Personal Shopper: Luau-Worthy Clothes for Stephanie S

Stephanie S. wrote, "Hi Outblush! My dad is having a Luau-themed party in July in SC (hot, hot!) and I'm in desperate need of something to wear. I'm a plus size gal (size 26) and I'm having a hard time finding that perfect party outfit. One of my problem areas... [More]


Personal Shopper: H&M Ruffled-Front Ruched Skirts for Mackenzie

Mackenzie wrote, "Hi! I sometimes get these strange attachments to articles of clothing and I cannot rest until I have found the perfect option! I feel in love with this skirt at H&M, (#1 in picture) but could not find it in my size at any of the stores. I... [More]


Golden Girl: Pellevera Prestige Italian Leather Golf Bag

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to get a little. With this... [More]


Benefit Stay Put Set

For less than your coffee budget for half a week you can own the fantastic Benefit Stay Put Set ($10) - a mini set of their three best selling products for those gorgeous doe eyes of yours. The set includes Stay Don't Stray, which may invoke thoughts of Bic Runga,... [More]



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Nine West Chocolata

If you were blessed with a size 8.5 or 10 foot and $35 in your pocket, we're sorry, you don't have a choice - you must purchase the Nine West Chocolata ($35). Do it for the rest of us who can't enjoy these delicious cork platform pumps with basket weave... [More]


Bar Ring

We're feeling a bit like a warrior princess after putting on our Bar Ring ($80), with its kick ass pairing of gold and silver and long strong sexy line that runs down our finger. It without a doubt looks fierce on our phalanges - the super human feelings might be... [More]

lily chair-s.jpg

Calla Lily Chair

We don't need everything in our yards to be Earth shattering, but we appreciate elegance. Gals that are more on the conservative side are sure to go for the Calla Lily Chair ($198). This feminine design has ergonomic comfort and weatherproofing built right in. And consider this: choose this chair,... [More]


Heart Bow Vest

Fact: Hearts and bows aren't exclusively for kids! We can wear 'em, too, and we'll do just that with Jam's Heart Bow Vest ($23). After a romp in the sandbox (aka the beach!), throw on a blazer for an evening on the town.... [More]


Hulu Plus

We love Hulu! In an age where cable is too damned expensive, a free Internet service that provides TV shows aplenty is a God-send. But even Hulu has its limits, and watching the same 5 available episodes of Glee is getting a tad redundant. Enter Hulu Plus ($10/month) that will... [More]


Doubtblush: Afternoon Delight Bag

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move on, and then there are... [More]


Marina & The Diamonds: The Family Jewels

We fully admit that since discovering Florence + The Machine, we've been, shall we say, obsessed. We thought it was time to give them a rest and lucky for us Marina & The Diamonds : The Family Jewels ($12) has seamlessly taken the torch. This first full-length album from Welsh... [More]

cork envelope clutch-s.jpg

Cork Envelope Clutch

Ever since we set our eyes on the Cork Envelope Clutch ($38) we gotta look at our office bulletin board a little differently. Wine corks too, seem more chic. This neutral color and textured finish let gold-tone metal trim and a detachable chain strap speak for themselves. Take it as... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Bridal Shrug for June W

June W. wrote, "Good afternoon! I'm getting married in November, and I'd like to find something to cover my shoulders when I'm outside. I don't think it needs to be long-sleeved, but just something that won't leave me freezing in Chicago's November air! I've attached a picture of my dress.... [More]


Library Desk

Who needs an eye-sore of a filing cabinet in your work space when your beautiful Library Desk ($898) does all the organizing for you? Inspired by an antique design, a built-in bookshelf offers convenience and beauty. The rear trough helps you organize papers, mail, or anything that you'd normally stuff... [More]


Atmosfera Collection

Straight from Italia, the high fashion Atmosfera Collection ($Inquire) by Ilbagno Bandini looks like the backdrop of a runway in Milan. Pick up those dropped jaws and take a deep breath--Yes, it's actually that yellow, and hipsters had nothing to do with it. Neo-mod silhouettes, clean lines and sharp color... [More]


Whitbread Wilkinson Pantone Bag

If you're going to carry a pink bag, just be sure that it's really pink. That's our advice. Those of you who liked the Pantone mugs we featured a while back should also enjoy this Whitbread Wilkinson Pantone messenger bag ($70), available in five colors. The pink, with a grey... [More]



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abbey hoodie-s.jpg

Abbey Hoodie

In the future, sportswear will look more like the Abbey Hoodie ($115) to protect our pretty face from harsh Martian winds. Granted, the bright color blocking won't help us blend into our alien landscape, but at least we'll be abducted in style. Sci-fi nonsense aside, this comfy sleeveless cowl necked... [More]


Ariella Statement Ring

A bright pop of color is a great way to summer-ize any outfit. (What? You can winterize, so surely you can summerize, right?) If you're not ready to go for it with an eye-popping shirt or dress, why not snag a delicious Ariella Collection Statement Ring ($58)? This juicy burst... [More]


Pivot Power Outlet

First & foremost, the Pivot Power Outlet Strip ($23) is only available for pre-sale right now - it will go into production once they reach 960 pre-sale commitments at Quirky. Pre-sale technicalities aside, isn't this thing cool? This power strip bends and flexes into different shapes, enabling you to save... [More]


Moroccan Tea Glasses

Ever since the ladies of "Sex And The City" decided to take us on a North African get-away we've been dying to get our hands on some treasures from this age-old paradise. The Moroccan Tea Glasses ($29) bring a taste of the exotic into your home with six beautifully designed... [More]


Blue Hawaii Throw

Blue Hawaii Throw ($712), you had us at hello. Your serene blues and tropical flowers have us absolutely love-drunk. And your lovingly stitched cotton makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We just can't quit you, Blue Hawaii Throw!... [More]


Isabella Oliver Toga Dress

Isabella Oliver is perhaps best known for stylish maternity clothes, but their 365 line is well worth keeping an eye on. You'll find simple, beautifully tailored pieces that are made to celebrate a woman's body. Anyone would feel like a Grecian goddess in the IO Toga Dress ($148, regular $229).... [More]

peeler glove-s.jpg

Peeler Glove

The inmate orange color may be too loud, but the monstrous appearance of the Peeler Glove ($16) is fully functional. Slip these babies on and forget about dangerous blades and bacteria ridden scrubber brushes of veggie prep. The rough, nubby surface cleans and skins vegetables with natural hand motions.... [More]


DuWop Flight Stick

The secret to making the most of the 3oz-or-less toiletries rule when traveling by plane, we've found, is to pack double duty products. DuWop Flight Stick ($28) might just be worth the indignity of suffering through a flight in coach. In the middle seat. Why? It's a cosmetic wunderkind: part... [More]


Umbrella Skirt

Umbrellas make great rain shields, but did you know they also make fab skirts?! Italian designer Cecilia Felli probably had the same thought we did every time one of our umbrellas accidentally breaks: what a shame to waste such a great pattern! We threw ours away, but girlfriend worked it... [More]


Lekue Lemon Squeezer

Who wants lemon seeds in their drinks or on their dinner? Not us - so we picked up the Lekue Lemon Squeezer ($9) and now we're seed free. This little guy allows you to store cut lemons in the refrigerator as well as dispensing just the right amount of juice... [More]



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Personal Shopper: Silk Rompers for Jael

Jael wrote, "I'm looking for a silk romper that is cute and would be slinky and cool in this inferno that we call Texas, but nothing too outrageously priced. Thanks!" Jael, you didn't say what you considered "outrageously priced," so we tried to stick to the $100-and-under price bracket as... [More]


G2 Self-Guiding Yoga Mat

Thinking about some yoga to help keep you lean during bathing suit season, but not quite ready to downward your dog in front of strangers? We get that. Have a sweat and stretch session in the comfort of your own home when you pick up a G2 Fit Self-Guiding Yoga... [More]


Smith's Rosebud Salve in a Tube

Rosebud Salve in a Tube ($6) just supplanted the original Smith's Rosebud Salve tin in our purse. Why? The buzzword of the 21st century: convenience. All the rose-scented moisture, subtle tint, and shine of our standby balm, in a pocket-friendly tube. See more rosebud salve.... [More]


Bathtub Couch

Our tub is tied for second in the race for Favorite Place in the House (bed is #1, duh), which is why this Cast Iron Bathtub Couch ($1700) is pure genius! It's retro fabulous and a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Plus, now we can spend hours in the tub without getting... [More]


Celeb Style: Kourtney Kardashian's Zebra Clutch

When stepping out with her sister, Kim, for some shopping, Kourtney Kardashian gave her khaki crops and white scoopneck tee a safari feel by carrying the Jimmy Choo Marin Zebra Clutch ($1,175). New mom Kourtney is always making the fashion pages of gossip magazines, and with good reason. Her zebra... [More]


Boomerang Wok

We know that we can snatch up a $7 wok at IKEA, but we're not kids anymore. We want kitchenware with presence, and the Boomerang Wok by Nikolai Carels for Royal VKB ($102) is just what the doctor ordered. A unique patented cupped edge (no fish-eye camera lens here) makes... [More]


Special Guest Post by Furniture Facts: Safe Sunning

Hey hey hey, Outblushers! Time for another fabulous guest post, this time by the decor gurus at Furniture Facts. It's summer, so we're all spending a lot of time outdoors chillaxin' on our patio furniture. If you're outdoors, you need sunscreen. Period. So read on for some of their favorite... [More]


Medley Vase

Why on earth would you settle for one vase when you can have six?! The Medley Vase ($70) makes a perfect statement centerpiece. Fill each polished aluminum vase with a different flower, or create a humongous arrangement with bouquets of blooms. You can also use each vase separately and fill... [More]


chips. dips. beer bottles in the dishwasher.

There's no better birthday sentiment. chips. dips. beer bottles in the dishwasher. ($5) betty davis eyes. don't stop believin'. straws as microphones. dance injury. unpaid bar tab. late night china town. non-existent cab ride.... [More]

Dolce Vita Open-Toe Suede Clogs

Dolce Vita Open-Toe Suede Clogs

Clogs are makin' a comeback this Fall! And the Dolce Vita Open-Toe Suede Clogs ($159) are simply gorgeous clogs because they don't possess that typical clunky clog look. These pretty shoes are a clever cross between a clog and a pump. This sumptuous suede open-toe shoe stands tall on a... [More]

refractor lashes-s.jpg

Shu Uemura Neo Reflector False Eyelashes

To see how daring you really are, try the Shu Uemura Neo Reflector False Eyelashes ($65) on for size. Plucked from futuristic cyber-chic fashion, moon shaped sequins give these these silver coated lashes extra sparkle. We'd fit in at a Lady Gaga event and blend in with runway interpretations of... [More]


Low & Slow: Master the Art of Barbecue

Gary Wiviott, author of Low &Slow: Master the Art of Barbecue ($14), goes by the title "barbecue life coach." The man is a maestro of smoking and grilling, and he has a zero tolerance policy on propane. We dig! Gary's philosophy is that grilling isn't about gas and sauce, but... [More]


Whirl Bubble Dress

Black lace and vintage bark print with a sprinkling of polka-dots? Sure, we'll give it a whirl! Whirl Bubble Dress ($128) from Adhesif.... [More]


Newborn Noonie

After seeing the Babies documentary, we went on a total baby kick. We don't even have a baby, but there are so many cool baby toys and accessories, we can't resist browsing the baby section (in a totally non-creepy way). Here's one super adorbs find: the Newborn Noonie ($52). It's... [More]


West Elm Hammered Disk Hang Strand

Does anyone else look at these West Elm Hammered Disk Hang Strands ($18 each) and think, "Hey, I could totally make a necklace out of that!"? Well, even if the hammered aluminum disks end up being too large to wear as a lavaliere necklace, they'll still look great strung up... [More]


CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner

Oh, CoverGirl... You've been there for us since our early makeup days (we've still got a soft spot for Clean Foundation and LipSlicks Lip Gloss), and like us, you just keep getting better with age. We are loving your latest offering, Liquiline Blast Eyeliner ($8), which is quite possibly the... [More]

waist trimmer-s.jpg

Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt

In the midst of swimsuit season, battling the bulge is a near constant struggle. Maybe we could skip a few crunches with the help of the Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt ($13). This femme pink number provides extra back support but promotes waterloss, so make sure you stay hydrated.... [More]


Kelsi Dagger Camellia

Trust us, a flat summer sandal in a neutral or metallic is a lifesaver - it'll dress up a casual outfit without much effort or give you a comfortable alternative to painful heels for a wedding or cocktail party. We like the sophisticated look of Kelsi Dagger's Camellia Sandal ($80).... [More]


Personal Shopper: Lingerie for Ben's Wife-to-Be

Ben wrote, "I'm a guy and I've been following your RSS feed for about two years now to get gift ideas for my sister, mother, and girlfriend/future wife. I've noted that you guys give shopping advice and I sure could use your help. I'm getting married at the end of... [More]


Goldfish Cupcake Toppers

We've been into the goldfish aesthetic since visiting koi ponds as children and reading Griffin & Sabine as teenagers, so you really can't blame us for suddenly fixating on these handmade goldfish cupcake toppers ($18 for six). They'd be cute on cupcakes, we agree, but what we really want to... [More]


Nila Anthony Woven Handbag

We would very much like the Nila Anthony Woven Handbag ($99) in Black, Yellow and Pink. Thank you.... [More]


International Boat Code Flag Print

We are quite smitten with the International Boat Code Flag Prints ($15) with their retro feel and cheeky sayings. An entire wall full of these prints featuring boatie flags indicating what state your boat is in would be too fun. Letter T indicates, "Keep Clear of me, I am engaged... [More]


Obey Carousel Ring

We'll say now what we said as five year-olds: Dibs on the pink pony! Obey Carousel Ring ($34, in gold or silver)... [More]


New Wave Victorian Cards

Did you know Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" actually debuted in 1879 (not 1979) and was played o'er the land at the finest Victorian balls of the century? True story. And the New Wave Victorian Cards ($4) from The Spotted Sparrow were actually made to commemorate this era... [More]


Green Apple Yoga Pants

We're big fans of bamboo products of any variety (and also creatures who eat it, like Pandas ). Green Apple Yoga pants are our newest bamboo-based obsession. They're soft almost to the point of absurdity, love your curves like a sonnet, and are equally perfect for sweating your sweet ass... [More]

garlic grater-s.jpg

Garlic Grater and Peeler

Awww how cute, the Garlic Grater and Peeler ($3) look like a mama garlic and a baby garlic. Adorable? Yes, but the jury's still out on the usefulness factor. For a few bucks, it couldn't hurt to take a gamble on this space saving item.... [More]


Glaminoir Stud Purse Hanger

The moment we laid eyes on our purse hanger, we were HOOKED (ha, couldn't resist). Looking back on it now, we kind of can't believe we survived without one up until then. That's why we were so excited to discover Glaminoir Purse Hangers ($30), which come in hip designs like... [More]


Luster 1 Hour White Tooth Whitening System

Overlook the fact that the Luster 1 Hour White Tooth Whitening System ($45) has über cheesy packaging and delight in its performance. For less than white strips and far less than that $500 trip to the dentist for similar whitening, you can get your teeth back to pearly white in... [More]


Sirène Tigerlily Bikini

It takes a woman who isn't afraid of color & prints to confidently pull off a Sirène Tigerlily Bikini ($189), but we think you can do it. The Lily Pulitzer-esque print will make you the brightest babe on the beach, and the high-waisted retro bikini bottom tightens up any leftover... [More]


Weak Tea Weak Mind Mug

Next week on the T-Team: Mr. T drinks a cup of weak tea! He can't fight the T-Team's evil arch-nemesis: his mind is too weak!! Noooooooooo! If only Mr. T had drunk from his Weak Tea Weak Mind Mug ($13) that morning!... [More]


Personal Shopper: Barcelona Travel Clothes for Robin

Robin S. wrote in with a dilemma: "I hope you can help me. I am traveling to Barcelona in September and want to travel with one carry on bag and my purse as I will most likely be changing planes multiple times. I plan to dress casually most of the... [More]


La Tour Eiffel

Of course, you cannot deny the flirty Parisian style of this La Tour Eiffel Dress ($76) from Shabby Apple, especially given the name and the fact that the model is standing in front of the freakin' thing! And while we adore the sophisticated sensibility, if you don't happen to be... [More]


Queen Bee Tote

A girl can never have enough totes, especially ones that announce loud and proud that we're a force to be reckoned with. Stash your stuff in this jute Queen Bee Bucket Tote ($35). It's big enough to hold everything you need, except maybe your attitude, you sassy thing.... [More]


Zoe Brand Square Blackboard Brooch

Think we could use Zoe Brand Blackboard Brooches ($108) to play our own version of Pop-Up Video at parties, behind people's backs? Oh, the possibilities...... [More]


Hedgehog Hand Towel

For being so prickly, hedgehogs sure are darn cute. Since they don't make cuddly pets, we'll appreciate their likeness in this soft Hedgehog Hand Towel ($15). This cotton hand towel is available in a variety of different colorful hedgehog parades, all equally adorable.... [More]


Pop-Up Bicycle Basket

The resurgence of love for the hip, ecofriendly mode of transportation, the bicycle, has also brought with it an influx of awesome bike related products. The Pop-Up Bicycle Basket ($75) is no exception. Designed to be installed in either the front or back of any bicycle, its unique design and... [More]


Lucius Sweet Cupcake Necklace

Handmade from sterling silver & available with either a 16" or 18" rope chain, the Lucius Sweet Cupcake Necklace ($85) is sure to put you in a saccharine sweet mood - in a good way, of course! See more cupcake charms.... [More]


Fusionwood Knives Set with Display

Who needs to worry about decorating when they have the Fusionwood Knives Set with Display ($995) on their kitchen counter? Handcrafted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this stunning seven piece knife set is more sculptural masterpiece than kitchen tool. It includes all you'll ever need to be a rockin' chef -... [More]


Benefit Cream Shadow

Summertime calls for lightweight, easy, stay-put makeup and Benefit's got us covered with Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner ($19). It's available in a range of shades from shimmery nude to a smoky blue. As the name implies, you can use this shimmery cream as either a shadow or a liner - we... [More]

Retro Floral Dress

Retro Floral Halter Dress

The Retro Floral Halter Dress ($198) exudes pin-up girl sensuality! This flirty dress is perfect for all of your summer soirees. The halter sweetheart neck and full swingy skirt will surely be a hit.... [More]


This Is A Call: Rodial Skinny Beach Sticks

We'd hate to recommend products that we ourselves don't love or have tried, but with millions of products out there, there just aren't enough hours in the day to try them all. We came across the Rodial Skinny Beach Sticks ($60) and like most diet/supplement products wondered, are these legit?... [More]


Personal Shopper: Bridesmaid Shoes for Kaycee S

Kaycee wrote, "Hey Outblush friends! Need your help...I'm looking for shoes to go with my bridesmaid dress. The color is tropical aqua in silk taffeta from J.Crew... The bride said we could wear whatever color shoe we would like. Any suggestions?? Thanks a ton!" Kaycee, we'd suggest a light metallic... [More]


The Imagine Project

When we want good tunes, jazz piano doesn't immediately comes to mind, but after discovering Herbie Hancock, we're reaching for his albums frequently. His latest work, The Imagine Project ($12), is a collaboration with a slew of notable international musicians, ranging from Dave Matthews and Chaka Khan to Juanes and... [More]

cc skye-s.jpg

CC Skye Bridgette Handbag

*heart flutters* We're getting palpitations drooling over the dangerous looking CC Skye Bridgette Handbag ($438). Shimmery black python and gunmetal chains, chains, and more chains are just the ticket for our bad-ass club getup. Lose the actual guns, Arizona--this will do just fine.... [More]


Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner

You know how DIY beauty enthusiasts recommend applying cool, wet teabags to your eyes to reduce puffiness? Same principle with Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner ($27) to soothe and tighten tired skin. It contains white, black, and green teas, calming rice bran extract, and moisture-binding hyaluronic acid. Best part? Gals... [More]


Map Handkerchief

Steps for finding your way around Tokyo: 1. Untie your handkerchief. 2. Refer to map printed on handkerchief. Map Handkerchief ($9)... [More]


Silk Navy Bow Dress

We can only imagine how good it must feel to wear the Silk Navy Bow Dress ($75). Not only will it have you looking absolutely gorg for your next dinner date, but its draped silk is so light and soft, you'll feel like you're wearing your most comfy pair of... [More]


Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000

We're not showing you the Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000 ($40) so that you can spend your days looking for new "friends" on Chat Roulette; we do however want you to enjoy great 720p HD video. With auto focus, TrueColor technology that delivers bright and colorful video, digital zoom, wide-angle lens and... [More]


Good, Better, Best Wines: A No-Nonsense Guide to Popular Wines

We fully admit that some of us are not the oenophiles that we pretend - a trip to the wine store turns into either grabbing the most expensive wine, because we think that means quality, or the least expensive, cause it's not pay day. Examining the top 120 brands listed... [More]


Fever Dream Camisole

We hope our friends don't notice we've worn this Fever Dream Camisole ($98) to nearly every function so far this spring and summer. It just works so well for any occasion and it's insanely flattering! We wore it to the bar with skinny jeans, a barbecue with shorts, and even... [More]


Watermelon Cowboy

Like a Watermelon Cowboy ($10), riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo.... [More]


Exfoliating Rice Powder

Is it really that weird that we wish we could just dip our finger into our coconut body butter and give it a lick? We just want to see if it tastes as good as it smells! (Thankfully, we have self control, so we won't be making any trips to... [More]


Kool Collar

Since your dog can't sweat, and you insist on taking him outside in Equatorial like temperatures, the least you can do is hook him up with some added comfort in the form of the Kool Collar ($16). A reusable freezer tube is placed inside his new washable and easy to... [More]


Jemma Earrings

Bellissima's Jemma Earrings ($46) remind us of a certain print-loving, British designer whose initials are O.K. Okay, we'll tell you! Orla Kiely! Do you see it? White jade, amazonite, hemimorphite, and green jade totem to create something that resembles a 3-dimensional version of Orla Kiely's signature leaf pattern. We doubt... [More]

jazz basket-s.jpg

Jazz Basket and Tea Towels

We'd say the Jazz Basket and Tea Towels ($9/basket, $12/tea towels) by LinenMe were more prep-nautical than jazzy, since there are no sparkles to speak of, but we like 'em anyhow. We're fond of smart looking storage, but what if our kitchen is already fully stocked? These stripy pure linen... [More]


Callaway Moc Golf Shoe

It's easy to see how some of us would shy away from swinging the wrenches - seriously, have you seen the fashion on those links! Well, fashion based excuses may have to go out the window with items like the Callaway Moc Golf Shoe ($108). Who could argue with wearing... [More]


Orange Sorbet Tote

Not a day goes by that we don't fantasize about grabbing our Orange Sorbet Tote ($83), stuffing it with magazines, and running off to the beach (to contentedly lay on the sand like a beached whale). Sadly, this whole having a job thing doesn't really jive with our fantasy...but, at... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Wedding Album for Camille

Camille writes, "I recently got married and need a reasonably priced wedding album. I prefer something fun and modern and have a hard time finding an album that is not that expensive. I love your ideas so I hope you will be able to help me out!!" Congratulations on getting... [More]


White Collar: Season 1

With the "summer season" starting on TV (aka nothing but reality shows and pilots the networks are testing out on those of us who didn't go on vacation), we find ourselves turning to our old favorites. Okay, so White Collar ($54) isn't actually "old," but it is a favorite. The... [More]

crochet owl pillow-s.jpg

Crochet Owl Pillow

A lil' hoot hoot waits for us on the couch, and it won't shed any fur or feathers. Not only is the Crochet Owl Pillow ($40) precious, but he has lovely neutral-bright color combos essential for our home decor's well being. Awww... who could resist those big adoring eyes?... [More]


Solerra Tanee Tan Line Corrector

Love getting your tan on but hate how your cute sun dresses look with odd tan lines chilling at the top? The Solerra Tanee Tan Line Corrector ($6) to the rescue. A sunless tanner in a tube that works as a line filler for tan lines around your neck and... [More]


Suede Juniper Peep-Toe

Have you heard of Etienne Aigner? Neither had we some of us, but he's a mayjah shoe designer from France! He even worked with Dior (mayjah x2!). We're glad Etienne decided to take on shoe designing because we love love love his Suede Juniper Peep-Toe ($49). These dainty peeps have... [More]


Personal Shopper: Nursing Clothes for Anita L

Anita writes, "As a new mom, I need some clothes that are multifunctional. I'm going back to work soon, so they need to be work appropriate. But also easy for breast feeding & pumping. The other part is that I'm still not back down to pre-pregnancy size, so I'd like... [More]


Organic Lady Day Bag

Traipsing about town gets us plenty warmed up in the summertime. Add a heavy leather bag, and we're a downright sweaty mess (we could also do without the feeling of leather sticking to us. Ack!). Just give us a light handbag, like the Organic Lady Day Bag ($79) from Pansy... [More]


Powder Pouch

We all love the beach, but that doesn't mean we want to take it home with us. The Powder Pouch ($11) makes removing all that unwanted sand a snap. A drawstring bag encloses a soft cotton pouch with a starter supply of talc powder. Washable and refillable, it's also great... [More]


Tin Can Talk to Me! Card

While rest of the world is still fawning over their new iPhone 4, we thought we'd just go with a classic tin can. It's affordable, reliable, and comes with a meal inside! And how convenient! Our boyfriend's waiting for us on the other end. Tin Can Talk to Me! Card... [More]


Boots Body Butters

If you've been hunting around for a new body lotion, look no further. The Boots Body Butters ($9) are velvety, hydrating, and come in an array of scents that will mesmerize you with their deliciousness. Depending on what flavor you fancy, you can choose to smell like a magical rain... [More]


Personal Shopper: Kitchen Storage for Tania C

Tania C. wrote, "Hey guys! I need some help! I've just moved into my first home and need a way to store all of my utensils. I have one of those dividing trays but how about all my large spoons, ladles and other larger items?? Please help! My drawer is... [More]


Personal Shopper: Birthday Gifts for Kendall's Beautiful Mom

Says Kendall: "My mom is my best friend. Pure and simple, she is the one I always go to and share everything with. She is beyond beautiful in every way, many people don't believe she's my mom because she looks like she's 30! She loves Hawaii but will never move... [More]


Sales & Steals: 6/25/10

It's June 25, and you know what that means, don't you? Only six more shopping months til Christmas! Ow! Stop hitting us, we were kidding, we swear! Regardless of whether or not you're one of those people who has all their Xmas gifts purchased by Halloween (if you are, then... [More]


Top Secret Sequin Bandeau

Summer's the time for loose sundresses and drapey tanks, making a bandeau bra a must have. Spice up summer nights with Top Secret's Tribute Sequin Bandeau ($29 on sale). A little peek of shimmer from under a low cut solid tank is certain to garner some attention.... [More]


Tentacle Ring

Normally we're not fond of octopus unless we're eating them, or watching Bill Nighy as Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean - but there's something about this Tentacle Ring ($160) that grabs us. A real octopus tentacle is cast in sterling silver after being drilled, carved and shaped. Strangely... [More]

python tape-s.jpg

Python Tape

Python accessories aren't usually our thing, but we're letting everyone at the office know that we do bite, with the Python Tape ($16) by Atypyk. Because if you're a snake, we're a snake. Be afraid. Be very afraid, bitches.... [More]


Facial Mask Sheet

Ultraviolet rays, smoggy air, and stress = skin in dire need of repair! Thanks to Muji, all we have to do is throw on a toner-soaked Compressed Facial Mask ($3) to get our skin looking supple and fresh again. What's amazing about this mask is that it soaks up only... [More]


Iro Raat Dress

We told ourselves that we couldn't fall in love with fashion again until our next paycheck, but the Iro Raat Dress ($158) is a dashing temptation. Don't misjudge; this is not thin denim. It's topaz blue silk. The tie-factor, line of gold buttons, and sultry fringe mix classic casual with... [More]


JJ Cole 180 Baby Bag

Diaper bags can swell to monumental proportions and unless you're packing up to track your way across the desert Bedouin-style opting for a smaller tote might be the way to go. This JJ Cole System Bag 180 ($69) is compact and practical. Strategic pockets abound so you'll be able to... [More]


Dave's Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

Friends, don't let this simple unassuming glass jar fool you, for inside lies pure liquid gold. Dave's Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce ($7) is a fresh sauce alternative made with all natural butternut squash, garlic, onions and roasted red pepper. Sweet, delicious and nowhere near your normal tomato sauce, it... [More]


Birdseye Hook

Over-the-door hooks make us think of our days in the dorms and cringe just a little bit, but the fact is, when we're short on storage they can be a lifesaver. Luckily, this Birdseye Over-the-Door Hook ($28) is so cute, we're happy to hang it. Each of the 5 birdies... [More]


Culture Club: Georgia O'Keeffe

Her life story has been scandalized time and time again in soap opera fashion, but the Georgia O'Keeffe ($18) by director Bob Balaban is a gem. Glowing performances of Joan Allen as Georgia and Jeremy Irons as influential gallerist, artist, and husband Alfred Steiglitz are not the melodramatic hissy fits... [More]


Samantha Pleet Tie Dress

Little black dresses are especially little now that we've officially crossed into summer. Take the Samantha Pleet Tie Dress ($290), which is so little that it's more like a little black tunic! Slits run high along the thigh, which adds just the right touch of "Hi, please stare at my... [More]


The Dunk Mug

The problem: How on earth will we carry our cookies, coffee, and stack of trashy magazines all to the couch? The solution: The Dunk Mug ($21). Stash your cookies for easy carrying or snacking on the go. In a stroke of true brilliance, it's also available in a left handed... [More]


Dew Me Makeup Setting Spray

While the suggestive name might draw you in, Dew Me Makeup Setting Spray ($29) has the goods to keep you coming back for more. Not only does this wonder spray hold your makeup flawlessly in place for 16 hours, but it also moisturizes your skin. Look fabulously dewy and glowing... [More]


Finger Food Spoons

Eat with your hands...sorta. Finger Food Spoons ($8) fit neatly on your fingertip so you can scoop up bits of whatever you or someone else are eating or cooking, without burning yourself or garnering a, "Hey! You contaminated my yogurt!".... [More]


Malin + Goetz Rum Tonic

It can be spritzed. It's a tonic. It contains rum. It can be mixed. Malin + Goetz Rum Tonic ($48): cocktail or not? Not! This Rum Tonic is actually a delicious rum-based fragrance. Malin + Goetz created a line of fragrances meant to be mixed and matched with complementary... [More]


Miele Bianco Orange Shoulder Bag with Bow

A little bit orange creamsicle, a lot bit cute, this Miele Bianco Orange Shoulder Bag with Bow ($68) is an easy way to add color to your outfit. Featuring an inner zip pocket and a smartphone pocket, plus a satin polka dot lining (squee!), it's practical and fashionable. Now, if... [More]


Incase Gold Chrome iPhone Case

After standing in line for more hours than you'd like to admit, you've finally made it home with your precious new phone: THE iPHONE 4. It's so new and shiny, you can't stop playing with it...but what if it was even shinier? Is that even possible?! YES! It is! The... [More]


Panache Monroe Swimsuit

50's-inspired bathing suits are all over the place this summer, and with good reason. The suits offer more coverage than a more modern style, but still manage to flaunt your curves. This Monroe Halter Swimsuit by Panache ($92) will make you feel like a Hollywood vixen. The polka dots are... [More]

Sensio-Bella-Cucina-Rocket Blender-letter.jpg

Sensio Rocket Blender

Only the all-hallowed ice cream beats out smoothies as best summer treat. These velvety concoctions of fruit and yogurt are a chilly and delicious (and healthy!) pick me up on a hot day. If you have the Jamba Juice menu memorized you should perhaps consider investing in the Sensio Bella... [More]


Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy

Personally, we probably would've named this beauty product Rhinestone Cowboy, since that whole male prostitute thing isn't really our bag...but all that aside, the product is faboo! Slather on some of Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer Lotion ($28) for soft skin and subtle shimmer that doesn't make you look... [More]


Personal Shopper: 36DD Sports Bras for Alex

Alex commented on our 30DD bras personal shopper post, "Hey Outblush, I saw this post and was inspired to get your advice for me. I am a 36DD and I'm trying to find a sports bra that I can actually wear to work out in. My problem is that they... [More]


Corte & Denim Slip On

We'll probably never get off our hamburger addiction (is that gross?), but that doesn't mean we'll pass up a cute pair of vegan flats! Osborn's original textile designs are what first caught our eye, but when we discovered their shoes were not only recycled but also vegan, we kind of... [More]


Hey Good Looking Card

Who couldn't use a smile delivered to their mailbox? We know the Hey Good Looking Card ($8) would certainly brighten our day - hint, hint.... [More]

bottle holder-s.jpg

Charlotte Bottle Holder

Let's go back to basics, super adorable basics, with the Charlotte Bottle Holder ($15). Mommies can keep bottles at the perfect temperature with this darling graphic bottle insulator. This 100% cotton coated canvas with insulated lining is vegan by nature, and it's Spring-Summer organic print looks fabulous, baby.... [More]


Double Cross Peplum Dress

Peplum is more than just a fun word to say. It's what gives the Double Cross Peplum Dress ($58) it's OMG factor! (Though, we think the stunning cross-strap back and peacock blue might induce a few OMGs, too.) *Note: Available only in large.... [More]


Scoop It Forward

We're not above bribing you for your friendship, and Target and Ben & Jerry's are not above bribing you for your free time and betterment of your community. Head over to Scoop It Forward, search for volunteer opportunities in your community, register with the organization and you'll receive a coupon... [More]


Shredder Scissors

Ugh, credit card applications, the bane of our existence! They flood our mailbox as if we needed any more of an excuse to shop, and then they sit on our desk for days. While it might seem easier to torch your pile of junk mail, we found a better (and... [More]


Multicolor Amber Flower Necklace

So we tried on a spectacular amber necklace some weeks ago. The saleslady was very nice, too, but as we looked at in the mirror she provided we realized two things, both rather sadly: one, we couldn't afford a spectacular amber necklace, and two, we have nowhere to wear a... [More]


Misty Mate Patio Mister

If you're like us, most of you have been living under oppressive heat for the past few weeks, with sadly, no end in sight. We refuse to sacrifice our outdoor time just because Mother Nature won't cooperate with our needs - so we're taking matters into our own hands and... [More]


Davines Glorifying Shimmering Shampoo

Listen to your hair: is it moaning in pain from the constant dyeing, highlighting, flat-ironing, curling, and blow drying? It needs a vacation, missy! Davines Glorifying Shimmering Shampoo ($21) is like a spa getaway in a bottle. The creamy formula has sunflower extract, oat amino acids, and wheat protein to... [More]

scroll lamps-s.jpg

Scroll Lamps

Strapping young designer brothers Steven and WIlliam have made a splash with their new site, and we've fallen hard for the swirling light bulb bases of their Scroll Lamps ($150-350). Recycled belt trimmings wound tight have a peculiar beauty that's more uptown than we could've imagined. With a range of... [More]


Guitar Spatula

Get your morning off to a rocking start with the Guitar Spatula ($15). This silicone spatula has a heat-resistant neck and body with imprinted guitar details. A nice sized flipping surface allows you to flip and fold pancakes and eggs worthy of the rock gods. We expect some nice air... [More]


Have some candy!

We love replying to positive comments and helping y'all out with Personal Shopper posts, gift ideas, and general shopping mayhem. But... (You knew there was a but, didn't you? You smart creature, you!) There's been a lot of Negative Nelly comments lately, some downright rude, and we feel like it... [More]


Personal Shopper: Maternity Swimsuits for Nichole M

Nichole says, "I don't enjoy wearing a bathing suit on a typical day. Now - I'm pregnant - and going on a cruise! Are there any cute maternity bathing suits out there that are flattering, supportive and don't cost a fortune? Thanks!" Aww, yay for pregnant ladies! Congrats on the... [More]


Miraculous Push-Up Bra

You saw the ads, you watched the commercials - great, another bra that makes super models look even more amazing. We thought the same until - we tried it. This review and product suggestion comes straight from one Outblush editor who could not believe her eyes, or boobs for that... [More]

Pretty-in-Pink Fan 100.jpg

Pretty-in-Pink Ceiling Light

We're pretty sure that this is meant for a little girls room, but that seems terribly limiting. As long as everything else in your room is pretty minimalist, this adorable Pretty-in-Pink Ceiling Light ($100) (yes, that's the real name), could be the perfect pop of color and whimsy to an... [More]


Tana's Kitchen Secrets

Ever wonder what kind of woman could be married to Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares? Most likely the exact opposite of what you imaged is true. Tana's Kitchen Secrets ($20) is an inside look into the world of the charming and talented wife of Mr. Ramsey.... [More]


Leather Lace iPhone Case

Rah rah, it's iPhone 4 day!! iPhone iPhone iPhone, it's all we're hearing about. Except, we didn't get a new one. So, we're treating our perfectly wonderful iPhone 3G to a pretty new case. This beautiful Leather Purple Lace Case ($38) is our top contender at the moment. As a... [More]


Fleetwood Mac Penguin Stripe Tee

While the popularity and appropriateness of statement tees comes and goes like the tides, there's one thing that will always remain in our t-shirt collection - concert tees! The Fleetwood Mac Penguin Strip Tee ($23) is a great little throw back yet modern addition to your weekend play gear. Super... [More]


Zombie Teacup

A teacup with a brain on it? Kind of odd, but add the inscription "I love you more than zombies love brains" and it becomes an instant awww-inducing treasure. Share the love by giving your sweetie this Zombies Love Brains Teacup ($15).... [More]

LED Light Mine 100.jpg

Magnetic LED Light-Mine

Half-year resolution? Stop calling on the boys every time you need something technical or manual done. Changing a tire isn't that hard, after all. But don't venture into the unknown without the right equipment. This affordable Magnetic LED Light-Mine ($8) provides a crisp spotlight wherever you might need it. The... [More]


Doubtblush: Maxi Mouse Pad

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash-money for it when they could instead spend it on food or something awesome like this. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never understand... Were the late,... [More]


Battenberg Lace Parasol

Scarlett: Oh! You, sir, are no gentleman. Rhett: And you, Miss, are no lady. Don't think I hold that against you. Ladies have never held any appeal for me. Sorry, we start twirling the Battenberg Lace Parasol ($38) and we're whisked away to Gone With the Wind land. You can... [More]



Nope, this isn't some sort of steampunk thing. SteamCream ($18) is a revolutionary vegan cream moisturizer for face, body, and hands. The formula, which contains lavender oil, orange flower water, and oatmeal, is bound together with a steam-infused manufacturing process, which helps the ingredients absorb into skin more quickly and... [More]


Kainkain Anchor Pillow Cover

Despite our best efforts, we have yet to make a friend with a boat. We have also, sadly, not won the lottery and bought our own boat. So, since we won't be sailing the high seas this summer, we thought we'd lounge on our couch cuddled up against a pillow... [More]

macbook holder-ss.jpg

Abbi Spazzolato MacBook Pro Case

Ah yes, we bet you young money Mac users would love indulging in an Italian Collection. The aerodynamic look of the Abbi Spazzolato MacBook Pro Case ($35) adds sleek fashion sensibility to our business accessories. Stunning nickel hardware and slider-design handles are the cherries on top.... [More]

bombshell bluetooth-s.jpg

Jawbone ICON Bombshell Bluetooth

So it turns out, all bluetooth headsets are not made equally. Of the stunning jewelry-like Jawbone ICON Series, we choose the Bombshell model ($100), obviously. There's no background noise here, thanks to an exclusive Voice Activity Sensor (VAS), which recognizes our voice and eliminates all other sounds. Claiming the best... [More]


Madewell Legère Ruffled Vest

This Madewell Legère Ruffled Vest ($62) is the kind of piece that's perfect for keeping in your office - you know, when your boss turns the AC up to glacial levels and you're shivering in your chair? Available in 4 neutral hues, the grandfather-style vest features feminine placket ruffles for... [More]


Sea Glass Wreath

Wreaths aren't just for the ho-ho-holidays, ladies! Decorate your space with a Sea Glass Wreath ($89) this season. The circle of pretty colorful tumbled glass is a nice reminder of when we were young and actually had time to spend days at the beach searching out treasures.... [More]


Lotus Flower Chandelier

Could there be any more romantic lighting than a giant orb of blooms? This Lotus Flower Chandelier ($329 small, $649 large) will cast a lovely light and is certain to be a centerpiece for whatever room you hang it in.... [More]


Laura Geller Mini Shine & Shield SPF 15 Lip Gloss Trio

Lip glosses are like shoes and suitors: you can never have too many. Add three more to your collection with Laura Geller's Mini Shine and Shield SPF 15 Lip Gloss Trio ($24). These lush glosses contain antioxidants and vitamin E to shield and nourish lips, plus summery, shimmery tints. Pucker... [More]


Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season

The boys can pretend all they want that Entourage is just for them, but come ladies, who doesn't like to cuddle up on Sunday nights with Vince and the guys? Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season ($23) brings back the fire that was lost in seasons 4 and 5 and sets... [More]


Personal Shopper: Ribbon-Tie Shoes for Winnie C

Winnie C. wrote, "Hi! I need help finding some ballet flats, sandals or wedges that has a ribbon that wraps around your ankle. Something like this, but like I said in wedges, sandals or flats. I've been looking everywhere for them and they have to be comfy (my feet are... [More]


PaulaandErika White Small Ruffles Curtains

More romantic than a Jane Austen movie marathon, these enchanting PaulaandErika White Small Ruffles Curtains ($150) add vintage grace to any window. Hand-sewn from sheer white muslin, they let just enough light filter through for a soft-focus glow, any time of day or night. See more ruffled curtains.... [More]


Ring Bearer Bowl

The ring bearer - easily one of the cutest parts of the wedding ceremony, but do they have to carry that cheesy pillow? No they do not! This beautiful Ring Bearer Bowl ($38) is handcrafted in ceramic and stamped with the encouraging words, BE HAPPY. BE LOVING. BE TRUE. Two... [More]

canon 100.jpg

Canon Photo Printer

In the era of digital cameras, flickr slideshows, and facebook albums, it's easy to forget the joys of the physical picture. With the luxury of the digital delete, unlike those albums from middle school where 20 out of the 24 photos were duds, every one that you save these days... [More]


MijuAndYou Arrow Ring

Every time we look at the Arrow Rings ($24 each) in MijuAndYou's Etsy shop, we think "shot through the heart!" and then Bon Jovi is stuck in our head all day. Maybe you'll think something, "this is a f*cking cool ring!"... [More]

lemon linens-ss.jpg

Lemon Table Linens

Definitely not a lemon in the dud sense, the Lemon Table Linens ($60 napkins, $80 runner, $90 tablecloth) scream summery goodness. Speaking of goodness, this soft white set is completely eco-friendly and printed with organic water-based inks as natural as the summer sun. We're feeling energized just looking at these... [More]


Ella Moss Taffy Tank

We coveted the 'Taffy' tank from Ella Moss ($58) from the first moment we saw it. The easy fit, the lace trim, the grosgrain ribbon in the back, and the built-in shelf bra all make us very happy. Now if only a beautiful cloud of red hair came with it... [More]


Macy Gray: The Sellout

Macy Gray may act a little - okay, a lot - kooky at times, but when she hits it with a song, boy howdy, she nails it. And she's finally back with a studio album that lives up to her late 90's single, "I Try." Just listen to the fabulous,... [More]

magazine rack-s.jpg

Tree Magazine Shelf

Designers at Labland Sigga Heimis Studio clearly make product development their playground. Fun colors and child-like cut-out shapes of the Tree Magazine Shelf ($60) are clean, crisp, and striking. Squiggly tree roots add a dash of thoughtfulness to this cutesy storage piece and set it apart from the IKEA pack.... [More]

I Corkscrew Wine Tool Stand 100.jpg

Metrokane Houdini Wine Tool Kit

The Metrokane Houdini Wine Tool Kit ($18) is a one-stop shop for every wine accessory you could possibly need, including a Houdini lever style corkscrew, a stopper, a sealer, a foil cutter, and a classic corkscrew. According to the site, the Houdini has been tested for 20,000 cork pulls. At... [More]


Personal Shopper: Charleston-in-July Wedding Guest Dresses for Megan S

Megan S. moaned, "I am going to a wedding in july. In charleston. All I think about is hot, humid, ick. But it will be in a beautiful setting and the bride is a bit on the fancy side, so I feel like what I planned on wearing is way... [More]


Agree to Disagree: Soccer Cape Clogs

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new feature that'll show you another... [More]

togo cup holder-s.jpg

Travel Coffee Cup Holder

Oh, we get it, the daily grind can just make you snap, and then it's suddenly vacation time. When a self-prescribed mental health weekend is finalized on the fly, and we're running out the door, beverage in hand, we've gotta outsmart the coffee spill meltdown. Yay for the Travel Coffee... [More]


Blomus Bottle Opener

It's hard to get our panties in a frenzy over everyday household objects, unless of course we find something like the Blomus Bottle Opener ($16). Sexy, sleek, simple, modern and functional, this bottle opener with black handle will last a lifetime of cracking open your favorite adult beverages. Cheers!... [More]


Narwhal Journal

"Excuse me, is that a narwhal on your journal?" "Why, yes, it is." "And, does that narwhal happen to have a moustache?" "Yes..." "Alright then, we must be friends, because, clearly, you are awesome." Narwhal Journal ($12)... [More]


Retirement Gifts for General McChrystal

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, you oughta know better. A guy who's risen to the top of the US military shouldn't be so lax as to badmouth your boss to a Rolling Stone reporter, never mind letting your aides do so while they're getting drunk. Seriously? Well, now that you'll have a... [More]


Elephant Sugar Pot

The adorable Elephant Sugar Pot ($6) asks, "one lump, or two?"... [More]

pedre watch-s.jpg

Tortoise Shell Resin Bangle Watch

Blam, the Tortoise Shell Resin Bangle Watch ($45) by Pedre is a chunky delight. Don't fret animal lovers - we're getting the full on marbled shell look without harming any animals thanks to the refined resin material. The style jury's in: bangle boldness plus a shiny stainless steel watch face... [More]


Room With A View

Are you jet setting this summer? Or are you like us, trying to live vicariously through friends' vacation pictures since work/the economy/our mother is keeping us tied down? If you fall into the latter category, we suggest making a big ol' cocktail and sitting in the sun looking through Conde... [More]


Feed Bags Guatemala Tote

As if FEED Bags weren't already trendy enough, this summer's limited-edition Feed Bags Feed Guatemala 3 Large Ikat Totes ($39) come in four brilliant patterns. Of course, we picked the pink-and-purple multi stripe, shown - when have we ever passed up the opportunity for a little site design matching? The... [More]


Flower Grenade

Fire... errr... flower in the hole! To prove violence isn't always a bad thing, the Flower Grenade ($18) has entered the scene. We can have a blast and turn our concrete jungle into a blooming cornucopia with buttercups, poppies, and rye grass all in one terracotta seed bomb.... [More]

peach pit necklace-s.jpg

Fruit Stone Carving Pendant

Just because we're feeling fruitful doesn't mean we have to go all rockabilly and rock the double cherries. In fact, we'd rather celebrate natures artistry with the Fruit Stone Carving Pendant ($20). Yep, it looks like a peach pit, but it's actually a wood rudraksha seed strung on gold-filled mesh... [More]

18-pair revolving shoe tree 100.jpg

18-Pair Revolving Shoe Tree

It's shiny, it spins, and it holds 18 pairs of shoes. We'd say the 18-Pair Revolving Shoe Tree ($30) is a space-saving steal. Side note: we promise not to engage in such shameless alliteration ever again.... [More]


Splash Drying Rack

It's a beautiful thing when designers come to realize that stylish people have babies too, and want to keep their nests as such even after baby arrives. The Splash Drying Rack ($35) provides your countertop with a pop of color as well as an avant-garde centerpiece. This unique rack accommodates... [More]


She's Got Game

If you found yourself thinking World Cup? Is that when you go to several bars and have a cocktails from a different country at each one?, you're not alone. Some of us are sports ignorant, but it seems like the only people willing to help us know so much that... [More]


Rhinestone and Satin Bracelet

Ooh la la! Bright colors and bling?Sign us up! These Rhinestone Chain and Satin Bracelets ($36) are like a colorful, more youthful tennis bracelet. The rhinestone chain is wrapped with bright satin cord, giving the bracelet a slightly braided appearance. If you'd like something more understated, the black or grey... [More]


Levity Gourmet Marshmallows

Outblush loves all things marshmallow: s'mores, rocky road, hot chocolate, missing pillows, and rampaging monsters - but our newest friends along those lines are the enablers over at Levity Gourmet Marshmallows ($14 for a package of fifteen, and they're nice and big). Candies like these can be almost overwhelmingly sweet... [More]

lace coasters-s.jpg

White Lace Rubber Coasters

Great, we can get the Victorian lace look without worrying about wine spill stains and who knows what else with the White Lace Rubber Coasters ($14). Not only are these cuties durable and washable, but they totally reduce our carbon footprint. No more throwing away mini doilies for us!... [More]


Twist Bandeau Bikini

Could we have found the perfect summer two piece? It's entirely possible. The Twist Bandeau and Foldover Hipster ($25 each) seem like the ideal combo to us. The top - which is available in a D cup for busty babes - is demure but not boring and has removable straps... [More]


Sia: We Are Born

The artist behind one of our all-time favorite songs, "Breathe Me", is back. Sia's latest album, We Are Born ($12), has thirteen tunes that evoke a million different moods. From the haunting "I'm In Here," to the infectious dance-pop "Clap Your Hands," it's all good. There's even a Madonna cover... [More]

watercolor dress-s.jpg

Calvin Klein Watercolor Dress

Oceanic hues flow free on the Calvin Klein Watercolor Dress ($90). We're fans of the soothing painterly pattern and contrasting kick of yellow, but we'd knot the matching watercolor fabric belt without a bow to emphasize the linear design. The simple tank style top and full pockets make this a... [More]


Cake Pops

While cupcakes aren't moving over anytime soon, it's nice to know there are other sweets out there for our portable consumption. Cake Pops ($21/dozen) are adorable little balls of love and cake that reside on a stick and are covered in a candy coating. Cake flavors are available in Vanilla,... [More]

Schwinn Cruiser Bike 100.jpg

Schwinn Cruiser Bike

We could wax poetic on the laudable history of Schwinn, and why this 26-inch Schwinn Cruiser Bike ($187) is the perfect investment for easy summer travels, but that all seems besides the point. The truth is Schwinn, you had us at pink.... [More]


Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

Blondes, listen up! Summer is a trying time for your golden tresses, what with salt water, chlorinated pool water, and sun wreaking their brassiness-inducing havoc. Protect your locks with Lush Daddy-O Shampoo ($9-28), full of lemon & lime juice to brighten, and a seaweed infusion to soften. And, well, it's... [More]

retro wallet-s.jpg

Retro Fatty Flat Wallet

Get psychedelic, baby, with the Retro Fatty Flat Wallet ($18) and matching checkbook cover. We've gotta love the a vivid wavy stripe pattern on coated linen - very Pucci. With a total of fourteen slots and compartments, we have plenty of room to hide our acid (Kidding, darlings!).... [More]


Love = Football T-Shirt

Show some love for your sport of choice without having to don a team specific jersey. (But feel free to chant USA! USA! as loud as you want.) Love = Football T-Shirt ($25)... [More]


Koi Scale Tiles

Building a monochromatic meditation hall sounds like a good summer project, and we just found our inspiration. We'd dip into a deep calm if our bathroom walls were covered in Koi Scale Tiles ($Inquire) by the Portland Cement Company. The sculptural quality of these tiles are breathtaking... If only they... [More]


Cat Deeley Vintage Style Feather Pin

We *heart* So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley - she's so down to earth, funny, and has amazing personal style - and we were thrilled to discover she just launched a jewelry line at QVC. Our favorite piece is this Cat Deeley Vintage Style Feather Pin ($50... [More]


Personal Shopper: Parasol Pendants for Amy C

Amy writes, "A while back you guys posted this adorable parasol necklace from Modcloth. I completely fell in love with it, but waited too long and they sold out and never restocked. Is there any way you can find this necklace or something similar, at a similar price? (Just moved... [More]

LeCruesetButterCrock 100.jpg

Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Crock

Pretend as though you're in the French Countryside with this Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Crock ($30). By packing the cup with a combination of butter and cold water, you'll be able to keep your butter fresh and room temperature, allowing for ideal spreading consistency. Butter and water is a long... [More]

LaCie CurrenKeyedit-s.jpg

LaCie CurrenKey Flashdrive

Euro values sure have taken a nose dive against the dollar, and we get to poke fun at economic downfall with the currency inspired LaCie CurrenKey USB Flashdrive ($18). The tiny 4GB coin design with bronze finish says maybe our files are worth more than the change in our pockets.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Formal Dress with Sleeves for Winter

Winter wrote in with a fashion dilemma: I am looking for a dress to wear to my sister's wedding in October. I'd really like something with 3/4 sleeves to hide some ugly scars on the back of my arm. Any suggestions? We feel for you Winter - finding a fierce... [More]


Brave Leather Bow Belt

A simple skinny belt is sweet on its own, but add a bow on that little strip of leather and you've got yourself a downright adorable accessory. Pair this Brave Leather Bow Belt ($60) with anything in your closet for a touch of prim, proper and pretty.... [More]


Techno Diva Pumps

Glamorous, shiny, sexy, drool-worthy shoes for under $25?! Is it foolish to buy two pair? Maybe one can be our 'casual' pair for jeans at the bar and one can be our 'fancy' pair for cocktail dresses and weddings? Either way, we're picking up at least one pair of these... [More]


NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment

Summer heat demands lightweight, multitasking makeup - who wants something thick and cakey that globs up when you sweat? Ugh. No, thanks. New NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment ($25) delivers SPF 15 and velvety softness, with a just-barely-there hint of tint. Full disclosure: Outblush received a free sample of... [More]


Knockout Cosmetics Flatte Nail Polish

Bring on the bright nail polish, it's summer! For a twist on the old stand by (bright, glossy coral for us), try an eye-catching color with a matte finish. Knockout Cosmetics Flatte Nail Polish ($19) has some great shades done up in matte - we can't decide if we like... [More]


Lovi Heart Postcard

Send them your heart on a string with Anne Paso's charming Lovi Heart Postcard ($15). Available in red or natural birch, the flat wood postcard can be assembled into a 3D heart ornament by the recipient. (Cue the "Awwwwwws!")... [More]


Sex is Fun! Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex

The über-popular Sex is Fun! podcast is now in... comic book form! Yup, Kidder Kaper & Josh Lynch have just released Sex Is Fun! Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex ($14). With clever illustrations and a lighthearted, casual tone, it'll encourage you to explore new, erm, territory with your partner. And,... [More]


Gifts for Vienna and Jake: Capogiro Gelato Samplers

Awww, Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi broke up? Color us surprised... None of The Bachelor engagements have lasted. But, given Jake's penchant for crying big, fat, man tears, we thought he could use a little pick-me-up. Capogiro Gelato six packs ($60 + shipping) are available in pre-selected flavor combos (i.e.... [More]



Let's try a little experiment, shall we? When you're finished with the computer this week, ever so coolly and casually leave Moniek ($67) up in your browser window. We recommend doing this every day so the point sinks in. If it takes longer than a week for this gorgeous sculpture/flower... [More]


Susanne Elizabeth Turqoise Necklace

Fans of The Bachelorette might recognize this necklace, while mere mortals like the rest of us just know that this Turquoise Teardrop with Gold Accents ($65) is a lovely piece of jewelry. Sure, sure, Ali wore this necklace, and even though we may not be addicted to reality television, we... [More]

1980s Retro Candy Gift Box 100.jpg

1980's Retro Candy Gift Box

Bottle Caps, Bubble Gum Cigarettes, Charms Blow Pops, Fruit Stripe Gum, Fun Dip, Gobstoppers, Grape Heads, Jolly Rancher Sticks, Nerds, Pixy Stix, Pop Rocks, Runts, Fireballs, Candy Necklaces, Jawbreakers, Lemonheads, Now & Laters. Are the pangs of nostalgia too much to bear? Amazon knows just how to stir up our... [More]


Nobis Lorane

The menswear trend is so fashionable, but it's too damn hot to wear slacks or a vest, so we're adding a touch of masculine style with the Nobis Lorane ($75). It may look a bit heavy, but this dapper hat is made of linen so your head will stay cool... [More]

Sports Scout Backpack 100.jpg

Sports Scout Backpack

It happens every summer. The boyfriend gets this crazy idea that you and your blow dryer would enjoy some sort of rugged, no toilet paper, no air conditioning, no box spring camping trip. Why not compromise on a day hike? You'll splurge for the hotel. But you will need some... [More]


Personal Shopper: Inexpensive Size 11 Jelly Shoes for Kara

Kara asked, "I am looking for inexpensive jelly shoes for the summer. The problem is I wear a size 11 and I can't seem to find anyone that has jellies in that size, for a reasonable price (I'd like to spend less than $40). Any suggestions? Thank you so much!"... [More]


Blake Coverup

Yeah, we'd rather not throw our jeans back on after a swim. Wet spots, not a good look. Coverups are where it's at, and we Adore (with a capital A) the Tavik Blake Coverup ($112). This racer-back tank dress comes in a breathable mesh that will keep you cool and... [More]

Avenue Six Curves Tufted Round Ottoman 100.jpg

Avenue Six Tufted Ottoman

There's something extremely regal about brightly colored satin...or just extremely flamboyant. Either way, the Avenue Six Tufted Ottoman ($84) is a terrific way to brighten up a dull room, and give you a place to rest your feet after you've finished with your day.... [More]

Tranquility Laptop Carrying Case 100.jpg

Tranquility Laptop Case

You take great pains to look fabulous from head to toe, so why should you let an ugly laptop case get in the way of sartorial perfection? Amazon offers up the elegant, Japanese-inspired Tranquility Laptop Case ($16) made for 13-14 inch laptops. It's so pretty, you might want to carry... [More]


Sugoi Lucky Knicker

No one relishes the idea of putting on padded garments, but if you're spinning in the gym or cycling around your neighborhood to get in shape, chances are you're doing it long enough to get a sore booty. Maintain a little bit of style while you sweat and stay comfortable... [More]


Dog Corn Holders

Be a wiener - hold onto your corn! Dog Corn Holders ($9).... [More]


Doubtblush: Joie Somalia Shirtdress

In our wide and varied travels across the information superhighway, in addition to the fierce and fabulous, we encounter the insane, the arcane, and the absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Sometimes the paraphernalia, tchotchkes, and fashion disasters we come across are so atrocious we have to vent our disbelief and horror, but... [More]


Rotaliana MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger

For those of you who like your charging device with the added bonus of mood lighting, we present the Rotaliana MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger ($60). Charge five electronic devices on top of the pot or inside for a more discreet charging party. This hybrid lamp that is both beautiful... [More]


Ruffle Heidi Flat

What would we do if flats were to ever fall out of fashion? (Crawl into a hole and never come out.) For now, we'll just hope that never happens and rejoice over our many spectacular options, like the Heidi Flat ($59) from Coconuts. These ruffled canvas flats come with a... [More]

3 Row Champagne Pearl Necklace 100.jpg

Three Row Cultured Pearl Necklace

This delicate, multi-colored Three Row Cultured Pearl Necklace ($60) is the perfect summer staple. Subtle enough to wear to work, elegant enough to wear out, and affordable enough to get a little sand in it. To quote Mary Poppins, it is "practically perfect in every way."... [More]


Fizz Keeper Can Pump & Pour

The idea of pumping a can of soda seems pretty awkward, but we'd be down if the Fizz Keeper Can Pump & Pour ($8) really does what it claims to do. The makers of this intriguing device claim that it can bring the fizz back to a flat can of... [More]

A Single Man 100.jpg

A Single Man

If you're in need of some style inspiration, why not go to one of the masters. Tom Ford, the designer superstar, made his directorial debut this past year to much critical praise with A Single Man ($20), officially out on DVD on July 6. Not a person in the film... [More]


Title Nine Sunset Bikini

If you're planning on doing more than laying in the sand this summer, it's wise to find a bathing suit that'll keep up with you. No one wants to emerge from a particularly active frolic in the waves showing more skin than intended. The Sunset Bikini ($42 top, $39 bottom)... [More]


Nuala Vases

Set us loose to browse dishes and glassware, and you can count on our wanting to spend way too much time and money picking out out crockery that we don't, strictly speaking, need. Our last browse turned up these handmade frosted Nuala Vases ($41 for the small one, $71 for... [More]


Purista Mojito Blackberry

The Purista Blackberry Mojito ($10) is either a bartender's dream, or worst nightmare, as it makes their skills in muddling obsolete. With Chilean blackberry juice, freshly harvested mint leaves, fresh lime juice and golden organic sugarcane, you'll have a perfect cocktail every time by simply adding your own rum or... [More]


Personal Shopper: Shoes for Nancy B's Gradient Dress

Nancy says, "I recently purchased this dress from Etsy and I have no clue how to pair a shoe with it. The gradient pulls down into a steely gray. Do I go white shoe? Wedge? Try to find a gray shoe? I want to wear it to a graduation party... [More]

mood mugs-s.JPG

Special Guest Post by Lovely Particulars: Mood Mugs

Ladies and gents, our Guest Blogger dedicated to the finer things in life is back! Danae Kelly from Lovely Particulars "work[s] hard during the day to make sure people can walk around in shoes that are as good for their souls as they are for their feet" - She must've... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fab 30DD Bras for Nina

Nina wrote, "Hey Outblush Staff! I'm a small woman with large breasts (30DD). I need bras but hardly anyone makes them in my size. I try to squeeze into a size that might be similar like a 34C but that really doesn't work. It either hurts or I look...awkward. I... [More]

Embellished Cape Top

Embellished Cape Top

Look like a golden goddess in the Embellished Cape Top ($28). This silky soft top has an elegantly embroidered V-neck with flecks of metallic thread woven through. There are also 3/4 bell sleeves, which create a cape-like silhouette. It has an au natural, ethereal feel.... [More]


Mermaid Book Ends

Mermaids would certainly not have maintained such a significant place in our mythic imaginations if the fish part were on the top and the lady part on the bottom. Fortunately the aquatic chimera has all its bits in the right spots, as do these Mermaid Book Ends ($39). There is... [More]

Professional Baguette Pan 100.jpg

Professional Baguette Pan

Ladies, it's time to get serious. Baguettes shouldn't require a special trip to Whole Foods just because you have a craving. Invest in this completely reasonably priced Professional Baguette Pan ($20) and you won't have to worry about that again. Now where to get your high end brie and stilton... [More]


Porcelain Bud Earrings

We love our dangly-earring collection, but on occasion, we find ourselves in the mood for a little simplicity. A pair of delicate buds, like the Porcelain Bud Earrings ($162) from Ruth Tomlinson, give us just that. Light and subtle, these studs will have you feeling daintier than a Victorian dame.... [More]


Becca Enchantment Swim Cover-up

If it were socially acceptable to wear the Becca Enchantment Swim Cover-up ($72) as an everyday sort of dress, we probably would. However, its sheerness might not leave enough to the imagination. Lucky for us, and for you, it's beach season, so we don't need an excuse to wear this... [More]

Kodak Video Camera 100.jpg

Kodak HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera

Yadda, yadda, yadda, yeah, yeah, we're all impressed that the new iPhone has improved video recording capabilities too, but if you want serious quality, you should probably splurge on another gadget. We'd recommend the Kodak HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera ($149). It will function up to 10 feet underwater and... [More]


Vegan Recipe Cards

By now there aren't too many people who don't know a vegan or are themselves adopting a cruelty free lifestyle. We can't help but feel a little bad for these folks as they face snickers and challenges in finding food that fits their diets. We want to show that special... [More]


Tory Burch Safia Tote

Oh, so you're not going on a safari this summer? Well, neither are we, but you'll still find us carrying around the Tory Burch Safia Metallic Canvas Tote ($365) while we navigate the urban jungle. The durable canvas of the bag has a barely-noticeable gold sheen that adds a touch... [More]


Bear In The Woods Napkins

The Bear In the Woods Napkins ($5) pose a perfectly valid question. "if a bear shits in the woods, should i have a cocktail?"... [More]

Beach Boys Endless Summer 100.jpg

The Beach Boys: Endless Summer

It's The Beach Boys: Endless Summer ($5). It's less than your triple grande soy latte. It's summertime. What more do you need?... [More]


Culture Club: House of Cassette Skinny Denim

So, how does one get away with wearing skinny jeans and a denim jacket minus the Canadian suit factor? Colorful denim! House of Cassette's Skinny Denim ($112) comes in an electric CYMK. Be forewarned, eyes far and wide will be gravitating towards your gams. These skinny jeans look blue, so... [More]

Bubble Rain Umbrella 100.jpg

Bubble Rain Umbrella

Call us crazy but sometimes we like rainy days. Don't worry, we're not about to burst out into song a la Catherine Deneuve in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, but watching the rain can be quite fun. Why should we be deprived of that just because we don't care to mess... [More]


Daily Dot Dry-Erase Calendar Decal

The fact that you sometimes shop at Pottery Barn Teen (and you don't have any teens in your home) is something you probably don't want to be shouting off rooftops. But really, who cares when you've got your Daily Dot Dry-Erase Calendar Decal ($69)! Stick this organizer up, and let... [More]


Ninja Swizzle Sticks

As all the world knows nothing is more deadly or totally radical than a ninja. Only slightly less well known is - ninjas, like whip cream and sunshine, make everything better (unless they have been hired to kill you, in which case they kind of ruin your day/life). Take for... [More]


Scoop Neck Tie Top

Vintage wear seems to always creep into summer festival fashion. While vintage can often be fabulous, sometimes you end up looking like your mom did in the 70s (which is undoubtedly thanks to that whole Woodstock thing). Rather than spend hours combing your local vintage store for the perfect top,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Housewarming Gifts for Callan's BFF

Callan wrote, "My best friend and her fiance just bought a new house, and I would like to get her a housewarming gift. What is something fun and quirky I could get her?" Mazel tov to the happy couple! Hope one of these is "them!" 1 - Gravity Magnetic Shot... [More]


Elly Nelly Batik Wall Graphic

Available in 21 different vibrant hues, Elly Nelly's lovely Batik Wall Graphic ($36) is an easy way to add color and visual interest without paint or nails - perfect for rental dwellers. Position the batik flowers & leaves in any combo you like, then smooth onto a wall. Since they're... [More]


Lipstick Queen Medieval Red

Go Medieval! Lipstick Queen (fab name by the way) is out to please the masses. "Let them have lush shades!" she demanded. Thus, Medieval Red ($20) was born. Specially created to flatter any skin tone, Medieval Red is a universal red that also goes on light and sheer.... [More]

Lady In The Water Romper

Lady In The Water Romper

Great style and great price...what's not to love about the Lady In The Water Romper ($34)? This fab aqua and white tie-dye one-piece ensemble will leave you shimmering like a mermaid. Romper features one-shoulder top with an elastic waistband and belted sash. We love this piece because it can be... [More]


Soccer Cape Clogs

Your love of the World Cup knows no bounds - and now all will know. Soccer Cape Clogs ($85).... [More]

pig cooking lid-s.jpg

Pig Cooking Lid

Ready for something wild? Check out the kooky Pig Cooking Lid ($18) - It's a functional dose of whimsy, doubling as a hot mit. This soft silicone cover will assure that all ingredients cook evenly, while steam releases from the pig snout. Ha!... [More]


Magis Dog House

Your dearest four-legged friend is a dog of discernible tastes who requires posh housing for his outdoor time. The adorable bright orange Magis Dog House ($1011) designed by Michael Young will keep your pup out of the elements, off the ground, and chilling in style. A step ladder leads Fido... [More]

the-discreet-charm-of-the-bourgeoisie 100.jpg

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Criterion has announced that The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie ($36) will be going out of print on June 30th. They didn't take into account the fact that we weren't done pushing Luis Buñuel's surrealist satire of upper class life on our friends. However, by going out of print, it... [More]


Vogue One Piece Swimsuit

Might Insight's Vogue One Piece ($81) be the LBD of swim-wear? We think so! Chic, stunning, and black. Yes, definitely LBD material. Note: Available in size 4 and 6... [More]


Polly Foot Primer

We've lost track of the number of pairs of shoes that look incredible, but wreak holy hell on our poor feet. Blisters, sweat, calluses, scrapes and sores all add up to us wanting to break out our worn-in sneakers on a daily basis. Luckily, we've now got Polly Foot Primer... [More]


Aaron Ashe Off the Shoulder Top

Too much cleavage can be over rated, and micro skirts can lose their appeal, but the soft curve of the female shoulder is always enticing. This Aaron Ashe - Printed Off the Shoulder Top ($172) showcases that eternally sensual feminine edge. The airy fabric is ideal for summer and the... [More]

Ballerina Vanity Light 100.jpg

Ballerina Vanity Light

Ever fancy yourself as the star of your own show? Hang these Ballerina Vanity Lights ($89) above your makeup station and you'll feel as though you're about to go center stage to a sold out crowd of your adoring fans. And no, it's not one bit delusional.... [More]


Zipper Sunglasses

We've been through our ups and downs with the wayfarer craze, and Alexander Wang's Zipper Sunglasses ($335) are a definite up! Like studs, zippers add a punky edge when they're shown off in an unexpected part of your ensemble (i.e. on your face).... [More]


Cat, Unexpected Sequel

It didn't take long for Fate to see this post and do something about it. (Fate reads Outblush!) Thursday, the one day we had an empty cat carrier in the car thanks to a friend borrowing and returning it, we went out to dinner after a late night at the... [More]


Avenue Favorite Knit Dress

Hello, summer wardrobe staple! The Avenue Favorite Knit Dress ($29) comes in crimson or black, and is just made for days when it's so hot you can't even think about putting together an outfit. The comfy knit cotton fabric will keep you cool, and the empire banded waist, crossover v-neckline,... [More]


Rene Furterer Protective Summer Fluid

You've been a good girl, haven't you? Applying SPF 50 to every inch of your skin, day in and day out? Well....what about your hair? It needs SPF too! Rene Furterer Protective Summer Fluid ($23) promises to shield hair from up to 90% of the sun's rays, while also protecting... [More]


Igigi Eveline Pleated Wedding Gown

You'll be a certified Greek goddess on your wedding day if you wear this Igigi Eveline Pleated Wedding Gown ($320). Featuring an empire waist, pleated skirt, and surplice neckline, all in a soft stretch satin, it'll make you feel like Aphrodite, the goddess of love. And, since it's only $320,... [More]


Shower Caddy Octopus

Although the Formverket Shower Caddy Octopus ($35) looks like a children's toy, we assure you it's quite the practical little cephalopod. The eight grippy PVC "arms" grab and hold on to bottles of shampoo, scrub brushes, and the like, meaning you can store bottles upside down to wring every last... [More]


Doubtblush: Sweet Cake Giant Cupcake Liner

Man, that's a lot of flour and sugar! The Sweet Cake Giant Cupcake Liner ($399) is a super sized mod cup cake case, with what purpose, we're not too sure. A cupcake of gigantic proportions, the item description suggests that you can use it as a flower box, an animal... [More]


Caboodles Pro Cosmetic Case

Everyone who was anyone in the 80's and 90's had a Caboodles makeup case - or three. Your coolness factor was determined by the size, color (the brighter, the better), and number of your Caboodles (Caboodli?), and woe betide the gal who carried an off-brand imitator. Well... They're ba-aaaaaaaaaaaaack. The... [More]


Culture Club: Wood Grain Cocktail Shaker

The Wood Grain Shaker ($88) by Michael Aram is a classic example of the juxtaposition of nature and hard metal he strives for in his work. The shaker design is inspired by random natural patterns in wood, recreated in a modern and geometrically organic way. In a high-gloss color finish,... [More]

Time For Horsing Around Necklace

Time For Horsing Around Necklace

The Time For Horsing Around Necklace ($13) was designed with us in mind...hehe. P.S. the weekend is upon us....let the games begin!... [More]


Sales & Steals: 6/18/10

What better way to celebrate Friday than with some serious shopping (and, apparently, a whole lotta underwear sales!)? Yeah, we thought so, too. Enjoy this week's Sales & Steals, and have a great weekend! Bare Necessities - Save 25%, plus get free shipping on orders over $50, with coupon code... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Cross Body Bag for Justine

Justine writes, "I have been searching for a crossbody bag that I can carry around this summer that isn't huge and clunky like my winter-time bag. I want something that's big enough to hold a pocket edition Sony e-reader, my cell phone, and my wallet. I have found many adorable... [More]


Puma and Soles4Souls

It's feels good to do good. Puma is working with Soles4Souls to get shoes to the woefully unshod. Bring in your old shoes - any brand, any kind - to a Puma store. In exchange for your old soles you'll get 30% off at a full-priced Puma store and 15%... [More]


Babydoll Maternity Tunic

Heidi Klum better know how to make a gorgeous maternity frock - Sheesh, she's only been preggers like a billion times. The Babydoll Maternity Tunic ($15), from her Loved By Heidi Klum line for Motherhood Maternity, has great frothiness, but the dark hues, subtle print, and cut-out hemline make this... [More]


Goody Spin Pins

Summertime is perfect for messy buns and updos, but so not the perfect time for kajillions of pokey, falling-out hair pins. We discovered Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins ($6 for a set of 2) at our local drugstore and are in capital-L Love. Just coil your hair into a bun... [More]


Frye Maya Stud Sandals

Frye is usually known for their fashionably durable boots, but their other footwear is certainly worth mentioning. These Frye Maya Stud Sling Sandals ($160) are adorable. Mid-heels are great for summer - they're a bit more forgiving on your feet than pumps and are easier to tromp around town in,... [More]

Star Wars Pancake Molds

Star Wars Pancake Molds

The Empire may strike back in the morning, but we promise your litte guys will be eager to eat breakfast when you utilize the Star Wars Pancake Molds ($20). This set of pancake molds consists of three Star Wars characters - Yoda, Darth Vader and a stormtrooper. And as a... [More]


Ted Rossi Bling Cuff

Ok, we're kind of over things being called "extreme" - it always makes us think of a monster truck rally or WWE or something testosterone-charged like that. However, the Extreme Bling Cuff ($598) by Ted Rossi does seem to be aptly named. If you're looking for serious sparkle and a... [More]


Vince Camuto Eyelets Hobo

If you're brave enough to carry a white handbag, more power to you! (We avoid them only because on more than one occasion, entire beverages have ended up in and on our purses...eesh.) Since we won't be buying it for ourselves, we want to live vicariously through you - please... [More]


Cosabella Mood Swings Thong Gift Set

Give me sugar, give me spice, feeling naughty, feeling nice! No, that isn't an R-rated nursery rhyme (although it could be), rather, those are the names of the four ssssexy low-rider thongs in this Cosabella Mood Swings Box Set ($70 on sale). Hand them out individually as bachelorette party favors... [More]

Union-Jack-Blue-White-Dark-Grey 100.jpg

Union Jack Rug

Alright, so we're pretty thrilled that the England v. U.S. game is over in the World Cup. We let our sense of patriotism trump our Anglophile tendencies in those weeks leading up to the game. And we couldn't have asked for a better outcome - a draw! Now we won't... [More]

ceramic flower knobs-s.jpg

Ceramic Flower Knobs

Add a set of six Ceramic Flower Knobs ($26) to our basket, and we're on our way to giving a fixer up dresser or pantry a makeover. These sculptural pieces are feminine, with a glossy finish and antique sensibility. Perfect for the shabby chic decorator.... [More]


Doubtblush: Camouflage Wedding Dress

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We're not quite sure if... [More]

Italian Ice Top

Italian Ice Top

The Italian Ice Top ($41) is definitely a sweet treat. It's a lightweight tee embroidered with lace cutouts and finished with frayed sleeves. It's the perfect combination of summer innocence and edgy fashion. And most important of all, it will look awesome paired with your denim cutoffs.... [More]


Stila Travel Girl Palettes

You've heard us wax rhapsodic before about our love of makeup palettes, but we ain't done yet. Especially since new Stila Travel Girls Palettes ($10) are just ten bucks each, but the value of the products is $65! Can you say, "deal of the decade"? They'll be releasing five different... [More]

george nelsom couch-s.jpg

Culture Club: George Nelson Style Marshmallow Sofa

Oh, sweet black Italian leather, how we love you. We'd get our mod groove on with the vintage looking George Nelson Style Marshmallow Sofa ($870). Comfortable and chic, we're diggin' this homage to mid-century design. George Nelson is a legend. One of the founders of American Modernism and fathers of... [More]

Come Fly With Me Butterfly Bracelet

Come Fly With Me Butterfly Bracelet

You'll simply be swept away when you have the Come Fly With Me Butterfly Bracelet ($14) wrapped upon your wrist. This pretty ivory bracelet features two charming gold and sapphire butterflies, which look very real.... [More]


FIFA iPhone Covers

The FIFA tournament is rife with the drama of a daytime soap. Countries are losing because of hot reporter-girlfriends and screwy new soccer balls, rancorous vuvuzelas are driving people to the brink of insanity, the BP oil spill is generating extra static between the US and England, and orange miniskirts... [More]


Mark Citrus Bloom Fragrance Mist

Okay, so, "Express your zest for life!" is a corny tagline, but we promise, Mark Citrus Bloom Fragrance Mist ($18) is a happiness-inducing scent. Full of fruity green mango, mandarin, and lemon notes, it's certainly zesty (ha), but has a feminine floral side and a few teasing hints of patchouli... [More]


Best Mug Ever

Sure sure, we said not to mug dad. And then, the universe threw the Best Mug Ever ($12) right in our face. So, for the sake of consistency, we're not suggesting this as a Father's Day gift, but this is a great idea - it's hilarious and has so many... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Mojo

Is there any more quintessential dad rock than Tom Petty? We think not. Lucky for you, Petty and the Heartbreakers released their new album, Mojo ($10). on Tuesday. This means, if you still don't have a gift and your dad is the kind that buys stuff as soon as he... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fakeout Marc Fisher Pumps for Anna

Anna writes, "Please help me. I spied these shoes on one of my favorite wedding blogs, but I can't find these shoes that have been haunting me! I neeeed these shoes! I think they're Marc Jacobs, but I can only make out the "Marc" part in the photo. It's the... [More]

kindle clutch-s.jpg

Diane von Furstenberg Kindle Clutch

Whoa, DVF is lookin' a little Betsey Johnson here, but somehow we like it. The Diane von Furstenberg Kindle Clutch ($165) fits the 6" model, and since her signature is stamped on the fancy metal clasp, everyone will know who styled our reading material. We're still reeling over this sparkly... [More]

Craft Steak Sauces

Craft Steak Sauces

Let the good times roll! Summer is all about BBQs and chillin' out while munching on some scrumptious chow. Award-winning chef Tom Colicchio's created Craft Steak Sauces ($12) exclusively for Williams-Sonoma. These steak sauces enhance premium steaks and prime rib with complex flavor and all sauces are made with the... [More]

hammock swing chair-s.jpg

Hanging Hammock Sky Swing Chair

This could be the new dad comfy chair throne, but we want it for ourselves! Just looking at the summer-bright deluxe rainbow Hanging Hammock Sky Swing Chair ($85) takes us to a relaxed state of mind. We're thinking this extra wide seat leaves room for two (wink).... [More]

Lady Catherine Gown

Lady Catherine Gown

Do we hear wedding bells? We do, but if you don''ll certainly hear them after you take a look at this exquisite gown. We're totally gaga over the Lady Catherine Gown ($5,000). This beautiful two-piece ensemble consists of a french lace halter top and a full circle skirt with hand... [More]


Pop Beauty Petal Jams

Sucker for cute cosmetics packaging? Then you'll flip for Pop Beauty Petal Jams Lip Balms ($14 each). Available in 3 flavors, each with a corresponding light tint (Bursting Violet, Budding Berry, & Blooming Orange), they contain avocado & jojoba oils and vitamin E to protect lips, plus a bit of... [More]


Compact Body Scale

There's nothing cute about that giant clunker of a scale that seems to do more damage than good - it sticks out from under the sink, looks weird next to the toilet - it's a space waster. The Compact Body Scale ($38) is the perfect solution for obsessive curious dieter,... [More]

Dessert Plates and Mugs 100.jpg

Dessert Plates and Mugs

We feel like "Dessert Plates and Mugs" ($39) is a rather limiting title for such whimsical dishes. Our first plan after purchasing is to inaugurate the precious, porcelain plates and mugs with a bloody steak and some red wine. Is our insistence on multiuse platters too revolutionary? We hope so...... [More]

safari vest-s.jpg

Fathers Day Gift Guide: Bucine Safari Vest

Dad, the adventurer needs a stylish cargo pocketed item to keep his tools close at hand. And holy shit, the Bucine Safari Vest ($149) is pracically 90% off, so we should jump on it. Brass-buttoned epaulets and expert tailoring give this brown leather number classic good looks. Look out, Indiana... [More]


Mary Green Silk Knit Lace Trim Triangle Bra

We like to give a lot of lingerie options for the larger-busted babe around here, since those tend to be harder to find, but shouldn't us less well-endowed divas get a little love, too? Available in 4 colors (Enamel Blue + Marzipan shown), this Mary Green Silk Knit Lace Trim... [More]

Visual Acoustics DVD 100.jpg

Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman

If you're a fan of modern architecture and sleek interiors, you really only need one resource for inspiration: Julius Shulman. Shulman was a self taught master at architectural photography. His photographs would ultimatelybecome synonymous with the Southern Californian mid-century modernist aesthetic. His rich life and laudable works are elegantly captured... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Ryann's Weird (And Proud Of It) Father

Says Ryann: "Ahhh...the subject of my father. Where do I begin? The man's a weirdo. Weird and proud of it. He kisses snapping turtles, encourages his daughters to melt chocolate bars so that they resemble feces, and tries to befriend skunks. All of which have embarrassed me tremendously and have... [More]


Horo 7 Necklace

Who knew clock hands would make such a beautiful statement when hung from a necklace? Probably the same folks that threw keys on a chain and charged an arm and a leg! Genius punks! But enough about them, the Horo 7 Necklace ($125) features a beautiful set of clock hands... [More]

hanger chandelier-s.jpg

Culture Club: Oh Man Its a Ray Chandelier

Designer Ingo Maurer knows how to give a light fixture a confusing name. Apparently the Oh Man, It's a Ray Chandelier ($Inquire) is dedicated to Man Ray. Any way you slice it, this wooden hanger chandelier-mobile hybrid is pretty bitchin', and the incandescent bulbs give this 2010 piece retro flair.... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Eton Soulra

Your dad likes his tunes, and he likes the great outdoors, and as we all know, blasting Huey Lewis & the News in the middle of nowhere is no easy feat. The Eton Soulra ($200) solves Pop's problem by powering speakers with the sun. Bonus points for you if your... [More]


Jewel: Sweet and Wild

We'll admit up front that Pieces of You was pretty much the soundtrack to our middle and high school years - damn, but we wanted to go to the original Lilith Festival! Thankfully, Jewel has left behind her vaguely disastrous 0304 days and returned to her roots with her latest... [More]


Happy Owl iPad Clutch

You've got your iPad. But where's your phone? And what about your keys? And where the *&%# is that lipgloss? Well, we don't know where they all are, but we do know where the answer is - Happy Owl Studios. Check out The Clutch ($65), which is an iPad case... [More]


Rose Lights

Keep a rosy disposition by stringing some lovely Rose Lights ($30) up around your home. They'd be great on a patio or in an outdoor garden, or equally lovely adding some mood lighting to a bedroom or perhaps tacked up around a bulletin board in your office. The possibilities are... [More]



You didn't think we'd just do it for dogs, did you? We at Outblush are crazy cat ladies at heart, even though canines are practically couture these days. Anyhow, June is Adopt-A-Cat month, and we encourage you to bring home a new furball if you're interested and able. We'd also... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Vintage Antler Trophy

Pops may not be the best marksman on his block - constantly coming home from hunting trips with nothing to show for it, so we're perfectly fine with him passing off the large Vintage Antler Trophy ($295) as his own. Mounted on a gorgeous wooden plaque, this is the real... [More]


Paper and Craft

Time to be honest. Some of us out there have pretty much zero crafty ability - sewing, knitting, painting, letterpress, you name it, we're bad at it. However, paper is a medium that even those of us without the Martha gene can usually manage without too many tears and swear... [More]


Camper Mar BCN Peep Toe Yellow Pumps

We normally wouldn't recommend wearing heels on a bicycle - too many opportunities for snags and accidents - but these sunny Camper Mar BCN Peep Toe Yellow Pumps ($170) are actually designed for biking (and walking)! How fashion- and fitness-forward!... [More]


Oakley Hinder

The sun is shining which means it's time for new shades! This season we're rocking Oakley Hinders ($170). The matte berry color sold us, but they're also available with gold, black, or chrome frames. The style is pretty universally flattering, and a good bet if you like the aviator style... [More]

radiolare mirror-s.jpg

Radiolaire Mirror

We featured the heart shaped I love Me Mirrors pre-Valetine's Day, but Areaware has so many more awesome choices out there, we couldn't not let you know. The Radiolaire Mirror ($96) looks kinda like a dandelion, and the Xenorhabdus Mirror ($96) is an elegant feather. Just food for thought.... [More]


Set Editions Mercy Cards

Every spouse-to-be should have Set Editions Mercy Cards ($12 for a set of 24) at the ready. With sentiments ranging from, "You are right, I am wrong," to "Shut Your Mouth and Take Off Your Clothes," there's a card for nearly every occasion, from fight to fuck.... [More]

Sol LeWitt Platter Blue Curvee 100.jpg

Sol Le Witt Curvee Plater

Museum websites are fast becoming a hush-hush "where'd ya get that?" haven of unique collectibles for the home. The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (or, Mass MoCA) has one of the best collections, and includes the irresistible Sol Le Witt Curvee Platter ($208). Designed by the artist and handmade in... [More]


The Changeling

Does anyone else out there remember this book? Zilpha Keatley Snyder's The Changeling ($13) has nothing to do with the Clint Eastwood/Angelina Jolie movie. Nor, despite its young-adult targeted age range, does it have anything to do with vampires or designer wardrobes. It's a wonderful book about one little girl... [More]


Diesel Okkil Skirt

Interesting that the Okkil Skirt ($160) is listed as part of Diesel's Fall/Winter collection for 2010, since the flouncy fit and bright splashes of purple make us think this is a perfect spring skirt! We say, get it now and be ahead of the curve once fall rolls around.... [More]


Logics Full Scale Root Finisher

If you've got fine hair, you're well acquainted with the blow drying gymnastics routine required to get even the weensiest bit of short-lasting volume: bend over, side to side, flip, shake, bend down, bend right, downward dog (okay, we made that last part up). When you finally flip back up,... [More]


Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season

While we couldn't get that Seinfeld reunion we've been dreaming about for the past twelve years, the folks at Curb did their best to oblige; so if for no other reason Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season ($23) is a must buy for your collection. In this installment we... [More]


peliCAN Tee

While there is no end in sight to the devastating oil spill in the gulf, you can do your part by supporting great organizations like Threadless who are lending their products to the cause. It's a win/win situation - you get to rock this amazing peliCAN Tee ($10) and know... [More]


Alloy Saddle Up Bag

As much as we try and streamline, we always end up carrying a bigger bag during the summer. Perhaps it's that we need to have a bikini, sunscreen, and oversized shades with us at all times, or maybe there's just more cool stuff around during this season that we need... [More]


Wire and Gauze Lanterns

The Wire and Gauze Lanterns ($26) by Pearl River may have single handedly made us want to have a Moroccan dinner party. We could make a feast for bellies and a feast for the eyes with dramatic lights from multicolored linen guaze behind the wire patterns. We'd go jewel toned... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Backpack of Awesomeness for Tara

Tara writes, "I have flown into a panic. Why? Because next year I start college and I just cannot figure out what to replace my giant, old, JanSport backpack with. (it was really meant for hiking--it's that big!) I love it, and it served me well in high school, but... [More]


Ugg Caprina

A simple summer sandal is a must, and we encourage you to move past the flip flop (no matter how cute and embellished they might be) on to something a little less "I'm going to the beach" and a little more "I've got sophisticated style for days." The Ugg (yes,... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

Maybe you're not so keen on your guy getting up at 4 am, dressing in camo from head to toe and splashing deer urine behind his ears - you can, however get behind the Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt ($50). The thrill of the hunt enters your home with this... [More]


Shabby Apple Penelope & Odysseus Dress

Although Shabby Apple says the Penelope and Odysseus Dress ($128) is a great bridesmaid's dress for informal summer weddings - and we agree! - we're more inclined to include it in our everyday wardrobe rotation. Available in nine jewel-bright colors and made from a lightweight, silky fabric, it's flattering on... [More]

jamesdean 100.jpg

James Dean Poster

He was a Rebel Without a Cause, a loner in a literary classic, and a delicious piece of eye candy. James Dean met an early demise at the age of 24 of course, but so goes the "Die Young, Stay Pretty" mantra. Teo Jasmin is a great European boutique specializing... [More]

Help I Have Problems 100.jpg

Help, I Have Problems Kit

We've all got problems. That's why we're thrilled that someone has decided to help in the snarkiest way possible - with a Help, I Have Problems Kit ($30). The kit includes the following: • Help, I Have a Headache: 16 acetaminophen caplets. • Help, I've Cut Myself: 12 foam bandages.... [More]


Poor Girl Gourmet: Eat in Style on a Bare-Bones Budget

We have a soft spot for our amigos in the blog-o-sphere, and we're thrilled to tell you that Amy McCoy, the genius behind Poor Girl Gourmet, has a new book out: Poor Girl Gourmet: Eat in Style on a Bare-Bones Budget ($12). Full of delicious recipes that can easily be... [More]

ice hockey earrings-s.jpg

Ice Hockey Mask Earrings

Whether you're a hockey basketcase or a horror flick fanatic, the Ice Hockey Mask Earrings ($101) by Andrea Cotsen are an eerie sterling silver accessory. They beat skulls (so overdone), and have just as much edge. In these, we're ready to intimidate delicate dangly earrings everywhere.... [More]


Essential 10: Gluten-Free Products

Living gluten free for 3 weeks definitely changed our grocery shopping habits, but we couldn't survive without some processed foods, and you'll find 10 of our favorites below. Thankfully, a lot of mainstream companies are much more aware of the prevalence of food intolerances and allergies, so they're getting better... [More]


Diet Road Test: Gluten Free - This is the End, Friends

We did it. Three weeks without gluten. Grocery shopping is now much easier, and both of us have never been so excited about pasta. But... living without all things wheaty has definitely changed us. Weight: Neither Trajano nor Janetor lost any weight per se, but we both felt considerably less... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Allison's Sweet Dad

Allison says, "My dad is one of those dads who owns about 3 dozen horrible Looney Toons and Garfield ties. They have been gifts from my sister and I for the last 25 odd years. Sadly, they were the height of success in our father's day gift giving. Please help... [More]


Printed Polished Dress

You'll be picturesque in purple when you promenade through the park in the Printed Polished Dress ($132). Pretty!... [More]

ush hub-s.jpg

Wisdom USB Key

Storing our digital files never looked so good. On the Imm Living website, the Wisdom USB Key ($36) is in a dashing dude's mouth (It's worth clicking on), and here it's plugged into the Carbonado USB Hub ($Inquire). We can't decide which scenario we like more, but this pretty feather... [More]

pincushion_rose_M 100.jpg

Rose Checker Pin Cushion

This Rose Checker Pin Cushion ($10) might just be cute enough for us to want to take up sewing. If the motivation fails us, though, it can double as cute, deceptive decoration to manipulate unsuspecting friends and suitors into believing that we can sew.... [More]


A Tribute to Ascot (Hats)

The 2010 Royal Ascot began yesterday, and we gotta say, the Kentucky Derby ain't got nuthin' on this. Hat-wise, that is - hats 10 & 11 above are actual Ascot hats, and those are nowhere near the most outrageous on view. We're both in awe of and afraid of the... [More]


Robindira Unsworth Gem Hoops

Hoop earrings are classic, and will never go out of style, but that doesn't mean we don't need an update. The Juicy Gem Hoops ($250) from Robinidira Unsworth are a fabulous addition to our jewelry collection. The blue quartz gemstones dotting the gold hoops gives a nice twist to the... [More]



There may not be anything particularly sexy, sassy, or lust worthy about the ThermaCELL ($20) - until we tell you what this little wonder is capable of. If you experience the horrific feast that occurs to your body when you're outside in the warmer months, this little device is a... [More]

Darts coat hanger-s.jpg

Fathers Day Gift Guide: Dart Coat Hooks

Old fashioned coat racks and hat hooks have had their heyday, and cool alternatives like the Dart Coat Hooks ($29) are taking over. Dad will wanna throw these right into the wall, but don't let him; just screw these puppies in, and there's a fun new functional hook ready to... [More]


Itunube Bracelaces

Lightweight and lovely, the delicate Itunube Bracelaces ($25) add a frou frou touch to any outfit. Fine lace edged with leather and a metal chain closure has a surprising bite. Glass beads are thrown in for a bit of shimmer, and if we want to shine even brighter, these come... [More]


Nike 6.0 Balsa Shoe

Who doesn't love a nice slip-on? Quick, easy and fashionable - for a girl on the go, the slip-on is perfection. Maybe Sperry is a tad on the preppy side for your taste, well the Nike 6.0 Balsa Shoe ($60) is the perfect alternative. With a sweet black to white... [More]


Rainbow Boat Kite

We personally don't fly many kites, due to a fear of Charlie-Brown-scale failure, but we might just give it a try this time. Seeing the Rainbow Boat Kite ($15) floating through the blue sky would improve our lives.... [More]

glacier whiskey tumblers-s.jpg

Glacier Whiskey Tumbler

Sorry, Dad, but we're keeping the Glacier Whiskey Tumbler ($430) by David Wiseman for Artel for ourselves. Inspired by shattered ice cubes, the asymmetrical facets make these crystal glasses special. Fine bubbles in these classy glasses prove that they were handmade from start to finish in Artel's Czech studio.... [More]

Violette Shortie 100.jpg

Violette Tap Shortie

Though we're skeptical about wearing tap shorts as actual shorts (cough, we're talking to you Whitney Port), we love them as comfy, loose, summer sleepwear. The Violette Tap Shortie ($40) is a favorite find, among a slew of a lot of great brands, accessories, and unmentionables over at the independently... [More]

salad bowl-s.jpg

Salad Bowl and Servers

A + R, you're so clever. Because salad bowls don't have to be just for salad, the Salad Bowl and Servers ($42) comes to our chic rescue. Way to make a functional multitasking piece that's green in two ways. Hold and serve fruit, pasta, or greens in a snap with... [More]


Personal Shopper: Wooden Shoes for Dan

Dan, AKA, "Billy Ray Valentine Capricorn," is a co-worker of ours at OB HQ. Dan is 6'4", built like a linebacker, and wears Crocs. But Crocs... they ain't so manly. And today, he mentioned that he'd been wanting to find those old school leather shoes with brass buckles and a... [More]

Spiral Out Rug Kit 100.jpg

Flor Spiral Out Rug Kit

The lives of 20-somethings are always in motion. We're changing jobs, apartments, and tax brackets faster than we'd like sometimes. That's why we're obsessed with the affordability and versatility of Flor. Flor is essentially carpet squares made up of 85% recycled fibers and that you piece together without glue or... [More]


Youth In Revolt Blu-ray

Michael Cera is back with another coming of age tale - more twisted than Superbad. In Youth in Revolt Blu-ray ($20), Cera plays Nick Twisp, an odd little fellow who appreciates Sinatra and Fellini. He falls in love with the free-spirited Sheeni (Portia Doubleday) and soon battles family, geography and... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Anna, Elisabeth & Will's Dad of Many Talents

Our dad has somewhat of a split personality. He is a physician by trade, but you would never know it if you saw him outside of the office. In whatever spare time he has, he can be found in his work shop wearing jeans and some variation of a plaid... [More]


Ceramic Milk Bottle

The milkman, his milk truck, and those delivery crates evoke a bygone era that we are not too eager to revisit. We're fans of modern technology, air conditioning, and convenience stores, thanks! But you needn't have grown up in the 1950s or on a farm in Kansas to appreciate the... [More]

Captain's Daughter Romper' class=

Captain's Daughter Romper

Sailors will be love drunk when they see you cruisin' the seas in the Captain's Daughter Romper ($43). This sexy lil' number is strapless and short. It has a stretchy tube top and front tie waistband. The pretty pattern is also trimmed with gleaming gold buttons with anchor etchings and... [More]

SolarShade 100.jpg

Solar Shades

Blinds are functional, sure, but they don't really help remind you that there's a world out there past your window. We're obsessed with these Solar Shades ($121) - they are Green Guard certified and block 90% of UV rays, while also preserving that lovely view, and absorbing the outside heat... [More]



A parent's dream, the Gyrowheel ($115) replaces training wheels in one fell swoop. Not only has the Gyrowheel been shown to help children learn how to ride faster, but it also makes them more confident riding around without the stigma attached to training wheels. The danger of catapulting your rider,... [More]


Conair Infiniti Pro 'You Curl' Iron

That ridged mark a curling iron clamp leaves on your ringlets? So last decade. For luscious, full, natural looking curls, we turn to the Conair Cd117 Infinit Pro By Conair "You Curl" Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron ($35). With a super fast heat-up time, a less damaging tourmaline ceramic barrel, and... [More]


Freakin' Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better than Everyone Else

How are we just now finding out about Freakin' Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better than Everyone Else ($17) by Clinton Kelly? It's a puzzlement, but we're so glad that we have this little gem on our bookshelves now - an invaluable... [More]

zimmermantable light-s.jpg

Biomorphic Bubble Lamp

R Gallery has startlingly gorgeous objects fit for museum display. Jeff Zimmerman's Biomorphic Bubble Lamp ($Inquire) is not just a lamp - it's an opaque hand-blown glass illuminated sculpture. Glittering specks are dusted onto the gloss, and mirrorized silver globes add extra drama inside this alien looking piece.... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Custom Vintage Boxing Poster

Show Pops that he's a champ in your book with this Custom Vintage Boxing Poster ($33). This rad little ode to the glory days of boxing features your dad's name, his nickname, four words that describe him, and the names of his children and their nicknames if you choose. You're... [More]

Pearl and Sapphire Lei Necklace 100.jpg

Pearl and Sapphire Lei Necklace

We talk about subversion a lot over's just so fun. To no one's surprise we were delighted when Subversive Jewelry started gaining the fame it deserved. We always make sure to stop by the site to check out what's new. This time, something prim and proper stuck out -... [More]


Gaiam All Grip Yoga Brick

The Gaiam All Grip Yoga Brick ($10) is one of those products that makes you say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Seriously, for years we've struggled to keep our grip on those Yoga blocks with no such luck. Lucky for us the people at Gaiam are in the business... [More]

hymini charger-s.jpg

HYmini Charger

We're pumped and ready to go with just one gadget thanks to the HYmini Charger ($50). This hand-held universal charger-adapter device uses renewable wind and solar power to supplement wall plug electricity to recharge our digital gadgets faster and more efficiently. It even stores all energy it collects for later.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Mini Bar for Alexa's Mini Apartment

Alexa wrote, "Hi Outblush Team! First off, I have to thank you all for making my shopping life really easy but also making it so hard because I always want to buy everything you all find! My boyfriend and I just found our very first apartment that we'll be sharing... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Dixie's Biker Dad

Says Dixie: "My dad is incredibly tough to shop for. He's 58 years old and recently retired from more than 30 years as a ditch digger with the City in northern Minnesota, and his interests focus primarily around his Harley Davidson motorcycle, his 1985 Porsche 944 and his 1970 Volvo... [More]


White Heron Earrings

You don't always need a cache of diamonds to add some shimmer to your outfit. When the weather's warm and the sun is shining, it feels so much more natural to wear some glimmering beads than big diamond earrings - no need to look like Elizabeth Taylor at a garden... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Doppelduffel Adventure Bag

For the worldly, or not so worldly father in your life, the Doppelduffel Adventure Bag ($180) is all they'll need for gear along the trails. Carry by hand, shoulder, or on his back, this large bag has two internal compartments to split his wares between clean and dirty, or wet... [More]


Culture Club: Vivienne Westwood Wing Platform

Whether you're calling on Hermes, patron of travelers, or Nike, the winged goddess of victory, be assured that the Vivienne Westwood Wing Platform ($174) will have you walking in confidence. The Vivienne Westwood-Melissa collaboration has proven to be a fruitful one, and this goddess inspired platform is our current favorite!... [More]


The Moldable Snake Loop

Is it a ring? A necklace? A bracelet? A belt? All of the above! Francesca's Collections' Moldable Snake Loop ($12) offers nearly unlimited variations - the only limit is your imagination. The links just sort of melt together, enabling you to shape, twist, & connect them into the accessory of... [More]

Vintage Wine Label Coasters 100.jpg

Vintage Wine Label Coasters

Faux vintage can be a bit cliché sometimes. Is there anything that screams college girl louder than one of those French alcohol advertisement posters tacked up to a stained common room wall? We're always pleasantly surprised to find clever ways to combine our love for all things French with our... [More]


Paris Reader's Reclining Chair

We know, we know: We can't afford this gorgeous cognac leather Paris Reader's Reclining Chair ($999 + $250 delivery/handling charge) either, but that doesn't mean we can't dream. C'mon: it's a classic club chair... with a hidden recliner. Gor-ge-ous. Jea-lous. See more leather club chairs.... [More]


Duncker Boat Shoes

This is what happens when two iconically douchey preppy things - madras shorts and boat shoes - combine: it's the Prep-pocalypse! Turn your Vampire Weekend up loud and dance around in these Dunckers ($30).... [More]

Headband 100.jpg

Grosgrain Norma Headband

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is at it again. This time he's advised his female employees to reconsider bangs. According to a memo circulated on Gawker, "It is not part of the direction we're moving in." If you happen to have the misfortune of being a banged American Apparel employee,... [More]


You Tell Us: Vuvuzelas

The 2010 World Cup is in full swing in South Africa, and we hear it's quite the party, especially once the vuvuzelas start blaring. What the hell is a vuvuzela, you ask? Click here to hear 'em in action. These South African plastic horns sound like (yes, really) an elephant... [More]


Gingham Insulated Cooler on Wheels

We don't think this is quite the right statement piece for carting your beers at Ozzfest, but the Gingham Insulated Cooler on Wheels ($60) is great for plenty of other summer outings. Perfect for the beach, a picnic, or concert, this bag features an adjustable handle, side pockets and wheels.... [More]

wine aromas-s.jpg

Fathers Day Gift Guide: Le Nez du Vin Wine Aromas

Oh yes, the Le Nez du Vin Red Wine Aromas ($139) by Jean Lenoir are as fancy as they sound. If your pop is an aspiring wino, these 12 common wine aromas will whip his nose into shape. Compare each vial with a glass of wine and check out the... [More]


Miss Me Bow Tie Shorts

No, you can't wear your cutoff denim shorts to brunch/the office/your mother-in-law's. But you can wear these: Miss Me Bow Tie Shorts ($50). Also, save the tube top for the beach.... [More]


King Flap Wallet

There are things we use so often we hardly ever think about them until something unique catches our eye. Wallets are one of those things - we just need something to hold our cash and cards, bonus if it's cute. But this King Flap Wallet ($42) made us reconsider the... [More]

swing print-s.jpg

Swing Print

Bound into summer with the vibrant Swing Print by Ilana Kohn. It seems to have sunshine painted right in, so we'd treat ourselves to this ultrachrome print in heartbeat. Enjoy this breath of fresh air, but don't recreate that clown blush.... [More]


Laws of Illusion

It's been almost seven years since Sarah McLachlan has graced our CD/mp3 players with her majestic sounds; along with the anticipated return of Lilith Fair, she releases her seventh studio album, Laws of Illusion ($13). Since her last release she's experienced divorce, raising two daughters, and the growth that comes... [More]


Willow and Clay Kimono Top

It's always a miracle when we find a way to look like a sultry siren without showing off a lot of skin. This Willow & Clay Sheer Kimono Top ($59) does the trick nicely. This ethereal top will make you feel like a bohemian goddess while keeping you covered up.... [More]


Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World

The incredible popularity of Etsy and all things DIY seems strange, when you consider our society's obsession with all things disposable and temporary. It's not, though: handmade things have more intrinsic value and meaning. Sure, you can snag a scarf at Target for $8.95 and use it for a month... [More]


Shimmer Colored Crystal Chandelier

The Shimmer Colored Crystal Chandelier ($400) knocks the socks off that eyesore that has been illuminating your sit-down dinners for years. This piece manages to be formal, fancy and fun all in one - no fuss here. The beautiful color crystals bounce color around the room of your choosing and... [More]


Two in the Shirt Spain Futbol Tee

As all soccer/football fans know the FIFA World Cup is currently living large in South Africa. We can't help but get swept up the excitement of the event. We love getting in the spirit of things and we rather like the cheeky appeal of this Two in the Shirt Team... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Cheaper Wrap Cardigan for Brittney F.

Brittney F. left a comment on our Airplane Wrap post saying, "I absolutely love this wrap but it is not in the price range that I would spend for it. Is there any other ideas similar but cheaper? Thank you." Brittney, you're in luck. The wrap cardigan, a silhouette with... [More]

Book Frame 100.jpg

Book Frame

We'd be lying if we said that we weren't abundantly proud of our bookshelves, which we try to show off to unsuspecting visitors. After all, we must be extremely interesting gals to shelve Sylvia Plath and Edith Wharton next to Don DeLillo and David Foster Wallace, right? Well Vandashop has... [More]


Topanga Plaid Top

We like the way plaid is out in full force this year, but sometimes it seems as though every store we shop in is just making men's shirts in smaller sizes and passing them off as stylish shirts for us. Not the case with G by Guess' Topanga Plaid Smocked... [More]


Zen Doorbell

Jarring doorbells are a problem of the past! Now & Zen's Zen Doorbell ($130) will fill your house with a calming gong every time your doorbell is rung. Choose the tone and sharpness of your gong for a customized zen experience.... [More]


Cranberry Mango Salsa

Just reading the name Cranberry Mango Salsa ($7) makes our taste buds do a little dance. After the dancing is over we think of the endless possibilities of using this on chicken, pork, scallops, mixed with cream cheese as a delicious dip, on top of eggs, and to kick up... [More]


Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Did the title of this post get Lionel Ritchie stuck in your head? Us, too. Good thing Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($29) actually works, or we'd be really peeved. A quick spritz of this stuff sets makeup for sixteen HOURS. Sweat. Cry. Dance. Do anything... [More]

LeSportsac Reverie Laptop Sleeve

LeSportsac Reverie Laptop Sleeve

Laptop bags and sleeves are usually oh so boring and blah, which is why we're totally diggin' the fabulously fashionable LeSportsac Reverie Big Laptop Sleeve ($38). This nylon laptop sleeve features a bright multicolor print. It has a large zip front pocket as well as a two-way zip main compartment... [More]


Shoulder Pad Necklace

Display your angelic side with the Shoulder Pad Necklace ($300), a thoughtfully designed neck ornament that perches a small wing on each shoulder. The jewelry designers who go by the name All for the Mountain lovingly carve each piece in wax to then cast it in bronze. We recommend checking... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Stoneware Spoon Holder

Single dads need charming crafty pieces to silently convince lady friends that they have real taste. Give his kitchen instant no fuss rustic elegance with the Stoneware Spoon Holder ($35). Artist Robert Blue evokes a Southwestern landscape pattern in a subtle, abstract way. Understated, stylish, and masculine. We like.... [More]


Who You Callin' Cupcake?

We were hooked on Who You Callin' Cupcake? 75 In-Your-Face Recipes that Reinvent the Cupcake ($11) the second we saw Tiramisu Cupcakes, Mojito Cupcakes, and BBQ Pork Cupcakes in the recipe list. Yes, really, BBQ Pork. Written by the owners of Chicago's Bleeding Heart Bakery, Vinny & Michelle Garcia, the... [More]

FlowerVase 100.jpg

Ivory Enameled Hoffman Vase

The delightful Neue Galerie has an interesting philosophy - take the works and designs of the old masters and recreate them for modern buyers. Many of the products are pretty aspirational. That $55,000 Chandelier is lovely, but we won't be buying something like that for quite some time. That's why... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Rebecca's Fantastic Nerdy Pop

My dad is my favorite guy in the whole world! That being said, he is very difficult to shop for. He doesn't fit well into any category, so a lot of shopping lists for "golferssportsmen" or "bookworms" or "manly man" or "fix-it guy" don't work so well for me. He... [More]


Special Guest Post by Glo: JimmyJane Ember Candles

Today's guest post is brought to you by dating, sex and relationships enthusiast (read: obsessive ponderer) Natasha Burton, the Relationships Editor at Glo, a recently-launched lifestyle e-magazine for women. She'll be bringing you her picks of the best products, accessories and books for your love life, or lack thereof. I've... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Casual Mother-of-the-Bride Dress for Marie's Mom

Marie writes, "I am having a destination wedding in Destin, FL on 10/15/10. The wedding is casual but not too casual (I have outlawed denim, Hawaiian prints, and shorts). My mother is having a very hard time finding something to wear. She is not too comfortable with her body/weight right... [More]


Airplane Wrap

We're not certain if the ID Knit Airplane Wrap ($148) is so named because when you hold your arms out, you look like an airplane, or because it's ideal for travel. We're pretty sure it's the latter, since this lightweight wrap is cozy enough to keep you warm on overly... [More]


Madison Marcela Organic Gourmet Toffee

If you're hungry, don't read about this. No seriously, go get yourself some carrots or a sandwich or whatever and come back. Because if we tell you about this glorious treat and your stomach is empty, you may start gnawing on your computer screen. Madison Marcela makes delectable All Natural... [More]

Transistor Radio 100.jpg

Vintage Transistor Radio

Alright, Outblushers, this is pretty cool - a 1963 Japanese-made Transistor Radio ($25). It's an Etsy piece so there's only one in stock which will likely sell pretty quickly, but we had to show you this quirky vintage piece, even if only for future design inspiration. Please note that although... [More]


Celeb Style: Sarah Jessica Parker's Metallic Platforms

Need we mention the fact that women across the globe seek footwear inspiration from SJP on a daily basis? Understandably so, she gives us so much to work with. For example: the Charlotte Olympia Dolly Canvas Pumps ($715), which Sarah Jessica wore not on one but two occasions, in different... [More]


Chalkboard Wine Tag

Wine is the easy, go-to hostess gift, and there's nothing wrong with going down that well-trod path. However, if you're gifting wine, dress it up in a unique way with a Chalkboard Wine Tag ($3). Tie this sweet felt flower around the stem of the bottle and write a note... [More]


Golden Girl: Caddyshack Blu-ray

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to get a little. With this... [More]


Tetras Trivets

Protecting our counter-tops can be as fun as a game of jacks with the Tetras Trivets ($26). A set of six silicone trivets are spunky space savers for small apartments, and this loose format feels so contemporary. In white and red, these classic colors are a lot cooler than traditional... [More]


Central Park Pillow

Embroidery is a skill we greatly admire, but just do not have the patience for. Create a picture out of thread? No thanks. Shell out some dough for a beautiful pillow where someone else has done the hard work? Sure! This Central Park Pillow ($89) has a vibrant green back... [More]

necktie wallet-s.jpg

Father's Day Gift Guide: Necktie Wallet

Let's face it, necktie gifts aren't that creative. For a younger breed of dad, the Necktie Wallet ($28) might fit the bill. Assuming he's fashion-friendly and not afraid of color, he'd swoon at this reworked necktie gift. Full of pattern and panache, these stripes will keep Dad festive.... [More]


Scrimshaw Dinner Plates

So maybe the nautical look just isn't your thing. We can't blame you for not embracing horizontal stripes with open arms. Get a smidge of the style without donning high waisted pants by using the Thomas Paul Scrimshaw Dinner Plates ($40 for a set of 4) this season. It's as... [More]


Sondra Roberts 4 Snap Envelope

If one pocket is good to stash our stuff and two keeps us fairly organized, we'd pretty much be able to take over the world with four, right? Sondra Roberts' 4 Snap Envelope ($20) is an absolute steal and has style and organizational excellence in spades. It's available in four... [More]


Christian Louboutin Tinazata Sandals

Fierceness called - it wants its sandals back! Christian Louboutin Tinazata Sandals ($1395)... [More]

captured rat-s.jpg

Doubtblush: Captured Rat Soap

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Usually we only have to... [More]


Analog Postcard Set

When was the last time you sent a piece of written correspondence 'just because'? If you're like us, it was probably somewhere around the last time you listened to a cassette tape or used a rotary phone, which is what drew us to the Analog Postcard Set ($10) by Yellow... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Bacon of the Month Club

Fact: Your dad is a man. Fact: Men like bacon. Fact: You'll finally blow your brother's gift out of the water this year. Bacon of the Month Club ($190 for 6 months)... [More]


Milly Linen Blend Dress

Thumbs up to designers who give us two-piece illusions like the Milly Linen Blend Dress ($137). This one-piece leads our co-workers to believe that we thoughtfully constructed our outfit when in reality our lazy butts rejoice in the fact that all we had to do was brush our hair and... [More]


Fresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit

We loved college, but we did not love "Eau de Dorm," that distinctive aroma of hundreds of hard-partying laundry-doing newbies crammed into a small building for months on end. Gah! If you've got a pal heading to the residence halls soon, they'll definitely appreciate the Fresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit... [More]

Melting Wall Clock-s.jpg

Culture Club: Melting Wall Clock

Admittedly, the Melting Wall Clock ($30) is sheer novelty, but we like its reference enough to like it. The edge appears to be plastic, but we assure, it's real metal. And a real conversation piece. For a variation of the same idea, check out the Melting Bronze Clock ($46). Based... [More]

dino necklace-S.jpg

Dino Necklace

Strap on your seat belt and get ready to ride the Fun-o-meter when you slip the Dino Necklace ($69) by Spanish indie designer Gonzalo Cutrina over your head. This piece is monumental in scale and super bold with a storybook sensibility. We're down for this plastic paleontological misadventure.... [More]


World Cup Track Jackets

We get pretty excited every time the World Cup rolls around because it means we get to shout GOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!!!! whenever we want! The best time to shout it is right when your boyfriend falls asleep or when you find a really awesome parking spot. Practice your GOOOL! while wearing one... [More]

Ceramic Pizza Stone 100.jpg

Ceramic Pizza Stone

Now that you've made a splurge on your summertime grill, it's time to accessorize! The Ceramic Pizza Stone ($109) is that perfect complement to grilling season - you'll impress all your guests with your restaurant-style thin crust pizzas only achievable with the use of ceramic.... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Swiss Army Knife Card

Dear Dad, We were going to get you one of those musical cards that played something like the Andy Griffith Theme Song, but isn't this Swiss Army Knife Card ($7, by La Familia Green) way better? Love you! Love, Us... [More]


Ole Henriksen On the Go Vitamin C Cleanser

We've had Ole Henriksen On the Go Vitamin C Cleanser ($21-30) as a standby in our showers for years. It's ideal for combination skin, packed with antioxidants (vitamins C & E and grapeseed extract) and moisturizing ingredients that won't leave skin oily or too dried out. We just found out... [More]

rattan bag-s.jpg

Raffia Tassel Clutch

We're thinkin' of the Raffia Tassel Clutch ($259) by Anya Hindmarch like the more cosmopolitan older sister of the basket weave bag. Both are summer staples, but this sophisticated piece gives us the regal treatment, decked out with jewels, gold border beading, and a silky purple tassel. We'd feel like... [More]


Palm Print Tube Maxi Dress

If summer isn't maxi dress season, then we don't know what is! And the Palm Print Tube Maxi Dress ($60) is so airy and light that you'll be finding any excuse to wear it. Farmer's Market? Sure! Picnic on the beach? Let's go! Mechanical Engineers of America Outdoor Convention? Bring... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Signet Ring for Jessica J's Dad

Jessica J. says, "My mother and father will have been married for 35 years at the end of June. Since it is a big anniversary, my mother is wanting something extra special for his present this year (especially since he is a good enough man to endure Disney World in... [More]

Leather Beer Holster 100.jpg

Leather Beer Holster

We laughed when we first saw Red Envelope's Leather Beer Holster ($30). It's ridiculous, right? Well, maybe, but it's also kind of awesomely brilliant. There are totally times when you'd prefer a beer by your side, but need to go hands free - grilling being the obvious scenario. And although... [More]

Blazer 100.jpg

Classic Three-Button Blazer

Wanna know a little secret? The best boys blazer to buy isn't some knock-off made directly for the women's department at J.Crew or Ralph Lauren. If you're going to go for a boys blazer, authenticity is the key to achieving the cool. Brooks Brothers is a no fail option with... [More]


California Pendant

We think the 14k California Pendant ($200) deserves its very own playlist! Sing along to these while sporting this cute west-coast cut-out. Katy Perry - California Gurls Phantom Planet - California 2Pac - California Love Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart in San Francisco Red Hot Chili Peppers -... [More]

Sealight Floor Lamp 100.jpg

British Marine Light

Manifest glamour by recreating an old time film set with this 19th-century British Marine Light ($1325). Add a silk gown, some classic tunes, and a little bit of gin, and we'll be ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille.... [More]


Summer Music Festival Round-Up: June Edition

With the arrival of summer inevitably comes a bevy of summer music festivals to quench your dirt loving, musical thirst. Beyond the Bonnaroos, Lilith Fairs, and Warped Tours, there are tons of festivals all across this great land (and overseas), that are sure to tickle countless musical tastes. Since we... [More]



DocuPen ($160) is a pen with super-hero powers. Carry this handy utensil around with you wherever you go, and you'll find new uses for it on a daily basis. We'd probably go crazy with the thing and start scanning articles we found in magazines at the doctor's office or all... [More]


Doubtblush: Alae Ear Cuff

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We get Armor's schtick, body... [More]


Ceylon Pitcher

The Ceylon Pitcher ($30) from CB2 is our new BFF, not to mention our summer salvation! The Ceylon comes with a removable filter, which you can fill with cucumbers, mint leaves, tea leaves, what have you. Fill the other side with water, sangria, vodka, what have you.... [More]


Snow Angel Cardigan

Finding snow angels this time of year might not seem an easy task, but we've got your snow angel right here! This demure, cotton Snow Angel Cardigan ($46) will keep you perfectly warm on a cool summer evening. We see ourselves working this draped sweater year round, rain, snow or... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Stephanie's Scientific Dad

Says Stephanie: "My dad is super hard to shop for! He's a little eccentric with expensive tastes but the best gifts have been ones that have really been more thoughtful than high-priced. He's not really a "tool guy" or "fishing guy" so traditional father's day gifts don't do much for... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Feminine Wedding Outfit for Rachel's Partner

Rachel wrote, "Please help! My girlfriend and I are engaged to get married next May. It is an outdoor wedding and I plan on wearing a white ankle length dress, but she would rather wear pants. We are having a hard time finding an outfit for her that is still... [More]


Sales & Steals: 6/11/10

Is it officially summer yet? No? Damn. Sure feels like it. Only one solution for our it's-not-summer-yet doldrums: shopping! Enjoy this week's sales & steals below, and have a fabulous weekend, from all of us at OB HQ! Alloy - Save 15% on any order with coupon code CLR15A through... [More]


Gifts for the A-Team: Hannibal

In case you haven't been watching TV, surfing the net, seeing billboards, or whatever, The A-Team movie hits theaters today, June 11, 2010. This cinematic update of the classic 80's TV show is bound to be a hit whether or not it's any good, but we have no problems with... [More]


Gifts for the A-Team: Face

Face, you handsome cad! We know you to be a smooth talking, dapper man, and we'd love to see you dressed to the nines in this jet setting Paul Smith Travel Suit ($1,275). It's a fine wool/mohair blend which is lightweight but durable and will fit snugly underneath a sky... [More]


Gifts for the A-Team: Mad Dog Murdock

Oh Murdock - your sanity is questioned as often as your flying skills, but we have perfect faith in both (unlike some people we know - Mr. Bad Attitude, we're thinking of you). To celebrate your triumphant return to the skies we got you a pair of Night Owl Tactical... [More]


Gifts for the A-Team: Charisa Sosa

Well, well, well, Jessica Biel, you're an action hero now! And, since it's a movie tradition to make female action heroes run and do all their stunts in high heels, we figured you might as well have a particularly fierce pair of army boot-inspired ones. These Balmain Lace-Up & Zip... [More]


Gifts for the A-Team: B. A. Baracus

Rampage Jackson, it's not looking good. First there were those dumbass comments about the perceived gayness of acting and Vancouver, which made us want to give you one of these. Then there was the kerfuffle about Mr. T, whose updated role you snagged, not liking your movie. Of course, then... [More]


Eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Eos Lip Balm Spheres have long been one of our go-to pout moisturizers, and we were absolutely thrilled to find they've branched out: Introducing Eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream ($12 for three 7oz bottles)! For those of us still a little scared of waxing or other hair removal systems, shaving... [More]


We're Total Fucking Badasses E-Card

Hallmark can shove it. is the place to go for e-greetings of all kinds from topical to irreverent to bawdy. And of course they have a slew of show-the-love options like the the charmer featured above. You will now spend the rest of the day sending these to your... [More]


Irregular Choice Flick Flack

These Irregular Choice Flick Flack ($129) heels have serious moxy. The shoe has accessorized itself with a jaunty scarf and we can't say we're mad at it. The choice of fabric compliments the color and material of each shoe in a Golidlocks-baby-bear's-porridge-juuuuuuust-right kind of way. These beauties are going crazy... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Inflatable Backyard Theater

Did somebody say Inflatable Backyard Theater ($950)?! We're there! There being your dad's backyard. This pop-up theater is perfect for TV and movie addicted dads and will be especially great on warm summer evenings. Set up the lawn chairs and pop some popcorn for your family's very own movie in... [More]


Out of Print Clothing

Do you voraciously consume books at the rate of one to two per week? Are there careworn books on your shelves you read four or five times? Does the smell of new ink on fresh pages just shiver your timbers with rills of delight? If the answer to these questions... [More]


Ciao Bella Felice

Sandals are everywhere, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Sure, we don't need another pair, but we just couldn't resist the Ciao Bella Felice ($49). First off, the orange is a fabulous color that'll punch up a simple jeans and tee outfit with ease. We also like the way the... [More]


Molo Float Pilsner Flutes

Seriously, how cool are the Molo Float Pilsner Flutes ($100)? Made by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic, each piece is handcrafted one at a time. Beautifully designed and highly functional - the suspended bowl shape keeps your hands from getting cold, and the liquid inside from being affected by... [More]


Do It Gorgeously

The third book in Sophie Uliano's Gorgeously Green series, Do It Gorgeously: How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products ($14), is a boon to those of you who love playing chemist. She offers up tons of nifty DIY beauty product recipes and general tips & tricks,... [More]

viaggo bathtub-s.jpg

Viaggi Signature Freestanding Bathtub

An exclusive by MAAX Collection, the Viaggi Signature Freestanding Bathtub ($Inquire) is luxury at its finest. No legs needed here - this seamless, egg-shaped bath floats on an exotic wood base (natural tinted burl with a glossy finish pictured). Stark modern lines give us elegance and ergonomic comfort that can't... [More]


Pockets Full of Lockets Earrings

You've got your boyfriend in your locket, but what about your BFF and your mom and your chihuahua, Paco? Wearing more than one locket would be silly, but now you can carry all your loved ones with you in the Pockets Full of Lockets Earrings ($34). Each earring has three... [More]


Tuck n' Roll Indoor Skateboard

If your kids have been bugging you to let 'em try their feet at skateboarding but you're terrified of trips to the emergency room, the Tuck n' Roll Indoor Skateboard ($500) is a great option. These upholstered vinyl skateboards provide a soft cushioned skate, but padding for your house would... [More]


Temporary Secretary Dress

When we were younger and dreaming about what we wanted to be when we grow up, temporary secretary was never something that crossed our mind. However, once we saw the Temporary Secretary Dress ($138), our minds instantly wandered off to sitting in a typing pool, gossiping with the gals and... [More]


Sports Rack

Happy World Cup, everyone! If you're a sports fan looking to do a little thematic decorating, this clever Sports Rack ($90) will do the trick nicely. Made from the pole of a Foosball table, this rack boasts 5 burly players and a handle to hang your various coats, purses, hats,... [More]

WakeMEup Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker

WakeMEup Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker

No more excuses for being late to work! The WakeMEup Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker ($43) is the perfect solution for the deepest of sleepers. This huge digital clock displays the time for easy reading and the audible alarm reaches volumes up to 120dB. This very unique alarm also includes... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Sorghum

If Pops likes bourbon, and let's be honest, who doesn't, then he'll love Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Sorghum ($11). Used in place of honey, syrup or molasses, this unique sorghum is a mix of Kentucky Bourbon and Madagascar Vanilla. We're definitely snagging some for ourselves - can you imagine this stuff... [More]


Let's Get Drunk and Eat Waffles Print

Don't threaten us with a good time! Let's Get Drunk and Eat Waffles Print ($15)... [More]

scented earrings-s.jpg

Bloom Scented Flower Earring

Ingenious and zany all rolled into one, the Bloom Scented Flower Earring ($15) requires real imagination. Add a spritz of floral perfume to these paper flowers (preferably one that matches the diverse spread of flower types available in the assortment), pierce with the sterling silver stud, and voila - we're... [More]


Drop-Waist Kimono Sleeve Top

Who says us curvy-licious plus-sized gals can't rock the latest trends? This jade green Women's Plus Drop-Waist Kimono-Sleeve Top ($25) features a banded blouson waist, pintucked neck, and kimono-style sleeves with a chic flower silhouette print. Paired with your favorite jeans or a cute skirt (don't forget bangle bracelets &... [More]

DustpanandBroom 100.jpg

Dustpan & Broom

Cleaning doesn't have to be ugly. Aside from the sleek design and muted coloring, this dream-duo's material is flexible, meaning you can sweep up all kinds of crumbs and dust that your old metal dustpan wouldn't dream of helping out with. This lovely Dustpan & Broom ($30) might just make... [More]


Ash Leaf Ring

A member of Prismera's Cast Collection, the Ash Leaf Ring ($60 - 1200) is a standout piece of curled pierced ash leaf. Each piece is based on the form of a weathered leaf in a stage of decay. Sculpted from wax, each is cast in bronze or silver. For those... [More]


Chrome Plated Heel Pumps

The GIrl with the Dragon Tattoo is not in the least the sort of movie you watch in order to squeal at the clothes, but if you've seen it and were intrigued by the metal-heeled stilettos that are a briefly featured part of Lisbeth Salander's disguise at the end of... [More]


Cake Lace Coasters

Our first reaction to the Cake Lace Coasters ($19) was "YUM! May we have a piece?" We quickly realized this delicious confection was actually a rubber coaster! We're pretty sure we'll be reaching for teacakes the next time we use these appetizing coasters.... [More]


Celeb Style: Taylor Swift's Bow Print Tee

Celebs love Lauren Moshi, especially nubile starlets and teenaged pop-stars out to shed their good girl image (Miley!). While many of Moshi's designs depict motorcycles, wolves, and freaky looking eagles, Taylor Swift managed to choose the sweetest tee of all, the Bow Print Tee ($127) which comes in a demure... [More]


Pipette Oil and Vinegar Set

No surprise here. Danish designer Lovorika Banovic for Denmark deisgn powerhouse, Menu, is the Einstein behind the smart Pipette Oil and Vinegar Set ($80). An uber clever combination of form and function make using this dropper-beaker system a chemist's dream. It even comes complete with a steel tray!... [More]


CCC Coral Lucite Statement Necklace

Add vintage flair to your wardrobe with a CCC Coral Lucite Statement Necklace ($20) and you'll - wait. $20? That's it? We'd usually expect to pay at least 4 times that for a fab bib necklace like this! Layers of rosy coral Lucite teardrops dangling from a gold chain interwoven... [More]


West Elm Summer Leaf Duvet

A change in seasons always has us itching to redecorate. A peek at our bank account squashes that notion pretty quick, but every once in a while, we give in. The latest splurge is a new look for the bedroom with the Organic Summer Leaf Duvet ($70 - $100). Just... [More]

modern mailbox 100.jpg

Modern Mailbox

In spite of all of the modern communications technologies out there, truly nothing can compare to the thrill of physical mail, from magazines, to letters, heck, even to some bills (especially those fabulous tax refund checks), it's always exciting to open that mailbox to see what's new in the world.... [More]


Gap Chambray Dress

Chambray is making a comeback in a big way, and we'll admit, we were wary at first. However, there's an array of cute pieces cropping up and we're finally giving in. The thing that's most appealing about chambray is the ability to accessorize it with anything. For example, this Pintucked... [More]


Personal Shopper Oops: FUNCTIONAL Motorcycle Jackets

Apparently, we're not motorcyclists. (Surprise, right?) And we know when we've goofed, and we'll happily admit it. So, consider our last motorcycle jacket post one for fashion purposes only, i.e. strutting your stuff at a bar, and these ones as utilitarian-but-still-sexy ones you'd actually want to wear on a motorcycle,... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Heather's Down-to-Earth Biking, Grilling Dad

Heather says, "This has been a big month for my father. He's walked his eldest daughter (me!) down the aisle, and he'll see his youngest daughter graduate high school in a few weeks. He's been jolly and supportive the whole time! But what do we get dear Dad on Father's... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Motorcycle Jacket for Stephanie

Stephanie says, "I ride motorcycles but have a hard time finding gear that looks like it was made for me. I would like a cool looking motorcycle jacket that is fashionable enough to actually wear. Extra points if you can find something that isn't just black. Thanks so much!" Steph,... [More]


Essential 10: Cheap, DIY, & Free Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is here in full force, and if you're young & broke, it can be hard to cough up even $50 for a blender or set of sheets on the happy couple's registry. What to do? We've got a few ideas that you can do alone, or go in... [More]


Monserrat De Lucca Ben Benicio Leather Tote

Hmm. If we started skipping our twice-daily $4 latte habit, do you think we could save up enough pennies for this dreamy Monserrat De Lucca Ben Benicio Leather Tote ($298)? We're digging the cutout teal leather piecework in a diamond pattern, and since this sucker's so big it could hold... [More]


Ralphie Shirtdress

Well hello, you sweet little summer frock! We'd like to invite you on some upcoming adventures! Come with us to work with a cardigan, and then let's head out to a date on the pier. We'll put on some pearls and heels and head to a wedding, and a few... [More]

itoc watch-s.jpg

I-toc Watch

Our constant glances to clock readings make us feel like we're a) living our life to a stop watch or b) a ticking time bomb. The I-toc Watch ($90) has freed us from the counting game. There's no tick-tock to this clock - shaded rings to keep us in check.... [More]


You Tell Us: Melissa Numa Lovefoxx Sandal

The Melissa Numa + Lovefoxx Sandal ($100) is a shoe that will inspire squeals, but we can't quite predict if they'll be out of fear or out of admiration. The masterminds behind this macabre design are Brazilian plastic shoe designers Melissa in collaboration with über hot, electro-star Lovefoxx of the... [More]

aerodynamic cufflinks-s.jpg

Fathers Day Gift Guide: Aerodynamic Cufflinks

Since we have a need for speed ourselves, it makes sense that we get our pa a swift does of style with the Aerodynamic Cufflinks ($79). Car aficionados and travel enthusiasts will love the sleek modern lines of these sterling silver pieces by Jessica Phillips. Cufflinks are only the start... [More]


Lace Ring

Marika King, a self taught jewelry maker from Australia, has created an exceptional line of vintage and fashion forward pieces that are not only extremely sweet and whimsical, but also affordable. Her Lace Ring ($40) is one of our favs and will add an understated quirky touch to your daily... [More]

Boudoir key-s.jpg

Boudoir Key 2

Wall art gets flirty with the limited edition Boudoir Key 2 ($20), signed and ready to go. This dreamy rose tinted scene captures a glamor girl getting dressed... or undressed. Reading this picture all depends on where we hang it. Put it in the bathroom as a symbol of getting... [More]

Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler 100.jpg

Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

When figuring out your summer camping equipment, the classics are sometimes the best. We were thrilled that LL Bean decided to continue selling the Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler ($139). It first premiered in 1954 and has been a staple in many childhood memories. Oh, and its leak-proof, rust-proof design makes it... [More]


Garden Shoulder Bag

We can't decide if the Garden Shoulder Bag ($248) is more Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's or Charlotte from Sex and the City. We'll compromise for Upper East Side! This absolutely darling (or should we say dahling) bag comes in a chic shade of pink complete with rosette appliqué... [More]

Ekeskog Sofa Cover 100.jpg

Stockholm Slipcover

You change your clothes for the summer; shouldn't you be swapping out the heavy home fabrics as well? The folks over at Bemz produce Ikea product specific upholstery, like this summery Stockholm Slipcover ($399), made specifically for the Ekeskog 3-Seater Sofa. It'll lighten your living room and brighten your spirits... [More]


Three Dots Peacock Print Dress

Hel-lo summer! With the mercury rising every day, we're on the hunt for light, breezy dresses that require few (if any) additional clothes or accessories to make an outfit. This Three Dots Peacock Print 1/2 Sleeve Dress ($122) will do the trick perfectly: the festive peacock-painted fabric and simple 70's... [More]

Friends Are Gone Tee

Doubtblush: Friends Are Gone Tee

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Can you picture anyone wearing... [More]


The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

If you like a bit of witchy lore woven into your historical fiction, then you will devour Katherine Howe's The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane ($10). The book follows two women who are separated by a span of three hundred years; one is a cynical Harvard grad student searching for... [More]


Pastel Present Future Bento Boxes

We're big proponents of faking it until we make it, and in this instance, we're all about faking a cheery disposition if need be. The Pastel Present Future Bento Boxes ($39) are so cheery and bright that we might be singing "Zippity Doo Dah" on our morning stroll to the... [More]


Elegantly Waisted NYX Belt

Not only is Elegantly Waisted a totally fabulous brand name, they actually produce some damn fine belts. Lately, we're accessorizing everything with the NYX Waist Belt ($64). The antique brass colored discs look just as great over a drapey tank and jeans as they do with a dress. The belt... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: Super Deluxe Exile on Main St.

Dear ol' dad influenced our musical choices when we were young - thank goodness he's a pretty cool guy and taught us right. Thank him for his rock 'n' roll guidance and treat him to the super deluxe edition of The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St. ($137). Many consider... [More]

Wireless Pet Doorbell

Wireless Pet Doorbell

The Wireless Pet Doorbell ($36) may be the next best thing biscuits! Now Sparky can let you know when he's finished with his business outside as well as when he needs to go out.... [More]


The Envelope Necklace

The Envelope Necklace ($16) by Cheap Monday is ideal for ladies who don't like to carry extra baggage. Keep your change, hair pins, or eyeshadow in this concise and easy to access pocket. Wouldn't it also be fan-freakin-tastic to not have to worry about your things when you get a... [More]


CLEAN Outdoor Shower Fresh Fragrance Set

There isn't necessarily a lot of overlap between those who enjoy typical perfumes and those who want to smell like soap, but this recent offering from CLEAN walks a pleasing middle path between "scented" and "scrubbed". Outdoor Shower Fresh is a slightly citrusy green freshwater aquatic sweetened with some water... [More]


Upside Down Panda Mug

Who doesn't love a panda? We know we do! We especially love it when pandas sneeze. That's why the Upside Down Panda Mug ($30) from Japan's Décole will make us giggle with every sip.... [More]

Metropolitan Sconce 100.jpg

Metropolitan Sconce

Make your home look like an old guard Hollywood hotel with the elegant flare of the Metropolitan Sconce ($375). With its polished nickel and glass this sconce, you'll be tempted to raise the stakes in your household dress code - black tie only, please. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire would... [More]


SWAK Alicia Plus Size Shirt Dress

This classically cute SWAK Alicia Plus Size Shirt Dress ($48) is destined to be a staple frock in your closet. Available in 4 colors (we're going to go for all of 'em!), it relies on simple lines, a removable tie-waist belt, and your own personality to make you look as... [More]

Knotted Platform Sandals

Knotted Platform Sandals

Get ready to turn heads in the Knotted Platform Sandals ($250), which are gorgeous leather sandals with lattice cutouts and knotted straps. These beauties also have contrast metallic trim and side straps with a buckled ankle strap. Plus they'll make your legs look a mile long thanks to the 1"... [More]


Chanel Inflatable Raft

Nothing says luxury like the Chanel Inflatable Raft ($Inquire) and now you and two of your closest friends can brave the rapids in style. If only Jack had Chanel on his side, he could have gotten off the island quicker.... [More]


Voyeur Silk Bra

Kiki de Montparnasse's luxurious Voyeur Silk Bra ($275) is so gorgeous it might just invite a voyeur into your life. Let's just hope it's the cute boy next door and not the creeper across the street!... [More]


Smithfield's Gym Bag

We used to think nothing of it when we threw on a grungey 'ol tee and toted our things to the gym in a plain duffel bag. Then we realized that we didn't have to look like a bum on our gym outings. It's totally possible to be cute whilst... [More]


Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook

If you're anything like us, you've been waiting with bated breath since "Kitchen Confidential" for Anthony Bourdain to put down the knives and pick up a pen. In Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook ($16), Bourdain examines the foodie revolution, his... [More]


WINNERS: Don't Mug Dad Giveaway

We were delighted (and in a few cases, seriously amused) to read all of the daddy-descriptions that we received here, over email, and on Facebook - and now it's our turn to delight you! Father's Day personal shopper entries will be spread out over the next week or so, while... [More]

Mother of the Dresses-little.jpg

Essential 10: Mother of the.... Dresses

Brides are without a doubt the main event of any wedding. All eyes are going to be locked on her glowing happiness. But that doesn't mean that the mothers of those blushing lovelies need to hide their light under a bushel. They deserve to feel beautiful and know it. Here... [More]


Father's Day Personal Shopper: Johannah's Dandy Dad

Johannah says, "I am writing because I have the world's toughest dad to shop for and he also happens to be the most generous father ever. My dad is 56 years old, a husband of 32 years and father to 4 kids ages 28-22 (8 kids if you count our... [More]


Personal Shopper: Nude Sandals for Tammy K

Tammy writes, "Hi everyone at Outblush! I've been on a quest for several months and need your help. I'm a very pale girl who wants a cute pair of nude shoes. Problem is, they are either too dark for my skintone, too expensive or too high heeled! Can you recommend... [More]


Any Port In A Storm

What would our summers be without a healthy dose of Sublime for our cook-outs or outdoor get-togethers? But sadly since the passing of Bradley Nowell we've waited in vain for more music to add to those mixes. While nothing will be the original, The Dirty Heads have released Any Port... [More]


Y-3 Cotton-blend Sweatshirt

A reinvented sweatshirt pullover? Intriguing! We haven't seen anyone do it quite like Y-3'S Cotton-blend Sweatshirt ($113). In place of a hoodie, Y-3 opted for a boat neck and for a fun twist moved the drawstrings to one side. Pull the strings to keep your neck warm or throw on... [More]

endless rain-s.jpg

Fathers Day Gift Guide: Endless Rain Record

To please the gentle cultured poppa, the soothing Endless Rain Record ($39) will calm the mind and body. Cue up these tracks during yoga, meditation, or zen sand sweeping, and Dad is in for the time of his life. Needless to say, meteorologists and Japan-ophiles will love it.... [More]


Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Wash

If you're tired of beauty products containing ingredients you're positive they're using as chemical dispersants to clean up the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, then you'll want to check out Nude Skincare. They use natural & organic ingredients for their line, and we're currently addicted to their Nude Cleansing Facial... [More]


Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD

We reviewed Tracy Anderson's Dance Cardio DVD a few weeks ago - here's the 411 on Anderson's Mat Workout DVD ($30). Anderson maintains a steady pace and the workout, while taxing, is easy to follow and effective. She goes through a series of leg, ab, and arm exercises geared to... [More]

chalboard wall decals 100.jpg

Chalkboard Wall Decals

Best part of (500) Days of Summer? Tom's awesome chalkboard wall in his bedroom, obviously. Wall Candy Arts specializes in fun childlike decals and, you guessed it, Chalkboard Wall Decals ($18 for 3) too. You don't need his architectural skills to make use of it though. Use it for doodles,... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Wedding Gift for Katy G's Best Bud

Katy begged, "I am in dire need of your assistance! My best friend is getting married in two weeks and I have yet to get her a wedding gift. I am her maid of honor and I just can't seem to find the right gift. The major snag is my... [More]

RaMona LaRue Sofia Jumper

RaMona LaRue Sofia Jumper

Ummm....WOW! What more can we say? The eye grabbing RaMona LaRue Sofia Jumper ($284) is guaranteed to get a thumbs up. You'll definitely be the talk of the town when you rock this lil' number.... [More]

umbra clock-s.jpg

Photoart Wall Clock

The natural birch wood Photoart Wall Clock by Sativa Turner doesn't look like a DIY project because it makes such a pretty picture here, but it is. Don't get any panties in a twist yet. This is a paint by number kit - nothing too complicated. The brush, paint and... [More]


Cat Eye Sleeping Mask

Planning some travel this summer? We can't sing the praises of a good sleep mask enough. Whether you just catch some shut eye on the plane or use it to create some serious darkness for your midday snooze after you were out all night, you'll be happy you packed one.... [More]


Father's Day Gift Guide: My Other Ride is a Light Cycle Hoodie

For the dads who were impressionable kids when the original Tron came out in 1982, the forthcoming December '10 arrival of Tron Legacy in theaters is either eliciting an, "OMG, YES!" or "OMG, NOOOOO!" response. Either way, he's probably going to go see it. And he might as well annoy/impress... [More]


Leanimal Helene Wedding Dress

Eco-conscious brides-to-be will love this Leanimal Helene Wedding Dress ($1295), created by Leanne Marshall - yes, that Leanne, the winner of Project Runway! Crafted from ivory hemp silk blend with an organic cotton & hemp silk blend foundation & interfacing, it's got Marshall's signatures in spades: lots of dreamy petal... [More]


Bam Headband

BAM! You just got hit in the face with retro awesomeness. And our good looks. Keeping comic book lovin' guys away will be downright impossible when you're sporting the Bam Comic Headband ($22). [Also available in Pow!]... [More]


Too Faced Aqua Bunny Bronzer

"Waterproof makeup" is usually just clever advertising copy, but Too Faced Aqua Bunny Bronzer ($28) actually is waterproof, resisting weather and water with equal aplomb. This cream-to-powder bronzer is a soft, universally flattering terracotta that offers buildable coverage with a smooth, fresh finish. The formula even contains vitamin E, chamomile,... [More]