniture, we think we might opt to... [More]


Tommy, the Movie Blu-ray

You're a little bit Acid Queen, a little bit Pinball Wizard - if you could just get to the mirror, you'd be free. You're busy dodging Uncle Ernie and Sally Simpson as they try to see you, feel you, touch you and heal you. In the end, Tommy, the Movie... [More]


Fair Isle Cardigan

We don't know if we're drawn to this wool cardigan because it reminds us of something we'd find in our grandfather's closet, or because we like the challenge of wearing it in a more stylish way than dear old pops. Whatever the reason, the "Buzzy" Wool Fair Isle Cardigan ($278)... [More]


Golden Earth Grace Perfume Oil

It's been a while since we featured a perfume oil, rather than a spray fragrance, but those of you who prefer your scents concentrated and without the alcohol should love golden earth's Grace ($20). It's a rose geranium blend that's flowery, green, and not too sweet: discreet enough for work,... [More]


Sullivan Leather Chair

Hear us out....this is important. We want you to go into your local World Market and sit your little tush in the Sullivan Bonded Leather Chair ($200). It is an impressively soft sit. You can't tell by looking, but we think ancient Inuits might have spent a long winter gumming... [More]


Mesh Illusion Dress

Hey beaming beauties, raise your hand if you need a new LBD. We'd bet our own arm that the Mesh Illusion Dress ($31) is universally flattering on a sweet young thing. The sweetheart and sheer neckline draw all eyes upward to our pretty face, and the gathered waist and free... [More]


Capressor Electric Water Kettle

If, like some of us, you enjoy a good modern-day tea party with friends, or love the idea of having hot water on the ready for a cup of cocoa on a cool autumn day, this Capresso Electric Water Kettle ($60) will make it oh so easy for you. We... [More]


Layered Necklace

So, this is word on the street (and New York Fashion Week): Layered necklaces are big this year. The more bling you can layer on, the better. We found a scaled back version in this Layered Necklace ($55). We think this look is little more appropriate for the office than... [More]


American Mahjong Set

Get your global on with the American Mahjong Set ($66) and this worldly inspired playlist. ATC - Around The World Daft Punk - Around The World Red Hot Chili Peppers - Around The World U2 - Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World Puff Daddy & The Family -... [More]


Coffee House Cup Java Silhouette

Those of us with simple design tastes (and a deep and abiding love for caffeine) really like the Coffee House Java Silhouette ($9). It says what you want it to say without screaming. How polite. Looking for more Coffee-Related items? We've got you covered.... [More]


Sobey Dresser

Come on! What's not to love about Sobey (Inquire)? First of all, this fanciful dresser has 20 drawers storage, wood shades that would work with any room, and a design that can't help but bring a grin to your face. Okay, okay, want a more Traditional Dresser?... [More]


You Be the Stylist: What should Tiffany wear to her friend's wedding next month?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced with a reader who can't... [More]

Ugg for Jimmy Choo Kaia Zebra-Print Suede Boots

Agree to Disagree: Ugg for Jimmy Choo Kaia Zebra-Print Suede Boots

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new feature that'll show you another... [More]


Personal Shopper: Valerie's First Heels

Valerie M. wrote, "Happy thursday Outblush! My new roommate (who I met on craiglist and adore!) introduced me to Outblush a few weeks back and I'm hooked. I appreciate the (cyber)space you have created for ladies to celebrate the art of taking what your mama gave you and kicking it... [More]


Tipped Tuxedo Jacket

The Tipped Tuxedo Jacket ($98) will bring a little class to any outfit, even jeggings and boots. We're fans of the heather-colored trim and single center button. And like all good jackets, it has the necessities: pockets and our favorite cold weather fabric, wool.... [More]


Glamour Girl Pearls Engraved Necklace

So, you just don't know what to buy for that budding Audrey Hepburn? She has every toy ever invented and she's too young for counseling or boarding school...What to do? What to do? If you do indeed like the girl, consider one of these Glamour Girl Engraved Necklaces ($75). With... [More]


Lotus Leaves Wall Art

Maybe it's because autumn is upon us; maybe the colors speak to us. Or, maybe, just maybe, we really like the way actual lotus leaves have been hand-painted and applied to this Lotus Leaves Wall Art ($160).... [More]


Outblush Operatives: Barbour International Jacket

Brianne, Outblush Operative, writes, Barbour jackets are timeless in every way. A family-owned company since 1894, Barbour has outfitted the British Royal Family, British international motorcycle teams, and even the "King of Cool" himself, Steve McQueen. With the Women's Barbour International Jacket in washed canvas ($279), you'll see why this... [More]



So The Killers are taking a break from making music - dry your eyes friends, enigmatic and dare we say, dashingly handsome front man, Brandon Flowers, is not about taking breaks. Working with producers Stuart Price and Daniel Lanois, Flamingo ($10) is a little bit Killers and a little bit... [More]


Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Fantastic news! Not All Who Wander Are Lost ($22). And apparently, all that's gold doesn't glitter. Who knew?!... [More]


Palladio Herbal Liquid Foundation Primer

So, some of you weren't quite sold on the idea of using Monistat Chafing Relief Gel as makeup primer, and the ick factor is a little high for us, too. A friend introduced us to the low-price wunderkind that is Palladio Herbal Liquid Foundation Primer ($12, but you can save... [More]


Golden Girl: Halo: Reach

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to get a little. With this... [More]

Ugg for Jimmy Choo Kaia Zebra-Print Suede Boots

Ugg for Jimmy Choo Kaia Zebra-Print Suede Boots

High style meets coveted comfort! Finally the collaboration of the best and the bestest! What else can we say....we're totally diggin' the Ugg for Jimmy Choo Kaia Zebra-Print Suede Boots ($595). These zebra-printed suede boots feature rows of studs with a plush shearling lining and padded insole. What's not to... [More]


Sweet Pink Cake Plate

You ever just feel sweet and girlie and supremely feminine? Well, when you're feeling that way and a little Betty Crocker slips into the mix, there is this Sweet Pink Cake Plate ($18) to serve the goodies you just whipped up. How charming is this?... [More]


See by Chloe Mercury Tote

We've got our eyes on this Mercury Cotton Tote ($66 on sale) from See by Chloé. Large enough to pack groceries, a fresh change of clothes after the gym, or even beach items (we know Fall is inevitable, but we're still pining away for one last hurrah in the sun!),... [More]


Funky Ceiling Bed

The entire idea of sleeping in a bed suspended from the ceiling is kinda dreamy, isn't it? The slight sway reminds us of being gently rocked as we slumber away. But don't worry, the Ceiling Bed ($3,250) can be tethered so it doesn't move too much on those nights we're... [More]


AlcoHAWK Elite

Hey, we're not saying anyone around here is a lush, but how smart is it to have a personal breathalyzer? The AlcoHAWK Elite ($120) will screen your breath for the presence of alcohol and let you know when you've had a little too much. You know what that means, don't... [More]


Personal Shopper: A chic grey, camel, or ivory winter coat for Nadia

Nadia P. wrote, "Hola Outblush!!!! I have a huge request. I am looking for a winter coat. I would like to find the following colors camel, ivory, and gray but i would like a fitted/chic look for the winter. My budget is up to $500. The most important part besides... [More]


Juliet Headband by Petit Plume

Add a little romance to your day with the Juliet Headband ($28) by Petit Plume. Handmade and versatile, this headband can double as a belt, a bracelet, or a necklace. The hand-embroidered band is soft and stretchy to adjust to any function you deem fit for this Shakespeare-worthy accessory.... [More]


The Hunger Games

Will this be the next Twilight? It seems everywhere we turn these days, someone is talking about Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, a Young Adult trilogy that combines action, adventure and romance. The first book, The Hunger Games ($10), a dystopian tale of a government that forces young people to... [More]


Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color

Fall 2010 is all about bold makeup, from teal nail polish to smoky colored eye shadow looks, and an easy way to work bold for daytime is a high-pigment liquid lipstick. Not quite gloss, not quite lipstick, new Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color ($22) comes in six luscious shades.... [More]


K. Amato Clark Necklace

This K. Amato Clark Necklace ($64) is so dainty and feminine we want to wear it every day and with every outfit. Okay, that's a lot of love for one little necklace, but the just look at that tiny star! And the subtle gold coin embellished with our sign! We... [More]

poetry mirror-s.jpg

Poetry Mirror

Pretty up a wall with the lovely little Poetry Mirror ($60), and join the ranks of neo-bohemian decor divas. It seems like artist Marcos Luzalde hand painted the glass panels with fallen sunflowers just for us. Terracotta red and mohena wood detailing make this a perfect piece for Fall, but... [More]


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season Five

Thank the good Lord It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season Five ($25) is being released this week - we were experiencing some serious Paddy's Pub withdrawal. Featuring episode commentary, blooper reel, extended and uncensored scenes, alternate takes and a Season Five Dream Sequence - we're in extra heaven. Note to... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Sweaters

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $100-or-less versions of some of this fall's hottest styles! Today's... [More]


Diza's Flower Art Deco Earrings

At first, we were simply drawn to the overall look of these Art Deco Earrings ($88). But take a closer look; see how the center comes out to become a simple flower design earring? Two for one...Jackpot!... [More]


Modern Mondo Shelf

Here's the thing about shelving units consisting of glass: they look like they're floating, adding to the sense of space in your room; they're timeless in design, as popular now as they were in the 1970s; and they're freakin' cool looking (the last point was purely emotional, in case you... [More]


Outspoken by Fergie

You know how perfume lines often offer special gift-with-purchase sets around the holidays? Well, if Avon puts out a GWP set for Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Toilette Spray ($28) that just happened to include a free Josh Duhamel with every order, we'd be buying out their entire stock, STAT.... [More]

tirah oxford-s.jpg

Steve Madden Tirah Oxford

Play with texture to remix a classic. The transparent woven material of the Steve Madden Tirah Oxford ($31-69) is just what the doctor ordered for Fall. Pair with anything you'd usually wear with pumps. Trust us, he basic almond shape is a cinch to dress up or dress down.... [More]

Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 3G Case

Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 3G Case

It really is TGTBT! The Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 3G Case ($20) is so pretty and pink. We adore this green and pink print, but it's also available in 3 other whimsical Lilly signature prints. Slap this baby on your phone and we promise you'll crack a smile every time you... [More]


Eat, Drink and Be Married Coasters

The Eat, Drink and Be Married Coasters ($16) are a fantastic extra touch for your outdoor or casual wedding. These gorgeous wood-pulp coasters feature letterpress printing with modern lettering and your choice of coordinating colors. Also great favors for your guests, encourage your girlfriends to leave them strategically under beers... [More]


Wall Aquarium

If you like fish (or like some of us, your guy really, really loves his squirmy little friends), but don't like the way an ordinary aquarium looks, take a glance at this Wall Mount Aquarium ($150). It will accommodate several fish, but is only 4.4 inches deep. You can accurately... [More]


Chunky Ribbed Cardigan

We were just reading about Fashion Week and had to smile at the revelation that cardigans are big this year. BIG, we tell you! It seems like only two or three years ago we were hearing the exact same thing. Okay, we forgive the powers that be; cardigans are so... [More]

seda pendant-s.jpg

SEDA Pendant Light

A white sheet can be elegance at its best. Case in point: the SEDA Pendant Light ($Inquire). Designed by Oliver Szasz for SEDA's new fine bone china collection, this simple piece tries to capture a moment in time. Wind behind this drapery won't move a thing - it's an implied... [More]


Songs From a Secret Garden

Before you openly scoff at the idea of "mood" music playing in your home, we want to you to consider just how stressful life outside your front door can be. Songs From A Secret Garden ($14) alone can't turn you into a blissed-out shell of contentment, but soothing music has... [More]


Kooning Platform Bed and Nightstands

Ran into a platform bed that spoke to our contemporary streak the other day, but couldn't get past the ridiculous price tag. Offensive, really. We were lucky enough to find the Kooning Platform Bed ($1,375) - with built-in nightstands and it was one of those Eureka moments. The crisp lines... [More]


Dragonfly Pendant Necklace

It's not fine jewelry, but a fun, everyday piece that just might bring a little smile to your face. The Dragonfly Pendant Necklace ($45) is a bright, whimsical piece purely for your pleasure.... [More]


Decorative Fireplace Screen

Here's the deal about fireplaces, whether they're useable or not (those of you in very old buildings know the joy of the non-functional fireplace): They create ambiance. Dress yours up with an artistic Fireplace Screen ($158). Even if the most you burn in your fireplace are candles, the screen makes... [More]


Big Daisy Too Pillow

Looking to add a little 60s-era "groovy" to your room? We like the Big Daisy Too ($45) pillow with its fun flower power and large, 18 x 18 inch, size. It fairly whispers "love and peace."... [More]


Banish Bad Hair Days at Walgreens More Than Beautiful Event

It's time to tell those bad hair days of summer to be gone for good at Walgreens More Than Beautiful event, which will present beauty tips and tricks from the trusted editors of Allure, Vogue, Glamour, and Self magazines throughout the month of September. Better yet, try to score... [More]


Fall 2010 Trends on a Budget: Ladylike

We all drool over the super-expensive clothes, shoes, and accessories featured every month in fashion magazines, but how many of us can actually afford that $800 jacket, or those $300 jeans? Yeah, we thought as much. So, we're bringing you $100-or-less versions of some of this fall's hottest styles! Today's... [More]


Celeb Style: Ashley Tisdale's Wildfox Couture Tank

Do you hate boys? Sometimes we do, like when they do mean things or they smell stinky. Apparently Ashley Tisdale shares our sentiments, because she has been seen sporting Wildfox Couture's "I Hate Boys" tank ($60). See, even wealthy celebs have boy problems.... [More]


Mini Valises

If we had a daughter, we'd be all over using these Mini Valises ($9 -$13) to help her organize her room, or to pack to go to Grandma's. As it is, we're considering using these vintage-style valises to organize our own craft supplies. Why not?... [More]


Layered Scallop Mesh Skirt

What's not to love about the Layered Scallop Mesh Skirt ($35)? The stretch waistband is forgivable on even our most, erm, bloated days, the tapered pencil design is flattering on anyone, and the scalloped layers add a great modern twist to a classic silhouette. Though it may be a tad... [More]


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Yes, Thinking Putty ($10) is basically Silly Putty for adults - there's no two ways about it. But hey, it's a good stress buster, and this way if your kids (or, who are we kidding, coworkers) drop by the office, they'll have something to play with. That boring conference call... [More]


Astor Daybed Bedding

When you hear the name Astor you think glamour....prestige....the Titanic. Okay, forget that last one. Point is, there's a reason this Astor Daybed Bedding ($255-$400) is so named: it's really exquisite looking.... [More]


Doutblush: Gap Ruffle-Trim Sweater Tunic

Sometimes we're just poking along here at work (or down the street, or through our mail) and we see something that is so delightful and desirable and new and clever that we smack a big old mental sticky note on it to remind us to share it with you. And... [More]


mark. Glowdacious Illuminating Powder

While not quite as reasonably priced as lots of drugstore makeup, on the whole, Mark. cosmetics are a pretty good deal (And, they often have sales/BOGO offers). The products have good color payoff, the prices aren't bad, and we can order 'em through one of our pals who sells it... [More]


Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair

If money is no issue and some male in your life is into slightly funky, absolutely functional pieces of art, consider buying him this Chair ($1,500) made from reclaimed auto parts. Adam Barron designed this beauty using parts he collected from a local junkyard. It's brilliant in its simplicity.... [More]


Oven Shields

Ridiculous confession time: we're afraid of the oven. Don't get us wrong, we still use it, but it seems like every other time we do, we manage to burn ourselves. We know it's operator error, but it still makes us reach in to check our brownies with trepidation. Which is... [More]


Juicy Couture Velour Tunic Dress

Two things made us giggle today: 1) The powers that be at New York Fashion Week are telling us that velvet and velour will be BIG this fall season, and 2) Juicy Couture refers to this piece as their prd_id=845524446374545&afsrc=1&site_refer=GGLBASE001&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=ParentItem0476280786147">Velour Tunic Dress ($158). Hmmm...we're thinking that leggings are a good... [More]


Two Tone Saddle Boot

We love the perfect marriage of saddle and boot in this Two Tone Saddle Boot ($128). The rich chestnut of the leather and the spicy tan of the suede has us envisioning ourselves delicately hiking though fallen fall foliage. Preferably with a significant someone. How romantic!... [More]


Your So-Called Life

So here we are, grown women, full-blown adults, and we still find ourselves having those moments of "why is this STILL an issue?" Whether it's confusion over what to do about a relationship, trying to determine the best way to break away from a toxic friend, or that ever-elusive issue... [More]


Daniella Chest

Here's the deal with the Daniella Chest ($599): You can use it anywhere. Imagine the French-inspired piece next to your bed, by the front door, or even in the kitchen with old cookbooks on top. Oui Oui.... [More]


Twirl by Kate Spade

Our beloved Kate Spade. She can do no wrong. Last week the guru of fashion accessories unveiled her latest and greatest: Twirl eau de parfum ($80). It's 3.4 ounces of fresh, bubbly perfection. The top notes boast of pink watermelon, blackberry, and red currents, and it finishes with touches of... [More]

jewelry hanger carrie-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Jewelry Tree for Carrie

Carrie writes, "I've never been one to accessorize much, but I am recommitting with the recent purchase of several necklaces--the chunky, beady kind that get tangled easily. I think it's time to invest in a jewelry box and/or perhaps a structure of some sort to hang the necklaces on. Any... [More]


Royal Highness Dress

Who said fall meant muted tones? In fact, because bright colors improve our moods, fall is the perfect time to step out in the Royal Highness Dress in Scarlet ($48). While the color may be the first thing we notice, we can't help but take a closer peek at the... [More]


Japanese Chiyogami Thumbtacks

We are suckers for all things office-related. We spend so much of our lives in our ergonomically correct chairs, staring at computers that are useful (but won't actually think of witty things for us to say). It's kinda nice to be surrounded with office supplies that are a bit outside... [More]


Silver Necklace

Science + typography + jewelry = Word Charm Silver Necklace ($40) P.S. - in case there was any doubt, yes, we are huge nerds.... [More]


Optic Swirl Apothecary Jars

These Optic Swirl Glass Apothecary Jars ($25-$33) are so simple, yet so sharp. Keep them on your bathroom counter to store cotton balls and Q-tips. They're lovely enough on their own to be considered art.... [More]


Caramel Apple Truffles

Mounted on sticks like the classic treat, Caramel Apple Truffles ($38) are crafted from white and dark chocolate, filled with a caramel apple ganache and finished with a double dipping in dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. Note - if the preceding description didn't cause drooling - you might be dead.... [More]


Oksana Knit Hat

We have a love/hate relationship with hats. Especially the kind of hat that smooshes our locks or leaves behind static-charged hairs when we take it off our heads. But we're believers in suffering for fashion (and warmth!) as long as we look great doing so. That's why we love the... [More]


USB Beverage Chiller & Warmer

Heaven forbid his drink should become warm before he finishes it (although the only way we see that happening is If he runs outside and somehow gets locked out of the house). At the very least, we can pretend to care by giving him this USB Beverage Chiller & Warmer... [More]


Squirrel Ring Box

We don't care if he pops the question with a $10 ring -- if he puts it in the acorn of this Squirrel Ring Box ($110) and presents this little guy when he asks for our hand, you know we're sayin' yes!... [More]

klara chair-s.JPG

Moroso Klara Chair

One more reason Patricia Urquiola is a mainstay in our hearts: the Moroso Klara Chair ($Inquire). Gosh, this chair is borderline minimalist, but it still has personality. This gorgeous wooden armchair reminds us to keep it simple, and remember how far well proportioned linear style can go. Baby blue never... [More]


Bargain Betty: Yves Rocher Fresh Mask

We all have our Holy Grail beauty products, ones we'll buy until the day we die, no matter how expensive they get. Everything else, however, is up for grabs - after all, experimenting is part of the fun of being a girl! (Or guy, we're not judging.) And, yet, who... [More]


Vera Wang Tee & Boyshorts

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ways to support the cause are popping up everywhere. We're loving the Khol's Cares ® Simply Vera merchandise. 100 percent of the net proceeds go to the fight against breast cancer. And who can resist this adorable Vera Wang Tee & Boyshorts... [More]


Am I The Only Sane One Working Here?

You ever have one of those days? The lady who sits next to you in the office is screaming at her boyfriend over the phone, using her "whisper voice," the guy a few cubicles over can't stop clearing his throat, making the very idea of eating your snack totally unappetizing...Yeah,... [More]

Romantic Embroidered Vine Cuff

Romantic Embroidered Vine Cuff

Love vintage lace and leather? Well then you're sure to adore the Romantic Embroidered Vine Cuff ($42). The creator of this unique bracelet recycled the lace from a set of victorian curtains and the leather strip from a seventies dress. And voi la...we know have this super cool vintage looking... [More]


Caffeine Molecule Mug

Ever wonder what it is about caffeine that you love (crave, Jones for...whatever)? Well, the caffeine molecule diagrammed on this mug may be the very thing you yearn for each morning. So join us in raising a Caffeine Mug ($14) to our dearly appreciated friend, the caffeine molecule.... [More]


Rorschach Coasters

At first blush, these are simply really pretty handmade glass coasters. Nice enough. But what got us to thinking was how much fun the Rorschach Coasters ($45/4) might be about two hours into a party. First imagine your friends; then imagine what they may say they "see" in the design,... [More]


Personal Shopper: A grey Jason Matlo-inspired wedding dress for Laura

Laura N. wrote, "Hi Outblush! First off, of course, I think this feature is amazing. I'm not surprised you are getting all this response! I am getting married next year in a sort of arty, laid-back wedding. I really want to wear a chic grey dress instead of the traditional... [More]


Decorative Mouse Pad

We look at the same mouse pad hour after hour, day after day, and we don't want to hurt any feelings here, but we're pretty darn sick of it. That shocking pink that was so cute in the office supply store a few months ago kinda makes us want to... [More]


Personal Shopper: The Crate & Barrel catalog's prop tote for Dal

Dal M. wrote, "Hello! I love getting the Crate&Barrel magazines (that are addressed to a former tenant) just to dream about what I can't afford, but in the July Best Buys catalog on page 10, there is a tote bag they use in the staging that I keep obsessing about.... [More]


Edison Chandelier

So many puns we could tie to this Edison Chandelier ($399), but we'll spare you. It's a really great example of a contemporary fixture that kinda lights up our world. The bare bulbs give it an industrial feel that you don't find in your everyday chandelier. Gives us the idea... [More]


Dolce Chair

Funky and functional is a good combo. For the truly artistic among us, there is the Dolce Chair ($Inquire). Nope, we'll grant that it's not going to fit into all of our design schemes, but it will work quite well in a modern décor with plenty of room to showcase... [More]


Colby Canvas Duffle Bag

You may not love it when he leaves town, but now you know that his duffel won't get lost in the shuffle. The Colby Canvas Duffle Bag ($99) is a great organizer and can be monogrammed. You can be relatively sure that those sappy, sassy notes you leave for him... [More]


Chocolate Gourmet Chubby Wubby Cookies

It's hard to work here; we keep getting boxes of the most delicious snacks in the mail, and then we have to eat them. Le sigh. Ready to smack us yet? Hopefully, you'll try the chubby wubby cookies ($34 for a 16-piece box) from chocolate gourmet and forgive us. These... [More]


Neve Brick Faucet

Lately (and don't judge us for this) we've been going into bathrooms, just to check out the amazing array of sink and faucets options that have popped up. This one really caught our eye. Neve Rubinetterie presents the Neve Brick Faucet ($Inquire) for the designer loo. It's a cube that... [More]


Casa Deville Ceiling Fan

Love the way a good ceiling fan works, but kinda hate the design? Take a look at the 52" Casa Deville ($350). What we like about it is how effortlessly it would fit into a little girl's room.... [More]


Leaf and Vine Scroll Candle

On a bookshelf, fireplace mantle, coffee table or dresser, this Leaf and Vine Scroll Candle ($25) is a small, intricate piece of design style, the kind of thing you layer in to create ambiance.... [More]


Orbit Adjustable Bar Stool

Ahhh...looks soft for our bums. The Orbit Faux Leather Adjustable Bar Stool ($100) makes a great addition to any contemporary space. And just think of the fun we can have adjusting it!... [More]


Falling Umbrellas Umbrella Stand

It's practical and whimsical. Sit it right outside your front door so that guests can leave their soggy umbrellas in it. Look closely at this Umbrella Stand ($213), though. How great are those little golden umbrellas that drift gently down its side?... [More]


Sunburst Mirror

Want a mirror on your chest-of-drawers, but don't want some honkin' big monstrosity of a thing? We think you'll appreciate the beauty that is the Sunburst Mirror ($70). It's artistic edge will look great no matter where you display it.... [More]


Fashion Green Watch

We have good news and bad news here. The good news first, okay? This pretty, simple Watch ($25) looks as much like a bracelet as a timepiece and is inexpensive enough that you can easily buy several to match whatever you're wearing. Now, the bad news (we think you're one... [More]


Noble Crown Wall Teester

Come on, admit it. You're a bit of a princess. Somewhere deep inside you see your home as your private kingdom. The Noble Crown Wall Teester ($199) is the perfect way to turn an ordinary bed into a royal sleeping chamber.... [More]