Andy Platform Bed + 5% off coupon for

Ostensibly, this Andy Platform Storage Bed from Kids Bed Land ($300-400) is for, well, kids. But we found it surprisingly sleek & chic and kind of want it for ourselves. It's made from sturdy, eco-friendly hardwood and has optional drawer storage available - brilliant for small bedrooms! - and comes... [More]

Maxwell Riding Boots-Small.jpg

Special Guest Post by Matt Jacobson: Women's Legit Riding Boots

Hello all! Here is another deliciously delectable guest post by none other than Matt Jacobson from His blog takes us through Matt's life and what really makes him tick, from his favorite local shoe repair shop to his fetish for customizing and revamping his 1948 Mercury Woodie (heh). Matt... [More]


FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

So Kitty's a furry ball of energy and she's bored and she's giving you the skunk eye? Spring the FroliCat Bolt ($13) on her and watch her freak out over the random laser action! (See Exhibit A.) For all you lazy pet owners out there (who - us?), you can... [More]


Name Bracelets

Ooh, pretty-pretty! We love vintage finds that are unique and adorable. Erica Weiner has come across a dead stock lot of Name Bracelets ($20). You'll get five different bracelets with each purchase that might include names like Phyllis, Peggy or Sandra. They're totally unique and different and who knows, if... [More]



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Aldo Tomita Heels

Hello platform heaven! This heels look like a killer to walk in but trust us ladies, the higher the platform, the less you have to arch your feet (which equals less backache). We love the cross straps on the shoes as well as the light gray color which seem to... [More]


Jessica Kagan Cushman Skull and Crossbones Cuff

Jessica Kagan Cushman has been making fine jewelry with a kick of gnarly attitude for a little while now and we are starting to take notice. This Jessica Kagan Cushman Skull and Crossbones Cuff ($170) comes in both clear and black and offers a bold statement on your wrists. We... [More]


Natori Harlow Chemise

While it's great to wear lingerie for our special someone, it's nice to have a piece that is just plain sexy for us (read: no ridiculous straps and fasteners, no scratchy lace, no dental floss posing as underwear, etc.). That's why this Natori Harlow Chemise ($110) is the perfect compromise.... [More]

Metrostyle Puff Sleeve Bodysuit

Metrostyle Puff Sleeve Bodysuit

We don't have to go to American Apparel to sport the bodysuit trend (sometimes tucking in our tops is just tooooo hard). Look up Metrostyle's Puff Sleeve Bodysuit ($13). It hits all the right notes: soft jersey knit, smooth fit comfort, poofy sleeves without 80s catwalk shoulder pads, and a... [More]


Little Lark Gnome Onesie

What's cuter than a baby? A baby in a Gnome Onesie ($26), of course! It's organic, too. The gnomes wanted it that way.... [More]

Aldrich Museum Hot Mug

Aldrich Museum Hot Mug

If Paris Hilton saw the Hot Mug ($10) we would hope she'd use her catchphrase, "that's hot" as per the large text (only this time as relevant comment, not the usual drunken last resort). We think the wittier blurb is on the back ..."look. look again," describes something all of... [More]


Big Sexy Hair What A Tease Styler

While we've been called a tease (and worse than that!), we haven't really been huge fans of whipping our hair up into some sort of frenzy with a lot of back-combing and whatnot since the mid 80s. But we get that having voluminous hair is a good thing, so we're... [More]

TreVero Leather and Canvas Wallet Clutch

TreVero Italian Leather and Canvas Wallet Clutch

While we're loving the new season of Project Runway (like all seasons), we're gunna keep rooting for eternal runner-up, Korto Momolu, whose jewelry line has got a lot of attention. Some of us didn't know there was a handbag line too (shhh don't tell). Her TreVero Leather and Canvas Wallet... [More]


Wayne Faux Leather Zip Skirt

So we might look like we are working the corners if we're wearing this skirt at certain times, but when paired with a slouchy white tee and a "we don't care what you think" attitude this skirt is too cool for words. Wayne's Faux Leather Zip Skirt ($275) can unfortunately... [More]


Go Wild Waste Free Lunch Kit

We've showed you a few different options for eco-friendly lunchtime solutions, but now that back-to-school is here, let's take all the thinking and leg work out of it, shall we? This Go Wild Waste Free Lunch Kit ($42) is the perfect stylish green lunch kit, all packaged together with everything... [More]

MBT Sport Shoes

MBT Sport Shoes

Is it worth it? Let me work my MBT Sport Shoes ($254) please! MBT's are the next best thing since ummm...sliced bread. Needless to say, these strange looking kicks are worth every dime. They will dramatically improve your posture, stimulate circulation and tone your muscles from head to toe.... [More]

 Joseph and Joseph Rinse&Chop™

Joseph and Joseph Rinse&Chop™

Multitasking is one thing, but consolidating our kitchen supplies into conglomerate multitasking solutions - that's just godsend material. Joseph and Joseph's Joseph and Joseph Rinse&Chop™ ($24) does just that, uniting the powers of colander and chopping board in a blend of perfect utilitarian design. Its rubber grip edges and fold... [More]



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Delia's Shannon Sleeveless Duster

Is it cold outside but not too cold? Do you need something to just keep your bod warm without all the fuss of a bulky sweater? We like that this Delia's Shannon Sleeveless Duster ($60) is good enough for cooler nights but doesn't require a lot of layering, or thinking.... [More]


Nordstrom Crystal Pet Collection Charm Chain Dog Collar

Does your pooch need to be as pampered as you are? Of course! Try giving him/her this Nordstrom Crystal Pet Collection Charm Chain Dog Collar ($35) to don around the dog parks to breed about as much jealousy as dog-ly possible. We love the bejeweled peace sign because it's just... [More]


Anastasia Gel Brow Pen

The true authority on eyebrows, Anastasia has a great line for shaping and grooming eyebrows to make sure that we are always looking polished. One of our favorite items is the Gel Brow Pen ($21). We love it for its ease of use: the pen allows us to be precise,... [More]


Celeb Style: Jennifer Lopez's Coral Necklace

J. Lo is back and with a kick-ass new 'tude on In Style's September cover! Her fiercely pin straight bun and red lips make a bold statement that is a far cry from the girl on the block we used to know and love. This summer was very busy for... [More]

cigarette holder-s.jpg

Eel Skin Wallet Cigarette Case

Forgive us, but when we're ultra stressed, nothing quells aggressive outbursts like a cigarette (We know it's no longer fashion kosher, but Kate Moss smokes and so does our foxy Mr. President.). With the Eel Skin Wallet Cigarette Case ($19-38) by Gem Avenue we can keep our secret habit hidden... [More]


[BLANK] Denim Studded Black Skinny Leg Jean

Studs and anything rock n' roll chic are one of this season's hottest trends. We love the tough girl look and seeing how people have been translating the often too-tough runway looks into street-appropriate ensembles. These [BLANK] Denim Studded Black Skinny Leg Jean ($78) are a great head start to... [More]


Versace Versense

Redolent with sultry Mediterranean layers of jasmine, musk, sandalwood, and cardamom, Versace Versense ($45-85) is glamorous and seductive. Yet, thanks to the clean top notes of bergamot, green mandarin, and prickly pear, it stays lightly crisp with an underlying aroma reminiscent of green tea. If you prefer light florals with... [More]


Sommelier Glasses

Harkening back to the days when we imbibed cheap alcohol from those red plastic Solo cups, (ah, college) designer Maxim Velcovsky's Sommelier Glasses ($50) are guaranteed to make your tonier dinner guests grin into their napkins. We just hope the classic rimmed shape and flat-bottomed vessels will open up the... [More]


Eyeko Makeup

Created in London by Max & Nina Leykind, Eyeko Cosmetics is a favorite of UK celebrities like Victoria Beckham. "Eyeko" means "love" in Japanese, and the entire line is inspired by Japanese manga and anime. The entire line ranges from 3-10 British pounds, which is equivalent to roughly $5-$18 US,... [More]


Deco Headband

Perfect for gals cursed blessed with wavy (read: unruly) hair, ArguingTheMobius' hippie-chic Deco Headband ($20) is great for keeping flyaways in check. She cuts the leather from one piece so that there's no wasted material, and adds elastic to the back to fit those of us with, erm, more generously... [More]



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Goldplated Staples

For the rich jackass who has everything, evidently. If you're trying to suck up to the boss (and who isn't, these days!) or want to give that school essay a touch of brown-nosing class, use these Gold-Plated Staples.(~$202) Arrives in a black velvet jewelry box for extra speshul presentation.... [More]

Parisian Cafe Apron

Parisian Cafe Apron

Do you adore the French? And do you love to nibble on buttery French pastries? Often wish you were French? No need to do so can act as if you are thanks to this darling Parisian Cafe Apron, which features the streets of Paris and flirty little ruffles. This... [More]

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Slant Tweezers

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Slant Tweezers

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada is known for her use of bright colors and bold patterns, and as a result of a fun (albeit slightly strange) new partnership with Tweezerman, you can now get Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Slant Tweezers ($25). Yes, the price is a little steep, but... [More]


People's Liberation Karen Flare Jean

Whether it's skinny, bootcut, or flare, the biggest selling point of any jeans is how they look on you. We don't care to follow the trends exactly because if it doesn't look good on us, then it's not worth it in the long run. The best thing about bootcut or... [More]


Aerosoles Coat Tale Skimmer

We love wearing heels but ladies, sometimes it's just nice to take a day off and let our feet relax for once. These Aerosoles Coat Tale Skimmers ($42) allow our feet to breathe without compromising a hint of style. The skimmer is a perfect accessory for a summer dress and... [More]


Mike & Chris Easton Dress

This sleeveless silk charmeuse dress with a button-down front and collar is sophisticated chic at its max cuz no one can make a cooler mix of urban and feminine quite like designers Mike & Chris. Their clothes reflect that of a woman on the go who likes to feel pretty... [More]

Nars small.jpg

NARS Powder Blush in Orgasm

Our personal fascination with NARS cosmetics is meant to rub off on you; we'll take it very personally if you find that you don't positively love this Powder Blush in Orgasm ($25). We'll even go as far to say that this perfect blush should be in every girl's makeup bag,... [More]


Aesa Reverberation Earrings

These Aesa Reverberation Earrings ($347) are like a piece of art all unto themselves! They are remarkably different from lots of other earrings we have been seeing around and will definitely be a show stopper. These earrings scream to the world that you're not only an independent woman but that... [More]


Alexander Wang One Shoulder Silk Top

So what if we do have a serious crush on Alexander Wang; who doesn't these days? Fashion editorial darling Wang has been rounding the press circuits like it's, well, his job and we love him for it! Every time we see or read an interview of his we re-fall in... [More]


Celeb Style: Rain Denim Newsboy Cap

Oh Ashlee Simpson, how the pains of living in the shadow of your more famous and talented sister must create some serious insecurities. Luckily, you have a new baby and hubby to take your mind off of never living up to your full potential! Here Ashlee looks young hot and... [More]


CH by Carolina Herrera Candle

Carolina Herrera is one of those fashion designers that exudes class; her name is synonymous with an upper-crust kind of taste and elegance. Her taste-making ways have extended beyond fashion designing with this CH by Carolina Herrera Candle ($60)... Whenever Carolina offers tips on how to be just as ladylike... [More]

love leash 2-s.jpg

Alice Wang Dog Leash

Inventive designer Alice Wang tickles our funny bone and cheers us up with her Pet Plus collection. We can't resist a Schnauzer in a bib, but her Dog Leash ($Inquire) really struck our fancy. If we can get past the slightly morbid quality of the hand-holding-handle and embrace the bizarre... [More]


Topshop Stud and Chain Elastic Belt

Whips and chains aren't quite our bag baby, so this belt's about the closest thing we get to the naughty stuff. The Topshop Stud and Chain Elastic Belt ($32) is so good-girl-gone-bad it (almost) hurts. Just try not to swivel your hips too fast because injure your partners in crime!... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/28/2009

This week, we've got you covered from head to toe with coupons for everything from Stila Makeup to Lucky Brand Jeans to diamonds - yeah, diamonds. Enjoy, and have an amazing weekend from all of us here at Outblush! Delias - So what if these are clothes aimed at the... [More]


Boston Proper Fringe-Trim Jacket

Chanel tweed jackets are just a tad too pricey for our budgets, and even though we're obsessed with the classic look that very few can pull off without looking too stuffy, we can't seem to figure out how to justify the big purchase. This Boston Proper Fringe-Trim Jacket ($139) is... [More]

flower fountainhead-s.jpg

Recuperando Great Flower Fountain Fixture

Lovely. The Italian antique restorers and revivalists have made us something special for our monumental fountains. The Recuperando Great Flower Fountain Fixture ($200) has all the right ingredients - gleaming gold contours, a trendy floral motif, and perfect dreamy form and function. Now we just need a fountain. Unless we... [More]

loracLorac Sexy Swag Makeup Collection

Lorac Sexy Swag Makeup Collection

We're pinching ourselves because this deal is too good to be true! Lorac is offering this Sexy Swag Makeup Collection ($30) at a steal. You get twelve great beauty products (including 6 lip glosses, for you lip gloss junkies out there) that are a neutral enough palette to work with... [More]


Rachel Comey Infinity Scarf Deluxe

We cannot get over how fun this Rachel Comey Infinity Scarf Deluxe ($190) looks! The adorable knit balls on the end of the scarf gives this accessory a playful twist while keeping our neck as warm as can be. We all need a little pick up in those frigid months... [More]

J. Crew Selby Hobo

J. Crew Selby Hobo

Continuing the quest for the perfect handbag, we came across this simple little number from J. Crew. The Selby Hobo ($235) is timeless, a bag that'll outlast trends. The pleat gives it a nice shape and the straps are long enough that it'll fit over the winter coat we know... [More]

Target Zebra Lapdesk

Target Zebra Lapdesk

Who needs an actual desk when the Target Zebra Lapdesk ($40) is the cutest dorm-room solution? As a trusty late-night cram tool, it can be counted on to illuminate our studies without having to roll out of bed. All in all, it's a good hang-over, no-movement-can-be tolerated accessory.... [More]


Jill Stuart Satin Bustier Dress

Well hello! This Jill Stuart Satin Bustier Dress ($188) has sexy written all over it and we cannot get enough. The gorgeously "in" nude color with black boning is fabulous and will grab his attention quicker than you can bat an eyelash. A little too shy to wear this? Don't... [More]

Triple Threat Headband

Triple Threat Headband

The vaguely vintage, yet timely and oh-so-fashionable feel of all the items in the Old Soul, New Heart shop has us swooning, but we're particularly in love with this Triple Threat Headband ($35). It's subtle sparkle and serious statement at a price we can handle. Also, this is probably the... [More]

Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat

Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat

Be one with the universe striking a pose on the Tree of Life Yoga Mat by Gaiam ($22-27). WIth this serene design, our muscles will get long and lean as we imagine stress floating away like the illustrated leaves fluttering to the earth. We hear that green is a deeply... [More]


Velvet Sintia Skirt

Sometimes pencil skirts can be just as daunting as say, a corset. The completely unforgiving look can be torturous for some to brave and we are not excluding ourselves out of that group. We took a chance, however, and started out with this Velvet Sintia Skirt ($75) which was not... [More]

Parisienne Pop-Up Art Frame

Culture Club: Faux Museum Parisienne Pop-Up Art Frame

Meet the new face of decorative illusion, Faux Museum, makers of the innovative Pop-Up Art Frames. Lush French decorative arts are timeless, so we especially like the Parisienne Pop-Up Art Frame ($9-$28). This frame mimics dramatic golden frames of Louis XVI's Palace of Versailles in high definition, photo-real trompe-l'œil (lit.... [More]

The Office Season 5 DVD Set

The Office Season 5 DVD Set + 15% off coupon

If you, like Dwight Schrute, are "Determined Worker, Intense, Good Worker, Hard Worker, Terrific," but have a boss like regional manager Michael Scott, then you need to relax with The Office: Season 5 DVD set. ($40) Available for pre-order now - it'll ship on September 8th - it's a must-have... [More]

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

We have friends who firmly believe that 'everything tiny is cute!' Not if it's no longer functional, we say. That's why this Arc Mouse ($33) is a good compromise. It's a full size mouse that folds up to tiny size, and it's beyond stylish (you know, what cute wants to... [More]


Comme Des Garcons Embossed Number Wallet

This Comme Des Garcons Embossed Number Wallet ($108) is high fashion in the form of an accessory at its best. Comme Des Garcons coin purses and wallets are one of the brand's top selling items and instantly push you into the fashionista realm the second someone sees you whip this... [More]

Hue liquid leggings

Hue Liquid Leggings

Liquid refreshment, anyone? These Hue liquid leggings ($30) are not your typical liquid refreshment....they're much better! These chic faux leather leggings exude sex appeal and they will visually intoxicate all the lads in your vicinity...leaving them swarming around you like a school of fish being chased by vicious sharks. These... [More]


Bamboo Sushi Gift Set

Going to a dinner party and aren't sure what to bring? This Bamboo Sushi Gift Set ($36) is perfect to give to a couple who is two parts: foodie and adventurous. A sushi lover's delight, this set features plates, chopsticks, dipping bowls for soy sauce, and it's all on this... [More]


Hunter Original Lace Boots

We love the original rainboot they make but these Hunter Original Lace Boots ($115) push this outerwear gear into fashion territory. The laces make it super easy now to slip these on with thick socks or shove our stovepipe denim into the tops of the boots. No matter what, there... [More]

InterDesign Blumz Bath Mat

InterDesign Blumz Bath Mat

Bye-bye slippery shower shin bruises, the InterDesign Blumz Bath Mat ($13) has come to our rescue. The polished and textured petals add a whimsical charm to our bathroom's grimiest area. We may just forget about the mildew and hard water marks on our glass shower doors with the cute-power of... [More]


Celeb Style: CC Skye Blossom Ring

This CC Sky Blossom Ring ($245) is so cool even The City socialite Olivia Palermo grabbed one the first chance she got. After she coined the term "social", yet another groundbreaking term for someone who has tons of money and not many talents, she became the hottest fashionista on the... [More]

Phyto Phytobrush Special Smoothing Shampoo for Blow-Drying

Phyto Phytobrush Special Smoothing Shampoo for Blow-Drying

If you're a slave to a daily blowdry-and-flatiron routine, you'll want to give Phyto Phytobrush Special Smoothing Shampoo for Blow-Drying ($24) a try. Specially created with intense moisturizers and honey to protect hair from heat damage, it contains natural thermoprotective agents to keep hair happy. Devotees say it leaves hair... [More]

Gracia French Terry Wrap

Gracia French Terry Wrap

Gracia's French Terry Wrap ($96) looks like a trendy shawl-collared wrap cardigan, but feels like a favorite worn-in sweatshirt. Because, well, there are days when nothing but sweats will do (Aunt Flo, we're looking at you), but even business casual offices balk at PJs in client meetings.... [More]

Seletti Underwear Dryer

Seletti Underwear Dryer

Thank God for washing machine-friendly Woolite and the BraBall, 'cause we hate washing unmentionables by hand. An-noy-ing. But the dryer? No way. Not unless you like frayed seams, pilling silk, and underwire squeaking at inopportune moments. Save space, money, and energy with the Seletti Underwear Dryer. ($24) Simply clip your... [More]

Shu Uemura Painting Liner

Shu Uemura Painting Liner

For those of you not afraid of Technicolor eyes, we present your newest addiction: Shu Uemura Painting Liner. ($24) Eleven mixable shades of creamy gel color in every hue from citrine to turquoise (Of course, brown & black, too) mean you could conceivably do a different look every day for... [More]

SENZ umbrella small.jpg

SENZ Storm-Proof Umbrella

For those of us who live in a stormy city or just have this burning desire to simply carry this eye-catching umbrella, the SENZ storm-proof umbrella ($60) is the savior of all products. This simple and very necessary piece of equipment can withstand winds of up to 70 mph (hmmm...we're... [More]


Special Guest Post by Kristopher Dukes: How To Get P90X On Your iPhone

Diehard OB fans, gather 'round! Today's guest is none other than one of the web's most revered fashion blogstresses, Kristopher Dukes! We know you obsessively check out Kristopher's blog for the gorgeous (and not-so-gorgeous) stuff she's Wanting, Using, and Hating already, so it's no surprise that she's dropped by for... [More]


Da-Nang Button-Up Dress

Look like you're about to go on a sexy safari in this little number. The khaki color can go pretty preppy but when paired with the right accessories we prefer to push this look into a far more hip genre. The fit of the dress creates a casual but great... [More]

Moustache Bandana

Moustache Bandana

Yes, it's true: we're posting another moustache item. We can't help it, we're channeling our inner ironic hipster these days! Besides, they always make us smile, and what looks better with a smile than a moustache? (Too much of a stretch?) Aaaaaanyway, here's a rockin' Moustache Bandana ($18) that's hand... [More]

Cargo 7 in 7 Kit

Cargo 7 in 7 Kit

Dear Cargo, Thank you for saving us precious precious time in the morning and allowing us to hit snooze 3 whole times instead of the usual 2. Your 7 in 7 Kit ($59) is full of seven beautiful products that are beyond flattering and give us a complete polished face... [More]


SixScents Alexandre Herchcovitch Fragrance

Alexandre Herchcovitch is one of those designers that is a bit tough to wear but we can appreciate the skill it takes just to dream up, let alone make, those clothes. His pieces transcend fashion and enter into a realm of wearable art that is never taken for granted on... [More]


Perfectly Imperfect Sweetie Lace Nighty

Umm hello? Perfectly Imperfect Sweetie Lace Nighty ($60) on line one! We found it girls! A comfy, cute and impossibly perfect nighty to wear that just kicks the butt out of our other sleepwear. The super slinky material makes us want to wear this under just about everything we own... [More]

YOLO Paddle Board

YOLO Paddle Board

Have you heard about Stand Up Paddling? It's majorly on our to-do list before the end of summer. The basic concept is that you stand on a large surfboard and paddle yourself with a variation of a canoe or kayak paddle. Super fun, and a great core workout! If you're... [More]


So Low Jersey Leggings with Zippers

We love leggings with a little twist to them so as to surprise everyone with our creative sides. These So Low Jersey Leggings with Zippers ($62) have just the jazzed up feel we need. The zippers at the hem are a great accent point to any stiletto or ankle bootie... [More]


Rabbit Foot Keychain

A rabbit's foot has always been considered good luck and we have always considered ourselves superstitious. That's why this Rabbit Foot Keychain ($45) was a great gift when we received it recently, and it's a cute accessory for our keychains too! Designer Harry Allen created this quirky keychain from brass... [More]

 Bordeaux Cap Sleeve Banded Top

Bordeaux Cap Sleeve Banded Top

Look as cute as a canary in this yellow Cap Sleeve Banded Top by Bordeaux ($64). Pollen-yellow is perfectly summer, and we're trying desperately to cling to the last days of the care-free season. The built in comforts of this 100% Modal jersey tank makes us as happy as the... [More]

Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment

Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment

Perhaps it's maternal instinct kicking in a little early, or maybe it's just that we're hopelessly clumsy, but we've started building a little first aid kit for our purses. Along with other compact remedies, we're now carrying Burt's Bees Doctor Burt's Res-Q Ointment ($6). It's a natural balm that we... [More]


Cold Hearted Snake Earpiece

They're baa-ack. Bring out your inner Cyndi with this Cold Hearted Snake Earpiece ($70). Lux strands of gun-metal and gold wrap around your ear and down your back. Tease your hair a little and add some black liner, it's time for a little fun.... [More]


Colin Stuart Stitched Pump

Recently featured in popular fashion magazines, these Colin Stuart Stitched Pumps ($68) are every bit the height you need with the added comfort from the platform insole. The stitching work provides an extra splash of detailing that helps our teensy toes stand out in a crowd of plain jane pumps... [More]

flyswatter or spank toy-s.jpg

Tarmoset's Leather and Birch Flyswatter

Thank you again, A+R for providing us with a tempting danger zone of design. Our favorite find today is Tarmoset's Leather and Birch Flyswatter ($28) for the dirty business of insect murder. A skinny birch shaft gives just the right amount of swish, and the black leather, laser-cut swatter is... [More]

French Connection Lashes Clutch

French Connection Lashes Clutch

Sigh... we only wish we could get our own eyelashes as bold as the ones on this Lashes Clutch ($78) from French Connection. We love the way the graphic print makes this item stand out from other less flirty clutches.... [More]

Makoto Tojiki Archimedes Dream Light

Makoto Tojiki Archimedes Dream Light

Installation artist and experimental Japanese designer, Makoto Tojiki created the Archimedes Dream Light ($Inquire) with super energy-efficient OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology. The steady illumination of this glowing ribbon chandelier seems to have a life of its own (Ahh, it's alive!). Yep, this fascinating eco-fabulous lighting solution is truly... [More]


My Weakness Is Strong DVD

You might recognize Patton Oswalt as Kevin James's sidekick on the King Of Queens, or as the voice of the main character in Ratatouille, Remy the Rat, but did you know that he's a super funny comedian as well? Check out his new comedy routine in his just released DVD,... [More]


Black Savee Couture Backless Mini Dress

Call us crazy but this dress is the perfect go-to for those nights when you just can't tell what the weather is going to be like. The long-sleeves on this mini dress leave more to the imagination but upon further review, we noticed an extremely low-cut back that shows off... [More]


Plover Organics Duvet

Plover Orangics is a company that creates extremely functional items for the home using all organic fibers and dyes. Their green mission is something that we try to be mindful of whenever making purchases for home items like towels, rugs, and other home linens. This Plover Organics Duvet ($350) is... [More]

Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Watering Stakes

Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Watering Stakes

Whether for a going away present for a friend or to save ourselves from shelling out hard-earned cash to the inept neighbor-girl to water our tomato plants while we're road-trippin' it, the Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Watering Stakes ($46) keep our dirt damp and happy as a clam. A recycled... [More]


Snow Leopard 10.6

Update your MAC with the super fast Snow Leopard 10.6 ($25). Pre-order and get a super low price for new features, quicker back-up time and faster installations. Hurry though, this cat will be unleashed in two days.... [More]


Celeb Style: Forever 21 Brushed Cotton Shirt

Katie Holmes turned into a few things once she met Tom Cruise. She became a mother, a wife, a fashionista, a dancer, and (recently announced) a designer - and in that order too! We love ya Kate, but sometimes it's better to be a master of one rather than a... [More]

BeneFit Erase Paste

BeneFit Erase Paste

A good concealer is worth its' weight in gold, and BeneFit Cosmetics' Erase Paste ($26) is worth its' weight in pure platinum. This super-concentrated, creamy stuff camoflauges the worst of dark circles, brightens with melon undertone, and erases acne and signs of stress & fatigue. The only gripes? Use a... [More]

Wild Card Collection Matador Jacket

Matador Jacket

We received a request from @eDougherty for more steampunk on Outblush, and are more than happy to oblige. For those of you not in the know, steampunk is a fantasy subgenre whose clothing fashions channel goth and Victorian influences. This meshes perfectly with the upcoming fall fashion trends that lean... [More]

Zoya Pulse Sampler

Zoya Natural Nail Polish Pulse Sampler

Touted as the longest-wearing natural nail varnish, Zoya Natural Nail Polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, pthalates, and camphor, making it not only safer for the environment but great for pregnant women who don't want to give up mani-pedis. The glam metallics in the Zoya Pulse Sampler are perfect for... [More]

Wired Laptop Sleeve

Wired Laptop Sleeve

Etsy shoppe owner Brokesy designs quirky cartoon-inspired pillows, laptop sleeves, and other accessory pouches. We're quite taken with her self-termed "Techno Taco," this Wired Laptop Sleeve, ($85) which can be made to order for different laptop sizes. It's lined in closed-cell foam to protect your precious comp, and the cotton... [More]

Weekend in the Country Lingerie

Special Guest Post by La Coquette: Weekend in the Country Lingerie

Listen up, guys and dolls! Gracing us with her charms again is our good friend La Coquette! A confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), La Coquette has deigned to let us in on a secret or two from her bottomless box of tricks. Want more? Check out her... [More]


BCBGeneration "Nice" Pumps

On the hunt for the perfect shoes to make an ordinary outifit a bit extraordinary? A classic sophisticated style has met her match...wild thing! These BCBGeneration "Nice" pumps ($80) are perfect for sultry nights on the town and on the prowl. Rock these killer shoes with skinny jeans, a white... [More]

Sasagawa Animal Index Cards

Sasagawa Animal Index Cards

Have you ever wished there was a menagerie of mini-animals living in your bookshelves? Thought so - it's a surprisingly common desire. Thankfully anime impresario Hiroshio Sasagawa has designed a solution, which doesn't involve shrink rays or creepy genetic experimentation. (Although the idea of a 4-inch giraffe living on your... [More]


Rosetta Stone

Have you always wanted to learn a new language and just thought you didn't have time? Well darling, let us introduce you to Rosetta Stone ($425). Sure, this program is slightly more expensive than your local community college, but soooo worth it. This program will have you speaking, thinking, hell... [More]

White Russian Lollipops

White Russian Lollipops

Continuing our education of the unenlightened about all things Dude-like, we'd like to drop a little piece of trivia on you: The Dude consumes 9 White Russians over the course of The Big Lebowski. We're not going to admit to participating in any sort of drinking game where we drink... [More]

Maytex Tulip Photoreal Shower Curtain

Maytex Tulip Photoreal Shower Curtain

Sultry semi-sheer shower curtains just beckon special someones to make our everyday shower an extra sexy shower, so we think Maytex Tulip Photoreal Shower Curtain ($20) is on the right track. Black, so dark and brooding, is lightened up with a gargantuan bouncy white "photoreal" tulip graphic. We swear that... [More]

Help Packets

Help Packets

We all need a little help sometimes. Thank goodness for these ingenious packets of Help ($4). Available for a variety of common unpleasant occurrences, these well-designed and oh-so-useful kits can help out with blisters, aches, cuts and the likes. The size and shape of the packaging makes us think there... [More]


Wall-Mount Fish Bowl

This is neat! Beta fish don't need a ton of room for their environment, hence the little bowls they normally come in. But why keep your Nemo in a tiny bowl when he can have an uber-cool pad of his very own right on your wall? This Wall-Mount Fish Bowl... [More]

CheapMonday-Small .jpg

Cheap Monday Lizzy Gloves

When the weather gets a bit colder (okay, way colder) we like to keep our mitts as toasty as possible. We learned a while ago that as long as our toes and fingers are warm, the rest of our body has an easier time staving off the cold as well.... [More]


Ultimate Twilight Gift Set

New Moon is not scheduled for release until November 20th, so how are you going to cure your Twilight thirst between now and then? Why, with the Ultimate Twilight Gift Set ($70) of course! You'll get a special edition blu-ray disc, the motion picture soundtrack, a limited edition jewelry box,... [More]

Bare Escentuals Lash Builder

Bare Escentuals Lash Builder

It applies to a lot of situations in life, including makeup application: having a good base is important. Bare Escentuals Lash Builder ($15) is proof of that indeed. A coat applied before your mascara thickens your lashes and gives you that va-va-voom you're looking for when you apply your normal... [More]


Gabriella Rocha Chinara Coat

This Gabriella Rocha Chinara Coat ($85) takes the shape of a cute and cropped trenchcoat that is wearable almost every season! The structured shoulders is a big must-have this season and the color will go great with any black or silver accessories you want to pile on!... [More]

Snail Tape Dispenser

Snail Tape Dispenser

Here's an idea, and it could be a stretch, but it's worth running by someone... The Snail Tape Dispenser ($5) gives us a reason to work at a (how shall we say this?) more leisurely pace. It's cuter than puppies on Christmas and if it's gunna live up to its... [More]


House of Harlow Five-Strand Headpiece

Nicole Richie does it again with the latest from her House of Harlow jewelry collection. Her daughter's namesake line has some seriously retro pieces ranging from rings to headpieces and the one that caught our eye the most was this House of Harlow Five-Strand Headpiece ($170). The Neverending Story-esque adornment... [More]


Curb Your Enthusiasm Box Set

Curb Your Enthusiasm, one of our favorite shows, is coming back for a new season September 20th. We're pretty excited because word on the street is that the new season will feature the cast of Seinfeld. Yippee! Get caught up on your episodes or discover Larry David for the first... [More]

Pretty Cheep Project Bags

Pretty Cheep Project Bags

Technically, Pretty Cheep Project Bags ($6) are intended to hold your small knitting (or other craft) projects, which is great if you're a knitter - they work fantastic and are so cute. If you're not in the throes of knitting yet another scarf for your mom, they work well as... [More]


LinQ Zip Ruffle Top

Ruffles can go either way in our books. Sometimes they can be really novel and cute and sometimes they can be all wrong! It's tough to balance the fine line of the "good ruffle" meter but we're willing to put a stamp of approval on this LinQ Zip Ruffle Top... [More]

AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship

AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship

We're feeling a little like Dana Scully with this AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship ($30), calling the aliens with their colorful signals. The truth is out there, we know because that chip in the back of our necks is twinging. Are those rotating orbits what we think they are? Where's Mulder... [More]

DKNY Delicious Mini Set

DKNY Delicious Mini Set

Admittedly, we're not entirely sure why you would need two of each fragrance, but we're seriously into the travel-friendly DKNY Be Delicious and Red Delicious Mini Travel Collection Set ($50). We've been a fan of these fruity, sweet, refreshing scents ever since they debuted, and having them in convenient bite-size... [More]


Tom Ford "Astrid" Sunglasses

Ever since leaving Gucci in 2004, famed designer Tom Ford has been making some serious headway in his own right with his eponymous label. Always known for his controversial love of all things sex appeal, Tom decided to take his own vision to menswear, accessories, and fragrances. These Tom Ford... [More]

camilla_web print-s.jpg

Camilla D'Errico's Fur Carnival

Thinkspace Gallery featured artist, Camilla D'Errico softens the anime aesthetic with cuddly animal companions and aloof, innocent ingenues. In her hand signed and numbered giclee print, "Fur Carnival", ($75) we're not sure if snowy white Narnia-esque friendlies are protecting or possessing the protagonist, but her trusty fox is surely on... [More]


Susana Monaco Classic Pant

Every working woman's closet needs to have a simple, classic black trouser pant that will work in every season regardless of the weather. Wider legged looks are often better to flatter just about any shape and the more comfortable the material is, the better chance you have of wearing them... [More]

Blood Money Stationery

Blood Money Stationery

We would never want to be one of those bitches who never paid up, and golly gosh, now we can clear our IOU account with attitude thanks to Blood Money Stationery ($12) by 16 Sparrows. This limited edition collection allows us to redeem ourselves juuuuust a little bit on six... [More]


Life with Bird Electric Blue Wedge

How funky are these? We just adore these Life with Bird Electric Blue Wedges ($393) because they are not only so different from what every other department store is selling nowadays, but they are as comfortable as an evening shoe gets! The up-and-coming independent designer Life with Bird has truly... [More]

Stephanie Simek Powder Necklace

Seashell Powder Necklace

Here's an interesting new way to get some extra sparkle in your life (and on your décolleté): Stephanie Simek has designed a small seashell Powder Necklace ($95) that is full of a silver sparkle powder. There are small holes in the shell and when the charm is tapped, it dispenses... [More]



It's like Sea-Monkeys for adults! This small EcoSphere ($65) is a delicate coexistent environment that relies on animal and plant life. Each hand-blown glass sphere contains seawater, red shrimp, algae and microbes. All you have to do is give your little world 6 to 12 hours of indirect sunlight a... [More]


Celeb Style: Old Navy Shoulder-Tie Smocked Dress

Smock dress are super easy to wear. Just take a look at Kirsten Dunst here hanging out in the fun sun in a green trapeze-like dress that's like this Old Navy Shoulder-Tie Smocked Dress ($30). We love the bright green colors of both dresses, too. Turns out green is going... [More]

Mustache Comb Necklace

Mustache Comb Necklace

Given our recent outpouring of love for all things mustachioed, we felt it only appropriate to give boys with real facial hair some love and accessories of their own. Featured in Nylon magazine, Makool's brazilliant Mustache Comb Necklace ($168) not only adds a dash of 'stache panache to any ensemble,... [More]

Caswell-Massey Goat's Milk and Honey Soap

Caswell-Massey Goat's Milk and Honey Soap

Get back to nature in the tub with Caswell-Massey Goat's Milk and Honey Soap. ($18 for 3 bars) The Caswell-Massey Apothecary has been in business since 1752, and they've stayed true to their aims of providing high quality skincare products with natural ingredients - they count presidents Washington and Lincoln... [More]

Laura Lombardi Fringe Bracelet

Fringe Bracelet

Blah, blah, blah, fringe is in, shut up already, Rachel Zoe... All starved stylista ravings aside, this Fringe Bracelet by Chicago based jewelry designer Laura Lombardi is a Gothic nod to the (sometimes lamentable) shredded fabric trend. Each fringe bracelet is made to order from vintage black, antiqued, gunmetal, and... [More]

Compact Concepts Circular Kitchen

Circular Kitchen

Apparently inspired by the Fisher Price play kitchens we all grew up with, the Circular Kitchen by Compact Concepts ($6,500-15,000 before installation) makes good use out of small space. Fitting into just 1.8 square meters, it rotates on an axis to bring the appliances to you. Said appliances can include... [More]

Tom's of Maine Natural Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash

Tom's of Maine Natural Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash

Longtime fans of Tom's of Maine's all-natural toothpastes & deodorants will be chomping at the bit (ha) to try their new Anticavity Flouride Mouthwash. ($7) Available in lemon-lime and spearmint flavors, it's concocted with naturally sourced fluoride to protect & strengthen teeth, while green tea, aloe vera juice, and chamomile... [More]

Barcelona Diamond Bracelet Watch

Barcelona Diamond Bracelet Watch

With the advent of the cell phone clock, it seems like fewer and fewer people are wearing watches, and if we do see one on the street, it's more for looks than anything. Well recently we were late for a very important date and like the White Rabbit, needed to... [More]

Kate Cusack Flower Zipper Pin

Kate Cusack Flower Zipper Pin

Kate Cusack's Etsy shop is overrun with sophisticated variations on the zipper jewelry trend. We're particularly enamored with this Flower Zipper Pin ($85), which is available in a variety of different eye-catching colors. We'd love to wear it on a coat or even find a way to pin it in... [More]

chloe dress-s.jpg

See by Chloé Printed Dress

Oh, just wonderful, now obi dresses are officially passe. Bow down to the new bow... Check See by Chloé's Printed Dress for flaws and you won't find any. It's wonderful for whirling around in the park or going out for an unexpectedly upscale coffee date. The dress looks great under... [More]

Insite Magazine Online

Insite Magazine Online

During our daily drooling window-shopping at Neiman Marcus (.com, of course), we stumbled on their newest offering: Insite Magazine. It's a gorgeous place to quickly find the cream of the crop at NM - hello, studded suede Prada ankle boots (should we try to do that ourselves?)! Here's what the... [More]

The Achievers

The Achievers

We recently discovered that one of our fellow OBers has never seen The Big Lebowski. No matter how hard we tried to explain the gloriousness of the Dude, his rug and a White Russian, she couldn't wrap her mind around it all. In an attempt to explain the cult following... [More]

EcoTools 5 Piece Brush Set

EcoTools 5 Piece Brush Set

With so many makeup companies coming out with awesome natural and eco-friendly beauty products, it only makes sense that we use equally eco-conscious beauty tools. This EcoTools 5 Piece Brush Set ($12) is a great place to start. The bamboo-handled brushes have animal-free taklon bristles and the metal is recycled... [More]

Yoga Paws

Unisex Yoga Paws

We can't help that we have clammy hand syndrome (we see that face), and while shaking hands is an unlikely event in yoga class, falling on our asses is not. Hopefully with these Unisex Yoga Paws ($31), we won't be outed as diseased. The unique non-slip breathable nylon polyvinyl blend... [More]


Swaddle Me Blanket

Yak has never looked so soft and comfy. This hand-knit Swaddle Me Blanket ($220) is made to order from environmentally friendly bamboo and silky yak down. Wrap your little bun in this exquisitely designed leaf pattern cocoon. You can use it as a swaddle, but it also opens up to... [More]


Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Jumper

Okay, we may have been going a bit overboard on the romper/jumper love around here at OB but this Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Jumper ($58) looks like a dress to the untrained eye, so it's perfect for when those trendy jumpers go out of style! The variety of summery colors... [More]

knotty bubbles-s.jpg

Knotty Bubbles Light Fixture

The Lindsey Adelman Studio has forced us to reimagine the light bulb (no wonder it's the symbol for ideas. . .) Case in point, the Knotty Bubbles Light Fixture ($4700) -- it's like an entire pirate's booty tangled up in an electrifying Thomas Edison dream-scape. The so-called "snarls of Baroque... [More]

forest ethics undies-s.jpg

Pact Forest Ethics Underwear

The developer behind Pact Forest Ethics Underwear must be a green-marketing genius. As Pact's first nonprofit partner, ForestEthics got the cutest underwear pattern -- white tree branch drawings wrap around our bum on a hot red backdrop. A whopping ten percent of our order will go to protecting our precious... [More]


Ingrid Cusson Checkbook Cover

This beautiful Ingrid Cusson Checkbook Cover ($39) is made from extremely durable suede and then embellished with phototransfers of a brightly colored arrangement of butterflies. The cheery cover is a far cry from our default plastic ones that the bank always sends us, and for this price we can upgrade... [More]


Regency Havana Floral Sheet Set

Woeful and pouting, we cannot afford a Spanish-speaking vacation this summer, that is, if we want to stay high and dry out of the line of drug war fire. That doesn't mean Regency can't help us fake it with their Havana Floral Sheet Set ($44). Bring forth the buckets of... [More]


Hannah Clark Ouroborous Ring with Diamonds

Wanna splurge on yourself or a girlfriend? This Hannah Clark Ouroborous Ring with Diamonds ($500) is the ultimate gift because it's sexy and stunning. The handcrafted ring is made from 18k gold while the snake's eyes are diamonds. The best part? You can customize the stone and the metal to... [More]


Taga 2-in-1 Stroller

Finally a stroller that is as functional for baby as it is for your ass! Taga has combined a stroller with a bicycle to create a totally new way to travel with your young one. The 2-in-1 Stroller ($2400) has plenty of storage capacity, hand breaks on the handlebars and... [More]


C.O. Bigelow Rice & Bamboo Gentle Dermabrasion

New York City apothecary C.O. Bigelow has been a staple for tons of people for years. Their old school roots keep this store honest, pure, and most importantly helpful. Their products are always extremely well-priced and effective and have garnered quite a following on the east coast. This C.O. Bigelow... [More]


French Connection Lucy Twill Skirt

The beautiful pleated detailing on this French Connection Lucy Twill Skirt ($128) would make any fashion-forward girl stop in her tracks. The sophisticated skirt works amazingly with a crisp oxford shirt for work or with a tank for the evening out. The best part is that it's not too short... [More]


Mia Fridge

The Mia Fridge ($7000) is without a doubt the fridge of all fridges. This double-sided wonder includes cold storage for wet or dry goods, a water filtration system, ice maker and extra storage boxes for any number of items. Not only can you custom design the inside to your needs,... [More]


Daniblack Clyde Wedge

We've been looking all over for the perfect ankle boot to wear just about everywhere this fall. We demand a neutral color with a heel that will be comfortable even after hours and numerous city blocks of wearing them. Without a doubt these Daniblack Clyde Wedge ($175) fit the bill... [More]


Celeb Style: Sky Black Mini Dress with Studded Belt

Britney Spears isn't necessarily someone we look up to when it comes to fashion but we are always surprised when she pulls together an outfit, any outfit, that looks remotely less trashy than the one before it. This Sky Black Mini Dress with Studded Belt ($164) is definitely right up... [More]

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb

Common beauty wisdom states that under no circumstances should curly hair ever be brushed - that is, unless you're into Little Orphan Annie frizz. But regular wide toothed combs often aren't enough to unknot stubborn ringlets, even with the judicious application of leave-in conditioner. The geniuses at Ouidad have solved... [More]


Alcove Wall Shelf

So much better than an Ikea pasteboard P.O.S. that falls apart the second anything heavier than a feather is placed on it, the Alcove Wall Shelf from mod design leader CB2 is a Mondrian-inspired sturdy tchotchke holder that acts as both wall art and storage. Made of powdercoated sheet metal... [More]

Rimistyle Saturday Bag

Rimistyle Saturday Bag

As with shoes, we firmly believe you can never have too many handbags. It's just not possible! But as with shoes, we find ourselves reaching for great basics like Rimistyle's cognac colored Saturday Bag. ($54) The price is fantastic, and it's got lots of convenient pockets for phones, keys, and... [More]

The Petit Appetit Cookbook

The Petit Appetit Cookbook

Mango tango smoothies. Quinoa-stuffed bell peppers. Asparagus niçoise salad. Cauliflower gratin. Sounds pretty good, yes? Well, what if we told you these were recipes for toddlers? You'd laugh & ask us to hand you that box of Kraft macaroni & cheese, 'cause that's all kids like, right? Wrong. Getting your... [More]

Ski Bunny Lip and Cheek Stain

Ski Bunny Lip & Cheek Stain

We can't ski. At all. Our only attempts resulted in friends taking lots of pictures of us mid-wipeout, and extremely sore muscles in places we didn't even want to know existed. But... all that chilly alpine air does bring a certain glow to the complexion - and, as a matter... [More]

Fellina Sok-Cham Espresso Set

Fellina Sok-Cham Espresso Set

We can't really get our fill of award-winning student designers, those bringers of chic progress in home wares like the Fellina Sok-Cham Espresso Set ($45), a taaasty skew on the nesting trend at the MOMA store. The innovative bamboo tray has six inset bamboo saucers, so serving feels something like... [More]

Tattoo Girls Pillow

Tattoo Girls Pillow

This Tattoo Girls Pillow ($30), designed by Kathy Steig, is sexy and adorable all at once. Individually hand-sewn, this is not a cheap iron-on; this is a piece of art. Each 16x16 pillow features a tattooed pin-up girl, and are easily washable. We love this Michelle design, she's a little... [More]


HOBO International Rachael Wallet

The HOBO International Rachael Wallet ($128) is just a bit large for our purses, so we prefer to use it as a clutch instead. The gorgeous leather comes in almost every shade of the rainbow, so we can collect them all to add a pop of color to outfits, or... [More]

Bricchetto cuckoo clack-s.jpg

Bricchetto Cuckoo Clock

We adore anything and everything made out of Murano glass, and the Bricchetto Cuckoo Clock ($404) by Raffaele Darra is no exception. Darra's expertise in fusing mosaic glass pieces with other materials has served him well. This beautifully crafted white ceramic clock has tree bark that feels shockingly inorganic (not... [More]


Febreeze Flameless Luminaries

If you're a little bit forgetful or clumsy and don't want to burn your place to the ground with your scented candles, you're among friends here. That's why we're thrilled with the new Flameless Luminaries ($16 for a starter kits) from Febreeze. This scent-sational innovation gives the illusion of a... [More]

lace vest-s.jpg

Tikirani Valencienne Lace Vest

The Tikirani Valencienne Lace Vest, ($68) an Urban Outfitters exclusive, rides the fine line between vintage-inspired and full blown hippie-chic... As a tank topper in the fleeting days of summer and first days of fall, nothing could be more delicate than these sheer scalloped edges. It's pretty and flattering for... [More]


Bourjois Six Piece Makeup Set

Simplifying our lives has been one of our major goals for 2009, and this Bourjois Six Piece Makeup Set ($30) does a perfect job at doing just that. The chic eye makeup - Noir Precieux eyeshadow, Parme Electro cream eyeshadow, Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara, and a Prune Styiste Liquid... [More]

easel recipe album-s.jpg

Umbra Black PortoChef Recipe Album

Clear the deck! We're trying to cook without blowing up the kitchen... We're taking one step in the right direction, as far as splatter safety is concerned, with the Umbra Black PortoChef Recipe Album ($25). Like Julie from Julie and Julia, we weren't born gourmet chefs, so our recipes need... [More]

omg gosh necklace-s.jpg

Korto Momolu OMGness and OMGosh Necklaces

In honor of the new season of Project Runway (now on Lifetime) we're featuring jewelry from everyone's favorite runner-up Korto Momolu, who appeared on the All Star Challenge pre-season special (And sadly... A runner-up again!). We love that she embraced Leet in naming her OMGness (right, $185) and OMGosh Necklaces... [More]


Southern Brand Cowhide iPod & iPhone Slip Covers

Our hombres over at Southern Brand are some of our favorite cowpokes, so when they gave us a sneak peak at their limited edition cowhide slipcovers for iPhones and iPods ($29) we just couldn't resist spilling the beans to y'all. Each is lined with soft suede, to protect your precious... [More]


Cotton Faille Gathered Jacket

As the distinct crispness of autumn creeps into the air, we all find ourselves reaching for lightweight layers to ward off the chill but still look cute and put together. This Cotton Faille Gathered Jacket by Tulle Cloth Logic ($65) is a great workday to weekend staple, available in a... [More]


Boscia Cleansing Purifying Gel

Most girls with oily or combination skin think they need a harsh scrub to get a grease-free complexion, whereas the opposite is, sadly, true: using a scrub that's too strong can actually stimulate oil glands even more, causing breakouts, which makes oily goils reach for the scrub again... it's a... [More]


Sheepskin Pouf

Serving triple duty as a coffee table, foot rest, and chair, the lofty and luxurious Sheepskin Pouf from West Elm ($350) adds exotic flair to any room. Pliable beanbag inserts inside conform to the shape of whatever's placed on it (if you're going the coffee table route, put a tray... [More]


Therapeutica Pillows

In the interest of a) roommate relations, b) keeping the divorce rate down, and c) giving our wallets a break from so many massage appointments to ease our sore necks, we're investing in a set of Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows ($80) and advise the rest of the country to do the... [More]


Face Fabric Foundation

Giorgio Armani, you've done it again. Face Fabric Foundation ($43) is brilliant stuff. Its' 3D Micro-Fil silicone-based technology makes it weightless and infinitely blendable, leaving skin looking airbrushed and spa-perfect. Since it's so light, coverage is buildable, making it do double duty as a concealer. We're also very happy that... [More]


Warehouse Zip Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Bold shoulders are all over the catwalks this season and we want to find a way to wear them in a not-so-fashionista (otherwise known as intimidating) way. That's why we thought that this Warehouse Zip Shoulder Bodycon Dress ($86) was a perfect fit! The LBD will be wearable over and... [More]

Altura Furniture Zig Zag Table-s.jpg

Altura Zig Zag Table

Altura Furniture is protecting our little toes from stubbing with their Zig Zag Table ($Inquire). All the corners of the interestingly shaped piece are elegantly rounded, and the base angles inward (safety first). Not only is it differently attractive, it goes beyond its conventional coffee table function. The angular space... [More]

Zipper Gold Bangle

Zipper Gold Bangle

What could be cuter than this Zipper Gold Bangle ($12)? And it's such a reasonable price! We love not splurging on items that are either not going to last long or aren't going to be in style for more than a month and this piece technically qualifies as both! Zippers... [More]


Pour La Victoire Cassandra Bootie

Victorian shoes are so intricate, dainty, and hard to imagine incorporating into our present-time wardrobes. Fortunately for us, we don't have to do much thinking about how to wear the footwear because this Pour Le Victoire Cassandra Bootie ($285) easily fares well with just about any denim jeans or neutral-toned... [More]


Essie Matte About You Polish

If you're not quite sure about the matte nail trend and aren't ready to go out and buy your favorite shades in their matte counterparts, Essie has come up with the perfect product for you. The Matte About You polish ($10) goes on over your favorite shades and instantly matte-ifies... [More]


Lightning Hero Dress

What a great idea, every kid loves playing dress-up and pretending to be a super hero. This Lightning Hero Dress ($46) comes complete with a glittery, shimmery, removable gold cape for those imaginative afternoon romps. Is there anyone out there with super-sewing skills that can make an adult size for... [More]

Bathtub Caddy-s.jpg

Present Time Bathtub Caddy

Sometimes the trials and tribulations of a stressful day leave us thinking "F*** it all, I'm taking a bubble bath. If only we could keep our chardonnay, leisure reading book, and candles suds free and safe from drowning. Oh here we go, the Bathtub Caddy ($66) by Present Time is... [More]


Yoana Baraschi Super Heiress Jacket

The piping and detailing on this cute Yoana Baraschi Super Heiress Jacket ($375) makes this piece stand out against a sea of all-too boring black blazers. The cropped and fitted silhouette works wonders on our more bloated days because ironically, the more structured a piece is, the better your figure... [More]


Handheld Garlic Chopper

We don't know why more kitchen tools aren't designed like toys. This Handheld Garlic Chopper ($10) rolls across your counter and minces up the garlic cloves you've placed inside of it. It's like a functional Hot Wheels. Way more fun than a Slap Chop!... [More]


Our Love Yoga Buddha Print Worn Sweatshirt

Who couldn't love this humbling sweatshirt? If not for the precious little buddha belly but for the cute little play on words! This Our Love Yoga Buddha Print Worn Sweatshirt ($35) will turn heads and spread love where ever you go. What's better than bringing a warm smile to people's... [More]


The Sartorialist

Alright, fine fashionistas, here's your weekend reading: The Sartorialist ($16). There's great fashion inspiration on every page, with photos of well-known fashion figures and street shots of people all over the world sporting some chic threads. If you need more convincing, head over to the blog behind the book and... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/21/09

It's Friday, we're tired, and our creativity is all tapped out here, folks. So, just enjoy the sales & coupons below, and have a fantabulous weekend on us! Ann Taylor Loft - All sweaters are BOGO 50% off for a limited time, plus, use coupon code 104004185 to save 20%... [More]


Janis by Janis Savitt Multi-Chain Bracelet

This Janis by Janis Savitt Multi-Chain Bracelet ($225) is so sophisticated and hip, we're shocked that we haven't seen anything quite like it yet! The layered chains make this a bold statement on your wrist, while not being too heavy that it becomes almost like a dumbbell when you wear... [More]


Gidy'Up Bookends

You might think at first that these little Gidy'Up Bookends ($140) are a little bit of a splurge just to hold up some children's books. But take a closer look and you'll find out that creator Sandy Vohr hand-makes these little treasures. She actually dyes the leather herself, cuts out... [More]


Mink Pink Peroxide Biker Jacket

In another nod to the '80s comeback that is here to stay (for a little while at the very least), this Mink Pink Peroxide Biker Jacker ($98) is a great jacket for those layering looks we love. The baby blue color is a lovely and unexpected look on a tough... [More]

moustache bracelet-s.jpg

Miss Bibi Moustache Bracelet

We've been having fun poking fun at facial hair fashion (we can't grow it, so why not wear it?), and the always fun Miss Bibi made a Moustache Bracelet ($125) in rhodium silver and cow leather that makes us laugh out-loud. The old fashioned moustache is so outdated it's hilarious,... [More]


Babble Chic Car Seat Cover

Car seats, no matter what brand or color, are a little fugly and parents carry their precious cargo everywhere in 'em. Where's the personal style? The flair? How's a baby supposed to distinguish themselves amongst the throngs? Why, with this Babble Chic Car Seat Cover ($121), that's how. These slipcovers... [More]


Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Digital Projector Camera

Sometimes we miss those hokey old Polaroid cameras and their instant photo gratification. Sure, digital cameras have been great, but it's not a lot of fun to show people your pictures on a tiny little screen. The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Digital Projector Camera ($430, available for pre-order) brings that much-needed... [More]


Celeb Style: Go Jane Slouchy Gathered Side Boot

To conclude our week of all things Heidi Klum, we decided to look directly at this week's season 6 premiere of Project Runway. Here she is talking to the designers in a sexy leopard print dress and equally provocative taupe high heeled booties. We love the mixture of textures and... [More]

pyra mirror-s.jpg

David Quan Pyra Mirror

Add dimension and shine to a bland wall surface with a set of three Pyra Mirrors ($84) by Senior Product Designer and Creative Lead at Umbra, David Quan. His design makes it crystal clear that the shape of ancient Eqyptian pyramids continues to inspire the modern. With convex mirror surfaces,... [More]


The Smoking Gun

Now, we're not promoting cigarette smoking in any way..we know that it's bad for your health and it's better not to. But, if you ARE a smoker, this is a totally kick-ass accessory. The Smoking Gun ($140) is made to wear as a necklace, but you can also pull it... [More]

fun chess set-s.jpg

Playmate Chess Set

The fun never stops with the Playmate Chess Set ($31) by Buro fur Form. With amusing rubber pieces that look like finger monster puppets we'll be laughing at something other than our sneaky check mate (mwahahaha). We really like that it comes in chartreuse and aqua . . . seems... [More]


Gianni Bini "Suri" Blouse

Hello, chic stripes! Where have you been all our lives? Finally, a striped top that is formal enough to wear out at night without feeling like a sailor. This Gianna Bini "Suri" Blouse ($78) works great under a suit for work, and even better paired with a pencil skirt for... [More]

nendo speaker-s.jpg

Nendo Music Cage

These Japanese designers at Nendo (Any relation to Nintendo?) have so many tricks up their sleeves. The Music Cage ($Inquire)is a stereo speaker shaped like a beautiful birdcage. For those of us that have an aversion to squawking bird songs, this is the perfect ironic sound system accessory. The ivy-like... [More]


Tarina Tarantino Wrapped Bronze Headband

Tarina Tarantino is known for making some of the most kitchy girly pieces of jewelry and accessories out there and we absolutely love her for it! A far cry from her famous Hello Kitty line, this Tarina Tarantino Wrapped Bronze Headband ($164) is super earthy-chic and will go great with... [More]


Sarut Tissue Box Cover

Ok, the picture of this kid is just too precious. This Sarut Tissue Box Cover ($13) is laugh-so-hard-you-snort funny! There is a plastic sleeve so you can change out the photos with anyone you want to. Family dog? Dear hubby/boyfriend? There are endless side-stitch inducing possibilities. And oh yeah, it... [More]


Proclaim Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion

Yummy super soft skin is one of those things that seems a bit out of reach at times but definitely isn't. With the help of Proclaim's Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion ($2) we can achieve this lifelong goal of ours with just a few daily dollops of this moisturizing... [More]

Hibiscus garden set-s.jpg

Hibiscus Garden Set

Imagine couture trippy flower power for the backyard, and it won't even come close to the Hibiscus Garden Set ($4933), a hand made and hand painted dining setup that makes an unbelievable fantasy reality. Italian makers Recuperando reproduce and refurbish ancient Italian classics, and whoever thought up this homage to... [More]


Scribbly Love One Piece

This little Scribbly Love One Piece ($30) is outta sight! It reminds us of one of our favorite artists, Kime Buzzelli of the Moldy Doily, and just might very well be designed by her. If not, it's a great rendition of her colorful paintings. Long sleeved, super soft cotton will... [More]


Jenny Han Ruffle Tube Dress

Tube dresses can often be a bit daunting for us flat chested folk. The constant pulling and checking of the neckline can ruin our night just as fast as you can say strapless bra. Why is it so hard to find a tube dress that we can wear in confidence... [More]


Three Sixty Table

This Three Sixty Table ($1,800) is made from old skateboard trucks, you know, the thingies on the bottom of the skateboard that holds the wheels on? The top works like a lazy susan and will spin around 360-degrees, which makes it perfect-o for entertaining 'ala That Seventies Show. It's totally... [More]


Celeb Style: Clover Hoop Earrings

Heidi Klum has been the brainchild behind her jewelry line featuring all things clover. Her four-leafed designs are all over necklaces and bracelets, but our personal faves are the hoop earrings she's always seen wearing about town. We were saddened when we heard that Heidi was no longer going to... [More]


Chantecaille La Baleine Blue Eyeshadow

Chantecaille's La Baleine Blue Eyeshadow Palette is almost too pretty to use. The three-color palette (Pale blue, deep blue-grey, and iridescent champagne) is molded into a sweet image of the Blue Whale and her calf, since proceeds from this compact benefit the International Union for Convservation of Nature to help... [More]


Blah File Folders

There are days when your boss talks, and all you hear is "Blah blah blah." There are days when you talk, and all your boss hears is, "Blah blah blah." There are days when you want to yell, "Blah blah blah," at your entire office and just run away &... [More]


Florapalooza Vase

We can't help it; the girly girl in us sighed with satisfaction upon sighting Red Hat Pottery's robins-egg blue FloraPALOOZA Vase. ($92) The stoneware vase with handmade flower appliqués is the perfect foil for a simple bouquet of wildflowers, or even as an artsy holder for makeup brushes on an... [More]


Revlon Eye Makeup Eraser Pen

"Ooops!" moments happen when you're applying makeup - we have at least one every morning - and it's hard to find the time to wipe off all your hard work & start again. Spot check your mistakes with Revlon's Eye & Lip Makeup Eraser Pen. ($8) The pen-tip applicator allows... [More]


Freddy & Ma Vintage Jewelry

We're longtime fans of Freddy & Ma's custom designed handbags, ($varies) This whiz-bang brother and sister design duo has recently started up their own curated vintage jewelry collection, with each piece named for a famous actress, i.e. Raquel, Farrah, and Edie. The piece we're currently eyeing is the Joan pendant,... [More]


Orla Kiely Pear Canisters

Um. Hello, there, Orla Kiely Stoneware Pear Canisters. ($8-10) Where have you been all our lives? We already have your chicly printed bags and bikini crowding our closets, but now you can light up our kitchens, too? Sold.... [More]


Christian Siriano for Victoria's Secret Makeup

Love him or hate him, Project Runway season 5 winner Christian Siriano sure is everywhere these days, from his runway clothing to his super cute, super cheap shoe collection for Payless ShoeSource. ($35-50) But what we're currently the most excited about, given that season 6 of Project Runway premieres TONIGHT,... [More]


LaCie iamaKey USB Flash Drive

We got keys on the mind. We just told you about those classy and customizable Stat House Keys. Well, another stylish key to add to your keychain is the LaCie iamaKey USB 2.0 Flash Drive ($24, 4GB). Unlike those other bulky USB thumb drives, the LaCie iamaKey (yeah, uh-huh, it... [More]


Silverware Steel Utensil Clock

Isn't it time you stopped relying on your microwave to tell you what time it is while you're cookin' up a storm? Use this awesome Silverware Steel Utensil Clock ($65) for a kitschy kitchen timepiece that'll add some style to your space.... [More]


22 oz. White Sports Water Bottle

Want a cute present for your office coworkers or for the members of a club you belong to? These customizable 22 oz. White Sports Water Bottle ($7) are the perfect fit! The easy to grip brightly colored bottle can feature any logo or design whether it be from your company... [More]


Heartloom Tompkins Dress

The preciousness factor on this Heartloom Tompkins Dress ($158) is going through the roof! We can't get over how amazingly wearable this dress is and we are already planning it in our heads with practically every shoe we own (not that we do that when we purchase a new clothing... [More]


Glo Minerals Metallic gloEye Pencils

We'll take our precious metals any way we can get 'em these days, and we're loving the affordability and the shine of Glo Minerals Metallic gloEye Pencils ($22 for 3). The set includes dark bronze, platinum and copper pencils that are formulated with vitamins, minerals and green tea, making them... [More]


Michael Stars Cupcake Sweetheart Tank

Michael Stars shirts have been around for years and they have always been a high end classic staple for a fashionista's closet. The wide array of colors to choose from makes picking a top out more like picking out candy in a confection store! The vibrant colors never fade, no... [More]

pixel ring-s.jpg

Lindhardt Pixel Ring

We endorse the arts as much as we can, especially when it involves adorning our dainty fingers with eye-catching baubles. Support Ridgefield, Connecticut's Aldrich Contemporary Museum by making the Lindhardt Pixel Ring ($198) yours. White Jade and Clear Quartz are pictured, but Black Onyx, Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz,... [More]


Will Ferrell Sunscreen

You know Ron Burgundy would luv to put his hands all over your body to rub in this Will Ferrell Sunscreen ($10). Impress the other ladies at the pool; choose from Sexy Hot Tan or Sun Stroke for a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 30 and a little bit, OK, a... [More]

moroccanoil hydrating mask-s.jpg

MoroccanOil Unisex Intense Hydrating Mask

Summer sun, drying ocean water and chlorine filled pools is hell for our hair. Sometimes we're having too much fun to apply leave-in conditioner, but we've found a quick and easy solution - MoroccanOil's Unisex Intense Hydrating Mask ($38) is a rich, creamy treatment designed to hydrate and repair damaged... [More]


G Diapers

Alright, current or future eco-mamas out there, familiarize yourself with G diapers ($27 for a starter kit). This revolutionary (seriously) diaper system is earth friendly in a whole new way. The basic system works like this: You get super cute diaper covers - "Little Gpants" - with water resistant liners... [More]


Hatley Daisies Rain Boots

Rain rain go away! We hate the extra effort it takes to pull together a great ensemble that'll stay perfect when it's pouring outside! Forget wet hair, it's shoe choice on those wet days can make or break an outfit. These Hatley Daisies Rain Boots ($50) are excellent for wearing... [More]

crunch can-s.jpg

Crunch Laundry Can

Whether plagued by dorm life or living like a bachelor or bachlorette, the Crunch Laundry Can ($26) is stylish and extremely durable in the harshest of conditions. Designers Paul Rowan and Cassie Zhento made it specifically it to maintain its fine cylindrical form or crunch down for easy storage while... [More]


Ceiling Wallpaper

Too cool! Send your room measurements to Lisa Bengtsson at Bunny Maxwell and she will custom design this Ceiling Wallpaper($125) for your room. You install it just as you would normal wallpaper, with brushes and paste, and it'll bring a new dimension to any space. Keep the rest of your... [More]


IZOD New Zealand Lamb Leather Jacket

As we've said plenty of times before, leather jackets are always a closet must-have. Whatever cut, color, and look you're going for is entirely up to you, but as long as you're rockin' a leather jacket, you've got tough independent woman written all over your forehead. This IZOD New Zealand... [More]


La Roche-Posay Redermic UV

La Roche-Posay's Redermic UV ($50) might as well be called 'Youth in a Bottle.' This daily cream does amazing things for our less-than-youthful skin, filling in wrinkles and tightening loose skin. We'll admit, a product that promises to fill in and tighten had us intrigued and also a little nervous... [More]


3-in-1 Breakfast Station

While we're happy in our single-in-the-city lifestyle, sometimes the lack of counter space in our studio apartment is beyond maddening. We've found our kitchen solution - The Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Breakfast Station ($32). Taking up roughly the same amount of space as an average toaster oven, you get a toaster,... [More]


Caribbean Travel Magazine

Psst...we hear St. John calling your name. Summer is almost over and you really have no excuse for not taking a vacation. Recession-Smession!!! Grab your nearest copy of Caribbean Travel Magazine ($17 subscription) and get ready for the trip of your life. There are so many Islands in the Caribbean,... [More]


Be Present Mobility Pants

We know you moms are constantly on-the-go and barely have enough time to put on clothes let alone plan a cute and comfortable outfit. That's why we found these Be Present Mobility Pants ($64)! They're not only super cute but functional as can be! The multiple pockets are great for... [More]

boardwalk skirt-s.jpg

Steven Alan Boardwalk Skirt

Embrace the showboat 90's in this bright calico pattern dotted with a neat row of buttons . . . Steven Alan's Boardwalk Skirt ($79) expertly turns the floral trend on its head with an attention-getting day-glo color palate that keeps this cute frock from looking too girl-next door. It also... [More]


Safety Pin Studs

These Safety Pin Studs ($12) are a nod to the punk rock style trend (or possibly your high school years) without being too subversive for work. Much more understated than an actual safety pin through your ear...... [More]


Grey Gardens DVD

See one of Drew Barrymore's best performances in the newly released Grey Gardens movie ($19). This story, featuring Drew and Jessica Lang as Jackie Kennedy-Onassis' estranged cousins who lived in squalor out in East Hampton, is such a wonderful portrayal of the real Little Edie & Big Edie that we... [More]


William and the Magic Ring

Banish the boogey-man with a new shadow-friendly bedtime story, William and the Magic Ring ($19) by Laura Robinson (illustrated by Suzanne Simpson). Rhyming prose rolls off the tongue and will lull our little ones to sleep, but the real appeal are the suspenseful 3D laser-cut silhouette illustrations telling the story.... [More]


Le Rok Black and White Dress

We love pairing high waisted skirts and tanks as a sexy alternative to an LBD, but this dress gets rid of the middle man and the fight of finding the perfect top to shove into that ($^$&#%) tight mini skirt in our closets that we all love to hate (you... [More]


Normal Watches

These are totally going to do for watches what the Swatch did back in the Eighties. Designed by two guys who love bikes and met by kismet, these Normal Watches ($20) are meant to be stacked and admired. With hilarious graphics and catchy phrases like "I want Candy" & "Facebook... [More]


Celeb Style: Nike Air Force Ones

We love a woman who can rep some of the most masculine of accessories with effortless style and grace. Here is our Celeb Style of the Week star Heidi Klum rocking some shnazzy sneakers with hubby Seal at the park. Her long legs don't make it tough to wear much,... [More]


Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up and Highlighting Pen

If you've been stretching a buck by putting off your highlight & color appointments by an extra week or two, bravo! Only problem is... Those pesky roots. That fading color. Oscar Blandi's Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up and Highlighting Pen ($23) helps camouflage fading color & roots with an ingenius wash-out... [More]


Big Buddah Rose Bag

This is the kind of bag you see an impossibly chic girl carrying down the street, wearing one of those outfits that causes you to think, "How on earth did she pick that? None of that stuff should go together... but it does!" And how? A hefty dose of confidence,... [More]


I.V. Planter

If you, like us, have the exact opposite of a green thumb, (We have killed cacti. Freaking CACTI.) but still want to enjoy the chlorophyll-filled benefits of houseplants, the IV Planter by Vitamin Living ($375) can help. The refillable I.V. bag attaches to the planter and, via a flow regulator,... [More]


Mrs. Obama's Shorts: The Gams that Galvanized a Nation

Although we can't actually find any *normal* people who were bothered by Michelle Obama wearing shorts to visit the Grand Canyon, it did get us interested in finding some other cute shorts for Mrs. Obama that are both suitable for these last few weeks of summer and to satisfy certain... [More]


Turntable Necklace

Who rocks the party? You do! This Turntable Necklace ($8) is made for the girl out there who lives, breathes, and sleeps all things music. The cheap price might make you think twice about this piece, but when paired with another higher-end silver chained necklace, this DJ set necklace will... [More]

pr garden pavilion-s.jpg

Paul Raff Garden Pavilion

Architect and artist Paul Raff used Eastern philosophy to structure his awe-inspiring Garden Pavilion ($Inquire). We can see how the small, skeletal cedar building allows beams of light to shine through the open latticed rafters, creating a harmony with its natural surroundings, and the Venetian blind aesthetic isn't dark and... [More]


INC Mixed Print Silk Dress

Embrace your inner bohemian (and/or come to terms with the fact that a tight dress is not going to be the most flattering at the moment thanks to recent indulgences) in this INC Mixed Print Silk Empire Waist Dress ($119). This dress has a fairly modest cut, but the sheer... [More]


Battenberg Lace Parasol

Gothic, romantic, steampunk... categorize this Battenberg Lace Parasol ($40) however you'd like, we like it because it's unique and sexy. Though if you're not feeling swept away by the delicate beauty of this accessory and are purely concerned with how impractical it seems (how Victorian of you!), allow us to... [More]


Annie Leibovitz at Work by Annie Leibovitz

Brilliant photographer and legend Annie Leibovitz mesmerizes audiences with some of the most unbelievable moments ever captured on camera and with an ease and poise that implies that it just comes naturally to her. With a gift like that, it's easy to see why she has become one of the... [More]

obi gold belt-s.jpg

Leather Obi Corset Belt

Shiny shiny just for summer. This Leather Obi Corset Belt ($70) by Ledthread is gold like the summer sun and will take the simplest ensemble from drab to fab as fast as you can tie a knot. We can rock obi belts like Kerry Washington and the geisha before her,... [More]


Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising Cream

Not long ago, we were privileged to receive some of this Wild Rose Moisturising Cream ($32) from Korres, and we're loving the rich feel and comforting scent. The next time we spend a day out in the sun (um, boss?) we'll be putting this on as soon as we get... [More]


Jen's Pirate Booty Goddess Mini Dress

Something about this dress screams earthy goddess wild and free. It's a good thing too, because this Jen's Pirate Booty dress is in fact called the Goddess Mini Dress ($144) and is so ethereal it hurts. The flowy crushed cotton material is so uber-comfortable that we can't find a reason... [More]


Martin Margiela Minature Jacket

After being called out in the most recent hot summer jam, Jay-Z's "Run This Town", Martin Margiela is flying off the shelves. His inherently creative designs may scare off some in the safe fashion department, but for those who love a little extra risk with their outfits, Martin is the... [More]

kenneth cole cologne-s.jpg

Kenneth Cole Reaction Cologne

If we trust user reviews, Kenneth Cole Reaction Cologne ($20-66) is the best thing since sliced bread. Once it's on our man, he will become irresistible, and we will become insatiable thanks to the energizing crisp clean fragrance. "Experience the Reaction of Attraction" is the motto for this zesty citrus... [More]


Sonya Renee Initial Necklace

We love a sweet simple necklace we can wear every day, and for us, the go to piece is Sonya Renees Mini Stamped Initial Necklace with Gem and Coin Pearl ($85). You can wear your own initial or perhaps one of someone you hold near and dear, and it's customizable,... [More]


Purdy's Chocolates

Of course we love chocolate (duh). We like cute chocolate, weird chocolate, expensive chocolate . . . but we looove Purdy's chocolate. Purdy's is one of those great food groups, like Triple O burgers, that Canadians seem to want to keep to themselves. The Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels ($15) are... [More]


Stat House Key

Just because you use something every day doesn't mean you have to forego style for function. In fact, we believe that the more you use an item, the more stylish it should be! Add a little class to your keychain with this House Key ($11). Stat Keys makes keys to... [More]


Celeb Style: Black Halo Maureen Dress

Hello OB ladies! In case you haven't noticed, this week we're featuring all Heidi Klum Celeb Style features to prepare ourselves for the future fashions she'll be sporting in this seasons Project Runway airing on August 20th on Lifetime! Today's piece is a beautifully structured white cocktail dress that gives... [More]

majolica tile-s.jpg

Tuscan Majolica Tiles

Glinting lustered gold and deep blood red make these Tuscan Majolica Tiles ($240) by Recuperando absolutely luscious. Originally hand made and painted for the architect Rogatin Vassily, we envision them adding character to an entrance, walkway, or staircase. The tile is balanced and harmonious, and its lineage surpasses mere decoration.... [More]


All Laquered Up Nail Polish

Ooh, glitz and glam abound in Barielle's Fall and Winter Nail Polish Collection: All Lacquered Up ($8). This fantastic group of colors is a collaboration between Barielle and Michelle Mismas, the brain behind the beauty blog All Laquered Up, and the rich shades are infused with great glitter, shimmer, sparkle... [More]


Birkenstock Bali Suede Soft Footbed Sandal

Sure, there are a few things that are a little too granola for even us! Birkenstocks, however, are not one of them. The hippie staple sandal can seem like the antithesis to fashionistas the world over but when carefully paired with the proper outfit these babies can look just as... [More]


The Bridesmaid's Survival Kit

Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? We've overheard your complaints (and had some ourselves) and we are out to stop this madness right there with ya! Hate the social protocol? The dresses? The insanity? We can stop it together! Okay, maybe not, but we sure as hell can bond... [More]

ruffle top-s.jpg

Silver Ruffle Tier Knit Top

We're crazy about ruffles, and we'd have to be to approve of this Silver Ruffle Tier Knit Top ($88) by Mmmunt. The subtle shimmer woven into a heavy texture on top of rows of ruffles may be too much for the timid, but look at it this way - what... [More]


Pop Beauty Apples of the Cheeks

Experts say to determine your ideal blush shade, pinch your cheeks hard and then look in the mirror at the rosy flush that appears. Presto, that's your shade! To get that "just-pinched" look all day long, blend a dab of Pop Beauty Apples of the Cheeks gel blusher in Rouge... [More]


Upcycled Wine Corkboard

We've always wanted to make our own wine corkboard for our office from the countless bottles of Two Buck Chuck we imbibe, but are forever forgetting to save the corks once they've been a-popped. Terracycle's Wine Corkboard ($20) uses reclaimed, upcycled corks from "cork collection brigades" for their version. Heck,... [More]



We all need to go to kids' movies once in awhile, IOHO, so give in to your inner child and take yourself to see Ponyo, ($ticket prices vary by venue) in theaters now. Another masterpiece from famed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, it's a visual feast for the eyes and a... [More]


Imju Fiberwig Mascara

One of the top-selling mascaras in Japan, Imju Fiberwig Mascara ($24) has a formula that nearly defies description. Thousands of tiny interconnecting fibers wrap around each lash, creating an effect akin to false eyelashes. Their motto is "No more panda eyes," and boy, does this stuff ever deliver: waterproof, smudge-proof,... [More]


Bodum Chocolatiere

Normally, we're fans of multitaskers in the kitchen. But hot chocolate is a fall & winter treat so revered, it really deserves the best equipment we can use to make it with: the Bodum Chocolatiere Glass Hot Chocolate Maker & Frother. ($20) Add some chopped fine chocolate or hot chocolate... [More]


Gap Shawl Wrap Sweater

We have found it. The perfect fall cardigan. Oh praise be! Gap's Shawl Wrap Sweater ($58) is supremely soft and comfortable, perfect for times when you just want to curl up in a blanket and call it a day, but it's also quite chic and tailored. Throw it on over... [More]


Sony PlayStation 3 (120GB Slim Edition)

We're not sure if it's waif-like enough to strut down the runway, but the newly slimmed down Sony PlayStation 3 ($300, available for pre-order) is 33% smaller, 36% lighter, and will consume 34% less power than the original PS3. What's more, at 120GB, the Sony wizards have crammed in 50%... [More]


901 Tequila

We have a very close relationship with tequila, and we also have a lotta love for Justin Timberlake. What, you don't see the connection? Other than the fact that we dance just like Justin when we've had enough of the libation, the real connection is that JT came out with... [More]


Korres Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam + EXCLUSIVE 30% off coupon!

Formulated for all skin types, but particularly good for dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin, Korres Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam ($27) will leave skin soft & smooth without over-drying. Certified organic and vegan, it serves as a toner & cleanser in one simple step with rich, lightweight foam. Olive leaf provides... [More]


Oak Grey Swing Dress

Easy, carefree dresses are essential in the summertime and easily pair-able with stockings in the colder months. This Oak Grey Swing Dress ($98) is not only the ultimate in easy dresses to wear and accessorize, but it is perfect for those days when you just want to hide that tummy... [More]

pet head shampoo-s.jpg

Pet Head Sensitive Skin Shampoo

Ok, we admit to sometimes dressing our pets up to match our impeccable style, but this Pet Head Sensitive Skin Shampoo ($18) is a more discreet way to match our pup on a daily basis. Pet Head is an offshoot of TIGI's Bed Head label, and as to be expected,... [More]

La Dolce-Metal-Necklace-small.jpg

La Dolce Metal Necklace

We first noticed Pequitobun last season on Taylor Momsen in Gossip Girl. We loved the vintage brooches strung together with pearls and tough looking chains and we finally found out where these awesome necklaces were coming from. This La Dolce Metal Necklace ($550) is everything we're drooling over and more.... [More]

dog pack shelf-ss.jpg

Mistico Multiuse Furnishing

It may not look like much at first, but the beautiful teak Mistico Multiuse Furnishing ($Inquire) by Mexican design firm Pirwi was introduced at the 2007 Salone Satelite in Milan. If we charge up our imagination we can see why. Part of the Pack of Dogs collection, where each piece... [More]


Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap

There are a couple of remarkable things about Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap Liquid Soap ($12). 1: It's incredibly multi-purpose, serving as everything from body wash to laundry detergent to toothpaste. 2: It's been around for 60 years. While we're not going to imply anything about age here, we can... [More]


Carma Sutra: Auto-Erotic Handbook

Did you know that when you apply to be a police officer they actually ask you if you've ever had sex in a car? It's true, and we also found out that it's an illegal activity!! So on that note, you've gotta get a copy of the Carma Sutra: Auto-Erotic... [More]


Honeycomb Lampshade

This Honeycomb Lampshade ($70) is not one of those cheap paper lanterns you can find at Ikea. This beautiful lamp is made out of paper, but is a functional piece of art. Designed by Kouichi Okamoto, you just add a light bulb and cord, fold the ends around to form... [More]


Deena & Ozzy Split Tote

Need something other than a boring backpack to lug all your stuff around campus? Look no further than this two-tone Deena & Ozzy Split Tote ($58). The black and white version is our personal favorite because it's a nod to our all-time love of Chanel, will go great with just... [More]


Chaser LA Grateful Dead Tank

Rock n' roll. We can't get enough! This Chaser LA Grateful Dead Tank ($38) is perfect for those hot summery days when wearing anything more than a bikini just seems like a crime. The kick-ass tank also works great as an understated top to a more dressy outfit; say heels... [More]


Credit Card Bottle Opener

This Credit Card Bottle Opener ($28) is a much more sophisticated way to open beverages than the plastic surfboard on your keychain. Slip one in your clutch and come to some guy's rescue at the next party you're at. Who knows what you could spark with a cool tool like... [More]

urban decay eyeshadow-s.jpg

Urban Decay Shag Eyeshadow

Go au naturel in the spirit of summer. With hot pouty lips, the neutral eye look is sexy in a way that shows off the face we were born with, not the face we drew on. Urban Decay's Deluxe Shag Eyeshadow ($18) enhances eyes with a creamy formula and gem-like... [More]


Roxanne T-Strap

Sweet and sexy, yes girls, you can have it all! This round toe Roxanne T-Strap ($128) is downright adorable and reminiscent of shoes we once wore to grade school, but add that 4" heel on these babies and watch out, we get that sex-kitten boost of confidence and legs that... [More]


Wildfox Made of Stars Malibu Hoody

Malibu is known for its' sparkling waves, beautiful celebrities, and somewhat plastic-y looking women. The vain of vain go to hang out in what is affectionately known as "the Bu", a great place to peoplewatch. This Wildfox Made of Stars Malibu Hoody ($127) fits perfectly in the beach city when... [More]

img src="" width="100" height="100" alt="forest-gnome-card-small.jpg" class="t" border="0" />

Forest Gnome Note Card

Those sneaky little raccoons stole the poor Gnome's loot! Send this Poor Little Forest Gnome Note Card ($2) to someone to cheer up their day. Or perhaps to just say, "Better luck next time"? Either way, it's too cute to pass up.... [More]


Celeb Style: La Femme Red Long Gown

Heidi Klum walked down the red carpet with her adoring hubby Seal last year in this exquisite ruby floor length number with dramatic sleeves and neckline.The show-stopping dress caused the paps to go wild and take note that the reigning queen of fashion reality TV is here to stay for... [More]

keyhole necklace-s.jpg

Brass Keyhole Necklace

The vintage key pendant a la the new Keys line from Tiffany & Co. is tried and true, but getting topsy turvy with the trend is a gorgeous alternative. Try the Brass Keyhole Necklace ($42) on for size -- its broader design won't get caught in our cleavage like the... [More]


Micralite Toro Stroller

We recently spied one rockin' mama wheeling her baby around a music festival in this Micralite Toro Stroller ($700) and it caught our eye with its sleek design, but we also noticed how easily this craft maneuvered while the tot remained unjostled despite uneven terrain. A little digging revealed that... [More]


Paula Bianco Scarf

Light and airy scarves are perfect for any time of the year. We especially love when they are in neutral colors that instantly add a little "dare us to care" attitude with out outfits. This Paula Bianco Scarf ($70) works as well paired with jeans and a tee as it... [More]


Flowerfall Chandelier

This Flowerfall Chandelier ($inquire) is so pretty and unique; it looks like something out of a dream. Bell shaped flowers will cascade from your ceiling when you hang this in your dining room. Measuring a large 29-plus inches, this is a major statement piece. We like that it looks so... [More]


Five Minute Candles

It's happened countless times: everyone gets together for a birthday celebration and sooner or later, someone wants to set a confection on fire. We don't know about you, but none of our friends stock their cupboards with party candles. Sure, we substitute something, but then the birthday boy or girl... [More]


Tag+ Slim Zipper Pocket Jean

These Tag+ Slim Zipper Pocket Jean ($125) are not only super slimming but they are on sale for a crazy cool price! Denim aficionados always claim that the bigger and more centered the back pockets on jeans the more slender your butt will look. Not that we think jeans will... [More]

empire 33 sword bag 2-s.jpg

Empire 33 Custer Handbag

The Empire 33 Custer Handbag ($Inquire) is worth writing home about, thanks to designer and apparent sword-enthusiast, Marjan Petrovski. Sure it's named for General George Armstrong Custer, hero of the Civil and Indian Wars, but the high quality Italian leather's gotta be way softer than his saddle. What makes this... [More]


Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Shine

Available in 11 sweetly sheer shades, Sisley Paris' Phyto-Lip Shine ($50) is a lipstick-gloss-balm hybrid that's hard to put down. It moisturizes, smoothes, protects, and shines in one swipe, but amazingly, it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all. Kokum and mango butters hydrate your lips, while special polymers... [More]


Aha! Journal

Laptops, PDAs, iPhones and such are all well and good, but there really is no substitute for the (hand)written word. Jot down all your thoughts, dreams, and of-the-moment inspirations in DandelionWish's quirky Aha! Journal. ($10) The cover is hand-stitched in tactilely pleasing wool felt, and includes a Moleskine Cahier paper... [More]


Hello, Cupcake!

Cupcakes are big business these days, with fantastic bloggers like Bakerella and Cupcakes Take the Cake posting about their own to-die-for iterations alongside the books cropping up from famous bakeries like Magnolia Bakery and Buttercup Bake Shop. But for those of us whose icing skills are limited to cracking open... [More]


Fruit Mama

Designed by Giovannoni for the Italian design collective Alessi, the sleek Fruit Mama Fruit Holder ($225) will create an artful display from your bananas, pluots, and tangelos. A plastic tree rises from a mirror-polished steel base that is designed to hold fruit on both levels, keeping more delicate foods in... [More]


Pierre Hardy Suede Flat Boots

We follow this rule of thumb for trends vs. basics: if it's a complicated, trendy piece like a pair of dominatrix gladiator cage sandals,, buy it in a basic color like black or white that's guaranteed to make it last beyond the life of the trend itself. If it's a... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Kitty Wigs

Hey kids, ever wanted to know more about the fine art of photography (and how to make a cat sit still for a picture while wearing a wig)? Well, you're in luck, cuz our go to gal for photography, Meggan Haller of Keyhole Photo, returns to give us advice on... [More]


The Organic Pharmacy

Healthcare's a hot topic right now - frankly, too hot for us to handle - but we do want to point out an awesome homeopathic medicine resource for those of you who prefer to see what Mother Nature can do before you step into a doctor's office. The Organic Pharmacy... [More]


Do it yourself studded sneakers

Studs are BIG this season, metallic studs that is, and we're totally freaking over these Kettle Black Converse ($550). Then we thought, hey, we can do that, check it! How to stud yo' feet: You'll need a pair of shoes, studs, a regular hammer, and a flat surface to hammer... [More]

lingerie wash bag-s.jpg

Honey-Can-Do Lingerie Wash Bag

Stylish makers of innovative storage design, Honey-Can-Do have done it again with their Lingerie Wash Bag ($4). Incredibly thrifty and simple, it's flyin' straight to the top of our for back-to-school survival kit. It'll keep your delicate lacy and satiny items safe from snagging zipped away in durable mesh. It... [More]


Elizabeth and James City Cape

The cape is a pretty daring fashion statement, but it's just so much more awesome than a regular ol' jacket. Plus, it's got that snuggly wrapped-in-a-blanket feel of a poncho, but because it's tailored, you don't actually look like you're wearing a blanket out in public. This Elizabeth and James... [More]

glamour bracelet-s.jpg

Gold Glamour Bracelet

No, it's not a scrunchie. The Gold Glamour Bracelet ($50) by eclectic artist and designer Arosha Luigi Taglia is part of his signature "Plastic with a Twist" collection which is, well, what it sounds like -- a contemporary take on the beauty of malleable light plastic. Arosha is hands-on...literally! All... [More]


Love Bird Dinner Plate Set

These Love Bird Dinner Plates ($165) designed by Jessica Rust are a romantic gift for a pair of newlyweds in your life or for someone with an upcoming anniversary, especially since each set can be customized with a wedding date or a special poem. These plates are large - almost... [More]


Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara

Reinventing a classic can be a little dicey sometimes, but if size matters to you (tee hee), this is one update that you'll be pleased to see. Maybelline Great Lash BIG ($6) takes the classic drugstore mascara we've all come to know and love and gives the brush a huge... [More]


Buckhead Betties Hobo Bag in Navy & Pink Damask

This Buckhead Betties Hobo Bag in Navy & Pink Damask ($37) is a cute alternative to an often too-serious leather purse. When we are in the mood for a lighter, happier satchel to lug our stuff around we turn to this little guy. Its attractive pink and navy pattern works... [More]

kanera sink-s.jpg

Kanera 1 D Sink

German washbasin masters Kanera specialize in enameled steel pieces that are a far cry from conventional sinks. The double washbasin design of the Kanera 1 D ($inquire) has a revolutionary spatial concept that gently ebbs and flows with the natural movement of water. We think it looks like it was... [More]


Celeb Style: Heidi Klum by Jordache Crystal Cigarette Jean

Those Jordache Jean advertisements are so steaming hot with a barely dressed Heidi Klum (post three babies, mind you) that it's tough to remember what Heidi's advertising for in the first place. We remember how our first pair of Jordache Jeans fit so well (and tight!) that they just oozed... [More]


Juicy Couture School Essentials Kit

Hate to see your super-fashion conscious daughter go back to school with boring school supplies? Send her off with this adorable Juicy Couture School Essentials Kit ($28) and leave her friends green with envy. The kit contains pencils, paper, and a sleek pouch that will have your daughter thinking she's... [More]


Yes To Carrots C Me Blush Lip Tint

Call us granola, but we love some good all natural products, and Yes To Carrots C Me Blush Lip Tint ($4) definitely fits the bill. Chock full of natural oils, including peppermint for a nice tingle, this tinted lip balm is beyond moisturizing, and the subtle color looks great while... [More]


Alexander Wang Hilary Leather Shopper

Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour favors this young hip designer and she sure doesn't have to convince us why. Alexander Wang is hands down the hottest thing to step on the fashion scene in a while. His edgy rocker-chic looks are being copied the world over and we're glad to jump... [More]


Lego Rolling Cookie Cutter

There's nothing like stamping a huge mess-o-cookie dough to get some aggression out and have a little fun. This Lego Rolling Cookie Cutter ($10) is getting our creative juices flowing with all of the things we can make with these 2x2 Legobricks. Why, whole towns could be formed and eaten... [More]

unfinished clock S.jpg

Thelermont Hupton Unfinished Clock

Can we spot what's missing in the Unfinished Clock ($46) by Yve Thelermont and David Hupton? Eureka -- it's the bottom third of the clock face. The MoMA store calls this powder-coated steel and aluminum clock an "atypical version of a typical clock," and it's certainly startling. Maybe this is... [More]



We're paying close attention to our dollars and cents these days, and the $60 a month that we're dropping on a gym membership while dust settles on our tennis shoes is getting hard to justify. That being said, there's only so many pushups we can do on our living room... [More]


Splendid Tri Color Cardigan

Splendid has been making girls like us swoon over their simple tees, tanks, and sweaters for years now and we adore them for it. Their yummy fabrics are made from the softest of cottons that are almost like a second skin. Want a cozy cardigan to keep you warm on... [More]


Bodum Toaster

Kinda of lovin' this new Bodum Toaster ($80). Love the nubby sides, love that it fits bread and bagels and has a defrost setting, but the part that we love the most is that it comes in colors like hot magenta and chartreuse green. Hello Morning!... [More]


Newbark Love Lamé Leather Shoes

These might look a bit odd at first glance but there is nothing wrong with loving a little weirdness in your wardrobe every now and then. These Newbark Love Lamé Leather Shoes ($350) are comfortable mixed with a bit of Ground-Control-to-Major-Tom appeal. While we can see Mr. David Bowie himself... [More]

Kitschy Pack O'Paper-small.jpg

Kitschy Pack O' Paper

This Kitschy Pack O' Paper ($18) is a totally fun gift for a crafty friend, can keep your niece and nephew entertained for hours, and might actually come in handy when you're missing a game piece. Inside each packet you'll find old advertisements, comic strips, vintage t-shirt transfers, 60's illustrations,... [More]


R.J. Graziano "Paradise" Beaded Bangle Bracelet

This Indian-inspired bangle is big enough to wear alone without having to find all those bracelets to pile on. We love a good statement piece, partially because it makes things oh so easy on us, and this bracelet is no exception to the rule. The R.J. Graziano "Paradise" Beaded Bangle... [More]

boardman bike-s.jpg

Chris Boardman High Tech Theft-proof Bicycle

Maybe the Jetsons had a bike like this...the color choice is right, at least. The High Tech Theft-proof Bicycle ($Inquire), designed by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, has serious chops plus reassuring theft-proof technology featuring self-inflatable puncture-free tires and fingerprint-only activation. We won't have to count calories - there's a monitoring... [More]


Diane von Furstenberg Ruched Silk Jersey Dress

DVF has been making female-friendly jersey dresses for literally decades. Her signature dress was made famous in a wrap dress version because it was so flattering on just about any figure. This Diane von Furstenberg Ruched Silk Jersey Dress ($365) is no fact, its ruching only helps flatten any... [More]


Garnier Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager

Ooooooh, facials. Aaaah, massage. But not so much with the oohs and aahs about spending money. That's why we're so into Garnier's Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager ($12). This reasonably priced product stimulates circulation in your face with its smooth rolling action which feels sooo good. The magical concoction that... [More]


Vintage Confections by Heather Kelly

It was a very happy Friday afternoon when a box of sugared amazingness from sweetstress Heather Kelly's Vintage Confections ($.50-20) arrived at OB HQ. Fluffy, pillowy marshmallows, buttery crisp sunflower seed & pistachio brittle, rich chocolates, gourmet fortune cookies... We were in absolute heaven! Everything is homemade from quality ingredients,... [More]


Meadow Munchler Lunch Bag

Ostensibly, this Meadow Munchler Lunch Bag ($14) is for kids. To that, we say... not if adults like bunnehs, too! This insulated bag unzips into a place mat to provide a clean spot to eat, while it keeps your Mediterranean pepper salad and yogurt-n-flaxseed granola parfaits cold. (What? We like... [More]


Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

Powdered mineral foundations are all the rage, and are a mainstay in our makeup boxes for their sheer coverage, natural ingredients, and skin smoothing properties. But we still love our liquid foundation for days when we need a little more evening out, so we were delighted to find Youngblood Liquid... [More]


Idylla Lace Earrings

The two sisters who comprise the design team White Owl are inspired by the materials they rescue from estate sales & flea markets, giving each piece a unique vintage edge. We encourage you to check out their entire Etsy shop, but our personal favorite is this pair of Idylla Lace... [More]


Microsoft Zune HD

It doesn't start with a lower-case "I", but that's definitely not the only thing that distinguishes Microsoft's latest iteration of their MP3 player from THE competition. The Zune HD ($220, 16GB) is now available for pre-order, and it arrives with a feature set that perked up even our jaded ears.... [More]


Celeb Style: Ghandhi is my Homie V-Neck Dark T-Shirt

Courtney Cox hasn't been putting in a lot of on-screen time lately but we hear that she's got lots o' projects in the bag from a producer's standpoint. We like that she keeps it real and strolls about town (and presumably her fancy shmancy Hollywood meetings) in jeans and a... [More]


Free Real Simple Download

Real Simple has these super cute stencils available for Free Download right now. Painted together it almost looks like wallpaper with little monkies, poodles, and cats silhouetted in modern circles. Choose a few of your favorite colors from Freshaire Paint ($35) and take the upcoming Labor Day weekend to give... [More]

kasbah linens-s.jpg

Rock Your Kasbah Sheets

We can pretend we're on our exotic Moroccan vacation when we drift into dreamland with Rock Your Kasbah Sheets ($6-21). These aren't discounted, they're always this cheap, but you wouldn't know it from the lovely pattern modeled after the intricate tiles of Morocco. Castanets and snake charmer how-to book not... [More]


Zen Wheat Grass Kit

Maybe feng shui is so last season, but we still want to balance our qi...after all, we are what we eat (unless it's one of those godawful days when we only want chocolate). So we're stoked on this cute Zen Wheat Grass Growing Kit ($12) being sold at the RISD... [More]


Country Love T-Shirt

Free love, we're all about it. Spreading the love, we're all about it too. Country love? Well, why the heck not! This Country Love T-Shirt ($60) has some super positive phrases on it that leave us feeling good all day long. Another plus to this idealistic tee? The shirt's cotton... [More]


Sales & Steals: 8/14/09

Even though the official end of summer isn't until, like, the end of September, everybody & their momma is having "End of Summer! Massive! Clearance! Sales!! And coupons!!eleven1!!!" *shrug* We'll just have to suck it up and take advantage of it. Tough life... Bare Necessities - Give those ta-tas an... [More]


Special Guest Post by La Coquette: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Listen up, guys and dolls! Returning once again is La Coquette! A confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), La Coquette has deigned to let us in on a secret or two from her bottomless box of tricks. Want more? Check out her blog, Coquetterie: The Art of Digital... [More]


Bluelounge Refresh Charging Station

So you like the gadgets, eh? We do, too, and we love the look of the Bluelounge Refresh charging station ($90), a must-have accessory for the plugged-in generation. Until they think of one gadget that does, well, everything, we're gonna need more and more outlets and adapters and whateverelsetheythinkof to... [More]


Kiehl's Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo

We try to pass off our hair color as natural (oh, these highlights? I just spent some time in the sun...) but our hair products know the truth. It's important to take care of our luscious locks, and Kiehl's Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo ($18) helps us do just that. Sunflower... [More]


Simply Shabby Chic Lady Rose Quilt

Rachel Aswell's Shabby Chic flagship store may have gone under a few months ago but her Target collection is still roaring and louder than ever! This Simply Shabby Chic Lady Rose Quilt ($100) is so unbelievably priced that it took us back at first sight. The quilt's intricate detailing with... [More]


Cynthia Steffe "Aurora" Retro Denim Romper

To romp or not to romp? That truly is the question. This ">Cynthia Steffe "Aurora" Retro Denim Romper ($295) is so adorable we couldn't resist sharing it with our avid OB readers! The empire waist accentuates everything our mama gave us and the denim fabric makes this romper more wearable... [More]

sand hour glass timer-s.jpg

Sand Hour Glass Timer

Thank you, Beyonce, J Lo, and Kim Kardashian for endorsing hourglass figures. It seems like shape is back, and we've got an hourglass trend cooking. But besides being trendy right now, the hourglass is a classic. Cultivate the trend and replace tired dials with Sand Hour Glass Timer ($4). It's... [More]


Asteroid Lamp

Some "roids" are cool "roids" - Like this Asteroid Lamp ($179), You can use it as a pendant lamp, or just balance it on the floor on one of its twenty-four flat sides. We also found it in clear glass here, but prefer the hazy diffused lighting of the opaque... [More]


Sealmaiden Massive Eye Leaves T-shirt

Every girl needs some plain, straightforward basic T-shirts, and we get that, but how great is it to have shirts that are still simple and comfy, but are something that not everyone you know is wearing? Pretty great, we say - which is why we're loving everything in the sealmaiden... [More]


Incognito? Moustache Ring

We're not sure if you noticed, but the moustache is back with a vengeance. This Incognito? Ring ($45) allows us ladies to get in on the action. You'd better believe we're wearing ours until one of our friends forcibly pries it from our fingers. Yes, it is that awesome.... [More]


The Tree of Life Refillable Leather Journal

Wherever our travels may take us, we like to keep a journal to document the memories we have made along the way. This Tree of Life Refillable Leather Journal ($37) is made of gorgeous emerald green leather and has a such beautifully crafted look about it that we love to... [More]


SlotRadio Giveaway #3 - The *sniff* Final Winner!

We must say, the responses we got to our third & final SlotRadio giveaway query, "What song defines your summer?" gave us some awesome new artists to check out. From Taylor Swift's "Love Story" to Lykke Li's "Dance, Dance," y'all are a very varied (ha) bunch. But as sci-fi movies... [More]

ernest pouffe-s.jpg

Frank, Henry and Ernest Pouffes

Festive and friendly, the Frank, Henry and Ernest Pouffes ($360-650) by Donna Wilson are fun extra seating solutions for casual parties or everyday use. Each pouffe is made from hand-stuffed Calico bags that are upholstered in super soft Scottish knit panels that are supposed to mimic citrus wedges. Choose from... [More]


Jac Zagoory Bear's Growl Staple Remover

When we're not chasing co-workers around the office with it, this Bear's Growl Staple Remover ($55) sits on our desk as a great reminder to stay fierce. But mostly we use it like a small, kind of intimidating puppet. Grrrr!... [More]


BCBG Max Azria Scarf-Neck Jacket

We love wardrobe items that can be two items at once. Unfortunately, most multitasking clothes tend to skimp on the style and that's something that we refuse to sacrifice. Not any longer. This BCBG Max Azria Scarf-Neck Jacket ($168) is a great jacket with something of a built-in scarf as... [More]

restoration rocks-s.jpg

Guggenheim Restoration Rocks Necklace

Thanks to California-based jewelry artist Cara Tilker we can wear pretty pieces of history with the Guggenheim Restoration Rocks Necklace ($215). Consider this dazzler an ode to refurbishment -- The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum was remodeled in 2007, and each handcrafted acrylic and sterling silver charm holds a unique shimmery... [More]


Etched Botanical Glassware

These Etched Botanical Glasses ($52-$64) are made for everyday use, they're not put-them-in-the-cabinet-until-you-have-company glasses. They're made from Pyrex, so they won't break or chip, barring tossing them at a brick wall or trying to stomp on them. Each glass is hand-etched with a leaf or flower pattern and your set... [More]


Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection

Bobbi Brown's new Ivy League collection ($17-28) makes us want to put on our blazers and pull up our knee highs. This is back to school we can get behind! As any good student knows, pencils are an invaluable tool, and Bobbi backs that up with the return of her... [More]


Missoni Metallic Beret

Hats can be kinda tricky to pull off for some. It really depends on your confidence and your head shape (sadly) to determine whether or not a hat can add or completely detract from an outfit. For the risk takers (and we know you are out there!), we offer this... [More]

koko pillow-s.jpg

Koko Company Pollen Pillow

Crazy about the floral motifs making a splash everywhere these days? Well, we are and the Pollen Pillow ($74) by Koko Company has just the right mix of graphic lines and punches of contrasting colors to look fabulous complementing any decor. Koko Company's love of fabric and natural fibers is... [More]


Adam Levine Adimals Plush Toys

Greans, Munkers and Squins will keep us company when all our friends are vacationing. The Adimals ($14) by Adam Levine are cute and cuddy with just the right amount of wonky cross-eyedness and pseudo menacing sharp teeth. These handmade novelties are an extremely limited variety, an endangered breed, so-to-speak .... [More]


Elan Sexy Convertible Dress

This Elan Sexy Convertible Dress ($32) comes in a wide variety of colors and can be made into just about anything you'd like it to be. If you can imagine it, then you can create it with this amazingly customizable dress. We like the halter option, or an off-the-shoulder neckline... [More]


Nesting Table/Step Stools

Things that are useful: Nesting tables, colorful accent furniture, stepstools. Things that incorporate all three elements: Nesting Table/Step Stools ($400) from Paul Loebach. Winner!... [More]


Table Saw Cake Knife

It's a German Custom when you get married to saw a log together, so why not take it one step further and saw that cake! The Fred Table Saw Cake Knife ($6) is totally cracking us up. It's such a fun way to bring a little humor into such a... [More]


Celeb Style: Heart Pendant Necklace

Zooey Deschanel has been on a major press tour for her new flick 500 Days of Summer. The well-received coming of age film fits the bill perfectly for this quirky gal and we love her for her individual style because she never strays too far away from her comfort levels.... [More]


Leather Pocket Flask

A Leather Pocket Flask. ($32) How. Stinking. Cool. Is. THAT. Handmade from heavy saddle skirting leather and hardened using an ancient process called Cuir Boulli, you can use it to store anything from fruit juice to Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. (Somehow that seems very fitting...) So what if it's a... [More]


Vogue Pleated Dress

Hello, Mad Men. Wear Pink Tartan's "Vogue" Pleated Dress ($395) with stilettos, red lipstick, and a chignon, and you'll be both Betty Draper's and Joan Holloway's worst nightmares. The scoop neck and three-quarter sleeves draw attention to your collarbone and delicate wrists, and the nipped-in waist and full pleated skirt... [More]


USB Lounge Lamp

Because sometimes your hectic desk needs a little old-fashioned ambiance. Plug in the USB Lounge Lamp ($12) and return to a simpler time when there were no emails to answer, no one had ever heard of call waiting or performance metrics and clickthroughs and keyword trends and and and...... [More]


Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner

Sure, Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner ($32) is formulated with extracts of aloe, chamomile, rosemary, and perilla to condition & nourish your eyelids. Yes, it's waterproof and smudgeproof. True, there's no sulfates or synthetic fragrances. That's all well and good, but we use this for one main reason: the applicator. The... [More]


Desu Hug Bowl

What is the most basic function of a bowl? To hold things in place. That's what Desu Design was inspired by when they created their Hug Bowl. ($118) It's a bottomless bowl made from white acrylic Solid Surface, a non-porous, hygienic material that resists bacterial growth, making it a good... [More]


Special Guest Post by amysaurus: Roxy Brooks Skinny Jean

As mentioned in a post earlier today, we luuuuuuuv Amy Handley's blog: It's clean and sweet and interesting all at the same time. Amy's posts are the kind of thing that get us moving when we're feeing uninspired, make us laugh when we're down, and keep us excited enough to... [More]


Hunter Plaid Tie Blouse

We've seen a lot of plaid tunics lately, and while we think they're super cute, we're afraid they're not quite right for the office. We're all about bringing some fresh trends into work, but we don't like it when our bosses give us the eye or mumble 'lumberjack much?' as... [More]


CHEERS 4-bottle Wine Bag

Reusable bags are definitely the way to go, and now there's one designed for those of us who drink a little wine now and then (or, a lot of wine every evening, whatever!) - the CHEERS bag ($15) from Paco + Lupe. It's cleverly divided to hold 4 bottles of... [More]


Banana Republic Locket Bib Necklace

We gotta admit we often overlook the great treasures that Banana Republic has to offer. Their trinkets are so breathtaking that when we finally took a gander we were miffed that we hadn't taken notice sooner! This Banana Republic Locket Bib Necklace ($98) feels both costumey and fine jewelry-y and... [More]


6-pack Vase

This 6-pack Vase ($15) is a slap-your-forehead, why-didn't-I-think-of-that contraption. We all have soda cans, beer cans, and juice cans laying around waiting to be recycled, so why not up-cycle them into usable décor for your house? We're thinking it would be extra cute if you used some vintage soda cans... [More]


Glass Milk Half Pint

We'll admit it seems a little silly to take your milk out of its carton and put it in a nearly identical container that's just made of a different material, but we love this Glass Milk Half Pint ($13). It's quirky and fun, and it would be useful for serving... [More]


AKA New York Medallion Sweater

Leave it to our new favorite online shop Intermix to send us some of the latest greatest designer duds this season. For a fall sneak peak, the always-hip online hot spot is featuring this AKA New York Medallion Sweater ($270). The shoulder decor is great for a season that is... [More]


Charley Harper Memory Game

Charley Harper was best known for his modernistic wildlife prints. In the 50's and 60's, he and his wife Edie dominated the American Modernist movement, bringing a keen eye for color, and an interesting spin on his artwork. We're so excited to see these masterpieces brought to a younger generation... [More]

vargas dress-s.jpg

Vargas Lingerie Garter Dress

There's nothing like European lingerie, and the Vargas Lingerie Garter Dress ($70) by Luxury European Lingerie in white would make a poifect bridal get-up (under the dress people, under the dress!). We're imagining ourselves looking like a gorgeous vintage pin-up in this hot number...The sheer lace bra has underwire and... [More]


Love Your Life Paperweight

It's true, paperweights may be kind of an unnecessary item unless you happen to have an office with large openable windows or overzealous A/C, but that doesn't stop us from wanting this Love Your Life Paperweight ($26). It's a good message, and definitely something we could use a little reminder... [More]


Shop Suey Boutique Marni Sunglasses

Far too often we find ourselves spending way to much on a pair of sunglasses that will either A) get lost or worse yet B) break in a matter of minutes. We hate to feel like such bad caretakers of our lenses but those delicate plastic frames just cannot stay... [More]


Mini Spy Digital Video Camera

Oooh, secret spy stuff! Have you ever wanted to check up on your boyfriend or run a covert operation in the company supply closet to find the paper thief? If so then this Mini Spy Digital Video Camera ($45) is the gadget for you. This baby will store up to... [More]


Etro Floral-Print Shrug Dress

Etro has been on our radars for a long time now because their crazy bohemian patterns leave us wishing we were looking through rose-colored lenses ourselves. This Etro Floral-Print Shrug Dress ($1030) may be just a tad bit (okay, more like a whole lot) out of our price range but... [More]


3 Way Pad

We'll admit, this notepad sounds a bit sexier than it is... but it's incredibly useful! Every multi-faceted, multi-tasking, multi-talented woman could use this handy-dandy 3 Way Pad ($8). It'll help your hectic life stay organized and keep you from scribbling your grocery list on your meeting agenda, because if you... [More]


Feinedinge Moonstruck Lamp

Forget those glow in the dark stars to add ambiance to a room - come on, aren't we past that college décor? Hells yes! We're upgrading to the fantastical Feinedinge Moonstruck Lamp ($395). Larger than it looks in pictures, this porcelain orb is 9-inches in diameter. It's large enough to... [More]


Silk and Suede Blindfold

Called "a must," by Glamour, the Silk and Suede Blindfold ($65) is more versatile than our best sash and scarf combined and way more sexy. Twist and tie over three yards of 100% hand dyed silk comfortably around free limbs before getting unwrapped by lovahs. Let the reversible suede mask... [More]


Steven Alan Dora Pant

These smart looking pants are so in right now, it hurts. The bagy trouser fit is perfect for work with an oxford shirt and preppy high heels to match. The comfort factor on these pants? Out of this world...the loose fit hides even the most J. Lo of derrieres, and... [More]

dots changing pad-s.jpg

Dots Cushy Changing Pad

Multitasking is exhausting, and mommies need more spare hands and more time to squeeze every ounce of love into the day. The Dots Cushy Changing Pad ($24) by Built NY provides cute convenience for the busy parent contingent. A soft neoprene pad keeps the body of your baby resting easy... [More]


Zoe Blouson Blouse

Finding a cute top that's perfect for the office can be quite a challenge. We don't want to look too stuffy but we want to avoid looking too sexy as well. This Zoe Blouson Blouse ($30), say that five times fast, is the best balance of appropriate and young that... [More]


NARS Tokaido Express Nail Polish

Shimmering, sexy, and dark, NARS Tokaido Express ($16) has everything we look for in a vampy nail polish. It's got enough color that it's not too emo, enough sparkle that it'll really shine under the light, and it's a new color as part of their fall line, so it's not... [More]

leaf umbrella-s.jpg

Leaf Umbrella

Costume-inspired looks are a do, and with this Leaf Umbrella ($32) by Jansen & Co we'll look like a fairy without resorting to the horrid wings. Simple whimsy that's simply cute . . . we like it. Inviting our elf and other forest friends under the shelter of the big... [More]


Celeb Style: Chiffon Floral Hair Pin

Cutie pie Katy Perry always sports some spiffy outfits and never leaves home without an eye-popping accessory to match. Generally her nails are the most decorated accessory she has on, but in this ensemble she has the attention going straight to her head - in a hair piece! This Forever... [More]

flaoting chest-s.jpg

8-Stack Floating Drawers

Storage just went abstract. A dresser without a shell, the 8-Stack Floating Drawers ($4800) feels super modern thanks to its wide open construction. With this product we'd have to completely reconceive our armoir/vanity set up. . . . restrictions of pulling out drawers and pushing them back in to an... [More]


Nina by Nina Ricci

It's always hard reviewing perfumes for you people, since scents are different on every person who wears them. But... we can tell you that everyone in our office who's tried Nina by Nina Ricci ($44) has loved it. It's light and crisp, with citrusy top notes of Cipirinha lime and... [More]


Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug

Whilst trolling our beloved Etsy this morning over our a.m. coffee, as we are oft wont to do, we discovered Brookish's darling Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug. ($14) It comes emblazoned with the classic opening lines of Fitzwilliam Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, "You must allow me... [More]

instructables-100x100.jpg - Make, How To, and DIY

Want to learn to make or homemade tonic water? How to sew a Sock-ta-pus? Take another stab at those Science Fair projects you didn't get to do in elementary school? has got you covered. We only recently discovered this free online community of DIY-ers who will happily show you... [More]


Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

Although we love experimenting with hyper-pigmented eye makeup as much as the next girl, most days, we want that "just rolled out of bed looking fabulous" natural makeup look. But... it can be pretty challenging to find just the right shades & figure out how to apply them. Too Faced... [More]


Anna Sheffield Simone Cuff

It's no surprise to us that NYC jewelry designer Anna Sheffield has worked with a diverse coterie of some of our favorite designers, like Lutz Patmos, Marc Jacobs & Philip Lim. Her work is alternately whimsical and bold, chunky and delicate, powerful and sweet - but always amazing. The Simone... [More]


Special Guest Post by dkirkward: Duckbill money clip

So ladies, it's time for another installment of The Male Perspective: One of our favorite tweeters, dkirkward, breaks the code of silence to reveal men's secret faves (ahem, aside from that) and ways to win them over that they'd like to see here on ol' Outblush. You can check out... [More]


Birdcage Lamp

No squawking will bother us, thank goodness, with the Birdcage Lamp ($97). Emptying the birdcage of annoying bird songs and giving this piece an off-white finish makes this fixture a great shabby chic alternative to a chandelier. The finely crafted cage shade is a wooden pagoda design that's a pleasing... [More]


Re-Stickable Decal Photo Frames

Having the same thing on your wall for months and months is a bore. Having awesome retro Re-Stickable Decal Photo Frames ($20 for 8) is not. Go get yourself some and decorate away without having to worry about how many nail holes you're going to patch when you move out.... [More]


Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection Mascara

We really like things that vibrate for obvious reasons, but Pulse Perfection Mascara ($12) by Maybelline New York is a stroke of genius. If the commercial is any indication, we're in. . . at 7,000 vibrations per minute, we barely have to lift a finger to amp up the lash... [More]


Gap Real Straight Cropped Jeans

Gap knows how to make pants that fit a real woman, none of this junior fit or one size fits all nonsense. These Gap Real Straight Cropped Jeans ($65) make the most difficult pant cut easy to wear with their straight lines and flattering stretchy fabric. The charcoal grey is... [More]


Swarovski Etoile Headband

It's just so easy to push our hair back with a headband and call it good, but that's not the most elegant look... until now! This sweet Swarovski Etoile Headband ($260) adds glamour, sophistication, and some nice bling to a simple hairstyle. We love the fact that doing our hair... [More]


Evil or Pie? Bags

It really is a valid question: Am I in the mood for evil... or pie? (We say pie. Particularly if it's pecan.) Artist Paul Friedrich and handbag designer Holly Aiken have teamed up to bring you a line of wallets, totes, and messenger bags ($44-136) emblazoned with Friedrich's popular character,... [More]


Our Ultimate Malin + Goetz Facial Regimen plus EXCLUSIVE 15% off coupon!

Look in most girls' medicine cabinets, and you're bound to find face washes, moisturizers, toners, and masks from at least three different companies. Very few people we know actually do a whole "system" from one company, and we're here to tell you it's really the best thing you can do... [More]


Lovely People Piper Boot

Ruffles are one of the major trends for fall, in case you haven't heard, as are suede boots. Kill two birds with one, erm, heel, with these killer cute Piper Boots by Lovely People. ($140) Try combining them with skinny trousers and a slouchy, sheer blouse over a cami for... [More]


D°Light Huggable Pillow

This snuggly D°Light Huggable Pillow ($160) is super neat-o. The glow comes from dozens of LED lights that are nestled in with silicone beanbags to create a huggable, bright light that you can bring to bed with you. It comes with a power adaptor, but a cord in bed sounds... [More]


Sferra Milos Sheets

Feel like you're sleeping in a five star Italian hotel every night with these sumptuously soft, luxurious Milos Sheets by Sferra. ($225-715) The 1,020 thread-count Egyptian cotton is the ultimate in luxury, with hemstitched details and crisp, clean edging meaning these beauties will never go out of style. (And... for... [More]


Urban Decay Lip Envy Lip Stain

In the search for the perfect lip stain (a quest that many of you may have never considered), there's a lot of promising products that don't deliver the long-term color we're looking for. Urban Decay got it right with their Lip Envy ($17). It lasts for hours, even with a... [More]


30-Minute Mozzarella Kit

Ever since we read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, we've been eager to try our hand at making homemade cheese. Why? We'll know exactly what went into it, how fresh it is, and, well, it just sounds fun! The 30 Minute Mozzarella Cheese Making Kit ($25) promises to have... [More]

felt swirl purse-s.jpg

Felt Swirl Purse

The Felt Swirl Purse ($58) at the Art Institute of Chicago Shop may as well be a one-way ticket to funkytown. We like to energize our ensembles with bold colors and patterns, and this bag will make the most boring outfit look snazzy (ahem -- like the ones that just... [More]


Nigella Lawson Cake Plate

Such a pretty cake plate or cheese plate or fruit plate. Whatever you want to use it for, this Nigella Lawson Cake Plate ($65), is simply gorgeous in robin's egg blue. It would make a perfect wedding gift, but it's so nice that you might want to keep it for... [More]



Meiko is a little bit folksy and a little bit poppy and we're a lot in love with her. At the risk of sounding cheesy, her lyrics really resonate with us (take, for example, the opening line to one of our fave songs, How Lucky We Are: 'One day we'll... [More]


Black Onyx Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Surely toe rings might not be the most sophisticated things we're fond of, but we think they always play up our girly feet in a good, sexy way. So these Black Onyx Sterling Silver Toe Rings ($15 for a pair) were only a natural addition to our collection. While we... [More]


ADAM Milk Pocket Mini Bubble Skirt

This ADAM Milk Pocket Mini Bubble Skirt ($265) is a perfect go-to skirt for flirty evenings as it makes just about any waist as tiny as possible. The bubble hem is one of the newer silhouettes out there and we're hoping the trend doesn't fade soon. Be careful not to... [More]


Kanteleen Kutsu mugs

Adorable forest creatures adorn these porcelain Kanteleen Kutsu mugs ($40). Each picture was taken from an original Finnish fabric portrait and features the animals listening to the music of a folkloric musician from Finnish fables. Each set comes with two mugs, Bear & Flower, or Squirrel & Bird. We're hoping... [More]


Vintage Lace Longline Bra

Just knowing the Vintage Lace Longline Bra ($36) is at home in our lingerie drawer makes us feel a little saucy - don't get us started on how we feel when we actually wear it out. Sure, it's a little risqué, but under the right shirt, it's not noticeable, and... [More]


Large Croissant Neckrest

Continental breakfast snack turned relaxing meditation tool, the Large Croissant Neckrest ($30) by T & A Friendly makes those standard airplane neck pillows look positively tasteless. And those snuggly pats of butter? So cute and patterned and yellow . . . and with no grease stain to speak of (our... [More]


Celeb Style: Michael Kors Leopard Print Trench Coat

Michael Kors is back as the fantastically entertaining judge on the new season of Project Runway, which airs on August 20th on its new home channel, Lifetime. We're waiting on pins and needles to see who's going to be the next big designer and for those memorable Tim Gunn lines... [More]


Nanda Clocky Alarm Clock

Sleep, perchance to sleep some more, right? We've all gotten pretty good at beating the alarm clock (literally and figuratively). Hit the snooze, shove it under the bed, done. Well, looks like we've met our match. When Gauri Nanda was a grad student at MIT, she designed a clever alarm... [More]


Special Guest Post: Limited Edition Foster Grant Sunglasses

Hello ladies and gents, let us introduce another special guest post by Emily Hollenbeck from Foster Grant. She's taken the time to fill us in on a little area of accessories we love: eyewear! Read below and get inspired to sport these adorable shades year-round! Every summer beauty needs a... [More]


North South Diaper Bag

This North South Diaper Bag ($200) can pass for a purse, yes? We don't really have a reason to buy it otherwise and we absolutely adore how smart and stylish this faux black leather bag looks. There's tons of pockets with cute shiny gold buttons and we're thinking that it... [More]


Victorias Secret Dream Angels Solid Perfume

We wish there was an easy (spill proof) way to carry around perfume for scent touch-ups. We also wish we were allowed to travel without hoping our 4 oz bottles don't get confiscated in the security line. Lastly, we wish for unlimited travel funds. This Dream Angels Wish Solid Perfume... [More]


Designdrift Dandelight

Hold on to your seats, the Dandelight ($99) is an insane light fixture by Dutch company Designdrift . It's a hand-made LED light with real dandelion seeds powered by a 9V battery. We don't really know how we feel about android plants, but this one looks like whimsy on a... [More]


Bailey 44 Double Murder Vest

Forget the creepy name, this Bailey 44 Double Murder Vest ($195) is a killer look. The white and black piece is a great way to dress up a outfit that is in dire need of a cute outerwear piece without the bulk of a blazer or jacket. While the vest... [More]

ruffled clous scarf-s.jpg

Ruffled Cloud Silk Scarf

Pretty ruffle alert! The Ruffled Cloud Silk Scarf ($89) captures the light fluffy feeling of a partially cloudy, slightly breezy summer day. Slip one of the hand-colored pink, blue, or gray scarves on as dusk falls. Sculptural and dainty, it's the perfect summer neck-warmer, and eco-lovers delight: all dyes are... [More]


Sony Party-shot Automatic Photographer

We're pretty sure that the Sony Party-shot ($150) is just one step closer to us having robots take over our lives, but we aren't complaining! This ingenious little device allows you to drink yourself into oblivion be the consummate hostess at your next party and still get great pics of... [More]


L.A.M.B. Rhett Sandal

Oh Gwen, how we idolize thee. Your individual style never ceases to amaze and inspire. Your rocking bod post-children never stops making us jealous and well, your adorable hubby can be thrown into the jealousy mix too. We love that you share the wealth of your innate fashion sense by... [More]


Only Hearts Drape Back Dress

While there's definitely nothing sexy about flashing your lady parts (yeah, we know it hasn't happened in a while, but we're still appalled about that period of time where it was big news), it is a seductive surprise to show a little bit of unexpected skin. You can do just... [More]

voido chair-s.jpg

Ron Arad Voido Chair

The Voido Chair ($2062) by Ron Arad is a shocking wooden rocking chair gone beyond the outer limits of visual and physical formalities. It's coated in a patent-leather-like rotational-moulded matt polyethylene. Obviously, this guy is way over our heads, but we like swimming lost in good design . . .... [More]


Lucien Pellat-Finet Skull Hemp Bikini

This edgy bikini features not only skulls but little hemp leaves too! Think you got what it takes to rock this bikini without seeming just the slightest bit cheesy? We dare you! The Lucien Pellat-Finet Skull Hemp Bikini ($460) is a challenge in more ways than one to wear on... [More]


Terranova Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream

We're all about head to toe beauty, and Terranova takes that quite literally with Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream ($23): it's a thick, non-greasy balm that has most of your beauty needs covered, from taming frizzy hair to soothing dry skin. Amazing, indeed!... [More]


Anne Klein Pleated Neck Ponte Skirt Suit

Every working woman needs a sensible skirt suit. It's a closet staple but also one of the harder things to find worth the investment. This Anne Klein Pleated Neck Ponte Skirt Suit ($88) is not only extremely classic (so it will stick with you for years to come) but it... [More]


Pito Water Kettle

Frank Gehry is known for amazing reflective metal architecture such as the Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles, but did you know that he has designed some outstanding kitchenware as well? Check out the Pito Water Kettle ($425). Beautiful stainless steel is formed with two mahogany whistles that you can... [More]


Lululemon Essential Gym Bag

We've said it before and we'll say it again: cute gym stuff makes working out more bearable. That's why we're loving the Essential Gym Bag ($78) from Lululemon. It's got plenty of pockets for the essentials, holds a yoga mat or a laptop (versatility!), and comes with a great washable... [More]


Celeb Style: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Sequin Vest

Possibly more known now for her recent "run-in" with a famous Beverly Hills psychiatric ward of a hospital, Mischa Barton has had a tough time ever since her naughty O.C. days. The silver screen star has been out on the town lately moving from party to party; it's almost as... [More]


Pon Farr Perfume

Pon Farr Perfume ($30) is a woodsy, sandalwood, peachy fragrance hailing from planet Vulcan. If you're a certified Treky then you already know that Pon Farr is the event that occurs every seven years, when Vulcans everywhere must mate, or die of some terrible blood poisoning. Ahem, yeah. So anyhoo,... [More]

warhol bowls-s.jpg

Andy Warhol Banana Split Bowls

Support the Whitney Museum of American Art by snagging these melamine Banana Split Bowls ($15) complete with two sundae spoons. The kitschy party bowls are based on the Andy Warhol's screen print Banana circa 1966, and his fascination with making commodity objects into cultural icons is epitomized in this form-meets-function... [More]


Juicy Couture Wide Drawstring Velour Pants

These velour sweat-suits might be a bit outdated to wear while running errands but these new Juicy Couture Wide Drawstring Velour Pants ($110) are an all new version of the old closet staple. The comfort is never sacrificed when it comes to these lounge pants and the new vivid colors... [More]


40-Second Electric Toothbrush

We know that sometimes after a night out, it's all you can do to wash your face let alone remember to brush your teeth. Don't be embarrassed; we've all had one too many and just flopped into bed tossing good- hygiene to the wind. But now, there is the 40-Second... [More]


Oblik Waves Ring

An eagle-eyed OB reader spotted this architectural Waves Ring ($350) handmade by Mia Hebib for her Oblik Atelier line, and rightfully knew we'd be smitten with it. Three layers of sterling silver are molded together to float around your finger, creating a soft yet boldly architectural statement perfect with a... [More]


Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads

Anyone else ever noticed that "diet" is a four-letter word? From the Scarsdale Diet to the Cabbage Soup Diet to the Grapefruit Diet to the Atkins Diet... They might make you lose weight initially from calorie reduction, but you'll end up tired, lightheaded, and cranky. Why? Blood sugar. And... let's... [More]


Scarlet Blaze Shirtdress

Just in time for summer-to-fall transition wardrobes, Anthropologie's Scarlet Blaze Shirtdress ($148) promises to be a go-to staple. The woven red silk is cleverly pintucked for fit & flair, and we love the offset brass buttons and leather sash. Wear it buttoned to the neck with knee high boots and... [More]


Silver Honey Bee

Fun fact: did you know that bees have to extract pollen from TWO MILLION flowers to make one pound of honey? Plus, it's a seriously nutrient-packed food. Click here to see a list of all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it contains, Makes you appreciate that golden nectar a little... [More]


Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray

Once you've invested in that perfect set of makeup brushes, you want them to last. Experts recommend hand washing brushes in lukewarm water with a tiny dab of gentle shampoo every week, then laying flat to dry on a towel, but who's got time for that? More importantly, who wants... [More]


Special Guest Post by Southern Brand: The Dead Weather

It's time to get down, y'all! Southern Brand is bringing the Blues, BBQ, and Outlaw Country Music of the American South right to your front porch. Southern Brand, featuring Southern Belle, a line of vintage soft t-shirts for women, and Lil' Ones, a stylish baby clothes line, was created by... [More]


b. tempt'd Demi Desire Underwear

So Monday comes, and in the eyes-crusted-closed rush to throw on any old thing and get to work before the boss notices we're late, we picked out a boooring jeans and tee outfit. The good news? There's more than meets the eye when it comes to our clothing choice for... [More]


Sansa SlotRadio Giveaway!

It's your last chance to win a Sansa SlotRadio (normally $99, FREE for you!) from Outblush! We know all you faithful Outblush readers have been crossing your fingers and toes and eyes (you know your face'll stick like that, don't you?) in the hope that you'll be the lucky recipient... [More]


Keds x Loomstate Sun Sneaker

Keds shoes and spunky design house Loomstate are collaborating for a one-time deal at Barneys New York and they're producing some out of this world shoes. Their wacky visions for the always-classic Keds shoes like this Keds x Loomstate Sun Sneaker ($75) are a far cry from the plain Jane... [More]


Raw: The Uncook Book: New Vegetarian Food for Life

Lauren Conrad just tweeted that she recently purchased this cookbook and we were not about to let that go without notice! The Raw: The Uncook Book" New Vegetarian Food for Life ($25) features raw food recipes that range from easy to a bit more advanced to prepare. Now don't be... [More]


14K Gold Braided Love Knot Earrings

This beautiful 14K Gold Braided Love Knot Earrings ($156) are so simple with a bit of a - dare we say it - twist that we want to wear these everyday in place of our all-too simple studs! The love knot nameplate gives them a bit of a romantic edge... [More]


Rip Curl Tropical Boardshorts

Who doesn't love prancing around in a teeny bikini? Oh, wait. We don't...sometimes. Those little numbers just aren't always practical (waterskiing, beach volleyball, fat days...), which is why a girl's gotta have a good pair of boardshorts. Rip Curl's Tropical 7" Boardshorts ($30) are long enough to be modest and... [More]


The Sleepwear Factory Sleep Seeker Cami & Boxer Set

Good looking jammies can be tough to find. Guy friendly jammies can be even more difficult to shop for. But wait a minute, we found both here! The Sleepwear Factory Sleep Seeker Cami & Boxer Set ($41) is the perfect mix of both cute and guy-appropriate and is so silky... [More]


Huge Lips, Skinny Hips Gloss

Oh, Huge Lips, Skinny Hips ($20), where have you been all our lives? As the clever name implies, this luscious lipgloss packs a colorful punch that plumps up your lips and manages to suppress your appetite since it contains hoodia. The best part? It actually works! We slicked some on... [More]


Henri Bendel 10 oz Candles

Henri Bendel is a New York City staple when it comes to department stores filled with fabulous people. It's almost a dream when you walk into the big brass-handled doors and smell the store's air. Which reminds us, these Henri Bendel 10 oz Candles ($30) are so aroma-tastic that even... [More]


Barneys New York Psychedelic Circles Backgammon Set

Attention gamers of all ages, faces, and places! This fantastic Barneys New York Psychedelic Backgammon Set ($795) is just about the darn near cutest backgammon set we have ever laid our eyes on! It's about time that someone put some style and effort into a board game; perhaps they won't... [More]


500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

We're totally loving the new movie 500 Days of Summer, and the Soundtrack ($10) will be on our headsets for the rest of summer too. Zooey Deschanel's outfits are to-die-for: super cute blue ribbon bows and cigarette pants. Sigh. This rocking CD features a broad range of music genres ranging... [More]


Celeb Style: Dorinha Jeans Wear Polka Dot Bikini

Julia Roberts is definitely a girl's girl. Her movies have made us laugh, cry, and wish we were being swooned by Richard Gere over and over again, right? One of the things that is so great about Julia is that she is as authentic off-screen as she is on. Her... [More]


J. Crew Skinny Patent Leather Belt

It's hard to beat the instant wardrobe versatility - and hourglass figure! -that comes with a skinny belt. With one simple accessory, we can change the look of our favorite dresses, jackets, blouses, and sweaters, not to mention the style and sophistication we add to pants and skirts. If you... [More]


Barielle 60 Second Mani-Pedi

Ok girls, do yourself a favor, take the cash you've been hanging onto for your next trip to the nail salon and pick up a tub of Barielle's 60 Second Mani-Pedi ($25). This scrub sloughs away the rough skin and cleans up cuticles in just a minute, true to its... [More]


Civil.Smith Windowpane Plaid Button-Up

Case in point: we go mad for anything plaid. The checkered print not only reminds us of the carefree days of summer but it helps us realize that we girls look great in something menswear inspired. Throw on this Civil.Smith Windowpane Plaid Button-Up ($128) with a great pair of denim... [More]

jasperware vase-s.jpg

Wedgwood Jasperware Bountiful Vase

With a touch of the ancient, the classically alluring Wedgwood Jasperware Bountiful Vase ($65) is a pretty find to add a punch of color and eclectic flair to a modern home with rich references to antiquity. The goddess depicted playing with cherub servants is certainly Ceres, the Roman derivation of... [More]


Dita Optical Rambler

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Whoever says guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses is completely outdated. Especially when you see such hot specs as these Dita Topical Ramblers ($375). The retro (almost nerdy) feel is so hip we don't quite know what to... [More]

fashion wallpaper-s.jpg

Ferm Living Fashion Wallpaper

Ok, maybe wallpaper is back. . . The Fashion Wallpaper ($115) by Denmark's Ferm Living offers more silhouette-trend options for your home. Truly modern, but not at all bare bones, the look of rows of posing pansies and fashionistas from all walks of life and times is striking. From a... [More]


Things Remembered Compact

We love gifts that offer something extra special, something that no other person would be able to understand or receive. That's is why something as simple as engraving is priceless and incredibly thoughtful for a special occasion. This ">Things Remembered Compact ($15) is always going to be stashed away in... [More]


Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Our inner computer nerd glee'd with delight when we got wind that the new update for the Mac OS X operating system, oddly named Snow Leopard, was coming out on pre-order all over the internet! We must have in on the fun! You can pre-order the highly anticipated operating system,... [More]

gyro fireplace-s.jpg

Gyrofocus Suspended Fireplace

Artsy home decorators, start your swoon engines. The Gyrofocus Suspended Fireplace is a crazy space age rotating piece originally designed by Dominique Imbert in 1968, and it's likely to get fires started in the homes of art collectors living in the hottest climates. It's been exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum... [More]

lamp velazquez-s.jpg

Quoizel Velazquez Table Lamp

Lamp lovers look out! The Velazquez Table Lamp ($255) by Quoizel is dangerously luxurious. Hand forged iron creates a creeping curvature that mimics a twisting vine complete with stylized leaves. Elegant without being overly showy, this well-crafted home accessory would imbue any room with a cosmopolitan sophistication. The broad amber... [More]


14K Yellow Gold Carnelian Shell Cameo Pendant

Both pendants and pins are belong to that category of those easily forgettable accessories that can really make a statement. We like this 14K Yellow Gold Carnelian Shell Cameo Pendant ($269) because it mixes the old world classical cameo style with our modern wardrobe in a very interesting, unexpected mix.... [More]


Tulsa Top

We can't get over how sweet and innocent this top makes us look! The ruffled sleeve and hemline gives a girly vibe while the shoulder-swiping sleeves gives it a bit of a sexy twist. It screams Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, doesn't it? The Tulsa Top ($33) is so feminine... [More]


Bird with Green Pillow

We strongly believe everyone should have few great throw pillows - they're much easier to decide on than new furniture, they can migrate from room to room depending on your decorating needs, and they can completely revamp that beige couch your parents gave you five years ago. This Bird with... [More]


Elliott Lucca Padova Draw Tote

Buttery leather, strong braided straps, plenty of interior room and pockets for organization, drawstring detailing for a chic design and available in black for the purists or bold colors for the adventurous, this Elliott Lucca Padova Draw Tote ($119) is pretty much a perfect purse. We feel it's our duty... [More]

pot slip sppon rest-s.jpg

Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest

Ouch -- gnarly burn from an overheated spoon (not cute). We forgot metal is a conductor, but we won't have to remember anything or linger around pots with the Pot Clip Spoon Rest by Trudeau ($7). . . it clips right on to saucepans and stockpots, and keeps our drippings... [More]


The Time Traveler's Wife

We always love reading the books before we go and see the movie. Maybe it's because we secretly hope that one day we will think the film actually did the book justice or was better than the novel itself! Though the latter is a rarity, we can still hope, can't... [More]

zucca tiered lattice and ruffle-S.jpg

Zucca Tiered Lattice Ruffle Skirt

We would be blushing with delight in this 100% cotton ode to feminity--the ZuccaTiered Lattice Ruffle Skirt ($500) by Zucca is to die for. This flouncy number is both ruffled and tiered and the contrasting combination of voluminous shapes would look great on a dance floor or taken up by... [More]


OFFI Overlap Tray

We were never really into the lap desks that have been around - you know the type: hard plastic top with the beanbag-esque mound underneath. It seems someone has finally come up with a solution for working in bed (a.k.a. "from home") with the Overlap Tray ($159). It's got a... [More]


Escada Ibiza Hippie Perfume

Nothing sounds better than a summer vacation to the beautiful island of Ibiza, does it? The warm weather, the beautiful scenery (and people), and the fresh air that just kicks the butt of our office air really sounds like paradise. So while we meticulously map out our escape plan we... [More]

dancing drops-s.jpg

Floral Dancing Drop Earrings

Oooo, we love award-winning baubles...These Floral Dancing Drop Earrings ($57) won first place for Stephanie Pickford in the fine jewelery category in a competition run by the Victoria & Albert Museum and Ancestors of Dover, a historical merchandise designer. As a result, the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham... [More]


Logan Zip Pocket Skinny Jean

The new distressed skinny jean is about as flattering as gold spandex leggings as far as we are concerned. However, these ">Logan Zip Pocket Skinny Jeans ($109) are extremely well constructed and seem to compliment a REAL woman's body. Hallelujah! The tiny distressed holes and shaved areas will only get... [More]


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

While the name may leave something to be desired (tar? on our lips? huh?), Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars ($13) are a pretty incredible product. First off, they are insanely opaque, giving you highly pigmented color, but it's the application that really wowed us - they slick on like a... [More]

flower ottoman-s.jpg

Lumisource Mini Flower Ottoman

Fun for your feet doesn't require a massage or other nastier things that may come to mind, thanks to the Mini Flower Ottoman ($30) by Lumisource . Put your feet up garden-style with this bright, playful flower ottoman available in three color combinations. For a taller foot rest, stand it... [More]

nest bowls-s.jpg

Green Nest Bowl

With everyone hopping on the green wagon, the environment gets a hell of a lot of attention, but let's not ignore the uplifting energy of the color itself, as showcased in this Green Nest Bowl ($210) by San Francisco artist Heather Palmer. Its open lattice work structure exudes a transient... [More]


American Apparel Unisex Wool Peacoat

It's getting close to that time of year again when fabulous coats aren't just a figment of our imagination. Falling leaves, crisp air, and the ability to layer with scarves and hats is always a fun time of the year to look forward to. Constantly trying to out-do themselves, American... [More]


Castaway Jewelry Antique Albja Brass Bead Ring

This intricate piece of jewelry by Castaway is one of the most interesting rings we have seen in a long time. The antique coin serving as the main focal point is both beautiful and mysterious while the brass chain offers the piece a slightly casual boho feel. The Castaway Jewelry... [More]


Pablo Brazo Table Lamp

We never actually thought there would be a desk light that we would a) get excited about or b) spend an inordinate amount of money on, but then we experienced the Pablo Brazo Table Lamp ($420). Holy cow, this baby is awesome. It's an LED lamp (not fluorescent, hooray!) that's... [More]


Belkin TuneBase FM with Hands-Free

We're swimming with the mainstream when we say we dig Belkin products 'cause you'll probably find one of their power strips in almost every home and office in the world. Look under your desk. You know, Belkin just happens to make nice-looking, practical things that don't cost a fortune. Not... [More]


Makeup Kits by Lauren Luke

English Everywoman Lauren Luke has been a YouTube sensation since 2007, regularly uploading makeup tutorials for everything from how to apply foundation to the perfect vintage maquillage, along with product reviews. After all, who better to create a makeup line for real women than a real woman? And now, Lauren's... [More]


Homemade: How To Make Hundreds of Everyday Products Fast, Fresh, and More Naturally

We've all seen the huge upswing in frugal homemaking tips on the web - anyone else watch Depression Cooking With Clara? Even if you're not the white picket fence & 2.5 kids kinda gal, you can appreciate saving money while using organic, natural products and cooking from scratch. The Reader's... [More]


Nero Shelf

Designer Nanni Holén won a Swedish "UNG" design award for these whimsical Nero Shelves, ($250 each) inspired by the decorated shelves often found in antique cupboards. The MDF shelving will hold all your treasures while adding a quirky flea market vibe to any room in your home. Buy just one... [More]


MAC Cleanse Off Oil

At the end of a long day when face wash doesn't remove all your makeup, you might be tempted to just scrub at it with a rough washcloth. STOP! MAC Cleanse Off Oil ($22) removes even the most stubborn long-wearing lipstick and waterproof mascara quickly and gently while injecting a... [More]


Red Celine Pumps

We felt rather like pulling a reverse Wicked Witch of the West when we saw these Red Celine Pumps by Report Signature. ($99) "Hello, Dorothy, welcome to the 21st century. May we steal your gorgeous shoes?" Seriously, how can you not love these 3.5-inch micro-sequined beauties? We're already dreaming up... [More]


Princess Leia USB Drive

This Princess Leia USB Drive ($20) is pretty awesomely nerdy. Which is fine, because we're pretty awesome nerds over here. This 2G USB drive doesn't need much explanation - it'll hold your files and double as an action figure on your desk, what more could you need? A Han Solo... [More]

blue dot one night stand sleeper sofa-s.jpg

Blu Dot One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa

We never thought we'd come across a chic sleeper sofa, but the well designed One Night Stand Sleeper ($1799) by Blu Dot is a stand out for its clean modern lines and excellent utilitarian comfort. As written up in Dwell magazine, this aptly named sofa's got pitch perfect form and... [More]


Cassius Havana Gehry Sunglasses

These chic shades are the perfect combo of edgy and aviators without making us look like we are trying too hard. The beautifully crafted glasses feature the always classy gold and black colorway mix that makes everything seem much much more expensive than it really is. These Cassuis Havana Gehry... [More]


Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh

All the pulling, stretching, and breathing of yoga can leave us stiff and winded and not anywhere near the nirvana we are seeking. Luckily, there's Yoga guru Gurmukh who can take us through the movements step by step in the comforts of our own living room. The Kundalini Yoga with... [More]


Carhartt Denim Jean Jacket

Denim is making the rounds in all different ways right now. Whether it's acid wash, ripped or otherwise, denim flashbacks from the past are extremely trendy right now. We prefer a more understated homage to all things blue jean by sporting a denim jacket with a cute dress or pair... [More]

empress spotlight-s.jpg

Empress Beauty Spot

Roll over, ridiculous bling, it's time to welcome functional sparkle into our homes. The Empress Beauty Spot ($70) by W.A.C. Lighting is a refreshingly extravagant light fixture that circumvents silly rhinestone embellishments and goes straight to the source of multifaceted beauty: illumination. We may not be an empress, but we... [More]


Appetite Natalie Bag

Those crafty people in the Portland, Oregon come up with some pretty sweet stuff, and the brilliant talent behind the bags and homewares at Appetite is no exception. The simple and stylish Olive Natalie Bag with Aeonium Print ($42) is a sturdy every day bag that’ll hold your essentials and... [More]


Oregon Scientific +ECO Clima Control

While we melt under the blazing summer sun, just knowing that the blast furnace outside is really only 99 degrees instead of 100 degrees is air conditioning for the mind. The Oregon Scientific +ECO Clima Control Weather Station ($120) will soak up all that toasty sunlight and in turn provide... [More]

flower post its-s.jpg

Flower-Shaped Post-its

Ugh. . . rectangular sticky notes are for squares, and we refuse to be boxed in. Let happy style bloom with Flower-Shaped Post-its ($7) - they're way adorbs and will help us find our way through our cluttered days and mental fogs. Enliven the dull office with the flower power... [More]


Frankie Flat

Between the gajillion pairs of gladiator sandals on the shelves - and in our closets - this summer and the impending barrage of fall boots, we thought it best to take a moment to appreciate a nice feminine shoe. The Ciao Bella Frankie Flat ($79) is simple and elegant, and... [More]


Matisse Large Cabinet

We’d love to say we’ll be putting this Matisse Large Cabinet ($1800) in our summer beach house, but we don't have one (yet!). That’s not stopping us from lusting after this beautiful cabinet – it’d be great as a sideboard or entertainment stand, though we’re thinking it’s a new home... [More]


Balenciaga Arena Mini Coin Purse

Ever since Nicolas Ghesquière took over the House of Balenciaga the designer's handbags have been selling like hot cakes. The modern yet classic deign with subtle hardware featured throughout the luxurious lambskin is so highly coveted it sells out in stores the second it hits shelves. A celebrity favorite, this... [More]

lucky guide-s.jpg

The Lucky Shopping Manual

Jesus, we're either addicted to or exhausted by shopping, but the ups and downs can ease up slightly with The Lucky Shopping Manual ($20). It's no surprise, coming from Lucky that this text lays it all out on the table: what to wear, how to buy, where and when to... [More]

smart solar outdoor light-s.jpg

Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern

Night has fallen, we've had one too many glasses of wine at our garden party, and we may burn our house down with all the decorative patio tea candles. Just because we're drunk doesn't mean we can't keep danger at bay with Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern ($15) by Smart Solar.... [More]


Celeb Style: Tolani Honeycomb Scarf

Oh, Jessica Alba. How your beauty never ceases to annoy/mystify us. Who knew she could be stylish and beautiful to boot? This girl makes everything seem to casual and simple and that is one thing that we like about her (despite our green-with-envy feelings about her physical blessings). Here she... [More]


Skyline 1.2 Model House

The hunt for our first home is daunting, but it's easy and modern when we go modular. The Dwell Homes Collection presents the Skyline Series, a configurable system of four floor plans that produce six houses to the homeowner's specifications, all designed for urban living. These small architectural gems feel... [More]


Silhouettes Riding Boot

A simple riding boot is just another quality closet staple that can take years to find. We love this Silhouettes Riding Boot ($70) on sale and just cannot get over how perfect the fit, quality, price, and look is! The simpler the better is our motto when it comes to... [More]


Safe Baby Handling Tips

It’s always amusing to watch first-time parents… every surface is sanitized to the nth degree, the child is fed exactly every two point five hours whether they want it or not, and a conversation with the new mum n’ dad turns into you being lectured about the latest child development... [More]


Bugatti Diva Espresso Machine

We know what you’re thinking: Bugatti? A car company has branched out into kitchen appliances – is the recession really that bad? No, no, and no – at least we hope not. Designed by the Italian housewares geniuses at Casa Bugatti, the Bugatti Diva Espresso Machine ($716) doesn’t just look... [More]


Puddle Jump Trench Coat

As the weather slo-o-oowly starts to get cooler as fall approaches, we become ever the more eager to break out light layers like this adorable Puddle Jumper Trench Coat. ($46) The slate grey, blue, cream, and taupe dotted brushstroke pattern is neutral enough to wear with a variety of outfits,... [More]


Death Star Cookie Jar

“The force is strong with this one, Obi Wan.” “Yes. I fear he will soon join the dark side.” “GASP! No. Not…” “Yes. The dark chocolate side.” “Then he shall be found in the Death Star Cookie Jar ($50, available for pre-order now) and we shall send Luke PeanutButterWalker to... [More]


Sephora Make Up Artist Brush Belt Set

As gals who spend a lot of time testing makeup, (hard knock life, we know) we highly recommend investing in the best set of brushes and applicators you can afford. It makes all the difference – even 99-cent drugstore makeup goes on and stays on better when it’s applied well.... [More]

cardboard sidetable-s.jpg

Pasteboard Sidetable

Feeling ironic? Check out the Pasteboard Sidetable ($98) by Dovetusai Studio at Skitsch. It looks like cardboard and feels like cardboard, but they call it pasteboard, which means it's. . . . super strong cardboard. Traditional designs and contours of flouncier carpentry manifest in this cheap albeit eco-friendly material is... [More]


Tord Boontje Little Field of Flowers Rug

The Little Field of Flowers Rug ($1250 and up) designed by Tord Boontje for Barcelona-based high-end textiles company Nanimarquina is a fantastic pop-up book miracle makeover for our floor. Uber sophisticated rich coloring and crisp detailing make this a whimsical and unique work of art exhibited not on our walls... [More]


Lexon Tykho Radio

If you think the Lexon Tykho AM/FM Radio ($61) looks like something out of MoMa, it is. Part of their permanent collection, in fact. Designed by Marc Berthier, this portable radio/Lego doppelganger is encased entirely in silicon rubber, so it's totally klutz-proof (and waterproof). Great for trips to the beach,... [More]


What Fun! Soap Rolls

You've heard the trope/meme/whathaveyou about Isaac Newton's really being a genius because he invented the cat door? This may be the same kind of innovation. Glycerin-based Soap Rolls ($12 for six) moisturize without melting away as quickly as bars do, and the array of colors and scents reminds us of... [More]


Lancome Photogenic Skin-Illuminating Concealer

We learned a great beauty trick a few years ago, and it’s forever changed the way we look at under-eye products. Using a concealer with a touch of shimmer under our eyes brightens and lightens those dark circles 10 times better than a matte product. Lancome's Photogenic Skin-Illuminating Concealer ($28)... [More]


Saucony Boston Running Pant

I don't care who they are but those people who say that running is fun are just crazy. Certainly we feel accomplished and proud after the fact, but the painful and arduous task of propelling our own body weight onto the pavement leaves little in the way of fun. That... [More]


Equestrian Cross-Stitch Satchel

There’s a fine line between having a purse that’s big enough to hold all of our stuff, and having a purse that’s too cavernous to find anything in. The Equestrian Cross-Stitch Satchel ($38) is a great option. This hardware-adorned purse will hold the basics and a little more, but it’s... [More]


Wild Republic Plush Zebra Shark

We've all had days that mandate a helping of stuffed animal therapy. Some people, however, just don't understand that and can be prone to making oh-so-humorous remarks - which, after that kind of day, is exactly what we don't need. Put the fear of plush into your unsympathetic companions with... [More]


Blue Plate Girly Baby Doll Top

This adorable bright top is perfect for covering anything you want covered while accentuating the best parts of a woman: decollete and shoulders. Wear this too-cute-for-words top on or off the shoulders for a sexier twist and pair it with your favorite pair of jean capris for a really laid-back... [More]


Winged Migration Necklace

We love the juxtaposition of nature and machine in this Winged Migration necklace ($45) from Erica Weiner. Did that just make us sound like some snobby art critic? Perhaps if we said that this necklace pays homage to the natural inspiration that results in modern-day conveniences…. Hmmm, also a little... [More]