Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: TurboTax, the Same as Hiring a Professional?

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]

easter paper-s.jpg

Easter Chocolate Paper Pack

Word to the wise, we don't have to schlep anywhere to buy our Easter decorations. To get our initial color palette we don't even have to get off our asses, we can just download the fresh Easter Chocolate Paper Pack ($4) at Designer Digitals. Even if you're not a computer... [More]


Oriol Balaguer Minitubes Collection

We don't care in what form our chocolates come - we just want them! The concept and flavors of Oriol Balaguer Minitubes Collection ($65) is nothing short of amazing. With a luscious ganache center each tube embodies a different flavor explosion. Includes: Pasion (Passion Fruit), Naranja (Orange), Yuzu (Japanese Citrus... [More]



As much as we've made fun of the overhyped iPad, we still want one. Bad. But the budget, she is not extending towards $500. So we'll be faking out the hipsters at our local coffee shop by whipping out a PixelPad ($24-99 for sets & kits). These sketchpads feature 10... [More]



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Ann Taylor Oasis Dress

Ann Taylor's Oasis Dot Print Tiered Dress ($168) makes us feel like a lithe water nymph. We glide through cocktail parties, fabric swirling around us, catching everyone's eye. Best of all, this dress hides a multitude of sins, seeing as we spent most of our winter on the couch -... [More]


Smile Letterpress Print

The cheer in this simple and lovely print is enough to make even the grumpiest of us do exactly what we're told, SMILE! Smile Letterpress Print ($20) is just what we need in our office or home to remind us of the most basic ways to brighten up our days.... [More]


Solar Clutch

We dream of the day when the Easter Bunny abandons his "kids only" rule and brings baskets full of goodies to adults everywhere! We already know what would be in our basket: chocolate bunnies, jordan almonds, jelly beans, and the French Connection's Solar Clutch ($98). This sunny clutch is made... [More]


Poetic License Spring Blooms Pump

Our fresh new spring pedicures are dying to be showcased in these romantic and vintage inspired Poetic License Spring Bloom Pumps ($99). Overlapping leaves run along the side of these 4 inch slingback pumps with contrasting heel. Insoles are lightly padded and strap is adjustable for comfort. Made of leather... [More]


Vintage Scandinavian Decanter

Can you spy the missing part of the Vintage Scandinavian Decanter ($62)? Don't look too hard, we're only kidding - this fluidly organic mid century piece is meant to have a charming hole in the center. Whether filled with cognac or not, it's a lovely piece.... [More]


Camelia in Honeydew Dress

Honeydew should be back in season soon, and so will the Camelia in Honeydew Dress ($159) by Kelly Lane. We love the hand-painted floral print on the front pockets and the fact that the banded waist is like a built-in belt. The Camelia dress is made with 58% soy and... [More]



The cold, hard reality is this: sometimes we date guys just 'cause. 'Cause we're bored, or 'cause we're lonely, or 'cause they were in the same bar we were. And sometimes that works out, and sometimes we wind up swearing off men for a few weeks because that guy was.... [More]


Smashbox Metallic Cream Eye Liner Palette

Dare to experiment with the Warhol-bright colors in the Smashbox Metallic Cream Eye Liner Palette ($32) and you'll be rewarded with glimmering, gilded eyelids. The palette includes ten intense shades and a mini liner brush, although we prefer using a regular bent-angle liner brush for precision. If you use your... [More]

easater cookie press-s.jpg

Vintage Easter Cookie Press

Just because we don't have an entire flock of sheep running around in our homes doesn't mean we can't bake adorable cookies with the Vintage Easter Cookie Press ($18). These glazed porcelain accessories are pretty in the best purple, blue, pink, and yellow pastels. Easter here we come... Now if... [More]


Delicate Notion Full Figure Bra

We admire the full-figured women in our lives. In fact, we're downright envious of them. 1. God bestowed a little way more upon them in the boob department. 2. They get to wear Wacoal's Delicate Notion Full Figure Bra ($58), which comes with lace trim and striped mesh nylon. 3.... [More]


Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidescope Kit

It's always interesting how a company describes their product, and we wanted to make sure that y'all didn't miss le Metier de Beaute's description of their Enchantment Kaleidescope Eye Kit ($95) cuz it's a doozy! According to the experts, it's a "coy intermix of tenderness, fickleness, tragedy, and passion." According... [More]


The New Terrarium

We declare Spring has sprung, and we don't have to be to frilly about our flowery style using tips and tricks from The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature ($17). Tovah Martin shows us whimsical ways to bring nature indoors with gardens under glass. Especially useful for... [More]



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PSI Bands

You love traveling. You don't however, like popping massive amounts of pills or carrying a puke bag because of that pesky motion sickness. PSI Bands ($20) use acupressure technology by applying pressure to the points on your wrist that block the transmission of nausea before it can be registered by... [More]


Scribble Leggings

We're, personally, behind in the legging game with our one pair of gray leggings and all, but we're not too worried. The Bernard William Scribble Leggings ($208) will instantly catch us up. These black and white contrasted leggings create a tie-dye illusion with a sunburst pattern that wraps around the... [More]

aqua di parma-s.jpg

Colonia Intensa Deodorant

Colonia Intensa Deodorant ($34) by Acqua Di Parma really is "royal treatment for the pits." Because making our toiletry purchases out of pure necessity gets to be boring after a while, this crisp scent can spice up our bathroom cabinet for a change. We should note that this particular scent... [More]


Scoopneck Lace Tee

It's true, we prefer to be in jeans and a t-shirt over anything else, but in order to call ourselves fashionistas, we need to find special jeans and t-shirts. This Scoopneck Lace Tee ($40) from Martin + Osa certainly qualifies as more than your average tee. It's soft and comfy... [More]


Il Buddino Molds

We can't think of a more zen way to employ (much needed) ice cream portion control than with these Il Buddino Molds ($35 for set of 4). Fill the Enlightened Ones with mousse, pudding, ice cream, or Jell-O, invert over a glass, and let freeze for a really calming dessert... [More]


Nine to Five Dress

Work day or not, we'd wear this dress from 9 to 5! The Dear Creatures' Nine to Five Dress ($52) will surely stand out among the pastels of the spring season, as it comes in a beautifully bold mustard. The feminine bowtie decorating the high neckline gives the Nine to... [More]


Ricky Martin's Tell-All Must Haves: Jeweled Shirt Buttons and a Templeton Chair

Ricky Martin is gay? Color us unsurprised. But, apparently it's big news, so we assume there will be a forthcoming tell-all interview (with tears, natch) with Barbara Walters or Oprah. And, since Señor Martin's gotta live it up as an icon of fabulosity now, we found the perfect accessories for... [More]


TriggerPoint Massage Total Package

One of the major drawbacks of leading an active and athletic lifestyle is pain and discomfort. This is where TriggerPoint Massage Total Package ($130) comes in. This kit has everything you need to help relieve and prevent sports related injuries. Use a wall, the floor, or your own two hands... [More]


Paper Pots

Tissue boxes. Is there a more mundane item? Sure, you can get them in colors or patterns or what have you, but in the end, it's still a cardboard box. Not so with the vase-like Paper Pots ($38). These bulbous little guys unscrew to hold your tissues and dispense them... [More]


Escama Silver Clutch

Escama Studio transforms recycled aluminum into original handbags and clutches. What's especially fantastic about this Brazil-based cooperative is that it provides fair trade work for men and women. You can even write a thank you note via their website to the person who made your very own handbag. While you... [More]



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Nokko Umbrella

Spring showers abound, but those raindrops aren't fallin' on our heads, no sir! We're darling and dry under our Nokko Umbrella ($65). This is just one of the many urbane umbrellas at pare*umbrella. Check 'em out, especially if you reside in a rainy region.... [More]


Latte Stripeuccino Knee-High Sock

When we start feeling that lull, we go to our corner Smartwool for our Stripeuccino fix. The Latte Stripeuccino Knee-High ($22) gives us that warm, sugared up feeling inside, much like our morning coffee. Not to get too punny on you, but these socks will put a kick in your... [More]


Nobuhiro Sato Miniature Concrete Truss Planter

Some of us here aren't very good with plants. Sort of like locusts and pyroclastic flows aren't good with plants. But we really respect folks who are, and conceptually, at least, we appreciate a good planter when we see one. The Truss Planter ($98), designed by Nobuhiro Sato, takes the... [More]


Marvelous Key Rack

Hooks? Psshhhh, hooks are so outdated. All the cool kids are keeping their keys in place with this Marvelous Key Rack ($40). Simply slide one of your keys into the slot on the front of the rack and let gravity do the rest. Beyond keeping your keys, this rack is... [More]


White Bunny Mask Necklace

There's nothing cheesy about white Italian leather and a gorgeous gold chain, even if a bunny is the subject. We're getting in the Easter spirit around here, in style of course, and the White Bunny Mask Necklace ($280) by Sabrina Dehoff is a delicate and beautiful way to pay homage... [More]

pets eye view-s.jpg

Pets Eye View Camera

Maybe we'll convince our nieces and nephews we're tracking the trail of the Easter Bunny with the Pets Eye View Camera ($60) this holiday. Well, we suppose we could just watch our furry friends at home like Angela on The Office with this thing too, but we're not that weird.... [More]


Gabriella Rocha Maryjane

If one strap just simply doesn't cut it for your fashionable footsies, the Gabriella Rocha Chrisella Maryjane ($69) has two teensy straps to add a bit of interest to a familiar silhouette. The fab blue shade makes us feel like a sexy sailor pinup, but our demure friends might be... [More]


Ralph Lauren Paisley Towel

There's nothing that gets us ready for summer like a plush, new beach towel. It's much kinder on the psyche than buying a new bathing suit. This year, you'll find us lounging on Ralph Lauren's Modern Palm Paisley Towel ($20). The bright colors and thick texture will keep us warm... [More]


Chambray Wild Rose Dress

We're one of those gals who just loves to dress up, even if there's nothing in particular to dress up for, and the Chambray Wild Rose Dress ($98) lets us do just that. It's a perfect balance between daytime modesty and evening flirtatiousness. The strapless neckline and above-the-knee length reveals... [More]


Doubtblush: Love Scent for Sale

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Apparently human byproducts are all... [More]



We love to visit our grannies since there's always a few bowls of yummy snacks set out for us to munch on while we catch up. In an effort to be more like our kindly kin, we're going to pick up the uber clever Totem ($150), which is a stylish... [More]

Mini Flat Iron Kit

Mini Flat Iron Kit

We've just found the best gift for the primper on the go! The Mini Flat Iron Kit ($20) is the world's smallest professional straightening iron. It has nano-ceramic coated hot plates that will transform your locks into gorgeous, healthy, silky smooth hair. Plus this great little gadget comes with a... [More]


Large Colorful Locket

As hopeless romantics, we cannot overlook the Large Colorful Locket ($80). These lockets come in a variety of glossy colors, and we can't help but notice that they come from Paris, the city of love! Sigh. Whether you're planning to keep a photo of your boyfriend or of your pooch,... [More]


Collapsible Carrier

After spending far too much time finagling cupcakes into disposable lasagna pans, or propping up plastic wrap with toothpicks to keep our frosting pristine, we've finally broken down and bought a cupcake carrier, because we found ::drumroll:: The Ultimate. The Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier ($30) is not only alliterative,... [More]

Nine West Imeila Sandal

Nine West Imeila Sandal

If you're on the search for a pair of jeweled yet earthy sandals, we've found 'em! The Nine West Imeila Sandal ($130) are a caged platform sandal decked out with jeweled multi-color studs and knotted straps....and a sky-high heel with a sexy back zip closure. Last but not least, these... [More]


Dew Snap Thermal

Mmm, we get warm just at the thought of a thermal! We love to snuggle up in them while lounging at home, but She-Bible's Dew Snap Thermal ($66) is one we wouldn't mind dressing up in for a day out. The neckline can be snapped up into a turtleneck or... [More]


My Life Story - 100 Years Diary

Without even a hint of egocentricity, we love the idea of My Life Story - 100 Years Diary ($68) as the perfect way to pen our autobiographies. Sections for homes, not that you'd ever forget that shoebox apartment for $1000/month in 2000, a world map for where you've lived and... [More]


Stamp Mugs

We can't seem to keep whatever hot liquid we're drinking in our mug. Yes, we're one of those, leaving stains and cup rings wherever we set our mug down. Thorsten Van Elten's Stamp Mugs ($56) would be a perfect gift for us (hint hint!). The bottom of the stamp mugs... [More]


Cake Beauty Refreshing Powder

We're no strangers to dry shampoo - it's a lifesaver when we hit snooze six times or squeeze in a lunchtime workout, but Cake Beauty's Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder ($16) made us look twice. This fresh-smelling powder has all of the benefits of a dry shampoo, but... [More]


Alexandra Cassaniti Face It Sunglasses

Okay, we officially found the coolest wayfarer shades...ever. Alexandra Cassaniti's Face It Sunglasses ($80) will inspire oohs and ahhs in these three ways. 1. The two-tone frames change colors when the intensity of light changes. 2. The lenses feature reflective triangles. And, 3. The arm bands read "Face It" in,... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Mini Satchel

There is a lot of celebration about this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Satchel ($300). The dappled navy leather really pops when highlighted by the brown basket weave detailing. The short handles are perfect for slinging over your arm, but if you need to go hands free the detachable shoulder strap comes... [More]

butterfly hair grip-s.jpg

Wooden Butterfly Hair Grip

Boring old bobby pins look like blasphemy compared to the Wooden Butterfly Hair Grip ($9) by Hungry Designs. Their cut out and revamped vintage prints help us get our daily whimsy fix, and these recycled images look fresh, not dated. Not convinced? If you're a kitty person, or just want... [More]


Doubtblush: Jonathan Adler Hashish Candle

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Why would we want a... [More]


iLuv iMM190 App Station Dock

A gadget as cool and functional as your iPhone itself... yes please! The iLuv iMM190 App Station Dock ($90) has it all. Download the free app and use the dock to play music, check the weather all while it displays a large flip clock. The perfect dock for charging and... [More]


Emera Quilted Bag

While this quilted beauty may look like an overnight bag or stylish tote for those of us who love the supersized satchels, the *Emera Quilted Bag ($169) is actually designed with the fashionista photog in mind. Of course this bag'll hold whatever you stash in it, but it's specially crafted... [More]


Ultragirl Bamboo Flats

We love playful fashion, and so does shoe designer Melissa! Easily mistaken for real bamboo, the Ultragirl Bamboo Flats ($70) are entirely made of rubber, which is just as sustainable. We're sure to feel like pretty, little Dutch girls in these faux wooden shoes...minus the splinters!... [More]

modnrian box-s.jpg

Culture Club: Mondrian Box

Sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, we're into the wrapping linear grid on the Mondrian Box ($85). A velvet lined interior gives a dash of hidden luxury that we'll gladly indulge in.The color blocking is totally on trend. Funny thing about it... it's so last century. Speaking of stylish, Piet Mondrian made... [More]


Hauschka Tube Wringer

Throwing away a tube of toothpaste with a little residue left in there isn't a big deal, but when you dropped 30 green ones on face primer or hair oil you want to squeeze every last nanodrop out of there. The tube wringer ($16) from Dr. Hauschka will help you... [More]

criss cross collection-s.jpg

Crawford Criss Cross Collection

The kooky metal masters at Crawford Contemporary took the idea of an accordion peg rack to the next plateau with their Criss Cross Collection ($Inquire) of rings and bracelets. "One size fits all" never looked so classy - this functional trellis-like design expands and squeezes gently to fit any wrist... [More]

patti smith easter-s.jpg

Patti Smith Group - Easter

We've delved into the heart punk-poetess Patti Smith before, and because the time is right, we'd like to recommend her 1978 album, Easter ($9) to all loyal OB readers out there. In her third full release, Smith lets out her power and glory in epic proportions, while reigning in her... [More]


Dabney Lee Monogrammed Salt + Pepper Shakers

Shocker - you waited until the last minute to pick up a wedding present and all that's left on the registry are those 2000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets whose price tag equals a month's rent! You can however give a gift of awesome and personality with Dabney Lee Monogrammed... [More]


Illamasqua Pastel Nails

Nothing says Easter like pastel colored nails... with the exception of Peeps and chocolate bunnies, we suppose, but today, we're daydreaming about painting our nails to look like Easter eggs. Illamasqua's Pastel Nails ($19) are just the right opaque pastel shades to get us lookin' our best for our picture... [More]


Pocket Posh Puzzles

Keep your mind as sharp as your style: carrying around the small, artsy Pocket Posh Crosswords ($8) is much classier than a crumpled newspaper sticking out of your pocket. Also available in word search, logic, and sudoku.... [More]


Custom Return Address Stamp Napa Edition

We love customized items and we're guessing it might have started with that Monogrammed L.L. Bean backpack from our younger years. Whatever the impetus it's carried over into our adult lives nicely and because of it, we adore the Custom Rubber Return Address Stamp Napa Edition by Sugar Letter ($20).... [More]

Shoshanna Bohemian Paisley Swimsuit

Shoshanna Bohemian Paisley Swimsuit

Flaunt your goods in a hippie chic sorta way! The Shoshanna Bohemian Paisley Swimsuit ($165) combines bohemian style with a fabulous bright paisley print and beaded ties. And the sweetheart neckline is super sexy.... [More]


Circus & Co Red Heart Mini Skirt

Be still, my heart! Affordable, pleated Red Heart Mini Skirt ($59), we proclaim our love for you. Your romantic, flowing silk adorned with scattered red hearts has us swooning, not to mention your pockets! We will wear you with our best Oxford or wedge, and we will never part!... [More]

egg letter opener-s.jpg

Egg Letter Opener

Easter accessories don't have to be outlandish or cheesy... The shiny Egg Letter Opener is so stylish, we could use it all year round at home or in the office. Its slitted slicing mechanism takes the violence out of opening our envelopes, which is key. Plus, its weighted body wobbles... [More]


Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

We don't know what kind of voodoo they've got goin' on at Jane Iredale, but we know magic when we see it, and this baby is definitely not a misnomer. The Magic Mitt ($13) slides onto your hand (duh, it's a mitt) and then you gently rub your face to... [More]


Pinkie Ring Shoe

We find it very wise of the person who named this heel to have labeled it as simply a "shoe." We're not sure, ourselves, if the Pinkie Ring Shoe ($100) is a sandal, pump, ankle bootie, or a stitched Oxford. This shoe's free-wheelin' style is what makes it so sexy... [More]


Tattoo Dolls

You encourage your child to be whatever they want - but the idea of a doctor or lawyer seems a tad antiquated to you. A tattoo artist, now that's something you can get behind! Designed by L.A. tattoo artist Jason Schroder, Tattoo Dolls ($28 each) are 15-inches tall and 3-inches... [More]

Gucci Metal Wristlet

Gucci Metal Wristlet

The Gucci Metal Wristlet ($340) is truly a must-have accessory for going out! The metallic silver wristlet is made of rich, supple leather and it has the coveted Guccissima logo embossed throughout. It also has a convenient wristlet strap and zipper closure, which is perfect for those girl's nights out... [More]

Cow-Over-the-Moon Chandlier.jpg

Agree to Disagree: Cow Over The Moon Chandelier

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new feature that'll show you another... [More]


Jonathan Adler Zodiac Pillow

These colorful Jonathan Adler Zodiac Pillow ($98) are vibrant, sweet, and a great non-traditional gift. The lively and simple design make these pillows fantastic in a kid's room or funky nook. Wool needlepoint designs on a pillow backed in velvet scream kitsch and whimsy. Don't worry if your little one... [More]


Theo One-Shoulder Dress

The Theo One-Shoulder Dress ($158) was designed for the goddess in search of comfort! This heathered jersey dress has smocking at the waist and a twisted shoulder strap. And the assymetrical neckline is totally flattering for all. Did we mention all you have to do is slip this fabulous dress... [More]


A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients

There has to be some medium between slathering ourselves with so many chemicals that we turn into Springfieldesque three-eyed fish and being afraid of absolutely every ingredient in our cosmetics other than water, right? Arm yourself with the Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients ($12) and you'll be able to look... [More]

gem ear buds-s.jpg

Gem Ear Buds

Bling blang, the Gem Ear Buds ($15) are totally baller. After feasting out eyes on this glitzy hardware, our dirty, scratched, and bent outta shape iPod ear buds are headed straight for the dump. Giving our gadgetry the boot never felt so good, considering these guys are compatible with any... [More]


She Hit Pause

Artist Matt Swartz finds beauty in everything from Coney Island rides to rotary dial telephones. His signature technique of Polaroid transfers create images of exquisite vintage sentiment with a modern edge. We could say much, much more about his work, but the art speaks for itself far more eloquently. You... [More]


Frownies Facial Patches

If Botox is a tad aggressive for your fine lines and wrinkles, may we suggest a more affordable and less scary solution. Frownies Facial Patches ($14) are applied at bedtime and train the muscles of the face to remain relaxed and youthful. Frownies form a splint holding your skin smooth... [More]


Sapatilha Campana IV Flat

Remember romping around in jelly flats when you were a kid? We were fabulous even back then! Well, the jelly-look-alike Sapatilha Campana IV Flat ($80) from Melissa will make you feel just as fabulous but a little more grown up. The Campana Flat is made from MELFLEX recycled plastic adorned... [More]


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter makes us wonder what Honest Abe would've thought of Twilight. He probably would've chopped the sparkly ones to bits with an ax, if this book is to be believed. Hot on the heels of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters,... [More]

Juicy Couture Velour Thong Slippers

Juicy Couture Velour Thong Slippers

We're constantly talking about fabulous shoes that we stumble upon, but we very rarely discuss what makes our tootsies oh so happy.....slippers! The Juicy Couture Velour Thong Slippers ($30) are stylish and super plush. This cushiony velour thong has a shiny "J" charm with Juicy motifs throughout. Now you can... [More]


Doubtblush: Rear Gear

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. If ever there was a... [More]


Bandana Print Laptop Case

We're glad we held off from buying just any laptop case because we *just* knew something more our style would come along. The Bandana Print Computer Case ($49) fits laptops up to 15" and comes in the classic bandana print in blue. We were on the edge about anything besides... [More]

black sheep ring-s.jpg

Black Sheep Ring

We wouldn't call ourselves a misfit or an outcast (Duh, who could ever shun all this fabulous-ity?), but the Black Sheep Ring ($12) is too much bubbly fun to turn down. The expertly cut transparent acrylic is an unexpectedly simple style, and bunched with the Trees Ring ($12), it's like... [More]


Vosges Easter Bunnies

In the past, chocolate Easter bunnies used to be cheap, flavorless, hollow-eared basket fillers that never did a lot for us. Now that we've discovered Vosges' Easter Bunnies ($12), we have newfound respect for the sweet bunny treat. Not only are these guys way cuter than the drugstore variety, our... [More]


AmyKathryn Amaryllis Saffron Bag

We're smitten with pretty much all of eco-friendly designer Amy Hall's handbags, but our current lust-have is this cheery AmyKathryn Amaryllis Saffron Shoulder Bag ($89). It's got both shoulder and tote straps for versatility, an inside zipper pocket, and the bright yellow hue screams "Spring!"... [More]


Tonkin File Folders

A home office space that's both organized and pretty is a thing to behold. Both are made simple with Tonkin File Folders ($11.75). With six file folders and coordinating items available in an accordion file, report folder, address book and boxed notes, you'll have a desk and life made beautiful... [More]

Tweed Trim Tee

Tweed Trim Tee

Most of us adore those cute boys in uniform, which is why we probably love the Tweed Trim Tee ($26). This casually chic tee is military inspired with lightly cinched shoulders and a contrasting tweed pattern trim. It's also adorned with metallic dome buttons and the white & pink color... [More]


Bronze Kalinda Necklace

Warm weather is the harbinger of a cornucopia of fabulousness. Flowers begin to bloom, birds start to sing, kids can play outside and most important of all - less clothing means we can once again celebrate delicate accessories. This Kalinda Neckalce ($65) is beguiling and intricate - a perfect match... [More]

blah blah blah card-s.jpg

Blah Blah Card

Witty pen and ink designer, Little Clouds, has us floating on cloud nine at the workplace with their Blah Blah Card ($5). Maybe everyone's still grumpy from their St. Patrick's day hangover, but jesus, we've been getting a ton of ridiculous, inflammatory phone calls on the job... We'd tack this... [More]


Bee Pressed-Glass Tumbler

We could tell you that we're just buzzing with delight over these bee-eautiful Bee Pressed-Glass Tumblers ($26-34), but... Okay, we'll shut up now. Suffice it to say, we think these honeycomb-textured glasses would make for a sweet (sorry) accent to any spring table. See more pressed-glass tumblers.... [More]


Time Tee

You can add French Connection's Time Tee ($38) to your wish list of springtime staples. The whimsical ruffled sleeves are reminiscent of the popular 70s style, but we like the more modern pairing of this top with a sleek pencil skirt. We'll hum The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song... [More]


Mad Men: Season 3

Not enough chain-smoking, endless boozing, food in Jell-O mold form, womanizing, office politics, fantastic frocks or pinstripe suits in your life? Have no fear, Mad Men: Season 3 ($29) is here. All your favorite characters - Betty, Don, Sally, Pete, Roger, Gene, the gang's all here. It's understandable if you... [More]


Attitude Honey Peel

We are not entirely convinced that Attitude Organic Honey Peel ($70) isn't magical. Seriously, it's that wonderful and we have tried A LOT of peels, purifiers, masks, and treatments. Put a tiny dab of the Honey Peel on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose after washing your face, gently... [More]

Milly Habotai Ruffled Top

Milly Habotai Ruffled Top

The Milly Habotai Ruffled Top ($205) is ultra girly and flirty. This floaty silk top has tiered ruffles that are extremely flattering on all. It can be dressed up with a black pencil skirt and sultry pumps or dressed down with khaki shorts and pretty ballet flats. Either way you're... [More]

Pink Amethyst Ring

Pink Amethyst Ring about some bling bling! The Pink Amethyst Ring ($1,700) is a stellar bauble that we're all salivating over. This pink amethyst ring is set in 14 Kt. rose gold surrounded by diamonds. The amethyst stone is over 7 carats, so it's quite the sparkler.... [More]


Bear Naked Granola & Granola Bars

Bear Naked Granola (from $5) has been along for a few years, but we only discovered it recently. The company is dedicated to making unbelievably addictive, completely all-natural granola, granola bars, and cereal, chock full of whole grains and pronounceable ingredients. And we do mean pronounceable - no phthalates or... [More]


Culture Club: Sumo Yokozuna Tea Cup

The Sumo Yokozuna Tea Cup ($7) shows mini portraits of the sumo elite, and only those who received the highest rank are pictured. The grid-like arrangement of athlete heads and Japanese characters builds an interesting rhythm that would add variety to other patterns in our kitchen or dining room. No... [More]


Stella & Dot Cortez Bib Necklace

Indian-inspired jewelry is huge for spring and summer - inspired by the upcoming premiere of Eat, Pray, Love, perhaps? - and we're totally on board. There's no easier way to add vitality and color to an otherwise basic outfit than with brightly beaded, embroidered Indian pieces. Slip on this Stella... [More]


American Eagle Legging Jean

When denim leggings first came on the scene, some of us here were a bit skeptical. Kind of a good idea, kind of too close to the 80's for comfort. However, as with all good trends, this one has been advancing and has turned into something we're totally embracing, especially... [More]


Garmin Portable Friction Mount

It never fails, you're driving along, running late, pleading with your GPS to show you the way and bam, the darn thing falls off the dashboard. Now you're frantically trying to find it as stress levels increase. Well no more dear friends. The Garmin Portable Friction Mount ($28) is like... [More]


Ring Circle Gypsy Earring

We admire designers who can turn a classic piece around by using a simple concept. The Ring Circle Gypsy Earrings ($28) are very much like your basic hoop, but with added graduated rings that end in the center with a fleur-de-lis. Something about the unevenness of the rings gives these... [More]

Badgley Mischka Leather Satchel

Badgley Mischka Leather Satchel

So we admit we're totally lovin' navy this season! And the Badgley Mischka Leather Satchel ($398) is a jawdropper for a pretty reasonable price....compared to the outlandish prices of some other bags we're coveting. This gorgeous leather satchel has a center pleat detail with buckle embellishments and a detachable chain... [More]


Chantelle Chantilly Sexy Half-Cup Bra

Recipe for seduction: Mix one super low-cut dress with Chantelle Chantilly Sexy Half Cup Bra ($91), add goggle-eyed significant other, a dash of candlelight, and chocolate drizzle (optional). Serve hot. See more lace bras.... [More]


Full Moon Maple Bookmark

While we'll never been big on those cheesy bookmarks with inspirational quotes or pictures of kittens, the Full Moon Maple Bookmark ($26) is something we wouldn't mind holding our place. A beautiful real Maple leaf is filigreed and hangs atop a 6-inch hook. These bookmarks from Still Life Gifts, a... [More]


Celeb Style: Emma Watson People Tree Contrast Cardigan

So, you may have heard of organic and sustainable shoes and clothing, but People Tree of the UK kicks it up a level with their Fair Trade philosophy. People Tree's clothing is entirely hand made through Fair Trade groups, creating non-exploitative livelihoods for under-privileged people around the world. What does... [More]


Lucy B. Tinted Balms

It seems like the fresh-faced look generally requires lip gloss (as opposed to a bold lip), but days when we want to look fresh and dewy are inevitably this spring days where breezes abound and we're constantly pulling our hair out of our lacquered lips. Not cool. This season, we're... [More]

Chocolate Rabbit In Roadster

Chocolate Rabbit In Roadster

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny? We certainly do....mostly because he brings us fabulous chocolates and candies for us to nibble on! The Chocolate Rabbit In Roadster ($33) is not only adorable, but is handcrafted of the world's finest Belgian dark and milk chocolates. And best of all, this... [More]


Cropped Cargo Pocket Trench

So, with the rain dying down, you're having trench coat withdrawal, and your friends are giving you funny looks because you're wearing your trench when it's not even raining out. We have your remedy: Rachel Roy's Cropped Cargo Pocket Trench ($149). This clever jacket maintains the trench style with just... [More]


Chainmail Multi Mobius Necklace

While we're not likely to feature actual armor anytime soon (watch, Lady Gaga will release a song about Lancelot and prove us wrong by next week) this so-called Chainmail Multi Mobius Necklace ($80) has us poking through our closets for shirts with just the right neckline. Could you consider this... [More]


Teak Croquet Set

Now that Spring has finally reared its' beautiful head, we're committed to putting down the controller, prying ourselves away from the computer and getting out into the great outdoors. So what'll we do when we get there without messing up our newly manicured hands? Play croquet of course! Yes that... [More]


Queen's Wardrobe 70's Sophisticated Lace Dress

For a little Twiggy flair in your everyday wardrobe, snag a Queen's Wardrobe 70's Sophisticated Lace Dress ($84). Paired with opaque tights or leggings and some bright flats - don't forget tons of funky jewelry - you'll be looking mighty groovy in this tiered lace minidress.... [More]


Got Luck? T-Shirt

All right, so maybe the original joke is beyond old at this point. But we've always loved maneki neko - the waving "lucky cats" found in restaurants and the sorts of stores that sell nothing you need but about thirty different items that, on sight, you suddenly and desperately want.... [More]


Animal Scents Ointment

We've been screaming about the amazing healing powers of Melaleuca alternifolia for ages, and now this wonder essential oil is found in Animal Scents Ointment ($22). A blend of Melaleuca alternifolia and myrrh creates a protective and soothing salve for external use on your household pets. Now you can treat... [More]


Long Cloak Hoodie

One of our biggest pet peeves is catching a cold draft in that space between our t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes we wish our hoodie was just a liiiittle longer. Voilà! The long cloak hoodie eliminates our peeve! The Organic Cotton Long Cloak Hoodie ($232) from Seattle's very own Prairie Underground... [More]


Bella City Journals

For those of us always on the go, a notepad comes in handy for jotting down things to do, places to visit, restaurants to try, etc. If you're on the go and have a bit of a travel bug, Bella City Journals ($25) are a nice way to keep your... [More]


Venetian-print Skirt

We can't afford a Venetian vacation right now, but there's no reason why we can't dress like we're on one. Talbots' Venetian-print Skirt ($80) seems like just the right item to wear while strolling along canals in Italy, but we'll be wearing it to work and daydreaming as we swish... [More]


Juara Sweet Black Tea Eye Crème

Do you love to drink kombucha - aka fermented sweet black tea - for its health & antioxidant benefits? Why not inject it right into your skin? Juara Sweet Black Tea Eye Crème ($37) does just that, combining kombucha, rice bran oil, and avocado oil for the perfect dose of... [More]

Paint can pinhole camera-s.jpg

Paintcan Pinhole Camera

With the Paintcan Pinhole Camera ($20) we'll go way back to the olden days of photography. Sure, in a simpler time we could make a pinhole camera, but this one is already calibrated and constructed with precision (the less work, the better). Simply load a sheet of photographic paper or... [More]

L Space Cover-Up

L Space Cover-Up

Knock ya glad we found this cute lil' cover-up? The L Space Cover-up ($76) is a fabulous swimsuit cover-up. It is strapless with pleating at the bust and crossover detailing. Next time you hit the beach, all you have to do is slip this over your head for a... [More]


Two Finger Ring

Surface to Air's Two Finger Ring ($98) is almost a brass knuckle, but since violence really isn't a good look, we like to think of it more as the perfect peace sign accessory. The ring is made of polished aluminum, so you can use the shine reflecting from the sun... [More]


Ibride El Querido Ewe Tray

We thought about pulling a Culture Club on this Ibride El Querido Ewe Tray ($175) and claiming it was some Great Masters painters tradition of anthropomorphizing farm animals as a symbol of hegemony or something, but then we realized you're too smart to believe that. So... We'll just tell you... [More]

i like food-s.jpg

I Like Food, Food Tastes Good

Touring musicians count the ways they avoid a fast food life style while on the road in I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen with Your Favorite Bands ($12). Journalist Kara Zuaro takes us through rockin' recipes and hilarious interviews of cool bands; we're dying to know the... [More]


VV Brown Travelling Like the Light

So it's time to give The Fame Monster some much needed rest and you're not sure when Winehouse will quit the elective surgeries and get in the studio again... Enter VV Brown Travelling Like the Light ($8) to satisfy your need to dance, cry and sing your heart out! This... [More]

Crystal Corona Necklace

Crystal Corona Necklace

Multiple layer necklaces are a huge trend this season, but why bother with mixing and matching when you can simply slip one necklace over your head! The Crystal Corona Necklace ($118) is a multiple layer necklace look in one easy piece. It has faceted stones of various shapes and sizes... [More]


Our Gift to Sandra Bullock: The Blendtec Home 1560-Watt Blender

In case you've been living under a rock, you may or may not have heard that Jesse James is allegedly a lying, cheating SOB, and we'd like to kick him in the dangly bits on behalf of Sandra Bullock, one of our favorite actresses. But, since our lawyers advise us... [More]


Doubtblush: Va J-J Visor

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything... Whoa. We're a little verklempt... [More]


Caldrea Sandalwood Riceflower

The best way to describe the scent of Caldrea Sandalwood Riceflower cleaning products and lotions ($9-42)? Fresh and delicious, just like the first breaths of spring after a long, yucky winter. Redolent with sweet bergamot, riceflower, and mandarin and gentle whiffs of rosebud and lavender, it dries down to a... [More]

i love you cookie cutters-s.jpg

I <3 U Jumbo Cookie Cutters

Coming home to giant sweet treats fresh out of the oven must feel pretty good, especially if they're super-sized. The I ($8) have given us one situation where we buy into huge American portion sizes. You're welcome, hubby.... [More]


Beaded Headband

We like giant, floral hair accessories in theory, but once we get them on our 'do, we either feel like a little girl playing dress up or like a complete fool. This Beaded Headband ($38) is a great solution to our woes, since we get the big impact of a... [More]


Neutrogena 5 Minute Facial

You'd think that slathering on face lotion would help alleviate dry skin, but turns out our faces also need a little help sloughing off the dead cells. (We know, gross. Don't think about it too much.) We're not all cut out for microdermabrasion or anything else that falls in the... [More]


Lake Champlain Easter Chocolates

We were recently privileged to receive a box of Easter confections from Lake Champlain Chocolates. Tough life, we know. But, seriously, why not go beyond cheap, powdery-textured milk chocolate bunnies and dry, tasteless $1-per-100 eggs? Treat the adults to a Peanut Butter Egg ($8) and a Granola Breakfast Easter Egg... [More]


Riga Outdoor Post Lamp

Fusing the outdoors with industrial pieces is a delightful design concept. The Riga 2 Outdoor Post Lamp ($206) is the perfect blend of function and crisp contemporary style for your walkway or patio. A clear glass diffuser and stainless steel finish make this set of lamps just what's needed in... [More]


New Shoes Bangle

Jessica Kagan Cushman got it right with her New Shoes Cure the Blues Bangle Bracelet ($120). Truer words were never, worn. Don this handmade bangle with your new shoes and you're pretty much unstoppable.... [More]

Fringed Suede Dress

Fringed Suede Dress

Yee-haw! The Fringed Suede Dress ($995) is a super sexy lil' dress that will get any cowboy's attention. This chamois-soft suede tank dress is covered in long, swingy fringe. A golden chainmail belt cinches the waist for a touch of glamour, and just an FYI - we would totally pair... [More]


Celeb Style: My Life as Liz Vintage Fabric Bag

Okay, we're a little embarrassed to admit, but we watched almost every episode of My Life as Liz. We know most of you probably watch The Hills, though, so we'll just call it even. It only took one episode for us to take notice of Liz Lee's creative, vintage style.... [More]


Cheap Monday Amy T-Shirt

True, from the front, this Cheap Monday Amy T-Shirt looks like a standard crisp, black cotton t-shirt blouse. But turn it around, and you'll see the row of corsetry hooks up the back, enabling you to totally customize the fit of this boxy, hip tee. The possibilities, ergo, are endless,... [More]

Pave Petal Enamel Ring

Pave Petal Enamel Ring

Add a touch of sparkle and bling to your Spring ensembles with the Pave Petal Enamel Ring ($68). This adjustable ring (fits ring sizes 5-9) has glittering stones on top shapely enamel petals. We're also lovin' the soft green color, which adds a soft pop of color.... [More]


Dempsey & Carroll Schumacher Trellis Stationary

When the world-renowned fabric house of Schumacher & Co., teams with Dempsey & Carroll stationary engravers, the end product is bound to be stellar. With ten silver round-corner white cards and ten beautifully lined envelopes, Dempsey & Carroll's Schumacher Trellis Stationery ($60) will take your commitment to leaving impersonal texts... [More]


Escada Marine Groove

Marine Groove ($52), Escada's newest limited-edition fragrance, isn't just an OB favorite because the bottle matches our site color scheme, but because it's so vibrant. This summery scent opens with top notes of passion fruit and bold peony, then dries down to a sultry base of musk and jasmine. Very... [More]

plank's art on yoga mat-s.jpg

Cobra Yoga Mat

The namesake of the Cobra Yoga Mat ($95) is the strength building back bend in yoga, and the one thing we like more than core exercise is awesome graphics. Focusing on a single point of the photo realistic wheat grass or a slithering golden toy Cobra snake is easier than... [More]


Batik Print Romper

Romper is a mischievous name, no? We think it connotes playtime! And, play is exactly what we'll be doing in the Batik Print Romper ($42). The eye catching print harks to traditional East Asian textiles and would be complemented well with chunky jewelry and a colorful belt to contrast.... [More]


Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1

So, chances are, you don't list Hall & Oates among your top fave artists. However, it's also pretty likely that you know most of the words to their numerous hits (like Maneater, come on!). So, eschew the bad 80s hair and strange homoerotic vibe (are we the only ones who... [More]


Tous Bear Cuff

Preppy meets adorable with the Tous Bear Cuff ($155). This lime leather cuff with sterling silver bears is great for boys or girls. For a birthday, christening or any other celebration, this is the perfect gift. The cuff may be engraved and is also available in orange, pink and blue.... [More]


Booty Parlor All Tied Up Bonding Tape

Wanna play? Booty Parlor All Tied Up Bonding Tape ($20) will introduce a new dimension of fun to your activités de chambre, without the human error potential of handcuffs (lost keys, anyone?) or silk scarves (rope burns!). This special cling film tape sticks only to itself and nothing else -... [More]

Christian Louboutin Mesh & Patent Leather Pumps

Christian Louboutin Mesh & Patent Leather Pumps

The Christian Louboutin Mesh & Patent Leather Pumps ($945) resemble Cinderella's slipper....we're all wishing we could be a modern day Cinderella instead of the other gals whose feet couldn't squeeze into the fabulous shoe. Anyway this pump is simply outrageous. This peep-toe is constructed of a sexy mesh netting in... [More]


Kitchen Pencil

We normally wouldn't fork over 25 bucks for a pencil, but Eno's Kitchen Pencil ($25) convinced us of its price tag. The Kitchen Pencil doubles as a wooden spoon, making it quite possibly the most adorable pencil we've ever seen! We'll have to remind ourselves not to tuck this pencil... [More]


Esprit Waterfall Dress

Esprit's Soft Waterfall Dress ($130) is something we would normally walk right by if we saw it on a rack, but it's so damn flattering on an actual person that we can't help but own it. Equally complementary for the large and small busted, with an empire waist to camouflage... [More]


Lorac Behind the Scenes Primer

It never fails: You spend precious a.m. time crafting a gorgeous smokey eye look, with the very latest in budge-free eyeshadows and liners. But by midday, your eye makeup is smudged, faded, and downright depressing. Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer ($20) to the rescue! The light, moisturizing formula... [More]


Marc Jacobs Rolls Grey

Are you ready to turn heads? Are you ready to be the envy of the block? Enter the Marc Jacobs Rolls Grey Clutch ($438). With retro charm and a spacious compartment you'll love rocking this bag to work or for cocktails with the girls. Did we mention it's over half... [More]


Kensie Girl Lenor Heel

We adore the cartoonish quality of the Kensie Girl Lenor Heel ($48.90). Everything about the Lenor screams daring superhero (or supervillian if that's what you fancy)! We picture Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy...we bet even the Flying Nun couldn't resist these. A single angle does this heel no justice, so you... [More]

big ass book of crafts-s.jpg

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts

We can tell the The Big-Ass Book of Crafts ($14) is bad-ass from the cover alone, but then we found out that Mark Mantano of TLC's While You Were Out, wrote this thing. That tame show doesn't exactly shout street cred, but his quirky ways shine through in these uncommon... [More]


Whale Pitcher

Have a whale of a time the next time you create your fabulous spiked fruit punch concoction! The Whale Pitcher ($95) is a stunning white glaze pitcher, which is beautifully textured. The whale curves its tail and opens its mouth to form a clever pitcher.... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Mulberry Alexa Wannabe for Evalyn

Evalyn emailed us with a shopping conundrum... "I've never before fallen in love with a handbag before. I know, silly me. Well, now, it's happened: I'm head over heels. The problem? My latest leather infatuation costs over a thousand dollars. It's Mulberry's Alexa Bag ....I have a task for you,... [More]


Doubtblush: Baby Limbs Hooktastic Coat and Key Rack

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We're all for ironic chic,... [More]


BUILT NY Tasty Lunch Tote

There are a million reasons we should be brown-bagging it to work, except maybe... the brown bag part! BUILT NY's Tasty Lunch Tote ($22) is spunky, insulated, and made of neoprene with soft grip handles and zipper closure. It will keep your lunch hot or cold for up to four... [More]


Zipper One Piece Swimsuit

As primarily a shoe designer, Loeffler Randall knows her zippers and isn't afraid to feature them in her garments. The Zipper One Piece ($225) reads like a chic dress or a jumper with a contemporary "fume maze" print top and a solid black bottom. While a zipper is typically sporty,... [More]


Midori D-Clip Paper Clips

Paper clips are fun already, of course, but here at Outblush we definitely believe in gilding the lily when it comes to household items. So, obviously, we adore D-Clips. ($7.50 per box) The inner loop of each looks like part of a typical paper clip, but the overall outlines include... [More]


Brooke Benson Designs Ama Necklace

It's nice to finally unbundle ourselves from our scarves and coats and show a little skin. Don't get us wrong, we haven't braved bare legs or sandals (not til we get a pedicure!), but our collarbones are seeing the light of day, and that's a nice change. We're highlighting the... [More]

Juicy Couture Flower Dog Collar

Juicy Couture Flower Dog Collar

Fifi can be just as stylish as her mama now when she sports the Juicy Couture Flower Dog Collar ($55). This dog collar is adorned with a pretty enamel flower and pearly center. It is truly adorable for any four-legged fashionista!... [More]


Celeb Style: Lady Gaga's Jean Paul Gaultier Pleated Dress

Jean Paul Gaultier's name has been linked with Lady Gaga as of late, whether she's wearing his pieces or whether editors are suggesting his latest collection is inspired by Gaga's adventures in fashion. JPG brings the avant-garde, origami Gaga look down a notch for his Target line, though we still... [More]


LinenMe Purple Garza Scarf

We've told you about LinenMe before, but now they've branched out from their original towels to bed and table linens, curtains, and gorgeous linen scarves. Our favorite pieces, though, are their Linen Scarves, like this Purple Garza Scarf. ($30 on sale) Linen scarves are everywhere right now, but what sets... [More]


Anette's Firey Beer Brittle

Anette's Chocolates in Napa Valley had a good thing going with their award winning brittle, but that wasn't enough. They added beer and a match made in heaven was formed. Think they stopped there? No way! Spanish peanuts and a bit of salt were next. And if that wasn't enough... [More]


Dolce Vita Patricia Dress

A cheery coral print and ruched sweetheart neckline make for a most playfully sexy springtime dress. The Patricia Dress ($145) fashions a modern pattern into a thoughtfully crafted design, which reminds us a bit of Diane Von Furstenberg, minus the designer price tag. Pair the Patricia dress with gladiator sandals... [More]


Nice Melons Velvet Eyeshadow

We can't help but be drawn to makeup with a clever name that makes us giggle. We're just dying for someone to ask what flattering peachy shade we're wearing on our lids so we can bat our eyes and say, "why, it's Nice Melons ($18) by Benefit." Too bad the... [More]

Police Line Shower Curtain

Police Line Shower Curtain

Stand back people! The Police Line Shower Curtain ($28) is for the ultimate privacy seeker. This frosted shower curtain is topped with a yellow police tape graphic, which is way cool. You will feel like a criminal caught red handed!... [More]


Patagonia Maha

We'll admit, they may not be a lot to look at, but when was the last time you had a pair of simple, low-profile, no-nonsense black flats that were actually comfortable? Patagonia's Maha ($90) are flats made of hemp and nubuck that have an insole that molds to your foot,... [More]

Solid Anklets Three-Pack

J. Crew Solid Anklets

Ankle socks are comin' back in a huge way this Spring! We saw them all over the runways paired with thousand dollar pumps and we have to admit....they looked pretty good! J. Crew Solid Anklets ($20) are a great way to sport this trend without sellin' the farm for a... [More]


Sycamore Street Press Fortune Teller

Maybe going back to a time when we thought the answer to what our husband's name would be, our occupation, how many kids we would have and the color of our car, was in a game that we manipulated with our hands, isn't such a bad idea. Since we're a... [More]


Nyasa Camisole Top

It would be a shame of epic proportions to avoid going outdoors just because it's too darn hot, and we know that can be a problem in some of the more humid parts of the country. We're prepping for the inevitable heat with the loose-fitting, appropriately ventilated silk georgette Nyasa... [More]


Kiehl's Hand Salve

Whether you're washing your hands like crazy to avoid the office cold or just battling dry winter weather, chances are your hands are drier than the Sahara. Personally, we find the sandpaper texture of our digits to be a distraction as we type away, so Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve... [More]


She & Him: Volume Two

Zoey Deschanel = She. M. Ward = Him. Together, they comprise the retro-inspired music duo, She & Him. Their latest effort, Volume Two ($8), hits stores today, and we're hooked. Deschanel's voice wouldn't be amiss in a 1960's girl group, with her low, distinctively raspy voice that skates merrily over... [More]

Wink Violette Romper

Wink Violette Romper

Denim and rompers is a huge trend for the Spring so why not partake in the fun! The Wink Violette Romper ($218) is a hip chambray romper that has a square neck and authentic faded spots throughout. Plus the oversized bow makes you look as pretty as a present.....that your... [More]


Pirate Party Cupcake Liners & Toppers

While we're guessing these fanciful Pirate Party Cupcake Liners & Toppers ($14) from Kate's Paperie are designed for a kid's party, we can't help but want to throw our own pirate themed get-together with these as the inspiration. A simple soiree with buried treasure, eye patches, wooden legs, parrots and... [More]


Tourmaline and Flower Necklace

If you didn't celebrate the first day of spring on Sunday with crazy nude dancing and fire circles (or, heck, even if you did), you can wear this Tourmaline and Flower Necklace ($360) by Swallow around your neck to welcome this new season with a burst of color and flora.... [More]

wind spinner-s.jpg

Wren House Wind Spinner

Whoa, the Wren House Wind Spinner ($21) just stopped us in our tracks. The copper colored bird house's "classic," but something about the sharply styled color story doesn't look like our grandma's clover spinner. Perfectly fitted scalloped outer rings create a lovely framing effect that goes from a happy yellow... [More]


GoClear Acne Regimen

Made from natural, non-scary-sounding ingredients that won't irritate your skin, the GoClear Acne Regimen ($70) is the solution all of us adult acne sufferers have been searching for. This 3-step regimen includes a Clarifying AM/PM Cleanser with gentle exfoliating granules, a Moisturizing Sunscreen with SPF 15, and a special Intensive... [More]

Juicy Couture Royal Ruffle Tote

Juicy Couture Royal Ruffle Tote

Tote around all of your goodies in a fun, bright colored canvas tote! The Juicy Couture Royal Ruffle Tote ($148) has tiered ruffles and a zip front pocket as well as cargo pockets. And the frayed edges make this bag look a bit worn and broken in, which we love!... [More]


Pleated Ya Cropped Pants

Well, you can just call us Katharine Hepburn in these pleated Ya Cropped Pants ($46) because that's who they make us feel like! Combined with a tucked-in, colorful blouse and silver or gold accessories, you'll be lookin' quite glamorous. A belt isn't necessary, since the belt-line is tailored into a... [More]


Scented Shelf & Drawer Liners

If the idea of a suitcase that leaves your clothes smelling like blue waters, a desk that smells of an evening garden and a kitchen drawer that smells like herbal cucumber appeals to you, then the Container Store has you covered. Scented Shelf and Drawer Liners ($12) are made of... [More]



Who doesn't lurve a good bag of crunchy potato chips? And... yet... the fat content tends to dissuade us from mindless munching - don't even suggest those Olestra fakers to us. Long, gross story there. That's why we were so excited to receive two ginormous boxes of PopChips (price varies... [More]


Culture Club: Daisy Drop Earrings

As far as abbreviations go, F.N.U.E. (acronym: From Now Until Eternity) is kinda like FUBU, but more Hallmark card, and less urban. We browsed the collections, and the Daisy Drop Earrings ($130-140) are best in show in their "He Loves Me II" line. F.N.U.E. developed their signature daisy motif and... [More]


Rotary Phone Charm Necklace

Think of this Rotary Phone Charm Necklace ($12) as a wearable homage to the amazing Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video ensembles. We don't know about you, but even though this is a very casual office, we probably couldn't get away with wearing deconstructed rotary phones and Diet Coke cans on our... [More]

shiraleah bag-s.jpg

Shiraleah Angelique Sachel

Simply sophisticated and blue as our most solid pair of jeans, the Shiraleah Angelique Sachel ($79) is heavenly. No animals were harmed in the making of this vegan pu leather, so animal activists will rest easy rockin' this royal blue. Something about the oversized pleated pockets reminds us of bouncy... [More]


Thelermont Hupton Stuck On You Hooks

Get a little avant-garde in the kitchen with a very unique design by Thelermont Hupton. The trio of hooks, named Stuck On You, ($34) resemble a saucepan, rolling pin, and knife that have somehow stuck themselves into your kitchen wall; we'd like to have a little fun with that and... [More]


Cartography Cardigan

If you like the abundance of cardigans that are hitting the racks right now, but florals and sparkles don't fit your style, the Cartography Cardigan ($98) might be just what you're looking for. It's got just the right intellectual touch to give you that sultry librarian vibe.... [More]


Sultra The Siren Styling Dryer

We know what you're thinking: "$195? For a hair dryer. Thanks, but I can snag one at Target for ten." Trust us: Sultra's The Siren Styling Dryer ($195) is more than meets the eye. Inside that sleek black nozzle lie ionic and ceramic infrared generators; the ionic generator emits negative... [More]

Blurry Floral Checkbook Wallet

Blurry Floral Checkbook Wallet

Keep your cash in check in the adorable Blurry Floral Checkbook Wallet ($18)! This is the perfect bifold checkbook wallet with a very pretty and vintage looking floral print. This wallet has a magnetic snap closure with bill pockets, 7 cardholders, a zip pocket, an ID window and checkbook compartment... [More]


Roll n' Go Keyboard

When we're lacking inspiration, we mosey over to our favorite cafe to get some posts in and, simultaneously, satiate our cute boy behind the counter caffeine craving. We imagine you like to escape your routine workspace, too, so that's why we're featuring the Roll n' Go Keyboard ($29). Use this... [More]


Folsom Prison Onesie

We're not saying that you want your little bundle of joy to grow up and shoot someone just to watch them die, but if you're intent on raising a badass, this Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie ($20) can't hurt.... [More]


Fresh Cut Flowers Laundry Bag

Maybe laundry will lose some of its evil looming powers in the Fresh Cut Flowers Laundry Bag ($30). Encircled in a ring of pretty skinny stems and dainty flowers, our dirty duds are gonna have to totally reek to get us down in this thing. We can crush down these... [More]


Celeb Style: Kristen Stewart Cut-Out Mini Dress

We have a certain appreciation for Kristen Stewart's grungy, bad-girl style, not to mention, her ability to clean up impeccably! Her personal style translates well on the red carpet, as she often leans towards edgy dresses, showing off her shoulders and long legs. We can't forget the Spring/Summer 2010 Gucci... [More]

Maine Lobster Salad

Maine Lobster Salad

Its not even close to lunch time and our tummies are a-rumblin'! The Maine Lobster Salad ($85) is a light and luscious blend of chunks of Maine lobster mixed with a touch of mayo and a smidgen of subtle spices to make the perfect salad or sandwich. This 1 lb.... [More]


Cheryl Spot Dress

While our younger fashionista counter-parts are busy shopping for prom dresses, we can't help but feel a tad jealous that they're having all the fun! Coming across the Cheryl Spot Dress ($330) is all the motivation we need to share in the dress shopping fun - while shaking the dust... [More]

nicola necklace-s.jpg

Evergreen Necklace

No traditional chain necessary for the ethereal Evergreen Necklace ($200) by Czech designer Nikola Semotanova to pass our fashion tests with flying colors. Brace yourself, this elegant necklace is made entirely from recycled plastic, and since the in vibrant greens are a product of petroleum, they'll last forever. Some immortal... [More]


Blomus Tabletop Gel Firepit

If you, like us, don't have the a) money or b) space for an actual patio firepit, then you, like us, will be purchasing a Blomus Tabletop Gel Firepit ($93) for your fire escape. Measuring just under 8 inches in diameter, it nevertheless provides a tidy little flame that's perfect... [More]


Harborview Cardigan

If you're wary to embrace the nautical trend because of all of those horizontal stripes, you're not alone. We don't need anything calling visual attention to our width, thankyouverymuch! We were relieved to find this Harborview Cardigan ($50) which is on-trend in a flattering way. Ahoy!... [More]


True Birds Dazzling Plum

What is it about headbands that makes us buy them in dozens? We squeal and snatch them up whenever we see them, but they sit unworn in a drawer because we don't have the fashion chutzpah to wear them. Still, the stuff at True Birds has us swearing we're really... [More]


Hazel Crochet Top

Boho chic, indeed! The Hazel Crochet Top ($80) appeals to the sophisticated tree-hugger in us. The crocheted neckline, sleeves, and hem, embellished with bronze studs, outline the floral print fabric for an urbanite's take on the traditional peasant top. This top might just be fall wardrobe material, but we find... [More]


How to Live Like a Lady

Given that this book suggests (quite directly) that the worst thing a lady could ever be is boring, we wouldn't recommend adopting it as your foremost guide to a life well-lived, but How to Live Like a Lady ($12) is still entertaining to flip through - and dare we say... [More]

Blume Flip Flops

Blume Flip Flops

The Blume Flip Flops ($25) are instant eye pleaser and a pleasant surprise to those oh so boring rubber flips you normally don! These rubber flips are adorned with a fabulous chiffon and silk flower detail. Once you sport these, you'll never be uncertain as to which rubber flips are... [More]


Beehive Cheese Co. Prize Box

You're knowledgeable about a great many topics of conversation - celebs, gossip, wine, literature, current events, and then you get thrown a curve ball. Someone has decided to become a cheese snob and there you are without so much as a Gouda in your arsenal. With over 750 cheese, flavor... [More]


Halsea Kona Koi Tote

Reminiscent of an Orla Kiely pattern, this cheery Halsea Kona Koi Medium Tote ($95) is destined to be our spring go-everywhere bag. Made from cotton canvas and lined with candy-pink silk, it features plenty of pockets and a detachable shoulder strap. But, let's be honest, it's the bright modern peacock... [More]


Fossil Hope Top

We're not quite sure what on earth you'd need hope for if you were considering purchasing Fossil's Hope Top ($54). There's no need to hope it will be flattering - the belted waist takes care of that. You don't have to hope you'll have somewhere to wear it, since it'll... [More]


Wobbly Plates

We're not sure if it's the name or the colors, but Wobbly Plates just make us smile. Designer, Brigitte Bouquet, hand-makes her wobblies, which include dinner, dessert, and tapa dishes, as well as bowls and napkin rings. The dishware is rustic, but the detailed relief patterns that decorate each piece... [More]

Gucci Oversized White Sunglasses

Gucci Oversized White Sunglasses

Sizzle in white hot accessories this season! One of our favorites are the Gucci Oversized White Sunglasses ($295). These oversized sunglasses have gradient lenses surrounded by a bright white frame. And they also have elegant bead details on the sides. Now is the time to get glam, Gucci gals!... [More]


Marc Jacobs Pomegranate Splash

The simplicity of Marc Jacobs' fragrance bottles always catch our eye - they're just so dang classy. Lucky for us, the fragrances within the bottles are pretty much always lovely, and Pomegranate Splash ($68) is no exception. A crisp, refreshing scent for spring, this body splash is a bit lighter... [More]

Miller High Life Bank

Agree to Disagree: Miller High Life Bank

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new feature that'll show you another... [More]


Sales & Steals: 3/19/10

Oh, but this week was fun, wasn't it? We drank green beer and found laptop bags for friends, and received flak for an artichoke purse. But! It's the weekend, and tomorrow is the first day of spring. So, celebrate by shopping! - Today only, coupon code CELESTIAL cuts 25%... [More]

kensie shawl cardi-s.jpg

Kensie Girl Shawl Cardigan

We don't usually shop in the Junior's section, but we're coming around for the slouchy chic energy of the Kensie Girl Shawl Cardigan ($49). Complete with a flattering deep V and concealed pockets, this casual number could be dressed up with leather skinnies or studded anything. Hello, this hot orange... [More]


Bobbi Brown Spring Palettes

Ladies, it's time for some spring cleaning, and we're going through our purse's oft-neglected makeup bag. It's currently full of travel-sized hair products, myriad lip sticks and glosses, a few eye shadow palettes with broken shadows. We're dumping all the makeup and keeping the sleek Bobbi Brown 'Aquamarine' Palette ($60),... [More]

llustrated life-s.jpg

An Illustrated Life

This week, we're all about maximizing our creative mojo - Maybe it's the first shoots of Spring foliage emerging from the soil, but we want to unearth our inner artist, and An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers ($14) is here to help.... [More]


J. Crew Scalloped Top

Every time we dip into the pool, we pretend we're the Little Mermaid. Our secret is out, and we're not embarrassed. But here's the thing - no one makes a clamshell bra you can actually swim in, so summer after summer, we slip into the same bathing suit and use... [More]


T-Spheres Massage Balls

The massages, they get expensive. But you're stressed out. Tired. Sore. About ready to cry from lack of a massage. Solution? T-Spheres Massage Balls ($30-35). Available fragrance free or with scents like rose geranium or peppermint grapefruit, these little reflexology massage balls can be used in a variety of ways... [More]

ecco bella mascara-s.jpg

Ecco Bella Mascara

100% natural and vegan, Ecco Bella Mascara ($15) has a pure formula made from clay and iron oxides, without lacquer, shellac and alcohol, so our lashes stay undamaged and resilient. The same logic of a red clay facial applies to this mascara, and we love the organic spa treatment. Although... [More]


Tokyo Bay Angel Multi Strand Watch

When it comes to wristwatches, some of us at Outblush just can't have nice things. We bend, bash, play with, fold, spindle, and mutilate every one we get, and they all end up quite literally falling apart. So you're just going to have to wear the Tokyo Bay Angel Multi... [More]

Printed Shoe Laces

Printed Shoe Laces

Add some fun to your plain ol' sneaks! The Printed Shoe Laces ($4) are the perfect accessory to spice up your sneaker collection. These fun printed laces are available in floral prints, stripes and dots. We're personally lovin' the dark floral print for Spring!... [More]


Squatters Urban Gnomes

Sprucing up our suddenly Springy gardens gets an infusion of artsy street style with the Squatters Urban Gnomes ($78). As much as we love the Amelie gnome gag and the subsequent Travelocity gnome campaign, we needed "a hip update to the traditional garden gnome." Fill these bone china figures with... [More]


Bay Breeze Sweater

A preppy nautical sweater is just the right item to transition us into spring. The Bay Breeze Sweater ($150) from Vineyard Vines will keep us warm when the evenings and mornings are chilly, but has just enough of that 'spring break in the Hamptons' feel to remind us that warmer... [More]


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose

A spritz of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose ($80) is just what we need to chase away the last dregs of winter weather! This limited-edition version of their Flowerbomb scent is a powerful burst (dare we say, explosion?) of intense roses, freesia, and lily of the valley.... [More]

Tulip Festival Romper

Tulip Festival Romper

Get playful as you lounge around in the Tulip Festival Romper ($58)! This nearly sheer cotton romper is cheerful and bright with a multi color tulip print on a navy blue background. It is the perfect little thing to throw on during the humid, balmy weather ahead of us.... [More]


Portable Sewing Machine

We're crafty girls at heart, but we're a little intimidated by large sewing machines, especially since they can get pricey and complicated with features. The Portable Sewing Machine ($24) might just be the place for newbies to start. This cutie comes in candy apple red, and she's portable, too. We'd... [More]


Twenty8Twelve Violet Blouse

We can forgive Sienna Miller for her "Do I like Jude Law or not? Hmm. He cheated on me, like, eighty times before... I don't think he'll do it again," hemming and hawing, thanks to her fashion line Twenty8Twelve's chic Violet Blouse ($132). The buttery ivory silk printed with butterflies... [More]

Jimmy Choo Zulu Butterfly Clutch

Jimmy Choo Zulu Butterfly Clutch

Sizzle with style and white hot accessories! The Jimmy Choo Zulu Butterfly Clutch ($795) is a gorgeous pleated white leather clutch with a woven snake-effect butterfly embellishment. It is a definite eye-catcher!... [More]


Carousel Hummingbird Feeder

Whimsical potentially to a fault, the Carousel Hummingbird Feeder ($70) feels like we're making our own little wonderland. Hummingbirds stand in for the usual horse suspects under a punchy red flag topped umbrella canopy bright enough for a circus. They drink from lovely blown glass flower feeding orbs, and the... [More]


Rocco DiSpirito: Now Eat This

Not only is Rocco DiSpirito pretty damn easy on the eyes, his recipes are pretty easy on the tongue - and the waistline! His newest cookbook, Now Eat This!: 150 of America's Favorite Comfort Foods, All Under 350 Calories ($13) focuses on fast, easy, delicious versions of comfort food faves... [More]


Neapolitan Pencil Skirt

Ah, the daunting pencil skirt, too irresistible to pass by yet a little frightening to try. Do not forget that the curve-accentuating form is what makes this skirt timelessly sexy! She's still going after 60 years. We drool over the Neapolitan Pencil Skirt ($98), not only because it makes us... [More]

Pom Pom Ottoman

Pom Pom Ottoman

We're loving the hippie chic vibe of the Pom Pom Ottoman ($128). This overstuffed, nontraditional ottoman is stitched with soft and colorful fuzzy strands of just about every possible color. Plus it has wool pompom accents at each top corner. And best of all, it is super lightweight, which makes... [More]

Rhinestone and Stone Cuff

Rhinestone and Stone Cuff

The Rhinestone and Stone Cuff ($24) is a fabulous accessory for this Spring! This fun cuff has a ol' western feel combined with a fabulous turquoise stone that screams vintage. And we're loving all of the intricate detail along the cuff's edge.... [More]


Deciduous Puzzle

This Deciduous Puzzle ($38) reminds us of a really refined third grade craft project. It might be fun for a young one to assemble, but it'd be equally nice as an offbeat alternative to a fresh bouquet in your bedroom. Spring is coming...once you put it together.... [More]


Personal Shopper: BIIIIIIIIG Laptop Bags for Amy

In response to yesterday's personal shopper for cute bags for 14" laptops, Amy J wrote in to ask for ones for those of you with bigger laptops, i.e. 17+ inches, because "The only bags in that size are stupid black manly ones."Ugh, we know. Here ya go, Amy J! You... [More]


Oh My Bag

OMG, it's an OMB. "Oh My" Bag ($210), that is. This statement handbag from Chicago's Habit design collective features "buttery soft" woven leather (yum!) and a large oval handle, resembling the shape of an "O" . We can easily see ourselves slinging this onto our arm when our hands get... [More]

kenneth cole jacket-s.jpg

Roll Tab Anorak

Because we're not excluded from Spring showers (Damn you, El Nino!) the Kenneth Cole Roll Tab Anorak ($129) will keep us high and dry and high and mighty. We bet the 100% polyester chambray is water resistant, at least, and hell, the metallic jet gray looks like armor. Knight us... [More]


Cheese Grater Light

It might be a little cheesy (oh, we went there), but wouldn't this Cheese Grater Light ($75) be a snarky addition to your kitchen? If you're one of those crafty types, you might even be able to make one on your own. Let us know how that goes...... [More]

Deux Tone Twist Sandal

Deux Tone Twist Sandal

What a fabulous find for frugal fashionistas! The Deux Tone Twist Sandal ($28) is a great sandal to have in any wardrobe for the summer. This strappy sandal has braided two-tone uppers and stylish twist detailing. And they're flat so you'll be able to walk miles in these puppies!... [More]

ling wong-s.jpg

Ling Wong Shredder and Sharpener

We feel a little wrong drilling our dull pencils into Ling Wong Shredder and Sharpener ($12). This plastic panda gets a lot of abuse, but we appreciate this critter's hard work. It makes perfect sense if you think about it; pandas gnaw on diamond hard bamboo all day, so why... [More]


Bremenn Emergency Zit Stick

So they told you that once you hit your 20s or 30s, acne would go away. They lied. What to do, then, when faced with a random, unexplainable giganticmonsterpimplenotagain? Bremenn Emergency Zit Stick ($21) to the rescue! With super-concentrated benozyl peroxide (2.5%!!) and anti-redness and anti-swelling agents, it starts to... [More]


Marciano Ryker Dress

If Catholic school mistresses took over the world and demanded everyone wear a uniform every single day of their lives, we'd probably choose a jersey dress. They're loose, soft, and airy and can drape and accentuate curves. The best is when they double-duty day-to-night; such is the case with Guess... [More]

Times Square Print

Times Square Print

Miss the hustle and bustle of the best city in the world? Well now you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home with the Times Square Print ($68). This vibrant, wide-angle photographic view of Times Square has been transferred to a 60" x 10" canvas and stretched... [More]


Eero Aarino Pony Chair

Ostensibly, you'd purchase a Eero Aarino Pony Chair ($799) for a child, but, come on, admit it, you want one for yourself. We know WE do! See more childrens chairs.... [More]


Obey Marigold Scarf

Who knew, years ago, when Shepard Fairey was slapping street art all over cities in the form of stickers, posters, and graffiti, that his designs would evolve into a clothing line, which would result in us finding lovely clothing and accessories to add to our wardrobe! The Marigold Scarf ($26)... [More]

trinity top-L-s.jpg

Voile Eyelet Ruched Top

Trinity Environmental Friendly presents us with the perfectly textured tunic with their Voile Eyelet Ruched Top ($25). In pale aqua and butter cream, the soft shades of this gentle blouse complement almost anybody's complexion, and the comfortable silk cotton blend will let our delicate skin breath easy. Wear belted, or... [More]

Maggy London Shift Dress

Maggy London Shift Dress

We've just found the perfect day dress, and we're loving the coral, carmel and pink color combination! The Maggy London Shift Dress ($98) is a vibrant, ornate print shift dress with an ultra flattering bateau neckline and three-quarter sleeves.... [More]


Pomegranate Dry Oil Spray

It seems like no matter how much lotion we slather on our legs these days, they still end up dry and scaly. Since reptilian is so not in this season, we're bringing out the big guns. A body oil applied directly post-shower will lock in moisture all day long, and... [More]


Greetings From Mr. Bird Print

We've never seen a nicer way of giving someone the finger... or, at least, just making yourself smile every time you see it. Greetings From Mr. Bird print ($60) by artist Jesse Kuhn.... [More]

twist of fate-s.jpg

Twist of Fate Bracelet

In case we weren't as lucky as the calender would have it this week, the Twist of Fate Bracelet ($15) gives us a fighting chance to turn the game around. The reoccurring wound motifs - the rope-effect bows and interwoven faux suede strips - make the name apt, but what... [More]


Hazel Colorful Belt

This Hazel Colorful Braided Belt ($30) is the ultimate amalgam of summer camp style, hippie flair and bright spring colors. Initially, we might only wear it with jeans and a white tee, but we have a feeling it will fast become a go-to accessory for a fun punch to liven... [More]

let the beat drop-s.jpg

Let the Beat Drop Speakers

This is not what the Beastie Boys meant when they rapped "let the beat / mmm / drop," but the novelty of the Let the Beat Drop Speakers ($65) is crystal clear. An aqua blue tear drop case screws open reveal a safe, secure resting area for our iPod to... [More]


Maison Martin Margiela Medium Candy Clutch

Oh.... We've got the golden ticket! Not really - it's a Maison Martin Margiela Medium Candy Clutch ($850). Can we afford it? Nope. Are we considering faking our own by stitching a bunch of WonkaBar wrappers together? Yes.... [More]


Alisha Thong Ballet Flats

Don't tell anyone, but we sometimes pour ourselves a glass of wine and watch Olsen twin movies of yore on Friday nights. We love 'em! We're less ashamed to admit that we love the Olsen fashion house, Elizabeth and James. Their Alisha Thong Ballet Flats ($200) are ingenious; the metallic,... [More]


Gig Posters

Music and design collide beautifully in well-done show posters. We're running out of wall space to display the plethora of rockin' art we're collecting, so we're moving on to coffee table books. Gig Posters Volume 1: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century ($27) will take up a place of... [More]


MAC Liberty of London Eye Shadow

Part of the MAC spring 2010 collection, Liberty of London Eye Shadows ($15 each) are destined to become some of our (and your!) new favorites. The five limited-edition shades come in special white packaging with Liberty-inspired floral motifs on the lid, and each is richly pigmented & guaranteed to last.... [More]

Juicy Couture Open Weave Sunhat

Juicy Couture Open Weave Sunhat

The Juicy Couture Open Weave Sunhat ($78) is on our list of items that we must have for the summer! It is large enough to cover and protect our face plus the open weave makes it a bit airy....letting our hair and head breathe! Want more? This stylish straw hat... [More]

Miller High Life Bank

Miller High Life Bank

You too can be livin' the high life one day if you start banking your coins in the Miller High Life Bank ($18)! This oversized bank is shaped like an extra-large Miller High Life bottle. It is topped with a removable cap with a coin you can dip into... [More]


Personal Shopper: Cute, Cheap, Capacious Laptop Bags for Clare

Clare emailed to say that she works at an IT job in two different cities, and therefore has to lug around a heavy laptop all the livelong day. She asked us to find a bag that would a) fit a 14" laptop plus power cord & mouse, and some spare... [More]


Demeter Clover Cologne Spray

Sure, we've occasionally poked a little fun at Demeter Fragrance Library in the past (given the zomgness of poison ivy shower gel, how could we not?) but on the whole, we love what they do, especially the unusual stuff. So consider this both a plug and a kind of peace... [More]


Alternate Greetings Cards

Sick of Hallmark sap? Say it with Alternate Greetings Cards. ($3 each) Designer Kiki Parry creates hilarious-yet-sentimental cards for every occasion, from weddings to new baby to new job to our personal favorite, "Congratulations! You're finally shacking up!" (The inside reads "It must feel good not to have to do... [More]

four leaf clover kit-ss.jpg

Doubtblush: The Four Leaf Clover Kit

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. The people have spoken, and... [More]


Avocado Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mmm, is there anything more delicious than a simple slice of avocado with a little salt and pepper on it? Snacking on our favorite green fruit is all we can think about when we look at these Avocado Salt and Pepper Shakers ($40). More artsy than kitschy, this set is... [More]


Booty Buddy Blanket

Take a look to the left. Here we exhibit the Booty Buddy Blanket ($68). Yes, we've entered the era of designer snuggies and slankets. It crossed our mind to Doubtblush this baby, but then we came to terms with it: we'd probably happily waltz around a campfire or a grown-up... [More]

Vintage Chanel Pin

Vintage Chanel Pin

At the beginning of the year, we mentioned WGACA vintage merchandise and just how cool it was that Shopbop was carrying it. The Vintage Chanel Pin ($575) is an authentic vintage silver-tone pin with an engraved logo at the interlocking Cs. This is a must-have for any Chanel lover looking... [More]


Maier Nonstick Pan Cleaning Brush

Did you know that it's actually a really, really bad idea to clean non-stick pots and pans with regular dish scrubbers and scour pads? Over time, they can scratch off the nonstick coating, which can in turn release hazardous chemical fumes the next time you cook. Yikes! Solution? Keep those... [More]


The Taylor Skirt by LA Boutique

We're pretty sure we gasped and nearly fell out of our chair the moment our eyes met The Taylor Skirt ($28) (not even kidding). It's just *that* flowy and gorgeous. We feel like that young girl again daydreaming of sashaying across a stage in a chiffon ballet costume. Now, instead,... [More]

Tufted Velvet Headboard

Tufted Velvet Headboard

Feel like a queen when you retire to your boudoir...thanks to the Velvet Tufted Headboard ($300)! This gorgeous headboard adds touch of class and a much softer place to lean when sitting in bed. The fabric is a soft 100% cotton with a tufted vintage hand. This headboard is adjustable... [More]

green monster kit-s.jpg

DIY Green Monster Kit

This little guy is our something green, look twice before you pinch us, St. Patty's goons. The utterly adorable furry friend is the end result of the DIY Green Monster Kit ($15), created by fuzzy-ophile, Mariska Vos-Bolman. We'd needle-and-thread it out for a little desktop affection with this tiny toothed... [More]


Cakehouse Eye Pillows

Cakehouse does some really fun handmade home accessories by taking vintage fabrics and screen printing them to add a bit of graphic flair. The Etsy shop is full of napkins, tablecloths, and the like, but we were drawn to the small but ooh-inducing Eye Pillows ($12). After all, we like... [More]


Orla Kiely Mint Leather Shoulder Bag

So it's St. Patrick's Day, and your friends have, in a friendly fashion, pinched you black and blue because your ensemble lacks green. Don't let this happen to you again. But don't go buy one of those tacky shamrock/slogan buttons either - you have taste. Instead, sling on this mint-hued... [More]

dragon's tail-s.jpg

Dragon Tail Lamp

Thanks to the upscale lighting specialists at Hive, the Dragon Tail Lamp ($Inquire) has been parading around for some time, and the unique design has a life of its own. Designer Luisa De Los Santos draws on childhood kite memories in her ethereal oyster paper piece. The power animal reference... [More]

Michael Kors Oversized Watch

Michael Kors Oversized Watch

The Michael Kors Oversized Watch ($195) is a great accessory that will definitely bring your bling to the next level! This oversized, water-resistant gold-plated stainless steel watch has a classic link band with a beautiful sapphire blue dial and date wheel. It is a classic timepiece that will make a... [More]


Clinique Fresh Picked Allover Colour

New Clinique Fresh Picked Allover Colour ($30) in Mixed Berries is that rare product that is both universally flattering and just subtle enough to make people wonder, "Is she wearing makeup, or is she just naturally that gorgeous?" Grab a fluffy blush or powder brush and swirl it over this... [More]


Seychelles Blimey Oxford Pump

When we wear oxfords, we get quite romantic, fantasizing we're schoolgirls in a wealthy New England boarding school, entrenched in our studies but yearning to one day break free from our strict upbringing. Seychelles' Blimey Oxford Pumps ($109) may be pushing the dress code limit at a strict boarding school,... [More]


Garden Bon Bons

Caution! No matter how badly you're craving chocolate, and as delicious as these treats may look, do *not* eat these Garden Bon Bons ($15). Instead, find yourself a Hershey bar and marvel at the ingenuity of these plantable "chocolates". Depending on your selection, each truffle will grow into either an... [More]

zinna bud purse-s.jpg

Culture Club: Zinnia Bud Wrist Purse

We don't need butter for this artichoke... Actually, it's the Zinnia Bud Wrist Purse ($800) by wearable artist, Kathleen Dustin. This exquisite lifelike piece is a masterpiece in itself (hence, the price tag), and we're being suffocated by floral themes this Spring, so this budding green number is just the... [More]


Ahava Micro-Peeling Wash

We've all used skin exfoliaters that are about as enjoyable as grabbing playground sand and rubbing it over our limbs. If coarse granules leave you grimacing, check out Ahava's Mineral Botanic Micro-Peeling Cream Wash ($22) - the sloughing agent in this creamy potion is made up of crushed olive and... [More]


Outer Space Pancake Molds

While, on a daily basis, we strive to convince the world that we're responsible, functioning adults, we sometimes can't help but retaliate! These precious Outer Space Pancake Molds ($18) are perfect for our episodes of childhood reversion. The end-product are sun, moon, and planet pancakes staring back at you with... [More]


SmittenNYC Shredded Sleeve Sweater

At first glance, we thought, "Hey, someone's cat got ahold of this sweater!" But, when we looked closer at SmittenNYC's Shredded Sleeve Sweater ($154), we realized it was intentionally distressed - and quite possibly the perfect early spring layer. Made from a silky linen & cotton blend with a rolled... [More]

Paul & Joe Kitten Nail File

Paul & Joe Kitten Nail File

Let the lil' kitties pamper you! The Paul & Joe Kitten Nail File ($5) is a fun way to keep your nails in tip top shape. Plus if you have to break out your file on your way to work via public will at the very least be stylin'... [More]

floppy disc pouch-s.jpg

Floppy Disc Zip Pouch

To satisfy the nostalgic longings of a child from the 1980s, we revere the Floppy Disc Zip Pouch ($18) in all its pseudo tech-y glory. This whimsical felt coin purse has all the makings of an old standby with its ironic softness, and warm computer lab memory connotations. Can't go... [More]


Steve Madden Kevyn Flats

In the same way that a denim jacket is always the perfect topper for a colorful sundress, these Steve Madden 'Kevyn' Flats ($70) are the no-brainer shoe to pair with any spring or summer ensemble when your pedi isn't quite up to par. We also love 'em as a little... [More]


JK Jemma Kidd Rosy Glow Lip & Cheek Tint

To achieve that windblown, romantic flush seen all over the runways for this spring, reach for a lip & cheek stain like JK Jemma Kidd Rosy Glow Lip & Cheek Tint. ($28) The roller ball applicator is easy to use on the go; just daub on a few dots, then... [More]

Snoopy Sno-cones Raglan Tee

Snoopy Sno-cones Raglan Tee

Ahhh remember the good ol' days...just you and your Snoopy Sno-cone machine on a hot summer day? Well we do, which is why we adore the Snoopy Sno-cones Raglan Tee ($19). This vintage tee features the Peanuts clan hanging around and enjoying their snow cones just like we did as... [More]


Snakkes Wall Lamp

We so wish we'd had one of these Snakkes Wall Lamps ($294) up on our dorm room doors in college, instead of a standard whiteboard. Functioning as wall lamp, dry-erase board, and conversation piece all in one, the Snakkes (which means "Talk to you later," in Norwegian!) comes with a... [More]


Raspberry Mojito Soap

It's not quite close enough to summer to enjoy the refreshing kick of a minty Mojito, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the fresh scents of the hottest season with Raspberry Mojito Soap ($5). Lathering peppy peppermint and sweet raspberry aromas in our steamy showers sounds like a delicious... [More]

Tulu Maxwell Stud Handbag

Tulu Maxwell Stud Handbag

The Tulu Maxwell Stud Handbag ($68) is a wonderful oversized handbag for a small price! This very stylish hobo has stud panel detailing and a cushiony padded handle. Plus it has a print-lined main compartment with organizer pockets inside.... [More]


Vapour Aura Blush

Spring is the perfect time for dewy cheeks, but dried out winter skin isn't always the best canvas for a creamy blush. Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush ($28) is fortified with hydrating plant oils, so no matter which of the three shades you choose, you'll get a colorful glow and... [More]


Stencil 101

Street artist Ed Roth toned down his biker/skater aesthetic in Stencil 101 ($16) , a complete stencil package for Stencil 1. Now we can make our mark with 25 reusable stencils and step-by-step Instructions -- Err... it's not exactly our mark, but it's our doing. Whatever it is, invest in... [More]


Verdant Acres Dinnerware

The weather is just not cooperating with our desire to welcome spring with open arms, so instead of frolicking outside in cotton dresses, we're creating a bright spring vibe in our warm, cozy homes by eating fresh salads off of the cheery Verdant Acres Dinnerware ($10 - $16). We've even... [More]


Belle and Ellis Jacket

Your ordinary suit blazer can feel monotonous after everyday wear, so you may opt for a little variation with the French Connection's Belle and Ellis Jacket ($188). The large lapel and loose fitting sleeves give the jacket its uniqueness, while the defined shoulders and cinched waistline balance femininity with ball-busting... [More]


Brown Geo Yoga Mat Bag

We wish the photo were better, but all in all the Brown Geo Yoga Mat Bag ($25) is a great grab all for our fitness needs. This extra large handmade cotton canvas bag has additional pockets for other personal items and smaller equipment, so our entire workout plan can fit... [More]


Ventura Modular Armless Chair

Regular readers will remember the last chairs we wanted for the Outblush office, as well as the sad fact that we didn't get them. But we're trying again, this time for big, squashy Ventura modular chairs ($729). These are a comparative steal, and we've tried them out in person and... [More]


Botanical Notes & Calling Cards

Although we don't want to go back to the days when calling cards were commonplace - as were corsets and arranged marriages - there's something about these Botanical Notes & Calling Cards (from $40) that make us want to pay a call, just because. Choose from four sweet floral designs... [More]


Deréon 2-Tone Retro Cat Sunglasses

We're suckers for labels that are name-checked in pop songs, especially when it's sung by Miss Beyonce! You might recognize her clothing label's name, the House of Deréon, from songs such as "Single Ladies" and "Check On It." We adore the Queen B, and we adore her strikingly hip and... [More]

Lace Cuff Bangle-s.jpg

Lace Cuff Bangle

The Lace Cuff Bangle ($63) by the very clever Rachel McKnight (no relation to R&B star, Brian) is made from heat bent laser cut perspex. A far cry from its frilly Victorian-era inspiration, this bangle is crisp and contemporary in a chic ocean blue color. We'd be nobody's lady in... [More]


Model Co Lip Lights Gloss

Between Lashlight Mascara and Model Co's new Lip Lights Ultra Shine Gloss ($28), we'll pretty much be able to accomplish our basic beauty regimen in an unlit broom closet. Admittedly, we don't see that situation coming up anytime soon, but a little extra light from the wand of this lip... [More]


Doubtblush: Vulva Original Perfume

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Whooooooooa, Nelly. When the site... [More]

St. Patty's Shot Glass

St. Patty's Shot Glass

Breakfast of the champions! Celebrate tomorrow with the St. Patty's Shot Glass ($4)! This classic shot glass is topped with a snarky Irish message and dandy shamrock to get you in the spirit! Just be sure to fill it with your favorite vice...we'll be fillin' ours with some smooth Jameson.... [More]


RuMe ALL Foldable Tote

We accidentally misread "All Foldable" for "Affordable," but it turns out this tote is extremely affordable, anyhow! We're sad to say that sometimes we grab any old, ugly bag laying around to run errands with, take to the market, or to the gym, but we're determined to kick that habit... [More]


Noted Eggling Planter

While we may be a bit old for Easter baskets, there's no reason why we can't bestow a fun spring gift on our friends. The Eggling Planter ($10) by noted* is a reminiscent of the days when Easter meant coloring eggs and hunting for hidden treasures. The small planter comes... [More]


Speak-N-Brew Coffeemaker

If you, like us, are incapable of reading manuals or pushing complicated sequences of buttons before you've had your coffee each morning, then you will be beyond excited by this Speak n' Brew 10-Cup Voice-Activated Coffeemaker ($80). Each a.m. or p.m., press the Talk button and dictate your desired brewing... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Stamp Flats

Ethically made in a closed loop production system in Brazil, these spunky Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Ultragirl IV Stamp Flats ($130) are just made for kicking up your heels. The fresh, peachy pink hue, itsy bitsy peep toe, and black rubber VW stamp scream "Spring is here!" And the... [More]

Fossil Woven Belt

Fossil Woven Belt

You'll have the Midas touch when you have this Fossil Woven Belt ($44) wrapped around your waist! This gorgeous gold metallic belt is woven throughout and has a leather wrapped buckle. It is the perfect accent piece for a strapless dress or a-line skirt.... [More]


Burt's Bees Pre-Shampoo

The thought of another step to get us ready and out the door in the morning makes us cringe, so initially, the thought of a pre-shampoo had us turn up our noses. However, a luxurious evening shower seemed like the time to try out Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair... [More]


Dewy Day Dress

We don't know what the weather is like in your part of town, but the rain is still falling over here. Rather than complain about it, we'd like to celebrate it. The Kelly Lane Dewy Day Dress ($210) is just the dress to do that in. Based out of Pennsylvania,... [More]

Oilily Floral Diaper Bag

Oilily Floral Diaper Bag

The baby boom is upon us and all new moms have no reason not to be super stylish with their diaper bag choice! The Oilily Floral Diaper Bag ($198) is a roomy baby bag in a vibrant floral pattern. It has a removable canvas shoulder strap, which is offered as... [More]

Texts from last night-s.jpg

Texts From Last Night

Waking up to confused responses to our drunken typos is not as entertaining as flipping through the pages of Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending ($10). Yep, the people at the popular website Texts From Last Night have finally compiled the best of the best.... [More]

Tropical Swim Cover-up

Tropical Swim Cover-up

Look as relaxed as you feel when you wear the Tropical Swim Cover-up ($72). This bandeau cover-up ties at the shoulders and offers casual yet cool style in a gorgeous pastel tropical print. Don't leave home without it...especially if you're going to the beach club!... [More]


Coachella Bikini Halter Top

Spring doesn't begin for another week or so, but with hopes that the warm weather will catch up quickly, we're set and ready for a little sand, a little sunbathing, and hey, a little piña colada, too. We've got our finger on the "checkout" button for Lucky Brand's Coachella Halter... [More]


Personal Shopper: Makeup Tables for Katie M.

Self-described "avid follower" Katie M. emailed us to say that a friend "...recently suggested that I add a makeup table to a noon in my bedroom, and I just love the idea! [Any ideas] for small, very feminine, makeup tables (storage is a plus!)?" Katie, we think that's adorable. Who... [More]


Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Retailers Use St. Patrick's Day to Market Eco-Friendly Green Products

Time to git yr learnin on! Everybody Loves Coupons, of fame, is a blog about, what else, coupons: how to use 'em, where to get 'em, and saving serious cash with 'em. But lurking inside this unassuming blog are some surprisingly well-researched and interesting articles about the economy, seasonal... [More]

Paint Splatter Bean Bag

Agree to Disagree: Paint Splatter Bean Bag

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new feature that'll show you another... [More]


Paul & Joe Purple Clover Color

If you're lookin' for a little luck this St. Patty's Day, but don't really want to show up at work looking like this, why not opt for a four-leaf clover in your makeup palette with Paul & Joe's Purple Clover Face & Eye Color ($20)? Sure, it's not green, but... [More]


A Gift for Spencer Pratt: Steven Seagal, Lawman

We were more than a little surprised to hear that Spencer Pratt is leaving The Hills to become a cyber security agent. But given how his wife, Heidi 3.0, has gone completely off the deep end since her most recent round o' surgeries and hired a psychic as her business... [More]


The Twistband

We all have those days where frankly, anything other than a ponytail is too damn much effort. When those days come, we feel a bit more polished throwing our hair up with a Twistband (3 for $10) instead of a regular ol' elastic. These stretchy pieces of subtly metallic fabric... [More]


Ass Ashtray

Because if you smoke in our tobacco-free apartment, you really are an ass. Therefore, we'll be keeping an Ass Ashtray ($12) on hand for your butts. Hee-haw. See more novelty ashtrays.... [More]


Bamboo Petiole Earrings by Molly M.

From the ever eco-conscious Bay Area, we introduce Molly M. The San Francisco designer creates jewelry using sustainable materials, such as bamboo and felt. While the Bamboo Petiole Earrings ($42) are laser-cut into the form of a group of Petiole, Molly M.'s other designs feature organic forms inspired by nature.... [More]


Absinthe Dental Floss

Be honest: haven't you always wanted to say, with a completely straight face, "No, officer, I haven't been drinking. Just flossing!" No? Just us? Anyhoo. Flavored with anise (but not alcohol, we promise), Absinthe Dental Floss ($4) will keep your teeth clean and breath fresh. Warning: May lead to psychedelic... [More]

BCBGeneration Sateen Minidress

BCBGeneration Sateen Minidress

Arriving late to a party will always make you standout from the crowd...but arriving late and wearing the BCBGeneration Sateen Minidress ($128) is sure to make an impact....quite a memorable one! This beautiful blue sapphire sateen minidress has a breathtaking sweetheart neckline and black cross strap details. Plus it's short... [More]


Tabletop Chalkboard Globe

We've always liked globes as conversation pieces - they make us feel well-traveled and sophisticated, even though our trips outside of this county are severely limited until we win the lottery. This Tabletop Chalkboard Globe ($98) puts a new spin (ha!) by allowing you or your guests to draw on... [More]

Ash Neo High Top Sneakers

Doubtblush: Ash Neo High Top Sneakers

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Ummm....we're not really sure who... [More]


Melinda Maria Grecian Emerald Cocktail Ring

Flaunt your luck o' the Irish this Wednesday without resorting to a cheesy leprechaun hat by donning a Melinda Maria Grecian Emerald Cocktail Ring ($115). A twelve carat empress-cut emerald CZ is flanked with petals of white CZs in a chunky gold setting for a look that's at once antique... [More]


Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil

Slathering oil on our faces is a bit counterintuitive, but Bobbi doesn't lead us astray, and she's done it right once again. Bobbi Brown's Extra Face Oil($60) is an ultra-hydrating combination of olive, jojoba, and sweet almond oil that's keeping our face luxuriously soft and smooth. A small amount every... [More]


Vicky Bustier Bra

When we were told by our freshman college roommate that our underwear was plain and boring, we vowed to never buy boring undergarments again! Since then, undergarment shopping has become a pure joy in life. We adore this paisley-esque Vicky Bustier Bra ($93) from Princesse Tam-Tam. The bustier reaches slightly... [More]


Hand-Crafted Anna Earrings

You might mistake these earrings for vintage, but they're actually a unique design by jewelry designer, Leda Rawlins. Leda's jewelry collection includes pieces that are always thoughtfully constructed and often made with colorful stones. The Anna Earrings ($32) are particularly striking for their ornate and intricate lace-like detail.... [More]


Cow Over The Moon Chandelier

Back away from the track lighting. And from the arachnidian thing with all the little bendy stems. And from the tired old translucent glass fishbowl. We have found exactly the new ceiling lamp that you need: behold the Cow Over The Moon Chandelier! ($515) It's extremely weird and extremely cute,... [More]


Pat the Belly Maternity Tee

Isn't it interesting how the instant a pregnant woman starts showing, the entire world views her belly as an object separate from her, one they can touch and coo over without asking the momma-to-be - even if they don't know her? Yeah, we thought so too. Ergo, we're buying all... [More]


Lydia Dolman Sleeve Romper

We've noticed "romper" and "jumper" are completely new categories that have seemingly appeared out of nowhere (or out of the 70s) on all of our favorite fashion sites. While you may still be recovering from the shell-shock of this sudden fashion trend, some rompers may have caught your eye, like... [More]


Perfekt Body Perfection Gel

We just realized that all of these flirty skirts and summer sundresses mean - gasp - we're going to have to bare our pasty legs! Thank goodness for Perfekt Body Perfection Gel ($48). This sheer tinted gel glides on our ghostly limbs to add some healthy color and cover any... [More]

Paint Splatter Bean Bag

Paint Splatter Bean Bag

You'll love to come home from a long day at work and veg out in the Paint Splatter Bean Bag ($98)! This oversized bead-filled cotton canvas bean bag chair has a cool all over splatter painting print. And there is truly just about every color so it will accent your... [More]

Coach Madison Floral Audrey

Coach Madison Floral Audrey

The Coach Madison Floral Audrey ($358) is a truly stunning piece and we're glad to see Coach has branched out from their typical signature logo handbags. This floral printed satchel consists of canvas with metallic gold leather trim. The style itself has a zip top closure with a fabric lining... [More]

sake bomb-s.jpg

Sake Bomb

Led by the unbelievably dreamy Alexander Purcell, interdisciplinary design studio APRRO is always coming up with quirky items. Their whimsical Sake Bomb ($98) looks like an expensive blowfish crossed with a WW II sea mine. Ah, it's Japanese and explosive, as the matching cups perch precariously on the spiny spouts.... [More]

Lucky Pants Bikini

Lucky Pants Bikini

Take a chance on....luck or love and roll the dice in your Lucky Pants Bikini ($28)! This adorable unmentionable is black satin bikini with pink embroidered dice and a "Lucky Pants" message on tush. Wear these and we're sure you will get way or another!... [More]


Tarina Tarantino Fleur de Lash Mascara

We're officially head over kitten heels in love with the long, lush, fluttery lashes we get with Tarina Tarantino Fleur de Lash Mascara. ($19) The formula contains conditioners to keep lashes soft and flake-free for hours, and the multi-leveled bristles of the brush grab every teensy, tiny lash. Some of... [More]


Magnolia Tweed Bootie

If you've done much organic shoe shopping, you'll know these are a steal! The Magnolia Tweed Bootie ($30) are one of Keds' most environmentally friendly shoes. They're made of organic cotton tweed, recycled rubber, non-toxic dyes, and shoe laces that are made of 100% recycled water bottles (how incredible is... [More]

Cabana Readers

Cabana Readers

Relax poolside and be able to read your fave mag thanks to the Cabana Readers ($60). These ultra stylish sunglasses double as readers for those of us who need 'em. And best of all, they're available in three magnification strengths plus they come with a Lilly "shift" case for protection.... [More]


Sales & Steals: 3/12/10

This Sunday is Daylight Savings, which means we're going to *sob!* lose an hour of sleep. Console yourselves, as we plan to, with shopping! Alloy - Ah, cheap n' chic fashions. Just the way our budget likes it! Coupon code 20DISCA will save you 20% on orders over $75. Expires... [More]


Poppy Mighty Tote

At first glance, this tote is adorned with a bright orange flower. Upon closer inspection, it turns out the petals are actually plastic shopping bags! The tongue-in-cheek design of the Poppy Mighty Tote ($25) is just the first of many reasons it caught our eye. It's one of the only... [More]


Mantledome Clock

In the spirit of a looming Darth Vader or a flighty astronaut , the Mantledome Clock ($165) is something else, that is, it's a modern interpretation of a carriage clock. Color choice alone determines if this eccentric time keeper's claimed by the dark side or the light side((?) Ok, we're... [More]


Forget Me Knot Necklace

The Forget Me Knot Ring makes tying a ribbon 'round your finger to remember something a permanent fashion accessory, but what about those of us whose fingers are already adorned? Kiel Mead's adapted the popular ring to this Forget Me Knot Necklace ($75 - $250) . While we'd love one... [More]

Treat Fat Balm

Treat Fat Balm

For a lip smackin' treat, you've got to try Treat Fat Balm ($10)! Portland's awesome Treat Beauty has concocted a bigger and better balm for your pucker. It is made with 100% natural ingredients including ultra-rich shea butter and pure coconut oil to soothe and protect dry chapped lips. And... [More]


Doubtblush: Diamante Mouse

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. All that glitters isn't gold...... [More]


Dusty Blue Roses Dress

You are sophisticated, you are chic, and you are going to look just stunning when you waltz into that cocktail party in this Dusty Blue Roses Dress ($42). Best of all, you're going to be comfortable, as this simple shift dress will actually allow you to breathe.... [More]

cadman workstation-s.jpg

Cadman Workstation

If, at the end of the Ikea arrow maze, we reached the Cadman Workstation ($50-$110) instead of a vat of Swedish meatballs, we could die happy women. Despite the run of the mill office cabinetry storage, the proportions of this L-shaped unit are aesthetically pleasing, and the pale silver color... [More]


Giant Donut Cake Pan Set

This Giant Donut Cake Pan Set ($20) is like Homer Simpson's wet dream come true. Use it to create your own gigantic cake donut (ha) in any flavor you like... If anyone wants to make us one, we're partial to anything filled with chocolate or jelly. And sprinkles. Lots and... [More]


Ashanti Tunic

The layered, hand-woven cotton Ashanti Tunic ($103) has a simplicity that vaguely reminds us of gorgeous geisha in kimonos and Japanese design in general. Our favorite part is the sash that adds an extra level of rich layering, doubled-up and wrapped around the waist. The black slip is included, so... [More]


Owl Family Bamboo Mobile

How tweet (ha) is this Owl Family Bamboo Mobile ($70)? A wee family of laser cut bamboo owlies nestle together underneath a fat crescent moon, making a lovely graphic addition to any child's room. (Heck, if we're being honest, we want this in our room!) See more bamboo mobiles.... [More]


Eskuche 33 1/3 Headphones

The Eskuche 33 1/3 Headphones ($68) are arguably too glamorous and shiny to put back into our bag when we're done using them. We think these headphones would look just as good as a gold necklace hanging around our neck while we do our thing around town. Eskuche also audio-engineered... [More]


Adrianna Papell Halter Dress

We're checking our mail every day for the wedding invites we know are coming - spring and summer weddings are looming, and we need an excuse to buy this exquisite Adrianna Papell Shantung Halter Dress ($178)! The brilliant jewel tone will make us feel like royalty, and while the style... [More]

Multi Row Bracelet

Multi Row Bracelet

Want to add some island flair to your spring wardrobe? A Multi Row Bracelet ($88) is a stunning, easy way to accessorize a beachy outfit. This five-row gold-plated bracelet is shaped with glossy shells and metal discs. It has a bit of an earthy feel to it with a lot... [More]


Designer Duct Tape

Props to you if you actually have the skills/tools to fix everything around your house. But, if you're like the rest of us and go for the quick-fix options until you can a) afford a new one or b) figure out how to fix it properly, you may be interested... [More]

corset vase-s.jpg

Button Corset Vase

We're sure Lightenup Design would stress the green appeal of the Button Corset Vase ($390), a hand crafted natural clay piece with earth-friendly glaze. While the Brooklyn based designers behind this piece fight the good fight, this is way out of our price range and verges on vulgar. Since the... [More]


Amenity Hooded Towel

First and foremost, why don't adult towels come with hoods, hmm? We suppose it's ok, since there's no way we could be nearly as adorable as our little one wrapped up in this Amenity Organic Hooded Towel ($50). Swaddle your freshly bathed baby in this super soft towel after bath... [More]


Yves Rocher Luminelle Rouge Glossy Lipstick

If you're usually a lip gloss kind of gal, this just might be the lipstick you'll make an exception for. We picked up Yves Rocher's Rouge Glossy Lipstick in Parme scintillant ($10) on a whim, but there's no denying now that it's love. Although it's maybe a leetle more sparkly... [More]

donut earrings-s.jpg

Donut Earrings

Amy Secrest makes hip hilarious jewelry plucked from our guilty pleasure repotoire, and her Donut Earrings ($18) look delicious. Not partial to sprinkles? Don't worry, you can don four different flavors, including chocolate frosted and jelly. Dotted with pink Swarovski crystal beads, these donuts are darling.... [More]


Bionda Castana Twisted Leather High-Heel Sandals

Do we have the money for these Bionda Castana Twisted Leather High Heel Sandals ($634)? No. Do we have anywhere we could wear them on a regular basis, in order to justify the price? No. Do we still want them with an unholy, obsessive passion bordering on certifiable mania? YES.... [More]


Delia Wine Tree

What's the use of having a killer vino collection if it has to stay hidden in a cellar or dusty old wood paneled bar? With Delia's Wine Tree ($89 - 175), made of steel and finished in lacquer, you can showcase your grapes-o-plenty in either Bush (7 bottles), Tree (10... [More]

Gingham Peplum Jacket

Gingham Peplum Jacket

Add a classic touch to a rather casual outfit in the Gingham Peplum Jacket ($48)! This soft knit jacket has a slim silhouette with a 3-button closure front, and it's romantic with a feminine trim - a pleated peplum waist.... [More]

Run DMC Tee

Run DMC Tee

Walk this this way! The Run DMC Tee ($16) is a relaxed fit short sleeve tee that shows this fab group in all their glory. It's a great find for the vintage rap lover!... [More]


Limpet Bathtime Drinks Holder

Ahhh, bathtime! Armed with your favorite scented bubble bath, a deep conditioning mask on your hair, a mega-trashy novel, and a glass of wine, you sit back, relax.... And realize that there's nowhere to set your wine in between sips. Enter the Limpet Bathtime Drinks Holder ($15): stick the suction... [More]

Lace Camisole Bra

Lace Camisole Bra

For all of the ladies that can't stand their bra showing...the Lace Camisole Bra ($34) is just what you need! You won't mind when this pretty lil' bra peaks out from under your blouse. This beautiful cami bra has a fully lined contour padded bra covered with soft, luxe lace!... [More]

peon rug-s.jpg

Twinkle Living Peony Rug

Wenlan Chia has a way of making perfectly sweet pieces, and the Twinkle Living Peony Rug ($97) is no exception. Made from 100% hand tufted New Zealand wool, this soft little floral rug accents any feminine space like a dream. Part doily and part graphic garden fantasy, we're fond of... [More]


Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Moisturizer

In our ongoing quest to find a moisturizer that a) doesn't irritate our hypersensitive skin, b) doesn't make our skin oily & break out, and c) just makes our skin look brighter, smoother, and all-around better, we discovered Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Moisturizer. ($48) A proprietary "Surplus Sebum-Seeking Smartsponge Technology"... [More]

Paulita Tiered Skirt

Paulita Tiered Skirt

Party in the Paulita Tiered Skirt ($475) like it's your birthday! This gorgeous mini is adorned with tiers of multicolored ruffles. It would look awesome with a tank and strappy sandals.... [More]


Surge Hybrid Solar Charger

You adore your new appendage, I mean iPhone, however, its less than stellar battery life always seems to present itself at the most inopportune times. Never again will you be trying to send a text, picture, or checking what's new on Outblush, only to discover your phone has died. The... [More]


Oooms Puzzleboard

Pulling triple duty in the kitchen & dining room (ok, quadruple if you count the aesthetic appeal), the Oooms Puzzleboard ($27 each) is just plain neat. Connect a few together to use as cutting boards or serving platters, or give one to each guest at a cocktail party; they can... [More]


Cosabella Marseille One Piece

The quest for the sexy one piece has us thinkin' and it seems like options are everywhere. This Marseille One Piece ($168) from Cosabella is a more adult take on the monokini, leaving your back mostly open, but offering some additional coverage in front. The floral print just screams summer,... [More]


Complete New Yorker

Whether you read it for the articles or for the cartoons, there's no denying the appeal of the New Yorker. We're telling you that you can toss out those old boxes of back issues now, but we're speaking with the utmost respect: the Complete New Yorker, containing every page of... [More]


Nosce Teipsum Ring

Okay, if we were graduating from high school or college today, we would so rather get this Nosce Teipsum Ring ($55) than a cheesy paperweight or birthstone jewelry pendant. Nosce teipsum means "You must know yourself," in Latin, so it's the perfect gift for someone just starting on that lifelong... [More]

Strapless Eyelet Dress

Strapless Eyelet Dress

We've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection...and we're excited to say it is finally here! We're loving the Strapless Eyelet Dress ($50), which is a white background with a lipstick red eyelet print. Plus the strapless neckline is very flattering and absolutely perfect... [More]

italian orb chandelier-s.jpg

Italian Gold Orb Chandelier

We had no idea wrought iron and sheet metal could be so magnificent. The Italian Gold Orb Chandelier ($755) looks like it's straight out of a royal foyer, and the Rhine gold finish adds some extra glimmer to the antique distressed metal. There are plenty of classy architectural touches to... [More]


Miz Mooz Sorrento Flats

Flats are where our feet live, and we don't think it's a crime to add just one more pair to our flat collection (unless you're reaching Queen Imelda Marcos shoe status). We'll stop when we get to one hundred...maybe. Our future addition are the Miz Mooz Sorrento flats ($54), which... [More]


Burt's Bees Muscle Mend

We've been shaping up for spring, and no lie, it sucks. Jillian Michaels is kicking our butts and pounding the pavement in 50 degree weather is no treat either. We're finding joy in the little things, and lately it's been the sweet, sweet relief that comes from our post-shower rubdown... [More]


Brocade Magnetic Bulletin Board

Gosh the intricate Brocade Magnetic Bulletin Board ($30) almost looks bridal, but in a dark dingy office, it'd brighten up things quite a bit. A baroque white backdrop to bouncy colors of spring, this would work well in a bedroom or kitchen. The patterned steel surface lays atop a blue... [More]

Bottega Veneta Boston Tote

Bottega Veneta Boston Tote

Every woman deserves a Bottega handbag! This season we're totally crushin' on the Bottega Veneta Boston Tote ($3,480). This classic woven leather handbags offers timeless elegance and complete luxury. Plus it is woven with raffia, which makes it unique from the rest of the Bottega collection.... [More]


Withings Wi-Fi Scale

Two months behind us in the New Year and those resolutions are already down the tubes, except maybe that one about Tweeting more, you know you've been rocking that one! Hope is not lost dear friends, just step on your sleek black Withings Wi-Fi Scale ($163) and your weight, fat... [More]


Canoodle Lounging Chair

Since the office has this ergonomics thing going, and since we take our health and comfort quite seriously, we asked the boss for these. Boss said no. So won't you please support an Outblush editor, or three, and chip in for our made-to-order Canoodle Lounging Chairs? ($1788) We'll be getting... [More]


Smashbox Lip Tech

Hate the heavy, cakey feel of most old-fashioned lipsticks, but love the color impact and coverage? New Smashbox Lip Tech ($24) could be right up your alley. Offering a satin matte finish with vivid pigmentation, it glides on smoothly and conditions lips with vitamin E and emollients. We're digging the... [More]

Carrick Bend Trousers

Carrick Bend Trousers

Denim trousers are a must-have this season! And the Carrick Bend Trousers ($88) may be the perfect pair. They're a fabulous dark denim color and a wide leg with nautical details, which include braided welt pockets and a triple-button waist. They're great for a casual night out on the town... [More]


Martine Wester Allure Jewelled Cuff

This lushly colored Martine Wester Allure Jewelled Cuff ($317) is reminiscent of Oscar-worthy jewelry, but without the multimillion-dollar price tag. Slip this beauty on with any outfit to elevate it to a whole new level of glam, and revel in the fact that you don't need a personal security guard... [More]


Aroma Cocktails

Candles, shmandles. If you're looking to add a fresh scent in a fun and festive way, you can't go wrong with Upper Canada Soap's Aroma Cocktails ($30). Available in scent-sational flavors based on our favorite cocktails like Champagne Mimosa, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan and Pomegranite Martini, these colorful scent diffusers are... [More]

in bloom cascade-s.jpg

In Bloom Mobile

Watching the In Bloom Mobile ($75) sway in our window on a sunny day might make our day. The rainbow sherbet color palette is hot this spring, but personalized hues are available upon request. The gentle tilt of these hand cut card stock flowers will cast soft angled shadows in... [More]

Jeffrey Campbell Cast Sandal

Jeffrey Campbell Cast Sandal

So we're totally on board with the caged sandal look this season...and the Jeffrey Campbell Cast Sandal ($100) is a great pick! This chic gladiator sandal has slender straps that are braided down the center. And they also have a wrapped half-wedge heel, which we're loving for comfort of course!... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Convertible Clutches

In our starry-eyed world, Gwen Stefani is the fashion goddess, and unto us, she hath bestowed the convertible clutch. We're not sure if she's the one who invented this versatile bag, but we admire a woman who really gets what women want. In the past, we've skirted the clutches in... [More]


Lafty Lie

We're flabbergasted by the name of this stretchy sleeveless sweater, but the Lafty Lie ($89) is gorgeous just the same. With an all over lace print and added garlands, dolled up would be an understatement. No fishnets necessary with this flirty getup; pair with simple skinny jeans and boots to... [More]


Kikkerland Mini-Magnito Salt and Pepper Shakers

Are these Kikkerland Mini Magnito Salt and Pepper Shakers ($10) a kitchen tool or a childrens' toy? Well... Both! The magnetized bottoms of these Hershey Kiss-shaped S&P shakers click together to form a spinning top that can be handed to wee 'uns to keep them occupied while you serve up... [More]


Fossil Laurette Hurache

Every summer, there's one pair of sandals that we pretty much live in. This time of year, we start looking for that magical pair. It's gotta be comfortable, and we're going to wear it to everything from garden parties to boardwalk strolls, so it needs to clean up nice. The... [More]

Chiara Drink Cooler

Chiara Drink Cooler

The next time you have an afternoon soiree the Chiara Drink Cooler ($199-$299) will be your best bud! This fabulous glass cooler is elevated so that you see the colorful fruit-filled concoctions. And the elevated base is hollow so you can keep fresh lemons, oranges or extra ice underneath. It... [More]


Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery

With a celebrity chef endorsement like Duff from Ace of Cakes, we're ok with suggesting a seemingly stereotypical girly set. The Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery ($18) has everything your child needs to make four mini fondant cakes and the ability to get as creative as possible. It's ok if you... [More]


Ikat Boho Tunic

Not all of us feel like our true sexy, confident selves in a teeny bikini, but it's hard not to feel (and look!) like a sea siren in this ethereal Ikat Boho Tunic ($365). This is what you'll find us lounging in until we work up the confidence to bare... [More]

project runway wii-s.jpg

Project Runway

We star as the vanguard emerging designer, model, photographer, hairstylist, and makeup artist (apparently it's all about us) in Project Runway ($39) for the Wii gaming platform. Getting a tongue lashing from our virtual fashion mentors, Heidi, Tim, Nina, and Michael, is bearable, considering we spend minutes (not days) "crafting"... [More]


Too Faced Brightening Blushes

Infused with just the right amount of sheen and sparkle, new Too Faced Brightening Blushes ($20) are some of the most universally flattering cheek colors we've tried. You get buildable coverage that lifts cheekbones and lends a lovely glow to skin that hasn't seen the sun in lo these many... [More]


Doubtblush: Wooly Pocket's Vagabond

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Aspiring to live a green... [More]

Halston Printed Silk Romper

Halston Printed Silk Romper

The Halston Printed Silk Romper ($375) offers cutting-edge style in a bold, vibrant print. This romper has a deep inset V-neckline with a wide, smocked waistband. And we're so loving the loud print especially with sexy stiletto sandals and great jewelry.... [More]


Cutout Ring

Rethink the ring with Maison Martin Margiela's Cutout Ring ($180). This ring stays delicate while making a bold statement unlike what we normally see with a single stone setting, and as such, it's sure to be an eye-catching piece you can wear with anything.... [More]


Little Boots: Hands

Who says YouTube just produces stupid cat videos and epic Lady Gaga tributes? YouTube songstress Little Boots just released her debut, Hands ($11), and we're here to tell y'all that it's pure Brit pop goodness, inflected with Kylie Minogue-esque beats. A little bit trance, a little bit dance, a lot... [More]

Blonde Leather Dress

Blonde Leather Dress

Now you can dress the part and party like a rockstar when you're rockin' leather! The Blonde Leather Dress ($473) is an ultra stylish wide-neck leather mini dress with a self-belt tie to accent your waist. This black luxe leather mini will surely turn heads...even the other groupies'!... [More]


Nixon Tribella Watch

We'd get funky with the faceted faces on the Nixon Tribella Watch ($60), rockin' it bangle style. We can tell time and have a statement bracelet all with the same piece. These angular lines are contemporary and functional - the entire stainless steel case and mineral crystal face are water... [More]


Amalia Carafe

We adore the idea of keeping a water pitcher and glass next to the bed for a quick sip when we wake up parched, but we'd never keep something as beautiful as this Amalia Carafe ($112) by Juliska on our bedside table for fear we'd knock it off in the... [More]

Rainbow Trouser Socks

Rainbow Trouser Socks

The Rainbow Trouser Socks ($8) are like having a party in under your pants! These multicolor rainbow trouser socks have a unique print with peace signs, stars, circle and stripes. Plus they have a very silky feel providing maximum all-day comfort.... [More]


Pet Trek Traveler

Our pets are like our children, even though sometimes we dress them in way more embarrassing outfits than we'd ever dream of putting on kids. But we want the best for them, and no collapsible water bowl or plastic dish will do when away from home. For those long walks... [More]


Long Line Bustier

It was so refreshing to see so many glamorous full-figured women at the Oscars this year! Everyone looked stunning, and there's no reason the rest of us luscious ladies can't too. Hips and Curves has an awesome selection of lingerie for those of us who have a little more to... [More]


Watch Movement Necklace

Every Watch Movement Necklace ($24) is made of antique mechanical watch parts and rearranged into an intricately designed pendant by Adjowah Brodie of The Weekend Store. We love jewelry that comes with a history! We wonder what kind of dashing women (or men) wore these pieces before us. We also... [More]

Flower Patch Jeans

Flower Patch Jeans

You'll be in bloom and in style in the Flower Patch Jeans ($88)! These awesome jeans are cut super-skinny with a bit of spandex. Plus they have tons of awesome flower patches. Last but not least, the back waistband is finished with Cheap Mondays' famous skull-printed logo patch.... [More]


Gilt Groupe - The Big Spring Sale: Big designers, small prices

The best designer brands, yours for prices of up to 70% off retail. That's exactly what's behind Gilt Groupe, where new member-only sales are always on. Register through this link and you'll get exclusive instant access to Gilt Groupe. Just in time for spring, Gilt Groupe, is bringing you exclusive... [More]


Three Custom Color Noir Sheer Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Black lipstick & lip gloss? Um, didn't we leave our goth phases behind in 10th grade? Not according to the runways for spring 2010, we didn't. Thankfully, Three Custom Color has reinterpreted the trend for everyday wearability with their new Noir Sheer Lipstick & Lip Gloss ($22 each). While they... [More]

napkin rings-s.jpg

Claret Napkin Flowers

In a deluxe four piece gift box, the Claret Napkin Flowers ($60) is straight from a hot hostess's day dream. Lovely jewel tone fabric and leather have great texture that makes the hand-crafted appeal obvious on these budding beauties. Tie up anything with these blooms, and we've got a winning... [More]

Cooperative Floral Cardigan

Cooperative Floral Cardigan

The Cooperative Floral Cardigan ($38) is a great cropped cardigan to have in your wardrobe! It's cropped and vibrant in a red floral print. Plus it's finished with low patch pockets so you can store that cutie's number from your apartment building.... [More]


RIP Corey Haim: We're breaking out our VHS copies of "License to Drive"

Say it ain't so! Corey Haim is DEAD? To pull a phrase out of the 80's graveyard, crack is whack, people. Don't ever start. In memoriam of (our personal favorite) half of the Two Coreys, we're digging our old Tiger Beat magazines and VHS copies of their movies out of... [More]


Special Guest Post by Snarkaholic: Baby's Bliss Gripe Water for Lindsay Lohan

Everyone say a warm "Welcome back!" to today's guest poster, Janet at Snarkaholic! She blogs, often irreverently, about life in Los Angeles from the point of a non-native, non-celebrity-chaser. Oh, Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan. Really? Suing E-Trade for $100 million over the fact that the "milkaholic" baby in their Super... [More]


The North Face Bubblecomb Hoodie

Performance gear that's... fashionable? Who knew!? The North Face, that's who. As we move from winter to spring, we rely on pieces like this stylish purple The North Face Women's Bubblecomb Hoodie ($55) to keep us going during outdoors workouts. Made from soft, heavyweight stretch fabric that features VaporWick technology... [More]


EasyBloom Plant Sensor

We need high tech gadgets to give us a green thumb, and the EasyBloom Plant Sensor ($40) is a welcome savior figure in our dusty barren garden. The USB drive gives us access to a database of 5,000+ plants so we can research what plants will work for us, but... [More]


Bittersweets NY Sword Earrings

You need these Sword Earrings ($725) because you are a total bad ass, but in a delicate way. Also, you have too much money and don't know what to do with it.... [More]


Doubtblush: Vajazzle for shizzle

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Remember the Bedazzler? You could... [More]

Lilly Pulitzer LeSportsac Large Weekender

Lilly Pulitzer LeSportsac Large Weekender

Two iconic brands have joined together to create a fabulous collection! And we're loving it...whimsical print Palm Beach brand Lilly Pulitzer and fabulous nylon bag brand LeSportsac have created the Lilly Pulitzer LeSportsac Large Weekender ($108). This fabulous duffel bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with two side pockets as... [More]


Global Warming Mug

Here's the perfect gift for that person in your office who uses styrofoam cups everyday for their morning coffee. The Global Warming Mug's ($13) continental shores disappear when hot liquid is poured into it. This may seem grim at first, but just remember that by simply using the mug everyday,... [More]


Chocomize: Custom Crafted Chocolate Bars

Did you know that the Latin name for chocolate, theobroma cacao, actually means "Food of the Gods"? Pretty apt, isn't it? So if you're eating chocolate, that means you're a god, and therefore, you should get whatever you want on your theobroma cacao, right? That's what the genius boys at... [More]


Artesia Mosaic Lamp

If the current Moroccan trend fits your style, you'd be foolish not to grab this Artesia Amber Mosaic Table Lamp ($150) while you can. Yes, the light has some great style, but it's the function that's won us over. A small light in the base of this lamp serves as... [More]

sumi ink notepad-s.jpg

Culture Cub: Sumi Ink Club Notepad

To scribble your flashes of inspiration, pick up the itsy-bitsy Sumi Ink Club Notepad ($4). Perforated pages let us tear them out with ease, so we can get some digits and throw them away in the same breath or hand out our fashion advice. Don't shoot the messenger. The East... [More]


Kors Very Hollywood

Very Hollywood by Michael Kors ($45) is a lush and seductive scent and, like all really good perfumes, smells just a little bit different on everyone. The warmth and sweetness of mandarin is balanced by the soft, fresh aroma of gardenia blossoms. Earthy citrus tones from vetiver add depth and... [More]


babyGap New Denim Overalls

A good start in fashion is a good start in life. Quickly teaching that denim is a staple of any killer wardrobe is a must, Moms and Dads, and this denim is our first stop on the staples of baby fashion. BabyGap New Denim Overalls ($30) are the perfect everyday... [More]

newton milk sugar-s.jpg

Newton Milk Sugar Set

Serving sugar and milk for coffee or tea just got a lot more Euro thanks to the Newton Milk Sugar Set ($70) by gorgeous designer Tanja Sipilä. Gravity does the work in this clever two in one design. The gilded sugar bowl gracefully floats atop the creamer, amazingly, without tipping... [More]

Stoosh Military Jacket

Stoosh Military Jacket

Military jackets are all the rage this Spring! And the Stoosh Military Jacket ($49) is a pretty feminine version that we would like to make part of our Spring uniform. It has soft ruffles, button details and 3/4 sleeves. Plus the ivory color will match everything in our closet.... [More]


Ideaco Coin Bank

We're not saying the solution to economic downturn is a piggy bank, but keeping your change corralled can't hurt these days, ya know? This sleek Ideaco Coin Storage Coin Bank ($32) would be a nice addition to any dresser or side table, and we adore the design element that allows... [More]


BCBG Max Azria Striped Boatneck Tunic

This BCBG Max Azria striped tunic ($68) lets us imagine that we're carefree, in-love Jules riding our bicycle through the streets of Paris! The bold block stripes and spandex material accentuate curves, and you can stay comfortable by pairing this tunic with leggings.... [More]


Clark's Botanicals Lip Balm

Even the world's most flattering lipstick isn't going to do a whole lot for you if your lips are cracked, dry, and flaky. Keep your lips lusciously soft and smooth with Clark's Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Balm ($19). It's got your standard moisturizers like shea butter and aloe, but this... [More]


Los Cabos Hat

You know, maybe Southern belles were on to something with those gigantic floppy hats... Protect that porcelain complexion of yours once the sun shows its face again with this chic San Diego Hat Co. Los Cabos Hat ($36). Woven from black, beige, and brown straw, it has a 22" rim... [More]


Barista iPhone Application

Recently you've been tallying your weekly latte expenses and realizing that a blowout and massage would be a far better use of those hard earned dollars. We couldn't agree more but that doesn't mean we're giving up our morning Joe. With videos, step-by-step instructions, an extraction timer and even tips... [More]

rabbit ring-s.jpg

Rabbit Ring

When you slip on the sterling silver Rabbit Ring ($14) you have a darling friend hugging your finger in a loving embrace. We're glad to say that you're helping a real furry friend with this bit of shine. 100% of purchases go to a non-profit organization called Rabbit Rescue, ensuring... [More]

Billabong Runway Lace Monokini

Billabong Runway Lace Monokini

Make all the boy's heads turn in the Billabong Runway Lace Monokini ($98)! This sexy swimsuit is a totally eye-catching monokini that has an allover lacey overlay. Plus the bikini top has removable padding with a halter tie and completely open back. Trust us....the guys will be more focused on... [More]



It's definitely not the most glamorous thing to deal with, but because we love our little furballs, we take care of their every need, which includes the call of nature. Here's an interesting solution for those of you with indoor dogs who don't always have the chance to go outside... [More]

Tecolote Tank

Tecolote Tank

Look like a goddess in the Tecolote Tank ($78)! This slubby jersey scoopneck tank has a gorgeous ring of georgette and satin ranunculus blooms. The grey color is simply stunning especially with the cranberry and pink floral accents.... [More]


I See Rude People

Tired of getting a perplexed look every time you say "Please," or "Thank you," in public? Sick of hearing the gal next to you on the subway yap on her cell phone about her latest pap smear results? No more! Advice columnist Amy Alkon's laugh-til-you-cry book, I See Rude People:... [More]


Buttercup Rosebud Earrings

We love to pair a set of cute studs with a soft updo. If we lived in England, we'd wear these peach-colored Buttercup Posts ($18) to high tea! But, we don't, so we'll keep our Jane Austen fantasies aside and settle for wearing them out on a lunch date. Either... [More]


Korres Anti-Ageing Primer

Korres Anti-Ageing Primer ($33) is a phenomenal new elixer. Like all the Korres products we know and love it's silicone-free, and chock full of natural antioxidants and rich vitamins. This magical serum fulfills all the requirements of your average primer - it evens out your skin's texture, smooths out fine... [More]


Dorian Chess Set

Looking for a way to demonstrate that you've loved Alice since way before Johnny Depp was involved? T-shirts and baubles are one thing, but the true Wonderland expat ought to be able to play chess, if just a little. (Trust us. It's genuinely fun if you have opponents whose skill... [More]

Chooka Signature Fleece Boot Socks

Chooka Signature Fleece Boot Socks

Love your Chookas, but hate wearing them on raw, chilly days? We've found the solution to keep your tootsies toasty warm....the Chooka Signature Fleece Boot Socks ($20) are the perfect remedy for cold feet inside your favorite rain boots. Now you can jump in the puddles while you're singin' in... [More]


Personal Shopper: Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits for Alanna

OB reader Alanna H. sent us an email begging for "...(M)ore one-piece sexy swimsuits. I really liked the black with white trim from Vix but that is sold out and I'm having trouble finding other cute one-pieces for young (not moms) people. Thanks!" Well, Alanna, your wish is our command... [More]


Quirky Beamer

We use our iPhone camera all the time...unless we're in a low-light situation. Thankfully, we've got a solution! Beamer ($38) has saved the day, er, night, as an iPhone case with a built in LED flash! We promise not to be too annoying with our new low-light photo ability. There's... [More]


Doubtblush: Map Plates

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Map plates ($15) might be... [More]

hotspot egg poacher-s.jpg

HotSpot EggShell Silicone Egg Poacher

Poached eggs aren't just a science, they're an art form. Don't judge us because we can't master the dash of salt and splash of vinegar formula our mom tried to teach us. With the HotSpot EggShell Silicone Egg Poacher ($9 for a set of two) we can forget the complicated... [More]


Striped Sailor Pants

Tap into your inner seafarer with these Striped Sailor pants ($128) from Anthropologie. They sit a bit below the waist and have a smooth, fitted cut through the leg with a slight flare at the hem. The design is both comfortable and slimming - and who doesn't love that combination?... [More]


Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge

It's a love story for the ages: a guy lies his way into a job and discovers a love and passion for the greatest food in the world... Cheese! Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge ($12) is the funny and witty story of Gordon Edgar's unlikely success and career in... [More]


Ojon Elastik Conditioner

Was it just us, or were there a lot of flyaways at the Oscars this year? We wanted to reach into our TVs and smooth out Rachel McAdams and SJP's less-than-flattering halo of loose strands. We thought it'd be prudent to draw your attention to Ojon, who makes a line... [More]

BCBG Banded Skirt

BCBG Banded Skirt

Look incredibly chic in the BCBG Banded Skirt ($138)! This fabulous knit skirt has a high waist, which makes it very flattering. Plus the bandage detail is right on trend for the Spring season.... [More]


Rodarte/Radarte Hoodie

We love us some puns, so throw in Rodarte, another one of our obsessions, and we're gushing over this hoodie. Even if you're not able to afford an actual Rodarte dress, you can share your love for the fashion house with the Radarte hooded sweater ($155). Totally rad.... [More]


Leaves Rack

Leave it to the Leaves Rack ($30) to hang on to coats, keys, and other hanging knick-knacks. Designer Jette Scheib basically crafted a mini canopy for our necklaces to dangle from, and we're grateful. These cut metal Matisse-esque shapes make regular old hooks so passe.... [More]

TurboLash with Gold Effects Mascara

TurboLash with Gold Effects Mascara

This mascara is worth its weight in gold! The Estee LauderTurboLash with Gold Effects Mascara ($32) is a revolutionary auto-powered mascara with sparkling gold flecks for all you golden goddesses. And best of all...the brush does all the work.... [More]


American Apparel Thigh-High Socks

You might be wondering how to get away with wearing American Apparel's Thigh-high Socks ($17) without feeling too, ahem, scandalous about it. We'll tell you how to do just that: wear them over a pair of solid tights or leggings for extra skin coverage or pair them with shorts as... [More]


Irish Dirt Growing Kit

While this teeters slightly on the edge of doubtblush... we all do silly and hokey things surrounding holidays. Along with that ode to public intoxication we celebrate on the 17th of March, how about bringing another kind of festive tradition from the Emerald Isle. The Irish Dirt Growing Kit ($25)... [More]


Calypso Beaded Belt

Versatility in our accessories is a huge plus, so the Beaded Belt/Scarf ($45) is a no-brainer. This skinny, neutral-toned swath of woven beads adds a bit of shimmer draped around our necks, and works equally well as a jaunty, casual belt. In a pinch, we might even wrap it in... [More]

Jessica Simpson Cherry Pie Bikini

Jessica Simpson Cherry Pie Bikini

Anyone game for beach blanket bingo? Ok so we're normally not gaga over dots....however we adore the Jessica Simpson "Cherry Pie" Bikini ($88). This flirty little bikini has a super sexy bandeau top and hipster bottom. And the blue/white dot print screams fun!... [More]

Shell Yeah Necklace

Shell Yeah Necklace

Say what? Shell Yeah! We've found the perfect piece of jewelry for that lady that loves to sift through the sand and collect sea shells. The Shell Yeah Necklace ($48) is a simple yet sophisticated silver plated necklace with a classic shell.... [More]

pet water fountain-s.jpg

Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

The wonderful whirlpool effect in the Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain ($53) is pure luxury for our pampered pets. Clean filtered water circulates like a fresh mountain stream in its chic raindrop shape. Clean, cool and collected, this jet black ceramic bowl is more than good looking - it's beneficial for... [More]

Mabel Platform Heels

Mabel Platform Heels

Feel like a rockstar when you rock the Mabel Platform Heels ($120). These sky-high platform heels have cutout detailing adorned with silver nailheads and a back zipper. And did we mention the 5" platform heel will make your legs look super sexy and a mile long? If that's not a... [More]


Bustle Back Trench

This Millard Fillmore Trench coat ($172) is a brilliant combination of vintage inspiration and modern sensibility. The characteristic tortoise shell buttons and buckle are a lovely contrast to the soft cream of the coat. Bustle pleating in the back and the shorter length are fashion forward details that depart from... [More]


Glimmer Stripe Votive

Falling in love with shiny candle holders is inevitable, especially when presented with the spectacular Glimmer Stripe Votive ($75). Master glass makers at Kosta Boda, a Swedish art glass firm, followed the linear vision of designer Anna Ehrner to a tee when they hand crafted this beauty. These trendy stripes... [More]

Divine Rose Babydoll

Divine Rose Babydoll

Get playful in the Divine Rose Babydoll ($75)! This flirty lil' number from Betsey Johnson is sweet and innocent yet playful and sexy. It has spaghetti straps, a flounce ruffle hem and coordinating g-string. Plus the lime green and pink color combination is like a breath of fresh air!... [More]


Orla Kiely Rowan Big Folded Purse

Orla Kiely isn't kidding around one bit. Here, we have a Rowan Big Folded Purse ($180) in navy, accented with a rich red clasp to contrast. This clutch will fit right in with array of nautically themed pieces we've seen for the upcoming spring season.... [More]

Robin Decorative Pillow

Robin Decorative Pillow

Dress up your couch with the Robin Decorative Pillow ($20)! This polyester throw pillow is pretty in pink....light and dark shades. The front features a whimsical robin perched on a branch and the back side has a contrasting lattice pattern.... [More]


MAC Crush Metal Pigment

Small on space but huge on color, MAC's 'Crush Metal' Pigment ($33) is a must-have for spring makeup. The intense pinks and purples in these stackable jars remind us of the bright blooms we'll soon be seeing, and you'd better believe that when we put these eyeshadows on, we can't... [More]


Silk & Cashmere Bow Back Sweater

The Silk & Cashmere Bow Back Sweater ($39) is one of those secret weapons we like to keep in our closet since it's unpredictably sexy. Simple and loose fitting, it's appropriate for a day at work, but when we slip off our blazer for an evening meet up, kind of... [More]


Oaxacan Carved Animals

We're sure that you've seen Oaxacan wooden animals before, but we're not sure that you've ever browsed an online gallery of them - and we think that you should. These carvings are one-of-a-kind and range in price from about $20 to about $350, so you won't need the kind of... [More]

Leading Role Dress

Leading Role Dress

Be a leading lady in the Leading Role Dress ($98)! This comfortable pull-on dress has ruffled shoulders and a truly figure-flattering shape. We're loving the bright coral color, which will look awesome with our metallic gold sandals and jewelry.... [More]


Grant A Wish Open Bone Bracelet

We can think of nothing better than when style meets philanthropy. Heart U Back has created this Grant A Wish Open Bone Bracelet ($30) and partners with the ASPCA in their efforts to protect dogs, cats, horses and other animals from cruel and inhumane treatment. The hand-woven black cord showcases... [More]


Special Guest Post by Kelly from Purple Lemon Designs: Mark Your Calendar Necklace

Kelly Rinehart, principal designer for the adorable stationery company, Purple Lemon Designs is back on the Guest Blogging band wagon. Her blog, Within Purple Lemon Designs, is a collection of everything design-related and also a peek into the design world of Kelly, the lady. Peruse her entire Etsy shop: Purple... [More]



Celebrate your inner child by baking a cake in a Cakewich Mold ($24). Obviously, PB&J seems like a doable option, but what about a chocolate raspberry sandwich? Or a lemon crème sandwich? Hmm, our turkey sandwich lunch doesn't seem even remotely appealing anymore...... [More]


City Map Prints from Gooseberry Press

Viva Francophilia! These Gooseberry Pressfrench inspired prints of American cities ($35) are certain to satiate your inner francophile. Each map illustrates favorite landmarks in its respective city, so now when your friend who moved to Seattle tells you she got caught in the rain at Pioneer Square, all you have... [More]


Savannah Bee Company Cheese Honey

Sweet, sticky, and downright delicious, honey is a wonderful complement to everything from herbal tea to artisan chocolate (and don't even get us started on beauty products...). The Savannah Bee Company is the place we turn for our honey, and the recent discovery of their new Cheese Honey ($12) has... [More]

Tory Burch Stud High Heel Sandals

Tory Burch Stud High Heel Sandals

Tell us about it, stud! The Tory Burch Stud High Heel Sandals ($450) exude sexy confidence! These gorgeous, supple leather sandals have assorted shape studs on the straps. And we're truly loving the camel coordinates with our entire closet.... [More]


Butterfly Place Cards

Your special day should be just that, and these are some of the most lovely and original place cards we've seen. Hovering delicately on the edge of glasses are Timeless Paper's Butterfly Place Cards ($200/ 200). If butterflies don't fit the theme of your gathering - orchids, seahorses, roses, anchors,... [More]

Watercolor Dress

Watercolor Dress

Paint yourself pretty in the Watercolor Dress ($58). This printed cotton sundress is trimmed with ruffles along the straps. Plus it offers more ultra lady-like details - smocking at the hips and a flattering swingy skirt. You'll look like a masterpiece!... [More]


If You Have to Cry, Go Outside

Thank you, Kelly Cutrone, for making us feel like less of a bitch with If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You ($13). Familiarizing ourselves with the daily dish of the sharp tongued fashion mogul helps us realize that despite our occasional emotional... [More]


Shu Umera Smoky Layers

False eyelashes aren't an everyday beauty item, but that doesn't mean that when you do wear them, you're going for an outrageous look. If you want to add some natural "oomph" to your lashes without looking like those creepy porcelain dolls in your grandma's guest bedroom, Shu Umera's Smoky Layers... [More]


Rosena Sammi Monsoon Bangles

A set of six brilliantly colored Rosena Sammi Monsoon Bangles ($50) will set you back just 50 bucks, but deliver style for years. These silk thread-wrapped bangles are quick, easy additions of color & shimmer, and will have people asking if you picked them up in some exotic Moroccan bazaar... [More]


Baby Phat Babydoll and Thong

Baby Phat's nautically themed babydoll and thong ($36) reminds us a little of one of our favorite Japanese anime heroes, Sailor Moon, except way naughtier. The feminine polk-a-dot bust and gold bow are our favorite details on this babydoll. We're pretty sure this one will have us twirling around our... [More]


St. Vincent: Actor

You've seen the longing looks, the sideways stares; your iPod longs for some attention now that Mr. iPhone has taken over your music storage. How's about some new material for that old gal to cheer her up? Enter the sophomore album from St. Vincent: Actor ($8). Dreamy and ethereal, each... [More]


Kate Spade Classic Coasters

We know you've been dying to don your sexy new sun dress and throw an outdoor soirée ever since winter reared its ugly head. And while you can't make the calendar jump to spring just yet, you can prepare for that next grand gathering with these colorful Kate Spade Classic... [More]


Wonder Woman Cuff

This Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet ($25) is much easier to come by than a golden lasso, and only a weensy bit less awesome.... [More]

Striped Seahorse Tee

Striped Seahorse Tee

Get prepped for the summer! The Striped Seahorse Tee ($28) is a casual oversized striped tee topped with pretty seahorses. It's the perfect tee to pack for your seaside rendezvous!... [More]


Sweater Stone

We don't know if there's anything more sad than when we have to turn in our favorite sweaters that are just too pilled to wear in public. Can we hear a HALLELUJAH because now we can bring back all of our sweaters from the dead with the miracle Sweater Stone... [More]


Cole Haan Verona T-Strap

Sometimes a new trend comes around that could go either way for us, and this season it's cage shoes. Many tend a little too much towards dominatrix footwear for us, but these Cole Haan 'Verona Air' T-Strap Sandals ($298) beautifully walk that fine line between on-trend and wearable next season.... [More]


Window-Mounted Birdfeeder

The urban spaces in which many of us dwell are not always conducive to our love of nature. Born in Sweden's Window Mounted Birdfeeder ($18) is a bubble of recycled plastic that is mounted to your window through a double-sided suction cup. Designed for small birds and easily cleaned, this... [More]


LC Lauren Conrad Floral Chiffon Dress & Motorcycle Jacket

We admit to being skeptical of the general reality star-turned-clothing designer aegis, but are surprised at how much we're digging Lauren Conrad's latest LC Lauren Conrad line for Kohl's! These pieces are perfect for our everyday lives, especially when we want some Los Angeles celeb style without the price tags... [More]


Singgih Kartono Magno Desk Set

Warm colors of naturally harvested mahogany and sonokeling wood make the Singgih Kartono Magno Desk Set ($75) is out of this world. Including a refreshing tape dispenser, stapler, envelope opener, and pen/card/envelope holder, we're all set for our stylish workday. We'll be the envy of every cubicle around.... [More]


Ultra Knit Weekend Skirt

J. Crew's Ultra Knit Weekend Skirt ($34.50) is an ultra mini, too! The mini design and bold color throws us back to the 1960s, which we dig. There's a reason it's called a weekend skirt, so we'll make sure to take full advantage of the weekend with our mini in... [More]

foot ashtray-s.jpg

Foot Ashtray

Maybe stomping out the habit would be easier with the Foot Ashtray ($49) by Pull + Push. Something about the kicking impression might be an effective associative aid to quitting. We probably couldn't keep the masculine mortar and steel container in our house that long; it's just too construction worker... [More]


Sol Mate Socks

Our feet have found their, Sol Mate! Made of recycled cotton, Opening Ceremony's Sol Mate Socks ($20) might be the first pair of unmatching socks we've seen that actually match. The intricate patterns and color scheme unite the socks as a pair; footwear genius!... [More]

Night & Day Maillot

Night & Day Maillot

Sunny side up! The Night & Day Maillot ($198) is a fabulous reversible swimsuit! This piece can be worn with a gorgeous colorful print for daytime lounging and then switched to a sleek, black side when night rolls around. It's a great style solution to pack for a little 2-day... [More]


Flirt Blossom Business Card Case

You might not have a Patrick Bateman moment every time someone whips out their business cards, but you certainly want your cards to have a sassy little home. Sugarluxe's Flirt Blossom Designer Business Card Case ($32) is silver-plated and fabulous. With three 9mm light rose pink quartz Swarovski Crystals in... [More]


Agree to Disagree: Cork Cage

We're fond of our lil' Outblush Editorial family, and are usually in accord regarding product selection, but sometimes we look at an item that a fellow editor has chosen and do a double take. Which is why we bring you Agree To Disagree, a new feature that'll show you another... [More]


Yellow TeaSub

While your childhood dream of living in a yellow submarine may be a tad unrealistic - and we imagine pricey, there's no reason you can't infuse your morning tea ritual with a little whimsy and Beatles inspired fun! Fill this yellow TeaSub ($14.99) with your favorite loose tea leaves and... [More]


All Occassions Cards

When it comes down to it, it's better to get right to the point. Clarity is the policy behind the All Occassions Cards ($36), a three pack of blank cards with the ubiquitous phrases "thank you", "sorry" and "f*** you" on the front. With a crisp hand letter-pressed card, we'd... [More]


Insults and Comebacks

We're more of a lover than a fighter, which is why the book of Insults and Comebacks ($8) is perfect for us! We have little practice at the art of insults and comebacks, and that regretful feeling of "Ooh, I wish I had said ______" is the pits. So, next... [More]


Jamie Cullum: The Pursuit

Jamie Cullum's first studio album in four years, The Pursuit, ($13) has Cullum playing no less than four instruments: organ, bass, piano, and guitar. The result is a jazzy, breezy set of songs that fluctuate between intensely personal and brightly pop-inflected - especially the first single, "I'm All Over It."... [More]


Model in a Bottle

We can't read the name Model In a Bottle without thinking of Christina Aguilera circa 1999 or Barbara Eden, but random pop culture references aside, this stuff does have some nearly magical powers. A few spritzes of this light mist on your made-up face and your foundation, eye makeup and... [More]


Yay You Scale

It's about time someone invented a scale we want to step on every morning - hell, we want to just cart around a VoluptuArt Yay! You Yay! Scale ($45) all day and step on it every time we need a little boost. Instead of numbers, you get compliments: "You're perfect!"... [More]

Antique Brooch Cuff

Antique Brooch Cuff

This fabulous find screams retro and vintage without the high price! The Antique Brooch Cuff ($6) has a delicate pink rose in the center of this embellished metallic gold cuff. Your friends will be asking if you pulled this lil' trinket out of your grandma's jewelry box.... [More]


Atari Striped Hooded Cardigan

Our favorite winter sport is finding pieces that are fashion worthy while maintaining pure comfort. The cotton Atari Striped hooded cardigan ($165) is structured and drapes, which we personally love for the flowy-factor. It also comes with a hood to ward off cold or just to cover up when we're... [More]


Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier

You're putting your foot down this grilling season... No longer will the man of the house hog the tongs! Of course, you put this foot down in a dainty manner while bringing something new outdoors. Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier ($30) is the cast iron wonder you can pour water, beer,... [More]


Togetherforever Same Sex Cake Toppers

This one's for you, DC couples! Yesterday, the Supreme Court determined it would not block DC's gay marriage law and today is the first day same-sex couples can apply for a license. So all of you planning on gettin' hitched and looking for some unique flair to add to your... [More]


Mono Cimetric Tray

We spotted the sleek straight lines and convex circle segments on the Mono Cimetric Tray ($75) and knew we'd found a seriously sci fi serving platter. Its futuristic curve cradles and showcases any edible tidbits we put on our table. Our next sushi party may have to be Star Trek... [More]


Mogollonkeds Shoes

Even Mischa Barton couldn't make Keds hip... It takes the finessed touch art directors Francisco Lopez & Monica Brand and the magic of their firm, Mogollon, to take these throwback shoes to the next stratosphere. We're crushing on the entire collaborative MOG-1 Collection, but the 2010 Women's Champion Lace Up... [More]


Twist Stripe Tumbler

We're being sucked into a vortex of bright springy colors, and there ain't nothin' wrong with that! We've yet to decide whether this LBK-Twist Stripe Tumbler ($40) will sit on our desk as our new water glass, pencil cup, or maybe even a small vase. No matter how we use... [More]


Knee-High Spat Socks

We think it's time to bring back spats, but we might come off as a little crazy to start waltzing around in 19th century footwear. At least we can sport these Trompe L'oeil knee highs ($10) that subtly resemble spat-topped boots. Wear these with a simple pair of heels or... [More]


Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates

There's no doubt that chocolate sits high atop our list of life's simple pleasures- but sometimes we need more than a Hershey's kiss. Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates ($9 - 92, based on size) use the freshest cream and butter and are topped with adorable transfers. With inventive flavors such as... [More]


Therapy Systems Calm & Clearing Face Wash

Formulated with calming sea extracts, Therapy Systems Calm & Clearing Face Watch ($13-28) will soothe & protect all skin types as it gently clarifies pores. It's recommended for nighttime use, since it's designed to safely remove makeup and oil and deep cleanse skin to help prep it for moisturizers or... [More]



Reusable bottles have a huge environmental benefit, but if you have to go out of your way to get good water to fill them with, chances are you're still going to reach for bottled water. Bobble ($10) is a spiffy-looking new creation that combines a shapely water bottle with a... [More]


Regan's Brain Mad Men Pillow

Ever since the day Mad Men made its way into our hearts and onto our DVRs, we've been secretly searching for a tall dark and handsome man - clad in a pinstripe suit, smoking cigs and eager to leave our hearts and liquor cabinets empty. Much to our chagrin he... [More]


Hand-crafted Lucite Bangles

We'll admit that the first thing that comes to mind when we hear 'lucite' are stripper heels. But, that's changing these days, as we're coming to realize there is so much beautiful hand-crafted jewelry made of lucite. These square-tipped, sculpted Alexis Bittar bangles ($75) come in soft springtime colors.... [More]