Celeb Style: Alexa Chung's Mulberry Bag

Fashion darling Alexa Chung has a new season of her MTV show It's On with Alexa Chung and we mainly tune in for her quirky interviewing skills and superior sartorial choices. Famed British handbag designer Mulberry introduced the Alexa Bag in honor of her but it won't be out until... [More]


Tarte Smooth Operator

Beauty experts are raving about silicone-based foundations, and not without warrant. Traditional foundations contain talc and titanium, ingredients which can cause the "heavy" feeling of liquid makeup. Silicone is a polymer and doesn't penetrate the skin making foundations containing it go on smoothly, feel light, and look natural. Tarte's Smooth... [More]


Lil' Slim Laptop Case

The Lil' Slim Laptop Case ($17) will totally change the way you tote your laptop around. First, how insanely cute is this lime damask print? Second, insert your laptop and it's snug & safe from dings & drops, yet slim enough to toss into your regular every day bag. Luv... [More]


Jordann Jewelry Locks of Love

This elegant neckline adornment really stands on its own. We love the Jordann Jewelry Locks of Love ($19), but the best part about the necklace (outside of its faboosh design)? 25% of all proceeds go to the Locks of Love foundation, an organization dedicated to creating and supplying wigs to... [More]



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deborah secretary desk-s.jpg

Deborah Desk

The Deborah Desk ($inquire) had a previous occupation as an airplane wing, but it looks way sweeter as a sleek office piece. This stunning aluminium structure is supported by stainless steel legs and topped with toughened glass, so it's a well-accessorized secretary's dream. Take the glamor of a 1960s stewardess... [More]


Saltbox Basketweave Travel Bag

No plans this spooky weekend? If halloween isn't your thing, this can be a great weekend to get away for a short weekend jaunt. As if a weekend away isn't enticing enough, picture yourself carrying this sweet Basketweave Travel Bag ($190) by Saltbox - it'll hold your weekend essentials and... [More]


Blavod Black Vodka

Blavod Black Vodka ($25) is the only black vodka on the market and we think it's the perfect additive to those wicked cocktails you'll be serving up this weekend. A true vodka, you can of course sip it on the rocks, but why not try something with a little "bite",... [More]

LeSportsac Cerrado Liz Baby Bag

LeSportsac Cerrado Liz Baby Bag

Do you love LeSportsac and all of their fun, whimsical prints? And are you looking for a great baby bag to stash all of your bambino's supplies as well as your necessities? If so, the LeSportsac Cerrado Liz Baby Bag ($165) is just what you need. This leopard-print nylon baby... [More]


KoKo Sadie Lunch Bag

The insulated KoKo Sadie Lunch Bag ($25) takes brown bagging it to another level. Very uptown girl, this cute sack sports an awesome tartan plaid that's easy to wipe clean and will keep your lunch from getting smooshed on your commute. We could totally see Camille from NYC Prep sporting... [More]


HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje

The HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje ($399) is this fall's follow-up to last year's glammed-up Vivienne Tam HP Digital Clutch netbook. This petite 10.1" netbook (opting for a muted Scandinavian color scheme this time around) is beautifully adorned with Tord Boontje's intricate designs of flora and fauna (spot... [More]


USB Upright Vac Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

We've all been there: you're checking the internet in the a.m., (Of course, Outblush is your homepage!) noshing on some breakfast, and then... You realize you've scattered crumbs all over your desk. Whip out the USB Upright Vac Desktop Vacuum Cleaner ($15) and plug it into your USB port, then... [More]


Ann-Sofie Black Slashed Sweatshirt

Deconstructed then reconstructed, Ann Sofie-Black's Flashdance-inspired Slashed Sweatshirt ($200) may have been found too late for Halloween costumes, but it'll be a go-to edgy piece for us all fall and winter long. The slashes are lined with more torn, pieced-together materials, so no worries about flashing a nip slip a... [More]


Somme Institute Transport Pads

Like getting an exfoliating facial every evening, Somme Institute Transport Pads ($58) gently exfoliate dead skin cells and unblock skin while injecting potent vitamins into pores to stimulate skin renewal and hydration. They use a schmancy-sounding process called Molecular Dispersion Technology that helps repair specific areas of the skin and... [More]


Red Rococo Candelabra

Combining modern and baroque design sensibilities in one damn fine package, this crimson acrylic Red Rococo Candelabra ($56) would look stunning as the centerpiece of a neo-gothic Halloween table or Warhol-inspired Christmas feast. It folds up flat for easy storage, and includes metal holders for five tapers. Tip: place some... [More]


Han Cholo Lips Necklace

Mwah! Kiss off the haters (Or attract a few lotharios...) when you wear this spunky Lips Necklace by Han Cholo. ($53) It'll add a dose of pucker to any ensemble.... [More]


WoWo Pod Pet Lounge

Finally, a pet bed that doesn't detract from your mod décor sensibilities. Available in seven different wood or metal finishes, the Vurv Designs WoWo Pod Pet Lounge ($568-670) is lined with a super-soft removable, washable white faux fur pad. Sleek lines and a low-profile design mean you'll be proud to... [More]



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Cargo Blu_Ray Bronzer

A matte bronzer that doesn't make you look like a tanning booth victim? Really? Yes. Developed by Cargo's makeup artists for HD TV and high-def DVDs, Cargo Blu_Ray Bronzer ($30) is a universally flattering shade of matte bronzer that can be layered for contouring and picture-perfect results. It includes, get... [More]


Piper-Heidsieck Le Rituel par Christian Louboutin

According to legend, in 19th century Russia, gentlemen patrons would praise a ballerina's performance by filling her toe shoes with champagne and toasting with them. This tradition, in turn, was co-opted by the "dancers" at the Folies Bergère in Paris during the Belle Époque era at the end of the... [More]


Celeb Style: Eva Longoria's Rose Handbag

Eva Longoria struts her petite stuff around town and makes sure to bring her gigantic tote along with her. Goodness she must have a ton of stuff stashed away in that bag, we thought we were the only ones who had a shameful amount of crap in ours! Luckily, her... [More]

Jimmy Choo PEP Cuff

Jimmy Choo PEP Cuff

We're so loving the Jimmy Choo PEP Cuff ($245)! Not only is this cuff bracelet fabulous in its punk rock motif, but it also gives back to an amazing cause. Jimmy Choo and the Elton John AIDS Foundation have partnered to launch Project PEP. Jimmy's collection of splashy, printed accessories... [More]

cassette tape lamps-s.jpg

Cassette Tape Lamps

Apparently, cassettes are not dead; they're alive and well, albeit silent, in Cassette Tape Lamps ($37-134). This "tribute to ... a symbol of a generation" is a strikingly beautiful reinvention of tapes. These recycled rectangular clusters make atmospheric shine as table-top cubes, hanging pendants, or floor lamps. Control the look... [More]


By Boe Circle Frame Ring

Simple, slim, elegant - these are things we strive to be. Round and (occasionally) shiny - this is what we are. We're embracing all facets with this By Boe Circle Frame Ring ($45), which is all of the above. Apologies if we got a little too deep on you guys... [More]


Maurie and Eve Super Thin Strap Dress

Sequins have saturated the stores lately and while we do love a little shine (as does Rachel Zoe) we aren't huge fans of a head-to-toe shimmering look. Taking it one piece at a time, this Maurie and Eve Super Thin Strap Dress ($202) is a perfect way to balance out... [More]

billy limited edition-s.jpg

Happy Birthday Billy Bookcase

In honor of its 30th birthday, IKEA is reissuing the "world's most versatile bookcase," the Billy Bookcase ($50). New fun accessories like the Billy Bookend ($2) and Billy Glass Door ($20-35) are available in the limited edition line, all with graphic script and drawings. The Billy is completely customizable to... [More]


Bliss Soapy Suds

We've long been fans of Bliss products, and they just keep giving us reasons to continue our love affair. Bliss' body wash (a.k.a. Soapy Sap) has been a shower staple for us, and is now available as Soapy Suds Body Wash + Bubbling Bath ($18) in a larger size and... [More]

illustrated people clown-s.jpg

Illustrated People Sweater

We'd say this Illustrated People Sweater ($40) is more of a sweatshirt, but tomato, tomahto... The retro girl dons of-the-moment spooky clown face paint, and has the spunk to pull it off like a pro. Somehow she still looks beautiful under that spooky disguise, perfectly coy-meets-seductive. We love that the... [More]



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Complex Geometrics Junction T

Slouchy, sloppy tees can be either hit or miss and it's rare to find the former. This Complex Geometrics Junction T ($106), however, is where it's at. The asymmetrical hemline and bell sleeves are flattering on every figure and will look avant-garde when paired with just about any shape of... [More]

Britto Butterfly Luggage

Britto Butterfly Luggage

Don't you hate it when someone tries to claim your luggage? Well if you want to avoid unnecessary confrontations like this, you need to get some bright, multi-colored luggage that can't be mistaken for anyone else's except...yours! The Britto Butterfly Luggage ($200-$350) collection is perfect for the frequent flyer that... [More]

brain pendant-s.jpg

Brain Necklace

Remind all the leerers out on Halloween that you have a brain and a body with the laser-engraved Brain Necklace ($40). We couldn't fathom a cuter accessory for our newly-turned zombie costume. Moan "brraaaaaiiinnns" all night long, or be a sophisticate and explain the neuro-anatomy straight from the Gray's Anatomy... [More]


Free People Queen B Ponte Dress

Um hello insanely adorable top and skirt combo that considers itself a dress! This two-in-one combo pack is the dress to grab when you don't want to deal with all the hullabaloo surrounding finding "the" outfit. The studded tops and zebra print sexy mini skirt bottoms make this Free People... [More]

little pink book-s.jpg

Special Guest Post by Danae from Lovely Particulars: Little Pink Book of Cocktails

Ladies and gents, our Guest Blogger dedicated to the finer things in life is back! Danae Kelly from Lovely Particulars "work[s] hard during the day to make sure people can walk around in shoes that are as good for their souls as they are for their feet" - she must've... [More]


Doubtblush: Customized Cupcake Car

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. You may have heard of... [More]


Rosendahl Storage Jars

Stuff just looks prettier stored in jars instead of the roughed up packaging that's been smushed up in your cupboard, don't you think? These Rosendahl Storage Jars ($22-37) are attractive and airtight. You deserve a little refined organization in your kitchen.... [More]


Julian Scarf

Behold the Julian Scarf ($30). Could there be a more brilliant accessory out there? Keep your valuables close and safely stashed in the sneaky zippered pockets, and your neck super warm with the cotton flannel. Color options galore are the icing on the cake.... [More]

flaming lips-s.jpg

The Flaming Lips' Embryonic

*Sigh*... Embryonic ($10), the newest venture into psychedelic soundscapes by The Flaming Lips, has been deemed genius by die-hard Lips fans, and a let down by others at the wayside. This effort verges on being lost in over-production, compressed values, and Wayne's usually charming voice is so distorted, we can't... [More]


Reflect Mirror

We've seen mirrors galore, lots of them lovely (c'mon, how could they not be when they reflect our fabulous visage?), but never anything as interesting as the Reflect Mirror ($60). It's insanely versatile - use is as a hall mirror and tray to stash your keys so they're always handy.... [More]


Lucky Brand Peace Face Watch

A timepiece to keep the peace! This far out Lucky Brand Peace Face Watch ($95) is a great break away from those serious watches that we love to drool over in the mags. Sometimes it's worth it to invest in something you'll wear forever but for now this adorable one... [More]


Aubin & WIlls Carveth Pocket Scarf

Having trouble staying warm lately? Why not snuggle up to our new knit best friend, more formally known as the Aubin & WIlls Carveth Pocket Scarf ($225). We love to share our finds (and friends) with you and this pal's got a great knack for saving our digits as well... [More]


Gweneth Satin Lady Coat

It feels so wrong to put on a great party frock and cover it up with an ordinary wool winter coat. On the other hand, freezing to death because you want to show off your great silk sheath isn't really an appealing alternative. Here's an option that works (and is... [More]


Starfish & Bird Lockets

Artist Catherine Weitzman used real branches for her casting molds for these delicate Starfish and Bird Lockets, ($150-160) for a beautifully organic effect. In the Starfish locket, sterling silver branches encircle a glass pendant containing free-floating aquamarine gems and a gold vermeil starfish, reminiscent of a tide pool. The Bird... [More]


Celeb Style: Victoria Beckham's Cape of Choice

Posh Spice sure knows how to hit up an airport. While we always feel underdressed in sweats and a tee when we hit the literal runway, Victoria Beckham aims to be as decked out as possible when she spots a pre-flight paparazzi moment nearing. Here Victoria Beckham is wearing a... [More]


Frank Lloyd Wright Steeple Birdhouse

At first, you enjoyed watching the birds from your window. Then you went outside to get a closer look. Maybe you brought your camera. You scattered bread crumbs. Later, you progressed to proper bird seeds. You gave your feathered friends a feeding station. They had their choice of black-oil sunflower,... [More]

giant knits-s.jpg

Phat Knits Interior Products

Knit and crochet fanatics, prepare to have your mind blown. Phat Knits ($Inquire) "is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products." It's as if the captivating oversized trend has finally given us Stockholm syndrome... there's no escape so we might as well just fall... [More]


We Dream in Colour Athena Ring

This gorgeously crafted We Dream in Colour Athena Ring ($22) looks more like a museum piece from Rome than a cute ring we could score for under thirty bucks. The colors, we told, are bound to get brighter and bolder with more wear and the natural rub off of our... [More]


Atlantico 011 Bed

The Atlantico 011 Bed ($3300) is a beautiful piece of modern eco-furniture. Crafted from several different planks of wood, such as walnut or oak, each piece focuses on the different grain patterns and natural finishes the sustainable wood gives it. Every piece is made to be recycled at the end... [More]


Black Milk Spiderman Leggings

Hot damn. A loyal OB reader (thanks again, Pamela) tipped us off to James Lillis, the self-motivated designer behind Black Milk and face to the blog Too Many Tights. Her Spiderman Leggings are absolutely astonishing, and not just because of the super-hero associations. Hell, in these babies we'd feel like... [More]


Jessica Simpson Belta Flats

We depend on our flats to get us through the workday, and on those days that after-work obligations (happy hour, parties, dates - we're such social butterflies) require something snappier, we pretty much always regret spending 14 hours in high heels. However, these Belta Flats ($75) by Jessica Simpson make... [More]


Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Striped Dress

The only way to describe this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Striped Dress? ($788) Betty Draper, in jail, on acid. It's refined but deconstructed at the same time, and totally screams signature V.W. Wonder if we'll catch this dress onscreen in the SATC movie sequel...?... [More]


The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance

Being single is tough enough, with its' own set of rules confusing enough to make a tax attorney's head spin, but what if you're single... and Mormon? Comedienne Elna Baker's pee-your-pants-funny memoir, The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance ($17) is all about just that: a single Mormon girl... [More]


MAC Dazzleglass Crème

MAC Dazzleglass Crème ($18) definitely elicits the "Oooh, shiny!" reflex in us, and it's not for the timid; combining the luxurious texture and opaque color payoff of a cream lipstick with the intense sparkle and shine of MAC's Dazzleglass and Lipglass lip glosses. Even the lightest shades like Perfectly Unordinary,... [More]


WoolyBaby Upcycled Baby Slippers

Hand-crafted from upcycled sweaters and reinforced with sturdy leather soles, toes, and heels, WoolyBaby Slippers & Booties ($24-48) are a charming gift for any eco conscious mom-to-be. Available in a myriad of cute colors and patterns, the designer felts the sweaters to give them additional structure and stability, making them... [More]


Marc By Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Birdie

We can always count on Marc Jacobs to take on a trend and bring it to us in a new, improved, quirky format. His play on the now-ubiquitous logo bag, this Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Birdie, ($528) embosses the Marc by Marc Jacobs logo into creamy, slouchy, pleated... [More]


Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths

Favored by professional makeup artists, models, and celebrities for quick-change makeup jobs, Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths (from $6 for 12 to $200 for 500) are a godsend. They contain a makeup remover that dissolves even the most stubborn waterproof mascara, but are so mild that you don't even need to... [More]


Bvann Vintage Green Flowers Box

Why store your stuff in gigantic plastic tubs when you can organize it neatly in these Vintage Green Flowers Large Boxes by Bvann? ($40) The large green toile print makes it decorative enough to keep outside of the closet (and great for travel), and you'll have easy access to the... [More]


Jumpin Jammerz Footed Pajamas

We may be as allergic to spurious uses of the letter z as you are, but when we chanced into a discussion of footed pajamas for adults (and the awesomeness of same) not long ago, we knew that we had to bring you the fuzzy happiness of Jumpin Jammerz. (They've... [More]


Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy

Sometimes the best beauty products are simple drugstore finds, and while we love our YSL, we're definitely ok with a bargain these days! Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy ($5) is a beauty life saver this time of year, when cold, dry winters can leave lips red, chapped and flaky.... [More]


Ellington Nicole Hobo

It can be hard to make a statement with our ensemble when before we head out the door, we cover our stylish selves with a long, bulky winter coat. As we see it, there are two options: outrageous outerwear or a bright pop of color in our purse. This Ellington... [More]


Pelmet Large Bowl by Jill Rosenwald

The brown and orange pattern on this Pelmet Large Bowl ($180), reminds us of peacock feathers. Very reminiscent of decades past, this handmade earthenware bowl is beautiful and modern. Jill Rosenwald hand throws each piece, so it might take a few weeks for you to receive your treasure, but when... [More]

catharina and cornelius light-s.jpg

Catherina/Cornelius Light

Nicolette Brunklaus, one of the most inventive and sensitive interior designers of our day, specializes in what really inspires us - mood lighting. She's so good, she gave the drum shade substantive value with her graphic wit. In her flat-bodied, Catherina/Cornelius Light ($245), she breaks from the drum shade trend... [More]


DwellStudio Kitchen Set

This rust colored DwellStudio Perch Kitchen Set ($17) will spruce up your kitchen for fall. Five whimsical patterned pieces are all you need for the change of seasons. Two potholders, and three towels have you covered from your hands to your pans. We also adore the black and yellow set.... [More]


LAFCO Madison Ave New York Candle

The New York shop LAFCO has been cranking out some of the world's most fantastic home goods for years now and their bespoke line of candles is a favorite of many who are in the business. This particular LAFCO Madison Ave New York Candle ($48) has a great aromatic scent... [More]


Salvor Eye Scarf

This Salvor Eye Scarf ($236) is a creative design to a scarf, one that we haven't seen anything similar to yet. While it's kinda creepy it's also really elegant when worn correctly. The silk scarf is more of a decorative piece than a warm and cozy scarf but we're fine... [More]


Tinted Lip Balm Challenge From @lauraclontz

Y'all know we can't resist a challenge, right? We received a tweet from OB fan @lauraclontz asking us to find a chapstick with some tint, saying, "Lipsticks are too harsh, and I'm not a fan of glosses." Well. We're lip balm addicts, and we've rounded up a few of our... [More]


Roku HD-XR

We've been seeing more and more devices (read: Blu-ray players) coming out that stream video from our beloved Netflix, but we're still fans of the Roku, the original Netflix streamer in the unassuming little black box. Now a new Roku has joined the family (yes, it's a family now -... [More]


Moyna Silk Clutch

This beaded Moyna Silk Clutch ($220) looks good enough to eat. Designed in a mouthwatering lemon yellow, this is the perfect little pop of color for your ensemble. The pop art beaded print adds a little sumthin'-sumthin' to this tiny treasure, and even though it sports a shoulder length chain,... [More]


BB Dakota Shearer Coat

Black coats, begone! Brown trenches, adios! Grey fleece jackets, seeya! Why let the grey weather outside dictate your winter wardrobe's color palette? This candy-bright BB Dakota Shearer Coat in Manila Yellow ($112) has a sleek silhouette, offset buttons and wrap-collar funnel neck, and, hello, the color is to die for.... [More]


BADA Convertible Table

Using reclaimed teak woods and low-VOC oil finishes, the BADA by EcoSystems Designs ($inquire) serves as a desk, dining table, and a couch with its' nifty convertible flip design. Just flip down the center of the table to reveal a cushy loveseat perfect for two for everyday use, then put... [More]


Simone Perele Marlene Lingerie Set

This, ladies, this is the lingerie to make him (or her!) sit up and pay attention. Invest in this luxurious Simone Perele Marlene Lingerie Set ($59-90 for each piece), and you not getting your way will be a thing of the past. Ivory satin bands on the bra accentuate the... [More]


VIP Expert Foundation By Terry

An ingenious applicator brush with a flow of the product built right in was the cherry on top for us when we discovered VIP Expert By Terry Foundation. ($48) This featherweight foundation, favored by stars like Elisha Cuthbert, brushes away imperfections and targets hollow areas like lines, and fills them... [More]


Do The Dishes Teatowel

Is it a gift for them... or really, for you? Give your honey or roommate this Do the Dishes Teatowel ($17) with a guileless-enough smile on your face, and they might never know, but they will get the hint. No more dishpan hands for you, sister!... [More]


Helmut Lang Paper Leather Dress

We'll just put this divine (read: obscenely expensive) lambs leather Helmut Lang Paper Leather Dress ($830) on our "*sigh* Someday" list, but isn't it fabulous? With chunky out-there gold accessories and gladiator heels, we could be rocking a fiiiierce Beyonce-in-Thierry-Mugler look. The structured panels will follow every curve, so it's... [More]


First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller

Up a little too late on a weeknight, and your face is rewarding you the next morning with puffy, dark undereye circles? Stroke on some First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller ($24) and you'll look instantly more awake. It contains caffeine, which constricts the blood vessels that cause undereye circles,... [More]


Keyhole Ruffle Sleeve Sheath

We'll admit, this image kind of makes it look like this Keyhole Ruffle Sleeve Sheath ($345) will give you fluttery boobs, but the fit is so fabulous and chic and we promise, it doesn't even remotely look like you have winged creatures resting on your bosom once you have it... [More]

Blush Mad Love Bra & Panty Set

Blush Mad Love Bra & Panty Set

Paint the town red in this hot little number! The Blush Mad Love Bra & Panty Set ($66) is absolutely gorg. This sexy set is La Perla fashion and styling at a very reasonable price. The bra features ultra-sheer unlined demi cups with a sexy floral embroidery with a darling... [More]


Cristalier Bronze Tree

This Cristalier Bronze Tree ($130) would be so awesome for a wedding. You can order it in sizes of up to 6ft. tall and it would look gorgeous draped in fall colored crystals as shown, or use only clear shimmering crystals for a wonderland effect. The price listed is for... [More]


Steve Madden Kookiee Flats

Just because it's fall, you're not relegated to wearing solely boots. These Kookiee Flats ($70) from Steve Madden have great texture and are available in a lovely fall color palette. Give your feet a little break from high-heeled booties and the confinement of an OTK boot and take these skimmers... [More]


Rosa d'Abril Earrings

These not-so-simple studs are great for every day wear without being so, well, everyday. The abstract floral shape of these Rosa d'Abril Earrings ($54) is subtly feminine and much more interesting than the plain silver studs we normally put on when we're too lazy to coordinate our jewelry with our... [More]

silver sideboard-s.jpg

Metallica Sideboard

Don't fret, the Metallica Sideboard ($975) has no affiliation with the greasy-haired, arrogant metal band. It refers to the element which takes the traditional design of this piece up a notch - the glitzy silver hand finish. This beauty's crazy shine makes it feel modern, but its shape respects the... [More]


Tory Burch Multi-chain Cashmere Sweater

Who needs a necklace with this shnazzy sweater? Long gone are the days of the stuffy sweater set, say hello to the new hot sweater in town. The Tory Burch Multi-chain Cashmere Sweater ($325) makes jewelry almost obsolete with the great chain links attached to the neckline of this warm... [More]


Daddy Cakes Vivacious Vanilla Pancake Mix

We love pancakes. This probably is not a surprise. The thing is, we're busy, busy people (shh) and not really in the habit of making them from scratch. What alleviates our guilt is the fact that we've found a pancake mix that is simply far better than anything we could... [More]


VS PRO Concealer Palette

We try and keep it under control with a diligent skincare regimen, but sometimes our face looks a wee bit disastrous: dark circles, red splotches, pimples, the whole shebang. Instead of spreading out an arsenal of different makeup, we prefer the PRO Camouflage FX Concealer Palette ($14) from Victoria's Secret.... [More]


Seen Behind the Scene Book

We love seeing "behind the curtain" and this Seen Behind the Scene Book ($60), a collection of rarely seen photographs by Mary Ellen Clark, is our looking glass into movies such as Sweeny Todd, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and Moulin Rouge. Portraits of Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando... [More]


Cheers Champagne Flutes

Salute! These Cheers Champagne Flutes ($75) are fantastic for holiday parties or for gift giving. Etched with toasts from around the world, your guests will be able to keep track of their bubbly while mingling. Prost!... [More]


Nola Adrienne Gold Ring with Vintage Rhinestones

Goodness gracious look at the gems on this ring! We are ooh-ing and aah-ing over this Nola Adrienne Gold Ring with Vintage Rhinestones ($207) and just cannot get enough of how great it looks on our digits. The deep burgundy and purple tones work well with any outfit we've got... [More]


Jordan Bath Towels

These adorable Jordan Bath Towels ($34 set), are marketed towards children, but if you leave off the embroidered name, these Turkish cotton terries are actually pretty cute for a guest bathroom. Who doesn't love whales and owls sitting on giraffes? Just keep all other bath décor plain and simple or... [More]


Faux Leather Flower Clutch

Who needs another simple black clutch? Not you, sassy lady. Add some color and switch things up with this Faux Leather Flower Clutch ($40).... [More]


Re Collection Fringe Vest

This Re Collection Fringe Vest ($260) is a great way to look chic without having to put much effort into it. When something offers maximum cuteness with a minimal amount of energy on our part, we're always pleased, and this little stringy number is a perfect example.... [More]

funky chair-s.jpg

Funky Blast Chair

The Funky Blast Chair ($5000) by Opulent Items has a 31 porcupine legs and a prickly price that put us on edge. But if you're rolling in cheese and appreciate ostentatious flair, this is the one for you. The incredible combination of hand crafted American Ash and solid neon upholstery... [More]


The Three Robbers

A classically illustrated "spooky" book with a surprise ending, The Three Robbers ($12) is the perfect book to read aloud if you have tiny guests coming over soon. The three robbers are outfitted with a blunderbuss, a pepper-blower, and a huge red axe and have a grand old time robbing... [More]


Nexxus Comb Thru Mist

Hairspray is one of those necessary evils for us since we weren't born with particularly obedient tresses. We're always on the lookout for something that will hold our style through hectic days and rowdy nights, but won't leave our hair looking stiff or crunchy (the worst!). Nexxus Comb Thru Natural... [More]


Special (Doubtblush) Guest Post by Keyhole Photo - Sonogram Cuff Links

Hey kids, it's time once again to learn more about the fine art of photography (or actually how not to impose photography into your life? fashion? other people's faces?). Our go to gal for photography, Meggan Haller of Keyhole Photo, returns to give us advice on just that topic! Meggan... [More]


It's OK to Listen to the Gray Voice

So you're not in the mood for cool jazz or le jazz hot. Try something icy cold. The eerie album It's OK to Listen to the Gray Voice ($19), from the Jan Garbarek Group, takes its title and every track name from the work of Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer. (Our... [More]

usb boardy-s.jpg

Boardy USB-stick

The Boardy USB-stick ($Inquire) is a paper product with electronic capabilities (fire hazard, anyone?). This technological brainchild of two Dutch companies, Hebbuzz and Pit Reclame, unites "durability and modern technology at a very competitive price level." Ehm, it would've helped to list the price, geniuses, but we're drawn in by... [More]


T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ

The aptly named Motorola CLIQ from T-Mobile ($199 pre-order with two-year service agreement) is all about the "clique." That sounds totally middle school. Pause. OK, now that that moment of self-awareness is over, let's check out the phone's totally awesome features. The CLIQ runs Google's Android mobile operating system (killer)... [More]


Peanuts Holiday Collection

Just in time for a nostalgia-themed movie night, the Peanuts Holiday Collection ($29) contains "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," and "A Charlie Brown Christmas," & is a must-have for any Snoopy or Linus lover. We always wait for these to come on TV every year... [More]


Lorac Front of the Line PRO Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

The cat's-eye eyeliner look is huge this fall, but for a liquid eyeliner novice, you often end up looking more "Girl playing in her mother's makeup bag," instead of sleek & chic. Our advice? Pick up a tube of Lorac Front of the Line Pro Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, ($22) and... [More]


Sagaform Herb Pot

Whether or not you've got a green thumb, or plants actually shrink away from you as you pass (been there, sister), having fresh herbs, veggies, and flowers at hand is a great way to beat the winter blues. The Sagaform Herb Pot ($18) can be used to grow plants in... [More]


GenevaLab Sound Speaker

Packing crystal-clear sound into a tiny package, the GenevaLab Small Sound Speaker offers up multifunctionality along with sleek Swiss design. It's got an iPod dock, FM digital tuner, stereo in-line port, LED alarm clock display, and a PowerDock to limit damage and dust exposure. Perched on a minimalist, removable stand,... [More]


Harold Coat

It takes a bold fashionista to pull off this fierce plaid Harold Coat, ($267) but you'll get mondo sartorial street cred when you do. The cape-style coat with batwing sleeves is a stand-out silhouette, and the scarf funnel neck can be draped a thousand different ways for new looks every... [More]


Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo

Beer: a wonderful libation, to be sure, but as a beauty product? Sure! Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo ($9-27) contains organic Irish stout beer, which smoothes hair cuticles and helps to tame wildly frizzy, voluminous hair, and lemons, which add shine and a crisp scent. It's even vegan, for all... [More]



These are a little As Seen on TV, but hear us out: MagnaPods ($4-10) really are a genius storage solution for cosmetics. Small magnetic boxes that attach to the inside of metal medicine cabinets to provide easy-to-see makeup organization for all your tubes, pencils, and brushes. Simple, yes. Genius? Definitely.... [More]


Typography Poster Set

Some people put pictures on their walls. Some of us prefer words, because typography is cool. Clean, crisp, and classic, the Typography Alphabet and Numbers Poster Set ($15) would be great in a nursery. Start educating your little ones early, just try to stave the nerdiness off as best you... [More]


Doubtblush: Zigi Soho Magdalena Platform Sandal

Look, we like sandals with big ankle straps. We do. But not when they simultaneously remind us of made-for-TV sci-fi movies and Dad's old loafers. The strips that compose most of the synthetic leather uppers here look like they were unwoven from one of those cheap deck chairs - and... [More]

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Faceted Mirror Side Table

The Faceted Mirror Side Table ($199) by West Elm is a geometric gem with an antique foxed mirror finish overlay. Deciding which shoes to wear everyday is a trying daily task, but we can use this like a little stylized foot mirror and get out the door faster. Like they... [More]


Bobi Light Jersey Wrap

Short-sleeve cardigans are one of those typically transitional items that saves your life in the spring or fall. We have been lugging the Bobi Light Jersey Wrap ($35) around with us everywhere we go and it's been holding up to our traveling quite well. Thrown in our handbag, the sweater... [More]


Lancome Essential Brush Set

We're not ashamed to admit there was an audible "oooOOooooh!" when we spotted this Lancome Essential Brush Set ($45). Not only is there versatility in the double-ended brushes, a beautiful (shiny!) case to carry them in, but we can't get over how PRETTY the brushes are. What? we're not drooling,... [More]


Hushamok Dream

As with all awesome stuff for kids and baby, our first thought when we saw the Hushamok Dream ($409) was where can we get it in our size?! This set comes complete with stand, hammock, two sets of sheets, mattress and travel bag - basically, everything you need to get... [More]


Celeb Style: Kate Moss Loves Fringe

Kate Moss has got quite a few fans in some seriously high places. Sure, it doesn't hurt that she is probably one of the most famous models to walk the Earth, but Kate's pal Genevieve Jones has dedicated a handbag to her that is just her style. Here Kate is... [More]


Kiehl's Essence Oils

There's something so elegant about a single note fragrance, don't you think? It's refined and simple, which makes it a nice contrast to life as we know it. Kiehl's Essence Oils ($25) are available in a variety of scents in rollerball form. We're partial to gardenia, but there's plenty to... [More]


Suck UK Bottle Opener/ Fridge Magnet

Does anyone have a bottle opener here? No sweat! Now whenever we hold parties in our home (which is rare we have to admit) we can direct people to our Suck UK Bottle Opener/ Fridge Magnet ($20) that's sticking to the fridge. The handy bottle opener has strong adhesive so... [More]


Hi Bounce Confetti Water Ball

You remember putting quarters into those machines in the front of the grocery store, right? Hi Bounce balls were probably the most fun we ever had with physics. (Is it possible to bounce one so high that it gets lost on the roof? Yes! Is ping-pong a better game when... [More]


J.J Winters Distressed Small Chain Bag

Chain link handbags are definitely everywhere right now and while the "it" handbag of the moment seems fleeting we promise you these bags won't be disappearing anytime soon. This J.J Winters Distressed Small Chain Bag ($90) is perfectly priced at just under $100 and for that price we can definitely... [More]

New Balance '769' Running Shoe

New Balance '769' Running Shoe

As many of you already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We stumbled upon these ultra cool sneakers that give back! The New Balance '769' Running Shoe ($100) for women is the perfect way to stomp out breast cancer...well at least contribute to the possibility of eliminating this horrible... [More]

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Hokey Croquis Fashionflat Sketchpad

We know those artist-types sometimes have trouble organizing their visions, but the Hokey Croquis Fashionflat Sketchpad ($15) will help any designer get their thoughts down on paper. Use the right column area for notes, inspiration tears, or fabric swatches. Each page has a faint female croquis that lets the fashion... [More]


Calvin Klein Gray Pantsuit

Pantsuits are always a big investment when t comes to our wardrobes. We have our favorite black one, the classic staple that every working woman simply must own but we want to branch out to the wonderful world of gray. This Calvin Klein Gray Pantsuit ($200) is a great price... [More]


Boots High Lights Lotion

The holidays are a perfectly acceptable time for all things shimmery, whether you're incorporating some shine into your Halloween costume, giving yourself a festive New Year's glow, or trying to draw attention away from your too-tight Thanksgiving pants. Boots High Lights Illuminating Lotion ($13) is an extraordinarily versatile product; blend... [More]


Special Guest Post by T-post: WTF is T-post?

Watching the news every day can be a bit of a downer, and we're not going to blame you if you don't spend all day glued to CNN. However, there are some pretty interesting things going on in the world that you should know about, so we wanted to introduce... [More]


Movember Giveaway Winners

Good job, all you moustache lovin' fools. We had a blast learning what kind of super 'staches you'd rock. Congrats to Mmm, @merkusa, Chris Gerber, ali, and @sahayra. Enjoy your stash of 'stache stuff! For the rest of you, there's another opportunity to participate in Movember without growing a 'stache... [More]


Dark Garden Amazon Corset

In the heat of the goth holiday moment the Dark Garden Amazon Corset ($1045-1195) is something to covet from afar. If any costume shop had a corset this richly detailed and beautifully shaped, we would pounce. Clearly, this piece is executed to perfection to enhance all of our assets and... [More]

Coach Poppy Feather Crossbody

Coach Poppy Feather Crossbody all we could say when saw this! The Coach Poppy Feather Crossbody ($298) is a fabulous little style for fashion divas on the run! This adorable little crossbody is great when you want to make a statement and be comfortable. The fluffy feathers and perfect patent trim are just... [More]


Needham Lane Sasha Pink Pajamas

When the weather turns chilly, there's nothing better than a warm, snuggly pair of pajamas to keep us warm at night. (Well, perhaps there's *one* thing that's better, but pajamas are certainly easier to come by!) We're a fan of the classic button up and pant set from Needham Lane,... [More]


Doubtblush: Montparnasse Poppy Belt

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. This Kiki de Montparnasse Poppy... [More]

teardrop hanging vase-s.jpg

Teardrop Diamond Hanging Vase

Here's something different - hanging indoor vases. The Teardrop Diamond Hanging Vase's ($5) table space saving ability alone is worth the five dollars. We love that we can view individual flowers from all sides with these dainty translucent beauties. The sculptural, in the round display sure beats a botanical drawing...... [More]


Boscia Rose Blotting Linens

While we roll our eyes and laugh at the antiquated concept of powdering our nose, the fact is, sometimes we have oily days and need a little assistance. Boscia's natural Rose Blotting Linens ($10) do just the trick, and during the month of October, 10% of every purchase will be... [More]


Henrik Vebskov PC Bag

Designer gear has officially spread itself into just about every category there could ever possibly be. Now a designer computer case is the making waves - geometric ones. The Henrik Vebskov PC Bag ($170) features Vebskov's signature wool and silk geometric pattern in bright and bold colors. You'll definitely know... [More]


Proenza Schouler Lace-Ups

Gray booties are everywhere right now and our favorite of the bunch are these Proenza Schouler Suede Lace-Ups ($795). Designed with a hidden platform, these are surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear. The 4.5 inch heel gives you some major height, and they look great with everything from baby doll... [More]


MK2K Sheer Sleeve Blouse

Puffed sleeves can do wonders for your bod by making your frame look smaller and accentuating your oh so fantastic lady bumps. We prefer to keep bumps a little more undercover than most, but this top does a great job at highlighting the good and downplaying the bad. Another great... [More]

psycho 2-s.jpg

Psycho Diagnostik Coasters

We're feeling a bit psychotic this week, so the Psycho Diagnostik Coasters ($14) suit us. While we're falling down the drunken wino rabbit hole, we can interpret the many images that come to mind from colored ink blots. Sounds like crazy good fun.... [More]


Julianne Lucie Babydoll

The Art-deco-esque Julianne Lucie Babydoll ($226) is so light and airy you'll almost feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Tiny lace and ribbon trim keep it very lady like, even though this old fashioned chemise is just begging to be lounged around in while drinking very dirty martinis.... [More]


Dior Leather & Chain Bracelet

For the girls out there who just want a taste of Dior without all the number crunching here is your shining opportunity. This Dior Leather & Chain Bracelet ($140) is a great everyday bracelet to wear and is the perfect way to curb your Dior cravings until you at least... [More]


The Lost Symbol

Loafer-shod Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is back to solve another mystery in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol ($16). The Dan Brown formula for a successful page-turner is as familiar to readers as the Scooby-Doo standard plot is to little kids. Langdon is recruited to help solve a crime shrouded in... [More]


Tarte Lash Hugger Mascara

There's a lot of so-called "green" mascaras out there, and some of them are definitely not worth the price you're pay for eco-friendly ingredients. We're all for being conscious of our Mother Earth, but we still need some luscious lashes, right girls? Tarte's Lash Hugger Natural Mascara ($18) actually provides... [More]


Celeb Style: Katy Perry's Concert Gear

Katy Perry was recently spotted leaving a Mika concert in LA and man, was she dressed to impress! Her bod was out in full force that evening and she has got all the right stuff in all the right places. Okay, enough gushing but seriously, we had no idea she... [More]


Clover Shoulder Bag

This bag would look fab against a black wool coat. The Clover Shoulder Bag ($644) is ingeniously made from a recycled leather jacket. Some ugly gray 80's number has been sliced and diced, then studded with golden studs to create this hip carryall. It's already soft and broken in and... [More]

Klemm Chandelier-s.jpg

Klemm Chandelier

We would call the Klemm Chandelier ($Inquire) the anti-chandelier. Available in antiqued bronze, antiqued gold, or frost white, this startlingly unconventional piece denies the beauty of snazzy crystal all together. Clumpy clay-like strands look malleable, imperfect and unfinished, almost stopped in pre-production; the frozen state of the material gives off... [More]


Soap Rocks

These Soap Rocks ($12) are made to look like a geologists dream. Maybe we are more of liquid soap fans than the hard stuff but with cute designs like these we might want to decorate our powder rooms or kids room with this stuff. Nothing says pure good clean fun... [More]


DKNY Bop Rubberized Boot

What's a girl to do if galoshes aren't her thing but she doesn't want to ruin her suede pumps in the rain? High heel rain boots of course! We were a bit leery of the concept, but after seeing the DKNY Bop Rubberized Boots ($135), we realized they're a pretty... [More]


Jason Taylor Scrub Together Bench

Jason Taylor Designs makes commissioned based designs from the United Kingdom, and his Scrubber Collection tickles our funny bone. The Scrub Together Bench ($Inquire) looks like a huge scrub brush, and we think it's way cuter than the scrubbing bubbles brand mascot because it makes a surreal fantasy a reality.... [More]


Lane Bryant Feather Print Cardigan

This cute cardigan is nice because it's just a tad bit more formal than our other sweaters in the closet. The gold feather design really goes great with jewelry and a nice black slack. We're super glad that we got this Lane Bryant Feather Print Cardigan ($70) and we are... [More]


Pinecone Jar

The cooler weather have you craving baked-goods yet? It's almost Pavlov-ian how we want a cookie as soon as fall sets in, and this Pinecone Jar ($17) is the perfect cookie holder. Easy to wash stoneware, in the shape of a pinecone, brings back sweet memories of years past. It's... [More]


Fonera 2.0n Wi-Fi Router

The Wi-Fi router is probably the last thing any of us want to think about, but the Fonera 2.0n router ($99) offers something all of us like: free Wi-Fi. That's right, buy a Fonera 2.0n Wi-Fi router and gain free lifetime access to 700,000 (and counting) FON Partner hotspots worldwide.... [More]


Julez Bryant Hoop Earrings

Dangle your good luck charms from your ears with these Horseshoe/Four-Leaf Clover Hoop Earrings ($72) from Julez Bryant. We think it's extra sweet how they're mismatched but stick to a theme. Also, they're on sale right now - lucky you!... [More]


Divertimeto Classic Short Slip

Wearing something sexy to bed doesn't always have to be for him, it can be for you too! This elegant Divertimeto Classic Short Slip ($215) is equal parts sexy and comfortable. The sensual feel of the silk slip is what keeps him coming back for more while we just love... [More]


Ajo.Bebe Diaper & Wipes Pouches

Chic diaper bags aside, sometimes you moms out there don't want to carry a huge, bulky bag full of everything little sweetums just has to have whenever you step out the door. Simplify the situation with Ajo.Bebe Diaper and Wipes Pouches, ($25) which hold diapers, wipes, and ointment. Available in... [More]


Peace x Fork You x Rock On Silverware Hook Set

Now you can say "Fork you!" to guests everytime they hang their coats on these in-your-face Peace x Fork You x Rock On Silverware Hooks. ($30 for 3) Upcycled silver forks are twisted into Peace, Rock On, and Fork You shapes and can be mounted on any wall. No two... [More]


Love Etc. Eau de Parfum

A little reminiscent of Clinique Happy, the new Love Etc... Eau de Parfum ($24-30) from the Body Shop (also available in lotions & body washes) is a sweetly sensual Oriental blend of warm & floral notes. Bergamot, pear, and neroli float atop the base of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk cream,... [More]


Strip He Glasses

Guys get nudie mudflaps and all sorts of other titillating items... why can't we? This set of four cheeky (ha) Strip He Glasses ($20) is sure to be a hit at your next girl's night in. For extra points, serve naughtily named cocktails like the Slow Screw or a Stiff... [More]


Pencey Plaid Tux Blouse

The lumberjack plaid shirt? It's all grown up now, and unexpectedly girly, thanks to this Pencey Plaid Tux Blouse. ($328) 100% silk fabric, detailed tuxedo-style pleats on the front, blouson sleeves, and a neck tie all add up to one sophisticated top that pairs perfectly with wide leg trousers, skinny... [More]


Glee: The Music, Vol. 1

Admit it. You're a Gleek. You tune in every week to giggle and sigh over Glee - and we do, too! The cast is hysterical. The music is toe-tappingly fun. And it's finally hip to be a musical theater & choir nerd! Out on November 3, Glee: The Music, Volume... [More]


Petal Links Clock

True, it can be hard to tell time on clocks without numbers printed on them, but this Petal Links Modern Wall Clock ($60) is so soothing, we can overlook that crucial detail. The sculpted interlinked circles in pristine white on a bronze link-patterned background provide a zen feel that'll help... [More]


SmashBox Baked Fusion Softlights

Dare we say it, the new SmashBox Baked Fusion Soft Lights powder ($30) might be one of the best bronzer/highlighter/blush combos ever? The five soft shades of cocoa, pink, peach, tan, and ivory can be swirled together for a radiant, silky finish that keeps skin luminous all day, no matter... [More]


Royal Plush Stretch Lace Vee

The Royal Plush Stretch Lace Vee ($84) is a great way to layer this season while adding a hint of sex appeal. Matched with a cotton tank (or just a bra even for those sexier days) this top can add sensuality to just about any outfit. The long sleeves are... [More]


Linq Lace Inset Dolman Top

Creative and comfortable work tops are a staple of ours and definitely a bit harder to find than you'd think. While we can shop around with the best of them, shlepping ourselves around for work outfits can be as painful as work sometimes! We don't want our fav hobby to... [More]


Rory Beca Persephone Wrap Dress

Not since DVF has a wrap dress been so freaking cute! This great silk Rory Beca Persephone Wrap Dress ($248) is one of those items that you can just throw on and go! We wish our hair was that easy to perfect but since it isn't, we need to keep... [More]


Majorica 14MM Round Black Pearl Earrings

Pearls are much like diamonds in that they are a girl's friend. We don't think they top diamonds to be our best friends, but pearls have a certain nostalgia to them that just can't be replaced. We love the modernity of these Majorica 14MM Round Black Pearl Earrings ($85) and... [More]


Splendid Citrine Thermal Elbow Sleeve

A cute alternative to the blah thermals of yore, this Splendid Citrine Thermal Elbow Sleeve ($62) is a great way to brighten up your dark and gloomy winter day. This top is one of those basics that just goes with anything despite what you may think. Yellow is totally versatile,... [More]


Amelia Earhart Biographies

Amelia, the big-budget Amelia Earhart biopic starring Hillary Swank, opened in theaters this weekend. If sitting in a darkened theater for two hours watching soft-focus hagiography and Richard Gere doesn't do it for you, try going direct to the source material. The movie is based on two biographies of the... [More]


Agraria Tivoli Boudoir Collection

Agraria Tivoli's Boudoir Collection ($60) is the perfect way to spruce up your bedroom and bathrooms with the ultimate of care. This gift set comes with Tivoli's famous fragrance sheets which are perfect for lingerie drawers or anything else you want to make smell as delicious as ever. The set... [More]


Vince Drapeneck Sweater

Vince has been making some seriously beloved cashmere products for a while now. Our friends swear by their sweaters being the best fit and most comfortable, so we decided to take their advice and invest in one of our very own. Boy are we glad we did! This Vince Drapeneck... [More]


Opening Ceremony Knit Turban

Keep those ears and the top of your head warm, and you're guaranteed to feel toastier than ever! We swear by wearing beanies on cold winter nights, as the effect that just a simple knit cap has on our body temp is just astonishing. Try this Opening Ceremony Knit Turban... [More]


Glamour Magazine

Oh Mr. Lagerfeld, we have forgiven you your sin of wearing tiny suits and that god awful ponytail, but when you say that no one wants to see a curvy model and then go on to say that it's fat mothers who are at home complaining about skinny women, well... [More]


Acne Wanted Dress

Easy to wear sheaths are hard to come by, especially ones that can travel with you through different cities, countries, time frames, and even the different pounds you're bound to weigh throughout your lifetime. Forgiving dresses of a certain nature are quite genius and more often than not, a closet... [More]


Cathy Broski "Choices" Ceramic Sculpture

Stunning is one word we could use to describe Cathy Broski's "Choices" Ceramic Sculpture ($225). It's entirely up to you what you think of this piece of artwork but the copper-based masterpiece is just fantastic in our eyes. We love figure-focused pieces of art - Broski's interpretation is just breath-taking.... [More]


Lee Angel Crystal Cluster Cuff

Um hello, can you say fun? This Lee Angel Crystal Cluster Cuff ($170) couldn't be any more flamboyant if you ask Elton John to wear it himself! The blinding crystals on this gaudy cuff will leave your frienemies dead in their tracks in awe (and jealousy).... [More]


Santa Maria Novella Healing Hand Cream

Santa Maria Novella Healing Hand Cream ($50) has been healing the hands of tons of people around the world who have already become true believers in the miracle-working saint. SMN's products are considered the best using only natural oils and ingredients while leaving the harsh chemicals out of their mixers.... [More]


Chelsea House Claremont Cachepot

These delicate pots take on a life of their own through their design in Chelsea House's Claremont Cachepot ($125). The gorgeous painted floral designs with the gold detailing is so feminine and delicate that we're even a little nervous to hold the pot in our hands. We're very clumsy lately... [More]


Special Guest Post by La Coquette: Trashy Halloween Costumes

Listen up, guys and dolls! We've got a festive guest post from our very good friend La Coquette, a confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), who's here to let us in on a secret or two from her bottomless box of tricks. Want more? Check out her blog,... [More]


Sales & Steals: 10/23/09

How in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is October nearly over already? Oh well, the end of the month often means some sweet deals, and this week is no exception. Enjoy, and as always, all of us OB staff wish you a fabu weekend! Betsey Johnson - Save $75 on orders over $200... [More]


Senna Brow Tweezing Toner

Plucking *ow* your *ow* brows *ow* or *ow* upper *ow* lip *ow* ain't exactly a walk in the park. Soothe that angry skin with Senna Cosmetics Black Tea Tonic Brow Tweezing Toner. ($24) Natural black tea and cucumber extracts calm skin and reduce redness, swelling, and irritation. Used before and... [More]


Utility Rose Doormat

Everything's coming up roses in the Utility Rose Doormat ($37), so we can forget about what the outside world actually looks like when we step into our cozy homes. Stomp out the dirt and grime that gets tracked inside on this delightful floral design. Flowers are still big on our... [More]


Bloody Weapon Garland

Funny concept and great for a party, this Bloody Weapon Garland ($10) will lend a gruesome air to your Halloween party. String from the rafters for some bloody good fun, or in a last minute attempt for a costume, you could wrap it around you, grab as many purses as... [More]

corset building-s.jpg

The Basics of Corset Building

In Halloween shopping we're reminded that corsets are damn expensive. Rightfully so, with all the magical construction that goes into them (we all want a tiny waist). If we can't shell out hundreds of dollars, maybe Linda Sparks' book, The Basics of Corset Building: A Handbook for Beginners ($20) can... [More]


Cedar Docking Station

Sometimes we wish we were handier when it comes to wiring stuff and actually making it work, but until we take that community course, we'll have to rely on others to create the electronics of our dreams. Take this Cedar iPhone/iPod Docking Station ($78) for instance. It's made to... [More]


Current/Elliott Studded Denim Jacket

Studs are everywhere, we know and love it. Want a great way to follow a trend without swimming in head-to-toe looks that won't last through the season? Well, we do! The handy designers Current/Elliott gave us the Current/Elliott Studded Denim Jacket ($475) which is both trendy and trusty as denim... [More]

Ellin Lavar-s.jpg

Ellin Lavar Straight and Smooth

Experimenting with the texture and color of our hair sure has taken it's toll... all our thermal styling has sent us straight to nasty town. Surely we can get it all back with Ellin Lavar's Straight and Smooth Package ($32). If you've got naturally curly or wavy hair that's worn... [More]


Doubtblush: Cobalt Memorial Jewelry

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Thanks to Cobalt Memorial Jewelery... [More]


Williams-Sonoma Three Tiered Oven Rack

This Williams-Sonoma Three Tiered Oven Rack ($22) not only makes it simple to host a great feast for guests but it also makes you seem like a superwoman! Well, you are of course, but managing to cook numerous things at once while setting them in a lovely tiered tray with... [More]


Boadicea the Victorious Delicate Eau de Parfum

Tired of sweet gourmand scents? Looking for something a little more adult, but not old-ladyish? Here you go. The Boadicea the Victorious line of perfumes got some serious publicity not long ago when Michelle Obama bought three of them in London. One of the trio was Delicate, a beautiful, layered... [More]

Gibson Lame Top

Gibson Lamé Top

Evacuate the dance floor! The Gibson Lamé Top ($78) is perfect when you want to rule the roost any night of the week. The liquid-shine lamé is a gold and off-white print in an ultra flattering one-shoulder silhouette. So flattering that honestly who knows what the night will have in... [More]

napoleon bag-s.jpg

Rebagz Napoleon Messenger Bag

Our sling bag is so yesterday we need a refresher, like, now. With a bang of color and a tsunami of rich realist imagery, the Rebagz Napoleon Messenger Bag ($58) empowers us to conquer our workload. We don't condone expansionism or short men, but we have to admit this bag... [More]


Mean Matilda Neckties

Coordinate your wedding party in style and within budget with the help of Mean Matilda. Her apple green Neckties ($95 for five) are a fantastic deal and a great way to add some pizazz to your attending party. All cotton ties are custom made to order, so you can pick... [More]


Haunted Manor Treat Stand

This Haunted Manor Treat Stand ($10) is fiendishly adorable. Stack it high with cupcakes, brownies, or perhaps some Rice Krispie pumpkin-head treats? Nom-nom-nom! Clicks together quickly and the glossy finish means that you might be able to get a few uses out of it before tossing. Of course, if you... [More]


Celeb Style: What Jennifer Garner Wears in the Rain

Sensible mom Jennifer Garner always knows that functionality is best when it comes to clothes. The more work her clothes do for her, the easier her job becomes and we love that about her. No muss, no fuss, Jennifer is wearing a raincoat like this Land's End Windfall Squall Jacket... [More]

face primer-s.jpg

Korres Face Primer

We create the perfect canvas for makeup application and ensure that our look lasts all day and night with the Korres Face Primer ($10-28). This formula keeps us lookin' good naturally; the special recipe is silicone-free, 99% natural, antioxidant-rich, and enhanced with skin-soothing botanicals and Vitamin E. It refines skin... [More]

personalized embosser-s.jpg

Personalized Embosser

Be your own stationary boss with the Personalized Embosser ($66) by Russel and Hazel. Perfect for wedding invitations, recipes, or other notes of endearment, this tool lets us put our customized signature seal on absolutely anything. Simply fill out the form with your chosen design, send it out, and get... [More]

Gucci Travel Dog Bed

Gucci Travel Dog Bed

The Gucci Travel Dog Bed ($295) is a must have for every fashionista's best friend! This plush, luxurious travel bed will keep Fifi happy as can be. Plus she will be traveling in style with this logo bed in Gucci's signature GG beige/ebony fabric. And most importantly, for your ease,... [More]


Kenneth Cole New York 'Marilyn' Tunic Sweater

Big folded sweaters offer a dramatic look that women of all ages can pull off. In fact, the older you may be the more elegant this look can be. The Kenneth Cole New York 'Marilyn' Tunic Sweater ($79) is a steal of a deal when it comes to classic sweaters... [More]


Cassette Tape Dispenser

Remember the days when cassette tapes existed? Boy was it tough to rewind and fast forward to get to a certain song. This tape is an entirely different than what you're expecting, though. The Cassette Tape Dispenser ($20) is just that, a scotch tape dispenser and holder disguised by the... [More]


Erica Weiner Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Ring

Okay, so may not have the man lined up yet but we do know what we would want out of a ring for pete's sake! This gorgeous Erica Weiner Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Ring ($100) is actually a quartz despite its tricky name. The four-pronged settings of the stone makes it... [More]

haunted memories-s.jpg

Haunted Memories Animated Portraits

The Halloween spirit has possessed us, if you couldn't tell, and these Haunted Memories Animated Portraits ($10-25) suit our demon-driven motivations right now. We don't actually need an exorcist, but these scary-as-hell two-faced snapshots (Little Ruthie, Uncle Perry, and Little Ophelia pictured) sure do. Walk by and get spooked as... [More]


Oeuf Baby Coat

100% silky-soft alpaca makes this Oeuf Baby Coat ($120) super special. It has a zipper up the back to make it a cinch slipping on and off and comes in this adorable creamy white. Alpaca is one of the warmest wools you can buy, and unlike sheep's wool, it's not... [More]


Liverpool Pencil Skirt in Dark Octane

Pencil skirts can often be a bit unflattering to wear. This one, however, comes in a super dark denim wash which will not only slim our thighs but go with just about anything we want to pair it with. The Liverpool Pencil Skirt in Dark Octane ($176) is bound to... [More]

Other People's love letters-s.jpg

Other People's Love Letters

Bill Shapiro has ransacked attics and storage boxes for his timeless compilation of universal human vulnerability and passion, Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See ($15). We've all been there - agonizingly torn to bits in love, writing fiery gibberish in hopes that something will... [More]


Fresh Sugar Soap

Triple-milled for a silky texture, crafted with shea butter for moisture, and infused with the iconic Sugar fragrance, Fresh's Sugar Soap ($14) is a sweet indulgence for your sink or bath. The fragrance has notes of Brazilian sweet orange and lemon playing with the floral heart layers and delicious base... [More]


Stellar Blue Sweater Dress

Relaxed & comfortable but still tailored enough to be work-appropriate, Tulle Clothing's sweet Stellar Blue Sweater Dress ($48) is a great go-to option on mornings when you're running late. Throw it on with patterned or opaque tights, cute shoes, and a fun necklace, and you're done. And who doesn't look... [More]


Work Schticks

We've already told you about the traffic angst-relieving Cure For Road Rage Schticks, but just like infomercials, we're going to say... "But wait, there's more!" The new Work Schticks ($16) are probably best not used around one's boss, but boy are they fun in private. Slogans like "This Sucks," "I... [More]


Tocca Laundry Delicate Fine Fabric Wash

Your dainties deserve a lot more than dumping them into the washing machine with a load of jeans and industrial strength detergent... after all, don't you want the layer closest to your skin to feel good & look good - and for that matter, smell good? Tocca Laundry Delicate Fine... [More]


NARS Wild At Heart 15 Year Anniversary Palette

We're not surprised that NARS has been around fifteen years already - after all, where would we all be without Orgasm Blush? To celebrate the big one-five, they've collaborated with Sephora to produce the limited-edition NARS Wild At Heart 15 Year Anniversary Palette, ($75) a supremely wearable palette with the... [More]


Michael Bublé: Crazy Love

On his first release in over two years, Crazy Love, ($14) Michael Bublé sticks with the same vintage-inspired crooning that made him a star in the first place, and that's not a bad thing. His buttery, rich voice and creative musical touches are what we love about this Canadian crooner,... [More]


Celeb Style: Ashlee Simpson's Job Interview Ensemble

Poor, poor Ashlee Simpson: girl got fired from the new Melrose Place before a full season had even run! So, she is clearly going to be pounding the pavement, lookin' for work. And since her average "working mom on the town" ensemble is something like this, we thought she might... [More]


Special Guest Post by Scribble on Everything: 3M Command Strips

The creative people at Scribble on Everything refer to themselves as "garden-variety art and design geeks", and that makes them totally down with us, 'cause we can definitely be geeky! Their site is full of awesome, unique, and affordable (hells yes!) art for your walls and your life, so be... [More]


Moustache Salt and Pepper Shaker

We're getting closer to our Movemeber giveaway, and since we're nice, we wanted to remind you that you still have a chance to win a sweet 'stache stash. And what better way to remind you than to show you this cute Moustache Salt and Pepper Shaker ($28)? Adorable, right? Right!... [More]


Matrix Blow-Down Lotion

A good blow dry does wonders for the style of our hair, and finding the product to get the most out of all that time and hot air is key. Matrix Blow-Down Lite Lotion ($15) is great for folks with fine hair who want to get some shine and control... [More]


Hoss Intropia Emile Handbag

Fall is here and leaves are on the ground. Winter's coming and grey skies are looming. Somehow, this Hoss Intropia Emile Handbag ($220) captures the seasonal change without bumming us out. Plus, it's big enough that we can stuff our scarf and mittens in it when we go inside for... [More]


Altru Appreciation Candle

This Altru Appreciation Soy Blend Candle ($55) is lovely on so many levels. The packaging is beautiful, and the actual candle is housed in a hammered copper cylinder. The candle is scented with a blend of daffodil, Tahitian tiare (a type of gardenia) and freesia, giving it a lovely floral... [More]


Knockdown Knits

Let's face it, knitting and being a badass don't go hand in hand...necessarily. But take a look at Knockdown Knits: 30 Projects from the Roller Derby Track ($14) and you'll see how well the two work together. Patterns in the book include arm slings and crutch covers, but also flirty... [More]



We're the kind of girls who keep our black laptop in a purple sleeve, our iphone in a two-toned shell, and our mp3 player in a bright pink case. We like to customize our stuff and stand out - which is why we're totally lusting over (most of) the designs... [More]

kat von d brushes-s.jpg

Kat Von D Kat Eye Brushes

Gorgeous goth-glam diva Kat Von D has us drooling for her Kat Eye Brush Set ($48). It's an all-in-one five-piece makeup brush set with an angled eyeshadow brush, blending brush, angled brow brush, smudge brush, and a flat eyeliner brush all in a matching black vinyl case. Each piece is... [More]


Theory Camrei Dress

There isn't much better than a black maxi dress but when we saw this Theory Camrei Dress ($206) we discovered the one thing that is absolutely, hands down the answer to this challenge: a black and white color-block maxi dress. Nothing screams more chic out of a maxi dress than... [More]


Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

If you fell in love with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you're going to adore this new book from Quirk, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters ($9). Following the Dashwood sisters and their twisted love interests Edward, sweet Willoughby and the monster Colonel Brandon. It's a bodice ripper with a... [More]

Ali Ro Silk Tank

Ali Ro Silk Tank

The Ali Ro Silk Tank ($225) is a gorgeous must-have tank for any night that you want to get dolled up! The floaty silk silhouette exudes ultra feminine style yet it is simple enough that you won't look overdressed. And the floral embellishment is breathtaking; it looks like a garland... [More]


Doubtblush: Honor your Womanhood

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. We don't beat around the... [More]


Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Candlestick

Little bizarre odds and ends are super fun to collect, right? We love how this Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Candlestick ($88) looks on our mantel. It just screams out wackiness in the most chic of ways. An accent piece as well as an attention-grabber is exactly what this candlestick is!... [More]


Celeb Style: What Sarah Jessica Parker Wears in the Rain

SATC star Sarah Jessica Parker walks her son James to school in the middle of a torrential downpour, now that's some serious dedication! The usually dressed-to-the-nines actress was noticeably casual on her rainy stroll in her cute wellies and quilted coat. It doesn't look that glamourous to be in that... [More]


Perricone Cold Plasma

Dr. Nicholas Perricone spent five years making the sci-fi fountain of youth: Perricone Cold Plasma. ($150) Specially formulated nutrients repair & regenerate skin via a patented ionic-suspension carrier system. This "biochemical individuality" works with all skin types, allowing cells to work selectively, taking control in anti-aging from the inside out.... [More]

Trina Turk Mosaic Pillow

Trina Turk Mosaic Pillow

Pillow talk! One of our favorite contemporary designers is now creating home decor and we adore her relaxed, laidback yet savvy style. The Trina Turk Mosaic Pillow ($148) is an eye catcher in any home. The mosaic print is gorgeous and was inspired by one of Trina's trips to Greece.... [More]


Adriana Orsini Medallion Brooch

Brooches are not a thing of the past. Sure Carrie Bradshaw may have donned an oversized floral pin (or twenty) and caused quite a sartorial stir, but we love just about anything that we can use as flair! Who wouldn't fall in love with this Adriana Orsini Medallion Brooch ($110)?... [More]

ING liquid leggings-s.jpg

ING Liquid Leggings

Someone has to be able to pull off these ING Liquid Leggings ($21). Hell, if patent-leather over the knee boots just aren't in our budget these can be our cheating visual aid. Tip: Pair with essential boyfriend blazer or tuxedo tunic shirt. However we wear them, they are the shiny... [More]

Neat Solutions Table Topper Placemat

Neat Solutions Table Topper Placemat

Burger joint babies, tavern toddlers and canteen kids - have we got the solution for you...well really for your moms! Neat Solutions Table Topper Placemats ($9 per pack of 18) are great for parents that dine out frequently. These eco-friendly disposable placemats are a little sheet of neat, which protect... [More]

tattoo boot-s.jpg

Chooka Vintage Tattoo Rain Boot

Overcast gloom is so blah. We're taking a stab at black clouds with the sheer attitude of these Vintage Tattoo Rain Boots ($55-60) by Chooka. Scare away that cold front chasing us around with our faux prison tattoos (we like the cute mermaid the best), or at least add some... [More]

lip clip-s.jpg

Jokari Lip Clip

Seal in the freshness of chips, crackers, or other snacks with a kiss from the Jokari Lip Clip ($8). It doesn't leave lipstick marks, and the magnet backing lets us use it for holding photos, notes, schoolwork, and other essentials on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces. Looks like a... [More]


Ella Moss 'Emily' Sweater Vest

Something about this Ella Moss 'Emily' Sweater Vest ($144) says dorky with a hint of secretary chic. Maybe we have watched the movie with James Spader too much, but we kind of dig the sexy intellectual look from time to time. It allows us to role play without sacrificing looking... [More]


"I Love..." Platinum Notebook

A sweet gift for a treasured friend, or just something to carry in your purse to jot down all your most brilliant ideas, we love this pale pink "I love..." Platinum Notebook ($14) by Oh Joy! Designs. Heavy kraft cover stock is embossed with a platinum silver floral motif, and... [More]


Frederic Fekkai Golden-Glimmer Gelee Mist

Perfect for adding shimmering sparkle to anyone's tresses, Frederic Fekkai Golden-Glimmer Gelee Mist ($20) is formulated with golden hued micro-diamond particles and a lightweight hold formula to adapt to any hairdo. It's a limited edition holiday 2009 product, but we can't help but want to own it for everyday use... [More]


Lap Mug

Ain't nuttin' better than curling up on the couch with a cup of tea, a blankie, and a good book - until you realize you can't keep your mug in your lap without holding on to it at all times. Enter The Lap Mug. ($16) The base is cleverly designed... [More]


Food, Inc.

After making the rounds on the indie circuit in 2008, Food, Inc. is finally available for pre-order on DVD, ($19) available on November 3. It's a stunning, shocking film that exposes the atrocities committed in the name of fast, easy food. Trust us - we were devoted to our fave... [More]


William Rast Stella Boot Cut Jeans

We love us some good rocker skinny jeans or comfy distressed boyfriend jeans, but bootcuts will forever be our favorite cut. And surprise, surprise, Justin Timberlake's William Rast Stella Boot Cut Jeans ($190) are our current go-to pair. The dark hand-sanded finish is work-appropriate and is cut in a lean... [More]


DuWop Private Red

Could this be it? The universal flattering red lipstick for every woman? DuWop Private Red Lipstick ($22) claims to utilize the technology behind those cheesy old 'mood lipsticks' to produce a vibrant red shade that changes within five minutes of application to suit your coloring. The texture is creamy &... [More]

16-piece chocolate-s.jpg

Special Guest Post by Danae from Lovely Particulars

Ladies and gents, we have a fresh new Guest Blogger dedicated to the finer things in life. Danae Kelly from Lovely Particulars "work[s] hard during the day to make sure people can walk around in shoes that are as good for their souls as they are for their feet" -... [More]


DaniBlack Indie Boots

Hey, have you heard? Boots are in for fall! (Go ahead, roll your eyes with us.) Whether they're over-the-knee or peep-toe booties or whatever, we're seeing a lot of them. Don't get us wrong, they're great, but they all start to blur together, which is why the Indie ($325) from... [More]


Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

We're frequently on the move, working on notebook/netbook computers, but using those small keyboards can be a hand-cramping, hair-pulling exercise in frustration. The new Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 ($90) is a strikingly thin ergonomic keyboard that offers comfort and portability for laptop road warriors. At less than half an... [More]


Clinique Moisture Surge

As winter winds dry out our faces and leave us a wee bit on the scaly side, we always turn to Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($34) to rescue us. It's more of a gel than a lotion and absorbs quickly into the skin, keeping us hydrated, fresh faced... [More]


CHia New York Jojo

The classic shape of this handbag from CHia New York makes it timelessly stylish. We're really drawn to it because of the braided detailing holding the front flap in place. Plus, the coral color is an unusual choice, but if you'd rather play it safe, the Jojo ($396) also comes... [More]


Lucky 13 Pencil Skirt with Pom Pom Hem

When we first saw pin-up girl Halloween costumes for sale, we were kind of intrigued. After all, if you're looking for a sexy, distinctive option with a little more character and class than those Vampy Sheriff/Bunnywabbit/Girl Scout embarrassments, you can't beat perfect red lipstick, a bouncy 'do, and a saucy... [More]

Cashmere Travel Set

Cashmere Travel Set

Ahhh....relax in luxurious comfort the next time you travel! Before you book your next vacation, you need to check out this Cashmere Travel Set ($300). This truly is the ultimate in comfort when it comes to any travel set we've come across thus far. This soft, cable-knit set includes a... [More]


Victorian Top Hat

Halloween has us going gaga over mini-top hats. Just look at the beauty we unearthed from Topsy Turvy. This Beaux Victorian Top Hat ($229) is hand constructed using vintage millinery techniques. Each hat is adorned with plush black velvet then decorated with satin ribbons, dead stock millinery wings (are those... [More]


Chocosho Picks Rubberband Monuments

Office supplies could use a little facelift every now and again, don't you think? Using the same items day in and day out just gets a little too Office Space-y for us sometimes so we like to spruce things up a bit. These Chocosho Picks Rubberband Monuments ($8) are just... [More]


Doubtblush: LED Faucet Light

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. How many times have we... [More]


Helmut Lang Leather Skinny Pants

Helmut Lang has been making androgynous gear for women for years that is both beautifully considered and carefully crafted. Some of the most minimalist yet stunning pieces have come off of the Lang runways inspiring a trickle down effect of menswear-inspired pieces in mass retail stores everywhere. These Helmut Lang... [More]


Pottery Barn Pumpkin Candles

It's almost that time of year again! When the weather gets cooler, the kids are out to score some free candy, and you're stuck decorating the place...All kidding aside, we actually think Halloween is one of the better holidays of the year. (It sure beats the heck outta Valentine's Day)... [More]


Lashstash Mascara Deluxe Sampler

This insane kit, the Lashstash Mascara Deluxe Sampler ($39), comes with every single kind of mascara a girl could ever want or need. You can try on every different kind of wand and formula to get a seriously accurate reading on how each one effects the look of your lashes.... [More]


No Sleep Till Sweatshirt

This No Sleep Till Sweatshirt ($38) is a must have for any gal. The super soft fabric feels like your favorite old sweatshirt and looks super cute thrown over just about anything. We're loving that the crew neck in coming back, and of course we're digging the eighties graphic. How... [More]


Galvanized Wine Rack

This industrial Galvanized Wine Rack ($80) from CB2 really has our creative juices flowing. It's made to be used horizontal or vertical for holding bottles, but how about if you don't use it for wine at all? You could mount a few of these to your wall in an organic... [More]


Celeb Style: What Jennifer Aniston Wears in the Rain

Jennifer Aniston knows that weird weather patterns means just one thing when it comes to sartorial tricks: layers. The more the merrier help when it comes to being as prepared as possible in the event of rain, snow or any other kind of extreme weather. We try to be as... [More]

American Eve-s.jpg

American Eve: The Birth of the "It" Girl and the Crime of the Century

Reality shows and endless entertainment industry drama seem so undignified. Get to know the first ever "it" girl in a tell all that we can use our imagination for, American Eve: Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White: The Birth of the "It" Girl and the Crime of the Century (from $7). Tragic... [More]


Burlesque Costume

Get ready to get your CanCan on in this beautiful black and pink satin Burlesque Costume ($150). This Parisian inspired costume has tons of ruffles and beading that has us drooling, but the little mini top hat is the icing on the cake. Add a pair of elbow length black... [More]


Bling Soy Candles

October means it's time to start hoarding pretty things for future dinner parties. These Bling Soy Candles ($48-$68) are perfect to keep on hand for sweet hostess gifts. Clean burning soy is healthier for the environment and heady scents like Havana Suede will warm hearts and get everyone into the... [More]


Studded Cummerbund Belt

Cinched waists are a tough look to pull off, and an even tougher look to find comfortable after about five minutes. This Studded Cummerbund Belt ($12) makes for the perfect belted look that you're going for whether it be over a thin cardigan or around a little cocktail dress. The... [More]

luncheon 2-s.jpg

Luncheon On The Grass Tablecloth

With the weather turning on us, we can't exactly enjoy a leisurely picnic in the park these days, but we sure can reference one in our home with the 100% cotton Luncheon On The Grass Tablecloth ($227) by Atypyk. By introducing our plates into the world of a painting we... [More]


VOOM by Joy Han Eyelet Bubble Dress

Fantastic cocktail dresses needn't fear, this VOOM by Joy Han Eyelet Bubble Dress ($239) is here but won't rule the roost! The cute eyelet and great fuschia hue is a fun way to spice up any party but won't be outlasting those ever-important LBD's we keep showing you. Have fun... [More]

Twilight Saga Cutout

Twilight Saga Cutout

Do I dazzle you? Ummmm...YES! Would it be childish of me to hide in your closet? Hmmmm....NO WAY! If you're as much of a Twilight fanatic as we are, you know these are the words of our heartthrob of the month....hmmm...maybe year or even lifetime! So for all of you... [More]


Jonesy Silk Top

Jewel-tone accessories and clothes are a great way to break into fall without being too trendy. Emeralds and ruby colors are splashing the pages of fashion magazines everywhere and we love it! We tend to get into a rut of wearing all black so accent pieces like this Jonesy Silk... [More]

shelton mailbox-s.jpg

Brass Shelton Mailbox

Achieve sleek functionality of the 1930s and 40s with the clean lines of the Brass Shelton Mailbox ($260). This brass mailbox (also available in burnished antique, nickel, and rubbed bronze) is perfectly elegant with notes of Art Deco aesthetics. Thankfully, they've expanded the size of the vintage inspiration pieces to... [More]


Gotta Cook Tonight Spice & Sauce Mixes

Cooking at home is cheaper than takeout for sure, but what do you do when you're desperate for something different, and the most exotic thing you know how to do is mac-n-cheese? The Gotta Cook Tonight seasoning & sauce mix assortment ($24 for a set of 7, or $4 each)... [More]


Neff Cupcake Beanie

Why not proclaim your love for palm-sized baked goods with these Neff Cupcake Beanie Hats? ($26 each) Available in Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla, it's a saccharine-sweet addition to your winter wardrobe.... [More]


Adorations Curtains

Let the sun's light filter through the words of love when you drape these Adorations Curtains ($158-198) across your bedroom window. The designers took hand-written antique love letters and screen printed them on ivory linen curtains that are semi-sheer, for a romantic backlit effect.... [More]


Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect Refining Cream

If you've got those little hard red bumps on your upper arms, thighs, and face that just won't quite go away, then you've likely got Keratosis Pilaris, a mild form of dermatitis (Of course, check with a doctor first!). Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect Refining Cream ($55) can... [More]


Monty Python Plush Toys

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Monty Python, we thought it only appropriate to start indoctrinating the youngest generations on the glories of the Spanish Inquisitor, the Giant Rabbit with Big Nasty Pointy Teeth, the Black Beast of Arrggghhh, and the Macho Lumberjack. These, among the other Monty Python... [More]


Toilet Necklace

We've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about wearing your potty mouth around your neck? This brass Toilet Necklace ($95) includes a real moveable lid, but we don't know if it actually flushes. It's a nose-thumbing take on the much vaunted, much overdone "statement necklace."... [More]


Jonathan Adler's My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living

You may have noticed that we have a bonafide love for anything designed by Jonathan Adler, so it's little wonder that we're obsessed with his new (to us!) style manifesto, My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living. ($23) It's 208 pages of hilarious personal stories, gorgeously inspiring interior photos, and tenets of... [More]


L de Lolita Lempicka

We'll be honest; we initially picked up L de Lolita Lempicka Parfum ($40-89) at the perfume counter for the beautiful aquamarine glass bottle draped with gold netting, gemstones, and a cut-glass stopper. We bought it because of the fragrance. Intoxicatingly floral and spicy with notes of immortal flower, musk, cinnamon,... [More]


Barnes & Noble nook eBook Reader

Kindle, meet nook. Hey, Kindle, nook's got a color touchscreen. End of story. Okay, not really. We know Kindle's got a huge head start with this whole e-reader thing, but ye olde venerable bookseller Barnes & Noble has suddenly taken an outsized leap into the 21st century with their entry... [More]


Special (Doubtblush) Guest Post Helen Killer - Food-Scented Fabric Softener

Oh Regretsy, how we love you. You validate each and every Ewwww! and WTF!?! that outrageously ridiculous handmade duds bring out in us while simultaneously adding the snark track we could never come up with. Now that you're here, guesting on Outblush, we hope you'll stay... By now you've noticed... [More]


Fall 2009 Mac Updates

Today we watched with bated breath as Apple announced a slew of updates to their product line. So, on the eve of the holiday shopping season (yes, really), did Uncle Steve leave a lump of coal in our stocking or did he bequeath us with more fabulous shiny treasures? Let's... [More]


Pottery Barn Spider Tealight Holder

We've got so much holiday spirit for Halloween we can barely contain ourselves! This season we are hosting a party and want to place these Pottery Barn Spider Tealight Holder ($18) all throughout the main table setting as a shnazzy way to light up our festive feast. Gross though they... [More]


Just Say Bow Headband

Need an alternative to the almighty beanie or beret? We love this Just Say Bow Headband ($12) that instantly makes our outfits all that much more put together and special. The oversized bow headband comes in red and black and something tells us that we are going to be making... [More]

mustache pencils-s.jpg

Mustache Pencils

We're still running with this mustache trend, and these Mustache Pencils ($12) aren't your average mustaches; the well known facial hair of Salvador Dali, Zorro, Burt Reynolds, Django, and Clark are all represented on these natural toned pencils. We get choose the style of a Surrealist artist, an actor or... [More]


Copco Bag Caps

Buying dry goods in bulk saves money and packaging, but unless you've got a lot of storage containers, it can be a challenge to keep your bulk goods sealed up. Copco Bag Caps ($6) are majorly useful for keeping bagged goods fresh and easy to use. Bonus, the colorful cap... [More]


My Boyfriend Tee

Don't be embarrassed to wear this My Boyfriend Tee ($65). There's a lot of sexy vampires out there right now.... [More]


Spoonflower Custom Print Fabrics

If you're into quilting, sewing, or other arts that involve sticking yourself accidentally with pins and needles (not intentionally - this is not that kind of site) and you haven't heard of Spoonflower, you are going to be incredibly grateful to us. Submit your image file to this very, very... [More]


Pink Cultured Pearl Earrings

We're nearing the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (where does the time go?), so make sure you get your shopping for a cause done in time. How sweet are these Pink Cultured Pearl Earrings ($50)? They're 14K gold - good for sensitive ears - and during October 5% of... [More]


Madison Marcus "Radiate" Embellished Top

Need a great going out top that is glitzy enough to not get lost underneath a boyfriend blazer? Of course you do! Who doesn't? This Madison Marcus "Radiate" Embellished Top ($215) is just what we have always needed to take the attention off of the boxy blazer we love. A... [More]

Casio Databank Watch

Casio Databank Watch

This cool, retro looking timepiece will bring out the nerd in all of us! The Casio Databank Watch ($130) is classic, cool and smart plus it is avaiable exclusively at Saks. This goldtone stainless steel design features storage of up to 50 telephone numbers and 50 scheduled appointments, plus a... [More]


Celeb Style: What Jessica Szohr Wears in the Rain

Gossip Girl cutie Jessica Szohr likes to generally stay under the radar unlike her more prominent costars and we like a girl who likes to keep things real and uncomplicated. Dating the off-screen Chuck Bass must have it's ups and downs so we understand why Jessica would want to steer... [More]


Collezioni Splash Collection Sink

Products from the contemporary Collezioni branch of Italian bath company Disegno Ceramica are fresh. The dynamic striking amoebic shape of the Splash Collection Sink ($Inquire) make it a definite head-turner. This unusual and creative collection explores a "playful free form world with no limits." Cheers, who says our wash basin... [More]


Freehands Ragg-Wool Gloves

With so many of us rocking the touch screen phone or music player these days, winter can be a frustrating time of year. Keeping our fingers cold while still being able to navigate our playlists or text our peeps is nearly impossible. Yes, fingerless gloves exist, but then all of... [More]


Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Tales

Get in the spooky Halloween mindset with Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Tales ($11). The creepy black wolf and blood branches on the cover already has us shivering, so we can only guess what the text will do to us. We suggest performing these scary short stories around... [More]

Mobile Phone Panel

Mobile Phone Panel

Tired of your phone being damaged when it falls off your desk every other day? Well we found a great little gadget that will protect your precious phone (aka, "your life") from future trauma! The Mobile Phone Panel ($26) is the perfect, anti-slip accessory designed just for your cellphone, but... [More]


Tsp Spices Organic Spice Basics Set

With over 70 different spice packets, this Tsp Spices Organic Spice Basics Set ($42) is a fantastic way to become acquainted with cooking's most beloved helpers. The kit is perfect for a new homeowner or chef-to-be and we love the great packaging that keeps each spice neatly organized and marked.... [More]


Theory Villy Dress

Theory's Villy Dress ($295) is such a great cocktail dress for this fall season with it's satin stretch fabric and beautiful amethyst jewel tone that just shines this time of year. The fabulous frock works wonderfully over a pair of lace tights for a formal party look and doesn't... [More]

shadow petal ecklace-s.jpg

Shadow Petal Necklace

Rethink chokers with the adjustable Shadow Petal Necklace ($65) by Interesting Particulars. Cut out graphic petals remind us of the feminine, soft but defined look of Tord Boontje. It seems like the delicate lines of wings inspired this design, and we might be set free of our jewelry preconceptions with... [More]


Cast Metal Animals

Do people really use bookends? Seems like we have enough books to fill entire shelves with no end in sight... However, that's not stopping us from coveting these sweet Cast Metal Animals ($26 each). Their simple lines will work in any office, and we're certain hoping that having a sweet... [More]

strawberry wig-s.jpg

Strawberry Tart Wig

We're practically peeing ourselves with excitement over prospective Halloween costumes, and the Strawberry Tart Wig ($15) is so hilarious our incontinence joke may just become a reality. They've gone so far to include the stem and seeds (how life-like). Berry for hair without a sticky mess? We're sold.... [More]


Peter Jensen Polar Bear Hat

How adorably snuggly is this little guy? The Peter Jensen Polar Bear Hat ($98) is a cold weather accessory with a huge sense of humor. The polar bear face and little cotton puffs (for ears) lets us live a little and feel a ton younger too. In fact, maybe too... [More]


Beaded Drawer Pulls

Living in an apartment doesn't leave you with a whole lot of customized décor options - c'mon, who wants to paint, then repaint every time you move out? A great solution is to replace the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom with these Beaded Drawer Pulls ($10 each) from Site... [More]


Hero Crane Wrap Vest

Big comfy knotted vests are not something we would usually think to pile on on top of our already-adorable outfits, but we have quickly learned just how much better it can make any ensemble. This Hero Crane Wrap Vest ($242) is one of those quick accessories that just pushes your... [More]


Millo Crepe Blouse

Victoriana-inspired clothes are in like Flynn this fall & winter, and we can't wait to get our hands on this By Malene Birger Millo Crepe Blouse ($295) to create our own look. Equally appropriate for work or nights on the town, this viscose crepe blouse with a contrasting tonal fabric... [More]


Perlier Honey Recipe for the Hands

Formulated with virgin beeswax and pure honey, Italian favorite Perlier Honey Recipe for the Hands cream ($14) might just be the holy grail of winter hand lotions. It absorbs quickly and hands stay silky smooth (and sweetly scented!) even after several hand washings. Used regularly, it helps to rejuvenate and... [More]


Magno Wooden Radio

In the era of iWhatevers and instant gratification media, it's nice to take a moment to appreciate real radio. We're loving the Magno Wooden Radio by Singgih Kartono, ($200) handmade in an Indonesian farming village. For each tree that the village uses in production of these radios, a new one... [More]


Victorina Over the Knee Boots

Yes, these Victorina Over the Knee Boots by Pour La Victoire ($458) are pricey. But hear us out: the classic styling means they'll be wearable for years. A chunky 1.5" heel, weathered cognac finish, and fold-over tops will enable you to pair these with just about all of your fall... [More]


Candy Colored Glassware Set by Esque Studio

Practical? Not really. Beautiful? Oh yes. Unique? Definitely. Inspired by mid-century factory glass, Esque Studio's Candy Colored Glassware Set ($400) is heirloom quality and perfect for displaying with your bartending tools. Each set is handmade to order in either fuchsia or apricot glass.... [More]


YSL Mascara Singulier

Want seriously dramatic, fluttery lashes? The new offering from Yves Saint Laurent, Mascara Singulier, ($30) promises to be everything you've ever wanted and more. Thanks to a unique spiral elliptical brush and a formula of volumizing micro-spheres, provitamin B5, and nylon micro fibers, it thickens, lengthens, and nourishes lashes. Best... [More]


Room & Board Wells Sofa

Mmmm, leather sofa. Instant class & appeal - if it's done right. If not, you run the risk of your living room having a distinct 1980's lothario vibe. The Wells Sofa by Room & Board ($3100-3300) is sleek & modern, with vintage charm and simple lines that set off any... [More]


Movember Giveaway

Ladies, ladies, ladies. We here at Outblush have some mad moustache love. Maybe it's the influence of Tom Selleck in our early years, or the ironic hipster potential, or a teensy bit of jealousy because we can't have one of our own, but the fact is, we're fascinated. Some of... [More]

Karina Grimaldi-SMall.jpg

Karina Grimaldi Cream Tuxedo Jumper

Can't find anything to wear? Why not just toss on this Karina Grimaldi Cream Tuxedo Jumper ($238) and save yourself the time and effort it might take to put together an outfit chic enough to satisfy you. We can't stand it when we have outfit brain farts and finding versatile... [More]


Modern Apple Birdfeeder

Sure, you can cover a pine cone with peanut butter and birdseed to give your little yard visitors a helping hand this winter, but why not make it easier on yourself and use this Modern Apple Birdfeeder ($20)? You pop an apple onto it every few days and your feathered... [More]


Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bathmat Set

The Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bathmat Set ($40) is not for the squeamish. Freak out your guests or just keep your roommate from coming in and stealing your shampoo with this gruesome duo. Made to look like a shower slaughter, this set may even earn you points with the... [More]


The North Face Apex Hoodie

While we do love luxurious winter coats, it's important to have a simple jacket we can run our errands in and stay warm and dry. The North Face Apex Bionic Hoodie Jacket ($149) is our favorite. It's lightweight and water resistant, but fleece lined to keep us warm. The hood... [More]


Make Up For Ever 12 Color Palette

It's always great to be able to blend different colors of makeup to get the look we're going for, and Make Up Forever has taken that concept to a whole new level with their 12 Flash Color Case ($95). Now all of us beauty Picassos can create any cream shadow,... [More]

Frying Pan-da-s.jpg

Frying Pan-da

Slapping the Frying Pan-da ($30) on our stove would make our stir-fry routine a whole lot cuter. We can picture it now... we're cooking together in perfect metaphorical harmony, both eating bamboo. Let's just say, since cooping up an endangered species in our kitchen is highly illegal, this will have... [More]

Body Wrap Slip

Body Wrap Slip

So we've all worn some sort of shapewear under our favorite LBD, right? If you've answered no, hmmm....we think you may be fibbing! Now we can even look fabulous in our shapewear! The Body Wrap Slip ($98) is soo sexy in the animal print plus it is very slim fitting... [More]

designo ring-s.jpg

Designo Rectangle Ring

Transition into warm earthy colors of Fall while keeping the bright flowery feeling of summer with the Designo Rectangle Ring ($138) by Alan K exclusively for LusterForever. Extra shiny 925 sterling silver shines strong against the dark contrasting luminous brown colored resin. Anti-scratch engineering in the resin and an applied... [More]


Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Candle

Everyone's getting in on the steamy teenage vampire action, and whether or not that's your thing (Edward who?), you might want to check out Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Candle ($5). This scent is sweet with a woodsy undertone with notes of berry, mandarin, coconut, frangipani, mimosa, wet honeysuckle,... [More]


Tricia Fix Heidi Top

Check out all the wonderful colors in the great long sleeved flowy top. Hippie chic has never looked so good and this Tricia Fix Heidi Top ($108) is fierce with a capital F. Catch us wearing this in the office, out for drinks with the girls, and on the weekends... [More]

berry cute-s.jpg

Berry Cute Infant Smock

We love to show off the most beautiful things in the world, our babies. Something about strawberries screams playful, and they make our cutie pop in the Berry Cute Infant Smock ($20). What can we say, we're a sucker for adorable ensembles. OMG if we had boy-girl twins we would... [More]


Cupola Fireplace

The Cupola Fireplace ($~3000) is completely ventless, with an adjustable bio-ethanol burner that allows you to control the flame size. It mounts just like a flat-screen TV, so you can hang it virtually anywhere. It's perfect for small spaces and apartments. A unique matte finish makes this a piece of... [More]


Prada Logo Key Ring

This Prada Logo Key Ring ($150) is a great way to organize and keep all of your important keys in one safe and stylish spot. The famous logo is a great way to hold your home and car keys and the best part is that every time you go to... [More]


2B Radio

The 2B Radio ($350) broadcasts with a vintage sound that you can only get from, well, tubes. Get it? 2B Radio - Tube Radio. Yeah, pretty clever. With this baby you'll get the warm sound of bygones past with the updated mechanics that allow you to plug it into any... [More]


Michael Stars Lace Shift Dress

Lace shift dresses will always be in style. We can imagine Mia Farrow in something like this Michael Stars Lace Shift Dress ($148) with her bleach blonde pixie cut and wide doe eyes. We want to wear this dress with a pair of platform pumps to really pay homage to... [More]

Paper cut map, green-s.jpg

Paris Paper Cut Map

Designers behind the scenes at Famille Summerbelle must've decorated entire rooms with paper snowflakes during the holidays as a kid. Their Paris Paper Cut Map ($60) features lovely graphics for our wall that're - thankfully - not in wall decal form. All the attractions of Paris and quirky vignettes Parisian... [More]


Shot Carver

Poisoned Apples are the perfect drink to offer thirsty ghosts and ghouls. We found a simple recipe, but decided to take it a little further. Mix 1 oz. vodka with 1 oz. Apfelkorn, then pour into homemade apple shot glasses. You can make the shot glasses with this nifty Shot... [More]


Cosmedicine Honest Face Tint

Tinted moisturizer is already a great beauty bargain; add in SPF, and we think, could it get any better? Oh yes, it can, with Cosmedicine's Honest Face Tint & Treatment SPF 20 ($35). Not only do you get hydration, protection and even color, this miracle moisturizer helps to firm up... [More]


Misha Lampert Knit Hobo Bag

Knits are a great fall treat that we look forward to all year long. We love the scarves, gloves, hats, and even sweaters that keep us warm when it's a tad bit nippy outside. One thing in knit that we didn't expect was a handbag. This Misha Lampert Knit Hobo... [More]


Lil' Vampire Pacifier

Lil' bit trashy, lil' bit cute. You might not want to show this off in public, but the Lil' Vampire Pacifier ($7) is gonna be a major source of fun behind closed doors. Hidden safely in your house, you will have hours of fun laughing at your little one while... [More]


Celeb Style: What Rachel Bilson Wears in the Rain

It's been less than perfect weather around here and we'd like to know how these gorgeous celebs keep chic and dry in wetter times. Rachel Bilson makes sure both she and her much younger sister are cozy and protected with a brightly colored umbrella. Rachel herself is wearing a very... [More]


Rubik's TouchCube

The Rubik's Cube is one of those relics from a bygone age of big hair and parachute pants, yet it's somehow managed to retain a kind of geek cachet. The plastic prism of pent-up youthful frustration really must possess some serious juju 'cause it's come back decades later in full-on... [More]


R Sessions Pin-Up Girl Updo Kit

Love vintage hairdos, but you're all thumbs? The R Sessions Pin-Up Girl Updo Kit ($22) includes everything you need to do a perfect retro bun, ponytail, or beehive updo. Created by top hairstylists Kevin Ryan & Frank Rizzieri, the kits are available for blonde, brown, or black hair, and include... [More]


Eddie Bauer Cotton/Cashmere Cowl-Neck Sweater

Every woman needs cashmere in her wardrobe - it's soft, silky, and lasts forever - but for those of us counting pennies, it's too expensive. A great solution? This classic Eddie Bauer Cotton/Cashmere Cowl-Neck Sweater. ($45) Available in four colors, the cotton & cashmere blended knit means that you can... [More]


If Mode Bicycle

Sick of high gas prices, fighting over parking spots, and endless hours idling in traffic - or even hours spent on public transportation? The If Mode Bicycle ($2250) was designed specifically for city commuters: it folds into a compact, easy-to-carry package so you can store it in your office, and... [More]


Snow & Graham Candles

Made from 100% natural soy wax & guaranteed to burn for 50 hours, Snow & Graham Candles ($24 each) have a fresh, sweet scent that's not overpowering and makes the perfect background fragrance for a party or just a long bubble bath. Notes of citrus, cassis, vanilla sugar, geranium, thyme,... [More]


Athra Amethyst Three Stone Ring

Apparently, amethysts are traditionally worn to guard against poison, drunkenness, and to have a clear head. Naturally, now we'll wear this Athra Amethyst Three Stone Ring ($195) every time we go out for drinks. Three checkerboard-cut amethysts adorn a simple gold band that's perfect for pairing with this fall's purple... [More]


Stila Gift of Appreciation

Holiday palettes are here! Holiday palettes are here! In case you're a makeup novice, the holiday season is always the perfect time to buy makeup: there are tons of department store specials on, and most companies release limited-edition holiday collections with exclusive colors, or sets of their bestselling products. The... [More]

Big Driver Golf Cart

Big Driver Golf Cart

If you have an amateur golfer-in-the-making in your household, this is the perfect gift for him or her! Your little tikes can putt putt in the Big Driver Golf Cart ($400), which won't exceed 5 mph so you don't have to worry about the kids driving down the green! It's... [More]


Bookworm Shelf

For all that our books seem to gravitate towards the couch, the floor, the dining table, and the head of the bed, we here at Outblush love us some wacky bookshelves. Today's entry is the bendy Bookworm Shelf ($425), which can be curled into a any number of different positions... [More]


Clover Web Bracelet

Feel like going a little against the grain when it comes to jewelry lately? Try on this Clover Web Bracelet ($50) for size and see how quickly your friends take notice. The spiderweb-like chain really fits into our gothic costume for the upcoming holidays but we can see ourselves wearing... [More]

moose poop-s.jpg

Doubtblush: Moose Poop Necklace

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Gawd, this is a new... [More]


Rodebjer Mister Jacket

Tartan, while usually very sweet in the fall, seems like it has been everywhere the past few months. Due to our built-in tartan limit, we're going to try to hold out on the plaid overload and only invest in the key items that we think will last us for years.... [More]


Thanko Cat Earphones

Thanks to the Thanko Cat Earphones ($25), you're co-worker/dorm buddy/roommate won't be asking you again, why you didn't dress up for the annual Halloween soiree. This is practically one of the easiest Halloween garb outfits that you can do, requiring no effort on your part and the bonus is, you... [More]


Aveda Hand Relief

Aveda's Hand Relief ($21) could be the ultimate hand lotion. It's thick, but not greasy, keeps dryness from your digits for hours, and has a luxurious scent that's never overpowering. If that's not enough to convince you to check it out, during the month of October, $4 from every purchase... [More]


DeBrand Giant Chocolate Caramel Apples

First & foremost, when DeBrand Fine Chocolates says that these are Giant Chocolate Caramel Apples, ($22-27) they do mean giant. We thought it might've been just the incredibly thick coatings of caramel, chocolate, and nuts, but the apples themselves are about five times the size of your average farmer's market... [More]


Rosanne Cash's "The List" Giveaway Winner

Hey kids, give a big Hip, Hip, Hooray! to Cassie, the winner of our Rosanne Cash Album Giveaway. Cassie grew up listening to Johnny Cash on a trap and skeet range in the desert of Indio, CA and she has a boy (dog) named Sue! If that's not a match... [More]


Sales & Steals: 10/16/09

'Tis fall, and the weather is crisp and cool, perfect for cute coats, sweaters, and boots. We've got the usual coterie of cool deals below for you... so go shopping, & then go for a walk in the leaves & apple picking with your friends! Gap, Old Navy, and Banana... [More]


Special Guest Post: La Coquette's Bag of Tricks

Listen up, guys and dolls! Last week, our very good friend La Coquette - a confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes) - paid us a visit to tell us about an ideal overnight bag. She's back today to let us in on, quite literally, a secret or two... [More]


Knax Walnut Coat Hook

We're always trying desperately to streamline and simplify our lives, and we think that's why this KNAX Walnut Coat Hook ($99) appeals to us. Not only does it have a nice, simple design, but when the hooks aren't in use, they're flush against the wall. One quick push and the... [More]


Jetscapes Dramatic Bloom

Looking for something to liven up your walls? Jetscapes has lots of amazing art, most of which is multi-canvas, creating a very unique look. Sizes, colors, and moods all vary, so it's worth checking out no matter what your style. Right now, we're drawn in by the bright pop of... [More]

Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Hang on to your hat! We've already heard that this winter season is going to be treacherous and a bit on the nipply side! So we've got your noggin covered appropriately! The Faux Fur Trapper Hat ($98) from Shopbop's own Bop Basics line is fabulously fashionable and wonderfully warm. This... [More]


Irreconcilable Differences

Oh, little Falcon Heene, we're so glad to hear you're safe & sound after pretending to float away in a homemade weather balloon across part of Colorado. Your parents are... interesting, and we can see why you wanted to escape. Minor emancipation might be a good option for you, but... [More]


Blue Lotus Collection Clutch

We're smitten with all of the bags in the Etsy shoppe of Fiaz Co, but are sorely tempted by her Blue Lotus Collection Clutch. ($65) The paisley-esque brown, blue, and green lotus-print Dupioni silk cover would add a touch of ladylike grace to any outfit, and the antiqued brass frame... [More]


Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Ankle Boots

Forget your trusty compact in your other bag? No worries, just stare straight into your to die for Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Ankle Boots ($1,195) to get a perfect glimpse of yourself in the platform heel. The extremely hyped new(ish) designer has been making mouths water and heads turn for quite... [More]


Celeb Style: Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

With Keeping Up With the Kardashians somehow one of cable's hottest shows, it seems like fame has gotten to the Kardashians' heads and their ensembles. New press leads to more access to stylish duds, so this week we're taking a peek at one of TV's most messed up reality families.... [More]

umbra orga-s.jpg

Umbra Capelli Organizer

Matt Carr's clean and clear polycarbonate Umbra Capelli Organizer ($22) keeps our bathroom mess in check and is safe to hold hot appliances. Its sleek and modern configuration of multi-opening cylinders makes an attractive display cluster. Our colorful makeup and toiletries will unabashedly speak for themselves in these containers. How... [More]

Steve Madden Traxx Platform

Steve Madden Traxx Platform

If you have a major shoe fetish like we do, you will LOVE the Steve Madden Traxx Platform ($130) is simply amazing! It's a little bit of rock n' roll mixed with ultra glam! This high-heel platform wraps around your ankle and has a sexy-back zipper closure with multi-studded suede... [More]


Presents for the Defendant, Jon Gosselin

We just found out that Jon Gosselin is being sued by TLC for breach of contract, and we wanted to help a brother out. No sane defense lawyer is going to want to touch his case, so we're giving him Represent Yourself in Court: How to Prepare & Try a... [More]


Hinkoi Bath Tea

Do you ever get lost, staring into your teacup, thinking how nice it would be to lounge in aromatic hot water, letting your stresses melt away while the steam and scents surround you? No? Uh, maybe that's just us. We need a spa day. Until then, we're pretty pleased with... [More]


First Brush and Toothpaste Treasure Box Set

The slightly bizarre First Brush and Toothpaste Treasure Box Set ($25) by Mud Pie Baby Princess straddles the line between sweetly sentimental and pageant mom creepy. With keepsake boxes for a little girl's first tooth and curl, moms on the mushy side are all set. (The cutesy silver cursive text... [More]


Jennifer Tuton Fleur de Lys Earrings

This Jennifer Tuton Fleur de Lys Earrings ($110) are more than just a great purchase to add to your growing collection of fabulous jewels. 10% of the proceeds from the purchase will go to For the Bayou, a non-profit organization that aims to restore and maintain the wetlands around New... [More]


Albero Cuckoo Clock

Really, we never thought we'd find ourselves lusting after a cuckoo clock, but sure enough, we saw this Albero Cuckoo ($385) and immediately started seeking out the perfect wall space for it. Not only is the nature-inspired clock beautiful on its own (did you notice the hands are tree branches?),... [More]


Dashing Diva Nails On the Go - Skulls & Diamonds

Anything that says "on the go" has a magical instant magnetic pul on our retinas. We see red when we realize how long things will take to be cooked or cleaned! We want instant gratification and nothing gives us more hope of that than this Dashing Diva Nails On the... [More]


Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack

We're super excited and waiting patiently to see the movie, but in the mean time, we're listening to the Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack ($10). Some people are saying that the Karen O. score is a bit too much for the fantasy aspect of the movie, but we're keeping... [More]


Mary Meyer Blue Triangle Circle Tee

Everyone can use a cute tank to pair with jeans for a daytime look. Pairing it with sweaters or jackets to make the outfit more formal is entirely up to you but here at OB we like to give you all the basics we can find. This Mary Meyer Blue... [More]


Leather Coin Purse

They say change is good. We say, change is kind of a pain...if we put it in our wallets, they get bulky, if we dump it in our purse, we have to dig for it, and if we leave it in our pockets, we never have it when we need... [More]


The Twisk

For those of us without the cabinet space or budget for our own Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer, or even a handheld electric jobbie, Joseph Joseph's The Twisk ($15) is a godsend. Hold the bowl of to-be-whipped liquids in one hand, and squeeze the twisk repeatedly to operate the mechanical whisk... [More]


Apivita Propolene Hair Mask

Paying for all those days of sun, sand, and bleached highlights this summer with parched, sandpapery locks? Treat your tresses to Apivita Deep Moisturizing and Repair Mask for Dry-Dehydrated Hair ($23) and watch 'em come back to life. It contains almond & honey for an intoxicating fragrance, plus sunflower, olive,... [More]


CC Skye Braided Mesh Cuff

It's g-g-g-gold, and it's g-g-g-gorgeous! This karat-rich Braided Mesh Cuff ($110) by CC Skye is the perfect accessory for when you just want to wear one good piece and have it pull an entire outfit together, but are sick of the now-ubiquitous statement necklace. Four chunky strands of woven metal... [More]


Mungo & Maud "Petite Amande" Dog Shampoo

Let's face it: dogs love to get into shit. And garbage. And swampwater. And... You get the idea. And unlike cats, they're not too finicky about cleaning themselves up afterward, thus saving you the trouble. We favor British Mungo & Maud "Petite Amande" Dog Shampoo (~$30) for our pooches, since... [More]


Logitech Squeezebox Radio

Dedicated internet radio devices have been around for awhile now, but we think the new Logitech Squeezebox Radio ($200, available for pre-order) really strikes the right balance of price and features. It's a kick to listen to our Pandora radio stations or stream from some of our other favorites, like... [More]


Sierra Cobalt Recycled Glass Dinnerware

This beautiful, repurposed Sierra Cobalt Recycled Glass Dinnerware ($189) is a wonderful, organic accent to any table. The 16-piece set includes 4 soup bowls, salad plates, dinner plates, and charger plates. No two pieces are exactly the same owing to the unique imperfections of the glass recycled to make the... [More]


Curtsey Maxi Dress

A maxi dress? For fall? Yep. Toss on this ¾-sleeved Curtsey Maxi Dress ($128) over a camisole, add some colorful jewelry & boots, and you're done. The deep vee neck and empire waist are supremely figure flattering, and the soft rayon jersey fabric feels like your favorite sweatpants. There are... [More]


C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Boost Cream Cleanser

Winner of a 2009 Self Healthy Beauty Award, C.O. Bigelow's Vitamin Boost Cream Cleanser ($10) is a godsend to winter-parched skin. Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, it treats your skin to loads of moisture as it gently foams away dirt and makeup. Skin won't feel tight and dry,... [More]


Lutz & Patmos Honeycomb Throw

Brr! It's getting chilly, and there's nothing better than a warm cozy sweater when the air is crisp. Until now; now there's something better - the Lutz & Patmos Honeycomb Throw ($89) is a gorgeous, hand knit throw with a great cable and honeycomb design. Forget the Snuggie, this is... [More]

boxed bday s.jpg

Special Guest Post by Ashley from Smitten Design

Listen up ladies, we have a brand new Guest Blogger on board. Ashley from Smitten Design has agreed to grace our presence and give us a taste of her event-planning wisdom. The Tallahassee native is a "constant design observer" and features an eyeful of lovely interests and inspirations on her... [More]


Doubtblush: Designer Sandwich Bags

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Geez, we don't even know... [More]


Logitech Notebook Kit

If you're one of those people who occasionally takes work home with you, or perhaps you work out of your home, chances are, you spend a bit of time on a laptop. Logitech's Notebook Kit ($100) may be of interest to you, as it not only includes a wireless keyboard... [More]

Myne Blue-Small.jpg

Myne Blue Ruby Lace Halter Top

This Myne Blue Ruby Lace Halter Top ($170) is like a diamond in the rough. Far too many fancy-ish tops go unnoticed but this one deserves its time to shine! The lace detailing is simple and subtle while the halter top is sexy and flattering when paired with that new... [More]

twilight soundtrack-s.jpg

New Moon Soundtrack

Apprehension for the new Twilight movie is mounting, and we're thrilled the New Moon Soundtrack ($10) release has been bumped up to Friday, October 16th. We're sure that Chop Shop and Atlantic Records don't realize our panties are in a twist, and we've bitten our nails to the nail bed... [More]


SweetBliss Karmamel Kickbacks

We are, admittedly, completely at the mercy of anything sweet. Our uncontrollable sweet tooth is what gets us into the most trouble and the very idea of writing this post made our mouths salivate. SweetBliss' Karmamel Kickbacks ($45) are candy chews in seriously delicious flavors like pecan nougat and all... [More]


Snow Diamond Dresser

Nurseryworks makes baby furniture, we know. But check out how amazing this Snow Diamond Dresser ($2000) looks. It's modern without being too vintagey-looking, and the white with dark wood contrast will pretty much match any color scheme ya got going on. OK, we'll say it; it's too cool for a... [More]

touch of dead-s.jpg

Sookie Stackhouse in A Touch of Dead

We're crying every Sunday that we can't quench our True Blood thirst, so we're tiding ourselves over with A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse: The Complete Stories) ($14). Author Charlaine Harris has re-imagined the supernatural world of Southern Vampire havens, focusing entirely on spunky telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse. For the... [More]


Twill 22 Oatmeal Velvet Alicia

Tired of having enough denim to come outta your ears? We are too, we want something fresh and new! These Twill 22 Oatmeal Velvet Alicia ($158) are a super cute way to take a breather from your jeans and hop into something equally as comfortable and cute (in fact maybe... [More]


Eat, Drink and Be Merry Poster

The Poster List has a new Eat, Drink and Be Merry Poster ($11) that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. You could hang it in your dining room, but you could also use it as a holiday card. Write your winter well wishes on the back, roll it up... [More]


Stiletto Spy School

Wait! Don't book that cruise, and stop before you rent that stereotypical road trip car. We've got your next vacation all picked out. The Stiletto Spy School (sessions from $295 to $3,650) is a little out there, a little edgy, and way girly, so we know it's perfect for Outblush... [More]


Celeb Style: Keeping Up With Kris Kardashian

With Keeping Up With the Kardashians somehow one of cable's hottest shows, it seems like fame has gotten to the Kardashians' heads and their ensembles. New press leads to more access to stylish duds, so this week we're taking a peek at one of TV's most messed up reality families.... [More]

organelle hang-s.jpg

Organelle Design Hanglier 1.2

Organelle Design seems to have taken the more than stern "no more wire hangers" advice from Mommy Dearest in their intriguing collection of Hangliers. Hanglier 1 (not shown) and Hanglier 2 (second and fifth from the left) are as visually interesting as Hangelier 1.2 (first and third from the left),... [More]


Sophomore Cuff Tank

New designer brand Sophomore has been a staple on the New York City nightlife scene and has been making quite a buzz amongst the who's who of the fashion industry. Their classic (and classy) tops always follow the latest trendy shapes and silhouettes while keeping every woman's body in mind.... [More]


Log-Shaped Pillows

Beware of Beavers! We thought these Log-Shaped Pillows ($70) were really cool at first sight, then we took a closer looky-loo and realized that they aren't screen printed, these are knitted! So neat! Knitted in 5 different colors, each pillow is made to look like a log bitten down to... [More]


La Perla Lace-Detailed Cotton Bodysuit

Sex it up in this La Perla Lace-Detailed Cotton Bodysuit ($415) with some of the most stunning lace detailing that you will ever see when it comes to lingerie. La Perla knows how to do it and how to have you doin' it (wink!) in a considerable amount of luxury.... [More]


Pregnancy Congratulations Card

This Pregnancy Congratulations Card ($3) is everything that you want to say to your knocked-up best friend wrapped up in one card. Outside there is a perfectly innocent looking piece of sushi. But inside, (insert evil laughter here), she'll be hit with the following: "I'll be thinking of you while... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Zip-Pull Studs

For the girls who just gotta have their hands on something by Marc Jacobs, this is the item for you! These Marc by Marc Jacobs Zip-Pull Studs ($58) are just about the dumbest things we have ever seen him put his name on but we can't fault him on wanting... [More]


Incoco Dry Nail Appliqués

Peel-n-stick nail polish has been on the market for awhile, but we're hooked on Incoco Dry Nail Appliqués ($8). Available in a mind-boggling assortment of colors, glitters, and even prepainted French manicures, they're easy to apply and even come in special pedicure sizes so you can doll up your toesies... [More]


Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster

Meet Mr. Squiggles ($34). He's a Zhu Zhu Hamster. If you don't get him now, come the holiday shopping season, your world will collapse into oblivion. There's not a moment to lose. Please take our advice. A child depends on it. (Enjoy the TV ad, if you dare. Zhu Zhu... [More]


Anna Sui for Target Empire Dress

Anna Sui's new designer capsule collection for Target is inspired by the Upper East Side preppy looks from Gossip Girl. While we can't say we love the looks that the youngsters wear on that show (or that we even religiously watch) we do love some of Sui's designs like this... [More]


Where the Wild Things Are

So, a certain monster movie comes out tomorrow, and the OB office is divided on it. Half of us think it'll be awesome, half are convinced that Spike Jonze (Most. Pretentious. Fake. Hipster. Name. Ever. We're on to you, Adam Spiegel.) should not have been allowed to touch Maurice Sendak's... [More]


Sophie the Giraffe

Sure, it looks a bit like a dog toy and it might even sound a bit like a dog toy, but Sophie the Giraffe ($19) is THE most popular baby toy on the market right now. Babies have united and expressed their love and joy over Miss Sophie. Phthalate and... [More]

tobacco leaf mug-s.jpg

Tobacco Leaf Mug

Sure, there are probably as many cute mugs as there are fish in the sea, but the Tobacco Leaf Mug ($20) absolutely took our breath away. We love how the leaves and flowers sprawl out to reach around the entire cup, as if blowing in the wind. Notice the dainty... [More]


Microsoft Windows 7

We're one week away from the dawn of Windows 7 ($120, Home Premium upgrade). Cue the obligatory "Also Sprach Zarathustra." Are you gonna update? Or do you plan on white-knuckling it into the next decade with what you got? If this new release lives up to its billing -- seven... [More]


Dog Bone Paper Clips

How fan-barking-tastic are these puppies? The Dog Bone Paper Clips ($5) are shaped like little bones and are just as functional in fastening those important papers of yours together as needed. We love the second glance they make our boss take every time we put these in his inbox, we... [More]


Spiced Brine Mix

For those of you who've never cooked Thanksgiving dinner solo before, we're willing to bet that it's the turkey that fills your heart with dread. Cooking a 15 pound bird without burning it is hard enough, but you've probably got visions of Monica on Friends dancing on in your head,... [More]


Lauren Ramirez 18K Gold and SIlver Twig Bracelet

It's always nice to see jewelry that takes on a more natural meaning, like leaves and flowers made out of silver and gold. There is something so soothing about really environmentally-influenced jewelry that modern pieces simply lack. (Not that we don't love a good contemporary piece either.) This Lauren Ramirez... [More]


Senna Hot Chocolates Kit

Makeup kits are a fabulous answer to those days when you just don't have the heart to find coordinating shades on your own, or if you're not sure what to pair über-trendy shades with. One of our latest favorites is the Hot Chocolates Kit ($82, a $142 value) from Senna... [More]


Shakespeare Schnozzz Tissue Box Cover

Good gentlewoman! I see thou'rt plagued with the ague of the nose, that maketh thee sneeze as if thine enemies laced thine food with too much pepper! Please taketh of me a tissue from mine own Shakespeare Schnozz Tissue Box! ($22) Okay, so we're not exactly Renaissance playwrights, and clearly... [More]


Paul & Joe Sister Blossom Blouse

Give your work outfits a demure couture boost with this 100% silk Paul & Joe Sister Blossom Blouse ($172). The watercolor-inspired print, high mandarin color, pleated back and soft fluttering sleeves are best paired with harder, menswear-inspired pieces in dark colors and pinstripes for contrast. Available in blue or red... [More]


Neko Kitty Hair Bow

Planning on dressing as Lady Ga Ga for Halloween? All you'll need is your craziest outfit, everyday items repurposed as accessories (Bonus points if you figure out how to make toilet paper tubes and some tinfoil into a skirt), and a custom-colored Neko Kitty Hair Bow. ($22) Just don't forget... [More]


Bravit Candle

A hexagonally-patterned woven wick hides inside this Bravit Candle, ($75) designed by Christoph van Bommel. As the wax melts away from the top end of the wick and uncovers more sections, it will split into multiple flames, with the process repeating each time new wick is uncovered. It'll never be... [More]


Numeric Proof Concealer

Favored by professional makeup artists, the Viseart Concealer Palette ($50) may be the only concealer you'll ever need. Six different colors take you through all four seasons as your skintone changes, or can even be used as contouring color. You'll find it super-blendable, with a non greasy texture, since it... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Super-Secret Spy Lens

Hey kids, ever wanted to know more about the fine art of photography (and how to get some major dirt on your dastardly nemesis/lying ex/Satan-turned-boss)? Well, you're in luck, cuz our go to gal for photography, Meggan Haller of Keyhole Photo, returns to give us advice on just that topic!... [More]


A Fall Gift of Health Savings at Rite Aid

We don't know about you all, but we're starting to get that desire to stay in, snuggle under the covers, and drink hot chocolate (lots of it). It's just one of those instinctual impulses we get every year as soon as the weather turns from sweltering to snappy. As lovely... [More]


Moustachios Blind Bags

We know some of you aren't feelin' the moustache thing (comments, people - use 'em, we love to hear from you), but we just could NOT keep this to ourselves...Shawnimals makes freakin' rad plush toys, including, of course, a wee plush 'stache. Starting TODAY, you can purchase one of a... [More]


Dolce Vita Fire Pump

The holidays are coming... and with them, they bring holiday PARTIES! We just love a good party, and one of our favorite parts is putting together a great outfit for them. This Fire Pump ($90) by Dolce Vita is just great because it appears to be a classic black pump... [More]

silverstone kind diet-s.jpg

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

So, it looks like our favorite 90s fashionista isn't as Clueless as she seemed... Alicia Silverstone's new vegan handbook, The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet ($16) sounds a bit too ambitious for our meat craving body, but honorable just the same.... [More]

Tt Audrey-Small.jpg

Tt Audrey Black Bow Dress

Classy and cute is just about the best description we have for this feminine frock. The Tt Audrey Black Bow Dress ($202) could be used as a sexy Audrey Hepburn costume (and yes, it seems as though the word sexy must go in front of every single costume idea on... [More]


Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo

Hot soup and a hot sandwich - is there a better winter combo? (Peppermint schnapps and cocoa, maybe...) Now there's the perfect tray for this classic combo. With the Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo ($30) you won't have to worry about your soup bowl sliding around when you dip... [More]


Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss

We know, we know, another lip gloss. Listen up ladies, this one is worth it. Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss ($20) is super hydrating and feels great on (not like some others that feel like you've smeared sticky caramel all over your lips). It gives you plenty of shine, but... [More]


APC Tall Brown Boots

Mid-calf boots are a great transition boot from summer's ankle booties to winter's knee-length bulky boots. These APC Tall Brown Boots ($515) offer such a rich brown leather that only gets better with age and a great classic shape that works wonders under just about any type of pant. We... [More]


Heart and Daisy Pancake Molds

Mickey Mouse pancakes have been done for decades, and we're sure our kids would appreciate something new. Try these Heart and Daisy Pancake Molds ($15) for fun new breakfast shapes with cut-out spaces for syrup, fruit, or our favorite topping. Don't expect hotcakes so cute to last long on the... [More]


Rachel Rachel Roy Tagged Crossbody Clutch

Designer darling Rachel Roy has done a diffusion line to let us normal people afford and enjoy her celebrated work. The Rachel Rachel Roy Tagged Crossbody Clutch ($69) is a street-chic handbag with a seriously small price tag. We can't get enough of the graffiti-inspired clutch and love how it... [More]


Sequin Chain Link Fringe Necklace

This Sequin Chain Link Fringe Necklace ($125) looks like it would have been Pocahontas's favorite necklace to wear. That is to say if she was a chic fashionista ready and rearing to take on the world one day at a time. So maybe she wasn't all the aforementioned but we... [More]


Kelly Van Gogh Heads Up Kit

Ok, recessionistas, are you (like us) looking in the mirror thinking, "how can it possibly be time for a salon visit already?" If you're not looking forward to shelling out $100+ for lovely sunkissed locks even in dreary weather, check out Kelly Van Gogh's Heads Up Kit ($49). Its' an... [More]

teddy bea rcoat-s.jpg

Doubtblush: N2 Coat

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Chilean born designer, Sebastian Errazuriz... [More]


TruBlood Beverage

So, there's some vampire movie coming out in a while that seems to be causing kind of a stir, but let's not forget about our other favorite vampires on True Blood. Fans of the show may be interested to know about TruBlood Beverage ($16/4pk), a carbonated tart and sweet blood... [More]


AT&T Garmin nüvifone G60

Proof that eventually everything we do will be done with a cell phone -- let's not think about the possibilities -- the Garmin nüvifone G60 ($300 with a 2-year AT&T contract) is a touchscreen smartphone that doubles as a full-blown Garmin GPS navigator. Yep, just attach the nüvifone to the... [More]


Calypso Perfume Tangerine Candle

This Calypso Perfume's Tangerine Candle ($38) has been making our boudoir smell deliciously sweet for the past couple of days. It makes you remember the sunnier and warmer times, which for all those cool-weather-haters out there is a great thing. The candle burns extremely slowly and lets out the pungent... [More]


Celeb Style: Keeping Up With Kourtney Kardashian

With Keeping Up With the Kardashians somehow one of cable's hottest shows, it seems like fame has gotten to the Kardashians' heads and their ensembles. New press leads to more access to stylish duds, so this week we're taking a peek at one of TV's most messed up reality families.... [More]


Iwona Ludyga Olsen Collar

Infinity scarves have been making major waves in stores right now. Big knitted rings of fluffy wool or cotton are the new scarf it seems. While we will never quite give up on our pashminas (we love the multitude of ways we can wear them) we will wrap our heads... [More]

bathroom storage-s.jpg

Betty Jackson Black Storage Boxes

Chic London designer Betty Jackson uses a simple silhouette based formula for her classic modern fashion, and she's whipped up something equally stylish for bathroom storage solutions. Her Black Bathroom Storage Boxes ($44) might seem like a minimalist yawn at first glance, but keep an open mind... Peek inside to... [More]


D. Porthault Paris Les Coeurs Pink Pajamas

Snuggling up in these D. Porthault Paris Les Coeurs Pink Pajamas ($290) is about as luxurious as it gets guys. These super soft cotton jammies are girly enough to wear around the ladies when they come over to watch this week's Gossip Girl and comfy enough to wear throughout the... [More]

birthdays book-s.jpg

Birthdays Post Miniature

We wish we weren't so frazzled all the time, but no matter how much echinacea we take, our lives stay insanely busy. Perhaps the Birthdays Post Miniature ($20) by Brights Leather can help us with our birthday forgetfulness. The adorable cream-white, acid-free paper with gilt edges and satin ribbon marker... [More]


Target Silver Metal Headband

Headbands will never go away and we aren't that sorry that they'll be in style forever either. We love a little hair candy every now and then but try to avoid headband overload for fear that we will get those horrible headaches we used to get as a kid. We... [More]

Mason Midnight-Small.jpg

Mason Midnight Silk Peak Lapel

This gorgeous silk long sleeve top is sultry enough to show off a little decolletage but professional enough to wear around the bosses. The Mason Midnight Silk Peak Lapel ($334) comes in a stunning shade of sapphire that makes any other jewel tones just a wee bit jealous. The model... [More]

100 chairs, 100 days s.jpg

100 Chairs in 100 Days

Man, do romance novels get old fast. When our brains get tired of Fabio drama, we get design geeky, we're afraid. The book 100 Chairs in 100 ways in 100 days ($33) documents Martino Gamper's long two year journey toward his art exhibition, Stanze e Camere and 100 Chairs in... [More]


Baby Chewbacca Costume

Okay, so this Baby Chewbacca Costume ($19) doesn't exactly look like Chewbacca, more like Chewbacca if he'd recently been to a particularly enthusiastic dog groomer, but still! It's cute, funny, and we're totally buying some and putting them in storage for our future offspring. Chewie says "Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrngh!" Babies say "Hrnnnnnnngh!"... [More]


Normal As Blueberry Pie

The latest offering from the musical queen of quirk, Nellie McKay, Normal as Blueberry Pie {A Tribute To Doris Day} ($9) presents toe-tappingly different renditions of Doris Day classics like "The Very Thought of You" and "Wonderful Guy." The lush orchestrations and unexpected touches make this album the perfect antidote... [More]


Kiehl's Marvelous Mineral Mascara

We're pleased to see that perennial OB favorite Kiehl's appears to be dipping their toes into the cosmetics pool, after over 150 years of making fantastic skin care and hair products. Their new(ish) Marvelous Mineral Mascara ($17) is perfect for those of us with sensitive eyes or who wear contact... [More]


Village Tea Co. Classic Organic White Tea

We've all heard about the marvelous antioxidant benefits of tea by now: it's chockablock full of polyphenols, which may reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease. We've also heard how too much processing can affect the nutritional content of foods, so it makes sense to buy products you... [More]


Ruffled Riff Handbag

Made from vegan faux leather, (score!) this super cute Ruffled Riff Handbag ($42) mixes fall's biker chick and petaled ruffle trends in a combination that's uncommonly delightful, plus is big enough to hold your day-to-day necessities. And, come on, people, it has a cheetah print lining. We can't be held... [More]


Coffee Cup Power Inverter

We use caffeine to recharge when we're slumping on the go. Why can't our gadgets? This whiz-bang nifty Coffee Cup Power Inverter ($30) allows you to forget trying to find car chargers for your phone, laptop, or iWhatevers and just plug 'em into the top of the Power Cup, which... [More]


Vacuole 1 Earrings

Made from laser-cut dark bamboo veneer, these Vauole 1 Earrings by Molly M Designs ($36) are literally pretty in an organic way: a vacuole is part of the cross-section of a plant cell. We love that she's gone beyond her already adorable Gingko and Branch designs, also a part of... [More]


Talon Duvet Set

We're huge fans of simple graphic-print bedding like this Talon Duvet Sets ($220-250) from Weego Home. The black-and-white cotton percale has a visual punch with the fleur de lis-insipred pattern, but is otherwise fairly simple and unobtrusive. It's a great way to jazz up small spaces without overwhelming them, always... [More]


Origins GinZing

The eyes are the window to the soul. They're also the window into how little sleep you got last night 'cause you were on a date that went really well. But short of injecting caffeine into your skin, what can you do? Oh, wait, now you can! Origins GinZing Refreshing... [More]


Moustache Bandages

No true 'stache aficionado can tend her flesh wounds without the healing powers of Moustache Bandages ($7) from Urban Outfitters. Each tin, inscribed with the uplifting slogan "disguise your pain," contains 25 bandages with four different mustache designs. Don't be a 'stache hog. Share them with family and friends most... [More]


Ten Frightening Reads

It's always nice to have a surefire scary book to read when the trees begin to change and pumpkins start to pop up on doorsteps. Here we have ten great books, all good reads that will make you feel like checking under the bed before the lights are out. There... [More]


Decleor Rose d'Orient Night Balm

Decleor Rose D'Orient Night Balm ($69) is one heck of a multitasker. Formulated with relaxing waxes & essential oils of orange blossom, lavender, neroli, and blackcurrant, it provides soothing natural aromatherapy to help you drift off to sleep, while it softens and nourishes skin, reducing irritation as it purifies without... [More]


Black Bar Glasses

We've all been there; you're at some wild n' crazy party, having imbibed tee many martoonis, and someone whips out a camera. Next thing you know, your alcoholic antics are plastered all over Facebook, Myspace, and beyond. Solution? Black Bar Glasses. ($13) You'll be instantly anonymous in any photo -... [More]


Doubtblush: New Car Smell Candle

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Raise your hand if you... [More]


Frank Lloyd Wright Stencil Collection

This Frank Lloyd Wright Stencil Collection ($29) is fabulous. Inspired by Frank's love of stained glass, each stencil is adapted from actual patterns and designs used inside his famous homes. If you haven't had a chance to get to know Frank Lloyd Wright yet, we suggest you start with the... [More]

kudamemo memo pear-s.jpg

Kudamemo Pear Post-it Notes

Japanese design firm D-BROS highlights products created by graphic designers, and their new line of stationary encourages a whimsical attitude to life. We're crushing on the adorable Kudamemo Pear Post-it Notes ($40). The 3D design goes against how we envision post-its, and the surprise is oohsoosweet. We're crossing our fingers... [More]


Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Perfume

Finding a scent that works for you can be a tough one, a lifelong search for some. Fortunately the buck stops here for us. This fresh, invigorating roll-on fragrance isn't too heavy but won't fade midway through the day. After we found the Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Perfume ($38)... [More]


Rainbow Blackboard Paint

Need milk at the store, your best friend's birthday present needs to be mailed, Sally's after school program is closing early on Thursday - our lives are full of important little details and it's always nice to have a place to jot them down so we don't forget. With Rainbow... [More]

jennifer-zeuner-initial necklace-small.jpg

Jennifer Zeuner Swirly 3 Initial Pendant

Want a unique way to wear your initials (or those of your loved one) around your neck? Jennifer Zeuner's Swirly 3 Initial Pendant ($176) offers an artistic alternative to some of the more direct initial necklaces we've seen. We love that it's not so blatant as to cause strangers to... [More]


Vintage Telephone

Let's face it, it's just not comfortable lying on the couch with your smart phone tucked under your chin, and a blue tooth earpiece gives you nothing to play with while your discussing important issues. Twirl the cord of this Vintage Telephone ($210) around and around your fingers for hours... [More]

fashion plates-s.jpg

Ben Morris Fashion Plates

We're overjoyed that Savannah College of Art and Design has honored late fashion professor, Ben Morris by creating the Working Class Studio Ben Collection of home accessories. Our favorite from the collection are the Fashion Plates ($8), which feature Morris' dynamic jewel-toned illustrations. Gecko, mustard, teal or wine melamine drawings... [More]


Tissot Savonnettes Pocket Watch

Who says that pocket watches are just for men? We've always been pretty hard on our wristwatches, and while cell phones can tell the time when you remember to charge them, they aren't much to speak of aesthetically. The perfect solution was a classic pocket watch. The Tissot Savonnettes watch... [More]


La Regale Beaded Shell

Sometimes a simple, classy handbag is a great way to make any outfit just a tad bit more elegant. This La Regale Beaded Shell ($39) is something we can imagine our grandmothers wearing or what flapper girls must have swooned over in their heyday. Either way, it looks like some... [More]


MyVinilo Mybed

Wall decals can at times be a bit juvenile and cheesy, but the stuff at MyVinilo is just plain awesome. Add depth and visual interest to your bedroom with the 2-D headboard, mybed ($117). Like most of the decals, it's available in over 20 colors! If you've already got yourself... [More]


Cookie Johnson Bootcut Jean

Made specifically to accentuate and hug a woman's curves, these Cookie Johnson Bootcut Jeans ($189) are going to do everything in their well-designed power to make you look your best from bottom to toes. While the goal of the jean isn't to point out every single curve you've got, the... [More]

stephanie shift-s.jpg

Lilly Pulitzer Stephanie Shift

Print maverick Lilly Pulitzer brings a burst of color into the dreary days of Fall with her Stephanie Shift ($168). Thankfully, she handles her neon green with deft skill and balances it with a blue paisley cherry on top. Its shockingly un-hippy dippy style is a refreshing departure from the... [More]


Hawaiian Volcano Plant

Cold temps have you dreaming of tropical locals already? This Hawaiian Volcano Plant ($50) will transport you to your fantasy island in a heartbeat. The vibrant red blooms will energize you whenever you look at it, and this is one plant that virtually takes care of itself since the volcanic... [More]


Marie Chavez Triple Strand Bronze Necklace

Take all the work out of layering necklaces with this Triple Strand Bronze Necklace ($160) from Marie Chavez. The three separate necklaces with their unique bronze charms will lay perfectly in line, saving you from digging through your jewelry collection to find necklaces of varying lengths that work together. Plus,... [More]


Corn Dog Lipbalm

The sweet smell of funnel cake, the hypnotic musings of a calliope, the whiplash spin of the Hymalian Beserker - the unique sights, smells, and sensations of a carnival or amusement park are unmistakable. They remind us of summer vacations, getting away with things we knew we weren't supposed... [More]


Celeb Style: Keeping Up With Khloe Kardashian

With Keeping Up With the Kardashians somehow one of cable's hottest shows, it seems like fame has gotten to the Kardashians' heads and their ensembles. New press leads to more access to stylish duds, so this week we're taking a peek at one of TV's most messed up reality families.... [More]


Bed Hog His & Hers Sheets

End the timeless quarrel over who really bogarts the bedsheets. With these Bed Hog His & Hers Sheets ($70), you'll be able to hold your ground and defiantly holler "See, you DO steal the covers!" (Hmm, perhaps we're promoting a product that will destroy your domestic bliss... maybe the two... [More]


Jeffrey Campbell Michelle Ruffle Pumps

These pumps are not for the faint at heart. Ultra girly girls, here is the ultimate shoe for you! These Jeffrey Campbell Michelle Ruffle Pumps ($108) are simply oozing with feminine qualities from the bright gold color to the flamboyant ruffled back heels. These are surely not your run-of-the-mill black... [More]

float bed-s.jpg

David Trubridge Float Bed

Sleep magicians Okooko won New Zealand's first annual challenging how we sleep project with David Trubridge's romantic outdoor bed, Float ($Inquire). David sees sleep as a nomadic mental journey into safety and comfort, and this bed is his ideal expression. The former boat builder crafted an exceptionally beautiful design that... [More]


Necklace Note Card

Reminiscent of paper dolls, each Necklace Note Card ($3) has a ribbon included so that the recipient can turn your noteworthy sentiment into a cute paper adornment. Printed on recycled paper using only veggie-based inks, each design is based on tide-pool discoveries. We think they should include matching earrings next.... [More]


Cosabella Ruffled Robe

Pure luxury is being able to lounge around all day (preferably on cold fall days with the fireplace on) in this Cosabella Ruffled Robe ($168). How nice it would be to only have to worry about making hot tea and making sure that the belt on this scrumptious wrap is... [More]

Vince Suede Leggings

Vince Suede Leggings

The Vince Suede Leggings ($895) give new meaning to ultra smooth legs! These leggings are fabulous in black lamb suede and feature a scrunched ankle, which add the perfect detail to simplicity. Pair these with a sexy off-the-shoulder sweater, peep-toe pumps and a gorg clutch...and you'll be dressed to kill!... [More]


Bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Spa Edition

We know, bikini season is officially over, but there's no reason to let personal grooming fall by the wayside. Plus, maybe someone will whisk you off on a fabulous tropical getaway at a moment's notice - you'll want to be prepared. The Bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Spa Edition ($60)... [More]


Tall Allium Lamp

Sometimes we don't like to sleep with the lights off (What? We managed to abandon our beloved teddy bears... give us this one thing). So, grown-up versions of nightlights, like this Tall Allium Lamp ($99) are the perfect alternative. A tall, opaque paper shade with a delicate floral etching &... [More]


Wool Biker Dress

Part biker jacket, part shirtwaist dress, this tailored Wool Biker Dress by Whistles UK (~$300) effortlessly pairs several of fall's biggest trends. The grey viscose/wool blend is soft & comfortable, perfect for pairing with brightly colored accessories, but you could certainly leave it as is, since the zipper front closure... [More]


Sakura Bloom Baby Slings

Friends with babies have informed us that slings are one of the best ways to transport a baby on the go, or keep them with you as you do stuff around the house.. Babies are kept snugly against you and can hear your heartbeat and voice, which often (yessss!) lulls... [More]


Crochet Lover Dress

Crochet lovers beware! You just might not be able to resist this latest fashion item! The aptly-titled Crochet Lover Dress ($58) is just that. Wonderfully made with beautiful crochet detailing surrounding the neckline, this little black dress is just a hint better than the rest of the LBD's hanging in... [More]


Narwhal Mug

Seriously, how sweet & cheery is this Narwhal Mug? ($12) A handpainted, smiling narwhal with rosy cheeks adorns a white china mug. Perfect for sipping your a.m. java, or as a pen holder on your desk.... [More]


Barbara Flower Carrier

You bring your own grocery bags and produce bags, why not a floral bag? This Barbara Flower Carrier ($61) is just too cute. It's double-lined to prevent leaking, and will keep your stems from getting crushed when you toss it over your shoulder on your way home from the farmers... [More]


Album Giveaway - Rosanne Cash's "The List"

Some parents pass down the family jewels to their children, some only have memories to give. Still others pass down heirlooms like secret recipes, or just great genes (Nhala Aubry, we're talking to you!). What did Johnny Cash pass to his daughter, Rosanne (other than masses of talent and a... [More]


Edun Ogogo Sweater

Edun, the clothing brand backed by U2 frontman Bono, has been making environmentally conscious clothing with subtle hints of modern cuts and fabrics. This Edun Ogogo Sweater ($105) isn't just your regular everyday sweater as its interesting neckline is almost as rare as a recording artist who's true passion isn't... [More]

teppich rug-s.jpg

Impressionen Teppich Rug

Teppich Rug ($205) by Impressionen is a lovely example of the "it" color for fall and winter, eggplant. We're seeing this color on runways and table settings, always as the center of attention. Purple does have a regal quality, and well, we're princesses, if not queens of our realms -... [More]

julia collection cheese-s.jpg

The Julia Collection

The Julia Collection is a carefully selected cheese confection set from the gourmet divas at Cowgirl Creamery as featured in the film Julie & Julia. These are some serious cheeses. Unfolding the chestnut leaf wrap of the goat milk cheese, O'banon, and then moving on to the soft Constant Bliss,... [More]


Del Gatto Agate Cameo

This Agate Cameo Ring ($282), made by the Del Gatto family of Naples, Italy, is set in 18 carat gold and would be an treasured addition to any woman's jewelry cache. The blue of the agate is bold, but the figure is delicate and lovely. The ring, like most of... [More]


Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture

Not all of us can afford a posh Louis Vuitton purse, but isn't it true that we could all use more glamour, culture and fashion in our lives? Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture ($54) comes at a much more manageable price than most LV pieces, and showcases many of... [More]

decorative clip boards-s.jpg

Decorative Clipboard Set

The Decorative Clipboard Set ($36) from decorativeinstincts includes three memo size clipboards decoupaged with iconic Fornasetti images. Natural curiosity within us is triggered by this wide-eyed woman - we see ourselves in her. Think of the kick started imaginative brain power these clipboards would spark... Who is Fornasetti, you ask?... [More]


Napoleon Perdis Quad

Come-hither eyes are easy with the Napoleon Perdis Dramatic Eye Shadow Quad ($35). Contained inside the adorable flapper compact are four shades that might look a bit intimidating at first, but are very wearable for everyday. Line your lash line with the midnight blue or deep purple, then define the... [More]


Diesel Winter Tie Dye Dress

Tie dye in some of fall's favorite colors can be a great way to look chic this season. Numerous warm shades of greens, browns, and reds are all fabulous for fall and we love 'em. Throw on this Diesel Winter Tie Dye Dress ($320) with a pair of grey knit... [More]

Hand Salad Tossers-s.jpg

Acrylic Salad Hand Tossers

The Canetti Design Group brings us some really fun kitchen utensils with their Acrylic Salad Hand Tossers ($22). They give us "an extra set of helping hands" when we need one most, right before dinner is served. Available in primary colors, these salad tossers come in pairs with a right... [More]


Aluminum Antler Candlesticks

We're starting to feel that this may be the start of an antler kick, like the mustache obsession of late, but aren't these Aluminum Antler Candlesticks ($116) awesome? They're cast from a real antler, dipped in metal and then polished to a high shine. We're picturing a whole winter table... [More]


Celeb Style: Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

With Keeping Up With the Kardashians somehow one of cable's hottest shows, it seems like fame has gotten to the Kardashians' heads and their ensembles. New press leads to more access to stylish duds, so this week we're taking a peek at one of TV's most messed up reality families.... [More]


Marc New York Asymmetrical Coat

Puffy coats are going to be here before you know it! This Marc New York Asymmetrical Coat ($154) is a great burnt orange color that will surely make you stand out against a sea of safe black coats. Who needs to play it safe with outerwear? Not us, we always... [More]

total living-s.jpg

Total Living

Maria Luisa Frisa, Mario Lupano and Stefano Tonchi edited a compilation of studies on the converging spheres of art and culture in Total Living: Art, Fashion, Design, Architecture, Communication (from $12 new). As designers mold taste based on their point of view, brands are becoming synonymous with the lifestyle they... [More]


Mata Hari Hilary Bag

Sometimes the fun side of fashion is what excites us the most and not the trend-based or rule-based one. We love taking fashion risks and remembering that not all things are serious in the wide world of fashion! This Mata Hari Hilary Bag ($62) is a great way to liven... [More]


Melamine Container Set

The bold graphic print on the French Bull Melamine Container Set ($23) is gonna make you happy every time you open your refrigerator and see their polka-dot cuteness staring back at you. Made from 100% melamine, these containers will not leach harmful BPA or bacteria into your food. Melamine is... [More]


Faith 21 Belted Pinstripe Blouse

We are so, so pleased to see that Forever 21 has finally gotten it together and launched their plus size line, Faith 21. It's about time that these fun, fashionable, reasonably priced threads are available for those of us who are a bit curvier. While their selection isn't as extensive... [More]

color spectrum umbrella-s.jpg

Color Spectrum Umbrella

So what if raindrops are falling on our head - we're still bright-eye and bushy-tailed (and frankly, excited about our light layer options). MoMA's windproof Color Spectrum Umbrella ($24) celebrates bad weather; heck, maybe it outright mocks it. We enjoy mocking things as much as we like this TKO color... [More]

Switch Amethyste-Small.jpg

Switch Amethyst and Clear Agate Ring

We know you guys loved the last amethyst item we brought to ya so we decided to give it another shot! This Switch Amethyst and Clear Agate Ring ($298) is great because it's a super cocktail ring with a hint of geology-nerd chic. The beautifully unfinished look makes this ring... [More]


Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Variations

It's always exciting when we find a new concept in beauty or fragrance - so much of what we see in beauty stores and on cosmetics counters is just the same ol' product in a different package, which is why we're pretty happy about Lisa Hoffman's Fragrance Variations ($95). These... [More]


Rag & Bone Boyfriend Slouchy Jean

Boyfriend jeans can be tricky to navigate, 'cause a baggy, saggy midsection and butt? Not so flattering. Rag & Bone's Boyfriend Slouchy Jeans ($253) are carefully cut to perfectly fit your waist, hips, and bum, but otherwise are the perfect answer to the BF jean trend. Loose, relaxed, and effortlessly... [More]


The Polish Pal

It's a Friday night and you're at home, watching DVR'ed episodes of The Office and Glee, kicking back with a cuppa hot chocolate and preparing to do up a pedicure in your favorite shade. Only... You can't. Get. The. &*$%ing. Bottle. OPEN! Sticky nail lacquer has sealed that sucker shut,... [More]


Report Signature Watts Pump

Zippers are everywhere this fall, and we're particularly smitten with designers who use them as a decorative accent rather than a functional part of clothing. Edge up your 9-to-5 look with these Report Signature Watts Pump. ($190) A four inch heel plus pointed toes and ½ inch recessed platform make... [More]


Simone Daybed

Crate and Barrel's luxurious new Simone Daybed ($1000) practically begs to be laid on, swooning as if it were your very own Victorian fainting couch, only way more comfortable and practical. The clean, modern lines, flared arms, and backless design mean you can put it in any part of a... [More]


Hay Thanks! Notecards

Nothing says, "Thank you!" like a good old-fashioned pun, does it? These Hay Thanks! Notecards ($2.75 each) by La Familia Green have a fun, quirky outside and blank inside, putting a smile on their face & letting them focus on the message you write within. Plus, proceeds go to no-kill... [More]


Smashbox WISH Eye Wish Palette

We'd like to be all altruistic and say that we're buying the 2009 Smashbox holiday compact, the WISH Eye Wish Palette, ($44) as a gift for our bestest of girlfriends. But, honey, we took one look at these 12 rich eyeshadows, four silky cream liners, plus a Photo Finish eyelid... [More]


Black Gold Night Bracelet

This Black Gold Night Bracelet ($50) kind of looks like the spawn of a snap bracelet and a scrunchie, yet so much cooler. Handcrafted from plastic, each one-of-a-kind bracelet is slightly sheer and tinted with shimmering black & gold. The result is a little pretty, a lot punky, and totally... [More]

idea paint-s.jpg

Idea Paint

Drawing all over the our parents' walls with markers and crayons was destructive but fun; Now our walls are our own, and getting our creative urges out on them is productive. We can welcome broad scale brainstorming into our lives with Idea Paint (50 sq ft/$200). Just paint the white... [More]


Cholive Company Chruffles and Cholives

Chocolate and martinis make a smooth after dinner treat. That's why we're in love with the premiere delicious Cholive Company Chruffles and Cholives (90/$45). We had to be informed about this creative idea, but it turns out 55% dark chocolate filled with Vermont whole cream ganache does make a drink... [More]


Quicksilver Sixty-Four Dress

These adorable brick red dress makes us wonder why we don't incorporate more red into our wardrobes. There's something to be said about a woman who is confidant enough to wear lots of red and we want to take up the challenge to do just that! That's why we are... [More]

cardinal bell-s.jpg

Cardinal Garden Bell

We waved our magic whimsy wand over our gardens and this Cardinal Garden Bell ($14) appeared, but we won't need a magic spell to afford it. These Japanese bells add a pop of color and playfulness to our garden. We didn't ask for a gong in our gardens - clanging... [More]


Safe Rain Trench Coat

This Safe Rain Trench Coat ($210) is a great way to stylishly stave off rain in these cooler months that are coming up. We hate fighting with staying warm and dry so this jacket helps us battle with both. The modern design is also very much a rarity when it... [More]


Crosley Princess Phone

We're big fans of Betty Draper! We'll excuse her smoking and drinking whiskey while preggo as a sign of the time, and just lust after her impeccably styled wardrobe and house instead. If you're a Mrs. Draper fan, you've got to get the Crosley Princess Phone ($30) for your boudoir.... [More]

Postal Press mailing labels-s.jpg

Postal Press Mailing Labels

Postal Press is helping to keep the art of handwritten letters and notes alive, and we appreciate their romantic aim. Picking up a 6-pack of their Mailing Labels ($3) would do our little hearts some good. Personalize your message to the max with an antique-looking framing device, a bouquet, or... [More]


Miansai Double Bullet Necklace

This Miansai Double Bullet Necklace ($225) is a perfect accessory for the good-girl-gone-bad who wants to rev up any plain Jane outfit she's got on. We love the fact that such an edgy item can be turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry in its own right and that it... [More]


Doubtblush: UGG Sunset Boots

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything. Sure, there's a huge percentage... [More]

john reeves bench-s.jpg

Louis Kissing Bench

Contrary to the playground buzz, we're not sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g, we're sitting on the Louis Kissing Bench by John Reeves of Reeves Design getting down. Because we're not kids anymore, we deserve seats specially molded for our fine fannies and our man's (or ladies') cute behind. This double... [More]


Best Casserole Cookbook Ever

Does the word Casserole make you scrunch up your nose and think of tuna and mac-n-cheese night? The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever ($16) just might change your mind about this American dinner staple. Yummy recipes like Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche will banish the plain tuna casserole to hell, right where it... [More]

felt bowl-s.jpg

Inner Motion Decorative Bowl

The fine art of Chandra Stubbs is great in homes. Her Inner Motion Decorative Bowl ($Inquire) is much more than a thrown and extruded porcelain bowl with hand felted interior - it makes us want to dance a little happy dance that only certain artful combinations of color and and... [More]


Chronicles of Never Matte Black Sunglasses

Shades are not created equal. No matter what anyone tells you, sometimes you gotta splurge to get the creative designs that other retail stores lack. While sunglasses are usually the first things that we skimp on (we're clumsy and forgetful - all things that lead to cracked lenses or lost... [More]


Special Guest Post by La Coquette: Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Caryall

Listen up, guys and dolls! We've got another smart 'n' sexy guest post from our very good friend La Coquette, a confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), who's here to let us in on a secret or two from her bottomless box of tricks. Want more? Check out... [More]


Sales & Steals: 10/9/09

As per usual, below you'll find this week's best coupons and sales on offer from all your favorite stores. We hope y'all have great things planned this weekend, so have fun and stay safe! Chilli X iPhone Apps - To celebrate their birthday, Chilli X will be giving away all... [More]