The Lunch Box by Oots

Be too cool for school (or wherever it is you tote your lunch), with The Lunch Box by Oots ($46). We like THE lunch box because it neatly stows four small and one large dishwasher/microwave safe containers, all of which are BPA and phthalate-free. The box's color contrasting lid also... [More]


Santogold by Santogold

There's pretty much no way to classify the self-titled debut album, Santogold ($11) by Santi White (Santogold)—and that may be why we like it so much. With her super powerful pipes and influences ranging from ska to electronica to pop, Santagold's music is endlessly listenable. Our favorite tracks include "L.E.S.... [More]


Straight Making No Frizz Styling Cream

We'll give it to you straight, because we don't mess around when it comes to something as buzz-killing as a headfull of frizz. Simply put, Straight Making No Frizz Styling Cream ($14) is the greatest smoothing product we've tried. Maybe that's due to its polyfluoroester, which apparently provides a lightweight... [More]


Figs & Ginger Nesting Necklace

How incredibly sweet is this Nesting Necklace ($70-79) from Figs & Ginger? The sterling silver necklace is made of at least 50 percent recycled material and can be customized with your choice of one-to-four delicate nesting birds. Perfect for a mom, but gorgeous on a single gal's collarbone, as well.... [More]



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In Your Color Images

Customize your pad in breathtaking C-O-L-O-R with In Your Color Images ($50 and up). To get started, just select your favorite black and white photo(s) from a gallery of dozens, including nature scenes, city landmarks and still lives. Then, use a color selection tool to pick your perfect shade from... [More]


The Baggler

We know you're a fan of internet shopping (yay, sitting still!), but sometimes, a girl's gotta get groceries. And for those moments, we're glad we discovered The Baggler ($5). Constructed of environmentally friendly plastic polymers, The Baggler's ergonomic handle allows you to grab all your bags at once, no rolling... [More]


Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner

When we heard about Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner ($12) from an Uncrater (who shall remain nameless to protect his masculinity)—ah-hem, thanks Blake—we were skeptical. But then said Uncrater insisted that we try the stuff and we must confess to being thrilled with the results! Rich in tomato extract, which... [More]


Samsung Anycall SPH-W7100

Whether you live in the heart of the Bronx or are just persistently paranoid, the Samsung Anycall SPH-W7100 (TBD; release date unknown) may be your lifesaver—literally. Sure, it's a phone with your average specs, but the Anycall is also packed with self-defense tools, including a 100dB horn (imagine a semi... [More]


Cotton Sateen Editor Cropped Pants

Oh, hell-ooooo. How freaking fabulous are these Cotton Sateen Editor Cropped Pants ($50) from Express? Embodying the formula for flattering, these three-quarter length pants boast a low rise and slightly flared leg. Stretchy cotton/spandex fabric comes in a variety of satiny hues, from sex kitten red to interview appropriate khaki.... [More]


Ninja Kitty Hat

Cheetos Boredom BustersAre you from Florida or similar? Then get this. Otherwise, deal with those everlasting arctic temperatures by adding a Ninja Kitty Hat ($40) to your arsenal. Aside from being fleecy warm, this fabulous masked accessory will ensure you're the stealthiest of assassins as you slip through the snow.... [More]


Carton Vase

When boring bouquets just won't do, add a touch of whimsy to your arrangement with this Carton Vase ($7). Hand-crafted in the U.K. of white, matte finished porcelain, this funky piece is a total conversation starter—and a great first course as such!... [More]


Crosley Pay Phone

Go ahead replace your cordless with this Crosley Pay Phone ($90)—after all, it's your dime. Quite literally, in fact, as you get to keep the cash that people deposit in the phone to make calls (there's a key to open the back). Of course, you don't actually have to charge... [More]


MASH T-Shirt

Hahahaha. Deep breath. HAHAHA. Is this MASH T-Shirt ($22) nostalgic much, or what? One hundred percent accurately depicting our favorite tween game, this shirt predicts a happy future for its wearer: You'll live in a mansion, marry Zach Morris, have a normal two kids and drive a ferrari. So much... [More]


Travel Organizer

Whether your next trip is to Santorini (pleasure express!) or South Dakota (work much?), let this Travel Organizer ($26) make your voyage more efficient and/or enjoyable. This three ring organizer includes essential checklists, like "Pack This" and "Plan a Trip," easy to use spending and budgeting forms, a world map... [More]


Grayson Natural Care Pomegranate & Citrus Hand Cream

Dry winter hands? Be gone! With Grayson Natural Care Pomegranate & Citrus Hand Cream ($7) it really is that easy. A daily application of this fabulous cream and you'll restore your hands to summer softness in as little as two days (seriously). Rich with the scent of heady pomegranate and... [More]


Paige Gamble Alligator & Peacock Clutch

Get (more) glamorous with this safari-inspired Alligator & Peacock Clutch ($2,200) by Paige Gamble. The glazed green clutch boasts an alligator pattern and a plethora of bright peacock feathers. Magnetic closure and full black suede lining. ROAR.... [More]



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It's Not Me, It's You

Critics predicted a sophomore slump for sassy British songstress Lily Allen, but the singer gives them a big F-you with her second album, It's Not Me, It's You. These songs are absolutely upbeat and catchy, but where Allen really shines is with her astute, tell it like it is lyrics.... [More]


Penguin Sparkling Water Maker

So now that even diet soda has been dubbed a doorway to fat, what's a girl to drink? The Penguin Sparkling Water Maker ($200) offers the obvious answer. This DIY carbonated water machine is super easy to use (just add tap, select your desired "fizziness" and wait a hot second)... [More]


Elizabeth Arden Pretty

Because Elizabeth Arden clearly knows it's one of our favorite compliments, they've introduced Pretty ($62), a so-feminine fragrance that absolutely lives up to its name. At the heart of this sweet scent is a bouquet of blooms, including pink iris, star jasmine and petalia, all wrapped up in fruity top... [More]


Twilight: Ultimate Collector's Edition

What is it about vampires that get our hearts pumping? We've no idea, and neither does Kristin Stewart, the heroine of our tale. In Twilight: Ultimate Collector's Edition ($80), Stewart falls in love with Robert Pattinson's character while remaining clueless that he's a blood-thirsty vampire—and that she's his ideal target.... [More]


I Dream of Drapery Custom Drapery Panels

There are few tasks more harrowing than the search for the perfect curtains, which is why we consider I Dream of Drapery's Custom Drapery Panels ($76 and up per panel) to be nothing short of a lifesaver. To create your dream drapes, just select a fabric color or pattern (there... [More]


Tarte Spring Greening

Shed that heavy winter look and replace it with something a bit more easy and breezy. Tarte's Spring Greening ($39) makeup set is housed in a damn cute compact of sustainable straw and post-consumer foam. But what we really care about are the kit's contents: three lightweight lipglosses (infused with... [More]


LG-X120 Netbook

Forget desperately trying to grab an internet signal. With the new LG-X120 Netbook ($TBD; European release in March), you'll have a 3G HSPA connection anywhere, anytime. We love the chic, matte surface that resists smudging—despite being bright white—and the lime green or neon pink outer detail. But the X120 is... [More]


Booty Shapers

It's gonna be warm soon (we swear believe) and that means shutting down your fabulous boots until next season. But don't—we repeat, don't—just throw 'em in the back of your closet! Instead, get Booty Shapers ($14), a set of inflatable boot supports which keep calf to knee length boots standing... [More]


Nokia E55

Are you reading this blog while scarfing a salad, emailing your boss and appeasing a client on the phone? If so, then the Nokia E55 ($340; March) may be your next go-to mobile. Designed with business-y folk in mind, this smartphone boasts a full QWERTY keyboard with two letters per... [More]


Heart to Heart Tees

Listen up ladies: Current stats show that one in four of us will lose our lives to heart disease. Sobering—but it doesn't have to be that way! Remind your girls that the best prevention is working it out, with these Heart to Heart Tees ($34). Each comfy cotton shirt features... [More]



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Canvas 4Life

C'mon, admit it. Your favorite photo is burning a hole in your computer, just waiting for you to do something more magical with it than a facebook post. Enter Canvas 4Life (~$56), a super simple way to take your most prized photograph and turn it into a praise-worthy piece of... [More]


Easy Does It Silicone Lid & Spatula

Sure, your pot came with a lid. But does that lid keep everything sealed, prevent goodies from burning, and work on every other pot you've got? We thought not, which is why we love the Easy Does It Silicon Lid & Spatula ($35). The silicon lid is designed to make... [More]


Silver Ice Jewel Peep Toes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What else can we say about these Silver Ice Jewel Peep Toes ($733) by Giuseppe Zanotti? A must-have for your very special event (wedding, anyone?), these 4-inch heels dazzle with a baguette and aurora borealis broach at each sexy peep toe. Real leather lining and shimmering silk... [More]


Sephora by OPI

Darling, where did you get your nails done? When Sephora by OPI ($9) dons your digits, no one will ever guess that your mani/pedi was home grown. After all, this line of 50+ polishes is chip-resistant, long lasting, and icky chemical-free. In fashion-forward colors like buttercup yellow, magenta plum and... [More]


Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future

Cheetos Boredom BustersRay Guns Are Not Just the Future ($14), and no one knows that better than the LA-based duo that is The Bird and the Bee. This funky electronic album is the group's second, and it's actually twice as good. Featuring intelligent, often sexy lyrics (check out "Polite Dance... [More]


Eva Two Tone Button Front Shirt Dress

This Eva Two Tone Button Front Shirt Dress ($195) fairly screams Betty Draper. It poses as two pieces, but the ruffled sleeve, buttoned up white top and velvet ribbon tied skirt are really one garment in perfect symmetry. Although a cigarette addition is optional, red lipstick and a killer attitude... [More]


Sakui Dinnerware

Streamlined. Simple. And dare we say, downright sexy. Sakui Dinnerware ($5-$6 per piece) is crafted of bold, square cut porcelain decorated with a sparse, linear pattern. Dinner and salad plates, cereal bowls and mugs make this collection just the thing to make "everyday" more interesting.... [More]


Project Notebook

Sometimes, your burning genius is just too much for technology (read: your laptop) to handle. Lucky for you, there's Project Notebook ($8), fun documentation of your sacred five W's, and hey, even your one H, if you're feeling particularly ambitious.... [More]


Samsung Blue Earth

A cell phone that's actually kind to the environment? Believe it. The Samsung Blue Earth ($TBD; release date unknown) is a noteworthy new touch-screen phone that is the first to offer solar charging, so juicing up your cell can be as easy as stepping outside. Other features we (and Mother... [More]


Twisted Silver Jewelry

Think outside of the (jewelry) box, with totally unique pieces from the Twisted Silver Jewelry ($25-$150) line. We love the ways in which most are convertible—is that belt also a triple wrap bracelet; that choker a long, looped necklace? In brass, silver and gold (with the occasional colorful accents), you'll... [More]


Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy

You know how chicken soup always makes you feel better when you're dying sick? Forget Grandma's theories about why—maybe it's just the soothing aroma you're craving. For a similar effect that's more grown up in scope, try Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy ($10), the scratch smell and sniff for... [More]


Jellio Lite Table

If you're a child of the (late) 60s, 70s or 80s, there's no way you'll forget playing with your Lite-Brite. Ahem: Lite-Bright, Lite-Brite, turn on the magical shining light!...but we digress. We're pleased to say, that you can now relive the magic, with this Jellio Lite Table ($600). A colorful... [More]


Nobody Has Ever Photo Box

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it's a rare event when words can actually capture that sentiment. This one of a kind Nobody Has Ever Photo Box ($289) features the Zelda Fitzgerald quote: "Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold." Add your... [More]


I Love Geeks: The Official Handbook

Does your favorite geek seem to reside in a galaxy far, far away? Does he get more excited about Battlestar Galactica than your skills as a bedroom guru? No worries, I Love Geeks: The Official Handbook ($10) is here, and it's helpful. Penned by self-proclaimed geek Carrie Tucker, the book... [More]


Merona Double Breasted Jacket

Whether you're dodging April showers or basking in May flowers, this Merona Double Breasted Jacket ($40) will keep you looking effortlessly elegant. The slimming trench features a button closure secured by a belt and a satiny lining to keep out cool winds. We love this white and yellow (or the... [More]


Deco Rose Candle Sconces

Let your one of a kind light shine with Deco Rose Candle Sconces ($695). This set is handcrafted in heavy, scalloped iron for an antique look, which is pleasantly brought into relief by a so-modern interpretation of trailing roses. With space for 24 twinkling candles, this is one piece you'll... [More]


Nikon Coolpix S60

At last, the Nikon Coolpix S60 ($300) offers us something we've always yearned for—a user-friendly digital camera that is super sexy besides. The S60 boasts an iPhone-esque touch screen interface, so the only physical buttons you'll have to mess with control the shutter and power. With 10 megapixels, a retouch... [More]


Bra Barrettes

Punxutawney Phil be damned, we just know that spring is right around the corner. Of course, with that warm weather comes our biggest body bummer: cellulite very visible bra straps. Luckily, this season brings Bra Barrettes ($5-$30), heavy duty plastic "barrettes" that pull the straps of your bra inward, tucking... [More]


Chiffon Flutter-Sleeve Dress

We love a steal, and this Chiffon Flutter-Sleeve Dress ($30) is a great one. Pretty mini-dress features feminine, floaty sleeves, a button front with empire waist and a knee-skimming fit, resulting in the ultimate springtime allure. In purple or blue floral (shown) or solid blue or pink.... [More]


Combi iPod Bouncer

Good musical taste is so not optional, so get your little one started right (read: on the tunes you love), with the Combi iPod Bouncer ($80). While it looks like your average infant bouncy seat, the Combi boasts rear-mounted electronic controls which plug right into an iPod or MP3 player.... [More]


Black Orchid

We've been a bit obsessed with orchids ever since 2002's Adaptation taught us more than we ever thought we wanted to know about the graceful flower. So it's little wonder that we fell in love with this Black Orchid ($40), a magnificent hybrid Phalaenopsis, with purple leaves so deep they're... [More]


Barbie Loves Stila Paint Cans

Fifty?! Barbie doesn't look a day over 25. Follow suit with one of four limited edition Barbie Loves Stila Paint Cans ($40). Each features a palette with eye shadow and powder or blush, plus mascara and lip product, to help you create your favorite iconic Barbie look—beachy, breezy (1971's Malibu... [More]


Cassette Wallet

There's no way in hell we're giving up our iPods, but this Cassette Wallet ($43) definitely gets a place in our hearts—and our purses—for nostalgic value. Handmade from authentic old cassette tapes, each wallet is colorful, portable, and most of all, useful. (Now if only we could say the same... [More]



Cheetos Boredom BustersOutsmart that winter weary feeling with a mad game of Partini ($40). Your new go-to party game is a bit reminiscent of Cranium, in that teams compete in various games and tests to win. But Partini boasts fun new twists, like Bouncers (bounce ping pong balls into cups—hmmm,... [More]


Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

Forget being felled by awful airline food or scary continental breakfast buffets. With this Mobile Foodie Survival Kit ($35), you'll have everything on hand to turn a ghastly meal on the go into a feast fit for a true foodie. This handy set includes 17 spices (from S&P to dill... [More]


John Masters Organics Shine-On

Because, let's face it, a leave-in hair treatment shouldn't be made with stuff you can't pronounce (let alone leave in your locks all day), we highly suggest a greener alternative: John Masters Organics Shine-On ($30). Made with sea kelp to shine and soften, carrot seed oil to moisten and calendula... [More]


Helen Amy Murray Edwardian Tub Chair in Bloom

Sometimes a piece of furniture serves more than its function. Sometimes, a piece of furniture is truly a work of art. Such is the case with this Edwardian Tub Chair in Bloom ($Varies) by young British designer Helen Amy Murray. In this piece, rich, creamy leather is manipulated to form... [More]


Thermochromatic Sheer Jersey T-Shirt

A girl can never have too many tees, and American Apparel's Thermochromatic Sheer Jersey T-Shirt ($34) boasts the unique ability to be two shirts in one. This super light jersey tee starts out as a solid color (grey, pink, blue, green), but when exposed to heat—say, from your hands—it changes... [More]


Novelty 7 Shaped 4 Port USB

MP3s and cameras and iPhones...oh my! Where's a girl supposed to plug all her gadgets, particularly when she's packing just one USB port? (Yes, Macbook Air, we're looking at you.) To the gadget packing girl's rescue, the Novelty 7 Shaped 4 Port USB ($8), a portable little player that allows... [More]


Your Big Fat Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend/fiance/husband fat? More importantly, is he making you fat? If your answer is a sheepish "probs yes," then don't walk; run—it's better exercise anyway—to pick up Your Big Fat Boyfriend: How to Stay Thin While Dating a Diet Disaster ($12) by Jenna Bergen. This absolutely hilarious "diet" book... [More]


Malin & Goetz Detox Face Mask

A mask is so not just a mask when it's a Malin & Goetz Detox Face Mask ($40). Straight from NYC's Chelsea neighborhood (where being gorgeous is absolutely not optional), this once weekly foaming gel mask uses amino acids and natural almond extract to deep cleanse, plus vitamins and soy... [More]


Robot Tote Bag

This Robot Tote Bag ($20) elicited a chorus of "awws" in our office, and it's sure to have the same effect on your friends. Screen printed by hand, this limited edition lover of a robot graces a durable canvas bag that is made to go wherever your travels may take... [More]


Hideaway by The Weepies

The Weepies have been on our radar since their 2006 debut Say I Am You. With their newest masterpiece, Hideaway ($14), they've reminded us once again why we dig them. From intelligent lyrics to lush vocals to simplistic instrumentation, this album is just the thing to curl up and bliss... [More]


David Kahn Stretch Trouser Jeans

This spring, bigger is, at last, better—at least where jeans are concerned! Our new perfect pair? David Kahn's Stretch Trouser Jeans ($168), which boast a simple, unadorned dark blue wash with a highly tailored (read: flattering) fit. As appropriate for the office (throw on a blazer) as they are for... [More]


Thomaspaul Souk Wool Pile Rug

The right rug can really tie a room together. (Just ask one of our ever abiding heroes, The Dude.) And the ultimate right rug is this Thomaspaul Souk Wool Pile Rug ($270-$1,464). Made of durable, beautiful New Zealand wool, this Baroque inspired rug is available in blue or brown, and... [More]


Kindle 2

By Paige WilliamsWeekend whisperings of Amazon's new and improved Kindle 2 ($395) have proven to be not only true, but even better than we expected. Weighing in at just 10.2 ounces and measuring 1/3 of an inch, this upgrade on the classic e-book reader is more portable than a real... [More]


Buxom Inc. Camisoles & Chemises

If your twins are the type that stop traffic, may we suggest showing them off in with a little something from Buxom Inc.? This line of Camisoles & Chemises ($33-$54) are not only incredibly sexy, they're specifically made to fit brag-worthy sets in sizes C to DD. Choose a silky... [More]


Brady 4-Piece Open Sort & Charge Station

We've never met anyone who doesn't need this Brady 4-Piece Open Sort & Charge Station ($1,349). The piece boasts a five-plug power cord to enable easy gadget charging, as well as locker openings to keep coats in control. Throw in two deep drawers, movable shelves and six cubbies and you've... [More]


Too Faced Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss

We confess to being a bit envious of Smurfette, the only female in an entire village of amorous "men." Luckily, channeling your own inner Smurf goddess is as easy as picking up this fruity Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss ($19) from Too Faced. Slick the blueish gloss on your... [More]


Samsung Memoir

By Paige WilliamsIt's an 8-megapixel camera. Wait, no, it's a touch-screen mobile phone. Even better, the Samsung Memoir ($TBD), dear reader, is both. If you use T-mobile, you're very much in luck, as the Memoir offers a whole parcel of goodies, including a GPS, TouchWiz interface (it jiggles when you... [More]


Cleo Wall Mirror with Photo Openings

A wall mirror is a one of those unpleasant necessities (you know, like your man's Kill Bill poster, or the dog's bed) that you have to have but that doesn't exactly enhance your decor. Luckily, the Cleo Wall Mirror with Photo Openings ($150) changes all that. Hang it vertically or... [More]


Threadless RED T-Shirt

Forget the woodcutter. We like the version where Little Red Riding Hood saves herself, dammit. In case you haven't heard that one, check out this Threadless RED T-Shirt ($18). Cleverly depicting an alternative version of the classic tale, this tee was the recipient of the people's choice 2008 Bestee Award,... [More]


Shoba Sugaring Kit

We dig sugaring—namely because it takes an in incredibly painful process (ripping your hair out by its very roots) and makes it sound lovely. And we really dig the Shoba Sugaring Kit ($30)—namely because it makes that incredibly painful process a lot less so. The SSK comes with everything you... [More]


BoopsieDaisy Cards & Prints

While these will not work for your man (really—don't try it), BoopsieDaisy Cards & Prints ($4-$25) are absolutely perfect for the ladies in your life. Each adorable photograph is so vintage sweet that it's bound to inspire i's dotted with hearts and initials penned in bubble letters.... [More]



The handwritten word lives! With Zpen (~$117), you can easily transfer your every doddle and note directly onto your PC or Mac. To use it, clip the receiver to the top of any piece of paper and write away to your heart's content. Later, you can plug the device into... [More]


Kidrobot Basix Lil Klub' Tote

The coolest tote we've come upon in quite some time, Kidrobot's Basix Lil Klub' Tote ($148) is sure to keep you grinning long after the holiday of conflicting emotions is over. Appliqued on one side with the word "Love" and on the other with "Hate," opposing candy hearts decorate the... [More]


Nights in Rodanthe

Chick lit becomes chick flick with this rendition of Nicholas Sparks' Nights in Rodanthe ($17). The guy who brought us The Notebook clearly knows something about amore, and this second-chance at romance film (starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere) is no exception. Sure, it's a little corny at times—OK, we've... [More]


Lancome Fishnets & Lace Mascara Set

We confess that what originally drew us to Lancome's Fishnets & Lace Mascara Set ($45) was the oh-so-fabulous name. But we quickly became obsessed with this four part eye kit in a reusable (lacey!) black clutch. Containing Cilis Booster XL, which uses a detangling brush to prime your lashes, as... [More]


Laundry Tree Soapnuts

If your sensitive skin breaks out every time it comes into contact with traditional detergents, check out Laundry Tree Soapnuts ($2-$30). These fruits (ignore the nutty name) are one of the world's oldest cleaning agents, thanks to a natural substance known as saponin. Come laundry day, just throw a few... [More]


Lofty Cashmere Cardigan Sweater

If you're going to shell out for cashmere (and you must, woman, you must) make it worth the investment. This Lofty Cashmere Cardigan Sweater ($308) is the type of basic you'll wear again and again without sacrificing style. In black or brown.... [More]


The Woman's Book of Simple Delights

We're assuming you know someone who hasn't taken time to stop and smell the roses in longer than she'd care to admit. We're also assuming said someone is you. So fill up the tub (use the extra indulgent bubbles), pour yourself a glass of wine, and dive into The Woman's... [More]


TopicalHowie Limited Edition Laptop Sleeves

Whatever your Macbook of choice, you've gotta keep it gleaming. To that end, TropicalHowie Limited Edition Laptop Sleeves ($80), will rock your (computer's) face. Available in six sexy designs, each of the neoprene sleeves is limited to quantities of 750, so get in there before they're gone, baby, gone.... [More]


Holey Donuts

Dear Reader, We are about to impart information that will change your life. Brace yourself for the arrival of Holey Donuts ($12 for six), a line of sinfully delicious donuts and cinnamon rolls that have—wait for it—just a third of the fat and calories of your standard breakfast pastries. The... [More]


Onyx Apron

Who says aprons have to be antiquated? With its black and white tapestry print, this Onyx Apron ($40) may just be the most adorable one we've seen. Throw this on and you may find yourself actually enjoying the task of baking four dozen Valentine cupcakes for your kids' class party.... [More]


Balloona Stool

Cheetos Boredom BustersNever before the Balloona Stool ($350) has "pull up a seat" taken on such interesting meaning. This magnificent piece of pop art begins simply enough, as a solid munger wood stool. But then designer Natalie Kruch gets her hands on it and adds 500 colorful balloons to the... [More]


Diffraction Photographic Bracelets

Get dressed up in something different. We're totally digging on Diffraction Photographic Bracelets ($18), photographic representations of the things that make life memorable. From the big stuff (the Eiffel Tower) to the little things (a slice of crispy bacon) to the moments you'll always remember (walking on water), this unique... [More]


Element Valentine's Day iPhone Case

Put your iPhone in its "Element" with the company's very limited edition Valentine's Day iPhone Case ($119). A super heavy duty polymer design protects either iPhone model from every bang and bump, while a pearlescent pink finish—customized with your very own message of endearment!—keeps it pretty. Order by tomorrow to... [More]


Dianne Brill Lip Lingerie

Don't get your panties in a bunch—but do pick up a set of Dianne Brill Lip Lingerie ($47). This "six-pack" actually includes mini lip glosses in colors that'll make him melt with names that'll make him laugh. We like Frilly Thong (an electric, rose red) and Pearly Panty (a cool... [More]


myJones Love Potion #6

This Valentine's Day, ditch the chocolate and still get your mandatory sugar fix with a 12-pack of myJones Love Potion #6 ($30). The perfect way to send your sentiments of amore, this natural cane soda arrives personalized with your romantic picture of choice and mushy, gushy, love note on the... [More]


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Solid Perfume Necklace

Your scent is your most powerful weapon—to seduce, to make a memory, to mark you as unique—so keep it close with the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Solid Perfume Necklace ($56). This brass charm necklace is plenty gorgeous, but the wow factor doubles when you open the locket to reveal .04... [More]


Casablanca: Ultimate Collector's Edition

There's nothing more fascinating than a love triangle, and now you can relive the world's most famous example in Blu-ray, with Casablanca: Ultimate Collector's Edition ($40). This near perfect example of cinema is as impressive today as it was in 1942, depicting the gorgeous Ingrid Bergman caught between the rouge... [More]


Torrence Large Ladder Computer Desk

Crammed into a studio the size of a (small-ish) shoebox? Sharing a workspace with one too many family members? Whatever your cramped office situation, the Torrence Large Ladder Computer Desk ($369) is a sure space-saver. Taking its cue from our favorite cities the world over, the ladder-like desk builds up,... [More]


Karma Nutrition Reusable Shopping Bag

Fight back against evil, destructive plastic bags with this utterly adorable Karma Nutrition Reusable Shopping Bag ($27). The natural cotton canvas bag is imprinted in green with "nutrition" facts for living with karma, which include 100-percent Vitamin A for action, 100-percent saturated kindness and zero total endless calories.... [More]