Special Guest Post by Pink of Perfection: Unique, Budget-Happy Dresses

Friends, let us introduce you to someone who’s going to make your life easier and more stylish. She might even save you some cash. Sarah at Pink of Perfection is constantly supplying her readers with yummy and easy recipes, great ways to stretch a dollar, and tons of unique finds,... [More]


Sales & Steals: 7/31/09

We’re not *ahem* all about fashion, really, we’re not. We don’t have a problem. No sir. Which is why we’ve branched out a bit more in this week’s Sales & Steals, from books & CDs to dining room tables to bubble bath and mascara and… okay, fine, a shoe coupon... [More]


Mushroom Magnets

These little Mushroom Magnets ($7) are so adorable, we’re coming up with all sorts of ways to justify having 6, 9, or more. Use them in the office to steady your post-it flow, or inside a locker to keep important schedules at eye level. They’d also be great at home... [More]


Bamboo Charging Station

Between the ipod, the cell, the camera , the blue tooth and oh yeah...the shuffle for the gym, we’re totally tangled up in cords, and we’re guessing that you are too. So we’re pretty excited to find this ">Bamboo Charging Station ( $30) that has three inputs. It’s easy to... [More]



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Lands' End FeelGood V-neck Cable Cardigan Sweater

Cute cable knits leave us with warm fuzzy memories of autumn leaves, hot chocolates with floating marshmallows, and long hours spent in the college library cramming for the following day's test. Those days were nice. While we may not miss much from our academia years, there is one thing that... [More]


Natural Cotton Mat

Smelly rubber fumes in downward dog is not very zen. This 100% Natural Cotton Mat ($69) is going to change the way you plank pose forever. Hand-tufted, untreated cotton provides a cool comfortable surface for your practice. No more rubber fumes, and extra support where you need it. Namaste.... [More]


The Standard Hotel & Quiksilver Swimwear Vending Machine

Has this ever happened to you? You’re out with friends and they wanna go swimming, but you forgot your suit and don’t want to get arrested for skinny dipping. Quiksilver and The Standard Hotels understand your pain, so they’ve released an exclusive line of board shorts and bikinis sold in... [More]


The Wing Girls

We all know a guy or two who has a problem finding a date. You know the type, decent-looking, smells fine, not a full-on dweeb, but hasn't got a clue that he talks too much or needs to just make a move, already! And you're not gonna tell him, are... [More]


Diesel Jiffy Cross Body Bag

Who wants to catch a tragic case of the ordinarys when it comes to a book-bag? We certainly don't wanna! This Diesel Jiffy Cross Body Bag ($96) is anything but and will turn heads when you're caught walking down the busy halls of school. Not only will it hold all... [More]


Tea Forte Cocktail Mixology Set

We can’t resist a good shortcut that makes us look like the domestic goddesses we aspire to be, especially when cocktails are involved! Tea forte’s Cocktail Mixology Set ($24) is an easy way to infuse our own alcohol with the delightful flavors of Lavender Citrus, Lemon Mint and Silkroad Chai,... [More]


Pleasure Doing Business Seven Band Skirt

Bandage skirts are all the rage lately and ever since the catwalks were seen swamped with them (designers Proenza Schouler and Herve Leger seemed to fawn over them) we've been eager to take a fashion risk and attempt the look as well. Which is precisely why we fell in love... [More]


Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke is making a huge splash right now. After her acoustic debut in 2007, Little Eve, she was placed into the vein of folk singers such as Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. With this years' Curiouser, she’s breaking barriers and busting into the pop arena. Can’t Shake it is... [More]


Gardener's Supply Company Weather Station

Our inner tech dorkess is loving this simplified tool to measure all things weather. The easy-to-use ">Gardener's Supply Company Weather Station ($50) comes with a Swiss-precision sensor which ensures accuracy and can work with up to three sensors stored at over three hundred feet away. The best part about this... [More]


Lapis Dream Cocktail Ring

Sometimes, you want just one great accessory to set off an outfit, instead of piling on piece after piece until you resemble a walking jewelry store. Kenneth Jay Lane's Lapis Dream Cocktail Ring ($165) suits the bill for us; luminous turquoise beads are inset into an 18k gold-plated ring, surrounding... [More]


Dish Drying Gloves

We’ve got two problems… 1)We love to cook at home, but don’t have dishwashers, and 2)We’re inordinately clumsy. These two things add up together to mean lots of by-hand scrubbing, and lots of dropping dishes when we try to dry ‘em with a towel. Since we can’t afford new dishes... [More]


J.Crew Velvet Eden Blazer

J.Crew has nimbly reinterpreted both their classic École blazer and the upcoming fall velvet trend in the Velvet Eden Blazer, ($148) available in six colors. It’s just the right layer for chilly early fall evenings or even to complete your librarian superhero (May we suggest calling yourself The Dewey Decimator?)... [More]



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Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact

With a mirrored compact casing designed by renowned Paris jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact ($45) is a stunning accessory you’ll want to take everywhere. The lush formula contains ruby powder that reflects light and gives off shine, plus rich moisturizers to hydrate and maintain... [More]


Lotus Cat Tree

Yes, $380 seems like an awful lot for cat furniture, but hear us out; we can’t stand those giant, ugly carpet-covered things usually found at pet stores – especially the ones that supposedly resemble "trees." Gag. The Lotus Cat Tree, ($380) for just a little bit more $$ than a... [More]


'Limit' Ruffle Ballet Flat

This ‘Limit’ Ruffle Ballet Flat ($60) is a total misnomer. This shoe is everything but limiting! It’s available in an awesome range of sizes (4 to 14!!). It comes in a wide variety of colors (but we’re loving this bronze for a snappy neutral). You can dress it up or... [More]


Blue Microphones Snowball USB Mic

It knows it's mahvelous, sitting there all sleek and fancy in its old-timey but high-tech glory. It's saying, "Okay, little trembling songbird, you say you got talent? Prove it." While we're working up the nerve to record with the Blue Microphones Snowball USB Mic ($89), we can tell you that... [More]


Lutz & Patmos Gauze Knit Poncho

Someone needs to alert the Ugly Betty wardrobe styling staff STAT because we have found an impossible find: a chic poncho! Betty needs to kick this red monstrosity of a work uniform to the curb and invest in this Lutz & Patmos Gauze Knit Poncho ($450). Okay, okay, maybe it... [More]


The Daily Mood

We’re occasionally the type to wear our heart on our sleeve, and when it comes to letting our co-workers know what kind of mood we’re in, that’s something we can get behind. (Yeah yeah, sometimes we’re the ‘moody girl’ at work – deal with it.) Now we don’t have to... [More]


Lee Angel Twisted Chain Necklace

Statement necklaces are here and will always be in style. In fact, the real key to this look is just about how you wear it. Obviously confidence goes a long way but sometimes there are just a few elements needed to really master a silhouette and this can be daunting... [More]


16-Piece Colored Pencil Set

It’s back to school time and what’s school supplies without all the fun art-supplies? That’s really the best part once you’re finished shopping for new clothes. (Finished shopping? Yeah right!) Anyhoo, this adorable 16-Piece Colored Pencil Set ($15) comes tucked neatly in a brown craft tube that slides easily into... [More]


Chow Baby Food Tower

All this cool stuff at Skip Hop is making our biological clocks tick a little faster. There’s tons of sweet stuff, from incredibly cute to brilliantly practical, but the item that caught our eye right away was Chow ($14). This baby food storage tower holds food jars in a way... [More]


Wolford Fatal Lace Seamless Sheer Tights

When it comes to hosiery there is only one word that reigns supreme: Wolford. For 55 years the company has been cementing itself as a brand by creating some of the worlds most beloved, high-quality hosiery out there. Constantly using the best fabrics and newest technology to please its many... [More]



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Benefit Cosmetics CORALista

For an immediate flush of color and skin tone-evening action try Benefit Cosmetics CORALista ($28). Said to be the "coral blush for a tropical flush," the peachy shade compliments any skin tone and type. A soft, natural-bristle blush brush is included with the set. Personally, we like the Lisa Frank-like... [More]


Amy Butler Drapes

The Coventry Rod Pocket Drapes with Tie Back Set ($100), designed by Amy Butler, are s-w-e-e-t mid-century yummy-ness. Green & Turquoise floral are smashing next to the contrasting turquoise and white print. But wait, it gets better because these are 100% organic and they’re made with low impact dyes which... [More]


Casio G-Shock Glide Watch

We remember years ago when these cute plastic timepieces first made their way onto the wrists of teenagers galore, but now there is something slightly fashionably ironic about sporting the look again. The Casio G-Shock Glide Watch ($120) is back (and in amazing new colors too, like this salmon number)... [More]


Capri Train Case

After years of using gift-with-purchase makeup bags, we finally took the initiative to strike out and find a travel makeup bag that worked. The Capri Train Case ($18) is just right because it has a separate, flat top section for our brushes (keeps the bristles from getting mangled) that also... [More]


Alice + Olivia Leather Cutout Shift Dress

Alice + Olivia are just one of those new designers that keep coming out with trusty, fun, and wearable pieces. Their frocks and tops always scream girly with a bit of sophistication that suits us just about right. This latest piece from their collection, the Alice + Olivia Leather Cutout... [More]


Ladies Sewing Circle & Terrorist Society T-Shirt

Women: Simple. Sweet. Can blow you to bits if you don’t give ‘em what they want. Buy a t-shirt from the Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society, ($20-23) and show the world you mean business. Plus, once you hit the inner circle, they may show you how to knit an... [More]


Little Teaspoon Necklace

Apparently designed for OCD folks who simply must put exactly FIVE grains of salt on each edamame pod at the sushi bar, (We kid, we kid… Hi, boss!) the Little Teaspoon Necklace by Ragtrader ($14) would be a great gift for the control freak-slash-chef in your life. The oxidized brass... [More]


Grounded In Nature Tropical Fruit Cuticle Cream

Ostensibly, Dionis' Grounded In Nature Tropical Fruit Cuticle Cream ($5) is, as the name implies, just for cuticles. But upon use, we discovered this almond oil & mango seed butter infused cream does wonders on cracked, dry heels worn out from summer sandal wearing. It’s packed with vitamin E to... [More]


Knife and Fork Lifts

If you bought Knife and Fork Lifts ($20) as a gift for anyone, they’d be well within their rights to use them to beat you over the head. These 1.5lb dumbbells with knife & fork appendages are designed to “…serve as a constant reminder that eating puts weight on and... [More]


Swing with the Plants

Whether your fantasy has always been to swing around on a vine, a la Tarzan & Jane, or a more prosaic wish to have an ivy-entwined swing on your front porch because, gosh darnit to heck and all, it’s romantical, the Swing with the Plants ($520) fits the bill. The... [More]


Stila Convertible Eye Color

We’ve gotta love makeup that works as hard as we do, and Stila’s Convertible Eye Color ($22) definitely pulls its weight. The pencil is already workin’ hard with a liner on one end and a smudging/blending tool on the other, but then it gets into overtime: when you twist the... [More]

chewed gum necklace-s.jpg

Chewed Gum Necklace

Remember, it's nasty to stow that chewed gum behind your ear like Violet from Willy Wonka an the Chocolate all of a sudden, chewed gum is a lot cuter with the Chewed Gum Necklace ($70) by Kiel Mead . Maybe this pink gum charm seems a tad disgusting, but... [More]


Special Guest Post by dkirkward: Ciao Bella Gelato and Sorbetto

So ladies, we think it's time for a male perspective: What are some of their secret faves (ahem, aside from that) that they'd like to see here on ol' Outblush? We went to one of our favorite tweeters, dkirkward, for the skinny. You can check out his blog, Discoveries of... [More]


Things to Make and Do Journal

With the internet out there offering all of its ways to chronicle our lives, sometimes we forget that there was life before Facebook. Nikki McClure’s work has always been a favorite of ours, but when we came across the gorgeous journal Things to Make and Do ($17) and saw her... [More]


Abercrombie & Fitch Paula Sweater

Okay, we'll admit it, we may reek of perfume/cologne every time we get within a five miles radius of these stores but once we built up the guts (and contemplated a gas mask) to walk inside and shop a bit we found it was a lot less harmful to our... [More]


Celeb Style: Go Jane Double Buckle T-Strap Platform Sandals

We're not sure how she manages to do it, but Beyonce is never caught without another killer pair of the latest designer sky-scraping heels on. Walking through airports, sightseeing European cities, riding a bike, this girl literally lives in heels and does so with such ease and dare we say... [More]


Leather Foldover Hobo

Large enough for a small laptop, made soft gray leather that's sturdy enough to carry books, and sporting an adjustable strap; this Leather Foldover Hobo ($158) is absolutely perfect for fall. It'll carry you right through the dog days of summer into the windy run for cover days of the... [More]


Nikon Ecobins

The whole marketing campaign for the new Nikon Ecobins ($200) is based on the fact that they are eco-friendly because they're made with earth friendly glass and contain no harmful chemicals, which is all good, but doesn't really mean a whole hill-a-beans when you're talking about binoculars...Ya know? What we're... [More]


Happy Farmer Compost Bin

We know that composting is good for the earth, but we always thought it was a little too smelly of a project to try to attempt indoors, let alone our kitchen. Ugh! That is until we found the Happy Farmer Composter ($60). This little bin makes composting super easy and... [More]


Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15

Zinc oxide acts as sunblock in Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 ($35), an excellent finish to daily makeup routines that protects our skin from harmful UV rays while giving us a healthy glow. When we apply over foundation with a soft blending brush, 15 active amino acids adhere to... [More]


Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

We have a love/hate relationship with our computer mouse. Frankly, this double-clicking business is starting to make our hands look like gnarled claws. If you, too, have gnarled-claw-hand syndrome, it's worth checking out the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet ($54). The good news is it's gonna give your hand a break... [More]


Tom Tom Swallowed by the Sea Necklace

Perhaps it’s summer trips to the beach and sea salt in our hair (it’s ok if it comes from a styling bottle and not the ocean), but we’re feeling the nautical vibe. Tom Tom’s Swallowed by the Sea necklace ($195) puts a stylish spin on jaunty sailor style. Ahoy!... [More]


Matthew Williamson Bright 'Escape' Shoulder Bag

British designer Matthew Williamson has never shyed away from color and bright, bold patterns. Leave it to him to be the perfect fit for taking over the Pucci house while maintaining his own collection of clothes as well. The latest of his international designing conquests is a handbag collection that... [More]


Wacoal Center Stage Bra with Camisole Inset

It's a tough battle, the one where you delicately walk the line between sexy and slutty lingerie. Who are you wearing it for? How does it make you feel? Will this be too uncomfortable to wear in less than two hours? Does this make my thighs look fat? Okay, maybe... [More]


LED Water Therapy Ceiling

Only the Italians could make therapy look this flashy. The LED Water Therapy Ceiling ($Inquire) by Guglielmi is a first in shower head design... 480 LED lights correspond to 480 water drops. OK, this brings a song to mind. Beautiful raindrops are falling on our head. And that doesn't mean... [More]


Bumble and Bumble Bandball

Hold up – a styling product that is essentially a TOY?! Oh we are so in! Grab yourself a Bb.bandball ($20) and let’s go play catch. Or braid each others’ hair, I guess. But we vote for catch.... [More]


Mossimo Blousen Dress

Lately we have been stuffing our closets beyond belief with footwear that only seems to fall under one trend: gladiator. To offset such an overflow of the trend we have been trying to find pieces in our closets that will match effortlessly and compliment a sometimes complicated shoe. Look no... [More]


Frenzii Sleeveless Wrap

It’s too hot outside for a heavy cardigan, but sometimes your office gets a little chilly. A stylish solution? This Sleeveless Wrap by Frenzii. The neutral stone grey jersey fabric drapes gently and is super soft & comfy, the deep v-neck created by the wrap’s opening is flattering to all... [More]



A lady never, EVER does #2. Women don’t have biological functions, dearies, it’s just not done. Oh, shove it where the sun don’t shine, Miss Manners, and just carry some Poo~Pourri spray ($10-$25) with you. It’s a blend of 9 essential oils like grapefruit and bergamot that you spray on... [More]


Further Soap

The natural glycerine that serves as the base of Further Soap ($19) is distilled from biofuel. What exactly is this biofuel, you ask? Why, it’s the leftover grease waste from the kitchens at Mario Batali’s Los Angeles restaurant, Mozza! No, the soap doesn’t smell like homemade pasta and mozzarella, (though... [More]


Peacekeeper Nail Paint

Not only do Peacekeeper Cause-Metics run a completely non-toxic, slave-labor free company that donates all after-tax distributable profits to women’s health advocacy and human rights issues, they have some really amazing products. We like their Nail Paint, ($10) the safest paint-based natural polish you can buy – and it’s vegan!... [More]


Bitten Necklace

So, you’re an adult Twilight fan, eh? We’re guessing that you know each book by heart, own the super-special-mega-amazing-extended DVD, post regularly on fan sites… But we’re also guessing that as a grown woman, it’s a little embarrassing being obsessed with a book written for tweens, and wearing a New... [More]


Ottimista/Pessimista Glassware

Drink all you like from NapaStyle's Ottimista/Pessimista Glassware, ($38-42) but be prepared to answer the question, “Così è voi un ottimista o un pessimista?” (For those of you who don’t speak Italian, that means “So… are you an optimist or a pessimist?”) And depending on how much wine or beer... [More]


Special Guest Post by amysaurus: Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch

Hey kids, you think we've got it goin' on? (Damn skippy, you do.) You ain't seen nuthin' 'til you've taken a gander at Amy Handley's blog of favorites. Amy's posts are the kind of thing that gets us moving when we're feeing uninspired, makes us laugh when we're down, and... [More]


Art of Flying Clock

Don’t we all need a little more whimsy in our lives? Of course! Is it time to get rid of the glittery butterfly hair clips you’ve been holding onto since high school? Probably. The Art of Flying Clock ($58) is a nice compromise, as it’s a functional time piece that... [More]


FriedaSophie Candydrops Earrings

We’re swooning for basically everything in FriedaSophie’s etsy shop, but these Candydrops earrings ($24) make us positively giddy. The price is right, the style is spot on (hippie glam? we think it works), and they’re a unique handmade find. We can see wearing these to upcoming summer weddings, or just... [More]


Delia's Kieran Bomber Jacket

It has taken us quite a long time to find the perfect bomber jacket. We have so many qualifications that the jacket must posses like great fit, reasonable price, squishy feel (whether it's real leather or not), and a beautiful rich neutral color. All these things we found very easily... [More]

cricut cutter-s.jpg

Cricut 29-0001 Cutting Machine

Sheesh, will this scrapbook ever be done? Our hands are cramping from cutting, and our backs hurt from slaving away at the craft table... Say sayonara to the pain with the Cricut 29-0001 Cutting Machine ($163), a portable personal electronic cutting machine that eases our workload. Perfect greeting cards, scrapbooks,... [More]


Aromafloria Sinus Help Inhalation Beads

We know that, unlike a lot of other body parts we could name, sinuses are only interesting when something is wrong with them. But when they're being interesting, it's awfully difficult to concentrate on anything else. This is why we love Aromafloria's Sinus Help Inhalation Beads ($6). The concept is... [More]


Forzieri Solid Light Blue Oxford Classic Blouse

Back to school fashion is quickly becoming a reality for many of us whether it's for ourselves or our kids. In times like these we want to try and find as many long-lasting staples as we can to compliment our already booming closets. That's why this Forzieri Solid Light Blue... [More]


Chambray Wrap Pocket Pants

The parachute pants comeback seems too high fashion out of the pages of Vogue, but these Chambray Wrap Pocket Pants ($130) rock the tapered pant in an informal way with spunk and variety. Here, the model is working the look the right now way--big horizontal stripes and slouched shoulders. The... [More]


Miss "A" Kit

Swiss army knives are definitely handy tools, and now that design has become even more useful – and stylish – in the Miss "A" Kit ($25). In addition to the standard package (scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, corkscrew, bottle opener, knife and nail file), this compact contraption also contains a few more... [More]


True Religion Fringe Mini Suede Phoebe Bag

You've heard it all before, about how great fringe is and how "in" it is again. Boring. But how flipping cute is this True Religion Fringe Mini Suede Phoebe Bag ($229), trendy or not? We don't care how cliche the whole fringe thing has become because this purse is too... [More]


Branch & Glass Side Table

The Branch & Glass Side Table ($158) exudes the feeling of natural contentment in a controlled interior design context. We're basically saying it's simply elegant. The lines of the branches are subtle but intrinsically fascinating and their clustered arrangement creates a beautiful pattern viewable through the glass top. It has... [More]


Point It Traveler's Language Kit

When traveling abroad and working with a language barrier, there are definitely some universal signs and symbols that help you communicate (i.e. the pleading look in our eye and slight shifty dance as we ask about the location of the loo). For everything else, we use our handy-dandy Point It... [More]


Mandee Cap Sleeve Tunic

So maybe mostly sells clothes designed to appeal to Hannah Montana fans, but we were trolling through the site on a whim and found this Cap Sleeve Tunic. ($24) Available in white, pale yellow, or a sunny light peach, it’s got a mock mandarin collar and pleated bib with... [More]


Anatomical Heart Lithograph

If you give someone Munstre's Anatomical Heart Lithograph Lightbox, ($65) you can legitimately say you’re giving them your heart. Well, a heart. We just think this antique medical lithograph-turned lightbox is a fun piece of conversational art - and educational to boot!... [More]


Becca Luminous Skin Colour

A friend of ours started using Becca Cosmetics' Luminous Skin Colour ($42) a few weeks back, and before we knew that was the culprit, we were absolutely convinced she’d had a chemical peel or serious microdermabrasion or something. Her skin looked bloody fantastic. Apparently, this brainiac of a tinted moisturizer... [More]


Grace Chan Organic Disc & Pearl Earrings

Grace Chan's Gold Organic Disc & Pearl Earrings ($48) are reminiscent of shells you’d find on the beach. We’ve been wearing ours with pretty much every outfit we own, because they add a touch of sophistication and earthiness at the same time. And we are nothing if not cool and... [More]

egg sprout-s.jpg

Porcelain Egg Shell Wheatgrass Growing Kit

These Porcelain Egg Shell Wheatgrass Growing Kits ($13) are easy to grow and care for with supplies and directions all included. Sitting peacefully in the sparsest of counter space, or doubling as petite centerpiece on a kitchen table, the oxygen-packed greenery we grow from these cuties does a body good.... [More]


Bloom Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites signal the tone of your big day to guests, so they’re definitely something to pay attention to – that, and you don’t want something overly cheesy and princess-y – when you’re planning your party. We’re smitten with designers Linda & Harriet's entire line of stationery, note pads, and... [More]


Sephora Pure Natural Island Sunset Palette

Clearly, we love makeup. We also love when companies strive to be kind to this lovely planet we’re on, which is why we want to give Sephora a big smooch for launching their Sephora Pure line. The makeup in this line is formulated without a bunch of that chemical-y junk,... [More]


Celeb Style: Kenneth Cole New York Boyfriend Blazer

Blazers are ablaze and just about everywhere this season. They can instantly add sophistication to just about any outfit and even go with some of the more delicate, girly pieces in our closets. Want to instantly add an eye popping piece to an ensemble? Try the Kenneth Cole New York... [More]


Antoinette Fainting Sofa

Although we're not in the habit of responding to our problems by fainting, this fine piece of furniture is almost enough to make us reconsider. The Antoinette Fainting Sofa ($575) is available in eight solid colors and three prints, to suit tastes from Victorian Ingenue to Florida Grandmother. To us,... [More]

Newton Watch ny Nixon-S.jpg

The Newton Watch

Look! No hands. This isn't a unicycle trick . . . it's the Newton Watch in Mismatch by Nixon ($100), and getting rid of the ticking lines gives a whole new feeling to watch faces. This piece feels ultra modern with Chinese quartz movement and an LED light display. It's... [More]


Bugaboo Bee Stroller

It doesn’t really look like a bee, but we were drawn like a bee to a flower when we spotted the Fuchsia cover on this Bugaboo Bee Stroller ($529). The seat on this thing actually reclines, extends and turns around to face the opposite direction if the baby wants a... [More]


Grind Reflex II Salt and Pepper Mills

Why use two hands to grind your salt and pepper when you can use one? These Grind Reflex II Salt and Pepper Mills ($50) have single-handedly (HA!) made adding a dash of seasoning to our culinary masterpieces easier. Julia would be proud.... [More]


Ami Club Wear White Lace Turtleneck Ruched Mini Dress

Okay we know you are rolling your eyes thinking "what is this skimpy number?" But relax..we've anticipated your worries and are here to ease your fears. This Ami Club Wear White Lace Turtleneck Ruched Mini Dress ($28) is not as short as you'd think and can be a great excuse... [More]


Shu Uemura Lucent Rainbow False Eyelashes

We DARE you. We absolutely dare you to buy a set of these Lucent Rainbow false lashes from Shu Uemura ($27), wear them for a whole day, and send us pictures. We can think of several appropriate occasions: job interviews, optometrist appointments, pride parades, new DMV photo day . .... [More]


LUSH Cosmetics NEW! Solid Shampoo

It’s a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, and a whole lotta LUSH! We’re talking about, of course, LUSH Cosmetics’ NEW! Solid Shampoo ($9). Despite its’ name, NEW! Isn’t new – its’ name represents how your hair feels once you’ve shampooed with it. Ta da! Instant Brand New Hair.... [More]


Clean Getaway Kit

Being the jet-setting, travel savvy ladies that we are, we know that sometimes the inevitable happens and we get where we’re going, but our luggage doesn’t. Before we relish the opportunity for guilt-free shopping, we breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our Clean Getaway Kit ($29) has everything we’ll... [More]


Pottery Barn Bristol Lantern

Perfect for those summer dinners on the patio, these ">Pottery Barn Bristol Lanterns ($39) are the ultimate in chic outdoor lighting. This classic lantern now has a new preppy twist and comes in a wonderfully refreshing white colorway which seems to magically enhance its nighttime glow. So add an instant... [More]


Spaghetti Doser

When it’s time for some home cookin’ and we make spaghetti and meatballs, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we cook more pasta than necessary. For some reason, it’s hard to eyeball those thin noodles. This Spaghetti Doser ($16) does the thinking for us, and handily measures the right amount for... [More]


DKNY Urban Fusion Gym Bag

We need something especially cute to motivate us to show it off at the always scary gym. Nothing else pushes us to get in our cars immediately and walk around proudly than this DKNY Urban Fusion Gym Bag ($104) because it shows off all of our gym-survival-guide items without being... [More]


Yaya Aflalo Floral Zipper Cami

Yaya Aflalo's pieces are always fun and easy to wear and instantly place us in the best dressed category among our friends (not that it is ever a competition right?). So it's no surprise that this Yaya Aflalo Floral Zipper Cami ($225) is no exception to the always-first-place rule, now... [More]


Always Infinity Maxipads

Is the Always Infinity Maxipad (2-pack, $20) starting a menstrual revolution? Apparently, these show extraordinary absorbency with new-found resilience. Dual Wing Design and increased back coverage ensure no slip ups, and new softer material reinforced by microdots keep everything contained. Would we wear white with Aunt Flo visiting? We dunno,... [More]


San Jose Del Tambo Chocolate

We know sweets are at the top of the food pyramid, and people are cutting out sugar in their diets all together, but the chocolate doctor, Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., is in, and endorses San Jose Del Tambo Chocolate ($8) passionately. Because these chocolate bars are made from scratch from... [More]

alex katz-s.jpg

Alex Katz Beach Towel

Bringing fine art to the beach seems ostentatious, but we'll blend right in with this Beach Towel ($95) based on contemporary artist Alex Katz's screenprint Ada with Sunglasses circa 1990. This piece of functional art was designed as part of the Artist Towel Series, and produced by the Works On... [More]

stiletto heels-s.jpg

Azumi and David Stilletto Necklace

Finally, a broken heel is not the end of the world - the Stiletto Neckalce ($123) by Azumi and David for the Cherry on the Cake Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum's very own fashion line, is hot. We recommend the red patent leather version over the black for a more... [More]


Va Va Voom Skirt

They weren’t kidding when they named this the Va Va Voom Skirt ($67). Sure, it’s no micro mini, but it’s nailed that elusive sexy-without-being-slutty aspect. The tiered fabric spices up the front of this skirt, though it’s the striking gold zipper (and a sassy kick pleat) in back that’s going... [More]

stack fridge-s.jpg

Flatshare Stackable Fridge

Keep your foodstuffs cool and individually collected in style with the Flatshare Stackable Fridge ($Inquire), designed by Stefan Buchberger, a design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Our favorite perishables are safe from greedy roommates (can we request locks or fingerprint verified access codes?) because we like... [More]


Celeb Style: Newport News Quilted Chain-Strap Bag

Celebrities the world over have been seen clutching their Chanel quilted bags close to their chests for years and years now. The classic handbag has been making waves for decades and its popularity doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Lily Allen, the new face for Chanel's handbag advertising... [More]


Mama Mio BBB Kit

So. You’ve got a bun in the oven. Your eggo is preggo. You played, “What happens when we leave it in?” And now, you’ve got that pregnancy glow and the pregnancy BUMP. The skin is being streeeeeeeeeeeetched out to there like it’s never been stretched before, and you’re worried your... [More]


Jigsaw Tennessee Belt

As every fashion magazine on the planet is so fond of trumpeting in every issue, accessories are an easy, inexpensive way to work a trend into a wardrobe full of good-quality basic clothing. Fine, fine, we get it, you can shut up now. Just take it from us (in a... [More]


Small Porcelain Berry Bowl

A perfect accent piece for your dresser or dining table, designer Isabelle Abramson’s delicate Small Porcelain Berry Bowl ($150) casts romantic shadows when light shines through it from any angle. Done in a classic, simple porcelain white that reminds us of 1930’s milk glass, it’s just really, really, really pretty.... [More]


Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Guilt-Free Treat Set

Our office currently smells like the world’s best bakery. Why? Because we’ve all been using the products from the Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Guilt-Free Treats gift set ($30) religiously. It’s fruity and light, and includes Sinfully Rich Body Butter, Luxurious Shower Crème, and Hydrating Hand Crème. We ask you, seriously,... [More]


Fiel Palawan Flip Flops

Summer is the season for flip flops, and we love showing off our polished toenails, but after a few hours of struttin’ around the city, our feet are crying for relief. Not the case with these Fiel Palawan Flip Flops ($240), which are uber-stylish and also have a layer of... [More]


Get the Hint Sticky Notes

Sometimes, coworkers need a slap upside the head gentle reminder of what needs to be done in the office. But gosh darn it, we’re girls, and we’re not supposed to “do” direct confrontations. So instead, we rely on Get the Hint Mini Sticky Notes ($5 per pack) to deliver our... [More]

minx nails flowers-s.jpg

Minx Flower Nails

According to the Minx website, Minx Flower Nails ($55) are "the ultimate fashion accessory-dare to wear and be prepared to be noticed . . . not for the shy!" We would agree with that general statement--you hafta be bold or at least super free-spirited for this adhesive wearable art. But,... [More]


Anthropologie Daybreak's Dew Necklace

We can’t get enough of the bright colors of summer and this Daybreak’s Dew Necklace ($168) from Anthropologie has ‘em all. We like to think of it as the grown up version of those fairy princess crowns we wore when we were younger, though of course it’s much more grown... [More]

veggie brush-s.jpg

Oxo Good Grips Vegetable Brush

We're into saving ourselves work, and Good Grips products, winner of the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award made the Oxo Vegetable Brush ($4) a reeeaally comfortable time-saver. Durable nylon bristles reach nooks and crannies in veggies and fruits, so we know our food is clean and ready to eat. Plus the... [More]

imari bowl-s.jpg

Imari Centerpiece Bowl

The Imari Centerpiece Bowl ($198) is a spectacular homage to Imari Porcelain, a Japanese style of striking decorative wares popular from 1690-1740. Named for the export port famous to Dutch merchants, Imari pieces were born and created in a nearby town called Arita, and were produced there exclusively before being... [More]


Celeb Style: L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag

We love Reese Witherspoon, period. Her sunny disposition and always-classy demeanor leaves us struggling to be half the lady that she is. She somehow manages two kids, an ever-blossoming movie career, charity work, and a hunky boyfriend with effortless ease and a heart-warming smile to boot. Not only is all... [More]


Max Studio Halter Top

Some styles of tops can sometimes be more trouble than they're worth: Between the complicated necklines or pinnings and the always interesting task of finding the right bra, we desperately want to honor our sexy side and embrace the power of the halter top but have had a hard time... [More]

arta nesting set-s.jpg

Arta Brio Bucket Nesting Bar Set

The cat's out of the bag about the clever convenience of nesting kitchen vessels, but we thought consolidating our entire collection of bar tools into one small, nesting kit was out of the question. It doesn't have to be - the Arta Brio Bucket Nesting Bar Set ($50) is artful,... [More]

red sash flats-S.jpg

Red Slash Flats

Somewhere over the rainbow we found Dorothy meets gladiator sandals: Red Slash Flats ($273), and we've got a feeling we're not in Kansas any more. The subtle suede is a nice alternative to more flashy militaristic looks, and the leather sole and lace up structure makes the fit flexible and... [More]


To-fu Mini Series 1 Toys

To-fu Mini Series 1 Toys ($6), the fantasy characters created by Japanese design firm Devilrobots, are cute and collectible. There're six "Basic TO-FU" (Okan, Musuku, Egg To-fu, Poison To-fu, Yakko To-fu, and Strawberry To-fu) six "alphabeTO-FU" (Alien, Bubblegum, Cute, Devil, Evirob, Fake) and two secret, mystery To-fu designed by Touma... [More]


Gucci Icon Twirl Necklace

For the past few years Gucci has been making beautiful pieces of jewelry and has hired some of the world's most famous actresses to star in their campaigns to promote their new division. We don't need too much convincing, however, because the Icon Twirl line - featuring this ">Gucci Icon... [More]


Essie's Billionails Maintenance Nail Fortifier

Essie is a long-standing staple in the nail polish industry and they are as concerned for the health of our nails as they are decorating them. Their beautiful hues can carry an outfit or even a trend with just a few shishes of the brush but Essie wants us to... [More]


Crate & Barrel Yasmine Rug

We’re loving this Yasmine Rug ($80) from Crate and Barrel because its floral pattern is subtle enough that it’s not going to scream for attention, but it’s got some great’ll really tie your room together. Plus, we’re thinking (hoping!) that the inevitable red wine stains will just blend in.... [More]


Glamourmom Nursing Tank

Alright, here’s something for you new mommies out there, or for you ladies who have new mommy friends to shop for. The Glamourmom Nursing Tank ($34) is a tank top with two layers on top – an outer one that unclasps to reveal a second layer which keeps modesty at... [More]


Burberry Ladies' Round Two Tone Bracelet Watch

Watches are often an extremely personal purchase that can be quite time intensive. Choosing a watch that both suits your style and provides the proper features can take hours, even more sometimes, which is why we cut out the pain-staking process for you and found the most classic, stunning watch... [More]


Special Guest Post by Left Shoe Media: Samsung HMX-U10 Camcorder

When it comes to media, Emily Gordon of Left Shoe Media has got a chokehold on what's in, what's over, and what businesses need. That said, when she's not designing print and e-marketing, making PB+Js, or winning sweet contests, she gets her kicks from video clips. If you see her... [More]


Sales & Steals: 7/24/09

Look your best – and look like you spent a mint – with the great clearance deals, sales, and coupons available for great designers this week! Saks Fifth Avenue - Through 07/28/2009, hit up their 4-Day Designer Sale for extra savings of up to 70%. Check out deals on Burberry,... [More]


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Mmmm… mint juleps! Don’t call us lushes quite yet (though we’re not saying you’d be wrong) – we’re talking about a face masque! The Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque ($4) is delightfully refreshing with its light tingle and minty smell as it dries out blemishes and removes excess oil, leaving... [More]


Nike Livestrong Phantom Shorts

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing that can drag our butts to the treadmill. We have found, however, that a cuter workout wardrobe does help kick our rears into gear with a little bit more ease- and anything that does that is welcome with wide open arms! These Nike Livestrong Phantom... [More]


Celeb Style: Elizabeth And James Tokyo Top

We may have written off the Olsen twins' clothing collection as just another silly celebrity stamping their name on otherwise unattractive or just-average clothes but we are ready to eat our words. Their line, Elizabeth and James, has some of the cutest, easy-to-wear items that we have seen all season... [More]


Isak Porcelain Lidded Cups

Is it just us, or are there little birdies everywhere these days? Maybe it has to do with all those tweets from Twitter, or maybe designers are inspired by spring/summer, or perhaps, little birdies are just timelessly adorable. We don’t care what the reason is, we love it! Here’s our... [More]


Fossil Kristy Shopper

While we don’t want to admit it, summer is flying by and soon it’s going to be fall. We’re liking the Fossil Kristy Shopper ($72) as the purse that’s going to help us with that transition. It’s got enough bright color with its punches of yellow to still allow us... [More]

onioin goggles-S.jpg

RSVP International Onion Goggles

It's our party and we'll cry if we want to . . . but there's no party tonight--we're just trying to make French Onion Soup, christ. If you like head-to-toe pink, RSVP's International Onion Goggles ($18) are your best bet for combatting onion fumes. They seal to make an eye-safe... [More]


The Laundress New York for J. Crew Cashmere Wash

We're not anal retentive when it comes to taking care of our clothes or anything but when we put down a quarter of a month's rent on a sweater or cardigan we want it to last and last. The Laundress New York for J. Crew Cashmere Wash ($18) has created... [More]

Nicola Tee-s.jpg

Linus Nicola Tee

Sure, the basic white tee never goes out of style, but we're bored. Try some interesting structure in your T-look with the Nicola Tee ($85) by Linus. This soft slinky basic is 100% rayon jersey so don't expect wrinkle worries, and the sculptural 100% silk habutae bib is fixed in... [More]


Customized Girl Boy Briefs

Hey! Get your hands off of my boy briefs! These Customized Girl Boy Briefs ($18) are entirely made for me! Finally we can sport the uber-cute boy brief look that leaves us jealous whenever we spot them in stores (only made for boys of course) or on our boyfriend. The... [More]

seahorse towels-s.jpg

Humble Dishtowels

Humble Dishtowels ($36) come in a set of four coordinating hand-dyed colors (we can choose from tomato, key lime, tangerine and teal), and they couldn't be more cute. The vintage-inspired graphic is versatile on a basic white background, and they would match other multi-colored kitchen accessories swimmingly. Ocean themed kitchens... [More]


Torn by Ronny Kobo Suede Fringe Vest

This swanky little Torn by Ronny Kobo Suede Fringe Vest ($313) is echoing a flowerchild's wardrobe without being too Woodstock for it's own good. The updated number is a great layering piece for those hot summer days worn with necklaces and sundresses or in the dead of winter among layers... [More]

extravagant hair clip-s.jpg

Dignified Abandon Extravagant Hair Clip

The Dignified Abandon Extravagant Hair Clip ($140) from the Oicho Collection by Little Von Loo lives up to its dramatic name by injecting hair accessories with vintage tea hat sensibility. With super-sized roost feathers in vibrant turquoise, we take cues from the Can Can costume, and take it to glam... [More]

liquid bookmark-s.jpg

Liquid Bookmark

This pagemarker looks kinda morbid in red, but the Liquid Bookmark ($24) by Kyouei Limited is coolly eerie. School's almost in session, and this drippy delight is perfect for a nagging textbook reading reminder. They come to you in a set of three: red, black, and gray--all one-of-a-kind and made... [More]

A + R water filter-s.jpg

Ovopur Ceramic Water Filter

Sure, Brita water filters do the conservation trick, but they just remind us a little of dorm life. Ovopur's Ovopur Ceramic Water Filter ($895) is on the far side of high end, and it looks gorgeous from way up here. Like all filters, the Activated Carbon layer neutralizes taste and... [More]


Dwell Soft Blocks

Toys like these Dwell Soft Blocks ($32) are a wonderful gift for baby. Bright colors, assorted textures and rattle sounds have all been found to stimulate learning in little ones. These blocks feature cute little animals, letters and numbers for teaching time anywhere you are. Build up and knock ’em... [More]


Sloane Serpent Necklace

Serpent symbols have been making quite a splash on jewelry again recently on everything from rings to hats. This Sloan Serpent Necklace ($237) is about as much as we want to go with this trend for fear that it might disappear before we even get the chance to don the... [More]


A Peaceful Bomb Vase

This vase is the bomb! (Yeah, sorry, we just went there.) Ok ok, but really, we think this Peaceful Bomb vase ($52) is cool, and if you want to take it to that level, we like the subtle political statement it makes – you know, plant flowers, not bombs? Or... [More]


Arden B. Chiffon One Shoulder Ruffle Top

We're a fan of chiffon. It's forgiving and super comfortable to wear no matter what time of year it is. Arden B.'s Chiffon One Shoulder Ruffle Top ($38) is cute without being too frou frou and mature without being too frumpy. The ruffle detailing makes this top a perfect fit... [More]


Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara ($24) has been a mainstay in our makeup bags since its launch. The original “tube mascara,” it forms water resistant tubes around lashes, instead of painting them like traditional mascara formulas. Once they’ve dried, these tubular protrusions bind to lashes and won’t budge until you take... [More]


HoakonHelga Bow Clutches

We’re not usually big fans of bow-adorned clothing – a little too froufrou for us – but we’re coveting HoakonHelga’s Bow Clutches ($32-35) on a level that’s practically Biblical. They’re all one-of-a-kind, since her materials are upcycled thrift store leather jackets and scarves, so the leather is at that just-right... [More]


Brewstation Plus Coffeemaker

Most mornings, we’re lucky if we make it in to OB HQ with both eyes open and only having hit the snooze button four times (a personal best, mind you!). We cannot function without coffee in the a.m., but we also can’t function enough without coffee to even make the... [More]


Barielle Sugar Rush

We’re digging the saccharine-infused colors of Barielle's Sugar Rush Collection Nail Shades. ($8 each) They're not your standard red, peach, or taupe: we’re talking pop-art hues of purple, yellow, teal, blue, pink, and green, with names like Swizzle Stix, Lemondrops, and Decadence. They’re salon-strength formulas, of course, so are guaranteed... [More]


Chi Chi Chihuahua Embroidery Kit

All you Generation Y-ers out there, dig out your hankies: Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuaha of “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” fame, died on Wednesday at the venerable age of 15. *sniff* Besides making us crave a Chalupa, we knew we had to memorialize this fast-food cultural icon of our youth... [More]


Celeb Style: Prada Messenger Bag

Sometimes running around the busy streets of New York City can be incredibly exhausting, especially when you can't seem to keep everything together (trust us, we have had plenty of those kind of days). Kate Winslet, however, never seems to have those discombobulated days that we loathe. Instead, she shleps... [More]

fli flop kneeler-s.jpg

Flip Flop Kneeler

The Viva Terra summer clearance sale is in full swing, and the colorful Flip Flop Kneeler ($12) struck our fancy for its super value and long-lasting versatility. This soft durable mat made from remnants of Teva flip-flops protects our knees while trudging around the garden, or it can be hosed... [More]


Victoria's Secret Plunge Monokini

We’ve been on the fence about this whole monokini trend ever since it emerged on the swimwear scene. It seemed like a good idea, but the way the top and bottom connected in the front often left us feeling like the suit drew attention to ‘problem areas’ instead of helping... [More]


Anastasia Five Item Brow Kit

Alright ladies, it’s time to talk economics. We’ve been indulging in salon brow waxes to keep our faces looking flawless, but the $$ is adding up. It’s just hard to give up a sculpted brow when we know the best we can do at home is keep the unibrow in... [More]


Special Guest Post by Vionnet: Vera Wang Glitter Bib Necklace

Attention dear readers, welcome our own little birdy, Vionnet into the Outblush mix.. They're throwing a jewelry trunk show and super sale tonight from 5:00-8:00 pm for all of you LA girls. Get in on the beauty blowout by stopping by the store at 158 N Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills,... [More]


Urban Outfitters Bike

Urban Outfitters has wowed us again by collaborating with Republic Bike to provide customized Urban Outfitters Bikes ($399). Nearly every piece of this fixed gear cycle is customizable to a color of your choice, leaving you with wheels that are uniquely yours. Cruise on over to the online bike shop... [More]


SteamFast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

At a only one pound, the SteamFast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron ($19) is a hand-held feather weight wonder that's a flyer's best friend . . . this pint size appliance has 420 watts of smoothing steam power that fits in our carry-on or suitcase and goes from zero to to... [More]

pinch bowl set-S.jpg

Mini Pinch Bowl Set

We used to be jealous of all the cute white mini bowls on cooking shows, but with this multicolored Mini Pinch Bowl Set ($7) by Norpro, we'll be the envy of the neighborhood. Flexible silicone allows the bowls to become a funnel in a pinch, so controlling the pour of... [More]


Amy Sole iPhone Gelaskins

Amy Sole is one of our favorite designers and we’re delighted to let you know that she is now a featured artist for Gelaskins. We’re crushing on the iPhone Skins ($15) which are super durable and have a UV coating to help protect that expensive piece of equipment that is... [More]


Fish Muslin Sleeping Bag

On hot sweltering nights nothing sounds better than your favorite gauzy nightgown - the same goes for baby. Natural muslin allows airflow to cool your little ones body temperature naturally while they sleep. This orange and white Fish Muslin Sleeping Bag ($30) from aden+anais will swaddle your baby in comfort... [More]


Blush Simply Sweet Thong

We're like you in that we strongly dislike thong underwear and don't find it even remotely comfortable. Thank god for this Blush Simply Sweet Thong ($16) though because it just might be the most comfortable thing we have tried on next to well, those unsightly granny panties. The delicate white... [More]


Shock Absorber: Level 4 Max No Wire Sports Bra

We admit it, our boobs give us a certain sense of power over some of those one track-minded men out there. While we aren't proud to admit that they do give us some pull in certain situations, far be it from us to not take advantage of what god blessed... [More]


Coach Shine Ballet Flat

Every once in a while you find the shoes – you know, the pair you want to wear with every outfit, even if it doesn’t quiiiiiiite match. When we were little, they were red glittery Mary Janes (like Dorothy!), and we’re pretty sure we’ve just found the adult version of... [More]


Lomography Fisheye No. 2 Camera

We love that cool, trippy effect you get from a fisheye lens (it allows you to capture 180° in the frame), but we’re not really the kind of girl to lug around a camera bag full of different lenses, so the Fisheye No. 2 ($70) by Lomography is a nice... [More]


Siwy Camilla Tie Dye Shorts

These cute cut-offs show off the latest craze in acid washed, destroyed denim. The Siwy Camille Tie Dye Short ($160) may seem a little out there for our tastes but it looks surprisingly hip with a baggy tee and messenger bag. These shorts are one of the major ways we... [More]


Bitter with Baggage Notecards

Admit it, you don’t keep in touch with your girlfriends as much as you should. Pick up a set of Bitter with Baggage Notecards ($12) and you won’t be able to stop yourself from sending out these snarky yet cute cards to all the hip chicks you know.... [More]

table organizer-s.gif

Black Tabula Rasa Desk Organizer

Ahhh! We're drowning in heaping piles of desk junk, but the litter of papers will not eat us alive with the Black Tabula Rasa Desk Organizer ($45) by Adam & Harborth. It keeps all of our mail from becoming a man-eating monster and looks good while doing so. The powder-coated... [More]


Lauren by Ralph Lauren Tunic Swimsuit Cover-Up

We love a good swimsuit cover-up not only because it well, covers us up, but because it's just another great excuse to sport an adorable outfit pool or beach-side. This Lauren by Ralph Lauren Tunic Swimsuit Cover-Up ($45) comes in two adorable colors, magenta and teal, that are bright enough... [More]

Steph Calvert plates-S.jpg

Polka Dot Plates

Hearts and Laserbeams produced Polka Dot Plates ($20) that are sassy and classy thanks to designer, SCAD alumna Steph Calvert. Even when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, these cute animal characters will brighten our day with their cartoony vivaciousness. Choose a merciful . . .... [More]


Original Mama Necklace

Join the throng of celebrity moms that are proudly showcasing this little pretty ‘round their necks. The Original Mama Necklace ($425) from Tali Gillette. They’re 30% off right now, too! So...Do you think Bridgette Moynahan will get one for Gisele? Okay, low-blow…we’re sorry!... [More]


Pupoose Dog Sling

Um, is this for real? What happened to walking? Isn't it supposed to be good for dogs? The Pupoose Dog Sling ($55) is designed to carry your pet like a baby like a purse. Crocheted to fit any small dog and its' human owner, they are ergonomically designed so that... [More]


Urban Outfitters Double Braided Headwrap

Hippie days are here to stay. If you're like us, you want another way to adorn your crown outside of headache-inducing headbands and too-hot-to-wear hats. We have been seeing celebs left and right rock this hipster look but were a little unsure as to how it would play out on... [More]


Ugg Sheepskin Care Kit

Come winter time our Uggs answer our prayers, hands down. They not only toast our little toes but they do it in style- we don't care what anyone says, we dare them to find an equally comfortable and functional boot that is cuter. Our Uggs are so important to us... [More]


Celeb Style: Bella James Black Tie Front Halter Top

Part-time foodie and full-time beauty Padma Lakshmi dazzles the silver screen with whatever she puts on. She looked stunning, as always, in a black halter with a creative neckline to highlight her best feature: that gorgeous face of hers. The Bella James Black Tie Front Halter Top ($48) mimics the... [More]


UV Disinfectant Wand

Schools in general are germ factories extraordinaire, a microbial nightmare if you ask us. Send your little one off to class in the fall with their very own UV Disinfectant Wand. ($80-130) These mini UV lamps are proven to kill bacterial and viral DNA with just a ten-second scan and... [More]


Grand Marseilles Canopy Bed

Don’t know about you, but we’ve wanted an honest-to-goodness canopy bed since we were about four years old and saw one in an illustrated book of fairy tales. There’s just something undeniably feminine about sleeping underneath billowing curtains of chiffon, brocade, or silk... Bradshaw Kirchofer's Grand Marseilles Canopy Bed ($2195-2475)... [More]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Flights of Fancy Shopper

Cart around all your daily necessities in this whimsical, ironic Marc by Marc Jacobs' Flights of Fancy Shopper, ($428) and just like Sleeping Beauty, you’ll have a spring in your step at having so many fuzzy woodland creatures always by your side. Marc Jacobs is known for his sense of... [More]


Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight

Designed to mimic the uber-flattering effects of candlelight no matter what light you’re in, from fluorescent to sun, Too Faced's Absolutely Invisible powder in Candlelight ($25) might just be genius in compact form. The golden-flecked, peachy tone works on lots of different skin tones from pale to dark, and it’s... [More]


Reusable Steak Thermometers

If you haven’t already guessed from our love of all things bacon, we’re unabashed carnivores ‘round these here parts. To us, there ain’t nothin’ that says summer like the sizzle of steak on a barbeque. Mmmmm. But we’re pretty darn bad at sussing out the doneness level of meat, so... [More]

eyebuydirect-frames-100x100.jpg Glasses Giveaway!

“Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Um. Okay. No. Nnnnot so much, at least not with all the great frame options available for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at EyeBuyDirect! You can rock out in designer frames by Armani, Guess, and Timberland if your little astigmatic heart desires,... [More]


Polar Bear USB Flash Drive

We've seen a lot of polar bears in the news lately. Polar bears get TV time because people think they're cute, but polar bears eat people. Must be different people. If you're one of those people (the first, not the second), the Polar Bear USB Flash Drive ($25, 8GB) from... [More]


Cotton Spiral Necklace

The sculptural jewelry and accessory trend doesn't have to feel heavy with this Cotton Spiral Necklace ($21) . . . this big look feels light and airy in bright blue cotton fiber. Don't let the statement weigh you down we say, and this curvy delight reminds us of a wonderful... [More]


Keri Renewal Stretch Mark Minimizer

There are two things every woman is unfortunately on a mission to remove, reduce, and forget. One of them is the ever-present stretch mark and the other will go unmentioned because simply reading the words will send us into a frantic frenzy. The Keri Renewal Stretch Mark Minimizer ($12.99) impressively... [More]


Asos Multi Floral Strapless Dress

Elle Woods beware, this may just be your dream dress. This gorgeous uber-feminine Asos Multi Floral Strapless Dress ($63) features a stunning pink rose floral pattern with a sexy body conscious cut to match. The girly print helps make the skintight shape just sexy enough without being overwhelmingly sultry. Now... [More]


Frank Chimero The State Series Prints

Clever, colorful, and affordable, these prints from The State Series ($20) by Frank Chimero are not to be missed! We can’t get over what a brilliant idea it is to use the silhouette of a state as the basis for artwork, and it’s executed flawlessly in these beautiful prints.... [More]

Buddha Board-S.jpg

Buddha Board

Get creative, de-stress, or fill some down time by using the portable Buddha Board ($29) for art therapy on-the-go. We don't really understand how this crazy gizmo turns water into invisible ink that disappears as it dries, but we're thankful that our paint stokes are impermanent (come on, we're no... [More]


The North Face Diane Sport Tank

We’re tempted to buy the Diane Sport Tank ($40) in every color because it’s the only top we LOVE to wear while we work out (and seriously, anything that makes us use ‘love’ and ‘work out’ in the same sentence must be amazing). It’s so lightweight you’ll barely feel it,... [More]


House of Harlow Sunburst Cocktail Ring

Nicole Richie's latest jewelry line is named after her adorable daughter Harlow Winter Kate. While the girl's name might be a bit much, this ring is anything but. The House of Harlow Sunburst Cocktail Ring ($50) is perfectly priced and has an automatic stamp of fashion approval as it was... [More]


Roxy Miss Liz Handbag

Quicksilver's sister Roxy is synonymous with sun, waves, sand, and beautiful surfer girls. While we may not qualify for the latter part of the list we certainly do our best to enjoy the coast as much as possible during the warmer months. This Roxy Miss Liz Handbag ($29) is a... [More]


Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Bowls

It’s no secret that Joseph Joseph makes brilliant kitchen tools, and here’s the latest one we’re excited about. These Nest 8 Multicolored Bowls ($59) aren’t really all bowls – the set contains 2 bowls, a colander, a sieve and four measuring spoons that all fit together to save storage space.... [More]

Peace & Love Brooch-s.jpg

Peace & Love Brooch

Amped up grandma style is hot with the resurgence of pin-on accessories and the Peace & Love Brooch ($103) by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels is especially show-stopping. . . it's got craft bucket style down to a science. We can't wrap our heads around how it seamlessly unites boho and glam... [More]

cig books-s.jpg

Mini-Cigarette Shrunken Literature Books

We just quit smoking, and the doctor can't stop commending us, but we can't shake not having a cute little decorative box with us at all times. Tank Books gets kudos for their clever Mini-Cigarette Shrunken Literature Books ($13) which hold classic literature in cigarette packaging. Choose from Leo Tolstoy's... [More]


BB Dakota Sgt. Pepper's Jacket

We just had our own Beatlemania moment over here when we came across BB Dakota’s Sgt. Pepper's Jacket ($80). It’s nautically delicious with gold braided detailing and is available in black[bird] or white [album]. Now if we could just find a yellow submarine...... [More]

photo mobile-s.jpg

Photo Mobile

Hang out with the Photo Mobile ($9) and set the stage for memories in motion. This ingenious keepsake tree links together our loved ones and favorite vacation spots, and we like spinning in fuzzy moments. The entire mobile comes assembled and ready to decorate with preattached clips so we can... [More]


Minnetonka Moccasin Women's Moose Driving Moc

We love to add classic, timeless pieces into our wardrobe whenever we can and found that these Minnetonka Moccasin Women's Moose Driving Moc ($60) are just that. The genuine moosehide is so sturdy it will allow for us to wear these shoes for decades. Sure, we aren't going to limit... [More]


A/X Armani Exchange Oval Sunglasses

These slick shades will not only protect your eyes from the sun's rays, they will leave your girlfriends jealous too. These A/X Armani Exchange Oval Sunglasses ($70) are a perfectly classic shape that will go with just about anything and will stand up to the normal wear and tear that... [More]


Cute Monkey Nail Dryer

The Cute Monkey Nail Dryer ($10) is an adorable little guy. Just press on the little banana fingerplate and the monkey will blow your nails dry. It might be a little time consuming since he can only dry one-nail-at-a-time..but his cute factor more than makes up for it.... [More]


Lucky Brand Jeans Coachella Top

This beautifully embellished tunic comes in a classy shade of black with gorgeous red and yellow detailing, perfect for just about any season, albeit with a few tweaks. The Lucky Brand Jeans Coachella Top ($79) is so flowy we just about forgot we were wearing the adorable shirt until we... [More]


Dorothy Perkins Navy Hitch Skirt

This Dorothy Perkins Navy Hitch Skirt ($25) is anything but an ordinary skirt. It's perfectly flattering our of our curves and fits our bod in all the right places. Since navy is as universal a color as black or white (think denim) we can pair this with just about any... [More]


Anti-Vampire Protection Kit Necklace

The next time an itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy widdwe vampire attacks you (What? It could happen), you’ll be ready, ‘cause the Anti-Vampire Protection Kit Necklace ($68) has everything you need to fight back against the pygmy hordes of darkness. Dangling from the 20” sterling silver chain, you’ll find a silver hand-forged cross and... [More]


Flight of the Conchords Pillow Set

We presented RecreativeCrafts’ Flight of the Conchords pillow set ($50) to our boss for consideration for OB, and the only thing she said was, “Effing. Awesome. Post. Now.” Who are we to argue with the dame who signs the paychecks, especially when her taste is clearly very fine indeed? Hand-embroidered... [More]


Knit Lite Knitting Needles

Yes, it’s okay, you can call us knitwits. You can pretty much find us purling, cabling, and K1P2ing up a storm anytime, which left us with a dilemma… How do we knit in movie theaters and other dark locales without disturbing those around us? Knit Lite straight Lighted Needles. ($12)... [More]


Rococo Pop Wall Graphic

The Rococo Pop Wall Graphic ($95) will make any white wall spirited and energized with an eclectic mix of historical motifs and hip modern design. These decals were designed exclusively for blik by the intern group of the Savannah College of Art and Design Working Class Studio division, and their... [More]


Benefit She Laq

You all know the story by now; you finally find that perfect new mascara, eye shadow, or lipstick hue that’s juuuuust right… but it doesn’t last. Within an hour, color’s fading or feathering, liners have smudged, and half your mascara’s on your cheekbones, making you look like you’ve gone twelve... [More]


Tiffany & Co. Crown Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. has just released their latest line of coveted trinkets and this time the collection is all things keys. While there are numerous shapes, metals, and offerings in terms of diamond embellishments we decided that the more subtle sterling silver Tiffany & Co. Crown Key Pendant ($175) was... [More]

pet ring-S.jpg

Soft Toss Ring

In cute candy colors, the Soft Toss Ring ($7) by Pet Stages is a visually appealing pet toy, and its circular shape encourages interactive bonding games between us and our pup (awww). Added bonus: special built in crackling sound effects make Fido think that he's ripping some paper product or... [More]


Celeb Style: Old Navy Beaded T-Strap Sandal

Anne Hathaway put up with so much fashion drama in The Devil Wears Prada we think she has put in enough to prove her spot in the sartorial spotlight. Recently seen making her way through the busy New York City streets, the chic 20-something was spotted wearing t-strap sandals in... [More]


Jimmy Jane Sensual Set

We’re getting hot and bothered warm and tingly over here just thinking about using Jimmy Jane’s Countour M + Afterglow Sensual Set ($40). The candle wax has a low melt point and can be used as pourable massage oil which will heat the Contour M massage tool for a relaxing... [More]


Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag

When it comes to lugging around our laptops, the first thing we think of when we're buying a bag for it is, "If I trip over the curb and flail my arms and my laptop sails ten feet into the air and then gets run over by a bus, will... [More]


Stila Sun

A good bronzer can be a wonderful thing, but more than once we’ve come across a bronzer that’s left us looking like we rubbed pixie glitter all over our face. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing, but if you’re looking for some color without excessive shimmer, Stila Sun ($28)... [More]


Rebecca Minkoff Fuschia 'Mini Morning After' Bag

Rebecca Minkoff's handbags have been making waves in the fashion editorial circles for years now but she is still considered to be somewhat of a newbie when it comes to the biz. Her beautifully crafted pieces are made from some of the most delicious leather in all shades ranging from... [More]

herb scissors-S.jpg

RSVP Herb Scissors

Fresh herbs give off a wonderful aroma and are yummy in summer salads, but they don't look nice all bruised up after being chopped with a dull knife. Well, with RSVP Herb Scissors ($10) we can snip herbs quickly and easily directly into pans, or over dishes as garnish. Featuring... [More]


Forever21 Pocket Tank Top

Designers have been cranking these racerback loose-fitting tanks with oversized pockets for months now and we wondered what all the hype was about. Then we discovered the price tags on most of those designer tanks and were shocked beyond belief. Are some of these latest and greatest trends worth their... [More]


FitBALL Exercise Gym Ball

This FitBALL Exercise Gym Ball ($35) is perfect for those who want a versatile fitness accessory that will help provide quick and effective movements. The fitness ball, which comes in three sizes ranging from 55 cm to 75 cm, not only can increase muscle mass and carve out muscle tone... [More]


Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths

These Oil Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths ($8) cut our nightly bedtime routine down by at least two minutes and those two minutes are now used for some much needed beauty rest. The handy sheets foam up once water touches them and scrub our faces as clean, if not cleaner, than... [More]


Gilly Hicks Halsey Bikini

We remember swearing we’d never wear anything but thongs for the rest of our life… we were young, they were sexy, and our moms didn’t like it. Older and wiser, we’ve realized that every girl needs some good cotton undergarments, but we’re not willing to sacrifice sexiness. Gilly Hicks' Halsey... [More]


Betsey Johnson Bow Earrings

How adorable are these?! They were too precious to pass up and we just had to share the wealth. These Betsey Johnson Bow Earrings ($30) are surprisingly cheap (not that we're complaining or anything), especially with the always-eccentric designer's name in tow. Watch out though ladies, these studs can be... [More]


Our gift to Rihanna: the PeaceKeeper 400

Finally, Chris Brown has publicly apologized to Rihanna via this video. Aside from wondering why he hired the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to do his styling for the clip, (He looks like he’s filming an early 90’s commercial for Campbell’s Tomato Soup!) we’re mainly hoping that Rihanna will emerge from... [More]


Blackberry Lime Green Rubber Skin Case

Sometimes people's blackberries can be, well, their lives, their babies even. For the crackberry addicts out there the main goal seems to be the same across the board: to prolong the life of the crackbaby, we mean, crackberry. The Blackberry Lime Green Rubber Skin Case ($3) does just that by... [More]


Steve Madden Frenchh Boot

Versatility, thy name is Steve Madden “Frenchh” Boot ($100). A little bit biker, a little bit equestrian in a brown that’s not too dark and will look good with some wear and tear. Flat enough for the tall girls with enough of a heel for those looking for a smidge... [More]


Lifefactory glass bottles

Green mammas are turning to glass bottles these days due to the concerns over BPA in plastic. That’s why we were pretty excited to find out that Lifefactory has re-issued their glass baby bottles with a new twist; each bottle includes a vibrant colored silicone sleeve that will help with... [More]


Silver Leda Clutch

In hopping on the green train, we've been mentioning a lot of eco-friendly products, but this one takes the cake for Best Overall Transformation. Recycled metal never looked as good as it does in the super chic Silver Leda Clutch ($145). The Escama Studio is responsible for plenty of alluring... [More]


Spa Treats for Fancy Feet Pedicure

We like getting pampered like every other woman on the planet, but these days the first thing to go is frivolous spending. Unfortunately for us, and our feet, pedis and manis fall into the frivolous spending category. Mope no more because with the ">Spa Treats for Fancy Feet Pedicure Gift... [More]


Jordan Taylor Beadwork Scoop Cover Up

This Jordan Taylor Beadwork Scoop Cover Up ($32) may say that it is a beach cover up but we much prefer it worn as a dress. The black beaded neckline can be sophisticated with some black tights or it can be a light and breezy ensemble with some matching gladiator... [More]


Johnson Silk Shorts with Cuff in Black Feather Print

Shorts can be super difficult to dress up but we are never one to shy away from a challenge. Brave as we may be, we have found the perfect dress-up short in these Johnson Silk Shorts with Cuff in Black Feather Print ($110). The high quality silk fabric instantly takes... [More]


Whale Salt & Pepper Shakers

These new Whale Salt & Pepper Shakers ($48) from Jonathan Adler are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! The fish and penguins are a close second, but the whales win the prize. They are perfect for presents (not too expensive, yet hip) or put them on a curio shelf for decoration. We just want to... [More]


Lucky Printed and Embroidered Leather Belt

Black and brown belts have their places in our wardrobes – they’re functional, but so boring. Lucky for us (yes, bad pun intended), this bright Printed and Embroidered Leather Belt ($69) packs enough colorful punch that just knowing it’s in our closet gets us through the days where we have... [More]


Cargo Essential Eye Palette

Sometimes, it’s just too much work to think about how we’re going to do our makeup. That’s why Cargo's Essential Eyeshadow Palette ($32) is great on those early mornings. It's an everyday neutral look with coordinated shadows, and the powder is printed with the part of your eye the color... [More]


Votivo Deep Clover Candle

Yummy candles can transform a room into a sanctuary or a house into a home. Aromatherapy can transport people to a different place, time, or mood with just a quick light of a match. It is with that that we would like to introduce you to the Votivo Deep Clover... [More]


Celeb Style: J. Crew Silk Indigo Floral Blouse

Kelly Ripa is one of those gals that just doesn't stop. She is the inspiration behind the Energizer bunny in fact! Well, maybe not but it seems like the girl's got more than a billion things to do crammed in a measly 24 hour period. Envious of her schedule we... [More]


Chan Luu Leather Wrap Bracelet

We are SO into orange this summer - we've decided it's the hot new color (don't you agree?), but it's easy to get carried away, and we don't want to ruin a good thing. That's why we're loving Chan Luu's Leather Wrap Bracelet ($196). The sterling silver beads add just... [More]


Tracy Porter Vivre China

We’re longtime fans of Tracy Porter’s entire line of china, clothing, jewelry, and housewares, but have fallen head-over-stiletto-heels for her new Vivre china pattern. ($223 for 16-piece set) The bold, tantalizing hues of pink, turquoise, and chocolate brown, accented with celadon, orange, and cream, will perk up any dining table,... [More]


Combier Liqueur D’Orange

Finally available Stateside, the original Triple Sec, Combier L'Original Liqueur d'Orange ($32) is 80-proof and bursting with so much clear, pure orange flavor that it makes you realize that often, the original really is the best. Perfect as the centerpiece to a classic sidecar or accenting our favorite simple sangria,... [More]


Clinique Happy-To-Go Perfume Pencils

Cheer yourself up on the go, anytime, anywhere, with a pop of fragrance from Clinique Happy-To-Go Perfume Pencils. ($30) This unique, limited-edition gift set includes three different Happy fragrance pencils: original Happy, and A Hint of Citrus & A Wealth of Flowers variations so you can wear them separately, or... [More]


Recycled Glass Grape Light

Each oblong glass globe in these Recycled Glass Grape Lights ($400) is handblown from re-melted recycled glass by artisans in Damascus and Aleppo. No two bulbs are alike, so no two of these pendant lights are alike, providing an eerily beautiful, glowing accent to any room. We love ‘em, but... [More]


Blind Faith Braille Ring

Optimism is a dirty, dirty word these days; recall its’ happier origins with Erica Anenberg’s Blind Faith Braile Ring. ($95) The inside of the ring is embossed with the typewritten phrase “blind faith,” while the outside has the Braille translation to serve as a subtle reminder to the wearer as... [More]


Pac Man Potholder

Oh the 80s - they won’t go away, and we don’t really want them to. We see them in makeup, fashion, toys and now… our kitchen! This Pac Man Pot Holder ($15) is sure to make grabbing cookie sheets and casseroles much more fun, but we’re also planning on chasing... [More]


Furcedes Car Bed

Woo! Poochy will be cruisin’ with the top down doggy-style in his own Furcedes Car Bed ($349) baby! Hollywood pups are all driving this new vehicle, and the Furcedes is truly worth the extra bones. Featuring soft plush fur, silver rims, and an LA Dog License plate of course, darling.... [More]


Delphine Murat Minisocks Ballerine

Spice up basic ballerina flats or standard pumps with Minisocks Ballerine ($50) by Parisian designer Delphine Murat. . . These play off of the lace legging trend that continues to sizzle, but show a little more skin, which we like in the sweltering days of summer. Simply wrap the lacy... [More]


Celeb Style: MAC Viva Glam Lipstick

Dita Von Teese has long dazzled us with her burlesque numbers, but the thing that stands out the most about this glorious woman is her inevitable retro style. Her signature black-as-night locks are always coifed to perfection, leaving us deep green with envy. While we may not be able to... [More]


Montego Bay Club Vallin Sandal

Metallics are always a great way to make any outfit go from frumpy to chic in a sinch. The shimmery array of colors bring a youthful edge to ensembles but can easily go from cute to way way too much. Metallic overload is something we never want to participate in... [More]


Nightcap Clothing Senorita Skirt/Dress

It's not often that you can buy an item of clothing that is a staple in more than one category of clothing. That was, until we found this genius piece of cloth... The Nightcap Clothing Senorita Skirt/Dress ($231) is the closest thing we have found to a perfect skirt combo... [More]


Parrot Specchio Digital Picture Frame

We agree it's a very nice and thoughtful thing to have photos of loved ones displayed at one's desk, but sometimes we can't help but check our reflection in the picture frame from time to time. You know, just in case a bit of lunch got stuck between the teeth.... [More]


Harmony Universal Remote

The Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote ($383) has made all of our dreams come true. It has a customizable vivid full color face that is a touch screen, yep, just like your ipod. Neat huh? Sync up your stereo, TV & DVD player. You can choose your icons and it... [More]


PFB Numb It

Whoever said "beauty knows no pain" obviously wasn’t getting regular bikini waxes. Reduce your own beauty pains with PFB Numb It ($25) – a topical anesthetic that helps numb skin to make those waxing appointments less wince-worthy.... [More]


Peanut Butter & Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter

Hidden on a beautiful street in the West Village in New York City is a tiny little shop that is practically made for us: an entire shop concentrated around peanut butter. Yes, you heard us correctly, The Peanut Butter & Co. is a shop that offers some of the most... [More]


Indonesia Indigo Futon Cover

Too many late night red wine schmoozing sessions got your couch spotted with spills? Don't sweat it--Tonic Livings creates charming slip covers that are well-made and with special three sided zippers, easy to use. We especially like their Indonesia Indigo Futon Cover ($70) for its elegantly bold cool-toned pattern inspired... [More]


Triple Charm Engraved Necklace

French company Lily Me creates unique gift-worthy pieces from custom charms and the Triple Charm Engraved Necklace ($113) makes the mark for sentimentality in text. In three words say what matters most, decorate your neck with names of loved ones, or whatever whim means the most to you. We even... [More]


Vera Bradley Bali Blue Small Tic Tac Tote

Classic Vera Bradley patterns are noticeable from just about space, aren't they? Those bright paisley textiles flooded the halls of not only our college dorms, but our work place halls as well. The Vera Bradley Bali Blue Small Tic Tac Tote ($35) gives us just enough of the famous fabric... [More]


Adam Metallic Shrug

Chilly windy nights beware, cool ocean breezes be gone . . . we do not fear you, and we triumph in glory wearing the Adam Metallic Shrug ($145) in a beautiful burgundy, eggplant hue. It's also available in black, but who says a neutral has to be limited to brown,... [More]


Julie and Julia - How to Master the Art of French Cooking In Your Own Tiny Apartment

We admit it… we’re rather unhealthily excited about the August 7th premiere of Julie & Julia. We read Julie Powell's delightful memoir several years ago when it was released, and grew up watching The French Chef every week on PBS. With that in mind, we’re stocking up on some Julia... [More]


Hotspa Professional Ultimate Foot Bath

The times, they be tough, sisters, and we can't afford regular pedicures and spa visits anymore. But we can be resourceful and bring our favorite part of a professional mani-pedi, the foot bath & massage, home! Helen of Troy's Hotspa Professional Ultimate Foot Bath ($85 )is the only foot bath... [More]


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

Maybe we’re crazy, but our über-sensitive skin doesn’t just dry out during harsh winter weather, but during summer, too. The tiniest bit of sun exposure and poof! The Misses Scalyface, at your service. We are, therefore, incredibly grateful to Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. ($41) A spinoff of cult favorite Kiehl’s... [More]


Kara Grimaldi Maria Strapless Ruffle Feather Top

Hot time, summer in the city, and we’re keeping cool in Kara Grimaldi's Maria Strapless Ruffle Feather Top. ($132) Why? The canary yellow silk is lightweight and breathable, strapless means we get to show off those shoulders we’ve worked so hard for using Jillian Michaels workout DVDs, the ruffles play... [More]


Bed Theater

Because we apparently underestimated how lazy and fat Americans are.... [More]


Sales & Steals: 7/17/2009

Apparently, the middle of July means two things: Back-To-School and Summer Clearance sales. We’re not complaining about either one! Banana Republic - BananaCard members can save 25% with coupon code THANKYOU. Expires 07/19/2009. Bare Necessities - During their 4-day blowout sale through 07/20/2009, save $15 off orders over $100, $25... [More]


Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Attention busy moms...we know babies look really cute with spaghetti sauce and other weird purees all over their adorable faces, but what if we told you you can save the mess for a photo-op? Thanks to the Baby Food Dispensing Spoon ($9), we can prevent the wasteful food-play aftermath of... [More]

Camilla Engman Transfers-s.jpg

Camilla Engman Transfers

Create your own kooky bedtime stories on whatever the f*** you want with Camilla Engman Transfers ($10) by Third Door Down. Edwina White remixes moments of Engman's tall tales in her Fragments of a Story, condensing the narrative into unlikely love, heart-trees, and bears, oh my! in her Fragments of... [More]


Lauren's Hope Silver Loops Chain Medical ID Bracelet

We hate it when super important things cramp our style. For example, traditional medical ID bracelets do anything but match carefully coordinated outfits and generally stick out like a sore thumb, announcing our (medical) issues to the world. Amazingly enough, Lauren's Hope Silver Loops Chain Medical ID Bracelet ($69.95) takes... [More]


Gap Colored Cropped Jeans

These new Gap Colored Cropped Jeans ($30) come in a variety of seasonal colors that are all too delicious to pass up. Not only are these pants a steal (on sale no less!) but they instantly add some much needed color to any drab outfit you've got. So step outta... [More]

Christine Gentz Wall Mirror-s.jpg

Garden Wall Mirror

A girl always likes getting flowers, and with Garden Wall Mirror by artist Christine Gentz the flowers will never wilt, plus our universe gets a dash of fantasy to lighten the mood. In admiring our own reflection, we imagine our own personal wonderland, represented by beautiful pink or turquoise flowers... [More]


Stylus 850 Underwater Camera

Take this Stylus 850 Underwater Camera ($159) with you on your next tropical vacay and you’ll be snapping photos like a pro for up to 10 feet below the surface. It’s sleek enough to tuck into your bikini without adding bulk yet durable enough to take on even the toughest... [More]


Louis Vuitton Hair Cubes

Ridiculous foofy foofy items from designers are sometimes so needless that they're humorous. These Louis Vuitton Hair Cubes ($280) are just that, unnecessary and hilarious; however, they do spruce up your 'do like no other. Flaunt your bank account in that pony tail of yours with these 3D wonders in... [More]


Mix(MyGranola) Contest Winner!

Whoomp, there (she) is! Melissa Richter is the winner of the Mix(MyGranola) $25 gift card giveaway! Looks like she'll be noshing away on her custom mix, which she would make "Sweet, salty and tangy! Add some Goji berries and flax seed for a little extra health, some almonds, coconut, blueberries... [More]


Guggenheim Collection Kandinsky Watch

Awe and the Guggenheim Museum are almost synonymous for art lovers, and the Guggenheim Collection of art-inspired products makes us a little too excited. Snatching up wearable art from the online store is an homage to the great master painters...Wassily Kandinsky is said to be the first abstract painter, and... [More]

modern twist doilies-S.jpg

Modern Twist Doileez

Modern Twist Doileez ($26) won't cramp your style or make you look crotchety. Even though Granny didn't recycle, we do, thank you very much, and these silicone doilies are eco-friendly and reusable. Modern Twist offers a clean and versatile sense of style to the home, and these pretty hand silk-screened... [More]


Celeb Style: Shay Todd Handkerchief Swimsuit

Okay, we may secretly (or not so secretly) wish that her brother and sister-in-law would fall off a cliff somewhere but Stephanie Pratt's sartorial choices are far less obnoxious than her relatives'. We commend her for showing off her cute bod in this fantastic one piece swimsuit. The Shay Todd... [More]

darkroom DVD-s.jpg

Darkroom DVD

Keep the party going all night long in the haze of the dazed and confused video art soundscape of Darkroom DVD: Today is Still Last Night! ($20) produced by LA-based film/video artist Karthik Pandian and Euro Dee-Jay/Producer Eric D. Clark. Pretend your living room is the dance floor of an... [More]


Dolan One Shoulder Dress

If there is one cocktail dress silhouette that flatters everyone's figures, it's the asymmetrical neckline like this Dolan One Shoulder Dress ($192). No matter what your body type this dress will flatter your decolletage by elongating your neck, showing off your shoulders (subtle and sexy), and offering the support that... [More]


Riedel Paloma Decanter

Continuing in the Zen tablescape vein, may we present the Riedel Paloma Decanter? ($340) “Paloma” means “Dove” in Spanish, which suits the graceful, birdlike flowing lines of this wine decanter. Oenophiles will be pleased to know the long cylindrical body provides a good space for young, tannic wines to breathe... [More]


Simply Lemonade Button Bridal Bouquet

As we told you before, a color palette of yellow & white is simply the thing for weddings this summer, and we should be your only arbiters of good taste. Right? …RIGHT? Pardon us as we quell our narcissistic bossy tendencies and present all you brides-to-be out there with ReallyBadKitty's... [More]


Velvet Bee Scarf Ankle Tie Pumps

Add a sash or scarf tie to anything from lingerie to belts to cardigans to… well… scarves, and we’re hooked. They just add that certain French je ne sais quois to any ensemble, and we like feeling like a slightly kinky Parisian. Ergo, Sniff UK's Velvet Bee Scarf Ankle Tie... [More]


Black Beach Stone Placemats

These Black Beach Stone Placemats ($15 each) just makes us want Japanese food, for some reason. They’re very calming: we’re picturing them as the foundation to a Zen-themed table setting, with stoneware plates and maybe a few lilies floating in clear glass bowls. Now all we need for a killer... [More]


Cosmoholic Lip Glosses

How can you not love a lip gloss line with color names like “Gold Digger,” “Rockstar Red,” “Promiscuous Pink,” and “Prudish Pink?” We certainly can’t help but be crazy about Cosmoholic Lip Glosses. ($20 each) Trust us when we say that cosmetic industry veteran Jody Cohen’s marriage of lip gloss... [More]


Bullet on a Chain Necklace

This Bullet on a Chain Necklace ($78) from Rack&Ruin will go with everything you own. Created from an empty .38 caliber shell and natural Kyanite, this necklace is as unusual as it is pretty. Kyanite is said to broaden your perspective, and we all could use some perspective broadening, couldn’t... [More]


Lisa Bradley Candy Jars

Sometimes, during that cursed monthly quake of inconvenience and potentially damaging wardrobe malfunctions, we think candy jars should never let us see their contents. The good thing about Lisa Bradley Candy Jars ($68) is that they are toootally adorbs in glossy pastel striped ceramic and completely opaque, so we won't... [More]


Special Guest Blog Post by Snarkaholic: Not For Tourists Cityguides

We know it's insanely hard to get used to a new city. Not just finding an apartment or job, but creating a life there. Janet at Snarkaholic moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota with her husband 3 years ago, sight unseen, and didn’t know a soul. She writes irreverently about... [More]

wine rack-S.jpg

Six-Pack Wine Rack

Say the night has stretched out past our roomie's bedtime, but the wine rack just keeps calling to us and the special someone we've convinced to stick around. We won't have to worry about the clanging with Six-Pack Wine Rack ($40) crafted from European wool felt by Etcetera Media. That's... [More]

roost flower desk clock-s.jpg

Roost Flora Desk Clock

The Flora Desk Clock ($64) by Roost is a totally over the top homage to the intricate, delicate beauty of flora. If we were designing an indoor secret garden with Elizabeth Taylor or something, these would be a must. We like the realism of the photo etching technique on silver-plated... [More]

La Mer-Spring-Garden-Watch-small.jpg

La Mer Spring Garden Watch

The idea of a designer traveling the Continents collecting bits of leather here and little charms there is so romantic! That's exactly what Martine Ilana has done - her handcrafted La Mer Spring Garden Watches ($95) are the fruition of her journeys. Each watch features extra-long straps to wrap around... [More]


Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray

Great for 8 year olds that are obsessed with dino-bones, but also great for moms who’re obsessed with jello shots! This ">Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray ($14) comes in both Triceratops & Tyrannosaurus designs. Made from food safe silicone, they're super easy and fun. Just fill ‘em up with juice,... [More]


Celeb Style: Full Tilt Crochet Back Maxi Dress

Jennifer Aniston is about as safe as one can get when it comes to making fashion choices. That's not to say we don't love her and appreciate how amazing she looks in just about anything she puts on...but sometimes we do wish she would have a bit more fun with... [More]


Five Onomatopoeia Pillows

Didn’t you love the word onomatopoeia when you were a kid? Repeating it over and over will bring a smile to your face, just like this set of Five Onomatopoeia Pillows ($90). You’ll feel like you’re in the Batman TV show when you’re lounging around on these suckers. Kapow! Blam!... [More]


The Body Shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion

The newest scent-sation at The Body Shop is the Coconut Milk Body Lotion ($16). The creamy lotion is great for our dry hands and feet and comes in a variety of bottle sizes so we can even stash one away in our purse. Our desk has quickly become a hand-massaging... [More]


Puptron Dog Toy

If we can enjoy the finer things in life then why can't our furry little friends enjoy them as well? Okay, obviously this toy is just a joke and we don't ever want to indulge our pooch with alcoholic beverages, especially considering how often we indulge ourselves, but we just... [More]


MacBeth Collection Clipboard

Take notes in the field, on the phone, or around the office with this charming clipboard ($22) from the MacBeth Collection. Just think how much a favorite teacher or tutor would love this. . . unless we decide it's too precious to let go of and keep it all for... [More]


Calivirgin Olive Oil

Thank you Julie for turning us on to Calivirgin Olive Oil ($26). Yum, this stuff is so good that you could almost drink it straight from the jar. What? We said almost. Use it as a light cooking oil or chop up a garlic clove and add a few springs... [More]


One Can Fridge

Really? We never knew that something like this existed. Now you can be as lazy as we are and not even walk to the kitchen when you’re feeling a thirst coming on. Just keep this One Can Fridge ($17) on your desk hooked up to your computer and you’ll always... [More]


Sass & Bide Cracker Jacs Oversized Cargo Pant

More times than not, comfort takes precedence in what we wear over what's the newest, latest, greatest. Obviously a healthy combination of the two is ideal, but sometimes we can't seem to find that magical mix. However, we've found the answer to our prayers with the Sass & Bide Cracker... [More]


Fiorentini + Baker 704 Buckle Boot

If we ever saw a momma wearing these combat boots we'd be green with envy because they're the coolest things we've seen all season. The Fiorentini + Baker 704 Buckle Boots ($525) have some of the most scrumptious leather we have seen on boots in a while. Their chunky three-buckle... [More]

Ana Palacios-Blown-Glass-Shakers-S.jpg

Ana Palacios Blown Glass Shakers

At first glance, these Blown Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers ($75) may conjure up some images much more explicit than a curious sea-cucumber exploring the sea bottom . . . but we assure you, dear readers, you can keep these on your kitchen table without blushing (and at only 4... [More]


Alexander Mcqueen Aztec Print Scarf

Let's get simply sassy with the Aztec Print Scarf by Alexander McQueen ($64). With an intriguing zig-zag and diamond design plus peekaboo brand logo lettering in the corner (for our name dropping legitimization) people will wonder "who's that girl?" The undulating geometric pattern reminds us that black and white never... [More]


Colgate Wisp

We are not condoning promiscuity or anything, but hey, sometimes a date goes really well and it’s been forever since you got laid and they’re really cute and… Well, all we’re saying is be prepared, mmkay? Your new “just in case” purse kit, IOHO, should contain this, this, and one... [More]


Match Wits With Mensa

So, for all you students out there, school is starting next month, (cue Suspenseful Music.) and if you’re anything like we were as a kid, your summer was spent exercising any part of your body but your brain, yes? Get the old gray matter firing on all cylinders again with... [More]


Big Clip

We like to think that designer Arash Kaynama’s Big Clips ($13-$80) are all those tired, poor, bent out of shape mini paper clips that have gone to the Big Office Supply Store in the Sky to make something bigger and better out of themselves, something that, dammit, won’t be taken... [More]


Eos Lip Balm Sphere

Be honest: how many lip balms, lipsticks, stains, gels, and glosses do you own? And what do you actually use every single day, regardless of your mood or outfit? Lip balm, baby. Just like lotion, toothpaste, and (we hope) deodorant, those plump pucker-uppers can’t go a day – nay, two... [More]


Classic Rose Scarf

So it’s ninety sodding million degrees outside, and we love summer, but we couldn’t contain a twinge of longing for winter to get here when we saw the Classic Rose Scarf by Alice & Isa. ($200) When worn completely up around your neck, it creates layers of soft petals to... [More]


Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Holga 120-3D Stereo Camera

Hey kids, ever wanted to know more about the fine art of photography? Today's special visitor to Outblush is our go to gal for photography, Meggan Haller of Keyhole Photo. Meggan and her husband Jeff provide documentary-style photography to a variety of industries and are rad people to boot. Want... [More]


Blogs and Coffee Print

This adorable screen print caught our eye and we just had to share it. Does this Blogs and Coffee Print ($20) sum up your day or what? It certainly does ours. Creator & Designer, Jennifer Ramos, has a lovely eye for color and not only does she make amazing prints,... [More]

mag rack-s.jpg

Wallpaper Magazine Rack

Danish designer Maria Berntsen has thought up a space-saving godsend that rules out horizontal surfaces altogether... ('Cuz we aren't trying to trip up a storm.). The Wallpaper Magazine Rack ($140) is intended to clean up your clutter while lookin' shiny and fabulous with its wavy brushed anodized aluminium plate construction... [More]


Hugs Salt and Pepper Set by Mint

There are two things we know that we'll always love: conversation starters and hugs. So a neat way to combine the two is to gift these adorable Hugs Salt and Pepper Set by Mint ($25) which will season your food and spread the love around the table. Alberto Mantilla's famous... [More]

<sponge vase-.jpg

Sponge Vase

Last week we let you in on a Rabbit Table Lamp by Moooi. Usually we don't like to give the same designer too much props (we're strict equal opportunists), but with this beautiful porcelain Sponge Vase ($230) we can pretend we're giving a bouquet to a neglected reef or guiding... [More]


Skinny Dome Studded Bracelets

This three pack of Skinny Dome Studded Bracelet ($65) are so adorable that we want to pile them on with everything, and we can, cuz Linea Pelle just came out with new spring colors that are easy to mix and match to your outfit or your mood. We love that... [More]


Cedar Japanese Bento Box

At first we thought this was a jewelry box, but then we realized that it's a Cedar Japanese Bento Box($60). Wait, you can put food in this beautiful thing? Cool. It’s sealed with a natural Urushi coating that makes the box waterproof and bacteria proof. It has two levels for... [More]

bin bin-S.jpg

Bin Bin Wastebasket

The Bin Bin Wastebasket ($42) was featured in the NY Times - we guess that makes it the little trashcan that could. Designer John Brauer intentionally infused this wastebasket with visual novelty. It unites form and function by assuming the likeness of crumpled paper (hmm...should we make it a recycling... [More]


Deer Wall Decals

Lovely. Our deer friends can keep us company grazing on our white apartment walls (damned landlords and their Nazi color control...) when we introduce Deer Wall Decals ($14) into our shabby-chic pad. Laura Davis makes an antique motif pop in modern colors that girly-girls will love. Sure, soft durable felt... [More]


Glass Gobstopper Necklace

Talk about futuristic looking, check out this Glass Gobstopper Necklace ($29) from Etsy seller Jeanpelle. Each hand-blown glass ball is individually knotted with a see-through nylon cord so they look suspended around your neck. So pretty! There is a disclaimer that the balls are thin and delicate, so we’re hoping... [More]


Recycled Jeans Pencils

Some things come and go and we never seem to pay any attention to their final destination. For years, many materials have been recycled and fashioned into some amazing items that we use on a daily basis. The Recycled Jeans Pencils ($6) are made out of just that, recycled denim.... [More]


L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Unashamed are we to admit that Monday nights used to be dedicated to Ben and Jerry's and The Hills. Lauren Conrad and crew provided some of the most dramatic (staged) and juicy scenes we've seen since Dallas and in past weeks, we've hung on to see if Speidi would accidentally... [More]


Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan

It's not very hard for us to feel extremely intimidated every time we walk into a Williams-Sonoma store. The gorgeous gadgets and kitchen accessories tend to leave us feeling like everything we own is inadequate but, for some reason, the perfect unattainable kitchen is something we'll never lose sight of.... [More]


Picture Me Photo Playing Cards

Attention left-brained people, this one's for you! The Picture Me Photo Playing Cards ($30) are a deck of cards that offer numerous customizable options such as uploading personal family photos or monogramming the backs of individual cards. Not only are these a great gift idea but they're perfect for any... [More]


American Red Cross Portable Radio with Flashlight & Cell Phone Charger

We don’t think we need to go into all the horribly frightening scenarios where you might need the American Red Cross FR150 Microlink Solar-Powered, Self-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger, ($30) as it would just. Be. Depressing. And that’s so not us. So, we’ll just tell... [More]


John Robshaw Damascus Bedding

Add some Middle Eastern spice to your boudoir with John Robshaw's Damascus bedding collection. ($60-435) Inspired by the designer’s travels in India, Damascus, and Africa, his specially printed fabrics are richly dyed and patterned in a rainbow of lush hues. Our personal favorite is the Damascus collection, shown, patterned after... [More]


Nvey Eco Organic Mascara

Organic laundry soap, milk, fruit… and mascara? We admit to being skeptical when we first heard about Nvey Eco Organic Mascara, ($24) but one swipe onto our lashes and we were converted. Not only does it lengthen, define, and darken lashes as a good mascara should, but this certified 100%... [More]


Scalloped Shell Necklace

Sweet and summery, this Scalloped Shell Necklace by Sharma Designs ($24) rests delicately on your collarbone, adding a simple, unfussy pop of color to any outfit. Handcrafted from shell, with a fine sterling silver chain, you can choose from seven colors like Caramel, Sunset, and Deep Sea. Of course, since... [More]


Lily II Candleholder

Crafted from just one sheet of metal, the Spanish design studio Hisrohi Tsunoda's brand DesignCode Lily II Candleholder is stunning in its’ simplicity. It arrives flat with perforations between the petals, so you can bend the individual components to an Art Deco design of your liking. Small tabs on the... [More]


Signals Box of Applause

We see this next item as a cry for help, but, hey, it's our cry for help, OK? We're owning it. After a long, hard day at work, and we're not getting much love from the peeps, we just open this beautifully crafted Box of Applause from Signals ($25) and... [More]


Special Guest Post by La Coquette: Betony Vernon Pearl Massage Ring

Listen up, guys and dolls! We’ve got a special visitor to Outblush today; our very good friend La Coquette, a confirmed not-quite-lady-of-the-night (and therefore one of our heroes), has deigned to let us in on a secret or two from her bottomless box of tricks. Want more? Check out her... [More]


TwistTogether Lamp

We like the idea of LEGO lighting and the TwistTogether Lamp ($104) by Glide hits the nail right on the head. These playful light sources have the feeling of a minimalist art installation without all the money and theoretical fuss. Four hand-cast LED lit resin blocks use less energy than... [More]


Izze's Clementine Soda

Remember our crush for Orange Crush? We have a tiny confession to make. As much as we love the good vibration…we sometimes feel like we're reverting to junior high when we’re imbibing in the HFC sodas. We're now ready to make a totally mature upgrade (at least in public) with... [More]


KO Flatte Black Nailpolish

Word on the street is that lustrous nail sheen is out and flat matte is in. Follow the trend by cultivating the rock chic look with Flatte Black Nailpolish ($19) by Knock Out Cosmetics, who feature Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as their cover girl. Knock Out boasts... [More]


Tripp Laptop Bag

This Tripp Laptop Bag ($258) is designed by Orla Kiely, so you know it’s super cute and functional at the same time. Her bags last forever and the fun prints are just to-die-for. I mean, who thinks of graphical car prints? With its padded interior and large compartments, you can... [More]


Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

Swimsuit season is nagging at all our love-handles . . . one easy way to cut out some bad calories is to cut out the butter. With Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer ($9.99) we can dismiss burning butter and fight dreaded fat cells. Go from flab to fab in a... [More]


Filigree Ring

Brace yourself, we present trendy jewelry for under four dollars that we didn't find dumpster diving (we're recessionistas, but we don't like to stoop that low). On Etsy, two Filigree Rings ($3.25(!)) won't put the slightest dent in your wallet. We thought it was too good to be true too,... [More]


Boot Bandits

It’s such a great idea, why didn’t we think of this first? You’re going to love these Boot Bandits ($50). Just slip them over any pair of boots and your accessory-hip-factor will increase like a hundred-fold. They come in a rainbow of different colors with or without little charms like... [More]


Beale Lounge Chair

Rattan always looks cool, but it’s hard on your skin; you get ugly welts all over your backside, and sometimes it’s a little itchy. But sometimes you find a rattan chair, like this Beale Lounge Chair ($249), that's worth a little suffering. Natural fibers mixed with steel give this chair... [More]


James Rosenquist Notecards

The MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) online store has blessed us with James Rosenquist Notecards ($17), so now we can take a little piece of Pop art home with us, personalize them with chummy messages, and send them to our billions of friends (we're so popular). Featuring four of Rosenquist's... [More]

Kay Collection Bowls.jpg

Kay Collection Bowls

Lay some graphic brickwork in your dishware with The Kay Collection ($9) by Working Class Studio, a product development venture of the Savannah College of Art and Design that promises cutting-edge design sensibility at an affordable price. These square bowls make a fun and functional addition to any kitchen aspiring... [More]


Pixi Liquid Blush

Pixi has gained a reputation in the beauty industry and we hold a soft spot for them too. So it's no surprise that the new Liquid Blush Melts ($8) are especially handy. Thanks to their mighty morphin' powers, we don't have to pinch our cheeks for rosiness anymore. The unique... [More]


Harry Potter Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

With Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince about to be released in the theaters we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate. These Harry Potter Bean Boozled Jelly Beans ($6) are going to A) curb our pesky sugar cravings and B) transport us to the train to Hogwarts with... [More]


Monet Maxi Dress + 20% off exclusive Eye Candy Buy Candy Coupon!

Whenever it’s too damn hot and humid outside to think about putting together an outfit, we throw on something like this Monet Maxi Dress from Eye Candy Buy Candy. ($54) The bright, fun colors and soft jersey fabric flatter our curves, and the built-in bra cups means no futzing with... [More]


Philip Kingsley Swim Cap

We save our summer sanity by spending as much time as humanly possible in swimming pools. We save our summer hair by coating it with Philip Kingsley's Swim Cap treatment. ($15) Why? It guards our tresses from sun, chorine, salt water, and wind, while deep-conditioning at the same time. Because... [More]


Serendipity 3 Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix

If you’ve never been to Serendipity 3 (locations in New York and at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas), you are missing out. Picture an over-the-top Victorian ice cream parlor with baked goods and frozen hot chocolate concoctions as big as your head, richer and tastier than your wildest PMS-driven sugar... [More]


Primitive Apothecary Chest of Drawers Cabinet

We all need a place to store and organize small stuff (like our Mega Top Secret Don’t Touch This Means YOU diary) so it won’t get lost in giant drawers. Available in 24 different colors, RedRoosterBab's handmade Primitive Apothecary Chest of Drawers Cabinet ($150) is the perfect vintage-style catchall. Eight... [More]


La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation SPF 15

“A hundred effing bucks for FOUNDATION? Those Outblush girls have lost their minds. There is no WAY I’m spending that much on makeup.” Okay, okay, chill the bleep out over there, missy. We know La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation ($95) is ohmyGodpricierthanmyentiremakeupbag. But hear (read?) us out: It’s got... [More]


Suvi Tank Top

We can’t imagine going through summer without tees and tank tops, can you? Wearing more than the thinnest of layers on hot, humid days is just inviting sweat stains in embarrassing places… But we still want to look hot - the right kind of hot. That’s why we’re loving this... [More]


Home Sweet Home Print

This darling little Home Sweet Home Print ($15) has a little bit of everything that we love. Owls, squirrels, bunnies, birds, hearts..sigh, it's almost cute overload. We’re pretty sure that the Designer Erin McNulty created this cute 8x10 to be framed, but another way you might use it would be... [More]


MixMyGranola Coupon and Giveaway!

We love the designers, merchants, and artists that we feature on Outblush, we truly do. But every now and again, someone comes along who makes us remember why we spend our days and nights (and nights and days) on this bus. MixMyGranola is just such a company; your response to... [More]


Audi/Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Audi, the German engineering geniuses behind the sleek A3 (luv it!), and a member of the Volkswagon family, has partnered with Bösendorfer, a Vienna-based piano company, to create an Audi Grand Piano ($140,350). This sleek designed piano features curved lines and slick design, and while it’s larger than a normal... [More]


Galpin Auto Sports

Have you ever wanted to deck your car out with, oh, let’s say, twenty thousand hot pink crystals? If so, Galpin Auto Sports ($ price varies) can do that for you and sooo much more. Founded in 1946 by Frank Galpin, these guys have pimped out rides with everything from... [More]


Raw Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey from New Zealand supposedly has extraordinary healing properties. It's known to help treat a wide spectrum of what ails you, such as burns, strep throat, acne, wounds and even wrinkles. There are a lot of different brands of Manuka Honey out there, but we’ve found that this Raw... [More]


Seychelles Woven Tote

The always popular Seychelles Tote ($35) has been modified for wearability and bang for our buck (*cough* it's on sale for less than half its original price). We're drawn to the bursting summer feel of this handwoven raffia and seagrass bag - its never-ending color selection just screams beachy. When... [More]


Motel Joanna Dress

One of our favorite things to constantly be on the lookout for are new cocktail dresses. We love to have any excuse to go out on the town in a little number that leaves us feeling nothing short of sexy and the Motel Joanna Dress ($75) fits the bill. The... [More]

<Mirza Teapot-s.jpg

Mirza Teapot

Makes sense that the French designed this wacky tool of tea-making. The Mirza Teapot ($166) is finely crafted ceramic vessel that is glossy enough to use as a mirror stand-in (emergency lipstick touch-ups), and obviously works like a dream, but we can't help but think that it looks like some... [More]


Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix

Oh decadence! Sweet and savory and fluffy - we don't know if you can really call it breakfast, but Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix ($12) is sure to create a unique palate-pleasing treat. We're thinking these pancakes could be the cure for a wicked hangover, or perhaps they may... [More]


The Gay Uncle's Guide to Parenting

Look: when you become a parent, you pretty much expect your life to not be about you anymore, right? (At least, that’s what our friends who’re parents have intimated.) But when you find yourself knowing more about Junior’s constipation than about, oh, what the weather’s like outside, something’s gotta give.... [More]


Paula Dorf Cheek Color Cream

For a freshly-back-from-the-spa glow, we love using Paula Dorf's Cheek Color Cream. ($20) It blends effortlessly into skin and we can easily build up the color to the desired intensity. Our favorite shade is Cha-Cha, the bright pink shown – don’t be scared of the color, it comes out as... [More]

watermelon plate-s.jpg

Decoupage Watermelon Plate

We're into eating our fruits and veggies (or trying, anyway), and since it's summer, we're currently shoving sweet melon in our mouths (yumm). Well, collage artist and designer John Derain crafted an ingenious Decoupage Watermelon Plate ($80) so we can eat our melon on our melon. The crazy-convincing look is... [More]


Rory Beca Doris Dress

Rory Beca is a new-on-the-scene designer who, at just 25 years old, is already showcasing her works at high-end stores like Bergdorf Goodman. We love her entire line, but are particularly taken with this fetching pandora printed Doris Dress ($308) in a silk-cotton blend. The easy shift silhouette can go... [More]


Biblioteca Bookshelf

Inspired by the quirky woodwork of vintage coffee table, designer Matt Carr created the Biblioteca Bookshelf ($500) and earned himself a spot in our antiques-loving hearts. The shelves are mahogany, and the “legs” are black lacquer, so it will go with a huge variety of décor schemes and since it... [More]


Laughter by Space NK

The Laughter fragrance collection by UK cult beauty & fragrance brand Space NK is such a bright, summery fragrance that we wonder why we didn’t make this our signature warm-weather scent years ago. Redolent with the citrusy overtones of lime, bergamot, and grapefruit, it’s an instant pick-me-up, but there’s a... [More]


AcaiBlast Antioxidant Fruit Chews

Antioxidants? Really? But aren't they already in our moisturizer/smoothie/all the other crap we touch? If you think so, you'd be super surprised to find that you're not getting as much of the good stuff as you imagine. If you're up for the plunge, try AcaiBlast Fruit Chews ($15)...they're a delicious... [More]


Croquet Set

Whip up a batch of lemonade and bring out this smart looking Wooden Croquet Set ($50) from JC Penny for an afternoon of fun and games with your friends. Each set includes six mallets, balls, stakes and wickets all stored in a monogrammable storage bag. It would also make a... [More]


Made Her Think Silver Kissing Swallows Cuff

There is something so simple yet innovative about this Made Her Think Silver Kissing Swallows Cuff ($194). It's not something you see everyday, yet it isn't too expensive that you feel weird about wearing it on a daily basis. Make this wrist statement that says way more than just, "Fashionista... [More]


Framework Magnets

Feel lost in the endless clutter of post-its, reminders and random scribbled note-to-selves bombarding your mental map? Get into focus with Framework Magnets ($10). The shape is inspired by antique frame contours and traditional textile patterns, but strategic color choices lend a strong contemporary flair. Best of all they declare... [More]


Agate Coasters

Check out these colorful Agate Coasters ($60). Finally, Red Labs gives us a way to get some exotic spelunking souvenirs without setting foot in a creepy crawly cave. Cut cleanly from Brazilian agate from the Rio Grande do Sul, these vibrant minerals are believed to emit energies that promote and... [More]


Cheap Monday Narrow Used Grey Jeans

It's a shame when "cheap" jeans are jeans under $100 because we can remember - the days before the designer denim - when a pair of Levi's wouldn't set you back more than thirty bucks. Not any longer. The good thing is that Cheap Monday's Narrow Used Grey Jeans ($70)... [More]


Baja Bob's Margarita Mix

We love our cocktails as much as the next girl, but we also make an effort to maintain our beach body (at least for the summer months). That’s why Baja Bob’s Cocktail mixers are our favorites! ZERO calories in a serving of the Margarita Mix ($6), compared to the several... [More]


Claw Foot Tub

Joshua Gardner designed an artful little oxymoron with his sweet Claw Foot Tub ($60). This cute fuzzy wuzzy surprise couldn't hold water very well, but its design was inspired by the stateliest of bathroom ammenities, the classiest baths around. Reminiscent of Merit Oppenheim's Breakfast in Fur, but with less hard-hitting... [More]


Chic & Simple Sewing

You know that we lurrrvvv to shop as much as any girl…but when we see all of the beautiful fabrics for sale when we’re scouring the internet, we long to be able to whip up a cute outfit in an afternoon. If learning how to sew was on your 2009... [More]


Asus Seashell Netbook

It’s been a while since a computer made us do that embarrassing high-pitched squeal (don’t deny it, you do it too), but the Asus EeePC Seashell ($409) brought it out of us. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s compact, it’s easy to use, and ooh-la-la it’s pretty! Geek chic indeed.... [More]


10 Minute Solution: Hip Hop Dance Mix

We know that the cover of this 10 Minute Solution: Hip Hop Dance Mix ($15) looks a little funny. But you won’t be laughing long because this video rocks! It only takes 10 minutes a day to get a great ass-toning workout, but you’ll find yourself doing a couple of... [More]


Mia Hebib Medusa Earrings

Medusa Earrings ($865) by artist Mia Hebib enter the daring, darker side of jewelry...and we can't get enough (seriously, look out for more of Hebib's delicate, but substantial collection shiny silver danglies. We plan on keeping tabs on this SCAD featured designer). The gentle slope and bulb shape remind us... [More]


Traveling Dog Pet Seat

Your little poochie is not an animal, it’s your baby. You feed him only the best food, dress him in designer clothes and take him for weekly beauty treatments; so why are you riding around with your precious cargo on your lap ala’ Britney? You need the Traveling Dog Pet... [More]


Avington Slipper Chair

If you’d like to offer your guests something other than a chair from your kitchen table when they come over, the varied colors in the (subtle blue, green, red and orange) pattern of the Avington Slipper Chair in Whimsical ($160) are sure to go with anything you already have. Besides,... [More]


Tovolo Groovy Pop Molds

Protein shakes, power-smoothies, and fresh fruit juices are great fitness-conscious pick me ups for hot summer days, and really all we want after a hard, sweaty workout . . . but they don't keep their consistency that well. Ugh . . . melted slush at the bottom just doesn't taste... [More]


Celeb Style: Michelle Obama Linea Pelle Contour Equestrian Belt

What Michelle Obama has done for fashion the world over is incredible. She has made it accessible, classy, and has pushed political ensembles into a realm of, dare we say it, fun. Long gone are the days of the stuffy skirt suit; sorry Hil, but Michelle can rock an Oscar... [More]


Nordic Ware Lemon Loaf Pan

We love this Nordic Ware Lemon Loaf Pan ($32) for many reasons. Firstly, the non-stick design will give you a perfect cake every time complete with a beautiful golden outside and deliciously fluffy center. Secondly, the pan's embossed lemon design on the top will give the illusion that you're a... [More]


SlotRadio Giveaway #2: We Gots a Winner!

We are now wishing we had more vacation days, thanks to y'alls responses to our second SlotRadio Giveaway query: "What's your fave summer vacation destination?" But, alas, we'll have to settle for going to Orange Beach, AL, thanks to the suggestion of our SlotRadio winner, @lindsaykhaynes! She says it's a... [More]


Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Kate Somerville’s ultra-exclusive Melrose Avenue salon in Los Angeles is the go-to for celebs needing to look good head to toe for an event, or just in case they get snapped by the paparazzi at 7-11. So you know Ms. Somerville woman knows soft, glowing, smooth skin. A wildly popular... [More]


Art Poem Road Sign

At a previous job, we had one of those Office Space-type anal retentive bosses who adored the notice board. Everything from who was supposed to be making the coffee for the office that week to (yes, really) who was getting hired and fired. This "Thank You for Noticing this New... [More]


Stella McCartney Knickers of the Week pack

Stella McCartney's Knickers of the Week pack ($195) are just like the days-of-the-week panties you wore as a child, only all grown up. These silk blend briefs have adorable lace trim and floral embroidery that’s different for each day, and come in a sweet mini-dresser set. The eighth day says... [More]


Sephora Smoky Eyes Palette

Every time we try to do a classic smoky eye look on our own, a la a young Sophia Loren, we end up looking like Petey the dog from Lil' Rascals. Rather than give up on our sultry-eyed dream, we’ve bought the Sephora Brands's Smoky Eyes Palette. ($38) Not only... [More]


Self Charge Auto Jumper

In order to avoid that whole horror movie scenario where the lithe, beautiful heroine’s car battery dies in the middle of nowhere and she flags down a serial killer to help her jumpstart her car and then he takes out a butcher’s knife and and and… (Okay, stopping now, as... [More]


Leica M8.2 Rangefinder Digital Camera

We come across a lot of digital cameras here, but few match the performance and elegance (and price tag) of cameras made by the German company Leica. The retro-cool Leica M8.2 Rangefinder Digital Camera ($5,995, lens sold separately) is a hand-crafted, all-metal, minimalist gem that takes all us shutterbugs and... [More]


Butter London Nail Lacquer

We love it when we find perfection in a bottle – and here it is again. Butter London’s nail polish is classy yet sassy and, perhaps best of all, non-toxic. This color without carcinogens made our nails healthy, happy and brilliantly bright. We’re currently rocking the Spring/Summer collection ($45 for... [More]


Rebecca Beeson Papaya Tank Dress

We love all the soft, slinky basics Rebecca Beeson brings to the table, and this Papaya Tank Dress ($118) takes the cake for transitional summer wear . . . go from cover-up to just plain cute dress in a flash. Featuring a tie knot razor-back, subtle ruffling, and convenient and... [More]


Pangea Organics Liquid Hand Soap

Green. Green. Green. Sure we try to be as green as we can without making a big crimp in our style but these pretty bottles of Pangea Organics soaps ($14), especially the Canadian Pine with White Sage, leave us feeling clean and somewhat politically correct. Pangea Organics, a growing company... [More]


Away We Go Soundtrack

Have you seen Away We Go? We did, and we thought it was beautiful; the film is simple and lovely and touching, and so is the soundtrack ($13). Alexi Murdoch croons the majority of the tunes, and we’re lulled into a state of bliss by his soft, low, gravelly (read:... [More]


Rabbit Table Lamp

Go down the rabbit hole with The Rabbit Table Lamp ($539) by Moooi. Cast in black polyester resin, this little guy will enchant you with his magic spell. When lit, the grooves in the rabbit give the impression of fluffy dense fur, without the shed factor. It’s an edgier take... [More]


Celeb Style: Kate Hudson Susan Holmes Sailor Stripe Bikini

Kate Hudson keeps her bod in tip top shape by doing lots of paddle boarding, an activity that requires a lot of core ab muscles and of course the innate ability to look killer in swimwear. The Susan Holmes Sailor Stripe Bikini ($77) features a triangle top and a... [More]


Bonbon Oiseau Les Etoiles de Mer Necklace

Capture a piece of summer shimmer to wear around your neck all year round with this gorgeous Les Etoiles de Mer Necklace ($148). The brass starfish and freshwater pearls will be stunning long after your tan fades. If Under the Sea isn’t really your scene, check out the wide variety... [More]


Pac-Man Moving Plush Toys

DwindledwindledwindlePOPPOP! If you're a child of the eighties, we'll bet LOTS of quarters that you spent more time with Pac-Man and those google-eyed ghosts than was good for you. Renew the acquaintance! These 8" battery-powered pac-plush toys (the yellow dude and all four spooks, $30 each) will actually bobble around... [More]


Coach Letter Keyring

Monograms can be a little to cute-sy for us. Back in the day we used to collect anything with our names on it from vacation spots around the country like a name plate license or a magnet of letters that made up our moniker, however, we think it's a bit... [More]


Dior HydrAction Creme

Not that we like to admit it to the boss, but every once in a while, we roll into work on only a couple hours of sleep. Lucky for us, Dior HydrAction Deep Hydrating Sorbet Creme ($35) helps us keep that our little secret. Just a tiny amount of this... [More]


Pottery Barn Artisanal Wall Mount Vase

Even if counter space is at a premium (hello studio apartment!), you’ll be able to have fresh flowers brighten your abode with this Artisanal Wall Mount Vase ($49) from Pottery Barn. Plus, the bronze finish gives it an antique-y look without having to spend a whole day shopping in cluttered... [More]


BCBG MAXAZRIA Satin Cropped Pants

MC Hammer pants (or more formally known as "harem" pants) have been all over lately but we are still a bit too afraid to take the plunge. There are just some things that should never be relived (see: neon leg warmers) but we always appreciate an updated version of... [More]


Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Camera

The Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Camera is the ultimate vacation camera . . . we are envisioning a sexy snorkling or scuba diving photo shoot with this compact and completely waterproof gadget. The features don't end there, friends . . . it's got an impressive 10 MP memory capacity, and... [More] Pink Perfection

You might have seen Jen & Jamie from on the Instyle # 89 wedding cover with THIS little pretty, but we’re head-over-heals for the Pink Perfection Headband ($200). Rhinestone broach–Check. Vintage hot pink floral-Check. Cute sassy adornment that has just the right amount of glam/bohemian for your hair–Check!... [More]


Ricami Stool

Italian designer Elena Manferdini’s Ricama Stool ($400) is inspired by Italian lacework. It’s a beautiful accent piece for any room in your home, and is “green” to boot, since the steel latticework is covered with a zero VOC powder coat finish. We can’t wait to put a couple of votive... [More]


Laurel Denise Greeting Cards

Sweet, simple, and natural, Laurel Denise's Greeting Card collections ($4 each, or $15 for set of six) are our new go-to cards to keep on hand. With blank insides, you can choose from three covers: “For You,” “Happy Birthday,” and “Thank You,” that anyone would be charmed to receive. Each... [More]


Vix Royale Bandeau Bikini

So maybe leather straps on a bikini mean you can’t exactly go swimming, (water + leather = bad) but we’re still totes buying this Royale Brown Bandeau Bikini with Leather Straps by Vix Royale ($180) for those times when we just want to lounge poolside looking go-ooo-oood. The warm chocolate... [More]


Olive Super Poop Bags

We wuvs us our pups, yes we do, who’s a good doggy, YOU are, yes you ARE, Viscount Fido Von Barkypants McFluffersons! Until, that is, it comes time to go on walkies. Poop Patrol is one of our least favorite parts of canine parenthood. Especially once you consider that all... [More]


Elizabeth Arden Lip-Fix Cream

Face it; even the most diehard long wear lipstick will eventually feather and bleed, staining and drying out your lips, making you look as though you’ve been hitting the Kool-Aid a bit too hard. Prep your lips ahead of time with Elizabeth Arden Lip-Fix Cream ($20) and kiss those dry,... [More]

Wedding Day Survival Kit

The laws of physics state that if a bra strap is going to break, it will probably happen on your wedding day. Well, it doesn’t really state those words exactly…but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Fend off the last minute “Oh my god, I need a safety pin”... [More]


LnA Lace Collar Tank

This LnA Lace Collar Tank ($104) gives the sexy appearance of lingerie but is worn as outerwear. The hip new label is garnering much attention for their easy-to-wear tops and we aren't the only ones to take notice. As the t-shirt favorite to the ultimate star herself, Kate Moss, the... [More]


Black Cotton Beaded Shawl

Be a boho goddess without the Mary-Kate baggage in this great Black Cotton Beaded Shawl ($364) by Celestina, which has been reduced to one-third of its original price. This wrap-able piece can be worn a multitude of ways and has a cute looped button closure traced with glass beadwork that... [More]


Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo

One of the best beauty secrets we have discovered as of late is Rene Furterer's Naturia Dry Shampoo ($24). Our thick locks tend to dry out when washed more than thrice weekly so the longer we can postpone the damage, the better. We sprayed the dry shampoo into our greasy... [More]


Lifestyles Pillow

Prop this Banana Flavored Lifestyles Pillow ($70) up in your room and you’ll never have to come up with a lighthearted way to bring up the “safe sex” talk ever again. Each pillow is hand-screened & comes with a rolled up giant fabric condom. Your banana pillow is sure to... [More]


Celeb Style: Liv Tyler Love Yaya Eve Dress

There is something so sweet and innocent about Liv Tyler that we just adore her. Her carefree attitude reflects in her personal style and we gotta say, we identify with that Cali-casual vibe from time to time. The Love Yaya Eve Dress ($198) is an absolutely adorable way to sport... [More]


Flip Video Camcorder

We used to think that video cameras were only something our dads used, but these new-fangled Flip Video Ultra Series II Camcorders ($150) have caught our eye! They’re pocket (or purse) sized, come in an array of colors and are incredibly user-friendly. After you’ve shot the video, just plug the... [More]


BB Dakota Blanche Black Pleather Jacket

A hip, eco-friendly motorcycle demands equally cool biker gear. But most of that's leather, which is an eco-no-no. What’s a biker grrl to do? BB Dakota's Blanche Black Pleather Jacket ($72) is a tough cookie alternative to cowhide, but no one will ever know. The tucked detailing and puffed sleeves... [More]


Big Drip Wall Clock

Made of Tendu wood, PilotDesign’s Big Drip Modern Wall Clock ($45) is a great modernist addition to any room. The artist suggests that the design evokes the day’s transition into night, or drops of water. Call us metaphor-phobic plebes, but we just think the two-toned wood face and clean lines... [More]


Golden Saltine Necklace

On first glance, Emily Elizabeth Jewelry's Matte Golden Saltine Necklace ($60) looks to be a rippled square pendant, shimmering in the light. Look closer, and you’ll see it’s really a detailed gold vermeil saltine cracker. Yes, really! How’s that for trompe l’oeil? One caveat, though: we do not recommend dipping... [More]


Talika Eyebrow Lipocils

Eyebrow plucking: godsend to unibrows and caterpillar brows alike. But after years of tweezing and waxing, women often find that they can’t grow back overplucked eyebrows – and having no brows at all is almost worse than having Groucho Marx ones. Short of gluing false eyebrows on, (ew) what’s a... [More]


Recycled Timber Multi Frame

We love Mark May's Recycled Timber Multi Frame, hand crafted from reclaimed Australian fence paling. No two pieces are alike, as each piece of wood comes from a different home and has survived unique conditions. The nicks and scratches in the grain of the wood add to the unique charm... [More]


Skrub'a Gloves

A friend of ours has a really weird phobia: she hates touching raw vegetables with her bare hands. No idea why, really, (did some Halloween prank involving peeled grapes go horribly awry?) but she can’t cook without Skrub'a Potato & Legume Scrubbing Gloves. ($17 for 2 pairs) These rough-textured gloves... [More]


Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle

When we think of a green revolution in transportation, what pops into mind? Roads and highways brimming with little electric cars zipping here and there? Fleets of black bicycles? Um, Segways? They all have their place, but, you know, coolness and energy independence don't have to be mutually exclusive concepts.... [More]


Kiehl's Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

We always have fun getting ready to go out – we invite the girls over, pour some wine and get down to business: layer on the eyeliner, blend the shadow perfectly, coats of mascara, etc. etc. But when it’s time to wash it all off? It’s so much effort we’re... [More]


Dozi Paperclip Holder

This little Dozi Paperclip Holder ($24) looks adorable on our desk next to our pics of family and friends, favorite coffee mugs, and even our not-so-secret girly magic eight ball (for down time of course, never major decisions!). This little orange hedgehog brings a smile to our face every time... [More]


Flower by Kenzo Ryoko

Flower by Kenzo Ryoko ($30) is the latest addition to the overwhelmingly popular line of flower perfumes by Kenzo. The Flower Ryoko Edition is a summer fragrance meant to capture the nostalgic scent of Kyara, an extract of Asia's agar tree, which is known to bloom in the hottest of... [More]


Patricia Wexler Intensive 3-in-1 Day Cream SPF 30: Lifting, Firming, Anti-Wrinkle Formula

The fountain of youth is a constant conquest on the minds of millions of women everywhere. Creams, injections (ouch!), peels, treatments are all claiming to promise us the world in terms of healthy more youthful looking skin. We don't necessarily buy the hype surrounding most of the products on the... [More]


Celeb Style: Blake Lively Rayban Wayfarer II Sunglasses

There are some definite sunglasses that are considered all-time classics because they keep coming back in fashion and never seem to lose their relevancy. Such is the case for the Rayban Wayfarer II Sunglasses ($99). These updated shades are a spitting image of their older ancestor but are given a... [More]


Snakeskin Envelope Clutch

Send yourself a party reminder by sticking a beautiful Snakeskin Envelope Clutch ($130) in your daytime work bag or beach tote, and go straight from day to evening. Mother-daughters design team, Beirn have taken the idea of luxurious watersnake skin and run with in their expertly crafted catch-alls. . .... [More]


Make Me Chic Barb Studded Cage Pump

Caged pumps seem to be all the rage, excluding the ever-present gladiator trend that just wont seem to go away. It's a good thing too. We can balance two trends like the best of them and are always up for the challenge. These Make Me Chic Barb Studded Caged Pumps... [More]


Wood Grain Folders

Working girls rejoice . . . your papers no longer have to be imprisoned in bland vanilla manilla. Wood Grain Folders ($7) offer a neat, natural-looking solution to keep your mounting files in order. There's added appeal in the neutrality of the wood grain pattern, which compliments and enlivens anything... [More]


Ice Cream Spaghetti Maker

We all love indulging ourselves with a heaping plate of pasta, but mamma mia, in the sweltering days of summer, we'd rather simmer down with Ice Cream Spaghetti. As seen on the Food Network, this innovative hand held Ice Cream Spaghetti Maker ($12-22) strings out delicious and refreshing creamy goodness... [More]


BDG Skipper Hi-Rise Jean

Ever since we got a pair of BDG Skipper Hi-Rise Jeans from Urban Outfitters, ($25 on sale) we’ve been wearing them pretty much every day. The medium rinse is slimming (and work-appropriate!), as is the high rise sailor-style buttoned waist that sits right at our natural waistline. The legs are... [More]


Sansa SlotRadio Giveaway!

It's that time of the month again, folks... (No, no, not that!) Time for another Sansa SlotRadio giveaway! We told you about the awesomeness that is the SlotRadio before, during our first giveaway before Father's Day. It's an Mp3 player-slash-FM radio that makes summer playlists a breeze, and we can't... [More]


Prada Bi-Fold Key Ring Holder

If the Devil wears it, it must be good enough for us. The Prada Bi-Fold Key Ring Holder ($199) is the most stylish way to carry your keys that we have ever laid our eyes on. Just when we thought the recession was going to kill all of the incredibly... [More]

oribe-24K- pomade-s.jpg

Oribe 24K Gold Pomade

We've finally found the ultimate hair care product for the premier princesses out there. No diamond and gold encrusted, glitz-obsessed, celeb-coveting shopper can be without Oribe 24K Gold Pomade ($49). At 1.7 oz. its small stature packs a powerful, gleaming punch from the real glamorous sparkle of g-g-goooold. Keep your... [More]


J. Crew Solid Petal Cami

This too-cute-for-words J. Crew Solid Cotton Petal Cami ($75) is going to have our co-workers embarrassed for us. While we don't plan on wearing this piece everyday, we do plan on getting a ton of use with this versatile and key addition to our ever-growing wardrobe. Why shouldn't we wear... [More]


Steven Shein Fang Necklace

We can finally kiss the grill trend goodbye (I mean, let's be honest, we are not Lil' Wayne, and none of us could pull that ish off) and usher in healthy, toothy smiles again thanks to Steven Shein Fang Necklace ($64). All that metal we wanted in our mouth we... [More]


Earth Angel

We can think of a ton of reasons you should own the Earth Angel ($97) - the first hand-crank (go green!) vibrator. Here’s our list: No electricity = better for the environment. It’s less conspicuous when going through airport security. Take it camping (because really, what else is there to... [More]


Divado Hair Bumps

Don't let the descriptive title be a turn off, Divado Hair Bumps are the sleekest, fastest way to take your hair from flat to va va voom in no time at all. The Divado motto is "Get the 'do without the damage," and we love modern throwback looks as worn... [More]


Rugby Roslyn Chino Jacket

Viola, Blair Waldorf's dream jacket! Our high school uniform might not have been so stylish but the Roslyn Chino Jacket by Rugby ($65) can work high school or otherwise. Whenever we feel the need to step up the prep in our wardrobe's we always search for either a perfect blazer... [More]


Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt

Redolent with the scents of a warm tropical night, Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt ($48) soothes your skin with coconut coprah oil for long-lasting softness and leaves a subtle, decadent fragrance behind. It can even be used as a weekly conditioning treatment for hair: just massage a dollop in,... [More]


Oblique Display Stand

This modern Oblique Solid Oak Display Stand ($2000) is the perfect piece for a blank wall in the sitting room. Display your photos, favorite albums, treasured magazines or cards in a much more interesting (and un-cluttered) way than just placing on a bookshelf. This Dutch beauty is available in various... [More]


Riller & Fount Jersey Drape Halter Dress

A night out on the town needs a few ingredients for success. While we won't go into the nitty gritty, we will tell you the one of the major components is a sexy cocktail dress. The Riller & Fount Jersey Drape Halter Dress ($155) seems to fit perfectly into that... [More]


Prescriptives Magic Powder

Applying a literal take on fresh-faced and dewy, Prescriptives Magic Powder ($35) is a finishing powder that is 70% water. Yeah, we don’t get it either – powder that’s mostly water? It maintains its powder form as you apply it on your face, but instantly hydrates and brightens your skin,... [More]


Baby Cocoon

OMGTeensyweensysleepingbabysofreakingcutewantwantwant! *pant, pant* Sorry, forgive our momentary lapse of sanity, but the photos of Beachwalkphoto’s Baby Cocoon ($28) made us suddenly want children of our own, just to put them in a Baby Cocoon. It’s genius, see: babies love being snuggled and wrapped up tightly in what our friends who... [More]


Banana Republic Pleated Blouse

We’ve just found our new go-to summer blouse to wear to work. Available in three colors, Banana Republic’s silk and cotton Pleated Blouse ($60) has soft, fluttery sleeves and a waist-whittling nipped-in silhouette. It’s super comfortable, affordable, and we think it would look great with anything from jeans to a... [More]


Papier Poudre Sheets

Sick and tired of powder compacts exploding in your purse, leaving you with a film of powder talc all over your stuff, but don’t want to be without something to remove shine? Us, too. Since the beginning of the 20th century, women worldwide have relied on Papier Poudre ($4-$40) to... [More]


Orka 4-Ice Pops

Call us childish, but we loves us some popsicles, yes sir. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than an icy cold sweet treat, but we realized the other day how expensive our beloved ‘sicles are. A cheaper, healthier option? Orka 4-Ice Pops popsicle molds. ($12 for a set... [More]


Fashion Now 2

Documenting the art of style, Fashion Now 2 ($15) is a stunning encyclopedia listing over 160 top contemporary designers from A-Z plus renown streetwear and sportswear brands like Nike and Diesel . . . This comprehensive survey includes an introduction by editor, i-D founder and editor-in-chief Terry Jones, in depth... [More]


Planetary Cuff Bracelet

Wow, style-watchers, the Planetary Cuff Bracelet ($135) by Alex Bittar is out of this world . . . Be careful rocking this shiny toy solar system . . . you might cut someone, and looking totally fabulous and ending up on COPS don't exactly go hand in hand (unless you're... [More]


Superga Torino Sneakers

Casual cool footwear comes in many forms whether it's Chucks or Jack Purcells. The Superga Torino Sneaker ($65) is by far the new staple in chic n' easy footwear. The classic and clean bright white matches anything and instantly gives you that careless preppy look. Our short legs don't always... [More]


Peacock Eye Placemats

Imbue your place settings with an exhilarating flight of fancy and treat guests and dishes to a world of color with these beautiful plumed Peacock Eye Placemats ($57) by Chateau X by Jane Krolik. These high-quality wares are handmade and reinforced with felt, so we don't have to worry about... [More]


Dior Addict Lip Glow

Color-awakening lip balm? Whuh? We were definitely intrigued by the marketing copy on Dior Addict Lip Glow ($28) that claimed that it responded to the color chemistry of your lips to create a unique-to-you shade. But you know what? It’s true! We’re not sure how it works, but this lip... [More]


Shirred Halter Swimsuit

Bikinis. Cute, sure, but what about those of us who a)crave a leetle modesty, b)want something we can actually swim & play beach volleyball in without worrying about flashing the world, and c)maybe don’t have the abs of a pre-meltdown Britney Spears? This Shirred Halter One-Piece in Damask Black by... [More]


Velcro Roller Strips

It’s summertime, and we’re traveling all over Creation with our friends. We’ve got packing down to a science, knowing what’s absolutely essential to look great on the go. Instead of packing a bulky curling iron or rollers, we stick a set of White Sands' Velcro Roller Strips ($40-50 for a... [More]


Not Just a Pretty Face

The more we read about how untrue the 1950’s adage, “Better living through chemistry,” is, the more we’re inspired to live as organically as possible. We’ve told you about eco-friendly furniture, cleaning products, food, fashion… but what about our beloved beauty products? Didja know that there’s awful stuff like lead,... [More]


Umbrella Tree Jewelry Hanger

Most jewelry organizers remind us of what our grandmothers kept on their vanities, along with silver-backed hairbrushes, Obsession perfume sets, and lace doilies. So we don’t use them. But. Leaving your jewelry in a giant pile results in the great Jewelry Detangleathon every time you want to find your favorite... [More]

BB dakota dress-S.jpg

Black Blanchett Dress

BB Dakota's Black Blanchett Dress ($66) is chic, real chic. Mix it up with a bold belt, lace or tie-die leggings . . . or keep it just like Audrey would want: basic black. With a fitted, gently ruched a-line look, this silhouette is classic, but the sheer mesh straps... [More]


Rag & Bone Blank Journal

The Rag & Bone Bindery creates the most amazing hand constructed books we have ever seen. Pick your fabric and they'll create an archive quality photo album, journal, guest book, or baby book. We love this new Pomegranate Print as a blank journal ($29). These beautiful and personal books are... [More]


Vinyl-CD packaging kit

Time to make your friends a mix-tape of your favorite summer tunes. We know…you don’t technically make a tape anymore, but what do you call them? Mix-CD? Download your can’t-miss dance hits and then use this CD packaging kit ($16) to turn your CD into a vinyl look-a-like. Easy mounting... [More]


Ciel Pur soaps

Yael Miller of Miller Creative designed beautiful packaging for Ciel Pur, a line of sumptuous bath products based in Hyderabad, India. Ciel Pur soaps ($inquire) have a wide range of varieties, all in lovely curvaceous boxes featuring ribbon-pull openings and wandering graphics. Of the some thirty soaps to choose from,... [More]


Porcelain Igloo Night Light

This gorgeous handcrafted Porcelain Igloo Night Light ($175) from J. Schatz makes us want to be afraid of the dark every night. During the day it looks like a pretty little sculpture, but in the evening it throws a beautiful warm glow throughout your room.... [More]


Vivian Girls

The Vivian Girls remind us a bit of the nineties girrrl groups, but with a softer edge. With kick-a$$ alter ego names like Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy & Frankie Rose, these gals hail from Brooklyn and are carving their own path in the world of rock usually dominated by boys.... [More]


Anthropologie's Who's the Fairest Mirror

The antlers on the wall decor ideal seems to be a thing of the past (thank goodness) but these little adornments surrounding a personal mirror give a woods- homey feel that makes much more sense. The Anthropologie Who's the Fairest Mirror ($148) isn't just your average mirror, it makes you... [More]


Dogeared Make a Wish Believe Necklace

Down in the crazy beautiful mixed up streets of Venice, California is a small company making a big promise: that there are positive things to come. This small-yet-idealistic company makes some of the simplest and charming pieces out there. Dogeared's Make a Wish Believe Necklace ($26) keeps us believing the... [More]


Havaianas Slim Peacock Chocolate Sandal

Those bronzed Brazilians know a lot about a few things: thong bathing suits and thong flip flop sandals. Brazilian-born company Havaianas has been a flip flop staple around the world and is releasing newly designed prints constantly. The Havaianas Slim Peacock Chocolate Sandal ($22) is not only a great neutral,... [More]


World Time Clock

Bitchin' summer trips in the works? Jet-setting divas and pond-hopping business ladies looking for emancipation from globe-trotting tech hang-ups will cherish the World Time Clock ($74), a 12-sided desk clock that shows each of the the 24 Global Time Zones, marked by their two major cities. Oh dang . .... [More]


Victoria's Secret Silk & Cotton Racerback Nightie

Sleepwear should be exactly that: something you can wear to sleep in. We don't mind it when designers try their best to cute-sify pajamas with lace or other trim but that crap just adds to our discomfort and as a result, less peaceful shut eye. Victoria's Secret Silk & Cotton... [More]

fangtasia pint glass S.jpg

True Blood Fangtasia Glass

We knnooooww that vampires are hot right now. . . what with Twilight, True Blood and god knows what else lurking in the dark corners of our consciousness, we need some vampire gear. True Blood Fangtasia Glasses ($10) feature the red script logo of the infamous vampire joint and the... [More]


Sabuda Pop-Up Flowers Note Cards

It makes sense that Robert Sabuda, children's book author extraordinaire, designed Pop-Up Flowers Note Cards ($22), a fun, cute set of blank cards. These colorful cards are ideal to mark any occasion; with a whimsical 3D bouquet that gives the cards a spunky personality, the protruding flowers and hearts make... [More]


Celeb Style: Gwyneth Paltrow Tonya's Treasures Fuschia Purse with Black Hook

Gwyneth Paltrow's got it all. A hot bod, a hot hubby, two adorable-yet-oddly named kids, and a career that doesn't seem to slow down. On top of all of that the girl's got style, and a keen eye for picking out the right pieces to work in an ensemble. The... [More]


Vino Luminoso Wine Bottle Candelabra

Impromptu dinner party or spontaneous night of romance? Set the mood in seconds by attaching this Vino Luminoso Wine Bottle Candelabra ($28) to an empty bottle of wine. We can’t decide if the best part is that it’s on sale right now or that you get to drink a bottle... [More]


Yes to Carrots Pampering Shampoo & Conditioner

There comes a time when we suspend our disbelief about all the latest beauty crazes out there with supposed "magic" ingredients. We feel that the general rule is: if you can't pronounce it, the it isn't "magic". It just means that it's manmade and we tend to want to keep... [More]


Philip Crangi Eris Earrings

These Philip Crangi Eris Earrings ($158) are the ultimate in gaudy, intricate, and artistic jewelry. Handcrafted pieces are always easy to spot and the inspiration behind them is often simple to notice as well. These Venetian-like pieces are incredibly beautiful and stop friends in their tracks whenever we wear them... [More]


Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Button Side Cardigan

A short sleeve cardigan is great for three things: 1) it keeps you warm even in the warmer months, 2) it acts as a great layer in colder temperatures when multiple pieces are key, and 3) it won't cover up all those cute bangles we've been sporting as of late.... [More]


Cali Bowl

A resounding chorus of “why didn’t we think of that?!” echoes around the office as we ponder the simplicity that is the Cali Bowl ($35 for 4). These ingenious bowls have a lip on the inside that helps guide contents back onto your spoon/fork/chip. No longer do you have to... [More]


Love Nest Soap Favor's the dirty little secret about wedding favors: they get thrown away as soon as you get home. We know the truth hurts. You spend months figuring out just the right little token only for the item to get left on the table or tossed in the trash. We think... [More]


Crate and Barrel Magazine Rack

A bright pop of green for your study, this Crate and Barrel Magazine Rack ($13) makes storing all of those back issues of Bust and Dwell a breeze. Collapsible for easy storing, you can put a few of these end to end to create an interesting space for your magazines... [More]



We bet you never thought that you could cook much with your toaster except for toast right? Well if you’re a busy professional-mom-student, you’re going to love these Toastabags ($10). They are simply amazing and they work. We don’t know how they work, but they do. Fill a bag with... [More]


Santens Bamboo Robes

Bamboo is the latest product of the green movement to take hold as a new type of fabric - it's more sustainable than overly-harvested cotton and other materials. Santens Bamboo Robes ($119) use the newly designed (or at least newly re-introduced) fabric to create a smushy and luxurious bathrobe experience.... [More]


Davey Nutcracker

This little Davey Nut Cracker ($13) will make an adorable addition to your nest. Cast in stainless steel, he will match any décor and he’s tough enough to crack even the hardest nut. Movable tail and tiny paws just make us want to play…er…crack nuts all day.... [More]


Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow

Ever since we were ambushed by a big client meeting on a day we hadn’t bothered to put on a stitch of makeup, we’ve kept an emergency beauty bag stashed at our desk. It’s small, and only contains a lipstick, mascara, and ">Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow ($15). We love... [More]


Roller Wedge Sandals

Jeffery Campbell has crafted some amazing, cut-out open toed wedge footware, and oooooo booooyy . . . these Roller Wedge Sandals ($99-115) will make us want to hold on to our fuchsia. The tie detail is daaaaahling, and who could resist the pairing of two rich warm colors-the intense magenta... [More]


Shine Box Print Parking Tickets

Nothing is more effing annoying than some a-hole taking up more than their fair share of parking spaces (Hellllooooo, Hummer owner . . . can't you read that "COMPACT ONLY" signage?). Armed with Shine Box Print Parking Tickets, we can build a new attitude-friendly army of parking enforcement, sans the... [More]

bendy necklace S.jpg

Bendy Necklace

We love versatile basics, and the Bendy Necklace ($35) is a bit of a misnomer since it can also be worn as a bendy bracelet. Its malleable metal design allows endless possibilities in on-the-go jewelry design completely made according to the desires of the wearer. The classic metal chain has... [More]


Angel Lush Recipe

Around July 4th, do you ever start reminiscing about funny desserts that adults made for the Independence holiday when you were a kid? Jello molds, fruits pies shaped like flags or sparklers stuck into cupcakes (ouch!) all come to mind? Well, here is one of our favorite desserts from KRAFT... [More]


Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

As America celebrates its birth, we think of the hardships suffered by the signers of the Declaration of Independence. And fireworks and hot dogs. Maybe not in that order. Imagine how much easier it would've been if they'd ditched the quill and ink and used the Lightscribe Pulse Smartpen ($200,... [More]


MAC Fix+

Well, here we are in that sweltering time of year where just thinking about going outside makes our brow dot with sweat (yuck). However, heat is no excuse not to look fabulous. Keep your makeup from melting off your face with MAC Fix+ ($17). Spritz it on after you’re all... [More]


Off! Clip On Repellent

What do we hate worse: mosquito bites or the icky smell of bug repellent? Tough call. Hopefully with Off! Clip On Repellent ($12.99) we can keep those little blood suckers far away without repelling the more desirable contact of the affectionate, human variety. This portable plastic device is lightweight, scentless,... [More]

DWR-Measuring-Cup-Juicer S.jpg

DWR Measuring Cup/Juicer

Design WIthin Reach introduces a fresh new view on counting calories with their Measuring Cup/Juicer ($30). We love that fresh-squeezed juice is full of vitamins, nutrients, and all that good stuff, but it's also laden with all-natural sugar. With this two-in-one kitchen accessory, you can monitor your intake of fruit... [More]


Incase Slider Case

You’re always a vision of grace and poise… until you drop your treasured iPhone under your car and are on all fours mumbling pleas to the patron saint of digital devices. Protect your new iPhone 3GS with this Incase Slider Case ($35). Its durable outer shell protects your precious phone... [More]

silven-wallcoverings S.jpg

Silven wall coverings

Sometimes a new coat of paint just doesn’t do it. Going way over the top with interior design is not out of the question for us—especially when sparkle is involved. Tiffany crystal wall coverings by Silven ($Inquire) instantly glamourize any space. The Italian vertical surface covering specialists will give any... [More]


Jessica Elliot Zodiac Pendant

Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo... The Jessica Elliot Zodiac Pendant ($88) is a great way to showcase your sign in an understated and classic way. Sometimes our Zodiac signs tell us exactly who we are and are spot on with our inner-most idiosyncrasies and quirks. Sometimes they're way off and don't do... [More]

mushroom table S.jpg

Target Mushroom Table

The Target Mushroom Table ($80) is sleek, simple and modern. A perfect final addition to a room of any style or taste, this on-the-cheap classy item offers an elegant twist in the genre of pedestal tables. Contemporary lines make the possibilities for this black lacquer beauty endless. It makes perfect... [More]

gold-knuckle-mugs S.jpg

PAD Gold Knuckle Mug

Not a morning person? LA-based design firm, PAD, has a tough girl solution: the Gold Knuckle Mug ($98). Pouring your daily dose of caffeine into a vessel this angsty is sure to start your day off with some oomph. Featuring high-fire earthenware and genuine gold plating, this cup combines luxury... [More]

etched steel lamp S.jpg

Tord Boontje Future Flora Rugiada Lamp

Amazing! Future Flora Rugiada ($85), an etched silver satin pendant lamp designed by the acclaimed Tord Boontje as part of the new Future Flora 2009 line, continues to dazzle us with completely exceptional takes on the neo-chandelier. Revolutionizing home décor with a newly designed incorporation of the cut-out trend usually... [More]


Celeb Style: Deena & Ozzy Window Scarf

Scarves are one of the easiest and simplest ways to accessorize any outfit. Choose from any color, fabric, or degree of warmth and purpose. Bright colored scarves can often lend themselves to a more daytime look albeit dressy or casual. This Deena & Ozzy Window Scarf ($28) is a beautiful... [More]


SimpleTech [re]drive External Hard Drive

See, one of those little things about living in the information age, our lives are really tied up with computers. So if something happens to said computers...poof, we have no life. But that's why we make backups! (Wait, you are backing up, aren't you?) Well, if you're sick of cluttering... [More]


Sales & Steals: 7/2/09

It’s 4th of July weekend, and to us, that means celebrating our right to shop, shop, SHOP. Just don’t forget to take a break to do some BBQ-ing and pool lounging. Bloomingdale's - During their 4th of July sale, save 40% on select items. Sale ends 07/05/2009. Borders - To... [More]

st germain bottle S.jpg

St. Germain Liqueur

We're aware that St. Germain ($25) elderflower liqueur has been a favorite of snooty french bartenders for ages . . . but the new St. Germain packaging might just warrant that elitist attitude. The vintage sensibility of the bottle harkens back to a time when liqueur was customarily enjoyed from... [More]


Keel's Simple Diary

"Dear Diary... today was Wednesday and I went to work." Feeling like your journal could use a little creative energy? Keel's Simple Diary ($15) helps you beat the mundane aspects of a daily diary with fill in the blanks and prompts like: "If your feet could talk, what would they... [More]


Nic's Sticks by Opi

We’re longtime fans of Opi nail polishes already, but they’ve just earned our loyalty for life with the introduction of Nic's Sticks. ($7) The polish is pre-loaded into an applicator pen: just click the button at the top a couple of times to get the color flowing, then apply as... [More]


Shuriken Coasters

As we all know, ninjas are totally freaking wicked awesome. They could, like, kill you with a thought, man, but it’s so much cooler when they use throwing stars. But even ninjas need to stay hydrated and not leave water rings on their coffee tables, right? (Agree with them, or... [More]


Darphin Cleansing Foam Gel with Water Lily

We're very refreshed just now, thanks to the Cleansing Foam Gel with Water Lily from Darphin Paris ($38). (Actually, we'd like to use its French name, Gel Mousse Nettoyant au Nénuphar, but that's mostly because we like to say "nénuphar", even though our accent is terrible. It makes us feel... [More]

wooly wally five S.jpg

Woolly Wally Five

The Woolly Wally Five ($143), a member of the Woolly Wally Vertical Gardening System team of products by the Woolly Pocket Gardening Company, is a perfect investment for an urban studio pad or just for a kick of green foliage. Perfect for any type of wall or fence, indoors or... [More]


The Cadillac of Picnic Sets

What are you doing for 4th of July? Wait, nevermind, it doesn't matter, because now you're going on a picnic! Wheeee! Doesn't The Cadillac of Picnic Sets($154) make you want to go lay on a blanket (there's one included!) and find shapes in clouds and do cartwheels and pick wildflowers... [More]

Asymmertrical Navajo Dress S.jpg

Silence & Noise Asymmetrical Navajo Dress

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Silence and Noise’s Asymmetrical Navajo Dress ($49.99) makes a splash. In this divine summer dress, we commemorate chic, not cheesy, patriotic fashion. Ombré dip-dyed perfection jolts the tired trend back in gear while the silhouette is tooooocute for words. And check out... [More]


Betty Songbird Apron

Sometimes our Suzy Homemaker side gets lost in the mix of fashionista, best friend, employee of the year, and the other multiple personalities that we must pay attention to! (JK, kinda) However, the Betty Songbird Apron ($22) sings out like a beacon of shining light, luring us back into the... [More]

Lomme egg bed S.jpg


Technological intervention has really done something magical with the LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) Egg Bed ($58,817). LOMME allows personalized management of light, color, sound, & comfort via your iPhone to assure quality zzzzzs. BUT HOW? Science, we say! Gesturing at this wondrous work of computerized genius, we can... [More]

alidra alec ring S.png

Alidra Alic Hyacinth ring

Alidra Alic’s new jewelry line Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is super true to life. We could see her Hyacinth ring ($Inquire) to paired with summer dresses (or anything, really) as an alternative to flashier, more stylized floral designs. The delicate ephemeral charm of these rings goes way beyond cutesy here,... [More]

large emotion S.jpg

Boca do Lobo Large Emotion Limited Edition Collection

We’re all for broadening our horizons, so we love Boca do Lobo’s newest collection, Large Emotion ($Inquire). Including outrageous reimaginings of furniture surfaces, the collection consists of tables, television stands, dressers and other indescribable accessories. Simultaneous shock value and timelessness make this collection cooler than cool. Plus the radical artistry... [More]

boy candy shorts S.jpg

Insight Boy Candy Shorts

From dangerously skinny jeans to outright scandalous shorts, zippers can do no wrong these days. Hence, these Boy Candy Shorts by Insight ($50) do everything right by summer. Talk about jaw-dropping; there’s something totally riveting about controlling the sexiness of this look. Thankfully for the exhibitionist in us all, there’s... [More]


Sony Rolly MP3 Player

OK, so technically it's an MP3 player, but we're not really sure we'd carry this one around in our pocket. Yeah, 'cause it, like, dances to music. The palm-sized, egg-shaped Sony Rolly ($230, black or white) is part disco ball, part colorful light show, part conversation piece. And it'll play... [More]


Earth From Above

You don't read coffee table books? We'll make you take that so far back that you'll not only buy this book, you'll buy a coffee table to go with it. Earth From Above ($38) is an absolutely amazing collection of natural, urban, and fascinatingly in-between photographs, taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand... [More]


Scene It -Twilight Edition

Warning: Do not read this around any teenage girls. We’ve received word that The Twilight Game from Scene It ($25) is now available for pre-order. Scene It is a super-fun trivia game that uses clips from your favorite movies, in this case Twilight, and trivia cards to move around the... [More]


Combi Pod Bouncer

The Combi Pod Bouncer ($80) is the ultimate modern bouncer for your newborn. Or someone’s newborn. This puppy comes equipped with toys, storage pouches, an MP3 plug for your ipod, and built in surround speakers. Did we mention that it comes in amazing colors like this chili combo and that... [More]


Tota Coffee Carrier

No matter how careful you try to be, when attempting to carry more than one cup of coffee it’s inevitable that you’re going to spill some all over yourself while trekking to your destination. This Tota Coffee Carrier ($12) is perfect for breezing those hot beverages to the office every... [More]


Grill Charms

It’s summertime, and the grilling is easy… Until everyone starts harping on you that they wanted their steak rare/medium/well done/charred/hey I think you served me a briquette by mistake. Keep the natives happy by tagging everyone’s food with Grill Charms. ($20 for a set of 6) These little pins are... [More]


Foxy Fungi Wood Card

Made from sustainably harvested eco-friendly yellow birch, these Night Owl Paper Goods' Wood Foxy Fungi Cards ($6 each) are a great all-occasion card to keep on hand. No two are exactly alike due to varied wood grain, and are easy to write on with a pen or pencil. We think... [More]


Campfire Votive Candleholder

We can’t afford to go camping this summer, so instead, we’re going to have a Friday night s’mores party at Outblush HQ where we roast marshmallows over Kikkerland's Campfire Votive Candleholder. ($20) So what if it takes 10 minutes to roast one mallow over a votive candle? It’s fun, cheap,... [More]


Joey New York Instant Chemistry Concealed Weapons

Avoid the dreaded “raccoon eyes” and other concealer-related beauty woes – is this one good for covering zits? Can I use it on my under eye circles? Will it make my nose look slimmer? – with Instant Chemistry Concealed Weapons by Joey New York. ($38) Containing Prozymex HBT, an anti-aging... [More]


Money Bag Wallet

You may not be made of money these days, but your wallet can be (sorta) if it’s the Money Bag Wallet by Chakra Pennywhistle. ($35) Sewn from a reclaimed United States National Bank of Omaha money bag, this sturdy dollar holder will make you feel like a million bucks, even... [More]


Ted Baker Contrast Zip Back Top

Zippers, zippers, zippers... How we loved you in the '80's and what a pleasant surprise it is to be graced with your sartorial presence once again. Ted Baker's Contrast Zip Back Top ($45) gives us just enough zipper action to satisfy our trendy tastes without looking like we live and... [More]


Isis Dei Neoprene Karma Laptop Sleeve

The Isis Dei Neoprene Karma Laptop Sleeve ($30) is the chicest alternative to those masculine bulky numbers they sell at the electronics stores. Gone are the days of black and grey only being accepted for the gadget geeks of the world. Say hello to customization and cool colors and patterns.... [More]


True Blood: The The Complete First Season

Mayhem runs amuck in the Louisiana town of Bon Temps and we love the wicked things that manage to occur each and every week. Finally we can relive HBO's amazingly shocking True Blood Season One on DVD in its entirety. The gorgeous men, the amusing accents, and the underlying eerie... [More]