Benefit Eye Bright

Even if we wake up super late (which, um, we kind of do every day), we always take the time to swipe on a little BeneFit Eye Bright Pencil. ($20) This pale pink eye highlighter is an instant pick-me-up, drawing natural light to your face and minimizing dark circles. Just... [More]


Sally Hansen Waxing Strips for Little Places

We're going to gracefully deny that we've ever shaved our toes or or that little patch of hair under our belly button, so let's just say we use these Sally Hansen Naturally Bare Waxing Strips for Faces and Little Places ($6) for our eyebrows. They've got aloe and vitamin E,... [More]

Moscardino Sporks S.jpg

Moscardino Sporks

Designers Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni were reportedly inspired by the earth (or an octopus) when they thought up their Moscardino Sporks ($24). The deep spoon doubles as a handle and the three-pronged fork end is petite, making the design as a whole pretty cute. With the means of a... [More]


Dolce Vita Cajun Sandal

A perfect neutral color. Scrumptious leather straps. A comfortable-yet-sexy stacked heel. Need we say more? We could practically live in these Dolce Vita Cajun Sandals ($125). The neutral hues make this shoe great for any season whether it's with a fantastic sundress in the summer or paired with black opaque... [More]



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Good Chemistry Salt & Pepper Shakers

Even though we *ahem* didn’t do so hot in high school chemistry, we appreciate the cheekiness of these Good Chemistry Salt & Pepper Shakers from Shakespeare's Den. In the spirit of lifelong learning, redeem that GPA-wrecking grade and start with learning some elements at the dinner table. And, you'll get... [More]


Ella Zip Rosette Sandals

The petal shoe trend is usually seen in feminine, airy, ethereal fabrics, as evidenced by these Christian Louboutins we mentioned awhile back. Take the idea to a new punk level with Pour La Victoire's Ella Zip Rosette Sandals. ($230) The petal ruffle is done in worn biker leather, trimmed with... [More]


Come In/Go Away Doormat

Depending on your mood, visitors are either a)A blessing. Thank God you’re here- I was desperate for someone to talk to! Or b)Get the hell away from my doorstep: I have a Bible/I don’t need a new vacuum/I already bought and ate ten boxes of cookies and my ass is... [More]


Fresh Lotus Eye Gel

Working at a desk all day for a living, while beneficial for bank accounts, doesn’t exactly benefit your eyes. Countless hours of squinting at the screen don’t just snag you a lovely case of astigmatism, but gives you dark circles, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. (PS – that jumbo cup o’... [More]


Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine

Cranky. Snarky. Goofy. Sullen. Brilliant. Those are just a few of the adjectives we could use to describe the inimitable Bitch magazine, a touchstone of feminist culture since 1996. The new anthology, Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine, has a foreword by the fantastic... [More]


Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2009

Sure, sure, summer's in the air and all that. But if you're like us, you've probably noticed that the central air in the office is actually the same as ever, and you could USE a little more summertime. In that vein, we're pleased to recommend Calvin Klein's Eternity Summer 2009... [More]


Lace Maternity Dress

So in our searching for maternity swimsuits the other day, we came across this looker: Can you believe that it's a maternity dress? Yeah, we couldn’t either until we took a closer look. The Olian Layered Lace Maternity Dress ($40) is pretty sexy for maternity wear, no? Crafted black lace... [More]


3D Ghost Ship Necklace

This gold plated 3D Ghost Ship Necklace ($82) is gonna look perfect with a slouchy white tee and gold bangles. Han Cholo is well known for their edgy street jewelry pieces, and this ship is no exception - it even includes an adorable little anchor hanging off the side of... [More]


Coach Rhinestone Spotlight

It's here! It's here! It's here! We've been waiting for what seems like forever for the Poppy Coach line to debut and it's finally arrived. The Rhinestone Extra Large Spotlight Bag ($548) is the star of the line. Let's take a look, shall we? Large enough for all your essentials,... [More]


Dior Anniversary Book

Oh Dior, how do we love thee, let us count the ways. His designs revolutionized women's figures after World War 2. Suddenly, dresses were more voluptuous, less boxy and oh so flattering. Re-live or discover for the first time, the House of Dior, in the Dior 60-year Anniversary Book ($250).... [More]


Small Object Cake Topper

You don't want the same old wedding cake topper that everyone else has do you? Come on, how many times are we going to see that bride dragging the groom "gag" topper? Ugh! No, you and your husband-to-be are unique. You want something that will show the world that you're... [More]


World Food Programme FEED Bag

It's not very often that you see a socialite actually stick to her guns and maintain an invested interest in whatever charity she is "involved" in at the moment. A refreshing exception is none other than George W. Bush's niece, Lauren Bush. As an Honorary Member of the UN World... [More]



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Alexis Bittar Square Ring with Gold Pyramid Stud

Alexis Bittar's Square Ring with Gold Pyramid Stud ($132) is a surefire way to grab attention or cause bodily harm (not that we condone violence or anything like that!). The bold piece features a tough-girl-chic gold pyramid stud inlaid in a moody black setting. Sure, it may not make the... [More]


Stroke on a Rope

We feel for Bernard Madoff, really, we do. 150 years in prison? Yowza. C’mon, there’s no concierge services or string quartets or people to swindle in jail! Okay, maybe it’s a yes on that last one, but it’s much more likely that he’ll become the shower-time entertainment – you can’t... [More]


Gal Pal Retro Ice Bag

We’ve been active this summer... running, biking, swimming, you get the idea. All of this activity has left us a little sore, and this Retro Ice Bag ($15) is way more appealing than a bag of frozen peas - it adds a little style and dignity to our whimpering on... [More]


JBL/Roxy In-Ear Headphones

While they may not make the Rick Astley we're listening to any less cheesy, the DayGlo-colored JBL/Roxy Reference 250 In-Ear Headphones ($40) do bring a touch of the '80s to some very up-to-date technology. A tiny book-style microphone on the cord lets you take phone calls with the push of... [More]


Transformers Motorcycle - Ducati 848

If you haven’t seen the new Transformers movie, you haven’t missed much, though there are a few stand-out scenes with our favorite Transformer, Arcee! She’s back and is now a crazy fast pink Ducati 848 sport bike thats been modded by RetroSBK just for the movie. If you keep in... [More]


Rye Rye

Rye Rye is hot. We’ve been rockin’ her new single Bang, all weekend long & we can't get the catchy words out of our heads. We thought you’d like to check out this M.I.A. protégé to see for yourself why this 18 year old from Baltimore is on the cusp... [More]


Cire Trudon Odalisque Candle

A candle by any other name just wouldn't smell as sweet as Cire Trudon Odalisque Candles ($75). We hate to limit ourselves (and are always open to a candle-sniffing challenge) but nothing has come close to as yummy smelling as the scents that Cire Trudon candles exude when lit. Jean... [More]


Alloy Mission Fedora

The sun's out big time right now and with all the latest research showing just how terrible the sun is for our skin we want to do everything we can do protect that gorgeous face of ours. While it's imperative to make a daily habit out of using sunscreen to... [More]


Celeb Style: Alexander Wang Fitted Corset Dress

While we rarely think that Paris Hilton looks appropriate - let alone put together - we do fancy this Alexander Wang Black and Cream Corset Dress ($860). Somewhat new-to-the-biz Alexander Wang has been bringing edgy looks to fashion since launching his first collection in 2007 and this dress is typical... [More]


Stuff Your Doodle

Your mom knew you were an artistic genius from the first time your chubby fingers picked up a crayon and swiped it across the wall. She saved every single one of your violently hued scribbles and listened patiently when you explained that this squiggle here was Mommy eating a piece... [More]



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Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine

Paying twenty bucks for two little ounces of hair product may sound a little crazy in this economy, but the cult favorite Bumble & Bumble's Brilliantine ($19) goes a looong way. Instead of needing a handful each of five different products to whip your recalcitrant mane into shape, just work... [More]


Cuisinart Duet Blender & Food Processor

The Cuisinart Duet Blender & Food Processor ($90) is genius, pure and simple. Two of the most used small appliances in a kitchen, melded into one ubermachine that takes up less real estate on your counter? Yes, please! Make pizza dough in the food processor attachment, then whip up some... [More]


Ana Locking Grey Dress

We were recently introduced to Spanish designer Ana Locking and are in capital-L Love. Her dreamy, diaphanous collections recall 1930’s fashion, but are updated with today’s silhouettes like draped bubble skirts. This grey silk crepe satin and chiffon doubled dress (560 Euros) is belted in the front to accentuate the... [More]


Stylish Mustaches for Girls

Why should boys have all the fun? Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls ($7)... [More]


Rakku Shoe Wheel

We pretty much had to pick our jaws up off the floor after seeing this Rakku Shoe Wheel ($65). We've been searching for YEARS for the best way to organize our ever-growing collection of footwear (like most gals), and then we found this modern marvel. Turn the wheel to the... [More]


Wedding Anniversaries: From Paper to Diamond

People don’t really pay attention to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts any more, and we think that’s a crying shame. Who knew that the 3 year anniversary gift was leather? (Hello, assless chaps? Perfect anniversary gift for your hunny bunny.) All kidding aside, though, Cookie Lee’s book Wedding Anniversaries: From... [More]


MyParfuem Custom Perfume

Some art forms, like pencil sketches and poetry and shower concerts, are perfect for impromptu solo efforts. Others, like architecture, just aren't. Perfumery is normally one of the latter, which is why the service offered at is so enticing. For about $40 plus shipping, the good folks there will... [More]


Sales & Steals: 6/26/09

Prepare yourself for temptation, budgeting fashionistas, ‘cuz this week’s Sales & Steals is chockablock full of mega designer names at mega cheap prices. We’re having a hard time resisting these ourselves, particularly since we just got our credit card statement (Ow. That is all.). Arden B. - Shop the Arden... [More]


Illume Coconut Milk Mango Aromatic Reed Diffuser

If you (like us) have a deep and abiding love for scented candles, but also have a landlord who’s pyro-phobic, diffusers are a fantastic solution. The summery, intoxicating aroma of Illume's Coconut Milk Mango Aromatic Reed Diffuser ($30) gradually fills the air with a heady tropical fragrance that brings to... [More]


Crystalyn Kae Troubadour Bag

We’re quite taken with the way the retro orange tapestry print accents contrast with the cognac brown glazed fabric on Crystalyn Kae's Troubadour Tote Bag, ($180) not to mention the practicality of the sucker. The fashionable (and water-resistant!) exterior conceals a seriously heavy-duty organizer bag with four interior pockets, the... [More]


Tomboy Tools Pink Auto Kit

We first posted about Tomboy Tools waaaaaay back in 2006, but thought this awesome company merited another shout out seeing as how it’s summer road trip season and we want y’all to be safe. Their Pink Auto Kit ($80) is a great all-in-one kit for roadside emergencies. You get a... [More]


Shinzi Katoh Deux Mug

Adorable little playmates adorn this whimsical Shinzi Katoh Deux Mug ($24.30). Dressed in mustard & orange, you'll fall in love with their sweet faces. Each cup comes with a matching dish for treats or to use for steeping tea. It’s a perfect gift for your office pal that loves to... [More]


Vintage Oil Cloth Tablecloth

With this economy we know that you’re looking for fun romantic things to do with your guy that won’t cost and arm and a leg. Here’s three fun things to do that are practically free and you can do them all with this one super cut Vintage Oilcloth Tablecloth ($36).... [More]


Astor Collection Canister Set

The Astor Collection Canister Set ($220-$650) are absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding. White lattice, pineapple finials & garland trimmings update these ceramic vases with a mid-century vibe. You know that white & canary yellow are THE wedding colors this season, right? Add some hot pink peonies as an accent... [More]


Sparrow Lotus Note Card Set

Dear self: Let us remember that letters are more personal than an email, and handwritten emotions tug the heart more than an emoticon. ☺ From now on we pledge to try use snail mail more often than not and this t">Sparrow Lotus Note Card Set ($12) from Papaya Art is... [More]


Hasbeens Peep Toe Sandal

These are our favorite of all favor-it-ess shoes right now. The Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Super High Sandal ($230) are some of the best-looking sandals we’ve ever seen. Taking their cue from 70s clogs, they’re 3.5 inches high of pure boogie-oogie-ness. Hand-made in Sweden, each pair sports grained leather, which... [More]


Noir Collection lipstick

Julie Hewett Noir Collection lipsticks ($22.50) are our new addiction. Encased in a luxe gold tube, each lipstick is infused with the essence of rosebud and camellia oils (heavenly!) and are never drying on your lips. The reds are sheer enough to wear as a lip gloss-like color wash or... [More]


Marc Jacobs Silk Dress

On steamy summer days the last thing you want to do is put on hot work clothes that seem to shrink as the day drags on. Let us suggest this Marc Jacobs "Kaleidoscope" Stripe Silk Dress ($398). The a-line silhouette is guaranteed not to stick to sweaty thighs, and the... [More]


Hana Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

Okay, we confess to being a little apprehensive upon receiving this Professional Ceramic Flat Iron from Hana ($130). Our prior hair straightening experiences have been mixed at best, taking forever and leaving us with tresses as shiny as a sandwich baggie, but with about as much character and far less... [More]


In Memoriam: Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson

As y’all have undoubtedly heard, both the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and one of the original Charlie’s Angels, Farrah Fawcett, have died. We have always loved Charlie’s Angels and MJ’s music, from “Thriller” to “Bad,” and extend our sincere condolences to both families. To show our support, tomorrow morning... [More]


Abrione Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrub

When a sample of Abrione Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrub by VB Cosmetics ($42) arrived at the office, we were instantly hooked. It really does smell like fresh berries & brown sugar, and contains all natural ingredients like green tea extract and aloe vera to calm & moisturize the skin.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire: Gladiator Shoes

One of last season’s big shoe trends, the gladiator shoe, has returned bigger & badder than ever. Many designers have taken it into feel-the-pain dominatrix territory, with spiked or cage heels and seriously complex straps. But how many more seasons will this Roman trend survive? Whether you’re in the market... [More]


Lulu’s Little Sparkler Dress + EXCLUSIVE 15% off sitewide coupon!!

For a spunky, totally wearable take on the usual cheesetastic 4th of July party wear, we’re loving this Little Sparkler Dress by Lulu's. ($34) The navy- and cream-striped tank top has subtle red stitching, and is tucked neatly into a high waisted red cotton skirt with a cloth sash belt.... [More]


DuWop Payoff

If you’ve been wishing your favorite eye shadow came in cream form or even as a liquid liner, for more intense, longer-lasting color, wish no more! DuWop Cosmetics' Payoff ($17) is a clear H2O-based gel that turns any powder shadow into a triple-tasking fiend. Just swipe some powder onto your... [More]


New Parent Apology Cards

Kids are cutely unpredictable at best, and screaming, bawling hellions at worst… often within the space of one minute. Short of tattooing “I’m sorry” on their foreheads or never taking their children out in public, what exactly can you parents say that will fully express your chagrin at your toddler... [More]


Silhouette Cuckoo Wall Sticker Clock

You could say we’re crazy. Or insane. Just please, not cuckoo. It might offend our kitschy new Silhouette Cuckoo Wall Sticker Clock by Diana Paisis, and we’d like it to continue telling time correctly. ($30) The bright fuchsia decal can be applied to any surface, and you attach the included... [More]


Bathtub Racer

Admit it. As a kid, your bathtub was Pretend Land. Within that porcelain vessel existed any number of worlds both evil and fantastical, ready at a moment’s notice (or however long it took to fill up the tub) to sweep you away into a bubbly world of fun. Bathrub Racers... [More]


Benetint Pocket Pal Lip Stain

Benetint, the original lip and cheek stain, has been given a face lift and paired up with another all-time beauty essential: clear lip gloss. The Benetint Pocket Pal Lip Stain ($20) has one side featuring a clear gloss and applicator while the opposite side has the lip stain in a... [More]

Tory Burch Leather Logo Wallet

Tory Burch Leather Logo Wallet

Be in fashion with Tory Burch's Veg Leather Logo Wallet ($225). As the winner of the 2008 accessories designer at the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Tory Burch has created a lifestyle brand that is synonymous with easy, fun Hampton's living. Tory's ubiquitous symbol for her brand is the... [More]


The Hourglass Coffee Maker

Call us crazy, but we often wonder how we can make a smooth cup of joe while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. Okay, so we made that up, but we got you thinking, right? Feast your earth-conscious eyes on The Hourglass Coffee Maker ($80), a cold brew... [More]


Batter Bowl Set by Zak! Designs

With the economy the way it is, we ain’t buying six dollar Sprinkles or Magnolia Bakery cupcakes anymore (sigh). We’re bakin’ ‘em ourselves! (Fear for us, for we knew not what we were getting into) Our culinary forays have swiftly turned frustrating; do you know how hard it is to... [More]


L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Conditioner

Yes, we’re complaining now about how hellaciously hawt-n-humid it is outside now, but truth be told, our hair is still recovering from the ravages of winter. To bring our tresses back to life, we’ve invested in some L'Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Conditioner. ($17) Thanks to a mix of five botanical oils... [More]


Umbrella For Two

Ah, walks in the rain with your lambietoes snugglekins… So romantical… So sweet… So goddamn annoying trying to squeeze together under one puny umbrella, fighting over who gets to remain completely dry and who gets a very wet, cold shoulder. The Umbrella For Two ($44) must’ve been created by one... [More]


Wineglass Top Appetizer Plates

Wine Glass Top Appetizer Plates ($17 for 4) are one of those head-smacking “Why didn’t we think of that before? We’d be RICH!” ideas. Carved from lustrously grained, strong Acacia wood (which, btw, is an environmentally friendly, sustainable wood source), these twee appy plates are designed to sit atop a... [More]


Necklace Tank

Accessorizing is harrrrrrrrrrd. We don’t wanna. It’s too hot outside to think about thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. So we’ll just throw on AKA New York's Necklace Tank ($225) and call it good. This charcoal grey bias-cut jersey tank, adorned with a (detachable) crystal beaded necklace, is the easy summer answer to our fashion-centric... [More]


Orla Kiely Flower Print Ruffle Bikini

So with things so steamy around here, we felt the need to chill a bit. Like stand-in-front-of-the-fridge, sip-a-tropical-drink, put-fan-behind-huge-ice-block chillin. Mmmm...just the thought sends a chill down our backs. And so does the thought of dressing down in the supercute, superchill Summer Flower Print Bikini from Orla Kiely (SALE! -... [More]


Papier Mache Nesting Bowls

These Red Paper Mache Nesting Bowls($48) will bring beauty to your home and the beauty of an income to a woman in South Africa. The Wola Nani organization trains HIV positive women skills to generate wages while providing them with support and education. Each set of 3 red papier mache... [More]


Big Stripe Socks

Yes, they are a bit reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, and you’re probably thinking knee socks in June? But these soft Centered Big Stripe Socks ($16) from Sock Dreams are perfect for summer. Made from lightweight soft stretchy cotton and elastane, they’re not hot at all. You can fold them... [More]


Woodland Creature Cameos

All fuzzy woodland animals have a special place in our hearts, so we love these Woodland Creature Cameos ($86) by Small Things Designs. Owls, Squirrels, & Deer, oh my! But if you’re not into a critter around your neck, you can also pick from Pine Cone, Magnolia, or Mushroom designs.... [More]


Somer Sun Kit

The Somer Sun Kit ($140) from Kate Somerville has everything you need for seriously glowing skin. Whether you’re at the beach or just laying by the kiddy pool this summer, dig into this cute yellow & white tote bag to get a Paris Hilton tan without the sun’s damaging rays... [More]


Cynthia Rowley Dirty Dishes

Naughty-Naughty dishes! Why don’t these Dirty Dishes ($87) from Cynthia Rowley come in a “Man” print??? Elegant white dishes come with a surprise on the side - scantily clad women dressed only in colorful underpants lounge decorously around the rims. We think they’re awesome but be warned: Do not turn... [More]


A Man, A Can, A Plan

We’d like to give one of these A Man, A Can, A Plan: 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time cookbooks ($10) to Jon Gosselin. Not because we sided with Kate, or anything, after last night’s Jon & Kate Plus Eight divorce announcement (the OB office is divided... [More]


Sardine Can Survival Kit

Being prepared for anything is a must for any parent of multiples, especially a single parent. For Kate Gosselin, wrangling eight kids on her own is going to be a huge challenge, but this Sardine Can Survival Kit ($10) could be a super useful purse tool. It includes 25 different... [More]


Fork Easels

Aw, fork… these’re cute, aren’t they? DinnerTimeChime's Fork Easels ($150 for a set of 30, or $7 each) are reclaimed vintage silver forks worked into mini card or photo holders. Use them as place card holders for your next dinner party, to prop up recipe cards as you whip up... [More]


i-Blossom Pressed Blush Stamp

We loved playing with stamps as kids, and with all those garishly hued children’s “cosmetics,” so it’s only natural we’re smitten with the i-Blossom Pressed Blush Stamp with Mirror by New ID Cosmetics, ($33) which combines both our obsessions into one fab beauty product. The soft, silky powder blusher is... [More]


Bente Tres Cuff

For all you modern Janes still searching for your Tarzan (don’t we all sometimes just want a man who’s really cute and really dumb?), this Celestina Bente Tres cuff ($1655) adds an instant dose of urban jungle sex appeal to your look. Cast in shell and adorned with chunky clear... [More]


LaVanila Healthy Deodorant

Normally you hear from our hearts or our heads. Today, however, you’re going to hear from another body part. Our underappreciated underarms are ready to make an announcement. (What were you thinking, pervy?) It’s time to declare our love for Lavanila Healthy Deodorant ($18). It’s got all the good stuff... [More]


Scandyna The Drop Speakers

When we saw Scandyna’s The Drop loudspeakers ($849, available for pre-order), we couldn’t help but break into goofy smiles. They look something like intergalactic space gnomes, and who doesn’t like seeing those ubiquitous little garden gnomes? The cabinets of these slick hi-fi units are made out of ABS plastic, the... [More]


Ancho Trousers by Mango

We know what you’re thinking. Pants? In summer? Yes, if they’re the gloriously full and airy Ancho Trousers by MangoShop. ($50) The subtle black-and-white print adds a vintage punch to any outfit, and the flowy wide legs give you a slinky, slouchy sex appeal. We can just imagine wearing these... [More]


Arcona White Tea Eye Makeup Remover

Someone once suggested we use Vaseline to remove eye makeup. It *kinda* worked… But that’s the only positive thing we’ve got to say for the goop: we had to scrub really hard to get it off, our vision got all weird and filmy for several hours, and our undereye skin... [More]


Red Thistle Pitcher

We’re positively cuckoo for anything and everything vintage, from dresses to furniture to dishes, but scouring mildew-y, dust filled antique shops can get old quickly. The ruby-hued hand pressed Red Thistle Pitcher from Fishs Eddy is a fantastic Depression Glass reproduction piece that, at just $55, is a great addition... [More]


Sarah Donegan Waffle Bag

So maybe it’s a little granola-y, but seriously, this is one gor-jus bag. The nubby exterior of the Waffle Bag by Sarah Donegan ($190) is crafted from hand-dyed Hessian wool, and the walnut handles are reclaimed pieces from carpenters’ scrap piles. It’s nice and roomy – we’ve yet to fill... [More]


Black Eyed Peas: The E.N.D.

So… maybe you’ve heard about this alleged assault on Perez Hilton by of the Black Eyed Peas in Toronto over the weekend? Yes? Of course, we don’t know if it’s fact or fiction, but we do know that the B.E.P. have just unleashed a fantastic new album on the... [More]


Danish Ceramics Giveaway + Exclusive 10% off sitewide coupon & free shipping on jewelry

We’ve talked about Danish designer Anne Black's adorably covetable porcelain earrings before, and the site that sells her work, Danish Ceramics, is amazing as well. You’ll find a phenomenal selection of mod-chic housewares, décor, and jewelry from designers like Formfatale, Hanne Bertelsen, and Ditte Fischer. To celebrate the best of... [More]


Confessions of a Shopaholic Outfit #2: Meet the Parents

As we all know, meeting the new significant other’s parental units is… tricky. Especially if they’re posh, well-mannered Brits. With that in mind, Nanette Lepore's Bay Jacket ($248) is a ladylike nod to tea & crumpets, and the strong cranberry pink will bring a touch of color to your cheeks... [More]


Confessions of a Shopaholic: Dior at the Diner

We loved watching the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. Not just because of the delicious Hugh Dancy (Damn you, Claire Daaaaaaaaaanes!) but because of the amazing fashion and styling skills of Pat Field, whom we all know & love from SATC. Yes, Becky Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is highly impractical, impetuous,... [More]


Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset

Can you hear me now? Well, uh, no. Navigating today's urban jungle can make chatting on the phone seem like one of those hearing exercises we used to do back in grade school. Was that a tone? Which hand do I raise? With its military-grade noise cancellation and wind reduction... [More]


Bella Jacket

Ok, we’ll admit it if you’ll admit it. We totally read all of the Twilight books in a week and passed them around the office like a bad case of, dare we say..crabs? (Are we really equating these tween novels to an s.t.d.? Perhaps.) But we love Bella’s laid back... [More]


1000 Cranes Silver Lucite Necklace

Mirror, mirror on the wall; who’s the fairest of them all? Why the 1000 Cranes Silver Lucite Necklace ($44) is, my sweet. Created by designer Tiffany Lee, this amazing necklace measures 2 ½" wing-tip to perfect wing-tip. Formed from a single piece of lucite, this crane comes ready to wear... [More]

marimekko wallpaper small.png

Marimekko Ararni Wallpaper

Since we featured the wallpaper project book yesterday, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a place to buy said wallpaper for your upcoming projects. Look how pretty this Marimekko Ararni Wallpaper ($89) in black & red is. The black trees against the red & white... [More]


Giro Apple Slicer

An apple a day will keep the doctor away, but an apple spiral in your martini is more fun. Banish the doctor and feel better about getting some fiber in your diet with the Giro Apple Slicer ($38). Made in Germany, this stainless steel slicer will cut a perfect spiral... [More]


Martreeni Glasses

Handmade by Amy Elswick, these Martreeni Glasses ($75) would be so cute for an outdoor dinner. Picture the table laden with spanish moss, small gray stones, candle light and these glasses. So Mid-Summers Nights Dream. (Note to self: Buy glitter & moss for dinner party.) Each set features ceramic bark-like... [More]


Sequin Ruffle Tank

You know we’re attracted to shiny things. What can we say? Which is why we’re completely dazzled by this Sequin Ruffle Tank ($139) from Shop Adam. This top is beautifully made with double-layered sequins over sheer silk, and features a deep-v neckline that's sexy without being too revealing, fancy without... [More]



We love singing to ourselves in the mirror with a hairbrush, don’t you? So we flipped when we saw the iKaraoke ($50) from Urban Outfitters. Omg, it’s a microphone, processor, and FM transmitter that plugs into your iPod's docking port. When you press play it lowers the vocals on the... [More]


Fred Ice Kabobs

These Fred Ice Kabobs ($8.50) are the best things since, for your drinks. We're drooling over the many ways to utilize these this summer…fill ‘em up with lemonade, punch…perhaps freeze up a little Bloody Mary mix and drop them into something stronger say Absolute Peppar? Yum! The trays come... [More]


Q-Glove Ladies Golf Glove

Don’t let anyone tell you that golf is a “men’s only” sport. Pft! There is nothing better than getting out on the green and hitting some balls to get your aggressions out (except maybe shopping to get our aggressions out...). Did we mention that golf is a helluva good workout... [More]


Urban Spectacles

These glasses from Urban Spectacles (about $650) are literally a piece of art for your face. Scott, the creator, hand carves each pair from a single piece of wood (your choice of exotic woods like Zebra Wood, Panga Panga or Desert Ironwood - pictured). If you're not a woodsy type-a... [More]


Wallpaper Projects

Wallpaper is back in a BIG way...Have you seen it lately? Patterns are updated with modern prints and bold colors – no more granny flowers reminiscent of Aunt Edna’s parlor room. Ugh! Get some fantastic ideas for kooky cool wallpaper projects from Wallpaper Projects ($23) just released from Chronicle Books.... [More]


Aspire/Acquire - Lip Stain: Vincent Longo Gel Stain vs. CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain

Welcome to Aspire/Acquire, a new feature aimed at guiding you through the treacherous world of price intelligence. Are $500 shoes a better investment than $15 ones? Can a drugstore moisturizer beat out $130-an-ounce Crème de la Mer? Today’s product: lip stain. Not quite a lipstick, not quite a gloss, not... [More]


Oval Vodka

Oh, Oval Vodka, Oval vodka, ($44) how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: Thou’rt infinitely mixable for all manner of cocktails from the sinfully spicy and exotic Shogun to the plebian Vodka Cranberry. Thou’rt smooth and rich, and even taste great simply on the rocks. Okay, we’ve... [More]


B&W Zeppelin iPod Speakers

Oh, the ingenuity! When it comes to iPod docks, we've seen 'em all, but the B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker system ($600) definitely caught our jaded eye. It’s not bad on the ears, too, as it easily fills a room with the rich, warm sound that B&W is known for. Sure,... [More]


Maternity Swimsuits: Nine Months of Swimmingly Sweet Styles for Mommas-to-Be

We received the following email from a man who must be the ideal husband: “My wife is 4 months pregnant and it's the summer, and if there's one thing she likes to do the most during the summer is swim. But we're having a tough time finding some nice swimwear... [More]


Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Wii)

Ah, Ghostbusters, bastion of our childhood, eminiently quotable and still seriously entertaining. “Ray… If somebody asks you if you are a god, you. Say. YES!” We just bought the new Ghostbusters: The Video Game ($36) for Wii and are having the time of our lives, fellow parapsychologists. Using the Wii’s... [More]


Cheeky Monkey A Bunch of Mini’s Pendant

We half expect this Cheeky Monkey A Bunch of Mini's Pendant ($370) to start squawking at us, but instead it’s just cute. These recycled, repurposed gold & silver amnimals dangle from a 24-inch chain and, in our opinion, would fit right in on Cute Overload. Our only complaint? It’s a... [More]


Peter Thomas Roth Oily Problem Skin SPF 30

They say (And just who are “they,” anyways? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.) that going without sunscreen on your face is an automatic wrinkle ticket. But, problem is, when the temperature rises, the last thing you want on your mug is greasy, gloopy sunscreen that just makes... [More]


Obelisk by Dedon

Whoa. This is just... Amazing. Like something M.C. Escher would create for his own backyard paradise. The Obelisk by Dedon (~$5000) is an all-in-one patio furniture set of four lounge chairs & coffee table that can be stored in a vertical obelisk to save space. We can’t quite decide whether... [More]


Antik Batik Langoa Sandals

Hot time, summer in the city, and comfortable sandals are a girl’s best friend for traversing muggy sidewalks and subways. These Langoa Sandals by Antik Batik ($185) feature gladiator straps and a leather front panel stitched with beads, sequins, and gemstones. They’ll dress up any outfit, and best of all,... [More]


Joe BookShelf

YOU: love animals and have always had a thing for polar bears. Sign petitions for the poor bears and donate to the World Wildlife Fund dutifully. Have secretly wanted to ride a polar bear since you saw The Golden Compass. US: right there with you. We love polar bears' snuggly... [More]


Duplication Prohibited Key Ring

The Duplication Prohibited Ring ($90) designed by Kiel Mead is cast from a vintage key, making it kind of a grown up rendition of the spoon ring & fork bracelet sets we made at summer camp, no? With the large stamp on the front, it lets the world know that... [More]


Giant Octopus Gift Set

We want this one for ourselves, although we’re not sure how cool it would look to carry around a baby blanket as an adult. (Note to To-Do list: Bring Back Baby Blanket as the new It accessory.) But isn’t this Giant Octopus Gift Set ($66) from Baby Wit rocking? This... [More]


Burt's Bees Bug Bite Relief

Ouch, ouch, ouch…those mosquitoes are NOT kidding around right now.(Minnesota, you have our sympathies!) Are you as eaten up as we are? If you are, stock up on Burt's Bees Bug Bite Relief ($6.50). This stuff is heaven in a tube. It smells wonderful, like lavender and oranges. And contains... [More]


Free People Split Tee

The Oversized Split Tee ($78) from Free People is soooo flattering & sexy. It shows off the good parts - Shoulders-Clavicle-Neck, and hides the bad parts - Tummy-Muffin Top-Underarm Flab. The V-shaped melon tie dye pattern on this 100% cotton shirt is super slimming & goes great with a tan... [More]


Juice Beauty SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers

Ever since these SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers by Juice Beauty ($15 for 3) came in the mail, we’ve been applying them nonstop. Why? They come in three sheer tints: clear & natural, “joyful,” a pale pink, and “playful,” a light pomegranate; contain SPF 8, and nourish our puckers with beeswax,... [More]


Helena Sports Bra by Moving Comfort

For those with bounteous chestal regions, finding a decent sports bra is the ultimate in challenges. Either you layer several cheap bras, resulting in that elliptical bouncing motion when you run, accompanied by your mental chorus of, “Ow, ow, ow, ow.” Or you invest in a smash-em-down contraption endowing you... [More]


Orange Circles Table

We took one look at the Eamesian Solid Orange Circles Table by michaelarras, ($670) and instantly started humming “Witchcraft” and jonesing for a dry martini with Dean, Frank, and the boys at the Starlight Lounge. Cut into the shapes of river pebbles, it evokes a mid-century modern feel that wouldn’t... [More]


Philip B. Self-Adjusting Hair Spray

Since the dawn of the beehive, hairspray has gotten a pretty bad rap as only having one real setting: crunchtacular. Even “soft-hold” hair sprays inevitably leave your tresses feeling like nailed down 70’s shag carpet, stale and immovable, with random flotsam & jetsam stuck at the roots. We’re immensely happy... [More]


Human Key Holder

Aside from the obvious snicker-worthy potential of plugging your keys into the male version of the Human Key Holder, ($25) these are immensely practical tchotchkes. Available in femme and homme, these wall-mounted zinc plates will ensure you never lose your keys in the depths of your apartment again. Oh, and... [More]


Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray Player

It’s 2009 and we’re still not living the space-age future envisioned in 2001: A Space Odyssey (just say you saw it - nod, nod, wink, wink), but the new Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray player ($499) literally looks like it came from outer space. Or at least MoMA. In addition to playing... [More]


Philosophy Begin Again Gelee

It has been one of those days ‘round these here parts: before we came in to work, our internet firewall at home crashed, bringing with it all sorts of fun viruses and pop-ups that promised better sex long time! Thicker hair! Reduced-rate mortgages! And! And! And! We spilled ketchup on... [More]

JessicaSimpson-Hair Extensions-small.jpg

Jessica Simpson Extensions

Ok, we’re totally embarrassed to do this post but it’s for your own good. You gotta listen to us. The Jessica Simpson Clip-In Extensions ($95) are a must have. It’s like a push up bra, but for your coif. Yeah, a lot of us can afford real extensions, but who... [More]


Essie Summer Collection

Lovie Dovie, Chubby Cheeks, Cute as a Button. No, these aren’t our terms of endearment for you, even though we love ya. These are the new Essie Summer 2009 Collection ($48) color names. Essie's new nail polish collection has mixed a few muted colors for your hands, with some pops... [More]


Koskinen Block Lamp

The Block Lamp ($150), designed by Harri Koskinen, is one of Design House Stockholm's most popular products and it's clear why. At first glance you see what looks like light bulbs encased in ice. Upon further investigation, you’ll notice that they are actually bulbs cast in translucent glass that has... [More]


Vinyl Record Necklace

This Red Vinyl Record Necklace ($50) from Aroha Silhouettes is hot! Aroha is the New Zealand Maori word for unconditional love, and baby we’re in love with this necklace. We loved the design, but we were in absolute awe when we found out that it’s made from reclaimed records. Neat!... [More]


Tamara Garvey Art Prints

We love to state the obvious. These brand new Farm Animal Prints ($9), from one of our favorite new artists, Tamara Garvey, do just that. They’re cute & just adorable. We think you should buy all three of these and hang them together over your stove or perhaps over a... [More]


Herve Leger Armor-Trim Dress

Thanks to the upcoming release of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen next Wednesday, June 24, we've been seeing an awful lot of the fiendishly, unfairly gorgeous Megan Fox and her gams, like in this press shot at the German premiere of the movie. Sigh. Is she trying to make... [More]


Calendar Tape

For those closet graffiti artists still valiantly resisting your phone’s calendaring functions (you know who you are) we present Calendar Tape by Perpetual Kid. ($12) It comes with a marker and two separate rolls of tape, one for days o’ the week & one for dates o’ the month, so... [More]


Giveaway: Tarte EyeQuatics Set & MultiplEYE Lash Enhancer + 20% off sitewide coupon!

This summer, makeup is all about the eyes. Big, lush lashes and bold, pop-sugar colors bring out the diva in all of us! That’s why we love Tarte’s EyeQuatic Waterproof Summer Essentials Set ($35) and MultiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancer ($65), especially together. MultiplEYE formula thickens & lengthens lashes naturally, but... [More]


Nellie’s Laundry Nuggets

Nellie's All-Natural Super Clean Laundry Nuggets ($19) might just be our new favorite laundry detergent. Not only are they eco-friendly, made from all natural biodegradable ingredients like coconut oil, they’re safe for sensitive skin-a definite plus for those of us whose skin breaks out whenever we so much as look... [More]


Starlet in Sage Dress

We are desperately trying to find reasons to wear this Starlet in Sage cocktail dress by Ark & Co. ($50) again. The soft, blue-green silk ruffles demurely play off curves, and the demure vee neckline and dainty ribbon tie waist are oh-so-flattering. It’s the perfect light, feminine frock to take... [More]


Ambient Orb

@Ojodeazul kindly tipped us off to the Ambient Orb ($150) as a seriously cool Father’s Day gadget gift. This glowing crystal ball gives you the latest stock information at a glance using quick, easy to grasp color patterns: yellow for calm markets, red or green for prices moving up &... [More]


Perch Mason Jar

These lovely Perch Mason Jars ($52) designed by Amy Adams can hold a lot more than flowers - you could add a straw & fill it with your favorite summer hooch. Now, we’re not suggesting moonshine, it's just that if you have it... you know that it tastes best out... [More]


Safecoat Paint

Wall paint is something that we’ve never really thought about. It’s pretty and can brighten a room, but that’s about the extent of our musings. …Uunnntil we overheard a friend of a friend in the lunchroom. And did you know? Apparently paint can be very bad for newborns. So we... [More]


Marquee Alphabet Lights

Express your Moulin Rouge fantasies with these Marquee Alphabet Lights from Urban Outfitters($178). We love the vintage charm and could see these hanging in a living room ala' the infamous lobby at The Parker. Or perhaps they would look best over your bed in the boudoir? The letters come in... [More]


Reware Solar Beach Tote

As you’ve probably figured out by now, we love techie items here at the ol’ Outblush office, which is why we’re stoked to share the Reware - SOLAR BEACH TOTE ($250) with you guys. Whether you take it camping or to the beach, this bag will keep your ipod, phone,... [More]

normann-copenhagen-liqueur glasses-100x100.jpg

Normann Copenhagen Liqueur Glasses

@4gingee mentioned Glencairn whisky glasses and whiskey stones, which we’ve already discussed. For a neat take on the standard cognac or whisky glass, Normann Copenhagen's Liqueur Glasses ($45 for two) will make him feel like James Bond - tres with it, baby. The glasses roll without spilling, thanks to their... [More]


OJex Fruit Juicer

Juicing is a manly activity. Why? Manual juicers, like this power tool-orange OJex Juicer, ($100) help Dad build some serious muscleage while he gears up for the day with some fresh vitamin C. It reams through all sizes of citrus with ease, and includes an attachment to help squoze other... [More]


Leeners Sake Brewing Kit

This will come as no surprise, but a lot of y’all suggested beer. @grounddevil mentioned a home beer-brewing kit, but we took it one step further and found the Leeners Sake Brewing Kit ($40) for your sushi-loving pop. The kit includes everything he’ll need to brew up three liters of... [More]


The V1 Chair

@Kuroneko509 suggested the Pocket Retro Game Emulator, but for the Dad who reeeeeally loves video games, we think the the V1 Gaming Chair ($1700-$3000+) would make his lifetime. Painstakingly designed to be the ultimate custom made gaming apparatus, it puts the gamer at the perfect distance from the screen while... [More]


Masterbuilt Veranda Stainless-Steel Propane Grill

As y’all know, @chelseaharms was our big SlotRadio winner (congrats again!), and her eloquent suggestion was “the best Father's Day gift = a propane grill and the entire James Bond collection on Blue Ray topped off with a 6 pack of beer.” We couldn’t agree more. So we found this... [More]


Sansa SlotRadio giveaway winner

Since you all were thisclose to the edge of your seats wondering who the winner of the big Sansa SlotRadio giveaway was, we felt obliged to traipse all the way back to our computers after a hard day, what else? (Alas, just the window variety.) Oh, and listening to... [More]


Calico Juno Tree of Life Necklace

We’ve seen tree of life necklaces before, but none as simply breathtaking and finely wrought as this Calico Juno Tree of Life necklace ($200) in 14kt gold, peridot, and green garnet. The tree of life represents the interconnectedness of all life on our planet, so it’s a lovely, peaceful finishing... [More]


Moroccan Wedding Blankets

In the new movie, "The Proposal," there’s a scene where our favorite bawdy octogenarian, Betty White, gives the lead characters, Margaret & Andrew, the family heirloom “Babymaker” blanket, claiming it has fertility-boosting powers. Said Babymaker is ugly as homemade sin, but it got us to thinking about these gorgeous Moroccan... [More]


Marc Jacobs Irene Crystal Collection

Marc Jacobs. The style icon's name conjures up images of sweet pipe-trim dresses and to die for leather bags, but drinkware? Um, nope? Nothing? Well, behold the Irene Crystal Collection ($70-$150) by Marc Jacobs. Check out what happens when our favorite designer teams up with Waterford Crystal to create an... [More]


Oscar Blandi Sun Shield Spray

Mamma-Mia, now that’s a great-ah product to keep those lovely locks from getting parched in the sun. (Please pardon our seriously terrible Italian.) Oscar Blandi Capri-Sun Shield Spray ($20) was inspired by the fabulously glamorous women on the sun-drenched island of Capri. Case in point: Sophia Loren had a summer... [More]


Kimchi Blue Jumper

You probably haven’t thought about wearing a jumper since back when you rocked your Big Wheel around the neighborhood, but we'd like you to reconsider and work this Kimchi Blue Strapless Tie Front Jumper ($58) from Urban Outfitters into your summer wardrobe repertoire. This strapless one-piece is made from machine... [More]


Load-Ding Device Organizer

Kinda like origami, kinda like a cradle, but definitely cool and useful, the Load-Ding Device Organizer ($15) is a great solution for keeping charging gadgets away from standard counter & desktop clutter. The plastic tray is foldable into several different designs and stores flat, making it ideal for travel, and... [More]


Colorescience Lip Candy Glazes

Please, we beg of you, don’t try to actually eat the chocolate-mint flavored glosses in the Colorescience Lip Candy Glaze Box of Chocolates. ($150) Yes, they’re flavored with quadruple chocolate extracts and mint, and they’re very pretty colors, but we really don’t want to be on the receiving end of... [More]


Sales & Steals: 6/12/09

We’re usually all about finding you cool stuff you never knew existed that you just gotta have. In this economy, though, saving money matters – but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop! With that in mind, we’re happy to introduce our first Sales & Steals feature, where we round up... [More]


The Complete Jane Austen Collection

We can’t believe we’ve never posted anything Austen-related before on this site… what were we thinking? After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged that any woman with a heart must be in want of the Complete Jane Austen Collection. ($34) Watch these stunning BBC productions with your girlfriends and... [More]


Pleated Trapeze Tunic

This Pleated Trapeze Tunic by MaxStudio ($128) just makes us happy: it’s the color of warm spring sunshine! The super soft cotton fabric, crisp trapeze pleats, and tucked detailing make this one of those breezy warm weather blouses you’ll want to wear everywhere. People will smile at you as you... [More]


Key’s Island RX Healing Foaming Wash

We’re not comfortable using beauty products with ingredients we can’t pronounce, let alone define, especially since we have uber-sensitive dermis. So Key's Island RX Healing Foaming Wash ($17) comes as a welcome relief from harsh drugstore facial cleansers. Their formula is based on a 300-year old Castilian soap recipe(wonder if... [More]


Cork Trivet Ladder

Cork is a great eco-friendly renewable resource, since the bark can be harvested without damaging the tree and has a rapid growth rate. It’s a great material for everything from flooring to sandals to this inventive Cork Trivet Ladder by Lavish & Lime. ($58) The individual slats can be twisted... [More]


Sprint Palm Pre Smartphone

Admit it: when it comes to smartphones, we’re getting just a wee bit tired of seeing a certain little iconic phone, uh, everywhere. Turns out we’ve got a lot of company. Boldly trumpeted as the latest and greatest smartphone on the block, the Palm Pre ($200) has smashed Sprint’s sales... [More]


Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree

You know you want one. You’ve seen the infomercials when you’re hungover at 3 in the morning. Hey – where are you going? There is no shame in loving As Seen On TV products. None. Even if it marks us as unmitigated dweebs. And we dweebs are masticating on some... [More]


Fashion Focus: Fall '09

Summer isn’t officially on the calendar yet, but the fall 2009 fashions have come & gone on the runway. We’re seeing a lot of interesting stuff, so we wanted to fill you in on what you can expect for fall, and what you could bring out now to be ahead... [More]


Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

One our friends is always complaining about her “short stubby German man-hands” and “ripped to hell cuticles.” (We heard you. Shut up already.) We can’t do anything about the, erm, man-hands thing, but cuticles? Yep. We gave her some Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil. ($8) A combination of cottonseed and soybean... [More]


Gothic Lace Ring

Artist Anne Arden McDonald makes gorgeous jewelry cast from found objects, like branches and apple seeds, for ethereal pieces that are always one-of-a-kind. This Gothic Lace Ring ($75) is crafted from antique Victorian lace – you can actually see the hand-knotted details. Done in silver or gold, we think it... [More]


Scutte Vintage Pet Clothing

Yeah, so, lately we’ve done a fair amount of pets about posts – erm, we mean, posts about pets – but for good reason: our furry and feathered friends deserve love, attention, and a safe, comfortable home. Many of the OB staffers have cats or dogs, all of which came... [More]


Panasonic GH1 Hybrid Camera

From the “Why Didn’t They Think of That Before?” Department, as in, like, why don’t they have a digital camera that lets us switch lenses, record audio in Dolby Digital stereo, and shoot hours of high-definition video...with autofocus, of course? (Hmm, just a touch ambitious, aren’t we?) Enter the Panasonic... [More]


Sansa SlotRadio + Twitter giveaway!!

Here at OB HQ, we’re always listening to music. What kind, you ask? Pretty much anything goes around here, since we have really varied tastes. That’s why we were so excited to try out the new SlotRadio player from Sansa. It’s a small 1.5”x1.5” device that has both FM radio... [More]


Overlapping Squares Daybed

Do you live in a tiny apartment? Check. Do you love having guests but have nowhere to put them overnight? Check. Are you anti-futon? Check-check. Solution? The Overlapping-Squares Daybed by West Elm. ($179-929) The espresso-stained wooden frame has a modern, Asian inspired feel to it that will add a touch... [More]


Hot Sock Diffuser

One of the Outblush staffers actually hit herself in the head so hard with her full-size diffuser she nearly blacked out and gave herself a really impressive goose egg bruise. As a get-well-soon present, we got her the Hot Sock Diffuser ($6), a lightweight, flexible foam diffuser that fits over... [More]


Louboutin Ronda Dina Pumps

Oh, the Christian Louboutin Ronda Dina platform pumps... ($1025) If we could a)walk in these 5.5 inch-heeled beauties, and b)actually afford them, we’d be buying these in a heartbeat. They. Are. Go-ho-hooooorgeous. A demure, lacy netting cradles these ecru platform pumps, and Louboutin’s signature lipstick-red soles add a pop of... [More]


Drinkin' Mate

Hey, would you mind turning down the lights? We’re still hung over from Tippling Tuesday, so hang on a sec – we need to take some Drinkin' Mate. ($5) Even in our current *urp* less-than-perfect states, we can pronounce all the ingredients in this hangover cure. Guava leaf extract has... [More]


Mo's Bacon Bar

It must just be a bacon-y kind of day (again) because we couldn't say good bye today without showing you the salty-chocolaty goodness that is known as Mo's Bacon Bar by Vosges ($7.50). Two of our favorite things all wrapped up and smooshed together - yum-yummo-yummers. Do ya think this... [More]


The ROM Time Machine

So we guess The ROM Time Machine has been around since the nineties, but today was the first time it crossed our radar and we’re pretty impressed. Like other home workout machines the ROM promises to tighten and tone, blast fat and increase your flexibility…yada…yada…you’ve heard it all before right?... [More]


Three Sheets: Season 1

As they say, when in Rome… That’s the driving force behind Three Sheets: The World’s Ultimate Pub Crawl, $25) where comedian Zane Lamprey takes us on a virtual tour of the world’s bars, boozes, & drinking customs. He even (gag) imbibes Brussels sprout-flavored beer in Belgium, so you don’t have... [More]


Inside Out Champagne Classes

Taking a higher-class turn on Tippling Tuesday, we’re intoxicated by these Inside-Out Champagne Glasses by Alissia Melka Teichroew. ($65 for 2) Unfilled, they look almost like tall, skinny highball glasses, but pour champagne into them and the signature, iconic flute silhouette appears. The stable base means they’re a bit harder... [More]


Bakon Vodka

This is kind of like Beggin' Strips for (human) grownups… We don’t know it’s not bacon, but damned if it doesn’t taste like it! Bacon, as you already know, is one of our constant and abiding obsessions. So why not bring it into our drinks with Bakon Vodka? ($30) We... [More]


Lucky 13 Flask Belt Buckle

We’ve decided that today, here on Outblush, it’s Tippling Tuesday. Why? Because recessions demand booze, and thank freaking GOD we’re not dealing with Prohibition like they had to during the 1930’s. But the whole “secretive liquor” thing is rather intriguing, so in honor of TT, we’re ordering up a round... [More]


Everyday Food magazine

We’re not perfect. We don’t get up at 4:15am to make sure each blade of grass in our yards is perfectly level and aligned just-so. We’re SO not Martha Stewart – well, not the old one. The new, post-prison Martha is more relaxed and down-to-earth, and so is her cooking... [More]


Learn a New Language Shower Curtain

Turn that scrub-a-dub time rendition of “Afternoon Delight,” into “Nachmittagsfreude,” “Plaisir D'après-midi,” or even “Piacere di Pomeriggio,” with the Learn a New Language shower curtain from Urban Outfitters. Conjugate while you exfoliate, do verb renditions while you condition… How’s that for multi-tasking, yo? Choose from French, German, or Italian.... [More]


Cargo SuedeBlush

It can sometimes take a lot of products to get that no-makeup, sun-kissed glow. Lots of products = us late for work because just applying makeup took 45 minutes. Us late = very unhappy boss. Very unhappy boss = no more Friday donuts (cut us some slack, we live for... [More]


Javier Sailor Trouser

We’re all looking for that one perfect pair of jeans: the ones that will be comfortable all day, lift the butt, elongate our stumpy little legs, and eliminate the dreaded muffin top. Sounds impossible, right? Never fear… the Javier Sailor Trouser by James Jeans ($189) is here! James Jeans are... [More]


Big Chill Fridge

How's a sexy pin-up girl supposed to chill her bikini martini? Why, in the Big Chill refrigerator ($2695) of course. Combining the iconic look of a 50’s style vintage refrigerator with the amenities of a contemporary appliance, this retro-inspired chiller features a stamped metal body, authentic chrome trim, 2 half-width... [More]


Sam Edelman Mara Boots

Ruched, sueded and sexy. Sam Edelman Mara ankle boots($110) are made to be lived in and will add a tough girl edge to your summer wardrobe. With a rounded toe and lightly padded insole they’re totally comfortable and the pull on design couldn’t be any easier to pair with dresses,... [More]


Blue Garland Necklace

Intricately crafted from a vintage gold chain and vintage fabrics, the Blue Garland Necklace by Bean & the Sprout ($70) is simply gorgeous. We love everything in this designer’s Etsy shoppe, but the lush hues of blue & royal purple of this piece were too intoxicating to pass up. The... [More]


Touche Eclat

It’s nearly summer, so you’d think we’d all have a nice healthy glow, now wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, being trapped under fluorescent lighting in cubicles all day (not that we don’t love our jobs!) tends to make our skin rather sallow. In order to look human again, we depend on the... [More]


FAT NINJA Akimbo cards

Artist C. Jacob Maddox warns about this evildoer, “Make no mistake. He is a trained killer.” He will cut you in your sleep. You will never know when he’s coming. He will make your thank-you notes bleeeeeed. So take these FAT NINJA Akimbo cards and hide them someplace safe, until... [More]


Fresh Snack Packs

Packing your own lunch is a)cheaper, b)healthier, and c)better for the environment than foam takeout containers. But using paper and plastic disposable bags isn’t all that eco-sound, and the cost adds up after awhile. What’s a frugalista to do? (sorry, we hate that word too…) Get yourself a set of... [More]


Silver Medallion Moroccan Basket

Enshallah's Silver Medallion Moroccan Basket ($297) is really shiny. And really, really pretty. These handmade cotton-lined bags are trimmed in black leather, then hand-stitched with hundreds of overlapping silver disks that resemble scallop shells. It’s a beautiful, unique piece that will make every outfit special, and we’re planning to see... [More]


Dolan Wrap Skirt

No need to panic..deep click over to Revolve Clothing, quick!!! First of all there is the matter of this cute silk Amethyst Wrap-over Skirt ($174) by the amazing design team Jodi Dolan and Hillary Justin better known as just "Dolan". A jewel tone skirt with ruffles that you can... [More]


Nylon Summer Tour

Break out your kicks and feather headbands-The Nylon Summer Tour is coming to a city near you with an amazing line up of new bands like The Living Things, Jaguar Love, and Patrick Wolf. We're so excited that a few of us are already donning leather pants and practicing our... [More]


Chipotle Garlic Sauce

Next time you're making breakfast sandwiches you have to put this smoky Chipotle Garlic Sauce from All Spice Café ($9) on it before consuming. It's not too hot and it'll turn your pretty good sammie into a “Holy crap…this is the best breakfast ever” moment. You don’t have a breakfast... [More]


Mario Badescu Shimmer Lotion

This Mario Badescu Shimmer Body Lotion ($22) is sure to become as much of a staple on your vanity as the infamous Drying Lotion. Enriched with Vitamin A and Retinyl Palmate, this greaseless body lotion will give your skin a radiant sexy glow with just a touch of shimmer so... [More]


3LAB Perfect Mask

The multi-functioning anti-aging Perfect Mask from 3LAB ($120) is light years ahead of those other goopy masks. Using the world’s first bioengineered growth hormone delivery system (we must confess, we're not sure exactly what that is...but it works) and soothing ingredients like green tea, a powerful anti-oxidant, these masks instantly... [More]


Chocolate Pyramide

When you’re feeling your worst (PMS, bad day at work), why not have the best? At least, that’s our rationalization for buying the Chocolate Pyramide des Tropiques at ($50) The craveable cacao set contains ten 50-gram dark chocolate bars of the highest quality from different countries like Trinidad, Indonesia,... [More]


Sourpuss Kiss Diaper Bag

None of us OB’ers have kids yet, but it seems like we’re at the age where a LOT of our friends are. Every other day, someone’s announcing the birth of a bundle of (crying, pooping, screaming) joy. And so we buy a lot of baby gifts. Is it just us,... [More]



You’ve heard of the Beer Can Chicken phenomenon, right? Where you drink pour out half a beer and then stick the can up a chicken’s tuchus and grill it upright? The leftover beer evaporates during cooking and bastes the chicken from the inside out, resulting in moist, succulent meat and... [More]


New York Nat

We are seriously coveting the entire line of handmade hair jewels by New York Nat… ($48-128). Designer Natalie Griffith has crafted a collection of whimsically pretty headbands, clips, and hair jewelry that will give any ensemble a feminine, ethereal accent. One of our favorites is the Audrey (pictured left, $128)... [More]


La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

Words cannot adequately describe our feelings about Speidi, particularly their recent “tear”-filled performances on “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” GAG. ME. WITH. A. SPOON. Anyway… Apparently, Heidi’s obsessed with dry shampoo so her hair will always look camera-ready, but really, when you’re in the jungle, your skin... [More]


Better Wall Museum Banner

Limited Edition Museum banners, like this Frida Kahlo self-portrait banner from Better Wall, is an awesome way to buy art without the huge price tag ($359 - $745). Printed on two-ply vinyl these unique banners are the original signs that you see hanging around your city to promote Installations,... [More]


Porch Potty

Let's face it, our little fuzzy canine friends bring a ton-o-joy to our lives but no one likes being on poo-patrol. If you're a city dweller you're gonna think you died and went to heaven when you see this ingenious "why didn't I think of that" Porch Potty ($279). You... [More]


Target Pod Chair

Word on the street is that orange is THE color this season. Personally we dig it, the General Lee, Orange Crush and little Sipi from Where the Wild Things Are..what’s not to love? But, if you’re not sure how to work the o.j. hue, take baby steps by accenting your... [More]


Idiots Guide to Green Careers

Your home is green, your car is green, heck even your food is green! ...But what about your career? The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Careers ($10) written by Barbara Parks and Jodi Helmer basically goes through all sorts of green jobs out there - from those in farming to... [More]


Victorian Cameo Teacups

These charmant black-and-white Victorian Cameo teacups & saucers make us feel like we’re in an 1890’s London parlor, primly sipping tea with all the other ladies of our “set.” They're definitely a departure from the everyday, one we fully intend to use as an excuse to drink with pinkies up,... [More]


Better Life Cleaners

Organic is usually synonymous with expensive. Who knew you could recycle old paper, turn it into T.P., and charge ten bucks a roll for it? The same tends to go for organic cleaning products – they smell great, yeah, but are super expensive for a tiny bottle, and don’t work... [More]


Pixi Smokey Eye Wand

Honestly, we don’t know how Amy Winehouse applies her cats-eye look, given that she’s usually three sheets to the wind. Whenever we try liquid eyeliner or smoky eyeshadow, we look like lost a fistfight (just like Amy). Pixi's Smokey Eye Wand ($19) is the answer to our prayers. It’s a... [More]


Itch Squares

Most cat furniture is, dare we say it, uglier than a cat’s ass, and often covered in shag carpet. We can never decide which they remind us of more: those mushrooms from Super Mario video games or psychedelic trees from H.R. Pufnstuf. But we have cats, and thus have to... [More]


Janie Spot BLouse

Feminine, fresh tops like this Janie Spot Blouse by Monsoon UK ($90) are one of the reasons we can’t wait for summer every year. The variegated dot pattern in a vertical stripe is slimming, plus the grosgrain ribbon emphasizes the waist – and, come now, how can any girl not... [More]



Garden gnomes (florus gnominnicus), like their cousins, the lawn flamingos (pinkatum annoyatum birdus), are a scourge of many an otherwise lovely, well-planned garden or balcony. To rid your garden of all possible distasteful gnomes and their unfortunate side effects, we recommend the assiduous application of Gnome-Be-Gones. These wonderful little sprites... [More]


Tropic Queen Bronzer with SPF 15

A friend of ours is taking the plunge this summer: she’s planning to go to her first ever nude beach during a trip to the south of France, and asked us for advice. Well, honey, if you’re going the au natural route at the nudist beach, um, we daresay you’ll... [More]


Ric Rac Clover Top

At first glance, it looks like the model is wearing a beautiful antique necklace over a simple knit strapless top. But then we realized it was an intricately embroidered appliqué that’s actually part of the top, serving as straps that tie in the back. Meet the Clover Top by Ric... [More]


Bright Color Box Set

Handmade & painted by Mexican artisans, these soldered tin Bright Color Box Sets by Stray Dog evoke a whimsical wedding cake that wouldn’t be out of place in a Lewis Carroll novel – we have the “Very Merry Unbirthday” song from Alice in Wonderland running through our heads when we... [More]



Pros of the STRiDA Bike: 1) It’s eco-friendly & emissions-free. 2) Swimsuit season is upon us, and biking is better for your ass than the subway. 3) It folds into a neat little package that you can easily stow in your closet, cubicle, or wherever – no more leaving your... [More]


Win a FREE lunch tote from Spring Los Angeles & Outblush: Just retweet to enter & win! Plus 25% off + free shipping coupon

We've expounded upon our love for Spring Los Angeles designer lunch totes before, so you already know how awesome these thickly insulated brown-bagging alternatives are. They keep hot food hot, cold food cold, and come in two sizes and five funky patterns (perfect for toting your celery sticks & Bloody... [More]


Restoration Hardware Cayman Collection

Beach cottages that cost a cool $3 million demand shabby chic furniture that can measure up. The Cayman Collection combines your grandmother’s rattan antiques with updated, sleek lines and a tastefully subdued color palette. The tables come with glass tops, natch, all the better to rest your G&T on at... [More]


European Villa in Bell Estates, Amagansett, NY

$3.5 million? Chump change. This quaint European villa in the Bell Estate section of Amagansett is practically a cottage, with just 4 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Really, there’s barely enough room for one’s servants to camp out on the back of the two acres, so you’ll want to pick up... [More]


La Prairie Cellular Lip Renewal Concentrate

One of the first places to show aging? Your lips. All that air-kissing your “friends” really takes its’ toll on your pout. Those in the know swear by La Prairie Cellular Lip Renewal Concentrate as a holdover between Restylane appointments. It repairs, firms, and plumps the lips, eliminating wrinkles as... [More]


Panache Brighton Bikini

In keeping with the ad nauseam nautical theme in the Hamptons, may we suggest Panache's Brighton bikini? It’s ship-shape without being cheesy or sleazy, with white trim and buttons accenting one’s cleavage and hips, and seamed cups to keep the girls firmly in place, so you don’t look like yet... [More]


Roberto Cavalli Snake Medallion Sunglasses

As a special treat for you today on this dreary Monday (aren't all Mondays dreary?) we hereby present Hamptons Day, to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. The Hamptons are the destination for the American rich & fabulous, dont'cha know, so today's posts are our guide to living the lifestyle... [More]