1930's Vintage Seltzer Pendant Lamp

Let your (funky) light shine with this magnificent 1930's Vintage Seltzer Pendant Lamp ($395). Cut from a re-purposed Argentine seltzer bottle from the '30's, this pendant lamp uses a standard 40 watt bulb and comes ready to hang up to eight feet from your ceiling. Bonus: Enter the discount code... [More]


The Names Brand T-Shirts

Like a cryptic message to fellow fans of your favorite TV show, movie, sports team, or whatever, The Names Brand T-Shirts ($23) are bound to inspire conversation and/or confused looks from those poor saps who aren't in the know. Test yourself, then get your own. (Thanks, Alaina!) (Answers, from left:... [More]


Strip Chocolate

And you thought there was nothing that could heighten your love of dessert! Enter Strip Chocolate ($30), the game of sex and chocolate. You and a partner in crime take turns traveling around the game board, competing to keep your clothes and trying not to get painted with chocolate and... [More]


Givenchy Le Soin Noir

There's nothing like a recession to wreck havoc on your complexion. And although it may not seem like the ideal time to splurge, trust us when we say that your skin needs, wants and deserves Givenchy Le Soin Noir ($350). A virtual face lift in a jar, this thick, black... [More]



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MSI Microstar Windbook in Pink

Our new must-have notebook also happens to come in our favorite, albeit traditionally girly, color. The MSI Microstar Windbook in Pink ($430) is a compact machine, weighing in at less than three pounds and measuring just over ten inches. But don't judge a (wind)book by its cover: The device also... [More]


The Bourne Trilogy

Amnesiac CIA assasin? Check. Fast-paced action? Check. Things blowing up? Check. It's little wonder that The Bourne Triology ($65) on blu-ray disc is our best recommendation for his Valentine's Day gift. (He really doesn't want anything you're considering in the drugstore aisle.) But in case you had any doubts about... [More]


Raja Jewelry Cabinet

If you're still hanging your jewelry on nails tacked in your bedroom wall, it's time for an upgrade, girl. This hand-crafted, gorgeously adorned Raja Jewelry Cabinet ($250) is just the thing to store and sort every one of your baubles. And if you love the Raja design as much as... [More]


Fossil Weekender Large Traveler

Grab it, stuff it and go, resting assured that your Fossil Weekender Large Traveler ($78) will not only hold everything, but will look incredibly fabulous while doing it. After all, the bright canvas tote comes in vibrant stripes, funky patchwork and even—for those who like their weekends with a side... [More]


Barbar Eco 8000 Blow Dryer

Get some serious eco up in "hair" with the Barbar Eco 8000 Blow Dryer ($150). Completely coil free, this tool also operates via "green" ceramic heating to produce less radiation and minimum electricity output. But don't worry that going green will make your mane into a bird's nest—the dryer also... [More]


Starbucks Sweetheart CD

No, we haven't lost our minds, and yes, we are recommending that you hit your nearest Starbucks (on January 30th) and pick up their newly released Sweetheart CD. This truly fabulous mix of favorite love songs (Coldplay's "Yellow," the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps", Bruce Springstein's "I'm On Fire") are covered... [More]


IKEA Grippiks Surface Accents

You already know that IKEA is a beautiful thing—a beautiful thing that just got even prettier with the introduction of Grippiks Surface Accents ($2 and up). These trendy patterned pieces of paper use gentle microfilm (not clingy adhesive) to grip to your IKEA furniture, giving your endtables, bookshelves and chests... [More]


Recycled Fleece Smittens

With Recycled Fleece Smittens ($35), you can take a romantic walk out in that winter wonderland and actually hold hands while you do it. Your smittens arrive as a set of two warm, fleecy mittens (one medium, one large), and a third mitten sized for the two of you to... [More]


Levres Signess Chanel Lip Cream

There's nothing sexier than your little black dress and nothing that complements it so well as a perfectly drawn lip. Now, a limited edition Levres Signess Chanel Lip Cream ($60) will help you get the latter, straight from the original founder of the former. This lipstick palette features six hydrating,... [More]


Nadja's Organic Cookies

Feel good, not guilty, about your favorite indulgence with Nadja's Organic Cookies ($15-$109). So beyond good, these delicacies are made with only the finest spelt flour (cookies) and organic coconut oil (macaroons). With varieties like Oatmeal Raisin (which is also dairy free), and Chocolate Chip Macaroons (gluten-free!), you're sure to... [More]


The Kiss-o-Meter

Would you kiss your mother...or his mother...or him with that mouth? If you're not sure if it's safe to smooch, check out The Kiss-o-Meter ($30), a strangely useful gadget which works like a breathalizer for your kissability. Breathe into the meter and then read the heart-shaped indicator which rates your... [More]


Artisan Salt Sampler

Your arteries be damned; your cooking needs this Artisan Salt Sampler ($60). The collection of 24 jars of the world's most sought-after salts are handsomely displayed in a bamboo and glass case. Of course, you won't give a damn about packaging once you discover salts like Peruvian Pink—a delicate pink-tinged... [More]



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Dip Dye Plaid Scarf

For spring 2009, rest assured that everyone and their mom will be mad for plaid. So welcome the season (it's coming—eventually!) in style with the Gap's Dip Dye Plaid Scarf ($30). This floaty, viscose and linen scarf is dip dyed in your choice of a pretty plaid of warm violet,... [More]


Rose Scented Dissolving Paper Soap

Whether you're an avid outdoors-woman or a first class frequent flyer, you'll love the way Rose Scented Dissolving Paper Soap ($6) fit into your girl on the go lifestyle. This set of 30 single-use soap sheets slips easily into your backpack, purse, or carry-on. When you need to freshen up,... [More]


His & Hers Satin Pillowcases

Your bed is already the best place in your home (sleep and sex, hello), but that doesn't mean you can't make it even more decadent. Just add a set of His & Hers Satin Pillowcases ($65). Made of organic, acetate satin (read: the best stuff out there), these silky soft... [More]


Marco Polo Saint Bracelet

Could the reason for Brit-Brit's comeback (part...four?) be as simple as a bracelet? Perhaps so. The star has recently been spotted with a fabulous Marco Polo Saint Bracelet ($10-$15) around her newly slim wrist. We love this collection of chunky wood bracelets adorned with images of the protective Saints, including... [More]


Valentine Fondant & Cutter Kit

Remember heart-themed parties and Valentine exchanges of old? Relive the festive fun with this Valentine Fondant & Cutter Kit ($40), which contains everything you'll need to adorn Valentine's confections with love: four tubes of pink, yellow, orange and purple fondant icing, a plastic rolling pin and a set of 37... [More]


Dea Bella Eyelash Conditioner

Because everyone wants longer, stronger lashes, but because a fake set may make you look like this (eek!), a better solution is in order. Enter Dea Bella Eyelash Conditioner ($150), a thickening, lengthening serum designed for application to skimpy lashes and brows once daily. You'll only need to wait as... [More]


Agavero Tequila

Sure, tequila (and any other mind bending alcoholic beverage, for that matter) may up your passion quotient, but trust us when we say Agavero Tequila ($42) is the only one you'll want to serve this Valentine's Day. That's because this smooth, blue agave tequila is hand-blended with damania, a legendary... [More]


I'm Tweeting This Babydoll

Because, let's face it, you totally are, the I'm Tweeting This Babydoll ($19) is absolutely a must-add to your weekend wardrobe. Paying homage to the social networking site that is Twitter, this top is guaranteed to get a laugh—and probably even some new followers!... [More]


Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book

Seriously, who doesn't love a 30-minute—that's cupboard to table—meal? With Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book ($17), you'll have hundreds of them at your disposal, and that's not all. America's favorite chef also cooks up an entire chapter of recipes for one (forget the takeout!), plus dozens of yummy kosher and... [More]


Spring Los Angeles Designer Lunch Totes

Recession + New Year weight loss goals = An end to lunch "out" at the office. Luckily, Spring Los Angeles Designer Lunch Totes ($26-$29) make brown bagging it a whole lot more fun. The canvas and microfiber polyester totes are thickly insulated to keep your hot foods steamy and your... [More]



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Custom Bowen Birdhouse

You feel absolutely comfortable and at home in your own abode, so why not give your fine-feathered friends the opportunity to do the same? With a Custom Bowen Birdhouse ($100), a simple photo of your home cultivates the inspiration for a matching birdhouse hand crafted in California. In just a... [More]


Your Slip Is Showing

Oops! Your Slip Is Showing ($100-$350). But with this line of meant-to-be-seen undergarments, there's really no oops about it. YSIS slips come in knee and mini lengths, and with borders of pretty pleated organza, feminine chiffon rosettes, flirty feathered layers and sexy beaded silk, you'll never run out of reasons... [More]


Senseo Godiva Coffee Pods

As if you weren't already obsessed with your a.m. coffee fix, Senseo Godiva Coffee Pods ($20 for 3 bags) arrive on the scene to make that already divine morning ritual downright orgasmic. Available in Chocolate Creme, a sinful blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans and rich Godiva chocolate and (our... [More]


Felt Heart Necklace

Wear your heart on your sleeve (or, OK, around your neck) with this charming Felt Heart Necklace ($85). Handcrafted of sterling, oxidized silver and cranberry colored wool felt, this unique piece is perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond. And if matchy-matchy is your thing, check out the equally sweet Heart... [More]


Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur Black

Pretty in pink not your thing? Then you must check out the limited-edition sex-potness that is Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur Black ($28). Black lip gloss, you gasp? When it comes straight from the spring fashion shows—where beauty risks debut—then absolutely. This super shiny gloss can shade your lips from... [More]


Signature Ponte Knit Collection Belted Knit Dress

The Signature Ponte Knit Collection Belted Knit Dress ($69) may very well be the most versatile, downright useful dress we've ever found. Not only is this flattering sheath season-less—wear it with a turtleneck and tights for now, on its own later—it transitions effortlessly from day to night with a bag... [More]


Only by the Night by Kings of Leon

We have to apologize for not doing our sacred duty and letting you know about Only by the Night by Kings of Leon, as soon as it came on the scene. We just discovered this gem, and we're absolutely in love with the Tennessee-based group's raw rock, yet pleasantly pop-y,... [More]


Spiesser Sofa by Hannes Grebin

The Spiesser Sofa ($Varies) by young German designer Hannes Grebin is a conversation piece and a half. We dig the kitschy way that the classic paisley print and grandmother-inspired doilies mesh with more modern fringed edges—not to mention the sheer, wonderful absurdity of the sofa's design. A perfect piece for... [More]


La Fresh Travel Wipes

La Fresh Travel Wipes ($20), dear readers, are your newest must-have for freshness in a flash. This set includes individually wrapped towelettes in six different bottle-free forms—Makeup Remover, Feminine Hygiene, Nail Polish Remover, Hydrating Lotion, Lens Cleaning, and Dental Mitt. Just pop your portable goods in a purse and be... [More]


You Warm My Heart Hot Cocoa Mix

What's better than snuggling up with your very own Valentine and a mug of hot cocoa? Snuggling up with your very own Valentine and a mug of hot cocoa dotted with heart shaped marshmallows, obviously. That's exactly what you'll get from You Warm My Heart Hot Cocoa Mix ($8), a... [More]


Paigeaholic Jeans by Paige Premium Denim

Get your fabulous on in these Paigeaholic Jeans by Paige Premium Denim ($198). Inspired by February's fashion forward drama Confessions of a Shopaholic (with Isla Fisher), this perfect pair is an ankle length skinny. The Paigeaholic is made with luxurious DOW XLA stretch fiber and a dark blue wash for... [More]


The Ultimate Pregnancy Guide by Elizabeth Lluch

Sure, getting pregnant was a piece of cake, but what do you do now that you've actually got a bun in the oven? You buy The Ultimate Pregnancy Guide ($14), of course. This A to Z guidebook by Elizabeth Lluch covers absolutely every aspect of your pregnancy, from the proper... [More]


Silicone Rainbow Whisks

Brighten up scrambled egg Sundays with these Silicon Rainbow Whisks ($14-$16). Colorful butterfly and balloon shaped whisks are dishwasher safe and perfect for use with your nicest nonstick cookware.... [More]


Locher's Tops & Tees

Are you an angel on the streets and a tigress in the sheets? A bad girl with a sweet side? A chick with a great sense of humor? If yes, then Locher's Tops & Tees ($65) are absolutely for you. Each floaty cotton top looks the picture of innocence with... [More]


Official Ballot Wall Art

Own your very own piece of American history with this Official Ballot Wall Art ($350). This authentic, unused ballot from the November 2008 election comes straight from the old-fashioned pull-lever machines used in NYC. Although the machines are now slated for retirement, (and if you're from NYC, you'll agree that... [More]


Hello Kitty for MAC Cosmetics

So Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth, but that doesn't mean she can't sell you a lipstick, does it? Next month, brace yourself for an entire line of lust-worthy Hello Kitty for MAC Cosmetics ($11-$90). Designed to appeal to every budget, Ms. Kitty comes in two collections—Colour and Kouture. Colour... [More]


GurglePot Koi Pitcher

Liven up any dinner party with the addition of a GurglePot Koi Pitcher ($43). Aside from being quite nice to look at—love the bright colors and simple lines—this pot produces a seriously charming "gurgle" sound when you pour from it. The pitcher holds 42-ounces of your favorite gurgle-worthy beverage and... [More]


WELLalarm Jewelry

Be well and look damn good while you're doing it, with WELLalarm Jewelry ($130 and up), a modern take on the medical ID bracelet. Pick your favorite bauble—a peanut or bee charm clearly symbolizes your allergy, while a heart or star is more universal. Then, surf over to WELLalarm's website,... [More]


iamhumannow Macbook Covers

You already named your new Macbook and we know you speak to it in baby talk when you think no one's listening, so why not up the humanness by buying Hubert his very own iamhumannow Macbook Cover ($30-$45?) Custom crafted of really pretty print materials, trendy plaid and premium woodgrade... [More]


Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

You shampoo and condition every day, so let us suggest you make it an experience. The soothing fragrance of lavender and the fresh notes of tea tree and mint in Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner ($39 for both) will make your scalp tingle with pleasure.... [More]


Valentine Message Cookies

If your sweetie is anything like most of the males we know, you can't lose with a gift of food. And these Valentine Message Cookies ($22) are some of the finest, made with real butter and dark Valrhona chocolate. Each of the nine cookies are frosted with yummy colored icing... [More]


Chunky Handknit Cardigan

Who you calling chunky? Not you, girl, we're talking about this Chunky Handknit Cardigan ($128) from J.Crew. The waist-length, champagne colored button-down looks fabulous and pulled together when thrown over absolutely anything. And if there is a little chunk you're looking to hide (no judgments, it's January!), this cardi will... [More]


Shark Steam Mop

If you'd rather endure a root canal—or hell, another Bush term—than mop your floors, the Shark Steam Mop ($80) is for you. Plug this three pound wonder worker in, and let its cleansing steaming action get to work on groody floors. The Shark works better than your average mop and... [More]


Maison Poupees Rusees Katarina Bag

The Maison Poupees Rusees Katarina Bag ($448)—simultaneously fashion forward and earth friendly. This canvas and leather concoction (in grape, chocolate, strawberry and pistachio) boasts gold hardware and a punchy satin lining in a contrasting color. But the best part of the Katarina is the two side pockets, which stow reusable... [More]


Smart Portion Prep & Pack Tray

Because no one really eats a "serving" without a push, the Smart Portion Prep & Pack Tray ($14) is a bit of a lifesaver. After you prep your healthy snacks, store 'em in the seven sealed containers (which hold two cups, one cup and 1/2 cup), place the containers in... [More]


Dace Madia Dress

This Madia Dress ($60) from Dace is absolutely the must-have of the week month. It arrives in warm gray (the new black, in case you missed the memo) and has a cool pleated dip neck and slight "poof" at the belted waist. Oh, and did we mention that it's on... [More]


Noble Beast by Andrew Bird

Wow. What else can we say about the eleventh studio album from singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/whistler, Andrew Bird? Noble Beast ($10) (which makes its debut next week) is one of his cleanest, airiest works. Beast is rich with easygoing vocals, haunting strings and guitars and, of course, Bird's signature whistling. We adore this... [More]


Inspired Crib Bedding

No Winnie the Pooh or nursery rhyme themes for your little Einstein. Nothing else will do but Inspired Crib Bedding ($300), a much-needed upgrade on the more traditional baby bedding options. In cool geox patterns and trendy color schemes (aqua & green, orange & green...), this set offers slip covered... [More]


Samsung P3 MP3 Player

Sure, sure, the iPod is pretty rad. But if you're turned off by the "everyone's got one" vibe, check out the brand new (as in not even released yet) Samsung P3 MP3 Player ($TBD). This jazzy device features an Apple-esque touch screen with a user interface personalized to your tastes.... [More]


Dylan's Candy Bar Birthday Cake Batter Collection

If you're actually following that New Year's resolution, we're assuming cake batter and ice cream are but fond memories at this point. Bring them back to your life (without a single calorie or ounce of guilt) with items from Dylan's Candy Bar Birthday Cake Batter Collection ($16-22). This decadent line... [More]


Wine Glass Lampshades

Found: A really cool use for all those extra wine glasses you've got in the back of the cupboard. (We know: You were totally looking for just such a product, weren't you?) This set of three vellum Wine Glass Lampshades ($15) transforms the aforementioned seldom-used glasses into very chic mini... [More]


Ruehl Callie Clutch

If loving Ruehl's Callie Clutch ($168) is wrong, we don't wanna be right. Made of real Italian leather, this casual, foldover clutch has a cotton twill lining and lots of cool hardware accents. In three coffee-inspired colors for your wearing pleasure.... [More]


Sleep Scentsations

Drift off to dreamland with ease (for real!) with the aid of Sleep Scentsations ($25). Designed to slip under your pillow case, these soft liners are subtly scented with sleep-enhancing aromatherapy oils. Choose from 12 scents, including sensual ones like "My Boyfriend's Shirt" and fresh options like "Day At the... [More]


Python-Patterned MP3 Player Case

It looks like a slinky clutch, but this python-patterned eye-catcher is actually an MP3 Player Case ($75), complete with mini speakers. While the sound quality here is not perfect for say, a dance party, it works wonders to make an impersonal hotel room feel more like home. In pink or... [More]


Tikirani Fairisle Tunic Sweater

Just think how easy, breezy and surprisingly cozy you'll be in this Tikirani Fairisle Tunic Sweater ($78). Made of a lambswool blend, the fuzzy sweaterdress has a flattering tunic cut and a preppy fairisle pattern at the pockets and neckline. Equally perfect with your favorite leggings or skinny jeans. One... [More]


Low Bowls

Hip, hip for all things organic and stylish at once. These Low Bowls ($34) are made of 100-percent organic bamboo and fashioned by hand (in fair, clean, safe working conditions) in Vietnam. Six colors are derived from the cashew nut tree, so they're totally food—althought not dishwasher or microwave—safe.... [More]


Hawaiian Kukui Body Butter

When Dave wrote to tell us that Hawaiian Kukui Body Butter ($15 for three—yes, three!—jars) was a must-try, we were a bit skeptical (Hi, Dave!) But then we snagged some of this fragrant cream to sample for ourselves and were totally blown away. The super rich product contains real shea... [More]


Colorblock Roller Skates

Strap these Colorblock Roller Skates ($75) to your feet, and transport yourself to a simpler time. The high top vinyl skates boast funky, colorful wheels and an old-fashioned design, all guaranteed to coax the inner kid out of you. Now get thee to a lemonade stand, STAT.... [More]


Curve Wall Mounted Pet Bed

How unique is this Curve Wall Mounted Pet Bed ($200)? The gently curved shape and soft, removable cushion allow your pet comfort and security while sleeping, plus it looks pretty damn artsy on your wall. Choose from two types of wood and three cushion patterns. Note: While this is supposed... [More]


Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Poplin Ruffle Tunic

The crisp cotton Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Poplin Ruffle Tunic ($98)—we like it. We like it a lot. Wear it to impress when you meet his parents or go on that big interview.... [More]


Kodak Zx1 Digital Video Camera

There are a whole lot of things you can do with a pocketable Kodak Zx1 Digital Video Camera ($150). Use the 720p HD lens to capture your man's ridiculous moves on the dance floor, for example. Take it four-wheeling and enjoy its tough, weather-resistant body. Make up to ten hours... [More]


Paris Hilton Can Can Eau de Parfum

Puh-lease don't hate us for posting on it, but Paris Hilton Can Can Eau de Parfum ($45) is a pretty kick ass fragrance, ladies. We know it's shocking, but the mix of clementine, cassis, nectarine and orange, layered beneath with notes of amber and wood, is ridiculously yummy. The scent... [More]


Prepara Power Plant Mini

Have the last laugh on everyone who ever mocked your green thumb (or lack thereof) with your very own Prepara Power Plant Mini ($40). This green growing machine uses NASA technology (and if it's good enough for astronauts, it's damn good enough for us) to grow your choice of herbs... [More]


Urban Decay Stoned Poison Ring

Urban Decay's Stoned Poison Ring ($50) sounds a lot more frightening than it is. In fact, this must-have accessory is rather brilliant, if you ask us. Why? The trendy cocktail ring swivels open to reveal your very own stash of super high shine lip gloss, perfect for discreet touch-ups. The... [More]


Cooks Wine Gift Set

The Cooks Wine Gift Set ($20) is just the thing for your favorite wino—particularly if your favorite wino is you. This attractive set comes packaged in a dark wood box and includes a foil cutter and high tech (yet super easy to use) wine opener. Throw in a wine stopper,... [More]


17-Inch Unibody Macbook Pro

Poor Steve may be suffering from a hormone imbalance (what?), but that doesn't mean Apple is snoozing. In fact, with the much-awaited release of the 17-Inch Unibody Macbook Pro ($2,800), the company seems more awake than ever. This fabulous laptop boasts a 17-inch LED backlit display and a truly impressive... [More]


Delanco Sandal by Jessica Simpson

While we wouldn't go to Jessica Simpson for dating—or uh, pretty much any other—advice, one thing the songstress does know something about is shoes. And that's why it's little surprise that our newest favorite, the Delanco Sandal ($89) is designed by Simpson's line. Love the way the trendy gladiator shoe... [More]


Diptyque Candles

If you live with a member of the, ah-hem, rougher sex, then you already know something about odor. What you may not know (yet) is the breath of fresh air that Diptyque Candles ($55-78) can bring to your abode. This line of fantastically scented candles is totally free of synthetics... [More]


Just In Case Condom Compact

Because leaving the protection up to him is just so last year, we can't stop raving over the Just In Case Condom Compact ($20), an oh-so-stylish mini compact that looks like just another eyeshadow. In fact, even open the compact and you'll see an innocent mirror. But dig a little... [More]


Pomegranate Three Whishes Body Butter

Treat your skin to it's number one "whish"—a cocktail of moisture and seductive scent that no one will be able to resist. Pomegranate Three Whishes Body Butter ($24) contains organic aloe, shea butter and raspberry to moisturize, rice bran oil to purify and seaweed extract to firm. Or try equally... [More]


Szechuan Scarf Knitting Kit

New to knitting? Then the Szechuan Scarf Knitting Kit ($20) is just the thing to wet your appetite. Packaged in a fun Chinese food takeout container, this kit comes complete with bamboo "chopsticks" (knitting needles), soft acrylic yarn and instructions to help you create a pretty scarf to keep or... [More]


Faux Snakeskin Credit Card Sleeve

Oh so fabulous— the Faux Snakeskin Credit Card Sleeve ($17) from The Limited. Perfect for those times when your clutch is too flat for your real wallet, this sleeve holds your credit cards and cash with style (faux snakeskin) and safety (a snapped strap keeps everything in place.)... [More]


Gallery Diagonal Stitch Jacket

The Gallery Diagonal Stitch Jacket ($98): Your perfect winter-to-spring coat. We love the flattering swing shape and cool "sunburst" stitching on the back. Plus, the high neck means you can forgo a scarf and still stay cozy. In seagrass and basic black.... [More]


Stila Paint Your Pout Red

If you're convinced that a personal makeup artist would solve your every problem, then the Stila Paint Your Pout Red ($45) lip palette is for you. A lip smoother, three shades of red lip color and lip brush provide the tools you need to create your perfect red lip—but if... [More]


Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z300 Digital Camera

Are you ready for your closeup? Not so much? No worries, the Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z300 Digital Camera ($239) will filter out your every flaw. This little camera boasts a "makeup function," which detects shiny spots and blemishes, then smooths them out to be undetectable to the naked eye—kinda like... [More]


Dessert Excuse Plates

What's your excuse to eat dessert first/every night/right now? This set of four Dessert Excuse Plates ($20) does the talking for you, with witticisms like, "Have another, they're small," and "We'll have two forks, please" emblazoned on each. The feel-good plates arrive prettily packaged in a hat box for gift... [More]


Intimissini Bikini Panties & Plunge Demi Bra

Intimissini, the sexy Italian lingerie line, has been making Italian ladies lovely (and Italian men swoon) for the past several years. And now, with Intimissini Bikini Panties & Plunge Demi Bra ($13-30), American girls can get a piece of the action at last. This set dresses up your basics with... [More]


Grow Your Own Bonsai Village

Talk about zen—this easy Grow Your Own Bonsai Village ($25) allows you to create your own little piece of flowery paradise. The mix of exotic bonsai varieties includes lilac, pea shrub and beauty bush, as well as decorative extras, like a jovial Buddah statue, and authenticity-adding boulders.... [More]


Creative Dexterity Mac/PC Jewelry

If there's one lesson we took from 2008, it was that, whether you're a Mac or a PC, you're pretty damn set on your choice. So may we recommend bringing that passion to fashion with Creative Dexterity Mac/PC Jewelry ($50-100)? Created by hand, each ring, necklace, or earring set comes... [More]


Natural Stone Nail File

File this one away under "kick ass"—the Natural stone Nail File ($32). Straight from the Pyreness Mountains, this pretty little limestone file will never wear down or tear up your nails. With three sides for smooth finishing, a coarser one for filing down, and a case to keep it nice,... [More]


Foto Flower Mini Frames

Finally found: A fabulous way to display those festive fotos photos—this set of five Foto Flower Mini Frames ($11). These cute metallic paper frames are each clipped to a long "stem" and can display a picture on both sides. Throw 'em in a real bouquet for a surprising artsy look,... [More]


Rotho Twin Wet & Dry Vacuum

Woah. All we can say about the Rotho Twin Wet & Dry Vacuum ($1,569) is that you're never gonna want to hide it in the closet. This canister vacuum can be used dry for standard vacuuming, or with the included cleaning solution for intense spray-action cleaning, as well as fast... [More]


... [More]