Fujifilm Instax 7S Instant Mini Camera

In no way do we think you're a dummy. But just so you know, even the dumbest of dummies could easily operate this Fujifilm Instax 7S Instant Mini Camera ($100)—which is actually only a small part of its appeal. What we really like is that the lightweight 7S prints out... [More]


MooreMagnets Magnet Boards

Uh, who knew Magnet Boards ($29) could be so much fun? Apparently, the genius founder of MooreMagnets did, and we'll be forever grateful to her for the foresight. Each of these funky boards measures in at 18x12 and is covered in fabric that pops (our favorites are here and here).... [More]


Color Club Catwalk Queen Collection

So you spend more time walking the sidewalk than you do the catwalk. Trust us when we say that this doesn't exclude you from the world of Color Club's Catwalk Queen Collection ($3 per bottle, $19 for the set). With six new colors which pay tribute to the runway (read:... [More]


Accordian Pleated Full Skirt

One great skirt. Infinite possibilities. That's what we see in Banana Republic's Accordian Pleated Full Skirt ($79). Available in grey or khaki, the skirt boasts a trendy high waist and swingy accordian pleats, so it's figure-flattering on every body shape. Wear it with a feminine cap-sleeved top and simple, ladylike... [More]



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Mayi Jewelry Rings

New on our radar: Mayi Jewelry Rings. Available in both sterling silver ($39) and 24K gold vermeil ($55), each dome shaped ring is lovingly hammered to a textured finish by jewelry-maker extraordinaire, Ana. Overtly simplistic, yet simply stunning—enough so that one OB staffer had to take her's off, as, (much... [More]


Motifco Mosaic Artworks

Monochromatic is like, so last year, and we see no reason for even your household appliances to suffer such a single-hued fate. Thankfully, Motifco Mosaic Artworks (~$56) ensure that every fridge can get its funky on. Arriving as 1,296 magnetized tiles in black and white or color, the kit can... [More]


Ion Portable USB Turntable

Records were groovy and tapes were chill, but now they're both obsolete. So what's a girl to do with those sixth grade mix tapes and her mom's Grass Roots records? If she's smart, she'll buy an Ion Portable USB Turntable ($130). This snazzy gadget works as a basic record player,... [More]


Ruche Candy Striper & Buttons Dress

You know you always dreamed of being a candy striper. And by following these simple steps, that long lost dream can come true. Or, you could just take the easy way out and throw Ruche's Candy Striper & Buttons Dress ($35) in your shopping cart. This cute cotton dress is... [More]


Piece of Cake

Eating cake = Easy. Cutting cake = Hard. Cutting cake + eating cake = enjoyment halved? Lucky for all of us, this semi-mathematical equation can be easily cast aside with Piece of Cake ($25), a two-pronged metal triangle that's designed to prepare the perfect piece. Push the instrument into your... [More]


Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave

There's no point in sugar coating what you already know, so here it is: Shaving sucks. And while there's nothing we can do to change that fact, the newly released Moisturizing Cream Shave ($4) from Skintimate does make the whole process smoother (see what we did there, hmm?) Anyway, this... [More]


2Revert Recycled Skateboard Jewelry

When the economy's crap and the prospect of new clothes go out the window, we like to console ourselves—and still make a stylish statement—with affordable and fabulous jewelry. Case in point, 2Revert's Recylced Skateboard Jewelry (from $20). From earrings to belt buckles, each piece is made from the skeletons of... [More]


Colcasac Passion Vine Mac Case

In today's world, sometimes being PC is just not the answer. For those Macbook/Macbook-Pro/Powerbook moments, we're glad there is the Passion Vine Mac Case ($30) from Colcasac. Designed specifically for Mac models, this case is decked in pink and green florals and lined with sherpa fleece to keep your baby... [More]


Bloomsberry & Co. Easter Collection

Laugh. Love. Lick. Bloomsberry & Co. ensures we do all three (OK, licking is really more like biting, but whatever) with their new Easter Collection ($5 per bar). This fabulous New Zealand-based company continues to make delicious chocolate that delights our taste buds, while their unique and silly designs make... [More]



The latest in our "why didn't they think of this sooner?" file: Shuella ($50). These ingenious "umbrellas for your feet" solve a problem that's plagued us for years—how to protect our $800 shoes when April showers hit? With Shuella, it's as easy as slipping protective boots over your kicks before... [More]


Book of Secrets

Shhhh! Just between us, you, and, uh, everyone else who picks up the Book of Secrets ($6), there's an entire underground movie theater in France. We also know Colonel Sander's secret chicken recipe and that there is an (also secret) daily flight from the U.S. to Cuba. This handy little... [More]


Lights, Webcam, Action! USB Video

With the Lights, Webcam, Action! USB Video ($40), your online chats just go so much hotter more interactive. This cute little webcam is built to resemble a professional movie camera and can mount on its tripod or be clipped to your comp. Plug the USB in and let the dirty... [More]



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Bailey Doesn't Bark Flamingos & Trees Collection

Because we wanted you to know about the cutest. flatware. EVER., here's the Flamingos & Trees Collection ($39-$165) from Bailey Doesn't Bark. What do flamingos and trees have to do with one another, you ask? We have no idea, but that's not the point, dahhhlingk. Each piece of white porcelain... [More]


Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Gloss

Prepare to pucker your plumpest lips—without the pain of most products— with Lipstick Queen's Big Bang Theory Gloss ($20 each). (Aren't you impressed with all of our P-words?) Unlike other lip plumpers which irritate the lips, in turn causing them to swell, this stuff sends your pucker to another dimension... [More]


i Robot Hook

Too much fun. That's the only way we can describe this recycled metal i Robot Hook. Mount i Robot to your entryway wall (or somewhere equally visible, as there's no way this guy should be hidden) and he'll get busy holding anything your heart desires. He's available as a silver... [More]


Moisture Wicking Headbands

A headband is a must during every workout, but while this solution keeps stray hairs in place, it also creates a whole new hairline sweating problem that's just not OK. The most ingenious answer to this daily twice weekly woe: Moisture Wicking Headbands ($8) from FIT2BMOM. No worries if you're... [More]


Hazards of Love

A sweeping gem of an album, the Decemberists fifth studio effort, Hazards of Love demands more than just a casual listen. This concept album tells the tale the villager Margaret, who falls madly in love with William, an inhabitant of a magical forest. When she gets pregnant, Margaret goes in... [More]


Pevonia Botanica De-Aging Saltmousse

A once-weekly treatment for your entire bod, Pevonia Botanica De-Aging Saltmousse ($32) isn't just for aging skin (despite its moniker). That's because it's rich in sea salt, which both exfoliates and releases negative ions, leaving you looking visibly brighter and feeling seriously detoxified. Additionally, the formula contains carotene to nourish... [More]


Panda 2K T-Shirt

So you thought pandas were all cute and cuddly, eh? Not so the Panda 2K ($18), who makes his modern appearance on this grey American Apparel t-shirt. Wear it and roar. (Yes, 2K pandas roar.)... [More]


Molly Mutt Dog Duvets

Your dog deserves a comfy place to rest his head, and you deserve—more space in your closet. Seriously. And with the ingenious creations that are Molly Mutt Dog Duvets ($20-$95), you get both at once. Start by picking your favorite duvet design (ours is the "Bird on a Wire"), and... [More]


Dell Adamo Laptop

Once upon a time, if you wanted a sexy little laptop, you went for the Macbook Air without question. But with the introduction of its Adamo Laptop ($1,999 and up), Dell has entered the competition running. Manufactured from a single piece of aluminum, the Adamo (in onyx or pearl) boasts... [More]


Lemonstory Custom Clothing

Once upon a time, people made their own clothes, and everything fit perfectly and was totally unique as a result. And while we don't suggest that you take up seamstress-ing, we do think you should splurge on something special from Lemonstory Custom Clothing ($75-$150). Aside from the fact that each... [More]



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Nixon Wire Mic Headphones

Nixon dares you to "bring on the noise," with their Wire Mic Headphones, and we must agree that these ultra rad ear buds do just that. Compatible with most cell phones (although there is also a special version just for the iPhone), the headphones are completely noise canceling and offer... [More]


Gear Gripper

Do the end of day purse dump with a little more class when you add the Gear Gripper ($9) to your space. Featuring a soft foam base with a formable core, this piece makes it possible to safely store everything from reading glasses to your cell phone. Even better, you... [More]


Converse One Star Twill Wedges

Kick it like a cool kid in these One Star Twill Wedges ($25) from Converse. One part sneaker, one part wedge, these canvas shoes feature contrast stiching and venting for all-day cool comfort.... [More]


Revaleskin Intense Recovery Treatment

Sometimes, dry, damaged facial skin needs something a little more...intense than just your average wash and rinse formula. With Revaleskin Intense Recovery Treatment ($130), you get exactly that. This stuff minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation (so it's also perfect post-peel), plus it moisturizes like whoa. How does Intense... [More]


Lounge Media Coffee Table

If you live with a dude—particularly an Uncrate dude—we know that you have 14 remotes and the fruits of some 20 magazine subscriptions cluttering up your living room. While we can't guarantee that the accumulation won't continue (it will), we can suggest this Lounge Media Coffee Table ($Varies) to curb... [More]


Spring Breeze Blouse

Like a heady day in early spring, this Spring Breeze Blouse ($100) wraps around you and tickles your senses. Made of a silken, gauzy fabric (crepe de chine, to be specific), it feels utterly fabulous, and looks even better. Cap sleeves, an elastic waist and a pleated neckline all lend... [More]


Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder

Because the red nose thing really only works for Rudolph, there's Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder ($33) from Clinique. Whether you suffer from rosacea or redness that reacts to your environment (too many martinis, perhaps?), this oil and talc-free mineral powder's got you covered. Bonus: The included antibacterial brush... [More]


Robin's Egg Soaps

With these Robin's Egg Soaps ($24) in your bathroom, you can wish your guests a Happy Easter in a way that's slightly more rewarding than hunting for hard-boiled eggs. This set of six egg-shaped soaps boasts a soothing, moisturizing chamomile base layered with exfoliating oat and wheat bran. The lifesized... [More]


Chalk Storage Jars

Neat-freaking-o. Such was our reaction upon discovering these Chalk Storage Jars ($6-$20). The ceramic units are available in ten different sizes, and all have ceramic lids and squares of chalkboard paint on the front. Use your own chalk (nope, they don't come with—kinda the equivalent of "batteries not included") to... [More]


Bad Girls Bracelet

Are you a bad girl? The one other moms warned their little girls about? How about a good girl who digs irony? Whatever your reason for loving this Bad Girls Bracelet ($45), we're pretty sure that you will. Featuring six naughty vintage images proclaiming "Tough Doll," Con Girl," "Born to... [More]


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home

We've always loved the aromatherapeutic, eco-friendly cleaning line that is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. Now, the Queen of Clean brings her must-know household tips to you in a book worth buying: Mrs.Meyer's Clean Home: No-Nonsense Advice that Will Inspire You to Clean Like the Dickens ($14). From the common sense... [More]


Marc Jacobs Daisy in Bloom

Sure, the fragrance itself isn't new, but Daisy in Bloom ($57) by Marc Jacobs just received a facelift for spring, and we really like the results. This limited-edition version of the iconic floral scent is packed in a green flower bottle and comes with a sheet of novelty stickers so... [More]


Pogo Sketch

Is your iPhone covered in icky fingerprints? An embarrassment to behold? If yes, then pick up this Pogo Sketch ($15), pronto. Although the iPhone/iPod touch are only sensitive to your fingers, the folks at Pogo were smart enough to work around that little detail when they created this stylus. It... [More]


Norstaal Maya Cutlery

Hey, flatware can be fun, or at the very least, fabulous. Don't believe us? Check out this five-piece set of Norstaal Maya Cutlery ($140). We love the clean, simple lines and unadorned look of these pieces. Made of pure stainless steel, the dishwasher safe set includes a dinner knife, dinner... [More]


Mistura Ultimate 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Kit

Consolidate your cosmetics for that next excursion away from home, with the uber convenient Mistura Ultimate 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Kit ($70). The set's ingenious mineral-based pressed powder uses Color Blend technology to customize one shade to any skin tone (we have no idea how it works, but it really does).... [More]



It got mixed reviews with the critics, but we really have nothing but good stuff to say about the romantic drama that is Australia ($15). Sure, the love story between Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman (they're wary of each other, then they hate each other—wait—they realize they're perfect for each... [More]


Fairies Stone

Upon discovering this Fairies Stone ($20) we seriously laughed out loud, and your garden guests will, too. After all, every outdoor oasis needs a sense of humor, and it's important to watch out for the evil creatures that just may dwell there. Hence, "Don't Piss Off the Fairies" carved in... [More]


Abercrombie & Fitch Blythe Top

Pretty and versatile, the Abercrombie & Fitch Blythe Top ($50) is on our current love list. Made from a cotton/modal blend, this flowy tube top—which also comes in navy—is oh-so soft, with floral lace detailing at the top and a waist cinching, braided front tie at the hip. Wear it... [More]


Rear-View Computer Mirror

With the Rear-View Computer Mirror ($14) affixed to your desktop, you can happily peruse dubious porn social networking websites at work, never again worrying about your boss looking over your shoulder and enjoying the show seeing whose facebook profile you're stalking today. This plastic mirror attaches to your computer with... [More]



How much freaking fun is this Wrap-Around-the-Corner-Frame ($119)? The hardwood, espresso stained frame holds up to 12 photos of various sizes ranging from 2x3 to 5x7. Using two easy-mount metal brackets to hang around any corner, this super unique accessory is sure to (ah-hem, quite literally) turn heads.... [More]


Beantown Handmade Pet Apparel & Accessories

We used to shudder at people who dressed their pets, but since discovering the likes of Beantown Handmade Pet Apparel & Accessories ($10-$48), we've revised our opinion—we now decree that putting clothes on your dog is acceptable as long as its all in good fun. And this line of dog... [More]


Toms Wrap Boot

Despite what looks like a glaring grammatical error in Toms company name, we love them anyway, and here's why. First of all, they make this Wrap Boot ($120), which is beyond fabulous, not to mention being fabulously easy to wear. Made of elastic wrap extending from the ankle, you can... [More]


Herbal Essences Hydralicious Swirled Shampoos & Conditioners

Herbal Essences is back and better than ever, with a new line that sounds good enough to eat (but uh, don't): Hydralicious Swirled Shampoos & Conditioners ($4 each). This luscious product features three variants, one for pretty much every type of hair: Featherweight Hydrator (for hair that needs body), Self-Targeting... [More]


Williams-Sonoma Wine Club

We've seen our share of tasting clubs, but the Williams-Sonoma Wine Club ($90-$360) is truly an impressive one. Offering three collections ranging in price and distinction, there's a choice for both the novice vino drinker and the true connoisseur (and, of course, the chick in between). Choose your collection, then... [More]


Vivitar Vivicam 8027

Retro, meet modern. Modern, meet retro. With the newly launched Vivitar Vivicam 8027 ($TBD), you'll get a taste of old-school style punctuated with modern technology. A metallic body is joined with leather-like accents in red, black or yellow. Meanwhile, a host of today's favorite functions (8.1 megapixel resolution, a 2.4... [More]


Radius Tree of Charge

Get your style, er convenience, er stylish convenience on, with the Radius Tree of Charge ($Varies). This trendy tree "sculpture" is as functional as it is charming, with a steel base that serves as a key rack and a magnetic photo or note board. But the best part of this... [More]


Gap Lightweight Striped Hipslung Pants

Ahoy there! Look every bit the stylish spring sailor in these Lightweight Striped Hipslung Pants ($50) from the Gap. Boasting a snappy nautical striped pattern and flattering flared leg openings, there's nothing here we don't love. Plus, the pants feature a concealed drawstring inside, at last making stylish chic supremely... [More]


Glowspa Exfoliating Lip Wand

Lock in always kissable lips by keeping a tube of Glowspa Exfoliating Lip Wand ($15) in your purse. This sheer stick contains wax microcrystals derived from jojoba seeds, which are designed to slough away dry skin, then melt the particles on contact. The result is soft, smooth, moisturized lips enhanced... [More]


Peeps: Recipes and Crafts

The highlight of our Easter season has always been Marshmallow Peeps. Where else can one find so much joy against a backdrop of Lenten deprivation? Authors Charity Ferreira and Liz Wolfe must have felt similarly, as their book Peeps: Recipes and Crafts to Make With Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat ($11)... [More]


Middle Cyclone

Subtle and soft in all the right places, Neko Case's newest studio album Middle Cyclone ($10) is a practical prescription for anything that ails you. Case's smooth, always intense vocals give the entire album a folksy feel, while a plethora of guests, including M.Ward and the New Pornographers, keep things... [More]


Bond No. 9 Eau De Brooklyn

We've been totally fascinated with Brooklyn ever since '92's Newsies. You remember? When Spot Conlon whooped, "Never fear. Brooklyn is here!" and proceeded to save the day like a bad ass? Anyway, someone over at Bond No. 9 must have felt the same BK love, because their newest fragrance, Eau... [More]


Mateo Desk

Chiasso claims that their Mateo Desk ($1,398) is "the coolest ever," and we won't quibble. From the generously sized, kidney bean of a glass top, to the leather and wood legs and drawers, this is one bad ass addition to your office.... [More]


Mizuno Wave Rider 12 Shoes

Hands down, the worst part about spring is the end of bulky-clothed body denial. But swimming suit season is around the corner, and—whether you like or not—you gots to get yourself back in shape, girl. Luckily, these Mizuno Wave Rider 12 Shoes ($100) make the process a tiny bit less... [More]


Night Owl Cards Boxed Sets

We really don't think we're going out on a "limb" here when we tell you that you're going to dig Night Owl Cards Boxed Sets ($24 for six). After all, these uber adorable cards are made on eco-friendly, sustainably harvested wood (from yellow birch to douglas fir) and are prettily... [More]


Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Wash

You gotta shower every day (or at least, we really think you should—just a suggestion, of course), so why not make it a bit more spa-like, with Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Wash ($11)? This silky smooth wash creates a luxurious, foaming lather, and—with the help of... [More]


t-Fuse Typewriter Tee

Make a statement, with this incredibly cool t-Fuse Typewriter Tee ($18) in pink. We confess that we're not really sure what that statement is (Technology should/will be destroyed by nature? Trees are more advanced than typewriters? Trees would kill typewriters in a weird twist on rock/paper/scissors?), but we're fairly certain... [More]


Recycled Vinyl Clocks

Add some pizazz to your workspace with one of The Grateful Thread's Recycled Vinyl Clocks (~$21-$36). Choose an album you've actually heard of, or just do like we did and pick the colors that please you most (this pink and purple Golden Grooves album clearly spoke to us). Each one-of-a-kind... [More]


Daniella Lehavi Hockney Clutch

There's beauty in simplicity, and this Hockney Clutch ($220) from Daniella Lehavi is a perfect example of that. We like the simple splash pattern and criss-cross stitching on this bronze clutch, which is handmade in Israel. The detachable strap, magnetic closure, and two interior zipper pockets are just icing on... [More]


4G iPod Shuffle with Voiceover

We always get all hot and bothered when the Apple store goes down, and yesterday's blip in service was no exception. When Apple returned, it was with the 4G iPod Shuffle with Voiceover ($79) on the "shelf." This little guy (he's half the size of the previous shuffle) doesn't have... [More]


Strapless Jumpsuit

Not for the stylishly timid, this Strapless Jumpsuit ($80) from Express is nevertheless fab-o. Aside from the fact that it makes getting dressed easier (one piece and you're done), we like the flattering wide leg and drape tummy of this suit. As perfect for a night out as it is... [More]


All I Ever Wanted

Cheetos Boredom BustersWe refuse to be ashamed. In fact, we'll say it loud and proud. American Idol or not, we love Kelly Clarkson. And trust us when we say that her fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted ($10) is pure pop perfection. We can't believe that Clarkson says she's... [More]


Sony DPP-FP97 Photo Printer

Be the life of every party (no drunken dancing required) with Sony's DPP-FP97 Photo Printer ($200; pre-sale in April). This totally portable photo printer produces high quality 4x6 photo prints in just 45 seconds, so you can print 'em and pass 'em before a party has even reached its conclusion.... [More]


Bamboo Bath Tub Caddy

There's no greater luxury than a good old fashioned bubble bath, and this Bamboo Bath Tub Caddy ($28) ups the pleasure (if that's possible.) Made of environmentally-friendly, sustainable bamboo, this water-resistant caddy offers up two compartments to keep your bathing must-haves, from face mask to a glass of wine to... [More]


Tarte The Toolbox

Think it was Brooke Shields' Calvins that skyrocketed her to supermodel stardrom? Think again. It was those expressive eyebrows, girl. If your own brows are lacking that je ne sais quoi, check out Tarte The Toolbox ($18—on sale from $32!). This "brow know how" kit contains everything you need to... [More]


How to Be a Geek Goddess

As writers of this blog, we already consider ourselves to be pretty damn geeky. But How to Be a Geek Goddess ($17) by Christina Tynan-Wood still managed to teach us a thing or two we didn't know, and for that reason (and a thousand others), we dig it. This smart,... [More]


Beaba Babycook

None of us have babies (yet), but if we did, we'd want to have the Beaba Babycook ($150) on hand to feed the little boogers. This easy-to-use countertop appliance steam cooks veggies, fruits and meats in just fifteen minutes—retaining their vitamins, minerals and flavors as it does so—then purees or... [More]


Sue Devitt E-Z Rollerball Eye Shadow

Ready for a simple eyeshadow application for a change? Sure you are, which is why you need Sue Devitt E-Z Rollerball Eye Shadow ($18). Exactly what it sounds like, this shimmery shadow rolls right on where you want it. (Tip: It's really eye-opening when applied in just the inner corners.)... [More]


Perfect One Bra

Victoria's Secret claims that no one's perfect—until slipping into their new Perfect One Bra ($45), that is. This lifesaving lingerie is for every woman who's dealt with spillage, back fat, falling straps, or saggy boobs. What makes this bra so perfect, you ask? Well, for starters, it boasts stretch fabrication... [More]


4-in-1 USB Hub

We're gaga for gadgets that make our lives easier, and this 4-in-1 USB Hub ($12) does so in more ways than one. Aside from offering up four high speed USB ports to your comp, this purple (or yellow or green or blue) plastic gizmo can be used to hold pens... [More]


SOLIG Solar-Operated Lighting

IKEA has officially unveiled a new line of SOLIG Solar-Operated Lighting ($20), and we seriously like the results. These colorful lights run on solar cells that transform sunlight into nine hours of energy, no electricity and no ugly cords required. Plus, the lights are LEDs, which mean they consume 70... [More]


Munted Kowhai Finley Necklace

We're firm believers in the power of jewelry to transform any outfit—nay, any day. And while whatever piece you love will do the trick, jewelry handcrafted from Muted Kowhai goes above and beyond (in our book.) Our favorite, the Finley Necklace ($42), is hand crocheted to look like gorgeous lace,... [More]


Gemini RoJaus Decantor

There's no better time than a financial crisis to eat, drink and try not to off yourself be merry. Here to help you do that: The Gemini RoJaus Decantor ($190). Not only does the Gemini offer an elegant way to serve your wine, it helps improve the taste, too. As... [More]



Add a little style to your daily dose of sound, with ChickBuds ($49). Boasting a built-in retractor that allows you to chose from five cord lengths, plus a clip cord that stops the buds from bouncing during your workout, these multi-purpose headphones are as functional as they are fabulous. But... [More]


Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum

In our continued desperate attempts to control the universe, we've been on a bit of a hair care craze lately. Enter Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum ($7), a product that does indeed allow us to take back some (hair) control. This "extra strength" serum effectively seals the hair shaft using... [More]


Seychelles Petticoat Shoes

Cut foot loose in the aptly named Seychelles Petticoat Shoes ($85). These round-toed flats are made of 100 percent patent leather and boast a double button and stiching accent on the vamp. In shiny navy or red.... [More]


Folding Bird House

Treat your feathered friends to a little contemporary cool this spring—a Folding Bird House ($50). Made of white-painted steel, this mod feeder arrives flat packed. Fold it upright, attach the wooden perch and then hang with a durable metal "string."... [More]


Ruehl Beth Jacket

Your new weekend warrior uniform? Perfect-fit jeans, fabulous sneaks and this too cool for school Beth Jacket ($198) from Ruehl. The shrunken fit jacket models your favorite button down, with lots of pockets and a soft, cotton wash. The leather belt slung around the waist is the perfect finish to... [More]


Homo Sapien Kitchen Tool

Bring out the cavewoman in you with this Homo Sapien Kitchen Tool ($79). Like every primitive gadget worth its salt, this sandstone "potato" does double triple duty—crushing garlic, pounding herbs and sharpening knives. Use it and get empowered. Roar, woman.... [More]


John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze

John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze ($8) may be our favorite product of the week—nay, the month—and it's easy to see why. Designed for use in the shower, this so simple glazing creme boosts lackluster locks (real or dyed), imparting a hint of color and lots of sexy shine. Frieda's formulation... [More]


No Line on the Horizon by U2

U2 is a band that needs no introduction by little old us, so we'll just go ahead and let you know that their 12th studio album No Line on the Horizon is out and it's rockin'. Sure, there are some missteps (notably "Get on Your Boots," which the band mistakenly... [More]


Old Navy Cropped Cardigans

There's not much to say about Old Navy's new lineup of Cropped Cardigans ($20) except that we just really like them. Super pretty, they'll go with everything and come in ten dreamy colors with names like Valencia Orange, Pink Shag and Blue Glare. We suggest purchasing all ten and wearing... [More]


Dirty Hippie Kissin' Sticks

We don't have much of an affinity for dirty hippies (take a shower, people), but we do totally dig their Dirty Hippie Kissin' Sticks ($4 each). Made of just three (yep, three!) ingredients, this 100 percent vegan lip balm is a serious treat for dry, chapped lips—and the price is... [More]



Win the ongoing battle with your expense reports by adding NeatReceipts ($200) to your office space. This ingenious little gadget is a scanner and digital filing system, making paperwork, well, not. The portable NeatReceipts (it weighs in at just one pound) comes in both Mac and PC formulations, and allows... [More]


Tea Cup Stool

One of our favorite childhood stories was Lewis Carol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. What's not to love, with an un-birthday to celebrate 364 days of the year, caterpillars to smoke with and roses to paint (not grow) red? If you, too, couldn't get enough of Alice, you'll love this whimsical... [More]


Casio EX-Z29 Digital Camera

The Casio EX-Z29 Digital Camera ($150): A camera for those of us who want pictures without all the flashy lights and whistles that we don't understand anyway. The super lightweight EX-Z29 is only .91 inches thick and comes with all the standard functions you'll need to take good pics, including... [More]


Arc'teryx Escala Capris

There's a lot to be said for simplicity when it works, and these Arc'teryx Escala Capris ($67) are a perfect example. Made of super breathable, moisture wicking fabric, these easy, breezy capris are perfect for your morning yoga practice, or your evening run.... [More]


La Mer The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid

Whoah. La Mer's The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid ($65) is so intense, we're hard pressed to explain what it actually does. Don't worry, you know we'll try. As its name suggests, this face cream/makeup primer offers broad spectrum protection against both types of harmful UV rays, but there's more.... [More]


Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak

Cheetos Boredom BustersInspired by Ernest Hemmingway's heartbreaking, six word short story: "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn," authors Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser asked writers both "famous and obscure" to submit their tales of love and loss—using just six words of their own. The result is this gorgeous book, Six... [More]


Amy Mueller Bird Necklaces

How delicate—and yet magnificent—are these Amy Mueller Bird Necklaces ($37)? Like a miniature piece of art you can wear, each pretty bird image is set and sealed into a sterling silver pendant and hangs from a 16 inch sterling silver chain. Choose from (left to right) Blue Swift, Crow in... [More]


Fun Run Babydoll

Remember the famous episode of The Office, where Michael runs over Meredith with his car, putting her in the hospital with a cracked pelvis and...rabies? Michael retaliates by launching a 5K run to raise uh, rabies awareness. Now, you too can remind everyone of the devastating effects of this crippling... [More]


Vessel Toro Tissue Ring

Add this Vessel Toro Tissue Ring ($18) to your bathroom or bedside and never again stand stumped in aisle two as you try to match ugly cardboard tissue boxes to your decor. This stainless steel ring will stay firmly planted on a tissue stack as you remove one tissue at... [More]


Beer Bands Drink Markers

Eww. There's nothing worse than picking up someone else's half-full brew and taking a hearty swallow of lipstick and backwash. Lucky for you, there are Beer Bands Drink Markers ($9), a set of 12 brightly colored "beer bracelets," each labeled with a very specific moniker (choose from the Personalities set,... [More]


Benefit Maybe Baby

Rumor has it that when Evan Rachel Wood walked the red carpet at the Oscars, E! host Ryan Seacrest couldn't resist asking about her alluring perfume. If you, too, would like to catch the nose of someone like Ryan Seacrest, or at least someone not gay more attainable, check out... [More]


Eco-Lola Purse

Going green is so hot right now (seriously, how hot is this model with her cool tights/leg warmer combo?), and this Eco-Lola Purse ($95) is a great way to hop on the bandwagon. These purses (they come in a range of eight color combinations) are made with all natural, undyed... [More]


To Have & To Hold Personalized Platter

Sometimes shopping the registry is just so ho-hum, which is why we suggest "showering" your favorite couple with this unique To Have & To Hold Personalized Platter ($129). Whether the bride and groom use it to serve munchies, or hang it on the wall to display, they'll love having their... [More]


ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

You shelled out a small fortune for that iPhone 3G, Nikon Coolpix S60, or Macbook Pro and keeping your baby looking like new is a top priority. With ZAGG invisibleSHIELD (from $10), you'll be able to do just that—without resorting to bulky cases and sticky coverings. Created from material originally... [More]


AS01 Madeline Sunglasses

With a killer snowstorm keeping us indoors for the foreseeable future, we're dreaming of soft sand, gentle breezes, icy beverages, and uh, shirtless Cabana boys. And at the center of our warm weather fantasy are these AS01 Madeline Sunglasses ($15). Very 1950s mod, these funky shades offer UV 400 protection... [More]


Loop Candelabra

There's a recession on. And while we'd never suggest cutting back on your shoe purchases, we're pretty sure you can save one or two multitudinous electricity dollars with this Loop Candelabra ($28). Each holder (there are four intertwined here) features a matte or chrome ribbon of steel which swirls around... [More]


Tinge Razor

The latest in our "why didn't they think of this sooner" category: The Tinge Razor ($125). Sure, sure, it really is a water-resistant, triple blade razor, but the only reason that matters is to hide Tinge's more, ah-hem—intimate purpose—from your mom/airport security/your man (as needed). This fabulous gizmo is also... [More]